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  1. Hi everyone! My wife who is African-American is brand new to swinging, that is, we went to a club last Friday night just to scout it out....she has never been exposed to the lifestyle before then...now she is very curious about the lifestyle....I am a white male who has been to clubs before....she would like to hear of experiences -- good or bad -- as well as any experiences with interracial couples such as us....we found no other black females and one black male last Friday....she would prefer white male (s).....any info would be helpful for her....thanks........
  2. I need to relate a story to you so that you understand why I'm asking this question. Not too long ago we were with a couple who we've swung with in the past. I (the male half) along with the female half of the other couple were going at it. At one point, she asked me to cum in her (we usually go bareback with this couple). I picked up the pace a bit and asked her was she sure that she wanted me to cum in her. She replied “Pump your baby batter in my womb!” I decided to get into it and replied “You know you’re rolling the dice by fucking a black man bareback and asking him to cum in you. I don’t shoot blanks like your husband, and you know what could happen if I fill your womb.” She replied “I don’t care! I’m willing to risk getting knocked up by a black man just to have your black seed in me!” The dialogue made things hot in a hurry and I was about to shoot a huge load (which was going to be huge because I had been saving it for a week). I then told her “I’m going to cum and fill your womb with my baby batter. You’re going to have a black man cum in you, and you better enjoy it!” That’s when I groaned and started to shoot my load in her. Her eyes grew as big as saucers as she felt my cum fill her and she screamed “Yes! Fill me up! Fill me up! Fill me and breed me!” Now I should mention that they are both fixed, so there was no chance that I was going to knock her up. But the fact that she said the things that she did made this a very hot experience. (Whew.... Just typing that makes me want to get a load off) In any case, I later found out that she is into impregnation fantasies with black men as it really gets her off. I was wondering how common this was in the lifestyle? Or are we just playing with a really kinky couple?
  3. When my wife and I first started in the lifestyle, we had some hard rules. One of which was no solo playing. Six months and three BBC adventures later, she decided that the “no solo” play rule was nonsense and asked, more like begged, to be able to play alone five miles away. She was off for summer break. Since I was working 30 miles away and she was home alone all day, I relented. About a week later, I came home from work and she was waiting for me in stilettos and a flowing summer dress sans underwear. The dress was a halter type with a slit all the way past her thigh. She also had the tell-tale twinkle in her eye that she usually gets after she climaxes. Since she usually wears jeans and t-shirts during the day, I knew something was up. She had a cocktail already made for me and an appetizer tray. I was impressed. She led me to the living room sofa and when she sat down, her dress fell open and I could clearly see her bare pussy and one of her nipples. Now I knew something great was about to happen. I asked her how her day went and what was the reason for the seduction. She then said, “I had a great day!” Then she proceeded to tell me in detail what happened. Her BBC friend DJ came by on his tri-wheeled motorcycle to take her for a ride. She was wearing a very short maroon skirt with a yellow sheer top. She had a g-string but no bra. She was not expecting a motorcycle ride. He handed her a helmet and off they went. Since she was in a short skirt, her pussy rubbed directly on the seat as they cruised. The g-string enhanced he friction from the motorcycle vibration on the seat. She nearly came from the ride itself. After they returned to the house, she invited DJ in for some refreshments. Refreshments were quickly consumed and she led him to the bedroom where he helped her remove blouse and skirt. As she dropped her g-string, her pussy stains were quite evident. My wife is usually not very submissive. But for some reason, she enjoys when DJ dominates her and she tries things with him she never lets me or anybody else do. DJ is a former football player with a very muscular physique. His cock is rather short for a black man, only about 5.5 inches long. The girth of his cock however is unbelievable. When he is flaccid, the circumference of his cock is close to the size of a Red Bull drink can. When he is erect, he is almost as round as a beer can. Since he is so wide, he easily hits her g-spot on every thrust which makes her cum in great quantities. After he finished cumming in her pussy, they took a short rest to recover and replenish fluids. As they were laying in each other’s arms, he made my wife get into a kneeling position and open her mouth. He then grabbed her head and started to push his cock into her mouth which was no easy feat given his size. Unbelievable to her, she actually took most of his cock in her mouth and sucked him until he came down her throat. Something she refuse to let me do. Next, he made her lay on her stomach with a pillow under her waist. He then proceeded to flog her ass, thighs, and cunt lips with a leather flog. She always said she didn’t care for BDSM activities but here she was, laying on her stomach with a cum load in her pussy, one in her belly, getting her genitals flogged by a stranger. The more he flogged her cunt, the more she squirmed and moaned until she actually orgasmed. She then felt cool coconut oil being rubbed on and in her sphincter. She told me him was too big but he didn’t listen. He then grabbed her by the hips and pushed his beer can cock into her ass. After an initial painful gasp, she finally became accustomed to his cock in her ass and actually started fucking him. When she grants me the rare opportunity to fuck her ass, she begs me to go fast so I cum quickly and finish. Given DJ had already cum twice, there was no rushing him. He pounded her ass for at 10 or more minutes until he came the third time. As she lay exhausted, DJ dressed and kissed her goodbye. I came home about an hour later. As she related her experiences that day she noticed I was visibly aroused and decided it was my turn to have fun. We went into the bedroom and I started to licking her all over. While the shower she took after DJ left cleaned out her pussy, it didn't quite get all of his cum out of her ass. I tasted another man’s cum for the first time in my life. For some reason, she now enjoys an occasional flogging and ass fucking from me.
  4. Maturecouple1122

    OMG He's Huge!

    This is a true story as best as I can remember. I usually let my husband select my lovers as he does all of the online dating applications work for us. I look forward to receiving a text from him while I am at work saying “he has a surprise for me.” I know what that means. What I don’t know is who, or what race, or sex my lover will be. Will my lover be white, black, Hispanic, male or female? One Thursday afternoon I received such a text. He also told me to make sure I had extra towels as I was going to need them. What ever for I wondered? I returned home anxious for my evening to begin. I ate a light dinner then went to our master bathroom to prepare. I showered, shaved, dried my hair, and applied my make-up. As always, I used a deep ruby red lipstick and put lots on. I selected a very short purple skirt, a black see-thru blouse, and 4-inch pumps. As usual, sans underwear. My husband enjoys it when I wear super short skirts and heels as he can see my ass cheeks as I walk. I grabbed a glass of wine and hiked myself up onto our breakfast bar stool to wait. Shortly, the doorbell rang. My husband answered the door and escorted a distinguished-looking black gentleman, named Vince, into our kitchen. He was about 6 foot tall and extremely buff. He asked for a glass of wine which my husband provide as I escorted him to our living room. As I sat on the sofa, my skirt rode all the up my thighs and you could see my pussy lips from the right angle. We chatted for about 5 minutes then Vince put his wine glass down and reached over to kiss me. Simultaneously, he slid his hand under my skirt and started rubbing my cunt. His other hand reached for my breasts. I asked him to take me to the bedroom and told my husband, “I want to be alone with him please.” Sometimes I like my husband present to snap pictures and take videos. Other times I don’t want to be distracted. More importantly, I didn’t want Vince distracted so he could pretty much do as he pleased or I could do as I wished. In no time at all I was stark naked except for my heels. As I sat on the edge of the bed, Vince got on his knees and started lapping my cunt. I melted. He then pushed back onto the bed and disrobed. Oh my fucking God. He didn’t have a cock, he had a baseball bat! He grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. I felt his cock start to twitch then my mouth was flooded with his cum. How I managed to swallow all of it surprised me. We took a short break, had some more wine, then he laid me on my back and started to mount me. I usually required a lot of stimulation to squirt and my husband uses a special curved toy to make me squirt. Not this time! Vince placed the head of his 10-inch cock at my cunt entrance and pushed it completely in. Yes, I yelped, because he was thick and he bumped my cervix. After he sank his cock balls deep into me, he started thrusting fast then slow then fast again. Every time he slowed down and pulled back, I sprayed lady cum all over me and him. This went on for quite a while. He then told me to roll over. He reinserted his cock into my cunt then pulled it out and started to slide it into my asshole. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. I yelped in pain when I noticed my husband was now in the room. Instead of stopping him, he said, “Here, use this," and handed Vince a bottle silicone lube. I said, “Please, go easy.” Vince went slow for a while and then at my husband’s urging, he quickened his pace and sunk his cock balls deep in my ass. There was very little I could do so I relaxed as much as possible and let him ride my ass until he finally came. When he finished cumming, Vince went into the bathroom to clean up. I was worn out and a complete cum mess. As he dressed, he kissed me tenderly and said he hoped to see me again. I said, “Of course!” After Vince left, my husband asked me how it was. I said it had to the be hardest most violent fuck I ever had. When he asked me if I wanted him back, I said, “Of course. He just needs to slow down on my ass.” My husband then kissed me and asked me if I cried because I tasted like salt. I said, “No my dear, those are tears of joy and a little of his semen.” I then went to take another shower.
  5. We were late bloomers to the lifestyle having been married nearly 40 years before we had our first encounter with another couple. Other than one erotic massage session, during which my husband begged me let the masseur fuck me, I hadn’t had sex with anybody but my husband during our marriage. As my husband and I became more experienced in the lifestyle, he and I fantasized about me having sex with another woman. I even agreed to let him change my SDC profile from “Straight” to “Bi-Curious.” One fall Sunday afternoon, we met a mixed-race couple for lunch. He was black and she was white. We all clicked so the man suggested we adjourn to a hotel a few blocks away from the restaurant. I had no idea that my emerging fantasy was about to be satisfied. I am a 60 year old woman, 5’ 9” tall who wears a size 18 dress. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and 38D breasts with ultra-sensitive nipples. The other woman was similar to me but about an inch shorted and a year younger. She had nice, firm 36D breasts. Her partner, a well-built former football player, had a rather small cock for a black man, only about 5 inches. His girth, however, was huge. The biggest I have ever seen or felt. He was nearly the circumference of a Red Bull drink can when flaccid. When erect, he was simply huge. We rented a mini-suite with a king-sized bed and a pullout sofa. As my husband and the other woman started playing on the bed, the man disrobed me and started fingering me on the sofa. He really knew how to make my juices flow because I came all over the sofa. That is when we realized the maids failed to stock towels in the bathroom and we had no way to wipe it up. “Hello, Room Service!” We then moved to the bed and shared it with my husband and the other lady. This was the first time I had a close look of my husband in action. He started fingering the lady very vigorously then all of a sudden, his entire hand, up to his wrist, slid into her cunt. I didn’t even know this was possible but here was my husband fisting this lady and she was screaming in ecstasy as she came several times. As I laid watching this, I felt something very large trying to penetrate my ass. I tried to move away as I knew his cock was too big for my asshole but he held me tight. I started squirming but my husband and the other woman held my head and kissed me. Today was going to be day of many firsts for me. My first kiss from lady and a huge cock sliding into my ass. I never thought I would cum from being ass fucked but I did - repeatedly. After Mr. Red Bull finished, I rolled onto my back to rest to watch my husband fuck another woman. I was pretty turned on when I saw his cum flowing out of her pussy. As my husband and I lay on the bed recovering, the man whispered into his partner’s ear and said, “Time for her surprise.” I looked up and the lady had donned a harness with a huge brown, lifelike, dildo. As she was applying lubrication to the dildo, she reached over, kissed me, and lubricate my cunt. The man then lifted my legs up and his partner mounted me with her dildo. As I got accustomed to her fake cock, she started fucking me hard. Pulling her cock almost all the way out then slamming it back in. We both came in each other’s arms and I kissed her deeply. After she removed her harness, she crawled up on the bed and started licking my cunt. It felt absolutely wonderful. She then asked me to return the favor which I eagerly did. After a few licks of her pussy, I realized my husband’s cum was in the vaginal canal. Tasted a little salty but not too bad. As I licked and sucked her clit until she came gain. When I sat up to rest, I had both her and my husband’s cum on my face. Room service finally delivered some towels, which my husband retrieved in the nude from what I assume was a very startled maid. We all relaxed and hydrated ourselves. I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. When I returned, I realized the man was not satisfied fucking my ass with his fat cock but wanted my mouth and cunt as well. He gently grabbed my head and pushed it toward his cock. It took all I could to get just the head of his cock in my mouth. When he became hard again, his partner and my husband held my legs up for him as they played with my nipples. He had great stamina as he fucked my cunt for at least 15-20 minutes before he came. Since we all had to go to work the next day, we decided to call it a night. It was truly the defining point in my swinging career. I took a huge cock in my ass and orgasmed. I was fucked and eaten by another woman. I ate another woman. I tasted my husband’s cum second-hand. We met this couple several more times over the course of a year until they split and left the lifestyle. It was a great year for sure!
