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  1. Who likes this? I get off on having sex with total strangers. I don't need to know any names or have any relation to them at all. My ideal attitude is: If you want sex, find me a place to get down and let's fuck.
  2. It has been quite a few years since we have been able to get away for our anniversary and we finally planned a week away for just ourselves at the beach. We decided to go during the late summer when my wife's parents could watch the kids during summer break. We had a lot of anticipation and excitement leading up to it and left early on a Saturday morning to be able to fully enjoy our first day. We had an early check in for the room and got up there before noon and decided to get ourselves settled before going down to the pool area. We splurged and had an ocean-facing balcony so when my wife was unpacking I went out to take a look. When I came back in she was standing there laughing as she held a 24 pack of condoms and looked at me and said, "We are here for 6 days, this might be a bit much." I smiled and said, "Just wanted to make sure I had enough." Of course she couldn't let it go by without responding, "You know, if you just had a vasectomy, we wouldn't need these anymore at all." I replied, "I know, I know." So we finished unpacking and she changed into her bathing suit. We are both 38 and have pretty nice bodies but for her, she doesn't enjoy wearing a bikini anymore. She is 5'6" cute brunette with long hair, a firm sexy ass and soft 36D tits. She changed into a sexy suit none the less, it was kind of like a bikini at the top but with an added amount that covered her stomach. I didn't mind as I could still admire her breasts. When we got to the pool area we went right to the bar and the drinks kept flowing. We laid by the pool, walked by the beach and spent some time in the water but mostly just had drinks in our hands. On the way back to the room we stopped by the front desk and bought a few 6-packs for the fridge in the room. We walked up to the room carrying our beer and as soon as we got inside we put the beers down and started really kissing, then she pulled away and said to save it for later because she wanted to have a few drinks on the balcony. I hand her one and she goes out on the balcony while I put the others in the fridge. Then I walk out and hear her talking to someone, that's when I saw that the room next door had an adjoining balcony. He was a younger guy named Jeremy and was having a pleasant conversation so I offered him a beer and then sat down. We talked for a while and it was a lot of fun and my wife then made a comments and said, "You must be having so much fun with all these young sexy girls on the beach." He just laughed and said that he enjoyed some of the sights. I jumped in and responded, "I like what I get to look at" and got an eye roll from my wife. My wife said she wished she still had the body she used to have, especially the perky tits. Without thinking I reached over and grabbed a tit and said that they were great. I expected her to swat my hand away but she left it there and said I only liked them because I was stuck with them. I immediately looked at Jeremy and asked if he thought they were nice too and he just smiled and said he didn't mind looking at them. This is when I realized that the drinks had really hit her because she stood up and leaned over, squeezing them together with her hands saying, "They might look good from this angle." She bent over a little too far and fell into his lap and they both started laughing. She collapsed on her knees in front of him and looked at him and asked, "Do you really think they look nice?". He insisted yes and she still argued that he was just saying it to be nice. So I leaned forward and reached around and grabbed her top and pulled it open with her tits spilling out. "Now he can see them and I know he likes them," I said. He said they looked so nice and soft and that he really did think they were nice. She told him how sweet he was and that she wanted to make sure he got a nice view of them and I sat and watched as she reached forward and pulled his swim trunks to his ankles. I sat speechless ash she leaned forward and squeezed her tits around his dick slowly tit fucking his cock to make him hard. As she did it she asked if her tits were as soft as they looked and if he enjoyed the way her big areolas looked on her big tits. "Those are the most suckable nipples I have ever seen," he responded. She quickly stood up and pushed one of her tits in his mouth and his hands immediately went to her ass and he effortlessly slid her bottoms off. As he was sucking her nipples back and forth he was also rubbing her pussy and driving her wild. She spread her legs open wide enough to straddle him and sat down on his lap with his dick in between them. He was really enjoying her tits and I know how much that turns her on and how crazy he was driving her. It was then that she leaned forward dragging her pussy along his dick then letting the tip touch her pussy as she started working her way down on it. At this moment is when I noticed just how big he was, she was about halfway down and working it up and down inside her but he wanted more. He grabbed her ass and started pulling her down onto his dick. She moaned, "Oh my god I am so full. You are so deep. This is stretching me out so much. God keep going". When she said keep going is when he thrust his hips upward and went all the way inside her. She was just moaning "Oh fuck me!" over and over as she rode his dick through an orgasm. She was really pushing down to get it all inside her when I saw him grab hold of her ass and clench up and I knew he was cumming. She got up right after and walked inside the room and I didn't know how she felt about what just happened. She was only gone for a minute and came back with a beer and handed it to Jeremy. Then she turned and got on her knees in front of me and pulled my pants down to see my already hard dick. She sat on my lap like she did his and had my dick pushed between us. She was kissing me deeply and then kissing my neck and told me to close my eyes. So I did and and the next thing she did was slide back a little and then I feel her touch my dick. She kind of giggled as she unrolled a condom onto me then got on top and pushed my dick inside her. She was riding me and told me that since I brought condoms that I needed to use them. She kept talking and said: "Wow, doesn't this feel so strange to get sloppy seconds while wearing a condom. Jeremy made my pussy all loose and sloppy for you." I couldn't think with how wild this situation was. She looked at me and continued, "You know he hasn't even kissed me and I have his cum in my pussy." With that I tensed up and came in the condom. She went inside the room and laid down in bed and fell asleep immediately. Jeremy and I finished our beers and then both went to our rooms. I laid in bed for hours replaying what just happened as she slept soundly through to the morning.
  3. New Orleans turned out to be quite The Big Easy for Darla and me. As our marriage has matured, we have become more sexually adventurous. Recently, we had a chance to get out of town and work on some of the fantasies we had developed over the last year. I'm 40, and Darla is 37. We have been married 16 years. Darla is a very petite 5'1" blond with small but round tits and a great ass. I'm over a foot taller at 6'2" and 200 pounds. We booked four days in the French Quarter, and by the time the last night approached, we had enjoyed three days of great sex. The highlight came when Darla fulfilled a fantasy by standing in the middle of Bourbon Street, flashing her tits to about 50 men on a balcony above a bar. That got us both so hot we wound up hurrying back to the hotel, where she noisily sucked me off in the hallway as I fumbled for the room key. (The exhibitionist in me kept hoping for someone to come by, but no one did). As the last night began, we had one more fantasy to fulfill; a third partner, either for her or me. Our travels had taken us to every strip bar in the Quarter. Darla and I had both drooled over the college students on spring break, and we had promised each other that if we could pick up a third party, regardless of sex, we would do it. As it happened, a perfect candidate appeared on that last night. Matt was from some Midwestern college. Believe me when I tell you that Darla didn't care what he was studying in school. All she wanted was that hot young stud. He looked to be in his early 20's and was, in his words, 'a third wheel'; in town with his roommate and his girlfriend. The roommate was banging the girlfriend somewhere, and Matt was drinking in one of the Bourbon Street bars alone when we spotted him. Darla liked him right away…he was blond and about 5'9" with a slender build… 'something a little different just for fun' Darla explained. Since tables were hard to come by, we invited him to sit with us. We drank and talked about nothing important for about 20 minutes. When Matt went to the bar to get another drink, we had our chance. "Do you want him? Do you want to fuck him?" I asked my wife, who had never fucked anyone else since we married. "Seriously, can I? Are you sure about this?" she said. I said yes on one condition…that I could at least watch and preferably join in. "Oh, you'll do both, or he'll be jacking off on his own tonight," she laughed. Maybe it was Darla's self-confidence (she looked great that night in a short black leather skirt and tank top), perhaps it was the drinks, or maybe it was being so close to her fantasy… Anyway, I was amazed when Matt returned with his drink and sat down. My wife leaned over the table and said, "So Matt, I'd like to suck you off while my husband fucks me. Interested?" I'd like to tell you Matt was shocked, but I think he knew something like this might come. He just smiled and looked at me and said, "You sure?" I told him it was a fantasy of ours, and I wanted it almost as much as Darla did. With that, we left the bar. It was two blocks back to the hotel, and it took forever to walk back. I had never have been so hard. My cock was so hard it was difficult to walk. Darla played it up for me (and her) by holding hands with Matt on the way back and looking at me as she ran her hands over his ass in the hotel lobby. We wasted no time getting back to our room. I held back to see what Darla would do…after all, I wanted her to get exactly what she wanted. I let her and Matt take each other's clothes off while I stood to the side, rubbing my dick through my pants. Matt and my wife kissed passionately. And then, just that quickly, my wife was undressed. No hesitation, no shame, just naked and ready to fuck. For the first time, I watched another man suck on the tits that had been mine and mine alone. I took off my clothes too, and Darla caught my eye. She was giving me one last opportunity to stop things. She saw the smile on my face and the pre-cum dripping from my dick and knew there was no need to quit. Taking control, she pushed Matt down on the bed and kissed his stomach, working her way to his dick. He was a solid nine inches…not quite as thick as me but plenty for my wife to work with. She got on her hands and knees, and I knew what she wanted…to be fucked from behind as she sucked Matt's cock. Well, that was on the way, but not yet. She lowered her head and began to lick him. What an unbelievable thing to see your wife licking another man's balls. I knew I should be fucking her, but I just had to watch. Darla gives great head because she knows when a man is about to explode. She always backs off just in time and makes me wait. I could tell by Matt's uneven breathing that she already had him close…and right then, she backed off and started working on his balls again. Enough of the great view; time to get to work. I moved behind Darla, spread her gorgeous little ass cheeks, exposed her pink rosebud, and began to tongue fuck her ass. In and out, I drove my tongue, watching her head bob up and down on Matt whenever possible. Having her ass licked always drives her wild, and this time there was no holding back. When I speared two fingers into her pussy from behind, she raised her head from Matt's dick and moaned as she came. I stuck my face in her ass (I love to feel her ass contract as she comes) and enjoyed every minute. When it was done, she went right back to work on Matt. I got up and slammed my dick into my wife's pussy, which was wetter than I had ever seen it in all those years of fucking her. I pounded her hard as she continued to work on our lucky college student. I had seen too much; I lasted only a few more strokes before shooting my load into her. Now everybody had gotten off except poor Matt, who was indeed ready. I continued to watch, expecting my dick to get soft in Darla. Amazingly, and for the first time since I was a teenager, I stayed hard after coming. I moved slowly in her, knowing I could fuck her again at any time. Meanwhile, she was clearly getting Matt ready to come. As I watched, I wondered how she would finish him. Would she swallow it? I wasn't going to tell her what to do (she was beyond listening anyway). She increased the sucking, making loud noises on him as she did with me in the hallway. Finally, Matt moaned, and I knew it was time for the kid to get his nut. I should mention that one of the few things Darla is uncomfortable with is cum on her face. She's let me shoot off that way maybe four or five times…but she has to be extremely hot or a little drunk for it to happen. So I was amazed that as Matt went over the edge, Darla took his dick out of her mouth. She pointed it directly at her face and let the kid shoot one of the biggest loads of cum I had ever seen all over it. I couldn't see it hit her face since I was still fucking her from behind, but there was no doubt what she did, and Matt really got off on it. As soon as he finished, Darla moved away from him and then moved away from me…so I knew she wanted my cock out of her for whatever reason. She laid on her back, and I saw that the kid had absolutely covered her face income. "All right, big boy," she laughed, "you got what you like to see. Let's fuck some more." I immediately got on top of her…the boring old missionary position was never better. I pounded her again as she stared lovingly into my eyes with another man's come on her nose, chin, cheek, and even eyebrows. We came together, and Darla moaned, "I love you," to me as she went off. It was far and away the most incredible sex we ever had. The good news? We already have our New Orleans reservations for next year, and they coincide with Matt's next spring break. The better news? Darla says she owes me one and promises to recruit a gorgeous work friend named Susan for me to play with.
  4. Back in the 90's, Tits used to go to her friends' Bachelorette parties. At the time Tits had grown to D-cup bra, then a DD, but she received a lot of attention wanted and unwanted. She had been groped in a movie theater, touched on a elevator in Vegas, and a lot of whistles and cat calling. She got used to it. She went to Cheryl’s bachelorette party and was having a good time drinking and flirting with the dancers. It got going pretty good and she had stroked a few cocks and even sucked one after a few drinks. They always played with her huge tits while she was busy lol . It got going pretty hot, some of the gals were topless and a few had sex with the dancers. The one guy that seem to really like Tits was dancing around by her and putting his cock by her face, so she grabbed it and sucked it. When she stood up, he spun her around, bent her over, and pulled down her top so her huge tits fell out. The other ladies started cheering and a few started rubbing and sucking her nipples. Right about then the dancer pulled down his tights and buried his duck deep in her already wet pussy. She said she said no, but soon it was no don’t stop!!!!! He fucked her for ten minutes while the ladies egged him on!!!!! When she got home drunk, she was covered in bruises and hickeys on her tits from her friends and panties full of dancer cum!! We checked with the doctor for a few months to make sure everything was good. It was but now the doctor has a new interest in his patient!!!!
  5. Rock n Tits

    We Got Played

    When had been swinging about five years we started meeting with people on another site. We always had a meet and greet at a neutral bar or restaurant. We had been chatting online and decided to meet them at bar in a nearby city. We had seen pics and they were an attractive couple, him over 6 feet and she was an attractive blond. We met at the time and place, only it was just Jim no Stella. He walked in and we got up. He gave Tits a hug and shook my hand with his bear paw. We sat down and he explained his wife had to work late but would drive over in a bit. We were sitting at a circle booth and I was on one side of Tits, with him on the other. The conversation was fun and naughty. After the second drink came, we were laughing and having a nice time when I noticed Tits took a deep breath and jumped a little, but then smiled and giggled at his jokes. He kept saying how hot she is and took a quick squeeze of her D cup boob. He kept reaching over and shaking my hand telling him how lucky I am. After the third round his phone rang and he answered it saying: "Hi honey, what? How long? Ok, I will explain to them." He set his phone on his lap. He said Stella was going to be very late and maybe we could get together soon. He sat for a few more minutes, reaching around Tits shoulder gave her a one arm hug, and after a minute he put his phone in pocket and shook my hand again. I sat there after he left and said, "What the hell was that all about?" Tits replied, "We got played!" "What do you mean?" I asked. She said, "When he first hugged me he felt my tit away from you. Then after the first round of drinks he put his big hand on my leg and started rubbing my thigh. As you know I was not wearing a bra or panties but I was surprised when we did a toast and he put his hand on my pussy. Pretty soon he had a big finger in my pussy but I figured it was a warm up for when his wife got here. After third round he had two fingers in me every time he leaned over to shake your hand and tell you how lucky you are. He would rub his arms on my nipples and drive his fingers deeper. Then I noticed a guy across the bar from us that had his phone sitting sideways like he is watching tv. I think he was filming Jim finger bang in me. Then when his phone rang when his wife called the other guy was on phone. His wife had a very low voice also. Then I think he took his phone under the table and took pics of my pussy and before he got up to leave he put my hand on his very large cock so I rubbed it then he squeezed my tit again and left right after the other guy left. We got played by these guys and I am sure that was not the first time for them. Too bad, I would have fucked the hell out of that big cock… Live and learn." The profile was removed soon after.
  6. Caribbean Cruise – Day 2 You can read part 1 at - Caribbean Cruise - Day 1 After a great day at the beach and then in the cabin with Julie and Dave we slept quite soundly. I awoke first and could see the island of St. Kitts as we were approaching. Kathy was still asleep, so I put on some clothes and went to go get coffee for both of us. When I opened the door to the room, I saw that Kathy had gone out onto the balcony to watch the arrival. With no need to get dressed, she was standing out there completely nude. She had not heard me come in. I dropped my clothes and walked naked out on the balcony with the coffee. I came up behind her so that she felt my body on hers before I said a word. “Good morning. What a beautiful sight and I don’t mean the island,” I said. “Starting the day with my naked husband bringing me coffee. So very nice.” I replied, “Yesterday was wonderful. I can only imagine what today will bring.” As the ship started pulling up to the dock, we could see that there is another ship in port. We like to watch the ship dock, and the fact that we nude on the balcony made it slightly erotic as people on the other ship could see us. At the same time, we saw that there were nude people on about 10 balconies of the other ship. Some of the nude couples were waving so we waved back. After docking, it was time to head to breakfast. It didn’t take too long to get ready and we were heading to the buffet. After getting our breakfast we looked around the dining area for Julie and Dave. When we didn’t see them, but we took a booth for four in case they were coming later. It wasn’t too long after we sat down, they came with their plates from the buffet. Kathy and I were sitting in the middle of the booth and Dave slid in beside Kathy while Julie sat beside me. We turned and kissed them and felt the same great feeling as when we were with them yesterday. “Good morning, nice to see you, this morning,” Kathy said. “And nice to see you as well,” Julie replied. “What are your plans for today?” I asked. “We’re not sure. We have been to a couple of resorts with beaches where we spent the day. Nothing too interesting. How about you two?” Dave asked. “Last time here we came across this funky restaurant and bar. It was down the beach from some high-end resort. We even saw a couple of people laying nude on the beach so there may an opportunity here to get nude on the beach. Even if not, the restaurant and bar were good to go to.” “That sounds good, mind if we tag along?” Julie inquired “Don’t mind at all. We were hoping that we could meet up with you two today,” I replied. “It seems that what happened yesterday was not a first for you two. It was not a first for us either,” Dave responded. “Our first time was with a couple we met at our favorite nude beach. We struck up conversation with them that lasted all afternoon. As the day was nearing an end, we invited them to stop by our apartment for wine & cheese. It was on their way home and they readily accepted.” “After talking for a while at our place," Dave continued, "we suggested going into one of the complex’s hot tubs. While this was in an apartment complex, there was this one hot tub was far removed from the buildings and had quite a bit of privacy. We also found out where to turn out the lights in and around the hot tub. When we got there, the four of us dropped our clothes and sank into the hot water.” “Then without anyone saying anything," Dave remembered, "the four of us came together as couples in the middle for a group hug. When we moved back, we were in different couples. It started with kissing and feeling one another. Once again, as if something had been said, though it wasn’t, we lifted the girls out of the hot tub, and they laid back on the deck. We then went down on them and were eating them. We were quite fortunate that in this time no one came down to the hot tub. Maybe they did and stayed back to watch. I remember being the one to think about the possibility of someone coming down and suggested that we should move this up to our apartment.” Dave continued the story: “Back to our apartment, all four of us dropped our clothes once again and we resumed where we were at. Now in a private place we did not need to hold back on anything we were doing. I went back down and was eating the other woman while the other guy did the same for Kathy. After the woman I was with had cum, I moved up and slid my cock into her cunt. It took a little bit for her to get used the difference in size, but she enjoyed having me in her.” “Wow, that sounds like a fun time.” Julie exclaimed. “Our first time with another couple also was not planned. We were invited for a barbecue at some friends that we had met at the nude resort that we went to. When we rang the doorbell, the lady opened the door completely nude. She gave a hug and told us her husband was out by the pool. We dropped our clothes and went out to the pool. He came up to us with a hug for me which started the erotic feelings with a nude man hugging my nude body." “It was a hot day," Julie explained, "so all four of us got in the pool to stay cool. I had gone over to the edge to put my arms on the deck and allow my body to float. Before I realized what was happening the other man came over and he told me what a nice sight it was looking at me floating on the water. I thanked him and he started moving moved a little closer. I looked over at Dave and saw that he and the lady were getting just as close. He kept moving closer until he was up between my legs. His hands cupped my ass and he leaned forward and gave my pussy a few licks. He looked up at me for approval to keep it up. I looked over at Dave with a look of 'Is this ok?' on my face. He nodded approval so I assented my approval.” “Watching us, Dave had the lady get into a similar position on the other side of the pool," Julie recalled. "Soon, I was cumming from being eaten and the other woman was right behind me. After cumming down from that cum I put my feet down in the pool standing next to him. He pulled me close to him and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. At that point I was so turned on that I put my legs around him with his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I reached down and guided him into me and slid all the way down his cock.” “I was so caught up in what we were doing but did look over at Dave to see how they were doing. From their closeness and movement, I was quite sure that they were fucking in the pool as well,” Julie smiled. “Sounds like a good time. I can just picture what that looked like,” Kathy commented. “We’re going to go to the cabin and get a few things to take for the day. Shall we meet on the dock in a half hour?” “Sure, we’ll see you then,” Julie replied. We went back to our cabin to grab a few things to take for the day as well. Kathy put on the bottom half of her suit and then just a t-shirt on top. That looks great on her so that her nice hard nipples are visible. When we exited the ship, Julie and Dave were there waiting for us. “There’s a water taxi that goes to the resort next to where we are going. That would be a fun way to get there,” Kathy said. We walked down the main dock and then over to a side dock where the water taxi left from. No one else was there so we wondered if it was running. Another couple came up while we were waiting at the same time we saw the water taxi coming back to the dock. We all said hello to one another. The couple that came up were carrying different color beach towels indicating that they were from the other ship. “We see you must be on the Oasis from your towels. We are from the Gem,” said Julie. “Yes, we are from the Oasis," they explained. "We may have seen the four of you out on your balconies as your ship came in this morning.” “Now that I think about it you two look somewhat familiar as well. If you saw us, then you also saw that we were nude out on the balcony,” Dave replied. “Were you on the 3rd deck from the top in the middle of the ship?” I asked. “That’s us. Then you know that we were nude on the balcony as well. Why not enjoy the warm Caribbean and the gentle breezes on your nude body? By the way, we are Sue and Jeff," said Sue. “We’re Kathy and Steve,” said Kathy. “We’re Julie and Dave. The four of us met yesterday at Orient Beach on St. Martin,” said Julie. “We’re planning on going there when our ship docks tomorrow. As for today we heard of a rustic looking place down the beach from an upscale resort that we’re heading to. The people that had been down that way said they did see a few people nude on the beach so we’re hoping that we will be able to go nude there as well,” Jeff added. “That’s where we are heading as well. We were there a few years ago and also saw a few nude people on the beach. The restaurant had good food and drinks making it worth the trip down the beach,” Kathy replied. The water taxi arrived and the six of us boarded along with two other couples that came running up at the last minute. The trip along the shore was far better than taking a regular taxi. It was only a 30-minute cruise when we pulled into the dock at the upscale resort. The two other couples headed to the beach at the resort while the six of us walked down the beach. As we neared the end of the beach, we could see that there was a solid fence starting at the vegetation above the beach and extending all the way into the sea. When we got up to the fence there was a sign with an arrow pointing to an opening in the bushes showing to go that way to the Shipwreck Beach Bar. Going through there brought us to the front of the restaurant. The door was more like a gate and inside the tables and chairs were set in the sand. Just our kind of place. “Welcome. If you’re here for lunch, please have a seat. If you’re here for the beach, straight ahead is a regular beach and to the right through the gate is the Au Naturel beach. No charge for the beach if you have any food or beverage from the restaurant. If you go to the Au Naturel beach, we ask you to put something on before coming to the restaurant” The bartender said as he greeted us. The ladies headed to the beach while us guys stopped at the bar to get some beers to take to the beach. When we walked through the gate, the ladies had set the towels and bags in place and were just started taking their clothes off. The three of us men just stopped and watched for a minute watching them get nude. The beach was about 100 feet long with many lounge chairs. There were only four other couples on the beach when we got there. Approaching the chairs, we handed the beers to the ladies who were now completely nude. Then us three men dropped our clothes and sat in the lounge chairs. Fortunately, there were umbrellas at the pairs of chairs so that no one got too much sun. We were on our own chairs at first, but as we’re talking to one another it made sense to go over to where the person was we were talking to. Sue was down at the end, while Jeff was turned toward Julie and talking with her. I went down to Sue and said, “Don’t want you to be left out” as I sat at the end of her chaise. Sue had her legs pulled up a little so that as I looked toward her, I could see her shaved pussy as we talked. Whenever I could I gave my cock a little stroke so that it was fuller without being erect on the public beach. I did see her taking more than a glance at my cock in front of her. Kathy was sitting on Dave’s chair and was trying to give him a view of her shaved pussy that he enjoyed last night. She was looking forward to enjoying him again before this day was over. Julie was doing her share of flirting with Jeff as she would go out of her way to touch him as they talked. Even though we were in the shade of the umbrellas it was getting warm. That’s when Kathy got up and said that she was going in the sea to cool off. When she got up, she reached over to Dave and asked him to join her. Following them next it was Sue who got up and asked me to come with her and we were followed by Julie and Jeff. The six of us ended up in the sea cooling off. We stood in water that was deep enough to cool most of us off, but it also happened to be the right height so that all six of the ladies’ breasts were “floating” on the water. We talked about enjoying being able to be nude on the beach and about the other couples we saw on the beach. Without coordinating, none of us were next to our spouse. Our circle of six kept getting a little closer and closer to the point that we were touching the person on both sides. This led to the men putting their arms around the lady on either side of them. This helped bring bodies closer so that we felt the naked bodies of someone other than our spouse next to us. Julie started things as she turned to Jeff and kissed him. Seeing that, I kissed Sue while Kathy kissed Dave. After kissing one person, then Julie turned and kissed me, Sue kissed Dave, and Kathy kissed Jeff. We kept this up for a while alternating the person next to us that we were kissing. It was Kathy that said, “While I’m enjoying this, I think it’s time for lunch. Anyone with me?” Everyone assented their agreement. We broke our circle and the ladies started heading to our chairs. The men each held back as the activity that had been taking place left each of us somewhat erect. Once each of us were able, we went up the beach was well. We didn’t bother getting dressed to go to the restaurant, but instead each of us wrapped towels around themselves so that we could go the restaurant. Over lunch we were all laughing and having a good time. A few other couples in the restaurant commented that we must be the fun group. When we returned to the beach after lunch, we found two couples had taken the chairs next to Kathy and me. When we saw them, all of us said our hellos and welcome. Both of them were good-looking couples. The two couples introduced themselves as Cindy and Blake and April and Bill. From their towels we could tell that Cindy and Blake were from the Gem as we were, and that April and Bill were on the Oasis. They said that they met on the water taxi coming down to the beach. After we had been talking with the two new couples for a while, everyone felt that they were getting hot. Some of that from the weather and some from the anticipation while looking at the naked bodies before us. Sue was now next to Dave as she got up and said that she was going to go cool off and invited Dave to join her. Julie then got up and invited Jeff to come into the sea with her. Out of our original group that left Kathy and me. Kathy turned to the other two couples and asked them to come join our group as well. Now we ended up in the sea with our group growing from three couples to five. Of the two new couples, Cindy and Blake came into our circle without hesitation, while April and Bill were hesitant, though they did join us. While she had been somewhat reserved, April