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Found 29 results

  1. DH and I have been in the lifestyle for quite a while and always wanted to play in a hot tub but was always worried we would catch something since hot tubs are full of weird things. My question is there a way to play safe in the tub?
  2. Hot tubs and swingers go together. That said, swingers who are fortunate enough to have hot tubs use them for more than playtime. If you own a hot tub, how do you find yourself using the hot tub when not playing with others? Is it simply hydrotherapy? Do you entertain vanilla friends as well? Is it a safe space where you feel comfortable talking about things with your partner (or friends) that might feel awkward discussing somewhere else? More generally, what draws you to your spa other than entertaining other LS folks?
  3. My wife and I are relatively new to swinging but we have found a great couple and we both have explored our bi side to the extreme with them. My question is we have these friends visiting us from across the country for a sex vacation. We have rented a nice condo in lake Tahoe with a hot tub. What are some fun games to play in the hot tub to get the mood and fun going?
  4. Justin and I were sitting at the bar anxiously waiting for our dinner guests to arrive. Lauren and Rick were a couple we met online. We had exchanged some texts and pictures and had even talked on the phone a time or two but never met face to face. Lauren and Rick live several states away from us, though we usually would not even think of meeting with a couple that far away. It seemed like we had known them forever, and they were terrific friends of ours. We thought nothing of the miles we would have to travel to meet with our friends. Justin sat with his back to the door, and I was across the bar table so I could see all that entered. I knew the second that it was them when they walked through the door. With my heart racing, I told Justin that they were here. Rick and Lauren looked just like the pictures they had sent us, which surprised me. Most people we have met looked nothing like they did in their photos; maybe they looked like that 10 or 15 years ago but not today. Rick was 5'6" or 5'7" and a very handsome man with a full head of dark hair but cut short and neat. He did not have any facial hair. Lauren was my size, 5 foot, and around 90 to 95 lbs, with blond hair and a great smile. I knew Jerry would find her very attractive, as he likes smaller women. At his 6' 200 lb frame, most women are smaller than him. Lauren must have recognized us, which was a relief to me and that I took to mean that we did look like our picture. I saw her whisper something to Rick as she was pointing in our direction. As they walked over to the table, Justin and I stood up and introduced ourselves. We all sat and had a few drinks and talked while waiting for our table to open up for dinner. We talked about things that people who had just met talk about. How did you meet? How many kids? Just get to know you type kind of talk. They called us for our table, and we sat down and ordered. I noticed that the conversation was slowly going towards things that typically friends that have known each other for some time would talk about. I thought to myself how strange that here we are, we had just met 20 minutes ago, and we are talking like long-lost friends, and it is coming so easily. After dinner, we decided to go to the lounge at the hotel where Justin and I had booked our room. They had a small band playing and a small dance floor. We knew that it would not be crowded and the music was not so loud to prevent talking without shouting. We sat and talked, danced, and just enjoyed being with our new friends for about 2 hours when someone suggested we go to someplace more private? Justin said we have booked one of the suites here. Why don't we just all go up to the room? Justin stopped at the bar and ordered a bottle of wine to take with us. Our suite had a seating area, a king-size bedroom, and a large Jacuzzi off the bedroom. After sitting and talking and working on the bottle of wine, I said something about the Jacuzzi, and Lauren said she loved them and wanted to see it. She and I went back, and I suggested that we try it out, which was fine with her. We filled the tub with hot water and started to undress. I could not help but look at her as she was undressing. Her skin was so silky, and she had all the right curves in all the right places. I could not help noticing that her nipples were as hard as my own. Here were two 5' 95 lb. women in a Jacuzzi built to hold 6 adults, talking, drinking our wine, and just having as good a time as you can. Rick called out from the front room, asking if we were going to share the Jacuzzi or hog it all to ourselves? We agreed that it was not fair and told the men that they could join us. I don't know if Lauren took in a deep breath or not. I don't know if she heard me take in a deep breath when Rick and Justin walked into the Jacuzzi room, both naked and semi-erect with a wine glass in their hand and a smile on their face. But the first thought that came to my mind was, what have those two been talking about? Rick is about 6 inches shorter than Jerry and about 40 lbs lighter. Still, they are both good-looking men and put together just right for their height and inch for inch equal in the tool they support. Rick sat next to me, and Justin sat next to Lauren. For some reason, it all seemed right to me. As we all talked and sipped our wine, I let my free hand slide under the churning water and slowly work it over until I was touching Rick's bare leg. Rick slid over closer to me, and I let my hand slid over to his now totally erect and hard dick. I could swear that I heard him let out a slight sigh when I started to rub my finger from the top of his hard tool down his long fat shaft and end up twirling around his balls. I felt Rick's hand slid across my leg in search of my pussy, so I opened my legs and bent my knees so he could have complete access. I felt a jolt of pleasure as his fingers started to rub me and dart in and out of my waiting box. With the churning water and bubbles, I could not see what Lauren and Justin were doing below the water, but they both had a hand underwater also, and Justin was kissing her long and deep. Distracted by the work Rick was doing to my pussy I don't recall how much time passed before Lauren got up and sat straddling Justin facing him so he could suck on her hard nipples. I just hope she likes what he can do to a woman's nipples as much as I do. Rick leaned over and started to kiss me. I opened my mouth and welcomed him in. I heard Justin say we were all out of wine and he would go get the bottle, and Lauren offered to go with him to help. I heard her giggle, and I did not care. The wine was not what I needed or wanted right at that moment. I had my hand full of what I wanted; Rick's hard dick. Rick and I stayed in the Jacuzzi and kept doing what we were doing and enjoying it. I asked Rick to sit on the ledge, and I got down on my knees in front of him. With his hard dick standing straight up in the air, I slowly lowered my head and took all I could into my mouth. I worked him slowly at first, sucking softly and rubbing his balls. I would take him out of my mouth and slowly run my tongue down the length of his shaft so I could lick and suck on his balls. Then I would work my way up and take him back into my mouth for some more slow but more vigorous sucking. After a few minutes of this, I could tell that Rick was about to explode, so I stopped since I had other plans. I looked up and told Rick that I did not think the wine was coming anytime soon. He suggested that we might have to start a search and rescue mission for Lauren and Justin. We got out of the Jacuzzi and went into the bedroom, where we found Lauren and Justin. Lauren was on her back, and Justin was down licking and sucking her pussy, and I know how good it was feeling to her by the moans she was making. Rick said that looked like fun and did I want to join them? I lay down next to Lauren, and Rick lay down next to me and started to suck on my nipples. I have very sensitive nipples, and Justin has brought me to an orgasm just by sucking on them on several occasions. Rick was every bit as good as Justin is at sucking on my tits, and within a minute, I could feel a wave of pure pleasure rising in me. Rick slowly slid down between my legs, licking and kissing me all the way down. I spread my legs wide so he could have all the access to my wet pussy that he wanted. I anxiously waited for his tongue to touch my lips. When he stuck his tongue out and fluttered it across my pussy I knew it would not be long before he would have a face and mouth full of my juices. When I started to cum I grabbed Rick's head and buried it into my squirting pussy. Wave after glorious wave of orgasmic pleasure shot through my body. The more I came, the faster he licked and sucked; the faster he licked and sucked my pussy, the more I came. My body went rigid, and I was trembling all over. Then total exhaustion hit, and I fell limp on the bed. When I opened my eyes, Rick was looking at me and asked if I was all right? I told him yes and pulled him to me, and kissed him. I could taste my juices that this man had so expertly forced my body to give up to him. I sucked all I could from his mouth, licked what was on his face, and kissed him deeply. Our tongues intermingled as we both held each other with our naked bodies pressed together. I could hardly wait for him to fuck me hard and deep with his beautiful cock. I could hear Lauren moaning and breathing deeply when she started to tell Justin to eat her because she was coming. I know exactly what Justin was doing and knew for a fact that Lauren was thoroughly enjoying it. When Lauren caught her breath, I told her that she was one lucky woman to be married to a man that could eat pussy as good as Rick just did to me. She replied that Rick and Justin must have gone to the same school because Justin also knew what he was doing. As I looked at Lauren's naked body lying next to me, I thought to myself that Rick was a lucky man also. Looking at Lauren's beautiful body with her hard nipples, flat stomach, and a small patch of hair between her legs made me even hotter than I already was. I started to wonder what it would be like to make love to her. Not knowing just how she would react, I decided to let things go and play it by ear. Lauren had Justin lay on his back, and she started to kiss him and work her way down until she was at his dick. I saw her take him into her mouth and begin to suck him with long strokes. I did the same with Rick. Two women were lying next to each other, sucking the dicks of the other one's husband. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Justin pull Lauren's head up towards him and kiss her. Lauren was getting into the position to ride Justin's cock. I stopped sucking Rick's dick and told him I wanted him to fuck me from behind. I got on my knees with my ass stuck up in the air. I was also in a position where I could watch Justin's dick go into Lauren's beautiful pussy. As Lauren got over Justin, I reached over and took hold of Justin's dick and told Lauren I would help guide him into her. I held Justin's dick so that when Lauren lowered herself down, his dick slipped into her wet pussy with ease. As I watched him disappear into her and reappear with every upstroke, I could just imagine that is what it looked like with Rick's dick sliding in and out of my pussy as he fucked me from behind. As I watched my husband's dick go in and out of another woman's pussy, especially one as good-looking as Lauren's, I could not help myself. I leaned over and started to lick on Jerry's balls while he was fucking Lauren while Rick was fucking me. I could taste Lauren's juices covering Jerry's balls and dick. I decided to take a chance. I started to lick Justin's dick as well as Lauren's pussy as they fucked. I did not know how Lauren would react, and it was to my great relief and joy when I heard her say, "Oh yes, Danielle, that feels so good!" I knew right then that I would have three lovers that night and not just two. The more I licked them, the hotter they got and the hotter I got. Rick must have enjoyed watching the show from where he was because he picked up the tempo of fucking me. It was like perpetual motion. The faster I licked them, the faster they fucked; the faster Rick fucked me, and the faster I would lick Justin and Lauren. Who came first or last is still a blur to me. I felt Rick shove deep into my pussy and felt his large dick swell and explode his cum deep inside me. I was wracked with one hell of an orgasm at about the same time as Rick was. I heard Lauren say she was cumming, and I could taste her cum flowing down Justin's dick. At the same time, I could feel Justin's balls and dick swell, and he started to unload his sweet cum into Lauren. I know what Justin's cum tastes like, and I just learned what Lauren's cum tasted like. Now I needed to know what they tasted like mixed together. When Lauren moved off Justin, I let my mouth go with her. To my surprise, she moved me into a position where she could get on top of me with her head was between my legs. Two women in the 69 position going at each other like there was no tomorrow. I could taste Justin's cum dripping out of Lauren's pussy as well as her cum. It is like chocolate and cherries; alone, they taste good, but together they taste great. I could not lick fast enough to quell the desire I had for Lauren, and in no time, I was cumming again with what she was going to me. I could feel Lauren's body start to shake. Then I felt and tasted a new supply of her love juices flowing from her body at about the same time that I shot another load of my own juices into her waiting mouth. We lay together, just totally spent. When we did find the strength to move, we laid side by side, and we kissed so softly and deeply. We lay beside each other and felt Rick and Justin came and lay down on either side of us in a loving embrace that we all felt for each other.
  5. The only swing club I've ever been to was back when I was married, and we went to the green door in Las Vegas. FF a few years and a divorce, and I'm having a conversation with my now GF about swing clubs, and she's freaked out at the idea of going in the hot tub at a swingers club. I didn't think twice about it then, but now that she brings it up, how sanitary is that? I remember a health club I went to and the manager told me to avoid the hot tub late nights bc stuff goes on in there you don't want to know about! I'm guessing the same thing is true and more so at a club?
  6. Saturday Night finally arrived and Jim showed up with his wife. She is a larger lady but has very large breasts, which I was attracted to. What I didn't know was that Jim had taken it up himself to invite another guy along. Well, Jim came to me during the football game and told me that he had mentioned to his wife about having sex with another couple. He said that she was willing to try it out and that this would be her first time doing something like this. He also informed me that he hadn't said anything to his friend about any of this. The game had just gotten over and I was wondering once again about how to get things started. Then I thought hey why not bring up the idea of going out into the hot tub. Everyone agreed that it would be relaxing so out we went. Once again we went out to the hot tub. Lynn and I stripped and the others did the same except for Jim's friend he was a little embarrassed to take off his underwear. But we all talked him into it and he lowered them and out fell his rather large cock. It just happened that we are all sitting in there, male female male with Larry, Jim's friend, sitting between Marie and Lynn. We are all getting really friendly and getting to know each other better and the talk starts to turn to sex. While we are talking I am watching these giant boobies keep floating to the top of the water and I keep seeing Marie looking at me every time the nipples crest. Boy I just couldn't wait to get one of them in my mouth. I then notice that my wife's hand is under the water and seems to be busy rubbing Larry's by then hard cock. Then the timer shuts off on the hot tub and I look down and see for sure that she is stoking it and that it is the largest cock I have ever seen. It must have been 10 inches and about 3 inches around from the looks of it. Jim seeing this comes over and starts to rub on Lynn’s boobies. That's all it took for me I look over at Marie and she smiles and said what's taking you so long I've been flashing these at you all of this time I thought you would have already been here. I looked over at the others and Lynn had Larry sitting on the side of the hot tub and was sucking on his cock, while Jim was attempting to lick her ass and pussy. I started sucking on Marie’s nipples and rubbing her pussy. Then she began rubbing my cock, which didn't take long to get hard. She then raised up and out of the water a little and told me to fuck her titties. I slid my cock right in between those giant size titties and gave it all I could. It didn't take me long and I was shooting all over them and her lips. I glanced back over at the others and Lynn had gotten out of the water and was standing up sucking Larry and Jim was behind her banging away at her pussy. Lynn was moaning and groaning making all kinds of noises that she makes when she is enjoying a cock. Larry is laid back telling her to suck that cock of his and has her hair in his hands and is pulling her head up and down as she's goes up and down on his cock. Then she lets Larry's cock fall out of her mouth and turns around and starts to back up to him and she lowers herself onto his cock while the rest of us watch. Marie is acting like a cheerleader and telling her to “do it, do it, get that big cock in that pussy.” Lynn lowers herself down on it very slowly which really gets to me and I really start to get into watching it go into her. After she has it all in Jim starts to suck on her nipples and Marie tells him to get over to her that she has something that needs sucking and licking. Jim starts licking and sucking off his wife while I just sit there and take it all in. Lynn is starting to pump on that cock faster and faster. I got over and to start to twist and pull on her nipples and she goes wild. She starts bucking up and down on that cock and bouncing on him and all he can say is yes, yes, yes, fuck me baby fuck me. The water is splashing everywhere around them its wild scene to behold. I can see her juices running down the sides of his cock when she comes up on him. I then hear Marie moaning and look over and see her big boobies bouncing around all over the place, as Jim is down licking her pussy. She looks at me and pulls Jim up and said it time for her fantasies to come true. So she has Jim get out of the hot tub and lay on the couch and she gets on top of his cock and slides it right into her. Marie then tells me to get my fat cock in her ass. I said 'Oh yeah' and go over and start to lick it and get it ready for my cock. Jim is sliding his cock into her at a good pace and I start to finger her rear. Then I get up behind her and Jim stops drilling her for a minute and I start to slide it into her. It was great, nice & tight, I thought she was going to smash my cock as she started to squeeze it with her ass muscles. Jim feeling that I was in her started once again sliding it in and out of her pussy while I did the same to her ass. I started to long stroke her and every time I got close to having it all of the way out she squeezed it to try to keep it in her. I could feel Jim cock sliding in and out in her pussy and it started me to get really turned on and I started really sliding it into her hard and she just kept telling us to give her more. I reached around and grabbed her nipples and started twisting on them. I then heard Lynn cumming I looked over and seen that she was getting off of Larry’s cock and that it was still hard so over they came. Larry got in front of Marie and she started sucking on his cum soaked cock. There she was getting all of her hole filled just like she wanted by three hungry cocks. Then she took Larry's cock out of her mouth and told us that she wanted us to shoot off onto her boobies. The three of us went up and started jacking off on her titties and Jim was the first to cum then me and then Larry. I looked down at them at it looked like frosting on a cake. What I didn't know was that while we were doing this we had forgotten about Lynn and she had gotten between Marie’s legs and was eating Marie’s pussy out. Marie was cumming all over Lynn's face. God this was all so hot. After Marie got off we all went inside and grabbed a couple of beers. Then we all went to the family room. We were all sitting there naked and Larry started laughing saying that this was the best Sex that he had ever had. We all agreed with him telling him that we all loved our wife's and husbands but that we just liked the fun of having sex with others. We stared joking around and since Marie had, had her fantasy fulfilled we asked Larry if he had any that he would like to do. He said No but we all new better. All guys have fantasies, which they hide, because they are afraid of what other guys will think of them. We finally talked it out of him. He said that he had always wanted to go to a book store and take out his cock and put it through the hole in the wall and have the unknown person on the other side suck it touch it and do what ever they wanted to it. We told him that we could handle that one for him. We hung up a blanket in front of the laundry room door and told him to get on the other side and to push his cock through whenever he was ready. Lynn got out a deck of cards and whispered to the rest of us that low card had to do something to his cock. Jim and I looked at them and said that we weren't going to touch another guy's cock. The girls looked at us and said that it wouldn't kill us and that they wouldn't think that we were queers or anything like that. If we did that it all was for fun and after all Lynn had just ate out Marie while us guy watched her do it. At that was her first time ever touching another pussy besides her own and that it was really a turn on. I looked at Jim and he looked at me and we said what the heck why not. So through the curtain came this cock poking though the hole. We all agreed that low card had to do something to it for two minutes. We all drew cards Jim was the lowest then me then Lynn and then Marie. I think that Lynn stacked the deck but she said that she didn't. I knew that it was on of her fantasies to see another guy have sex with another guy. So Jim goes over and extends one finger and just barely touches it like it was going to bite him or something. Then Marie and Lynn edged him on and he grasps it and starts stroking it. Slowly at first and then he starts rubbing it a little faster. He starts to tease Larry by rubbing fast and then slowing down and loosening his grip on it and you can hear Larry telling him not to stop don't let go. You can tell Jim is really getting into the control thing. Then we tell him that his time is up. It's my turn so over I go and I figure that it can't be too different from when I do my own. So I clasp my hand around his cock and slowly begin to stroke it. I can feel him starting to pump into my hand. I can feel his cock start to expand even more that it already is. I realize that it won't be long be fore he is exploding all over the place. I then pick up the pace and keep it up for a while and slow it down to let him cool off a little. I start to stroke it again and I look over at Lynn and she is playing with her pussy, while I am stroking this cock, as she watches me. Marie says that my two minutes are up and that its Lynn’s turn. Lynn comes and she looks at me and smiles with one of her smiles and starts to push my head toward his cock. I said that it was her turn, not mine. She says that since it’s her turn that this is what she wants to do and she pushes my mouth onto his cock. She reminds me that it was one of my fantasies to lick her juices off of one. I told her that it don't have any on it. She said just a minute and turns around and slides it into her pussy and she takes it out and says there you go. Start licking and sucking that for me. So over I go and grab it once again and I hear Lynn say yes, yes, do it for me baby. So I start to lick it and it feels so soft and I can taste her pussy juices on it. I start to take it into my mouth and I feel someone under me and Marie crawls under me and starts sucking on my cock. As I take his cock into my mouth she does the same thing to mine. It’s like I can feel what I am doing to him. I can start to feel him beginning to pump again and I think just great he's going to shot of in my mouth. He's pumping hard and faster all of the time and Marie is matching what we are doing by keeping up the same rhythm. It was great, my cock sliding in and out of her and I forget all about that he is screwing my mouth. Just when I am ready to shoot of into Marie’s mouth she says that my two minutes are up and that it’s her turn. She comes over and backs onto his cock and takes it all into her I figure what the heck I might as well get some at the same time so I go over and lay in front of Marie and slide under her and she starts to suck on my cock again. Then Lynn comes over and gets onto my mouth and starts to rub her pussy into my tongue. Jim decides to get into it and comes over and stands behind Lynn and slowly enters her butt. Its great we are all hot and horny and going at it like crazy I hear someone start to cum and that triggers me. Hearing someone start to cum triggers me and I start to cum and it carries through for the rest of us we are all cumming and shooting off at the same time. We all lie down on the floor and relax for a while. After while Jim and Marie get up and say that they have to go that it has been fun that we will have to get to gather soon again. We tell them good-bye and that leaves us alone with Larry. I go up stairs to get us some cold drinks and come back down and Lynn is in front of Larry sucking on his cock again and he is getting hard again. So I get down behind her and begin to lick her pussy from under her while she is sucking on his cock. Then she turns around and gets into a 69 position with me and starts to suck my cock while I am licking her pussy for her. I notice that Larry begins to move around behind her and he starts to rub her pussy while I am licking her clit. Then he gets right up behind her and starts to slide his cock into her pussy. Very slowly it just inches in a little at a time until he has it all of the way in. Then he starts to let her have it faster and faster then he slows down and teases her with it and takes it almost all of the way out and slams it back into her again. Like I told you before, her pussy really gets wet when she begins to cum. All of her pussy juices are running out of her and down onto me. This is great I can taste her and see his cock up close stretching her pussy apart really wide. He takes his cock out of her pussy and points it up by where I am licking her at and slides it under my tongue and I start to lick the juices off of this cock that she has put on there. Then he puts it back into her pussy and continues screwing her hard. He starts to shot off and he fills her pussy and it starts to run out all over pussy lips and my face. I start to lick her pussy off and she starts to cum again. We all collapse on the floor and finally we get cleaned up and Larry leaves and she and I hit the sack.
  7. I am the male half of a couple that has enjoyed the excitement of swinging for many years. From my standpoint I have enjoyed the exhilaration from not only having sex with women outside my marriage but also the stimulation of watching my wife having sex with other men. I know that we both enjoy the swinging life style now but it wasn't always this way. When we first started swinging I thought that it was an activity that I enjoyed and she was just doing it for me. I would like to tell you about the night that I found out that she enjoyed it as much as I did. Let me start by telling you a little bit about us. We were both raised in small towns in central California a few miles apart. We were married when we were both teenagers with very little sexual experience for either one of us. No matter what you hear about the sixties and the sexual revolution it wasn't alive and well in central California back in the mid-to-late sixties. When we met she was a virgin and I had only had sex with two girls. One of the many problems with marrying so young is that there always comes a time when you start feeling like you have missed-out on something. You never had the chance to experience other sexual partners. I was no different, those thoughts starting creeping into my mind about eight years after we were married. We would go to parties and there would always be the single guys that seemed to be with a different girl at every party. I thought it was just a guy thing, but guys let me break it to you the girls have the same thoughts. When you really love your partner even though you have those kinds of thoughts you tend to push them back in your mind and focus on the other things that make you life together so great. But for some of us no matter how hard we try to ignore those thoughts they just keep coming back. You know you don't want to cheat on your wife. Its not just about having sex with other people, its about exploring new sexual adventures. My wet dreams have always seemed to center on my wife and I, having new and exciting sexual adventures together. It wasn't just about me having sex with other women but also watching her having sex with other men. The thought of watching her in bed with another man and having his cock buried deep in her pussy always caused and instant erection for me. For the longest time I thought there must be something wrong with me getting so turned-on at the thought of watching her fuck another man. I wanted so much to make my dreams of these adventures come true but I had two problems to overcome. First was how do you break this to your wife and second, how is she going to accept the idea. Next was, where do you find other people who think like you do and are interested in having this kind of sex. This, I might add was before the days of the Internet with chat room and the like. One day I ran across a magazine with amateur photographs. I thumbed through the magazine and found that they were pictures of nude women that had been posted by or with their husbands or boyfriends approval. There was also a forum in the back of the magazine that related stories from couples about their swinging adventures. There were stories about 3-somes, 4-somes, swinging parties as well as sexual adventures between the couples alone. That night when my wife and I were both in bed I brought the magazine out and we started reading some of the stories together. We, or should I say I started with a story of a couple on an exotic vacation. Then onto stories about two couples involved in a foursome. As we read the stories one by one I reached down between her legs and rubbed her pussy. Her panties were soaked and I was very pleased that the stories were having their desired effect on her. After we put the magazine aside and I had my cock buried deep in her pussy I commented on how much the stories had turned her on. She denied it at first but soon confessed that indeed the stories were very stimulating. We started using these stories as a regular stimulation for our sex life. She got to the point she was looking forward to reading the stories as much as I was. After a period of time during our after story time sex I started asking her if she would like to be involved in our own sexual adventures like the ones in the story. Her initial reply was that she wasn't interested in doing anything of the kind. I was the only man she ever wanted in her sex life. But as any good salesman will tell you, you never take no for an answer. As I persisted in my asking her, she finally broke-down and said that it might be fun and she might be interested if I really wanted to. But we would have to find another couple that we enjoyed being with and they had to be from out of the area. She definitely didn't want anybody in town knowing what we were doing. I bought a swingers magazine with ads from other couples. We meet with two couple over the next few months and I finally got to enjoy a foursome with another couple. The sight of my wife being fucked by another man was every bit as exhilarating as I thought it would be. As was the thrill of having sex with another woman in the same bed as my wife while she was having sex with another man. When we were with the couples we met my wife seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. She would laugh with them and always had at least two orgasms during the nights we would play. However afterwards when I would ask her if she had enjoyed herself she would always say that she had but she was only doing it because I wanted to. As time went by it was really getting to the point that I was questioning whether we should continue in the life style or not. We had found out quite by accident that a couple that we were real close friends with also enjoyed swinging and our friendship with them had expanded into a sexual relationship. The wife seemed to enjoy our encounters with them but it seemed that every time I suggested something involving swinging to her, her answer would be 'I don't care, what ever you want to do.' Through one of the swingers publications I received I learned of a 'party house' not too far from us. We had never been to a commercial party house before but the thought of it seemed enticing to me so I suggested going to my wife. The answer was the same as always 'I don't care, whatever you want to do.' I checked it out and gave them a called to learn more about it. They explained that there was a small cover charge at the door to cover the food and drinks and what not. They operated the parties out of a large house located in the country in a secluded location. They had three bedrooms, one was used as an orgy room and the other two bedrooms were divided off into private areas. They also had a hot tub, as well as open areas where you could mingle with the other couples. We started going to this party house and enjoyed the people we meet there. It was for couples only but on rare occasions a single could attend with the permission from the management. They seemed to have a regular clientele who frequented their parties but new people also seemed to be found at their parties. We had met and partied with about three different couples during our first few trips to these parties. We were never pressured and found it a great atmosphere to have fun in. Up to this point in time we had only partied with other couples we had never had a 3-some with another male or female. All of the times we had met and partied with another couple, whether it was at one of these parties or through correspondence with another couple was always initiated by me. My wife was always a willing participant but she would never initiate a conversation or suggest anything with any of the couples we would meet. This all changed at one of the parties we attended. One Saturday I ask the wife if she would like to go out that night. She said it sounded fine to her and ask were I wanted to go. I told her I thought we might drive over to the party house which meet with her usual reply 'OK, whatever you want to do.' We dropped the kids at the sitters and arrived at the party house at about 9:00PM that night. The crowd seemed rather small that night and none of the couple we had previously met were there. We got a glass of wine and some munchies and mingled for a while. I asked the wife if she would like to get another glass of wine and take a hot tub. She agreed that it sounded good and we went to one of the changing rooms to remove our clothes and put on a robe. The hot tub was located in an area that had been the garage before being closed off and made into a hot tub room. When we got to the hot tub there were about 5 or 6 people already in it. There were two couples and a couple of guys relaxing in the warm water when we walked up to the tub. As we walked up to the tub one of the guys in the tub looked over at Mia {my wife} and said the water is great come on in. Mia smiled at him, she removed her robe and climbed the steps and entered the warm water. As she climbed into the tub everybody in the tub got a great view of her shaved pussy and her beautiful round breast. The gentleman that had invited her in moved over a little and offered her a set. He was located on the far side of the tub from where she entered at so she waded across the tub allowing him a great look at her breast and set-down beside him. I removed my robe and followed her into the water. There were enough people in the tub that the only open spot available was on the far side of the tub from where Mia was setting. I introduced myself and Mia to the other people in the tub and set back enjoying the water. Mia was talking to her new friend and I started a conversation with the other two couples in the tub. One of the girls in the tub, a very pretty young blond was located to my right. As we were chatting in the warm water she stated that she was getting too hot and climbed out and sit on the edge of the tub between her husband and me. As she was setting just a few feet from me at the edge of the tub she turned herself toward me with her legs spread just enough to show off her beautiful well trimmed pussy, I could feel my cock starting to get hard. I was thinking that I had found a couple that I would really like to party with a little later. I looked over to see how Mia was doing. The guy that had invited her into the tub was now setting right next to her. I could tell that their legs were touching and they were engulfed in their own conversation. As I was watching I saw him turn a little toward her and saw that he reached over under the water and was rubbing either her thighs or her pussy. I then saw her reach over I knew that she was stroking his cock. As she reached over I saw a little wide-eyed expression come over her as she started stroking his cock. Mia told me later on the drive home that they had just been talking. She was enjoying his company and he seemed like a real nice guy. She said that when he turned toward her he had reached down and started to massage her thigh. She said that he had then started to work his hand up toward her pussy. He gentile spread her legs and began to rub her pussy. She said it had felt so natural that she spread her legs wider giving him better access to her rapidly warming pussy. He then gently took her hand and placed it on his erect cock. She said it was one of the biggest cocks she had ever felt and knew she wanted to feel it deep inside her. As I was watching Mia and her new friend I lost track of time and also of the couple I had been talking to. Another couple walked into the room and over to the couple that I had been talking to, they were friends of theirs that they had come to the party with and they left together. Mia and her friend seemed to be enjoying themselves so I told her I was going to the restroom and would be right back. When I returned to the darkened hot tub room everybody except for Mia, her friend and one other guy had left the hot tub. Mia and her friend were kissing and I could tell that he had a finger or two working hard in her pussy as she was stroking his cock. I stood just outside the doorway watching them with my cock starting to regain its own erect status. They broke their embrace and he said something to her. I saw her nod her head yes and they stood up and started to get out of the tub. I slipped back into the house so she wouldn't know I saw them and wait for her to tell me what was going on. I didn't have to wait too long to find out what she had in mind. Her and her friend walked out of the hot tub room and she had a glow on her face. She saw me, walked up to me in a rather fast pace grabbed my hand and said 'come on lets go party.' I let her lead both me and her new friend into one of the semiprivate rooms. Once inside she introduced me to her new friend John as she was removing her robe. John and I both removed the towels we had around our waists and Mia lead us over to one of the mats on the floor. John and I laid down one on each side of Mia. As we stretched out on our backs Mia looked over at me with a smile on her face and a mischievous look in her eyes. She reached down with both hands and took my cock in one hand and Johns cock in the other and began to stroke us both at the same time. After a couple of minutes of that John and I took a breast apiece, massaging each and rubbing her nipples between our thumbs and fingers. Her breathing was becoming more rapid and her grip on our cocks was becoming firmer by the seconds. I moved around just a little so I could bend down and take one of her now erect nipples in my mouth. As I licked and sucked on her nipple I reached down to feel her pussy. When I did I found John was already there. Her legs were spread wide to give him access and he had two fingers buried deep in her now flowing pussy. As John fucked two fingers in and out of her pussy I began to rub her very sensitive clit. I knew she wouldn't be able to take much more of our combined attention without cuming. Without letting go of our cocks she rolled her head back, ground her pussy into Johns probing fingers and let her first orgasm of the night race through her. The heavy petting they had done in the hot tub must have had her right on the brink when they decided to take the action to one of the rooms. As she was enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm John and I continued to stroke her body. As her breathing became more normal she smiled and said, that was great but I want to feel the real thing in my pussy. With that she rolled over on all fours with her ass pointed toward John and her head just above my cock. John got up behind her, she reached back and guided his cock into her pussy. With one stroke John slid all nine inches into her. She arched her back, rolled her head back and pushed back against the cock that was impaling her pussy. As John began to fuck her in earnest she reached down taking my cock in her hand and lowered her mouth on it. She stroked and sucked me in rhythm with Johns cock pounding in and out of her pussy. John would slid his cock almost all the way out of her. Hesitate a second then slam it all the way back in her again. Every time he did this she would gasp with pleasure. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer with the sight of John fucking her from behind and her stroking and sucking my cock. I knew my breathing was getting noticeably faster and deeper. Mia looked up at me and gasp, don't cum yet I want to do something that I have always wanted to but never had a chance to. I told her that was fine with me but she had better get on with it because I couldn't hold out much longer. She rose up to where she was standing on her knees. John had followed her lead and managed to make the position change without removing his cock from her pussy. With her legs spread as wide as she could she looked over at me and said I want you to rub my clit with your cock. I want to feel like both of you are going to have your cocks in my pussy at the same time. I am as straight as straight can be and the thought of having my cock in the same proximity as another mans cock had never entered my mind before. But as hot as I was at the time it sounded like a hell of an idea. With Johns cock buried to the hilt in her pussy she reached down and spread the lips of her pussy exposing her clit. I slid up to her and started rubbing my cock over her clit. John held still holding his cock into her as hard as he could. He then began to slid his cock in and out of her again. At one point as he slid his cock almost all the way out at the same time I was sliding my cock down her clit my cock entered her pussy. I couldn't help myself I thrust into her I far as I could. Then John and I started to take turns sliding our cocks into her and alternating between the two of us. When I would pull out of her he would thrust into her and visa versa. When my cock wasn't in her pussy I would hold it and rub the head over her clit. With the juices from her pussy running down the insides of her thighs and with her arms around my neck to maintain her balance Mia was in heaven. She would arch her ass back when John would thrust his cock into her and roll her hips forward to meet my cock. John was the first to start to cum, he thrust his cock into Mia, holding her by the hips he drove his cock into her as far as he could and started to cum deep in her pussy. When she felt the first jets of his cum in her pussy Mia could hold out on longer. She pulled me to her and kissed me deeply driving her tongue into my mouth. I couldn't take it, with the head of my cock rubbing her clit I began stroking it for all I was worth. It didn't take long until my cum was shooting out onto her clit. I was cuming so hard that I could hear it hitting her clit. I can't remember having ever cum that hard or that much before in my life. Mia was spent, holding onto me with her arms around my neck she let the waves of pleasure pass through her. After a few minutes she raised her head to look me in the eye and said I love you and that was great. John was still holding on to her and still had his shrinking cock in her pussy. John cock finely softened and slid out of her pussy. When it did the cum he had deposited deep inside her started to flow down her thighs. Mia excused herself to use the restroom and clean up a little. When she stood up I could see for the first time the amount of her juices that had flowed down the insides of her thighs. She was wet almost to her knees. I reached up and stroked the wetness on the insides of her thighs and commented that she looks like she had really enjoyed herself. She just looked down at me with a smug look and said 'oh yea. It was fantastic' and I will be right back. To get to the restroom from the room we were in you have to walk through an open area of the house where the guest would mingle. In the past Mia would never walk through this area totally nude but tonight with the sexual glow still on her face she walked out of the room totally nude. The closest restroom was occupied I found out later and she decided to use the one located in what was the master bedroom, now the orgy room. After Mia left the room John said why don't we get something to drink and I could sure use a smoke. Sounded good to me so we both grabbed our towels wrapped them around our waists and went out to get a drink and grab a smoke. We stepped outside to get some air and have a smoke. John gave me his number and said he would love to get together with us again any time we had the urge to party again. After we finished our smoke John said he was going to get dressed that he had to leave but he would catch up with Mia and say goodbye before he left. It had been about ten or fifteen minutes since Mia had left for the restroom and I was beginning to wonder what was keeping her. I walked down the hall to the restroom off the hallway. The door was open and it wasn't being used. I checked in the room we had been in, MIAs robe was still on the floor but she wasn't there. I went into the orgy room to check out the other restroom to see if she was all right. The orgy room was kept in a very low light. It was enough to see in but you had to let your eyes become accustom to the darkness before you could see very well. As I was standing just inside the room waiting for my eyes to become accustom to the light I could tell there were about five or six couples in the room engaged in various sexual activities. I heard Mia before I actually saw her or should I say I heard her moans before I saw her. To be continued...
