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Found 44 results

  1. OK, I'll admit one of my fantasies is to eat my wife's pussy after another man has cum inside of her. I also wouldn't mind eating a cum filled pussy other than my wife's. I have had this fantasy for years, but have never had the chance to do it, mostly because my wife doesn't want me to and secondly because I haven't done it before and I have the "First Time Factor" syndrome....I guess I am a little reserved. I've asked my wife several times in the past before we play with another to let me come over after he has cum inside her and have me clean her up. She knows I want to suck her cum filled pussy. I've even considered eating her pussy after I cum in her, and a few times have come close but she gently pushes my head away. A few times I have brought myself just to climax then held back and cum a little in and on her pussy without her knowing and then went down on her and sucked her. So, how many people here, men and women like to have their pussies eaten after being fucked and like to eat cum filled pussies? I don't think I'm too weird. Maybe I am. I wish my wife would let me do it. I did have the opportunity once to suck my cum out of the female partner of a couple we were playing with, but I sort of chickened out....I think because it was all my cum. However I am sure if it was another man's cum I would have went right down and sucked her clean. What's others experiences? Yes or No? Good or Bad?
  2. New here. Just wondering how many of you out there swallow when you are with another partner?
  3. I love blowjobs! Ive always liked giving them. Do you like blowjobs? Giving? Getting? I'm always a little surprised when I run acroos a guy who says he can take them leave them.
  4. My wife isn't into oral in general, she'd rather use her hand or feet. Would her not performing oral or no wanting oral on herself an issue for getting into the LS community?
  5. I got to thinking today about men and what they do with their hands during a blow job. (I know it's dangerous when I think. ) Gentlemen, where are your hands when you are being given a blow job? Are you smoking a cigarette, relaxed with your hands behind your head, feeding yourself strawberries, holding your woman by her mane and guiding her? Something else? Just what are you doing with your hands while being lovingly serviced?
  6. That is the question. We wonder what most ladies feel about allowing the guy to cum in their mouth and swallowing? Michelle actually enjoys this, and swears that each guy tastes different (sweet, soapy, salty, bitter - doesn't care for bitter much!). provided we know the guys to be disease free, of course. We find that other ladies either love to swallow, will not allow the guy to cum in their mouth, or do but spit it out. Other preferences from board faithful???
  7. My hubby and I do have sex when I am on my period. I usually try to stay away from the heavy or crampy days though. I have the same problem getting my husband to cum with oral. He has a few times, but it isn't the "norm". Nikki
  8. As long as she swallows/spits it out then I'm fine with kissing her.
  9. Who else out there gets more aroused by giving oral pleasure then receiving it? Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love a good blowjob , but nothing gets me going more then burying my face between a sexy woman’s legs and tasting her sweet juices. Luckily Missus E loves receiving oral for extended time periods and just keeps cumming over and over again so we are very compatible in that way.
  10. I know a man that is 23 years older than me. The sexual chemistry is amazing between us. We haven't had sex yet but we do plan to. Even though he is an older man he is very limited when it comes to sex. He is from the old school, where men don't go down on women, EVER. The other night he asked me if I would like for him to go down on me? He explained to me that he has never done this to a woman before, not even his ex-wife. I asked him WHY would you want to do it now? What makes this any different from your other relationships? His answer was that he thought that I would enjoy it. You have no idea what a turn-on this is for me, but it got me thinking... Here is my question What would you say the % of men are who DO go down on women? I always thought the answer was 100%. I never had a man who didn't. What do you think?
  11. I am curious about what your interests are when it comes to creampies. I have told my wife I want to fill her up and then have her tell me to clean her up. But every time we try I end up not doing it. Her saying she wants me to do it will make me cum almost instantly. But after I cum my mojo gets up and runs out the door. :surrender I just lose interest almost immediately. Now Sometimes I'll stop just before I cum and get down there and lick her sweet spot. DAMN do I love doing that. Someday I want to do it. We'll see I guess.
