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Couples Swinging

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Swinger stories involving sex play between two couples.
It was a fairly typical night at D.J.s Island, an early autumn evening. Mary and I hadn’t set anything up in advance, we’d decided to go almost at the last moment. From the second we entered the door our radar was beaming across the club, searching for a couple that might be searching for what we were also interested in - an enjoyable tryst.
Mary took a few minutes to change into what she called a ‘trolling outfit.’ As I remember, that night it was a black babydoll with a loose bodice, thong, low heels. Many men admired her legs as I checked the forty or so women, many as scantily clad as my wife. None of our regular playmates seemed to be in attendance that evening, but we had our customs, we weren’t concerned. Perhaps an hour and a half later, I sat at a table next to the dance floor, Mary was on her feet, on the parquet, moving her body, seeing if anyone would move in. A slow sequence of men approached her, danced with her. Some would take liberties such as moving their hands under her garment, feeling the small of her back, perhaps place their palm on the roundness of her ass.
I’d seen this many times before, I waited for one of two reactions.
The first was that she’d spin away from the man; it signified she wasn’t interested in what he had to offer.
The second was that she’d get closer, I’d watch her whisper in his ear. I knew the question, “Where’s your wife?” Some of them would shake their heads, they were attending as one of the few single men the club allowed, and when they received Mary’s response, they’d move away - that’s not what we were looking for at the moment.
But the man might indicate where his wife was dancing a few feet away. When this kind of thing happened, Mary would glance to me and give our special signal - she’d put one hand on the back of her head, one on her stomach. When I got the cue, I’d come out, we’d dance as a foursome.
As I approached, a man grasped the elbow of a tall attractive lady who was more modestly dressed, at least for the club. There was no conversation on the dance floor, the heavy volume of music and the thumping of the bass wouldn’t allow for speech. But I could tell the woman was interested in me, the four of us paired off and I often found myself facing this vixen. It was obvious they were as interested in us as I was in them, I could tell by the way Mary was rubbing against the man that she felt the same.
After a couple of songs, Mary led the way off the floor, holding his hand, leading us off into a corner away from the speakers. As we sat, the man said, “I’m Ed, this is my wife, Marilyn.”
Marilyn and I softly shook hands, I believe she raised the hem of her skirt to give me a view of her upper thighs. Ed had no problem seeing Mary’s legs, or where they met - she was sitting so that the babydoll was gathered to her side, leaning forward so her globes were exposed to his view.
“Do you come here often?” Ed asked.
“Every few weeks,” I responded, “you?”
“This is our first time here.” Mary gave him a look that asked for further info. “We’re just starting this,” he admitted.
Marilyn picked it up. “We’ve only had one time with a couple of friends. We liked it, heard about this place, decided to see if we could get into more trouble.”
“Trouble’s our middle name,” I joked.
Our conversation continued, where do you live, what movies have you seen lately, etc. It was a screen, of course, we were all calculating if the four of us would be pleasurable bedmates. I paid my attention to Marilyn, my wife had told me numerous times not to worry about her, she can take care of herself. My hand found Marilyn’s knee, she smiled at me, encouraged me to reach a tad higher. We bent towards each other, our mouths met.
Marilyn opened her lips to me, the kiss was ardent, her mouth moist. She licked at my upper lip, her hand fondled the back of my neck. Our tongues clashed, promising cupidity, mimicking what I presumed our bodies might be doing in a few scant moments.
We broke for a moment, Marilyn invited, “Would you guys want to go to one of the rooms?”
I, of course, was all for it, but then I heard Mary. “Uh, not right now. But thanks.”
We’ve always had the guideline that if one person doesn’t want to do something, she speaks for both of us. Regretfully, I pecked at Marilyn’s lips a last time, we stood, went separate ways.
“You’re not upset, are you?” Mary asked me.
“Of course not, not at all. You’re not in the mood?”
“Oh, I’m in the mood all right, just not with Ed.”
“Something wrong with him?” I asked.
“I tried to get him interested,” Mary revealed, “but his kiss was a little cold, indifferent. I put my hand on his leg, he was too busy watching you and Marilyn, he never responded. My guess is that if we went into a room, he’d be watching you two, I’m not even sure he’d get hard for me.” It was a reasonable thought, it had happened to us a couple times before. “Hope you don’t mind, bet she’d have been a firecracker.”
“Maybe. But you’re a firecracker too.”
We headed back to the dance floor, in search of another couple.

We are really feeling the summer heat here in Florida. Even in the A/C, it gets too hot for Amanda sometimes.

Last night was a good example. We played cards with another couple and got bored when Amanda said, "Let's play a little strip poker." Amanda is the world's worst strip poker player, and I knew she just wanted to get poked. Mike, one of our newest friends, is a huge man, and his wife Julie is considerably smaller.

To get to the point, we played a few hands, and Amanda was down to her panties while the rest of us were almost fully dressed. It seems she was all too eager to lose the game. I looked over and saw Mike eyeing Amanda's tits, and Julie just looked amused. The next hand, Amanda lost again, and the panties were thrown into the corner. Amanda had shaved her pussy that afternoon, looking extra sexy and delectable. I said, "You're out of the game, as you have nothing more to lose." When Amanda replied, "Oh no, the winner of the next hand gets to order me to do anything he or she wishes." Amanda isn't bi, or I have never thought so, and the game continued.

Julie won the next hand and told Amanda that she had to fuck Mike while she and I got to watch. That seemed to be what Amanda had been waiting for, and she immediately laid down on the carpet and invited Mike to climb on. What a mistake! Mike is too big in every way for him to be on top. Also, Julie complained that we couldn't see too well with him on top; all we could see was his naked ass.

Amanda got up, and Mike laid down, and by this time, his rod was standing straight up. Oh, about 8"+ and as big around as a beer can from where I was sitting. "Honey, would you go get me the lube?" Amanda asked, and off I ran to the bath to get it.

"Now, would you please put some in my pussy and spread some on Mike's dick for me?" she asked. Well, I never, at least not that I can remember, touched another man's dick, but Julie said she wanted to see that too, so I did it! What a rod that man has. It was as hard as a baseball bat and looked as dangerous, at least to me.

Amanda now slowly let herself slide down Mike's pole until he was in about halfway, and then she raised up and wanted more KY jelly applied. She just wanted me to touch his dick again, as she laughed when she said it. Okay, one more time, I spread the stuff and backed off.

With that, Amanda dropped down completely, and his lemon-sized fat balls were mashed against her ass as she took him in all the way and began to buck and ride him like a cowgirl. This continued for several minutes until the sweat poured off her, even with the A/C and the ceiling fan running full speed. Mike was about to blow his load, and Amanda, who usually can cum in a minute or less, was having a little trouble getting off. "Honey, would you get my vibrator?" she asked. Now that is a new one, and I again went to get the vibrator but didn't know what for. It turned out that she needed it to stimulate her clitoris as Mike was in a position that didn't rub it the way she liked it.

Now Amanda was cumming and begging Mike to shoot when they suddenly exploded together and collapsed on the carpet. Now I had to run again to get a couple of towels to wipe up the cum and dry them off. Hell, it looked like I was doing most of the work.

Then while Mike rested, Julie wanted to play, and she licked Amanda's pussy while her naked ass (she stripped too while all this was happening) was up in the air. Never having screwed a woman while she was being eaten, my wife now became my next goal. I slipped my smaller dick into her sore and stretched-out pussy. She took my cock like she couldn't even feel it. After Mike, I'm not surprised.

We all came at least twice more; the evening was great fun. Still, Amanda is sleeping in this morning and complaining that she is getting too old for all this stuff. I'll believe that when she stops initiating the action.

It's incredible how swinging can supercharge your life! My wife Becky was excited about being with our friends Brandon and Kristen again, so we invited them for dinner and drinks. We both were expecting a fantastic night!
That afternoon, while I was resting, Becky came into the bedroom, stripped naked, climbed into bed, and cuddled up. I put my hand between her legs, and her juices flowed like a river. As I played with her clit she began to moan and, within a minute, started to cum. I was surprised as she usually takes a while before she comes. I lowered my head to her pussy and inhaled the sweet scent that only comes from one place. I wanted to immediately suck her pussy, but I refrained, knowing she was sensitive after an orgasm. However, I lay looking at her swollen lips and the juices flowing to the crack in her ass.
"Do you need a shave for tonight?" I asked. "Of course," she replied, "I want it smooth for Brandon and Kristen."
Since I had shaved her only a few days before, the growth was not long. While she keeps the hair around her pussy completely shaved, there is a small triangle of hair that remains above her clit. I got the shaving cream and razor and began 'the job.' I finished in a few minutes, got the massage oil, and put a few drops on her pussy. After she shaves, she likes me to rub the oil into her skin for about ten minutes. She claims that it prevents any itching and razor bumps. While this might be so, she also enjoys the pleasure.
"What time did they say they were coming over?" I inquired. "About 6:30," Becky replied, "but I hope it is sooner."
By 6:15, we had both showered. I elected to wear shorts without any underwear and a fitted t-shirt. Becky was undecided and tried on several outfits. She finally decided on a short cotton dress that flared from the waist and ended about mid-thigh. "That looks very sexy," I said, "I haven't seen you in that before."
"Bought it for an occasion like this. What do you think?" Becky asked, making a spin that caused the dress to raise, revealing she did not have panties on.
"I am sure our guest will enjoy it," I said. "How do you want to start things?"
"I do not have a definite plan, but I propose to show some pussy to both of them," she responded. "We will discuss the first thing that comes up."
"Something is already coming up just looking at you," I said. "You better save that for later," Becky laughed.
Soon, Kristen and Brandon arrived. We greeted each other with kisses and hugs. Kristen took the opportunity to stick her tongue into my mouth and give me the 'that's only for starters' look. She wore a short top, no bra, and a skirt that stopped above her knee.
We had arranged the furniture so that they faced each other. Becky sat on the couch and invited Brandon to sit next to her, and Kristen and I occupied the chairs facing them.
The men were drinking beers, and the wives chose wine. The conversation was generally about the children, work, etc. Each time my wife would lean forward to take a sip of her wine, she would settle back, showing more leg to Brandon and letting Kristen get a peep of her pussy.
After about two hours and everyone feeling no pain, Brandon finally placed his hand on my wife's thigh. With that, she stretched back on the couch, opening her legs and giving Kristen and me a full view of her cunt. Looking over at Kristen to see her reaction, I realized she was in a similar position. Brandon and my wife were looking at her pussy. Obviously, she had not worn panties either.
From my position, I could not see Kristen's pussy clearly. I asked if anyone wanted a drink and got up. All could see the bulge in my pants as I headed to the kitchen. Since only Brandon and I wanted drinks, I returned quickly and sat on the couch next to my wife. Brandon had one hand over her shoulder, massaging a breast, and the other inside her thigh, heading for her pussy.
I lowered the strap of Becky's dress, exposing her left breast, and Brandon removed his hand from her shoulders and exposed her other breast. By now, her dress had risen almost to her waist, and Brandon and I could clearly see her pussy. Kristen was sitting opposite, staring at Becky's coochie with a smile. "Care to join us?" my wife purred. "My pussy needs a warm mouth."
Kristen immediately stood up, unzipped her skirt, and let it fall. She removed her top and kneeled between my wife's legs, licking the flowing juice. Paul started to suck one breast and then the other. Becky's head was back, eyes closed, and moaning in ecstasy.
I joined Kristen on the floor and began to play with her small breasts. Her nipples were already hard and sticking out. I squeezed one between my thumb and forefinger, to which Kristen responded with a moan. I lay between her legs, and she lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth. Her juices flowed, and I alternated between licking up the liquid and sucking her clit.
My wife's moans got louder. "Kristen, you suck so well. Oh shit, that feels so good. Suck my clit like that. Oh yes, Oh yes, I am cumming. Yes, Yes, Yes." Becky pushed her hips forward, pulling Kristen's face hard into her dripping vagina.
When Becky's orgasm finally faded, Kristen removed her lips from Becky's womanhood. She rested her head on my wife's leg and could now pay some attention to her coochie, which I was devouring.
"Suck her hard," Brandon said. "She likes her cunt sucked hard, don't you love?"
"Yes, I love my clit sucked hard," she responded. I sucked and licked as both my wife and Brandon encouraged her. "Cum baby, let yourself go, come for us." Their urging only turned her on more, and she began her orgasm.
"Suck my clit as I like it. Hard, harder, fuck, fuck." She pushed my head into her cunt and began buckling like a wild animal. Her orgasm subsided as I gently licked the juice that flowed from her.
I looked up and realized that Brandon and I were still fully clothed while the girls were completely naked. Both of us had raging hard-ons, and we had entirely stripped in no time.
My wife told Brandon, "Let's go to the bedroom where it is more comfortable, and I will see if I can get that hard thing soft." They left, leaving Kristen and me in each other's arms. I rolled over on top of her and inserted my cock into her pussy. It slipped in easily, and I stayed in her without moving, just feeling her pussy squeezing and releasing my cock.
"Is there anything special you want me to do?" Kristen asked. "Make love to me is all I require," I said, and with that, we began to kiss. The kiss must have lasted five minutes as I played with one breast. Slowly I started to move inside her, and she responded by rotating her hips in a circle. I wanted this moment to last forever, but my cock had different ideas. Not wanting to cum, I removed my cock from her and lowered my body to suck her breast.
"What is the matter?" she inquired. "I want you to cum in me. I want to feel your cum in me". With that, I reinserted my cock, and for the first time for the night, we really began to fuck.
"I am cumming!" Kristen announced and started to bite my shoulder. My own began as she was coming down from her orgasm, and I came and came until she drained every last drop of semen from me.
As my cock softened, it slipped out of her. "We need to do this more often," she said. "I like making love to you and fucking you."
"I wonder what those two are up to?" I said. "I have not heard any sounds from them."
"Let's see," Kristen said, and we went to look for them. We found them both lying on the bed, and Brandon appeared asleep. My wife's pussy was visibly leaking cum. Seeing us, she smiled and asked, "Have you two come to join us?"
"We have invited our friends for dinner and have not fed them yet," I laughed. "We must be the first couple who serve dessert before the meal. I will warm the meal while you and Kristen get cleaned up."
In about ten minutes, everyone was in the kitchen. The girls had dressed, and Brandon and I had put on our shorts. We discussed having sex with each other's spouses during dinner and agreed to keep it among ourselves.
After dinner, we went to the bedroom. Kristen begged me to fuck her in the ass. She lay on her back and raised her legs in the air, opening her back door and pussy. I rubbed my cock over her pussy to wet it while gently working a finger into her butt to loosen her up. When she was ready, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance and gently pushed it in. Slowly I pushed until my entire cock was in her ass.
She lay there looking at me and telling me how much she loved my cock. She lowered her hand to her pussy, inserted two fingers to get them wet, and started to rub her clit. As I moved slowly in her, it was a sight to see my cock slipping in and out of her ass, her pussy open and flowing juice as she rubbed her clit.
My wife leaned over and took one of Kristen's nipples between her fingers. She whispered in her ear as she lightly pulled and tugged on the hard nipple. I don't know what she said, but I suspect it was things that only women can communicate to each other on a deeper level.
The two females stared into each other's eyes. Whatever they were sharing, it was intense. "Cum in my ass," Kristen begged, "fuck my ass!" The intensity in her voice sent me over the edge, and my cock started shooting more cum than I thought I had in me.
I love my wife very much and could not live without her. However, Kristen has brought out feelings that send butterflies in my stomach when we have sex. Becky understands this, as do Kristen and Brandon. In fact, we all feel this way, which is what makes our swinging relationship such a great one!

David Lovell
Our favorite swinger couple, Ken and Lesley,  came over yesterday for a celebration of our anniversary as swingers. We reminisced talking about what took us into the swinging lifestyle.
Ken said that Lesley fantasized about swinging and would say things to him like, "Do you ever think of making love to another girl?"while they were having sex. Ken told her that he would like to have sex with Amy if she was willing to have sex with Dave. And that was the start. With Lesley's approval, Amy began playing with Ken on two occasions and all four of us finally got around to swinging. Both girls were on birth control so we were condom free from the start.
We got around to suggesting to try some things we so far had not tried. Lesley said she was ready to give me a condomless BJ and Amy said she would go for a same room swap.
We began playing, both girls were soon giving us men a soothing BJ. Ken told Amy he was about to cum and shot his load in her mouth. She spit  into a tissue and rinsed her mouth with a sip of champagne. I came in Lesley's mouth an she did the same.
Amy asked Ken to kiss her vagina. After a while of her making little happy sounds she said, "I want you inside me." Ken rolled onto his back and she got on top. Together, they rubbed the head of his cock between the lips of her vagina and slowly Amy started to glide his cock into her pussy. It was the first time that I had seen Ken and Amy having sex. Ken has about 8 inches of length and Amy took it slowly until there was nothing visible. She repeated things like: "That's lovely, don't stop, keep it there, don't cum yet."
Lesley suggested that we needed to catch up so I put my cock inside her while she laid on her side facing away from me.
We all had a long session and finally both guys filled their girl with a warm creampie.
After about one hour I asked Amy if we could have seconds? She agreed and I put my cock into her slippy wet warm pussy and had a  marvelous time. Lesley rode on top of Ken. She's a little woman, she did not take the whole length of his long cock like Amy did.
Amy now agrees to same room swapping with Lesley and Ken, but wants  a separate room swap for a birthday present.

We have a new gym near our house. Ashley and I joined to try to keep in shape. We go to work out as often as possible and were pleased to have met some other couples our age.

Kyle and Megan were one couple we hit it off with. One night after working out, we talked about stopping for a drink, and Kyle suggested we could go to their house instead of stopping at a bar. We all agreed, and Ashley and I followed them to their home.

We were still in our workout clothes, shorts and T-shirts. Ashley has nice 36D breasts, and Megan has fantastic breasts too. Ashley always wore a thin bra when she worked out, and her nipples would show. I noticed that Kyle was always eyeing her, and to my surprise, Megan too.

We sat in the kitchen, cracked a beer, and shot the breeze. We talked about exercising, and Kyle said they had some old workout equipment in the basement but seldom used it. I asked him what equipment he had, and he said he'd show us.

We went down to his workout room. One of the things that he had was a bench press machine. He told Megan to lie down and demonstrate it to us. Megan laid down and showed us how it worked. Her tits were pressing against her T-shirt, and her nipples were showing like Ashley's. I remarked that this was an excellent exercise to build up your chest muscles. Megan said, "Oh, I know. Why don't you show them, honey?"

Kyle leaned over Megan on the bench and pulled her top up above her tits. To our surprise, Megan smiled a huge smile instead of protesting.

Then Kyle unhooked her front closure bra and opened it. Her firm tits defied gravity and stayed right where they at. The sudden exposure to cool air made her nipples harden, and the surrounding areolae pucker up.

"I love my girls! Don't you?" Megan asked. Megan gave Ashely a long look and said, "I bet yours are just as nice or nicer. I will admit, I love looking at them at the gym. It makes my workout time go by so much faster!"

Ashley blushed and stammered, "Uhh...thanks. I do like my titties too, I admit it." With that, Ashley slowly raised her shirt and unhooked her bra, showing off her firm, slightly larger, tits.

Megan, the boldest one in the room, said: "Maybe you boys would like to see more than just titties? What do you think, Ashley?"

Caught off guard even more, Ashley was silent for a few seconds and then said, "Well, as long as we have gone this far, we might as well take off all our clothes, I guess."

Kyle said, "I've got an idea, Dylan. Why don't you pull Megan's shorts off, and I'll pull Ashley's shorts off?" I looked at Ashley, and Megan looked at Kyle, and everyone agreed. Kyle and I stooped down next to each other. Megan moved over next to me, and Ashley moved in front of Kyle.

My hands were shaking a little as I put my fingers in the elastic waistband of Megan's shorts, and I slowly pulled them down to see her in a thong. I looked up at her, and she smiled and told me to finish the job.

I looked at Kyle. He had Ashley's shorts down around her ankles and her panties halfway down her legs, and he couldn't take his eyes off her pussy.

I pulled Megan's thong down and said, "Man, what a beautiful pussy!" Kyle followed up with, "Same here!" Both girls smiled at the compliments.

Megan stepped out of her shorts and thong and spread her legs apart, putting my face just inches away from her bush. I looked up at her and asked, "You don't mind, do you?" I reached behind her, grabbed her cheeks, and pulled her pussy into my face. She put her hands on my head and said, "Are you going to eat my pussy or just sniff it?"

I mumbled, "As good as I can, baby." I started licking her slit and nibbling her clit, then I sucked it in my mouth and flicked my tongue on it. She began to moan. Then I could hear Ashley moaning and looked over to see Kyle down between her legs eating her pussy. Kyle had pulled his cock out of his shorts and was jacking off. He had a nice size cock, what looked like eight inches, and fat. Ashley was going to like this.

Megan started backing up to the couch as I followed her with my mouth. She laid down and spread her legs as wide as she could to give me full access to her. Now I could combine working her clit with broad tongue strokes aimed right into her core at her opening. I had pulled my cock out too and was stroking it.

Megan said, "Dylan, why don't you stand up and take off your shorts." I stood up, pulled down my shorts, and stepped out of them, and Megan reached up, grabbed my cock, and pulled me over to her. She put her mouth around my cock and started sucking it, and she could really suck cock. She put her hands around my ass and pulled me in and out of her mouth. I thought I was going to cum and said, "I think I'd better fuck you before I cum."

I got between her spread legs with my cock in my hand. I was fumbling, trying to find her pussy. Megan reached down, put her hand around my cock, and started it in. She was wet and well-lubricated as my cock slipped in.

I started stroking in and out, and she put her legs around me and pulled me in more. Megan smiled, "Oh man Dylan, you've got a nice fat cock like my husband. Fuck me good baby, I need it!" I pounded my cock in and out of her as she continued to moan, and then she yelled that she was cumming.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that Kyle and Ashley were on the other couch. Kyle had Ashley's legs up against his chest as he pounded his cock in and out of her. Kyle moaned, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming," as he pushed his pelvis against Ashley as hard as he could, filling her up with his big cock and his spunk. Watching Kyle fuck Ashley made me horny as hell, and feeling Megan's cunt around my cock was all it took as I shot my load in her. She could feel my cum and said, "Yeah, baby, give me all your cum, fill me up."

I didn't think I would ever stop cumming, but the feeling quit as my balls emptied, and I collapsed on Megan. I looked over at Kyle and Ashley; he was lying on her, gently sucking her nipples as Ashley had her legs locked around him.

Once we had all cleaned ourselves up, we sat around talking. Megan was next to me, and Ashley was next to Kyle. Megan had her leg over mine, and I softly stroked her pussy while she stroked my cock.

Kyle said, "You know, this is better exercise than working out at the gym." Megan said, "Yes, it is. Way more fun too! We need to do this more often. What do you think, Ashley?"

Ashley said, "Well, I had a good time, and I think it's the best exercise. Honestly, the gym is so boring. But getting a healthy workout while my pussy gets worked out, I can go for that!"

I said, "Well, that settles it then. Fuck the gym! Every week, let's just get together and fuck each other!"

David Lovell
It's been a long time since Amy and I were swinging. Our last playtime was in August 2021 with Melissa and Mack.
Even longer since we partied with our favorite swinger couple Ken and Lesley.
After trying for a while Lesley and Ken did not manage to get pregnant, so they abandoned the mission. Both Lesley and Amy now use IUD contraception; Lesley says it is better than oral contraception.
Amy had been saving a new sexy crotchless outfit, which she changed into as soon as Ken and Lesley arrived.
Lesley and I had great sex with BJ, 69, and a creampie. As  usual Amy and Ken were in a separate room, making lots of erotic noise.
After Ken and Lesley left we both agreed that we had missed swinging very much and agreed to make an effort to meet with them more often. Amy asked me to fuck her while Ken's warm cum was still inside her.  It was fantastic, her pussy was warm and wet and I was so excited that I shot my load into her in record time.


Sisters Swing

By SwingersBoard, in Couples Swinging,

Leslie and I kissed at the edge of the cliff at our private lookout point on Palos Verdes, silhouetted by the late November sun setting behind Catalina Island. A cool breeze tugged at our fleece pullovers as she said, "C'mon, hon. It's almost time to go to Karey and Sherm's."

We hopped in our '69 blue Beetle convertible, and we wound our way around the snakelike roads till we reached our bungalow on the hill rising up from Torrance Beach. Then, it was time to get cleaned up. Leslie and I showered together in our oversized shower with a lot of kissing and touching. "Hon," I told her as she stroked my hardness with a look of desire, "I really don't want to come yet." She smiled and said, "I know…just a little torment."

I put on a pair of baggie shorts and a new cotton shirt while she put on a semi-sheer top and comfortable pair of yoga pants. While the shirt wasn't super revealing, it was tastefully sexy with her nipples and areolas just barely revealed. Finishing her make-up, she twirled around and said, "How do I look, handsome?" I whistled, "Sexy as hell, babe."

Copping a quick feel as she passed, she said, "Don't forget to set the alarms," and stepped out the door. Punching in the code, I stepped out behind her. The sun had sunk beneath the Pacific and was providing an amazing twilight as we carefully tooled through the wondrously beautiful neighborhoods of the South Bay area.

Karey greeted us at the door with a chaste kiss on both of our cheeks and said, "Hi, number one brother-in-law, and Hi, number one Sis."

"Hi Karey," I said. Leslie laughed, "You always say that, Karey. But Wayne's your only bro-in-law, and I'm your only sis!"

Karey, showing her beautiful smile, laughed, ignoring Leslie's words, and said, "Hey, I like your outfit."

Leslie brightened and said, "You ought to. This is the one that you helped pick out when we were shopping last month." Karey, rubbing her arm over Leslie's sleeve, pursed her lips and said, "Hmm… I thought it seemed a little familiar."

At that point, Sherm (Kare's husband) poked his head around the corner and said, "Brace yourselves… They're coming!" At that instant, we heard a door upstairs slam open, and four kids came bounding down the steps.

"Hey guys," Leslie and I said at the same time, and the kids came over and gave us hugs. Sherm spoke up, "These guys have big plans tonight… Grandmother is coming over and taking them to a drive-in movie! And they get to spend the night with her and Granddad out on their ranch."

As we were all still standing in the doorway, we saw Grandma's car pull up. We adults all waved at Grandmother, who smiled at us as the kids climbed in her Land Rover and buckled up. "You all have fun and stay out of mischief!" she yelled with a smile.

As soon as she was out of sight, Leslie was in Sherm's arms kissing him, and Karey and I were in a deep embrace, our tongues exploring each other's mouths furiously. I heard Leslie say to Sherm, "Oh, honey. I've missed you so much." And Karey, looking me in the eye, said, "I've missed you too, sweetie."

Sherm had pulled up Leslie's shirt and began sucking on her nipples. Leslie was groaning. I knew it wouldn't be long before she came because she is amazing; she can come with just her nipples being ravaged.

Karey was cupping my balls and cock, and I had each hand on her breasts, gently rolling her nipples. Her head was lolled back, and her mouth hung open as she breathed more and more deeply.

After a few moments, everyone broke their embrace. I laughed as we were all were slightly out of breath and very flushed with desire. I looked at Sherm and said, "Do we have any agenda for tonight?"

Leslie had dropped Sherm's shorts (like me, he had no underwear), and his shaft was rigid and dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. I smiled at Leslie and said, "You'd better be careful. Sherm looks like he's about to lose it."

Les reached a finger down and, scooping a droplet of Sherm's liquid, dabbed it on her lips and said, "Wanna share?" I leaned over and very carefully licked a little bit off with just the tip of my tongue. "Mmmmm," I said.

"Kare? You want some?" Leslie asked her. Karey leaned over and said, "I might want a little more than Wayne did," as she kissed her sister deeply on the lips. "Mmm," both of them groaned as they enjoyed the sensuality of the moment. The scent of sex was almost overpowering in their little entry foyer.

Karey looked down at my shaft, pushing against my shorts. As my own pre-ejaculate seeped out into the cotton, a wet spot was growing. "Look, sis," Karey cooed, "your hubby having just as hard a time as my Sherm, no pun intended."

"Ohhhh, poor baby!" Leslie mocked mercilessly. "I bet he's sore; think we should rub him, Karey?" With a mischievous gleam, Karey pulled down my shorts, my cock bobbing up like a jack-in-the-box, and she and my wife started very gently massaging my cock and balls.

"No!" I cried. "I don't want to come yet! There's still a lot of evening left for us to play!"

"Oh!" they cried in mock disappointment. Looking at each other, they winked and said, "Let us at least clean you up." They started going to their knees and going for my cock with their tongues. I looked at Sherm for help. He was smirking at me, but his cock was oozing pre-cum like crazy. I think he enjoyed watching our two brides as much as I enjoyed their ministrations.

But he showed mercy by saying, "Okay… I think I have an idea for some fun tonight. Who wants to hear my idea?" Leslie and Karey were lost in the moment of sucking my oh-so-wanting-to-come cock. It took a second or two for Sherm's words to register. As though in a fugue, they both looked at him with blank expressions.

As Sherm explained his idea, Leslie had started gathering the droplets of his pre-cum as they continued to roll out of his slit. One fingerful at a time, she cleaned the end of his penis. She licked the finger dry, occasionally sharing with Karey and me.

Sherm, fighting hard to ignore my wife's touch on his penis, kept sighing with pleasure, and in between the sighs, said: "I've got a blow-up kiddie pool. We can put the massage table in that and minimize the mess. Let's go upstairs."

Holding hands, Sherm and Leslie walked up ahead of Karey and me to the second floor "health room." As Karey was in front of me, I cupped her ass as she walked up the stairs. She said, "Stop that! It tickles!" So, of course, I poked her right in the area of her asshole.

She squealed and pushed into Leslie, saying, "Hurry up!" I'm getting tortured back here!"
By this time, Sherm and Leslie had reached the second floor. And Karey whirled around at me and said, "Oh, you are so in for it, buster. I'm gonna get you just when you aren't expecting it."

"Bring it on," I deadpanned.

The room was small but well equipped with some weight machines and, sure enough, a little kiddie pool with a massage table in the middle.

Les asked, "How did you ever explain this to the kids?"

Karey slipped her arm around my wife's back and said, "We just told them that we wanted to check it out to make sure it still didn't leak. And we just blew it up inside instead of outside."

We had finished undressing as we talked. Karey walked over to the small fridge and made us a round of margaritas with a generous tequila portion.

Les looked at me and said, "It's always amazing to me that I never can taste the alcohol the way Karey makes the margaritas."

Karey, sipping at hers, winked at me over her glass. Her nipples, like my bride's, were sharply at attention. Sherm's and my erections never had gone down.

Having opened a bottle of massage oil, Sherm asked, "Who wants to go first?"

Leslie smiled at me and said, "I would love to go first."

We'd done this group massage before. We all liked it because while Sherm and I were good for two orgasms in the evening, the wives were each good for five or six. Karey and Leslie would have at least one, maybe two of their orgasms right on this table.

Using the oil, we began rubbing Leslie all over. Sherm started around her neck and shoulders as Karey started on her lower back and buttocks while I started on her feet and worked my way up her legs.

"Mmmm…," Leslie groaned, occasionally punctuating the moans with sharp little barks as tight spots were hit and massaged out accordingly. Sherm and I both rubbed our cocks up and down Leslie's smooth skin – a little bit of our pre-cum mixing in with the oil. I looked at Leslie's face and saw her smile as she felt our cocks on her.

Kare had set the timer for five minutes, and Leslie rolled over. Sherm leaned over and began kissing her as he massaged her breasts, rolling her tips in her fingers. Karey started working on her feet and up her legs. At the same time, I gently rubbed Leslie's tummy, occasionally nudging Sherm's fingers out of the way to get to her breasts and stroke her nipples.

Leslie was moaning like crazy, and I could tell she was fighting her orgasm. As Sherm continued to work her body, I whispered in her ear, "I love you, hon. I think you're ready to explode!"

"Fuck me," she begged. "Both of you fuck me at once."

I reached down to start finger fucking her, but Karey had slinked up between her legs and started licking her creaming twat.

"Oh, hon," I said. "Karey's licking you. Would you like to come in your sister's mouth, or do you want me to fingerfuck you to orgasm?"

“Uuuuunnngggggg AAAAAAA.” Leslie couldn't hold back, and she bucked like a stallion on her sister's mouth. She had always told me that Karey gave terrific oral sex. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Karey had told me the same thing about Leslie.)

"Yes, honey," I whispered into my burning with desire wife's ear as she continued uninterrupted in one massive orgasm. "We love you so much. I love you. Love the fucking. Love your creamy twat just coming and coming. Yes, baby. You come, come hard, ride that orgasm."

After a couple of minutes, Leslie came down from her sexual high. Karey and I kissed and licked most of my bride's twat juice off of her. She kissed her sister gently, and the two smiled at one another.

I said, "My cock's been so hard so long, it's a little painful. So are my overloaded balls, for that matter."

Sherm said, "Mine too!"

We both had our cocks each lying across Leslie's breasts, mine on her right nipple and Sherm's on her left.

Karey turned around, took my cock in her hand, and, using it as a lead pole, said, "C'mon, lover boy. Let's take care of some business."

A small couch upon which Karey plopped me down was in the corner of the room. Meanwhile, Leslie, always quick to recover, had pulled Sherm on top of her on the massage table. Her pussy, still soppy wet, was wide open, and she said, "Please make love with me, sweetheart." Kissing deeply, I watched my brother-in-law enter my wife, slowly slipping his cock into her wetness.

"Your turn, big guy," Karey smiled gently at me, having watched me watch her husband and sister. She slid down over me and squinted as almost immediately, her pussy started throbbing on my shaft as she began to come.

As she leaned down over me to kiss me, I felt her nipples mash my chest as she pumped up and down, up and down over my overtaxed rod. I could feel my balls roiling with each stroke and knew I wouldn't last long. It didn't matter. Karey started coming, crying, "I love you, Wayne. I love you so much. Fuck me, honey. Yes! Pump me up. Give me your sperm."

I cried, "I'm coming. I love you, babe. Yes! Fuck me, sweetheart. I love you so much, Karey." The stars in the universe spun out of control. Somewhere there was a nuclear explosion the size of the universe. Then the ashes from the stars began falling like gentle snow on the land-between-the-worlds. Finally, after several eons had passed, I opened my eyes. I saw Karey's pretty face over mine – a very dreamy look in her eyes. "Hi," she said. "Welcome back."

Slowly other sounds and lights and objects started returning to Karey's and my universe. The sound of the refrigerator turning on. Some kind of cicadas outside. The sound of the distant horn honk. A jet out over the Pacific.

I was still hard deep inside of my sister-in-law, and I said, "I love you, Karey." She said, "I love you too, Wayne."

I glanced over at Sherm on Leslie. They, like us, were still joined. "You guys all right?" I asked.

"Mmmmmmmm…," they replied in unison. "So much for your plan for holding out all evening!" Sherm exclaimed from the massage table, where his cock was still deep into Leslie, my wife.

I managed to mumble something. I was nearly comatose with pleasure, having just fucked my sister-in-law, Karey. Her cheek now resting against mine as my rod was still embedded in her pussy. Then, I couldn't help it; it just had been an incredibly long day, and the orgasm was definitely a peu de mort (little death – as the French call it). I closed my eyes and snoozed, Karey on top and everything.

I felt a breath on my cheek and opened my eyes. "Hey, stud!" It was Leslie, my wife, kissing my cheek. "Hey sexy lady," I said, kissing her on the lips. Karey, still on top of me (who also apparently had started dozing), awakened and pushed herself up on her elbows. She smiled and leaned down, and kissed me.

As she kissed me, the head of my now-soft cock popped out of her, closely followed by a gush of my semen, warm from her body. "Ooohhh!" we both said at once.

"No fair!" Leslie said, pushing her sister's hair aside. "I wanna play!" Leslie kissed me again, and Karey climbed off of me, her nipples still proudly erect as she headed toward the kitchen.

I yawned and stretched, and Leslie sat down next to me. In the background, Karey squealed as Sherm grabbed her and pulled her on his lap. I saw the adoring look she gave him as she put her slender arms around her husband and kissed him. I looked at Leslie's eyes and saw her eyes glowing with love. We kissed.

"How do you feel?" I asked my bride softly. She just rolled her eyes, put her head on my chest, and purred. Reaching down and touching her pussy, I felt sloppy with wetness. "You naughty girl!" I teased. "How did you get so wet?"

"Mmmmmm, wonder how? Why? Are you thirsty?" she teased me. "Not right this instant," I replied, "but can you save me some for later?" Leslie smiled, "Of course, I will."

"I would like something to eat, though," I said, taking her by the hand and standing up. "Karey… you got any bacon and eggs?"

Karey was squatting over Sherm, rubbing her twat, covered with my cream, over Sherm's limp cock, trying to get a reaction. I guess Leslie had worn him out for a while, too.

Looking over her shoulder at me, she smiled and said, "Sure do! Why don't I just go and fix it for you? What would you like? A western omelet?"

To be honest, I hadn't been thinking anything so fancy as an omelet. Still, now that she mentioned it, I thought it sounded pretty good. And, for a fact, Karey could whip up a fine omelet. "Great!" I exclaimed.

Hopping off Sherm, she moved gracefully towards the kitchen, all three of us watching her ass sway as she moved.

"I do envy my little sister's ass," Leslie sighed. Sherm and I each cupped one of Leslie's butt cheeks and said, "Not to worry! You're beautiful!" Taking Leslie's hand, Sherm stood up, and we three followed Karey into the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Karey had partially covered her nudeness with a cooking apron, with her nipples occasionally peeking out each side, the effect being very sexy. As we watched Karey's breasts swinging with her cooking movement, I noticed Sherm starting to get a mild erection. I could feel the blood just beginning to fatten my penis too.

"Hey!" said Leslie, not missing a thing. She took Sherm's cock in her right hand and mine in her left and said, "Karey, honey, look what you're doing to our men."

Smiling down at our erections, Leslie said, "Ooooh boys, that's so nice. I think I could take you both right now by myself." She was firmly milking our cocks, base to tip, bringing the small white pearls of post-cum oozing out. At least, I think it was post-cum. It may have actually been a new batch of pre-cum.

"Oh, Leslie," I said. "Much as I'd like to take you up, I think at least I need a little break to make it better for me next time. I can't speak for Sherm." Sherm smiled at me, saying, "I think your right, Wayne. If we wait a little while, we'll have a much better orgasm our next go around."

"On the other hand," I said, putting my hands on Leslie's naked hips and plopping her on the bar, "I think you might be ready right now."

"I am too! Hang on a minute, let's eat first," said Karey, dishing two huge omelets onto plates and putting them next to Leslie on the bar.

Having finished inhaling the omelets and regaining our strength, Leslie looked at her sister and said, "Karey, sweetie, your hubby left my pussy very messy, and I need my hubby to clean me up."

In mock indignation, Karey said, "Well, your Wayne left me all wet and a little sticky, and I need Sherm to clean me up."

"Bar or bed?" I asked. Leslie play-frowned. "I don't want to wait, but the bed's more comfortable."

Taking her elbow, I escorted my naked wife to the bed, and Karey sat down beside her. With the girls' legs off the bed, Sherm and I knelt side-by-side and started licking our own wife's pussy - me eating Sherm's sperm out of my Leslie and Sherm eating my ejaculate out of his Karey. Glancing up, I saw that both girls had laid back, stationed on their elbows with elbows touching each other, and both were watching us rather intently.

Occasionally, Karey would bite her lower lip as pleasure would ripple her face. Sherm must have been doing a job on her. Leslie, too, would sometimes spasm and fall back as pleasure assaulted her. Sherm and I both licked harder, and I started finger-fucking Leslie while I licked her. Sherm began to do the same to Karey, and both girls started getting really hot.

Glancing up, I saw Leslie staring at Karey's bobbing breasts. With a look of desperation, Karey said, "Leslie, please, do it how I like, my nipples...please." Leslie reached over and firmly grasped one of her sister's nipples with a thumb and forefinger. She pulled up, actually distorting Karey's breast shape a little, and then started a rhythmic tugging and rolling motion. Karey cried out in ecstasy as her nipple was roughly manipulated by her sister's practiced fingers.

The pleasure was racking both girls now, their hip thrusts becoming more animal than controlled, and Karey cried, "Leslie, I'm cominggggg aauuughhg auugghhhg."

The girls held each other in a tight embrace as their bodies thrashed on the bed, with Sherm and me trying to hang on to licking their pussies and finger fucking them all the way through their orgasms. At precisely the same time, each sent a hand down to push us off.

We waited as our wives started to come down. Breathing deeply, their breasts squashed against one another as they held one another in a bear hug.

Their arms loosened. Leslie smiled at Karey and said, "Love you, sis."

Karey lazily returned a grin and said, "Me too." They gave each other a quick French kiss and pulled away, Karey smiling while saying, "You're always a good kisser, Leslie." With a smile in return, Leslie replied, "You too."

Leslie looked at Sherm and me with our extended cocks and said, "So what do you want to do now while we all refresh a little?"

I said, "Well, I was thinking either we could go walk around Newport Beach." At that moment, we heard a low roll of thunder. "I didn't know it was supposed to rain," Karey said, pushing herself up on her elbow, her nipples perfectly relaxed now.

Sherm said, "Well, if we're going out, which given the rain, I don't know if we still want to… but if we are, we'll probably want to clean up a little."

Les said, "Yeah! Even though I can't smell it, I'm pretty sure all of us smell like pure sex on a pole right about now."

Karey said, "Well, let's hop in the shower... and by the way, I love the beach in the rain. It's deserted, you could do anything you want out there, and nobody would know..."

"Sounds like a plan," I said, and still blissfully naked, we all headed for their shower.

My wife Miley and I have been involved in swinging for about 20 years now. We have met many great people and have had some wonderful sexy times. However, it seems that the best times that come to mind most often are the ones we didn't plan; they just happened. I would like to tell you about a time that turned into something special.

Mick and Bobbi were new friends we had made through a civic group we were involved in. We were all in our mid-forties and enjoyed each other's company. We were very active people and kept busy trying to stay in shape. Both Miley and Bobbi were a T&A man's delight. They both had firm natural breasts and full womanly asses.

During our get-togethers with Mick and Bobbi, there had been a lot of teasing back and forth. With the occasional touch and the playfulness that goes on between close friends. However, nothing of an actual sexual nature has ever happened between us other than an accidental touch.

All of that changed one weekend when we invited them over for dinner at our house instead of going out somewhere. Just good friends getting together to enjoy each other's company. However, as it turned out, it was a night filled with unexpected sexual pleasures enjoyed by all.

Mick and Bobbi showed up at our home about 7 o'clock, both in a festive mood. Bobbi was wearing a very sexy knit dress that came to about mid-thigh and clung to her body like a second skin. Her dress clearly outlined her breasts, making apparent she was braless. The dress also outlined her ass beautifully.

We greeted them and welcomed them to our home. Mick gave Miley a hug and a peck on the cheek as I did the same to Bobbi. I told her I loved her new dress and thought it was very sexy. She modeled it for me, slowly turning around so I could get the full effect of just how sexy it was.

The night wore on, accented by a great dinner, fine wine, and laughter and fun enjoyed by good friends. It was much the same as many other dinners that we enjoyed with Mick and Bobbi, except we were at home this time.

Miley got up from the dinner table and cleared the dirty dishes, and Mick said he would help her. I joined Bobbi in the living room. A short time later, Miley and Mick emerged from the kitchen to join us. When they arrived in the living room, I could see Miley was a little flushed. I made everybody a fresh drink as we all just kicked back.

As we were talking, Mick noticed an antique camera on the end table. I explained that photography had been a serious hobby for many years. Mick asked me what my favorite subjects were, and I just smiled and said "Her" while looking at Miley.

