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Found 95 results

  1. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good anal plug that will stay in place during intercourse, as well as being worn outside the bedroom? Nothing too big, just big enough to keep in place, something that one can comfortably walk around and sit with it in for extended periods of time. Thanks.
  2. If anyone is looking for an inexpensive vibrating sex saddle build, I can help. I spent about 50.00 and 6-8 hours of my time. My efforts have been rewarded with the pleasure of watching my wife have MANY explosive orgasms. I would be happy to share the process with anyone who is interested.
  3. My husband, Tim, met a new prospective client the other day, and an hour appointment went on for another three hours. Then Tim returned to the office glowing with excitement. "Hey, Mistral, the new clients want the Full Monty and more from us!" A few days later, I met Greg and Susan and found we had an immediate relationship with them both. Glen is a "go-getter" who has enormous energy and vision. He had just acquired three more companies and ran a group of four on a wide area network that needed our services. The questions flowed thick and fast at the meeting: "Can you do xxx for us? What about these services? How about getting the VPN up?" A gem of all clients had been discovered by accident through a conversation with a friend who put us together. Greg is a tall, dark, very fit 45-year-old with boundless energy and a very sharp, intelligent mind with a wacky sense of humor. Susan is a Nicole Kidman look-alike, red blonde hair, 5'2", pert small breasts with really pink nipples, and the greatest tight little butt I have ever seen. Her hair was shoulder-length curly and shone like spun red gold. Some women you meet and like from day one. We liked the same food and wine and laughed about some of her office's young, horny, and frustrated studs. Within three weeks of working almost every day with them both, a very positive relationship had started between us. I began to feel that Susan might be bi. She often sat close, and when we were going through my graphic designs, she would sometimes run her hand down my arm or touch my face gently when asking her searching questions. Her being a client, I was always careful not to respond in a sexual way just in case I had misread her. As the working days passed, the banter became more friendly and frank. After a few dinners and lunches, we were invited to their place for a relaxing weekend after getting most of the projects specified and starting to build. Their income was high, so we expected a nice place when we drove up. It was spectacular! Greg had said, "Well, it's a small mansion, built about 1795, Robert Adam style." Greg's idea of small contained seven bedrooms, a covered heated pool with a Sauna and Jacuzzi, and the garden had the cutest little Japanese Bonsai tree garden with a beautiful love seat. When we arrived Friday late afternoon, we just had time to briefly chill out with them doing "the tour." We were shown many large elegant rooms alongside some small intimate settings that would suit a pair of lovers. We met Jonathon, Greg's 21-year-old son, who had just finished University and would take a year off to explore the world. Jon is into falconry in a big way and owns three Harris Hawks: Brody, Bandit, Blackthorn, and a Peregrine Falcon called Blade. I spent an hour chatting with Jon about his birds. I quickly realized the Harris Hawks were an intelligent community-minded group that would work together to hunt their prey. Later that evening, Jon left to go to London for the weekend to be with his girl. When he left, he kissed Susan (stepmother), and to my eye, it lingered just a little too long. I raised my eyebrow, and she frankly stated, "Well, he is beautiful and half of my husband, so why not enjoy a younger version as well? Greg is pretty relaxed about it." The air took on a sexual tension that made me feel a little uneasy as we made it a policy not to play with clients, and this has an overtone that could get difficult. Susan and I chilled out before dinner with a swim in the pool and a sauna to finish off. She dropped her bikini on the floor and sat naked in front of me, completely relaxed. Her legs rested on the opposite seat, slightly open, revealing a beautiful smooth snatch. Susan caught me looking and made a show of 'accidentally' allowing her legs to open even more. Watching her outer lips peel stickily apart, I was tempted to reach out and touch but remembered Tim's words: "Don't play with clients!" Susan seemed to sense my conundrum but seemed willing to let things ride where they were...for now. Dinner passed pleasantly with a couple of bottles of red French Merlot. We all chatted intimately, getting close and closer together. Greg announced an early start as Tim was invited to hunt with Blade the Peregrine while we girls chilled out and enjoyed the morning. About midday, Greg and Tim returned empty-handed Greg said, "We are taking the hawks out. Several wild rabbits are around, which would be great for dinner tonight; grilled rabbit with bacon and garlic is yummy!" Later the "hunters" returned with three rabbits for the table and a couple for the Harris Hawks. Tim was in awe of the birds and said: "Babe, you should see them hunt together. They would make great Marines. They are intelligent, work well together, and the kills are lightning-fast. No rabbit suffered." "Time for a shower and a rest before we set up tonight," Tim suggested. So we slipped upstairs to our room and showered together. The shower was only big enough to get both inside and had a flexible pipe with a variable spray head. The naughty schoolboy in Tim surfaced, and he turned the shower onto pulse and started to work my breasts and nipples with the jet. I slid my soapy hands down onto his cock and worked it hard. Tim moved the shower between my legs, and I opened up for him. The jet started to bombard my clit. This was too much too quick, and I said, "Pack it up. That hurts." Tim settled down onto his knees and softly kissed her better. She responded quickly, and I pushed his face deeper into my crotch. The outer lips were gently opened, and his tongue probed for the inner lips teasing around my clit. I got impatient and rocked my hips into his face forcing his tongue onto my clit, demanding his attention. My legs spread apart of their own accord, and a hand crept around, caressing my bottom and making the cleft tingle with anticipation. As my pussy heated up and the waves started to build, that other hand was around my anus, caressing and probing the pink rosebud. As the first waves started to run through my body, a finger tickled and slid inside my arse. The orgasm exploding inside me was made more magnificent by the probing finger. The finger working deep in my bowel was enough to hit my "G" spot from the other passage. As I came down from the first shudders, the jet spray added its contribution, and I nearly passed out with pleasure. That brought on a multiple, and it kept coming and coming until I slumped against him. Tim dried me off, picked me up, and gently laid me on the bed. He dried himself and leaned over me. His cock was still hard. I lazily reached up, pulled him into my mouth, and sucked and sucked, working around the helmet just under the rim. He did not take long as he wanted a cum as much as the sucking. It exploded into my mouth, and I slurped it down, leaving about half on my tongue. Tim collapsed on the bed beside me, and we kissed, sharing the salty fluid he had deposited. "You minx! You are supposed to swallow that!" teased Tim. I shot back: "You know it turns you on tasting semen, so stop complaining." We both drifted into a deep sleep for a couple of hours. The house is very warm, so I put on a floaty dress and a white silk thong with a diamante glitter buckle at the back when I dressed. Tim smiled and said, "Babe, that does show off your bottom beautifully. I am enjoying their company. Susan has a great mind and body. What do you think of Greg?" Dodging his question, I asked my own. "Would you want to be inside Susan's pussy?" I asked, "Does she have fuckability?" "Oh yes, and more. But remember, this is not a swinging party; these are clients. We must be careful; a wrong move could mess things up big time." "Susan sort of hit on me in the sauna by 'accidentally' showing me her pussy," I admitted. "It's smooth and beautiful, and I could tell she was very wet." "Interesting," Tim said, "but it doesn't change the fact they are clients. Let's enjoy dinner. Come on; it must be time to go on down." I could tell, though, that my admission had hit home with Tim, and his stomach wouldn't be the only thing on his mind at dinner. The rabbit was fabulous, and we slowly munched our way through the various courses. Coffee and brandy followed, and we retreated into a smaller intimate family room with sofas, large seats, scattered cushions on the floor, and a big fireplace with a bright fire in the grate. Susan found a DVD, "Eyes Wide Shut," with Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Tim commented, "You look just like her, Susan." "She is a fine woman," Susan agreed. "I wish I had her bottom and her breasts. Watch the first scenes, and you get to see all of her. She is beautiful!" The film was remarkable, and we all watched it enthralled during the sex party scene in the large country house. The men in masks and long dark cloaks, women in cloaks, and other women wearing just about nothing. Couples fucking all over the furniture, and one girl was being done resting on the back of another man. A girl in the corner was being fucked doggy on a coffee table. I started to get wet. The film was deep, and the sex was great, although never construed as a porn film, much too delicate for that category. My pussy was alive, so I couldn't wait to get Tim back upstairs later. The movie finished, and Susan said, "That was the hot scene at the party. Wouldn't you love to join in and be one of them!" A careful silence was followed by Tim and me, which gained the retort from Susan. "You are swingers, aren't you? Otherwise, you would have said something about not sharing your wife!" I giggled, and Tim finally uncomfortably said: "Well, it takes all kinds of people with different attitudes to sex to make the world go around." Susan got up and walked out of the room. After a few minutes, she returned with a small basket of condoms and a collection of exciting toys. Susan smiled at me and said, "Mistral, let's give the boys a show. Then I will fuck Tim to a standstill as long as you are OK about it and want Greg!" "OK. I want to fuck Greg as much as he wants me. Same for you and Tim," was my husky reply. Suddenly, all the rules had gone out the window. Susan smiled and shrugged off her long dress, sliding it down to the floor, and she had nothing underneath. I got up and selected a toy from the basket, a rabbit dildo. I stepped out of my dress and knelt in front of Susan. She opened up her legs, and I switched on the vibrator, slid a finger inside a very wet slippery pussy, and pressed the toy to her clit. "My, we have been thinking rude thoughts this evening, hmmm?" I chided her. Susan said, "Well, the DVD certainly opened up the conversation. I tried to interest you in the sauna, and I saw the fuck-me look in your eyes but then got ignored. How come?" I ignored the question. "Get on the cushions. I want to open you right up and explore," I commanded. I worked slowly down Susan's body, tonguing every crevice. At the same time, the vibrator was held against her pussy without really trying to get inside. She rolled over onto her back, pulled me on top, slid off my thong, and peeled apart the lips of a very wet Mistral pussy. She arched her back to get her head between my legs, then slowly worked her tongue around my clit, just missing the most sensitive part: teasing, teasing! My head was between her legs sucking hard on her cunt, the vibrator discarded alongside us. Susan tasted and smelt divine, a cunt to die for, and we gently and slowly worked each other to a beautiful girly climax. I slid her clit between my lips and sucked gently, giving it all the attention it could take. Her bottom started to thrash about, and a muffled cry came from her as she exploded and released a dribble of pussy juice onto my face. Strong hands lifted us apart, and Greg sat me down on his lap, legs facing him. He kissed me gently, opened my mouth with his tongue, and started to probe my soul with his penetrating tongue. When those two had shed their clothes, I don't know! What I wanted was getting harder under my thigh and starting to poke up between my legs. My hand reached down and stroked the elegant cock, trying so hard to get inside me. Greg put on a condom and was ready for me. A thrust up then down onto it, and he was inside. I could not wait and would not wait. My hips thrust madly at him, exploring his cock and filling myself with pleasure. It must have only taken me 30 seconds to hit the first orgasm, and Greg was getting faster and faster until he exploded. We kissed and looked over at Tim and Susan. They were in a 69 with Susan sucking Tim hard and working her two fingers inside his anus. His balls tightened, and he emptied himself inside her mouth. She got up, came over, and kissed me deeply, sharing the contents of her mouth with me. Susan returned to Tim and started gently sucking him back to hardness again. Greg was working my bottom with his tongue, firm strokes working into the most private and sensitive area a woman has. I pulled him up and kissed him deeply, and again he shared the semen from Susan's mouth. Greg smiled and said, "OK, we all shared Tim. Would he enjoy sucking me?" I was a little unsure how Tim would react. Susan said, "He can't talk right now since his mouth is full of my pussy." Greg lifted me off him and walked over to the other two, kissed Susan, and then leaned over and lightly bit Tim's nipple, who, for a straight guy, relaxed and did nothing. Greg slowly worked down his body and started to get near his groin. Susan got up and thrust her pussy back into his face. Tim hungrily lapped at her while Greg took Tim's cock into his mouth. Tim started to push his hips at Greg, who was working the sensitive spots on his cock with expert reverence. I had never seen Tim with a man before, and it fascinated me to see how he responded to a man's attention. Tim gently pulled Greg around so they were 69 together and opened his mouth to get Greg's cock down his throat. Susan had slid behind me and worked one of the toys into my pussy. A little finger was up my arse, and the big rabbit worked magic inside me. I watched, fascinated, while the two men ground their cocks into each other's mouths, sucking and mouth fucking together. I could reach Greg's anus from where I was crouching, and I slid a finger inside, feeling for his prostate. I found the firm nut I was after and massaged it, bringing him to a rapid spunk explosion. When he started, I worked the prostate harder, milking the orgasm to its absolute. Tim was greedily swallowing all that Greg could deliver. Tim's hips began to shudder as he succumbed to Greg's tongue and spurted his load down his throat. The guys then got up and came over and kissed us. Greg pushed a quantity of spunk down my throat while Tim probed Susan's mouth. For the rest of the night, we moved upstairs to a large bedroom with a king-sized double that could sleep six without trouble. We swapped, we fucked, we cuddled and rested, then swapped, fucked, and cuddled some more, eventually falling asleep around 5 a.m. I awoke around 7:00, needing a drink. As no one else was around, I walked naked downstairs to get some orange juice. Halfway down the stairs, Jon appeared with a smile and a naked girlfriend beside him. "Hello, we returned late last night and realized you guys were having fun." Penny, Jon's girlfriend, said, "Come into this room. We had a camera in the large bedroom and watched you all together. What a turn-on!" I followed them in with dread, not knowing what to expect. Jon said, "Don't look so worried. We enjoyed the performance and wanted to share some of it with you." As I looked at the display, the threesome on the screen was waking up, and Susan was fondling both men. Penny said, "I often watch Greg and Susan's swinging parties here, and we fuck like bunnies while we watch. I enjoyed a threesome with Jon and his stepmother. What was Greg like? I haven't had him yet?" I just stood there, mouth open in shock, unable to speak. Jon pushed me gently onto the bed and started caressing my body while Penny approached the other side. Jon gently sucked my nipples while Penny's tongue delicately explored my womanhood. "We want to fuck you properly, Mistral, but I know your pussy must be sore from last night, so we'll stick with our tongues this time, OK?" After a few minutes of light sex, Penny said, "We better slip away quietly as we are not supposed to be here. Are you two coming to next weekend's party?" The feeling of this beautiful young feminine creature's tongue still fresh on my mind, I shot back, "You bet. If we are invited." "Oh, I expect you shall be," Penny smiled. She gazed into my eyes, dropped her hand between her legs, and worked a finger deep into herself. "Until next time...," she said, trailing her finger, wet with her secretions and Jon's cum, stickily across my cheek before resting it on my lips. An invitation which I readily obliged by opening my mouth. Her long finger worked around my tongue, gifting me the taste of her and her lover. I slipped upstairs and joined the frolicking three on the bed for more and more of what my body desired. Eventually, we fell asleep again and woke around 3 p.m. feeling completely satisfied and sexually drained. A shower and a good cleanup refreshed my body and spirit. Tim and I were due to leave soon, and Susan came to me and said, "You must come to our next weekend party. Please say yes. If you like, bring some friends that will enjoy what you two have this weekend. There is so much more I want to do with you and Tim. We have had a fantastic time." On the way home, Tim said solemnly: "You realize that the weekend could have gone dreadfully wrong if it was a trap. We were caught out, well nearly!" The following weekend swinger party is another edition of this story…
  4. This post in another thread... ...got me thinking - Girls, what is the most unusual or interesting thing you have had in your vagina? Me - A little bottle half-filled with liquid I used to rock back and forth with when I was in my midteens. I know, not all that interesting, but it kept me happy. Clair (our gf) - A banana she and a former lover used for foreplay, then ate.
  5. My wife received her Pink Cherry order the other day. This time she got something just for me, a pocket pussy (actually a pocket asshole, modeled from a female porn star). She got it for me when she's away on business and pleasure. It is a very good quality one, but she said it was only about $15. All I can say is wow, and why did I not have one of these when I was 15? She masturbated beside me the first time I used it, she said it was very hot to watch. Just wondering if anyone else uses them and their opinion?
  6. We've been wanting to get a pair of those wireless vibrating panties for me to wear to the club and for him to control. Can't help but think how much fun that would be if I were out on the dancefloor with someone else and he gave me a jolt. Then the thought crossed our mind, that that would make one HELL of a theme night. And we wondered, are all those panties on the same frequency? If we had a club full of ladies wearing them and one man turned on his remote, would all the women suddenly be turned on? Seriously, I do wonder if anyone has tried this at a club....
  7. So I've came across this on TIKTOK, and thought I'd ask in a broader way. Do you have a contingency plan for your adult toys (and I'm adding pictures, correspondences, and other documentary evidence) if you happen to pass away? What will happen to that kind of stuff when you go? Have you even thought about it, or would it even matter to you?
  8. I saw an ad for this and just had to think - Really? Autoblow I can't think of anything I want a sex toy to look like much less than a kitchen small appliance. Sorry, just doesn't get me in the mood to try it out on my dick. I used the blog post link instead of straight to the manufacturer's website, since like me, the author reports like but not love feelings when it comes to blowjobs. Supposedly the Autoblow will change your tune on that, but let's just say I have my doubts... And in the dumbest thing I've heard in decades department, you can even use it while cruising through rush hour traffic in your Tesla 🙄 Who needs a cell phone when you can crash in pleasure with the Automoblow
  9. For those enterprising folks who'd rather make their toys than buy them..... here are your instructions. Homemade Sex Toys - The Original DIY Sex Site Please be sure to let us know how these work out for you. Or better yet, tell us if you create a new ones... cuz inquiring minds want to know.
  10. First off, my wife and I are new swingers. What I mean by "new" is that we haven't dipped our feet in all the swinging lifestyle has to offer as of yet. (Which will change with time.) Instead we've been taking things slow, and currently are only having MFM (Male-Female-Male) threesomes. I enjoy sharing her with other guys, and she enjoys being shared. Anyways, I'm 5.5" inches long, and about 5" thick. As I mentioned above, I enjoy sharing my wife with other guys, and with that said, the idea of guys with bigger penises filling her pussy drives me wild... Unfortunately she has brought up that she prefers smaller, because anything above 6" inches and within my girth is too much for her, and is painful. She admits she would like to try bigger but is hesitant due to the discomfort/pain. I bought her a 7.5" dildo but she doesn't like to use it because of the pain/discomfort. My question for everyone is: "How can we get her use to it so that she can enjoy cocks bigger than myself?" After all, it seems like the average size guys we come across whom seem to have the best potential in what we're looking for are often 7"-9" inches with thick girth. Because of her discomfort with anything bigger then 6" inches our potential playmates seem to be limited. (Not that there is anything wrong with anyone smaller then 6" inches, but overcoming this would leave a bigger window of opportunities!) Thanks.
  11. Has your sex toy play ever spilled from the bedroom to out in public? Whether it's wearing vibrating panties to a bar or a butt plug while out shopping, tell us your stories!
  12. I'm curious about how men feel when women whip out a vibrator during sex. I know a few women who always have a vibrator on hand when they play and immediately start to use it when the action starts. Do you care? Like it , dislike it?
  13. We're old enough that we've been there done that on sex toys, and other than a few old reliable favorites (Hitachi Magic Want anyone? ), aren't really on the hunt for new toys. But, the pussy pump thing does sort of intrigue me... Anyone tried it?
  14. I am wondering how all of you feel about male chastity devices. Been considering buying one for the husband of a wife I play with.
  15. Does anyone on the forum own a Sybian and is it worth it? They look like fun but hate to spend that kind of money on looks. If anyone has one please share your thoughts. Thanks!
  16. A while back bought Gwen a vibrator...rabbit type. Bought it a Good Vibrations in SF. When I bought it for her I asked the person working there a lot of questions and she was very helpful. She explained the pro's and con's of different styles... One thing we have noticed...she likes that it vibrates, pulses, and spins....but man the noise. It seems loud. Just curious if the women here tend to enjoy vibrators or life like dildos....or perhaps both. Thinking of surpassing her with a new toy, perhaps a dildo with the suction cup on it so it can be set on a chair or the wall in the shower... Any recommendations welcomed....
