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Her First BBC


After 39 years of marriage, my wife finally agreed to let me establish a profile on SLS. Setting up the first experience was not easy as we did not know anyone in the lifestyle. I always fantasied about her getting fucked by a black man, and within a very short time on SLS, a well-built, highly-educated black man named Brandon answered our ad. I showed him my wife’s photos and he eagerly agreed to meet us at a local hotel after work one evening.


I showed my wife Brandon's response and she nervously agreed to meet him after work on Friday. She never experienced a black man before yet alone somebody with a 13-inch cock. She was intrigued, excited and nervous all at the same time.


My wife is no super model but she is 5’10”, blond hair, blue eyes with 36D breasts and a killer ass. Her long legs look great in heels. Her nipples are super sensitive and when her G-Spot is massaged correctly, she ejaculates profusely. (As a side note, I have seen her spray lady cum 2-3 feet across a room, but that's another story). I am truly a lucky man!


We arranged to meet Brandon at a local motel that catered to people on a budget and those looking for a short rendezvous. Brandon was hung up in traffic so he texted to say he would be about 30 minutes late. He also said he needed to stop for condoms on the way.My wife shook her head. “No condoms. They irritate me and I want my first BBC experience to be special.”  I told him to forget the condoms.  While we waited, my wife changed into a sheer black negligee and drank nearly an entire bottle of wine to calm her nerves.


Our new friend finally arrived and instantly calmed my wife’s anxieties. His soft voice and gentle nature eased her nervousness and I could sense her growing excitement. He took her wine glass from her and started to kiss her. He gently pushed her onto the bed and removed her thong and untied her negligee.She then helped him remove it completely. Here was my beautiful wife of 39 years, naked on a bed with a black man sporting a 13-inch cock. I took a seat nearby and enjoyed the show.


As Brandon began fingering my wife, he placed his cock at her lips. She looked at me, saw me smiling, and opened her mouth wide for him. She couldn’t take all 13 inches in her mouth but she tried. He then removed his now rock-hard cock and put his mouth on her cunt lips. In short order, she had her first orgasm.


Before she had time to recover from her orgasm, Brandon spread her legs and slowly inserted his cock in her cunt. She cried at first from his size but soon was able to accommodate all of it. As he started thrusting, she wrapped her legs around his back to make sure he didn’t pull out. When he was ready to cum, he accelerated his thrusts until he filled her with his cum. My wife just experienced her first black semen.


When he finished cumming, Brandon went to the bathroom to clean up.My wife was smiling ear to ear as she showed me his creampie.She then went to the bathroom to clean up as well.


When she returned, Brandon kissed her again and place her face down on the bed. He immediately started to aggressively finger her pussy which made her orgasm and squirt. Using her lady cum as a lubricant, Brandon coated his cock and inserted into her cunt from behind. Brandon had great stamina as he fucked her this way for at least 10 minutes. Maybe more. My wife was hanging onto the bed mattress for dear life and Brandon fucked her without abandon. I moved closer to see the action and noticed every time he thrusted, a small mount of blood tricked out of my wife’s cunt. Obviously, Brandon’s long cock was hammering her cervix. I whispered in her ear that she was bleeding. She looked back, shrugged her shoulders and told Brandon, “Keep going, fuck the hell out of me, give me more of your cum.”


After Brandon came for the third time, we decided to call it a night. As he started dressing, my wife laid on the bed with her legs splayed open. As he was leaving, he gave her a deep kiss and said goodbye. When we were alone, she pulled her legs up to her chest and said, “Take a picture of my cunt, then fuck me please.” I grabbed my phone, took a snap shot of the cum oozing out of her cunt, then mounted. I could feel Brandon’s cum inside which was a first for me. I now make sure to fuck her after every one of her BBC sessions, it makes both her and I feel special.


As I kissed my wife, I could taste the taste of salty tears. I looked and noticed she had tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. I asked if she was ok and she said "Yes, thank you so much for this. Are you sure you will still love me after?" I looked at her and told her that I loved her even more now than ever before and nothing would change that. I promised her at that moment that she could have all the freedom she wanted in life and that I would never deny her any pleasure.