Bobbi looked at me and then at Miley. She asked Miley if she had allowed me to take nude pictures of her? Miley smiled and told her that she had and that it was a lot of fun. Without even thinking about it, I asked Bobbi if she would like to see some of the pictures we had taken? Bobbi almost jumped out of her chair and said she would love to see them.

Mick, who I think had wanted to see Miley nude from the moment we first met, jumped in and said he would also like to see them. Miley half-heartedly protested that I was not going to show those pictures to them, and I told her we were all friends and there would be no harm in letting them see them. Miley gave in but said there would be hell to pay if anybody laughed. From the look on Mick's face, I didn't think anybody was going to laugh at Miley's pictures.

I hooked my laptop up to the big screen TV. I sat down on the couch next to Mick, and Bobbi came over and sat down next to me on the other side. I opened the password-protected folder and began to show the photos I had taken of Miley. The first few were relatively mild pictures of Miley fully clothed but in a few sexy poses.

As I continued, the pictures got progressively racier. With shots of Miley with her skirt hiked up and so on. Then there were some shots of Miley in different lingerie. In some of the pictures, her breasts were clearly visible.

After looking at one of her in a sexy negligee with her breasts and pussy visible, Mick looked at Miley and told her that she was one very sexy lady. Miley asked him if he really thought so, and he affirmed that he did. Bobbi leaned forward to get a closer look at some of the pictures. As she did, she rested her hand on my thigh.

Knowing the order of the pictures in the album, Miley said that was enough, and I should put it away now. Both Mick and Bobbi protested, saying they wanted to see the rest of them. After a short protest, Miley gave in and said, "OK, let them see the rest of them if they want to."

The following pictures were of Miley nude. There were several different poses and views of her naked body. Then, a few of her with various sex toys and Miley masturbating with them.

By now, Mick could not hide the bulge in the front of his slacks. Miley saw the mound and told Mick that it appears that he really enjoys her pictures. She put one arm around his shoulder and rested one hand on his thigh as she leaned forward to take a closer look at the pictures.

As Bobbi scrutinized the pictures, she began to massage my thigh. The next page I turned to had photos of Miley and me in various sexual acts. The first picture was of Miley licking my erect cock. On seeing this picture, Bobbi said, "Wow, you are a big boy, aren't you?" There were pictures of Miley straddling my hips, facing away with my cock buried deep in her pussy. There were pictures of me fucking her from behind, just a variety of different poses.

By the time we had seen all the pictures, Bobbi's hand had moved from my thigh to my crotch. She was slowly rubbing up and down the length of my now erect cock through my slacks. I glanced over at Mick to see if he had noticed what Bobbi was doing and saw that Miley was giving him the same treatment.

I looked over at Bobbi and said, "Why don't I set things up and take some pictures of you, so you and Mick can have your own little professionally done photo collection?" She said, "Oh no, I could never do that. I would be so embarrassed." Mick said he thought it was a great idea and asked Bobbi to take just a few. Bobbi gave in with the stipulations that she would not take any too far out.

I set up the lighting and backdrop and laid some pillows in front of it. I announced to Bobbi that I was ready if she was. Bobbi was a little nervous, and she looked at Mick as if to get his OK. He stood up, extended his hand, and said, "Come on, it will be fun."

Bobbi nervously stood in front of the backdrop. I told her to just relax and move around a little. She started to move from one position to another. She hiked her skirt up a little bit and turned around to give me an ass shot. I asked her to sit down on the floor and give me some photos of her that way. As she did, I continued to snap away, getting a few shots with her dress up enough to show her panties.

Miley started to get involved telling her to do this and do that while I was taking shot after shot. At one point, Bobbi was on her hands and knees with her ass toward me. She kept trying to pull her dress down to cover her round ass. Miley told her, "Here, let me help you do that right." Miley moved in behind her and lifted Bobbi's skirt to fully expose her panties. Miley backed out of the shot as I took a few pictures.

As I moved in for a close-up shot, I could plainly see a wet spot on Bobbi's panties where they were covering her pussy. Miley moved up behind her again and said, "Here, let's get rid of these. They are just getting in the way." With that, she reached under Bobbi's dress and pulled her panties off. Bobbi protested half-heartedly but never moved to stop her.

Miley turned into a director. She was giving Bobbi instructions on how to move and what to do. She told her at one point to arch her back and roll her hips just a little like she was being fucked doggie style. In doing this, Bobbi's plump pussy was clearly visible.

However, this didn't satisfy Miley. Miley looked at me and asked me to stimulate Bobbi's clit just a little so her lips would open up for the camera. Miley looked over at Mick and said, "That is all right with you, isn't it?"

Mick was in another world, and he just nodded at Miley. I knelt down behind Bobbi and started to rub her pussy. I licked my finger and rubbed up and down on her clit. As her pussy responded, I inserted first one, then two, fingers into her very wet pussy. Bobbi's breathing was labored; she started pushing back against my fingers as I was working on her pussy.

I stood up and started to take some more shots, and Miley again got involved. As Bobbi was in a kneeling position with her dress up around her waist, Miley said, "Here, let's get rid of this now." She reached down and pulled Bobbi's dress off over her head. Bobbi was nude except for her high heel shoes. As I took more shots of the now naked Bobbi, Miley dashed off down the hallway towards our bedroom.

When Miley returned, she had two of her vibrating dildos and handed one to Bobbi. She told Bobbi to go ahead and work it in and out of her pussy. Bobbi complied with Miley's instructions and started working the buzzing dildo around her clit. Then she slowly inserted it into her pussy. It was not very long until I took pictures of Bobbi in the depth of her first orgasm of the night.

When Bobbi came down to earth again, she looked at the three of us and said, "Why am I the only one here with no clothes on?" I looked at Miley and said, "She is right. Why don't you join her, and I will take some pictures of both of you?"

Miley didn't hesitate. She removed her clothes and joined Bobbi on the floor. I got some great shots of them playing around on the floor. At one point, Miley was on her back reclined back on a couple of pillows, and Bobbi was on her hands and knees beside her. Bobbi reached over and picked up a dildo and moved around so that her head was at about Miley's waist and her ass was beside Miley's head. Bobbi reached out and spread Miley's legs, opening a clear shot at her pussy. Bobbi took the dildo and started to rub it around Miley's pussy.

Bobbi then reached down with one hand and spread the lips of Miley's pussy, exposing her clit. Holding Miley's pussy open with one hand, Bobbi started to rub the dildo back and forth over Miley's clit. Miley had her eyes closed and was beginning to really enjoy the treatment she was getting from Bobbi. You could see the juices starting to run from Miley's pussy. Bobbi slowly inserted the dildo into Miley's pussy. As the tempo increased, Miley raised her hips and thrust them into the dildo. Miley reached down to stop Bobbi. She said, "This feels great, but with two real cocks in the room, why are we using a fake one?"

I had been so involved in the girls that I had forgotten all about Mick. I looked over to see how he was taking the girls' play. To my surprise, Mick was nude. He must have been way ahead of me because I hadn't even heard him undress. Being he appeared ready for some action, I said to Mick, "Why don't you join the girls, and we will get a few shots of you also?" Without hesitation, Mick walked up to where the two girls were. His hard cock sticking straight out in front of him.

Both Miley and Bobbi got on their hands and knees in front of Mick. Both of them reached out and started stroking his cock. Mick's cock must have been about eight inches long because both Miley and Bobbi were able to get a hand wrapped around his cock with no trouble.

I said to the girls, "Why don't you two start licking it at the same time?" Both girls leaned forward and started running their tongues around the head of Mick's cock. Their tongues would sometimes touch one another as they were darting around Mick's cock. Mick reached down and grabbed his cock with one hand. He placed the other hand on the side of Miley's head, holding it still for a moment as he aimed his cock toward her waiting mouth.

Miley took Mick's cock into her mouth and worked her head back and forth on it a few times. Then she rose up a little to get into a better angle and slid his cock as far into her throat as she could. Bobbi reached up with one hand and started to cup Mick's balls into her hand. Mick closed his eyes and enjoyed the treatment the girls were giving him.

The action was getting too hot for me to just stand there taking pictures. I needed a little of this action myself. I put the camera down and removed my clothes. I moved behind Bobbi and began to rub her very wet pussy. I moved up behind her and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. She was so wet there was no need to waste time easing it in; I slid all eight inches all the way into her with one thrust. Until that point, I am not sure she was aware that I was behind her because she snapped her head around and looked me in the eye with a shocked look.

I had both hands on her hips, holding my cock deep inside of her. We stared at each other for a moment, and I said, "I think Mick wants to fuck Miley. Is that all right with you?" She then looked at Mick and Miley. Mick was standing with his eyes closed and his dick in Miley's mouth, getting one of the best blowjobs he had ever had. Bobbi didn't say anything; she just thrust her hips back into my cock and started to fuck.

Bobbi continued to let out little whimpering sounds as wave after wave of passion flowed through her. I continued to hold her by the hips, pushing my cock into her as hard as I could. I held her like this for several seconds until she slowly came back to earth. I eased my grip on her hips and let my dick slide just a little out of her pussy. I could feel her juices flow out of her, down my cock, and onto my balls. I don't think I have ever seen a woman as wet as Bobbi was that night.

I rolled Bobbi over to where she was lying on her back. I cupped both of her breasts in my hands and pinched the erect nipples. Then I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. She placed a hand behind my head, holding it onto her breast. Straddling her thigh, I slid up and found her open mouth. I kissed her deeply; her tongue darted into my mouth. I don't know how long we laid there with our naked bodies together kissing, but I do know that the feeling was fantastic.

I kissed my way back down Bobbi's body. I wanted to taste the juices that her pussy was producing to such abundance. As my head found its way to her pussy Bobbi spread her legs, placing them over my shoulders. I started to lick a path around her pussy, being careful not to touch it. It was gaped open from me fucking her, but I wanted to build up to it a little.
But as much as I wanted to wait and tease her, my desire wouldn't let me. I flicked my tongue over her clit, and she let out a little moan and pushed her hips forward. I let my tongue slide over her pussy from her clit to the rosebud. Then I slid my tongue into her open pussy as far as it would go. She reached down with both hands, grabbed my head, and tried to pull my tongue further into her. After a few minutes of this, I slid my tongue back to her clit. After licking her clit hard a few times, I sucked her clit into my mouth. Sliding it in and out of my mouth, almost like giving it a blowjob.

Bobbi pushed my head back from her pussy and asked me to roll over onto my back. She got on top of me in a 69 position with her pussy just above my mouth. Bobbi moved down my body and grasped my erect cock. She rubbed her hand from the tip of the head down to the base, coating it with pre-cum flowing out of it. With one hand wrapped around the bottom of my cock she lowered her mouth to it. Bobbi started licking the head and shaft while stroking up and down with her hand. With her other hand, she cupped and massaged my balls. She then took my cock into her mouth, sucking it deep into her throat.

I raised my head to look between our bodies at her working her magic on my cock. The sight of this beautiful woman taking my cock into her mouth was one of the most erotic experiences I can remember. Her breasts were swaying between us and occasionally brushing against me. I had momentarily forgotten about trying to please her and was fixated on what she was doing to me. She would alternate her strokes between up and down movements to a twisting motion. With all that was going on and the extreme pleasure Bobbi was giving me, I knew I would not be able to hold back much longer.

I told Bobbi I was about to cum. She did not pull back from my cock. Instead, she increased her tempo, stroking harder as she drew my cock deep into her mouth. It was more than I could take. With a moan, I erupted in her mouth. Wave after wave of pleasure passed through me as my cock pumped my cum into Bobbi's mouth. I watched her throat muscles work as she tried to swallow every bit of my seed.

As I reclined back on the pillow, I looked up at Bobbi's pussy just above my face. I could see her juices flowing out of her open lips. Her ass cheeks were spread slightly, and I could see her pink asshole. I reached up and inserted a finger into her pussy, working it in and out of her. With her juices supplying a lubricant on my finger, I pulled it out of her pussy and rubbed it gently over her asshole. Bobbi began to moan, and I pushed my finger a little harder against her tight little hole. She relaxed her ass a little, and my finger eased into her. I was turned on because she didn't stop me but instead pushed her ass back against my finger driving it deeper into her tight little opening. The heat of her body was immense.

As I pushed my finger into Bobbi's ass, she began to breathe deeper. She opened her mouth a little and raised her mouth off my cock. As I pushed my finger fully inside her, I could feel her ass muscles tighten around it. She released my cock and reached between our bodies, and began to rub her clit. She let out a muffled scream, pushed her ass back even harder against my finger, and had her second orgasm of the night.

I let my finger slide out of Bobbi's ass, and she collapsed on top of me. I glanced over to see what Miley and Mick were up to. I had forgotten all about them for the last few minutes. Miley was lying on her back, and Mick had his head between her legs, eating her pussy. With her legs spread wide and his hands under her ass, they were in the middle of their own fun.

Bobbi eased herself up and moved around to lie beside me. As she snuggled up to me, she kissed me. As she did, I could taste my salty cum still in her mouth. She whispered in my ear, "That was great, even better than I thought it would be."

"Better than you thought it would be?" I asked her. She smiled and said, "Yes, Mick and I have been talking about this for a long time now. We have wanted to fuck you all but couldn't think of a way to bring the subject up to you guys. We didn't want to take a chance on ruining our friendship." I laughed and told her that Miley and I had been doing the same thing, and we were also having trouble finding a way to bridge the subject with them for the same reasons.

As Bobbi and I were talking and coming to the mutual realization that we had unnecessarily wasted time, I heard a moan from beside us. We both looked over to see Mick between Miley's widespread legs and sliding his cock into her wet pussy. In one continuous motion, Mick slid his cock into Miley. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust her hips upward to meet his thrust. Mick's body dwarfed Miley's, with her head coming to about his chest. The sights and sounds from Mick and Miley were very exotic, and I could feel my cock starting to stir again. It was like me and Bobbi were not even in the room as they were enjoying their own pleasures.

I looked over at Bobbi to see her reaction to seeing Mick fucking Miley. Bobbi was lying with her head resting on my chest, fixated at the sight. As though her hand had a mind of its own, she reached down and started rubbing my cock. I looked at Bobbi's body, and like mine, it had a light coat of sweat that made it seem to glow. Bobbi and I lie together with her stroking my cock and me massaging her back and shoulders while watching Mick and Miley fuck. Bobbi whispered that Miley was in for a treat because Mick is very long-lasting; she will cum two or three times before he shoots his load into her.

I rolled over just a little to lift Bobbi off of my chest and stood up. I extended my hand and said, "Let's take a shower." Bobbi took my hand, and I helped her to her feet.

I turned on the shower, and while waiting for the water to warm up, I took Bobbi in my arms and kissed her. We took our time in the shower, washing each other's backs while touching and rubbing every inch of each other's bodies. Miley and I have been with many couples over the years. Still, it is very rare to find a couple you are so relaxed and comfortable with as I was with Bobbi, and Miley was with Mick.

All the contact with Bobbi's wet body brought my cock back to full attention. Bobbi had her back to me; I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her ass into my crotch. I told her just how beautiful I thought her ass was. She asked if I really thought so, and I assured her that I meant every word.

She suddenly got serious. "Would you fuck my ass?" she asked. "Not your finger, your cock. Bareback, no condom. I want to feel your semen in my ass. I get off on that. It's dirty." I told her I loved sex that way, but Miley didn't like it; therefore, we rarely did it, so I would love to fuck her ass.

I turned the water off and handed Bobbi a towel. We dried off, and I took her by the hand and led her to the bed. As we stood by the bed, I took her into my arms, kissing her deeply. While kissing her, I reached down, rubbed her clit, and inserted a finger into her pussy. I rubbed her clit with the heel of my hand as I worked my finger in her pussy. Her juices were running out of her pussy and onto my hand.

I pulled my hand away from her pussy, reached down to the end table drawer, and took out a tube of KY gel. Bobbi's eyes were shining with anticipation, and I knew this was the rare female who totally embraced her anal sexuality.

I handed the tube to Bobbi, and she squeezed a large glob out on the head of my cock. She took care to rub it around the head and shaft. When she was satisfied that she had enough on my cock she handed the tube back. I said, "No, you do it." Bobbi got on her hands and knees without saying a word. Her head was on the pillow, and her ass held high. She squeezed out another large glob of lubricant. I held her ass cheeks open as she reached back and gave her anus a thick smear of lubricant. "Put your finger in," I said. Bobbi's finger disappeared into her dark passage. I grasped her wrist and started an in and out motion, fucking her ass using her own finger. Bobbi started moaning.
We kept this up until her ass was loosened up and slightly gaping. I pulled her wrist away from her ass and released it. Placing my cock at her opening, I pushed forward just slightly. Bobbi said, You are thicker than Mick, so go easy until I get accustomed to it, OK?" I told her that I would go at whatever pace she wanted.
I held the head just inside her until I felt her inner sphincter completely give way. Then I pushed deeper into her rectum. Starting with a slow pace, I pulled my cock partway out of her then back into her again. Bobbi reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. I picked up the pace and began to fuck her harder and faster. As I would slide my cock back into her ass, Bobbi would moan and push her ass back to meet my thrust. Bobbi started moaning loudly with her finger rubbing her clit as hard and fast as she could.

Bobbi's breathing was a panting rhythm of: "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass." I did my best to please her. I knew that even though I had already cum once tonight, I would not be able to hold out much longer at this pace. The feeling of her ass was incredible. She was rubbing her clit so hard and fast my cock could feel it while it was deep in her ass. There was no mistaking that we were not making love, and we were fucking for the sheer pleasure of fucking. We both wanted to cum, and both knew it wouldn't take much more of this, and we would both be cumming.

It wasn't easy, but I had made up my mind I was not going to cum until after I had brought Bobbi over the edge and gave her an orgasm. I tried to think of anything other than just how good her ass made my cock feel. Bobbi's breath started coming in short gasps. Then she started a deep guttural moan, almost a growl. As Bobbi began to orgasm, I could hold back no longer. I emptied my load of cum deep in her ass as she desired.

We both collapsed with me on top of her and my softening cock still in her ass. As our breathing slowly returned to normal, I told her she was fantastic. Her reply was, "Oh God, that was great!" We laid there a few minutes until she said to roll off her, she had to use the restroom.

In a couple minutes, I heard the shower running. I walked into the bathroom to find Bobbi in the shower removing the traces of the KY. I opened the shower door and asked if she minded me joining her? She smiled and said she would never turn down a backwash, or asswash in this case. After a quick shower, Bobbi said, "What do you think? Should we go check on those two?" I gave her a quick kiss and said, "Let's go see what they are up to."

As we entered the living room, Miley was collapsed beside Mick. His cock, shiny and coated with a combination of her juices and his cum, was resting on his thigh. I whispered to Bobbi that this picture needed to be in my album, and I quietly got my camera and took a couple of pictures.

Bobbi sat down on the floor beside Miley and Mick. She reached out and cupped Mick's balls playfully and asked, "Did you have fun, Honey?" Mick said, "Oh yes, it was great!" She then playfully slapped Miley's generous ass before sliding her hand between Miley's thighs and asked, "And how about you, Girlfriend? Did you enjoy it as much as he did?" Miley answered her by holding up four fingers to signify the number of orgasms.

"Well, it looks like you two had a hell of a good time," Bobbi said as she lifted her hand to examine it. It was soaked with the combination of Mick's sperm and Miley's juices. Bobbi looked at her hand for a moment, then with a gleam in her eye, she lifted it to her mouth. She timidly stuck out her tongue and touched it to her hand. Finding the taste to her liking, she licked the juices from her hand and fingers. "Now that is an exciting flavor," Bobbi purred.

Bobbi reached over and spread Mick's legs and moved between them. She cupped Mick's balls in her hand and started to lick them clean. Then Bobbie started licking the insides of Miley's thighs. She would alternate between Mick's cock and Miley's thighs until she had worked her way up to Miley's pussy.

Bobbi had managed to get Mick hard again and get Miley awake. Bobbi told Miley to sit on Mick's cock to face away from him. Miley got up and turned around, and as she sat down again, she inserted Mick's cock back into her pussy.

Bobbi laid down between Mick's legs. Now she not only had access to Mick's cock and balls as he fucked Miley, but she also had access to Miley's clit. Bobbi would alternate between licking Mick's cock as it would emerge from Miley's pussy and Miley's clit as he would slide it back into her. Miley's pussy was full of cum from the fuck session she and Mick had earlier. With the wetness from this session combined with the first, every time Mick's cock would emerge, it would be covered with a combination of his cum and Miley's juices.

I stepped over to get a closer look, placing my hand on Miley's shoulder. She looked up at me with almost dazed eyes, and I put my hand behind her head and drew her mouth to my cock. Miley loves to have two men simultaneously, one fucking her pussy and one in her mouth. Now with the added pleasure of having two men and having her pussy licked at the same time by Bobbi, she was in heaven.

I tried to indulge in all the sights, sounds, and smells of lust around me. It was one of the most wildly erotic moments in my life, and I wanted to experience and remember every bit of it. It was almost like being in a dream in that my mind seemed to be just floating. It was impossible to focus on all that was going on at one time. It was like several still shots, my mind going from one to the other and back again.

My attention was drawn back to Miley when I heard her breaths start coming in short gasps. I knew she was cumming again. Bobbi must have known she was cumming also because she leaned forward, took Miley's clit in her mouth, and started sucking it hard. I knew all of this wouldn't be wasted on Mick. I knew well the feeling of Miley's pussy when it started convulsing in orgasm. The muscles in Miley's pussy are some of the strongest I have ever felt. When she is cumming they seem to jerk and squeeze your cock. It is one of the most incredible feelings I have ever enjoyed, and I knew that Mick would be enjoying this feeling now.

After we all had come down from our sexual highs, I asked if anyone other than me would like a drink. Everybody agreed that a drink was a great idea.

The girls took a bathroom break to freshen up a bit. Mick came into the kitchen as I fixed a fresh round of drinks for everybody. I asked him how he was doing with all this. He thought for a moment and said, "Well, to tell you the truth, I'm a little pissed off. We have known each other for months now. Why did we wait so long?"

He said he had always been turned on by Miley and had often thought of fucking her while he and Bobbi were having sex. I told him I knew exactly how he felt and had the same feeling and thought about his wife.

As Mick and I brought the drinks back into the living room, the girls were just returning from the bathroom. They each had a warm wet hand towel. They took the glasses from us, sitting them down on the coffee table. Bobbi then took the warm towel and cleaned my cock and balls as Miley did the same for Mick. Mick and I were in heaven, standing there with the girls kneeling before us, cleaning us with warm towels. After Bobbi was finished, she held my cock up with her fingers and kissed the head. She looked up at me with a smile and said, "All nice and clean now!"

One of the sexiest parts of that night was when we were all sitting on the couch talking. Bobbi was sitting on my lap and Miley on Mick's lap with everybody naked. It was so open, so natural, and so sexy. I don't know how long we talked or all the things we talked about. But I remember looking out the back sliding glass door and seeing that it was getting light outside. It was decided that Mick and Bobbi would crash in the guestroom, and when we got up, we would go to breakfast.

Over the years, we have met and been with a few couples. Some have been strangers, some we have known. There is a thrill in having sex with strangers or people you don't know that well. But the most fun we have had has been with friends. When there is trust and openness between friends, it is all very special.

Miguel and I had just moved into a new neighborhood. The first few weeks were crazy with all of the moving in and getting settled, so we didn't have time for socializing. About a month later though, we finally were settled in. I was working out in our front yard. It was the first sunny day of spring, and it seemed like everyone on the street was out working in their yards. It was the first time I really had the chance to survey the inhabitants. I was out near the curb planting flowers along the walkway when I heard someone say, "This place is really shaping up, looks real nice."
I turned to see the neighbor crossing the street. She was smiling, and as she approached me, she said, "Hi, I'm Maria." Instantly I noticed her bright green eyes and curvy figure. "I'm Lena. Nice to meet you." We shook hands and began talking about our homes and the neighborhood.
It became immediately apparent that we were to be friends as we talked. I told Maria about all of the work we had been doing on the house since we'd bought it. She seemed interested, so I invited her in to have a look. Passing through our garage, I introduced her to Miguel. He was working on his project car, a 69 SS Camaro. He was at a critical moment and barely looked up as he said, "Nice to meet ya."
Then I showed her the house. She was impressed with the progress since she had seen the house before our purchase. She then offered to show me her home.
As we left our home and crossed the street, I started to get the feeling that Maria and I were going to be much more than just friends. She guided me through her lovely home. The last stop was the master bedroom suite. I couldn't believe my eyes, the bedroom was enormous. And what caught my attention the most was the mirrored ceiling over the beautiful king-size bed. When I got back to my house, I realized that Maria and I had visited for two hours. Time flies when you're having fun...or so I thought.
Over the next few days, I thought a lot about Maria. She was probably a few years older than me, maybe even Miguel's age. She was very sexy. She was about 5'7" with 38D's, blonde hair, tan skin, and bright green eyes. She had mentioned her husband a lot when we spoke, but I hadn't seen him yet.
The weekend rolled around, and Maria stopped by to invite us over for a BBQ. We were ready for a break and eagerly accepted the invite. When I was getting ready for the evening get-together, I started to think about Maria and the possibilities that could cum out of our new friendship.
We were immediately comfortable when we arrived at Maria and Trey's place. Trey was just as friendly and hospitable as Maria. Miguel and Trey hit it off immediately. While the men went into Trey's shop to look at his prized Boss 429 Mustang, Maria and I had a chance to do some girl talk. I told her that Trey was super friendly and that I was so glad that they had invited us over. Maria pulled a strand of my hair away from my cheek and said that she'd been thinking about me all week and that she was glad we'd moved in across the street. My pussy began to swell. My mind began to race...was she just being overly friendly, or was she implying that she wanted to 'get to know me better' in another way? I wasn't sure, and I didn't want to feel stupid if I was way off base.
We talked about many things, and Maria began to get closer and closer. Before long, we were touching. She pushed me up against her kitchen wall and kissed me, long and hard. I felt a wave of desire rush through me. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth. I had never kissed a woman before. It was like electricity connecting at my mouth and shooting right through me to my pussy. I wanted her. I am slightly shorter than her, at 5'5". So it felt perfectly natural, tilting my head up and kissing her deeply. She then revealed that she hadn't had sex in nearly two years. Trey had been under so much stress at work during that time that he had become impotent.
I immediately thought about the PERFECT candidate for a female/male/female threesome. "Hot Damn," I thought, "If I could make this work...Miguel would be in heaven." Well, I suppose I could do with a bit of piece of heaven myself.
The BBQ was great. At the end of the evening, we all agreed that we would definitely be having more of them in the future. When Miguel and I were in bed, I asked him what he thought of Maria and Trey, and he told me that he and Trey had hit it off well.
He then smiled and said, "That Maria is a sweet lookin' babe." I giggled to myself. Miguel didn't know about the passionate kiss, and I wasn't going to tell him and ruin my surprise.
A few days went by, and I hadn't heard from Maria. But undaunted, I went over and knocked on the door. She didn't answer right away, but when she did, she was standing there in her cut-offs and a sports bra. I felt my pussy get immediately wet. She invited me in with a smile. Before the door shut, she was kissing me passionately. "I thought you'd never get over here," she said. I asked her if she'd show me her bedroom again. She practically dragged me into the room, locking the door behind us.
Before I knew it, she had pushed me back on the bed and slowly began to kiss my neck, making her way down to my nipples. I was scared. I had never been with a woman, but desire swept over me like a wave. I wanted more. Much more. All I could think about was what it would be like to taste her. I could already detect the scent of her arousal, and I knew that would be many times more intense with my face buried in her sex.
Maria was running her tongue around my nipple. Her body was pressed against me, and her hands were making their way to my pussy. I couldn't wait. I wanted her to shove her hands right down the front of my shorts and bury her fingers in my wet pussy. All of a sudden, I heard her dog begin to bark. "Oh shit, Trey is home," she said. I was paralyzed. We both jumped up off of the bed and began to re-adjust our clothes. "I'm so sorry. I thought we'd have more time," she whispered.
"When can we get together again?" I asked. "Tomorrow at 9 p.m. Trey is going to Oregon for a few days, and I'll be all alone. I have to work, but I'll be home by 8:30. Promise me you'll stop by?"
I thought for a second. "How about you just come on over when you get home, and we'll pick up where we left off?" I suggested. She planted a wet open-mouth kiss on me to seal the deal.
I slipped out the back door and bounded for home. I didn't want Miguel to know what I was up to, so I carefully thought about this situation. How was I going to convince Maria to not only fuck me but to fuck Miguel also? I figured I'd just have to be upfront with her. It was the only way.
The next day I woke up early and began to prepare. Miguel had a full day filled with appointments, so he'd be gone until sometime in the early evening. If I could get Maria to come over earlier, I'd have a chance to talk to her about the ambush on Miguel. I spent the day cleaning the house, shopping, and setting up my bedroom.
It was getting late, and Miguel wasn't home yet, so I called him on his cell phone to see when he thought he'd be home. "Oh hi sweetie, I should be home around 9ish. What ya got planned?" he asked. "I have a few ideas, but what I want you to do is come home, shower, come into the bedroom, and by the time I'm done with you, dinner will be ready, and I'll make some White Russians for us," I said in my sexy voice.
Maria knocked on my door at 8:30, and she agreed to help me fuck Miguel. She told me that since she hadn't had sex for several years, she was willing to do just about anything for some release.
I showed Maria to the bedroom. She flopped down on the bed and said, "Oh gawd, I love four-poster beds...so many possibilities."
With that, I sat down next to her. I looked inquisitively into her eyes as I began to run my hand up and down on her smooth, tan exposed leg. Her cut-offs were tight and showed off her long legs and great ass. She began moaning as I slowly ran my hands across her entire body. Working from the ankles up. I purposely skipped over her pubic area. She arched her back slightly as I passed it by. I could tell she was disappointed. I began massaging her firm breasts with the palms of my hands. They felt wonderful. Her large hard nipples poked at my hands. I could feel my pussy begin to drip hot juice.
I kissed my way back down her body until I reached the button on her cut-offs. I pulled her out of them to find she wore no panties. Her pussy had light brown short-trimmed hair shaped into a small landing strip. Her pouting pussy lips were swollen and very wet, almost frothy.
I slipped my index finger between her lips, seeking her love button. I couldn't believe it when she reached down and pulled back those swollen lips to expose a delicate clit shaped like a pink pencil eraser. Without a moment's thought, I bent my head down and began to lightly lick her sweet protruding button. She pushed my head down hard against her wet pussy and began to fuck my face. I took the opportunity to suck her clit between my lips and work it over. I could feel my nipples press against my bra, and my own pussy was now drooling slippery juice down to my thighs.
"Oh God, I'm going to cummmmm," she screamed, and with that, I felt a shot of cum spray from her pussy and coat my lips and chin. She mashed my face into her pussy with each contraction. And with each contraction, she sprayed just a little less cum each time.
She pulled me up from her pussy and began to kiss and lick my face. I was still in awe of the squirting pussy. She pushed me down on the bed and removed my pants and panties then spread my legs wide. She gave my pussy a quick few licks and then moved up her body to scissor her legs between my legs, carefully positioning her clit to press up against my  clit. The hot clit against mine nearly made me cum right then and there. But I held it back.
She began to ride my pussy with hers. She was kissing me and fucking me. I reached around and grabbed her full ass cheeks and ground her wet snatch into mine. I could feel her cunt juice dripping off of her labia and onto mine, running right down to my asshole. Within seconds I exploded. She immediately dropped down and began lapping up my cum. When I came back to reality, I glanced at the clock. "Oh shit, Miguel will be home any minute. I need to get YOU ready," I said. When Miguel's car pulled into the driveway, there was a note on the entry table -
'Shower and then cum to bed darling, dinner is in the oven, and I have a little treat for you.'
My heart was racing when I heard the shower shut off, and I could hear Miguel toweling off. I had candles lit, our room was very dim, and some Barry White was playing. Little did Miguel know that I wasn't the one in the bed; I was quietly watching from our closet.
Miguel entered the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He whispered, "Honey... I'm home." Maria just murmured an "MmmHmm." With that, Miguel slipped into bed and began to kiss Maria on the back of the neck. "Baby, did you miss me today?" he asked. "Oh, did I ever!" she said as she turned over to face him. Miguel jumped back, and as he did, he fell out of bed.
"Maria? What the hell are you..." but before he could finish, she flipped her legs over the side of the bed and spread them wide.
"See all that wetness on my pussy?" she asked. "Your wife eats some awesome pussy, and now I think it's your turn," Maria ordered. Miguel began to protest, but she put a quick end to that.
While she shoved his eager mouth to her pussy, I came out of the closet bare ass naked. His eyes met mine. I saw fear at first, but when he saw my wicked smile, he began to enjoy the feast he had before him.
As he licked away at Maria's wet hole, I came over next to him and began to kiss his back, working my way to his face. After kissing the side of his busy mouth, I began to help him lick Maria's clit. He on one side of it, me on the other, our tongues in a tangle around her clit. As she moaned, I told her that she and I would be using this same technique on Miguel later. Just briefly, Miguel stopped and thanked me profusely. Maria orgasmed once again and sprayed her hot pussy juice all over the front of Miguel, and it shocked him.
Maria and I pushed Miguel over on the bed, and both of us began licking his very sensitive large cock. He loves to have the underside of his cock licked. Sometimes enjoying that more than having his cock buried in my throat. Maria and I put our lips together and ran his cock between them. Miguel jumped and jerked all over the place. He was enjoying it, but it was almost too much for him. So I suggested he have a strong White Russian to relax him. Maria and I massaged him as he sipped a drink through a straw. He oohed and aahed as we worked him over. As we messaged him, we kissed. All three of us at once. We told him of our pussy grinding experience, which gave him an idea.
Upon finishing his second drink, he told me to lie on my back, and he told Maria to lie on top of me with our pussies together like before. But this time, he had us both spread our legs. He got in between our legs and rubbed his big hard cock around on our pussies until it was very wet. Then he shoved his cock between our lips, so it was between both of our clits, and began to fuck us both at the same time. I was the first one to cum...then Maria followed...but Miguel wasn't ready. He decided he needed real pussy. We stayed in the position while he took turns shoving his cock into our pussies. I got a few strokes, then Maria, then back to me. It was hot. Our pussy juice was all mixed together.
Maria began telling Miguel that his cock was incredible, moaning between words. I felt compelled at that point to let her have his cock all to herself since she'd been such a good girl. I slowly pulled myself out from under the heap and motioned to Miguel to begin to fuck her with nice long, deep strokes. I got up on my knees and started massaging her ass as he rode her from behind.
Miguel kissed me, tasting Maria's pussy on my tongue. That must have sent him over the edge. I reached down and cupped his balls in one hand as I slipped the other hand down to Maria's pussy and rubbed her clit. I felt his balls tighten, and I knew he was about to cum. With that, I rubbed Maria's clit faster and faster so she would cum with him. Then I whispered in his ear to shoot his hot cum deep in her tight pussy. And that did it...I heard them both begin to cum...and cum...and cum.
All three of us collapsed on the bed together, the two of them still twitching and moaning. Mission Accomplished...and then some. I looked at the clock, and it was 1:00 a.m. We all fell asleep together.
The following day we were awakened by the sound of Trey's truck pulling into their driveway across the street. Maria bolted up, clutching the sheets, frantic. "Holy shit!!! Trey isn't supposed to be home for days," Maria cried out, "I've gotta get home!"
Maria ran around the room, gathering her clothes and putting them on. It was almost funny if we wouldn't have been so freaked out. Maria said "I'll call ya" over her shoulder as she bolted out the front door. Miguel and I looked at each other, and neither one of us said a word. We smiled and crawled back into bed.
We noticed that both Maria and Trey's vehicles never left the driveway for the next few days. No signs of them outside, no phone calls. We became more concerned as the days went by. We did, however, talk a lot about our wonderful experience with Maria and we hoped that everything was going to be okay. We came and went as usual through our daily routines. Five days had passed, and no sign of them. Then on the sixth day...Maria called. She sounded exhausted. When I asked her if everything was okay, she said, "Yeah, can you come over for a BBQ tonight?"
My heart raced. I wasn't excited; I was SCARED. Was Trey entirely out of control with jealousy? Was he holding her hostage because she had committed such sexual acts with the neighbors? These thoughts ran through my mind. Maria pleaded with me to come over later that evening and have a little get-together with the two of them. She was very short with me, and it was apparent that Trey was listening in on her call. So what could I do?
I agreed. When I told Miguel, he said, "SHIT!! Are you crazy? Trey is going to kill me. The dude hasn't been able to get it up for years now, and then we move in, and the next thing you know, I'm doing his wife?! I DON'T THINK SO!" I persuaded him with promises and a couple of drinks.
Reluctantly, we crossed the street that evening, prepared to deal with whatever consequences. When we knocked on the door, we were greeted by Maria, who wore a great big smile. As we walked through the house, we could smell delicious food cooking on the bbq, and there was music playing. The whole atmosphere was totally different than it appeared from the outside.
Trey was sitting out on the deck smoking a cigar with shorts and a tank top on, and his feet kicked up on the railing. As Miguel meandered out to the deck, I followed Maria into the kitchen. "So?" I asked. Maria turned around to face me. The smile on her face was from ear to ear. That's when she told me about the events following her arrival back home that morning.
Trey was utterly pissed off when she admitted to him what had happened. But the more they talked about it, the more he got turned on. Throughout explaining every little detail with him, he became more excited. So excited that he actually popped a RAGING hard-on after years of being impotent. Wasting no time, he and Maria had a fuck-fest for literally days. Maria was absolutely giddy. She was definitely enjoying making up for the lost time. Then she sprang it on me. "Well, you know that Trey has to even up the score, don't you?"
"Even the score?" I asked. "Yep, I told him that since he was such a good sport about the whole thing that you and I would give him the double treatment." I couldn't believe it. I had never considered doing anything with Trey. I told Maria that I'd have to okay it with Miguel before committing, but I was game. Hell, I suppose the guy deserved a medal...or at least the fucking of his life.
When Miguel and Trey came inside to eat with us, I pulled Miguel aside and quickly told him of Maria's plan. Miguel said it was okay with him if he could somehow be included. "No problem, Baby," I said, sucking his tongue as I pulled back from our kiss. Later that evening, after dinner and a few rum and cokes, Maria made the first move. She was snuggled up next to Trey on the sectional couch, and she began whispering in his ear. Trey nodded.
Maria stood up and walked over to our corner of the couch, and she very gently settled down on my lap. Putting her arms around my neck, Maria began to tenderly kiss me. I saw her reach over and rub Miguel's huge bulge as she was kissing me. Miguel looked to Trey and received a nod of approval. With that, I reached over and yanked the top button on Miguel's Levi's, and the rest of the buttons popped open one by one, allowing his cock to spring out of his pants. Then Trey said, "So this is how it was, huh, honey?"
"Mmm-Hmm," Maria moaned into my mouth. She was stroking Miguel's hunk of beef. Within seconds all four of us were naked. Trey's cock was about 9 inches long but thinner than Miguel's, and I couldn't wait to wrap my hungry lips around it and suck him dry. But before I could get to him, Maria spoke up and asked, "Miguel, would it bother you if another cock touched or rubbed up against yours?" Miguel thought for a second and then spoke up, "No, not at all."
Trey was grinning. Maria went on to tell us that she and Trey have this fantasy. After hearing about it, Miguel and I agreed to be a part of it.
Maria and I got on the rug in the middle of the room and began to kiss and explore each other. We were back in the pussy to pussy grinding position. The guys were stroking their big dicks. I could see pre-cum on Miguel's, so I knew he was really turned on. We literally fucked each other for what seemed like an hour. Rubbing our clits together, grinding our swollen wet cunts into each other, feeling our pussy juices mingle was mind-blowing.
Maria came first, shooting her pussy juice right into my slit. I could feel her blazing hot cum drip down to my asshole. She reached down and began to finger my cunt and my ass. She scooted down to suck on my clit, and I exploded. I came so hard that I saw bright lights flashing. While I sat back and recuperated, Maria directed the men into their new positions.
She had Trey lie on his back with his legs spread. Then she had Miguel lie precisely the same way but opposite of Trey. She had Miguel scoot up to Trey and flop his legs over Trey's. Now their balls and the undersides of their huge cocks were stacked up against each other. Then Maria left the room for a minute, coming back with a huge (practical joke) condom. She then began kissing and sucking on the two cocks that she had pressed together. I was afraid Miguel would blow his hot wad before she got a chance to do anything with it.
Maria produced a pair of scissors and cut the end off the condom. She slowly unrolled it over their cocks. I couldn't believe my eyes. Two cocks contained in a huge condom, bound to each other. The guys said they were afraid to move much because they would spew if they did.
Then she did it. She stood up over the guys fingering her dripping cunt. She squirted lube on their cocks and lowered herself down on their swollen heads. She grunted and moved from side to side forcing them deep in her pussy. Miguel was sucking her hard nipples while Trey fingered her heavily pigmented dark asshole. I couldn't believe it.
I grabbed a hairbrush from the end table and buried the handle in my cunt. I was ramming it in and out as I watched this hot bitch fuck both of them. Her eyes looked glazed over.
After about five minutes of fucking myself with the brush, I pulled it out of my hole, walked over to the three of them, and eased myself down on Trey's face. He buried his tongue in my pussy and began fingering my clit. His mouth felt fantastic, and I don't know if it was that or the sight of Maria pumping both of their cocks that made me cum again, but when I did, Maria did too. Her juice flowed down the double duo in a rush.
Miguel and Trey both began to moan. Maria pulled her pussy from the double cock action, pent-up pussy juice sprayed everywhere. In a matter of seconds, we watched both cocks explode all over each other. Miguel pulled the condom from their cocks, and they both lay there, rubbing their cocks together, their cum mixing.
I dismounted Trey's mouth, and while Maria held both cocks back together again. She and I licked them clean of yummy semen and yummy pussy juice. We all collapsed in a heap.
It was late and time for Miguel and me to head home. After getting home,  we realized that Trey hadn't yet evened the score. He hadn't fucked me yet. But I still owe him, and I'm sure he'll be calling soon to collect.

Rock n Tits

Swinging Seniors

By Rock n Tits, in Couples Swinging,

We are a senior couple. We have been swinging since the 80s. I think what made it easier for us is that Tits is bi and we started out as threesomes but ended up into full swing. I am 68 and she is 67.
We still swing but have slowed down, and I believe it is because of body image perception on Tits part. She is still a beautiful woman and now with DDD tits but she calls them her fat bags. When we were younger she was a lingerie model and stunning beauty. The fact that she loved to fuck and was also bi was always a plus. Needless to say we had a lot of swinging over the years and she had a few players on the side. If you read any of our stories you know what I mean.
So a month ago we went to Vegas. She had flashed her tits a few times, but mainly we gambled.
We were playing on a Keno machine and met another older couple playing also. I had noticed that every time Tits bent forward they both would turn and look. I mentioned this to Tits. She started to bend down to pick up her purse, or she would put her drink on floor and would bend over to get another drink.
They were Harry and Nancy we found out, and they moved to machine right next to ours. Tits started to chat with Nancy and flirt with Harry.
After about a half an hour, Nancy leaned over and told Tits that she wished she had big tits like her. Tits told her they are not all fun because they are so heavy. Nancy said I bet, but I would love to feel them.
A few minutes later the girls left for ladies room, where Tits told me Nancy fondled and sucked her tits and she did Nancy’s . When they came back we all went to our room and had some drinks.
Tits disappeared into our bathroom and came out and said are we all ready? She was she was butt naked (see pic), but remember we are late 60's. We played until 3:00 in the morning. We are meeting them for Thanksgiving at the El Cortez.

David Lovell

All Good things...