  17. After much thought about whether to write this story or not, I have decided that perhaps I should share a true experience that occurred just this past July. This is not an attempt to claim any kind of writer skills. It is simply an account of an experience my wife and I had that surpasses any fantasy that I could dream up. My name is Tom and my wife’s name is Sue. We’ve had a good sex life. We’ve never gotten further than watching porno movies together, which at times has given us some very long and exciting nights. Also, we have often shared our fantasies with each other. This past June an old friend named Buddy called me from Philadelphia. Several years ago Buddy married a local girl and then they both were hired by the IRS. That was why they relocated to Philadelphia. About our only contact has been class reunions and rare events like that. Buddy’s reason for calling was to ask a favor. The IRS commissioned our local university to host a seminar during the third week of July. Buddy explained to me that this seminar would be important for Jane in order to be promoted any further. He no longer had any family here and he told me that all of the motels were booked for that week because of the seminar. The favor he needed was for me and Sue to put him and Jane up for the week. I gave Buddy the green light right then because I knew that Sue would have no objection. In the past I have told Sue many episodes about Buddy and I growing up together in the same neighborhood. We were the same age but he was always further advanced then me especially in the area of girls. He taught me many things. Sue liked the stories and sometimes asked questions. Questions about size and endurance in the sack. Buddy was actually the character in some of her fantasies and she only knew him through the stories that I told her. Sue asked me, 'Do you think that you two have settled down any?' 'Let me put it this way, Sue', I answered, 'If Buddy and Jane lived close to us I would be willing to bet that the four of us would be having some good times together'. 'What kind of good times?', she persuaded. 'I mean good times. Lots of fun,' I said, 'some horse playing now and then, maybe everyone naked in the hot tub, maybe a little fooling around. Come on, Sue, you can’t say that you haven’t had certain desires now and then. And the best part is that they are a good couple very similar to us and nothing to be afraid of. 'You really think Buddy would allow you to mess around with Jane?' she asked. I started joking with her now to lighten the mood, 'Only if you give Buddy one of your famous blow jobs, Sue, and if that would be the cost of getting in Jane’s pants, well, I guess that I’m willing to pay it.' Sue started punching at me and tried to retaliate by saying, 'From what all you’ve told me about him, maybe I would consider that a fair deal!' The day finally came when Buddy and Jane arrived for their visit. Jane looked no different than she did ten years ago. Jane was a petite thing just like Sue, but Jane had a big beautiful set of tits that begged you to gaze at them. Whether her chest was covered or exposed her tits would draw much pleasing attention. Sue and I showed them the room they would be staying in. 'We’re putting you in the basement', we joked. Actually, we had just finished remodeling and finished off our basement into living space. Part of the renovation was to have a nice 'guest room' and it really turned out to be a nice and attractive room. Sue really got to like Buddy and Jane. They were not the show-off or loud macho type, which made them very much our type. During the first two days Jane attended her classes and Buddy played golf. The evenings were spent by the four of us on the patio just talking and having a few drinks. We were all very much enjoying each others company. The third day was Wednesday. Sue had some shopping to do. Buddy went to a garage to get a new muffler put on their car. Jane’s classes were in the afternoon and evening. I spent the day mowing the lawn and other yard work. That evening I had to go to a union meeting and it was necessary for me to be there. The only thing that I didn’t like was the fifteen mile drive. So when supper was over Jane went to her evening class and Buddy said that he was going to catch up on some reading. Sue was going to finish up some laundry and some light housework. I changed cloths and left for my meeting. I stopped at a convenience store for a coffee and drove off. When I arrived for the meeting I was totally pissed off because the meeting had been rescheduled and I didn’t receive a call. So, I headed back home. When I arrived back home it was just between twi-light and dark. I pulled into the driveway and walked around the house to go into the back door. The first thing I saw was Sue down by the basement window looking in. As I approached her she turned and saw me and seemed a little startled. I asked, 'What are you doing?' 'Shhhhhhhhhhh', she whispered, 'you’ll ruin the show! Why aren’t you at you’re meeting?' 'It was canceled and Ruth somehow overlooked calling me', I said. I came closer and looked through the thin sheer curtains of the window only to see, to my surprise, Buddy lying on the bed totally naked. His cock was standing up tall and stiff as he slowly stroked it with his left hand. Then I also noticed that he was watching a porno tape on the television. I asked her jokingly, 'What interest you most, Buddy or the film?' 'Both', she whispered, 'look how he strokes himself in time with that girl going down on that guy. Does that make it feel better?' 'Oh, you bet', I said, 'it makes it more like being there'. Sue knew that sometimes I masturbated watching skin flicks so she was interested in my opinion. Then I asked her, 'How did you come on to this?' She said, 'I was going out to the cloths line to take down the towels because it was starting to get dark and I didn’t want them to get wet from the dew. I noticed the light on down here and immediately became curious because of some of the stories you told me about you and Buddy while you both were growing up. I just came over here as quietly as I could and looked in and I’ve been paralyzed since.' Sue’s fantasy has always been to see a man stroke himself and give himself pleasure. She liked when I would put a show on for her, but she still had a desire to catch a guy doing himself without him knowing he was being watched. She would always get irritated when we were watching porno movies that they didn’t show the guys doing that more. 'Is watching this what you expected it would be like', I asked with interest. 'Even more so', she answered with a cracking in her whispering voice. I was actually becoming excited that this was exciting her. Sue knows that I have fantasized about her with another cock. Even though Buddy was inside and we were outside, there remained the fact that I was standing with my wife only ten feet away from a totally naked man. I was actually imagining Sue in there giving Buddy a helping hand. I leaned in closer behind Sue so that she could feel my hardness pressing against her. She reached back and unzipped me and pulled out my cock. Her cold hand felt so good and her grasp was tight. I thought that this was the time to determine for myself if I wanted fantasy to turn into reality. I began toying with her about our entertainment right there before us. 'Does Buddy’s cock look good to you?' I asked. As quick as I asked the question Sue breathed in deep and tightened her grasp on my rod. 'It’s a nice one', she said. 'Look how shinny and slippery his cock looks. He must be using something on it'> I continued, 'What would think if I told you that it would be okay with me if you went in there and had some fun?' Sue gave me a quick elbow in the ribs and tried to change the subject. 'Don’t you realize how much I’ve always wanted to catch a man doing this?' Her excitement was building even more. 'Do you think he’ll cum soon or stretch it out awhile?' 'My bet', I answered, 'is that he is feeling pretty good right now and that he’ll stretch it out awhile.. He’ll bring himself close to cuming and then stop for a minute. Then he’ll hammer away some more.' I knew that this was kind of talk would really work on Sue. Sue seemed pleased with my answer. Sue turned her head to watch the television. The scene that was on now was a girl on her knees and hands sucking some guy laying on the floor while another guy was hosing her 'doggie style'. She knew that this, also was one of my fantasies. Seeing Sue wrestle two cocks at the same time. 'Do you think', she asked, 'that Buddy is fantasizing that he is one of those guys?' 'Maybe', I answered, but now it was time to raise the stakes. 'But, do you know what I really think?' 'What?', she answered quickly. 'Now think , Sue!' I began, 'Jane is over at the university tonight for three and a half hours. I’m suppose to be at a meeting fifteen miles from here until ten o’clock tonight. You’re doing laundry and going about the house getting things done and the only other person around is Buddy. The only two who are suppose to be here right now are hostess and guest! And here before us is guest lying naked, stiff and hot. Think, Sue! He wants to get caught just the way you see him there!' 'Oh, he does not!' she said in a little bit louder voice. 'Shhhhhhhh', I said pointing to the window that was open about an inch or two. At times we could hear the people on the television as Buddy was entertaining his cock and I thought that just as easily Buddy could end up hearing us. I got up close to Sue again. My cock was still out of my pants and hard. When she felt it against her ass again she reached back and grabbed it and began messaging it at the same rhythm and speed that she saw Buddy messaging himself. 'Your cock is really hard. You must be enjoying this yourself aren’t you?' she asked. I must admit that I was feeling an envy for Buddy as he laid there in the raw and having a woman peeking in at him and enjoying the show. Then I answered her before I even had time to think. 'What I would really like to see is you in there with your hand wrapped around Buddy’s cock and you doing the work so that he could better enjoy his movie.' Quizzing me she asked, ' Are you sure?' 'Let’s get this straight', I responded, 'First of all, wouldn’t you like to be in there right now? Just the way you describe to me what you are watching tells me what your wet pussy is thinking.' She almost answered uncontrollably and with no hesitation, 'Yes, I would. I really would and it excites me that you want me too. But actually doing it is another thing. How would I get in there?' 'He’s our guest, right? Take down a glass of iced tea and knock on the door and take it from there. My bet is he will let you in the door! I’m telling you, Sue, he wants you to catch him. I sure wouldn’t mind laying there with my cock out and have Jane walk in on me! I’d love to slide my cock between those tits of hers!' 'Really', Sue asked with some onriness in her tone, 'I think I’d like to watch that show from out here sometime, too.' 'I’m telling you, Sue, you had better get in there. You can tell that he is really wound tight.' Sue was convinced that I was serious and I think she was convinced, also, that she was serious about going in there. I continued, 'If he doesn’t invite you in you’ll be able to come back out here and watch him shoot his load. I still say that you’ll get in and he’ll let you shoot it for him!' Sue was squeezing my cock hard and then suddenly let go and said, 'Okay, I’m going before I change my mind.' Sue went up on the porch and entered the kitchen. The light went on and then I heard her getting ice out of the refrigerator and preparing the tea. My cock was throbbing and twitching as I anticipated the show that I was about to witness. A few minutes went by. Just then, a knock on his door. The skin on my cock almost split down the length of my hardness! Buddy hit STOP on the VCR and it changed to the weather station on regular television. Then he flipped the sheet to cover the lower half of his body. I almost laughed out loud because his hard-on made him look like he was under a tent. I could actually see the outline of the head if his rod against the sheet as it stood straight up. It was now Show Time! 'Yes?' he said. I could hear Sue’s voice, 'Buddy, is there anything that I can get for you? I brought you down a glass of iced tea.' Buddy said, 'Come in. I could use some iced tea about now.' Sue entered the room and approached the side of the bed. My heart was pounding. I’m actually watching my wife in the same room and within inches of a totally naked man only partly covered with a sheet. Buddy’s cock was still erect and even twitched a few times and the action caught Sue’s attention. He knew he was giving a show and now I knew for sure that Buddy hadn’t changed a bit. Sue stood against the bed and handed Buddy the tea. Then she said, 'There must really be some exciting weather coming our way.' As she was saying that she grabbed the remote and pushed PLAY and with the other hand flipped the corner of the sheet to expose Buddy’s cock. The video was now showing another scene with two women and one man. As Sue watched the television she knelt down on her knees at the side of the bed and placed her finger tips on the head of his cock and began lightly and teasingly touching it. His cock was throbbing and so was mine. Sue occasionally looked at the movie and then she suddenly turned and made eye contact with Buddy and commented, 'You must have brought your own movies because this doesn’t look like one of ours.' Buddy said, 'Actually, I brought five movies with me.' 'Really?' Sue’s response and tone gave evidence of her growing confidence in her current adventure. 'You and your little........I mean big friend here must spend a lot of time together, don’t you? I know Tom likes to lay naked and wag his tail at the ladies of video, too.' I was so amazed at how calm and cool Sue was acting. She continued teasing the tip of Buddy’s cock with her finger tips. She was matching her moves with the video and Buddy was starting to show signs of high level arousal. He was gyrating his ass in a circular motion and even let out a little pleasure moan. Buddy asked Sue, 'What do you like about a man’s cock?' Talk about driving me crazy! He continued, 'Come on, tell me. I love to hear a woman talk about cock.' 'I like to watch a soft one grow tall and firm,' she started. I like to feel the soft skin on a hard cock. I like to pump one and stop just before it cums. I like to feel a cock’s belly on my tongue. I like to ride a worked up, throbbing cock like a cowgirl. I like when we have company staying at our house who 'tips' with a shiny , slick 'love stick.' It was clear that Buddy got more answer than he thought he’d get and even clearer that Sue was driving him to the edge. Then I centered my thoughts on what I was watching. Buddy was completely undressed and Sue was completely dressed. I can’t explain the extra arousal that this was giving me. Then Sue stood up and said, 'I’ll be right back in a couple of minutes. Don’t pump that thing off yet because we aren’t finished. Several minutes went by and Buddy was now sitting up on the edge of the bed still watching the video. He couldn’t hide his anticipation. It was all over his face. Finally Sue returned to the room and I could hardly believe my eyes. Sue was totally naked. The light from the television was the only light in the room and as it flickered it created quite an erotic effect. Sue came over to were Buddy was sitting and stood with her pussy right in front of his face. His cock was wagging like a happy puppies tail. Sue pushed on Buddy’s shoulders instructing him to lie back down. She knelt down beside him again and with one hand she grabbed hold of his shaft and with the other began messaging his balls. The hand on his cock she slid down to the base and then she leaned over and began circling the head with her tongue. She continued to surprise and amaze me. I never would have dreamed that I would like this so much. Buddy was moving his ass again in a circular motion and moaning louder. Sue suddenly brought both of her hands to her tits, holding them, and she began moving her head up and down sucking Buddy’s cock. This was something that I knew she was doing for me. She knows I like watching her do that to me. This was the point when Buddy started taking charge of the show. Buddy reached down and picked up Sue’s lower body as if she were light as a feather and placed her on top of him in the 69 position. He shot his head between her thighs and now Sue was letting out the moans of glad tidings. Now Sue was grinding her ass in a circular motion as she at the same time kept swallowing Buddy’s rod. They both kept a steady rhythm for several minutes with one or the other letting out pleasure groans. Buddy pulled his head out and then reached across the bed and pulled something out from under the pillow. It was a dildo that actually looked like a large penis. Sue didn’t know what was going on yet. Without Sue expecting it, buddy started easing the head of the love toy into Sue’s pussy. He made little jerky in and out motions and twisted it at the same time. Sue was really making some noise now as she was trying to force her body towards it so that it would penetrate her more. Buddy kept teasing her by not letting it go all the way in. I was wondering if Sue was thinking about the times I’ve told her about my fantasies of seeing her take on two cocks at the same time. Buddy gradually fed her more and more of the rubber rod and she took it all with a vengeance. Then he started pumping her with it. I could tell every time that Sue had an orgasm. Sue began moving her body back and forth controlling the stroke of the cock in her pussy as well as the one in her mouth. Sue raised her upper body and grabbed Buddy’s cock with her right hand and began pumping it forcefully. Then she suddenly let go so that she could watch it bounce and throb. She started stroking it again with long accurate strokes. Buddy starts twitching and jerking and Sue lets go again. A few quick sucks and she grabs it again and resumes her pumping. Buddy was really howling a tune now. I probably would have been able to hear him all the way down my back yard by the fence! This time Sue was not letting go. She pumps and twists her hand on his stick. Buddy keeps feeding her the dong in her pussy. They both begin screaming at the same time as Buddy shots a load of cum almost twelve inches straight up in the air. His body jerking wildly and he is shining in sweat. Sue collapsed on top of him and then rolled over to his side. For a few minutes more they were silent but continued stroking each others nakedness. Sue got up and said, 'I’ll be back in a minute.' When she returned she had a sweat suit on and was carrying a towel. She sat on the side of the bed and helped Buddy wipe off. She wiped his joy stick and he did everything else. She remained sitting on the bed beside Buddy as he laid on his back still naked with his cock resting back on his belly half limp. They were talking but I couldn’t make out their conversation. As they talked Sue lightly messaged Buddy’s balls and occasionally gave a single pet of her hand up his manhood. Then she would return to his balls and again gently knead them with her finger tips. He appeared very comfortable laying there with both his hands behind his head. The talking and ball messaging went on for about ten minutes. Then they began laughing and agreeing about something. Sue started to stand up but first leaned over and ran her tongue up the length of his cock to the head. Then she gave a last squeeze with her hand around his shaft and then started walking towards the door with a noticeable grin on her face. She opened the door and as she turned to pull it shut she gave a quick glance towards the window where she knew that I was standing and she was still wearing her grin. I started to walk away from my 'peeping' spot and trying to get my cock back in my pants. It had been hard for the entire hour and a half that this show had been going on. I entered the house and heard Sue in the shower. I made noticeable noise to make it sound downstairs like I had just gotten home. I went into the bathroom and removed my clothing and got into the shower with Sue. I told her, 'I just made some noise at the front door to make it sound like I just came.' Sue quickly and wittingly replied, 'Buddy just made a lot of noise when he came, too.' We both started laughing. 'I know', I said, 'I saw the whole show'. Sue looked a little concerned and asked, 'Were you okay with it?' I motioned for her to look down. She saw my hard-on sticking straight out. She grinned and put both her arms around my neck and pressed her tits into my chest and her pussy against the head of my throbbing prick. 'Tell me the truth, Sue, was that good cock?' I asked. 'Mmmmmm', she moaned, 'It was really good. You two are similar in a lot of ways, even your cocks. Yet, there was a difference too. His cock felt good in my hand and it taste so good that I almost sunk my teeth into it. I really wanted to climb up on top of him and sit down slowly and feel his knob enter my pussy a tiny bit to feel him throbbing in me. Then I wanted to slid the rest of the way down to let him fill me. I didn’t go that far though because I didn’t know how far was too far.' I motioned again for her to look down. 'I don’t have to look down', she said, 'I can feel the happy fellow’s head bagging between my thighs.' I shut off the water and as we were drying off I said to her, 'I must admit, however, I am a little curious about that talk session the two of you had at the end. I couldn’t make out anything that you both were saying.' She said, 'Well, Buddy and I both agreed that it would be a shame to waste the last two days of their visit with us. So while we were thinking of a way to get you and Jane together for some adventurous fun we figured out a flawless plan.' 'And what might this plan be?' I asked, showing obvious interest on my expression. 'Remember the other day when we were all having lunch together and you were telling Buddy and Jane about the bike trails that we often go to? Well, Buddy said that Jane loves doing that sort of stuff and that tomorrow is the one day that all she has is an evening class. She’ll have the whole day free. We’ll think of a reason why I can’t go Buddy said that he did want to look up a few of his old school friends. Besides, we only have two bikes.' 'Buddy said that he was sure of it', Sue said. 'He said that just on a couple of occasions he and Jane were involved in a threesome and one time a foursome. Turns out that they have enjoyed it with people they were comfortable with. And apparently he has shared many of the adventure stories about you and him when you both were growing up and those stories got her as interested and curious as they did me.' We walked out of the bathroom and went straight to our bedroom and shut the door. As Sue reached for her PJ's off of the closet door I laid down on the bed still naked. My cock standing straight up. When Sue looked she said, 'Ohhhhh Baby, second time tonight I’ve gotten this show.' She dimmed the light and crawled onto the bed. She reached her hand over and wrapped it around my cock and said, 'I want to suck and stroke your cock while I describe to you my experience tonight.' Sue began describing every sensation and feeling that she experienced downstairs just less than a half hour ago. As she stroked and sucked and licked me she described how much she enjoyed the touch and taste of Buddy’s cock. How much she loved the feel of his tongue dancing around her pussy. How much she liked the rubber cock that he used on her. She continued to arouse and tease me using explicit detail along with her experienced hands until I started to twist and jerk and gasp with total pleasure feel myself release a tremendous load of cum straight up into the air. 