spoke up and said: “We have never done anything like this before. We have been nude in our hot tub and one time some friends joined us. Being nude on the beach in front of so many people is quite different. We said that on this cruise we would try new things and let loose. Guess this is definitely one way to let loose.” “We’re glad you joined, April. Bill too,” Cindy added. With that Cindy turned toward Bill, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. With that Dave, who was next to April, put his arm around her, pulled her close and turned to kiss her. At first April didn’t show too much reaction, but then she put her arms around his neck and started kissing more passionately. Following that, Kathy was in the arms of Jeff, Julie with Blake, Cindy with Bill, and I was kissing Sue. The feeling of Sue’s breasts on my chest with her nipples nice and hard was starting to get me erect. Her reaction to feeling me getting hard was to move her body more against me. Looking at the others we were pretty sure that everyone was doing the same, including April who was starting to let loose. Everyone did make sure that our actions were not too obvious so that anyone on the beach would be offended. Above the water it looked like several couples kissing and embracing, but under the water was quite a bit of activity. Sue reached down and grabbed hold of my cock. “Did I cause this?” she asked with a grin. “You get all the credit,” I replied. “Let’s find somewhere good for this,” Sue said. She kept her hand on my cock, lifted herself up and wrapped her legs around me and put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I wanted to savor this feeling and grabbed her ass so that I could lower her at a slow pace. When I was all the way inside her, she started to move up, but I held her in position for what seemed like a long time. Then I started moving in and out all while trying to keep our heads from showing too much action. Sue was squeezing my cock with her pussy that it was difficult to keep from cumming. We kept this up for a while, but finally as Sue started cumming I let loose and I came hard and pushed my cock as deep in her pussy as it would go. Sue pulled herself off my cock, gave me one more kiss and turned toward the others. Looking at them was a great sight as they all had enjoyed fucking someone new. We looked toward April who commented, “We wanted to let loose on this cruise but didn’t imagine anything this wild. I want to do this again.” Hearing April say that I moved over to her and felt her naked body against mine for the first time. I pulled her close to me and started kissing her. She responded with passionate kisses as well, letting me know of her mutual interest. Our bodies were close, and the feel of her naked body was getting me aroused quickly even though I had cum recently. Everyone else had moved over to new partners as well. Julie was now with Bill, Cindy with Jeff, Sue with Dave, and Kathy was with Blake. This started the action all over again. April had progressed out of her reluctance and took to stroking my cock shortly after we started kissing. “Looks like you’re trying several new things today,” I said. “Wish we had done this before!" April exclaimed. "Feels great to me and I’m turned-on watching Bill pleasure other women. I get the feeling that the rest of you have done this before.” “We have, and we know that Julie and Dave have as well. The four of us swapped last night in their cabin on the ship,” I explained. Her actions got my cock hard in short order. As soon as I was hard, April climbed on me with her legs around me and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I tried to go slower as I did with Sue, but April was not going to have that and dropped down and slid my cock all the way into her. She really knew how to move back and forth and squeezing my cock with her pussy. For the 2nd time today, I was doing everything I could to keep from cumming to make this last. We looked over at the others and could see that everyone was looking around. You could not tell from the movements above the water that five couples were fucking under the water. Fortunately, I held off cumming until April started cumming. She grabbed me tight, and her body tensed as she came. As she did, I then let loose with my cum enjoying the two of us cumming together. April lifted herself off my cock but stayed right in front of me. We shared one more kiss and then she turned around to face the others. Everyone else had already cum and the ladies were in front of the men facing the middle as well. Turned out that April and I were the last to cum. Dave looked toward shore and saw a clock indicating it was just before 3 p.m. While we didn’t want this time to end, we need to be on the water taxi at 3:30 p.m. to get back to the ship in time. “I hate to sound like the spoiler, but we need to get going.” Jeff added, “Think you ladies go ahead and go first as I know at least one of us needs a little time before walking out of the water.” “I second that, Jeff,” added Bill. Watching the five ladies walking nude out of the water next to one another was a wonderful sight to see. Jeff started walking out of the water as well so I presume the other’s erections had subsided as mine had. The ladies dried off but did not get dressed yet. Julie told us, “We want to get pictures before we leave. Is that something any of you would rather not do?” The silence affirmed their agreement. I went to find someone on the beach and asked her to take pictures of us. We used our camera so save time and I let everyone know I will email the pictures to them. “All of you were pretty discreet out there, but do I presume that there was quite a bit of activity going on under the water?” asked the woman taking the pictures. “Yes, that is what was happening,” I replied. “I would have loved to have joined you if I had known. My husband dozen off, but I would awaken him to come join you,” she replied. “Wish you had. There’s always room for more. Hope we see you again on the ship,” I told her. She took numerous pictures of all of us. We got into all different combinations of couples to make it more interesting. “Thanks for taking the pictures for us. I see you are on the same ship as we are from the color of your towel. We’ll look for you on the ship. I’m Steve and my wife is Kathy,” he said, pointing to her. "This is Julie and Dave, also from our ship, and now we have met Cindy and Blake,”while pointing to each of them. “I’ll be looking for you,” she replied. The ten of us got dressed, walked through the restaurant and left for the water taxi. As we walked along, we were in non-spousal couples. It was only about a 15-minute walk along the beach past the resort to where the water taxi docked. As we walked by, I was thinking “if they only knew what the 10 of us just did.” We got to the water taxi dock only 5 minutes before its scheduled departure. We were the first ones there, but just before departure another couple showed up. We all boarded the boat and Sue who had been walking with Dave, went up to the captain and asked if it was ok if we got nude for the trip. At the same time, Dave went to the other couple and asked, “We have all been nude on the beach all day and would like to be nude for the water taxi ride. Would you two mind?” “Not at all. Think we will join you. Wish that we had known of where you could get nude on the beach, and we would have been there,” said the woman of this new couple. Dave looked to Sue and gave a nod that it was ok with the other couple that joined us. With that they dropped their clothes and seeing them do that the rest of us did the same. It was a great sight to see 12 naked people on the boat with only the captain and the deck hand the only ones clothed. The girls, including the newcomer all got together and got pictures taken with the captain. I also asked the captain for his phone and got a picture of the six girls nude with him. Left it with him whether he shared that picture or kept it to himself. Kathy and I went to the new couple and introduced ourselves. They in turn said, “Nice to join you today. We’re Carol and Jim,” the woman said. “We see that you’re also from the Gem as we can tell from your towels” The feel of the wind and the sun on our naked bodies felt wonderful. All of us kept it from becoming sexual which took a lot of self-control. Before not too long the captain said we were approaching the dock and we would need to put our clothes back on. “Since we are on different ships, let’s stop at the bar on the way to the ship and exchange contact information," Dave said. “Sure, we’ll see you sometime on the ship. We’re going to go get dinner reservations secured,” Carol let us know as they went down the dock to the Gem. The rest of us stopped at a little bar that was right on the dock and ordered their rum special drink of the day. As we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses we found out where everyone was from. With the variety of locations, we could travel about anywhere and meet up with one of the other couples. Julie turned to Cindy and said: “We have a large balcony which makes a great place to watch as we depart. Being it is private allows us to be nude out there. Come join us. It’s cabin 1425.” “Sounds great. We’ll be there in a half hour,” Cindy replied. It was time to get going, so the ten of us walked down to board our respective ships. With two couples on one ship and three on the other, we said our goodbyes with one final kiss for those who we would not see again on the cruise. We went to our cabin to drop our bags have a quick shower to rinse off the salt water and change our clothes. Though we knew that whatever we put on would soon be coming off as soon as we were in Julie and Dave’s cabin. We stopped by the bar and picked up enough beers for all of us and headed up to 1425. Knocking on the door to their cabin, we were this time greeted by a fully nude Dave. “Welcome, come on in.” I gave Dave a handshake while Kathy reached out and took his cock in her hand like a handshake. We entered and didn’t get more than a few feet in the cabin when Dave came up behind Kathy and started removing what few clothes she had on. I dropped my own clothes and went to join an equally nude Julie on the balcony. I came up behind Julie, put my arms around her and caressed her breasts. She responded with a contented sound and leaned back into my arms. We had been there only a few minutes when there was a knock on the door. Dave opened the door to find Cindy and Blake there. “We see the party is already started!” Cindy commented as they saw both Kathy and Dave nude in the cabin. “It is now that you two are here,” Kathy replied. Dave started to help Cindy out of her clothes, but she beat him to it and was naked in a matter of a few seconds. The four of them came out on the balcony and joined Julie and me. “This is quite the cabin that you have. So much room, a big balcony and even your own hot tub. Wow” “We received this upgrade as this is our 20th cruise on this line,” Dave responded. The six of us came over to the railing so that we could look over at the Oasis. There were quite a few people on their balconies of the ship looking over our way. About six of the balconies had nude people. Looking over at those out on the Oasis, Julie noted: “I think that is April and Bill with Sue and Jeff on that balcony two decks below the top and in the middle.” “I’m going to get a picture of them and send it,” I said. I zoomed in for the picture and sure enough it was them. After taking the picture I went and got the contact information in my shorts in the cabin. I texted the picture to them and in a matter of minutes had a reply. In the reply was a picture of the six of us nude on the balcony. The Oasis started pulling away from the dock, so we waved to them. We especially enjoyed seeing April and Bill with Sue and Jeff as the ship started to head out. We’re sure the four of them are going to have a fun evening and a great day on St. Martin with going to Orient Beach. Like last night, I brought the music and speaker along so we had soft jazz playing in the background. Cindy started moving to the music, so I reached out, took her in my arms and started dancing with her. The others saw what we were doing and soon Blake reached out for Julie and Dave took Kathy into his arms. At the end of the first song, Julie said, “Switch partners.” We moved away from who we were dancing with and went to another, but not our spouse. Dave came to Cindy, Blake went to Kathy, and I went to Julie. “We have been so busy with others today that this is the first time today being with you,” I said to Julie. “After yesterday and last night I was looking forward to you.” “Me too. Yesterday was great and I look forward to more,” Julie replied. The song ended and one more time to switch. This time brought us to our spouses. I felt good to have Kathy in my arms. “Are you having a good time?” I asked Kathy. “Most definitely,” she replied. “It’s been a great sensual day.” We danced the song with our spouses and then came the end of the song and we moved back to who we started with here on the balcony. In the midst of our activity, we didn’t realize that the ship had left the dock so now no one could see into the balcony from off the ship. By now each of us men were definitely showing some arousal (who wouldn’t with dancing with three naked women?) but no one was fully erect. I started dancing with Cindy again, but she had a different idea as she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started giving me head. The other ladies saw this and followed suit. Kathy was with Dave, and Julie was with Blake. Cindy had fantastic technique. I have only received good head a few times in my life, and this was one of them. I reached down and held her head as she took me in and out so fast that I thought I would come too soon. “Slow it down a little, please. I want to last as long as I can!” I pleaded. With that Cindy slowed a little but it felt so very good. Then it was the end of the song, they moved to another man. Now I had Julie dropping to her knees and taking my cock in her mouth. I remained fully erect after the expert cock-sucking I received from Cindy. Looking over at Dave he was now enjoying Cindy’s cock-sucking and Blake was making sounds like he was about to come from what Kathy was doing for him. That was as much as Blake could hold out as he pulled out of Kathy’s mouth and came on her chest. That triggered Dave and soon me as we both came from the attention that the ladies gave us. The song ended and now time to change again. This time would take us to our spouse. Instead of them giving us head we just got close to them and let all of them know how much we appreciated what they did for us. One more time the song ended so I went to Cindy and led her to one of the lounge chairs and invited her to lay down. She knew in an instant what was in store. Blake did the same with Julie and the other lounge. As there were only the two lounge chairs, Dave took Kathy by the hand and led her inside to the bed. Cindy spread her legs allowing me to move right in and start licking her bare pussy. I got down and started with slow licks on both of her pussy lips. There was still some cum in her pussy from the two fucks she had on the beach earlier. She started moving her pussy a little right away letting me know she was enjoying it. I added to what I was doing by caressing her pussy lips with my finger while I licked. Not sure if I could make her come before the end of the song, but I tried to see how close she would make it. The sounds Cindy was making it did sound like she was very close to orgasm. Then the song ended and time to move to the next lady. Before I moved on, I moved up to give Cindy a kiss. My now-resurrected cock was right at the entrance of her now very wet pussy. I put the head in a little but pulled out saying, “I’ll be back soon.” Now I moved on to Julie and was back at the pussy that I ate just last night. This time she was a lot wetter from the two fucks on the beach and the pussy eating she just received form Blake. Fortunately, he left her right on the verge of cumming so with a little licking of her clit with my tongue and caressing her pussy lips with my finger Julie was cumming even stronger than I remember from last night. She kept cumming right up to the end of the song. We could hear Cindy on the lounge next to us cumming and could hear Kathy with her cum from inside. Wonderful hearing each of them enjoy so much. We went to our spouses who even though they had all just cum they were ready for some more. It was more comfortable in the bed with Kathy as I dove in and started eating that familiar pussy. She re-started her cum and kept up almost to the end of the song. With the next change, this was what we had been leading up to the whole time. All of the guys had erections that were pointing straight up as we moved over to the lady we would be with next. There was no need for any foreplay as that is what we had been doing since we got here. Cindy had her legs wide open as I came up to her, I moved up her body and in one motion slid my cock all the way into her pussy. I just held all the way in her for a few seconds as we both enjoyed the feeling. Then it was no longer time to go slow, I started moving in and out of her pussy, picking up the pace as I went. Cindy was meeting me stroke for stroke and picking up the pace even more. She hollered: “Fuck me hard, keep that cock pounding in my cunt!” I love it when a woman talks like that while we’re fucking. It fuels me and makes me go even faster and harder. I held out as long as I could but when Cindy started cumming I gave one more hard push and had another powerful cum deep in her pussy. Looking over at Julie and Blake and they were right behind us in cumming. Hearing the sounds from inside it sounded like Kathy and Dave had a most enjoyed cum as well. With all of us guys having just come, we needed a little time to “reload.” Dave suggested that we take a break and have something to drink. “Sounds like a good idea,” Blake added. We didn’t say much but did a lot of looking at one another with lots of smiles. I went over to Julie who was leaning against the railing and just got close to her. “I’m looking forward to what’s next," I said. "After last night with you and Dave, we both wanted to be with you both again. Hearing what came from Kathy and Dave it sounds like they enjoyed one another just like last time.” “I’m looking forward to you as well," Julie said. "We too talked about last night and were glad when we found you and Kathy at breakfast this morning.” Just thinking about fucking Julie again was starting to get me erect. I cannot believe how many times I have gotten hard today. Seeing that I was starting to stir, Julie reached down and started stroking my cock nice and slow. That did the trick and soon I was very hard in anticipation of fucking Julie. “Let’s go take a place on the bed. It will be more comfortable.” With that Julie reached for my hand and led me inside. We got on the bed laying next to one another. There was no need to stroke my cock as I remained ready. Not that I had any doubt, but I reached down to her shaved pussy and found her so very wet. I moved over and got in-between her legs and crawled up to where I could kiss her with my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Just like last night, I put just the head of my cock in her and held it there for a moment. After savoring that, I was slowing sliding into her. She started bucking her hips quickly and met her pace pounding her pussy. We were so caught up in our fucking that we didn’t notice that the others had joined us. The others didn’t need to go to any foreplay either. Dave and Cindy were next to us with Kathy and Blake next to them. The guys got between the open invitation they were receiving and slid their cocks in them to the hilt on the first stroke. The ladies were laying close enough that they were touching. Soon they were caressing each other’s breasts while we were fucking them. As good as three guys could do from the sounds of the others, we were all trying to cum at the same time. We were all on the verge when we heard first Kathy followed by Julie and Cindy start cumming. That was all it took, and we were cumming in them as hard as we could. After cumming, all of us guys rolled over next to the woman they were with. While the bed was big it still was a little cozy with six people. We did manage to lay in so that it was boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl. Thinking of all the sexual activity that we had for the day brought a great feeling. After we had laid on the bed for a while, recovering from all the sexual pleasure we had just shared, Cindy spoke up: “As much as I could stay like this, I’m ready to get some dinner.” “I second that,” Dave replied. We got up from the tangle of nude bodies on the bed. Cindy and Blake and Kathy and I reluctantly got dressed while Julie and Dave remained nude to say goodbye. “Let’s say we’ll meet at the main dining room at 7 p.m.?” Julie asked. We all agreed and the two of us couples left the room to head back to our cabins. Once in our cabin, our clothes once again came off and I had Kathy in my arms kissing passionately. “That was so hot today watching you with four different men." I said. "I enjoyed what I was doing too but it made it especially great to watch you.” “It was a lot of fun for me too,” Kathy smiled. Kathy went in the shower first while I went out on the balcony and enjoyed the view even though no land was in sight. I got my turn in the shower and when I came out Kathy remained nude and was now out on the balcony herself. “As much as I enjoy the sight of you naked out here, we need to get down to meet our friends for dinner,” I said. Kathy put on a pair of shorts and an aloha print blouse. She skipped the bra which she often does. I put on a pair of shorts and an aloha shirt and then we headed out the door. At the dining room, Cindy and Blake were there waiting. A minute later along came Julie and Dave. “We would like a table for the six of us, please,” Blake asked. “You can be seated at an 8-top right now," the host explained. "If we have two people looking for a table, is it alright to have them join you?” “Sure, that will be fine,” Blake replied. We had been at the table just a few minutes when the host brought a couple to our table. Dave got up and motioned that they were most welcome to join us. As they sat down, the man introduced them: “Hi, I’m Larry, and this is my wife, Tina.” Dave introduced all of us. “We take it that the six of you know one another?” Larry asked. “We met Kathy and Steve yesterday on the way to Orient Beach and then met Cindy and Blake on St. Kitts today,” Dave replied. “Orient Beach, huh? We heard about that. Thought about going there, but we have not been to a place like there and not sure what it would be like,” Tina said. “Just like any other beach, other than most of the people were nude,” Julie replied. “It does sound intriguing," Tina admitted. "Are there any other nude beaches on the other islands we are going to?” “Not that we have heard of. But then again, we didn’t know that we would find a nude beach on St. Kitts,” I added. Throughout dinner the eight of us had a great time talking and laughing. We talked about just about anything and everyone had plenty to share with the rest of us. Tina and Larry asked about nude beaches and what we have experienced. The more we filled them in, the more interested they became. We didn’t talk about the sexual activity at the beach or on the balcony as that would have been too much for them right away. If that comes about that is great, but for now, we want ease into something new. We had finished dinner but remained at the table continuing our conversation. The host came by and let us know, “We need your table for others coming in for the late dinner seating.” “Let’s adjourn to the observation lounge. Cannot see much since it’s dark and we’re away from land. They do have some nice music there,” Dave suggested. The rest of us agreed and soon the now eight of us were heading to the observation lounge. At the lounge we found a crescent-shaped booth with small tables. That gave room so that no matter where you were sitting it would be easy to get up. After getting drinks and continuing our conversation, Blake came over and asked Kathy to dance. Following them, I went to Julie and invited her to join me on the dance floor. That left Dave and Cindy. They didn’t want Tina and Larry to be left there, so the two of them moved down in the seating so that all four were close together. We kept up the conversation and dancing with our spouses and others for more than an hour. Even Larry got up and asked Kathy to dance and Dave invited Tina. We’re curious where this may lead. It was getting late and all of us were ready to turn-in for the night especially since we had plenty of activity earlier. It took a while to leave as each of us gave hugs to the others, including Tina and Larry and also between the girls. When we got back to our cabin the daily activity schedule was on the bed along with the towel animal that they do each night. On another note left on the bed informed us, unfortunately the ship would not be making a port call tomorrow at Antigua. We’re sure we’ll find a way to occupy our day on the ship tomorrow.
  7. In 1982, after a few years of looking, one night before going out she asked me, "Do you still want to share me with another man?" I replied "Of course". When we got to the night club she said, "Give me 20 minutes before you go in, I'll be more likely to get hit on if I am alone." I entered, and there she was sitting at the bar with a young college boy. His name was Steve. When she introduced me to him, he said "You didn't tell me that you are married." She said "Does that really matter?" I knew then, that tonight, it was finally going to happen. She teased him relentlessly. She had on a red dress with no bra. It had a plunging V between her breasts, and the sides were wide open from her arm pits to her waist. He could see the entire side of her tit and her nipple was plainly visible. They got up and danced to a fast rock song, her dress slipped from off one shoulder, then the other, exposing her entire upper torso above her waist. She danced and her shapely 36c breasts swayed to and fro, for the entire nightclub to see. After a minute or so she slowly raised her dress back onto her shoulders. Then they returned to the bar, she said, "I'm hot, come on boys, take me for a ride." I drove, and Steve directed me to a secluded spot, out in the country. He was in the backseat with her, and was rubbing her breasts. When we arrived, I joined them in the back of the van. Steve and I lowered her dress. I sucked on her right tit as he did the same to her left one. She was rubbing his cock thru his pants, when she blurted out. "Oh, that's a nice one." His hand was all the way up her legs under the dress and he was fingering her pussy thru her panty hose. Then she arose, and removed her dress and hose and said, "Sorry honey, guests go first." She laid down and spread her legs, exposing her hairy cunt for his pleasure, and hers. Steve unbuckled and exposed his manhood. He was about 6"+ inches long, but his cock was really fat. Karen winced as the girth of his cock split her labia apart and drove all the way into her. As he was humping her it occurred to me that we never discussed whether she would let another man cum in her, but knowing her, I was sure she would. She had an IUD so she was protected from pregnancy. I could see Steve tense up and he plunged all the way inside of her as he grunted his orgasm. When he got off of her, I couldn't believe what I saw, his spunk was gushing out of her, and left a big puddle of his semen on the car floor. It was now my turn to mount her. I stuck my 7-1/2-inch very skinny cock into her. I couldn't believe the sensation. Her cunt was red hot from the friction of his cock rubbing against her vaginal wall. I slid right in because his slimy cum had lubricating her normally very dry passage. I didn't last long because of the feeling of her used pussy. I came and added my semen to his. We went back to the club to have one last drink. As she stood there, she told me it was time to go home, because cum was running down her leg, and was visible to others. it was obvious she had sex with the two of us, and where our semen was deposited. Now I have to say, after numerous encounters, a few times after having sex with a guy, and him cumming in her, as I laid there she would pass her used cunt over my face to show me what she had done. I couldn't bring myself to put my tongue on her just used pussy, although I'm sure she would have loved it if i would clean her, and I'm sure she was giving me a hint. But no. I didn't desire another man's cum in my mouth, but sloppy seconds and another man's semen on my cock, didn't bother me. My wife dislikes condoms, and hates facials or the mess of cumming on her breasts or stomach. She gets most of her satisfaction from a man ejaculating inside her. It has been medically proven that when a man cums in a woman, the hormones from his semen are absorbed thru the vaginal walls into her bloodstream. The result of this is a euphoric feeling of relaxation for the woman. Ever notice how a woman, who has just been inseminated, will lay there in a daze or goes to sleep? I have read that a man's DNA can be found in the woman's body afterwards. So if you are sharing your wife for her pleasure, being inseminated by the bull is I know what my wife desires, and very likely yours.
  8. In 1982, after a few years of looking, one night before going out she asked me, "Do you still want to share me with another man?" I replied "Of course". When we got to the night club she said, "Give me 20 minutes before you go in, I'll be more likely to get hit on if I am alone." I entered, and there she was sitting at the bar with a young college boy. His name was Steve. When she introduced me to him, he said "You didn't tell me that you are married." She said "Does that really matter?" I knew then, that tonight, it was finally going to happen. She teased him relentlessly. She had on a red dress with no bra. It had a plunging V between her breasts, and the sides were wide open from her arm pits to her waist. He could see the entire side of her tit and her nipple was plainly visible. They got up and danced to a fast rock song, her dress slipped from off one shoulder, then the other, exposing her entire upper torso above her waist. She danced and her shapely 36c breasts swayed to and fro, for the entire nightclub to see. After a minute or so she slowly raised her dress back onto her shoulders. Then they returned to the bar, she said, "I'm hot, come on boys, take me for a ride." I drove, and Steve directed me to a secluded spot, out in the country. He was in the backseat with her, and was rubbing her breasts. When we arrived, I joined them in the back of the van. Steve and I lowered her dress. I sucked on her right tit as he did the same to her left one. She was rubbing his cock thru his pants, when she blurted out. "Oh, that's a nice one." His hand was all the way up her legs under the dress and he was fingering her pussy thru her panty hose. Then she arose, and removed her dress and hose and said, "Sorry honey, guests go first." She laid down and spread her legs, exposing her hairy cunt for his pleasure, and hers. Steve unbuckled and exposed his manhood. He was about 6"+ inches long, but his cock was really fat. Karen winced as the girth of his cock split her labia apart and drove all the way into her. As he was humping her it occurred to me that we never discussed whether she would let another man cum in her, but knowing her, I was sure she would. She had an IUD so she was protected from pregnancy. I could see Steve tense up and he plunged all the way inside of her as he grunted his orgasm. When he got off of her, I couldn't believe what I saw, his spunk was gushing out of her, and left a big puddle of his semen on the car floor. It was now my turn to mount her. I stuck my 7-1/2-inch very skinny cock into her. I couldn't believe the sensation. Her cunt was red hot from the friction of his cock rubbing against her vaginal wall. I slid right in because his slimy cum had lubricating her normally very dry passage. I didn't last long because of the feeling of her used pussy. I came and added my semen to his. We went back to the club to have one last drink. As she stood there, she told me it was time to go home, because cum was running down her leg, and was visible to others. it was obvious she had sex with the two of us, and where our semen was deposited. Now I have to say, after numerous encounters, a few times after having sex with a guy, and him cumming in her, as I laid there she would pass her used cunt over my face to show me what she had done. I couldn't bring myself to put my tongue on her just used pussy, although I'm sure she would have loved it if i would clean her, and I'm sure she was giving me a hint. But no. I didn't desire another man's cum in my mouth, but sloppy seconds and another man's semen on my cock, didn't bother me. My wife dislikes condoms, and hates facials or the mess of cumming on her breasts or stomach. She gets most of her satisfaction from a man ejaculating inside her. It has been medically proven that when a man cums in a woman, the hormones from his semen are absorbed thru the vaginal walls into her bloodstream. The result of this is a euphoric feeling of relaxation for the woman. Ever notice how a woman, who has just been inseminated, will lay there in a daze or goes to sleep? I have read that a man's DNA can be found in the woman's body afterwards. So if you are sharing your wife for her pleasure, being inseminated by the bull is I know what my wife desires, and very likely yours.