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    • By C3po
      This all started around forty years ago when my wife Beth and I had dated for a few years then married. It wasn't long after we married that I introduced her to her first big realistic porn star dildo.  When she first saw it she laughed and said, "That'll never fit in my pussy, are you nuts?!" But she agreed to trying and found not only did it fit but she really enjoyed it. She was amazed by how much she enjoyed it.  So much so that she requested I use it on her quite a lot. She also discovered she enjoyed big cock porn, she was fascinated by it. Soon was I combining using a huge dildo on her at the same time she watched big cock porn, this led her to experience huge orgasms. She couldn't get enough. She was finally exploring her sexuality and expanding her outlook on sexual pleasure.
      One night after some really hot sex I  questioned her if she ever fantasized about fucking other men, especially well-hung men. She responded that of course she did, stated that most women had this fantasy, and she believed it was quite common. So I pursued it further and asked her if she wanted to try another man's cock and how much did she really desire to do it? She said that it sounded exciting and fun but she would never do anything to endanger our marriage. I said,  "What if I told you that I wanted to watch you have sex with another man, one that had a really big cock. Would you then consider it?" She laughed and said she'd be game if it was something I was serious about and really wanted her to do. She said, "Come on, let's be real. It's exciting and fun to imagine it, but to really do it? Please! That's a major game changer."
      So I said, "I'm very serious. I've watched the way you enjoy the dildos especially while watching big cock videos. It turns me on big time seeing how excited you get and how many times you climax from doing these two things at the same time. I want to watch you do it for real. No BS, just watching you getting slammed by a big cock would be a huge turn-on for me. So what do you really think now that you know that I'm serious and am giving you this opportunity?"
      I could see her giving it some serious thought, she didn't get mad or upset at me or the idea, no resistance whatsoever to my request.  The more she considered the idea the more it appeared to me that she was very intrigued with the idea and it excited her.
      She started asking all kinds of questions, like wouldn't I be jealous, or think the worst of her, or what if she really enjoyed it and wanted more or didn't feel comfortable screwing another man, then what? Were there any rules and what were the consequences? Was I absolutely sure that I really wanted her to do this, because once done there was no going back!
      After she finished asking everything she had concerns about I answered all her questions and we talked about the rules/boundaries we would have in place to keep it fun and exciting without any reservations or guilt. This was to make sure she fully understood my concerns and alleviate all of hers as well. It seemed she came to a decision at which point she smiled and enthusiastically said yes, she'd do it! Did I have someone special in mind she wondered? She said she had to agree to my choices for her sexual escapades or it wasn't gonna happen.
       I then informed her I was thinking of Bruce. Beth squealed with glee, she admitted she has had fantasies about Bruce for some time now and I couldn't have picked a better choice for her first time. She would absolutely love to fuck Bruce. She said she was getting wet thinking about sex with him.
      A few days later I met up with Bruce for an after work drink. As we enjoyed several drinks we talked a lot. Soon I steered the conversation towards my wife Beth. I asked  Bruce to be honest and tell me what he thought about Beth. He admitted he thought Beth was smokin' hot. She had a killer body and was just gorgeous, always was friendly, and liked flirting with him when they were together. I asked him if he' ever had the chance would he consider having sex with her? He looked a bit concerned by my question but answered yes, he wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of such an opportunity. So I told him that Beth really wanted to have sex with him, and that I was okay with them hooking up. I explained that was my kink watching her get fucked by other men, it really turned me on. Bruce considered it for several minutes then said okay sure, he'd love to fuck Beth. Just give him the details when we're ready to make it happen.
      When I got home I told Beth about my conversation with Bruce and what he said. She looked startled and said she couldn't believe I did that. So I asked her if what I did was so wrong and did she still want to go through with it? She excitedly said Oh hell yes she did, and no I wasn't wrong! So we made plans and set a date for Beth's first cock. 
      The night arrived finding Beth both excited and hot with anticipation. She was dressed to kill showing off her sexy body wearing no underwear. When Bruce knocked on the door I answered it and escorted him into our house. Beth entered the living room and gave Bruce a big hug pressing her chest and pelvis into him and then kissed him on the lips. Bruce kissed her back and he sat down pulling her on to his lap. Nether one of them wasted any time, tongues going everywhere, hands exploring and groping each other, clothes coming off. Soon they were both naked and Beth got a pleasant surprise, Bruce was very well hung. She giggled with delight.
