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    Queen. I was asked to write about this. I mostly leave this for my husband. I do not write much so forgive me. I have always enjoyed cum from a man. I do not know why. As a teenager I think it was fascination. Maybe a little about I made him do that. My husband was the first to give me an orgasm. Other guys made me feel good but it was always a groping of fingers poking before they pushed into me. I was very lucky those days because my first few experiences were without a rubber. He was the first that used a condom. Just lucky I guess. He was also my first bigger guy that kind of scared me some but it was nice. I didn’t know those things come in sizes. I went on the pill and we have been together from 1976. He was very sexual and would have me most every morning and every night sometimes more. I let him have me when he wanted. So all my life with him I have always had his cum in me Lots of it. The many times he would have me twice at night the second time was a little nicer more wet and slippery. Then when we turned forty things changed. He was the same but my horniness went crazy. And my fantasies started to be very wild. So after some talk we started to explore. And I tried everything I wanted. I have had many gangbangs and many men at parties. These parties condoms were used or if we knew them well no condom but they had to pull out and cum on me or in my mouth. But what I loved was having my boyfriends and husband share me. I had three boyfriends long term. One for seven years so I would have husband and boyfriend threesomes one to three times a week. Sometimes my husband and all three boyfriends at once. They all would cum for me where I wanted on me in my mouth or in me. I liked it most inside me. They shared me all afternoon. It does get very messy and they would wipe me down with warm wet facecloths. I had three special events. Three special male friends, my three boyfriends and my husband. Except for a few breaks and clean ups it was an all afternoon and evening sex. They cum in my mouth or inside me. I was very messy. Cum turns to foam with that much and that many fucking you. We would have a round I would make all seven men cum. Would have coffee and a snack and go again. I always felt them in me as a slippery squishy pressure. Regular size and bigger three hubby and two friends are bigger than my shoe size (8) but I felt all of them. I didn’t feel them cum after I was soaked just got wetter. My butt and crotch was slimy and soaked. We thanked the sweets each time. Then take a break and go again. I went three times around with all of them. At some point I sneezed and what a mess. I felt special. I pleased all these men and they wanted me more I felt really good. I had to wear a wash cloth between my legs on the ride home. I was a little achie but could still take my husband the next night. What I loved most was having a man cum in my mouth at the same time as one cumming inside me. I loved that the most but harder to do unless you are with lovers that know what you like and give it to you. I hope this is good enough what you wanted.
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    We're still in negotiations :) My hubby is still a little apprehensive about another man's cum. On our first experience, the other man unloaded on my boobs, and hubby licked it off while f**ng me, but he said it was a heat of the moment thing. He knows how much I enjoyed that, and enjoy the idea of cum play in general, so he'll get there, he's just not sure - go second and enjoy the results of the first, or go first and be less "in the heat of the moment" I do want to make sure of one thing though - making sure the other woman doesn't feel left out
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    We rent a room with two king beds in a hotel that has a separate entrance for each room from the parking area, like many Red Roof Inns. We usually meet with our swing friends at a nearby restaurant for lunch or dinner and all get to know each other. The invitees for each party usually consist of two other couples and three single guys. After about an hour at the restaurant we all go the hotel room. After we all are in the room, the gals get undressed and on the beds. The guys first job is to give all the gals at least one orgasm from oral. Then, the guys do whatever the gals want. Usually the gals like to fuck until the guys cannot get it up any more. That is about 4 or 5 times as most guys cannot fuck and cum more than twice in a session. After about three or four hours of fucking everyone is sated, and we all go home. We enjoy it and have a party about every two weeks. Between parties we just love to remember the best parts and fuck some more.
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    I posted this years ago regarding taking gifts for sleeping with men something most women and men can relate to. I think many if not most women have had sex on a first date because she felt she owed the guy. Not the only time I slept with someone because I felt I should, I once went with a guy to a concert in Philadelphia, I wanted to pay but he insisted and took me for dinner and drinks after the concert. He wouldn’t let me pay for anything. I had no romantic attraction to him but invited him back to my apartment. I would say the evening cost him at least $500. Forward to a more recent time. Mike and I enjoy picking up men in hotels. I engage someone in the bar and when the time is right I tell him about Mike across the bar. I always tell them I am not looking for anything and that it’s just something we like to do. One time a man left two hundred dollars on the dresser. Mike and I laughed about it. It about paid for the room. This was not the only time.