  9. We arrived in San Juan to take our 3rd Caribbean cruise. After an overnight flight to Newark, we flew another 4 hours to San Juan. Once we arrived, we headed directly to the ship as we were most anxious to board the ship. After taking a short snooze, it was time to look around the ship for a while before the mandatory lifeboat drill. Once the drill was over, we headed to the top deck for the departure from San Juan. It was a nice moderate day, so it was most enjoyable to be in the sun on the top deck for the departure. There was a band playing, adding to the festivities of the departure. We went to the bar and ordered a couple of beers and then went over to find a place along the railing as the ship was starting to pull away from the dock. That first evening we went to the buffet on the upper deck for dinner. After dinner, we got a glass of wine and then walked around the ship checking out the different entertainment bars. We found one with some good soft jazz that we stayed for a while but then headed to bed as the lack of sleep on the flight the night before was catching up to us. The next morning the port-of-call was St. Martin/San Maarten. We had been there on both of our prior Caribbean cruises. Both of those times we had rented a 4-wheel drive vehicle and toured the island before ending up at Orient Beach, the well-known clothing-optional beach. This time we decided that we were just going to go to Orient Beach for the day. We went and got a couple of beach towels from up on the pool deck and then went down to the departure deck to go ashore. Passing the gate that served as customs, we found a line for taxis that, while a little longer, seemed to be moving well. After standing in line for a few minutes, a couple about our age got in line behind us. The lady asked us, "The towels give it away that you are going to the beach. Which beach are you heading to?" "We're heading to Orient Beach. Been there on both of our prior Caribbean cruises. The previous times here we rented a vehicle to tour the island as well as going to the beach. This time we just want to spend as much time at the beach as possible." "That's where we're heading as well. We too have been here before and enjoyed the day at the beach. Would you like to share a taxi with us?" I looked at my wife Kathy to see if she was okay with that, and she silently nodded to let me know that was fine with her. I replied to them, "Sure, that would be great. Just so we're not riding with strangers, I'm Steve, and my wife is Kathy." The other lady replied, "Nice to meet you. I'm Julie, and my husband is Dave. We're from the Seattle area." "We're from the general area as we live in the Portland area. Did you two fly in just in time for the cruise as we did? We took an overnight flight from Portland to Newark and then another four hours to San Juan." "We came in yesterday so that we adjusted to the time zone a little bit before the cruise left." Julie and Dave looked to be about our age and in pretty good shape as well. That made us glad that we had been exercising regularly ourselves. I must admit that I looked a little closer at Julie, and not only did she have smaller breasts but that she had an all-natural look as well. It came up that we were at the front of the line for the next taxi. One pulled up, and as we walked to the doors, Dave said that he would take the front seat. I withheld comment as I sure didn't mind being in the back seat with the two ladies. The drive to the beach didn't take too long. As we got out, I said that I would pay for the taxi in this direction. Dave added that he would pay for the return. The driver asked "if he could arrange to pick us up." We said, That would be great." We walked down to the beach, and it was already unspoken that we were hanging out together and went to look for four chaise lounges together. Turns out that there were four together near one of the restaurants. An attendant came up to us and let us know the cost was $10 each, including umbrellas and the restroom use at the restaurant. If we ate lunch at the restaurant, we would receive a $5 credit for each of us. We agreed and paid the attendant. The beach was quite full, and we recognized many of the same towels that we had, indicating they too had come from the cruise ship. While the beach is designated "Clothing Optional," probably ¾ of the people were fully nude. As we started to set our things down, I looked over at Julie and saw as she reached down and pulled the sundress she was wearing over her head and off. As she did, she was gloriously nude underneath. I looked toward her and, as I started pulling my shorts off, said, "Looks like you sure planned on not taking much time to fit in at the beach." "I didn't plan on needing to wear anything more," she replied. While everyone will say that the nude beach is not anything sexual, there sure is quite a bit of looking going on. I will admit that I was looking at Julie and admiring her 34b breasts and her fully shaved pussy. Very similar to what Dave will be seen as soon as Kathy pulls her clothes off. I did like seeing that Julie was looking lower than my eyes as she was talking to me. When Dave dropped his shorts, Karen was getting a good look at him as well. He looked somewhat well endowed. I was thinking that both ladies and both men were all very similar physically. As we laid there, the conversation was flowing very easily. We found out that they too have been married almost as long as we have been. He owns a contracting business installing and maintaining home alarm systems, and Julie is the manager for a food distribution company. We let them know that Kathy is a teacher and that I am a hotel manager. We asked them how long they have been going to nude beaches and the like? They said that it has been almost as long as they have been married. They heard about a nudist resort near Seattle, and after debating it a long time, they gave it a try. After then, they became members at the resort and went on as many weekends as they could. "We have since been to nude beaches in Florida, Jamaica, and Hawaii. We will go somewhat out of our way to go to a nude beach." Now that their kids have left home, they occasionally have friends that they met at the nudist resort over for nude parties at their home with the pool or hot tub as the focus. They have also been to Hedonism II in Jamaica, where they enjoyed being nude at all times except when in the restaurant. "Our experiences have some similarities," we explained. "Our first time was Little Makena nude beach in Maui. We lived in Maui at the time, and while in a bookstore on the mainland, Steve found a book about nude beaches. In looking through it, we found that we had a nude beach on Maui and gave it a try. After the first time there, we were going almost once a week. After moving to the mainland, we used to go to San Onofre nude beach in Orange County and then to a few different nudist resorts. We have also been to Hedo II and Grand Lido Braco." It was beginning to get warm even under the umbrella, so I told Kathy that I was going to go get in the sea to cool off. She said that she was going to join me. Dave said that they will wait until we come back so that someone is watching our belongings. We told them that we have a locking bag that we can lock to the chaise lounge chair to keep anything safe. Someone would need to take the lounge chair too if they were to take our things. We secured our belongings as well as Dave and Julie's and the two of us couples headed down to the water nude and hand-in-hand. The water felt so good after getting warm on the beach. We went in until the water was covering most of our bodies, but not too far as to cover the ladies' breasts. That is always a nice erotic sight to see breasts "floating" on the water. The four of us had been in the water for quite some time, and I was ready to get out. "Think I'm ready to get out. Feels like I am shriveling up." Julie replied, "Don't want that to happen." Soon the four of us were back on the chairs. I pointed out two couples not too far away from us. From seeing them talking with each other, it also appeared that they knew each other previously. When they got to their chairs, the men took off all their clothes right away while one of the ladies remained in a somewhat modest bikini and the other in a one-piece suit. A few times, the men had towels in their laps, and we couldn't help but think that they had gotten erections. The ladies then got up, and the one took off her top, and the other dropped her top. As soon as they did, the ladies ran into the water. When they came back to their chairs, the tops came back on. Finally, later, the two men got up, and the ladies stood with them. The ladies then not only took off their tops again but this time the bottoms as well. The four of them walked nude into the sea. When they came back to the chairs, they all remained fully nude. We could only imagine these are two couples who knew one another before coming on the cruise, and the ladies were reluctant for the other man to see them nude. More than half of the people on the beach had towels that came from one of the two cruise ships in port. How many of those people had been to nude beaches before, and how many were first-timers? There were a few couples in our vicinity with towels from our ship. Julie said to one of the couples with towels from our ship, "Know where you came from with that towel." The woman of the couple responded, "Kind of gives us away, doesn't it?" Before laying back on the lounge, we took a long walk down the beach as far as we could go nude. It has always been a turn-on for us to walk nude on the beach just like you would walk anywhere else with clothes on. When we got back, Julie and Dave went for a walk themselves. We both liked looking at them walking back, picturing us walking nude on the beach. A little into the afternoon, we were all feeling a little hungry. We went up to the restaurant that we got the chaise lounges we rented to use our $5 per person credit that they gave us. We took the bag with our belongings and towels to sit on. It was great that the four of us were sitting at the table, all nude. Orders were to be placed at the counter, so before ordering food, Dave and I went up and ordered beers for us. We brought the beers back to Julie and Kathy and sat back down as we looked over the limited but good-looking menu. Everyone chooses seafood items that were locally caught to enjoy something we don't necessarily get at home. The conversation continued at lunch with lots of laughter and more getting to know one another. After lunch, we went back to the lounges, and at one point, each of us took a post-lunch siesta. Waking up, it was quite warm, and all four of us went back into the sea to cool off. This time we were standing closer together. While in the Caribbean, the waves are not too big, but a larger one came in and knocked Julie over onto me, knocking both of us down. In the tumbling around underwater, my hand ended up on her breast. "Suppose you did that on purpose," Julie laughed. "I would have I could have," I replied. At that point, both Dave and Kathy figured out what had happened, and soon all four of us were laughing about it. I moved closer to Kathy and put my arm around her to make sure she was okay with what happened. She snuggled into me, so I figured that all was fine. Seeing the two of us closer like that, Dave and Julie did the same, and we watched as they turned and kissed one another. Kathy commented, "This has been quite an enjoyable day at the beach and especially with making new friends!" Dave replied, "We couldn't agree more!" Then while we were connected with our arms around our spouses, the four of us moved closer together. When we did, I put my other arm around Julie and saw that Dave was doing the same with Kathy. We all came together in a group hug (something similar happened many years ago, but that is another story). Then in an unspoken way, Kathy and I kissed while we could see that Dave and Julie were kissing as well. Then we each turned our heads, and Dave kissed Kathy, and I kissed Julie. It seemed quite natural to do. We probably held those kisses for a while longer than we should on a public beach. We looked at the time and realized that we needed to get going to meet our taxi ride back to the ship. I felt that my cock had become a little fuller but not enough that I should not go walking back on the nude beach. I took a glimpse at Dave and saw that he was in the same condition as we walked out of the water. Walking back to the lounge chairs, we gathered up our belongings and started walking down the beach without getting dressed just yet. The first stop was the beach shower to rinse the saltwater off. Each couple took their turns together sharing the shower. I enjoyed watching Julie under the shower with the water running down her naked body. While we would have liked to stay, it was time to get dressed and go catch the taxi. Our taxi was waiting, and I said I would get in front since Dave took that spot on the way down there. He stopped me and said that since he gets a little car sick, it would bet better if he rode up front again. Who am I to disagree with being able to sit in the back between the two ladies? The ride back was just as quick, but I moved as close to Julie as I could in the back seat. We departed the taxi at the dock and browsed the vendors that were set up there. One was selling rum, including one called "Big Black Dick." We have a bottle of that from a previous trip. As we were boarding the ship, we commented on what a nice day we had at the beach making new friends. Julie said, "We were upgraded to a large suite as this is our 20th time sailing on this cruise line. Why don't you come by, and we'll have our departure party as we depart the port?" "That would be great. Much better than with the crowds on the top deck. We'll go pick up some beers and come by your suite," I replied. "Wonderful. It's cabin 1425. See you soon," replied Dave. We went to our cabin to drop our things and change into shorts and aloha shirts. A quick stop by the bar to pick up some beers and then off to Dave and Julie's cabin as the ship would be departing soon. Their door had a doorbell as this was a suite. The door opened, and there stood a completely naked Julie. As we came in, she let us know, "We forgot to say about the No Clothes policy in our room." With a chuckle, Kathy said, "We are more than glad to comply with that." We took off the few clothes we had on and walked out to the balcony, where we found an equally naked Dave standing there. Kathy handed him a beer while I handed one to Julie. We toasted, "To making new friends, or should I say to make nude friends?" Stepping out on the balcony, their suite was on the same side of the ship as ours and was facing another ship that was in port that day. As we stood at the railing, anyone on the other ship looking our way would see the four of us and that we were nude. It didn't bother us as we would not know anyone on that ship. Looking at balconies on that ship, we could see about 10 balconies with nude people on them. On a couple of them were four people, and one must have about eight people. We waived, and others on the ship waving as well. We would like to think they were waving at us. Our ship left first, and as it was starting to move, we saw two more couples on one balcony get nude on their balcony. We would like to think they got the idea from us. Sure, we probably ended up in some people's vacation pictures. Their balcony was huge. It had room for 2 chaise lounges, a table with four chairs, and even a hot tub! Hope we get something like this when we take our 20th cruise. After the ship left port, there was not too much more to see as the island became more distant. We had brought our Bluetooth speaker to connect to our phone and play satellite radio that I was getting through the ship's Wi-Fi. We set the station to a soft jazz station that we like to listen to often. Julie commented, "Thanks for bringing that. That music helps set a very nice mood." We were all standing at railing with our arms around our respective spouses. I turned to Kathy and kissed her, and soon we were moving to the music. Soon Julie and Dave were doing the same. Though the balcony was quite spacious, we kept bumping into one another. That was not completely accidental. It wasn't long before they were dancing next to us with Dave next to Kathy and Julie next to me. They both reached out their arms to reach around each of us and pull us closer to them. As they did, both turned to us and kissed us. I let go of Kathy as Dave let go of Julie. We then turned to our new partners and started dancing. Dave chucked, "It seemed so quite natural." "Agreed," I replied. As I was holding Julie slow dancing while both of us were naked, I noted how many similarities between her and Kathy. Both about the same height, same in-share body, and small breasts, though Julie's were slightly larger. While it started innocent dancing (though it is not too innocent with dancing naked with someone other than spouse), it started becoming trying to touch as many body parts to one another as possible. I started to let my hands wander farther to see how much Julie was comfortable with. First, I reached down and had my hands on her butt, and she started mirroring and doing the same to me. Guess that was my answer to what she would be comfortable with. I used all the self-control I could find, but as usual, my cock had a mind of its own and kept getting a little harder as we danced. After a little bit of grabbing each other's butt, I just had to get my hands on her breasts though I was also enjoying feeling them on my chest. Once again, she kept up the mirroring and ran her hands on my chest as it was both of us making sure the other was comfortable with what we were doing. By this point, we were not doing too much dancing, and it would be considered more groping of each other to the music. I looked over at Kathy and Dave and could see his cock was starting to rise as they were feeling each other up as well. Though it didn't look like he needed any help, Kathy reached down and started to caress his cock. As his cock got bigger, it appeared that he was also 10" long and somewhat thick. Watching that, along with Julie's hands on me, my cock was now at full attention. That made it difficult to dance, but we had other things in mind by then anyway. When Julie reached for my cock, I reached for her pussy and found her to be as wet as any woman I have ever been with. Julie said softly in my ear, "Let's move over to the lounge. It will be more comfortable there." Along with everything else in the suite, even the lounge chairs were large. These were wide enough for two people to lay side-by-side. We laid down, and our hands returned to caressing each other all over. Julie's skin felt oh so nice and soft to touch. We looked over and saw the Dave and Kathy had done the same. Dave lifted his head, looked our way, and asked, "We want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with this." Julie and I answered almost simultaneously with, "Oh yes." Kathy responded with, "Does this answer your question?" With that, she pulled him down to her and started kissing him again. After a little more of our hands roaming all over and kissing almost constantly, I lifted a little and moved down the lounge chair. As I did, I motioned for Julie to roll over on her back. With that, she knew what was coming next and opened her legs for easy access. I got between her legs and licked my way down her body, starting at her breasts. When I was that far up, the head of my cock would brush against her pussy lips. When Julie would feel my cock at the entrance to her pussy, she would move her hips in such a way that could pull my cock into her. While I was pretty sure we would end up there, I had something else in mind at the moment. After licking her breasts, sucking her nice hard nipples, and down her body, I came to her pussy lips with my tongue. It was so nice that she was completely shaved, making eating her much better. I started with licking the edges of her pussy on both sides a little and then dove in on her clit. As I did, I caressed her pussy with my finger stimulating her even more. When I did, she started moaning and moving her pussy to meet each lick. I was concentrating on watching Julie, and her reactions, as I ate her, but I was also looking over at Kathy and Dave. By now, he was also going down on her eating her pussy which is something that she likes. It was wild watching both Julie and Kathy as they were both starting to reach their orgasms. Julie had a very intense cum and was quivering from it as she came back down a little. She reached down and put her hands on both sides of my head, and started to pull me up. I gave her pussy a few more licks and then started to move back up on the lounge chair. Staying between her legs, I kept moving up until I was up to where we were kissing again. Julie was reaching down for my cock, which at this point had been as hard as I could ever remember. As Julie grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy she said, "I want you to fuck me. I have been turned on all day, and now I need your big cock in me." Taking a quick look at Kathy and Dave, Kathy was cumming down from her orgasm. Knowing her, she would soon be wanting Dave to fuck her. With the head of my cock at Julie's pussy lips, I could have easily slid deep into her with one stroke as she was so wet by now. Instead, I teased a little and first put just the head of my cock in her and held it there. Then with as much as I could resist sliding deep into her, I gave her inch by inch of my cock ever so slowly until I was buried deep inside her. As I started moving in and out of her hot pussy, Julie started bucking her hips wildly and met each of my strokes, burying my cock deep into her each time. Looking briefly over at Kathy and Dave let us know that he had his cock buried deep inside Kathy. She kept saying, "Fuck me hard, Dave, just fuck me." I was enjoying fucking Julie so much; it took all that I could to keep from cumming. I could tell that she came again many times as we were fucking. Finally, I asked her, "Are you ready to cum with me?" "Oh yeah, I'm cumming now," she replied. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, oh yeah," I moaned as I came and came deep in Julie's pussy. Looking over at our spouses, they were about at the same place, but Dave kept pounding his cock into Kathy. Finally, we heard their sounds of pleasure as both of them came together. I pulled my cock out of Julie and laid on the lounge next to her. We snuggled each other for a few minutes, and after Dave and Kathy both came back down, we got up and went over to them. The two of them got up off the lounge and came to Julie and me with each of us hugging our spouses. "Wonder if we had anyone listening in?" I asked. "The cabins on both sides are not occupied. We don't know about above or below." Dave replied. At this point, we were all feeling quite hungry from the activity. "Thank you both for a wonderful time together today. This has been wonderful," Kathy said as she first hugged Dave and then Julie. "I agree," I said as I hugged Julie and gave a strong handshake to Dave. "We both enjoyed our day and getting to know both of you as well," Julie replied. "Hopefully, we'll see you later this evening," Dave said as we headed toward the door. "Sure, we'll see you later," Kathy said. "We're going up to the buffet restaurant. Maybe see you there." Kathy and I went back to our cabin and immediately dropped our clothes. We went into each other's arms, kissed, and had our hands all over one another. It didn't take too much on Kathy's part, but soon my cock was as hard as it had been earlier. Kathy fell back on the bed, and I came right up between her legs, aimed my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and slid in her in one stroke. We both were so turned on by both the great sex we just had with Julie and Dave but also in watching each other. I find it a great turn-on to fuck Kathy when her pussy is full of someone else's cum. While this was not our first time with others, it was the best we both have had. After the quick fuck back in our room, we got into the shower to get cleaned up and then to head to dinner. Though I would have liked to have the smell of sex linger to remind me of today's activity, it was probably best to clean up before going out. We looked for Julie and Dave in the buffet restaurant when we went in but did not see them. Since we were hungry, we went ahead and ate on our own. After dinner, as we were heading out, we saw Julie and Dave just coming in. They said it took a while as they had an encore in their room before getting cleaned up and coming to dinner. One of the lounges had some good dance music, so we let Julie and Dave know that we were heading there if they cared to join us. At the lounge, we were fortunate enough to find a table for four in case Julie and Dave joined us. Sure, enough not long after we got there, they came and joined us. It was interesting to see the reactions of a few others as I kissed Julie and Kathy kissed Dave in more than a friendly kiss when they arrived and sat at the table. Throughout the rest of the evening, we took turns in who we danced with. Nothing as erotic as took place earlier, but quite enjoyable all the same. The four of us stayed in the lounge for a few hours but then decided to call it a night and head back to our cabins. We left the lounge together and went to take the elevator to our respective decks. Our deck came first, so we turned and gave them a goodnight kiss saying, "See you tomorrow." We went to bed that night thoroughly satisfied and looking forward to tomorrow. Read what happens next at Caribbean Cruise - Day 2
  10. In the early 80s my wife and I were very active swinging with friends. We were looking at personal’s one night and saw an ad for photos. We contacted this guy because we wanted some nude photos of my wife done well, not Polaroid. After a few sexy phone calls we decided to me him at restaurant to see if this was not a scam. He was kinda goofy but a nice guy so we went to hot tub rental place and rented a room. He set up his equipment and we all got naked and got in tub. We were younger then but the wife still had 36d and a beautiful pussy and killer body. I noticed as did she that he had a huge cock. So after some titty touching and kissing, we wanted to start the shoot. I had to pee so I went to restroom in my towel. When I got back the door was locked of course and when I got in I noticed the couch/bed was wet. By now Paul was messing with camera and my wife was fixing her hair for the shoot. But Paul had a raging hard on and they both were very quiet. He took a lot of photos and told me to jump in a few, so I did. In one shot she was acting like she was going to suck my dick so I told him to make the same pose with him and her. They did but she grabbed him and was stroking it!!!!! Instant hard-on for me. Our hour was up so we got dressed and left. He later sent us the pictures and after we got them the wife admitted she had sucked his duck and had a quick fuck while I was in bathroom ?????
  11. MenPoundMyWife

    She Met a Dom!

    My wife has recently fallen in love with the BDSM world. She wants to be dominated by an alpha man. She tells me she cannot have her husband be that type of Dom, because of our day-to-day relationship. She was craving a true DOM who she could visit at his place/hotel and be his bitch. She found a guy on Tinder and met with him for drinks. He ordered for her, told her where and how to sit. He took total control during the date night and eventually "told her" that she was going to his place. She was thrilled and obliged. He was groping her on the way to his place and told her the rules about addressing him as Sir and she was his bitch. She belonged to him until she left. She was thrilled and sent me a few texts summarizing much of this. When they got to his place, he grabbed her the moment the door closed, he ripped up her dress (literally), and told her she had been a bad girl. She asked to be punished. He grabbed her by the hair, told her that he will go to his bedroom and she is to follow him on all fours. She obliged, crawling behind him naked (thong and heels still on). He then tapped the bed and told her to get on and stay on all fours. He emerged few minutes later with his "tools." She pointed to a whip, he got the hint and worked that whip on her ass for good 5 to 10 minutes. she loved the pain and pleasure. After that, he came around and shoved his dick in her mouth. She sucked on it for a few and then asked him to fuck her. He went around, she was still on all fours, he started fucking her doggystyle. She begged him for more, he gave it to her. He kept calling her filthy names, cunt, whore, what kind of married woman fucks stranger, how she's a slut...and so forth. She loved every bit of it. When he was done, he did not come inside her, he took off the condom and sprayed all over her face. She licked her lips. She cleaned his cock, he then ordered her to get up, clean up, and make the bed before she leaves, she did. Her dress was ripped up, he gave her a sweater that she could pretend was a dress. He did not allow her to shower there, I had asked her to not shower, she came home with dried cum all over her face, disheveled makeup and so forth all around. She called me as soon as she got in the car. I was dying with excitement and asked her to start talking while I was stroking my dick. She said it was everything we had fantasized about. She started to tell me piece by piece. She told me how she told him about my "mediocre" performance and how she needed to be fucked by someone like him. She said she loved every bit of it. Needless to say, she got his number and plans to call him time-to-time. I could taste his condom on her pussy and his cum on her face. I loved hearing how he was about a foot taller and his dick was an inch longer and much thicker and how he made her feel so full.
  12. My husband and I had hired two young college guys to clean our driveway. While they didn't do a good job, I sure did enjoy watching them work shirtless in the summer sun with their tight asses wiggling in their shorts. Maybe because they were lazy ass, or perhaps because they felt the appraising cock-hungry eyes of a woman old enough to be their mom on them all the time, they never came back. They had promised to do the pool deck, but Michael and I rented a pressure cleaner from Home Depot and tried to do it ourselves since they didn't. Wow, what a job that was! When we finished that dirty job, we took the machine back and came home for a swim to cool off and relax. As usual, we swam in the nude, utterly unaware that the people in the house behind us were having their roof repaired. Naturally, if we had looked up, we would have seen the two black men. Knowing they were there, we might have put on suits. I say "might" as we still enjoy shocking people with our nudity. Truth is, we are swingers, and exhibitionist swingers at that. Men looking at my full breasts, womanly hips, and full ass turns me on... a lot! We finished our swim and were relaxing on our chaise lounges and drying off. Suddenly, the two black guys came to our screen enclosure and asked if we wanted our roof checked for repairs since Hurricane Sally had just passed through not long ago? Michael told them no, that everything was fine and that he thanked them for the inquiry. He was smiling when he said that, as he knew they didn't want to take no for an answer. And, by the way they were trying to see over his shoulder while talking to him, they enjoyed looking at me in the nude. After teasing them for a bit with the "no thanks," Michael relented and told them he had changed his mind and let them in. The two black guys seemed a lot more interested in my heavy middle-aged tits and smoothly shaved pussy than any roof, that's for sure. They made the pretense of looking for damage, but seeing the tents in their torn shorts was all I needed to know what was really on their minds. Knowing they were hot for me made my already steamy pussy get damp. Nothing looked out of order, and they were about to leave when one of them, I think his name was Jalen, asked if they could use our outdoor shower to cool off from the roof work? Michael said, "Sure, you can even use my towel." Then he tossed it to Jalen, and Jalen took off his shorts and stepped under the shower completely nude. I pretended to innocently read my magazine. Really, behind my sunglasses, I was intently studying every tight muscle of Jalen's body, and especially that big black cock dangling between his legs. When Jalen finished, his friend also stripped and took a shower. If Jalen was big, his friend was huge. The thought of these two studs tag-teaming me made my pussy go from damp to creamy. I felt my nipples tighten into large nubs, and I knew they could see. Showers complete, neither of them bothered to put their shorts back on but brazenly came over and started talking to us like we were old friends, telling us how hot they got on the roof, etc. Even the cool shower hadn't harmed their erections. They continued to stare at my hard-nippled tits until I finally asked them just what it was they wanted? Their hard cocks made it obvious, but just for fun, I had to ask just to make them say it. Jalen smiled a brilliant smile and said he was pretty sure we all knew what the other was talking about! Was I interested? I could hardly keep a straight face as I assured them that I never had done anything like that and wouldn't know how to go about it, which was a total lie! With that, Michael disappeared inside, and I knew he was getting set up to watch the show. Since I knew that Michael was anxious and ready, I told them to follow me into the house where we could be more comfortable. This time I decided to tease Michael. Instead of taking them to the bedroom where he was waiting to watch, I took them into the family room. I leaned over the back of the couch, wiggled my plump white ass, and told Tyrone to show me he could handle pussy. It seemed he sure remembered as he licked my clit and tongued around my pussy, even working up to my tight asshole with his tongue a few times. He fingered me to get me ready, and then before I was really prepared, he sank his big black dick all the way into the base of his dick. I never got a good close-up look, but it seemed he was about 8 or 9 inches long and reasonably thick, so it was a good fuck. He pounded away while his friend was stroking his dick just inches from my face. I knew he wanted a blowjob, so I motioned him over and took his monster dick into my mouth and ran my lips all up and down his shaft before deep-throating him. About that time, Michael came into the room holding his camera. 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  13. My husband had taken a new job headquartered in a different state. We moved here not knowing a single soul within a 10-hour drive. As we were getting settled in, I met a woman who told me that her husband, like mine, was gone quite often for work, but he encouraged her to dance and have fun. I told her that we had just moved here and didn't know where to go for fun. Della asked what kind of fun? I wasn't sure how to take that, so I just replied, asking her what she did for fun? My jaw dropped when Della told me that she and her husband were discrete swingers and asked if we would be interested? I explained that, like most long-time married couples I suspect, the subject had come up, but we just weren't there yet. I just wasn't ready for having sex in front of others yet, but the thought did excite me. Della told me she understood, but how about I just come along with her the next time our husbands were away for work? No pressure to do anything; just be her wing woman. I hesitantly agreed. We met at a dance hall where Della knew most people there. She introduced me around and told me which ones she had been with and what they were like. Della told me about her experiences with lesbian sex, anal sex, sex with two men, sex with another woman and a man, and facials from multiple men. I told her that all of that was new to me and that I would not try anal sex or facials! An acquaintance of Della's named Allen sat with us. Della told him to show me his picture. He looked around and handed me a picture. It showed him sitting naked in a chair. He has the longest dick I ever saw on a white man! I gave it back to him, and he asked if I wanted it? I told him I might get in touch sometime. He wrote his name and phone number on the back of the picture and gave it to me. When he left, I asked Della how he was in bed? She said that she would have him and me over to her house soon, and I could see for myself. I was shocked! Here was a woman I just met inviting me over to watch her get naked and fuck a man right in front of me! The wet heat I suddenly felt between my legs though betrayed the truth - the idea turned me on immensely. When I got home, I told my husband what happened. We decided it was now or never, and I should take Della up on her offer. I showed the picture to my husband. He begged me to call Allen and set a date. He HAD to see me take that cock! I told him that we were moving too fast. I was not ready to have sex in front of somebody else yet. Della called in a couple of days and said that Allen would be bringing a friend to the dance hall Saturday and want to know if I would be there? I told her that I would talk to my husband and call her back. My husband told me he would be out of town for work then, but to go and have fun and to thank Della for him. Della and I met at the dance hall. Allen came in with his friend. His friend was a decent guy, although I wasn't as attracted to him as Allen. After a few hours of dancing, I could tell Della was hot and ready to fuck. Della suggested that we go to her house. I agreed and explained to her that I would go along with everything except sex. When we got there, Allen suggested that we play strip poker. I said that I would not get undressed in front of other people. Allen said that we could all stop with our underwear. I still did not want to, but Della said that panties and bras covered just as much as a bathing suit, and everybody would be doing the same, so I went along. The guys lost down to their shorts, and Della had only her bra and panties while I still had my stretch pants, bra, and panties. Della lost the next hand and went ahead and took off her bra. She was a voluptuous woman, and I could not keep from staring at her large soft breasts. We kept drinking, and I was relaxing too much! We just kept playing till I lost. I surprised myself and all of them by taking off my bra! Della walked over behind me and lifted my breasts, and said, "Why would ANYBODY want to hide titties as pretty as these?" I just smiled and shivered, both from the sudden coolness and also Della's soft hands as they softly slipped away from under my breasts. A fingertip on each hand ever so slightly tracing my nipples as she pulled away. I was done. The fire in my pussy was getting the best of me. I went ahead and took off my pants but was determined to stop there! Della reached over and took Allen's penis out, and walked him to the bedroom holding it. She shut the door and left Malcolm and me alone. I again told Malcolm that I would not have sex with either of them tonight; I wasn't ready for that. He said ok and asked if I wanted a back rub? I said ok if he would not pressure me to have sex. He agreed and pulled a blanket off the couch and laid me face down. He did a good job and asked if no sex meant no oral sex too? The fire between my legs from earlier was still there and made me hesitate. He knew he had me. I asked if he did it good? He said that I would never have had better! I asked what he would want if I said yes? He said that he would appreciate a hand job if I was willing. I said, ok, if he did real good on me. He rolled me over and went to work on my breasts. He pulled on them and sucked them until I almost came just from nipple stimulation. I couldn't believe that I was doing this with another man! He was rubbing my pussy and really had me going. I almost stopped him because I was afraid I would not tell him no to full intercourse. He eased his finger inside my panties and found my clit. I was not going to stop him from oral sex now! Malcolm took off my panties. I've always been shy about spreading my legs, thinking my pussy won't be pretty enough, or my scent won't be sexy enough. But tonight, all of that was gone. My legs just fell open in a deliciously lewd display of my sex. He put his hands under my butt and lifted me up. I felt his tongue on my pussy and started to lose track of everything! He lifted hard and opened my butt hole, and jammed his tongue in before I knew what happened. I had never heard of anybody doing anything like that!! I did not know how sensitive my butt hole was! I don't know how many climaxes I had, but when I settled down, Allen was there watching. He told Malcolm that it was time to swap, and Malcolm said, "NO WAY!" Malcolm raised me up and laid down by me. He put his penis in my hand. Allen kept watching with his long penis stuck out there. Malcolm's was as hard as a piece of steel! I felt quite comfortable having Allen watching me completely naked, jacking Malcolm off. I would even move around to give him a look at my breasts and pussy. I would open and close my legs like I did not know that he was there. Malcolm grabbed both of my breasts and squeezed real hard as he got ready to climax. Allen was hypnotized by the sight! Malcolm shot his load all over his belly. I said that I HAD to go, that I was already late. Allen came and toyed with my breasts while I tried to get dressed. When I finally got my shirt on, Allen grabbed my pussy and asked when he would get his turn? I told him that I would call him tomorrow. When I got home, I called my husband and told him what happened. He asked for a picture of my pussy, so I lay down on the bed and spread wide, took a picture, and texted it to him. He put the phone on speaker, and I could hear his hand on his cock jacking off as we traded dirty talk about how wet my pussy was. I told him that I was ready for him to be with me the next time I had sex with another guy. He told me to call Allen and let him know that it would be the three of us. I called and told him right then. He asked to talk to my husband and wanted to be sure that it was all right with him. We set it up for one week later.
