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  1. Let’s make this point, I will say our night started playing guitar and getting high and drinking wine. Anita went to the kitchen and I asked her if she wanted to have a threesome with Mike? She looked at me and said yes with a smile. I asked her to change into her black bodysuit. Anita went to the bathroom. I went and told Mike she was changing and he and I were going to fuck my wife and he started to get hard. I took Anita a fresh glass of wine. She looked so sexy and beautiful with her bodysuit on highlighting her sexy body. I gave her a long kiss. I went and sat with Mike. Anita walked in with a killer wiggle and sat between us . Mike dropped his jeans and underwear. Anita leaned over and started sucking his cock. I unhooked the snap between her legs and inserted three fingers into her wet vagina. Anita loves thing’s slow, so she sucked Mike’s dick with a technique that can make any man cum. I fingered her vagina slowly and watched her suck on his very hard cock. I took her hand and said let’s go to the bedroom. I led her as Mike followed into the bedroom. We both kissed he lips, her neck, her mouth, her breasts. I laid her down and started eating her vagina while she sucked Mike. He started on her vagina, and I took pics of him eating her. After that I positioned her on her right side and from behind I penetrated her Mike laid on his side watching me fucking her. He was where she could suck his dick. We traded positions so he could fuck her and I could enjoy her mouth on my cock and watch him thrust in and out. It was a great view, watching her body take my cock and his. Mike and I in the day’s ahead talked about this night and the other nights we would enjoy with my beautiful wife. After almost three hours of pleasing Anita we took a break and drank some more wine and talked. I went to get another bottle and I came back to witness Anita on top of Mike cowgirl style. It was glorious looking at her fucking him and smiling. Anita was moving up and down on his hard cock. I know she enjoys a man with a hard cock. It was a chance to take some 35mm shots of her. She kept grinding on his cock and reached over to play with my cock. We made passionate love to Anita for almost four hours. Mike left and Anita and I went back to bed and made the most amazing love to each other. This was once of three times that Mike and I got our brains screwed out by my beautiful Anita. Thank you Anita for the amazing memories, my lover.
  2. I’ve written about the first time my wife and I had a MFM over on the Good Experiences forum, so you can read the back story to this story if you’re interested. My wife and my best friends had been in a steady FWB relationship for close to a year by the time this adventure took place. Pam, my wife, and I had been talking about swapping with a couple for a little while. The MFM thing got started by me to fulfill my desire to see her with another guy and it was FANTASTIC but, like most couples, we were talking about broadening our horizons a bit. (We did swap with other couples later but not at the time this story takes place.) As a result, we’d gone to a local off-premises club and had reached out to a couple or two on SDC. We’d met with another couple but my wife wasn’t attracted to the other husband so it didn’t click. We’d told our friend Steve about this club and he wanted to check it out. Single males are allowed if accompanied by couples, so we took Steve there for our next get together. Now I have to explain that my wife is very sexually conservative until you get a couple of drinks in her and/or get her horny. She then drops the inhibition and her “inner slut” (her words) comes out for some fun. No one could bring out Pam’s inner slut better than Steve. She would do stuff with him that she wouldn’t do with others, including me. To be fair, I should say that she let him get away with more as he was always the instigator. What she did may have been tame to some, but they were pretty racy for her and I was to see some of it this night. So we got to the club, found a spot and settled in. Pam immediately had a drink to relax and Steve immediately began to lightly stroke her shoulders, thighs, etc as he looked around. Steve and I felt like kids in a candy store with all of the hot couples dancing and carrying on. As I said, it was off-premises but the women could dress as provocatively as they wanted provided they kept their panties on. And while people couldn’t actually have sex, that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a lot of kissing and touching and this club was the first time I’d seen women openly making out (this was the nineties, before it became so common) and who doesn’t love that? Steve got Pam out on the dance floor which was my idea. I knew that he could get her loosened up and he did. Between the drink and the dancing, Steve had her going fairly quickly. They were all over each other and there was a lot of grinding, kissing and touching. They came back after a couple of dances and Pam said that she was going to the bathroom to undress. Steve had talked her into stripping down to her lingerie (a first for the club), so off she went. Pam came back from the ladies room dressed in matching bra, panties, garters & stockings, all black. She’s tall, thin with blonde hair, beautiful B’s and lovely wide hips and looked incredible in that lingerie. This time she took me out on the dance floor and in no time was grinding on me and had her tongue on my throat. This just wasn’t like her which is one of the reasons I loved the MFM’s we had with Steve. So we danced and groped each other for a while and then went back to the table. Steve was talking to another couple who were probably ten years older than us and very good looking. This was their first time at a club and they were nervous but excited. He introduced all of us and we sat and talked. Seeing Pam in her lingerie and with two guys apparently inspired the wife because she asked who wanted to dance. Her husband looked at Steve and me and I offered first. So I took her out on the dance floor and we continued to talk for a bit. During the second song, I saw that Steve and the other guy her both dancing with Pam. I say dancing, it looked like they were having a standing threesome but for the fact that they were (mostly) clothed. The other wife didn’t seem to mind her husband kissing my wife so she and I began to kiss. I couldn’t believe this and started to have visions of a MFMFM, but that wasn’t to be. I think things were happening a little fast for the other couple because after a couple of dances, they kind of pulled back. Steve didn’t pull back. During his next dance with Pam was another first. I honestly don’t remember what I was doing, but I looked on the dance floor to see Pam with her back to Steve, grinding her ass on his crotch, her arms up over her head and he had her tits out of her bra and was fondling them. Not only was Pam now topless in the club but another man was fondling her tits and plenty of people were enjoying the show. About that time, the other couple that we’d recently met but didn’t click with walked up and started talking to me. They had wanted to bring us home when we’d met them, but Pam wasn’t attracted to the husband. I think they were a little hurt to see Pam dancing topless and making out with Steve. They didn’t stay at our table long. Steve and Pam came back and sat down on the other side of the table from me. I was telling them about running into the other couple and I noticed that Pam has a strange, faraway look on her face. I asked her if she was ok and Steve said “I’m just fingering her under the table”. Clearly it was time to go! Pam wanted to ride with Steve in the back seat of our car. She was clearly intent on sucking his cock as soon as they got back there but I wanted some attention and asked her to ride up front. It was hard to concentrate with her blowing me but I managed. Steve also managed to reach around the front seat and continue to finger her pussy. It’s a good think that we didn’t have a wreck! Once back home we raced upstairs fairly throwing our clothes behind us as we headed to the bedroom. There was no foreplay – that had all been at the club – it was just a matter of getting our clothes off and fucking. We started out with Steve fucking her from behind while she blew me and continued until she came. That didn’t take long and we switched off and continued to do so for hours. I remember leaving to get a towel and when I came back in, Pam was riding Steve’s cock. He had a tit in his right hand and was thumbing her clit with his left. Pam was so lost in pleasure that she didn’t even notice that I’d come back. She just moaned and writhed and told him to fuck her. She collapsed onto his chest with a sigh and kissed him deeply as she came. He rolled her over and licked his way up her body to tease a nipple as I slipped into her. Damn, I loved how her pussy felt after she’d had another guy! I also remember fucking her missionary position and having Steve stick his cock in her mouth, which was inches from my face. I never thought I’d be that close to another guy’s cock but I didn’t mind as long as it was in my wife’s mouth. So that was the first time that we took someone else to the swinger’s club. Unlike most other hook ups, Steve was able to stay the night that time and Pam treated us to blowjobs in the morning before we went to breakfast. I never got tired of seeing her with a hard cock in her mouth. It was just so hot!
  3. jcrow