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    In a Catholic 8th grade, we saw a film strip (who remembers those?) called "Take the High Road". All procreation focused. It told us what everything was and what it did but did not say where anything was. I spent the next few years looking for things.
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    We agree. While contrary to conventional wisdom, our LS friends join family/friends events with sufficient regularity that LS friends ask after family and vice versa. We do prep our LS friends with one stock answer to the occasional query, "How do you know {Mr/Mrs Fundamental Law}?" Stock answer, "we met through friends of friends some time ago". That is as complicated as it gets.
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    This all started around forty years ago when my wife Beth and I had dated for a few years then married. It wasn't long after we married that I introduced her to her first big realistic porn star dildo. When she first saw it she laughed and said, "That'll never fit in my pussy, are you nuts?!" But she agreed to trying and found not only did it fit but she really enjoyed it. She was amazed by how much she enjoyed it. So much so that she requested I use it on her quite a lot. She also discovered she enjoyed big cock porn, she was fascinated by it. Soon was I combining using a huge dildo on her at the same time she watched big cock porn, this led her to experience huge orgasms. She couldn't get enough. She was finally exploring her sexuality and expanding her outlook on sexual pleasure. One night after some really hot sex I questioned her if she ever fantasized about fucking other men, especially well-hung men. She responded that of course she did, stated that most women had this fantasy, and she believed it was quite common. So I pursued it further and asked her if she wanted to try another man's cock and how much did she really desire to do it? She said that it sounded exciting and fun but she would never do anything to endanger our marriage. I said, "What if I told you that I wanted to watch you have sex with another man, one that had a really big cock. Would you then consider it?" She laughed and said she'd be game if it was something I was serious about and really wanted her to do. She said, "Come on, let's be real. It's exciting and fun to imagine it, but to really do it? Please! That's a major game changer." So I said, "I'm very serious. I've watched the way you enjoy the dildos especially while watching big cock videos. It turns me on big time seeing how excited you get and how many times you climax from doing these two things at the same time. I want to watch you do it for real. No BS, just watching you getting slammed by a big cock would be a huge turn-on for me. So what do you really think now that you know that I'm serious and am giving you this opportunity?" I could see her giving it some serious thought, she didn't get mad or upset at me or the idea, no resistance whatsoever to my request. The more she considered the idea the more it appeared to me that she was very intrigued with the idea and it excited her. She started asking all kinds of questions, like wouldn't I be jealous, or think the worst of her, or what if she really enjoyed it and wanted more or didn't feel comfortable screwing another man, then what? Were there any rules and what were the consequences? Was I absolutely sure that I really wanted her to do this, because once done there was no going back! After she finished asking everything she had concerns about I answered all her questions and we talked about the rules/boundaries we would have in place to keep it fun and exciting without any reservations or guilt. This was to make sure she fully understood my concerns and alleviate all of hers as well. It seemed she came to a decision at which point she smiled and enthusiastically said yes, she'd do it! Did I have someone special in mind she wondered? She said she had to agree to my choices for her sexual escapades or it wasn't gonna happen. I then informed her I was thinking of Bruce. Beth squealed with glee, she admitted she has had fantasies about Bruce for some time now and I couldn't have picked a better choice for her first time. She would absolutely love to fuck Bruce. She said she was getting wet thinking about sex with him. A few days later I met up with Bruce for an after work drink. As we enjoyed several drinks we talked a lot. Soon I steered the conversation towards my wife Beth. I asked Bruce to be honest and tell me what he thought about Beth. He admitted he thought Beth was smokin' hot. She had a killer body and was just gorgeous, always was friendly, and liked flirting with him when they were together. I asked him if he' ever had the chance would he consider having sex with her? He looked a bit concerned by my question but answered yes, he wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of such an opportunity. So I told him that Beth really wanted to have sex with him, and that I was okay with them hooking up. I explained that was my kink watching her get fucked by other men, it really turned me on. Bruce considered it for several minutes then said okay sure, he'd love to fuck Beth. Just give him the details when we're ready to make it happen. When I got home I told Beth about my conversation with Bruce and what he said. She looked startled and said she couldn't believe I did that. So I asked her if what I did was so wrong and did she still want to go through with it? She excitedly said Oh hell yes she did, and no I wasn't wrong! So we made plans and set a date for Beth's first cock. The night arrived finding Beth both excited and hot with anticipation. She was dressed to kill showing off her sexy body wearing no underwear. When Bruce knocked on the door I