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Found 4 results

  1. My husband led me by the arm to a local adult store and theater in Dallas. I was more than a little nervous. I was wearing black legging pants and a semi-sheer black top without underwear. My husband wanted me to wear a skirt, but I refused. After all, I was just going to an adult toy store and maybe watch a porn movie. After about 20 minutes perusing the various movies and sex toys, my husband said, “Let’s go upstairs.” Again, I nervously walked up the stairs to an area with several individual porn viewing rooms and big theater at the end of the hall. He led me by the hand into a very dark theater and seated us in the middle of the theater, in the middle of the row. As we settled in to watch the movie, my always horny husband started playing with my very sensitive nipples. As he continued playing, a tall black man sat next to me and started playing with my other breast. All of a sudden, another set of hands were behind me rubbing my breasts as the black man to my left was now rubbing my cunt through the leggings. I looked over at my husband who smiled said, “Enjoy sweetheart.” As the man to my left slipped his hands inside my leggings, the men behind me pulled my blouse off. The man to my left then pulled my leggings to the floor which my husband helped him remove completely. I was now naked in a theater, bent over a seat, sucking on a large cock and had at least four men fingering me and rubbing my tits. I soon felt the cock in my mouth start to spasm. I knew he was about to cum. I tried to pull off, but he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. I took his complete load down my throat. This was my first deep throat. It was also the first of many loads I was forced to swallow that evening. He then zipped up and walked away. I thought it was over, but three young (I’m nearly 60) black males and two white males pulled me up and led me out of the theater into a private viewing room. Once we were in the viewing room, I was fucked in my mouth and pussy almost non-stop for an hour. One man didn’t have a condom so he asked my husband if he could cum on me? My husband said, "Cum where you wish." The next thing I felt was his hot jism on my tits. Another man shot his load on my back. Here I was, 60 years old, naked, cum in my mouth, pussy and hair. My tits and back covered in ejaculate. After it was over and the men left, I went to the restroom to clean up a bit. When I returned to the viewing room, my husband said at least 12 men fucked me. I was so aroused, I made my husband fuck me and then I cleaned his cock off with my mouth. Happy wife, happy life!
  2. We both hold quite visible and professional jobs here at home and therefore we don't really 'play' a lot in our own city, or even let our true selves out at all. However we are able to get away five or six times a year, and the first thing packed is the 'erotic wear,' and a lot of imagination! We had the opportunity to be in Dallas a couple of years ago. Having never been there before, we first purchased a few sex type mags that listed clubs and local happenings. After a night or two, we picked out what appeared to be a large adult video store, with booths. Marie took lots of time getting ready and as usual, looked smashing. She started off with her black nylons and garter belt. She then put on a beige sweater that has black trim around the edges. It is cut very low. In fact, it shows off her 38D's when she is just standing normally; when she bends at all, look out, big soft titties on the loose! Next was a short black pleated skirt, which, when standing, is about mid-thigh. A definite attention grabber when someone is 5'9' in bare feet, and with spikes is now a good 6 feet plus! Of course, was no bra or panties; when out on the town, Marie likes her pussy free and her nipples pokey. I had checked out the place we were going to that afternoon and knew there were lots of aisles. They had movies on every subject, and each aisle was for a specific type of movie. Marie was dropped at the door and went in first. I parked the car and came in right away, but she had a minute or two head start. The idea was that she would browse through a couple of aisles looking like she was trying to pick a movie. When I came in, she was in the 'couples' section, and a couple of guys were looking her over pretty good. She would make a point of facing one of them while picking out a movie on a lower row. This would cause tits to about fall out of her sweater. When she had a guy on either side, she would bend a bit lower, and the one side would get a tit view all the way to the nipple, and the guy on other side would see a lot of leg as the skirt rose up. After a few minutes of her moving around, she was starting to get a fair amount of attention. The aisle she was in was getting crowded. Once she had a small audience, she got bolder. With two or three guys behind her, she decided to pick a movie on the lowest shelf. Instead of squatting down, she stood straight legged and bent from the waist. This caused the skirt to come up above the stocking tops, and the guys behind her just about dropped the movies they were trying to look at! The guy in front could see both her tits hanging down, and they were almost completely coming out of the sweater top. Maintaining her 'lady-like' image, she acted like nothing was the matter and moved into another aisle. I was getting a huge hard-on! Marie headed for the section that included super hung men, and gang bangs. She had to have four or five guys following her trying to be discreet. She picked out a couple of movies that were bottom-shelvers, again bending from the waist, except this time she spread her legs more, and you could actually see the