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One Sunday Morning with Darrell & Judy


We had met Darrell and Judy at a swingers house party that we used to attend way back when we first started in the lifestyle. We have been involved for about a year and a half, and we met a lot of great people and played with some. Although we were very friendly with this younger couple, we hadn’t played. We had been in the same room together, in the open room, but never really discussed or talked about getting together physically in our conversation.


At the last party, they had learned that I had a service business, something they might be interested in. They asked if I might be able to come by the following Sunday morning when they’re both home and go over some of the things they wanted to have taken care of. Darrell asked that I arrive early on Sunday morning, so I was there about 10 minutes ahead of time, parked in the driveway. Darrell came out on the porch and waved me to come on it. It was about 8 o’clock.


We went into his kitchen, and he poured me a mug of coffee. After we chatted for a few minutes, he started to describe some of the things that he wanted done. He also mentioned that Judy was still asleep but should be down shortly.


After about 15 to 20 minutes of casual conversation, you could hear movement, with someone coming down the stairs. A sleepy voice called out, “Honey, I need my morning dose.” Darrell responded, “Here in the kitchen, babe, we have company.” Judy shuffled in wearing her pink fuzzy slippers and an oversized men’s T-shirt, her breast swinging freely underneath the fabric. She mumbled a sleepy, “Oh, good morning,” as she headed for the pot of coffee on the counter.


Darrell and I continued chatting away as Judy prepared her mug of coffee and joined us at the table. Darrell explained to her that we had already discussed their needs and that I had come up with a couple of suggestions that I would get back to them on. Judy sat quietly, taking it all in, sipping at her coffee, gazing between Darrell and myself through the rising steam of her mug.


The conversation then turned to the usual general talk about what we’ve been up to, what they’ve been up to, work, etc. Darrell got up to pour another cup of coffee. As he passed Judy, she mumbled, “I need my dose, babe.” He just shook his head. I wasn’t really sure what all this meant. I assumed some sort of medication, but who knows?


As Daryl returned with his coffee, he stood over Judy, bent down as she looked up, gently kissed her forehead, and said, “Honey. You wrecked me last night. I have nothing left to give.“


Now I had a good idea what they were talking about and must’ve given myself away with a muffled chuckle. “She can be quite the demanding vixen, “said Darrell. “She kept me up half the night, and I’m all tapped out.”


Judy looked at me with a very mischievous smile on her face. Darrell looked down at Judy and said, “If you need more, you’re gonna have to get it from him,” Daryl stated, tipping his head in my direction. I have to say this took me by surprise. As I said before, we have not played yet other than sharing the same area in a group room.


I did not know what to say just sat quietly with probably a very silly looking grin on my face not sure if I should respond or not. Judy is the one who broke the silence. “Hmm I think I would like that very much if he is willing” again a moment or two of awkward silence when Derek stated “buddy you’d be doing me a favor I need a break.”


Now I will be honest: Judy is a very good-looking woman 15 years my junior, about five foot eight, with an hourglass figure, long brunette hair, and large full breasts. To say I was attracted to her, you’re damn right. I just was not expecting this situation and did not want to overstep my bounds.


“Well?” Darrell asked. “Really?” I asked.


“Please. She has been talking about you since the last party. She is very willing,” Darrell persisted. “She sucks me off just about every morning. I got nothing left.” Judy smiled and giggled.


I quietly thanked myself for showering this morning. “I just need to make a quick phone call to check in at home, but I would have to say I’m greatly interested and would be happy to oblige.” Judy let out a squeal of glee, clapping her hands in front of her, and I could not ignore the shaking of her breasts underneath the thin T-shirt.


I made a quick call to the Queen, stating what was going to happen, and she responded, “Good luck, enjoy yourself, be home by 1 o’clock. We have plans this afternoon.” I put my phone down on the table, looked up at Darrell, and Judy smiled and said, “Well, I guess I’m free.”


Judy took a sip of her coffee, turned her chair to the side and asked me to come stand in front of her. Once there, she did not waste any time unbuckling my belt and jeans, pulling them down to my knees. In one motion, she pulled my boxers down and buried her face fully against my flaccid cock and balls, sniffing deeply. She rocked her head from side to side and softly murmured a gentle “mmmm” of approval. After nuzzling me a bit, she gave me two gentle kisses, and using only her tongue, she swept my soft cock into her mouth. I looked over to Darrell to see he had a big grin indicating to me he liked what he saw Judy doing. I relaxed a bit more.