By David Lovell, in Couples Swinging,

We visited our favorite swinger friends on Saturday evening. We had delicious Chinese takeout for dinner.
Lesley and Ken told us that they had decided to try for a baby before they were too old. We wished them lots of luck and they said they would be trying very hard.
Amy asked if we could swing just one last time before they started? Lesley answered you can, but I've already stopped taking the pill. Ken said I'm saving my sperm for Lesley. 
We agreed to compromise. In the bedroom, we started with some foreplay. Amy climbed onto Ken and rode him for a while, while Lesley kept my cock hard with some gentle massaging. 
Amy had a few little orgasms before we switched. Ken finished inside Lesley and I finished inside Amy. 
On the way home Amy said that she was not really polyamorous and we should rethink our swinging style. 
In the three years or so we have been swinging, we have come a long way. Our adventurism has multiplied as we have both learned how to enjoy great sex.

Jack and I had planned on a quiet stay-at-home New Year's Eve. We were sitting watching Netflix and killing a bottle of champagne when my phone dinged. Our next-door neighbors Rick and Heather called to ask us to come over for a drink to help them celebrate. That sounded like a good idea, although we were just in our casual clothes and didn't want to dress up to just go next door. So I texted back we would be there in a few minutes.
We walked next door and surprise! Heather and Rick met us at the front door, and all Heather had on were bunny ears and nothing else. Rick had a funny hat on and a noisemaker horn on his penis so that it looked big and threatening.
We were a little taken aback. We had swung with Rick and Heather once before, but this caught us by surprise. We asked what they had in mind? Heather said they screw in the New Year every year, but they wanted some variety this year, and would we be up to swapping partners again?
In less time than it takes to tell, we were out of our clothes, and Jack was licking Heather's tits and sucking like he was trying to get milk from them. Rick and I stood there watching and not saying anything when Jack pulled Heather down to the carpet and swung into a 69 position which we know that Heather particularly loves.
The sounds of their slurping and licking were just too much. Rick and I had to be a part of the scene. Rick laid me down on the carpet next to them and began to eat my pussy, spreading my labia and driving his tongue deep into my vagina like it was a small and wet dick. This was too much for me, so I swung him. Then the four of us were in a fast and furious mutual 69... just not with our spouses.
We could hear the ball dropping on the TV in the next room. Wanting to really screw in the New Year, all four of us pulled loose. We girls laid on our backs while the guys mounted us for the main feature.
When it comes to fucking technique, Jack is much more active than Rick. They both have the same size cocks, though. Jack began to slide his 8" dick into Heather slowly at first, and then SLAM, all the way to the bottom of her pussy. Heather's eyes got like saucers when he did this, and she cried out a primal moan. Heather began to buck and lunge up at him until it looked like they were going to set a world's record for time. Rick and I were sure they would both cum before the ball dropped, but not a chance. Jack was into the fun of fucking too much to release his hot load that quick.
Rick and I were playing with each other while he was on his knees above me. He began to twirl his dick around my pussy hole in a circular motion, and I was now begging him to put it in. He gladly accommodated me and slid his dick into my pussy, which was already well-lubricated and ready to be fucked. We began to screw like a couple of minks. I must have cum twice before Rick started to breathe rapidly and pick up the pace. He was slamming into me like a pile driver. Then I felt his hot cum splashing against the walls of my pussy, and I knew he didn't make it anywhere near the time the ball dropped, but hell, who cared.
Meanwhile, Heather and Jack were back at it, having a slow screw. He was pulling almost all of the way out and slowly driving his dick back in. Then reversing the procedure with slow, then quick, then short, and then deep thrusts until Heather screamed that she was cumming and for him to let it go.
Jack pushed Heather's legs all the way back to get his dick in as deep as possible. I know my husband. I knew he was on the edge. I dipped my finger into my messy pussy, lubricating it with a mix of my pussy juice and Rick's cum, then slid it right into Jack's ass. He literally howled. I knew from experience that his cock had just swelled up to almost half again its already considerable girth. Heather didn't have to thank me with words for sharing this little secret. Just seeing her eyes get lost in her orgasm was enough. I could feel Jack's asshole clench around my finger with each shot of come he delivered into Heather's womb. After the last contraction, Jack collapsed onto Heather, and they lay there literally panting after such an awesome fuck.
The four of us then drank some champagne and sat around naked on the couch until the guys were ready to go again. Their cocks weren't quite as hard this time, but it was impressive they could still get it up at all.
We decided to fuck our own spouses on the floor next to our friends and neighbors. That was fun but lacked the excitement of screwing something strange. So after a couple of minutes, we switched partners again, and Rick and I screwed while Jack and Heather were screwing too. This time the orgasms took a little longer and weren't as intense, but we had a great time until it was time to go home.
Thinking everyone probably passed out and asleep in bed by now, Jack and I gathered our clothes in our arms. We calmly walked out the front door and across the lawn to our house, totally in the nude without regard to who might have seen us.
As it turns out, some people did see us as it was New Year's Eve after all. One thing we did find out from that, though. There are there more than just two houses with swingers living in them on our street!

We arrived in San Juan to take our 3rd Caribbean cruise. After an overnight flight to Newark, we flew another 4 hours to San Juan. Once we arrived, we headed directly to the ship as we were most anxious to board the ship. After taking a short snooze, it was time to look around the ship for a while before the mandatory lifeboat drill. Once the drill was over, we headed to the top deck for the departure from San Juan.
It was a nice moderate day, so it was most enjoyable to be in the sun on the top deck for the departure. There was a band playing, adding to the festivities of the departure. We went to the bar and ordered a couple of beers and then went over to find a place along the railing as the ship was starting to pull away from the dock.
That first evening we went to the buffet on the upper deck for dinner. After dinner, we got a glass of wine and then walked around the ship checking out the different entertainment bars. We found one with some good soft jazz that we stayed for a while but then headed to bed as the lack of sleep on the flight the night before was catching up to us.
The next morning the port-of-call was St. Martin/San Maarten. We had been there on both of our prior Caribbean cruises. Both of those times we had rented a 4-wheel drive vehicle and toured the island before ending up at Orient Beach, the well-known clothing-optional beach. This time we decided that we were just going to go to Orient Beach for the day.
We went and got a couple of beach towels from up on the pool deck and then went down to the departure deck to go ashore. Passing the gate that served as customs, we found a line for taxis that, while a little longer, seemed to be moving well. After standing in line for a few minutes, a couple about our age got in line behind us.
The lady asked us, "The towels give it away that you are going to the beach. Which beach are you heading to?"
"We're heading to Orient Beach. Been there on both of our prior Caribbean cruises. The previous times here we rented a vehicle to tour the island as well as going to the beach. This time we just want to spend as much time at the beach as possible."
"That's where we're heading as well. We too have been here before and enjoyed the day at the beach. Would you like to share a taxi with us?"
I looked at my wife Kathy to see if she was okay with that, and she silently nodded to let me know that was fine with her.
I replied to them, "Sure, that would be great. Just so we're not riding with strangers, I'm Steve, and my wife is Kathy."
The other lady replied, "Nice to meet you. I'm Julie, and my husband is Dave. We're from the Seattle area."
"We're from the general area as we live in the Portland area. Did you two fly in just in time for the cruise as we did? We took an overnight flight from Portland to Newark and then another four hours to San Juan."
"We came in yesterday so that we adjusted to the time zone a little bit before the cruise left."
Julie and Dave looked to be about our age and in pretty good shape as well. That made us glad that we had been exercising regularly ourselves. I must admit that I looked a little closer at Julie, and not only did she have smaller breasts but that she had an all-natural look as well.
It came up that we were at the front of the line for the next taxi. One pulled up, and as we walked to the doors, Dave said that he would take the front seat. I withheld comment as I sure didn't mind being in the back seat with the two ladies.
The drive to the beach didn't take too long. As we got out, I said that I would pay for the taxi in this direction. Dave added that he would pay for the return.
The driver asked "if he could arrange to pick us up."
We said, That would be great."
We walked down to the beach, and it was already unspoken that we were hanging out together and went to look for four chaise lounges together. Turns out that there were four together near one of the restaurants. An attendant came up to us and let us know the cost was $10 each, including umbrellas and the restroom use at the restaurant. If we ate lunch at the restaurant, we would receive a $5 credit for each of us. We agreed and paid the attendant.
The beach was quite full, and we recognized many of the same towels that we had, indicating they too had come from the cruise ship. While the beach is designated "Clothing Optional," probably ¾ of the people were fully nude.
As we started to set our things down, I looked over at Julie and saw as she reached down and pulled the sundress she was wearing over her head and off. As she did, she was gloriously nude underneath.
I looked toward her and, as I started pulling my shorts off, said, "Looks like you sure planned on not taking much time to fit in at the beach."
"I didn't plan on needing to wear anything more," she replied.
While everyone will say that the nude beach is not anything sexual, there sure is quite a bit of looking going on. I will admit that I was looking at Julie and admiring her 34b breasts and her fully shaved pussy. Very similar to what Dave will be seen as soon as Kathy pulls her clothes off. I did like seeing that Julie was looking lower than my eyes as she was talking to me. When Dave dropped his shorts, Karen was getting a good look at him as well. He looked somewhat well endowed. I was thinking that both ladies and both men were all very similar physically.
As we laid there, the conversation was flowing very easily. We found out that they too have been married almost as long as we have been. He owns a contracting business installing and maintaining home alarm systems, and Julie is the manager for a food distribution company. We let them know that Kathy is a teacher and that I am a hotel manager.
We asked them how long they have been going to nude beaches and the like? They said that it has been almost as long as they have been married. They heard about a nudist resort near Seattle, and after debating it a long time, they gave it a try. After then, they became members at the resort and went on as many weekends as they could. "We have since been to nude beaches in Florida, Jamaica, and Hawaii. We will go somewhat out of our way to go to a nude beach." Now that their kids have left home, they occasionally have friends that they met at the nudist resort over for nude parties at their home with the pool or hot tub as the focus. They have also been to Hedonism II in Jamaica, where they enjoyed being nude at all times except when in the restaurant.
"Our experiences have some similarities," we explained. "Our first time was Little Makena nude beach in Maui. We lived in Maui at the time, and while in a bookstore on the mainland, Steve found a book about nude beaches. In looking through it, we found that we had a nude beach on Maui and gave it a try. After the first time there, we were going almost once a week. After moving to the mainland, we used to go to San Onofre nude beach in Orange County and then to a few different nudist resorts. We have also been to Hedo II and Grand Lido Braco."
It was beginning to get warm even under the umbrella, so I told Kathy that I was going to go get in the sea to cool off. She said that she was going to join me. Dave said that they will wait until we come back so that someone is watching our belongings. We told them that we have a locking bag that we can lock to the chaise lounge chair to keep anything safe. Someone would need to take the lounge chair too if they were to take our things. We secured our belongings as well as Dave and Julie's and the two of us couples headed down to the water nude and hand-in-hand.
The water felt so good after getting warm on the beach. We went in until the water was covering most of our bodies, but not too far as to cover the ladies' breasts. That is always a nice erotic sight to see breasts "floating" on the water.
The four of us had been in the water for quite some time, and I was ready to get out.
"Think I'm ready to get out. Feels like I am shriveling up."
Julie replied, "Don't want that to happen."
Soon the four of us were back on the chairs. I pointed out two couples not too far away from us. From seeing them talking with each other, it also appeared that they knew each other previously. When they got to their chairs, the men took off all their clothes right away while one of the ladies remained in a somewhat modest bikini and the other in a one-piece suit. A few times, the men had towels in their laps, and we couldn't help but think that they had gotten erections. The ladies then got up, and the one took off her top, and the other dropped her top. As soon as they did, the ladies ran into the water. When they came back to their chairs, the tops came back on. Finally, later, the two men got up, and the ladies stood with them. The ladies then not only took off their tops again but this time the bottoms as well.
The four of them walked nude into the sea. When they came back to the chairs, they all remained fully nude. We could only imagine these are two couples who knew one another before coming on the cruise, and the ladies were reluctant for the other man to see them nude. More than half of the people on the beach had towels that came from one of the two cruise ships in port. How many of those people had been to nude beaches before, and how many were first-timers? There were a few couples in our vicinity with towels from our ship.
Julie said to one of the couples with towels from our ship, "Know where you came from with that towel."
The woman of the couple responded, "Kind of gives us away, doesn't it?"
Before laying back on the lounge, we took a long walk down the beach as far as we could go nude. It has always been a turn-on for us to walk nude on the beach just like you would walk anywhere else with clothes on. When we got back, Julie and Dave went for a walk themselves. We both liked looking at them walking back, picturing us walking nude on the beach.
A little into the afternoon, we were all feeling a little hungry. We went up to the restaurant that we got the chaise lounges we rented to use our $5 per person credit that they gave us. We took the bag with our belongings and towels to sit on. It was great that the four of us were sitting at the table, all nude. Orders were to be placed at the counter, so before ordering food, Dave and I went up and ordered beers for us. We brought the beers back to Julie and Kathy and sat back down as we looked over the limited but good-looking menu. Everyone chooses seafood items that were locally caught to enjoy something we don't necessarily get at home. The conversation continued at lunch with lots of laughter and more getting to know one another.
After lunch, we went back to the lounges, and at one point, each of us took a post-lunch siesta. Waking up, it was quite warm, and all four of us went back into the sea to cool off. This time we were standing closer together. While in the Caribbean, the waves are not too big, but a larger one came in and knocked Julie over onto me, knocking both of us down. In the tumbling around underwater, my hand ended up on her breast.
"Suppose you did that on purpose," Julie laughed.
"I would have I could have," I replied.
At that point, both Dave and Kathy figured out what had happened, and soon all four of us were laughing about it. I moved closer to Kathy and put my arm around her to make sure she was okay with what happened. She snuggled into me, so I figured that all was fine. Seeing the two of us closer like that, Dave and Julie did the same, and we watched as they turned and kissed one another.
Kathy commented, "This has been quite an enjoyable day at the beach and especially with making new friends!"
Dave replied, "We couldn't agree more!"
Then while we were connected with our arms around our spouses, the four of us moved closer together. When we did, I put my other arm around Julie and saw that Dave was doing the same with Kathy. We all came together in a group hug (something similar happened many years ago, but that is another story). Then in an unspoken way, Kathy and I kissed while we could see that Dave and Julie were kissing as well. Then we each turned our heads, and Dave kissed Kathy, and I kissed Julie. It seemed quite natural to do. We probably held those kisses for a while longer than we should on a public beach.
We looked at the time and realized that we needed to get going to meet our taxi ride back to the ship. I felt that my cock had become a little fuller but not enough that I should not go walking back on the nude beach. I took a glimpse at Dave and saw that he was in the same condition as we walked out of the water.
Walking back to the lounge chairs, we gathered up our belongings and started walking down the beach without getting dressed just yet. The first stop was the beach shower to rinse the saltwater off. Each couple took their turns together sharing the shower. I enjoyed watching Julie under the shower with the water running down her naked body. While we would have liked to stay, it was time to get dressed and go catch the taxi.
Our taxi was waiting, and I said I would get in front since Dave took that spot on the way down there. He stopped me and said that since he gets a little car sick, it would bet better if he rode up front again. Who am I to disagree with being able to sit in the back between the two ladies? The ride back was just as quick, but I moved as close to Julie as I could in the back seat.
We departed the taxi at the dock and browsed the vendors that were set up there. One was selling rum, including one called "Big Black Dick." We have a bottle of that from a previous trip.
As we were boarding the ship, we commented on what a nice day we had at the beach making new friends.
Julie said, "We were upgraded to a large suite as this is our 20th time sailing on this cruise line. Why don't you come by, and we'll have our departure party as we depart the port?"
"That would be great. Much better than with the crowds on the top deck. We'll go pick up some beers and come by your suite," I replied.
"Wonderful. It's cabin 1425. See you soon," replied Dave.
We went to our cabin to drop our things and change into shorts and aloha shirts. A quick stop by the bar to pick up some beers and then off to Dave and Julie's cabin as the ship would be departing soon.
Their door had a doorbell as this was a suite. The door opened, and there stood a completely naked Julie. As we came in, she let us know, "We forgot to say about the No Clothes policy in our room."
With a chuckle, Kathy said, "We are more than glad to comply with that."
We took off the few clothes we had on and walked out to the balcony, where we found an equally naked Dave standing there. Kathy handed him a beer while I handed one to Julie.
We toasted, "To making new friends, or should I say to make nude friends?"
Stepping out on the balcony, their suite was on the same side of the ship as ours and was facing another ship that was in port that day. As we stood at the railing, anyone on the other ship looking our way would see the four of us and that we were nude. It didn't bother us as we would not know anyone on that ship. Looking at balconies on that ship, we could see about 10 balconies with nude people on them. On a couple of them were four people, and one must have about eight people. We waived, and others on the ship waving as well. We would like to think they were waving at us. Our ship left first, and as it was starting to move, we saw two more couples on one balcony get nude on their balcony. We would like to think they got the idea from us. Sure, we probably ended up in some people's vacation pictures.
Their balcony was huge. It had room for 2 chaise lounges, a table with four chairs, and even a hot tub! Hope we get something like this when we take our 20th cruise.
After the ship left port, there was not too much more to see as the island became more distant. We had brought our Bluetooth speaker to connect to our phone and play satellite radio that I was getting through the ship's Wi-Fi. We set the station to a soft jazz station that we like to listen to often. Julie commented, "Thanks for bringing that. That music helps set a very nice mood."
We were all standing at railing with our arms around our respective spouses. I turned to Kathy and kissed her, and soon we were moving to the music. Soon Julie and Dave were doing the same. Though the balcony was quite spacious, we kept bumping into one another. That was not completely accidental.
It wasn't long before they were dancing next to us with Dave next to Kathy and Julie next to me. They both reached out their arms to reach around each of us and pull us closer to them. As they did, both turned to us and kissed us. I let go of Kathy as Dave let go of Julie. We then turned to our new partners and started dancing.
Dave chucked, "It seemed so quite natural."
"Agreed," I replied.
As I was holding Julie slow dancing while both of us were naked, I noted how many similarities between her and Kathy. Both about the same height, same in-share body, and small breasts, though Julie's were slightly larger.
While it started innocent dancing (though it is not too innocent with dancing naked with someone other than spouse), it started becoming trying to touch as many body parts to one another as possible. I started to let my hands wander farther to see how much Julie was comfortable with. First, I reached down and had my hands on her butt, and she started mirroring and doing the same to me. Guess that was my answer to what she would be comfortable with. I used all the self-control I could find, but as usual, my cock had a mind of its own and kept getting a little harder as we danced.
After a little bit of grabbing each other's butt, I just had to get my hands on her breasts though I was also enjoying feeling them on my chest. Once again, she kept up the mirroring and ran her hands on my chest as it was both of us making sure the other was comfortable with what we were doing. By this point, we were not doing too much dancing, and it would be considered more groping of each other to the music.
I looked over at Kathy and Dave and could see his cock was starting to rise as they were feeling each other up as well. Though it didn't look like he needed any help, Kathy reached down and started to caress his cock. As his cock got bigger, it appeared that he was also 10" long and somewhat thick. Watching that, along with Julie's hands on me, my cock was now at full attention. That made it difficult to dance, but we had other things in mind by then anyway. When Julie reached for my cock, I reached for her pussy and found her to be as wet as any woman I have ever been with.
Julie said softly in my ear, "Let's move over to the lounge. It will be more comfortable there."
Along with everything else in the suite, even the lounge chairs were large. These were wide enough for two people to lay side-by-side. We laid down, and our hands returned to caressing each other all over. Julie's skin felt oh so nice and soft to touch.
We looked over and saw the Dave and Kathy had done the same. Dave lifted his head, looked our way, and asked, "We want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with this."
Julie and I answered almost simultaneously with, "Oh yes."
Kathy responded with, "Does this answer your question?" With that, she pulled him down to her and started kissing him again.
After a little more of our hands roaming all over and kissing almost constantly, I lifted a little and moved down the lounge chair. As I did, I motioned for Julie to roll over on her back. With that, she knew what was coming next and opened her legs for easy access. I got between her legs and licked my way down her body, starting at her breasts. When I was that far up, the head of my cock would brush against her pussy lips. When Julie would feel my cock at the entrance to her pussy, she would move her hips in such a way that could pull my cock into her. While I was pretty sure we would end up there, I had something else in mind at the moment.
After licking her breasts, sucking her nice hard nipples, and down her body, I came to her pussy lips with my tongue. It was so nice that she was completely shaved, making eating her much better. I started with licking the edges of her pussy on both sides a little and then dove in on her clit. As I did, I caressed her pussy with my finger stimulating her even more. When I did, she started moaning and moving her pussy to meet each lick.
I was concentrating on watching Julie, and her reactions, as I ate her, but I was also looking over at Kathy and Dave. By now, he was also going down on her eating her pussy which is something that she likes. It was wild watching both Julie and Kathy as they were both starting to reach their orgasms.
Julie had a very intense cum and was quivering from it as she came back down a little. She reached down and put her hands on both sides of my head, and started to pull me up. I gave her pussy a few more licks and then started to move back up on the lounge chair. Staying between her legs, I kept moving up until I was up to where we were kissing again. Julie was reaching down for my cock, which at this point had been as hard as I could ever remember.
As Julie grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy she said, "I want you to fuck me. I have been turned on all day, and now I need your big cock in me."
Taking a quick look at Kathy and Dave, Kathy was cumming down from her orgasm. Knowing her, she would soon be wanting Dave to fuck her.

With the head of my cock at Julie's pussy lips, I could have easily slid deep into her with one stroke as she was so wet by now. Instead, I teased a little and first put just the head of my cock in her and held it there. Then with as much as I could resist sliding deep into her, I gave her inch by inch of my cock ever so slowly until I was buried deep inside her. As I started moving in and out of her hot pussy, Julie started bucking her hips wildly and met each of my strokes, burying my cock deep into her each time.
Looking briefly over at Kathy and Dave let us know that he had his cock buried deep inside Kathy. She kept saying, "Fuck me hard, Dave, just fuck me."
I was enjoying fucking Julie so much; it took all that I could to keep from cumming. I could tell that she came again many times as we were fucking.
Finally, I asked her, "Are you ready to cum with me?"
"Oh yeah, I'm cumming now," she replied.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, oh yeah," I moaned as I came and came deep in Julie's pussy.
Looking over at our spouses, they were about at the same place, but Dave kept pounding his cock into Kathy. Finally, we heard their sounds of pleasure as both of them came together.
I pulled my cock out of Julie and laid on the lounge next to her. We snuggled each other for a few minutes, and after Dave and Kathy both came back down, we got up and went over to them. The two of them got up off the lounge and came to Julie and me with each of us hugging our spouses.
"Wonder if we had anyone listening in?" I asked.
"The cabins on both sides are not occupied. We don't know about above or below." Dave replied.
At this point, we were all feeling quite hungry from the activity.
"Thank you both for a wonderful time together today. This has been wonderful," Kathy said as she first hugged Dave and then Julie.
"I agree," I said as I hugged Julie and gave a strong handshake to Dave.
"We both enjoyed our day and getting to know both of you as well," Julie replied.
"Hopefully, we'll see you later this evening," Dave said as we headed toward the door.
"Sure, we'll see you later," Kathy said. "We're going up to the buffet restaurant. Maybe see you there."
Kathy and I went back to our cabin and immediately dropped our clothes. We went into each other's arms, kissed, and had our hands all over one another. It didn't take too much on Kathy's part, but soon my cock was as hard as it had been earlier. Kathy fell back on the bed, and I came right up between her legs, aimed my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and slid in her in one stroke. We both were so turned on by both the great sex we just had with Julie and Dave but also in watching each other. I find it a great turn-on to fuck Kathy when her pussy is full of someone else's cum. While this was not our first time with others, it was the best we both have had.
After the quick fuck back in our room, we got into the shower to get cleaned up and then to head to dinner. Though I would have liked to have the smell of sex linger to remind me of today's activity, it was probably best to clean up before going out.
We looked for Julie and Dave in the buffet restaurant when we went in but did not see them. Since we were hungry, we went ahead and ate on our own. After dinner, as we were heading out, we saw Julie and Dave just coming in. They said it took a while as they had an encore in their room before getting cleaned up and coming to dinner.
One of the lounges had some good dance music, so we let Julie and Dave know that we were heading there if they cared to join us.
At the lounge, we were fortunate enough to find a table for four in case Julie and Dave joined us. Sure, enough not long after we got there, they came and joined us. It was interesting to see the reactions of a few others as I kissed Julie and Kathy kissed Dave in more than a friendly kiss when they arrived and sat at the table.
Throughout the rest of the evening, we took turns in who we danced with. Nothing as erotic as took place earlier, but quite enjoyable all the same. The four of us stayed in the lounge for a few hours but then decided to call it a night and head back to our cabins. We left the lounge together and went to take the elevator to our respective decks.
Our deck came first, so we turned and gave them a goodnight kiss saying, "See you tomorrow."
We went to bed that night thoroughly satisfied and looking forward to tomorrow.
Read what happens next at Caribbean Cruise - Day 2

