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  1. We had met Darrell and Judy at a swingers house party that we used to attend way back when we first started in the lifestyle. We have been involved for about a year and a half, and we met a lot of great people and played with some. Although we were very friendly with this younger couple, we hadn’t played. We had been in the same room together, in the open room, but never really discussed or talked about getting together physically in our conversation. At the last party, they had learned that I had a service business, something they might be interested in. They asked if I might be able to come by the following Sunday morning when they’re both home and go over some of the things they wanted to have taken care of. Darrell asked that I arrive early on Sunday morning, so I was there about 10 minutes ahead of time, parked in the driveway. Darrell came out on the porch and waved me to come on it. It was about 8 o’clock. We went into his kitchen, and he poured me a mug of coffee. After we chatted for a few minutes, he started to describe some of the things that he wanted done. He also mentioned that Judy was still asleep but should be down shortly. After about 15 to 20 minutes of casual conversation, you could hear movement, with someone coming down the stairs. A sleepy voice called out, “Honey, I need my morning dose.” Darrell responded, “Here in the kitchen, babe, we have company.” Judy shuffled in wearing her pink fuzzy slippers and an oversized men’s T-shirt, her breast swinging freely underneath the fabric. She mumbled a sleepy, “Oh, good morning,” as she headed for the pot of coffee on the counter. Darrell and I continued chatting away as Judy prepared her mug of coffee and joined us at the table. Darrell explained to her that we had already discussed their needs and that I had come up with a couple of suggestions that I would get back to them on. Judy sat quietly, taking it all in, sipping at her coffee, gazing between Darrell and myself through the rising steam of her mug. The conversation then turned to the usual general talk about what we’ve been up to, what they’ve been up to, work, etc. Darrell got up to pour another cup of coffee. As he passed Judy, she mumbled, “I need my dose, babe.” He just shook his head. I wasn’t really sure what all this meant. I assumed some sort of medication, but who knows? As Daryl returned with his coffee, he stood over Judy, bent down as she looked up, gently kissed her forehead, and said, “Honey. You wrecked me last night. I have nothing left to give.“ Now I had a good idea what they were talking about and must’ve given myself away with a muffled chuckle. “She can be quite the demanding vixen, “said Darrell. “She kept me up half the night, and I’m all tapped out.” Judy looked at me with a very mischievous smile on her face. Darrell looked down at Judy and said, “If you need more, you’re gonna have to get it from him,” Daryl stated, tipping his head in my direction. I have to say this took me by surprise. As I said before, we have not played yet other than sharing the same area in a group room. I did not know what to say just sat quietly with probably a very silly looking grin on my face not sure if I should respond or not. Judy is the one who broke the silence. “Hmm I think I would like that very much if he is willing” again a moment or two of awkward silence when Derek stated “buddy you’d be doing me a favor I need a break.” Now I will be honest: Judy is a very good-looking woman 15 years my junior, about five foot eight, with an hourglass figure, long brunette hair, and large full breasts. To say I was attracted to her, you’re damn right. I just was not expecting this situation and did not want to overstep my bounds. “Well?” Darrell asked. “Really?” I asked. “Please. She has been talking about you since the last party. She is very willing,” Darrell persisted. “She sucks me off just about every morning. I got nothing left.” Judy smiled and giggled. I quietly thanked myself for showering this morning. “I just need to make a quick phone call to check in at home, but I would have to say I’m greatly interested and would be happy to oblige.” Judy let out a squeal of glee, clapping her hands in front of her, and I could not ignore the shaking of her breasts underneath the thin T-shirt. I made a quick call to the Queen, stating what was going to happen, and she responded, “Good luck, enjoy yourself, be home by 1 o’clock. We have plans this afternoon.” I put my phone down on the table, looked up at Darrell, and Judy smiled and said, “Well, I guess I’m free.” Judy took a sip of her coffee, turned her chair to the side and asked me to come stand in front of her. Once there, she did not waste any time unbuckling my belt and jeans, pulling them down to my knees. In one motion, she pulled my boxers down and buried her face fully against my flaccid cock and balls, sniffing deeply. She rocked her head from side to side and softly murmured a gentle “mmmm” of approval. After nuzzling me a bit, she gave me two gentle kisses, and using only her tongue, she swept my soft cock into her mouth. I looked over to Darrell to see he had a big grin indicating to me he liked what he saw Judy doing. I relaxed a bit more. Looking down at Judy she had her eyes closed. She was rolling me around inside her mouth with her tongue. Then she sucked hard and gently bobbed her head a few times, then took me completely into her mouth again. She was making soft, guttural moans as she continued attacking me. “She really loves doing this,” Darrell stated. I did not respond other than a sigh on my part. Judy continued working me with her mouth, and I started to respond to her efforts. As I started to swell, she took less and less of me into her mouth. She started stocking me with her hand and mouth. After a short time, she “popped” the head of my cock out of her mouth. “Oh my,” she said as she stroked me with her two hands, “I didn’t expect this.” She gasped, then took the remaining length of my cock beyond her two fists in her mouth. “Dude,” exclaimed Darrell, “do you mind if I take pictures of Judy with that?” I could only nod my head in approval; I didn’t want to break the mood. Darrell fumbled with his phone and started taking pictures. Judy, with just the tip of me in her mouth, hands-free. And then one of my full length from her chin to her forehead. “Damn,” Darrell stated, happily clicking away. Judy used one hand to stroke me while sucking on my balls. Darrell had the sound activated on his phone, and there were times it rapidly stuttered as he excitedly took multiple pictures as Judy skillfully continued the assault on my full erection. She tried to take more of me in her mouth but could only manage about half of me before her gag reflex kicked in, and she loudly gasped, popping me out of her mouth and sucking in a large amount of air while stroking with one, then both hands. Every now and again, she would run her tongue from my balls and under the length of my cock, sinking as much of me as possible into her mouth. At some point, the shutter noise on Darrell’s phone stopped. I wasn’t sure when, but he continued to move the phone camera around Judy’s head and shoulders, I assume taking video. After several minutes of this, although I’m not very sure of the time, Judy stopped. “Let’s go in the living room.” I kicked off my sneakers and pants and, with her holding my cock in her hand, led me into their living room to a sectional couch and had me sit on an oversized ottoman. She took a pillow from the couch and knelt on it in front of me. She resumed stroking me. One-handed, two-handed, then into her mouth. Shallow, deep, gagging a bit, then back to stroking. Time drifted away as I was enjoying every moment of her efforts. “Tell her when you are ready to cum so I can get a closeup,” instructed Darrell. Again, no answer from me other than nodding my head. Judy continued vigorously, trying to get me to cum. She rested occasionally, stroking my length with her two hands. After a bit of time, I heard her ask Darrell, “Can I try this? I really want to try him.” “Hell yeah,” Darrell exclaimed. “Is that ok with you?” he asked me. “Sure,” I responded. Judy is still working on me. “Only cum in her mouth,” Darrell instructed. I mumbled an “ok” in agreement. Judy told me to lay back on the ottoman as she stood stripping off the tee shirt. Her breasts swung freely, jiggling with her every movement. I expected that I would be given a condom or she might roll one on me, but instead, she turned away from me and started to lower herself onto me reverse cowgirl. Seeing my concern, Darrell assured me it would be okay if I was okay with it. I agreed. My crotch was soaked with Judy’s saliva. I watched with eager anticipation as she positioned herself over me. Darrell was giving her some instruction so he could get his video of her lowering herself onto me. I witnessed a few rivulets trickling down her inner thighs. She grasped my cock with her hand and rubbed the end of it along her lips while slightly lowering herself back and forth but not penetrating. After a few moments, I felt her start to take me in. She gasped and stopped for a moment, then repeated, taking me out, rubbing me back in. God, she felt great. Judy shifted herself slightly, still holding my cock. She guided me back into her opening, taking just the head of me into her. After a brief pause, she lifted her