Looking down at Judy she had her eyes closed. She was rolling me around inside her mouth with her tongue. Then she sucked hard and gently bobbed her head a few times, then took me completely into her mouth again. She was making soft, guttural moans as she continued attacking me. “She really loves doing this,” Darrell stated. I did not respond other than a sigh on my part.


Judy continued working me with her mouth, and I started to respond to her efforts. As I started to swell, she took less and less of me into her mouth. She started stocking me with her hand and mouth. After a short time, she “popped” the head of my cock out of her mouth. “Oh my,” she said as she stroked me with her two hands, “I didn’t expect this.” She gasped, then took the remaining length of my cock beyond her two fists in her mouth. “Dude,” exclaimed Darrell, “do you mind if I take pictures of Judy with that?” I could only nod my head in approval; I didn’t want to break the mood.


Darrell fumbled with his phone and started taking pictures. Judy, with just the tip of me in her mouth, hands-free. And then one of my full length from her chin to her forehead.

“Damn,” Darrell stated, happily clicking away. Judy used one hand to stroke me while sucking on my balls. Darrell had the sound activated on his phone, and there were times it rapidly stuttered as he excitedly took multiple pictures as Judy skillfully continued the assault on my full erection. She tried to take more of me in her mouth but could only manage about half of me before her gag reflex kicked in, and she loudly gasped, popping me out of her mouth and sucking in a large amount of air while stroking with one, then both hands. Every now and again, she would run her tongue from my balls and under the length of my cock, sinking as much of me as possible into her mouth.


At some point, the shutter noise on Darrell’s phone stopped. I wasn’t sure when, but he continued to move the phone camera around Judy’s head and shoulders, I assume taking video. After several minutes of this, although I’m not very sure of the time, Judy stopped. “Let’s go in the living room.”


I kicked off my sneakers and pants and, with her holding my cock in her hand, led me into their living room to a sectional couch and had me sit on an oversized ottoman. She took a pillow from the couch and knelt on it in front of me. She resumed stroking me. One-handed, two-handed, then into her mouth. Shallow, deep, gagging a bit, then back to stroking. Time drifted away as I was enjoying every moment of her efforts. “Tell her when you are ready to cum so I can get a closeup,” instructed Darrell. Again, no answer from me other than nodding my head.


Judy continued vigorously, trying to get me to cum. She rested occasionally, stroking my length with her two hands. After a bit of time, I heard her ask Darrell, “Can I try this? I really want to try him.”


“Hell yeah,” Darrell exclaimed. “Is that ok with you?” he asked me.


“Sure,” I responded. Judy is still working on me. “Only cum in her mouth,” Darrell instructed. I mumbled an “ok” in agreement.


Judy told me to lay back on the ottoman as she stood stripping off the tee shirt. Her breasts swung freely, jiggling with her every movement. I expected that I would be given a condom or she might roll one on me, but instead, she turned away from me and started to lower herself onto me reverse cowgirl. Seeing my concern, Darrell assured me it would be okay if I was okay with it. I agreed.


My crotch was soaked with Judy’s saliva. I watched with eager anticipation as she positioned herself over me. Darrell was giving her some instruction so he could get his video of her lowering herself onto me. I witnessed a few rivulets trickling down her inner thighs. She grasped my cock with her hand and rubbed the end of it along her lips while slightly lowering herself back and forth but not penetrating. After a few moments, I felt her start to take me in. She gasped and stopped for a moment, then repeated, taking me out, rubbing me back in. God, she felt great.


Judy shifted herself slightly, still holding my cock. She guided me back into her opening, taking just the head of me into her. After a brief pause, she lifted her hips up a little and then backed down a little further. A few strokes and then a little more. Each time she did this, shallowly stroking what she had in her, she would slowly take a little more. With each deeper penetration, her body would gently quiver a bit.


“Damn, this is hot”! Darrell blurted out. If he thought what he saw was hot he should see this from my angle. Damn is right.


I do not think either of us were aware of time. There was no rush, no frenzied groping or pumping. Judy was in complete control as it should be, all about her pleasure, her comfort.

It wasn’t long before I was completely embedded inside the warmth of this woman. Using her body to stroke me, she would take me shallow, then deep strokes, occasionally stopping, deeply penetrating, and grinding on me, almost like dancing on me with her hips. I could hear her murmuring something from time to time, but I didn’t make out what she was saying. I was too engrossed with what she was doing to me.


After a while, she stood, releasing my cock. She turned, facing me, and straddled my waist. Grasping my cock she guided me into her, and she settled completely on my cock. “Damn babe, do that again,” Darrell, now directing this video. I didn’t care at all; I was thoroughly enjoying myself.