dark black hair covering her pussy lips for a brief moment. One fellow was getting closer, so Marie squatted down this time and faced him slightly. He also squatted down, pretending to look at a bottom shelf movie. Marie's skirt was well up on her thighs, and when she squatted down, she opened her legs quite wide. The guy could see straight up to her pussy lips! Again acting somewhat normal, she got up and started moving again. The last section she headed to was the bisexual girl movies. Marie is bisexual herself, and most guys get turned on to the thought of watching two women together. She had six or seven guys in tow by now, and she did her waist bend, only held it a bit longer. She had a movie she was reading about when one of the guys came real close and squatted down to the lowest shelf. He started reading as well, although he never got up. He was almost at Marie's heel and started glancing up quickly. She turned a little and stood almost on top of him so he could see right up the skirt! After that, I don't think the guy could get up for a few minutes. His dick had grown too big! I had been following and looking from a safe distance all this time, pretending to be just a customer too. I noticed a guy approaching me, and he asked me to step off to the side. He said he was the night manager, and he knew we were together because he had outside security cameras and saw me letting her out of the car! He also said he loved her looks and knew she was flashing. He wanted to get a closer look if possible and suggested I pick out whatever movie I would like, and he would open a large booth for us. I agreed, knowing Marie would turn on to this. I made my selection (it was a movie about girls giving blow jobs), and a few minutes later he told me the number on the video booth. I tried to act like I was picking Marie up and whispered what was happening. She and I walked down to the video area and stepped into the room. He was already there and said, "Hi." She laughed and said, "So, you knew all along?" He said he was sorry, but he couldn't resist approaching me. He told her she was the hottest thing he had ever seen! With that, she sat down and pulled her skirt to the top of her stockings and asked, "Is it the legs you like?" Before he could even answer, she reached down and pulled out both her 38 tits and said, "Or is it the tits you prefer?" I thought the guy was going to pass out! He had a huge bulge that couldn't be hidden and was almost speechless. He finally answered, "I don't know." Knowing she was totally in control of this situation, she pulled the skirt higher, opened her legs wide, and said, "Or maybe it is the pussy you like?" That did it, the guy pulled out his cock and started jerking! He was almost beside himself and asked if he could touch her tits. She didn't answer but stood up and bent in front of him and let one hang at mouth level. He was soon licking and sucking both 38's. It didn't take long for him to explode, white ropey cum streams shooting from his cock, while Marie masturbated with a finger deep in her pussy for his (our) enjoyment. As he started to walk away, she ordered, "Wait!" He paused and turned around, puzzled at what he might have done to ruin what had been a great moment. Marie walked up to him, took her finger, still wet with pussy, and slowly dragged it across his lips, before smiling and turning to head toward the exit while he stood there dumbfounded. As we said goodbye while walking out the door, he hollered, "Come back anytime for a private room!" We smiled our thanks over our shoulders and headed back to our hotel. In the lobby, I walked beside her with my hand on her ass for all to see. In the elevator, which we shared with what looked to be a businessman, we stood slightly behind him, and Marie bent forward slightly so I could slip my finger into her from behind. We didn't get far into the room before I bent her over and let her have the attention she had been building up for, an itch that only a hard cock pounding her pussy can scratch. It was a great night, and I know Marie, as well as a lot of guys, had fun. I'm not sure if I had the best time of all of them! The next day, we continued our holiday in Dallas, and we had a lot of fun doing the usual tourist things. We also were looking at the adult mags looking for what types of adult fun were available. Dallas has a few adult nightclubs, the kind that cater to the swinging set. We are not swingers by any means, but this type of club allows Marie to dress in a way that she could not ordinarily do in a normal type club. Marie said she had noticed a small nightclub across from the hotel we were staying in. She also said there seem to be quite a few guys going in and out. After her shower, she dressed in only a blouse and heels, and suggested I open the drapes to the window! We were on the third floor, and with the lights on in the room, and the curtains wide open, Marie posed in several positions, right at the window, where I took several photos of her. She also pulled on her nipples while guys were watching. This resulted in some shouts, and horn blowing from the parking lot! She was getting turned on, and the night had not even started! We then drove to the nightclub, where there was valet parking. Marie wore a super tight, stretch dress in red, with black stockings, garters, and heels. She had no panties or bra. The fellow opened her door, and she slowly got out, being careful to take her time and open her legs wide when getting out of the car. He was staring at her thighs and crotch, the dress had ridden above the stocking tops, and I could tell he liked what he saw. Marie also liked the attention! Once we got inside, we observed it was a well appointed, with booths on the sides, mirrors behind, and a