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Found 13 results

  1. My husband led me by the arm to a local adult store and theater in Dallas. I was more than a little nervous. I was wearing black legging pants and a semi-sheer black top without underwear. My husband wanted me to wear a skirt, but I refused. After all, I was just going to an adult toy store and maybe watch a porn movie. After about 20 minutes perusing the various movies and sex toys, my husband said, “Let’s go upstairs.” Again, I nervously walked up the stairs to an area with several individual porn viewing rooms and big theater at the end of the hall. He led me by the hand into a very dark theater and seated us in the middle of the theater, in the middle of the row. As we settled in to watch the movie, my always horny husband started playing with my very sensitive nipples. As he continued playing, a tall black man sat next to me and started playing with my other breast. All of a sudden, another set of hands were behind me rubbing my breasts as the black man to my left was now rubbing my cunt through the leggings. I looked over at my husband who smiled said, “Enjoy sweetheart.” As the man to my left slipped his hands inside my leggings, the men behind me pulled my blouse off. The man to my left then pulled my leggings to the floor which my husband helped him remove completely. I was now naked in a theater, bent over a seat, sucking on a large cock and had at least four men fingering me and rubbing my tits. I soon felt the cock in my mouth start to spasm. I knew he was about to cum. I tried to pull off, but he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. I took his complete load down my throat. This was my first deep throat. It was also the first of many loads I was forced to swallow that evening. He then zipped up and walked away. I thought it was over, but three young (I’m nearly 60) black males and two white males pulled me up and led me out of the theater into a private viewing room. Once we were in the viewing room, I was fucked in my mouth and pussy almost non-stop for an hour. One man didn’t have a condom so he asked my husband if he could cum on me? My husband said, "Cum where you wish." The next thing I felt was his hot jism on my tits. Another man shot his load on my back. Here I was, 60 years old, naked, cum in my mouth, pussy and hair. My tits and back covered in ejaculate. After it was over and the men left, I went to the restroom to clean up a bit. When I returned to the viewing room, my husband said at least 12 men fucked me. I was so aroused, I made my husband fuck me and then I cleaned his cock off with my mouth. Happy wife, happy life!
  2. Anyone else super turned on about have your significant other involved in a gangbang? Recently we have been doing alot of MFM threesomes and recently got as close as I ever got to a gangbang on my wife. My wife and I dedicate one day every other week to her being completely submissive to me. This past Thursday, I decided to have a poker game with 3 other male friends. 2 of them knew my wife and I swing, the other was in for a treat. I told my wife to dress up in lingerie, and serve us drinks and massage us during the game. After a few rounds, and drinks I asked my wife to go under the table and give oral to my friends. My friends and I were having a blast. My friend that didn't know we were into the lifestyle was so shocked and so happy to be getting blown by my wife. She serviced us all to completion. We played 2 games. Towards the end of the 2nd game, I asked my wife to lead each person who lost into the bedroom one at a time and let them fuck one by one, or all at once depending on how the game went. It was a nice parting gift to for those who lost on poker night My vanilla friend was first done, he had a quickie with her, then asked to take a shower. I was the 2nd one out, so I was lucky enough to see all but one guy fuck my wife. I waited for the other 2 to finish their hands, and then all 3 of us had our way with my wife. After we finished and the wife was very pleased we cleaned up and most of them left. My one good friend stayed over and we discussed a gangbang type scenario with my wife. We want to get 5-7 other men together and all take turns going at it with my wife. She is cool with it and I think it would be so hot seeing her get fucked and DP'd buy alot of guys. Has anyone experienced a Gangbang/orgy with their partners? Anyone else into this?
  3. It started early on in the evening while we were reading one of the Hot Wife forums. It had been hot during the day, and we had made a big batch of margaritas with tequila and had nearly consumed all of it. Well, I did have a few I guess, and my wife was feeling pretty randy. She had just come out of the shower and had only a towel around her as she came and gyrated her nice butt before me trying to get me to take advantage of her. I started feeling her naked ass and was pinching her nipples when she really started getting turned on. She bent over and took over the job of pinching her nipples, so I started rubbing her wet pussy. She was really wet down there, so I then started licking her ass while I fingered her. She was very hot and loving all this. She asked me to put my dick in her sopped puss, so being the gentleman I am, I began to guide my hard cock into her. She started moaning right away as I stroked my cock in and out oh so slowly. It had been a long time since we had done anything really nasty so I told her that I didn't want to finish her off but instead save our horniness and that we should do something really wild tonight instead. I sensed that the time was right and by her actions, I felt she was up to it too. She asked what I had in mind, and I told her that I thought we should drive down to the big city and go to the adult theater and see what might happen. She said OK, which kind of shocked me, as she had never agreed to that before when I suggested it. Just to be sure she meant what she had just agreed to do I began stroking my cock in and out again picking up the tempo as I did, all the while telling her what the night had in store for her. She was getting into the talk as I told her guys would be in the theater stroking their hard-ons in front of her while I stripped her in front of them. I started fucking her faster as I felt her orgasm approaching while still telling her that all the guys would be so appreciative of seeing her naked at the show that they may even want to join in. That must have done it for her as her mind played the images before her and she came with a gusher all over my cock. I tried to hold back my own orgasm and don't know how I did it because the images and talk were really getting me hot also but I did. I pulled my wet cock out of her and told her to go up and get dressed for the evening while I showered. She came down just as I had gotten dressed. She was in a light summer dress that came about mid-thigh and was bra-less. She raised the hem of her loose fitting dress to show me one of her Victoria Secrets white lacy thong panties. I wanted to take her again right there as she had me rock hard instantly. But I knew we'd better get going so we hopped into the car to make the 150-mile drive. It's hell living so far from sleazy action, but it's the price we pay I guess for living up here in God's country so to speak. Along the way we talked about a lot of different things; kids, getting a new car, work, etc. and I was hoping she wouldn't start to get cold feet and have me turn around to go home. That thought diminished however when out of the corner of my eye I noticed her unbuttoning some of the top buttons on her dress. She started rubbing her titties with both hands and pinching her nipples. She would pull on her nipples and bring them to her mouth and suck them. She covered them up when we passed cars with families but did it brazenly whenever we went past the big trucks. I looked up when we passed them to see if the driver would look. The ones that did sported huge smiles. This was also something she had always been too shy to do before so I really loved every minute of it. She asked me if I really liked her dress. I looked over at her as she was unbuttoning it the rest of the way. I hadn't noticed in my excitement before, but her dress buttoned ALL the way down the front. She had all the buttons undone and pulled it open. She was totally naked under it except for the thong panties. She then removed the panties and except for the straps over her shoulders you couldn't tell she had anything on at all. My cock was straining to get out of its confines she had me so turned on. She was playing with her pussy and nibbling on her nipples as we streaked down the highway to playland. Her fingers were darting in and out of her pussy while she played and sucked on her tits. She was a one-woman orgy at the moment, and I know she was loving it, as she didn't let up even when we were passing pickups and cars with adults only in them. If anyone happened to look over while we jetted by, they could definitely tell what she was up to because she was not masking any of her actions. I didn't always look over as we passed as I was too busy watching the road and stroking her thigh or pussy or helping out any way I thought I could. At one point she started rubbing me and got my cock out and bent over to give me a blowjob. When she did this, I reached over and scooted her dress out of the way so anyone looking in would see a naked woman's bare ass as she had her head in my lap. Again I didn't want to cum yet, so I had her release her talented mouth from my stiff dick and had her continue to pleasure herself. Soon we were out of the wooded landscape, and the bright lights of the city loomed in front of us. We found a parking spot right in front of the theater. It was at this point I again feared she would back out, and again she proved me wrong. What a woman!! We walked into the theater, and I noticed it was remodeled from when I had been there before. Yes, I have been one of those guys sitting there stroking myself hoping some couple would come in and let me play with them. The attendant said someone had tried to make the place a drive-thru hence the remodeling. We paid our 7 dollars for the theater and walked through the double doors into what I knew was going to be my heaven. Once in the theater, we stayed by the door for about a minute to let our eyes adjust to the darkness. We could see about 6 or 7 guys in the place scattered about. We picked a row without anybody in it, and I walked first all the way to the wall with her right behind me. There is a huge screen up front about 7' by 7' maybe, and around 12 rows of seats with about 10 seats in each row. The seats are rather comfortable as they are cushioned and have armrests. ALL eyes were on my wife as she followed me to our seats. We sat down and began to watch the movie. Almost immediately one of the guys from a back row got up and came in our row and sat down right next to