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Found 28 results

  1. Wendans

    My Wife's 2nd BBC

    My fantasy has always been to watch my wife get fucked by another man. We have been with another woman before which is a whole story in itself that I’ll tell you about later. One night several years ago my wife and I had gone to a club. Not your ordinary club, but a good club for swingers and singles. The night had started out rather slow and we were not finding any action that I had hoped. My wife knows what she wants and that is what we go with. And that night we found what she wanted and it was such a great experience she knew she wanted to do it again. She had gotten fucked by a black guy and she had enjoyed it. So, when we got the chance, she wanted to try it again. Being at a swinger’s club isn’t really her thing, but fucking in front of people or listening to them fuck is a big turn-on for her. Since we don’t live close to any swingers’ clubs or anything of that nature, we don’t get many opportunities to do anything like this. A couple of years ago we got a chance to go to another club. Yes, one of those clubs. We were looking for a little fun and hoping to find something as good as the last time we were out. We talked to many people as the night went on and my wife was trying to figure out what we were going to be doing to have fun that night. There was a hot blonde that was interested in us and kept on grabbing my cock which my wife was loving because this was getting her going. My wife and I decided that this was not what we had in mind for tonight, so we just kind of let that slide and we went on to pursue something else. She said she would know it when she saw it. My wife had put a couple of drinks down and was feeling pretty good now. She was a little more daring and said she wanted to go change outfits like she did when we had been to a club previously. We had brought the very same sexy outfit that was see through, so she went and changed into it. When she came back out, there was not one guy's eyes on anyone but her. Even the women were looking on in awe. She is a beautiful woman that knows how to control a room. One guy came up to me and told me he was jealous. He said he would do anything to get to fuck my wife, but she just didn’t feel right with him, I guess. As we were standing around, in came this well-built younger black guy and I think she almost came right there. The look on her face was almost mind blowing. She got this horny grin and told me she was ready to start our night. As he walked by her, she gave him this dirty smile and took her hand and rubbed down by her cunt. He stopped walking and came over to her and asked if he could help her with anything. She just smiled and said that I think you already know what you can do. They danced around a little bit, but I could tell she couldn’t take it anymore, so she quickly unzipped his pants and took out his cock and grabbed it and lead him into another room like a dog on a leash. I stayed back a couple of minutes to give them some time to get to know each other. When I did finally get to the other room, they had already undressed and she was sucking his cock. It was larger than mine. Not much longer, but thicker. I could tell she liked it. My wife had picked a room where people would be able to watch if they wanted to. I stayed back in the wings and was kind of hidden so she really didn’t know I was even there. As I watched my wife in action, I could tell she was enjoying every second of this guy’s cock. She was sucking it like there was no tomorrow. Now it was his turn to return the favor. He got his face down to her pussy and started licking like it was candy. She was turning red and I could tell she was already about to cum. She was squirming and shaking and he was getting her cunt all ready for his big shaft. But before he fucked her, he now spread her legs out and started fingering her pussy to the point that she started squirting fluids all over the sheet they were laying on. It was like the flood gates had opened up and all the juices were flowing. She finally had all she could take because I’m sure she had cum multiple times already and I could tell she just wanted to have him inside her. I heard her say to give me your big, black cock. He asked her if she wanted him to put on a condom and she told him no, she wanted to feel him inside her cunt. He took her and spread her legs wide and slowly inserted his bbc into her tight cunt. She told him to go slowly because she said it was so big that she needed to get used to it. After several minutes of the slow movement, she said she needed him to fuck her harder so he started to go full penetration into her dripping wet cunt. She was telling him how good his cock felt, and how she loved fucking him. They switched positions multiple times with her sitting on top of his cock and riding him like she has never ridden before. My wife took his whole cock inside of her as deeply as she could, rubbing back and forth and cumming time and time again. They finally switched back to missionary style and were fucking hard when I heard her say to him, she wanted him to cum in her pussy. She said she wanted to feel his cum drip out of her pussy all night long. When he heard her say that, he started to pick up the pace and finally started moaning and said he was about to cum. My wife was now cumming herself and as he shot his load inside of her, she started squirming and shaking with every pulse of his exploding cock. Her body was red from all of her orgasms, and I could tell she was getting worn out. They had gone for almost 40 minutes of nonstop action. Not to mention that all the other people that had gathered around to watch started going to other parts of the place as they had gotten a show that they would remember forever. When he pulled his now soft cock out of my wife, I could see the cum dripping down her ass. She was getting what she wanted, I guess. She would be able to feel his cum dripping out of her the rest of the night. But I didn’t realize that she was not done yet. She wanted more. My wife took his cock and started sucking on it again. I guess he was young enough that almost instantly he got hard and she took his cock and guided it into her cunt and said she needed more of his cum. He fucked her for another 10 minutes until he exploded with more cum inside my wife’s pussy again. Again, as I watched the cum drip down her ass, she was getting what she wanted. She was going to feel this the rest of the night. They both started cleaning up a little and I slowly came out of the crowd that had gathered. She saw me and gave me that dirty little smile she sometimes gets. My wife asked me if I had enjoyed her show. She said she needed to have a little more cum in her pussy tonight and she now wanted mine. Her new little friend just kind of sat back in the corner and decided to watch us. I knew I wouldn’t last long because I had almost cum multiple times just watching her. With some of the crowd still watching I got undressed, and slid my wet with pre-cum cock into my wife’s cum-loaded pussy. I fucked her until she started cumming. Her cunt convulsed so hard that it squeezed my cock and made me start to cum. I came in her pussy, mixing my cum with my wife’s new fuck buddies cum. I pulled my cock out and watched it all slowly slide down her ass. She got up and went over to our young fuck buddy and she gave him a long passionate kiss and said thank you for such a great time. He gave her one last little finger fucking and handed her a card of his if we were ever in the area again. He left after he got dressed and we got cleaned up and went out to the main room. I had multiple people including women and even the bartender say that my wife was one of the women they would like to fuck if they ever got a chance after seeing her in action. I guess I’m the lucky one here. Later that night when we were driving to our resort, she slipped her hand down pants and put her fingers in her pussy. She brought them out and rubbed them on my face. She smiled and said we gotta do this again sometime as we pulled into the parking lot to call it a night. And what a night it was.
  2. I never knew Squirting was a thing. We are just learning the differences in people’s responses during sex. Never too old to learn about sex. We had met our first couple who guided us to a breakthrough moment, not only swinging, my first lesbian experience. Being about the same age as us I didn’t notice anything strange about her wetness or lubrication. The amount of his ejaculate matched my Rock. We joked and laughed about a Juicy Pussy. Couple 2 was still a learning moment. They were more intent sexually. With Rock watching I had my face planted between her legs and was entered from behind. I noticed immediately how wet she was, I felt a feeling of pride getting her so excited. She left my whole face pretty wet by the time we finished. Rock later told me how hot she was we slid in and she switched to a top she was dripping on him. Couple 3 are our friends. We held off playing with them, now we both had been with others first. Totally different playing. Now me and my girlfriend, both of us still new to this get into a 69 position. I am trying every tongue motion I can do and she is enjoying. Hard for me to hear with her legs around my ears I could tell she was going to cum and cum she did. She pulled away from my mouth and with her hand she she shot out like a man. Squirt squirt. I never saw that not even in sex on the pc. Being we are friends we talked about how she does that a lot when excited. We get home and I asked if he ever saw that before. He said he did a few times when he dated. He explained he thought it was pee so we looked it up. Do that many women do that all the time? I thought I was sexually hot, never did that.
  3. My girl always squirts. Every time. It's very exciting, but we have to prepare with a waterproof blanket and oil based lube. Sometimes it breaks the continuity.
  4. An objective answer to your questions. https://www.salon.com/2022/09/20/dye-anatomy-study-urology/
  5. Miguel and I had just moved into a new neighborhood. The first few weeks were crazy with all of the moving in and getting settled, so we didn't have time for socializing. About a month later though, we finally were settled in. I was working out in our front yard. It was the first sunny day of spring, and it seemed like everyone on the street was out working in their yards. It was the first time I really had the chance to survey the inhabitants. I was out near the curb planting flowers along the walkway when I heard someone say, "This place is really shaping up, looks real nice." I turned to see the neighbor crossing the street. She was smiling, and as she approached me, she said, "Hi, I'm Maria." Instantly I noticed her bright green eyes and curvy figure. "I'm Lena. Nice to meet you." We shook hands and began talking about our homes and the neighborhood. It became immediately apparent that we were to be friends as we talked. I told Maria about all of the work we had been doing on the house since we'd bought it. She seemed interested, so I invited her in to have a look. Passing through our garage, I introduced her to Miguel. He was working on his project car, a 69 SS Camaro. He was at a critical moment and barely looked up as he said, "Nice to meet ya." Then I showed her the house. She was impressed with the progress since she had seen the house before our purchase. She then offered to show me her home. As we left our home and crossed the street, I started to get the feeling that Maria and I were going to be much more than just friends. She guided me through her lovely home. The last stop was the master bedroom suite. I couldn't believe my eyes, the bedroom was enormous. And what caught my attention the most was the mirrored ceiling over the beautiful king-size bed. When I got back to my house, I realized that Maria and I had visited for two hours. Time flies when you're having fun...or so I thought. Over the next few days, I thought a lot about Maria. She was probably a few years older than me, maybe even Miguel's age. She was very sexy. She was about 5'7" with 38D's, blonde hair, tan skin, and bright green eyes. She had mentioned her husband a lot when we spoke, but I hadn't seen him yet. The weekend rolled around, and Maria stopped by to invite us over for a BBQ. We were ready for a break and eagerly accepted the invite. When I was getting ready for the evening get-together, I started to think about Maria and the possibilities that could cum out of our new friendship. We were immediately comfortable when we arrived at Maria and Trey's place. Trey was just as friendly and hospitable as Maria. Miguel and Trey hit it off immediately. While the men went into Trey's shop to look at his prized Boss 429 Mustang, Maria and I had a chance to do some girl talk. I told her that Trey was super friendly and that I was so glad that they had invited us over. Maria pulled a strand of my hair away from my cheek and said that she'd been thinking about me all week and that she was glad we'd moved in across the street. My pussy began to swell. My mind began to race...was she just being overly friendly, or was she implying that she wanted to 'get to know me better' in another way? I wasn't sure, and I didn't want to feel stupid if I was way off base. We talked about many things, and Maria began to get closer and closer. Before long, we were touching. She pushed me up against her kitchen wall and kissed me, long and hard. I felt a wave of desire rush through me. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth. I had never kissed a woman before. It was like electricity connecting at my mouth and shooting right through me to my pussy. I wanted her. I am slightly shorter than her, at 5'5". So it felt perfectly natural, tilting my head up and kissing her deeply. She then revealed that she hadn't had sex in nearly two years. Trey had been under so much stress at work during that time that he had become impotent. I immediately thought about the PERFECT candidate for a female/male/female threesome. "Hot Damn," I thought, "If I could make this work...Miguel would be in heaven." Well, I suppose I could do with a bit of piece of heaven myself. The BBQ was great. At the end of the evening, we all agreed that we would definitely be having more of them in the future. When Miguel and I were in bed, I asked him what he thought of Maria and Trey, and he told me that he and Trey had hit it off well. He then smiled and said, "That Maria is a sweet lookin' babe." I giggled to myself. Miguel didn't know about the passionate kiss, and I wasn't going to tell him and ruin my surprise. A few days went by, and I hadn't heard from Maria. But undaunted, I went over and knocked on the door. She didn't answer right away, but when she did, she was standing there in her cut-offs and a sports bra. I felt my pussy get immediately wet. She invited me in with a smile. Before the door shut, she was kissing me passionately. "I thought you'd never get over here," she said. I asked her if she'd show me her bedroom again. She practically dragged me into the room, locking the door behind us. Before I knew it, she had pushed me back on the bed and slowly began to kiss my neck, making her way down to my nipples. I was scared. I had never been with a woman, but desire swept over me like a wave. I wanted more. Much more. All I could think about was what it would be like to taste her. I could already detect the scent of her arousal, and I knew that would be many times more intense with my face buried in her sex. Maria was running her tongue around my nipple. Her body was pressed against me, and her hands were making their way to my pussy. I couldn't wait. I wanted her to shove her hands right down the front of my shorts and bury her fingers in my wet pussy. All of a sudden, I heard her dog begin to bark. "Oh shit, Trey is home," she said. I was paralyzed. We both jumped up off of the bed and began to re-adjust our clothes. "I'm so sorry. I thought we'd have more time," she whispered. "When can we get together again?" I asked. "Tomorrow at 9 p.m. Trey is going to Oregon for a few days, and I'll be all alone. I have to work, but I'll be home by 8:30. Promise me you'll stop by?" I thought for a second. "How about you just come on over when you get home, and we'll pick up where we left off?" I suggested. She planted a wet open-mouth kiss on me to seal the deal. I slipped out the back door and bounded for home. I didn't want Miguel to know what I was up to, so I carefully thought about this situation. How was I going to convince Maria to not only fuck me but to fuck Miguel also? I figured I'd just have to be upfront with her. It was the only way. The next day I woke up early and began to prepare. Miguel had a full day filled with appointments, so he'd be gone until sometime in the early evening. If I could get Maria to come over earlier, I'd have a chance to talk to her about the ambush on Miguel. I spent the day cleaning the house, shopping, and setting up my bedroom. It was getting late, and Miguel wasn't home yet, so I called him on his cell phone to see when he thought he'd be home. "Oh hi sweetie, I should be home around 9ish. What ya got planned?" he asked. "I have a few ideas, but what I want you to do is come home, shower, come into the bedroom, and by the time I'm done with you, dinner will be ready, and I'll make some White Russians for us," I said in my sexy voice. Maria knocked on my door at 8:30, and she agreed to help me fuck Miguel. She told me that since she hadn't had sex for several years, she was willing to do just about anything for some release. I showed Maria to the bedroom. She flopped down on the bed and said, "Oh gawd, I love four-poster beds...so many possibilities." With that, I sat down next to her. I looked inquisitively into her eyes as I began to run my hand up and down on her smooth, tan exposed leg. Her cut-offs were tight and showed off her long legs and great ass. She began moaning as I slowly ran my hands across her entire body. Working from the ankles up. I purposely skipped over her pubic area. She arched her back slightly as I passed it by. I could tell she was disappointed. I began massaging her firm breasts with the palms of my hands. They felt wonderful. Her large hard nipples poked at my hands. I could feel my pussy begin to drip hot juice. I kissed my way back down her body until I reached the button on her cut-offs. I pulled her out of them to find she wore no panties. Her pussy had light brown short-trimmed hair shaped into a small landing strip. Her pouting pussy lips were swollen and very wet, almost frothy. I slipped my index finger between her lips, seeking her love button. I couldn't believe it when she reached down and pulled back those swollen lips to expose a delicate clit shaped like a pink pencil eraser. Without a moment's thought, I bent my head down and began to lightly lick her sweet protruding button. She pushed my head down hard against her wet pussy and began to fuck my face. I took the opportunity to suck her clit between my lips and work it over. I could feel my nipples press against my bra, and my own pussy was now drooling slippery juice down to my thighs. "Oh God, I'm going to cummmmm," she screamed, and with that, I felt a shot of cum spray from her pussy and coat my lips and chin. She mashed my face into her pussy with each contraction. And with each contraction, she sprayed just a little less cum each time. She pulled me up from her pussy and began to kiss and lick my face. I was still in awe of the squirting pussy. She pushed me down on the bed and removed my pants and panties then spread my legs wide. She gave my pussy a quick few licks and then moved up her body to scissor her legs between my legs, carefully positioning her clit to press up against my clit. The hot clit against mine nearly made me cum right then and there. But I held it back. She began to ride my pussy with hers. She was kissing me and fucking me. I reached around and grabbed her full ass cheeks and ground her wet snatch into mine. I could feel her cunt juice dripping off of her labia and onto mine, running right down to my asshole. Within seconds I exploded. She immediately dropped down and began lapping up my cum. When I came back to reality, I glanced at the clock. "Oh shit, Miguel will be home any minute. I need to get YOU ready," I said. When Miguel's car pulled into the driveway, there was a note on the entry table - 'Shower and then cum to bed darling, dinner is in the oven, and I have a little treat for you.' My heart was racing when I heard the shower shut off, and I could hear Miguel toweling off. I had candles lit, our room was very dim, and some Barry White was playing. Little did Miguel know that I wasn't the one in the bed; I was quietly watching from our closet. Miguel entered the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He whispered, "Honey... I'm home." Maria just murmured an "MmmHmm." With that, Miguel slipped into bed and began to kiss Maria on the back of the neck. "Baby, did you miss me today?" he asked. "Oh, did I ever!" she said as she turned over to face him. Miguel jumped back, and as he did, he fell out of bed. "Maria? What the hell are you..." but before he could finish, she flipped her legs over the side of the bed and spread them wide. "See all that wetness on my pussy?" she asked. "Your wife eats some awesome pussy, and now I think it's your turn," Maria ordered. Miguel began to protest, but she put a quick end to that. While she shoved his eager mouth to her pussy, I came out of the closet bare ass naked. His eyes met mine. I saw fear at first, but when he saw my wicked smile, he began to enjoy the feast he had before him. As he licked away at Maria's wet hole, I came over next to him and began to kiss his back, working my way to his face. After kissing the side of his busy mouth, I began to help him lick Maria's clit. He on one side of it, me on the other, our tongues in a tangle around her clit. As she moaned, I told her that she and I would be using this same technique on Miguel later. Just briefly, Miguel stopped and thanked me profusely. Maria orgasmed once again and sprayed her hot pussy juice all over the front of Miguel, and it shocked him. Maria and I pushed Miguel over on the bed, and both of us began licking his very sensitive large cock. He loves to have the underside of his cock licked. Sometimes enjoying that more than having his cock buried in my throat. Maria and I put our lips together and ran his cock between them. Miguel jumped and jerked all over the place. He was enjoying it, but it was almost too much for him. So I suggested he have a strong White Russian to relax him. Maria and I massaged him as he sipped a drink through a straw. He oohed and aahed as we worked him over. As we messaged him, we kissed. All three of us at once. We told him of our pussy grinding experience, which gave him an idea. Upon finishing his second drink, he told me to lie on my back, and he told Maria to lie on top of me with our pussies together like before. But this time, he had us both spread our legs. He got in between our legs and rubbed his big hard cock around on our pussies until it was very wet. Then he shoved his cock between our lips, so it was between both of our clits, and began to fuck us both at the same time. I was the first one to cum...then Maria followed...but Miguel wasn't ready. He decided he needed real pussy. We stayed in the position while he took turns shoving his cock into our pussies. I got a few strokes, then Maria, then back to me. It was hot. Our pussy juice was all mixed together. Maria began telling Miguel that his cock was incredible, moaning between words. I felt compelled at that point to let her have his cock all to herself since she'd been such a good girl. I slowly pulled myself out from under the heap and motioned to Miguel to begin to fuck her with nice long, deep strokes. I got up on my knees and started massaging her ass as he rode her from behind. Miguel kissed me, tasting Maria's pussy on my tongue. That must have sent him over the edge. I reached down and cupped his balls in one hand as I slipped the other hand down to Maria's pussy and rubbed her clit. I felt his balls tighten, and I knew he was about to cum. With that, I rubbed Maria's clit faster and faster so she would cum with him. Then I whispered in his ear to shoot his hot cum deep in her tight pussy. And that did it...I heard them both begin to cum...and cum...and cum. All three of us collapsed on the bed together, the two of them still twitching and moaning. Mission Accomplished...and then some. I looked at the clock, and it was 1:00 a.m. We all fell asleep together. The following day we were awakened by the sound of Trey's truck pulling into their driveway across the street. Maria bolted up, clutching the sheets, frantic. "Holy shit!!! Trey isn't supposed to be home for days," Maria cried out, "I've gotta get home!" Maria ran around the room, gathering her clothes and putting them on. It was almost funny if we wouldn't have been so freaked out. Maria said "I'll call ya" over her shoulder as she bolted out the front door. Miguel and I looked at each other, and neither one of us said a word. We smiled and crawled back into bed. We noticed that both Maria and Trey's vehicles never left the driveway for the next few days. No signs of them outside, no phone calls. We became more concerned as the days went by. We did, however, talk a lot about our wonderful experience with Maria and we hoped that everything was going to be okay. We came and went as usual through our daily routines. Five days had passed, and no sign of them. Then on the sixth day...Maria called. She sounded exhausted. When I asked her if everything was okay, she said, "Yeah, can you come over for a BBQ tonight?" My heart raced. I wasn't excited; I was SCARED. Was Trey entirely out of control with jealousy? Was he holding her hostage because she had committed such sexual acts with the neighbors? These thoughts ran through my mind. Maria pleaded with me to come over later that evening and have a little get-together with the two of them. She was very short with me, and it was apparent that Trey was listening in on her call. So what could I do? I agreed. When I told Miguel, he said, "SHIT!! Are you crazy? Trey is going to kill me. The dude hasn't been able to get it up for years now, and then we move in, and the next thing you know, I'm doing his wife?! I DON'T THINK SO!" I persuaded him with promises and a couple of drinks. Reluctantly, we crossed the street that evening, prepared to deal with whatever consequences. When we knocked on the door, we were greeted by Maria, who wore a great big smile. As we walked through the house, we could smell delicious food cooking on the bbq, and there was music playing. The whole atmosphere was totally different than it appeared from the outside. Trey was sitting out on the deck smoking a cigar with shorts and a tank top on, and his feet kicked up on the railing. As Miguel meandered out to the deck, I followed Maria into the kitchen. "So?" I asked. Maria turned around to face me. The smile on her face was from ear to ear. That's when she told me about the events following her arrival back home that morning. Trey was utterly pissed off when she admitted to him what had happened. But the more they talked about it, the more he got turned on. Throughout explaining every little detail with him, he became more excited. So excited that he actually popped a RAGING hard-on after years of being impotent. Wasting no time, he and Maria had a fuck-fest for literally days. Maria was absolutely giddy. She was definitely enjoying making up for the lost time. Then she sprang it on me. "Well, you know that Trey has to even up the score, don't you?" "Even the score?" I asked. "Yep, I told him that since he was such a good sport about the whole thing that you and I would give him the double treatment." I couldn't believe it. I had never considered doing anything with Trey. I told Maria that I'd have to okay it with Miguel before committing, but I was game. Hell, I suppose the guy deserved a medal...or at least the fucking of his life. When Miguel and Trey came inside to eat with us, I pulled Miguel aside and quickly told him of Maria's plan. Miguel said it was okay with him if he could somehow be included. "No problem, Baby," I said, sucking his tongue as I pulled back from our kiss. Later that evening, after dinner and a few rum and cokes, Maria made the first move. She was snuggled up next to Trey on the sectional couch, and she began whispering in his ear. Trey nodded. Maria stood up and walked over to our corner of the couch, and she very gently settled down on my lap. Putting her arms around my neck, Maria began to tenderly kiss me. I saw her reach over and rub Miguel's huge bulge as she was kissing me. Miguel looked to Trey and received a nod of approval. With that, I reached over and yanked the top button on Miguel's Levi's, and the rest of the buttons popped open one by one, allowing his cock to spring out of his pants. Then Trey said, "So this is how it was, huh, honey?" "Mmm-Hmm," Maria moaned into my mouth. She was stroking Miguel's hunk of beef. Within seconds all four of us were naked. Trey's cock was about 9 inches long but thinner than Miguel's, and I couldn't wait to wrap my hungry lips around it and suck him dry. But before I could get to him, Maria spoke up and asked, "Miguel, would it bother you if another cock touched or rubbed up against yours?" Miguel thought for a second and then spoke up, "No, not at all." Trey was grinning. Maria went on to tell us that she and Trey have this fantasy. After hearing about it, Miguel and I agreed to be a part of it. Maria and I got on the rug in the middle of the room and began to kiss and explore each other. We were back in the pussy to pussy grinding position. The guys were stroking their big dicks. I could see pre-cum on Miguel's, so I knew he was really turned on. We literally fucked each other for what seemed like an hour. Rubbing our clits together, grinding our swollen wet cunts into each other, feeling our pussy juices mingle was mind-blowing. Maria came first, shooting her pussy juice right into my slit. I could feel her blazing hot cum drip down to my asshole. She reached down and began to finger my cunt and my ass. She scooted down to suck on my clit, and I exploded. I came so hard that I saw bright lights flashing. While I sat back and recuperated, Maria directed the men into their new positions. She had Trey lie on his back with his legs spread. Then she had Miguel lie precisely the same way but opposite of Trey. She had Miguel scoot up to Trey and flop his legs over Trey's. Now their balls and the undersides of their huge cocks were stacked up against each other. Then Maria left the room for a minute, coming back with a huge (practical joke) condom. She then began kissing and sucking on the two cocks that she had pressed together. I was afraid Miguel would blow his hot wad before she got a chance to do anything with it. Maria produced a pair of scissors and cut the end off the condom. She slowly unrolled it over their cocks. I couldn't believe my eyes. Two cocks contained in a huge condom, bound to each other. The guys said they were afraid to move much because they would spew if they did. Then she did it. She stood up over the guys fingering her dripping cunt. She squirted lube on their cocks and lowered herself down on their swollen heads. She grunted and moved from side to side forcing them deep in her pussy. Miguel was sucking her hard nipples while Trey fingered her heavily pigmented dark asshole. I couldn't believe it. I grabbed a hairbrush from the end table and buried the handle in my cunt. I was ramming it in and out as I watched this hot bitch fuck both of them. Her eyes looked glazed over. After about five minutes of fucking myself with the brush, I pulled it out of my hole, walked over to the three of them, and eased myself down on Trey's face. He buried his tongue in my pussy and began fingering my clit. His mouth felt fantastic, and I don't know if it was that or the sight of Maria pumping both of their cocks that made me cum again, but when I did, Maria did too. Her juice flowed down the double duo in a rush. Miguel and Trey both began to moan. Maria pulled her pussy from the double cock action, pent-up pussy juice sprayed everywhere. In a matter of seconds, we watched both cocks explode all over each other. Miguel pulled the condom from their cocks, and they both lay there, rubbing their cocks together, their cum mixing. I dismounted Trey's mouth, and while Maria held both cocks back together again. She and I licked them clean of yummy semen and yummy pussy juice. We all collapsed in a heap. It was late and time for Miguel and me to head home. After getting home, we realized that Trey hadn't yet evened the score. He hadn't fucked me yet. But I still owe him, and I'm sure he'll be calling soon to collect.