He directed her to rise up almost off me the slowly back down. I was lost in her breasts hanging down on me, her nipples brushing along my chest with her rocking motion. Judy’s breathing was quickening with the occasional moan. I loved stroking her breasts, using both hands to hold and squeeze while my mouth teased and pulled on her nipples. She started to ride me harder for a while, stopping every so often with full penetration, wiggling her hips. Once she started raising herself completely and then slamming herself back onto me, taking full, deep strokes, I started to feel that I was getting there.


“I need you to take me,” mumbled Judy as she raised herself off of me. I stood, and she knelt on the ottoman. I accepted the offer of taking her from behind, but I took my time. Partial and shallow strokes, then slowly pushing in deep.


Gauging that she was comfortable with this, I spread her cheeks apart with my hands, went as deep as possible, and paused. With each deep penetration and pause, she would gasp slightly and pump and grind against me.


I’m not sure who was breathing more excitedly, Judy, me, or Darrell, who was totally lost in videoing and watching through the lens. He had swapped out his phone for a handheld video camera at some point, but I am not sure when. I hadn’t noticed.


Judy set the pace. She started bucking back onto me hard and solid. I took the hint and picked up the pace, slamming back into her with full deep strokes. Her verbal jerky breathless “aaahhhs” and “oohhhs” excited me and Darrell. He was moving around us videoing from various angles commenting as he goes.


Judy announced we had to stop. I was concerned if she was ok. She was; she just wanted to be on her back.


She grasped my hand and, giggling, pulled me quickly down the hall, with Darrell a step behind me, to a bedroom. She sat on the bed and quickly took me into her mouth, running her tongue along my length. She laid back her butt on the edge of the bed, pulling me to her. “Fuck me hard,” she said, “but I want you to cum in my mouth.” I nodded that I understood.

I position myself between her raised legs. She pulled her legs back and wide open, bent at the knees. I leaned in, pressing myself against her opening, grasping each breast in my hands. Bending to nuzzle and suck on her nipples made me enter her partially, making Judy wriggle a light and let out an audible sigh. I squeezed both breasts together and alternated between each nipple as I started to push deeper inside her. She wiggled her hips, trying to press onto me. Once fully penetrated, she ground herself on me.


After a few minutes, I raised myself above her and started slowly pumping into her. I alternated shallow pumping with a few deep full strokes and, from time to time, pressing deep into her and just grinding against her. It seemed to excite her, judging by her body response and breathy moans. “Fuck me hard,” she said, “take me hard!” Our director shouted the same, “Pound her hard!”


Placing a hand on each thigh to hold her legs open and back, I started a steady thrusting, alternating occasionally slamming against her hard. Judy responded with pleasing moans. She fondled and squeezed her breasts and then gathered them both on her chest, cradled by both her upper arms. Her breasts rocked and waved with each thrust. It was marvelous. I was desperately trying to keep the same pace.


Judy traced her fingers over her lower tummy, bringing both over the top of her pubic mound. Her fingers, finding her sweet spot, started vigorously rubbing above her clitoris. I continued to piston in and out of Judy. Her mouth opened, and her breathing sounded labored.


After a few minutes, she started to make a soft-pitched whimpering noise. I continued to thrust hard into her. Only slightly withdrawing, then slamming back into her, making her whole body jerk, her breasts jolting about with each impact. Her whining noise was getting a bit higher and louder, and then it hit. She suddenly sucked in a big breath of air, her head picked up off the bed, a long guttural moan that ended on a high note. “Aarrggeeeee!” Then, her back arched as she slammed her head back, followed by rapid breathing and intermittent uncontrolled giggling. I felt her contraction, an intense gripping of my cock as she climaxed.


I slowed to a slow, deliberate, full-stroke penetration. I knew I was very close. I declared, “I’m going to cum!” and pulled out of Judy and stepped back. Judy slinked off the bed to her knees on the floor. I was pumping my cock by hand. Judy pushed it aside and started to rapidly jerk my cock by hand. “Cum for me, come on, cum” Judy repeated this a few times as the build-up reached its peak. I moaned low and loud. The first volley went across her open mouth and right cheek. The next, she aimed me directly into her mouth. Third and forth, under her chin and neck, the remaining small spurts and drops landed scattered over her breasts. “Wow, oh my god!” Judy squealed excitedly.