answered it and escorted him into our house. Beth entered the living room and gave Bruce a big hug pressing her chest and pelvis into him and then kissed him on the lips. Bruce kissed her back and he sat down pulling her on to his lap. Nether one of them wasted any time, tongues going everywhere, hands exploring and groping each other, clothes coming off. Soon they were both naked and Beth got a pleasant surprise, Bruce was very well hung. She giggled with delight. Beth took Bruce's hand and led him to our bed. She pushed him down on the bed and went to work on Bruce's big cock giving him an enthusiastic blow job. After a while Bruce flipped Beth on her back and went to work on her pussy and clit. Beth orgasmed in minutes, fully enjoying Bruce's skilled tongue. I stood in the background watching the show. Soon Bruce moved into position between Beth's legs. As he rubbed his cock against Beth's open pussy and clit she responded with loud moans and started pressing her pussy against Bruce's cock. As he slid his huge cock into Beth's pussy she had a big climax. As he went deeper he increased his speed and Beth climaxed again. She was enthralled with his big cock pumping her pussy, she was moving her hips and swearing, telling him his cock felt so good. She looked over at me and said she loved how good his big cock felt inside her. She told Bruce to stretch her pussy good, to fuck her hard. She was in sexual ecstasy, a place she'd never been before. Her facial expressions showed pure bliss and the sounds she was making were hot as hell. I never seen her so turned on, she must of had a dozen orgasms, many of which were huge. They fucked each other hard for a good twenty minutes then Bruce erupted into Beth's pussy, filling her with his cum. This gave Beth another climax. Afterwards he laid on Beth for a minute then rolled off her. He'd destroyed her pussy, it gaped open with his cum dripping out of her. They kissed and he got up to dress while Beth laid there spent. She looked at me and smiled big time. She said, "Your turn!", so I took sloppy seconds and enjoyed it beyond belief. Bruce watched us have sex then commented that watching real sex was so much hotter than any porno ever could be. He understood my enjoyment of watching my wife fuck other men. He said he'd like to do it again and Beth was all for it. So they made plans to hook up again. Then Bruce left. Beth and I talked about how well things went, and how she wasn't prepared for how much she enjoyed his big cock. It was mind boggling! She thanked me profusely for asking her to do this, the opportunity to experience such awesome sex. She says she'll never be the same again and is looking forward to more big cock sex. So our new lifestyle began.
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    My opinion is that more men are into hotwifing where the husband is an equal partner in putting his wife out there, than cuckolding, which implies the element of humiliation. So when you are discussing your fantasy with your boyfriend, propose it as a joint undertaking in selecting the other guy for you to play with, what you do with him at first [maybe just showing/playing with your tits, giving him a blowjob], whether it's a threesome. Make it fun for him, explore along the way, and if all goes right he'll let you move on to alone play without advanced notice to him. For you that would be treating him as a cuckold, while for him you're just hotwifing. Lifestyle is a cooperative adventure.
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    My first thought is that starting in the lifestyle need not begin where you want to end up, in your case a couples swap or be symmetric. Consider other scenarios which may be a good first step: same room non-swap sex, just one of you playing, MFM or FFM/FMF, etc. After "years" of talking, it's time for a first step. If I know a man is going to cum quickly, I find it an exciting challenge to keep up and cum quickly myself. Besides, you can always go down on her.
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    Love, trust, communication...work on having as much as possible of all three as any of one helps grow the other two. To be successful lovers, let alone successful swingers, you need all three in abundance. Only you know that for sure, but easiest way is after the trust has been leveled up, talk to her about fantasies...hers AND yours (start with one of yours that is rather simple and take it from there). It sounds like she MIGHT be warming up, but without the trust, without the communication, you might never know. She needs to KNOW that you aren't going to judge her, aren't going to think less of her, aren't going to love her less (in fact, that you will love her more for her being able to share her deepest thoughts and secrets). Take your time, work on making your relationship as great as it can be, and remember...you have the rest of your lives to find out. Good luck and let us know how things are progressing...
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    When we opened our marriage my Angel joined an extramarital site and found it very easy to find men willing to no attachment affairs. My play was limited to a few business trip affairs that was limited because of Covid limiting travel time. Where she was out often my play was based on her setting up dates through her connections. I can’t say I struggle finding dates we decided to sign me up for my own account on the site she is on which is much more expensive for men. She is much better in filtering out the scams and finding some very eager married women for my meetings. I’m always skeptical of the motives of women on the site yet have found women are no different from men on the site just wanting more. It works for us because we are open, talk and understand the freedom.