my wife. This startled her somewhat, as she didn't expect this kind of aggression so quickly. She clung real close to me and seemed to have tensed up. I assured her that absolutely nothing was going to happen to her that she didn't want to have happen and that the poor guy was just hoping to be invited to join in on something with us and wanted to get the jump on any of the other guys. With that, I leaned over my wife and asked the guy to move over away from my wife please. He said "sorry, sure" and moved away. I again assured her that one complaint from us would have anyone ejected from the premises if they "bothered" us. Guys who have been in these places know that, and there are usually signs telling this posted in the lobby. Not being asked or able to play with a couple may be disheartening but being there to at least watch what may unfold is better than nothing. On the screen, a pretty blond girl was sucking on a big black dick while what appeared to be her husband was sitting nearby jacking off. Soon the blond had two dicks in her hands and was sucking one then the other. She took turns sucking one cock while being fucked by the other one and then alternated sucking the other one and getting her pussy pumped by the other. I had my arm around my wife's shoulder rubbing it and was telling her that I was going to give the black guy a call so we could do that scene too as it is also one of my fantasies that we haven't lived out yet. It was either this talk, or her getting more relaxed at being in the theater and being more comfortable with the situation, but I noticed she was definitely starting to get into the movie AND the experience. I also kept telling her all night how wonderful she was when she let the slut in her out to play. I love it when she acts like a slut, and I mean "slut" in only the most endearing way. I could tell she was getting into it because she was rubbing all around my crotch and stroking my dick through my shorts. I was rubbing down the side of her chest now trying to get to her tits. I whispered to her that she could unbutton a few buttons and allow herself and me to play with her titties. While she did this, I looked around and saw that no one was watching the movie. DUH. She had a few buttons undone, and we were playing with her tits and nipples as I cupped and kneaded them as best I could for her benefit as well as the guys watching. I kept telling her that all the guys were watching and they really liked what they saw. I told her the guy right behind us had his cock out and was jacking off to our scene, as were some of the others. Her top entirely undone and her beautiful tits out in the open being played with in a public place like this was really turning her on. I had told her for years and years that she would love something like this if only she would overcome her shyness to do so. While she and I played with her tits, I moved one of my hands down to the next button on her dress. Then I undid another and then another. I did this until they were all undone. She knew what I was doing and when the last one was undone she spread her legs apart to give me full access to her sweet wet pussy. Exposing my wife to others is a huge turn-on for me. I don't understand why but maybe some of you guys enjoy this too and let's just hope our beautiful wives understand that we just like to show off what gorgeous women we have. The biggest turn-on yet for me is still burned into my memory when one night at a party when all but the host and hostess and us were left, I undid my wife's shorts while he stood behind her with his arms around her feeling her tits. I unzipped them and lowered them and her panties to the floor and helped her step out of them knowing that I was preparing her to get fucked by him as I watched/helped. Well, that's another story. I brushed her dress aside, and she now sat fully and completely naked in this movie theater except for the straps on her shoulders. The guy in front of us didn't make any pretense about looking around slyly any more and actually sat sideways in his seat so he could look directly at her naked body and her spread legs with my fingers working in and out of her pussy. She was very wet and had her second orgasm in the theater by my playing and fingering her pussy. She had one earlier while we played with her tits I found out later on the drive home. At several times the double doors opened up, and other customers walked in. When they saw what was happening, a beautiful naked woman was sitting there with a man finger fucking her while she played with and sucked on her tits, they came to sit close enough to watch and took their cocks out and began to stroke them. We never missed a beat anytime the doors opened, and usually, the new guys would do a double take to be sure they saw what they thought they saw. My wife was sure into this now, and I think actually was enjoying it a lot more than I imagined. She was naked in the theater and coming and didn't care who knew or saw, in fact knowing they were there enjoying the show only heightened her state, (I say "I think" because we men NEVER REALLY know what goes on in your sweet minds). I asked her if she wanted to suck my cock now and she said "Yes, please." What a wonderful woman huh? I scooted my shorts and underwear to the floor and spread my legs apart as I know from experience that when she sucks cock, she likes to lick balls and play with the whole area. She bent right over and took my dick in her mouth like it was going to be her last meal. She made a noisy blowjob out of it, making sure the guys around us knew what she was doing. She bobbed her head up and down and played with my balls and ass and was giving me one hell of a good blowjob. This lasted for quite a while until I was ready to shoot my cum all over, but I know she likes to swallow all the cum that comes her way and this night I wanted the guys around to get more of a show than that. So I asked her if she wanted to straddle me and ride my cock for a while. She asked if we could actually do that in here? I swear that was the only dumb thing she said all night. I told her yes, that we could, and she stood up, faced me, straddled my legs and put my dick in her hand and guided it into her pussy. She started her up and down movements sliding my cock in and out of her pussy. For the guys behind us, and for her, I cupped her breasts and showed them off to the guys in front and to the side. I bunched her dress into a small ball behind her back and spread her ass cheeks and fingered her ass a little while she humped me. My wife was definitely getting into everything we were doing this night, and her first public display of fucking and sucking was something she was really enjoying. After a while of fucking like this, I could tell she was having somewhat of an awkward time of it with the armrests and all, so I asked if she wanted to stand up and take it from behind. She said sure and got off me and turned around as I stood up. As I got up, I glanced around and saw everyone's arm moving up and down stroking very obvious hard dicks. Too bad they weren't churning butter as we could have fed all the starving nations that night. When I positioned myself behind her and started to poke my cock in, I heard several gasps from the crowd. "Doggie style, oh yeah." I didn't realize this was a favorite of so many. I guided my dick into her and began stroking slowly. This time I knew I was going to finish off in her pussy and shoot my cum, but I was going to make sure she came too, again. I started slowly and increased the pace slightly. I bunched her dress up into a small ball again at the base of her neck so anyone looking would see her as completely naked; almost, except for her thin strapped shoes, which they couldn't see anyway nor cared about. So here we were in this public adult theater on a nice summer night. Her appearing totally naked leaning over the row of chairs in front of her with her nice titties hanging down with me stroking my hard cock in and out of her wet pussy and about 10 guys at this point watching nearby stroking their dicks watching. Damn, the scene gets me rock hard thinking about it, and I'm sure it will for a long time. We were both working up to a good climax, and she was moaning as she was most of the night when she was getting worked over. I could feel her pussy muscles clamp down on me and her sobs and moaning and the gush of juices flooding from her pussy were telling me that she was having her best orgasm of the night. So figuring this was going to be the finale, I decided to let go and have my orgasm too. I pumped her pussy harder and harder. You could hear my stomach slapping against her ass cheeks as we bumped together fucking. I could feel the swell coming up from my balls, and my dick stiffened even more than it was as I erupted the first of many shots. My cum flowed into her like a river gone wild. With each blast I had my ass clenched and drove my cock in as far as it would go. I can't remember having too many orgasms as intense as this one was. During our mutual climax, the double doors opened again, and another guy came in. I don't think my wife even noticed the lights from the lobby as the door opened. If it was the cops, she was going to finish her climax before we went to jail anyway and that was my sentiments too at that moment. With both cock and pussy spent we rocked into a slow rhythm with her doing her usual side to side action and clamping her pussy to drain the last drops of cum from me. When she was satisfied her pussy had milked the last drop of cum from me, she leaned forward to uncouple us. My cock was still hard, not rock hard but hard nonetheless, honest. This had been a fantasy of mine for many years, and regardless of what some people say about the reality not being as good as the mind makes the fantasy, that is pure bullshit. This fantasy was every bit as imagined and better. When we sat back down my wife buttoned up her dress, and I pulled my shorts back up, and we watched some more of what was on the screen. We talked about what we had just done, and she said she loved every minute of it, and it was a big turn-on for her to do what she did, and she would like to do it again. She even said that if the guy who intruded earlier had turned her on and had been more diplomatic about his desires she may have even had him help her with a couple orgasms and would have rewarded him with a big one of his own from her. We did bring some condoms with us just in case. We never want to be in a situation that would call for it and not have any, and we didn't really know where this venture was going to take us when we left home, so I picked some up when we stopped for a drink on the way down. Seeing her swollen and well-fucked pussy filled with the bareback creampies of strangers. That's another fantasy of mine, and you folks will hear about it if it ever comes to fruition which it very well may be as her fantasies and mine now seem to be on the same track.