  6. J and I have been married for 41 years. Our sex life has been up and down for many years due to jobs, children, grandchildren, and life in general. We were married 39 years when she finally agreed to consider swinging and having sex with other people. After our first encounter with another couple, she realized she really enjoyed the alternative lifestyle and almost overnight became a sex machine. People called her insatiable. One of her new fantasies was to see to be pleased by a big black cock. I finally found a way to make this happen and here is how it played out. J has blond hair, blue eyes, stands around 5'9" tall and wears a size 18 after having two kids. She has a very nice ass, with extraordinarily sensitive nipples. Everybody she meets lusts after her. She is very self-conscious though and doesn't think she looks that good. Her many suitors think otherwise. One Friday afternoon while she was at work, I texted her and told her I had a surprise for her. When she arrived home, I told her to shower and shave and I would pick out her clothes. As she showered, I laid out a very short black skirt, yellow semi-sheer top, and 4-inch heels. No underwear! As we traveled to a town about 15 miles away, I told her I arranged a sensual massage for her from a black man at his apartment. She was nervously excited. When we arrived at his apartment complex, we had to climb two flights of outside stairs to his second-floor apartment. She had some difficulty with her heels so I stayed right behind her to ensure she didn’t fall. It also gave me the opportunity to look up and see her beautiful bald pussy as the skirt was quite short. Her skirt was so short, she was unable to cross her legs when she sat as it would ride up to her waist. She looked back to me with a smirk on her face and said, “Enjoying the view?” We knocked on the door and a tall, black, young man named Christopher answered wearing scrubs. He was her masseur for the evening. We sat on his sofa and chatted for a while we discussed the massage session. He told her that she would be receiving a full body massage and he hoped that she would enjoy it. When J excused herself to the bathroom, I told Christopher the expectations. I explained to him her fantasy and told him she would want a superior therapeutic massage then when she was fully relaxed and aroused, he was free to do what he wanted with her within reason. I further explained I would be taking photos and videos. He agreed and handed me his camera and said, “Please take some for me.” J returned from the bathroom and Christopher showed her to his massage table and told her to get comfortable. She looked at me, I winked, then she disrobed. As she laid face down on the table, Christopher very quietly disrobed. I don’t think she knew he was now naked. His cock was at least 9 inches flaccid and bounced between his thighs as he moved around the table. He started by standing at the head of the table, bending over to stroke her back. As he reached to rub her ass cheeks, his cock touched her head. She now knew he was naked. He proceeded to massage her back, shoulders and neck for the next 30 minutes. The harder Christopher rubbed her the more relaxed she became. When he moved to her legs, he slowly moved his hands up and down, getting closer to her pussy each time. I could tell she was very relaxed now as she cooed softly. He then moved to her side and started rubbing her arm and leg simultaneously. His cock was laying on her arm. She then grabbed his cock with her hand and slowly started rubbing it and kissed the head. He then moved to her legs and spread them ever so slightly to be able to access her legs on both sides. He stroked her legs first on the back of her thighs and calves. He then moved inward to the inner thigh and stroked there for a while. Occasionally, his fingers would lightly brush her pussy lips and sphincter. She would gasp and moan lightly. He finished massaging her legs and feet and arms then bent over and started licking her pussy. She intuitively pulled her knees up under her to give him better access. He used this position to run his tongue over her vagina and asshole while fingering her clit. After he enjoyed her pussy and asshole, he asked her to flip over. After J turned onto her back, he again focused on her upper body. First, he worked on her shoulders and stomach. He started massaging her breasts from the outer skin where they meet her chest and started moving inward. He reached her areole on the first one and slowly started rubbing his big fingers around it. As he did this, her nipple started to harden even though he had not touched it yet. He did not touch that nipple yet and he moved to the other side doing the same thing. He brought both of her nipples to full attention. After they were standing up, he slowly dripped some oil on them and started rubbing them. You could see J's stomach twitching and her hip rise as he did this. He teased her nipples and lightly pinched them while tugging on them, turning her on even more. He then moved down to her legs. He started at her feet and worked his way up. As he moved his hand slowly to the inside of her legs, he would pull and slightly spread her legs apart from each other in the process. Pretty soon she had her legs spread wide enough to enable him to massage her thighs and see her full pussy at the same time. He worked on her thighs and in the process would lightly touch her pussy. After a short amount of time, he began rubbing her abdomen. He started where her vagina began and worked all around her hips. He slowly would move his fingers in between her legs where the leg met the pelvis and slide his fingers down to her asshole and back up lightly running his fingers over both her ass and pussy. She felt his bare cock next to her arm and reached over and to my surprise, took him into her mouth. Obviously, the therapeutic portion of the massage was over. She then grabbed his leg and had him position himself over her. They were now in the sixty-nine position and she had a massive black cock right above her lips. She reached up and grabbed his cock at the base and brought her head up to meet it with her lips. She slowly jacked his cock in and out of her mouth. I thought she would have a heart attack when she reached the tip and realized how big his cock was. Fully hard, he was over 10 and a half inches long and about 5 inches around. She never flinched. He was licking at her pussy and matching her every move when she slowly opened her mouth and proceeded to start licking the tip of his cock. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and motioned for him to position himself between her legs. His shaft was now positioned at the entrance of her wet and willing open cunt. He asked her if she was ready for it and she just smiled. Christopher slowly started to work the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her. He then slowly slid the head in and she grimaced a little due to the muscles being stretched. He took his time and let her adjust to his size. He proceeded to do this through the beginning slowly sliding his cock in little by little. Around 6 inches was in and she was starting to feel a mixture of pain and pleasure deep inside of her. He would move his cock in and out slowly to help her adjust to the size and depth he was going in her. At about 8 inches, he pulled back and pushed the rest of his cock deep into her until his balls slapped up against her ass. This sent pain through her whole abdomen but he stayed there and let her cervix adjust to the size. The pain started to fade and she felt more pleasure that she had never known before. His cock filled her completely up and she loved it. Soon, he whispered into her ear. They both got off the massage table and moved to his bed. She immediately laid on her back and placed her legs high in the air. Christopher donned a condom, climbed on her and thrusted into her in one motion. As he started thrusting in and out, J wrapped her legs around his back and interlocked her ankles. She was now feeling the pleasure of his movements and was working her hips to match him. His cock glistened in the light from the wetness she had. He was moving in and out of her and she was nearing orgasm two, which she has never done in a single session. He kept going and started to work his cock all the way out to the tip and then all the way in again. After about six full strokes like that, she came again. This time she started to squirt, something she never did during intercourse. Christopher’s bed was now soaked. He then stopped and rolled her onto her stomach and resumed fucking her from behind. You could see her cum running down her legs on the mattress. Soon he began to cum. When they were finished, J started to dress. Christopher helped her buckle her stilettos and as he did, he leaned in and kissed her vagina. She then whispered into his ear, “Next time I want you bareback. I regret not feeling your cum in me." He smiled ear to ear. As we made our way back to the car, she said, “I’m sure glad we have leather seats!I’m going to be leaking all the way home. What she didn’t know, was a guy was working on his car in the parking lot near our vehicle. Her skirt had ridden up while climbing down the stairs and then climbing up into our SUV. The guy got a good view of about everything to include her cum on the back of her thighs. J invited Christopher to our home many times after that first encounter. True to her word, she let him cum deep inside of her mouth and cunt each time.
  7. Maturecouple1122

    Her Second DP

    This is a follow-on to “Her First DP.” My now retired teacher wife was getting bored and a little frisky staying at home all day and needed a good distraction. She asked if I could arrange another hotel rendezvous with her BBC friend Bryan who is also a teacher and just finished the school year and was also looking for much needed relaxation. I booked a hotel in a town about 30 miles away and invited Bryan to visit after his last class on Friday. He asked if he could bring his buddy Mike again and I said, “Yes.” We got to the hotel about an hour before Bryan and Mike were scheduled to arrive. My wife changed into a one size fits all cut out dress that hid nothing. Her nipples poked out and the hem was just below her pussy. She donned red stilettos with silver metal heels and her “Queen of Spades” ankle bracelet. An extra coat of bright red lip stick ensured her lips were full and ready. She sat sipping wine until they arrived. Unlike the first encounter, she was calm and excited. She knew what was going to happen to her and she was ready. Given this was her second time with these men, she was calm and relaxed. When we heard the knock on the door, she moved from the sofa to the foot of the bed. She tucked her right leg up under her so when the men walked in, the first thing they would see would see would be her freshly waxed pussy and erect nipples. After a few pleasantries, Bryan and Mike undressed and started kissing and fondling her. Both men were obviously very horny. Bryan pushed her onto her stomach while Mike pulled her dress off. They left her red shoes on. Within minutes Bryan was slamming his cock into her pussy while Mike fucked her mouth. Mike’s cock isn’t very long, about 6 inches, but it is extremely fat with a large head. She had to spread her mouth wide to accommodate his cock. As soon as Bryan came, Mike pulled out of her mouth and took his place in her pussy. She really enjoyed Mike’s fat cock as it rubbed her g-spot and made her squirt as he fucked her. As Mike fucked her, Bryan stuck his cock, which still had his cum and her pussy juice on it into her mouth. She sucked it clean then started sucking and swallowed his balls. After Mike came, they took a short break. My wife then pushed Bryan on his back and climbed up onto his cock and started to ride him cow girl style. I could tell when Bryan’s cock bumped her cervix because she groaned and started bucking back and forth. Mike crawled behind her and started to push his cock into her ass. He used cum and her pussy ejaculate as lube and shoved his fat cock in. My wife said, “Easy Mike." Mike slowed down, pulled out his cock and spit on it, then rammed it back in. She then started to ride both cocks. She came at least four times as she was double penetrated. When both men came in her, she reached back and pulled Mike in close so he couldn’t pull out. Eventually, both men lost their erections and fell out of her. She then put her mouth on Bryan’s cock and started cleaning him off with her mouth. All of a sudden, Bryan rolled her onto her side and started fucking her pussy her again. Mike immediately grabbed her head and push his cock in her mouth. She is not a fan of “ass-to-mouth” but she was not really in a position to resist. Unfortunately, this was the last fuck of the evening as both men were spent having each cum four times. They then kissed her goodnight, dressed and left. After they left, my wife said, “Your turn baby, but not my ass. It’s pretty sore from Mike. He has one wide cock!” She asked me to show her the videos I took then climbed on my cock. Needless to say, it slipped in very easy.