hips up a little and then backed down a little further. A few strokes and then a little more. Each time she did this, shallowly stroking what she had in her, she would slowly take a little more. With each deeper penetration, her body would gently quiver a bit. “Damn, this is hot”! Darrell blurted out. If he thought what he saw was hot he should see this from my angle. Damn is right. I do not think either of us were aware of time. There was no rush, no frenzied groping or pumping. Judy was in complete control as it should be, all about her pleasure, her comfort. It wasn’t long before I was completely embedded inside the warmth of this woman. Using her body to stroke me, she would take me shallow, then deep strokes, occasionally stopping, deeply penetrating, and grinding on me, almost like dancing on me with her hips. I could hear her murmuring something from time to time, but I didn’t make out what she was saying. I was too engrossed with what she was doing to me. After a while, she stood, releasing my cock. She turned, facing me, and straddled my waist. Grasping my cock she guided me into her, and she settled completely on my cock. “Damn babe, do that again,” Darrell, now directing this video. I didn’t care at all; I was thoroughly enjoying myself. He directed her to rise up almost off me the slowly back down. I was lost in her breasts hanging down on me, her nipples brushing along my chest with her rocking motion. Judy’s breathing was quickening with the occasional moan. I loved stroking her breasts, using both hands to hold and squeeze while my mouth teased and pulled on her nipples. She started to ride me harder for a while, stopping every so often with full penetration, wiggling her hips. Once she started raising herself completely and then slamming herself back onto me, taking full, deep strokes, I started to feel that I was getting there. “I need you to take me,” mumbled Judy as she raised herself off of me. I stood, and she knelt on the ottoman. I accepted the offer of taking her from behind, but I took my time. Partial and shallow strokes, then slowly pushing in deep. Gauging that she was comfortable with this, I spread her cheeks apart with my hands, went as deep as possible, and paused. With each deep penetration and pause, she would gasp slightly and pump and grind against me. I’m not sure who was breathing more excitedly, Judy, me, or Darrell, who was totally lost in videoing and watching through the lens. He had swapped out his phone for a handheld video camera at some point, but I am not sure when. I hadn’t noticed. Judy set the pace. She started bucking back onto me hard and solid. I took the hint and picked up the pace, slamming back into her with full deep strokes. Her verbal jerky breathless “aaahhhs” and “oohhhs” excited me and Darrell. He was moving around us videoing from various angles commenting as he goes. Judy announced we had to stop. I was concerned if she was ok. She was; she just wanted to be on her back. She grasped my hand and, giggling, pulled me quickly down the hall, with Darrell a step behind me, to a bedroom. She sat on the bed and quickly took me into her mouth, running her tongue along my length. She laid back her butt on the edge of the bed, pulling me to her. “Fuck me hard,” she said, “but I want you to cum in my mouth.” I nodded that I understood. I position myself between her raised legs. She pulled her legs back and wide open, bent at the knees. I leaned in, pressing myself against her opening, grasping each breast in my hands. Bending to nuzzle and suck on her nipples made me enter her partially, making Judy wriggle a light and let out an audible sigh. I squeezed both breasts together and alternated between each nipple as I started to push deeper inside her. She wiggled her hips, trying to press onto me. Once fully penetrated, she ground herself on me. After a few minutes, I raised myself above her and started slowly pumping into her. I alternated shallow pumping with a few deep full strokes and, from time to time, pressing deep into her and just grinding against her. It seemed to excite her, judging by her body response and breathy moans. “Fuck me hard,” she said, “take me hard!” Our director shouted the same, “Pound her hard!” Placing a hand on each thigh to hold her legs open and back, I started a steady thrusting, alternating occasionally slamming against her hard. Judy responded with pleasing moans. She fondled and squeezed her breasts and then gathered them both on her chest, cradled by both her upper arms. Her breasts rocked and waved with each thrust. It was marvelous. I was desperately trying to keep the same pace. Judy traced her fingers over her lower tummy, bringing both over the top of her pubic mound. Her fingers, finding her sweet spot, started vigorously rubbing above her clitoris. I continued to piston in and out of Judy. Her mouth opened, and her breathing sounded labored. After a few minutes, she started to make a soft-pitched whimpering noise. I continued to thrust hard into her. Only slightly withdrawing, then slamming back into her, making her whole body jerk, her breasts jolting about with each impact. Her whining noise was getting a bit higher and louder, and then it hit. She suddenly sucked in a big breath of air, her head picked up off the bed, a long guttural moan that ended on a high note. “Aarrggeeeee!” Then, her back arched as she slammed her head back, followed by rapid breathing and intermittent uncontrolled giggling. I felt her contraction, an intense gripping of my cock as she climaxed. I slowed to a slow, deliberate, full-stroke penetration. I knew I was very close. I declared, “I’m going to cum!” and pulled out of Judy and stepped back. Judy slinked off the bed to her knees on the floor. I was pumping my cock by hand. Judy pushed it aside and started to rapidly jerk my cock by hand. “Cum for me, come on, cum” Judy repeated this a few times as the build-up reached its peak. I moaned low and loud. The first volley went across her open mouth and right cheek. The next, she aimed me directly into her mouth. Third and forth, under her chin and neck, the remaining small spurts and drops landed scattered over her breasts. “Wow, oh my god!” Judy squealed excitedly. Darrell was beside himself with excitement. Other than the pictures and videos they made themselves, this was the first video allowed with someone other than Darrell. He said, “This is crazy sexy, hot as hell”! The clock in the bedroom indicated we had been at this for about 90 minutes. A first for all of us. But to be fair, a hell of a lot of manual and oral play, stop and start, prolonged it all. Judy agreed, reached over, and pulled Darrell to her. She quickly pulled down his sweatpants and promptly took his cock in her mouth. I picked up their video camera and started videoing the two of them. Judy had Darrell hard in just a few seconds. She made an extra effort to lavish his cock with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and then swallowing him whole. She then pulled him down on top of her. He quickly slipped inside her and started hammering away with Judy, encouraging him along, “Take me baby, fill me up!” From my view, I had a clear shot of him pumping his cock in and out of her. With her telling him to take her hard, cum for her, and watching the two of us for the past hour and a half, he had no hope of lasting very long. He started groaning, Judy telling him to fill her. He let out a bellow and started cumming inside her. I caught the whole thing on video. His pumping and cumming. His cum leaking around his cock out of her. And when he pulled out, the cum leaked out of her. When things calmed down, he viewed the video and couldn’t believe how hard he came and how much he gave her. Judy chimed in, “And you said you didn’t have anymore, holding out on me.” We didn’t get dressed. We went into the kitchen and talked about what had just happened and past swinging adventures. About an hour later, Judy walked over to me and asked if I could go again. I looked at Darrell, and he quickly shook his head yes. “If you can, that would be awesome”. I agreed. We walked back to the bedroom and climbed up on the bed. We kissed and fondled each other a little bit. I then positioned myself on my left side and maneuvered Judy on her back with her legs up and over my hip. I easily slipped my semi-soft cock inside her. She was very warm and wet from Darrell. My hands were free to caress and squeeze her breasts. Darrell switched between videoing and kissing Judy. He occasionally played and sucked on her breasts. I slowly pumped a little into Judy. After a few moments, she exclaimed, “I can feel you growing inside me,” and giggled in amazement. Once I was fully hard I changed position to a supporting missionary. Using my knees to keep Judy’s legs open and my arms keeping me up to watch and nibble on her breasts. I started slow, long thrusts and built up to harder, faster, full-length thrusts. In about fifteen minutes, I was pulling out and dribbling cum on her tummy. Judy sat up and slid down, taking me into her mouth, making an effort to suck and lick me clean. It was almost noon, and I had to run to get home on time. We promised each other we would get together soon, all four of us. And that we did. They joined our group and played once or twice a month at our parties. We also traveled and shared very often for 4 - 5 years. Then, they moved to New Mexico for Darrell’s work.