  6. My wife, Kim, is 27 years old, 5'4" and 123 pounds. She is 37-23-36.; a real dark-haired knock-out. I'm John. 29 years old, 195 pounds, 6'2". I'm blond and considered very handsome. My wife and I met in college and were soon married after graduation. We have been married five years, and still very much in love. For some reason, I suspected Kim of fooling around. Coming home late from work, leaving without telling me where she was going, etc.! I worked up a plan with my best friend and neighbor. His name is Jerry, married and a real jock. I wanted to test Kim and who was better at this than Jerry. He is known as a real stud of the area. I think everyone knows but his wife, Liz. I cooked up this plan with Jerry to be executed on a Thursday evening. Kim mentioned on several occasions how nice looking Jerry was and that he always dressed so neat. I'm not the jealous type, but this made me wonder. I told Jerry of my intentions for him to test Kim and he was agreeable and said it sounded like fun, remember we are the best of buddies. Jerry asked, what if it goes too far. I said it was OK as long as I could watch. Jerry agreed, and the plan was set. I hooked up our video cam on the dresser of our bedroom and one in our den. I called Kim from work around 6 pm and told her I was going to the hockey game with the guys and wouldn't be home until around midnight. I work for a large securities firm in Tampa and mostly men at the workplace. She bit of course. To be honest, I really didn't think Kim would be game for any tryst with Jerry, but I was just testing. Well, you guessed it; not all went as I thought it would. Jerry showed up at our front door at about 7 pm. He brought his basketball and a couple of bottles of good wine. He asked if I was home and could I come out and shoot some hoops. Kim said I was at the game and wouldn't be home until late. Jerry said his wife Liz was at her parents and wouldn't be home until later either. Kim said she hadn't shot baskets for a while and she would join him. After they played for a short period and Jerry had won 5 games of PIG, they went inside to cool off with a bottle of chilled wine. They went to the den where the big screen was, and Kim went to the kitchen to get the wine from the freezer where she had put it to chill. While Kim was in the kitchen, Jerry flipped on the video cam and waited. Kim was wearing her denim cut-offs and a halter-top, no bra of course; nobody wears a bra in Florida. Jerry was wearing his coaching shorts, which were very very short, and a T-shirt. Jerry thinks he is a Navy SEAL and never wears undershorts. The picture was perfect on the video cam, and Kim was not the wiser. After about 15 minutes of small talk about their spouses and work, Jerry started in. The subject quickly turned to sex. I was shocked at how open Kim became. I wasn't sure if it was the wine or what. Jerry started on his and Liz's sex life and how kinky they have become. Kim opened up and began telling Jerry about our sex and how erotic I have become over the past year or so. Kim began telling Jerry how I loved watching her fuck dildos and how excited I would get when she would squirt when she cums. When Kim gets really turned on, she can cum about a quart, really. It seems to never stop. Yes, it does taste like honey. Kim and Jerry were sitting on the sofa directly across from the cam, and I could see Jerry cock getting erect. You could tell Kim noticed it but tried not to look. All of a sudden Kim stopped talking, and Jerry pulled his massive tool from the side of his shorts. It was so big it looked like a baby's arm holding an apple. It was even a surprise to me, I had never seen Jerry nude, it made my heart pound. I can't even imagine how Kim was feeling about then. Jerry shook it at her and asked if she ever has seen anything like this in her life. Kim commented that Liz was one hell of a lucky woman. Jerry said there was enough to go around and he would share and was sure Liz wouldn't mind because they had been swinging for the past couple of years. Kim said if John ever found out he would kill us both. Don't forget Kim is very very attractive and has a perfect body, not a flaw. What happened next really floored me. Jerry told Kim what we were up to and showed her the video cam; he must have really wanted her pussy. Kim got real pissed at first then said let's give him a show. Kim then told Jerry she has always been faithful to me and had never thought of having an affair until that very moment. I was furious at my friend but soon got over it as I watched what happened. Both Jerry and Kim stripped off their clothes and started to get busy. Jerry went down on Kim even before he had ever given her a kiss, which told me this was just raw sex. He worked in two fingers as he licked her clit. Kim was really humping her hips as he fingered her. She was about to explode when she pulled his head up to her bountiful breast. Kim's nipples were so erect they stuck out about a half-inch or more. Jerry was sucking on one and pinching the erect nipple of the other. All of a sudden the milk started to pour. Kim had lost our baby in her eighth month several months ago and still has a lot of milk. Jerry was going crazy because he didn't know Kim was lactating. I think at first it scared him, but he soon was like a kitten lapping up her spray. Kim screamed a howl and declared she was cumming. Jerry stepped back, and in full view of the video cam, you could see the cum pouring out of Kim's sweet hole. It was just like a man cumming thick and running down onto the leather sofa. Jerry lowered his head and started licking all he could, but there was just too much. Jerry put his hand down below her pussy and let it run into his hand and palm and smeared it all over her tits and face, Kim then licked his fingers clean. Kim said she had to try and suck his cock, she could barely get the head around her lips. Kim was satisfied to lick the head and shaft all the way to sucking his balls. After about 10 minutes of this, she resorted to jacking Jerry off and fingering his asshole. After a while, Kim said she had to try it fit it inside her. Jerry positioned himself and guided that big log to Kim's pussy. It took a lot of spit lube and several attempts, but he finally he managed to get a fit. Jerry was very gentle thank heaven. It looked as if he was going to pull her insides out on the withdrawal. After about 20 minutes of this awesome site, Kim let out a high squeal and came again; not as much came pouring out this time. Jerry pulled out with a plop you could hear on video and watch her orgasm again. He said he was almost there and inserted his cock in Kim again, after about three or four minutes he withdrew and came all over her wide-open pussy. Great gobs of cum ran from her pussy to her asshole. He cum in her a little and it was running out of her like a river, Jerry got up to get the video cam up close to get a good shot of the cum flowing river. Kim got up and came back with a towel to clean up, and both looked into the cam and asked how I liked the show. As I reflect back to this, I think I got what I deserved. YES, Kim and I are still married and in love more than ever. Jerry and Liz, has since introduced us to swinging. We get together quite often, and we have met new and exciting friends. I hope you have enjoyed our story, all true and exciting.
  7. "It's really sexy," Jan spoke quietly to herself as she watched the video. "But it's just not that well filmed." Jan continued to watch herself on the tv screen. "It needs a close-up right there!" She pointed to the screen as it showed her squeezing her left nipple with the thumb and index finger of her right hand. "Then scan down and close up of this." She watched as her left hand was rubbing over her clitoris and spreading the juices of her wet pussy onto it. "Then it should back away and get a full view of me climaxing..., yes now..., I can see me..., oooh, yes..., I can tell that I'm cumming. Wow!" Jan suddenly noticed that she was again rubbing her, again wet, pussy while she watched the video. "Not bad..." Jan muttered as she came, both on and off the screen. "But, it could be so much better..., if someone else was working the camera instead of it being on a tripod." Jan had decided on the perfect Christmas gift for Mike. They had been married for so long that it was a difficult task every year. She wanted this year to be extra special because it had been such a fantastic year. Well, she knew that he always enjoyed seeing her masturbate, and loved watching erotic video's, so what else? She had decided to make this video for him. Jan rewound the tape and played it again, this time scrutinizing it even more. She couldn't help but admire her own body. Jan wasn't vain, more like proud. At forty-six her 36C breasts still stood out nicely. Full, well shaped, with large nipples that hardened so well when stimulated. She was 5'7", and at 140 pounds, her ass and legs were the perfect foundation for those beautiful breasts. Over the years Jan had let her hair grow very long, then at times had cut it shorter than she could now believe. She had even colored it a couple of times, but now, it was just over her shoulders, and the brunette/auburn color seemed to shine as the natural curliness created shadows from the lighting in the room. Jan's beautiful green eyes could light up, darken, and actually twinkle depending on her mood. As she watched the screen, she noticed that now they were closed..., as she was climaxing... "It just isn't perfect," Jan spoke to herself again after watching for the second time. "I need some help with this." The sound of the garage door opening startled Jan. She quickly ejected the tape and turned the recorder off. Placing the tape in its box, she quickly stashed it in the cabinet out of sight just as Mike walked through the door. "Hi, hon, what're you doing home?" Mike spoke as he walked through the kitchen toward the living room. "Wow! Did I interrupt something?" Mike had stopped in his tracks and was looking at Jan, still sitting in front of the tv with her robe partially opened, exposing her breasts and the thick pubic hair at her groin. "No..., not anything..., I was just..., checking channels..." Jan stopped, realizing she wasn't making any sense. She also quickly, almost guiltily, closed the robe around herself. "Awe.., you didn't have to do that," Mike gave his best pouting look, "You looked so sexy." Mike thought a second, then continued. "Really, what are you doing home? I thought you'd still be at the meeting you mentioned. If I'd known, I'd been home hours ago." "Oh, the meeting canceled, and I was just messing around until you got home," Jan was beginning to get her composure back and stood up as she spoke. "And, I'm sure ready to mess around now that you are home," Jan walked seductively toward Mike, opening her robe as she got to him, then putting her arms up around his neck, kissed him passionately on the lips. Mike was 6'2" 200 or so pounds, in good shape for fifty-one, and his blue eyes really looked good with his nearly white hair. Mike's hair had always been sandy-blond, but in the last several years had been turning a charming shade of white. As the two explored each other's mouths with their tongues, Mike reached down inside the robe and felt how hard Jan's nipples were. "She's really turned on," Mike thought to himself as he gently squeezed both of the hard knobs. "And man! Is she ever wet," Mike had let his right hand leave Jan's left nipple and slide down her soft stomach to her soaking pussy. "Damn, what did I do to deserve this welcome-home?" Mike started to rub the juices from Jan up and over her clitoris. The two continued their kiss and Mike continued his explorations of his beautiful wife's body. "Just what..., or who, do I need to thank for this?" Mike spoke as their lips finally separated. "Oh, I'll never tell." Jan grinned sexily, reached down and took hold of Mike's hand as she backed away, then turned and pulled him towards their bedroom. "But right now, I need you!" Mike followed with no protest. Jan let her robe fall from her shoulders to the floor in one slight movement, then proceeded to help Mike undress. When his shirt was unbuttoned and removed, Jan leaned closer and took one of his nipples into her mouth. She always loved to suck and bite on his small nipples. It fascinated her how they would harden, just as a woman's do, and how he seemed to like it as much as she liked having her own sucked. As she continued to suck one, then the other, kissing across his hairy chest back and forth, she reached down and undid Mike's belt and let his jeans drop to the floor. Mike stepped out of the jeans and Jan began kissing her way down his abdomen, licking the soft blond hairs, as she headed towards his groin. Using both hands, Jan slid his jockey shorts down his legs and took his now hard cock into her mouth. Jan, after removing his underwear, reached one hand under his scrotum and massaged his large testicles. With her other hand, she reached back up and began to squeeze his nipple again. Mike looked down at Jan's pretty hair, placed both hands on her head being careful not to interfere with her expert movements on his cock. Jan continued to suck up and down the length of Mike's cock. She soon had Mike about ready to explode in her mouth, and she wanted to feel and taste him. "Wait..., just a sec hon." Mike gently lifted Jan's head, pulling her mouth away from his throbbing cock. "I really want to cum inside you," Mike whispered as he helped Jan to her feet. Then he guided her to the bed and directed her to her knees on the edge of the bed in a doggy style position. Jan was so hot that she couldn't, and wouldn't, protest. She'd be able to taste his cum shooting into her mouth another time. Right now her needs, like Mike's, were urgent and she just wanted to feel his magnificent cock sliding into her well-lubricated pussy. Mike moved closer to the edge of the bed and placed his cock under Jan's pussy. Holding his cock with his left hand, he rubbed the side of it against her clitoris. With his other hand, Mike felt the wet warmness of his wife's pussy. Mike inserted a finger, and with a turn, easily found Jan's special spot that was so familiar to him after all of these wonderful years. Still making his cock rub her clitoris, Mike began to also jack his own cock off with his left hand. The feeling of her clitoris being rubbed, knowing that Mike was jacking himself off, and the extreme pleasure of his finger on her g-spot had Jan cumming in seconds. Just when she felt the orgasm begin to subside, Mike re-ignited her passion by inserting his cock, replacing his fingers, into her hot pussy. Mike put his hands on each side of her pretty ass and began a steady thrusting into Jan. Jan reached under herself and, finding her sensitive clitoris, began to manipulate it with her fingers much the way she would manipulate a small penis. As she felt Mike increase his pace, she also increased her pace of jacking off her clitoris. "I'm gonna cum," Mike's voice was extra husky as he continued to thrust faster. "OOOH! OOH, YEA!" Mike groaned as he thrust into Jan and held still. "That's sooo gooood, mmmm, yeah, ooh." Jan continued to moan and slowed down on her, now too sensitive clitoris, "That's so good..., hold it in me a little longer..., oh it feels wonderful." Jan now let her hand leave her clitoris and reached further back and found the wet base of Mike's cock still buried deep inside her pussy. "Welcome home." Jan squeezed Mike's cock as she spoke. "Welcome home lover." With these words, Jan could no longer support her weight with one arm and let herself fall to the bed on her stomach. This caused Mike's cock to slip out of her drenched pussy. Jan was too spent to move, and with her eyes still shut, her hand was still under herself, and she could feel their juices running out of her satisfied, and sensitive, pussy. "I guess I need to clean up...," Jan, without moving, said in a dreamily way. "Not really, not at all...," Mike spoke as he stared at Jan's wet pussy. "You look good to me..., in fact, good enough to eat." With that Mike slowly leaned forward onto the bed and began to lick the combination of his and Jan's cum from her thighs. At first, Jan protested that she was too sensitive, but it soon felt too wonderful to stop him. Mike moved slowly closer and closer until he was finally sucking the cum out of Jan's pussy. After he had swallowed every drop of the delicious juice, he moved on up to Jan's tight anus. Using his strong tongue to start penetrating her hole, Mike reached up under Jan and used his hands to massage both of Jan's tits. In no time Jan, regaining strength, was pushing her ass up and onto Mike's tongue. And, in no time, Jan was again cumming. When Jan was so exhausted that Mike no longer felt any movement, he helped her into her usual sleeping position, then slid under the covers beside her. In seconds, the two exhausted lovers were asleep. When Jan's eyes opened, she was facing the bookshelf with the clock beside the bed. She sleepily noticed that it was 5:45. She thought of the great sex before falling asleep..., had it just been an hour or so ago..., had it been overnight? It was dark in the room. Much darker than 5:45 in the evening..., but..., could she have slept so soundly that many hours? Jan reached behind her for Mike. The bed was empty except for her. Still groggy and confused, Jan got out of bed and went to the bathroom. The bathroom clock read 5:48. Had she totally passed out last evening? Or was it, maybe, cloudy? "Well good morning Sleeping Beauty." Mike, noticing Jan enter the study, had turned around to greet his wife. "I wondered if you'd ever wake up." "Then it's.., it's morning?" Jan's quizzical look made Mike laugh. "You really aren't sure..., are you?" Mike continued to chuckle as he went on. "Yeah, it's morning..., and you slept three days." Jan gave Mike a smile. "Sure, and politicians are honest." Jan looked more seriously at Mike as she continued. "I really can't believe I zonked like that. But then, I really can't believe how good you were." Jan walked over to where Mike was sitting in front of the computer and put her arms around his neck and kissed his head. "Thanks, sweetie. It was really great." "Oh, my pleasure..., in fact REALLY, my pleasure!" Mike leaned into Jan and felt her firm tits through her robe while squeezing her into him closer. "What're you doing?" Jan was now looking at the monitor and noticed the e-mail on the screen. "Just reading our reader's responses." Mike and Jan wrote erotic stories and put them on the web for others to enjoy. They enjoyed sharing their adventures and fantasies with others. "Oh. That's from Susan. How did she like the last one?" Jan was reading the letter as she spoke. "She was very complimentary, as usual." Mike started to explain the letter, then realized that Jan was reading it anyway. "She's always so sweet." Susan had e-mailed after the second story that Mike and Jan had posted saying she really enjoyed them. Since she had made a point of responding to everyone. Susan had let Mike and Jan know that she and her husband had actually attempted to duplicate a lot of the scenarios from the stories and really looked forward to each new one. Over time, she was more than one of the couple's respondents..., she had become a friend. "Susan! Yes of course..., maybe..., perhaps?" Jan thought to herself as she finished reading her internet friend's letter. Then out loud she asked. "Do you have to go to the conference again today?" "Yeah, it's all week." Mike looked up at Jan as he spoke. "And Friday it finishes up, but it will last on into the evening. Why? would you rather I skip?" "No, it's fine, and I know you enjoy visiting with the other writers, I just wanted to know." Jan rubbed Mike's shoulders as she spoke. "Are you ready for breakfast?" "Really, yes I'm starved." Jan went to the kitchen as Mike began turning the computer off. "Leave it on Hon, I'm going to check my mail after breakfast," Jan said nonchalantly, but her mind was forming a plan. When Mike had left, Jan returned to the study and went to her screen-name. "Well, this is an omen," Jan spoke out loud as she saw her buddy list and noticed that Susan was online. Jan sent Susan an instant message asking if she had time to chat. Jan wasn't the typist that Mike was and had installed the capability of verbal communication. She had talked several times with Susan who also had that ability with her computer. The friends had never given, or asked for, real addresses or phone numbers, mostly because it hadn't been necessary with modern technology. Even though Mike and Jan had agreed long ago to maintain a little anonymity with the readers, she would have had no problem with Susan having more information about them. After this long Susan was more than one of their readers, she was indeed a friend. "Jan, are you there?" The voice startled Jan a little, and she hesitated before answering. "Oh, yeah, hi Susan. You're up awfully early this morning. I was surprised to see you on the buddy list." " Well, Greg's out of town this week, on a business trip, and I really don't sleep well without him... By the way, loved your last story." Susan changed the subject. "Yeah, didn't Mike do a great job? It's one of my favorites too." Jan paused a moment then went right to the point. "Susan, I've got an idea that I need your opinion on." "Sure, what?" Susan didn't hesitate to help. "Well, I've decided on Mike's Christmas gift, but it just isn't working the way I'd like." "What is it?" Susan asked innocently. "Well, I'm going to make him a private video..., of me." "You mean private, as in PRIVATE?" Susan's voice let Jan know she had gotten the meaning. "Yeah, of me masturbating." "Cool, you know, that's not a bad idea for Greg too. You don't mind if I copy you, do you?" Jan relaxed now that she had it out and Susan was ok with it. Susan always had a very open and understanding manner about her. "The problem, Susan, is it just isn't that good when the camera's on a tripod." "Yeah, tell me about it. We've done a couple of home movies ourselves, and the technical stuff sucks." Susan thought a second then continued, "Hey, you film me, and I'll film you." Jan couldn't believe what she had just heard. How easy Susan made it. What Jan might have fumbled around about was now right out in the open, almost as if Susan had read her mind. "Well, you read my mind. That's exactly what I was thinking when I contacted you. Now though, how are we going to accomplish this? You live outside Atlanta don't you?" Jan asked then added. "And we live in Florida." "Well, we could meet halfway..." Susan said without hesitation, then added. "And don't you guys have a motorhome?" "Good idea!" Jan thought for a moment then continued. "Yeah, I could drive the motorhome to, say, Dalton, we could meet there, do a little Christmas shopping, then do the filming in the motorhome." "Sounds good to me Jan. How about Friday? Greg's not getting back until Saturday." "Great, then Friday it is. I'll meet you at the outlet mall around noon. Just look for our Itasca motorhome. I'll park where it's easily visible from the entrance." "See you then, and looking forward to really meeting you Jan." "Yeah, me too, Susan. See ya Friday." As Jan drove north on I-75, she suddenly had a little apprehension. She had never met anyone for anything sexual without Mike. But this wasn't just anyone, it was her, no, their friend Susan. And it really wasn't sexual..., it was a gift for Mike. "Sexual!" Jan spoke out loud to herself as she drove. "I hadn't even thought about that..., it will be sexual." Jan's mind started to wonder about how this was going to occur. She would be naked, masturbating, in front of another woman. "Yeah..., and is Mike ever going to get horny, especially when he realizes that Susan was there, and filming." Jan began to feel a familiar tingle. The thought of Mike watching the film, and knowing how hot he'd get, made her warm all over. The miles went by quickly as Jan daydreamed of her and Mike's sexual escapades. Susan was excited as she pulled onto the interstate and headed south. She had taken extra care that morning with her hair and make-up. But she kept wondering if it had been for the film that she knew Greg would love..., or was it for Jan, who she wanted to make sure liked her. As Susan drove, some old familiar thoughts that had resurfaced this week, went through her mind. She thought of high school and Karen, her best friend. She remembered the sleep-over when she and Karen had experimented with each other. As she thought again of how Karen's hands had felt on her small tits, Susan reached under her blouse and squeezed her nipple with her fingers. Driving with one hand, Susan remembered how wonderful Karen's mouth had felt on her tits. As her mind continued with her memory of Karen slowly and tentatively kissing down her belly to her pussy, Susan allowed her own hand to leave her long, erect nipple and slip down into her slacks and feel her own soft pubic hair. Susan rubbed her clitoris and thought of Karen's mouth sucking it so long ago. Susan then thought of the taste of Karen's hot pussy, how wet and delicious it had been, and she had been amazed at how much she enjoyed licking her friend. A loud horn, sounding almost like it was inside her small car, suddenly blasted. Susan quickly regained her senses, realized she'd wandered across the line in her lane and was nearly side-swiped by a truck. "Got to pay attention to driving" Susan muttered, then "and what I'm doing today." Then her mind wandered again, "What am I doing today..., what do I want to happen?" Susan contemplated her question a moment then, "I'm making a sexy film for my wonderful husband to enjoy..., and I'll meet and be with a wonderful friend. That's all, and from their stories and my conversations with Jan, that's all it'll be. Jan just wouldn't be interested." Jan pulled off the interstate at the Factory Outlet Mall. She noticed a place in the parking lot at the back near the interstate but well visible from the entrance. "Perfect!" Jan said to herself as she crossed the lot in her motorhome. "I'll face it so the 'Itasca' is visible, and the noise from the highway will cover any noise that might come from us." Jan grinned as she speculated that one. Would she and Susan really be able to let go with the other woman there? She'd sure try, she wanted this to be a really great video for Mike. Susan took the exit to the Outlet Mall and as soon as she turned into the lot saw the motorhome. Without hesitation, she drove to where it was parked and honked her horn. As she got out of her car, she saw the door open and Jan stepping out. Jan looked even better than her description in Mike's stories. Jan heard the horn, looked out to see the car parked beside the motorhome and the woman getting out, then quickly opened the door to go greet her friend. As Susan stood up, Jan couldn't help but give her a thorough once-over. Susan was adorable. She was about 5'3" or so, slim, with small breasts that, with her sheer blouse and no bra, she was obviously not ashamed of. Her face was very delicate and pretty, and her light red hair was really unique. Jan noticed a gleam in Susan's light blue eyes as the two approached each other. "It's so nice to see you finally," Jan spoke as she reached around the smaller Susan and hugged her warmly. "And you too Jan..., really so nice." "Shall we do a little shopping and get a bite to eat? I've got lot's of time..., and to be honest, I'm a little nervous about our..., well, movies." Jan blushed some as she finished. "Sure, can I put my stuff in the motorhome first? I brought a few toys." Susan got a small bag out of her car, locked the car, then handed it to Jan who put it in the motorhome. Checking to make sure she had locked the door, Jan took her friend by the hand, and they walked across the parking lot to the mall. The two talked a lot, bought a few items, then decided on a small restaurant to eat. After a very light meal, friendly conversation, and a couple of glasses of wine, they both agreed to go to the motorhome. "This is really awkward," Jan said as soon as they were inside and the door was locked. "What do we do first?" "I don't know." Susan grinned sheepishly at her friend. "I've never done this before either." "Would you like something to drink?" Jan asked. "Yes, please, my mouth is a little dry," Susan answered. "I've got soft drinks, or how about some wine?" "Oh, just water Jan." "Yeah, for me too," Jan added as she fixed the two glasses of ice water. Jan handed Susan her glass, then sat in the recliner across from Susan. "Well, here we are..., all dressed up and somewhere we need to go." Jan raised her glass to Susan, who joined the toast by adding, "Yeah, but I guess we won't be all dressed up for long." They both laughed as they clicked their glasses. "So, who goes first?" Jan looked seriously at Susan. "I don't care..., I will... if you want." Susan looked at Jan questioningly. "Ok, let me get the camera ready, while you get dressed..., undressed..., whatever." They both chuckled a little nervously as Jan got her camera out and started preparing it. Susan removed her shoes and slacks revealing her red thong underwear. She then unbuttoned her silken blouse, leaving it open down the front but not removing it. "I think I'll start just sitting right here on the couch." Susan leaned back, adjusted her blouse so it showed her small cleavage and a hint of her nipples, then looked at Jan holding the camera. "Ready when you are." Jan, looking through the camera, noticed how really lovely Susan was. She zoomed in enough to get a close up of Susan's pretty face, then scanned down to her cleavage and from one firm nipple to the other. "Oh, by the way, action..., rolling..., the camera's on." Susan now smiled seductively for the camera. "Hi, Greg." In her most sexy voice, Susan continued. "Merry Christmas, sweetheart..., and enjoy." With this said, Susan closed her eyes and began to massage her breasts with both hands. As she did, she also took every opportunity to squeeze her nipples with her fingers. Jan scanned from Susan's face to her tits. She couldn't believe how long nipples could get. As Jan noticed one of Susan's hands leave her breast, Jan let the camera follow the hand as it went down and inside the thong panties. "This is really hot!" Jan whispered more to herself than to Susan. "Keep going, I sure hope mine is this good." With the encouragement from Jan, Susan began sliding the thong panties down slowly, exposing her well trimmed pubic hair and the wet, pink, clitoris protruding out. Then Susan's left hand went back up to her long nipple, and her right hand began fingering her clitoris. For several minutes Jan watched as Susan pleasured herself. "Aren't you curious about who's helping me?" Susan had only partly opened her eyes as she again spoke to the camera. "Hand me my vibrator, out of my bag, please?" Jan kept silent. This was Susan's film. Keeping the camera as steady as possible, Jan looked to the bag, opened it, and took the vibrator out. "Would you please hold it to my wet pussy?" Susan was still looking directly at the camera as she spoke. Jan switched the vibrator on, then still looking through the camera which detached her from the action, watched as her hand appeared in the scene and the vibrator was directed to Susan's clitoris. Now Susan had both hands on her tits. Jan used the vibrator expertly on her friend's clitoris, then started moving it into and around Susan's wet slit. It amazed Jan at how it was as though she wasn't really there, just her hand. It was really neat and fun. As Jan scanned back up to Susan's tits, she heard Susan start to really moan loudly. Scanning on up to her face, Jan could tell that Susan was close. With this cue, Jan fully inserted the vibrating cock into her friend's pussy. Susan, now in total abandonment, began moaning even more. "Yes, yes lover, fuck me!" Jan now scanned back down, slowing at the sight of Susan squeezing her own nipples, then back to her pussy being fucked by the dildo held by a feminine hand. Her hand. The movie star. "Jan's Hand," Jan thought out loud, "The new sensation in erotica, nominated for the Oscar." Jan chuckled then remembering her task, got quiet again and began to film the finale. As she heard Susan's obvious orgasm begin, Jan fucked her with the movement of the vibrating dildo the way she knew she would want. As Susan reached her peak, she leaned forward and tightly hugged Jan, causing the camera to wander off its target. Susan kissed Jan on the cheek as she hugged her. Jan, with the camera in her right hand to the side of their faces, and her left hand still moving the dildo, now slowly, in and out of Susan's pussy, was at Susan's disposal and Susan kissed Jan full on the lips. Jan, knowing Susan's passionate condition, allowed the kiss to last a little longer than she might have liked, but it was undoubtedly erotic. "Oh, Jan, I'm sorry..., I just got carried away." "Hey, no problem. That was really hot! Want to watch it back?" Susan leaning back away from Jan, reached down and took the dildo from Jan's hand and removed it from her soaking vagina. "Sure, I'm dying to see it. Was it good?" "Unless I really screwed up the filming, Greg's going to love it." Jan rewound the camera as she spoke, turned the viewfinder around so both women could see, and played it back. When it got to the last part, both women watched as the camera had actually been in the perfect position to get their kiss. "Well now!" Jan grinned big and continued "I don't know about Greg, but that's Mike's biggest fantasy." "Oh, Greg will love it too." Susan looked at Jan seriously. "I think it'd be ok if you want to include that scene, or any of this, in with your movie." "Really? Thanks, and I guarantee that Mike will thank you." Jan thought for a second then continued. "And..., if you want, you can show Greg mine..., actually we could just leave them together..., of course on mine, we'll want to have my part first and your's second." The women smiled warmly at each other, then Susan leaned forward and again hugged Jan, who, having her hands free this time, hugged Susan back. Jan, partly to make Susan realize that what had happened before was ok and partly because she just wanted to, kissed Susan on the lips softly and sensuously but not for a very long duration. "Thanks for everything Susan, this is really sweet and fun." "Ok!" Susan broke the moment as she got up. "Now it's my turn to film." Susan, still in only her unbuttoned silken blouse, looked at the camera she'd picked up. "How's this work?" Jan began undressing as she explained the camera to Susan. When Jan had her shirt and bra off, Susan was looking through the lens and asked. "How do you zoom?" Jan leaned into Susan's back, reached over, and placed Susan's small finger on the correct button. "Right there, now here for zoom in." Jan then moved Susan's finger back a little, "and here, for out." Susan, feeling Jan's large tits pressing into her back was momentarily speechless. "Do you have it?" Jan broke Susan's trance. "Oh yeah.., now I've got it." Susan managed. "Ok, I'm ready when you are." Jan climbed into the bed at the back of the motorhome as she spoke. "Let me know when to start." Susan turned around, and looking through the lens, turned the camera on. "Action!" "Hi sweetie.., I hope this is everything you want it to be...," And with a sly grin Jan continued. "and, I think it will be." Susan kept moving closer to the bed filming the naked Jan. Susan couldn't help but think how great Jan looked naked. She had such wonderful tits, and she just radiated sexuality. "Would you like to be sucking these?" Jan held her full tits and squeezed her large nipples as she addressed the camera. "Your big cock would sure feel good between them right now." At these words Susan zoomed in on the tits and thought of how Greg would love to suck those large tits..., and his fantasy of fucking tits. Hers were a little too small to create a proper cradle for that. Susan also thought about how she wouldn't mind sucking them as well. "And," Jan moved one of her hands down her stomach to her thick pubic hair and into her wet pussy. "would you like to have your tongue in here?" Jan was really doing a good job of narration. Susan was sure that Mike and Greg would love the way Jan was speaking. She sure did! "Well, since you're not here...," Jan looked sadly at the camera and started to finger fuck herself slowly, "I guess I'll just have to take matters in my own hands." With this Jan closed her eyes and for several minutes she fingered her pussy while squeezing both nipples with her other hand. "Ooh..., I just can't get off this way..., I wish you were here..., but maybe a dildo..., yeah, ooh, that'd help." With this Jan turned slightly away from the camera, being obvious to be speaking to another person. "Honey, would you hand me your wet dildo..., please?" Holding the camera on Jan the best she could, Susan backed up, found the dildo, then returned to the foot of the bed. "Oh, thanks..., now would you please rub my wet pussy with it?" Jan released her clitoris and moved her hand back to her tits where the other hand had remained. Susan watched, as Jan had done, as her hand and the dildo came into the frame. She slowly started rubbing Jan's large clitoris with the dildo, then turning it on, began to run it around and through Jan's slit. "Oh that's it baby..., oh yeah," Then Jan opened an eye, looked to the camera and continued. "Mike, she's really doing that sooo good. Yeah Mike, see her sexy little feminine hand near my pussy with the dildo. Doesn't that get you hot?" Susan, realizing Jan's intent and direction, took the initiative and began to run the dildo into Jan's pussy, making sure that her fingers made a lot of contact with Jan's pussy and clitoris with each thrust. "Oh wow, and see how her hand's touching my pussy." Susan decided to go with what Jan wanted for her film, and what she wanted for her own pleasure. Sliding the dildo into Jan far enough that it would stay on its own, Susan could now rub Jan's pussy and clitoris with her hand and fingers. Jan really felt wet, smooth, and wonderful to Susan's touch. It was difficult, but Susan managed to keep the camera steady, and even to scan from Jan's face, now obviously in ecstasy, down to her pussy being manipulated by Susan's left hand. Susan could tell that Jan was getting close, so close that Jan had actually taken Susan's hand and guided it to the most sensitive areas of her pussy. Once Jan even guided Susan's hand up to feel of her large breasts. Susan was now as hot, or hotter, than Jan. Holding the camera to the side as best she could, Susan leaned into Jan's pussy and licked her delicious clitoris. "OOOH, and see Mike, she's eating me. OOOh." With this, Jan looked down at her friend's head at her groin, saw the camera to the side, reached over and took the camera from Susan and held it herself. "Look, Mike, it's our friend Susan, and she's really eating my pussy, just for your Christmas present. It feels so good!" Susan was now on the bed, up on her knees beside Jan, and was really savoring Jan's delicious pussy. Jan was really into it now, and as she filmed the action at her groin, she thought how Mike would like a scan of Susan. Jan scanned the camera over and down from Susan's head, stopping at her small breast. "And Mike, look at Susan's cute tits." Before Jan went on, she reached over with her left hand and squeezed one of Susan's nipples. "And aren't these long nipples neat? I'll just bet you'd love to suck them." Jan released the nipple, switched and squeezed the other, then began scanning on down Susan's trim body to her ass. "And I know you'll like this little ass, Mike." With this Jan was rubbing her hand over Susan's ass and down under Susan to feel of her wet pussy. "OOOh, and Mike, her pussy is really tight and wet...., yeah, you'd love to eat this, and fuck it too." Jan's narrative, along with her hand, had Susan over the edge. As she felt her orgasm close, she concentrated more on Jan's pussy. Jan, sensing the moment near, began to finger fuck Susan's pussy, still trying to get as much as possible on film. Susan came first. Jan couldn't believe how much fluid could come from a woman. "Could she have urinated? No, it definitely wasn't urine. The smell..., the feel, it was just a flood of cum." Susan, now satisfied for the moment, was determined to get her friend off. Jan, now with both hands free, could better hold the camera for her finale. Susan began to fuck Jan's pussy with her tongue, while both of her soft, delicate hands worked on Jan's tits. It only took a few minutes for Jan to reach an incredible orgasm. "Well, Mike, if you don't like this..., I give up," Jan whispered to the camera with obvious shortness of breath. "Merry Christmas sweetie." At this Jan turned the camera off, lifted Susan's face from her groin to her own face. "Thank you, Susan." Then Jan kissed Susan one more time sweetly on the lips. "No.., thank you," Susan put her arms around Jan, held her close, and gave her friend one last semi-passionate kiss. "We both know who enjoyed this the most..., thanks." Nothing more was or needed to be, said. The two women held each other and relaxed for several minutes before getting up. As Susan dressed, Jan copied the tape for Susan to take. "Well, I really need to get going..., gosh..., this has been great." Susan, now dressed hugged the still nude Jan as she prepared to leave. "Absolutely great." Jan hugged Susan back then handed her the copy of the film. "We'll have to do another filming sometime." Jan winked and laughed a little as she spoke. "Anytime Jan..., anytime at all." Susan answered a little too quickly and little too seriously, then added with a little humor, "I think we could be movie stars." Both ladies laughed as Susan went out the door. Jan, her lack of clothing preventing her from going out, waved from inside the motorhome as Susan pulled away from the parking lot. "Wow! Damn! I can't believe how great that was." Susan was speaking loudly to herself as she headed north on the interstate. She knew Jan was just making conversation about doing this again. Susan also knew now that she had really missed the experience of being with another woman. Greg had tried many times to get her to act on her fantasies, but she had never had the nerve. "Boy, is Greg ever going to be happy." Susan thought of her husband's reaction when he saw the movie. "And he'll love Jan..., and absolutely go nuts over Jan's tits." Susan continued to think about Jan, herself, the movie and Greg as she drove. "I wonder if I should contact Karen? She did give me her address and said to write to her at the twenty-fifth reunion last summer. She sure looked good..., and her husband seemed fun. I don't know why I was a little distant with her..., I'll write her a note when I get home." Susan continued to daydream the rest of the three-hour trip home. "Well now." Jan sat, still naked, sipping a glass of wine. "I really can't believe what just happened. Mike is going to love this. And I really can't believe that I liked..., no..., I enjoyed the hell out of it." Jan smiled and thought of what had just happened. "Yeah, Mike's going to love it." Thinking more of Mike's reaction to the video made Jan a little horny. "And I'm going to be made love to by Mike...my man... In fact, I need to be loved by Mike now." Jan looked at the clock and came back to reality. She quickly dressed and headed for home. ******************************** Mike knew Jan had something really neat planned for today. She had been even more childish than usual about Christmas this year. He loved that little girl in Jan that came out even more during the holidays. Mike turned the coffee pot on as he passed the kitchen on his way to the study. Going to their "story" screen-name, Mike answered the letters. Then he switched to his screen-name. He had mail from Jan. A Christmas card no doubt. "Love that gal," Mike whispered to himself as he opened it. "Aw, that's sweet...," Mike said as he saw the card that Jan had sent and started reading her message. "Disc? Oh yea..., in the drive..., ok." Mike followed the instructions Jan had written and started loading the disc into the computer. "Damn!... Wow!... Neat!... What?... Who's, who?...Susan?...Yeah, it's Susan...Wow!...All right!...Damn!...And all I got her was jewelry."