  8. Maturecouple1122

    Her First DP

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  14. Hi everyone! I was thinking today black guys (or dreaming ). I've heard people saying that black guys would have bigger "gear" than their white (or any other color) fellows. I haven't had a chance to make a proper research myself, if you know what I mean... So, does anybody have a real life experience on that? Is it true? Are they better lovers than others? My friend was on a holiday once in Jamaica and caught a local man there. She really was all smile two or three weeks after that and didn't talk about anything else. I really wouldn't have wanted to hear all the details she told. Okay it did make my imagination to fly... What do you think, was she just lucky to meet a "good" guy or are all the black men that good? I know generalization shouldn't be made but...
  15. geoff hart

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  16. My husband and I had hired two young college guys to clean our driveway. While they didn't do a good job, I sure did enjoy watching them work shirtless in the summer sun with their tight asses wiggling in their shorts. Maybe because they were lazy ass, or perhaps because they felt the appraising cock-hungry eyes of a woman old enough to be their mom on them all the time, they never came back. They had promised to do the pool deck, but Michael and I rented a pressure cleaner from Home Depot and tried to do it ourselves since they didn't. Wow, what a job that was! When we finished that dirty job, we took the machine back and came home for a swim to cool off and relax. As usual, we swam in the nude, utterly unaware that the people in the house behind us were having their roof repaired. Naturally, if we had looked up, we would have seen the two black men. Knowing they were there, we might have put on suits. I say "might" as we still enjoy shocking people with our nudity. 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  17. We are a married couple I'm 23 hubby is 24. We are just getting into a open marriage. I have been curious about black men and so has my husband. He wants me to date black men then come home and tell him what happened.
  18. Read the prequel to this story at Black and White New Years Eve Sex Swap I am writing this tonight as Darius just left, and Cheryl is exhausted. First, let me tell you that Darius never called after our get-together at New Years for the open house. Cheryl waited and waited but was too proud to call him, and he had accidentally lost her number. Fortunately, I called our neighbors and, without telling Cheryl, got Darius's office number and asked him to give Cheryl a call. It didn't take any encouragement from me as he was anxious to see her again as well. For those of you who didn't read the last story or may have forgotten. Darius is a giant of a black man. A former professional athlete with an attractive wife, Kyra, that I got to fuck the last time we were together. However, this time, I just wanted Darius and Cheryl to have a good time together and maybe get to not only watch but to video the screwing session. This morning I heard Cheryl on the phone with Darius. She was ecstatic about the fact that Darius had finally called. Since she had no idea that I had given him the number, she was really excited. When she hung up the phone, she told me that Darius wanted to come over tonight, and did I mind. "Of course not," I replied. "Maybe I can watch and see a little better this time and even video the fucking for our collection." Cheryl readily agreed and started making arrangements for this evening. She had her hair done, a facial, and all the stuff that women do and was back home before cocktail hour. Darius arrived around five. I had already fixed drinks and made some sandwiches. When Darius walked in the door, he nearly filled the doorway with his 6' 4" frame. I had forgotten just how big he was. After kissing Cheryl hello, he sat down, and we all had a couple of drinks and talked about our last session. Cheryl was concerned that I was being left out and asked about Kyra. You see, Cheryl didn't know that I had requested Darius to come alone. Darius assured her that Kyra knew he was there but was busy tonight but was looking forward to meeting us again. I asked Darius if he minded if I set up the video so we could have a lasting memento. He agreed, provided that I also be in the video and that it be kept private since he is well-known around town. After we were all cool with what was going to happen, he and Cheryl began soul kissing. They took each other's clothes off until they were totally naked. Darius picked Cheryl up like a toy, laid her on the couch, and began to eat her moist and ready pussy. As he licked up and down, I could see his dick, which was only semi-hard, began to grow until it was at least 11" long and about as big around as a beer bottle. Cheryl was moaning and humping his mouth while he used his long and talented tongue to bring her to her first orgasm of the night. While this was happening, I got undressed. Needless to say, I had an urgent need for some sexual relief but didn't want to intrude on what was happening with them. Darius spread Cheryl's legs even farther apart. He slowly began to insert his massive dick into her waiting pussy an inch at a time until his balls were slapping against her ass. Darius then picked Cheryl up in a bear hug. As she wrapped her legs around his waist, he walked her down the hall to the bedroom, keeping his dick firmly in place. He walked quickly, Cheryl bouncing on his dick with each step he took. With each additional step, what had started as a low moan from Cheryl's mouth turned into a loud wail. I knew from the position they were in that Darius's cock had to be reaching places inside of Cheryl that had never been reached before. When they reached the bedroom, the bed was ready and waiting. As Darius laid Cheryl down, he slipped a couple of pillows under her ass. Now her pussy with his hard dick still inside was at the right level for him to stand at the side of the bed and slam his black meat home with great enthusiasm. Cheryl looked like she was in Heaven, but she also looked uncomfortable as her ass was way above her head. Being a considerate husband, I got some more pillows to support her back and neck so that she was almost level. She began to move, thrust, twist, and enjoy all of Darius's cock until he had to pull out and the pillows were thrown on the floor. Darius still hadn't come, and he was more than ready. Turning Cheryl over on her hands and knees, he put his cock back in her pussy. Darius fucked Cheryl doggie-style until both of them exploded in a giant orgasm. After Darius and Cheryl got their second wind, I walked over to the head of the bed and placed my penis at Cheryl's red and wet mouth. She eagerly began to suck on me until I was dying to cum. I held her head and fucked her mouth until I shot my own load, which she gladly swallowed for me. Darius was now ready for more, and so was Cheryl. She is multi-orgasmic and loves a lot of fucking. This time Darius laid on his back. Cheryl slowly lowered herself over him until her vagina was sucking on the tip of his cock. Cheryl was rotating her ass as she lowered her pussy and began to take him all in her hot pussy. I could see all 11" inches disappear, reappear and disappear again and again until he shot another load in her, and she simultaneously orgasmed with him. Now the cum was running out of her pussy and all over his black balls and the sheets. The contrast of the white cum, her pink pussy, and his black balls was striking. So erotic. They laid there together, she on his chest, and he with his shrinking dick in her pussy. The sight was just too good to be imagined. I had seen enough and wanted to give them some afterglow time alone, so I slipped out of the room. As I write this, Darius has gone, but we have a fantastic couple of videos to watch together later.
  19. James and I were invited to a New Year's Eve party by Lori and Steve, our next-door neighbors, who occasionally swing with us. They wanted us to meet some new friends of theirs, Julie and Chuck. It was cold here in Florida on New Year's Eve, and there were about a dozen other couples already at Julie and Chuck's house and drinking up a storm when we arrived. The house was large, but it was necessary to open up the patio windows to the pool so that some of the overflow crowd could drink out there. This made the house cool inside, but our host laughingly told us that after midnight the party would warm up with some X-rated entertainment. Needless to say that after a couple of hours of drinking and visiting with the other couples, okay, call it flirting with some of them, the appointed hour arrived. By shortly after midnight, most of the couples had gone home, the windows were closed, and the heat turned on. Then Chuck got a porno going on the big screen TV, and it started to get really hot! Most couples started making out on the couches either with their spouse or some other attractive person of the opposite sex. The movie was about interracial sex. There was a lot of hooting about the size of the male equipment. At least until we became aware that one of the couples still in the room was Darius and Kyra, a black couple who nobody wanted to offend. Darius was about 6'4" and 240 pounds, an executive with a local company and a former professional athlete. His wife Kyra was about 5'2' and maybe 120 pounds. On the surface, that made them look like an unlikely couple until you realize that almost everyone is the same size lying down together. James had asked me before if I had ever had a fantasy about sex with a black man, and I told him that I hadn't. However, that wasn't the entire truth. I suspect most white women think about what it would be like to have their pussy filled with a black cock, and the beautiful contrast of black skin on white skin. As the evening wore on, it became apparent that Darius had his eye on me and Kyra seemed to be interested in James. Eventually, I got up the nerve to ask Darius if he and Kyra would like to swap with James and me? He smiled his most handsome smile and jumped at the idea. We retired to one of the many bedrooms in the house. Kyra and James wasted no time getting naked on the king-sized bed where James began to lick and suck on Kyra's neatly shaved pussy. Kyra was a beautiful woman, and I was fascinated by her pussy. Compared to my own, the dark lips opening up to the pinkest of pink inside. Although I consider myself straight, gazing upon Kyra's exotic beauty caused my clit to tingle. After a few seconds of being lost in those thoughts, I knew I had my own lover ready to satisfy all of my needs. James and Kyra had already moved into a 69. They were oblivious to Darius and me, leaving us to get things started ourselves. Darius began to remove my clothes one by one and licking and sucking on my nipples at the same time. He had one hand on my breast and another on my pussy while he was fully dressed. He then picked me up and laid me down on the bed next to James and Kyra and began to take his own clothes off. When he got down to his briefs, I could see that he had some massive equipment there and was ready to use it. He was about 11" long and more than 2" thick, by my best guess. I have born children and taken James's respectable cock countless times, as well as those of even better-endowed lovers. But still, that 11" black cock, as thick as my wrist, made my pussy twitch nervously at what she was being asked to undertake. But, I also felt the warmth of a gush of wetness at the thought of that monster inside me. Likely aware of the difficulty in women taking his size, Darius didn't stick it in me right away but began to kiss, lick and suck on my vagina with a lot of emphasis on my clit. By now, I was begging to be fucked by that stud, but he had other ideas. Meanwhile, Kyra looked over at us and commented that her man obviously liked eating that white pussy, maybe more than her black pussy. I wasn't sure how to take that. Then she smiled and giggled, and I knew she was just teasing me. Her beautiful black pussy was no doubt well-loved and well-licked by Darius. Darius continued his attentions on my pussy. I was trying to get in a position to suck his big dick when he rose up over me, mounting me in such a way that had me pinned to the bed. Darius took his big cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down my slit until the honey was flowing all over my upper thighs. "Please fuck me now," I said, and he was ready and willing. He took his black cock, put about two or three inches in, and then slowly pulled it out until I could adjust to his size. He was very considerate about that and had me in an orgasmic frenzy waiting to get it all. After a few minutes of teasing me with it he slid all 11" home and began to rock the bed with his thrusts. Oh, my God! Even with all the warmup, there was some pain. Still, there was also a deep sexual fulfillment that I had never experienced before. It felt like my entire body was being fucked, not just my pussy. That black cock claimed me as its own to my very core. James and Kyra were now satisfied for the moment. They just laid there and watched as the pounding of cock and pussy sounded very loud in the quiet room. Read what happens next at Cheryl's Second Date With Big Black Cock Darius must have given me four or more orgasms before he shot his load of cum in my vagina. Still, he didn't go soft. He turned me on my side and entered me from the rear in spoon fashion. I jumped when I felt a gentle hand caress my shoulder on its way to my breasts and nipples. It was Kyra reaching over Darius to tweak and pull on my large nipples while her husband fucked me from behind. The unfamiliar but exciting touch of a woman's hands on my body, together with Darius inside me, brought me to a final earth-shattering orgasm. Finally, as my orgasm faded, I realized I was starting to get sore. Darius shot a final load, collapsing beside me while his cock softened but stayed in my pussy. We fell asleep that way, and when morning came, all four of us were still in bed together. We showed, dressed, and went home without getting Darius and Kyra's telephone number, but I'm sure Julie and Chuck could get it for us. In the meantime, I am just waiting to see if Darius calls me in the next few days. So far, I have heard nothing but don't want to be the one that calls him. On the other hand, James is pushing me to call so that the four of us can get together at our house. I'm anxious, but I'm going to wait Darius out. A woman has to remain a little mysterious. Stay tuned.