  2. Do y’all take videos while participating in different types of sex? What’s your stance on it? I would be interested in seeing some videos. For one it really turns me on and for two I’m curious on how you have it set up.
  3. There is a discussion of what porn you watch, have you ever made your own porn? We had always wondered if we would be as sexy as some of the porn we had watched and decided to set up our computer to record our own session. It took a few times to get a clear picture, lighting was the first problem, missing the action was the next. I didn’t like the way I looked was a horrifying reaction when the lights were on and the picture was in focus. We have done many hand held phone videos mostly of me give a blow job or having doggy sex. Again I’m not sure how flattering I looked. We also have a few of me with others that included more close ups and angles. I am just wondering how many others have recorded themselves and what did you think of the results.
  4. We had met Jim at a party a few weeks before, at a hot tub party. He had given my sexy wife all the black cock she wanted and the fuck of her life. We were looking forward to seeing him again when he called and invited us to his home for dinner and more. I told Mary and she said she was more than ready. When Friday rolled around Mary picked out a very sexy low cut dress with a slit all the way to her thigh. She wore a garter belt, sexy black hose, high heels, no panties or bras, and a big smile on her face. I told her how hot she looked and that Jim would like how she looked. I even ate her pussy a little just to get her wet a little. When we arrived at Jim's, it was a very nice condo. We knocked, and Jim answered. He had on a pair of Nike shorts and a workout shirt. He gave Mary a kiss on the cheek and invited us in. He had a bottle of champagne chilled which was a nice surprise. He poured us a glass and told Mary how good she looked. I could tell he liked Mary and wanted to put his hands on her. Mary was enjoying his Nike outfit as well. We sat in the living room. It had a big plush couch, two large lounge chairs, a big screen TV, and a beautiful bar area. Jim said he had ordered dinner from a local place and it would be about an hour. He asked if we wanted to watch a movie while waiting. Mary asked what kind and Jim just smiled and said he would pick one out. I sat in the lounge and Mary was sitting on the couch with Jim. He pushed the remote and on came a movie. It was Jim and another black stud fucking a beautiful blond woman. They were in a king size bed and taking care of her very well. Mary asked Jim who the two were and he said his roommate and a friend. We sat and watched as the two of them made the woman moan with pleasure. After a short time, I looked over and saw Jim as running his hands over Mary's body. He was playing with her tits and kissing her neck. Mary loves her neck kissed and was watching the movie as Jim touched her. He looked at me and asked if I was enjoying the show. I ask which one and he said both. I said very much and smiled. Soon Jim had Mary's top down and was sucking her nipples. Her head was laying on the back of the couch, and her eyes were closed. Jim had his hands under the dress, and I knew he was playing with her pussy. Soon he had her stand and took her dress off. She stood in front of him, and he started to eat his pussy. Soon he took off his shorts and sat on the couch telling Mary to sit on his lap. She did as he requested and I watched as he filled her sexy pussy with his big cock. Soon Mary had him deep inside of her and Jim was sucking on her tits. his hands on her ass and Mary was riding his wet cock. Mary looked at me and said she was going to cum very quickly. I told her to enjoy and go for it. Soon she was moaning and telling Jim to fuck her as she climaxed. He was giving her all she could handle, and once she finished, Jim told her stand. He sat her on the side of the couch and started to fuck her standing up After a short time Jim told her to suck his cock dry as he stood in front of her. She did as requested, and soon she was enjoying his cum. Then Jim said he had a surprise for us. About that time his roommate entered the living room from the bedroom. He had a camcorder and told Jim he had it all. Jim said this is Tony, his roommate, and best friend. Tony said hello and asked if we minded him filming the action. I said no problem and Mary asked if we were going to get a copy? Everyone laughed. Jim got Mary a robe, and we sat and had some more champagne. I was in the lounge chair, and the three of them were on the couch. After a short while, we turned the movie on again and watched as Tony and Jim gave the sexy blond cock every way possible. Mary asked who she was and Tony said it was his lady friend who enjoyed the pleasure of both him and Jim. As we watched I noticed Jim starting to play with Mary again. He was running his hands inside her legs and pulling the robe higher and higher. Soon he began to kiss her and play with her tits. Needless to say neither Tony or I was watching the TV action. After a few minutes, Tony asked if he could touch Mary's sexy body. I told him to ask Mary, and about that time Mary placed his hand on her leg. That was all he needed. Soon he was kneeling in front of Mary licking her pussy while Jim sucked her nipples. After a short time, Jim picked Mary up and carried her into the bedroom. Tony and I followed, and Jim told me to sit in the chair and enjoy the fun. He took off Mary's robe and told her she was in for a real fucking. Tony took off his shorts, and he was rock hard. He was not as long as Jim but was much wider. Jim started to eat Mary's pussy, and Tony was sucking her nipples. Soon Tony began to feed his cock to Mary which she loved. Jim then entered her and began to fuck her with long slow strokes. In no time she was cumming and sucking Tony like mad. Then Tony laid on her back and had Mary ride him. She soon was full of his thick cock and going nuts. Jim was sucking on her nipples as Tony held them for him. Mary soon started to cum again, and Tony filled her pussy with cum. They then had her lay on her back, and Jim began to fuck her. He had her legs on his shoulders and was giving her every inch. In no time they both came together as Mary beg him not to stop. Once finished they told Mary I needed some fun and told her to suck me dry. She had me lay on my back and laid on her side facing me. She started to suck my cock, and it was fantastic. Soon I was ready to explode, and Mary finished me by not missing a drop. When she finished, Tony was hard and ready to go. He placed Mary on all fours and ended her from behind. Jim said we should just sit back and enjoy because Tony could go for an hour in this position. He placed a pillow under her stomach and told her to relax and enjoy the ride. He filled her very wet pussy with one stroke, and she told him it felt wonderful. For the next 20 minutes, we watched as Tony fuck Mary using various speeds and movements. Mary came twice, and when Tony was ready to cum, he asked Mary to suck his cock dry. Soon he was enjoying her mouth and telling us how great she was. He came, and Mary tried to take it all. Jim was now ready to go again. He had Mary lay on her side with her back to him and entered her from behind. I kissed her nipples and neck and had my hands on her ass so I could feel Jim fucking her. Mary was in heaven and so hot. She told me she had never enjoyed being fuck so much. Soon she came, and Jim was right behind her. Mary was stroking my cock, and I came all over her tits. After that, the studs got wet towels and gave Mary a massage and towel bath. She was so beautiful and so happy and satisfied. Jim confessed there was no dinner, so we all went out to a local place. On our way home, Mary told me I was the most fabulous husband a lady could want and thanked me for letting her enjoy two studs at once. We plan on going back soon.