  4. In the ten years that I’ve known Jen, there have been numerous times where we’ve gotten more than a little naughty and had some {in our opinions, at least} REALLY wild fantasies. All of it was fairly safe ... we are well-regarded in our community, for good reason ... but every once in a while, we’d discuss some things that pushed our little envelope. And while we are usually in lock-step agreement about everything we do, I’ve known {hell.... WE’VE known} for quite some time that my fantasies went a little farther than hers. Sometimes, what I’ve told her made her more than a little uncomfortable. I’ve told her since the first years of our relationship {we’re both 29 and we’ve now been married for five} that I would never feel threatened or even jealous if she ever 'cheated' on me. She usually interpreted that as meaning that I’ve cheated on her before, and it would make me feel better if she did something naughty as well. As such, she was more than a little perplexed when I would bring up such subjects. Slowly over time, however, she became more and more accepting of the concept of a little extramarital activity. We even began to discuss the concept of swinging {it sounded gross to her ... and even me, at first} and threesomes. However, for the most part, it was all just fantasy, like most people have. A lot of that changed when this particular woman started working at my company as a trainee. She was from the parent company, and was sent down for some seasoning in our 'in the trenches' facility. She also happened to be quite attractive, and gained the attention of many of our male coworkers. As an incurable flirt, I had no choice but to at least chat her up a little bit, before she was returned to the parent organization. She actually took a small shine to me, and we talked quite a bit via e-mail while at work. Our flirting turned a bit solicitous, then we actually began confiding certain sexual secrets in each other. I told her of my wife’s relative insecurity around other women, and she said that she would come up with something to raise her hackles just a bit. By this time, my wife had met this woman and found her to be very pleasant and good company, and we had had drinks together a few times. I kept telling Jen that she should expect something 'interesting' from this woman shortly, and of course she got a bit freaked out. Oh well. To make a long story just a bit shorter, an e-mail came to our home address, for my wife. It told her how our new friend found her to be attractive, and wouldn’t mind having a threesome with us. My wife’s jaw hit the floor, since she has ALWAYS found girl-girl contact a bit, oh, yucky. But for some reason, the idea of doing such a thing with this girl ... teaming up on me with another woman ... turned her crank all the way up. Nothing ever materialized from this, but it got us to talking. Ohhhhhhh did it. In the next few months, we even had ANOTHER woman probe us about a threesome. I, of course, have been ecstatic. My wife, on the other hand, needed a little boost to get her gears turning. Now, she had a baby a few months ago, and this has her feeling less than desirable, so she is not terribly enthusiastic about anyone seeing her, including me. And the great and exciting sex that we had been having last year went the way of the dodo. I realize that this is a direct and expected result of being a mother, but being a dirty, scheming man, I had to see what I could do to help our situation a bit. I knew that my wife always found it exciting to watch men jack off, and she was blown away when I told her how {even against the law} men constantly were flogging it in front of each other at porno theaters. It’s just the way of the world, I told her. And since she likes to go the adult boutiques every once in awhile, I made one suggestion one night. 'Go to the porno theater and just sit in the audience', I said. She would NO DOUBT see dick after dick blow loads, either very near her, or ... to her wishes ... maybe even on her. She was nervous as hell, but she actually took off and went. Now it was MY turn for my jaw to hit the floor. I didn’t expect her to actually do it. And when she didn’t come back for two hours, I even got a little worried. What if the freaks at the porn house ganged up on her? What if they ...... I couldn’t even think about it. When she finally did come home, she had a bag of groceries and I thought to myself, 'Man, that sucks. She went to the fucking STORE?' She put the bag down, then said, 'Do I have a story to tell YOU about.' She then calmly took off her heels and looked me in the eye. ' I want you to promise me that you won’t get mad at what I tell you, ok?' Of course, I reassured her. After all, that’s what I always told her, right? 'Well,' she said, 'they wouldn’t even let me INTO the porno theater, since it was so dangerous for a single female. But, I went to the grocery store for some milk, was ready to come home, and realized that I just couldn’t come home unless I had something good to tell you. So I went to a few other places.' By now, I’m wondering what the fuck she could have gotten into, since she’s such a mild mannered woman. 'I stopped at the place on Washington street that always so clean, and there was nobody there but the clerk. And basically, I was ready to just watch some movies in the booths, buy a toy, and go home. But when I asked the clerk to show me the strap-ons, he kept insisting that I just couldn’t buy a strap-on, I had to try them on.' She went on to say that he gave her an assortment of toys, set her up in one of the private booths, and walked away. She was trying to pull the harness of one up over her pants, when the guy came back in ... just walked into the 'private' booth. 'No no no..... you have to try them on over your underwear.' Then he walked away again. Just as soon as she took down her pants and was trying to get the harness on again, he came busting back in. {At this point in the story, I was in disbelief. She actually let this guy see her in her panties? It sounded like bullshit that she was making up just to get me hot. And.... It was working} Then he started to tighten up some of the loops on the harness, which caused his fingers to brush her legs, which caused her to moan a bit, which caused him to do it more, which caused him to touch her crotch, which he found very wet, and the ball rolled from there. Before she left, he had fingered her, ate her out, whipped his cock out, jacked off in front of her, and she actually blew him!!!! {but not to orgasm}. She told him to cum on the floor in front of her. In any case, I thought it was a great story {if a load of shit} and it turned me on immensely. The only thing I had to do, I told her, was call the porn shop and see if the clerk 'remembered' her. She got a bit nervous then, but said go ahead. What did she have to lose? I called up and asked if this was the guy who just helped my wife 'try on a strap-on'. His voice got VERY shaky and he said, 'uh.... yes.' I asked him if he had a good time, and he said, again, 'yes'. My fucking jaw just about broke into pieces from slamming into the ground yet again. I asked him exactly what happened and he recited the story JUST as Jen had told me. My dick was raging hard at this point. My little cutie pie was a nasty little slut. And. I. Just. Loved. It. I told the clerk that it was cool and not to worry ... I wasn’t going to go down to the store and kill him. He told me my wife was the hottest woman he’d seen in a long time. I agreed and said, 'we’ll no doubt talk to you again.' After I hung up, Jen and I had the most amazing session of love. I just kept trying to catch a whiff of this guy on her, but couldn’t. We kept calling him and talking to him, and then, this Friday, we went back to the porn store, if just so I could see this guy. There was no way she would have even looked at him if he wasn’t VERY attractive, so I just had to see. I was right. He was good looking. So we went to see a few movies in the arcade. While there, all the gay 'Cruisers' were picking up on me, so I was busy fighting ‘em off. And after awhile, I lost track of Jen. What the hell? Then she walked out of private booth and had a strange look on her face {a pleasant one}. We went to the car, and she told me that the clerk had taken her into a booth again and they had messed around much like last time. This time, she said, he came all over her tits. 'Did you clean it up?' I asked. Yes, she replies. I was bummed, because I would have loved to have seen all of that cum smeared all over her HUGE boobs. Later, when I licked her tits up and down, I got the bitter taste of semen in the back of my throat, and that got me all crazy again. We were WILD later that night. Last night, I called the clerk again, and we spoke for a half-hour. We talked about having a real threesome, and how he just was amazed at how gorgeous and hot my wife was. 