  14. We weren't new to finding my wife a new fuck toy. We had enjoyed a threesome with a friend twice before. So when we decided it was time for another, we headed into the city to find her a new man. I directed her preparations, getting her dressed in a black, wrap-around dress, sheer black pantyhose, and high heels. She doesn't need a bra even though her breasts are very full. So naturally, we left that out. I had her lay back on our bed and spread her legs. I took a pair of scissors and carefully cut away the crotch of her pantyhose to expose her shaven pussy. Unable to help myself, I buried my face in there for a few minutes, just to get the heat going. We caught a cab into town and went to a fancy restaurant. With her beautiful long black hair, sparkling eyes, and smiling face, there she was, seeming so demure in this respectable place. I thought of her exposed pussy while we ate and discussed where to go looking for her extra man. We decided that a strip club would be a good place since the men would already be in the right frame of mind and less likely to be shocked by our intended proposal. It took us a few different clubs before we found one that seemed suitable, and we settled down to watch. As men moved around the club, I could see my wife checking them over, looking for one she liked. It didn't take long before she pointed out a man to me. He was sitting right in front of the catwalk watching the strippers perform, though I noticed him stealing glances at my wife from time to time. While it's not unheard of for couples to be in such a club, there were no other female customers here tonight, and I guess her presence was kind of obvious. I leaned over to her and whispered, "Why don't you let him see what he wants to see?" She smiled in that deliciously naughty way of hers. I felt myself growing hard as I watched her adjust the fold of her dress, so it parted nearly to her crotch. Then she slowly opened her legs so the guy (and any others looking, and they were looking) could see between her legs. Could see she was exposed. I looked at her eyes and saw she was looking straight at the guy she had picked. Not wanting to frighten him off, I didn't look at him immediately. Instead, I let my gaze wander slowly around the room, noticing a few smiles here and there as men noticed the new view. When I did look at the guy, he was still looking, as discreetly as he could manage, between her legs. I smiled to myself and knew we had our man. I asked my wife if I should be the one to approach him, and she thought that would work best, so I got up and slowly walked around the end of the catwalk and sat in a chair beside him. He knew where I had come from and got very nervous for a moment. He probably thought he was about to have a scene with the jealous husband of a flirtatious wife. However, I quickly put him at ease, said a friendly hello, and asked him if he thought my wife was attractive. He couldn't help stealing another glance at her still open legs. I was so turned on by the fact that she was still sitting this way, knowing that men were looking at her. She usually is very nervous about public places. I think the knowledge of what we were here for, a few drinks, and the rather decadent atmosphere of the place had worked a charm on her. Whatever, she looked glorious sitting there with the tops of her lips just visible above the cushioning of her chair. I told the guy that my wife liked to have extra men sometimes and asked him if he was interested? He eagerly agreed he was, so I invited him to our table. I directed him to a chair beside my wife and introduced him in the manner of, "Your name is...?" Not the most graceful way, but effective nevertheless. He quickly relaxed with her. She can really put a man at ease when she wants, and I swear you could almost feel real heat from the sensuality pouring out of her just then. I leaned close to them both and suggested he get a little more familiar with my wife before we left. She smiled at him, and after a brief hesitation, he leaned forward to kiss her. As he did, he put his hand on her thigh, which she grabbed and slid up between her legs, kissing him back hard and passionately. I must admit, I was a little nervous at this point. I mean, it was turning me on like crazy, but I was worried about getting thrown out, or worse. I glanced around the room to see what was going on. A lot of men were watching, some surreptitiously, but a few quite openly. I could see the bouncer moving through the club, but he seemed unconcerned by the events at our table. I asked my wife and friend if they'd like a drink? My real intention is to leave them alone for a while. Alone? Here? Anyway, I went for drinks and returned to find them sitting close, and with his hand now more 'properly' resting on her leg. She had adjusted her dress, too, though most of her legs were still showing. We finished our drinks and were ready to leave when my wife announced she wanted to visit the ladies room. We both watched her walk across the room and down the stairs to the restrooms. Several minutes went by, and when she still hadn't returned, I grew a little anxious. My biggest concern in such activities is her safety, physically and sexually. I realized many men could well be thinking she was a loose woman to be had by any who wanted her. I was just getting up from my chair when she appeared, with a young, about 20-ish man following her. She seemed relaxed, so I realized she was in control. As she reached the table, she gave me an odd smile I hadn't seen before. The young man was somewhat flustered but managed to get out that he wondered what was going on? He realized something sexual was in the works and wanted to be a part of it. This was only our first time with a man we didn't know, and I didn't think my wife would go for two men. The young man continued to say that he only wanted a blowjob and something about his girlfriend who wouldn't do it. I looked at my wife, expecting to see a clear sign of "no." To my surprise, she smiled at the fellow and said, "It's entirely up to my husband, whatever he wants me to do." I think I nearly came in my pants right then and there. I don't know where this wanton surrender in my wife was coming from, but I liked it a lot! Conscious still that we had been perhaps too demonstrative earlier, I thought it best not to leave as a group of four. I told the young man to wait outside for us, and we'd follow in five minutes. He almost ran out the door. When about the right time had passed, we got up and headed for the door, our picked man with his arm around my wife and me following behind. When we got outside, we saw the younger guy waiting and walked over to him. "Where shall we go?" I asked rhetorically, looking around this inner suburb of shops and office buildings. Across the road, I saw a tall building, set back from the road, with concrete abutments or trusses, whatever they're called, which would provide a dark area for this tryst. I indicated my choice, and we moved off. As we got closer, I saw some bushes which would add to our cover and pointed the area out to my wife. "Be sure to swallow," I said to her. She gave me this hungry grin, took the young man by his hand, and led him into the dark. The other guy and I were only 10 feet away, so we could see clearly as she backed him to the wall, knelt down, and took his erect cock out of his pants. With an endearing glance up at his face and a smile, she thoughtfully pulled her hair to one side so her audience could watch as she took him into her mouth. There she was, my beautiful, classily dressed wife, kneeling on concrete in a not too clean area, moving her head slowly back and forth on this guy's cock while her husband and a complete stranger watched her. She knew it, and she was obviously enjoying herself hugely. We listened to the wet sucking noises as she slid forward on his dick till her nose was against his fly. Then pulling back till the tip of his cock just rested on her lower lip and tongue, then diving forward to swallow him again and again. It was fantastic to watch. The guy beside me said, "This is going to be a terrific evening." No kidding! In just a few minutes, the young guy convulsed, and I saw my wife pull back on his cock, keeping his cock head firmly locked within her lips as his hips spasmodically shook. Several times I saw her throat contract as she swallowed his hot cum load. When he subsided, she noisily sucked on his knob. With her thumb against the underside of his cock, forefinger on top, she stroked up the length of him, coaxing the last white pearls of cum out of his tube. These she held on her tongue and then turned to us with her tongue out so we could see before she swallowed the last of her sexy treat. The young fellow mumbled thanks and literally ran down the street. Back to his girlfriend, I guess - maybe she was waiting for him somewhere. My wife adjusted her dress, and we three proceeded to the other guy's place, which he had told us was just down the street. It turned out he was caretaking at this old theater, and as he let us in, we could smell those odors only such an old pace can have. We passed through the foyer where drinks and popcorn would have been sold, then through the traditional curtains and into the theater itself. This was a stage theater, I discovered, with rows of fold-up seats climbing in tier after tier towards the back where we stood. We walked down the ramp towards the stage. Our host disappeared for a moment and switched on the stage spotlights. We climbed up onto it and spent a few minutes checking out the props and other clutter I didn't recognize. We started horsing around a bit, moving about on stage, but gradually the mood changed, and as my wife would pass by one of us, we would caress her briefly. The caresses were soon replaced by fast gropes, and as we men moved closer towards her, she was forced to stop. We both began stroking her body, still standing. As the other guy moved in front of her to kiss her, I moved behind her. I knelt, reaching up under her dress and grabbing the tops of her stockings, pulled them slowly down her legs, leaving her naked under her dress. When they were pooled around her ankles, I got her to lift one foot then the other, sliding both stocking and shoe off each time. I stood back for a moment and watched them as they embraced, kissing deeply. After a moment, they pulled back slightly, and I took my wife's shoulders from behind and pulled her another step away, keeping her facing him. I teased the tie of her dress undone, then slowly opened its folds one side, then the other, pulling it back to fully reveal her body to the other guy's hungry eyes. I ran my hands up and down her body a few times, cupped and squeezed those gorgeous tits, then slid my hands higher, to her shoulders, and away, causing her dress to fall to the floor behind her. I pulled her to me, my hands again caressing her breasts and belly. I reached down lower and pushed my fingers between her legs, not surprised to find her already wet. With my other hand, I tilted her head back slightly, then brought my glistening wet fingers up to her mouth and painted her lips with her own juices. Her lips parted, and a soft moan escaped as her tongue came out to taste my fingers, which I offered now for her to suck. Kneeling down once more behind her, I pressed outwards on her ankles, and she understood, moving her feet apart. I pushed harder, and she responded, spreading her feet as far apart as she could while standing. I ran my hands up the outsides of her legs and back down, then brought one hand inside to run slowly up her leg till I reached her shaved sex. She shuddered at the contact, and her hips moved slowly as I put two fingers inside her, then three. She started to move faster, but I restrained her. I meant to display her to our guest and didn't want things to progress too far too fast. I removed my fingers and used them to spread her moisture all around her lips, massaging them and her clit, then spreading her slippery lips as best I could for the other guy to see. I made a motion to him to undress, for he was standing there mesmerized. He understood and quickly lost all his clothing. I stood and again pulled my wife's head back against my shoulder, then lifted her arms up and back. I knew this would display her breasts beautifully, and with her legs open, the bright spotlights I was sure would be glinting off her wetness. I waved the guy forward, offering my wife's body to him. He came forward and kissed her neck, moving down to her breasts, her belly, and finally her pussy. She quivered powerfully as his tongue made contact, and soon I had to help her remain standing as her arousal built. Before she came, I interrupted the proceedings, wanting her to be screaming to be fucked. She loved/hated this, but it always gave her more powerful orgasms later. I spread her dress on the wood of the stage and pulled her down on it. We both now had at her in earnest. He was sucking noisily on one breast, then the other, as I took my turn between her legs, licking and sucking her into my mouth and wriggling out of my clothes at the same time. She was soon sopping wet, and the other guy was now kneeling over her face, and she was sucking his dick for all she was worth. Her breasts were flushed and her nipples hard. Her belly was shaking with approaching orgasm, and one hand was clutching her dress on the floor in a death grip. I paused for a moment, stunned by what I was watching, by what I had seen her do tonight, how she was being so incredibly uninhibited. I had to fuck her right then. I quickly got to my knees and spread my own legs wide to lower myself into position without lying on top of her. I didn't want her to stop sucking his dick, and I wanted to watch those tits bounce with my thrusts. As I placed the head of my cock in position, I held there a moment as I reached to grab her raised and very spread thighs for purchase, then thrust violently into her. Her hands flashed up to grab the other guy's legs, seeming to need to pull his dick right down her throat in response to my entry. Indeed, his balls were occasionally bouncing on her nose as she swallowed the length of him. I was crazy with my need and pounded at my wife's pussy as hard as I could, as fast as I could. In barely a minute, I just couldn't hold on anymore, and throwing my head back, I released a primal yell as I shot my semen into her body. This triggered my wife's orgasm, and a choking cry wrenched from her around the generous cock filling her throat. She contracted so hard on me, I could barely thrust into her. With each pulse, I would pull almost completely out of her. Then slam as hard as I could to the hilt, holding this position a moment, then repeating until finally I was spent. Even now, she was still spasmodically clenching her muscles around my dick. She had lost the other guy's dick, and her head was thrown back in a silent scream. I had never seen her come so strongly before. Her back was arched, and ripple after ripple raced through her body. She gasped in a breath, then another, and finally relaxed back down to the floor. She rested there a moment, then opened her eyes, looking for the cock she had so recently been sucking. As she returned it to her mouth, she sucked more languidly, nibbling and licking, reaching up to taste his balls. After a moment, I slid out of her, and she expressed a disappointed mew at my absence. As I sat back from them, exhausted, she pulled the guy down to lie on the floor and repositioned herself to better give attention to his throbbing cock. My wife gives incredible deepthroat head, and she worked slowly, skillfully on him as I watched. After a time, he pulled her down to him, rolled her onto her back, and, lying beside her, buried his fingers into her dripping sex as he sucked hard on her nipples. My wife was so wanton. She opened her legs as wide as she could, offering this stranger total access to her body. I stepped down from the stage and climbed three rows up to sit and watch the remainder of the show. The guy was still playing with my wife's pussy, and his hand glistened wetly in the lights. He had moved around slightly, so she had room to spread her legs wider until her pussy stood out from her body in all its dripping, pink glory. I could see her whispering to him, probably telling him what she wanted. I intently watched as he moved around to kneel between her legs. As he did, my wife raised her arms above her head and crossed her wrists. I knew what this meant. She likes to be tied occasionally, to be submissive for a while, to be without control. What my shameless wife was doing was totally abandoning herself to this man's need. I felt myself hardening again. The guy had begun finger fucking her, and I could hear the wet slurping from my vantage point. I felt like a voyeur, for I was in relative darkness while they remained under the bright spotlights. They could not see me, but I could see everything. He had started out gently and slowly, but my wife seemed to be encouraging more effort. I could not hear her words, but I recognized the signals. I leaned forward in my seat as I saw him put all four fingers inside her. I knew he would never get fully inside her this way, she was way too tight, and I could see in the tension of her body that it must be hurting her slightly, yet still, she encouraged him. He started pumping his hand at her harder and faster, and again I could see her fists clenching as the climax approached. He must have gotten too carried away at one point because she suddenly reached down with one hand to slow him. I saw her say something, then he continued, again building up slowly and watching her for any signal. He must have got it right, for soon she was bucking madly against his hand. I was stunned to see her reach right down, grab his wrist and pull his hand into her, as hard as she could, as she thrashed and gyrated against his knuckles. As she relaxed, she let go of his wrist, and he slowly pulled his fingers out of her. We occasionally had really hard sex, but for only a few minutes at a time, and only once in a while. Now, my dear wife had been fucked hard by me and had now had four fingers spreading her wider open than ever before. He must have been in nearly to his last knuckles. I had a new perspective on my wife's sexual appetites. She had to be sore, yet she must know he would want to fuck her now. Indeed, his cock was ramrod straight, and as he moved tentatively over her, she opened her arms to receive him. He laid upon her, squashing her tits with his chest. Remembering what he saw me do earlier, possibly at her suggestion, he brought his slippery hand up to her mouth and smeared the mixture over her lips. As before, her lips opened to accept this offering, and one by one, she sucked them clean. They kissed, and he rolled a bit to one side to squeeze a breast. After a few minutes, she planted her feet flat on the floor and began moving her hips gently. He knew what she wanted, and I saw his butt rise up as her hand snaked down to grasp him and bring him to her tortured pussy. He eased slowly, carefully into her, and I saw a brief frown of pain cross her face. She held him still against herself for a few moments, then began running her fingernails along his back. They whispered a few words to each other, then he began to move on her. Though she had to be very tender, her arousal was obviously growing. Soon I saw her spread her legs wide once more, wanting him deeper inside her body, giving him maximum penetration. He began to thrust in longer strokes, and his tempo increased. My wife wrapped her legs around him, hooking her heels behind his butt in a way I knew well and pulling him into her harder. Much as when he had fisted her, she seemed unable to get it hard enough, and her heels slid from him as she tried in vain to pull him in harder. So she dropped her feet to the floor and began bucking at him savagely. He slid his hands under her and gripped her shoulders, and I could see the muscles in his arms and back straining as he pulled her down onto his thrusting cock harder and faster. I couldn't believe the ferocity of the passion I was witnessing. My wife is very passionate, yes, but this was amazing. A few minutes more, and her orgasm was punctuated by another scream as she went rigid beneath his pounding body. She fought for breath as he continued pumping, her eyes half-open but unseeing. His ass was almost a blur. The wet smack of their groins meeting became nearly continuous music of animal passion. Finally, he burst inside her, starting another orgasm in my wife. As they slowed, then stopped, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and squeezed him tightly. When she finally lay back, I could see tears in her eyes. For a moment, I feared she had been injured, but the smile on her lips told me that she was in that rare place she goes; when the passion has so moved her, she cries with the joy of it. I relaxed and smiled in turn. I stood and walked down the ramp and climbed the stage. I walked to their sweaty bodies and sat near them. He was still inside her, and I knew she liked that. She looked at him, wriggled her hips playfully, and breathlessly whispered to him, "That was so good, so good. Yum." She stretched then, like a great purring cat, and reaching back, took my hand. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I love you. Thank you for tonight." Then she laughed, and moaned saying, "I am so fucked." We couldn't make love for several days afterward, but the following weeks were some of the best sex we have ever had. We can hardly wait for the next time...
  15. adamgunn

    The Bad Boy

    Bad Boy by Adam Gunn Reggie was a bad boy. I knew it when he sent me that sex on the beach in the bar, I knew it when he groped me for the first time in the hallway by the men’s room, I knew it when I left with him. My girlfriends were astounded, they never thought I’d do anything like that. I was a year out of my marriage, hadn’t dated in all that time, refused any and all lines that were tossed my way. The sex that night was fantastic! We went to his place, and he knew his way around my body as if he’d had it marked on his cell phone’s GPS. I came, and came again, and again! He didn’t do anything fantastic (that first night!) just oral and then a couple of different positions. But there was something about the way he grabbed at my tit, or stuck a finger in, that really, really!, turned me on. After we were done, a couple of hours of it, he drove me back to my car, I remember thinking that it had probably been a one-night stand, that I’d never hear from him again. And even though my lady bits throbbed the next day, I wasn’t that disappointed. It was just the spur of the moment, I figured. Then I got the text. Very casual, ‘How ru doing - had a great time do it again” I had to stifle myself before I texted back, a couple of very long hours later, ‘sure’. He picked me up the next Friday night, took me to a restaurant, wine and seafood, witty conversation. A couple of times he was on the edge, the topics just a bit racy, a touch indelicate. But I had no qualms about inviting him up to my place, no worries about leading him to my bedroom. Again, the sex was simply amazing, he encouraged me to try a couple of new things. Well, at least they were new for me. We kept dating, once or four times a week. One night when I was having drinks with my girlfriends he just showed up. They thought he was sharp, but crude. I didn’t care, he had a beautiful prick! But, of course, they couldn’t see that, except when I’d show up at brunch with a big smile on my face. The months went by, bit by bit he dragged me in. The first time that he touched my rectum while he was down there I flinched, but I didn’t tell him to stop - the way he rubbed it just felt so good. A week later, when he put his finger in it, I moaned. And then, the very next night, when he coaxed me onto my knees and dribbled lube onto my second hole, I couldn’t tell him I’d been waiting for that moment. And when he forced it into my backside, I screamed - half in pain, half in some of the greatest pleasure I’d ever had. I still knew he was a bad boy. Sometimes I’d try to see him on a Friday or Saturday night, he couldn’t make it. Once I found a g-string peeking out from under his bedframe, and simply wondered if she screwed as well as I did. I wasn’t in love with Reggie, I was never in love with him. He didn’t mind, he had other places to go on Thanksgiving. I was open to other dates, if Reggie had his, I wasn’t going to be a wall flower when he was out spreading his pollen. I knew I wasn’t ready to settle down again, not yet, but a girl needs to keep her options. On successive Saturday nights I went out with Tommy, then Mike, then George. Nothing happened with Tommy and Mike, they just weren’t my style, but George was fine. On our third date, I invited him up to my place, after I lit a couple candles he got the idea. After we got naked, in my bed I sucked on him. He seemed no different from Reggie, except where Reggie was very animated in the sack George seemed listless. He kissed my labia, couldn’t seem to find my button, I faked excitement. I let him up on top of me, and without much ado there he was, fully buried. He just wanted to thrust, in and out, I tried to raise myself, change the placement of our legs, but it didn’t do much good. Perhaps five minutes after he started I felt him come. I let him cuddle a little bit, thinking the second time around would be better, but he talked about having to work in the morning, (on a Sunday?) and then he had his clothes on and was out the door. I was prepared to duck his calls for another date, was spared when he never phoned me again. Reggie brought a camera into the bedroom. Actually it started when he took pictures with his phone of me in the shower, I found I liked the way my body looked, although my teats are too small and my hips too broad, somehow it made a pleasing picture. I let him coax me the next night, I stripped for the camera, let him continue clicking as he made love to me - I never realized my face contorted that much as I orgasmed. Of course that was followed by the installation of a webcam in my bedroom. I let Reggie record one of our sessions, he promised me he’d never let anyone see it without my permission. I thrilled to see my body being used on my television screen, it was more erotic than the anonymous porn we’d been watching. And then, during our phone sex sessions, I roused when the amber light on the webcam began blinking, and I knew Reggie was watching me bring myself off. Of course, I was always careful to pull the plug on the damn thing when I didn’t want it to be used. The next frontier for me was broken the night Reggie took me to a jazz club - it would have been smoky back in the old days - and in the back of a hall, where they stored chairs, he placed me on top of a table, ripped my panties off, and took me, there and then. I was facing out, as he screwed me I saw a couple of guys come out of the toilet, look down and try to make out what we were doing, as if they didn’t know. And when I realized I was being watched as I was having sex, I had the most delicious orgasm. Yes, I know, I was turning into a pervert. When Reggie found out I was into being watched, he set up other opportunities to have public sex. A picnic table in a park. The car in the mall parking lot. He got a hotel room downtown, the fourth floor on the street, and he pushed me against the window with the street light beating in on us. I caught a guy looking at us from across the street as I braced my hands on the windowsill and Reggie pounded me from behind. I shook my naked breasts at the guy, liked it when he rubbed his dick through his pants. We tried other things. Reggie took me to an adult shop, bought me three vibrators, then tried one of them out on me in the car. Reggie tied me up one night, cut my bra and panties off, then had me any way he wanted. I found that to be okay, but I trusted him completely and thus couldn’t relish the sense of danger that, I assume, is the point of bondage. He loved to watch me masturbate, I loved doing it for him. He bought me a sexy nurse costume, it turned out that I wasn’t into role play. That was okay, he was simply trying to find out what my limits were, it didn’t make our top ten list. Chocolate drizzled over our bodies, a strawberry tucked inside me, of course! Blindfolds (for both of us,) ice, candle wax, I liked it, so did he. A Christmas present were three books of erotica, he suggested I come up with new ideas from them. We went to a strip club, I got off on watching the men watching the women. Reggie asked me if I wanted to come back on amateur night, be the one that was taking my clothes off. I thought about it, I’d love to see a gorgeous hunk devour me with his eyes, but there were too many fat old guys and perverts there, so I decided no. Does it seem that all Reggie and I did was have sex? That’s not far from the truth. Although we sometimes dined together, both in public and private, hot sex was our number one project. I never suggested going to the theater or an art gallery, not with him, a romantic weekend in a bed & breakfast wasn’t our style. One night we were engaged in rather tame foreplay, at least for us, just after the six month anniversary of our first fuck, and Reggie asked, “What would you think about a threesome?” “I don’t think I’d be wild about it. I’ve never been attracted to women. But if you want me to try it, I will.” He laughed. “Well, thanks, maybe, but I was actually thinking about another guy for you.” Now this was an idea, but caution caused me to reject it. “No, one guy at a time is enough for me, I think.” Anticipating his next idea, I added, “I don’t think I’d want to try an orgy, or anything like that, either.” As always, Reggie went with the flow, just said, “Okay,” and made a pretzel out of me. Reggie let a couple weeks go by, then told me to dress as sexy as possible one night. “Wear something you’d be comfortable in if we were going to have sex, but then put a coat or something over it. The people we bump into shouldn’t realize that we’re going to screw until you take it off.” So we were going someplace where we would have public sex. Was I a little uncomfortable with the thought? Of course, every time Reggie tried something new with me, I’d get those butterflies. But Reggie had never put me in a position where I’d been tremendously disquieted, had always listened the times I said No, never lied to me. Even though I was uneasy about it, I decided to find out what it was all about, I could always walk away if I didn’t like it. I had a black fishnet tanktop with panties, and matched the outfit with a leather miniskirt. Reggie picked me up at 8:15, after a forty minute drive we found our way into an old mall, parked in front of what appeared to be an abandoned department store. The windows were blacked out, there was another couple entering a small, makeshift foyer with us. The receptionist was seated beneath a sign that said ‘Club Illicit,’ we were admitted. It was a sex club! I’d never been in such a place, but suddenly I couldn’t wait to discover it’s mysteries. I gave up my jacket easily, found I wasn’t the skimpiest dressed broad in the place by a long shot. Some people knew Reggie - I assumed a few of the girls were well acquainted with him, it didn’t faze me - we dropped into conversations. The talk wasn’t much different from a cocktail party, yet there was this undercurrent around us, one that reeked of eroticism. Reggie showed me around the place, a large dance floor and restaurant (“We never want to come here for the food,” Reggie complained, “unless you want badly fried fish.”) There was a small swimming pool, the few people that were in it were naked, the water temperature was warm enough to lounge. On each side of long hallways were private rooms, some small with just a queen sized bed, others with two or three beds or a couch, perhaps a trapeze, maybe a window that voyeurs could watch through. Only a couple of the rooms had closed doors, it was early yet, not even ten o’clock, I wondered what time things would really get going. And then we happened upon an amphitheater, in the middle at the lowest level were five or six mattresses, three tiers of chairs and couches rose around the center. I knew the purpose immediately! In my mind I saw a dozen or more naked bodies cavorting, I wanted to be a witness in the stands. Did I want to be among the bodies? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t have to make up my mind just yet. We rejoined the crowd in the dance room, Reggie and I began bumping and grinding. I noticed that some of the women were dancing erotically with each other, some were topless. If there was groping between partners, watching them energized me. Reggie and I switched with another couple, the man put his hand on my waist, it didn’t feel like just another dance; I saw Reggie cup the girls ass, I couldn’t bother to be jealous. We fell into a conversation at a table with a very attractive couple wearing wedding rings, the topic was sex. I found they’d been in the ‘LifeStyle’ for two years, were ‘full-swap’ although they didn’t mind ‘soft-swap,’ the woman had started to explore her ‘bi-side.’ The guy felt my leg above the knee, south of the promised land. And then, the invitation. “Would you guys like to go into a room with us?” I knew what he meant, if we did Reggie would make love to the woman, I’d let the guy take me. He was kind of attractive, I admit I was tempted, just a little. But, as curious as I was, I was still cautious. I just wasn’t sure that I was up for that scene. Maybe, I decided, the next time we were here, just not tonight, not yet. “No, I don’t think so,” I answered, without giving Reggie a chance to put his two cents in. “But thanks, maybe another time,” I added insincerely. The other couple left us in hunt for other game, it was evident that they wanted to swap badly. I didn’t mind their offer, in fact, I enjoyed the idea that I turned him on enough that he wanted to possess me. Yes, another time, quite possibly. But I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to ‘swap’ with Reggie as my partner. Confused? Perhaps. But my mind was reeling, things were happening fast without any time to take it in. Since I hadn’t known what was going to happen when we got here, I hadn’t had time to consider all my options, I knew I needed to sort it out. Reggie and I took a walk, through a window we watched a woman older than I entertain two men. The lighting was dim, the triplet was almost silhouetted, yet the acts they engaged in enticed us, as the almost-eroticism of a James Bond opening will. I watched as the women took both men, one in her vagina, the other in her mouth; the men traded positions, I wished I could hear the sounds of their fucking through the window. Maybe, after this group was finished, Reggie and I could take the room over, I thought I’d like it if strangers could watch me screwing. In another room two women cavorted, satisfying each other, while their men sat to the side, both naked, simply watching them. I wondered what the touch, the kiss of a woman would feel like, put it on my to-do list. A peek in the swimming pool, men sat on the sides, both having their pricks sucked by women standing in the pool. For a second, I wondered if they were married and had swapped, then I didn’t care. They were having fun, that’s what sex is all about. We moseyed to the dance floor, perhaps twenty-five people cavorted, many more women than men. A song was playing that I simply love, the bass high, the rhythm besieged me. Reggie and I danced, I leaned into him, he petted me. Another man joined us, he was pleasing to my eye, we formed a troika, I whirled from one man to the next. As one song merged into another, Reggie winked at me, left the dance floor. I could have left with him, instead stayed with the newcomer. As the music lifted us we twirled, and suddenly I found myself in his arms, my back to his chest. He pulled my hips to his, I could feel his stiffness against my ass, I wriggled against it. He enticed me to lean back, I placed my hand around his neck, felt his fingers on my breast, pinching my nipple. Instead of pulling away, I turned my head around, our lips met. From the sidelines, Reggie spied on me, I wanted to give my man a show. I continued to dance with this new guy, sometimes apart, often together. If he felt my ass, I let him, if we kissed, I didn’t mind. It was only when I felt his finger slip into the front of my skirt and contact my mons that I halted. Walking to my lover, I flowed into his arms and kissed him. “Excited?” I asked. “I am,” he allowed, “you are too.” “Hot as a firecracker! What’s next?” I expected to be led into a room, thought Reggie would fuck me then. I was wrong. Reggie led me down the halls to the coliseum, we sat on the top tier, he dragged me to his lap. A couple of men sitting by themselves or with their dates leered at me, their looks inflamed me. On the mattresses below us three women were screwing. One couple was in missionary, the other two women were involved with several men each in various forms of foreplay or fucking. As we watched the action, Reggie played with me, sucking a breast, sticking a hand underneath my skirt, playing with my clit. As I watched the play, my nipples crinkled, I had my first orgasm of the night, puny, a harbinger of explosions still to come. One of the men seemed done with the naked lady he was with, left her. I watched her catch the eye of a another man, wink at him. He undressed as he approached her, with little preparation she laid back, spread, and he pushed into her. “Shall we join them?” Reggie asked. I was blazing, didn’t have to - didn’t want to - think what I was doing. “Yes!” As a prelude, I let Reggie undress me on our perch, down to my panties that I wanted left on for some unexplained reason, and then Reggie was taking his clothes off completely and leading me to the altar. We found an open bed, he stood beside me as I sat, I took his most excellent cock inside my mouth. As I played with him, I searched the stands, seeing if we were being watched. There were, perhaps, two dozen observers, men outnumbered women three to one - this was what they were doing as their wives danced! And I saw lust in their face, I felt some of it was for me. Then my panties were off, Reggie sucked my clit, the first really great orgasm of the night hit me, all shivers and colors. And again the miracle hit. And again, I couldn’t tell you how many there were. In my lucid moments, I could see the audience gazing at my body, my movements. That was the icing on the cake, the enhancement I relished. I got up a little shakily, pushed Reggie onto his back, rose above him. Around me I heard three women and more men in various groans, moans, harsh breathing and screams. I grabbed Reggie’s prick and slid down on it. I screwed him. Yes, I came again, but a piece of my brain kept track of the movements around me, the sights, the sounds, especially the syrupy smell of sweat and sex. As I moved I knew the circle behind me was able to see Reggie’s penis slide in and out of me. I didn’t care. No, that’s not true, I wanted them to see the lewd show, wished them happiness as they watched me. I wondered just what it was that they were seeing, I would have loved to be able to be outside myself, watch myself as Reggie and I fucked. We shifted, I sat on his lap as he dangled his legs to the floor. I caught the eye of one man, he was dressed except that his fly was open, his penis exposed and his hand surrounding it. I winked at him, he misunderstood. He came to us, kissed me, fondled my left breast. I kissed him back, didn’t mind, took the penis in my hand, jerked. “Can I join you?” he asked. I looked back to Reggie, surely he’d heard, and he answered my silent petition. “Whatever you want.” Had this intruder smelt good, I would have let him, Reggie would have moved over, I’d have a second lover. But I sniffed perspiration, the hair of his beard reminded me of rancid bread, I answered, “I don’t think so, no.” I turned away from him, dismounted, played and kissed my primary lover. The interloper left, I didn’t see him again that evening. I played with Reggie, again his member was in my mouth, and then I laid on my back, waited for insertion. Reggie was slow in his thrusts, I appreciated his lovemaking, but - at least temporarily - I was sated, the best of my brain digested the ten or twelve naked bodies around me, each engaged in the same sport. The woman beside me was a heavy blond, fifteen years older than I, messed hair, rings, bracelets, necklace, nipple piercing, and yet enticing. Her fellow waved to someone I couldn’t see, and suddenly another man appeared. This was a Dionysus . I watched him strip, his chest plate was rock solid, his abs rippled. The muscles of his arms darted. And as I watched him slide his boxers off, I saw the prick! Longer and thicker than any I’d witnessed that night - and perhaps I’d seen fifteen already - it was beautifully angry, a shade of amaranth, circumcised. I desired it. Had the man turned to me, I have no doubt I’d have abandoned Reggie immediately. Yet he stayed with the blond, penetrating her, together they fucked. As he used his amazing legs to propel himself into her, every once in awhile he’d turn to me and we’d lock gazes. A strange feeling it was, he was screwing her, Reggie was fucking me, and yet Dionysus and I were making love to each other. I came again, watching his blue eyes, my strongest of the evening. Suddenly, quite unanticipated, Reggie rose above me, strained, and I knew that I was being deluged with Reggie’s goop. I didn’t mind, since our first time together I’ve always enjoyed the feel of his sperm spreading inside me. And yet, strangely, it wasn’t Reggie’s seed I wanted, needed, but the hunk’s on the next mattress. After Reggie drained himself we kissed, but it didn’t seem that cuddling was proper etiquette in this arena, if you weren’t screwing you should vacate, and so at Reggie’s biding I rose, we headed out, our show over. We passed the pool, Reggie asked, “A swim?” “Sure.” We entered, joined six or seven people, I found there was a bank of showers and I rinsed myself, especially between my legs, before I entered the heated water. I stretched my muscles, took inventory. Everything was grand, my skin had that brightness it gets after I’ve been screwed marvelously, as I held onto Reggie I sensed the closeness that exists between lovers. We began to play again, he was soft and I knew that he wouldn’t be ready yet for some time but still he enjoys attention, so I stroked his cock under the surface of the water. He didn’t ignore me, my breasts were petted, my cunt twiddled. Slowly, he gained my trust and got me into a floating position, one hand on the small of my back for balance, the other poking inside me, hitting my g-spot, I came again. Then an excruciating bright light hit my pupils. “What the hell!?!” I swore. “Two o’clock,” Reggie explained, “the club closes in half an hour.” We searched the premises, found our clothes in the stadium, I slipped into the ladies room to dress myself, attempt to repair the damage to my hair, my makeup. On the way out we found cake and coffee, grabbed a plate and cup for the drive home. Reggie wanted to talk, I didn’t. If he asked me a question, I grunted a reply, feigning sleepiness. I needed to reflect, digest the auras of the erotic cave I’d been introduced to. Was it really that active each weekend night? Were there really dozens of women ready, willing, to screw a greater multitude of men indiscriminately? Why had I felt so comfortable joining, leaping, into the fray? And, if Dionysus had made a pass at me, would I really have let him take me in front of others? The answer to the last one was easy, a resounding ‘allelujah!’ I begged Reggie to spend the night with me, he was okay with that. We undressed at the bedside, then I attacked him. Somehow, strangely, I wanted more sex, and as I presented myself for his pleasure, fantasies of the playground we’d left haunted me until at last, completely sated, we slept. Nine hours later, in bathrobes, our teeth brushed and faces washed, we sipped coffee, dined on buttered toast with cinnamon and chatted. “You had fun last night!” he challenged me. “A ball. Yes, it was quite the time! I’ve heard about those kind of places, but didn’t think they really existed, especially not so close. Have you gone there often?” “A few times.” I wanted to ask him when was the last time, if he went with another woman, how many skanks he’d screwed there, but in keeping with my lack of care, refrained. Instead, I queried, “You knew I was the kind of girl that’d get into that when we first met, didn’t you?” “Not right at first. After maybe a month I thought so.” “Why didn’t you take me there then?” “I didn’t think you’d be so . . . easy, I guess. I thought you needed time to settle in. You really got off in the common room!” “You expected me to, didn’t you? I mean, you know how much I like it when there’s just a chance of people looking at us. In there, I could actually see them watching me.” I know I smiled, a wicked grin. “You want to go again, don’t you?” “Sometime. Not too soon.” “Why not?” “I think it could get to be a habit, like heroin or something.” “Is that bad?” Reggie asked. “I don’t know. I just think I should take my time.” “What about that couple we met?” “She was into you,” I observed. “He was into you. He’d like to take you to bed, that’s for sure.” “Do you know them?” “Not until last night. They gave me their email address.” I paused, sipped my coffee. “Can I ask you a question?” I searched his face, looking for clues. “Do you want me to fuck other guys? Would that get you off?” Perhaps my voice rose a tad. “You’re fantastic, you’ve got a great body, a great attitude about sex. Most girls, they’re hung up on what they should do, what they shouldn’t do. You, well, you like to explore. And, you know, we’ve done just about everything there is to do. So, yeah, the next thing, I guess, is sex with other people. At least think about it. Think of the things you’ve tried so far.” I did. There were so many, many things I did now, regularly, with Reggie, that I’d never even considered thirty weeks ago. And I didn’t love Reggie. I was fond of him, I really liked going to bed with him. But I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that I’d ever want to marry him. What kind of a father would he be? So, it was just fun and games. I liked fun and games, I did. So, would spreading myself around be just fun and games? I wasn’t sure. I kissed him. “Let’s go back to bed,” I offered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The weeks went by. At night, in the privacy of my apartment, I considered my options. I looked up Club Illicit’s website, found for just a very modest fee, much lower than a single male, I could show up by myself, dance with whomever I pleased, I was sure I’d have numerous guys hanging on me, I could take my pick. I looked at swinger sites, discovered many married women wanted to play with other women, with or without their husbands. I would be a ‘unicorn,’ that pleased me. In my bed, after turning off the sidelight, I fantasized; Reggie wasn’t a part of it, the Dionysus was! It wasn’t that I was done with Reggie, not at all. He was perfectly useable still, continued to turn me on. But I began to feel I was ready to turn the page and read the next chapter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was a Friday night. Reggie and I had a date, he called me up at lunch and asked, “Want to try something new?” “Sure! What?” “It’s a surprise. You don’t want me to ruin it, do you?” “No, I guess not.” In fact, I loved the tension I felt when I was sure there was something new about to happen, I savored it. “What time?” “I’ve got a thing, I’ll be there about nine, okay?” “Are we staying in or going out? Should I get dressed up?” “Don’t worry about it.” This was frustrating, how the hell do I know what I’m supposed to look like? “I’ll see you then, okay?” Asshole! But I thought about it all afternoon. I made it home just after six, and in the living room there was a large pink box waiting for me. I opened the box, read the note. ‘It’s going to be a great night. Wear these . . . Reggie.” Inside, wrapped in tissue, was a satin ebony bra, lacy panties, a garter belt with stockings, six inch high heels, dusky pearl earrings. And a USB with a hours of soft jazz on it. That was it, Reggie was going to have a ‘romantic’ night, something we hadn’t done in quite awhile. I had almost three hours until my lover came to meet me, all the time in the world. I ate a salad, had a glass of wine to relax me. I figured Reggie planned on spending the evening here, I changed the sheets to an ivory pattern of smoothest Egyptian cotton. Then it was into the bathroom. I poured the tub, full of bubbles, and for forty minutes let my mind wander. Did it touch upon a return to Illicit, the thought of sex with other men? Yes, perhaps. But Reggie was there too, the wonderful things he did, the things he knew, the experiences and feelings he cultivated in me. I drained the tub, shaved my pits and every inch of my nether region, save only the three square inches of cropped hair I kept for emphasis. Then I paid attention to my hair, drying it, fluffing my short mahogany locks into their place. I plucked and trimmed my brows, applied eye coloring and mascara. Foundation stick and blush were used, and finally I applied shimmering strawberry gloss to my lips. The mantle clock chimed nine times, that was all right, Reggie knew I was never ready on time. I put the clothing Reggie had left for me on, they were of the highest quality, made my skin feel so fantastic. The earrings accented my outfit perfectly, I could stand and walk - barely - in the extreme heels. I knew I was ready to play the part of the thousand dollar a night escort. I lit a few candles in the bedroom, put the music on the bluetooth. I sat in a chair in the living room, trying my best not to muss, thumbing through a magazine. The article I read was titled, ’15 Things Guys Think When You're on Top.’ Did Reggie really worry about whose job it was to put it back in when it popped out, or concern himself with how (or if) he should move? Okay, that wasn’t doing it. How about a story? I picked up a book of women’s erotica. That was better, it was really starting to get me in the mood. That stupid clock dinged ten times, Reggie was really late. Should I worry, text him? No, not yet. He’d been late before. But maybe I could start without him? Sure! I swayed into the bedroom, composed myself, put a hand in to twist a nipple. Yes, that was good. The music from the playlist soothed me, I let my hand descend to my pubis. Through the fabric I irritated my clit, I was getting somewhere, I was about to push the fabric to the side when I heard a key scratch in the lock. My lover was here. Should I go out to meet him, or wait for him to come to me? Then I heard his voice. “Hello?” But it wasn’t his voice, it was two shades too low, filled with a timbre I wasn’t familiar with. “Hello?” I heard again. “Who is it?” I cried. “What are you doing here?” I rose excitedly, grabbed a throw and covered myself, didn’t know just what I should do. I picked up the phone, ready to call 911. “Reggie sent me,” the voice explained. “Reggie sent you? Who are you? He didn’t tell me anything about this.” “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you knew. Should I leave?” Trying to hide myself, I peeped around the corner to see the intruder. And then, only then, did I understand Reggie’s true gift. It was the Dionysus, the man I’d lusted after at Illicit. How had Reggie known, I’d not mentioned him once, never spoken of my fantasy man. He had the smooth dark locks, the beautiful blue eyes. His facial hair was that perfect length of thick black stubble that’s beautiful to see. His jeans were tight, his tee shirt stretched across that magnificent chest. “Are you okay?” he called. I knew now what Reggie’s plan was. This man was a present, I could take it or reject it. A part of me was completely confused, the other part lusted. “What’s your name?” “Quentin.” I needed time, I asked again, “Quentin?” “Yeah.” “And Reggie sent you.” “He said you were expecting me. He gave me a key.” “What are you supposed to do with me?” “He said you’re a hotwife. Or a hot girlfriend. Or something like that. And that you wanted something different.” He paused. So that was Reggie’s game. “Listen, if you want me to go, just say so.” “Hold on a minute. No, sit down. Make yourself a drink if you want.” “Yeah. Thanks.” “There’s wine and beer in the refrigerator.” “Okay.” I heard his steps across the room, heard the fridge door open. “Should I make one for you?” “Wine, please. I’ll be out in a minute.” So now, it was decision time. Why not? I’d thought about it long enough. Reggie had sent him here, he wouldn’t be mad if I accepted what he’d put on my plate, would he? Was Reggie out with another girl, right at this moment? Who cared, Quentin’s in my living room, and, apparently, he was willing. Why shouldn’t I be? I folded the throw, still nervous. As nervous as a virgin? No, not exactly that. As nervous as an old maid faced with temptation? Yes, that was more like it. Should I get dressed before I went out to meet Quentin? I felt my heart pound, I was sure Quentin could hear it in the living room, it was loud enough. My mouth was dry, there was a slight metallic taste. I recognized the feeling, it had happened that very first night with Reggie, the time I first walked into Illicit. I was ready for an experience! I bit the bullet, strode on those ridiculous heels toward my fate. “I’m Melynda,” I introduced, and shook his hand. His eyes scanned my body thoroughly, taking in each inch that was uncovered, paying especial attention to the parts that were. He was sitting in the chair, I plopped into the sofa opposite. “You’re the woman, the one at Illicit,” he remarked. “You remember?” I said. “Of course. I thought you were beautiful. I mean, I think you are beautiful.” “But you were having a pretty good time, weren’t you?” “Well, yeah, I guess. But you know, sometimes, what’s the phrase, ‘the grass is greener?’” “I understand. Waving a hand across my goose flesh I asked, “Is it still green?” “Oh, yeah.” He nervously sipped his beer. “My boyfriend is playing a game on me,” I explained. “I expected him to show up, didn’t know you’d be here. That’s why I was so shaky back then.” “I guess I understand. I sort of feel funny. Maybe I should leave.” “No, not unless you want to.” I licked my lips, took a sip of wine, the taste simply enhanced the metal in my mouth. Quentin made no move to leave. “Do you want to leave?” I asked. “No, not really. You’re very beautiful,” he repeated. I stood, making sure he could look me over. I felt his eyes examine my body, even though he seemed to be trying not to let me see his lustful gaze. “Stand up, will you?” He rose, we were three feet from each other. “Take off your shirt, please.” As the hem climbed, I gawked at those perfect abs, that muscled chest, the pinpoints of his nipples on the firm skin. “What do you do?” “I’m a fireman.” “You work out.” “Some. A couple times a day. We’ve got weights in the firehouse.” I approached him, placed a palm on his torso, the first touch between us. There was a softness covering the hardness, so pleasant I almost crowed. “Your body is perfect.” I pushed against him, felt my breasts crush against his sinew, in those heels we were the same height, I pressed my lips against his. For a few brief seconds our lips remained as tight O’s, then we relaxed. His mouth was sweet, his tongue rough in my mouth. His arms encircled my waist, I trembled to think what was to happen to me. With him! He smelled good, just the right mixture of musk and his natural scent. After a reasonable amount of time, our hands began to roam, I felt my shoulder blades being rubbed, I put my hand on his firm ass. That enflamed him, he put both of his hands on my back, pulled me closer, I bit his lips. “Do you want to come into the bedroom?” I invited. “Yeah. Absolutely.” On my way, holding his hand in mine, I turned off the living room lights, my apartment was now dark, mysterious, romantic. I sat on the bed, he was beside me, we were kissing again. My hands roamed his torso, his arms. Not one speck of him felt soft, all was firm muscle. I’d never felt a man like this before, all of my lovers had a bit of fat on them; in the last couple of years of our marriage, my husband’s waist had expanded four inches. I couldn’t wait, I put my hand on his loin. There it was, inside the jeans, rocklike, overlong. He was pawing at me, I let him, I needed him to. One breast popped out of it’s bowl, he felt it, the first twitch of my nipple sent me high. “Take your pants off,” I demanded. “Okay.” After just a bit of fumbling, I was lying with a naked man, a perfect stranger, I didn’t mind, didn’t care. My hand held the prick. Yes, I could tell it’s girth, longer than any I’d contacted before. In the candlelight it was dark in its rage, my fingers clutched it, traced the distinctive curve. I bent, took it in my mouth. It was sweet and fresh, and the precum strangely tasted of avocados. The balls were just as large, and in his state were tight and drawing into a firm globe. As I bobbed my head - I couldn’t fit more than a third of it in without hitting the back of my throat - I twisted my hand a little, heard his moans. “You’re good,” he groaned, “the best!” He’d not even touched me, down there, and I was ready to go off. I didn’t need more foreplay, I got my panties down and off, and without a second’s delay, climbed on up. Have you ever gone shopping for gloves, tried a cheap pair on and they were too large and your hand sort of flopped around in it? And then you try on an expensive pair, just the right size, and it feels so good, so luxurious? That’s what Quentin’s dick felt like inside me. Just the perfect size when I sat on top of him and we ground our bones together. Not too large, it didn’t stretch or hurt me, but it filled me up, surpassing any that had come before it. I wriggled, feeling the various sensations as my vaginal sides stroked it, the head poked against the different points in my pussy. When I bent down to kiss him and it was almost out of me, I felt the arched tip bump into my g-spot, it was all I needed, the colors I saw were unimaginable. I fucked him, he held on to me. I felt him fumble with the bra strap, I reached behind my back and whisked it away. Now my breasts were on his solid chest, his hair was tickling my nipples, he bent me and sucked at them, I came again! Nice and hard. Again. I was up there, I did my best to stay there. Through my fog I felt his hands roaming around my body, my boobs, my ass, my neck, his fingers swept through my hair. I assume I was doing much the same to him, I can’t really remember. Then, without much effort at all, and I’m not a little girl, he twisted, put his feet on the floor, stood up. He was holding me, my legs encircled his waist, and using those tremendous arms, he pulled me up, then let me sink again. Oh, it was delicious, I may have blacked out for a couple of seconds in my ecstasy. He led me to my dresser, put his back to it, I put my feet on the top - now I could rise and fall at my desire. Another, and another great come. He wasn’t done yet, he carried me back to the bed, threw me down onto the mattress, turned me over, again he had that wonderful cock inside me. We twisted in our elation. When he had me half off the bed, I was supporting myself with my hands on the floor, I sensed that delicious tenseness that comes over men a half minute before they’re ready. “I’m going to come!” he screamed. “Go ahead!” I yelled back, “Give it to me!” And he did, grunting and blubbering and I felt my cunt being glutted with his cum. And that, too, sent me once more over the edge. I bet, if anyone was listening outside my window, they wondered if they should call the cops. He pulled out, I knew the bed would have one very wet spot, I didn’t care. We swiveled around, faced each other, kissed. There was no cuddling, no downtime, I was amazed he was still hard. Once again I went down on him, he tasted completely different now, sweet and salty. Somebody should make sperm flavored candies, I’d buy them. As I was cleaning him off, he put a thumb inside me, started finger fucking me. Again, it was simply incredible, I had a little bit more of a come. He used his super sized muscles to turn me over, on my back, and I spread for him, we were fucking again. I managed to get a couple of pillows under my ass, tried to move my legs around for just the right insertion, found two or three different ways. I wanted to come again, but I think I was overloaded. I’d approach the precipice, then my body would rebel, the elastic of the garter belt was scratching me. I was done. But don’t think I didn’t like the way he was stroking inside me, around me. Again I felt the muscles of his ass, his chest, his arms. After a while, not too long, I felt him tense up again, knew that more of his sperm was being spurted deep inside me. And then we were exhausted. We cuddled a bit, it was nice to feel him stroke my well used body, to rub his, but there was nothing behind it. I realized I didn’t know where he lived, if he had a wife or girlfriend, even how old he was. “You want another beer?” I offered. “No, thanks, I’ve got to be at muster at 7:30 in the morning. I should be getting home.” “Okay.” I watched him get his pants on, didn’t bother covering myself up - what more could he see? I followed him into the living room, he got into his shirt, I knew I’d miss those six-packs. He found my key in his pocket, gave it to me. Before he left he grabbed me, kissed me, felt my tit one last time. “You want to get together again?” I didn’t have to worry that one out, very quickly said, “Sure. Call me Tuesday or Wednesday.” We kissed, one very last time, I admit I was thinking maybe I should drag him back to bed, but then he was out the door. I sighed, went to the bathroom sink, splashed water on my face, took a long drink. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My complexion was flushed, my hair a mess, my nipples were still hard with the thought of this new lover. I began to take that garter belt off, it was rubbing me raw now, there was going to be a little bruise on my left hip, and then my phone rang. I went to answer it, saw it was Reggie. “Hey!” “Can I come in?” he asked. “Where are you?” “Outside, in my car.” “You’ve been there all night?” “For the last hour or so, yeah.” “And you waited for him to leave.” “Yeah.” I could have been pissed, but I really wasn’t. Once again, Reggie somehow knew what I wanted, needed, and he was right. “Get your ass in here,” I laughed. In the couple of seconds that it took him, I straightened up a little, put those heels back on. When Reggie walked in the door, he saw me standing there, in that garter belt and stockings, and that’s all. “Hi,” he said, looking me over, I could tell he was in lust, even though he knew what I’d been doing. I smiled at him. “I got fucked.” “Well fucked, it looks like.” “Yeah, real well fucked.” “You want to tell me about it.” A command, not a request. “Okay. Pour me a glass of wine, and get your ass in the bedroom.” Before he joined me, I got that stupid garter belt off, but I kept the stockings on. He wanted me to tell him all about it, and I did, from the shock of hearing a strange man’s voice to the positions we used, to the way his dick felt in my hand, in my pussy. “He’s bigger than you are.” Reggie’s voice was muffled, he was eating me. I was a little surprised that he wanted to taste me, seeing as how I was drenched with the stuff Quentin had left in me, but if that’s what he hankered, what the hell! “You want to see him again, don’t you?” “I’m going to,” I announced. “Cool. Can I be there to watch?” “Maybe.” I suddenly understood that I still had things to learn, that Reggie still had techniques and attitudes to teach me. But now I was a graduate student. And then, the bad boy got fucked by the bad girl.
  16. Not all swinger stories are 100% true, but I assure you this one is. This happened to us almost 20 years ago, but to the best of my recollection this is exactly what happened.... Many years ago, in our early 30s and recently married, we visited relatives who lived on the West Coast of Florida near the beach. We like Florida's nude beaches but there were none there we knew of, so we went down to the public beach. Down the beach a ways we saw a large penninsula jutting out into the ocean, covered in vegetation and palm trees. Somebody told us it was a bird sanctuary with a 5 mile perimeter trail for day hikes. We were bored so decided to check it out. The hike around the penninsula felt long in the intense Florida sun, and we felt certain we were alone so I playfully convinced my wife (M) to take off her top. She shot it at me like a rubber band and I stuffed it in the pocket of my bathing trunks. We walked around the bend at the tip of the penninsula and were startled to see a man sitting in a small clearing several feet back from the shore. Embarrassed, M immediately covered her bare breasts with her hands and apologized to him. He chuckled and said "No worries. Lots of people come out here to be topless. The beach patrol doesn't come out on the island". We smiled and continued along our way when he said "Wait, it's another 3 miles in that direction. You should bring water!" and he reached into a cooler and produced two ice cold bottles of water. "Please," he said "This sun can really dehydrate you". We were hot and thirsty and, touched by this kind gesture, we stopped and let him approach us. Up close he reminded me of an aging Clark Gable with a full head of white hair and a thin white caterpillar mustache, aged somewhere around 70, and definitely a local retiree. "Do you two live around here?" he asked. We explained we were just visiting and that we had just come from a couple days stay at Paradise Lakes nudist resort in Tampa, so M was unaccustomed to wearing a top. He gestured toward his empty clearing and said "Folks come here to get nude all the time. On the weekends there may be a dozen or so nudists here". Then he paused and asked "Would either of you be offended if I removed my trunks?" That caught us off guard. His question was met with awkward silence and we both felt the sudden urge to leave... yet we stayed. It was only then we noticed he was wearing skimpy, purple, satin bikini briefs with a bow tied on one side. He turned to walk back to his chair, pulled the string and dropped his skimpy briefs in the sand, then approached us completely nude. Like many nudist retirees we've seen in Florida, his body was hairless and a dark shade of brown. But his cock was bigger and thicker than I expected, and seemed partially erect as he stood in front of us. "Tell me about your time at Paradise Lakes" he said with a smile. "They have wonderful parties there. Did you attend any?" Any one who knows Paradise Lakes knows that the private after-hours parties are where the swing scene there comes to life. He read us perfectly. He knew we weren't just a vanilla couple on a beach stroll. This was early in our Lifestyle days but yes, we were swingers, and my topless swinger wife stood in front of him unfazed by his nudity. As we began to chat about Paradise Lakes he approached M, gestured toward her breasts, and simply asked "May I?" She looked at me but not with a look of fear or flight. More a smirk of "I can't believe I'm doing this", then she parted her hands away from her chest and the naked old man started groping my wife's tits right in front of me. Nobody was sure where this was going, but I figured M would NOT want to fuck or blow him. So hoping to spare M anything unpleasant I whispered, loud enough for him to hear, "Let him jerk off on your tits". She gave me another look that said "good idea" and knelt, her eyes locked with mine, then I heard the meaty "slap" of his big horsecock against my wife's moist sweaty tits. He slapped his cock against each one several times then rubbed it all over them as it grew bigger and stiffer. She let out a moan which was a relief because I was worried she might be freaked out by this scene we suddenly found ourselves in. As the old man jerked furiously at my wife's tits, stopping briefly only to slap them with his horsecock, another dark brown Florida retiree in skimpy bikini briefs suddenly appeared! As he approached, M shot me a look and I prepared to keep him at bay. But instead of approaching M he approached our friend, got right behind him, and started pinching his nipples! Suddenly it dawned on me that this was a place for gay cruising - a place where men met for anonymous sex! Our friend clearly loved the nipple pinching, and after another minute or two, with a mighty roar he blasted his load onto M's tits. As soon as the heavy spurts stopped the second man dropped to his knees, grabbed our friend's horsecock and sucked out the last drops! Having already been in the Lifestyle about a year we thought we were experienced, but neither M nor I had ever seen anything quite like this before! With the two retirees now occupied with each other, and us feeling a little weirded out, this seemed a perfect time to leave - except now M's tits were covered in thick spunk. She tried to wipe it off with her hand but the goo just hung down from her hand in ropes. The second man offered me his beach towel which i used to wipe M's tits. I handed it back, shook hands with our two new friends, then we smiled and waved as we continued our way along the beach with our now warm bottles of water. Later that day we returned to our relatives who asked "How was the beach"? "Oh my God," M replied "IT WAS SO AWESOME"!