  5. My wife, Kim, is 27 years old, 5'4" and 123 pounds. She is 37-23-36.; a real dark-haired knock-out. I'm John. 29 years old, 195 pounds, 6'2". I'm blond and considered very handsome. My wife and I met in college and were soon married after graduation. We have been married five years, and still very much in love. For some reason, I suspected Kim of fooling around. Coming home late from work, leaving without telling me where she was going, etc.! I worked up a plan with my best friend and neighbor. His name is Jerry, married and a real jock. I wanted to test Kim and who was better at this than Jerry. He is known as a real stud of the area. I think everyone knows but his wife, Liz. I cooked up this plan with Jerry to be executed on a Thursday evening. Kim mentioned on several occasions how nice looking Jerry was and that he always dressed so neat. I'm not the jealous type, but this made me wonder. I told Jerry of my intentions for him to test Kim and he was agreeable and said it sounded like fun, remember we are the best of buddies. Jerry asked, what if it goes too far. I said it was OK as long as I could watch. Jerry agreed, and the plan was set. I hooked up our video cam on the dresser of our bedroom and one in our den. I called Kim from work around 6 pm and told her I was going to the hockey game with the guys and wouldn't be home until around midnight. I work for a large securities firm in Tampa and mostly men at the workplace. She bit of course. To be honest, I really didn't think Kim would be game for any tryst with Jerry, but I was just testing. Well, you guessed it; not all went as I thought it would. Jerry showed up at our front door at about 7 pm. He brought his basketball and a couple of bottles of good wine. He asked if I was home and could I come out and shoot some hoops. Kim said I was at the game and wouldn't be home until late. Jerry said his wife Liz was at her parents and wouldn't be home until later either. Kim said she hadn't shot baskets for a while and she would join him. After they played for a short period and Jerry had won 5 games of PIG, they went inside to cool off with a bottle of chilled wine. They went to the den where the big screen was, and Kim went to the kitchen to get the wine from the freezer where she had put it to chill. While Kim was in the kitchen, Jerry flipped on the video cam and waited. Kim was wearing her denim cut-offs and a halter-top, no bra of course; nobody wears a bra in Florida. Jerry was wearing his coaching shorts, which were very very short, and a T-shirt. Jerry thinks he is a Navy SEAL and never wears undershorts. The picture was perfect on the video cam, and Kim was not the wiser. After about 15 minutes of small talk about their spouses and work, Jerry started in. The subject quickly turned to sex. I was shocked at how open Kim became. I wasn't sure if it was the wine or what. Jerry started on his and Liz's sex life and how kinky they have become. Kim opened up and began telling Jerry about our sex and how erotic I have become over the past year or so. Kim began telling Jerry how I loved watching her fuck dildos and how excited I would get when she would squirt when she cums. When Kim gets really turned on, she can cum about a quart, really. It seems to never stop. Yes, it does taste like honey. Kim and Jerry were sitting on the sofa directly across from the cam, and I could see Jerry cock getting erect. You could tell Kim noticed it but tried not to look. All of a sudden Kim stopped talking, and Jerry pulled his massive tool from the side of his shorts. It was so big it looked like a baby's arm holding an apple. It was even a surprise to me, I had never seen Jerry nude, it made my heart pound. I can't even imagine how Kim was feeling about then. Jerry shook it at her and asked if she ever has seen anything like this in her life. Kim commented that Liz was one hell of a lucky woman. Jerry said there was enough to go around and he would share and was sure Liz wouldn't mind because they had been swinging for the past couple of years. Kim said if John ever found out he would kill us both. Don't forget Kim is very very attractive and has a perfect body, not a flaw. What happened next really floored me. Jerry told Kim what we were up to and showed her the video cam; he must have really wanted her pussy. Kim got real pissed at first then said let's give him a show. Kim then told Jerry she has always been faithful to me and had never thought of having an affair until that very moment. I was furious at my friend but soon got over it as I watched what happened. Both Jerry and Kim stripped off their clothes and started to get busy. Jerry went down on Kim even before he had ever given her a kiss, which told me this was just raw sex. He worked in two fingers as he licked her clit. Kim was really humping her hips as he fingered her. She was about to explode when she pulled his head up to her bountiful breast. Kim's nipples were so erect they stuck out about a half-inch or more. Jerry was sucking on one and pinching the erect nipple of the other. All of a sudden the milk started to pour. Kim had lost our baby in her eighth month several months ago and still has a lot of milk. Jerry was going crazy because he didn't know Kim was lactating. I think at first it scared him, but he soon was like a kitten lapping up her spray. Kim screamed a howl and declared she was cumming. Jerry stepped back, and in full view of the video cam, you could see the cum pouring out of Kim's sweet hole. It was just like a man cumming thick and running down onto the leather sofa. Jerry lowered his head and started licking all he could, but there was just too much. Jerry put his hand down below her pussy and let it run into his hand and palm and smeared it all over her tits and face, Kim then licked his fingers clean. Kim said she had to try and suck his cock, she could barely get the head around her lips. Kim was satisfied to lick the head and shaft all the way to sucking his balls. After about 10 minutes of this, she resorted to jacking Jerry off and fingering his asshole. After a while, Kim said she had to try it fit it inside her. Jerry positioned himself and guided that big log to Kim's pussy. It took a lot of spit lube and several attempts, but he finally he managed to get a fit. Jerry was very gentle thank heaven. It looked as if he was going to pull her insides out on the withdrawal. After about 20 minutes of this awesome site, Kim let out a high squeal and came again; not as much came pouring out this time. Jerry pulled out with a plop you could hear on video and watch her orgasm again. He said he was almost there and inserted his cock in Kim again, after about three or four minutes he withdrew and came all over her wide-open pussy. Great gobs of cum ran from her pussy to her asshole. He cum in her a little and it was running out of her like a river, Jerry got up to get the video cam up close to get a good shot of the cum flowing river. Kim got up and came back with a towel to clean up, and both looked into the cam and asked how I liked the show. As I reflect back to this, I think I got what I deserved. YES, Kim and I are still married and in love more than ever. Jerry and Liz, has since introduced us to swinging. We get together quite often, and we have met new and exciting friends. I hope you have enjoyed our story, all true and exciting.