  20. We started dating in college. The young woman who would become my wife was adorable. Timid, almost a wallflower. Beautiful long hair surrounding a beautiful face. And what a smile! She was slender with small but womanly hips. We were both freshmen at college. Her boyfriend back home had broken up with her. Mainly because the first time he came to visit, there were a lot of guys around her room. She told him that they were just friends - and at that time, they were. Two weeks later, she was sleeping with a jock with a small prick and an enormous ego. Even at her age, she was smart enough to quickly kick him to the curb in favor of someone, yet unknown, who would treat her right. We started dating two months later. She had tiny boobs, and when we first ended up in bed together, she let me get inside her panties with my fingers and cock before she'd let me at her breasts! Go figure! Through the rest of the freshmen year, we were proverbial rabbits. She grew to like sex in just about every conceivable position and place! During the summer of freshmen year, we both worked at the shore. With a lot of encouragement from me, she did away with her bras (didn't need them!) and started wearing very thin tops. Her boobs may have been small, but she had lovely puffy nipples - which I love to this day! Those puffies would push the thin material of her tops out - and everyone could see them very plainly. She turned quite a few heads - and knew it. In the beginning, she was a little nervous and shy. A turning point came one night in one of the college bars. She wore a light sweater that had a very deep V-neck. Because she had such small boobs, the top stayed open almost constantly. She discovered she was an expert at air hockey, or so she thought. The truth was all of the guys were so busy staring down her sweater that they never saw the puck coming! We went back to our dorm and spent the night going at it non-stop on her bed! She didn't understand why she had been so popular. I told her that the guys were staring down her top all night and that her nipples were on display for everyone. She asked me why I didn't say anything. I told her, truthfully, that the sight of her nipples and guys reacting to it had made me so horny, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. That is when she felt the telephone pole between my legs and just looked at me. I told her I loved her exposing herself to other guys. The following morning, she began dressing even sexier - leaving her panties in the drawer and wearing shorts with very loose legs. She turned into a class A exhibitionist, and I didn't think things could get any better! During sophomore year, we begin going to see some porn at the theatres. Soft porn about women unashamedly claiming their sexuality was her favorite. While making love those nights, we would talk about the movie we had seen. She was fascinated but scared. She couldn't believe how women allowed themselves that freedom. What was going on in the mind of their husband or boyfriend? I told her that I thought it was intensely sexy and that I understood exactly how those men felt. One night as we were fucking, I said to her that I wouldn't mind a bit if she became just like those women. She rose up against me and came in a sudden crashing orgasm. For the rest of sophomore year, we expanded on that theme, and she began thinking like and responding to events as a totally uninhibited woman would. Though I had told her often enough that I wouldn't mind if another man found his way inside her, she 1) didn't really believe it and 2) didn't know anyone that she wanted to share herself with. The summer of our sophomore year changed all of that! The restaurant we worked in our home town for a summer job at had a storage basement. You got there via a straight ladder fastened to the wall of the basement. She had it bad for a young guy who was the assistant manager. Her uniforms were a loose, short dress and a plastic apron. She used to stand at the top of the ladder in the kitchen in her uniform with no panties when he'd go down, letting him stare straight up at her naked pussy all the time he was on the steps. When he came back up, she would back away when he would get near the top. One day they were both a little more playful than usual, and she stayed right at the top of the steps. He came up the steps right under her dress. She screamed, they both laughed, and she backed off. The rest of the summer progressed much the same - lots of fun times and close calls, but no guy ever scoring, until August that is! There was a black cook who was friendly to both of us all summer long. He was average height - but had incredible biceps and 6-pack. We'd go to the gym, skating, bowling, drinking, and dancing - just about everything as a trio. Because he was black, we never thought of him as a possibility since we weren't sure he would be interested. I had to go back to school, and she stayed, as her classes began two weeks later than mine. One night, on our nightly call, she told me that Marquis had invited her out to a movie. She also said that she didn't think he wanted just a movie. This was a whole new ball game. We talked long and hard about it. The old fears of 'Once black - never come back' and all - but in the end, she said that she found him incredibly sexy and attractive, and if it was all right with me, she'd like to go. We talked about what the next day could possibly bring. The next day I cut classes early - and left her town. No one knew I was around - they all thought I was at school. I met my girlfriend at her place, and we plotted the seduction. She had a very thin, almost transparent robe which she put on - and nothing else. Next, she lay on the bed in her bedroom, and I wet a washcloth with cold water. I placed this compress over her forehead and eyes. She turned slightly sideways on the bed, and I draped the robe so that one breast was exposed and just a hint of her furry pussy. I made it look like that is how the robe had settled when she lay down. When it was time for him to arrive, I went into the back room and sat out of sight reading a book. My plan was to read a textbook - LOL! I heard him come up the steps and go to her door - which I had left open a crack. He knocked, and as he knocked, the door opened. When he didn't see her, he called her name. When he didn't hear a reply, he walked toward the hallway, thinking she may still be in the shower or something. Seeing the bathroom door open and the room empty, he next looked at the partially closed door of her bedroom. He hesitated a second, then said her name while slowly pushing the door fully open. The bed was directly opposite the door. He stood staring at her in the bed for a moment and then spoke her name. She "woke up" and they talked. She told him she had a bad headache and wasn't up to a movie right then. He then closed the door, and I heard no more. Afterward, she gave this account of what happened... After she had told him she had a headache, he said ok, and like a gentleman, pulled the robe over her exposed breast, reached up, took away the washcloth, and started to massage her forehead. She smiled and said, "That feels good!" He smiled, reached up, and kissed the spot where he had been rubbing. She bent her head up and gave him a light kiss on the lips. With that encouragement, he started to move his massaging hands over the rest of her head and face; then, down her neck. Since the robe was already open, he moved smoothly to her breasts. By now, they were both getting hot and started to kiss. Marquis moved his mouth from her lips and began to massage her entire body. His lips followed everywhere his hands had been. She said he spent a lot of time massaging and sucking her breasts and nipples. As I said before, her boobs were not big - 34A's at the time, but they were firm and were enough to make you cream just from looking - much less touching or sucking. She was so turned on that she said her nipples hurt from being so hard. He massaged all the way down to her toes, kissing and sucking everywhere his hands went. Then he started back up. When he got to her pussy, his mouth stopped, but his hands went back to her hard, puffy nipples. His mouth began to give her pussy the full treatment. He had a way of sucking her big inner lips into his mouth where he would tongue them and then 'puff' them back out. This in and out routine drove her up a wall. He was not in any rush to enter her and spent almost two hours on the most intense foreplay she had ever experienced. Her body was so alive that when she came, her entire body responded. At one point, she told him that it wasn't fair - she wanted to taste him - so they changed places. She said that at that time, he asked her what would happen if I came in, and she said, "He'd probably join us!" He said, "Really?" She went to work, running her hands all over his body, then followed with her tongue just as he had done. When she got to his cock, she was surprised to come face-to-face with her first uncut cock. She examined the foreskin in detail before taking it into her mouth, enjoying the feel of his foreskin - so different from mine. After she spent a good amount of time enjoying the newness of his cock and balls, he rolled her over, then rubbed his cock up and down her slit. She could take no more teasing and raised her hips so that the next pass found Marquis sinking his cock a third of the way into her tight pussy. Once started, there was no stopping. He began with slow, purposeful strokes driving all the way in, then backing all the way out - aimed at impressing her with his size and fullness. He was about an inch bigger than me in both dimensions. (I'm 6.5" and a little on the thick side). All this while, I was trying to read and listen through the wall. All the emotions that everyone has ever talked about were going through me - and I had the hardest pipe I can ever remember. The door was closed for over three hours. I knew Marquis was getting the job done because you could hear the bedsprings, her voice, and his exertions coming through the wall. Finally, the sounds subsided. I somewhat noisily got up from my hiding place and walked toward her bedroom door. I stepped into the room with a big smile. While Marquis looked on in shock, my girlfriend smiled back at me and got up and came to me. She proudly announced, "I'm glad you are here. Marquis just came in me." I said, "Oh, is that so?" I reached between her legs and couldn't believe what I was feeling. She's wet almost 24/7 - but never like this! She said, "No - he just came! Like gallons!" I took her by the hand and led her back beside the bed where Marquis still laid with his eyes wide. I lay on the bed with my head hanging over the side, face up. She smiled at Marquis as she straddled my face while still standing. She held my head firmly in place, then bent her knees just enough to put her pussy right above my mouth. As she did, her sticky pussy lips peeled apart, releasing what indeed did seem like gallons of cum. As the white creamy cum poured out of her pussy, I lapped out it like a kitten would lap milk from a dish, swallowing it all. It seemed the most natural thing to do! When I had licked it all out of her, and there was no more to be had, she got up and laid down next to Marquis. She pulled me up beside her so she was sandwiched between her two lovers. The three of us laid on the bed as we explained to Marquis that everything was cool. She was just an insatiable woman that needed more than what only one cock could give her. Then I said, "In fact, I'll bet she's ready for more now." He nodded his agreement, cupped a breast in his hand, and began to suck on it as she dreamily closed her eyes while I softly kissed her lips. In a moment, his rock-hard black cock was back inside her. Leaving her to her pleasure, I got up and went over to a chair and sat down to watch. My cock throbbing with every beat of my heart made me realize that I still hadn't had my release. But, I wanted to hold off as long as I could. As I watched Marquis demonstrate his talents, I saw positions I never heard of. In fact, one of our favorites we call 'Marquis's position' because he taught it to us, and it remains her favorite. They fucked late in the night as I watched. Finally, exhausted, Marquis said his goodbyes and left. After seeing Marquis out, I returned to her bed and settled down beside her on the sopping wet sheets. We lightly stroked each other as our bodies hummed with sexual excitement now that we were reunited beside each other. Then she sat on my face to give me just a taste of her cum-filled pussy, before dragging her pussy down my chest, leaving a trail of cum and pussy juice. When her pussy reached my cock, it slid right into her, hardly feeling the walls but feeling more like I had entered a hot, wet cave. I asked her to go easy - as my balls were beyond blue. As she slowly brought me the release I so desperately needed, she bent over and fed me each nipple, then brought her lips to mine. After an incredibly satisfying kiss, I asked her how the evening went from her standpoint. Her answer is etched into my memory: "Sex with Marquis was fantastic, I'll never forget this night and want to do it over and over again, but I LOVE you!" That was my girlfriend's, soon to be my wife's, first time with a new cock. We enjoyed adventures with Marquis for three years until we married and moved away. We still remember him very fondly. Although she has had a long string of lovers over the years, Marquis was responsible for many more firsts, including taking her anal virginity. A fantastic sexual feat on her part, considering the size of his cock and her tight virginal rosebud. Marquis was intelligent, considerate, easy-going, personable - a man I could trust my wife with. Next to me, he is her hands-down favorite!