'Hey', I said, 'You said that there are two days left of their visit and that tomorrow I will be taking Jane out on a bike trail, what our we doing on their last day here?' 'Buddy and I agreed that tomorrow you and Jane are going to have such a great time out on the trail studying nature that you both will both quickly agree that on our last night together the four of us should all get together.' Sue was really blowing my mind. Everything she did tonight took me beyond all expectations that I might of had. I think that I have created a monster! The Next Day Morning seemed to come quickly and I was pleased as I looked out the window to see early signs of what appeared to be the makings of a beautiful day. I quickly shaved and dressed and went out to the garage to install the bike carrier on the back of the car . When I entered the kitchen I was surprised to see Sue and Jane already sitting at the table sipping on coffee. 'Boy!', I said. 'That really smells good.' Sue got up and poured me a cup as I sat down at the table. Jane appeared dressed and ready to go. Sue returned to the table and said, 'Tom, I wasn’t going to make breakfast because I thought maybe Jane would like that little country restaurant that we always stop at when we go riding.' 'Good idea, Sue.' I continued, 'Jane, I don’t know what your breakfast habits are but this little restaurant will really get you filled and energized for a full day of riding.' Jane replied, 'Sounds great. I’m really excited about this. When I got home last night Buddy told me what was planned and I just couldn’t wait for morning. These classes cram so much information into such a short time that my brain is short circuiting! I will really enjoy going out on one of those trails away from everything else.' Sue responded, 'That’s probably the best way to describe it. We are in the middle of the week and hardly anyone else will be on those trails. I’ve even taken advantage of such days to work on my tan lines and full tan.' Wow !!! I couldn’t believe Sue said that so casually and I just tried to act like it went through one ear and out the other. However, Jane did reply to Sue’s statement, ' Ouuuu, that sounds neat, but I don’t really have any tan lines to work on but more tan does sound good.' No tan lines !?!? Wow, Jane has a great tan. I was getting suspicious if they were plotting but at the same time I knew Sue’s way of sliding in the power of suggestion. As we were getting up from the table to leave Sue hands me the backpack and water bottles and instructs me, 'I put some snack foods in there and also, Jane, I packed that oil you said that you wanted to try.' Mmmmm, sounds like there WILL be some tanning today. We proceeded to the car and Jane instructed Sue, 'Buddy said he would like up around 8:30 and that you don’t have to worry about breakfast. He’s really not a breakfast person and he wanted to get on with his plans of looking up a few school friends' 'Okay', Sue responded. 'You two have fun and watch out for those big wild things that prowl out in the wilderness.' I turned and saw Sue grinning at me. We drove to the little country restaurant and had a good time discussing were we were going and what we would be doing. Jane was very attractive even now wearing a sweat suit and totally covered she had a very sexy appearance about her. I had already committed my brain to think that this was just a day for bike riding and nothing else. If something else happens, fine. Unfortunately, at the same time, I’m fantasizing about Jane the whole time we are eating. We continued our drive for another thirty-five minutes to the trail parking lot. It was as Sue suggested, deserted. As I unloaded the bikes Jane stood on the passenger side of the car with the door open and removed her sweat suit. Her back was to me as she pulled the sweatshirt up over her head. Ooohh Baby, I thought to myself when I saw that she was wearing one of those crop tops that are cut short to expose the midsection. Then she bent over to remove her sweatpants and while doing so totally exposed her breasts while reaching towards her ankles. When she stood back up I saw that she was also wearing a pair of loose fitting nylon shorts. Ooohh Yum Yum. I could feel my shorts tightening and now no longer needed my imagination to wonder what those lovely things looked like. I continued as if I hadn’t seen a thing. What an acting job that was ! Jane mounted her bike and I removed my shirt and then placed it in the back pack before putting it on. I placed a full water bottle into the brackets on both bikes. The sun was climbing and this was going to be a postcard day. I was dumbfounded. As we began pedaling toward the entrance of the bike trail I purposely looked and noticed how Jane’s posture on the bike allowed a bottom view of her tits. She had to be aware and yet totally unconcerned. Our conversation was about the beautiful day and beautiful forest setting. We continued our journey for several miles stopping only briefly now and then to observe some wildlife. While riding I stayed to Jane’s left and as much as possible let her a half bike length ahead of me. What a show !! I enjoyed every bump and especially the back and forth swaying of her breasts that coordinated with her pedaling motion. If you could have examined my brain you would have thought that this was the first time I ever saw a woman ! After going a few more mile markers we decided to stop for awhile for a short rest. We figured this would be a nice spot because it was at a beautiful overlook. I was surprised at how good of shape Jane was in. I hadn’t thought at all that we would put this much mileage on. Jane really appeared to be enjoying it. We grabbed our water bottles and found a spot to sit down. We sat across from each other and agreed of how good a workout this has been. Jane sat with her legs straight forward and was leaning back on her left elbow. As she raised her water bottle for a drink with her right hand she totally exposed her right tit. After taking a drink she looked in the direction of the valley and said, 'Boy, I really like the view'. Spontaneously I responded, ' So do I'. Jane quickly looked straight at me and grinned. Jane reminded me so much of Buddy just last night when I dared Sue to go into his room. {Read previous story: Easing into Swing}. Buddy enjoyed showing himself to a woman and having her respond. Now Jane seems to be doing the same thing. 'Where is our final destination?', Jane asked 'About three and a half miles further', I responded. 'It is a place similar to this only nicer. There are a couple hiking trails and one goes to an overlook that is above a river and railroad tracks. We’ve made such good time getting here that we can probably hang out there for a least two hours' 'Wow, sounds great. The idea of hiking sounds good, too. We’ll be able to stretch out', Jane announced. The next few miles went by quickly. We arrived at the rest area where there were some facilities and a place to park and lock the bikes. We did so and also grabbing our gear I pointed to Jane the hiking trail to head for. It was a well used trail and rated probably semi-rugged and sometimes steep. We reached the spot of the overlook and Jane was speechless. We went out onto a huge rock and took in the view. Below us was the river and on the other side the railway. I opened the backpack and removed my poncho liner which was a lightweight blanket and spread it on the rock surface. Jane went over to the edge and sat down. I went over and joined her. We talked awhile and then she placed her hand on my shoulder and said, 'Wow, you’re getting a little red from the sun. Let me get that lotion that Sue packed for us. When Jane returned she sat down behind me with her legs stretching out on either side of me. She squirted some lotion on her hands and began gently rubbing it in my shoulders. 'Feel good?' She asked. 'OH yeah' I responded. After my response she reached her hands around my sides under my arms and began putting the lotion on my chest. In doing so her chest was snug against my back and I could tell without a doubt that she had very craftily removed her top. The flesh on flesh of her breasts upon my back felt so good. My head was spinning a little from the disbelief of what was happening. 'How does that feel'? she asked and with a little more teasing detectable in her voice. I responded, ' That feels even better.' Jane continued applying the lotion when in the distance we could hear a train whistle. Jane jumped up and while standing totally topless said with an exciting voice, 'How long until it gets here?' I told her that we had about three to five minutes. She quickly went to the backpack and removed her camera. I didn’t even know it was there. She started looking for different angles to take a picture. I thought that maybe she had never seen a train before. She next handed me the camera and said, 'Here, you stand over here and take a picture of me watching the train.' Just as the train was coming around the bend, Jane stooped down and grabbed her top. Instead of putting it on she started jumping up and down and waving it like a flag! She kept saying to me, 'Not yet, not yet.' As she continued to jump and wave her shirt the train began blowing it’s horn. When that happened she slid her flimsy nylon shorts off and stood totally naked with her ankles wide apart and her hands on her hips. The train horn kept sounding it’s approval. Jane yells out, 'Take the picture. Take the picture!' I snapped off a picture and realized how good a picture it would be. The back view of Jane’s naked body waving at a train some fifty yards away with someone’s arm reaching out from the train waving. As the train disappeared Jane turned to face me and enjoyed my expression as I looked at her. She did have a full tan and her pussy was totally shaved. Now that was a first for me. Jane walked over to the blanket and laid down with her back side up and she said, 'Now you put some on me.' I began applying the lotion on her back and gradually worked my way to her ass. It felt good touching it and I thought my cock was about to burst out through my pants. I continued down each leg and then she turned over exposing to me her front side. She looked straight up into my eyes enjoying the sight of arousal upon my face. She took the bottle of lotion from my hand and said, 'Please show me how excited you are!' I stood up and loosened my shorts and removed my shorts and underwear at the same time. My cock sprang forward and bounced and throbbed. The air felt so incredibly good and I was enjoying the fact that now I was also totally naked standing in front of Jane. Jane motioned me to kneel back down beside her. As I did she gently wrapped her right hand around my cock and steered me closer. With the other hand she handed me the lotion again. I continued applying the lotion to the front of her and taking my time and enjoying it to the fullest. Jane’s eyes were closed while I rubbed in the lotion ever so gently and she massaged my balls with my hard on resting on her wrist. She opened her eyes and while looking straight into my face said, 'Is it okay that we don’t have sex?' Not wanting to ruin the rapid progress that has been made, I said, 'Sure, I’m okay with that.' Now is when the dialog really opened up. We both seemed so at ease. Jane kept looking to watch me as I viewed her body and she would run her eyes over me as well. She broke the silence, 'I want to share an experience with you that is as good as sex, believe it or not.' 'Sounds great to me', I said with my voice cracking some. Jane begins talking while we continue looking at each other and massaging each other. 'You know?' she says, 'We are not the only two people who knows what is happening out here. Sue knows and so does Buddy'. I’m speechless but just in case she holds a finger to here lips for me to be quiet and listen. 'Are you aware of what happened last night?' I shrug my shoulders. 'Come on now', she says. 'Do you know?' I shake my head yes and when I started to say something she quickly held her finger up to her lips for me not to say a word. 'You’ll get your chance to talk but right now just me.' Jane continued, 'Buddy told me last night that Sue visited him in his room for over an hour.' I shook my head in agreement. 'Ouuuuh, so Sue told you about it?' I shook my head ‘no’. 'Ouuuh, so then you must have caught them.' I shook my head ‘no’. ' Hmmmmmm, I wonder how else you could have known?' I quickly and uncontrollably responded, 'I watched the whole thing.' Jane quickly reached up and placed her finger on my lips to be silent but at the same time showed signs of increased excitement upon hearing what I said. She began messaging my cock more passionately. 'So', Jane said, 'You saw everything that happened? How?' She motioned for me to speak. 'Well', I started, 'Sue was in the back yard and saw Buddy’s light on and she went over to investigate and caught him naked and entertaining himself. To make a long story short Sue decided that she wanted to go in with him and I gave her my approval but that I could watch. Sue agreed. The rest is history but they sure did give me a show to remember!' Jane was showing extreme signs of excitement and her grip on me tightened. 'Wow, to bad we couldn’t have watched that show together', she said. Continuing she said, 'Let me fill you in on something.' As she began talking I laid down beside her and we continued touching each other and both enjoying it. 'Well', she began, 'Buddy and I have a unique arrangement. We have extremely good sex together but we both have the same weakness. We both like to fool around. We have only had sex with other people only a couple of times and when we do it is with both of us present. It would be a threesome or on one occasion we were with another couple and we traded partners and had sex in the same room with dim lighting so that all four of us could watch everything. It is a turn on for both of us to watch each other turn someone else on. I love watching Buddy drive a girl crazy and he persuades me sometimes to please a guy. It is always with people that we both agree upon. But there have been times when we each have fooled around on our own but we have always told each other when we did. That’s part of the turn on for us. While I’m describing an encounter that I had, Buddy goes down on me and buries his head between my thighs and drives me to such a level that it would be impossible for me to leave out any parts of the story. He wants me to describe everything we did and what I liked and what the guy’s cock was like. The more I tell him the better he likes it.' 'And when he fools around', she continued. 'He tells me all about the girl and her physical features and how she loved his cock and begged him to use it on her. But we have always saved going that far for both of us to enjoy at the same time. My wildest experience was when we had a threesome with another guy and I took on two cocks at the same time. The other guys name was Tony and to Buddy’s surprise I out did both of them. And do you want to know a little secret, Tom?' 'Sure', I said. Jane said, 'Well, Sue and I have had some talks this week and we both have the same interests and she even asked me to share some of the escapades Buddy and I have done together. She was most interested in taking on two cocks and said that many times you told her that you would like her to. She just doesn’t know how serious you are. You and Buddy could really help her decide if a threesome is what she would like. Buddy already told me he would like it. If when we start, Sue becomes a little backward, maybe she could watch you, me and Buddy get it on. I’d like that. I’m past due, myself , for a threesome.' Jane proceeded with even more, 'Sue also told me things about you that totally surprised me as to how much you two and Buddy and I are alike. She said you both like masturbating in front of each other. That you both like masturbating each other while watching videos. She even told me that anytime she masturbates privately that she does while fantasizing about you with another woman getting it on.' Jane started to stand up and while doing so held me down. She stood straddling me with a foot on each side of my hips. 'Wrap your hand around your cock', she instructed. When I did so she placed her hand over her inviting pussy. We both started massaging ourselves without even realizing at first that we were even doing it. What a fantastic view I had looking up at her naked body above me. I raised up bringing my face to her pussy and began searching her with my lips and tongue. She moaned and also held the back of my head firm and steady. After a few minutes she pushed on my shoulders for me to lie back down. Jane then bent her knees and stooped down and sat her bare ass on my thighs. Her pussy and my cock were actually touching each other. She wrapped her hand around my loaded cannon and began messaging it against her love entrance. I was wanting her to give in to the desire and let me enter her if only for a brief moment but she somehow remained disciplined to her agreement with Buddy. Her expressions were telling me that she was as aroused and full of erotic thoughts as well as I was. 'You see', Jane said, 'it’s like the old saying, ‘The journey is as much of the adventure as reaching the goal’.' 'What do you mean?' I asked. 'Foreplay', she answered. 'One of the most erotic parts of making love is anticipating and fantasizing your way through your desires before you even actually do anything. The biggest sex organ in the body is the brain.' 'Would you like to feel your cock enter me and drive me insane', she asked breathing heavy and speaking almost too loud not to be heard if someone were near by. 'I know you do, don’t you?' 'Oh yes', I said. 'I want to fuck you all day.' Jane moaned even more hearing that. She continued to press my cock against her bare pussy and stroked my cock with long firm strokes. She said, 'I heard that Buddy really liked this last night , let’s see how you do.' Jane pumped me as I looked up at her full nudity which stimulated me to peak performance. I started to jerk beneath her as I shot my full load up onto her stomach. 'Mmmmm Baby', she said teasingly. 'But if I want to catch up with Sue I need to suck this thing before Buddy and I leave to go home.' 'Tomorrow night sounds good to me,' I said. 'Will you let Buddy please Sue the same ways you want to please me', she asked. 'As long as Sue is okay with it so am I and I think last night showed me that Sue is more than ready', I answered her. 'This is new territory for Sue as well as myself and we both seem as excited to try something. We’ve always fantasized about this stuff and until last night and also today is the first that we have ever done anything.' Jane responded, 'Sue and I already talked about it. We both agreed that tomorrow night you and Buddy are going to take us out to wine and dine us. Then we’re heading back to your house where we are going to cross over the line from foreplay to you two guys feeding us girls some serious cock all night long !! Then the following morning Buddy and I will be heading back to Philadelphia' 'Wow', I replied. 'I think Buddy and I ought to let you girls do all the planning from now on.' We gathered up our stuff and got dressed and made our way down the hiking trail to the bikes. We started the bike ride back in the direction of the car and continued our conversation all the way back concerning our new adventure that we shared today. We began planning what we would like to do tomorrow night when the four of us get it on together on the last night. Jane even started planning for Sue and I to come to Philadelphia to visit her and Buddy. When we arrived back to the car we started loading the bikes. Jane was wiping her neck with a towel with her arm in the air giving me another look at one of those nice tits. 'Hey', I said. 'How are you going to get that picture developed?' Jane looked at me and grinned. 'Buddy develops film as a hobby and I’m going to have him make you an 8X10 of me waving at the train.' The Following Day Friday morning at 8:45 Jane was on her way to the university for the final class of her seminar. At 1 PM she finished, came home with certificate in hand and told Sue she felt like doing a few hours shopping. The two of them left for the mall in our car because Buddy was in the middle of washing and waxing their car. I was taking advantage of the time to get a few Saturday chores done a day early. I had taken this whole week off and it turned out to be one of the best vacations I’d ever taken and didn’t have to travel anywhere. Among my assigned chores were to hose off the back patio and wipe down the lawn furniture. As I was doing so I was standing only a few feet away from the window where I had the peep show of Sue and Buddy two nights ago . I came to a full erection as I thought my way through what I had watched them do. Then my mind went on to reminisce about yesterday out on the bike trail with Jane. Rubbing sun oil over every inch of her voluptuous naked body. My hands started aching with a desire to do it again. I thought about the incredible hand job that she gave me. Stroking me and working me to an eruption of love lather that sent my hips bucking like a bronco. After my chores were finished I called Janice to make some reservations. Janice and Scott are really good friends of ours. Scott is a supervisor at a telemarketing company and travels a lot. Janice inherited her family run Greek restaurant and runs it with the help of a few college students who work part time for her. Her and Scott live above the restaurant. Janice is not part of the plans for tonight but she definitely is fantasy material. I’ve never heard anything about her and Scott doing anything on the daring side except for one time when they catered a bachelor party for some other friends and she jumped out of the cake topless and wearing a pair of white short shorts. Then she lap danced on the groom. From what I heard Scott really liked it. Wish I would have seen it for myself. When Jane and Sue returned home the four of us got together to make our game plan. I said, 'Hey, guys, we’ve been doing ribs and steaks outback all week so I went ahead and made reservations at a Greek restaurant.' 'Oh, good idea,' Sue said. 'Jane, you two will love this place. We know the people that run it and they have a great menu. Tom and I usually get a salad that’s loaded with all kinds of stuff and a sampler bread tray to dip in olive oil.' 'Mmmmm', Buddy and Jane responded at the same time. 'Good, sounds like we’ve agreed, ' I declared. 'Reservations are at 7 PM'. Around 6 PM Buddy and I were ready and went out on to the patio to relax and wait on the girls. Buddy looked at me a little concerned and said, 'Tom, are you okay with everything so far?' 