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  1. Wendans

    My Wife's 2nd BBC

    My fantasy has always been to watch my wife get fucked by another man. We have been with another woman before which is a whole story in itself that I’ll tell you about later. One night several years ago my wife and I had gone to a club. Not your ordinary club, but a good club for swingers and singles. The night had started out rather slow and we were not finding any action that I had hoped. My wife knows what she wants and that is what we go with. And that night we found what she wanted and it was such a great experience she knew she wanted to do it again. She had gotten fucked by a black guy and she had enjoyed it. So, when we got the chance, she wanted to try it again. Being at a swinger’s club isn’t really her thing, but fucking in front of people or listening to them fuck is a big turn-on for her. Since we don’t live close to any swingers’ clubs or anything of that nature, we don’t get many opportunities to do anything like this. A couple of years ago we got a chance to go to another club. Yes, one of those clubs. We were looking for a little fun and hoping to find something as good as the last time we were out. We talked to many people as the night went on and my wife was trying to figure out what we were going to be doing to have fun that night. There was a hot blonde that was interested in us and kept on grabbing my cock which my wife was loving because this was getting her going. My wife and I decided that this was not what we had in mind for tonight, so we just kind of let that slide and we went on to pursue something else. She said she would know it when she saw it. My wife had put a couple of drinks down and was feeling pretty good now. She was a little more daring and said she wanted to go change outfits like she did when we had been to a club previously. We had brought the very same sexy outfit that was see through, so she went and changed into it. When she came back out, there was not one guy's eyes on anyone but her. Even the women were looking on in awe. She is a beautiful woman that knows how to control a room. One guy came up to me and told me he was jealous. He said he would do anything to get to fuck my wife, but she just didn’t feel right with him, I guess. As we were standing around, in came this well-built younger black guy and I think she almost came right there. The look on her face was almost mind blowing. She got this horny grin and told me she was ready to start our night. As he walked by her, she gave him this dirty smile and took her hand and rubbed down by her cunt. He stopped walking and came over to her and asked if he could help her with anything. She just smiled and said that I think you already know what you can do. They danced around a little bit, but I could tell she couldn’t take it anymore, so she quickly unzipped his pants and took out his cock and grabbed it and lead him into another room like a dog on a leash. I stayed back a couple of minutes to give them some time to get to know each other. When I did finally get to the other room, they had already undressed and she was sucking his cock. It was larger than mine. Not much longer, but thicker. I could tell she liked it. My wife had picked a room where people would be able to watch if they wanted to. I stayed back in the wings and was kind of hidden so she really didn’t know I was even there. As I watched my wife in action, I could tell she was enjoying every second of this guy’s cock. She was sucking it like there was no tomorrow. Now it was his turn to return the favor. He got his face down to her pussy and started licking like it was candy. She was turning red and I could tell she was already about to cum. She was squirming and shaking and he was getting her cunt all ready for his big shaft. But before he fucked her, he now spread her legs out and started fingering her pussy to the point that she started squirting fluids all over the sheet they were laying on. It was like the flood gates had opened up and all the juices were flowing. She finally had all she could take because I’m sure she had cum multiple times already and I could tell she just wanted to have him inside her. I heard her say to give me your big, black cock. He asked her if she wanted him to put on a condom and she told him no, she wanted to feel him inside her cunt. He took her and spread her legs wide and slowly inserted his bbc into her tight cunt. She told him to go slowly because she said it was so big that she needed to get used to it. After several minutes of the slow movement, she said she needed him to fuck her harder so he started to go full penetration into her dripping wet cunt. She was telling him how good his cock felt, and how she loved fucking him. They switched positions multiple times with her sitting on top of his cock and riding him like she has never ridden before. My wife took his whole cock inside of her as deeply as she could, rubbing back and forth and cumming time and time again. They finally switched back to missionary style and were fucking hard when I heard her say to him, she wanted him to cum in her pussy. She said she wanted to feel his cum drip out of her pussy all night long. When he heard her say that, he started to pick up the pace and finally started moaning and said he was about to cum. My wife was now cumming herself and as he shot his load inside of her, she started squirming and shaking with every pulse of his exploding cock. Her body was red from all of her orgasms, and I could tell she was getting worn out. They had gone for almost 40 minutes of nonstop action. Not to mention that all the other people that had gathered around to watch started going to other parts of the place as they had gotten a show that they would remember forever. When he pulled his now soft cock out of my wife, I could see the cum dripping down her ass. She was getting what she wanted, I guess. She would be able to feel his cum dripping out of her the rest of the night. But I didn’t realize that she was not done yet. She wanted more. My wife took his cock and started sucking on it again. I guess he was young enough that almost instantly he got hard and she took his cock and guided it into her cunt and said she needed more of his cum. He fucked her for another 10 minutes until he exploded with more cum inside my wife’s pussy again. Again, as I watched the cum drip down her ass, she was getting what she wanted. She was going to feel this the rest of the night. They both started cleaning up a little and I slowly came out of the crowd that had gathered. She saw me and gave me that dirty little smile she sometimes gets. My wife asked me if I had enjoyed her show. She said she needed to have a little more cum in her pussy tonight and she now wanted mine. Her new little friend just kind of sat back in the corner and decided to watch us. I knew I wouldn’t last long because I had almost cum multiple times just watching her. With some of the crowd still watching I got undressed, and slid my wet with pre-cum cock into my wife’s cum-loaded pussy. I fucked her until she started cumming. Her cunt convulsed so hard that it squeezed my cock and made me start to cum. I came in her pussy, mixing my cum with my wife’s new fuck buddies cum. I pulled my cock out and watched it all slowly slide down her ass. She got up and went over to our young fuck buddy and she gave him a long passionate kiss and said thank you for such a great time. He gave her one last little finger fucking and handed her a card of his if we were ever in the area again. He left after he got dressed and we got cleaned up and went out to the main room. I had multiple people including women and even the bartender say that my wife was one of the women they would like to fuck if they ever got a chance after seeing her in action. I guess I’m the lucky one here. Later that night when we were driving to our resort, she slipped her hand down pants and put her fingers in her pussy. She brought them out and rubbed them on my face. She smiled and said we gotta do this again sometime as we pulled into the parking lot to call it a night. And what a night it was.
  2. I wanted her to experience a cock bigger than mine. I searched on the internet for guys who bragged about how big their cocks were and how they would give my wife an experience she could never get with me. I wasn't looking to be humiliated. I just wanted her to experience a big cock. After many back and forth e-mails, and a picture of his very long, thick cock, I thought I found someone I/we could get along with. (She left it up to me to make arrangements.) I never told her how big his cock was. I wanted her to be surprised. I never told her I was looking for someone with a big cock. She had no idea when the three of us met in a bar. We weren't expecting anything to happen on our "first date" but we all got along so good that we all went back to our motel room. I'll always remember the look on her face when, as she lay naked on her back waiting for him, she saw his cock for the first time. He was proud of posing in front of her. She looked over at me with an almost frightened look on her face. I just smiled at her and watched. She gasped as he began to penetrate her and had an "Oh my God!" moment. It was awesome to watch her reactions getting fucked by him. It was an experience I'll never forget She LOVED! it and wanted to get fucked by him again. She had an orgasm with him the second time he fucked her. She never had an orgasm with me from just fucking. We had many awesome experiences together She loved feeling his cock in her and the way he fucked her but he had an asshole personality. His personality changed the more times he fucked her. I could tell how much he loved making her squirm and cum as he looked down on her underneath him. He started calling her "bitch" as he fucked her and began to disrespect me in front of her. She loved me for letting her experience another guy but she didn't like it when he disrespected me. We were a team. I could tell she missed getting fucked by a big cock but she was happy she wasn't getting fucked by that asshole again. I'm looking for another big cock to replace him. I wonder if she'll do a black guy? Surprise!
  3. This all started around forty years ago when my wife Beth and I had dated for a few years then married. It wasn't long after we married that I introduced her to her first big realistic porn star dildo. When she first saw it she laughed and said, "That'll never fit in my pussy, are you nuts?!" But she agreed to trying and found not only did it fit but she really enjoyed it. She was amazed by how much she enjoyed it. So much so that she requested I use it on her quite a lot. She also discovered she enjoyed big cock porn, she was fascinated by it. Soon was I combining using a huge dildo on her at the same time she watched big cock porn, this led her to experience huge orgasms. She couldn't get enough. She was finally exploring her sexuality and expanding her outlook on sexual pleasure. One night after some really hot sex I questioned her if she ever fantasized about fucking other men, especially well-hung men. She responded that of course she did, stated that most women had this fantasy, and she believed it was quite common. So I pursued it further and asked her if she wanted to try another man's cock and how much did she really desire to do it? She said that it sounded exciting and fun but she would never do anything to endanger our marriage. I said, "What if I told you that I wanted to watch you have sex with another man, one that had a really big cock. Would you then consider it?" She laughed and said she'd be game if it was something I was serious about and really wanted her to do. She said, "Come on, let's be real. It's exciting and fun to imagine it, but to really do it? Please! That's a major game changer." So I said, "I'm very serious. I've watched the way you enjoy the dildos especially while watching big cock videos. It turns me on big time seeing how excited you get and how many times you climax from doing these two things at the same time. I want to watch you do it for real. No BS, just watching you getting slammed by a big cock would be a huge turn-on for me. So what do you really think now that you know that I'm serious and am giving you this opportunity?" I could see her giving it some serious thought, she didn't get mad or upset at me or the idea, no resistance whatsoever to my request. The more she considered the idea the more it appeared to me that she was very intrigued with the idea and it excited her. She started asking all kinds of questions, like wouldn't I be jealous, or think the worst of her, or what if she really enjoyed it and wanted more or didn't feel comfortable screwing another man, then what? Were there any rules and what were the consequences? Was I absolutely sure that I really wanted her to do this, because once done there was no going back! After she finished asking everything she had concerns about I answered all her questions and we talked about the rules/boundaries we would have in place to keep it fun and exciting without any reservations or guilt. This was to make sure she fully understood my concerns and alleviate all of hers as well. It seemed she came to a decision at which point she smiled and enthusiastically said yes, she'd do it! Did I have someone special in mind she wondered? She said she had to agree to my choices for her sexual escapades or it wasn't gonna happen. I then informed her I was thinking of Bruce. Beth squealed with glee, she admitted she has had fantasies about Bruce for some time now and I couldn't have picked a better choice for her first time. She would absolutely love to fuck Bruce. She said she was getting wet thinking about sex with him. A few days later I met up with Bruce for an after work drink. As we enjoyed several drinks we talked a lot. Soon I steered the conversation towards my wife Beth. I asked Bruce to be honest and tell me what he thought about Beth. He admitted he thought Beth was smokin' hot. She had a killer body and was just gorgeous, always was friendly, and liked flirting with him when they were together. I asked him if he' ever had the chance would he consider having sex with her? He looked a bit concerned by my question but answered yes, he wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of such an opportunity. So I told him that Beth really wanted to have sex with him, and that I was okay with them hooking up. I explained that was my kink watching her get fucked by other men, it really turned me on. Bruce considered it for several minutes then said okay sure, he'd love to fuck Beth. Just give him the details when we're ready to make it happen. When I got home I told Beth about my conversation with Bruce and what he said. She looked startled and said she couldn't believe I did that. So I asked her if what I did was so wrong and did she still want to go through with it? She excitedly said Oh hell yes she did, and no I wasn't wrong! So we made plans and set a date for Beth's first cock. The night arrived finding Beth both excited and hot with anticipation. She was dressed to kill showing off her sexy body wearing no underwear. When Bruce knocked on the door I answered it and escorted him into our house. Beth entered the living room and gave Bruce a big hug pressing her chest and pelvis into him and then kissed him on the lips. Bruce kissed her back and he sat down pulling her on to his lap. Nether one of them wasted any time, tongues going everywhere, hands exploring and groping each other, clothes coming off. Soon they were both naked and Beth got a pleasant surprise, Bruce was very well hung. She giggled with delight. Beth took Bruce's hand and led him to our bed. She pushed him down on the bed and went to work on Bruce's big cock giving him an enthusiastic blow job. After a while Bruce flipped Beth on her back and went to work on her pussy and clit. Beth orgasmed in minutes, fully enjoying Bruce's skilled tongue. I stood in the background watching the show. Soon Bruce moved into position between Beth's legs. As he rubbed his cock against Beth's open pussy and clit she responded with loud moans and started pressing her pussy against Bruce's cock. As he slid his huge cock into Beth's pussy she had a big climax. As he went deeper he increased his speed and Beth climaxed again. She was enthralled with his big cock pumping her pussy, she was moving her hips and swearing, telling him his cock felt so good. She looked over at me and said she loved how good his big cock felt inside her. She told Bruce to stretch her pussy good, to fuck her hard. She was in sexual ecstasy, a place she'd never been before. Her facial expressions showed pure bliss and the sounds she was making were hot as hell. I never seen her so turned on, she must of had a dozen orgasms, many of which were huge. They fucked each other hard for a good twenty minutes then Bruce erupted into Beth's pussy, filling her with his cum. This gave Beth another climax. Afterwards he laid on Beth for a minute then rolled off her. He'd destroyed her pussy, it gaped open with his cum dripping out of her. They kissed and he got up to dress while Beth laid there spent. She looked at me and smiled big time. She said, "Your turn!", so I took sloppy seconds and enjoyed it beyond belief. Bruce watched us have sex then commented that watching real sex was so much hotter than any porno ever could be. He understood my enjoyment of watching my wife fuck other men. He said he'd like to do it again and Beth was all for it. So they made plans to hook up again. Then Bruce left. Beth and I talked about how well things went, and how she wasn't prepared for how much she enjoyed his big cock. It was mind boggling! She thanked me profusely for asking her to do this, the opportunity to experience such awesome sex. She says she'll never be the same again and is looking forward to more big cock sex. So our new lifestyle began.
  4. When my wife and I first started in the lifestyle, we had some hard rules. One of which was no solo playing. Six months and three BBC adventures later, she decided that the “no solo” play rule was nonsense and asked, more like begged, to be able to play alone five miles away. She was off for summer break. Since I was working 30 miles away and she was home alone all day, I relented. About a week later, I came home from work and she was waiting for me in stilettos and a flowing summer dress sans underwear. The dress was a halter type with a slit all the way past her thigh. She also had the tell-tale twinkle in her eye that she usually gets after she climaxes. Since she usually wears jeans and t-shirts during the day, I knew something was up. She had a cocktail already made for me and an appetizer tray. I was impressed. She led me to the living room sofa and when she sat down, her dress fell open and I could clearly see her bare pussy and one of her nipples. Now I knew something great was about to happen. I asked her how her day went and what was the reason for the seduction. She then said, “I had a great day!” Then she proceeded to tell me in detail what happened. Her BBC friend DJ came by on his tri-wheeled motorcycle to take her for a ride. She was wearing a very short maroon skirt with a yellow sheer top. She had a g-string but no bra. She was not expecting a motorcycle ride. He handed her a helmet and off they went. Since she was in a short skirt, her pussy rubbed directly on the seat as they cruised. The g-string enhanced he friction from the motorcycle vibration on the seat. She nearly came from the ride itself. After they returned to the house, she invited DJ in for some refreshments. Refreshments were quickly consumed and she led him to the bedroom where he helped her remove blouse and skirt. As she dropped her g-string, her pussy stains were quite evident. My wife is usually not very submissive. But for some reason, she enjoys when DJ dominates her and she tries things with him she never lets me or anybody else do. DJ is a former football player with a very muscular physique. His cock is rather short for a black man, only about 5.5 inches long. The girth of his cock however is unbelievable. When he is flaccid, the circumference of his cock is close to the size of a Red Bull drink can. When he is erect, he is almost as round as a beer can. Since he is so wide, he easily hits her g-spot on every thrust which makes her cum in great quantities. After he finished cumming in her pussy, they took a short rest to recover and replenish fluids. As they were laying in each other’s arms, he made my wife get into a kneeling position and open her mouth. He then grabbed her head and started to push his cock into her mouth which was no easy feat given his size. Unbelievable to her, she actually took most of his cock in her mouth and sucked him until he came down her throat. Something she refuse to let me do. Next, he made her lay on her stomach with a pillow under her waist. He then proceeded to flog her ass, thighs, and cunt lips with a leather flog. She always said she didn’t care for BDSM activities but here she was, laying on her stomach with a cum load in her pussy, one in her belly, getting her genitals flogged by a stranger. The more he flogged her cunt, the more she squirmed and moaned until she actually orgasmed. She then felt cool coconut oil being rubbed on and in her sphincter. She told me him was too big but he didn’t listen. He then grabbed her by the hips and pushed his beer can cock into her ass. After an initial painful gasp, she finally became accustomed to his cock in her ass and actually started fucking him. When she grants me the rare opportunity to fuck her ass, she begs me to go fast so I cum quickly and finish. Given DJ had already cum twice, there was no rushing him. He pounded her ass for at 10 or more minutes until he came the third time. As she lay exhausted, DJ dressed and kissed her goodbye. I came home about an hour later. As she related her experiences that day she noticed I was visibly aroused and decided it was my turn to have fun. We went into the bedroom and I started to licking her all over. While the shower she took after DJ left cleaned out her pussy, it didn't quite get all of his cum out of her ass. I tasted another man’s cum for the first time in my life. For some reason, she now enjoys an occasional flogging and ass fucking from me.
  5. Maturecouple1122

    OMG He's Huge!

    This is a true story as best as I can remember. I usually let my husband select my lovers as he does all of the online dating applications work for us. I look forward to receiving a text from him while I am at work saying “he has a surprise for me.” I know what that means. What I don’t know is who, or what race, or sex my lover will be. Will my lover be white, black, Hispanic, male or female? One Thursday afternoon I received such a text. He also told me to make sure I had extra towels as I was going to need them. What ever for I wondered? I returned home anxious for my evening to begin. I ate a light dinner then went to our master bathroom to prepare. I showered, shaved, dried my hair, and applied my make-up. As always, I used a deep ruby red lipstick and put lots on. I selected a very short purple skirt, a black see-thru blouse, and 4-inch pumps. As usual, sans underwear. My husband enjoys it when I wear super short skirts and heels as he can see my ass cheeks as I walk. I grabbed a glass of wine and hiked myself up onto our breakfast bar stool to wait. Shortly, the doorbell rang. My husband answered the door and escorted a distinguished-looking black gentleman, named Vince, into our kitchen. He was about 6 foot tall and extremely buff. He asked for a glass of wine which my husband provide as I escorted him to our living room. As I sat on the sofa, my skirt rode all the up my thighs and you could see my pussy lips from the right angle. We chatted for about 5 minutes then Vince put his wine glass down and reached over to kiss me. Simultaneously, he slid his hand under my skirt and started rubbing my cunt. His other hand reached for my breasts. I asked him to take me to the bedroom and told my husband, “I want to be alone with him please.” Sometimes I like my husband present to snap pictures and take videos. Other times I don’t want to be distracted. More importantly, I didn’t want Vince distracted so he could pretty much do as he pleased or I could do as I wished. In no time at all I was stark naked except for my heels. As I sat on the edge of the bed, Vince got on his knees and started lapping my cunt. I melted. He then pushed back onto the bed and disrobed. Oh my fucking God. He didn’t have a cock, he had a baseball bat! He grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. I felt his cock start to twitch then my mouth was flooded with his cum. How I managed to swallow all of it surprised me. We took a short break, had some more wine, then he laid me on my back and started to mount me. I usually required a lot of stimulation to squirt and my husband uses a special curved toy to make me squirt. Not this time! Vince placed the head of his 10-inch cock at my cunt entrance and pushed it completely in. Yes, I yelped, because he was thick and he bumped my cervix. After he sank his cock balls deep into me, he started thrusting fast then slow then fast again. Every time he slowed down and pulled back, I sprayed lady cum all over me and him. This went on for quite a while. He then told me to roll over. He reinserted his cock into my cunt then pulled it out and started to slide it into my asshole. I tried to stop him but I couldn’t. I yelped in pain when I noticed my husband was now in the room. Instead of stopping him, he said, “Here, use this," and handed Vince a bottle silicone lube. I said, “Please, go easy.” Vince went slow for a while and then at my husband’s urging, he quickened his pace and sunk his cock balls deep in my ass. There was very little I could do so I relaxed as much as possible and let him ride my ass until he finally came. When he finished cumming, Vince went into the bathroom to clean up. I was worn out and a complete cum mess. As he dressed, he kissed me tenderly and said he hoped to see me again. I said, “Of course!” After Vince left, my husband asked me how it was. I said it had to the be hardest most violent fuck I ever had. When he asked me if I wanted him back, I said, “Of course. He just needs to slow down on my ass.” My husband then kissed me and asked me if I cried because I tasted like salt. I said, “No my dear, those are tears of joy and a little of his semen.” I then went to take another shower.