  8. SwingersBoard

    The Vacation

    We told you in a previous story how we found out that our neighbor's; Sue and Don were swingers also. Our relationship with Sue and Don have grown over the year that we have been swinging together. We have introduced them to friends of ours and they have introduced us to some of their friends as well. We not only swing with them, but we also do family things with them and Sue's two children. We have a 30' 5th wheel camping trailer and we all enjoy going to the area lakes for a long weekend of camping and water sports. This summer when Sue's kids were with their father for a month, we all decided to take our vacation together and all go camping in the mountains. Our 5th wheel will sleep six adults with ease, so the four of us would have no trouble staying together and not be crowded. Because Don and I love to fish and the girls love sunning on Don's boat when we go to the area lakes, we decided that Don and Sue would bring their boat with them and we would stay at some lakes I knew in Colorado. I had reserved a campsite at Turquoise Lake near Leadville, Colorado for the first part of the week, and one at Vallecito Lake near Durango, Colorado for the last half of the week. We left town around 7 a.m. on Saturday and drove to Trinadad Colorado, which was about 500 miles. We pulled into a pay campground to rest for the night. We were going to make the drive up to Turquoise Lake the following day. It was a cool night and was a relief from the Texas heat that we left behind, so the four of us were setting out in our lawn chairs enjoying the weather and having a few drinks. About 7 PM another camper pulled into the campsite next to us. I noticed that they were from Texas also. The thing about camping that I enjoy is when you see someone from your home state you automatically start up a conversation with them. They were from Midland, Texas and their names were Donna and Jack. They had a small pop up camper so Don and I help Jack set it up while Donna set and talked with the girls. After we got their camper set up I got two more chairs out and offered them a drink. In talking we learned that they have never been camping in the mountains and had borrowed the camper from Jack's brother just to see if they liked it and would want to buy one for their self. They also did not have any special plans as to where to go camping. I told them several places that we have been and enjoyed in the past and told them of our plans for this trip. Jack said that sounded good to him and wanted to know if they could tag along. I was a little leery because of the plans that the four of us had and of the lifestyle we lead, but they did have their own camper to stay in. I told them sure the more the merrier, but the campgrounds we were going to might be full if they did not reserve a spot in advance. After a few more drinks and small talk it was time to turn in. Don, Sue, Dee, and I went into our camper and set in the living area and started to talk. Dee and Don were setting on the fold out couch that makes into a bed, and Sue and I were setting in the two easy chairs. It did not take long for the girls to bring up the subject of Jack and Donna. {Let me describe Donna and Jack. Donna is 29 years old, 5'7' tall, around 125 lbs, long red hair to the middle of her back, green eyes, and 36-25-34. Jack is 6'4' tall, 230 lbs, blond hair, tanned, 33 years old, and built like a football player.} Sue and Dee were talking about how good looking Jack is and wondering what kind of lover he was. Dee asked Sue if she noticed how big his hands were and Sue replied that he also had large feet. I told them that they were robbing the cradle here because they were both much younger than the four of us. Sue reached over and started to rub on my crotch through my shorts and told me not to worry that I had plenty for her just the way I was. Dee said that was right and Don could hold his own with the best of them also. With that the girls started to giggle and I excused myself to go and take a quick shower. When I got out of the shower I started into the living area of the camper and saw that they had made out the couch into a bed and Dee and Don were in the 69 position eating each other. I looked up into the raised bedroom area and Sue was lying naked on the queen-size bed. She told me the others started without me so she was waiting for me to get out of the shower. I let my robe fall off and got into the bed with her. Sue started to rub my cock and it no time I was hard as a rock I was kissing her and sucking her 36c tits when she pulled away and lowered her head down towards my dick. No matter how many times Sue has sucked my cock; I still am amazed at how much she can take into her mouth. Watching her take the almost 8' deep into her mouth and feeling her hands toying with my balls, it did not take long until I started to feel an orgasmic eruption starting to build. Sue could tell I was on the edge of no return and stopped sucking me and told me she had something else in mind for my cum. She ask me to eat her pussy, which I already had made plans to do. When I put my tongue to her already wet pussy, I knew it would not be long till she gave up what it was I wanted. Sue and Dee know how much I love to taste the fresh cum of a woman and both have always been eager to give me what I wanted so much. Sue can be a screamer and a squirter when she comes, and tonight was no exception. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me deeper into her opened legs, saying 'Yes eat me, eat me faster, God eat my pussy'. She was coming in buckets; it was almost all I could do to lick up every drop of her wonderful cum. When Sue collapsed I licked her sweet pussy clean of any of her juices that I might have missed, and started to slid up her body with every intention of putting my rock hard cock deep into the pussy that I had just eaten. I was kissing her body as I worked my way up, and just as I was about to ram my dick into her as far as it would go, she said to wait a minute and she would be right back. Sue returned to the bedroom with Dee and Don in tow. She said she wanted both of us to fuck her at the same time. Don in her pussy and me in her ass. {Now both Sue and Dee enjoy getting fucked by Don and I at the same time. But fucking the ass has always been between Dee and me. I have never fucked another woman in the ass before, and no other man has ever fucked Dee's ass.} So it was somewhat of a surprise when Dee got the KY jelly and started to lube up my dick. I ask her if she was sure that this was alright with her, and she said it was because later she would get the same treatment, but with Don in her ass. Don laid down on his back and Sue got on top of him. Dee reached down ant took Don's hard cock in her hand and gently guided him into his wife's wet pussy. Sue slid up and down on his dick a few times then leaned over Don so her ass was sticking up waiting for my dick to enter her. When I got on my knees behind her, Dee took hold of my throbbing cock and slowly guided me to the opening of Sue's ass. She kissed me and told me to be gentle at first so Sue could get used to my size in her. Then she inserted my dick into her ass. The three of us started to move slowly so Don and I could get our rhythm worked out. I would be on an out stroke when Don was on an in stroke. As we started to increase our motion, Sue started to moan about how good it felt. Dee was beside us rubbing on Sue's back and one of her tits. Dee would also move her had behind me so she could play with Don's balls and mine as we were fucking Sue. I could feel Don's dick through the membrane that separated his wife pussy and her ass. All the time Dee was moving from kissing me to kissing Don and Sue, telling us to fuck her good and asking Sue if she liked being fucked by both of us at the same time. Sue was getting louder all the while with answers of yes and for us to fuck her harder. Don grabbed hold of Sue's hips and was pulling her down so he could go deeper into her wet pussy with his every stroke. I grabbed her by the waist so I could pull her back with every in thrust I made into her ass. All the time Dee was urging all of us to fuck harder. I started to feel eruption growing inside of me, when I could not hold back any longer. I thrust as deep as I could into Sue's ass and started to unload my cum as deep as I could. Sue started screaming ' yes, God yes:' and Don was pumping for all he was worth when he to thrust deep into his wife's pussy and unloaded his load of cum. Sue was so loud I was sure everyone in that part of Colorado could have heard her. I slowly slid out of Sue as she slumped forward onto Don's chest. Dee rose up to kiss me and told me that she loved me and that was so incredible to watch. I got up and went into the bathroom to clean up and when I returned the three of them were laying on the bed with Sue and Dee kissing and sucking on each other's tits. I ask if anyone one wanted a drink and Don said he did. I got a beer for Don and me and put on my robe and said I was going to step outside for a smoke. Don said he would join me and we left the girls in each other's arms as we went outside. The cool night air felt good as Don and I set in the camp chairs and drank our beer. We could hear the girls inside the camper and I told Don it is a wonder the whole camp was not awakened with Sue's screaming. He kind of laughed and said it would not be the first time she has woke up the neighbors. With drinking a cold beer and the cool mountain night air, it did not take long for Don and I to finish our cigarettes and head back into the camper. As soon as we walked in Dee said she needed a drink. We went back up into the bedroom to find the girls setting up with their backs to the headboard with a grin on their faces like the Cheshire cat. I took off my robe and set down by Dee and handed her my beer. Don went and got Sue a glass of wine and set down by her. We were talking about our planes for the next day, the girls were going to go in to Leadville and Don and I was going to take the boat out and do some fishing. It did not take long for the subject of Jack and Donna to come up again. Dee wondered what Jack would be like in bed, and Sue stated that if they were part of our little group that she and Dee could full fill their fanatic of all holes filled. Dee answered that might be true, but as for now it was her turn for Don and me to full fill her immediate needs. With that she started to rub and suck on my dick to get it hard again and Sue was doing the same for Don. Feeling my best friend fuck my wife where only I have been before was quite a turn on for me. Due to the fact that Don and I had just fucked Sue about 30 minuets ago it took us longer to climax in Dee's pussy and ass. That was fine with Dee because we got her into one of her rolling climaxes where she would climax one right after another all the while saying she cant stop and would whimper like a puppy. When we were all spent for the night we collapsed in a heap on the bed and fell asleep. To be continued. Jay and Dee Texas After our night stay over at Trinidad, we got up early to continue our drive to Turquoise Lake. Don and I helped Jack put down his camper and off we went our little convoy of three couples. It took over 4 hours to reach our campground and find the campsite that I had reserved. There was one right next to ours that was open, so Jack pulled into that one and we arranged it so we would have a common area between the 2 camps. It was almost noon by now and after a quick light lunch, Don, Jack and myself wanted to get the boat out and do some fishing. The girls were planing an afternoon shopping spree into town. After about 2 hours of fishing and a lot of get to know something about you men talk, Jack made mention about the noise that he and Donna heard coming from our camper the night before. Don spoke up about how sometimes Sue can get a little vocal, and that next time he would put a sock in her mouth to keep her quite. Jack said don't apologies that in fact it helped him out with Donna hearing Don and Sue having so much fun turned Donna on. Jack asks how Dee and I slept through it all, and I told him that we did not sleep through it in fact we were part of the party as well. With that Jack just set it total silence so Don and I explained to him that we were swingers and have been friends for years and had exchanger partners and or joined in on having sex with each others wives on numerous occasions, along with other swinging couples that we were friends with. That brought a round of questions from Jack about the lifestyle, and in fact he told us that they had talked about it in the past. He said they went to a swingers club once but did not feel comfortable and left early. I told him that it is not for everybody and you must have a strong loving relationship with your partner or it will not work for you. Nothing more was said about swinging for the remainder of our fishing trip. That night we all set out around the fire and had a few drinks and enjoyed the talk of what the girls found shopping and the fish stories we men told. Nothing was said about our swinging lifestyle, but I could tell that Jack and by this time Donna had a million questions that they wanted to ask us. Dee and I went to bed and after having told the girls about what was said out on the lake, Dee and I were talking about the reaction we felt from Jack and Donna that night. Dee and I were just about to go to sleep when we heard noise coming from Jacks camper. Seams that Donna can get a little vocal when she is having an orgasm also. Don stuck his head up into the bedroom and asks if we thought that they were having entirely too much fun and did we think that they were thinking about us and our party the night before. Dee told Don to get his mind out of the gutter and go to bed. The next morning after breakfast, we were all setting around having one last cup of coffee and talking about the plans for the day, when Don {being his tactful self} ask if anyone heard those strange noises last night. Which brought an instant shut your mouth look from Sue. {Being just as tactful as Don and knowing how to take a Que.} I said that I heard them also, but being up in the mountains its very hard to tell where they were coming from, but it sounded like they were coming from Donnas and Jacks camper. Which got me a slap on the back of the head from Sue. Donna looked me right in the eye and smiled and said if the four of us can have fun then they could also. To which I replied yes you can girl friend. That opened a flood of questions from Donna and Jack about our swinging lifestyle. We all set and talked for almost 2 hours and answered every question that they had. After a day trip of sightseeing and shopping in Aspen, we were all setting around the campfire while Don and I cooked the steaks. Jack brought up the subject of swinging again. He said he and Donna had talked about it and wondered if they could join us tonight, he did say however that they did not feel comfortable with swapping just yet. Dee spoke up and told him that everyone's wishes would be respected and if fact we have several friends that only join in soft swing but do not swap partners. She once again told them that this lifestyle was not just about sex, but about friendships and trust between friends. After dinner we all went into our camper for drinks. We could tell that Jack and Donna were nervous. So we all just set and talked for a while. Donna and I were setting in the 2 easy chairs with Jack, Sue and Don on the couch. Dee got out a large throw pillow and was setting on the floor. After several rounds of drinks everyone started to lighten up and you could feel the tension ease in the air. Jack put his arm around Sue and she in turn put her hand on his lap and started to rub his cock throw his pants. Dee went over and kneeled between Don's legs and reached up and kissed him. I looked over at Donna and said lets not be left out to which she said let's not. I took Donna's hand and led her to the floor where we used the pillow to rest our heads. I laid to where Donna could see what the others were doing if she wanted to. As I pulled Donna towards me to kiss her I could feel that she was still hesitant about what was going on, so I reassured her that all was ok and nothing would happen that she did not want to. She looked me in the eye and said she knew that it was just that she had not kissed another man but Jack sense they had been together. I just held her for a few minuets till she felt more comfortable, when all of a sudden she looked at me very wide eyed and had a suppress look on her face. She told me that Dee was going down on Don. I looked over and sure enough Dee had undone Don's pants and had his harden cock burred deep into her mouth. We also noticed that Jack and Sue were into a deep kiss and that sue had her blouse undone and that Jack was rubbing on her large tits, at the same time Sue had his dick out of his paints and was rubbing it. {I knew when I saw the size of Jacks tool that Dee and Sue would not let Don and I forget what they have always said about a man with big feet and hands. Jack had to be 10' long and almost as big around as a beer can.} The sight of the others must have turned Donna on because she pulled me to her and started to kiss me deep with her tongue. Donna took my hand and placed it under her sweatshirt onto a pair of the firmest tits that I do believe I have every felt. We broke our kiss and I ask her if they were real. She said that they were all hers and told me to look if I wanted to. I pulled her sweatshirt off and saw the most perfect set of natural breast I have ever seen. They were round and firm and she had nipples that were hard and stood out about ¾'. I slowly went down and gently kissed each one and started to suck on one and then the other. I could tell by her breathing that Donna was getting turned on with what I was doing. I slowly let my tongue slide down her flat stomach to the top of her pants. As I reached for the snap of her levies I ask her if she would mind, and she replied please do. I undid her pants and slowly pulled them down, all the time working my tongue down and around her lovely red mound. As I slid her pants off and tossed them to the side she opened her legs for me to see her beautiful wet pussy and then she ask me to please eat her. I did not need to be asked twice. I lowered my head and started to flick my tongue in and out of her already wet box. She started to moan and thrust her hips upward towards my mouth and driving my tongue deeper into her soaking pussy. I could look up and see her and she was watching what the others were doing, I had no idea what was going on behind me but from the noise I was hearing from the couch I could guess that the other 4 were having as good a time as we were. Donna started to cry out 'yes' over and over and louder and louder. She grabbed my head and pulled it into head and just started to quiver. When she came it was like a floodgate opened up. She was defiantly a squirter. I licked up her sweet juices as fast as I could and still had trouble getting it all. Donna released her grip on my head and fell limp on the floor. I slowly went up to her and gently kissed her on the lips. Her breathing was labored and coming in short choppy breaths when I heard Jack say that she is always like that after a hard orgasm. I rolled over to see what the others were up to on the couch and realized what Donna was watching. All four had their clothes off and Sue was sucking Jack's large tool with Dee licking his balls. Don was down on the floor with his head between Dee's legs eating away at her pussy. I was the only one with cloths on so I got up and undressed to join the rest of the party. Donna was starting to come around and looked up at me and told me one good tongue deserved another to which I could find no argument with that kind of logic. I lay back down on the floor and kissed Donna again and she started to lick my mouth and around my face. She said that she loved the taste of her cum and the aroma of it. I lay back on the pillow and she slid down to my hard and throbbing dick. She started by flicking her tongue over the head and then slowly would run it down my shaft to kiss and lick my balls. It did not take me long to realize that this woman knew what she was doing so I just let her go and enjoyed the feeling she was giving me. I caught movement out of the corner of my eye and saw Sue pushed Jack down on the couch straddled his face so he could eat her pussy. Dee moved down and started sucking as much of his large dick as she could. Don moved down on the floor with Donna and I and started to eat her pussy. Donna started to moan again and took my entire hard meet into her mouth and was sucking it for all it was worth. Every time Dee would take Jacks dick out of her mouth and lick his shaft and balls Sue would fill her mouth with his meet. Watching both of the girls take turns sucking and licking Jacks large tool was as much of a turn on for me as was the feeling of what Donna was doing with my dick. Sue was the first to cum, she started to cry out for Jack to go faster and faster, Dee was sucking his dick as best she could with Sue's face just inches away from it also. With Sue coming in Jack's mouth and Dee sucking him, it must have driving him over the edge. He started to come in Dee's mouth, she pulled him out and let him squirt his load on both her's and Sue's face. Both of the girls had their mouths open and tongues out trying to catch as much of his cum as they could. I have never seen a man cum as much as he did. Both girls were licking it up as fast as they could and still he was hosing them both down with his load. The sight of the girls licking all his cum off him and each other drove me over the edge. Donna must have sensed that I was about to exploded because she took me deep into her mouth where I pumped all the cum I had and she took it all with loosing a drop. Don was still working on Donna's pussy and she had her second orgasm of the night just moments after taking my load deep down her throat. We all just lay there for a few minutes without saying a word when Don spoke up and said he had not had a climax yet and that he did not think it was fair that we all had one. Dee said that she has not cum either and said, 'come on lover get over here and fuck me.' Donna and I got up off the floor to give Don and Dee some room. Don laid on his back and Dee got on top of him and reached back and took hold of his hard dick and guided him into her wet pussy. Donna and I were setting the easy chairs and Jack and Sue were on the couch, and we were all watching Don's dick hammering away at Dee's pussy. It was such a turn on for me watching my wife getting fucked by my best friend, and knowing that she was enjoying it so much. Don and Dee came about the same time and both just lay limp on the floor. I looked over at Jack and saw that he was hard and as big as every. I spoke up and ask who was next and Jack said he was. I told him to get front and center stage. Jack laid down and Donna went over and got on top of him. She guided him into her and started to ride his big cock like there was no tomorrow. It was amazing how her sweet little wet pussy could take his large tool inside with such ease, but she did and she started to hump him with a furry that made me almost cum just watching them. Her moans started as a low whisper and gradually increased into an almost scream as she came with wave after wave of pleasure. Jack came almost as soon as Donna did and as soon as he did I saw some of his cum start to drip out of Donna's pussy and run down her leg. I wondered how a man could cum as much as he did after the load he gave Dee and Sue. After they collapsed in a heap on the floor, Don, Dee, Sue and I clapped to show them that we enjoyed the show that we were privileged to watch. After catching their breaths, Donna said she was exhausted and need some sleep. Jack and Donna dressed and said good night and left for their camper. Don and Dee made out the couch into a bed, and Sue and I went up into the front bedroom. We all enjoyed the rest of our vacation, and had several more nights where all six of us partied together. Jack and Donna did become full swingers, at least with the four of us. We are still close to them and get together when we can.
  9. The following adventure occurred at a house party we attended some time back. Some of the names have been changed, but the rest is history. HIS STORY Hearing a familiar moan, I pulled open the curtain serving as a door to the alcove next to the Group Room. There was my wife Pat lying naked on a mattress with Bill’s face buried between her legs. From the sounds she was making he clearly knew what he was doing. Her eyes were closed and she was massaging her own, ample, breasts. He was naked also, and behind him his lady Debby was on her knees licking his balls from behind. I knelt down beside her and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. They were already wet. She straightened up, kissed me, then lay down next to Pat as I slid her panties off. I lowered my mouth to her dampness and slid her cunt lips apart with my tongue, then began teasing her clit. Quickly that little knob began to swell and I licked it at first gently, then gradually harder and faster. She arched her back, forcing her pelvis against my face. She was getting wetter and wetter. I slid my tongue inside of her to get more of her sweet juice, then moved back to her swollen clit, sucking it between my lips. Next to us I could hear the sounds of my wife crying out in orgasm and I knew Bill was getting a mouthful. When she comes she comes hard and wet. HER STORY By the time Bill and I got downstairs I was undressed and he was stripping. I pulled him down onto the mattress, and he right away starting eating my pussy. He has this hmmmm he does with his lips against my clit that drives me crazy. I knew Debby was there somewhere but I didn’t care. I opened my eyes and saw my husband Les come in. The way his boxers were poked out I knew Debby’d be in for a treat too. Sure enough she soon was lying beside me with my man snacking at her snatch. Bill kept licking, sucking and humming on my clit until I came big time. I was barely calming down when he pulled back and put on a rubber. Then he was inside me and I tried to wrap my legs around him to get more of his cock. Next to us Les was putting on a rubber and he started fucking Debby. Les bent over and sucked at my tit. It feels so good to have him play with me while I’m being fucked. Bill started slamming into me harder and harder. I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. Next to us Les was banging Debby almost as hard. I tightened my cunt muscles around Bill’s cock and felt it start to swell and throb inside me. I forced myself against him to get more action on my clit. Bill and Les each started cumming about the same time. So did I. Don’t know about Debby but if she didn’t it was her own fault because Les gives great head. HIS STORY Debby came hard against my face, soaking my beard and mustache. When she finally stopped squirming I rose up to put on a condom and saw that Bill was already fucking my wife. I slid my cock into Debby’s wet pussy which grabbed at me like a warm, moist hand. I started kissing her breast as we screwed. Then I leaned over and licked Pat’s big tit, moving back and forth from Pat’s to Debby’s. Debby began bucking against me and pulled my face hard against her, forcing me to bite her nipple. Next to us I heard Pat start another orgasm, and Bill was calling out that he was coming. Way too soon I was coming inside Debby’s demanding cunt. We all sort of collapsed in a naked, sweaty heap on the mattress. By this time the curtain was all the way open and we had an appreciative audience. From the other room we could hear the sounds of other couples and groups going at it hot and heavy. Pat and Bill went to get a drink while Debby and I sat and talked. Debby had her hand in my lap, playing with my limp penis. Without warning she bent over and took me in her mouth, as if this old man could get it up again that quickly. But she was persistent, so I laid back on the mattress and just enjoyed the feeling of her lips and the warmth of her mouth on my cock. HER STORY After a really great fuck I was thirsty so Bill and I went to get a drink of water. I came back and found Les on his back and Debby giving him head. I could tell he was really enjoying the lip action she was giving him. He does like to have his cock sucked. I knelt down next to him and licked his nipples. Then I decided to give him a real treat. He loves pussy, especially mine. So I pulled my panties back off, straddled his face and rubbed my pussy against his mouth. Sure enough he stuck out his tongue and licked the right spots. The more I rubbed the more he licked and the wetter I got. Looking back I could see Debby sucking faster and faster on his dick. Behind us a bunch of folks were watching. HIS STORY I looked up and saw Pat coming back into the room. She smiled at me and sort of winked. Then she started nipping at my nipples, which she knows drives me crazy. Debby was working me in and out of her mouth, and damned if I wasn’t getting hard again. Then Pat surprised me by pulling off her panties and sitting on my face. She began rubbing her wet pussy against my mouth, and I tried to lick the juices out of her. The more I licked the harder she rubbed and the wetter she got. Meanwhile, Debby was really going to town on my cock, fucking me with her mouth. With my limited vision, having to look around my wife’s thighs, I saw someone walk up to her. It was George, another of Pat’s lovers. He was standing directly over me and I watched as Pat pulled his shorts down and took his cock into her mouth. I was in heaven with almost all of my senses engaged. The wonderful feeling of Debby’s mouth suckling my dick. The taste and smell of my wife’s cunt rubbing against my face. The sight of Pat working George’s cock in and out of her mouth, and the sounds of others fucking in the background. HER STORY I was really getting off humping Les’s face. And when Debby made him moan the sound went directly to my clit. Then there was George right in front of me. I slid my hands up his legs and felt his hard-on. I didn’t waste any time getting it out of his shorts and into my mouth. He put his hands on my head while I worked my tongue around the fat head of his dick. I knew we were being watched. With Les’s cock in Debby’s mouth and my pussy rubbing his face while I had a mouthful of cock. It really turned me on knowing we were putting on quite a show. HIS STORY What an experience. My wife’s sopping pussy all over my face and a front row view of George fucking her mouth. And all the while Debby was bringing me closer with her lips. Pretty soon I couldn’t take any more. My cock began to throb and my balls started emptying into Deb’s mouth. From the way George was stiffening, I knew he was giving the same prize to Pat. HER STORY All of a sudden Les started trying to make those noises he does when he cums. He’s a real screamer! And this time I felt every scream directly in my clit. I knew Debby was getting a full load from him . At the same time George’s dick began squirting cream into my mouth. I concentrated on squeezing every drop I could out of him. Way too soon he started going limp on me and I knew I’d gotten all I could. We finally had to untangle all our limbs and cocks and mouths and pussies. I gave my dear hubby a big sloppy kiss on his face, still wet from my cunt. And yes, the audience did enjoy it. But not as much as we did.
