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  2. Google it. I just did. It depends on what you call family friendly. Doesn’t look like sexual activities are condoned on any of those beaches.
  3. Legal age was never a thought when you are both teens. My body said one thing, my mind said another and guilt said another. What would people say I now say how would they know. I think most women remember the feeling the first time they kissed and who that was. Why I didn’t stop him from touching my breasts but stopped him from going further that first time. I know now foolishly that I was afraid of losing my boyfriend. Funny we broke up after going further, I was happy we didn’t go all the way. Legally, as you brought it up, neither of us we legal, I wonder when I became legal. Is it 16? 18? I was told oral sex is still illegal in many areas at any age.
  4. The question arises whether sex can be consensual if one/both of the participants is below the legal age for consent.
  5. Me too! All the reasons I stayed a virgin, saving myself for marriage were ridiculous. I was a healthy curious girl just like all my friends and nothing horrible happened to them except the one girl in HS who became pregnant. I so wanted to do more after having a boyfriend touch my breasts and feeling something strange happen to me. I have hysterical laughs thinking about “grinding” and him having a wet spot that he tried to hide. Or the time he let me use my hand but made him stop when he felt me. Different boyfriend who was the first to have me really see his penis and my first blow job. Still saving myself. I lost out on all the fun I know others had. I now feel it was all for no reason.
  6. Thanks to those on this thread. While I enjoy being publicly nude around like minded people, it has always been in Europe, mostly spas. In my mind I don't associate the US with being casually clothing free. I need to look into the beaches on Cape Cod, which I've heard about. An important question, especially if anyone's been to the Outer Cape: are US beaches family friendly, as they are in Europe, or are they considered adults only? I/we would be iinterested in the former, but definitely not anything sexually oriented.
  7. Nah, she did it just to please me, she did not care
  8. One way or another yes I did. It wasn’t that they lined up to have sex with me, it was I did something with each one. Watching my husband was interesting.
  9. In NJ Pork Roll is a thing just like bacon, egg on a bagel. Most likely it’s more acceptable to our friends who aren’t as aware of lox, cream cheese on a bagel. We are early bird sun worshippers who only went to Lot G due to our friends visiting. We weren’t looking to be picked up, we had plans. It is flattering just not what we were looking for. We know where to sit if we were looking.
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  11. Do not want to depress the OP, but we talked about the lifestyle for more than ten years before we sprung into action.
  12. I didn’t think there was open sex on a beach that is legal. Do people stare at people at the dividing line? I thought the nude beach was away from the other beaches. Before I met Tim I had a boyfriend that would take me to a picnic field at night where I technically stayed a virgin.
  13. We know we need to get checked it’s just not that easy where we live. It’s even worse now with doctors afraid to even give birth control or IVF. It’s not religion for us, private things are now political. Doctors swear they keep things private, then someone threatens them. I promise we will find a way of getting tested but I won’t swear our family doctor will know.
  14. Again from a healthcare professional: we would MUCH rather you be candid about your sexual history/practices so we together can formulate a plan for screening and, if the need arises, treatment. Patients who delay coming to care, are embarassed, or frankly in denial are greatly disadvantaged. To repeat, humans typically have multiple sex partners over the course of their lives. Marriage, while having religious meaning and legal consequence, is distinct from monogamy which is a behavioral choice. Whether those multiple partners are before, during, after marriage is unpredictable and thus unknown. But multiple partners increase risk of STIs, and we really would like to help diagnose and treat before situations become hard to control or treat. If you want to go to a different town for evaluation, fine. But ... and this is important... you do need to go, be evaluated, and deal with any issues that arise.
  15. Apart from blocking, a couple today said we are not their type. Not sure how you can tell without meeting someone. We do have 39 certs over ten years, which may look slutty, but we have slowed down. Their loss, as Let’s Do it Again said. More fish in sea.
  16. Look at it this way, they're missing out on you, not you missing out on them. If you have treated them with respect, then it's on them !
  17. I do take it personally. I usually don’t take it personally if a couple declines to play with us. I find it odd that people that never met us or communicated with us would block us, but it is what it is. It isn’t a frequent event. We’ve met a lot of nuts, too.
  18. Never was interested in male sex toys, until one of my favorite gals got me a pocket pussy called hand jive and wanted me to try it in front of her. She masturbated while I used the hand jive toy and it was better than what I thought it would be. A coworker of mine bought a custom made life like love doll. He said she was great and reccomend her to the other guys at work.
  19. We've been blocked by people that we've reached out to, even when they haven't replied to a message on SLS. My assumption is that we were simply not what they were looking for. I refuse to take that kind of thing personally.
  20. Wu likes the Acuvibe Soft Touch living plugged in at her bedside. It runs with power on its battery, nice not to have to play with the cord. We travel with Dr Ruth's Eroscillator, it's compact and powerful with several head choices and has a euro plug 220 cord as well as the standard US 110. Bless her memory, Dr Ruth Westheimer just passed away on July 12th at age 96.
  21. I block people if they are narcissistic and if they don't give a rip about me and just about themselves. Liers , cheats, and dirty dogs, I have no time for !
  22. If someone keeps bugging us after we say no, I would consider blocking them. Or if someone declined to meet us in a very insulting way, block. But we are blocked by people we have viewed and maybe communicated with briefly. Wonder why? Seems harsh. Too bad for them. When and why do you block? This is more applicable to SLS, SDC, etc., not so much here.
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  24. Your wife is satisfied with you as her only lover! This is not a terrible thing and something you should appreciate. Maybe in the future she will change her mind, but for now enjoy the fact that you have a woman in your life that is dedicated to you and enjoys having a fun sex life with you. Better than being with someone who is never satisfied. We have resorted back to being only with each other for now after years of experimenting in the lifestyle. Our sex life has never been better. If someone comes up in the future that really peaks both of our interest maybe that will change, but for now we have not been actively looking. One thing that we both agreed on is that when we were with other people we were always wanting each other instead. Appreciate the good things you have in your life instead of always longing for what you don’t. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.
  25. A friend of mine showed me one in HS. The cover featured a POV photo facing down at a woman on her knees, mouth open, a circle of 4 or 5 hard cocks around her face. Inside were those grainy b&w photos of people who looked like our parents - engaged in unspeakable acts and seeking willing partners. My friend and I laughed and made fun - but my mind was reeling. I had no idea a lifestyle like this was available! From that moment on I knew I wanted to be a swinger when I 'grew up'. I would casually float the idea to girls I dated, and if they were repulsed I honestly saw no future with them.
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