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  1. Having fun and having serious conversations is all part of life. We were with our new friends when the talk turned to medical exams with the ladies talking about mammograms and pelvic exams and the men saying things about hernia checks. One of the guys brought up prostate exams which I remember my father would joke about with his friends when I was younger. At the time I had no clue to dropping your underwear and bending over for a doctor. The women asked if I thought it was easy putting legs in stirrups to be explored. Conversations opened up about prostate exploitation and how it isn’t bad. I could tell some of the guys were opening up to the joy of prostate. These are new friends of ours that have opened some new sexual situations for Lin and me. Linda had anal sex with more than one of the men, double penetration, women always my focus. I wasn’t going to allow any of the men explore me like that, no apologies from me. I heard PJ drop your drawers from one of the women. Butt play for me was fun, not deep exploration. Now clothes off I’m told bend over, a wet wipe I guessed for hygiene then a tongue exploring. Everyone watching and laughing as I was very hard and trying to act naturally a second friend decided to help. Ready for the exam? I’ve had a finger in me before, not deep, now I felt a deeper probe and heard bigger laughs. Then she hit it and started rubbing, I didn’t know how to react. Then a mouth taking my cock in and the massage in my butt. It wasn’t the sexiest setting, people watching and cheering. She called it milking and I have now had my first prostate exam. I’m thinking my dad’s exams weren’t quite the same.
  2. Guys, are you okay with your swing partner sticking her finger up your ass unexpectedly during sex?
  3. I figured if no one else would approach it ,I would break down the door! Here is the question How many men that are straight also enjoy anal performened on them with toys / oral. I will personally put myself out first and say that I love the feeling of a wet tounge on my ass as well as penetration either with fingers or with dildos , the feeling of having sex and also having somthing buried in your ass is over the top. what do you think? bad or good let me know. Dave
  4. My wife Mallory and I are swingers, but we don't want anyone to know that. We have always been terrified that someone would discover our secret. This concern stems from growing up and living in a small town where everybody knows what everybody else is doing. The taboo factor of being raised in a Christian background made us both love and fear our secret swinging life together. It might sound trivial to some, but it was a significant problem for Mallory. At the time of this story, we were both about 30 and had been with two other couples. Mallory enjoyed herself with the couples we had partied with in the lifestyle. Even though she had fun, it hadn't diminished her concerns over somebody in town finding out about our adventures. This was before the internet. Meeting other couples was a long, drawn-out process that involved answering magazine ads by snail mail. This was a process that could take weeks, if not months before you would actually meet the other couple. But with Mallory's ban on any local activity, that's how it had to be for us at the time. At the time, we lived in a small town a couple of hours from Dallas. We had a ranch house in a subdivision made up of homes that all looked the same and were built right next to each other. Everybody seemed to have their own lives, and we knew our neighbors only as people we passed on the street coming and going. We were on friendly terms but not social terms, if that makes any sense. That all changed for us one hot July day. Chuck and Susan were our next-door neighbors. They, like us, were around 30, but other than that, we didn't know much about them. We greeted each other with a "Hi" or a wave when we saw each other, and we didn't know each other socially or travel in the same circles. Chuck was a good-looking young man. He was about 5'10" with an athletic build. From the few times we had spoken, he seemed to have a fun personality. Susan was what you could call a grown-up cheerleader. She was about 5'7" with sandy blond hair and a cheerleader's body: long legs, plump breasts, and a face of innocence. In short, she was the kind of girl guys have wet dreams about. One July morning, I was out in the front of the house, taking the garbage to the street to be picked up before work. I heard Chuck and Susan's garage door open, and I glanced over that way and saw Susan dragging out a large garbage can. What really caught my attention was the way she was dressed. She was barefooted and wearing a thin pajama set made up of shorts and a button-up top. She seemed to be having trouble with the heavy garbage can, so I decided to go over and help her like the gentleman I am. The thin pajamas did nothing to cover her lovely body. As I walked up, I said, "Good morning, would you like a hand with that?" Susan acted surprised to see me and vainly tried to cover herself a little. "If you don't mind," she said, "it is heavier than I thought." I smiled, "No problem. Here, let me have it." I grabbed the handle from her and dragged it out to the street. She followed along and thanked me for helping her. She was holding her arms across her chest, and she wasn't doing a very good job if she was trying to cover herself. Crossing her arms may have covered her nipples, but it only made her full breasts spill out to the side even more, stretching the thin fabric of her PJ top. The thin shorts also made it obvious she wore no panties. There was nothing between my eyes and her pussy other than the lightest polyester. I could see the slightest indention where her groove was. As I forced my gaze back up her body to her face, I caught her gazing down at my crotch, smiling at the reaction she was having on me. "Well, thank you again," she said, "I think I had better get back in the house before being arrested for indecent exposure." As she walked back up her driveway and into the garage, she stopped and said, almost as an afterthought: "Say, we are going to have some friends over Saturday for a barbeque. Would you and Mallory like to join us?" "That sounds like fun," I told her. "I don't think we have anything going on this weekend, but I will check with Mallory and have her get back with you." "Ok," Susan said, "talk to you later." She walked back inside as I walked back toward our house. As I walked back inside to get my truck keys, I found Mallory pouring a cup of coffee. "I see you were the ever-helpful good neighbor this morning," she said. "Doing whatever I can to help a neighbor in need," I said. "By the way, Susan invited us for a barbeque. Do we have anything planned for Saturday night?" Mallory said, "Not that I can think of. The kids want to go to the ranch this weekend to see Nona and Papa, so I think it sounds fun. I will go over later and tell Susan we would love to come. I can also see if there is anything I can do to help her prepare for the barbeque." Saturday morning rolled around, and Mallory was busy making side dishes for the barbeque. This was the first time we had ever socialized with Susan and Chuck. We were both looking forward to expanding our relationship with our neighbors on a social level. I don't think either Mallory or I considered even the slightest possibility of anything more than that. About noon, Mallory loaded the kids in the car and took them to Papa and Nona's for the weekend. By 5:00, we had showered and made our way to Chuck and Susan's house. Chuck and Susan's friends were already there, maybe 15 people, and the names were just too many to remember. We had a great meal and spent the evening awkwardly socializing since they all seemed to know each other exceptionally well. Of course, we didn't know any of them. About 9:00, I found my way back into the kitchen area to freshen my drink. I found Susan in the kitchen tidying things up. The stereo played a slow song, and most other people were still in the backyard. Susan looked over at me and smiled, "Wanna dance?" I took her in my arms, and we glided around the kitchen. As we danced, I held her close and enjoyed the feel of her breasts pressed against my chest. Susan rested her head on my shoulder, and I could feel her warm breath on my neck. I could also feel my cock coming to life and pressing against her. Her reply to this was to grab me around the waist and pull me into her. I was starting to get a little concerned that somebody might come in and catch us. Susan tilted her head and whispered, "Can I ask you something in confidence that you won't tell anybody else?" I told her that her secret was safe with me. "Well," Susan said, "everybody here is really close friends... special friends." She pulled slightly away from me, her eyes searching mine to see if I understood what