  8. Halloween - Ted and I did something we’ve been considering for some time but not got around to doing - we went to the local swinger’s club. We’ve been on the mailing list of the Swing Time Dance club since we moved here - an inheritance from the previous owners. At first we assumed it to be a dance club for people who enjoy the music of the forties and fifties but a check of the given web page established that it does indeed provide ‘an intimate social environment for free-thinking people’. The establishment billed itself as being ‘off premises’ and Ted had to explain that to me. Anyway, last Saturday, Halloween, when the last of the trick-or-treaters had been sent on their way with the last of our chocolate bars, Ted checked the email for late messages and came up with a page inviting us to a special late night Halloween party. “Come on down to the annual convention of witches, goblins, dragons, virgins and other mythical creatures. Be here at midnight to win prizes for best costumes.” Ted, with his hair parted in the middle and slicked down, was still wearing his false fangs and black cape. He looked at me and I grinned back - “Why not?” In my black cat tights with painted on whiskers and false ears I felt the confidence of camouflage as we entered the large old residence just outside city limits. The proprietor, a jolly gnome who gave his name as Frisk, nodded his approval when Ted presented his driver’s licence and smiled broadly at the three tens Ted tossed into the glass bowl. He led us to the main room where a quartet of trumpet, trombone, clarinet and sax were doing a questionable rendition of ‘Chatanooga Choo-choo’. There was a postage stamp dance floor where two couples were performing an energetic jitterbug and the rest of the floor was covered with bean bag loungers, most of whom were occupied by couples, mostly in some kind of costume - or lack thereof - who seemed to be enjoying themselves. As we entered, the orchestra concluded the number and received a smattering of applause followed by louder applause when the bandleader announced they would take a break. Two of the couples looked up at us and one of the men reached out to pull up an empty bean bag. The woman with him waved us down to join them so Ted and I settled in. The woman nearer me introduced herself as Sarah. “And that’s Debbie.” She gestured toward the other beanbag. “The two fellows are Paul and Martin but Debbie and I are such good friends we often forget which is whose husband. “Tonight it doesn’t matter.” She babbled on. “I’ll probably lay both of them before morning. We don’t come here often but when we do, we come as a foursome so if we don’t risk becoming wallflowers.” “Good plan.” I conceded. “And thanks for inviting us to join you.” “You’re quite welcome - and don’t feel bashful about moving on if you make a contact.” Sarah leered at Ted. “Which I hope you don’t.” She clapped her hands. “It’s not proper etiquette to remain too long with one partner while here. All men shift one right.” She commanded. The three men stood up dutifully and Ted sat down with Debbie while Paul dropped in beside Sarah and Martin settled in with me on my beanbag. I was at a loss about what was expected of me but Martin quickly calmed my fears. “No obligation.” He said quietly. “Sarah talks slutty but beneath that buxom bosom beats the heart of a proper Presbyterian housewife. Same with Debbie but about once a month the four of us get together and sort of forget just who’s married to whom. Mostly we come here for a couple of hours of pretending we’re wild swingers and then go home all fired up for a nice friendly swap, all happy and excited with the knowledge that we’re going to get laid before the night’s over. You needn’t feel committed to stick with us." “Of course,” He added slyly, “We haven’t run into any couples as delightfully attractive as you and Ted - and from the way Debbie is snuggling up to your partner, I’d say nobody will be put out if you do stay.” I looked over to see Debbie cuddling up to Ted who was laughing and already had a hand on her right boob while Sarah and Paul were looking on with amused smiles. I suddenly felt very comfortable with Martin. “Well then,” I smiled, “Our pretense to being a bunch of wild swingers is not all that convincing. We can do better.” Martin draped an arm over my shoulder and I pressed my left breast against him as I nibbled on his right ear. His right hand crept around to cradle my right tit.. The combo returned to play some slightly less frantic pieces but the din was still too loud to permit much conversation so for the next ten minutes we just necked and petted like - well maybe more than like when I was a teenager. By the time for the next music break, I’d had my fingers inside Martin’s fly but be had not yet discovered how to get inside my body-sock cat costume. “Excuse us.” I looked up to see a young couple - considerably younger than anyone else in the place. He was a well built young man with arms and shoulders of an athlete or weight lifter while she was a slightly overweight blonde with a cheerful face and a bouncy bosom. I could imagine them fucking up a storm in the back seat of a Toyota but they seemed somehow out of place in a swinger’s club. “This is Jerry and I’m Gerri - with a G. We’re new here.” The girl announced cheerfully, “And we feel sort of out on a limb by ourselves. Could we possibly join you - at least until we make a connection?” “Of course.” Sarah took over and made the introductions. “It’s time for a switch anyway: come on fellows, one place to the right.” She pulled another beanbag in between hers and mine and waved Gerri into it so when the men shifted, mine was the one open for Jerry. “I noticed you were getting along very well with Martin.”He said apologetically. “I don’t want to intrude.” “Nonsense.” I laughed. “It’s like a square dance. Sarah’s the caller. A dance is where you find out whom you’d like to screw with - but you don’t screw here. That’s why it’s called ‘off premises’.” My goodness, I didn’t know that just last week and now I’m acting the counselor. “But if you didn’t know that, what are you doing here? You should be home screwing the so screwable Gerri.' Jerry grinned self-consciously. “Right - and I probably will be before sunup. Coming here was her idea.” He went on to explain that he and Gerri had been living together for three years and enjoying a very satisfying sex life but when he’d suggested they get married, she’d expressed reservations. She had bad vibes from a breakup of her family when momma had caught pappa spending a lunch hour with her cousin Emily. “So she doesn’t want you to make her promises that might frustrate you at some future date?” I suggested. “ Gerri had been tuned into our conversation. She leaned over from the neighboring beanbag. “Plus I don’t want to make promises that could contribute to my frustrations. I love screwing lummox there but there are many beautiful people in this world I’d like to register with. - If I could only be sure that he could accept that, I’d marry him.” “So you’re here tonight looking for a test case?” I suggested and turned to Jerry. “Do you think you could stand seeing another man screw her?” He mulled over his answer for over half a minute. “To be truthful, for some perverted reason, I’d enjoy watching her screw another man.” “That’s a very common perversion.” I informed him. “You want others to have a taste of the premium woman you have - and be jealous of you.” “That’s an oversimplification.” He mused. “But there is a grain of truth there.” Our noisy little orchestra returned and began setting up. “I don’t know if I can take much more of this.” Ted spoke up. “I turned on the spa heater before leaving home and it should be good and hot by now. Anyone interested?” Paul and Martin stood up immediately while Jerry gave a questioning look toward Gerri. She grinned and stood up too. In the parking lot, Sarah got into Ted’s two-seater so I could ride with Debbie, Paul and Martin to guide in case we got separated while Jerry and Jerri followed in their VW. When we arrived at our house, the girls were suitably impressed by the hot tub in the atrium. Debbie calmly turned her back to Jerry and asked him to unzip her dress while Sarah asked Ted to show how to turn on the bubbles. She then nonchalantly stripped off her clothing and stepped in. I must admit that for an older woman she had a truly impressive body - a trifle thick in the waist but not an ounce of flab, large self-supporting boobs and a full bush of pubic hair. Before sitting down, she held out her hand to Ted in invitation to join her. It took him three second to strip and step in. Debbie and Jerry were right behind. “We can’t get eight in there.” Gerri turned to me. “Why don’t you show me the rest of your lovely house.” “We might get ate in there.” Quipped Martin. “But we’d sooner stick with you. Can we come too.” I showed them the two guest bedrooms and then led them upstairs to the master suite. “Give me a minute to change out of this crazy cat costume.” I said. “I’ll be right back.” I went on into the dressing room and gratefully stripped off the clinging body-sock before turning to the wash basin to wash off the painted cat whiskers. As I reached for a towel, I glimpsed in the mirror to see Paul standing naked behind me. I smiled at him and he placed his hands on my hips. I stood up and wiggled my butt against his erection as he slipped his hands forward and up to cradle my breasts. We stood quietly for a full minute gently moving against each other and then I bent over the wash basin and he entered me from behind. After several minutes of delicious long slow strokes I flipped him out. “That was delightful but these tiles are a little cold.” I told him. “Let’s try the bed.” We went back to the bedroom to find Gerri straddling Martin and riding him wildly. She didn’t interrupt the gymnastics but gave us a big grin and pointed down to the bed beside them inviting us to join them. Paul picked me up and tossed me down beside Martin where I lay back and spread my legs. Paul laughed and jumped right in. He was good - damn good. Several times he brought me to the edge with just long slow strokes and then paused to let the tension subside. Finally I grabbed both cheeks of his ass and pulled him in hard. “Stop teasing me, damn you. I’m ready to explode - I want to feel you come to me.” I squirmed and bucked until I felt hm swell and as he began to spasm as I let loose all the built up frustration. Gerri had finished off Martin earlier. She slipped a hand between me and Paul to feel the tremors in my belly. “I’ve never watched a woman climax before.” She said with a touch of envy. “You were impressive.” I pushed Paul off to the other side and drowsed off with Gerri’s hand still on my tummy. Later in the night I awakened to feel gentle fingers on my pussy. “Want to change partners?” Gerri whispered. I wiggled toward the center of the bed and she rolled over me, pausing for a moment on top with her ample breasts against mine. I’d never before been aroused by a female body but it did feel good. Our change-places maneuver completed with our bosoms still touching and each with an arm over the other and we dozed off again. Some time later I was again awakened by stealthy probing. Martin had his dong between my legs from behind and was slyly searching for my point of entry I lay quietly pretending to be asleep until he found the target and slid in before I reached down between my legs to caress his balls. I opened my eyes to see Gerri’s grinning face. Paul was already inside her from behind and she was breathing in sync with his slow steady stroking. She moved her hand to my cheek and kissed me on the mouth. I didn’t object. I had no urge to climax but Martin’s slow steady stroking was extremely soothing and when finally he swelled and began pumping his moistures into me I leaned forward and again kissed Gerri. At sunrise I showered and went to the kitchen to prepare coffee and pancakes for the eight of us. Jerry was all apologies for not having spent some time with the hostess - me. “I so hoped for a chance to get to know you.” He grumbled. “And now those two insatiable women have screwed me to where I have nothing left to offer you.” “No problem.” I assured him. “You and Gerri stick around when the others leave. We have all day and another night. - And I have a feeling that will be just the beginning of a wonderful friendship.” Jessie B. in Oregon mail to: jackduncan52@hotmail.com
  9. It had been over 20 years since our last swinging experience {the beach weekend and the Christmas experience}. I tried to get Kathy to do some swinging- other couples, groups, male, or females; however, she never was interested after getting pregnant with our first child and lost interest in sex after our second. She gained over 100 lbs and she lost touch with Bonnie and Ellen. I changed jobs so we would not have to relocate anymore and over the next 15 years Kathy became good friends with a couple of ladies at her job. About two years ago one of Kathy’s friends was promoted and was told she would be transferred. We had been out to eat with this couple a few times and they were nice but not the type I took to consider swinging. They were moving one weekend and we “volunteered” to help {actually Kathy came home and told me we were helping}. The couple was nice. She stood approximately 6 foot and was not fat but was thick {I can’t really describe it}. Her name is Mary and was 37 at that time. He stood about 5’10” and was average build and his name was Rick. He was also 37. They did not have children. Kathy was 42 and I was 43. Moving weekend came and we were going to spend Friday and Saturday night in the city they were moving to; at a hotel. They had movers coming but we were there to help with some smaller things; clothes, some family heirlooms, and equipment the he used in wood working and electrical jobs. It was a summer day that was due to get hot. We began about 8:00 am and by 10 I was drenched in sweat. Everyone wore t-shirts and shorts. Kathy had on a green t-shirt and the rest of us had on white. As the day went on our t-shirts became soaked. I noticed that I could see through Mary’s but she had a basic bra; however her shorts were tight and showed a firm ass and a little camel toe. Rick’s shirt tore and he took it off. His shorts were running shorts that were semi-tight. When he moved in a certain way it showed off his form {cock}. I noticed Kathy checking him out several times. We had finished putting the rest of their stuff on a rented van by 4:00 pm. It was a four and a half hour drive to the city they were relocating. Kathy suggested they grab a shower at our house and then go; there were no plans to unload that night anyway. So Mary and Rick came over to shower. We had two bathrooms. Kathy suggested that she and Mary get showers first. Rick and I grabbed a pop and sat on out deck talking. I found out that he was not that eager to move but knew Mary had worked long and hard for the promotion. I told him that I had turned down a promotion to a VP position to Atlanta with my previous company to stay where we are because Kathy and the kids liked it here. He asked me if I regretted it and I said no, that the most important thing was the happiness of my family. The ladies came out. Mary had changed into a light color blouse and tight jeans. I hadn’t noticed before but she had a fairly good figure. Kathy had changed into a top that accentuated her full breasts and shorts. I went and took my shower and noticed that my razor had some long hair on it. I thought it was mine since I had shaved my neck that morning. I also noticed some feminine hygiene products in the trash. Kathy had used them before when she had worked in the yard. After my shower, it was around 5:00 pm. Rick jumped in the truck, Mary and Kathy in their car, and I drove our car, bringing up the rear. We arrived in the city they were relocating to around 9:30. We went directly to the motel and checked in. Not having anything to eat since lunch, we decided to go out- everyone piled in our vehicle. We had a nice dinner. Mary and Rick were having beer to drink and Kathy joined them. This surprised me because alcohol could irritate her digestive problem; however, she had gone to the doctor and since it had been several months since a flare up he said it was ok to try. She was tipsy after one beer. After eating, we headed back to the motel to go to bed. We were to be at the house at 8:00 am to meet the movers. Kathy and I got into the bedroom and she got very frisky, which was also unusual since her interest in sex had taken a dive. We had the best sex, it had been a long time since she had swallowed my cum or licked my asshole. She was still a little shy about me playing with hers. At 6:45 am, Mary called frantic. The movers called and said they had been at the house since 6:00 am waiting for them and they were going to leave if they did not come. Kathy climbed in with Mary and I went with Rick in the truck. When we got to the house Mary was upset and Rick was mad; but there were no movers. I got Rick’s cell phone and called. The movers were around the corner at a convenience store. I told them to get over there and talk with me. When they came up I went directly to the driver and said that they weren’t suppose to be there until 8:00 and that they could not threaten to leave because they didn’t want to wait. I told him that he was to apologize to both Mary and Rick. He was about to refuse when I said, the stunt you pulled could very well have your bonding and licensed pulled. His mouth dropped. A mover tried to pull this with me on our first move. He stored the stuff for a week and tried to charge us. Our corporate attorney handled it and let me know the regulations in our state. So the driver apologized and offered to help unpack for the “mix-up”. Mary and Rick accepted his offer. Rick and I unloaded his truck. It took us about two hours so by 9:30 am we were helping unpack. The house was beautiful, the colors were good, and the rooms large. They had a hot tub and covered porch. The hot tub was empty, which pissed off Rick. He wired hot tubs and knew if they were empty too long it could cause problems, so he began filling it. Mary and Kathy were up stairs when we heard Mary yell, Fuck. She was coming down the stairs and told Rick to go look at the office. The room had holes all in the walls, small and large. Rick turned to Mary and said this is the room that they had the sound and photography equipment, as well as shelves. She asked what are we going to do. I asked if they wanted to repair and paint the room. She said yes. I looked at Kathy and asked if she was up to it since we moved three times and had to do our own home improvement. Kathy said she had to go back and get on some other clothes. Mary turned to Rick and asked if he wanted house guests {we had planned to stay at the motel}, and Rick said sure. Kathy and Mary went to check out and get the clothes while Rick and I went to get supplies for the repair. On the way over Rick started talking about the hot tub and parties. I said that I had been to a few parties where there were hot tubs. By the time we got back, the ladies were back. We started spackling and joint compounding. It was lunch and the movers finally had everything off the truck and in the proper rooms. They had lunch and began to unpack. Mary and I went to get lunch since Rick was working on removing some wires from the office and Kathy was getting ready to tape the trim. We got to the deli in two minutes but had to wait for the sandwiches to be made. Mary asked if it bothered me to spend the night. I said no, why. She said from what Kathy said I had planned a big night. I laughed and said a big night from me is a back rub while I watch TV, not really true but I didn’t want Mary to feel bad. I went to pay and she stopped me saying no that our help was enough and paid for lunch. I looked and her and noticed her nipples sticking out her shirt and when I glanced down I noticed she had more of a camel toe. When we got back to the house, I went to get Rick and Kathy for lunch. Kathy was kneeling on the floor and Rick was leaning over her to get to some wires. His cock was at Kathy’s eye level and she was looking. I said lunch is ready and she turned red and said ok. As the day went on we painted the room and finished unpacking. The movers set up the beds and Kathy and Mary made them. We all went to the grocery store for dinner. They had a grill so we planned to cook out. It was 6:00 pm when we started cooking. Kathy was drinking beer with Mary and Rick and we cooked steak. She had a couple of glasses of red wine. After dinner I helped Mary with the dishes while Kathy and Rick cleaned outside. I dropped a fork and bent over to get it and felt a hand on my ass. Mary acted startled and said she was sorry her hand had slipped. We finished the dishes and Rick asked if we wanted to get in the hot tub and we said sure. We all headed up stairs to get our bathing suits on. As soon as I closed the door, Kathy kissed me passionately and began rubbing my cock. I began feeling her breasts and ass. I told her that I thought Mary had grabbed my ass but she had said it was and accident. Kathy said, she liked grabbing my ass too and did. We began changing; I said Mary told her that I expected to have a big night. Kathy gave a sheepish grin and said we need to help break in the house. I finished changing and went down and Rick was checking the temperature. He said perfect. At that time Mary came down and had a one piece on. Her nipples were showing through and it was tight on her ass. Kathy came down and looked great in her bathing suit, it was a slimming. We got in the hot tub, and Mary said all Rick had talked about was hot tub parties and cook outs. Kathy squeezed my knee and said the hot tub parties we had been to had been fun. Mary asked what we did and I waited to see how Kathy answered this. She said it was mostly drinking and groping in the hot tub. Mary said yeah it was kind of hard to see what was going on under the water. Kathy laughed and that was the fun part. Kathy told Mary and them the people we were hot tubing with didn’t allow bathing suits because the detergent residue caused suds. That floored me. That was not discussed until the end of the Christmas experience. Rick said he had heard the same thing. Kathy wanted a beer so I got up to get her one. As I got the beer Mary entered the kitchen, nipples sticking straight out. She said she didn’t know if she felt like wine or beer. I walked behind her and grabbed her ass to see if any reaction. She took a quick breath and I said I am sorry, I slipped. She turned and said what do I feel like, wine or beer. I said wine. I grabbed a pop for me and another beer for Rick. Kathy had slid next to Rick while we were gone but slid back over when we returned. Mary asked what exactly happened at the hot tub parties. Kathy looked at me and asked can I tell them? I said sure. She told them about the Christmas weekend. She told them about the feeling up other partners and said sex on the side. Mary looked a little flush, but said Rick and I have talked about doing that but didn’t know anybody that did. We talked about some of our experiences. Kathy made it know she was bi at the time and left it up to me to say I was bi also. We talked about swinging, groups, and hot tubs. Kathy wanted another beer, so did Rick, and Mary wanted a larger glass of wine. Mary jumped up and said she would help. I followed her and for some reason her bathing suit had slid so most of her ass was showing. I got the beers and turned to find Mary’s mouth was inches from mine. She said I want to kiss you, I said that is fine with me but what about Kathy and Rick. She said what they don’t know won’t hurt them. We kissed and I let my hand slip to her ass and I caressed it. We broke and she came to kiss again and I placed my hand on her breast and she moaned. We broke our kiss and she whispered - finger me. I slipped my hand in her wet pussy and stroked a few times. We broke, got ourselves together and went back to the hot tub. Kathy had slipped next to Rick but made no move to shift back. Mary and I handed them their drinks. We sat and talked. Kathy’s had was underwater and I knew where it was. I slid my hand underwater {Rick watched} and slid it between Mary’s legs. Kath made a comment it about being sudsy and laughed. Rick stood up with an obvious erection and said he was game. I stood up and said so am I. We slipped our bathing suits off. Kathy stared at Rick’s cock. It was a little shorter than mine but thicker. I turned slightly so my cock would be right in front of Mary. She moaned slightly. We sat and told the girls it was their turn. Both stood up and pulled their tops down. Mary’s tits were firm. They jiggled and the nipples were about a dime size but hard. Kathy turned and faced Rick and wiggled out of her bathing suit. She told Rick she was sorry she was fat, but as her bottom came off and he saw her shaved pussy he smiled. He said you look gorgeous to me. Mary turned to me and pulled her suit down and I saw the thin patch of hair I had felt as well as the puffed out lips. I said Mary looked awesome. Mary looked at me and said you can touch it. Kathy said yeah like you did in the kitchen. Mary turned and said {startled} you saw? Kathy said yes, what do you think Rick was doing to me, but you two stopped too soon, my cunt didn’t get a good rubbing but it is now. The conversation turned to sex and what we enjoyed. Mary asked Kathy if she swallowed. Kathy said she has and she did last night. Mary said that she wanted to but couldn’t get over the gag reflex. I was fingering Mary’s pussy and circling her ass hole. She was stroking my cock. Kathy told her that she will figure a way for her to swallow cum. Mary turned and kissed me and said that what I was doing was feeling good. I eased a finger in her asshole and she moaned. I moved her to the edge and started sucking and caressing her tits, she grabbed my hand and moved it to her pussy. She whispered finger fuck me. I began fingering her and sucking her tits. She whispered put one in my ass, and I did. She was moaning and her hips began grinding. I kissed her and asked if she want my tongue in her pussy. She was lying back pulling my face to her pussy. I looked over and Kathy was blowing Rick, licking from the tip of his cock to his asshole and he was moaning. Mary said how did you learn to do this so well. Rick said he never got the hang of eating cunt. I told him that I had Kathy and the others tell me what I was doing right and wrong. Mary’s juices were all over my face. Rick wanted to fuck Kathy but she told him to take his time, the night was young. She told him that she wanted to taste his cock and that her and Mary needed dessert. With that he grabbed Kathy’s head and was pumping it. When she took him all the way into her mouth, he told Mary to look. She leaned up and said face fuck her good. With that Rick shot a load, Kathy had some dribbling down her chin. She came over to Mary and planted a kiss on her and they enjoyed the cum, Mary cummed. Kathy came to me and kissed me, I tasted Rick’s cum. I went to kiss Mary and she said she still had cum in his mouth and I asked her to share, we kissed passionately. I was rock hard. Kathy suggested we move to the living room. Mary wanted another glass of wine and Kathy and Rick wanted a beer. I we went into the kitchen and got out drinks, Mary kept eying my cock and she pushed me into a stool and said to stay still. She went down on me and I saw Rick standing behind Kathy massaging one of her tits. Kathy asked if seeing Mary give another guy a blow job turned him on and he said yes. The she asked what about another female eating that gorgeous cunt. He said hell yes. Mary was leaning over and before Kathy got there she had spread her legs more. Kathy told Rick to come and watch. I could see Kathy's tongue sticking out going around her cunt lips and then she licked her asshole and Mary moaned. Kathy was eating Mary’s cunt and ass. Mary began was moving her hips up and down and my cock fell out of her mouth and Mary said shit tongue fuck me until I cum. Kathy said absolutely, Mary cummed. I said I was going to shoot my load. I asked Mary if she wanted me to hold her head on my cock and she nodded. I did and I could tell she was gagging so I was going to release her but she put her hand on top of mine {that was on her head}. She swallowed and then turned to Kathy and kissed her. Mary looked at Rick and he stepped forward to kiss her. When they finished, Mary said that was good, Rick agreed. Mary and I kissed and she stood next to me while I was sitting on the stool. I moved my finger up and down the crack of her ass. Rick was behind Kathy grabbing one of her tits while massaging her pussy. Kathy turned to kiss Rick and Mary hissed me. Her ass opened up a little and I placed a finger on her hole. She whispered that she never had been fucked in the ass. I told her I would stop and she said no don’t, I might get the courage up tonight. We walked into the living room and Rick and Kathy sat on one couch while Mary and I sat on one across from them. Kathy asked Mary what she thought about swinging so far. She smiled and squeezed my cock and said it was great. Mary said it was so hot seeing Rick being sucked by Kathy. Rick said he wasn’t much into eating women but that might change after seeing me. Kathy was massaging Rick’s cock and I was fingering Mary when Kathy opened her legs wide and said she needed a good licking and since Rick wasn’t experienced Mary needed to show him. Mary stared at Kathy’s pussy. I began working my finger hard on her clit. She stood up and walked over to Kathy and knelt down. She turned to Rick and asked if he wanted her to do it to Kathy. He said hell yeah. She then said if I do this you have to go down on me whenever I say so. He said sure. I was behind Mary and got up and sat next to Kathy to watch. Kathy swung one leg over Rick’s leg and the other over mine. She pulled Mary to her face and kissed her and guided Mary’s face to her pussy. Mary was a little hesitant at first with just kissing the outside of her clit. Kathy reached down and stuck two fingers in her pussy and swirled them around and stuck them in Mary’s mouth to suck. She did. Mary then dove into Kathy’s pussy. Kathy told her she needed to let Rick know what she is doing and why. Kathy grabbed our cocks and started pumping them. Kathy started telling Mary what she wanted and how she wanted it. Mary did as she was told. Kathy asked Mary if she liked pussy better than cock and Mary said not. Kathy said for Mary to look at our cocks and asked her if she wanted to feel a cock in her tonight, Mary answered yes. Then Kathy said you need to answer the question correctly and asked if Mary liked pussy better than cock. Rick grabbed the back of Mary’s head and pressed into Kathy’s pussy. After and minute Mary answered that she loved to eat pussy. I got up and moved a coffee table to clear the floor. Mary and Kathy hit the floor in a 69 position. The lapping sounds were awesome. Kathy started licking Mary’s asshole and she returned the favor, after several minutes both were moaning and grinding. Mary told Kathy to tongue fuck her hard and Kathy told Mary to eat her ass. Both ladies did as they were asked. They collapsed on the floor from a hard orgasm. Mary spoke and said if she had know it was this good she had tried it years ago. Kathy told Mary that it seemed like she had been doing it for a long time. Rick and I had massaged our cocks until they were hard. Rick moved behind Kathy and entered her. She cooed. Mary looked hungry and said she had to have it in her mouth first and took it all they in. Rick told her to suck it hard and Kathy told Rick to finger fuck her ass. Rick was hesitant and asked if she was sure it was ok. Kathy told him hell yeah and that he may get lucky with fucking her in the ass if he fingered her correctly. That sent Mary to the edge. She laid back and told me to fuck her hard. I eased between her legs and put it in her soaking pussy, she moaned. I was pumping and she said harder, I want to feel your cock in my stomach. Kathy was meeting Rick’s pumping with a content look on his face. Mary kept saying fuck me hard, this is hot and Kathy and Rick look at Ken fuck me. Kathy was saying I see Ken fucking you, Rick’s finger is in my ass, and his cock is filling me. After a good ten minutes, Rick was showing signs of cumming. Kathy told him to fill me up with cum. That caused me to shoot my load and Mary yelled I feel his cum in me, it’s so warm! Rick shot his load and Kathy squealed and said shove it deep- he tried. We collapsed. After a few minutes, Mary turned to Rick and spread her legs and said we made a deal that if I ate Kathy you would go down on me at anytime I wanted you to. She smiled and said cum and get it. He acted shocked and Kathy said to him he made the deal now do it. Kathy swung around to me and asked me to clean her up and I said only if she cleans me- we hit a 69. It was great. Rick’s cum had a great taste coming out of Kathy’s pussy. Kathy was licking and sucking me clean. We looked over and Mary and Rick were in a 69. After about 10 minutes we broke our positions. Mary said she needed something to drink and we all agreed. Kathy and Mary had a glass of wine, Rick had a beer, and I had a pop. We grabbed some towels to wrap then around us. Mary and Kathy kept their breasts uncovered and they were a great site. Mary asked how we got by the vows thing and Kathy stated that it was easy at first because were really like the people we made love to {first time I had heard her use the term made love to talking about Bonnie, Joey, and Ellen. She said she never felt right when we talked about doing it with others and she didn’t think she could go out and fuck anybody, this what I had expected to hear}. Then Kathy said that Mary and Rick were such good friends it felt right. Mary asked if they were going to be the only ones we will play with and Kathy said she didn’t know. She went on to say that she now recognizes sex as a recreational activity- something to have fun with but she was uncomfortable because of her weight. Rick spoke up and said that she was the second most exciting girl he had ever been with {Mary being the first}. Mary said she was the most exciting women she had eve been with but she was the only one… so far and smiled. I asked Mary had she felt about sex with others and she said that she realizes that Kathy is right in that sex is a recreational activity and should be enjoyed. She said she always looked at it as having to be with someone you love, but there was a difference. She loves to make love to Rick but would enjoy fucking other guys- with that she looked at Rick for his reaction. Rick said he was ok with that. He said that at the end of everything she was coming home. Rick suggested we get back in the hot tub, I went to piss. I was walking out and saw Mary and Kathy sitting on either side of Rick with their hands underwater. They were talking and laughing until Rick kissed Mary and then Kathy. I waited a few minutes and watched as Rick was going to have his first MFM. Kathy kissed Mary and placed a hand on her breast and began to caress it. They broke and Mary asked Kathy if she would help her get Rick’s cock hard, Kathy agreed. Mary told Rick to lay back on the edge of the hot tub. Mary and Kathy kissed and then moved to Rick’s cock and they were sucking his cock while kissing. Mary moved down to lick Rick’s ass while Kathy was sucking. This brought his cock up to attention. I walked out and got into the hot tub and Kathy smiled and asked if this was ok. I told her sure, that having two gorgeous mouths devouring his cock and ass was the best feeling he