'Oh yes', I answered, 'and I think from the vibes I’m getting that Sue is okay also.' 'Good', Buddy continued , 'I guess we’re in unanimous agreement. I think this will be a good night for all of us. Don’t feel pressured. You can bail out anytime you want. This is just stuff that Jane and I have done on a few occasions and really enjoy it. When anyone becomes uncomfortable we’ll stop.' 'It’s been a good experience for Sue and I so far as well', I said. 'We’ve always talked and teased each other about it for quite some time but never, until now, persuade swapping partners or having a three or foursome.' Just then both Sue and Jane appeared on the patio and both our jaws dropped. They were both wearing flirty and revealing sun dresses and quite obvious that might be all they had on. Their nipples were pressing against the material and the dress allowed free movement of their breasts that only poetry could describe. 'My, my', Jane said. 'They can’t even talk. Wonder what their thinking?' Sue replied, 'Their thinking what every man thinks when he sees a woman wearing a sun dress or short skirt. They’re wondering if we have panties on or not.' 'You’re right, Sue', Jane said. 'Think we ought to show them if we are or not?' Sue returned, 'No, not right away. They might bypass taking us out and just attack us now on the spot.' Jane continued, 'Right again Sue, I think that when we came out here we turned three pounds of raw meat into ten pounds of hard meat! We must be magicians !' They both laughed. Sue said, 'Yeah, but the real magic show will be later when I make that ten pounds of hard meat disappear!' 'Alllllllllright,' Jane said loudly. This was reinforcing my satisfaction in knowing that Sue was comfortable, confident and willing to continue with something that also had me very thrilled. I looked at Buddy and said through my teeth so he could hear, 'I think Sue is ripe and ready to be picked.' Buddy returned a nod to me. We headed for the car and proceeded to the restaurant. As we drove off I became even more aroused thinking about everything. Here we were; all four of us on the same consensual wave length that promised to produce an extremely erotic finale to a full week of progressive excitement. We arrived at the restaurant and were greeted by Janice. We made the proper introductions and then Janice said, 'Tom, it’s a good thing Sue called me back and filled me in on your reservation that you made this morning. Sue, since this is a special occasion I’m going to seat you all out back on our deck. Scott is out of town inspecting a sister marketing firm up in Pennsylvania. So go ahead and use anything you want and stay as late as you like.' 'Sounds great', Sue responded Janice led us out and when we all came in view of their deck we responded in unison, 'Wow !' Privacy fence! Dim lit lanterns! Wet bar! Just the four of us! And a HOT TUB ! Janice took our orders and personally became our waitress. She was quite a dish to be looking at as well. Her little black skirt and ruffle white blouse cut down nice and low in the front helped to add to the erotic atmosphere that we were all enjoying. We were all having a wonderful time. Great food! The best of wine! Unbelievable selection of breads and dips! Beautiful, warm summer night! Good conversation! Two DELICIOUS looking women! And two massive hard-on's waiting to be released from their cages! Three hours had gone by and the restaurant had been closed since nine but Janice had reminded us again that we had no curfew. She practically insisted that we stay late. 'Well Sue', Jane started, 'do you suppose that we should settle their curiosity.' 'I think so', Sue replied. With that they both stood up and removed their little short sun dresses which left them both standing wearing only a tiny little triangular thong that matched their dresses. They both seemed so bold and confident and enjoying what they were doing with teasing smiles on their faces. Buddy and I applauded. I’ve always had an extreme appreciation of women who like to show themselves off and then allow a guy to make that eye to eye acknowledgment. Jane stepped over behind Sue and knelt down. She reached up and tucked her thumbs under the thin strings of Sues thong and started pulling it down revealing her partially shaved pussy. Chills went through me as I looked at her looking good at feeling good. Then Sue got down behind Jane and removed her thong to divulge her totally shaved cock pleaser. Oh how good they looked! They walked over and stood right before us and Sue said, 'We girls want to get into the water but we need some life guards.' With that Buddy stood up and I followed his lead as we removed our cloths. Sue’s eyes devoured Buddy’s cock when it sprang out. She knew she could react freely in front of me. The moment of truth had finally arrived. The four of us were all standing together naked sharing the same excitement and desire. I had wondered if I would be shy and timid but as it turned out I was loving it and now considering it as a bliss. The warm breeze blowing on me along with Jane’s stare was almost enough to make me cum right then on the spot Fantasizing such an event is one thing but to experience it in reality is so exquisite and beyond description by my limited vocabulary. We climbed into the hot tub and sat about fifteen minutes talking and savoring what was happening. Buddy was across from me and Jane and Sue were across from each other. Jane reached out both her hands through the water and grabbed a cock in each hand. Both our cocks respond to her touch. I couldn’t help noticing how Sue studied every move that Jane made. Sue was a good student eager to learn. 'You know what?' Jane remarked, 'Sue told me that she has never had two cocks at the same time and I think you guys ought to give her an opportunity to satisfy her curiosity.' Buddy and I both stood up and stood in front of Sue making the water below hip level. Jane stood up behind us and placed her left hand on my ass and her right hand on Buddy’s. Each hand moved squeezing us while at the same time coaxing us to move closer towards Sue. Sue, still seated in the water, reached her right hand towards me and wrapped her hand around my cock and then leaned in towards it and started licking the head of my throbbing joy stick. Then with her left hand grabbed Buddy’s rod and leaned over in his direction and began licking and lightly sucking him. Sue was showing increased signs of stimulation and excitement as her grip tightened on me. She slowly stroked me as she sucked on Buddy and then began to alternate. Jane had since moved her hands under and between our legs so that she could fondle our balls. What sensation it was all producing! Sue released her grip from both of us and scooted her butt up onto the decking with her legs still dangling in the water. She spread her legs apart and Jane gave Buddy a little push to move in. Buddy started kissing his way up Sue’s thighs until he made contact with her love opening. I climbed out of the tub and knelt down beside Sue and began kissing her and touching her tits. She let herself lay down and then pulled her feet out of the water so that her knees were still spread and positioned up. As I continued to kiss her I could feel her breath hot and she was partially gasping. Jane came and knelt down on the other side of Sue and said in Sue’s ear, 'Sue, the love gods are here and they want to grant you a wish. Their magic wands possess wondrous powers to fulfill your secret desires. Do you have a wish?' Breathing heavily Sue responded, 'Yes, tell them to never stop.' Jane moved over next to me and started teasing my hard on with her hand while I still had my face near Sue’s. Sue whispered to me as she got a glimpse of Jane’s hand on my cock, 'Tom, Buddy’s tongue feels so good. I want you to do the same thing to Jane. Would you do it so that I can see?' Jane eagerly laid herself down on her back and spread her legs wide open. Her shaved and open pussy looked so good and I wanted to memorize it in my mind. 'Do it, Tom, go down on her', Sue begged. 'Lick her hot pit and satisfy her need.' I went up between her silk smooth thighs with my face and aimed right for her love opening. Mmmmm, she tasted so good and my ears were enjoying the sounds of escalating pleasure coming from both girls. Jane placed both of her hands on my head and occasionally lightly squeeze her thighs against my head. In the past Sue and I only occasionally performed oral sex but I could tell now that was all going to change. The taste of Jane along with feeling her body respond to my flicking tongue and watching Buddy have the same control over Sue was driving me to another level of sexual desire. Sue was arching her back and pushing her ass up off the deck as if assaulting Buddy’s tongue. This had to have gone on for fifteen minutes at which time we all climbed back into the hot tub. 'This is incredible', I said. 'Are you girls still okay with it?' They looked at me somewhat surprised that I would even ask. Jane looked at Sue and said, 'Sue, Let me watch Buddy enter you doggie style and then I want you to suck Tom at the same time.' Sue immediately, as if obeying Jane’s command under hypnosis, climbed out and got into position. Buddy followed her and knelt down behind her. By then Jane and I came over to them were I laid down in front of Sue trying to position myself to also watch. Sue immediately started sucking and pumping my cock slow and firmly. Jane took Buddy’s cock in her hand and began wetting it down in her mouth. Then she guided Buddy’s missile in closer and closer until the head of his cum rod touched Sue’s entrance. Sue quivered and let out a sigh. Jane moved Buddy’s cock in a circular motion until shortly Sue’s juices flowed. Sue’s hips were jerking and she was trying to push herself towards Buddy so that she could devour his bait. Jane pushed on Buddy’s back directing him to enter Sue’s canal. Sue let out a yell of delight . It was now official; Sue has had her first threesome or as she would say 'made two cocks disappear.' Hell, this was my first threesome, too!!! Nothing could compare to it. Jane stood up and she looked at me as I watched her walk seductively over towards the table were we ate earlier. When Jane got to the table she spread her beautiful legs apart and laid her upper body down on the table with her ass aimed at me. Sue was able to see what was going on and said to me, 'I think there is another pussy here that needs some attention. I think that you should go and provide it to repay her for the ride I’m getting. Oh, Tom, Buddy’s cock is so delicious and feels sooooo good. I want to watch you make Jane feel as good.' As I approached her she stood back up again and whispered in my ear with her body touching mine, 'This is how I want you to fuck me, while I’m bent over the table. I’ve wanted your cock so much ever since I got my hands on it yesterday. But before you slide it into my hungry pussy I want to suck it with my hungry mouth.' It was incredible. I remained standing and Jane knelt in front of me and gave me such pleasure and sensation that only an experienced master could give. Her hands continually roamed my body as she sucked and stroked me with her throat. I kept glancing at Sue and Buddy as he maintained a steady rhythm. Buddy was emitting sounds that indicated his pleasure and satisfaction also. Jane sucked me with such skill that I had forgotten about Sue and Buddy only twenty-five feet away from us. My senses were going numb and I couldn’t even hear their moaning though I knew they were. Jane sucked and stroked me with her hand at the same time. My cock was swelling and swelling to the point that I knew I was going to cum and then she suddenly stopped and stood up against me. My cock was throbbing like crazy. She was good. She knew how far to take me. My face had to be flushed red and I was sweating also. She grabbed by cock tightly and whispered, 'If you want me to suck out your cum, you and Sue will have to come to Philadelphia to visit us.' I was ready to go gas up the car and get my Pennsylvania road map Right then. While still facing me and holding my cock she pulled it in close to touch her pussy. 'Please fuck me now. Let me feel this thing swell inside of me.' I was amazed at how much under the influence of cock that she was. She needed a fix and now. I turned her around so she could bend over the table again. As she did I came in close to her and made my entry. She was loudly moaning. I entered her slowly and gradually and easily slide in to her passion pit. She was so smooth and warm and I could feel the inside of her squeezing my love stick. I wanted to fuck her hard and cum but at the same time I wanted to pump her slow and gentle and make it last. She lifted herself up onto her elbows and asked me to reach in under her tits. They hung so nice and I allowed them to brush back and forth across my hands as her body responded to the gentle pounding that I was giving her. As I continued pushing myself deeper and deeper into her delightful desire pit I noticed some movement. Over in a darkened corner of the patio I could see that Janice was sitting in a chair watching us. She had her skirt up and was masturbating. I felt my cock jerk wanting also now to please Janice’s eyes as she watched. I continued to look in her direction wanting her to know that I was also enjoying her. Oh man, seems like everything that happens makes the night even better. Suddenly Sue and Buddy hit paydirt. They both started screaming as Buddy must have left loose with a massive load. The commotion stimulated both Jane and I even more to were within a minute I was swelling ever so tight inside of Jane to where we also were nearing climax. As I began to cum Jane and I both began howling and Jane’s legs began to weaken. I held her at least until I finished cumming and then we both fell onto the deck. When we were able to get back up we saw that Sue and Buddy had gotten back into the hot tub. We went over to join them and took with us a bottle of wine that we hadn’t finished. Passing the bottle back and forth we just kept looking at each other and laughing and sighing that reassured each of us that everyone had a great time. Under the water Sue was rewarding my cock with a soft message. I think Jane was doing the same to Buddy. I looked over to the darkened corner and saw that Janice was gone and that now there were lights on upstairs in her apartment. Here I am involved in a foursome and find myself briefly fantasizing about Janice. Wow, I must have gotten a bad case of the pussy virus. 'You know?' Jane broke the language barrier. 'Buddy and I would really like for you two to come up to Philadelphia sometime and visit us.' Buddy was nodding agreement as she spoke. 'This has been so fun and exciting. I loved every moment of it. You two really make good partners.' 'Me too', Sue respond. 'I loved our time together. It would be a shame to let it end here and now.' 'Right on', I said. We gathered our things and straightened up some and Buddy and I pitched in to leave Janice a generous tip on the table. When we got home Buddy and Jane went downstairs to their room holding hands. The four of us were somewhat sad that the week was over but the foursome farewell will live in memory. Not to mention the possibility of a future get together. Sue and I relived the whole evening while we took a shower together. She told me that she wanted to make love through the night or first thing in the morning. We were both still aroused over everything. Before we went to bed I checked the phone answering machine. 'Hey Sue', I said 'Come listen to this.' The message said, 'Hi, Tom and Sue this is Janice. Just wanted you to know that I hope everything went well for your special evening. I want to talk to Scott about inviting you two over some evening for a barbecue and who knows, maybe we’ll get in the hot tub too. Bye' I said, 'Sue, were you aware that Janice was sitting in a dark corner of the patio watching us tonight?' 'You’re kidding?' she said. 'Nope, and I feel pretty sure that she enjoyed the show. I think you ought to call her back tomorrow and say that we accept her invitation.' 'I’ll do it first thing in the morning', she said. We went to bed and kissed and fell into a deep sleep.
  18. santos1962

    How I Met Natalie

    The following is the tale of how I met my girlfriend Natalie and some of the many sexual experiences we’ve encountered. I was 45 years old and had recently come out of a 24 year marriage and was extremely horny as I hadn’t been laid in six months. I first met Natalie at an after hours bar mostly frequented by strippers. Initially, I wasn’t very interested in her as I was drawn to her friend Tanya, who looked very much like Jennifer Anniston. It soon became apparent that Tanya was interested in another guy, so I begun to set my sights on Julie, a curvaceous blonde that had a reputation of being easy. We were all invited to Julie’s apartment and somehow Natalie came also. Once we got to our destination, Natalie sat next to me and basically talked my ear off. Natalie is a very good looking, 42DD bust and a small waist, light skinned black girl with firm, huge tits that she continuously rubbed against my shoulder as we talked. Anyway, nothing happened that night and once again frustrated I offered to drive both Natalie and Tanya home (they were roomies). Once we got to their place, they asked me to come and watched them at the club the next day. The following night, I showed up at the club where they both worked and as soon as I sat down Natalie came and sat down at my table. After a while, sensing my lack of interest, she asked me what was wrong to which I replied that it was my experience that peelers were mostly tease artists who only wanted money. Jokingly she then asked how much I would be willing to pay her. In an effort to humor her, I told her $300 if she was any good. Somehow, we ended up making a date to go to a dance club the next day. When I picked her up the following evening, she informed me that she wasn’t up to it and would I mind if we went to my place. After arriving at my apartment, we sat on the couch talking for a while when all of a sudden she reached for my zipper and pulled my still flaccid cock out. “Sit back and enjoy” she instructed as her hand softly stroked my rapidly growing man meat. “Mmmm…..” I moaned as leaning over, she bathed my balls with her wet, soft tongue. “Yeeesss….suck my cock” I moaned as she slid her soft lips down my now fully erect shaft. “I love sucking cock” she admitted, momentarily releasing my throbbing weapon. She obviously enjoyed it as she expertly took the full length down her throat. With her mouth tightening around my rod while her head pumped up and down on it at the same time, I knew that I wouldn’t last long. So I slowed her down by pulling my cock out of her mouth. Sliding the slacks down her shapely lips, I moved her on all fours, drawing moans of pleasure as my tongue found her wet slit. Once she was good and ready and her juices were flowing freely, I moved behind her and guided the knob of my swollen cock to her quivering cunt lips. I felt her shudder as I fully plunged all my eight inches down her love channel. “Yes! Oh Yes! Fuck me baby!” she cried as slowly initially, then increasing the tempo, I stroked my cock in and out of her wet pussy. Feeling her relax, I gently inserted a finger in her tight asshole and worked it around, allowing her to become accustomed to it before inserting a second. “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” I inquired once I felt that her bum hole was sufficiently relaxed. Not waiting for her reply, I withdrew my cock from her cunt and eased it into the tiny sphincter. Slowly, the small opening expanded, allowing my swollen knob to penetrate it. I could feel her gasp as inch by inch, I filled her rectum with hard meat. What a sensation it was to pump my cock in and out of her virgin asshole. “Oh yeah baby! Fuck my asshole!” she cried, enjoying my cock pumping her ass. After a bit, changing positions, I sat on the couch and straddling me she lowered her asshole down my hard rod, taking it all the way in. “Oh honey! I’m going to cum soon” I told her, as she moved up and down, feeling my orgasm building. “Tell me when you’re ready. I want you to cum in my mouth” she informed me. “Soon honey soon!” I warned her. Moving on to her knees, Natalie slid her lips down my cock while her soft hands pumped the shaft, coaxing the man juice out. “Oh fuck baby! I’m cummming!” I cried as my cock exploded, sending streams of hot jism flowing down her expecting throat. Opening her mouth, she showed me the cum captured in her mouth before swallowing it down her hungry throat. She stayed the night and the next morning informed that she had to work that afternoon, being sort of secret about what type of work she was doing. After driving her downtown Toronto, I was surprised when I received a phone call from her a couple of hours later asking me to bring her a coffee. After waiting for her to come down to meet at the parking lot of the building I had dropped her off, I was surprised when she showed up rather disheveled. Initially, she didn’t want to tell me what was going on but eventually I found out that her, her friend Sandra and a woman named Brigit had been “entertaining” a group of gentlemen and it hadn’t worked out well. Offering my services to take care of the problem, we went up to Brigit’s suite, where I proceeded to do an attitude adjustment on the remaining three gentlemen that were having a problem leaving. That was the first time that I met her friend Sandra. An absolutely gorgeous brunette that just exuded sex. Sandra was wearing a “see-through” outfit that outfit that totally exposed her nice, rounded, firm tits, while Brigit was naked from the waist down, revealing a blonde lined cunt. “Let us show you our gratitude” Brigit said, keeling down between my legs and taking my swelling cock out. Parting her lips, Brigit slid them down my manhood as I watched Natalie moving between Sandra’s parted legs, her lips capturing the raven haired beauty’s clit in her lips. “Ohhhh baby! Suck my clit!” Sandra moaned as Natalie sucked on her love button. As my cock was being expertly sucked on by the blonde, I anxiously longed to sink it in the brunette’s pussy. Seizing the opportunity when Natalie and Sandra moved into a 69 position, I moved behind Sandra and positioned my knob in her puckered anal opening. “Fuck her ass” Brigit encouraged, stroking my stiffness. Reaching into a drawer in the coffee table, Natalie pulled out a long and thick dildo that she proceeded to insert in Brigit’s accommodating cuntal opening. Moans and cries filled the room as Sandra continued to lick Natalie’s pussy who in turn fucked the large dildo in and out of Brigit’s pussy. As I pumped my swollen cock in and out Sandra’s asshole, a chain reaction began, as first Sandra’s tongue brought about Natalie’s sexual released, followed by Brigit’s as her pussy erupted from the dildo’s manipulations. “I’m cummming baby!” I cried as my cock exploded in the brunette’s tight ass, filling her anal passage with hot juice. Withdrawing my shooting penis from Sandra’s anal opening, I aimed the next salvo at Brigit’s open mouth which she willing gulped down her hungry throat. Spent, we all laid on the couch, our bodies entwined, catching our collective breath. Continuation to come.