she was telling me. I must have looked puzzled because she took a deep breath and said: "By special, I mean the kind of friends that get together every month or so for adult fun... naked adult fun. Chuck and I talked about it and would like to invite Mallory and you to join our little circle of friends, but only if you absolutely want to, of course." I smiled at her and told her that we were not strangers to this kind of fun. I told her I would love to join them, but Mallory had concerns about this kind of thing with locals. We had partied with other couples, but they had all been from outside the area. Susan thought for a moment, then said she would see what she could do to convince Mallory to join them tonight. As an afterthought, Susan asked, "What does Mallory like in a sexual partner?" I laughed and said, "The same thing most women like. A nice-looking guy with nice-sized equipment who knows how to use it. "Ok, got it!" she grinned, "Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back." As Susan left the kitchen, I watched her go into the living room and sit down next to Stan, a nice-looking guy that looked to be in his late 20s. After talking for a few minutes, I saw them look over at Mallory. Stan smiled at Susan and nodded in agreement with whatever she told him. Susan returned to the kitchen smiling. Susan and I had been chatting for a few minutes when I saw Stan get up from the sofa and walk over to Mallory. He asked her something, to which she nodded her head. He took her by the hand, and they walked together to the small tile entryway and started dancing to the music playing on the stereo. I saw him place an arm around her waist and pull her close to him, and she responded by putting her arms around his neck and laying her head on his shoulder. Susan gave me a wink and said, "Now I need to go talk to someone else." Susan went out to the backyard and whispered something to Chuck. I saw him give her a kiss and run his hand up her skirt between her legs. She made a show of jokingly pulling away from him. She came back into the kitchen. She asked me how Stan and Mallory were getting along? We stepped out of the kitchen into the living room and saw that they were still dancing in the entryway. Or at least I think that was what they were doing. We were standing behind them. I noticed that Mallory had her arms around his neck, and he held her with both hands on her hips, pulling her into him. Mallory moved to the music, grinding her crotch into Stan's crotch. Susan looked at them, then turned back to me and smiled, saying: "Oh yeah, I think she is ready for part two of my plan." Susan gave me a kiss, slipping her tongue between my lips. As I placed my hands on her hips to hold her close, she pulled away and said, "Don't you go anywhere. I have some big plans for you later." Susan then walked over to Mallory and Stan. Most of what happened next was told to me later by Mallory and Susan. At that time, I had no idea what Susan had planned and knew nothing about Stan other than he seemed to be a nice-looking guy and was one of Susan and Chuck's close friends. I was flooded with mixed feelings as I stood alone in the kitchen. I was simultaneously sexually excited and concerned that we were breaking one of Mallory's rules for this kind of thing. I decided to leave any activities that night up to Mallory. If she wanted to play, fine; if not, that was fine. I didn't want to put any pressure on her to do anything she didn't want to do. Susan walked up to Mallory and Stan, put her arms around their shoulders, and hugged them. "I see you have met Stan," she said, smiling at Mallory. Mallory smiled back at her and nodded yes. Susan smiled at Mallory and told her, "Yep, he's a great guy. Come on, you have got to see what I mean. You won't believe what I'm talking about until you see yourself!" She pulled Mallory and Stan behind her down the hall and into her bedroom. As I watched Susan taking Mallory and Stan down the hallway and out of sight, I was overcome with the need to follow them and see what Susan was up to. However, I decided to let Susan's plan play out. I felt foolishly alone standing in the kitchen, and the only thing I could think of doing was fixing a scotch and seeing how things went from here. Susan ushered both Mallory and Stan into her bedroom. She guided Mallory to the bed, gently pushing her to a seated position, and sat beside her. Susan then motioned for Stan to come over to them. When Stan was standing in front of them, Susan turned to Mallory and asked, "Have you ever seen a cock over ten inches long before?" Shocked, all Mallory could do was shake her head no. Susan reached out and started rubbing Stan's crotch. "Well, you are in for a treat because you have one right before you!" Susan said with a wide smile. Susan took Mallory's hand and placed it where hers had been on Stan's growing cock. Mallory told me later she couldn't believe how big it was, and it wasn't even fully erect yet. Susan started undoing Stan's belt, telling Mallory she had to see this thing; it was unbelievable. Stan's pants fell to the floor. Stan was left standing in front of the two girls with only a pair of boxer shorts between them and his giant cock. Susan grabbed both sides of Stan's boxers, and with a yank, she soon had his boxers on the floor around his knees. Mallory said it was the most enormous cock she had ever seen, and it was only half erect. "You haven't seen anything yet," Susan told Mallory, "you must see it when it gets fully hard. C'mon, let's get it that way!" With that, Susan pulled down the front of her halter top, exposing her breasts, and told Mallory, "C'mon, baby, show him your tits. Let's give him double sexy to look at so we can watch him get hard." Mallory hesitantly undid the straps on her sundress and let the front fall open, revealing her breasts to Stan. With the heat of summer and her firm perky breasts, she had not bothered wearing a bra. Susan took Mallory's hand and placed it on Stan's cock. Stan reached down and started massaging both girls' breasts simultaneously. Susan reached around Mallory and pulled her skirt up around her waist. Smiling at Mallory, she said: "It's only fair that if you get to see his cock he should get to see your pussy!" Mallory didn't resist. In fact, she raised up off the bed so that Susan could completely remove her sundress. After the dress was off, the only thing Mallory had on was her sandals and her panties. The crotch of Mallory's panties was visibly wet with her juices. Susan ran her forefinger up the damp material, separating Mallory's swollen labia. When Susan's finger got to the top and hit Mallory's clit, Mallory jerked. "Mmmm," Susan teased, "little missy, you will catch a cold wearing wet things like that! Let's get those wet things off." Mallory didn't resist. She raised herself off the bed while Susan slid her panties down her legs. Stan smiled, reached between Mallory's legs, rubbed her pussy, and slowly inserted a finger into her. Mallory closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his cock in her hands and his finger in her pussy. Stan removed his finger and knelt beside her between her legs. He gently placed one leg over each shoulder and slid his face to her pussy. As he alternated between licking and sucking her clit and pussy lips with his tongue, Stan soon had Mallory on the brink of her first orgasm of the night. Mallory leaned back on the bed, letting Stan work his magic on her. She let the flood gates open, and with gasps of joy, she ground her pussy into Stan's hungry mouth. While Mallory was enjoying her orgasm, Susan had removed her own clothes. When Mallory opened her eyes, she saw Susan standing nude beside Stan with her arm resting around his shoulder. Susan smiled at her and said, "See, I told you he was exceptional, but you haven't seen anything yet!" Stan was smiling up at her from between her legs which were still draped over his shoulders. His face was wet and glistening from her juices. Stan untangled himself from between Mallory's legs and stood up. His cock was now fully erect and standing straight in front of him. Susan smiled at Mallory, "Stan needs a little TLC. Mallory, would you like to help him out? Why don't you give him a little head? I'm sure he would enjoy that." "It's so big," Mallory said, "I don't think I could ever get something that big in my mouth!" Susan smiled and said, "I know a trick!" and moved in front of Stan, reached behind her, and guided his cock between her legs. Mallory smiled at Susan standing there with a cock sticking out in front of her. It looked like she had a short cock of her own, like a man and a woman simultaneously. Susan looked down at the cock protruding from her crotch, smiled at Mallory, and giggled: "Come here and suck my cock!" Suddenly Stan's mammoth cock didn't look all that scary to Mallory. Susan helped Mallory off the bed and onto her knees on the floor in front of them. Mallory