My wife Sukie and I had been married for many years. Our lives had always been relatively routine, but lately, things had begun to change, and how!
What started this all was a party we had attended at some friends of a friend's house. Little did we know (or we likely wouldn't have gone), but these friends of friends were swingers who had opened their marriage to having sex with other people. At first, with her conservative religious upbringing, Sukie was wide-eyed and speechless at what we saw and heard. But then, after a few hours, it was like a switch had flipped inside her. Years of mental chains gone in a flash and a wild woman released.
We did not discuss Saturday night's party until Sunday evening after the kids had gone to bed. When we did, we had a frank discussion about it. I made it very clear to Sukie that I was delighted that she had let her inhibitions down, if only for one evening. I knew being intimate with other men had to be a difficult hurdle for her to overcome. Not to mention the fact that she had allowed me to have sex with their wives. I really wanted her to know that my love for her was stronger than ever and would never diminish. She had shown her devotion to me by casting aside all her moral convictions and religious beliefs to please my perverted ego for one blissful evening.
Sukie, on the other hand, was confused. All her life, she had been taught to believe that sex, especially outside of marriage, was dirty and wrong. Through our years together, she had not only learned to enjoy lovemaking. She had also learned to receive sexual gratification orally, giving me head and swallowing my jism while being eaten out and brought to a climax.
“How could anything so beautiful be so bad?" Sukie would ask herself repeatedly. "And, if it was so terrible, how could it bring us such pleasure?"
So now, things were even more confusing. Sukie had just spent an evening watching her mate having sex with two other women while she fucked and sucked their husbands. What perplexed her the most was that she had enjoyed herself immensely, despite her strict religious upbringing.
“Last night, we had fun. Sex, just for the sake of sex, with those other couples was a thrilling adventure," Sukie wondered aloud. "We didn't know where it was going to lead us, but we were having fun, and nobody got hurt. Like skinny dipping at the swimming hole, it was fun for the sake of having fun. Nothing more and nothing less."
The following day, my job as a long-haul truck driver called. I had to go back on the road. I promised Sukie that we would continue to explore the subject more fully when I got home.
When I called home late one night, Sukie was excited about winning a hundred dollars. I assumed that Sukie was talking about bingo. She enjoyed going to bingo with the girls, so I figured it would not hurt if she earned a couple extra dollars.
I was due to be home soon. I was glad. Two weeks without my honey, and I was horny. I got home early Friday evening and found a note from Sukie on the refrigerator:
'Went to work with Sally.
The kids are with Mom.
Call Bill. He wants to get out.
Luv Ya, XOXO69XO"
Honestly, I was pissed. I've been gone two weeks, and she can't be home when I got home? But, not wanting to spend my short time at home arguing about it, I just let it slide off of me.
About that time, my phone chimed with a text from Bill. “Be ready. I'll pick you up in an hour. We're gonna go out and have some fun."
Bill picked me up, and we headed across town. As he pulled his car into the parking lot of a Go-Go bar, he winked and said, "It's party time. Come on." The sign out front advertised nude dancers, table dancers, and an Amateur Strip-Off every Monday night.
We paid our cover charge and entered the dimly lit club. About twenty guys and several women were sitting around the club at various tables and at a show bar. As we pulled stools up to the bar, the disc jockey introduced Sandra, the next dancer. The music started as Sandra, a tall, slender girl with long, dark hair, emerged from behind the curtain. She strutted across the stage wearing a long gown with a split skirt and long opera gloves.
“Just like an old-time hottie," I whispered to Bill.
“You better hold onto your dick. You ain't seen nothing yet!" Bill chuckled, "The best is still to come!"
The waitress took our drink orders, and as I looked around the room, I saw a couple of the girls stepping out of their clothing as they began to table-dance for the club's patrons.
Back up on the stage, Sandra had removed her gloves and was unzipping her gown. She danced lightly across the stage, holding the dress to her body while playing peek-a-boo, showing just a fleeting glimpse of nipple and then coyly covering up, again. As the song ended, she dropped the gown, exposing a supple body with large, firm breasts as she quickly slipped back behind the curtain.
“And now, for your erotic viewing pleasure: our featured dancer for the evening," the disc jockey continued. "The sexy wife that walked away with the First Prize at the Amateur Night Strip-Off. Let's give it up for Sukie!"
“Huh?" I turned to Bill, "What the...?"
Everybody in the place was applauding, including the other girls. Guys were whistling and standing on chairs just to get a better view as the music started and the lights went down. When the spotlight illuminated the stage, there was my Sukie. Sitting backward on a bentwood chair in the middle of the stage with her back to the audience. She was wearing the satin, emerald green sleep-shirt that I had given her for Christmas. When she stood up to turn around, I saw that she was wearing black stockings with a matching garter belt and her favorite black, five-inch spike heels.
She danced across the stage several times before stopping right in front of Bill and me. Spreading her legs and kneeling down, she leaned backward and did a backbend which caused her shirt to ride up, exposing her smooth, flat tummy and a pair of skimpy lace panties that were bunching up in her wet crotch.
When she stood up again and resumed her dance routine, several guys came up to the stage with their dollar bills in hand and stood next to Bill. Sukie sexually danced toward the edge of the stage and knelt before the first of her admirers. Pulling her shirt up, she waited as he slowly slipped the bill into her panties. He then reached up and unbuttoned the top button of her shirt. Sukie gave him a kiss and moved on to the next young man.
The second of Sukie's fans slid his dollar bill in from the side of her panties as she raised the satin shirt and parted her legs. His fingers lingered over her mound longer than necessary, but Sukie did not seem to care as she turned and gave me a quick wink. Then, as she puckered her lips to give him a kiss, she softly smacked his hand away. He reached up and undid her second button.
The next guy was older and very distinguished-looking. As he stuffed a five-dollar bill into her treasure chest, he leaned forward to whisper in her ear. Sukie giggled at whatever he had said and planted a kiss on his cheek as his fingers fumbled into her shirt. She did not even try to stop him as he squeezed her tits.
The five-dollar bill guy unbuttoned the last of Sukie's buttons, and she got up to dance again. Sukie twirled around with her arms extended as the song ended, and the satin sleep-shirt went flying backstage. Everybody in the room applauded as Sukie proudly turned back to face her audience, her bared nipples held high in her Frederick’s of Hollywood shelf bra.
When her second song came on, Sukie danced her way up to the edge of the stage. A baby-faced kid was standing there with a dollar in his hand. With her legs dangling over the edge, she drew the youngster in close. Leaning back on her elbows, she spread her legs. At the same time, he wormed his fingers into her panties, placing the dollar bill in her depository. Having paid the fee, he proceeded to unfasten the garters on her right leg and rolled her stocking down the length of her silky smooth leg to her ankle.
Sitting up, Sukie hooked her other leg around her young client's neck to keep him from leaving. Before releasing him, she kissed him and pulled his face to her bosom. Jiggling her breasts, she pressed her voluptuous bust to his face. Red-faced and embarrassed, he retreated to his table, where he received a round of congratulatory high-fives from his friends.
Her third number had a languid and provocative beat. Sukie pulled Sandra's blanket out from behind the curtain and spread it out on the stage floor. Laying down directly in front of Bill and me, she proceeded to do a floor routine as though it were a compulsory element in an Olympic event. She raised her legs in the air and crossed her ankles, swayed back and forth in time to the music. Then, as she grabbed her ankles and spread her legs. Mr. Five Dollar came back up to the stage and slipped another five in her garter. My wife planted her feet on his shoulders and drew him in close. She did manage to hold him at bay when he tried to lick her pussy and eventually spun around and escaped.
With the song ending and the spotlight fading, everybody stood up and cheered. Granting her audience one last peek, she blew us a kiss and fled behind the curtain.
As Sukie disappeared through the doorway, Bill turned to me and asked if I was ready to leave?
“Hell no," I replied, "I can't just leave Sukie here."
“You have to," Bill responded, “she's working. You may not have known it, but my wife Sally dances here sometimes too for extra money. We are having a pool party tomorrow for our other circles of friends you have never met. Why don't you and Sukie come?”
“What other circle of friends?” I asked Bill.
“Oh, you'll see,” Bill just smiled, “friends from The Club.”
“The Club?" I queried, "What's The Club? This club?"
“Trust me, my friend," Bill answered. "You'll like The Club."
When Sukie finally came home that night, she was too tired to even talk much. She just asked me if I liked my surprise? Then, she said she was beat and going to bed and refused to discuss it anymore. I did tell her about Bill's invite for the following day, and she said that sounded great to her.
The weather was threatening when we finally got up, and it appeared that the pool party at Bill and Sally's might be rained out. By the time we had eaten a light brunch, the weatherman had reconsidered his forecast. A warm, bright sun was beginning to burn its way through the cloud cover. Sukie checked with her mom, who was handling the babysitting duties. Grandma and the girls were preparing to embark on a shopping adventure followed by dinner, affording us to ourselves the entire afternoon and evening.
We arrived at Bill and Sally's house thinking we were early, but music and laughter from the backyard told us that the party was in full swing. We found our way through the house and out to the patio. Of course, we recognized Bill and Sally, but everyone there was a stranger to us other than that.
Bill and Sally introduced us to all of their friends. It was hard to focus on the names when all the girls were wearing revealing swimsuits at most, or sometimes, nothing at all. Same for the guys. Some had trunks on. Others were nude and not ashamed to be sporting wood with big hard cocks sticking out in front of them.
As the party went on and the drinks flowed, we got more comfortable with all of our new friends. Sukie and Sally were delighted when Larry started doing a striptease on the diving board.
Dancing to some Old-time Rock and Roll, Larry wore nothing but a skimpy pair of bikini briefs. Cheryl, Marlene, and Sally, sitting by a poolside table, were cheering him on while to rest of his clothes were floating on the water.
“Take it off! Take it off!" Sukie chanted.
As I started snapping pictures, the other girls joined Sukie in the chant. "Take it off! Take it off!" they yelled as they clapped their hands in time to the music. "Take it off!"
Unaware of another woman sneaking up behind him, Larry brazenly tormented the girls by strutting out to the end of the board while pushing his briefs down a little lower. Carefully crawling on her hands and knees, the woman reached Larry just as he put his hands behind his head and, sucking in his belly, struck a pose for the girls.
“Yes! Yes!" Cheryl excitedly exclaimed, breaking the chant. She knew precisely what the woman intended to do.
I snapped a picture just as the woman tugged Larry's briefs down, exposing his manhood.
Turning too quickly, Larry reached down to stop her from stealing his shorts and lost his balance. As he fell into the pool, he managed to pull her off the board and into the water, too. Larry was the first to come to the surface. As the woman broke the water's surface, all the girls, including Cheryl, cheered wildly because she proudly held up Larry's bikini briefs in her clenched fist.
Red-faced, Larry climbed up the ladder and out of the pool as Cheryl rushed over to him with a towel.
"You gotta admit; you had that coming. Didn't ya, Sweetie?" Cheryl giggled as she wrapped the towel around her husband's shoulders. Not even trying to conceal his nudity, she dried his back before throwing the towel over his head to dry his hair.
With her pert nipples poking through her wet cotton tank top, the woman scampered up the ladder and walked over to us, and handed Larry's briefs to Sukie. Sally said, “Guys. This is our friend, Julie King. She'll be spending the week here with us."
"Hi, Julie," Marlene greeted Julie with a hug. "I'm Marlene. And this big lug here is my main-man, Chuck."
“Whoa! Are you glad to see me, or what?” Julie exclaimed, lightly caressing the bulge in Chuck's swimming trunks and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“Wait'll ya see him get hard, Julie. Then you'll know how glad he really is," Sally interjected as she led Bill over to greet Julie. As Julie embraced Bill, she raked her nails down his bareback and cupped his buttocks in the palm of her hand.
“Oh, yes!" she sighed. "Those good buns. I do love good buns on my men!"
The introductions made, everybody sort of drifted off into small groups again.
“Check it out!" Bill commented as Cheryl's petite body slipped gracefully into the water. "That's a hottie you've got there, Larry. You guys gonna swing with us?"
"I dunno," Larry said, shrugging his shoulders. "We talked about it last night. I'm not sure. She just isn't sure she is ready for swinging since we just got married. She knows I have experience, that's how I know all of you after all, but she's not sure if she wants to take that step herself yet. But, she really wanted to come here today. So...What's that tell you?"
“I hope it means yes," Bill replied. "She's cute."
"She's more than just cute. She's a fox!" Chuck remarked.
"Well, for what it's worth," Larry added, "this is the first time she's worn that bikini since our honeymoon. And even then, I was the only one who saw her in it."
“From the tan lines on her butt, it's obvious," I remarked.
“Well, where there's smoke..." Bill observed.
“Just remember, Larry, and I know you told her this, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to slip over and remind her," Chuck suggested. "No pressure. If Cheryl, or any of the other girls for that matter, says NO, then it's NO! Although I can't imagine any of them saying that, especially after some of the things we've done."
“I've told her that, but I don't know if she really believes me,” Larry admitted.
“Well, it's important, Buddy," Chuck added. "We don't want to cause anybody any problems."
As we were discussing the ground rules, Cheryl swam around the pool before climbing out by us.
“What are you guys so serious about?" Cheryl asked as she dried off with the towel that Larry offered her. "You're acting like you're holding a summit conference. Is it my imagination, or are you guys talking about me?"
“Larry was telling us about your bikini," I responded. "And… about your honeymoon."
Blushing, she turned to her husband, "Honey. Tell me you didn't… did you?"
“Well, not all the nitty-gritty details," I spoke up in Larry's defense. "Just that you haven't worn your bikini since your honeymoon."
“It’s kinda revealing, isn't it?" She timidly admitted lowering her gaze to the apparent bulge in Bill's shorts.
“Yes. And we're pleased that you decided to wear it for us today," Bill interjected.
'Well… Thank you, Sir," Cheryl replied with a slight curtsey and a timid smile. "My hubby has a way of being a blabbermouth, sometimes. He likes to give away all our little secrets." Cheryl then walked away to go talk to some of the other girls.
As it got on more toward evening, the music got turned up louder, and some of the women started to dance. Cheryl seemed to be holding back, though. As she walked past, Bill motioned her over.
“Will you dance for us?" Bill invited as he placed his hand on her leg and squeezed her thigh.
“Well, I don't know," she nervously replied, looking to Julie for support.
“Come on, Hon," Julie urged as she got up and reached for Cheryl's trembling hand. "We'll both dance for them. All right?"
“Okay," Cheryl conceded as she got up from her chair. "I'll give it a try."
Together, Cheryl and Julie danced to the music. Julie demonstrated some enticing hand gestures for Cheryl, like trailing her fingers down between her breasts and running her hands up between her legs. In response, Cheryl mimicked the movements.
When Julie turned around and leaned forward to look at Cheryl from between her legs, Cheryl grinned. She too pulled her bikini bottom up tight into her crotch, bent forward at the waist, and looked back to her husband and Bill.
“Yeah, Cheryl," Bill applauded at the sight of her thin bikini bottom drawn tightly into her crotch and separating the folds of her vaginal lips. "Yeah, Baby! Woohoo, that's hot!"
Continuing to dance, Cheryl watched with anticipation as her coach danced over to Chuck. Spreading Chuck's legs, Julie stepped between them and, still moving her body to the beat of the music, drew Chuck's arms loosely around her waist.
“Now, it's your turn, Cheryl," Julie prodded.
“Oh. I... I don't know...," Cheryl began to stammer.
“Come on. I'll help you," Julie urged as she moved over to Bill's knee. "It won't hurt a bit."
"Do you wanna take your top off too, Cheryl?" one of the guys asked.
“Only if she wants to," Sukie broke in as she, Marlene, and Sally rejoined the group of us. "It has to be her decision."
“Yeah, I guess...," Cheryl nervously giggled. "Why not?"
The shy newcomer cautiously pushed the skinny straps of her bikini off her shoulders. Slowly, the first nipple appeared as her courage grew, then the second nipple came into sight. Cheryl gave a shy smile as she pulled the cups completely down and bared her small but firm breasts.
Her nipples became very hard and stiff as the embarrassment left her face. It was replaced with arousal that had started between her legs but was now felt throughout her body.
“Oh, yeah. I love them," Bill exclaimed as he leaned forward and kissed the hard little pleasure point of her breast. "Very nice. Very nice, indeed."
Bill sucking Cheryl's nipple caused her to tilt her head back and close her eyes. The pleasure was written all over her pretty face. Julie moved from Bill's knee, and Bill's free hand went to Cheryl's leg, where he began to stroke her inner thigh.
“Oh, I don't think we should be doing this," Cheryl gasped as Bill slipped his fingers into the gusset of her bikini bottoms.
“You're a big girl, Honey. You can do anything you please," replied Bill as he moved his lips to her other nipple. Cheryl shot a nervous look at her husband. When he just nodded, she gave a happy smile in return and slowly spread her legs granting Bill access into her bikini bottoms. I knew that, like Sukie, another woman had just been freed. The chains she had allowed to bind her until now had been broken.
While Bill was busy getting into Cheryl's pants, Julie was attending to Chuck.
“What a chunk of Chucky!" Julie declared as she slid Chuck's trunks down over his hips. "With a Johnson like that, you oughta be in porn, Baby."
Taking his erection in her hands, Julie kissed its head as she stroked his massive shaft.
“Um-mm... This is gonna be yummy," she softly cooed as she wrapped her breasts around Chuck's hard-on. "Fuck my titties, Chucky. Fuck'em good, and I'll make you cum like you've never cum before."
Chuck thrust his hips, driving his swollen member up between Julie's breasts. Her lips met his cockhead, and with each stroke, he went a little further into her waiting mouth.
“Oh, yeah." Chuck moaned as he held Julie’s head in his massive hands, "Yeah..."
“So, what do you think of your little wife, Larry?" Sukie asked as she stood behind Larry, gently massaging his neck and shoulders. "Did you ever think that she'd go this far?"
“Shit! Watching her and Bill is like... like watching a porno flick," Larry stammered as he watched his young wife slid her hand down the front of Bill's shorts.
“If you help me out of my bikini, maybe we can make a little porno of our own," Sukie coyly invited. "You do remember how to untie a bikini, don't ya?"
When Larry stood up and turned to face her, Sukie placed one hand on his bare chest, and with the other, she caressed his buns.
“You do remember, don't ya?" she asked, repeating her question.
Larry gently reached his hands behind my wife's back and untied her bikini top.
“How could I forget?" he answered with a grin reaching for the knotted string on her hip.
Sukie’s hand, sliding down his chest and over his stomach, took hold of his erect manhood. When her bikini bottom fell to her feet, Sukie pressed her nudity to his and, kissing his lips, began stroking his fully erect penis.
“Hey! Check out your husband and Sukie," Bill said to Cheryl as he looked up from playing with her nipples.
Cheryl gazed dreamily at her husband and my wife for several seconds before standing up to push her own bikini bottom entirely down. Stepping out of her bikini, she knelt between Bill's legs and pulled his swim trunks down just low enough to release his cock from its containment. Opening her mouth, Cheryl stuck out her tongue. She lightly licked the vein of Bill's turgid member before lowering her head, ever so slowly and engulfing his manhood in her mouth.
"Oh, God! That feels good!" Bill moaned as Cheryl's head bobbed slowly up and down over his swollen cock.
Watching Cheryl going down on Bill and seeing Sukie with Larry, I knew precisely how Larry felt. Almost hypnotized, I watched the action unfold before my eyes.
“Tony? Are we gonna just sit here and watch, or are we gonna make some memories ourselves?" asked Marlene. She, along with Sally, had been sitting across the table from Larry and Sukie. "Sally's got a new waterbed, and I haven't had a chance to break it in yet."
“Yeah... uh, okay. Let's go try it out," I responded. I got up to go with the girls, and as I looked back, Sukie was sitting on the edge of the table with her legs draped over Larry's shoulders. Holding his head in her hands, she was directing his assault on her womanhood. I was still in disbelief at how this day was turning out! “Eat my pussy, Larry... And I'll give you the fuck of your life," I heard my wife tell Larry as we went into the house to check out Sally and Bill's newest toy.
The new waterbed was adorned with hot pink satin sheets and fluffy down pillows. On the walls and ceiling around the bed, Bill installed four large mirrors and track lighting.
“It almost looks like a movie set," I remarked as I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Marlene's body to mine. Kissing her belly, I groped for the clasp the held her bikini fastened in the back.
“Whoa, Tony!" Marlene gasped. "Slow down. Let me help."
Stepping back, she reached between her breasts and unsnapped the hidden catch, releasing her abundant endowments to my caress.
As we kissed, I could feel my shirt being pulled from the waist of my trousers. Sally was undressing me from behind while Marlene was starting to work on my belt buckle. I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my pants as Sally pulled my shirt off.
Marlene then turned her attention to Sally as she took the sultry redhead in her embrace and, kissing her lips, probed her mouth with a hungry tongue.
“Oh, yes! We're gonna have fun!" she excitedly declared as she pulled the top of Sally's swimsuit off and pushed it down over her hips. "We're gonna have lots of fun!"
Then both girls, turning their attention to me as I stepped out of my briefs, pushed me down onto the waterbed. Rolling me over onto my stomach, they kneaded my shoulders and massaged my back until one of them covered my eyes with a blindfold.
“Now, roll back over and give me your hands," Marlene instructed. I rolled over onto my back and held out my hands as instructed. They pulled my arms up over my head and tied my wrists to the bedposts.
“You're right," Sally giggled. "This is gonna be fun."
Although I had never used a cock-ring before, I knew what they were doing when they placed it around my penis and testicles.
“There. That'll keep you from shooting before we're ready," Marlene remarked as I felt my erection growing.
A breast was pressed to my lips. As I sucked its nipple into my mouth, I felt my penis being drawn into the mouth of one of my lovers.
“Now, what does that do for you, Tony?" Sally whispered quietly in my ear. "You're in here getting a blow job while Sukie's out at the pool getting her cunt licked out."
“It's almost too much. I don't know if I can handle it," I replied.
“Well, let's see if you can handle this," Sally giggled. The air was filled with the aroma of hot sex as my face was covered with Sally's wet pussy. “Eat me! Make me cum!" Sally gasped as my tongue licked the honey from her dripping sex.
Marlene's fingers and lips moved ever so gently over my shaft, and Sally's pussy tasted so good. I wanted to reach out and squeeze their breasts, but my restraints prevented me from using my hands. I was at their mercy.
Sally's legs tightened around my chest as her body began to convulse. Rapidly reaching climax from my vigorous assault on her sex, she wiggled her ass, spreading her love juices all over my face.
“Oh, God! Yes! Yes! That's it! That's it! Suck it! Oh please. Yes, suck it!" she gasped as an intense orgasm overcame her.
I sucked her clitoris as Sally's body trembled from the waves of exquisite pleasure that came crashing down over her.
“Oh, yes! That was wonderful..." Sally finally sighed as she rolled off and laid down next to Marlene and me.
“Next...," she softly whispered as she draped her arm over my chest and snuggled her head to my shoulder.
“Okay," Marlene giggled as she pulled her mouth away from my cock with a loud slurp. "I guess that's me..."
She straddled my hips and, taking my erection in her hands, gently lowered herself onto it.
“Ahhh... That feels good," Marlene sighed. "You have such a nice cock, Tony."
Slowly at first, she rode my cock. Using her hands as well as her legs, she lifted herself up and lowered herself back down over my throbbing cock. Then, as she began to lubricate more, she increased the tempo.
I tried to thrust up with my hips to meet her, but it was difficult with my hands tied to the bedposts. Drawing my knees up behind her and planting my feet on the bed, I achieved some advantage, making it possible to drive my penis deep into her. Every time she rose up, almost pulling away from my cock, I would respond by pushing up to meet her downward thrust.
“Oh, yes... Yes! That's the way I like it...," she panted. "Riding your cock is like riding a wild fucking horse: Hard and fast. Oh yeah... Ride'em, cowboy!"
My cock tingled with ecstasy as Marlene rode her bucking bronco. The pressure was building in my balls, but I could not shoot. The cock ring around my dick and nuts was getting tighter and tighter as my erection grew larger.
“Oh, shit!" I thought to myself, "What if I can't get it off? What if I have to go to the hospital? Oh, God. What have these girls gotten me into?"
“Oh, Tony. I love having your cock in me...," Marlene gasped as she continued riding my pole.
“To hell with the cock-ring and the hospital," I said to myself as I continued to pump my organ into Marlene's box. "We'll find a way to get it off later."
“Oh, yes! Yes!" Marlene yelled as I thrust myself up to meet her pussy, "Yes! Fuck me, Tony! Fuck me! Fuck me!"
My back ached as I continued to arch my spine to drive into Marlene's wanton box. Her juices were flowing, bathing my penis with her slippery secretion as her body began to convulse out of control.
“Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" she panted as she collapsed on my chest. "I love it. I love it so much!"
“Hey! Come on in and join the party," Sally announced as the door creaked open, "The more, the merrier."
Without a word, the newcomer joined us on the waterbed as I felt a wave rock the bed from her weight. My cock slipped easily out of Marlene's sloppy pussy when she rolled off to my side. Then I felt a new pair of hands wrap themselves around my shaft.
“Who is it?" I asked as the stranger's fingers began to stroke my cock. "Who just came in?"
“You figure it out, Tony," Sally giggled. "You know it's not me. I'm beside you."
“And you know it's not me...," Marlene sighed as she kissed my cheek.
“So. Who is it, Tony?" Sally continued to giggle. "Is it Julie? Huh? On the other hand, it could be Cheryl. Maybe it's your wife, Tony. Maybe it's Sukie… or is Sukie still down at the pool getting her pussy licked out by Larry? What do ya think, Tony? Who is it?"
A tongue began to lick the length of my cock.
“Oh, yeah..." Sally cooed. "Marlene's cum tastes good, doesn't it?”
“Sukie? Is that you, Honey?" I asked.
Instead of a reply to my question, I felt lips surround the head of my cock while fingers gently squeezed my balls. The aroma of sex continued to fill the air, negating any possibility of my detecting Sukie's favorite perfume.
Again, I asked, "Sukie? Is that you?"
Amid giggles from Marlene and Sally, I received no response from my mystery lover. I experienced a tingling sensation as she totally engulfed my erection in her mouth. One inch at a time, I could felt her lips moving to the base of my cock until her tooth clinked against the metallic cock-ring.
“Does it matter? Can't you just enjoy a good head job without knowing who's giving it to you, Tony?" Sally asked as she pressed her lips to mine.
“Ummm...." I moaned as I sucked her tongue into my mouth.
She was right. It did not matter if it was Sukie, Julie, or Cheryl. Whoever she was, she was one hell of a cocksucker. As her lips and tongue stroked my love stick, her fingers continued to play with my testicles. Then, my newest partner slowly inserted a finger into my rectum and manipulated my prostate to the point that my scrotum almost burst.
“Oh, God!" I exclaimed, "Take that fucking ring off and let me cum!"
“All in good time, Honey," Marlene purred as her tongue trailed across my cheek to my ear. "All... in... good... time..."
The newcomer released my cock from her mouth, and I felt her lips caress my belly. Slowly, she crawled up the length of my body, kissing and biting my nipples as she progressed along her journey. Then taking my head in her hands, she lowered her pussy to my mouth. As her sweetness covered my lips, my tongue darted between her cunt lips and probed the dampness on her womanhood.
Instantly, I knew that it was not Sukie's pussy in my face. Sukie's pussy was shaved clean and hairless.
“Cheryl!" I exclaimed, "Your pussy tastes as sweet as any pussy I've ever tasted."
“How did you guess it was me, Tony?" she sighed as I continued to lick the delicate pink skin of her vaginal lips, "What gave it away?"
“Let's just say, I know my pussy," I chuckled.
Cheryl untied the blindfold as she pulled my head tighter to her mound. I alternated between flicking her clit and driving deeper into her honey-pot with my tongue. Sally removed the cock-ring from my raging hard-on, and Cheryl moved back down and positioned herself over my cock. Taking me in her hand and guiding it to her vagina, she slowly lowered herself. Completely impaling her womanhood on my sex-crazed cock in one motion.
“Oh! That feels so good...," Cheryl sighed. "I'm glad I let Larry talk me into this."
Attempting to drive my swollen member further up into her wanton box, I started to thrust upward.
“Oh, no. Not yet, Tony," Cheryl stammered. "Let me... let me do the moving. You just lay back and enjoy while I do all the work."
Tightening her cunt muscles around my cock, she leaned forward and kissed my lips. Lightly at first, then after licking her lips, she kissed me with even greater fervor.
“I've never tasted pussy before," Cheryl murmured between kisses. "I never let Larry kiss me after he's licked my pussy."
“Now that you've tried it, you like it?" I asked as she lowered her lips to my mouth again.
“Ummm...," she moaned as her tongue explored the inside of my mouth,  "Yeah..."
As she lay on top of me, kissing my lips and fucking my swollen member, she reached up to the bedposts and untied my wrists.
“Now, we can really fuck!" she exclaimed as she pushed herself upright and clamped her vaginal muscles tightly around my shaft.
I reached up with both hands and squeezed her firm little breasts while I thrust up with my hips, driving my cock as deep into her sopping wet pussy as it would go.
“Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!" She squealed, "I love it!"
I continued squeezing her breasts and driving my cock deep into her womanhood while she took her turn riding the bucking bronco.
I began to feel the eruption of my volcano building within my balls. Cheryl lifted herself from my cock and, turning around, sat back down on my face to be eaten out again. She licked her own love juices from my spear as I licked her cunt clean and tied to wiggle my tongue into her tight little ass.
“Oh, God! Larry's never done that before!" Cheryl exclaimed as her sphincter muscle gave way to my probing tongue. "I love it!"
Cheryl then rolled over and reclined onto her back. With her legs spread out, she tugged at my arms and whimpered, "Take me, Tony."
I moved in between her outstretched legs and, placing the head of my cock to her slit, leaned forward to kiss her lips.
A soft "Ahh-h!" escaped her lips as I penetrated and drove to the top of her womb.
“Oh, yeah!" She muttered, "Now I know why Sukie loves you so."
I withdrew and turned her over onto her belly. Pulling her up to her hands and knees, I pressed my phallus to her vaginal opening again. This time, she became the aggressor. As I reached under her arm to cup her breast in my hand, Cheryl pushed back against me and impaled her wanton sex on my cock. Repeatedly, she moved back against my rock-hard dick, wiggling her butt and squeezing with her muscles.
“Yes! Yes!" she stammered each time that she speared herself on my raging hard-on.
The pressure was building in my balls, again. However, before I spewed my load of hot cum into this young woman, there was still one thing I intended to do.
I withdrew my cock from Cheryl's sopping wet box again. Instead of turning her over, I pushed down on her hips and pressed the head of my sex machine to her little brown hole. She jerked, and then looking back to me for reassurance, tried to relax her body to allow me in. Slowly, her sphincter gave way to my gentle, persistent pressure and my phallus slowly slid into the dark opening of her anal cavity.
"My God, Tony!" Cheryl abruptly exclaimed as she felt her inner ring give way, and now she was fully penetrated. “Oh, God!" Cheryl blurted out, "I've never had it this way before. I feel so full! Is this how it is supposed to feel?"
“Just relax, Baby. It'll be okay," I comforted her.
Her tightness was unbelievable. With each stroke, I worked deeper into her rectum.
Slowly, I withdrew my cock until only its head remained within the tight confines of her sphincter.
“Yes! Oh yes, Tony!" She continued to moan, "I've never even put my finger in there before. I can't believe this feels good. Fuck my ass!"
I continued to drive my cock into her tight shitter until my scrotum grew tight.
“Oh, please! Shoot in my ass, Tony!" Cheryl pleaded as she felt my body become rigid, "Please, I need it in my ass! Oh please, Baby! I've never had cum in my ass. Give it to me!"
Almost immediately, my volcano erupted, spewing gobs of hot, milky semen into her rectum. I came like I've never come before, and her ass milked every last drop from me as it spasmed. Exhausted, I rolled to the side and held Cheryl in my arms.
“You were great, Tony." she said, breaking the momentary quiet, "I didn't think that having sex with a virtual stranger... that it could be like... like... Well, you know what I mean. It was really super."
“Hey. You were good too, Cheryl." I responded, "Larry's got himself one, really hot lady. I hope he appreciates you."
“Well, I don't know," she replied, "Larry and I have never had sex like that. In the three years we've been together, we've done the sixty-nine thing, but that's as kinky as we have gotten. We usually just screw, and then he goes to sleep."
“Not only did you get your own love juices from kissing me," I informed her, "but Marlene was screwing me silly when you came in. I mean, she was creaming all over my dick before you jumped into bed and started giving me head. So you've tasted your first woman."
“Yeah, that was really cool, wasn't it?" She replied with a sly grin. "Come on, we better get back out to the pool and see what's happening."
We stopped in the bathroom for a quick shower before rejoining the party at the pool. Larry was passed out on a chaise lounge while Sukie and Bill were busy fixing hamburgers on the grill. Cheryl jumped into the pool with Julie, who, along with Marlene and Sally, played volleyball in the water with Chuck.
"Well? How was she?" Sukie asked with a grin. "Your dick looks kinda limp."
“She is hot. In fact, she's a regular nymphomaniac once she gets started." I answered with a grin. "If Larry's not careful, she'll screw him to death."
“We thought we were gonna have to call 911 and get the paramedics out here to revive you," Bill interjected. "After the way she fucked my brains out, we were worried about you when you didn't come out with Marlene and Sally."
“Yeah, she got Bill all hot and bothered by giving him head," Sukie added, "but she wouldn't let him get it off until she mounted him."
“You wouldn't think it. I mean, to look at her, Cheryl acts demure and almost virginal," Bill observed. "But when she starts fucking, she's insatiable."
“Yeah... tell me about it...,” I answered with a satisfied sigh.
When Bill announced that dinner was ready, we all sat down and ate. We did not have time for any more partying because it was time for Sukie and me to pick up the girls at Grandma's house by the time we finished dinner.
When we arrived home, the girls were anxious to show off their new clothes to Sukie. Since giggly girl talk does not excite me, I decided to turn in and get some sleep. I was not in bed for more than five minutes when Sukie joined me. Peeling off her shorts and tank-top, she slid under the covers beside me.
“The kids are busy putting their new clothes away," Sukie whispered as she gently stroked my cock. "So I figured I'd sneak in here and spend some time alone with my honey. We've been so busy..."
Sukie's head disappeared under the covers, and it was not very long before I felt her lips encircle the head of my cock. Her fingers delicately stroked the length of my shaft as her tongue slid softly along the vein, protecting the underside of my penis from her teeth.
“Oh, God. That feels good." I told her as I felt my manhood growing firm.
Sukie emerged from under the covers and straddled my hips, lowered her pussy over my erection, impaling herself on my cock when I became fully erect.
“Lay still," she instructed as she lay down, pressing her breasts to my chest. "Let me do the moving."
Slowly, her hips started to gyrate, allowing my erection to slide in and out of her pussy while she held my face in her hands and kissed me.
“I love you so much," she quietly whispered between kisses. "I'd do anything for you, just to make you happy. Anything your heart desires."
“Oh Honey, you do make me happy. You've proved that in so many ways the last couple of months." I responded, "You've exceeded my wildest dreams."
She pushed herself up with her arms and, with her breasts dangling within reach of my lips, proceeded to do her love dance on my cock. Reaching out and taking her breasts in my hands, I sucked the nipple of one into my mouth as I pinched the other nipple between my fingertips.
“Oh, yeah! Squeeze em, Tony," she gasped. "Milk me, Baby. Milk my big tits. I'll do anything for you. I'm so fucking horny. Just tell me what you want, and I'll do it..."
I thrust up to meet her gyrations and drove my swollen member deep into her womanhood as I continued to pinch and suck her nipples.
"Oh, yes...," she moaned. "I love fucking you. I love having your cock inside me, Tony."
“And do you like having Bill or Chuck's cock in your pussy, too?" I asked as I drove my swollen cock up into her pussy.
“Yeah, because I know it excites you as it excites me. But I like yours best, Honey. Your cock really turns me on," she responded.
The jism gushed from my cock and, mixed with Sukie's sex juices, filled her womb to the point it overflowed and seeped out all over my belly.
“'Oh, my God! That was terrific! That was... was fantastic!" she gasped as she rolled from my body and bent over me to lick our combined love juices from my spent cock. "Oh, yes. That was wonderful."
We both slept the sleep that only the well-fucked can sleep that night!
The following day while having breakfast, we talked about the upcoming 4th of July holiday. We were going to nudist camp outside of Palm Beach and were really looking forward to it. We were a little apprehensive, though, since we had never been there, but Bill had spoken highly of it.
We arrived at the camp and got settled in. Just as Bill had said, there were people of all shapes and sizes, young and old alike. At first, It did not seem to be anything like our swing club back home, yet it was. Amazed by how comfortable everybody seemed despite their nudity, it dawned on me that I was socializing with them, and I did not have an erection. Like the Club, everyone here shared a sense of freedom, but they were not here just for sex.
We found our group and sat down with them. “Now you're beginning to understand people adapt so easily to this place,” Sally observed as she squirted suntan lotion on my back. "It's just as natural as nature itself."
“Yeah. Sometimes I think that between the nuns at school, and the old priests at church, we were infected with a fear of our own bodies and our sexuality," Marlene observed. "Shit, when I was in the third grade, those nuns had me scared shitless that some boy might peek up under my skirt and cause me to burn in Hell for all eternity."
We spent the rest of that day playing horseshoes, water polo, and badminton with our friends at the nudist camp. Late that evening, I poured myself a glass of Scotch and hit the Jacuzzi on the back deck of our cabin. I slid down into the warm, bubbly water while I waited for Sukie to join me on the deck. As Sukie often likes to do, making a production of undressing before we have sex, this was no exception. Sensuously, she slithered out onto the deck and slowly dropped her terry-cloth robe. Standing naked at the edge of the hot tub, she leaned over and kissed my lips as she reached down into the water for my swollen member. Suddenly, we heard a knocking on the cabin door.
“Shit!” Sukie muttered in frustration as she picked up her robe and headed for the door. “Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back."
“Hey! What are y'all doin'?" I heard Cheryl giggle as Sukie opened the door.
“Hi, Tony!" Cheryl cheerfully greeted me as she and Donna, a woman we had briefly met earlier that day, followed Sukie back out to the deck. “We're not interrupting anything, are we? Our guys were worn out from the sun and have already turned in for the night, so Donna and I came over to see if y'all were still up to keep us company.”
“Well, I was just about ready to get into the tub with Tony. You guys wanna join us?" Sukie invited as she dropped her robe onto a deck chair.
“We don't want to be intruding," Donna nervously responded, "maybe we should just..."
“That's nonsense, Sweetie. You're not intruding. Tony and I love having company. The more, the merrier," Sukie interrupted. “Come on in. You'll love it."
Cheryl did not need coaxing. She was out of the t-shirt and shorts she had on against the cool night and into the hot tub before Sukie even had Donna's blouse open.
“What are ya drinking?" Sukie offered as Donna slipped out of her bra.
“Whatever you're drinking," Donna replied as she demurely pushed her summer skirt down. "Anything at all will be fine." Sukie brought a glass of wine for our visitors and climbed into the Jacuzzi next to Cheryl.
“Come on in," I invited Donna as she stood quietly by the side of the hot tub.
“Yeah. Get in, Donna. You'll really love it. It's great," Cheryl enthusiastically urged her companion.
Handing me her drink to hold, Donna sat on the edge of the tub, then carefully swung her legs over the top and down into the water.
“Oh, yes! That feels so good," Donna sighed as she reached for her drink.
“Thanks for all you’ve done for Larry and me," Cheryl solemnly remarked as she sipped her drink. "By inviting us into your group and you've brought about a big change in our life. We really appreciate it, and we love you for it."
“Honey, we did it because we love you, too," Sukie responded as she drew the little strawberry blond into her embrace and kissed her lips. Cheryl responded to Sukie’s caress. She opened her lips and sucking Sukie's probing tongue into her mouth as she placed her hand over my wife's heaving breast.
“Cheryl really loves Larry, but that doesn't stop her from loving you guys, too," Donna remarked as she watched Cheryl caress Sukie's breast with her tongue. “That's what I love about this lifestyle we have all chosen to live.”
“We don't confuse sex with love and marriage or marriage with sex,” I agreed. “They're great together, but it's not the only show in town if you get my drift. If Sukie feels an attraction to someone, then I think she should explore that with them. Man or woman, it doesn't matter."
“And what I want to do with you is real, too," Donna huskily breathed as she reached for penis under the churning water. Donna pulled herself toward me and pressed her lips to mine. "Oh. I love the taste of whatever it is you're drinking, Tony," she gasped as she pulled herself up and sat on my lap, straddling my hips. "It tastes good."
Snuggling up to me in the warm water, Donna ground her mound to my blood-engorged member as she pressed her breast to my lips. I sat in the warm, bubbly water, relishing in the attention I was receiving from the attractive woman pushing her yielding form to my body.
Across the tub, Cheryl was now standing over Sukie, and as we watched, she lowered her pussy to my wife's mouth. Quickly, Sukie's tongue darted into Cheryl's passion, lapping at her with great enthusiasm. "I let Cheryl kiss my clit, tonight," Donna whispered, "when we shaved my pussy, but it wasn't the same as having a man do it."
“It doesn't have to be the same, so long as it's pleasurable," I replied.
“Let's get out of the tub so we can do something pleasurable together," Donna smiled.
Leaving Sukie and Cheryl in the Jacuzzi, we dried off and went inside to the bedroom. Donna laid down on the bed on her back and motioned me to join her. As soon as I hit the bed, she wrapped an arm around my neck and drew me into her chest. I chewed and sucked her nipples while my hands explored her body. "I want you, Tony! I want your cock!" she sighed, dropping to her knees. "I want it! First in my mouth, then in my pussy. I want it, now!"
Without hesitation, Donna's lips surrounded my cock, and she completely engulfed it in her mouth. "Um-mm... Um-mm...," she moaned as her head bobbed up and down over my shaft. Every time my swollen member came out of her mouth, she would lick the soft underside with her tongue. Then hurriedly, she would stuff it back in her mouth like a hungry little kid who was afraid her Popsicle was going to melt. "Oh, God! That's good, Tony," she finally stammered as she squeezed my shaft and licked pre-cum from the head. "You've got a good cock. I picked her up by her shoulders and, turning her around, gently pushed her down on the bed.
“Now, it's my turn," I said as I spread her knees apart and knelt between her muscular legs. Her clit poked out from between the glistening lips of her freshly shaved pussy. The sweet aroma of her fluids filled my nostrils. It tantalized my senses as I pressed my tongue through the folds of her vaginal opening.
"Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" she gasped as my tongue explored the depths of her passion.
I worked her clit with my tongue while I inserted first one finger, then two fingers into her warm, moist womanhood. "Oh, God! Yes!" she cooed as I continued to probe into the pit of her sensuality. "I want your cock in my cunt! Fuck me, Baby! Fuck me, now!"
She crossed her ankles behind my neck and let out a sigh of relief as I pressed my erection between the lubricated walls of her vagina. “Oh, yes! That's it, Tony! Fuck me!" Supporting myself above her, I repeatedly drove my manhood deep into her passion. I squeezed her breasts as she continued with her screaming. "Oh, yes! Yes! Fuck me, Tony! Fuck me!" I continued pumping into her undulating sex as her body writhed beneath me on the bed.
Finally, as a wave of orgasmic pleasure came crashing down over her, she relaxed her legs and released me from the headlock in which she had held me. "Hold me, Tony. Hold me and tell me I'm not a bad person." Donna sobbed as she pulled me down on top of her and bit into my shoulder.
Stunned at this sudden turn of events, I replied, “Sex is so beautiful. Why would you think you are going to hell for enjoying it?"
Before I could continue that thought, another voice broke in.
“Nobody's going to hell, Honey," Cheryl whispered as she lay down on the bed beside us. "Just put that bullshit outta your mind. Some people will try to tell you that, but they are fucked up and playing their mind games with you, that's all."
“Cheryl's right, Honey," Sukie added as she also joined us on the bed and kissed Donna's cheek. "I know no matter how old you are, sometimes a strict upbringing can sneak back up on you when you least expect it. Don't let it get to you. You be you, and don't worry about what anyone else wants you to be."
“Yeah. A little bit of lovin'" never hurt anybody," Cheryl said earnestly as she cupped Donna's tumultuously heaving breast and caressed its nipple between her lips. “I thought the same thing for a long time, but I have just finally set myself free once and for all from that bullshit. Don't think about that. Think about this!” Cheryl said as I felt her hand stroking the inside of Donna's thigh on its way to the hot spot between Donna's legs.
After fingering Donna for a few minutes, Cheryl looked into Donna's eyes. She proceeded to spread Donna's pussy lips and lean over and start to tongue the love juices from her quivering slit.
“Oh, my God! I don't know if I can go again so soon, but I'll try!" Donna breathlessly gasped, throwing her leg over Cheryl's shoulder, "Oh, yes! Yes, I love it!" Grinding her pussy to Cheryl's mouth, Donna reached out and held the strawberry blonde's head tight to her mound while Sukie leaned over to lick the honey from Cheryl's passion.
“No matter how much you lick it, it never dries up," Sukie chuckled. “But I think I know how to get it even wetter!”
Sukie grabbed my cock and pulled me to Cheryl's sex hole. I drove it into her to the hilt. "Oh!" Cheryl moaned while her tongue flickered over Donna's rosebud, "Ummm...."
I held onto Cheryl's hips and pumped my swollen penis between the delicate folds of her vaginal lips. The harder I slammed my cock into her, the harder she rocked back to receive my thrusts. Tightening her muscles, she squeezed my member, which increased the delightful sensations.
Sukie joined the action by swinging her leg over Donna's head and pressed the puffy lips of her vulva to the newcomer's mouth. "Is this what they call a daisy chain?” my wife gasped as Donna hungrily attacked Sukie's pussy. Reaching for me, Sukie leaned forward to embrace me in her arms. Before I kissed her, I licked a glistening droplet of Cheryl's pussy juice from her chin. Our tongues met and embraced as our lips came crashing together.
'No shit! Never in my wildest dreams... did I think sex could be this... this terrific...," my wife panted as Donna's tongue explored her intimate core. "Her tongue is almost as hard as your cock, Tony."
I continued hammering my rock-hard cock into Cheryl's tight little box until I felt my scrotum begin to tingle from my impending orgasm. With her muscles clamped firmly around my shaft, her body began to convulse spasmodically. We came together in a symphony of "Oh's" and "Ah's" as my exploding cock fired volleys of semen into Cheryl's waiting passion.
“Oh my God! I thought I died and went to heaven!" Donna managed to gasp from under the pile of writhing bodies. "I thought I was gonna drown when Sukie started to cum."
We lay there several minutes, recuperating from our four-way marathon fuck. Cheryl licked the juices from my spent member while Sukie smothered Donna's mouth and breasts with warm caresses, cleaning her secretions from her new friend's face and bosom.
“The first time I ever tasted a woman's juice was from Tony's cock after he and Marlene made love at Sally's several weeks ago," Cheryl commented. "I thought it seemed gross when I saw girls doing it in a video. But when I saw Marlene screwing Tony, I just couldn't resist getting into the action."
“Now that you mention it," Sukie dreamily reminisced, "other than my own, Marlene's was the first girl-cum I ever tasted, too."
"Don't ya think it's about time we take off, Cheryl?” Donna said as she crawled out of bed. "It's getting late. We've got all day tomorrow for fun too!”
“I'm beat too,” Cheryl agreed. So the women gathered up their clothes and gave us each a goodnight kiss before heading back to their cabins for the night.
The next day, I went with some other guys on a day trip to a nearby golf course. It already felt strange to have to wear clothes again. Just as soon as we could when we returned to the camp, we stripped back down and enjoyed the clothes-free feeling we had missed all day. Sukie had left me a note that Bill and Sally were hosting happy hour at their cabin, so I showered and made the short walk down the path to meet back up with my wife and our friends.
"Oh my God! Oh, God! Yes, yes...." I heard Sukie frantically cry out as I stepped onto the cabin's front step. "Oh, yes... yes, love it..."
Obviously, happy hour had already started! Two stairs at a time, I quickly ascended the cabin steps and went inside. I found my darling wife sitting astride my friend. Bill's legs were dangling over the edge of the bed while Sukie, impaled on his cock, was fucking him with wild, spontaneous wantonness.
Sally, sitting on Bill's face, smiled and waved to me as I entered the room. She directed me to join them. While having her pussy eaten by her husband, Sally was kissing and fondling Sukie's breasts.
Quickly disrobing, I hugged my wife and kissed her cheek. I squeezed her breasts as Sally tweaked and sucked her nipples. I caressed her shoulders, leaving a trail of kisses down her back. I quickly knelt behind Sukie and explored her ass with my tongue as she rode Bill's cock. My tongue probed her tight rectum then drifted to her vagina. I tasted the drippings of her sweet liquor as I lightly brushed against her lover's penis. I do not know if he felt my tongue on his cock, but Bill suddenly gasped and fiercely drove his tool deep into my wife.
After several fruitless attempts, I pressed my growing erection to Sukie's sex hole. As Bill pulled out, my cock filled the void left in Sukie's vagina. My cockhead had just barely penetrated her vaginal lips when Bill's ardent member, with helpful guidance from Sukie, came rushing back into her womb. The warm, soft flesh of his penis slid effortlessly along the sensitive underside of my own, and together we drove to the top of Sukie's pleasure chamber.
“Oh yes...,” Sukie cried out again as her love muscles tightened around our cocks.
“Holy shit, Tony. This is really wild," Bill exclaimed as he partially withdrew his cock and pushed back in again. "Ain't never done this before."
Bill continued plunging his cock into Sukie as I held mine in place. The feel of his penis rubbing against my mine was something totally new and quite exciting. I had never touched another man's penis before. Still, we were now enjoying the sensation of our cocks rubbing together as we both fucked my wife's love hole.
“Hold still, both of you. I wanna fuck both your cocks," Sukie gasped as she slowly rose and then hastily lowered herself around us, impaling her pussy on both of our cocks.
We fucked this way for several minutes, but the tingling sensation subsided because our cocks were not sliding against one another. I found a tube of lubricant on the nightstand. I quickly applied it to my cock, smearing the excess onto Sukie's anus. Although Sukie had enjoyed anal intercourse before, she had never before experienced a double penetration.
I gently pressed my cockhead into Sukie's anus, and slowly her sphincter muscles relaxed, drawing me into the depths of her forbidden pleasure zone. By now, Sukie had quit pumping, which allowed Bill and me to resume our parallel quests. The tightness of her ass was heavenly as my cock plundered her most secret place. Through the thin membrane of tissue separating her two pleasure holes, I could feel Bill's cock rubbing against mine again. In union, all three of us ascended to a new pinnacle of sexual fulfillment.
I felt the onset of my own orgasm as Bill became rigid and still. His legs quivered slightly, and I felt his cock begin to throb inside Sukie's cunt as he filled her womb with his cum. The grasp of Sukie's sphincter muscle tightened, and I quickly deposited a quantity of cum inside my wife too.
“Oh, my God....” Sukie gasped as she fell on Bill's chest. "I have never… ever... been fucked like that before! Where did you learn that trick, Tony?"
"I dunno," was the only reply I could come up with. "It seemed like a fun idea at the time."
“Well, Bill seemed to enjoy it, too," Sally chuckled as she applied a hot face cloth to my limp penis. "Let me clean you up a little, Honey."
Sally cleaned our love-making residue from my spent phallus as Sukie licked the mixture of love nectar and cum from Bill's withered member. After wiping me clean, Sally sucked my testicles into her mouth. She slowly began stroking life back into my cock as I amused myself tweaking her nipples that hung so tantalizingly close to me.
“I never touched another guy's dick before. It wasn't what I thought it would be," Bill related as my wife messaged his balls and kissed his spent penis. "It felt so soft and smooth, and yet you were so fucking hard. And, I mean, it just felt so... so natural."
“My words exactly,” I start to mutter when suddenly there was a knock on the cabin door.
'That'll be Chuck and Marlene," Sally observed as she rose from the bed. "I'll go let them in."
Sukie rolled onto her back, and Bill's seminal fluids trickled from the aperture of her vaginal lips. I immediately crawled between her legs and licked the salty residue from her cunt as it trickled out. Not allowing a single drop to stain the bedspread, I even licked my own semen from her thighs as it oozed from her rectum.
“Tastes good, doesn't it, Honey?" Sukie asked with a giggle when I had finished. "Now you know why I love sucking cock so much."
“Hey! You guys started without us!" Marlene exclaimed as she, Chuck, and Sally entered the bedroom. "Move over and make room for me."
“Mmmm... I taste cum," Marlene remarked after she pushed me down onto the bed next to Bill and Sukie and kissed me. "Have you been sucking Bill's cock, Tony?
“No. But Tony licked me clean after they filled both my pussy and ass with spunk," Sukie giggled. "Getting him to suck cock will come later. Tonight, however, it was my treat. I had two cocks in my pussy at the same time! It was really wild."
“Oh my God, Sukie! You just had your first vaginal DP? I don't believe it!" Marlene excitedly said.
At the foot of the bed, Sally knelt at Chuck's feet. With a hungry look on her face, the fiery redhead gently held Chuck's mammoth cock in her hands and kissed its mushroom head as Chuck reached down to pick her up. Picking her up under her armpits, Chuck kissed her lips as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Then, while still kissing her, he slowly lowered her onto his erection.
“Oh, God, your cock feels so good," Sally moaned as Chuck's cock separated her vaginal lips and penetrated the entrance to her sexuality.
“Come on, lover," Marlene purred as she climbed up on the bed between my legs. "Let me get some of that delicious dick. I've been waiting for you all evening."
Marlene took my cock in her mouth and completely engulfed me. She gently squeezed my testicles while she inserted a finger in my rectum and massaged my prostate. My cock tingled with excitement. She straddled my hips and slowly guided my swollen erection to the entrance of her passion. I pushed up with my hips and plunged into her chasm of desire.
“Oh, yeah. That's what I've been wanting, Tony," Marlene gasped as she impaled herself again on my length.
I drew her breast to my lips and sucked on her nipple as she rode me in her quest for gratification. Next to me, my wife reached out to hold my hand as she lowered her pussy over Bill's face. His tongue attacked her passion, and she went down on his cock in the sixty-nine position. She moaned as she sucked his enlarged appendage into her mouth, and squeezing my hand, gave me a sexy wink.
“Fuck me, Honey. Oh, God, yes... Fuck me...," Marlene gasped as I thrust up with my hips to meet her gyrations, driving my love pole into her womb. Marlene's cunt muscles squeezed my cock as she repeatedly rose up and down on its length.
"Yes... Yes...” Sally gasped with each penetration. Still standing at the foot of the bed, Chuck lifted her up and down, impaling her on his erection. Her vaginal lips, stretched to their limit, barely accommodated Chuck's girth. She had her arms draped around his neck and her legs wrapped around his midsection as he easily lifted her body, allowing her to slide back down on his cock.
“Slide down to the foot of the bed, Honey. Let Bill in to fuck Marlene, too," Sukie whispered as she kissed my cheek.
Marlene and I, being careful not to let my cock slip from her pussy, scooted down to where my legs were hanging over the edge of the bed. Sukie came around to my other side and knelt beside the bed as I felt Bill spread my legs to get access to Marlene.
'Umm-m-m-m. I love Marlene's nipples. Don't you, Honey?" Sukie murmured as she bit the nipple of Marlene's left breast. "They're so firm."
I sensed Bill's penis pressing against my balls as he tried to squeeze it past my cock and into Marlene's pussy. Marlene lifted herself up and, holding our cocks together, lowered her sex onto our combined girth.
Again, I felt the unique softness of Bill's turgid tool sliding against the delicate underside of my own cock as we both drove to the top of Marlene's womb.
“Oh, my God! This is wild, Sukie!" Marlene exclaimed as her vaginal muscles clamped down on our cocks. "I've had DP before, but never two hard cocks in my cunt at the same time!"
“That's what they did to me, too." Sukie laughed as she kneaded Marlene's breast. "Then Tony butt-fucked me while Bill nailed my pussy."
Bill and I synchronized our stroking. As he was withdrawing, I drove into Marlene's pussy, and then I would defer to his forward motion. Marlene's vagina received a duel penetration while Bill and I stroked each other's cocks toward climax. In what seemed like only minutes, I felt Bill's sex organ erupting again, coating the walls of Marlene's pussy with his hot jism. As Bill deposited his load of hot semen into Marlene, I began pressing my cock toward the top of Marlene's love channel.
“Oh, God. They're shooting...," Marlene gasped as her cunt muscles tightened around our cocks and her body convulsed from the orgasm that began to overtake her consciousness. "They're filling me up with their cum."
Slowly, Bill withdrew his spent phallus from Marlene's vagina as Sukie pulled him toward her at the side of the bed. Marlene's cunt muscle loosened its hold around my dick as she slowly relaxed from her orgasm.
'Let me have some more of that juicy dick," Sukie chuckled as she drew Bill's cock into her mouth. She gently squeezed Bill's testicles as she sucked his withering appendage deep into her throat. "Um-mm... Marlene's juices taste so good."
“Mmmmm... Bill's cock tastes good, too," Sukie then giggled as she squeezed more seminal fluid from the urethra of Bill's penis. Sukie then guided Bill closer to the side of the bed and held his genitalia to my lips. "Here, Tony. You gotta taste it."
'Ah... I don't know…if we should, Sukie." Bill stuttered as my tongue licked the drop of pearly liquor from the tip of his spent erection. "We...we're not... not gay..."
“Gay? Well... fuck? You guys get all excited when we suck your cocks," Marlene laughed. "And? Are you not the one who was soooo all hot-to-trot at the prospect of me fucking your wife the first time we went to The Club? You don't think us girls are gay? Do ya?"
“Well... No." Bill stammered. "No, I don't think you're gay. But... it's just that we never... we never..."
Sukie pushed Bill closer, and I drew the entire length of his penis into my mouth. Taking the bulb of his cockhead into the back of my throat caused me to gag. This was something Sukie wanted. And, in a unique way, so did I. The salty taste of our combined seminal fluids and the nectar at Marlene's love juices still lingered on his appendage. I drew his love tool deep into my throat as Sukie stroked the root, coaxing even more semen from his balls.
“Doesn't that taste good, Honey?" Sukie purred as she kissed me. "Don't ya just love the taste of pussy and cum, all mixed together?"
“Oh my God! Look at Bill and Tony," Sally squealed from her perch overlooking our bed, “that's so fucking hot!"
Kissing my cheek, Sukie left me and went to Sally and Chuck at the foot of the bed. Sally, still impaled on Chuck's cock reached out and drew my wife into their embrace.
“We have the best sex together, don't we?" Sally purred at Sukie caressed her breasts. "Put me down on the bed, Chuck. I want Sukie to eat my pussy."
Chuck gently lifted Sally from his erection and carefully placed her down on the bed. She spread her legs wide apart and welcomed Sukie to sample her succulent pussy. As Sukie leaned over to begin tonguing Sally's wet offering, she reached back with one hand and spread her own vagina open for Chuck. Check fell to his knees and buried his face in my wife's vagina, which of course, was still quite wet from being recently fucked by Bill and me.
Marlene wrapped her arms around Bill and licked his shaft while I continued to suckle on the head of his cock. "I think it's kinda cool watching you fuck Tony's mouth. Especially after both of you guys had your dicks in my cunt."
Chuck held Sukie by the hips, and as she licked Sally's clitoris, he worked his penis between the folds of her pussy lips. Once in, he continued to drive his oversized appendage into her, hammering at the top of her womb. In response, Sukie pushed back against him, impaling herself on his length and taking his entire shaft, balls deep, to the hilt.
Watching my wife bringing his wife to climax must have been exciting for Bill. I felt his cock begin to grow hard in my hand as Marlene and I squeezed and stroked its length. Each time Chuck drove his massive appendage into my wife's sex, Bill pushed his ever-hardening penis into my throat, causing me to gag still even more.
“You'll get used to it, Honey," Marlene assured me as she lay down next to me and kissed me. "The first time I ever sucked cock, I had a hard time taking it down my throat, too. Chuck arranged a gang-bang for my birthday, and I fucked him, Bill, and four other guys. Sucking their cocks was the hardest part cause I had never even sucked Chuck off; his dick is just too damn big."
The sights and sounds of lovemaking were far too much for Bill. As he watched Sukie bring his wife even closer to climaxing, his erection began to explode, and he shot his first wade of hot semen on my face. Marlene, recognizing that Bill was starting to cum, quickly pulled his cock away from my mouth. However, she was not quick enough to envelop his erupting appendage in her mouth before he shot again. His next ejaculation landed on her upper lip and in her nose. Marlene giggled as she stuffed the spewing penis in her mouth and began to suck his seminal fluids.
“Oh, my God...." Sally gasped as she sprayed her nectar on Sukie's face.
Chuck grunted, his face turned red, and he held Sukie's hips tightly in his massive hands. Beads of sweat streamed down from his forehead. He pushed his love tool deep into my wife, making his final plunge before depositing his seed deep in her womb.
Marlene threw her leg over my body and, straddling my torso, impaled her sex on my rapidly rising erection. Again, I entered her wet pussy and drove to the top of her womb as she lowered herself onto my cock. Pressing her abundant breasts to my chest, Marlene leaned forward and kissed me with a sly grin on her face. She French kissed me and snowballed Bill's jism into my mouth while she tightened her cunt muscles around my hard-on.
Swallowing the shared semen, I drove my rock-hard cock to the top of her canal. Marlene moaned with pleasure.
“Oh, yes... Oh, yes...." she managed to speak as our tongues, entwined together, savored the flavor of Bill's semen in our mouths. "Fuck me, Honey. Yes, fuck me...."
She remained on top of me and continued to ride me, and I matched her gyrations with long, slow strokes into her womanhood. We relished in the pleasure of one another's company. When her cunt muscles tightened around my phallus, I responded by driving my cock into her with even greater enthusiasm. My balls began to tingle, and sensing my impending ejaculation, Marlene's body commenced to tremble.
“My God, Tony. Please... Please shoot your load in me. I love having your cum in my cunt..." Marlene dirty talked. One last vigorous plunge into her, and I dumped my load. My cock pulsated and exploded, spewing its charge of hot liquid seed into her womb.
Marlene laid down and held me close. Moments later, as we recovered and came to our senses, we discovered that we were all alone in the bedroom. We lay there quietly, sharing in the tender afterglow of our lovemaking for several intimate minutes.
“Where do you think everybody went?" Marlene jokingly asked as she gently stroked my limp penis. "Do you think they ran away from home?"
"I don't know, but I could really go for a drink. How about you?" I asked as I crawled from the bed.
When we entered the kitchen, we discovered Sally and Sukie fixing drinks.
"Hey, Honey. The guys are out in the Jacuzzi," Sukie announced. "We'll be right out with some drinks.”
I went out and joined Bill and Chuck for a relaxing soak in the hot tub.
" Damn, Tony. That gal of yours never stops fucking, does she?" Chuck observed. "After the two of you fucked her, she came to me, and I fucked her. Then she went back to Bill, and he fucked her again. How many times can she do it?"
"I don't know for sure. Since we started swinging, Sukie has become insatiable," I responded. "You guys took us to parties and inducted us into The Club. She's been a totally different woman. But, I want to go on record as saying, I am not complaining."
I continued thinking about Sukie just to myself. For seventeen years, Sukie slowly developed from a young, blushing, virgin bride to a reserved (yet head-turning) P.T.A. officer and soccer-mom to two girls. Sukie’s sexual experience was strictly limited to pleasing me, her husband, throughout those first seventeen years. I was her spouse; she was my mate.
I had entertained myself with fantasies of wife-swapping and enjoying the forbidden freedoms, masturbating to porn depicting swingers engaged in various forms of forbidden sexual activity, and imagining Sukie and myself being part of their community. On the other hand, Sukie became quite upset when I brought up the subject, feeling it a threat that endangered the safety net she had created around our environment.
As those years progressed, Sukie firmly resolved that she would someday deliver and enjoy fulfilling her husband's sexual aspirations as well as her own. But how to do that without compromising her soul?
The journey was not easy. Waging war with the forces of guilt. Balancing what the nuns had taught her about the evils of the pleasures of the flesh and her own deep sexual feelings was a daunting task.
The turning point in our sex life was discovering that her two best friends, Sally and Marlene, were sexually uninhibited. Not only with their own husbands but with other couples as well. Sally and Marlene had secretly conspired to include their friend Sukie in their community of sexual freedom. They discovered, to their delight, that I had unsuccessfully attempted to introduce Sukie to swinging. They set out to assist me in my quest for the sexually broadening of Sukie’s lifestyle.
For the first seventeen years of our marriage, Sukie and I had engaged in sexual activity with just ourselves, husband and wife. But thanks to Sally and Marlene and their influence over Sukie, I have had the unique pleasure of witnessing Sukie in an intimate sexual liaison with different men and women.
“So…Yes. My Sukie is a slut,” I would say to those people who point their fingers and wag their tongues, but I am quite content being married to a slut. Sukie is openly honest with herself and with me about her sexual needs. She has sexual relations with whomever she pleases and prides herself on being honest and aboveboard about it. I, too, have enjoyed the attention of some very sexy and beautiful women.
Almost as confirmation on the path Sukie had chosen, I then thought about young Cheryl. Her awakening and taking ownership of her own sexuality despite what others may think, and our part in that. I was happy that Cheryl had arrived there at a much younger age than Sukie had. Still, there is no turning back the clock, and I wouldn't trade any of the years Sukie I had spent together for anything. Whether they were the conservative early years or the wild later years.
Bill interrupted my thoughts. “Life is good,” he said with a contented sigh as he leaned further back into the hot bubbly water.
“Yes, it is,” I said as I saw our naked wives coming out the door, drinks in hand to join us in the hot tub, “yes, it is.”