    Island Adventure

    One of our most memorable adventures occurred when we were living in Hawaii and had the chance to host a visit from a mutual friend, Bill. Bill and I worked together the last 8 years before I retired. We spent many weekends at Bill's home on an isolated lake near Atlanta. It was a great place to unwind and step away from the days stresses. Bill lived with his significant other Judy. She was a petite lady, a natural blond, with long beautiful legs and a big chest. We relaxed swimming, fishing, or soaking in their hot tub. When Bill retired he bought his home in an isolated area because he was a nudist. If you stayed at Bills you were in a clothing optional environment. We were OK with the nudist theme and enjoyed the freedom of being able to walk out on his deck, in the buff, and feel the wind against places we kept covered most of the time. These trips helped us keep a healthy tan year round. It added to our personal well being and self image. Bill and Judy had known us long enough to engage in adult play that matured as we flirted and teased each other. As we swam or played in the waters of the lake we weren't hesitant to engage in physical contact, nothing serious, just playing. We all got more friendly in the hot tub as feet, legs, arms, and hands intermingled as we relaxed. We did enjoy some light swinging but not wanting to spoil the magic of what we had we left off the hard core. When we retired for the night my wife and I had great sex enhanced by our sexual play. We enjoyed this time to unwind with no petty jealous games or hang ups. It was a great time but had to end when we moved to Hawaii. This would be the first time Bill had visited us since we moved and he was coming alone. We welcomed a chance to pay Bill back for the hospitality we had enjoyed at his lake home. We decided it was a great chance to give him a trip of a life time. We spent a lot of time planning for Bill's arrival and what activities we could fit in during his visit. It was a month before Bill would arrived for his two weeks with us. My wife decided for her part she would make Bill feel at home by turning our home into a nudist retreat. She changed several of the window dressings facing the street side of the house. I staged some of our taller house plants to provide more screening on our lanai. The rear of our home over looked Pearl Harbor and had a nice elevated deck with a sunken hot tub. We were on a cul-de-sac so the neighboring houses weren't side by side giving us a nice private retreat. I picked Bill up at the airport in Honolulu around 10 PM. Most of the arriving passengers were greeted by tour companies and given a welcoming lei of colorful flowers. I joked with Bill that my wife was waiting to “lay him when we got home”. When we arrived at our place she greeted us at the door wearing a sarong and a lei covering her nudity. She kissed Bill hugging him and asked him if he was ready to get laid”. Bill looked a little surprised as my wife placed a nice colorful lei over his head and gave him a passionate kiss as her sarong dropped away. Bill returned the kiss and held her tightly in a warm embrace. “Feel more at home now?”, I asked Bill. “Our home is nudist friendly so get comfortable”. Bill wanted to freshen up so I directed him to the guest bedroom. “Please join us on the lanai when you are ready” I said leaving him to clean up. My wife had prepared a light dinner on the lanai and placed some floating flowers in the bubbling hot tub that were illuminated by the tub lights. The effect was great. Bill joined us carrying a towel with his nudity as evening wear. “It's great seeing you again Bill” I said. I had already removed my clothing. “Now that's more like it” “We have a full week of sightseeing scheduled and left the last week open for your suggestions”. We sat on pillows around a small dinner table next to the hot tub eating and catching up on events since we left Atlanta. I suggested we get in the hot tub. We soaked sipping our after dinner drinks. My wife cleared away the dinner dishes as Bill and I talked. Bill said he wanted to spend the first day exploring North Shore and we talked about the rest of the weeks plans. My wife, had freshly showered and walked directly to the tub and climbed in. I must say even after all the time I've seen her nude, the sight of her emerging from the shadows of the doorway bathed in the soft lighting of Tiki torches was electrifying. I was proud and happy to share the experience with Bill. I knew Bill was also enjoying the sight as he had an instant response he tried to cover. Bill was well endowed and we had seen him many times in the nude both flaccid and erect. Without the jets on in the hot tub the water was crystal clear. The tub lights illuminated his growing appreciation of what he was seeing. I think the fact Bill was here alone and his whole focus was on my wife allowed nature to take over. My wife is a petite natural blond, who works out three times a week, eats healthy, and has a whole body tan. No swimsuit lines or blemishes mark her. As I watched Bill's reactions it was like he was seeing my wife for the first time. As she stepped into the hot tub Bill reached up offering her assistance. My wife able to see his current state laughingly said “Well I see I have your full attention”. Bill tried to cover up again and started to apologize. My wife and I both stopped him saying it was OK. This is your time to enjoy. Getting past this awkward moment and falling into our previous conversation we talked for a couple of hours and decided it was time for bed. As Bill walked to the guest bedroom door he turned and jokingly asked my wife if she didn't want to tuck him in. My wife said, “Maybe next time”. I laughed and told Bill, “See you in the morning my friend”. My wife and I got in bed and had a great love making session as we discussed our plans for our house guest. My wife got up early the next morning, showered, and put on a sexy top and cut off jeans. The jeans were the kind that are cut at an angle to reveal as much as possible and have about a half inch of material for the crotch. I love these type of cutoffs, they are stiff enough to retain their shape and either stay to one side or hang down. After a brief breakfast we set out for a day of exploration. My wife got in the backseat of the car. I turned, watching her climb in seeing that the shorts didn't cover much as she sat down. Bill got in the passenger side of the front seat and we started our trip heading to North Shore on the Kamehameha. My wife slid to the middle of the back seat to be between Bill and me. I looked in the rear view mirror seeing her foot propped on the small cooler behind my seat. This position really provided a great opportunity for her to tease Bill. In the mirror I saw her hand between her legs pulling the material to one side knowing it was going to stay that way for a while. I wanted to start Bill's morning with a nice treat. I asked him if he would hand me a bottle of water from the cooler. As he turned to retrieve the bottle he came face to face with my wife's bare crotch. “Damn, he said.” From his reaction I'm sure he wasn't prepared for what he was seeing. My wife laughed said “Did I scare you?” We all had a good laugh and setting the day's mood. The trip was starting out on the right note. We all laughed as we fell into our old routine of friends having a good time. Bill sat half turned in his seat looking back at my wife. She made sure to position her legs to allow him full view. They continued to talk back and forth as we drove the North Shore route. We spent the day stopping here and there taking pictures. I made lots of pictures of my wife and Bill at various land marks and seascapes. In the afternoon we returned home, removed our clothes, and downloaded the pictures to my computer. We wanted to review and edit them before putting them on a thumb drive for Bill to take home. I set up my desktop computer to begin editing the pictures. As Photoshop opened I went to get a couple of beers. When I returned I could see Bill once again had an erection as he was looking very intently at the screen. I had forgotten that Photoshop defaults to the last directory or folder you used. The the last folder I had worked in was my wife's nude pictures. He looked up smiling and said “How did you get such a good looking wife?” I commented “ I can see by your reaction you really enjoy looking at her.” “Is it that obvious? ” he said, this time without apologizing for his erection. He had seen my wife nude at the lake house many times. I'm sure he was not able to study her in the detail my photos provided. We talked about my work and the various poses, lighting, and backgrounds. We discussed each one in detail. I was proud of how beautiful my wife looked and appreciated Bill's comments. I could see Bill was still in a state of arousal and really liked what he was seeing. I encouraged him to open more of the folders. I quickly added “don't be surprised at what you see”. My wife was getting dinner ready and came to give us a ready time. She had heard some of our comments about her pictures. When she walked into the room and Bill and I jumped as if someone had fired a gun. Bill had a picture zoomed in of a spread legged, rear pose of my wife leaning over, her short dress, perfect ass, and pussy filled the 21 inch screen. My wife laughed at our reactions and said, “it's OK boys, we are all adults here and it's not like we haven't seen each others assets”. This made us laugh and relieved any tension. I asked my wife if dinner could wait until Bill and I finished browsing through the remaining folders. “Sure” she said going to turn down the stove. “What a woman”, Bill said returning to the screen, “What haven't I seen?” Once again our laughter brought us closer as we shared a happy time and enjoyed being together. Bill asked if it was OK to open a folder labeled “Private XXX”. “Sure I replied, “that folder has some video clips of my wife and me”. Bill asked as he open one of the clips, “Does the XXX means what I think it does?”. And to his enjoyment it did. Most of the clips were of us engaged in various sexual acts. I had recorded them from our web cam sessions with some friends. By the time my wife returned we were commenting and joking about each clip and their content. I thought she would be a little upset at what we were viewing since we never did any hard core swinging with Bill, but she was fine with it and was enjoying being the star of the action. The clip ended and it was dinner time. We talked with Bills about his first day and enjoyed our meal. After we finished we moved to the hot tub. We soaked for awhile as the mood got mellow and our feet intertwined. My wife was feeling good as she sat across from Bill and me. She had both feet going. One foot massaged my erection and the other one massaged Bill's. We in turn swapped taking turns using our toes on her clit. My wife was having a great time as she suddenly sat up and held Bill's foot tight against her pussy. “WOW” she said, “that's the first time I ever had an organism from a toe”. I almost choked on my drink as we laughed at her reaction. My wife said she had to go take a shower now and got out of the hot tub. Bill and I looked at each other and laughed. I suggested we move to the living room. I wanted to see our days pictures on the big screen and got the TV set up to display the thumb drive. Bill got a phone call from his girl friend, Judy, and left the room to talk. When he returned he handed me his cell phone telling me Judy wanted to speak with me. We spoke for a few minutes exchanging small talk and Judy ended by telling me to be sure to ask Bill about his hang out experience and leaving it at that. I gave Bill's his phone back and started watching the pictures scroll across the screen. My wife was sitting on the floor leaning back on the couch. Bill and I sat on each side of her. I told Bill that Judy told me to ask about his hang out experience. Bill looked a little surprised, laughed, and told us about the “experience”. One night he and Judy had some non-nudist friends over to watch a movie. They were in the living room with Bill sitting on the floor. Bill was tired out from working in the yard that day and soon fell asleep on the floor. In his sleep he rolled on over on his back. This caused his dick and balls to hang out of his shorts leg. He is well endowed so it wasn't surprising that if he didn't wear any underwear that would be the result. Bill said he was a little pissed off since they didn't wake him. He said when he woke with a piss erection he found out his friends had taken pictures with their phones to show him. By the end of the explanation my wife and I were laughing so hard that we almost peed our pants. We started to joke with him about his extra leg. I noticed that my wife had adjusted her position to look at Bill's third leg which was semi-erect. This brought more laughter and some more good nature teasing as we joked about her “Toe Job”. Bill was getting a little buzzed and felling pretty good as he pulled on his semi-erect extra leg saying, “ I think it's only fair that next time I use my middle leg for the “Toe Job”. We all started laughing again. My wife excused herself and went to refill our drinks. The picture slide show ended and I asked Bill if he wanted to watch something more interesting. He quickly agreed. When my wife returned I told her I had a special movie selected just for Bill. She saw the CD didn't have a cover and knew that it would be some type of porn I had downloaded from the internet. I turned down the lights and started the movie and went to the bathroom. Returning I saw my wife was sitting next to Bill on the couch and they were talking about the movie. She had to lean over toward Bill to hear him over the sound system. The way she was leaning in pressed her boobs against his arm. My wife had placed one hand on Bill's leg just about mid thigh. She always did this when she liked someone and wanted to show she was interested in what they were saying. I sat back watching them which was more entertaining than the movie. I could see that between the movie and the attention from my wife that Bill had the beginnings of an erection. My wife's hand was still on his leg with her fingers slowly stroking the inside of his thigh. I watched to see if she would take his dick into her hand. Bill was squirming and trying to adjust his hardening erection without much success. My wife just smiled watching the effect she was having on Bill as he shifted positions. My wife slouched down getting in a more comfortable position with her legs spread wide open. I saw that her right hand was back on Bill's leg and her left hand was in her lap as she moved her fingers rubbing her shaved pussy. Bill had shifted his attention from the TV to my wife's hand. My wife, playing dumb, stared at the TV screen. Bill and I stared at what my wife's hand was doing as she now had a couple of fingers inside of her pussy. I saw Bill shifting again because he was now fully erect. It was going to be impossible for him to get comfortable. As he tried shifting again I told him, “Bill it's OK”. We have seen it erect”. “We don't want you to strain a nut.” With a little smile he let his pole wave in the breeze. My wife had moved over to let him free himself and when he got settled she resumed her position next to him without any comment other than “Nice dick Bill but it looks a little hungry”. Now that Bill's erection was in full view he seemed to be more comfortable. My wife tried to watch the movie but couldn't keep from glancing at Bill slowly stroking his dick as he followed the movie. I could see per-cum was starting to appear at the tip. The sight was sending out a clear message “I need relief and now”. I saw the look on my wife's face I knew this situation was reaching a point of no return. I knew we were playing a fantasy game with Bill but I wanted my wife to feel she was in control of this situation. I knew Bill wasn't drunk and would respect my wife's limits. We were three consenting adults trusting each other to respect that there were limits that required permission to cross. My wife and I knew there would be no regrets what ever happened. My wife decided to get up and sit on the floor leaning back against the couch. Bill still played with his huge erection. My wife was now teasing Bill by not giving her attention to his current state. The testosterone level was growing. The original movie clip had ended and now there were miscellaneous film clips I had added to the space left on the DVD. The clips switching from single, double and more couples involved in all types of group sexual play. One clip that almost escaped unnoticed was of my wife masturbating with a purple dido and using an electric toothbrush as a sexual stimulation toy. At the end of this clip was a racier clip I took with my Wife sitting on top of me with her boobs bouncing as she rode my erection. The camera scanned up and down from her face, bouncing boobs, to my dick disappearing into her. When my wife had sex in the top position she like to straddle me putting her feet at my hips and squatting down onto my erection. This allowed her to control the entry and speed. I had gotten a great shot of the head of my dick as she rubbed it back and forth through her wet lips and then slowly lowered herself down into the shaft. I had zoomed in to really get the details and this view filled the screen which really got Bill's attention. Bill looked at me with a questioning expression on his face. I smiled at his predicament and finally told him I was OK with what ever my wife was good with. Bill wasted no time in running his hands over my wife's ample breast as she leaned back against his legs and smiled up at him. I thought that this feels like old times. My wife stood up and sat on the couch next to Bill. Bill asked me to replay her film clip. Bill had his arm across my wife's shoulder letting his fingers play cross her erect nipple and my wife had her hand in his Bill's lap slowly stoking his dick. I knew my wife was enjoying this part as She teased Bill with me watching. She wanted to see my reaction and I knew that She was doing this for me. She had already made up her mind as to how far she wanted to go. Even in his present condition Bill showed his restraint and respect for my wife and me. He kept asking us both if it was OK and were we sure it was alright if he touched my wife. He repeated that he knew if she said “NO, that means NO”. With our joint approval Bill moved his hand down to rub my wife's clitoris as she open her legs. My wife was enjoying Bill's hand as he played with her. I'm sure Bill was still feeling the situation out and not sure how far he would be allowed to go. Bill kept looking at me to see my reaction since we had never swapped partners. I just smiled and took another pull from my beer. My wife and I had talked about being in a situation like this before and she knew she would be in control of how far it went. I was there to give her support and security. If she felt comfortable with the situation she knew I would support what ever she did. My wife had made up her mind and looked at me questioningly. I nodded OK. My wife turned to face Bill giving him a long kiss. She got on her knees and took the head of Bill's dick into her mouth and started to give him a blow job. I knew that she would end it before making Bill cum because she wanted it inside of her. We've known Bill for years and knew he took great care to protect himself from STDs. I sat back stroking my erection and enjoying the show. I had the movie in a loop with the clip of my wife riding me. I had known this was how our night would end if Bill was OK with the situation. My wife enjoys sex and if all the elements are there she is up for anything. I love seeing her enjoy herself. I just sat there stroking myself watching them. I watched my wife giving Bill a real Hawaiian aloha. Before Bill shot his load my wife backed off and crawled over to my chair to give me a blow job. She was on her hands and knees exposing her ass and pussy to Bill. I could see Bill was looking intently at my wife's assets. I loved the way my wife would sometimes lean on the counter and stick her ass out. It was an invitation. She did it all the time and it was really hard to resist. She enjoyed rear entry as much as I did. I could use my hands to rub her clitoris or play with her tits to add to her pleasure. I also like the fact that with the rear entry position the head of my dick strikes and stimulates her G-Spot with each stroke. It is a win-win for both of us. I sat looking over her head and down her back enjoying the curve of her buttocks. I know Bill was seeing the way her ass was moving and the way her vagina lips framed her slightly open pussy entrance. It is a picture that is burned into my brain. I'm sure Bill was having the same thoughts while looking at my wife's rear. Bill looked at me seeking approval to join us. I waved him over and he got down on his hands and knees and started licking and sucking on her pussy. This went on for sometime until Bill got up on his knees, directly behind my wife. This placed his dick in the crack between her ass cheeks with the head resting just at the start of the small of her back. His rocked slowly letting his balls swing to slap against my wife's pussy. I knew at this point my wife was going to get nailed by Bill's third leg. Bill looked at me and asked my wife if it was alright for him to take advantage of the situation. My wife, looking back over her shoulder, replied that the invitation had been sent and all she need was his RSVP. Bill adjusted his dick down, moving it between her pussy lips getting his dick head wet. Bill slowly pushed in to his full length and held it there. My wife let out a small gasp of pleasure as she always does when she is in lust. She hadn't had a stranger's dick since her sensual massage so she was really hot to get Bill's. He pulled out until the head was just inside and held it there. I could see by his face and breathing he was ready to cum and needed to slow down. My wife stopped sucking me and was wiggling her ass to Bill to get him to once again drive in full length. Bill got control again and drove in as deep as possible, all the way up to his balls. He started to slowly fuck my wife who was making sounds that I never heard from her before. I'm sure the lust factor was working over time and she was letting it take her to new sexual pleasure. I know Bill was holding back as long as he could. I heard the slapping of his balls striking the back of her legs as he drove in going faster and faster. As my wife's concentration was on what Bill was doing, I got up and moved behind and to one side to get a better view. I could see Bill's shaft entering and withdrawing from my wife's vagina. I could see her trying to grip it with her pussy as she clenched her ass with each of Bill's strokes. I knew from her breathing and gasping she was having multiple orgasms. I could smell the sweat mixed with sex filling my nose with an intoxicating and sensual odor. It was primal and natural. The basic need between man and woman. I knew this was a natural sexual experience based on lust. At this pace it didn't take Bill long to start to have those contractions that pull the balls up and send loads of cum deep inside. I could see the tube on the underside of his dick was swollen with sperm and starting to empty. Each ejaculation was visible as a lump as it traveled up his shaft to spray into my wife pussy. One, two, three times Bill arched his back with contractions injecting his semen. Bill gave a finally cry of pleasure and shot his last hot load deep inside. I could see my wife pushing back against Bill to drive him in deeper. She then fell forward when Bill stopped. She lay savoring her last orgasm. Bill was spent and lay across her back supporting himself and let his softening dick slowly slid out of her dripping pussy. It came out with a little pop releasing a flood of juices that flowed down her legs. A little puddle formed on the carpet. It is an odd feeling to see another man's dick sliding first into your wife's mouth and then into her pussy. It was the final thrust followed by a flood of cum dripping down between them that was the most telling. I had just watched another man screw my wife without any jealous feelings. It was just one big sexual fantasy that my wife and I shared. I didn't move for several minutes letting them savor their moment. This shared experience between us didn't threaten what we have together as husband and wife or undermine our relationship with Bill. It was a shared experience with all of us aware of the circumstances and outcome. I moved to my wife's side asking how she felt and if she wanted to stop tonight's activities. She was flushed with excitement and quickly told me it was one of the best experiences she has ever had. She said she lost count of the organisms and was still tingling. She grabbed me and gave me a kiss saying “Thank you”. I felt happy for her and how a shared experience made us closer. I had kept an erection through the whole episode coming very close to losing it several times as I watched Bill make love to my wife. I now laid my wife on her back on the carpet and plunged my dick into her. The sensory feelings of following another male was something I hadn't thought about. I could smell and feel his slippery cum as it lubricated my dick. I had seen it dripping out of her pussy. It was very erotic and highly sexual. My wife was so wet and hot. She pulled me into her and I forgot all about any previous thoughts. I was soon beyond control and my cum joined Bill's in blasting her vagina and flowing down between her ass cheeks. We all needed to refresh and went to the master bathroom to shower. We had a soap fest washing, rubbing, and cleaned each other making sure we hit every nook and cranny getting them super clean. Refreshed and hard again I asked my wife if she was ready for round two. To which she replied “why not”, and smiling moved to our bed. The next few hours were spent with either Bill or me pleasing her. After a couple of hours she said she was getting sore so we all fell into an exhausted but satisfied sleep. As day light broke I awoke to the bed shaking. I saw Bill had positioned himself behind my wife and was slowly thrusting, taking time to enjoy himself and please her. I smiled and said good morning and rolled over on my back letting my morning erection stand at attention. Not being one to waste an erection I asked my wife if she wanted to try a double penetration to which she just sheepishly nodded yes. We had never done this sexual act before. Bill lay back keeping my wife on top with his dick planted in her pussy. I then moved over them and entered her from the front. I was surprised by how easy this was accomplished. The lubrication from her reaction to Bill's early morning fucking made it easier to get both of our dicks in the same hole. This was a new sensation having another guy's dick in the same hole you are in. The feeling of his dick moving against yours was different not bad just different. My wife was getting her first double penetration and was having one orgasm after the other. I wanted to try another position with Bill in her ass and me in her pussy but my wife said she wasn't ready for that, maybe another time. We finished with both of us cumming almost at the same time. We all took a shower and got ready for the day. Today we wanted to climb to the top of Diamond Head. It was a fairly easy climb ending with a long set of steep stairs to reach the top. My wife picked a short skirt, flowery top and no panties as her outfit for the day. She rode in the backseat and Bill rode in the front with me. We arrived at Diamond Head driving through the tunnel into the crater's floor to park. The walls were straight up all around us. Bill helped my wife out of the backseat with her flashing her well used pussy. I'm sure Bill was loving all this play and commented it was going to be a great day. We walked up a switch back path to the foot of the stairway to the top. We let my wife go first so we could catch her if she slipped. As the steps got steeper everyone behind us, caring to look up, had a nice view. As we neared the top of the crater we had to climb out a bunker window to go to the outside and on top of crater. I climbed out the window first turning to help my wife. My wife, helped by Bill, came out the window feet first. What she didn't know that there were three oriental guys waiting to climb back into the bunker. There wasn't any other way for her to climb so out she came with her dress being pulled up by the window ledge. Since she had to hold on with both hands she couldn't cover or not expose herself. All of us got an eye full and I think I heard shutters as pictures being taken. The smiles and looks on the guys faces showed they enjoyed what they saw. As they climbed into the window the last one turned to give us a thumbs up. The rest of the day was more sight seeing and a late dinner on North Shore. Each day was spent much the same with sightseeing and nights of sexual adventures as we toured the Honolulu night spots. Each night we returned to our house sharing our bed with Bill as we continued our adventure with our threesome. Our last trip was to the “Big Island” to see the volcano and lava flow. We were sharing a room that had a king sized bed and a balcony looking out over the bay. It was late so we decided to wait until the next morning to go to the volcano. We got our stuff unpacked and walked to a near by restaurant and bar. We enjoyed some fine seafood and had some of those local drinks with little umbrellas in them. I think we all were a bit drunk when we left. Bill was helping and half carrying my wife as we walked, maybe staggered a bit back to our room. Bill's hands found lots of places to explore. I saw he was guiding my wife in front of him with his hand between her legs. My wife was doing her best to walk without it being too obvious as they entered the elevator. Bill still had his hand up my wife's dress and she had her hand down the front of his pants when the elevator door opened to our floor. I had to tell them we were at our floor. We undressed and got in bed and engaged in a shorten version of our previous nights. In the morning we drove to the Volcano house and then the lava flow. It was a long walk and very hot day but we had a sudden little rain shower which help cool it down but the humidity was very high. I think we had to walk about 3 miles over the lava fields to see the flow and back the same 3 miles which seemed much longer. We were all worn out when we got back to the hotel and decided to have room service for the evening meal. We finished a light meal of mostly fruit and fruit drinks. We got undressed and got in the bed while Bill finished his drink. It was a warm night and there wasn't any air conditioning in the room so my wife striped off the top sheet. She said she was hot, not from the heat, but from all the testosterone in the room. She was literally flowing with sexuality as I moved between her legs and proceeded to give her oral sex. I always enjoyed her clitoris as it gets really big when she is aroused. It was exceptionally large tonight swollen from all the attention it was getting. I spread her lips and found the pearl at the top and sucked it into my teeth, lightly holding it and flicking it with the tip of my tongue. I sucked gently for a few minutes working my fingers into her vagina finding her G-spot. The organism she had wasn't a silent one but moaning gusher as her juices flowed down my chin. She pulled me up and gave me a deep tongue swapping kiss. Bill was still sitting at the table finishing his drink. He sat there watching us as he played with himself. We were lost in each other not stopping or caring who saw or heard us. My wife moved down to my lap and sucking and licking my dick and balls. She is really good at giving oral sex. She worked on me licking and squeezing the base of my shaft to delay me cumming and prolonged the fun. Our action soon had Bill joining us as he lay on the bed next to us. My wife saw Bill needed servicing and I became the observer. Moving into position over Bill she used the Oriental sex style I taught her from Vietnam. She squatted with her feet on either side of Bill's hips and then lowed herself slowly, controlling the depth and speed. I watched as Bill tried to speed up the action thrusting upward but she would pull away making him wait for her. It is exotic and frustrating at the same time. She worked herself into another mind blowing organism with her juices flowing down his shaft. She now allowed Bill to thrust deep inside moving faster and faster until he stiffened and shot his load up into her. I was really tired from our hike across the lava fields and rolled over with my back to them and tried to sleep. It was no use trying to sleep until they finished and I finally rolled back toward them. Bill had his dick impaled in my wife's pussy and a big smile on his face. He said “Thank you buddy” to which I replied “No, Thank my wife it's her pussy” My wife looked up with a twinkle in her eye and said “No, Thank you both for a super time” We all laughed and they went back to their lust making. I didn't think I could have so many erections in such a short time but lust is a powerful drug. I watched as my wife moved to suck and lick the last of her and his juices off Bill's dick. She jumped up and walked to the bathroom. She walked slowly swinging her ass and laughing to herself. I turned from watching my wife's walk to face Bill. We exchanged some comments about his visit and the day, the great sex and how we hated to see it end, and most importantly when were we were going to get together again. My wife walked back into the room. Bill got up walking to the bathroom with his semi-limp member swinging side to side. As my wife and he passed she reached down and pulled him to her by his dick. She asked, “Is this all we are going to do with our last night?” Bill bent down and gave her a long slow kiss. I saw he was starting to get hard again and I knew the night wasn't over yet. My wife and Bill rocked the bed most of the night. It was OK with me as I was now really tired and needed some sleep. We were almost late for our flight as Bill got in one more fuck in the morning. We had really enjoyed the time and hope we can get back together soon. We flew back to Oahu just in time for Bill to make his connecting flight back to Atlanta. I hope our next visitor is as much fun as Bill was. Aloha until the next time.
  4. I just had to do this, the devil made me do it. This morning when Cheryl and I were fooling around in bed I asked her to go braless when she went to the store this morning as I wanted some of the men in the store to see her hard nipples when they stand up and show through her sweater. I knew she would do it as she is always up for a dare. She left about 9 this morning and I immediately called Mike, a friend of mine who doesn't know Cheryl and she doesn't know him. Let's just say that we are friends outside of normal circumstances. Well, I told Mike that since he had the day off today, and I knew it, I would like him to get his butt to the Albertsons's store in our neighborhood and look for a petite woman in a light blue sweater with a set of 36 C tits poking out of her sweater and make a move on her. Mike, who has been divorced for about 6 months and almost as long without pussy at least that's what he tells me, was game for the challenge. He asked what he should do, and I told him to just be his charming self and see if he could pick up the lady and then do whatever came up. Cheryl saw Mike, liked his looks and was a little surprised when he began talking to her in the frozen food aisle which is so cold her tits were almost sticking out the sweater through the loose knit and he couldn't take his eyes off of them. As they talked it became apparent to Cheryl that he was trying to pick her up so she decided he was a good looking guy about 6' and 180 pounds with a lot of hair and a good build so she'd have a little fun with him. Now since neither of them knew each other and neither of them knew that I had set them up, they decided to go for coffee at the Starbucks next door and get to know each other a bit. While they were talking Cheryl mentioned that she and her husband were swingers and asked Mike if he would like to swing with them some time. Mike jumped at the invitation, and asked, ' how about this morning?' Cheryl said, 'my husband is at work, and we don't swing without him there, but you are so cute maybe we could make an exception today.' With that, they got in their cars and Mike followed Cheryl home. Meanwhile I was all set up with the videocam and hiding in the bedroom closet to watch what I was sure was going to be a fun quickie and maybe even a chance for me to join in. Now normally, Cheryl wouldn't do this kind of thing, at least as far as I know, but she was hot that morning as I had her primed, but hadn't let her have an orgasm and I knew she was ready. I heard them come in and Cheryl was putting the groceries away, and darn it I couldn't see them in the kitchen, I could only listen. Mike was trying his best to get Cheryl's sweater off and she was telling him to slow down as they could go into the bedroom for a quickie in a minute. Now I had to be sure and be quiet as I double checked the videocam and went back into the closet, making sure the door was just a little open so I could see the bed from that spot. Almost immediately, Mike and Cheryl came in together and began kissing while Mike was pulling Cheryl's sweater off over her head and she was unzipping his fly. At about 30 years of age and no sex for 6 months, Mike was more than ready as his 9' dick sprang free and Cheryl dropped to her knees to suck on it to prime him. Mike begged her to stop as he didn't want to cum too soon and she had him almost over the edge already. They then jumped in bed naked and Mike was between her legs and eating her pussy so fast that Cheryl had to pull him up by his ears and tell him to slow down a little. Mike than went back to sucking and licking and then got into a 69 position so that they could both enjoy each other together when I knocked over a shoe box in the dark and they both jumped out of bed and Mike looked terrified. As I came out of the closet I apologized to both of them for the little trick, but thought it would be a good way for the three of us to get to know each other. Cheryl was furious as she had been 'caught' in what would be cheating and Mike wasn't too happy that his friend had 'set him up', however after a few minutes of talking I convinced Mike that Cheryl and I did this all the time and that I just wanted to see what would happen. As Cheryl is always a good sport about sex, she just laid back down and invited Mike to get back to work, but he was so embarassed he couldn't regain his erection and I had to take his place. While Cheryl and I fucked and she was getting her much needed orgasm we both noticed that Mike had his dick in his hand and was slowly stroking himself back to a full erection. Now that needed attention, so I pulled out and invited Mike back between Cheryl's legs and this time he had lost his inhibitions and was rubbing the knob of his dick back and forth across Cheryl's labia when she pulled him in saying, ' Let's get that big dick busy in here and give me another orgasm while Jerry watches this time.' She had a big smile on her face, and I knew that she wasn't angry and that I was getting it all on tape for our fun review later. Mike didn't take long to cum and Cheryl's orgasm happened about the same time. I went and got them a towel to clean up and then the three of us sat on the bed and talked. Mike was overjoyed at his good fortune, and Cheryl was happy to see that a man like Mike really liked her for herself and not just her tits and pussy. As the morning went on the three of us had some more fun as Cheryl sucked me off while Mike was plowing her from behind and the sounds of our sex fun could be heard even outside, or so it seemed. It is now late evening and Cheryl and I have watched the tape twice and she is ready to call Mike and have him come over again tomorrow when she is sure that I will be here to enjoy a threesome again. I can't wait ! Jerry and Cheryl
  5. After much thought about whether to write this story or not, I have decided that perhaps I should share a true experience that occurred just this past July. This is not an attempt to claim any kind of writer skills. It is simply an account of an experience my wife and I had that surpasses any fantasy that I could dream up. My name is Tom and my wife’s name is Sue. We’ve had a good sex life. We’ve never gotten further than watching porno movies together, which at times has given us some very long and exciting nights. Also, we have often shared our fantasies with each other. This past June an old friend named Buddy called me from Philadelphia. Several years ago Buddy married a local girl and then they both were hired by the IRS. That was why they relocated to Philadelphia. About our only contact has been class reunions and rare events like that. Buddy’s reason for calling was to ask a favor. The IRS commissioned our local university to host a seminar during the third week of July. Buddy explained to me that this seminar would be important for Jane in order to be promoted any further. He no longer had any family here and he told me that all of the motels were booked for that week because of the seminar. The favor he needed was for me and Sue to put him and Jane up for the week. I gave Buddy the green light right then because I knew that Sue would have no objection. In the past I have told Sue many episodes about Buddy and I growing up together in the same neighborhood. We were the same age but he was always further advanced then me especially in the area of girls. He taught me many things. Sue liked the stories and sometimes asked questions. Questions about size and endurance in the sack. Buddy was actually the character in some of her fantasies and she only knew him through the stories that I told her. Sue asked me, 'Do you think that you two have settled down any?' 'Let me put it this way, Sue', I answered, 'If Buddy and Jane lived close to us I would be willing to bet that the four of us would be having some good times together'. 'What kind of good times?', she persuaded. 'I mean good times. Lots of fun,' I said, 'some horse playing now and then, maybe everyone naked in the hot tub, maybe a little fooling around. Come on, Sue, you can’t say that you haven’t had certain desires now and then. And the best part is that they are a good couple very similar to us and nothing to be afraid of. 'You really think Buddy would allow you to mess around with Jane?' she asked. I started joking with her now to lighten the mood, 'Only if you give Buddy one of your famous blow jobs, Sue, and if that would be the cost of getting in Jane’s pants, well, I guess that I’m willing to pay it.' Sue started punching at me and tried to retaliate by saying, 'From what all you’ve told me about him, maybe I would consider that a fair deal!' The day finally came when Buddy and Jane arrived for their visit. Jane looked no different than she did ten years ago. Jane was a petite thing just like Sue, but Jane had a big beautiful set of tits that begged you to gaze at them. Whether her chest was covered or exposed her tits would draw much pleasing attention. Sue and I showed them the room they would be staying in. 'We’re putting you in the basement', we joked. Actually, we had just finished remodeling and finished off our basement into living space. Part of the renovation was to have a nice 'guest room' and it really turned out to be a nice and attractive room. Sue really got to like Buddy and Jane. They were not the show-off or loud macho type, which made them very much our type. During the first two days Jane attended her classes and Buddy played golf. The evenings were spent by the four of us on the patio just talking and having a few drinks. We were all very much enjoying each others company. The third day was Wednesday. Sue had some shopping to do. Buddy went to a garage to get a new muffler put on their car. Jane’s classes were in the afternoon and evening. I spent the day mowing the lawn and other yard work. That evening I had to go to a union meeting and it was necessary for me to be there. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fifteen mile drive. So when supper was over Jane went to her evening class and Buddy said that he was going to catch up on some reading. Sue was going to finish up some laundry and some light housework. I changed cloths and left for my meeting. I stopped at a convenience store for a coffee and drove off. When I arrived for the meeting I was totally pissed off because the meeting had been rescheduled and I didn’t receive a call. So, I headed back home. When I arrived back home it was just between twi-light and dark. I pulled into the driveway and walked around the house to go into the back door. The first thing I saw was Sue down by the basement window looking in. As I approached her she turned and saw me and seemed a little startled. I asked, 'What are you doing?' 'Shhhhhhhhhhh', she whispered, 'you’ll ruin the show! Why aren’t you at you’re meeting?' 'It was canceled and Ruth somehow overlooked calling me', I said. I came closer and looked through the thin sheer curtains of the window only to see, to my surprise, Buddy lying on the bed totally naked. His cock was standing up tall and stiff as he slowly stroked it with his left hand. Then I also noticed that he was watching a porno tape on the television. I asked her jokingly, 'What interest you most, Buddy or the film?' 'Both', she whispered, 'look how he strokes himself in time with that girl going down on that guy. Does that make it feel better?' 'Oh, you bet', I said, 'it makes it more like being there'. Sue knew that sometimes I masturbated watching skin flicks so she was interested in my opinion. Then I asked her, 'How did you come on to this?' She said, 'I was going out to the cloths line to take down the towels because it was starting to get dark and I didn’t want them to get wet from the dew. I noticed the light on down here and immediately became curious because of some of the stories you told me about you and Buddy while you both were growing up. I just came over here as quietly as I could and looked in and I’ve been paralyzed since.' Sue’s fantasy has always been to see a man stroke himself and give himself pleasure. She liked when I would put a show on for her, but she still had a desire to catch a guy doing himself without him knowing he was being watched. She would always get irritated when we were watching porno movies that they didn’t show the guys doing that more. 'Is watching this what you expected it would be like', I asked with interest. 'Even more so', she answered with a cracking in her whispering voice. I was actually becoming excited that this was exciting her. Sue knows that I have fantasized about her with another cock. Even though Buddy was inside and we were outside, there remained the fact that I was standing with my wife only ten feet away from a totally naked man. I was actually imagining Sue in there giving Buddy a helping hand. I leaned in closer behind Sue so that she could feel my hardness pressing against her. She reached back and unzipped me and pulled out my cock. Her cold hand felt so good and her grasp was tight. I thought that this was the time to determine for myself if I wanted fantasy to turn into reality. I began toying with her about our entertainment right there before us. 'Does Buddy’s cock look good to you?' I asked. As quick as I asked the question Sue breathed in deep and tightened her grasp on my rod. 'It’s a nice one', she said. 'Look how shinny and slippery his cock looks. He must be using something on it'> I continued, 'What would think if I told you that it would be okay with me if you went in there and had some fun?' Sue gave me a quick elbow in the ribs and tried to change the subject. 'Don’t you realize how much I’ve always wanted to catch a man doing this?' Her excitement was building even more. 'Do you think he’ll cum soon or stretch it out awhile?' 'My bet', I answered, 'is that he is feeling pretty good right now and that he’ll stretch it out awhile.. He’ll bring himself close to cuming and then stop for a minute. Then he’ll hammer away some more.' I knew that this was kind of talk would really work on Sue. Sue seemed pleased with my answer. Sue turned her head to watch the television. The scene that was on now was a girl on her knees and hands sucking some guy laying on the floor while another guy was hosing her 'doggie style'. She knew that this, also was one of my fantasies. Seeing Sue wrestle two cocks at the same time. 'Do you think', she asked, 'that Buddy is fantasizing that he is one of those guys?' 'Maybe', I answered, but now it was time to raise the stakes. 'But, do you know what I really think?' 'What?', she answered quickly. 'Now think , Sue!' I began, 'Jane is over at the university tonight for three and a half hours. I’m suppose to be at a meeting fifteen miles from here until ten o’clock tonight. You’re doing laundry and going about the house getting things done and the only other person around is Buddy. The only two who are suppose to be here right now are hostess and guest! And here before us is guest lying naked, stiff and hot. Think, Sue! He wants to get caught just the way you see him there!' 'Oh, he does not!' she said in a little bit louder voice. 'Shhhhhhhh', I said pointing to the window that was open about an inch or two. At times we could hear the people on the television as Buddy was entertaining his cock and I thought that just as easily Buddy could end up hearing us. I got up close to Sue again. My cock was still out of my pants and hard. When she felt it against her ass again she reached back and grabbed it and began messaging it at the same rhythm and speed that she saw Buddy messaging himself. 