had never had any bi interest, but it seemed natural to lean forward and lick the head of Stan's cock only a couple of inches from Susan's pussy. As Mallory licked the shaft of Stan's cock, her face touched Susan's pubic area, coming in contact with Susan's wiry pubic hair. Susan's scent filled her senses. Mallory licked Stan's cock back toward the head, then opened her mouth wide and slid as much of his giant cock into it as she could. Mallory worked her head back and forth, sliding Stan's cock in and out of her mouth, sucking it as best as she could. As Mallory gave Stan her best blow job, Susan started moving her hips back and forth, sliding her pussy over Stan's cock. She was coating his cock with the juices flowing freely from her pussy. For the first time in her life, Mallory experienced the essence of another woman. Susan thrust her hips forward so that Stan's cock was no longer protruding, and Mallory's mouth was fully resting on her pussy. Susan put a hand behind Mallory's head and held her close, almost daring her to take the next step. Mallory slowly stuck out her tongue and licked Susan's clit. To her surprise, the taste and smell weren't too unfamiliar; she enjoyed it. Susan moved her hips back again, bringing Stan's cock forward and back into Mallory's mouth. Mallory found herself alternating between a cock in her mouth and her tongue licking a pussy as Susan would move her hips back and forth. The passion fires in Mallory were raised to a fevered pitch. She wasn't the only one getting worked up. Stan was also feeling it. The friction on his cock from sliding it between Susan's thighs and Mallory's blow job had his breath coming in gasps. Susan stopped moving her hips and gently pushed back. "We seem to be getting Stan all worked up," she said, smiling at Mallory. "We don't want him cumming just yet, do we?" Mallory smiled and shook her head. "No, I think we need to enjoy him a little more before that happens." Mallory slowly stood as Susan removed Stan's cock from between her legs. "Stan," Susan asked, "would you like to feel your cock in her pussy? Mallory, you don't mind if Stan slides his cock in your pussy, do you?" "Oh no, not at all," Mallory replied. "I don't know if that monster will fit in my little coochie, but I'm willing to try!" Stan eased Mallory onto the bed he laid down between her widely spread legs. He placed the head of his mammoth cock at her opening and started to push. Mallory squirmed as the girth stretched her in a new way. Sensing her struggle, Susan leaned down and whispered in Mallory's ear. One hand stroked Mallory's forehead while the other gently tugged at one of Mallory's nipples. The gentle distractions from her new female friend were enough to help Mallory adjust to the largest cock she had ever taken. When Mallory's discomfort had passed, Susan said, "You two seem to be playing very nicely together. I think I will leave you on your own for a while." After I had watched Mallory, Stan, and Susan disappear down the hallway, I waited in the kitchen for what seemed like hours. Eventually, the rest of the party started in earnest in the living room. People began filtering back into the house from the backyard, and clothes started coming off. Rick and Sue were sitting on the sofa in the living room and started some heavy kissing and foundling. They both stood up and started removing their clothes, and Sue knelt in front of Rick and took his cock in her mouth. Another couple was now naked and in a 69 position on the floor. The TV was on and playing an X-rated movie. The sites, sounds, and smells coming from the living room had my cock coming to life. Just then, Linda walked into the kitchen, totally nude. Linda, Rick's wife, was a dark-skinned beauty that I later learned was half Spanish and half Italian. She was about 5'5", with large breasts, round hips, a plump ass, and jet black hair. Her nipples were dark and large, about the size of silver dollars. Linda smiled at me as she walked into the kitchen. "There you are," she said. "What are you doing in here all by yourself? I've been looking for you." She rubbed her hand over my cock. "Hmmm," she said, "you seem ready for a little fun, but you're all alone. Is something wrong?" I told her about Mallory's concern over partying with locals, and Susan trying to convince her that it would be alright with this group. I explained that I didn't want to start with anything, only to have Mallory come out not wanting to. Linda said she understood and asked me if I had checked in on them to see how things were going yet? I told her I was giving them a little space and letting Susan see what she could do to convince her it would be alright. "Well," Linda said, "I don't think it would do any harm to just take a peek in on them and see how they are doing." With that, she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hallway. Linda stopped in front of Susan's bedroom door and placed a finger in front of her lips as a signal to be quiet. She quietly turned the door handle and eased the door open a crack. As we looked in, I saw Susan standing beside Stan. Susan was nude, and Stan was kneeling on the floor, naked from the waist down. Mallory was lying on the bed naked with her legs draped over Stan's shoulders, and her eyes were closed. Stan's face was buried in Mallory's pussy, and she had both hands around his head, pulling his face into her. Mallory was panting heavily as she worked her pussy against Stan's tongue and lips. It was evident that she was rapidly approaching an orgasm. Linda eased back away from the door and slowly closed it. Linda reached behind the door and wrapped her hand around my cock as the door closed. She stroked my cock through my pants and didn't let go as we eased back down the hallway. We stopped at the far end of the hallway. "It looks to me like Mallory is enjoying herself, and it's apparent from the size of your cock you enjoyed that fact. Would you like to take your clothes off, or would you like me to rip them off you?" she said with a smile. I removed my clothes and left them in a pile in the hallway. "Oh, that's much better," Linda purred as she stroked my cock. I leaned down and kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her sweet mouth. My hand found her breasts, and I fondled them and pinched her hardening nipples. We eased our way down to the floor, still locked in a passionate kiss, and my hand found its way down to her pussy. I rubbed it feeling the wetness and heat, then slowly inserted a finger into her. I broke our kiss and moved up to a kneeling position. I kissed my way down her body to her breasts. I licked and sucked her nipples as she found my cock and started stroking it again. I kissed and licked down her belly, flicking my tongue into her navel. As I began licking down toward her pussy from her navel, Linda let go of my cock and pushed me back a little. Linda straddled my head, facing my cock. She stretched out, lowering her pussy to my mouth as hers found my cock. This girl was a master in the art of giving head. And a master in the art of reading her man. She could tell when I was getting close and would back off, letting me cool down before starting again. I don't know how long we had been going at it, but I was enjoying the taste of Linda's pussy and the feel of her mouth on my cock. I was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of a smack as a hand slapped Linda's big bare ass. I looked up to see Susan standing there nude. She smiled as she said: "You slut, I told you I wanted him first!" Linda light-heartedly said, "Well, sexy bitch, I didn't think you would mind sharing him!" Susan leaned down and kissed Linda on the lips. "Where's Mallory?" I asked Susan, looking at her from between Linda's legs. "Oh, she is still having a little fun with Stan," she said. "Come on, I'll show you." Susan stopped in front of her bedroom door, placing a finger to her lips as she eased the door open. Now Stan was lying on his back, and Mallory was on top of him. His cock was buried in her pussy, and the muscles in her ass were quivering. Mallory slowly started to rise up, sliding his cock out of her. At this time, I first saw just how thick Stan's cock was. It was like a coke can. I could see my wife's pussy lips stretched to the max like when she had given birth. Mallory continued rising until about what looked like a legit foot-long cock rested with its tip inside her. It fascinated me how her labia stayed splayed open as she held herself there. Then she started lowering herself back down on it. I watched as Stan's cock again disappeared back into her pussy, and her pussy lips slowly stretched taut as a drum. Without thinking, I uttered an "Oh, wow." Both Linda and Susan shot me a look, and Mallory looked back to see us standing in the doorway. "Hi, honey," she said with a smile. "Hi babe," I answered, "looks like you changed your mind about locals?". She said, "I certainly have. Would you guys