In the early 80s my wife and I were very active swinging with friends. We were looking at personal’s one night and saw an ad for photos. We contacted this guy because we wanted some nude photos of my wife done well, not Polaroid.
After a few sexy phone calls we decided to me him at restaurant to see if this was not a scam. He was kinda goofy but a nice guy so we went to hot tub rental place and rented a room. He set up his equipment and we all got naked and got in tub. We were younger then but the wife still had 36d and a beautiful pussy and killer body.
I noticed as did she that he had a huge cock. So after some titty touching and kissing, we wanted to start the shoot. I had to pee so I went to restroom in my towel. When I got back the door was locked of course and when I got in I noticed the couch/bed was wet. By now Paul was messing with camera and my wife was fixing her hair for the shoot. But Paul had a raging hard on and they both were very quiet.
He took a lot of photos and told me to jump in a few, so I did. In one shot she was acting like she was going to suck my dick so I told him to make the same pose with him and her. They did but she grabbed him and was stroking it!!!!! Instant hard-on for me.
Our hour was up so we got dressed and left. He later sent us the pictures and after we got them the wife admitted she had sucked his duck and had a quick fuck while I was in bathroom ?????

Justin and I were sitting at the bar anxiously waiting for our dinner guests to arrive. Lauren and Rick were a couple we met online. We had exchanged some texts and pictures and had even talked on the phone a time or two but never met face to face.
Lauren and Rick live several states away from us, though we usually would not even think of meeting with a couple that far away. It seemed like we had known them forever, and they were terrific friends of ours. We thought nothing of the miles we would have to travel to meet with our friends.
Justin sat with his back to the door, and I was across the bar table so I could see all that entered. I knew the second that it was them when they walked through the door. With my heart racing, I told Justin that they were here.
Rick and Lauren looked just like the pictures they had sent us, which surprised me. Most people we have met looked nothing like they did in their photos; maybe they looked like that 10 or 15 years ago but not today.
Rick was 5'6" or 5'7" and a very handsome man with a full head of dark hair but cut short and neat. He did not have any facial hair. Lauren was my size, 5 foot, and around 90 to 95 lbs, with blond hair and a great smile. I knew Jerry would find her very attractive, as he likes smaller women. At his 6' 200 lb frame, most women are smaller than him. Lauren must have recognized us, which was a relief to me and that I took to mean that we did look like our picture. I saw her whisper something to Rick as she was pointing in our direction.
As they walked over to the table, Justin and I stood up and introduced ourselves. We all sat and had a few drinks and talked while waiting for our table to open up for dinner. We talked about things that people who had just met talk about. How did you meet? How many kids? Just get to know you type kind of talk.
They called us for our table, and we sat down and ordered. I noticed that the conversation was slowly going towards things that typically friends that have known each other for some time would talk about. I thought to myself how strange that here we are, we had just met 20 minutes ago, and we are talking like long-lost friends, and it is coming so easily.
After dinner, we decided to go to the lounge at the hotel where Justin and I had booked our room. They had a small band playing and a small dance floor. We knew that it would not be crowded and the music was not so loud to prevent talking without shouting. We sat and talked, danced, and just enjoyed being with our new friends for about 2 hours when someone suggested we go to someplace more private? Justin said we have booked one of the suites here. Why don't we just all go up to the room? Justin stopped at the bar and ordered a bottle of wine to take with us.
Our suite had a seating area, a king-size bedroom, and a large Jacuzzi off the bedroom. After sitting and talking and working on the bottle of wine, I said something about the Jacuzzi, and Lauren said she loved them and wanted to see it. She and I went back, and I suggested that we try it out, which was fine with her. We filled the tub with hot water and started to undress.
I could not help but look at her as she was undressing. Her skin was so silky, and she had all the right curves in all the right places. I could not help noticing that her nipples were as hard as my own. Here were two 5' 95 lb. women in a Jacuzzi built to hold 6 adults, talking, drinking our wine, and just having as good a time as you can. Rick called out from the front room, asking if we were going to share the Jacuzzi or hog it all to ourselves? We agreed that it was not fair and told the men that they could join us.
I don't know if Lauren took in a deep breath or not. I don't know if she heard me take in a deep breath when Rick and Justin walked into the Jacuzzi room, both naked and semi-erect with a wine glass in their hand and a smile on their face. But the first thought that came to my mind was, what have those two been talking about? Rick is about 6 inches shorter than Jerry and about 40 lbs lighter. Still, they are both good-looking men and put together just right for their height and inch for inch equal in the tool they support.
Rick sat next to me, and Justin sat next to Lauren. For some reason, it all seemed right to me. As we all talked and sipped our wine, I let my free hand slide under the churning water and slowly work it over until I was touching Rick's bare leg. Rick slid over closer to me, and I let my hand slid over to his now totally erect and hard dick. I could swear that I heard him let out a slight sigh when I started to rub my finger from the top of his hard tool down his long fat shaft and end up twirling around his balls. I felt Rick's hand slid across my leg in search of my pussy, so I opened my legs and bent my knees so he could have complete access. I felt a jolt of pleasure as his fingers started to rub me and dart in and out of my waiting box. With the churning water and bubbles, I could not see what Lauren and Justin were doing below the water, but they both had a hand underwater also, and Justin was kissing her long and deep. Distracted by the work Rick was doing to my pussy I don't recall how much time passed before Lauren got up and sat straddling Justin facing him so he could suck on her hard nipples. I just hope she likes what he can do to a woman's nipples as much as I do.
Rick leaned over and started to kiss me. I opened my mouth and welcomed him in. I heard Justin say we were all out of wine and he would go get the bottle, and Lauren offered to go with him to help. I heard her giggle, and I did not care. The wine was not what I needed or wanted right at that moment. I had my hand full of what I wanted; Rick's hard dick.
Rick and I stayed in the Jacuzzi and kept doing what we were doing and enjoying it. I asked Rick to sit on the ledge, and I got down on my knees in front of him. With his hard dick standing straight up in the air, I slowly lowered my head and took all I could into my mouth. I worked him slowly at first, sucking softly and rubbing his balls. I would take him out of my mouth and slowly run my tongue down the length of his shaft so I could lick and suck on his balls. Then I would work my way up and take him back into my mouth for some more slow but more vigorous sucking.
After a few minutes of this, I could tell that Rick was about to explode, so I stopped since I had other plans. I looked up and told Rick that I did not think the wine was coming anytime soon. He suggested that we might have to start a search and rescue mission for Lauren and Justin. We got out of the Jacuzzi and went into the bedroom, where we found Lauren and Justin.
Lauren was on her back, and Justin was down licking and sucking her pussy, and I know how good it was feeling to her by the moans she was making. Rick said that looked like fun and did I want to join them? I lay down next to Lauren, and Rick lay down next to me and started to suck on my nipples. I have very sensitive nipples, and Justin has brought me to an orgasm just by sucking on them on several occasions. Rick was every bit as good as Justin is at sucking on my tits, and within a minute, I could feel a wave of pure pleasure rising in me.
Rick slowly slid down between my legs, licking and kissing me all the way down. I spread my legs wide so he could have all the access to my wet pussy that he wanted. I anxiously waited for his tongue to touch my lips. When he stuck his tongue out and fluttered it across my pussy I knew it would not be long before he would have a face and mouth full of my juices. When I started to cum I grabbed Rick's head and buried it into my squirting pussy. Wave after glorious wave of orgasmic pleasure shot through my body. The more I came, the faster he licked and sucked; the faster he licked and sucked my pussy, the more I came. My body went rigid, and I was trembling all over. Then total exhaustion hit, and I fell limp on the bed.
When I opened my eyes, Rick was looking at me and asked if I was all right? I told him yes and pulled him to me, and kissed him. I could taste my juices that this man had so expertly forced my body to give up to him. I sucked all I could from his mouth, licked what was on his face, and kissed him deeply. Our tongues intermingled as we both held each other with our naked bodies pressed together. I could hardly wait for him to fuck me hard and deep with his beautiful cock. I could hear Lauren moaning and breathing deeply when she started to tell Justin to eat her because she was coming. I know exactly what Justin was doing and knew for a fact that Lauren was thoroughly enjoying it.
When Lauren caught her breath, I told her that she was one lucky woman to be married to a man that could eat pussy as good as Rick just did to me. She replied that Rick and Justin must have gone to the same school because Justin also knew what he was doing. As I looked at Lauren's naked body lying next to me, I thought to myself that Rick was a lucky man also.
Looking at Lauren's beautiful body with her hard nipples, flat stomach, and a small patch of hair between her legs made me even hotter than I already was. I started to wonder what it would be like to make love to her. Not knowing just how she would react, I decided to let things go and play it by ear.
Lauren had Justin lay on his back, and she started to kiss him and work her way down until she was at his dick. I saw her take him into her mouth and begin to suck him with long strokes. I did the same with Rick. Two women were lying next to each other, sucking the dicks of the other one's husband.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Justin pull Lauren's head up towards him and kiss her. Lauren was getting into the position to ride Justin's cock. I stopped sucking Rick's dick and told him I wanted him to fuck me from behind.
I got on my knees with my ass stuck up in the air. I was also in a position where I could watch Justin's dick go into Lauren's beautiful pussy. As Lauren got over Justin, I reached over and took hold of Justin's dick and told Lauren I would help guide him into her. I held Justin's dick so that when Lauren lowered herself down, his dick slipped into her wet pussy with ease.
As I watched him disappear into her and reappear with every upstroke, I could just imagine that is what it looked like with Rick's dick sliding in and out of my pussy as he fucked me from behind. As I watched my husband's dick go in and out of another woman's pussy, especially one as good-looking as Lauren's, I could not help myself. I leaned over and started to lick on Jerry's balls while he was fucking Lauren while Rick was fucking me. I could taste Lauren's juices covering Jerry's balls and dick.
I decided to take a chance. I started to lick Justin's dick as well as Lauren's pussy as they fucked. I did not know how Lauren would react, and it was to my great relief and joy when I heard her say, "Oh yes, Danielle, that feels so good!" I knew right then that I would have three lovers that night and not just two.
The more I licked them, the hotter they got and the hotter I got. Rick must have enjoyed watching the show from where he was because he picked up the tempo of fucking me. It was like perpetual motion. The faster I licked them, the faster they fucked; the faster Rick fucked me, and the faster I would lick Justin and Lauren.
Who came first or last is still a blur to me. I felt Rick shove deep into my pussy and felt his large dick swell and explode his cum deep inside me. I was wracked with one hell of an orgasm at about the same time as Rick was. I heard Lauren say she was cumming, and I could taste her cum flowing down Justin's dick. At the same time, I could feel Justin's balls and dick swell, and he started to unload his sweet cum into Lauren. I know what Justin's cum tastes like, and I just learned what Lauren's cum tasted like. Now I needed to know what they tasted like mixed together.
When Lauren moved off Justin, I let my mouth go with her. To my surprise, she moved me into a position where she could get on top of me with her head was between my legs. Two women in the 69 position going at each other like there was no tomorrow. I could taste Justin's cum dripping out of Lauren's pussy as well as her cum. It is like chocolate and cherries; alone, they taste good, but together they taste great. I could not lick fast enough to quell the desire I had for Lauren, and in no time, I was cumming again with what she was going to me. I could feel Lauren's body start to shake. Then I felt and tasted a new supply of her love juices flowing from her body at about the same time that I shot another load of my own juices into her waiting mouth.
We lay together, just totally spent. When we did find the strength to move, we laid side by side, and we kissed so softly and deeply. We lay beside each other and felt Rick and Justin came and lay down on either side of us in a loving embrace that we all felt for each other.

I've always thought that three couples make a good party; 'Sextet' has such a naughty sound to it. There are two patterns for pairing off, and even if you fill both of them in one night, there is no direct swapping involved, which appeals to a woman's sense of propriety. How's that for snobbery?
It is quite probable that Jack and Laura first began including Ted and me in their weekend plans for some such reason although by now I'm conceited enough to believe that Malcolm and Jack both look forward to getting me to bed. Yet there is a subtle bond between those two couples that goes beyond the cheerful friendship and sexual satisfaction they find with Ted and me. I have long hoped that we might find another couple with whom we could form a similar relationship, and I do believe that in Mitzi and Ralph, we may have found it.
Three times in the week following Mitzi's introduction to the world of social sex, she dropped by for morning coffee and repeated for me every detail of her night with Malcolm. Her enthusiasm for the sexual awakenings the experience had brought to her was infectious, and I enjoyed each retelling immensely.
"And Jessie," Mitzi gushed to me, "Ralph is so absolutely overwhelmed by the reality that he actually screwed you that I should be insanely jealous instead of looking forward so eagerly to next weekend. It is still on, isn't it? Don't tell me this is all a dream."
I assured her that Ted was impatiently looking forward to Friday and she should save her jealousy for Ralph's snuggling between those fabulous tits of Laura's.
"Oh poo," she snorted. "I've already screwed her husband. What amazes me is that I don't feel the slightest tinge of jealousy over your having screwed both my husband and my new lover."
I laughed. "You might be if Ralph and I had just sneaked off to a hot pillow motel for a naughty nooner."
"I'd have your scalp," Mitzi agreed vehemently, "and Ralph's balls. As you said just last week, that would be cheating." We both laughed.
Friday evening Mitzi and Ralph arrived at eight o'clock, and Laura and Malcolm were right behind. I ushered them all into the front room where I had arranged three large bean-bag loungers around a low table loaded with chips and dips. Ted asked Mitzi for her preference in wine while I greeted Ralph with a warm kiss and asked him what he would like to drink. He replied, "Any simple red wine." I asked Malcolm to show him the way to the bar and get the usual for Laura and me.
By the time the two men returned with our glasses, Ted had already handed Mitzi hers and settled her with himself on one of the bean-bags, so I nonchalantly drew Malcolm down on another, leaving Ralph and Laura no choice but to occupy the third. After about ten minutes of chit-chat and neighborhood gossip, the glasses were empty, so I got up and refilled them.
Before sitting back down, I dimmed the lights and turned on the TV and brought up my favorite porno movie. About twenty seconds into it, there was a gasp of surprise from Mitzi when she recognized the principals to be Jack and me.
It had been over a year since we produced the epic video, but it still turns me on every time I see it. Some of the short clips had taken several days to get just right, but the result of our efforts was spliced together as one marathon fuck. We even included that improbable but somehow obligatory scene found in commercial pornos where the man withdraws at first spasm and spews cum all over the lady's belly. Can you imagine anyone actually doing that? For me, that pulsating rush of viscous fluid deep inside me is the only satisfying end to good sex.
As the tape continued, Mitzi's look of disbelief was replaced by one of keen attention when she realized that the talented tool performing its wonders on the screen was the one she had been promised for tonight. Her's were the first panties to go flying into a corner, soon to be joined by an assortment of shirts, socks, and flimsies as the crowd got into the spirit of the show. Bawdy remarks and the hoots of laughter that any good porno flick will draw rocked the room and before long, the party was off to a good start.
As the video ended, Jack and I stood up and took a bow while the other four chanted 'encore, encore' but when he took a step toward me, Mitzi reached up and took a firm grasp of his rigid erection, "No you don't," she said, "it's my turn."
She pulled him down astride her and took the big rosy knob into her mouth. With a twinkle in her eyes and a big grin on her lips, she held him there for several seconds before releasing him and sliding her slender body up to eye level. Slowly and deliberately, Jack straightened his legs as Mitzi spread hers. She separated her knees to draw them up over his hips as, without the use of hands, Ted positioned the tip of his tool in the underbrush of tight curly hair and slowly rammed it home ball deep into her tight cunt. Mitzi closed her eyes and emitted a low cry of satisfaction.
Ralph's face held the same incredulous stare it had achieved the previous week when he had watched Malcolm's long rod invade his wife. Laura pushed him onto his back and laid the cleavage of her full bosom alongside his straining erection.
"Here's something to take your mind off it," Laura smirked as she pushed her ample breasts together until they completely enclosed Ralph's engorged tool in a tunnel of soft, warm, feminine flesh.
For a moment, Malcolm and I watched all of this with amusement, then he tightened his arm around me, laid me back on the bean-bag, and gently kissed my right breast. Then, with his eyes an inch from mine, he smiled tenderly and entered me. Aaahh, I do enjoy that extra two inches Malcolm carries between his legs! Two inches doesn't sound like much, but when it's two more inches of manhood buried in your snatch, it's a lot, and my tight pussy was stretching to accommodate it. Once he could sense I was used to his size and ready, Malcolm started thrusting, and my world turned upside down.
Judging from sounds from coming from the next bean-bag, I decided Ted was doing right well by Mitzi too. Every time he drove his cock home deep into her furry little box, she let out a little squeak and cry. Mitzi has half-bragged, half-complained how wet her pussy stays all the time, and from the slurping and sloshing sounds it was making as it was getting fucked, I decided there was obviously truth to those statements. That girl had one wet puss!
Laura was still titty-fucking Ralph with those big tits of hers. They both seemed to be enjoying it immensely and happy to continue on just as they were going. Just before I was turning away to concentrate on my own pleasure, I saw Ralph's face get tight and then with a grunt, long ropes of what cum started to shoot out his cock. Laura, always a cum-whore, took one shot on her tits then quickly popped his cock into her mouth so she could swallow the rest, which she did after looking at me and winking while opening her mouth to show the yummy load, which she then swallowed down with a dreamy look on her face.
Mitzi cried out she was coming, and Ted nodded and redoubled his efforts, thrusting away with all he had until they started to come together. Hearing their cries, I grabbed Malcolm and pulled him in tight, feeling the head of his cock bang against my cervix deep inside me. That sharp jolt of pleasure-pain was all I needed, and my orgasm took me. It did it for Malcolm too, and as we came together, I could feel his hot jizz filling me up.
The room got quiet, with just panting to be heard, as everyone laid back on their bean-bags and recovered. Finally, I got up to refill drinks, and everyone sat back and started to talk about what they wanted to see happen in Round 2!

There is an Indian Casino not far from Albuquerque that Jo and I like to go to, mainly because they have a bar. This particular Thanksgiving I had four days off, and our friends were out of town, so we decided not to have Thanksgiving Dinner at home, but just go there for the buffet.
We got there about 2 p.m., and while Jo got us a table, I got us each a glass of wine. When I finally got a couple of plates and settled down to eat, I noticed a good-looking silver-blond directly in my line of sight at another table. While Jo and I ate and talked, I would occasionally see the woman looking in our direction. Once, when she raised her coffee cup as I picked up my wine glass, I nodded to her and raised my glass a little higher. She smiled and tipped her cup toward me, and we both drank while watching each other. Jo was busy eating and didn't notice, and neither did the man the blond was with. A little later, when they got up to get some more to eat, I pointed them out to Jo. She agreed that they were a good-looking couple.
Jo and I finished and decided to go to the bar and watch the game for a while (Dallas and somebody), and the blond and her companion were still eating. By half time it was a blowout, and Jo wanted to play her favorite slot machine. I went into the poker room, but they only had one table and twelve players. So I wandered around and watched the blackjack and craps for a while. I don't gamble much, just poker. As I moved toward the other machine area, I saw the blond standing by one of the machines with an unlit cigarette in one hand and digging in her purse. Being a gentleman, I walked up and flicked my Zippo to offer her a light. She thanked me and drew on her cigarette. I then asked her if she came here often? That's when she looked up to see who I was. She seemed to recognize me from the dining room, and smiling, asked me if I was trying to pick her up?
I smiled back at her and said, "Of course I am." Then I told her that my wife and I had seen her and her companion in the dining room, and as they were alone like us, I would like to invite them to the bar for a drink. And that Jo would join us as soon as she had lost her money in the slot machine. Just then he walked up, and the blond introduced him as her husband, Jim. I told him my name, shook his hand, and learned the blond was named Pam. I again invited them for a drink, and they both said yes.
Now a little about us. Jo is a blond haired, blue eyed, 5' 4" 125 pounds of well-built woman with a 36 C or D bust depending on the bra style. Pam had to be at least 5' 9", and slender, with green eyes. I couldn't tell much about her figure because she had on a bulky sweater and baggy jeans. Jim was 6', maybe 180 pounds, with dark hair and blue eyes. I am 5' 11", 145, blond, and brown eyes.
On the way to the bar, I caught Jo's eye and pointed to the bar. She nodded and held up one finger (not that one), and I understood she would be there soon. Jim and Pam asked for white wine, so I got four and went to a table away from the football watchers so we could talk. We had just gotten seated when Jo joined us, so I made introductions. Jim seemed not to want to let her hand go as they shook. It was a small table so we could all talk without raising our voices too much. In fact, it was so small I was touching knees with Jo on my right, and Pam on my left. I'm sure Jim was also playing kneesies with Pam and Jo.
We talked about all kinds of things. They were almost exactly our age, and their kids were gone too. They had come to Albuquerque just to get away from everything and were staying at a hotel not far from where we live. They were like us in that they were well-educated professionals and could talk about a range of subjects knowledgeably. By the third round of wine, we were laughing it up like old friends. We were telling blond jokes, and I said that I could get away with it because I was the only natural blond at the table. Pam gave me a quizzical look, and I asked if she was too? She blushed and nodded. I then said she would have to prove it to me sometime. That's when she looked at Jim, and I could see he had a funny look on his face.
BINGO! I looked at Jo, and she was smiling real big. I leaned across the table and asked if they were swingers. Jim stammered a bit and then said they had talked about it but had never found anyone outside their circle of friends they would try with. I then said that Jo and I occasionally found some people, but not regularly. I looked at Pam and told her I would love to suck her pussy until she came at least three times, then fuck her until she screamed. She blushed and looked at Jim. But he was listening to Jo tell him she would suck his dick until his ears were indented and then ride it until he couldn't get it up again for a week. I then asked Jim if he would like to get his hands and mouth on her tits? He stammered a bit, glanced at Pam, looked at Jo's tits, then said yes!
That did it. We were on our way out the door and driving to our place. It had started to get dark, so Pam rode with me, and Jo with Jim, so he wouldn't get lost. It only took 30 minutes, but Pam seemed nervous. As we talked, she seemed to relax and told me she had never been with anyone but Jim. She was a late bloomer and was always tall and skinny, always taller the boys in high school. She and Jim got together in college and married. By the time we arrived home, she was much more relaxed, as I didn't push anything in the car.
We all got to our place at the same time. When we got inside, I put on an oldies station with some soft rock. Everyone wanted to continue with the white wine, so I poured four glasses, and we settled down to talk some more. After a few minutes, Rod Stewart's 'Tonight's the Night' started playing. I stood and asked Pam to dance. The best place in our house to dance is the entrance hall, which is tile. It was also kind of dark because I had dimmed the living room lights.
Pam was quite slender but felt good in my arms. I could feel her pointy tits poking into my chest, and I started to get hard. I did not have to reach down far to lick the side of her neck. She tasted good. I nuzzled her neck and ear while she rubbed her crotch against mine. I looked over and saw Jim and Jo dancing. He had both hands on her ass, and they were rubbing their crotches together. OK! So far, so good. I reached down with my left hand and cupped a very fine ass cheek. With my right, I went up under the back of her sweater to find a very smooth, warm back. I massaged her back up to her bra strap, and under it. She didn't do anything to stop me, except to melt closer into me.
Another slow song started, and by then our tongues were playing with each other as we kissed. I sneaked a peek over at Jim and Jo to see what they were doing. They were also kissing, but standing a little apart while his hands were up her blouse playing with her tits. I then unsnapped Pam's bra, and ran both hands up her sides and leaned back a bit to get to her tits. I pushed her bra up and found two very lovely pointy B cups with no sag at all. By this time, she had pulled my shirt up and was rubbing my back while pushing her crotch onto my hard cock.
That song ended, and I looked over to see that Jim and Jo were gone. Pam and I stepped into the living room to see Jim and Jo half-reclining on the couch. Jo's blouse was open, her bra pushed up to her neck, and Jim was sucking and rubbing her tits. I looked over to Pam, and her eyes were wide open, and she was licking her lips while watching them. I grabbed our wine glasses and told her that we should leave these two to themselves and see what kind of mischief we could get into. She seemed mesmerized by the sight of Jim and Jo, so I took her hand and led her down the hallway to the master bedroom.
I dimmed the lights and took her into my arms. I started kissing her and rubbing her back and sides again. While doing this, I slowly raised her arms and pulled off her sweater and bra. She still seemed a little shy until I started to lick, kiss, and suck her nipples. I laid her on the bed and continued to lavish her breasts. While doing this, I undid her belt and unzipped her jeans. My hand went under her panties to find a very fine tuft of hair. Pushing through this, I found a very warm and wet opening into which I pushed a finger. Her hips rose up as I fingered her, and started a side to side movement when I massaged her clit. I then started kissing and licking my way down toward this jewel.
I stopped at her belly bully button to suck and lick it a while. Then continued down while moving her jeans and panties lower. I stopped long enough to remove them and surprise, she was a natural blond! A very soft, silky, and fine mound of blond hair covered her pussy. And her aroma was intoxicating to me.
I now had her lying on the bed with her feet on the floor. So I knelt down and started kissing and licking her inner thighs and working toward the middle. By the time I got there, she was humping her hips up and down and making soft mewing sounds. I had just licked the outside of her pussy lips and flicked her clit a couple of times when she started cumming. Her hips jumped so fast that her mound almost broke my nose. But I stayed with it.
As she slowly came down, I continued to lick the outside of her lips and then worked my tongue inside. As I licked and sucked her hole, she started to cum again. I loved the taste of her juices and continued licking them up as she released them. Because her feet were on the floor, I still had a hard time keeping up with her moves. She finally settled down, and this was the time to go for her clit. I had just started to gently suck and tongue swirl her clit when she began to cum again. Was she hot! I was now in a position to see her pinch and kneed her own tits as she came this time. She seemed to most enjoy pinching her nipples hard and pulling on them, like she was trying to lift herself up by her breasts. It was way rougher than I would have ever been, but one thing I've learned is when a woman knows just what she needs and is doing it to herself, then don't get in her way! Her head was rolling back and forth, and a low moan was coming from her mouth. Her hips were again bucking like crazy.
Enough of this, I was bone hard and close to cumming myself. I stood up and stripped in under a minute. I couldn't wait and plunged my dick into her waiting cunt in one lunge. I started to piston in and out of her while she met me thrust for thrust. I didn't take long for both of us to climax. I could feel the muscles of her cunt like little fingers massaging my dick, and then they seemed to squeeze me like a clamp as I pumped my sperm into her deepest reaches. As my knees hit the floor, I lay my head on her stomach, panted from my exertions. Her stomach was also heaving, and I could hear her trying to breathe deeply to slow her panting.
In a few minutes, I moved up into the bed and pulled her with me. As we snuggled under the covers, I asked her if she was OK? She told me she was and that she wanted to do it again. I told her we would have to wait a while as I was worn out. She laughed and said she could wait because she was also worn out. After resting and talking for a while, I suggested that we join our spouses because I was thirsty, and could use something to eat. (Fucking always makes me hungry.)
I put on my robe and got a spare one of Jo's for Pam. We walked into the living room and found clothes thrown all over the place. I laughed and said that Jo and Jim seemed to have disappeared. Some alien must have beamed them up naked. Pam laughed and said that she didn't think that was what happened. I went back to the bedroom and got Jo's robe and a spare one of mine. I put my ear to the spare room door but didn't hear anything, so I knocked and asked if they were decent? Hearing a yes, I peeked in to see them both under the covers. I tossed in the robes and said we were hungry and thirsty, and drinks would be up in a few minutes, and a snack would be sweet. They both laughed, and Jo said she would be out in a minute.
I had just poured Pam and myself some wine when Jo and Jim came into the living room carrying their glasses. I poured theirs, and Jo asked what we would like to eat. I patted Pam's stomach and said something light, as I hate to sleep on a full stomach. Pam blushed, and we all laughed at that. While the girls were in the kitchen, Jim and I sat and talked about what had happened. He said that surprisingly, he was not jealous. He just hoped that Pam had as good a time as he did. I assured him that she seemed to. He told me that they had fantasized about swinging for over a year and that the reality was better than he had thought. I told him that the novelty of a new person enhances the experience; but only if they are compatible and if their permanent relationships are secure. If not, jealousy would intrude. We continued talking until the girls came in with the snacks.
After eating, and another glass of wine, Jim said it was getting late, and they should get back to their hotel. I told them that they could stay in the spare room if they wanted. Jim looked at Pam, and they both nodded but said they would have to go in the morning, as they needed to change. Jo said, "OK, we have to flip to see who sleeps where!" With a laugh, I said to Jim and Jo, "You two messed up the spare room, so you get to sleep there!" I then grabbed Pam's hand, and we raced to the master bedroom.
As we snuggled under the covers, I remembered that I had forgotten the cigs and wine. I told Pam I would be right back, threw on my robe, and went into the living room. There was Jo in my recliner, her legs over the arms, spreading her cunt open for Jim as he knelt in front of her eating her out. She had her eyes closed and was massaging her breasts as Jim sucked and licked happily at her cunt. She looked beautiful. My dick rose, and as I watched, and I began to slowly stroke myself. Maybe Jo sensed something because she opened her eyes, looked directly at me, and smiled. When she saw me stroking myself, she slowly licked her lips, smiled again, and shut her eyes to enjoy herself. That broke the spell, and I got the wine and cigs without disturbing them.
When I returned to the bedroom, Pam asked me what took me so long. I told her what I had seen. She laughed and said, "So that's what made you so hard! I would love to take care of it!" She moved down my chest, stopping to lick and suck my nipples for a few moments, then continued downwards. She knelt between my legs and started to pay homage to my erect dick. First, she blew on the tip, then slowly started licking around the head. Suddenly she took the head in her mouth and sucked. She continued sucking while slowly moving down the shaft. When she reached the base, she opened her mouth and slowly licked the under vein back to the head. She did this three times, and by the third, I was ready to cum. She must have sensed this because she grabbed my balls in one hand, and the base of my dick with the other, and squeezed like hell. I forgot all about cumming as I bucked and yelled. She released the pressure and smiled up at me. Then she started it all over again.
"Bitch!" I teased her with a grin. She just gurgled something back at me as she had her mouth full of my dick. Now that I knew what was coming, I tried my best to calm down. But soon, I was ready again. This time she raised up and grabbed me again. No squeeze, but I knew what not to do. I passed that moment quickly. She then moved up and sank her cunt down on my shaft. As she moved back and forth, I could again feel the muscles in her cunt massage me. She didn't move up and down, just back and forth, rubbing her clit on my pelvic bone with my dick shoved up her cunt as far as it could go. It didn't take long for her to cum that way, and as I felt her muscles squeeze me, I erupted into her. She was still sitting up but shuddering from her orgasm.
She then collapsed onto me, and we both tried to slow our breathing. I could still feel her cunt clenching and unclenching on my softening shaft. After a few minutes, she rolled off me, and we cuddled under the covers. I asked her where she had learned that technique with the squeeze? She giggled and said she had read about it and always wanted to try it. After a cigarette and a sip or two of wine, we came together like spoons with me holding a tit. We both drifted off to sleep.
I woke up the Friday morning after Thanksgiving horny as hell. I remembered every detail of last night. I looked over and saw that Pam had her back to me and seemed to be still asleep. I had to pee badly, so I quietly rolled out of bed and hit the bathroom. I gently sneaked back under the cover and wondered if Pam was willing to have a morning romp. (Jo never does, in fact, she can get downright hostile about it.) So I moved closer and settled my hard dick between the crack of Pam's ass. I reached over and started to gently massaged her mound as I worked my way toward her cunt. After a minute of gently rubbing her clit, she hummed deeply and seemed to stretch a little. Good sign!
I then reached a little lower and stuck a finger into her cunt. Warm and wet and sticky. So I moved a little lower and put the head of my dick at the entrance to her cunt. Using her juices to help lubricate the head, I settled it in the entrance of her cunt and just held it there. When she moved her knees toward her chest to give me better access, that's when I knew she was awake. I slowly inserted myself into her until I was snug against her ass, all the while massaging her clit. She hunched back at me, so I moved in and out with long slow strokes, all the while rubbing her clit. A few minutes of this and her hand came down to help me with her clit. I then grabbed her hips and started slamming it to her, hearing my stomach slap her ass cheeks and her moaning as we both started to cum. Her cunt grabbed my dick as I exploded into her.
We lay there for only a minute when she said that she had to pee really bad. She jumped up, pulling my semi-hard dick from her cunt, my jizz slowly running down her thigh. I got quite an eye full as I watched her ass cheeks jiggle across the floor. When she returned from the bathroom, she snuggled next to me, kissed my cheek, and said, "Good morning!" I said, "Yes, indeed, it is a good morning!"
After laying a while, I thought I should get up and showered. I gave her a new toothbrush, and we stood at the dual sinks and brushed our teeth. When finished, I told her the shower was open, and I needed to shave. I shaved real fast as I watched her get the water to the temperature she wanted. She had only been in for a few moments when I opened the door and joined her, asking if she wanted someone to wash her back? She smiled and said that I could wash her back, and anything else I thought needed it. OK! I washed her back, her front, her up, and her down. I washed every part of her that I could get to, and she helped me get to those parts.
Then she started washing me. She also got every part of me spotlessly clean. Sometimes she used her mouth to make sure things were squeaky clean.
By this time, the water was starting to cool, so we got out, and I dried every part of her I could find. This was tough. Every now and then I would lick a nipple, belly button, clit, etc. Then I would have to dry them again. She then started doing me the same way.
A little of this, and my dick was throbbing hard again, and I was ready to take her back to the bed. Just then there was a knock on the door, and Jo asked if we were coming out today? I told her yes, and Pam and I put on our robes. Jo said she wanted to clean up and wanted to do it in here. I told her we would put on the coffee, and Pam would take the other toothbrush to Jim.
A few minutes later, we all met at the breakfast nook for coffee and decided what to do today. They didn't want to go to the malls, so we agreed to pick them up at their hotel and visit Old Town. When they left, Jo and I had a late breakfast and talked about last night. I was glad to hear Jo saying she had a good time and would like to do it again. Only she missed sleeping with me. I agreed, and then told her Pam likes a morning romp. Jo smiled at me and said that I was always a horny bastard in the morning. We finished and puttered around the house; changed the sheets, quick vacuuming, played with the dogs (they acted like they had been neglected), etc.
We met Jim and Pam at the hotel, and I drove us all to Old Town. We all had a good time that afternoon as most people seem to be at the malls. We walked, looked, snacked, and they did some buying of the Indian stuff. When we drove them back to the hotel, we agreed to meet for dinner at a steakhouse close to our house. We dropped them off and went home to get ready for dinner. Jo and Pam seemed to get along very well together, and that relieved my mind. Sometimes women don't, and that makes for strained relations.
Dinner conversation was like when we first met. We all had a range of opinions on many topics, and Jim and I tried to change each other's minds on some items, but all in good humor. The girls were really dressed up. Both wore black dresses, but different. Jo's big tits were almost falling out of the top, and the skirt barely covered her ass. She doesn't dress like this often, and she looked really hot. Pam's dress covered her to her neck, but she had a slit down the front that proved she wasn't wearing a bra. Also, the long skirt had a slit up the side that almost reached to the top of her thighs. When she walked or sat, you could see a little of her soft white skin above the top of her stay-up black stockings. Both of these women kept me half-hard all through dinner.
We were having a cigarette and finishing our drinks when Jo asked them if they wanted a nightcap at our house? Jim asked if that was all being offered? Jo told him that if he was good, more could be provided. As he leered down the top of her dress, he said that he would be very, very, good. We all laughed at that, finished, and left. Again Pam and I rode together, and Jim and Jo were in their car.
The girls went to the bathroom as Jim and I fixed the drinks. We all settled down for a glass of wine, with Jim and Jo on the couch, and Pam and me on the loveseat. I again told Pam she looked ravishing, and I would really like to ravish her. I then asked her what she had on under that dress? She smiled at me and whispered that I would have to find out. OK! I'm up to the challenge. I drew her to me for a kiss, and let my hand massage her tit through the opening on top. No bra. I then moved it down to the slit skirt where the slit had moved up to almost her waist. There I found no panties! I fingered her pussy and sneaked a peek over to Jim and Jo. He had her tits out of her dress and was kissing and licking them. Her dress had ridden up, and I could see that she had skipped the panties.
I watched as Jim slowly laid Jo on the couch with her feet on the floor. He then put his head between her legs, and I could hear him lick and suck at her cunt. She closed her eyes and held his head in her hands as if to keep him there. From what I could see, he wasn't planning on leaving any time soon.
As I watched Jim and Jo, I got harder. Maybe it was also because Pam was rubbing me through my pants. She started to undo my belt, so I helped. Soon I was free; my cock sticking up like a steel bar. Pam settled herself in a position to continue watching Jim and Jo, and then took me into her warm, wet mouth. What a scene. Four people, almost fully dressed, and both couples engaging in sex. Watching Jo, I could see that Jim was doing a great job on her pussy. She had her legs up over his shoulders by now and was squeezing his head now and then. Every so often, she would give a little shudder, as if she was having a mini-orgasm. She was humming as she rubbed her tits. She had never looked so beautiful to me before.
Pam was doing a fantastic job on my dick. Pam was watching Jim and Jo too, and it seemed to turn her into a wild woman. She was sucking and blowing and moving her head up and down my shaft. At times she took me to the base, and I could feel her throat muscles working around the head. She was massaging my balls like she wanted as much cum as I could give her. I tried to hold off, but watching Jim eat Jo, and Pam milking me like a baby going for a tit, I was close. Suddenly Jo straightened her legs, her toes curled, and she moaned as Jim brought her off. That sight did it. Just then Pam's lips hit my curly hairs, and I shot my first blast straight down her throat. She then backed up and sucked on the head as the second shot came out. She continued to suck out the rest while watching Jo come down from her climax.
Pam sat up, licked her lips, and smiled at me. Jim sat up on the couch and looked over at us. Jo and Jim took in the sight of me sitting with my pants open, and cock and balls hanging out. Pam looked fully dressed. Jo had her dress bunched at her waist so we could see her tits and wet cunt. Jim was fully dressed. We all laughed and had a sip of wine. I told them that they had put on quite a show for us, and Jo said we should put one on for them.
I reclined Pam on the loveseat and opened the slit on her skirt. I could see a glisten on her inner thighs where her juices must have run down during the show. I stuck out my tongue and licked at this. It had a pungent taste that was very sensual to me. I licked my way up one thigh and then moved to the other. When I finally reached her pussy, I softly blew on the fine silky hair surrounding her lips. Using my hands, I pulled the outer lips open and started to lick her inner lips gently. The taste was stronger and very appealing. The harder I licked, the juicier she became. I lost myself in her. I stuck one finger in her, rotated it around, and licked her clit. That's when I noticed she was putting her legs on my shoulders, which gave me better access to her cunt. I really went to work on her then. I now had two fingers into her and was licking and sucking her juices as fast as she released them. I then started sucking and licking her clit, which had peeked out from her hood. Suddenly her thighs tightened on my head, and I could hear muffled moans from her, while her mound rose up toward my mouth. I then moved down and licked up her copious flow. I then withdrew my fingers and looking up at her. Seeing she was watching me, I slowly stuck them into my mouth and sucked her juices from them. I winked, and said, "Finger lickin' good."
I could see that she had moved the top of her dress down, and her rosy red tits showed me that she had been playing with them as I made love to her pussy. I don't know how long that took, but my knees were starting to hurt, so I moved up to sit next to her. Looking over to Jim and Jo, I could see that Jim now had his pants undone and his cock and balls were hanging out like mine. Only I was again hard, and he wasn't. Looking at Jo, I could see a sheen on her lips, and knew that he had gotten the same treatment I had during the show that Pam and I put on.
Now everybody was showing everything. We all decided to have another glass of wine, so Jim and I went to get refills without bothering to straighten up or put our cocks away. Let it all hang out! While we all had a cigarette, Jo sat with her dress around her waist so we could see her tits and cunt. Pam left her top down and had twisted her slit so we could also see her cunt. Jim and I still had our cock and balls hanging out. We all critiqued our performances with a lot of laughter. After a while, both Jim and I started to get hard again looking at the beautiful ladies letting it all show. Jo saw this, stood up, and asked Jim if he wanted to join her in the master bedroom? Jim stood, bowed, and said to lead on. They left.
I asked Pam how she felt, and she told me. She said that watching Jim eat Jo, she had thought she would be jealous. But while sucking me and watching them, she had been really turned on. And she had peeked when I was eating her, and watched Jo suck Jim. That was better than any porno movie she had ever seen. I then asked her if she wanted to join me in the spare room where last night Jim fucked Jo? Her eyes lit up, and she smiled and said to lead on.
Once we cuddled up in the bed, we had a long, slow, fuck. Again, I woke up horny, and Pam must have too because we had another morning fuck. Jo had moved my supplies to the spare bath, so Pam and I enjoyed another morning shower together. I put on the coffee while Pam went to awaken sleeping beauty and her consort. She came back smiling and said that she found them in the shower together, and they would be in soon. The rest of Saturday went like Friday, except that we took them to Santa Fe for the day. Instead of having dinner out, I said I would grill some steaks on the patio.
They arrived at our house at about 6 p.m., and I had just gotten the grill started. Jim and I stood out in the cold coaxing some heat from the grill. Believe it or not, the steaks were perfectly done, and Jo and Pam had set up a salad and baked potatoes. Again, we all had a good time during dinner. Pam had on a white silk blouse that was just sheer enough to see that she was not wearing a bra and black slacks. Jo had on a zip down the front jumpsuit, and the way the front bounced, she also was bra-less. When we finished eating, Jim, Pam, and I retired to the living room with our wine, while Jo put the dishes in the dishwasher. When she came in, she found Pam and me on the loveseat, so she joined Jim on the couch. Jim asked, "Now what?", and I said, "Let's just go with the flow."
I leaned over to Pam and kissed her. By this time we should have been comfortable with each other, so I thought I would see just how comfortable. I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her. I then began to suckle her breasts. After a while, I moved down and loosened her slacks and slid them and her panties off. I now had her naked laying on the loveseat. I moved to her pussy and started licking and sucking on it. A few minutes of this, and she was humping up at me. I stood and removed my clothes. I looked over to Jo and Jim, and they were watching us closely. Jo was sipping her wine and rubbing the front of his trousers. Jim had his hand buried in the front of her pants, obviously fingering her cunt through the cloth.
Seeing that they were not going to stop us, I climbed atop Pam and with one lunge buried my cock in her cunt. We went at it like never before. She was really hot and met me thrust for thrust. But she wasn't looking at me, she was looking over at the couch. I looked and saw that Jo had Jim's cock out now and was rubbing it kind of absently while watching us. Someone had unzipped Jo jumpsuit, and he had his hand inside. I met Jo's eyes and blew her a kiss just before Pam's cunt clamped down on my cock with her climax. That did it. I buried myself as deep as possible in her cunt and blasted off. It took a few minutes, but we both eventually calmed down and sat up. Both Jo and Jim tipped their glasses at us and took a sip as if toasting us.
Jim then took Jo's glass and sat both glasses on the coffee table. He then removed her jumpsuit. All she had on was panties. He started to suck and lick her tits and then moved down toward her panties. He moved them down, kissing and licking each area that appeared. She raised her legs so he could get them off her, and then he settled between her thighs to work on her cunt.
While this was going on, I had lit cigarettes for Pam and myself. We were both watching them, and smoking and drinking our wine. I looked over at Pam, and her eyes were wide open and appeared not to be blinking. She seemed mesmerized by what was happening in front of her. I was hoping that I would get one of my greatest wishes, seeing Jo get fucked in front of me.
Jim suddenly stood up and pulled at his clothes, trying to get them off as fast as possible. When he was naked, Jo opened her arms and legs to welcome him. And welcome he was. He buried his cock in her cunt and started a rocking motion. A few minutes of this, and he began to thrust in and out. Jo's tits were dancing from the motion. Once she looked over to me and winked, then shut her eyes to enjoy the action. Jim had kept looking at Pam from the time he entered Jo. A few minutes of this, and Jo raised her ass from the couch as her climax hit, and almost immediately, Jim's ass cheeks clenched as he pumped his cum into her cunt. God! She looked beautiful!
It took them a few minutes before they could sit up. When they did, Pam and I toasted them like they did us earlier. That started us all laughing. No inhibitions now. So we all went into the master bedroom's king size bed and spent the rest of the night fucking and sucking. Jim and Pam watched Jo and I fuck. Then we watched them. We tried a daisy chain. Once, while Pam and I were fucking, and Jim and Jo were fucking, Jim called out SWITCH! so we ended up cumming in our own spouses after starting in the other's. Finally, sometime around three in the morning, Jim and I couldn't get up anymore, so Jim and Pam staggered off to the spare room for the night. Jo and I cuddled up and slept.
We all had brunch together when we got up, and then they had to leave to go to their hotel to pack for the flight back. We haven't seen them again but stay in touch. We are planning to get together this summer, and if it happens, we will tell you about it.

