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  1. So a recent thread got me thinking... How many of us play solo??? We recently started to, and we're enjoying the extra sexual freedom immensely, but still have some rules in place to protect our relationship. I just wanna know... Do you, don't you, or sorta??? Note that you can check more than one option...
  2. I would like to hear people's ideas/comments/experiences on the subject of "married" (unmarried, but LTR committed counts) couples that "decide" (no cheating spouses here) to have/try the "open marriage" concept. This should include ALL types of sexual preferences and combinations be it 1 on 1, threesome, group/orgy, gangbang, same sex, mixed sexes, etc. Don't count "cyber/penpal" only direct encounters. I define an "open marriage" as when: One or both "spouses" are "free" to have "casual" (not considering "poly" relationships here - future thread) sexual interactions (not just sex & includes fetish encounters) with partners they: Individually choose (i.e. not mutually chosen) OR Choose jointly, but decide individually when. (I don't count "occasional" times when one "spouse" decides to "opt-out" of playing but "let's" their spouse still play. Key word here is "occasionally". Suggestions of areas to include in your posts are: Break this out into voyeur and non-voyeur non-playing "spouses" as a voyeur spouse has "some vested interest in the activities. Please make a distinction between playing "solo" and "mutual separate nights out" be it concurrent or alternate days (i.e. couples with children where one watches with the kids or without but doesn't play the same day). I would also like to make a distinction between: "swinging" couples that "occasionally" play either in separate rooms with unrelated partners or have a "yearly" solo sexual encounters AND couples that make a regular occurrence (over an extended period of time) in addition to sex just the two of them. Don't count a "yearly week long fling" i.e. (couples that have an annual sexual vacation apart at Hedo for example). Please make a distinction between couples that have one or both spouses that are "professionals" (i.e. sexual interactions are part of their livelihood (i.e. strippers/porn/prostitutes) and non-pros (all others). Sincerely, Paul & Kalin
  3. My wife and I went to a Lifestyle get-together last weekend. When we got there, we mingled and as it turned out, my wife meet a couple. She was sitting next to them having drinks, laughing, and having a good time. I walked over she introduced me. I sat next to his wife, and we were all enjoying the evening. The other wife and I got up to get some drinks and we chatted at the bar. "It looks like my wife has taking a liking to your husband," I said. "Yes, they both are," she replied. I asked, "Do you think you guys would like to come over to our house and we could continue the party there?" She politely made it very clear she was not interested in having sex tonight. I said, "OK, thanks for the heads up." As we sat there at the bar a friend come over to say hello. She got up excused herself and returned to the table with her husband and my wife. As the evening progressed my wife came over to me at the bar and told me she invited them to come home with us. I was a bit confused but said sure. We all left together, my wife in his car, and his wife in my car. Our conversation during the drive was very nice and easy, and I thought she had changed her mind. In the club, I could see my wife was very excited to be with her new friend. We got to our house and sat around and had some drinks. All seemed to be good. However, when we decide to go upstairs, his wife restated she was not interested in playing tonight. My wife and I left them in the room to talk, and when we came back, he apologized and said sharing tonight is not going to happen. I felt bad for my wife who was starry eyed at this guy. He was telling her she looked like a women who was beautiful and fun, and he was very much looking forward to being with her tonight but maybe some other time. My wife and I went in the kitchen to get some drinks for everyone, and I explained to her that the other wife had told me she was not interested in the bar. "I thought she changed her mind, but I guess not," I explained. "I see you want this guy. I don’t want you to be disappointed, I see and feel the attraction you two have. When we go back into the room why don’t you ask him if he wants to see the view from our bedroom? That is our usual break the ice move to get things started. I think this was his game plan all along to be with you even though she was not participating. But I’m OK with it for your pleasure." I saw how hot she was for him. So I thought to myself don’t screw this up for her, she should get to enjoy the moment. He jumped at the request, and they were off. I sat with his wife and said, "Are you ok with them going upstairs because I don’t think they care about the view?". She did not say anything but also did not object to what was going to happen. As it goes, my wife had a great experience, so they were up there for an hour. I am sure they enjoyed each other. When they came down my wife gave me a sweet kiss. We sat for a while then all politely said goodbye. The next weekend we went to a party at our friends' house. It was a vanilla evening but a number of friends were there. We had played with the host couple once before, but