would ever have, I knew from experience. Mary moved to suck his cock and Kathy moved to his asshole. After a few minutes, she turned and asked me to get the lube from our overnight bag. I knew immediately what Rick was in for. When I got back down, Mary was straddling his face and Kathy was sucking his cock. She grabbed the lube from me and lubed Rick’s cock and handed the lube to Mary and said for her to lube Kathy’s ass. I helped. Mary was facing Kathy and Kathy was facing away from Mary when she slid his cock in her ass. Kathy let out a moan and took it all the way in and stopped. I asked if she was ok and she said yes, that it had been sometime since she got ass fucked twice in as many days. Mary was mesmerized. Kathy started pumping and I positioned my cock to enter her pussy. I moved and stuck it in and she moaned and squealed. She said she felt sooo fucking full. Mary jumped off Rick’s face and watched Kathy get a DP. Mary put her face to Kathy’s Pussy and licked my cock and Kathy’s pussy as I was fucking her. Mary then turned to Rick and said now put a finger in my ass, like you hold a six pack- two in pussy and one in ass. Mary was humping his hand. Kathy was fucking both Rick and I. Rick went rigid and Kathy said oh yeah, I feel the cum in my ass. She looked me in the eyes and kissed me passionately and said she love to swallow my cum. I pulled out and grabbed her head and pushed on my cock. She sucked and licked until I shot a load down her throat. I looked over at Mary and she had straddled his face asking if he enjoyed fucking Kathy in the ass. He said yes. Mary cummed all over Rick’s face. Kathy and Rick said they need to clean up and went into the bathroom. Mary grabbed the lube and looked at it. She walked over to me and caressed my cock and said I am going to put this in a safe place and kissed me. Rick and Kathy cleaned up and Mary came back down. It was around 1:00 am and Rick said he was worn out. Kathy made a pouty face and said I was hoping for more. Mary said she was too and suggested we go upstairs to bed. Kathy asked what the sleeping arrangements were and Mary asked Rick if he minded if she slept with me in one guest room and He and Kathy can sleep in the other guest room. Rick looked quizzical and asked why anyone isn’t sleeping in the master bedroom. Mary said that was their bedroom and she felt that for now it needed to stay that way. Kathy said that was a good rule to have so they will have their own space. Mary grabbed my hand and almost ran up the stairs. She told Kathy if she needed any toys they were in the bottom draw of her dresser and they had been thoroughly washed. Kathy said the only thing we haven’t done is pussy kiss so if you wanted a toy Mary had used she didn’t think it would need to be washed. Mary asked Kathy what a pussy kiss was. Kathy smiled and told Mary to lay on her side with her legs open. Kathy laid facing the other way with her legs open. Kathy moved closer to Mary until their pussies touched and then Kathy started grind. Kathy said our pussies are French kissing- our clits are tonguing each other. They really went to it. After a few minutes Rick had Kathy sucking him and Mary was sucking me. Kathy asked if Mary had a double dildo, Mary answered no. Kathy told me to remind her to get Mary a double dido for a present. Kathy broke away and said they Rick’s cock had some work to do and they left. Mary looked at me with wild eyes and said please eat my cunt. I dove in with tongue and fingers she said one word- ass and that is where I put a finger. Mary said she wanted my cock in her mouth while she fingered my ass. We 69 for awhile and Mary was getting good at fingering asses. She told me she wanted to kiss me. She lay on top of me and began kissing my lips and neck. Mary is a tall lady, so I couldn’t reach much while she was on top of me. She looked me in the eyes and said I want you to fuck me in the ass. I asked if she was sure. I said she may want Rick to be her first. She said that she wanted someone with experience and would not be nervous because she was going to be. I said ok. She got the lube she had hidden and gave it to me. I told her to lube my cock for me. First with her mouth and then the lube, I grabbed the back of her head and pushed it on my cock. She said mmmm and began bobbing as I pushed and pulled her head. I pulled her head off and she got the lube and put it on my cock. I told her to get on all fours and let me have her ass. She scrambled to stick it up in my face where I began lubing her ass with my tongue- when she began moaning, I lubed her ass sticking one finger in and then two. She was tightening on my finger and I told her she would have to relax or it would be very painful, she began to relax. I moved behind her and put a pillow under her and positioned my cock to enter her. I pressed my cock against her asshole and felt it tighten. I told her to relax and take some deep breaths. I slid in and she acted as though she was in great pain. I told her to relax and asked if she wanted to stop. She said no, that I needed to give her a minute. She said if Kathy could take it, she could. I told her it hurt Kathy at first but once she relaxed, it was great. After a few minutes she said ok. She was relaxed but it was tight. As I slowly pumped her moans of pain went to moans of pleasure. It had taken about 20 minutes to get this far when Kathy eased in and asked for the lube. I tossed it to her and Mary moaned she was taking it in the ass, and Kathy said she was preparing Rick to take it in the ass. That got Mary humping my cock harder she was moaning and saying please fuck it hard, I want to take all of it. I buried my cock to the hilt and held it there. She yelled fucking shit- it feels great. I stuck four fingers in her pussy and was fisting her in no time. Her hips were going wild with a cock in her ass and a fist in her pussy. She came twice and I shot a load in her ass. She collapsed with gasps of breath. After a minute we heard noises from the other room and looked in, Kathy was behind Rick ass fucking him with a dildo. Rick was saying he was going to cum. Mary got under him and began sucking. It took two seconds for him to cum in her mouth and she kissed Kathy who kissed me. Kathy told us that Rick knew I would ass fuck Mary and wanted to know what it felt like. I said it fells pretty damn good, right? He said yes. We all headed to the bathroom but it was small. Mary said why don’t’ we all go to the master bath. Rick asked if it was ok and she said yes, we weren’t getting into the bed. They had a large stand up shower. Soon we were washing each others bodies. I dried Kathy’s hair while she sucked my dick and then Kathy dried my hair while I finger fucked her. Mary commented she still liked to stay with me and Kathy said great! Mary and I went into the bedroom and laid in the bed. I moved behind her and placed a hand on her breast and stroked her hair. She relaxed and said thank you. I said for what. She said being patient and being so damn sexy. I told her she was welcome for the thank you for patience but it was easy to be sexy because she was so sexy and hot. She said yeah right. She said right, look at this body- tall, thick, and no ass. I began kissing her neck saying that I thought she had a great body from the neck- I moved to kissing her tits- to her breasts {that were really firm}, to her stomach {kissing her belly button}, to her ass {kissing the cheeks of her ass and licking her crack}, and finally to a sweet tasting and wet pussy. At that time I dove in and licked and sucked her until she came. When she finished she sighed deeply and said we should had done this years ago and we drifted to sleep. I woke up the next morning with a mouth around my cock- actually two mouths. Mary and Kathy were sucking my cock while kissing. I grabbed both of their heads and held them together. Kathy moved to suck my balls and I told Mary to eat Kathy. Mary said great breakfast. I got hard and Kathy got up and stuck her fingers in her pussy then a cup of coffee they brought to me. She said it needed a little flavor, and I tasted it and said delicious. She said she needed to check and see if her breakfast was ready and grinned. Mary continued to suck my cock until it was hard and she sheepishly asked if I would so her in the ass again and I readily agreed. She ran and grabbed the lube and saw Rick already had his cock in Kathy’s ass. She lubed my cock and I her ass. It slipped right in and she moaned with pleasure. I must have fucked her ass for thirty minutes. She yelled she was cumming several times. I finally shot a small load and she fell to the bed. I lay on top and began kissing he neck and she was going mmmm feels so good. We got up and showered together caressing and feeling each others entire body. After we got out Mary put on a bath robe and I a pair of pants. We got down stairs and saw Rick and Kathy had showered too. Mary said she hadn’t heard them shower- Rick said yeah we saw you two were busy and smiled. Mary grabbed his cock and said from what she could see old cocky was busy too. We all laughed. Kathy’s robe kept coming apart flashing us. Mary and I were fixing breakfast while Rick was checking the hot tub. I told Kathy to just take the thing off and she said she would be the only one naked. I took my pants off and sat with her. She smiled at me and kissed me and caressed my cock. Rick came in and sat on the other side and she kissed Rick and began caressing his cock. We were getting semi hard when Mary said breakfast was ready so we sat eat. I told Mary to stand up and I undid her robe and took it off, lightly kissing her on the lips. Kathy went to Rick and pulled his pants down lightly kissing his cock. We ate and talked and laughed. Kathy and I had to leave in a couple of hours so Mary suggested we head to one of the bedroom- she wanted all of us to spend the last few hours together. I lay on the bed with Mary in front of me and Kathy facing Mary. Rick was sitting in a chair. We talked about what had happened so far and that we all had found it enjoyable, fun, and erotic. Mary commented there was one thing she wanted to try she saw Kathy do that was double penetration. Kathy laughed and said that will come later, right now she needs Mary to eat her wet pussy while she ate Mary. Kathy moved between Mary’s legs and buried her face. Mary immediately grabbed Kathy’s head and pulled it to her pussy. Kathy was fingering and tonguing Mary’s pussy. Kathy then began fingering herself, as she lapped up Mary’s juices. Rick moved to get between Kathy’s legs but stopped him and said it is now time to make your wife’s whish come true. Mary looked at Kathy and smiled. Kathy took charge and told Mary that Rick would be in her ass and I would be in her pussy. Mary turned and looked at Rick’s thick cock and said she didn’t know about that. Kathy said that she could take it now or later. Rick said once she started assing around she can’t stop it. Mary took a deep breath and sighed. Kathy had the lube and sucked Rick to pre-lube as she said. She rubbed lube all over his cock and then turned to Mary and told her to bend over. Kathy reamed Mary with a little tongue fucking. She then lubed up her ass. Rick’s cock looked much thicker than normal. Kathy told Rick to sit on the edge of the bed and then told Mary to come to her. Kathy kissed Mary and said enjoy this; you’ll never feel anything like it. Kathy grasped Rick’s cock and told Mary to sit. Mary began to sit and felt the pressure of Rick’s cock pressing against her asshole and Kathy said just slid easily and I’ll guide it. She started to slide the cock into her ass and moaned for the pleasure. She was taking deep breaths and said your cock feels great in me baby. Kathy told me to come over and she laid Rick back and had Mary lean back. Kathy grabbed my cock and kissed me and said you know where this goes. I position myself between Mary’s legs and started to slide into her. She gasped and said slower fuck me slower, it feels awesome. Marry started pumping Rick’s cock and I timed my motions to her. She was moaning saying it felt so awesome that she felt full. Kathy said she needed to suck a tit and gave her one. Mary was sucking Kathy’s tit while Rick and I fucked her. Mary said she needed to finger Kathy and suck a tit. Kathy asked if she would like to have a cock for her mouth and she said yes. Kathy got a dido and had Mary suck it. Every few minutes Kathy would stick the dido in her pussy and whisper to Mary, lick my juices. After a few minutes Rick was trying to buck Mary and Mary pulled the dildo out and said fuck me hard guys, fuck me hard. Mary was bucking up and down some much neither Rick nor I had to move much. Kathy was using the dildo on herself and Mary creamed I’m cumming now. After a minute or two Rick and I shot our loads and Mary fell off gasping. Kathy jumped on her pussy licking and told me to fuck her with the dildo, after a few minutes Kathy cummed. We cleaned up and got dress. It was time for us to head home. Mary was walking a little bow legged but both ladies had a sexy glow around them. As we were saying our good-byes Rick and Kathy kissed and Mary and I kissed for what seemed an hour. Our hands were still exploring the other’s body. We broke and Mary and Kathy kissed. Rick shook my hand and said I could come and fuck Mary anytime, I said the same with Kathy. Mary and Kathy mentioned getting back together. We left and on the drive home the first hour was mostly silence. Kathy asked if I had a fun time. I said absolutely and that she was so sexy. She smiled and I asked if she had fun. She said yes but she was sure that we wouldn’t be back. I asked why and Kathy said that Mary commented that her and Rick will need to find some new playmates since we lived so far way. I said that Mary meant other playmates, probably. I asked Kathy if we were going to consider joining the lifestyle on a regular basis. She smiled and said she would consider it. Kathy leaned over and gave me a kiss and reached down for my cock and said as long as I get to make love to you anytime I want, we may play with others. She smiled, pulled my cock out and told me to put the cruise on as her head went down on my cock. Nothing has happened since that time, three years ago. We have talked and came close but either Kathy’s digestive issues came up or her nerves got to her. I am still hoping something may happen.
  10. When meeting new couples, the inevitable question comes up “so how did you guys get in to swinging?”. We’re honestly not 100% sure how the topic came up or by whom, but do remember well the chain of events that led up to our first experience, and the night we took our first step. This is our true story. Soon after meeting Renee, I could tell she had an interest in other girls. This wasn't a first, as some of my previous girlfriends had shown interest in going to Burlesque shows, strip clubs, and kissing their friend {when given enough alcohol, of course}. But with Renee, I could tell it was something she legitimately wanted to try, and being so sexually open minded, I knew she wouldn't need much convincing to follow through on it if presented with the right situation. Knowing that finding a willing bi female for a threesome would be a challenge, and admitting group sex had been something I'd fantasized for a long time, we instead decided to look for a similar couple with a bi female. We took a trip up to Canada for the weekend, and before setting out for a night of dinner and dancing, set aside an hour to take some sexy pictures. It wasn't long before the picture-taking got us both worked up and we had to take care of some business before hitting the town, but that's another story! Anyway, on the drive back we wrote our profile, then posted an ad on a couple swingers sites describing what we were looking for. We'd planned a trip to Portland the next weekend to celebrate our anniversary, and figured it would be a great chance for our first experience. We didn't find any couples we really felt a connection with on the site, but did find an experienced couple who was at the hotel across the street for their anniversary, and asked if we'd like to meet. We said sure, and joined them for some wine tasting that Saturday afternoon. We walked in the hotel lobby, selected our wine, and noticed them standing in the corner. After several minutes of wondering who should approach who, they final did come over, and we quickly began a surprisingly natural conversation about their experiences and our experiences on the site. They talked about the challenges of meeting other couples, and suggested that we first try going to a club or attending a house party to get our feet wet and participate with less pressure. It sounded like a great idea, and we thanked them for the advice and made our way back to our hotel feeling much better informed about the whole thing. Upon returning to town, and updated our profile to say were were most interested in information about parties and clubs. A couple days later, I received a 'wink' from a couple living nearby. They were in their 40s, which we decided was outside our age range {we're in our 20's}, but still had great bodies and seemed very intelligent and classy. I got a positive feeling about them, and decided to wink back, causing them to in turn write an e-mail. It said 'We're interested in you, and since you've also expressed interest perhaps it's time to attend one of our parties. It will be happening this weekend at our home. Send us your outside e-mail address, and we'll send you a link to the invite page'. I did, and noticed about 20 couples had been invited, with about 10 eventually saying they'd be able to attend. The e-vite explained that things would get underway at around 7 with a potluck dinner, and that they had a hot tub and three fireplaces. Men should dress nice but casual, ladies should dress sexy and bring something “super-sexy” to change in to. I e-mailed to ask some specifics on what we should bring and where we should park, which were answered clearly. There were no red flags showing up, so after discussing things over, we set our RSVP to 'yes'. The night of the party, we spent a couple hours getting ready, both of us a bit nervous and wanting to look our best. I decided to wear a white collared shirt with black t underneath, and nice pair of jeans, and dress shoes. Renee decided to go with a white dress, cute bow shoes, and flowers in her hair. We both looked like virgins, but then again, for this type of thing that’s exactly what we were! As luck would have it, we'd done some lingerie shopping in Portland, giving Renee some great options on what to wear for the 'super sexy' part. She decided on a light blue outfit with white polka dots, complete with white stockings and matching blue bow-ties at the top. Tall, thin, and blonde, she would look very cute with it on, and I couldn't wait to see her it on her. We drove out the location of the party, a little disappointed the weather {which was supposed to have been sunny}, had turned to dark grey clouds. But, that's Seattle in June for you. As we pulled off the highway, I decided it was time to make a quick run over our rules. We decided to not do anything we both felt comfortable with, and to only play with couples we both felt a good bond with. As we pulled in to the driveway, Renee took a deep breath and said 'I can't believe we're doing this'. I could only reply with 'I know!'The house was big and beautiful, nearly a mansion and I'd say probably 5 or 6 bedrooms. We noticed the hostess {Gwen} in the garage as we pulled in, and she smiled and waved to us but then disappeared inside by the time we had all our things together and were outside the car. We made our way to the front door, took a deep breath together, and rang the doorbell. We could hear people inside, talking and laughing, but nobody came to the door. We rang again, same result. Now we started to get nervous. Did we have the right house? Did they see us and were giving us the cold shoulder? Or maybe the just didn't hear the doorbell. We decided to try the door inside the garage, knocked, and someone said 'Come in!'. We entered, and smiled in relief as everyone welcomed us. The guests were all fairly attractive, normal looking people, with ages ranging from late 20s to late 40s. At 25, Renee was the youngest of the group, but two of the girls Carlene and Sara, were both the same as me {28}, although their boyfriends Evan and Jim were about 10 years older. Gwen and Sam were the hosts, and while Sam was close to 50, he was tan and amazingly fit, and a good talker. The other couples were Clyde and Jacklyn, in the early 40s, and Bill and Marie. Bill was close to 50 and a good friend of Sam’s, but also in great shape. Marie was Brazilian, and very beautiful with a great body. Seeing people nearly twice our age, but in such great shape was quite an inspiration. While Renee and I are both in better than average fitness, I made a mental note to have a few less beers and hit the weights a little harder at the gym. We set our food, and placed the cheesecake desert we’d brought on the table. It was a BYOB event, and we’d brought some wine and some vodka along with a nice watermelon mix, along with chicken skewers to cook on the grill. After making our drinks, we began to mingle, making chit chat with the various group members. It all seemed pretty natural, although I kept reminding myself of what would be happening later and felt a degree of nervous anticipation. Jim and I hit it off quite well, and I picked up early on that he and his girlfriend, Sara, was definitely interested in Renee and I. After about an hour of mingling, I worked with the other guys to throw our food on the grill, which Renee and I then shared along with a great salad provided by the hosts. While finishing up, a newcomer suddenly appeared behind us. She asked if we were done and she could take our plates, which we said sure, and introduced herself as Jen. She was average height, in her early 30s, dressed in a cute blue dress. Like Renee, she had blonde hair and blue eyes, and seemed genuinely “nice”, with a personality that draws people in. After dinner we split up for a bit, taking turns with various guests and attending to our drinks. I got to meet Jen’s husband Rod, who was about my height, in his mid 30s, with a shaven head and fairly muscular, but not a bodybuilder. There had certainly been a share of flirting among the group, but nothing too bold. Sam had at one point lifted Gwen’s skirt, obviously proud of his wife’s body. She was in her early 40s, but had the body of someone 10 years younger. Sam had also pulled Renee in close at one point while telling jokes and given her ass a good squeeze, while at the same time Sara smiled and took my hand. But apart from moments, it really felt like just an ordinary party among co-workers, or people who otherwise had a loose bond. It was starting to get dark, and since we'd now been at the party for almost three hours, I started to wonder when and how things 'got started'. Jen expressed interest in getting the hottub up and running, but a guest overheard our conversation and said 'they're planning to wait until after Round 1'. 'Ohh!', we said in unison, and then smiled. We returned to mingling with the other quests outside, and a few minutes later, Gwen the hostess strolled out, dressed very sexy in a sheer black nighty with black open toe shoes. As the guests turned in her direction, she grinned and said in playful tone 'Is this too forward?', prompting everyone to share a good laugh. Most of the guests made their way inside, and the girls made their way in to the bathrooms to get changed. In the meantime, the hostess and host slipped an XXX feature in the DVD player, then reclined on the couch. Jen and Rod followed, Rod taking his shirt off and leaning back on near the fireplace, while Jen slipped on the couch on the other side of Gwen. The ladies worked together, unzipping Sam's fly and after a few minutes of teasing, kissing, and giggling, were taking turns licking and sucking his cock, which was already rock hard. Sam moaned and grinned, reaching around to feeling around their bodies, enjoying all the attention, and knowing things had started to get underway. Rod, along with the rest of the guests, took in the show, occasionally looking towards the big screen TV to see the goings on in the movie. In the mean time, I found out 3 girls changing had all ended up in the same bathroom, and were rather loud. Jim grinned and quietly moved over to the bathroom door, pressing his ear to the door, only to exclaim to the party 'Shoot, they're just talking about their outfits!'. Everyone laughed, and turned back to the action in the living room, while awaiting the girls to get done changing. A few minutes later, I suddenly had a pair of hands covering my eyes. 'Guess who?' Renee's voice said. My hands slipped down, feeling a nice pair of legs and a great ass covered by bikini style panties, but no stockings. 'Hmmmm' I said, thinking it was Renee, but not being sure. I gave the ass a good, firm squeeze then turned around. It was Sara! We all had a quick laugh, then I turned to Renee to tell her how good she looked, and pointed her attention towards the living room. 'Oh my...' she exclaimed, looking slightly embarrassed as she took in the ladies working on Sam's cock, while also noticing the hot young girl in the porno movie getting fucked hard. Renee and I made our way in to the living room and took a seat. Soon afterwards, Jen came over and sat down next to Renee, complimenting her on her outfit and sharing some quick but very sexy kisses. Sam and Gwen then got up, and headed upstairs, with several of the other guests following. Jen encouraged us to follow, and we did, with me leaving my shirt on the floor. Upstairs, a pile had already started forming on the bed, with clothes being tossed aside. Jen and Renee kissed, while Rod and I took in the show. Jen motioned for Renee to sit on the floor, while Jen and I began removing her stockings and panties. Once naked, Jen had Renee lean back, then started to slowly kiss down her body. Rod ran his hands over Renee's breasts, while I ran my hands over the back of Jen's legs and back. Finally, Jen reached her target and began to lick, prompting Renee to lean her head back and moan softly. I took in the show, watching closely as Jen kisses and licked my girlfriend's freshly shaven pussy. Watching another girl lick pussy from just a few inches away was already hot enough, but as I watched Renee's hips slowly rock as her moans got louder, I felt my cock starting to grow in my jeans. Rod began to kiss Renee, and I in turn licked a finger and began gently rubbing Jen's pussy. After several minutes of that, we promptly switched positions. Rod sat down, leaning back with his weight on his hands, while Jen sat in front of him and leaned back. Renee then crawled up to Jen, and after kissing the inside of her thighs a few times, went to work. I simply sat back and watched the show, feeling special to be included in Renee's first time on another girl. Jen closed her eyes and smiled as Renee's skilled tongue went to work. Jen clearly loved the attention, and Rod was clearly enjoying the view, cupping Jen's breasts and she gently grinded her hips against my girlfriend's face. Renee was getting more and more in to it, taking in the taste and arching her back, laying flat on the floor. I got behind Renee and began slowly massaging her ass, whispering in her ear telling her how hot she looked. I could see Renee's pussy glistening from Jen's attention, and noticed Jen was now soaked wet from Renee's work too. Rod stood up and removed his jeans, and I followed, figuring the girls wanted to get fucked. Turns out, they had something else in mind. Rod again sat down, and Renee moved up and began running her hands over his thighs. Jen in turn motioned for me to sit next to Rod. I began to sit, but before even getting fully situated, Jen took hold of my semi-hard cock and had her sweet lips wrapped around it. I moaned, taking a deep breath as I felt myself grow harder and harder. I then looked over to my right, and saw that Rod's head back, eyes closed as Renee's skilled mouth worked him over. While it felt a little strange at first to watch her sucking another man’s cock, I quickly found it a huge turn-on, watching and listening as my girlfriend slurped and sucked. My attention shifted back and forth between Jen enthusiastically sucking my cock, while Renee sucked her husband, occasionally letting out a soft moan. Jen was good, and succeeded in getting me fully hard in well under a minute, but I knew with Renee's technique, Rod was probably getting the best blowjob he'd had in years. I wondered what they had in mind yet, but Jen and Rod rather suddenly left to cool off and check out what was happening downstairs. Renee and I kissed, then simultaneously turned our attention to the action on the bed a few feet away. We'd been so involved in our own fun with Rod and Jen, we almost completely forgot about what else was happening in the same room! There were 3 couples on the bed, all naked, having a loud, wild orgy. While we didn't feel so bold as to jump in, Renee stepped close to the bed, found a free spot on the bed, and bent over, placing her elbows there. I took the cue, and after throwing some lube on my rock-hard cock, slid in to her from behind. We began to fuck, both of us moaning as we admired the scene in front of us. Gwen was being fucked hard by Bill while she sucked Sam. At the same time, another couple was next to us, her on her back reaching up to cup Sam's balls while her husband slammed in to her pussy, causing her large breasts to rock in unison with his motions. The sight was driving us both crazy, and it wasn't long before I was fucking Renee fast and hard. The loud smacking of my torso against her firm ass, combined with her moans and screams quickly got Sam's attention, who reached down to rub her breasts while his wife tired her best to suck his cock while being fucked. The whole sight was almost too much for me, but after backing off a few times, I continued to fuck Renee good and hard while she got a perfect view of the action on the bed. In fact, I'd been so focused on the action on the bed and giving Renee a good fuck, that I hadn't realized Bill's wife had been standing next to me the whole time. Our eyes caught each other, and she smiled softly and said 'mmm...that's hot. Hope you don't mind'. I grinned and said 'not at all', grabbing Renee's hips again and returning to my task. After several minutes of that, we we decided to take a break, and caught on that several of the guests were thinking the same thing.With 'Round 1' out of the way, it was finally time for the hottub. I grabbed some wine and strawberries, while Renee got us towels and got in with the other guests. Myself and Sara had brought suits, but it wasn't long before those we off as we were naked, along with everyone else. After a few minutes of chat amongst while we adjusted to the temperature, things began to heat up. I was in the corner, and Renee made her way in to my lap. Sara came over, and began to kiss Renee, prompting Renee to moan, and my cock to start stiffening again. Sara reached down to cup Renee's ass, and I assisted by reaching underneath, then wedging Renee's body between my thighs. Renee was now hovering just above the water level, and Sara began to slowly lick her pussy. Renee tilted her head back against my shoulder, as my hands made their way up to her breasts, gently rubbing and squeezing. Jen had taken a seat next to me, and took in the show while casually slipping her hand down to stroke my cock. As I found out later, Evan, the guest sitting on our other side, had reached under the water to squeeze Renee's ass, prompted her in turn to slip a hand away and stroke his cock too. After a few minutes, Sara moved aside, letting Jim take a turn at licking Renee's pussy. Jen then flipped around on her stomach, lifting her ass just out of the water while Sara then moved to licking her. I ran one hand over Jen's back, the other on Renee's chest while taking in her soft moans. The living room TV was also completely viewable from the hot tub, and we could see the porno still going strong. We'd been in the tub for 20 minutes now, prompting guests to gradually make their way out. Renee and I were among the last, and had a bit of a laugh as the last guests got out. The water level had dropped so low, that the jets were spraying air above the water level! We quickly worked together to find the controls, and turned the jets off. I got us some water, and then we shared a few strawberries while drying off before heading back inside. We got situated in the living room with Rod and Jen, making some quick chat and laughing at the size of the cock in the porno movie on the big screen TV. Soon Renee and Jen were kissing again, and I figured it wasn't long before the action between us all would be going on again. After making a quick run to the bathroom, I could hear Renee's familiar moans echoing down the hallway and knew things had heated up quickly. Indeed, as I made my way back in to the living room, she was spread out on the sofa, being devoured by Rod and Jen. Rod was kissing her deeply, while Jen was eating her pussy. I could also heard screams and moans from upstairs - apparently 'Round 2' was well underway. I took a seat on the free side of the sofa, grinning while Jen welcomed me back with a quick kiss, then smiled devilishly as she took two fingers and slipped them inside Renee. My girlfriend groaned, and reached around Rod's back to pull him closer. I took in the sight, running my hands up and down Renee's legs. After she was fully worked up, Jen leaned in my ear and whispered 'I want to see you fuck her....hard'. I certainly didn't need much convincing, my cock already heard from taking in the action, and pulled Renee towards my, sliding my cock inside her. While I fucked Renee, she continued to kiss Rod while Jen massaged her breasts. Occasionally Jen would take a break to kiss me, and reach down and squeeze my balls, prompting Renee to smile and lick her lips. While we both wanted to cum, we soon became worn out, and a few minutes after deciding to stop, guests gradually came in from upstairs. Jen smiled and leaned back against Rod, taking in deep breaths, her mind clearly remembering the events of the evening. Renee and I did the same, leaning back on the couch. Clothes gradually came back on, and after helping with cleanup duties, saying our goodbyes {exchanging e-mail address with Rod and Jen}, and thanking our hosts, we made our way out to the car and made our way back home. Upon getting home and settling in to bed, we quickly realized despite all the hot action, neither of us had cum and we needed to do something about that. We quickly got in a 69, and after a few minutes of licking and sucking, I flipped Renee on her back and begin to fuck her like a man possessed. We kissed deeply, knowing that this time, the sex was just for us to enjoy. After taking in her wild orgasm, I came too, and collapsed on top of her, dozing off to sleep seconds later. We spent the next morning down at the lake sipping coffee and eating some pie and tarts from the bakery. While watching the people and taking in the lovely weather, we'd occasionally find ourselves giving each other 'the look', and giggling like schoolkids, knowing we were thinking about what had happened the prior night. We wrote our hosts a thank-you note, saying 'thanks for taking a risk on us'. They replied a few hours later, saying 'it was you who took the risk. Thank you for coming, and know that you're on our radar and can expect an invite to our next get-together'. We grinned, and felt a surge of excitement, knowing our first swinger party would not be our last.
