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Found 58 results

  1. It would be a real turn on for me to see Ronny do it with another guy, but he gets the 'I'm not gay' thing going. When we talk about fantisies, he says that he would like to eat me while I was getting fucked, which he admits would mean eating the other man's cum, and licking his dick. He's even said he would suck his cock if I wanted him to, which I would like to see. I'd really like to watch someone fuck him. Do couples do this, or is this outside the lines?
  2. We both are bi, and enjoy watching each other in a bi-bi situation. Do you share this?
  3. A lot of women and some men that swing claim to be bisexual. The question is how bisexual are they. My wife is very bi she could love a man or a women on the same level. Her bisexuality is not only for the purpose of having sex with another women. Given the hypothetical situation of me not being in the picture she could be happy with a man or a women for her next partner. Me on the other hand call myself a situational bisexual, for lack of a better term. Men do not turn me on, but my wife's enthusiasm to see two men having oral sex does turn me on. I have been known to receive the oral pleasure (from a man) and the reaction from my wife really gets me off. So the question is how bisexual are you? Is it just for sex, could it be more emotional, or is it for the people around you to enjoy?
  4. Ok, I think most of us have a defining point where we can say that we figured out we were bisexual. BUT, looking back (gotta love hindsight) what was the first sign that you might have been attracted to the opposite sex? For me, looking back, I'd say it was the fact that I could check out other women with my guy friends and rate them, without ever feeling the least bit odd.
  5. Greetings! I am a novice to swinging, but am most anxious to get started. My first question is this...are couples open to married males or does swinging always involve couples only or single males with couples? My second question concerns bi-sexuality. Do women get turned on watching other men suck their husband's/parnter's cock? I am most interested in performing oral sex on a male, but find few bi-curious men at the Swingers Board. How can I convince my desires without sounding like I am a flamer or blatant homosexual? I simply want to taste and swallow a man's load of cum.
  6. Some stats on the swinging world. Interesting that a slim majority (50.2%) of men now identify as bi. 65.8% in the 18-39 age group. I think the days of that being a closeted thing in the swinger world are coming to an end. Also surprised me that 80.5% were soft swap only. https://swingershelp.com/swinger-survey-results-2022/ And they also provide a list of most popular swinging sites in various cities. https://swingershelp.com/popular-swinging-dating-sites/
  7. Wondering if anyone here had an all male threesome and how you liked (or not) the experience? I'm curious as a male couple contacted me on a website and we've been chatting a bit.
  8. Okay this poll is prompted by EBF's poll on tolerance of bisexual activity. In order to make sense of what people think we have decided to make a more narrow poll. As a swinger, how tolerant are you of male-male bisexual activity? Please post your comments/justification.
  9. I'm as straight as an arrow and never even looked at another man in a sexual way. We play as a couple and have had regular 3somes (mfm) which she thoroughly enjoy. The focus is always on her, giving her pleasure and making sure she is having fun. Recently we were in a 3some with this gent and while we were playing (foreplay) he asked me whether I have ever been touched by or touch another man myself. The answer was no. He then dared me to touch him, which I then proceeded to do. Funny enough, it was not so weird as I thought it would be and although it felt strange, at the same time it felt familiar. I then proceeded to keep his dick in my hand and point it towards her mouth while she was blowing him. He did the same with me while she was blowing me later. Suddenly it was not strange anymore and I even guided his cock into her pussy later on. It all felt so natural in the situation. Fun was had by all 3 of us and it did not gross me out or even the wife. We (me and wife) had a discussion afterwards and she said she found it actually very kinky and she would like to see me in a male-male experience. Ever since it has been playing in my head and I don't know what to think. Touching is one thing, but actually going down on someone is something totally different (or is it not?) Although I still don't look at men in a sexual way, I found myself thinking about this a lot. A part of me says don't do it, you don't find men sexually attractive, but a part of my tell me to not to knock it and try it at least once and then make up my mind. The wife said that she became bisexual by also experimenting and only later become attracted to females as she became accustomed to the situation. Do you think I should proceed and experiment? I don't think I have the guts to take a cock in my mouth and suck it, but a part of me tells me I have the guts and should go ahead. I know it would be big visual turn-on for the wife and I would do anything to turn her on...just not sure about sucking a cock to turn her on. LOL To be honest, I'm very nervous.