  17. adamgunn


    Kate by Adam Gunn (This is a little dated, it probably happened in the early 2010’s. Don’t trip on the anachronisms.) “Is there anything I can help you with, ma’am?” I said. She was good looking, over 45 years old – how much over that would be hard to say, but certainly younger than I was. A pert nose, red lipstick, red curly hair that L’Oreal would term ‘bright auburn,’ slate eyes lit up within so much that they could be called silver. Below the generic tee-shirt were smallish bumps, definitely not more than a B cup, perhaps even smaller. Jeans, medium heels that brought her up to, perhaps, five feet six or seven. I noticed the lack of a wedding ring or other big jewel. Not bad, I thought, not bad at all for a sleepy Wednesday afternoon in January. She looked me over, toe to hair, as thoroughly as I’d inspected her. She stared straight into my eyes. “Oh, there are things, yes, definitely.” I kept my eyes locked with hers, she gave up first. “I’m looking for a laptop for my friend.” “I’ve got plenty of them,” gesturing to the two serpentines and one long shelf loaded with the devices. “What does she want to do with her computer?” “He’s a guy.” “Oh, sorry about that. So, what does he want to do?” We chatted about that, then she moved me on to other subjects. I certainly didn’t mind, chatting with her was better than dusting shelves. We got into whether or not she needed a new printer. She laughed gaily whenever I gave her a little joke, and then she put her hand on mine, perhaps accidentally, perhaps not, when I showed her where the SD card went into the slot. “Do you print out a lot of pictures?” I asked. “More than I should, probably.” “What are they of?” “My friends, my dog, the travels I take.” “Where do you like to go?” “Florida, the Caribbean, any place that’s warm.” “Don’t like this weather?” For the last few days, somebody had been shaking the snow globe, and there was a good seven inches on the grassy areas, and the mounds in the parking lot were nearly six feet high. “Absolutely not,” she agreed, “although nights like we’re having can be nice if you want to stay by the fireplace.” There wasn’t anyone around, particularly managers, and I didn’t think she’d mind, so I quizzed, “What do you do by the fireplace?” “Oh,” she smiled, “sometimes I read, sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I romp around. Depends on the company I’m with. What do you like to do by a fireplace?” “Drinking a hot toddy is always nice. Playing games.” “What kind of games?” “Board games, Wii, or, even better, the ones you make up as you go along.” “Yeah, I like those, too,” she agreed. The sales manager roamed in the next aisle, we went back to the professed objective of the meeting, I gave her the specs of the two or three computers she’d been looking at, filled her in on the details of the setup service and protection plans. “If there’s anything else I can help you with, just let me know. I’m Adam.” “I’m Kate. I’ll be back. I promise.” With a delicate finger, she poked me in the chest. As she walked from me, I touched her on the arm. “I’ll be disappointed if you don’t come back.” “Oh, count on it.” These things happen at an electronics retailer. It wasn’t the first time in my four years at the store I’d flirted, or been flirted with. The other times nothing happened, for I was loath to pursue the prey too far. I was still a few years from retirement, and I was working full time not for the money – I’d socked it away fairly well when I was working for a living – but for the health care. Paying for it before Medicare kicked in four years from now would drain my 401K pretty severely, and if I got fired for making advances toward customers, it would hurt my finances. I daydreamt about Kate for a couple of nights, her smile and eyes coming to me in my fantasies. Other than her name, though, I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to reach her. Three days later, somebody else flirted with me, and I forgot about Kate. Then came a Saturday afternoon shift ten days later. It was mildly busy, time was going fast, and while I was taking care of one customer, another guy caught my eye. “I’ll be with you as soon as I’m done,” I promised. I finished up with them rather quickly, then looked for the short, mildly pudgy, bald-headed fellow. I found him standing by the laptops, looking at (surprise) the lowest cost computer. “Do you think this will do the job?” “Depends on what the job is.” Just then I felt a prod in my back. Turning around, there was Kate. “Oh, hello!” “Hi. See you found Rich.” “I guess I did. You’re Rich?” He blandly admitted the coincidence. As the three of us chatted about his computer needs, I came to the discernment that Kate and Rich were a couple. An old Joe Jackson song came to mind. ‘Is she really going out with him? / Is she really going to take him home tonight?’ Rich answered my questions and responded to my suggestions in a tedious monotone, Kate was boisterous and all over the place, interrupting my smooth sales pitch continually. “What about the little things over there? They’re cute!” “Those are netbooks. Excellent machines, if all you want to do is get on the internet and check email. Not much good for anything more.” “Maybe I should get one. I could put it in my purse.” “Maybe. Here’s what I use.” I reached into the pockets of my khaki, got my iTouch out, jumped on my browser. “I’ve got one of those,” she admitted. “Maybe you could explain a few things for me.” “Sure.” Rich just stood there with a vacuous expression, apparently he was used to his girl friend jumping in on his personal space. After three or four minutes, we moved over to the iPod docks, and I put her Touch on one. Surprisingly, there was a total of only twelve songs on it. “You’re into repetition, I take?” “Not really, I like a lot of variety.” The sparkle in her eye alerted me that she might not be talking of music. “But I just got it for Christmas, and don’t know how to get all those songs on.” “It’s easy.” “Yeah, but it’s always fun to have someone help you with the ropes, isn’t it?’ A little wink. “Maybe you could help me sometime.” At this, Rich just gave her a look that could be interpreted, ‘oh, that old line again.’ Eventually, we went back to computers, and Rich picked out a computer that fit his needs. For whatever reason, he wanted to think about it some more, so I gave him the information and wished them well. As she left, Kate said, “See you soon,” and poked me in the arm. “I can only hope.” Less than a week later, I was sitting in the Panera Bread before work, working on my laptop. “Hey, it’s you!” Kate said. “So it is. Sit down. How are you?” “Fine. What are you doing?” “Writing.” “Writing what?” It was quiet in my corner, no one could eavesdrop easily. “Erotic stories,” I admitted. “Nah,” she denied. “Really. Want to read it?” “Sure.” I turned the laptop to her. previously been harmlessly on her arm now went to her midriff and a finger snuck through the border of her blouse onto the bare skin below. Tracey didn’t complain. In fact, she bent her head back to a position where Paul could kiss her if he bent over slightly, and this he did. Tenderly, their lips met and the tongues touched, exploring then drawing back for another flick. Paul’s hand continued the expedition, and he unloosed one button so he could put his entire palm inside the blouse. As they continued to kiss, a finger made contact with the bottom of her bra and he traced the edge from one rib to the other. Since she failed to protest the intrusion, he became emboldened and the finger traveled up the valley between her breasts and traced the top of the bra. As his curled digits continued the investigation of the bare skin above her underwear, his wrist smoothly brushed the mound of her breast. Tracey was fully aware, of course, of the intrusion, and while her brain was screaming, ‘You can’t do this!’ another part of her was lazing in the attention, relishing the heat rising from her innards. If she made no effort to halt Paul, she also, other than the continuing kiss, failed “Well, that’s not bad. Can I read the rest?” “After I’m finished with it.” “When will that be?” “Who knows? It’s more of a hobby with me than a profession. Although I’ve been published.” “Really?” “Yeah. Ezines mostly. Twice I’ve had stories in anthologies.” “Hmmm. I don’t think I’ve ever met a real writer before.” “You still haven’t. I sell computers, remember?” “Oh, yeah.” We continued to chat about my other ‘career’, I told her she could find me on asstr and literotica if she wanted to. We switched to talking about her, I found out that she lived nearby in an apartment complex. “With Rich?” I asked. “Oh, you’ve got that all wrong. He’s just a friend with limited benefits.” “limited benefits?” “Yeah. We’ve known each other for twenty years. His wife threw him out a couple of years ago, and I sort of took him under my wing. I help him do things around the house, invite him over to dinner once in awhile. He chases me, sometimes I let him catch me. It’s all very innocent.” “I see.” “So did you mean what you said the other day?” “Of course I did,” I exclaimed, as if my feelings were hurt. “And, by the way, what did I say?” “How you promised to help me with my iTouch.” “Oh, that, sure. What do you need?” “Come over to my place, show me how to put things in it.” “I’d be happy to show you how I put it in.” A wicked smile came to her face. One of her fingers came gently to my nose, gently pushed on it. “I’ll be looking forward to it.” I made an appointment to come over to her house the next night after she got home from work. I was working the early shift. When I knocked on her door, I was holding a single rose. With a ribbon around it’s stem, I’d attached a little plastic stick. “What’s that?” she asked, accepting the token. “One-thousand, four-hundred and thirteen songs,” I replied. “Really. On this little thing?” “You’d be surprised at how big little things can get.” “Oh, show me!” And she led me to her computer. First, I showed her how to put a CD in, bring up iTunes and import the songs. Then we hooked up her iTouch and I showed her how to sync it. “Wow,” she said, “so that CD is now on the Touch.” “Yep. Now watch this.” I put the flash drive on, copied the songs unto the hard drive, imported them into the juke box software. It took some time, then when we connected the iPod, it was slowly transferring the songs. “That’s it,” I said, “for that, you owe me a drink.” “Wine okay?” “Just fine.” I followed her into the kitchen, she got out glasses and popped the cork. We clinked glasses, then she poked me in the chest. “Thanks.” I poked her back, right in the middle, in the small gulley between her breasts. “You’re welcome.” She poked me again, this time three inches to the left of center. “Watch where you’re putting that thing.” I followed suit, my finger prodding the softness to the inside of her breast. “I will.” Again she jabbed, this time right on top of my nipple. I cupped the breast – even encased in a bra, it didn’t completely fill my palm. She looked into my eyes, hers were sparkling. “You ready for this?” I answered, “Absolutely.” I picked her up by her waist, sat her on the counter top. My mouth was dry, my pulse hammering. I leaned in, brought my lips to hers. It wasn’t any surprise, we both knew why I was there, but still, that first kiss, when you’re sure it will go so much further, is filled with suspense. She kissed me back, easily, yieldingly. A hand brushed the side of my hair, mine went to her back, then, further down, to her waist, to her rear end. The kiss became zealous, she bit my lip and I wondered if she’d drawn blood. My hand went once again to her breast, she sat on the counter and put her legs around my back, drew me to her. We humped through the clothes, our groins locked. She pulled off her blouse, reached behind her to unclasp the bra. I looked at the tits, they weren’t the tiniest I’ve ever seen – maybe. But because of their miniature size, the years had done little damage to them. They sagged just a little, the spots in the middle were also small, and although the center was crinkled, they didn’t rise far from the smooth white skin surrounding them. I bent over to suck on them, she was pulling my shirt over my head, then we quickly began pulling our jeans off each other. It was awkward, of course, it always is, because I was standing she managed to get my pants around my knees and I kicked them off. My sailor was standing at attention and she grasped it in her hand, giving it just a little wank, then assisted me in assigning her britches to the floor. She had one long scar on her abdomen, leftover from a surgery long ago, and she had a landing strip, about three inches wide, of red pubic hair liberally mixed with ashen strands. I put a finger inside, found the tunnel to be soggy with readiness. She leaned back, awkwardly, against the cabinets, let me play with her. I leaned down, now here was a surprise! The clit was the exact antonym of her breasts. An inch long at least, extending unprotected by her outer lips, and the pinkness was nearly as thick as her little finger – it was huge! I put the shaft within my lips, sucked and nibbled, and found that, apparently, it was as sensitive as it was immense. I sucked and licked, and licked and sucked, and sucked and licked, and each time I touched the amazing stud, she whooped with glee. I stuck two fingers into the slipperiness, and there, just where I expected it to be, was the g-spot. I have a hard time believing that some people think the g-spot is a myth, and an even harder time knowing that many men can’t figure out where it is. Letting my digits roam through the cavern, I brought Kate to an amazing orgasm. Her eyes rolled up, her skin flushed even more than it already was, her toes clenched until I was worried she might tear a tendon. But I didn’t stop. Two, three minutes later she opened her eyes, let out a huge breath. I knew it was time for round 2. I stood, positioned my pole – it’s no more than average size, but if you know what to do, size doesn’t matter – at the lips, but didn’t immediately enter. Instead, using my hand to guide it, I used the head to stroke the labia, up into the hair, around the clit, and down into the crevice between her cheeks. She didn’t bat an eye, presented her back hole for a little massage, but I didn’t press it in; I was simply exploring the territory, I learned that in some subsequent journey the land wouldn’t be off limits. I returned to the main attraction, dipped just the head in, letting her feel the intrusion, flexed my muscles down there a couple of times. I withdrew, wiped her fluid in my palm, presented it to her mouth where she wolfishly licked her own moisture. Then I put it in again, buried half of it. Again I tightened the muscles, now I was deep enough to sense her response. I withdrew the second time, then went back one more time, slowly pushing inside her, smoothly, in no seeming hurry at all. I withdrew, almost until I was outside her, then suddenly, without warning, slammed it in until I was buried as fully as I was going to go, my head against her cervix. I was watching her face as I performed the maneuver, her eyelids flew open wide, I swear I could see sparks of red fill her pupils. I continued to pull out, almost to the point of disengagement, then ramming back in as hard as possible. Six, seven, eight times I repeated the motion, Kate was moaning in elation, suddenly I found myself welling up in orgasm. I stopped my movements, willed myself not to come. I shuddered, spilled perhaps ten or twelve drops into her tunnel, Kate kept with me, and quickly the crisis was over. I don’t do that often, usually I’m in a situation where I can control myself better. But when I do stop – have a mini orgasm, I guess you could call it – for the next hour, I’m superman. I can screw as much as I want, remain as hard as a tree trunk. So I kept on going. In the position we were in, she sitting on the counter top, me between her legs, I had access to her entire body, with the exception of her ass. So I started a long, protracted screw, combining the motions of my dick within her, with various external excitations. I would stroke skin, run a hand through her hair, cup a breast, tweak a nipple, suck on a finger or knead a toe, and, of course, flick the clitoris. She was in almost constant orgasm for a good eight minutes. Finally, as the counter was three inches two high for me and I was standing on tip toe for much of the incursion, my legs finally gave out, and I withdrew. “Are you done yet?” I asked. “No, you haven’t worn me out quite yet.” I pulled her off the counter, escorted her to the couch. I knelt on the floor facing the furniture, positioned her so that she was facing the pillows and away from me, pulled her onto me. This was a posture we could both control. If I sat on my haunches she could move to give herself pleasure, or I could rise up onto my knees to obtain maximum penetration. We stayed in this position for a long time, I rubbed her back, reached around to play with her tits, she was fond of reaching between her legs and playing with my testicles. Once in awhile, I’d put a finger in the nether crevice, feel the round ring. She encouraged this, wiggled her ass against the intruder, I thrust first a finger to the second knuckle, then the entire thumb inside. When she approached orgasm, she’d move her fingers to her clit and assist the oncoming blast. After quite a long time of this, I noticed the period between her orgasms was growing longer, the explosions contained less dynamite. It was time for me to pleasure myself, and I pulled her down onto the carpet on her back, knelt between her legs, buried myself within her. I thought of nothing but my own gratification, moving to provide friction on the most sensitive areas of my shaft, and there it was, welling up, overcoming every conscious thought I had. I pelted my sperm into her, long streams of fluid. Kate helped me use her, pulling my ass towards her, clasping her thighs around my waist, opening every inch of herself to me. She may have come for a last time with me, I couldn’t really say, I was too immersed in the sensations running through my body, centering, of course, on my balls and the tip of my dick. At last I was completely empty, I rolled off her onto my back, gasping for air, sensing the aftershocks of the huge jetting. She spoke first. “Oh, you’re good. You’re so good. How did you get so good?” “The same way I got to Carnegie Hall.” Either she didn’t know the punch line, or perhaps she was simply allowing me to have my fun. “Practice, practice, practice.” “Well, then, I think we’ll have to practice some more, don’t you?” Kate and I caught our collective breath, calming ourselves after the great screw we’d just completed. I looked at her, admired the small and winsome breasts, noticed the seep of cum between her legs, the rosiness of her torso. Of course, my penis was a mess, for that was the source of the muck, and I imagine my skin was just as red with the passionate friction. Outside, the temperature was in the teens, and the drafts in the apartment were cooling us quicker than either one of us desired. I stirred, then stood, then gave her a hand to rise. I started gathering my clothes, she asked, “You don’t have to leave yet, do you?” “No, I’ve got no place to go.” “Stay for awhile then. We can warm up in bed.” “I’ve had worse offers,” I accepted. She grabbed the laptop, led me into her bedroom. It was decorated in typical girly fashion, lots of pinks, stuffed animals, Thomas Kinkaid on the wall. The queen size bed was covered with a huge goose down comforter, and we cuddled underneath it, allowing the warmth to seep into our bones. “Your feet are cold,” she complained. “This is warm, though.” “It should be, it’s been humped pretty well. So, I take it this isn’t the first time you did this?” she joked. “With you it is!” She looked at me in faux amazement. “Okay, once before, maybe twice.” “Yeah, right.” “And you?” “Oh, I’ve been around the block,” she admitted, “It’s a nice block to go around.” “Yes, it certainly is,” I concurred. “You know what I like almost as much as screwing?” “Let’s see . . . broccoli? . . . the dentist? . . . taxes?” “Being read to in bed.” “Really! And what do you like to read?” “In your case,” she urged, “erotic fiction.” “Oh, you got around to it?” “Yeah, I looked you up on ASSTR. You’re good, graphic with out being too graphic, if you know what I mean. I read Backgammon for Blood, and the other two stories that went with it. So, what do you say? Read me a bedtime story . . . please?” I opened the laptop, brought up my stories on ASSTR, said, “Okay, this one is called Full Caribbean Moon. It’s right for tonight because it’s about a very warm place. ‘The Carpentaria palms danced in the trade winds as the couple strolled barefoot . . .’ while I read the six-thousand five-hundred words, Kate cuddled against my right side, fondling me and my now slack tool. When we got to the good part, she put a hand somewhere deep in the covers, and I stopped while she whimpered through another orgasm. It wasn’t too long after that when I finished, ‘Would you want me to?’ ‘Tonight is the full moon,’ he curiously concluded. “Oh, that was nice. Was that something you’ve done?” “No, that was just a fantasy of mine. For a long time, I wondered about what it would be like knowing my wife was with another man.” “It’s a nice fantasy. I’ll bet everybody who reads it thinks it’s wonderful.” “Oh, no, not at all.” “Why not?” I brought up Literotica, let her read the comments people had left on the site. “So, they’re upset because the woman is fooling around?” “I don’t think so. They’re upset because they think the husband is a cuckold, allows his wife to be with someone else. It doesn’t fit into their idea of ‘the proper thing to do.’” “And so they’re rude.” “Yep.” “But if they don’t like the stories, they don’t have to read them. They know what you’re going to write by now, don’t they?” “I suppose so. But I guess they’re losers, don’t have anything better to do but to sit around and bitch about how other people don’t share their ‘values.’ I’ve often wondered how they think married people are going to get laid in these stories if married women don’t screw around. A few of the idiots have left their screen names, and I’ve looked at the stories they do like. It’s pretty much ‘He bumps into a girl, screws him, she screws somebody else, everybody screws.’ Not much of a plot. A lot like the movies you see on Cinemax.” “Screw them!” Kate pronounced. “You screw them, I don’t care.” By this time, we’d faced each other, and the feel of her skin on mine, and the idea of what we could do to each other was bringing my guy back to a semblance of life. We started kissing again, and before long she was down my torso and had my rod within her mouth. It was warm in there, and the rubbing of her lips and tongue on the shaft and head excited me, and soon the miracle had occurred – I was stiff enough to provide her pleasure. She climbed up on top, wriggled until she was at the proper attitude, and sunk down on me. Once again we were linked, and she moved to her own peculiar rhythm. Although I enjoyed stroking her, flicking a nipple or pulling on the waist, I knew I had no reason to expect anything other than the pleasure of a lovely female reveling with me; and that was pleasure enough. She was obviously practiced in the passionate art, and knew her own body well. She started slow, shifting her hips in a lazy movement, watching my face. Then, as her nerves pricked up, she closed her eyes, and began a forward and aft motion, altering every so often with an up and down transition. I watched her the skin above her breasts become rosy, her breath became labored, her eyes closed. I grabbed both nipples between thumb and forefinger, pressed hard, it sent her over the verge. Once more she came, hard it seemed, I wondered what it must be like to be a female in heat; unfortunately, it is something I’ll never know. But it must be wonderful! She slowed her pace, collapsed on top of me. I pulled the comforter back up, covering her, warming her. She kissed me, quick pecks meant to assure me she had had a great time. Without the movement, my wand quickly lost its firmness, plopped out of its refuge. It was time for the toilet, washing up, I retreated to the living room and put my clothes back on. She came to me again, this time she was wrapped in a lush robe, slippers on her feet. “I really enjoyed it,” she confessed, “and thanks for working on . . .” she paused, smiled, “. . . my iPod.” “Never a problem, is there anything else you’d like me to work on?” “I can think of a couple of things,” she laughed, escorted me to the door, gave me a final kiss. A finger pointed at my chin, landed gently on the cleft. “Call me.”
  18. So this morning we started talking about the idea of having Mrs. E pick up a new playmate in a bar over the long weekend. It felt like a great idea when I was fucking her, then I was going to drop it, but she brought it back up again on her own tonight and we're game. When we did something like this on vacation, it was after a half dozen duds when prospective vanilla playmates realized there was another man in the picture and scattered. We'd like it to be a little less drawn out than that, and I know a lot of couples here have had some fun this way. Any advice on how to approach this and introduce the idea?
  19. The following is a work of fiction, the product of my own pervy imagination. Enjoy. "I'm just saying," Dan said quietly, "conference sex is a thing." "Geez, honey," Jenn rolled her eyes. "It's a work conference, not one of your pervy fantasies." The airport crowds flowed around the young couple, people drifting in and out of shops and food stands or making their way to the security lines that stood between them and their flights. "Why can't it be both?" Dan grinned. "Perv," Jenn growled, but she knew wouldn't have him any other way. "All I'm saying is..." Dan started. "... that if some guy tries to pick me up at the hotel bar, you're ok with me *fucking* him," Jenn whispered hotly. She couldn't deny the flutter in her stomach, or perhaps a bit lower down, the thrill at the very idea. "Well..." Dan flushed. "You're a perv," Jenn replied with an amused grin. "Have fun with the house to yourself. Try not to spend the whole time I'm gone jerking off to porn." "No promises," Dan grinned back. <<<>>> "You can do this," Jenn told herself, nervously, tugging at the hemline of the slinky black dress. "You want to do this. It will be fun." She was fairly certain buying the little dress in the first place had been Dan's idea. He'd said she would look hot in it. Considering her reflection in the hotel room mirror, Jenn had to admit he had a point. The dress's little spaghetti straps left her shoulders bare, showing off her fair skin down to the swell of her breasts - not huge, but not bad, she thought. The dress clung to her curves, emphasizing the tight belly she worked hard to maintain. The hemline was worrying. It was low enough to be decent, but seriously bordered on slutty. Tugging the hem down had helped a little, until she noticed that her tits were now in danger of popping out the top. With a sign, she gave it up. Grabbing her little clutch purse, she walked out of the hotel room before she changed her mind. With a grin, she pulled her phone out of her purse. After all, half the point of doing this was to give Dan a thrill, and she couldn't do that if she didn't keep him in the loop. As she walked down the hotel hall, she hit speed dial. "Hi, honey. How's the conference?" Dan answered. "Boring seminars, pushy vendors, the usual," Jenn said breezily. "Having fun?" Dan sounded amused. "Oh yeah," Jenn replied, dripping sarcasm. "I just love it. What are you up to?" "Oh, you know... wild party, drinking, smoking pot, a bunch of naked coeds in the hot-tub begging to suck me off," Dan lied. Laughing, Jenn rolled her eyes. "You're bored and watching late-night TV, aren't you?" "How did you know?" Dan asked. "We don't have a hot-tub," Jenn pointed out. "Fair point," Dan conceded. "What are you up to?" "Well..." Jenn hesitated, suddenly nervous again. "What are you doing?" The sound of Dan's excitement was like ice and fire in her veins. "I thought I'd go down to the hotel bar," Jenn replied, trying to sound nonchalant. "Looking for a guy?" Dan said, teasing. "Perv," Jenn laughed, feeling that low-down flutter. "I'm meeting some friends for drinks... but..." "But what?" Dan said slowly. "Remember that little black dress you liked?" Jenn replied. "Yes?" With a wicked grin, Jenn noticed a mirror in the hallway. Striking as sultry a pose as she could, she snapped off pic with her phone and sent it. "Wow." His response was breathless. "I thought you'd get a kick out of that," Jenn teased, thrilled that his response was everything she'd wanted. She didn't, however, expect what came next... though in retrospect, she knew she probably should have. "Are you wearing panties?" Dan asked. "Yes... perv," Jenn replied, with a nervous laugh. Admittedly, the little black thong she had on under the dress wasn't much, but it was there. "Take 'em off," Dan said. "No," Jenn gasped, shocked. "Take your panties off," Dan insisted. "No," Jenn replied breathlessly. "You know how short this dress is." "Off. Right now." "Right... Dan, I'm in a hallway. I can't." Jenn laughed shakily. In fact, she'd reached the elevators at the end of the hall. Sure, it was empty now but someone could arrive at any moment. She could see herself reflected in the mirrored surface of the elevators doors, sexy in a slinky dress. Dan said nothing. He was just waiting, she knew, daring her to do it, to step the game up one more notch. The little low-down flutter had become a full, rolling wave... a sultry, hot, wet wave. Before she could lose her nerve, she reached up under the little dress and quickly pulled off her thong. Glancing at her reflection, she saw that, in the process, the perilously short hemline of her dress had been pushed from slutty to indecent. Flush with excitement, she pulled her dress up to allow an unobstructed peek at her pussy, snapped a quick pic of her reflection and sent it to Dan. "Beautiful," Dan panted over the phone. "I'll call you later, perv." Jenn's voice was husky to her own ears as she hung up. A second later the elevator dinged and the doors open. Jenn stood frozen, feeling sudden empathy for the proverbial deer caught in headlights. Despite her desperate desire to squeak and pull her dress down, she didn't move. Two men, plainly attendees at the same conference, stepped from the elevator, glancing at her with polite smiles. Both men froze suddenly. She saw their eyes widen as they took her in, her slinky black dress, her heaving cleavage, her hiked up skirt and the neatly trimmed landing strip of her naked pussy. Red-faced, one of the men looked quickly away and walked on past. The other man hesitated for a moment, drinking in the sight of her. Under his hot gaze, Jenn felt a surge of unmistakable desire. She made no move to cover herself. She didn't want to. "Good evening," the man said with a grin and then walked past her. Breathing heavily, Jenn stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby. It wasn't until she noticed her reflection the door again that she finally moved to fix her dress. <<<>>> Like what U C perv? Jenn's heart was racing as she fired off the text message to Dan, thinking about the picture she'd just sent. After inadvertently flashing the two men at the elevator, Jenn had been unable to concentrate on hanging out with her friends - really coworkers attending the conference with her. The talk, griping about work, supervisors and spouses, was all the same talk they had back home. Jenn's mind had kept wandering back to the elevator, to the looks the two men had given her as she stood there, bottomless. She couldn't shake the idea that Dan would love to hear about it, would probably ask why she hadn't fucked one of them. She thought about the second man, the long, hungry look he had given her, and wondered what she would have said, what she would have done, if he'd propositioned her. Finally, distracted from the banal chatter, she'd gotten up and gone over to the bar. Sitting at a bar stool, she'd felt her slinky black rise wickedly higher, felt the cool air teasing her naked thighs, and wondered how many of the guys were trying to peek up her skirt. That idea had started another wicked thought that grew in her mind until she had finally decided to give into it. As nonchalantly as possible, she'd taken out her phone, held it down by her knees and spread her legs. A quick click, and she'd taken a picture of her exposed pussy in a bar full of men, a picture which was now on its way to Dan along with her teasing text. She knew he'd love it. Glancing around the bar, she wondered if anyone had seen. After a few minutes, Dan hadn't replied to her text. She was disappointed before she realized the time difference might mean he hadn't seen it. She fired off another. JENN: U up? Haha Still no reply. "Excuse me, miss." Jenn jumped as the man's voice broke through her distraction. "Can I buy you a drink?" he asked, with a friendly smile. His name was Tim. He was staying at the hotel, attending the same conference she was. They talked for a while about the day's seminars, their respective workplaces, the hotel in general. Tim was friendly, flirty without being pushy, and Jenn found herself relaxing and enjoying herself. After a while, when Tim turned his attention to the bartender to refresh their drinks, she fired off another text to Dan, teasing that a guy had gotten her a drink. "Good phone," Tim said, looking back at her. "It's OK," Jenn shrugged. "Did the picture come out?" Tim said nonchalantly. "Picture?" Jenn felt suddenly hot and cold all at once. "What picture?" The bartender choose that moment to call Tim over, leaving Jenn shivering briefly in shock. She quickly fired off another text to Dan: OMG I think he saw me take that pic! By the time Tim got back, apologizing and explaining that there had been some error with his credit card, Jenn had managed to regain the appearance of calm, though her heart was pounding. "So," she said, trying to sound cool. "You saw me take a picture." "Maybe just a peek, really," Tim admitted with a barely hidden grin. "Really?" Jenn drawled, teasing. Tim just grinned, trying unsuccessfully to hide a glance down at her thighs. Jenn fidgeted in her seat. "So, who was it for?" Tim asked. "The picture. Was it for someone?" "My guy back home," Jenn admitted, feeling oddly relaxed about it suddenly. "Dan. He has these fantasies. I thought I'd indulge him a little." "Fantasies of you flashing at a bar?" Tim grinned. "Among other things," Jenn confessed, blushing. "Really?" Tim focused on his drink. Jenn leaned closer to him, speaking more softly. "Dan told me to take off my panties, before I came down to the bar." Tim's eyes flashed back down to her thighs again. "Did he? Had you leave them in your room." "No," Jenn said slowly. "They're in my purse. He had me take them off in the hallway." "He wants you to get seen, does he?" Tim's gaze rose to lock with Jenn's eyes. She felt a flush of heat rising in her cheeks and spreading down her neck. "Well, I did take a picture of my pussy in a bar full of people for him," she said. "How far do you want to go?" Tim's voice was low, husky. "What did you have in mind?" Jenn felt the blush spreading down her chest. "Give me your phone," Tim grinned. Slowly, Jenn slide it over. Grinning, Tim picked the phone up and took a couple of steps back. "Give ol' Dan a thrill," Tim said. Heart pounding, Jenn glanced around, looking at the other people around the bar. What the hell, she thought and spread her legs again on the barstool, exposing her bare pussy to Tim's gaze, and the gaze of anyone else who happened to look over. As Tim raised the phone to snap a pic, Jenn threw caution to the wind. With a quick motion, she grabbed the top of her slinky dress and pulled it down, flashing a naked tit too. Tim clicked the picture and stepped quickly back toward her. Hastily, Jenn covered herself again. Her heart was racing, and she was sure that blush covered her entire chest. The heat of it seemed to reach down toward the heat rising from her thighs. She wondered if Tim had noticed how wet her pussy was. Taking her phone back, she looked at the picture and smiled. Quickly, she sent it to Dan. She wondered if he would see it before morning. "There you go," Tim said smirking. "That ought to give ol' Dan what he wants." "Not even," Jenn laughed. "Really?" Tim looked intrigued. Leaning closer to her, he continued quietly, "You just flashed your tit -very nice tit, by the way - to like half the guys in this bar and at least a few of them will have noticed the 'no panties' bit too. What more does your guy want?" "Well," Jenn said, leaning closer too, until their faces were almost touching. "He has this fantasy." "What fantasy," Tim breathed. "He wants me to... fuck... another guy," Jenn's breath was coming in shallow gasps. "Like, here, at the conference. For real. Basically, he's a perv. Crazy, right?" "Crazy," Tim agreed. For a moment they just sat, their faces so close together. Jenn wondered if he was going kiss her. "What do you think?" Tim asked finally. "About what?" Jenn was puzzled. "About his fantasy." "I think..." Jenn paused. "I think I like it. I think... maybe I might do it. If I find the right guy." "Well," Tim leaned back suddenly, settling back in his seat. "If you find him, I'm sure you won't have any trouble convincing him." "Really," Jenn said, looking flatly at him. "Because I think maybe he might not be interested." "Not possible," Tim said. "If a beautiful, intelligent woman like you asked... I bet almost any guy here would jump at the chance." "You, sir, are a charmer and a gentleman," Jenn grinned. "Well, I try," Tim admitted with a smirk. "I am going back to my room now," Jenn said. "Well, good night." "Really? That's all? 'Good night'?" "Well..." "I am all alone here. My guy - the perv who wants me to fuck another guy, you recall - is all the way on the other side of the country. I have... no panties on and I am very... very horny. It seems to me that a gentleman would escort me back to my room. After all, anything could happen... anything." <<<>>> Jenn's hands shook as she fumbled to pull her hotel keycard from her purse. After her sultry almost-invitation in the bar, the ride up in the elevator had been oddly quiet. Tim had been calm, flashing his flirty smile but nothing more. Letting her take the lead, Jenn realized. She couldn't believe how nervous she felt. After all, she was only inviting a strange man she had just met at a conference up to her hotel room for sex because her guy... ok, she admitted, she could believe how nervous she was. What she couldn't believe was how excited she was, or how hard it was to take that stupid plastic card out of her purse. She jumped slightly when Tim's hand closed gently over her arm. "You don't have to do this, you know," he said softly. With that, her nervousness vanished as if it had never been. Slowly Jenn turned, her body brushing against Tim's as she reached up and kissed him. Her lips softly explored his. His arms closed around her, holding her firmly. "I want to," she breathed. His arms tightened around her, pulling her against him, kissing her with growing passion. She could feel his growing hardness pressing against her. "What do you want?" he said teasingly. "I want you to fuck me," Jenn panted. Tim dragged her mouth back to his, his lips and tongue hungrily exploring hers. His hands roamed over her back, reaching downward to cup her ass. Jenn moaned against him. She felt him pulling up the hem of her slinky little dress, felt his hands squeezing her naked ass, there in the hotel hallway. Her entire body quivered with desire. Pushing away enough to speak again, Jenn panted, "Let me... oohhh... let me open the door." Squirming in Tim's embrace, she managed to turn enough to face the door again and clawed at her purse for the keycard. Tim's hands continued to explore her body, squeezing her ass, rubbing along her side and her belly, reaching up to cup her breast. She managed to get the keycard out of her purse around the same time he pulled her dress down to expose her tits. His hard cock ground against her bare ass. She groaned as his fingers flicked over her sensitive nipple. "If you don't let me get this door open," Jenn moaned, "we are going to end up fucking in the hall." "Bet ol' Dan would love that," Tim muttered as he kissed her neck, his roaming fingers reaching around to brush along the wet folds of her naked pussy. Jenn groaned in response, forcing the keycard into the door and practically running inside as it finally opened. "Oh my god. This is so crazy," Jenn laughed as she heard the door swing close behind her. Unconsciously, her hands slid up her sides, moving to smooth her shirt. "Don't you dare," Tim chuckled. "What?" Jenn glanced over her shoulder at him, feeling a nervous flutter as she realized she was alone, in her hotel room, with him. "Don't fix your dress," Tim said. "Looks good just the way it is." "With my ass hanging out, you mean," Jenn smiled, her hands sliding down to cup her butt. "Exactly," Tim grinned. "You have a very nice ass." "You like it?" Jenn asked teasingly. "It's not too big?" "Your ass is firm and round. You have a beautiful ass," Tim replied. "Give me your phone." "My phone?" Jenn puzzled at the non-sequitur. "Well, I could take a picture with mine..." Tim said, reaching into his pocket. "Oh, no," Jenn replied, digging into her purse and tossing her phone to him. "That's how embarrassing pictures end up on the internet." "Precisely," Tim said, snapping a quick pic. "I mean, you wouldn't want to do anything crazy." "Absolutely not," Jenn laughed, cupping her ass and bending over slightly. "I am a very respectable woman, after all. I would never do anything wild or out of control. You know that, right?" She grinned as she looked back him, spreading her legs a little more. "Of course not," Tim nodded seriously. "And, after all, you're in a committed relationship so clearly you wouldn't want anyone to think you did anything inappropriate. Now turn around, so I can see your tits." Still laughing, Jenn turned, arching her back to show off her breasts. She couldn't believe she was doing this, standing in her hotel room, her slinky dress bunched up around her waist, letting a strange man snap pictures of her bare ass and tits... and pussy, she realized. Her smile faded as her breath quickened. Her eyes met Tim's and she saw, behind his joking and grins, a desire that reflected her own. For a long moment, they just stood there, facing each other across the room. Slowly, her eyes fixed on Tim's, Jenn slid the slinky dress's tiny spaghetti straps from her shoulders. She pushed the bunched fabric of the dress down past her hips, letting it slip down her legs to pool around her feet. Finally, she stepped out of her heels and took a step toward him. "You're gorgeous," Tim said huskily, then his teasing grin appeared again as he snapped another pic. "More pictures?" Jenn shook her head. "Well, I bet ol' Dan will get a thrill out of them," Tim replied lightly. "All right," Jenn said, stepping closer, moving quickly to hide her nervousness. "Let's take some pictures that will give him a real thrill." With firm deliberation, before she could chicken out, Jenn grabbed hold of Tim's slacks, undid the button and dropped to her knees in front of him. "Take some pictures that will really drive him wild," she said, forcing down Tim's zipper and pulling his pants down. "Oh my god," she breathed softly as Tim's dick jumped free of his boxers. Even only semi-erect, it was long, thick and veiny, plainly different from Dan's. So what, Jenn thought to herself as she wrapped quivering fingers around the thickening shaft. She'd seen other dicks. She'd held other dicks, but never a stranger's, and never while she was with another guy. Above her, Tim groaned in pleasure and that, it seemed, was enough to finally settle her nerves. Smiling, she looked up at him, at his face glazed with desire as she stroked his length. She looked up at the camera lens of her phone. Dan wanted this, she thought. He'd said so often enough. She'd sucked dick plenty of times before, she thought as her lips closed around Tim's thick tip. This time Tim would get to enjoy her mouth, enjoy her tongue swirling around him, and later Dan would get to enjoy seeing the pictures of his long, thick hard cock as it disappeared between her lips. "Oh, yes, that's so good," Tim moaned. Jenn quivered with desire. She felt nasty, kneeling there naked, eagerly bobbing her head up and down Tim's cock while he continued to take occasional pictures. "So good," Tim moaned again. "Oh yeah, so good. Fuck." "Yes," Jenn purred, keeping her lips against Tim's thick cock. "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, Tim." Groaning, Tim pulled his cock from her warm mouth. His strong hands grabbed her shoulders and lifted Jenn to her feet. She shivered with excitement as he pushed her slowly backward toward the bed. "This what you want?" Tim growled, his eyes intense. "Yes," Jenn panted. "I want this." "You like sucking my cock?" Tim's hands firmly cupped Jenn's heaving tits, squeezing and caressing them. She moaned as he roughly played with her sensitive nipples. "Yes," Jenn gasped. "You have such a nice, big cock. I love sucking your cock. Now I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your nice, big cock, Tim." She cried out as Tim pushed her roughly down onto the bed. Like an animal, he pounced over her. She moaned as his mouth latched onto her tits, roughly sucking and nipping at her sensitive mounds. "Oh, Tim," Jenn gasped as he kissed and bit down her side. "Hey, not so... oh, wow... oh... oh... Oh. My. God!" She cried out as he buried his face in her pussy. She arched her hips to meet him as his tongue parted her wet lips and lashed furiously against her clit. "Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod! Yes, there. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh. Oooohhhh, myyyy, God!" Jenn's whole body arched in pleasure, quivering as her shockingly sudden orgasm ripped through her. She collapsed, panting, onto the bed. Shivering, she looked up to see Tim looming over her, tossing the last of his clothes away. Out of a staid business suit, he looked powerful, muscular and wild. His long, thick cock stood proudly against his hard abs. "Tell me," he growled. "Tell me what you want." "I want..." Jenn gasped. "I want you to fuck me. Please, fuck me." He pushed closer, holding his cock in one hand as he guided it toward her dripping pussy. In the other hand... "My phone?" Jenn giggled. "I want ol' Dan to see this," Tim said firmly. "I want your pervy guy to see the moment, the exact moment, my cock... a stranger's cock... enters his woman. I want the perv to have this to jerk to... his Jenn's beautiful pussy taking another man's.... cock!" Jenn moaned as his tip entered her, parting her lips and stretching her slowly open. She shivered at his words, and at the nasty, wicked feeling of his strange cock inside her. She was doing it, she realized. She was letting a strange man fuck her. Her whole body arched up to meet him as his long shaft slowly filled her. "Yeah," Tim groaned. "He's going to like seeing this." "Put the phone down," Jenn purred. "Put that fucking phone away and fuck me." "Is that what you want?" Tim smiled wickedly, lightly tossing Jenn's phone aside. "Yes." She looked at him, thrilling to the hungry look in his eyes. "Yes, I want you to fuck me." Tim slowly pulled his cock back, until only the tip rested just within her dripping pussy. "You want a guy you just met to fuck you. A stranger, to fill you up with his cock." "Yes." Jenn writhed under him. "Yes, fuck me now." She gasped as Tim grabbed her waist. Her eyes locked on his as her body arched toward him. With a grunt, he thrust into her, filling her up with one swift motion. Their hips rocked together, her wet folds opening to receive him deep inside her. Jenn's whole body tingled as he thrust into her again and again, deep, steady, powerful thrusts that filled her over and over. She reveled in the feeling and the unshakable thought of how wicked this was. Wild, carnal pleasure climbed through her, exploding as she came again. "Oh my god!" she cried out, shaking as her body convulsed around his thrusting member. "Are you... still going?" "I'm not finished," Tim grinned, continuing to slide slowly inside her. "Not by a long shot." "Oh... my... god..." Jenn moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him deeper into her. She let herself go, moaning and crying out with wild, forbidden pleasure. Throughout, she kept her eyes on him, watching his unfamiliar body moving over hers, staring into his stranger's face has he grunted and thrust into her. Lust and pleasure climbed, peaked again with her desperate cries, and madly started to climb once more. Suddenly, Tim paused in his seemly tireless fucking. "What's that?" "What?" Jenn panted. It took a moment for her to realize that a new sound had been intruding on the moaning, grunting and slapping of flesh against flesh. A musical, birdlike chiming sound. It took another moment for Jenn to recognize the sound. "Oh, it's my phone." "Seriously?" Tim pushed himself slowly back inside her. "Someone's calling you now?" "Text alert," Jenn gasped. "Probably.... ooohhhh... Dan." "Dan? Ol' Dan!?" Tim laughed. Jenn groaned as Tim quickly pulled himself from her body. She felt shockingly empty, without him inside her. She was relieved to see that Tim staggered slightly as he stood. She watched, amused at the sight of his thick cock bobbing ahead of him as he fumbled around on the floor, grabbing her phone. "Hey, we missed a few," Tim grinned down at her phone. "Text from Dan: 'Hot pic." "Oh my god," Jenn buried her face in her hands, wondering which of the many naughty pics her guy was talking about. "'You naughty tease'," Tim read out. "Give it to me." Jenn reached out for the phone. "'Fell asleep. You have fun flashing the bar?'," Tim read. "Poor guy, he's missed all the fun. Should I send him some of our new pics?" "No!" Jenn gasped. "Give me my phone." "'You still up?'," Tim chuckled. "I certainly am," he added, flexing his raging hard cock. "Give it to me!" Jenn reached out for her phone. "Damn right I will," Tim grinned, leaping back onto the bed. Jenn squealed as he flipped her over onto her belly and dropped himself onto her back. She felt his slick, hard cock pressing between her thighs. "Not what I meant." Her gasp turned into a groan as he penetrated her again. "Here," Tim said into her ear. "You should really answer him." He started thrusting again, even harder and more passionate than before. The phone dropped in front of Jenn's face. "Go on, answer him." Tim grunted, pounding into her. Fumbling, Jenn grabbed her phone and tried to type out a reply. JENN: CEnt tAlk call pater Tim was driving fiercely into her now. Her whole body shook from the force of him in her. Tim was going wild, she realized, at the thought of her being on the phone with Dan while he fucked her. That idea, and his powerful thrusts, sent her own pleasure spiraling upward. She was dimly aware of the phone chiming again and again. DAN: U drunk lol? DAN: Jenn? DAN: U ok? DAN: JENN?!? She knew she had to respond with something. Desperately, she tried to cling to the phone long enough to type out a reply. JENN: C a 'll later JENN: nifht With that she pushed the phone away and thrust back to meet Tim's thrusting cock. Another orgasm crashed over her and Tim roared over her, driving his strange cock deep inside her. <<<>>> Jenn stared at the empty hotel bar. Other conference attendees moved through the lobby, heading for the morning seminars. She was sure that Tim was among them, but she didn't know where. He'd left during the night... after... One part of her mind shied away from the thought, but at the same she felt a tingle across her skin... her nipples... her pussy. She looked down at her phone. It felt hot in her hand. She hadn't dared to open the picture folder yet. She had to get it over with. She wondered if she would really dare to say anything when the time came. Her fingers shook as she pressed Dan's speed dial. "Hi, honey," Dan answered brightly.