  11. We shared our hot tub with an old friend who was in town, and I was watching my wife strip off her swimsuit! For the first time, she would be nude with another man present and I was hard as a rock! I have no regrets about the path we took to get to this point and beyond. It has been an incredibly exciting experience and one I wouldn’t change a bit. Teak had been with several men, including me, during her college days and enjoyed some wild times. (According to some of her friends (men and women) she was known as a “hand job queen” and loved playing with cocks. She was known to have sucked a few and occasionally came back to her dorm missing panties and looking well used.) But, when we married, she became the model faithful wife. Quiet attractive and proper – 5’ 4”, 132 lbs or so, 34C – 32 – 34, brown or blonde hair (sometimes reddish). She dressed conservatively, but her legs were always displayed well as they should have been. Slim and shapely, she just looked great with a rounded, firm ass. There were times when guys hit on her and she flirted a bit, but she always shrugged them off. When two children came along it stifled our love life in a big way. She just wasn’t very interested any more. Oh, Teak still was intimate with me, but the enthusiasm was gone. No spark, no fire. No oral sex; just a bit of foreplay and her urging me to “Put it in” and “Harder” until I came. Until she decided to go to graduate school. This was 12 years into our marriage. I was stationed on a staff in Norfolk, the kids were 7 and 8 and in school and she had time to do what she always wanted to do – pursue her PhD. As it turned out, she pursued a bit more than that. Being back in school, she met a whole new group of friends – younger, more open, eager to explore new adventures and found it exciting. It was obvious that she really enjoyed the time spent with them and the excitement was visible. She established a routine with her new friends. Friday nights were party nights – right after classes, the party started at someone’s house or apartment. Teak always went and stayed later and later. Something else changed also – her appearance. She updated her wardrobe – current styles, shorter skirts and dresses that showed off cleavage, new panties and bras, heels, shorter shorts, tighter blouses or shirts. Where she once wore skirts that were mid knee, now they crept higher – to 2 or 3 inches above. Her panties went from plain cotton briefs to feminine bikini – often see-thru. It should have started to dawn on me then that something was causing this, but I was just too happy to think about it. The next hint was on a Saturday night. Her interest in sex had rekindled. We were on the living room floor and I was fucking her from behind when she said that all the men considered her a staid old married mommy and she didn’t like it. She wanted them to hit on her, but they wouldn’t. She told me she thought it was because she was older than they were and she intimidated them. Then she smiled and we went on… Back to the night in question. Bill had come to the house when he was in Norfolk for a port visit. He was an old friend, we had been shipmates together on our first ship and were inseparable when in port with he and his wife. After he arrived, we had dinner and talked, catching up on the news of our lives and our friends. The kids were put in bed and we continued. More drinks, more talking, until the idea of continuing in our hot tub was raised. We had installed it a few months earlier and it was a real retreat for us. We all went to change – I loaned Bill a suit and we went out to the tub. A few minutes later, Teak joined us. Another light should have gone on since she was wearing a new, white one-piece suit. When wet, it didn’t hide much and she hadn’t worn it in public yet. But, no, nothing clicked and she wasn’t wet yet. In she came after refreshing everyone’s drink. We sat in the tub and let the hot water and steam soak in, continuing to talk and drink. Teak got out to refresh drinks again and for the first time displayed herself to us. Incredible – you could see her pussy and tits, nipples and aureoles clearly. I know I paid a lot of attention and so did Bill! After she climbed back in the conversation turned a little hotter. I don’t recall who started it, but Teak and I were soon describing for Bill how much better it was to be nude in the tub. His comment was: “Sounds like a good idea to me.” With that, he reached down and pulled his suit off, laying it on the deck next to the tub. Not to be outdone, I did the same. Then both of us sat there looking at Teak. She looked at both of us, stood up and started to slip her arms out of her suit. I was stunned, but couldn’t look away. I never thought my wife would strip nude in front of someone else – maybe being it was a good friend made it easier. She went slowly – peeling the suit down so her breasts showed above the water. They’re just right, not too big, even after the kids, and not too small. Nicely shaped and now with erect nipples. For the first time, the light bulb glowed – they were standing up and it probably wasn’t because of the cold air...She bent over and slipped the suit off her legs, Bill helping her balance. No flinch when he touched her, just a strong grip on his shoulder. Then she stood, displaying her breasts to us again and for the first time all of us were nude. Maybe it was the alcohol that helped, maybe we both wanted this and never talked about it, but it seemed natural and a very exciting thing to do. Teak then came over to me and started to settle on my lap. I could see Bill watching her. No doubt he could see her ass and legs and was hard already. Somehow, I got the idea to tell my wife when she reached for my cock that we couldn’t ignore our guest and she agreed! So, after looking me right in the eye and giving me a very intense kiss while stroking my cock, she walked right over to Bill and said, “Larry says we shouldn’t be rude and leave you out of the fun. Kiss me.” I couldn’t believe what I’d just seen and heard! Bill looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. I was enormously excited by where things were headed and told him, “Do what the lady wants if you like – she’s a big girl.” Bill smiled and took Teak’s face in his hands, delivering a very long and erotic kiss with much tongue play. I watched her squirm at first – I don’t think she anticipated he would be that bold right off the bat, but she quickly seemed to really enjoy it. I could see her nipples had grown even harder – a sure sign she was excited. After breaking their kiss, Teak took Bill’s hand and said, “Come over here and sit with us.” She led him back with her to my side of the tub, sat down hip to hip with me and had him sit on the other side of her the same way. Then she put her arms around our shoulders and a leg across each lap. She was exposed – her tits were out of the water and her nipples standing up proud, with her legs open between us. This was an invitation to us both to enjoy her, so we did, playing with her tits, fondling her body, exploring her pussy, kissing. Teak was obviously enjoying having four hands and two tongues playing with her – her head was back and she was moaning quietly. Eventually, she moved her hands to our cocks and stroked them. This went one for some time and eventually Teak moved to sit on the deck around the tub. I watched Bill start to lower his head to her cunt, only to have Teak stop him and tell him it was better to stop now. We watched her put her swimsuit back on and climb out of the tub. She wrapped a towel around herself and started inside, then stopped, looked directly at Bill, extended her hand, and said, “Coming?” Bill quickly got out, wrapped a towel around himself and took her hand. I followed as she led him inside and towards the stairs leading to the bedroom. I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing my wife do, but I was incredibly hard and excited by it. I followed to see what was coming next. On the stairs, Bill dropped Teak’s hand and grabbed her hips, sliding his hands up and down her legs. When he slid his hand up the inside of her thighs, she moaned and stopped for a moment, as though her knees buckled. Bill supported her by the waist and they started up the stairs again. Ducking into the guest bedroom, I heard another moan from Teak before I got to the door. When I looked in, she was standing and Bill had pulled her suit down to her waist, exposing her tits which he was now sucking and fondling. Teak was moaning like before and shaking. Bill’s towel was on the floor and she reached for his cock with one hand while holding his head to her nipple with the other. Then Teak pushed Bill’s head away, knelt down, and took his cock in her mouth. What an incredibly hot scene! For the first time, I was watching my wife suck another man’s cock and loving it. My cock was like a rock – I didn’t know what to do. Watch – join in – stop it...so I watched. Teak was sucking Bill’s cock like I’d never seen her do before – all of it was in her mouth and she was moaning and shaking, especially when Bill held her head and moved in and out a bit. Then Teak stopped sucking Bill’s cock and stood. ---Some background – She told me later that she learned to enjoy sucking cock at her Friday night parties. One of the regular hosts was named Randy (appropriate, I know) and Teak thought him very attractive. One party she bluntly asked him what she had to do to get the men to approach her. Randy thought for a minute and told her that she had to show them she was approachable and eager to be approached. She said she asked how to do that and he answer, “Suck my cock out at the tub where everyone can watch.” Teak said she told him okay – let’s go and they went out to the tub. Once there, Randy sat on a chair and Teak knelt down, took out his cock, and proceeded to suck it – literally. Randy couldn’t believe she didn’t know what to do, so he proceeded to tell her and train her. It took several nights, but she learned to play with the head of his cock, swirl her tongue around it, take it almost completely in her mouth, and finally, to swallow his cum. Teak said she didn’t like that the first time, but he insisted and she persisted to learn how to enjoy it. As it turned out, Randy was right – seeing Teak sucking cock removed any and all barriers to being approached. She said it was about the 5th night when she realized there was a line waiting for her attention. She sucked man after man that night and swallowed it all. It was the breakthrough into oral sex and really enjoying it that she experienced that night. From then on, she loved the power it gave her and the sensation of a hard cock that she controlled through its spongy, hot head and her mouth! --- Pushing her swimsuit the rest of the way down, she glanced at me in the doorway, then looked at Bill and said, “Fuck me now – I want to feel your cock inside me.” She laid on the bed and spread her legs – Bill soon joined her with his cock sliding fully inside in one motion. He started to fuck her while she moaned, “Harder, harder, deeper”. Then she looked at me while he continued to stroke her harder and harder while she urged him on. That was all I could take, I had to try to join in. Teak seemed to be inviting me, so I walked over and offered her my cock. She quickly sucked it in and gave me a blow job like never before. The woman was hot – she was now moaning around my cock and sucking it like it would disappear if she didn’t. Then she took my cock out and said, “Cum in my mouth.” Just like that, she wanted to taste my cum something she’d never done before. I was ready, so I let a huge load of cum go which she took and swallowed without missing a beat! She smiled at me and kissed me, then turned her attention back to Bill, who was really pounding her now. She rode with him for a while and when she sensed he was ready to cum, she said, “Not in my pussy, I want to taste you too. Cum in my mouth.” I would never have guessed, but here was my wife asking our friend to feed her his cum also. He pulled out of her cunt and she got on her knees, sucking his cock into her mouth. Bill grabbed her head again and jammed his cock all the way in. I know she had a bit of discomfort, since he was pretty big, but she swallowed it all – again! Incredibly, the night didn’t end there. Bill and I both fucked her several times and she sucked our cocks again to orgasm. Don’t think she was short changed either – Teak had a number of shaking, screaming, moaning, sweating orgasms. We did it all that night – from kinda thinking about swinging to oral sex, fucking, double penetrations, anal sex and double penetration, to even sharing Bill’s cock between us and my cock between them.
  12. We just finished up our second game of Wii Bowling and where all fairly warmed up. We had already had dinner and a couple of bottles of wine where empty when Chad opened up the third bottle and it was agreed upon that we would play two more games and then hit the hot tub to relax their “Wii elbows”. Kim says “Hey Chad, since you never did get around to beating my 16 game Pro status challenge, what do you think about making a bet on the next two games?” “Sure Kim, what do you have in mind for a bet? Guys vs. Girls teams?” Chad said. Kim looked at Jenny to see how she felt and Jenny nodded her head in agreement. “Sure we can do that then.” she said. Chad said “That's fine then, teams will be Larry and I against you two ladies. What's the wager then?” “Oh I am not sure, let's just play and we can figure it out after the games are done. Better yet, the winner of the bet can set the wager, how does that sound?” she asked. “Sure I guess that works, just makes it hard to know what I might lose.” Chad chuckles at her and Jenny and then returns to the living room with both their glasses of wine and Larry got the game started again. So the teams where set and Kim started off the first game, Larry followed Kim, then Jenny and Chad rounded out the final of the foursome. The first game wasn't too close with Larry and Chad both finishing with very close scores of 175 and 180 respectively, while the ladies had dug themselves a very large hole as Kim bowled a 195 for the high score of the first game and Jenny had the low score of the game with a 127. So after the first game the ladies where down 33 pins and we decided to switch up the order of the players for the deciding round. This time the guys lead off, Larry, Chad then Jenny and then Kim was last. The first frame everyone started off great with strikes for all four players. “Next frame is a shot frame for those people that don't get a mark in the frame” Jenny said with a laugh. “Hmm...I am not feeling shots, but how about who ever doesn't mark, then they have to take a long slug from their drink?” Chad suggests. “That's a deal, much easier than shots.” she said and all where in agreement. Larry started off with yet another strike and Chad followed up with a fairly easy spare. Jenny left the nine pine standing and had the first open frame of the game. Kim had a double pin spare to pick up and it proved to be too hard for her to handle and she followed Jenny with an open frame of her own. Kim raises her glass of wine while saying “Cheers to you partner!” and the ladies clink glasses and then take a healthy long pull from their glasses. As the game proceeds towards the end of the 9th frame for the guys, the couples add the scores up so that the ladies can see what they are up against. With Larry finishing again with a respectable 170 and Chad finishing a little lower at 168 the ladies are bragging that the door has been left open for them. After adding up the scores though the ladies still have their work cut out for them. Kim is sitting on a 181 heading into the 10th frame and Jenny is sitting at 141. They need to have 50 pins between the two of them to pull it out. “Your up Kim, no pressure we just need you to get at least 25 pins and we will be on pace.” as Jenny hands her partner the controller. Kim grips the remote and sends her first ball in motion....STRIKE! “Oh yea! High five baby!” yells Kim as she turns around and slap a loud high five with Jenny. Both ladies are hooting and hollering and feeling a lot more confident after that first ball and both are doing a little more dancing and shaking of their asses. Kim sends her second ball in motion and there's trouble. Only 8 pins and she is left with the exact same spare to pick up as she had in the 2nd frame that she choked on. “Hmm...don't panic Kim, but this looks familiar to me! Seems like you choked on this one a little earlier in the game as I recall.” pokes Chad as Kim give a sly look to Jenny. She says “Don't worry mouthy I got this!” and with that she sends her third ball of the 10th frame in motion and easily picks up the spare. More hooting and hollering is prompted by the spare by the ladies and again a round of high fives are in process. “Um, I don't mean to put a damper on the party for you two ladies, but you do realize that Jenny has to strike out now in order for you to beat us by a single pin right?” explains Larry. The ladies stop dead in their tracks and both sort of stare at Larry. “Yup you sure do and looking back at the last two games, you haven't had more than two strikes in a row my love!” Chad says as he leans in to give her a playful kiss on the lips. Jenny says “Get away from me you jerk!” and she playfully pushes him away from her and takes the remote from Kim. “Kim, don't worry, I got your back partner! No way are we losing to these guys tonight.” This first ball is then sent in motion....STRIKE! This is followed by a little bit of cheering. “Yea that is fine, you still have two more to get though sexy!” Chad yells. The second ball is sent in motion and it strays away from the head pin and hits more on the left side of the head pin instead of in the right hand pocket, STRIKE! “Oh come on, you have to be kidding me, you hit that so crappy, there must be a bug in the game.” Chad says and Larry and he both laugh knowing she can't possibly pull a third strike out of her hat can she? “One more Jenny that is all you need is one more and we will have taken these cocky boys down!” exclaims Kim with a final high five to Jenny. With that Jenny gets ready for her final ball of the 10th frame and the deciding throw for the little wager. She swings the remote and the ball is off and going, it approaches the right hand pocket just next to the head pin and hits perfectly. The pins collapse wonderfully but the nine pin is just swaying left to right but not falling down. Then the strangest thing happens, the screen on the tv sort of blinks and up pops STRIKE!!! The ladies erupt into cheers and laughing “Whooo hoooo!!! We beat your asses boys!” screams Jenny. Kim puts up both her hands and the ladies give each other high fives and start dancing around the living room shaking their asses and prancing around the room like they had just won the a National PBA Title or something. Larry looks at Chad “You have got to be kidding me, that pin had stopped moving and then the screen blips and she gets a strike?” “Yea I don't think an obvious technical error in the game should count as a win.” Chad laughs. Almost in unison the ladies say “Oh no, you aren't wimping out of the bet you sore losers!” “Fine, fine, what is the wager now that you won the stupid bet by cheating?” Chad asks the ladies. The ladies can't come up with anything that quick as they both want to make us suffer so it is decided that we will go relax in the hot tub and the ladies will talk it over on what we just lost. Larry and Chad head out to the hot tub and remove the cover and pull up two of the sides on the gazebo to let some of the steam out and to get a little bit of a breeze inside the hot tub. The ladies head off to change into their bathing suits and to no doubt plot their winning wager. After returning inside Chad heads upstairs to get into his swimming Speedo as he doesn't like bubbles in his shorts and anything baggy just collects bubbles while in the hot tub. When he returns down stairs everyone has changed and Jenny has four towels ready to go. They refill the ladies wine glasses and open up another bottle of wine before heading out to the hot tub. Larry and Chad stand in the freezing cold night air with snow beginning to fall around them as the ladies seem to take their time getting into the hot tub and getting settled. Chad holds the flap up while Larry climbs into the hot tub and finally he is able to get into the hot tub and get out of the cold air. “Holy shit that is cold out there, you think you ladies could have gone any fucking slower getting into the hot tub?!” Chad quips. “What you can't handle a little bit of cold you wimp?” Kim says. “Don't want things to “disappear” on you is that what your problem is?” and with that the ladies laugh at him. The two couples settle in and just sort of relax looking out into the night sky with the snow slowly falling around them. Kim is in the “recliner” seat with Larry in one of the corner seats. Jenny has placed herself in between Larry and Chad, while Chad sits in the last corner seat with jets. The conversation wanders around about the kids, the upcoming indoor volleyball session and just other idle talk. Chad notices frequently during the conversation that Kim keeps staring at Jenny's tits. This isn't a huge surprise as Kim has always seemed to have this “problem” with Jenny. Jenny noticed it when they first became friends and started doing lunches together. Since early on in their friendship when Jenny noticed this, she would purposely wear revealing tops that would show off her fantastic cleavage. Chad has always had a thing for Kim since he first started playing volleyball with her and her husband Larry a couple of years ago. Kim isn't the “Barbie doll” type at all, but she really just pushes his buttons for some reason. She has curves in all the right places, has a fantastic sense of humor and like his lovely wife, she also has ample cleavage that just screams out at you. Add to all that, she is a huge flirt and although Chad's not sure she really understands what she is doing, she just is constantly pushing all his sexual buttons. Who knows, maybe she does know what she is doing and that is why they seem to get along so well. Finally Jenny notices Kim staring at her tits and looks over at Chad and they share a smile with each other. Kim looks up and just smiles a little bit and then Jenny says “Hey you know we haven't yet decided what our wager is that we won yet Kim. What sounds good that we can have the guys do since they lost?” “I don't know, they could be our slaves for the rest of the evening, it would be kind of nice being waited on the rest of the evening and not have to lift a finger for a change.” suggested Kim. Chad sees a twinkle in Jenny's eye as she looks at Larry and him “I don't know Kim, is that really good enough? Is that as good as you can get for them losing to us? Especially since I had to get three strikes in a row just to win! I was thinking of something maybe a little better than that.” Kim smiles and says “Well we are already out here in the gazebo and nobody can really see us in here. What do you say to making them sit here sans trunks?” “Hmm..that could work, that seems appropriate for starters anyways. So let go boys, off with those trunks, or we will have to remove them for you!” With that both Kim and Jenny laugh and Chad looks at Larry. “You sure you really want us to do that?” I ask, “Are you willing Larry?” “Um, not really but what do we do?” he says. “If we refuse we are wimps and trying to back out of losing our bet.” With that Chad stands up and looks at Jenny and smiles, then looking straight into Kim's eyes he slowly unties his shorts and then starts to pull them down. He stop just short of showing anything off to the ladies, “Last chance to think of something different ladies.” Chad said, just in case Kim was thinking it wasn't a good idea now. However, he could see a very different, almost lustful look come over her eyes as she was watching him slowly peel his shorts off. “Nope, a bet is a bet and we won fair and square” Kim says “so off they go.” With that Chad again looked Kim straight in the eye and then slowly pulled his swimming trunks down. The first thing that Kim noticed was that Chad was shaved clean as a button. His semi-hard cock now hung not two feet from her face as she laid back in her seat and just stared. Kim seemed to realize what she was doing because she quickly looked away and looked over at Larry with that same “gleam” in her eye. Chad finished pulling his shorts off and as he was bent over Jenny reach in between his legs and rubbed his balls. “You might want to hurry and sit down or these are going to get very cold, and we wouldn't want that know would we?” She said with a chuckle. After Chad sat down, Kim looked at Larry, he must have thought she was being impatient because he quickly stands up and says “Fine off they go then I guess...sorry but I am not much of a showman.” With that he quickly pulls off his trunks and attempts to quickly sit back down. Kim though reaches over and grabs his semi-hard cock in her left hand and gives it a couple of tugs as Larry is trying to sit down. Chad notices Jenny not even trying to pretend she isn't looking and he can see her face flush a little. He wonders to himself is that a flush because of the heat and wine in the hot tub or is she really looking to maybe taste Larry's cock after all? “Hey now stop that!” Larry says as his face and neck turn bright red. Larry finally manages to get sat back down and conversation picks back up. Now Chad can see Kim not just staring at his wife's tits but she is also attempting to see through the bubbles to get a better look at his cock. After a little bit Chad is startled as he feels Jenny's hand reach between his legs and starts to stroke his cock. It doesn't take long and he's at full mast. “I am getting a bit warm in this seat, does anyone want to switch with me?” asks Kim. Everyone indicates they are comfortable in their current seats so Kim moves to the seat that is right next to Larry but has no jets. It does however raiser her a little higher out of the water to cool her down. While she is moving seats she bends over and looks straight down into the water. As she is clearly looking at Jenny giving Chad a hand job under the water. Chad takes that opportunity to get as good a look as possible down into her one piece suit at her ample breasts. Kim looks up and their eyes meet, at first she blushes thinking he has caught her watching Jenny jerk him off, then she must have realized he was looking down her suit and she smiles. Chad makes no attempt to hide both his pleasure of looking at her tits and from his wife's hand job. Just before she is able to sit down Larry reaches between Kim's legs while she is bent over and rubs on her pussy with his right hand and attempts to leave his hand there as she is sitting down. Larry pulls his hand out at the last minute feigning injury to his hand from Kim sitting on it. “Serves you right if I had trapped it there, you pervert.” she says as she leans over and gives Larry a kiss. Chad notices as she pulls away from her kiss that Kim leaves her hand under water and it is clear from the shock on Larry's face and from the movement that Kim is also providing some special attention to Larry's cock. Chad just looks over at Larry and grins and he smiles back but neither of them say a word. Chad leans over and gives Jenny a very deep passionate kiss and as they break away she whispers into his ear “I want to feel your hard cock inside my mouth. Sit up on the side of the hot tub so I can taste your cock.” Chad pulls away and looks at her and then back to Kim. Kim and Larry are busy with their own kissing and neither of them seem to be aware of what we are doing so he goes ahead and moves to the side of the hot tub. At the same time Jenny maneuvers herself between his legs and takes his cock into her hands and lovingly kisses and licks the tip. The movement of their bodies into the new positions startles Kim and Larry out of their embrace and they both just stare at them. Chad doesn't tell Jenny that they are now being watched and just looks at Kim as Jenny lowers her head onto his now hard dick. Jenny takes one free hand and starts to massage his balls as her head bobs up and down on his cock and she starts to moan and Chad can tell that she is really getting off knowing that Kim and Larry have to be watching her give him a blow job. Kim just smiles at Chad and shakes her head with a look of sexual desire in her eyes while Larry has a look of confusion. Chad is not sure if he was shocked, upset or just plain surprised. Before he can figure out which of those emotions are hidden on his face Kim says “Why don't you sit up on the side also honey, Jenny is getting to have all the fun and well I want to have some also.” Chad can see a look of panic cross Larry's face at first and he says “I don't know Kim.” Jenny must have heard either their conversation or Larry's hesitation because she lets Chad's dick fall from her mouth with wet pop and then looks at Kim and Larry. “I am so sorry, I did not mean to embarrass either of you. It was not my intention to make either of you feel uncomfortable. It's just that he was naked and hard and well I forgot who we where with in the hot tub and I guess I got carried away.” she explains with a very concerned look on her face. “You don't need to stop on our account, I was actually enjoying the view to be honest, but it does confirm our suspicions about you and Chad.” said Kim as she gives them both a devilish grin. Even though Larry has hesitated about sitting on the side of the hot tub, he clearly is having control issues as Kim is still pumping his cock underwater and now neither are trying to be discreet about the situation. Chad laughs and says “And just what are your suspicions of us Kim?” “Well it is quiet clear that you two are either swingers or have a very unique relationship, but I am betting on the first option. We have had the thought for some time now, but never would have asked out right. I tried dropping hints to see if you would bite but you never took the bait, either of you.” “What makes you think we are swingers? Just because I am naked in the hot tub and she is giving me a blow job in front of you?” he asks. “Well that helped push the thoughts along sure, but it is just the over all attitude that the two of you have. You are a constant flirt with other ladies and I quickly noticed that Jenny never gets upset with how you act around the ladies. You blurted out one evening in front of us at the house something about me having a bi side and that it was alright, Jenny has her own bi side and what guy doesn't like that. Also, Jenny and I have had many short conversations about adding a lady to the bedroom and I have caught her looking at other ladies more often than I can count. One of the last things that sealed it for us though was when we where at the bar the last time and Larry's co-worker was dancing with you. I saw how you where grinding with her all night long and I was sure that I saw her rubbing your cock through your pants and you sure were not moving away from her. Then when she confirmed to me that she had in fact played with you outside your pants and you told her to stop, not because you where going to get in trouble, but because you where going to cum in your pants, I pretty much figured it out then.” "So then if you have caught Jenny looking at other ladies more often than you can count, and that gives you an indication that she is bi and we are swingers, does that mean then that you are also? I mean I have seen you staring at my wife's beautiful tits just about every time we get together.” Chad asked and laughed out loud. This entire time Jenny has only released Chad's cock from her mouth, she has not removed her hand. He is still sitting on the edge of the hot tub and she has continued giving him a fantastic hand job and precum is oozing from the head of his cock. Kim is clearly looking at the show and sees Jenny bend over and lick the juices from the tip of Chad's cock, causing him to groan. Kim's pace picks up under the water on Larry's dick and he squirms a little bit more and Chad wonders just how close he is to cumming. “Well it looks like you better finish that job Jenny, Chad is oozing all over your hand and well unless I am mistaken, I think he would prefer to not make a mess in his hot tub. Larry, unless you want me to leave you in this state, you better get up on the side here because I am not going to leave a mess in his hot tub.” Kim says. With that said Jenny turns back to Chad and smiles as she lowers her mouth over his pulsating cock. Chad groans with pleasure and closes his eyes for just a second. He can hear a small amount of splashing and opens his eyes just in time to see Kim swallow Larry's cock all the way until her nose is nestled into his small patch of hair. Larry closes his eyes and groans with pleasure. Now all that can be heard are the tell tale sounds of slurping from the ladies and sucking sounds as Kim and Jenny work the magic on their husbands dicks. “Yea baby, suck my cock, ohhhh man that feels so great” Chad tells Jenny. “I love watching you when you are sucking my dick, but I have to say that you are missing one hell of a show here. Kim wasn't lying when she said that Larry tells her she gives great blow jobs.” She lifts her head from his dick and continues pumping it with her hand so that she can take a look over at Kim and Larry. Kim has one hand cupping and massaging Larry's balls while the other hand works in unison on his raging hard on. As her mouth moves off his cock her hand comes up from the base and they both can see her hand rotating on his cock on the way up. She repeats the motion on the way back down but in reverse. Larry is groaning with pleasure and has both hands on the back of Kim's head. Kim pulls her mouth from Larry's dick and a small amount of cum and saliva trail from her lips to the tip of his cock. When she sees that she is being watched by Chad and Jenny, she chuckles and Larry's eye open to see why Kim has left his dick. When he sees them all looking at him in his pleasure, he tries to squirm back down into the hot tub but Kim's tits are too firmly pressed against his legs to allow him to move. She quickly sucks his entire shaft back into her mouth and then pulls off once again. Kim then moves down and gently sucks first one ball and then the other ball into her mouth and rolls it around with her tongue. Larry groans loudly and says “Oh Kim, I am going to cum very soon if you keep doing that!” Chad wonders if Kim is a swallower or spitter? She did say that she wasn't going to let him leave a mess in his hot tub but that doesn't mean she will swallow his load. Kim licks all the way up the base of Larry's dick until her mouth reaches the top of where her hand squeezes out a good amount of precum and she lustily slurps that up. Then she is back to work with her mouth and hand moving in unison again on Larry's dick. Her head is moving up and down and Kim is starting to moan with pleasure. Chad thinks to himself that Kim could very well be just like his lovely Jenny, her ass is moving and grinding like she is fucking the water and appears that she may very cum just from blowing Larry. Jenny is too enthralled with watching the scene in front of her and is just jerking Chad off at a nice and slow pace. However as Chad can see Larry is getting close to cumming, he can feel his own orgasm building and he can feel that tingle in his balls as they start to tighten. “I am getting close babe, I know you weren't expecting it already, but you better bring your sweet mouth up here or I am going to explode all over your head!” Chad exclaims. With that Larry groans loudly and growls “I am going to cum Kim, get ready!” Kim moves her position just a little bit and moves her hand from Larry's cock and slips it underneath his ass and Larry groans loudly and starts pushing forward with his hips. He grabs the back of her head and yells “Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh!” as he holds onto her head and pumps load after load of hot cum into Kim's waiting mouth! Chad can see a little bit of his juices slip out of Kim's lips as she does her best to swallow each load. Kim moves her hand to catch the dripping liquid from her lips and then licks them clean. Kim starts to moan loudly and and starts grinding her ass even more and Chad begins to wonder if she is cumming also. Then she freezes “ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh MY GOD!!!!” she moans as she lifts her head from Larry's cock and shudders in an apparent orgasm. “Quick baby! Here I come!” Chad yells. Watching Kim ravish Larry's cock like than and so completely swallow his cum sends him over the edge. His balls tighten and he shoots a load of cum into Jenny's hot, moist mouth. He holds the back of her head and moans loudly and refuses to let her move her head until he has completely finished emptying his load into her mouth. “Wow that was awesome! I knew that Jenny could get off just by sucking on a dick, but Kim, you looked like you where actually getting fucked while sucking on Larry's dick.” Chad said smiling at Kim. Kim blushes a little bit and grins “The water jet over here was positioned just right. As I moved my ass while sucking his dick I was able to control the location that