'Your cock is really hard. You must be enjoying this yourself aren’t you?' she asked. I must admit that I was feeling an envy for Buddy as he laid there in the raw and having a woman peeking in at him and enjoying the show. Then I answered her before I even had time to think. 'What I would really like to see is you in there with your hand wrapped around Buddy’s cock and you doing the work so that he could better enjoy his movie.' Quizzing me she asked, ' Are you sure?' 'Let’s get this straight', I responded, 'First of all, wouldn’t you like to be in there right now? Just the way you describe to me what you are watching tells me what your wet pussy is thinking.' She almost answered uncontrollably and with no hesitation, 'Yes, I would. I really would and it excites me that you want me too. But actually doing it is another thing. How would I get in there?' 'He’s our guest, right? Take down a glass of iced tea and knock on the door and take it from there. My bet is he will let you in the door! I’m telling you, Sue, he wants you to catch him. I sure wouldn’t mind laying there with my cock out and have Jane walk in on me! I’d love to slide my cock between those tits of hers!' 'Really', Sue asked with some onriness in her tone, 'I think I’d like to watch that show from out here sometime, too.' 'I’m telling you, Sue, you had better get in there. You can tell that he is really wound tight.' Sue was convinced that I was serious and I think she was convinced, also, that she was serious about going in there. I continued, 'If he doesn’t invite you in you’ll be able to come back out here and watch him shoot his load. I still say that you’ll get in and he’ll let you shoot it for him!' Sue was squeezing my cock hard and then suddenly let go and said, 'Okay, I’m going before I change my mind.' Sue went up on the porch and entered the kitchen. The light went on and then I heard her getting ice out of the refrigerator and preparing the tea. My cock was throbbing and twitching as I anticipated the show that I was about to witness. A few minutes went by. Just then, a knock on his door. The skin on my cock almost split down the length of my hardness! Buddy hit STOP on the VCR and it changed to the weather station on regular television. Then he flipped the sheet to cover the lower half of his body. I almost laughed out loud because his hard-on made him look like he was under a tent. I could actually see the outline of the head if his rod against the sheet as it stood straight up. It was now Show Time! 'Yes?' he said. I could hear Sue’s voice, 'Buddy, is there anything that I can get for you? I brought you down a glass of iced tea.' Buddy said, 'Come in. I could use some iced tea about now.' Sue entered the room and approached the side of the bed. My heart was pounding. I’m actually watching my wife in the same room and within inches of a totally naked man only partly covered with a sheet. Buddy’s cock was still erect and even twitched a few times and the action caught Sue’s attention. He knew he was giving a show and now I knew for sure that Buddy hadn’t changed a bit. Sue stood against the bed and handed Buddy the tea. Then she said, 'There must really be some exciting weather coming our way.' As she was saying that she grabbed the remote and pushed PLAY and with the other hand flipped the corner of the sheet to expose Buddy’s cock. The video was now showing another scene with two women and one man. As Sue watched the television she knelt down on her knees at the side of the bed and placed her finger tips on the head of his cock and began lightly and teasingly touching it. His cock was throbbing and so was mine. Sue occasionally looked at the movie and then she suddenly turned and made eye contact with Buddy and commented, 'You must have brought your own movies because this doesn’t look like one of ours.' Buddy said, 'Actually, I brought five movies with me.' 'Really?' Sue’s response and tone gave evidence of her growing confidence in her current adventure. 'You and your little........I mean big friend here must spend a lot of time together, don’t you? I know Tom likes to lay naked and wag his tail at the ladies of video, too.' I was so amazed at how calm and cool Sue was acting. She continued teasing the tip of Buddy’s cock with her finger tips. She was matching her moves with the video and Buddy was starting to show signs of high level arousal. He was gyrating his ass in a circular motion and even let out a little pleasure moan. Buddy asked Sue, 'What do you like about a man’s cock?' Talk about driving me crazy! He continued, 'Come on, tell me. I love to hear a woman talk about cock.' 'I like to watch a soft one grow tall and firm,' she started. I like to feel the soft skin on a hard cock. I like to pump one and stop just before it cums. I like to feel a cock’s belly on my tongue. I like to ride a worked up, throbbing cock like a cowgirl. I like when we have company staying at our house who 'tips' with a shiny , slick 'love stick.' It was clear that Buddy got more answer than he thought he’d get and even clearer that Sue was driving him to the edge. Then I centered my thoughts on what I was watching. Buddy was completely undressed and Sue was completely dressed. I can’t explain the extra arousal that this was giving me. Then Sue stood up and said, 'I’ll be right back in a couple of minutes. Don’t pump that thing off yet because we aren’t finished. Several minutes went by and Buddy was now sitting up on the edge of the bed still watching the video. He couldn’t hide his anticipation. It was all over his face. Finally Sue returned to the room and I could hardly believe my eyes. Sue was totally naked. The light from the television was the only light in the room and as it flickered it created quite an erotic effect. Sue came over to were Buddy was sitting and stood with her pussy right in front of his face. His cock was wagging like a happy puppies tail. Sue pushed on Buddy’s shoulders instructing him to lie back down. She knelt down beside him again and with one hand she grabbed hold of his shaft and with the other began messaging his balls. The hand on his cock she slid down to the base and then she leaned over and began circling the head with her tongue. She continued to surprise and amaze me. I never would have dreamed that I would like this so much. Buddy was moving his ass again in a circular motion and moaning louder. Sue suddenly brought both of her hands to her tits, holding them, and she began moving her head up and down sucking Buddy’s cock. This was something that I knew she was doing for me. She knows I like watching her do that to me. This was the point when Buddy started taking charge of the show. Buddy reached down and picked up Sue’s lower body as if she were light as a feather and placed her on top of him in the 69 position. He shot his head between her thighs and now Sue was letting out the moans of glad tidings. Now Sue was grinding her ass in a circular motion as she at the same time kept swallowing Buddy’s rod. They both kept a steady rhythm for several minutes with one or the other letting out pleasure groans. Buddy pulled his head out and then reached across the bed and pulled something out from under the pillow. It was a dildo that actually looked like a large penis. Sue didn’t know what was going on yet. Without Sue expecting it, buddy started easing the head of the love toy into Sue’s pussy. He made little jerky in and out motions and twisted it at the same time. Sue was really making some noise now as she was trying to force her body towards it so that it would penetrate her more. Buddy kept teasing her by not letting it go all the way in. I was wondering if Sue was thinking about the times I’ve told her about my fantasies of seeing her take on two cocks at the same time. Buddy gradually fed her more and more of the rubber rod and she took it all with a vengeance. Then he started pumping her with it. I could tell every time that Sue had an orgasm. Sue began moving her body back and forth controlling the stroke of the cock in her pussy as well as the one in her mouth. Sue raised her upper body and grabbed Buddy’s cock with her right hand and began pumping it forcefully. Then she suddenly let go so that she could watch it bounce and throb. She started stroking it again with long accurate strokes. Buddy starts twitching and jerking and Sue lets go again. A few quick sucks and she grabs it again and resumes her pumping. Buddy was really howling a tune now. I probably would have been able to hear him all the way down my back yard by the fence! This time Sue was not letting go. She pumps and twists her hand on his stick. Buddy keeps feeding her the dong in her pussy. They both begin screaming at the same time as Buddy shots a load of cum almost twelve inches straight up in the air. His body jerking wildly and he is shining in sweat. Sue collapsed on top of him and then rolled over to his side. For a few minutes more they were silent but continued stroking each others nakedness. Sue got up and said, 'I’ll be back in a minute.' When she returned she had a sweat suit on and was carrying a towel. She sat on the side of the bed and helped Buddy wipe off. She wiped his joy stick and he did everything else. She remained sitting on the bed beside Buddy as he laid on his back still naked with his cock resting back on his belly half limp. They were talking but I couldn’t make out their conversation. As they talked Sue lightly messaged Buddy’s balls and occasionally gave a single pet of her hand up his manhood. Then she would return to his balls and again gently knead them with her finger tips. He appeared very comfortable laying there with both his hands behind his head. The talking and ball messaging went on for about ten minutes. Then they began laughing and agreeing about something. Sue started to stand up but first leaned over and ran her tongue up the length of his cock to the head. Then she gave a last squeeze with her hand around his shaft and then started walking towards the door with a noticeable grin on her face. She opened the door and as she turned to pull it shut she gave a quick glance towards the window where she knew that I was standing and she was still wearing her grin. I started to walk away from my 'peeping' spot and trying to get my cock back in my pants. It had been hard for the entire hour and a half that this show had been going on. I entered the house and heard Sue in the shower. I made noticeable noise to make it sound downstairs like I had just gotten home. I went into the bathroom and removed my clothing and got into the shower with Sue. I told her, 'I just made some noise at the front door to make it sound like I just came.' Sue quickly and wittingly replied, 'Buddy just made a lot of noise when he came, too.' We both started laughing. 'I know', I said, 'I saw the whole show'. Sue looked a little concerned and asked, 'Were you okay with it?' I motioned for her to look down. She saw my hard-on sticking straight out. She grinned and put both her arms around my neck and pressed her tits into my chest and her pussy against the head of my throbbing prick. 'Tell me the truth, Sue, was that good cock?' I asked. 'Mmmmmm', she moaned, 'It was really good. You two are similar in a lot of ways, even your cocks. Yet, there was a difference too. His cock felt good in my hand and it taste so good that I almost sunk my teeth into it. I really wanted to climb up on top of him and sit down slowly and feel his knob enter my pussy a tiny bit to feel him throbbing in me. Then I wanted to slid the rest of the way down to let him fill me. I didn’t go that far though because I didn’t know how far was too far.' I motioned again for her to look down. 'I don’t have to look down', she said, 'I can feel the happy fellow’s head bagging between my thighs.' I shut off the water and as we were drying off I said to her, 'I must admit, however, I am a little curious about that talk session the two of you had at the end. I couldn’t make out anything that you both were saying.' She said, 'Well, Buddy and I both agreed that it would be a shame to waste the last two days of their visit with us. So while we were thinking of a way to get you and Jane together for some adventurous fun we figured out a flawless plan.' 'And what might this plan be?' I asked, showing obvious interest on my expression. 'Remember the other day when we were all having lunch together and you were telling Buddy and Jane about the bike trails that we often go to? Well, Buddy said that Jane loves doing that sort of stuff and that tomorrow is the one day that all she has is an evening class. She’ll have the whole day free. We’ll think of a reason why I can’t go Buddy said that he did want to look up a few of his old school friends. Besides, we only have two bikes.' 'Buddy said that he was sure of it', Sue said. 'He said that just on a couple of occasions he and Jane were involved in a threesome and one time a foursome. Turns out that they have enjoyed it with people they were comfortable with. And apparently he has shared many of the adventure stories about you and him when you both were growing up and those stories got her as interested and curious as they did me.' We walked out of the bathroom and went straight to our bedroom and shut the door. As Sue reached for her PJ's off of the closet door I laid down on the bed still naked. My cock standing straight up. When Sue looked she said, 'Ohhhhh Baby, second time tonight I’ve gotten this show.' She dimmed the light and crawled onto the bed. She reached her hand over and wrapped it around my cock and said, 'I want to suck and stroke your cock while I describe to you my experience tonight.' Sue began describing every sensation and feeling that she experienced downstairs just less than a half hour ago. As she stroked and sucked and licked me she described how much she enjoyed the touch and taste of Buddy’s cock. How much she loved the feel of his tongue dancing around her pussy. How much she liked the rubber cock that he used on her. She continued to arouse and tease me using explicit detail along with her experienced hands until I started to twist and jerk and gasp with total pleasure feel myself release a tremendous load of cum straight up into the air. 'Hey', I said, 'You said that there are two days left of their visit and that tomorrow I will be taking Jane out on a bike trail, what our we doing on their last day here?' 'Buddy and I agreed that tomorrow you and Jane are going to have such a great time out on the trail studying nature that you both will both quickly agree that on our last night together the four of us should all get together.' Sue was really blowing my mind. Everything she did tonight took me beyond all expectations that I might of had. I think that I have created a monster! The Next Day Morning seemed to come quickly and I was pleased as I looked out the window to see early signs of what appeared to be the makings of a beautiful day. I quickly shaved and dressed and went out to the garage to install the bike carrier on the back of the car . When I entered the kitchen I was surprised to see Sue and Jane already sitting at the table sipping on coffee. 'Boy!', I said. 'That really smells good.' Sue got up and poured me a cup as I sat down at the table. Jane appeared dressed and ready to go. Sue returned to the table and said, 'Tom, I wasn’t going to make breakfast because I thought maybe Jane would like that little country restaurant that we always stop at when we go riding.' 'Good idea, Sue.' I continued, 'Jane, I don’t know what your breakfast habits are but this little restaurant will really get you filled and energized for a full day of riding.' Jane replied, 'Sounds great. I’m really excited about this. When I got home last night Buddy told me what was planned and I just couldn’t wait for morning. These classes cram so much information into such a short time that my brain is short circuiting! I will really enjoy going out on one of those trails away from everything else.' Sue responded, 'That’s probably the best way to describe it. We are in the middle of the week and hardly anyone else will be on those trails. I’ve even taken advantage of such days to work on my tan lines and full tan.' Wow !!! I couldn’t believe Sue said that so casually and I just tried to act like it went through one ear and out the other. However, Jane did reply to Sue’s statement, ' Ouuuu, that sounds neat, but I don’t really have any tan lines to work on but more tan does sound good.' No tan lines !?!? Wow, Jane has a great tan. I was getting suspicious if they were plotting but at the same time I knew Sue’s way of sliding in the power of suggestion. As we were getting up from the table to leave Sue hands me the backpack and water bottles and instructs me, 'I put some snack foods in there and also, Jane, I packed that oil you said that you wanted to try.' Mmmmm, sounds like there WILL be some tanning today. We proceeded to the car and Jane instructed Sue, 'Buddy said he would like up around 8:30 and that you don’t have to worry about breakfast. He’s really not a breakfast person and he wanted to get on with his plans of looking up a few school friends' 'Okay', Sue responded. 'You two have fun and watch out for those big wild things that prowl out in the wilderness.' I turned and saw Sue grinning at me. We drove to the little country restaurant and had a good time discussing were we were going and what we would be doing. Jane was very attractive even now wearing a sweat suit and totally covered she had a very sexy appearance about her. I had already committed my brain to think that this was just a day for bike riding and nothing else. If something else happens, fine. Unfortunately, at the same time, I’m fantasizing about Jane the whole time we are eating. We continued our drive for another thirty-five minutes to the trail parking lot. It was as Sue suggested, deserted. As I unloaded the bikes Jane stood on the passenger side of the car with the door open and removed her sweat suit. Her back was to me as she pulled the sweatshirt up over her head. Ooohh Baby, I thought to myself when I saw that she was wearing one of those crop tops that are cut short to expose the midsection. Then she bent over to remove her sweatpants and while doing so totally exposed her breasts while reaching towards her ankles. When she stood back up I saw that she was also wearing a pair of loose fitting nylon shorts. Ooohh Yum Yum. I could feel my shorts tightening and now no longer needed my imagination to wonder what those lovely things looked like. I continued as if I hadn’t seen a thing. What an acting job that was ! Jane mounted her bike and I removed my shirt and then placed it in the back pack before putting it on. I placed a full water bottle into the brackets on both bikes. The sun was climbing and this was going to be a postcard day. I was dumbfounded. As we began pedaling toward the entrance of the bike trail I purposely looked and noticed how Jane’s posture on the bike allowed a bottom view of her tits. She had to be aware and yet totally unconcerned. Our conversation was about the beautiful day and beautiful forest setting. We continued our journey for several miles stopping only briefly now and then to observe some wildlife. While riding I stayed to Jane’s left and as much as possible let her a half bike length ahead of me. What a show !! I enjoyed every bump and especially the back and forth swaying of her breasts that coordinated with her pedaling motion. If you could have examined my brain you would have thought that this was the first time I ever saw a woman ! After going a few more mile markers we decided to stop for awhile for a short rest. We figured this would be a nice spot because it was at a beautiful overlook. I was surprised at how good of shape Jane was in. I hadn’t thought at all that we would put this much mileage on. Jane really appeared to be enjoying it. We grabbed our water bottles and found a spot to sit down. We sat across from each other and agreed of how good a workout this has been. Jane sat with her legs straight forward and was leaning back on her left elbow. As she raised her water bottle for a drink with her right hand she totally exposed her right tit. After taking a drink she looked in the direction of the valley and said, 'Boy, I really like the view'. Spontaneously I responded, ' So do I'. Jane quickly looked straight at me and grinned. Jane reminded me so much of Buddy just last night when I dared Sue to go into his room. {Read previous story: Easing into Swing}. Buddy enjoyed showing himself to a woman and having her respond. Now Jane seems to be doing the same thing. 'Where is our final destination?', Jane asked 'About three and a half miles further', I responded. 'It is a place similar to this only nicer. There are a couple hiking trails and one goes to an overlook that is above a river and railroad tracks. We’ve made such good time getting here that we can probably hang out there for a least two hours' 'Wow, sounds great. The idea of hiking sounds good, too. We’ll be able to stretch out', Jane announced. The next few miles went by quickly. We arrived at the rest area where there were some facilities and a place to park and lock the bikes. We did so and also grabbing our gear I pointed to Jane the hiking trail to head for. It was a well used trail and rated probably semi-rugged and sometimes steep. We reached the spot of the overlook and Jane was speechless. We went out onto a huge rock and took in the view. Below us was the river and on the other side the railway. I opened the backpack and removed my poncho liner which was a lightweight blanket and spread it on the rock surface. Jane went over to the edge and sat down. I went over and joined her. We talked awhile and then she placed her hand on my shoulder and said, 'Wow, you’re getting a little red from the sun. Let me get that lotion that Sue packed for us. When Jane returned she sat down behind me with her legs stretching out on either side of me. She squirted some lotion on her hands and began gently rubbing it in my shoulders. 'Feel good?' She asked. 'OH yeah' I responded. After my response she reached her hands around my sides under my arms and began putting the lotion on my chest. In doing so her chest was snug against my back and I could tell without a doubt that she had very craftily removed her top. The flesh on flesh of her breasts upon my back felt so good. My head was spinning a little from the disbelief of what was happening. 'How does that feel'? she asked and with a little more teasing detectable in her voice. I responded, ' That feels even better.' Jane continued applying the lotion when in the distance we could hear a train whistle. Jane jumped up and while standing totally topless said with an exciting voice, 'How long until it gets here?' I told her that we had about three to five minutes. She quickly went to the backpack and removed her camera. I didn’t even know it was there. She started looking for different angles to take a picture. I thought that maybe she had never seen a train before. She next handed me the camera and said, 'Here, you stand over here and take a picture of me watching the train.' Just as the train was coming around the bend, Jane stooped down and grabbed her top. Instead of putting it on she started jumping up and down and waving it like a flag! She kept saying to me, 'Not yet, not yet.' As she continued to jump and wave her shirt the train began blowing it’s horn. When that happened she slid her flimsy nylon shorts off and stood totally naked with her ankles wide apart and her hands on her hips. The train horn kept sounding it’s approval. Jane yells out, 'Take the picture. Take the picture!' I snapped off a picture and realized how good a picture it would be. The back view of Jane’s naked body waving at a train some fifty yards away with someone’s arm reaching out from the train waving. As the train disappeared Jane turned to face me and enjoyed my expression as I looked at her. She did have a full tan and her pussy was totally shaved. Now that was a first for me. Jane walked over to the blanket and laid down with her back side up and she said, 'Now you put some on me.' I began applying the lotion on her back and gradually worked my way to her ass. It felt good touching it and I thought my cock was about to burst out through my pants. I continued down each leg and then she turned over exposing to me her front side. She looked straight up into my eyes enjoying the sight of arousal upon my face. She took the bottle of lotion from my hand and said, 'Please show me how excited you are!' I stood up and loosened my shorts and removed my shorts and underwear at the same time. My cock sprang forward and bounced and throbbed. The air felt so incredibly good and I was enjoying the fact that now I was also totally naked standing in front of Jane. Jane motioned me to kneel back down beside her. As I did she gently wrapped her right hand around my cock and steered me closer. With the other hand she handed me the lotion again. I continued applying the lotion to the front of her and taking my time and enjoying it to the fullest. Jane’s eyes were closed while I rubbed in the lotion ever so gently and she massaged my balls with my hard on resting on her wrist. She opened her eyes and while looking straight into my face said, 'Is it okay that we don’t have sex?' Not wanting to ruin the rapid progress that has been made, I said, 'Sure, I’m okay with that.' Now is when the dialog really opened up. We both seemed so at ease. Jane kept looking to watch me as I viewed her body and she would run her eyes over me as well. She broke the silence, 'I want to share an experience with you that is as good as sex, believe it or not.' 'Sounds great to me', I said with my voice cracking some. Jane begins talking while we continue looking at each other and massaging each other. 'You know?' she says, 'We are not the only two people who knows what is happening out here. Sue knows and so does Buddy'. I’m speechless but just in case she holds a finger to here lips for me to be quiet and listen. 'Are you aware of what happened last night?' I shrug my shoulders. 'Come on now', she says. 'Do you know?' I shake my head yes and when I started to say something she quickly held her finger up to her lips for me not to say a word. 'You’ll get your chance to talk but right now just me.' Jane continued, 'Buddy told me last night that Sue visited him in his room for over an hour.' I shook my head in agreement. 'Ouuuuh, so Sue told you about it?' I shook my head ‘no’. 'Ouuuh, so then you must have caught them.' I shook my head ‘no’. ' Hmmmmmm, I wonder how else you could have known?' I quickly and uncontrollably responded, 'I watched the whole thing.' Jane quickly reached up and placed her finger on my lips to be silent but at the same time showed signs of increased excitement upon hearing what I said. She began messaging my cock more passionately. 'So', Jane said, 'You saw everything that happened? How?' She motioned for me to speak. 'Well', I started, 'Sue was in the back yard and saw Buddy’s light on and she went over to investigate and caught him naked and entertaining himself. To make a long story short Sue decided that she wanted to go in with him and I gave her my approval but that I could watch. Sue agreed. The rest is history but they sure did give me a show to remember!' Jane was showing extreme signs of excitement and her grip on me tightened. 'Wow, to bad we couldn’t have watched that show together', she said. Continuing she said, 'Let me fill you in on something.' As she began talking I laid down beside her and we continued touching each other and both enjoying it. 'Well', she began, 'Buddy and I have a unique arrangement. We have extremely good sex together but we both have the same weakness. We both like to fool around. We have only had sex with other people only a couple of times and when we do it is with both of us present. It would be a threesome or on one occasion we were with another couple and we traded partners and had sex in the same room with dim lighting so that all four of us could watch everything. It is a turn on for both of us to watch each other turn someone else on. I love watching Buddy drive a girl crazy and he persuades me sometimes to please a guy. It is always with people that we both agree upon. But there have been times when we each have fooled around on our own but we have always told each other when we did. That’s part of the turn on for us. While I’m describing an encounter that I had, Buddy goes down on me and buries his head between my thighs and drives me to such a level that it would be impossible for me to leave out any parts of the story. He wants me to describe everything we did and what I liked and what the guy’s cock was like. The more I tell him the better he likes it.' 'And when he fools around', she continued. 'He tells me all about the girl and her physical features and how she loved his cock and begged him to use it on her. But we have always saved going that far for both of us to enjoy at the same time. My wildest experience was when we had a threesome with another guy and I took on two cocks at the same time. The other guys name was Tony and to Buddy’s surprise I out did both of them. And do you want to know a little secret, Tom?' 'Sure', I said. Jane said, 'Well, Sue and I have had some talks this week and we both have the same interests and she even asked me to share some of the escapades Buddy and I have done together. She was most interested in taking on two cocks and said that many times you told her that you would like her to. She just doesn’t know how serious you are. You and Buddy could really help her decide if a threesome is what she would like. Buddy already told me he would like it. If when we start, Sue becomes a little backward, maybe she could watch you, me and Buddy get it on. I’d like that. I’m past due, myself , for a threesome.' Jane proceeded with even more, 'Sue also told me things about you that totally surprised me as to how much you two and Buddy and I are alike. She said you both like masturbating in front of each other. That you both like masturbating each other while watching videos. She even told me that anytime she masturbates privately that she does while fantasizing about you with another woman getting it on.' Jane started to stand up and while doing so held me down. She stood straddling me with a foot on each side of my hips. 'Wrap your hand around your cock', she instructed. When I did so she placed her hand over her inviting pussy. We both started massaging ourselves without even realizing at first that we were even doing it. What a fantastic view I had looking up at her naked body above me. I raised up bringing my face to her pussy and began searching her with my lips and tongue. She moaned and also held the back of my head firm and steady. After a few minutes she pushed on my shoulders for me to lie back down. Jane then bent her knees and stooped down and sat her bare ass on my thighs. Her pussy and my cock were actually touching each other. She wrapped her hand around my loaded cannon and began messaging it against her love entrance. I was wanting her to give in to the desire and let me enter her if only for a brief moment but she somehow remained disciplined to her agreement with Buddy. Her expressions were telling me that she was as aroused and full of erotic thoughts as well as I was. 'You see', Jane said, 'it’s like the old saying, ‘The journey is as much of the adventure as reaching the goal’.' 'What do you mean?' I asked. 'Foreplay', she answered. 'One of the most erotic parts of making love is anticipating and fantasizing your way through your desires before you even actually do anything. The biggest sex organ in the body is the brain.' 'Would you like to feel your cock enter me and drive me insane', she asked breathing heavy and speaking almost too loud not to be heard if someone were near by. 'I know you do, don’t you?' 'Oh yes', I said. 'I want to fuck you all day.' Jane moaned even more hearing that. She continued to press my cock against her bare pussy and stroked my cock with long firm strokes. She said, 'I heard that Buddy really liked this last night , let’s see how you do.' Jane pumped me as I looked up at her full nudity which stimulated me to peak performance. I started to jerk beneath her as I shot my full load up onto her stomach. 'Mmmmm Baby', she said teasingly. 'But if I want to catch up with Sue I need to suck this thing before Buddy and I leave to go home.' 'Tomorrow night sounds good to me,' I said. 'Will you let Buddy please Sue the same ways you want to please me', she asked. 'As long as Sue is okay with it so am I and I think last night showed me that Sue is more than ready', I answered her. 'This is new territory for Sue as well as myself and we both seem as excited to try something. We’ve always fantasized about this stuff and until last night and also today is the first that we have ever done anything.' Jane responded, 'Sue and I already talked about it. We both agreed that tomorrow night you and Buddy are going to take us out to wine and dine us. Then we’re heading back to your house where we are going to cross over the line from foreplay to you two guys feeding us girls some serious cock all night long !! Then the following morning Buddy and I will be heading back to Philadelphia' 'Wow', I replied. 'I think Buddy and I ought to let you girls do all the planning from now on.' We gathered up our stuff and got dressed and made our way down the hiking trail to the bikes. We started the bike ride back in the direction of the car and continued our conversation all the way back concerning our new adventure that we shared today. We began planning what we would like to do tomorrow night when the four of us get it on together on the last night. Jane even started planning for Sue and I to come to Philadelphia to visit her and Buddy. When we arrived back to the car we started loading the bikes. Jane was wiping her neck with a towel with her arm in the air giving me another look at one of those nice tits. 'Hey', I said. 'How are you going to get that picture developed?' Jane looked at me and grinned. 'Buddy develops film as a hobby and I’m going to have him make you an 8X10 of me waving at the train.' The Following Day Friday morning at 8:45 Jane was on her way to the university for the final class of her seminar. At 1 PM she finished, came home with certificate in hand and told Sue she felt like doing a few hours shopping. The two of them left for the mall in our car because Buddy was in the middle of washing and waxing their car. I was taking advantage of the time to get a few Saturday chores done a day early. I had taken this whole week off and it turned out to be one of the best vacations I’d ever taken and didn’t have to travel anywhere. Among my assigned chores were to hose off the back patio and wipe down the lawn furniture. As I was doing so I was standing only a few feet away from the window where I had the peep show of Sue and Buddy two nights ago . I came to a full erection as I thought my way through what I had watched them do. Then my mind went on to reminisce about yesterday out on the bike trail with Jane. Rubbing sun oil over every inch of her voluptuous naked body. My hands started aching with a desire to do it again. I thought about the incredible hand job that she gave me. Stroking me and working me to an eruption of love lather that sent my hips bucking like a bronco. After my chores were finished I called Janice to make some reservations. Janice and Scott are really good friends of ours. Scott is a supervisor at a telemarketing company and travels a lot. Janice inherited her family run Greek restaurant and runs it with the help of a few college students who work part time for her. Her and Scott live above the restaurant. Janice is not part of the plans for tonight but she definitely is fantasy material. I’ve never heard anything about her and Scott doing anything on the daring side except for one time when they catered a bachelor party for some other friends and she jumped out of the cake topless and wearing a pair of white short shorts. Then she lap danced on the groom. From what I heard Scott really liked it. Wish I would have seen it for myself. When Jane and Sue returned home the four of us got together to make our game plan. I said, 'Hey, guys, we’ve been doing ribs and steaks outback all week so I went ahead and made reservations at a Greek restaurant.' 'Oh, good idea,' Sue said. 'Jane, you two will love this place. We know the people that run it and they have a great menu. Tom and I usually get a salad that’s loaded with all kinds of stuff and a sampler bread tray to dip in olive oil.' 'Mmmmm', Buddy and Jane responded at the same time. 'Good, sounds like we’ve agreed, ' I declared. 'Reservations are at 7 PM'. Around 6 PM Buddy and I were ready and went out on to the patio to relax and wait on the girls. Buddy looked at me a little concerned and said, 'Tom, are you okay with everything so far?' 'Oh yes', I answered, 'and I think from the vibes I’m getting that Sue is okay also.' 'Good', Buddy continued , 'I guess we’re in unanimous agreement. I think this will be a good night for all of us. Don’t feel pressured. You can bail out anytime you want. This is just stuff that Jane and I have done on a few occasions and really enjoy it. When anyone becomes uncomfortable we’ll stop.' 'It’s been a good experience for Sue and I so far as well', I said. 'We’ve always talked and teased each other about it for quite some time but never, until now, persuade swapping partners or having a three or foursome.' Just then both Sue and Jane appeared on the patio and both our jaws dropped. They were both wearing flirty and revealing sun dresses and quite obvious that might be all they had on. Their nipples were pressing against the material and the dress allowed free movement of their breasts that only poetry could describe. 'My, my', Jane said. 'They can’t even talk. Wonder what their thinking?' Sue replied, 'Their thinking what every man thinks when he sees a woman wearing a sun dress or short skirt. They’re wondering if we have panties on or not.' 'You’re right, Sue', Jane said. 'Think we ought to show them if we are or not?' Sue returned, 'No, not right away. They might bypass taking us out and just attack us now on the spot.' Jane continued, 'Right again Sue, I think that when we came out here we turned three pounds of raw meat into ten pounds of hard meat! We must be magicians !' They both laughed. Sue said, 'Yeah, but the real magic show will be later when I make that ten pounds of hard meat disappear!' 'Alllllllllright,' Jane said loudly. This was reinforcing my satisfaction in knowing that Sue was comfortable, confident and willing to continue with something that also had me very thrilled. I looked at Buddy and said through my teeth so he could hear, 'I think Sue is ripe and ready to be picked.' Buddy returned a nod to me. We headed for the car and proceeded to the restaurant. As we drove off I became even more aroused thinking about everything. Here we were; all four of us on the same consensual wave length that promised to produce an extremely erotic finale to a full week of progressive excitement. We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by Janice. We made the proper introductions and then Janice said, 'Tom, it’s a good thing Sue called me back and filled me in on your reservation that you made this morning. Sue, since this is a special occasion I’m going to seat you all out back on our deck. Scott is out of town inspecting a sister marketing firm up in Pennsylvania. So go ahead and use anything you want and stay as late as you like.' 'Sounds great', Sue responded Janice led us out and when we all came in view of their deck we responded in unison, 'Wow !' Privacy fence! Dim lit lanterns! Wet bar! Just the four of us! And a HOT TUB ! Janice took our orders and personally became our waitress. She was quite a dish to be looking at as well. Her little black skirt and ruffle white blouse cut down nice and low in the front helped to add to the erotic atmosphere that we were all enjoying. We were all having a wonderful time. Great food! The best of wine! Unbelievable selection of breads and dips! Beautiful, warm summer night! Good conversation! Two DELICIOUS looking women! And two massive hard-on's waiting to be released from their cages! Three hours had gone by and the restaurant had been closed since nine but Janice had reminded us again that we had no curfew. She practically insisted that we stay late. 'Well Sue', Jane started, 'do you suppose that we should settle their curiosity.' 'I think so', Sue replied. With that they both stood up and removed their little short sun dresses which left them both standing wearing only a tiny little triangular thong that matched their dresses. They both seemed so bold and confident and enjoying what they were doing with teasing smiles on their faces. Buddy and I applauded. I’ve always had an extreme appreciation of women who like to show themselves off and then allow a guy to make that eye to eye acknowledgment. Jane stepped over behind Sue and knelt down. She reached up and tucked her thumbs under the thin strings of Sues thong and started pulling it down revealing her partially shaved pussy. Chills went through me as I looked at her looking good at feeling good. Then Sue got down behind Jane and removed her thong to divulge her totally shaved cock pleaser. Oh how good they looked! They walked over and stood right before us and Sue said, 'We girls want to get into the water but we need some life guards.' With that Buddy stood up and I followed his lead as we removed our cloths. Sue’s eyes devoured Buddy’s cock when it sprang out. She knew she could react freely in front of me. The moment of truth had finally arrived. The four of us were all standing together naked sharing the same excitement and desire. I had wondered if I would be shy and timid but as it turned out I was loving it and now considering it as a bliss. The warm breeze blowing on me along with Jane’s stare was almost enough to make me cum right then on the spot Fantasizing such an event is one thing but to experience it in reality is so exquisite and beyond description by my limited vocabulary. We climbed into the hot tub and sat about fifteen minutes talking and savoring what was happening. Buddy was across from me and Jane and Sue were across from each other. Jane reached out both her hands through the water and grabbed a cock in each hand. Both our cocks respond to her touch. I couldn’t help noticing how Sue studied every move that Jane made. Sue was a good student eager to learn. 'You know what?' Jane remarked, 'Sue told me that she has never had two cocks at the same time and I think you guys ought to give her an opportunity to satisfy her curiosity.' Buddy and I both stood up and stood in front of Sue making the water below hip level. Jane stood up behind us and placed her left hand on my ass and her right hand on Buddy’s. Each hand moved squeezing us while at the same time coaxing us to move closer towards Sue. Sue, still seated in the water, reached her right hand towards me and wrapped her hand around my cock and then leaned in towards it and started licking the head of my throbbing joy stick. Then with her left hand grabbed Buddy’s rod and leaned over in his direction and began licking and lightly sucking him. Sue was showing increased signs of stimulation and excitement as her grip tightened on me. She slowly stroked me as she sucked on Buddy and then began to alternate. Jane had since moved her hands under and between our legs so that she could fondle our balls. What sensation it was all producing! Sue released her grip from both of us and scooted her butt up onto the decking with her legs still dangling in the water. She spread her legs apart and Jane gave Buddy a little push to move in. Buddy started kissing his way up Sue’s thighs until he made contact with her love opening. I climbed out of the tub and knelt down beside Sue and began kissing her and touching her tits. She let herself lay down and then pulled her feet out of the water so that her knees were still spread and positioned up. As I continued to kiss her I could feel her breath hot and she was partially gasping. Jane came and knelt down on the other side of Sue and said in Sue’s ear, 'Sue, the love gods are here and they want to grant you a wish. Their magic wands possess wondrous powers to fulfill your secret desires. Do you have a wish?' Breathing heavily Sue responded, 'Yes, tell them to never stop.' Jane moved over next to me and started teasing my hard on with her hand while I still had my face near Sue’s. Sue whispered to me as she got a glimpse of Jane’s hand on my cock, 'Tom, Buddy’s tongue feels so good. I want you to do the same thing to Jane. Would you do it so that I can see?' Jane eagerly laid herself down on her back and spread her legs wide open. Her shaved and open pussy looked so good and I wanted to memorize it in my mind. 'Do it, Tom, go down on her', Sue begged. 'Lick her hot pit and satisfy her need.' I went up between her silk smooth thighs with my face and aimed right for her love opening. Mmmmm, she tasted so good and my ears were enjoying the sounds of escalating pleasure coming from both girls. Jane placed both of her hands on my head and occasionally lightly squeeze her thighs against my head. In the past Sue and I only occasionally performed oral sex but I could tell now that was all going to change. The taste of Jane along with feeling her body respond to my flicking tongue and watching Buddy have the same control over Sue was driving me to another level of sexual desire. Sue was arching her back and pushing her ass up off the deck as if assaulting Buddy’s tongue. This had to have gone on for fifteen minutes at which time we all climbed back into the hot tub. 'This is incredible', I said. 'Are you girls still okay with it?' They looked at me somewhat surprised that I would even ask. Jane looked at Sue and said, 'Sue, Let me watch Buddy enter you doggie style and then I want you to suck Tom at the same time.' Sue immediately, as if obeying Jane’s command under hypnosis, climbed out and got into position. Buddy followed her and knelt down behind her. By then Jane and I came over to them were I laid down in front of Sue trying to position myself to also watch. Sue immediately started sucking and pumping my cock slow and firmly. Jane took Buddy’s cock in her hand and began wetting it down in her mouth. Then she guided Buddy’s missile in closer and closer until the head of his cum rod touched Sue’s entrance. Sue quivered and let out a sigh. Jane moved Buddy’s cock in a circular motion until shortly Sue’s juices flowed. Sue’s hips were jerking and she was trying to push herself towards Buddy so that she could devour his bait. Jane pushed on Buddy’s back directing him to enter Sue’s canal. Sue let out a yell of delight . It was now official; Sue has had her first threesome or as she would say 'made two cocks disappear.' Hell, this was my first threesome, too!!! Nothing could compare to it. Jane stood up and she looked at me as I watched her walk seductively over towards the table were we ate earlier. When Jane got to the table she spread her beautiful legs apart and laid her upper body down on the table with her ass aimed at me. Sue was able to see what was going on and said to me, 'I think there is another pussy here that needs some attention. I think that you should go and provide it to repay her for the ride I’m getting. Oh, Tom, Buddy’s cock is so delicious and feels sooooo good. I want to watch you make Jane feel as good.' As I approached her she stood back up again and whispered in my ear with her body touching mine, 'This is how I want you to fuck me, while I’m bent over the table. I’ve wanted your cock so much ever since I got my hands on it yesterday. But before you slide it into my hungry pussy I want to suck it with my hungry mouth.' It was incredible. I remained standing and Jane knelt in front of me and gave me such pleasure and sensation that only an experienced master could give. Her hands continually roamed my body as she sucked and stroked me with her throat. I kept glancing at Sue and Buddy as he maintained a steady rhythm. Buddy was emitting sounds that indicated his pleasure and satisfaction also. Jane sucked me with such skill that I had forgotten about Sue and Buddy only twenty-five feet away from us. My senses were going numb and I couldn’t even hear their moaning though I knew they were. Jane sucked and stroked me with her hand at the same time. My cock was swelling and swelling to the point that I knew I was going to cum and then she suddenly stopped and stood up against me. My cock was throbbing like crazy. She was good. She knew how far to take me. My face had to be flushed red and I was sweating also. She grabbed by cock tightly and whispered, 'If you want me to suck out your cum, you and Sue will have to come to Philadelphia to visit us.' I was ready to go gas up the car and get my Pennsylvania road map Right then. While still facing me and holding my cock she pulled it in close to touch her pussy. 'Please fuck me now. Let me feel this thing swell inside of me.' I was amazed at how much under the influence of cock that she was. She needed a fix and now. I turned her around so she could bend over the table again. As she did I came in close to her and made my entry. She was loudly moaning. I entered her slowly and gradually and easily slide in to her passion pit. She was so smooth and warm and I could feel the inside of her squeezing my love stick. I wanted to fuck her hard and cum but at the same time I wanted to pump her slow and gentle and make it last. She lifted herself up onto her elbows and asked me to reach in under her tits. They hung so nice and I allowed them to brush back and forth across my hands as her body responded to the gentle pounding that I was giving her. As I continued pushing myself deeper and deeper into her delightful desire pit I noticed some movement. Over in a darkened corner of the patio I could see that Janice was sitting in a chair watching us. She had her skirt up and was masturbating. I felt my cock jerk wanting also now to please Janice’s eyes as she watched. I continued to look in her direction wanting her to know that I was also enjoying her. Oh man, seems like everything that happens makes the night even better. Suddenly Sue and Buddy hit paydirt. They both started screaming as Buddy must have left loose with a massive load. The commotion stimulated both Jane and I even more to were within a minute I was swelling ever so tight inside of Jane to where we also were nearing climax. As I began to cum Jane and I both began howling and Jane’s legs began to weaken. I held her at least until I finished cumming and then we both fell onto the deck. When we were able to get back up we saw that Sue and Buddy had gotten back into the hot tub. We went over to join them and took with us a bottle of wine that we hadn’t finished. Passing the bottle back and forth we just kept looking at each other and laughing and sighing that reassured each of us that everyone had a great time. Under the water Sue was rewarding my cock with a soft message. I think Jane was doing the same to Buddy. I looked over to the darkened corner and saw that Janice was gone and that now there were lights on upstairs in her apartment. Here I am involved in a foursome and find myself briefly fantasizing about Janice. Wow, I must have gotten a bad case of the pussy virus. 'You know?' Jane broke the language barrier. 'Buddy and I would really like for you two to come up to Philadelphia sometime and visit us.' Buddy was nodding agreement as she spoke. 'This has been so fun and exciting. I loved every moment of it. You two really make good partners.' 'Me too', Sue respond. 'I loved our time together. It would be a shame to let it end here and now.' 'Right on', I said. We gathered our things and straightened up some and Buddy and I pitched in to leave Janice a generous tip on the table. When we got home Buddy and Jane went downstairs to their room holding hands. The four of us were somewhat sad that the week was over but the foursome farewell will live in memory. Not to mention the possibility of a future get together. Sue and I relived the whole evening while we took a shower together. She told me that she wanted to make love through the night or first thing in the morning. We were both still aroused over everything. Before we went to bed I checked the phone answering machine. 'Hey Sue', I said 'Come listen to this.' The message said, 'Hi, Tom and Sue this is Janice. Just wanted you to know that I hope everything went well for your special evening. I want to talk to Scott about inviting you two over some evening for a barbecue and who knows, maybe we’ll get in the hot tub too. Bye' I said, 'Sue, were you aware that Janice was sitting in a dark corner of the patio watching us tonight?' 'You’re kidding?' she said. 'Nope, and I feel pretty sure that she enjoyed the show. I think you ought to call her back tomorrow and say that we accept her invitation.' 'I’ll do it first thing in the morning', she said. We went to bed and kissed and fell into a deep sleep.