  10. Two weeks after the house party, my cousin Karen gave me a call. She was having a rough time; she had broken up with her boyfriend nine months back and two years before that went through a divorce with her husband of more than 20 years. Her and I had been as close as sisters ever since we were little. We are only six months apart in age and both of our sisters are much older than us. Mine is seven years older than me and her's is eight years older than her. My dad and her mother are twins and we grew up a block apart in a small town. So as you can see, we were two peas in a pod, in fact many people think we are sisters. Anyways, she called to see if she could come stay for a few days or maybe a week. She lived in a town about 70 miles from us and said she just needed to get away for a while. Now I suspected there was more to it, but didn't press things. I told her to come and stay as long as she needed. I knew Marc wouldn’t mind, him and Karen got along very well, but not in a sexual way. I had told Karen years before that we were swingers and she never pursued it with any awkward questions or condescending remarks. She just accepted it for what it was, our choice and our business. I had told Marc that Karen was coming to stay for a short while, his only remark was I hope she doesn't mind if she sees me sleep walking nude. Karen arrived on Thursday evening and we all went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant. She confided that one of the reasons she had split up with John, her old boyfriend, was that he was so cheap. They would never go out and just enjoy things, even though they both made very good incomes. Marc said that’s a shame; a man should always be willing to take his lady out. Look at me; here I am with two great looking ladies. I bet you that there is more than one guy in here, wondering if I am going to get lucky with both of you tonight, then he laughed that little devilish laugh of his. I kicked him under the table and I thought I saw Karen blush. We finished the evening at the mall where she and I shopped and tried on clothes, while Marc acted bored. I knew he was really enjoying it, his macho pride just wouldn’t let him show it, and it’s a man thing. The next morning after Marc went off to work, I looked in on Karen she looked at peace, so I let her sleep in. About an hour later I heard her get up and take a shower, so I started breakfast. As we sat in the nook over breakfast, our conversation turned to Karen’s life at the moment. She confided in me that John had been abusive and just real selfish bastard. She also said, something that I wasn't expecting, she had not had any sex in almost a year! I said “none?”. She said well only with myself, and giggled and blushed a little. I quickly gave her a hug, cause I felt like she really needed one. I then kissed her softly on the cheek and told her things would get better; you are a beautiful intelligent woman. She looked at me and said, I knew coming here was the right thing to do we have always been there for each other. As we sat and talked about life, men, and our kids, who were all grown and moved away by now. She then asked me if we were still swinging, I said of course just because one turns forty doesn't mean sex has to stop. Karen said she just wasn't sure, because we hadn’t talked about it in two or three years. I told her that as a rule we don’t talk about it or any of our playmates as we call them, with anyone that isn't in the lifestyle. She then told me she was wondering about it and had a lot of questions. She wanted to know if I would answer them for her. She also asked if sometime, when she felt comfortable with it, could she go to one of the parties we attend or to a club with us. But she was not sure of what went on and if she would have to fuck just anyone. I said look, there are some basic rules, #1 being no means no. You don’t have to have sex with anyone you don’t want to. Also you don’t even have to have sex, if you don’t want to. Marc and I consider it a recreational activity. She said don’t you ever get jealous of each other, I said of course not we want each other to have fun, that is the point. As the conversation progress, she became more excited and asked many questions about the guys the gals and what all went on. I asked her if she would like to see one of our videos, she exclaimed you videotape them?. I told her we only did when everyone was in agreement and if just one person said no, then no cameras were turned on. I told her we also took digital photos that Marc had down loaded to some disc. She was even more interested and asked if she could see some of the photos and watch one, so I turned on the computer and got out a disc that had several pics of me alone, of me and Marc or of us having sex with others, I also got the DVD of the last party we attended and put it in the player. As she looked at the pictures and watched the video, I told her; you got to see this one guy and giggled a little. She said why? All I could say is you'll see. All of the people were in it and almost everyone was doing something. She was watching the part where Vickie, Robin, and Candy were going at it on the floor. I was watching her to see what her reaction would be. She was breathing a little harder and squirming around on the couch some. She didn't say anything, until we got to Sam and me, then she exclaimed, “ you let him fuck you with that horse cock!” I just laughed and said, twice. It was a little difficult the first time but the second time it was sheer pleasure. She then said, I didn't know Marc was so well endowed, and I said he’s not average, that’s for sure. We chatted for a while and I answered more questions for her, then she threw me a curve ball. She said do you remember when we were 11 or 12 and didn't know what it was like to kiss? I said vaguely, why? Well, remember we use to practice on each other, we would even French kiss. Then as we got more curious about our bodies, I found one of my father’s magazines and we began to explore our own bodies and even played with each other and ourselves. I have been having dreams about that lately, always the same you and me naked kissing, but I don’t know how it ends or what exactly we do. Well I guess I haven't forgotten and I have always kind of wondered in the back of my mind what it would be like to have sex with a woman. So now tell me, how did it feel when that girl was licking your pussy? All I could say was wonderful. I then said to Karen, do you want to fuck Marc? She said she had thought about asking, but wasn't sure if she was ready to yet. I said that was OK, look I will leave the door to our room cracked tonight, I know we will be getting it on, we always do, in fact we usually spend the weekend fucking, if the kids or something doesn't interrupt us. That or we go to either the club or a house party once or twice a month. If you decide you are up to it, sneak in and we'll give Marc a real surprise. She said OK, but she needed a man or something now, because the video was too much and she needed it now. I said well I have some toys you can use, she told me good because I brought mine too. Let’s get them out and have some fun. She went to her room and got her stuff out, while I went to get my toys. I spread out a large blanket on the floor in front of the big screen and we stripped off our clothes. She had a small bag with a couple of dongs and some lube in it, while I had a rubbermaid container about 16 by 10 inches full of stuff. My favorite toy was an egg with a clit tickler on it. It was battery powered and drove me wild. I am a squirter, so I put down a piece of plastic and two towels to soak up my juices. Karen looked at me kinda puzzled and I said you'll see. As we began she got out a very long double-headed dong maybe 16” and a bottle of Astro-glide. It was bigger than normal, but not huge, I guess just long. I laid back on a pillow and took the egg out put a little lube on it and inserted in turned it on and started to move it around a little, at the same time I would rub on my clit. Karen lubed up the head of the dong and while setting up on her knees, slid it up into her pussy, moaning as she did so. She let it set still, didn't move it or anything for a short time. She then laid back with her back against the couch and started to move it in a slow and deliberate stroke in and out. Short ones at first, then a little longer ones pausing at the end of each stroke. I reached a very long and wet climax first. Karen looked over at me, startled at the amount of juice coming out of me. She said did you just piss? I laughed and said no, I squirted my cum out. It can be intense when I get worked up and I have soaked two or three towels at a time and done it several times in a night. She said my god, where did you learn that? I told her Marc and I learned on our own, kinda by accident, and I have been squirting ever since. She asked me, do you think he could teach me, to which I replied I don’t see why not. She came over and sat right next to me putting her arm around my shoulder. I am so glad we are cousins and so close, I know you are going to be able to see me through this rough time. She then laid her head down on my lap looking up into my eyes, with tears in hers; she said I am so lonely and tired. I gently bent down and kissed her forehead, as I did she reached out and stroked my breast, saying you do have nice tits. She then started to kiss them and began to suck on one then the other. It felt so good, I had never had this kind of attention from another woman. It just seemed right that it was my cousin and I exploring each other. I reached down and fondled her tits then repositioned myself to be able to reach her wet pussy, I inserted my finger and moved it the way Marc would do me. She moaned and arched her back, grabbed a hold of my hand and held it to her pussy tighter. I put two fingers in and with another finger I started to play with her asshole. She was going wild and I was very excited also. Karen abruptly sat up and wrapped her arms around me kissing me hard and passionately. She took my hand and returned it to her pussy moaning more, more. I continued to play with her; she then put her hand on my wet and excited pussy emulating the things I was doing to her. I think we both climaxed a few times. She said I have never eaten another woman’s pussy, but I want to try now, can I? I said I will try too, so I lay down and she straddled me in the 69 position. She started very tentatively licking my lips and inserted a finger again. It felt good and much different than when a guy did it. I lowered my face close to her moist pussy lips and began to slowly lick around the outer edges. She gave a slight moan and arched herself up into me. She came almost as soon as I stuck my tongue into her wet and ready pussy. I inserted two fingers into her and pumped them in and out as I was licking her. I heard her moan louder and she just buried her face into my pussy and I could feel her tongue deep inside of me. I could feel an orgasm coming so I thought I should warn her, but she ignored it and continued licking, sucking and pumping her fingers, which by now she had taken her other hand and was fingering my ass. I shuddered as my orgasm washed over me and my juices exploded over her face. She was licking as much of it as she could and her orgasm came just as quickly and violently as mine. Now she didn't squirt as hard as me, but she did have a very intense and juicy orgasm, the juices came sliding out in a long steady stream and tasted sweet. I rolled off of her and lay there for a few minutes, and then we sat up and kissed each other hard while probing each others mouths with our tongues. She licked the juices off of my face, and kissed my tits and neck. It was a very fulfilling experience and I am glad that my first time was with Karen. We sat there for a few minutes, when she said; will you take this dong and fuck me with it, really fuck me good? I said of course if that is what you want. So she got up onto her knees and backed up to me like she was getting ready for a man except it was me, I knelt down between her legs gently pushed the dong in as far as I could and began to slowly move it back and forth, she moaned out faster, harder. So I began to move it with more vigor and soon she was arching her back and moaning Oh My God, then she said I want it in my ass. She raised her butt in the air and said give it to me! Now I know with me I need to get loosened up a bit before I can take it in the ass. I wasn't sure how to go about it for her, she looked at me and said just shove it in for christ's sake, I do it all the time. So I put some more lube on it and started to push it into her ass, to my surprise it slid right in. I began to work it and after a short while she again moaned and flex, this time tightening her ass, gripping the dong with all of her might. All of a sudden she said, bend it in two and put the other end in my pussy, which I did. She was like a woman possessed. She finally let out a long moan ending with “oh my god that’s wonderful”. Her orgasm was so intense, this time she just gushed juice everywhere. I said to her, “Oh my god, you just squirted”. She then settled down to lie on the floor and relaxed. I leaned over and asked her how she felt; all she could do grab my face and kiss me hard and moaned, lovely. I got up and went to the fridge and got us a couple of wine coolers. As I was coming back into the room, she was standing there looking at me. She then just walked right over to me and gave me a big hug and kissed me moving her tongue into mouth, she finally pulled back a little flushed and said thank you. That night after we had eaten dinner, the three of us got in the hot tub for a relaxing soak. Marc wore his loose fitting gym shorts and Karen and I wore our bikinis. Marc looked at Karen and told her she was a very attractive lady and the asshole that let her get away should have his head examined. She looked at him with a sad smile and said thank you, you really know how to make a woman feel special. We were in there for a while when Marc laid his head back and closed his eyes, he mumbled something about a rough day saying he really needed this. I saw Karen stand up; she gave me a funny look, and then took off her top followed by her bottom. I did the same winking at her. We were sitting next to him, when we both reached down and gave his cock a squeeze, and rubbed our tits up against him. She then straddled him and settled herself down onto his cock saying I want you to fuck me silly. I thought I was going to drown from laughing so hard at the look on his face. He looked at her, then at me and said what has been going on here today. I said well why don’t we all go up to our room and we'll explain. We told Marc all about the day and of Karen’s curiosity about swinging and everything we did. So we all ended up in the shower with Marc taking turns washing each of us. He would wash our hair then our bodies, paying special attention to our tits and pussies. He would rub his stiff cock up against us making us groan with anticipation, always teasing but never entering. When he was done taking care of us, we took care of him I started on his back while Karen started on his front we went from head to toe but left his cock and balls for last. By the time we got to his cock it was rock hard, Karen got down on her knees and began to lather it up and stroke it. She motioned for me to join her so I did. We rinsed it off real well; Karen then started to kiss it and suck on it and sucked on his balls. It was a real turn on for her because Marc was shaved and she had never seen or played with a man that was. I joined her in the fun, so with me on one side and her on the other we began to take turns sucking and licking his cock. When we would meet up at the head after licking the shaft we would kiss each other. Finally Marc was ready to cum, I knew because I could feel it, I didn't know if Karen knew so I told her. We moved around in front of him, his back was to the shower-head and begged him to give us his cum. Karen took his cock and jacked it till his juice came gushing out in large squirts. We put our faces together so he had a good target and he hit us both all over our faces and necks. Karen was like a woman possessed she took his cock and sucked it down her throat, all the way, something I could never do. She kissed me, licking the juice left on my face, got up and kissed him. Then started rubbing her pussy against Marc’s cock saying please give it to me. Marc told her he would be happy to, give him 30 minutes to recuperate and he would fuck her eyes out. Marc waited almost an hour before telling her he would service her anyway she wanted. She said, Mary, can I have him to myself for a while? I told her to enjoy herself, she needed to experience what it was like to be with a man after so long without one. So they headed off to the bedroom and I went to read a book. While I was sitting in the den reading and listening to Karen’s enjoyment in the bedroom {she was a load moaner and would frequently let out a long OH MY GOD give it to meeeee!}. They were at it for about an hour and a half. The phone rang, it was Betty, she said that her Sam, Vickie and Larry were going out for dinner the next evening. Nothing was planned for afterwards, we would just see where it leads and go from there. I told her about Karen and said we would join them if Karen could come too. I explained to her everything about Karen and what she was going through. Betty said by all means she was more than welcome. We talked for about an hour, just girl talk, finally Karen came out of the bedroom all covered in sweat and sat down by me. She said wow, that was great and man did Marc know how to please a woman. I told her that we knew plenty more guys that could blow her mind. She smiled and said I hope so; I want to just cut loose and have some real fun for a change. All I could say was, wow you really are coming out of your shell, aren't you? I told her that the three of us were invited out for dinner the next evening with some of our friends, but that it didn't mean we would end up playing. We sometimes just meet socially. She said that was ok, but hoped more would happen. I told her well if it does, you might get a chance to try out that “horse cock” you saw. Karen, said oh no, I don’t know if I could handle that. I assured her if she didn't want to do anything, she would not be expected to and that me and Marc would not either.
  11. We just finished up our second game of Wii Bowling and where all fairly warmed up. We had already had dinner and a couple of bottles of wine where empty when Chad opened up the third bottle and it was agreed upon that we would play two more games and then hit the hot tub to relax their “Wii elbows”. Kim says “Hey Chad, since you never did get around to beating my 16 game Pro status challenge, what do you think about making a bet on the next two games?” “Sure Kim, what do you have in mind for a bet? Guys vs. Girls teams?” Chad said. Kim looked at Jenny to see how she felt and Jenny nodded her head in agreement. “Sure we can do that then.” she said. Chad said “That's fine then, teams will be Larry and I against you two ladies. What's the wager then?” “Oh I am not sure, let's just play and we can figure it out after the games are done. Better yet, the winner of the bet can set the wager, how does that sound?” she asked. “Sure I guess that works, just makes it hard to know what I might lose.” Chad chuckles at her and Jenny and then returns to the living room with both their glasses of wine and Larry got the game started again. So the teams where set and Kim started off the first game, Larry followed Kim, then Jenny and Chad rounded out the final of the foursome. The first game wasn't too close with Larry and Chad both finishing with very close scores of 175 and 180 respectively, while the ladies had dug themselves a very large hole as Kim bowled a 195 for the high score of the first game and Jenny had the low score of the game with a 127. So after the first game the ladies where down 33 pins and we decided to switch up the order of the players for the deciding round. This time the guys lead off, Larry, Chad then Jenny and then Kim was last. The first frame everyone started off great with strikes for all four players. “Next frame is a shot frame for those people that don't get a mark in the frame” Jenny said with a laugh. “Hmm...I am not feeling shots, but how about who ever doesn't mark, then they have to take a long slug from their drink?” Chad suggests. “That's a deal, much easier than shots.” she said and all where in agreement. Larry started off with yet another strike and Chad followed up with a fairly easy spare. Jenny left the nine pine standing and had the first open frame of the game. Kim had a double pin spare to pick up and it proved to be too hard for her to handle and she followed Jenny with an open frame of her own. Kim raises her glass of wine while saying “Cheers to you partner!” and the ladies clink glasses and then take a healthy long pull from their glasses. As the game proceeds towards the end of the 9th frame for the guys, the couples add the scores up so that the ladies can see what they are up against. With Larry finishing again with a respectable 170 and Chad finishing a little lower at 168 the ladies are bragging that the door has been left open for them. After adding up the scores though the ladies still have their work cut out for them. Kim is sitting on a 181 heading into the 10th frame and Jenny is sitting at 141. They need to have 50 pins between the two of them to pull it out. “Your up Kim, no pressure we just need you to get at least 25 pins and we will be on pace.” as Jenny hands her partner the controller. Kim grips the remote and sends her first ball in motion....STRIKE! “Oh yea! High five baby!” yells Kim as she turns around and slap a loud high five with Jenny. Both ladies are hooting and hollering and feeling a lot more confident after that first ball and both are doing a little more dancing and shaking of their asses. Kim sends her second ball in motion and there's trouble. Only 8 pins and she is left with the exact same spare to pick up as she had in the 2nd frame that she choked on. “Hmm...don't panic Kim, but this looks familiar to me! Seems like you choked on this one a little earlier in the game as I recall.” pokes Chad as Kim give a sly look to Jenny. She says “Don't worry mouthy I got this!” and with that she sends her third ball of the 10th frame in motion and easily picks up the spare. More hooting and hollering is prompted by the spare by the ladies and again a round of high fives are in process. “Um, I don't mean to put a damper on the party for you two ladies, but you do realize that Jenny has to strike out now in order for you to beat us by a single pin right?” explains Larry. The ladies stop dead in their tracks and both sort of stare at Larry. “Yup you sure do and looking back at the last two games, you haven't had more than two strikes in a row my love!” Chad says as he leans in to give her a playful kiss on the lips. Jenny says “Get away from me you jerk!” and she playfully pushes him away from her and takes the remote from Kim. “Kim, don't worry, I got your back partner! No way are we losing to these guys tonight.” This first ball is then sent in motion....STRIKE! This is followed by a little bit of cheering. “Yea that is fine, you still have two more to get though sexy!” Chad yells. The second ball is sent in motion and it strays away from the head pin and hits more on the left side of the head pin instead of in the right hand pocket, STRIKE! “Oh come on, you have to be kidding me, you hit that so crappy, there must be a bug in the game.” Chad says and Larry and he both laugh knowing she can't possibly pull a third strike out of her hat can she? “One more Jenny that is all you need is one more and we will have taken these cocky boys down!” exclaims Kim with a final high five to Jenny. With that Jenny gets ready for her final ball of the 10th frame and the deciding throw for the little wager. She swings the remote and the ball is off and going, it approaches the right hand pocket just next to the head pin and hits perfectly. The pins collapse wonderfully but the nine pin is just swaying left to right but not falling down. Then the strangest thing happens, the screen on the tv sort of blinks and up pops STRIKE!!! The ladies erupt into cheers and laughing “Whooo hoooo!!! We beat your asses boys!” screams Jenny. Kim puts up both her hands and the ladies give each other high fives and start dancing around the living room shaking their asses and prancing around the room like they had just won the a National PBA Title or something. Larry looks at Chad “You have got to be kidding me, that pin had stopped moving and then the screen blips and she gets a strike?” “Yea I don't think an obvious technical error in the game should count as a win.” Chad laughs. Almost in unison the ladies say “Oh no, you aren't wimping out of the bet you sore losers!” “Fine, fine, what is the wager now that you won the stupid bet by cheating?” Chad asks the ladies. The ladies can't come up with anything that quick as they both want to make us suffer so it is decided that we will go relax in the hot tub and the ladies will talk it over on what we just lost. Larry and Chad head out to the hot tub and remove the cover and pull up two of the sides on the gazebo to let some of the steam out and to get a little bit of a breeze inside the hot tub. The ladies head off to change into their bathing suits and to no doubt plot their winning wager. After returning inside Chad heads upstairs to get into his swimming Speedo as he doesn't like bubbles in his shorts and anything baggy just collects bubbles while in the hot tub. When he returns down stairs everyone has changed and Jenny has four towels ready to go. They refill the ladies wine glasses and open up another bottle of wine before heading out to the hot tub. Larry and Chad stand in the freezing cold night air with snow beginning to fall around them as the ladies seem to take their time getting into the hot tub and getting settled. Chad holds the flap up while Larry climbs into the hot tub and finally he is able to get into the hot tub and get out of the cold air. “Holy shit that is cold out there, you think you ladies could have gone any fucking slower getting into the hot tub?!” Chad quips. “What you can't handle a little bit of cold you wimp?” Kim says. “Don't want things to “disappear” on you is that what your problem is?” and with that the ladies laugh at him. The two couples settle in and just sort of relax looking out into the night sky with the snow slowly falling around them. Kim is in the “recliner” seat with Larry in one of the corner seats. Jenny has placed herself in between Larry and Chad, while Chad sits in the last corner seat with jets. The conversation wanders around about the kids, the upcoming indoor volleyball session and just other idle talk. Chad notices frequently during the conversation that Kim keeps staring at Jenny's tits. This isn't a huge surprise as Kim has always seemed to have this “problem” with Jenny. Jenny noticed it when they first became friends and started doing lunches together. Since early on in their friendship when Jenny noticed this, she would purposely wear revealing tops that would show off her fantastic cleavage. Chad has always had a thing for Kim since he first started playing volleyball with her and her husband Larry a couple of years ago. Kim isn't the “Barbie doll” type at all, but she really just pushes his buttons for some reason. She has curves in all the right places, has a fantastic sense of humor and like his lovely wife, she also has ample cleavage that just screams out at you. Add to all that, she is a huge flirt and although Chad's not sure she really understands what she is doing, she just is constantly pushing all his sexual buttons. Who knows, maybe she does know what she is doing and that is why they seem to get along so well. Finally Jenny notices Kim staring at her tits and looks over at Chad and they share a smile with each other. Kim looks up and just smiles a little bit and then Jenny says “Hey you know we haven't yet decided what our wager is that we won yet Kim. What sounds good that we can have the guys do since they lost?” “I don't know, they could be our slaves for the rest of the evening, it would be kind of nice being waited on the rest of the evening and not have to lift a finger for a change.” suggested Kim. Chad sees a twinkle in Jenny's eye as she looks at Larry and him “I don't know Kim, is that really good enough? Is that as good as you can get for them losing to us? Especially since I had to get three strikes in a row just to win! I was thinking of something maybe a little better than that.” Kim smiles and says “Well we are already out here in the gazebo and nobody can really see us in here. What do you say to making them sit here sans trunks?” “Hmm..that could work, that seems appropriate for starters anyways. So let go boys, off with those trunks, or we will have to remove them for you!” With that both Kim and Jenny laugh and Chad looks at Larry. “You sure you really want us to do that?” I ask, “Are you willing Larry?” “Um, not really but what do we do?” he says. “If we refuse we are wimps and trying to back out of losing our bet.” With that Chad stands up and looks at Jenny and smiles, then looking straight into Kim's eyes he slowly unties his shorts and then starts to pull them down. He stop just short of showing anything off to the ladies, “Last chance to think of something different ladies.” Chad said, just in case Kim was thinking it wasn't a good idea now. However, he could see a very different, almost lustful look come over her eyes as she was watching him slowly peel his shorts off. “Nope, a bet is a bet and we won fair and square” Kim says “so off they go.” With that Chad again looked Kim straight in the eye and then slowly pulled his swimming trunks down. The first thing that Kim noticed was that Chad was shaved clean as a button. His semi-hard cock now hung not two feet from her face as she laid back in her seat and just stared. Kim seemed to realize what she was doing because she quickly looked away and looked over at Larry with that same “gleam” in her eye. Chad finished pulling his shorts off and as he was bent over Jenny reach in between his legs and rubbed his balls. “You might want to hurry and sit down or these are going to get very cold, and we wouldn't want that know would we?” She said with a chuckle. After Chad sat down, Kim looked at Larry, he must have thought she was being impatient because he quickly stands up and says “Fine off they go then I guess...sorry but I am not much of a showman.” With that he quickly pulls off his trunks and attempts to quickly sit back down. Kim though reaches over and grabs his semi-hard cock in her left hand and gives it a couple of tugs as Larry is trying to sit down. Chad notices Jenny not even trying to pretend she isn't looking and he can see her face flush a little. He wonders to himself is that a flush because of the heat and wine in the hot tub or is she really looking to maybe taste Larry's cock after all? “Hey now stop that!” Larry says as his face and neck turn bright red. Larry finally manages to get sat back down and conversation picks back up. Now Chad can see Kim not just staring at his wife's tits but she is also attempting to see through the bubbles to get a better look at his cock. After a little bit Chad is startled as he feels Jenny's hand reach between his legs and starts to stroke his cock. It doesn't take long and he's at full mast. “I am getting a bit warm in this seat, does anyone want to switch with me?” asks Kim. Everyone indicates they are comfortable in their current seats so Kim moves to the seat that is right next to Larry but has no jets. It does however raiser her a little higher out of the water to cool her down. While she is moving seats she bends over and looks straight down into the water. As she is clearly looking at Jenny giving Chad a hand job under the water. Chad takes that opportunity to get as good a look as possible down into her one piece suit at her ample breasts. Kim looks up and their eyes meet, at first she blushes thinking he has caught her watching Jenny jerk him off, then she must have realized he was looking down her suit and she smiles. Chad makes no attempt to hide both his pleasure of looking at her tits and from his wife's hand job. Just before she is able to sit down Larry reaches between Kim's legs while she is bent over and rubs on her pussy with his right hand and attempts to leave his hand there as she is sitting down. Larry pulls his hand out at the last minute feigning injury to his hand from Kim sitting on it. “Serves you right if I had trapped it there, you pervert.” she says as she leans over and gives Larry a kiss. Chad notices as she pulls away from her kiss that Kim leaves her hand under water and it is clear from the shock on Larry's face and from the movement that Kim is also providing some special attention to Larry's cock. Chad just looks over at Larry and grins and he smiles back but neither of them say a word. Chad leans over and gives Jenny a very deep passionate kiss and as they break away she whispers into his ear “I want to feel your hard cock inside my mouth. Sit up on the side of the hot tub so I can taste your cock.” Chad pulls away and looks at her and then back to Kim. Kim and Larry are busy with their own kissing