the water was hitting me. It felt so awesome and then hearing you cumming and Larry pushing on my head did send me over the edge.” “Well you know, since we did lose the bet Larry and we were supposed to be the ones to be “punished” I think it would only be fair that we reciprocate to the ladies and give them some release of their own. What do you think?” Chad asks Larry. “Well it is only fair, but I don't know. Kim how do you feel about it?” Chad moves back into the warm water and starts to warm his body back up. At the same time he motions Jenny to stand up. Since she is wearing her white bathing suit that has strings on both sides of her hips, it was very easy to get her bottoms off. He just reached up to both sides while she was standing and quickly pulled on the strings and then grabbed the bottoms of the suit and pulls them away. Jenny gasped at the sudden cold air hitting her newly exposed pussy. Larry and Kim where greeted with the lovely sight of her nearly bald pussy only a few feet away. Her lovely red landing strip was the only hair they where able to see from that angle. Chad gently push Jenny to a sitting position and spread her legs so that he could get a better look at her lovely, glistening pussy, but more importantly, so that Larry and Kim could also see her lovely snatch. Kim is the first to speak “Oh my god! Is that a piercing I see there?!” Jenny chuckles, “Yea I have had that for a couple of years now.” “Holy shit! That had to hurt like hell!” Kim cried. “Actually I had to have it done twice” Jenny laughs as Kim shudders at that last comment. “When we where gone on vacation a couple of years ago, I had it fall out and Chad and I where not able to get the jewelry back in while on vacation, so when we returned I had to go get it done again. It really didn't hurt as much the first time, but the second time hurt like hell, I won't lie.” With that Chad gives Kim a wink and a smile then turns his head and lowers his face to Jenny's waiting pussy. He first lightly kisses her outer lips and then slides a little to his side and lightly nibbles and kisses along her inner thigh. He drags his tongue across the top of her pussy and then down her other thigh causing a sigh to escape Jenny as he glides over her clit. “As fun as that appears, it would be very difficult for Larry and I to pull off, with me being in this one piece bathing suit, I would have to take it all the way off.” Kim explains. “Guess you should have thought a little bit more before you packed that particular suit then uh?” Chad says with a grin. “Well I didn't really think we would be sitting in your hot tub naked, well I thought it was a possibility since we knew that we would be getting into the hot tub and that you had the gazebo for a reason I am sure, but we still weren't too sure about the two of you and didn't want to make any assumptions.” she replied. “Oh he is just teasing you dear, you know Chad.” Jenny says “If it will make you more comfortable I will join you.” With that Jenny reached behind her back and removes the top to her bathing suit and tosses it to the corner of the hot tub. Her gorgeous 36C breasts fall free from their captivity inside her suit and are right in front of Chad's face. He leans up and gives first one nipple a light peck and then gently bits down on the other nipple and pulls it out slightly causing Jenny to gasp. The look on both Larry's and Kim's face is a mixture of shock and lust. Both of them stare at Jenny's now fully nude body with lust and Chad can tell that it is taking every ounce of will power that Kim has not to move over and touch Jenny's lovely tits. “Well Kim, neither of us want to make you uncomfortable and we do not want you to do anything that you don't want to do. I will not lie, I would love to see what you have hidden beneath that suit of yours, no doubt about that! In any event, unless either of you object, Jenny feels like she really needs some release since she didn't have an air jet to help her during my blow job” Chad says and smiles and Kim. Without waiting to actually receive any response Chad lowers his face back to his wife's waiting pussy and starts to slowly lick from the bottom of her crack all the way up to her clit. When he reaches her clit is gives a quick side to side movement of his tongue over Jenny's clit causing her to arch her back to force his face further into her crotch. “Maybe I could pull the bottom of the suit sideways Kim and still get enough access to allow you to join in on the fun, that is if you want to?” Jenny hears Larry say. Then there is some movement as Kim gets up out of the water and places her self on the side of the hot tub next to Jenny's naked body. Larry slides over between her legs and pulls her bathing suit to the side. From Chad's vantage point he can just barely make out Kim's full pussy lips and a dark patch of hair. He can't tell with the bathing suit on if it is just above her lips. As he is trying to get a better view Larry plunges his face into Kim's waiting pussy and she groans loudly. Chad can now hear the slurping sound as Larry is furiously eating Kim's wet pussy and he starts to think again about how wonderful it would be to switch positions with Larry. “Not tonight” he thinks, “We don't want to push this too far tonight and we really need to talk more before we go down that road with them.” Turning his attention back to his wife Chad picks up his pace from the long slow licks of her soaking wet crevice, to much shorter, quicker and harder lashes at her clit. Jenny begins to moan louder and arches her back more to give him a better access to her slit. She grabs the back of his head and mashes his face into her hole. As Chad feels Jenny's thighs beginning to shiver he recognized the sign that she is on the brink of orgasm. With that, he concentrates his tongue on her clit and moves the ring back and forth over her nub and Jenny start praying. “Oh god, ohhh god, Ohhhh myyyyyy GODDDDDDDD! I AM CUMMING!!!!!!” and then Chad feels her body quake and shiver and her juices flood from her pussy and drip down his chin. Jenny bucks and thrusts against his face and Chad has to use both hands to grab a hold of her ass to keep Jenny from moving away from his face. Chad sucks hard on her clit and bring it completely into his mouth and he is rewarded with yet another scream from Jenny and another wave of warm juices. Jenny's second scream started out loud but then suddenly became a muffled low growl. Chad releases his hold on Jenny's clit and glances up to see what has happened and sees Jenny and Kim locked in a deep, passionate kiss. Tongues are lashing at each other and Kim has her hand caressing Jenny's tit. Chad can feel a tingling in his balls and his cock starts to bounce with excitement watching his wife as she makes out with their dear friend Kim. Jenny lowers her hand to try and reach inside Kim's bathing suit top but the top is to tight to actually let Kim's large breast out. While still kissing Kim, Jenny reaches over and pulls the bathing suit off Kim's shoulders and down to expose her very large tits. Chad blurts out “Wow!” before he can catch himself as he gets his very first full glimpse of Kim's awesome tits, sitting mere inches from his face. Kim's full tits have deep brown aureoles and huge nipples that protrude out so much you could hang a coat hanger on them! The sound of Chad's voice snaps Kim out of her sexual coma and she releases her hold on Jenny's tit and looks down at Chad. “Oh my god! I am so sorry! I don't know what came over me, but when you started cumming I just lost control and had to touch your tits and kiss you.” Kim blushes and looks down at Larry. Larry had stopped his licking but had inserted a couple of fingers into her snatch and was slowly moving them in and out of her pussy and watching his wife make out with Jenny. “No reason to be sorry Kim” Larry says “Something tells me that Jenny nor Chad were all that offended.” as he smiles up at Jenny. “I am sorry if I went a little too far Kim. I was over come with my own sexual excitement and when you started kissing and caressing me I guess I thought it was ok to play with you.” Jenny says. “Oh no, you are fine, I just don't know what came over me, but it was awesome! Larry I am sort of trapped in this suit right now and it is uncomfortable, plus I am the only one with clothes on. Let me stand up and help me out of it will you?” Kim asks. Larry and Jenny both say at the same time “Are you sure about that Kim?” Instead of answering them, Kim stands up and starts to peel her bathing suit down over her hips. She stops just briefly before reveling her pussy and looks at her husband to make sure he is ok with what she is about to do. Larry smiles at her and silently nods his head in approval and then Kim looks into Chad's eyes to watch his reaction as he gets a much better look at her dripping pussy. She pulls the bathing suit completely down and steps out of it and then drops it behind her in the corner. Kim then sits back down next to Jenny completely naked and spreads her legs open to her husband. Chad can finally see that Kim does in fact keep her actual pussy and lips clean shaven with just a tuft of brown hair at the top. Not quiet a landing strip, but a little box if you will. Chad can now see that her pussy lips are swollen and very large and her clit is standing tall and begging for someone to lick and suck on it. Chad looks up at Kim and says “Yummy! I know I have called you sexy many times before and I truly meant in then, but now, the word doesn't even come close to giving you justice. Larry, you are one extremely lucky man I will tell you that!” Kim again blushes and looks down at her husband. “Thank you, Jenny is looking super hot herself! Now that I know Kim doesn't mind me looking at her naked body I don't feel so bad voicing that opinion.” Larry slips two fingers into Kim's already sloppy pussy and she groan. He then lowers his mouth to those swollen lips and starts to lick her pussy very slowly at first. He can taste her sweet juices as they flow from her pussy, over his fingers and into his mouth. As Kim starts to moan louder she grabs the back of his head with one hand and pushes his head harder into her pussy. She sees Jenny move out of the corner of her eye and Jenny lowers her head down to take one of Kim's large nipples into her mouth. Jenny slowly and gently rolls the nipple around in her mouth and flicks it with her tongue back and forth. Jenny reaches up and massages the other breast with her hand and continues her assault on Kim's tit. The sensations of her husband licking her pussy and finger fucking her and having Jenny sucking on her tit are too much. Her second orgasm hits Kim with an unexpected force and she can feel her juices flooding out of her pussy and into Larry's waiting mouth. “Ohhh YESSSSSSSSS!, GOD that feels sooooo good!!!” she moans. Jenny then moves from her tit to lay a deep passionate kiss on Kim again while she continues to rock back and forth on Larry's tongue as wave after wave of pleasure roll through her lower regions. Chad sees that Jenny's pussy is dripping and swollen and knows that she needs more attention. Chad slips his index finger into Jenny's pussy and starts to gently rub her g-spot. Jenny moans into Kim's mouth as Chad licks her clit. Since Jenny has already came once Chad knows that the time for slow and gentle have long passed. He concentrates on her hard clit with very quick and very hard licks and starts to pump furiously at her g-spot. Jenny's hot pussy juice is coating Chad's finger and making his chin slick. Jenny exclaims “I am going to cum again baby! Keep going...don't stop...here it comes! Oh God!!!!” Sensing that Jenny is about to shower him with her cum, he moves his head away and continues to massage her g-spot. The orgasm starts deep in her stomach and the pressure builds. Kim decides to return the favor and helps Jenny reach climax by bending over and sucking her nipple into her mouth. The hot moisture of Kim's mouth on her nipple and the slight pain and pleasure from Kim biting down on her nipple sends her over the edge. The orgasm hits her completely and she yells “Yessss!!!!!!” as she squirts juices over Chad's shoulder and into the hot tub. A steady stream of pussy juice streaks out of her pussy and soaks Chad's face and shoulder and Larry says “Holy shit! Did you just see that Kim!” “Yea that was awesome and I am glad I was able to help you over the edge sweetie. Do you do that often?” she asks Jenny. Jenny is still in her sexual fog after her orgasm and doesn't notice that Kim is talking to her. Of course it doesn't help that Chad is still massaging her g-spot and Kim still has her tits in her hands. “Um babe, Kim is talking to you” Chad says and we all laugh. “What??” Jenny seems to come back to the rest of us. “Kim was wondering if you squirt like that often.” Chad tells Jenny. “Oh I can yea, one of the benefits of the piercing is that it has really made my orgasms much more intense. I could always squirt, but after getting that done it has been much easier and much more intense. Chad seems to really enjoy it when I do that also.” She says as she bends down to give him a kiss, tasting her own juices still on my mouth. Chad and Larry both sit back in the hot tub to rest and the ladies ease off the side of the hot tub to get warm. They are sitting still fairly close to each other and after a few minutes Kim looks over and appears to catch Jenny staring at her tits again. Kim moves over next to Jenny and leans in and kisses her gently on the mouth. “Do you think I can have a little closer look at your piercing? I couldn't see it very well from where I was sitting.” she whispers into her ear. Jenny, not knowing for sure exactly what Kim means hesitantly slide back up on the side of the hot tub. Kim moves her hand up to spread Jenny's lips so she can get a better view of her ring. “And it doesn't hurt at all now when it moves around?” she asks. “Not at all, like I said it actually provides a lot more stimulation now. Before I had a difficult time cumming when I would ride Chad, but after having the hood done, wow, what a difference.” Jenny answered. “So this doesn't hurt then?” asks Kim as she rubs her finger over Jenny's clit. Jenny shudders and says “Umm.. hmmmm... no that doesn't hurt at all..ahhhh”. Chad looks over at Larry to see what his reaction is to the scene that is unfolding in front of them. “Well I am surely not going to break this up, so if Larry is uncomfortable, then he better say something because I have a feeling that Kim is just getting started.” he thinks to himself. Larry just smiles at Chad and thinks “Well I knew about her college days and I have always seen her flirt with other ladies, but I wasn't sure just how far she was willing to take it. I wonder just how far she will go this evening? Should I put a stop to this?” “And this feels good too?” Kim asks, as she lowers her mouth to Jenny's pussy. She first kisses the entire pussy and slowly licks up her moist slit. Jenny moans and puts a hand gently on top of Kim's head. “No that definitely doesn't hurt, but be careful what you are starting there sweetie.” “Oh I know exactly what I am doing, I have been trying to get you to see it for months now.” Kim says and then she inserts one finger into Jenny's pussy and starts to lavish her pussy with her tongue. Jenny starts to moan softly and rock her hips forward to give Kim a better, more comfortable angle of her pussy. Kim curls her finger upwards and rubs Jenny's swollen g-spot and quickens the pace of her tongue on her clit. Jenny clit is super sensitive after having climaxed twice already and she can sense the orgasm building quickly. The newness of Kim's moist mouth on her pussy and her finger fucking is quickly pushing her over the edge. “Oh yes, oh yes, I am going to cum, do you want me to cum on you?” Jenny moans. Kim doesn't bother to take her mouth away to answer her, she just intensifies her licking and slurping of her friends pussy. Kim feels Jennys thighs start to shake and then it hits. Jenny again squirts a flood of juices into Kim's waiting mouth and Kim slips a second finger into Jenny's pussy and pumps furiously with her hand. Jenny is moaning loudly and crushes Kim's head to her pussy with her hands and legs. After the orgasm has passed Kim moves from Jenny's pussy and looks at her husband. She moves across the hot tub to plant a very wet kiss on his lips. Larry can still taste Jenny's pussy juice on his wife's lips and tongue. “I figured you would like a taste of that.” Kim says with a laugh as Larry looks a little embarrassed and caught off guard. Jenny slips back into the hot tub and then says “Ok, well if you don't mind, it would be terrible of me as host to not return that favor. Would you mind sitting back up here and allowing me to return that favor to you?” she asks. “Are you sure you really want to do that Jenny? Are you ok with that guys?” says Kim. “Sexy, in case you haven't figured out yet, we really don't have many hang ups. Our only rules are never to intentionally hurt anyone and to never push someone into something they are uncomfortable with. We always move at whatever pace our friends want to go at. Once you head down that road, it is very difficult to return and well your friendship means more to us than anything else.” Chad replies. “Well I haven't ever seen Kim act like this and it is all new to me. I sort of was aware that she might have a side like this, but we have never really talked much about it, but if you want to sit up there, then by all means go ahead. I am sure we can deal with the rest of this later.” Larry replies. With her receiving her “ok” from everyone, Kim moves to the edge of the hot tub again and Jenny slides over between her friends legs. Kim spreads her legs and opens up her pussy to Jenny and once again Chad is presented with a fantastic view of Kim's nude body. The sight of her lovely large breasts, small patch of brown pubic hair and lovely swollen pussy lips makes his balls tingle again and he envies his wife's opportunity to lick that pussy. Jenny give one last look over at Larry and then up at Kim and when she doesn't hear any complaints, she lowers her mouth to Kim's waiting pussy. Kim feels first her warm breath and then her moist lips as Jenny's tongue penetrates her lips and sinks deep into her pussy. She moans softly and rocks forward a little bit, grinding her pussy into Jenny's face. Jenny takes her tongue from deep inside Kim's pussy and slides it up the length of her cleft and reaches her protruding clit. She then licks softly at first from side to side and then quickly in a vertical motion over that sweet spot. Jenny brings up her hand and inserts a finger into Kim's pussy and her finger is quickly coated with juice as Kim's juices slide down her finger and down Jenny's hand. Jenny starts to put more pressure onto Kim's g-spot while rubbing her finger back and forth picking up her pace. Tasting Kim's tangy pussy juices for the first time, Jenny moans into her pussy. Chad and Larry can see the passion in Kim's eyes as she looks from her husband's face to Chad. It is clear that Kim is no longer aware that anyone is watching her, just aware of the pleasure that her friend is providing her between her legs. Kim reaches down to cup one of her tits and starts to squeeze and pull on her nipple. Then she uses her other hand to do the same thing to her other nipple. Both nipples are swelling and protruding straight out and Kim rolls them back and forth between her fingers which sends shock waves directly to her nether regions. A long moan escapes Kim's lips and she feels her orgasm building inside her. Jenny can sense that Kim is getting very close and increases her tongue lashing on Kim's soaking wet pussy. She slips a second finger into Kim's pussy and finger fucks her with a lot of force now. Kim starts to buck against Jenny's face and finally it hits her. “YES! YES! YES! Don't stop! Don't Stop! Ugggghhhhh!” she screams loudly as roll after roll over pure pleasure explode over her. Kim falls backwards and leans against the side of the gazebo and continues to quiver over and over for what seems likes an eternity. Jenny sits up and turns to Chad “I guess it wouldn't be fair for me to keep this all for me now would it?” and she smiles at him as she approaches him to give him a deep kiss. Chad finally gets his chance to taste Kim's pussy, even if it is from his wife's mouth. The sight of watching his wife get Kim off like that, the taste of her pussy on Jenny's lips causes his dick to stand at attention again and poke against Jenny's tits. “Ok folks, as much as I would love to keep this going, I am not sure how much more I can take. Let's relax for a bit and then I need to get out of this hot tub and take my wife upstairs!” Chad says. The two couples slide closer to their respective spouses and wrap arms around each other and they all just sit and listen to the breeze and gaze at the stars. Eventually it is decided that is has gotten late and it is time for Kim and Larry to get home. Chad looks at Larry “Ok, well this has been one hell of an evening and well as I said already, we can't turn back from this road that we have started down. I think I speak for Jenny also when I say, that your friendship means way more to us than anything else. While this could turn awkward, it doesn't have to and we sincerely hope that it will not. We all had a little bit to drink this evening and things went in a different direction. If either of you are uncomfortable with what happened, please understand that we honestly never had intentions of seducing you. We would have never gone here and we really would like to talk to both of you about this in a few days to make sure that everything is ok.” “Well I can't say how we are going to feel tomorrow, but right now things feel just fine and I know that Kim and I have a lot to talk about ourselves at this point.” He says looking at his wife. “I think we both found out a little bit about each other this evening that we might not have been sure of prior to this, nothing bad mind you, just things we might have been afraid to voice prior to this.” “Well then, can I push just a little further and ask another favor then?” Chad asks as he looks at Kim and smiles. “Umm..what would that be?” She asks hesitantly. “Oh nothing major, just can I have more than just a hug good-bye before we get out of the hot tub? Just a kiss?” Chad says. Kim looks at Larry and he doesn't answer her outwardly, but sort of shrugs his shoulders. Kim moves over to sit on Chad's lap. She wraps her arm around his neck and crushes her tits against his chest as she lowers her head down to kiss him. Chad and Kim kiss passionately for a few moments, both lashing at each others mouth with their tongues. Chad's dick starts to come back to life and rubs up against Kim's pussy lips and Kim breaks the kiss. “I think that is enough for tonight. Someone has woken up again and well I am not sure we are ready for that type of friendship right now.” she says laughing as she get off of Chad's lap. “Well it isn't fair for Larry to be left out.” Jenny thinks to herself, and without even asking anyone, she moves over and straddles Larry's lap. Putting her arms around Larry's neck Jenny also smashes her lovely breasts, first into his face and then into his chest as she lowers down to kiss him. At first Larry is hesitant and was not expecting the kiss. He quickly gathers his thought and they kiss deeply for a few moments, when Jenny also feels a little movement against her lower lips. “Well Kim, looks like you have a bit of something moving over here also!” she says and both Kim and Jenny chuckle. The two couples finally climb out of the hot tub and retire to the house where everyone gets dressed. Kim and Jenny hug and give each other one last kiss good bye and promise to make some time this week to do lunch and shopping.
  13. nebsandt

    Tereza Makes a Friend

    We are Sean and Tereza. We have been married for over 17 years and we started exploring the Swinging lifestyle about 3-4 years ago. We did the usual search the Internet thing and we started finding the local scene parties and group house party's. This is how we meet most of all of our current friends now. We found a website that allows us to stay in touch we all the local happenings. We have played with other couples in the past year or so. We have always choose to BLOCK single guys until last night. We started out the evening by just monitoring our site and we happened upon a guy who is a part of a couple with the permission to play. We checked out his profile and emailed back and forth and decided he was good to go. Tereza has been very horny lately and was excited but yet tired because it was already past 10:00 p.m. on a weeknight.. she had already had a couple captain and Cokes and was already feeling tipsy. We contacted "guy" and he agreed to come out... Guy arrived about 20 min. later and met us out back, where we have our covered deck/patio and our hot tub. We spend a lot of time on our back deck here in Nebraska, especially during the wonderful Summer nights. Tereza was naked and pulled on her robe and we all sat and talked for a bit and got acquainted. I being the "host" that I am offered to mix a few more drinks and with that went into the kitchen to fix it up. When I came back out, drinks were not even needed any longer. There standing at the end of the table, Tereza was standing directly in front of Guy with her robe open to him and he was enjoy her tits and had his finger buried deep between her legs. I was quite delighted to find my "shy" and "quiet, modest" wife thoroughly enjoying this guy. I set the drinks down and started sucking on her other tit that was free. Tereza is 41 years of age about 5'6 and has 40 D breasts. She has had a new boob job done just 2 years ago and this guy was enjoying them a lot. He was giving it all he could and Tereza was encouraging him with fervor and the excitement was building. The 3 of us continued to play and fondle like to little kids as you can understand. After a spell of fingering her pussy and "biting" her tits at her request , we decided to move to the hot tub. Have you ever had sex in a hot tub before? If you ever get an opportunity, it is recommended that you at least try. We all three stripped naked in our back yard and we all slid into the tub at a modest 102 degree temp. Me , this guy and my wife naked in the bubbly . We started with the play again and soon the guy and I were having a great time with the wife. The moans and the encouragement that Tereza was giving to the 2 of us just made the whole situation much more enjoyable. After a bit, I moved off to the side,, and suggested she move herself up to the elevated part of the tub. I told the guy to go ahead and do the honors, and he responded quite quickly. The water and the motion of the water adds a whole new element to the experience. Tereza was enjoying this way more than I thought she would. I moved in position and she started stroking my cock, as I watched this guy pound her like no other. After about 5-8 minutes he backed out to take a breather, and I stepped up to the plate, not giving her any chance of a break. After I finished her off, we laid about a bit and enjoyed the moment and finished our drinks in the tub. This guy was very kind and was polite about it all. Tereza spread herself again and he asked permission once again as I enjoyed watching this guy pound the wife that I had been with for 17 years. I enjoyed watching her and seeing her enjoy herself thoroughly. I noticed he was having a bit of a time because he had never been in a hot tub before. We had not planned on going in to the bedroom at all at the beginning of the night, but plans were about to change. I suggested/asked Tereza, if she would like to go back in to the bedroom and finish this guy off. Two minutes later we were all three in the bed . He laid in to her like crazy, now that he was on a familiar surface. After about 10 minutes, he pulled out and refrained from cumming. I was amazed at his ability to "hold back" like this and noticed how thoughtful it was to her. I then took my position and had my two minutes of fame and nutted out and rolled away spent. As I pulled out Tereza made a comment that this is great because she has "no worry" of getting pregnant because she had a hysterectomy surgery a couple years ago. She was enjoying the whole threesome experience. This guy chimed in "Seriously" She said "yeah. it's great, I can not get pregnant" He said, " Are you tired yet?" and she responded with a grin "I am fine". The next morning Tereza said to me, "that last time around was the most amazing ever" This guy positioned himself, and just absolutely fired off. The crazy part is that she was right there with him and encouraging him like he was in a race. This made me so turned on and horny. I was digging it as much as they were. This guy had permission to "unload" and he wasn't going to disappoint. After about another 10 minutes the fireworks show ended and we ended our evening . This was a great experience and I would encourage anyone who is still on the fence to get off and join the rest of us. We are already planning to attend a weekend party about 1.5 hours away to a swingers meet-n- greet over the weekend. We our looking forward to it now.... Thanks for reading our real-life experience!!!!!
  14. HappyCouple2308

    The Visitor

    My wife asked me if an old friend of hers could come and stay with us for one night. He was only in town for a week and would be leaving the next day. She had not seen Matt for a long time. They were friends while she was in college. I can only assume that they had sex in their younger days, but I didn’t ask. He had since moved to California and was in town for work. With the children at our parents, we had all night to have drinks and “catch up.” Nicole’s cell phone rang at 6:30, and she seemed very excited to see her old friend. John arrived an hour or so later, and he seemed like a nice enough guy. Nicole greeted him at the door with a warm hug. We figured that it would be more fun to order Chinese food and hang at the house. I went to pick up the food, and while I was waiting I sent her a text. “So is this the night we try the threesome?” She quickly replied, “Don’t get any funny ideas.” When I return they were sitting at the table drinking a bottle of wine, and seemed to be enjoying telling the stories of their younger days. I just listened and watched as they drank more and more wine. After a few hours Nicole mentioned that we have a hot tub. There was snow on the ground, so it’s always nice to sit and relax in the hot tub. Matt was the same size as me so I gave him a swim suit and Nicole put on her brown bikini. This one did not do such a good job of covering her nice breasts. I thought to myself, maybe she is considering the idea of fucking the both of us now that the wine is setting in. I got in the tub first, followed by Matt. Nicole made her grand entrance carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. I could see Matt’s eyes move to Nicole’s ample chest as she climbed into the hot tub. She joked how lucky see was to have two cute guys all to herself. We soaked in the tub for a while and laughed about the old days. More and more, Matt’s eyes moved down to Nicole’s boobs. Finally the wine got the best of him, and he asked, “Are those different?” We laughed and Nicole she that she had earned new ones. Feeling brave I chimed in, “Would you like to see them?” Nicole’s eyes got wide. “Stop,” she giggled. “Come on, they look really good.” I sat next to Matt and Nicole was across from us. To my surprise her hands moved up to the ties of her top and off it came. I was surprised and proud of her. My wife is sexy and should not be afraid of showing off a bit. “There, are you happy now,” she exclaimed. I noticed that she did not put it back on. “I need another beer,” I stated and went into the house for a few minutes. When I came out Nicole and Matt were sitting pretty close in the tub. My dirty mind was now spinning faster and faster. I could feel that the tension was building. Then Nicole moved in front of me and started to kiss me. I whispered, “We are being rude to your guest.” She smiled and turned to Matt. Slowly she pushed herself up in the water so he could see her chest. “My husband says that it is rude to make out with him in front of you,” she said. Matt said that he didn’t mind and to his surprise, Nicole moved to him and started kissing him. I leaned back so that I could get a nice view of her ass. I slowly began to rub her lower back and ass as she kissed Matt deeply. I could tell that her hand had moved to his cock and was rubbing it through his shorts. The wine made the nerves pass quickly. His hands were stroking her breast, and mine were stroking her ass. She leaned her body back to kiss me and Matt seized the chance to lick and suck her chest and nipples. I slid my hands into the front of her bikini and could feel that she was very turned on. “Let’s go inside,” she whispered. “It’s too hot in here.” We climbed out of the tub and into the house. In the dim light we started to dry off. We each removed our wet clothes and wrapped a towel around our waists. “Fireplace?” I asked. Nicole nodded and we moved up stairs. I sat on the couch and Matt sat a few feet away. Nicole went to the bathroom. Not wanting to lose the moment I told Matt to follow my lead. I slipped off my towel and began to stroke my cock until it was nice and hard. Matt followed my lead. Nicole came into the room and saw two very hard cocks that were begging for her attention. “This is not fair,” she said as she took her place on the couch between us. She took a cock into each hand and began to stroke and squeeze them. She seemed very pleased with her new play things. She could tell that Matt and I were both enjoying her skillful handy work! We moved closer together so that Matt and me could touch Nicole’s breasts and lick her neck. Her hands moved faster and faster on our cocks as she got hotter and hotter. My hand moved down her tummy to her very wet pussy. She moaned as I slid one finger in and out of her wetness. The wine and beer was overwhelming and now we were becoming drunk with the sex as well. With a quick motion my wife slid down from the couch and began to suck my swollen cock. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she skillfully sucked me off and jerked Matt’s hardness. I felt her mouth move away and heard the sounds of her swallowing Matt’s shorter but thicker manhood. After sucking on us for a few minutes, I got down behind her and begin to lick her now soaking pussy. Her hips rose to allow me easy access to her magical place. I moved my tongue in and out of her. I enjoy the muffled sounds of her moans as Matt fucked her mouth. I pulled over the foot rest and told her to lie down. Now, Matt and I would be able to have our way with her as she laid on the footrest. I continued to lick her pussy as Matt rubbed his cock on her lovely tits. She was shaking with pleasure from the overload of 2 very horny men trying to explore every inch of her body. I said to Matt, “You must taste how wonderful she is.” He traded places with me and began licking her clit and moving his fingers inside of her. I started to caress her neck and kissing her forehead. “Do you like this?” I asked. She could only squeeze my hand in response. She began to cum as I fed her my cock and stroked her breasts. Matt was now eager to enjoy more of her tongue on his cock. I took my place between her legs and slowly teased her with the head of my cock. Her skin was warm from the long hot tub and blazing fire. I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her as Matt fed her his cock. I started to fuck her harder and harder as she swallowed every inch of Matt. I could tell that she had fucked him before and now all of the inhibitions were melting away. She would pull his cock out of her mouth only long enough to tell us how good it felt. “Do you want more?” I asked. “Ohhh yes,” she replied. I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder and harder. Her body moved back and forth matching my strokes. Matt’s fingered moved to her clit and she exploded as we tag teamed her pussy. “Man, you have got to feel how good this is,” I said to Matt. I could feel Nicole’s body tense up from the idea of fucking her old friend again. “Would you like that Nicole? I asked. She didn’t speak, but nodded her head in approval. Matt took his place between her legs and began to fill her with his thick cock. I was so turned on watching her adjust to her new lover. I sat a few feet away stroking my cock for her as she watched me. She reached for my hand and squeezed it as Matt pounded into her. We were all sweating and hot from this crazy encounter. “Fuck him,” I whispered in her ear and that made her even hotter. She grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper and deeper. “I am gonna cum” he exclaimed as her hands pulled him closer and tighter. He moaned as he filled Nicole with his hot cum. I could hear her breathing deeper and deeper as she squeezed every once from him. “Your turn,” she exclaimed. I turn her on her tummy and began fucking her from behind. The wetness and excitement was too much to bear. I grabbed her hips and as my hot load exploded inside her. Again, I heard the same sigh for her as she reveled in the idea that she had just made two men completely sex crazed.