tonight was not that type of party. The next morning my wife realized she left her purse at Tim and Jean's house. She asked me to go and pick it up. I said I would on the way back from my bike ride. On the way back I detoured and stopped at the house. Jean answered the door and asked me in. She asked if I would like a cup of coffee, I said sure. I asked where Tim was, and she said he had left early this morning for an overnight ski trip with some of his buddies. We were in the kitchen and Jean was filling the coffee cups. I was looking at her in her robe as she delivered the hot coffee. We sipped the coffee and chatted but my thoughts while looking at this beautiful woman, came out of my mouth, “Are you wearing anything under that robe?” She smiled and got up and brought her cup to the sink. She walked back to the table where I was sitting and said, "You will have to find out for yourself." I was stunned thinking she was kidding. She said again, "All it takes to find out is to pull the robe's belt and open the robe." She stood in front of me as I sat in the chair. I pulled the robe belt and opened slowly opened the robe. She was naked and moved her chair in front of me and opened the robe and leaned forward and kissed me deep. She moved my head down into her crotch and I got on my knees and went at it not believing what was happening. She was enjoying the moment, she moaned she was coming and squeezed her legs around my head. When she released my head from the grasp of her legs she took my hand and brought me into her bedroom. She sat on the bed as I undressed. I rubbed her legs gently and picked them up high and spread them apart, she fell back, and I penetrated that wet beautiful tasting pussy. I pounded her over and over and when I stopped I got on the bed. I laid on my back and she put my hard cock in her mouth and started sucking me and would not stop until I came, and she told me how good I taste. We laid there for a few minutes not speaking and I was ready again and I turned her on her side and lifted one leg over my shoulder and began pounding her again. We went on for awhile and she had another orgasm and told me to cum inside her. She got on top and pounded me and made me explode inside her. We laid there together for a while, eyes closed resting, when her phone rang. It was Tim, he made it to the mountains and just checking in. I was feeling bad for what just happened, but it was a great experience. She repeated out loud what Tim asked - "What are you doing?" Jean replied - "Well, Allan stopped over to pick up Susan’s purse she left over here last night. I invited him in and we had a cup of coffee. I was in my robe and one thing led to another and I had Allan’s face in my crotch. Then we took it to the bedroom, and we had a giant orgasmic experience. I will tell you all about it when you get home. Are you OK with this? Good, I will tell Allan. Have fun skiing.” So, in discussing this with Jane I said I was shocked at what she just told Tim. She said, “We are always honest with each other. It will be so hot when he returns home, I will be in for another great time. So, I am also going to be honest with you. You wife left the purse here on purpose. She asked me if I would give you some great sex because you were a sweetheart last weekend. You worked it out so she could be with the gentleman she picked up at the club and she felt that you missed out, so she came up with this idea. But please understand, I was looking forward to it and it was a fantastic morning fuck with a good friend. Tim was not aware of this, but I will work it out with him when I explain the story. Susan said she the four of us can get together, or she will get with Tim alone if he prefers and you are OK with it. You have a great caring wife Allan. Please tell her thanks for including me in this scheme.”
  4. We started out in this lifestyle very slowly. In fact we had a TON of rules in the very beginning: no full swap no oral no kissing only play together no hall passes Well, it was only a matter of months until all those flew out the window... except the last one. We still mostly play in the same room, which is our preference, but we occasionally play in different rooms if we really like and trust the other couple and it is their preference. With that said, we never do "hall passes" and feel strongly that we never will and never should. NOT putting a judgement on others that do it, but we just don't think it is for us. We have two close couple friends who both do hall passes and we've seen some pretty negative consequences (at least in our opinion) with how it has affected their relationship. We also have some non-close friends who do it who say it works fine for them. So, in addition to the "YES / NO" poll on "Do you do hall passes", we're also curious: When did you start doing hall passes? Did you ever have a rule against them that you broke? were you both 100% on same page with them or was one partner more in favor? if you don't do the hall pass, why? Do you ever think you will? what good and bad hall pass stories have YOU had? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!!!
  5. One of my friends was mentioning that his wife got invited for a vacation with one of their regular playmates. It would be a 4 day vacation, where only the wife goes with the BF, hubby stays back. Has anyone any experience of this scenario, they are swinger and cuckold couple.