like to join us?" "It looks like you two are having fun," I said, "I think we will just leave you guys alone for a while and let you enjoy each other for now, if you would like that?" "If you don't mind, I would like that," Mallory said. "We will get together in a little bit if that's all right with you?" "No problem, you two have fun," I said, closing the door again. I looked over at Susan and Linda as we stood in front of the closed bedroom door. "Wow," I said, "he is hung like a horse. Have all you girls fucked him?" Susan answered for both of them. "Yes, we have all fucked him...in every way," she added. I looked at them incredulously, "You mean...back there too?" They both nodded. Linda explained, "Some women in our little group here are happy staying in their comfort zones, and that's perfectly fine. Susan and I...well, let's just say we have no boundaries. I may have a big voluptuous ass, but my asshole is small. Stan was super gentle, as always, but I really thought I had torn something that night, and I was uncomfortable for several days. It was worth it, though. I thought I had finally found my sexual limit, but when I was able to push past it, the feeling was indescribable". I swear I saw Linda give a slight shiver as she mentally went back to that experience. "But enough about my poor little stretched asshole," Linda said. "That was then; this is tonight. We haven't been fucked by anybody tonight, and we are the only two girls here that haven't been fucked yet. But big boy, you are about to fix that!" We stopped at the end of the hallway, and Susan kissed me driving her tongue into my mouth. Both Susan and Linda were easing me back on the floor. I lay on my back, and Susan wasted no time with pretenses. She straddled my hips, grabbed my cock, placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and lowered herself down on it. I was enjoying the feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock and watching her tits bounce as she moved up and down on me. Linda straddled my head again and lowered her pussy to my mouth. With the night's excitement, I knew I couldn't hold on too long with these beautiful women working on me like this. I did the best I could, and when Susan moaned with an orgasm and slammed down on my cock it drove me over the edge. I grabbed Susan by the hips, holding her down on my cock as I filled her pussy with what seemed like a gallon of cum. It was running out of her and down the insides of her thighs when she got off me. Susan lay back, breathing deeply with a smile on her face. Linda looked over at her and said, "Oh, you dirty little girl. Look at you, your fresh fucked little pussy all nasty and sloppy with cum, both his and yours. I'm going to have to clean you up a little bit." Linda got up and moved over to Susan. She leaned down and kissed her while pinching her nipples. Linda started kissing her way down Susan's body. I had never seen two women together like this in person before, only in adult movies. I didn't think it would happen again this soon but watching these two girls already had my cock hard again. Linda was now between Susan's legs with her mouth on her pussy. She mumbled while she licked Susan's vagina, "Dirty little slut, pussy all nasty with cum. Little cum slut, aren't you? Bet you wish you have an ass full of cum too right now, don't you? I'd clean that too if you did. Would you like that? Me licking cum out of your nasty dirty ass?" The dirty talk was clearly turning both women on. A routine they had practiced many times before, I was sure. I got up and moved to where I was on my knees, straddling Susan's head. She looked up at me and smiled as she grabbed my cock, pulled it to her lips, and went to work. Suddenly she jerked, and her blowjob got more intense. I looked down, and Linda now had a finger probing deep in Susan's rectum as she continued to lick her pussy. "You like that, you little ass slut?" Linda asked, "you like my finger deep in your dirty little ass, don't ya?" I was amazed at seeing these two suburban housewives put on such a carnal display. Given that, I still couldn't have believed what came next. "How about you, big boy?" Linda huskily asked. Before I could even clear my head to figure out what that meant precisely, Linda had drilled two fingers of her other hand straight into my asshole. Her fingers were already slick with a mixture of Susan's pussy juice and my cum, the perfect lube for my first anal penetration. Her talented fingers went straight to my prostrate, and I literally yelped s the semen exploded from me into Susan's mouth. The intensity of the orgasm was almost scary, and I had never experienced anything like that before. Just as the last spurts of semen were almost painfully exiting my cock, I noticed Mallory and Stan standing there. They had arrived just in time to see everything. They were both naked, and Mallory's usual immaculately-styled hair was lying limp and wet. Her pussy lips were swollen and protruding. They had their arms around each other's waist and satisfied smiles. I wasn't sure how my conservatively-raised Mallory would react to this. Anal play was something we had never experimented with. Seeing a virtual stranger with fingers on both hands buried deep into two asses, one of which was her husband's ass, I was afraid was way, way too much. I shouldn't have worried. Mallory knelt down and gave me a kiss on the lips. I ran my hand up her thigh and rubbed her pussy. She smiled and said, "Having fun, honey? Did those fingers in your ass hurt a little but make you feel so good? Just like Stan's huge cock stretching my poor little pussy hurt a little but felt so good?" I knew then things had changed. Like Linda had described, our boundaries had been pushed past. We now were not only open to new sexual experiences, like Linda and Susan, but we would also seek them out. Over the next few years, Mallory and I managed to have sex with every member of this group in all sorts of different ways. We formed a special relationship with Susan and Chuck. When Chuck was away from home, sometimes Susan would come over to our house to party with us, and sometimes when I wasn't home, Mallory would join them. It was all open and fun for all. We enjoyed our little group for many years before it started to break apart. One by one, the couples in the group began to move away, chasing better employment in other parts of the country. We tried to keep track of everybody. But especially in those pre-internet days, as time went by, the contact with them became less and less until we lost track of them altogether. It was sad, and we truly missed each of them. At first, we tried to replace missing members of the group with people that reminded us of the missing member. It never seemed to work out because they were not the same. Then it dawned on me one day that you can never replace somebody special with somebody else. Everybody is different and has to be enjoyed as an individual. Our expectations were set to something that could never be obtained. We were trying to recreate memories, which is impossible to do. The new people we meet now, we look on them as special memories in the making and enjoy each as a new adventure in their own right. I don't know why something so simple is sometimes so hard to see.
  5. I was a cuckold bull for a few couples before marriage. The one cuckold couple progressed to the point where he would answer the door in her panties and take me by the hand to the bedroom. She would be naked on the bed as he unzipped me, dropping my pants to my ankles, then getting on his knees and sucked my cock. She would walk over and kiss me as I fingered her as we watched him suck me hard. His boner would be poking out the top of the panties as she would take over on my cock and he would get behind me and lick, rim, and eat me deep. Then I would pick her up, lay her down and lick pussy as he continued to rim me, lovin’ my dominant manhole. He was chastised and only allowed to cum where and when I tell him. I would make him hump butt crack and shoot up my back or hump his dick on my spent pussy-cum-covered cock and cum on his wife’s lover's cum-covered cock. One fateful night as I fucked the wifey for a couple hours and he watched, licked where told, and was being a good boy, she asked me if I would fuck him? Of course I tell her, get the rubber and the lube! He was on the little couch at the foot of the bed. I get between his legs as she puts the rubber on my cock and lubes him up. With his panties slid to the side I put my cock to his butt bud, then gently push breaking through his opening gliding easily balls deep in his hole. He was tight, it felt incredible, I could barely pump him without cumming. His bone sticking out the panties was so hard it was purple. She grabs his dick and he starts shooting cum as I pick up the pace and butt fuck him good and hard blowing a massive load. It was hot!!! That was the only time I butt fucked a guy.