  15. kikonkrome

    Sasha and Meadow

    The plane touched down at McCarran airport on Tuesday afternoon. Early morning sun shone in through the windows of the airplane. “Goooood morning, sexxy Sunshine,” Jake whispered with a growl, then added an ear bite to urge Sasha awake. “Ow,” Sasha groaned with a giggle. Jake has to be the only person on the planet that finds a red eye flight to Las Vegas an aphrodisiac, Sasha thought to herself as the sunlight streamed through the partially lowered window shade into her squinting eyes. Slowly, she stretched awake. “Rise, shine or shimmy!” Jake said as he leapt up from his aisle seat and reached for the overhead compartment. “God as my witness,” Sasha said with an exaggerated yawn and stretch “you’ve got the energy of a three year-old. I have no idea where you get it from.” Sasha watched her husband’s body through sleepy eyes as he opened the overhead compartment. He reached the compartment easily, his long arms and broad shoulders working in concert to shuffle out the carry-on’s. His biceps flexed as he lowered their suitcases to the aisle of the plane. He stood and adjusted his dark green henley and zipped his leather jacket. He reached out his hand to help her from her seat into the aisle. “You only love me ‘cause I’m tall, dark and handsome,” he with a sly smile and a wink. “Yes,” she said as she gave him a quick kiss. “But that’s not all, you know. You’ve got other qualities that make you keeper.” Understatement of the year, she giggled to herself. Jake was indeed tall, dark and handsome. But that was only part of the reason she love him. She also loved his smarts and ability to make her laugh. She loved the way he smelled after a shower and the way he pulled her against his naked, still dripping wet body, making her giggle. Mostly, though, she loved him for letting her continue to have sex with other men. He was not the jealous type. Sasha loved playing hotwife. There was no need, however, for Jake to ever play the cuckold. He could have almost any woman he wanted. Any. His dick was always hard, well, at the right times, and he could please her in minutes. He turned almost as many heads as she did as they made their way from the cab to the registration desk of the Hard Rock Hotel. People were drawn to his easy demeanor as much as his handsome face. No, he was not jealous and revealed in the fact that countless men wanted to bang his “hotwife.” Her pleasure was his. “Enjoy your stay and good luck” said the clerk as she handed Jake the room key cards. As Jake reached for the keys he heard a familiar voice shouting over the music pumping through the speakers. “Jake! Sasha! Hey! It’s me, Meadow!” she shouted, rushing up to them in her mink and trailing a leopard print suitcase. “Can you believe it? I won a free trip to the Hard Rock.” “Meadow! Ohmigod! Jake help her with her suitcase.” Sasha said with smile. “I haven’t seen you since our wedding. What kind of best friend are you?” Jake liberated Meadow’s rollerboard from her overloaded hands. He could smell her expensive perfume, and see her cleavage through her sheer blouse. Las Vegas with two beautiful women, he thought. That’s a winning combination. Meadow ran her fingers through her blonde locks, then dug in her purse for her prize vouchers. “A busy one, run ragged.” She said as she kissed Sasha European style on both cheeks. “Wanna grab a drink after we get all checked in and settled?” she asked. "I mean, if you don’t have any immediate plans. I don’t want to intrude.” “Jake, would you mind if all us grabbed a drink or three?” Sasha asked. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said. “How about the Pink Taco?” “I love that place!” Sasha and Meadow said in unison and laughed. “Jinx.” “Let’s meet there at six this evening, okay?” Jake floated a conservative time. “It’s a date” Meadow said. “We’ve got some catching up to do.” She smiled and turned back to her check in. Jake and Sasha walked to the elevator bank and took the elevator to their room. “I love it!” Sasha said as she surveyed the king-sized bed and view from the window. “We even got a hot tub this time,” she exclaimed as she entered the spacious bathroom. “I love this room. It may be nicest one we ever had,” Sasha said. “And I love Las Vegas. It’s full of excitement, possibility and surprises. But you know that.” She added. “Got any for me?” Jake said, kissing her neck as she stood by the window. “Patience my Dear. Don’t rush the beat.” Sasha said. In the early evening, Jake and Sasha strolled hand and hand into the Pink Taco. Meadow was already there sitting at a hightop table, scrolling through SnapChat messages. She looked up and smiled as they entered. “What are ya looking at?” Jake asked as he brushed her cheek with a kiss. “Do you really want to know?” she said slyly. “Hell yeah!” he replied. “Dick pics” she giggled. Jake laughed. “Get out! Who sends those?” “Well, StuntDic521, HardBoy115, and TheRioLeo, for three” she said. “Wanna see?” “I’m good,” said Jake, “But Sasha might like a peek. She never turns down dick of any kind.” “Yes, cock and cocktails, a perfect pairing, my friend.” Sasha laughed! “Jake, you sit between us and we will give you a woman’s view on good dicks. Whatta ya say?” Meadow purred. “You might learn something you can use, if you’re ever reduced to SnapChatting your dick to random girls.” “I would sit between two lovely ladies in any conditions, including an embarrassing parade of dicks,” he said as he took the hot seat between his lovely wife and Meadow. As the three giggled over the sheer number and randomness of dick shots on Meadow’s phone, an embarrassed waiter delivered cocktails and a bottle of champagne to the table. “Jake’s dick is better than any of these, Meadow,” Sasha said as she sipped the champagne. “So you’ve said. But I don’t know how I would ever get to see it for a comparison, unless of course, he sent me a pic,” Meadow giggled. “Jake,” Sasha looked at him with kitten eyes, “What do you think? You, me and Meadow makes three? As a bonus she gets to both see and ride your wonderful cock.” Sasha rubbed her hand sensuously up Jake’s thigh. Jake almost choked on his drink. Wow, if he was getting as lucky as he thought, he should bet it all on black at the next roulette table. “A menage a Meadow? Is that what you’re suggesting?” Jake stammered out. “Yes,” the girls said in unison. “That is, if you’re up for it, tall dark and handsome.” Sasha smiled and squeezed his inner thigh. “Oh baby, you know I am.” Jake said, his face lit up like the Vegas Cowboy. “Let’s blow this taco stand and hit the sheets. I’ll get a bottle of champagne to go.” He put his arms around the women and squeezed. After paying for an extra bottle of champagne, Jake met his ‘dates’ at the elevator to their room. “Look up,” said Meadow as they stepped into the elevator, “There are mirrors in the ceilings in the Hard Rock elevators. Do pop stars still do it in elevators?” She wondered aloud. “Sasha,” Jake said, “Have I ever told you how much I like your taste in friends?” He nodded his head toward Meadow. “Oh, I always had a feeling you would like Meadow.” Sasha said as she nudged his ear with her lips. “We have been waiting for just the right moment to make this happen for you. I think this is it! Don’t you agree Meadow?” “Yes,” she said and gave a wink to Jake and her best Marilyn flirty face. “What!? Waiting! Why on earth would you make me wait? That’s almost cruel. Like promising a kid dessert, then making him wait a month.” Jake moaned with false intensity, giving Meadow a sidelong look. She looked back at him with hot eyes. “It’s true, she said with a smile. I can’t let Sasha have all the fun. I never have. And dessert is sweeter when you wait for it. Everyone knows that.” The elevator doors opened and the threesome exited the elevator, arm and arm, smiling the secrets smiles of those about the about to write a new chapter in the “Big Book of Carnal Knowledge. “This room is terrific.” Meadow gushed as she entered the room. “It’s like a real French boudoir. I consider myself a princess without a kingdom and this room is fit for a queen. But look,” she said as she flopped on the bed, “It’s got a king bed.” Meadow got up from the bed and wandered over to the bathroom. “Lets get a look at that hot tub.” Meadow looked into the bathroom. “That’s a gigantic tub. It’s all but begging us to play in it.” She said. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s get naked and have a glass of champagne in the hot tub.” Sasha suggested. “I second the motion,” Jake said. “I’ll pour it.” Sasha went into the spacious bathroom and started the water in the tub. “Meadow,” she shouted over the sound of the running water. “There are robes in the closet.” Meadow checked in the closet. She grabbed two robes, then strolled into the bathroom with Sasha. “Let’s get undressed and flash Jake while he is pouring the champagne,” she said as she offered a robe to Sasha. “Hey! I hear naked giggling” Jake shouted, “You’re not starting without me are you?” The two women emerged from the bathroom in the fluffy white robes. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” Sasha said, as she let her robe fall to the floor around her feet. She took Meadow’s hand as Meadow quickly stepped out of her robe. Naked and hand in hand, the women walked swiftly over to Jake and kissed him on the cheeks. Jake could feel the warmth of two sets of plump full breast on his biceps as the women leaned into him for the soft kisses. He could feel the blood rushing to his crotch. “Amazing,” he said handing each woman a glass, and taking one of his own “Here’s to hot women and hot tubs. Cheers!” “Get naked Jake and join us,” Meadow leaned into Jake and caressed his hard-on through his jeans. Sasha gave him a deep long breathtaking kiss and squeezed his hand. “I’ll be right there.” Jake said, when he caught his breath. He watched Sasha and Meadow return to the bathroom. More champagne is in order he thought as he watched their beautiful retreating booties. “Well we don’t have to wait for Jake.” Sasha purred to Meadow, as they climbed back into the hot tub. “I’d like to lick that pussy.” “l'd love that.” Meadow responded as she spread her legs for Sasha on the edge of the tub. Sasha buried her head between Meadow’s legs. Sasha spread Meadow’s pussy and placed her tongue strategically above the clit and began long, slow, wet strokes up and down and around it. Meadow laid her head back and began to moan. Good gawd, this was wonderful. Meadow thrust her hip upward to give Sasha better access. “Oooh weee!” Jake exclaimed as he walked into the bathroom carrying extra champagne. He climbed into the tub to better watch the show. A few sips of champagne later, three naked bodies were caressing and kissing in the tub. “Sasha, you are a lucky woman.” Meadow said as she eyed Jake’s beautiful erection as he stood to refill the glasses. She reached out to stroke it with her fingers, then kissed the head. “Let me help you lick that,” Sasha said as she joined Meadow in pleasuring Jake. Sasha and Meadow alternated taking Jake deep in their throats. Jake threw his head back and reveled in the alternating sensation of each woman’s lips and unique sucking techniques. “You two have to stop or you’re going to make me cum before I can enjoy every inch of your perfect little bodies.” Jake groaned, enjoying the pleasuring mouths. “I would love to feel your tongue on my clit,” Meadow cooed. “That king bed is calling its queen.” Moments later Meadow’s legs were spread open under Jake’s lips and tongue and Sasha was on her knees by the bed, giving Jake head. Sasha crawled on the bed beside Meadow and Jake moved between them. Kissing them in turn on the lips. Then Sasha and Meadow kissed each other long and deep. “How about you take me from behind, Baby?” Sasha whispered in Jake’s ear. “You know that’s my favorite,” She responded. Jake moved behind Sasha and slowly entered her, the way she loved it. He continued to kiss Meadow and caress her ample breasts. Jake picked up the pace, pounding Sasha’s wet and willing pussy until she cried out her release. Jake quickly pulled out of Sasha before he could cum. Meadow moved in position to take his still dripping dick in her mouth to finish him. “I’ll finish you off Meadow,” Sasha said as she moved between Meadow’s legs. Meadow’s moans combined with Jake’s and Sasha’s. Meadow could feel the warm pressure of Sasha’s insistent tongue on her clit. She could taste Jake’s pre-cum on her tongue. She could feel him nearing his peak as she neared hers. Meadow felt the small pressure of her orgasm begin to build rapidly to climax. She came as Jake’s hot orgasm spilled over her lips and tongue and down her throat. Sasha quickly caught Meadow in a kiss, sharing the last taste of Jake’s cum. “Wow,” Jake said with a sigh as he laid back on the bed. “Just fucking Wow.” Meadow and Sasha snuggled on either side of him, caressing his chest. “So Jake,” Sasha said. “Was that dessert worth the wait?” “Oh yes,” Jake replied. “Especially if I can have seconds.”
  16. I retired before I was 50 years old. Since my wife and I wished to travel extensively and our children had moved out we decided to sell our home and buy a triplex. We needed less space and liked the idea of having others around for security in our absence. To my delight, there were more benefits to this arrangement than I had anticipated. Sue and I have taken excellent care of our health and are more often than not pegged years younger than our actual age. We maintained a hot, lush sex life too. During our 28-years together we had endured many of the typical stresses of marriage, including several affairs, but have always concluded that our relationship was worth more than the problem. We frequented clothing-optional beaches and talked about how we might open up our relationship to include occasional sexual interludes with others but were never able to agree on the details of such an arrangement. Immediately upon moving into our triplex in May, we advertised the other apartments. Within a week we had interviewed ten interested parties and selected two. One a single divorcee, Lynn, in her mid 20's, and another thirty-something couple, Rebecca and Jason, who had just gotten married; the second marriage for each. Each unit had a small private patio and lawn area that opened to a large common lawn, and a separate building with a garage, and an exercise room with hot tub and sauna. Sue and I rarely wore anything on our patio during the summer or while in the tub or sauna. Our tenants were not as relaxed, but we all got along nicely; aware of each other's comfort. Jason's wife, Rebecca, and I enjoyed vigorous training so would often work out together on the exercise machines or go jogging. Sue, Jason, and Lynn seemed to be able to chatter endlessly and always seemed to make each other laugh. Nothing physical took place, but at our Labor Day Weekend party, a new direction began to take place. While I enjoyed a particularly 'close' conversation with Rebecca, I detected an unmistakable interest brewing between Jason and Sue who were sitting on the couch; her hand was on his thigh, and they punctuated their chatter with little touches and punches. I began scheming, confident that if Sue ever had an affair without sneaking {which was a condition she always felt was necessary} we could agree to an occasional, open tryst. Later while we ate dessert, I told Sue what I suspected. She denied it, but red blotches on her neck gave her away. After a few minutes of teasing and laughing, she finally admitted she thought he was cute. When I suggested she pursue any fantasy she might have about him she blushed and put off as impossible that such a young guy could have any interest in her. However, two mornings later over the breakfast table, Sue surprised me. "Do you remember what you said to me a couple days ago, you know, about letting you know if I was interested in having sex with Jason?" she asked nervously playing with some toast crumbs on the table. "Does that still go or were you just drunk and turned on about Beck?" "Of course," I answered enthusiastically. "Yes!" She began talking about her interest in Jason but always returned to her belief that it's just not the same if you, 'Plan it.' I argued that 'planning' it does not have to be a totally contrived situation with a role to play, but that we simply agree it's okay and give each permission to pursue sex with someone else as long as we take certain precautions. Continuing I repeated my argument from years before, " . . . It can't be more threatening to our relationship than sneaking out." Then added, "And now that we are older and more secure with each other it should be even less threatening." There was a long, thoughtful pause which I carelessly interrupted with, "I am just saying it's okay. I am saying that to myself as well as to you. I have really enjoyed the flirting that I’ve been doing with Rebecca and Lynn and unless you tell me not to, you can assume I will take advantage of any opportunity to be intimate with them. When I do, I will tell you. Does this make you uncomfortable?" Again thoughtful silence. Then, "No, Don, not this time," she said with quiet resolve. We took up the 'open marriage issue' again, and this time she agreed to give it a try. We would go ahead but would keep things very limited and discreet. We did not want to become the focus of a marital battle. The following week Rebecca had to leave town for a few days to take care of some of her ailing mother's business. I made a point of inviting Jason over to sun au natural with us Saturday afternoon. To my delight, Lynn stopped by to tell me about a leaky faucet. I wanted to leave Sue and Jason alone so slipped into some shorts and took a pitcher of Margarita to the deck before going to work on the plumbing. From where I was working it was apparent Jason could not take his eyes off Sue. And although she wore large sunglasses, it was easy to see her scanning him whenever he looked away. They finished their first drink quickly. As Jason poured her a second drink, Sue handed him the tube of suntan lotion and turned so he could rub it on her back. She stretched out face down next to his chair. He continued talking and rubbed the lotion in very casually, but his growing erection gave away his inner feelings. Lynn's sink problem was easily fixed in a minute with a screwdriver. She offered me a beer, and we began to chit chat watching what was going on outside. After 15 minutes I walked to her door. She offered me a goodbye kiss which lingered a few seconds longer than I would have expected and rapidly turned into a full-mouthed passionate embrace. God her full lips were soft. Her tongue played delightfully with mine. When I pulled away, we continued to look at each other for a few seconds before awkwardly smiling. She said, "Wow, I'd like to do that again." "Me too," I answered looking at her stretching along the door jamb. I thought I should leave, but decided to take her back into my embrace. From where we were hugging I could look into our patio. Sue had rolled over. Jason was to apply suntan lotion to her tummy. I turned Lynn around so she could also watch while I fondled her breasts and humped her tight, round ass. Outside, Sue sat up and applied lotion to her breasts. Jason nervously sat back in his chair, his mouth moving quickly as he rambled on about something... probably comparing the quality of two versions of Hamlet. Lynn heated up as fast as I, and within seconds I was pulling her ass cheeks apart and fucking doggy style at the sink. We were coming together in less than five minutes. It was purely animal relief we each seemed to need so much. We parted a little embarrassed in just a couple of minutes. We couldn’t help laughing and stumbling over our explanation that this was so 'unlike me.' That evening Sue announced that she thought Jason had begun to ask leading questions. I played dumb and went along with her suggestion that we invite him over for dinner ...and soaking in the tub that night. Then I told her about Lynn and me when I had gone over to fix her sink. She looked a little shocked but simply said she had thought I was over there quite a while for a faucet job. Around 8:00 Jason, Sue and I had a simple spaghetti dinner then moved directly to the tub. After a couple of drinks, I got the feeling Sue could manage better without me so excused myself stating my need to get some sleep. I left them, but from our bedroom window I watched them proceed timidly through the preliminaries; gradually getting closer, the accidental touch which brought about exaggerated laughter but returned, and then the first kiss followed by immediately heavy making out. Jason got too hot and sat up on the edge of the tub. Sue took this opportunity to do what she likes most; gobble a hard rod. It was clear by the look on his face that her efforts were not being wasted, especially when she took him in all the way to the base of his shaft and nudged his ass hole with her fingers. When he began blasting his load, Sue made a ring with her fingers around the base of Jason's cock and pulled each ejaculation towards the head while she slurped and swallowed his juice. I knew all too well how wonderful this felt but was in awe of how erotic it was watching her apply her magic to Jason. Jason lifted her against him and kissed her with passion and gratitude. He then turned her around so he could more easily fondle her breasts and feel her ass pressing against his loins. He slowly slipped his hands over her tummy and over the front of her crotch. Sue was able to turn her head around and chew on Jason's mouth while he pressed his hips against her ass and fondled her swollen mons. In response to her undulations, he slipped his middle finger into her slit. Their hips gyrated together with ever-increasing intensity. Sue leaned on her arms on the edge of the tub, spread her legs and arched her back hard urgently fucking his fingers. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed his reloaded cock and began rubbing it up and down her ass. Watching her rock on his firm, pink-tipped probe I got a raging hard-on and started to jerk myself off. Jason squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples while Sue worked herself into the height of passion by holding him and rubbing her clit over Jason's rigid tool. Jason took his cock in one hand, slid it up and down her ass a few time then, worked its mushroom head just inside her waiting vagina, paused, then drove it home in one long, firm stroke. Sue took just a couple of seconds to absorb his presence before she began bouncing back against him in a state of continuous orgasm. Holding her perfect ass, Jason fucked my passionate wife non-stop for about ten minutes before sending the second serving of his sperm up her wild pussy. I settled into bed extremely turned on and finished masturbating. Later, Sue, sleepy and relaxed, still hot from her encounter with Jason took a quick shower and slid into bed. "Did everything go okay I asked?" After a long, nervous silence Sue whispered, "You want me to tell you about it, don't you?" I was shaking with excitement. Not only had I been able to watch her, but now I was going to get to hear about it from her. However, I wanted her to say everything without me prompting her, so I answered, "About what?" I could feel her tension as she pulled herself closer to me and took hold of my cock. It was still hard, and some of my jism was still leaking out. She knew I had been jerking off... and why. Several times she started to talk, "I... uh... We... ". "Okay," in a nervous voice. "You want me to tell you what it was like to screw Jason, right?" "Yes." "And you left us together tonight... uh... is that why you left?" Sue asked still trying to gauge my reaction while she nervously rubbed my cock faster and faster. "You wanted to see if I’d fuck him?" I turned, held her tightly in my arms, and said, "Yes, Sue. I wanted to see if you could fuck him and then tell me about it." When I kissed her deeply I was jolted into a higher state of excitement by the musky smell of another man's sex on her mouth. "Okay. . . . . . here goes. Oh Christ, you better not be kidding. . . . . . and don’t forget who you screwed this afternoon." Whipping her hair off her forehead and squeezing my dick so tight I groaned. "I want to go to bed with Jason." She looked for a reaction. I kissed her forehead and whispered that we'd been here before and I did not see why that was such a terribly nerve-racking statement. She licked a bead of sweat off her lip, and her eyes looked about the semi-darkness of the room. "I made... " Her throat was dry. She swallowed hard and tried again. "I made love to Jason tonight." "You what?" I asked trying to sound like I was teasing her. Again a pause. I could feel her beating heart shaking the bed. "I let Jason fuck me tonight." "Thanks for telling me. Now was that so bad?" I said stroking her back and kissing her lightly. "You’re sure?" she said with questioning eyes. "Yes. It’s not just fine, I'm really excited by it. It turns me on when you tell me you fucked Jason. I knew you did it before you said anything. I watched. You seemed to have an incredible time, and right now I want to fuck you!" Relieved, Sue began to tune into sexual excitement building inside her. Our kisses quickly lead to unbridled lust. Within seconds we were in a 69 position and took each other to intense orgasms after which we collapsed in a pile of sweaty sheets. Jason called the next morning. She covered the receiver and whispered who it was while he tried to make up some story. He wanted her to come up with an excuse to come over so she could get away without raising my suspicions. He was too horny to catch her mocking concession to his request. We were both in stitches by the time she hung up. We held onto each other for a time and had our laughs, but it was too obvious she was eager to meet him and was out the door within ten minutes. While they were screwing their brains out {judging from the sounds coming through the wall} I was getting a blow job from Lynn’s wonderfully thick and soft lips. I had wasted no time going to her door. Lynn was only too willing to have me there. Besides being motivated by what we'd started yesterday, she was obviously turned on by the sounds of sex next door. The door was just closing behind me, and she was on her knees in front of me pulling my shorts down and gobbling my knob. Before I came, I pulled her up and slowly began unbuttoning her little house dress. It fell silently to the floor leaving her in nothing but silky turquoise panties and a shy smile. Her breasts stood out high and pointy. I licked my fingers and slowly circled her aureole causing her nipples to stiffen as she took a deep breath. I slowly began stroking my cock while I slid my hand from her breast to her mouth. Lynn sucked hard and ran her tongue rapidly around my fingers when I moved them in and out. Taking her hand, I brought it to my dick. She sighed as her fingers nervously wrapped around my growing thickness. While she sucked my fingers and stroked me I backed slowly to her couch. The banging and panting next door started building up again. I sat down and guided her into a kneeling position between my legs. Without hesitation, Lynn sucked my cock with renewed passion! When I was about to lose my load, I told her to turn around. Settling in behind her I ripped her panties off. I sat back on my ankles and looked at her juicy wet love lips reaching back for my cock as she arched her back. I slipped it up and down watching it get shiny with her wetness and enjoying her growing urgency. Finally, I pressed against her and planted my dick deep within the love canal of my sweet young tenant. We came when the screams from next door reached a fevered pitch. That evening, sharing our sexy stories and making love, Sue and I had our sexiest evening in 28 years of marriage. Sue and I really liked the new additions to our sex life, but she followed through on our agreement that we would not engage in any long-term affairs with a married person unless both parties knew what was going on. She gave Jason a one-week deadline to let Rebecca know. A week later Jason and Rebecca invited us for after dinner drinks. As we got, ready Sue said Jason was planning on it being an introduction to swinging party for Rebecca. She said that she and Rebecca had spent a lot of time talking about sex. Rebecca, it seemed, had many of the same concerns and interests Sue had had, and was to be getting increasingly comfortable talking to Sue about them. Also, she told Sue that she had found me very sexy. After a delightful oriental dinner and sake, we moved into the living room. The lights were low, and candles were burning in several places. We settled into overstuffed couches, each with a drink served by Rebecca. Soft jazz played in the background. After about half an hour of stiff drinks and increasing suggestive giddiness Jason turned off the music and slipped in a movie. It was X-rated. We engaged in considerable foreplay with our mates. By the end of the movie, shirts were unbuttoned, dresses were high on thighs, and lust percolated through the room. At Jason's suggestion, we headed for the hot tub. Sue and I took the lead by dropping our clothes on the furniture and floor before heading outside. Rebecca was more timid but followed along with everything the rest of us did. Settled in the warm water, she became very comfortable, even animated, and suggested a game of 'Truth or Dare.' This game quickly became ribald. Sue took a 'dare' and Rebecca dared her to make love with her watching. Sue sat on my lap, and we began to playfully stimulate each other. I dared her to do the same. Soon we were married couples fucking next to each other. Sue reached out and began stroking Rebecca’s shoulder. Rebecca returned the caress. They drew themselves together while we continued to screw. Minutes later Jason and I were not only fucking our wife but reaching out and caressing each other’s wife. The ladies leaned into each other and began hugging and kissing as we continued to fuck. I made eye contact with Rebecca as she rested her chin on Sue's shoulder. She held it, so I drew her face to mine and kissed her long and wet. Sue and Jason watched for a while then engaged in an embrace of their own. How strange to be screwing Sue while I kissed another woman. Eventually, Sue slid off my cock and into Jason’s arms while Beck wrapped her arms around my head and pulled herself over me. How weirdly easy this is, I thought while taking her by the ass and guiding her yawning cunt over my cock. For a moment she hesitated and looked questioning at Jason. "It's okay," he whispered. "Really, it's okay," and he returned his attention to Sue. Once she gave in to her desire to fuck me, Rebecca was a real sexual animal. She bounced on my rod without inhibition and squealed with delight when I bit her nipples. When I ran my hand around her tight little ass, I found placing my finger in her anus would send her to the edge of passion. Jason and Sue quickly took up their familiar position with Sue holding onto the side of the tube while Jason pounded her from behind. After we all came and fell exhausted against the edges of the tub, we snuggled with our own mates. The conversation soon gave way to heavy drowsiness, and we decided to call it a night. Warm goodbye kisses were exchanged as we parted for our own beds. During the next week, we spent most of our time in the 'exchanged' arrangement. It was like a honeymoon. Whereas Sue was usually very quick to 'heat up' and get right to fucking until she came, Rebecca liked to spend more time in foreplay and experimenting. We were more alike in our sexual tastes and enjoyed many long hours just being aroused and surprising each other with new options. The most memorable time with Rebecca occurred one morning. I was curious about her sensitive ass hole so while rubbing her back with oil I spread her legs and rubbed firmly along the inside of her thighs and ass cheeks making sure to slide over her little opening. Seeing her raise her ass and hearing her moan with pleasure, I poured a bit more oil down her crack and let it run slowly over her puckered orifice. When I began pressing my middle finger softly against the hole, she gyrated her ass, pushing back to increase the pressure. Slowly I inserted one finger all the way inside her. Her anus muscles tightened around it, then relaxed as she continued to squirm. I pulled out slightly and then inserted two fingers freshly covered with oil. This time she began panting and fucking them harder while she pulled on her tits and yelled, "Fuck my ass, Don. Fuck my goddamn ass!". By this time I was harder than I ever recall; like I was about to fuck for the first time. It was about to be my first butt fuck! I pulled out my fingers and positioned myself behind Rebecca. She grabbed the brass bar at the end of the bed, stuck her ass high in the air and readied herself. Delirious with sensual feelings, yet unsure about entering this new domain, she whispered hoarsely, "Take my ass, Don. Don't make me wait any longer." With my swollen cock at the porthole, it was obvious that this was going to be a tighter fit than my fingers. However, while I hesitated, she pushed backward and trapped my swollen head about two inches inside her. She screamed with intense pleasure while her muscles crushed my cock with almost overwhelmingly painful pleasure. When they relaxed, I eased in deeper and deeper with a series of slow humps, pouring oil onto my dick each time it backed out. Rebecca panted and pushed harder and faster. As our ecstasy built, I fondled her nipples while she stroked my balls. When we finally came, it was together in a long series of paralyzing full body contractions. Sweat poured from our bodies, and we collapsed tightly joined. I pulled a sheet over us. We awoke hours later still together. Pulling out was comparatively more easy to accomplish, and we rolled up in each other's arms and slept for another hour. Later she told me how she'd had a college boyfriend who had introduced her to anal sex, but Jason just could not get turned on by the idea. After that week we each returned to our spouse and a more lively sex life. We discovered that no matter how exciting a new partner can be there is nothing quite like the comfort of a long time, loving mate. Occasionally after a workout, Rebecca and I would get together and fuck an afternoon away. Sometimes we would spend a weekend together going to a road race or in one of our homes when Jason and Sue went away. That, however, got down to about once a month. Unfortunately, they had to move out of state six months later due to a job transfer. Lynn suspected that something was going on. Eventually, Jason and Sue got her to join them in a menage a trois, but only once. She felt the encounter was too demanding emotionally. She moved out almost immediately. After the wonderful encounter with Jason and Rebecca, we decided that we would accept new tenants only if we felt they would be desirable and likely sex mates. Whenever interviewing potential tenants, we make a point of dressing very well and have our home decorated in a way to suggest a lot of sexuality; lots of leather, artwork, etc. We'd talk openly about our sunbathing habits when showing them about the grounds and study their reaction. We also stand close and make discreet physical contact. We've been successful about 50% of the time. For us, the most likely candidates for our purposes are young couples married at least one year but less than two, and those closing in on their seventh anniversary. We love it! And discussing the possibilities is almost as exciting as successfully seducing another couple.