  6. Ee decided we would tell you about a night we spent with a couple of male friends of ours. We told you last time about our first time swinging with John and June. In the time since then we have stayed close friends with them and have partied with them on numerous occasions. A few years after the first sexual encounter with John and June we moved out of state when I took another job. We stayed in touch with our friends but unfortunately were not able to visit with them as much as we would have liked to. They were now about a four-hour drive away. We did find time to visit with them and had a few sexual adventures with them. As is always the case with a separation such as this, you do not seem to stay as close as you once were. On one of our visits with them, we found out that June had taken a high paying job on the coast. Her new job was about a two-hour drive from where they lived she would spend the week there and return home on the weekends. We learned this when we called to tell them that we were in the area and to see if they would like to get together for dinner. John was home and said he would love to but June was not home and it would be just the three of us. Well we got together with John, had dinner and our first 3-some with another man. However, as they say “that’s another story”. However, what was noteworthy is that Mia was tremendously excited with the 3-some. She found that she really enjoyed having two men at the same time. After that, if we came down during the weekend, we would get together with John and June and most times, it would end up in us having a 4-some. If we came down during the week, we would get together with John and it would turn into a 3-some. On this one visit, we found ourselves in the area on a Tuesday. We called John and told him that we were in the area and asked if he would like to get together for dinner. It had been about six or eight months since our last visit, John was excited to hear from us. We made arrangements to meet him at his house about 5PM and we would have dinner. When we arrived there was another car in the driveway. We had no idea to whom the car belonged but it was apparent that John was not home alone. I thought that our night of sexual fun might be over before it even had a chance to get started. John met us at the front door with a warm greeting and invited us inside. As we walked inside Dave another long time friend greets me with a warm handshake and Mia with a hug. John picks up his beer and heads to the bar asking us what we would like to drink. It was great to see Dave again. I had not seen him for over a year and a half. After I got my drink, Dave and I set out to catch up on what had taken place in our lives since the last time we saw each other. John asks Mia if she would mind helping him get dinner ready. She and John left for the kitchen doing their own catching up. Dave told me that he and his wife had spit up about six months earlier and he was still kind of down over it. He laughed and said it was not so much loosing his wife that bothered him it was the fact that he was having a hard time finding a woman that would get naked and party with him and his friends. Mia had never been sexually involved with Dave in the past. However, we had been to many of the same parties and some of them had included time in a hot tub. It was just that it had never happened because of timing or what ever. However, this time it just might happen, there was sure starting to be a note of sexual tension in the air. Nobody brought up the subject of sex or I should say, brought up the subject of sex to me. However, as it turned out Mia was doing some talking of her own with both Dave and John during the evening. As it turned out, I was to learn later, John was talking to Mia while they were in the kitchen on how it would be a great idea if she where to put on a show for us all tonight after dinner. After just about everything was ready for dinner, John asked me to come out and help him with the Bar-B-Que. Again I found out later that while John and I were in the back yard, catching up on old times. Mia and Dave were having a drink inside. Talking about what a great idea, it would be if she were to put on a show for us tonight. It had been several months since Mia and I had any “swinging activity”. Our work schedule had kept us on the go for about six months with little time for anything else in our lives. We were definitely in the mood for a little fun. After a few before dinner drinks. This was followed by a great dinner, with some fine wine. I felt this was turning into a great night with some of our best friends. We had planned to spend the night so after dinner I went out to get our suitcases and take them to the guestroom that we would be using. When I brought the suitcases to our room. I noticed that Mia was talking to John in his room and he was showing her something in Junes dresser. When I ask what was going on John said that he was showing Mia some things that he had just bought June. I found out a little later what he was really showing her. However, let us not jump ahead just yet. I came out of our room and into the living room after making a fresh drink. Dave came in a short time later with a fresh drink. When John came into the room, he stopped to put on some music. Both Dave and John were smiling and laughing. There was no mistaking the fact; they were in a good mood about something. I ask where Mia was. John said she should be in shortly. Both John and Dave were giggling like schoolgirls by this time. I knew something was going on but I did not know what it was. I did not have to wait too long to find out what was going on. Mia had taken a quick shower and had changed into some of June’s sexiest things. With fresh makeup on Mia walked into the room wearing a black corset, with a garter belt, nylons and high heal shoes and nothing else. You could have heard a pin drop. There was this lovely woman, in this sexy outfit with no panties showing off her nicely trimmed bush. The corset was the type that did not cover her breast and they were there for everybody to see and admire. What is this I asked, as if I did not know. John told me that he had just bought some sexy clothes for June and had asked Mia to model them for us tonight. To which Mia ask me “what do you think Hon do you like it”. Like it, hell my Levi’s were starting to get way too tight just below the belt buckle. John asked Mia to come over to where he was sitting so he could get a better look. Mia walked over to him and slowly turned around so he could get a real good look at the entire package. As she was standing in front of him, he reached up took one of her nipples between his finger and thumb and rolled it a little. Very nice he said very nice indeed. Dave said, Mia I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that would you mind coming over here and letting me have closer look at it. I wouldn’t mind at all she said and walked over to Dave. Mia slowly turned all the way around in front of Dave, giving him the full view. She stood facing Dave and asks him what he thought of it? He reached out and slowly started rubbing the inside of her thighs. Slowly working his way up to her pussy. Very nice he said as he slowly rubbed her clit. She reached down and rubbed his cock through his jeans and said, 'yes I can see that you enjoy it very much' and with that sly little smile of hers, she walked over to me. Well, what do you think of it she said. As she did that same little turn around in front of me that, she had done to John and Dave. When she stopped, and was facing me I reached up and slowly put a finger into her pussy, which I was not surprised to find, very wet and ready. Very nice indeed I told her. To which she answered, there were a few more outfits that she wanted to model, to get our opinion on. As she was leaving the room she looked over at us and said, you guys look so uncomfortable why don’t you take off those tight jeans and relax a little and I will be right back. Well we didn’t have to be asked twice. When she came back the three of us were sitting in the nude waiting for her. My lovely, straight-laced wife modeled at least six different outfits that night for us. With each, there was a lot of touching and rubbing going on. After the last one, she asked us which, we liked the best. It turned out to be the first one that she had worn. She changed back into that one and came back to join us. While she was changing, John put on an adult video to set the mood. When she came back into the room, she was greeted by a woman on the TV on her hands and knees being fucked doggy style while she was giving head to another man. Dave and I were sitting on the couch. Mia came over and sits down between us. John was sitting in a chair next to us. Mia watched the movie for a few minutes before she looked down at Dave’s cock. Which, by this time was as hard as a rock. Mia gave a little giggle and said Dave you must really enjoy that type of action. Dave’s only answer was, oh yea. Mia reached down and started stroking Dave’s cock. She told him “oh poor baby this must be really painful, would you like me to try to make it feel better. Before Dave had a chance to say anything Mia bent over and took his cock into her mouth. John watched this action for a few minutes before he came over to the couch. He spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy. John then kneeled down and began to eat her pussy and suck on her clit. Mia raised up to catch her breath and said, this is great but if somebody doesn't fuck me soon I am going to die. With Dave on one side of her and me on the other side of her, we picked her up off the couch, placing her on the floor on her hands and knees. John moved behind her and wasted no time sliding his cock into her hungry pussy. Dave and I knelt down in front of her and she took turns going from one cock to the other. I told John after a few minutes not to cum yet, lets take turns fucking her and see how long we can make it last. John pulled out of her and moved around in front of her. Dave replaced him. He did not hesitate to move behind her and slid his cock into her. We must have spent the next 45 minutes taking turns fucking her and having her suck us. Dave was the first one to cum. That is, other than Mia, I know she must have cum five times during the last 45 minutes. Mia brought Dave off while giving him head. John held back a little longer but it wasn’t long until he filled her pussy with a large load of cum. When John slid out of her pussy I moved behind her and slid my cock into her cum filled pussy. I fucked her hard and fast; it wasn’t long before my juices joined Johns in her pussy. We all collapsed on the floor and tried to regain normal breathing again. It had been almost two hours since this whole thing started and we all needed a little rest. After we all started to come back to a normal state again we all went one at a time to the bathroom and cleaned up a little. John got us all a fresh drink. Mia took a few sips of hers and said she needed to freshen up a little. With that, she went into the bathroom to take a quick shower and clean up. About a half an hour later, we heard her come out of the bathroom and go into the guestroom we were using as our room that night. Dave, who had been doing without much sex for the last few months, was starting to feel a little horny again. He looked over at me and asked if I would mind if he and Mia went into one of the bedrooms for a while. I told him I didn’t mind but that was up to Mia. Dave got up, met Mia in the hallway. He asked her if she would like to join him in the bedroom for some more fun and games. To which she said, sure I wouldn’t mind that at all. They went into John’s room, I found out later they found one of June’s dildos and spent an hour playing with each other. When they joined us again in the living room Dave said he would like to stay but he had to get home. He had to work the next day and had animals to feed and care for. Dave got dressed and bid us all a good night. Mia walked him to the door and while standing nude in the doorway gave him a good night kiss. One of the joys of living in the country is not worrying about anybody seeing you standing nude in the front door. She told him not to be a stranger, we would love to have him come and visit us sometime. He told her that as soon as he got some time he would take her up on the offer, that he had really enjoy the evening. By this time both John and I were starting to get the urge again. We both looked over at Mia and smiled that sly little smile that guys have the one that says god I want to fuck you. Mia looked at us and said why don’t we all retire to the bedroom. We spent the next hour fucking her and having her suck us. We had her doggy style, fucking her from behind while she was giving head to the other. Then we would roll her over onto her back. With her head slightly off the side of the bed and while one of us was on top of her the other was standing by the side of the bed with his cock in her mouth. John finally said he was going to bed. He bid us a good night and said he would see us in the morning. Mai told me that she would be right back. She was going to go tuck John in and freshen up a little. When Mia came back to bed, she said thank you Hon I had a great time tonight. I told her that she had to be one of the sexiest women alive. That it was I that should be thanking her. I also told her that her pussy had sure gotten a work out tonight and ask her if it was sore. She said a little but it was worth it. I slid down and got between her legs and said well let me kiss it and make it feel better. With my thumbs I opened the lips of her pussy and exposed her swollen clit. I gently started licking the insides of her pussy lips and flicked my tongue across her clit. For the next half an hour, I gave special attention to the pussy that we had enjoyed so much. Mia came twice in that time and I had her juices flowing down her thighs. I had already cum twice that night and for me twice is a lot. However, after eating her pussy I found my cock getting hard again and ready for even more action. I slid up her body kissing and nibbling my way up. Untill my cock was at the mouth of her pussy. She was so wet that all I had to do was move my hips slightly and my cock slid in by itself. We made slow easy love for a number of minutes. Then started picking up the tempo. She rolled me over, getting on top of me without ever letting my cock slid out of her pussy. She started to increase the pace. Soon she was raising up and slamming her pussy back down on my cock. Although I had cum twice already, I knew I could not last much longer at this pace. Her breathing started to get deeper and faster, I knew she was about to cum again. She slammed her pussy down on my cock and held it there. Trying to push my cock as far into her pussy as it would go. We both came so hard that it was as if it had be the first time of the night. Exhausted we fell asleep in each other’s arms and with my cock still buried deep in her pussy. That is the last thing I remembered that night. The next thing I knew was that sunlight was coming in the window and there was the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen. I got up and after a trip to the bathroom found my robe and made my way to the kitchen. As I came into the kitchen, I found Mia with a towel wrapped around her head. Because her hair was still wet from the shower. That is all she had on and she was sitting on John’s lap, who was also nude at the kitchen table. That is the start of another story for another time.
  7. In our years of swinging, Ann and I had a lot of good times. This one party we went to was one of them. There were several couples there, some that we knew and some that we didn’t know. Jerry and Sharon were a couple that we partied with several times and we always had a good time with them. After a drink or two the party got under way. There were couples fucking on the floor and furniture and in the bedrooms. I was sitting next to Sharon on the couch when it started and I had removed her clothes and she had her back to me with her legs bent forward as I found her pussy with my cock. She liked it like this cause she liked to see other couples fucking while she got fucked. I had my arms around her feeling her clit and tits. She could get off with just a little fucking and I always like to please her. After fucking her for several minutes, I got up to go the bathroom. I walked by a large stuffed chair only to see Ann sitting in it with Jerry on his knees between her legs, moving his cock in and out of her. I looked down at her and said, “Hey man, take good care of my wife.” He said, “Don’t worry, I will” as he pinched her tits. Ann looked up at me and just smiled. She always liked to feel Jerry’s prick in her. There’s something about watching another man’s cock sliding in and out of Ann’s pussy that excites me. The view of a woman standing in the nude, is different cause her pussy is not really in sight, but when she has her legs spread apart with her pussy opened up and a big cock sliding in and out is a lot different. I guess the sight of a pussy is just the most beautiful thing that I ever saw. After passing Ann and Jerry and going down the hall to the bathroom, I passed a bedroom where a gal was laying on the bed playing with herself with no one else in the room. I peeked in and went over to the bed and she didn’t even hear me. I said, “Do you need a little help?” She opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “Sure.” I kneeled on the bed and got on one side of her and reached for her pussy. I rubbed her clit and then put a finger in her hole. She liked it and then I put two fingers in. With the other hand I rubbed her clit. Ann always liked for me to do this to her. She reached for my cock and pulled it to her mouth. I moved around her to get in a 69 position so she could suck it better, not taking my hands off her pussy. She was a good cock sucker as she took just about all my cock. This went on for several minutes and I was just about to get around to fuck her when a guy came in and said, “Damn honey, I’ve been looking for you.” I said, “Hey, my name’s Dave and do you mind if I fuck you lovely wife?” He said, “My name’s Harry and this is my wife Joan, and no I don’t care if you fuck my wife as long as I can watch.” I thought, this guy’s like me, liking to watch his wife get fucked. So I moved around and got between her legs as Harry got up next to the bed to see me rub my cock up and down her slit and then finding her hole and slipped my cock in. Joan let out a little sigh and then told me to fuck her hard. I like to pound a gal if she likes it but not all gals are the same. She locked her legs around my back and her arms around my neck and pulled me in. Harry got up on the bed and tapped his cock on her cheek. He didn’t have a large cock and Joan moved her head over and took in her mouth. She sucked it all in and her lips were against his balls I continued to move my cock in and out of her pussy as she closed her eyes and moaned like hell. Pretty soon she stopped moaning and took her mouth from Harry’s cock and yelled, “Oh man, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Harry reached over and pinched her nipples as this seemed to help her. She continued this for several seconds and then opened her eyes and looked at me and said, “Now, I want to feel your cum in me.” I don’t like for another man to watch me when I pop my nuts but Harry seemed to like watching me. So I fucked her a little more and then felt that wonderful feeling in loins and started to shoot my load. She felt it and said, “That’s it baby, give me your cum.” I emptied my balls as Harry shouted, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I never had a cheering section before but it made me cum a little more. I laid there for a few seconds and then pulled my semi erect cock out of her pussy. Just then I felt a hand on my cock and looked over to see Ann’s hand on it. She said, “Are you having a good time?” I said, “Hell yes, just like you are.” She said, “Dick and Betty are here and she is looking for you.” I said, “She is just a little too late right now but I’ll get to her.” We left the bed room where Harry was rubbing Joan’s tits and she was stroking his cock. We went into the living room to look for Dick and Betty and found Betty laying on the floor with a guy between her legs, fucking her and another guy on his knees with his cock in her mouth. Dick was standing there watching and said, “You’re a little late, she was kidnapped by these two studs.” I said, “She seems to like to be kidnapped.” He said, “I guess she does the way she is acting.” I said, “Let’s go over to the bar and let her alone.” So we went over to the bar where everyone just helped themselves and Ann got up on one of the barstools. We were standing there as Dick rubbed his cock on Ann’s leg. Pretty soon Dick started getting a hard on. Ann reached over and started stroking it. Dick was feeling her tits and then he said, “Dam Ann, now look what you’ve done to me.” Ann said, “Well I guess you’ll have to do something with it.” Ann moved her legs open and Dick got between them and she guided his cock up to her pussy. He gave a little push and was in Ann’s pussy. Here again, I was watching my friend fuck my wife. Just about then I felt someone’s hand on my cock. I turned around and found Betty standing there. I said, “Are you through with the two studs?” She said, “Yeah, I looked for you but these two guys attacked me.” She continued stroking my cock until it got hard again and she said, “Well it looks like you’re ready to fuck me now.” She got up on a barstool next to Ann and opened her legs. I moved between them and found her hole. I pushed my cock in her and she put her arms around my neck. About this time Ann was getting off with Dick’s cock in her. Dick looked over at me and said, “Man, I just love fucking your beautiful wife.” I said, “And she loves to feel your cock just like the way Betty likes my cock.” Betty said, “You got that right.” We continued fucking each other’s wife like it was just a natural thing to do. We wound up with some other old friends and had a great time. Dave & Ann St. Louis MO
  8. These are my experiences and moments which I wrote for myself and am sharing them with you and I would be glad to answer any questions if it doesn’t make sense. It is sometimes hard to remember all the details since it was a few years ago. It has been a while since I’ve written down any of my experiences with my ex-wife but after the amazing weekend I had with my girlfriend, I thought I would write some more down. As it turned out, this weekend my girlfriend Nat spent most of the time asking a thousand questions about the things I had done with my ex-wife… which seemed to turn her on more and more with each story.The funny thing is she kept asking who the other guys were and I always kept them anonymous … since one of them happened to be her brother. I’m sure she would freak out if she found out her brother, Rick, slept with Cindy {my ex}. Anyways, Cindy had one swinging experience with Rick shortly after our marriage even though she had insisted she wanted to stop after the wedding. So much for self control …. Hahaha. After that incident she confessed she loved it but really wanted to just spend time with me, one on one. I was more than happy to just focus on us but I admit that the thought of not watching her with another guy again did get me a little depressed. About 10 months later, we went to a Halloween party with several of our friends. We waited too long and ran out of time to get a new costume so she picked one of her old outfits while I just picked out an old hat. Cindy went dressed as an Indian and I went as a cowboy. I know what you are thinking … ‘how original’. Luckily for me, her outfit was a little small on her and that made my night. The party came and went. Sometime in January, one of my closest friends, Chris, called me up to shoot the shit and ended up talking for several hours. At one point in the conversation we started to talk about which of our friends’ girlfriends and wives we found attractive. As he was recently divorced, you could tell he had thought quite a bit about it. Then he asked a very peculiar question about my wife. “Do you think Cindy has become more of a flirt?” It caught me off guard but I answered that she is usually friendly but can come across as a flirt if you just met her. Then I asked him why and he hesitated but then confided in me that at the Halloween party he was dancing with Cindy for a couple of songs and she seemed to be coming on to him, dancing up close and being touchy. At one point at the party, he says, she smiled at him from across the room and wouldn’t stop looking at him. I hadn’t noticed any of this at the party but then again I am usually oblivious to these things. Either my curiosity was peaked or I was being wishful because I kept asking him questions. In the end I told him it was probably his imagination. We continued talking about other stuff and then hung up. That night I mentioned to Cindy that I had spoken to Chris and that I thought about inviting him over one night for dinner so he could see the house. She seemed very casual to the idea and agreed. I kept trying to read her but it looked as if my wish was just that … a wish. Chris came over for dinner later that week and we all stayed awake till the early hours of the morning talking and watching television. Chris ended up spending the night in the guest room since he lived almost two hours away. Although I spent the night awake trying to figure out a way to have something happen, it proved useless. Over the next two months Chris would come over almost once a week to watch movies with us and spend the night. Cindy felt bad for him since his breakup and she would ask me to see if he wanted to come over. Every time I called him I would ask him if he thought she was still coming on to him and what he thought about her. I could tell he was uncomfortable with my questions but I would pretend it was nothing. I would even tell him some of the outfits and things she would wear and do, trying to get him really turned on before he came over and hoping something might happen. With Cindy I wouldn’t say anything. She could always read me like a book and I didn’t want to upset her since it was her decision. One evening we got into an argument about how ‘any’ man would take the opportunity to scope and check out a woman even if it was his friend’s wife or girlfriend and even if the guy was in the room. I convinced her that even Chris, who has been one of my longest and dearest friends and who she had known since the age of six and was a very close friend of her family, had been checking her out. She got irritated and insisted it was all in my head. So I said I would prove it next time he came over. She laughed at me and said, ‘good luck.’ The next time he came over was two weeks later and I’m pretty sure she forgot about our argument. On the way to our house, I called Chris and made sure to really work him up telling him a story about how she took some Polaroids of herself on my birthday and slipped them in with a card into my briefcase. I could tell he was clinging on every word. He finally arrived and we enjoyed dinner and started watching a DVD movie. I could see from an angle that he kept glancing at Cindy. I knew what he was picturing … and I had it on Polaroids. As we started to watch a second DVD, I excused myself to change into something more comfortable and Cindy jumped up to go the bathroom. As I was changing, Cindy walked passed me on the way to our bathroom and I stopped her and reminded her of the argument. She just looked at me and couldn’t make heads or tails of what I was up to. I told her to change into something a little sexier and see if he didn’t spend the rest of the night staring at her. She insisted he wasn’t even interested in her but agreed to do it. That is when I figured out that she was turned on by him … she didn’t put up a fight. She took out her Victoria’s Secrets Angel shirt and shorts. A little white shirt with thin straps and a pair of very short shorts which were very loose. Given the right angle, you could see everything. To my surprise, she only wore panties … no bra. The shirt just draped over her c-cup milky breasts. Her light skin seemed darker next to the white outfit and I was aroused just staring at her. The lights were off in the living room just as we had left them with only faint glow from the kitchen. When we returned, Chris was coming down the opposite hallway where the guest room was. He also took the opportunity to change into his boxer-like shorts and t-shirt. I could see his eyes fixed on Cindy as she sat in the middle of the couch with each one of us on either side.Cindy laid down in a fetal position with her head on my lap. Her legs and feet were bent and pressed against the side of Chris’s thigh. He kept looking down every chance he could to see her ass cheek practically outside the shorts as her legs touched his. My hand kept caressing her side down her hips and back to her shoulder, once in a while rubbing against her breast. The darkness concealed everything except the thighs which Chris on occasion was worshiping. Half way through the movie, Cindy stood up and returned with a blanket. She went back to the same position and laid the blanket on top. Now, I know my wife and she doesn’t get cold easily so I knew she was getting turned on by my caressing and she wanted to have a little more privacy. Under the blanket I started to play with her nipples for a while; pinching them, rubbing them. Then I would run my hand down to her ass and follow the outline of her shorts until they felt wet. I slipped in and realized she had taken off her panties when she got the blanket. After a while I looked down and her eyes were closed and twitching on occasion. She was lost in the moment. I looked over and was caught off guard as Chris was blatantly staring at where my hand was moving under the blanket. My heart was beating fast and I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I’m not sure how I got the courage at that point but as I kept fingering her and rubbing my hand down the back of her thighs, I carefully inched the blanket off her ass … exposing the entire view to Chris. His eyes darted up and caught mine in a look of absolute embarrassment and horror as he realized I was looking at him. With my right arm I reached my lips and made a ‘hush’ motion and smiled. I motioned for him to go ahead and touch her. I wiggled my index finger in the air to suggest he stick his finger inside of her but he just stared at me. I made a ‘come-on’ face and repeated the motion. As I pulled out my fingers and carefully lifted my hand without raising my arm, he reached down and rubbed her wet, wet shorts sliding his fingers up and down until they slipped in, between her lips. He tried to keep real still as his hand kept repeatedly sliding in and out. As he started to go faster, I motioned for him to slow down. After a few minutes the movie was ending and he pulled his fingers out and into his mouth. I continued to softly caress her and placed the blanket back over her ass. We all watched the credits and then stood up as if nothing had happened to go the restroom and change the DVD for our final movie. Cindy left first and I took the opportunity to walk up to Chris as he was walking down the hall. I simply told him that if he wanted to take advantage and make a move on her tonight, he could. I could see the look of disbelief in his eyes. I simply told him that I was going to go to bed early and that he can do whatever he could get away with.After everyone was back, the DVD was already starting and I excused myself to go to bed since I had had a very long day. Cindy followed me into the bedroom and gave me a really big kiss. She was hoping that I would have been up longer since she was so turned on and wanted to fuck. I apologized and said I was exhausted but if she wanted to after she watched the movie she could always wake me up. She smiled. I then told her that I was right … Chris did check her out the entire night in her outfit. She admitted she saw it too and laughed about it. Then I told her in a joking way that now I understood why she was so turned on and she giggled. After about 20 minutes, and for the next hour, I stood outside our bedroom door and stood as close as possible to the edge of the hallway which opened to the living room hoping I would hear some sounds of activity. I was convinced Chris was too nervous to try anything. I could picture him on the opposite end of the couch staring straight at the television, petrified. All I could hear was the television. My frustration was getting the best of me and I was about to just jump out there and yell … “would you just fuck her!!!” I heard someone walking to the kitchen and I darted to the bedroom just in case it was Cindy and she wanted to go to the bathroom. After I felt it was safe again, I returned. I was tired of standing and decided to call it quits. I figured I would peek around the corner and say something lame like, “could you lower the television a little bit?”, just so I could see how much of a wimp Chris really was. As I took a step out of the hallway I was stopped in mid stride and leaped back behind the shadows of the hallway. My head peeked carefully around the corner and couldn’t believe what I saw. Chris was sitting on one end of the couch his shorts off, stroking his cock with his left hand. Cindy was laying flat on her stomach facing the other end as one leg rested on his legs and the other leg was lightly tucked behind his back with her foot raised and almost resting on his shoulder. She was completely naked and her head was buried into the cushions of the couch. One hand tightly held on the armrest and the other one lingered back next to her leg. Chris’s right hand has vigorously fingering Cindy’s ass, her hips gyrating to his rhythm. She would reach back and stop his hand once in a while and then let go. I figured it may have been painful but you could tell she wanted more. Chris soon stood up and pulled her legs off the couch and her knees hit the floor. Her ass was bright red even from where I stood. He knelt behind her and grabbed her shoulders letting his hands run down her back with his finger tips pressed into her skin. I could see the lines against her white skin. He took a hold of her hips and began to fuck her. Looking back I can honestly say he was sexually wound up after all that and you could see he was letting it all out. He would stick his thumb in her ass as he piled into her and I loved it. Although she had always been against anal sex, she was beginning to get really turned on by being forced to have it. I couldn’t really understand it. If I were to try gently she would refuse. I was quite surprised at how quiet they were … so quiet I thought they could hear me masturbating behind the wall. He pulled out and leaned down to eat her out from behind. Then he turned her over and laid her on her back on the couch with her head against the back cushions. Lifting her legs over his shoulders and pressing down, he kissed her as he slid his cock inside. Their lips never parted and from my point of view {an angle} they were making out like there was no tomorrow. Chris was on top of her with her legs over his shoulders and her knees almost on the sides of her head. Our couch is fairly deep so her head was slightly tilted to the side. Chris’s arms pressed down on her legs and his hands were interlocked with hers, stretched on either side of her. Wow, I didn’t know she was so flexible. His thighs practically cradled her ass and thighs as he fucked her. The couch would sink every time he pounded harder. Cindy let out a little scream but he kept kissing her, sticking his tongue deeper and muffling her sounds into his mouth. This is the first time I heard anything. She kept letting out little moans into his kisses and it took me a few minutes to figure it out but he had taken the opportunity to get his cock into her ass and was slowly pulling in and out. Each muffled yelp was a thrust. I could see her hands tightly clenching his, but she kept her tongue as deep in his as he was in hers. Then he let go of her and straightened himself while holding down her thighs, pressed against her as he jerked a few times, pushing a little harder into her. He came in her ass and then stood up walked to the restroom down the other hall. Cindy just lay where he left her, with one hand caressing her own breast. I could see she was satisfied. I quickly went back to the bedroom and jumped into bed … and waited … and waited … and waited. It was hell. Finally she came in and got into bed. I was pretending to be asleep when she slipped under the covers and began to give me a blowjob. I quickly ‘woke-up’ and started to fool around, dying to say something. She got on top of me and as she moved up and down, she leaned forward and told me that Chris had fucked her. I pretty much exploded right there and she told me all the details. I never did tell her that I saw or that I told Chris about it, and she never suspected it. The only thing I didn’t know was that the entire time I was standing in the hall at the beginning, they were in the kitchen. Apparently, she had gone to get some soda for both of them when the movie was about to start and he followed her into the kitchen. He drank his soda in the kitchen while chatting with her about his ex-wife and then he mentioned how I was so lucky to have someone like her … so great, so pretty, and sexy. She felt a little uncomfortable when he called her sexy and she blushed so he quickly apologized and gave her a ‘friendly’ hug like so many times before, except this time she could feel his erection and froze. When he let go she turned around embarrassed and was putting her unused glass back in the cupboard when he pressed up against her, took her glass to put it in the cabinet, and he made sure she felt his arousal. I swear this is a scene right from a movie.He placed his hands on her shoulders and she spun around thinking of a way to get out of it but by the time she knew it he picked her up onto the counter and began to kiss her and run his hands up her legs and thighs. She didn’t realize she wanted it so much that it took no effort for him to press his body between her legs to separate them and allow his hand to run his fingers right into her. This went on for a while.She wanted to leave for a minute to tell me but he was so rough {in a way she likes}, he slid her off the counter and was fucking her against it in seconds, her shorts on the floor, and her shirt in the sink. Cindy showed me all the marks he left on her from the nibbles and bites on her tits to the hard squeezes of her ass. He told her he didn’t want her to make a sound or he would stop. So he kept trying harder and harder, putting his hand into her mouth every time she was about to moan, yell, or sigh. He wanted her to yell and he tried everything. Then she got on her knees and gave him a blowjob. She said his cock was about my size in length but it was the thickness she had a problem with. Cindy’s mouth isn’t very wide and I knew by what she said it was hard to suck, but she did it. He kept holding her head as he pushed into her mouth and he kept telling her to squeeze her tits until they were red. Finally, he stood her up and leaned her on and over the sink. He kept gripping her ass hard in a lifting motion and would cover her mouth with his other hand, all the time squeezing each ass cheek. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass, teasing her by pushing it in and pulling it out. This drives her crazy, and I guess he figured it out He whispered to her asking, “Do you want me to fuck you? Or should I go home?” She was quiet at first since talking dirty isn’t her strong suit but after a few times she told him, “Please, Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” As he fucked her from behind he would play with her ass by rubbing his finger in circles around it and gently pressing into it without going in. He then said to her a couple of time, “You want me to fuck you in the ass, don’t you?” Cindy didn’t reply right away and he pulled out and stepped back. She stood up and turned around thinking he wanted a new position and he just looked at her. She told me she felt so weird as he just looked at her, standing there with his cock rock hard and her naked against the sink. Chris told her “I guess you just don’t want to get fucked!” Cindy replied, “Yes, I do … please. Fuck me!” Chris told her to tell him how much she wants to get fucked in the ass … and she did. He grabbed her and kissed her and they made out for a few minutes as she jacked him off standing there. He leaned her over again and finished off without ever going in her ass. That is when he got her on her knees and had her finish him off with another blowjob until he came in her mouth and she jumped up and spit it in the sink. Although she has swallowed before, she avoids it whenever possible. Chris sort of laughed and made a comment but she didn’t hear what it was. Then they got dressed up and went to the living room. This is when I thought I heard someone going to the kitchen and ran. As they sat on the couch next to each other, pretending to watch the movie, Chris started telling her about his new boat … which is a topic she loves. He told her about things he would love to do out in the ocean and on the beaches with her. She was eating it up; I could see it in her eyes as she repeated his stories. He told her if she was really, really good and did everything she had to, he would take her one day. I laughed at this point and she hit me. Then he kept telling her about fucking on the boat and she reached over and started stroking the penis through his shorts. Pretty soon, he was fingering her and she was moaning into the cushions of the couch. This is when he began to finger her ass and I came around the corner. After this, Cindy wanted to have a few swinging encounters more often. It was strange to see her be the one to want to try new scenarios and experiences. Even thought this wasn't her first time, she did become more involved after Chris although she was only with him a couple of other times.
  9. I had put in a hitch in the Navy and it is not unusual to make long lasting friendships when in the military. JR and I remained in contact for over four decades and shared weekends for the last twenty years. Both of us went through divorces. I remarried to a truly wonderful 'girl of my dreams' but he stayed single. JR would frequently come to visit on weekends or Ellen and I would meet him at an RV park in some vacation spot. It became more and more obvious that the three of us were very comfortable and secure in our relationship. I also noticed that sometimes when Ellen and I would talk about week ending with JR, she would get aroused. This suited me just fine because as a result she would always give me a real going over in the bedroom. I finally was able to get my message across that she was free to 'play' with him should the moment present itself. One weekend, we met JR at a beautiful lake in northern Washington. Ellen and I set the RV up in a lovely resort and took off fishing. JR was not due for a couple of hours. We got back just at dusk and she started dinner. I heard a car outside and sure enough, JR was just pulling in. I greeted him at the door and invited him to have a seat on the couch while I fixed some drinks for the three of us. I then joined him on the couch while Ellen puttered with supper. Ellen is not a drinker at all. It takes nearly nothing to get her hi. I tease her that a good solid whiff of a bottle cork is all it takes. This time however, she was taking full advantage of her beverage while she worked. Shortly, she excused herself to the bathroom and when she came back, it did not escape me that she had removed the bra from her very beautiful breast and her nipples were very extended. She returned to the kitchen duties while the conversation drifted on. Ellen got to a place with dinner that she could step away. She turned to JR and I and strolled to our seat on the couch. As she stepped in front of us, pulled up her T-shirt and lifted a lovely boob in each of her hands and presented one to each JR and myself. I was delighted that she could 'come out' in this fashion. JR and I rose to the occasion and worked on those delightful nipples for long minutes while Ellen’s head tilted back, her eyes closed and appreciative coo's came from her throat. She was enjoying a wonderful experience. I soon found that the panties under her loose walking shorts had also gone away. When I touched her wet pussy, her knees nearly gave out under her. 'You guys are going to make me burn supper' she said and moved back to the kitchen. Something was sure getting hot, that is for sure. She was back several times before the meal was cooked and I could hardly believe how delighted she and I both were with how much she was enjoying herself. After the supper dishes were washed and put away, she again came to the couch for a 'double suckel' and JR and I were most happy to oblige. This one lasted for the best part of 15 minutes and I suggested that we take it to the bedroom. There were no objections so we headed that direction, shedding clothes as we went. I sat down on the edge of the bed. Ellen sat beside me. JR knelt down in front of her. I leaned her back and kissed her long and lovingly on the mouth. JR buried his face in her pussy. She went wild and came almost at once. Neither he nor I let up but kept the moment going for her. Before long she wanted to change positions so I slid back on the bed and she turned around and knelt down so she could take me into her mouth. She had positioned herself so that JR could stand on the floor by the bed and enter her doggie fashion. What a sight for me to watch my precious Ellen taking me in her mouth while my dear friend mounted her from behind. She was floating among the stars while the rhythm began to build. The two of them came together and slowly began to wind down a bit but she was not finished. She asked us to swap positions and this was accomplished in moments. She said that she wanted me to finish her. I slipped into her warmth and was rewarded by that 'pussy squeeze' that I know and love so well. Slowly, I entered most of myself slowly into her warmth but she was not in the mood for slow. She rammed herself back sinking my shaft all the way. I could see her head bobbing up and down on JR bringing him back to life. I didn't need much of this to take me over the top and I came with a loud groan and at the same time, so were my two best friends. We lay together for a long time, talking and touching. It was certainly a night to remember. We drifted off to sleep with the knowledge that there would be other times. Later, Ellen related that 'a girl hasn't lived until she has her husband in her mouth and a friend in her pussy. There is just nothing better, unless they trade places.' Alex n Ellen
  10. padoc