  6. Saturday night, club night, party night. Something we look forward to twice a month. We more often attend both but as it turned out the last three we had missed out on due to family obligations or just plain life in general. For us more often than not it’s just a super casual evening spent with close friends, intimate friends, many of whom we have known for a number of years. Some go as far back as when we hosted our own parties many many years ago. As luck would have it tonight my better half was not feeling well and didn’t want to attend the party that evening. She did insist that I go. My first thought was I should stay home, care for her and keep her company. She said she was just tired and would be fine that I should go. After getting settled in for the night, tea and snacks I readied my self for the evening ahead. Our lifestyle had matured over the last few decades to allow a deep trust between us. Growing from just ourselves together in an open room to softswap, same room couples then onto fantasy realization and any and everything in between to eventually include solo play, multiple partners and poly experiences. Share and be shared. The trust and loyalty that we developed over a lifetime together did away with any form of jealousy and was replaced by a deep seeded trust and loyalty to one another. An understanding and acceptance that we might have some feelings and a deeper connection with certain people in our lives, this is a positive. We both know that neither of us would ever jeopardize our relationship let alone stray or leave the other for something that we were already able to enjoy together or individually. The evening was great as usual. Laughter and stories shared. Catching up with friends after 2020. The party itself was lightly attended. Being early spring and cold that evening, the snow flurries that threaten to accumulate made many who normally would have attend opted to stay home. So the evening progressed as an intimate social event with lots of teasing, laughter, joking, storytelling and most everyone at one time or another disappearing into private or open rooms. Some several times. I spent most my evening catching up enjoying the conversation. The light banter and teasing with our friends that comes with long term openness and shared experiences. That night most of the pairings involved couples and a few orchestrated threesomes or moresomes and before I knew it most the evening had trickled away. Now most of the guests started to leave, wanting to head home before the snow got much deeper. So much for the “light flurries” forecast. I had sent my wife a text earlier in the evening to let her know that I intended to stay overnight and help our hosts clean up and straighten the club in the morning. A number of members who live further away are allowed bed space to stay the night and normally chip in and help clean up, but due to the weather many did not show. So bed space was available and help was needed in the morning. It was after midnight and the club had quieted down. A few members, late stayers and over-nighters talking in small groups in various corners of the club. Feeling a little worn out I decided to select one of the rooms and lay down for the night. I had drifted off to sleep for sometime when I slowly awoke to movement on the bed. This is not unusual as the king size bed turn sideways allowed for many people to gather on the bed and on a normal party night there could be three to five people all sleeping in one bed. I started to drift back to sleep when I felt someone cuddle up close to me; large ample breasts pressed to my back and a soft arm wrapped around me. I awakened more, feeling a hand slipping over my chest and slowly slide down cross my abdomen. Long soft hair draped across my face and soft lips nibbled at my neck and I heard a familiar voice asked me “Did you play tonight?” I opened my eyes and rolled over. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jax smiling down at me. She gave me a kiss on my lips. When our lips parted I told her I had not, she did not speak but cooed an approval. Jax is a lovely woman. A strong willed, very independent woman. She is statuesque at 6‘ to 6’2" (my guess, bare foot, she is a few inches taller than my 5’11” frame). Very well proportioned, hourglass figure. Broadly built with ample hips, very curvy with large pendulous breasts that are tipped with large dark brown orioles and well-developed thick nipples. A full-bodied woman with long dark brown hair that cascades down to her lower back that she usually wears in a pony tail. At that moment it was loose and framing her face. Very lovely. We have known Jax for over 10 years. We have been in the same room with her and occasionally brushed or a casual touch, but I’ve never played with Jax. She has always been deeper into the kink/fetish side and prefers playing as a dominatrix. She hosts her own parties and gatherings. Very independent, she often travels alone on business and pleasure. We had attended many social and swing settings but had never played one on one. I will say she fills out her corset and boots very well. If I was more into the kink or being dominated she is certainly the type of woman I would choose. Jax snuggled her face into the nap of my neck and nibbled her way to my ear. Her hand was stroking my chest and abdomen but never straying too far south, just a tease. She rose above me looked into my eyes for a moment. Her