  21. We were going to the city for the weekend soon. The internet is a beautiful thing. You can arrange almost anything, including big black cocks for cock-hungry white wives! Through a swingers site, I made contact with several black men that enjoyed white women. I decided on Darnell, a fellow who could entertain and sounded like the type of person Molly would enjoy. Plus, Darnell said he had a few black friends who shared his enjoyment of white women. Darnell picked us up at our hotel on the arranged evening, and we had a short drive to his apartment. He had wine chilling, candles ready to light, and soft jazz playing. Nice touches! During the ride, he told Molly how she looked even better in person than in the pics we had texted him. Darnell also complimented her sexy outfit, which pleased her. Molly wore a button-down sweater (unbuttoned a fair bit to show plenty of cleavage), skirt a few inches above the knee, spikes with nylons, garters, and a push-up bra. Everything was in black, Molly's favorite color. We had been at Darnell's place an hour or so when the doorbell rang. Molly knew there would be another guy or two but smiled when she saw three other black guys coming in. They were all attractive and true gentlemen. They were all hungrily looking Molly over from head to toe. Our host wasted no time suggesting we head to the other room where everyone could be more comfortable. The other room was the bedroom with a TV in the corner with porn playing! Time to party! Molly sat on the edge of the bed while the guys took turns dropping their pants to show Molly what they had. Of course, she had to use her talented mouth on them all, just to 'make them feel welcome' as she put it. They were all in decent shape, average to above-average size, and one of them had a thick 11 inches. Her eyes widened when she saw him! They pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs, and took turns eating her out. She started to cum, which isn't hard to do, and her noise level increased. Of course, while someone was between her legs, another was kneeling above her face so she could suck him. She was eaten, finger fucked, and finally, the guys flipped a coin to see who could fuck her first. One after the other, the guys fucked Molly missionary style, all while her mouth was kept full, pleasuring another hard black cock. The guy who didn't have his cock stuffed in her cunt or her mouth helped hold her legs back. Her legs were opened wide and pushed back almost to her shoulders, opening her pussy up for fat black cock to get into her pussy as deeply as possible. She was having her brains fucked out! After a brief break, she was positioned on the edge of the bed, and the guys started to fuck her doggie style. Doggie is Molly's favorite! Again, they all took turns, one black cock after another filling her up. Most of the time, Molly's mouth was kept full too. One guy would pull out of her pussy, his black cock shiny with her pussy juice, and while another took his place in her cunt, the pussy-smeared cock would go into Molly's willing mouth. By the end of the evening, she had been fucked by all the guys twice. Her face had taken a few cum shots, and she probably came close to 2O times! It was a super night, one of her better black gangbangs, and the best thing is we plan to be there again next month. Molly has already said she wants another night with the same guys, except she has requested they bring along a friend. What a nymph she is, begging for the chance to fuck six big black cocks! I love it!
  22. Marie and I are a married white couple. She is 28, is 5-8, 135 with big 38dd's and a small waist. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She also has very light skin. She is part Swede. I am 31, 6-0, 210 average build. Marie and I had been swinging for a while now. We had foursomes and lots of threeway mfm's. Marie loves to be the center of attention and I {Mike} love to watch her. It's so fucking hot. I have always fantasized about seeing her with a black man but she never talked about it. So, I figured it was not something she was interested in. Until one day, we were out at a bar. And I had a few drinks and I figured fuck it, I am gonna ask. 'Marie, what would you think about having a three way with a black man?' She said, "Sure, why no". No hesitation at all. She said as long as it was like the others, meaning the guy was cool and willing to go at her pace. So I told her I would look online and maybe answer some of the responses our swingers ad got from black guys. The next day I responded to a few. And almost immediately this guy responds with his number and tells us about himself. So I decided to call him. The next thing I know we are making plans for Friday night. We decide to meet at a local bar. I then go and tell Marie. She is a bit surprised that I set this up so fast. She said wow, you must really have wanted to see this. I laughed and said well yeah. Friday night comes, Marie takes her time getting ready. She does her nails, her hair, make up, you name it. Oh yeah, and decides to wear a low cut black practically see thru shirt and a short skirt and no panties. I am so excited at this point. We head out to our local TGI Fridays. When we arrive, we looked around at the mostly white crowd and then across the bar, there he is. Black- 6 foot 4 inches tall, and BIG at least 310 and solid. With a shaved head. I point and say to her, there he is, Gavin. She looks and says wow. Really, he is so sexy. I knew then this had a great chance. We walked over and he immediately kissed her on the cheek and said "Hi Beautiful". She was blushing. He shook my hand and thanked me for the opportunity to meet. He said quite often couples agree to meet and then back out. Marie laughed and said, "Ha, I am glad we didn't". The next thing I know we had been drinking for two hours and Marie and Gavin had moved real close to one another. I excused myself to go to the men's room. When I returned I saw the two of them kissing and his hand up her shirt squeezing her tits. Wow this was it. I watched for a bit and then walked over. I said well I see you two got to break the ice. They laughed and said yes we did. Gavin thanked me again and told me how lucky I was. I laughed and said I am lucky but I think you may be too. Tonight. I ordered another round and watched as Marie and Gavin kissed some more and he began to man handle her. His hands were double the size of mine. He squeezed those big tits like they were little. I was so fucking hard watching this in front of me. My lite skinned wife and dark black LARGE MAN with her. I made a suggestion that we go back to our house for the night. They said let's go. On the way out to the cars Marie said, Mike go ahead, I am gonna ride with Gavin. We'll follow you. I knew she liked him and was comfortable to be alone in his car with him. And I felt comfortable as well. I said sure. They followed me and at every light I would watch from my rear view. After the second light I could see that both of Marie breasts were out of her shirt. He could not keep his BIG BLACK HANDS off her milky white breasts. After a short ride we were home. Marie exited the his car with her tits out and not a care in the world. He was smiling ear to ear. We walked into the house and I went into the kitchen to make us some drinks and they went into the living room. Gavin asked Marie and I what we had in mind. I said that usually in these situations we share her. But tonight, I would like to sit back and like to watch you take her. Control her. Pleasure her. He looked at Marie. She smiled and said "Hmm, sounds good to me." She threw her arms out and he jumped on top of her kissing and groping her. He asked were the bedroom was. I directed him. He took her by the hand and lead her down the hall. We entered the room. I took a seat in the corner, Gavin then looked at Marie. He told her take off her shirt and to play with those tits, then to strip her skirt. There she was all fucking naked. He was more than double her size. He looked at her and again thanked me and at the same time asked me to forgive him for what he was about to do to my wife. I did not know what to say but your welcome and enjoy. He then told her to come over to him and take his shirt off. She did. He had a barrel of a chest and python type arms. He then told her to take off his pants. She did. He had boxers on. She then pulled them down too. WOW. Her eye fixed on what appeared to be the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was at least nine inches long and not fully hard, and at least three fingers thick. She took it in her hand and rubbed it. He asked her what she thought. She laughed and said I love it and then began to suck it. To watch her pretty face buried in a man's midsection, trying to take it all, gagging. She keep licking it and licking it. He then started to slap her across the face with his his cock. It was getting angry. The veins were thick like cables. It was very rigid. Not at all smooth. This was not going to be an easy one for her as I am the usual six inch guy. She had her hands and other parts full. He then threw her onto the bed. He rubbed her pussy to ensure it was wet enough. Trust me it was. He mounted her. She winced. He told her to trust him. He would start slow and once she got into would be begging for more. He inserted the head of his cock. She moaned a bit, he then inched it in about half way. She looked as if she had it. She said "UGH UGH UGH. I can't. I can't." He pulled it out. Then slowly rocking the head in and out in and out, each time a bit deeper. Next thing it's all the way in, he is pounding and she is screaming. Screaming "god, fuck me, fuck me." I have never in my life seen my wife act this way in bed. She was like a porn star. He was giving my wife the fuck of her life on our bed. She screamed "I'm cumming." She did, and never stopped. All I heard was oh my god, over and over. He pounded her over and over. Until he got ready. He said, oh fuck I'm gonna cum. He asked her where do you want it. She yelled, "In my pussy, in my pussy". He did, he unloaded. She loved it. And then they both collapsed in each others arms. He asked what she thought and she said, "I love black cock!" WOW, I thought to myself. Did I create a wife who craves black cock???? More to follow..
  23. This story contains some strong subject matter that to many may go outside the usual realm of swinging. If you are offended by Discipline/ prostitution/ gang-rape/ and things of this nature please do not read further. Keep in mind, however, that this story is about a consenting couple and everything that they participated to was agreed to beforehand. I've already sent a story concerning Hilda's gang-bang, but we have had some experiences that I never would have dreamed possible. After the gang bang with Walter, we slowed down a little bit. She was a little sore, and rightly so from the fucking she received. Predictably, our sex life suffered for awhile, with occasional spurts of excitement, but that was about it. Then a couple months ago, I received a reply to an ad I had and the guy that answered was really into the sex-slave thing. We met, and the guy, Gary was his name, was very clean cut, muscular, and most of all...hung like a horse. We laughed a little as I showed him some pix we had taken, and he turned the pix this way and that, examining them carefully. What he said next almost blew me away. 'I want to buy her for a week' he said, straight faced as hell, 'how much for the slut for a week?' I couldn't answer....should I deck this guy? Tell him to fuck off or what? 'UH, I don't know about that, Gary, I mean, she's not a dog or an animal for sale, or a prostitute' 'I'll tell you what...let's meet tomorrow night at Applebees. I can prove to you that she'll readily agree to be my slave before the night is over. She'll feel my cock under the table and she'll be so wet we'll fuck right in the parking lot.' He was so damn sure of himself, I agreed. If I were right, he would be HER slave for a week. If HE was right, she was his with no restrictions attached. I had just gambled my wife's ass! Two nights later, we showed up for the meeting. She had no idea of the bet. She wore a dark blue, form-fitting mini skirt that showed off her shapely, stocking-clad legs perfectly. The low-cut front also showed some cleavage. Gary's eyes narrowed as he took in the sight of her as she walked toward the booth. In a shirt and tie, he caught me by surprise. He smiled broadly as he stood, and offered the seat next to him. Hilda smiled and slid into the booth, as I sat on the other side. I waited a second to watch her slide in, her skirt riding up on her legs. He slyly slid his hand to her knee and pecked her on the cheek. He smiled smugly at me as I noticed his hand move slowly toward her crotch. Her gasp, an almost inaudible one, told me Gary had hit paydirt. His fingers stroked her pussy under the table as the waitress came to take our orders. He told her the check was on him, and three rib-plates would do to start, as well as a shrimp cocktail for himself and the lady. We made small talk for a few minutes, his hand moving ever so slowly under the table. Her eyes closed slightly, and she bit the corner of her lower lip as she began to get into it. I noticed her hand slide her hand to his thigh, her hand moving up slowly. She suddenly stopped as she reached his groin...his monster tool was now growing, obviously, and she looked down at the bulge in his pants. He leaned over and frenched her hard. His tongue dove into her mouth, and she greeted his invading tongue with gusto. She opened her legs slightly, and he inserted two fingers inside her soaking wet box. She closed her eyes again and moaned a little, but we had to chill out as he waitress came over with the order. While we ate, we talked about everything under the sun except the bet. Gary went on and on about how her nylons felt, and how he'd love to start at her toes and slowly work his way up. She dropped her fork and excused herself for a moment as she went to the ladies room. He smiled at me and leaned across the table: 'Hope you're not backing out, Keith, because she's so wet it's only a matter of time before we go outside. Then she's mine!' 