  19. oneforfun

    Lisa Enjoys Mary

    Lisa and Mary had planned this for awhile. They had gotten Eric, Lisa’s husband to agree not to come to this play date. He had a tendency to take over any session he was involved in. It was pretty fun most of the time but not what the women wanted this time. Eric had agreed and then come anyway. Mary had been quite ticked. She had been going to cancel the date until Lisa came up with an alternative solution and whispered it in Mary‘s ear. Mary smiled. “Eric, if you agree to be tied up in a chair next to the bed for the entire date and just watch, you can stay.” Mary’s green eyes lightened a little, Eric tied up and frustrated would be amusing. Eric nodded, “you don’t even have to tie me up. I will stay in the chair the entire time.” “You couldn’t help yourself you horn dog. You would be out of that chair in zero flat at the first sign of an orgasm. Eric, it's tied up or we go home” Lisa said, a little irritated. She could tell, he had no intention of staying in the chair. Lisa, athletic, tall and blond, knew her husband too well. Seeing the looks on the girl's faces, Eric gave up. “Fine, tie me up.” Mary got some rope and duct tape from the garage. The two of them made sure Eric was tied good and tight. He struggled a little, shocked, when they put the gag in. They stood back and admired their handy work. “And just for being a butt head, Eric, this one is for you.” Mary turned on some music, something hard and loud with a nice beat. She began doing a lap dance around Eric and his chair. At one point she slid her pussy along his left arm leaving a nice wet little trail. Lisa was laying on the bed watching and getting turned on despite the frustrated expression on her husband's face. Mary’s large breasts massaged Eric’s face, lap and chest as she danced. She sat on his lap and rubbed him with her bottom. She ran her fingers enticingly over her pink nipples, large breasts, soft white skin and down over her shaved pussy. She teased him mercilessly, bending over to show him her sweet wet pussy as she rubbed it. “Ok Mary, enough of that. You are here for me not him, remember?” Lisa demanded. Mary immediately ran over to the bed and knelt beside it. “Sorry Mistress, I got carried away” she said with her head bowed and her hands behind her back. Lisa smiled with satisfaction. “Alright, get on the bed, assume the position.” Mary scrambled up next to her and got on her hands and knees. Eric’s eyes about popped out. This was not like any scene they had ever played before. His hot blond, tall, athletic wife was still dressed in high heels, a red mini skirt and a tight black tee shirt that read “wild ass woman. Mary had stripped everything off in her strip tease. The fully dressed dominating wife with the naked girlfriend was the hottest thing he had ever seen. Lisa admired the view Mary provided. Her large breasts hung beneath her, swaying slightly. Her long curly red hair covered her face as she carefully did not meet Lisa’s eyes and starred down at the bed. Her milky white skin, round butt and naked pussy were quite a turn-on. “Did you prepare everything as I told you too Mary?” Lisa asked, running her hands over Mary’s back and bottom. “Yes mistress,” Mary reached under the pillow and pulled out a rolled up towel. She unrolled it in front of her and Lisa looked it over. On it where many things, but Eric couldn’t see them from where he sat. Lisa continued to caress her; stroking her breast, pinching her nipples, pulling her hair, pulling at her pussy lips and even making Mary suck her fingers. Mary made no protest. Lisa’s wet fingers foraged their way into Mary’s wet pussy, first one finger fucked her. Then after a few strokes a second finger joined in. Mary groaned a little when the third finger began to force its way in. “So tight.” Lisa commented but didn’t stop fingering her. Mary was thrusting back against Lisa’s hand. But Mary was close to cumming and that was not what Lisa had in mind. She pulled out and smacked Mary’s ass briskly. “None of that now,” Lisa warned her. Lisa enjoyed the feeling so much she spanked Mary again and a few more times after that. Mary was flushed and moaning when she stopped. She did not appear to be unhappy with anything Lisa had done. Lisa reached for something on the towel and out came a large dildo. “Did you clean up and lubricate as I told you?” Lisa paused. “Yes mistress, I did an enema this morning and lubed myself for you.” Lisa without further ado began to work the large thick dildo up Mary’s ass. Mary grunted with the effort to relax enough to get it in. “Mary, how does this big cock feel in your ass?” she asked. “It is bigger that anything I have ever had there mistress, it feels good and hurts a little too.” Lisa smiled, “lay flat and hold your cheeks apart for me.” Mary was immediately down and in position. Now Lisa really began to work the last few inches in. Once it was in she immediately withdrew it and then thrust it back quickly. Lisa worked her with it hard now. She gave her no time to adjust and Mary’s body slid forward at little with the force of the thrusts. Groaning and moaning constantly, Mary held her cheeks open for the harsh ass fucking. “Good girl, now put your hands on the headboard and hold still.” Lisa fucked her butt relentlessly. She enjoyed the sight of Mary’s pretty butt, still pink with the spanking, filled over and over by her cock. She liked thinking of it as her cock and Mary as her pretty little slave, to do with as she wanted. She removed the cock and slide in a wide butt plug with a long horse tail on the end. Lisa knelt back and enjoyed the look of it and the rather frantic panting Mary was doing. “Turn over and spread your legs.” Mary did so quickly. Lisa pulled out some rope and tied Mary to the bed. Mary struggled a little and Lisa smacked her pussy. “Calm down.” Mary laid back and watched as Lisa tied her hands to the headboard of the bed. Lisa slid off the bed and began taking off her clothes, sliding them off slowly and letting Mary watch avidly. Lisa got back on the bed with Mary and slid her pussy down over Mary’s face as she got into a 69 position. “You better do a really good job licking my pussy Mary or your little butt will be red later not that pretty pink. Do you understand me?” Lisa demanded. “Yes Mistress.” Mary replied and began to lick and suck Lisa’s very wet excited pussy. Lisa loved Mary’s wide flat tongue licking every inch of her, tongue fucking her and sucking at her clit. Mary’s body was tense with the effort she was expending to make Lisa happy. Lisa was cumming in moments but she made Mary keep eating her into more orgasms. Lisa’s juice covered Mary’s face. Eric could see Mary was smiling but Lisa couldn’t. She was busy with Mary’s helpless body. Lisa was pinching her slaves nipples and she was spanking her open pussy. Mary’s body jumped and writhed on the bed. Lisa smacked her inner thighs and paused every few moments to test her wet pussy by thrusting her fingers deeply inside. Finally Lisa was cumming so hard that all she could do was grind her pussy into Mary’s face and moan. Lisa’s legs shook from the aftermath and she smiled down at Mary. “What a good slave you are.” She untied her and had her lay over an ottoman in front of her husband's chair so he would have a good view and put on the last of the toys Mary had laid out, a harness and dildo set. Eric struggled in the chair as he watched his beautiful wife grab the horse hair handle of the butt plug in Mary’s ass. Holding her by still by the plug in her ass, Lisa slid the dildo she wore into Mary’s franticly pulsing pussy. Mary was so wet it slid in with very little effort. Her pretty pussy clutched at the dildo as she cried out, “Thank you mistress.” Lisa smiled and smacked Mary’s butt cheek as she withdrew slightly and then thrust again. If anything the smack on her ass made Mary wetter, judging from the ease Lisa had been fucking her. Lisa began working the dildo a little faster. She smacked her butt, first one cheek then another. “Tell me how that feels Mary,” she said panting. “Oh, mistress, it feels so good to have you fuck me. Please mistress, fuck me harder, spank my butt. I want you too use my pussy harder mistress.” Mary was panting and moaning as she came. Lisa held hard to her pony's little tail and rode her into a few more orgasms.
  20. oneforfun

    Please Spank Me

    Derrick bends her over the counter, Jade leans over eagerly. “So, my pretty little slave, what do you think you did to deserve a spanking today?” Derrick asked. Jade wiggled enticingly. “Master, I did all my household chores and didn’t masturbate, just like you ordered.” Derrick continued to just hold her down over the kitchen counter. “That was what I ordered you to do, you have to do better than that to get a spanking. Jade moaned. “I made your favorite dinner, it is in the oven. Please Master, I have been so good. I deserve a good spanking. Please punish me.” Jade begged, pushing her bottom toward him. “I have been naked all day. I read the dirty stories you left me. I didn’t touch my clit once.” “That must have been hard,” said Derrick thoughtfully. “Very hard Sir.” “Did you like any of the stories?” “Yes Sir.” “Which ones?” Jade she moans, but she doesn’t answer. Derrick smiles, he knows how hard it is for Jade to express her wants. “Tell me.” Jade lays her head on the counter in defeat. “Yes, sir. It was the one where she pretends she doesn’t want to be fucked in the ass and he makes her submit.” “How does he make her submit?” Derrick asked. “He spanks her and plays with her ass and pussy and won’t let her come till she begs for his cock in her ass.” “You know Jade, that sounds a bit like you. You never admit to liking anal sex, do you?” Jade moaned and squirmed a little. Derrick pulled the leather paddle out of his back pocket. Jade saw it, the words “Mine” were cut out of the leather. Derrick laid it against her ass gently. “Tell me what you liked about it.” Jade panted a little in anticipation. “I liked the spanking.” “Good girl,” Derrick smack her ass firmly three times and stopped. At each smack Jade had cried out, “Thank you Sir”. But her disappointment at his stopping was obvious. Derrick kissed one cheek, “And? You know what I want to hear, I will continue to spank you only if you confess all the things you liked about the story.” Jade bit her lip and nodded, “I liked when she was bad and knew she was getting a spanking….” Derrick paddled Jade’s ass slowly but firmly. Each smack of the paddle pushed her into the counter top. “I liked when she squealed and complained when the man put his finger on her hole, knowing he would spank harder and force his finger into her ass.” Jade was flushed now as Derrick spanked her quickly. “I liked when he made her get the box full of toys for her punishment. Then she had to kneel on the bed to be prepared for his use of her. And for every protest and complaint the man spanked her very hard with his hands. Derrick watched Jade with her eyes closed reciting the fantasy…she would not admit to liking some things until she was forced to. Derrick spanked her continually now as the confession continued. “I liked how he lubed her butt and he spanked her. Then he started putting a finger in and she called him a bad name, knowing that he would continue spanking her and finger fucking her asshole.” Jade’s bottom had grown bright pink and she panted as she continued describing the story. “The man let his finger pop out each time and make her start over taking it back into her ass. He finally fucked her with two fingers and he stopped spanking her to play with the woman’s pussy. Every time she was about to come he would stop and spank her more. She started begging for an orgasm.” Jade stopped, breathing hard and gasping as Derrick worked two slick fingers into her tight ass hole. Jade moaned and thrust back on his fingers. “Then what Jade?” “The man took his fingers out and forced a butt plug in while she pretended to struggle and call him names. He started using his belt on her ass. Every so often he would bring her almost to orgasm then stop. Finally she begged him to cum in her ass.” Jade was close to orgasm herself, as Derrick worked his stiff penis into her very wet pussy. With every thrust he began working a string of anal beads into her ass. The moment Jade began to orgasm, Derrick pulled hard on the string of beads and slid his cock out of her pussy and into her pulsing ass hole. He stroking his hand over all the welts on her red behind that read, ‘Mine’. “What a good girl,” Derrick said as he came deep in Jade’s ass .  
  21. oneforfun

    Dreaming of a Master

    He whispers in my ear, “I am so delighted you came to see me.” I get goosies as he strokes my arm. We are walking along the sidewalk to his house. I am very nervous, we had meet for the first time in a local coffee shop. I had done my best to pick someone that seemed sane, but you just never know. He smiles as he guides me up the steps. I don’t care anymore if this is my last change to back out. I so want this! Whatever he does to me, it will be better than wondering what it could be like. When we go inside he gives me a safe word and makes me repeat it a couple times. “Are you ready?” he asks. “Yes sir,” I say as I shiver. “Good girl,” he says before he grabs me and pushes me hard against the wall. He has a hand on my throat as he lifts my dress. I have done as he asks. His hands encounter no panties and his hand caresses my shaved mound roughly. His finger finds my wet snatch and thrusts deeply. “Sir.” I cry out. I am not sure if it is pleasure or pain I feel, realizing I don’t care. His hand tightens on my throat. “Say nothing to me from now on, till I give you permission.” His fingers, continue their movement in my pussy, thrusting and rubbing. I am so wet it is rather embarrassing and I know I am blushing nonstop. He finds my g spot and rubs fiercely. I moan and my back arches helplessly. He stops suddenly and turns me to face the wall. He holds me now by the back of my neck. “ Lift your skirt and hold it up.” my new master orders and I obey without thought. Master now rubs and spanks my bottom. He starts out slowly but I still shake and jump with each smack. I relax each time he rubs it to sooth me. I twitch and jump as he spanks my ass. This is not a hard spanking but he goes on for awhile. I am so new to this, my bottom is very sore quickly. My ass is pink and in my imagination I see his hand prints on my butt clearly. I am panting and trying hard not to say anything or do anything to make him mad at me. I just want him to be happy with me. Again his fingers delve into my pussy and finding me even wetter than before, he laughs. “Get on your hands and knees and crawl down the hall.” I drop down and do as he orders. “Go through the door on your left. Stand, take off all your clothes and get on your hands and knees in the middle of the bed.” I know he is watching but I do not look up at him as I do these things. My flirty attitude at the coffee shop is gone, I am so excited I am almost dizzy with it. The hot reminder of my masters possession is still on my bottom. Now what? I hear him approach the bed. “Have you been a good girl?” he asks. “Yes master,” I answer. “Then why did I spank you?” “I don’t know sir.” “Because I wanted too. I am going to do whatever I want to you today. How do you feel about that?” He is amused and I can tell. “Nervous,” I answer and then honestly, “excited.” “Good girl.” He comes up behind me and runs a hand along my bottom. I wait tensing. He puts a small black paddle on the bed in front of me. Then he lays a rather large butt plug next to it, much larger than I have used in the past. Next to that he lays small devices that I know are nipple clamps. I have never used them, I had been waiting for a master. In this I wanted to be a virgin for him. Master knows this, I had confessed this need to him. Then he places the blindfold on the bed. “Hand me the paddle.” I do so with shaking hands. How will I stand more, my ass is already ablaze. He grabs an ankle and pulls my legs farther apart. “Head down,” he orders. Again he spanks me but this time it is not just my cheeks but my thighs and even a few small smacks on my pussy. I do my best to hold still and take it. Time blurs and I think, ‘just hold out a few more.’ Then he is done and puts the paddle down in front of me again. I almost collapse in relief. “Hand me the butt plug,” and I do. Master must be pleased because he covers my ass hole with lube, pushing more in with a finger. But it is big and when he tries to push it in, I tense. He smacks my bottom. “Do I need to use that paddle again?” he asks. I shake my head frantically. “Lay down on the bed and hold those cheeks apart.” It is a mixture of pain and pleasure to hold my sore cheeks. He again begins to push it in and this time I concentrate on relaxing. I draw a breath as it slides in a couple inches, there is so much pleasure with the pain. He slides it out before it gets any further and I moan in protest. He laughs and doesn’t punish me. Master works it in just to the thickest part again. I want to feel it pop in but he withdraws, torturing me. I expect it the next time and am almost shocked when he drives it home firmly. Master watches me while I twitch and jump at the feeling. After a moment he reaches out to push and twist it inside me. I think I may go crazy before he stops and orders me to kneel, facing him. His cock is out and he orders me to worship it. I lick my lips and admire my first sight of it. It is beautiful, thick but not too long. I love the huge mushroom shaped head and the dark red of him. I start by licking him repeatedly balls to tip. I suck him into me and release so I can suck his large balls into my mouth too. I take as much of his cock into my mouth and suck him. I have been holding his hips so I can get some leverage. The butt plug seems to throb in my ass. “Put your hands behind your neck,” he demands and grabs me by the hair. I do my best then to deep throat him as he fucks my mouth slowly. I am not really good at it and sometimes gag, so I am nervous. I know I am doing ok when he groans and pulls me off. “Enough,” he says and I can tell how much he likes this by the roughness of his voice. “Hand me the paddle.” I moan but I do it immediately. He laughs and puts it in a box by the bed. “Hand me the clamps.” I feel as if I handed him more than the clamps as he takes them. He places them carefully, ignoring my gasps and moans. It is better than I hoped. Master demands the blindfold next and I have mixed feelings, but he puts it on anyway. He guides me off the bed and leads me somewhere else in the house. I am soon on my hands and knees again but this time I feel not the softness of a bed but cold metal and my heart is in my throat as he ties me down. There is even a support under my stomach. I am open to anything he wants to do. When he has bound me I can barely move. This is the big barrier for me, the trust I need to give a virtual stranger. He is a good master and he waits while I think about the bonds, the feelings from all he has done. I do not say the safe words. “Good girl,” he says softly in my ear. I can hear him opening the condom wrapper and he is fucking me very roughly in moments. “Don’t you dare cum,” he says breathless and threateningly. I can feel his cock stroking me hard and the butt plug jolting me with every thrust. It is hard, I have been on the edge for too long, but just when I think I will go over anyway, he stops and pulls out. “I felt that, naughty, naughty. You almost disobeyed me.” I say without thinking, “Sorry master.” He smacks my butt jolting the butt plug harshly. “I did not give you permission to speak,” he laughs a little as be grabs the butt plug and jerks it out suddenly. “I do, however appreciate your apology.” He begins to force his cock into my suddenly emptied ass. I wonder distantly if I will come anyway, it just feels so good. I have always loved anal sex, to the point of obsession. Freak that I am. He thrusts and thrusts and pulls on the nipple clamps if he feels like I am going to cum. He grunts as he orgasms deep in my bottom. I feel deep satisfaction and no longer care if I cum. But he isn’t done. I hear him moving around in the room and he makes no attempt to release me. There is the sound of a motor coming on and my eyes behind the mask open wide. He is laughing at me again as he pushes something into my pussy. I am struggling as the machine begins to fuck me. The rhythm is relentless as it hits my g-spot. “Now you can cum and don’t stop till I tell you too.” I come hard as he whispers in my ear. I am helpless and he knows how much I love it. I already love that evil laugh. He fills my mouth with his cock and I cum again and again.