and neither of them seem to be aware of what we are doing so he goes ahead and moves to the side of the hot tub. At the same time Jenny maneuvers herself between his legs and takes his cock into her hands and lovingly kisses and licks the tip. The movement of their bodies into the new positions startles Kim and Larry out of their embrace and they both just stare at them. Chad doesn't tell Jenny that they are now being watched and just looks at Kim as Jenny lowers her head onto his now hard dick. Jenny takes one free hand and starts to massage his balls as her head bobs up and down on his cock and she starts to moan and Chad can tell that she is really getting off knowing that Kim and Larry have to be watching her give him a blow job. Kim just smiles at Chad and shakes her head with a look of sexual desire in her eyes while Larry has a look of confusion. Chad is not sure if he was shocked, upset or just plain surprised. Before he can figure out which of those emotions are hidden on his face Kim says “Why don't you sit up on the side also honey, Jenny is getting to have all the fun and well I want to have some also.” Chad can see a look of panic cross Larry's face at first and he says “I don't know Kim.” Jenny must have heard either their conversation or Larry's hesitation because she lets Chad's dick fall from her mouth with wet pop and then looks at Kim and Larry. “I am so sorry, I did not mean to embarrass either of you. It was not my intention to make either of you feel uncomfortable. It's just that he was naked and hard and well I forgot who we where with in the hot tub and I guess I got carried away.” she explains with a very concerned look on her face. “You don't need to stop on our account, I was actually enjoying the view to be honest, but it does confirm our suspicions about you and Chad.” said Kim as she gives them both a devilish grin. Even though Larry has hesitated about sitting on the side of the hot tub, he clearly is having control issues as Kim is still pumping his cock underwater and now neither are trying to be discreet about the situation. Chad laughs and says “And just what are your suspicions of us Kim?” “Well it is quiet clear that you two are either swingers or have a very unique relationship, but I am betting on the first option. We have had the thought for some time now, but never would have asked out right. I tried dropping hints to see if you would bite but you never took the bait, either of you.” “What makes you think we are swingers? Just because I am naked in the hot tub and she is giving me a blow job in front of you?” he asks. “Well that helped push the thoughts along sure, but it is just the over all attitude that the two of you have. You are a constant flirt with other ladies and I quickly noticed that Jenny never gets upset with how you act around the ladies. You blurted out one evening in front of us at the house something about me having a bi side and that it was alright, Jenny has her own bi side and what guy doesn't like that. Also, Jenny and I have had many short conversations about adding a lady to the bedroom and I have caught her looking at other ladies more often than I can count. One of the last things that sealed it for us though was when we where at the bar the last time and Larry's co-worker was dancing with you. I saw how you where grinding with her all night long and I was sure that I saw her rubbing your cock through your pants and you sure were not moving away from her. Then when she confirmed to me that she had in fact played with you outside your pants and you told her to stop, not because you where going to get in trouble, but because you where going to cum in your pants, I pretty much figured it out then.” "So then if you have caught Jenny looking at other ladies more often than you can count, and that gives you an indication that she is bi and we are swingers, does that mean then that you are also? I mean I have seen you staring at my wife's beautiful tits just about every time we get together.” Chad asked and laughed out loud. This entire time Jenny has only released Chad's cock from her mouth, she has not removed her hand. He is still sitting on the edge of the hot tub and she has continued giving him a fantastic hand job and precum is oozing from the head of his cock. Kim is clearly looking at the show and sees Jenny bend over and lick the juices from the tip of Chad's cock, causing him to groan. Kim's pace picks up under the water on Larry's dick and he squirms a little bit more and Chad wonders just how close he is to cumming. “Well it looks like you better finish that job Jenny, Chad is oozing all over your hand and well unless I am mistaken, I think he would prefer to not make a mess in his hot tub. Larry, unless you want me to leave you in this state, you better get up on the side here because I am not going to leave a mess in his hot tub.” Kim says. With that said Jenny turns back to Chad and smiles as she lowers her mouth over his pulsating cock. Chad groans with pleasure and closes his eyes for just a second. He can hear a small amount of splashing and opens his eyes just in time to see Kim swallow Larry's cock all the way until her nose is nestled into his small patch of hair. Larry closes his eyes and groans with pleasure. Now all that can be heard are the tell tale sounds of slurping from the ladies and sucking sounds as Kim and Jenny work the magic on their husbands dicks. “Yea baby, suck my cock, ohhhh man that feels so great” Chad tells Jenny. “I love watching you when you are sucking my dick, but I have to say that you are missing one hell of a show here. Kim wasn't lying when she said that Larry tells her she gives great blow jobs.” She lifts her head from his dick and continues pumping it with her hand so that she can take a look over at Kim and Larry. Kim has one hand cupping and massaging Larry's balls while the other hand works in unison on his raging hard on. As her mouth moves off his cock her hand comes up from the base and they both can see her hand rotating on his cock on the way up. She repeats the motion on the way back down but in reverse. Larry is groaning with pleasure and has both hands on the back of Kim's head. Kim pulls her mouth from Larry's dick and a small amount of cum and saliva trail from her lips to the tip of his cock. When she sees that she is being watched by Chad and Jenny, she chuckles and Larry's eye open to see why Kim has left his dick. When he sees them all looking at him in his pleasure, he tries to squirm back down into the hot tub but Kim's tits are too firmly pressed against his legs to allow him to move. She quickly sucks his entire shaft back into her mouth and then pulls off once again. Kim then moves down and gently sucks first one ball and then the other ball into her mouth and rolls it around with her tongue. Larry groans loudly and says “Oh Kim, I am going to cum very soon if you keep doing that!” Chad wonders if Kim is a swallower or spitter? She did say that she wasn't going to let him leave a mess in his hot tub but that doesn't mean she will swallow his load. Kim licks all the way up the base of Larry's dick until her mouth reaches the top of where her hand squeezes out a good amount of precum and she lustily slurps that up. Then she is back to work with her mouth and hand moving in unison again on Larry's dick. Her head is moving up and down and Kim is starting to moan with pleasure. Chad thinks to himself that Kim could very well be just like his lovely Jenny, her ass is moving and grinding like she is fucking the water and appears that she may very cum just from blowing Larry. Jenny is too enthralled with watching the scene in front of her and is just jerking Chad off at a nice and slow pace. However as Chad can see Larry is getting close to cumming, he can feel his own orgasm building and he can feel that tingle in his balls as they start to tighten. “I am getting close babe, I know you weren't expecting it already, but you better bring your sweet mouth up here or I am going to explode all over your head!” Chad exclaims. With that Larry groans loudly and growls “I am going to cum Kim, get ready!” Kim moves her position just a little bit and moves her hand from Larry's cock and slips it underneath his ass and Larry groans loudly and starts pushing forward with his hips. He grabs the back of her head and yells “Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh!” as he holds onto her head and pumps load after load of hot cum into Kim's waiting mouth! Chad can see a little bit of his juices slip out of Kim's lips as she does her best to swallow each load. Kim moves her hand to catch the dripping liquid from her lips and then licks them clean. Kim starts to moan loudly and and starts grinding her ass even more and Chad begins to wonder if she is cumming also. Then she freezes “ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh MY GOD!!!!” she moans as she lifts her head from Larry's cock and shudders in an apparent orgasm. “Quick baby! Here I come!” Chad yells. Watching Kim ravish Larry's cock like than and so completely swallow his cum sends him over the edge. His balls tighten and he shoots a load of cum into Jenny's hot, moist mouth. He holds the back of her head and moans loudly and refuses to let her move her head until he has completely finished emptying his load into her mouth. “Wow that was awesome! I knew that Jenny could get off just by sucking on a dick, but Kim, you looked like you where actually getting fucked while sucking on Larry's dick.” Chad said smiling at Kim. Kim blushes a little bit and grins “The water jet over here was positioned just right. As I moved my ass while sucking his dick I was able to control the location that the water was hitting me. It felt so awesome and then hearing you cumming and Larry pushing on my head did send me over the edge.” “Well you know, since we did lose the bet Larry and we were supposed to be the ones to be “punished” I think it would only be fair that we reciprocate to the ladies and give them some release of their own. What do you think?” Chad asks Larry. “Well it is only fair, but I don't know. Kim how do you feel about it?” Chad moves back into the warm water and starts to warm his body back up. At the same time he motions Jenny to stand up. Since she is wearing her white bathing suit that has strings on both sides of her hips, it was very easy to get her bottoms off. He just reached up to both sides while she was standing and quickly pulled on the strings and then grabbed the bottoms of the suit and pulls them away. Jenny gasped at the sudden cold air hitting her newly exposed pussy. Larry and Kim where greeted with the lovely sight of her nearly bald pussy only a few feet away. Her lovely red landing strip was the only hair they where able to see from that angle. Chad gently push Jenny to a sitting position and spread her legs so that he could get a better look at her lovely, glistening pussy, but more importantly, so that Larry and Kim could also see her lovely snatch. Kim is the first to speak “Oh my god! Is that a piercing I see there?!” Jenny chuckles, “Yea I have had that for a couple of years now.” “Holy shit! That had to hurt like hell!” Kim cried. “Actually I had to have it done twice” Jenny laughs as Kim shudders at that last comment. “When we where gone on vacation a couple of years ago, I had it fall out and Chad and I where not able to get the jewelry back in while on vacation, so when we returned I had to go get it done again. It really didn't hurt as much the first time, but the second time hurt like hell, I won't lie.” With that Chad gives Kim a wink and a smile then turns his head and lowers his face to Jenny's waiting pussy. He first lightly kisses her outer lips and then slides a little to his side and lightly nibbles and kisses along her inner thigh. He drags his tongue across the top of her pussy and then down her other thigh causing a sigh to escape Jenny as he glides over her clit. “As fun as that appears, it would be very difficult for Larry and I to pull off, with me being in this one piece bathing suit, I would have to take it all the way off.” Kim explains. “Guess you should have thought a little bit more before you packed that particular suit then uh?” Chad says with a grin. “Well I didn't really think we would be sitting in your hot tub naked, well I thought it was a possibility since we knew that we would be getting into the hot tub and that you had the gazebo for a reason I am sure, but we still weren't too sure about the two of you and didn't want to make any assumptions.” she replied. “Oh he is just teasing you dear, you know Chad.” Jenny says “If it will make you more comfortable I will join you.” With that Jenny reached behind her back and removes the top to her bathing suit and tosses it to the corner of the hot tub. Her gorgeous 36C breasts fall free from their captivity inside her suit and are right in front of Chad's face. He leans up and gives first one nipple a light peck and then gently bits down on the other nipple and pulls it out slightly causing Jenny to gasp. The look on both Larry's and Kim's face is a mixture of shock and lust. Both of them stare at Jenny's now fully nude body with lust and Chad can tell that it is taking every ounce of will power that Kim has not to move over and touch Jenny's lovely tits. “Well Kim, neither of us want to make you uncomfortable and we do not want you to do anything that you don't want to do. I will not lie, I would love to see what you have hidden beneath that suit of yours, no doubt about that! In any event, unless either of you object, Jenny feels like she really needs some release since she didn't have an air jet to help her during my blow job” Chad says and smiles and Kim. Without waiting to actually receive any response Chad lowers his face back to his wife's waiting pussy and starts to slowly lick from the bottom of her crack all the way up to her clit. When he reaches her clit is gives a quick side to side movement of his tongue over Jenny's clit causing her to arch her back to force his face further into her crotch. “Maybe I could pull the bottom of the suit sideways Kim and still get enough access to allow you to join in on the fun, that is if you want to?” Jenny hears Larry say. Then there is some movement as Kim gets up out of the water and places her self on the side of the hot tub next to Jenny's naked body. Larry slides over between her legs and pulls her bathing suit to the side. From Chad's vantage point he can just barely make out Kim's full pussy lips and a dark patch of hair. He can't tell with the bathing suit on if it is just above her lips. As he is trying to get a better view Larry plunges his face into Kim's waiting pussy and she groans loudly. Chad can now hear the slurping sound as Larry is furiously eating Kim's wet pussy and he starts to think again about how wonderful it would be to switch positions with Larry. “Not tonight” he thinks, “We don't want to push this too far tonight and we really need to talk more before we go down that road with them.” Turning his attention back to his wife Chad picks up his pace from the long slow licks of her soaking wet crevice, to much shorter, quicker and harder lashes at her clit. Jenny begins to moan louder and arches her back more to give him a better access to her slit. She grabs the back of his head and mashes his face into her hole. As Chad feels Jenny's thighs beginning to shiver he recognized the sign that she is on the brink of orgasm. With that, he concentrates his tongue on her clit and moves the ring back and forth over her nub and Jenny start praying. “Oh god, ohhh god, Ohhhh myyyyyy GODDDDDDDD! I AM CUMMING!!!!!!” and then Chad feels her body quake and shiver and her juices flood from her pussy and drip down his chin. Jenny bucks and thrusts against his face and Chad has to use both hands to grab a hold of her ass to keep Jenny from moving away from his face. Chad sucks hard on her clit and bring it completely into his mouth and he is rewarded with yet another scream from Jenny and another wave of warm juices. Jenny's second scream started out loud but then suddenly became a muffled low growl. Chad releases his hold on Jenny's clit and glances up to see what has happened and sees Jenny and Kim locked in a deep, passionate kiss. Tongues are lashing at each other and Kim has her hand caressing Jenny's tit. Chad can feel a tingling in his balls and his cock starts to bounce with excitement watching his wife as she makes out with their dear friend Kim. Jenny lowers her hand to try and reach inside Kim's bathing suit top but the top is to tight to actually let Kim's large breast out. While still kissing Kim, Jenny reaches over and pulls the bathing suit off Kim's shoulders and down to expose her very large tits. Chad blurts out “Wow!” before he can catch himself as he gets his very first full glimpse of Kim's awesome tits, sitting mere inches from his face. Kim's full tits have deep brown aureoles and huge nipples that protrude out so much you could hang a coat hanger on them! The sound of Chad's voice snaps Kim out of her sexual coma and she releases her hold on Jenny's tit and looks down at Chad. “Oh my god! I am so sorry! I don't know what came over me, but when you started cumming I just lost control and had to touch your tits and kiss you.” Kim blushes and looks down at Larry. Larry had stopped his licking but had inserted a couple of fingers into her snatch and was slowly moving them in and out of her pussy and watching his wife make out with Jenny. “No reason to be sorry Kim” Larry says “Something tells me that Jenny nor Chad were all that offended.” as he smiles up at Jenny. “I am sorry if I went a little too far Kim. I was over come with my own sexual excitement and when you started kissing and caressing me I guess I thought it was ok to play with you.” Jenny says. “Oh no, you are fine, I just don't know what came over me, but it was awesome! Larry I am sort of trapped in this suit right now and it is uncomfortable, plus I am the only one with clothes on. Let me stand up and help me out of it will you?” Kim asks. Larry and Jenny both say at the same time “Are you sure about that Kim?” Instead of answering them, Kim stands up and starts to peel her bathing suit down over her hips. She stops just briefly before reveling her pussy and looks at her husband to make sure he is ok with what she is about to do. Larry smiles at her and silently nods his head in approval and then Kim looks into Chad's eyes to watch his reaction as he gets a much better look at her dripping pussy. She pulls the bathing suit completely down and steps out of it and then drops it behind her in the corner. Kim then sits back down next to Jenny completely naked and spreads her legs open to her husband. Chad can finally see that Kim does in fact keep her actual pussy and lips clean shaven with just a tuft of brown hair at the top. Not quiet a landing strip, but a little box if you will. Chad can now see that her pussy lips are swollen and very large and her clit is standing tall and begging for someone to lick and suck on it. Chad looks up at Kim and says “Yummy! I know I have called you sexy many times before and I truly meant in then, but now, the word doesn't even come close to giving you justice. Larry, you are one extremely lucky man I will tell you that!” Kim again blushes and looks down at her husband. “Thank you, Jenny is looking super hot herself! Now that I know Kim doesn't mind me looking at her naked body I don't feel so bad voicing that opinion.” Larry slips two fingers into Kim's already sloppy pussy and she groan. He then lowers his mouth to those swollen lips and starts to lick her pussy very slowly at first. He can taste her sweet juices as they flow from her pussy, over his fingers and into his mouth. As Kim starts to moan louder she grabs the back of his head with one hand and pushes his head harder into her pussy. She sees Jenny move out of the corner of her eye and Jenny lowers her head down to take one of Kim's large nipples into her mouth. Jenny slowly and gently rolls the nipple around in her mouth and flicks it with her tongue back and forth. Jenny reaches up and massages the other breast with her hand and continues her assault on Kim's tit. The sensations of her husband licking her pussy and finger fucking her and having Jenny sucking on her tit are too much. Her second orgasm hits Kim with an unexpected force and she can feel her juices flooding out of her pussy and into Larry's waiting mouth. “Ohhh YESSSSSSSSS!, GOD that feels sooooo good!!!” she moans. Jenny then moves from her tit to lay a deep passionate kiss on Kim again while she continues to rock back and forth on Larry's tongue as wave after wave of pleasure roll through her lower regions. Chad sees that Jenny's pussy is dripping and swollen and knows that she needs more attention. Chad slips his index finger into Jenny's pussy and starts to gently rub her g-spot. Jenny moans into Kim's mouth as Chad licks her clit. Since Jenny has already came once Chad knows that the time for slow and gentle have long passed. He concentrates on her hard clit with very quick and very hard licks and starts to pump furiously at her g-spot. Jenny's hot pussy juice is coating Chad's finger and making his chin slick. Jenny exclaims “I am going to cum again baby! Keep going...don't stop...here it comes! Oh God!!!!” Sensing that Jenny is about to shower him with her cum, he moves his head away and continues to massage her g-spot. The orgasm starts deep in her stomach and the pressure builds. Kim decides to return the favor and helps Jenny reach climax by bending over and sucking her nipple into her mouth. The hot moisture of Kim's mouth on her nipple and the slight pain and pleasure from Kim biting down on her nipple sends her over the edge. The orgasm hits her completely and she yells “Yessss!!!!!!” as she squirts juices over Chad's shoulder and into the hot tub. A steady stream of pussy juice streaks out of her pussy and soaks Chad's face and shoulder and Larry says “Holy shit! Did you just see that Kim!” “Yea that was awesome and I am glad I was able to help you over the edge sweetie. Do you do that often?” she asks Jenny. Jenny is still in her sexual fog after her orgasm and doesn't notice that Kim is talking to her. Of course it doesn't help that Chad is still massaging her g-spot and Kim still has her tits in her hands. “Um babe, Kim is talking to you” Chad says and we all laugh. “What??” Jenny seems to come back to the rest of us. “Kim was wondering if you squirt like that often.” Chad tells Jenny. “Oh I can yea, one of the benefits of the piercing is that it has really made my orgasms much more intense. I could always squirt, but after getting that done it has been much easier and much more intense. Chad seems to really enjoy it when I do that also.” She says as she bends down to give him a kiss, tasting her own juices still on my mouth. Chad and Larry both sit back in the hot tub to rest and the ladies ease off the side of the hot tub to get warm. They are sitting still fairly close to each other and after a few minutes Kim looks over and appears to catch Jenny staring at her tits again. Kim moves over next to Jenny and leans in and kisses her gently on the mouth. “Do you think I can have a little closer look at your piercing? I couldn't see it very well from where I was sitting.” she whispers into her ear. Jenny, not knowing for sure exactly what Kim means hesitantly slide back up on the side of the hot tub. Kim moves her hand up to spread Jenny's lips so she can get a better view of her ring. “And it doesn't hurt at all now when it moves around?” she asks. “Not at all, like I said it actually provides a lot more stimulation now. Before I had a difficult time cumming when I would ride Chad, but after having the hood done, wow, what a difference.” Jenny answered. “So this doesn't hurt then?” asks Kim as she rubs her finger over Jenny's clit. Jenny shudders and says “Umm.. hmmmm... no that doesn't hurt at all..ahhhh”. Chad looks over at Larry to see what his reaction is to the scene that is unfolding in front of them. “Well I am surely not going to break this up, so if Larry is uncomfortable, then he better say something because I have a feeling that Kim is just getting started.” he thinks to himself. Larry just smiles at Chad and thinks “Well I knew about her college days and I have always seen her flirt with other ladies, but I wasn't sure just how far she was willing to take it. I wonder just how far she will go this evening? Should I put a stop to this?” “And this feels good too?” Kim asks, as she lowers her mouth to Jenny's pussy. She first kisses the entire pussy and slowly licks up her moist slit. Jenny moans and puts a hand gently on top of Kim's head. “No that definitely doesn't hurt, but be careful what you are starting there sweetie.” “Oh I know exactly what I am doing, I have been trying to get you to see it for months now.” Kim says and then she inserts one finger into Jenny's pussy and starts to lavish her pussy with her tongue. Jenny starts to moan softly and rock her hips forward to give Kim a better, more comfortable angle of her pussy. Kim curls her finger upwards and rubs Jenny's swollen g-spot and quickens the pace of her tongue on her clit. Jenny clit is super sensitive after having climaxed twice already and she can sense the orgasm building quickly. The newness of Kim's moist mouth on her pussy and her finger fucking is quickly pushing her over the edge. “Oh yes, oh yes, I am going to cum, do you want me to cum on you?” Jenny moans. Kim doesn't bother to take her mouth away to answer her, she just intensifies her licking and slurping of her friends pussy. Kim feels Jennys thighs start to shake and then it hits. Jenny again squirts a flood of juices into Kim's waiting mouth and Kim slips a second finger into Jenny's pussy and pumps furiously with her hand. Jenny is moaning loudly and crushes Kim's head to her pussy with her hands and legs. After the orgasm has passed Kim moves from Jenny's pussy and looks at her husband. She moves across the hot tub to plant a very wet kiss on his lips. Larry can still taste Jenny's pussy juice on his wife's lips and tongue. “I figured you would like a taste of that.” Kim says with a laugh as Larry looks a little embarrassed and caught off guard. Jenny slips back into the hot tub and then says “Ok, well if you don't mind, it would be terrible of me as host to not return that favor. Would you mind sitting back up here and allowing me to return that favor to you?” she asks. “Are you sure you really want to do that Jenny? Are you ok with that guys?” says Kim. “Sexy, in case you haven't figured out yet, we really don't have many hang ups. Our only rules are never to intentionally hurt anyone and to never push someone into something they are uncomfortable with. We always move at whatever pace our friends want to go at. Once you head down that road, it is very difficult to return and well your friendship means more to us than anything else.” Chad replies. “Well I haven't ever seen Kim act like this and it is all new to me. I sort of was aware that she might have a side like this, but we have never really talked much about it, but if you want to sit up there, then by all means go ahead. I am sure we can deal with the rest of this later.” Larry replies. With her receiving her “ok” from everyone, Kim moves to the edge of the hot tub again and Jenny slides over between her friends legs. Kim spreads her legs and opens up her pussy to Jenny and once again Chad is presented with a fantastic view of Kim's nude body. The sight of her lovely large breasts, small patch of brown pubic hair and lovely swollen pussy lips makes his balls tingle again and he envies his wife's opportunity to lick that pussy. Jenny give one last look over at Larry and then up at Kim and when she doesn't hear any complaints, she lowers her mouth to Kim's waiting pussy. Kim feels first her warm breath and then her moist lips as Jenny's tongue penetrates her lips and sinks deep into her pussy. She moans softly and rocks forward a little bit, grinding her pussy into Jenny's face. Jenny takes her tongue from deep inside Kim's pussy and slides it up the length of her cleft and reaches her protruding clit. She then licks softly at first from side to side and then quickly in a vertical motion over that sweet spot. Jenny brings up her hand and inserts a finger into Kim's pussy and her finger is quickly coated with juice as Kim's juices slide down her finger and down Jenny's hand. Jenny starts to put more pressure onto Kim's g-spot while rubbing her finger back and forth picking up her pace. Tasting Kim's tangy pussy juices for the first time, Jenny moans into her pussy. Chad and Larry can see the passion in Kim's eyes as she looks from her husband's face to Chad. It is clear that Kim is no longer aware that anyone is watching her, just aware of the pleasure that her friend is providing her between her legs. Kim reaches down to cup one of her tits and starts to squeeze and pull on her nipple. Then she uses her other hand to do the same thing to her other nipple. Both nipples are swelling and protruding straight out and Kim rolls them back and forth between her fingers which sends shock waves directly to her nether regions. A long moan escapes Kim's lips and she feels her orgasm building inside her. Jenny can sense that Kim is getting very close and increases her tongue lashing on Kim's soaking wet pussy. She slips a second finger into Kim's pussy and finger fucks her with a lot of force now. Kim starts to buck against Jenny's face and finally it hits her. “YES! YES! YES! Don't stop! Don't Stop! Ugggghhhhh!” she screams loudly as roll after roll over pure pleasure explode over her. Kim falls backwards and leans against the side of the gazebo and continues to quiver over and over for what seems likes an eternity. Jenny sits up and turns to Chad “I guess it wouldn't be fair for me to keep this all for me now would it?” and she smiles at him as she approaches him to give him a deep kiss. Chad finally gets his chance to taste Kim's pussy, even if it is from his wife's mouth. The sight of watching his wife get Kim off like that, the taste of her pussy on Jenny's lips causes his dick to stand at attention again and poke against Jenny's tits. “Ok folks, as much as I would love to keep this going, I am not sure how much more I can take. Let's relax for a bit and then I need to get out of this hot tub and take my wife upstairs!” Chad says. The two couples slide closer to their respective spouses and wrap arms around each other and they all just sit and listen to the breeze and gaze at the stars. Eventually it is decided that is has gotten late and it is time for Kim and Larry to get home. Chad looks at Larry “Ok, well this has been one hell of an evening and well as I said already, we can't turn back from this road that we have started down. I think I speak for Jenny also when I say, that your friendship means way more to us than anything else. While this could turn awkward, it doesn't have to and we sincerely hope that it will not. We all had a little bit to drink this evening and things went in a different direction. If either of you are uncomfortable with what happened, please understand that we honestly never had intentions of seducing you. We would have never gone here and we really would like to talk to both of you about this in a few days to make sure that everything is ok.” “Well I can't say how we are going to feel tomorrow, but right now things feel just fine and I know that Kim and I have a lot to talk about ourselves at this point.” He says looking at his wife. “I think we both found out a little bit about each other this evening that we might not have been sure of prior to this, nothing bad mind you, just things we might have been afraid to voice prior to this.” “Well then, can I push just a little further and ask another favor then?” Chad asks as he looks at Kim and smiles. “Umm..what would that be?” She asks hesitantly. “Oh nothing major, just can I have more than just a hug good-bye before we get out of the hot tub? Just a kiss?” Chad says. Kim looks at Larry and he doesn't answer her outwardly, but sort of shrugs his shoulders. Kim moves over to sit on Chad's lap. She wraps her arm around his neck and crushes her tits against his chest as she lowers her head down to kiss him. Chad and Kim kiss passionately for a few moments, both lashing at each others mouth with their tongues. Chad's dick starts to come back to life and rubs up against Kim's pussy lips and Kim breaks the kiss. “I think that is enough for tonight. Someone has woken up again and well I am not sure we are ready for that type of friendship right now.” she says laughing as she get off of Chad's lap. “Well it isn't fair for Larry to be left out.” Jenny thinks to herself, and without even asking anyone, she moves over and straddles Larry's lap. Putting her arms around Larry's neck Jenny also smashes her lovely breasts, first into his face and then into his chest as she lowers down to kiss him. At first Larry is hesitant and was not expecting the kiss. He quickly gathers his thought and they kiss deeply for a few moments, when Jenny also feels a little movement against her lower lips. “Well Kim, looks like you have a bit of something moving over here also!” she says and both Kim and Jenny chuckle. The two couples finally climb out of the hot tub and retire to the house where everyone gets dressed. Kim and Jenny hug and give each other one last kiss good bye and promise to make some time this week to do lunch and shopping.