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    The Video

    After dinner, Ken told me that he'd called Garry, only to find that Garry was thrilled that he'd called. Garry said to him that I was one of the "hottest" chicks he'd ever been with and that he'd love to do a video so basically all we had to do was name the time and the place. We decided to meet the very next weekend. Saturday arrived, and I found myself in a state of arousal and anticipation knowing what was going to take place later that day. Ken had arranged for Garry to show up at our home around 2:30 for a few drinks, kind of set the scene and then go from there. I was personally looking forward to this repeat performance and found myself entertaining very nasty thoughts throughout the day. I'd asked Ken what he thought I should wear and he suggested I wear the red leather mini-skirt I'd worn in Chicago, but with fishnet stockings and heels, "Oh, and that black sheer push-up that makes your tits look so incredible," he said. I tried to take a soothing bath but found myself rubbing my clit thinking about being with Garry again. I then did my make-up and hair and began to get ready. The sound of my stilettos on the tile floor announced my arrival to Ken as he was getting the camera ready in the kitchen. He turned to look at me, his jaw dropping. "Oh fuck!" seemed to describe his feelings best. My short skirt barely covered the lace tops of my black fishnet stockings. A sheer black blouse allowed him to see my push-up bra, my breasts barely contained in the cups. He smiled in awe. "Show me what you've got under that skirt," he asked as I looked him in the eye. I turned one shoe outwards as I slowly raised the hem of my skirt to show him my pussy, now shaved completely bare. Again, "Oh, fuck me," he tried to murmur and immediately dropped what he was doing and stepped towards me, dropping to his knees. He began to tongue me going on and on about how hot I looked. With the thoughts I'd been having all morning, he just about put me over the edge, it felt unbelievable. I let him continue for a few moments and then had to pull his head away. "Don't get me off before Garry even shows up," I said, "I've got a movie to make, you know," teasing him. The bell rang as he began to stand-up smiling at me. He kissed me and bolted for the door! Garry walked into the front hallway, wearing black slacks and a black t-shirt, he looked as hot as I remembered him. He flashed me a huge grin as I stepped out eyeing me up and down. "Oh baby," he said, "how did you know that that kind of stockings just drives me nuts?" he said as he looked at my fishnet stockings. I grinned back. "Oh just intuition I guess," I said as I kissed him, then pushed my tongue into his eager mouth as I raised a leg between his. Ken's pants were pushed out from the hard-on struggling to get out. "Oh fuck," he said, "hold on you guys, I don't want to miss a single minute of this" he continued as he headed for the kitchen to grab the camera. I ushered Garry into the living room as Ken reappeared. "Ok," he said, "let's get the hello kiss on film again" as the record button lit up. I turned towards Garry and again kissed him lightly then stuck my tongue into his mouth, and his in mine as Ken zoomed in on us. I slid my hand down onto his crotch as I lifted my knee up the outside of Garry's thigh. "Oh fuck baby! I've been looking forward to this all week long" he said as I felt his hand slide down onto my left breast. We continued to French each other as he played with my tits. His huge cock was already stiff as I allowed my hand to slide up and down the length of it inside of his pants. We broke apart momentarily, as I turned to head into the living room, giving him a "come-fuck-me look over my shoulder." As I walked I unbuttoned my blouse until reaching the couch I turned towards him, my 38D's now protruding out the front of my shirt. Garry was mesmerized as I shook my blouse off my shoulders letting it drop to the floor. This bra that Ken loved pushed my tits way up, making me look more like a 40D than a 38. I shook my shoulders for Garry. "Oh, fuck me, baby," he said, as he lowered his head to my tits, now kneeling in front of me. I held his head as he began to lick my nipples. Ken was standing close capturing every move of his tongue over my nipples. Garry pushed my breasts up from their cups, flicking his tongue over one nipple and then the other. It was electrifying, and I needed more. I stood as Garry kneeled enjoying the attention he was giving my tits. I stroked his hair and smiled at the camera. We stood there for about two minutes as Garry pleasured me and then reached behind me, unhooking my bra, sliding the straps off my shoulders letting it drop to the ground as he filled his hands with my breasts. I held his head directing him to one breast and then the other feeling myself getting so wet. My nipples are so sensitive it was driving me insane. I pushed my breasts into his mouth feeling his hands on my ass, and then the backs of my thighs, sliding up onto my bare ass. His head was between my breasts now, his tongue gliding down my stomach as I felt the zipper slide down on the back of my skirt. Garry had to tug on my little skirt as it was so tight over my hips but succeeded in pulling it down. As it slid down my thighs, I tried to kick it off, catching it on the heel of my shoe. Garry looked at my pussy, now completely shaved, and looked back up at me, smiling as he pushed me back onto the couch. He lifted my skirt off the heel of my shoe and then ran his hands up my stockings, spreading my legs apart, my pussy opening for him as he did. "Oh, man," he said, "I'm going to enjoy this" as he leaned forward to put his tongue on the lips of my vagina. I closed my eyes as Ken continued to film, again zooming in as Garry's tongue separated me sending spasms of excitement racing through my whole body. I was sopping wet I was so excited and wanted his cock inside of me. I held his head pulling him into me, as he would send wave after wave of pleasure inside of me. I felt myself beginning to come and called out for his cock. "I want your cock inside of me," I said, as I looked up at Ken, and then for his benefit looking directly at the camera, "Garry, I want you to fuck me right now!" Ken looked like he was ready to explode right then and there. Garry stood up between my spread legs, and undid his belt, kicked off his shoes and socks and then dropped his pants. His enormous cock had his bikini briefs sticking out like a tent as he slid his briefs down his muscled thighs, his enormous hard cock stood erect. He pulled on it a few times, his hand barely able to wrap around it, then pulled his t-shirt over his head exposing his muscled chest and arms. He was chiseled. Oh man, I thought, am I ever going to enjoy this as I hooked a shoe around his thigh, pulling him closer to me. Stealing a line from an ad, I looked him in the eye and said, "Just do me!" He grabbed his cock in his hand as he looked down at me smiling, my legs spread wide open for him. My thigh high fishnets and stilettos are making his cock thrill with anticipation, as I pushed my breasts together for him, and gave him another one of the "come fuck me" looks. Garry leaned forward directing the head of his massive cock against the wet folds of my vagina and then pushed himself inside of me. Ken was hovering over us wanting to catch on film this moment as Garry grabbed my thighs pulling me onto his cock. It felt unbelievable as he began to pick up the pace pushing into me faster now, looking at me with complete lust in his eyes as he pounded me. We fucked like that for a few minutes, and then he slowed. "Come onto the floor," he directed, as he pulled me down off the couch. I lay on the living room carpet, pulled my legs up and spread myself as Garry came between my thighs now filling me completely. I pulled my stilettos up and wrapped my legs around his tiny waist allowing him the deepest penetration as he drove into me again and again. I was in heaven, what an incredible rush this was. Garry was moaning as he raised himself onto his arms using his hips to bring me to the edge of an orgasm, and then suddenly rolled over pulling me on top of him, all the time his cock buried deep inside of me. I spread myself on top of him rising up on my knees as Ken moved to get a shot of Garry's cock inside of me from behind. My 38D's were now hanging in Garry's face as I rode his cock. I felt his lips on my nipples and his hands on my ass spreading my cheeks so Ken could get a close up of Garry's cock buried inside of me. I drove my shoes into the carpet trying to take all of him when I started to come, and come, and come and come. I shrieked out loud as Garry's hips rose to meet mine, as his hands squeezed my ass, my tits slapping his face, his teeth nibbling my nipples as he growled an animal cry, then exploded inside of me his back rising me right off the ground. We were both covered in sweat as we continued to fuck; it just felt so good I didn't want to stop. Moments later I relaxed on top of him, his cock still inside of me as his hands slid up and down my back and shoulders. We lay there for a few moments as Ken continued to film us from various angles. "Absolutely fucking incredible," he was saying. I felt as though I could stay there forever, with Garry's cock in me, but rolled over and off of him and onto my back bringing one leg up the other exposing myself to Ken. My thighs and pussy slick with Garry's cum I felt like such an incredible little tramp as Ken focused on me I smiled for the camera. These letters are for my darling Ken, I hope you've all enjoyed reading them!