'No way, I'm not backing out,' I replied 'but in all fairness you have to tell her about the bet, because I don't think she'll go for it.' Just then Hilda came back, and asked what we were talking about as she slid in beside Gary, not bothering to pull her hiked-up skirt down. Gary looked at me, and started to speak when she slid something into the pocket of his suit jacket. He glanced down at her panties....she had removed them in the ladies room and stuffed them in his pocket. She had never done that before...ever. Then she leaned over and nibbled his ear. 'Let's go to the car for a minute, so I can see that thing for myself...dinner can wait!' Damn! The bastard had won! I felt some conflicting emotions as he kissed her slowly and deeply. 'Before we do,' he began,' Keith and I had a bet. If you went to the car with me before dinner was through, you'd be my slave for a week. I am going to pay your husband for you...you'll be my property for a whole week, and must do anything I ask. How do you feel about that?' She looked at me, her mouth hanging open in total amazement. She slid away from him momentarily, then slid back closer. 'How much for a week?' 'Well the going rate for a hooker is around $2,000.00 I believe, and since you'll now technically BE a hooker, that's what I'll pay. But you must obey me without delay or question.' 'And if Keith won?' she queried 'I would have been yours, totally for a week' 'Hmm,' she mused, looking at me. Surely she couldn't go through with it. I mean, she'd be a prostitute for crying out loud! 'Understand, Hilda,' I began lamely, 'If you go outside with him, you are committed. If you don't follow through after you leave, We have to pay Ten Grand to Gary, and we don't have that kind of money!' 'Ten Grand? You mean ten thousand? For me?' she was mystified. ' Absolutely...I am totally serious about this, and I've never met a woman with legs quite like those, and I can't wait to see you as my slave. Now, shall we go outside for a moment?' 'What about Keith? Where will he be?' 'Oh, he'll be with us...unable to interfere, but he'll drive us to wherever we decide, or I decide, to go' 'And our son, Keith? Where will he...?' 'Don't worry, Hilda,'I said, 'The babysitter thinks we're going away for a week. Sherri will keep him at the house. She has money, numbers to Gary's, everything. I even told him we were going on a trip maybe, and tomorrow, she's gonna take him to Six Flags with the neighbors for two days. It's all set' With that, she looked at Gary, then shook her head. 'No,' she began, 'I can't do this this way, I'm sorry.' She looked at me and half smiled. 'I'm worth at least 20 thousand. If I don't go through with everything, we pay 20 thousand. C'mon Gary, let's get a look at that thing!' Stunned, I watched her slide out and walk out with him, his hand on her ass. After a few minutes I went outside to the back parking lot. There in Gary's Crown Victoria, was Hilda's legs, sticking out the window, while Gary literally hammered her pussy with his monster cock. I heard her scream once for him to slam it home, then I turned around and went back inside. This was gonna be a hell of a week. I waited awhile in Applebees, then went back outside. I was just in time to see them getting out of Gary's car, and she made no attempt to pull her skirt down once again as she stood up. A pick-up truck turned the corner and the driver whistled at her, causing her to turn in his direction. Gary told her something and she then lifted her skirt, exposing her stocking tops and thighs to him as well as her exposed cunt. He hit the brakes as she headed in his direction, and walked to the driver's door. They talked for a moment before the pick-up pulled in beside a dumpster and she walked over and got in. I saw her head immediately go down to his lap, his hand behind her head. Gary walked over to me and said we'd go inside and have a drink while she sucked him off. 'Oh, by the way, I told her to charge 5 bucks for the head.' he added very nonchalantly. I stood there for a second, still unable to believe my sexy ass wife was becoming a hooker for Gary! Still, it excited me to no end, as I watched the guy in the pick-up lean his head back as she sucked him off. A little while later, she came in, her skirt riding very high on her legs now, and sat down at the bar. The gentleman beside her moved closer and bought her a drink, as she wiped some lipstick off the corner of her mouth and thanked him. She smiled at him as we watched, entranced by her actions. Then, predictably, his hand went to her thigh, then higher up her thigh. She only opened her legs, allowing him access to her pussy. Her fingered her for awhile until Gary walked over and introduced himself and sat down. The man looked at Hilda first as Gary said something to him, then back at Gary. I had an idea what was up, but it still caught me by surprise when Gary kissed Hilda, then stood up as Hilda and the other guy rose as well. They left together, and when I went to follow, Gary stopped me. 'Not this time, Keith. She's working now. They're going to a hotel for the evening, and whatever else he has in mind. She'll be paid well' 'Are you nuts? She doesn't even know him!' I protested. 'How do you know..' Gary raised his hand and cut me off. 'Look, she raised the stakes, and now she's mine! I do the worrying, not you. If I tell her to fuck this entire bar for free she will. And besides, when I fucked her, she couldn't get enough. She was begging me to leave it in. I have her now, and I intend to exploit it. When we get to Birmingham, wait till you see our sexy little slut make an amateur porno video! ' I couldn't believe it! Another fantasy cum true! 'For real? A honest to God porno video?' Gary leaned closer. 'You got it! AND I'm sending it off to a production company in California! They'll pay some bucks for it, and what if she had a chance to star in some REAL flicks with some REAL porn studs?' I couldn't speak. The rest of the evening, my mind raced with thoughts of Hilda. What was going on? Around 11:00, my questions were answered. The phone rang, and it was Hilda, from the hotel. Rock music blared in the background, and I heard other voices. 'Honey, I'm gonna leave the phone here on the bed, listen to this!' I heard some noises, then I heard her grunt once or twice and inhale deeply. I knew the sausage was going in, then I heard another familiar noise...she was sucking another cock as well. I heard Gary's voice tell someone to go ahead and put it in her ass too, Hilda quickly said 'please fuck my ass too! I want all three of you at once!' Evidently 'AssMan' needed no further provocation...she grunted loudly as he roughly forced it in... 'please, easy!' she began. 'not so..mmmphh!' a cock cut her off. I heard a bunch of huffing as they really pounded her pussy, ass, and mouth. For an eternity I listened as they pounded away. I jacked my cock furiously as she took them all on, then I heard the older guy say 'When you guys are done, let me have her for awhile' Gary laughed. 'Sure Pops, be our guest. After all, it's your money!' A few minutes later, after I'd cum in my hand, the three guys banging Hilda all came. I heard the one say to other how he must have cum a gallon, 'and the bitch swallowed it all'. Hilda told the guy in her pussy to cum in her mouth, but he said no, he was going to fill her cunt up with cum, then she was going to lick him clean. She began to groan as he pounded faster, the guy in her ass matching stroke for stroke. When AssMan came, he shot all over her face, and I heard them cheering 'Yeah! Yeah Man! All over the bitch's face! Yeah! Hoo Hoo!' She then cleaned the cum from her face and licked it off her fingers, swallowing it all when the dude in her cunt came. He rammed her so hard she lost her breath momentarily, and he yelled out loud, 'Oh yeah Bitch! squeeze my dick! Milk it baby!' I knew her twat could milk him dry, and she did. He then placed his cum-covered dick in her face and told her to clean it off, which she did. I hung up, hard as hell again and jacked-off till I came again. Then, exhausted, I fell asleep on the couch. The next morning, Gary picked me up at home in his Crown Victoria, but no Hilda. 'Where's Hilda?' He frowned, then replied. 'I told you, she's my property now! You made the deal, go along with it. Or else, stay your ass at home! But don't interfere with us! For your information, she's getting ready. A slut should look like one, and she's gonna look so much like a slut you won't recognize her. Just relax and enjoy.' So, reluctantly, I did. And sure enough, when we picked her up, I DIDN'T recognize her! The red, skin-tight mini, black stockings, heels and practically non-existent top made her look like a definite whore. Her hair was permed out, kind of an animal look, and the make-up and lipstick completed the package. She didn't even acknowledge my presence when she got in, and immediately kissed Gary long and hard. 'Ok, bitch, that's enough!' he commanded, 'now get down here and suck me off.' She never said a word as he unzipped his slacks and went to work. For the entire drive from Huntsville, she either sucked his massive cock, or flashed other cars. She even screwed a trucker in a rest stop for 50 dollars. I could only shake my head in amazement. The next couple of days were pretty much the same, with Hilda servicing guys at Gary's bidding. She went to an X-rated theater and sat there alone in the red outfit, 'til some patrons came over and sat down. We watched her suck and jack-off the guys one at a time till she had serviced them all. When she went outside the theater, she entered the movie store, the kind with the booths in the back. Three of the movie patrons were there, and they literally bum-rushed her into the back area. One was kissing her and fondling her as he pushed her into an empty booth and she fucked some guys there in the back. Gary seemed to get a perverse pleasure from her being forced, but I had to admit it turned me on as well! As the week wore on, Gary continually bragged on Hilda's prowess with her mouth and pussy. She was sitting in front of a mirror, combing out her hair to give her hair that 'wild' look. This time the outfit was violet in color: a short and I mean SHORT mini-skirt, a LOW cut top, with violet-colored nylon mesh covering the breast area. Her size 36 tits were displayed so well I had to softly whistle at the transformation. She bent over to adjust her stockings, and the smoky colored nylon made her legs look awesome. With lipstick applied, she walked right by me as though I wasn't there. She had totally ignored me all week since the first day in Birmingham. She nestled up to Gary, who obviously delighted in his power over her, and I secretly feared she may be falling in love with him. I brushed those thoughts aside as we walked to the car. Gary waited for Hilda to slide in, then got in and closed the door. As the driver, I could watch them in the mirror. She looked at me and commanded, 'driver, take us to the South side please? And hurry, I'm very horny.' Weird! The way she acted, was as if she didn't know me! And the Southside of Birmingham? Nothing there at all, except decrepit buildings. About an hour later we were there. Hilda, looking like a .25 cent whore, was kissing Gary very passionately when I stopped near some empty store buildings. An occasional car passed, but cops were nowhere to be found. I was a little nervous, but Gary said all was under control, not to worry. He turned to Hilda, stroking her breast through the nylon material. She closed her eyes as her stroked her pussy, bringing her close to an orgasm. 'Ok Bitch,' he began, ' this is the big test. Are you ready?' I turned in the seat as he instructed her. She gazed into his eyes, breathing heavily. I could tell she was nervous, but she nodded her head. 'Good,' he replied softly, almost lovingly. ' I have a video camera, and you are about to give the performance of your life. You are gong to walk down this street, turn left at the second alley, and walk. I guess you won't get far, dressed like that. You're cock-bait now, and I'm sure you'll be raped before you even get to the alleyway, in this part of town. You will not resist anyone who stops you, no matter how dirty they may seem to you. You will probably be gang-raped, and over. I can assure you, you will not forget this day, ever. And remember, no resistance, no matter how afraid you are. Now, go Bitch! Flaunt that ass and pussy you little whore.' She breathed deeply, hesitating momentarily. Would she go through with it? She slowly smiled at him , opening her legs for him as he fingered her to climax. She kissed him lustily, fixed her lipstick, the softly told him, ' Just be there if something goes wrong, ok? I'll fuck any one you say, but be there for me lover.' He suddenly grabbed her hair, forcing her head back and bit at her throat, growling at her; 'Bitch, don't tell me what to do! You're the cock-bait here! Now get your whore ass out and fuck!' She winked at me, then Gary as she got out and closed the door. Gary got out, and opened the trunk. He retrieved a Video-camera and we both followed from a discreet distance to some other buildings on the other side of the street. She paused to adjust her stockings and we entered a building from where we had a perfect vantage point; no obstructions, just a couple of tough looking black men at a corner. They never noticed us, but when Hilda turned the corner, she was noticed immediately. From the hurriedly arranged tripod mount, Gary said 'here we go! Stand-by for fast and furious fucking!' he almost laughed like a child with a new toy as they approached her. She was scared. The one guy that had followed her around the corner kept pulling her closer to him. She resisted a little until the other two blacks arrived. We couldn't hear much, but made out snatches of the conversation. #1 looked around nervously, as #2 and 3 closed in. She simply stood there, shrugging her shoulders, trying to look calm. She forced a smile as #1 slid his hand up her skirt to her ass. She jumped a little, but didn't make him stop. This emboldened the other two. Number 2, the largest of the three men, grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard while #3 began to lift her skirt. 