small dance floor in the center. There was a long bar down one side, and there were a couple of dozen guys, and maybe five couples. We sat on the far side in a booth, so we were quite private. Marie was already hot and bothered from her 'window showing' at the hotel, and I slid my hands down between her legs. Once I reached her pussy, I could feel she was very wet, and she started to moan! I thought, wow, she is really worked up tonight! There was a DJ playing music, and a few people dancing, but we just stayed in the booth, content to be by ourselves. Marie was getting quite hot, what with my fingers playing with her pussy under the table. After a while, she said she was going to visit the ladies room. She took quite a while to come back, and after returning, she said she had been approached by a guy to join us. He told her he had noticed us when we came in and had been turned on by her looks. Marie suggested, "It could be neat to let him sit with us for a bit!" His name was Tony, and he sat on the other side of Marie in the booth. After some small talk, he asked if we were looking for some company? We said no, nothing heavy, but if he wanted, he could continue to sit with us. That was fine, and he worked on his drink. Marie soon got into the 'mood,' and her dress was riding up. Tony was trying to look away, but his eyes continued to go down. His breathing was changing, and Marie was getting turned on. I spread her legs, and Tony could not help seeing to the top of her stockings. I asked, "Do you want to feel how soft her thighs are?" It didn't take a second, and his hands were on her legs, above the stockings! Marie was on fire! I'm sure he thought he was going to get more. The club had not really filled up this night, and we were really pretty private, so Tony and I had Marie's legs opened to the hilt under the table. We also had her dress pulled down off her shoulders, so one tit was totally out. He was rubbing her nipple, and a few people on the other side of the room were looking. Marie was coming, and loving the touches! During this 'fun' our waitress came by. We were not paying attention and were totally surprised. Marie had her dress at hip level, both tits were out, and Tony was sucking her nipples! The waitress just smiled and said, "Don't worry. I know what fun you must be having!" She also said Marie looked really good. I asked if she wanted to touch? She looked over her shoulder, put her tray on the table, and reached down and grabbed Marie's tits! Marie went crazy, she was sticking her tits out, and for a brief few minutes, all of us had the pleasure of getting her really off. The waitress explained afterward that being a swing type nightclub, things like this went on all the time. She continued along, and Marie got put back together to go visit the ladies room again. Tony asked if we were sure we would not play? In other words, he wanted a full swing type scene where he could finish what he started by fucking her. I said to ask Marie if she wanted anything else. She returned and had several guys at the bar comment on how good she had looked while playing in the booth. They also wanted to know if we would play more? Marie just smiled and told them no thanks. Another couple had come into the club and had decided to sit in the booth right beside ours, not knowing about what had happened earlier. Marie returned and raised her dress while she was standing as if starting to sit, even before she slid back into the booth. This certainly got the attention of the couple, and the guy's eyes were really wide as her dress was almost to the stocking tops. Tony immediately looked too and started to reach his hand down. Marie said, "Hold on, you have already seen that. I want to see you!" She looked at his crotch. It is one thing for Marie to enjoy some showing off, another thing for the guy to feel comfortable enough to expose himself. He hesitated, and she said, "Let me see it, or the party is over." Tony unzipped himself and pulled out his cock, and it was standing straight up! Marie reached down and with a real sexy grin just grabbed hold of it and started rubbing! I don't think it was five minutes and the guy grabbed for a napkin on the table and let loose! The couple beside us were almost standing up so they could see into the booth, and several guys had positioned themselves almost in front, but a little ways away. In their position, they could see under the table, Marie's hand at work, and her legs spread wide open. It was a fun night, we left, thanked Tony (who never got what he really wanted), and Marie gave the valet another wide and slow view of her pussy as she got back into the car. He just laughed and said, "Don't worry about money guys, that was my tip!"
  3. My nipples have gotten really sensitive lately. I am going to buy myself some toys tonight. I want to know what I should get or if they are not worth the money. I have been to an adult store, but only with my husband. His going to keep our kids while I go by myself. I can't wait. Then we have a sitter for tomorrow and are going to the strip club. I am ready to try new things, he has been for long. I even signed up on a swinging site. Reading on here has been awesome! Also going to get ben wa balls or something that vibes that i can wear in me!
  4. Hello all I have posted on here many places about my ED. I also have a desire to have a lady do me in the ass. I have been looking for strap-ons for this and there seem to be many strap-on but only a few that are penis extensions. Any recommendations on this? Also, since I want to receive and give both seems like we should keep anal and vaginal separate so several would be required I guess. Thanks again on any advice on this.
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