Darrell was beside himself with excitement. Other than the pictures and videos they made themselves, this was the first video allowed with someone other than Darrell. He said, “This is crazy sexy, hot as hell”! The clock in the bedroom indicated we had been at this for about 90 minutes. A first for all of us. But to be fair, a hell of a lot of manual and oral play, stop and start, prolonged it all. Judy agreed, reached over, and pulled Darrell to her. She quickly pulled down his sweatpants and promptly took his cock in her mouth. I picked up their video camera and started videoing the two of them.


Judy had Darrell hard in just a few seconds. She made an extra effort to lavish his cock with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and then swallowing him whole.


She then pulled him down on top of her. He quickly slipped inside her and started hammering away with Judy, encouraging him along, “Take me baby, fill me up!”


From my view, I had a clear shot of him pumping his cock in and out of her. With her telling him to take her hard, cum for her, and watching the two of us for the past hour and a half, he had no hope of lasting very long. He started groaning, Judy telling him to fill her. He let out a bellow and started cumming inside her. I caught the whole thing on video. His pumping and cumming. His cum leaking around his cock out of her. And when he pulled out, the cum leaked out of her. When things calmed down, he viewed the video and couldn’t believe how hard he came and how much he gave her. Judy chimed in, “And you said you didn’t have anymore, holding out on me.”


We didn’t get dressed. We went into the kitchen and talked about what had just happened and past swinging adventures. About an hour later, Judy walked over to me and asked if I could go again. I looked at Darrell, and he quickly shook his head yes. “If you can, that would be awesome”. I agreed.


We walked back to the bedroom and climbed up on the bed. We kissed and fondled each other a little bit. I then positioned myself on my left side and maneuvered Judy on her back with her legs up and over my hip. I easily slipped my semi-soft cock inside her. She was very warm and wet from Darrell. My hands were free to caress and squeeze her breasts. Darrell switched between videoing and kissing Judy. He occasionally played and sucked on her breasts. I slowly pumped a little into Judy. After a few moments, she exclaimed, “I can feel you growing inside me,” and giggled in amazement.


Once I was fully hard I changed position to a supporting missionary. Using my knees to keep Judy’s legs open and my arms keeping me up to watch and nibble on her breasts. I started slow, long thrusts and built up to harder, faster, full-length thrusts. In about fifteen minutes, I was pulling out and dribbling cum on her tummy. Judy sat up and slid down, taking me into her mouth, making an effort to suck and lick me clean.


It was almost noon, and I had to run to get home on time. We promised each other we would get together soon, all four of us. And that we did. They joined our group and played once or twice a month at our parties. We also traveled and shared very often for 4 - 5 years. Then, they moved to New Mexico for Darrell’s work.

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      "Hmmm?" She asked, somewhat dreamily, obviously ready to try her first threesome.

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      "They're downstairs." Mari looked at her new friend, David, who was obviously willing. She smiled and nodded.

      "Okay," I said. "But here are the rules while I'm gone." I have an alpha male personality when it comes to swinging - provider, protector, top dog. "Just talk. No hands - no kissing - while I'm gone." Then I looked at David. "Break a rule, I break an arm." I think he knew I meant it.

      His nervous, stuttering, "Sure," gave me the assurance I needed to head downstairs. I didn't remember the walk to the locker room being so long, but the anticipation seemed to stretch the halls and stairways. But soon, I was back with an overly optimistic fist full of condoms and a hard-on that made it hard to walk. David and Marilyn were talking innocently, leaning against the wall - but seeing me was all it took for talk to end. Mari took David's hand and led him to a private room; I pushed the door closed as we entered, waving at the five guys who looked disappointed that we weren't going to put on a show.