We had a swinging experience on top of the Continental Divide in the back seat of our 4-door pickup. Wanna hear about it? We thought you would!
While traveling through the area on vacation, we met another good-looking couple who were on vacation, and we all decided to have at a small restaurant in an old mountain ghost town. When we finished eating and drinking, we asked them if they would like to take a drive to the top of the Continental Divide. There is a primitive gravel road up there to service the radio transmitters on the summit. "Sure," they said. When we got up there, it was dark, and you could see all the lights in the valley below and all the stars above in the Rocky Mountain sky.
Gina and Rocky were in the back seat, and Cindy (my wife) was in the front with me. Cindy and I started making out like teenagers to try and get things going. (This was our first time meeting this couple, and while we suspected they too were swingers, we didn't want to come on too strong.) I was rubbing Cindy's tits and feeling her up. Then I removed her top and bra and started feasting on her breasts. She has delectable pencil-eraser nipples. Yummy. Didn't take long for her to get my cock out and she proceeded to start sucking it while Rocky and Gina looked on.
After some great-feeling head, I laid Cindy back with her head against the passenger door and pulled her jeans off. Freed of restrictive clothing, the strong scent of her aroused pussy immediately filled the vehicle. I dined sumptuously on her extremely wet pussy. It was so delicious, especially since she was so very, very wet. I love to eat her when she is gushing like that. She must have come at least three times while I nibbled on her clit and tongue fucked her cunt.
When I finally glanced in the back seat, I was happy to have our swinging suspicions confirmed when I saw Gina hanging over the seat, looking at us while she bucked and fucked on Rocky's lap. Gina was just soaking up her fucking and watching Cindy and me so intently with such a gleam in her eye.
After I polished Cindy's pussy considerably, I reached up and pulled on Gina's arm. She got the message and slipped her upper body between the front bucket seats and dove into Cindy's creamy pussy like she was starving. It was so erotic to see my woman being eaten out by another. She licked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. She especially enjoyed sucking Cindy's love button, and Cindy especially enjoyed it too. Cindy came two or three times. While this was happening, I wetted a finger and started to finger fuck Cindy's asshole. This sent her to the moon! She screamed out a couple more orgasms. (I am not kidding. I am not embellishing this or making this up). She got just about as sexually high or higher as I have ever seen her our whole time together as a couple. Good thing we weren't in some cheap motel with cardboard walls! I enjoyed fingering my wife's tight asshole with one hand and stroking Gina's big beautiful breasts and her back with the other. Rocky was looking on from the back seat with one huge smile... among other things. Cindy must have come at least six times. Finally, it had to end, I guess... temporarily though.
After a couple of minutes to descend back down to earth, Cindy then crawled into the back seat with Gina and Rocky. Gina laid on her back and put her head in Rocky's lap and spread her legs. It was her turn for a cunt-polishing. I watched my darling, without hesitation, lick her first woman, and a cum-filled woman at that. It was AWESOME!
Watching Cindy's ass sticking up in the air while she devoured her first cunt was more than I could bear and I decided to get in the back seat too. I got behind Cindy and slipped my cock into her pussy while she continued to lick Gina. I heard her grunt as I buried it. Did I mention how wet she was? It slid in like a hot poker through warm butter. It was an exquisite feeling fucking Cindy doggie-style while Gina moaned, groaned, and her eyeballs slipped out of sight as her new female friend's tongue worked over her pussy. After about 10 minutes of oral delight, Gina came with a gooooooorgeous moan. I spurted and added my cum to Trish's fountain and watched the cream leak down her legs. Everyone more or less collapsed. I staggered out the door into the cool mountain air and breathed deeply.
WOW! It had really happened. Incredible! Magnanimous! Exhilarating! Inspiring! Overwhelming! Pretty Darn Cool! We have had some big-time, awesome sex together while reminiscing over this one.


Swinging Triplex

By SwingersBoard, in Couples Swinging,

I retired before I was 50 years old. Since my wife and I wished to travel extensively and our children had moved out we decided to sell our home and buy a triplex. We needed less space and liked the idea of having others around for security in our absence. To my delight, there were more benefits to this arrangement than I had anticipated.
Sue and I have taken excellent care of our health and are more often than not pegged years younger than our actual age. We maintained a hot, lush sex life too. During our 28-years together we had endured many of the typical stresses of marriage, including several affairs, but have always concluded that our relationship was worth more than the problem. We frequented clothing-optional beaches and talked about how we might open up our relationship to include occasional sexual interludes with others but were never able to agree on the details of such an arrangement.
Immediately upon moving into our triplex in May, we advertised the other apartments. Within a week we had interviewed ten interested parties and selected two. One a single divorcee, Lynn, in her mid 20's, and another thirty-something couple, Rebecca and Jason, who had just gotten married; the second marriage for each.
Each unit had a small private patio and lawn area that opened to a large common lawn, and a separate building with a garage, and an exercise room with hot tub and sauna. Sue and I rarely wore anything on our patio during the summer or while in the tub or sauna. Our tenants were not as relaxed, but we all got along nicely; aware of each other's comfort. Jason's wife, Rebecca, and I enjoyed vigorous training so would often work out together on the exercise machines or go jogging. Sue, Jason, and Lynn seemed to be able to chatter endlessly and always seemed to make each other laugh.
Nothing physical took place, but at our Labor Day Weekend party, a new direction began to take place. While I enjoyed a particularly 'close' conversation with Rebecca, I detected an unmistakable interest brewing between Jason and Sue who were sitting on the couch; her hand was on his thigh, and they punctuated their chatter with little touches and punches. I began scheming, confident that if Sue ever had an affair without sneaking {which was a condition she always felt was necessary} we could agree to an occasional, open tryst.
Later while we ate dessert, I told Sue what I suspected. She denied it, but red blotches on her neck gave her away. After a few minutes of teasing and laughing, she finally admitted she thought he was cute. When I suggested she pursue any fantasy she might have about him she blushed and put off as impossible that such a young guy could have any interest in her. However, two mornings later over the breakfast table, Sue surprised me.
"Do you remember what you said to me a couple days ago, you know, about letting you know if I was interested in having sex with Jason?" she asked nervously playing with some toast crumbs on the table. "Does that still go or were you just drunk and turned on about Beck?"
"Of course," I answered enthusiastically. "Yes!"
She began talking about her interest in Jason but always returned to her belief that it's just not the same if you, 'Plan it.'
I argued that 'planning' it does not have to be a totally contrived situation with a role to play, but that we simply agree it's okay and give each permission to pursue sex with someone else as long as we take certain precautions. Continuing I repeated my argument from years before, " . . . It can't be more threatening to our relationship than sneaking out." Then added, "And now that we are older and more secure with each other it should be even less threatening."
There was a long, thoughtful pause which I carelessly interrupted with, "I am just saying it's okay. I am saying that to myself as well as to you. I have really enjoyed the flirting that I’ve been doing with Rebecca and Lynn and unless you tell me not to, you can assume I will take advantage of any opportunity to be intimate with them. When I do, I will tell you. Does this make you uncomfortable?"
Again thoughtful silence. Then, "No, Don, not this time," she said with quiet resolve. We took up the 'open marriage issue' again, and this time she agreed to give it a try. We would go ahead but would keep things very limited and discreet. We did not want to become the focus of a marital battle.
The following week Rebecca had to leave town for a few days to take care of some of her ailing mother's business. I made a point of inviting Jason over to sun au natural with us Saturday afternoon. To my delight, Lynn stopped by to tell me about a leaky faucet. I wanted to leave Sue and Jason alone so slipped into some shorts and took a pitcher of Margarita to the deck before going to work on the plumbing. From where I was working it was apparent Jason could not take his eyes off Sue. And although she wore large sunglasses, it was easy to see her scanning him whenever he looked away.
They finished their first drink quickly. As Jason poured her a second drink, Sue handed him the tube of suntan lotion and turned so he could rub it on her back. She stretched out face down next to his chair. He continued talking and rubbed the lotion in very casually, but his growing erection gave away his inner feelings.
Lynn's sink problem was easily fixed in a minute with a screwdriver. She offered me a beer, and we began to chit chat watching what was going on outside. After 15 minutes I walked to her door. She offered me a goodbye kiss which lingered a few seconds longer than I would have expected and rapidly turned into a full-mouthed passionate embrace. God her full lips were soft. Her tongue played delightfully with mine. When I pulled away, we continued to look at each other for a few seconds before awkwardly smiling. She said, "Wow, I'd like to do that again."
"Me too," I answered looking at her stretching along the door jamb. I thought I should leave, but decided to take her back into my embrace. From where we were hugging I could look into our patio. Sue had rolled over. Jason was to apply suntan lotion to her tummy. I turned Lynn around so she could also watch while I fondled her breasts and humped her tight, round ass.
Outside, Sue sat up and applied lotion to her breasts. Jason nervously sat back in his chair, his mouth moving quickly as he rambled on about something... probably comparing the quality of two versions of Hamlet.
Lynn heated up as fast as I, and within seconds I was pulling her ass cheeks apart and fucking doggy style at the sink. We were coming together in less than five minutes. It was purely animal relief we each seemed to need so much.
We parted a little embarrassed in just a couple of minutes. We couldn’t help laughing and stumbling over our explanation that this was so 'unlike me.'
That evening Sue announced that she thought Jason had begun to ask leading questions. I played dumb and went along with her suggestion that we invite him over for dinner ...and soaking in the tub that night. Then I told her about Lynn and me when I had gone over to fix her sink. She looked a little shocked but simply said she had thought I was over there quite a while for a faucet job.
Around 8:00 Jason, Sue and I had a simple spaghetti dinner then moved directly to the tub. After a couple of drinks, I got the feeling Sue could manage better without me so excused myself stating my need to get some sleep.
I left them, but from our bedroom window I watched them proceed timidly through the preliminaries; gradually getting closer, the accidental touch which brought about exaggerated laughter but returned, and then the first kiss followed by immediately heavy making out. Jason got too hot and sat up on the edge of the tub. Sue took this opportunity to do what she likes most; gobble a hard rod. It was clear by the look on his face that her efforts were not being wasted, especially when she took him in all the way to the base of his shaft and nudged his ass hole with her fingers. When he began blasting his load, Sue made a ring with her fingers around the base of Jason's cock and pulled each ejaculation towards the head while she slurped and swallowed his juice. I knew all too well how wonderful this felt but was in awe of how erotic it was watching her apply her magic to Jason.
Jason lifted her against him and kissed her with passion and gratitude. He then turned her around so he could more easily fondle her breasts and feel her ass pressing against his loins. He slowly slipped his hands over her tummy and over the front of her crotch. Sue was able to turn her head around and chew on Jason's mouth while he pressed his hips against her ass and fondled her swollen mons. In response to her undulations, he slipped his middle finger into her slit. Their hips gyrated together with ever-increasing intensity.
Sue leaned on her arms on the edge of the tub, spread her legs and arched her back hard urgently fucking his fingers. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed his reloaded cock and began rubbing it up and down her ass. Watching her rock on his firm, pink-tipped probe I got a raging hard-on and started to jerk myself off.
Jason squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples while Sue worked herself into the height of passion by holding him and rubbing her clit over Jason's rigid tool. Jason took his cock in one hand, slid it up and down her ass a few time then, worked its mushroom head just inside her waiting vagina, paused, then drove it home in one long, firm stroke.
Sue took just a couple of seconds to absorb his presence before she began bouncing back against him in a state of continuous orgasm. Holding her perfect ass, Jason fucked my passionate wife non-stop for about ten minutes before sending the second serving of his sperm up her wild pussy.
I settled into bed extremely turned on and finished
Later, Sue, sleepy and relaxed, still hot from her encounter with Jason took a quick shower and slid into bed.
"Did everything go okay I asked?"
After a long, nervous silence Sue whispered, "You want me to tell you about it, don't you?"
I was shaking with excitement. Not only had I been able to watch her, but now I was going to get to hear about it from her. However, I wanted her to say everything without me prompting her, so I answered, "About what?"
I could feel her tension as she pulled herself closer to me and took hold of my cock. It was still hard, and some of my jism was still leaking out. She knew I had been jerking off... and why.
Several times she started to talk, "I... uh... We... ".
"Okay," in a nervous voice. "You want me to tell you what it was like to screw Jason, right?"
"And you left us together tonight... uh... is that why you left?" Sue asked still trying to gauge my reaction while she nervously rubbed my cock faster and faster. "You wanted to see if I’d fuck him?"
I turned, held her tightly in my arms, and said, "Yes, Sue. I wanted to see if you could fuck him and then tell me about it." When I kissed her deeply I was jolted into a higher state of excitement by the musky smell of another man's sex on her mouth.
"Okay. . . . . . here goes. Oh Christ, you better not be kidding. . . . . . and don’t forget who you screwed this afternoon." Whipping her hair off her forehead and squeezing my dick so tight I groaned. "I want to go to bed with Jason." She looked for a reaction.
I kissed her forehead and whispered that we'd been here before and I did not see why that was such a terribly nerve-racking statement.
She licked a bead of sweat off her lip, and her eyes looked about the semi-darkness of the room. "I made... " Her throat was dry. She swallowed hard and tried again. "I made love to Jason tonight."
"You what?" I asked trying to sound like I was teasing her.
Again a pause. I could feel her beating heart shaking the bed.
"I let Jason fuck me tonight."
"Thanks for telling me. Now was that so bad?" I said stroking her back and kissing her lightly.
"You’re sure?" she said with questioning eyes.
"Yes. It’s not just fine, I'm really excited by it. It turns me on when you tell me you fucked Jason. I knew you did it before you said anything. I watched. You seemed to have an incredible time, and right now I want to fuck you!"
Relieved, Sue began to tune into sexual excitement building inside her. Our kisses quickly lead to unbridled lust. Within seconds we were in a 69 position and took each other to intense orgasms after which we collapsed in a pile of sweaty sheets.
Jason called the next morning. She covered the receiver and whispered who it was while he tried to make up some story. He wanted her to come up with an excuse to come over so she could get away without raising my suspicions. He was too horny to catch her mocking concession to his request. We were both in stitches by the time she hung up. We held onto each other for a time and had our laughs, but it was too obvious she was eager to meet him and was out the door within ten minutes.
While they were screwing their brains out {judging from the sounds coming through the wall} I was getting a blow job from Lynn’s wonderfully thick and soft lips. I had wasted no time going to her door. Lynn was only too willing to have me there. Besides being motivated by what we'd started yesterday, she was obviously turned on by the sounds of sex next door. The door was just closing behind me, and she was on her knees in front of me pulling my shorts down and gobbling my knob. Before I came, I pulled her up and slowly began unbuttoning her little house dress. It fell silently to the floor leaving her in nothing but silky turquoise panties and a shy smile. Her breasts stood out high and pointy. I licked my fingers and slowly circled her aureole causing her nipples to stiffen as she took a deep breath.
I slowly began stroking my cock while I slid my hand from her breast to her mouth. Lynn sucked hard and ran her tongue rapidly around my fingers when I moved them in and out. Taking her hand, I brought it to my dick. She sighed as her fingers nervously wrapped around my growing thickness.
While she sucked my fingers and stroked me I backed slowly to her couch. The banging and panting next door started building up again. I sat down and guided her into a kneeling position between my legs. Without hesitation, Lynn sucked my cock with renewed passion! When I was about to lose my load, I told her to turn around. Settling in behind her I ripped her panties off. I sat back on my ankles and looked at her juicy wet love lips reaching back for my cock as she arched her back. I slipped it up and down watching it get shiny with her wetness and enjoying her growing urgency. Finally, I pressed against her and planted my dick deep within the love canal of my sweet young tenant. We came when the screams from next door reached a fevered pitch.
That evening, sharing our sexy stories and making love, Sue and I had our sexiest evening in 28 years of marriage.
Sue and I really liked the new additions to our sex life, but she followed through on our agreement that we would not engage in any long-term affairs with a married person unless both parties knew what was going on. She gave Jason a one-week deadline to let Rebecca know.
A week later Jason and Rebecca invited us for after dinner drinks. As we got, ready Sue said Jason was planning on it being an introduction to swinging party for Rebecca.
She said that she and Rebecca had spent a lot of time talking about sex. Rebecca, it seemed, had many of the same concerns and interests Sue had had, and was to be getting increasingly comfortable talking to Sue about them. Also, she told Sue that she had found me very sexy.
After a delightful oriental dinner and sake, we moved into the living room. The lights were low, and candles were burning in several places. We settled into overstuffed couches, each with a drink served by Rebecca. Soft jazz played in the background. After about half an hour of stiff drinks and increasing suggestive giddiness Jason turned off the music and slipped in a movie. It was X-rated. We engaged in considerable foreplay with our mates. By the end of the movie, shirts were unbuttoned, dresses were high on thighs, and lust percolated through the room. At Jason's suggestion, we headed for the hot tub. Sue and I took the lead by dropping our clothes on the furniture and floor before heading outside. Rebecca was more timid but followed along with everything the rest of us did. Settled in the warm water, she became very comfortable, even animated, and suggested a game of 'Truth or Dare.' This game quickly became ribald. Sue took a 'dare' and Rebecca dared her to make love with her watching. Sue sat on my lap, and we began to playfully stimulate each other. I dared her to do the same. Soon we were married couples fucking next to each other.
Sue reached out and began stroking Rebecca’s shoulder. Rebecca returned the caress. They drew themselves together while we continued to screw.
Minutes later Jason and I were not only fucking our wife but reaching out and caressing each other’s wife. The ladies leaned into each other and began hugging and kissing as we continued to fuck. I made eye contact with Rebecca as she rested her chin on Sue's shoulder. She held it, so I drew her face to mine and kissed her long and wet. Sue and Jason watched for a while then engaged in an embrace of their own. How strange to be screwing Sue while I kissed another woman.
Eventually, Sue slid off my cock and into Jason’s arms while Beck wrapped her arms around my head and pulled herself over me. How weirdly easy this is, I thought while taking her by the ass and guiding her yawning cunt over my cock. For a moment she hesitated and looked questioning at Jason. "It's okay," he whispered. "Really, it's okay," and he returned his attention to Sue.
Once she gave in to her desire to fuck me, Rebecca was a real sexual animal. She bounced on my rod without inhibition and squealed with delight when I bit her nipples. When I ran my hand around her tight little ass, I found placing my finger in her anus would send her to the edge of passion.
Jason and Sue quickly took up their familiar position with Sue holding onto the side of the tube while Jason pounded her from behind. After we all came and fell exhausted against the edges of the tub, we snuggled with our own mates. The conversation soon gave way to heavy drowsiness, and we decided to call it a night. Warm goodbye kisses were exchanged as we parted for our own beds.
During the next week, we spent most of our time in the 'exchanged' arrangement. It was like a honeymoon. Whereas Sue was usually very quick to 'heat up' and get right to fucking until she came, Rebecca liked to spend more time in foreplay and experimenting. We were more alike in our sexual tastes and enjoyed many long hours just being aroused and surprising each other with new options.
The most memorable time with Rebecca occurred one morning. I was curious about her sensitive ass hole so while rubbing her back with oil I spread her legs and rubbed firmly along the inside of her thighs and ass cheeks making sure to slide over her little opening. Seeing her raise her ass and hearing her moan with pleasure, I poured a bit more oil down her crack and let it run slowly over her puckered orifice. When I began pressing my middle finger softly against the hole, she gyrated her ass, pushing back to increase the pressure. Slowly I inserted one finger all the way inside her. Her anus muscles tightened around it, then relaxed as she continued to squirm. I pulled out slightly and then inserted two fingers freshly covered with oil. This time she began panting and fucking them harder while she pulled on her tits and yelled, "Fuck my ass, Don. Fuck my goddamn ass!". By this time I was harder than I ever recall; like I was about to fuck for the first time. It was about to be my first butt fuck!
I pulled out my fingers and positioned myself behind Rebecca. She grabbed the brass bar at the end of the bed, stuck her ass high in the air and readied herself. Delirious with sensual feelings, yet unsure about entering this new domain, she whispered hoarsely, "Take my ass, Don. Don't make me wait any longer."
With my swollen cock at the porthole, it was obvious that this was going to be a tighter fit than my fingers. However, while I hesitated, she pushed backward and trapped my swollen head about two inches inside her. She screamed with intense pleasure while her muscles crushed my cock with almost overwhelmingly painful pleasure. When they relaxed, I eased in deeper and deeper with a series of slow humps, pouring oil onto my dick each time it backed out. Rebecca panted and pushed harder and faster. As our ecstasy built, I fondled her nipples while she stroked my balls. When we finally came, it was together in a long series of paralyzing full body contractions. Sweat poured from our bodies, and we collapsed tightly joined. I pulled a sheet over us. We awoke hours later still together. Pulling out was comparatively more easy to accomplish, and we rolled up in each other's arms and slept for another hour. Later she told me how she'd had a college boyfriend who had introduced her to anal sex, but Jason just could not get turned on by the idea.
After that week we each returned to our spouse and a more lively sex life. We discovered that no matter how exciting a new partner can be there is nothing quite like the comfort of a long time, loving mate. Occasionally after a workout, Rebecca and I would get together and fuck an afternoon away. Sometimes we would spend a weekend together going to a road race or in one of our homes when Jason and Sue went away. That, however, got down to about once a month. Unfortunately, they had to move out of state six months later due to a job transfer.
Lynn suspected that something was going on. Eventually, Jason and Sue got her to join them in a menage a trois, but only once. She felt the encounter was too demanding emotionally. She moved out almost immediately. After the wonderful encounter with Jason and Rebecca, we decided that we would accept new tenants only if we felt they would be desirable and likely sex mates. Whenever interviewing potential tenants, we make a point of dressing very well and have our home decorated in a way to suggest a lot of sexuality; lots of leather, artwork, etc. We'd talk openly about our sunbathing habits when showing them about the grounds and study their reaction. We also stand close and make discreet physical contact.
We've been successful about 50% of the time. For us, the most likely candidates for our purposes are young couples married at least one year but less than two, and those closing in on their seventh anniversary. We love it! And discussing the possibilities is almost as exciting as successfully seducing another couple.

My wife and I had been married for about a year. One of my co-workers and I had become good friends so he and his wife would go out to dinner with us. It got to be a pretty routine thing, every Friday night we would all meet after work at a local bar and discuss what we would do that night. Usually, it was dinner and a movie or putt-putt or something like that.
I had noticed on several occasions that Carl was really checking out my wife, Bev. Which I couldn't blame him for, because she is so beautiful. Bev is about 5' 8" with great long legs. She works very hard to keep herself slim and in shape. She has the most perfect set of breasts that I've ever seen on a woman (34 C's that are very tight and full). Her hair is long, curly and dark, and her eyes are the most radiant color Hazel. So, I was really flattered when I would catch Carl doing this. One night while playing Putt-Putt, Bev was bending over to pick up her ball, and her mini-skirt pulled up more than usual and exposed her pink panties that were riding up on her. Carl stood there stunned at what he had seen, his wife Nancy startled him back into reality when she said: "Did you see something you like?" Carl just chuckled, and we went on our way.
Several weeks later Carl and Nancy were over at our house for dinner. Carl and I were outside grilling steaks, and the girls were inside doing the rest. Bev came outside to get some wine out of our storage case, and I must say, she was looking particularly pretty. She had just bought a little summer skirt outfit (with flowers and pretty things on it), and it fit her perfectly. Carl and I were on the bottom side of the deck so when Bev bent over to get the wine she was showing us her matching thong underwear. I know I liked what I saw and when I looked over at Carl, he had that same stunned look on his face again. Bev went back inside, and I broke the silence by asking Carl if he wanted another beer, He responded by saying "I think I need a shot of hard liquor." We both laughed, and so I asked him, "You really like my wife don't you?" He said, "She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." I said "Thanks, but Nancy is no pushover." He agreed that Nancy who was about 5' 0" and 100 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes was very pretty also but that the contrast between Nancy and Bev made him hot for Bev. I told Carl that I didn't mind if he saw Bev in the nude, would he like for me to see his wife in the nude? We both agreed that it would be great. So after dinner and two bottles of wine, we decided to play some cards.
We play spades, and I usually partner with Nancy and Bev and Carl partner. About an hour into cards I had made some margaritas and Carl and I both were silently scheming on how we could get the girls out of their clothes. When Nancy surprised us all and asked: "Has anyone ever been to a nudist camp?" There were three surprised answers of no. Nancy said that she had a female co-worker that was telling her about going to this place and that she had the most wonderful time. She told Nancy that she and her husband would really get turned on watching all the people around. Then she went on to tell Nancy that they met another couple and ended up watching each other have sex. Carl, Bev, and I set there with our mouths open not believing that Nancy was telling us all this. She then inquired did we think it would be fun going to one of these places? Bev spoke up and said that she could not just show her self in public like that, but if she were around just close friends that she may enjoy it. So I asked Bev, "You mean that you wouldn't mind walking around naked in front of Carl and Nancy?" She thought for a minute and said she would be OK with it. I said, "bullshit, you're so shy" (thinking that this might be the chance). We argued back and forth for a minute until I said OK prove it.
She said you got it, but you've got to earn it. Nancy and I will be partners, and every time you and Carl win a hand we will take off an article of clothing, Then she looked over at Nancy and said "Right Nancy?" Nancy reluctantly said, "Yeah I guess." Bev then said, "But you two have to take off your clothes when you lose a hand!"
So all was agreed, and Carl and I were excited beyond belief that we were going to get our wives naked in the same room. Soon, that excitement turned to disappointment when the girls won the first three hands so Carl and I were down to our underwear and the girls were still fully dressed. Then the fortune turned in our favor and Carl and I won two hands; that got rid of their socks and shoes. We won the next hand, and both of us got excited because we knew we were about to see the tops come off. Nancy stood up first, looked over at Carl, then shrugged her shoulders and pulled her T-shirt over her head. She had a white lacey bra on that seemed to be one size too small because beautiful tits were bulging over the top. Once she took the shirt off she quickly sat back down, then it was Bev's turn. Bev stood up and unhooked her top from her skirt and then slid it over her head. She had a bra that matched her outfit she was wearing, and it looked so good next to her tanned body. Carl stared in disbelief, Bev sat back down and told Carl it wasn't polite to stare. Carl blushed a little then grabbed the cards and started to deal. While he was dealing, we all agreed that this was really fun and exciting.
As luck would have we won again and this time Bev went First, as she stood up to remove her skirt Carl blurted out "yeah let's see those thongs." Bev stopped and asked him how did you know I had on thong underwear? So to save Carl more embarrassment I jumped and said that when we took a bathroom break that I had told Carl about her thongs. She said whatever and proceeded to slide her skirt down her long legs and then stepped out of it. She held up her skirt and then turned a full circle looking over at Carl and asking "So, Do you like my thongs?" Carl gulped and nodded yes and Bev gave him a little kiss on the cheek as she sat back down. We all turned our attention toward Nancy who had been pretty quiet throughout that entire episode. She was blushing when she looked up and said I don't have any panties on, can I pass? Carl said, hey a deal is a deal, either the bra or the shorts. I leaned over to tell Nancy, "You know Carl is kidding; if you don't want to do anything you don't have to." She knew he was kidding, then she smiled and said, "What the hell, I started all of this anyway." She reached back, unhooked her bra, held it over her breast until she had slid her arms through, closed her eyes, and dropped the bra to the floor. The three of us were silent until I said: "My God Nancy, you're beautiful." Bev spoke next and said that was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. We all gathered our composure and dealt another hand. Carl and I lost, and the girls shouted "WE WIN!!" and I stood up and said, "OK, here it goes!"
I slid down my boxers and stood there for a few seconds, I'm about 7 to 8 inches long and thought I must be looking pretty good. Bev made some comment to Nancy about that is what she gets to live with. Nancy didn't say a word; she just sat there and stared with a big smile on her face. Then Carl stood up, said "Here you go girls!" and pulled down his shorts. His dick was both thicker and longer than mine. I stood there staring at his dick and then realized no one said anything. I looked at Bev, and she was staring at Carl's dick, and I looked over at Nancy, and she was still staring at mine. I said: "All right, enough staring, let's play cards." The girls said we won and Carl and I argued that we would do anything they want if we lost a hand, just keep playing a while. They agreed, and I dealt the next hand. We won that hand, and I could feel myself starting to get hard with the anticipation of seeing Nancy's little bush. Bev stood up, looked Carl right in the eye, and unhooked her front bra snap. She looked over at me then at Nancy, then leaned her head back and pulled the bra away from her wonderful breasts. I looked over at Carl, and his mouth had hit the floor. Nancy said "Bev you have the most perfect tits," and then Nancy reached under the table toward Carl and said, "Apparently Carl thinks so too!" Carl blushed and then said, this was one of the biggest turn-ons of his life.
We all turned our attention toward Nancy, and she looked at the three of us and said, "Ok, nobody laugh!" She stood up and quickly pulled down her shorts; standing there in all of her glory I thought I would come right there on the spot. She had shaved all of her pubic hair except for a small patch. She gave us all a little show by turning completely around, I really liked the way her cute little butt curved down to her legs. I realized that I was not breathing and I took a big gasp of air and released it. Nancy looked at me and giggled a bit. Apparently, after taking the plunge to be completely nude, Nancy relaxed, because she asked if we all wanted another drink. So in all of her splendor, she collected the glasses from the table and went to pour us all some more margarita's. When she came back, she reached across the table to give Bev her drink and almost put her left breast in my mouth. She looked at me and laughed saying, with these things hanging out I guess I don't know where they will end up.
Carl said, enough already, we've got one more person that needs to get naked. We said OK deal the cards, and we will get Bev. Well, Bev and Nancy won the next hand, so we had to do anything that they wanted. Bev came up with the idea of us dancing for them, so Carl and I got up and with the music already playing in the background proceeded to 'shake our groove thing' not to mention with our hard-ons still deployed. We gave them a nice little show, and I said: "OK, I want one more chance to get Bev naked!" We played another hand of cards and (thank God) me and Carl won. Bev stood up and seductively looked over at me, then she looked at Nancy and gave her a wink. She then walked over in front of Carl turned her back to him and began to slide her thongs off. Carl was entranced, and as she bent over to the floor Carl let a huge sigh, saying, "oh my God!" Bev straightened back up turned to face Carl and asked, "What do you think?" All Carl could say was "Oh my God!"
We all kind of laughed at Carl for a moment then as Bev was going to sit back down, she said, "Hey wait, Nancy has to do something for you guys." Nancy laughed and said, "Thanks a lot bitch!" I started to try to dream up some cool idea when Carl chimed in and asked me could he call this one? I said sure, and he looked at Nancy and said if he didn't get relief from his hard-on soon, he would explode. Then he asked her to give him a blowjob, She said "Sure Carl, whatever you need." They both got up and started off towards the bathroom, and Bev yelled out, "WAIT, the bet was everything to be done in this room!"
Apparently when Carl heard that, and the thought that he would be getting a BJ in front of us, sent him over the edge. He grabbed Nancy by the shoulders and yelled "I'm gonna come," and she immediately dropped to her knees and as soon as she was able to put her hand on his dick, huge gobs of white sperm shot onto her chest. It looked like a fire hose that could not be turned off; I had never seen anyone come that much in my life. When he finally started to calm down, Nancy took his dick into her mouth; she pushed it all the way in and then she slowly, sucked on it until it popped out of her mouth. She had cleaned her man in one suck, and then she looked up at Carl, and they smiled at each other in a way to say that was wonderful. Bev got Nancy a towel, and when she handed it to her, she made sure to get just a taste of Carl's sperm off of Nancy's hand. I was the first to speak and said, God how could we top that.
Bev said I know, and she looked me right in the eye and said, "I want you to fuck me in front of our friends." My mind was spinning, and I took her by the hand and said, "Let's do it." We made a mad dash for the couch and without hesitation fell right into a wonderful 69. Bev was on top sucking my member to her heart's content, and I was licking her drenched pussy like there was no tomorrow. I had my hands on her ass cheeks, spreading them wide for better access. She reached back and grabbed one of my hands and slid the finger into her ass. That is the one thing I know about Bev; when she is truly ready for big-time sex, she likes a finger in the ass. I was now licking her clit as fast as possible while my index finger was going in and out of her tight hole, I then slid my thumb into pussy. At that point, she quit sucking my throbbing dick and sat straight up on my face. She yelled out "I'm going to come!" and the entire sofa started shaking, she was grinding her clit into my face and tongue and yelling at the top of her voice, Yes Yes. After about two minutes of that, she started to settle down until finally she dismounted my face and fell into the floor exhausted. This was the first time that I got to look over to see what Carl and Nancy were doing. They were sitting together in a recliner. Carl's dick was as stiff as a board again, and he was slowly stroking Nancy's well shaved pubic area. Bev looked over at them and breathing heavily said: "OK guys, it's your turn. I need a break."
Nancy looked at Carl and without saying a word stuck her tongue into his mouth. She then turned facing him and straddled his legs until she was able to pull his long dick into her. She wasted no time in getting it in and immediately started pumping hard and fast. Carl had a hold of each ass cheek and was pulling them as far apart as possible, That was giving us a perfect view of his dick penetrating all the way into her pussy, plus each time he pulled up her little brown hole would be exposed. Nancy was bouncing up and down on Carl like he was a pogo stick. We couldn't see what she was doing, but she had one hand in front of her like she was stroking her clit and the other hand was tugging at one of her nipples. She was very vocal and continued to beg Carl to fuck her harder.
Bev looked up at me and said: "take me from behind." I obliged by sliding off the couch, and she knelt up on all fours. I mounted her from behind. Her pussy was soaked, and I slid right in to the hilt. We were still watching Carl and Nancy, and I started to move in and out slowly. Suddenly there was a squealing sound coming from Nancy, and she screamed "I'm cumming!!!" as loud as I have ever heard. Bev must have really liked that because she started thrusting backward onto to my dick as hard as she could. Nancy continued to come for a couple of minutes, and then Carl said he was coming too. Nancy, who had slowed down her bucking, suddenly started bouncing on Carl as hard as she could. He grunted for about a minute, and Bev looked back at me and said, "He shot his wad deep inside of her." I looked back down and said, "That's what I'm going to do to you!" I was pounding into Bev pretty hard now. When I saw Nancy dismount Carl and when her pussy separated from his dick and I saw another gallon of cum rush out of her hole, I lost it. I started pounding my dick as hard as I could into Bev, and she was meeting every stroke. My orgasm was the most intense that I have ever had. I collapsed to the floor and Bev did too, we all four looked at each other and not knowing what else to do, we busted out laughing. We all cleaned up, and Carl and Nancy went home, but we all were thinking the same thing - "When will we do this again?!"
The following Monday was a really fun day. I ran into Carl at work, and he just raised up his hand and said "High Five!" We took a coffee break and started reminiscing about the last Saturday Night. He said that he and Nancy had sex all day Sunday and all they could talk about was how wonderful it was to watch Bev and I have sex. I told him that we were the same way that not only did we have sex three times on Sunday but, Bev Masturbated in front of me twice. We both agreed that we need to do this again and fast. We were disappointed to find out that Nancy was going to a family reunion this coming weekend and struggled to find a time when we could all get together.
A few days later Bev came home excited, she had just received a bonus from work. She said we should take a trip on the free money and invite Carl and Nancy to come with us. I called Carl, and we got the plans together; the following weekend we would all drive down to Florida. We all counted the days until our vacation, and every day Bev would come home with a new outfit or swimsuit for the trip. Thursday finally arrived, and Bev and I went to pick up Carl and Nancy for the trip. On the way over I was complementing Bev on her new mini-skirt, and she said she bought it just for the ride down. She leaned over and put her hand on my leg and said: " I bet you can't guess what I have on underneath?" I replied by saying I hope it is nothing, she laughed and said: "How'd you guess?"
We laughed for a minute, and she squeezed my leg a little, then looked me in the eye and said: "I'm so hot I think I'm going to come right now!" I reached under her skirt, and she was hotter than a firecracker. As soon as I touched her furnace of a pussy, she threw her head back and started moaning loudly. She forced her hand under mine and started rubbing herself wildly, then she screamed out "Pull my nipples!" I quickly reached up and through her blouse started pinching and tugging at her nipples, she was screaming at the top of her lungs "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" This seemed to go on for about two minutes until she started slowing down. I started just rubbing her breast, and she was still slowly rubbing her clit and convulsing each time she would hit her sensitive spot. She took my hand from her breast and started kissing it; she thanked me for a wonderful orgasm and told me that she loved me. I teasingly said that she must really be fired up for this trip. She said that she felt like a new woman and that she felt sexier than she has ever felt, and that she wanted everybody in the world to know that she was SEXY.
We got to Carl's place, and Bev said she was going to go inside to freshen up. Carl was coming out of the house with a suitcase, and she reached up gave him a kiss on the cheek and kept walking. Carl asked, "Is there something wrong with Bev, she looks like she's been crying?" I said, "No, she's been cumming, all the way over here." Carl laughed and said, "Well, let's get packed and maybe she will cum all the way to Florida."
Carl and I finished packing the Suburban, and he said let me go get the girls and we'll leave. Carl came back out followed by Bev and then came Nancy. I had never seen Nancy look so good. She had on a gold tank-top and a black mini-skirt. Her tanned legs and beautiful blond hair were shining from the sunlight. I yelled over to Carl and said "I think we're gonna have the prettiest girls on the beach this weekend," and Carl quickly agreed.
We finally got on the road and everybody was in a festive mood, Carl pulled beers out of the cooler (none for me since I'm driving) and Bev was passing around snacks. About 60 miles into the trip, things started to settle down, and Nancy said, "I guess I'll be the first to bring it up, I really had a great time two weeks ago." We all agreed, and Bev spoke next saying that she hasn't gone an hour without thinking about it. She looked back at Carl and said thanks for voyeuring her all that time, that now she wants everybody to see her naked body. Carl said your welcome, and if you want to show your naked body, start stripping now. Bev laughed and said, "I'm going to, but I want the world to see me!" She said the next time we pass a car that she was going to flash him her tits and then she would throw her blouse out the window. Nancy laughed out loud and said, "If you do it I'll do it!"
We were coming up on a car, and I told her to get ready. She pulled her shirttail out and turned her body towards the window. As we got next to the car, I matched my speed with his, and we all noticed it was a young couple (probably in their young twenties). We got right beside them, and from behind, I saw my wife yank up her blouse. Carl and Nancy were yelling and clapping, and the guy in the car was giving a thumbs up. Bev pulled the blouse all the way off and rolled down the window, the guy rolled down his window and shouted: "You're beautiful!" Bev in all her splendor reached out of the truck and handed the young man her blouse. It was funny, as soon as the guy took the blouse; his girlfriend took it from him and placed in front of her as if she was trying it on. I told Bev that someday we would see that girl in her shirt. We laughed, and they laughed, then we waved goodbye and kept going. Bev just kept saying how great and exhilarating that was.
Nancy said: "OK, my turn." Soon, we started coming up on a pick-up truck, it looked like there were three guys in the truck, so I told Nancy "It don't get no better than this!" I pulled up next to the truck and got Nancy's door even with the driver's door. I told Nancy that I would roll down the window for her from my controls, she let out a quick "Go," and I started letting the window down.
Nancy bellied up to the door and raised her tank top up to her chin. The driver looked over, and we could all read his lips, he said "Holy Shit!" The other two guys looked over, and they all started hooping and hollering. Nancy took off her tank top and started to fling it to the guys. When the wind caught it, it quickly hit the ground and was just a gold speck in my rear view mirror. The guys were going nuts, and Nancy yelled, "Come on Bev, get up here!" Bev never thought twice, she just jumped up rolled down her window and went belly up to the door too.
The driver was reaching his hand out wildly trying to touch the two ladies, and the other two guys were yelling for us to pull over. Bev set back for a second and started pulling down her skirt. I asked: "You're going to show them your puss?" She said "Oh Yeah," and with that, she got back up in the window and stood up in the seat as best she could.
The guys were screaming themselves hoarse at this point, and when I was able to look back to see what Nancy was doing, I was shocked again. She had pulled off her skirt and had her ass out the window. She had both hands around her bottom, and I can only assume that she was pulling her pussy lips apart for these guys. The cat-calls were never-ending, and I suddenly realized that we were one mile from our exit.
I told the girls that we needed to stop, and Bev yelled over that we had to leave, but she wanted to give them a gift. Where the guys could see, she took her skirt and started wiping her pussy with it. She then brought up to her nose and took a big whiff, as to say, "Man that's so good!" I saw Nancy doing the same, and we got close enough to each other that they both made a clean handoff. The guys started saying good-bye and the girls were blowing them kisses.
We pulled off the exit and stopped at the stop sign for a good long time just to catch my breath. I heard Carl ask Nancy if she really enjoyed herself, and she said very much, then she said, "By the size of that bulge in your shorts, you must have liked it too!" Carl said, "You bet I did!" I started driving on and watching in my rear view mirror. I saw Nancy pull closer to him and they started kissing. To my surprise, they continued kissing, and then I noticed Nancy rubbing Carl's cock through his shorts.
I nudged Bev to get her attention and motioned for her to look in the back. She started watching them and had a smile on her face from ear to ear. Nancy unzipped his shorts and pulled his 'bigger than mine' dick out, I heard a simultaneous moan come from both women. Nancy looked up for the first time from her kiss to see Bev and I watching intently.
Nancy looked at Bev and said, "Why don't you suck it?" Bev asked her back, "Can I?" Nancy nodded her head up and down and then Bev looked at me. I said, "By all means, let him have one of your killer blowjobs."
Bev crawled down in between the two front seats and was facing Carl. From my angle, I could only see the back of Bev's head, but I could tell by the length it was moving she was taking him to the hilt and then pulling slowly back up. I knew her technique well and knew that Carl was feeling great. Nancy was still kissing Carl and Bev was moaning to beat the band.
I figured she must be close to another orgasm, so I reached over her beautiful ass and ran my hand down to her clit. As soon as I started rubbing it, she started moaning louder, and I knew it wouldn't be long before she came.
Suddenly Bev reached back and grabbed my hand and started pulling it to her ass; she always likes me to manipulate her ass when she's extremely hot. So I reached down to her pussy to pull some lube up to her anus and started slowly rubbing my finger on the outside of her ass. She reached back again and at the same time raised her mouth from Carl's dick and demanded, "Fuck my ass with your hand!" We had never been rough when we were playing with her ass. She took my middle finger and shoved all the way in her ass in one motion, again she said: "Fuck Me!!"
I started pounding my finger in and out of her ass furiously, and she went back to sucking Carl's dick. I heard Nancy say, "I've got to see this!" She leaned the seat forward so she could get a good view of my finger in Bev's ass. As her sweet hole lubed up more, I started putting a second finger in, all the time ramming in and out. Bev raised her mouth from Carl's dick again and gasping for air said: "God I Want To Come." It was like she was in a trance. She looked back and saw where Nancy was and in an almost begging fashion asked, "Would you rub my clit?" Nancy never said a word, she reached over my hand and started rubbing as fast as she could. Bev buried her head again and in a matter of seconds with her mouth sealed around Carl's dick started screaming. I knew she was coming like wild, at the same time Carl started wailing, saying "Oh God, I'm Cumming." Bev sucked him dry, all the while she was in the midst of what she said later was a spiritual experience.
We all took time to catch our breath, and I said: "We're about ten minutes from the hotel." Bev looked over to me and said, "I think you've been neglected on this trip, that gives me plenty of time to get you off." I didn't argue, and before I knew it Bev was giving me one of those fantastic blowjobs, it didn't take long for me to come, and Carl and Nancy applauded went it happened. We were pulling into the hotel parking lot when it dawned on me that the two girls were still naked, I asked them if they wanted me to get something out of the suitcase and Bev said: "Nope, I'm wearing the outfit I've got on." Carl and I checked in and then drove to where our rooms were. Nancy said "Give me the key, and we will open the door for you guys," and they walked right out in public, past an old couple and into the hotel elevator. Carl and I got the luggage and made a beeline for the room.