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/06/17/opinion/bisexuals-coming-out-anna-paquin.html?action=click&module=Opinion&pgtype=Homepage
  11. I remember a friend of mine once telling me of his fantasy to have an orgy in a pitch black room. The idea being that no one knows who is touching them or whether it's a man or a woman. So I'm wondering, would you want to do this? Straight guys, does the idea turn you off because another guy could be touching you/ sucking you and you wouldn't know it? And don't give me that "I'd know if it was a guy" line, either. Would you be more willing to chance a bisexual encounter in a situation like this than you would knowing for sure that it was someone of the same sex touching you? Considering that all of your other rules were met (these were people you already know and are comfortable with, etc) would you be involved in a dark room orgy? And just for those not willing to admit it publicly, I've given you a poll.
  12. What Resort or Cruise would everyone recommend to expose my husband to live bisexual couples (male & female)? Live meaning the sex is often open to viewing. I know this may be a bit of a stretch but I figured it can't hurt to ask.
  13. How many of you ladies would enjoy watching you man give another man a blow job as his ladie is eaten you pussy.
  14. My husband and I have been talking about his fantasy of him giving oral sex to another man with me helping. We have also talked about anal sex with other man, dp, and some light bdsm. (only what the OM would be comfortable with). I'm not new to threesomes. Have had two experiences prior in past relationships before my husband. Both experiences prompted me to end the relationship as I was not confident in my ability to remain monogamous afterwards. I've never cheated on anyone, and I love my husband dearly. I want this as much or more than he does. I've already made a reservation at an alternative hotel for us and we both are discussing rules and etiquette for our little adventure. I suppose my question would be am I ready? My second question would be is it better to find an exp. Swinger male than rely on random attraction? To my first question, I'm not sure that this one experience will be enough for me. My husband wanting more does not bother me. We do spend a lot of time apart due to our career choices. I guess I don't want to end up doing something without him later down the line. Any advice, insight, comments, etc. would be most helpful. Thanks for reading.
  15. I've been reading these threads and just had an interesting thought. I think most of the so-called bi men would agree with me that kissing another man just isn't appealing. Yet, it seems like most, if not all, bi women enjoy it. So, ladies and gentlemen, am I correct in my thinking? I, for one, have no desire to kiss another man and absolutely love kissing women!
  16. A discussion question that I had with a friend of mine the other day brought up an interesting topic which I figure would be fun to talk about... There really should be differing "levels" of bisexuality for people to identify themselves as in this world... For example, my friend is fully bisexual and will have sex and date either gender. I have another friend, however, who will have sex with people of either gender... but would only "date" (& get into romantic relationships) with men. And I know plenty of people who typically identify themselves as heterosexual, but will engage in limited sexual contact with members of the same sex (i.e., women who will receive oral sex from another gal - but aren't comfortable reciprocating ... but will kiss & fondle). Then there are those who aren't picky about the gender of their partners - as long as their specific sexual actions still remain within their comfort-zones (i.e., a guy who'll get oral sex from another guy and will give penetrative sex (anal) to another guy -- but does not give oral nor receive anal... thereby maintaining his "male"-role even in what would be defined as a homosexual encounter) What do y'all think??
  17. I'm usually the last person to decide my tent's just not big enough for x, y or z, but my own life as a queer woman, a number of recent conversations with non-swingers, and a whole bunch of posts here have me questioning how many of you who call yourselves bisexual are really bisexual. So, here's my bias: I think sexual identity is either set early or is there at birth and it is actually impossible to suddenly discover your bisexuality at the age of 30 or 40 or 50. Instead, I think of those folks as hedonists who are in an environment where same sex play is the order of the day. Not saying I'm right, but it certainly explains those guys who aren't turned on by men but find themselves enjoying a cock now and again, as well as those women who happily play with other women but "need a cock to be satisfied," as I read a week or so ago. In case I didn't already make it clear, I wouldn't consider either group bisexual. So, are you just a laid back pleasure lovin' hedonist fallen into an environment that supports it or are you really bi?
  18. My wife and I got into swinging in the late seventies. Even back then, I can remember one guy who was bisexual, admitted it, and was accepted. But, other than him, I don't think any of the husbands were, or would admit it. I've noticed, over the years that I've frequented this great site, that it seems more and more people are becoming more and more accepting of male bisexuality in the lifestyle. Is the lifestyle evolving? And, I've given it some thought to a personal perspective too. OK, like most of the men here, I've never seen a man who gave my groin that little twitch that seeing a hot lady does. Hey, that's my definition of straight! LOL! But I do remember when, at around 12, me and a friend decided to see what a hand, other than our own, would feel like on our cocks. And, how surprised, confused, and just totally 'homophobified' I was when I realized that his cock in my hand felt just as good as my cock in his hand! Years later I let a guy attend to me out of, more need, than desire. Wasn't bad but not something I did again anytime soon. More years and I actually tried it myself and found that it wasn't bad at all. Well, now I'm in my sixties. I'm very happily married and would never want to not be. But, if I liked a guy, sure, I'd play with him as long as he wasn't gay. And, the reason for him not being gay is solely for avoidance of drama. So, I guess I've evolved over time too! Anyone else have a similar evolution?