      David wasted little time pulling Mari's breasts free and sucking on her long nipples. His style was rough, but Mari seemed to love the feel of this stranger's tongue and gently nipping teeth. I knelt behind her, pushing her skirt around her hips, and flicked her ass with my tongue. I slipped two fingers in her dripping pussy and felt her body jerk at the anticipated intrusion. Her hips rocked against my fingers and tongue as David pulled off Mari's top and bra, spilling her breasts into his hands and waiting mouth. Mari rubbed David's cock through his slacks, eager to find out just what she'd gotten herself into. Our collective passions blurred the room as hands un-hooked, unzipped, un-buckled, and soon the only clothes left were Mari's black garter and stockings. David had taken to his knees, taking his rough style of play to Mari's tender box as Mari resumed the head we'd started in the common area - her passion making her suck even harder, with more abandon. I thrust into her mouth gently, knowing that in her current state, she couldn't focus enough to keep me from going too deep. I watched her perfect tits roll as her body rocked on David's aggressive tongue. I switched places with David, letting him enjoy Mari's mouth for the first time. Mari gave a perfect, eager head, and I knew David was in for a treat - but I wanted my time with my wife's perfect pussy. Her long lips and deep folds are the perfect play place for big boys, and my tongue traced her outer lips through the gentle maze that leads to her dripping entrance and tingling clit. I slipped my fingers inside of Mari, curling them gently to find that magical-mythical spot that always seems to make a good orgasm a screaming one, and my tongue flicked gently at her oh-so-ready clit. I looked up to see David fucking Mari's mouth - and Mari thrusting back hungrily. I heard her cock-filtered moans as I brought her to the brink of orgasm. I quickened my tongue and my inner stroking, and Mari's mouth popped off of David's shaft. Her fist pumped him purposefully, but her eyes and attention were now focused on my face, pressed against her pussy. Her hips bucked with the beginnings of her orgasm, and her moans turned to screams as she came against my tongue. Mari fucked my fingers powerfully, her pussy sucking and pulling them deeper inside, and she threw her head back into the pillow and let out a long "YES!" as a wave overcame her.

      David knelt beside her, a stunned look on his face. "That was hot." Mari laughed at his grasp of the obvious as she pulled her knees together and her legs up - but we weren't going to let her off that easily. "Be gentle," I said as David went back down, and I brought my throbbing cock to Mari's mouth. I've always loved the way that Mari says thanks for a job well done - and tonight was no exception. David's tongue brought Mari over the edge two more quick times as she sucked my cock. Her body shivered weakly as the first orgasm had taken so much out of her. She moaned around my width but never let me go until her desperation got the best of her.

      "Fuck me." She said, her voice breathy, "Fuck me, please." I took her first, as David's cock hung in Mari's face, rubbing against her cheek as she thrust her body back against me. I pushed her legs to her chest as I buried my cock deeply into her. Her heat was tremendous, her body on fire as it lived out a fantasy it was so reluctant to even admit. David watched as I took my wife hard, thrusting deeply and angling my body to hit her just right. Mari gritted her teeth as she let out a strained moan, her fourth orgasm coming as a surprise - short but powerful. I pulled out quickly, knowing that there was one other thing that Mari wanted to try before we'd be able to call this a night. I lay against the wall as Mari got to her knees. She sucked hard as David pushed into her for the first time. It was her first 'extra' cock, and she seemed to shake from head to toe. "Is he in?" I asked, wanting her to process the reality of this moment. "Mmmm-Hmmm," she groaned as he pounded her. David fucked my beautiful wife hard from behind, thrusting deeply and quickly, racing towards an orgasm that had such a gorgeous build-up. And he reached that place far too quickly.

      "Where do you want him to cum?" I asked, stroking Mari's hair. "I want to see it," she said, her tongue flicking the head of my cock. "I want him to cum all over me." David responded to her wishes, pulling out and removing his spent condom. Mari rolled over on her back, pushing her breasts together and urging him to cover them. He had no problem doing so. David's excitement was apparent as jet after jet of his hot load landed on Mari's perfect tits.

      "Oh, god, yes," she cooed as he came. David let out one last grunt as his body jerked, and one last long stream of cum dripped onto my wife. I kissed Mari - realizing that I had seen her emerge. My perfect butterfly, covered with another man's seed. David collapsed at the end of the bed as Mari and I wrapped our hearts tightly around each other. We basked in the afterglow of an incredible fantasy, unaware that, for us, the night was young. We dressed, David and Mari kissed one last time, and then we left the room for the next adventuresome group.

      We fully expected to leave soon thereafter. Instead, almost unbelievingly, the stars aligned, and we had another encounter.

      Mari went to the bar, still sexily disheveled, and started talking to a single woman that we had met earlier, helping her fend off a torrent of attention, gladly taking on some for herself. Knowing she was having fun, I left her alone while I went to the restroom.

      I normally don't strike up conversations at the urinal, but all rules have exceptions.

      "I'm not gay," I said to the guy spilling beer one stall over, "but that is a really nice shirt."

      I wouldn't have said it if I hadn't meant it. Dark blue flames on white silk. Sharp as a switchblade.

      "Thanks," He said. "My wife bought it. I don't remember where."

      "Well - it's a great-looking shirt."

      The conversation eroded as our bathroom purposes came to an end, and we awkwardly took turns with the soap dispenser. He left before my paws were dry, and as I wiped the last of the evidence on my jeans, I walked out to put what I thought would be the final hit on my wife.I was quite wrong.