'It was like she had powers over me, making me do all of this stuff for her. Dude, I could get fired on the spot!' I know that feeling. Anyway, I made a little plan to take her to the shop again today, but this time I HAD to be there. I mean, it’s hot to imagine her being pleasured by another man, but I want to SEE it, dammit. I’d like even more to help out. Today, we were able to free ourselves in the afternoon, when the store is usually dead, and go visit our new buddy. He told us before that he’d let us get freaky in a private booth, and that he would want to come in and watch. That sounded like a plan to both of us, so after some nervous talk about all sorts of other b.s., we said, 'well, we’re going to watch some movies in the private booths, ok?' He said get to it, and we went to a booth at the end of the rows, where no one could see us. Jen put in like a million dollars into the slot and the movies began. Then she bent down, unzipped me, and began sucking me off right there in the store {which was NOT, as I had hoped, empty of other customers}. After a few minutes, the clerk {ok, ok.... His name is Randy} just {as before} opened the door and came in. My wife was wearing a miniskirt with no panties, and I hiked up her skirt to show off her hot ass for this guy. The fact that my wife was still sucking me off while another guy was touching her bare ass got all of us VERY hot. I felt like shooting off right there, and Jen was moaning around my dick at his touch. I then made her stand up and face him, and his hands immediately went to her pussy, stroking it and working fingers into her. Her face was priceless. I haven’t seen a look like that in years, and it made me happy that she was having such a hot time. Randy basically dove down to get his mouth on her cunt, where he started slurping LOUDLY on her wet lips. It would have been obvious if anyone walked by the outside of the booths. She was nearly bucking off of his face, it was so hot to her. Then, with me on her right and Randy on her left, we both pulled up her little black top and began sucking on her tits, fondling them with one hand and both of us fingering her VERY wet {man, how long has it been since she was so wet with just me?} pussy. She starting stroking my hard meat while grabbing at his obvious hard-on still in his jeans. I could tell that she wanted that cock out of its cage. Her face was a mess of desire. We were slipping fingers in her pussy, fondling her ass, kissing her face, sucking her nipples and enjoying the hand jobs. In my very inexperienced opinion, this was the most fun I’d ever had with sex. Some guys would feel very anxious about giving their wife the freedom to truly enjoy another man, but this little meeting was proving to me that I would LOVE to share my wife with whomever she pleased, as long as we were safe. Our hands were all over her, and then she turned and begged me to fuck her from behind. I sat back in the chair in the booth, and Jen sat, facing out, on my cock, sliding up and down. Her pussy felt so sloppy I could barely keep myself inside her. Randy then pulled out his dick and she started to lick it up and down. Just as we got in a steady rhythm, Randy had to get up and check on the store. He took off, and I decided to go in another booth, to make sure we didn’t get in trouble, or get Randy in trouble. Jen just kept watching movies, stroking her clit, and moaning softly {I could hear it in the next booth}. I just sat in the next booth, quiet. After a minute, I saw feet go past my booth to Jen’s, and her door opened, and I heard voices. Then all I heard were her muted moans again. I slipped out of my booth and looked into hers. Damn! He had her in the chair, skirt pulled all the way up, shapely legs pulled WAY back, and he was eating her pussy like a dying man’s last meal. He had I don’t know how many fingers in her and was sucking VERY hard on her clit. She’s never had that kind of violent pussy eating from me, that’s for sure. And her face was contorted in the most unbelievable masks of pure fucking pleasure. Damn! I couldn’t help it, and pulled out my own dick again, standing to her right. I kept looking from her beautiful face to her tempting, wet and swollen cunt lips, which were shining in the light of the video display. I could tell that Randy was also clueless about what he really wanted to focus on on this wonderful young babe. After a few minutes, I couldn’t handle it anymore, and shot a HUGE load all across her chest {her top, unfortunately, caught a lot of it} and onto the display behind her. Upon seeing my cum, she had a massive orgasm herself, grabbing the back of Randy’s head and forcing his mouth to invade her even further. When the smoke cleared, we cleaned up a bit {even though her brand new top was streaked with my cum} and chatted with Randy. We mentioned to him that we could have a lot more fun if he were to come to our house, or if we met in a motel, and his eyes lit up. {Come to think of it, Jen’s eyes lit up even more.} I handed him the pair of her panties that she had taken off in the car as we pulled up, and his face was even more animated. He pressed them to his nose and breathed deep. 'Please call me,' he said, as we walked from the store. Oh, we will. It is now later on the same day, and I have to write this down so I will remember everything. Our first threesome. It may have only lasted 30 minutes, and it may not have had all of the fucking and sucking and caressing and whatever-the-hell-else that I was hoping for {I wanted to see him fuck her SO bad!}, but it was our first, and it was seriously the most fun that we’ve ever had. Jen frankly couldn’t walk right for the first fifteen minutes after we left the store. We talked at length about how much fun the experience was, and how it didn’t make us uncomfortable at all. At the end of it all, we made a pact to do this type of thing as often as we can find that right people, and feel comfortable. Jen is looking forward to her first all-night love-in, and so am I. Maybe it will happen with Randy, maybe not. Jen even mentioned that I should call that woman that I worked with, and see if she were still interested. All of a sudden, I can’t sense even the smallest prudishness in my sweet, lovely wife. The one thing that I simply cannot believe is that I watched her have sex {sort of} with another man, and all I can think of is how I want to see the same thing again. Am I a sicko or what? {Hah...... just like all the other sickos reading this! I love you guys/girls. Without this board, I never would have understood swinging and multiple partners enough to have had the balls to try it. Thanks everyone. I now feel at home. Even if our first experience wasn’t as crazy as the rest of the stories on this board.} Anyway, I’ll write more later, since we’ll no doubt have more to talk about. YEAH! Now I have to go. I have to help Jen to her eighth {ninth?} orgasm of the day...
  5. njswinger

    The Adult Theater

    Marie and I were bored one Sunday afternoon so we decided to go to the adult theater for some fun. She wore a tight white t-shirt . One that was probably very old and very thin from being washed so many times. She also went bra less. Marie has great big 38 DD's. They are big and sit high. They are truly amazing. To look at them you might guess they were fake. We arrived at the theater at approximately 1:30. The next show was at 2. We purchased our tickets and proceeded inside. There was a young man in the lobby waiting to see the next show. He looked barely old enough to get into the theater. His eyes caught a hold of my wife and her big tits. He was in awe. But then he saw she was with me and tried desperately not to stare. We sat down across from the young man in the lobby. My wife's nipples were cutting through the shirt like knife through melted butter. We made some innocent contact with the man. You could see he was very nervous. I told Marie that we should go introduce ourselves and try and calm the man. Marie and I walked over. His eyes got real big. Marie put her hand out to shake his hand and say HI, I'm Marie and this is my husband Mike. He said Hi, I'm John. He shook her hand. He then looked at me and I :} and said hello. She asked if he was here alone. He said yes I am. She then asked if he came to this theater often. He said no, its actually my first time. She said well then. Why not make it a memorable one. He :} and said I sure hope so. Then the movie doors opened. We walked into the theater. This was it. Just us three in the theater. John walked in first, Marie second and I followed. John proceeded to a middle row. Marie and I followed. John sat down and Marie sat next to him. I was on the opposite side. You could tell he was very nervous. Marie started to ask him questions. So do you watch a lot of porn? Yes I do he said. What kind?? He answered all kinds. Groups, girl on girl, and especially big boob girls. Marie smiled. She said do you like mine?? He smiled, hesitated. She said its ok, my husband Mike is great. He is not a jealous asshole. Go ahead tell me. He said yes I love your tits.. She said thanks and touched his knee. John Cock was getting so big inside his jeans. The movie started. The theater got dark. I could see Marie's hand squeeze John's leg a bit. She then asked him if he had planned on jerking off in here today. He said Yes. She said well go ahead. He said right now. She said yeah. I want to watch you jerk yourself off. He was really nervous. He reached for his zipper. He unzipped. He pulled out a big hard young cock. It was angry. He took his left hand and began to stoke it. Marie told him how hot it was to watch him. She asked if he would like to see her tits. He begged her. She lifted her shirt. Her tits were out. He was so fucking happy. She then told him to touch them. He looked over at me. I told him, go ahead. Enjoy them. There great. He took his right hand and squeezed her tits. She then asked him to suck them. He did. He grabbed and squeezed and sucked her tits. He was sucking them sloppily. Slobbering all over her big nipples. She then asked if he was enjoying this. He said hell yeah. I think I'm gonna cum soon. The poor boy could not control himself. He thought he was just going to the theater to jerk off.. Marie then leaned over his cock. Stuck it in her mouth, licked it. She made him feel good and told him how big and powerful his cock was. She said I bet this could do some damage. That's when he moaned. He grabbed her hair and thrust his cock into her mouth and came in her mouth. She sucked him dry. She swallowed the load and gave him a kiss. We left John there in the theater. I am sure he must fantasize about my wife till this day.