  20. I couldn't believe it, but I had become a veteran swinger. After many years of being a shy conservative wife, I had now done three experiences with our friends, and the newness of sex among us was starting to wear off. It was to be girls night at my place ( I'm Diane), and I was trying to come up with something different. Although it was accidental, I did like the men's idea of adding an unsuspecting partner. This time I needed a way for us three girls to get an unsuspecting victim. But how? Where would we find him? After careful discussion, the girls and I had decided to go out to a strip club that was a little bit out of the way since we still wanted to be discrete and hoping not to run into anyone we knew. Now, understand that none of us girls ever really knew what went on at these places, and it was fascinating to be a fly on the wall watching men throw money and gawk at these girls up there. I think we got more enjoyment watching men pay for lap dances than watching the girls themselves, plus it was much cheaper. We were having a great time when we saw it happen, a bachelor party. There were about seven guys throwing wads of money away for their buddy who was experiencing his last night of freedom. Now, don't get us wrong, we don't want to be home wreckers, but what a way to take care of two birds with one stone! We could indulge his last night of freedom while having our fun too. We ended up talking to their sober leader, Bill. We explained that the three of us: me, Stephanie, and Alicia, wanted to do his buddy all night and it probably would be much cheaper on him and his buddies. Of course, he wanted the rest of the guys to come along, but we had to decline. So there the bachelor (Tony) was in the middle of a lap dance. At the completion, he was quite surprised to see that most of his friends had abandoned him. We quickly made him forget about them. I approached a dancer and asked her how much for five girls to dance at once for our newfound friend Tony? She told us that they could take care of him for 50 dollars and got five girls to come over and dance all over him. I was on his right side, and Alicia was on his left at the small little table. The dance started, and Alicia and I immediately started rubbing Tony's leg, which he definitely enjoyed. We were enjoying the dances too. I whispered to Tony, "Let me make this easy, you are going to get laid tonight." He looked at me with shock and disbelief. He was very nervous, but excited. I looked over to Alicia and Stephanie on my left, and they were embraced in a deep girl kiss. I then whispered, "Oooh, Tony, look at them." By this time, Stephanie was sucking on Alicia's finger, and the lap dance was over. At seeing two conservative wifey looking women stick their tongues down each other's throats, he was ready and willing, so the four of us got up and headed for home. On the drive, he had asked us if we were hookers. I said: "No, just housewives." We got home, and my husband Derek was there. We planned to give Derek the same treatment that we were giving our newfound friend. Tony couldn't believe the arrangement and the fact that Derek was there, but he was quickly adapting. We promptly got naked and proceeded to service Tony. I had explained that the three of us all loved our pussies eaten and wanted to know if he wanted to try the sampler platter. He was in heaven. By the time he was through with the three of us, Alicia and I proceeded to eat each other and explain to Tony that this is how you eat pussy. Stephanie told him that pussy licking was fine, but nothing beats a nice fat cock in both ends and asked him which end he would like? He wanted her pussy, which left Derek for her mouth. Seeing that we wanted this to be a night for Tony to remember. Alicia and I got two bottles of beer, and both stood over Stephanie while she was getting fucked doggy. We were both facing outward holding the beer. I was facing Tony, and Stephanie was facing Derek with our pussies right at their heads. I started rubbing my clit with the beer bottle and then shoved the beer bottle in my pussy. I asked Tony if he would like a beer and gave it to him. Here Tony was, doing Stephanie doggy, with my pussy right at his head being fed beer. Both of them were getting ready to cum when Tony asked what to do with it, meaning his cum? I said give it here and promptly proceeded to suck his juice from his pulsing cock and swallowing it down as a good slut should. Then Derek came in Stephanie's mouth, and after she was done swallowing his big load, she opened her mouth to show all that she was a good cum slut too. Derek went to get more beer; he was actually happier watching. Needless to say Tony came five times that night in what was a five-hour session that lasted until six in the morning. He actually begged us to let him leave because his balls were so sore and he couldn't come anymore, which he had already said twice, but we still managed to get his love candy (amazing what a woman's finger wiggling in a guy's ass can do). We finally decided he was truly tapped out. We had fun, and Derek certainly had fun watching, but we all agreed the more important question was if Tony was going to be able to function on his wedding night!
  21. We're a soft swing couple with lots of adventures over the years. Here's one of our first when we were still newbies. We had a trip planned to Vegas and I went on-line and read about swing clubs. We decided we would go to one and just see what happens. We were both a bit nervous when we got there. There was every kind of person you could imagine. Many were older and not in great shape, but there were enough folks that were not only interesting to chat with, but nice looking also. We spent about an hour walking around drinking wine and not much chatting at first. We met a couple upstairs in the couples-only room that had been swinging for a long time. We asked them lots of questions and at first I was surprised how open they were discussing what they were into and telling us details of their swapping adventures. Sitting next to a good looking lady and listening to her explain how she was giving her husband a blow job while a stranger was fucking her from behind is really cool. Anyway, we went back downstairs for another glass of wine and I got an idea about one of my wife's little fantasies. I knew she always had a fantasy about being felt up in a crowd by a stranger. It started when she was in college and was at a crowded bar listening to music. The place was packed and she noticed that a guy was behind her and kind of rubbing up against her. She decided to push back and he fondled her ass with his hands. The music ended and the crowd broke up. Since then she’s always had this fantasy about a strange guy fondling her from behind and not knowing who it was. So while downstairs, I waited until she was in the restroom and I found a guy I knew she would consider cute. I approached him and quickly told him her fantasy and asked if he would like to help make it a reality. He of course said yes. I told him we would be at the end of the hallway watching some action in one of the bedrooms. My wife came out of the restroom and I said let's go check out one of the bedrooms. There were a few couples on the bed in various states of foreplay. Very erotic. I saw my new friend walk down the hall toward us, but my wife could not see him as she was looking into the room. I began kissing my wife and kept an eye on him. He looked at me as if to ask “are you sure?”, I kind of nodded and he got close enough to her that she felt his presence. She started to turn around, but I held her, kissed her and told her to just enjoy. He first pushed his crotch into her ass and placed his hands on her hips. My wife’s eyes got wide open and just stared at me. He then began to move his hands under her blouse very slowly toward her pert little breasts. She began to kiss me passionately. Her blouse was loose fitting and I could see his hands fondling her tits and very softly teasing her nipples. We both had hard-ons and had my wife as a sandwich. He moved one hand down and reached inside her skirt and started playing with her pussy. She was on fire and was moving around while his hands explored her body. He then winked at me, smiled and melted back into the main room. We kissed for a while and we both couldn’t believe what just happened. She of course wanted to know who it was. I told her to walk around the room and smile at each guy and see if she could figure it out. All the guys of course smiled back and I finally had to tell her who it was. She said he had huge hands but they were very gentle. That got us started on our fun little adventures at swinger clubs. Always strange to go up to a guy and ask him to feel up your wife. We have lots of stories, love to hear yours and we’ll share more.
  22. On Thursday Feb 24 Bob picked me up from work and we decided to stop at this new restaurant bar we had discovered the day before. It was almost 5:30 PM when we walked into the bar. There were two open bar seats and we took them. We were greeted by Cat the bartender and we ordered two glasses of Chardonnay and Bob and I just talked about our day’s events. To Bob’s left was a man drinking a Bud Light, but he soon finished and closed out his tab and left. Soon after that a woman came and sat down in the same seat. As she sat we all made eye contact and just smiled. Cat came over and said "Hi Chrissie", Chrissie said "Hi Cat" and ordered a glass of red wine. Bob and I wondered if she was a local or a visitor. Chrissie looked to be in her early 40’s, she had a slender athletic build, around 5’ 6” or so, strawberry medium length hair, blue eyes and what I guessed was a ‘B Cup’. She wore a wedding ring so we assumed she was married. She definitely was tanned so we wondered if she had an outside type of job. We thought she was attractive but not flashy. She wore dark blue slacks and light blue cotton top that had buttons that came half way down and she had the top three buttons undone. She wore black flat shoes. Bob and I kept glancing at her and finally Bob broke the ice and asked her if she lived locally, she said that she did not, she lived in Kenwood, Ca that is about 75 miles away. Bob and I proceeded to introduce ourselves and we shook hands, she had a firm strong handshake. I asked her if she was traveling and she said yes she was visiting friends in Orlando, Florida for two weeks and that she had a mid-morning flight the next day. We talked about what we all did for a living and she advised that she was a Physical Therapist, worked as an independent contractor so she could make her own hours and take time off whenever she wanted. Bob asked if her husband was joining her, her right hand went immediately to her wedding ring, she hesitated looking down at her ring, looked back up at us and then said no, he passed away three years ago. Bob immediately said, oh we’re so sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. It was an awkward moment, but she said, that’s OK, you didn’t know. She said he was only 39, he died in a motorcycle accident. Now I said we’re so sorry Chrissie. Again looking down and touching her ring she said it’s taken me a long time to be able to get through a day without breaking down emotionally, but I feel like I’ve finally turned the corner, it’s good that I can talk about it and not break down. I realize he’s gone and he’d want me to move on, but I will always love him. At that point I excused myself and went to the bathroom, tears streaming down my face.Once inside the bathroom it became a full blown sob, not because I was sad, but how wonderful I thought it was that a person could love another so intensely and unconditionally. After having a good cry, I got myself together and retouched my makeup and went back out to the bar. Bob and Chrissie were smiling and laughing and apparently everything was back to normal. Bob had ordered us all another round and ordered some appetizers to share. When I sat down Bob said "Chrissie has agreed to show you how to massage the kink out of my back", and he winked at me, and I said "and did you tell her about my neck and shoulders" and he said "I did". I said to Chrissie "That’s great, I’d like to see what the rooms look like anyway". Just then the appetizers arrived, and we did more small talk, she told us that she had immersed herself in her work and had taken up golf. Bob said, "That’s a good way to meet people", and she said, that she mostly plays with the same group of ladies and they are always trying to hook her up with men, but up to now she was not ready for any kind of relationship with men. She said that when she got back from Florida she would start easing into dating men again. I said "Great, you’re too young and beautiful to be alone". Bob said "That’s what I told her". We told her we were in our second marriage and that it is possible for lightning to strike twice, and that it did for us. She said "Well I’ll have to walk before I can run", and I told her that she was right for taking it slow. Chrissie said she couldn’t wait to get to the warmth of Florida. I asked her if she liked the beach and she said yes, she loved being out in the sun. She said that she and her girlfriend would go to Playa Linda and Bob asked isn’t that a nude beach? And she said as a matter of fact it is. She said "I was hoping to see the launch of the final space voyage, but it had already launched the day before". She said "I thought it would have been cool to see it in the buff", and we laughed. We told her that we enjoyed nude beaches and resorts as well and that maybe we could go to one together and she said, "I’d like that". Bob picked up the tab and she offered to share, but we said no it’s our treat. Bob ordered a bottle of red uncorked wine to go. She said "I took a shuttle here" and Bob said "We’ll just give you a ride". Her suite was just a very short distance, but it was raining. We parked close by and made a run to her suite, she was in suite 825 on the second floor. We went into her suite and it was surprisingly large and nice. Chrissie told us to make ourselves at home, and take a look around and that she needed to use the bathroom. Bob went and poured some wine for us and I looked around the suite. Chrissie came out and was in her bare feet wiping her hands in a towel. She said "I ran my hands under warm water, nothing worse than a cold handed massage". I asked her if I could use the bathroom and she said sure. I also made sure to warm my hands with warm water. When I came out Bob had his shirt off and she had one hand on his chest and one on his back. She was probing and asking him questions. I asked wouldn’t this be better if he was lying down? And she said if I had my massage table. So Bob said we could try the bed and she said OK, let’s try it. She told Bob to lay sideways on the bed, with his arms hanging over the bed. She stood in front of him, Bob’s head right about at her crotch level, and I could tell he was enjoying this. She started cracking his spine and Bob was telling her how good that felt, she was looking at me and explaining what and why she was doing it. Bob just kept telling her how wonderful her hands felt and how good it felt. She asked me to come over and do the same to Bob and I said, "Actually I know I will not be able to do it as good as you, just let me observe some more". Bob raised his arms and started rubbing the back of her legs, he said omg you legs are so firm. Chrissie looked at me and rolled her eyes, I am sure a bit embarrassed that Bob was groping her in front of me. I just said he’s always been a leg and ass man, but mainly he’s an ass, and we both laughed at the expense of Bob. I asked her when is it my time and she said whenever you’re ready, just get on the bed like Bob. I said OK and went into the bathroom in her master. I decided to go for it and totally undressed, wrapped a bath towel around me and came out. When I walked back into the bedroom Bob was now massaging/feeling/kneading her ass and she was massaging the small of Bob’s back bent over him. Bob had his face buried in the crotch of her slacks. I stood and watched for a brief moment, and then said OK my turn. I was at the foot of the bed and dropped the towel, Chrissie had a look of either shock or fear, I wasn’t sure which one, but before she could respond I climbed onto the bed next to Bob and layed on my back placing the towel over my lower stomach. I looked up at Chrissie and she said, I can see why you two like to be naked, and I said thank you. Bob was still massaging her legs and I said honey you’ve had your fun, it’s my turn. He got up and off the bed, I could tell he had a full blown erection. Chrissie started probing my neck and shoulders with her fingers and said "Sometimes I wish I had nice large breasts like yours. There are certain clothes I’d like to buy and wear, but they just don’t look good on me". I said "Well sometimes I wish mine were smaller for the same reason". Bob came over with Chrissie’s glass of wine and she stopped and took the glass from Bob and took a rather large gulp. Bob said to us both, but staring into Chrissie’s eyes, "I love breasts period, it doesn’t matter if they’re big, medium or small"; he took his free hand and first felt and rubbed her left breast and then her right. He paused and apparently gave her nipple a slight squeeze and then released. Chrissie took another gulp of wine and handed the now empty glass to Bob. Bob’s pants were bulging. She asked me to roll onto my tummy and her voice was noticeably quivering. She started pushing down on my spine with the palm of her hand, my spine responding with audible cracking. I was looking at Bob as he took off his socks, pants and boxers, he was at full attention as he approached Chrissie from behind. He started rubbing/massaging her shoulders and her breathing as she spoke became heavier and erratic. Suddenly she stopped massaging me, and I heard her say "Bob I don’t think I am ready for this". I looked up and saw that Bob was kissing her neck and was pulling her top out of her slacks as she was trying to tuck it back in. I knelt on the bed and reached out and held her hands in mine. I looked her in the eyes, and said "You need this, let us help you, everything will be OK". Chrissie said, "I thought I was ready to move on, but I just don’t know". I said "You need to trust us, we want to help with the healing process, if at any point you don’t feel like you can go on we will stop immediately". Chrissie said, "You promise?" and we both said "Yes, but trust us, it will be beautiful for you". Bob finished pulling her top out of her slacks and then lifted it off of her as she raised her arms in the air. Bob undid her bra and I lifted it off of her and tossed it to the side. Her breasts were firm and her areolas were light pink about an inch and a half across, and puffy, her nipples extended out a good inch. She looked at me and said "They’re small aren’t they?" And I just said "They’re beautiful". I reached out and held her left breast nipple between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a firm squeeze, to which she responded with an approving moan. I pulled her towards me and sucked the same nipple as Bob was undoing her slacks. I was impressed with how defined her arms were. She had the body of a much younger person, very athletic looking. Bob pulled down her slacks and white baby doll panties all in one motion and she stepped out of them. She asked Bob if there was any more wine and I reached over to the nightstand and gave her mine since I had only taken a few sips from. Once again she took a rather large gulp, looked at me, and asked, "Are you OK with this?" And I said "Absolutely". She finished the glass of wine and she looked at me and said, "OK then". She turned to Bob and Bob said "You are so beautiful" and he kissed her on the lips and they embraced. He eased her onto the bed, and he told Chrissie "Relax I can feel you trembling". She said "I am trying to". Bob laid next to her and said "This will be wonderful". He started kissing and touching her breasts and nipples. It was apparent that Chrissie’s nipples were very sensitive and a source a great pleasure for her. I decided to go for it, and positioned myself between her legs. She looked down at me, and said "This is a first for me". I touched her clit with my thumb and she flinched. I then inserted one and then two fingers into her vagina, she was very moist and warm, and once again she let out a soft moan. I tasted my fingers and then reinserted them back into Chrissie moving then in and out and rubbed her swollen clit with my left hand. Her clit was bigger than mine, looked like the tip of a baby finger. She was definitely responding in a positive way as she started to slowly buck her hips. Her pubic hair was light brown and closely trimmed, but it was more than a landing strip above the vagina, but totally smooth around her vagina lips and anus. Her legs were long, slim and firm and she had no tan lines. I moved up and began to lick her clit as she looked down at me. I positioned her legs up so I could view and lick her anus. Bob asked her if she was feeling more relaxed and she responded "Oh god yes, Tina feels wonderful". Bob said to me, "Let’s switch", and I said OK. I went up and Bob went down, literally. I asked Chrissie if she wanted to kiss me, and she said Tina I am not bi. So I said that’s OK, maybe that’s something we can work on. So I just sucked and played with her nipples while Bob was performing his magic. She was so turned on by what Bob was doing to her that I could tell she had tuned me out. She just kept looking down at Bob so I decided to let her enjoy what was happening and totally focus on Bob. I got off the bed, sat on the sofa and sipped from Bob’s glass of wine while watching the show and touching myself with my free hand. She kept telling Bob how wonderful he felt, she was holding his head in her hands. It almost appeared as if she was trying to shove his head in her pussy. She was grinding her pussy in his face and then it was "OMG,OMG, OMG I’m CUMMING", and cum she did, her whole body shuddered as she continued to hold Bob’s head against her vagina and her chest heaving gasping for air. I knew exactly what she was feeling, and felt a slight tinge of envy as I sunk my fingers deeper inside of me. I knew Bob had no condoms, and I didn’t have any in my purse, I made a mental note to restock. Bob looked at me, and silently mouthed the word, “condoms”? I just shook my head no and mouthed back the words,” it’s OK”. He winked and smiled, and mouthed the words “I love you”. Chrissie had settled back down and Bob was now working his way back up to her, his cock screaming for attention. He paused at her breasts for sucking, feeling and squeezing. She asked Bob to hold her and they embraced. He asked if everything was OK and she said, "I forgot how good it was to cum like that". Bob pulled her legs up so her legs were bent at the knees and then placed his arms through the opening between the back of the calf and the thigh, pushed her legs slightly up, he again asked if she was OK and she said yes, with that he eased himself up and into her and Chrissie let out a soft moan that sounded like Ohhhhhh as she embraced Bob. Bob just stayed inside her for a moment, making no motion and then slowly raised her legs higher and began to slowly stroke her. He was moving in slow circles on the in stroke and she was moving her hips to his rhythm. I was getting close to climax myself. Bob began to pick up his pace, and his thrusts were getting aggressively faster and harder as he drove his cock into Chrissie as deep as he could possibly go. His balls were now making that slapping sound against her ass. I thought Chrissie was going to hyperventilate her breathing pattern had become so irregular. She just kept saying "OMG you feel so good, OMG you feel so good", but in an out of breath way as if she was gasping for air. I had already climaxed and thought how I should have put a towel down under me because I had gotten the sofa all wet with my cum. Bob was telling her how wonderful she felt. She had both her hands on his ass pulling and encouraging him to drive deep into her. She was bucking her hips up to him and Bob was ramming his cock into her, her legs all the way back to her head, suddenly she yelled, "You’re making me CUM, I ‘m CUMMING, I’m CUMMING!" I was almost shocked that Bob hadn’t cum himself sooner, but now he was pumping her really fast, and then he moaned, "I’m cumming", the final thrusts were deep and aggressive and then he just stayed inside not moving. Both Bob and Chrissie were breathing heavily, Chrissie more than Bob, her chest continued to heave up and down. She moved her hands off his ass and up to his back in an embrace and she said stay inside and hold me. I decided to give them a few minutes of intimacy, and go into the bathroom and get dressed. When I came out Bob was using the towel I had previously wrapped around me and was using it to clean both his and Chrissie’s cum from her vagina. Had they waited I would have licked Bob’s oozing cum away myself. Chrissie looked at me and said "Tina, thank you for sharing your husband with me; you two are wonderful", although I really knew she meant Bob was wonderful; I said "You’re so very welcome". I said to Bob we should leave and let Chrissie get some rest before her long flight tomorrow. It was almost 9 PM and Chrissie said, "Nonsense we still have some wine to finish,and we need to exchange contact information". She got out of bed and put on the robe that was hanging on the bathroom door. Bob was still standing around naked so I bent down and picked up his boxer’s and pants, tossed them at him, and said "Time to get dressed". We sat at the kitchen table and finished the remaining wine. Chrissie said when she gets back on March 11th that she wants to take us out for a nice dinner on her. She said she would book another room there for the night so we wouldn’t be rushed; she’d drive home the next Saturday morning. Bob said "If it looks like we’ll have good weather maybe you can book two nights so we can play golf on Saturday", and she said that would be nice. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses and she said she’d call me on the night before departure to confirm everything. It was now past 9:30 PM and, I said, we really gotta go. We wished her a good flight, and that we’d see her in two weeks. As we left Chrissie and I hugged and kissed on the cheek. She gave Bob a big embrace and Bob gave her one as well and a kiss on the lips. I slapped Bob on the ass and said come on let’s get home. When we got in the car I told Bob that he better be willing to give me a good fucking when we got home or that he was going to be sleeping on the couch. Bob just said, yes dear, smiled a shit grin, and we drove off.