      Mr Nice Shirt was in the hallway with a gorgeous blond - tall and thin, with stunning blue eyes and long legs on high heels.

      "Hey, hon." he said, "where did you get this shirt? This guy likes it."

      She told me - but hell if I remember. I was captivated by her. Where she bought the shirt went in one ear and out the other, but her, I was drinking in till I reached the bottom of the glass. It was a nice shirt - but she was significantly nicer. I watched her lips as she talked and wondered what they tasted like; I watched her chest when she paused - also wondering what it tasted like. Soon the shirt was forgotten.

      But - I found out later - they thought I was a single, which wasn't their thing - and they excused themselves. I made my dejected way back to Mari - still with her single friend - still at the center of a crowd. I walked to the center and kissed her hard, because I could, and whispered in her ear, "Are you ready to go?" She nodded and told me she needed to check her hair before she did. I wasn't the only one who watched her walk to the restroom - perfect hips massaging the inside of her brown suede skirt. I sat at the bar, watching what passed for porn on the satellite feed, and waited...And waited...And realized I wasn't enjoying the porn enough to not be worried about my wife...I wandered through the club, weaving my way between connections being made and broken - singles getting lucky or rejected - women being fondled or ignored... The witching hour had arrived, and folks were grouping off with the hopes that productive conversations weren't about to produce wilted results. And in the bathroom door, Mari had become the target of Mr Cool-Shirt and his incredible wife. They stood in a tight but respectful group, chittering like old friends... I watch Mari laugh at some witty thing and then look up to see me walking her way.

      "That's my husband," she said, maybe a bit too proudly, and the blond woman whom I'd already memorized turned and smiled - wickedly surprised if that is a workable combination. A three-way conversation in the door of the women's room became a spirited four-way as we realized that - not only was I, not a single guy, we all had much more than that in common; two pairs of soulmates on different planes of experience. Best friends who do everything together - who were about to drift upstairs...

      They had been to many clubs and had much background in the lifestyle, and as we made our way upstairs, they shared themselves in a way that makes the lifestyle so much more than sex. We drifted from room to room, listening to them talk about their "hobby" and how they survived within it. For a moment, the idea of "playing" with our new friends disappeared as these gorgeous people became so incredibly fascinating. It seemed like every line of conversation revealed more in common, more useful advice, more to like...And then she closed the door...

      "I like you guys," Kim - this gorgeous blond said, her voice going from friendly to lusty. "Let's play."

      Mari and I snapped back to reality quickly. We were in a swing club, and we were not going home anytime soon... I didn't need to look at Mari to know that she was okay with this. I'd watched her as she watched Joe's lips move when he talked. I had seen her smile when he touched her shoulder. And I had absolutely nothing to think about as Kim lay on the bed, smiling and lifting her legs to show a shaved and pantiless play area.

      "What do you say?" She asked, staring at me hypnotically.

      Nothing... There was nothing I could say. I was hers - but better yet, she was about to be mine. Joe sat on a chair in the corner of the room - thinking, I suppose, that he might watch for a while. But Mari was having none of that, straddling his lap and wrapping her tongue around his. Kim lay on her back, and I ran my hands down her legs, lifting her feet and helping her with the boots that she wasn't going to be needing for a while. Her long thin legs were, on their own, plenty to enjoy - but when the boots were shed, my hands wandered higher as I slid onto the bed with her, kissing her gently at first - enjoying her soft but expert tongue. Her hands made short work of my belt as mine found her small, tight breasts. She seemed eager to catch up with Mari, who had quickly moved to a kneel in front of Joe and was blowing him madly - her head bobbing furiously.

      I didn't object and let her push me over to my back. My eyes caught Joe's, and he smiled widely, dazed but certainly feeling every stroke of Mari's expert tongue. Mari worked his shaft with one tight fist and had pushed the blue flamed shirt up to his strong chest. She was moaning around him - and he encouraged her. The sounds were nearly as hot as the visual of my beautiful wife gobbling our new friend with such abandon. I could have lost myself watching the two of them, just experiencing the pleasure my wife was giving another man, but I was soon pulled expertly out of the moment as bright blue eyes looked up at me past short blond hair, and a wet tongue flicked between a wicked grin and eagerly tasted the tip of my cock...I looked down at Kim as she rolled her tongue around the head of my cock, seeming to savor the taste. Her eyes locked on mine, and her smile never failed......until she took me into her mouth, slowly swallowing half of me and then pulling me out just as deliberately. I groaned, body twitching and cock responding to her attentions.

