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  3. When my wife first got into swinging, she absolutely wanted me involved in MFMs. Insisted on it, even. So, we did. As time went on, that requirement loosened, and I found I really enjoyed watching her have sex, and she enjoyed me watching her. We eventually progressed to solo dates. She would come home and while we made love she would tell me all about the evening. Further on, she had full on boyfriends (in series, not parallel :) ) and had a couple of overnight weekends with one of them. The point? Things can change (and likely will) over time. If your wife decides to cross this bridge, she may very much want a full on MFM for a while, then maybe want to change things up. Assuming you're all ok with everything, support her as she moves through this. If there's something you don't like though, make sure she's aware of it, and the communication lines are wide open.
  4. Always thought most people have the same or very similar fantasies/sexual to-do-list/bucket list or what ever you want to call it. Went to a talk by a female author (who's name I can't remember) a few years ago in Santa Cruz. She told of story about leading a women's only seminar. The subject of sexual fantasies came up, and one woman mentioned the rape fantasy. The author said she was shocked when a fair amount of the women at the seminar chastised the woman for having a rape fantasy. She went on to say that she believes that the rape fantasy is common, she believes is very similar to the "sex with a group of random men/group sex" fantasy . She believed the most common fantasies for women were group sex (or sex with stranger) and bi sex. In regards to men, which weren't her expertises, MFF and watching wife were the top 2. Your thoughts may vary.
  5. we've joked about a "hall pass". But we are still at the point if one gets to do it the other should as well.
  6. Wow! That was hot and you do sound like a great team. I hope you find the right guy to play with. I would also like to my wife to have that experience. She had a guy with a huge dick but he cum on her leg before he got in in and she never wanted to see him again. Even though it was her fault for sucking his cock tooo long. Ha Ha.
  7. That's part of what I like to do when getting under a couple doing doggy.
  8. But if it's not shaved, I can still appreciate it/them without putting it in my mouth. What appeals to me visually is a scrotum like Red has, where his large balls hang individually and distinctly in the sack on either side. On the other hand, a scrotum that looks like half a tennis ball below a dick is less masculine to me. Although I'll look, and feel around inside, that's interesting.
  9. Last week
  10. My #1 thing is to make her go wild. From what I have gathered, it's definitely 2 guys at the same time. I don't really have any interest in watching and certainly don't like the idea of her going out on her own. It would be a couples thing to bring the current bedroom stuff from me + dildo to me + real thing. I'll bring it up again, but in a more supportive manner using the advice provided. Thanks again
  11. What GoldCoCouple said * 1000. It's true; single men in the lifestyle are like leaves on trees. They're everywhere and anywhere. Supply FAR outstrips demand. So, your wife can be quite picky if she wants to and likely still get what she wants. If you make a profile on a swinger site (follow GoldCoCouple's advice about getting on one; find the right one and JOIN), and indicate you are looking for single males, you will likely be bombarded with contacts from single males, especially if you live within ~50 miles of a major metro area. Some filtering can be done. A piece of advice I've given out often; when you make your profile, make it at least somewhat long. Within it, bury an otherwise innocuous statement like "If you contact us, tell us what your favorite color is". Why do this? Because if you receive a contact from a single male and it doesn't answer the question, it's obvious they didn't read your profile. There are single males out there who just spam the same contact email to every couple they can find who is open to single males. I'm guessing you don't want a guy like that. So, this provides an easy pre-filter for single guys who contact you. Too hairy is certainly a valid concern. If I could offer a counterpoint though; one of the best lovers my wife has ever had in the lifestyle was a guy who was very hirsute. She just couldn't get enough sex with him, and absolutely loved having sex with him. Some other input; there are a number of different ways to dip your toes in the pool without actually jumping in. The idea of going to a sex club is one, but it can feel more intense than other ways of dipping your toes. You can go to a regular nightclub that seems to have your demographic, and let you wife dance with other men. You can sit in the shadows, and be there for her and watch. Nothing has to happen on her part, except have some fun dancing. Not into dancing? Have her sit at the bar while wearing a nice dress and heels, while you sit off in the corner. If it's a busy club, there's a pretty good chance one or more guys will talk her up. She doesn't have to do anything except enjoy her drink and have some conversation. Another way; go shopping together, and have her pick out guys she thinks are attractive. She doesn't even have to interact with them, just point out