long hair creating an intimate cavern for her and I. She lowered and kissed me, mouth open, her tongue probing my mouth. When we parted her tongue traced across my cheek. She whispered in my ear, “I want to have you…I want to explore you…let me….but don’t you cum until I tell you.” She was so close to me I could feel her breath as she spoke, “We have to be quiet…we do not want to wake anyone.” She looked straight at me, her eyes searching for a response. I gave a slight nod in the affirmative all the while thinking in my mind this could be very difficult. Jax cooed a throaty noise of happiness at my response and kissed me long, slow and lovingly. Jax rose up on her knees and slipped her night shirt over her head. Her breasts rolled from side to side when she shook out her hair. Straddling my body with her legs she rested forward with a hand above each of my shoulders, her hair again creating an intimate cavern. Her breasts weighing heavy on my chest we kissed again….long, slow deep kisses. Her tongue probing my mouth. The kind of kiss lovers give one another. After several moments she broke away from kissing and very slowly traced her tongue and fingernails across my chest. Her breasts rolled off my chest and dragged beautifully along either side of my torso. The room was a dimly lit with accent lighting, mostly white Christmas lights, strung about the room. Each room was set up like this as it gave just enough light to see. It also cast enough shadow to allow your imagination to play in your mind's eye based on the sensations your body was experiencing. In my case my lower abdomen and thighs experienced the warmth of her heavy breasts against me with the added soft tickling sensation of her long hair on my abdomen and hips. Her warm breath and soft lips felt electric as she nuzzled her against my cock and balls. She used her tongue and lips over my balls and shaft, nibbling and soft biting. With her long hair caressing my lower abdomen with each movement, she dipped her head lower and with an audible sucking slurp drew the head of my shaft into her mouth. I gasped at the sudden change in caress as she sucked deeply on the end of my cock. The sudden change of her warm wet mouth and the dancing her tongue around my cock head intensified the sensation. In very short order she brought me from a semi-erect state to my full length rock-hard erection. “Oh my, look what you’ve been hiding,” she whispered, “a nice big full cock….not too big for me but nice.” I relished the complement. I enjoy being a grower not a shower. It’s nice being a surprise. Jax had sensational technique, and in a word, sensuously amazing. The fingers of her right hand rolled and caressed my testicles while her left hand cradle my shaft. Using her tongue and lips she would glide up and down the length of me, pausing to suck and lick my testicles and scrotum. Then using the flat of her tongue and lips she again traced the sensitive underside of my length stopping occasionally to suck the underside just below the head. I was in heaven. Intermittently her tongue would swirl around the head of my cock and then take me onto her mouth taking me deeper into her mouth with each pass. The mixing of this technique without any set pattern kept my attention, my mind feeling each change of pace like a new experience. I was at full staff and rock hard. Several times I heard her murmur, “you have a wonderful cock,” and she would close her lips over my frenum and suck. The sensation was just mind blowing. Every time I would start to feel a familiar stirring in my loins the fingertips cradling my balls would press gently at the base of my scrotum, ebbing the rise, and she would repeat the unpatterned process. From time to time she would circle the head with her tongue and slide me deep into her mouth, “mmmmuh,” and then release me. Each time she would take me deeper and deeper until finally she had most of my erection deep in her mouth. A guttural moan escaped her. She kept me deep in her mouth, I could feel the pressure of me against the back of her throat then quickly releasing me with audible gasping for breath. Through her hand and mouth manipulations she would murmur, “don’t you cum,“ and pressed her fingers into the lower bottom of my scrotum, ebbing my rise. And then she would continue repeating the process. I never realize Jax had this kind of skill, knowing her true passion was being a dominatrix with couples and women. I just laid back and enjoyed whatever she wanted to do to me. Time ceased to exist. I was lost in the tapestry of sensations. She abruptly stopped and I felt her shift on the bed. Jax raised herself up and placed her leg over me, straddling my hips. Kneeling on her right knee and her left leg slightly extended, she rubbed my cock against her. "Don’t you dare cum yet,” she said. I wasn’t sure if this was a request, instruction or directive. But truthfully I didn’t care, my mind was lost in sensation and anticipation. She started a slow process of rubbing my cock over her pussy. Grinding her full plump womanhood along the length of my cock. Gyrating her hips mixing the wetness from her saliva with her own lubricating juices was a perfect mix for her to slide effortlessly. As she ground herself against my hardness, she leaned over me and said, “Can I have you in me?” Whispering lower, “I need to possess you.” I nodded my approval as if I was in a trance. Jax continued to hump my raw