    A Friend in Need

    Sam and Leanne again in another story of our ongoing trek through the lifestyle. If you missed our other stories, we're both in our 50's although Leanne really does not look it. She's a trim, curvy and sexy blonde with blue eyes, a great smile and 38d boobs and I’m a 6' tall fit man with salt & pepper hair, a trimmed beard and blue eyes. We are both battling middle age spread and doing so successfully in spite of our love for good food, desserts and adult beverages. Before we moved to Florida, Leanne's best friend was Suzy, a fellow teacher. Suzy is in her mid 40's, a driven woman who worked hard to balance the demands of teaching, raising her 3 young children and keeping her businessman husband happy. Several months before we moved, Suzy discovered that her husband was a serial cheater and the knowledge devastated her. She quit caring about a lot of things including her appearance, she ballooned up nearly 200 lbs from her normal 130 and lost interest in most things that she once found enjoyable. Leanne stayed in touch with her friend and eventually, Suzy secured a divorce, custody of the kids and a new outlook on life. Last June, Suzy called and invited herself to Florida for some much needed R&R. On the day she was to arrive, Leanne had a must attend work related training session so I picked Suzy up at the airport. When the flight came in from Philly, I stood at the entrance to the concourse looking for Leanne's friend. I thought she missed the plane until I heard a familiar voice at my side, "who ya looking for big guy"? she asked. I turned and there was Suzy, but not the large and unhappy woman I'd last seen 3 years ago in Pennsylvania but a new and improved version. Suzy stood before me in a little sundress, all 5'4 inches of her. Her dark hair was nicely styled and fell softly to her shoulders framing her always pretty face and highlighting her bright brown eyes and sparkling smile. What really surprised me was the terrific little package she presented in the sundress. Gone was big belly, soft ass and saggy boobs, replaced by what looked like a fit and toned body. Suzy reached up and gave me a full body hug and I felt her firm boobs pressed against my chest and couldn't help but say, "hmmmmm, those are new". "Like em"? Suzy said with her familiar smile, "they are just part of what Craig (the ex) paid for out of our settlement. Come on, Im dying to see your pool and our Leanne". I won't bore you with all the details but we had a very pleasant afternoon and evening around the pool. I got to see a lot more of Suzy's new body displayed in a modest 2 piece suit and I listened as she explained to Leanne how she'd lost over 60 lbs, had a tummy tuck and a boob job and then firmed up the rest with daily workouts. I spent the evening admiring the transformation and really enjoyed the sight of both sexy women floating in our warm pool. The next day, I had to return to work while Leanne gave Suzy the tour of our little section of paradise. They went out to Sanibel for lunch and then to Bowman's Beach and eventually came home late in the afternoon to lounge by the pool. Leanne opened a bottle of wine and the two friends chatted like they'd never parted. Leanne had never told Suzy of our lifestyle experiences. We had given thought to including her and her husband but Leanne just didn't care much for Craig and in the end her instincts proved correct. This time however, Leanne opened up a bit and told her friend of some of our lifestyle experiences. Suzy was intrigued and had a lot of questions. Leanne answered her and those answers led to more questions and more wine. By the time I got home from work, Suzy knew a lot more about swinging than she had that morning. I found them both sitting on the side of the pool sipping their drinks. While the grill heated up, I had a drink too and joined in the conversation, answering Suzy's questions from a male’s point of view. The conversation drifted back and forth during the evening and Suzy revealed that she had not had sex since before she and Craig broke up. She said she just hadn't been interested until recently but had no ready prospects back home. Since she was staying for a week, I suggested a trip to the East Coast to Trapeze. We described the club and the activities and possibilities there to her and watched as her eyes got big and a slight flush appeared above her modestly covered boobs. She said breathlessly, "It's only Thursday guys, let me think about that a little. A place like that would be a huge step for me." About 2:00 the next day, my phone rang at work and Leanne said "Hiya Sam, whatcha doin?" "What do think I'm doin baby" I replied, "I'm working." "Well you shouldn't be" she said with a giggle, "I told Suzy this morning that our pool is usually clothing optional and she was not the least bit put off by it. In fact, she shucked that top right away so we're both lying in the sun topless. You're missing it Sam..." she said softly before she hung up the phone. Needless to say, I was squirming a bit in my seat imagining Suzy's new boobs exposed to the sun next to my lovely wife. About a half an hour later, Leanne called back. "Sam" she said sweetly, "whatcha doing now hon?" "Damnit Lee, I'm still working, or trying to, why?" "Suzy and I just opened our second bottle of wine and I miss you. Besides, she decided that 'clothing optional' meant just that and so now, we're floating naked on the rafts, talking about a lot of stuff and wishing you were here too." "Both of you"? I asked. "Yep, both of us. Here, ask her yourself" An obviously tipsy Suzy got on the phone. "Hi Sam" she said excitedly, "This being naked outside is soo cool. I didn't know I was a freakin nudist. Too bad you're not here you could see us naked and know what Sam? I wouldn't mind at all". "Suzy" I whispered into the phone so no one else in the office could hear, "you just stay naked, I feel a headache coming on and I think I’m gonna knock off early". It took me about 45 minutes to clear my desk and secure permission to take a few hours sick time and then I had a 30 minute commute to get home and I thought that drive would never end. I walked through the garage and family room and onto the lanai and found the pool empty. The slider to our bedroom was partially open and Leanne called me from there. "Sam honey, we're in here" When I walked in the bedroom, I found Leanne on her back with Suzy snuggled up to her resting her head on my wife's lovely right boob. I finally got a good look at the new Suzy, her boobs were great, probably 36d's with huge nipples. I looked down her body and saw that she had a thick landing strip of dark hair below her flat tummy. As I looked closer, I saw Suzy's hand softly caressing Leanne's thigh and lower abdomen. My dick was making a tent out of the front of my slacks as I asked for an explanation. "I've always wanted to taste another woman" Suzy replied "but I never had either the courage or the opportunity. So, after I talked to you on the phone, I told Leanne how lucky she was to have an open relationship that worked both ways. Then I took the plunge and told her about wanting to try another woman and just asked her if I could play with her. She said she didn't mind but just wasn't into girls all that much so here we are. Nothing happened besides us touching a little but it felt so nice. You're not mad are you Sam"? "Suzy, how the hell could I be mad" I said as I pulled my shirt off and unbuckled my pants, "there are two beautiful women naked in my bed, shit, I’m happy. I think I should join you if neither of you mind" Suzy sat up giving me a different look at her great tits and then down to her landing strip that I saw was trimmed to just above her luscious looking outer lips. She met my eyes and said softly, "I don't mind at all Sam, not at all". With that, I dropped my pants and climbed naked onto the bed next to my wife. Leanne, meanwhile, smiled at me and reached out her hand to my dick and stroked it to its full hardness. "Mmmmmmmm, is that for me" she said as she turned to me for a kiss. When she came up for air, I could see that Suzy was softly caressing her back and ass as I fondled her nipple. Leanne rolled over on her back allowing me access to her neck and tits while Suzy continued to caress her hips and thighs. I heard an intake of breath as I saw Suzy make contact with Leanne's pussy lips. As I watched, Suzy leaned forward and kissed Leanne under her right breast and began to slowly work her mouth over my wife's tit as her fingers started to push into Leanne's trimmed pussy. My wife involuntarily spread her legs to give her friend better access and I watched as Suzy began to explore my wife. Leanne's hips started to move in rhythm with Suzy's movement. I was getting very excited so I scooted up and got on my knees, dropping my raging hard on in front of my wife’s face. Leanne sucked me in and began to slowly blow me. In a few minutes, Leanne's eyes widened and she moaned around my cock. I looked down to see Suzy bury her face in my wife's pussy. For someone who said she had never done that before, the girl showed a lot of natural talent. In no time, my wife was in the midst of her first orgasm. Suzy had lifted her ass in the air and was rubbing her clit as she ate Leanne. Her hand matched her tongue and both women began to cum in continuing bursts of pleasure. Leanne lost interest in my cock as her orgasms took over but I was content to just watch the show. Eventually, both women collapsed in a sweaty heap of orgasmic exhaustion. In a few minutes, I found myself lying on my back with Leanne on one side and Suzy on the other. After awhile, Leanne slid her hand down my stomach and began to absent mindedly stroke my dick which eventually rose to its firmness again. Suzy was watching her friend intently as she massaged my dick and finally said "Sam, would it bother you if I watched? I've never seen anybody make love and I'd like to watch you and Leanne." I had no objection for sure and rolled Leanne over on her front, raising her shapely butt in the air. I got behind her and slipped in to the hilt in one thrust. She moaned in pleasure as I slid deeply into her. I slowly fucked my wife and watched as Suzy reached under Leanne with one hand and started to rub her tit. I could clearly see Suzy's other hand finding its way into her very wet and puffy pussy. "OH God!! This is soooo hot" Suzy hissed. "I can see Sam's dick sliding in and out of you. OMG, I’m gonna cum." With that, Suzy lifted her hips off the bed and came very hard. Leanne was not too far behind. She moaned into the pillow and thrust her hips back to me and came hard around my dick. Suzy continued to rub her slit until Leanne came down. I was about to shift into the home stretch when Suzy surprised us both. "Leanne" she whispered huskily, "It's been a very long time for me and I really want something in me. Can I please borrow Sam for just a few minutes? Would you mind?" "Of course I don't mind and I’m pretty sure Sam doesn't, do you honey" Leanne had pulled away from me so there I was on my knees with a flaming erection and a stupid smile on my face. How the hell could mind this situation. Leanne directed Suzy in front of me and had her raise her very cute ass. I could see her pussy lips opening pinkly before me, wet with her juices. My wife took my dick in hand and guided it to her friend's opening and eased the head into her. I took it from there and placed my hands on Suzy's hips and slowly pushed into her surprisingly tight pussy. "Oh.....my....God" she moaned as I slid to the hilt. "It’s been so damn long. Fuckin Craig should see this." I really wanted to give her an exemplary boink but honestly, with all the stimulation of the last half hour or so, I had very little self control left. I pumped her slowly for several strokes and felt her tight pussy tighten even more around my dick. "I’m gonna cum Sam" she moaned. "You better baby cause I can't last long like this" With that, I thrust deeply into her, once, twice three times and then felt my balls tighten as I exploded inside her. Suzy came hard as I continued to ejaculate in my wife's friend. As I finished, Suzy collapsed onto her stomach and my softening dick slipped out of her. I flopped on my back and was totally surprised when Leanne leaned forward and sucked my wet and still semi hard cock into her mouth. "Mmmmmmm" she said as she sucked a little life back into me "that was so hot to watch, I just had to have a taste". Suzy moved to the other side of me and leaned in to help Leanne. For a few minutes, I was in heaven with both women stroking and licking my dick. Alas, this is a true story and I AM in my 50's so an immediate recovery just was not in the cards. It was however, a very nice way to wind down from a terrific afternoon. The rest of Suzy's visit was a lot of fun. We played together several more times. I finally got to taste Suzy and both women happily gave me a blow job. I learned too that Suzy, like Leanne, was a swallower and Suzy learned that Leanne really had no interest in doing other girls. Fortunately for me, my oral skills are more than adequate and my tongue has no recovery issues so our guest went to sleep with a smile for the rest of her vacation. We did take Suzy to the club that weekend but that's a different story.
  11. HappyCouple2308

    The Visitor

    My wife asked me if an old friend of hers could come and stay with us for one night. He was only in town for a week and would be leaving the next day. She had not seen Matt for a long time. They were friends while she was in college. I can only assume that they had sex in their younger days, but I didn’t ask. He had since moved to California and was in town for work. With the children at our parents, we had all night to have drinks and “catch up.” Nicole’s cell phone rang at 6:30, and she seemed very excited to see her old friend. John arrived an hour or so later, and he seemed like a nice enough guy. Nicole greeted him at the door with a warm hug. We figured that it would be more fun to order Chinese food and hang at the house. I went to pick up the food, and while I was waiting I sent her a text. “So is this the night we try the threesome?” She quickly replied, “Don’t get any funny ideas.” When I return they were sitting at the table drinking a bottle of wine, and seemed to be enjoying telling the stories of their younger days. I just listened and watched as they drank more and more wine. After a few hours Nicole mentioned that we have a hot tub. There was snow on the ground, so it’s always nice to sit and relax in the hot tub. Matt was the same size as me so I gave him a swim suit and Nicole put on her brown bikini. This one did not do such a good job of covering her nice breasts. I thought to myself, maybe she is considering the idea of fucking the both of us now that the wine is setting in. I got in the tub first, followed by Matt. Nicole made her grand entrance carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. I could see Matt’s eyes move to Nicole’s ample chest as she climbed into the hot tub. She joked how lucky see was to have two cute guys all to herself. We soaked in the tub for a while and laughed about the old days. More and more, Matt’s eyes moved down to Nicole’s boobs. Finally the wine got the best of him, and he asked, “Are those different?” We laughed and Nicole she that she had earned new ones. Feeling brave I chimed in, “Would you like to see them?” Nicole’s eyes got wide. “Stop,” she giggled. “Come on, they look really good.” I sat next to Matt and Nicole was across from us. To my surprise her hands moved up to the ties of her top and off it came. I was surprised and proud of her. My wife is sexy and should not be afraid of showing off a bit. “There, are you happy now,” she exclaimed. I noticed that she did not put it back on. “I need another beer,” I stated and went into the house for a few minutes. When I came out Nicole and Matt were sitting pretty close in the tub. My dirty mind was now spinning faster and faster. I could feel that the tension was building. Then Nicole moved in front of me and started to kiss me. I whispered, “We are being rude to your guest.” She smiled and turned to Matt. Slowly she pushed herself up in the water so he could see her chest. “My husband says that it is rude to make out with him in front of you,” she said. Matt said that he didn’t mind and to his surprise, Nicole moved to him and started kissing him. I leaned back so that I could get a nice view of her ass. I slowly began to rub her lower back and ass as she kissed Matt deeply. I could tell that her hand had moved to his cock and was rubbing it through his shorts. The wine made the nerves pass quickly. His hands were stroking her breast, and mine were stroking her ass. She leaned her body back to kiss me and Matt seized the chance to lick and suck her chest and nipples. I slid my hands into the front of her bikini and could feel that she was very turned on. “Let’s go inside,” she whispered. “It’s too hot in here.” We climbed out of the tub and into the house. In the dim light we started to dry off. We each removed our wet clothes and wrapped a towel around our waists. “Fireplace?” I asked. Nicole nodded and we moved up stairs. I sat on the couch and Matt sat a few feet away. Nicole went to the bathroom. Not wanting to lose the moment I told Matt to follow my lead. I slipped off my towel and began to stroke my cock until it was nice and hard. Matt followed my lead. Nicole came into the room and saw two very hard cocks that were begging for her attention. “This is not fair,” she said as she took her place on the couch between us. She took a cock into each hand and began to stroke and squeeze them. She seemed very pleased with her new play things. She could tell that Matt and I were both enjoying her skillful handy work! We moved closer together so that Matt and me could touch Nicole’s breasts and lick her neck. Her hands moved faster and faster on our cocks as she got hotter and hotter. My hand moved down her tummy to her very wet pussy. She moaned as I slid one finger in and out of her wetness. The wine and beer was overwhelming and now we were becoming drunk with the sex as well. With a quick motion my wife slid down from the couch and began to suck my swollen cock. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she skillfully sucked me off and jerked Matt’s hardness. I felt her mouth move away and heard the sounds of her swallowing Matt’s shorter but thicker manhood. After sucking on us for a few minutes, I got down behind her and begin to lick her now soaking pussy. Her hips rose to allow me easy access to her magical place. I moved my tongue in and out of her. I enjoy the muffled sounds of her moans as Matt fucked her mouth. I pulled over the foot rest and told her to lie down. Now, Matt and I would be able to have our way with her as she laid on the footrest. I continued to lick her pussy as Matt rubbed his cock on her lovely tits. She was shaking with pleasure from the overload of 2 very horny men trying to explore every inch of her body. I said to Matt, “You must taste how wonderful she is.” He traded places with me and began licking her clit and moving his fingers inside of her. I started to caress her neck and kissing her forehead. “Do you like this?” I asked. She could only squeeze my hand in response. She began to cum as I fed her my cock and stroked her breasts. Matt was now eager to enjoy more of her tongue on his cock. I took my place between her legs and slowly teased her with the head of my cock. Her skin was warm from the long hot tub and blazing fire. I pushed my cock deeper and deeper into her as Matt fed her his cock. I started to fuck her harder and harder as she swallowed every inch of Matt. I could tell that she had fucked him before and now all of the inhibitions were melting away. She would pull his cock out of her mouth only long enough to tell us how good it felt. “Do you want more?” I asked. “Ohhh yes,” she replied. I grabbed her hips and fucked her harder and harder. Her body moved back and forth matching my strokes. Matt’s fingered moved to her clit and she exploded as we tag teamed her pussy. “Man, you have got to feel how good this is,” I said to Matt. I could feel Nicole’s body tense up from the idea of fucking her old friend again. “Would you like that Nicole? I asked. She didn’t speak, but nodded her head in approval. Matt took his place between her legs and began to fill her with his thick cock. I was so turned on watching her adjust to her new lover. I sat a few feet away stroking my cock for her as she watched me. She reached for my hand and squeezed it as Matt pounded into her. We were all sweating and hot from this crazy encounter. “Fuck him,” I whispered in her ear and that made her even hotter. She grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper and deeper. “I am gonna cum” he exclaimed as her hands pulled him closer and tighter. He moaned as he filled Nicole with his hot cum. I could hear her breathing deeper and deeper as she squeezed every once from him. “Your turn,” she exclaimed. I turn her on her tummy and began fucking her from behind. The wetness and excitement was too much to bear. I grabbed her hips and as my hot load exploded inside her. Again, I heard the same sigh for her as she reveled in the idea that she had just made two men completely sex crazed.
  12. I have skipped a few stories between ‘Fiancee for Three’ and this one but it is one of the more memorable recent moments between Cindy and myself and felt you might enjoy it. I am sure I will share the other stories at a later time but I wanted to write this one down before I completely forget the details. I know there are some details that I couldn't remember {so much going on} so I left them out. Anyways, sorry it is so long but the setup is as important as what happened between us. I always appreciate any comments. -------- After Cindy and I were married, she made it clear to me that she did not want to have any other swinging adventures with Rick or Dr. Greer. I was quite disappointed but I had always made it a point that we would only do this if we both were willing. I would have to be content with the VCR in my brain. We had recently moved into our new house and everything was looking great. The furniture was delivered, the boxes all unpacked and put away, and the cleaning was all done. After weeks of working at home, I took a night off to join the guys at my office to hang out and maybe catch up on the newest network game. It was four of us and we were just waiting for Rick to show up when I realized that I forgot to bring some files from home . Thinking quickly, I called Rick on the cell phone to ask if he could stop by the house and pick them up on the way here. He said that it was fine but he might be running a little late at work so he would stop by right after. Meanwhile the four of us were talking the time away as we shared stories about marriage and honeymoons. None of the guys knew that my wife and I had dabbled a bit into swinging and least of all that Rick was one of the only two guys she had done it with. If they ever found out about us, they would all hit the floor in disbelief … especially since they have always seen my wife as a very, very, very wholesome good girl and slightly prude to boot. Finally, Rick showed up with the files and we asked him why it took so long to leave work and he had mentioned that they had to transfer some prisoners from one prison to another and he had to supervise. {Rick is a corrections officer at a federal prison}. He went on to tell us the details since his prison stories are always entertaining. After 3 or 4 hours of goofing off and playing games, three of the guys had to leave on account they had to work early the next day. Rick, Leo and I decided to play one more game and call it a night. I took advantage of the break to call Cindy and make sure everything was ok and to wish her a goodnight. I knew it was getting late and she would be asleep soon. When no one answered the house line I decided to try her cell phone thinking she might be asleep and her cell is always next to her. She answered the phone and told me she had decided to take advantage of the free night and visit her friend Gloria. Now she was heading back home and decided to take a small detour to my office on the way home from her friend’s house. She just wanted to just stop by, say hi to everyone, and give me a goodnight kiss. Can't say no to that! My office has several individual rooms with computers. Rick was in the one closest to the entrance {secretary's area}, Leo was in the next one, and I was at the last office down the hall. A few minutes into our game, Cindy came in and I could hear her saying hi to Rick and then walking past Leo’s office and asking him how he was doing with his new job. Then she strolled into my office, walked around my desk and wrapped her arms around around me. I looked up and she gave me a passionate kiss running her hand down my chest. By the looks of her, I’d say her and Gloria probably went out to the clubs and she ended up getting horny from dancing with all the local Casanovas. She was wearing a sheer black blouse, soft to the touch, a little black silky skirt, and black high heels. The contrast of her black shoes, creamy white legs, and black skirt was incredible. Her blouse slightly form fitting and her nipples protruded through the fabric … that told me she was not wearing a bra. Her hair was long and wavy, clipped to drop below her shoulders on her back. She was in a very good mood but seemed a little distracted. I thought she might have had a few drinks and so I asked her what Gloria and she did that night. “Not much. Just talk.”, was her only response. I made comment about her outfit not looking like a stay-at-home dress and she said they were going to go out but ended up watching a movie at her house because Gloria was trying to save money. She hung out with me for about 15 minutes and said she was taking off. Thinking I could take advantage of her sexy outfit when she got into the car, I decided to walk her out. On the way out, she waved goodbye to Leo and then told Rick not to work too hard. As I reached to open the outside door, Rick called me over to find out why the game had frozen on his computer. At the same time, Leo was cursing saying, “Who paused the game.” Rick said he thought Leo had mistakenly hit the pause key so I told Cindy I would be right back and ran to Leo’s office. I looked at Leo’s computer screen and noticed the words ‘GAME PAUSED’ and in the top corner, it listed the person who paused the game … Rick. I was already calling him an idiot in my mind as I walked back to the front office. Cindy was in front of Rick’s desk and he was asking what she thought was the best way to impress a female co-worker of his that he liked. Walking up next to him, I slapped the back of his head and hit the pause button on the keyboard. “Some people are computer handicapped.” I laughed. “Ok honey, we can go now.” Rick jumped in and said, “Hold on a second, she is giving me some female advice.” He pulled out his wallet and as I moved out of the way, Cindy walked up next to his chair to look at a picture of the girl he was trying to impress. “Wow, she is pretty”, Cindy said. “Have you guys gone out yet?” Rick replied, “Yeah … a couple of times. But I don't think she wants to go out anymore.”, and smiled devlish grin. I had to ask the obvious question that his smile demanded. “Did you hook-up? And what did you do to warrant that?” He simply nodded his head and turned red as a tomato as he looked at Cindy. She giggled. Out of nowhere, Rick asked if I wanted to hear the details and I looked at Cindy not knowing how to answer. I knew Rick's stories of women were usually graphic and, at times, abusive. I was about to tell him 'some other time', but Cindy must have been curious becuse said, “Why not?!” Cindy obviously never heard his stories before and I was preparing for the worst. Having grown up in very religious and repressed family, she had come along way in experimenting sexually but Rick's fantasies and activities were more that I felt she was ready for. Rick started to talk about a few of the highlights with this girl and with each story he was getting a little more graphic and adding detail. His aggressive nature in the bedroom and desire for rough sex was becoming clear to Cindy, who stood stunned. Meanwhile, I was getting a hard on just watching Cindy as she stood next to him, listening to his every word. I couldn't tell if she was being turned on at all but I knew Rick was enjoying himself. This was Rick's way of getting off; He loved to have people listen to his adventures. I don't think Cindy ever noticed the bulge growing in his shorts. Not that he was trying to hide it, but even sitting down, his erect cock was too impossible to conceal. Cindy actually never looked down … her eyes were fixed on him with a look I can only describe as awestruck. Cindy nodded as if to say she had heard enough and interrupted Rick to say, “Gee, I wonder why she doesn’t want to go out with you anymore. I’m not quite sure any woman wants to be treated like that. What the hell were you thinking! Asshole is the only word to describe you. You really gotta grow up.” I took that as my cue that she was ready to leave and started to head towards the door again. She looked at me nodding and said, 'These are your friends and not mine', and started to turn and walk away from Rick. He gently grabbed her arm to stop her and turned her around. Cindy just looked at him and said, “Don’t try to justify yourself … I really don’t care. I can’t believe I ever ...” and with that Rick, his chair facing Cindy as she stood right in front of him, with one hand on her arm, firmly placed his other hand on her thigh and moved up, under her skirt. “Why don’t I just show you before you say anything”, Rick said. “In your dreams. Just stop!” and was starting to pull away when, with a faint whimper, stood motionless as Rick’s fingers slid inside of her. I could now see her ass as his hand moved from her arm down, lifting her skirt, and grabbing one cheek with a tight squeeze. His other hand was slowly thrusting up and down. She reached out and put one hand on the desk to help her keep balance and briefly closed her eyes. I also noticed that her legs were parting, giving Rick easier access. I suddenly remembered that she was the one to say she didn't want to do this anymore but I wasn’t going to say a word. After all, she was not making any visible effort to stop him, and that said it all. I quietly closed the door to the back offices so Leo wouldn't hear anything and sat in the guest chair besides it. My pants were off in 10 seconds and I started to stroke myself. 30 seconds later I was done … that is how badly I missed these adventures … and it did not take long to get hard again. Rick pulled her onto his lap and started to make out with her. Her legs were slightly raised on the armrests and her ass was on the edge of his lap. One hand found its way under her blouse and began caressing her breasts while the other hand was still reaching around and grabbing her ass. Then I could hear her say, ‘mmm mmm {NO}’ and pull his hand off her ass. I could not figure out why but then he tried it again. He was playing with her ass and trying to put his finger on her asshole. She stopped him again. On his third attempt, she pulled his hand back around and Rick seemed to snap. He stood up holding her in his arms, her legs wrapped around his hips. Cindy seemed confused in the whirlwind of what was happening and, without anytime to react, he pushed her off him, turned her to face the chair, and with a forceful push, bent her over. Her head and hands landed the chair with her ass up in the air. With her legs straight and her skirt above her waist, Rick knelt down behind her and spread her ass apart. Rick started to lick her ass as if it was the forbidden fruit of the gods. Then he reached in, around her leg, and put his fingers in her mouth, making thrusting movements with his hand. She was dripping wet and Rick was drinking every drop as his tongue went back and forth between her ass and pussy. After a while, he stood up and quickly dropped his shorts. Pressed against her, he reached out and took a handful of her long black hair, and gently pulled on it asking Cindy if this was ok. She said, “Yes' and sighed. Then he pulled harder as his cock slipped right into her tight, wet pussy. She moaned and nodded yes. Again he he pulled even harder and started to fuck her with the same force. “Now?” he said, and she did not respond. He let go of her hair and gripped both sides of her waist to help leverage his thrusts but pulling her into him as he pushed. With each thrust she held in her squeals trying to not let him get too turned on, hoping he would just get it over with. Nevertheless, I knew she was turned on because, for being a very tight girl and Rick having a cock almost twice as thick as mine, he was having no trouble getting in. Rick then started to slap her ass fairly hard. In fact so hard, it was leaving a small welt of his hand on her white skin. Cindy looked back at him and, in a hushed voice, said, “Fuck, yeah”. I could not believe that my wife, the woman who did not like to use that language in bed, just said those words to him. That almost fueled Rick because his slaps only got harder and her screams a little louder as she muffled them into the chair cushion. He reached over and grabbed her hair once more. Pulling it, he got her to lift herself from the chair and had her lean over the desk. She pushed some of the folders to the floor and then took off her blouse exposing her perfect breasts {biased opinion}. Rick … never missed a stroke. Now I was facing Cindy from my chair as Rick stood behind her and smiled at me. He pulled her hair and asked her if she wanted to be fucked harder. She did not answer. He yanked hard and her head snapped up and asked the same question. She shook her head no and I could see that she was getting a little concerned where this was heading. Rick took his other hand, grabbed one breast underneath her, and squeezed. Then he let go of her hair giving her head a slight push and reached around the opposite side to grab her other breast. He was taking turns squeezing them, pulling them, and pinching her nipples. I had the best seat in the house. Her face flinched every time he squeezed her supple C-cup breasts and her pink nipples were getting some color but I knew from previous times that having her tits gripped tight was a turn on for her and him. At one point, he had apparently squeezed so hard that she let out a yelp. Rick slowly pulled his cock out of her and started to move it around slowly, rubbing back and forth, as he kept her motionless by leaning on her. With his hands firmly grasping her tits, he stopped moving and Cindy started to wiggle under his weight. She yelled at him, “No … stop it … I can’t”, when she realized what he wanted to do. Rick’s cock was right on her asshole and he was starting to put pressure. I panicked for a moment wondering that if she screams any louder, Leo would hear. I don’t know if she was looking for an excuse but she actually said, “ come on stop it … I’m saving that for Mark {me}.” Rick looked at me and I had a complete look of surprise …, which he took to mean it was ok. Cindy always refused to try anal sex in fear the pain and to hear her say that she was saving it gave me hope. For the next two minutes, Rick kept pushing in and squeezing her tits harder as she clenched her ass. His sweat was being smeared all over her back and dripping down the sides. She did not say anything else. As he kept pushing in, her body was visible tense. Her hands gripped the edge of the desk and she breathed loudly with an occasional moan. She actually looked at me and smiled so I knew everything was ok. Once Rick had most of his cock all the way in, he slowly pulled it out and stood up, letting go of her breasts. Cindy just laid there on the table, eyes closed and lips pressed tight anticipating what was coming next. He grabbed her hips and began to thrust back in but this time a littler faster and further. As his pace quickened, Cindy lifted herself slightly off the desk with her arms. Her moans were getting quite loud. She couldn’t get fucked in the ass and control her yells like she was doing earlier, and she didn’t really seem to care anymore. I found out later that all of this was hurting her like hell but she was more turned on than she had ever been before. She liked knowing another man was getting off by wanting to fuck her in the ass so badly. This was something he told her he was going to do to her the very first time they did anything, but she had dismissed it as sex talk. Suddenly the door opened up and Leo stood there looking at Rick and Cindy. I jumped out of the chair and instinctively pulled my pants up. Cindy's screams had been a little too loud but I got lost in the moment and forgot Leo was down the hall. I had no idea what to say or do. Cindy pushed Rick off her in 2 seconds flat. To this day, I have no idea where she got that burst of energy but having Leo come in like that must have freaked her out. She ran behind the chair trying to hide as much of her body as she could and looked at me for answers. I started to dash toward the door to close it and push Leo out but Rick put his arm out to stop me. “He knows all about it. This is why he stayed late tonight.” Rick looked at me and explained a little more. “I ended up not staying late at work … but your wife kept me at the house a little bit longer than I planned tonight. I knew she would be coming to the office so I called Leo on the cell and told him to stay late.” I looked at Cindy and then at Rick in shock. “Did you guys do something at the house?” Rick nodded and Cindy hesitatingly said, “He came over and I gave him the files at the door but he asked to use the phone and he came in and it just happened. When he left, he told me to come by the office.” FLASHBACK ------- I found out the details later but here they are ---------- Rick rang the doorbell and Cindy had the files ready by the door. When she opened the door, she said hi and handed him the stack of files. Rick then asked if he could use the phone for a quick minute to call the guys at the office because his cell phone battery was dead. Not suspecing anything, Cindy led him to the kitchen where the phone was on the wall. While he talked on the phone, she continued to wash the dishes, oblivious to Rick's presence. She was wearing a pair of Victoria’s Secret’s white shorts and white tank top PJs with spaghetti straps. You know the ones that have the word ‘ANGEL’ on the front. Rick kept eyeing her from top to bottom and he said he couldn't pass up an opportunity like this. When Cindy finished with the dishes, she walked passed him to head to the living room, and he reached around her and started to caress her breasts. Cindy fell back against his chest and began gyrating her ass into his crotch until he got hard. Her hands were shadowing his hands as they squeezed her tits. The entire meantime he kept talking on the phone. After he got hard, she turned around to kiss him. Then he put his hands on her shoulder and guided her down to her knees. According to Rick, she never tried to stop and she could not get his cock in her mouth any faster. She gave him the best blowjob he ever had. During the blowjob, he was on the phone with Leo and never hung up. He even took her into the bedroom, ripped off her clothes, and fucked her while still talking on the phone. She laid on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed, legs up on his shoulders and a pillow on over her face so she wouldn’t moan too loudly. As he fucked her, he pushed four fingers into her mouth and had her suck them like a cock. She told me all he kept saying while putting the phone away from his mouth was, 'You like that, don't you ... you want that for real, don't you.' Cindy told me that he fucked her like the first time, good and hard and without being rough. After cumming all over her stomach, he hung up the phone and went down on her for a while until she came. The real twist was that she actually got nervous and asked him not to tell me because she thought I would be upset, especially since we had not discussed it and she told me she did not want it anymore. Rick, always with an angle, told her that she would have to come by the office later tonight and dress very sexy for him or he would tell me. He made sure to tell her no bra, no panties. He convinced her he just wanted to see her dress up and pretend as if nothing happened with me right there … said he would get a kick out of it. Cindy believed him. She never told him she would go, so he just told her that if by the time they left the office she was not there, he would HAVE to tell me everything. Right after he left he called Leo and told him what had happened. Leo knew something was going on while he was on the phone but figured it was the girl at work. The plan was set. BACK TO PRESENT ----------------------- I walked around the other side of the desk, stood behind Cindy, and continued to try to figure out what was going on. She grabbed my hand and held it tight. Leo walked into the room and was now standing where I had been sitting. I must admit I was still quite hard and getting excited to think that another man was now looking at my wife. I do not know where I got the guts to ask it but I whispered to Cindy, “Do you want to finish with Rick?” She looked at me in astonishment. Rick knelt on the chair with his chest on the backrest, facing Cindy. He leaned in to give her a kiss and she pulled back. I tilted her head slightly and started to kiss her, reassuring her that everything was ok. Rick put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her towards him to kiss. This time she did. As they kissed, I took a quick moment to put my hand on her ass and reach down. Holy shit, her ass was still wide open from his cock. I just pushed in a little and there was no real resistance. I just about came in my pants. Unfortunately, there was not much time to explore since Rick, now pulling her by the back of her head, took her around the desk and straight to Leo. “You are going to fuck the both of us.” Leo pulled down his loose fitting jogging pants and exposed his hard cock. It was similar in size to Rick’s cock but slightly longer and curved. After kissing her again, he pushed her down on her knees and knelt himself down behind her. Cindy’s head was right on Leo’s lap and she started to lick the top of his cock. Leo’s hands were both on her head and pushing her lips down further on his cock. Rick was now fucking her from behind. This went on for sometime and Leo ended up coming in her mouth without telling her. She spit it out and almost gagged. Rick pulled her head back and slapped her face. “Swallow bitch”. I’m not sure I was too thrilled with another man telling this to my wife but I figured it was the moment and didn’t bring it up later. In either case, this was a fantasy, which Cindy was apparently enjoying, and she never complained about it. Rick kept pumping her while she stroked Leo’s cock until it was hard again. Then she got up and straddled Rick on the chair. With a slow rythm, she started to ride him with a renewed energy. She leaned into him so he could suck and bite her tits. Leo took the hint and embraced her, pulling her even closer so he could put more of them into his mouth. His hands slid down her back until they ended up on her ass where he pulled her into him with wild thrusts. The chair had no armrests and was on wheels so as the fucking got harder, she put her hands on the wall behind Leo to stabilize the chair and planted the balls of her feet on the floor as much as she could. Rick was playing with himself right behind her and then moved in. It looked as if he was about to explode his load on her back but I was surprised once again. Placing one hand on her back as she fucked Leo, Rick pressed against her and was looking for her ass. Cindy leaned a bit more into Leo to raise her ass and give Rick better access. She reached back with one hand on the side of his ass and took hold of what she could to help him push in. I could not figure out how someone who was having anal sex for the first time was semi ok with it and actually went from resisting to requesting it. I had always heard first time anal was the most painful thing and many women even cry. I found out later that this was not the first time Rick had fucked her in the ass but Cindy never knew I found out … but that is another story. Rick’s hand was firmly on her back as he leaned back to get a better angle. I knew he found the hole when Cindy screamed out, 'FUCK!' Now that there was no need to be quiet, she was letting it all out. Leo was having a feast biting and teething her nipples and Rick was thrusting as hard as I had ever seen anyone fuck and giving her an occasional slap on the ass every time she screamed. She even sat up and leaned back as much as she could without him pulling out to have him reach around and squeeze her tits. Leo’s hands were grabbing her waist and roaming all over her stomach and chest. Rick whispered something into her ear and she nodded yes. Rick and Leo changed places and Cindy got on her knees again. This time Leo was behind her and in no time at all was on his knees fucking her full thrust, hands on her hips. Cindy wrapped her hands around Rick’s cock as she was being pushed back and forth by Leo, was trying to wipe Rick's cock after being in her ass. Rick grabbed her head and pushed her down giving her no time to finish. There she was sucking one guy and being fucked from behind with her skirt bouncing up and down on Leo’s cock and her high heel shoes around his legs. The same woman who would never do this a few years ago; who ended up trying it a few times with Rick and Dr. Greer and wanted to stop after marriage; the same woman was now with two different men at once … and it wasn’t even my suggestion. In a sudden thrust, Rick lifted his hips up to meet her lips and pushed his cock as far down her throat as he could. Holding her head against him, he jerked a couple times cumming in her mouth. He pulled his cock out and cum dripped off her lips. Without saying a word, she swallowed it all and went back to licking his head dry. *He had whispered earlier that he wanted her to swallow his cum … and she said yes. Finally, Leo also pulled out and came on her ass as he collapsed back onto the floor exhausted. He definitely didn't have the same stamina as Rick. Rick picked her head up and kissed her passionately. He reached down with one hand and started to play with her clit and she clearly wanted more. Rick sat her on the chair and started to finger her and eat her out for almost 15 minutes. I walked up to her and started to kiss her as he did this, feeling her excitement by the movement of her tongue. As I caressed her breasts, I could feel some cum that had dripped from Rick but I did not care now … after all, her mouth was full of it a minute ago and my tongue was deep in. As she writhed with joy, she suddenly pushed his head away. She could not take it anymore and just laid back, occasionally jolted by the orgasm. Rick and Leo left soon after and Cindy went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Walking to the car, she looked at me and smiled. “Did you enjoy it?”, she asked me. “More than you can imagine”, I answered. She wanted me to drive home so we decided to take my car home and leave hers at the office. On the way home Cindy did another first … she unbuckled my pants and gave me a blowjob all the way home. That night we went straight too bed because it was 4am and she was exhausted. I on the other hand {quite literally}, came three times in bed as I replayed what had happened that night. My wife obviously enjoyed other men desiring her and that was ok with me … it was her fantasy. --- MiamiMark
  13. Let me first start off by describing my hot sexy wife for you. She's 38 years old with a 5'8" curvy build (not fat just curvy). She has blonde hair but her natural color is brunette. She has big beautiful breasts, size 36 D, and they are implants but they feel and look like the real thing. She has beautiful brown eyes and a smile that'll melt your heart, and she has just the right size ass, not too big and not too small. In her spare time she does pin-up modeling for a magazine called Delicious Dolls. She's just beautiful, sexy and smart. The total package. It all started one even when we were having a Halloween party at the house. She was dressed like a sexy Olive Oyl and I was dressed as Popeye. She wore a skintight red sweater that showed off her curves and beautiful large breasts and a hiked up black skirt with sexy leggings and high heels. We invited five couples to the party; some were her friends and some were mine. Now you have to know that we never discussed swapping, sharing or threesomes before so this night wasn't planned for anything like that. My wife was the perfect hostess, making sure everyone had food and liquor and chatting with the guests. She doesn't usually drink very often but this night she was having fun and getting drunk. As the night wore on couples started saying their goodbyes and left. Only one other remained, they were her friends. She worked with the husband of this couple. He was tall, young, well built and handsome. His wife didn't hold a candle next to my wife. She was kind of homely looking or maybe it was because she was dressed as a nun. Either way I was attracted to her but I could tell my wife was attracted to him just by the way she was flirting with him. We stayed up pretty late drinking, laughing, and talking. I ended up bringing some playing cards out and asked Bob if he played poker. He said yes but usually it's for money and asked me what the stakes are. I told him no money just for fun and he replied that we should bet something. So I jokingly said let's bet our wives clothing and he laughed and said "deal!" The wives weren't too happy about this and honestly neither was I. So we played a few hands and it got boring quickly, even the wives were getting bored. So Bob mentioned the only way to get this party going was to bet clothing, everyone's clothes this time not just the girls. The wives got together and said they'll do it but only down to their underwear. I agreed with the girls. So we started playing all four of us. A few hands into the game Bob's wife was down to her bra and long skirt, and my wife had her shirt on but her skirt was off so were her high heels and leggings. So pretty much, my wife was sitting there in her panties. I told her if she loses one more hand the game is over because she'll be in her underwear then. She replied she's in it to win it and she won't stop with the bra and panties. Bob's face lit up and he said that a girl have fun. Bob's wife was getting tired and losing interest. She eventually quit the game and sat on the couch and watched tv until she feel asleep. But before she did that we played a couple more hands and Bob lost both hands so he took off his shoes and shirt. He was pretty muscular and tan and my wife noticed that. After that is when Bob's wife went to watch TV. The very next hand my wife lost so off came the shirt, exposing her tits in her bra. So you gotta imagine my wife being a model, you know she's not wearing no Wal-mart boring bra. She's wearing a nice sexy one that you can just make out the nipples thru it. I looked at Bob and he was just staring at her tits and said "wow I always wonder what they looked like under your work shirt." She laughed and said "if I lose another hand you'll get to see them without the bra on!" because her panties would be the last to go. A few more hands went by, and by this time Bob's wife is sawing logs on the couch. I'm sitting there in my pants and no shoes or shirt. Bob is sitting there with just his underwear on by now. The very next hand Bob lost again and stood up pulled down his underwear and exposed a large thick dick. I looked at my wife and she was shy to look at first but once she did, she couldn't take her eyes off of it. He sat back down and said game is over, he lost, he's naked. My wife told him to deal again and she'll figure out what he can bet now that he's naked. So Bob dealt the cards, my wife made a comment that she always wondered what he was packing under his work pants. He laughed and said "well now you know". The next hand my wife lost and off came her bra. She looked at Bob and said "are you ready for this" and took it off exposing her ample breasts. She grabbed them and squeezed them and then she said "deal the cards" so he dealt again. By this time I'm feeling like a third wheel because they just keep talking to each other. I lose the next hand so I end up in my boxers and my wife tells me I'm going to get your dick out too. I laughed and said "we will see". Next hand my wife lost, she stood up and did a sexy dance while taking off her panties exposing her shaved pussy. Bob was just smiling and shaking his head in disbelief that he finally gets to see my wife naked. The next hand I lost so I end up naked. So now we're all naked and I mentioned what do we do now? My wife said there is still more to bet. I said like what? She said you'll see and told Bob to deal. That hand my wife lost and I won and Bob had the next best hand so my wife told me since I won I get to make up a bet for her. I told her ok let me think. I didn't want to be too vulgar so I told her that she has to make her tits bounce. She did it and said that was too easy and that we need to be more creative. We agreed to that and Bob dealt the cards. My wife won that one and I lost. She told me to suck on one of her nipples. She stood up and almost fell over because she was so drunk by this point. I stood up and started sucking on her nipple. She reached down and started stroking my dick. I got embarrassed so I backed off. I didn't want to get hard in front of another man. By the time we sat back down Bob had the cards dealt already and that hand I lost again and the wife was the winner again. She said "since basically both guys lost I get to make a bet with both of you". She told us we both have to suck on her tits now. She stood up again and Bob jumped up and started sucking on one, but I was kind of hesitant not knowing what to think about this. She reached down and started stroking his big dick as he kept sucking on her tit. I was starting to get aroused with what I was seeing. It surprised me because I thought I would be mad if I ever saw my wife do something like that. So I stood up and started kissing her other breast and she started to jerk me off too. We did this for only a couple minutes and then my wife said let's play because she had a better idea for the next bet. So we played and Bob won this time I lost. So we were kind of stuck because there ain't no way I'm touching his dick or anything like that. So Bob made a bet that I tell my wife to finger herself for one minute. So I told her "you heard the man, do it." She said she liked where this was going and leaned back and started playing with herself. She was staring at Bob the whole time she did it. Bob said ok times up and my wife gathered herself back up and was ready to play again. She mentioned she was so wet right now and she wants to do that again. Next hand Bob won again and my wife lost this time. So Bob told her to play with herself for five minutes this time. So she happily obliged and started fingering herself again. Five minutes went by and time was up once again. 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  14. Before she met me, my wife was very innocent women, until I enjoyed lots of pleasure with different types of cute and hot very naughty irresistible woman. So I always wanted that my wife also feel free, and that she also become a capable and skillful lover like the women that I'm used to, and that she would be a provocative and fuckable woman who knows how to enjoy the best sex together with me. After the last adventure she had a few more adventures, and after those several adventures in which my wife was, with my agreement, with other men, she was disappointed in the selfishness of the other men. She decided to stop all of these adventures and pay attention only to me and her, and concentrate only on our sexual pleasures. But now that my wife is experienced with other lovers, she feels far more freer and is proud of herself as attractive and sexy woman, and she is proud of her experience as a skillful irresistible lover. And so it was up until one unusual night, when it happened coincidentally, that a very special surprise too place. Me and my friend were sitting and watching TV in a dark part of the living room. At that moment, my wife arrived home after a visit with her girlfriends, and she was in good mood, and not wanting to waste time, she went directly to the bathroom to bathe. After bathing she came out completely naked in the corridor. Me and my friend are both completely amazed with such unexpected performance, and we curiously sat there quietly and peacefully taking in her alluring temptation for both of us. Not knowing that it was both me and my friend there, she began to provoke me like usual with with wiggling her little rounded buttocks slightly left and right, and at the same time massaging her rounded breasts with one hand. Her large and prominent hard swollen nipples were protruding out and offering themselves. With her second hand, she was caressing her body under her titties and sliding her hand easily over her belly, it slowly made its way right to her little innocent pussy between her so nice slightly spread legs. Emphasizing her completely naked smooth puffy pussy was her plan. At one point she was holding her hand above her cute clitoris, massaging gently a small place above her clitoris, then slowly opened her pussy lips in a way that her clitoris, labia and the inside of her so sweet pussy were clearly visible. She continued this provocative game for some time. All of this was not far from us, and I should be ashamed that my wife was displaying herself to me friend, therefore I was in at least some moments feeling guilty. With her attention on her body she was completely exposed to the two of us in such a dishonest way, but I'd never been so proud of my beautiful provocative wife. I let the game go on for our enjoyment of watching such a beautiful erotic display. I could not resist such a temptation due to her beautiful arousing body. In that moment she was such a sexy and seductive tempting woman, but she was doing this all completely innocently, without any evil intentions. She was so helpless standing there and unwittingly exposing herself to another man by offering for view the most intimate parts of her body in front of two greedy man, me and my best friend. I could not believe that something like this was happening to my innocent wife, but I couldn't say anything to stop it. She eventually noticed that my friend was present, and she embarrassingly apologized and immediately ran into our bedroom. My friend responded that she had nothing to apologize for, but he apologized to me and my wife because he had watched with such pleasure but without any evil intent. So he left, and I went to bed with my wife. I apologized to her for not warning her, but explaining that she was beautiful and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. I was honest with my wife and I told her that I'm sure he would love to fuck her if she gave him permission, and while she did not agree, she was not resisting much either. After some more conversation about what had happened, she relaxed, and we enjoyed an evening of wonderful sex. In the next title I'll write about something that I did not believe happened for a friend in whom I had always had the greatest trust. My best friend is fucking my wife before my eyes?
  15. HotelBob