ones to you that she thinks are attractive. My wife and I have done this a number of times; she'll say "mmmmmmhe's a yes!" Another way; go to a swinger meet-and-greet. Most major metro areas have at least one group that puts on meet and greets for swinger couples. They're usually not sex-on-premise sorts of get togethers. You're just there to meet like minded people. It's usually almost all couples, but even so it's a way to meet people who actually have engaged in non-monogamy. It can be eye opening to realize swingers are just your average person you see in a grocery store. There's no pressure at such meet and greets. Another way; go to a clothing optional beach. That might seem a big step, but once you're on the beach and everyone else is naked, you'll feel awkward wearing a swimsuit...and off it goes. People (usually) aren't having sex on such beaches, so there's no pressure. Just the idea of other men looking at her may be quite erotic for her, without having to do anything. You can amp this up a bit, by wandering off and leaving her seemingly by herself for a while, but maybe within eye sight. . This is sort of like being at the bar of a club, except it's with her clothes off. There's a fair chance a guy might come round and talk with her. Since there's no pressure to have sex, it can be tantalizing to be laying there naked talking with a guy she just met. The situation you seem to desire is having her be a hotwife. Not cuckoldry, but her getting to have sex with whomever she'd like. That doesn't mean she would have sex with lots and lots of men, or it could mean that! It's up to her, and that's part of being a hotwife. There are lots of guys who thoroughly enjoy their wives having sex with other men, and are quite content to not extend that to inviting couples or single women into the mix. My wife and I have been with multiple couples, but our play has involved single men a lot more. I really, really enjoy her having sex with other men, whether I'm there or not. It sounds like you are similar, or at least will be once she does! There's a forum for hotwifing couples at ourhotwives.org. You might find that interesting. Don't get me wrong; this forum will love to have you here, and we'll be happy to keep answering questions. I'm just adding on that other forum as another input point for you. In support of all of this; communication is paramount. GoldCoCouple is right about discussing this outside of the bedroom, and it seems you are already doing that. This is really great! Let her know you support her 100%, love her completely, always will, and that you want her to fulfill her fantasies, whatever they may be! And yes, please do let us know how things progress!
  12. Thanks for the well thought out response. We have discussed while not in the moment and she quickly gets turned on. It's the type of situation where I think if it presented itself, she would jump all over it, but the planning part is what makes her hesitate. I'll update as things evolve.
  13. First of all, talk about this when you are NOT in a sexual situation. See if it is just a fantasy or something that she is really willing to try. Let her KNOW that you don't have a problem with her being with another man (as long as you are there and involved), and you are actually very interested in seeing this as well. She needs to know that wanting this is okay with you, but also okay if she wants it to just remain a fantasy as well. If she is still interested in making this happen, then sign up for a swingers site (see: Please visit our sponsors at the top of every page). They will all generally let you set up a free profile so you can take a look around. Different sites will have more people in your area than others, so once you find one that is well represented close by, JOIN IT. Most people don't take the free members seriously since too often they are men wishing that actually were in a situation where they could really be doing this with their partner. It's usually only a couple of $$...less than you would spend going out for dinner, and WELL WORTH the small investment. Finding single men looking for a MFM on any of these sites is like finding a cheeseburger at McD's...there will be HUNDREDS of men looking for a couple wanting a MFM. Then, while you can look together, she can also look and try and find the 'perfect guy' for her (remember: HUNDREDS if not thousands of men are there). I would recommend that you make sure that they are not married, or, if they are, their partner is okay with what they are doing. You don't want to get caught up in someone else's drama. Find the 'perfect guy', meet him, and see where it goes. We usually suggest meeting for dinner or drinks with the understanding that it is just a first meeting and that NOTHING else is going to happen the first meet. That way she doesn't feel any pressure, you can both continue to discuss this afterwards, and she can be sure that he is the right guy to go forward with (or not). Keep letting her know that if, at any time, she doesn't want to move forward, that you are also okay with that. She should NEVER feel like she has to do anything she is uncomfortable with. He should know what she is willing to do and not willing to do before anything happens, and, if he is a true gentleman, he will always ask before he does anything. At this point (if you make it this far), you two are on your own. Good luck and let us know how things may progress...