  12. It was almost 4 days before Jenny and Kim got back together. Jenny was starting to worry that maybe Chad and her had let things go a little to far at their last party with Kim and Larry, when she received a text message from Kim. “Hey girlie! Are you open for lunch today?” it said. “Sure I am, do you want to meet at your place at our normal time? 11:30” Jenny sends back. A few minutes later her phone dings and it is Kim again. “See you then” she replied. Jenny gets into the shower and decides to dress up a little bit for today's lunch. “Kim doesn't get out very often and I know she likes to look nice when we go out” she thinks to herself. With that she decides on her blue jean mini skirt and her pink shirt that shows off her cleavage just perfectly. After she finishes getting ready for the day and before heading over to Kim's she pops onto her laptop to give Chad a quick update via IM. “Are you around or working?” she asks. “I am here sexy! Just trying to wrap up a few reports before I head out to lunch. What's up?” Chad sends back. “I am heading out to lunch with Kim and thought I would at least give you a quick update of what is going on. I don't have a lot of information, but things seemed ok. At least she contacted me for lunch. I'll let you know what I find out when I get back home around dinner time.” Jenny sends over. “Ok, well have fun and give your new girl friend a kiss from me. Just kidding you know sexy. I love you so much!” Chad replies. “Love you too and I hope your day goes well.” with that Jenny logs off and heads over to meet up with Kim. Jenny arrives at Kim's house just a little before 11:30 and lets herself into the house as normal, just in case the little one is asleep. Jenny walks down the hall and into the kitchen and sees Kim sitting at the table feeding her daughter lunch. “Hey there little girl! Have you missed your Aunt Jenny?” Jenny says. Kim's little girl laughs and smiles at Jenny and seems to be excited to see her again. “Let me finish feeding her and we can then head out for some lunch. What sounds good today?” Kim asks. “I don't care.” Kim finishes feeding and cleaning up her little one. “Ok, would you mind keeping her for a few minutes so that I can run upstairs and change real quick? You didn't tell me that you where going to be dressed up and I can't go out with you looking like this” “Why of course I can keep her.” Jenny smiles at her “niece” as she takes her out of her chair. Kim runs upstairs and wonders what she can wear today. As she is slipping into her slacks she pauses in front of the mirror to look at her naked breasts. Seeing herself naked with Jenny just downstairs, brings back flashes of the other night that her and Larry shared with their friends at their house. “Well if she wants to tease me with her little skirt, I can play that game also” Kim says to herself. She removes her slacks and underwear and slips into a silk thong. Over that she puts on her black skirt that stops just above the knee and then slips into a pair of black heels. She puts on a lacy bra that brings her ample tits into perfect view. She slips into a blue shirt with a plunging neckline that ends just underneath her breast. After making sure that her hair looks fine, she puts on a little bit of perfume and heads down stairs. As Kim rounds the corner Jenny sees Kim's outfit. The first thing that she notices is Kim's cleavage her nipples rock hard protruding out of her shirt! Kim sees Jenny look her up and down and smiles. “Yup see I can play this way also” she thinks to herself. “So are we ready to head out?” she asks Jenny. “Yup lets go.” They get to the restaurant and get seated in a quiet booth in a corner. After ordering their drinks and food they get caught up with what has been going on lately. They continue the idle talk for a bit and then finally Jenny asks “So are we going to ever talk about the other night?” with a smile “I though you would never ask!” Kim says. “I didn't want to be the one to bring it up, but I have to say that we had one hell of a ride back to the house. Larry was the lucky recipient of more “fun” and attention the entire ride home. I was so horny that I couldn't resist” She looks around to make sure that nobody is paying too much attention or is overhearing their conversation. “After we finally got back home, we paid the sitter, and left a trail of clothes all the way up to the bedroom! We went at it for what seemed like hours and just couldn't keep our hands off of each other. There was something about watching you and Chad together, being watched by you guys and well who can forget our special time together!” “I was very concerned of how Larry was going to feel about you after watching us together. I never had any concerns oddly enough about myself and him looking at you naked. There where no jealous feelings that I thought might come around. We have talked a lot over the past few days and we found out a lot about each other.” Kim explains. “Well as for the hot sex, yeah I completely understand what you are talking about. We didn't wait to long after you guys left to restart our own party.” Jenny laughs. “There really isn't any way to describe the feeling of how close Chad and I feel with each other after a play date. We normally have a very high sex drive anyways, but it just seems after a great play date, things get taken up a notch as we relive the events with each other over and over again. So you said that you talked with each other and learned a lot, am I correct to assume then that everything is ok? What things did you learn about each other if I can ask?” “Well first I found out that he didn't think differently about me enjoying myself with you. Actually just the opposite!” Kim laughs. “We have actually talked a lot about him watching us together and well each time it always ends the same, us naked and going at it like we where teenagers again.” “Did you talk about anything else?” Jenny asked. “Um, well yeah sort of. I asked him if it hadn't been so late, how much further he would have allowed things to go? At the time everything was going on that night, I really wanted you to suck on his cock and give him pleasure like you did me. I asked him if that would have been a problem and if he would have been upset? He said that if he was able to go again and if that had been offered, what guy would say no? I hope that I didn't step over any lines that night” and she grins. Just then the waiter brings out their food and he looks at Kim and smiles. After he places the food down on the table he walks away and glances back over his shoulder. Jenny laughs and says “Well it kind of looks like our waiter has caught a little bit of our conversation. Oh well, give him something to get through his long day. To answer your question, no you didn't step over any lines and I would have really enjoyed that, but Chad and I both where not going to move things along in that direction at all. If that was or is going to happen, it needs to be at your pace and when you two decide. Now if you offered it to me, what “woman” would say no?” and she winks at Kim. “I have long suspected that Chad had the hots for you and well that was confirmed the next day. I asked him what he was thinking that night and well he didn't have to answer me for me to know what he was thinking. He said that had we met under different situations he would have gladly suggested that we move from the hot tub to our bed, but again he knew that it wasn't the right time for that....yet” Jenny says. “So if Chad had moved between your legs while you where on the side of the hot tub, would that have caused issues that night?” “To be honest, I can't answer that. At that particular moment, that evening, I think anything could have happened, but who knows how we would have felt the next day. Larry and I did talk about that subject though and the idea does excite both of us, but because it didn't happen we couldn't really give each other a good answer. We both agreed that knowing now that it is clear that there is an attraction between all four of us, that as long as we talked to each other when things felt strange, that we could have had a lot of fun.” Kim sees Jenny reach down and “adjust” her self in her seat to get more “comfortable”. She also notices that her nipples are starting to protrude through her shirt, “Hmm...interesting” Kim thinks to herself. “Hey, she is getting tired and looks like she could use a nap. Let's finish up and take her back to the house and I can lay her down and then we can finish up there.” “Ok that's sounds fine.” Jenny wonders to herself “and just what else do you have on your mind for back at your house?” The ladies finish up their meals, get their checks and then head back to the house. After getting the baby to lay down for her nap the ladies retire back to the living room to pick up their conversation again. “Well all of my conversations with Larry has given me an idea that I was wondering if you might be willing to help me out with?” Kim asks. “And just what might that be sexy?” Jenny replies having a good idea where this might be going. “Well it would be really really awesome to surprise him with a threesome, I mean if you where interested and willing that is.” Kim states. “Now that would be a lot of fun and under most circumstances we would be more than happy to help you out with that. I would have to talk to Chad about it first, but I can tell you that normally we don't do something like that until after we have had a chance to play as a couple with another couple as a group. Once that has been established and everyone is comfortable, then Chad and I are more than happy to lend out the other person to another couple to help them fulfill a threesome fantasy. Depending on how the other couple wants to play it, Chad or I can still be there to take pictures of the event or we can stay at home and just have a private play date.” “You mean you guys actually take pictures of your play dates!” Kim exclaims. Jenny laughs “Yeah we have been known to capture some of our events, for our private viewing pleasure, but again if the other couple isn't into taking pictures then we could just watch or stay home. We really only do that when we are very comfortable with another couple and feel safe enough to do it. About the only thing we have never had the chance to do yet with another couple is film the session..at least not yet.” with a wink. “I really think that if we did that, it would need to come after we all had a chance to get together first and once we knew that there wasn't any situations that come up, I would love to come over and help you and Larry with that! How does that sound?” Jenny asks. “I guess that makes sense. I actually have a second idea, but that one I want to keep to myself for the time being as I am still formulating it in my mind. Would you be willing to just go with the flow on something at some point if I asked you to follow my lead? Kim asked “I like your way of thinking, and yes I think I could play follow the leader with you easily.” Jenny says to herself “Well let see where we can take this today with both of us being sober.” “As I have said, Chad and I don't normally play alone with couples until we have played together as a foursome.” She stands up and moves so that she is sitting next to Kim. “WE have already played together as a foursome, so playing with you would not be a problem. Not to mention, well we have different rules for girls and I am free to play with them whenever I want.” Jenny then leans in and plants a tentative kiss on Kim's lips, just in case she isn't all that receptive of the idea. To Jenny's surprise Kim not only is receptive, she opens her mouth and starts to probe at her mouth with her tongue. As they kiss deeply Jenny raises her hand to caress Kim's breast through her shirt. She grasps Kim's large nipple between her finger and thumb and rolls it around and pinches down on it. Kim responds with a soft groan into her mouth and raises her hand to Jenny's head and runs her hand through her hair. Jenny moves her hand from the outside of Kim's shirt to the inside of her shirt and pulls first one breast and then the other free of Kim's shirt. Jenny breaks the kiss and lowers her face to Kim's neck. She kiss and sucks lightly at the base of Kim's neck and continues to kiss and lick slowly down her neck to tit. She kisses and sucks around the nipple, biting the skin just hard enough to get a gasp of pleasure out of Kim. Then she quickly sucks Kim's nipple into her mouth and bites down softly on it. Using her tongue she flicks back and forth over her nipple cause it to jump to attention. The combination of pain and pleasure send electrical shocks from Kim's nipple down to her groin and Kim can feel her fluids starting leak out of her pussy. Jenny takes her hand and slides it up under Kim's skirt and pulls aside the thong. She first inserts a single finger into her soaking wet hole coating it with Kim's juices. Kim moans again with pleasure and reaches one hand under Jenny's arm to rub her breast. Jenny slowly plunges her single finger in and out of Kim's pussy a few times and then moves up to find her pleasure nub. Rubbing her index finger over Kim's clit causes Kim go starts to pant. “Would you mind taking this to a more comfortable location dear?” Kim asks Jenny as she gently pulls her face from her breast and raises her up for another passionate kiss. “That would be fantastic.” Jenny grins at Kim. The two ladies make their way up into Kim's bedroom and they quickly engage again in a furious wet kiss. Kim allows both of her hands to roam over Jenny's body, starting at her shoulders, down her arms and starts to pinch both of Jenny's nipples through the cloth. Kim unbuttons Jenny's shirt and lets it fall to the floor. Reaching behind her back she undoes the latch on the bra and Jenny shrugs the bra off, allowing Kim full access to her large tits. Kim is the first to break the kiss this time. She bends over lowering her head to Jenny's breast. She slowly licks around one areola and then the other. The wetness left on Jenny's breast causes a chill to run through her and both her nipples respond to the cold and the pleasure. Jenny's nipples harden and Kim flicks her tongue over one of them and then sucks it into her mouth. It is Jenny's turn to moan with pleasure and she take both her hands and runs them through Kim's silky hair, crushing her face into her breast. Kim starts a slow journey from Jenny's nipple, down underneath her tit, kissing and sucking slowly over her belly button. She licks and kisses Jenny's navel as she unzips her mini skirt. Jenny helps attempts to move her hands down to help Kim take off the skirt, but Kim grabs her wrists in her hands. “No, I will remove this for your!” she says. Kim grabs the bottom part of her skirt and pulls the skirt down to reveal that Jenny is not wearing anything underneath. Jenny steps out of the skirt and Kim tugs her over to the bed and gently pushes down on her shoulders to get Jenny to lay down on the bed. Kim lays on top of Jenny's body and kisses her deeply again. Then kissing slowly, she slides down to kiss her on her neck, then down to her tit. She then lefts herself off Jenny's body “I will be right back, as I recall I might need a towel or two for the bed.” she says giving Jenny an evil grin. Kim returns with a couple of towels and lays them under Jenny, she then kneels on the floor and spreads Jenny's legs. Kissing down the inside of her thigh she stops right at the top of her leg. Kim then licks across Jenny's pussy stopping briefly to lick her clit side to side and then continues across to the other leg. Kim continues to kiss the inside of Jenny's thigh all the way up to her knee. Kim then returns her mouth to Jenny's love nest and begins a slow fucking of Jenny's hole with her stiff tongue. In and out she takes her tongue, alternating a slow lick to the top of her slit with the deep thrusts into her hole. Jenny begins to moan and reaches down to place one hand on the back of Kim's head. She takes her other hand and tweaks her own nipple, causing it to stiffen. Kim starts to notice that Jenny's legs are quivering and she knows that her friend is very close to climax. Kim moves from the licking Jenny's moist slit to concentrate on her clit. Sucking her clit into her mouth she continues to lick hard on her clit. “Oh god, oh god! I am going to cum, don't stop baby...” Jenny's orgasm hits her hard and she can feel her juices flood all over Kim's waiting face and touch. Jenny can hear Kim's loud slurping and lapping as she attempts to drink as much of Jenny's womanly fluids as possible. Kim looks up from Jenny's pussy with a glistening chin and says “I'll be right back, I need to get something.” She stands up and walks over to her dresser and opens a drawers. Jenny sees her remove small bullet vibe and a much larger and extremely thick, black dildo. Kim moves back over to Jenny and starts to give the black dildo a very wet blow job. Once the black dick is sufficiently slick she places it onto Jenny's clit and then turns the knob at the base of it onto low. Jenny jumps as the slow vibrations hit her most sensitive spot and sends new waves of pleasure deep into her body. Kim slowly begins to move the dildo down her slit, slowly working it into her hole. She stares in wonder as she see Jenny's pussy lips spread and begin to swallow the thick dildo. “What a visual this is from this vantage point!” she thinks to herself. Once Kim has the dildo completely inside Jenny's stretched pussy, Jenny starts to move her hips back and forth on the cock. Kim reaches over to the bullet vibe and while keeping a firm grip on the dildo, she places the vibe onto Jenny's clit and turns it on. Jenny breath escapes her and she is treated to yet another quick but intense orgasm. Kim then turns the vibrations up to high on the black dildo and start to piston the thicker meat into Jenny's pussy. Jenny's begins to gasp for breath “ohhhhh....ohhhhhhhhh, God damn!” Jenny can feel the tension building inside. “I am going to cum again! Here it comesssss!!!” The force of Jenny's orgasm takes Kim by surprise and Jenny pushes the huge dildo out of her pussy and squirts a long stream a fluid. Jenny lays on the bed bucking her hips as the orgasm rolls over her body. Jenny melts into the bed and then suddenly realizes “Hey you are still in all of your clothes!” Kim sits down on the bed and Jenny stars to unbutton her shirt. Slipping her shirt off her shoulders she bends down and places a wet kiss on first one nipple and then the other. Jenny sucks Kim's nipple into her mouth and flicks it with her tongue. As she is playing with Kim's breast, she uses her hands to push Kim down onto the bed. Releasing her nipple from her mouth causes the cool air to wash across the wet nipple and it hardens and firms from the moisture. Jenny unbuttons Kim's skirt and pulls it down over her knees, leave Kim only in her thong. Jenny looks down at her naked friend and again admires her body, her large breasts so inviting to eat. Moving lower and seeing that perfect little square of hair peaking out from under the thong and her pussy lips that are so swollen with lust that they have over taken the thong. Jenny can see the juices that have smeared onto the sides of Kim's thigh and she bends down to lick one thigh and then lightly kiss her lips. Jenny licks at Kim's moist slit once again tasting her lovely liquids. She finally removes Kim's thong and at last both of them are out of their clothes. Jenny then swings her leg over top of Kim's body and positions herself over Kim in a 69. Jenny lowers her face to Kim's crotch and begins to feverishly attack her clit. Kim groans with pleasure and lays there soaking in the sensations of Jenny soft tongue on her pussy, but also the wonderful view of Jenny's dripping lips just above her face. Jenny inserts a single finger into Kim's gushing hole and coats her finger with Kim's liquids. Then, curling her index finger upwards she searches for that perfect spot just inside her opening. Jenny feels the swollen area of Kim's g-spot and is rewarded with yet another loud groan from Kim as she begins to massage Kim's love spot and continues licking down her lips and hardened clit. Kim reaches up with one hand and probes Jenny's hole with first one, then two fingers. Jenny is still soaking wet from her earlier efforts with the dildo and vibrator. Kim reaches over and grabs the dildo again and turns it on low. She takes the tip of the dildo and rubs in up and down her crevice and then inserts just the tip of it into Jenny's pussy. She angles the dildo down so that the vibrations of the tip will be vibrating directly onto Jenny's g-spot. Jenny feels the tip of the dildo penetrate her and start to vibrate and she can feel more juices flooding out of her. Jenny inserts a second finger into Kim's waiting hole and then a third. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she hears Kim say. She changes her movements from licking up and down Kim's slit to put more focus on just her clit. Jenny suck Kim's hardened nub into her mouth and lashes at it with her tongue from side to side. The intense pressure of her clit being sucked on along with the finger fucking that she is receiving from Jenny causes Kim the pressure to build deep inside. “Almost there, almost there...keep going!” Kim pants to Jenny. Suddenly Kim arches her back what little she can with Jenny's weight on top of her and she is overrun by her orgasm. It starts as a low roil inside her stomach and rolls over her lower region. Jenny feels a gush of liquid flow out of Kim's pussy soaking her fingers, face and the bed. Jenny removes her fingers and rolls off of Kim and then lays down on top of her and kisses her passionately. “You know, I could get used to lunches like this.” Jenny says with an evil grin. “Although, next time I need to plan a little better.” Kim give her a strange look “What do you mean plan a little better?” “Well you have your toy box, I have mine. Next time I will have to bring my “little” present with me, I have been trying forever to find me a girl friend. Now I can try out my new toy if you are willing.” With that Jenny rolls off of Kim's body and lays next to her and plays with Kim's nipples while they both recover from their feast. “Well toys are fun, is it a surprise or can I know before hand?” Kim asks. “Hmmm...well have you ever been fucked by a woman? No, not what we just did but really fucked by a woman?” Jenny replies with a huge grin on her face. “Oh! Um...no I haven't, but hey I'll try anything once or twice!” and they both laugh. “Well my dear, I guess we better get dressed, that would be kind of bad if Larry where to get home a little early from work wouldn't it?” Jenny asks Kim. “Well I am sure it would be a shock to him that is for sure! So you are sure that Chad isn't going to be upset with what we did today?” “Hell no! Like I said, we have different rules for different situations and well he knows that I have been looking for a lady friend for a long time now. We have talked over the years and I am free to play with our lady friends whenever I want, he just likes to hear about it afterwards” she says. “So you will be telling him about this for sure then?” Kim blushes but she knew Jenny wouldn't be keeping this from Chad. Jenny chuckles and says “Yes I am sure we will be having one hell of an evening when I get home!” With that she bends down and takes one of Kim's nipples into her mouth again and lovingly kiss it. She then gives Kim one last kiss and gets off the bed to get dressed and return home to Chad.
  13. Many years ago when I was younger and very secure in my marriage, as the North American rep for a German company located just outside of Hamburg, I had to travel there on a fairly regular basis. My wife of 12 years somehow became very curious about the Reeperbahn District (a legal sex trade area in Hamburg) and would question me whether I visited and what was it like. As a major tourist area, I had in fact walked around it and told her it was mostly live sex theaters, sex bars, and the like. On one of my trips, I had the opportunity to bring her along. Once my business was concluded, I decided to take her to visit the area and satisfy her curiosity. After walking around for a bit, we settled on a live sex show that advertised group sex as well as attractive staff. We paid the cover charge and entered the establishment. As a very attractive hostess led us to our seats, Doris’s eyes were riveted on the action on the stage as a gorgeous brunette sucked a massive black cock while being drilled in both ass and pussy. Once we got to our booth, our hostess made it a point to let us know that should there be anything we wanted to just ask her. Looking away from the action on the stage for a moment, I glanced at the booth next to us, where a well dressed middle-aged woman hungrily deep-throated a very well-endowed waiter while her husband watched jerking off. Obviously turned on by all the action, Doris reached under her dress and started to rub her pussy. A very well-endowed waitress, approached to take our order and observing my wife’s action, knelt down in front on her and proceeded to rub her clit. Totally turned on, I freed my semi-hard cock and slid it past my woman’s parted lips. “Mmmm……ohhhh…..” my wife gasped as Ingrid (we learned her name later) leaned over and started to eat Doris’s pussy. “I’m going to make you cum with my tongue” the hot waitress announced. “Oh yeah, make me cum baby” my wife answered, momentarily releasing my cock from her mouth. Doris being a squirter, aided by the blonde’s tongue as well as the manipulations on her button, didn’t take long to drench the waitress face with hot cunt juice. “Oh my God! Cumming like that, you should go on stage and put on a show” our new friend suggested. Ingrid took our order and walked to the bar where we saw her talking to a gentleman while pointing at us. The gentleman then walked over to our table and asked for permission to join us. He introduced himself as the manager and asked if my wife could cum like she had with Ingrid often. As a matter of replying, Doris lifted her skirt exposing the still drenched pussy and begun to finger fuck her cunt. “I’ll cum faster and better if someone is rubbing my clit” she informed him, sliding down the seat clearly inviting him to rub her love spot. It wasn’t long before her pussy started gushing again. “How would you like to go up on stage and put on a show? I’ll pay you a thousand marks for each show you perform” he offered impressed by her performance. “What do you think hon? Is it ok with you?” she asked expectantly. “It’s up to you babe” I replied giving her the go ahead. “Ok! I’ll do it” she exclaimed. A few minutes later a voice came over the speakers. “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a very special treat for you. An amateur with a very special skill for your viewing pleasure” the voice announced. A spot light then fell on my wife, following her as she walked to the stage. I didn’t know what to expect as when she reached the stage, a muscular black man sporting a mammoth cock, it had to be at least 14” long and as thick as my wrist, joined her. Falling to her knees, my wife proceeded to take the monster cock down her mouth. I sat memorized as my wife took most of the huge cock down her throat. Her head bobbed up and down his length quickly, soon drawing his juice. Pulling his throbbing cock out of her mouth, she jerked the massive ebony trunk until finally he let out a loud yell as his cock exploded, sending jets of cum juice spraying into her open mouth. Swallowing most of the jism, she continued to run her tongue over the spent cock, coaxing it back to life. As she was doing that, the girl we had first seen on stage when we came in, walked on and gently pushed my wife onto her back. Moving between her legs, she began to suck Doris’s pussy. It wasn’t very long when the audience gasped in surprise as urged on by the girl’s expert cunt licking, my wife started to cum, drenching the girl’s face with her hot juice. Turning back to the again ready black dude, she guided him to sit on a chair. I watched amazed as Doris straddled him and directing his solid weapon at her ass hole, slowly lowered herself onto his meat. The look on her face was pure ecstasy as with the massive cock buried in her anal passage, she rhythmically moved up and down on his cock. Another well built man approached the anal copulating couple and slid another large cock past my wife’s willing lips. While one hand was busy stroking the shaft of the cock in her mouth, the other stroked the swollen clit. Another gasp was heard again as Doris again started to spray jism out of her pussy. Almost as if on cue, both guys shot their loads. One filling her asshole, the other her mouth, both orifices loaded to capacity with hot man juice. After Doris took a bow to enthusiastic applause, she re-joined me at our table. “You were amazing” I congratulated her on her performance. “Thanks babe. I enjoyed that” she admitted. “You’ve got to do another show” I said, trying to persuade her. “Maybe” she replied teasingly. “Now you” my wife said, beckoning Ingrid over. “How would you like to suck my husband’s cock while I lick your pussy?” Doris asked. ‘I love to” the hot German replied, sliding between us. Sliding the tight shorts down Ingrid’s shapely legs, revealing a smooth shaved pussy, Doris quickly dove for the blonde’s bald cunt, her tongue plunging past the cunt lips, savoring the vaginal juices. The big-bussomed woman moaned softly, lowering her head to capture my stiff rod in her warm mouth. “Lick her pussy honey, make her cum with your tongue” I encouraged my wife. Sensing her approaching orgasm and wanting to time my release with hers, I increased the tempo of my strokes in her sucking mouth. “I’m cummming……ohhhhh baby take it down…….swallow my cum” I cried, moments after her body trembled from the intensity of her orgasm. Doris did go back on stage again, but I’ll leave that story for another day
  14. These are all true stories of our evolution in swinging... My wife and I have been together for about 10 years and are now in our mid 30’s. We have a wonderful relationship and make each other happy every day. She’s a gorgeous Italian/Spanish mix with a beautiful tan and amazing curves. I knew early on in our relationship that she had a wild side as she loved to flash her tits to random men. I always got a kick out of it and always encouraged her to do so. She’d flash taxi drivers, men at the bar, basically anyone who’d ask. She would often get complements from men and women on how pretty she is. This happened almost every time we had a date night and it usually ended up with her making out with some random female. It didn’t take long for me to realize that watching her being pleasured is a HUGE turn on for me. About 3 years ago we were in Vegas and we decided to switch things up a bit and try out a swingers club. When we arrived to our destination, we were disappointed in the area and people inside. We’ve never been to a place like this so we didn’t know what to expect. The doorman said we could go in and check it out for a discounted rate. If we liked it, we could stay, if not, at least we didn’t pay full price. The minute we walked in, we felt uncomfortable. It was cold, dark and 90% of the people there were single, creepy guys trying to hit on her. We left and never went back to that club. She hated it and said she would never go to a swingers club again. As time went by, we found out about another swingers club in Vegas and decided to give it a try. We took a cab and were pleasantly surprised with how welcoming everyone there was. The staff gave us a tour and explained the rules of the house to us. She LOVED the place and so did I. I knew if she let her guard down, she’d have a great time. After a couple drinks she started to loosen up. We were sitting next to a good looking couple. She and the other female started talking. It didn’t take long before they were making out. The guy said they were having an after party at their house and invited us. We looked at each other and said why not? When we arrived, there were about 15 people at the house so we sat next to the couple that invited us. Turns out he’s a porn star with a knack for making a woman squirt! Well, she never squirted before and said it couldn’t be done. He smiled and said he was confident that he could make it happen for her. Not one to turn down a challenge, she agreed to let him try. They both stood up and walked to the stripper pole (probably a normal thing for a porn star to have at his house). He told her to hang on to the pole as he rubbed her legs and worked his way up her dress. He had a huge smile on his face once he realized that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He then proceeded to slide two fingers into her and slowly started to massage her clit with his thumb. He asked her if she was ready. She looked down at him with a smile and shook her head yes. He then aggressively started to thrust his fingers in and out at a feverish pace. The look on her face was pure pleasure mixed with disbelief. Within seconds she began to squirt. He took his hand out and showed me how wet it was. He then stood up and walked back to the sofa. I was speechless and so was she. The only words she could say were “can you do that again”? He laughed and made his way back to the stripper pole. He made her squirt at least 5 times that night and she loved every bit of it. Since then we’ve been back to that same place several times and she’s played with a few different females but no male contact since she learned she could squirt. The last two times, however, she stepped her game up with the male contact. It started when we were playing pool at the same swingers club. Everyone around was watching as she bent over for a shot because she doesn’t wear underwear when we go out. After we finished our game, a young black gentleman asked if he could get a game with her. It didn’t bother me so I let her decide if she wanted to play a game with him. She was ok with it and they started the game. They made simple bets on shots like if she missed a shot, she’d have to shoot the next one with her tits out. She ended up playing most of the game with her top down. On one shot I suggested that if he makes it, she would have to give him a lap dance. He made his shot so she sat him down, reached down and adjusted his cock so she could grind on it during the dance. It was one of the sexiest things I’ve seen. When she was done, she gave him a kiss and stepped off his lap to continue the game. She was losing so badly that she said “if I keep losing like this, I’m gonna have to suck his dick”. I looked at him and nodded my head in approval. As he made the last shot, she grabbed him by the hand and took him to a room in the back of the club. As they walked toward the room she looked back at me for approval. I just smiled and gave her the thumbs up. He sat down and she got on her knees, between his legs. She slowly reached up his shirt and started kissing his stomach. She then made her way down to his belt buckle, undid his pants and pulled them down. With one last look at me, she grabbed his cock and took the tip in her mouth, gave it a little suck then began to lick it up and down. She then proceeded to take the whole thing down her throat. I was amazed with her enthusiasm as she started bobbing her head up and down. By this time, a crowd formed around her. The sight of her sucking another man’s cock turned me on so much that I proceeded to pick her dress up to feel her ass. I was rock hard by then so I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out and began to slide it in her. She began to moan but because of the beers she drank, she needed a bathroom break. When she came out, she was done playing. That night she went way further than I ever thought she’d go and didn’t think she’d ever go any further... Until she proved me wrong on our next visit… It was my birthday weekend and I suggested that we go to our favorite swinger club. She agreed and we were on our way. She was wearing a very sexy, short black dress that revealed a ton of cleavage. I knew she would be getting a lot of attention that night. Sure enough as soon as we walked in heads were turning. We ran into a guy that we’ve seen there a few times before. He didn’t speak much English but we made the most of our conversation, mostly me bragging about her amazing oral skills. After about 15 min we all headed to a private room so he could see how good she was for himself. We walked into the room, shut the door and she immediately dropped to her knees and went to work on me. He was very impressed with her skill level and asked if she would give him a turn. She agreed and moved over to him. I didn’t get a chance to record the last time this happened so I pulled my phone out and started recording. She licked the head of his cock then slowly took him into her mouth. She would deep throat him, take it back out lick the tip and repeat until it finally turned into her bobbing her head up and down. I sat back on the bed and watched with a sense of pride on how deep she could take it. She then moved back to me, bent over and took me in her mouth. He pulled out a condom and asked if it was ok. In the past she had said that she didn’t think she could ever go that far and I didn’t want her to feel pressured so I told him it was up to her. She thought about it for a minute, while her mouth was still on my cock, then gave him the approval. He picked up her dress, she reached back and guided him inside her. As he began to thrust in and out, she began moaning louder and louder meanwhile bobbing her head up and down on my cock. She then reached back, between her legs, and began to massage his balls. This almost put me over the edge but I didn’t want to cum yet so I suggested he get on top in a missionary position (her favorite). She then lay down and he positioned himself between her legs and slowly guided himself into her. He began picking up speed but stopped to pull her tits out so he could suck them. All I could think was how lucky I am to have such a sexy woman. His pace picked up, she spread her legs even wider as he held onto the heel of her shoes for leverage. I knew he was getting close and the excitement was building. Soon he came inside of her as she looked into his eyes. They got up, he took off the condom and she cleaned him off with her tongue and mouth. We parted ways and soon left the club. On our way back to the hotel I asked if she enjoyed herself and she said she did but would have preferred a bigger cock (he was about 6.5”). She wasn’t sure if she’d ever do that again but if she did, she would want to fuck someone with a bigger cock. I’m not sure if she’ll ever go that far again but at least have the video for memories.