    Girl Talk

    One day my wife was having some girl friends over for coffee, snacks and giggles. I was in the next room doing bills and such and casually listening in. They were talking a lot about their sex lives - women do that, I think, a lot more than their men expect, and a lot more candidly - and I'm happy to say that all four of them were fully satisfied, getting all they wanted and enjoying it all. No complaints there. How lucky are those four and their men? When they got to discussing specifics my wife volunteered two things about us: first that we like to vacation at clothing-optional beach resorts. Not to have sex with other people (though we've always seen a lot of that going on) but for the thrill of being naked and of having sex out in the open. Enjoying watching and being watched. The other thing she volunteered what that she was almost entirely in charge of our sex life. She liked being the one who initiated lovemaking and how we did it. In my work life I'm in charge of things and give a lot of orders to other people. So for me it is relaxing and enjoyable to have my wife take the lead at home. There was no teasing-and-denial in our relationship, it's just that she set the pace and I enjoyed it. Two of the girl friends said that they were about equal with their husbands in who initiated the love making and directed how it flowed. But the fourth lady, I'll call her the shy one, reported something quite different. She said her fiancé was completely in charge of their sex life and it was always vanilla, missionary style. She liked it, she got all she needed, but since her fiancé always came deep inside her, she had never seen a man come or even witnessed the rise and then fall of an erection. The other three were astounded. My wife said we've got to do something about that. She called me into the room and said that she and I would remedy things if everyone agreed. Since she and I were used to having sex with others watching and since I enjoyed her being in charge, I immediately agreed to have her stroke me off while her friends watched. I changed into a bathrobe and returned to the party. Dropping off the robe, I stood naked in front of them all. Already, of course, I was quite excited about the whole thing. My wife, ever the teacher, pointed out how I was partly erect from the anticipation. She asked me if I was excited and looking forward to being masturbated in front of her friends. I said I was definitely turned on and looking forward to the whole experience. The shy girl admitted that while she'd seen her fiancé many times naked, she'd never seen him erect or the whole process of going from flaccid to erect and back, let alone seeing what it looked like when a man came. My wife said we'll take care of that. I agreed to provide some commentary along the way. We started by having by having the shy girl gently feel my penis. She had never done that with her fiancé! Oh what she'd been missing. Fortunately I'd gone flaccid while we were talking, so she had the experience of touching a limp dick. In her timidity she wasn't touching me in an erotic way at all, but just exploring what a penis felt like. I couldn't help responding a bit, though, and I started plumping out a bit. Then my penis gave a little bit of a jump and she fell back in surprise while everybody laughed, including me. At this point my wife took over. She began very gently and smoothly stroking me, quite slowly. Her goal was to show how I gradually went from nearly limp to fully erect. While she did it, I commented on the sensation and how pleasant it felt - as well has how it caused my anticipation to rise. Once I was fully erect, my wife stopped stroking me and let the young girl and her other friends examine me. With all my hair off, they could see all my flesh clearly. The shy girl took two fingers and gently squeezed me, to see how firm an erect penis was. I explained to her that what she was feeling was a normal erection, but that as a man grew even more excited the penis became more engorged, stiff and rigid. Now my wife went back to work, stroking me again. She did it slowly, in no rush. I gave color commentary, explaining how pleasant it felt and how my excitement was growing. The ladies started talking about their parallel experiences and how the thrill of sex, whether masturbating or having sex with their partners, would rise and pause and rise again. This led to a lengthy discussions of the sensations they experienced in sex. Some said that masturbation never gave them the deep satisfaction of being fucked by their men, while others admitted that sex with their husbands never hit the spot as perfectly as when they did themselves. All through this talk I was standing there still erect. For a while I started getting a bit soft but their talk was so erotic that it got me excited again and kept me excited. When their attention turned back to me they asked how I felt. I told them I was very turned on and that their discussion was just about the most erotic thing I'd ever heard. I told them that it had me thrilled and that while they were talking I had been left in that painful but delicious state of being very turned on but not progressing toward completion. A couple of the ladies admitted that they used that as a technique to extend the pleasure of when they masturbated. It was time to go on with me. My wife began stroking me again and doing it even more slowly than before. I think that she was worried that I would shoot off too fast and I think she was right. As she got me more and more excited I commented on how it felt. Finally I exclaimed that this was all too much. Some pre-cum showed on the tip of my penis and my wife explained about it to her under-experienced friend. She showed how it was clear and slippery and put a little on her friend's fingers to feel. I exclaimed about how hot and excited I was and barely able to hold back. My wife showed mercy and resumed stroking me. In just a few moments I began shooting fiercely to the shock and amazement of her friends. I shot one stream out well, and then another even stronger and further, followed by another one weaker and another weaker yet. After a short pause I shot out one, two, three small additional streams. And then some dribbles oozed out of my tip as my penis gradually softened. I got a round of applause. I told them that I'd really enjoyed performing for them but in truth I'd rather fuck my wife and come inside her. But I emphasized that this little demonstration had been a lot of fun for me and I'd gotten a lot of pleasure out of it. My wife licked the residual come off my dick and I put my robe back on and sat down. My spunk had fallen on the glass coffee table in front of us and the ladies had some fun playing with it, finger painting like kindergartners and tasting it as well. The inexperienced friend, who had never felt a man's semen, except her fiancé's in her vagina, played with it the most. We then had some more coffee and talked about the experience we'd just had and gossiped about various sex experiences and we guessed what some of our friends and acquaintances got up to. Who we thought were wild and who we thought were tame and who we suspected weren't getting any. Of course they talked about giving oral sex to their men and whether they liked doing it or just did it to make their men happy. Who swallowed and who couldn't stand to. My wife, being a bit of a braggart, said that not only did she swallow, she liked to relish it in her mouth and to give me deep kisses when she had a mouthful of my cum. Among the talk was a lot of discussion of how the ladies, including my wife, really liked to get oral sex. To no one's surprise, our youngest friend said she'd never experienced oral sex or even witnessed it. We decided we needed to remedy that. It would be up to her fiancé to give her the first experience of receiving oral sex, if she could talk him into it, but we would show her what it looked and sounded like. My wife then went off to freshen up and returned to us naked and smiling. She lay down on the carpet. I tossed off my robe and positioned myself between her legs. I began eating her and paused from time to time to explain what I was doing, while my wife commented on the sensations she was having. I brought her to a couple of mild orgasms and then a really strong one that left her too tender to be touched any more. While this was going on I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a couple of the ladies had been quietly touching themselves through their clothes. As my wife regained her composure the ladies talked about their experiences with oral sex and what parts of it they liked the best, all for the education of the one who had never experienced it. My wife and I sat down again, remaining nude, and the conversation continued over more coffee. It was noticeable that I was sitting with a full erection. I told everyone that the experience had me quite turned on and ready for sex again. I said that as soon as the party was over I was going to ravish my wife. Someone - I don't know if it was my wife or one of the other women - said why wait until then? I said that thanks to our nude resort experiences we were used to making love with others looking on and it would be fine by me if everyone would like the experience now. All agreed, even the shy one. My wife insisted that her friends take off their clothes so that we would all be equally naked and she encouraged them to pleasure themselves along with our love making. So the ladies took their clothes off though, again no surprise, the shy one was the slowest and most reluctant to strip off. Again my wife lay down on our carpet. I fingered her to make sure she was nice and wet and then I plunged into her. I didn't need any encouragement, I was already very excited and very erect. And so we fucked away. Because it hadn't been very long since I'd ejaculated, I wasn't quick to come again and I was able to give my wife a good long fucking before I finally came. She had a number of orgasms along the way, but fortunately didn't have one so grand as make her too sensitive for me to continue inside of her. From time to time I glanced over at the ladies. The married two of them went quite at it, masturbating, but the shy one was just rubbing the outside of her pussy. The lady closest to her took her hand and shoved it into the girl's pussy aggressively. Occasionally I could hear pleasant noises coming from the mouths of the three of them. For a while the married two were masturbating each other and by the time my wife and I were finishing up, one of them was giving oral sex to the other while the shy one didn't know whether to watch them or watch my wife and I or avert her eyes. When we were all done, there was a lot of laughter and every one of us said in our own words that we never thought such a thing would happen. And so came to a close an amazing afternoon. My wife's friendship with the three ladies continued but I think the shy one never quite overcame the shock of this afternoon's party even though it was clear that she had enjoyed every part of it. Every once in a while my wife would invite the two married ladies over for another party. Sometimes I was there and sometimes I wasn't, though my wife would always give me a blow by blow report later. When they were partying by themselves they would mostly have a masturbation fest but also have some sex among themselves as well. I think they mostly liked pleasuring themselves, rather than each other. When I was there, there was no touching at all between the others and me, but my wife and I would enjoy sex in a variety of ways while the others would pleasure themselves. On occasion one or other of the ladies would ask if I could touch them or even fuck them, but my wife and I both agreed it was better not to. It all came to a close during one of our sessions when it became clear that one of the ladies really, really wanted me to fuck her. In talking about it later my wife and I concluded that danger lay in that path and we stopped having these gatherings. They had come to their natural end and neither of us regretted stopping.
  16. CecilBCK


    He had been away interstate on business all week and arrived home late on Friday night. He could hear his wife talking on the phone in the bedroom, and from the snatches of conversation he caught, it was to what sounded like one of her female friends. He was hot and sweaty after being on the run all day and decided to shower before greeting his wife and swapping news of the week's activities. As he soaped himself under the shower he realized how horny he suddenly felt. Nothing like a week’s abstinence to lift the libido he thought as he felt his tumescence under the thin layer of soap. The night was still hot and after he quickly dried himself he walked naked into the bedroom to greet his wife. She glanced up and smiled at him and he felt sure her eyes were admiring his slightly tumescent penis as she waved with her free hand. “Hi darl. Won’t be long. Just talking to Pammie on the phone and comparing notes.” Some notes with Pammie he thought as he slid under the sheet alongside his wife. From what he knew of Pammie she was as close as one could get to being a nymphomaniac without actually being one. His wife was always telling him of Pammie’s latest conquest with her newest man. As he settled under the sheet, with her back towards him, he could see that his wife was wearing a short nightie which barely covered her 43 inch hips, and which left her long ham-thighed legs uncovered. She showed no signs of ending her phone conversation as he ran his hands up and down the length of her leg a few times. Doe’s she want to play games he thought, or is she in one of her difficult moods again? To find out he started lifting her nightie up over her head, leaving the twin orbs of her glorious arse exposed to his gaze. As the nightie came to her neck she wriggled and juggled the phone from one hand to the other so that he could remove the nightie completely. Even then she kept talking on the phone without missing a beat or acknowledging his presence to Pammie on the other end. He cupped the twin orbs of her arse one in each hand and started to lick each one in turn, at the same time feeling his tumescence turning into a roaring erection. Was he mistaken or was his wife's voice starting to quaver just a little as she spoke to Pammie? Just keep playing the game he thought as he kept licking her arse and getting even harder and bigger. Still not a word spoken between them since her initial greeting. He reached for a bottle of oil kept at the side of their bed for similar occasions to this and filled his hands with it and started to slowly stroke it over her thighs and then smear and kneaded the oil sensuously over her ripe cheeks which were still wet from his kisses. “Guess what Pammie? My husband is anointing the cheeks of my big arse with oil.” Her voice definitely had a quaver in it now. He used one hand to rub the remaining oil into her cheeks as his other hand slowly parted her legs and found her wet spot at the top of her legs. All of a sudden he could hear Pammie's voice for the first time since he came into bed. Was Pammie suddenly aware of his wife’s excitement and what he desperately wanted to do to her. “His hands are all over me and I can feel his erection straining against me Pammie. God he’s hard Pammie. I can hardly get my hand around it. Want to hear all about it Pammie? Thought you would.” His wife’s voice had a definite tremor to it now and he wondered how much of her obvious turn-on was his doing and how much of it was having a female third person being given a description of their intimacy. “Wish I had a ruler here Pammie. I swear this is the biggest he’s ever been. He’s starting to slide his cock into me from behind. He’s holding one cheek of my arse in each of his hands at the same time. God he’s hard. He’s getting serious now. Right up me. Right up me. Right up me. Any further and I ... God that's good. He’s sliding his whole length in and out. Slowly. And teasing me. Driving me crazy. Still there Pammie? Turned on? Thought so. Now he’s starting to slam into me. Can you hear him slapping against my arse? God he wants it tonight. So do I. Fantastic. I can hardly hold the phone any more. He’s rolling me over onto my back now. God I’m wet. Sliding himself back into me. Right up me.” He was sure he could hear Pammie having an orgasm at the other end of the phone from his new position as he slid in and out of his wife's embrace. When he was near his climax he turned his wife over on her side again and entered her from behind and clenched both of the outsized cheeks of her magnificent arse as he pummelled into her. “I’m putting the phone down on the bed Pammie. I want you to here him slamming and pummeling into me.” And he slammed harder still so Pammie could hear him.
  17. Our sex life is still fantastic. Roleplay during sex is still hot. Wife and I are enjoying the other guy possibility. We talked about it and she is a little interested but still reluctant. She has a best friend growing up who she hasn't seen in years. They were close. I know her well. She had flirted and touched me in the past. One time she told me, "Why don't you come down here and do me?" I froze on the phone. A few seconds later she said, "I'm playing!" I thought of that for a long time. Me having sex with my wife's best friend! She was a hot Latina like my wife. To this day still no infidelities between us. My possible swinger MFM fantasy has become an FMF fantasy. I obtained the girl's number. I text her. Back and forth. I'm not telling her who it is. She says no more games. I apologize using her nickname. A few minutes later she texts "who is this?!" Reeled her in. I tell her. We laugh. Reminisce a little. A little flirting back and forth. I tell her the three of us should hang out. She is in another state. She says, "Hell yeah. We can arrange that. What dates?" I'm going to look for tickets. I didn't think she would be so willing. She actually had me backpedaling like when we were younger. She says "I have family down south. " Here's where I get brave. Maybe it's the weed. I tell her, "This is what we do. No kids. 3-4 days. Hotel. Dinner. Bar. Alcohol in the room. Patron and 420. Beach. Order in." She's like that sounds great. I tell her don't tell my wife, I want her to be surprised. She agreed. In the next two months, I will start to open up to her before she gets here. It can only work if all three of us agree. But she is coming anyway. So we will be partying. Hoping to be swinging. If not then at least I'll get stoned on the beach. Can't wait for your SWB responses...
  18. kikonkrome