  22. I am now married to Joyce and a successful business person at age 28. Joyce is kind of a maniac, I recently learned that she has cheated on me during our 7+ year relationship as husband and wife. A girl I knew from high school days (Pam) and has stayed in touch with me has called me because she needed a job and had heard that my business was thriving. What the hell, Pam was a very good friend, and I knew that she had worked as a receptionist for her father for many years as a receptionist. I needed a receptionist and thought I might as well help her out and help out myself by hiring her. Joyce worked with me at the Mortgage Company and in a relatively short period had gotten to know Pam well, even though they didn't know each other in their earlier lives. The girls began spending a lot of time together. Joyce would frequently tell me that she and Pam were going to have Girls Night Out, and not being the jealous type I didn't have any problem saying OK. One night Joyce came home after a Girls Night Out, and she was particularly horny and told me that her relationship with Pam was purely girl/girl friendship but that Pam had lured her into a semi bisexual relationship. I think I surprised Joyce when I wasn't the least bit upset, but rather curious. In fact, when she found out that I wasn't upset but rather curious, I believe she was disappointed. Quickly, Joyce changed the subject an actually never brought it up again. Pam is a relatively plain girl about 5'5" with very dark brown hair. She also has a relatively ordinary build with titties that would fit in a man-sized hand, somewhere about 33-24-34, almost boyish built. I had never had sex with Pam up to this point, but I had heard a lot of stories about how submissive she was and how she had a very tight pussy. I had even heard that Pam was a Nympho...Of course, I always ignored what I heard about women when I was coming into puberty because all my encounters varied drastically from the stories I heard about the people I had encounters with. Joyce is also a relatively plain girl about 5'5" and was my college sweetheart. I actually broke Joyce's cherry during our first year of college. I also later broke her heart a couple years later after I got her pregnant and then decided to ask her to have an abortion and I joined the Army to get away from the romance... Anyhow, back to the story...as my Secretary and a friend, Pam didn't have a boyfriend at the time and she began going out with Joyce and me to party. On occasion, I would set her up with a blind date so she wouldn't feel left out. One particular night I set Pam up with a guy (Dave), and we four went out to dinner. Somewhere around 2:00 a.m. we got back to my place to wind down the evening. The guy I set Pam up with thought that he was going to get lucky, I could tell, and he acted a little cocky about the fact that Pam was a horny broad and he could handle that if she could. Unfortunately, Dave made a verbal statement about what a stud he was and Pam became totally turned off by his arrogance. Since they had both driven to my house in separate vehicles, there was no responsibility on either part to help get the other home. Dave got the message quickly and said that he had to go because he had to get up early the next morning. As Dave was leaving, Pam quietly came up to me and whispered into my ear "I'm not done partying, intimacy would be lovely," or words to that effect. I was half drunk but understood exactly what she meant. I whispered back to her, "Hang out here for a for a while until Dave leaves, and I'll see what I can do." While Dave was finding his keys and heading out the door, I motioned for Joyce to come over to me, as if I had a secret to tell her. I whispered into Joyce's ear, "Pam wants to play around, are you up to it?" Joyce, who also had a buzz going looked at me somewhat startled, looking for an answer in my expression. I shrugged my shoulders and said: "I'm game if you are." I could tell she was nervous, but she tried not to show it; instead, she put her arm around me and pulled me over to where Pam was standing and then put her other arm around Pam and gave us a big hug. I put a hand around them both and gave a little squeeze to their buttocks and said, "Let's go to the bedroom." When we got to the bedroom, I knew this was a chance for me to realize a long-standing fantasy that all guys have, two women, double the pleasure. I announced that I was going to take a shower and invited the girls to join me. I wanted everyone sparkly clean for the fun that was about to begin. When we all crowded into the shower, I was thinking to myself that I wanted to take this slow so I could make it last. Besides, when having sex, I love to torture my partner by getting them so worked up they almost hate me just before actual penetration and orgasm. In the shower, there wasn't much talking but a lot of feeling, soaping, and hugging. I suggested that we wash each other and the girls readily agreed. I said that they should wash me first, so I turned face to the wall and put both hands high over my head with my hands flat against the wall. They both began soaping me up all over, reaching my front by bringing their bodies to my back and sides and reaching to my front as necessary. Hands were everywhere, and it didn't take long for me to get a raging hard-on. During most of my cleaning, each of the girls had at least one hand washing and massaging my dick, balls, and ass. I nearly popped an orgasm when Pam stuck a finger in my anus while Joyce was rubbing the base of my cock and my balls. Pam then made the comment that she wanted my butthole to be really clean because she might put her tongue down there. Since I wanted to be in charge of the orgasm timing, I slid their hands off of me and rinsed off, saying it was now time for Joyce and me to wash Pam. I had Pam stand in a similar position with her hands flat against the wall with legs slightly separated. I stood to one side, and Joyce stood to the other. Immediately my left hand went to her breasts. My right hand worked behind her down her buttocks, and I began massaging and washing her anus and pussy. I also stuck my tongue in her left ear and started licking it sensuously. Joyce did most of the washing as I kept gently messaging her breasts and pussy. I returned the favor by probing her anus with a finger to be sure it was clean. I whispered in her ear that one good deed deserved another. I took my left hand off her breast and slid it down her front to her pussy, searching for her clitoris. I found it and began lightly teasing it while my right hand was still probing from her anus to her pussy. Pam announced that she was about to come and I stopped the action and told her to rinse off, we still needed to shower Joyce. Pam made some comment about me being a bastard and said, "I'll get you for that!" I then had Joyce place her hands flat against the wall and Pam, and I gave her the same treatment as Pam had received. However, when Joyce was rinsing off, Pam squatted down and began licking Joyce's pussy. Joyce looked at me wide-eyed and her mouth opened, but nothing came out. As Pam was busy lapping Joyce's cunt, I took Joyce's left hand and guided it to my raging 7 1/2" dick. She gladly took it and began stroking my cock back and forth. I stuck my tongue in her ear and whispered, "Yeah baby, stroke that hard dick. Oh, do you like how Pam licks your pussy?" I could tell Joyce was about to come so I gently grabbed Pam's hair and stood her up...saying, let's all dry off and go to the bedroom. I was also ready to explode, but I felt in control of my own hard-on...I had enough to drink to be in control and maintain a raging hard-on that I knew from experience I could keep for an hour or more if I wanted to. Joyce was so hot and excited that she was shaking while trying to dry off, but she knew of my little games about getting her to the brink several times before allowing her to have an orgasm. We entered the bedroom, and I lit several candles and told Joyce to retrieve our box with the goodies in it. Inside the box was a battery operated vibrator about 6" long and a rubber-like dildo 8 1/2" long. Pam was already on the bed face up with three of her own fingers working in and out of her pussy while her other hand was vigorously squeezing the nipples of her titties. I told her to stop, or I would have to restrain her. She ignored me or didn't hear me in her frenzy to get herself off. I quickly reached into my clothes closet and grabbed several old neck-ties that I haven't worn in months. Going back to Pam I grabbed the arm that was playing with her pussy and tied it to one of the bedposts, quickly I did the same to the other. She was moaning and started to complain that I was no fun. She began whining that Joyce had her hands free and was starting to work the huge dildo into her hot pussy. I looked over at Joyce, and in a stern voice I told her that if she didn't behave herself, I would also restrain her...reluctantly she removed the dildo from her pussy in an obedient fashion. I really never got into any spanking or any serious restraints with Joyce, but I did have her somewhat trained to do as I said, or would tie her to the bed and not allow her to orgasm. On two occasions I had to do this for her to learn I meant business. For myself, I would kneel over her and masturbate very near her face until I shot come all over her. I'd then go watch television and sleep on the couch, and then untie her in the morning knowing that she couldn't masturbate or find any way to get herself off. In the morning I would ask her if she learned her lesson and she would reluctantly say that she had. I moved over to the bed and propped up Pam's head with a couple of pillows so that she could easily see what was going on. I then spread Pam's legs very wide and sat between them facing her with my cock and balls just inches from her pussy. I began stroking my own cock while Pam was staring and licking her lips. I told to come over and lean over the bed and show Pam what a good cocksucker she was. I had Joyce bend over the bed and without using her hands take as much of my hard cock into her mouth. As I sat between Pam's legs I slowly placed my hands on Joyce's head, being careful to pull back her long hair so Pam could see, I fucked Joyce in the mouth. I then said, "Oh baby, suck that big cock, Pam loves watching you suck on that big cock!" I continued this for about five minutes, and the whole time Pam could only wiggle in an attempt to rub her pussy against my balls and ass while I fucked Joyce in the mouth. I stopped this and told Joyce that I wanted to give Pam a close-up of me fucking her. I had Joyce get on the bed on all fours with her face very near Pam's pussy and Joyce's pussy very near Pam's face. Pam immediately strained her neck to get her tongue in Joyce's pussy and started licking it from clit to anus. I could tell that Joyce also was so excited by being licked by Pam that the aroma of Pam's pussy was drawing Joyce to lick Pam's pussy in a 69 position. I allowed them to do this until I thought they were both ready to come and then I had Joyce separate and crawl forward several feet so Pam couldn't reach Joyce's dripping pussy with her tongue. I could tell Pam was tiring of this little game when she screamed: "YOU BASTARD!" I then crawled up on the bed behind Joyce, my balls were several inches away from Pam's face, and I wouldn't get close enough to allow her to lick them. I was actually squatting over Pam's face so I could control how far I got to her. I then grabbed Joyce's ass and spread it wide, giving Pam a clear close- up of Joyce's exposed pussy. Moving forward I placed my stiff 7 1/2" at the opening of Joyce's pussy and in one lunge forward I had my cock buried. There was very little resistance getting my entire cock into that wet hot pussy, and I slammed in and out several times quickly. Joyce was howling like a dog and begging, "Oh fuck, shit, fuck my pussy, oh yeah, I love it in deep. Oh, fuck me like a dog, do it, do it, faster, don't stop fuck me...ahhhhhhhhhhh." I didn't want to come and started thinking if I didn't bring Joyce off now, I might not be able to hold back to further torture Pam. I was really sweating now, holding tight to Joyce's ass and jerking her back into my hard stiff cock. Joyce's pussy clamped down hard on my cock, and she began shivering and screaming, "I'm coming, oh shit, fuck me, fuck me, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." Joyce was coming all my dick, and her orgasm shook the entire bed. Joyce collapsed forward falling between Pam's legs in sweaty convulsions. Ohhh, I loved the way I felt knowing that Joyce's good friend had just watched her get fucked hard and deep and thinking that she would be next. It took me a second or two to regroup as I too almost lost my load, but I was determined to bring Pam off like she'd never had it before then I also would spill my load. After a second of rest, I spun around so that I was resting my ass on Pam's tits and my raging dick and balls were resting on her chin. She looked up at me and stuck her tongue out, licking her lips. Pam was so hot and excited that she began fucking Joyce's leg. Pam had wrapped both her legs around one of Joyce's legs, and Pam was grinding her crotch into Joyce's knee. She was trying desperately to pull loose of the ties, and she started chanting, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." I spun around and reached to the floor for the large dildo and the plastic vibrator. As I settled back on my haunches, Pam began licking my anus with her tongue with vigor. "Oh yeah Pam," I encouraged, "fuck me in the ass with your tongue." Pam followed instructions well and began bobbing her head back and forth and sticking her tongue as deep into my ass as she could get it. I rolled Joyce over off of Pam and to the side of the bed and then moved down where Pam couldn't reach my sensitive ass as I was about to explode. I sat down on Pam's belly and grabbed her legs and spread them as wide as I could get them. I raised up her legs while spreading them wide at the same time. I hooked the back of her knees behind my elbows and exposed her beautiful pussy to the fullest. Pam was bucking like crazy, and I had to hold on tight, or she would have thrown me off the bed. I reached for the dildo and held it tightly in my fist. Twisting only at the torso so I could look Pam in the face but still my lower body facing away from Pam I held the dildo up to her lips and told her to suck this cock in your mouth. She continued to buck as she wrapped her horny lips around the fake cock and began bobbing her head on the fake cock trying to take the whole thing in her mouth. "Oh yeah baby," I said, "suck this cock good and I might fuck you with it." Pam was totally drenched in her own sweat, and she was squirming uncontrollably now. I then grabbed the vibrator with my other hand and inserted just the tip of the vibrator at the entrance to her pussy. Though I had to let her legs fall from my elbows, she still had her legs as wide open as she could get them with her knees up around my chest. I turned the vibrator on and pulled the fake cock from her mouth. She screamed at me, "You mother fucking cocksucker, fuck me now, fuck me now. I'll do anything, stick something in me anywhere and fuck me hard." I touched the vibrator on her clit, and she began bucking even harder, begging me to stick something into her. By now, Joyce had regained some strength and wanted in on the action that Pam and I were providing. I dismounted Pam and quickly grabbed two pillows and placed them under her ass. I told Joyce to sit on Pam's chest and pull her legs as wide open and as high as she could get them. I then told Joyce to lean down and lick her pussy and ass hole real well. Joyce did as I said and Pam was going crazy with lust, and she began hollering that she was coming. I immediately told Joyce to stop and sit up, and then Pam let out a string of four letter words screaming at me at the top of her lungs. I calmly walked to the head of the bed and grabbed her by the head and shoved my cock down her throat. For a moment I thought that she might bite me because she was so mad, but she only bobbed her head and sucked on my dick like her life depended on it. As she was sucking on my meat, I told her that now I was ready to fuck her good. I told her that I was going to stick my hot stiff dick up her ass while I had Joyce fuck her as hard as she could with that 8" dildo. While I told her this, she looked at me still sucking me and shaking her head yes. I thought she was going to hurt herself she was jamming her head against my cock so hard trying to get the whole thing down her throat. I couldn't take anymore and withdrew from her and went down to where Joyce had her legs spread and climbed up on the bed. I grabbed the back of her thighs and spread them even further, staring at her very wide open cunt and her glistening rosebud asshole. I told Joyce to begin fucking her with the dildo as I pointed the head of my cock at the opening of her asshole. Joyce started to fuck her slowly with the dildo, only allowing two or three inches at a time into her sopping cunt. Pam was mumbling continuously, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me now... Pam's pussy seemed to be trying to suck the dildo out of Joyce's hand in an attempt to get more of the large dildo into her. I looked at Joyce, nodded, and said, "Fuck Her Good!" and at the same time, I shoved about half my hard dick into her asshole. Pam screamed at the top of her lungs in pain and pleasure as Joyce plunged the huge dildo into Pam's cunt like a jackhammer. I could feel the huge dildo through the thin skin between Pam's cunt and asshole. I couldn't take anymore and began shoving my entire dick up her ass as Joyce would pull the dildo out of her pussy. "Oh God, Oh God," Pam was screaming and bucking as Joyce rammed the dildo in and would pull it almost out I would ram my hard cock as deep into her asshole as I could get it. I hollered out, "I am going to shoot my come up your ass" and I picked up the tempo and if it was possible my dick got even bigger. Pam was screaming "I'm coming, I'm coming," as Joyce continued to shove the entire dildo up Pam's twat I shoved my cock all the up her ass and left it buried to the hilt. My come exploded deep in her ass as I could feel Joyce slowing down and Pam was shaking uncontrollably. The feeling of my hot cum running through my cock and shooting straight up Pam's tight ass was the most incredible feeling I have ever had. All I could do was slump back on the bed moaning and thinking how incredible that was. Likewise, Pam was totally exhausted and stopped shaking, laying there moaning and saying that she couldn't believe she could take it in her twat and ass at the same time like that. By now Joyce was hot all over again, but there wasn't anything I could do or cared to do. As I drifted off to sleep, I can still see Joyce laying on her back with legs spread wide, and now she was shoving the entire dildo into herself. I still don't know how long she laid there masturbating with that giant dildo.
  23. "It's really sexy," Jan spoke quietly to herself as she watched the video. "But it's just not that well filmed." Jan continued to watch herself on the tv screen. "It needs a close-up right there!" She pointed to the screen as it showed her squeezing her left nipple with the thumb and index finger of her right hand. "Then scan down and close up of this." She watched as her left hand was rubbing over her clitoris and spreading the juices of her wet pussy onto it. "Then it should back away and get a full view of me climaxing..., yes now..., I can see me..., oooh, yes..., I can tell that I'm cumming. Wow!" Jan suddenly noticed that she was again rubbing her, again wet, pussy while she watched the video. "Not bad..." Jan muttered as she came, both on and off the screen. "But, it could be so much better..., if someone else was working the camera instead of it being on a tripod." Jan had decided on the perfect Christmas gift for Mike. They had been married for so long that it was a difficult task every year. She wanted this year to be extra special because it had been such a fantastic year. Well, she knew that he always enjoyed seeing her masturbate, and loved watching erotic video's, so what else? She had decided to make this video for him. Jan rewound the tape and played it again, this time scrutinizing it even more. She couldn't help but admire her own body. Jan wasn't vain, more like proud. At forty-six her 36C breasts still stood out nicely. Full, well shaped, with large nipples that hardened so well when stimulated. She was 5'7", and at 140 pounds, her ass and legs were the perfect foundation for those beautiful breasts. Over the years Jan had let her hair grow very long, then at times had cut it shorter than she could now believe. She had even colored it a couple of times, but now, it was just over her shoulders, and the brunette/auburn color seemed to shine as the natural curliness created shadows from the lighting in the room. Jan's beautiful green eyes could light up, darken, and actually twinkle depending on her mood. As she watched the screen, she noticed that now they were closed..., as she was climaxing... "It just isn't perfect," Jan spoke to herself again after watching for the second time. "I need some help with this." The sound of the garage door opening startled Jan. She quickly ejected the tape and turned the recorder off. Placing the tape in its box, she quickly stashed it in the cabinet out of sight just as Mike walked through the door. "Hi, hon, what're you doing home?" Mike spoke as he walked through the kitchen toward the living room. "Wow! Did I interrupt something?" Mike had stopped in his tracks and was looking at Jan, still sitting in front of the tv with her robe partially opened, exposing her breasts and the thick pubic hair at her groin. "No..., not anything..., I was just..., checking channels..." Jan stopped, realizing she wasn't making any sense. She also quickly, almost guiltily, closed the robe around herself. "Awe.., you didn't have to do that," Mike gave his best pouting look, "You looked so sexy." Mike thought a second, then continued. "Really, what are you doing home? I thought you'd still be at the meeting you mentioned. If I'd known, I'd been home hours ago." "Oh, the meeting canceled, and I was just messing around until you got home," Jan was beginning to get her composure back and stood up as she spoke. "And, I'm sure ready to mess around now that you are home," Jan walked seductively toward Mike, opening her robe as she got to him, then putting her arms up around his neck, kissed him passionately on the lips. Mike was 6'2" 200 or so pounds, in good shape for fifty-one, and his blue eyes really looked good with his nearly white hair. Mike's hair had always been sandy-blond, but in the last several years had been turning a charming shade of white. As the two explored each other's mouths with their tongues, Mike reached down inside the robe and felt how hard Jan's nipples were. "She's really turned on," Mike thought to himself as he gently squeezed both of the hard knobs. "And man! Is she ever wet," Mike had let his right hand leave Jan's left nipple and slide down her soft stomach to her soaking pussy. "Damn, what did I do to deserve this welcome-home?" Mike started to rub the juices from Jan up and over her clitoris. The two continued their kiss and Mike continued his explorations of his beautiful wife's body. "Just what..., or who, do I need to thank for this?" Mike spoke as their lips finally separated. "Oh, I'll never tell." Jan grinned sexily, reached down and took hold of Mike's hand as she backed away, then turned and pulled him towards their bedroom. "But right now, I need you!" Mike followed with no protest. Jan let her robe fall from her shoulders to the floor in one slight movement, then proceeded to help Mike undress. When his shirt was unbuttoned and removed, Jan leaned closer and took one of his nipples into her mouth. She always loved to suck and bite on his small nipples. It fascinated her how they would harden, just as a woman's do, and how he seemed to like it as much as she liked having her own sucked. As she continued to suck one, then the other, kissing across his hairy chest back and forth, she reached down and undid Mike's belt and let his jeans drop to the floor. Mike stepped out of the jeans and Jan began kissing her way down his abdomen, licking the soft blond hairs, as she headed towards his groin. Using both hands, Jan slid his jockey shorts down his legs and took his now hard cock into her mouth. Jan, after removing his underwear, reached one hand under his scrotum and massaged his large testicles. With her other hand, she reached back up and began to squeeze his nipple again. Mike looked down at Jan's pretty hair, placed both hands on her head being careful not to interfere with her expert movements on his cock. Jan continued to suck up and down the length of Mike's cock. She soon had Mike about ready to explode in her mouth, and she wanted to feel and taste him. "Wait..., just a sec hon." Mike gently lifted Jan's head, pulling her mouth away from his throbbing cock. "I really want to cum inside you," Mike whispered as he helped Jan to her feet. Then he guided her to the bed and directed her to her knees on the edge of the bed in a doggy style position. Jan was so hot that she couldn't, and wouldn't, protest. She'd be able to taste his cum shooting into her mouth another time. Right now her needs, like Mike's, were urgent and she just wanted to feel his magnificent cock sliding into her well-lubricated pussy. Mike moved closer to the edge of the bed and placed his cock under Jan's pussy. Holding his cock with his left hand, he rubbed the side of it against her clitoris. With his other hand, Mike felt the wet warmness of his wife's pussy. Mike inserted a finger, and with a turn, easily found Jan's special spot that was so familiar to him after all of these wonderful years. Still making his cock rub her clitoris, Mike began to also jack his own cock off with his left hand. The feeling of her clitoris being rubbed, knowing that Mike was jacking himself off, and the extreme pleasure of his finger on her g-spot had Jan cumming in seconds. Just when she felt the orgasm begin to subside, Mike re-ignited her passion by inserting his cock, replacing his fingers, into her hot pussy. Mike put his hands on each side of her pretty ass and began a steady thrusting into Jan. Jan reached under herself and, finding her sensitive clitoris, began to manipulate it with her fingers much the way she would manipulate a small penis. As she felt Mike increase his pace, she also increased her pace of jacking off her clitoris. "I'm gonna cum," Mike's voice was extra husky as he continued to thrust faster. "OOOH! OOH, YEA!" Mike groaned as he thrust into Jan and held still. "That's sooo gooood, mmmm, yeah, ooh." Jan continued to moan and slowed down on her, now too sensitive clitoris, "That's so good..., hold it in me a little longer..., oh it feels wonderful." Jan now let her hand leave her clitoris and reached further back and found the wet base of Mike's cock still buried deep inside her pussy. "Welcome home." Jan squeezed Mike's cock as she spoke. "Welcome home lover." With these words, Jan could no longer support her weight with one arm and let herself fall to the bed on her stomach. This caused Mike's cock to slip out of her drenched pussy. Jan was too spent to move, and with her eyes still shut, her hand was still under herself, and she could feel their juices running out of her satisfied, and sensitive, pussy. "I guess I need to clean up...," Jan, without moving, said in a dreamily way. "Not really, not at all...," Mike spoke as he stared at Jan's wet pussy. "You look good to me..., in fact, good enough to eat." With that Mike slowly leaned forward onto the bed and began to lick the combination of his and Jan's cum from her thighs. At first, Jan protested that she was too sensitive, but it soon felt too wonderful to stop him. Mike moved slowly closer