Michael and I had been secretly collaborating behind the girls' backs. We are trying to outdo what the girls did to us with their leopard skin underwear and black whips. We have decided to lure the girls under the pretext of going to dinner at the wharf in San Francisco.
It has taken considerable planning, kids, tickets, etc., but when the day arrives, we are ready. We drive to the city and tell the girls that the restaurant we're going to in on the Princess Liner, and is open to the public while in port. It is a beautiful ship and one of the newest they have. We go aboard and do a little sightseeing on the ship. This thing is huge. After about an hour, right on schedule, you can feel the ship starting to leave the dock. The girls panic, so we decide to let them in on our little trick. We're going to Mexico for three days. Now they are so excited they are laughing and giggling like two high school girls. Pam asks me about the kids, clothes, and things like that. I tell her, trust me; I have taken care of everything.
We decide to go on deck and watch the ship leave the Bay and head towards Mexico. This is so exciting. Taking a ship like this with Pam, no kids, and good friends is something I have dreamed about for years. Even with kids, it would have been fun, but something tells me that this might be something special. After watching the ship leave the Bay, we take the girls to our staterooms. They are very nice, King size beds, portholes looking out onto the ocean, and our rooms are next to each other and have adjoining doors. Since they didn't bring any clothes, I open the closet and reveal a whole new wardrobe I purchased for her just for this trip. We decided to freshen up a little, so Michael and Shawna go to their room to get ready also. I've taken out of the closet the dress that I would like for her to wear tonight. She quickly starts to change, and while getting dressed, she starts looking around for the panties that go with his outfit. I tell her there are none. This is part of my plan. She smiles at me, and I tell her how terrific she looks in the dress, and that she is giving me a hard-on just looking at her.
The plan is to meet Michael and Shawna at the restaurant at 9 p.m., so we start to head up there now. I can't help but notice some of the double takes Pam is attracting from other guys on the ship, and it makes me feel proud of her. I asked her how it feels to have no panties on, and she tells me it makes her feel very sexy and that the same time, naked. She said it is turning her on even though know no one else knows about it.
We are seated, and in a few minutes Michael and Shawna arrive, and another part of our plan is exposed. They both have on matching outfits except for the color. Pam is wearing black, and Shawna is in red. During dinner, the girls tell us how excited they are and that we did good this time. Pam is sitting across from Michael, and I am sitting across from Shawna, and even though their dresses aren't that short, as they sit there, you can see through the glass table that they are starting to creep up their beautiful thighs. Every once and a while when Shawna shifts in her chair, for a brief moment you can see up her legs enough to see she is wearing no panties either. What a great plan we had!!! Pam's dress is doing the same thing, and when she notices that we are trying to get a peak, she spreads her legs for just a second and gives us both a great flash and then gives us a sweet smile. This is turning me on, and I can't wait for the rest of the evening to play out.
After dinner, we start to put the rest of our plan into action. We have reservations for the girls to get professional massages in the salon, with everything from mud baths to steam baths. Since only one can go at a time, we ask Shawna to go first. The rest of us go back to rooms to relax and wait for her to be done, approximately one hour, and then it will be Pam's turn. Pam and I lay on the bed and relax a bit by snuggling together and letting the stress of the day disappear and be replaced with the excitement of our new adventure. After a few minutes, Michael knocks and comes in, and I tell Pam it's time for the next step in our evening together. Michael lies down next to Pam so we have her sandwiched in between us. Pam is full of smiles probably anticipating the affection about to be lavished upon her.
From behind, Michael is unbuttoning the back of her dress, the first step in releasing her from the bondage of her clothes. While he is doing this, her breathing gets heavier, and I can't help but passionately kiss her and whisper in her ear how much I love her and how grateful I am to have her for a wife. From behind, Michael is pulling the straps over her shoulders and slowly lowering her dress down until on my side, it exposes her breasts. I can't help but notice that her nipples are already hard and sticking straight out. Michael is kissing her on the back and on the sides of her neck, working his way up and kissing her on her ear, which causes her to close her eyes and lean back in ecstasy. After a couple of minutes of this, I grab the sides of her dress and pull them off all the way, leaving her lying there naked in all her beauty. I take the opportunity to remove my own clothes and so does Michael. I position her on her back in the middle of the bed and spread her legs apart exposing her glistening wet pussy. I can't wait so I just dive in and start running my lips up and down her pussy, back and forth, stopping only to suck on her clit, which sends shivers up and down her body every time I touch it. Michael is busy playing with her breasts, keeping her gorgeous lips occupied with his and just generally working her into a state closer and closer to oblivion. I think that if she were any more excited that her heart would stop. I reposition her so that she is on top of Michael with her pussy on his face and her head hovering above his 8 inches of pure pleasure that's very hot and hard just for her.
Michael's lips take up where mine left off, giving her one of the best pussy lickings she has ever had. While he is doing this, she is holding his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, licking and kissing them over and over again like they were candy. I can see most of his cock disappear inside her mouth with such gentleness, tenderness, and love that I can almost feel every stroke she is giving him myself. While they are engaged in this mutually incredible oral sex, I grab some oil and start to massage Pam's back all the way from her shoulders to her butt hole. I can just imagine what a pleasant sensation that must be to have someone rub your back like that. I especially run my hands over the area between her waist and butt, as it seems every time I rub that spot she moans in pleasure. I spread some lubricant on her butt and let run down the crack of her ass until it runs over her butt hole. I softly rub it in, up and down her crack, stopping only to make little circular motions around her asshole and then quickly slide my finger in just a little and then out again quickly. I do this several times trying to get her to relax the muscles in her ass so that I can slide in the little blue vibrator I brought along just for such an occasion. I put some lubricant on the end of it and gently start to push it up her beautiful butthole.
As it disappears and her moans grow more intense, I turn up the power almost all the way. Slowly I slide it in and out as her head bobs up and down on Michael's cock at a more feverish pace. Michael is running his tongue up in her vagina as far as he can, and I continued to massage her butt and back. Pam is showing signs of coming so we slow down the stimulus just a little so we can prolong her ecstasy.
She lies on her side this time facing Michael with me behind her. I quickly reach around and start playing with her nipples as she passionately slides her tongue in Michael's mouth. With one hand she grabs Michael's cock and guides it to her pussy where she rubs the head of it up and down against her clit several times mixing his pre-cum with hers. I slide my cock from behind her through her legs so that the end of both our cocks are bumping into each other as they slide against her waiting pussy. She fondles both of them at the same time in her hand. She then takes his and slides it inside her waiting and wet pussy. After a couple of strokes from him and some deep moans of pleasure from her, she reaches around and guides my cock against her asshole and asks me to slowly work it in. It doesn't take much persuasion because she is very relaxed and incredibly turned on and horny.
I can feel Michael's cock rub against mine inside her, and I try to develop a rhythm that accentuates that. I try to make my cock slide inside her as his is sliding out. That way our cocks rub together in passing, causing both of us to heighten the feeling of being inside of her. Pam is practically crying with pleasure, and she whispers that if either of us ever leaves her for any reason, she will kill us both. She starts bucking back and forth in complete abandon as she starts to come. This triggers the cum to well up inside my balls, and I cannot control myself any longer, and I take as many long, swift strokes up her ass as I can before cum just bursts out the end of my cock filling her ass. I can also feel Michael's cock throbbing just like mine inside her pussy as he pours his cum inside her as far as his 8-inch cock can reach. It must be like having two vibrators going full blast inside her at the same time. We all just lay there exhausted without a word being said for several minutes. Finally, Pam gets up to go to the bathroom, and I can't help but see our love juices running down her legs. I hope we satisfied her, I know she sure satisfied us.
We all get dressed, and there is a knock at the door and Shawna comes in. She tells Pam that the salon is waiting for her now and that she is really going to enjoy this, it felt terrific. Pam winks and both of us as she leaves and replies that nothing could feel as good as what she just went through.
Shawna lays back on the bed to relax, and Michael and I look at each other to see if we have anything left in us to complete the rest of our plan for the night. I don't think either of us anticipated the energy that Pam would demand out of both of us to satisfy her. Day One was quite a success. I can't wait to see what the next day has in store.
Day 2
We awaken early, at 7 a.m., to a spectacular day just off the coast of Mexico close to our first port of call. There isn't a cloud in the sky and temperature is a perfect 85 degrees. Pam and I take turns showering and then get dressed for the day. While she was in the shower, I get out the new summer dress I bought for her just for the occasion. It is a beautiful white summer dress with flower patterns and straps holding on her shoulders. She looks adorable in it and should catch more than a few double takes from the guys in it. Michael bought the same dress for Shawna, so they should look like twins. (Double your pleasure, double your fun).
We meet Michael and Shawna at the breakfast buffet at 8 a.m., and I was right, they do sort of look like twins. While eating, we go over any possible itineraries any of us might have while on shore. The girls naturally want to go shopping, so we decided to just go to town and then play it by ear. After breakfast, we catch the shuttle into town and play tourists. The girls are much more excited about this part than we are and Michael and I find ourselves wandering off to the local sportfishing shops to check out the fishing trips etc. We find one place that will rent you your own boat and snorkeling equipment and show you some good places to go. Now, this is more up our alley. We go back and find the girls and try to convince them that we have a good plan. We agree that they can shop for an hour more while we get everything rented and ready to go at the dock.
An hour later we are off on our adventure. The place we rented the boat at said that if we went down the coast for about an hour, we would find cove after cove of secluded beaches and would probably not see another person all day. The water is crystal clear and very warm, almost too warm for me, but just the way the girls like it. We find an absolutely beautiful beach in our own private cove and drive the boat onto the shore to unload. This little adventure was not in our original plan for today, so there is one thing I didn't think of when we left the ship, swimsuits. Oh well, will just have to tough it out, won't we? The girls don't believe us that we forgot the swimsuits. They think we did it on purpose. If I had thought of it ahead of time, I probably would have done it on purpose.
The boat came with all kinds of snorkeling gear, a big beach blanket, towels, etc. Michael and I had them pack sandwiches and drinks also. I can't wait, so after getting the beach set up and the boat anchored properly, I grab some snorkeling gear, strip off my clothes, and head for the water. It is like floating in the air. The water is warm, and so clear you cannot see it at all. It gives you the most exhilarating feeling you can imagine. Being naked also makes you feel totally free. There are beautiful fish everywhere. I can see Michael has decided to come in too and is swimming out to where I am. Neither of us can believe how beautiful it is. We call for girls to come and they start to get undressed and put their snorkeling gear on. Once in, they can't believe it either. The fish, the crystal clear warm water, and the feeling of freedom being naked while swimming in our own little paradise. I decide I'm going to remember this as Fantasy Cove II, remembering Pam and my adventure years ago at Lake Mojave when we found a similar cove and named it Fantasy Cove.
The girls look great naked underwater too. With nothing on but swim fins and a mask, their beautiful bodies hang suspended in the water like they are weightless and just floating on air. Watching them swim has given me a hard-on, and I'm slightly embarrassed as I can't hide it from them. While at the surface after spotting it, Pam tells me I'd better be careful a fish doesn't get the wrong idea and think it's a meal. Ha, Ha. We dive together and frolic in the water like kids. We fondle and kiss and playfully grab each other's private places. After 30 minutes or so of this, the girls decide to go ashore and rest while we continue to explore. The whole experience just kind of lures you further and further away to see what you might find just passed the next rock outcropping. So for another hour or so we do just that.
Upon returning to the beach, we notice that the girls are lying on their backs, very close, on the blanket. They are facing and seem to be talking to each other. All of a sudden, Shawna reaches over and kisses Pam tenderly on the lips. Pam responds by rolling on her side and putting her arm around Shawna and giving her a great big kiss back. I don't think they see us, so we stay where we are and decide to watch for a moment. Just our masks are sticking out of the water, so I didn't think they would see us unless they looked hard.
We move in as close as we can over by a big rock sticking out of the water, which further conceals us. Pam takes one of Shawna's breasts in her hand and is kneading it all around while they kiss each other over and over. Pam then moves her lips down to Shawna's breast and starts to tenderly suck on it. She is running her tongue around and around her nipple and then swallowing it in her mouth. She moves to the other breast as Shawna just lies there in complete relaxation, doing nothing but enjoying Pam's touches. We are in a perfect position to see everything and either they have forgotten about us, or they don't care if we see them at all. Either way, this is a total turn-on watching them love each other.
Pam lies back for a moment, and Shawna takes her cue and starts to do the same thing to Pam. With both hands on her boobs, she is squeezing and pinching her nipples and gently sucking on them. Her breasts are swollen and her nipples are sticking straight up the air as she plays with them. Oh, how I would love to have one in my mouth right now! But this is better, at least for now. There is something naughty about watching someone doesn't know you are watching them, and it is thrilling.
Shawna continues to move down Pam's body with her lips until she reaches her pussy. She gently nudges Pam's legs apart exposing Pam's almost quivering pussy lips. I can see her slowly spread them apart and run her tongue the whole length of Pam's vagina, stopping only to tease her clit with the very tip her sensuous tongue. This is really making Pam horny. I can hear her making moaning sounds as she lays there and her body is starting to tremble.
Shawna takes her finger and slides in Pam's cunt as far as she can and continues to torture her with her tongue. After what seems to be an eternity, Pam has Shawna get in a 69 position with her so that they can both please each other at the same time. With her eyes closed, Pam is spreading Shawna's neatly shaven pussy apart with her lips and thrusting her tongue up her hole as far and she can. At the same time, she is massaging the cheeks of her ass with both hands, stopping only to play with her asshole every few minutes.
Pam reaches around and put her finger in Shawna's cunt and gets it good and wet. She then starts to slide it slowly up Shawna's cute little asshole. A little at first, then finally all the way in. Shawna's hips are rolling around and around, enjoying every ounce of pleasure that Pam's giving her. Pam asks Shawna to do the same to her ass, and before long, the two of them are convulsing back and forth, moaning louder and louder until each is having an orgasm that is almost unimaginable. I look over at Michael, and it is clear that this has made the two of us very horny also.
The girls lay back on the blanket in total relaxation. I don't think you could get them up for anything. We decided to make our entrance, but we can't quite hide the fact that we have hard-ons. They see us emerge out of the water and Pam says, "My, my, what do we have here?" We smile, say nothing, and just dry off little and lay down next them.
We are all lying there on our backs relaxing when Pam's hand slides over my leg until she has my cock in her hand. She softly rubs it, and it quickly springs back to life. I roll to my side and start to kiss her lightly on the lips. This is igniting another flame in both of us. Before long, I am kissing her as hard as I can and squeezing her buns. I roll over on her, spreading her legs apart with mine, and slowly slide my very hot cock up inside her hot pussy. We are fucking slowly at first, but the more we do it, the better it feels, and the faster we go. This has also prompted Michael and Shawna next to us to heat up their romance also.
I can see Pam watching Michael's cock disappear and reappear over and over again inside Shawna. I think this really turns her on watching someone else make love. I know it turns me on. Pam's body and mine almost entirely become one as we are hugging each other as close as we can with every inch of skin between us touching and sliding against each other. Before long, we can't contain ourselves anymore and in complete abandon shake and shiver in each other's arms until we have each experienced the most intense orgasm ever. Right before I came, something Pam said to me once while making love on the floor in the living room flashed through my brain. "It feels like love." There is no better way to say it.
After another snorkeling trip by the four of us, we pack up and head back to the dock. Then after turning the boat in and returning on the shuttle, we all shower, change our clothes, and meet at the dinner table together. We reminisce about our day together and agree that this trip couldn't be better. After dinner, we head to the dance floor for a while, just to end this night. While Michael and Shawna are dancing, Pam nervously asks me if I would mind if she spent the night in Michael's room tonight. She said she would only do it if Shawna doesn't mind and if Shawna wants to spend the night with me. This would be the first time we ever did something with another person without both of us being together.
I think about it for a minute and tell her it would be okay with me with one condition. That she would sit down soon after and write me a letter telling me what they did and what it was like. I told her I would write her letter about what it was like being with Shawna also if she liked. Pam agreed to my terms, and when Shawna and Michael return to the table, Pam shuttle's her off to the powder room to work out the details. What a trip, and we aren't done yet!
Day 3
The sun streaks through the portholes and lands its warm rays across my body and wakes me up. I lay there for a moment and try to collect my thoughts. I look over and remember that this is not Pam lying next to me as usual, and remember Pam's plan to spend the night separately. All the memories of being with Shawna last night start to flood my mind and then my imagination goes into overtime trying to imagine how Pam's night was. I can't wait till she writes me her story describing her first evening alone with Michael without me.
Just then, there is a soft knock on the door that separates Michael's and our room, and Pam walks in with a big smile on her face. She must have had a great night because she is in a great mood. She walks over and gives me a big kiss and then lays down next to me. Shawna wakes up, and the three of us just lay there relaxing and basking in the warm sunlight coming through the window. After a little while, Pam tells me, that since this is the last day, they have a little present they want to give me. I ask her what the occasion is and she tells me that it is a little thank you present for the three-day cruise that we planned for them. She also tells me that if I want it, I must go and take a shower and get cleaned up.
With great anticipation, I go and take a wonderful warm shower and try to imagine what might be ahead for me. I gotta tell you, this is a great way to start a day. With my imagination running wild, I soon have a warm sensation in my cock and feel it steadily getting larger and larger the more I think about them. After showering, I come back into the bedroom, and Pam tells me to lie down while she and Shawna get ready. They disappear into the bathroom and start the shower and both hop in. They have left the door slightly open, and from my position, I can see the reflection in the mirror of the two of them taking a shower together. It is a small shower with not very much room for two, but that seems to be just fine with them. Pam has a bar of soap in her hand and is gently washing Shawna's breasts, whipping the soap into a rich lather, washing first one and then the other. She works her way down to her stomach and then slides the of soap between her legs and runs its back and forth over her pussy. This is really getting me horny just watching, and I position myself on the bed to get the best view. Pam reaches around with her other hand and starts to wash Shawna's ass. With one hand she is rubbing Shawna's pussy back and forth, and every couple of seconds one of her fingers disappears inside of her. With her other hand, she is playing with Shawna's ass. My cock has grown very large now, and I can't help but stroke it little while I watch them.
It seems now its Pam's turn to get all lathered up. Shawna is rubbing both of Pam's boobs in her hands and gently leans forward and gives her a passionate girl to girl kiss. As they kiss, I can see their boobs rubbing against each other so sensuously that it is driving me crazy. I can see their nipples rubbing against each other, back and forth, getting harder and larger the longer they rub together. If I watch this much longer, I am going to make myself come. Shawna's hands work their way down to Pam's waiting pussy and lovingly rub her with the bar of soap back and forth against her cunt. Letting the shower rinse the soap off her a little, Shawna kneels down in front of Pam and starts to kiss and lick Pam's beautiful trimmed pussy. I can see Pam trying to spread her legs apart farther and farther to allow Shawna's tongue to get up inside her as far as possible. Shawna sucks on Pam's clit as Pam's head rolls back and her moans get louder and louder as she comes because of the sensations Shawna is sending through her.
After a few more minutes, the two of them get out of the shower and start to dry off. Pam decides now it's time to shut the door. All of a sudden it hits me that they left the bathroom door open on purpose knowing that I could see them in the mirror. Pam knows about my fetish of watching her with other people, so I guess she was giving me one of my fantasies. When they return to the room, they are both dressed in the cutest lingerie I have ever seen. I saw the Frederick's of Hollywood's store downstairs on the ship, so I guess they stopped in and stocked up.
Pam has on the beautiful yellow peek-a-boo type of baby doll lingerie that really looks great on her. It is kind of modest looking, but it leaves your imagination running wild as to what she is hiding under it. I can't wait to slide my hands under the beautiful soft material and explore every inch of her for myself. Shawna has on a gorgeous pink satin and lace outfit with matching pink nylons that come halfway up her thighs. She also has on these beautiful fingerless pink gloves that top off the whole thing. I have always understood why one woman could be attracted to another because of their natural beauty, but with an outfit like this one on, it's no wonder why Pam is attracted to her. Who wouldn't be?
They both give me a short little show as they enter the room and Pam remarks that by the look of the bulge under the sheets, maybe she should have shut the bathroom door sooner. I tell her I'm glad she didn't because that was the best show I have ever seen, and anyway, I saved myself for them. They both lay down next to me, Pam on the left and Shawna on the right and cuddle next to me motionless for a minute. I can't keep my hands to myself, so I slide my left hand under Pam's yellow underwear and gently start rubbing her cute little butt. It feels so good in my hand, her wonderfully baby soft skin, that I could rub it for hours. I slide my right hand under Shawna's cute little pink outfit and find an equally soft butt to massage. I am in seventh heaven. I have always dreamed of making love to Pam with another woman there, and now it is finally happening. I whisper in Pam's ear how much I love for this and how much into means to me and then give her most passionate kiss I have inside of me. She gives me a big smile back and just whispers 'You're welcome, but it's not over yet.' She gently starts stroke my cock, and like they have a plan, Shawna starts to fondle my balls in one of her hands.
My already alert cock begins to get even stiffer, and I can feel it getting hotter and hotter in the girl's hands. Much more of this, and I might have a premature explosion of the best kind. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Pam and Shawna slide down to my waist and start to play with my cock with her mouths. Pam runs her tongue up and down the sides of my cock and Shawna kisses and sucks on the head at the same time. I am looking down at them while they are doing this and I feel like I am in a dream. They are both looking back at me with this naughty little smile on the faces. Shawna starts to kiss my balls, and this gives Pam more room to swallow almost all of my cock with her gorgeous lips. My cock disappears and reappears from her mouth several times, and the warmth of her lips and mouth around me feels almost as good as being inside of her beautiful pussy.
I ask Pam to remove her panties and come up here and face Shawna as she straddles my face and lowers her beautiful warm pussy over my waiting lips. She complies, and I start to give her the best tongue fucking I have ever given her. Shawna picks up where Pam left off by running her tongue up the side of my cock until she reaches the top and then swallows almost the whole thing. Her lips repeat this over and over, up and down, until I begin to feel the come starting to rise up inside of me until it reaches a point that I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. It starts to pour out of my cock into Shawna's waiting mouth, while all this time I'm kissing Pam's pussy as a hard as I can and am driving my tongue up inside her as far as I can. I start to relax a little, but I am still so turned on by the two of them that my cock remains stiff and ready for more.
Shawna notices this so she faces Pam and straddles my cock and with one hand guides it between her pussy lips and lets it slide up inside her as far as it will go. The two of them are facing each other just inches apart, close enough so that their bouncing boobs are rubbing against each other creating an even higher level of excitement between the three of us. Pam removes the yellow baby doll top she has on and throws it aside and then pulls the straps of Shawna's outfit down over her shoulders and down to her waist until her gorgeous breasts are rubbing together with Pam's in all their naked beauty.
As I am kissing Pam's pleasure spot, I can reach up and play with whole four of their boobs at once. They are so close, I can actually play with both of their nipples in one hand at the same time. So with both hands I play with all four of their nipples at once. I can feel the heat coming from them, and I can feel them getting harder and harder. We continue like this for several more minutes until the passion we all feel reaches a level that none of us can contain anymore. Pam and Shawna embrace each other in their arms as they passionately kiss each other. All this time Shawna's pussy is sliding up and down my cock, and Pam's pussy is sliding back and forth over my lips and tongue. The moans grow louder and louder until I start to shoot my come inside her again and the two of them shake and quiver in each other's arms as they drive their cunts down on me as hard as they can. It seems like an eternity of bliss as we all come together, but eventually, they both fall back to the bed in complete exhaustion. I pull both of them close to me as we just lay there holding each other for several long minutes. We all exchange kisses of gratitude. I explain that if I had known they would give me a thank you present like this, I would have gotten cruise tickets a long time ago.
Pam tells me they will meet me later on deck because she and Shawna have one more person to thank if you know what she means. What a wonderful three-day trip. I can't wait to do something like this again.

David Lovell
Amy and I went to play with our swinging friends, Ken and Lesley last weekend. As arranged, their neighbor friends were also present for the fun. Amy was reluctant to go but knowing that I was excited with the idea she agreed.
We arrived and met their friends who had already arrived. Giselle is a Belgian girl and her husband Dieter is German. Both speak excellent English. We had snacks and a couple of drinks, and Lesley said the girls were going to get ready. They returned quickly dressed in sexy body stockings and well perfumed.
Ken said we would now watch a couple of videos. The first was a sex swing erotic video and the second a Sybian machine video. We have both of these toys in the master bedroom, let's go see.
Lesley volunteered to demonstrate the swing and climbed in. We each got condoms. Ken started to get Lesley excited. He put a blindfold over her eyes and soon was entering her vagina. He soon signaled to Dieter and myself to join in. Amy whispered to me that she did not like condoms.
Lesley said it was now Amy and Giselle`s turn. Giselle climbed into the swing and put on her blindfold. All three of us guys pleased her for a while when she said it’s Amy’s turn next.
Amy climbed in and put on the blindfold. I want Ken to go first she said. To confuse her Dieter went first. The girls started laughing so immediately she pulled off the blindfold and said you're not Ken. Ken took over and I followed.
The girls agreed that the swing was fantastic. Who will go first on the Sybian? Again, Lesley volunteered. She opened a small box with three different sizes penises and said she liked the medium one. She said Ken could operate the controls and within a couple of minutes she had an intense orgasm. Amy and Giselle did not even last so long.
We went back to the living room, got a fresh drink, and started some soft foreplay. Amy immediately gravitated to Ken, which left me with Giselle and Lesley with Dieter.
Giselle and I got around to 69, she asked me to put on a condom and we had a nice session, with me filling the condom inside her pussy. I was too busy to watch the others but heard Lesley moaning and Amy making similar noises.
Dieter and Giselle left. Amy started to comment that she had not enjoyed condoms and needed some natural satisfaction. Lesley agreed.
Let’s go back to the swing I said to Lesley, and we left Amy and Ken alone.
Lesley climbed into the swing and I plastered her with lots of lube. No condom this time. We he fantastic sex, deep long strokes all the way inside her. Each time we felt close to climax we slowed down till we were both ready to cum at the same time. Lesley took a deep creampie and I held it there for the longest time.
Amy shouted for us to come and join them. We returned to the living room to see Amy and Ken locked in the scissors position. Kiss my boobs, David she asked of me. Lesley can you rub my clit? I want to have the most intense orgasm of my life. Instead Lesley said she should warm up on the Sybian and the let Ken put the finishing touches. Amy agreed and we all went to the Sybian. Amy chose the biggest penis and plenty of lube. Lesley took the controls. Amy took Ken`s cock between her lips and I messaged her boobs. That’s it, I want Ken to finish me off. Amy laid across the bed and within a few minutes was screaming in pleasure as Ken pumped her full with his sperm.
On the way home Amy said counting the Sybian she just had three satisfying orgasms and she would like a swing but not a Sybian. She agreed that if other couples were involved we should use condoms, so perhaps we should just stick with Ken and Lesley.
The following day, Lesley called to say that Dieter and Giselle suggested we were all tested for STDs and share the results. Looks like more unprotected sex swinging is on the horizon. I would love to watch Dieter and Ken screwing Amy and I could give both Giselle and Lesley some bareback satisfaction if this works out.
We just arranged for testing, $200 each. I can't wait to pump Giselle's pussy full with my hot sperm.

David Lovell
Steve and Vicky
Back in 1997, Amy and I had been dating for a year when we became engaged, and we started lovemaking. Always with condoms and KY jelly for safety. As time went by she would allow me just a few strokes before putting on my condom.
We went camping with our friends Steve and Vicky. They had been married about one year. One evening we returned to the from the local bar to find our tent completely wrecked and assumed it had been a bear looking for food.
We all fit comfortably into one tent. The guys laid at the side with the girls in the middle. We started to play with our partners and Vicky, knowing what was going on, asked Amy if she was on the pill. Amy told her that we used condoms, and Vicky said if she tried the pill she would never use a condom again.
Amy got ready with her KY jelly and we continued our foreplay. Amy then said put on a condom. Immediately Steve said I don’t have any condoms and Amy said, “Ken, give Steve a condom”, which I did. Soon after Steve said, “I've put on a condom what should I do now?” Amy said, "Let’s change" and climbed across Vicky to be at Steve's side. I waited for a while knowing that Amy was in for a big surprise. Steve was known as the best endowed guy in the senior year.
Amy realized that Steve was a big guy and said, "Don’t hurt me, will you?"
I played with Vicky’s nipples and her vagina and she stroked my cock. Steve and Amy were already enjoying themselves. I went to put my cock inside Vicky, and she grabbed the condom and said "Take that off, they are nasty!" I removed the condom and went into her bareback. I was about to cum, and she was also quite near to an orgasm. I asked her if I should pull out, and she said to keep it right here. Steve chimed in “she's the boss”. I experienced my first creampie of my life, something I'll never forget. Steve and Amy finished and we all fell asleep.
The next day, Vicky started telling Amy that there was no risk to unprotected sex in the days just before starting a period. Later in the day Steve started teasing and said, "Did Amy tell you she was going to let you cum inside her tonight?" Amy replied that she had told Vicky she would consider it. Her period was due to start any day.
That night we got comfortable and we began our foreplay, as usual she applied her dose of KY jelly. Wishing for the best I asked Amy should I put on a condom? She told me not yet and we began lovemaking. I asked her again and she replied, "Not yet, I’m still thinking about it." I was close to cumming and Amy had a strong orgasm, I filled her insides with a deep creampie. Amy just said, "If I get pregnant you have to marry me."
That was the only time that I cum inside Amy until we got married.
Move forward to 2018, after many years, this weekend we caught up with Steve and Vicky. They had driven 600 miles delivering a classic car they had sold to a guy who lived about 50 miles from where we live, and they stayed with us for two nights.
The first night we went for dinner, and Steve jokingly asked if we still went camping. Amy surprised me by saying that we have some friends that we play with on occasion. Nothing more was said.
The following day they delivered the car and came back to our place prior making the long drive home the following morning. Amy made dinner and we talked about lots of stuff since we had not seen them in ten or more years.
Vicky asked about our friends, "Do you swing with them?" she asked. We admitted that we played with them on a few occasions. Steve said that he and Vicky had fantasized about it, but that was as far as it had gone. Vicky said “If you count our camping escapade, we are already swingers.”
After dinner we got comfy with a drink. Amy got close to Steve and I sat beside Vicky. We all knew what was about to happen, who would make the first move?
Knowing that Amy is shy when it comes to being watched while swinging, I took the lead and led Vicky off the bedroom.
Vicky and I played around and she asked if I had any lube. I went to our bedroom to get lube and found that Amy and Steve were already installed on the bed. Her skirt was round her waist and her panties on the floor. I returned with lube, and I told Vicky that I had no condoms. She said she took the pill, and that natural was her exclusive preference. Knowing that I would not be able to hold off for long, I got Vicky almost to the point of an orgasm before sliding my erection into her vagina. I had an immediate flashback to our camping trip and I exploded inside her again. Then Amy shouted “Steve wants to know if he can cum inside me?” Vicky replied “Only if Dave can cum inside me!” and Steve replied “You’ve got a deal”. Vicky whispered “We’re off the hook!”
Vicky cleaned up, and we laid for a while, without any sounds coming from the other room. Vicky said “Let’s go and see what’s going on” and left for the bedroom.
Amy only makes love in the dark, but this time the lights were on. Amy told us to put another towel on the bed, an invitation to join them. Steve and Amy were laid on their sides, with Steve giving her long strokes from behind. "She likes it when I do it slow" he said, and Amy said "it’s an early birthday present." She kept telling Steve “don’t cum yet” and “that’s beautiful”.
Steve then said we should change partners. Vicky asked Steve not to cum inside her and to save it for Amy. I took over with Amy, who after a while said that she wanted Steve again. This time she rode on top of Steve, and I watched with excitement as she pumped Steve's hard cock, with her creamy pussy juices oozing down his large shaft, she was getting increasingly close to a serous orgasm. She cried “I’m going to cum, cum inside me now”. Steve let go and shot a load inside Amy. I had my penis buried inside Vicky while watching Steve and Amy, and as soon as Steve fired his load into Amy, I shot my second load inside Vicky.
We cleaned up and all went off to bed.
In bed, Amy and I reminisced about our camping trip some years ago and compared it with the fun we had just had. Amy told me that having Steve cum inside her had been had been her fantasy ever since he gave her a terrific orgasm when we were camping. I told her that cumming inside Vicky and then inside her the following night were my most erotic memories and I thanked her for letting me go bareback with Vicky. This was a spontaneous swap, and we both had lots of fun. I told Amy that I enjoyed the same room experience, seeing Amy enjoying Steve's cock. So far has Amy had resisted same room swapping, but last night she was OK letting me watch her playing with another guy. I told her that it was super sensual for me watching her enjoy sex with a lover. She said "Perhaps we should same room swap with Ken and Lesley the next time we get together. It’s been a couple of months or more since we played with them, hopefully we can organize a playdate soon."
We caressed and Amy quickly got me hard and ready. Amy was already dripping wet, as I flooded her vagina with a fresh load. We had been enjoying incredible sex for over three hours!
Steve just called to say that he and Vicky got home safely. They had talked about our swap experience most of the way home and do not want to wait 10 years before getting back together. Vicky said she was thrilled watching Amy and Steve have fun. Steve told me what he described as his side of the story. Amy had suggested going to the bedroom after Vicky and I left the room. She said that they should go to a separate room so not to spoil the fun that Vicky and I were about to have. He and Amy had spent a long time with foreplay, Amy asked him to kiss her pussy, she then put lots of lube on his cock told him to put it inside her pussy. She said that she wanted to feel skin on skin, and still remembered how he brought her to a climax when we were camping. She also told him that Vicky letting Ken cum inside her when we were camping made her jealous and that was why she had let me cum inside her the following night. I never realized that before. Possibly having bareback sex with Steve was belated revenge. Steve said that he did not ask Amy if he could cum inside her on Sunday night, it was Amy who just shouted it out to see our reaction. He also asked to swap back when he and Amy were having sex in case that Amy wanted to change her mind. Amy was the one that asked for Steve’s cock for a second time. Vicky sort of knew and that was why she told Steve not to cum inside her and of save it for Amy. I told Steve that we would be in touch.
I just told Amy that Steve called and that he and Vicky wanted to stay in touch. They had enjoyed our swapping experience and did not want to pass 10 years before getting back together. I asked Amy what the best part had been. A different penis and feeling Steve deep inside me," she said, "and the build up to my orgasm, anticipating how long it could last, feeling him getting harder and the delight of his pulsating cock squirting warn semen inside me." She said that when I took over from Steve she could not wait to get Steve’s cock back inside her. She said the whole thing was sheer ecstasy.
I asked if she was now OK with a same room foursome. She said she did not want to have a foursome, each time she had seen a foursome porn movie the ladies were kissing each other, which was not her scene. She said the nail lady and her hairdresser were the only ladies that she wanted near her, and the message parlor as definitely out. I sort of knew this but she spelled it out plain and clearly. Amy asked me if would be comfortable with a guy sucking my cock. She wanted to start and finish with her own lover, not destroying the spontaneity by changing her partner half way through when she was already excited.
I asked Amy point blank about what happens with Ken, from starting lovemaking. She said "Ken kisses me all over from my feet to my boobs." She admitted that they did 69. In response to my question of where did he cum, she said "Do you cum in Lesley's mouth?" Ken only put his cock inside her when she asked him, and he took it very slow. She said the long build up to her climax was incredible, it felt like eternity and she was in a semi orgasmic state throughout their lovemaking. It was like being on the edge of a cliff not knowing when she would fall off. His cock was the perfect length and shape and hit her G spot every time. She loved slow long strokes and Ken did the job perfectly. I now understand better why she prefers separate rooms. Ken persuaded her to try different positions, she enjoyed being on top of him and controlling the speed and depth of penetration, and the scissors position with deep penetration and him holding a deep cumshot inside her for the longest time, while kissing her nipples. Ken managed to cum inside her twice each of the three times that they had made love. Also, they had both cum when they did 69, and Amy said she totally lost count of how many orgasms she had. Their lovemaking was an ecstatic two hours affair.
Amy said she adored frequent sex with me and lovemaking with Ken was a special treat and that sex with Steve had been a massive bonus. I suggested that we fantasize next time we make love and I could pretend to be Ken or Steve.