'Shit Man!' he yelled, 'whore ain't got no panties on! Just bare-ass pussy!' he cackled. Number One began to lick her neck as they circled her, feeling her all over. She was closing her eyes, her neck tilted back as # 1 kissed and sucked her throat. Then, without warning, #2 lifted her over his shoulder and the three men ran to the alleyway. As they rounded the corner, a few more men appeared. A whole gang! Even Gary was getting nervous, but he only adjusted the vid-cam and kept filming. When they reached the alleyway, the others pulled an old mattress down and #2 tossed her onto the mattress roughly, her legs splayed openly. The fourth guy dove in quickly, forcing her back as his dick was forced in roughly. I heard her scream, but one of them covered her mouth. All four of them fucked her quickly, then as she stood to her feet, one of them pointed down the alley. Number 2 laughed and grabbed her, while 3 grabbed her legs. Number2 grabbed her arms and they began to carry her down the alley. She yelled one time, then they disappeared from sight. 'C'mon, Keith!' Gary said as we hurriedly dismounted the vid-cam. We ran across the street and peeked around the corner cautiously. There they were! Going into an old store! We followed discretely, but never lost sight of them until the door closed. We entered through another door and after 20 minutes we found them...all 20 or 30 of them! She was sitting in the lap of #2, while he auctioned her off to the others! The winner swaggered over to Hilda and she dropped to her knees, ready to take his cock into her mouth. She unzipped his jeans, and began to suck him, her head bobbing up and down, helped by his hand. She was on her knees, in the middle of a bunch of sex-starved males, and about to get gang-raped. The 'winner' grabbed her head and held it tight, her mouth against his balls. She almost gagged as he came into her throat. His cock was so far into her mouth, it went directly down her throat! He ground his cock into her face as she struggled to break away, but he held tight. The he pulled it out, covered in cum, and ordered her to lick it off. She licked the semen onto her tongue and made a display of slurping it into her mouth and swallowing it. As 'winner' zipped his pants, they all applauded, while #2 sat down close to her, stroking her legs, forcing them wider apart as the others looked at #2 for orders. He gave them. 'Alright Bros, let's show cock-bait here what happens to white-whore bitches around here!' The entire group moved as one: suddenly her legs were up in the air, a man in between them ramming the hell out of her pussy. Her legs shook, the effect of her calves, encased in nylon, rippling from the force of the assault, was totally erotic. Gary whispered to me he knew #2. The guys were friends of his, but Hilda had to believe they were strangers. He did tell them to abuse her as they wished, however, and to make sure she couldn't walk after. Then I saw them flip her over, her ass briefly visible before one tore into it with reckless abandon. Hilda was getting the fucking of her life; a cock in her mouth, one in her pussy, one in her ass, and one in each hand. For over four hours we watched...running out of film way too quickly. When one finished, another took his place. She was never without a cock in at least one hole for four hours. She swallowed cum. She licked cocks clean. She moaned as guy after guy came in her ass. Cum splattered her face and ass cheeks, but she didn't quit. When one came in her mouth, she grabbed for another. 'Whoooee!' #2 yelled, 'this whore loves a black dick!' They all laughed at poor Hilda, naked except for her nylon stockings and garter belt...her red outfit had been ripped from her, literally. After they had all had her twice, 3 guys had 3 turns each, she fell back onto another old mattress. Exhausted, she couldn't even close her legs. Her bare tits heaved from deep breaths as she tried to regain control. Then from out of nowhere, an old man came in, an obvious street dweller. By Gary's look, I knew this wasn't planned but we stayed put. The old man eyed her carefully, as he got closer. His slow shuffling steps told me he was a fairly old guy, but still horny, because he looked at #3 and he nodded his Ok. Hilda'a head rolled to the side as he mounted her, grunting from his thrusts. He quickly came, and his homeless friends took his place. She lay there motionless as the other five men all fucked her until they were finished. Then they all left except for #'s 2 and 3. They carried her outside, naked and left her there, per Gary's orders. While we ran back to the car to bring it around, another man had found her and was humping away when we pulled up. He saw Gary and grinned. 'Hey Mister Gary! Sure enough, like you said, this bitch is some fine pussy!' We gathered her up into the car, passed out from exhaustion. When she awoke, she was in a nice hot bath, as we bathed her completely. Gary assured me the guys were clean. He'd checked them out before hand, but let her think they were strangers. I got in the tub with her, and held her close, her eyes closing as I kissed her. We made love in the tub until the water turned cold, and we returned home the next day. Hilda also got a surprise...she had made over $5,000.00 ! Gary laughed as he kissed her goodbye. She told him, 'When are you coming back? I didn't get enough of that monster cock!' 'I don't know, Hilda, but for our next bet, I get you for a month, out of the country! Alone, just you and me!' He kissed her as he backed out of the driveway. The as we walked into the house, Hilda looked at me and said; Make damn sure you LOSE that next bet!' I could only grin as I followed her inside and closed the door to the bedroom. Keith & Hilda Huntsville, Alabama
  24. njswinger

    Marie Tells All

    Hi, Marie here. My husband Mike, has asked that I write about my experiences with other men. So here I go. Enjoy Mike and I went out to our local T.G.I Friday's restaurant for lunch on a Sunday afternoon. There were lots of guys there to watch football. I was dressed sexy as always. I wore tight blue jeans, heels, and a low cut black shirt. I have great cleavage and love to show it off. We decided to eat at the bar. We ordered a few drinks and sat next a group of guys that was close in age. They all appeared to take a glance at me and try to stare. I found all four men to be very attractive. There were three white men and one black. I started a conversation with them. I was asking about the game. They seemed to really be into me and not mind talking to me. Mike then joined in and we soon all introduced ourselves. We then all turned our stools towards one another and formed a circle. We had a nice time drinking and talking. The men all said it was their day. I would lean forward from time to time to show off my big tits. Then I found out who the brave one was. Lewis, the black guy. He said to Mike, you are a lucky man to have a wife with such great breasts. I said, thank you and touched his hands and said maybe I can show you some time. The guys all smiled and laughed. It was getting close to 4 pm and the next game was soon to start. Mike knew where I was going with this. Mike said to the guys, hey, I got an idea. Why don't we take this back to our house. We have a big 60 inch plasma TV and lots of beer and food. The guys looked at one another and said, yeah. I started to give the guys directions when Mike said, why don't you just ride with them so they don't get lost. I felt comfortable and said ok. I got into the guys GMC Yukon. I sat in the back between John and Tim. I rested my delicate little hands on their thighs. I knew this would get them excited. We arrived shortly after and they all commented on what a nice home we had. I thanked them and escorted them inside. We all settled in the living room. Mike went into the Kitchen with Tim to get some beer and snack food. Everyone made themselves comfortable on the couch. I sat on the couch between John and Tim. Mike across from us on a chair and Lewis and Scott sat on the other couch. We all drank a lot and joked around a lot. Then it happened. Lewis looked over at me. He said remember before when you said, maybe you can see my tits some time. Well, some time. Everyone was watching me. I looked at Lewis and said, you want it, you get it. I walked over to the couch he was on. I took my shirt off. I then turned my back to him and said, unhook my my bra. He did and I then turned and held my big 36dd's up near his face. I asked if he liked and he said mmmm, hell yeah. All the men were starring at my breasts. I asked if Scott would get up so I could sit next to Lewis. He jumped up and I sat next to him. He just stared at me and my breasts. Mike then said, it's ok, we like to share, go ahead touch her. Lewis then took his large black hands and placed them on my big milky white breasts. Oh, it felt so nice and was so hot. Lewis then said, I have never had the pleasure of a white woman before. Oh, really, I said, well if you don't mind an audience then we can do it right here. I then him. I then placed my little hands down below. That was some big tool. I then began to unzip his jeans. I then got on my knees and pulled his sneakers off, then his jeans, then his boxers. He had an enormous cock and it was thick too. It was a big black chocolate treat. Mmmmm. I looked up at him and blew him a kiss. I then began to stoke his massive cock with my little hands. I could barely get my hand around it. All of the guys were watching so closely. I then stoked him more and his cock grew. I then gave him a blow job and I was so into it. I sucked it and sucked it. He began to moan. I then could notice that all the other guys had their cocks out and were stroking. I then got fully undressed and continued to suck Lewis off. I then could feel someone from behind. It was Tim. He was fingering my pussy. My pussy was so wet. Tim then inserted his cock inside of me. Mmm. Tim fucked me for about three minutes and then I told him to hold it and let others try. Then Scott, and John fucked me too. Oh, I was still sucking Lewis off. Then Lewis said he wanted to fuck me. Mmm, I didn't know if I could handle it. I then saw Mike, he had our video camera out and was recording it all. I love to show off for the camera. I really got dirty then. I said to Lewis, you better fuck me hard with that big black dick. He smiled. He said, oh, I will. He bent me over the couch and stood behind me. I then felt his finger on my pussy and then his large cock head enter me. Ugh, he then started to pump me hard. I have never felt a cock so large and thick and so long . I was bowing to him. He fucked me like I had never been before. I could feel my insides stretching. I then started to moan uncontrollably. I then began to CUM. I then felt a quiver and then heard Lewis moan. He came so hard inside me. He filled me up. Oh it was so good. I then turned to see the others with hard cocks. I then told them I was too sore to fuck more but I would suck them off. I sat as they formed a circle around me. Mike gave the camera over to Lewis and he filmed. I now had four hard cocks in my face. I began to suck one and stoke the others. I could feel strange hands on both my tits. They were squeezing my tits hard. I sucked them all little bit at a time. I then had all four men close. I then took Tim's cock and sucked it till, yes he came but he was a dirty boy. He grabbed me by the back my hair and held my head back and aimed for my face. He came all over my face. Then I wiped my eyes off to see. I then started to suck Scott's cock. He fucked my mouth hard and took Tim's idea and also came all over my face. I then sucked John's cock and he too came all over my face but he had the thickest cum of them all. I just felt thick cum all over my face. I then sucked my husband off. But he decided to cum all over my tits. When I was done the men thanked me. I said to them that I needed to take a shower and would be back soon. Lewis walked over and said, let me bathe you. He then walked me into my shower and rinsed and washed me off. He kept squeezing my tits. He whispered to me that I was the best fuck he ever had. I whispered back that he was my best fuck too but don't tell my husband. He asked if he would be allowed back and I said, you don't have to leave. We laughed and then exited the shower. I thanked the guys and they all left except for Lewis. Mike, Lewis and I had some more drinks. Lewis asked Mike , Mike do mind if I stay the night. Mike said, no, you are welcome to stay. The rest of the night Lewis fucked me all night and Lewis wound up spending the week with us. WOW what a lucky fucking wife I am.. :}
  25. bklyn_40

    BBC Impulse - Her Words