and closer until he was finally sucking the cum out of Jan's pussy. After he had swallowed every drop of the delicious juice, he moved on up to Jan's tight anus. Using his strong tongue to start penetrating her hole, Mike reached up under Jan and used his hands to massage both of Jan's tits. In no time Jan, regaining strength, was pushing her ass up and onto Mike's tongue. And, in no time, Jan was again cumming. When Jan was so exhausted that Mike no longer felt any movement, he helped her into her usual sleeping position, then slid under the covers beside her. In seconds, the two exhausted lovers were asleep. When Jan's eyes opened, she was facing the bookshelf with the clock beside the bed. She sleepily noticed that it was 5:45. She thought of the great sex before falling asleep..., had it just been an hour or so ago..., had it been overnight? It was dark in the room. Much darker than 5:45 in the evening..., but..., could she have slept so soundly that many hours? Jan reached behind her for Mike. The bed was empty except for her. Still groggy and confused, Jan got out of bed and went to the bathroom. The bathroom clock read 5:48. Had she totally passed out last evening? Or was it, maybe, cloudy? "Well good morning Sleeping Beauty." Mike, noticing Jan enter the study, had turned around to greet his wife. "I wondered if you'd ever wake up." "Then it's.., it's morning?" Jan's quizzical look made Mike laugh. "You really aren't sure..., are you?" Mike continued to chuckle as he went on. "Yeah, it's morning..., and you slept three days." Jan gave Mike a smile. "Sure, and politicians are honest." Jan looked more seriously at Mike as she continued. "I really can't believe I zonked like that. But then, I really can't believe how good you were." Jan walked over to where Mike was sitting in front of the computer and put her arms around his neck and kissed his head. "Thanks, sweetie. It was really great." "Oh, my pleasure..., in fact REALLY, my pleasure!" Mike leaned into Jan and felt her firm tits through her robe while squeezing her into him closer. "What're you doing?" Jan was now looking at the monitor and noticed the e-mail on the screen. "Just reading our reader's responses." Mike and Jan wrote erotic stories and put them on the web for others to enjoy. They enjoyed sharing their adventures and fantasies with others. "Oh. That's from Susan. How did she like the last one?" Jan was reading the letter as she spoke. "She was very complimentary, as usual." Mike started to explain the letter, then realized that Jan was reading it anyway. "She's always so sweet." Susan had e-mailed after the second story that Mike and Jan had posted saying she really enjoyed them. Since she had made a point of responding to everyone. Susan had let Mike and Jan know that she and her husband had actually attempted to duplicate a lot of the scenarios from the stories and really looked forward to each new one. Over time, she was more than one of the couple's respondents..., she had become a friend. "Susan! Yes of course..., maybe..., perhaps?" Jan thought to herself as she finished reading her internet friend's letter. Then out loud she asked. "Do you have to go to the conference again today?" "Yeah, it's all week." Mike looked up at Jan as he spoke. "And Friday it finishes up, but it will last on into the evening. Why? would you rather I skip?" "No, it's fine, and I know you enjoy visiting with the other writers, I just wanted to know." Jan rubbed Mike's shoulders as she spoke. "Are you ready for breakfast?" "Really, yes I'm starved." Jan went to the kitchen as Mike began turning the computer off. "Leave it on Hon, I'm going to check my mail after breakfast," Jan said nonchalantly, but her mind was forming a plan. When Mike had left, Jan returned to the study and went to her screen-name. "Well, this is an omen," Jan spoke out loud as she saw her buddy list and noticed that Susan was online. Jan sent Susan an instant message asking if she had time to chat. Jan wasn't the typist that Mike was and had installed the capability of verbal communication. She had talked several times with Susan who also had that ability with her computer. The friends had never given, or asked for, real addresses or phone numbers, mostly because it hadn't been necessary with modern technology. Even though Mike and Jan had agreed long ago to maintain a little anonymity with the readers, she would have had no problem with Susan having more information about them. After this long Susan was more than one of their readers, she was indeed a friend. "Jan, are you there?" The voice startled Jan a little, and she hesitated before answering. "Oh, yeah, hi Susan. You're up awfully early this morning. I was surprised to see you on the buddy list." " Well, Greg's out of town this week, on a business trip, and I really don't sleep well without him... By the way, loved your last story." Susan changed the subject. "Yeah, didn't Mike do a great job? It's one of my favorites too." Jan paused a moment then went right to the point. "Susan, I've got an idea that I need your opinion on." "Sure, what?" Susan didn't hesitate to help. "Well, I've decided on Mike's Christmas gift, but it just isn't working the way I'd like." "What is it?" Susan asked innocently. "Well, I'm going to make him a private video..., of me." "You mean private, as in PRIVATE?" Susan's voice let Jan know she had gotten the meaning. "Yeah, of me masturbating." "Cool, you know, that's not a bad idea for Greg too. You don't mind if I copy you, do you?" Jan relaxed now that she had it out and Susan was ok with it. Susan always had a very open and understanding manner about her. "The problem, Susan, is it just isn't that good when the camera's on a tripod." "Yeah, tell me about it. We've done a couple of home movies ourselves, and the technical stuff sucks." Susan thought a second then continued, "Hey, you film me, and I'll film you." Jan couldn't believe what she had just heard. How easy Susan made it. What Jan might have fumbled around about was now right out in the open, almost as if Susan had read her mind. "Well, you read my mind. That's exactly what I was thinking when I contacted you. Now though, how are we going to accomplish this? You live outside Atlanta don't you?" Jan asked then added. "And we live in Florida." "Well, we could meet halfway..." Susan said without hesitation, then added. "And don't you guys have a motorhome?" "Good idea!" Jan thought for a moment then continued. "Yeah, I could drive the motorhome to, say, Dalton, we could meet there, do a little Christmas shopping, then do the filming in the motorhome." "Sounds good to me Jan. How about Friday? Greg's not getting back until Saturday." "Great, then Friday it is. I'll meet you at the outlet mall around noon. Just look for our Itasca motorhome. I'll park where it's easily visible from the entrance." "See you then, and looking forward to really meeting you Jan." "Yeah, me too, Susan. See ya Friday." As Jan drove north on I-75, she suddenly had a little apprehension. She had never met anyone for anything sexual without Mike. But this wasn't just anyone, it was her, no, their friend Susan. And it really wasn't sexual..., it was a gift for Mike. "Sexual!" Jan spoke out loud to herself as she drove. "I hadn't even thought about that..., it will be sexual." Jan's mind started to wonder about how this was going to occur. She would be naked, masturbating, in front of another woman. "Yeah..., and is Mike ever going to get horny, especially when he realizes that Susan was there, and filming." Jan began to feel a familiar tingle. The thought of Mike watching the film, and knowing how hot he'd get, made her warm all over. The miles went by quickly as Jan daydreamed of her and Mike's sexual escapades. Susan was excited as she pulled onto the interstate and headed south. She had taken extra care that morning with her hair and make-up. But she kept wondering if it had been for the film that she knew Greg would love..., or was it for Jan, who she wanted to make sure liked her. As Susan drove, some old familiar thoughts that had resurfaced this week, went through her mind. She thought of high school and Karen, her best friend. She remembered the sleep-over when she and Karen had experimented with each other. As she thought again of how Karen's hands had felt on her small tits, Susan reached under her blouse and squeezed her nipple with her fingers. Driving with one hand, Susan remembered how wonderful Karen's mouth had felt on her tits. As her mind continued with her memory of Karen slowly and tentatively kissing down her belly to her pussy, Susan allowed her own hand to leave her long, erect nipple and slip down into her slacks and feel her own soft pubic hair. Susan rubbed her clitoris and thought of Karen's mouth sucking it so long ago. Susan then thought of the taste of Karen's hot pussy, how wet and delicious it had been, and she had been amazed at how much she enjoyed licking her friend. A loud horn, sounding almost like it was inside her small car, suddenly blasted. Susan quickly regained her senses, realized she'd wandered across the line in her lane and was nearly side-swiped by a truck. "Got to pay attention to driving" Susan muttered, then "and what I'm doing today." Then her mind wandered again, "What am I doing today..., what do I want to happen?" Susan contemplated her question a moment then, "I'm making a sexy film for my wonderful husband to enjoy..., and I'll meet and be with a wonderful friend. That's all, and from their stories and my conversations with Jan, that's all it'll be. Jan just wouldn't be interested." Jan pulled off the interstate at the Factory Outlet Mall. She noticed a place in the parking lot at the back near the interstate but well visible from the entrance. "Perfect!" Jan said to herself as she crossed the lot in her motorhome. "I'll face it so the 'Itasca' is visible, and the noise from the highway will cover any noise that might come from us." Jan grinned as she speculated that one. Would she and Susan really be able to let go with the other woman there? She'd sure try, she wanted this to be a really great video for Mike. Susan took the exit to the Outlet Mall and as soon as she turned into the lot saw the motorhome. Without hesitation, she drove to where it was parked and honked her horn. As she got out of her car, she saw the door open and Jan stepping out. Jan looked even better than her description in Mike's stories. Jan heard the horn, looked out to see the car parked beside the motorhome and the woman getting out, then quickly opened the door to go greet her friend. As Susan stood up, Jan couldn't help but give her a thorough once-over. Susan was adorable. She was about 5'3" or so, slim, with small breasts that, with her sheer blouse and no bra, she was obviously not ashamed of. Her face was very delicate and pretty, and her light red hair was really unique. Jan noticed a gleam in Susan's light blue eyes as the two approached each other. "It's so nice to see you finally," Jan spoke as she reached around the smaller Susan and hugged her warmly. "And you too Jan..., really so nice." "Shall we do a little shopping and get a bite to eat? I've got lot's of time..., and to be honest, I'm a little nervous about our..., well, movies." Jan blushed some as she finished. "Sure, can I put my stuff in the motorhome first? I brought a few toys." Susan got a small bag out of her car, locked the car, then handed it to Jan who put it in the motorhome. Checking to make sure she had locked the door, Jan took her friend by the hand, and they walked across the parking lot to the mall. The two talked a lot, bought a few items, then decided on a small restaurant to eat. After a very light meal, friendly conversation, and a couple of glasses of wine, they both agreed to go to the motorhome. "This is really awkward," Jan said as soon as they were inside and the door was locked. "What do we do first?" "I don't know." Susan grinned sheepishly at her friend. "I've never done this before either." "Would you like something to drink?" Jan asked. "Yes, please, my mouth is a little dry," Susan answered. "I've got soft drinks, or how about some wine?" "Oh, just water Jan." "Yeah, for me too," Jan added as she fixed the two glasses of ice water. Jan handed Susan her glass, then sat in the recliner across from Susan. "Well, here we are..., all dressed up and somewhere we need to go." Jan raised her glass to Susan, who joined the toast by adding, "Yeah, but I guess we won't be all dressed up for long." They both laughed as they clicked their glasses. "So, who goes first?" Jan looked seriously at Susan. "I don't care..., I will... if you want." Susan looked at Jan questioningly. "Ok, let me get the camera ready, while you get dressed..., undressed..., whatever." They both chuckled a little nervously as Jan got her camera out and started preparing it. Susan removed her shoes and slacks revealing her red thong underwear. She then unbuttoned her silken blouse, leaving it open down the front but not removing it. "I think I'll start just sitting right here on the couch." Susan leaned back, adjusted her blouse so it showed her small cleavage and a hint of her nipples, then looked at Jan holding the camera. "Ready when you are." Jan, looking through the camera, noticed how really lovely Susan was. She zoomed in enough to get a close up of Susan's pretty face, then scanned down to her cleavage and from one firm nipple to the other. "Oh, by the way, action..., rolling..., the camera's on." Susan now smiled seductively for the camera. "Hi, Greg." In her most sexy voice, Susan continued. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart..., and enjoy." With this said, Susan closed her eyes and began to massage her breasts with both hands. As she did, she also took every opportunity to squeeze her nipples with her fingers. Jan scanned from Susan's face to her tits. She couldn't believe how long nipples could get. As Jan noticed one of Susan's hands leave her breast, Jan let the camera follow the hand as it went down and inside the thong panties. "This is really hot!" Jan whispered more to herself than to Susan. "Keep going, I sure hope mine is this good." With the encouragement from Jan, Susan began sliding the thong panties down slowly, exposing her well trimmed pubic hair and the wet, pink, clitoris protruding out. Then Susan's left hand went back up to her long nipple, and her right hand began fingering her clitoris. For several minutes Jan watched as Susan pleasured herself. "Aren't you curious about who's helping me?" Susan had only partly opened her eyes as she again spoke to the camera. "Hand me my vibrator, out of my bag, please?" Jan kept silent. This was Susan's film. Keeping the camera as steady as possible, Jan looked to the bag, opened it, and took the vibrator out. "Would you please hold it to my wet pussy?" Susan was still looking directly at the camera as she spoke. Jan switched the vibrator on, then still looking through the camera which detached her from the action, watched as her hand appeared in the scene and the vibrator was directed to Susan's clitoris. Now Susan had both hands on her tits. Jan used the vibrator expertly on her friend's clitoris, then started moving it into and around Susan's wet slit. It amazed Jan at how it was as though she wasn't really there, just her hand. It was really neat and fun. As Jan scanned back up to Susan's tits, she heard Susan start to really moan loudly. Scanning on up to her face, Jan could tell that Susan was close. With this cue, Jan fully inserted the vibrating cock into her friend's pussy. Susan, now in total abandonment, began moaning even more. "Yes, yes lover, fuck me!" Jan now scanned back down, slowing at the sight of Susan squeezing her own nipples, then back to her pussy being fucked by the dildo held by a feminine hand. Her hand. The movie star. "Jan's Hand," Jan thought out loud, "The new sensation in erotica, nominated for the Oscar." Jan chuckled then remembering her task, got quiet again and began to film the finale. As she heard Susan's obvious orgasm begin, Jan fucked her with the movement of the vibrating dildo the way she knew she would want. As Susan reached her peak, she leaned forward and tightly hugged Jan, causing the camera to wander off its target. Susan kissed Jan on the cheek as she hugged her. Jan, with the camera in her right hand to the side of their faces, and her left hand still moving the dildo, now slowly, in and out of Susan's pussy, was at Susan's disposal and Susan kissed Jan full on the lips. Jan, knowing Susan's passionate condition, allowed the kiss to last a little longer than she might have liked, but it was undoubtedly erotic. "Oh, Jan, I'm sorry..., I just got carried away." "Hey, no problem. That was really hot! Want to watch it back?" Susan leaning back away from Jan, reached down and took the dildo from Jan's hand and removed it from her soaking vagina. "Sure, I'm dying to see it. Was it good?" "Unless I really screwed up the filming, Greg's going to love it." Jan rewound the camera as she spoke, turned the viewfinder around so both women could see, and played it back. When it got to the last part, both women watched as the camera had actually been in the perfect position to get their kiss. "Well now!" Jan grinned big and continued "I don't know about Greg, but that's Mike's biggest fantasy." "Oh, Greg will love it too." Susan looked at Jan seriously. "I think it'd be ok if you want to include that scene, or any of this, in with your movie." "Really? Thanks, and I guarantee that Mike will thank you." Jan thought for a second then continued. "And..., if you want, you can show Greg mine..., actually we could just leave them together..., of course on mine, we'll want to have my part first and your's second." The women smiled warmly at each other, then Susan leaned forward and again hugged Jan, who, having her hands free this time, hugged Susan back. Jan, partly to make Susan realize that what had happened before was ok and partly because she just wanted to, kissed Susan on the lips softly and sensuously but not for a very long duration. "Thanks for everything Susan, this is really sweet and fun." "Ok!" Susan broke the moment as she got up. "Now it's my turn to film." Susan, still in only her unbuttoned silken blouse, looked at the camera she'd picked up. "How's this work?" Jan began undressing as she explained the camera to Susan. When Jan had her shirt and bra off, Susan was looking through the lens and asked. "How do you zoom?" Jan leaned into Susan's back, reached over, and placed Susan's small finger on the correct button. "Right there, now here for zoom in." Jan then moved Susan's finger back a little, "and here, for out." Susan, feeling Jan's large tits pressing into her back was momentarily speechless. "Do you have it?" Jan broke Susan's trance. "Oh yeah.., now I've got it." Susan managed. "Ok, I'm ready when you are." Jan climbed into the bed at the back of the motorhome as she spoke. "Let me know when to start." Susan turned around, and looking through the lens, turned the camera on. "Action!" "Hi sweetie.., I hope this is everything you want it to be...," And with a sly grin Jan continued. "and, I think it will be." Susan kept moving closer to the bed filming the naked Jan. Susan couldn't help but think how great Jan looked naked. She had such wonderful tits, and she just radiated sexuality. "Would you like to be sucking these?" Jan held her full tits and squeezed her large nipples as she addressed the camera. "Your big cock would sure feel good between them right now." At these words Susan zoomed in on the tits and thought of how Greg would love to suck those large tits..., and his fantasy of fucking tits. Hers were a little too small to create a proper cradle for that. Susan also thought about how she wouldn't mind sucking them as well. "And," Jan moved one of her hands down her stomach to her thick pubic hair and into her wet pussy. "would you like to have your tongue in here?" Jan was really doing a good job of narration. Susan was sure that Mike and Greg would love the way Jan was speaking. She sure did! "Well, since you're not here...," Jan looked sadly at the camera and started to finger fuck herself slowly, "I guess I'll just have to take matters in my own hands." With this Jan closed her eyes and for several minutes she fingered her pussy while squeezing both nipples with her other hand. "Ooh..., I just can't get off this way..., I wish you were here..., but maybe a dildo..., yeah, ooh, that'd help." With this Jan turned slightly away from the camera, being obvious to be speaking to another person. "Honey, would you hand me your wet dildo..., please?" Holding the camera on Jan the best she could, Susan backed up, found the dildo, then returned to the foot of the bed. "Oh, thanks..., now would you please rub my wet pussy with it?" Jan released her clitoris and moved her hand back to her tits where the other hand had remained. Susan watched, as Jan had done, as her hand and the dildo came into the frame. She slowly started rubbing Jan's large clitoris with the dildo, then turning it on, began to run it around and through Jan's slit. "Oh that's it baby..., oh yeah," Then Jan opened an eye, looked to the camera and continued. "Mike, she's really doing that sooo good. Yeah Mike, see her sexy little feminine hand near my pussy with the dildo. Doesn't that get you hot?" Susan, realizing Jan's intent and direction, took the initiative and began to run the dildo into Jan's pussy, making sure that her fingers made a lot of contact with Jan's pussy and clitoris with each thrust. "Oh wow, and see how her hand's touching my pussy." Susan decided to go with what Jan wanted for her film, and what she wanted for her own pleasure. Sliding the dildo into Jan far enough that it would stay on its own, Susan could now rub Jan's pussy and clitoris with her hand and fingers. Jan really felt wet, smooth, and wonderful to Susan's touch. It was difficult, but Susan managed to keep the camera steady, and even to scan from Jan's face, now obviously in ecstasy, down to her pussy being manipulated by Susan's left hand. Susan could tell that Jan was getting close, so close that Jan had actually taken Susan's hand and guided it to the most sensitive areas of her pussy. Once Jan even guided Susan's hand up to feel of her large breasts. Susan was now as hot, or hotter, than Jan. Holding the camera to the side as best she could, Susan leaned into Jan's pussy and licked her delicious clitoris. "OOOH, and see Mike, she's eating me. OOOh." With this, Jan looked down at her friend's head at her groin, saw the camera to the side, reached over and took the camera from Susan and held it herself. "Look, Mike, it's our friend Susan, and she's really eating my pussy, just for your Christmas present. It feels so good!" Susan was now on the bed, up on her knees beside Jan, and was really savoring Jan's delicious pussy. Jan was really into it now, and as she filmed the action at her groin, she thought how Mike would like a scan of Susan. Jan scanned the camera over and down from Susan's head, stopping at her small breast. "And Mike, look at Susan's cute tits." Before Jan went on, she reached over with her left hand and squeezed one of Susan's nipples. "And aren't these long nipples neat? I'll just bet you'd love to suck them." Jan released the nipple, switched and squeezed the other, then began scanning on down Susan's trim body to her ass. "And I know you'll like this little ass, Mike." With this Jan was rubbing her hand over Susan's ass and down under Susan to feel of her wet pussy. "OOOh, and Mike, her pussy is really tight and wet...., yeah, you'd love to eat this, and fuck it too." Jan's narrative, along with her hand, had Susan over the edge. As she felt her orgasm close, she concentrated more on Jan's pussy. Jan, sensing the moment near, began to finger fuck Susan's pussy, still trying to get as much as possible on film. Susan came first. Jan couldn't believe how much fluid could come from a woman. "Could she have urinated? No, it definitely wasn't urine. The smell..., the feel, it was just a flood of cum." Susan, now satisfied for the moment, was determined to get her friend off. Jan, now with both hands free, could better hold the camera for her finale. Susan began to fuck Jan's pussy with her tongue, while both of her soft, delicate hands worked on Jan's tits. It only took a few minutes for Jan to reach an incredible orgasm. "Well, Mike, if you don't like this..., I give up," Jan whispered to the camera with obvious shortness of breath. "Merry Christmas sweetie." At this Jan turned the camera off, lifted Susan's face from her groin to her own face. "Thank you, Susan." Then Jan kissed Susan one more time sweetly on the lips. "No.., thank you," Susan put her arms around Jan, held her close, and gave her friend one last semi-passionate kiss. "We both know who enjoyed this the most..., thanks." Nothing more was or needed to be, said. The two women held each other and relaxed for several minutes before getting up. As Susan dressed, Jan copied the tape for Susan to take. "Well, I really need to get going..., gosh..., this has been great." Susan, now dressed hugged the still nude Jan as she prepared to leave. "Absolutely great." Jan hugged Susan back then handed her the copy of the film. "We'll have to do another filming sometime." Jan winked and laughed a little as she spoke. "Anytime Jan..., anytime at all." Susan answered a little too quickly and little too seriously, then added with a little humor, "I think we could be movie stars." Both ladies laughed as Susan went out the door. Jan, her lack of clothing preventing her from going out, waved from inside the motorhome as Susan pulled away from the parking lot. "Wow! Damn! I can't believe how great that was." Susan was speaking loudly to herself as she headed north on the interstate. She knew Jan was just making conversation about doing this again. Susan also knew now that she had really missed the experience of being with another woman. Greg had tried many times to get her to act on her fantasies, but she had never had the nerve. "Boy, is Greg ever going to be happy." Susan thought of her husband's reaction when he saw the movie. "And he'll love Jan..., and absolutely go nuts over Jan's tits." Susan continued to think about Jan, herself, the movie and Greg as she drove. "I wonder if I should contact Karen? She did give me her address and said to write to her at the twenty-fifth reunion last summer. She sure looked good..., and her husband seemed fun. I don't know why I was a little distant with her..., I'll write her a note when I get home." Susan continued to daydream the rest of the three-hour trip home. "Well now." Jan sat, still naked, sipping a glass of wine. "I really can't believe what just happened. Mike is going to love this. And I really can't believe that I liked..., no..., I enjoyed the hell out of it." Jan smiled and thought of what had just happened. "Yeah, Mike's going to love it." Thinking more of Mike's reaction to the video made Jan a little horny. "And I'm going to be made love to by Mike...my man... In fact, I need to be loved by Mike now." Jan looked at the clock and came back to reality. She quickly dressed and headed for home. ******************************** Mike knew Jan had something really neat planned for today. She had been even more childish than usual about Christmas this year. He loved that little girl in Jan that came out even more during the holidays. Mike turned the coffee pot on as he passed the kitchen on his way to the study. Going to their "story" screen-name, Mike answered the letters. Then he switched to his screen-name. He had mail from Jan. A Christmas card no doubt. "Love that gal," Mike whispered to himself as he opened it. "Aw, that's sweet...," Mike said as he saw the card that Jan had sent and started reading her message. "Disc? Oh yea..., in the drive..., ok." Mike followed the instructions Jan had written and started loading the disc into the computer. "Damn!... Wow!... Neat!... What?... Who's, who?...Susan?...Yeah, it's Susan...Wow!...All right!...Damn!...And all I got her was jewelry."