  6. J and I have been married for 41 years. Our sex life has been up and down for many years due to jobs, children, grandchildren, and life in general. We were married 39 years when she finally agreed to consider swinging and having sex with other people. After our first encounter with another couple, she realized she really enjoyed the alternative lifestyle and almost overnight became a sex machine. People called her insatiable. One of her new fantasies was to see to be pleased by a big black cock. I finally found a way to make this happen and here is how it played out. J has blond hair, blue eyes, stands around 5'9" tall and wears a size 18 after having two kids. She has a very nice ass, with extraordinarily sensitive nipples. Everybody she meets lusts after her. She is very self-conscious though and doesn't think she looks that good. Her many suitors think otherwise. One Friday afternoon while she was at work, I texted her and told her I had a surprise for her. When she arrived home, I told her to shower and shave and I would pick out her clothes. As she showered, I laid out a very short black skirt, yellow semi-sheer top, and 4-inch heels. No underwear! As we traveled to a town about 15 miles away, I told her I arranged a sensual massage for her from a black man at his apartment. She was nervously excited. When we arrived at his apartment complex, we had to climb two flights of outside stairs to his second-floor apartment. She had some difficulty with her heels so I stayed right behind her to ensure she didn’t fall. It also gave me the opportunity to look up and see her beautiful bald pussy as the skirt was quite short. Her skirt was so short, she was unable to cross her legs when she sat as it would ride up to her waist. She looked back to me with a smirk on her face and said, “Enjoying the view?” We knocked on the door and a tall, black, young man named Christopher answered wearing scrubs. He was her masseur for the evening. We sat on his sofa and chatted for a while we discussed the massage session. He told her that she would be receiving a full body massage and he hoped that she would enjoy it. When J excused herself to the bathroom, I told Christopher the expectations. I explained to him her fantasy and told him she would want a superior therapeutic massage then when she was fully relaxed and aroused, he was free to do what he wanted with her within reason. I further explained I would be taking photos and videos. He agreed and handed me his camera and said, “Please take some for me.” J returned from the bathroom and Christopher showed her to his massage table and told her to get comfortable. She looked at me, I winked, then she disrobed. As she laid face down on the table, Christopher very quietly disrobed. I don’t think she knew he was now naked. His cock was at least 9 inches flaccid and bounced between his thighs as he moved around the table. He started by standing at the head of the table, bending over to stroke her back. As he reached to rub her ass cheeks, his cock touched her head. She now knew he was naked. He proceeded to massage her back, shoulders and neck for the next 30 minutes. The harder Christopher rubbed her the more relaxed she became. When he moved to her legs, he slowly moved his hands up and down, getting closer to her pussy each time. I could tell she was very relaxed now as she cooed softly. He then moved to her side and started rubbing her arm and leg simultaneously. His cock was laying on her arm. She then grabbed his cock with her hand and slowly started rubbing it and kissed the head. He then moved to her legs and spread them ever so slightly to be able to access her legs on both sides. He stroked her legs first on the back of her thighs and calves. He then moved inward to the inner thigh and stroked there for a while. Occasionally, his fingers would lightly brush her pussy lips and sphincter. She would gasp and moan lightly. He finished massaging her legs and feet and arms then bent over and started licking her pussy. She intuitively pulled her knees up under her to give him better access. He used this position to run his tongue over her vagina and asshole while fingering her clit. After he enjoyed her pussy and asshole, he asked her to flip over. After J turned onto her back, he again focused on her upper body. First, he worked on her shoulders and stomach. He started massaging her breasts from the outer skin where they meet her chest and started moving inward. He reached her areole on the first one and slowly started rubbing his big fingers around it. As he did this, her nipple started to harden even though he had not touched it yet. He did not touch that nipple yet and he moved to the other side doing the same thing. He brought both of her nipples to full attention. After they were standing up, he slowly dripped some oil on them and started rubbing them. You could see J's stomach twitching and her hip rise as he did this. He teased her nipples and lightly pinched them while tugging on them, turning her on even more. He then moved down to her legs. He started at her feet and worked his way up. As he moved his hand slowly to the inside of her legs, he would pull and slightly spread her legs apart from each other in the process. Pretty soon she had her legs spread wide enough to enable him to massage her thighs and see her full pussy at the same time. He worked on her thighs and in the process would lightly touch her pussy. After a short amount of time, he began rubbing her abdomen. He started where her vagina began and worked all around her hips. He slowly would move his fingers in between her legs where the leg met the pelvis and slide his fingers down to her asshole and back up lightly running his fingers over both her ass and pussy. She felt his bare cock next to her arm and reached over and to my surprise, took him into her mouth. Obviously, the therapeutic portion of the massage was over. She then grabbed his leg and had him position himself over her. They were now in the sixty-nine position and she had a massive black cock right above her lips. She reached up and grabbed his cock at the base and brought her head up to meet it with her lips. She slowly jacked his cock in and out of her mouth. I thought she would have a heart attack when she reached the tip and realized how big his cock was. Fully hard, he was over 10 and a half inches long and about 5 inches around. She never flinched. He was licking at her pussy and matching her every move when she slowly opened her mouth and proceeded to start licking the tip of his cock. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and motioned for him to position himself between her legs. His shaft was now positioned at the entrance of her wet and willing open cunt. He asked her if she was ready for it and she just smiled. Christopher slowly started to work the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her. He then slowly slid the head in and she grimaced a little due to the muscles being stretched. He took his time and let her adjust to his size. He proceeded to do this through the beginning slowly sliding his cock in little by little. Around 6 inches was in and she was starting to feel a mixture of pain and pleasure deep inside of her. He would move his cock in and out slowly to help her adjust to the size and depth he was going in her. At about 8 inches, he pulled back and pushed the rest of his cock deep into her until his balls slapped up against her ass. This sent pain through her whole abdomen but he stayed there and let her cervix adjust to the size. The pain started to fade and she felt more pleasure that she had never known before. His cock filled her completely up and she loved it. Soon, he whispered into her ear. They both got off the massage table and moved to his bed. She immediately laid on her back and placed her legs high in the air. Christopher donned a condom, climbed on her and thrusted into her in one motion. As he started thrusting in and out, J wrapped her legs around his back and interlocked her ankles. She was now feeling the pleasure of his movements and was working her hips to match him. His cock glistened in the light from the wetness she had. He was moving in and out of her and she was nearing orgasm two, which she has never done in a single session. He kept going and started to work his cock all the way out to the tip and then all the way in again. After about six full strokes like that, she came again. This time she started to squirt, something she never did during intercourse. Christopher’s bed was now soaked. He then stopped and rolled her onto her stomach and resumed fucking her from behind. You could see her cum running down her legs on the mattress. Soon he began to cum. When they were finished, J started to dress. Christopher helped her buckle her stilettos and as he did, he leaned in and kissed her vagina. She then whispered into his ear, “Next time I want you bareback. I regret not feeling your cum in me." He smiled ear to ear. As we made our way back to the car, she said, “I’m sure glad we have leather seats!I’m going to be leaking all the way home. What she didn’t know, was a guy was working on his car in the parking lot near our vehicle. Her skirt had ridden up while climbing down the stairs and then climbing up into our SUV. The guy got a good view of about everything to include her cum on the back of her thighs. J invited Christopher to our home many times after that first encounter. True to her word, she let him cum deep inside of her mouth and cunt each time.
  7. Maturecouple1122

    Her First BBC

    After 39 years of marriage, my wife finally agreed to let me establish a profile on SLS. Setting up the first experience was not easy as we did not know anyone in the lifestyle. I always fantasied about her getting fucked by a black man, and within a very short time on SLS, a well-built, highly-educated black man named Brandon answered our ad. I showed him my wife’s photos and he eagerly agreed to meet us at a local hotel after work one evening. I showed my wife Brandon's response and she nervously agreed to meet him after work on Friday. She never experienced a black man before yet alone somebody with a 13-inch cock. She was intrigued, excited and nervous all at the same time. My wife is no super model but she is 5’10”, blond hair, blue eyes with 36D breasts and a killer ass. Her long legs look great in heels. Her nipples are super sensitive and when her G-Spot is massaged correctly, she ejaculates profusely. (As a side note, I have seen her spray lady cum 2-3 feet across a room, but that's another story). I am truly a lucky man! We arranged to meet Brandon at a local motel that catered to people on a budget and those looking for a short rendezvous. Brandon was hung up in traffic so he texted to say he would be about 30 minutes late. He also said he needed to stop for condoms on the way.My wife shook her head. “No condoms. They irritate me and I want my first BBC experience to be special.” I told him to forget the condoms. While we waited, my wife changed into a sheer black negligee and drank nearly an entire bottle of wine to calm her nerves. Our new friend finally arrived and instantly calmed my wife’s anxieties. His soft voice and gentle nature eased her nervousness and I could sense her growing excitement. He took her wine glass from her and started to kiss her. He gently pushed her onto the bed and removed her thong and untied her negligee.She then helped him remove it completely. Here was my beautiful wife of 39 years, naked on a bed with a black man sporting a 13-inch cock. I took a seat nearby and enjoyed the show. As Brandon began fingering my wife, he placed his cock at her lips. She looked at me, saw me smiling, and opened her mouth wide for him. She couldn’t take all 13 inches in her mouth but she tried. He then removed his now rock-hard cock and put his mouth on her cunt lips. In short order, she had her first orgasm. Before she had time to recover from her orgasm, Brandon spread her legs and slowly inserted his cock in her cunt. She cried at first from his size but soon was able to accommodate all of it. As he started thrusting, she wrapped her legs around his back to make sure he didn’t pull out. When he was ready to cum, he accelerated his thrusts until he filled her with his cum. My wife just experienced her first black semen. When he finished cumming, Brandon went to the bathroom to clean up.My wife was smiling ear to ear as she showed me his creampie.She then went to the bathroom to clean up as well. When she returned, Brandon kissed her again and place her face down on the bed. He immediately started to aggressively finger her pussy which made her orgasm and squirt. Using her lady cum as a lubricant, Brandon coated his cock and inserted into her cunt from behind. Brandon had great stamina as he fucked her this way for at least 10 minutes. Maybe more. My wife was hanging onto the bed mattress for dear life and Brandon fucked her without abandon. I moved closer to see the action and noticed every time he thrusted, a small mount of blood tricked out of my wife’s cunt. Obviously, Brandon’s long cock was hammering her cervix. I whispered in her ear that she was bleeding. She looked back, shrugged her shoulders and told Brandon, “Keep going, fuck the hell out of me, give me more of your cum.” After Brandon came for the third time, we decided to call it a night. As he started dressing, my wife laid on the bed with her legs splayed open. As he was leaving, he gave her a deep kiss and said goodbye. When we were alone, she pulled her legs up to her chest and said, “Take a picture of my cunt, then fuck me please.” I grabbed my phone, took a snap shot of the cum oozing out of her cunt, then mounted. I could feel Brandon’s cum inside which was a first for me. I now make sure to fuck her after every one of her BBC sessions, it makes both her and I feel special. As I kissed my wife, I could taste the taste of salty tears. I looked and noticed she had tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. I asked if she was ok and she said "Yes, thank you so much for this. Are you sure you will still love me after?" I looked at her and told her that I loved her even more now than ever before and nothing would change that. I promised her at that moment that she could have all the freedom she wanted in life and that I would never deny her any pleasure.
  8. My wife Mallory and I are swingers, but we don't want anyone to know that. We have always been terrified that someone would discover our secret. This concern stems from growing up and living in a small town where everybody knows what everybody else is doing. The taboo factor of being raised in a Christian background made us both love and fear our secret swinging life together. It might sound trivial to some, but it was a significant problem for Mallory. At the time of this story, we were both about 30 and had been with two other couples. Mallory enjoyed herself with the couples we had partied with in the lifestyle. Even though she had fun, it hadn't diminished her concerns over somebody in town finding out about our adventures. This was before the internet. Meeting other couples was a long, drawn-out process that involved answering magazine ads by snail mail. This was a process that could take weeks, if not months before you would actually meet the other couple. But with Mallory's ban on any local activity, that's how it had to be for us at the time. At the time, we lived in a small town a couple of hours from Dallas. We had a ranch house in a subdivision made up of homes that all looked the same and were built right next to each other. Everybody seemed to have their own lives, and we knew our neighbors only as people we passed on the street coming and going. We were on friendly terms but not social terms, if that makes any sense. That all changed for us one hot July day. Chuck and Susan were our next-door neighbors. They, like us, were around 30, but other than that, we didn't know much about them. We greeted each other with a "Hi" or a wave when we saw each other, and we didn't know each other socially or travel in the same circles. Chuck was a good-looking young man. He was about 5'10" with an athletic build. From the few times we had spoken, he seemed to have a fun personality. Susan was what you could call a grown-up cheerleader. She was about 5'7" with sandy blond hair and a cheerleader's body: long legs, plump breasts, and a face of innocence. In short, she was the kind of girl guys have wet dreams about. One July morning, I was out in the front of the house, taking the garbage to the street to be picked up before work. I heard Chuck and Susan's garage door open, and I glanced over that way and saw Susan dragging out a large garbage can. What really caught my attention was the way she was dressed. She was barefooted and wearing a thin pajama set made up of shorts and a button-up top. She seemed to be having trouble with the heavy garbage can, so I decided to go over and help her like the gentleman I am. The thin pajamas did nothing to cover her lovely body. As I walked up, I said, "Good morning, would you like a hand with that?" Susan acted surprised to see me and vainly tried to cover herself a little. "If you don't mind," she said, "it is heavier than I thought." I smiled, "No problem. Here, let me have it." I grabbed the handle from her and dragged it out to the street. She followed along and thanked me for helping her. She was holding her arms across her chest, and she wasn't doing a very good job if she was trying to cover herself. Crossing her arms may have covered her nipples, but it only made her full breasts spill out to the side even more, stretching the thin fabric of her PJ top. The thin shorts also made it obvious she wore no panties. There was nothing between my eyes and her pussy other than the lightest polyester. I could see the slightest indention where her groove was. As I forced my gaze back up her body to her face, I caught her gazing down at my crotch, smiling at the reaction she was having on me. "Well, thank you again," she said, "I think I had better get back in the house before being arrested for indecent exposure." As she walked back up her driveway and into the garage, she stopped and said, almost as an afterthought: "Say, we are going to have some friends over Saturday for a barbeque. Would you and Mallory like to join us?" "That sounds like fun," I told her. "I don't think we have anything going on this weekend, but I will check with Mallory and have her get back with you." "Ok," Susan said, "talk to you later." She walked back inside as I walked back toward our house. As I walked back inside to get my truck keys, I found Mallory pouring a cup of coffee. "I see you were the ever-helpful good neighbor this morning," she said. "Doing whatever I can to help a neighbor in need," I said. "By the way, Susan invited us for a barbeque. Do we have anything planned for Saturday night?" Mallory said, "Not that I can think of. The kids want to go to the ranch this weekend to see Nona and Papa, so I think it sounds fun. I will go over later and tell Susan we would love to come. I can also see if there is anything I can do to help her prepare for the barbeque." Saturday morning rolled around, and Mallory was busy making side dishes for the barbeque. This was the first time we had ever socialized with Susan and Chuck. We were both looking forward to expanding our relationship with our neighbors on a social level. I don't think either Mallory or I considered even the slightest possibility of anything more than that. About noon, Mallory loaded the kids in the car and took them to Papa and Nona's for the weekend. By 5:00, we had showered and made our way to Chuck and Susan's house. Chuck and Susan's friends were already there, maybe 15 people, and the names were just too many to remember. We had a great meal and spent the evening awkwardly socializing since they all seemed to know each other exceptionally well. Of course, we didn't know any of them. About 9:00, I found my way back into the kitchen area to freshen my drink. I found Susan in the kitchen tidying things up. The stereo played a slow song, and most other people were still in the backyard. Susan looked over at me and smiled, "Wanna dance?" I took her in my arms, and we glided around the kitchen. As we danced, I held her close and enjoyed the feel of her breasts pressed against my chest. Susan rested her head on my shoulder, and I could feel her warm breath on my neck. I could also feel my cock coming to life and pressing against her. Her reply to this was to grab me around the waist and pull me into her. I was starting to get a little concerned that somebody might come in and catch us. Susan tilted her head and whispered, "Can I ask you something in confidence that you won't tell anybody else?" I told her that her secret was safe with me. "Well," Susan said, "everybody here is really close friends... special friends." She pulled slightly away from me, her eyes searching mine to see if I understood what she was telling me. I must have looked puzzled because she took a deep breath and said: "By special, I mean the kind of friends that get together every month or so for adult fun... naked adult fun. Chuck and I talked about it and would like to invite Mallory and you to join our little circle of friends, but only if you absolutely want to, of course." I smiled at her and told her that we were not strangers to this kind of fun. I told her I would love to join them, but Mallory had concerns about this kind of thing with locals. We had partied with other couples, but they had all been from outside the area. Susan thought for a moment, then said she would see what she could do to convince Mallory to join them tonight. As an afterthought, Susan asked, "What does Mallory like in a sexual partner?" I laughed and said, "The same thing most women like. A nice-looking guy with nice-sized equipment who knows how to use it. "Ok, got it!" she grinned, "Don't go anywhere. I'll be right back." As Susan left the kitchen, I watched her go into the living room and sit down next to Stan, a nice-looking guy that looked to be in his late 20s. After talking for a few minutes, I saw them look over at Mallory. Stan smiled at Susan and nodded in agreement with whatever she told him. Susan returned to the kitchen smiling. Susan and I had been chatting for a few minutes when I saw Stan get up from the sofa and walk over to Mallory. He asked her something, to which she nodded her head. He took her by the hand, and they walked together to the small tile entryway and started dancing to the music playing on the stereo. I saw him place an arm around her waist and pull her close to him, and she responded by putting her arms around his neck and laying her head on his shoulder. Susan gave me a wink and said, "Now I need to go talk to someone else." Susan went out to the backyard and whispered something to Chuck. I saw him give her a kiss and run his hand up her skirt between her legs. She made a show of jokingly pulling away from him. She came back