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    Things you learn years later. At 19 my wife and her friend set up profiles on a Sugar site to earn money and clothing to go on spring break I’m not totally upset, I’m happy she was in charge of her decisions. I’m more upset that men her father’s age and older looked for college girls. Curious me, I looked up the men she met.
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    I don’t consider kinks it was financial. She said she didn’t have a Daddy complex she had a want to have things she couldn’t afford. I was amazed we found the men on social media and LinkedIn and the positions they had. What they looked like was not the point it was how could they afford. More college girls than I thought found ways to supplement their spending. Some had Daddies others found quicker ways. My current thoughts are what’s the difference why she did it if she had fun. I know not all was fun at the time. lol. More. Lin didn’t look for a Sugar Momma. missed opportunity?
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    I 1000% agree, Sometimes it's fun to be there and watch and participate. Sometimes it's fun to not be there but see pictures/videos, or hear about the experience from my GF and/or the guy she was with about the experience. And sometimes it's fun to just let her go and play and not know exactly what happened but to let your mind wander about it. We incorporate all of these regularly into our play.
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    sorry for the long read. I have a little different take…..or two cents of advice. It is the same we’ve shared with couples and singles for the past two plus decades. first, admittedly open, honest…..revealing discussion between two people in a relationship….long or short term is at best challenging, fearful and with many stumbling blocks and pitfalls. Even the best of relationships has a great amount of difficulty “baring their soul” conversation with their SO/lover/best friend/soulmate. Especially when feelings, desires, wants, needs are involved. Ten times that when it involves intimacy….sex…..and the fear of hurting that special person. We have found a gradual step by step elevation of conversation….direct….not sugar coated….not camouflaged with half hearted “fishing” statements/questions and certainly never by demands or statements of “or else”, “got to have” or “I deserve”. After all you are a couple, a team….the two of you against the world. This should be an open conversation, not limited by time, casual about the both of you. An extra, something exciting/pleasurable for you both….with equal interest and a casual easy simple first step. Do not cloud it with Multiple “firsts” or directly jumping in with both feet into the deep end. The Open Couple/Lifestyle/Ethical Non Monogamy is very broad. It covers experiences….shared experiences….that could fill the Grand Canyon. It does not define you it is just another branch of your life you share together. My best image is think of it as a great tree. A mighty Oak, Maple or Beech Tree. A strong thick trunk with many deep roots, this is your relationship base. From this to many branch’s stretching in every direction with many more branches that finger out from that. Each with smaller branches that finger out even further, always growing. All tipped with clusters of leave for each life experience with new buds renewing those experiences. You grow and share together, as one, with many experiences in all aspects of your life together. Alternate lifestyle is all inclusive. There are so many possibilities. From art, music, travel, food etc etc. Then there is also more intimate discoveries, personal, open and shared. From adult social activities (clothed/non sexual, think dirty dancing/self expression), nudism, social mingling, lifestyle/ENM social but only the two of you (enjoying the social energy but only as a couple, just you two), same room play/sex between you two but in a room with other couples (voyeur) watching/being watched, playful touching with others, couples soft swap/soft swing (oral/manual only), from here the possibilities are endless only limited by your imagination and mutual agreement only limitations are the limits you both agree together. You move forward as a couple, open conversation both agreeable before participation. Like. New born you learn to move (communicate with each other), crawl, walk, run and race. You both decide next steps/experiences together equally. I would advise the communication/comfort level for you both, small steps, small experiences shared together. Then openly talk after for any advancement further. Try going to a house party/club/event as a couple for the social experience, talk openly with others. Only play is between the two of you to start….baby steps. In short do not involve yourselves in activities that if uncomfortable you can’t walk away from intact with your relationship between you both. There are plenty of us to offer advice etc on this site, do only what the two of you are comfortable with as yourself, as a couple and your relationship.
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    Yes, but start by putting it in a way that gives something to your spouse first, and doesn't make them feel inadequate. You want see your spouse enjoying someone else, not that you want to have sex with another person. If the first happens, the second follows.