  6. Jack and I had planned on a quiet stay-at-home New Year's Eve. We were sitting watching Netflix and killing a bottle of champagne when my phone dinged. Our next-door neighbors Rick and Heather called to ask us to come over for a drink to help them celebrate. That sounded like a good idea, although we were just in our casual clothes and didn't want to dress up to just go next door. So I texted back we would be there in a few minutes. We walked next door and surprise! Heather and Rick met us at the front door, and all Heather had on were bunny ears and nothing else. Rick had a funny hat on and a noisemaker horn on his penis so that it looked big and threatening. We were a little taken aback. We had swung with Rick and Heather once before, but this caught us by surprise. We asked what they had in mind? Heather said they screw in the New Year every year, but they wanted some variety this year, and would we be up to swapping partners again? In less time than it takes to tell, we were out of our clothes, and Jack was licking Heather's tits and sucking like he was trying to get milk from them. Rick and I stood there watching and not saying anything when Jack pulled Heather down to the carpet and swung into a 69 position which we know that Heather particularly loves. The sounds of their slurping and licking were just too much. Rick and I had to be a part of the scene. Rick laid me down on the carpet next to them and began to eat my pussy, spreading my labia and driving his tongue deep into my vagina like it was a small and wet dick. This was too much for me, so I swung him. Then the four of us were in a fast and furious mutual 69... just not with our spouses. We could hear the ball dropping on the TV in the next room. Wanting to really screw in the New Year, all four of us pulled loose. We girls laid on our backs while the guys mounted us for the main feature. When it comes to fucking technique, Jack is much more active than Rick. They both have the same size cocks, though. Jack began to slide his 8" dick into Heather slowly at first, and then SLAM, all the way to the bottom of her pussy. Heather's eyes got like saucers when he did this, and she cried out a primal moan. Heather began to buck and lunge up at him until it looked like they were going to set a world's record for time. Rick and I were sure they would both cum before the ball dropped, but not a chance. Jack was into the fun of fucking too much to release his hot load that quick. Rick and I were playing with each other while he was on his knees above me. He began to twirl his dick around my pussy hole in a circular motion, and I was now begging him to put it in. He gladly accommodated me and slid his dick into my pussy, which was already well-lubricated and ready to be fucked. We began to screw like a couple of minks. I must have cum twice before Rick started to breathe rapidly and pick up the pace. He was slamming into me like a pile driver. Then I felt his hot cum splashing against the walls of my pussy, and I knew he didn't make it anywhere near the time the ball dropped, but hell, who cared. Meanwhile, Heather and Jack were back at it, having a slow screw. He was pulling almost all of the way out and slowly driving his dick back in. Then reversing the procedure with slow, then quick, then short, and then deep thrusts until Heather screamed that she was cumming and for him to let it go. Jack pushed Heather's legs all the way back to get his dick in as deep as possible. I know my husband. I knew he was on the edge. I dipped my finger into my messy pussy, lubricating it with a mix of my pussy juice and Rick's cum, then slid it right into Jack's ass. He literally howled. I knew from experience that his cock had just swelled up to almost half again its already considerable girth. Heather didn't have to thank me with words for sharing this little secret. Just seeing her eyes get lost in her orgasm was enough. I could feel Jack's asshole clench around my finger with each shot of come he delivered into Heather's womb. After the last contraction, Jack collapsed onto Heather, and they lay there literally panting after such an awesome fuck. The four of us then drank some champagne and sat around naked on the couch until the guys were ready to go again. Their cocks weren't quite as hard this time, but it was impressive they could still get it up at all. We decided to fuck our own spouses on the floor next to our friends and neighbors. That was fun but lacked the excitement of screwing something strange. So after a couple of minutes, we switched partners again, and Rick and I screwed while Jack and Heather were screwing too. This time the orgasms took a little longer and weren't as intense, but we had a great time until it was time to go home. Thinking everyone probably passed out and asleep in bed by now, Jack and I gathered our clothes in our arms. We calmly walked out the front door and across the lawn to our house, totally in the nude without regard to who might have seen us. As it turns out, some people did see us as it was New Year's Eve after all. One thing we did find out from that, though. There are there more than just two houses with swingers living in them on our street!
  7. My wife knew I loved taking a strapon and we had done it many times. It wasn't until years later that I drunkenly admitted to being bi. Her response was "yeah no shit!" Followed by "we can explore that together!" We had had threesomes with other females but never with another male. I wanted to try it but wasn't sure how I'd feel about her having sex with another guy. Not knowing how she'd really feel about seeing me getting fucked, I figured it would be better if we both were fucked by a bi guy. That weekend we were having drinks at a bar and got fairly buzzed. I pulled my phone out and said "fuck it, want to find a guy?" She agreed and we started looking. After about an hour of back and forth messages with various guys we found a match and told him to meet us at our house in an hour. We finished up and headed home where we continued drinking and she put on some sexy lingerie. I was extremely nervous when I heard a knock at the door. I let him in and we all sat on the couch having drinks. Soon we all started touching and kissing and clothes started coming off. She starts sucking me as he goes down on her. After a bit he sits on the couch and she starts sucking him. I decide "fuck it" and join her, not knowing how she would react, and was happy when she didn't flinch. I stop and lay on the couch and she climbs on to me. She rides me and he stands up so she can suck him. Soon he's ready for more, puts on a condom, and lubes his cock and her ass. He slowly enters her and we try to get in a rhythm. After a few minutes we aren't having much luck and we all get up. I suddenly need to use the restroom (think my ass was getting nervous about the possibility of getting used). Now, when we discussed this before, we had mentioned not being sure about her having vaginal sex with him. I go to the bathroom, leaving them there alone. After a bit I hear her moaning and, when I return, he is fucking her pussy, doggystyle. My first reaction was jealousy but was quickly replaced with ecstacy. Watching her getting fucked was beyond hot and I sat down so she could suck me. He says he's having trouble because of the condom and I ask her if she is OK with him taking it off. She nods yes and he ditches it. We continue this for a while until she says she's getting sore and tells him he needs to finish. As much as he tries he can't and she finally looks up at me and says "I'm done. He can do you if he wants to finish." This was music to my ears and I lube myself as she climbs forward. I take her place on all fours and she starts making out with me. Unfortunately I didn't think to tell him to take it slow and, without warning, he rams himself into me. I shriek in pain and jump forward. I was pissed and he didn't have a clue so I told him we were done. He dresses and leaves and I think the night is over. I hadn't noticed that my wife had left the room and she comes walking back in wearing our strapon. She pushes me back on all fours and fucks me vigorously until we both cum. It wasn't everything I had imagined but was definitely hot and we are now planning our next adventure.