into the kitchen. She asked me how Stan and Mallory were getting along? We stepped out of the kitchen into the living room and saw that they were still dancing in the entryway. Or at least I think that was what they were doing. We were standing behind them. I noticed that Mallory had her arms around his neck, and he held her with both hands on her hips, pulling her into him. Mallory moved to the music, grinding her crotch into Stan's crotch. Susan looked at them, then turned back to me and smiled, saying: "Oh yeah, I think she is ready for part two of my plan." Susan gave me a kiss, slipping her tongue between my lips. As I placed my hands on her hips to hold her close, she pulled away and said, "Don't you go anywhere. I have some big plans for you later." Susan then walked over to Mallory and Stan. Most of what happened next was told to me later by Mallory and Susan. At that time, I had no idea what Susan had planned and knew nothing about Stan other than he seemed to be a nice-looking guy and was one of Susan and Chuck's close friends. I was flooded with mixed feelings as I stood alone in the kitchen. I was simultaneously sexually excited and concerned that we were breaking one of Mallory's rules for this kind of thing. I decided to leave any activities that night up to Mallory. If she wanted to play, fine; if not, that was fine. I didn't want to put any pressure on her to do anything she didn't want to do. Susan walked up to Mallory and Stan, put her arms around their shoulders, and hugged them. "I see you have met Stan," she said, smiling at Mallory. Mallory smiled back at her and nodded yes. Susan smiled at Mallory and told her, "Yep, he's a great guy. Come on, you have got to see what I mean. You won't believe what I'm talking about until you see yourself!" She pulled Mallory and Stan behind her down the hall and into her bedroom. As I watched Susan taking Mallory and Stan down the hallway and out of sight, I was overcome with the need to follow them and see what Susan was up to. However, I decided to let Susan's plan play out. I felt foolishly alone standing in the kitchen, and the only thing I could think of doing was fixing a scotch and seeing how things went from here. Susan ushered both Mallory and Stan into her bedroom. She guided Mallory to the bed, gently pushing her to a seated position, and sat beside her. Susan then motioned for Stan to come over to them. When Stan was standing in front of them, Susan turned to Mallory and asked, "Have you ever seen a cock over ten inches long before?" Shocked, all Mallory could do was shake her head no. Susan reached out and started rubbing Stan's crotch. "Well, you are in for a treat because you have one right before you!" Susan said with a wide smile. Susan took Mallory's hand and placed it where hers had been on Stan's growing cock. Mallory told me later she couldn't believe how big it was, and it wasn't even fully erect yet. Susan started undoing Stan's belt, telling Mallory she had to see this thing; it was unbelievable. Stan's pants fell to the floor. Stan was left standing in front of the two girls with only a pair of boxer shorts between them and his giant cock. Susan grabbed both sides of Stan's boxers, and with a yank, she soon had his boxers on the floor around his knees. Mallory said it was the most enormous cock she had ever seen, and it was only half erect. "You haven't seen anything yet," Susan told Mallory, "you must see it when it gets fully hard. C'mon, let's get it that way!" With that, Susan pulled down the front of her halter top, exposing her breasts, and told Mallory, "C'mon, baby, show him your tits. Let's give him double sexy to look at so we can watch him get hard." Mallory hesitantly undid the straps on her sundress and let the front fall open, revealing her breasts to Stan. With the heat of summer and her firm perky breasts, she had not bothered wearing a bra. Susan took Mallory's hand and placed it on Stan's cock. Stan reached down and started massaging both girls' breasts simultaneously. Susan reached around Mallory and pulled her skirt up around her waist. Smiling at Mallory, she said: "It's only fair that if you get to see his cock he should get to see your pussy!" Mallory didn't resist. In fact, she raised up off the bed so that Susan could completely remove her sundress. After the dress was off, the only thing Mallory had on was her sandals and her panties. The crotch of Mallory's panties was visibly wet with her juices. Susan ran her forefinger up the damp material, separating Mallory's swollen labia. When Susan's finger got to the top and hit Mallory's clit, Mallory jerked. "Mmmm," Susan teased, "little missy, you will catch a cold wearing wet things like that! Let's get those wet things off." Mallory didn't resist. She raised herself off the bed while Susan slid her panties down her legs. Stan smiled, reached between Mallory's legs, rubbed her pussy, and slowly inserted a finger into her. Mallory closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his cock in her hands and his finger in her pussy. Stan removed his finger and knelt beside her between her legs. He gently placed one leg over each shoulder and slid his face to her pussy. As he alternated between licking and sucking her clit and pussy lips with his tongue, Stan soon had Mallory on the brink of her first orgasm of the night. Mallory leaned back on the bed, letting Stan work his magic on her. She let the flood gates open, and with gasps of joy, she ground her pussy into Stan's hungry mouth. While Mallory was enjoying her orgasm, Susan had removed her own clothes. When Mallory opened her eyes, she saw Susan standing nude beside Stan with her arm resting around his shoulder. Susan smiled at her and said, "See, I told you he was exceptional, but you haven't seen anything yet!" Stan was smiling up at her from between her legs which were still draped over his shoulders. His face was wet and glistening from her juices. Stan untangled himself from between Mallory's legs and stood up. His cock was now fully erect and standing straight in front of him. Susan smiled at Mallory, "Stan needs a little TLC. Mallory, would you like to help him out? Why don't you give him a little head? I'm sure he would enjoy that." "It's so big," Mallory said, "I don't think I could ever get something that big in my mouth!" Susan smiled and said, "I know a trick!" and moved in front of Stan, reached behind her, and guided his cock between her legs. Mallory smiled at Susan standing there with a cock sticking out in front of her. It looked like she had a short cock of her own, like a man and a woman simultaneously. Susan looked down at the cock protruding from her crotch, smiled at Mallory, and giggled: "Come here and suck my cock!" Suddenly Stan's mammoth cock didn't look all that scary to Mallory. Susan helped Mallory off the bed and onto her knees on the floor in front of them. Mallory had never had any bi interest, but it seemed natural to lean forward and lick the head of Stan's cock only a couple of inches from Susan's pussy. As Mallory licked the shaft of Stan's cock, her face touched Susan's pubic area, coming in contact with Susan's wiry pubic hair. Susan's scent filled her senses. Mallory licked Stan's cock back toward the head, then opened her mouth wide and slid as much of his giant cock into it as she could. Mallory worked her head back and forth, sliding Stan's cock in and out of her mouth, sucking it as best as she could. As Mallory gave Stan her best blow job, Susan started moving her hips back and forth, sliding her pussy over Stan's cock. She was coating his cock with the juices flowing freely from her pussy. For the first time in her life, Mallory experienced the essence of another woman. Susan thrust her hips forward so that Stan's cock was no longer protruding, and Mallory's mouth was fully resting on her pussy. Susan put a hand behind Mallory's head and held her close, almost daring her to take the next step. Mallory slowly stuck out her tongue and licked Susan's clit. To her surprise, the taste and smell weren't too unfamiliar; she enjoyed it. Susan moved her hips back again, bringing Stan's cock forward and back into Mallory's mouth. Mallory found herself alternating between a cock in her mouth and her tongue licking a pussy as Susan would move her hips back and forth. The passion fires in Mallory were raised to a fevered pitch. She wasn't the only one getting worked up. Stan was also feeling it. The friction on his cock from sliding it between Susan's thighs and Mallory's blow job had his breath coming in gasps. Susan stopped moving her hips and gently pushed back. "We seem to be getting Stan all worked up," she said, smiling at Mallory. "We don't want him cumming just yet, do we?" Mallory smiled and shook her head. "No, I think we need to enjoy him a little more before that happens." Mallory slowly stood as Susan removed Stan's cock from between her legs. "Stan," Susan asked, "would you like to feel your cock in her pussy? Mallory, you don't mind if Stan slides his cock in your pussy, do you?" "Oh no, not at all," Mallory replied. "I don't know if that monster will fit in my little coochie, but I'm willing to try!" Stan eased Mallory onto the bed he laid down between her widely spread legs. He placed the head of his mammoth cock at her opening and started to push. Mallory squirmed as the girth stretched her in a new way. Sensing her struggle, Susan leaned down and whispered in Mallory's ear. One hand stroked Mallory's forehead while the other gently tugged at one of Mallory's nipples. The gentle distractions from her new female friend were enough to help Mallory adjust to the largest cock she had ever taken. When Mallory's discomfort had passed, Susan said, "You two seem to be playing very nicely together. I think I will leave you on your own for a while." After I had watched Mallory, Stan, and Susan disappear down the hallway, I waited in the kitchen for what seemed like hours. Eventually, the rest of the party started in earnest in the living room. People began filtering back into the house from the backyard, and clothes started coming off. Rick and Sue were sitting on the sofa in the living room and started some heavy kissing and foundling. They both stood up and started removing their clothes, and Sue knelt in front of Rick and took his cock in her mouth. Another couple was now naked and in a 69 position on the floor. The TV was on and playing an X-rated movie. The sites, sounds, and smells coming from the living room had my cock coming to life. Just then, Linda walked into the kitchen, totally nude. Linda, Rick's wife, was a dark-skinned beauty that I later learned was half Spanish and half Italian. She was about 5'5", with large breasts, round hips, a plump ass, and jet black hair. Her nipples were dark and large, about the size of silver dollars. Linda smiled at me as she walked into the kitchen. "There you are," she said. "What are you doing in here all by yourself? I've been looking for you." She rubbed her hand over my cock. "Hmmm," she said, "you seem ready for a little fun, but you're all alone. Is something wrong?" I told her about Mallory's concern over partying with locals, and Susan trying to convince her that it would be alright with this group. I explained that I didn't want to start with anything, only to have Mallory come out not wanting to. Linda said she understood and asked me if I had checked in on them to see how things were going yet? I told her I was giving them a little space and letting Susan see what she could do to convince her it would be alright. "Well," Linda said, "I don't think it would do any harm to just take a peek in on them and see how they are doing." With that, she grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hallway. Linda stopped in front of Susan's bedroom door and placed a finger in front of her lips as a signal to be quiet. She quietly turned the door handle and eased the door open a crack. As we looked in, I saw Susan standing beside Stan. Susan was nude, and Stan was kneeling on the floor, naked from the waist down. Mallory was lying on the bed naked with her legs draped over Stan's shoulders, and her eyes were closed. Stan's face was buried in Mallory's pussy, and she had both hands around his head, pulling his face into her. Mallory was panting heavily as she worked her pussy against Stan's tongue and lips. It was evident that she was rapidly approaching an orgasm. Linda eased back away from the door and slowly closed it. Linda reached behind the door and wrapped her hand around my cock as the door closed. She stroked my cock through my pants and didn't let go as we eased back down the hallway. We stopped at the far end of the hallway. "It looks to me like Mallory is enjoying herself, and it's apparent from the size of your cock you enjoyed that fact. Would you like to take your clothes off, or would you like me to rip them off you?" she said with a smile. I removed my clothes and left them in a pile in the hallway. "Oh, that's much better," Linda purred as she stroked my cock. I leaned down and kissed her, thrusting my tongue into her sweet mouth. My hand found her breasts, and I fondled them and pinched her hardening nipples. We eased our way down to the floor, still locked in a passionate kiss, and my hand found its way down to her pussy. I rubbed it feeling the wetness and heat, then slowly inserted a finger into her. I broke our kiss and moved up to a kneeling position. I kissed my way down her body to her breasts. I licked and sucked her nipples as she found my cock and started stroking it again. I kissed and licked down her belly, flicking my tongue into her navel. As I began licking down toward her pussy from her navel, Linda let go of my cock and pushed me back a little. Linda straddled my head, facing my cock. She stretched out, lowering her pussy to my mouth as hers found my cock. This girl was a master in the art of giving head. And a master in the art of reading her man. She could tell when I was getting close and would back off, letting me cool down before starting again. I don't know how long we had been going at it, but I was enjoying the taste of Linda's pussy and the feel of her mouth on my cock. I was suddenly brought back to reality by the sound of a smack as a hand slapped Linda's big bare ass. I looked up to see Susan standing there nude. She smiled as she said: "You slut, I told you I wanted him first!" Linda light-heartedly said, "Well, sexy bitch, I didn't think you would mind sharing him!" Susan leaned down and kissed Linda on the lips. "Where's Mallory?" I asked Susan, looking at her from between Linda's legs. "Oh, she is still having a little fun with Stan," she said. "Come on, I'll show you." Susan stopped in front of her bedroom door, placing a finger to her lips as she eased the door open. Now Stan was lying on his back, and Mallory was on top of him. His cock was buried in her pussy, and the muscles in her ass were quivering. Mallory slowly started to rise up, sliding his cock out of her. At this time, I first saw just how thick Stan's cock was. It was like a coke can. I could see my wife's pussy lips stretched to the max like when she had given birth. Mallory continued rising until about what looked like a legit foot-long cock rested with its tip inside her. It fascinated me how her labia stayed splayed open as she held herself there. Then she started lowering herself back down on it. I watched as Stan's cock again disappeared back into her pussy, and her pussy lips slowly stretched taut as a drum. Without thinking, I uttered an "Oh, wow." Both Linda and Susan shot me a look, and Mallory looked back to see us standing in the doorway. "Hi, honey," she said with a smile. "Hi babe," I answered, "looks like you changed your mind about locals?". She said, "I certainly have. Would you guys like to join us?" "It looks like you two are having fun," I said, "I think we will just leave you guys alone for a while and let you enjoy each other for now, if you would like that?" "If you don't mind, I would like that," Mallory said. "We will get together in a little bit if that's all right with you?" "No problem, you two have fun," I said, closing the door again. I looked over at Susan and Linda as we stood in front of the closed bedroom door. "Wow," I said, "he is hung like a horse. Have all you girls fucked him?" Susan answered for both of them. "Yes, we have all fucked him...in every way," she added. I looked at them incredulously, "You mean...back there too?" They both nodded. Linda explained, "Some women in our little group here are happy staying in their comfort zones, and that's perfectly fine. Susan and I...well, let's just say we have no boundaries. I may have a big voluptuous ass, but my asshole is small. Stan was super gentle, as always, but I really thought I had torn something that night, and I was uncomfortable for several days. It was worth it, though. I thought I had finally found my sexual limit, but when I was able to push past it, the feeling was indescribable". I swear I saw Linda give a slight shiver as she mentally went back to that experience. "But enough about my poor little stretched asshole," Linda said. "That was then; this is tonight. We haven't been fucked by anybody tonight, and we are the only two girls here that haven't been fucked yet. But big boy, you are about to fix that!" We stopped at the end of the hallway, and Susan kissed me driving her tongue into my mouth. Both Susan and Linda were easing me back on the floor. I lay on my back, and Susan wasted no time with pretenses. She straddled my hips, grabbed my cock, placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and lowered herself down on it. I was enjoying the feel of her pussy wrapped around my cock and watching her tits bounce as she moved up and down on me. Linda straddled my head again and lowered her pussy to my mouth. With the night's excitement, I knew I couldn't hold on too long with these beautiful women working on me like this. I did the best I could, and when Susan moaned with an orgasm and slammed down on my cock it drove me over the edge. I grabbed Susan by the hips, holding her down on my cock as I filled her pussy with what seemed like a gallon of cum. It was running out of her and down the insides of her thighs when she got off me. Susan lay back, breathing deeply with a smile on her face. Linda looked over at her and said, "Oh, you dirty little girl. Look at you, your fresh fucked little pussy all nasty and sloppy with cum, both his and yours. I'm going to have to clean you up a little bit." Linda got up and moved over to Susan. She leaned down and kissed her while pinching her nipples. Linda started kissing her way down Susan's body. I had never seen two women together like this in person before, only in adult movies. I didn't think it would happen again this soon but watching these two girls already had my cock hard again. Linda was now between Susan's legs with her mouth on her pussy. She mumbled while she licked Susan's vagina, "Dirty little slut, pussy all nasty with cum. Little cum slut, aren't you? Bet you wish you have an ass full of cum too right now, don't you? I'd clean that too if you did. Would you like that? Me licking cum out of your nasty dirty ass?" The dirty talk was clearly turning both women on. A routine they had practiced many times before, I was sure. I got up and moved to where I was on my knees, straddling Susan's head. She looked up at me and smiled as she grabbed my cock, pulled it to her lips, and went to work. Suddenly she jerked, and her blowjob got more intense. I looked down, and Linda now had a finger probing deep in Susan's rectum as she continued to lick her pussy. "You like that, you little ass slut?" Linda asked, "you like my finger deep in your dirty little ass, don't ya?" I was amazed at seeing these two suburban housewives put on such a carnal display. Given that, I still couldn't have believed what came next. "How about you, big boy?" Linda huskily asked. Before I could even clear my head to figure out what that meant precisely, Linda had drilled two fingers of her other hand straight into my asshole. Her fingers were already slick with a mixture of Susan's pussy juice and my cum, the perfect lube for my first anal penetration. Her talented fingers went straight to my prostrate, and I literally yelped s the semen exploded from me into Susan's mouth. The intensity of the orgasm was almost scary, and I had never experienced anything like that before. Just as the last spurts of semen were almost painfully exiting my cock, I noticed Mallory and Stan standing there. They had arrived just in time to see everything. They were both naked, and Mallory's usual immaculately-styled hair was lying limp and wet. Her pussy lips were swollen and protruding. They had their arms around each other's waist and satisfied smiles. I wasn't sure how my conservatively-raised Mallory would react to this. Anal play was something we had never experimented with. Seeing a virtual stranger with fingers on both hands buried deep into two asses, one of which was her husband's ass, I was afraid was way, way too much. I shouldn't have worried. Mallory knelt down and gave me a kiss on the lips. I ran my hand up her thigh and rubbed her pussy. She smiled and said, "Having fun, honey? Did those fingers in your ass hurt a little but make you feel so good? Just like Stan's huge cock stretching my poor little pussy hurt a little but felt so good?" I knew then things had changed. Like Linda had described, our boundaries had been pushed past. We now were not only open to new sexual experiences, like Linda and Susan, but we would also seek them out. Over the next few years, Mallory and I managed to have sex with every member of this group in all sorts of different ways. We formed a special relationship with Susan and Chuck. When Chuck was away from home, sometimes Susan would come over to our house to party with us, and sometimes when I wasn't home, Mallory would join them. It was all open and fun for all. We enjoyed our little group for many years before it started to break apart. One by one, the couples in the group began to move away, chasing better employment in other parts of the country. We tried to keep track of everybody. But especially in those pre-internet days, as time went by, the contact with them became less and less until we lost track of them altogether. It was sad, and we truly missed each of them. At first, we tried to replace missing members of the group with people that reminded us of the missing member. It never seemed to work out because they were not the same. Then it dawned on me one day that you can never replace somebody special with somebody else. Everybody is different and has to be enjoyed as an individual. Our expectations were set to something that could never be obtained. We were trying to recreate memories, which is impossible to do. The new people we meet now, we look on them as special memories in the making and enjoy each as a new adventure in their own right. I don't know why something so simple is sometimes so hard to see.