  6. My wife wanted to go back to the Adult Theater. This time she wanted to go alone. She said I could go but not as her husband. I could just watch her in action. I was excited by the thought of it. I agreed. Marie then got dressed. She wore a tight black dress that showed lots of cleavage and NO BRA. The material in the front hung loose and barely covered her breasts. She wore high heels and fish nets. She would grab anyone's attention. I was so excited. She said she was going to the theater and not to interfere with her activities. I agreed. I followed her to the theater. She parked her car around the corner. When she walked up I followed. She purchased a ticket and walked inside. I did the same. The next movie was 10:30 pm. The lobby was very dark. There was about six or seven very horny looking men. They were all staring at my wife. Marie sat down and gave the men a good look at her tits. Her dress was sliding over exposing her breasts. She then slowly reached into her dress and adjusted her tits. The men were amazed. She then announced to the men that she was really horny and looking forward to the movie. The men just looked in amazement. She then strutted into the theater. One older creepy looking man followed her. Then another. Next she had seven horny men following her into the theater. I followed. Marie took a seat in the back row. It was very dark. I could see three men follow behind her and the others go around to the other side and all sit next to her. I sat about 15 feet away. I could still see and hear everything. I could hear the men all complimenting her on her body. She then undid the straps to her dress. This let the top fall and her breasts hang free. The men on either side began to fondle her. She was enjoying it. The one guy was really fucking creepy. But she was into it. She was making this guy's fantasy come true. She then told all the men to take their cocks out. They all did. She then began to stoke the men to either side of her. Then two more men came into the theater. They immediately saw what was going on. They came over. She then said wow. I am really attracting an audience. She then pointed to me. She told the men that, that was my husband and that she wanted to make me jealous by being degraded by total strangers. She asked the men if they had any ideas. They had several. The ones she selected was to form a line and suck ever guy off and have them cum all over her face and tits. The men were so excited. The first was creepy guy. He pulled out his cock. It was an average cock. But it is what he did with it. He had smeared it up against Marie's face. Then he started to slap her face with it. Then when it got real hard, he grabbed the back of her head and skull fucked her. He was slamming his cock into her throat. Then he pulled her head off and came all over her TITS. UGH UGH he moaned. He said "yeah bitch". She looked at him and said I hope there is better than that. The guys ohhed and joked. It was like a challenge. The next was a married man. His ring was quit obvious. Marie asked if his wife sucked his cock anymore. He said NO. She said I will. She then sucked his balls good and began to suck his nice 8-incher. She enjoyed it. He moaned. He then pulled back and also came all over her tits. She now had two mens semen dripping from her tits. The third man was really large. He was 6-4 and at least 350. He had a really thick cock. She gripped it with her little hands. He then told her to open her mouth and jerk him off till he came. She did. It did not take long. The large man shoot a thick load all over her pretty face. The fourth man was of a mixed race. He pulled out an uncut cock. It was long and uncut. He began slapping it up against her face. She sucked it like a porn star. Then he milked his cock all over her face. She now had the seamen of two men all over her tits and two others all over her face. The fifth, sixth,and seventh men were all your average guy. They all had their cocks sucked by my wife. They all came all over her TITS. She was covered in cum. Then the eighth and ninth were both black. They decided to stand on either side of her. There cocks were massive. Both men were over 12 inches long and both were THICK like beer bottles and with thick veins. They degraded her badly. They said to her, you like to suck off strange black men. They waited for my wife to respond. She said yes. They said you want these cocks. She said yes. They said how bad? She looked up at them all ready covered in cum. Yes .. They said on one condition. You suck us off and then you give up that pussy and ass back at your house tonight. Now this was not planned. Marie was so horny. She said yes. All the other men were watching and getting off. The black men then began to slap her face with there huge cocks and tell her what a useless whore she was and good for nothing more that a white whore for black cock. She said yes YES.. The first guy had his cock sucked and he came hard all over her chest. Then the second fucked her face and came ALL OVER HER FACE. IN HER EYES AND IN HER HAIR. My wife Marie was truly a whore on this night. Then the other men asked if they could come watch her get fucked by these two black men. She giggled and said sure. She invited all nine of these men to our house.... to be continued
  7. Doc433

    Adult Theater Fun

    I live in Central Michigan. I was told by a friend of an Adult theater about a half hour from my home so I decided to check it out. When I got there the man at the counter, a guy named John, told me about all the adult toys they had, then he asked me if I wanted to check out the theater. He said it was "members only" so I paid the fee and went in. There were several couches and recliner chairs. A large screen TV had a hot orgy going on so I sat and watched. There was only me in there and then I heard someone come in. It was a woman about my age and she was wearing a nightie. She sat down on the couch next to me and then smiled as she raised her nightie. She had on no panties and as she started to finger herself I could hear her squishing. She told me to jack off so I undid my pants and pulled them down and started stroking. She said "mmmm" and then put my cock in her mouth while still masturbating. I could hear her breathing getting faster and she came hard. Then she laid back on the couch and told me to fuck her. No problem! I entered her and she told me to fuck her hard and deep. I heard the room door open and saw another guy come in. He saw me fucking her and he took out his cock and made her suck him while I was fucking her. She raised her nightie up and started pinching her nipples and then came again. With that she sucked the other guy harder and he came in her mouth at the same time I came in her pussy. She thanked both of us and got up and walked out. I cleaned up a bit and went back out to the counter. She and her husband were sitting at a table near the toy section. Found out that couples came in there every weekend to play. This ladies favorite was a gang bang and she delighted in having many guys cum in her. Went there every weekend and there was always an orgy going on in the rooms. This is a true story and any folks from Central Michigan know what place I am talking about. And thanks to the folks that made my fantasy nights become realities!
  8. Guest

    Black and White at the Theater

    My husband and I had fantasized about having a threesome with a black man. My wife was 13 years younger than me and never had sex with a black guy. We went to a local adult bookstore that stays open all nite (24hrs.) I put on my knee length black hooker boots, black fishnet stockings. The shortest mini skirt I could get away with. New hot pink lace panties he had just bought me. As soon as we walked in the store, there he was, a black guy casually checking out the magazines. He had to be in his early 50's but very athletic. I looked up to see (Lee) my man's eyes lock with mine. His expression said "I dare you." He walked over to the other side of the store to look at the videos. So I could flirt with the black guy "Mike". I pretended to be interested in a magazine on the lowest rack. So I got on my knees. And made sure my crotch was visible, with pink lacy panties peeping out. Mike walked over closer to me. Said hi, and he told me, "Girl, I've got to get a better look at those panties." I was more than happy to oblige. I could feel myself getting more and more turned on. I'd never had more than one man at a time or a black cock....... I told him to wait a few seconds and follow me to the back of the store (where there are private booths to preview pornos). I grabbed Lee's hand and told him Mike wanted to watch, nothing else. As soon as I got Lee seated on the bench I pulled his cock out. He was throbbing and hard. I sucked him into my mouth in and out. I shamelessly left the door open so Mike could enjoy the show. When Mike entered the booth he was greeted by my ass up in the air bent over, full view of my panties. I didn’t want to disappoint. I heard his belt unfasten, and glanced back to see his 9" cock in his hand as he was slowly stroking it. As soon as I saw it, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I rubbed my ass on his hard cock and told him "to fuck me". (My husband and I already had the oath to each other to bail out at any time if either or was uncomfortable) The idea of Lee watching his pussy getting broke in by Mike's black pipe made my pussy soaked all at once. I felt nasty and slutty and it turned me on that much more. Mike was so excited to be getting free white pussy he didn't even bother to pull my panties over and slide his fingers in first. Damn, he didn’t even spit on it. (Even though it was already slippery as fuck.) He missed and shoved his dick on my thigh (later it left a little bruise). I reached around taking my lips off Lee's cock for a second. I looked between my spread tippy-toed legs and guided Mike's coal black cock slide in my pink wet pussy. I couldn’t believe Lee was letting Mike use his white pussy. It happened so surprisingly, and quick a few more sucks on Lee's cock and he was filling up my mouth with his hot load! I felt him try to hold it and then it all come gushing anyway. It felt good. That let me know he was turned on as I was and loving it. Meanwhile, Mike shoved his dick all the way into my snatch full and hard, I moaned out in pleasure. I jacked Lee off and sucked him off the whole time, never letting that dick go. Mike shoved in and out of me at a steady pace with his fingertips squeezed at my hip bones hard. I looked up at Lee like a little slut wife and yelled for Mike to fuck me harder, faster. I watched Lee watch as I wiggled my white ass all around Mike’s shaft, feeling every inch. Mike shoved his cock in my pussy so far I could feel his warm balls slapping against my clit. I would back up to fuck Mike's cock faster and glance up to see Lee's horny expression. And it just made me want to cum all over Mike's dick. Mike shouted out: "I’m gonna cum all up in that white pussy." I told him "to fucking give it to me" and "cum all up in my white pussy please!" I felt him shove his dick in me with one hard thrust and felt his cum shoot out while he was boning my snatch. I looked up at Lee as if to say, "you perv, you like it. You want to be last, don't you? You know you’re gonna fuck this sloppy pussy after Mike shot his load in it." As soon as he came, I could feel his load gushing back out of me while he stroked me a few more times. I stood up trying to regain some composure. I could feel Mike's juices run down the inside of my leg. I yanked my panties up to catch it hopefully. After vaguely introducing names a little too late, Mike wanted us both to come home with him and said he could fuck all night. Being our first threesome, we shied away. Besides I wanted to give Lee sloppy seconds before he had to leave me to go to work. As we went out the door I realized my panties had no more purpose. They were soaked with some of my pussy juices, but drenched with Mike's load. He had to have came more than I knew a man could at one time! I loved it! It didn’t matter to me how Lee felt about Mike cumming in his pussy. It was done. I knew without a doubt, he was going to fuck my stretched out used pussy soon as we walked in the door. I could feel other customers prying eyes on us (I find it hard to be quiet while fucking) as we crossed the street to the Lee's truck. As soon as I sat down, cum soaked thru my panties and onto Lee's truck seat. I smiled at Lee, slutty and in control as I told him, "You’re going to fuck me." And reached for his hand and told him to feel it. He slid his fingers up in his sloppy gaped open pussy. I could tell it wouldn’t take long to get home................He could barely keep his hands off of it on the ride to our place. When we got to our bed, Lee spread my legs apart eagerly and stared at my gaped open hot, swelled pussy lips. I looked him dead in the eye and asked, "How did you like watching another cock fuck your pussy." Lee replied "I loved it. He fucked you good, didn’t he?". I said "Hell yeah, he was all up in my guts." This was just the beginning of our adventurous swinging lifestyle. We both are open to sexual encounters and know the fun in it all is the sharing and swapping! The more wrong we can be the more we are turned on.