  23. One night while making love, my wife told me she wished she had three of me. I was intrigued because it had always been a fantasy of mine to watch Stacey make love to other men. We were thrilled to realize we had the same fantasy. We fantasized about it for months having great sex in the process! On vacation in Gatlinburg, Tenn. we agreed it was time to make our fantasy come true!. Stacey and I went to a night club for her to pick up a guy. After several hours we were disappointed to find no one that Stacey was interested in. I was getting restless and decided to go back to the motel. To my surprise, Stacey was determined to find her a man. She was very worked up and horny! We agreed that I would come to check on her in 20 minutes. After being at the motel for only 10 minutes, there was a knock on the door. It was Stacey; she said she had four guys waiting outside! On the way back to the motel she had a sad look on her face because of not being able to find anyone when a carload of college students pulled beside her and asked what was wrong. She said that she didn't want to go back to the motel alone. They were eager to oblige her even when she said her husband would be joining in. They gave her a ride to the motel. On the way, she got in the back seat with two of them, and they began kissing and feeling her. She was on fire and reached for their cocks- she let out a squeal when she realized they both were 10' and very hard! When she came into the motel room, she told me she would fuck all four if I wanted, but we agreed that two would be better to start. She picked Jason and Phil and brought them in. After we were introduced, Stacey removed her clothes and began undressing her three men. Watching her kiss another man for the first time was very exciting as she worked her way down to his large cock. I was in ecstasy watching her little mouth taking his huge cock in and out. Stacey led Phil to the hot tub and lowered herself on his cock, she let out squeals of pleasure I had never heard before! As she road his cock she called out to Jason and I that she needed something to suck! Jason was eager to have her suck him and jumped by her side. She could barely get her lips around his massive cock head. Stacey took turns alternating between our cocks until we all piled onto the bed. Jason laid on his back, and Stacey got on her knees and began sucking his cock. Phil moved in behind her and filled her pussy with his cock. She was having the fuck of her life and loving every minute of it! I watched as Jason began to squirm and unloaded his cum on Stacey's mouth and breasts! We continued to fuck her for hours until Stacey was too tired for anymore. After they left, we talked about our favorite parts and got so worked up that we made love once more! Stacey's pussy was much looser than usual, and she was very tender. It was fascinating watching my cock pull their cum from her cunt. It didn't take long for me to fill her with mine once more! We are now looking for a married couple to become friends with and swing with. This is our only experience so far, we would like to have more!
  24. This story contains some strong subject matter that to many may go outside the usual realm of swinging. If you are offended by Discipline/ prostitution/ gang-rape/ and things of this nature please do not read further. Keep in mind, however, that this story is about a consenting couple and everything that they participated to was agreed to beforehand. I've already sent a story concerning Hilda's gang-bang, but we have had some experiences that I never would have dreamed possible. After the gang bang with Walter, we slowed down a little bit. She was a little sore, and rightly so from the fucking she received. Predictably, our sex life suffered for awhile, with occasional spurts of excitement, but that was about it. Then a couple months ago, I received a reply to an ad I had and the guy that answered was really into the sex-slave thing. We met, and the guy, Gary was his name, was very clean cut, muscular, and most of all...hung like a horse. We laughed a little as I showed him some pix we had taken, and he turned the pix this way and that, examining them carefully. What he said next almost blew me away. 'I want to buy her for a week' he said, straight faced as hell, 'how much for the slut for a week?' I couldn't answer....should I deck this guy? Tell him to fuck off or what? 'UH, I don't know about that, Gary, I mean, she's not a dog or an animal for sale, or a prostitute' 'I'll tell you what...let's meet tomorrow night at Applebees. I can prove to you that she'll readily agree to be my slave before the night is over. She'll feel my cock under the table and she'll be so wet we'll fuck right in the parking lot.' He was so damn sure of himself, I agreed. If I were right, he would be HER slave for a week. If HE was right, she was his with no restrictions attached. I had just gambled my wife's ass! Two nights later, we showed up for the meeting. She had no idea of the bet. She wore a dark blue, form-fitting mini skirt that showed off her shapely, stocking-clad legs perfectly. The low-cut front also showed some cleavage. Gary's eyes narrowed as he took in the sight of her as she walked toward the booth. In a shirt and tie, he caught me by surprise. He smiled broadly as he stood, and offered the seat next to him. Hilda smiled and slid into the booth, as I sat on the other side. I waited a second to watch her slide in, her skirt riding up on her legs. He slyly slid his hand to her knee and pecked her on the cheek. He smiled smugly at me as I noticed his hand move slowly toward her crotch. Her gasp, an almost inaudible one, told me Gary had hit paydirt. His fingers stroked her pussy under the table as the waitress came to take our orders. He told her the check was on him, and three rib-plates would do to start, as well as a shrimp cocktail for himself and the lady. We made small talk for a few minutes, his hand moving ever so slowly under the table. Her eyes closed slightly, and she bit the corner of her lower lip as she began to get into it. I noticed her hand slide her hand to his thigh, her hand moving up slowly. She suddenly stopped as she reached his groin...his monster tool was now growing, obviously, and she looked down at the bulge in his pants. He leaned over and frenched her hard. His tongue dove into her mouth, and she greeted his invading tongue with gusto. She opened her legs slightly, and he inserted two fingers inside her soaking wet box. She closed her eyes again and moaned a little, but we had to chill out as he waitress came over with the order. While we ate, we talked about everything under the sun except the bet. Gary went on and on about how her nylons felt, and how he'd love to start at her toes and slowly work his way up. She dropped her fork and excused herself for a moment as she went to the ladies room. He smiled at me and leaned across the table: 'Hope you're not backing out, Keith, because she's so wet it's only a matter of time before we go outside. Then she's mine!' 'No way, I'm not backing out,' I replied 'but in all fairness you have to tell her about the bet, because I don't think she'll go for it.' Just then Hilda came back, and asked what we were talking about as she slid in beside Gary, not bothering to pull her hiked-up skirt down. Gary looked at me, and started to speak when she slid something into the pocket of his suit jacket. He glanced down at her panties....she had removed them in the ladies room and stuffed them in his pocket. She had never done that before...ever. Then she leaned over and nibbled his ear. 'Let's go to the car for a minute, so I can see that thing for myself...dinner can wait!' Damn! The bastard had won! I felt some conflicting emotions as he kissed her slowly and deeply. 'Before we do,' he began,' Keith and I had a bet. If you went to the car with me before dinner was through, you'd be my slave for a week. I am going to pay your husband for you...you'll be my property for a whole week, and must do anything I ask. How do you feel about that?' She looked at me, her mouth hanging open in total amazement. She slid away from him momentarily, then slid back closer. 'How much for a week?' 'Well the going rate for a hooker is around $2,000.00 I believe, and since you'll now technically BE a hooker, that's what I'll pay. But you must obey me without delay or question.' 'And if Keith won?' she queried 'I would have been yours, totally for a week' 'Hmm,' she mused, looking at me. Surely she couldn't go through with it. I mean, she'd be a prostitute for crying out loud! 'Understand, Hilda,' I began lamely, 'If you go outside with him, you are committed. If you don't follow through after you leave, We have to pay Ten Grand to Gary, and we don't have that kind of money!' 'Ten Grand? You mean ten thousand? For me?' she was mystified. ' Absolutely...I am totally serious about this, and I've never met a woman with legs quite like those, and I can't wait to see you as my slave. Now, shall we go outside for a moment?' 'What about Keith? Where will he be?' 'Oh, he'll be with us...unable to interfere, but he'll drive us to wherever we decide, or I decide, to go' 'And our son, Keith? Where will he...?' 'Don't worry, Hilda,'I said, 'The babysitter thinks we're going away for a week. Sherri will keep him at the house. She has money, numbers to Gary's, everything. I even told him we were going on a trip maybe, and tomorrow, she's gonna take him to Six Flags with the neighbors for two days. It's all set' With that, she looked at Gary, then shook her head. 'No,' she began, 'I can't do this this way, I'm sorry.' She looked at me and half smiled. 'I'm worth at least 20 thousand. If I don't go through with everything, we pay 20 thousand. C'mon Gary, let's get a look at that thing!' Stunned, I watched her slide out and walk out with him, his hand on her ass. After a few minutes I went outside to the back parking lot. There in Gary's Crown Victoria, was Hilda's legs, sticking out the window, while Gary literally hammered her pussy with his monster cock. I heard her scream once for him to slam it home, then I turned around and went back inside. This was gonna be a hell of a week. I waited awhile in Applebees, then went back outside. I was just in time to see them getting out of Gary's car, and she made no attempt to pull her skirt down once again as she stood up. A pick-up truck turned the corner and the driver whistled at her, causing her to turn in his direction. Gary told her something and she then lifted her skirt, exposing her stocking tops and thighs to him as well as her exposed cunt. He hit the brakes as she headed in his direction, and walked to the driver's door. They talked for a moment before the pick-up pulled in beside a dumpster and she walked over and got in. I saw her head immediately go down to his lap, his hand behind her head. Gary walked over to me and said we'd go inside and have a drink while she sucked him off. 'Oh, by the way, I told her to charge 5 bucks for the head.' he added very nonchalantly. I stood there for a second, still unable to believe my sexy ass wife was becoming a hooker for Gary! Still, it excited me to no end, as I watched the guy in the pick-up lean his head back as she sucked him off. A little while later, she came in, her skirt riding very high on her legs now, and sat down at the bar. The gentleman beside her moved closer and bought her a drink, as she wiped some lipstick off the corner of her mouth and thanked him. She smiled at him as we watched, entranced by her actions. Then, predictably, his hand went to her thigh, then higher up her thigh. She only opened her legs, allowing him access to her pussy. Her fingered her for awhile until Gary walked over and introduced himself and sat down. The man looked at Hilda first as Gary said something to him, then back at Gary. I had an idea what was up, but it still caught me by surprise when Gary kissed Hilda, then stood up as Hilda and the other guy rose as well. They left together, and when I went to follow, Gary stopped me. 'Not this time, Keith. She's working now. They're going to a hotel for the evening, and whatever else he has in mind. She'll be paid well' 'Are you nuts? She doesn't even know him!' I protested. 'How do you know..' Gary raised his hand and cut me off. 'Look, she raised the stakes, and now she's mine! I do the worrying, not you. If I tell her to fuck this entire bar for free she will. And besides, when I fucked her, she couldn't get enough. She was begging me to leave it in. I have her now, and I intend to exploit it. When we get to Birmingham, wait till you see our sexy little slut make an amateur porno video! ' I couldn't believe it! Another fantasy cum true! 'For real? A honest to God porno video?' Gary leaned closer. 'You got it! AND I'm sending it off to a production company in California! They'll pay some bucks for it, and what if she had a chance to star in some REAL flicks with some REAL porn studs?' I couldn't speak. The rest of the evening, my mind raced with thoughts of Hilda. What was going on? Around 11:00, my questions were answered. The phone rang, and it was Hilda, from the hotel. Rock music blared in the background, and I heard other voices. 'Honey, I'm gonna leave the phone here on the bed, listen to this!' I heard some noises, then I heard her grunt once or twice and inhale deeply. I knew the sausage was going in, then I heard another familiar noise...she was sucking another cock as well. I heard Gary's voice tell someone to go ahead and put it in her ass too, Hilda quickly said 'please fuck my ass too! I want all three of you at once!' Evidently 'AssMan' needed no further provocation...she grunted loudly as he roughly forced it in... 'please, easy!' she began. 'not so..mmmphh!' a cock cut her off. I heard a bunch of huffing as they really pounded her pussy, ass, and mouth. For an eternity I listened as they pounded away. I jacked my cock furiously as she took them all on, then I heard the older guy say 'When you guys are done, let me have her for awhile' Gary laughed. 'Sure Pops, be our guest. After all, it's your money!' A few minutes later, after I'd cum in my hand, the three guys banging Hilda all came. I heard the one say to other how he must have cum a gallon, 'and the bitch swallowed it all'. Hilda told the guy in her pussy to cum in her mouth, but he said no, he was going to fill her cunt up with cum, then she was going to lick him clean. She began to groan as he pounded faster, the guy in her ass matching stroke for stroke. When AssMan came, he shot all over her face, and I heard them cheering 'Yeah! Yeah Man! All over the bitch's face! Yeah! Hoo Hoo!' She then cleaned the cum from her face and licked it off her fingers, swallowing it all when the dude in her cunt came. He rammed her so hard she lost her breath momentarily, and he yelled out loud, 'Oh yeah Bitch! squeeze my dick! Milk it baby!' I knew her twat could milk him dry, and she did. He then placed his cum-covered dick in her face and told her to clean it off, which she did. I hung up, hard as hell again and jacked-off till I came again. Then, exhausted, I fell asleep on the couch. The next morning, Gary picked me up at home in his Crown Victoria, but no Hilda. 'Where's Hilda?' He frowned, then replied. 'I told you, she's my property now! You made the deal, go along with it. Or else, stay your ass at home! But don't interfere with us! For your information, she's getting ready. A slut should look like one, and she's gonna look so much like a slut you won't recognize her. Just relax and enjoy.' So, reluctantly, I did. And sure enough, when we picked her up, I DIDN'T recognize her! The red, skin-tight mini, black stockings, heels and practically non-existent top made her look like a definite whore. Her hair was permed out, kind of an animal look, and the make-up and lipstick completed the package. She didn't even acknowledge my presence when she got in, and immediately kissed Gary long and hard. 'Ok, bitch, that's enough!' he commanded, 'now get down here and suck me off.' She never said a word as he unzipped his slacks and went to work. For the entire drive from Huntsville, she either sucked his massive cock, or flashed other cars. She even screwed a trucker in a rest stop for 50 dollars. I could only shake my head in amazement. The next couple of days were pretty much the same, with Hilda servicing guys at Gary's bidding. She went to an X-rated theater and sat there alone in the red outfit, 'til some patrons came over and sat down. We watched her suck and jack-off the guys one at a time till she had serviced them all. When she went outside the theater, she entered the movie store, the kind with the booths in the back. Three of the movie patrons were there, and they literally bum-rushed her into the back area. One was kissing her and fondling her as he pushed her into an empty booth and she fucked some guys there in the back. Gary seemed to get a perverse pleasure from her being forced, but I had to admit it turned me on as well! As the week wore on, Gary continually bragged on Hilda's prowess with her mouth and pussy. She was sitting in front of a mirror, combing out her hair to give her hair that 'wild' look. This time the outfit was violet in color: a short and I mean SHORT mini-skirt, a LOW cut top, with violet-colored nylon mesh covering the breast area. Her size 36 tits were displayed so well I had to softly whistle at the transformation. She bent over to adjust her stockings, and the smoky colored nylon made her legs look awesome. With lipstick applied, she walked right by me as though I wasn't there. She had totally ignored me all week since the first day in Birmingham. She nestled up to Gary, who obviously delighted in his power over her, and I secretly feared she may be falling in love with him. I brushed those thoughts aside as we walked to the car. Gary waited for Hilda to slide in, then got in and closed the door. As the driver, I could watch them in the mirror. She looked at me and commanded, 'driver, take us to the South side please? And hurry, I'm very horny.' Weird! The way she acted, was as if she didn't know me! And the Southside of Birmingham? Nothing there at all, except decrepit buildings. About an hour later we were there. Hilda, looking like a .25 cent whore, was kissing Gary very passionately when I stopped near some empty store buildings. An occasional car passed, but cops were nowhere to be found. I was a little nervous, but Gary said all was under control, not to worry. He turned to Hilda, stroking her breast through the nylon material. She closed her eyes as her stroked her pussy, bringing her close to an orgasm. 'Ok Bitch,' he began, ' this is the big test. Are you ready?' I turned in the seat as he instructed her. She gazed into his eyes, breathing heavily. I could tell she was nervous, but she nodded her head. 'Good,' he replied softly, almost lovingly. ' I have a video camera, and you are about to give the performance of your life. You are gong to walk down this street, turn left at the second alley, and walk. I guess you won't get far, dressed like that. You're cock-bait now, and I'm sure you'll be raped before you even get to the alleyway, in this part of town. You will not resist anyone who stops you, no matter how dirty they may seem to you. You will probably be gang-raped, and over. I can assure you, you will not forget this day, ever. And remember, no resistance, no matter how afraid you are. Now, go Bitch! Flaunt that ass and pussy you little whore.' She breathed deeply, hesitating momentarily. Would she go through with it? She slowly smiled at him , opening her legs for him as he fingered her to climax. She kissed him lustily, fixed her lipstick, the softly told him, ' Just be there if something goes wrong, ok? I'll fuck any one you say, but be there for me lover.' He suddenly grabbed her hair, forcing her head back and bit at her throat, growling at her; 'Bitch, don't tell me what to do! You're the cock-bait here! Now get your whore ass out and fuck!' She winked at me, then Gary as she got out and closed the door. Gary got out, and opened the trunk. He retrieved a Video-camera and we both followed from a discreet distance to some other buildings on the other side of the street. She paused to adjust her stockings and we entered a building from where we had a perfect vantage point; no obstructions, just a couple of tough looking black men at a corner. They never noticed us, but when Hilda turned the corner, she was noticed immediately. From the hurriedly arranged tripod mount, Gary said 'here we go! Stand-by for fast and furious fucking!' he almost laughed like a child with a new toy as they approached her. She was scared. The one guy that had followed her around the corner kept pulling her closer to him. She resisted a little until the other two blacks arrived. We couldn't hear much, but made out snatches of the conversation. #1 looked around nervously, as #2 and 3 closed in. She simply stood there, shrugging her shoulders, trying to look calm. She forced a smile as #1 slid his hand up her skirt to her ass. She jumped a little, but didn't make him stop. This emboldened the other two. Number 2, the largest of the three men, grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard while #3 began to lift her skirt. 'Shit Man!' he yelled, 'whore ain't got no panties on! Just bare-ass pussy!' he cackled. Number One began to lick her neck as they circled her, feeling her all over. She was closing her eyes, her neck tilted back as # 1 kissed and sucked her throat. Then, without warning, #2 lifted her over his shoulder and the three men ran to the alleyway. As they rounded the corner, a few more men appeared. A whole gang! Even Gary was getting nervous, but he only adjusted the vid-cam and kept filming. When they reached the alleyway, the others pulled an old mattress down and #2 tossed her onto the mattress roughly, her legs splayed openly. The fourth guy dove in quickly, forcing her back as his dick was forced in roughly. I heard her scream, but one of them covered her mouth. All four of them fucked her quickly, then as she stood to her feet, one of them pointed down the alley. Number 2 laughed and grabbed her, while 3 grabbed her legs. Number2 grabbed her arms and they began to carry her down the alley. She yelled one time, then they disappeared from sight. 'C'mon, Keith!' Gary said as we hurriedly dismounted the vid-cam. We ran across the street and peeked around the corner cautiously. There they were! Going into an old store! We followed discretely, but never lost sight of them until the door closed. We entered through another door and after 20 minutes we found them...all 20 or 30 of them! She was sitting in the lap of #2, while he auctioned her off to the others! The winner swaggered over to Hilda and she dropped to her knees, ready to take his cock into her mouth. She unzipped his jeans, and began to suck him, her head bobbing up and down, helped by his hand. She was on her knees, in the middle of a bunch of sex-starved males, and about to get gang-raped. The 'winner' grabbed her head and held it tight, her mouth against his balls. She almost gagged as he came into her throat. His cock was so far into her mouth, it went directly down her throat! He ground his cock into her face as she struggled to break away, but he held tight. The he pulled it out, covered in cum, and ordered her to lick it off. She licked the semen onto her tongue and made a display of slurping it into her mouth and swallowing it. As 'winner' zipped his pants, they all applauded, while #2 sat down close to her, stroking her legs, forcing them wider apart as the others looked at #2 for orders. He gave them. 'Alright Bros, let's show cock-bait here what happens to white-whore bitches around here!' The entire group moved as one: suddenly her legs were up in the air, a man in between them ramming the hell out of her pussy. Her legs shook, the effect of her calves, encased in nylon, rippling from the force of the assault, was totally erotic. Gary whispered to me he knew #2. The guys were friends of his, but Hilda had to believe they were strangers. He did tell them to abuse her as they wished, however, and to make sure she couldn't walk after. Then I saw them flip her over, her ass briefly visible before one tore into it with reckless abandon. Hilda was getting the fucking of her life; a cock in her mouth, one in her pussy, one in her ass, and one in each hand. For over four hours we watched...running out of film way too quickly. When one finished, another took his place. She was never without a cock in at least one hole for four hours. She swallowed cum. She licked cocks clean. She moaned as guy after guy came in her ass. Cum splattered her face and ass cheeks, but she didn't quit. When one came in her mouth, she grabbed for another. 'Whoooee!' #2 yelled, 'this whore loves a black dick!' They all laughed at poor Hilda, naked except for her nylon stockings and garter belt...her red outfit had been ripped from her, literally. After they had all had her twice, 3 guys had 3 turns each, she fell back onto another old mattress. Exhausted, she couldn't even close her legs. Her bare tits heaved from deep breaths as she tried to regain control. Then from out of nowhere, an old man came in, an obvious street dweller. By Gary's look, I knew this wasn't planned but we stayed put. The old man eyed her carefully, as he got closer. His slow shuffling steps told me he was a fairly old guy, but still horny, because he looked at #3 and he nodded his Ok. Hilda'a head rolled to the side as he mounted her, grunting from his thrusts. He quickly came, and his homeless friends took his place. She lay there motionless as the other five men all fucked her until they were finished. Then they all left except for #'s 2 and 3. They carried her outside, naked and left her there, per Gary's orders. While we ran back to the car to bring it around, another man had found her and was humping away when we pulled up. He saw Gary and grinned. 'Hey Mister Gary! Sure enough, like you said, this bitch is some fine pussy!' We gathered her up into the car, passed out from exhaustion. When she awoke, she was in a nice hot bath, as we bathed her completely. Gary assured me the guys were clean. He'd checked them out before hand, but let her think they were strangers. I got in the tub with her, and held her close, her eyes closing as I kissed her. We made love in the tub until the water turned cold, and we returned home the next day. Hilda also got a surprise...she had made over $5,000.00 ! Gary laughed as he kissed her goodbye. She told him, 'When are you coming back? I didn't get enough of that monster cock!' 'I don't know, Hilda, but for our next bet, I get you for a month, out of the country! Alone, just you and me!' He kissed her as he backed out of the driveway. The as we walked into the house, Hilda looked at me and said; Make damn sure you LOSE that next bet!' I could only grin as I followed her inside and closed the door to the bedroom. Keith & Hilda Huntsville, Alabama
  25. My wife Sally is a voluptuous blonde, a bit plump but not fat. Her figure is the kind that was in vogue in the 1940s and 1950s. She has large 38C tits and a nice round ass. She is 49 but looks a lot younger and certainly has a youthful outlook on life. Sally has been called a MILF by one of our male friends and another is constantly hitting on her. But as far as they are concerned, Sally is quite conservative and that's how it stays. Sally only fucks strangers. Sally has been fucking strangers ever since we got married several years ago. I have written a variety of true stories about her adventures. This is a true story about our tropical New Year adventure. On New Year's Eve some couples go to a party, drink too much, eat too much, give each other a kiss at midnight and that's that. My wife Sally prefers to start the New Year with a bang, a gangbang that is. This year we planned a tropical vacation over the New Year so we could get away from the cold of winter and so Sally could wear skimpy swimsuits and tiny t-shirts for a week. We also planned a gangbang for New Years Eve. I started nearly a month in advance, posting messages at a variety of sites. Sally had fucked younger men in the past but this time she was looking forward to taking on several men in their forties. By the time we left for our tropical island escape, I had lined up four gentlemen who would join Sally and me on New Years Eve. We had told the four men that we would meet them in the bar of our hotel at 9:00 pm. The bar was not unlike Rick's Place in the movie “Casablanca.” All of the windows and doors were open to let in the sea breezes and ceiling fans turned overhead. As Sally and I walked into the bar I did a quick look around the place. It was comparatively empty since many folks were at New Years Eve parties. There was a single man at the bar and another single man at one of the tables. The man at the bar was mostly bald and the man at the table had long hair pulled back in a pony tail. They both looked up as we entered. Sally was wearing a very low-cut black dress that we had purchased for the occasion. It plunged past her breasts nearly to her navel, revealing most of her chest. If anyone was sitting opposite her, they would be able to see right in to her nipples when she leaned over. She was rather heavily made up, giving her a slutty look. Dangling from her neck and between the globes of her breasts was a small silver phallus on a chain. To even the casual observer she would have looked like a whore. We wanted the men in the bar to know she was going to be their whore. I walked up to the bar to order drinks and Sally took a seat at a table. After ordering the drinks I turned around and looked back at Sally. One of the men had already walked up to her, introduced himself, and was seated next to her. As I paid the bartender and took the drinks back to our table I noticed the other man introducing himself. When I got to the table the bald man introduced himself to me as Bill and the pony-tailed man as Bob. For the next thirty minutes the four of us sat at the table chatting. Sally was her usual outgoing self, laughing at the men’s jokes and giving them smiles. I could see both Bill and Bob trying hard not to look down at her tits. Finally Bob screwed up the courage to make a comment about the great view. “That’s an interesting necklace,” he said. “I thought it might get your attention,” Sally replied. “That’s not all that got our attention,” said Bill, “you have beautiful breasts.” Sally beamed, “Thank you.” By now I could tell that it was time to move the evening along. “I don’t think the other two are going to show up. Sally, why don’t you go up to the room and get ready for us. We’ll come up in a few minutes.” As Sally walked away I turned to Bob and Bill, “What do you think? Do you want to do this?” “Oh yes, “ Bill said, “I’ve had a hard-on all day just thinking about it.” Bob nodded in agreement. “Those other two guys are going to miss out on a good time,” he said. “Well, we have found that some guys will say they want to join us but just get turned on by the fantasy. They don’t show up. I guess they just stay at home jacking off and thinking about it,” I replied. The other two nodded agreement. “Well, let’s head up to the room,” I said. We walked up to the room and I opened the door. Sally walked toward us from the bed. She had changed into a black lace teddy with a snap crotch. Her nipples were hard and erect, pushing through holes in the lace. First she put her arms around Bob, giving him a long tongue kiss and rubbing her body against his. Then she turned to Bill, doing the same to him. By the time she got to me, Bob was already stripping and Bill was close behind. Sally had prepared the room as well as herself. The covers on the bed were pulled back and she had put a variety of condoms on the night stand for the men to use. She crawled onto the bed and both men got in bed on either side of her. She gave Bob another long tongue kiss while jerking on their cocks with each hand. Bob rubbed her crotch while Bill caressed her breasts. As I took off my clothes I watched my slut wife writhing between these two strangers. “Someone fuck me,” Sally moaned. She pulled away and got up on her hands and knees. Bob knelt behind her and unsnapped the crotch of her teddy. He took his 8 inch cock in his hand and rubbed it against the outside of her pussy. “Fuck me,” Sally said again, “fuck me hard.” Bob slid a condom over his cock and slowly eased it into my slut wife. Sally moaned and pushed back against him, plunging his hard cock to the hilt in her wet pussy. Bob pulled back and then pushed in again, gradually increasing his speed and intensity until the impact of his thighs against her made a loud slapping sound. As I watched I couldn’t help but think that they looked like a couple of animals with the male animal mounting the female from behind. That was my wife, on her hands and knees like a female dog, getting fucked by a stranger. Her teddy was rolled up around her waist, her round ass was in the air, her creamy thighs were spread and a hard cock was plunging in and out of her. “Tell these men what you are,” I demanded. “I’m a whore,” Sally replied. “I don’t think they heard you, say it louder.” “I’m a whore. I’m your whore wife,” she repeated. “Are you ready for my whore wife to suck your cock?” I asked Bill. “Why don’t you go first, I’m enjoying watching,” said Bill. He was sitting in a chair, stroking his cock. I got on the bed and knelt in front of my wife. I pulled the teddy from her waist, over her head and off. The I shoved my cock in her mouth. What a sight! My wife’s naked body bouncing back and forth, her pussy full of Bob’s cock and her mouth full of my cock. After a few minutes Sally pulled away from my cock and gasped, “Cum inside me, shoot your seed into me.” That was all that Bob needed. His plunging got even faster and I could see his face screw up with concentration. Then he sighed. “I feel you cumming, fill me up,” my slut wife gasped. She leaned back against Bob, taking his cock deep in her pussy as it pumped out its semen. For a few moments, Bob just knelt, his cock buried in Sally. Then he pulled back and out. I could see that the tip of the condom was full of his sperm, sperm that he had shot into my wife’s pussy. Sally slid the condom off and rolled over on her back. She held the condom and squeezed the cum out onto her belly. Some of Bob’s sperm puddled in her navel and the rest slowly dribbled on her stomach. Sally rubbed the semen into the skin of her stomach, writhing as she did it, while Bob knelt above her. Then she licked her fingers and pulled him toward her so she could clean his dick with her tongue. Before she swallowed, she turned towards Bill and me, sticking out her tongue. It was white with Bob’s cum. Bill had never taken part in a gang bang so was a bit self-conscious and had trouble maintaining his hard-on. I suggested that Sally could suck on his dick while I fucked her. Sally stayed on her back, spread her legs, and I shoved it to her. The whole experience was really turning her on so she was quite wet and I slid in with ease. Bill knelt on the bed beside her head, which she turned, opening her mouth and taking his cock. He began to fuck his cock in and out of her mouth. Sally reached up and played with his balls. Slowly his half-hard cock stiffened. I knew why; Sally gives such great head that few men can stay limp once she gets started. As he pulled back, I could see her tongue licking the tip of his dick. As he plunged back in, I could see her mouth and throat opening to allow him to go as deep as possible. I looked at Bill, he was obviously having a great time. “I think I can cum this way,” he said. “Would you like to cum on my wife’s face?” I asked. “Oh yeah,” he replied. Sally grabbed his cock and started pumping it as it plunged into her mouth. All this time I was maintaining a steady rhythm, pushing my own cock in and out of my wife’s wet pussy. “Shoot it,” I told Bill, “shoot your cum all over my slut wife’s face. Give it to her. She wants you to cum. Cum all over my whore wife’s face.” These words, combined with Sally’s expert pumping and sucking were all he needed. “I’m cumming,” he said, and just as my wife pulled his cock out of her mouth, a stream of semen shot from the head of his cock across her lips. His cock continued to spurt, depositing semen on her chin, cheeks, and dribbling down her neck. The sight of my wife with a stranger’s cum on her lips and face was all I needed to start my own cock pumping. As it started to spasm, I pulled it out of her pussy and let it shoot over her belly. The whole experience had been such a turn-on to me that I came harder than usual. My first shot went all the way to her right breast, my second went almost as far. As she lay on her back, with a stranger’s cum on her face, I continued to pump my own cum on her chest and belly. I leaned back and looked at my wife. Sally had cum from Bill on on her lips, face and throat, my cum on one of her tits, in between her tits, and on her belly. And there was still a little puddle of cum from Bob still in her navel. She looked up at the three of us with a small smile on her face. “Since the other two never showed up, I guess you three will have to take their place and do it again.” And we did.
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