  9. First off, my wife and I are new swingers. What I mean by "new" is that we haven't dipped our feet in all the swinging lifestyle has to offer as of yet. (Which will change with time.) Instead we've been taking things slow, and currently are only having MFM (Male-Female-Male) threesomes. I enjoy sharing her with other guys, and she enjoys being shared. Anyways, I'm 5.5" inches long, and about 5" thick. As I mentioned above, I enjoy sharing my wife with other guys, and with that said, the idea of guys with bigger penises filling her pussy drives me wild... Unfortunately she has brought up that she prefers smaller, because anything above 6" inches and within my girth is too much for her, and is painful. She admits she would like to try bigger but is hesitant due to the discomfort/pain. I bought her a 7.5" dildo but she doesn't like to use it because of the pain/discomfort. My question for everyone is: "How can we get her use to it so that she can enjoy cocks bigger than myself?" After all, it seems like the average size guys we come across whom seem to have the best potential in what we're looking for are often 7"-9" inches with thick girth. Because of her discomfort with anything bigger then 6" inches our potential playmates seem to be limited. (Not that there is anything wrong with anyone smaller then 6" inches, but overcoming this would leave a bigger window of opportunities!) Thanks.
  10. Several years ago on a trip to San Onofre state park on Trail 6, where we went a lot, we had an out of the ordinary experience. After being there about two hours and talking to and flirting with many couples and men, we were laying out sunbathing in the nude (it is a public nudist beach). Tits suddenly had to pee. Normally she would go down to the water, wade out, and pee while she sunned her tits. So when she jumped up and went to the little canyon by Trail 6 I was surprised. She said keep an eye on our stuff and disappeared around corner while all the voyeurs watched her huge tits bounce up and down. After about five minutes or so I decided to walk over but never out of sight of our spot. I walked to the little canyon and saw her holding on to wall while the guy she just been flirting with in the water was sliding his huge cock in and out with force. Tits was enjoying it, her big tits swinging back and forth. I got hard instantly. I did not want to stand there jacking off at the mouth of this canyon because there were other people in there watching them and fucking themselves. I went back to the towels and waited. After a few more minutes she came out and back to towels. I was laying on my stomach, and when she got there and laid down I asked her: Did you enjoy your “pee”? About that time, Robbie, I found out later, came out of cyn with his now soft but still long cock swinging. I told her I am glad your friend there could help you out. She started to deny it, but then stopped and said it just happened. She had to pee and he was watching and had such a big cock (10”) she could not resist. I asked her did it feel good? She said: Oh hell yessssss! Now I am about 6.5", sooo what can I say? One thing it took me awhile to get her to do is not sneak, but she said it added to the excitement. She usually told me afterwards, usually while we were fucking. But some took awhile like when her boss Rick was fucking her for a promotion and then to keep her promotion he made her fuck him after work at warehouse on Friday. She did not tell me about them until his wife caught them and she got fired. That when I found out she fucked four other bosses and my huge-cocked friend Rod. In that case I was at work. He stopped by with coffee and they ended up fucking on couch. He loved her big tits and shaved pussy. We had partied together, but I did not know she was fucking him on the side. His cock was 11” and as big around as a coke can. I loved watching them fuck while he sucked me. But back to Robbie. She introduced him to me a few weeks later and he laid out with us at the beach. He laid on her right side and I laid on her left side so she could stroke our cocks. After I came, I told him to mount her from behind, and after he got his big cock in, to pretend he was putting on sunscreen on her back and rubbing her shoulders. Tits told me later that she could not believe he fucked her on beach and nobody knew!! I had to tell her every single guy there was watching and jacking off, did not fool anyone lol. It might have been her screaming lol!
  11. We met Steve at the restaurant as planned. The conversation was about what had transpired since our first interlude. Then we went to the night club where we had met. After a couple of drinks, we tried a another place, and there we danced. I suggested that we find a motel. Our first choice was booked solid, but then next one had a few rooms left on the second floor. I still remember how nervous I was as we climbed the stairs. We got in the room, and my husband (Tim) started making drinks, then suggested that we play strip poker. We all sat around the typical round motel table. The cards seemed to be going in my favor. Steve and Tim had both their shirts off and Steve had lost his pants, I on the other hand had only lost my shoes. I know the idea was for them to see me, so I threw away good cards so I could start taking off clothes. As it was the loser's choice of what to take off, I took off my panty hose, which left me only my dress, which if you look at my photo, was quite revealing. The next hand Steve lost and he took off his final piece of clothing, his shorts. I watched with intense interest as he slid them down his legs. It had been too dark to see his equipment, when we had sex the last time in the car. His cock was amazing. It wasn’t so much the length, which wasn’t any thing to be ashamed of, but it was his width. At this point, I said: "I win, now I am going to collect my prize." I got up and dropped the material off each shoulder and let it drop to my waist, exposing my breasts to them. I stopped so he could take in the sight for a bit, then I slowly lowered the dress down a couple of inches below where my legs met exposing my pussy hair, then took it off completely. I grabbed Steve by the hand and led him to the bed. I took hold of his cock, I was amazed, my thumb and forefinger didn’t come anywhere near meeting. It was even thicker at the base. He sucked both nipples and then he spread my legs apart and put a single finger inside me, pushing it in and out. I told him that I couldn’t wait any longer and wanted him inside me right away." I wanted it missionary first. He got between my legs, and I spread them apart very wide. I said to him, “Go very slow, I don’t want you to rip my vagina.” He pushed the enormous head of his cock passed my entrance. it was uncomfortable, but quickly eased, as he went in a little further with each thrust, until finally he got the base of his cock all the way inside, the most difficult part. He took his weight off his arms and settled his upper body on top of me, his head to one side of mine, total body contact. I was really enjoying this, and I could tell he was also. Then I whispered in his ear, “I’m not on any birth control, and I’m ovulating, but it’s okay, put your seed inside me,I'm not going to worry about it.” That did it. he picked up the pace, and the next thing I knew, he had buried himself in me as far as he could go. I felt his cock convulsing violently, followed by a very warm wetness filling me. I felt his semen go higher up into my reproductive tract than I had ever felt before, going into my uterus for sure. I had an immediate orgasm. He stayed all the way inside me for a while. I couldn't feel any semen running down my ass. The thickness of his cock against my stretched vagina wall, must have made a good seal. As he started shrinking, he pulled out. It felt like a waterfall, his spunk, running out of me onto the comforter below us. Tim took position for his turn. He looked down at the puddle of Steve’s semen. “How long has it been since you last had sex?” Tim asked Steve. “Over two weeks anyway,” Steve replied. Tim slid right in, the only thing I could feel was the tip of his cock hitting my cervix. He came quickly. We all fell asleep. Steve to my right Tim to the left. In the middle of the night, I felt Steve’s hand between my legs, I let him play with it for a while. I always like to relieve myself before sex, so I got up and went to the bathroom. When I returned, I got on all fours and told him to fuck me doggy style. He placed some pillows under my tummy and pushed my head down to the bed. He got behind me, and entered me. He was still large, but it wasn’t anything like it was the first time. I looked over and saw Tim awake, watching me have sex with another man. The thought of how bad I was thrilled me. I felt Steve getting close, then suddenly he shot the first shot in me. This time he jabbed forward with each ejaculation. Four, five, and then six and he was done. Tim quickly took his place and added his semen to Steve’s. Then it was morning, I was laying on my side sleeping, when I was awoken by the feeling of Steve entering me in the spoon position. He grabbed my breast and was kissing my neck. As he was having his way with me, he said: “Here, I’ll make you a baby." Then he deposited his third load in me. Tim got between my legs and screwed me in the missionary position, until he also inseminated me. Steve got up and said it was time for him to go to work. He dressed and was gone. Both my husband and I fell back asleep for a few hours. Just before checkout time, we left for home. I told Tim that I would bathe at home. I was about to take a shower but the thought of what had happened the previous night was making me horny. Tim was in the living room. I entered totally naked, raised my arms above my head and wiggled my ass. I said: “That was a lot of fun. Are you up for another round?” He jumped up and chased after me. He told me to get on all fours with me under him. He was looking up inspecting my vagina. Suddenly he moved out the way quickly to avoid the cum still dripping out of me (probably Steve’s). He screwed me missionary and thinking of the night before, I had the second orgasm in the past 12 hours. My period was over a week late, made us both nervous. Probably because my uterus had not quite made it back to normal, or maybe just nerves (Phew). I only had sex with a man other than my husband a few years later.
  12. The weekend has just passed, and Jack and I have some serious talking to do in the next few days. Jack and I are swingers, and Allan was an old friend who has visited us frequently over the ten years. He and his monster cock were like an addiction I just couldn't break. This past weekend was another such visit. But after it was over, I felt like Jack and I needed to talk. Friday evening after dinner Jack and I were sitting down to watch TV, and the phone rang. It was Allan calling from the airport and wanting to come to see us and spend the weekend. We have become accustomed to such requests over the years as Allan is very impulsive and rarely gives us any advance notice. We said, "sure," but with some trepidation as the last visit gave hints of posing what would become the start of a possible problem for us in our friendship and sexual relationship. Within the hour, Allan had pulled into our driveway and was ringing our doorbell. Of course, we were glad to see him as it had been several months since his last visit, but we were just a little less enthusiastic this time in our hugs and greetings. "Is there something wrong here?" Allan said. "No, we were just a little surprised that you didn't tell us you were coming for the weekend," I said. "Well, that is because I may be here more than just the weekend this time," Allan replied. The voice inside of my head said, "What?" As it turned out, over a couple of drinks, we discovered that Allan had sold his home in North Carolina. His furniture was already on its way by truck to Tampa, where he had rented a home sight unseen. That is because he wasn't planning to spend much time in that house, but most of it with us. He fully expected me to be sexually available to him at any time of the day or night as I had been on his previous visits. Now Jack and I have a good marriage. While we swing fairly often and Jack gets off watching, we still maintain a fairly monogamous relationship at all other times. Allan's announcement just about knocked us over, and we didn't know what to say at first. Then Allan leaned over and kissed me in a very passionate way and asked Jack if he minded the two of us going to bed right away. "Wait a minute, I may have something to say about that," I said, even though I could feel my panties getting moist from his kiss. Jack, in his usual mild manner, said, "It's entirely up to Karen." With that taken as approval, Allan picked me up in his arms. He carried me to the master bedroom, where he deposited me in the center of my bed and began to undress me without further discussion. It didn't take long to pull off my T-shirt and shorts as I was dressed casually, but my bra and panties took a little longer. Allan wanted to suck and lick all over my breasts and around my pussy until he was sure I was ready for him. He seemed to have forgotten my shoes until he had all of his clothes off and was prepared to initiate some serious sexual intercourse. I kicked my shoes off and noticed that Jack was already sitting in a chair by the bed, nude and stroking himself. "Wait just a damn minute," I said as I reached for the lube. Even though I was starting to lubricate freely, I knew that Allan's 9+" dick was going to take some juice to get him in fully. I spread the lube all around my vagina, making sure to coat the inner and outer labia thoroughly. Allan just couldn't wait and tried to mount me and stick that monster home. Up and down, back and forth, he worked his dick around the mouth of my pussy. But couldn't get even the head inside. Jack then grabbed the tube and to my surprise, took Allan's dick and lubed him up for me. Within seconds Allan had the head of his monster dick in and was rolling it around and around, driving me to distraction wanting all of it in me. Inch by inch, he shoved it home until he had his balls slapping against my ass, and we were both moaning and tossing with excitement. Apparently, it had been a long time for Allan as he shot his load too early for me, and then he wilted with his dick still in my pussy. I hadn't had an orgasm yet. What a disappointment! That had never happened before, so Jack moved Allan aside and said he would satisfy me while Allan got it up again. Jack took me in his typical kind and loving way and easily put his 6" dick in as I was already full of Allan's cum. There was no problem penetrating my already stretched pussy. Unfortunately for Jack, there was not as much friction as he usually gets either. With that, Jack took a little longer than usual as he fucked me doggie style until he was sure I had my first orgasm. Then he released his load and motioned to Allan that it was his turn again. Allan had lots of staying power this time, and we fucked about three or four different ways until he told me he was ready to cum again. This time, I was ready again, so we started cumming together until I thought we would never stop. We were all so sleepy that the three of us just laid side by side in our bed and all went to sleep. Allan wanted to sleep spoon fashion with his big dong in my pussy, but I can't sleep that way, so we all went to sleep side by side. Allan woke me with his dick rubbing between my legs and asked for another screw during the night. Half-asleep, I agreed, and off we went again until our frantic screwing motions woke Jack, and he mumbled to himself as he went to a guest bedroom to get some sleep. The next day we got up early, showered, and had breakfast when Allan sprung his next surprise on us. He wanted to have his furniture in his rented home, but he planned to live with us daily and share me with Jack. Neither Jack nor I were pleased with that and told him so. We are happily married and are into swinging but not wife sharing every day. Allan took this badly and stormed out of the house in a huff. Toward midnight Saturday, Allan returned about half-drunk and in a bad mood. "Come on, Karen, my little fuck buddy, let's get it on," he said. Even though my pussy was dying for another treat of that monster cock that filled me so well, I refused him. Allan tore out of the house again. This time went to a motel for the rest of the night. Sunday morning, the three of us sat down and talked about the suggestion calmly and rationally. Jack and I said that there would be no way we could do such a thing, and once again, Allan was offended. The balance of the day was pure torture as the three of us went around the house acting as nothing had happened, but all of us had our minds on nothing else. Today is Monday, and Allan and Jack are out playing golf, and I am sitting here trying to decide what to do. My head says no, but my pussy purrs yeeesssss. What do you think?
  13. geoff hart

    Interracial Wife

    My wife is a cancer researcher at a major university. One day one of the black surgeons who was 6 foot 8 inches tall came on to her. She called me and asked me what she should do. I told her to go for it. So she came home that day, shaved herself down below, and dressed in a very provocative dress that showed off her 38 DDD breasts. She left our home for his home. When she arrived they had a few drinks and she went to the bathroom to change. She put on a g-string and enough make-up to look the part with stiletto black heels. She went into his bedroom and undressed him. His 14 inch cock was erect and she began to rub it on her clit. She immediately squirted. He put her in the doggy position and fucked her from behind. As she got increasingly wet he could feel how hot she was becoming, so her took out a rectal vibrator and introduced it as he continued to penetrate her from behind. She came three times. He then had her get off the bed and kneel on the floor. He instructed my wife to begin to give him a blow job. He came all over her. Future stories to follow.
  14. Read the prequel to this story at Black and White New Years Eve Sex Swap I am writing this tonight as Darius just left, and Cheryl is exhausted. First, let me tell you that Darius never called after our get-together at New Years for the open house. Cheryl waited and waited but was too proud to call him, and he had accidentally lost her number. Fortunately, I called our neighbors and, without telling Cheryl, got Darius's office number and asked him to give Cheryl a call. It didn't take any encouragement from me as he was anxious to see her again as well. For those of you who didn't read the last story or may have forgotten. Darius is a giant of a black man. A former professional athlete with an attractive wife, Kyra, that I got to fuck the last time we were together. However, this time, I just wanted Darius and Cheryl to have a good time together and maybe get to not only watch but to video the screwing session. This morning I heard Cheryl on the phone with Darius. She was ecstatic about the fact that Darius had finally called. Since she had no idea that I had given him the number, she was really excited. When she hung up the phone, she told me that Darius wanted to come over tonight, and did I mind. "Of course not," I replied. "Maybe I can watch and see a little better this time and even video the fucking for our collection." Cheryl readily agreed and started making arrangements for this evening. She had her hair done, a facial, and all the stuff that women do and was back home before cocktail hour. Darius arrived around five. I had already fixed drinks and made some sandwiches. When Darius walked in the door, he nearly filled the doorway with his 6' 4" frame. I had forgotten just how big he was. After kissing Cheryl hello, he sat down, and we all had a couple of drinks and talked about our last session. Cheryl was concerned that I was being left out and asked about Kyra. You see, Cheryl didn't know that I had requested Darius to come alone. Darius assured her that Kyra knew he was there but was busy tonight but was looking forward to meeting us again. I asked Darius if he minded if I set up the video so we could have a lasting memento. He agreed, provided that I also be in the video and that it be kept private since he is well-known around town. After we were all cool with what was going to happen, he and Cheryl began soul kissing. They took each other's clothes off until they were totally naked. Darius picked Cheryl up like a toy, laid her on the couch, and began to eat her moist and ready pussy. As he licked up and down, I could see his dick, which was only semi-hard, began to grow until it was at least 11" long and about as big around as a beer bottle. Cheryl was moaning and humping his mouth while he used his long and talented tongue to bring her to her first orgasm of the night. While this was happening, I got undressed. Needless to say, I had an urgent need for some sexual relief but didn't want to intrude on what was happening with them. Darius spread Cheryl's legs even farther apart. He slowly began to insert his massive dick into her waiting pussy an inch at a time until his balls were slapping against her ass. Darius then picked Cheryl up in a bear hug. As she wrapped her legs around his waist, he walked her down the hall to the bedroom, keeping his dick firmly in place. He walked quickly, Cheryl bouncing on his dick with each step he took. With each additional step, what had started as a low moan from Cheryl's mouth turned into a loud wail. I knew from the position they were in that Darius's cock had to be reaching places inside of Cheryl that had never been reached before. When they reached the bedroom, the bed was ready and waiting. As Darius laid Cheryl down, he slipped a couple of pillows under her ass. Now her pussy with his hard dick still inside was at the right level for him to stand at the side of the bed and slam his black meat home with great enthusiasm. Cheryl looked like she was in Heaven, but she also looked uncomfortable as her ass was way above her head. Being a considerate husband, I got some more pillows to support her back and neck so that she was almost level. She began to move, thrust, twist, and enjoy all of Darius's cock until he had to pull out and the pillows were thrown on the floor. Darius still hadn't come, and he was more than ready. Turning Cheryl over on her hands and knees, he put his cock back in her pussy. Darius fucked Cheryl doggie-style until both of them exploded in a giant orgasm. After Darius and Cheryl got their second wind, I walked over to the head of the bed and placed my penis at Cheryl's red and wet mouth. She eagerly began to suck on me until I was dying to cum. I held her head and fucked her mouth until I shot my own load, which she gladly swallowed for me. Darius was now ready for more, and so was Cheryl. She is multi-orgasmic and loves a lot of fucking. This time Darius laid on his back. Cheryl slowly lowered herself over him until her vagina was sucking on the tip of his cock. Cheryl was rotating her ass as she lowered her pussy and began to take him all in her hot pussy. I could see all 11" inches disappear, reappear and disappear again and again until he shot another load in her, and she simultaneously orgasmed with him. Now the cum was running out of her pussy and all over his black balls and the sheets. The contrast of the white cum, her pink pussy, and his black balls was striking. So erotic. They laid there together, she on his chest, and he with his shrinking dick in her pussy. The sight was just too good to be imagined. I had seen enough and wanted to give them some afterglow time alone, so I slipped out of the room. As I write this, Darius has gone, but we have a fantastic couple of videos to watch together later.