      Beth took Bruce's hand and led him to our bed. She pushed him down on the bed and went to work on Bruce's big cock giving him an enthusiastic blow job. After a while Bruce flipped Beth on her back and went to work on her pussy and clit. Beth orgasmed in minutes, fully enjoying Bruce's skilled tongue. I stood in the background watching the show.
      Soon Bruce moved into position between Beth's legs. As he rubbed his cock against Beth's open pussy and clit she responded with loud moans and started pressing her pussy against Bruce's cock. As he slid his huge cock into Beth's pussy she had a big climax. As he went deeper he increased his speed and Beth climaxed again. She was enthralled with his big cock pumping her pussy, she was moving her hips and swearing, telling him his cock felt so good. She looked over at me and said she loved how good his big cock felt inside her. She told Bruce to stretch her pussy good, to fuck her hard. She was in sexual ecstasy, a place she'd never been before. Her facial expressions showed pure bliss and the sounds she was making were hot as hell. I never seen her so turned on, she must of had a dozen orgasms, many of which were huge.
      They fucked each other hard for a good twenty minutes then Bruce erupted into Beth's pussy, filling her with his cum. This gave Beth another climax. Afterwards he laid on Beth for a minute then rolled off her. He'd destroyed her pussy, it gaped open with his cum dripping out of her. They kissed and he got up to dress while Beth laid there spent. She looked at me and smiled big time. She said, "Your turn!", so I took sloppy seconds and enjoyed it beyond belief. Bruce watched us have sex then commented that watching real sex was so much hotter than any porno ever could be. He understood my enjoyment of watching my wife fuck other men. He said he'd like to do it again and Beth was all for it. So they made plans to hook up again. Then Bruce left.
      Beth and I talked about how well things went, and how she wasn't prepared for how much she enjoyed his big cock. It was mind boggling! She thanked me profusely for asking her to do this, the opportunity to experience such awesome sex. She says she'll never be the same again and is looking forward to more big cock sex. So our new lifestyle began.
    • By Sawman
      I am at the mature end of the swinging demographic as are my play friends. The ladies have their share of curves and character lines and often prefer to wear something when younger, fitter ladies prefer total nudity. This is just to say clothing is totally OK if it makes you comfortable. This is not a photo shoot. This is intimacy and mutual giving. Besides, a little color and texture is nice to see and feel. When I know my partner is shy I can adjust and just observe that as a boundary.
      Now, go shopping.
    • By iluvurodsteel
      10 years ago my wife of 29 years decided to go her own way.
      I was turning 50 and while I wanted to have a spectacular life of love and fun, she just seemed to want to become a grandma and rock her grandchildren.
      So I decided that I wanted to try a more open sexual relationship if I were to find another. I began dating around and I found someone who was willing to take a few steps into swinging. Sadly, after a wonderful experience I suggested we get married and she misunderstood that offer to be a "payment" for her services. So we fizzled. We broke up and her complaints about only being with me was her excuse. (I posted about this years ago on this forum. I was torched by a lot, but many understood why I made the decisions I did.)We broke up and it hurt.
      Two years later we come across each other again. She hadn't found anyone, but I'm not settling either. We talked and slowly begin to engage again. Slowly she began to understand that the Swinging did not take me away from her, it actually brought me closer to her, such as that I wanted to marry her. She just couldn't get over that part, but as we continued to rebuild the trust, we became very active swingers and we did get MARRIED on the beach at Hedo.
      We are generally attractive but getting older with a few pounds. We were nervous at first, but since we reconnected and went full speed ahead, we have had about 25-30 swinging times. If we counted the oral sex or just groping it would be double.
      We consider ourselves experienced, but you know, we aren't nervous or anxious about it at all. She makes connections on her own, and I love that. She has proactively helped and its been a great time. She made friends with a girl recently and she told me she was going to bring her to bed with us. A year later, she is eating my cum out of her pussy.
      So I guess my point is, that this Evolution of Swinging has come full circle. We go to Hedo and other places to meet up with people. We host parties at our home. Last time we had five couples and I lined all the women up on the edge of the pool and me and the men lined up and each went down the line with each woman. Later all of the girls were on our bed, just playing with each other as we watched. (I dont' deserve this!)
      The torture it took to get here was mindboggling, but its been a wonderful life of one fun time after another.
      Anyway, the Evolution of Swinging has been great for us. I doubt we could have handled it when we had young children around us, but we sure do enjoy it now. Just don't get bent out of shape and take it slowly. We've introduced several into the lifestyle and have been blessed to have many much younger mates.