cock and as her breathing became shorter, panting, her rubbing was quicker and more of a grinding motion. It wasn’t long before Jax breath started to come in short gasps and her body straightened above me, only her hips humped back and forth on me. Suddenly her arms at her side, her head tilted back, her thighs clenched my hips. I watched her breasts sway with her rocking motion. Her breathing came in gasps as she rapidly bucked her hips pressing her full weight on me I could feel the crush of her pussy on my cock. Then without a sound, an ever so subtle shudder cascaded over her upper body. Her shoulders folded forward and her hands dropped to support her on my chest. A low long soft moan vibrated from her chest. I just experienced Jax’s first orgasm that I was used for. Although she mostly created her own, just using me to achieve it, I felt some responsibility for causing it. She was beautiful to watch. Breathtaking. And I was also a bit sad that I was not inside her. And my thought, might not ever be. Maybe my thoughts of her were right, she preferred women. To control and direct women. Jax had a small orgasm riding my cock in this manner she paused for only a moment and started to slowly grind herself against me once more. For a few moments she rubbed herself on me and then leaned forward onto me, her large breasts spilling onto my shoulders, her hair fell around my face.“I’m ready to have you in me. Let me take you slow so I get used to you,” she whispered in my left ear. Talk about making a man feel great. I quietly nodded my head not wanting to break the mood. Jax raised herself slightly above me, her hair and breasts riding on my chest as she moved slowly, subtly, back and forth. She hunched her back, and using only her hips slid back, scooping up my cock into the entrance of her body. She paused for a moment, pressed back, and I felt the end of my cock naturally slipp into her. Jax gasped slightly, holding her breath, then pressed slightly back onto me, then exhaled. She only had about a third of me inside her. She began to gyrate her hips mimicking a slow pumping action. She raised her body higher off me, still wiggling her hips. She paused for a moment and then pressed back onto me a bit, taking more of me deeper inside her. She was breathing short quick breaths and stopped in place. This wonderful woman felt almost virginal. Each effort of her taking me in her was met with almost equal pressure trying to push me out of her. Yes she was very wet and slick but her muscles tried to keep me from entering her. Jax continue this breathing exercise and alternating gyrations, then pressing back on to me letting more of me in her. The pressure on my cock was a sensation I never had experienced and I had no wish to rush through this experience. I lay there fighting the urge to just press into her. My body screamed to bury myself into her. The urge and the fight against this was very real. I watched Jax’s facial contortions with her every move. Gyrate, press, gyrate and push back. Ride forward releasing some of me then back reclaiming me then repeat. This was so enjoyable to watch, hear her breathing a whispered moan. My mind let go of my need and replaced it with raptured curiosity on where this was leading. Each time Jax pressed back onto my cock I could feel myself gaining, resisted but deeper penetration. Her inner muscle had a firm grip on me, a very tight but slick resistive grip. I remember thinking she must have a shallow love canal, but with each effort her body opened up more and accepted more of me. I can’t justify it with mere words, they do not exist. I do not know how long we continued this but with her efforts, and her controlled breathing she eventually had me embedded fully and comfortably inside her. With a exhaled liberating breath, I heard her moan deeply “Oh my God,” knowing she had me fully inside her. Jax continued to ride my cock in short strokes and alternately slide almost to the tip and then slowly back down again until her clitoris ground against the base of my cock. It was clear to me that this was a process that she was most comfortable with by the sounds of her breathing she seem to be enjoying it. She wanted, needed control and it was pacing herself to best suit her. Now and again she rocked and ground herself against the base of my cock, dipping forward to kiss me deep on the mouth. Her breasts laying heavy against my chest. Her breathing was becoming more heavy and deep she was spending more time grinding down onto me with occasional pumping up her hips. Her breasts and her nipples rocking and tracing in little movements on my chest. Jax’s breathing started to become gasps short and quick. I was fascinated watching her. What was next? She pumped my cock several times, long and deep, her thighs clenching my hips. She quickly sucked in air loudly into her lungs, then pressed down hard onto me, grinding her pussy onto my fully embedded cock. Her whole body quaked as she moaned low and long from deep in her throat, “ugghh,” her body shaking with a powerful orgasm. I felt her tense and her pussy contracting on my cock, clench and release then clench again. Her body relaxed and lay upon me when she let out an audible sigh. She tried to catch her breath. She lay quietly upon me, her hips slowly gyrating. I was still fully inserted in her. “Oh my,” she sighed. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes for a moment, “I need you to take me.” I must have had a puzzled look. “I need you to take me,” she repeated and rolled off me onto her back. “Please,” she almost pleaded to me. She grasped my slick cock, pulling me to her. My body had to follow. I positioned myself between her legs. She used her arms to gather and cradle her breasts onto her chest. She opened her legs fully, knees out and back like great wings. “Please take me,” she whispered again. I pressed myself slightly into her and paused. She started to buck her hips wanting more. We were already both wet enough so I pressed steadily into her. Her mouth opened, her lips formed a silent O, and her head shook slowly back and forth as I pressed deeper, slowly. A guttural sound came from her but I do not know how to write it. Very animal like. I pressed until I was fully inside her. At the same time I could feel myself hit bottom inside her. Not roughly but a subtle resistive stop that pushed back on me but seemed quite pleasurable to her. Jax’s body closed upon me holding my cock as if her hands grasped me. I pulled back, almost out and sunk back in. That ending resistance also developed that lovely sound escaping her lips again. “Yes,” she whispered, “don’t stop.” I repeated this motion several times, slowly pushing back into her each time. Each time I did this she would rock her head back-and-forth and give a low moan. Her hips started to buck against me wanting me to do more, to go faster. She threw her arms over her head, and opened her legs as wide as she could get them, allowing me full and complete access to her body. I started to pick up the speed of my thrusting. Each time our bodies hit her breasts rolled in rhythm with our bodies like fleshy waves. After several minutes aggressively pounding her body, all deep thrusts, fully withdrawn fully pushed back in, my breathing started to quicken. She raised her head above the bed and said, “Stay in me.” I kept thrusting for her, becoming more aggressive, more possessive. Her pussy was making wet smacking noises each time our bodies met. She repeat it again, “Stay in me,” and my pace quickened. She raised her shoulders and head up off the bed on her elbows, her breasts rolled off of each side of her chest, still marking time with each one of my thrusts into her body. “Come in me,“ I hear, but my facial expression must have been giving her other impressions. She repeated “Cum in me. Push in deep when you cum. I want to feel you cum deep in me.” I understood but I was starting to get lost in my own pleasure, my pace quickened full and deep I am steadily pumping, slow and deep. Pulling all the way out then back into her. She relaxed momentarily and grabbed her thighs and held them open and back like butterfly wings, opening herself wide, allowing me to go deeper into her. I stroked steadily, pausing occasionally to grind myself against her opening, fully embedded into her. I could feel my cock head meet resistance, the end of her depth, and a guttural growl from her throat. I found my pace. Several deep pumps followed with a few short strokes ending with a full withdrawal and a slower full plunge pushing my length into her until I pressed at the bottom wall of her depth. Each time she would purr at each stroke and when I pressed all of me into her she would tense and groan. Pulling her shoulders and head in a raised up position made her vaginal canal grip me more firmly than I ever thought. It was a grip almost like her hands grabbing me. I knew I was coming closer to my point of no return. My breathing was deeper and my pace was steady. I opened my eyes and saw Jax watching me intently. Starring deep into my eyes, ”You cum in me. Cum in me deep.“ I must have moaned an approval. If a woman wants to make a man cum quicker, just tell him. Tell him with enthusiasm, or passion, sultry or needy. Just tell him and it will happen in short order. Jax used the grip on her thighs to help her pull her shoulders and head off the bed, in effect a half sit up position, and held it. This tightened her grip on my shaft as I continued to pump her. “Come inside me deep,“ she repeated, “stay deep in me.” She kept repeating herself over and over, it was almost a command. I kept pumping the full length of my cock in and out of her body, my breath quickening and low rumble groans of my pleasure escaping my throat. After a few minutes I knew the inevitable was going to come. She was still telling me over and over to bury myself inside her. When the time came, with a low growl I pulled back my cock head barely in her and slammed myself home as deep as I could until the meeting of our pubic bones would allow us no further. With a soft groan once I bottomed into her depths, she released her thighs and grabbed me at the waist and pulled me to her as my first spasm hit me. I groaned long as I felt my fluid leave me in a spine-knotting rush. A long gush of fluid followed by several additional spasms not allowing me to breath. Jax held me tight against her body, grinding her pouting full lips against the base of my cock, milking the last that I had. Jax wrapped her arms around me holding me tight against her body. Her heavy breasts cradled on my forearms, her heels locked behind my knees she gently ground yourself against me. “Stay inside me,” she said. I had no problem with that. I felt very content laying on her with my partially softened cock inside her enjoying the warm wetness of her pussy. Jax