    Sasha and Meadow

    The plane touched down at McCarran airport on Tuesday afternoon. Early morning sun shone in through the windows of the airplane. “Goooood morning, sexxy Sunshine,” Jake whispered with a growl, then added an ear bite to urge Sasha awake. “Ow,” Sasha groaned with a giggle. Jake has to be the only person on the planet that finds a red eye flight to Las Vegas an aphrodisiac, Sasha thought to herself as the sunlight streamed through the partially lowered window shade into her squinting eyes. Slowly, she stretched awake. “Rise, shine or shimmy!” Jake said as he leapt up from his aisle seat and reached for the overhead compartment. “God as my witness,” Sasha said with an exaggerated yawn and stretch “you’ve got the energy of a three year-old. I have no idea where you get it from.” Sasha watched her husband’s body through sleepy eyes as he opened the overhead compartment. He reached the compartment easily, his long arms and broad shoulders working in concert to shuffle out the carry-on’s. His biceps flexed as he lowered their suitcases to the aisle of the plane. He stood and adjusted his dark green henley and zipped his leather jacket. He reached out his hand to help her from her seat into the aisle. “You only love me ‘cause I’m tall, dark and handsome,” he with a sly smile and a wink. “Yes,” she said as she gave him a quick kiss. “But that’s not all, you know. You’ve got other qualities that make you keeper.” Understatement of the year, she giggled to herself. Jake was indeed tall, dark and handsome. But that was only part of the reason she love him. She also loved his smarts and ability to make her laugh. She loved the way he smelled after a shower and the way he pulled her against his naked, still dripping wet body, making her giggle. Mostly, though, she loved him for letting her continue to have sex with other men. He was not the jealous type. Sasha loved playing hotwife. There was no need, however, for Jake to ever play the cuckold. He could have almost any woman he wanted. Any. His dick was always hard, well, at the right times, and he could please her in minutes. He turned almost as many heads as she did as they made their way from the cab to the registration desk of the Hard Rock Hotel. People were drawn to his easy demeanor as much as his handsome face. No, he was not jealous and revealed in the fact that countless men wanted to bang his “hotwife.” Her pleasure was his. “Enjoy your stay and good luck” said the clerk as she handed Jake the room key cards. As Jake reached for the keys he heard a familiar voice shouting over the music pumping through the speakers. “Jake! Sasha! Hey! It’s me, Meadow!” she shouted, rushing up to them in her mink and trailing a leopard print suitcase. “Can you believe it? I won a free trip to the Hard Rock.” “Meadow! Ohmigod! Jake help her with her suitcase.” Sasha said with smile. “I haven’t seen you since our wedding. What kind of best friend are you?” Jake liberated Meadow’s rollerboard from her overloaded hands. He could smell her expensive perfume, and see her cleavage through her sheer blouse. Las Vegas with two beautiful women, he thought. That’s a winning combination. Meadow ran her fingers through her blonde locks, then dug in her purse for her prize vouchers. “A busy one, run ragged.” She said as she kissed Sasha European style on both cheeks. “Wanna grab a drink after we get all checked in and settled?” she asked. "I mean, if you don’t have any immediate plans. I don’t want to intrude.” “Jake, would you mind if all us grabbed a drink or three?” Sasha asked. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said. “How about the Pink Taco?” “I love that place!” Sasha and Meadow said in unison and laughed. “Jinx.” “Let’s meet there at six this evening, okay?” Jake floated a conservative time. “It’s a date” Meadow said. “We’ve got some catching up to do.” She smiled and turned back to her check in. Jake and Sasha walked to the elevator bank and took the elevator to their room. “I love it!” Sasha said as she surveyed the king-sized bed and view from the window. “We even got a hot tub this time,” she exclaimed as she entered the spacious bathroom. “I love this room. It may be nicest one we ever had,” Sasha said. “And I love Las Vegas. It’s full of excitement, possibility and surprises. But you know that.” She added. “Got any for me?” Jake said, kissing her neck as she stood by the window. “Patience my Dear. Don’t rush the beat.” Sasha said. In the early evening, Jake and Sasha strolled hand and hand into the Pink Taco. Meadow was already there sitting at a hightop table, scrolling through SnapChat messages. She looked up and smiled as they entered. “What are ya looking at?” Jake asked as he brushed her cheek with a kiss. “Do you really want to know?” she said slyly. “Hell yeah!” he replied. “Dick pics” she giggled. Jake laughed. “Get out! Who sends those?” “Well, StuntDic521, HardBoy115, and TheRioLeo, for three” she said. “Wanna see?” “I’m good,” said Jake, “But Sasha might like a peek. She never turns down dick of any kind.” “Yes, cock and cocktails, a perfect pairing, my friend.” Sasha laughed! “Jake, you sit between us and we will give you a woman’s view on good dicks. Whatta ya say?” Meadow purred. “You might learn something you can use, if you’re ever reduced to SnapChatting your dick to random girls.” “I would sit between two lovely ladies in any conditions, including an embarrassing parade of dicks,” he said as he took the hot seat between his lovely wife and Meadow. As the three giggled over the sheer number and randomness of dick shots on Meadow’s phone, an embarrassed waiter delivered cocktails and a bottle of champagne to the table. “Jake’s dick is better than any of these, Meadow,” Sasha said as she sipped the champagne. “So you’ve said. But I don’t know how I would ever get to see it for a comparison, unless of course, he sent me a pic,” Meadow giggled. “Jake,” Sasha looked at him with kitten eyes, “What do you think? You, me and Meadow makes three? As a bonus she gets to both see and ride your wonderful cock.” Sasha rubbed her hand sensuously up Jake’s thigh. Jake almost choked on his drink. Wow, if he was getting as lucky as he thought, he should bet it all on black at the next roulette table. “A menage a Meadow? Is that what you’re suggesting?” Jake stammered out. “Yes,” the girls said in unison. “That is, if you’re up for it, tall dark and handsome.” Sasha smiled and squeezed his inner thigh. “Oh baby, you know I am.” Jake said, his face lit up like the Vegas Cowboy. “Let’s blow this taco stand and hit the sheets. I’ll get a bottle of champagne to go.” He put his arms around the women and squeezed. After paying for an extra bottle of champagne, Jake met his ‘dates’ at the elevator to their room. “Look up,” said Meadow as they stepped into the elevator, “There are mirrors in the ceilings in the Hard Rock elevators. Do pop stars still do it in elevators?” She wondered aloud. “Sasha,” Jake said, “Have I ever told you how much I like your taste in friends?” He nodded his head toward Meadow. “Oh, I always had a feeling you would like Meadow.” Sasha said as she nudged his ear with her lips. “We have been waiting for just the right moment to make this happen for you. I think this is it! Don’t you agree Meadow?” “Yes,” she said and gave a wink to Jake and her best Marilyn flirty face. “What!? Waiting! Why on earth would you make me wait? That’s almost cruel. Like promising a kid dessert, then making him wait a month.” Jake moaned with false intensity, giving Meadow a sidelong look. She looked back at him with hot eyes. “It’s true, she said with a smile. I can’t let Sasha have all the fun. I never have. And dessert is sweeter when you wait for it. Everyone knows that.” The elevator doors opened and the threesome exited the elevator, arm and arm, smiling the secrets smiles of those about the about to write a new chapter in the “Big Book of Carnal Knowledge. “This room is terrific.” Meadow gushed as she entered the room. “It’s like a real French boudoir. I consider myself a princess without a kingdom and this room is fit for a queen. But look,” she said as she flopped on the bed, “It’s got a king bed.” Meadow got up from the bed and wandered over to the bathroom. “Lets get a look at that hot tub.” Meadow looked into the bathroom. “That’s a gigantic tub. It’s all but begging us to play in it.” She said. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s get naked and have a glass of champagne in the hot tub.” Sasha suggested. “I second the motion,” Jake said. “I’ll pour it.” Sasha went into the spacious bathroom and started the water in the tub. “Meadow,” she shouted over the sound of the running water. “There are robes in the closet.” Meadow checked in the closet. She grabbed two robes, then strolled into the bathroom with Sasha. “Let’s get undressed and flash Jake while he is pouring the champagne,” she said as she offered a robe to Sasha. “Hey! I hear naked giggling” Jake shouted, “You’re not starting without me are you?” The two women emerged from the bathroom in the fluffy white robes. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” Sasha said, as she let her robe fall to the floor around her feet. She took Meadow’s hand as Meadow quickly stepped out of her robe. Naked and hand in hand, the women walked swiftly over to Jake and kissed him on the cheeks. Jake could feel the warmth of two sets of plump full breast on his biceps as the women leaned into him for the soft kisses. He could feel the blood rushing to his crotch. “Amazing,” he said handing each woman a glass, and taking one of his own “Here’s to hot women and hot tubs. Cheers!” “Get naked Jake and join us,” Meadow leaned into Jake and caressed his hard-on through his jeans. Sasha gave him a deep long breathtaking kiss and squeezed his hand. “I’ll be right there.” Jake said, when he caught his breath. He watched Sasha and Meadow return to the bathroom. More champagne is in order he thought as he watched their beautiful retreating booties. “Well we don’t have to wait for Jake.” Sasha purred to Meadow, as they climbed back into the hot tub. “I’d like to lick that pussy.” “l'd love that.” Meadow responded as she spread her legs for Sasha on the edge of the tub. Sasha buried her head between Meadow’s legs. Sasha spread Meadow’s pussy and placed her tongue strategically above the clit and began long, slow, wet strokes up and down and around it. Meadow laid her head back and began to moan. Good gawd, this was wonderful. Meadow thrust her hip upward to give Sasha better access. “Oooh weee!” Jake exclaimed as he walked into the bathroom carrying extra champagne. He climbed into the tub to better watch the show. A few sips of champagne later, three naked bodies were caressing and kissing in the tub. “Sasha, you are a lucky woman.” Meadow said as she eyed Jake’s beautiful erection as he stood to refill the glasses. She reached out to stroke it with her fingers, then kissed the head. “Let me help you lick that,” Sasha said as she joined Meadow in pleasuring Jake. Sasha and Meadow alternated taking Jake deep in their throats. Jake threw his head back and reveled in the alternating sensation of each woman’s lips and unique sucking techniques. “You two have to stop or you’re going to make me cum before I can enjoy every inch of your perfect little bodies.” Jake groaned, enjoying the pleasuring mouths. “I would love to feel your tongue on my clit,” Meadow cooed. “That king bed is calling its queen.” Moments later Meadow’s legs were spread open under Jake’s lips and tongue and Sasha was on her knees by the bed, giving Jake head. Sasha crawled on the bed beside Meadow and Jake moved between them. Kissing them in turn on the lips. Then Sasha and Meadow kissed each other long and deep. “How about you take me from behind, Baby?” Sasha whispered in Jake’s ear. “You know that’s my favorite,” She responded. Jake moved behind Sasha and slowly entered her, the way she loved it. He continued to kiss Meadow and caress her ample breasts. Jake picked up the pace, pounding Sasha’s wet and willing pussy until she cried out her release. Jake quickly pulled out of Sasha before he could cum. Meadow moved in position to take his still dripping dick in her mouth to finish him. “I’ll finish you off Meadow,” Sasha said as she moved between Meadow’s legs. Meadow’s moans combined with Jake’s and Sasha’s. Meadow could feel the warm pressure of Sasha’s insistent tongue on her clit. She could taste Jake’s pre-cum on her tongue. She could feel him nearing his peak as she neared hers. Meadow felt the small pressure of her orgasm begin to build rapidly to climax. She came as Jake’s hot orgasm spilled over her lips and tongue and down her throat. Sasha quickly caught Meadow in a kiss, sharing the last taste of Jake’s cum. “Wow,” Jake said with a sigh as he laid back on the bed. “Just fucking Wow.” Meadow and Sasha snuggled on either side of him, caressing his chest. “So Jake,” Sasha said. “Was that dessert worth the wait?” “Oh yes,” Jake replied. “Especially if I can have seconds.”
  19. A letter from Capetown brought back memories of the most erotic experience of my life - intensely sexual, my African adventure, from years ago. Before I tell you about the letter, I have to begin at the beginning, years ago, when I met a talented South African photographer. MY AFRICAN ADVENTURE, PART 1 OF WHAT MAY BECOME 11 PARTS, AN EROTIC ARRIVAL PREAMBLE I work as the photo editor for a major Canadian magazine, which I won't name (and no, it's not Maclean's). Call me Fred, Fred the Photo Ed. Some years ago I met a talented young South African photographer (I'll call him "Hanz") who was on assignment in Canada. We quickly struck up a friendship and spent time together. At the time we first met I was single and in the lifestyle and so I introduced him to the best play houses and parties in Ontario and BC and some in-between. (Thanks to the reputation I had built, as well as generosity in bringing gifts for the hosts that bowled them over, I was welcome as a single man to almost any party, the parties that routinely excluded single men. And Hanz quickly earned his own welcome, as word spread across our wide but gossipy country. We Canadians are very hospitable.) During another of his professional visits to Canada I had a girlfriend at the time and so we had some threesomes at home and also went clubbing all together. After we had gotten to know each other Hanz repeatedly invited me to come visit him in the Capetown neighborhood of Oranjezicht, tucked just below the famous Table Mountain. When a particularly nasty, hard, bitter cold and long Canadian winter hit I decided to take him up on it, to spend a week in southern Africa. FRIDAY - THE FIRST DAY, ARRIVAL AND WELCOME After too many hours in the air and much exhaustion I landed in Capetown and took an over-priced taxi in to Hanz's house. I rang the bell and the door was answered by a striking young woman, light brown in colour, wearing only a thin cotton sand-coloured robe; it complemented her nicely. She greeted me and said I could never pronounce her name so I was to just call her T. Her robe hung slightly open at the front and while it concealed her breasts, it revealed a line of lovely skin from her neck, down her chest between her concealed breasts, through a smooth trim belly, and to a triangle that was well shaven or waxed. She was medium height, thin, long limbed, and with a radiant smile. Oh, lucky Hanz! He hadn't told me about her. T welcomed me in. Jet lag made me clumsy and as I stumbled in over the doorway, I missed seeing her hang up her robe. The next sight I got of her, as she led me through the house, was of her back, round buns, thighs, calves and bare feet. There wasn't a blemish on her and that smooth skin called out to be touched. She led me to the pool in the back, where Hanz greeted me heartily. While Hanz and I hugged and shook hands and celebrated each other, I got a look at T's gorgeous breasts. Nicely sized in the B-to-C cup range and with the benefit of youth, not the slightest bit of sag. Her nipples were darkest brown and small. I felt quite envious of Hanz. They showed me to my guest bedroom. I had to wash up after my long flight so I showered and threw on a bathing suit to go out and join Hanz and T. I got half way out when I realized how silly it was for me to be wearing a bathing suit when my hosts were naked, so I stripped it off and joined them. Jet-lag was my only excuse for being so slow on the take up. We talked and had some sodas and beers and played around on the pool. I tried to not be obvious that I could barely take my eyes off T. When standing around she seemed to adopt only two postures. One was with her arms folded, which framed her gorgeous breasts. The other was with her long arms hanging down. When she was standing like that, she had the odd and apparently unconscious habit of fingering herself and then periodically putting a moistened finger tip in her mouth and then returning her hand to her honey pot. She didn't seem to be really masturbating herself, it was just one of those odd habits people have - though this was the oddest and sexiest habit of all. After we'd talked and drank, goofed around in the pool, jet-lag was getting the better of me and I lay down on a pool-side couch to take a snooze. I awoke to the quiet and delicious sound of fucking, the soft gentle rhythm of two people enjoying sex. I lay doggo, pretending to be still be asleep, and watched them. Fortunately I was laying on my side, so it was easy for me to watch them and also easy to disguise my erection, which would have been sticking straight up if I had been laying on my back. It was equestrian. Hanz lay on his back and T rode him, the delicious cowgirl. She was facing me, so I had the best view possible. She went up and down in a steady rhythm, the way you do it when you're in no hurry to get to an orgasm, but want to prolong the simple and beautiful pleasure of it. I watched quietly. Eventually T caught on to the fact that I was watching. She discretely gave a little wave of her hand to let me know she was on to me. She continued slow fucking Hanz for a while and then gave me a wink. She continued riding Hanz at the same pace, but instead of smoothly gliding up and down him, she now put a push into it, driving them both toward their orgasms. It was still the rhythm of a slow fuck, but done harder and more passionately. Sweat began to glisten on her breasts and upper lip. She started holding her head back and then began to arch her shoulders back. Her small breasts stood out and her nipples extended. Coming was eminent. While the speed of her riding up and down on Hanz didn't change, she began having small spasms. I could see the muscles of her belly rippling. Finally it was too much; Hanz's hips began bucking upward and her hips jerked forward as they both came. T collapsed forward lying chest-on-chest with Hanz while they both caught their breath. Then after a bit we all got up. I opened three beers and we stood around talking and drinking. T followed her habit of putting a finger inside herself and then taking it to her mouth. Only now her finger wasn't just a little moist with her juices, it was thick with Hanz's semen. I haven't mentioned what you obviously suspect: I had a full and almost painful erection sticking straight out while we stood and talked. There was nothing I could do about it. Pleasure and pain: I had the exciting pleasure of being very aroused, combined with the pain of feeling no touch, no prospect for any relief. After we'd chatted and joked for a while Hanz looked down at my arrow-straight erection and said to T that she should put me out of my misery. T said maybe after we were better acquainted we might screw but now was too soon. Hanz asked her to have some mercy and so she did. She put her hands to me in a way that I'd never experienced before. She held out one hand, palm up, fingers extended. That she put under my straight erection, cradling it. With her other hand she softly stroked the top of my dick, from the base to the tip. It was like she was petting a cat and she did it just like that: all the strokes on one direction, slow and languid, as if she were petting a cat while paying no attention to it - but she was paying attention, full attention, to my reaction. The feeling was exquisite. If I hadn't been so horny I could have really enjoyed it, having her slowly, gradually arouse me. Just like the slow fucking between her and Hanz that I had just witnessed. But that wasn't the case now: I was extremely aroused and fit to burst. I almost immediately began coming onto her palm. Slow, long lasting, relishing the pleasure - that would have been my preference. But for the same reason that I had an unequivocally stiff erection I found myself coming without delay. The way she continued stroking the top of me, like petting a cat, intensified my orgasm. It felt gorgeous to be coming in her palm, though I would have loved for the experience to have lasted longer. And I would have loved for it to be inside someone who was enjoying it with me. When I was done spurting and started to soften she raised her hand to her mouth and licked my semen off her palm. Then she said that she knew what I ate on the plane. Clever girl. Hanz said he was never allowed to eat asparagus. When she was nearly finished lapping up my spunk, she swiped a fingertip with some and rubbed it around Hanz's lips. Then with another fingertip inside her, she took some of Hanz's semen and rubbed it around my lips. With her arms around our shoulders she hugged us together and said "you're my boys". Although she hadn't had sex with me, although I hadn't had the opportunity to give her deep pleasure, she was unquestionably welcoming me to the household. By then the sun was low in the sky and we went into the house, T made dinner and we ate and I was introduced to the African flavors and spices that she used. After dinner I did the washing up and then joined Hanz and T on the couch in front of the TV. We were all in our robes with Hanz and I sitting on either side of T. After a while she slipped her hand into my robe and began fondling me. It took but a moment for me to get hard. She stroked me slowly and gently, almost absent-mindedly, much like the way she would touch herself. I really enjoyed the sensation. From time to time she would stop stroking me and play with my balls or rub the inside of my thigh. I think she was doing this to keep me from getting too excited too quickly. Unlike this afternoon when, out of horniness, I came quickly, this was being drawn out for maximum pleasure. And the pleasure went on and on. Finally I was reaching a peak, about to come, and she must have sensed it because she leaned over and put her lips on the tip of my dick. I came in her mouth and she swallowed without making a show of it. I think she had taken my spunk into her mouth just to avoid any messiness. She had put her lips on the very end tip of me and held steady, so I got no sensation from it. Yes, by holding steady she was giving me a ruined orgasm, that's what she was doing. But ruined or not, it was delightful to come a second time under her ministrations and in the whole experience I was bathed in pleasure. For a while I was lost in the afterglow and when I recovered I turned and smiled to her. She smiled back and then swung over and mounted Hanz. They began fucking, slowly, slowly, much as they had in the afternoon. There eyes were fixed on each other and their gazes never moved; they were locked looking deeply into each other's eyes while they slow fucked. You can have sex with someone and have your mind entirely on your own sensations. But when your eyes are locked together, your mind is on the shared sensation. And that is how they were. They kept on like this for a good long time and after a while I put myself to bed while they continued. I thought about the day - flying away from frozen Toronto, arriving in sultry South Africa, seeing again my friend Hanz, meeting his lady T, being introduced to African spices, having a gorgeous girl jack me twice. What a day. I immediately fell asleep and slept for maybe nine or ten hours. I dreamed of crowded airplanes, sunny Africa, and gorgeous girls who loved sex until I awoke mid morning. And that was the first day of my adventure in Africa. Next, Part 2, Saturday, I find a terrific companion.
  20. Kim and I have been together quite some time. I've always expressed my love of jealousy. It turns me on to think about someone pleasuring her or her pleasuring another. We've fantasized about it with dirty talk a million times. She was always refrained from acting on it out of fear of me thinking differently of her. We dropped the topic for some time then all of a sudden on my birthday she wanted to give me something special sexually. She started looking for couples but couldn't find a good match and told me to find a guy for her. This was fine by me as my main link is the jealousy aspect, sure another woman is always fun but her making me jealous is really what gets me going. So I reach out to a friend and start lining it up. I send him some pics and he is instantly down. Even the convo with him got me going because of the thought process involved. When it came time to send him the address to come over she started having doubts and insecurities. So I gently reminded her that if we do it I'll still love her and that we didn't have to do it if she didn't want to. All the while she's already naked. I send him the address and he shows up rather quickly. She looks at me in shock when the doorbell rang. So I got up leaving her in bed butt naked to go answer the door. When I let him in I kindly explained that she was upstairs naked and he quickly followed. When we entered the room I could see the shock on her face and also the arousal. I walked up to one side of the bed and he walked to the other. After very few words were exchanged we began undressing. Before I know it I'm laying in the bed next to him and she is climbing on top of him. I was raging. My cock was harder than a rock watching her kiss him and rub her perfect tits on him. She then began to suck his cock to get it hard. This was amazing to me. I laid there watching him while barely stroking my cock and almost came three times. I was on fire watching this. Eventually I asked her if she wanted to fuck him. She wasted very little time and starting moving her tight pussy towards his cock. The first stroke was breathtaking. Seeing her face when she had his cock enter her was so arousing to me. I climbed behind and put my finger in her ass as she rode his cock. I went to put my cock there too but right as I positioned it the frame of the bed gave out and the mattress fell. After we all regained ourselves she had me lay down in front of her and told him to get behind her. As he thrusted his cock inside her from behind, I was excruciatingly hard. She sucked my cock just a little then had to stop to moan. That was equally amazing. Then when she put my cock back in her mouth I came hard as hell after like three strokes. Never came so hard or fast in my life. And it just so happened as I was cumming so did he. So she felt both of us cum at he same exact time.
  21. CecilBCK


    My partner Marylin and I enjoyed a wide range of sexual activities together and we had both lost any sexual inhibitions we may have had many years ago. Both of us were in our early forties and were in good physical condition. We had often fantasized while having sex about another women watching us in bed. The other woman could sit on a chair and watch us, talk and comment as much as she liked, preferably become extremely turned on, but she would not be allowed to participate. One Friday night one of Marylin’s female friends joined us for dinner in our city apartment. Good food, even better wine and stimulating conversation, which towards the end of the second bottle, turned to sex and in particular our sex life. Marylin took great delight in telling her friend, not for the first time I suspect, how she especially liked me to fuck her. The first step involved Marylin dressing in nothing more than perfume, high heels and a g-string to highlight her brilliant arse, and getting me as hard as a rock using a range of foreplay and techniques which included a mouth full of ice among other equally erotic methods. When Marylin had me almost fully aroused she would then insist upon me kissing and licking the cheeks of her glorious arse as she stood with her legs apart and arms raised with one of her hands resting on a wall and the other grasping and measuring my cock until in her words “You are rock hard and ready to fuck me really good.” Marylin seemed a little agitated as she recounted to her friend with a knowing smile, “He has a rather pretty and big, thick cock you know.” Her words arousing me as I watched Marylin’s friends obvious mental turn-on. With that Marylin disappeared into the bathroom in our bedroom and I thought that was the end of that particular conversation. Marylin’s friend and I switched the conversation to far more mundane and arcane matters and we began to wonder what had happened to Marylin. In due course Marylin reappeared from the bathroom and it became obvious why she had been gone so long. Wearing a very confident smile, high heels and nothing else other than a g-string Marylin slowly walked back into the room, smiling and switching eye contact between her friend and me. Emboldened by the wine and without saying a word Marylin approached and kissed her friend long and hard while she was she was still seated at the dinner table, at the same time looking out of the corner of her eye at me and enjoying the obvious effect her kiss was having on me. Marylin then turned her attention to me and tongue kissed me with a passion that I never experienced from her before. But then, no one had ever watched her kiss me before while she was wearing nothing but high heels and a g-string. Her friend’s smile indicated that she was not in the least uncomfortable with what was happening in front of her as I returned Marylin’s passion and felt my erection straining under my clothes. Marylin took me by the hand and still without saying a single word she stood with her legs apart and two hands on the wall and indicated for me to lick and kiss her glorious arse as her friend watched fascinated. “Show my friend just how pretty your big thick cock is,” were the first words Marylin had spoken since she had come back from the bathroom as she turned and started pulling at my clothes. In no time Marylin had her wish and her friend seemed to be beaming her tacit approval as Marylin took one hand of each of us and led us into the bedroom. “Well, is his cock as good as I have been telling you?” Marylin asked as we walked to the bedroom. “I am most impressed,” was the strained response. “Sit there and you can watch,” Marylin instructed her friend as she indicated a chair a short distance from the bed and led me to the bed. “Take my g-string off and fuck me from behind while my friend watches. Show her what you can do,” Marylin instructed as she laid on the bed directly facing her friend with my rock hard cock in her hand. Always eager to please I assumed my position and took one of Marylin’s glorious arse cheeks in each hand as I slowly thrust into her from behind and watched the reaction from her friend. “Is he really hard and thick Marylin?” “Extremely.” “Is he right up you?” “Not yet. Come on fuck me harder.” “Is he a good fuck?” “The best. Come on, fuck me harder.” “I love the sound of him slapping into your arse cheeks.” “Good. Fuck me harder. Harder.” “You two are really turning me on.” “Harder. Harder. Give it to me.” “I always wanted to watch him fucking you Marylin.” “Do you like hearing him slapping against my arse?” “I am so turned on.” “Not as turned on as me. Watching you, watching me being fucked like this this is heaven. "Harder. Faster. "Push me over the top.” “Are you getting close?” “Very close. Show her how good you really are. Harder. Faster. Give it to me.” The timbre in the voice of Marylin’s friend indicated that she was as turned on as both of us were and we feel sure that the three of us had simultaneous orgasms.
  22. P323

    After Party Swing (First)

    So we are a young couple who have never done too much out of the ordinary sexually. I (M) always tried to bring up the prospect of another guy joining us but always thought it might just be a nice thought more than a reality. I am average height, stocky but with a belly, and with short blonde hair and an average penis but a bit thicker. She is short with green eyes, brown hair, D cup breasts, and a bigger butt. We are both 19. This is basically our story and we hope you enjoy. Well, one night me, my mate (male, chubby, same height as me, brown hair and blue eyes) and my girlfriend all attended the same 18th birthday party . My girlfriend wore a black play suit with a big slit down the middle exposing her cleavage with a bright orange skirt about mid way between the top of her thighs and her knees (she is pretty tanned so this clashed with her legs ). We all sat around drunk, and my girlfriend hadn't noticed but her tits were visible from where my mate was sitting beside her. He pointed it out and she joked "why were you looking at my titties anyway ? Haha". He just shrugged and she smiled. The three of us went home in a taxi as he only stayed round the corner from me so we sat up in my room watching a bit of tv when my girlfriend and I started kissing. He stood up and said "well I better get going, give you guys some privacy". As he went to walk out the door my girlfriend grabs his hand and says " who said you needed to leave?" I was shocked and so was he by the look of things he sat back down on the bed and as I took my trousers and boxers down so did he. My girlfriend was busy looking at my dick and so she didn't see him do it, so she was already sucking my dick by the time she noticed he had his cock out. I could see from her eyes she was shocked. My mate is an average looking guy but jeez what a dick he has, and it was only soft. She grabbed on to his dick and started sucking on it before I had a minute to reconsider my fantasy. He had her completely naked slurping on what was still a soft penis. After a while he asked if he could try wanking while watching us fuck so we started fucking and she was stuck between closing her eyes and moaning and looking at his dick. You could tell she was interested so after a while since he was still soft he whispered to me "listen mate, I feel a bit awkward, could I have a couple minutes just me and her?" I looked at her and she just shrugged at me. I left and got a bottle of beer and laughed off the fact that his dick may be 2" bigger than mine but at least I can use it. Well, that was until I heard screaming from my room so I walk in and he has her legs over her head slamming her full. The bed is shaking beneath them and his dick is so huge you can hear how wet she is. He smiles and says "got it working!" He had her bent over, her ass wobbling and slapping against him and her pink shaved asshole puckering and asking to be fucked. She completely gave herself to him. I soon joined in getting my dick sucked but she could hardly concentrate so I sat back and wanked and watch her get ruined. He started fingering her ass which she usually objects to. He tried to fuck her ass but his cock is just too thick, it must be about 9 inches long . It was huge. She was screaming so loud now she had completely forgotten I was there. I watched her guilty eyes shut with pleasure as she came. He soon followed as he pulled out and she dove on his cock sucking the cum from him (again, I never get this). They kissed for a while and when he left she soon passed out. Her pussy was gaping. I knew then I wouldn't feel the same. Now there's always sexual tension and she's allowed to fuck him as she pleases so it was great big step for us.
  23. My ex fiancee and I had done mfm a couple of times in the past but went quiet for a few years. We were laying in bed one night and somehow the conversation turned to 3-somes. She asked me what I really thought of her while we did them. I told her that it was so sexy watching the look on her face while she sucked my cock while taking another cock in her pussy and how much it turned me on. I asked her what she was thinking during it and she said that it was the most amazing feeling having 2 guys. I asked her if she would ever do it again and she said she would like to but didn't think we would be able to find someone she was comfortable with. A few weeks later I was chatting to a mate on Facebook and he told me that he was pretty sure he and his gf were gonna split. I knew he had always perved on my girl and they had always been friends so I asked him if he'd be keen to join us. I was a bit surprised when he said he couldn't because he was a good friend to us both and didn't want to fuck that up. I said that's ok and left it at that. About a week or so later he messaged me saying that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about it. I told him that we had done it before with other blokes and it wouldn't fuck up our friendship and he said he wanted to. With him on board I told him not to mention it to my girl and we would find a way to surprise her. My brother's engagement was a few weeks later and he was there with his gf. My gf was drinking and I knew this was our best opportunity. I said to him that it could happen that night if he was still keen. Well the party was starting to wind down and my girl said she wanted to go clubbing. I told her to go out and I'd see her at home. She went out with a big group that included our friend and his gf so I didn't think it was going to be our night. She rang me about 3 a.m. and said she was on her way home and our friend was with her. She thought he just wanted to keep drinking with me and that's why he was in the cab with her. When they got to our house we just sat in the lounge room drinking. After awhile he went out for a smoke. I whispered to her "do you know why he's here?" She said he wanted to keep drinking and I said he's here cause he wants to fuck you. She didn't believe me at first but when I told her that me and him had spoken about it for awhile, she said she wanted to but wanted a shower first. She went to go take a shower. When he came back inside and I told him she wanted it. She came into the lounge room just wearing a t-shirt and undies. She sat down next to me and we started kissing. While we kissed I felt her start to move around so I opened my eyes and saw that our friend was taking off her underwear. She wriggled forward while still kissing me as he started eating her pussy. She pulled away from me and said take your cock out. I took my pants and boxers off and was hard as fuck already. She grabbed my cock and guided it into her mouth She sucked my cock as he ate her for a while then he got up and took his clothes off. He got on the other side of her and she stated going from cock to cock sucking and licking. I grabbed her off the couch and put her doggy in front of him. She went back to sucking him while I licked her cunt and arse. After a few minutes she turned to me and said "fuck me" so I got up behind her and slid my cock into her hole. She was loving it as I pounded her and she had a mouthful of dick. I could tell he wanted to fuck her so I pulled out of her and said "ride him". I sat away from them a bit so they could fuck while I watched. I was getting hornier and hornier watching my cute fiancee grinding on another cock, so when she said come back I jumped back in. For the next hour we fucked her in every possible position a girl can suck and fuck 2 cocks. She had cum a few times and we were ready. I was on top of her fucking her on the floor while my mate was up near her head slipping his dick in and out of her mouth. She said to us "tell me when your going to cum". My mate was pulling his cock while she licked it and said he was about to blow. She pushed me off her, got on her knees and told us to stand either side of her. She was rubbing her abused pussy, watching both of us pull while she waited. He started moaning so she turned to his cock and opened her mouth. He shot his cum into her mouth, on her face and a bit on her tits. She let the cum in her mouth drip out of her mouth and onto her body. As I saw this I couldn't control it anymore as she took my whole load in her mouth, looked up at me and swallowed. We all just collapsed completely exhausted. I'll never forget how turned on I was knowing my pretty, innocent looking fiancee loved being a naughty girl! Hope yous all like
  24. Tahoecple