  8. ViSexual

    Pegging a Husband

    “Hey, Hon,” Tina yelled when she came in the door and didn't see Larry in the living room. She walked around the bar and, when he wasn't in the kitchen either she yelled again, “I’m home.” She saw that the back sliding patio door was open with the screen closed so she figured he was out in his workshop. She smiled to herself and was sort of glad that she had a few minutes alone anyway. Tina went to the bedroom, carrying the bag she’d brought in with her, and took off her work clothes except for her panties and bra. She looked at herself in the full mirror and couldn't help but feel good about her appearance. At 45 she was still in pretty good shape. Her tall, 5’ 11” frame handled her 160 pounds quite well and she always admired her own full breasts that, with the help of the bra, didn't sag a bit. Tina stood there several minutes before turning and looking over her shoulder at her own bubble butt. She grinned when she imagined it being Larry’s bubble butt and wondered just how cute his butt was going to be in the new panties she’d bought for him. As she took the panties out of the bag she remembered buying them at Sears. They were close enough to her own size that it wasn't going to be at all suspicious at the register. But the bra had been a different matter all together. She knew that Larry would take at least a 46, which was obviously way larger than she would wear, and she wanted the cup to be appropriate and the B cup she had chosen would never fit over her D breasts. She was relieved when the clerk at Sears had simply rung up the panties, slip and bra without even looking up. Her heart was beating so radically when she pulled into the parking lot of the Adult Super Center at the exit to Wildwood, off of I-75, that she didn't think she’d have the courage to go in. But she looked at the bag in the passenger seat and knew she had to. Tina got out of her car, composed herself quickly, and walked directly into the front door. She had tunnel vision and looked only at the shelves, ignoring the many men who were staring, lustfully, at her. She saw the shelf she was looking for and picked out a pair of undies that worked as a holder for a dildo. She figured it would seem more natural. She then looked at some of the dildos but couldn't decide on one that would seem real enough. She decided to simply act much more experienced than she was and turned, walked straight up to the man behind the counter and asked, “are those the only dildos you sell?” “If you’re looking for something for that”, the clerk nodded toward the panties in Tina’s hand, “we have some that are more expensive in the showcase,“ he pointed to the glass case to his left, “but I’m sure your girlfriend would think they’re worth the price.” ‘Girlfriend?’ Tina thought to herself and hadn't considered that anybody would naturally assume that. “Well,” Tina now had more confidence, “she is worth any price.” Tina looked around and noticed that every man in the store was watching and listening. “The woman simply loves to be fucked!” Tina was now really enjoying this task that she had been so dreading. She looked at several of the dildos and then saw one with two ends and a bend that had an obvious purpose. “That one,” the clerk had seen Tina lingering on the Feeldoe, “is so you and your partner can both feel the experience together.” “I’ll take it.” Tina placed the panties on the counter and, while the clerk was getting a box with her Feeldoe in it, she found her credit card in her purse. She paid, went quickly back to her car, and had driven straight home. Tina reached in the Sears bag and pulled the bra out. She hoped that she’d gotten the correct size. Then she took out the slip and panties and layed all three items out on the bed. Tina then slipped her own panties off. She took the Feeldoe out of the box and went into the bathroom and washed it, first with alcohol, and then with antibiotic soap that was scented enough to cover the smell of the alcohol. She looked for some lube but remembered that they kept it in the dresser by the bed. She started to go find it but realized that she was so turned on that she’d likely be wet enough not to need any lubricant. Tina was even wetter than she would have believed and when she placed the end of the Feeldoe that she’d selected for herself, it slid right in to the center ridge with no effort. Tina stood there for a moment adjusting to, and enjoying, the feel inside her. Then she got the panties out of the bag and slipped them up, over the Feeldoe, and on herself. She looked in the mirror and was pleased that the panties had been a flesh color and it really looked like she had a cock. She couldn't help stroking it and, when she did, found out exactly what the clerk had mentioned. It moved enough under the panties, and in and out of her vagina, that it felt really good and she was sure that she’d be enjoying this outfit even without Larry at times. Tina suddenly realized that she’d been standing there jacking off instead of getting ready and she quickly slipped her other panties up and over her ass and new cock. The bulge was very obvious in her panties but it was fairly well concealed when she slipped her skirt and blouse back on. Tina, now dressed again, went out the back door and walked directly to Larry’s workshop and walked right in. “What in the world?” Tina exclaimed when she saw her husband with his pants and underwear around his knees and his cock in his hand. “And just what are you looking at?” Tina didn’t wait for an answer and looked over his shoulder at the photo album containing pictures that had been shared with a couple they’d known years before. “I didn't know you saved those,” Tina looked concerned then added, “I wonder if he saved ours too?” “Probably,” Larry had let his softening cock go and was pulling up his underwear and pants, “he’s human, isn't he?” “I don’t know about the ‘hu’ part but he is the ‘man’ part so,” Tina smiled and let her husband know that, although busted, he wasn't in trouble, “if he enjoys getting off looking at me then who am I to feel badly.” “Well,” Larry closed the photo album and was about to put it back on the high shelf where he kept it. Before he could finish his sentence Tina interrupted, “I’ll take that now.” Tina took it from him and quickly opened it and turned to the pages with the other husband’s photos. “I’m going to look at this for a few minutes and while I do I want you to go to the bedroom and change into the things that I put on our bed for you.” Tina didn't even look up from the photo album as Larry, obediently, turned and went through the door. ‘Damn,’ Tina thought to herself as she looked at the pictures of Dave, ‘he was pretty darn hot,’ she remembered again the weeks that the two couples had cybered and exchanged these pictures and it was turning her on, ‘what a gorgeous cock,’ Tina then remembered that she now had one herself and couldn't resist reaching down and rubbing that bulge through her skirt and panties, “mmm…”, she now spoke out loud as she felt her cock fucking her own vagina. Tina enjoyed a few more minutes but then figured that Larry had been given enough time to be ready for her. She put the album up on the shelf where Larry had kept it, made a mental note to come back out there when Larry wasn't home, and strolled slowly back to the house, feeling the movements that her walking created in her underwear. “Didn't you want me to shave first?” Larry looked very uncomfortable about standing there with a satin slip over his panties and bra. “I did,” Tina sounded confident and in control, “but I changed my mind when I thought about how the stubble would feel,” she made it obvious that she was looking him up and down, “besides, your blonde body hair is soft,” she stepped back a step, “turn around and show me your ass.” Larry turned and, when he did, Tina saw that his ass was gorgeous in that slip that fit just snug enough that she could see the panties through it. She was drawn to it and she couldn't resist stepping in and pulling him back into her. Tina felt his ass and, when they made contact, the pressure of her pelvis against his ass caused the Feeldoe to push more deeply inside of her. Larry felt the cock against his ass the moment contact was made. After a second of surprise, Larry pushed his ass back against it. As he pushed back, he felt Tina hunch forward and the two were quickly dry humping each other. Tina kissed Larry’s bare shoulders and reached her arms around him and felt of his breasts through the thin fabric of the slip and the sheer cups of the bra. She could actually feel his nipples getting hard through the fabric and wondered why she’d never noticed how large