  7. I heard them come in the front door, their voices muffled because I was in the office behind a closed door. I could hear soft murmurs and then footsteps up to stairs towards the bedroom. I was ready. The video cameras I placed in the bedroom were concealed but gave a full view of the bed - exactly where I wanted them to point. The computer screen was showing the bedroom bathed in a soft light and I had the headphones on so I could hear the sounds without giving away my presence in the office. I heard them enter and then they were walking towards the bed. He playfully grabbed her from behind and started kissing her on her neck, pulling her closer to him. She melted against his body and let him have his way with her. I watched as this man was caressing her breasts and kissing her on the neck. She had her eyes closed and was obviously enjoying the attention. She put her hands on his as they explored her body and turned her face toward him. She lifted her arm, drew it around his neck and pulled his face to her. Their lips met, softly at first but with a growing intensity. She turned around and started kissing him harder. He had his hands on her ass, squeezing and caressing it as they kissed passionately. I was entranced. The bulge in my pants was growing harder and harder by the second. And although I could not see it, I suspected the same thing was occurring to him. His body and hers were pressed together tightly as they kissed. She then broke off and pulled him towards the bed. She decided to take charge and pushed him onto the bed. As he lay there she got on her knees and began massaging his crotch. Her hands explored every detail but it was not enough. She needed direct access. So she started undoing his pants and zipper and then she pulled them off. He was hard, and big. Very big. She once told me that she really liked big cocks and I could see this one was sure to please her. I saw the look on her face as she stared at it. This was not about love. She was entranced and began to take her new plaything into her hands, gently and slowly stroking him while he lie back enjoying her touch. I was completely engaged now - watching these two becoming more intimate by the minute and feeling the sexual tension rise between them - a tension that was reaching through the computer monitor and drawing me in with them. She knew I was watching of course, we had arranged it all beforehand. But he had no clue. He just thought he got lucky and had scored a married woman without her husband knowing. He had no idea that I was watching this entire scene just a few feet away from them. That made it even more exciting! I watched as my wife took his hard cock into her mouth. She started slowly, playfully flitting her tongue around the tip then gradually moving her mouth over him and going up and done in almost slow motion. He began to moan with pleasure and started arching his crotch up to her. She obliged him by taking in as much of his cock as she could. He was too large for her to take it all in, but she was determined to try. She loved the feel of a large cock in her mouth and loved the fact that he was so visibly turned on. She continued to please him with her mouth, tongue and hands. As her mouth went down on him, her hand followed and as she came up it followed there as well. I knew how very good that felt, a combination blow and hand job. I had kidded her once by calling it her patented ‘Ho-Job’. Now I watched as she applied this skill to another man, one who was enjoying every second of it. After several minutes my wife stopped, got up and motioned for him to move over. She then removed her clothes while he removed what was left of his. She then climbed into bed and lied next to him. He turned to her and they kissed. There was no hesitation or gentleness this time. They kissed passionately. My wife knew what I wanted and she was more than happy to oblige. I watched their naked bodies press tighter together, their hands holding and grabbing each other firmly. Their mouths parted and started exploring other areas - face, neck, shoulders. Then, I saw him push my wife onto her back as he started kissing, licking and sucking on her breasts. It was her turn to moan and I could see the pleasure on her face. Her nipples were fully erect and this was not simply about pleasing me anymore. She was enjoying this immensely and the fact that she knew I was watching and enjoying the show only made it that much better for her. I watched as he rose above her, parted her legs and grab his cock. He now started rubbing the tip of his cock against her. He started at her thighs and moved slowly and slowly towards her waiting pussy. Then he entered her, and as he did, she eagerly helped him in. She gasped! And I suspect this would not be the last time tonight. It was an amazing sight! Here I was, watching another man put his hard cock inside of my willing and eager wife. And the look on her face as he pushed deeply inside her was well worth all the time and work setting this up. My wife was in a sexual bliss while his large cock slid in and out of her. That look was one I had seen before but never from this perspective – the one of a voyeur. The image was intoxicating. Her face was flushed with excitement and she alternately moaned and bit her lower lip as he continued to move in and out, up and down. And every time the tip of his cock was almost out, he thrust it back in forcefully causing my wife to gasp again. He was very good at this and not allowing her to fully catch her breath. This caused her to struggle to breathe, but it was not out of distress that’s for sure. I could see that she was loving it, and any hesitation or doubts she may have had before had melted away in the hot glow of his throbbing passion for her. My wife began thrusting her hips upward to match him stroke for stoke. She wanted to feel every inch of him inside her and she was going to make sure she got her fill. For his part his stamina was amazing. He kept it up (literally and figuratively) for a very long time – much longer than I could have done. My wife was getting the fuck of her life and I was lucky enough to watch. By now I was sure she had forgotten all about the cameras. She had more immediate things to experience. But for a brief moment I saw her steal a glance at the camera and mouth the words ‘I love you’. She then fell back into the moment, closed her eyes and started breathing faster and faster. She was close to coming and he knew it. He kept the pace making sure that he continued to ram his cock into her as far as it would go, and because of his size it was going very far. My wife was shaking now, shaking with the intensity of someone who was so turned on she could barely contain it any longer. It was then she screamed out ‘Oh my god!’ and grabbed his ass to make sure he did not pull out. Of course he had no intention of doing any such thing. My wife was exploding in a cosmic orgasm he had created and he was going to milk it for every bit of pleasure he could. He kept pounding away at her, in and out, up and down. He was not giving her a bit of rest. Nor did it appear she wanted any. My wife kept thrusting up to him stroke for stroke, then grabbed him around the neck and pulled him down to her. As he kept pounding away without missing a beat, they kissed ferociously. I don’t know how long they kept this up but by now I was frozen by the sight of this wonderful scene of my wife and her lover in a passionate dance. Then out of nowhere he screamed and all his built-up passion exploded into her. He continued to thrust his cock deep inside her and she enthusiastically accepted every thrust. I watched as this man filled my wife with his cum and as she excitedly accepted every drop. She now matched him with an explosion of her own, much greater than the first one. I could see this was a big one and her pleasure was overwhelming to see. I was extremely turned on. They were not done yet though. They kept going and going until I no longer had to watch the monitor to know what was going on. They were filling the house with the sounds and vibrations of their climatic affair. I started wondering if anyone outside could here this as well, and I was oddly excited by the possibility that someone else could hear the sound of my wife having an orgasm with another man. Then after what seemed to be an eternity, they slowed down, the sounds retreated to murmurs, and they collapsed together. I watched now as he lie exhausted on top of my wife who in turn seemed completely spent and relieved. After a while he roused and got up. He asked her if it was okay to take a shower and, smiling, she said yes, as long as she could join him. Fortunately I had placed another camera pointing towards the shower and my wife was well aware of this. Or maybe she had forgot and just wanted more of this man’s cock anyway. Whatever the case I switched cameras and now watched them get into the shower together. The shower was fairly small so there was not a lot of room in there. They were forced to be close, but I’m sure neither of them minded much. Any inhibitions had vanished in their mutual passion. He reached for the soap and then started soaping down my wife’s naked body. As he did this the steam started fogging up the shower glass so after a while they were more like naked silhouettes then distinct people. She turned to face him and again they embraced and kissed. After a short while I saw my wife get down on her knees and begin stroking his cock. It was not long before he was hard again and when he was she once again took him in her mouth. The visual effect was very erotic and steamy - the blurred image of my wife giving another man head in the shower. She kept this up for a while then he pulled her up and turned her around. He had her bend over slightly and then he started rubbing his hard cock against her backside. The shower was drowning out any sounds they were making but I was certain she was moaning again. He continued sliding his hard cock up and down her ass and back for several minutes. There really is nothing that feels as fine as my wife’s ass and he was finding out that this was a very nice place indeed. He bent over to kiss her on the back of her neck. Then in one fluid motion he slid his cock into her again. This time her scream overpowered the shower and I could hear the sound of her pleasure. He kept it up, in and out, but this time the orgasms came quicker. They both exploded again and as before I could hear them clearly without the headphones. I was now sure that anyone walking in front of our house could hear them, but as much as I wanted to check, I could not leave the office and this sight. Once they were done they finished showering then got out to dry and dress. There was some more small talk and my wife told him how great this was and she was glad her husband was out of town tonight. He laughed and said so was he. She told him she'd be sure to call, if he leaves again, and he said he'd be glad to come again. They both laughed, and I had my own laugh as well. Little did he know. After a while I heard them come down the stairs and go to the front door. With no camera present I could not see or hear them (I would have to rectify that the next time) and then I heard the door shut. A few moments later my wife opened the office door and said, “Well, did you get what you wanted?” I sure, “Absolutely, and from what I can tell you got a lot of things you wanted to.” We laughed and then she came up and kissed me. It was quite simply the nicest kiss we ever shared.