  17. A few weeks ago, Linda and I, spent the weekend with Jim and Jill, a couple that we first met in our hometown years ago. I guess you could describe them as two of our oldest friends considering we’ve known them since we were all in our early twenties. They were the first friends we made as a couple, as opposed to friends we each brought with us into our marriage. Over time our friendship with them progressed from being close friends into a lifestyle relationship. In the early days of our relationship with Jim and Jill, we had so much in common with them we just seemed to migrate toward one another. We were two young couples, both married for a short period of time, both with young children, and I guess most importantly we were both looking to spice up our lives. Early in our relationship with Jim and Jill, we were in constant contact with one another. We were best friends that went everywhere and did everything together. These days we live five and a half hours apart, making getting together an all too rare and very cherished occasion. This particular weekend was similar to so many others we’ve spent together since we’ve moved apart. We arrived at their place Friday evening, left Sunday afternoon, in between we played, shared memories, and enjoyed each others company. On Saturday, we decided to have dinner at their place, being we cherished our time together and didn’t want to feel inhibited during our brief time together so we opted for the privacy of the four of us dining at their home. Over dinner Saturday night we laughed, joked, and talked about the fun we’ve shared over the years. It was one of those occasions where one person would recall something they remembered from our past, which would jar somebody else's memory of something that they remembered from our past. The one consistency to the stories was the sexual content. By the second round of cocktails around the kitchen table, my mind was spinning with memories of not only the four of us, but also of the other people we’ve met in the lifestyle over the years. Ghost like visions were floating through my mind as I searched for subject matter for the conversation. We’ve met so many people over the years. Some remained as friends, most however, are now just memories from the past. As I tried to remain connected with the conversation of the group, my mind was starting to wonder back in time as I tried to recall titillating subject matter for our conversation. My attention returned to the group when I felt Jill’s hand on my thigh. I guess I must have been smiling in my daydream because she asked what I was finding so captivating. "I was just thinking about how far we’ve came in this lifestyle and of the people we’ve met along the way," I replied. Jill ran a hand up my thigh as she told me that it was selfish to keep all those memory’s to myself when I should be sharing them with the rest of them. With a smile, I replied that just now I was thinking about the first time we played with Lynn and Carl. Jill cocked her head to one side and with a puzzled expression asked, “Who?” I replied, "You know, we brought them to one of your party’s out at the ranch back in the day." Jill thought for a moment more before the light came on, with a smile she said, “Are you talking about that very straight-laced couple?” I just nodded and smiled at her. “I had forgotten all about those two,” she said. "I do remember that party, I thought when you two walked in with them in tow that the party was over, they were so straight-laced I thought they would run out of the house screaming when they found out what kind of party we were having." Jill shifted around a little so she was facing me. "I have always been curious as to how you two talked those two into bed, I can’t wait to finally hear that story." I thought about the details of that first night with Lynn and Carl for a few moments getting the events straight in my mind, and this is the story I told.... I’m sure you guys all remember how it was back then living in that small rural agricultural community in the central valley of California. Social outlets for couples were none existent in that area, at least on regular bases back then, which made private social events so popular, and the Fireman’s Ball, Policeman’s Ball, and those type events were events that just about everybody in the local area would attend. Other than a few dingy bars and private parties, those events were about to only places for socializing. They were opportunities to get dressed up in your best and sexiest clothes and have fun. It was just Linda and I attending that night, we weren’t even thinking about anything to do with the lifestyle. I glanced at Jill. I don’t remember why you two weren’t there with us, but it was just the two of us that night. We were just going out to enjoy the dinner, have a few drinks, and enjoy the band while we danced the night away. You know Linda well enough to know that we were of course fashionably late. When we got there, the only table with seats available happened to be the one Lynn and Carl was sitting at. They were those big round tables with about eight couples sitting around it and two empty chairs beside Lynn and Carl. I can’t remember who else was at the table, but when we asked the group if they minded if we joined them, we were warmly welcomed to their table. It was a typical small town gathering where you recognized everybody there but really didn’t know most. Linda and I both knew Lynn and Carl from school, or I should say knew who they were. All I knew of them was that they were a straight-laced, church going, young married couple, who I’ve never seen at a bar or any of the private party’s we’ve ever attended. That night as we joined them their appearance didn’t do anything to change my initial opinion of them. It was the first time I think I’d ever seen Carl in a coat and tie, as for Lynn she was in a powder blue dress without an inch of skin showing anywhere below the neck except for her hands. The dress formed a collar all the way around her neck and was loose enough as to not give a hint of the body it concealed. Her Sunday best was the thought that crossed my mind when I first saw her that night, her attire was far more suitable for church than it was for a night on the town. My opinion of them was such that I made a conscious effort to watch my language that night. I slipped once and felt as if I had cussed in front of a priest, those two were just that prim and proper. I didn’t have anything against them or their lifestyle. I was just trying my best not to embarrass them or do anything to make them feel uncomfortable. While we were waiting to be served dinner, I told Linda I was going to the bar, just to be social I asked them if I could get them anything. I was actually surprised when Carl said that sounded like a great idea and he would join me. I had a preconceived concept of them and drinking wasn’t a part of that concept, what I was expecting was a polite decline or a request for a soda or coffee. As the night progressed, I actually found myself really enjoying their company. As we got the opportunity to know them we found that they both had a great sense of humor and turned out to be a lot of fun. During dinner, Carl and I made a couple of bar runs and it seemed as if the four of us formed our own private group at the table. As the night started unfolding we started by talking about all those things young couples talk about; family, kids, work, and those sort of things. As the alcohol flowed our interactions became more light hearted with a lot of laughter and joking around. During dinner conversation, I guess it was alcohol induced, I found myself trying to imagine what Lynn’s conservative attire was concealing. She was a beautiful woman and I was starting to find her 50’s “Leave it to Beaver” conservative appearance very appealing, in a thought provoking kind of way. Our conversation continued through dinner and soon the lights dimmed and the band started playing. Linda started moving to the rhythm of the music so I asked her to dance. After we danced to a few songs, we returned to our table. We danced with our own spouses, talked at our table, and teased one another for about the next hour or so. We were having fun together in a couple to couple way. I had gone to the bar to get another round of drinks for the group and when I returned to the table, Lynn was sitting there alone as Linda and Carl were on the dance floor. Lynn was rocking in her chair to the bands version of a rocking “CCR” song. I sat the drinks down, held my hand out to her, and asked her if she would like to dance. With a smile, she followed me to the dance floor. Lynn and I danced to a couple rock tunes and as the last song ended, we stood facing each other for a moment, both a little winded. Before we could leave the dance floor the band started playing a slow song, I smiled and held my hands out toward her. She returned my smile and moved into my arms, I was pleasantly surprised when she wrapped her arms around my neck as I pulled her toward me. I tried to behave myself as I wrapped my arms around her. The truth though was that I was using my body to explore her lush body. I felt her breasts as they pressed against my chest. I felt her moving against my cock, and when she straddled my thigh and started rubbing herself against my thigh, I almost went into shock. As courteous as I was trying to be, my cock had a mind of its own, and when this beautiful woman started grinding on my thigh my cock came to full attention, and the harder my cock got the tighter she held me. As the band went from that song, straight into another slow song Lynn’s head was on my shoulder, her mouth was just below my ear, and I felt her breath on my neck. As her breathing became faster as she started moaning. She was no longer dancing to the music she was now grinding herself against my cock as we moved together on the dance floor. I tried my best to conceal her actions from those around us through the song. As the song was ending, she moaned loudly into my ear, her body went rigid, and then went so limp I had to support her weight. I supported her for a few moments before pulling my head back and smiled at her. Her face was moist, flushed and her breathing was not back to normal yet. She gave me a weak smile as she attempted to stand on her own again. She wrapped an arm around my waist as we started to walk back to our table. As we walked, I thanked her for the dance. She looked at me and started to giggle as she said, "Is that what we were doing?' I smiled at her and replied, "I’m not sure what it was, but I was pleasantly surprised by whatever it was." Lynn stopped and smiled as she looked at me, “Are you saying it surprises you that I’m a sexual being that is able to enjoy sex?” I was for one of the few times in my life at a loss of words. As I was stuttering and stammering, searching for something to say, Lynn started laughing. She tightened her grip around my waist, pulled close to me, and whispered, “Carl and I have a very active sex life that I enjoy very much, I might have got a little carried away with you and don’t make habit of that kind of thing, but I enjoy sex very much.” Linda and Carl were already at our table when we got there. As we approached them, Carl was leaning toward her as they talked and I could see his hand on her thigh. When he saw us approaching, he rapidly pulled his hand away from her thigh, sat back in his chair and greeted us. We talked as a group for a few minutes before Lynn and Carl returned to the dance floor. When Linda and I were alone, she looked at me and started to giggle. I looked at her quizzically and asked what was so funny. "Lynn and Carl," she replied. "I always thought they were so straight laced and conservative, and during that last dance I thought he was going to fuck me on the dance floor, I also saw what you two were up." I laughed and told her that I hadn’t noticed them on the dance floor, I was too busy getting Lynn off and told her about Lynn having an orgasm while we danced. Linda asked if I thought it would offend them if we asked them over to the house to play. "I don’t have any idea, why don’t you ask them," I replied. Linda looked at me with that sly smile of hers, “because that’s your job,” she replied. We decided that I would talk to Carl and she would bring the subject up with Lynn to see if they would like to come over for a nightcap and just let whatever happened happen. When Lynn and Carl returned to our table Linda commented that she was going to the restroom and asked Lynn if she would like to join her. Carl and I watched in silence as they walked away. As they walked out of sight, I commented to Carl, “Damn, those are two very sexy ladies my friend.” Carl chuckled and replied, “You’ve got that right, and both are beautiful.” I took a sip of my drink and told him that Linda had commented to me about how much she enjoyed dancing with him tonight. Carl’s face went white, he started stuttering and stammering about not meaning anything and hoped I wasn’t upset. I started laughing. "No, I’m not upset about that, I hope you two enjoyed yourselves. In fact, we talked about it and we would like to invite you and Lynn over to the house to continue the party there." "Are you sure that you’re not upset?" Carl replied. I laughed again, "No not in the least, you two were having fun, while Lynn and I were enjoying ourselves, and it’s all good." Carl was silent for a few moments. He then looked at me and said, “Are you asking what I think you’re asking?” “I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m asking,” I replied with a chuckle. I let that sink in for a moment without comment. He finally told me that Lynn and he had been talking about this kind of thing for some time. He didn’t know exactly how she felt about it tonight, but the idea turned him on. "Carl, if you are open to the idea, why don’t we just play it by ear when the girls return," I said. "I think Linda is talking to Lynn about it so let’s just see what direction this thing goes." Carl was nodding his reply when the girls returned to the table. Linda and Lynn were both laughing when they returned to the table and sat down. Lynn sat beside Carl and wrapped her arm around his, and gave him a little hug. Linda gave me a wink as she sat down between Carl and I. Everybody was quiet for a few moments lost in our own thoughts. I broke the silence by asking Linda if she would like another drink. "I think I would like a nice glass of wine at home," she replied. She then slowly stroked her hand over Carl’s thigh and asked him if Lynn and he would like to come over to the house and join us for a nightcap. Carl glanced at Lynn. “Would you like to go?” he asked meekly. “Sure, if you want to,” she slyly replied. I rose from my chair, “Well let’s blow this Popsicle stand,” I said. Linda was standing beside me giggling; she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye, and told me she was sure that a Popsicle stand wasn’t what I wanted blown. As we turned toward the exit, I swatted her butt and told her she was right. When we got to our place, it was obvious that both Carl and Lynn were very nervous. I poured the girls a glass of wine and got a beer for Carl and myself. We sat around talking about everything except what was on everybody’s mind for several minutes. I knew that this was a first for them and was trying to determine how to steer the conversation in the direction I wanted it to go. Finally I got up and announced that I was going to go out on the patio for a smoke and would be right back. Carl got up to join me and we went out on the patio. Once in the patio I checked the hot tub to make sure it was warm and asked Carl if he thought Lynn would like to soak in the tub with us. He shook his head, “To be honest with you I’m not sure, this is a first for us and I don’t have any idea what she is open for” he replied. We were on the patio for maybe ten or fifteen minutes smoking and talking about how best to convince Lynn to join us in the hot tub when we heard the sliding glass door slide open. We both glanced toward the door and saw both Linda and Lynn walk through the door. They were both clad in terrycloth robes and giggling as they joined us on the patio. Linda wrapped an arm around mine and asked if the water was hot. "Yeah, it’s ready," I replied. She laughed as she looked at me and asked, “How are we supposed to get in, you haven’t removed the cover yet.” While I took the cover off the tub and as I was putting it away, Linda removed her robe and got in the tub, she was soon followed by Lynn. Lynn paused at the top of the steps as she was getting into the tub and our eyes met as I saw her lush nude body for the first time. Her body was beautiful, her breast were firm and stood proudly on her chest. Her pubic hair was a full “V” and trimmed nicely which was something you didn’t see much back in those days. She smiled as she proudly allowed me to view her body for a moment before continuing into the tub. I shed my clothes while rushing around the tub toward the steps. As I was climbing into the tub, I glanced at Carl who was still standing in the same spot staring at the two women in the tub. "Are you going to join us?" I asked. That seemed to shake him out of his trance and he started ripping his clothes off. I moved between the two girls and sank into the warm water next to Lynn. When Carl got in, he proceeded to the far side of us and sat down beside Linda. The four of us sat in silence for a few minutes just enjoying the water. After several minutes, Linda shifted around toward Carl and started talking to him so quietly that I couldn’t hear their conversation over the sound of the churning water. I turned toward Lynn and smiled as I asked how she was doing. "OK" she replied with a glance toward Carl. Then she smiled and asked me how I was doing. I knew she was nervous and she was almost sitting on her hands, it was obvious this was all very alien to her and was unsure of what to do or say. I slowly reached down and took her hand in mine. While looking into her eyes I brought her hand to my hard cock. When her hand touched my cock, her eyes and mouth opened wide as she let out a quiet gasp. Slowly her fingers wrapped around my cock and she just held it for a moment before slowly stroking it. I moved my hand to her thigh and as she stroked my cock, I traced my fingers over her thigh. I gradually slid my hand between her thighs caressing her and waiting for a sign that she was ready for more. That sign came as she slowly spread her legs wide enough to give me access to her pussy. With my hand flat against her torso, I traced my fingers over her pussy, not probing, just enjoying the wetness I found between her lips. After a few moments, she draped her leg over mine as she leaned back and opened herself fully to me. I slowly ran my fingers over the length of her pussy and stroked her clit. Her grip on my cock strengthened as I touched her. I turned slightly toward her, and with my other hand, I touched her breasts. Taking her nipple between my forefinger and thumb and tweaked it. As I caressed her body, I complimented her beauty. Up to that point all of our exploring was under water, it was no secret what we were doing it was just that it wasn’t flaunted. Linda moaned causing Lynn and me to glance toward her and Carl. Linda was on her knees on the seat, leaning forward facing Carl. It was obvious that she was stroking his cock as he drove his finger into her pussy. Linda then straddled his thighs and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him to her and kissed him passionately. As Lynn’s attention remained on her husband and Linda, I slowly slid a finger into her pussy. As I probed her with my finger, her mouth opened and her eyes closed as a low growling moan escaped from deep inside her. Lynn’s pussy was wet, slick, and flowing. She didn’t attempt to stop me from probing her; in fact, to the contrary her hips started thrusting forward to meet my probing finger. After several minutes, Lynn opened her eyes and looked at me. With a breathless whisper she said, “I’ve never done anything like this before.” I smiled at her and said that I planned to make it so pleasurable for her that it wouldn’t be the last. I was taking my time slowly exploring Lynn’s lush body for several minutes. Neither of us was paying any attention to Linda and Carl, our focus was on our own pleasure. That changed when we heard a growling moan from Carl. When we turned our attention toward Carl and Linda, we found Carl standing on the seating area in front of Linda who was sucking his cock. Carl was holding her head in both hands, his head was tilted back, and it was obvious he was cumming in her mouth. Immediately after cumming, Carl started apologizing to Linda for his lack of control. She slowly removed his cock from her mouth, smiled, and assured him that she understood and that it was all right. As Lynn and I were watching the interaction between Linda and Carl, I felt her release my cock from her grip. I turned my attention back to Lynn and immediately noticed the expression on her face. I didn’t know if I was seeing pain, anger, or revulsion in her face, all I knew for sure was that something was definitely wrong. “Are you alright?” I asked. Lynn just nodded her reply. Over the next few minutes, my total focus was on Lynn. I had pretty much concluded that this night might be ending much sooner than I expected or wanted. I was trying to decide what emotions she was showing and how best try to defuse the situation. My thoughts were that the fantasy might have come crashing down when it met reality. Before I had a chance to say anything to her, Linda touched my shoulder as she was walking past. With a smile she told Lynn and I that she needed another glass of wine and that her and Carl were going inside. She told both of us to enjoy ourselves and she would see us inside when we decided to join them. When Linda and Carl closed the sliding glass door behind them, I turned to Lynn and asked her what was wrong. She didn’t look at me, instead she just stared straight ahead and shook her head, as she replied, “Nothing.” "Lynn, I saw your expression and I know you were upset about something," I said, "if you would allow me I would like to try to help alleviate those feelings but first I need to know what they are." Lynn looked at me and shyly smiled, “You would just think I was being silly,” she replied. "I guarantee you I won’t think you’re silly," I offered. Lynn looked at me in silence for a long moment before blurted out, “Carl hasn’t cum that quickly since we were in high school. I don’t know what Linda did for him that I don’t do but whatever it was it turned him on more than I’m able to." Well that wasn’t what I was expecting, and it took a real effort not to burst out laughing. Lynn wasn’t upset over what Linda was doing for Carl; she was upset because she thought Linda was doing it better than how she does it. "Lynn, it wasn’t what she was doing, it was who was doing it," I said. "The newness of this whole thing, the excitement of this whole thing, and the fact that you are allowing him to enjoy this in your presence just overloaded his resistance." "When you two first started having sex my guess is that he didn’t last all that long with you either," I continued. "My guess is that she wasn’t doing anything much different than what you do for him, he was just experiencing it with somebody new." Lynn smiled at me. "Thank you," she said, "I know you’re trying to make me feel better but it still bothers me and makes me wonder what I could do to make it better for him." I looked at Lynn and nodded my head. As I got up from my seat and sat on the edge of the tub, I told her I understood and that being true, I offered to help her that was what I would do. I gently stroked her hair and told her to show me what technique she uses when she gives Carl head. She just looked at me and giggled. "You mean you want me to give you a blowjob?" she asked. "Well sure, how can I critic your skills if I haven’t experienced it?" I chuckled. Lynn started to get up on her knees on the seat in front of me reluctantly. She stared at my cock for a moment as she knelt in front of me before wrapping her hand around base of it. She looked up at me with a sly smile on her face and told me, “I think you just want me to suck your dick so you can cum in my mouth like Carl did to Linda. You don’t care how good I am at it." Her language was totally out of context for her and I think talking dirty turned her on a little. "Well," I smiled back at her, "I must admit that while the idea of you sucking my dick isn’t appalling to me, it is however in the interest of science to make you the best little cock sucker you can be." Lynn was now slowly stroking my cock as she stared into my eyes. "I like to start with the head," she finally said as she slowly licked the head of my cock while she continued to stroke it. After a few moments she added, "and then I like to lick the shaft to make it all wet and slick so that it slides in easier." Lynn held my cock by the base as she slowly licked the length of the underside. She continued slowly and methodically as she licked my entire cock. When she had my cock coated with her saliva, she rose up from the seating area to a position giving her better access to my cock. As she stared into my eyes with a mischievous smile on her face, she bent down and kissed the head of my cock. Her left hand never left the base of my cock and as she pulled my cock toward her, she cupped my balls in her right hand, and slid her mouth over my cock. In one continual motion, she slid my cock into her throat to the point that her chin was resting on my balls and her nose reached my pubic hair. As her head bobbed up and down on my cock, her left hand alternated between stroking my cock and a twisting motion around my cock. Her right hand softly and gently caressed my balls at the same time. In just a matter of just a few minutes, Lynn had me on the verge of an orgasm. I lightly stroked her head and told her to slow down a little, that I was getting close. Her reply to my warning surprised me. Her right hand tightened around my balls. She didn’t really hurt me, but she generated enough discomfort, to cause my pending orgasm to subside instantly. She allowed me to calm down before she continued. I was amazed that she was able to curb my orgasm while at the same time keeping my cock hard. That and the fact she was able to deep throat my eight inch cock as she did gave me a different perspective of this young woman. It was obvious that the illusion of her being prim and proper was just that, an illusion. This young lady was a master in the art of oral sex and I couldn’t wait to find out what other skills she possessed. Lynn continued pleasuring me with her oral skills for several minutes. As pleasurable as what she was doing was, and as easy as it would be to let her continue until I filled her mouth with my seed, I felt that even greater pleasures awaited me if I would also try to please her as she pleases me. I reached down and slowly pulled Lynn to her feet as I slid off the edge of the tub. As I silently stood in front of her, she looked at me with questioning eyes. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her passionately. As we parted our embrace I whispered to her that it was obvious that her oral skills were top notch and as pleasurable as her oral skills were there were still more pleasures I would like to enjoy with her. My hands slid down her back until they were cupping her ass. "My only question right now is would you prefer to stay out here or would you like to go inside?" I asked. She smiled at me for a moment then told me, "It's getting a little chilly out here, why don’t we go inside to warm up a little bit." Inside the house, we found Linda and Carl in the den. She was on her hands and knees on the floor and he was fucking her hard from behind. Lynn and I paused as we entered the den for a moment to watch them. As we watched, Lynn took my cock in her hand and started stroking it. I lead her to a space on the floor a few feet away from our spouses. As Lynn sat down on the floor, I knelt between her legs. I kissed her as I eased her onto her back. Once she was on her back, I kissed my way down her body enjoying every erotic zone between her lips and her pussy. It was when I reached her pussy and was able to get an up-close view of it that I noticed just how large her clit was. Her clit protruded an inch and a half or two inches beyond her lips, it was the most extraordinary clits I’ve ever seen. For the next few minutes, I did my best to return the oral pleasure to Lynn that she had given me. As I did, I especially enjoyed sucking her marvelous clit, which her moans told me was very sensitive. I maneuvered myself around until my cock was near her face. I then rolled her on top of me before continuing my oral assault on her pussy. We were in a classic “69” position as we pleasured each other. Lynn was grinding her pussy into my face. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and parted the cheeks of her ass giving me better access. Her exaggerated movements were making it difficult to maintain contact with her pussy as I tried to lick, suck, and tongue fuck her. I was doing the best I could and at one point, while I was running my tongue over the length of her pussy she moved just right and my tongue found her little rosebud. When my tongue touched her back door, she moaned loudly and pushed back against my probing tongue. I probed her as hard as I could with my tongue and she started flooding me with her flowing pussy. When I returned my attention back to her pussy I gently ran a finger over her rosebud to see what reaction that would get from her. As I brushed the pad of my finger over it, she moaned and pushed back against it. It was obvious from her actions that she enjoyed her ass played with. I was reaching the point that I knew if I was going to last long enough to fuck her, I was going to have to get my cock out of her mouth. I rolled her off me and onto her back then moved between her widespread legs. Lynn rose up on her elbows watching me as I approached her pussy with my cock in my hand. When I touched her pussy with the head of my cock, she raised her knees and with her feet flat on the floor aimed her pussy at my cock. I slowly ran the head of my cock over the length of her pussy coating it with her moisture. When I placed the head at her entrance, she started arching her hip trying to force her pussy onto my cock. I allowed the head to enter her but held back not allowing any further penetration. Lynn looked at me with a near snarl on her face waiting for me to impale her. After several moments of teasing her, she looked at me and whispered demandingly, “put it in.” I let my weight fall forward and thrusting my hips forward at the same time driving my cock all the way inside her tight wet pussy in one quick thrust. As she watched my cock penetrate her, she let out a sharp gasping moan. I held my cock firmly inside her until I felt her start to rotate her hips, fucking herself on my cock. When I felt her moving against my cock I slowly withdrew it from her before thrusting it back inside her again in a series of methodical movements. I fucked her in the missionary position for several minutes before lifting her legs up, holding them against my chest I fucked her using deep hard thrusts. Then with surprising strength, she rolled me over getting on top and started bouncing on my cock. After several moments of this, she was moaning and breathing hard. I rolled her off me and onto her stomach. I moved behind her and jerked her hips off the floor. As I, lifter her she reached between her legs and guided my cock back to her pussy. I slammed my cock back inside her and continued to fuck her hard and deep. As I was fucking her, I ran the pad of my thumb of her little rosebud. When she felt me touch her beautiful ass, she let out a loud pleasurable moan. We were in front of the coffee table where Linda had placed her toy basket. I found a small vibrating dildo inside and decided to see if Lynn would enjoy me using it on her. I continued to fuck her as I applied lubricant to the dildo. After lubricating it, I turned it on and placed it on her backdoor entrance. When she felt the vibrator touch her she let out a gasp and looked back over her shoulder at me. As I started moving it around her opening, I whispered "do you like that?" Lynn just nodded her reply. I smiled and asked her if she would like me to continue. Again she just nodded her answer. As I slowly slid my cock in and out of her, I slowly eased the dildo inside her. When I started fucking her ass with that little dildo at the same time I was fucking her pussy, Lynn screamed out her orgasm. I couldn’t take any more, with the dildo inserted in her ass I felt it vibrating through the thin barrier separating it from my cock. I grabbed her hips with both hands slammed my cock as deep into her pussy as I could and started to cum deep inside her. When Lynn felt me cumming inside her, her orgasm peaked. I held my cock deep inside her as our orgasms subsided. After several moments, Lynn looked back over her shoulder at me. Her face glowed with perspiration, her hair was damp, and she had an exhausted smile on her face. I slowly removed the dildo from her ass before I slowly withdrew my cock from her pussy. As I knelt behind her, we heard a Linda giggling on the couch. Lynn and I both glanced in that direction and saw both Linda and Carl snuggling on the coach as they watched us. We just smiled at each other, as Lynn and I tried to regain enough energy to move. After a few moments, I got up and helped Lynn off the floor. We stood naked in front of the couch looking at our naked spouses as they cuddled each other. Linda was mindlessly toying with his limp cock, his arm was around her shoulders, and her head was resting on his chest. Lynn must have felt cum dripping out of her pussy and down the inside of her thigh because she reached down and whiped her thigh. Lynn glanced back and forth between me and our spouses on the couch. After a few moments, she started laughing and wrapped her arm around mine. We joined our spouses on the couch, Lynn sitting beside Carl, while I sat beside Linda. After several minutes of silence, Linda looked over at Lynn and asked her how she was doing with all this. Lynn giggled and told her she was doing fine with everything. Linda mentioned that she understood that Carl and she had talked about this and inquired if it was what she was expecting. Lynn thought for a few moments before answering. "You know, it’s not exactly what I was expecting. I thought I would be jealous if I saw Carl having sex with somebody else. However, when I did see it I wasn’t jealous at all, in fact to be honest it turned me on watching you two. I can’t explain why, I just found it very exotic. I never thought I would have that reaction to this." The girls talked together with Carl and me silent bystanders to their conversation. After several minutes, Linda asked Lynn if she had any fantasies that she would like to fulfill tonight. Lynn thought for a moment, then started giggling before telling Linda that she should have asked her that before they all had sex. Linda just smiled back at her and told her that she was sure the boys would be able to rise to the occasion. Lynn looked back at Linda, and with a smile told her that she couldn’t speak for DB but Carl was a one time a night guy. Linda just laughed as she told her that guys would surprise her as to their ability to rise to the occasion when more than one woman is in the mix. Linda smiled at Lynn again. "Would you like to know what my biggest fantasy was when we first started in this?" Linda asked. Lynn was no longer smiling as she nodded at Linda. "Two guys at the same time," Linda said. Lynn’s eyes widened. "Really,' she replied, "have you done that before?" Linda just nodded and said, "One of the biggest sexual rushes I’ve ever experienced!" We were all looking at Lynn as we waited several moments for her to say something. Finally she looked as Linda and told her, “Me too. After Carl convinced me that this was something he wanted to try, the thought of two guys fucking me at the same time was the fantasy that really turned me on." Linda smiled and asked her how she envisioned it in her fantasy. Lynn was silent for a few moments as she looked at her hands. Without looking at Linda, she told her that she would think she was some kind of sick whore if she told her about her fantasy. Linda told her,"What I enjoy is having one guy fuck me from behind while I suck the other guy’s dick. What’s yours?" Lynn was still looking at her hands, "To be fucking Carl and have another guy fuck my ass at the same time," she meekly replied. "That’s really a common fantasy, I know of a number of women that really enjoy that," Linda said. Lynn looked at her with a questioning expression, "Really??" she asked. Linda nodded, "Not all women enjoy anal, but a large number of them really enjoy it." "Here," Linda said as she pointed Carl’s cock toward her, "give Carl a little head, and get him hard while I take care of getting DB ready for you." Linda turned toward me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a passionate wet kiss. When she broke our embrace, she smiled at me as she started to stroke my cock. “We need to get you hard if you want to fuck that pretty little ass,” she whispered in my ear. As she bit my earlobe she whispered, “You do want to fuck her tight little ass don’t you?” She knew I did, my dick was already rock hard. Carl moaned and we both looked in his direction. Lynn’s head was bobbing up and down on his cock. "Oh, go slow there little girl, you don’t want to get him off, you just want to get him hard and it looks like you’ve already accomplished that," Linda told her. Linda took charge of orchestrating the events that were about to take place. She had Carl slide down on the couch and got Lynn on top of him and his cock in her pussy. After he fucked her for a few minutes, she told her to stop for a minute and lean forward. She then had me lube her ass as well as my cock. When we were both lubed and ready, I placed my cock at her entrance. It took several minutes for me to get my cock all the way inside her tight little ass. Once I was all the way inside her Carl and I waited for her to become accustomed to two cocks inside her before we started fucking her again. It was just moments after we both started fucking her that she had her first orgasm. Her orgasm seemed to continue the entire time we were fucking her. Carl and I were both stroking her body as we fucked her. Linda joined the action by hugging Lynn and tweaking her nipples with one hand while she rubbed her own clit with the other hand. Carl was lost in his pleasure as he thrust his cock in and out of Lynn’s pussy, his hands were going from Lynn to Linda as he was squeezing their breasts and fingering Linda’s pussy. Finely Linda needed her own relief, she eased her way onto the couch and straddled Carl’s chest. She then lowered her pussy to his mouth and held his head against her as he did his best to get her off with his mouth. I have no idea if he realized that he was licking his own cum out of her pussy or not, if he did it didn’t seem to matter to him. Lynn had her arms wrapped around Linda and was using her hands and fingers on her breasts. The room filled with the sounds of sex, the slushing sound of a hard cock slamming into a wet pussy, the slapping of moist skin slapping against moist skin, the moans, groans, and shrieks of pleasure. I could feel Carl’s cock sliding in and out of Lynn’s pussy and I’m sure he felt my cock sliding in and out of her ass as I fucked her. It was all too pleasurable to last very long. I tried to hold back as long as I could, but when Lynn’s moans turned into loud orgasmic screams, I couldn’t prolong the inevitable and started to cum deep in her ass. As my cock stopped twitching I heard Carl moan and felt him slam his cock as deep into Lynn’s pussy, I could fill it twitching as it pumped his load of cum deep inside her pussy. After a few minutes, in a cascade of laughter and giggles, we all untangled from one another. We cuddled together on the couch as we tried to regain our composure. We were all enjoying the exhausted after glow of very pleasurable and satisfying sex. Linda and Lynn glanced at each other, and in that unspoken female form of communication, Lynn answered Linda’s unasked question with an ear-to-ear smile as she leaned back on the couch and closed her eyes. Linda smiled back at her and stroked her shoulder. We ended that night over coffee around the kitchen table talking about what took place that night. I must admit that by the time the four of us sat around our kitchen table in the nude, my opinion of Lynn and Carl had changed drastically from what it was when we joined them at their table at the Fireman’s Ball..... "Fuck," Jill said as she looked at me. She pulled her skirt up showing me her wet panties, "You’ve made me soak my panties. You are the only person I know that can get me this wet by just telling a story. How the fuck are you able to remember every detail as you do?" I just smiled at her, “well, the truth is I have a pornographic memory and I just remember every fucking thing.” Jill looked at me. "Well, I’m about to give you something else to remember then," she replied with a giggle. Jill looked over at Linda and Jim. "I’m going to fuck your husband." she told Linda, "and then test him in the morning to see how much he remembers. You two are on your own. You can join us if you want, but I can’t wait any longer to play with his big hard cock!"