  12. So, someone in chat - who shall remain nameless - asked me if I liked giving oral and if I was good at it. Well, yes, I replied I like giving oral pleasure, but I honestly don't know if I am any good at it, LOL. Hubby says I am, but that's like asking if I am fat...how else is he supposed to answer? That convo got me thinking, what makes a great blow job? I've heard it's enthusiam, but suspect technique has got to have something to do with it! Give me your best tips for making a blow job mindblowingly unforgettable. Was there a technique she used? Ladies, what's your signature move? Guys, do you like it nice and sloppy, suck hard or soft or mix it up? Do you like a little touch down below? Like your balls worshipped? Personally, I like to nibble around the head and when very excited...while getting fucked for instance, I tend to bite harder at the base. I supposed this move is more for me than him, but hey, what else is a girl to do with a cock in her mouth while having an orgasm? I am really wanting to step it up a notch in this department and set myself apart from the pack. Very much looking forward to any assistance you sexy people can offer!
  13. People may think that intercourse is the ultimate act of sex and that going all the way means having a penis in the vagina. My husband and I have oral sex only quite frequently and both feel very satisfied. Some mornings I will wake my husband up with a blowjob and not wanting anything in return and he will wake me up other mornings with a tongue pleasing wake up. We were with the couple we have been meeting and I started to do what I normally do with my husband by kissing our friend’s penis. I enjoyed his reactions and continued to give him a blowjob and started thinking how beautiful his penis was. He tried several times to stop me and go further and told him to just relax and enjoy as I enjoyed doing it. I licked and sucked, took him deep in and then only the head. I explored his walnuts with slight pressure. Several times he tried to stop me and didn’t. I could hear my husband talking in the other room and figured they finished what they were doing. When my friend came he said that was the most intimate thing he has experienced. Is it?
  14. How many of you ladies would enjoy watching you man give another man a blow job as his ladie is eaten you pussy.
  15. Anyone else here into analingus? We are a full-swap couple, but we only do anal intercourse with each other. Bob is very turned on by womens asses, and since we don't have anal intercourse with others, he really enjoys eating out the asses of the women that we play with. Tammy has been known to eat out a woman's ass from time to time, too, but really prefers to eat pussy. Anyone else out there like to toss a woman's (or man's) salad?
  16. There is an active post entitled "What makes an unforgettable blow job?" How about a discussion about what makes receiving oral unforgettable for a woman? My list: - I like getting oral while lying on my back on the bed while you kneel on the floor. Let's get comfortable first. - Don't turn me down just because someone has recently been down/in there. I may not be fresh, but I'm always clean. My girls don't have a problem with it. If it's good enough to put your dick in there, it's good enough for your mouth (except my bum; you don't have to lick my bum hole). - Don't jump in immediately. Start by looking and admiring everything I have down there: my hair, my outer labia, the coloring of my inner lips, my clit, my vaginal opening. Turn the desk lamp on, shine it on my pussy, tell me how beautiful it is. - Once you get started, use both your lips and your tongue. Go back and forth measuring my response. - My clit is big, but please don't suck on it like you're trying to suck the life out of it. - Alternate between slowly putting full tongue pressure on my clit, especially from the left and right with quickly flicking across it. - It's nice to have your tongue occasionally go across the opening of my vagina, but trying to stick it inside like a dick is not going to work, it's too small. - Gently slip your index and middle fingers into my vagina. - Even more gently and once some juices have run down, slip your ring finger into my bum. - With your other hand, play with my tits while your licking and kissing my pussy. Don't squeeze my nipples too hard! You can be a little rough with my breasts overall, but just gently brush across my nipples. - I usually don't give instructions while getting oral, but if I do, listen and follow directions. - Continue whatever you are doing at the time I come well through my orgasm. And don't be backing off because something is shooting out of there, sometimes it happens. You should be flattered. - Remember that unlike you (if you're a guy), me having an oral orgasm isn't going to diminish my capabilities for penis-in-vagina intercourse. - After I say "stop," Stop! You can keep your mouth on my pussy, but don't try stimulating me for like two minutes. After I recover we'll decide what we're going to do next - more licking, fucking, moving on. - Optional - I'll get on all fours on the bed, you get underneath and lick/kiss me while I take a dick doggie. You can skip the fingering steps above. You can play with one of my tits, but leave one for the other guy. I'll suck your dick/lick your pussy for a while, but the closer I get to cumming, it's all me, I need to breathe.