  8. Recently I came across a sexy video on the Internet of a couple fucking, titled, "fucking my 10 years older neigbor missionary fuck", which caught my eye because of the title. It kept my interest because of the good pounding the guy was giving the woman. The couple's faces were obscured because of the angle of the camera except for partial glimpses of the woman's face through their flailing limbs and once when the man looked back over his shoulder at the camera as if to confirm it was indeed recording his conquest. As I watched the video for the second time in slow motion I got a better view of the woman's face and was amazed at her resemblance to my wife!!! On about the third viewing I got curious and turned on the sound for the first time. The audio was obscured like the video by a loud playing classical music piece, Carmina Burana, which is itself associated with a celebration of hedonism. However, through all the noise I could still make out their voices at low levels. I listened to them carefully and that's when I recognized the husky feminine voice that was my wife's. When I heard that I immediately set about downloading the video to my desktop where I began processing it using my various software programs to clean up the video and audio and more completely examine the details. The more I viewed and listened to the video to appreciate the details, the more convinced I became, that I was indeed watching my wife getting fucked by a well-hung younger guy. The dialog seemed stilted; like two people fucking for the first time. The guy kept asking for confirmation and the woman seemed quite nervous and perhaps even a bit afraid. But, regardless of their discomfort, both the young man and the older woman were definitely enjoying some serious animal fucking. 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She didn't respond audibly, but my wife has great hands! She rewarded her young lover by moving her left hand to gingerly wrap around the base of his cock; grasping as much of his thickness as she could. She then set aside a cell phone, iPod or something from her right hand and placed it on the flat of her stomach just above her natural pussy. My wife has learned that she likes the sensation of pressure on her stomach during foreplay and penetration because she says it heightens the sensations of arousal and penetration. I have no idea how she learned that. Hearing no response from my wife on his announcement that he was, "gonna cum" for her, he tightened up his pounding and drove his cock deeper telling me he was indeed about to cum. Then, as if asking for final permission, he asked, "You want my cum?" My wife loudly and this time enthusiastically responded, "OH YEAH!" - - - That's what was on the video that's posted on the Internet for everyone to see. I only regret the posted video segment was edited leaving out the sexy foreplay as well as the final climax to their fucking. I would have loved watching him seduce her, overcoming her resistance to the point that he removed all her clothing (except for her sport socks). She's so very very modest. I would've also enjoyed watching and hearing them finish; hearing her scream as she often does and watching him pump so much of his hot cum into her that it dribbled out of her wet and loose pussy and down her ass! My only hope is that the beginning and ending portions of the video will eventually surface on the Internet. Who knows? Maybe the young man kept the original footage, will read this story and will take pity on the poor horny husband he made a cuckold by posting the entire unedited hour of video for me to see?!?!?! If any of you should find these lost foreplay and climax portions of the video, PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHERE TO FIND THEM! END
  9. If you were at a club or party and there was a private room for video taping your play activities, would you do it? For this example, the service is free if you allow them to keep the copies and sell them in a store or the internet. If you wouldn't be comfortable with the whole world seeing your HOT time, would you pay to have a private session taped? If so, how much? If you are paying, consider that the room would have 4 fixed cameras. A professional camera operator(s) would be at a higher price. Both paying and free clients would leave with a DVD copy. The paying client would also get all of the original tapes and a professionally edited version for an additional fee. Just curious.
  10. We are really turned on by real, homemade videos of couples. Most DVDs are of porn actors, and less of a turn-on for us. Anyone else share the enjoyment of homemade movies? Any suggestions for finding DVDs of real couples?
  11. Have you ever made a homemade sex video? Have you watched after a few days when you are in the sack?
  12. Could someone please recommend erotic movies that are produced to include women's desires and fantasies? My wife and I have been exploring our sexuality in our late 40's, and she had introduced me to erotic literature, which has expanded our horizons. She has hinted at an interest in sexually explicit movies. Knowing her for all these years, she likes Hallmark happy-ending type movies. I want to avoid the typical stuff that focuses on male fantasies. Please recommend films that include common female fantasies as well as male. Thank you in advance for your help.
  13. Swinging with the Finkels (2010) - IMDb Just discovered this film by accident. I enjoy a British comedy now and again, so I was wondering if anyone has watched this? SWINGING WITH THE FINKELS Domestic Trailer & Poster - We Are Movie Geeks
  14. I just wanted to share a resource I found in response to my boyfriend's "porn" (Brazzers, Blacks on Blondes, bleh) and even "porn for women" (X-Art, Burning Angel, double bleh). I can rarely get into what he downloads, but I've had three men (boyfriend + two from couples we we've been with) who had no interest in this, but were willing to indulge me. Each wanted to buy every movie directed by Erica Lust afterwards. If I can make a suggestion, my favorite is Life Love Lust followed closely by Cabaret Desire. ERIKA LUST - Award-Winning writer and erotic film director Lust Films - ERIKA LUST If anyone has seen Cabaret Desire...have you ever heard of a lounge that tells stories like that? I would really want to check that out.