kept pressing against the base of my cock, slowly grinding and pressing against me, contracting her muscles from time to time give me my cock a lovely squeeze. Although I was starting to soften, subtle gyrations seem to keep part of me interested in her warmth and wetness. After some time I could feel myself starting to slip from her grip. As my softening cock slipped out of her body I felt her tremor slightly and she cooed softly. Disappointment or the feeling of me slowly slipping from her? I rolled off her to the right side of her body laying on my back in a restful sated state. She turned on her side gently stroke my lower abdomen with her left hand. She leaned in and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ea,r “I have your cum deep inside me.” I couldn’t speak. I just gently nodded my head in the affirmative. Her fingertips danced around my lower abdomen and upper thigh and eventually cupped my balls massaging them. My cock was maintaining it’s semi-erected state. Her fingers dancing along the wet length of my shaft. “I wonder how we taste together?" she whispered in my ear, and with that her lips started to trace down my neck over my chest add lower abdomen, planting kisses along the way. She repositioned her body with her head finally nestled on my left hip, her thumb and forefinger circled the base of my cock she slipped me into her mouth. I could feel her lips and tongue caressing me and sucking. After a few moments I slipped from her mouth. “We taste delicious together,“ she said in soft whisper. Her hand gently stroking me squeezing me in each stroke, from time to time pulling on me. I was in the post hypnotic stage of orgasm. But my body seem to start to react to her activity. My semi-hard cock from time to time twitched in her mouth, and in a little husky voice I heard her ask, “Do you have more?” I sleepily murmured some sort of response but I do not think it was words, more a mumble of resignation. Jax sat up and repositioned herself. Pulling my legs closed, she straddled my thighs. Her left hand pressing down on my pubic bone, her thumb and forefinger grasped the base of my cock. Then her right hand circled my shaft and she started to steadily pump me. There seem to be no set pattern. One hand furiously pumped the length of my hardening shaft, to both hands gripping, pumping, twisting like she was trying to make my cock turn into butter. Then back to one hand circling the base of my cock and pressing down on the root of my cock, while the other hand furiously pumped my shaft. It did not take long with her concentrated efforts to have my full attention and I moaned my pleasure. “Cum for me baby,” she panted. I felt her mouth close over my cock as she bobbed her head rapidly taking as much of me into her mouth as she could. She came up gasping for breath and repeated manipulation of my cock with her hands. In the dim light I could see the concentration on her face her large breasts and fully erect nipples swaying wildly to the frantic pumping of her arms. “Come for me baby, I want all of it,” she said again. To my surprise I could feel the familiar stirring as my body prepared to expel what fluid I had left. My breathing started becoming rapid and sporadic with an occasional low moan, a clear warning of what was about to happen. As the pleasure started to build, a pressure blow my scrotum started to grip me as a dull ache. My aching cock stiffened. ‘Yes, come for me,” she repeated softly over and over not missing a single beat of her hands. A little deep growling moan starting deep in my chest escaping my lips. Jax matched my moan of impeding pleasure with her own short stroking the base of my cock while engulfing the top third of me in her mouth, sucking on me. Her lips closed around my shaft, the flat of her tongue pressed firmly against the underside of my cock. Her cheeks sucked closed around me. Her mouth following her hand up and down. I moaned long and low as my body tensed, alerting Jaz to my pending orgasm. I popped from her mouth and her lips and tongue firmly pressed the underside of my cock leading her hand in a increase of pressure and quickened pace. A quick suck of air into my lungs and a full body strain, every muscle tensed, my first jolt of intense pleasure and pain racked my body. That first spasm was dry I did not feel the travel of fluid leave me but my groin ached. In one motion Jax drew my cock into her mouth and using her mouth and hand as a milking device continued to coax what I had left out of me. Each spasm a pairing of immense pleasure and aching pain. With each I felt warm fluid leaving me. Aching contractions producing little results but by the cooing sounds from Jax it was enough for her. My spasms started to subside. Less intensity spaced further apart I was finally able to breath. I gulped in air greedily. I moaned deep, regretful but thankful, the spasms had quieted. My groin ached horribly. The result of a much overworked prostate muscles. That deep painful ache when a man cums so hard but his body has little fluid to give, just a great strain on the surrounding tissue. I ached very much but had a blissful expression. Jax lay alongside me. One breast pressed tight against me pinning my arm down at my side, the other spilled over my chest, her left arm circled below and cupping my aching balls. She placed her left leg over mine laying claim of me, I’m hers if anyone was watching, if anyone was