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Found 22 results

  1. I just responded to a post about letting someone cum in your wife. What are the feelings about sloppy seconds? We have been playing with the same couple, our friends for a couple of years. We have not been using protection and it is a given that we are cumming in the wives. My wife and I had always cleaned up after sex and I figured most couple do. I hadn't gone down on her after I came. On occasion she would get me hard again before washing and we would have a second go at it. It was just my cum in her. Now with swapping new things happened. My wife would excuse herself after they finished but our friends would play as soon as he was hard again. No washing. My cum still in her or dripping out. I felt strange just watching that at first. I didn't know if I should be doing the same thing to my wife. I did one time and I felt strange but it felt the same as if I went for a second time without her washing. Maybe she was hotter or more lubed. What do others do?
  2. Ms. Julie's thread about being able to stay hard after cumming made me think about the few times Keith has managed to orgasm without actually ejaculating which leads to him having multiple orgasms in one session, with no break at all needed in between. I was wondering if any other men have been able to do this. I know I've read about techniques where men can learn to isolate the muscles but it is supposed to be a rather tedious process. The times it has happened to us have been purely accidental. If you have been able to do this, what do you think causes it? Did you learn to do it or is it a specific activity or situation that allows it? I think if more men were able to do this the whole "sex is over when the man cums" idea could be overturned sooooo much easier!
  3. OK, I'll admit one of my fantasies is to eat my wife's pussy after another man has cum inside of her. I also wouldn't mind eating a cum filled pussy other than my wife's. I have had this fantasy for years, but have never had the chance to do it, mostly because my wife doesn't want me to and secondly because I haven't done it before and I have the "First Time Factor" syndrome....I guess I am a little reserved. I've asked my wife several times in the past before we play with another to let me come over after he has cum inside her and have me clean her up. She knows I want to suck her cum filled pussy. I've even considered eating her pussy after I cum in her, and a few times have come close but she gently pushes my head away. A few times I have brought myself just to climax then held back and cum a little in and on her pussy without her knowing and then went down on her and sucked her. So, how many people here, men and women like to have their pussies eaten after being fucked and like to eat cum filled pussies? I don't think I'm too weird. Maybe I am. I wish my wife would let me do it. I did have the opportunity once to suck my cum out of the female partner of a couple we were playing with, but I sort of chickened out....I think because it was all my cum. However I am sure if it was another man's cum I would have went right down and sucked her clean. What's others experiences? Yes or No? Good or Bad?
  4. Questions for the ladies and would like to hear the men respond also. 1. Would you or have you had your man cum on your tits then lick the cum off your tits? 2. Would you like your swinger partner to cum on your tits then watch your man lick his cum off your tits? My wife loves me to cum on her tits then lick the cum off her tits and she loves me to cum in her mouth then kiss me. We both find this a big turn on.
  5. New here. Just wondering how many of you out there swallow when you are with another partner?
  6. We both love the taste of sex. When we're at a party, and we're kissing someone, we both like it a lot if we can taste sex on their mouths. When I'm kissing a man, I want to smell and taste a pussy on his breath. And it needn't be mine. Likewise, when I'm kissing a woman, I want to smell and taste pussy or semen, if I may. As I've already mentioned in another post, the best of all is to taste my John's semen on the breath of any man or woman who has just blown him. Of course a totally super experience would be for someone to lick me 'till I come, then kiss him so he smells and tastes me, then blow him to get a load of semen in their mouth, then play snowballing with me. That is over the top. So, as I always like to do when I start a threat, I'd like to throw it open for discussion. Who likes the taste of sex on a lover's mouth? And who doesn't and why? Would you rather taste pussy or semen? And snowballing . . . love it or (as it is for many people) hate it?
  7. ok first off...WOW this forum and especially this sub-forum have opened so much up to me, I don't feel like such a head case or outcast, it is really great to know that there are others like us out there. So thank you all for your knowledge and judgment free attitudes. So here's the deal...and sorry in advance for the long-winded post. I absolutely LOVE cum, well actually both the GF and I do. The taste and feel of it, the way it looks when it's on a beautiful woman's skin, the way it looks on my GF's lips and tongue. The fantasy started about W years ago when we first started dating. I had been thinking that the idea was hot for a while and one night during sex I stopped right before orgasm and just came a little giving her just a little on her lips and tongue to 'play with' then we continued making love as we fantasized that it was someone else's cum that we were sharing. We both felt as though it was one of the hottest things that either of us had ever done and it became a semi-regular role play thing for us. I actually got really good at having more than one orgasm so we could kiss and play with cum, all the while pretending it was from another guy. We even bought an ejaculating dildo and experimented with homemade recipes...haha So that was fun and hot and we learned what we wanted. We decided together that the next step was to play with cum from another guy. We found a guy who wasn't freaked out by the idea and we had our fun...it was the most sensual thing I have ever done up until that point, and to this day, almost a year later, I still regularly get myself off thinking of that encounter. We managed to pull it off again a few months later with the same guy but this time she actually spat it into my mouth and I proceeded to clean all of it from her lips and face with my tongue while we made very passionate and sweet love...god it was so incredibly sexy that I get hard every time I think about it. So how common is this? I know guys like to taste their own but do 'straight' guys ever want to try this? Let me first say that I am 99.9% certain that I am 100% straight haha. I am not attracted to men at all, don't want to find guys on my own, have no desire for anything considered traditionally gay, am not turned on at all by gay or bi porn, etc. I love the term used on another thread in this forum "situationally heteroflexible" and feel that it most describes me. For instance, seeing a cock in my GF's mouth is so sexy it drives me crazy. I want to help guide it in, and I want to put mine in with his (and we have ). The thought of double vag and his hard cock rubbing against mine inside of my GF drives both of us crazy. But that's pretty much where it ends. I have zero desire to be with a guy by myself, in fact oral, penetration, pretty much anything touching other than our cocks and specifically inside her, is a turn-off for me. I know I'm a huge perv, and I love it. I don't like labels and don't give a shit what people think about our sex life but just curious how others feel about this. Is it hot or is it weird? And please use this thread share your cum sharing thoughts, fantasies and stories with me! and I loved this quote from another thread:
  8. That is the question. We wonder what most ladies feel about allowing the guy to cum in their mouth and swallowing? Michelle actually enjoys this, and swears that each guy tastes different (sweet, soapy, salty, bitter - doesn't care for bitter much!). provided we know the guys to be disease free, of course. We find that other ladies either love to swallow, will not allow the guy to cum in their mouth, or do but spit it out. Other preferences from board faithful???