  9. SwingersBoard

    Sara Shares

    Sara and I had been seeing each other for over a year. I am a 50+ male, and she is a 30-year-old female, beautiful, small but very sensitive breasts, and extremely erotic and sensual. A dream too good to be true for an old war-horse like me. We had been talking about inviting a man in for a three-way. It has been a lifelong obsession of mine to see my lover with another man. Or, for that matter, another woman. She is fascinated with the idea of going down on a female. But, that is a story for another time. This night we started out in a gentleman's club. We have done this before, but little did we know how the evening would turn out. Sara likes it when I buy her lap dances and fantasy room dances. She tells me the feel of another woman's soft skin is like no other, and it really is a sight to see her face reflecting the dream state she gets in when one of the dancers rubs her breasts along the side of her face. This particular night the featured dancer was a very erotic blond, Tricia, who was very tall and very well proportioned. She was also an excellent dancer. And, she turned Sara and I both on. After several lap dances with various dancers, we settled on Tricia. Shortly, we ended up in the fantasy room. Tricia put on an extraordinary show, and Sara and I both were enjoying things immensely. At one point, Tricia even asked that I leave the room so she could put on a private dance for Sara. Of course, Sara was agreeable. So, I went out and had a drink while they stayed in the room. I get a lot of enjoyment out of knowing that Sara is enjoying herself. That night was no exception. After my drink, I went back to the room, and we talked with Tricia for awhile and invited her back to our table for a drink. Try as we might, we could not talk Tricia into going back to the hotel with us. At closing time we left, both of us feeling very frustrated. As we were driving back to the hotel, we passed an adult bookstore and novelty shop. I swung the car around. Sara had expressed a desire to get some ben-wa balls, and I thought it was as good a time as any. After looking at the novelties, Sara picked out a set of the brass balls. I also purchased a handful of tokens so we could go back to a booth and watch a flick or two. Settling into the booth, Sara sat on a stool, and I stood behind her. By the way, I failed to mention that Sara was wearing knee-high black leather boots, a black leather vest, and a black leather skirt. She had on sheer black stockings, a black garter belt, and black panties underneath. No bra. She looked fabulous, and earlier many of the dancers had commented on how much they liked how she looked. I neglected to lock the door when we entered the booth, and sure enough, SURPRISE! Someone opened the door, saw us, and immediately shut the door and went into the booth next door. Almost immediately, I hatched a plot in my sexually frustrated brain. I slipped out and knocked on the booth into which the man had gone. The guy opened the door, and I could see he was a man in his thirties, clean-cut, and nice looking. I questioned him about whether he could 'behave' himself if I invited him next door. He answered that he would only do what he was allowed to do or prompted to do. I liked the answer, so I told him to come on. The first thing I did when we got back to our booth, besides locking the door, was to slide Sara's vest down to expose her breasts. We could hear her suck in a deep breath. Her nipples are always semi-hard. The coolness of the booth, and the fact that a strange man was standing next to her , made them stand out like strawberries on a sundae. I asked for his name, and he told me it was Bob. I asked him if he liked Sara's breasts, and he said indeed he did. I agreed and told him there were nice to touch, too, and that was his cue to go for it. As he massaged her breasts and lightly pinched and pulled on her nipples, I could see the bulge grow in his pants. I said something to Sara about him being excited. I also noticed she was breathing in rapid shallow breaths. He unzipped his pants and Sara reached over and put her hand in and started to massage his cock. I was feeding tokens in the coin slot, but none of us were paying any attention to what was on the screen. It got really intense, and Sara soon had an orgasm. She is probably not unique that way, but it seems as if there is a direct connection between her nipples and her clit. She often has an orgasm when I play with, and suck, on her nipples. Things settled down after a bit. It seemed like an hour but was probably no more than ten minutes. I asked him if he wanted to go back to the hotel with us. He said yes. I told him to wait five minutes, then come outside. If we decided it was a good idea, we would be waiting for him. If not, we would be gone. Sara and I went out to the parking lot and talked about the possibilities, dangers, and whether she was attracted to the guy. She stated her attraction wasn't real strong, but that he seemed OK. We had long talked about including another man, and this seemed like an excellent opportunity. Soon, Bob came out and got in his pickup. I got out of the car and went over and talked with him again. Still a little nervous about the whole thing, I questioned him some more about his ability to do only what he was asked to do and that he understood, NO MEANS NO! He agreed, and I told him to follow us to the hotel, park, give us a few minutes, and I would be out to get him. Sara and I entered our room. We decided the leather look was sexy and she would stay clothed for the time being. One thing Sara likes is to be blindfolded. She loves that because it allows her to concentrate on all the feelings she experiences from unknown hands caressing her body and allowing her body to bring her pleasure. I tied a black scarf around her eyes, kissed her, told her I loved her and then went to get Bob. Upon entering the room, we found Sara sitting on the bed. I took her by the hand, faced her towards Bob, and told her to say hello. Then I started to untie the front of her vest and let it fall open, revealing her breasts. The effect was way different than it was in the darkened booth. You could see the delight on Bob's face. Then I unzipped her leather skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing her black garter belt, stockings, and panties. Still in her boots, she looked very sexy, and her shallow breathing indicated she was also getting excited. I told Bob to slip off her vest, and he kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples as he did so. Sara suggested he get undressed and as he was doing so, she sat back on the bed. Not wanting to unhook her garter belt to remove her panties, I took my pocket knife and cut a large hole in the crotch of her panties. Basically, I presented Sara's most intimate parts to our new found friend for his enjoyment. By then, Bob was undressed. I handed him a condom, and he put it on, then laid down on the bed next to Sara and started kissing and nuzzling her neck and breasts again. Her nipples resumed their previous 'strawberries on a sundae' proportions. Bob reached down and began to rub Sara between the legs and found her pussy. He remarked about how wet she was, and I said she was always like that. Kissing his way down her belly, he ended up with his head between her legs and began kissing and sucking her. I could tell she was enjoying it by the look on her face, that dreamy, faraway look she gets when she is allowing her body to do what it will. I bent over her and kissed her lightly and asked her if everything was alright? She responded with a quick nodding of her head, YES! I got the camera and began taking pictures. We wanted to preserve the moment for later enjoyment and to share with friends. By then Bob had moved into position and took her legs and pushed them back over her and entered her, slowly at first, then all the way. He began a rhythmic stroking, and I could tell Sara was off in la-la land. Bob was not super endowed, but he was sufficient in length and thickness to give her the 'full' feeling she so enjoyed. The sight of his cock entering her pussy through the hole I had cut in her panties was very much a turn-on for me as well! Soon he was banging her hard with full force and Sara was responding and pleading to be fucked harder. She could stand it no longer, pushed him off, and got on her knees begging her to fuck her hard from behind. Soon his thighs were slapping against her ass with smacks almost loud enough to make one think she was being spanked. I like watching Sara in this position because it allows me to see her tits swinging back and forth in time with the fucking she is getting. Before, all I could do was watch in the mirror. This was a whole new perspective, and I wasted no time getting more pictures. Sara was cumming and cumming. Of course, she had been cumming ever since Bob first entered her. She is multiorgasmic and has told me she is not sure if it is one continuous orgasm or one building on another. Perhaps some of you ladies reading this can relate. It wasn't long before Bob stiffened and let out a low throaty growl. He pushed in as far as he could, and you could tell he was filling the condom with his white-hot sperm. Then Sara did the most surprising thing. She pulled away and turned on her hands and knees to face Bob. She pulled off the condom and quickly took it into her mouth, sucking some of his cum into her mouth. Then she grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times, and bent down and took him in her mouth. She voraciously sucked and ran her tongue around his semi-hard cock. Sara soon had Bob's cock at full hardness again, and she proceeded to suck him with a simulated fucking motion. He quickly caught on and grabbed her by the hair, another thing she likes, and began fucking her face almost as hard as he had just fucked her pussy. She reached out and grabbed both his ass cheeks with her hands and helped pull him into her harder and harder. Her talents soon had Bob reacting as he did before only with more voice. Growling and telling her to suck his cock. Soon he exploded for the second time, and I could see Sara was doing her best to keep up and swallow all she could get. But, as hard as she tried, she couldn't, and soon driblets of cum escaped the corners of her mouth. His balls having been emptied twice into Sara's greedy pussy and mouth, Bob's cock went totally limp. He stumbled back to the chair on weak legs and sat down. Then Sara did another thing I was wholly unprepared for. She left the bed and came over to me, stared deep into my eyes for a moment, and then grabbed the back of my neck pulling me to her, and kissed me very hard on the mouth. There was no mistaking her intent or the different taste. Here I was tasting the cum in my lover's mouth. Cum from another man's cock! Things then settled down, and we talked for a while. Bob got dressed, thanked us both profusely, and left a happy man. I was sort of glad he didn't overstay his welcome because I was anxious to talk to Sara to see what she thought about the experience. As we cuddled and kissed, I never felt more in love with her than I did at that moment. We went over the details of the evening, and we both got excited, and I tried to take care of Sara's needs. By the way, did I mention she was insatiable? We began to lay plans for our next adventure. As we fell asleep, I contemplated the thought of Sara having kissed me with her mouth bathed with another man's cum. The look in her eye when she did that was pure carnal desire from somewhere deep inside herself that she had never shared before. I drifted off to sleep, wondering what was next in store for us.