      So the Evolution has come about, I don't know what is next, but I know it will be great. Then again, we've met several "bi" men in the lifestyle and as I have told them, I will never "EVOLVE" that much.
      Just loving this life!
    • By Falcon88
      My wife and I have been together for almost 25 years. Through out the years sex has been fantastic. No complaints on either side. We are very faithful and never cheated on each other.
      Then one day two years ago we were having a few drinks and watching porn. We watch all kinds of porn. That night we were watching some really good gangbangs. Curiously, I turn to my wife and asked her if she ever thought about swinging and group sex. If it ever crossed her mind. Surprisingly, she looked at me and said she’s been thinking about it for while. So we ended up talking about swinging and group sex for hours. We got online and read stories on experiences about swinging and group sex. The pros and cons. It turned me on taking about it but at the same time I got a crazy feeling in my stomach. Nerves I guess.
      So to make a very long story short we ended up having an open marriage and took up swinging. We both decided to have (safe) sex with other people until we felt comfortable on having our first group sex. All this took very long planning and preparing, especially mentally.
      Finally last November we planned out her first group sex. We carefully selected three familiar friends to join in the fun. Of course they decided to do it and agreed on our rules.
      So, it finally happened that November night. I really enjoyed watching my wife get screwed by more than one man. She had the time of her life. She had multiple orgasms one after another. The crazy feeling never left my stomach but I really enjoyed watching though. After the guys left we kicked back and talked about our experience. Then we go back about agreeing on what we’re doing and never to do it without the other knowing. We keep an oath of trust. Every time we have a date with someone we let each other know. It’s always planned out days in advance so it will never interfere with our personal lives. We have a great understanding.
      Since last November she’s been involved in several group sex averaging 3-4 guys each time. Of course I joined in most of the time. Lots of lube is needed. But now she wants to go a little further. She wants to do a gangbang of 6-8 guys. Seriously.
      Lately she’s been playing with large toys to get her vagina ready. She wants to try double-vaginal penetration. I’ve been preparing her by inserting a dildo in her while I’m inside. Very carefully with lots of lube. We practice every time we have sex. She even carefully inserts a large thick toy in her vagina while watching a movie and keeps it in there. Yes, our sexual curiosities has increased tremendously. My wife wants to explore even more and I’m all in.
      Well the day we both have been looking forward too occurred this past weekend. We managed to round up 7 guys for an all night gangbang. It involved a lot of planning and phone calls. We’ve noticed that guys will be all in at first then drop out later. But eventually we got things going. That night when everyone arrived she was kinda nervous but excited to have that many cocks at once. Most of all, she finally had double penetration in her vagina from two guys for the first time. The strange thing I seemed more nervous than her. Lol But she absolutely enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed watching her. She came hard many times. She doesn’t like anal so that wasn’t attempted.
      So after joining in all the fun and after almost two hours of great sex we had the grand finale. My sexy wife knelt down and we all gave her an awesome bukkake. Her face was drenched with cum. It was one heck of a hot night. After everyone left we took a long shower and stayed up almost all night talking about it. We were both so turned on that we were already making plans for the next one. But we are gonna take a break for about three weeks. It’s just going to be me and her for now.
      Yesterday she mentioned about having a messy cum sex in the near future after watching a great creampie movie. I was like, a messy cum sex? She asked me what I would think about her having a messy gooey bukkake and creampie night. Having about 4 guys cum all over her face while 4 guys cum inside her. Then rubbing the cum all over her breasts. Man, just listening to her drove me crazy. My wife was willing to be explosive. But that would take lots of planning because we are very cautious. My wife cannot get pregnant anymore so that’s really something we don’t have to worry about. It’s about the unprotected sex. We do know many cool friends well enough that we can trust but still we must remain careful. Yet, I’m sure it’s gonna happen very soon.
      I’ve been asked if we have taken it too far. If there’s actually any sign of regrets. Some close friends wonder about my wife wanting too much now. Our answer is no because we enjoy it and have a deep understanding and trust. We are responsible adults and are having fun. We first talk about what we’re going to do and have to both agree 100%. Any sign of doubt from either side we will not do it. We are friends with our sex partners but no feelings are involved or ever shared. We have proven that to ourselves already.
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