  14. Hello all, I have read hundreds of posts here and feel like there is a common theme of husbands trying to get consensus about what their wives are thinking and this will be no different. My wife has expressed an interest to have 2 men at the same time more times than I can count. We have been together for over 20 years and married for about 14. She wants to try dvp, spit roast, sucking 2 at once, and more. She is wild in bed and we often play with realistic dildos to simulate. If I talk about it, she gets instantly excited. We had a weekend trip away in December and I brought it up during the ride. she got ultra wet and was super horny talking about it. We had crazy sex and she talked about it during it. she expresses odd concerns like "what if he is too hairy, isn't clean, or has long nails". It feels like she is making fairly trivial excuses and that she is already mentally ready to go. If there is one holdup it is probably a fear that I would go through with it and then want her to have women join - we did that once 20yrs ago and it went horribly and I wouldn't entertain it again to be honest. We had a nice night out recently and she was all horny on the ride home and we looked up a sex club with the intention to have sex in front of others. When we pulled up to the parking g lot, she decided it was a bad idea. not sure what is going on. How would you proceed?
  15. They do from my wife 😃 But I should add that she very much prefers shaved over hairy. She will make out with a smooth, hairless scrotum. But if it's hairy she's not putting it in her mouth.
  16. I was looking for a welder for a repair and was told about one who could help me out. When I found his place, it was a new large mobil home and didn't have stairs to the front door. I knocked on the door and the woman that answered it had on a tight pair of jeans and a very obvious camel toe showing, right at eye level. I was awe struck for a moment, all sorts of thoughts running through my head, when I looked up, she was smiling, we both chuckled. She obviously knew that I was checking it out, and I think we both loved it!
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only woman who feels that way. Scrota, and the testicles, get nowhere near the attention they deserve.
  18. I'm a bit of a Gym Rat, not unusual to see Camel Toes but I sure wouldn't stare, seems a little rude, just keep the image. Actually as Coupler said it would probably be someone besides the wearer who would complain. I really enjoy the buns too especially when outlined in sweaty nude toned yoga pants. Then too back in the day there were some of the sand volleyball bottoms, variety of front and bottom cover, played to win, not stare! Now it's Pickleball, last week there was a set of Camel Toes on the court, momentary distraction, play to win, watch the ball and the eyes!
  19. I want to know about these women that hate their camel toe think about a man wearing blue Jean's with a noticeable bulge ? Would you slow dance with him?
  20. You can see but you can't see which plays havoc on the mind... The most erogenous zone is between your ears
  21. I’ve been complimented on the large size of my balls. Well one of them. The testicle in question is about 50% larger than its normal-size mate. And it’s a side-effect of surgery to repair a hydrocele (whic occurs in about 25% of men who have hernia repairs. Which at age 50 I did have.) A hydrocele occurs when the fluid fails to drain from the sac (not the scrotum) that surrounds the teste. The sac expands as more fluid enters and none drains. I asked the urologist who treated me how large a hydrocele could grow. "The size of a tomato. (Pause) A beefsteak." (For anyone who is curious for more info and the surgical repair: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/treatments/16232-hydrocelectomy ) So, since the surgical repair some 23 years ago I have had mismatched balls, one considerably larger than average. The scar on my scrotum is now completely gone, but in the month or so after the operation is was fairly bright red, a couple of inches long and stood up a small but quite noticeable fraction of an inch from the surrounding surface of my scrotum. I had always enjoyed it when my intimate partners complimented me on the attractiveness of my cock and balls and I felt kinda slightly disfigured. On a follow-up with the surgeon I asked about the "size" of the scar, meaning the height of the scar. He interpreted my question to be about the length of the scar. "Well, how am I supposed to be able to work on your testicle if I can’t lift it out of your scrotum?" At that point I began to experience a bit of wooziness. 😳 I did not at all enjoy the mental image of my right testicle hovering in space outside of my scrotum. 😂