  10. Wow! We decided to take an afternoon off of work and go down to an adult theater about 30 minutes from our house... They have a few general theaters and a couples theater. We went to the couples theater first and we were the only ones in there. New experience for both of us! We played for about an hour while watching some great porn, then decided to go down to the regular theaters to see what they were like. Amazing how many single males were there on a Thursday afternoon! Anyhoo, I saw this gorgeous woman coming out of the bathroom as I was going in. When I came back out, she was still standing there so I said hello. Then hubby came out of the bathroom and her partner came up. We all said hello and decided to go scope out one of the general theaters. We went to a large couch in the back, all sat together but there were about 10 single males in there. I thought the idea of a few guys watching would be hot, but they were gawking. We decided after a few minutes to head over to the couples theater. We ended up swapping and all playing for over an hour in the theater. Such an amazing afternoon and so unexpected!!! Awesome first experience!!! We've had a bit of an SLS dry spell lately, so this was an awesome treat!
  11. Has anyone ever thought or participated in sex at an Adult Theater? If so, who was it with and how was your experience?
  12. Patti and I have been married for eight years and during those years our sex life has been good. Recently though, it has improved to very good, due to an unusual night we just experienced. That night was a Saturday about three months ago. I asked my wife if she would like to go out for an early dinner and then we might catch an early show. Patti thought the idea was great and she went to take a shower and dress. When she returned, she looked fantastic. My wife is 5 ft. 7in. and 130 lbs. She has very long legs, with a shapely butt and although her breasts aren't huge, they are 34B's that are perfectly shaped and firm. Tonight she had on heels and a skirt and blouse that made her look like the perfect model. We had reservations at our favorite restaurant and as usual the food was good. Patti and I had a few drinks with dinner and I suggested we have another before we left for the show. Another drink became another few and Patti was getting a little lightheaded by that time. We left. We had not decided on the show that we would see so I suggested we drive to the Multi-Cinema that had four theaters, but none of them sounded appealing. Patti brought up going to an adult theater, as she had never been before. We located one in the phone book and drove to it. The theater was an older, rather regal looking place that had not been kept up well. As we entered the theater I was surprised to see how large it was, yet there were only about two dozen people there. We chose a pair of seats near the back and we settled in for what turned out to be quite an evening. The movie had just started and they didn't waste any time in getting into some very hot sex scenes. Patti leaned over to me and said 'they certainly don't leave anything out.' The screen had a closeup of a woman's pussy with a hard dick sliding in and out, on it for about five minutes. I asked her if this was bothering her and she quickly replied 'no, it's making me horny.' We watched for about another 15 minutes, until there was a scene where this woman was lying on a bed and three men were fondling her and jacking themselves off, cumming all over her chest. Patti moaned and said 'I can't take this much more.' I have to admit, I had an erection and was getting pretty horny myself. I told my wife that I was going to go get us some soft drinks and I left for the snack bar. When I came back I noticed that she was concentrating on the screen. The woman had a man on each end of her screwing away. Patti had discreetly dropped one hand into her lap and tried to secretly rub her crotch with one hand and she had her other arm clamped across her chest pressing against her breasts. As I sat, I noticed that a man had sat down behind my wife and was busy watching the show. I set the food down and put my hand on Patti's leg. She looked at me with this sultry look that told me she was hot. I started to massage her thigh and work my way up to her crotch. As I reached higher she lifted up and pulled her skirt up and spread her legs, so that I could reach her panty covered crotch. I touched her panties and they were soaked. She confessed to me that she had orgasmed while I was at the snack bar. As I continued to rub her swollen pussy my wife started breathing heavy and she started a slight movement in her hips. With my free hand I tried to reach around and unbutton her blouse and as I did I could see out of the corner of my eye the man behind us was now watching us not the movie. Patti couldn't wait for my fumbling and she unbuttoned her blouse enough so that I could reach in her bra and feel her tits. I rubbed and massaged her pretty tits until her nipples were rock hard. Patti started squeezing my cock which drove me nuts, so I dropped my hand to her pussy and started rubbing again. She leaned over against me and we kissed, slowly and deeply, and while we were kissing I could see the guy behind us had slid forward in his seat so he could see my wife’s bare legs and her panties. As I slid my hand up to the top of her panties I turned enough to watch him and I slowly pulled her panties down exposing her bush. I saw his eyes widen and I heard him gasp, so I figured I'd have a little fun and I slid my finger into my wife’s dripping pussy. She immediately started a quiet moaning and laid back in her seat, spreading her legs, not realizing that she was giving him a better view of her bush. My finger was really working on her tight little hole when I heard the guy behind us breathing hard. He was almost leaning over Patti's other shoulder and he had his dick out in his hand. As my wife was nearing her climax I kept on fingering her until she stiffened up and groaned, cumming all over my fingers. Just as she shook I heard him grunt as he shot his cum on the back of Patti's seat. My wife sagged against me and said 'this is fun, whew, it's kind of sexy in public.' When I told her about the guy behind us she couldn't believe she'd missed it. I told her that she shouldn't tease people like that and we both laughed. I said 'you should have helped him' and she said 'yeah, right.' What harm could come of it I had asked, at least he would have remembered this hot woman he had once met. Patti said 'oh well, it's to late now.' As we both knew that she really didn't even consider the possibility. I sat there watching two more men screwing this same woman on the screen, when Patti pulled my cock out of my pants and bent over taking it into her mouth. Watching my wife and that guy jack off had made me hornier than I've been in a while, so she sucked on me for a few more seconds and I started cumming right in her mouth. She sat back up licking her lips and saying how good that tasted. 'Here's two dozen guys jacking off and I have a beautiful woman giving me a blowjob, what luck' I said as we giggled. I asked Patti to go to the bathroom and take her panties and bra off, so I could have an easier time playing with her. She almost jumped out of her seat trying to get to the bathroom to strip down. When she returned I slid her dress up revealing her perfectly cropped pussy that sparkled from all the dampness. I entered her with my finger as my other hand massaged and squeezed her tits. She was hot. 'I want you again' she said. Well, twice in 10 minutes is more than I can handle, so to stall for time I said I had to go to the bathroom. I was standing at the urinal when another man walked in and walked up to the urinal next to me. He lugged out his dick, which was pretty big and was also hard. 'Anytime now' he said to his hard shaft, waiting for it to relax enough to pee. 'Too bad you weren't sitting over by the woman on the left side of the theater' I said. 'She gave me a hand job' I continued, figuring he might go over to her now and she could have another handful to play with. 'Your kidding' he scoffed, 'No, she let me feel her up and then she jacked me off' I replied. I figured that I had his curiosity piqued so I left and went back to the show. When I sat back down I told her that I had invited a guy over to sit with her and she thought I was joking. I told her no, she ought to try it. She could give him the hottest memory he'd ever have, most men have always dreamed of this happening, not to mention I really liked the idea of watching, as many men dream of seeing their wives with other men. Beside, I said no one will even know who you are and with me near by, I had told her that I would sit in the next row a couple of seats away, nothing bad could happen. Patti said it sounded like fun, knowing that she would have complete control over a stranger's dick. We talked some more and I told Patti that she should let him play with her first and that she should get hot and get into what was happening, and then she should play with his dick and balls till he came. Considering how hot Patti can get I figured he would get his rocks off in just a few seconds. We talked for a few more minutes about where I would sit and and I told her to just be calm and let him start everything. When I asked if she was ready she said 'yes, it took a minute to relax, but I guess I'm ready', so I got up and moved to my new seat. I took a seat a row below and a few seats left of my wife. The view when I partially turned my head was magnificent, I could almost see under my wife's dress. It was another few minutes before her guest arrived, I heard him ask if the seat next to her was occupied and she replied 'no, go ahead'. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that my wife was watching the screen and he was watching her. A few more minutes passed and then I saw him put his hand on Patti's knee, she didn't make any attempt to move it, so after another minute he started to massage her knee. He began to move his hand up her leg a little and I heard her breath quicken. As he moved his hand up, he slid her dress up, giving him a nice look at her slender bare legs. His caressing of her leg excited my wife, she parted her thighs a little, so he could reach between her legs. When he did, I heard her gasp and I looked around. He had his hand on her bare glistening mound and was starting to work his finger into her slit. Patti's skirt was clear up giving me a complete view of her pussy and his big busy hand. I could tell that Patti was getting hot. She was leaning against him while he massaged her pussy and you could hear her panting. As she turned to unzip his pants she spread her legs wide open, showing all of her pink pussy with this man's finger working in and out of her opening. Patti got his cock out and in the dim light I could see that he had a big fat hard on, which she started to stroke. Patti's new friend was fingering her and I could hear him say 'your pussy feels so good'. Patti was getting into the part well, as I heard her answer 'I love your big hard cock, MMMmmm, it's so fat'. My wife's hips were moving with a steady motion as she let him finger fuck her. I heard him catch his breath and then groan as he shot his load of cum on the seat ahead and the floor. 