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  2. My wife, Amy enjoys swinging with jiust one guy. She started with him about 8 years ago and set me up with his wife to be able to have him as her personal toyboy. On Saturday we have a 3 couple sswap planned. Amy says it's a Gangbang and just wants to go off to a separate room and have sex with her favotire partner. I expect the other girls are looking forward to sex with all three guys. I'm looking forward to having tbree adventures. Advice please. How do I persuade Amy to play with all tbree men. What are the typical rules for a 3 couples swap?
  3. Reading this is hilarious. What's the saying...the camera adds 10 pounds. Well, the internet adds 3 inches. I definitely won't be hiring any of the men out here to do any precision carpentry work as the measurements will be way off. Look up the real studies of size (length and girth) and you'll be surprised twice over...(1) what the real average size is and (2) how every guy lies by at least an inch.
  4. We were discussing this subject the other day. Steve is #1 with 9 inches. His wife Vicky says that's fantastic. My wife Amy says its a bit big but she likes the way it fits her tightly. Lesley and Claire say no thanks. Next is Ken with 8 inches which has wife Les,ey ca t take it all but Amy says it's lerfect for her. I have just a bit more than 6 inches. A good fit for Lesley and Claire.
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  6. Work your way through your inhibitions of asking her what she wants, who she wants to do it with (male or female), whether she wants you there or not. Once she feels comfortable doing what she wants, you'll love the adventure that she takes you on. Believe me, the experience of getting over your doubts is worth it.
  7. My experience is limited, and they weren't really set up as gangbangs, but those situations where multiple men got one of us women (including me, four) was a spontaneous decision. And it was enjoyed by all. Although in each instance other women were present and played. Two, but not at once, is my preference.
  8. If you have to drink alcohol to be able to do something, you probably shouldn't do that something! That way lies regrets and problems. I suspect (and this is TOTAL speculation) that you would probably enjoy your wife having sex with another man, IF she really got off on it and thoroughly enjoyed herself. I also think it would in your case be a REALLY bad idea to do that right off. Take little steps. A good, active swinger club might be a good step forward, just to be tourists and play only with each other while there. That might be a good toe dipping experience. But first...really talk this out with your wife. Understand each other's fantasies, fears, loves, insecurities, etc.
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  10. Thanks, I love the advise, let her have her way and spoil her, but I don't know if i could do that, but i really do LOVE to watch her get off and I love the dirty talk! I also want to be there enjoying the experience with her. We did do a FFM once, them kissing, touching, a little oral, that was the hottest thing! So I know I can handle her using her hands and going down on a female, I would have to be buzzed to let her do the same to a male, no sex and I would have to be inside her one way or another to even fathom that. LOL
  11. That is great! Communication is key. Most of it is fun fantasy during sex talk, many times it's when we are frisky and a little buzzed. But last time this stuff came up sI think we were sober, she was using a vibrator, because she (accidentally) made me cum too with her hand! She was looking for a fantasy to get her off, she asked what I would like to see her do, I said def going down on a girl MAYBE sucking on another cock MAYBE! After that, she said we should go to a swingers club. MY fantasy would be in a dark theater, hmm what would happen. Nowhere around us though
  12. He would be happy to call you to discuss our sexual life. Neither of us are up for sainthood yet, we aren’t ready for beatification. My feeling is men are excited much easier by visuals, my husband is aroused equally. He isn’t leaving the room if I’m with another woman or if there’s an opportunity for group sex. Do you find most gangbangs, the original post, are more for the men, the women there for the entertainment? I can understand a woman with two men, I have participated, I don’t fully understand wanting a gang.
  13. As a bi woman myself, I think that FFM is a way to go. Threesomes can be overwhelming and confusing in a good way.
  14. Yes, you deserve credit for giving your husband equal freedom, but until I hear it from him, it's not clear that he enjoys it as much as you do. 🙂 Thanks for making a great point.
  15. Alex here. The sex has to be consensual. It was obvious you did not want to consent to her request. No crime in that. Sometimes the sex is 'no strings attached' is because the strings are made into a 'web', Also, if here husband didn't know anything about this, there would be trouble.
  16. Tell your wife it would make you happy for her to enjoy sex with anyone else she wants, in any way she wants. Let her decide what to do and never criticize her choices. Reward her with dinners out, shopping, vacations whenever she does something that she likes.