  19. Some people, male and female, know from Day 1 they have an interest in Bi, while others seem to slowly evolve that direction, while for others zero interest remains zero forever. For those that did develop an interest, or even a curiosity, what was the tipping point when that started to happen? Being around others with those interest? Becoming comfortable with being more sexually open in general? or ?
  20. Hello everyone! Yesterday something really weird happened to me while i was reading this site. I love sex stories. And I was reading the interactive stories you have in here. The story was about a woman and her husband being in the hot tub with another couple. Fine. But suddenly the story gets to the point where the woman wanted the "other" man to do oral sex to her husband. And he did. I got so and so turned on that you know what I ended up doing Afterwards, I was like: What the hell made me so turned on? This is so weird! I really was extremely turned on by imagining my spouse being orally stimulated my another men. Penetration wasn't on my mind at all, (that would be a turn OFF), just oral. Is that normal for women to fantasize about that? :confused:
  21. I was reading this thread: Must be Bi-Male Month and ran across this comment: I let it roll around in my head for awhile, trying to imagine what legal activity (I emphasize legal, because I'm not talking about things like Tijuana donkey shows ) would make us find a new club. Over the years, I've seen a lot of things, including guys taking it up the ass (their wives/girlfriends were pegging them, mostly), blood play (yay for plastic sheeting) and fisting (I recommend Black Dragon gloves for those without latex allergies). There are certainly things I don't even like to watch (yes, DP, I'm talking about you) and specific fetishes that I'm squeamish about, but I can't think of anything that would have us packing up and moving on to another club. I don't think that's being overly tolerant or anything, but I do wonder. What could other people do sexually that would make you leave a club and never go back?
  22. My wife knows that I'm bi and is fine with it. I've had sex with other wives in front of her and never gave it any thought. But if we were to be with a couple with a bi husband or have a threesome with a bi guy, I'd be very uncomfortable enjoying the man in front of my wife. I don't know why, but I would. Do any of you feel the same way?
  23. I'm just wondering why each swingers site has different terms for Bi-sexual play. Bi-friendly, Bi-curious, open minded, Bi-comfortable, etc, etc. Seems to me that three terms, Bi-active, Bi-passive and Bi-closed say it all. If a man or woman says they are B-active that would mean they're open to being the Bi initiator with a same sex partner. A woman or man who isn't strictly Bi could say Bi-passive meaning they'd be OK receiving the attention of a Bi-active same sex partner, right? Bi-closed means no Bi play at all. Three terms no ambiguity or am I missing something? What's your take on this?
  24. I listen to Dan Savage a lot. I should probably just call him and ask this on the podcast. But I thought I might get feedback from swingers first. Dan Savage talks a lot about how the biggest way people who are gay or bi can support the gay rights movement is to be out. Especially bi people who appear to be in a heterosexual arrangement. This is me. I can totally relate to what he is saying. I have a friend who from the sound of it has a closeted gay teenager. She says to him, "You know I'll love you no matter what, but you do like girls, right?" She has a conservative religious background. I feel like for both their sake I should say something to her (like, "Whether he does or doesn't like girls, saying that isn't going to change anything and is going to make him afraid to disappoint you."). I feel like if I included that I am bisexual it would help. She knows me and knows I'm a good person leading a happy life. Maybe knowing me and who I really am would make things easier for her son? I also have the situation with vanilla acquaintances who say and do things that are homophobic. I'm not really afraid to come out as bi. The problem is that the way I express my bisexuality is through swinging. My husband is not in a position where we can be fully out as swingers. Plus, I feel like swinging is part of our sex life, therefore not everyone needs to know about it. I worry that if I tell people I'm bi, it will turn into a big discussion and I'll end up telling them about swinging. What do you think? Please tell me your experiences.
  25. Society has made some progress in how it views people that identify as bisexual. If someone is in a hetero relationship, and say they are actively bisexual, then logic dictates that there is some sort of non-monogamous something happening there. What is strange to me though is when you read of a celeb or someone in that situation, while the coming out as bi may be accepted and even praised for it's courage and honesty, no one on the receiving end of that information seems to want make that next step to holding the same feelings about the swinging, poly, or whatever situation is involved that is making the bi possible. Is consensual non-monogamy still a bridge too far for society so when it comes to someone in a relationship saying they are bisexual, people just avoid making that next logical step in their mind? Anyone found themselves in a similar situation?
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