'Oh god, your beautiful' he said as his dick jerked a few more times. She slowly worked his shaft up and down as it relaxed and shrank. As he started to put his meat back in his pants I heard Patti say 'thanks for the nice big one', as he said 'no, thank you, I'll never forget this', as he rose to leave. I gave her a minute to straighten herself and then I whispered 'how was it ?' She gasped back 'That is the HOTTEST thing I've ever done, it was great, I want to try a few more guys.' I told her that I've never seen anything that hot either and I couldn't wait to see the next guy get off. So, I sat back in my seat and waited. It wasn't long before another visitor came by and asked if the seat was taken and Patti replied 'no, please sit down.' This time Patti had lifted her dress up quite high on her legs, so her new friend didn't waste any time before he started touching her leg. Soon I could see that he had slid his hand under her blouse and was enjoying the feel of her tits and Patti was pressing his hand tight against her chest. He let his hand drop to her thigh and started massaging his way up her leg. 'Oh god, your nude' he said as his hand found her bare pussy waiting for his finger. He slid his finger in and out of her, as he played with her love button. She leaned into him and gave him a slowww long kiss as she worked to get his shaft out of his pants. All of a sudden out sprang the biggest dick I've ever seen, it was at least 9 inches long. Patti whispered to him and slowly started to run her hand up and down his long shaft. As her hand stroked his growing cock, his finger kept time going in and out of her pretty little slit. They continued to feel each other and she leaned over next to him and rubbed his cock on her leg. That was enough to send both of them over the edge and I heard them groan as they both climaxed at the same time. Slowly his massive shaft began to shrink and they kissed for the last time and my wife pulled her dress back down as the stranger straightened himself out and they said good bye. I slid over to my glowing wife and said 'that sure didn't take you long.', to which she said 'did you see the size of his cock, I loved playing with it, I would have given anything to suck it for a minute, I wonder if I could handle it all ?' She was slowly regaining her breathe and composure. I told her that if the chance came up again and she really wanted to give him a little lick that that was ok with me. 'I want to do this again and then let's go, I want you to fuck me real good' Patti said huskily. She looked so sexy and sultry now that her passion was high. 'I just had a nasty thought' she uttered 'I wish I had a guy in each hand, before we go.' I thought for a minute and said 'I don't know if we can arrange that, but I'll try', getting up I aid 'I'm going to the restroom, I'll be right back. I was in luck, or Patti was in luck really, as I walked into the restroom there was two young guys walking in ahead of me. I waited as they stood at the urinal peeing. 'Have you guys seen that gorgeous woman over in the back, she gave me a hand job and she did another guy too.' Well, let me tell you, these two young studs were ready. 'I heard her tell the other guy to come back with a friend, maybe you guys can beat him over there.' 'Wow, let's go see her, is she a dog ?' he asked and I replied 'no she's really cute.' He looked at his buddy and they said see ya and left. I went ahead and went to the bathroom and then returned to my seat. As I neared my seat I could see that my wife was sitting with her two young studs, one on either side of her. I took my seat and I saw Patti slid her hand across the crotch of the guy on her left and she leaned over and whispered something to him. Both young men started to touch and caress her body as she laid back in her seat reeling in delight at having two men feeling her at the same time. As her passion increased she unzipped both of their pants and managed to get both of their young dicks in her hands. I almost came in my pants seeing her with both of their hands on her and she with a stiff cock in each hand. Patti continued to pull and stroke both guys at the same time. Being young, they were ready to cum in a few seconds, and cum they did. It was like watching two miniature fountains spurting in the air. Both of them came fast and then they got nervous and quickly zipped themselves back up and said they had to leave. Patti smiled and said 'thanks for the fun, studs', as both guys rose to leave. As I leaned toward my wife I could hear her labored breathing, 'I came three times' she sighed 'that was more fun than I could ever imagine, those two were so hot I though they would shoot clear over the seats.' I told her to straighten herself out and let's leave, I was so horny and all I could think about was my turn to play with her. The way she glowed was more beautiful than I have ever seen her before, so we left the theater. We got in our car and I immediately started to kiss and fondle my beautiful wife. 'I want to fuck you right now' she said panting. I pulled her dress up and slid my pants down right there in the car. Patti and I fucked with complete abandon and we climaxed together in what was the most spectacular orgasm either of us have ever had. When we finished I started the car and drove home. Both of us were now glowing with passion. When we arrived home I smiled and told her that she had just given me the most wonderful time of my life and Patti said she had never believed she would enjoy it that much. I kissed her slow and long and we slid to the floor and we began to make love all over again, this time we were slow and it lasted for what seemed like hours. As I write this letter, Patti and I are planning our next trip to the show. She hopes to see the man with the giant dick again, but probably not. Patti says that all of you women readers owe it to yourselves to try to get your husband to take you to a special show. Every women needs to feel a hard dick in each hand once in her life, you just can't imagine the feeling, and to be completely safe with your husband watching is the best part of all.
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    The Adult Theatre

    After 14 yrs of marriage my resume reads more sexual, than professional, but that's me and him. Housewife, waitress, topless dancer and most importantly, swinger. The swinging escapade I'm about to describe happened while I was employed as topless dancer a couple years ago. After years of marriage my husband and I discovered I got hot enough to fuck a regiment when thinking about another man in me and he got hot enough to fuck a chorus line while thinking about another man fucking me. We both get our kicks by searching out a la carte situations as opposed to set ups. The bars close at 1 AM in Arizona, and I enjoy a couple drinks after dancing my ass off for hours on end. One night Greg had idea of bringing our own bottle in sleazy adult theatre in Phoenix and teasing the guys with me. The guys being perverts, jack offs and the bottom line with a few exceptions. He got off on this and I did also, almost like charity work. He would make sure I'd be wearing the skimpiest dress, sometimes panties sometimes not and he loved feet so showcased those. I'm 5'5' 120 lbs, black hair, thanks to bottle, white as snow and love being a slut. The theatre had a mix of cum stained couches and theatre seats and he loved to go in and saddle me next to a guy and have me put legs on seat, lean on guy, play with me while others watched. Unfortunately he would always pull up stakes just as it got to be fun for me. After splitting a bottle of rum one night with another dancer, Greg asked if I wanted anything and I said Adult Theatre. I told him to go in separate and watch from across aisle. I was hot and horny and wanted some fun. I grabbed myself a coke from machine out front and did 50/50 with whiskey bottle. I slipped in alone with Greg slipping behind me. I sat down and appraised the situation from middle of theatre and spotted perfect spot with imperfect males. Couch under projector in back, with 50's balding hardware salesman type and Hispanic 30's guy on outside. I jumped in between them and they stared straight ahead. I moved against salesman and crossed legs so panties were visible and got a nod. The Hispanic hunk looked at me and pointed, me and you, and I laughed. Finally salesman put his hand on my leg, while looking straight ahead. I took his hand and slid it up to my panties. He was off to races, slipping fingers inside my pussy and working me like a champ. He lost interest in the movie as had Jose. I could see his horse pressing his nylon pants to the max. I slipped down between his legs and let him out, an excited chunky stallion and sucked and sucked, even gave him the twister motion until he exploded and through his head back in relief. I'm a swallower, so no mess. He gathered himself and said 'I'll be right back, hon'. Greg along with others were watching, nonchalantly as possible. Mr. hardware never came back, so Jose slid over next to me as I finished the bottle. I motioned for him to climb over against the wall. He obliged, why not? I thought to myself, if he can kiss me after viewing that exhibition, I'm his or he's mine. I slipped my leg over him and he frenched like a sailor. I slipped my panties off, he unzipped and laid back. I straddled him and slipped my white pussy over his tan cock, he pulled the top part of my dress down and sucked my large nipples and we fucked each other until he released his south of the border load in me. Jose was in love and not going anywhere, so I explained my driver was here, gave him bogus phone number and slid out with Greg. Greg had to fuck me before we got home, I owed it to him for his patience and Adult Theatre became history.
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