  18. Hello, My wife and I have been swingers for the last 15 years. We don't usually try to swing or have sex with vanilla friends, but sometimes the subject of hot-tubbing comes up. For the most part and like many swingers, we hate going in the tub with clothes on, but how do we tell our friends that we'd rather we all go naked. We find this to be a deal breaker and sometimes and people just shy away from the idea of being in the tub naked with us. The thought of being naked in the tub with Vanilla friends turns us on, even if we don't intend to play or cross the line. Please help!! Maple Cpl in Ontario.
  19. First a little back ground, Dan and I (Anne) have been happily married for 25 years. We are your typical next door neighbors in every aspect, both pushing 50 with a few extra pounds. We started in the lifestyle a number of years ago at a slow pace (first encounter at a strip club), and have enjoyed it over the years. We only go out a few times a year with our crazy schedules and family. It gets even tougher to go out trying to find a couple that matches. Many hours and times have been wasted on chatting with a couple that we hope we would connect to only to find out they were fakes, no shows, or not really a match when we did meet. Please don’t get us wrong we have had our fun, but more time is spent on the pursuit than the actual deeds. Well last month I was on a site and got pinged by a couple saying hello. The first warning bells started to go off. (1) No pictures on the profile (2) profile was sparse on details (3) age was 20 years our younger. I was bored that evening so I decided to have some fun and see where the chat would go. I do enjoy the fun of the chats even though I know it will not lead anywhere - lol, I never met so many folks online that are into family members, pets, and all sort of weird stuff. I know it is mainly BS, but never understood why people get turned on by that stuff. Well I started chatting with Steve and Sue. The conversation started nice with the normal sort of questions, how long in the lifestyle, do you have kids, what are your fantasies, etc. – btw, I never understood why so many chats start with “do you like anal?” Really? That is supposed to start a conversation? Well this chat was normal, they both enjoyed our profile, been swinging for a while. They did not mind the age difference. Well I went for the kill and asked to see pictures and of course it was a can’t as they do not post pictures because of privacy. Even with this we chatted over an hour and I really enjoyed the conversation. She was bi and he straight and we all were into normal rock and not the dance club scene. As it was getting late, and I did not think it would go anywhere I said my goodnights and that it was a pleasure to chat with them and hope to do it again. Which normally means, never hear from them again lol. A few weeks went past and I was online again and once again got pinged by them. We chatted some more and once again brought up the age difference and that we are not your Barbie and Ken, but they insisted that did not matter to them and they were interested in meeting. This was making me a little nervous as I was thinking; well what is wrong with them? Later that night I discussed it with my husband and he said, what the hell, we had nothing going on this weekend and if they wanted to meet we could and if it was only for a few drinks, no harm done. So we made arrangements to meet at a nice bar that played good music. That night we got ready for the evening out, truly expecting a no show, but we figured that was fine and we would enjoy the night anyway with some time out of the house. We arrived at the bar and settled in with our first round. We had no idea of what they looked like, but they assured us that they could pick us out by our profile pictures and we did have phone numbers to text. We sat at the bar past 30 minutes of when we were supposed to meet and figuring a no show we started to make plans to have dinner. That is when a couple walked up to us and asked “Dan and Anne? We are Steve and Sue, sorry we are a little late.” We turned around and both Dan and I stood there a little shocked. Steve and Sure stood in front of us and as we gazed upon them the first time we were in disbelief. These were the Ken and Barbie that we all heard about. Steve was slender with nice build and Sue was a sexy woman that was very fit and very large breasts. I know the same thought went through Dan’s mind as it did mine – no way would this couple be interested in us as they were so hot and could have a pick of anyone they wanted. Nonetheless, we greeted them and they joined us as at the bar for drinks. We had one round and just when I thought they would try to make an exit they suggested dinner which we eagerly accepted the invitation. During dinner we had wonderful conversations and we seemed to have a lot in common with travel interest, hiking, camping, music, etc. We were really enjoying each others company. As dinner finished up, they suggested that we can continue over at their house for drinks and have some fun in the hot tub. We took them up on the offer and off we went. We followed them home and went inside where Steve brought out some wine and poured us some hefty glasses. We continued to chat some more and had it started to drift into that awkward moment where we continued to chat, but everyone wanted to start to have sex, but nobody was sure who should make the first move and what was in or off limits. That is when Sue suggested that we might want to move the party out to the hot tub. She got up and got some towels and showed us a room where we could change. Dan and I undressed and put the towels around us and headed to the living room where we were met by Steve and Sue who were sporting the same towel fashion. We got our drinks and headed out to the hot tub. Once at the hot tub, Sue took her towel off and proceed to get into the tub, her body was amazing and she had one of the best set of breasts I had ever seen, I was so jealous on how firm and large they were. Dan and I also disrobed and got into the hot tub, and I could see that he was already starting to get hard. Steve stepped into the hot tub with his towel still on and turned his back to us before he took the towel off so I did not get the chance to see what kind of package he had. Once we were all settled in the hot tub, each of us sitting next to our spouse, we continued the conversation. I took the next step and complimented Sue on how amazing her breasts were. She laughed and said thank you and then admitted there were not real, nonetheless they were amazing I stated back. Sue then asked if I would like to feel them and I took the offer and slid over to her and started massaging her beasts. In short time Sue and I were kissing and exploring each others bodies. I was getting so turned on. Sue commented to Dan that I should not have all the fun and if he wanted to feel her breasts he could, to which he eagerly moved over and started to fondle her. Dan and I were both sucking on her breasts and taking turns kissing her while at the same time our hands were both working her pussy. After a few minutes of this, Steve commented that Sue was hogging all the action. At this comment I slid over to where he was sitting and starting to kiss him. As we were kissing my hands moved down to figure out what kind of package Steve as sporting. As I moved down his chest, just below the water line I felt his cock which was fully erect. My husband has a nice package, a little over 7 inches and thick, little larger than a paper towel tube. Steve was sporting a huge erection, though I could not see it, it felt as thick as a red bull can and longer than my husband's by a couple of inches. This was the biggest cock I ever felt. As I was exploring his cock he looked into my eyes and said – hope you enjoy. We all were making out for a while and really enjoying each others bodies. After a while, Sue asked if anyone wanted more drinks to which we all replied yes. Dan my husband volunteered to get the refills. So he got out of the tub and headed inside. At this point I was so turned on with Steve and wanted to move to the next step. I asked Sue if it was okay to fuck her husband and she responded “that is why we are all here”. As Steve was sitting in the hot tub I turned my back to him and starting to slowly take his huge erection into my pussy. The warm water made it easier and soon I was sitting on his lap grinding on his balls as he cock stretched my pussy and he was kneading my breasts. I heard Dan starting to come out and I stopped grinding and just sat there with Steve’s cock inside of me. Dan poured us our drinks and stated to come back into the hot tub. At this moment Sue blurted out, “Dan, do you know Steve’s cock is in your wife?” Dan looked over to me and I blushed and could see that he was shocked that I took that bold of a move. Sue than exclaimed that she wanted some cock also and went to Dan who was standing in the water and started to give him a BJ. Seeing Sue suck on Dan’s cock made me even hornier and I stated to bounce on Steve’s cock. After a while, Sue got into the same position as me on Dan. So there was Sue and I sitting across from each other bouncing on each other husband's cock. It didn't take long for me to orgasm and soon all of us had our own. After a few moments of calming down we collected our composure and decided that we should take the fun inside. As we climbed out of the tub, Dan saw the size of Steve’s cock and commented "OMG that thing is huge!" We laughed and headed inside. Normally when we play we use safe sex, but something took over this night and somehow we let it go. When we got inside Steve and Dan sat on the couch, Sue took me and said she wanted more of me and proceeded to take me to the floor. She had me lay on my back and she straddled on top of me in the 69 position. Sue started kissing my pussy and licking deep inside of me, this was a new experience for me, not of having another woman eat me out, but having a woman eat me out as I had a pussy full of cum. I was enjoying the feeling and though nervous and a little skived out I felt I had to do the same to her. I raised my mouth to her shaved pussy and started to kiss and lick. It was the wettest pussy I ever had as it was spilling her juices along with my husband's. It did not take me long to get used to it and really enjoy the moment. It also did not take long before we both orgasmed. Once we unstraddled each other we both looked at our husbands and both were sporting hard-ons again. This time, I could see Steve in his full glory and just not feel him under the water. He was sporting the largest cock I ever saw outside of a porn movie. At this point, Steve asked Dan “Do you know what Sue likes?” and before Dan could answer, he commented that she loves to be double penetrated. Sue gave a wicked smile to all of us. Dan and I both admitted that we have never tried that and Steve and Sue said they would lead the way and show us the ropes. Steve laid down on the floor and Sue got some lube which she applied. She then straddled Steve and worked his cock into her pussy. With her ass in the air, they asked Dan to slowly work his cock into her ass. After a few fumbles he finally got it in. Steve then told Dan not to move too much and just try to stay in for the ride. As this point Steve started to pump his wife while my husband held on to Sue hips for a bucking ride. While this was going on, I was on the couch getting so turned on that I started to masturbate, another first for me to do that in front of someone outside of my husband. Once again it did not seem to take that long before all three of them orgasmed again. Once they finished up, everyone went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Once we all returned we started to make out again, I was not sure where this would lead because as Dan got older he normally can get only two shots in a night and then calls it quits. It did not take long however for Steve to get erect again. We moved to the floor and he started to pound me doggy style with is enormous cock. I kept on looking at Dan with my eyes rolling into the back of my head. Steve started talking dirty stating things like “Look Dan, I am fucking your wife” and “she has such a nice tight pussy, but not for long with me.” This somehow turned Dan on and soon he was hard again and soon was doing Sue doggystyle as well and also commenting back on how good Sue felt and that he was fucking Steve’s wife. After a while we all orgasmed again and calmed down. That was it for the night. After we all cleaned up and got dressed we realized on how late it was and called it a night. We thanked each other for a great night and hoped we could do it again sometime and said our goodbyes. As Dan and I drove home we talked on how that was one of the best experiences we each had and that we really need to start exploring more.
  20. Formybubu

    17 Years Later

    About 20 years ago I was going out with my daughter's nanny who was 11 years younger than me. She was a great catch at the time. Took care of the house always clean. Watched my kid and cooked while I was at work. But best of all the sex all the time was the best. Well she went her way and I went mine and we stopped communicating for about the last 10 years. One day out of the blue she sent me a friend request on Facebook. Thinking nothing of it I accepted. About a week later she said she wanted to meet up for a drink. At that point I let the wife know who contacted me and her response was are you going to fuck her if you get the chance?? With a smirk told her if it happens it happens. So we went for drinks and she came back to the house and as we were about to get into the bed she got cold feet. At that time I said we will only have sex when you are ready. When the wife got home the first thing she asked me was did you have a good time and did you get laid?? Well I told her, we had a great time but she was not ready. For about two weeks we saw each other with and without the wife present and that is when the wife said to her anytime you want to have sex with hubby go for it. So three nights ago she calls and asks if she could come over and watch some movies and chill. I let the wife know and she said go for it. When she got here I could see that look in her eye of wanting to fuck right there (found out her ex boyfriend called wanting a booty call and it pissed her off) but being the gentleman I am, I did not push it. After one movie the wife went to bed and said enjoy. She asked if we can go to the Jacuzzi. So I got my suit and a shirt for her to wear. After about 10 minutes she gets a bit frisky and starts rubbing my hard cock in my suit. The next thing I know I have my suit off and she is giving me a hand job. I then start to play with her perky 32DDD . She then sat on my lap at which point I asked her if this is was what she wanted. Before I could get the last word out of my mouth she had already taken my cock in her wet pussy. We were fucking for a good five minutes when she said the one thing that gets me off real fast..."Fill my pussy with all that cum of yours!" About three strokes later I slammed her on my cock deep and filled her up. After a bit of recovery we got our towels and went back inside. We started watching another movie when she had that look in her eye as she was playing with her pussy and having moaning orgasm after moaning orgasm, so I took my towel off to reveal another raging hard-on and started fucking her right on the couch. We had to keep the noise down as the wife was asleep and we did not want to wake her. After fucking her for what seemed like an hour I shot another load that just dripped out of her hot wet pussy. We cleaned up and finished watching the movie. It was late and I offered her the spare room if she did not want to drive home but she had to get home for work the next day. After she left I went up to bed where my wife was up and awake with a smile on her face knowing I just fucked the old nanny again. Hoping for a repeat in the near future!
  21. njlp973

    The Perfect Couple

    Let me start off my story with some background. We are a normal suburban family that lives in a nice neighborhood and we have a good piece of property with an in-ground pool and hot tub that is secluded from our neighbors. John (my husband) and I (Mary) are both 47 and we started swinging about 10 years ago and go out on occasion now and then to enjoy the lifestyle. We keep our playing away from our house and our children. We do love to entertain though at our house with our “vanilla” friends during the summer months with a cook out and pool parties. Thus the story begins… The weekend was the normal Saturday night at our house with friends and family over for a day by the pool and a cookout. All very normal, everyone had a great time and as the evening went on, slowly the group started to say their goodbyes and leave the party. Now everyone has a friend or two that do not know when to say “goodnight” and we are no exceptions. Our friends Justine and Brad just love to linger at a party and are always the last to leave. We usually have to drop hints on how late it is or how early we need to get up to get them out the door. We love Brad and Justine, but sometimes they just do not know when to leave. We have been friends for over 15 years and they still do not get the hint, lol. Tonight was no exception. All the guests had left the party and our kids (late teenagers) went out for the night for their own fun. John and I started to clean up and Justine and Brad helped us along the way which is always appreciated. As we finished the cleanup we settled down on our back porch and just enjoyed the night time with a few drinks and casual conversations. As normal with our friends, we talked about work, kids, and life in general. As a few hours passed and we thought the night would come to a close, Justine suggested we take the conversation into the hot tub and just really relax. I looked and John with the look of OMG, they are staying even longer than I expected, and just shrugged. So we agreed to take the conversation into the hot tub. I stated that I do like putting on a wet bathing suit (from the pool party earlier) and that I was going inside to get a dry one. Justine said she felt the same way, but did not have an extra bathing suit. I told her to come with me as I have a ton of suits, but stated it might be a bit tight fitting as she is much larger than me in the breast area. I asked the guys to refresh our drinks and that we join them shortly. I took Justine up to our bedroom and opened up my bathing suit draw. I took out a one piece for myself and another that I knew ran big on me, so I thought it would fit her. Justine noticed that one side of the draw held bikini tops and bottoms. She commented that she never saw me in a bikini - ever, which was true. I told her at pool parties I normally wear a conservative bathing suit, but when it is just me and my husband I always wear a bikini and laughing said or “nothing at all”. She started to laugh and stated that was awesome and she dove into the draw pulling out the bikinis. She noticed I have a lot of super hero ones and asked “what up with these?” Sheepishly laughing, I told her John has a thing for them and it turns him on. She commented “oh really? Let’s have some fun and wear bikini’s for him tonight!? I said, sure, why not, and we went through the outfits. She picked a Wonder Woman on and I took Superwoman. I expected Justine to go into the bathroom to change, but she just started to undress in front of me. I blushed as I was not expecting this and she stated “don’t be a prude and get dressed”. I started to undress, but I could not help but notice how nice her body was and how big and firm her breasts were. She noticed me watching her out of the corner of my eye and I noticed she was checking me out as well. She stated that I had a nice body and as we dressed we looked at each other in the mirror. I commented that John will burst just seeing the two of us in these outfits and her replay was “I hope so” and laughing gave me a swat on the ass and said lets go. We went outside where John and Brad were already in the hot tub with our drinks ready. As we approached we saw that both of their jaws dropped to the ground. Justine stated, “well I guess the boys like what they see” and I said “I guess so, but before we get into the water, let’s make sure they have a good look”. We then strutted around the hot tub doing various poses of sticking out our asses and bending over dancing to the music that was in the background. The boys cheered us on and hoots and applause. As we passed each other, Justine gave me another spank on the ass and I decided enough was enough; I had to shock here, so as we danced I approached her and gave her a full mouth to mouth kiss. I was not sure what her reaction would be, would she push back? As we kissed I was happy the answer was no as she melted into my embrace and kiss. After the brief kiss and the “wows” from Brad and John they begged us to join them into the hot tub. So we climbed in and got our drinks giggling along the way. So we started chatting the boys commented that they loved the show. Justine looked over to John and asked, so who do you prefer, Wonder Woman or Super Woman? John looked at me and saw that I had no objections stated that he loves Super Woman, but really would like to try Wonder Woman. Justine laughed and got up and made her way to John and pushed his head in between her huge breasts and just shook them back and forth. John was in heaven as she laughed and went back to Brad. I then said wait a minute, we put on a nice show, now it’s the boys turn. We all laughed and the boys said there was no way they would put on a show. Justine and I moaned about that is not being fair. At that the guys got up and did a little dance that made them look stupid, we were laughing so hard and I shouted they should do a striptease. At this point they were still in the hot tub in just over waist deep water. Both agreed and did a little dancing and pulled off their bathing suits and in their best strip tease move (which was funny) twirled them out of the water and sat down. Justine and I hollered that was not fair as we did not see anything as they were covered in the water with all the bubbles and froth. Brad said they kept their promise and got naked and that it was our turn to do more of a show. Justine and I locked eyes and nodded to each other and got up in the middle of the hot tub and stated to dance. We started to embrace and kiss and our hands went to each other’s bottom bikini which we undid and brought them up and twirled them around just as the boys did and flung them out of the hot tub. Again because of the foam/bubbles, not much was really exposed. With that little show we sat down and all had a good laugh. Brad and Jjohn kept on complaining that they were nude and that we should be also and we finally agreed and took off our tops. With that, the guys wanted another show and Justine and I once again took center hot tub and started to kiss and our hands wandered over each others body. Justine whispered to me if I was okay with this, and I said as long as she was, I was fine. She then said I think I have a surprise for you. I asked what and got the reply “you will see”. As we continued to kiss/dance we slowly rotated so that we were closer to each other’s spouse. With that Justine pulled back and sat next to John. I took then took a seat next to Brad. Justine asked if the boys liked the show and both stated “hell yeah” and then she asked if it turned them on, which they again replied “hell yeah”. She than stated well let’s just see how much, and she scooted over more to John and I could see that her hand moved under the water to his crotch. Justine commented that John must of have loved the show from what she was feeling. She then asked me, “Mary, did Brad like the show? If he did, you might get your surprise”. So I looked at Brad and my hand moved over his crotch. I felt that he was erect and I very quickly found out what my surprise was. He had a nice long cock, about 7.5 inches (John is a little over 7 and thick) from what I could feel, but that was not the surprise. The surprise was how thick it was. I could not fit my entire hand around his girth. He had to be larger than a Coke can! Out loud I commented “omg that is one thick cock!” It had to be twice as thick as John’s. Mary commented hope you like the surprise and with that, followed up with this quote (I still remember it): “no more pussying around, surfs up”. With that comment, she got up facing Brad and myself and put her hands between her legs, and took John’s cock into her pussy. She started to ride him all the time making eye contact with me and Brad. This took me back a bit her being that aggressive as I sat there for a few minutes stoking Brad’s cock and watching her fuck my husband. Justine brought me back with “hey, you just going to sit there or are you going to do something?” With that I got up and did the exact same thing that to Brad as she did to John. I reached between my legs, got his cock, and slowly lowered myself onto him. As the head started to nudge my pussy, thoughts were going through my mind if it would fit and how painful it might be, but I guess I was really excited as I took in this thick cock with little issue. I just had to go slow, but god did it stretch me wide and fill me up. If felt so wonderful. So here we were, friends for over 15 years and we are now watching each other making full eye contact as we fuck each other husbands. Justine started to talk dirty and kept saying things like “I love fucking your husband” and “omg your husband feels so good”. All I could get out was “omg god, it is so thick!" All the while we held eye contact with each other and the boys did not say a word outside of a few grunts. After riding Brad for about five minutes, I felt him swell even more in my pussy and felt the warmness of his load going off inside of me. My ride was over, as I felt his cock getting soft inside of me. I got off of him and the two of us kissed for a minute and we got our drinks and watched Justine continue to ride John. After about five more minutes of her bouncing back and forth on John she started shaking and yelling “I am cumming” and with that, she did. With her first orgasm I stated that I might have a surprise for her. I told her that John was very long lasting and a big cummer. She said “oh yeah? We will see about that!”, and with that, she started to ride him again and after a while she started to shout over and over “cum for me! cum for me!” which after five or so minutes turned to “I am cumming again!” While this was going on I kept on stroking Brad but was getting nowhere with getting him hard again. After she orgasmed, she slid of John and said she needed a break. We took a few more sips of our drinks and then decided to go into the house to continue the fun. We entered into the house and went into the bedroom. All this time John was sporting his hard-on which made me smile, but I wanted more of Brad’s thick cock. I had Brad lay down on the bed and I got into the 69 position with him, hoping my licking his cock would bring it back to life. As we got into position, Justine said “let me help" and got in between Brad's legs in the doggy position, her ass facing off of the bed. At this time John starting fucking Justine doggy style and I started to lick Brad’s shaft and Justine was licking Brad’s balls. Brad came back to life as we continue oral on him. I tried to fit his cock in my mouth, but it was too big, all I could do was suck, kiss, and lick his shaft while Justine continued to work on his balls and every once in a while come up for a kiss to me as we each took a side of Brad. With Brad hard again, I took the doggy position on the other side of the bed and he slowly eased his cock into me and stretched me wide. At this time Justine was yelling she was cumming again. Once more we locked eyes as we watched each others husband fuck the other woman. I was getting so turned on that after a while I started to cum and yelled it out loud which in turn got Justine to cum again. As I was finishing me orgasm I felt Brad start to trust deeper and harder which I knew meant he was about to go. As he came it set off another orgasm for me. As we finished up, John finally spoke for the first time and stated he was about to cum. Justine quickly pulled away from him and said she wanted to see this to see if I was telling the truth. She quickly engulfed his cock and started to give him a hand job while sucking his cock. John soon started to really pull in his stomach muscles which I knew was a sure sign he was about to explode. With that, I saw Justine’s eyes bulge as John filled her mouth with cum. she gagged and let his cock out all the while he was spraying her with more cum. She had it all over her hair, face and chest. She turned to me and said ”you were not kidding!” With that we all laughed. I took her to the shower and she quickly cleaned up. We got on some clothes and headed to the porch and had another round of drinks and started talking about what we just did and what it meant. We found out that this was their first time swinging, but that they had talked about it and were testing the waters with us. They were not sure how we were going to handle it. They were surprised that we been in the lifestyle so long and that we kept it such a secret. We all had a good time and we knew it would not be the last. I think we finally found that perfect couple!
  22. We just joined this board last night in order to be able to tell the story of what happened to us this weekend. I'm bursting to tell it and it's not the sort of story you can tell to your ordinary friends. So here I am, the I of "Bob and I". After a very active Saturday, my husband Bob and I and our close friends Tom and Carol were sitting in our hot tub, looking at the stars twinkling in the dark. Rather than chatting, we all sat calm and absorbed. Then I noticed that Carol was quietly masturbating. The boys noticed it too, even though she was being quite discreet. "Sorry," Carol said, "I just can't help it" as she went on with it. My Bob, naturally enough, got an erection and I reached over and stroked him. No hot pumping, just a gentle, loving stroking. I could see Carol quietly coming to her climax and soon my Bob began to spurt too. I leaned over and licked him off; I love having a cock in my mouth. After a moment, Carol turned around and Tom began to mount her, doggy style. At this point I was the only one who wasn't getting any, so I sat up on the edge of the hot tub, spread my legs and pointed to Bob to go down on me * which he likes to do and is pretty good at. After we'd all come, we all sat there and shyly looked at each other. As couples we spent a lot of time together, but had never done anything sexual. It was striking that there was no sense of embarrassment among us. By mutual agreement, we decided to try spending the night with each other's spouses. An experiment. We agreed that if anyone started to feel uncomfortable, we'd go back to our partners and forget about the whole thing. I took Tom by the hand and led him to our spare bedroom while Bob took Carol to our room. I had the most amazing orgasm that night and nearly as good a one the next morning. And I know why. It's not that Tom is anything special in bed; it's because I hadn't had a new lover since dating days in school. It was a thrill. While fixing breakfast the next morning I thought about how great it was to now have two lovers. Carol was thinking the same thing and actually said it to me. We gave each other hugs. When we served up breakfast to the guys, they both had smiles on their faces. This made me happy. If they'd been smirking, I think that would have killed the whole deal right there. But nobody was smirking and nobody was showing any morning-after regrets. I think we were in some kind of heaven. The four of us spent what was for us a typical Sunday together; backyard Frisbee, barbecuing and such. Mid morning Bob and I went off together to make love and demonstrate to ourselves our love and affection for each other. Mid afternoon we had sex with our new lovers. After dinner we had sort of a round-robin in the hot tub. And then Tom and Carol drove home. I don't know how long this new affair will keep on. It might be just another weekend or two. Or never again. Or it might last for months and years, I don't know. But for now, for me, it's some kind of heaven. Really.
  23. JTTJTT

    Jamaica Fun

    We had just been initiated to swinging and were having so much fun with the sexual energy. Jamaica is a great place to get started with sex with another couple. We spent each day nude at the island and then would go back to the rooms to enjoy sucking and fucking the night away. Our new friends had never swapped before either, and this trip just let us both let go and enjoy each other. He had a very large dick which my wife loved to suck, and she had the sweetest pussy which I just loved to suck on and make her cum! She really loved to have her clit sucked until she would cum. We all had so much fun just watching each other fill the women with our stiff cocks facing each other. We could reach out and touch our spouses while they were being ravaged by another person, what a feeling!! We decided that we needed to go to the hot tub again one night and quickly had our clothes off and entered the tub. There were about four other couples there, but we were determined to have sex in the tub in spite of who was there. The fun part came when a very attractive black couple started to join in on our conservation and asked if we were swingers. We responded that we had just started and would love to have them join us. The lovely black woman began to caress my cock and said that she would love to have me fuck her. I couldn't resist and reached out to touch my wife's hand and asked her if it was ok. She winked and said sure and that she would keep the husband occupied. The woman's name was Samantha, and his was Adam. I began to fondle her beautiful breasts and looked over at my wife and saw that she had Adam up on the side of the tub and had his large dick in her mouth. Our other friends were busy with another couple which had joined in, and thus we were all having a great time. Samantha and I began to get really worked up as she worked her way down my stomach and placed her lips on my swollen dick. She was a master at working on my cock and had a velvet touch with her tongue and soft hands. We worked ourselves into a sixty-nine position on the side of the tub and enjoyed each other for what seemed like hours. We finally decided that we had to have each other and got into position to have my cock enter her. It was wonderful and felt incredible to be able to have this beautiful woman as I watched my wife and her husband going at it right beside us. We kept up this pace for a few minutes until we all came in a massive orgasm and fell back into the tub totally spent. We spent the next few minutes just hugging and touching breasts, dicks, and faces. What a wonderful feeling. We have decided that this was a lifestyle that we could learn to like and would try to find a way to take this back to Texas with us when we go home.
  24. We are currently planning to build a house next year (cross your fingers). We are figuring on about 2500sqft, Nothing fancy single story and we will be doing most of the work ourselves with the help of a few friends. The place is being planned with a eye toward entertaining with swinging in mind. I am thinking I want a indoor hottub but most seem to be outdoor? Is there something I am missing here? We had planned on it being in the house, Do we need to rethink this? Is there issues with having it indoor we are not aware of? Our idea had it joining the master bath as well as a entrance from the living room. Any input is welcome.
  25. Here's the overview: We're having a house party pretty soon and have invited 3 couples. We all plan on spending a lot of time in the hot tub after having dinner and some drinks (no suits allowed, but nothing further has been discussed). One of the couples (call them couple A) are pretty good friends of ours and the guy told me recently that they are interested in swinging (not specifically with us, but in general). Another couple (call them couple B) are our neighbors that we have become friends with. The other couple (call them couple C) are friends of my neighbors that we are getting to know and would like to become friends with. On a recent gathering during a conversation, couple C mentioned that they were friends with a couple that swing. Unfortunately at that time, I wasn't able to get more specific information or talk to them further on the subject. I got the feeling however that they may swing themselves. So the evening has potenial for a lot of excitement. Couples A & B are pretty open minded, and from what I can tell couple C is also. Now the questions and concerns: My SO is not attracted to the guy in couple A, but has some attraction to the men in couples B & C. She is not Bi-curious. Otherwise, I'd say there's some attraction between all of the couples. My main concern is how to either bring up the subejct, or how to play it out so that playing becomes a strong possibility. The subject of swinging has never come up with couple B, and I don't know couple C well enough. I would like to just bring up the possibility, but I'm afraid of offending couples B & C. I definitely need some guidance on this as it is new to me. I appreciate any info.
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