  15. James and I were invited to a New Year's Eve party by Lori and Steve, our next-door neighbors, who occasionally swing with us. They wanted us to meet some new friends of theirs, Julie and Chuck. It was cold here in Florida on New Year's Eve, and there were about a dozen other couples already at Julie and Chuck's house and drinking up a storm when we arrived. The house was large, but it was necessary to open up the patio windows to the pool so that some of the overflow crowd could drink out there. This made the house cool inside, but our host laughingly told us that after midnight the party would warm up with some X-rated entertainment. Needless to say that after a couple of hours of drinking and visiting with the other couples, okay, call it flirting with some of them, the appointed hour arrived. By shortly after midnight, most of the couples had gone home, the windows were closed, and the heat turned on. Then Chuck got a porno going on the big screen TV, and it started to get really hot! Most couples started making out on the couches either with their spouse or some other attractive person of the opposite sex. The movie was about interracial sex. There was a lot of hooting about the size of the male equipment. At least until we became aware that one of the couples still in the room was Darius and Kyra, a black couple who nobody wanted to offend. Darius was about 6'4" and 240 pounds, an executive with a local company and a former professional athlete. His wife Kyra was about 5'2' and maybe 120 pounds. On the surface, that made them look like an unlikely couple until you realize that almost everyone is the same size lying down together. James had asked me before if I had ever had a fantasy about sex with a black man, and I told him that I hadn't. However, that wasn't the entire truth. I suspect most white women think about what it would be like to have their pussy filled with a black cock, and the beautiful contrast of black skin on white skin. As the evening wore on, it became apparent that Darius had his eye on me and Kyra seemed to be interested in James. Eventually, I got up the nerve to ask Darius if he and Kyra would like to swap with James and me? He smiled his most handsome smile and jumped at the idea. We retired to one of the many bedrooms in the house. Kyra and James wasted no time getting naked on the king-sized bed where James began to lick and suck on Kyra's neatly shaved pussy. Kyra was a beautiful woman, and I was fascinated by her pussy. Compared to my own, the dark lips opening up to the pinkest of pink inside. Although I consider myself straight, gazing upon Kyra's exotic beauty caused my clit to tingle. After a few seconds of being lost in those thoughts, I knew I had my own lover ready to satisfy all of my needs. James and Kyra had already moved into a 69. They were oblivious to Darius and me, leaving us to get things started ourselves. Darius began to remove my clothes one by one and licking and sucking on my nipples at the same time. He had one hand on my breast and another on my pussy while he was fully dressed. He then picked me up and laid me down on the bed next to James and Kyra and began to take his own clothes off. When he got down to his briefs, I could see that he had some massive equipment there and was ready to use it. He was about 11" long and more than 2" thick, by my best guess. I have born children and taken James's respectable cock countless times, as well as those of even better-endowed lovers. But still, that 11" black cock, as thick as my wrist, made my pussy twitch nervously at what she was being asked to undertake. But, I also felt the warmth of a gush of wetness at the thought of that monster inside me. Likely aware of the difficulty in women taking his size, Darius didn't stick it in me right away but began to kiss, lick and suck on my vagina with a lot of emphasis on my clit. By now, I was begging to be fucked by that stud, but he had other ideas. Meanwhile, Kyra looked over at us and commented that her man obviously liked eating that white pussy, maybe more than her black pussy. I wasn't sure how to take that. Then she smiled and giggled, and I knew she was just teasing me. Her beautiful black pussy was no doubt well-loved and well-licked by Darius. Darius continued his attentions on my pussy. I was trying to get in a position to suck his big dick when he rose up over me, mounting me in such a way that had me pinned to the bed. Darius took his big cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down my slit until the honey was flowing all over my upper thighs. "Please fuck me now," I said, and he was ready and willing. He took his black cock, put about two or three inches in, and then slowly pulled it out until I could adjust to his size. He was very considerate about that and had me in an orgasmic frenzy waiting to get it all. After a few minutes of teasing me with it he slid all 11" home and began to rock the bed with his thrusts. Oh, my God! Even with all the warmup, there was some pain. Still, there was also a deep sexual fulfillment that I had never experienced before. It felt like my entire body was being fucked, not just my pussy. That black cock claimed me as its own to my very core. James and Kyra were now satisfied for the moment. They just laid there and watched as the pounding of cock and pussy sounded very loud in the quiet room. Read what happens next at Cheryl's Second Date With Big Black Cock Darius must have given me four or more orgasms before he shot his load of cum in my vagina. Still, he didn't go soft. He turned me on my side and entered me from the rear in spoon fashion. I jumped when I felt a gentle hand caress my shoulder on its way to my breasts and nipples. It was Kyra reaching over Darius to tweak and pull on my large nipples while her husband fucked me from behind. The unfamiliar but exciting touch of a woman's hands on my body, together with Darius inside me, brought me to a final earth-shattering orgasm. Finally, as my orgasm faded, I realized I was starting to get sore. Darius shot a final load, collapsing beside me while his cock softened but stayed in my pussy. We fell asleep that way, and when morning came, all four of us were still in bed together. We showed, dressed, and went home without getting Darius and Kyra's telephone number, but I'm sure Julie and Chuck could get it for us. In the meantime, I am just waiting to see if Darius calls me in the next few days. So far, I have heard nothing but don't want to be the one that calls him. On the other hand, James is pushing me to call so that the four of us can get together at our house. I'm anxious, but I'm going to wait Darius out. A woman has to remain a little mysterious. Stay tuned.
  16. Marie and I are a married white couple. She is 28, is 5-8, 135 with big 38dd's and a small waist. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. She also has very light skin. She is part Swede. I am 31, 6-0, 210 average build. Marie and I had been swinging for a while now. We had foursomes and lots of threeway mfm's. Marie loves to be the center of attention and I {Mike} love to watch her. It's so fucking hot. I have always fantasized about seeing her with a black man but she never talked about it. So, I figured it was not something she was interested in. Until one day, we were out at a bar. And I had a few drinks and I figured fuck it, I am gonna ask. 'Marie, what would you think about having a three way with a black man?' She said, "Sure, why no". No hesitation at all. She said as long as it was like the others, meaning the guy was cool and willing to go at her pace. So I told her I would look online and maybe answer some of the responses our swingers ad got from black guys. The next day I responded to a few. And almost immediately this guy responds with his number and tells us about himself. So I decided to call him. The next thing I know we are making plans for Friday night. We decide to meet at a local bar. I then go and tell Marie. She is a bit surprised that I set this up so fast. She said wow, you must really have wanted to see this. I laughed and said well yeah. Friday night comes, Marie takes her time getting ready. She does her nails, her hair, make up, you name it. Oh yeah, and decides to wear a low cut black practically see thru shirt and a short skirt and no panties. I am so excited at this point. We head out to our local TGI Fridays. When we arrive, we looked around at the mostly white crowd and then across the bar, there he is. Black- 6 foot 4 inches tall, and BIG at least 310 and solid. With a shaved head. I point and say to her, there he is, Gavin. She looks and says wow. Really, he is so sexy. I knew then this had a great chance. We walked over and he immediately kissed her on the cheek and said "Hi Beautiful". She was blushing. He shook my hand and thanked me for the opportunity to meet. He said quite often couples agree to meet and then back out. Marie laughed and said, "Ha, I am glad we didn't". The next thing I know we had been drinking for two hours and Marie and Gavin had moved real close to one another. I excused myself to go to the men's room. When I returned I saw the two of them kissing and his hand up her shirt squeezing her tits. Wow this was it. I watched for a bit and then walked over. I said well I see you two got to break the ice. They laughed and said yes we did. Gavin thanked me again and told me how lucky I was. I laughed and said I am lucky but I think you may be too. Tonight. I ordered another round and watched as Marie and Gavin kissed some more and he began to man handle her. His hands were double the size of mine. He squeezed those big tits like they were little. I was so fucking hard watching this in front of me. My lite skinned wife and dark black LARGE MAN with her. I made a suggestion that we go back to our house for the night. They said let's go. On the way out to the cars Marie said, Mike go ahead, I am gonna ride with Gavin. We'll follow you. I knew she liked him and was comfortable to be alone in his car with him. And I felt comfortable as well. I said sure. They followed me and at every light I would watch from my rear view. After the second light I could see that both of Marie breasts were out of her shirt. He could not keep his BIG BLACK HANDS off her milky white breasts. After a short ride we were home. Marie exited the his car with her tits out and not a care in the world. He was smiling ear to ear. We walked into the house and I went into the kitchen to make us some drinks and they went into the living room. Gavin asked Marie and I what we had in mind. I said that usually in these situations we share her. But tonight, I would like to sit back and like to watch you take her. Control her. Pleasure her. He looked at Marie. She smiled and said "Hmm, sounds good to me." She threw her arms out and he jumped on top of her kissing and groping her. He asked were the bedroom was. I directed him. He took her by the hand and lead her down the hall. We entered the room. I took a seat in the corner, Gavin then looked at Marie. He told her take off her shirt and to play with those tits, then to strip her skirt. There she was all fucking naked. He was more than double her size. He looked at her and again thanked me and at the same time asked me to forgive him for what he was about to do to my wife. I did not know what to say but your welcome and enjoy. He then told her to come over to him and take his shirt off. She did. He had a barrel of a chest and python type arms. He then told her to take off his pants. She did. He had boxers on. She then pulled them down too. WOW. Her eye fixed on what appeared to be the biggest cock she had ever seen. It was at least nine inches long and not fully hard, and at least three fingers thick. She took it in her hand and rubbed it. He asked her what she thought. She laughed and said I love it and then began to suck it. To watch her pretty face buried in a man's midsection, trying to take it all, gagging. She keep licking it and licking it. He then started to slap her across the face with his his cock. It was getting angry. The veins were thick like cables. It was very rigid. Not at all smooth. This was not going to be an easy one for her as I am the usual six inch guy. She had her hands and other parts full. He then threw her onto the bed. He rubbed her pussy to ensure it was wet enough. Trust me it was. He mounted her. She winced. He told her to trust him. He would start slow and once she got into would be begging for more. He inserted the head of his cock. She moaned a bit, he then inched it in about half way. She looked as if she had it. She said "UGH UGH UGH. I can't. I can't." He pulled it out. Then slowly rocking the head in and out in and out, each time a bit deeper. Next thing it's all the way in, he is pounding and she is screaming. Screaming "god, fuck me, fuck me." I have never in my life seen my wife act this way in bed. She was like a porn star. He was giving my wife the fuck of her life on our bed. She screamed "I'm cumming." She did, and never stopped. All I heard was oh my god, over and over. He pounded her over and over. Until he got ready. He said, oh fuck I'm gonna cum. He asked her where do you want it. She yelled, "In my pussy, in my pussy". He did, he unloaded. She loved it. And then they both collapsed in each others arms. He asked what she thought and she said, "I love black cock!" WOW, I thought to myself. Did I create a wife who craves black cock???? More to follow..
  17. In the past year or so, we have been enjoyed a few encounters with others. Our town has a large wooded park of nothing but untouched nature with hiking paths. We frequented these trails often to sort of get back to nature. Last night we walked the outer trial about a four mile hike, when we came across a newer looking cardboard box hidden as in the brush. There was someone sitting by it and I decided to investigate. As I approached a older bum, squatter or homeless, whatever you want to call them stood up and grumbled something. He then saw my wife who is an older woman but still decent looking. This guy wore shabby clothes and a scarf over his head. Long beard as he hadn't shaven in years. He looked old but I still knew he was younger. Hole filled gloves and a tattered jacket even though it was warm. We were in our shorts and tee shirts. He saw my wife standing next to me and a gruff smile lit up his face. Again he grumbled to leave him alone. My wife stepped up to him with a smile and asked him if he was alright. "Fuck you bitch" he told her. She looked at me with a smile and turned back to him. She asked him if he wanted to. "What" he asked. "fuck me bitch" she asked. With that he sort of was lost for words. Her hand went right to his crotch. "Oh wow you are big" she said loudly. I knew what she wanted. It has been a fantasy of hers to be raped by a group of old grubby bums like this guy. I stepped up behind her as she massaged his cock through his dirty jeans. I lifted her tee shirt up catching her sports bra and pulled them over her head. His hands went as quick as lightning to her large tits and squeezed them firmly. "Careful" she told him. "the only thing I want you to do is fuck me hard with that big cock" she said. He looked at me and asked if I was going to let him fuck my bitch. I told him only if he sucked my cock first. He cussed a bit under his breath and stood there. I then slid my wife's shorts down her legs. Her shaven pussy fully exposed to him as he darted his fingers between her legs. "Hold on" she told him. "You have to suck off my husband first" she said. Well he thought about it and as he stared at me I unzipped my shorts and dropped them exposing my average hard cock. He didn't say a word but just dropped to his knees and leaned in grabbing my cock in his hand. I stepped forward as he opened his toothless mouth and sucked me in. I bucked like I was fucking his face. He wasn't very good at sucking cock. I looked over and my wife now naked had pulled a piece of cardboard over into the open and was lying on her back on it. Her legs wide open and fingering herself watching this bum suck me. I made him quit telling him I would save him from choking on my cum but he better get his clothes off before my wife changed her mind. Her eyes closed fingering her pussy he dropped his pants and headed to her. I told him he had to strip naked first. He hurried and now was naked. He climbed between her legs like a wild man and had his large cock shoved all the way into her. Her eyes now wide open and her mouth gasping for air, he fucked her hard and fast like it was his first and last piece of ass. She was moaning loudly and grunting under her breath at each of his thrusts. He didn't last long before he unloaded into her. He slammed her hard a few more times as he emptied himself and then climb off her. I could hear his cock leave her as the slurping sound he made pulled some of his cum out for her too. He grabbed his clothes and just like that, was gone into the brush. I looked at her and she had a smile yet a disgusted look on her face. She said "Oh my god he had gallons of cum" Then she told me he stunk and was dirty. With my pants still around my ankles I just kneeled down and got between her cum covered legs. His cum was oozing out of her pussy. I held my cock to her pussy and slid right in and I laid on her and fucked her as hard as I could adding my cum to his dirty deed. At home she headed right to the shower. I joined her and she told me she almost puked smelling him. But the size of his cock was way more than what she had ever experienced before. She was so excited again thinking about it that once out of the shower, she wanted me to give it to her again. I went to the woods this morning to find this guy and found only a empty box. Still in the clearing was the cardboard my wife had laid on. There was a large dried spot where she laid and sat up. This guy had disappeared. Too bad, I was going to have him invite a friend to have my wife next time. His loss.
  18. My wife, Kim, is 27 years old, 5'4" and 123 pounds. She is 37-23-36.; a real dark-haired knock-out. I'm John. 29 years old, 195 pounds, 6'2". I'm blond and considered very handsome. My wife and I met in college and were soon married after graduation. We have been married five years, and still very much in love. For some reason, I suspected Kim of fooling around. Coming home late from work, leaving without telling me where she was going, etc.! I worked up a plan with my best friend and neighbor. His name is Jerry, married and a real jock. I wanted to test Kim and who was better at this than Jerry. He is known as a real stud of the area. I think everyone knows but his wife, Liz. I cooked up this plan with Jerry to be executed on a Thursday evening. Kim mentioned on several occasions how nice looking Jerry was and that he always dressed so neat. I'm not the jealous type, but this made me wonder. I told Jerry of my intentions for him to test Kim and he was agreeable and said it sounded like fun, remember we are the best of buddies. Jerry asked, what if it goes too far. I said it was OK as long as I could watch. Jerry agreed, and the plan was set. I hooked up our video cam on the dresser of our bedroom and one in our den. I called Kim from work around 6 pm and told her I was going to the hockey game with the guys and wouldn't be home until around midnight. I work for a large securities firm in Tampa and mostly men at the workplace. She bit of course. To be honest, I really didn't think Kim would be game for any tryst with Jerry, but I was just testing. Well, you guessed it; not all went as I thought it would. Jerry showed up at our front door at about 7 pm. He brought his basketball and a couple of bottles of good wine. He asked if I was home and could I come out and shoot some hoops. Kim said I was at the game and wouldn't be home until late. Jerry said his wife Liz was at her parents and wouldn't be home until later either. Kim said she hadn't shot baskets for a while and she would join him. After they played for a short period and Jerry had won 5 games of PIG, they went inside to cool off with a bottle of chilled wine. They went to the den where the big screen was, and Kim went to the kitchen to get the wine from the freezer where she had put it to chill. While Kim was in the kitchen, Jerry flipped on the video cam and waited. Kim was wearing her denim cut-offs and a halter-top, no bra of course; nobody wears a bra in Florida. Jerry was wearing his coaching shorts, which were very very short, and a T-shirt. Jerry thinks he is a Navy SEAL and never wears undershorts. The picture was perfect on the video cam, and Kim was not the wiser. After about 15 minutes of small talk about their spouses and work, Jerry started in. The subject quickly turned to sex. I was shocked at how open Kim became. I wasn't sure if it was the wine or what. Jerry started on his and Liz's sex life and how kinky they have become. Kim opened up and began telling Jerry about our sex and how erotic I have become over the past year or so. Kim began telling Jerry how I loved watching her fuck dildos and how excited I would get when she would squirt when she cums. When Kim gets really turned on, she can cum about a quart, really. It seems to never stop. Yes, it does taste like honey. Kim and Jerry were sitting on the sofa directly across from the cam, and I could see Jerry cock getting erect. You could tell Kim noticed it but tried not to look. All of a sudden Kim stopped talking, and Jerry pulled his massive tool from the side of his shorts. It was so big it looked like a baby's arm holding an apple. It was even a surprise to me, I had never seen Jerry nude, it made my heart pound. I can't even imagine how Kim was feeling about then. Jerry shook it at her and asked if she ever has seen anything like this in her life. Kim commented that Liz was one hell of a lucky woman. Jerry said there was enough to go around and he would share and was sure Liz wouldn't mind because they had been swinging for the past couple of years. Kim said if John ever found out he would kill us both. Don't forget Kim is very very attractive and has a perfect body, not a flaw. What happened next really floored me. Jerry told Kim what we were up to and showed her the video cam; he must have really wanted her pussy. Kim got real pissed at first then said let's give him a show. Kim then told Jerry she has always been faithful to me and had never thought of having an affair until that very moment. I was furious at my friend but soon got over it as I watched what happened. Both Jerry and Kim stripped off their clothes and started to get busy. Jerry went down on Kim even before he had ever given her a kiss, which told me this was just raw sex. He worked in two fingers as he licked her clit. Kim was really humping her hips as he fingered her. She was about to explode when she pulled his head up to her bountiful breast. Kim's nipples were so erect they stuck out about a half-inch or more. Jerry was sucking on one and pinching the erect nipple of the other. All of a sudden the milk started to pour. Kim had lost our baby in her eighth month several months ago and still has a lot of milk. Jerry was going crazy because he didn't know Kim was lactating. I think at first it scared him, but he soon was like a kitten lapping up her spray. Kim screamed a howl and declared she was cumming. Jerry stepped back, and in full view of the video cam, you could see the cum pouring out of Kim's sweet hole. It was just like a man cumming thick and running down onto the leather sofa. Jerry lowered his head and started licking all he could, but there was just too much. Jerry put his hand down below her pussy and let it run into his hand and palm and smeared it all over her tits and face, Kim then licked his fingers clean. Kim said she had to try and suck his cock, she could barely get the head around her lips. Kim was satisfied to lick the head and shaft all the way to sucking his balls. After about 10 minutes of this, she resorted to jacking Jerry off and fingering his asshole. After a while, Kim said she had to try it fit it inside her. Jerry positioned himself and guided that big log to Kim's pussy. It took a lot of spit lube and several attempts, but he finally he managed to get a fit. Jerry was very gentle thank heaven. It looked as if he was going to pull her insides out on the withdrawal. After about 20 minutes of this awesome site, Kim let out a high squeal and came again; not as much came pouring out this time. Jerry pulled out with a plop you could hear on video and watch her orgasm again. He said he was almost there and inserted his cock in Kim again, after about three or four minutes he withdrew and came all over her wide-open pussy. Great gobs of cum ran from her pussy to her asshole. He cum in her a little and it was running out of her like a river, Jerry got up to get the video cam up close to get a good shot of the cum flowing river. Kim got up and came back with a towel to clean up, and both looked into the cam and asked how I liked the show. As I reflect back to this, I think I got what I deserved. YES, Kim and I are still married and in love more than ever. Jerry and Liz, has since introduced us to swinging. We get together quite often, and we have met new and exciting friends. I hope you have enjoyed our story, all true and exciting.