  24. Several years ago, my wife, Marie, had told me while watching an XXX movie in our home that she would like to try having sex with another woman. Marie used to be an exotic dancer and has a figure to die for. I sort of figured that since she was in the adult entertainment industry, that this had crossed her mind on more than one occasion. Since after that night she never mentioned it again, I never brought up the subject. One night after getting home from work, I went upstairs to change and found her getting dressed in one of her old dancer outfits. It was something that you could go out in, but would undoubtedly elicit a lot of stares from both men and women. I had asked her where we were going, and she said, "We are going out to dinner, and then out afterward." Figuring that we live in a 24-hour town, I just assumed that we were going to a local dance club. Boy was I wrong! After a quick shower and changing, we were on our way to dinner. Marie had decided that we would go to one of our favorite local restaurants. We both ordered dinner and shared a nice bottle of wine. After dinner, we went to the cigar bar for an after-dinner drink, when I had asked her where we were going later. Imagine my shock when she told me that we were going to one of the local swingers clubs. About all I could say at that time was, "Check please." When we arrived at the club, we were greeted by the hostess and asked to go inside and mingle with the other guests. It wasn't long until we had our first taste of what really happens at an on-premise swingers club. It had turned out to be a relatively warm evening, and both of us were quite thirsty. About that time, we made our way to the bar for some refreshment. Several moments had passed, when a striking blond approached us to strike up a conversation. We had learned that both she and her husband were in town for a vacation. I was surprised to find out that she was a religious school teacher during the week. It would have been hard to tell since she was wearing vinyl shorts and a clear see-through vinyl top. Her ample cleavage was more than visible at this time! She had asked us to go back to their hotel, but since we were both relatively new to this, we politely declined. As the conversation continued, things really began to get interesting. Marie had turned to me and said, "Honey, she has her hand on my ass!" About all I could say was, "So put your hand on hers!" It was about that time that I heard, "Hey are you coaching her?" Well, everyone probably knows that by this time I was, but for the sake of being subtle, of course I said no. After a few minutes of watching them caress each other, I saw Marie begin to softly kiss her neck, and begin to fondle her ample breasts. My jaw nearly hit the floor when Marie asked her if she would like to get a room. Several moments later, we were on our way to one of the bedrooms in the facility, where the ground rules were discussed. It was determined that this was strictly for the women, and the men were there to watch. Being the voyeur that I am, this was fine by me. Besides the fact that I was so nervous I don"t think anything could have gotten me hard that night. The women sat on the bed and began kissing each other deeply. Then Marie quickly got up and undressed, and laid her down on the bed. "I've wanted to taste pussy for so long." The blond purred, "Well come and get it honey" and with that, she removed her shorts to reveal one of the sweetest looking pussies that I had ever seen. It didn't take long for Marie to dive right in. It looked as if she had been doing it her whole life. She took her hard clit into her mouth and sucked it for all she was worth until that beautiful blonde came right in her face. "Now it's my turn honey," she said, and with that, she laid Marie down on the bed and removed her miniskirt and g-string. Marie shaves her pussy completely, and I assume that is from the dancer days. "That looks so good," she said as she began to fondle her clit and dripping pussy. "Eat me!" said Marie. "Suck that pussy! Make me cum in your mouth!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my wife's mouth. "Suck my tits. Stick your fingers in my pussy. Put your fingers in my asshole." My Lord, was this really the woman that I married? All at once it began to hit me just how lucky I could really have become. Several minutes later, Marie came in an explosion like I had never seen. That's when her new friend pulled out the largest double-ended dildo that I had ever seen. It seemed like they took in the entire thing at the same time while grinding their wet clits together. Well, this is my favorite thing to watch, particularly when they came together in a heap! After a brief rest, we all exited the room and went back to the main part of the club for another drink or two together. It was getting late, and we decided to leave. Later on that night she and I had some of the best sex that we ever had. It has been several years since that night, and we have continued to have experiences with other couples and single women from time to time. I guess you would call Marie a "shy-bi" woman. She doesn't like to have it every day and will go for months and months without even making mention of it. One thing I have never done is to press the issue or ask her if she wants to go to the club. I have always left it up to her, but of course, given a choice, I would like to go back every week! I think that perhaps one of the most important things in situations like this is that both partners need to be "in the mood." If one is and the other is not, then problems might arise, and I feel it is best to let her do the deciding. She continues to be the sexiest woman that I have ever known, and this is just an added benefit to our relationship.
  25. Sara and I decided that our first encounter with another man went pretty well. So, we decided to try again. She left it totally up to me, with the provision that if she didn't care for the person, she could call it off. I thought that was a reasonable position and started keeping my eyes open for an opportunity. Sara and I were to get together on Saturday night a week or so after the Video Arcade encounter. I asked her if she wanted to "play." Her answer, "of course." I had been chatting with a guy online that lived about an hour from her. He seemed like a pretty good guy. He was divorced but had custody of his two teenage daughters. Between raising them and his work, he didn't have a lot of time to go out looking for women. So, his sex life had been somewhat sparse for the past several years. I contacted him and asked if he was up for playing a little that night. He jumped at the chance. I made arrangements to meet him after I picked up Sara. We were to have a drink or two and see if the chemistry was there. For once, I was on time, and we met him as planned. After a couple of drinks, Sara looked at me and smiled that wicked little grin of hers. I took that to mean she was OK with Max. I suggested we head across the highway where I would get a room in the hotel. On the way over we drove in separate cars, and I asked Sara, just to be sure I understood if she was OK with going to the hotel and entertaining Max and me. She answered by reaching over and taking my hand and putting it between her legs. She was soaking wet already. No question about what was in her lustful little mind. Of course, that is one of the things I like about Sara, she can be a very loving person, and we get along great, but she has a streak of decadence in her that appeals to my lascivious nature. I went into the hotel and got a room with a hot tub. We drove around the back and went up to the room together. I sat in one chair, Sara in another, and Max sat on the bed while we talked and got to know each other a little better. I went over and started filling the hot tub. Then I turned, went to Sara and took her by the hand, brought her to her feet, lifted her arms, and slowly removed the pullover sweater she was wearing. She wasn't wearing a bra, and her perky little breasts popped into view, and her nipples were already swelling to their familiar "strawberry" proportions. I suggested to Max that he should finish undressing her and join me in the hot tub. With that, I undressed and got into the tub. I turned so I could watch the two of them. He was mesmerized with the softness, smoothness, and whiteness of her skin. He kept commenting about how nice she was to touch and look at while he unzipped her skirt and let it drop. Then they kissed, and I felt the stirrings of excitement deep in my belly. Sara is, in my opinion, an extraordinary kisser and I could just imagine what Max was feeling as Sara revealed her passion through her kisses. Sara then stood back and undid Max's belt and opened his pants. She reached in and pulled out his already stiffened cock. After a few more minutes of "play," they finished undressing and joined me in the hot tub. Max had revealed in our "getting acquainted talk" that he loved women's feet. Sara sat on the same side of the tub with me and put her feet out for Max to do his best to show her he loved her feet as much as the rest of her body. I had been in the tub for quite some time and was beginning to feel like a prune. I got out, toweled off, and got myself something cold to drink while I put on a new CD. When I came back to the tub, Sara had switched around and was now laying on top of Max. She had one hand behind her back, and I assumed she was fondling him. He had one arm over her shoulder and was playing with her left nipple. With the other arm he had reached around her, and he was dipping his finger in and out of her with a little more than just a casual motion. Then they too decided to get out of the tub. Max proceeded to towel Sara off paying special attention to her neediest parts. At one point she put her foot up on the side of the tub and Max began to taste the sweetness of her very wet pussy. She threw her head back, and I could see she was enjoying the attention he was giving her. He drew back and mentioned how wet she was and how good she tasted. I said, "Yep, that's my Sara!" I got the two of them something cold to drink, and we all moved to the bed. It wasn't long before our drinks were finished and we were trying to quench another thirst. The thirst for raw, hot, sex. We were going for that feeling of ecstasy that one reaches when letting one's body experience all the physical sensations. You should understand, that the mind also plays a role in these heightened sexual feelings. Living the moment of forbidden sex, the moment of touching, and being touched by a stranger, all play a role in the ecstasy. We were to reach that point this night! Max and I each took one of Sara's breasts and began kneading and rubbing the palms of our hands over them. Her nipples were at full attention and felt really good against my hand. I just assumed Max was getting the same feeling as I. I tugged and pulled at her nipples, twisting them just a little. Sara relished the different sensations I or I should say we, were imparting to her body and mind. I bent down and took her nipple in my mouth and nibbled and sucked at it nearly taking her whole breast into my mouth. Max, on the other hand, slid down her belly and immediately started licking her sweet wet cunt. I noticed what he was doing, and I looked at Sara's face. She was looking right at me and mouthed the words, "kiss me." I started to kiss her and was overwhelmed with her passionate return of my kiss. She pulled my head down tightly to her, and she drove her tongue deep into my mouth. She was moaning way down in her throat. I could tell she was enjoying what Max was doing to her. The next thing I knew, I could feel her legs against my back as I was lying diagonally across her torso. Max had lifted her legs and was driving his cock in her. No formalities, just good hot fucking. Sara was now grunting with each of Max's thrusts. "Oh baby, FUCK me," she cried out. "Fuck me hard, harder," she implored of Max. "My body was made to fuck," she continued. And, with that, she had a tremendously intense orgasm, and her voice trailed off from a very loud, "Fuck me," to a choked and hardly intelligible, "Fuuuuckkkkkkk meeeeeeeee." I decided to sit up and just watch for a while. Then I got the camera and took some outstanding pictures of Max driving his cock into Sara. She was having one orgasm right after another. Sara is very vocal, and she lets a person know she is enjoying herself. She likes talking dirty during sex, and she kept up an ongoing litany that spurred Max on. "C'mon baby, fuck me, use my pussy, harder, harder." Soon, she had Max grunting and groaning. Then, with an exceptionally hard thrust he yelled, I'm cuuummmmmming," as he let loose a large load of white hot jism into Sara's belly. She met him with an arched back and cooed, "Oh yeah, baby, give me that cum, yeeeaaah." With that, both Max and Sara slumped down a bit and tried to catch their breaths. In a few moments, Max pulled out. He must have shot a quart of hot juice into her because it immediately started flowing out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. She reached down with one hand and pressed her fingers into her totally soaked pussy and brought them to her mouth and licked them clean. Then she told Max to come up to her, and she would clean his cock for him. He slid up her body and straddled her while she took his now semi-hard cock into her mouth and noisily licked and sucked the juices from it. In the meantime, I was taking some great pics of her beautiful pussy framing that white cum flowing out of her. It looked like a distant shot of one of those big waterfalls one sees in the African travel documentaries. A white torrent was streaming down and forming a puddle there on the bed beneath her ass. What a sight! The two of them were exhausted from the intensity of their exertion and orgasms. I was just worn out from watching. It took a tremendous toll on my psyche seeing her fucked so hard and, obviously, so well. The last few minutes had sapped my energy just as if it had been me pounding into Sara. We decided to take a break and again, I poured some cold drinks. Sara went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up some, came back out, spread a towel on the chair, and sat down. She told Max that she had really enjoyed herself, but for him not to think it was over because she was a selfish little bitch and she wanted more, lots more. We sat and talked awhile, then, I have no idea what came over me, but I went over and laid down on the bed and asked Sara to come over to me. I motioned for her to straddle my chest, a position we have taken many times, so I could eat her pussy. She looked at me and said I didn't have to do this. But, it was like a strange compulsion, some force that was driving me to taste her and what was left of Max in her. She settled down over me, and I began to lick and suck on her very tenderly. It wasn't lust, it was loving, more so than I think at any other time in our relationship. Soon Max joined us standing on the bed. He stood there next to Sara stroking his cock. She reached over and took him in her hand and began stroking him slowly. Then she pulled him over and again, took his cock in her mouth. I could tell she was turned on because she was fucking my tongue eagerly and because she was making little noises that reminded me of a cat purring. She had an orgasm, not real intense, but real. I slid out from under her and let the two of them continue. Soon, Max had told her to get on all fours. He stepped down from the bed to the floor and entered her from behind. Oh, I left a little part out of the story. I always travel and meet Sara with our "toy bag." We have a wide variety of toys that Sara enjoys, and I enjoy using with her. We have a standard hard plastic vibrator, a couple of larger soft vibrators, a double penetration vibrator, nipple clamps (one of Sara's favorites, by the way), a huge pink latex dildo that is probably three to four inches in diameter. It weighs a ton, In fact, it was double-headed, but it weighed so much we cut it in half to make it easier to use. There were other useful items too. I had purchased a leather tit halter for a previous lover. There is something about the sight of a woman in a tit halter that really turns me on. Sara looks good in it, but she thinks her breasts are too small. That is one thing we disagree on, her tits are just right for my tastes (and yes, pun intended). There was nylon rope, a leather riding crop, and an 18" cat-o-nine flogger. When Sara had first straddled me on the bed, and before Max joined us, he rummaged through the bag and took out the flogger. He seemed particularly interested in it. Though, of course, I didn't know that at the time as my face was between Sara's legs and buried in her pussy. Well, when Max entered Sara from behind and started screwing her doggy style, he took the flogger and slapped Sara's ass with it. Then again, and again. He was pleased with her response as she started her familiar chant of, "Fuck me harder," with each stroke of his cock and each stroke of the flogger. Soon she reached down and started playing with her clit. Things got more intense, and Max continued banging into her pussy and slapping her with the flogger. Each time he smacked her with the flogger it was a little harder. Soon he was smacking her with more force then I had ever dared use. Sara was getting into it more and more. Finally, she told Max to fuck her in the ass. He pulled out, took his fingers and wetted them with the juices from her snatch, and lubricated her with them. Then, again, unceremoniously, he pushed his hard cock into her ass. Sara cried out with a sound that was both pain and pleasure. He continued to stroke her hard with the flogger. Once, twice, three times, then four. Sara cried out, "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum." She furiously worked on her clit with her own fingers. Max really laid into her with the flogger, pushed his cock deep into her bowels, and, by his moaning, I could tell he was shooting his second load of the night into Sara. Once she felt the white-hot cum bathing her insides, she let loose with one of the most intense orgasms I have ever seen her have. And, just a suddenly as it had begun, it ended. The two of them collapsed onto the bed, Max on top of Sara. Then he rolled off to one side. It took several minutes for them to regain their composure. Sara nuzzled up to Max and kissed him on his neck and face. She ran her hands down his chest, and she said, "Thank you!" It was getting late. Max had an hour drive to get home, and as I said in the beginning, he was raising his two teenage daughters. He said he really needed to get going and excused himself and went to the bathroom. He was in there a few minutes cleaning up. In the meantime, Sara came over to where I was sitting in the chair and sat down on my lap and kissed me tenderly. Then she looked me in the eye and said, "Thank you!" I could tell she was pleased. She had been sexually fulfilled, decadent, selfish, and pleasantly exhausted in just a couple of hours. She also had been filled with cum, and I noticed when she got up that she left a generous portion of that cum on my leg. Max emerged from the bathroom, clothed, and took his leave. Sara walked him to the door, and they conversed softly for a few minutes, then she kissed him, and he opened the door and left. Up to now, it had been some exciting night. Sara and I laid down on the bed and cuddled. I asked her how she was, and she responded by kissing me tenderly again. She pulled me close to her, and her wonderfully warm body seemed to envelop mine. We kissed and whispered sweet nothings back and forth and drifted off to sleep. It was about 3:00 a.m. I awoke about 6:00 a.m., to Sara playing with my cock. She was stroking it slowly and kissing and licking it. Soon she had me hard. She engulfed the entire length in her mouth, and I could feel the tip of my cock slide into her throat. Then she got over me and lowered herself onto my pulsating shaft and let it slide into her deliciously, slow y. Thereupon, she proceeded to do me with a slow rhythm while she ran her hands over my chest. She told me she had a wonderful time, and that she loved me very much. I started to say that I loved her too, but she shushed me with her finger and said, "Just enjoy." She took a very long time working on me with the muscles in her vagina until I had a super intense orgasm of my own. We then curled up and slept a couple more hours. On the way home, we talked, and I said I wonder aloud if we could top this experience? She just grinned at me and said, "Oh I think we can! I can't wait until I taste my first woman." I just smiled and said nothing the rest of the way home thinking, instead, of how that just might top the last evening.
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