  17. Thanks to all who have replied. I didn’t want to taint the answers, so in my original post I didn’t say what we did, but initially I too had reservations on how this would go and what to do. As I mentioned, Joan and I had played before in a group setting, but not alone. Our previous play was very normal. In this first alone play, we had considerable foreplay, hands all over each other’s bodies, oral on each other, proceeding to doggie and missionary. She, Joan, came, but I had not yet. Joan told me to do whatever I wanted after we had been at it for about 45 minutes. The first thing I did was start to play with her pussy using my hands, finger fucking her with two, then three fingers. She took it easily and liked it, started bucking towards another orgasm then she came. Afterwards she grabbed my cock and started stroking it and I “demanded” that she suck it. I’m not a very creative person, so I was struggling with what to do next. Joan was doing a good job giving head, so I decided to just go with it and instead of cumming into her pussy, which I prefer, I was going to just let the experience run until I came. Usually, I’m cautious about ejaculating in a woman’s mouth without prior agreement, but I figured this situation was different and she could always spit anyway. I came pretty good, she made noises as if it were a pleasant surprise when it pumped out. I told her to show it to me, since I always blow it inside a girl’s pussy or sometimes ass, and don’t get to see my work. She did, it was impressive, then I told her to swallow it all, she did. Joan now looked weird, crawling naked on all fours towards me. Then I grabbed some random lotion that was nearby and stuck a finger in her ass, working it in and out and using the two adjacent fingers to circle her ass hole on the outside. I spanked her with my other hand. We did a few other things and called it a night. I wondered afterwards if I met her expectations, since what I did actually seemed a bit silly to me. Joan called me the following evening, however, and thanked me for the “experience”, she really appreciated it. Daniela and I met up with Joan and her husband at one of our less than full group get togethers several days later, during the next weekend. Joan’s husband, Steve, made a point of telling me that I know Joan’s kinks better than he did. I was more confused than impressed. Joan got Daniela and her husband together with us during that evening and we did a conventional couples swap, back to normal play. Joan then arranged with Daniela for me to play with her alone again the following week. Now this was a challenge, I’m just not that creative. The only thing that I did in advance was to call and talk to Joan’s husband and ask if I could have Joan call him when she and I got together next time. His response was affirmative, but sort of indicated that he was going along with it in a boring, not an excited, way. When Joan and I got together again, it was at Daniela’s and my home, Joan doing that so as to least inconvenience me. Daniela took our daughter out for the afternoon. Long story short, I stripped Joan naked and made her do things, display herself for me, spread her pussy, crawl around and swing her tits, finger herself and we shared the taste. I told her to suck my dick and as I did her doggy call her husband and made her talk about how great it was. Steve went along with it, but didn’t have much to say or a reaction, but Joan loved it. It seemed to be getting stupid to me so I had her hang up the phone and fucked Joan doggy while fingering her ass. Now it had gotten intense. We both came. I told her to dress. I pulled her with me down to the garage and into my car. She was a wreck - wrinkled dress, nipples poking out, sweating, hair a mess. I didn’t know where I was taking her, but decided to go to a clothing store where Daniela shops. We went in and I asked the saleswoman for something nice for my woman when we go out. She looked at us suspiciously and I was a little afraid she might call the police thinking our appearance might be over the top. But she was helpful and gave Joan a few things to try on. I went into the dressing room with her as she tried clothes on and in passing played with her tits and pussy. I “forced” Joan to choose something for me to buy her, because this was the most pushback she had given me. We left, Joan wearing what I had bought her. She gave me a blowjob and I finger fucked her as I drove back to my house to get her car. Joan called Daniela when she got home to tell us she had arrived safely, and to thank me for fulfilling her fantasies; Daniela said Steve thanked her as well. The sex with Joan is good, but the “do what you want to me” part isn’t really fun for me, more like work, but interesting in a way. I suspect there will be a next time, and am starting to think about what else I can do. My ideas are to tell Joan not to shave anywhere on her body, so of to counteract the trend of every woman shaving everywhere. My thinking is that since I want to be cautious and safe, I will tell Joan to do things to me rather than just doing something to her. Like I will “demand” that Joan pee on me in the shower. Depending on how that goes, I might pee on her as well. Since she likes performing oral, I might order her give me extended oral on my dick in some way. I may insist that Joan masturbate for me. Finally, maybe I’ll pretend to take pictures of Joan and tell her that I’m going to post them, something I definitely wouldn’t do. None of Joan’s weirdness has every come out when Daniela and I were playing with her and her husband, so it doesn’t seem that involving him in this is the way to go. He told Daniela he was happy that I was taking care of this. I am thinking, however, that involving Daniela may be a good idea though for two reasons. First, Daniela possibly understands Joan better than I do and can think of more kinky ideas. Second, both Joan and Daniela have no problem being bi, so I can demand that Joan please Daniela in some ways, and have Daniela do things to her. I can also have sex with Daniela and “torment” Joan with a description of how good Daniela is. Anyway, we'll see.
  18. It's a closed group, but everyone doesn't necessarily play together.
  19. I have never play alone with this particular woman before, but alone play in our group is very common, mostly because it allows for more play. Her husband knew what was up, more than I did actually. Especially on weekdays, two non-spouses getting together alone is much more convenient. For us and the close-by couples in group, we can easily switch off watching the kids, take them out for dinner, while the other adults play. Our whole group gets together every month or so, but most weekends everyone splits into two groups based on geographic location, with texts and emails flying during the week. Even then, married couples will sometimes split between the two groups depending on who they want to play with. Some in the group have even gone on vacations alone, or one spouse with another couple. Both Daniela and I have gone on vacations alone with favorites of ours. The only agreement among everyone in our group is no playing of any kind outside the group.
  20. Yeah, Daniela told me that I'm seen as trustworthy and without some hidden dangers. I'm trying to be more dominant with her, but by telling her what to do to me rather than doing things to her. That way she can always just not do it. As rough as I've gotten is spanking her ass, not my thing, but OK. I've done anal before with her in a regular swap, and I've done dirty talking. Face-fucking isn't something I'd like. I am trying not to be shy by pushing the limits very slowly.
  21. Her husband told my wife that he was glad that I was taking care of it. It wasn't his thing to "use" her, see it, or know about it.
  22. Good thought. I should have asked her to clean the house and do the laundry.
  23. I was being very timid, so I think that she was trying to push me on. She didn't think I would go from zero to a hundred in one step. I went from zero to one after her prodding me and she was hoping that I would go to two.
  24. I've done anal with this girl before and fingered her ass, but butt licking is not my thing.
  25. My problem was/is that there is nothing that would please me in "using" her, even in a conventional way. Mutual pleasure is my thing.
  26. That is my usual approach, but it was obvious she wanted something off the regular track. Why me?
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