  19. Last Thursday was my birthday and Jerry promised me a super surprise for the evening. It had been almost three months since I had last heard from Bob, you know, the one with the 10' monster dick. Well, to get to the point, Jerry took me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and as we were driving home our house was dark, and I began to think that the super surprise was the fancy dinner. No, not so! Jerry took me into the house and told me to go take a shower and get naked in bed while he made some arrangements. I did as I was told and could hardly contain my excitement waiting for my surprise. Shortly, I heard the front door opening and some whispering that I couldn't decipher. Then Jerry came into the room and gave me a blindfold to put over my eyes so that I couldn't see a thing. Then, he told me that he had invited three men to tease me and if I could identify just one of them I could have my surprise. I was told to lie on my back, spread my legs and be quiet while he inserted some KY jelly since what was to happen would be without foreplay. The first man came into the room and while holding my pussy lips open he began to rub his dick up and down my pussy lips while holding his weight on his hands to keep me from feeling his upper body for a hint of who it might be. Then he very slowly inserted his good sized dick into my pussy an inch or two at a time until our pubic bones were together. At that point I recognized his after shave lotion and knew that it was Dave our next door neighbor, but I needed some fucking so I kept saying I couldn't make out who it was until I had my first orgasm. Then I said, 'This is probably Dave.' Jerry said, 'that's correct so you will get your surprise in a few minutes.' Meanwhile Dave complained that he hadn't come yet, but Jerry was adamant and said, 'no, we agreed to the rules, you have to stop now, but you'll get another chance later.' Then the second man entered the room and he also slipped his even larger dick in an inch or so, but I had no idea myself who that was and as a result I got another few minutes of fucking and a couple more orgasms. Thankfully I am multi-orgasmic or I would have been finished for the night. I never found out who the second man was and Jerry has still not told me, although he said that it was someone I had fucked some weeks earlier. The third man entered the room and Jerry said, 'this is your surprise, Cheryl, happy birthday.' This man began to lick my pussy which was leaking the cum of the second man and making me mash my pussy against his face in enthusiasm. 'Can I please take off the blindfold now since this is my surprise?' I asked. Jerry said 'in a minute, but first you must identify him.' The stranger raised up, lifted my ass off the bed and began to rub his enormous dick up and down and before I could catch my breath he had rammed the monster all the way home since I was already so wet and ready. I knew instantly that there weren't too many men with a tool that size so I said, 'this must be Bob'. Jerry said, 'Correct, now take off the blindfold.' It was so good to see him again after three months that Jerry just sat and watched while the two of us went at it like newlyweds. I felt so full and stretched that I had at least a couple more orgasms before Bob shot his load and rolled off to rest. Then while Bob was resting Jerry let Dave back into the room to finish what he had started and in a few minutes he was shooting his load of cum deep in my vagina as well. After that, Dave and the other man left and Bob and I spent the night in bed with me in the middle between Jerry and Bob. In the morning Jerry informed me that my surprise was the airplane ticket he had sent Bob to get him to fly in from North Carolina especially for my birthday!! 'How long can he stay?' I asked, and Jerry said 'about a week' During the next few days my pussy got a workout morning and night until I was sore and ready for some rest when Bob finally had to go back north. The problem is this: Now Bob wants to give up his building lot in North Carolina and move to Tampa so that we can be together regularly. I like Bob's big dick, but I love my husband and I don't think I could do this on a regular basis and keep my marriage alive. Therefore, I told Bob that if he wanted to come down two or three times a year for a week at a time that would be fine, but not several times a week. This is my dilemma. I want it, but can't have both men all the time. Has anyone out there experienced such a catch 22?
  20. Jerry and I swim 1/2 mile a day in our backyard pool everyday and swim in the nude. In the past we have had an occasional interruption from a neighbor or a workman wandering into our backyard as we don't have a fence. However, the pool is surrounded by a screened area and a lot of shrubbery. Our yardman normally comes on Wednesday morning except when delayed by rain. Two weeks ago he came on Thursday just after lunch and caught us in the pool naked as the day we were born. Now our yardman is about 30 years old, and quite muscular as he works out 12 months of the year in the Florida sunshine. Sometimes he has a helper, but that day he was alone and started his work by trimming the bushes right alongside our pool. Now Jerry has no modesty so he climbed out of the pool and asked Leroy to start at the front of the house so I could climb out unobserved. Leroy agreed, but before he left the area he looked over the bushes into the pool to see what I looked like, and while I have been a swinger for a few years now I still am somewhat shocked to have someone see me naked in my pool. Leroy said, 'Sure Jerry I'll work out front, but I can work back here without disturbing you two.' My eyes met Leroy's and from experience I can recognize unmitigated lust. The man was looking holes in me, or should I say was looking closely at my hole! We got out of the pool and went in the house, but I kept an eye out to see what Leroy was doing and when he finished he came to the front door. When I answered the door fully dressed he looked disappointed. He asked if he could use our pool to cool off as he was quite hot. I asked him if he needed a towel and he said, 'sure could use one Cheryl but I don't guess you have a pair of swim trunks to fit me do you?' Of course we didn't as he is a huge man so Jerry came up behind me at that moment and volunteered to let him swim nude if he would shower off first in our pool shower. Leroy agreed and off he went with the towel. As I said, I kept an eye on him to see just out of curiosity if he was as big everywhere as he was when dressed. What a nice surprise. When Leroy got into our pool he was flaccid, but almost as big around as a beer can. Not too long, maybe 8 inches or so, but by far the thickest man I had ever seen. Leroy must have sensed that I was watching from the bedroom sliding door as he waved at me before he dove into the pool. After a few laps he got out of the pool, dried off and returned the towel to me at the bedroom door before getting dressed. It was at this time that I noticed he was beginning to become aroused and spouting an erection. I looked away, taking the towel and pretending not to notice his needy dick. Nothing more was said, and last week we were in the pool and this time he came around a day earlier than usual and once again caught us in the pool. Now it was obvious that it wasn't unintentional as he was whistling while he worked to make sure we saw him and again he was not only outside our pool screen but actually inside the screened area and trimming our plantings. He was acting like it was no big deal to him and I admit that Jerry and I were both intrigued to see just how far this would go. After we swam our laps and dried off, {while Leroy watched} I went over and laid on the chaise lounge in the sun to get a little more exposure to the sun {and Leroy}. Jerry went on into the house and left me there while Leroy worked. Within a few minutes Leroy announced that the yard didn't need much work and that he would like to swim again if that was okay with me. I said, 'sure, but I guess you need a towel and a suit again, don't you?' 'No, he replied I'll just swim as I did last week but I could maybe borrow your towel, if you don't mind.' As I handed him my towel he began to undress right next to my lounge and it was then that I noticed Jerry inside with the camcorder focused on us. That encouraged me to get frisky so I reached out and stroked his penis as he slid his shorts down. That was all it took as he got a huge erection and said he would jump into the pool to cool off. I laughed and watched as he swam back and forth and then pretended not to notice as he climbed out, toweled off and walked directly to my chair. When I looked up he had his dick within an inch or two of my face as he said, 'thanks for the use of your towel and pool' Again in a teasing way I said, 'sure Leroy, is there anything else you need?' When I smiled and opened my mouth, he leaned forward and rested the end of his mammoth dick on my lips. I looked back at Jerry and he was waving me on to see if I would suck it and the camcorder was running. Well, I tried to get that thing in my mouth but it was just too damn big. Finally, he asked if there wasn't something I could do to help him get some release and I thought he meant a hand job. At that moment Jerry came out and invited us both into the bedroom saying that he had set some things up for us. As we walked into the bedroom I saw that Jerry had the KY jelly out and the bed covers off. He suggested that maybe Leroy could just put the tip of his dick in my pussy to get relief. Actually, Jerry wanted to see if I could handle something that big! As I laid on the bed, Jerry spread KY jelly all around and inside my pussy and asked Leroy to lubricate himself as well. Then when Leroy climbed on the bed and began to spread my vulva lips and rub his dick up and down my slit I began to get really hot. I tried my best to get him in but nothing worked. Then Jerry got Leroy's dick in his hand and had me spread my legs as far apart as I could while he directed the thing to my hot pussy hole. Still we could only get about the head of it in when it was just too big. Leroy was so excited that he shot off on my tits and then was embarrassed and said that the same thing happens with all the women he tries to fuck. Leroy left and Jerry took over to finish me off so the day wasn't wasted. Nevertheless, I am determined to get Leroy inside as a personal challenge and look forward to tomorrow when he is due to return. Hopefully, he won't have his helper with him and we can give it another try. The Next Day As usual Jerry was up to his old tricks and had Leroy call early this morning to see if he could cum, {his words} early today to do the yard work. Of course Jerry said to cum right over, { again Jerry's words} then he asked me to get ready as he set up the camcorder and got the bed ready with all of the accoutrements, i.e. KY jelly, vibrator and assorted dildos. Leroy got here about 8 am which was very early as I had just finished breakfast and showered, but was still not dressed. How appropriate that turned out to be. This time Leroy came with an assistant who actually did the yard work while Leroy concentrated on the inside job. Now as I said previously Leroy is about 6'2' and over 200 pounds with a muscular frame and an 8' dick that is bigger around than a beer can. All week long I have been practicing with a cucumber, the largest I could find, a supersized dildo, and a large vibrator, although none of those could match Leroy for thickness. As I am only 5'2' and 115 pounds there is a big difference in our sizes and never having had children my pussy hasn't been stretched to accommodate such a tool. I had read about fisting but never had the courage to try it and this was going to be close to that. Jerry had Leroy put loads of KY jelly on his dick and rubbed a generous portion on my pussy lips and inside to get me ready, then he applied the dildo, the cucumber, and the vibrator until I was ready to scream. It was only then that Jerry let Leroy try to penetrate my tight pussy. First Leroy mounted me missionary style taking my legs and moving them as far apart as was possible, the began to rub his tool between my legs teasing me even more. I was ready for him to put it in and told him to start but go easy. With that encouragement Leroy put the first two inches in and I had to ask him to stop as I took deep breaths and tried to relax my muscles. Then when I had resumed my normal breathing I asked for more, but slowly. At this point Leroy put another inch or two in at least that is what Jerry said as he was laying on the bed watching carefully. Again, I had to stop and do some deep breathing and relax. A couple of minutes later I said, ' ok now put the whole thing in, but do it slowly as I think I can handle it now.' With that Jerry slid the whole salami in and sank to its roots in my hot and horny pussy. Now I have had longer dicks in my swinging life, but never one that filled me like this one. Now Leroy began to thrust in and out and inch or two at a time and then faster and faster until he was withdrawing almost the full length and I was ready to cum. Jerry said my inner pussy lips were so stretched that with each withdrawal of Leroy's dick my lips followed about two inches out with him. That wasn't surprising as I felt so full with every minute part of my inner vagina tingling and vibrating with his thrusts. We must have fucked in missionary style for about 30 minutes when I had the first of several violent orgasms. Still Leroy hadn't cum. He said later that he had jacked off that morning so that he wouldn't cum too soon. He then turned me over on my stomach and raising my hips he put his monster dick in my pussy doggy style and off we went again. All this time Jerry was masturbating and the camcorder was running. I had another two or three orgasms when I felt the first of Leroy's cum splashing on the walls of my womb. He filled me with his cum like he filled me with his dick. When he withdrew with a loud plop, I collapsed on the bed exhausted but satiated as never before! Leroy asked Jerry if he could come back again next week, and Jerry said we would have to see if I had recovered by that time as he knew I would still be sore for a few days. What a thoughtful husband, don't you think? Jerry gets so much enjoyment seeing me being fucked by a big dick that I sometime think it is more fun for him than for me. Leroy left shortly thereafter and it is now nearly noon and I can just now sit up and type. I wanted to get this to all of you as soon as possible. Yes, it is true a pussy will stretch but I never thought it would stretch that much. I hope you enjoyed this true story.
  21. Hello, I'm glad to have you reading me today. I hope you enjoyed my husband Marty's account of our first swinging experience with Bill and Amy. That was an experience that has changed our lives forever. And I am so thankful that Marty is such a wonderful man. Sexual freedom with your spouse is a wonderful gift. I would like to tell you about my birthday present that he gave me. Since our first time with Bill and Amy, we have gotten together with them several more times and each time is a true lesson in sexual pleasure. We have also met three other couples, Greg and Lisa, they are both in their early 30's, Greg is around 5-8 weighs 170 and has a thick 7-incher. Lisa is 5-6 130 and has a great figure, she is the best pussy eating woman I have ever met and Marty loves to fuck her. Jeff and Tina are both 24, he is 6-4 goes 200 or so and has an impressive 8-inch cock that I just love. Tina is 5-10 and weighs 135 with medium breasts. She is not into bi that much, but is great company. Brian and Jewell are in their Late 20's. She is 5-8 125 and has the firmest tits I have ever seen. Marty says she is his favorite swing partner because she is so energetic and loves to suck dick. I love to eat her also. Brian is 6-0 160 and has a small 6.5 dick, but he can keep a hard-on longer than any man I have ever met. This summer my birthday was on a Friday and I had a real shitty day at work. When I got home Marty left me a note to shower and get in a good mood because he was taking me out for dinner, and had a surprise for me afterward. I showered and got dressed in a miniskirt and silk blouse that always makes me feel sexy. I put on my best lace panties and bra. I wanted to have fun and I knew that dressing sexy would put me in a good mood and prepare me to fuck all night long with my husband. When Marty got home, he jumped in the shower and got dressed. He was in a nice pair of slacks and a polo style shirt that showed off his muscular arms and chest. Marty is a work-out junkie and he has a very impressive physique. He took me to a very romantic restaurant and we had a great dinner with lots of wine. When we got in our Blazer to leave, Marty pulled out a blind fold and told me to put it on and Not ask any questions. I did as I was told and put it on. We drove around for what seemed like hours, and I kept asking what we were doing. He kept saying no questions. His cell phone rang and I almost jumped out of my skin. All Marty said was 'five minutes'. All of this secrecy was making me very hot and horny and I knew that in five minutes I would find out what my surprise was. I did manage a peek and seen we were pulling into our driveway. I really began to wonder what was going on then. Marty shot off the blazer and said 'Keep your blindfold on until I say take it off. Promise?' 'Promise' I agreed. He came around and helped me out of the truck and led me inside to our bedroom. He was standing behind me and kissing my neck and rubbing my titties. I was so hot his touch made me have a mini orgasm. As he was undressing me, I reached back and began to rub his 7.5 inch love tool through his slacks. He was rising to the occasion and I was looking forward to fucking my man tonight. After he had me completely naked, he laid me on the bed and started to lick my very hard nipples and finger fuck me. After a couple of minutes he removed his fingers, and almost instantly, I was having my pussy eaten. Only Marty was still sucking my left breast. Then another set of lips was on my right breast. Then another set was pushing a tongue into my mouth. What the fuck was going on! I was still blind folded and when I broke the kiss I asked if I could take my blindfold off. Marty said that would be okay. As I took it off my eyes adjusted to the light and Jeff was attached to my right tit, Brian was attached to my left, Bill was still sucking my pussy{ he is very good at sucking my pussy}. Greg was licking and kissing my neck and this guy I had never met was licking my tummy. Marty was standing about 3 feet away and smiled and said 'Happy Birthday' All of the men were naked except for Marty and he started to take off his clothes. As he was undressing, he introduced me to Eric. He said Eric was my special surprise and for me to just enjoy the night and do what ever I felt was right. All of the men were still licking and caressing me I asked what was so special about Eric. 'Eric, show my wife what is so special about you' Eric stood up and showed me the hugest piece of dick meat I have ever seen. That fucker had to be 14 inches long and was so big around I knew that I wouldn't be able to touch my fingers around it. It scared the hell out of me but I was not going to let them know it. Marty is very thick and the first few times we had sex, I thought he would break my petite little body in half, so I knew I could take Eric, but I would have to work up to him. I said thank you to my husband and told him I loved him. Now it was time for the fun to begin. Bill never stopped eating my pussy, and I decided I needed a dick in my mouth. Jeff was the one I grabbed first and as I pulled him to me, I realized their wives were not their and I was the only woman. I was so excited that I took all of Jeff's 8 inches deep in my mouth at once. Eric replaced Jeff at my tit and I was being serviced well at all points. Jeff was panting and moaning as I pumped his rod in and out of my mouth. Bill continued to lick my pussy and he also inserted a finger in my tight little ass. I was in heaven as these men worked my body over. I was starting to have my first orgasm of the night, spraying my juices all over Bills face, he lapped at them expertly and I lost all inhibitions I had left. Jeff was never one to last a long his first time out of the box and he was about to fill my mouth with his salty cum. As he was about to explode he grabbed my head and thrust his tool deep in my mouth, filling with the first of many loads I would have that night. As I licked him dry and cleaned him off, Bill and Brian traded places with Brian going between my legs. He positioned himself to fuck me while he was on his knees. I'm glad he was the one to fuck me first, while he is a great lay, his small dick would not fill me up once these other men started to fuck me. He entered me and I arched my back to meet his first thrust. It felt great. He started his usual fast and furious pace that I knew he could keep up for a very long time. Greg was the next to offer his dick to my mouth. I took him in slowly, working my way around his head and then down one side of his shaft and up the other. After a few minutes of this, I opened my mouth and he stuck his nice thick tool into my sucking machine. He has the best tasting cock I have ever had and he is very gentle when he gets blown. His eyes rolled into his head and he was enjoying my tongue work its magic. Brian was still fucking me with a blinding pace and I was nearing another orgasm. As my dam was bursting he reached down and began to rub my clit in fast little circles. This only intensified my orgasm. Jeff, Bill and Eric were working my nipples and tits over while all of this was going on. My nerve endings were on maximum overdrive, and I was having problems being still, I had to move. I took Greg out of my mouth and made Brian let me roll over so I could get on my hands and knees. With that accomplished, I took Greg back into my mouth and Brian reinserted his cock in my dripping snatch. Greg practically burst when I started sucking him again and started to shoot spooge all over my face and chest, getting some on Eric's face. I guess Marty was prepared for this and had a towel ready and handed it to Eric. I said 'No, let me lick it off of your face.' He let me and then he started to french kiss me. It must be true what they say about a man's tongue being a direct link to his penis size, because he was massaging my tonsils with his tongue. I don't know who cleaned Greg's jizz off of my chest but Bill and Jeff were back to sucking my tits. As I was kissing Eric, I could feel Brian start to swell and he was depositing my load into my pussy. He shot what must have been gallons of juice in me. When he pulled out, I could feel his cum running down my thighs. Bill moved behind me and started to lick Brian's cum from my twat. While Bill is not bi, he does like to eat me or his wife after Marty has just came in us. His tongue and the felling of all six men fondling me sent me into another orgasm, and then another. Then Bill stuck his long and slender tool into my sopping gash and I had another orgasm. I pulled Eric up to me and stared at that enormous dick. My God he was HUGE. I wasn't sure if I could get my mouth around it. I started to lick and stroke it and could not wrap my hand all the way around it. I started to suck on his head and it stretched my mouth to its limits, I continued to try and work my way down on him. He was just laying back on the head board smiling at me. I continued to work down and got about three inches in and had to work back up. We went on like this for quite a while as Bill continued to fuck my brains out. I had so many orgasms that talking was no longer an option for me, I was just grunting and pointing. As Bill was shooting his load deep in me I had another massive spasm that shook my whole world. At that point, Marty said I needed a few minutes to rest and why don't the guys go get some beers for everyone. Bill and Brian were the only ones who weren't hard as they walked to the kitchen. Marty asked me if I was OK. I was still breathing hard and I stumbled out that I was perfect and I had no wish to stop until I sucked and fucked all six of these men. He bent down and kissed me on the cheek and said he loved me and was glad I was enjoying myself. The boys came back in and handed me a beer and I drank it down very quick. Then they handed me another and I drank it. I started the second session by starting to give Marty a Blow job. Out of all of the men I have been with before and after Marty and I got together there is just something about having sex with my husband that makes everything perfect. Even when there are five other men watching. They all let me concentrate on my hubby, watching as they stroked themselves. After a few minutes Marty started to shoot his load in my mouth. I readily drank every drop. When I got done with Marty, Jeff was fingering my cunt getting ready to fuck me . Brian and Bill both offered me their cocks to suck so I alternated between them. I have never felt more alive and invigorated than I did that night. I have always been somewhat of a slut and I enjoyed that because I love sex. This nite I was feeling like the biggest slut ever and loving it. These six men were mine and I was determined to make the most of it. Jeff rolled me over on my back and put my legs on his shoulders and started to fuck me harder that I had been fucked all night to this point. His thin 8 inches felt wonderful pounding my fiery pussy. The other men let us alone and Jeff fuck me harder and harder as I had one orgasm after another. Jeff started to tense up preparing to shoot his load deep inside of me. He started to groan and then he pounded his shot in me and I had another big one. I took a few minutes to rest and have another beer. Greg had a look of lust as I finished my beer, so I decided I would fuck him next. He was laying on his back as I swung my leg over him, and eased his thick manhood into my well fucked hole. Despite his thickness, he slid in with no resistance. I started to move up and down on him as he pinched and fondled my nipples. Oh God this felt good. We set a slow pace and were both enjoying the moment. I was to the point where I was having an orgasm every minute or so. I did not think a woman could cum as much as I did that night. But I wasn't complaining. Marty came up behind me and gently pushed me down to Greg's chest. I felt a wet sensation on my asshole and