    We were at a nightclub in Maryland during Bike Week, watching the crowd as they danced. We had a nice buzz. There were two black guys who were obviously there to enjoy themselves and get lucky. They were having fun with a bachelorette party. The bride-to-be had a shirt with nasty items to be checked off. One of them was "talk dirty to me". The bride-to-be seemed to enjoy all of the nasty little things one guy was whispering in her ear. She appeared to be getting all hot and bothered and started to rub and grind up and down his leg. I guess one of the bridesmaids was looking on and decided to break them up. The bridal party moved on as Mike excused himself to the men's room, leaving me alone with my thoughts... We both have fantasized about me being asked to dance by a stranger and then a second joining them as they swayed, touched and flirted. Well, seeing the two black guys all alone on the dance floor gyrating and grooving to the beat and feeling a bit “excited” and adventurous from the alcohol and from some of the comments I overheard, I decided to see what could happen. I moved next to where they were dancing and smiled at them as I swayed to the beat. They checked me out as they moved closer and began to dance with me. I smiled at them. They said hi. I leaned forward so they could hear me. “Hi! Did you like her t-shirt?” The shorter of the two responded, “Oh yeah. It was cute.” “Yeah, I heard your comment about the talk-dirty to me box.” He chuckled a bit, but before he could respond, I said “Well, I got a question for you?” “Oh yeah? What’s that?” “Well, even though I’m not a bride-to-be, would you like to talk dirty to me?” I felt my face get flushed with excitement & nervousness. The two guys chuckled as they surrounded me and started grinding against me and whispering nasty "nothings" in my ear. I felt very slutty and like the cream center of an Oreo cookie sandwiched between these two guys. The first guy said “Oh, I’d love to slide my cock slowly into your hole.” I smiled and asked, “Oooh really? Which one?” With a bigger grin he said “All of them.” “Mmmmm” with a big smile was my response. The big guy then said “I want to run my tongue around your nipples and feel them get hard in my mouth so I can suck and chew on them.” This caused me to moan as the three of us bumped and grinded against each other in time to the music. Then he said “I’d love to grab you by the hair and shove my cock between your lipstick-lined lips.” “Mmmm. You mean that hard thing I feel rubbing against my ass?” “You know it baby.” I got more and more into it and lost track of where we were and what I was doing. I reached down and started to rub the cock of the shorter guy and also reached back and rubbed the big guy's leg. They were grinding and swaying against me. The guy behind me placed his hands on my hips and then began to rub his hands up and down the front of me, grazing my nipples each time he moved. Boy, I was getting so hot. I reached back with both hands and grabbed his hips. Then I pulled him into me as I pushed my ass back against his stiff cock. “Oh yeah girl. You want this black cock don’tcha?” I didn’t say anything. I just rubbed and grinded my ass up and down against his pole. Since I wasn’t stopping his hands, he placed them both on my tits as he began to rub and squeeze them in front of everyone. I leaned my head back against him with closed eyes as I enjoyed the feeling of his hands working my tits. “Oh yeah! You like me squeezing these titties in front of everyone huh? I can’t wait to put them into my mouth and chew on your nipples.” I moaned again as the guy in front of me closed in tighter against me. He then placed his hands on my hips. He pulled me back and forth with the music and into his cock and then his friends cock. I spread my legs apart so I could grind my pussy against his cock, rubbing my pussy up and down on his rod. Dry-humping him on the dance floor. “Look at this. This girl DOES want my cock sliding in and out of her. Don’tcha?” “Oh God yes.” At this time I noticed that my skirt had ridden up higher and higher so that my panties were visible. The guy behind me grabbed the sides of my skirt and raised it enough so he could see the top of my panties. He then placed his rod between my cheeks as he ground into my ass. I could feel my juices running down my legs as the desire to feel him inside me grew. The way we danced drew a crowd around us as I was lost in a daze of sexual arousal. The camera guys were making their way around the room and soon zoomed in on our dancing. I looked at the big screen and now saw myself sandwiched between these 2 guys. I got so much more excited by this knowing that every one in the entire club, including my husband, were seeing this white girl being ravished by 2 black men on the dance floor. I was loving the fact that I was on display with hands on my tits and a cock in front and back of me as I swayed and grinded into their bodies to the music. As I saw myself on the screen, I raised her hands up in the air inviting them closer. They moved in and got so close there was no space between us. I was totally sandwiched in and loving every minute of it. The camera then moved on, but everyone was now moving towards us to get a closer view. The crowd around us was going wild, yelling and hooting for these two black men to "fuck the nice white pussy!" I then felt my panties pushed to the side as the guy’s hand rubbed my ass down to her wet pussy. Before he could slide a finger into me, I pushed away from both of them and said, “Whew! I need a drink to calm down before I get carried away.” They both laughed as they walked back to the bar where Mike had been watching everything. The place was much more crowded now. You couldn’t move without rubbing against someone. As we finally reached the bar where Mike was, he could see that glazed look on my face indicating how hot and horny I was. I tried to conceal it, but it was too obvious. The two guys introduced themselves and ordered drinks for all of us. They both complimented Mike on how good looking and sexy I was. Hearing this caused me to shudder with excitement. But I could sense he wasn’t too happy. “You mad?” I asked. “Well that depends.” So I asked, “On what? “If you can dance in this corner right here the next time so I can watch you guys; Or if we leave now?” I smiled at this invitation and said “I can do that!” as I reached for my drink. The taller of the two reached his left hand in between Mike and I to pay the bartender. As he did he pressed against my ass. Instinctively I bent slightly forward pushing my ass back into him. I wanted to feel his cock pressed against me once again. He then moved between me & Mike. As he asked Mike a question, mostly to distract him, he moved his right hand under my skirt and rubbed my ass. I gave no resistance. He turned to whisper in my ear, “I wish my finger was my cock.” I moved my mouth to his ear and responded “Me too” as I felt him slid his finger up and down my ass crack as he searched for my hole. I was so wet that his finger easily slide into my ass. They smiled at each other and he then whispered “You want this cock, huh, you slut?” “Oh yeah!” I moaned, enjoying the dirtiness of being fingered at a crowded bar by a stranger with Mike mere inches away and so far unaware of what was happening. The shorter of the two was to my right and was leaning with his back against the bar. He was smiling at me knowing that his buddy was slowly moving his finger in & out of my ass. “Oh yeah! You look so hot! I’d love to suck on your tits as my buddy slams his cock into you from behind.” “Oh Yeah!” I exclaimed as I bent a bit more forward allowing the finger to drive all the way into my ass. As I leaned forward the other guy reached up his right hand and began squeezing my right tit. Mike noticed as I almost fell forward into the bar. He asked if I was ok. I quickly regained my composure, straightened up and said, “Oh I’m fine. Just relaxed a bit too much. I’ll be right back.” I said as I made my way to the restroom. The walk to & from there was great. I never had so many guys smile and make comments to me as I was caressed by nearly half of them. Before I returned I removed my panties. They were soaked and useless anyway. The 3 guys made small talk for the time I was gone. When I got back the tall one asked if I’d like to dance again. I asked Mike who was hoping that something may happen, so of course he said ok. As we headed to the floor, I pulled him around to face me. I then led him to the corner of the dance floor Mike had suggested. It was towards the back, behind the bar and not very visible by the entire room. I then pulled him close, pressing myself against him. He looked puzzled and was unsure because Mike could clearly see us from where he stood. I smiled and said, “I want him to watch!” He laughed and said “No problem baby.” We melted into each other as his thigh pressed against my pussy, causing a little tremor of an orgasm. He just smiled at me saying “Oh how I’d love to make you cum harder.” “Mmmm. Me too.” The shorter of the 2 approached me from behind and again I was sandwiched between two hard cocks. As I rode one cock, I felt the other in the crack of my ass. I turned my head to face him and asked “Where’s my husband?” “He said he had to use the men’s room again.” That made me smile, knowing he left to give them a moment to get into it. Smiling at the one behind me, I lifted my left arm to his neck, pulled him to me and kissed him. Mike got back to see me with my hands in the air as both their hands ravished my body freely. The one in front slid his hand between his thigh and my pussy and began to rub my clit, causing me to shudder. At the same time the one behind me moved his hand under my skirt. When they both realized I removed my panties, they both hooted at each other. The one in front slid his finger into my soaked snatch. I fell forward as I leaned my body against him. “Oh yeah. I need that. Oh Yeah!!! Yeah!” I began humping his hand while his finger drove in and out of me. His friend sandwiched against me, began to finger-fuck my ass from behind. The 2 of them tried at some pretense of dancing as before as I stood there with a finger in my pussy and one up my ass. The guy behind me started his “dirty talk” by saying, “You want your man to see you with 2 niggas huh?” as he licked my ear I moaned loudly and said “Oh. Don’t do that,.” as I pulled away from them. “Why not bitch?” “Because it gets me too excited.” He laughed, grabbed a hand full of hair and forced my head to the side, leaving me exposed as he forced his tongue into my ear. I nearly lost it as my knees buckled and let out a low guttural moan. The big guy began licking my neck on one side as his friend continued talking into my other ear. “Oh yeah girl. You want this black cock don’tcha? Don’tcha?” He said more forcefully as he again tugged my hair. The only response I could give was a another guttural moan. “Oh you like this huh? You like it a bit rough?” “Oh yeah!” I was so lost in my lust and could only think about getting fucked as I began to grind my clit faster against the thigh at my pussy. He then reached his hand down and pulled my skirt up, I only moaned in anticipation. For the second time on the dance floor, I was enjoying the feel as he placed his hand at the top of my ass, slid his finger down my crack until he was at my pussy. He slid a finger into me causing me to shudder with excitement. I bent slightly forward. He then removed his finger as he slid his cock up and down my ass crack as it searched for my pussy. I pushed my ass back as an invitation. It was just enough for his cock head to slide barely past my lips. “You want this black cock, bitch?” “Oh yeah! Shove it in me.” That’s exactly what he did. I was so hot that he was in to his balls in one stroke. I pushed back on the rock hard cock as I felt my pussy fill up. I rode it up and down until I began to cum all over the hard black cock buried so nicely inside me. The guy in front of me had pulled down my bra over my nipples and was grabbing and pulling on my tits and nipples. They were driving me crazy! It wasn't long before I felt him drop a nice big load deep inside of me. This only got me hotter as I began sliding up and down running my mouth up and down the chest and stomach of the guy in front of mer, all the way down to his pants. He reached down and undid his zipper as I began moving down further each time until I sucked his cock in my mouth like a Popsicle. He grabbed me by the hair and began fucking my face on the dance floor. There was a crowd around us, watching and chanting for me to "suck it good". "Suck that big black cock!" they were yelling. I began feeling hands running up and down my ass and in and out of my pussy. I looked over and saw one of the biker chicks next to me. She was bending down with me, watching intently as she was playing with my pussy. She whispered in my ear "Good baby, suck that nice cock while I play with your hot cunt, go ahead, suck it all in! Make it shoot in your mouth. I want to see you eat that big cock." I was ready to cum again just listening to her and feeling her fingers massaging my clit. She reached over and licked and bit my neck and ear as she plunged a finger deep in my pussy. "Make him cum baby! I want to see you swallow his load!" I sucked and licked his cock like a starved woman. I could feel his balls tightening up and feel his body tense as he shoved his cock further down my throat. With that, he let out a yell and came shot his load down my throat with wad after wad. I swallowed all that I could but it ran down my face. He relaxed his grip on my head and the girl next to me grabbed my face and began licking off his cum and kissing my face. I then turned towards her and reached down and slid my hand into her snatch. She was soaked too! I stuck a finger in her pussy and reached up and licked her juices off my finger. The woman gave me a glazed hot look. "Fuck me" she said. I reached over again with one hand on her tits and my other hand in her cunt and began finger fucking her as we danced back and forth. The woman licked and kissed my face as she held one hand behind my head and the other hand in my pussy. We were finger fucking each other on the floor as the crowd looked on. It was too much that we both came within minutes. The crowd went wild, clapping and cheering us as we came. I looked up and there was Mike with a smile on his face next to the "biker chick's" guy, clapping. The woman turned to me, put her arm around me and smiled. "The fun is just beginning!"....
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