      "You like that?" she asked, a trail of my excitement still leading to her lips.I just swallowed and grinned - and she correctly took that as a "yes". Her eyes finally left mine as she took me again, this time with abandon. Her tongue danced around my cock as her lips tightly massaged my shaft. Her hands jerked me and my hips rocked slightly, finding her manic rhythm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her expertise, my fingers twisting in her short hair. I could feel her taking me deeper until it seemed the head of my cock was so deep in her that I could almost feel it with the hand that was on the back of her head. Her warmth was complimented by a perfect wetness. She stroked me with one hand as her other hand massaged my balls - coaxing my cum from them - eager for a taste of her good work. I heard a squeal and looked up just in time to see a naked Mari tossed onto the bed beside us. Joe was naked as well - his tall, thin frame sporting a desperate erection. He dropped to the bed between Mari's legs and began to kiss her breasts, one after another, commenting loudly on her large, long nipples. Kim was looking over, obviously admiring them herself. She looked up at me, her lips still around my excitement, her face flushed. I smiled at her and nodded - unable to ask her if she wanted what Mari was about to be getting... Somehow she read me and nodded back - letting me go with a gentle pop - and climbed up on the bed, shedding what little clothing she still had on. I pulled off my shirt and settled between her legs.

      The wives were now on the bed, lying side by side, with two enthusiastic husbands now heading south hungrily. Kim's pussy was perfectly shaved with small lips and a perfect clit. I licked gently at first, tasting her fully... This was the first pussy I'd tasted since my marriage, and I was going to enjoy it fully. I slipped my hands beneath her ass to lift her slightly, angling her just right... And sunk my tongue deeply into her, tasting her as she tightened around the intrusion. She whimpered slightly and bucked - and I lost myself... My fingers swam in and out of her as my tongue found every unique spot that seemed to make her jerk with electricity. Her eyes were clamped shut as I ate her, and her hands gripped my head harder and more desperately, soon governing my attentions to just her clit as she climbed higher... Closer to the edge of orgasm. I heard Mari scream as she came, thrashing her hips forcefully against Joe's face, forcing him to hang on... Kim heard her, too, and seemed to catch Mari's orgasm just as Mari was coming down... One loud "OHH!" was all she moaned as her body spasmed beneath my feasting tongue. She jerked hard, holding my face tightly to her and riding her orgasm out against my tongue. I held her thighs as she began to land. She slid her hands to my cheeks and pulled herself to me. "My god," was all she said before she kissed me and pulled me back to the bed.

      Joe was on top of Mari, thrusting his fingers into her roughly, and Kim held me as we watched Mari cum again. Mari's vocal aerobics shook the walls again as she came a second time, right on top of her first one. She seemed to cum for minutes before she finally stopped thrusting her hips against Joe's aggressive hand.

      "Wow," Kim said, looking at me. "Is she always this loud?"

      "I'd like to think so," I replied, smiling.

      "I have no doubt, then."

      Kim grinned as she kissed me, pushing me to my knees. She crawled in front of me and took me in her mouth again, egging me on to thrust. I did so - watching as Mari laid Joe on the bed and then knelt between his legs again. I grabbed Kim's perfect ass with both hands and pushed forward gently, barely containing my arousal as Mari began to stroke Joe's thick cock.I heard Kim sucking me wetly, accepting my thrusts as Joe moaned with approval as Mari gave him a masterful hand job, puckering her lips around the head of his cock as she stroked him. My head swam for ten minutes, watching my wife and feeling Joe's. I was near the edge when Joe screamed out his arrival. Kim flipped around quickly, eager to watch her husband's pleasure, and slid a hand down to cup his balls just as he erupted. His first shot a foot into the air. Mari moaned, "YESSS!" as he came - excited at the sight of his orgasm. His hips thrust slightly as the rest of his orgasm ran down his cock and over Mari's still-pumping fist.

      He lay there - satisfied - and Kim turned, grinning, back to me. The only difference is that this time - so did Mari. I had four lustful eyes looking at me hungrily, and I knew that one of my favorite fantasies was going to come true. I was pushed back into the pillow and watched as a blond and brunette devoured my cock - neither of them losing steam. One would suck my balls while the other pistoned on my hot shaft - then they'd switch - dancing their tongues up either side of me as they went... "This is a vision you'll never forget," Joe chattered - coming back to his senses. I quietly agreed with him, watching as they pleasured me - unable to drink it in enough. Just the sight was enough to make me cum... The sensation of two talented tongues, two eager mouths, brought me closer to the edge than I ever thought possible... Joe seemed to agree, now standing at the side of the bed stroking a resurrected erection. But - I was the first to see them kiss...And it was almost too much... Kim and Mari's tongues soon discovered each other and left my cock to pursue each other. I was remarkably okay with that. Kim and Mari's passionate lip lock was more than Joe could handle.