knew that Marty was lubing me up for a double penetration. Marty eased in slowly and Greg and him set a rhythm that had one pulling out as the other pushed in. Holy fucking shit, this was incredible. I had always dreamed of this, but my dreams never compared to what this reality was like. The whole time they were in me I was moaning and screaming and crying and begging, and most of all I was cumming....continuously!!!! Both Greg and Marty have rather thick cocks and when the both started to swell getting ready to cum I was as stuffed as I had ever been. Greg started to shoot off first, and seconds later Marty filled my bowels with his juice. I needed another beer. Eric was looking at me, sort of dejected. I told him 'I know you haven't came yet, I have enough energy left for one more good fucking. You're it cause when you are done, I won't be able to do any more.' He smiled and I finished my beer and began to jerk him off and lick his tip. When he was fully erect again, he got me on my back and put that monster at my pussy lips and started to rub it up and down on my clit and pussy. I was breathing heavy and waiting for the pain that would come with him sticking that thing in me, but I was committed. I wanted it and I was ready. He stuck the head at my opening and eased it in slowly. There, this isn't so bad, I thought. Then he slid it in a little further! Oh shit, I thought he would tear me in half. The pain was mixed with pleasure and I could barely hold still. I'll give Eric credit, he was huge, but he tried to be as gentle as possible. After about ten minutes, he was all the way in me, I thought the double penetration filled me up, that was nothing compared to this stud. Slowly and gently he started to ease in and out. My fully stretched pussy was growing accustomed to this huge tool and I started to enjoy it and fuck back. After a few more minutes, we were able to go at it like normal, and this kid was very good. I later found out that Eric is only 19. I decided to switch and have Eric fuck me doggie style. He eased back into me much easier this time and proceeded to fuck me very well. Again I was cumming repeatedly. The other five men positioned themselves on the bed in front of me and started to jack themselves off with their dicks pointed at my face. Marty spoke up and told Eric I liked it rough from behind, I was about to say he was rough enough when Eric reached up and grabbed my hair and started to really fuck me hard, using my hair to pull me back to him. I was at his mercy. He fucked me longer and harder than any of the others had all night. I couldn't speak, only grunt as Eric rammed me with more force with each thrust. I was about to scream stop when I felt the monster cock swell even more and he started to fill me with cum. The only problem was, Eric had me filled to capacity and his spooge started to ooze right back out and down my thighs. As he was pumping his load in me I had another orgasm, and the other men started to cum also, and squirt their cum on my face. I opened my mouth and tried to catch what I could, but most of it ended up on my face and neck. This brought on one last orgasm. I was spent. I could go no further. I collapsed on our bed, gasping for air, drunk with pleasure. The men all had one more beer, and they started to leave. Each one gave me a kiss goodbye, and they left. I woke up the next day about noon. Marty must have put a sheet over me as I slept, because I was in the same position on the bed that I was in when everyone left. My god I was sore. My jaws hurt, my asshole hurt, and especially my pussy. All of my muscles were sore too. Marty helped me into the shower to wash all of the cum off and help revive me. As we talked over coffee, I asked him where all of the other wives were last night. Marty explained that he had to do some serious begging of the wives to get the guys here last night with out them. I asked what he promised and he said that he was to be a part of the other women's birthdays just like I had mine. I smiled and said that was only fair. Marty was disappointed however, I was not able to have sex again for almost a week. He did get a few blow jobs though. Now I have to plan what to do for him on his birthday.
  22. We took a short trip to Las Vegas and had laid the ground work to have 2 different couples to meet over the weekend. One sounded a little too interested in 'Ken and Barbie' types, but we chatted quite a bit before the trip and they sounded very interested in meeting us so we were to call when we got in town Friday night. The other couple sounded a lot more down to earth. She was a cute, no make-up type, just like me. He gave the impression of being very relaxed and open to new ideas like Jack. Our plan was to meet up with them Saturday afternoon. Both were interested in full swap, bi for the girls, and maybe even letting the girls take full charge. This was going to be a great weekend. Except that none of that worked out, and we had an even better weekend than we thought we had planned. Friday evening, we called the first couple from the car as we left the Vegas airport. No answer, so we left a message. After we checked in at the Rio, we tried calling again. This time the phone never rang before the voice mail picked up so we knew that someone was on the phone. We left another message with both the cell number and the number to the room. After a while in the casino, we went to the business center and used a computer to sign on line and checked our e-mail. There was a message blowing us off that had been left just 5 minutes before. They didn't even show us the kindness to call either number. That was really frustrating. We were in Vegas to swing, not gamble. But, that sent us down to the casino for the evening knowing that we still had plans with the other {kinder} couple for the next day. Jack was at the tables, I was playing the slots. After he lost enough, he came looking for me, and I was losing too. He played the machine next to mine and won a thousand dollars on the very first play. Well, we celebrated that for a while, and then I gave up on my machine while his was still giving him small to medium winners so he stayed. I wandered around and tried a few machines with no luck. Then I saw HIM. This guy was hot. Thin, strong, hair past his shoulders, and looks that were like a magnet. So I chose the machine next to him. Every now and then he would say something to me about his machine or small win and I did the same. We eventually were talking more than playing our machines. He asked if I wanted a drink in the bar and, from out of nowhere, I came up with the guts to say that I really wanted something more, but there were a couple of problems. First, I was married. Second, I wanted to get it on with him. Third, I wanted my husband to watch. Fourth, Jack and I had never been with a single guy before. Fifth, my husband didn't know what I was proposing. Sixth, we would have to go meet him and see if he was interested. Then Scott {my hunk and slot mate} said he had a couple of problems too. Number one, he is not bi so he wanted me only, and was uncomfortable with the idea of doing a threesome. And, number two, he only had till midnight when he had to get to the airport for his flight home. It was 9PM. Jack and I had talked about threesomes before and he had seen me with guys from the couples we knew, but we had never even crossed the subject of me picking some guy up. But, before Scott and I had decided to go to talk with him, Jack showed up at my side to show me a second $1,000 he had won on the same machine. We were celebrating again when Scott high-fived Jack, which surprised Jack somewhat because he was a complete stranger. Until I said, ' This is Scott, we've been flirting while playing, and if it's OK with you, I want to take him up to our room and fuck him while you watch'. You should have seen his jaw drop. You also should have seen the tent that instantly grew in his pants. It showed. There was no way to hide it. And, then to make it even better........Scott grew one too and his was so big that no one could miss it. Seconds later I was walking through the casino with a man on each arm. And both of them had their pants tented fully which was both embarrassing and exciting for them. And, people did notice. One cocktail waitress even said 'You go girl.' as we went past. Once in the room, Scott and I kissed while our hands were all over each other. Jack sat in a chair and pulled his pants down, put some lotion in his hand and went to town. Within minutes Scott was going down on me while I was still pulling his and my clothes off. Through his pants I had felt a huge cock. Once I got his clothes off, I saw the biggest cock of my life. He was real thick. He had the exact same shape of dick that Jack had but it was twice as wide and almost twice as long. It was like Jack's had been blown up in a photocopier. His dick was well over 12 inches. And he wasn't all that big a guy otherwise. Well, this just wouldn't do. I wasn't willing to waste time on the great head he was giving me if I could be filled with that monster of his. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up asking him to fuck me. He did. And, he did. And, he did some more. It did hurt just a little. But that was only at first. I am happy to report that a pussy will stretch to fit the occasion. Make that, very happy. Of course we had condoms with us, so that wasn't a problem. He made me come hard. And loud, which was a real treat for Jack. And then he came in me, and came, and came. When he rolled off me I reached for his dick and the condom broke at the first touch. There was a flood of semen on his lap and the bed. He cleaned up a little. Jack did too, cuz he had cum in his own lap while watching. And then Scott explained that he hadn't cum for months. Apparently he is the only guy in the world who doesn't beat off when there is no woman in his life. He was apologizing, I was saying thank you. But that wasn't all. He was still as hard as before he came. We did it again and he moved us from one position to another for an hour before he came again. Jack came twice during this time and I came more times than I ever had in a single night. But, time was up. Scott was going to be late for his flight. We gave him a ride to the airport and he was gone from our lives. That was one big WOW for a night that we had been blown off by a couple who were probably to uppity for us anyway. My first pick-up. Our first single guy. My biggest dick ever. The first time I had ever seen a condom break AFTER it was no longer needed. We needed some rest. We still had plans to meet the other couple the next day. So we slept in late and then called the second couple. We talked for just a second or two before they apologized and explained that they had a sick kid and wouldn't be able to join us. Here we go again. Well, to be fair, we did meet them a few weeks later when they came to our town, and did have some fun with them. But they are 2,000 miles away so not really convenient very often. We went to the pool for the afternoon. A couple of hours later, a very cute couple took the lounges next to us and as time went by we all struck up a conversation. And, after a while, Kim pulled me aside and said she had seen us marching through the casino the night before with the two guys showing massive hard-ons. She was shy about asking, but did get around to asking if we were going off to have a threesome and I admitted that we were. She told me that they had been talking about swinging ever since they got married a couple of years before. We talked about it as we sat in the water and the guys went off to the casino. We made plans to surprise the guys. We were going to tell the guys that we were going out to dinner together. But we weren't. Jack and I were to get dressed and come to their room to pick them up. Kim's husband, Bill got ready too. But when we got to their room, Kim was still in the bathroom 'getting ready'. And, she was ready. She called out to me to come in while she finished getting dressed. I went in and she was in a baby doll nightie, and holding another out to me. We laughed and talked.......and even kissed a little before we walked out arm in arm to the great shock of both guys. My clothes were in a pile in their bathroom as she and I climbed into bed and told the guys they couldn't touch until we said so. For a girl who had never swung before, she really took to it naturally. Within minutes we were in a 69 and both guys were naked. And hard. Once again, Kim provided a shocker. She told Jack to come over and fuck her while we kept 69ing and for Bill to dangle his dick in her face while she went down on me. Bill didn't get short changed at all because just after that she was guiding the head of his dick into my pussy. That ended up a little awkward, so eventually we rolled apart and really enjoyed each other's husbands. And, after the guys had both cum, we rolled back together and ate each other out for a long time before she came hard. Then she really shocked all of us. She said, 'OK guys, you got to see us, you got to fuck us, and now you have to put on a show for us.' This was new to us. I didn't think Jack would, but when Bill sort of nodded, he did too. They got on the bed and reached for each others dicks. Just a little stroking, and that is all I think either would have done if it wasn't for Kim again. She said that wasn't much of a show and insisted on seeing some head. The guys moved into a 69 on their sides and reached for each other's dicks again and actually did it. Not for very long, but they did it. Then we rolled them over on their backs, and climbed on each other's husband and humped them to orgasm. The night ended as it started with Kim and I 69ing until we were worn out. As I said, the weekend plans were a complete failure. But the weekend couldn't have been better. Kim and Bill live in South Florida and we have vacationed with them a couple of times since. But we are still here in Saint Louis and it seems we only hook up with people who live far away, so we are still looking for some friends a little closer to home for the same kind of fun. Jack isn't bi, but he does say that there are things that he would like to do with cocks, he just doesn't understand why they always have to be attached to guys.
  23. We had been swinging for about a year. We have gone to some clubs, but mostly we ended up doing MFM threesomes. Husband loves watching me with other men, and of course, I love being with other men. Once he got me started, there was no stopping me. We gradually got into it. First we went to dances, and he encouraged me to dance with other men, and always talked about how he enjoyed that. It did always make him horny. After a night of dancing, we would go home and have wild sex with each other. From there, we visited clubs, soft swinging, just touching and so forth. We swapped with a couple of couples at clubs. We finally tried the internet, and were amazed at the internet swinging world. We found there are countless single men willing to service the ladies for MFM threesomes. We started talking with some of these men, and met with some of them, and had good times. I have enjoyed the variety of having different men in threesomes. My husband also enjoyed watching me have sex. He really enjoys sharing me and the whole threesome experience. Sometimes he just watches and other times he participates. We had several of these encounters and they were, for the most part, good. Of course, we did not play with everyone we met. Probably half or less. Nothing prepared me though, for the experience with Warren, a guy who became my Wednesday afternoon regular. He was a big man, 6 foot 6 and about 270 pounds. He was also well endowed and the experience changed my whole perception of sex and of penis size. I am about 5-5 and 140. My husband is 5-10 and 185. He is average in penis size, and I’ve always said size doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t in the overall sexual picture, because big is useless if he doesn’t know how to use it. I’ve also found small ones to be rather effective. It all depends on how it is used. But until we met Warren, I had never even seen a penis more than about 6 inches long. Most of my experiences, and there had not been all that many, involved men with a 6-inch or so long penis, and I enjoyed them. I had never really thought about huge penises, and never really even thought about tales of big ones either. The subject never came up when we met Warren. Like all the other single males we met, we had talked some on the internet, and he seemed very nice. We both liked him from our internet chat and a couple of phone calls, so we decided to meet in person. As usual, we met at a restaurant and talked. He still seemed very nice. He was very handsome and his physical size was impressive. We enjoyed an hour or so visit. He was very patient and not pushy. He seemed to actually enjoy our company whether it involved sex or not, and that was a plus. We met again, and again, we just enjoyed conversation, and he seemed fine with that. He was also very charming and had a great sense of humor. After our second meeting, I decided that I would like to invite him into bed with us. Husband approved, and so we set up a meeting at a hotel. That is how it usually goes. One or two meetings, and then we decide if we will do anything. I am a slut, but I'm not easy. The day came to meet, and we met him at a restaurant near our hotel. We met there so he could accompany us back to the hotel. Just seemed to work best that way. I was nervous of course, but he was very charming. He met us at the restaurant, and was very relaxed and confident. I was pleased that he was not pushy at all. He put himself on my timetable and went with the flow. After some time chatting we went back to the hotel. Once in the hotel room, there was the usual awkwardness that is always there the first time with someone. Our friend seemed relaxed though, and it helped that he was totally not pushy and waited for things to develop. We chatted in the hotel room for a bit. Hubby took my hand, placed into Warren’s hand, smiled and said “have a good time.” Husband then sat in a chair and got ready to watch. Warren and I exchanged a kiss. It was nice, and I was a little overwhelmed as this giant of a person put his arms around me. His kiss was very good, long and passionate. He asked me to undress for him, which I did. I thought it a bit unusual that he wasn’t undressing as well, but I didn’t mention it. I slowly took off my blouse and bra. Then slowly stepped out of my pants and underwear and stood there naked in front of the two men. I could see Warren enjoyed what he saw and that made me feel good. It is a very nice feeling to stand naked in front of men, including my husband, and see their approving look. He laid me down on the bed and kissed me a little, and only then took his shirt off. He had big muscular arms and a muscular chest. It was impressive. He lay down beside me and kissed my neck, then my chest, and softly licked the nipples of my breasts. His tongue felt so nice around them, and he sucked on my tits some. They seemed to fit nicely in his mouth since they are not so big. His hand gently stroked my belly, and found its way to my pubic area. A finger very gently went over the outline of my vagina opening. The touch was so light that I could barely feel it, but that felt so good, as his kisses massaged my breasts. After about 10 minutes of this I was getting aroused and thinking about how I was going to enjoy being fucked by this man. It was obvious he had some sensitivity, and was interested in pleasing me. His hands also massaged my legs, my hips, and my breasts. I was being touched all over, which was very nice. I was getting more and more aroused. Then he took his pants off and what I saw was really scary. He had the largest penis I had ever seen in my life. It seemed to hang down from his crotch forever. It was not exactly limp or hard. Somewhere in between, but was huge to me at that moment. It was about nine inches long, but looked longer to me at that moment. It was also very thick. All I could think was, that there was no way that thing would fit in me. I guess he could see the terror in my eyes, and I was seriously thinking about backing out. He told me not to worry and promised to be gentle. He said he has had this experience before with women, which is why he tries to delay taking off his pants. I looked over at hubby, who was smiling. He looked at me as though to say it was all up to me. Warren took me in his arms, gave me a very warm kiss, and looked into my eyes. He said he would do nothing to hurt me, and would stop at anytime I wanted. I was aroused by all his nice foreplay, but I was also scared of this monster between his legs. I’ve never been into pain, or even rough sex particularly. He kissed me again, and as his fingers started exploring the edges of my pussy, I felt myself too weak to protest. I put my arms around him, held on tight, and responded to his kisses with my own passionate lips against his. With his kisses, and his hands doing magic on my pussy, I was getting so aroused I could barely stand it. I was slowly forgetting about the huge dick I had seen and was thinking more and more about how I wanted to feel something between my own legs. He stood for just a moment, and turned his back to me, as he put on a rubber. I could see hubby’s surprised look as he saw the aroused large penis that was about to ravish his sweet wife. I still had not seen his penis erect, and probably that was a good thing.Warren laid back down beside me and began kissing me even more passionately. He also started massaging my pussy more with his fingers. With one finger inside me, he found my clitoris and started manipulating it. My pussy was so wet it was soaked and I was almost orgasmic with his finger rubbing against my clitoris. As I moaned and sighed, he whispered “are you ready baby.” “Yes,” I breathed. “I want you to fuck me,” I said with a moan. He continued to rub my clit for a moment, and then got on top of me. Soon I felt something pushing against the opening of my pussy. It felt like a baseball bat, but wasn’t really that big. I was so aroused I was soaking wet, and that lubricated the rubber enough to where I was ready. Slowly he pushed against me, and slowly his big penis made its way inside me.The first few inches felt fine as he eased his way in. But then I realized how thick it was, and it didn’t stop where they normally stop. I felt his penis go where nothing had ever gone before. He went all the way back to my cervix. The thickness was also a bit uncomfortable. It didn't hurt, but I definitely felt filled up “down there.” Once he was all the way in, he paused and asked me how it felt. “Are you ok,” he asked. 'Yes” I whispered. What else was I going to say to a 275 pound man who was lying on top of me and 9 inches of his manhood buried into my body? It was too late to turn back now. I just laid there, feeling strangely good, but also a little scared. It did hurt, but it also felt surprisingly good. Very slowly he started going in and out of me. It felt very good, though I had never felt anything so large inside me before. It was also hard to breathe with all his weight on me. I felt totally overwhelmed in the moment. But that big dick soon started pumping in and out of me, and I started feeling even more aroused. Before he put it in me, I was about to have an orgasm. After only a few strokes I started to feel like coming. It's good that happened, because it allayed my fears a lot and I started getting more and more into it. He kept the long even strokes going. It seemed like a very long time, just continual motion of this big cock rubbing against my clitoris. I came again. And a third time. I screamed, and he started pumping me harder. I wondered why I had been frightened at the site of this big cock, when I went into another orgasm. After about 20 minutes of this, and me in a state of sexual euphoria, he started to breathe much harder and his strokes became faster and shorter.It hurt but it also felt good, as he lunged all nine inches into me with all the power his 275 pounds would muster. He came with a great orgasm, shooting into the rubber that was inside me. He stroked me a few more times, and I felt his large penis start to subside. I was nearly unconscious from being stroked for nearly 30 minutes by a huge dick, as well as having 275 pounds on top of me, which literally took my breath away. In a moment or two, he got up, and went to the bathroom to take the rubber off and clean up. My husband laid down beside me and held me. I just relaxed in an amazing state of post-orgasm euphoria. I was breathing hard from being tired, and just trying to catch my breath. My husband was also very aroused by what he had seen, and he almost immediately started to fuck me. I was still soaking wet and stretched, so his penis went in me very easily. I was still in a state of wonderment as my husband’s dick stroked into me. It was a good way to come down from such a high I had experienced. I noticed Warren back beside the bed and watching my husband fuck me. He continued until he came inside me. I had a small orgasm while he fucked me, but I was still in a state of near exhaustion from the Warren experience. After my husband came, he rolled over beside me. I saw Warren on my other side, with a new rubber on his hard nine-inch long dick. He was ready again, and looked at my husband as if to ask permission. Hubby smiled but did not move, indicating his permission. Warren got on top of me again, and slowly inserted his big penis into me. Again I was stretched. It hurt as I felt my body being forced to expand to accommodate his dick. He pumped into me with those long even strokes as hubby stroked my face and hair with his hand. Again I went into an orgasmic state, and Warren fucked me another half an hour at least. My husband started to fuck me once Warren finished, but I was just too tired, too worn out. My pussy was in pain now. I could not stand anything even near it. We all got dressed and chatted some more. I was in a daze of sorts, and Warren just chuckled. He was obviously pleased with himself to have totally rocked the world of this woman, and I couldn't blame him. Hubby has also enjoyed the spectacle. I literally had trouble walking back to the car. My pussy hurt for three days. About two weeks later we hooked up again and had another wonderful sexual experience. From there we started meeting weekly, soon my body adjusted and it didn't hurt any more at all. It was just wonderful sex from that point.