  9. Here's a question for the guys and gals. Which way do you prefer...a man cumming in his partner's mouth, vagina, or ass OR cumming on a body part? The reason I ask this is I have heard many prefer to see the orgasm rather than hear it.
  10. The title is to pay homage to a current thread that is making the rounds (https://www.swingersboard.com/forums/topic/49581-why-are-men-fascinated-with-cumming-on-the-face/). I have noticed that there's a common opinion that women should swallow a man's ejaculate but they themselves find semen off-putting. I find it to be a double standard that they desire a woman to swallow it when they themselves dislike the texture/taste/feel/odor/whatever. And to those who think they can point to me and say, "Well, doesn't Mr. Sun go down on you? How do you feel about your own womanly juices??" I actually don't let Mr. Sun go down on me for that reason. I don't like the way my juices smell or taste so I don't think it's fair to him to have him do that when I don't like it.
  11. I always enjoy seeing other men’s cumming running down inside of her thighs or out her ass. I never was into cleanup even though I have done it, but I sure like the feeling of other men’s cum in her as I pushed in. My wife Debbie had a thick bush I love seeing it covered in cum. I know that all women don’t like it on their skin, butt it such a turn on.
  12. Where do like to cum (or be came on) while at a club or with another couple?
  13. My wife and I have both been in the lifestyle for 6 years now and are both bi. We have had several same sex experiences and still do to this day. I have always wanted to have another guy cum in my mouth, and just wanted to hear everyone's opinions on what they like. Do you like the taste?
  14. Granted we are still somewhat new to the lifestyle, but I don't get the fascination with men wanting to cum on the face. I am not a lover of facials, but I don't dislike them either. I am excited enough that new men are cumming with me, I could care less where it happens. I do like to accommodate just because it's the mans orgasm and I want him to achieve the maximum pleasure from it. Thus far, my swinging experience consists of two gangbangs in which, if my recollection is correct, has caused 29 male orgasms. Needless to say (I hope), condoms were used for penetration, and I specifically said I didn't want guys to finish in my mouth. Other than that, the guys could finish where they wished. What surprised me was the number of times men chose the face, even when it was not convenient to do so. Of the 29 orgasms, I believe 23 resulted in a facial. Even more surprising, there was only one instance of a man finishing inside me with a condom. My question is, from the male point of view, what is the fascination with the facial? This is somewhat new since it has only happened on three instances in our marriage, and never before then. Hubby prefers to finish inside, even with a condom. Thoughts???
  15. How many times have we heard that question ladies? So tell us where do you want it? Where would you prefer a guy to come? And guys where would you prefer to come? On or In? Breasts or Face? Ass or Stomach?
  16. The gf mentioned to me the other day that the guy who we swing with had asked if she was ok with swallowing his come. She'd only ever once swallowed before with me and said she absolutely hated the taste. We discussed it and i agreed to let him come in her mouth and for her to swallow. I casually added that if she liked it then she could do whatever she wanted in future... having a feeling that she wouldn't like it!! So last weekend we all got together and he was about to finish up and came in my gf's mouth then she swallowed it. I wasn't prepared for what happened next when she proceeded to tell him he actually tasted pretty good!! The guy then looked at me with a grin that could have stretched across outback Australia!!!! Anyone been in a similar situation??... it's pretty awkward!!!
  17. We were with a couple and had a same room swap. My wife has all ways held me in her mouth as I came. I unintentionally upset the other woman by assuming that it was OK to do the same with her. Can't believe that I was so stupid. I was wrong. She couldn't get me out of her mouth fast enough when she realized that I was about to cum. ASK FIRST!
  18. I was wandering around the internet and came across some sites about accidental creampies. Has this ever happened to anyone? What were the results?
  19. My hubby loves it when I give him oral, but I can't stand the way he tastes. I don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him, but, uggggh. Is there anything he could eat or drink that will make it taste better? He loves spicey foods and onions. I heard that can give it a yucky taste, but I would feel awful asking him to quit. Any ideas??
  20. I want to know the opinions of ladies out there if they like it when their man cums inside their ass?
  21. I can't remember the last time I saw a movie where the guy came inside a woman and then the camera zoomed in to where you could see cum dribbling out or messy hair. Any time I get the chance (darn seldom these days) I always look. Actually if I haven't done as good a job as I should have, I use my cum as a lubricant and diddle her clit. Am I strange of something? I guess I am. The least laid among mice and men.
  22. Hello all, The other day, my wife and I had a discussion about swallowing (she always spits after I come in her mouth). When she asked me why I want her to swallow, I couldn't produce a convincing answer. Why the heck do I want her to swallow? I assume it doesn't feel any different than when she spits. Am I correct in my assumption? So why should I care where the come goes after I get off? Perhaps its the visual aspect or the excitement generated from the act itself. Perhaps I watch too much porn.... Folks, help me understand why this particular act is so appealing (at least to males).
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