  17. It seems that every supposedly sexy guy in TV, Movies, and any other Entertainment has a 5 o'clock shadow-just too damn lazy to shave-and has prickly stubble on his face. I suppose this is a sign of being "Macho," or "Sexy," but in my experience, these guys would never get near any women's vagina I have ever known. My ritual, with both my wives and swinging, has been to shave my face so it is "Baby-Butt" soft, shower, trim or shave my pubes, and be squeaky-clean. Even for dates, when single, I would observe that same regimen, since I love eating pussy, and every woman I've ever known has never let me between their legs when I had face stubble. A full beard is usually soft, if conditioned and not recently trimmed; also, a longer, grown-out moustache. What do you Ladies think? Would you let a guy with razor-blade facial stubble near your heavenly gate ? Thank You For Your Indulgence,
  18. Excuse me if this has already been discussed to death, but reading the poll about reasons NOT to use condoms got me thinking about further statistics on condom use. As you may know, Hubby and I are very new at this...so new, we have not engaged in any sexual activity with other people. However, we have talked A LOT about the possibility of engaging soft/hard play with a single male or female, or potentially down the road with a couple. In our discussions, we have discussed whether we will demand the use of condoms, but at this time we're still unsure. My question to those of you that use condoms, do you use them for oral, penetration, both, or not at all and what is your reason as to why you chose to use/not use them in that way? I'm asking because I know STD's can be passed both orally and through penetration, but it appears from that previous poll, that there are swingers out there (couples and singles) that use a condom for penetration, but not for oral. I would just really like to hear the reason's why in hopes to help us make our decision. Thank you for taking time to respond and again, please forgive me if this has been discussed to death already.
  19. My question is for BI-females or women who experienced another woman going down on her. Who ,males or females, you feel is the best at oral sex hands down,or should i say heads down facelick, and why?
  20. After reading so many posts on here it seems that a lot of people are still struggling with to blowjob or not to blowjob. But why is that the question? Is it enjoyable and should it go to completion? To me personally a blowjob is the least intimate form of pleasures. Yes I think it even ranks below kissing! I've always thought they were exciting and since swinging I've probably given more BJ's to more men than I can remember. If we're at a big party the men will say "there's Carol, let's get our BJ!" The other wives refer to me as the little vacuum cleaner. LOL In talking to a vanilla friend who knows I swing, she told me she would never screw another guy other than her boyfriend, but if she met an attractive guy with a cute cock she would for sure give him a BJ, no problem! Let's face it, cocks are fun and blowjobs are not intercourse, so what's the big deal?
  21. Hello everyone! Yesterday something really weird happened to me while i was reading this site. I love sex stories. And I was reading the interactive stories you have in here. The story was about a woman and her husband being in the hot tub with another couple. Fine. But suddenly the story gets to the point where the woman wanted the "other" man to do oral sex to her husband. And he did. I got so and so turned on that you know what I ended up doing Afterwards, I was like: What the hell made me so turned on? This is so weird! I really was extremely turned on by imagining my spouse being orally stimulated my another men. Penetration wasn't on my mind at all, (that would be a turn OFF), just oral. Is that normal for women to fantasize about that? :confused:
  22. How do the ladies on this board feel about sucking a hairy men's cock and get a hair caught between your teeth? My wife hates it and would rather change the action if the man is not totally shaved.
  23. My first thought was that women lick pussy better than men, but my evaluation was biased by the fact that when I'm with a guy it's always in anticipation of him having his dick in me. So, IN GENERAL, I'd rate men and women equally competent.
  24. I am an openly bi male, bi in the sense that I only suck other males off, and totally enjoy orally being with another male, but that’s where I stop wanting or desiring other men. That is not to say I have not tried/done other things. I have been bottom four times, my wife has fingered my ass and inserted toys countless times, and I have topped three times, none of which really did much for me. I have kissed another man more than a few times and that was actually a turn-off for me. However the ‘moments’ witnessed by my wife she claims were a huge turn-on and wants to see more of. She says for her seeing two men together is akin to guys seeing two women together and I get that. Although we prefer MFM situations, where I and another male please her and I indulge in my oral desires she wants more of M on M action while she watches. So how do get over the hurdle and go from really liking having his dick in me and even his cum but no longer repulsed by having his tongue in my mouth? I want to at least give it a few more ‘attempts’ to open an additional door or two to freedom and fun and most certainly please the wife but just can’t get past certain issues. Bottoming is ok occasionally but I prefer being top. I really like sucking and feeling him cum or going down on her after he has cum inside her. However, just not into wanting to kiss, cuddle, touch him anywhere else other than his ‘package’. WTF do I have to do to get past this???
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