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    • OP...




      Not in our experience.  


      Troll much?

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    • My goodness, considering your attitude and the problems you encountered, I wonder that you spent five years in the sport - why didn’t you get out right away?


      My wife and I spent many years swinging, and soon after we started we got into MFM threesomes. She also soloed a little with single men. We always enjoyed the idea, if not every single man on every single night.

      1-Solo men are actively discriminated against and disliked in the lifestyle.


      When you say “swingers . . . hate single men to the core” you’re putting your perspective on other people. Yes, some people don’t want to interact with single men, mainly because many of the guys are pushy and feel entitled, and those couples want both partners interacting. That’s hard to do if the husband and SM aren’t both bi.


      We, and many other couples we interacted with, enjoy the occasional single male, IF he is polite. Many times we sought them out, and we were glad we did. We had a great time with many of them.


      2-Your physical appearance matters.


      Of course it does! A single male who isn’t somewhat attractive isn’t going to be very successful. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a perfect specimen. In fact, my wife accepted many men into her bed who were overweight, shorter than she was, or didn’t have the perfect face. Why? Because they engaged her mind, made her feel that she was interesting to them. Personality matters more than a killer body.


      And it works the other way, too. My wife’s been rejected because she was older or wasn’t attractive to the man.


      3-STD’s are rampant!


      Not going to disagree here. But we were in the sport for nearly twenty years, and never caught anything. Of course, we always used condoms.


      4-Flakes and cat fishing. Don’t. Get. Me. Started….


      You’re right, don’t get us started. Single Men are the worst when it comes to flaking. In our first year, we were contacted on SLS by numerous men who chatted us up, then just disappeared. And yes, we showed up at the agreed place and time, only to be disappointed when he didn’t show.


      There’s nothing you can do about it when a guy or couple ghosts you on SLS or another site. It’s part of the game, and why it happens has been discussed in these forums many times. It’s very disappointing, but it’s part of the game. If you never want to come in contact with flakes, it’s time to get out of the game.


      As far as no-shows, we got very good at figuring out who wasn’t going to show. We made them dance through hoops during the messaging stage, on purpose. If they weren’t going to make an effort, we figured we'd wind up disappointed. And we always had a telephone call with them before we met. That seriously cut down on the number of no-shows. And finally, we insisted that an hour or two before the meet, they text us. If we didn’t get the text, we didn’t show. (And yes, we got a few ‘where were you’ messages because they didn’t text us.)


      5-Most important of all, women don’t really have a sex drive.


      Okay, I’m just calling bullshit on this one. Women who participate in ENM have a much greater sex drive than the vast majority of men, in my experience. I think you’re just trolling here. Your ‘facts’ are unfounded in science





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    • 5 hours ago, kittyswinger said:

      i have more sex drive than you do! We can exchange body counts.

      My body count is low, but the amount of sex that I've had with those bodies is high.


      5 hours ago, kittyswinger said:

      A single F is rare.

      Perhaps in the regular swingers game, but I had great success early on when we were in our mid-twenties and I decided that I wanted my husband to play in addition to me having a boyfriend.  I recruited for among my friends and acquaintances with great success.  Maybe because so many of my friends were single at that age (late teens to thirties), my husband is very attractive and polite, he was considered both safe and desirable because he was married, to me, who was giving them permission and saying that I would be flattered if she used my husband.  Finally, we weren't pushy, he and/or we would take them on dates and vacations, pay for everything and expect nothing. 

    • My poly family and I are the exception here on this site and in the lifestyle.  We have on occasion taken it outside the family, but rarely; we have never been to a club, houseparty, or had sex with strangers.  So my experience is not typical and I am unqualified to comment, except I take offense 😄 at the belief

      5 hours ago, robertodabull said:

      women don’t really have a sex drive.

      I (and Clair and Lora) not only can and do outfuck our same-age men, but we also go at each other.  That's why for several years we shared a boyfriend for the extra we needed from time-to-time. 


      5 hours ago, robertodabull said:

      It’s the men who have the ultimate vetted [sic] interest in interacting sexually with as many women as they can,

      This gets to a fundamental truth, men just want to fuck as many women as they can, women (mostly) want sex with men they know, trust, and have a deeper attraction to.  That's why, i think, MFMs with regulars work so well. 



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    • My wife had opened up and expressed her fantasy to have sex with a black man

      she has had a few experiences with a friend and they had some great sex together 

      so we said when this can happen we will got with it and let her do this, 

      that was last year so it took some time but she finally got her fantasy, when they got together stripped totally naked and she was sucking his cock I could see how excited she was for this, 

      he was a gentleman and pulled out a condom and put it on ( even though my wife likes it without) 

      they fucked for some good time 

      she them mounted him and was riding so hard when I heard them saying something 

      I heard my wife saying I prefer it without and he did say the same, at that point she said take it off if you want let’s enjoy it without the condom

      he said of course, she leaned up rolled it off his cock and sat straight back on it, the grown from her was intense 

      seeing them fuck after that was so hot and intense it went up a level as they went bareback 

      was a sight of her I hadn’t seen before 

      the sex seemed to last forever but man did she enjoy that.

      fantasy of hers is complete 

      no doubt she will be wanting more though 

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