and firm his nipples could be when he was aroused, and she knew that he, and she too, were very aroused. Tina continued her humping Larry’s ass and she rose one arm to allow her hand to slip down inside of his slip and bra and she began working his nipple the way she knew she enjoyed her own nipples manipulated. Larry wanted to go to the next level so badly but he was enjoying this level too much to leave. Tina was in no hurry and simply savored every feel with her hands and every thrust of her pelvis that worked her cock in and out of her vagina. Larry finally began losing his ability to stand and leaned over and put his hands on the side of the bed for support. Tina could now really see his ass with the bulge of her cock pushing against it. She glance up and saw them in the mirror and realized that they looked much sexier than she’d ever imagined it would be. “Turn around and sit on the bed,” Tina spoke with authority as she slipped her skirt and shirt off, “and take off your slip now,” Tina added as she slipped her bra off, “Now suck my tits.” Tina held them out to Larry after he’d gotten the slip off and was now only in his new bra and panties. Larry leaned forward and took one, then the other, into his mouth. Tina slipped her own hands down into Larry’s bra and began playing with his nipples and using her manipulations to let him know what to do to hers. After several minutes of this she leaned down and, pulling his bra cups down, used her mouth to give his nipples the pleasure that her nipples had received from his mouth before. “Are you ready to be fucked now,” Tina was really telling as much as asking and she walked to the dresser and got out the lube as she spoke, “no, keep them on.” Tina ordered when she saw that Larry was about to take his panties off. “I want a blow job first though,” Tina had second thoughts and stood in front of Larry with the lube still in her hand, “take out my cock and suck it good for me.” Larry didn't hesitate and when he pulled her panties down he was introduced to a cock that fit his tall wife perfectly. When he grabbed it he noticed that she flinched and when he took it in his mouth she flinched again. He had no idea that a strap-on cock would make a woman flinch like that but he loved it and began sucking in unison with her movements. Tina couldn't believe how wonderful it felt and knew that she would be able to orgasm with just the blow job. But she wasn't ready yet for her orgasm. She wanted her first orgasm today to be from fucking her husband. “Turn around now and get on your hands and knees.” Tina didn't need to repeat and Larry did as she asked. Tina pulled Larry’s panties down just enough to allow her to squeeze some of the lube into the crack of his bubble butt. She worked it around and then, when she worked it into his anus with her finger, she fingered him a few times with one, then two of her delicate fingers. When Larry was hunching back against her finger-fucking him, Tina squeezed more lube onto her own cock and worked it all over by jacking herself off. It felt so good but she was ready to do something that she’d been wanting to do since they first met. She guided her cock to the top of his butt crack and let it slowly slide down until it was in a direct line to enter him. She thought about, and wanted to, thrust one long, fast, time and simply impale him but she feared it might hurt him so she only went in an inch or two before pulling back and waiting a moment. She did this two times and was about to repeat a third when Larry pushed back and took all of her in. Tina now lost it and began fucking Larry with moves she’d never used before. She wasn't that good yet but she planned on becoming an expert in the future. It simply felt better than anything she’d ever felt. “Quick, turn over,” Tina pulled out and was trying to turn her husband over herself, “I want to do you missionary so we can kiss.” As Larry turned to lay on his back, Tina took the moment to put more lube on her cock. “Raise you legs up,” Tina instructed and then put more lube on Larry’s ass, “spread them baby!” Tina smiled and crawled up and onto her husband and, as her body slid forward, she guided her cock back into it’s desired location. Tina loved the feel of her cock fucking her husband but she was suddenly aware of another feeling she’d never experienced. She felt the silky softness of his bra against her hard nipples and it really felt good too. Each time Tina thrust in, Larry thrust back up. Their mouths met and the two were devouring each other in a way they’d never known possible in the fifteen years they’d been having sex. Tina could feel her own cock inside of herself and inside of her husband and she could now feel his huge clitoris against her belly. She had no idea how long they’d been kissing and fucking but she knew exactly when her climax arrived because she almost thought that she had more than a little death and had, actually this time, died. Larry felt the first orgasms that he’d ever experienced and was surprised how he could have more than one and still want more. Then the multiple orgasms came closer together and he knew that his ejaculation was soon to come. Tina felt the numerous shutters as she continued to fuck her husband even after her own pleasures had been satisfied and then she was elated, if almost relieved, when she felt his clitoris squirting violently onto her stomach between them. How long they’d remained in that position with her cock still inside her husband, neither knew or cared. But they finally realized they needed to move, if they were ever going to be able to again. “Are you sore?” Tina asked politely as she raised up and pulled her cock out of him. “Maybe,” Larry grinned and kissed Tina quickly on the lips before she was too far away, “but in a good way.”
  9. Dom&sub1655

    Pegging My Man

    My hubby and I have been completely honest and open with each other from day 1 about our needs/wants/fantasies... One afternoon while I was playing with myself, he showed me a video of him getting railed by another man. I HAVE to say, while I watched he slipped his cock into my soaked pussy, and I came within seconds. He asked me how I felt after seeing that video and I told him I wanted to fuck the shit out of him just like that. So, we jumped into the car and hauled ass to the nearest porn store. We looked at a few strap-on's, and I found one I liked. The whole way home I had my pants to my ankles and was slipping the piece in and out of my pussy to get it nice and wet for what I was about to do to his ass... We got home, and I immediately laid him down on the couch and started licking his tight little hole, sliding my fingers in and out, prepping him while I continued to fuck myself with that long, thick cock we just bought. I began playing with the head of it against his ass and pushing it in until he loosened up. Then I got to work. I got in the harness and turned the vibration and pulse on against my soaked, anticipating clit and slid it deep in his ass. Hearing him moan and feeling him grind his ass against me and my new toy lit a fire inside of me and I started thrusting it deep inside his tight little ass... he was mine to do whatever I wished. I fucked him. HARD. I gathered all the adrenaline inside of me and pounded his hole while he grunted and moaned. I pushed his legs to his ears and while he told me how good I was at fucking him. I bent him over the couch and turned up the pulse on my piece. He was fucking LOVING it! When I was about to come again, I flipped him back over, held his legs in the air, and watched his cock spray hot cum all over his stomach. I pulled it out and slipped it off while licking his creamy cum off his cock. I bent over 69 and sucked the rest of it out while he licked and sucked and nibbles on my clit and pussy. Then he picked up the still pulsing piece off the floor and shoved it deep in my ass and licked my cunt until I came. We laid down next to each other when it was all over and decided that next time, we’d have a friend over to play with us. Still waiting on our playmate but I’ve taken his ass multiple times since and got it ready for when that day comes... literally. ? ?
  10. So Miss T as introduced me to Pegging... Never in a thousand years thought we would ever consider this. First it was a little ass play, a finger here 2 fingers there. Next came the plug and it just grew from there to an 8" strap-on. Hard to explain the feeling of her fucking my ass and jerking or sucking me off, but it is mind blowing. Never have I cum so hard in my life not just once, but time after time. She loves anal as much as I like to give it to her, now we both know that incredible feeling... Have you?