      "Oh my god," he said to Mari. "I had no idea you were into that."

      "I wasn't," Mari said truthfully - and then quickly returned to what she swears was one of the best kissers she'd ever known. I joined Joe in the perverse ritual, not caring if they ever touched me again - as long as they didn't stop touching each other. Their hands fondled each other, their tongues twisted together... And the room seemed to heat up by twenty degrees.

      I'd never thought I'd see my wife so wild for another woman, but there they were, wrapped together, making out like high school kids. The scene proved to be too much, and Joe yelled out Mari's name. Mari moved over beneath him, her tongue out and eager, just as Joe came again. If it is possible, his second orgasm seemed larger than his first, streaming into Mari's open mouth in jet after jet. And that was enough for me... I knelt over Kim and let go of her waiting tongue. She excitedly swallowed what she caught - what she didn't streamed down her cheeks as I jerked out the last of my orgasm and collapsed beside her...I remember Joe leaving and coming back with a glass of pop for all of us to share, but for the life of me, I don't remember much else. We all lay together for a while - talking again like old friends and laughing. The biggest difference this time was being able to watch breasts jiggle with every well-told joke or story.

      We exchanged e-mails, hugs, and kisses... But I wasn't offered the shirt...When we finally left - the club owner was cleaning up, barely beating the sun, which would be showing itself soon. One of the staff smiled at us and said somewhat meekly, "You guys sounded great." I suppose she's right - a perfect encounter inspires some wonderful loudness. The night was a surprise from the start - we'd done more than we'd ever expected and made friends on top of it. And it was one of those friendships that inspired me to surprise Mari with one last step in her now complete emergence.
    • By Rwookc
      Let’s make this point, I will say our night started playing guitar and getting high and drinking wine. Anita went to the kitchen and I asked her if she wanted to have a threesome with Mike? She looked at me and said yes with a smile. I asked her to change into her black bodysuit. Anita went to the bathroom. I went and told Mike she was changing and he and I were going to fuck my wife and he started to get hard.
      I took Anita a fresh glass of wine. She looked so sexy and beautiful with her bodysuit on highlighting her sexy body. I gave her a long kiss.
      I went and sat with Mike. Anita walked in with a killer wiggle and sat between us . Mike dropped his jeans and underwear. Anita leaned over and started sucking his cock. I unhooked the snap between her legs and inserted three fingers into her wet vagina.
      Anita loves thing’s slow, so she sucked Mike’s dick with a technique that can make any man cum. I fingered her vagina slowly and watched her suck on his very hard cock. I took her hand and said let’s go to the bedroom. I led her as Mike followed into the bedroom. We both kissed he lips, her neck, her mouth, her breasts. I laid her down and started eating her vagina while she sucked Mike. He started on her vagina, and I took pics of him eating her.
      After that I positioned her on her right side and from behind I penetrated her Mike laid on his side watching me fucking her. He was where she could suck his dick. We traded positions so he could fuck her and I could enjoy her mouth on my cock and watch him thrust in and out. It was a great view, watching her body take my cock and his. Mike and I in the day’s ahead talked about this night and the other nights we would enjoy with my beautiful wife.
      After almost three hours of pleasing Anita we took a break and drank some more wine and talked. I went to get another bottle and I came back to witness Anita on top of Mike cowgirl style. It was glorious looking at her fucking him and smiling. Anita was moving up and down on his hard cock. I know she enjoys a man with a hard cock.
      It was a chance to take some 35mm shots of her. She kept grinding on his cock and reached over to play with my cock.
      We made passionate love to Anita for almost four hours. Mike left and Anita and I went back to bed and made the most amazing love to each other.
      This was once of three times that Mike and I got our brains screwed out by my beautiful Anita.
      Thank you Anita for the amazing memories, my lover.
    • By LilAlpha
      Do y’all take videos while participating in different types of sex?  
      What’s your stance on it?
      I would be interested in seeing some videos. For one it really turns me on and for two I’m curious on how you have it set up.  
    • By ready2pla
      If you were to have a wild threesome be it MMF or FFM, what would your wildest fantasy be?
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