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    Understood. At some point start a "real talk" conversation about a small, comfortable "sex talk" topic that had come up, one that you think your boyfriend would move along. Something along the lines of "Hey, we talked about a threesome with Mike and Mary. I really like her tits and would want to watch you play with them." Something very non-threatening for him, and see what he says. Baby steps.
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    @Numex I tend to feel the same, and have actually given similar (albeit ignored) advice. My thinking tends to be that extramarital affairs are actually an opportunity to make a change to the relationship rather than throw it out entirely. Mind you my thinking is shaped by 25 happy years in an ENM marriage, but I feel like if your wife is having affairs then maybe it's time to think about open marriage or the other ENM options. Granted this thinking horrifies some ppl 😄
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    Does your partner wonder why you keep yelling "FORE!" ?
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    This is very common. More common though, as others have said, is the equipment not coming to play. To minimize the first one, you could masturbate before you go out. This would minimize that first time excitement. To address the second, you could try an ED medication. I know, this is a touchy subject for many people. There are members of this forum that chastise the suggestion and repeat (for the 100th time) how they eat perfect, exercise endlessly and maintain the ideal weight...and everyone should do that to ensure their equipment functions. The problem with that is the failure to get erect in a swinging atmosphere isn't a physical issue. It is almost always a mental issue. Having some assistance on board helps get past that mental issue that nearly all guys struggle with the first time or two when there is another (or a couple other) guys in the same room with them.
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    I have always had this problem whenever I am with a new woman, so much that I give her a warning that I may get too excited and cum too soon but if I do I want a round 2. No woman seems bother by this and some tell me they would rather me cum quick than not being able to get up.
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    It would be a problem for me. I rarely wear underwear.
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    (take with a grain of salt; guy speaking here) I don't think it should set of alarm bells. Everybody has a kink here or there. None of us are 'normal' (whatever the hell that means). If they're clean, I don't see the harm.
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    What GoldCoCouple said * 1000. Even 10,000. Aww heck make it a million. I'm serious. Having totally open communication is key to successful swinging. It's something you do together. You can't do that without total communication. As GoldCoCouple said, it needs to be without judgement. Be supportive, allow her to explore her fantasies and perhaps help make them come to reality when she is ready. It doesn't sound at all like you are, but you can't talk her into it. You can open doors, let her know you are 100% onboard, but allow her to walk through that mental/emotional door.
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    We agree. Amy’s response is thoughtful. We wonder, though, whether the correspondent has a grasp on the full dimension of the question. Some years ago, we posted an essay on the topic here at SB. It still seems reasonably fresh and on point. If we knew the original questioner, we would invite both him and is wife to read it as a prelude to a kitchen table conversation. Perhaps someone can refer this to Amy and back to the original correspondent.
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    Amy's response is very thoughtful. I think husbands who agree to open their marriage should understand that their wives will have considerably more success at finding partners than they will. We have seen instances where a seemingly shy and reserved wife suddenly develops a vibrant social life, going on dates and even some travel with high caliber men while the husband, if not wealthy, struggles to find any one to date at all. The imbalance can be very upsetting.
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    Back in the 'golden age' of porn (80s-90s), there pretty much was only one option and that was to be a star in porn movies. There were no other alternatives, and if you didn't become a star, you were already close to the end of your rope. Also, social pressure, society, and stigmas cause more than a few porn stars who more often felt either trapped by situations or due to the abundance of drugs and the party culture of the time, to turn to drugs and alcohol as a crutch. These days, there are so many different options to make money in porn, it no longer is a 'do or die' proposition. There are still movies, but now there are dozens of other choices, and all of them can be profitable if you are looking to make money with it. Probably the biggest is Only Fans and other similar sites, but there is also personal websites, subscription services, selling adult products, streaming, photography, audio, 'custom' (making something for a specific kink or specific person), VR, erotic stories, and many others. Revenues of the adult industry are difficult to determine, but a 1970 federal study estimated that the total retail value of hardcore pornography in the United States was no more than $5 million to $10 million. But by 2011, pornography was becoming one of the biggest businesses in the United States and in 2014, the porn industry was believed to bring in at least $13 billion a year. As of 2023, the global porn industry made over $97 BILLION dollars and it is expected to exceed $120 billion in 2024. People are no longer looking at porn as a last resort, but in many times, a first resort. Kaden Kross was attending Sacramento State University (as a psych major) when she quit school to become a 'porn star'. She later moved behind the cameras to become a director of porn movies. There are constant stories in the news of women and couples making 6 figures on Only Fans and other similar sites, in addition to their day jobs. I think the bigger problem here is when something...anything, becomes an addiction. Be it drugs, alcohol, porn or anything else. To much of anything can easily end up being a bad thing...for both the creator and the consumer.