  11. Do any guys like to have vibrators on their nuts or vibrations of some sort? How many men have taken a finger in the ole' poop chute while you and your wife were in a heated sex moment and liked it? Do you like it done on a regular basis? Women, do you like doing it?
  12. what is the best postion for a males 1st time being a bottom?
  13. How many of you guys out there enjoy anal sex from a woman with a strap on? Kind of like roll reversal, I really enjoy when I strap one on and do my husband while he's getting sucked off by another man. What's your opinion?
  14. I splurged on a bunch of sex toys last night and I'm waiting for them to arrive. The one I'm looking most forward to is the prostate and perenium massager with a cock and ball harness. Has anyone ever used one? If so, what was it like? Something tells me I'm going to sleep with it on and wear it all day and cum a lot. This is what it looks like except the butt plug is curved to make contact with my prostate.
  15. Here's a question that I have for the ladies, have you ever been asked by your husband (boyfriends too..) to use a strap-on with them. Let me tell you a small story, my man uses anal toys either with me or alone. I actually enjoy using them with him, I love to see him moan with delight, and believe me he does with or with out me. Well one day he asked if I would be interested in using a strap-on with him, WOW did that blow me away I was shocked, confused and everything else you can imagine. Thinking to myself is he bi or even gay, I was beside myself. Well to make a long story shorter we talked about it and he convinced me he wasn't gay or bi. I really knew he wasn't but I was taken back for a short time. He explained that when he puts anal toys up his butt it gives him a fantastic feeling, so I listened. I decided that he did things to please me such as letting me play with other guys and fuck around with them. I have also heard of this before but never thought my guy would like it but then again I never thought we would enjoy fucking other people in front of each other. Another thing I let other women kiss me, lick my tits and pussy so I guess I owe it to him. So moving on, he got a strap-on that he liked, we played with it then I finally put it on and he went into the doggie position, as I slowly inserted it, he let out this enormous groan,"Oh..my...god" he said. This was kinda neat for me to as I was getting horny doing this and watching him. Well,finally he got on top of me the way I like it best and he started riding that dildo like there was no tomorrow, then he started to stroke his cock and moan louder finally,READY, he let go a load of cum that literally shot over my head and hit the headboard as some slowly ran down my stomach. So let me tell you wives, this was awesome for both of us, if he suggests this hey give it a try, we do this now about 2-3 times a month (if he's good). You'll probably never see a grown man moan like that again.
  16. I was reading this thread: Must be Bi-Male Month and ran across this comment: I let it roll around in my head for awhile, trying to imagine what legal activity (I emphasize legal, because I'm not talking about things like Tijuana donkey shows ) would make us find a new club. Over the years, I've seen a lot of things, including guys taking it up the ass (their wives/girlfriends were pegging them, mostly), blood play (yay for plastic sheeting) and fisting (I recommend Black Dragon gloves for those without latex allergies). There are certainly things I don't even like to watch (yes, DP, I'm talking about you) and specific fetishes that I'm squeamish about, but I can't think of anything that would have us packing up and moving on to another club. I don't think that's being overly tolerant or anything, but I do wonder. What could other people do sexually that would make you leave a club and never go back?
  17. A recent post made me wonder... ...if you are a male, do you enjoy having some kind of anal stimulation? Maybe just during oral/manual sex? Do you like being on the receiving end of rimming? And what is it about being stimulated down there that you enjoy? Please don't be shy! I think a lot of men might be put at ease to hear that other men find this same thing arousing.
  18. My hubby is probably going to get me for this...lol...but he likes my vibrator. Not anally, but he likes to rub it around his genitals, the vibrations feel good to him.
  19. Ok... for those who're experimenting with any type of anal-play Are any of y'all familiar with the vagus nerve? And possibly triggering this thru anal stimuli? I certainly didn't & scared the heck out of myself (and my partner) last night. Here's the situation: I was getting a blowjob in the shower from my gal-friend... (I was standing up & she was kneeled down in front of me with the shower-head playing a nice steady beat upon my shoulders) ... very pleasant and she was playing around with my ass seeing if she could stimulate my prostate. (Not sure exactly how far she got...) But I suddenly got this crazy head-rush and nearly blacked out... my vision started tunneling and my hearing just fuzzed to nearly nothing. I couldn't feel my legs (or just about any other part of my body) so I threw my arms up to brace myself and keep from falling over. She immediately stopped and asked if I was ok... (I *thought* I answered immediately - but given my state of mind, I don't know exactly what I said) ...I knelt down and started to feel a bit better - we stumbled out of the shower and she had me lay on the bed for a while. It took several minutes before I fully regained my senses and everything felt "okay" again Nearly blacking out tends to throw everyone out of the mood ... so we just lay there for a bit. I was very concerned because I'd had experienced similar stimuli in the past without any ill effects (laying down in a bed or such) ... so this was VERY strange & upsetting to me. But this was also the second time such a near blackout has happened to me - I had a similar experience in the shower with a different gal-friend five or six years ago (but thought that was merely because I was much less experienced with any type of anal stimuli back then) My friends tell me it's relatively "normal" if the vagus nerve gets triggered -- This was probably also made worse by the hot shower - which pulled blood from my body core out to the extremities & my skin surface. And the fact that I was standing up - which means my heart was working harder to bring the blood back up from my legs & stuff. And my state of sexual excitement which had blood going to my genitals. (I know, right?? Here I was thinking that this was just a JOKE and couldn't really happen!!) -- my heart rate probably dropped and I couldn't get enough blood into my brain at that moment. Nice to know I can *still* learn something new, eh??
  20. I would really like to hear from everyone who has experienced similar results. I’d like to know has anyone else seen, be around, gone through, or experienced these massive multiple orgasms from any men they know? What’s up with it? Please give your account. Also can anyone explain medically or physically? Are they orgasms, or what are they? Are they like ours (females)? Mine personally are different when achieved from anal. Do/Can men only have these from anal sex or can they have it from regular sex? If so how? It has been the most incredible experience for the both of us and why we are both so addicted to it. He has never gotten this much satisfaction from anything else we have ever done and it has gotten better over time (hee hee I’ve gotten pretty good at it). I would love some good informational feedback from others.
  21. Wives would your enjoy to fuck your man in the ass with a strap-on and would you enjoy watching another woman fuck your man in the ass with a strap-on. Really wouldn't you enjoy once being the one in charge the one doing the fucking. (Trust me men you will enjoy it.)
  22. Guys, ever take one? Did you like it? Girls, ever used one on a guy? Did you like it? Tell about your experiences . I've used them and I love them! My girl loves fucking me with them. I would certainly recommend them to all!
  23. My question is how would you feel if your man asked you to use a strap-on dildo on him? My wife and I have good sex and it seems to be getting better with age; we are in our 40's. I have always enjoyed anal stimulation and she sometimes she will insert a finger or two into my rectum while giving me oral sex and this drives me out of my mind. She is not into anal sex (we tried a couple of times) and I respect her wishes and would not push anything that she is not comfortable with but I really can't stop thinking about a women using a strap-on dildo on me. I am not Bi, just that area has a lot of feeling for me and I am afraid if I would ask her to do this she will think I am over the edge. I hope to experience this form of sex play sometime soon. I am open to suggestions.
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