  15. The Savage Lovecast this past week has an academic explaining the new findings about female squirting. Is it urine or something else? The answer is yes and the explanation is fascinating.
  16. I have heard about squirting, read about squirting, and have seen squirters in movies, but how many women squirt. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I won't say I am the most sexually experienced man in the world either. I know I have made women cum and certainly they have been very wet, but I never experienced a woman squirt. My wife said that she had a friend back in the day that did. I wonder how many women really do.
  17. I've read a lot about making a woman squirt. Finding the G spot and so on. My wife's G spot is very easy to find, feels kinda like a walnut texture. I eat her and lick her clit all the while rubbbing it with my finger in a "come here" fashion. She cums quickly and hard but just doesn't quite squirt. My question is this. Is there a toy out there that will help with this? Something I can do more for her? Looking forward to feedback!
  18. I am a strong believer that if you put your mind to it you can do anything....I strongly believe that my wife can squirt if she wants to. She's convinced she can't and has no reason to alter her thinking into "I can". Kayla tells me that I am the most sexually satisfying partner she has ever had and that we have already reached her extreme levels of orgasm :-/. SOOO please select one of the answers in the poll and if you have your own version please enlighten me with a comment 🙂 **IF YOU CHOSE OPTION #4 PLEASE ELABORATE**
  19. I am very curious if there are a lot of women who squirt? I am a squirter and I have found that it only one man thought it was disgusting. My hubby finds it a huge turn-on. I had someone tell me once that they thought "some people call it squirting...but they pee." To me that is so DISGUSTING and not true! Another thought that I would do it every time I would orgasm. That is not true for me either. If I get really turned on...It can happen over and over again. And is mostly when my orgasms are intense. Just the same I can orgasm and have sex without it happening. How many of you think this a turn-on?
  20. Another FUN night at the club! And definitely the naughtiest to date. Was dirty right out of the gate with a slutty fishnet dress that barely covered my ass and had my nipples poking though (hubby LOVED that). Had some fun talking and dancing (including some pole dancing) and was thrilled when our favorite playmates joined us. We decided to go down to the big group playroom and had lots of fun (I got to use my strap on, spitroasted my playmate as she was sucking her husband's cock) and a first for us was interacting with others down there. I was fondling another woman's tits while she was getting fucked (as I was getting my pussy licked) and while I was on my hands and knees sucking my hubby's cock a total stranger came up and started fingering my pussy!! lol I was too in shock to even see who it was- hubby saw it was a man and later told me he had wished he had the nerve to invite him to fuck me- oh myyyy!!!! (There's always next time.....) Lots more fun in between, but the big HOT ending to the night was as we were wrapping up the evening (probably 2:30am) a GORGEOUS (and very tipsy lol) tall blond and her husband sat down with us and our friends. She was verrry friendly and at one point asked me to stand up so she could see my "smoking hot body" and gave me a big handsy hug and a few ass and tit squeezes. After which she layed back and her husband started kissing her....and then playing with her pussy which was on full display in front of me. It was too beautiful to just watch so I turned to hubby and said "hold my wine babe", saw his eyes get big and and I leaned across and simply said "may I?" to both the blond and her husband. After a "yes please!" I started licking that gorgeous pussy (good lord did she taste good!!!). We have quite an audience as she is moaning and squirming under my tongue, her husband kissing her and rubbing his hard cock through his jeans, my friend sucking her tits, and then (this is a first!!) I made her squirt. Oh myyyyy did I make her squirt! Was fucking her with my fingers, knew I was hitting her g spot, and she fucking sprayed everyyywhere. Soaked my hand, soaked her dress underneath her, like straight up shooting out. Holy hell it was ridiculously hot! Needless to say hubby hasn't been able to keep his hands off me since, think I added a pretty big entry into his spank bank ;-) What a night!!
  21. Hello Squirty Lovers, I have a wonderful loverwoman who I would say is basically Olympic caliber. Literally several cups to two liters of liquid can gush or trickle from her wonderful body in a single lovemaking experience together. I see people who are concerned with accommodating a woman's wonderful expressions (can we please stop using the word, "mess"?!) and we have our own system of towels and what we call "squirty pads" - waterproof changing or sleeping pads for infants. What do you squirty lovers use? We'd love to perfect our setup. Helps her relax into the full glory of her orgasm and the mattress is properly protected. Your collective wisdom would be much appreciated! Firemetalman (and SquirtyLady)
  22. I have seen clips of women who "ejaculate" when they are really turned on and stimulated. The idea has really intrigued me since I had heard of it years ago. I have read about it, seen it on the internet. I have talked to women who say that they have indeed squirted when they cum. My wife has squirted when I have tried the techniques I have been told to try, not much of it though. She feels that she is peeing not cumming, and does not want to do that. I have read literature that says the ejaculate has been tested and is not urine, and some that say women do not ejaculate that it is urine. I don't know what to think but I do know the idea that my wife can ejaculate like that is a real turn on for me. I guess it is that I know that she is real worked up to the point that she will squirt. Does anyone have any insight on this? Are there others here who get turned on by females being able to ejaculate? I know the clips that I have seen where a woman ejaculates sure seem like they squirt out of orgasm, not urinating. I have seen some you could tell they were urinating and trying to make it look like they were ejaculating, but some do look real. Any comments?
  23. We found ourselves waiting for the bathroom so we could get a brief shower. After all that fun a clean-up was highly in order. Geri had gone back to her hubby, John, with a big smile on her face. We told her we would say good bye when we were done. “Where the fuck have you two been?” It was Robert who had spied us waiting for the bathroom. “We saw you walk off with that little unicorn and have searched the whole place!” I am guessing the smiles we had on our faces betrayed what had happened. “We gotta get a shower man, you know, clean up a bit”, I stammered. I must admit I was wondering if I was being coherent. The a foggy haze afterglow still lingered on Ginger and I making everything feel like the dream walk. “Cool”, he grinned. “We’ll be in the dungeon, join us when you’re done?” Did I just hear that correctly? Dungeon? Wow! He went off to find Lacey while we patiently waited for the bathroom to become free. Suddenly, the door opened revealing a stunning dark-skinned beauty. Her nipples were pointing through her jumpsuit as she sauntered out. “Baby can you help with my strap?” she asked my wife. OK, this wasn’t going to go well. First, neither my wife nor I were in a coherent frame of mind. Secondly, her swaying from side to side wasn’t helpful. Thirdly, my wife, in order to be fully prepared for the evening was rocking at least half inch long fingernails, precluding her from any fine manipulations. Fourthly her strap was truly fucked. It was impossible to avoid helping our dark skinned damsel in distress, my chivalrous nature wouldn’t allow it! As the fumbling with the strap ensued I took the opportunity to compliment the beautiful rose tattoo she had on her right shoulder. This helped smooth the way, and I was allowed to get in there and get it fixed. We handed her off to her husband, who by now had come to her rescue. We watched her with incredulity as she sauntered off. Wow!! We quickly cleaned up, came out and took a quick peek into the dungeon room. Lacey was a vision lying on the bed, Her black panties and bra, striking a contrast to her pale skin. An ankle and wrist were locked in restraints. Robert had a grin on from ear to ear. Wow! “We’ll be right back, just got to get some air”, I said. Both of us stood there transfixed by the vision of Lacey restrained to the bed. I wanted to say goodnight to Gerri and John, but I must admit the sight of Lacey had us both having second thoughts. “Sure we’ll be here” Robert smiled. His half naked muscular body glistened in the subdued lighting of the room. We went out and caught Gerri and John just as they were leaving. Goodbyes were said all around. John had a smile on his face already. Obviously, Gerri had been filling him in on our previous activities. We went outside to get some air and gather our composure. At this point I think both us were a little overwhelmed with the evening. “We on for round two?” I asked. “Yeah, honey”, Ginger replied “Did you see Lacey on that bed?” Her eyes were sparkling with excitement. She gave me that look, the one that makes me do anything she says. “I need to pee, I’ll meet you there”, I replied. Too much diet pop. While in the bathroom, I washed my hands and splashed water on my face to gather some composure. I spied some mouthwash and thought I would grab a quick rinse. Figuring I definitely needed it after our previous escapades. Entering the ‘dungeon’ room Robert and Lacey were both already naked on the bed. My wife was there chatting about the other accoutrements to the room. “So are you guys gonna get naked?” said Robert. That was all I needed!! Lacey’s beautiful curves lay on the bed invitingly. My wife had a giddy grin as she reviewed Robert's glistening and muscular frame. We climbed on the bed and I was immediately mixing tongues with Lacey. She was electric. “mmm...I love a man with fresh breath”, she said. Wow! I almost started laughing in her face as I thought of how I had rinsed my mouth out at the last moment. My wife was lying next to me and I heard a quiet moan come from her lips. As I looked up from the kiss and proceeded to Lacey’s soft nipples, I could see Robert’s tongue dart out from his grin onto Ginger’s clitoris. “Mmmm” he proceed as his warm tongue lapped on her engorged clit. “Sweet as chocolate, right?" I joked. “mmmm...Awesome, first black girl I’ve been with!” he replied. Wow! I turned my attention back to Lacey and began licking her pink and protruding clitoris. She hummed in unison to Ginger’s low guttural yelping noises. The passion from these two women was filling the room. Lacey motioned me for me to kiss her some more and I was happy to oblige. My lips hovered over her mouth as our tongues darted around the others. I could feel her body moving around beneath mine. When I looked around Robert was fingering both girls as they lay side by side. As he slipped his fingers in and out of their wet vagina’s I began kissing them both. Going from Lacey’s tingling tongue to my wife’s full soft lips sent a charge down to the base of my spine. “Oh, my god!” exclaimed Lacey. “She gonna squirt, you have to see her squirt!” Robert said as he stopped fingering my wife to concentrate on Lacey. His fingers shone as he massaged Lacey’s G-spot. Her fingers were working her clit in a rapid rhythm as she began to howl in pleasure. Ginger sat up. Her and I began to watch the show. “OOOHHH” Lacey’s howls grew louder. Her hips bucked wildly into the air as orgasmic spasms ran through her body. Liquid shot all over Robert’s arm and torso as the tension released from her body. A satisfied smile gradually drifted across her face. Wow!! After a brief pause Lacey rolled over to me with a gleam in her eye. Her mouth open wide and her turbulent tongue ran around my aching cock. She began sliding her head up and down my manhood. Her soft lips and tongue sending little waves of pleasure through my body. I could hear myself softly moaning while she continued running her lips up and down my shaft. Robert had my wife on all fours next to me. He slipped his rock hard member into her. I could see her arch her back and open her mouth as she took him all inside of her. He began pumping her steadily as she let out low guttural moans of satisfaction. “Oooh, that feels so good”, she moaned as Robert's balls slapped against her vagina. The action was so hot Lacey and I stopped what we were doing to watch. Wow! “Beautiful”, I said,”This is the first time I’ve watched someone fuck my wife, normally I’m busy while it’s happening.” My wife moaned in response as Robert slammed harder into her slick pussy. I couldn’t resist joining. I got on my knees and offered her my straining erection. “Mmmmppphh” she said as my manhood was swallowed whole. Robert continued his relentless pounding of her pussy. Her sweet lips ran up and down my cock in pace with Robert's relentless thrusting. Wow! After a few minutes Ginger stopped the action and said “Lacey, you seemed left out?” “Oh, I am really enjoying the show”, Lacey replied with a big grin. “I think I can help here”, I heard myself say. Who the hell did I think I was? She laid on her back and spread her legs wide. I climbed on top and ran my erection into her soft pink lips. Pushing myself high up on my arms I pumped her pussy hard. She arched back and began her high pitched howl of pleasure. By now Robert had Ginger on her back facing the head of the bed. I had Lacey on her back facing the foot. Lacey was howling with pleasure as I pumped her pussy. I could hear my wife’s lower, pleasure moans next to me, while Robert did the same. Our thrusting bodies increased in intensity. I was overwhelmed and climaxed too soon for the second time that night. Wow! Lacey and I lay there watching Robert and my wife. At this point she was straddling him, her brown boobs moving in reverse frequency to her hips thrusting on his cock. She had her head back looking at the ceiling with her white teeth exposed in a big grin. I heard Robert let out a groan as he came inside her. She collapsed on top of his strong chest, her face glowing in pleasure. Wow! We joked around as we got dressed. Our befuddled minds unable to find certain key articles of clothing. We all needed some air and went outside under the moonlight, laughing, joking and telling stories. Too soon we had to say our goodbyes. Wow!! Did that just happen, not really sure if I believe it myself?
  24. It had become somewhat of a regular event thought Kent, to watch their neighbors, Ricky and Krissy, have long evenings with the cross-street neighbors, Sarah and Ronnie. Since Kent and Alice had discovered their own awakenings as swingers with their church friends, Gary and Sandy, they had several of the same sorts of occasions they imagined that their neighbors were having. “You know, I used to be jealous of how liberated our little neighbor seemed to be when I overheard her talking to Ronnie and Sarah across the street,” offered Alice as she watched Kent drying off from a shower. “I think it's clear that they are swinging with the neighbors, and I,” she paused to adjust her dildo, “think we could approach them somehow. Ummm,” she now moaned a little, “to see if they would like to swing with us, and maybe with all of us, including Gary and Sandy, mmm.” She was getting closer to getting herself off with her dildo. Kent looked down at his wife, who just a few months back had been living inside a pent-up shell of stoic once-a-month sex life, if they happened to schedule it, to now a wife that was comfortable masturbating in front of him just to get him super aroused. Clearly, the many years of marriage were full of love and yet, both had settled into the typical dullness helped by age and the resultant life conditions brought on by gravity and ordinary habits. “You know, we have Krissy to blame for all of this,” he said as he took control of the dildo and began to control the future orgasm Alice was building, “when she was a little bit of an exhibitionist with her neighbors in the front garden, don't you think?” as he leaned into her shaven pussy, delicately teasing Alice's clit with the tip of his tongue. Alice heaved her mound up to Kent's face instinctively seeking greater sensation from his tongue, crying in a tense voice, “Yeah, the little bitch made me horny and it all went downhill from there, I ...,” she was interrupted by Kent accelerating the dildo's speed causing her to start bucking and taking sharp guttural breaths. “I what?” asked Kent emphatically, “I what?” Alice screamed, “I want to watch you fuck her and then I want to eat her out!” Kent pulled the dildo out of her wet pussy and with one easy thrust he inserted his hardened cock fully into Alice. She gasped and pulled him down to her chest, yelling, “Fuck Krissy, fuck her, fuck her, that's it, fuck her deep, ohhhh gawd, she's coming Kent, fuck her, fuck her,” as she began to buck wildly against him. Kent leaned into Alice's ear, whispering as he grunted faster towards emptying his cock, “Alice wants to eat my cum from your pussy Krissy, Alice wants to eat my cum from your pussy!” “Yes, yes, ohhhhhh, yes, now, now, arghh, arghh, ohhhhhhh, give it to Krissy, give it to me” cried Alice as she rolled to a hard orgasm. Kent could not hold back as he embraced the role play of fucking his “neighbor's image” using his wife's pussy. He felt his cock enlarged and her pussy tighten, squeezing the semen from his cock into her. They laid there for a moment after Kent had softened and rolled off of Alice. He stroked his hand down from her breasts to her swollen pussy, then gently inserted first his middle finger, then combined his index finger massaging upward towards her G-Spot ever so softly. He extracted his fingers, pulling semen with them, and then offered them to Alice's lips saying, “Alice, would you like to lick the creampie from Krissy?” Krissy quickly grabbed his hand and pulled them to her lips, sucking Kent's seed from his fingers, then she reached down between her legs to retrieve more with her own hand. “This roleplay is fun, but I bet we are missing out on the real thing,” Krissy mused aloud as she licked her fingers repeating her retrieval of more cum. “Yeah, but it sounded like Krissy wants to be the 'controller' from how you described her encounter with the neighbors and she hasn't even offered to approach you,” he observed. “Maybe it's me," he thought aloud. Alice was now down from her sexual high and alarmed that Kent would think that he could be the impediment to Krissy's overtures. “You know, I think it is us, not you,” she suggested. “How so?” “Well, think about it. Do we provide any external clues that we might be interested in flirtation, exhibitionism or, dare we say, 'swinging' to anyone that might observe us? I mean, the definition of vanilla is the appearances we have as neighbors and in the community, right? And for family, church, and professional reasons, we need to keep that same appearance to everyone except those that we fuck,” she stated. “Guess you are right. We got ourselves all primed for fun but went in a direction that no one predicted last winter with Gary and Sandy. I don't think you can even write a script for how that happened. Yet, there was one underlying driver - Krissy's actions that you first observed,” Kent posed. “Krissy's actions with the neighbors drew your interest, and, I'm guessing she knew you were keeping an eye on them. But, dumb ole me. Well, I never saw it coming nor did I provide any follow-on clues that we were watching that little exhibitionist. She probably chalked it up to her own satisfaction that she sensed you might know what is happening, but that it didn't convey to me and to you any action,” said Kent. “So, do you want to roleplay or play for real with Ricky and Krissy?" asked Alice. “I mean we could just be happy with Gary and Sandy and stay a little naughty with the Ricky-Krissy roleplay if you want,” she muttered looking down pensively then back up into Gary's eyes with a 'please, can we?' expression. “Fuck that, I say let's fuck the neighbors and let's see if Gary and Sandy want to play as well. After all, we need to keep the circle somewhat contained. I'm betting that Gary and Sandy would love to expand a little bit more than just us," Kent enthusiastically replied. “You know this is going to be fun, sneaking up on Krissy a little bit. Do you think Ricky will be an issue?” he asked. They paused and looked seriously at each other for about two seconds before they both burst out into laughter. The planning began. Gary and Sandy join the planning... Alice and Kent had yet to invite Gary and Sandy over for an entire evening. It wasn't planned that way, but it seemed that Gary and Sandy always wanted to host at their place. But an upcoming event was going to be different with Alice and Kent hosting Gary and Sandy. The foursome had just finished a Sunday dinner at Gary and Sandy's followed by a great romp in the master bedroom when Alice said, “Have you two considered adding another couple or two to our fun?” Sandy replied, “Well, sure but we wouldn't consider it without involving you guys. I think I speak for all of us in that we are still somewhat apprehensive about being accepted by others. After all, we are all church friends and have known each other a long time.” Kent said, “Of course, but you know we told you about our neighbors, Rick and Krissy, then there is Ronnie and Sarah across the street. It was Alice overhearing and then observing our neighbors talk about swinging that got our sexual interests primed. But, we were fearful of our neighbors rejecting us and frankly, just didn't know how to get it going. It didn't help that we had been so close to getting on with you two and just failed to recognize how all four of us wanted to swing together until last winter when we popped our mutual swinging cherries with you guys in the van. Omigod, I sound like a teenager.” Everyone laughed. Sandy offered, “Yeah, I thought I would never get to fuck you two," she winked at Alice, “and I do love when you and I sixty-nine.” “Me too,” cooed Alice as she laid down beside Sandy and they began to mutually fondle each other's clits, “it would be fun to add a few more of these, huh?” They made plans to lay a trap for Krissy and get her to 'come clean' as the local instigator of swinging in the neighborhood. Gary and Sandy would come over ostensibly several times during the next few weeks in preparation for a camping trip planned which would become changed at the last minute to a 'staycation' instead of a weekend vacation. This preplanning would give an opportunity for Gary and Sandy to cleverly meet the neighbors. As the warmer temperatures were upon the neighborhood, it became a constant thing to see the neighborhood foursome of Ricky, Krissy, Sarah, and Ronnie together most evenings in one of the other's garages or front gardens. Wednesday came with Gary and Sandy arriving in the early evening. True to form, the local foursome was just next door gabbing about something in the garage when Kent and Gary walked up to them. “Hey, Ricky,” called out Kent. “Hey Kent.” “Meet Gary, and that's his wife Sandy over there,” as he waved to Alice and Sandy, “they are our church friends. We're going on a camping vacation for the weekend the second weekend of next month. I wondered if the four of you guys were going to be home that weekend. You know neighborhood watch and all. I'm thinking bad guys will see a pickup loaded with camping gear and think they might have an empty house to target after it's gone.” “Sure,” said Ricky as he looked around his fun foursome, "Krissy and I had planned on being home, how about you Ronnie?" “Yup, us too. We'll keep an eye on your place, uh this is my wife Sarah, but Ricky is too rude to tell you this is Krissy,” joked Ronnie. “Uh, that's my embarrassment,” said Kent. “Hey Alice, come here!" he shouted across the yard. Alice and Sandy walked up and Kent introduced Sandy to the neighborhood foursome. They chatted for awhile and talked about the upcoming camping trip. “Yeah, we have been on a waiting list to get to use the campsite. We are only allowed one tent, so it will be a little tight on space said Kent. “And no, we are not taking any baked beans,” he joked. The neighbors laughed with Krissy and Sarah casting a sideways glance. “Wow,” thought Krissy, “they have a little sense of adult humor, wouldn't have guessed that from the church folks.” “But we are taking the cake,” said Sandy. “I love her cake, it is the best you have ever had,” offered Alice as she swung her arm around Sandy's waist pulling Sandy to her side, “her cake is the best ever.” “Wow, must be tasty,” remarked Krissy watching as Alice provide an enthusiastic physical moment. Look at them, they are almost swaying together, thought Krissy. Sandy extended her arm around Alice's waist pulling the two ladies closer saying, “She makes me feel so good, really good.” “Oh, you would definitely love the cake,” said Alice beaming a knowing smile as she and Sandy giggled. Sandy offered, “I'll leave one with Alice for you guys tomorrow.” Gary and Sandy said they still hadn't been home yet and needed to leave but that they would stop by the next night. “Well, there goes the church folks, all happy about a cake,” said Krissy as she watched her next door neighbor and church buddies walk back to Alice and Kent's driveway. “Hey, if it makes them happy, so be it,” chided Ricky. “I like cake,” said Ron, “even from church folks.” True to her offering, Gary and Sandy arrived the next evening with a Bundt cake divided into separate boxes for the neighbors with Alice. They left quickly knowing that the first stage of the plan was “in the cake.” Kent took Friday off, to complete some errands. He and Alice waited for Ronnie and Ricky to leave for work then he and Alice separated paths, with Alice going across the street to Sarah's and Kent going next door to see Krissy. As a habit and almost like clockwork, Krissy goes to her backyard after Ricky leaves to attend to her vegetable garden in the cool of the morning. Ricky would be paying her a visit with the cake a few minutes after he saw Alice disappear into Sarah's garage. “Hmm, look at that,” as he watched Sarah's garage door go down. Krissy being Krissy, would have on the minimal clothing especially in her backyard. She often would drop her shirt off wearing only baggy waistband shorts. Typically, she would roll down the waistband below her ass crack to gain more of a tan. She was never more than a few feet away from her shirt if she heard a knock or front doorbell. What she didn't count on was Kent being home that morning. Even though it was the cooler part of the day it was still hot. Krissy had already worked up a glistening of perspiration from the garden tending she was doing. She was bent over from the waist with her shirt off and her normal roll down of the shorts that were barely hanging onto her body, when she was startled by a “Uh, Krissy?” She went upright quickly up and spun around to see Kent standing in her backyard with the rear gate open holding a cake box looking carefully only into her eyes, “Uh, Sandy sent you a cake as promised. It is really, really good.” Krissy's nipples hardened as she felt his eyes and she blurted out, “Jeez, Kent, I'm nearly naked.” “Yeah, but still, it is a good cake,” as he continued to look only at her eyes. “What?” she reacted, thinking this guy is unbelievable, he isn't even looking at my tits. Fine, she thought, if he wants to act like its nothing, I'll act the same way. She took her off her gloves dusting the dirt from them and taking her time to place them in her garden cart as she ignored her shirt draped over the pull handle of the cart. She walked towards him using her hands to brush off unseen dirt from her chest and extended her arms to take receive the cake. As he passed the box to her, she lowered her arms so that he would have full view her exposed breasts with very hard nipples. “Kent, really, Alice will be upset with you seeing me like this, I mean with my tits exposed,” she said with a voice feigning concern. “Sorry, to have intruded, but Alice and I have gotten used to seeing you dressed this way. Alice sees you more than me, she's home more. Our fences aren't that private. But Sandy wanted you to have the cake as a thank you for watching the house. Their car will be here all that weekend.” “Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to, I mean, really, you have seen me like this?” she asked as she moved the box to one side and motioned with the other hand across her tits. “Yeah, I'm surprised you haven't noticed, at least Alice. She said if that behavior is okay for the neighbors, then she is willing to participate as well. I mean, you look great. Maybe a little muddy from the garden, but great,” he replied pointing to a smudge of garden dirt just below her left areola. “You really need to try the cake, it is wonderful. I have a lot to get done, don't worry about covering up for us, we are fine with nudity. I mean really. Oh well, what the hell, that's where we are going camping that weekend, at a nude campground, so no don't worry.” He turned and started out the gate, “Wait, a nude campground. Really? I thought you were church folks?” Krissy asked as she walked towards the gate entrance. Kent kept walking towards the entrance, stopped and turned back, “Uh, yeah, so?” “Well, I mean, I thought... Never mind what I thought. I'm confused,” she stammered completely forgetting that she was standing nearly naked in her backyard with a neighbor she thought was a dud. She did have an interest in his wife but had given up on any future. But now, maybe now that she finds out that they and their friends are nudists. Well, it reminded her of how she and Ricky got started. “Before you go, do you mind if I talk to Alice about the nudity thing you guys got going someday?” asked Krissy. “Look,” said Kent, “I just wanted to give you the cake from Gary and Sandy. I didn't see your shirt off since you were bent over and when I did, I didn't want to distress you. Alice and I don't want a neighborhood issue, we just thought since you go topless and sometimes totally nude you wouldn't be bothered should you happen to see us. Mentioning the campground was probably going too far with information and maybe you aren't ready for such implications. Just enjoy the cake, the cake is really special. Don't read so much into us 'church' folks.” Krissy was not going to be put off. Her personality was one of trying to best folks on quips and one-liners. She wasn't going to let him beat her. “Well, I just thought that it was sort of sexy to hear about you and your friends enjoy nudity like us. Sounds sexy,” she dripped with a sultry tone as she cast her gaze from his eyes to his crotch and back up to his eyes. Kent knew she was trying to start controlling the situation, but he was not going to let her control the direction. Krissy was shining with glistened skin offered by the heat and very erect nipples that prominently showed her body's excitement to this encounter. But he was going to make her pussy twinge with anticipation. He smiled and closed the distance to within nearly a foot of her, casting his calm unemotional gaze into her eyes saying softly, “Guess it could be. Gotta go, lots to do, enjoy the cake. Really, enjoy the cake.” He turned and walked out of the gate pulling it behind him leaving Krissy quite literally 'holding the cake.' "Fuck, what just happened?" she thought to herself. “Alice going nude, really, Alice,” she pondered, “and what's up with their church buddies going nude with them. They have to be fucking each other.” Krissy went inside to put the cake on the kitchen counter. “What's with this damned cake,” she said aloud to herself. She removed the clear sealed container lid and smelled it. Sensing a flavor, she quickly grabbed a knife and sliced herself a sliver of the cake to taste. “Go to hell,” she exclaimed aloud as she took another bite, “it's full of fucking rum.” Her thoughts raced. “He catches me almost fully nude; says it's no big deal; tells me they are going as a foursome in one tent and now I find the tent is going to be at a nudist camp; then all of them say the cake is special. Yeah, it is special, very special.” Krissy knew how to make rum cakes and she could taste the raw uncooked alcohol that was soaking this cake. These “church folks” were definitely more relaxed than she thought. As Kent was delivering his cake gift to Krissy, Alice had gone to Sarah's across the street with her cake. Alice had purposefully discarded her bra and had put on a burn-out fabric shirt that essentially did not hide her areola and nipples which were jutting way out in anticipation of her encounter. She thought, no one in the neighborhood has ever seen me braless let alone wearing this shirt without a camisole. Sarah had the garage door open and was adding trash to their rolling street can when Alice walked up to her with the cake box close to her upper body hiding her chest. She and Alice walked back into the garage. “Hey,” greeted Alice as she approached with the cake, “Sandy sent over her special cake.” As she handed the box to Sarah she saw Sarah's eyes widen viewing her essentially see-through t-shirt. Alice caught Sarah's gaze and looked down at her tits saying, “The girls aren't always holstered. Now and then, they just have