  22. That is definitely a thing. My wife has complimented men on their testicles a number of times.
  23. My post right above isn't meant as a joke, it's how I feel about a man's testicles. I just used HHgirl's post as a good template. Testicles are the source of a guy's manhood, and it's a thrill for me to see them in their sack, hold them, extract their juices.
  24. I have always preferred larger than average testicles, but I know it is my “thing”. I started out reading my mom’s Viva magazines when I was growing up and in those stories the guy always left a massive load and the female always has an orgasm the minute the guy ejaculated inside her. Then I was lucky enough to have a couple of boyfriends with above average testicles as my first sexual partners. And then after I got married husband was curious about nudism and introduced me to nudism. So I have more opportunity to see if a guy has big balls or not….. just socializing in a nudist setting. And one of the benefits of being a nudist is being able to look at men’s scrota. There are a lot more men in nudism than females. I am just glad that my husband likes it that I am in to guys with big balls. But I don’t have anything to do with jerks. I call the shots when it comes to testicle worshiping. Testicle Worshiping ™ is my thing. It is the big ones that get my testicle worshiping. I can only interact with guys that are bigger cummers than my hubby. And he likes to watch.
  25. NCcurious1

    Double Trouble

    True story that is still in my spank bank. This was way back to 2013, when you could find horny couples on Craigslist and Backpage. I was on business in St Louis, horny in my hotel room browsing through casual encounters to see what I could see. Replied to a few cuckold couple posts, most were just horny dudes hunting for pics. Then I ran across an ad "St Louis couple looking for DP fun". I replied that I was interested and had a hotel room downtown. Cindy replied back when I asked her what they had in mind. "Splitroast me, tongue on my clit when I'm getting fucked, double vaginal, double penetration. You can spank me, pull my hair, pinch my nipples if you get me hot enough." She then sent a pic of the two of them - Dave took it while he was fucking her doggie while she was sucking a huge dildo looking at a mirror. I sent a nude pic of me and anxiously waited a reply. She replied they were ready for the next step and would be downtown in one hour. We met in an Applebee's right next to the hotel to see if we mutually wanted to take it further. They walked in looking like a normal suburban couple. She was definitely a BBW girl and did most of the talking. We got to know each other over a drink and quickly came to the conclusion that none of us were psycho killers and I gave them a key while they went back to the car to retrieve lube and condoms After 15 minutes I hear a knock then the door unlock. They both walk in smiling and comment "nice hotel." Cindy takes off the jacket she was wearing to reveal a lace teddy and fuck me boots that she must have changed into. She walks up to me confidently and gives me a wet kiss with lots of tongue as Dave watches and then joins in. Cindy then turns to make out with Dave while reaching back and fondling my cock through my jeans. I whisper in her ear, "Get on your knees and suck your husband's cock." Before I know it, Dave whips out his cock which is bigger and thicker than I've ever seen in person. I get on my knees next to her and hold her hair back so that I can watch her blow him up close, moving her thong aside and fingering her sopping wet pussy loudly. She kisses me and I taste cock for the first time, albeit indirectly. We then move to one of the two queen beds and put Cindy on all fours. I pull down her panties to her knees and give her big ass a few playful smacks. She moans and spreads her legs a little wider, showing us her wet pussy and I shift my spanking to it. She shrieks and moans as I finger her pussy. Dave takes off her bra freeing her huge tits with big red nipples. I grab one and then another... tweaking her big nips to make her moan some more. Dave is sitting back stroking his big dick looking right at her. I don't think we ever made eye contact. Dave then throws two condoms down on