    The Road Trip

    Linda and I had been married for about four years when we first met Dave and Lacie. What started as a social acquaintance soon blossomed into something much more. Within a brief period the four of us became the closest of friends. During the first ten years of our friendship with Dave and Lacie, they had become our closest friends. The four of us did everything together from family activities, to attending social functions together, to spending time together at one or the others home. A few years into our relationship our friendship took the four of us into lifestyle activities. It just seemed to be a natural evolution of our friendship. It wasn’t something that we had discussed beforehand, it just happened one night and nobody resisted what took place. At the time, I think both couples had explored the lifestyle with other couples, I know that we had. However, it seemed like an area that neither of us were willing to risk our friendship over so it was never discussed between us. That night the four of us attended a local social dinner and dance together. We enjoyed the dinner and afterwards spent a few hours drinking and dancing together. All to soon the event was over, but not our desire to continue the fun we were having together. When we arrived at Dave and Lacie’s home after the event they invited us in for a night cap. One thing led to another and within a few minutes after arriving at their home the four of us were relaxing in their hot tub enjoying a drink while soaking in the warm swirling water in the nude. We had all soaked in their tub in the nude prior to that night and as stimulating as it always was it was also always benign, and that night I felt it was as benign as it had always been. I found myself sitting between Linda and Lacie and as benign as I felt the occasion was, the fact that the thighs of two naked women occasionally lightly touching mine soon had my cock at full mast. To be honest my concern at the time was to conceal my erection from the other three people in the tub. I was feeling self-conscious about my condition and embarrassed over it. That is right up to the point that Linda wrapped her hand around my cock and started to slowly stroke me. It didn’t take long before I clandestinely slid my hand over her thigh and toward her pussy. When my hand reached her pussy, I was unable to touch it because Dave’s fingers were already probing her. I leaned over to see what was going on and discovered that Linda was not only stroking my cock, she was also stroking Dave's at the same time. She was stroking both of us, he was fingering her, and my mind was racing. Before I had an opportunity to answer any of the million-question running through my mind, Lacie’s hand replaced Linda’s hand on my cock. The only thing I knew for certain about what was taking place was that I no longer needed to be concerned with concealing my erection. It didn’t take long for the four of us to pair-up, Linda with Dave and me with Lacie on their king-size bed. Where we engaged in one of the most pleasurable four-some’s that I have ever experienced. There was no concern, no misgiving, no hesitation, only the pleasure of pure animalistic sexual pleasure shared by the four of us. That night our relationship with Dave and Lacie went to another level. Instead of coming between us as we had feared, it enhanced our relationship. We now all felt free to not only express our friendship toward one another, we could also divulge our sexual attraction toward the spouses of the other couple. Although lifestyle activities were enjoyed by all four of us they weren’t the sole attraction between us, we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Swinging was just an added spice of the other activities that we had always enjoyed engaging in with them. We were just four people that enjoyed having fun together, and it really didn’t matter what kind of fun it was that we engaged in, the only consideration was if we had an enjoyable time together while engaging in whatever we were doing together. They were the couple we could call on those boring nights just to say, “hey let’s do something we’re bored, and things would just transition from there.” After ten years of the four of us doing everything together an ugly four-letter word separated us. “Work,” and seeking money drove us apart. Dave and Lacie moved to the Bay Area when he took over his family’s business when his father suffered from health issues. While soon after that Linda and I moved out of state when I took a job offer that I couldn’t turn down. Before we moved out of state we tried to still be connected and get together as often as we could, which turned out to be about once a month. We would talk of the phone about once a week for a time. But as so often is the case, over time we just each moved on, and out of each other’s lives. Our feeling toward each other stayed the same, it was just that time and distance got in the way of trying to remain close. And culminated with us not seeing or talking to each other over the last two years.’ That is until last Monday night when Dave called. I picked up the phone last Monday night as I was watching TV without much interest, without bothering to check the caller ID I just moaned a bored, “Hello.” “Hey, did you die?” the caller asked. “No, in fact I was just about to call you to find out if you had died, did you die?” “No, I ain't died yet.” “Good, thanks for calling you save me a phone call.” “No problem.” “Is that all you called for?” “Not really, I just thought I would get that out of the way first, because if you had died what I called for wouldn’t have matter.” “Well one thing for sure if I’d died it damn sure wouldn’t have mattered to me. Being I haven’t died yet, what did you call for?" Dave is without doubt the closest friend I have, whether we see each other regularly or not, we enjoy giving each other a bad time and during this call we went back and forth with each other kidding one another and trading good natured banter for the better part of the next half of an hour before Dave got down to mention the reason for the call. Lacie and him invited Linda and I to spend the following weekend with them, to have some fun and to get reacquainted again. During that call, we both expressed how much we had missed the fun that we used to have together and we both wanted to renew that part of our relationship. The four of us passed the phone back and forth for the better part of a couple of hours that night. It was obvious that all four of us were anxious to be able to spend time together again after so much time apart. After we ended the call that night Linda and I continued to talk between ourselves about just how much we had both missed the closeness we had once shared with Dave and Lacie. Truth be known I think both Linda and I were ready to drive to the Bay Area that night to get an early start our weekend together with them. To say we were looking forward to getting together with them again would have been an understatement. I got both Friday and Monday off work the following weekend so that we would be able to make our weekend with Dave and Lacie’s into a little mini-vacation. We were so anxious that we had the car packed and ready to go Thursday night so we could get an early start Friday morning. To be honest I think both Linda and I were both feeling friskier than we had felt in a long time that morning as we prepared to leave. We teased one another in playful banter as we engaged in playfully teasing one another. It was as if we were again that young married couple that couldn’t wait to see what mischief we could get into. The first part of our five-hour drive Friday morning was laced with a little ideal chitchat between Linda and I about nothing, just something to help pass the time. Mostly though we found ourselves lost in our own thoughts and embracing our growing anticipation of what we both knew would be a sexually stimulating weekend. More to just get out of the car and stretch our legs than from hunger, we stopped on our way through Sacramento for a sandwich. When we were back on the interstate again Linda reclined her seat, leaned back, and closed her eyes. As I drove and Linda seemed to be napping I turned down the radio so it wouldn’t interrupt her rest. At the same time, I was just letting my mind wonder as the miles between us and our friends rolled by. After being back on the Interstate for half an hour or so, out of my peripheral vision I detected motion to my right. I glanced toward Linda, she was still reclined with her eyes closed and was shifting around slightly in her seat. Her hips were swaying slightly as she was squeezing her thighs together occasionally. She traced her finger tips over her thighs and her hips twitched occasionally as if she was being touched by invisible fingers. She slowly ran her fingertips back up over her abdomen and lightly across her breasts. As she touched her breast her lips spread into a sexy smile just before she licked her lips in a very sexual and inviting manor. After several minutes, she let out a low sexy moan and her lips formed an “O” before her faced transformed into an almost orgasmic pained expression. I didn’t know if she was asleep and having a wet dream or if she was fantasizing about this weekend in a vivid daydream. What I was certain about, is that whichever it was she was enjoying a pleasurable sexual experience in her mind. I had an urge to reach out to touch her but I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt her pleasurable vision, I settled on quietly enjoy the voyeuristic pleasure of watching her enjoying herself in her mind. I guess I should have been paying more attention to my driving than on my wife because the proximity alarm went off to let me know I was getting too close to another car. When the alarm went off Linda’s eyes shot open and she looked at me with a shocked expression. "What are you doing?" she demanded in an annoyed voice. "Paying more attention to you than my driving I guess," I replied with a sheepish smile. "Keep your eyes on the road, you don’t need to be watching me" she scolded. "Ok, I’ll watch the road if you will answer just one question for me" I said with a smile. “What?” she replied curtly? "Who were you fucking in your dream?" I asked as I glanced toward her. Linda thought for a moment before a mischievous smile spread across her lips. “Everybody,” she replied. We rode in silence for several minutes before I looked at Linda with a sly little smile, “why don’t you take you panties off honey, and then tell me about your dream.” Linda looked at me with a knowing expression and replied, “because if I tell you about my dream you’re then going to either want me to give you a blow job or stop along the side of the road so we can fuck. Being we’re not teenagers and I’m not in the mood to give you a blow job while you’re driving. I don’t think that’s a good idea" she replied. "Now you’re being a brat Linda. I was just thinking that if you would have had your panties off during your dream you would have been able to get yourself off, and you would be so mellow when we get to Dave and Lacie’s instead of being hostile like you are now with all that pent-up sexual tension." Linda rolled her eyes at me, “you’re not going to let this go until I take my panties off, are you?” she asked in an annoyed tone. I glanced at her and smiled as I arched my eyebrows. Linda arched herself against the back of the seat and raised her ass off the seat as she reached under her colorful sundress and slid her panties down her legs. After she had removed her panties she glanced at me, “are you happy now?” she asked. "Not yet but I plan to be before too long" I replied with a chuckle. Linda gave me an annoyed little snort, before she again leaned back and closed her eyes, "now leave me alone and keep your eyes on the road" she admonished. As she settled back into her fantasy I reached out to her knee and slowly bunched her skirt up and over her knees. Then slowly pulled the material up toward her waist. When I had her fully exposed I slowly ran my finger over her labia. As I did I was thrilled to discover just how wet she was. She wasn’t merely moist; her lubricating juices were flowing from her pussy. Linda halfheartedly tried to swat my hand away telling me that somebody might see us and for me to behave myself. I smiled because Linda was being Linda, she told me one thing, while at the same time spread her legs further apart giving me better access to her pussy. As I continued to lightly stroke her labia I asked her to tell me about what she had been thinking about to get her this wet. "I was just thinking about all the fun we had with Dave and Lacie over the years" she replied. "Like what in particular were you thinking about?" I asked as I continued to stroke her. "I was thinking about that stripper that Lacie hired to dance at my birthday party that year" Linda replied with a chuckle. "Do you remember that party?" she asked with a smile. "Do you mean the party where the stripper who had a dick the size of a telephone pole that not only danced for you but also fucked you in front of everybody?" I replied?. "It wasn’t the size of a telephone pole!" Linda giggled. "I don’t think it was over twelve inches long. Ooooh, and soooo thick, she added in a moaning a sexy drawl." I laughed, "I will admit that it wasn’t as big as a telephone pole but I do remember he had you cumming from the time he inserted the head of his dick inside you and you didn’t stop cumming for the next twenty minutes." As I was talking to Linda I inserted my finger inside her pussy and began to massage her “G” spot. Linda let out a loud moan and spread her legs even wider to give me better access to the spot that was giving her so much pleasure. She reached down and reclined the seat further back, puller her skirt all the way up to her waist, and began to trace her finger over her clit as I probed her. As I continued to inquire as to her fantasy’s Linda continued to tell me in detail about the visions passing through her mind as she reclined in the seat with her eye’s closed. Traffic was light that day as we drove along in the fast lane. Up ahead of us I noticed we were coming up on a truck in the slow lane. I started to mention it to Linda so that she could cover herself, then thought why not give the driver a little thrill. As we got even with the truck’s cab I slowed to match his speed as I continued to probe Linda with my finger as she continued to tell me about her fantasies while she stroked her clit. We rode alongside the truck for a few moments before he honked his air horn. The horn startled Linda and she jumped and stared up at the driver beside us looking down at her. She was shocked to see the driver staring down at her I’m sure, but after the initial shock of seeing him staring at her displayed in the seat and playing with herself she smiled at him and gave him a shy little wave, but didn’t attempt to cover herself from his view. After a few moments, she got a puzzled expression on her face as she strained to look up at the driver. A moment later she was laughing uncontrollably and shaking her head. She kept laughing and shaking her head at the driver, I wasn’t sure what was going on between them. Then Linda raised up in the seat and looked behind us, I guess to see if there were any other cars around us. When she confirmed that there were no other cars behind us she pulled the top of her dress down and exposed her breasts to the driver. The driver let out with a series of honks with the air horn. Linda laughed and waved to him as she blew him a kiss and motioned for me to go past him. Linda was laughing as we continued past the truck. I asked her "what was going on between you two?" When Linda controlled her laughter, she told me that he had a little sign that read, “show me your tits.” Then she laughed again, "I guess seeing my pussy wasn’t enough for him!" When we arrived at Dave and Lacie’s at about two o’clock that afternoon we pulled into their driveway and before I turned the car off I honked the horn a couple of times. I got the suitcase out of the car and handed Linda the wine that we had brought with us and we walked up to their front door. Moments after ringing the doorbell Dave answered the door wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. He explained that they were in the hot tub to explain the way he was dressed. Lacie entered the entryway just as we were coming inside also clad in a towel. We greeted each other with hugs and as Dave stepped back from Linda he glanced at the bag she was carrying and asked, “what did you bring me?” To which Linda smiled as she sat down the wine and raised her skirt flashing him her pussy. Dave laughed and told her that wasn’t what he was talking about, but that was in fact what he was hoping she would bring him. Dave grabbed her again and gave her another hug, this time however he grabbed her ass with both hands as he pulled her toward him. He then lifter her off the ground and carried her into the living room, with Lacie and I following them. As Dave sat Linda back down on the ground he kissed her before dropping to his knees and burying his face into her pussy that she was still on full display for him. I gave Lacie a hug and a kiss telling her how much we had missed them and how glad we were to be together with them again. "I’ll tell you what I’ve really missed" she commented as she dropped to her knees and started tugging on my belt. We hadn’t been at their house for more than five minutes and Dave already had Linda on the couch with her skirt bunched up around her waist as he knelt in front of her licking her pussy. And Lacie was on her knees in front of me with a towel wrapped around her naked body and my cock in her mouth giving me one of her world-famous blow jobs. I was lost in a world of pleasure when I caught a glimpse of motion out of my peripheral vision. With a start, I noticed a couple standing in the entry to the living room also clad in towels. As Lacie slid her mouth off my cock she laughed as she apologized. "Sorry about that, I forgot to mention that we had company" she said as she then introduced us to their friends Gloria and Tony. "We were all in the hot tub when you two got here" Lacie explained. She looked up at me and smiled, "they’re really good friends of ours, they're cool" she said. "In fact if you two would have arrived ten minutes later you would have found us in the hot tub playing with them." With Lacie still holding my dick in front on her mouth as if it was a microphone, I looked toward Gloria and Tony. I gave them a friendly nod, and told them it was nice to meet them. Tony returned my compliment but never took his eyes off Linda and Dave. With a smile I told him that they seemed to be a little occupied and for him to feel free to go over to get her attention if he would like to make her acquaintance. He just smiled and nodded his head as he started walking in that direction. As Tony was standing in front of Linda with the front of his towel starting to tent, he watched Dave tongue fucking Linda for a moment before he muttered, "it’s nice to meet you Linda." Without answering him Linda stared at him with through hooded eyes for a moment. A smile slowly spread across Linda’s face and she removed one of her hands from Dave’s head, reached out and pulled at the top of his towel. With Tony standing in front of her now naked, she wrapped her hand around his cock and started stroking it. I felt Lacie’s mouth engulf my cock again at the same moment that I felt an arm encircle my waist. As Gloria stood beside me she reached up with her free hand and pulled my head down to her waiting lips and gave me a warm wet kiss. As we broke our kiss she smiled, “it’s very nice to meet you DB, Lacie has told me all about you. She wrapped her hand around my cock before she looked back up at me and added, “and she didn’t exaggerate about anything she told me,” she said with a sexy smile. Gloria was a small woman, she might have been five-foot-tall, but that five-foot was all perfectly proportioned. I smiled at her with a broad smile as I told her that she seemed to be a very beautiful and sexy woman and that it was nice to meet her. Gloria cocked her head to one side, "seem to be?" she asked. I nodded and slowly reached toward her. I slowly and gently slid a finger between the cleavage of her beautiful breasts just above her towel, then I slowly pulled on the front of her towel until it unfolded and fell to the floor. "Oh, you are breathtakingly beautiful," I said as she stood naked in front of me, "let me just look at you for a moment." Gloria gave me a curtsy before doing a slow pirouette giving me a full three-hundred and sixty-degree view of her body. When she was again facing me I slowly traced my fingertips across her nipples, which drew a soft pleasurable moan from her. After rolling both nipples between my thumb and forefinger I traced the back of my fingers down her abdomen, as my hand neared her labia she smiled at me and spread her legs wider. I found her pussy wet and flowing as I lightly traced my finger over her pussy. As I felt Gloria’s pussy, I was slowly fucking my cock in and out of Lacie’s mouth and found myself getting far closer to cumming than I wanted to be. Lacie must have realized that because she slowly pulled her mouth from my cock and stood in front of me. At that moment, the three of us heard a pleasurable moan from Linda. We glanced toward the couch were Linda was now naked and bent over the front of the couch as Dave fucked her from behind as she was sucking Tony’s cock as he sat on the couch. Lacie glanced at Gloria and with a broad smile told her, “I’ve got him ready for you honey and it looks as if Linda has Tony ready for me. Why don’t you and DB get acquainted while I finish what I started in the hot tub with your husband.” Gloria smiled and nodded her head as she told Lacie to have fun. As Lacie left Gloria and I to our own devises Gloria stared at my cock for a moment before wrapping her fingers around my shaft. Her little hand couldn’t encompass my cock, as she slowly stroked me she looked up at me with a hint of fear in her eyes. “Go slow, ok?" she said, "I’ve never experienced a man this big before.” I smiled at her and said, "I plan to give you as much pleasure as I can, I don’t plan to hurt you. In fact, what I plan to do is to bring you to at least one orgasm before I ever enter you, if that’s all right with you." Gloria nodded. "Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to feel that beautiful cock inside me, it’s just bigger than I’m used to so it may take me a little time to get used to it" she explained. I eased Gloria down onto the carpeted floor. As we knelt in front of each other I slowly traced my fingers over her body. I was in no hurry and savored her lush body for a few minutes as she caressed my cock. I laid her back and kissed her as I supported myself on top of her enjoy the feel of her body on mine, before kissing my way down her body. When I had kissed my way between her wide spread legs, I licked and kissed the inside of her thighs and before slowly tracing the area around her labia with my tongue. I marveled at the sight of her little clam slowly open as her clit grew within it. When the lips of her labia were open and her clit was prominent, I slowly licked and kissed inside her labia and clit until she grabbed my head and pulled me forcibly into her. Several minutes later she was holding my head with both hand as she bucked her hips forcing her pussy into my probing tongue and started moaning. When I felt her juices flooding over my mouth and face, I sucked her clit into my mouth as hard as I could as her orgasm flooded over her. As her orgasm subsided I eased my touch as she was lying beneath trying to catch her breath. With one final light kiss to her pussy I caressed my way back up her body with a series of soft, light kisses. When my face was over hers I bent down and gave her a soft kiss. I allowed her to regain her composure as I rested on my elbows on top of her. She was so small that I felt that lying with my full weight on top of her might be uncomfortable for her, and I wanted everything aspect of this encounter to be only about her pleasure. When she opened her eyes, and smiled up at me I slowly arched my hips forward positioning my cock at her entrance and waited. She reached between us and positioned my cock at her entrance. She was looking deep into my eyes as she slowly traced the head of my cock between the lips of her labia coating it with her juices. In a painfully slow motion I arched my hips, my cock positioned at her entrance slowly slid inside her. When she felt me cock enter her, her eyes opened wide as she took a deep gasp. I stopped my forward motion until I felt her arch her hips sliding her pussy onto my cock before I pushed a little deeper inside her. It took several minutes before our pelvic bones touched and my cock was fully buried in her pussy. I stayed buried within her without moving as I looked down at her trying to read her expression. She looked up at me after a moment and with a chuckle told me that I was in virgin territory where no man has ever been before. "Are you all right?" I asked. Gloria smiled up at me, "I’m better than all right, I’ve never felt so wonderfully full in my life. I can’t wait to feel you fuck me with that beautiful cock." I slowly drew my cock from her pussy before pushing forward and sliding it back inside her again. After a few minutes, I was fucking her with a series of slow gentle strokes. After a few minutes Gloria was breathing in gasps, and she was pushing her hips up to meet my strokes. She reached up taking hold of my head with both hands and pulled me down to her and kissed me deeply. When we broke our kiss, she snarled up at me, "I won’t break, I want to feel you fuck me hard!" To emphasize her statement, she slammed her hips up to meet my thrust with such force it surprised me. I picked up the speed and force of my thrusts, as I pounded my cock into her tight pussy she wrapped her legs around my waist. We got into a rhythm, and each time I would thrust my cock into her she would slam her hips up to meet my thrust. Gloria turned into a woman possessed, she was gasping, moaning, and begging me to fuck her harder. I fucked her through one orgasm with me on top without slowing my assault on her pussy. As soon as her orgasm showed signs of passing I pulled out of her and flipped her over. When I had her on her hands and knees I moved behind her and rapidly slid my cock back into her. There was no pretense or hesitation on my part as I grabbed her by the hips and started slamming my cock into her with all the force I could muster. Soon Gloria was screaming for me to fuck her harder. I was doing my best to fulfill her wishes. Her screams turned to incomprehensible shrieks and moans. She was slamming herself back into my thrust and begging for more. I was getting close as I tried to hold it off long enough to bring her over the top one more time. I was gritting my teeth while doing everything I could think of to fight off my orgasm as I continued to fuck her in the manor she was enjoying so much. Just when I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer Gloria screamed out her orgasm. I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as hard as I could as we came at the same time. She was sobbing and moaning as I pumped pulse after pulse of cum into her tight little pussy. As our orgasms subsided we collapsed onto the floor with me laying on top of her. I was rewarded with the pleasurable feeling of her ass pressing against my pelvis as she laid beneath me in our afterglow. As we were trying to catch our breaths we heard a round of applause from the couch. We had been so engrossed in our own pleasure that we had momentarily forgotten about our spouses. As they were relaxing from their own pleasurable encounters it seems we had entertained them with ours. Gloria gave them that “go away,” hand motion. “Cut it out you guys,” she laughed shyly, "haven’t you ever seen a woman have an orgasm before!?" With a laugh, Dave told her "not like that, you two need to be in the movies. That was one of the most erotic things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot of things. Hell, you two even got me hard again already!" Lacie laughed, “that’s not saying much, you get hard any time there’s a wet pussy in the same room that you’re in.” We joked around with one another for the next several minutes before Lacie and the ladies went to fix some snackes. For the next hour or so we sat around chatting, everybody freshened up a little bit, and we enjoyed each other’s company. Gloria and I were both setting in chairs facing the couch while the other four shared the couch. At one point Lacie got up, came over to me and sat on my lap. She gave me a friendly hug and told me how much they had missed us. As Lacie and I were chatting Tony lightly ran his fingertips over Linda’s thigh. When she looked toward him with a smile he asked, “would you like to play?” Linda’s looked at him with a broad smile, “sure,” she replied. As Linda and Tony made their way to the area near where I had just fucked his wife, Dave looked toward Gloria and motioned for her to join him on the couch. Lacie looked at me with that sexy little grin of hers, and as she reached down to rub my cock she whispered into my ear, “do you know how long it’s been since you’ve fucked my ass?” "Yep," I replied, "way too long." "Well don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back and we’re going to fix that" she moaned as she got up and walked out of the room. A few minutes later when Lacie returned to me with a bottle of lubricant, Tony was fucking Linda on the floor, and Gloria was ridding Dave’s cock in a, “reverse cowgirl position,” on the couch. Lacie handed me the bottle as she knelt in front of me. She looked up at me with that sexy smile of hers beaming, “it appears everybody else is having fun, let’s get that cock of yours hard and in my ass and have a little fun of our own.” With that she took my cock into her mouth and within moments she had me hard and ready again. As she continued to stroke my cock she slowly removed her mouth from my hard cock, as she licked her lips. With a sexy smile she said, “it’s been far too long since I’ve tasted cum on your cock.” Enough time had passed for me to regain an erection after fucking Gloria, but not enough time for me to fully recover from that encounter. Therefore, a few minutes later while Lacie knelt in front of me on her hands and knees while I slid my cock in and out of her ass, I was far enough from the edge to take my time and allow her to progress to the pleasure she was now enjoying. I attempted to focus on giving Lacie as much pleasure as I could, as I tried to not focus on the pleasurable feel on my cock sliding in and out of her tight ass. I was fucking her with a slow easy rhythm and she was responding to what I was doing. One of the greatest joy’s in my life has always been fucking a beautiful woman’s tight ass to her screaming orgasm, and my focus was to render Lacie into that state. I had her moaning loudly by the time the other women in our little group were screaming their own orgasms. All too soon Lacie was meeting my every thrust by slamming herself backwards into my thrust as hard as she could, her fingers were a blur as she rubbed her clit, and she was screaming the fact that she was cumming. I gripped her tightly by the hips as I slammed my cock deep into her ass until I couldn’t take any more. I pulled her into me as tightly as possible, holding my cock as deep into her ass as I could I started to cum. Afterwards we laid on the floor with my deflating cock firmly in the grip of her tight ass, as we both enjoyed our pleasurable afterglow. With my body in a pleasurable relaxed state that could easily have allowed me to go to sleep, I enjoyed the feel of her body beneath me. In what seemed like an instant, but was in fact several minutes, we all began moving around again. With our sexual urges satisfied for the moment we had a chance to chat and get to know Tony and Gloria a little better. Lacie served a light dinner, and a few hours after our last sexual encounter we were all relaxing in the hot tub together. Due to our sexual encounters that afternoon all bastions of modesty was removed as we chatted together in the nude as if it was the most natural of activities. We were all enjoying the company of the individuals in the tub without the sexual motivation that often makes such encounters cumbersome. While we were chatting in the tub Gloria casually asked Lacie if she would like her to bring anything to the party tomorrow night. Lacie looked at Gloria with a shocked expression for a moment before she laughingly said, “do you mean for the surprise party for DB and Linda tomorrow night Gloria?” Dave started laughing and told Lacie, “Honey, I told you we wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret from them while their staying with us.” Gloria was apologizing and looking like she was about to cry. "Oh Gloria, don’t worry about it, it’s all right. I knew they would find out before tomorrow night anyway, I’m not mad at you" Lacie said in a friendly voice. Lacie then glanced at Linda and I with a big smile, “Surprise,” she cheerfully said. Linda started asking Lacie about the party when I interrupted her. "Linda don’t be a brat, it’s a surprise party, allow Lacie to surprise us a little bit anyways". After the brief drama, the conversation returned to friendly chat until it was determined that we had all turned into prunes and needed to get out of the warm water. Back inside the house one thing just lead to another, as will often happen when three naked couples are standing together in a room. What took place was group sex in the truest sense of the word. We would engage with one person for a few minutes before moving to another. The women were all flowing and ready to engage in any activity their passions took them. I would engage with one woman, allow my passion built to near the point of no return, then I would relinquish her to somebody new and calm my passion as I moved on to the next woman. I have no idea how long this activity continued, I wasn’t timing it. What I do know is that after Tony came inside Linda they both collapsed on the floor, as Dave did with Gloria. I didn’t cum during that activity, I just go too exhausted to continue. Besides the one aspect I enjoy most about playing with other people is the point of the night when Linda and I are alone together. I love the wetness of her pussy when I enter her after she’s played with others. I don’t know what it is about that but it just drives me crazy. While the six of us had enjoyed our round-robin sex in the living room I had played with Linda for a few minutes. I loved the feel of my cock sliding into her then and I could only imagine how good it would feel now after Tony had deposited his cum to what was already there. It was a half hour after we finished that session that Tony and Gloria got dressed to leave. It was a little awkward being four of us were still naked and they were fully clothed. Gloria made her rounds kissing and hugging everybody, she apologized to Lacie for disclosing information about the party tomorrow night. Lacy laughed and told her not to worry about it, she may have to do something special to entertain the group tomorrow night but all is forgiven. Gloria arched her eyebrows, "what something special do you have in mind she asked?" Lacy smiled, "oh, nothing that you wouldn’t enjoy, something like waiting for when everybody is catching their breath and we can put on a show for them by you giving me oral. " Gloria looked at Lacie with a little grin, "I’ve never done anything like that but if it will get me off the hook with you I would do that. I don’t know she giggled, I might enjoy it." Lacie gave her a hug, "I bet you would too, and maybe if we ask him real nice DB would even fuck that pretty little ass of yours while you’re doing it" Lacie giggled. "Now that I’m not sure about" Gloria replied with a little concern in her voice. "Oh, you would love it, he fucked my ass today and I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming, it just takes a little getting used to is all. It will be just like anybody else fucking your ass, he’s just a little larger is all." Gloria gave Lacie a sheepish little look in reply. "Oh my god, Tony you’ve never got this woman to give her ass up to you have you?" Lacie asked. Tony shook his head, "no, that’s the one thing she’s never given in to for me." Well we’ll fix that tomorrow night, Lacie giggled, when she finds out how good it can be she’ll be begging you for it. By the time Tony and Gloria left that night, Tony was all smiles while Gloria on the other hand was looking a little concerned. After they left Lacie giggled, "I wouldn’t force her into anything she didn’t want, but I think nobody has taken the time to show her just how good anal can be when it done right." You could just see the wheels in Lacie’s mind spinning as she tried to come up with a game plan for Gloria tomorrow night. Finally she smiled at us, "we could get Pete to get her started. He’s a caring and patient lover, he’s also rather tiny if you know what I mean" she added with a giggle. "Lacie, give it a rest, if it’s not something that she doesn’t want to do don’t push her" Dave admonished. "Naturally," Lacie replied, then she smiled, "if it’s something she doesn’t want to try." I reached over and gave Lacie a little peck of a kiss on the cheek, "behave yourself" I said with a smile as I gave one of her nipples a little tweak. "But I’m tired and I think we’re going to bed, we’ll see you two in the morning." Lacie gave us both a hug and told us she would see us in the morning. Dave gave Linda a friendly kiss, and squeezed her ass. "Sleep tight beautiful and if you get horny during the night I’ll be just down the hall" he smiled. Linda and I walked into our bedroom, as soon as the door closed behind us I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. As we parted from our embrace I looked at her and smiled, "Do you know how much I love you?" I asked. Linda gave me a mischievous little smile, "I know how much you love my pussy full of another man’s cum" she purred. "Speaking of a pussy full of another man’s cum..." I chuckled as I led her to the bed. "That is one thing I do love in you" I laughed as I bent her over the bed. I bent her over the edge of the bed and ran my cock over her wet slick labia. "Oh my god that does feel so good" I said as I slid the head of my cock into her. Linda let out a low moan as my cock entered her and she said, "and so does that beautiful cock of yours. Don’t tease me honey I want you to fuck me with that big cock of yours." I slammed the full length of my cock inside her and started fucking her hard and deep. I was far enough from the edge that I knew this wasn’t going to be a quickie, it was going to take me some time to get there. I also knew that her wet pussy would make the journey a pleasurable one. Linda was approaching her second orgasm when I felt mine approaching. I picked up my pace and when she went over the edge into her orgasm I sank my cock all the way inside her and started to cum. When Linda and I finally got to sleep that night, we slept soundly until the next morning, with my arms wrapped around her and my cock snuggled against her ass as I spooned her. Dear readers: If you enjoyed this story and would enjoy reading about what took place during the rest of that that weekend please drop me a note and let me know. I would enjoy hearing from you as to whether a continuation would be something that you would read or not. If it is something you would enjoy reading I’ll take the time to write the rest of the story, if not I’ll find another way to spend that time. Thanks for reading this far into the story and I hope you didn’t find it a waste of time. The Road Trip Part II
  25. My wife and I have been discussion swinging for a couple years but never took the plunge. A combination of nerves and lack of time just prevented us from making the leap. However, I've been plunged into a triad-ish situation, and I'm having a little bit of trouble with it. My wife and I have lived with my best friend for probably 7 of the 9 years we've been married. We've recently stepped up the swinging talk again, and we didn't hide it from him. He's currently out of work and at home all day and my wife is home with our kids, one goes to kindergarten and the other takes long naps. Over the last couple months he became very flirtatious with my wife when I wasn't around. It went to the extent of laying out his penis for her to examine. This is when she let me know. One night, when he was leaving town for the week, she told me about the situation and essentially asked my permission to take it further. I was hit with a mix of emotions. On one hand, it was excitement, on the other hand, fear. I gave my blessing because it sounded like fun. However, over the next couple days, my wheels kept spinning, and I've been battling jealousy and insecurity since. We've had several talks where I went back and forth. I've been trying to find a place where I'm comfortable and she's happy. A comprise I offered was that I have to be around. Neither like that option because for him it was "weird" and for her it seemed controlling. On the last discussion, after he came back to town, I relented and gave her the green light again. It came down to the fact that she was angry that I was going back on my blessing, and the genie was out of the bottle. My mind was going to run wild either way. Therefore, we figured we march ahead and hopefully I'll get used to it. We're hoping it's just nerves. She's promised to keep me informed. Since then, only a handjob has occurred. Saying "stop it" really is the worst option in my opinion. Talking about it gets us both hot, and I'd really hate to betray her in going back on my word. I think it'd be a step back rather than forward. Besides, it'd still leave me with trust issues. I'm fairly certain they'd listen if I asked it to stop, but I really dislike that option. I'm not sure it'd solve my insecurities. The problem with going forward is, what if I don't get better? I'm having trouble concentrating at work due to always thinking about this. I have lingering insecurities. Whenever she's hanging around him I start getting depressed that she seems more excited to be around him than me. It turns to anger when I realize the only reason this has happened is that *I* have to go to work and watch kids while he gets to be around responsibility free. I'm really having a hard time with this and looking for some help/advice. I know there are many no-no's here (swinging with someone you live with/open marriages seem to have a low success rate/taking one for the team), but I'm not sure what to do about them. I broached the idea of a MFM, but he wasn't too keen on that. Besides, I think this is ultimately an insecurity and trust issue on my side. I just don't know what to do about it. As much as we talk, I fear her growing weary of me whining about my insecurities. I'd just be transferring my stress to her. I'm really sort of stuck. I think the primary problem is that the source of jealousy lives with us, so I have no solace. I really did this to myself. help?
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