to be free,” while lifting one then the other, “right?” “Uh, yeah, of course," said Sara, “I'm sorry. It's, it's..." “It's just we don't seem to visit much or you would know that I'm just like you,” as she pointed to Sarah's breasts, “I don't like bras either. Damn guy conspiracy thing, right?” Sarah placed the box on the nearby benchtop and lifted her tits through her light top, say, “yeah, it must be a guy thing,” with a wide smile and chuckle. Alice offered, “Yeah, I know. I think they are attractive to look at as well, don't you? I mean after all, it's okay to admire everyone for what they are." Alice took a bold move sensing that Sarah was indeed comfortable as she lifted her own breasts through the thin fabric and walked up closer to Sarah, “I mean, look, we both are bra-free, nipple-high happy, and, good neighbors. It's a neat thing to be comfortable with friends, huh?” Sarah was surprised yet she was calmly comfortable with Alice's overtures as she had seen Alice last winter watching herself and Krissy make out in the garage window. She sensed where this might go and decided, what the hell, let's see how far this neighbor wants to go. She said, “Well, I think my nipples might get a little more nipple-high happy if I encourage them." She started to reach down to tweak and twist her nipples, when Alice said, “Wait, you encourage mine, I'll encourage yours,” as she reached for Sarah's nipples. “Wait,” commanded Sarah. Alice's stomach sunk had she gone too far, did she read this wrong? Sarah stepped back towards the house entry and pressed the garage door button to close the door. “Shall we encourage them?” They mutually reached towards each other taking both hands across to the others nipples, lightly at first teasing and tweaking nipples to become even harder and protrude more against the flimsy fabric that stood between them and the sensitivity of raw skin. “Yeah, now that's encouragement” breathed Sarah. She looked at Alice and said, “This is sort of not expected from you; nice, but not expected. Do you like girls?” “Do you?” replied Alice with a little unsteadiness in her voice. Sarah slowly leaned cautiously towards Alice within inches of her lips, then pulled back hesitating, saying softly, “I like both, girls and guys.” “So do we, I mean me, uh...” and then Alice lost her edge and focus, “I mean, I haven't seen Kent take on a guy yet.” Sarah pulled back slightly, “Haven't seen Kent take on a guy. Does that mean you have seen him with another woman?” They both had stopped fondling each other's breasts and it seemed to Alice that perhaps she had chosen her replies wrong. But no, it can't be, she thought. She had seen the actions of the neighborhood foursome and knew they were swinging as neighbors. She pressed on with the balance of her plan. “Let me answer it this way, you will love the answer and you will love the future, I promise,” she said gleefully. She reached over and opened the cake box where a small slice had already been cut. “Please, first taste this wonderful cake from our church friends that we are camping with next month, you know, Gary and Sandy. I'll answer your questions while you try it.” Sarah said, “Crazy, but okay.” She reached over and gathered up the cake. She took a bite and then her eyes opened wide as she began to take another and another. “Tastes good, doesn't it,” cooed Alice as she reached up under Sarah's shirt to touch skin to skin her gentle hands against Sarah's nipples. Sarah swallowed and said "This cake is laced with rum, lots of rum. I thought they were your church friends. Uh, umm,” as she breathed more deeply sensing the massage of her nipples. “They are our church friends, they are also our lovers, and it is your doing that made that happen,” she said as she lifted the waistband of Sarah's shirt to expose her nipples to her tongue. “I know you saw me watching you and Krissy last winter making out. I know that the four of you are swinging. I just didn't know how to approach you and I didn't want Krissy to be the ringleader.” Sarah was now relaxing and enjoying the attention she was getting from Alice. “So, you have seen Kent with another woman after all, and I take it that you and Sandy have enjoyed each other as well.” “Of course, but you will be my first girl , if you would like, to be with – if you want?” Sarah reached over and pulled Alice's shirt off and began to devour her nipples then pulled her to the house. Each woman had only a pair of shorts on to be discarded as they made their way to the master bedroom. They embraced and kissed deeply with their tongues exploring their mouths then exchanging nursing of their tits to tingling sensations felt in their pussies as they lay in the master bed. Suddenly, Sarah rolled Alice onto her back and spinning herself then placing her pussy on Alice's face as she buried her own face into the swollen shaved pussy of Alice. Alice noted that Sarah was cleanshaven as well and began to expertly massage Sarah's clit with her tongue. Sarah was a little heavier and Alice had to work a bit more than she did with Sandy to reach around and begin to finger Sarah's pussy. Sarah was very, very wet and the lubrication on Alice's fingers made it easy to begin to probe Sarah's rosebud. She felt her own pussy being expertly licked and fingered with Sarah moaning into her pussy almost on demand in sync with Alice's probe of Sarah's rosebud. Alice felt Sarah's sphincter relax and she pushed her finger in and out with each finger penetration rewarding Alice with a vigorous pelvic thrust by Sarah against Alice's tongue and fingers all the while as Sarah made high-pitched moans directly onto Alice's clit. It was overload. Alice was causing Sarah to almost become her human dildo and she was achieving a final approach to a climax like she never felt with Gary, Sandy, or Kent. Sarah was beside herself. In her mind, she was beating Krissy to the punch and for that matter, Ronnie as well. She loved to do sixty-nine with either sex and Alice was treating her to ecstasy. She knew she was treating Alice back with the same care and sensed that Alice was building to a massive orgasm. Both ladies were screaming, low guttural and faster sounds that were rising in their rhythm as both now were fingerfucking each other's asses as well. Both had already had minor orgasms and were now spreading their legs as wide as they could to offer each other access. Their bodies were sweating and becoming slippery as they were pushing their actions driven by the many desires pent up inside of them. Alice felt herself going and pulled her finger out of Sarah's ass then reached up to pull Sarah's pussy closer to her as she sensed something new happening to her. She screamed into Sarah's pussy as she jammed her legs up high in the air and as wide as she could towards Sarah's face. She couldn't stop what was happening and she felt a rush of fluid escape her, then she felt Sarah jam several fingers into her pussy pumping her more and more and fluid kept gushing out. What seemed like several minutes, but in reality was far less, she relaxed her arms slightly which signaled Sarah to roll and now Alice found herself in the top position of their sixty-nine. Alice wouldn't let up on Sarah especially as Alice pushed her face down onto Sarah's pussy. She reinserted her finger into Sarah's ass and was rewarded with yet more groaning into her own pussy. She felt Sarah spread her legs more and Sarah's lower belly become hard as a rock. Sarah's clit was so engorged that Alice felt like it was almost like sucking on Kent's cock tip. It was huge, much bigger than Sandy's. She was in control of Sarah and she knew she was bringing her to yet another great orgasm. Sarah screamed and bucked nearly throwing Alice off of her. Alice jammed her middle finger into Sarah's ass and then her thumb into Sarah's pussy to hang on while she sucked and licked Sarah's clit. Then it happened. Sarah began to spurt, and spurt hard. It shocked Alice but now she knew what she had been feeling earlier from her own body. True to mimic Sarah's actions on her pussy from moments ago, Alice continued to suck and gobble Sarah's pussy as she felt her face and hair swamped by the repeated spurts from Sarah. Sarah screamed a series of “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” then squealed a high-pitch unintelligible sound as she pushed hard with her legs lifting her ass and Alice completely off the surface of the bed that was now soaking wet. Sarah fell back to the bed with Alice still fully coupled with her, crying and laughing at the same time. “Gimme a moment, hold on, oh, ohhhhh, that's good, oh shit you can fuck, oh,” as she was feeling lightning bolts of sensitivity from each tongue licking Alice provided. Alice did not come again, but did manage to spin around and cuddle with Sarah feeling her own clit was still swollen and tender. “So that's what they call squirting?” she asked. “Yeah, I think we soaked our bed, but it was great and I have a waterproof protector,” said Sarah. They laid there for awhile caressing each other's pussy when Sarah asked, “Are you and Kent going to fuck Ronnie and me?” “If you think Ronnie would have me and you would have Kent,” replied Alice. “Look, we have wanted you and our neighbors ever since I determined you guys were swingers. We just didn't know how to approach you and it seemed that any approach needed other input rather than just our lovely extroverted Krissy,” replied Alice. “I just enjoyed a moment that I have never experienced and I suspect that there are many more in our future as a couple. While I did enjoy this, I want you to know it was with my husband's full knowledge that this was intended and our preference is to be as couples doing this. Sandy and I keep each other going while the guys recover. It would be nice to have more husbands so we can have fun with them as they recover at different times,” posed Alice. “Oh, I agree and I haven't had this type of solo fun since college dorm days, but it is a 'couples thing'. What about Ricky and Krissy?” asked Sarah. “Well, Ricky is delivering a cake to Krissy while I'm here,” smiled Alice. “Oh crap, is he fucking her now?” “Of course not, he is teasing her. You know how she dresses, half naked all the time. We can see that through our so-called privacy fence. He is going to catch her with her top off, make like it is no big deal, tell her that we skinny around in our backyard as well since she does, and that we are going to camp with Gary and Sandy at a nudist camp this weekend. He is also going to tell her to enjoy the 'church folks' cake, which is of course laced with a lot of rum. Our sense is that she is going to go get her dildos out and pump herself raw imagining fucking us while we seemingly show no interest. We are just having some fun and we fully intend to fuck them as part of the group if they are interested.” Sarah understood. “Krissy can sometimes be a little pushy, but she is fun and she sucks and fucks like a champ for the guys, or the girls. I guess that can be a little fun, but how are you going to approach them. Do you want us to break the news?” asked Sarah. “Actually, we were wondering if you would like to be a part of the fun? Frankly, I never had cum like this before, but I think I'm up to so more fucking if you are, and I know Kent is. Do you think Ronnie would like to fuck some tonight?” asked Alice. “Are you kidding," Sarah said, "he is a guy and he is on daily Cialis. But Krissy will see us getting together, it's not like us, and she is ever as much as anxious to nail you two as you them.” Alice picked up her shorts and pulled out a small note. “This is Gary and Sandy's address, do you think you could come over to their place around seven tonight? We are going over there in just a bit, well after I shower and can walk better. We would like to invite you two to join the four of us for some relaxation and fucking tonight. Then next month, we will have an unexpected change of plans and not be able to go our campout. We will leave like we were going, but return later that night. Gary and Sandy's vehicle will have been out in the driveway, but we will ease back into the garage. Since you guys have all volunteered to watch our place, we know that our neighborhood swinger foursome will be home,” she explained. “We will call you and you just come on over, then Kent will go knock on Ricky and Krissy's door to invite them to a casual cookout since we don't want to waste the weekend's camping trip food. Kent will tell Krissy that since the campsite plans fell through it will be camping attire in our house. That is why when they come over, they will see us in our camping attire. Remember, we were going to a nudist camp and they will walk into a house full of naked folks,” laughed Alice. “Oh, that will work," Sarah said, "and we would love to meet up tonight." Alice put her shirt on and said “Sorry about the bed. I never squirted before, it was wonderful.” “We will be there tonight," Sarah said. "We did notice how nice Gary and Sandy looked the other day. The cake was indeed revealing.” They embraced and kissed each other deeply once again anticipating tonight. Krissy did not notice Alice's departure from Sarah's as she was busy in her bedroom riding her Kent dildo. She had tried the cake a second time. Upcoming...The church folks meet some of the neighbors.
  25. padoc

    Why We Love Florida

    It was a quiet Sunday morning in July at our house in SW Florida. Leanne was having her usual naked breakfast on the lanai, and I (Sam) was having my 2nd cup of coffee and reading the Tampa Bay Rays news online. We became Rays fans when we started visiting St Petersburg in 2002, long before they got good. When the phone rang at about 10:15, we were both a bit startled since neither our kids or our friends ever call us before noon on weekends. I answered to hear the very chipper voice of our good friend Meg. Meg and her husband Doug have been our best lifestyle find since we moved here in 2006. She is a small girl with a terrific body, lovely eyes, short red hair and smile that makes me hard just to look at her. Doug is a nice looking guy who works in public service and who has earned the nickname "woody" because he has an erection for nearly every occasion! He and I both recognize how lucky we are to be married to our wives and also recognize what a rare gift it is for us to be able to share them as we do. Meg 's reason for the call was to invite us to an impromptu bbq at another lifestyle couple's house in Cape Coral. Linda and Rob were the first couple that Meg and Doug played with when they started to dabble in swinging, and they have remained friends and occasional playmates since then. We had met them at a couple of events around the area and found them to be quite attractive and fun to be around. Linda is quite tall, maybe 5'10 with very long legs, shoulder length dark hair, and a firm but smallish chest. Rob is a good looking middle-aged man who is trying to stay in shape, but like the rest of us, he is slowly losing the battle. Meg went on to explain that Linda had an interesting reason for throwing the bbq together. It seems that Rob's brother, Tom, and his wife Elaine had been visiting from Minnesota, and Tom had stumbled across some lifestyle information on Rob's computer. This apparently led to a family discussion about swinging which eventually led Linda to suggest that Tom and Elaine should meet some of their swinging friends. I told Meg to count us in and hung up after getting directions to Linda and Rob's house. Leanne had come into the house as I finished my conversation and asked "count us in for what honey"? When I explained the invitation and the reason for the party, Leanne smiled her most evil smile and said, "oooh, that sounds like fun". Two hours later, we crossed the Cape Coral bridge and followed Meg's directions to a very nice two-story house that backed up on a Gulf-access canal. Leanne was wearing a very skimpy bikini under a semi see thru beach wrap. The suit consisted of a thong and two band-aid sized squares that barely covered her large nipples. I was wearing a standard swim suit and a sleeveless t-shirt and carrying the ingredients for a champagne sangria that tends to make women's clothing fall off after about two glasses. Meg and Doug's car was in the driveway ahead of us so we were not surprised when Meg opened the door wearing a suit just as small as Leanne's. "Hi guys" she said as she kissed Leanne on the cheek, and then wrapped her arms around my neck for a very affectionate greeting, "glad you could come on such short notice. Sam, start mixing the 'joyjuice' right away, I think Elaine is getting very nervous." We followed her through the cool interior of the very upscale house to the pool and screened lanai. The back of the house had a small yard that sloped slightly down to a canal The yard itself was landscaped to provide complete privacy to the pool area. We greeted Linda and Rob, and Leanne gave Doug a kiss and squeezed his semi erect dick which was already tenting the front of his suit. "Glad to see me are you big boy"? Leanne said with a leer. "Always baby" Doug replied as his hand traveled across her ass, as she bent to put our towel bag on a chair, "always". Linda then introduced us to Elaine and Tom. Tom looked like a slightly younger version of Rob who may have eaten just a bit better. He had broad shoulders but a bit of a paunch but was all in all, a nice looking guy. He shook hands with me and was pleasantly surprised when as he took Leanne's hand. She leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. He turned a bit pink as her beach cover parted a bit and gave him a very nice view of her tits as she leaned toward him. Elaine was a pretty 40 something woman trying to hide it behind sunglasses and light brown hair. She was wearing a non revealing one-piece flowered suit that didn't show much at all. However, I could see that she seemed to have smallish boobs and a very nice butt. It became apparent that Elaine was quite nervous, her head seemed to be on a swivel, and I'd bet that she had a deer in the headlights look behind the sunglasses. I quickly mixed up a pitcher of the sangria which consisted of champagne, brandy, triple sec, and various fresh tropical fruit juices. The stuff is quite pleasing to taste and really does sneak up on you, if you're not careful. For the next hour, I made sure that Elaine's glass never stayed empty, and she slowly started to relax. It was a typical July day in southwest Florida, low 90's with a bit of a breeze off the Gulf of Mexico about 10 miles away. The breeze was enough to rustle the palm trees, but it was still quite warm. It wasn't long before everyone was in the pool. Linda and Rob's pool is somewhat unique in that it's a consistent 4.5' depth over the entire rectangle. They set a net up in the middle and Linda proposed a game of pool volleyball. "Desire rules?" Leanne asked. "You bet" Linda answered. The three lifestyle couples had all been at Desire swingers resort in Mexico at least once and had spent afternoons in their big pool playing volleyball by Desire rules. By this time, Elaine and Tom had had a few drinks and Elaine said "I don't know Desire rules but I'll play along if it isn't too kinky." Linda assured her that it was fun and fun only, and there would be no pressure. Leanne, Linda, Tom, and Doug went to one side of the net while Elaine, Meg, Rob and I went to the other. We volleyed for serve, and Leanne's team won the serve. Leanne's first serve went into the net. Doug and Linda both yelled "boobie rule" which is the only Desire rule that really matters. The rule is that if one side serves into the net, they can get a "do over" by having the server if a woman or a female teammate jump out of the water exposing her naked boobs. Leanne is a competitor, and is not shy so she immediately reached behind her to untie her top. She turned to toss it onto the pool deck and turned back towards the net and jumped up exposing her 38d's and silver dollar sized nipples to all. "Boobie Rules" all the Desire vets shouted as Leanne served again. The ball was sent back by our team and splashed in front of Tom who didn't see it, because his eyes were glued to Leanne's boobs. "Hey Tom" Linda yelled, "want to get in the game?" "Sorry" Tom replied sheepishly as he turned back toward the net, "I was a bit distracted". Leanne swam up behind him and wrapped her arms around him, crushing her boobs against his back. "That's alright Tom, I have that effect on all the boys here," she said with a laugh and pushed away. Tom blushed a bright pink, but I think I could see a quite obvious bulge beginning in the front of his suit. The game progressed, and in no time, the 'boobie rule' had been invoked for Meg and Linda as well. All three girls were now topless. Meg has beautiful tits, nicely shaped C cups without a tan line. Linda's were smaller with little hard nipples that looked very suckable. Elaine's first serve cleared the net for a point but she wasn't so lucky the second time. When her serve hit the net and bounced back to me, everybody in the pool including Tom yelled "boobie rule". Elaine blushed and said "I don't know." Tom said "Come on baby, 'we're all friends here and besides, 'when in Rome'....". With that, Elaine met her husband's eyes across the pool and reached up to slip the straps over her shoulders and then pulled the suit top down to her waist exposing a set of small but beautiful boobs. It was obvious from the slight sag that they had never seen a surgeon nor had they probably ever been exposed to the sun, but they were nicely shaped topped by very large areola and perky nipples. As she raised her arms to respond to the "boobie rule" shout, she blushed a bright pink from her chest up to her scalp. "Very nice" I whispered as she served. "Thank you" she replied with a self-conscious smile. After awhile, the game became much more rowdy with a lot of splashing and touching and downright fondling. At one point, Elaine and I both went for a ball that was going to drop between us. I tipped it up but she fell with her back against me. As we both went under, I naturally wrapped my arm around her chest and cupped her right breast. As we hit bottom, her butt came in very close contact with my growing erection. I detected a slight wiggle as we surfaced and separated. She looked back at me and smiled tentatively, and the game continued. Meanwhile, Leanne was playing a decent volleyball game and teasing the crap out of Tom. Every chance she'd get, she'd back up against him or rub a boob on his arm in passing, until he had what appeared under his suit to be a perpetual and painful hard on. Doug and Linda were playing their own game too until finally, as Doug went up to try to spike the ball back to our side, Linda yanked his suit down to his knees, and as he fell, slid it off and tossed it onto the deck. "Oh my" Elaine said quietly as she looked across the pool at Doug's erection. "Yeah" I said as I glided up behind her, "we don't call him 'woody' for nuthin." She leaned back towards me, and it seemed natural for me to again cup her tit as we stood together waiting for someone to volley from the other side. Her suit encased ass wiggled against me again, and she said in a bit of a breathless voice, "it feels like Doug isn't the only one excited here". Her small hand snaked between us tentatively and glided across my growing hard on. Her nipple was growing hard in my hand, as she gave my dick another squeeze, but we were interrupted by the resumption of the game. As we continued to play, I saw that Meg had somehow managed to relieve Rob of his suit and would periodically give his rather long dick a stroke between shots. When I saw that happen, I said loudly, "damnit, this wet suit is slowing down my game and it's gotta go." Leanne and Meg both yelled, "You go boy" and I stripped off the suit and tossed it on the deck to join Doug's. With that, Leanne said, "I've had it with mine too," and she bent over in front of Tom and asked, "care to pull my string". Tom, to his credit, looked over his shoulder at Elaine first. When she just shrugged, he turned pink again, but untied Leann's suit and pulled it clear of her ass. In doing so, he got an excellent view of her cleanly shaved pussy which tented his suit even more. In no time, Meg and Linda both removed their suits, leaving Tom & Elaine the only clothed people in the pool. The game was soon forgotten as Leanne swam up to Tom again and said, "you poor baby, it looks like that has gotta hurt". She was looking at the front of his suit which was indeed bulging painfully. "What do ya think girls" Leanne said looking at Linda, Maggie and Elaine, "should we help him out?". "Oh no" Tom said blushing "I don't think that's such a good idea." He now had the deer in the headlight look as Maggie and Linda swam towards him. He looked toward Elaine who was standing next to me with her very hard nippled tits just floating on the water. "I think it's OK Tom" she said with a smile, "it looks like it does hurt." With that, three naked and very sexy women peeled Tom's suit from his body. Meg actually went under water to assist, and I swear I saw her slip his dick in her mouth for a second. He went rigid, almost like he'd been poleaxed, but quickly relaxed as she surfaced. "Did she do what I think she did?" Elaine asked me. "She did" I said with a grin "and he didn't seem to mind either". "Funny" she said, turning towards me and reaching for my penis, "neither did I. Now, since I'm the only one here not naked, would you be so kind as to help me with my suit?" I happily complied with her request and slowly slid the suit over her butt and down her thighs revealing a very nice ass and a neatly trimmed bush with some prominent lips revealed below. As I lowered the suit off her legs, she leaned towards me and inadvertently placed one of her nipples close to my mouth. Never one to miss an opportunity, I sucked on her rock hard nipple and slowly ran my hand up her thigh to just next to her warm pussy. She moved slightly so that my hand came in contact with her lips and I slowly began to tease and stroke her. The game was suddenly forgotten as Linda and Leanne were rubbing up against Tom, while Doug tried to slide his dick into Leanne from behind, and Meg and Rob were engaged in a hot deep kiss by the net. Leanne finally took charge, and said, "OK, all the boys sit on the side of the pool and ladies, you go find your husbands" as she looked pointedly at Elaine. I sat at the end of the line with Doug next to me, Rob, and then Tom. All the guys were sporting good erections. No one was huge, we are all about average (after all, this IS a true story) around 5-6 inches, Doug has a little bend to the left, Rob's was maybe a bit longer but thinner than mine or Doug's, and Tom had about 5 inches but he was quite thick. "I'm going to start going down on Sam here" Leanne said with a leer, "and when I feel the time is right, I'll call out switch and each girl will move down the line." Elaine, if you two aren't comfortable, just stay with Tom and you guys can watch or play as you choose. No pressure...OK." Elaine nodded and smiled gratefully as she turned back towards her husband's crotch. "Ready?" Leanne asked. "Go!" she said as she put a hand on either side of my thighs and leaned forward to take my dick in her mouth. Leanne has an excellent technique and she is a swallower, so I'm never certain when she starts on me, how or where it's going to end. This time, I could tell that she was just toying with me. She licked and sucked a bit and made sure that I was good and hard and then lifted her head up and said "switch". Meg, who had been sucking Doug and fondling Leanne's tit and my balls moved off her husband and moved towards Rob. Leanne moved to Doug and eagerly took his dick in her mouth. Linda made room for Meg, and then stood next to her brother-in-law and his wife as Elaine pulled off of his erection. Elaine looked up at her husband for a few seconds, and they apparently had a silent communication and came to an understanding. Elaine held onto her husband's cock and turned slightly towards Linda and said, "here you go Lin, be my guest". Linda swam between Tom's knees and let Elaine feed his dick into her mouth. As Linda slowly swallowed his cock, Tom leaned back, closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure. The moment I had been waiting for all day finally arrived when a delightfully naked Elaine swam up to me and positioned herself between my legs. "Sam" she said with barely concealed excitement, "your's is the first new dick I've had in my mouth in over 20 years." And with that, she slowly began to lick the head of my cock and then slipped her warm mouth the whole way around it. I was in heaven, and Elaine was apparently enjoying herself too as I heard and felt a little moan of pleasure from her between strokes. Too quickly, Leanne yelled "switch" again and Elaine was gone only to be replaced by Linda, which was not a bad trade. Leanne moved to Rob and Meg moved to Tom. Elaine moved to Doug who had been the recipient of Leanne's attentions and was apparently right on the edge. I watched as Elaine took her second strange dick in 20 years into her mouth as did Tom. Meg went to town on Tom's thick cock as Doug lost control and started to cum. Elaine was surprised and pulled back as Doug shot a stream of semen hitting her in the hair. She hardly missed a beat tho and gobbled him up, not missing another drop. That sent Tom over the top with a groan, his dick got even more thick and he came in Meg's mouth. The moans of Doug and Tom inspired Linda and Leanne to increase their tempo and in no time, both of us came as well. Linda swallowed my load while Rob came on Leanne's chest. Linda immediately swam over to my wife and licked her tits clean. Now THAT was a tremendous sight that would have brought all the guy's dicks back immediately if we'd all been 25 again. After a short pause for some more of the sangria it was decided that the only fair thing to do would be for the guys to return the favor. The women eagerly sat on the edge of the pool, Leanne, Meg, Linda and Elaine, and their husbands went to work. Leanne was very turned on and wet and was soon grinding her pussy into my face. Linda took charge and called out "switch" before any of the ladies actually got off. I moved down to Meg who was a familiar partner. I knew just what to do with her, and she was soon moaning happily and rubbing the top of my head. Tom was working on Leanne, who looked down at me in pleasure and said "Sam, you may have some competition in the pussy eating department". She then closed her eyes, tilted her head back and gave in to her first orgasm. Meg was right on the edge when Linda yelled "switch" again. I moved to Linda, and Doug moved to Elaine, while Rob buried his face in Leanne, and Tom went to work on Meg. Doug had done an excellent job getting Linda primed, and so when I went down on her, I found her clit very hard. As I slipped a finger into her pussy, she clamped down on me and began to cum. We had never played with Linda and Rob and so I didn't know and was quite surprised to find that she was a squirter. She damned near drowned me when she got off but boy, what a way to go. When she came down a bit, she called "switch" again, and I finally got down to return the favor to Elaine. "My god" she gasped as I got started, "you guys are great, I haven't quit cumming" And she didn't with me, but in a few minutes she lifted my head up and said, "I need to get fucked now Sam, wanna do the honors"? How could I turn her down. I got out of the pool, fully recovered, and took her by the hand and led her into the house, where Linda and Rob had prepared a playroom with two inflatable beds on the floor. As Elaine went down on me again, I looked up to see Linda leading Tom into the room by his hard on quickly followed by Leanne and Doug and Rob and Meg. All four couples ended up on the beds in various positions. I slid into Elaine and found her wet, ready, and very hot. She started to cum again as I stroked slowly. Tom was fucking Linda from behind and was the first to lose it, pulling out and cumming on her butt. As he did, she squirted again, flooding the bed under her in her orgasm. Leanne was happily riding Doug while Meg sat on his face and sucked Rob. Linda had not had enough, and said "hey girls, line em up beside me." Leanne disengaged from Doug and got down on all fours next to Linda, and so did Meg. I reluctantly pulled out of Elaine so she could join the others. She looked over to Tom who was laying off to the side. "Is this OK honey?" she asked. "Go for it" he said with a satisfied smile, "go for it babe". So, there were four sexy women and three guys sporting hard-ons and determined to hold off as long as they could. I went back to Elaine and slipped back inside her from behind, while Rob slipped into Leanne, and Doug went to Linda. A few strokes later, Meg called "switch" and we all did. As I slipped into Meg, she tightened in orgasm and I was done. Two strokes looking down at that sexy butt and I pushed as far in as I could before I came again. Doug and Rob were left, and Doug was next to get off after another switch, cumming in Elaine. Rob followed to end the afternoon with an orgasm deep in my lovely Leanne. We all lay in an exhausted and satisfied pile for a few minutes until Elaine said, "Lin, this was amazing but I think I need a shower now". I stood up and pulled her up to me saying, "naaa babe, no shower, come with me". I led her out to the pool and we jumped in to cool off. We were followed shortly thereafter by the other three naked couples. THAT'S why we love life in Florida!
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