the bed which is my cue to fuck her. I quickly pull it on, grab her hips, groan, and plunge into her wet pussy. Dave pulls her hair gently but firmly so that her face is in the air and her tits start swaying. I watch as he slides his cock down her throat and hear her give him the sloppiest BJ ever. Full on licks, lip pops, sucks his balls and fingers his ass as I fuck her harder, trying not to cum. Then I feel as if I'm going to cum and suggest we switch positions. Cindy deep throats me and Dave starts to fuck her pussy hard as all hell making her titties bounce in all directions. She looks up at me and says, "This is so fucking hot, I love it." I grab her hair with both hands and start to face fuck her good. All of a sudden she starts trembling all over and moaning guttural. She spits out my cock and tells us she is going to cum. Cum was an understatement, she literally gushed girl cum all over my hotel bed. I've never seen such a gush, it sounded like somebody flushed a toilet. "Sorry about the bed, but I told you I was a gusher," she says. I suggest we all move over to the other bed and pull her on top of me. She is so wet that my pubes are soaked immediately. Dave pushes her forward onto me not too gently and we kiss as he works his cock inside her asshole. She starts to buck wildly and again tells us how hot this is. Her pussy is so wet that my cock falls out with every thrust into her ass. I suggest we switch positions and push into her ass as Dave fucks her with that monster cock. I spank her with every thrust talking dirty to her which sends Dave off to cumming inside her. We collapse for a minute and Dave excuses himself to get a drink of water. We are all sweating profusely. But I'm not done with Cindy yet, and lay on her missionary, spreading her legs wide and fucking her well used, stretched pussy like mad. I fall out a couple times and then decide to put my slippery hard cock into her ass, butt fucking her missionary. I think this was a first for her, since she calls Dave in to check it out. He watches and nods then leaves the bedroom to sit on the couch outside and listen. I give it to her for another 30 minutes easily, fucking her ass and rubbing her clit. She cums again and again but my cock gets desensitized due to the rubber and I can''t cum. As she is getting wore out, she asks me what she can do to get me off? I tell her that I don't think I can cum from fucking or sucking, come sit on my face and I'll jerk myself off. She looks at me devilishly and climbs right on top, lowering her big cunt right on my face, holds my head with both hands, and slides back and forth, giving me an opportunity to lick her ass. After two minutes of this I feel my cum boiling in my nuts and explode a huge load on my stomach. She smiles, licks some up and then snowballs me! Another first. I lay there not believing what happened as they get dressed and pack up. I email her after to check if Dave was OK with all of this and she says sure. I never hear from them again.
  26. Posted August 6, 2022 (edited) I just wanted my husband to experience a tighter vagina. I never told him how tight her vagina was. I wanted it to be a surprise. I never told him I was looking for someone with a tight vagina. He gasp after he penetrated her and had an "Oh my God!" moment. It was awesome to watch his reactions as she squeezed off his dick and he got gangrene. Edited August 6, 2022 by couplers Funny……but true. I do not fault anyone for their curiosity or desire As long as it is safe, healthy, will do no harm and consensual. But our experience is it is far better to attend house parties and events, meet people, talk learn from them……you are more apt to meet what you are looking for there or someone might suggest someone. “Shopping” for something, someone, a specific attribute is more often than not disappointing. Because there is no personality, no presence.
  27. Loved your story about wanting to see Beth get fucked by another man and both your desires for a big cock. I also enjoy watching my wife having sex with another man. It get's me off like nothing else. Sometimes I join in and other times I just have a cocktail while jerking off to their pleasure. Thanks for sharing. 

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