  15. "OOPS! We totally meant to pixelate your face, but we forgot" The couple tried to sue the tv station after their daughter discovered the video online, showing her undisguised parents at a swinger club. The judge threw it out making the point that for them to sue the daughter would have to appear in court and testify to how distraught this made her, which would only leave her more distraught. Teen girl discovers 'swinging' parents online - The Local Embarrassed parents of girl, 15, who saw them swinging in sex club on TV programme win damages | Mail Online
  16. Hello, My partner and I would like to watch a DVD depicting a couple who adds a woman to the bedroom. The more plot the better, lol. Softcore would be better than hardcore but hardcore would be fine. We would like the people involved to be "regular" types and not the 44 ddd types or 9 inch dicks. Actors in their 40's would be great. Does anyone know of any movies like this? Anyone willing to part with theirs? Thanks
  17. Back in September, I was working on my bills and invoices for my video production company. It's grueling and tedious but necessary. I was interrupted by a phone call. Good! A break and a possible client. When I picked up the phone, a man introduced himself and asked if we did bedroom videos. I had always thought about making an adult movie, so I said yes. He said they wanted someone to tape them, direct them, and maybe join in. I told him that I am straight and would consider it but couldn't promise anything. To be honest, I didn't figure anything would really happen. We talked for a while and then decided to meet at a hotel a week later. When the time arrived, I showed up a little nervous, not quite knowing what to expect. When I knocked on the door, a man in his early thirties opened the door. We said hello, and he invited me in. He was a nice looking guy; not a model or a monster. He was an inch or two shorter than me and had dark slightly graying hair and a friendly demeanor. He told me his wife was in the bathroom getting ready and would be out in a few minutes. I heard her moving about, so I didn't worry too much. She came out and introduced herself. She could see by my reaction that I was pleased with her appearance. She was in her early 30's as well, with short red hair and brown eyes. She was very feminine and pretty in a girl next door sort of way. We sat down and talked for a while, and got a feel for each other. They were both very nice, but a little cautious. After a while, I noticed her demeanor change from politely chatty to flirty. Her black dress, which ended mid-thigh, kept creeping up showing more of her shapely legs. She unconsciously stoked them as we talked. She asked where my equipment was, and I told her still in my truck. I always check a location first. She told me to go ahead and get it. While I began setting up, they purchased a pay per view adult channel. They watched and cuddled until I was ready. A really cute Asian girl and a redhead were in a sexy 69 on the TV. I almost didn't want to interrupt the show, but they noticed I was ready. {In more ways than one...LOL} The husband asked what I wanted them to do first. I was a little surprised and unprepared. I expected them to get the ball rolling themselves. I had set up a subtle lighting scheme to allow me to shoot half the room without seeing any stands. The desk area was lit real nice, so I asked Ann to give us a little tease. As I talked her through, she sat on the desk facing us. I instructed her to rub her hands slowly over her body. Squeezing her 36C breasts and playing with her inner thigh. I instructed her to turn around, so she placed her hands on the desk and bent halfway at the waist. She spread her legs to shoulder width and slowly pulled her dress up to expose her really nice ass. Her husband Scott was really getting into the show He began rubbing himself through his pants. Ann who was wearing a teddy under her dress reached between her legs and unsnapped the crotch. "Take your fingernails and trace little circles around your pussy," I said. She gladly accepted. "O.K. wet your finger with your tongue and slide it lightly over your pussy lips." To be honest, the extra moisture wasn't needed. She was wet from the word go! As time went by, she needed less instruction from me and just started going at it. She was really getting into it now. I quickly backed up for a wide shot and told Scott to get down there and give her some tongue loving! He got on his knees, lovingly caressed his wife's cheeks and buried his face into her backside. She made little cooing noises as he licked, kissed, and even lightly nibbled on her pussy. Every once in a while he would alternate and suck on her clit. Every time he did, she would moan and shutter. All of a sudden she laid her chest on the desk grabbed her ass with one hand and her clit with the other. Her eyes were shut, she was biting her lip making little grunting noises, and her fingers were a blur. She had a mind-blowing orgasm. I was a little shocked, a lot excited, and worried that the shoot was already over. Scott kept kissing her and worked his way up her body. After about a minute of heavy breathing, Ann stood up and faced Scott. They kissed very sweetly and passionately. He unzipped her dress, and she pulled it off. She wore a lacy white teddy. Scott leaned over and sucked on her neck and breasts. Her hands trailed little circles over his back, shoulders and then his crotch. She undid his pants the rest of the way, and they fell to the floor. My cock is about seven plus inches and nicely shaped, but he was even bigger. She stroked him while still in his boxers as they kissed some more. She knelt down in front of him and started licking his balls with feathery flicks. I was getting envious. I love that! Still stroking, she took just the head of his cock into her mouth. She made quick little sucks on his head, and then long and deep. She couldn't get him all the way in, but close! When she wasn't giving his cock a good squeeze, her fingernails would tickle his nuts. Just when I thought he would come, she would slow down, massage his balls, and kiss his thighs. He grabbed her by the shoulders and led her to the bed. She crawled on top of him and slid her hot moist pussy engulfing his cock. She stayed there for a minute, grinding against him, and looking into his eyes. I felt like I wasn't even there to them anymore, so I kept totally silent. She began raising and lowering herself on him. Her hips would grind and pivot so I could see her pussy being stretched by her husband's cock. Once they got a rhythm going, they gradually sped up. She lay down on his chest allowing him better access. He grabbed her hips for support and began drilling her for all he was worth. I think she was having another orgasm! They both were going nuts! Frankly, so was I! I guess they got tired and got on their knees. He went to enter her from behind. They changed so quickly, I almost missed the shot. I'm glad I didn't! He took his cock and slid it up and down the slit of her drenched swollen lips. He slid the head of his cock into her opening and made quick little thrusts with just the head. Then deep and long from the head up to his balls. They made slapping noises every time they connected. He repeated this technique for a while. I could see she was rubbing quick circles on her clit. She would stop every once and a while and tickle his balls too. Gradually they started getting faster and faster. She started making those noises again! I don't think she was faking either. Her skin would get very flushed afterward. As her orgasm started to build, I saw Scott beginning to lose it too. His head started bobbing back and forth as they both drove to one heck of a hot climax! After it was over, they kissed, hugged, and stroked each other affectionately. They looked at me and giggled. "Did you get all that?" I sure did! As they cleaned up and composed themselves, I set up my portable editor. I didn't need to make many adjustments, but I wanted it to look as good as possible. They watched me edit. At first, they were shy, especially Ann. They both giggled and laughed embarrassingly. After a while, they got used to seeing themselves in front of someone else. They had played with their camcorder, but they couldn't believe how good the shots looked. My 20 years in the business paid off! Between my skills and the quality of the camera gave beautiful results. As I edited the tape, Ann laid her hands on my shoulders. She felt how tight my muscles were and started giving me a nice neck rub. It felt great but made it a little difficult to edit. She let me finish the tape. I heard them kissing again behind me. Apparently, watching me watch their shots turned them on again. I glanced over and saw Ann on her knees giving Scott some really nice loving head. It was much slower and deliberate this time. His hands roamed her body. He took his four fingers and ran them up and down slowly on her slit. He stopped to tickle her clit directly every once in a while. I finished the last cut and turned to see her taking off her teddy. I guess now that she was off camera she wanted her favorite outfit on. Nothing! Scott looked at me and said, "I'm a little wore out, do you want to help me with her?" My cock jumped. I was obviously in the mood, but I was a little nervous about catching something. This is the first time I have ever done anything like this. I said that I would love to help, but I couldn't go all the way. They were nice about it, so I knelt down beside her and started kissing her neck and breasts. I stroked and caressed her skin all over while her husband did the same. He knelt and licked his wife some more. Her eyes were partly closed as she lost herself to our attention. As I sucked on her breast, I began massaging her clit the way she had earlier. Her husband tongued her good too. I felt a delicate hand rubbing my cock through my pants. I unzipped them for her. She rolled onto her stomach and examined my cock. "Your cock is very nice I like the way it's shaped." She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and asked if there was anything she could do? I can't believe my restraint (or stupidity), but instead of letting her go down on me, I asked her to stroke me while she licked my nuts. I love that. It's almost as good, and it lowered my fears. She was great. Apparently seeing her work on me got Scott going again. He slid right in and made himself at home. She swirled licked and tickled my balls. She rarely broke eye contact with me. As I got close to cumming, I let her know. She gripped nice and hard and gave me nice long strokes even after I was through. After I recouped, I crawled under her to suck her breasts and please her. They continued on for another few minutes until they were both spent. After that, we all took a shower together. It was a big stall but still crowded. She got all soapy and "accidentally" rubbed against me repeatedly. Giving me a teasing smile. Schwing! We got dressed. I handed them the tape. That was the last I've ever seen of them. I hope they call again… I now have a new hobby! Next time I'm bringing protection!
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