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    You should tread carefully. She may be giving you an “it’s fine.” To see if you’ll go for it. Communication is key and if this a test and you fail, could seriously harm your relationship. single women are unicorns. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a single guy looking to fuck. you have to bring your A game. Hygeine and taking care of yourself is way up there. A huge dong can’t hurt. Most of the couple profiles I’ve seen looking for single guys wants 8+ and in shape. most of all, single guys need to know what a woman or couples want, know their place, and don’t cross boundaries. you need to be able to communicate with both people and be sincere. If you think that “hey girl, you are so hot…blah, blah, blah” unlikely to get anywhere. Ignoring hubby or making him insecure won’t either. Cuckold porn is hot but unsure how often it plays out in real life. but starting out, you should try any of the many lifestyle sites. Become a paid member, have something interesting to say and post pics (not your dick). Depending on where you live, some parties host single guys but not all. I would suggest neighboring town to avoid running into anyone you might know. Even if your wife is cool with it, she may not be cool with friend, family, coworkers finding out.
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    Some couples have arrangements like that. Are you thinking about doing it and are you really sire she's OK with it?
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    Ok, as promised, on Thursday night we had our first experience with sloppy seconds. I'll try do describe it as best I can. To start with, I made the mistake of having both guys start and finish with me, also with a little girl time beforehand. It was their desire to make the night "about me" but by the time it was Mr. S's turn, I was already starting to feel a little sore. Anyway, like Numex suggested, there should've been some warm up time with Stacey first. As such, when my husband was in me with Dave's cum already inside, I had a hard time feeling him. There was a ton of lubrication, and honestly, there were moments when it was hard to tell there was a cock inside me at all - no, that's not right. More like, it was hard to tell how big or hard. I'm not sure, really. Hard to describe other than it was different, and were it not for the look in Mr. S's eye, and the hotness I felt, I may have preferred a different scenario. (I'm very clitoraly stimulated). I found myself working my kegels extra hard, and even bearing down, which when I orgasmed, I squirted like a fountain. Mr. S told me later I was much more vocal than usual, but I don't remember that. After both guys were finished, the plan was for Stacey to go down on me, but she said she couldn't do it. Between the two guys and my squirting, I guess I was a mess down there. Instead, she straddled my face and I gave her oral and I fingered myself. It was then that I realized what I missed - in my professional life, I'm in the film industry, and a very visual person. One of the things I love about sex is watching men cum. My husband kinda squirts his out in clumps, and I love to milk him to get every last drop. Dave is a shooter, and his cum is thinner. I love to watch the cum drip on my body, and touch it, play, etc... So when both guys cum inside, it took away that thrill of it for me. All in all an amazing feelilng that my husband would do that for me, and another couple we're just getting to know was interested in making my night special. That to me was the hottest part of it all. However, I have to say that when we were finished, I cried, and couldn't stop. I'm still processing these emotions, and can't really describe why. I'm wondering if anyone else has felt that way after sex?
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    Personally We prefer home videos/pics, amateur video/pics of mature real couples, singles and groups/swingers. Unexpected results, surprises, reactions etc. commercial porn is ok and typical…..often boring, at least for us. However; The revenue from the global porn industry is $100 billion and is expected to increase to $117 billion in 2030. The revenue from the US porn industry is $13 billion. In comparison: the NFL generated revenue of around $12 billion in 2022, and Netflix generated revenue of around $31 billion in 2022. How do porn sites make money: 70% of revenue comes from ads (banners & aff. links), 20% of revenue comes from subscription plans (live webcam, premium, etc.), and 10% of revenue comes from online porn games. Definitely increases sexual imaginations for most. Definitely increases skill sets. ‘Definitely provides out of proportion expectations. Because of our anti sex industry views making sex, sex industry and those (women more than men) negative, societal disgusted point of views. Except for those who watch porn secretly those who make money are looked down on as broken disgusting people (again, women more than men) and against the law in many cases, especially offering sex for cash. We prefer an organized legal sex industry including paid services. There is a great line in the movie Private Benjamin by Goldie Hawn “….I’m a housewife we give it away”. Sadly this is our collective acceptance/attitude towards women and sex.