  24. Hi, my name is Cheryl, and I live next door to a very liberated woman who regularly entertains men in her house while her husband is away, and on occasion even when he is home. Yesterday, I noticed her car in the driveway and I went over to ask her a question about an upcoming event in our neighborhood. After ringing the doorbell for a couple of minutes, I noticed that the front door was open slightly, so I stepped inside and called out her name, "Chris, are you home?" There was no immediate reply, so I walked into the kitchen/family room and to my surprise, (or maybe not) I saw Chris on the couch with Tyrone, a large black man with an enormous erection which was in Cheryl's mouth. "Oh, I see why you couldn't answer the door. I'll just come back later." Chris raised up and took Tyrone's dick out of her mouth and said, "No, that's okay please stay as you have already seen my fuck buddy and me, maybe you would like to be next." With that, my mouth dropped open, and I couldn't say a word as I was mesmerized. Meanwhile, Tyrone came over to me completely nude and started to undress me so that I wouldn't feel uncomfortable being the only one in the house with clothes on. "You are one hot looking babe," Tyrone said, "Let's get you naked and see what you got for me." It didn't take long for me to get naked as I helped Tyrone strip off all of my clothes and joined the two of them on the couch. I couldn't take my eyes off Tyrone's penis as it looked to be a foot long and as big around as a beer can. Chris said, "Don't be afraid of that big boy, just spread some of this KY jelly on your snatch and he'll slip right in. While you're doing that I'll show you how well he fits me," and she proceeded to show me as she had him lie down on his back and she slowly lowered herself down on him until she had his balls tight against her pussy. Then the hot action started, and they fucked like rabbits until he shot a massive load of cum in her pussy. Now I was randy and hot after watching that, and I wanted some too but was afraid Tyrone would need some time to recover. Tyrone didn't need any time though as he was still hard and he laid me down on the rug and began to insert the bulbous head of his dick in me until I thought it would tear me open, but it didn't. Once the head was in, the rest followed, and I too had a great orgasm while Tyrone gave me a slightly smaller version of his first cum shot. Now my neighbor and I are best friends and this Thursday she, Tyrone, his buddy Dewan, and I are going to spend the morning sucking, fucking, and swapping. I can hardly wait. The following week Chris and I were having coffee at her house as her husband was out of town again, and Tyrone and his friend Dewan rang the doorbell. Chris got up to see who was at the door and came back dragging both of the big black guys by their dicks which were sticking out of their shorts already. "Look what I found at the front door," Chris said as if it was just an everyday occurrence. "I see you have the packages already opened so let's see what we can do with them," I said. Chris and I were just in our robes as it was still early morning, so we just dropped our robes and stood before these two black studs naked as the day we were born, but of course with much bigger boobs and snatches. The guys were quick to drop their shorts and pull off their t-shirts, and in a minute we were all naked. Since I had already enjoyed Tyrone, I was anxious to try his friend Dewan so I suggested that we all adjourn to the bedroom where a king-sized bed awaited us and we could all four fuck and hopefully switch back and forth. When we got to the bedroom, Chris began to lick and suck on Tyrone's big dick to get him harder and longer, and I watched as the black snake kept growing until she was gagging and ready to get it in her pussy. Meanwhile, Dewan had gone down on me and was licking and lapping my pussy so good that I had trouble concentrating on the show that Chris and Tyrone were putting on for me. Chris had Tyrone lay down on his back and then rose up over him slowly guiding his enormous dick into her vagina inch by inch. She had to do it slowly as he is so big that a sudden sit down on that monster would sting at least a little. When she had slid all the way down Tyrone's pole, and their pubic bones were slapping away making squishy sounds, Dewan rose up over me and took both of my nipples in his mouth at the same time by holding my tits so tightly together, and the itch in my pussy was out of control. I pulled Dewan up over me and let him slide his slightly smaller and thinner dick into my waiting pussy, and we began to get it on until we were at about the same rhythm as Chris and Tyrone. It felt so good that I was ready to cum when Dewan pulled out and said, "switch time bro." At first, I was disappointed to feel empty and at the same time anxious for my turn at Tyrone. The two guys quickly traded places, and in a few seconds I could feel Tyrone's big black dick sinking into my hot and juicy pussy until I was so full I felt like I would burst. It was a really great feeling for both of us, but I thought that Chris would feel left out since she hadn't cum yet and her pussy wasn't as full as it had been. It turned out that it didn't matter to her as she just squeezed her vaginal muscles a little tighter and before long she and Dewan were cumming together. Tyrone has the most staying power of anyone I have ever fucked, and he had me almost on the ceiling and ready to cum a dozen times when he would pull out and suck my tits and slap his dick on my cheeks, teasing me. After about an hour of this, he thrust that monster back up my pussy and lifting my hips off the bed began to pound away for all he was worth. I must have had at least three orgasms while he was doing that and when he finally shot his load of cum into me, we found we were all alone on the bed. It seems that Chris and Dewan had left the room to bring us coffee and when they came back in Chris commented, "I'm going to have to wash those sheets before Tim gets home tonight as you two have made a really big mess." "Let's don't rush to do the laundry," I told her as I didn't think we were finished. As it turned out, we weren't. Dewan having rested now mounted me and did his best to match Tyrone, but even though he felt good and I got another orgasm, he just didn't ring my bell like Tyrone. The rest of the morning the four of us laid around fucking and sucking, and I even got my first taste of a woman, something I thought I would never do. Chris and I got into a 69 and ate each other out while the guys got their third wind. After that we all had lunch, and the guys had to go to work on the second shift, and Chris and I had our husbands to worry about catching us. That wasn't a big deal for Jerry, but we didn't know how Tim would feel about it. Just as Chris and I were showering and getting ready to put our robes back on Tim walked in the door and with the smell of sweat and sex had a pretty good idea what had gone on, but that is another story.
  25. My wife Marie's stats: 28 years old, Irish and Swedish so she is very fair skinned, long flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, 5-8, 135 size 4, big breasts 36dd's, and just a knock out. Mike her husband 30, 6-0, avg build. I love to share her with others. I recently shared her with a MUCH OLDER GENTLEMEN. Dan was 59 years old. She was a little leery at first, but she loved his company. We meet one night and said that we would get together again some time. A month later, Dan called one Saturday afternoon. Marie answered, Dan wanted to know if she would be willing to escort him to his 40th year high school reunion the following Saturday night. Marie asked me and I said that if she wanted, she could. She then told Dan YES. He was so happy. He asked her if she had anything to wear. She said yes but could always use a new dress. He insisted on taking out to the mall to buy her one. Marie asked if it was ok for her to go to the mall with Dan. I said sure. Dan stopped by around 4 pm to pick her up. He was dressed very nice and was very happy to see Marie. He was very grateful towards me for allowing Marie to go. I said no problem, enjoy her. He smiled and said that he would. Marie was wearing jeans, high heels, and a tight black t-shirt. She looked good as always. They left the house and I was left to sit and wonder. They left in Dan's Benz. Marie says they went to a very elegant dress shop. She said she tried on several dresses. She said that Dan was a complete gentleman. She said he would not come in the dressing room. She tried on several dresses and then had trouble with one. She asked that he come into the room to help her zip it up. He did, He helped her squeeze into the dress and zip it up. It was a hot little dress. She liked it a lot. They decided to take that one. She then needed help getting it off. He unzipped the dress and played with her tits for some time. He loves those tits. They bought the dress and then decided to go for a drink before returning home. They called me from the bar and asked if I wanted to join them. I said I was not feeling too well and to have fun. Marie felt bad but she continued on with Dan. Marie and Dan had several drinks. Then they proceeded to his car. Dan asked if she wanted to go home or to his house. She said lets save it for next week. She then squeezed his cock through his pants. She new he wanted her bad. She said, I want you to think of me all week. She said she flashed her tits towards him the whole ride home. Dan must have went home and jerked of like mad. That night Marie and I fucked like porn stars after she told me about her day. I told her she have fun next week and not to hold back on the count of my not being there. I told her, as long as she tells me all the details. The following Saturday came. Marie spent a lot of time getting ready. Dan came to pick her up at 5pm. The party started at 6pm. Marie looked beautiful. She had her hair up, and her tight black dress on. It had a slit up her leg almost to her thigh and cut low exposing lots of cleavage. Her tits are so good most people accuse her of having implants. They are so big and sit high. But they are 100% real. Dan thanked me again. He asked if she had a curfew? I laughed and said no. As long as she is home by breakfast. Marie gave me a big kiss and said good bye. They left. She tells the story from here..... I { Marie} felt a little awkward going to a 40 year high school reunion considering I was only out 10 years. I figured I would get a lot of looks. But sometimes it can be fun. I decided to have fun and go with it. I asked Dan how he was going to introduce me. He said as a friend. I said ok. We walked in and I was right. I got several looks. Dan saw a lot of his old friends. They all complimented me on my dress. I told them Dan picked it out. They smiled. We sat with two close friends of his, John and Tom. They were both divorced and living alone. The bachelor life. They were both pretty amusing men. I felt unusually comfortable with these men. Dan and I danced a few slow dances and then John and Tom both asked me to dance. I did dance with them both. The funny thing. Both men had bulges in below. I think I teased them both a bit. Dan later asked if it was ok if he was to invite John and Tom over for some drinks. He said, he has not seen them in a while and would like to have some more drinks with them. I said sure, the more the merrier.John and Tom agreed and we all went back to Dan's House. We all went into the living room and Dan went to get us some drinks. John and Tom kept complimenting me on what a special woman I was and how they wished more younger woman were as friendly towards older gentlemen. I told them that age does not matter to me. Dan returned with the drinks. He sat next to me on the couch. He had several drinks and we were all getting comfortable. Dan then suggested John and Tom spend the night since they had so much to drink. They agreed. Tom then says to me that my dress looked great but must be getting uncomfortable since it was so tight. I looked at Dan. I said yes, you're right, I should get out of it soon. Dan then said, why don't you take it off here now? I said right here in front of all the boys, I teased. He said yeah. I said ok. I stood up slowly. I then kicked my foot up unto the coffee table right in front of John. I took that heel off. Then i did the same this time in Tom's direction. Then I turned my back to Dan and told him to unzip me. Dan jumped up and unzipped. I then seductively lowered the straps off my shoulders and slithered the dress down. I was facing John and Tom. My bare breasts were exposed. I asked if they liked what they saw. They stuttered and said yes. I then had Dan slide the dress down to the floor. I was standing naked in front of these three much older men.They could not stop staring at me, my tits, my flat tummy, and shaved pussy. The men asked if it would be ok to touch me. I leaned over and kissed John and said yes. I then leaned over and kissed Tom. I told them to both feel my breasts. The were so excited. I then told the men that since I stripped, I wanted to see them strip. They all began to take off their clothes. I turned towards Dan and helped him get undressed. His cock was already hard. I stroked it a bit. I then turned toward John and Tom. They were both standing completely naked. They were both in good shape for their ages. John had a tall slender builder and Tom was a little meatier. John's cock was nice. It was about seven inches. Tom's was a shock. It was a little longer than Dan's and very thick. It was about 11 inches and thick. Dan chuckled and said, Tom had the biggest dick in high school and I think it still is. Tom said that I should enjoy it. Dan then came from behind me. He began to fondle my breasts. He whispered in my ear. He told me to get on my knees and begin to suck all of their cocks. I then dropped to my knees and began to rub and stroke all three men. When i felt Tom's long dong I knew this would not be easy. I licked it up and down. I then took a deep breath and began to suck his monster cock. It was so long and tick. I then went to John's and sucked it like a pro. It was smaller so I was able to deep throat it. John could not handle it. He said it had been so long. He came quick. I let him cum in my mouth. I then moved over to Dan. Dan enjoyed having me suck me off. He said he really wanted to watch me try and fuck John. I said really, you want to watch me? Ok. I then took Tom upstairs. Tom laid me down on the bed. He laid on top of me. He kissed me and massaged my breasts. He keep sucking and squeezing my tits. He loved them. All men do. He then asked if I was ready. I knew i was. I was so wet. I said yes, I am. He then spread my legs wide. He inserted the head of his cock inside my wet pussy. I felt my legs quiver. I said how big he was. Men always like to hear that. He then slowly pumped it into me. I used my pussy and squeezed tight around his cock. I squeezed it tight like a vise grip. He loved how tight i Was. He said I felt like a virgin. I smiled.: This made him try harder. He pumped me deeper. I could feel the thickness fill me and stretch me. I moaned. UGH UGH UGH. He then slide it in and out. I could tell he was not all the way in. I told him I was ready to take it all. He then pulled back and then with one quick thrust WHAM..... I thought I was seeing stars. He must have had only about seven inches in before and just SLAMMED 11 INCHES OF THICK COCK INSIDE ME. I could feel a tear drop from in the corner of my eye. He hit me so deep. He asked if I wanted more. I whimpered. YES. He slide it all the way out. He then did it again.. WHAM.. all the way in. MY WHOLE BODY SHOOK. He asked do you want more. I cried a bit. YES. I had never been hit so fucking hard before and by someone so much older. He knew he had control over me. Dan and John were enjoying watching Tom's impressive style and use of his gift. Tom then asked me if I was ready for more. I was. I said yes. He slide it out and then THRUST IT IN SO HARD IT HURT SO BAD. I COULD FEEL MY INSIDES. He said, do you want more? I could not stop him. I cried yes. He then slide it out for the fourth time. He then had the very tip of his dick inside me. He then thrust into me. But he did not stop. He keep pounding me. I was like a piece of meat. He was hitting me like a pro boxer hits a heavy bag. My pussy was being pounded. BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM.. UGH UGH UGH UGH. I COULD NOT STOP... He keep hitting it. My tits were bouncing. My hair was flying. Then he stopped for a brief second to catch his breath. He apologized. He said when he was younger he was an animal. I could not imagine fucking him when he was younger. He took his enormous LONG cock out and rubbed it up against my clit. It made me feel so good. He then inserted it again. He then said he was gonna make me cum. He knew exactly what i wanted. He gave me LONG DEEP STROKES. I was moaning so loud. I then felt my insides burst. I started to CUM. He keeping hitting me deep. I was GUSHING. I NEVER IN MY LIFE CAME LIKE THAT.HE THEN MOANED AND SAID I'M CUMMING. I was filled up and he still had more. He pulled it out and shoot four more streams of CUM all over my body. I was amazed at what an older man could do to my body. :} :} :} :} :} I then told the men I was sorry my husband was not here to see this. They said they would be willing to come over any time... facelick
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