Hello, folks, this is something new for me, and the type of story’s I post. I’ve thought about writing a swingers-based novel, and this is a draft of the first chapter. If you don't mind let me know what you think, is this a story that you would enjoy reading. Thank You.
Chapter I
While many will search for pleasure in life, most fail to discover the pure nature of what they seek. Life’s pleasures aren’t found in the number of our possessions, or the destinations of one’s travels. Instead, life’s pleasures are directly linked to one’s reactions to the circumstances they encounter.
There’s a stage in life where it’s entertaining to look back on the twists and turns of your life’s path. To see those things in which you were in control and those things which occurred due to nothing more than a blind twist of fate. One of the strangest results of this exercise is the realization that those experiences which happened as a twist of fate, those things in which you hadn’t anticipated or planned, are the ones that became the most entertaining and fun you’ve experienced. Life itself is dictated by the fickle mistress called fate. The choices which seem meaningless at the time, have a way of unleashing the series of events that become the life we live. How we react to those events is the one aspect of our lives that we have control.
This concept was recently revealed to the Thomson’s. Fate has been kind to the Thomson’s, while John has been successful in business his wife Barbra was afforded the ability to live the life she’d only dreamt of in her youth. Living in an upper-middle-class neighborhood, having made many friends, and having the free time to enjoy the more exceptional things life has to offer had turned their lives into a pursuit of life’s pleasures. The previous year they were introduced to a pastime that they both enjoyed. Their friends, the Shaw’s, had taken them on a weekend ski trip where they both fell in love with the sport. Unfortunately, skiing is a sport that is controlled by the weather, and last year the climate wasn’t conducive to good skiing in California. This year, however, all signs pointed toward more snow and fantastic skiing in the Sierra’s. When the snow started falling in September this year, both couples began to make plans to spend more time together on the slopes.
It wasn’t until November that those plans were put in motion. Just before Thanksgiving Bill had approached them with the idea of the two couples spending a week together in Lake Tahoe skiing. Bill and Lynn were close friends who the Thomson’s had enjoyed a variety of activities with over the years. While vacationing together hadn’t been one of those activities, the thought of spending a week with their friends in the snow-covered mountains was more than appealing to both.
The couples established the date for their ski trip the week before Christmas. While Lynn and Barbra had spent many hours together shopping and preparing for their vacation, Bill had made a reservation to rent a large cabin for the four of them. The day before they were scheduled to leave they had everything prepared. Their bags were packed, the skis were waxed, and neighbors where enlisted to keep an eye on their homes while they were away. All that was left to do would be to load the car in the morning and drive to Lake Tahoe. Then came the phone call.
The realtor that Bill used to rent the cabin called that morning informing Bill that heavy snow had collapsed the roof of the cabin he had rented. Unfortunately, due to the proximity of the collapsed roof and their vacation no other rentals were available for the week of their stay. Bill informed John of the problem, telling him that he would attempt to find them other accommodations. He then spent the rest of the morning unsuccessfully contacting rental agencies in the Lake Tahoe area searching for another rental.
John, in hopes that Bill would be able to find new accommodations, waited until he arrived home from work that Friday to inform his wife of the fact that their vacation might be in jeopardy. Barbra, obviously disappointed replied to the news by asking, “John, are we talking about finding another place, or are we going to be spending a vacation at home.”
Slowly shaking his head, John replied. “You know how Bill is Barbra if anybody can put this together on such short notice it’s him. He’s supposed to call sometime tonight with an update. Other than that, I’m afraid you know as much about what’s going to happen as I do.”
As they waited every minute that passed diminished their hopes for a successful outcome. Just after nine o’clock, with little hope left, the phone rang. During the half-hour phone conversation, Barbra listened intently to her husband as she attempted to read his facial expressions for clues as to what Bill was telling him. As soon as John hung up the phone, Barbra asked, “well, was he able to find anything?”
John smiled as he slowly shook his head. “No, at least not yet anyway. He’s not giving up though, and from the sounds of it, he wants to turn this trip into a bit of an adventure. He wants us to go ahead and go to Tahoe as planned, he thinks that we’ll be able to find something once we get there. With the size of the storm blowing in tomorrow I’m not sure just how good of an idea that is, I guess we’ll be finding out tomorrow.”
Noticing the concern in his wife’s eyes and imagining what she must be thinking John attempted to dispel her fears. “Barbra we’ve got the whole week to enjoy ourselves, where we stay to accomplish that isn’t really that important.” The broadening smile on her face told him that regardless of her concerns she was joyously anticipating the upcoming vacation with their friends.
The next morning a lite rain was falling in Cupertino when Bill pulled his BMW X5 into the Shaw’s driveway. The mere fact that the two couples were going somewhere together had them all in a giddy mood. As John and Barbra rushed out of the house and across the front yard in the rain, they were laughing and teasing one another as if they were school kids. Jumping out of the car Bill rushed around to open the back door for Barbra. In a playful mood, Barbra rushed to him giving him a friendly hug and a peck on the cheek. Then bending over to enter the car Barbra paused for a moment to greet Lynn. As she hesitated with her shapely ass being displayed, Bill grabbed her hips and slowly ground himself against her lush ass. Laughing Barbra screeched, “Bill, what in the hell are you doing, it’s raining out here, and I’m getting wet.”
Smiling broadly as he continued dry humping her Bill chuckled, “just thinking about getting you wet, naked, and on a bearskin rug.”
Playfully swatting at him Barbra screeched, “then you need to think about having that bear skin rug in front of a warm fire, I’m getting wet, and it’s cold out here.”
As Bill released her he chuckled, “wet is exactly how I was hoping to find you.”
The rain that continued to fall as they drove out of the Bay Area and through Sacramento did nothing to dampen their spirits. As they continued along Bill playfully attempted to get the wives to flash their tits at the trucks they passed. Finely Lynn looked sternly at her husband, “give it up Bill, not only are we not going to be flashing our tits at some horny truck driver, but you’re also not getting a blow-job from either of us. So horndog, just keep your eyes on the road, and if you manage to get us there in one piece, then we’ll see about having a little fun.”
In his most insulted expression, Bill replied, “Lynn you're a brat, I haven’t said anything about a blow-job.”
“What you meant is you haven’t said anything about a blow-job yet. Because we both know that if Barbra and I flash our tits that was going to be what you asked for next.”
The two couples continue to laugh and joke with each other until stopping for lunch in Placerville. Pulling into the restaurant parking lot, it wasn’t difficult to determine which cars came from the east and which from the west. The westbound vehicles coming out of the mountains were all packed with several inches of fresh snow. After passing one of the snow-packed cars, Lynn expressed her concerns. “Honey are we going to be alright? It looks like it’s really coming down up there. Maybe it’d be best to get a room down here and wait for the storm to pass through. After all, we’re not in any hurry and being we’re going to be stuck inside we could have as much fun here as we would in Tahoe.”
Bill gave Lynn a loving hug, “honey, we’ll be fine. They keep Hwy 50 open because it’s one of the main routes into the Tahoe basin. Besides, we’ve got 4-wheel drive, this little dusting will do no more than just slow us down a bit, there’s nothing to worry about. I want you to just relax and enjoy the ride, you’ll see, it’ll be fun.”
Regardless of his confidence, the weather was already affecting their trip. They were already four hours into a journey that generally took five hours in good weather, and that was merely due to the rain. The snow that they would encounter as they continued would even be worse. If the snow packed cars coming off the mountain were any indication this trip was now going to take between eight and ten hours.
As the group came out of the restaurant a couple in front of them was about to get into one of the snow-packed cars. Passing them, Bill asked him about the road conditions. The man chuckled before saying, “it’s the worst I’ve ever seen. There are chain requirements about ten miles up. If you guys are going up the hill, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got plenty of gas, and I would also suggest you have some snacks because it’s going to be an ordeal.”
As they continued to their car, the expression on Lynn’s face needed no explanation. Seeing her appearance, Bill shook his head, “Lynn, there’s nothing to worry about, it’ll be fine. If it makes you feel better, I’ll top off the tank and get some munchies before starting up the hill.”
Half an hour later with a full tank of gas, four cups of coffee, and a bag full of sodas and munchies the four of them started up the hill toward Lake Tahoe. The rain turned to snow before they reached the Placerville City Limits. Less than five miles further up the road, Cal Trans was stopping traffic to ensure that no cars passed that point without chains or 4-wheel drive with snow tires.
The Sierra cement that was falling from the sky had turned Hwy 50 into a ribbon of snow and ice. The heavy wet snow had managed to turn the scenic drive into a nightmare. The worst part of the trip came four hours after leaving Placerville. After the sun went down driving in the dark turned into an ordeal. The headlights reflecting off the driving snow turned the conditions into near whiteout. Finally arriving in South Lake Tahoe all their nerves were frazzled.
Just as Lynn felt that she couldn’t stay in the car another minute the lights of a little restaurant appeared to their right. Without glancing at her husband, she hissed, “Bill, there’s a restaurant pull in there and let me out of this fucking car, I’ve had it with all of this shit.” Bill, who had already been slowing to turn into the restaurant did so without comment. Spending the last five hours driving in these conditions he was as ready as any of them to stretch his legs. Being it was too late to contact any of the rental places Bill took out his phone to call the casinos to check on room availability. After a half an hour he had called every casino and every motel he could find, only to discover that none had any vacancies.
After more than an hour on the phone Bill was finally able to find a room. As soon as he heard that they had one vacancy left he booked it. The only problem was that it was in Reno, which meant that they would have to drive another sixty miles, and two to three hours through the storm before finding a place to spend the night. When he broke the news to the group, his revelation was met with a cold unamused glare from his wife. Pleadingly he said, “honey I’m sorry, it’s the best I could do. The storm caused more people than expected to stay and wait out the weather.”
Lynn’s expression didn’t change, “Well Mr. there sure as hell were vacancies in Placerville. If you had listened to me, we would be spending the night warm and comfortable. But no, you had to make this into a fucking nightmare. Ok if we have to continue on to Reno let’s do it, but don’t you think for a minute that I’m over this yet.”
Glancing at John and Barbra as he slowly shook his head Bill apologized, “Sorry about this guy’s, let’s get out of here before she has a coronary. Let’s just spend the night in Reno and tomorrow I promise you I’ll find a place to spend the rest of the week, even if I have to buy a place.”
Driving through South Lake Tahoe on Hwy 50 the severity of the storm was on full display. A ten-foot-tall snow berm bordered both sides of the roadway along with a five-foot-tall berm in the middle of the road. As the blinding snow continued to fall, the group made their way toward Reno in silence. As they passed the Stateline casino’s they failed to notice the white Cadillac Escalade that pulled out of Harrah’s falling in line behind them.
Inside the Escalade was Ron and Linda Blackburn, a retired couple who had moved to the Tahoe Basin after selling their businesses in the Bay Area some ten years earlier. The couple was returning home after enjoying a dinner at the casino. Ten winters of living in the Tahoe Basin had served in making Ron accustomed to driving in these conditions. Tonight, the road he found himself on was reduced to one lane consisting of two lines of tire tracks through the snow. Leaving the lights of the casinos behind him, Ron noticed the car ahead fishtail slightly and dropped a little further back. By the time they were approaching Cave Rock, the dim taillights were all that could be seen from the car in front.
After fighting the miserable conditions for several hours, Bill was exhausted. As he drove, he was finding it harder to keep the road in focus. As they continued to climb up Spooner Pass the two faint lines on the snow-covered highway were becoming harder to see. With the headlight reflecting off the blinding snow onto an already white backdrop, everything was blending together. Suddenly a bolt of fear rushed through him at the image of driving off the road. His flatlander instincts took control, and he hit the brakes. The car immediately begins to slide and spin out of control. Before Bill could even think the front of the car was buried all the way to the back doors in a bank of fresh snow.
In stunned silence, the four occupants sat in the car unable to think. Finely John shouted, “is everybody alright, Barbra, Lynn, are you two alright.”
Both declared that they thought so before asking, “what happened?”
Ignoring their questions John asked, “Bill, do you have any flares.” As Bill stared straight ahead with a death grip on the steering wheel, it was apparent that he hadn’t heard him. “John,” Bill yelled, “do you have any flares?” With snow now covering the car, John knew that they had to ensure that other cars could see them before somebody ran into them.
As John attempted to open his door, he discovered that he couldn’t. The women soon found that their doors were also jammed closed. As John was trying to come up with a way to get out of the car, there was a knock at the rear hatch. Bill hit the hatch release and the back door slowly opened. As Linda Blackburn peered inside the vehicle, she inquired about their well-being. When it was determined that everybody seemed to be alright Linda told them that they needed to get out of the car. “Ron’s already called the Highway Patrol along with a tow truck. They’ll both be here soon, but you folks need to get back to our car, as cold as it is you don’t want to risk frostbite. The only way out of the car was through the back hatch. By the time all of them were out of the car the experience had them shaking.
Having been far enough behind the car ahead of him to safely avoid the accident Ron’s total focus was on preventing the situation from getting any worse by other vehicles being involved. After setting out a line of flares, he was making his way back to his Escalade when he noticed two women from the wrecked car walking like penguins on the ice-covered road toward his Escalade.
As the six of them waited for the authorities in the warmth of the Escalade Ron asked if the four of them had someplace to spend the night. As Bill informed him about their reservations in Reno Ron chuckled, “I’m afraid that’s not going to happen, you folks need to find someplace locally because as hard as you hit that snow bank, you’ll want to have your car checked before driving it.” Lynn had recovered enough that she was again able to glare at her husband as she listened to what Ron was telling them.
His urge to be helpful was a natural response from Ron. As they continued to wait Ron called a local body shop owner at home. Arrangements were made to have Bill’s car dropped off at the shop and Tom, the owner of the shop promised to check it out the first thing in the morning. Glancing at Bill, Ron said, “I hope I’m not overstepping my bounds, but Tom’s the best body man on the hill. He’s done a lot of work for me, and if anybody can get you folks back on the road in short order, it’ll be him.”
After hearing Ron’s conversation with both the body shop owner as well as her husband, Lynn now angrier than ever addressed Bill again. “Einstein now that we don’t have a car or a place to spend the night what’s the plan.”
Chuckling good-naturedly, Ron interjected, “not to worry young lady. We live nearby, and if you folks allow us, we’d be happy to help you find a place. We’ll get the car taken care of first, then we’ll see if we can find you something even if it’s a sleeping bag in the snow.” When Ron noticed Lynn’s expression he added, “just kidding, I think we’ll be able to do better than a sleeping bag.”
Before any of them could object to Ron’s suggestion a car with flashing red and blue lights pulled in behind them. The Highway Patrolman didn’t need much time to evaluate what had taken place, and with little interest in standing in a snowstorm, he soon had everything required for the accident report. As soon as the tow truck arrived, Ron told the driver where to take the car, and in less than ten minutes the six of them were in route to his house.
Moments later they pulled off the highway and proceeded past several large impressive houses in an upscale residential area. Meandering through the mountainous area for a few minutes they pulled into a large circular driveway. As they followed the entrance around to the back of the large house Barbra, noticing that the path they were on was the only thing in the area not covered with snow proclaimed, “Ron, there isn’t any snow on your driveway.”
Ron laughed, “no there’s not, shoveling snow is quite possibly my most hated activity, I’ve found that a heated driveway is a much easier method of maintaining a snow-free way to get to the garage.”
As the six of them were getting out of the Escalade John stopped in his tracks on noticing the car that was placed on prominent display on the far side of the large garage. A moment later he proclaimed, “oh my God Ron, that’s a ’62 Corvette isn’t it?”
Ron smiled proudly, “that’s my baby, took me three years to get it back to original but it’s beautiful, isn’t it. You won’t find too many completely restored ’62 corvettes with matching numbers anymore.” As Linda led the women to the house, Ron led the two men to his most prized possession. As they admired the car, Ron glanced at Bill, “Bill, the body man I called to take a look at your car is the person who did all the body and paintwork on this car. As you can see his work is flawless. He’s also somebody you can trust to do right by you, he won’t try to screw you just because you’re from out of the area.”
The men were discussing classic cars when they rejoined the women in the living room several minutes later. As they did Ron suggested that they go to the den so he could prepare a round of Coffee Royal’s to warm the group. As they entered the room, Barbra stopped at seeing the fireplace. Not only was there a warm fire blazing, but there was also a bear skin rug in front of it. When she began laughing, Bill glanced at her attempting to figure out what was so funny. Barbra merely nodded toward the fireplace with the bearskin rug in front and arched her eyebrows as she giggled. Bill playfully swatted her ass before continuing to move into the room.
Meanwhile, John and Lynn made their way to the glass wall and now warm and safe enjoyed watching the snow falling outside. Taken in by the beautiful sight John caressed Lynn as he rubbed his body against hers. Watching the interactions between the two couples, Linda rolled her eyes as she suppressed a giggle. Joining Ron behind the bar she gave him a hug as she whispered, “it’s the same game with different people isn’t it?” Ron smiled nodding his reply.
As soon as he had a fresh pot of coffee, Ron proceeded to mix-up six cups of Coffee Royal’s and called the group to the bar. As the three couples silently enjoyed their warm drinks for a few minutes Ron’s guests admired their surroundings. Bill was the first to voice what they all were thinking, “Ron, you and Linda have a beautiful home. We really appreciate everything that you’ve done for us, I’m not sure what we would have done if you hadn’t have come by when you did.”
With a smile, Ron replied, “while I appreciate the sentiment no thanks are necessary. We didn’t do anything that anybody else wouldn’t have done. You folks were in a bad spot and needed some help, it was the least we could do.”
Bill shook his head. “All the same we really appreciate it. We don’t want to impose on you two, so I guess we need to come up with some way to get to Reno. We need to quit bothering you two and let you get back to your evening.”
“Bill, I hate to tell you, but I think that’s going to be a bigger problem than you think. First, you don’t stand a chance of getting a cab in a storm like this, especially one willing to take you all the way to Reno.”
Appearing lost Bill scanned the faces of his wife and their two friends. Ron also thought he detected more than mild disappointment on his face and had a good idea why he appeared that way. “Bill, would you mind if I’m upfront with you folks, and maybe a little forward?”
“Ron, after everything you’ve done for us tonight, I don’t think you could say anything that would offend us, what’s on your mind?”
Before Ron spoke, he glanced at his wife, who merely smiled and nodded her head in reply to his unspoken question. “First of all, we’re glad to have been able to lend a helping hand to you guy’s, that’s all that we originally intended. However, while watching the interactions between the four of you, we noticed something. It was nothing overt, but it was obvious to people who’s played the same game for years. If my assumption is right, you folks were planning on having a swinging encounter this weekend.”
While Lynn and Barbra stared in shock, Bill stammered, “I’m sorry if we offended or embarrassed you fine folks in some way, we certainly didn’t mean to.”
Laughing as he held up his hand stopping Bill midsentence Ron continued. “Bill, I’m sorry for not being clearer. We’re not embarrassed or offended in any way. The fact is we’ve been in the lifestyle for years. Although not all that active these days, it’s an activity that we both enjoy and have missed. What I was awkwardly trying to say is that we would like to invite you to spend the night here. We would both enjoy your company, and as you can see, there’s plenty of room here to enjoy yourselves. We wouldn’t mind playing but can understand if you’re not interested and it wouldn’t insult us if you decline our offer. At the least, you can stay the night, and we’ll be able to check on your car in the morning.”
After exchanging glances back and forth between one another for a few moments, Lynn was the first to react to Rod’s invitation. Jumping off her barstool and rushing over to Linda she gave her a hug, “you two are the best people I’ve ever met. I can’t believe that two strangers could be that open and inviting. We would love to take you up on your offer if you really mean it.”
After returning her hug, Linda assured her, “we mean it, and we’re both looking forward to getting to know the four of you.”
With a warm smile, Barbra glanced at Ron and asked, “Ron would you mind telling me what it was that gave us away?”
Ron laughed as he replied, “Barbra I’m afraid that you were the dead giveaway. While all of you gave a few little signs, when you entered the den and saw the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace, it wasn’t your husband that you communicated with it was Bill. I would guess at some point the two of you had discussed what you would enjoy engaging in on a bearskin rug in front of a roaring fire and that memory came back to you when you saw it.”
Barbra smiled, “Ron would you mind if I told you something?” Ron shook his head, and she said, “I’m glad I gave away our little secret. But I’m afraid that I’m not going to be getting into the swing of things until I can warm up a little, I’m still freezing.”
With a nod, Ron smiled, “Linda would you mind seeing our guest to their rooms to put their things away and in the meantime, I’ll set things up to warm them up a bit.” Linda rose from her stool and asked if their guest would mind gathering their things and following her.
After watching the five of them walk out of the den, Ron took the enclosed spiral staircase to the lower level of the house. The stairs emptied into a large room painstakingly designed for carnal pleasure. The wall across from the stairs was solid granite rock, containing an oversized fireplace. One wall was solid glass, allowing a scenic view of the lake during the day. Next to the glass wall was a large hot tub. Along one of the other walls were two saunas’, one wet and the other dry. A doorway next to the stairway led to a changing room. Scattered around the room was a variety of furniture for lounging.
Ron lit a fire in the fireplace before turning on the hot tub and adjusting the temperature. He next entered the dressing room to ensure that enough terrycloth robes were hanging on hooks for his guest. He also gathered an arm full of bath towels, placing one stack next to the hot tub and another next to the saunas’. Before leaving the room, Ron gave it a once-over to ensure it was ready. Lowering the lights for a romantic sitting, he went back upstairs to wait for his guests.
Linda entered the den alone, walking over to Ron she gave him a loving hug as she whispered, “tonight is like all of the nights in which we’ve had the most fun isn’t it.”
Ron smiled, “yes, it is, we’ve always had the most fun on those occasions when it comes as a surprise haven’t we.”
Moments later laughter could be heard as their new friends made their way down the hall toward the den again. As they all took a seat at the bar, Ron handed each a fresh Coffee Royal as he addressed the four of them. “I hope that you’ve all found your accommodations to your liking.”
Barbra took a sip of her drink as she glanced at Ron with an enticing smile, “your home is beautiful Ron, and your hospitality is wonderful. But I’m afraid you may have misunderstood me when I told you that I needed to warm up. I wasn’t talking about getting drunk.”
Ron stared at her for a moment before nodding and walking from behind the bar. “Well, young lady if you will grab your drink and accompany me I’ll show you what I’ve got in mind to warm you up.” Glancing at the rest of them he added, “that goes for the rest of you also if you would be so kind as to follow me.”
Walking toward the staircase, Ron offered her his arm, as Barbra hooked her arm in his they left the room. When they stepped into the lower level, Barbra stopped and slowly looked around. “Oh my God, I’ve never seen a more beautiful playroom in my life. I bet the view is breathtaking in the daylight, and that fireplace, it’s all just beautiful.” Barbra was slowly walking around the room inspecting everything when the others joined them. Lynn soon joined her, and together they gazed out the glass wall at the beauty of the snow-covered area behind the house.
John slowly shook his head, “damn Ron, just when I think I’ve seen the best you show me something even better.”
A few minutes later Barbra rejoined Ron, she seemed content to just stand with him and Linda as she tried to take in everything in the room. Finely Ron asked, “well young lady, wet or dry?”
Barbra glanced at him and replied, “it’s getting wetter by the minute.”
Ron burst out laughing. It took him a few minutes to regain his composure, “I was referring to the sauna, would you prefer the wet sauna or the dry sauna?”
Shrugging her shoulders sheepishly, “I really don’t know. Why don’t I just go with whatever you suggest.” Ron smiled and nodded.
Addressing the group, Ron said, “folks you’re welcome to enjoy anything in here that you would like. I don’t know you all that well, and I’m afraid I don’t have any bathing suits. We do have a changing room to accommodate any of you that are modest, it’s through that door and inside you will find robes if you’re interested.
Ron smiled at Barbra, “are you ready to get warmed up young lady?”
Before answering him, Barbra glanced past Ron toward Linda, “Linda, would you mind if Ron and I took a sauna together?”
Linda giggled at her politeness, “Barbra you’re precious it’s so rare these days to find people with manors. I don’t mind in the least, and I hope you won’t mind if I fuck your husband at some point tonight.”
Barbra burst out laughing, “I was hoping that you would.” As the two of them walked toward the sauna’s, Ron asked Barbra if she would be more comfortable in a robe.
Barbra stopped and gave him a hug, “Ron everybody in here except for you and Linda has seen me naked. Before the night’s over, I fully expect both of you to be included in that group. I’m not modest and don’t mind undressing in front of you unless you would rather I put on a robe for some reason.” Ron smiled as he started unbuttoning his shirt.
In a matter of minutes, everybody in the room was naked. John and Lynn entered the dry sauna together, while Linda and Bill joined each other in the hot tub. On entering the sauna, Ron paused to pour a ladle of cold water on the hot rocks in front of them. As the warm steam filled the sauna, they both relaxed next to each other enjoying the warmth. Ron watched as the steam turn Lynn’s body into a shimmering image of glistening beauty, as he did he could feel his cock growing. Avoiding being too forward with her, he took his time when his cock had reached it’s full eight inches he began lightly stroking her moist sensual body. As he did, he whispered, “Barbra, I can’t believe my luck. It’s a privilege to be joining a woman as beautiful as you. I hope I’m able to make this a very pleasurable experience for you.”
Smiling warmly as she glanced down at his growing manhood, “Ron I’m confident that I’m about to be very pleased with whatever we engage in.”
Reaching toward him Barbra wrapped her fingers around his cock and began to slowly stroke. Her grip tightened as she continued, moments later she leaned her head back closing her eyes. With a soft guttural moan, she softly whispered, “you’re so wonderfully big and hard Ron, I love the feel of your cock.”
Ron ever so slowly, lightly ran his fingers over her breast and nipples. Enjoying the feel of her soft, moist skin he continued softly running his fingers over Barbra’s lush body. As he continued his caress, Barbra began to softly purr. As her passions-built Ron shifted slightly on the bench before tracing his fingers down her body, over her abdomen, and between her legs. Feeling his fingers descending her body, her legs slowly spread allowing him access. Instead of probing her Ron maintained his slow approach. Running the tips of his fingers ever so lightly between the lips of her labia he enjoyed the wet, slick feel of her lubricating juices. Ron marveled at the sight of her flower opening for him. Softly stroking the area around her pussy, Ron took particular notice of the area in which his touch received the most pleasurable reactions.
After several minutes when she was fully open, he began to firmly rub her clit. When her breathing started coming in labored gasps, he slowly inserted one of his well-manicured fingers inside. He felt along the top of her canyon until he felt her spongy G-spot. After locating her G-spot, he began to slowly but firmly rub it with the pad of his finger. It didn’t take long, a couple of minutes at the most, before Barbra was holding his wrist in both hands and violently humping his finger. At that point, Ron extended his thumb to apply equal pressure to both her “G” spot and clit simultaneously. As Barbra screamed out her orgasm, her entire body was quivering. She continued to hump herself against his finger for several moments before her body went completely limp.
As Barbra descended from her orgasmic high Ron held her as he continued stroking her bodies less sensitive areas. Smiling at him as she opened her eyes again Barbra commented, “my god Ron, you touched me in a way I’ve never experienced. You hit all the right places in just the right way, where did you learn that little trick.”
Ron chuckled, “I must have read about it somewhere I guess.”
Barbra giggled and replied, “well if you're through with that book would you let John borrow it please.”
After a few minutes Barbra shifted around in her seat, “I owe you a little something special for that Ron,” she said lowering her head toward his cock. He leaned back and allowed her full access to the area her mouth was descending to. She didn’t disappoint, motivated to give Ron as much pleasure as he had given her she used every pleasurable oral technique she could think of. Over the next several minutes she licked, sucked, and kissed his cock and genital area. As he fought to maintain control, she continued doing her best to bring him over the top. When it reached the point that he felt he couldn’t hold out any longer, he slowly lifted her mouth from his throbbing manhood.
As she looked up at him with questioning eyes, he laughed and replied, “before your stay is over I would hope to have you bring me off with that very pleasurable mouth. But right now, I would rather have you use that tight pussy of yours to bring me over the top.”
Barbra nodded as she asked in a moaning whisper, “how do you want me?”
In a low growl, Ron panted, “on the bench, kneel and point that beautiful little ass of yours toward me, I want to take you hard and deep.”
Barbra complied with his request by getting on her hands and knees. Ron moved behind her, and when he slid his cock between her thighs, she guided him to her entrance. Ron plunged all the way inside her in one hard thrust. Then holding her by the hips, he began fucking her in long, hard, deep thrusts. It didn’t take either of them long to reach the point of no return. She started moaning as soon as he started fucking her and in a manner of minutes she was screaming out another orgasm. As soon as he heard her orgasmic scream, he allowed himself to let go and began filling her tight pussy with his cum.
With exhausted giggles, they both gasped for breath as they fought to regain control after it was over. Ron slowly withdrew his cock from her and dropped to the bench. Soon he was holding her as they cuddled together. After several minutes Ron said, “I think we need to get out of here before we both have a heat stroke.” Barbra nodded her agreement.
The rest of their little group was in the hot tub when they finely reentered the room from the sauna. Barbra climbed into the tub and snuggled up against her husband. While Ron walked around behind Linda and gave her a loving kiss. “Are you having fun?” Ron asked as they broke their kiss.
Linda smiled, “it’s just like it used to be honey.”
The six of them sat in and around the hot tub for some time enjoying the afterglow and the closeness they felt for one another. Finely Lynn glanced at Barbra, “my God girlfriend, you’re glowing. Ron must have touched your button for you.”
Barbra laughed as she shook her head, “he didn’t just touch my button, he touched all of my buttons. Lynn, you’re going to be in for a treat with him.”
Lynn glanced at Ron with a sexy smile, “Hi Ron, do you remember me. After chatting with Barbra, I can’t wait for us to get a little better acquainted.”
After laughing with the rest of the group at Lynn’s comments, Linda patted her husband’s arm, “Honey, have your fun, but don’t forget our agreement.”
Ron chuckled as he gave her a tender peck, “oh I remember honey, it may take me a little longer now, but if you wait for me I’ll get there.”
Lynn glanced toward Linda with a questioning expression. It is evident that she was curious about Ron and Linda’s conversation, but she was too polite to ask about it. Linda smiled as she saw the expression on her face, “you’re curious, aren’t you?” Lynn merely nodded her reply. “Well years ago, when we first started playing with other people we came up with a never-ending list of rules concerning this. We wouldn’t do this, or we wouldn’t do that, we would ask the other before we did anything. No kissing, no holding hands, the list just went on forever, mostly from me I guess. Over the years though we both discovered that sex is both fun and spontaneous. If you break the spontaneity of the act, you ruin the fun. We finely limited our list to three simple rules. We wouldn’t disrespect the other, we wouldn’t do anything without the knowledge of the other, and after we have enjoyed somebody else, we will have reconnection sex as soon as possible. That might not work for everybody, but it helped keep us together for all these years.”
Lynn stared at Linda for several moments without speaking. Finally, she asked, “Linda that sounds so simple, yet it’s so profound. We haven’t been involved with this for all that long, and we don’t have that much experience with it. In fact, John and Barbra have been the only couple we have ever been with, up until tonight that is. I was just wondering if we have the opportunity before we leave, would you mind if we talked about this with you and Ron. There are some aspects of this activity that I for one would love to hear your thoughts on.”
Linda nodded, “I don’t know how much help we would be, but if you would like to know my opinion on anything to do with the lifestyle I wouldn’t mind sharing that with you.”
Lynn gazed around the room for a moment before focusing on Ron again. She then addressed Linda, “Linda, do you think it would be alright if Ron and I got a little better acquainted?”
With a giggle, Linda replied, “Lynn I’m shocked, is that a polite way of saying that you want to fuck my husband?” Lynn smiled as she nodded her reply. “Well, in that case, go ahead, after all, it would be rude of me to deny you after your husband so joyously introduced himself to me.”
As Lynn made her way over to Ron, John slid over next to Linda, “I haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know you properly yet Linda, would you mind if I joined you.”
Linda returned John’s smile, “John it would be nice to get to know you, of course, it would be even better to fuck you.” John smiled as he began massaging Linda’s left breast.
When Lynn reached Ron, he was sitting on the edge of the hot tub. She smiled at him as she reached down and parted his legs. Moving between his legs she playfully rubbed her breast against his cock, and in a voice just above a whisper asked, “kind sir, would you be so kind as to fuck me into oblivion.”
Ron looked at her appraisingly, “I don’t know young lady, you’ve seemed to have caught me at a hectic time. Is this something that can wait or are you insistent on doing it at this very minute.”
Taking his cock in her hand Lynn bent down and ran the tip of her tongue over the head before moaning, “kind sir, it’s definitely something that must be done at this very minute.”
Ron nodded knowingly, “well young lady, are you prepared for this activity or will you first need to be properly prepared to get your juices flowing.”
Lynn bit her lower lip, “would you mind not fucking around and just fuck me instead.”
Ron nodded before stepping down from the hot tub. Facing Lynn, he slowly spun her around lifting her onto the edge of the hot tub. As she sat on the tub, he spread her legs before kneeling in front of her and bringing his mouth to her pussy. Sitting upright on the floor brought his mouth in perfect position to effortlessly pleasure her. Over the next several minutes he was able to elevate her level of ecstasy to a near orgasmic state. As she bounced and quivered with her fingers wrapped in his hair, she attempted to guide his head to the spot that she most wanted his attention. At the point that she felt she couldn’t take any more of his pleasurable assault, he slowly inserted a finger inside. With his palm up, he ran the pad of his fingertip along the top of her canyon until he felt her spongy “G” spot and began to rub it firmly to the rhythm of her bodies movements. As his finger probed her, he sucked her enlarged clit between his lips. Holding her clit tightly between his lips, he alternated between sucking it as if it was a tiny cock and flicking it with his tongue. Soon Lynn was no longer trying to control his head, she was now using it to maintain her balance as the violent orgasm surged through her body.
As Ron brought Lynn over the top, he had a small audience watching. Linda was kneeling on the seat in the tub while John fucked her from behind. To her left, Barbra was in the same position watching them as Bill fucked her as hard as he was capable of in the water. Watching Lynn go over the edge brought them both to the brink of their own orgasmic releases.
Moments later Lynn was so limp that she literally slid off the tub and ended sitting on the floor with her legs sprawled around Ron’s waist. As she sat in front of him staring incoherently, Ron took her face in both hands and kissed her tenderly. Ron patiently allowed Lynn to regain her faculties as he smiled and continued showering her with little kisses.
The orgasmic screams of the other women seemed to bring Lynn out of her trance. As she smiled warmly at Ron, he kissed her one last time before he began to rise to his feet. When he was standing, he brought his semi-hard cock to her lips. With one hand holding his cock and the other rested against the tub for balance he leaned forward easing his cock into her open mouth. With a slow and smooth motion, he fucked Lynn’s mouth as she alternated between taking him deep in her throat and swirling her tongue around the head.
As both Linda and Barbra continued to kneel in front of him, they stared at him through hooded eyes as they came down from their own pleasurable highs, both with deflating cocks embedded in them. Ron leaned forward, entangled his fingers in Linda’s hair and pulled her toward him kissing her passionately. When they parted their kiss, he did the same with Barbra.
Soon the pleasure that Lynn was providing him was too intense to ignore any longer. Pulling his hips away from her Ron slid his cock out of her hungry mouth. He then reached down grabbing her under her armpits lifting her to her feet. When Lynn was standing Ron turned her around bending her over the edge of the tub. With her body firmly held in place against the hot tub, he buried his cock all the way inside her in a single thrust.
As Ron fucked her with hard deep thrust, Lynn found herself face to face with Barbra. Barbra studied her expression for several long moments. Then, without a word spoken between the two, Barbra grabbed Lynn’s head and kissed her passionately. They continued to embrace and kiss each other deeply until Lynn’s moans turned into an orgasmic scream. As it did Rod released any bastion of control and began pumping cum deep into her snug wet pussy.
Over the next several minutes Ron rested over the top of Lynn with his deflating cock nestled inside her. The other four lounged in the hot tub silently regaining their strength. As they came back to normal again, there was a lot of laughter and idle chit-chat among the group. Several minutes later Barbra glanced toward Linda and asked, “Linda is there a restroom nearby that I could use?”
Linda seemed momentarily embarrassed over not pointing out the restrooms earlier, “I’m sorry Barbra I should have pointed it out to you before, it’s the doorway beside the dressing room door.”
As Barbra climbed out of the tub and began to towel herself off, Lynn addressed her, “hurry up in there I need to use it also.”
Linda climbed out of the tub, toweling herself off she said, “I feel as if I’m the worst host ever, Lynn lets grab a robe and I’ll show you to the upstairs restrooms.”
Moments later the men were alone in the room. Ron glanced at the other two and remarked, “guys it appears the parties over for at least the time being, I’m ready for a drink, would either of you care to join me.” As Bill and John dried off beside the tub, Ron grabbed three robes from the dressing room for them. He also grabbed one for Barbra and draped it over the chair in front of the restroom door. Knocking on the restroom door, “Barbra, we’re going back upstairs, I left a robe on the chair for you, it’s a little cool upstairs, and you might need it.”
Several minutes later the group had recongregated around the bar in the den. Linda had prepared a sandwich tray while Ron had everybody a fresh drink. All in the pleasurable state of happy afterglows they chatted together as they got to know one another better. At one-point Barbra glanced at Lynn, her hair moist from a combination of steam and perspiration hung flat, her makeup was smeared, and her robe hung open enough to give a titillating view of her naked body beneath. With a giggle, Barbra commented, “girlfriend it looks like you’ve been ridden hard and put away wet.”
Lynn smiled and replied, “well one thing’s for sure, I’ve been ridden hard, but I haven’t been put away just yet. But you’re right, I must be looking haggard.” Addressing the rest of the group she proclaimed, “I think I’ll freshen up a little, I’ll be right back folks.”
Ron laughed good-naturedly, “Lynn you look perfect to me. I might be in the minority, but to me, a sexy lady in a happy afterglow wearing nothing but a white terrycloth robe is the sexiest sight I can think of. A lot of people might like the sexy corsets and CFM shoes and the like, but for me the way you are right now is perfect. The way I can catch glimpses of your nude body under your robe from time to time. The knowledge that if I ran my hand inside your robe, I’d find your lush nude body, there’s just nothing sexier.”
The conversation remained lighthearted and humorous as the group laughed and joked with one another. Although Ron and Linda had met the two couples for the first time tonight, from their interactions, it seemed as if they were all old friends. At one-point Ron glanced at Bill with a confused expression, “Bill, don’t get me wrong I’m glad that things worked out as they have, but did you guys really come up here without first making reservations?”
Bill shook his head, “Ron it’s just been a cluster fuck. This was supposed to have been a week-long ski trip. We had reservations to use a cabin for a week, then yesterday I was informed that the heavy snow collapsed the roof. I didn’t think the weather would be as bad as it is and thought we would get up here today and find another place. Now that we’re stuck without a place to stay or a car to get around I guess this is going to turn into a trip that I’m going to be hearing about for years to come.”
Before Ron replied he glanced at Linda. She smiled and gave him a warm smile along with a nod. “Bill I somehow feel as if I’m taking advantage of your predicament, but I assure you that’s not the case. Linda and I would like to invite you folks to spend the week here if that’s something that you might be interested in. As far as skiing and finding another place to stay, this storm is slated to last through mid-week, so you’re going to be stuck inside until then. If you folks would like to find someplace other than a motel room you’re probably looking at Monday as the earliest you’ll be able to contact anybody. So, tomorrow we can either get you a rental car and attempt to find a room for you, or we can all enjoy the snow safe and sound here.”
Bill seemed at a loss as he glanced between the faces of his wife and friends. “Ron that’s so generous of you, but I would feel as if we’re taking advantage of your hospitality. Maybe we should….”
Lynn interrupted her husband mid-sentence. “I’m sorry Ron, you’ll have to excuse my husband. Up to this point, he’s overseen putting this trip together and making all the arrangements. Bill, in the poetic words of the Donald, You’re Fired. Ron, we would love to take you and your beautiful wife up on your generous offer.”
Ron laughed as he nodded, “I didn’t mean to start something between you two, but I’m glad you’ve accepted. Bill first thing in the morning we’ll check with the body shop to see what we can find out about your car. After that, I’ll check with a friend of mine at Heavenly to see about getting the four of you a week’s pass on the slopes. We have no plans for the week so anything that any of you are interested in doing while you’re up here let me know, I have some friends in the area and can put together most anything that you might think of.”
Bill shook his head in amazement, “Ron I don’t know how to thank you and your beautiful wife. A few hours ago, it seemed as if things couldn’t get any worse, and now I don’t know how they could get any better.”
Enjoying each other’s company, the three couples spent the next half an hour laughing, chatting, and flirting with one another around the bar. As their conversation lulled Ron noticed that Bill’s head was nodding, and his eyes were mere slits. “Bill you’ve had a full day and look tired. You’re not going to insult any of us by calling it a night, we can all understand.”
Bill protested mildly for a few moments before glancing at Lynn, “He’s right honey, I’m sorry but I’ve hit the wall, and I just can’t keep my eyes open. Are you ready to call it a night?”
Lynn rose from her stool, “Honey let’s get you to bed, he’s right you do look tired. Then if you don’t mind, I would enjoy staying up a little longer.” Bill nodded his agreement as he stood.
Linda told them that she would go with them to ensure they had fresh towels along with anything else they may need. The three of them walked out of the room with both women’s arm around Bill. They hadn’t been gone for more than a few moments when Barbra asked, “Ron, we really appreciate everything that you’re doing for us, but I’m confused about something. You were able to pick-up on what we had in mind for this week, and I guess I can somehow understand how you were able to do that. But how did you know we were trustworthy enough to be invited into your home?”
Ron smiled and nodded. “Barbra I’m not going to bore you with an in-depth explanation of my past, other than to say that in my youth I was extensively trained in methods to detect the honesty of what people were telling me. Also, I spent twenty years running bars in the Bay Area, and in an environment of alcohol and varied personalities, you get very good at reading body language. That and being very intuitive leads me to be able to evaluate people very quickly.”
For the next half-an-hour, the three of them discussed the different types of tells that Ron was able to gain from them. Finely Ron glanced in the direction of the bedrooms and commented, “it seems that Linda and Lynn must have gotten lost somewhere.”
Barbra laughed, “I don’t think their lost Ron, I would guess that Bill probably talked them into something to relax him, so he’d be able to sleep.”
Smiling Ron nodded his agreement and replied, “I think you’re probably right, maybe the three of us should come up with something that would put a cap on a perfect evening ourselves.” Before Barbra had a chance to reply laughter could be heard from the hallway.
Entering the room both Lynn and Linda had the expression of the cat that ate the canary. Both were giggling as they walked in arm in arm. Ron arched his eyebrows, “well did you two manage to get Bill to sleep?” Both women burst out laughing.
When they were able to maintain their laughter, Lynn spoke for both. “Well, poor Bill was all worked up over everything that’s taken place today. So, we decided to help him relax a little. We took turns fucking him and letting him dine on us. One of us would ride him while the other would squat over him giving him something to feast on. We concluded by bringing him off as he plowed my furrow from behind, while I brought Linda off while dining at her Y.”
Over the next few minutes, Barbra and Lynn continued to exchange good-natured banter. Then, to everybody’s laughter, Barbra pulled Lynn’s robe open and pushed her thighs apart. As pearly white liquid flowed from Lynn’s slit, Barbra proclaimed, “Look at this creampie Ron, she wouldn’t even allow Linda the pleasure of having Bill cum in her.” Barbra was telling the group one thing while her mannerisms, however, were saying something entirely different. With Lynn’s lush body exposed Barbra continued slowly stroking her. Then, after running her finger over the length of Lynn’s labia, Barbra embraced her with a deep passionate kiss.
Standing beside John, Linda watched the interaction between the two women with a great deal of amusement. As Barbra dropped to her knees and brought her mouth to Lynn’s pussy, Linda glanced at John to gauge his reaction. She found that John was watching his wife so intently that he’d failed to notice that his hard cock had probed its way through the opening of his robe. Smiling at the sight of his cock standing proudly she reached down and began stroking his impressive manhood.
As Ron watched the stimulating behavior of the four of them, he could feel his cock responding. When Linda bent over and took John in her mouth, Ron walked from behind the bar to join them. With Linda bent over while standing beside John, Ron pulled her robe up exposing her ass. Moving up behind her he buried his cock all the way inside her in one swift thrust. As both men marveled at the show being put on by Lynn and Barbra, they pleasured themselves with Linda’s mouth and pussy.
The two women soon moved from the bar to the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. Lynn removed her robe laying it over the bearskin rug, and the two of them embraced the body of the other as they descended to the floor. The sexual excitement of both men rose to a new level as they watched the two women flow into a classic “69” position. As they watched the two women pleasuring themselves, they pleasured themselves by continuing to exchange places with one another as they enjoyed Linda. As she kept one of them hard with her mouth, the other would fuck her hard and deep for a few moments before the other took his turn with her.
As both men began fucking Linda with a new found enthusiasm, she formulated a plan. Knowing full well what her husband enjoyed most in this activity, she intended to pleasure him with just that. While John was fucking her, she was holding her husband’s cock in her hand applying just enough attention with her mouth and hand to keep him hard and interested. With John, however, she did everything in her power to bring him over the top. Meeting his every thrust by slamming herself into him she began telling him what she desired in moaning detail. “Oh, that feels so good John, fuck me with that beautiful cock. I want it hard John, I want to feel that dick pounding me and spitting cum deep in my pussy. Cum for me John, I can’t take it anymore, please cum, I want to feel that beautiful cock spitting cum in my pussy now.” As she continued moaning her needs John didn’t disappoint, he was soon holding himself tightly against her ass as he began to cum deep inside her.
As pleasurable as she found what she had engaged in with John. Linda knew what she wanted most at this moment. After allowing a few moments for them both to descend from their orgasms, Linda slowly disengaged herself from John’s dick. After giving John a grateful kiss, Linda turned her attention to her husband. Kissing him deeply before running her tongue over Ron’s lips she whispered, “Honey, my pussy’s wet and slick with another man’s cum and I need to feel your big cock inside me, I need to feel you enjoying what I know you love.” Punctuating her request with a deep kiss Linda turned offering her body to her husband as she lowered her mouth to John’s cock.
Moving behind her Ron teased, “are you sure this can’t wait until the morning, it’s getting pretty late.”
Linda stared at him with lust filled hooded eyes, “I’m not in the mood for teasing big boy. I’m in the mood to be fucked hard and to end the evening with one last orgasm. Now quit playing around and fuck my naughty pussy with that big cock of yours.”
Ron plunged himself deep into her as she eased her head back on John’s lap where she again took his dick in her mouth. While he expended all the energy he had left, Linda played with and sucked John’s deflating cock. Although Ron couldn’t flood her pussy with his cum, several minutes later he was able to add what he could to John’s deposit deep in her pussy.
When their play had ended, and the five of them recongregated around the bar, they all knew that the evening was coming to an end. They also looked forward to the coming week and its unlimited expectation for unfathomable sexual opportunities.

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