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    It makes one think why we enjoy watching anything. I only enjoy if she is enjoying.
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    It wasn't long after baby #2, stuck at home two infants, that "cabin fever" set in with her and she was feeling stuck in a rut. It occurred to me the best course of action was to arrange date nights between her and one of the single males she enjoyed pre-kids. She was a bit resistant at first, then thought it might be refreshing to be out on a date, secure that the kids were home safe with me. The dates turned out to be just what she needed and we continued them for years. She loved how dating made her feel and it was a huge turn on for me every time she went on one!
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    We have met a number of women in the lifestyle that had given sexual favors in exchange for something. Not necessarily strangers, some were more like friends with benefits. Like one of our single lady friends goes on trips/cruises/nights out with a man (older widower) she met as his companion. No real romantic relationship but more like friend/companion with benefits. She did meet him at a swingers party a few times and it blossomed from there. Another paid for half her rent cleaning her landlords house once a week naked with the occasional handjob/blowjob but she insisted never intercourse (meh). I have done a few repair/installation favors for some couples/single women over the years of our lifestyle that we had met at swinger parties/events where the lady insisted on returning a favor for a favor with a little one on one time. But we were swinger friends to begin with. I know that many of our lady friends in the lifestyle when in open discussion tell stories of giving something extra over their lifetime to get something or something done, including the Queen. The funniest one was one woman had a man come to take down a number of trees in her yard. Very hot days and he had to keep going under her hose to cool dale and wash off sticky sawdust. She said he was shirtless and in cutoff jeans and was very turned on watching him. By the end of the day they were friendly and talkative. She offered her shower at the end of the day and he accepted. He joked about never having an experience like that and she said laughed and offered to join him. According to her he laughed it off…..until she stepped into the shower with him and things progressed from there. He calls it his Penthouse moment. They have been married for about 16 years. LOL
  35. 3 points
    We definitely have done it. Daniela my wife with two other guys (separately), and I with a women in our group who was pregnant, and of course in addition to me fucking Daniela and my ex-wife during her pregnancies. Yeah, at certain points during their pregnancies they were really horny. As they progressed, it was always doggy. The other thing was the way their tits got big and nipples dark.
  36. 3 points
    I am interested to see that we are not the only ones who slipped into this relationship. We decided to to entertain husbands fetish of watchng wife in a MFM to get there we had a couple stumbles that led to hubs deciding wife is far more qualified to locate a male to her liking. In this process she fould someone who is actually very cool and gentle to her and the three of us get along very well. We go out together at times and spend nearly every weekend together. Both men are straight. We operate as a throuple for the most part, at least on weekends. This was initially going to be a MFM threesome but it has become much more. We are all very rstpectful of each other and our feelings/emotions. WBoth men have sex with her individually much more than we do as MFM, we do watch each other but also have closed door time as well. It isn't what we set out for but is a truly loving a caring relationship. We have no idea where this is headed. For now we will keep it staus quo but it could be a long term thing.
  37. 3 points
    I had a few dates in my life that smelled fishy now I know why
  38. 3 points
    Nothing to be upset about. Those experiences helped shape her into the sexually adventurous vixen she is today. Back in the '90s, when I first started dating my wife, I learned she sometimes worked as a nyotaimori girl at private parties where wealthy men (and women) paid big $ to eat sushi off her naked body. Some guys couldn't handle that but it turned me on like crazy - plus the money was great!
  39. 3 points
    I hear that. The equipment is so temperamental. One night you're a stallion, making a woman waive the white flag before you reach even the halfway point. The next it blows in 2 minutes of intermittent half thrusts. And that's when it shows up to play. And if during the stallion session you get a little tired from sending a woman to the moon, it may leave and not come back. Then you go down the metal spiral of death where your mind starts to panic that you've lost it. Frustration. Embarrassment. Excitement. Everything working against a solid erection.
  40. 3 points
    Hiding in plain sight is best. Short answer, house parties, others homes, hotels, club party, other swinger groups. Our closest friends and lovers were included with family and friend events we would make sure they knew it was vanilla/family/friends events. No problem. And that way we didn’t have to concoct any story or alibi. Just normal conversations.
  41. 3 points
    There's been a Penis Size poll recently. Do we need a Clit Size poll for the women?
  42. 3 points
    Oh I definitely get hard when stimulated. And I like to think of my voice as "sultry" rather than masculine. Other than that, I'm all woman!
  43. 3 points
    Clair and I used to have a double ended dildo that was squishy flexible that we used with each other. When one of us tightened and squeezed, the other would feel it. It was a nice once we going and both squeezing.
  44. 3 points
    Ask him out on a date, even if it's just for sex. Even if you really like doggy, try other positions, especially if you can get him alone. Do you girls enjoy Lesbian activities at all? I would definitely be with the other girl while he's with the third. You could also politely try to interject yourself into an MF doggy coupling by getting underneath on your back and licking the action. She may return the favor and you girls can 69 while he goes into your pussies. I'm not in exactly the same situation as you, but with three women and only two men in our poly family we get creative with FFM.
  45. 3 points
    Red and David like the easy access for a quickie of just flipping up the back of my dress or pulling up my skirt. I prefer not having my labia and clit bound up by panties or pantyhose, and like the feeling of air moving. Don't complain, my boobs are too small to need a bra. More easy access though for the guys, I guess. I do wear very plain bras to work and other conservative situations.
  46. 3 points
    UncleOops; while cumming fast might be a concern, there's a 180 flip of this that could happen as well. Quite a few men report that their first encounter in swinging resulted in Mr. Happy having a difficult time rising to the occasion. There's a misconception about men that we're all walking hormones, and just the tiniest bit of stimulation (which could be the sexy woman next door bending over in her garden to pluck some weeds) will result in rock hard erections. It just isn't so. I was 41 on her first swinging encounter. I was in good shape, healthy, all good to go. No reason to believe I would have a problem with an erection. I'd never had a problem before. We played with another couple. The woman in question was rather sexy, and of a different body type than my wife which made it all the more exciting; something new! Mentally, I was really into it...like WOW this is awesome! My wife was making delightful sounds as the husband of the other couple was playing with her. Everything good to go, right? Nope. While I did get an erection, I had some difficulty with it. About a month later, we played with the same couple. Zero problems. There's just no way to know how you will react in your first encounter, much less how Mr. Happy will react. He's got a mind of his own and cares not for the thoughts of the brain upstairs. Go into your first encounter with no expectations other than having a good time for the evening. Whatever happens (or doesn't) is good. And don't drink
  47. 3 points
    lol! Love it, and I love the attitude of it. My husband often requests I go without, especially when the weather gets warmer, but I enjoy getting dressed up. A nice tight fitting dress, not too revealing but enough, and something sexy underneath. First off, my boobs are too big to go without a bra, but I have a wonderful collection of lingerie, and I love to tease, letting people see what’s going on without showing too much. I’m very much of a lace girl. I have my “sunday morning” comfies, but every other day of the week I’m wearing something sexy.
  48. 3 points
    And if you’re not sure they’re clean … wash ‘em! ;-D
  49. 3 points
    Poor Things with Emma Stone Worried adds excitement to the unknown every time we meet anyone new. We are still getting used to initial flutters, our first time having sex, just getting naked took time adding to the excitement. I figure most people looking on a swingers site are more hardcore, we are still newbies, our first was only months ago. I want restrained aggressiveness, not painful, pleasurably aggressive. We are married six years with half during the pandemic, plenty of role play. We had many laughs about the Amazon delivery knew about packages. My husband can be aggressive sexually and very satisfying in a predictable way. That sounds bad, it’s not. He is also an avid gym goer who looks at asses on the elliptical and enjoys telling me about it. He also tells me about some real gym rats that would “fuck me good”. We are open about wants and sexy talk, he knows because I told him about my feelings with the few we met. The excitement of newness and the unknown. FaceTime with the woman has gotten me even more wanting to meet. I think she won’t be afraid that something extra I want. Please have the reality meet the anticipation.
  50. 3 points
    We've been so busy over the past year traveling with work, friends/sex couples, so many many very many mouthfuls of cum, so many day, weeks, months. It's been marvelous! We have opened up more to cum kissing with others which also has opened us up to more one on one fucking and oral with others in our group. Gotta love the ladies and gents, clean group, super healthy, everyone always tastes amazing! It is funny that Confused Husband brings this up because after all the cum and juices we've all drank and swapped, most of the men are still skiddish about taking their own straight from the tap. We have fun parties centered around this simply because it is so entertaining trying to get most of the men to loosen up. We've tried about everything imaginable and still many are very challenged. Ironic! They are good to go with kissing us with their own cum but something else has to be taking place the majority of the time.
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