awake. “Your cum tastes sweet, Hon,” she said in a husky soft voice. “I have never had a man's cum taste sweet. You are special," she said. I mumbled, but not really a reply. I was spent, blissfully ached and so tired. I hate to say I fell asleep as she was talking to me. I awoke early the next morning to the soft sounds of people talking. The occasional laughter and bustling about of chores to straighten the club before everyone left. I listened to clusters of conversation about the snow, family and work all mixed together from a chorus of voices. Coffee. The great smell of coffee in the air and I needed it desperately. Other than the post orgasm ache in my groin the only other evidence of the previous night's festivities were the pulled sheets and scattered pillows. In the small room I found Jax’s red plaid tie off shirt and bra at the end of the bed on the floor. I didn’t bother getting dressed. I walked out of the room down the hall into the large common room to use the open communal shower to rinse off. The water felt good and helped to awaken me further but did nothing to quench the aching throb of my groin. After toweling off, stepping into my trousers and shirt from the previous night, I made my way to the kitchen, meeting members as I went in search of coffee. After some light conversation and two cups of coffee, I poured a third and went to the open living room area. The common room had several groupings of chairs and couches with an open center area featuring a stripper pole. That’s where I found several members were gathered in small groups chatting and laughing, teasing each other from the previous night's activity. I spotted Jax with her circle of ladies sitting in the corner on a set of C-shaped couches chatting excitedly and laughing. Something was said in her corner when she turned and saw me. Standing up she walked to meet me a big smile and sparkling eyes. Jax was dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt. Nothing to conceal the swing of her breasts as she walked across the room. She came directly to me, stopped, placed her hands on either side of my face gave me a very deep and passionate good morning kiss. Her tongue probed my mouth aggressively. Hooting, hollering and laughter irrupted in the room. I wrap my arms around her and held her tightly to me. This only increased the reaction of the room. Nina, Jax’s partner in crime, yelled out as our lips parted, “The man of the hour, Mr. Sleepyhead.” Jax took me by the hand, walked across the room and indicated to a spot on the couch to sit, between her and Nina and sat down. Nina leaned into me and said, “So you and Jax.“ One of the other women said, "Yeah, who knew.” A bit confused I wasn’t quite sure what to say when Jax spoke up and said: "Well Shelley had said that you were special, so I was curious and I’m glad I followed my curiosity." Placing her hand on my left thigh and giving it a squeeze. “Yeah”, said Nina “Mr. two fists.” Still looking puzzled, not following the conversation, one of the other ladies squealed out, “You’re big.” Now realizing what they’re talking about I mumble, “Not that big” and the little circle all erupted with laughter and teasing shouts. Jax leaned over to me and said, “Quite big enough for me.” Another giggled, “Yes, more than enough to play with. Jax said you filled her plenty.” I must’ve blushed a little bit with the last comment causing the circle of ladies to start laughing and poking fun again . The lively conversation went on for some time, punctuated with laughter and friendly jabs at each other. Jax’s circle largely consisted of wives and girlfriends, most all Bi or living a lesbian lifestyle but all part of the Kink crowd. Jax was somewhat a heroine in this crowd, being primarily a woman or a couples Dom. She clearly is the leader of the pack. What I had experienced was a sex-positive woman clearly enjoyed both sides of the fence a knew exactly what she liked and wanted. After my coffee I rose and announced it was time for me to leave. Jax stood, took my hand, and we walked through the club as I gathered up my things to head home. When I got to the door she placed her hand gently over my zipper and softly rubbed. She asked, “I hope you’re not too sore?” I said, “No it’s a pleasurable soreness from being too empty,” and I smiled. Jax giggled a girlish giggle and said, “I’m glad I got all that you had. I still have you deep inside me and I’ll be keeping a part of you in me.” She turned a little more serious and said, “You’re part of me now and I wish to do this again, maybe I’ll let you have me and you can show me what you want.” I told her I would like that very much and we kissed again. For a goodbye with one last hug, she whispered in my ear, “And sometime I want to share Nina with you,” and pulled back. We both smiled knowingly to each other and I turned and left the building to walk to my car.
  7. Need some advice what I should do. My wife Claire and I, have played with another couple, who I will call Tony and Tanya over a year now. During that time we have gotten together probably close to ten times. We all enjoy each others company and get along remarkably well. The sex is fantastic and we always play together, same room. No jealousies, just good clean fun. We decided to take a little trip together, and that's were my dilemma comes in. We stayed together at a timeshare. It was a good time until the second last morning. It was real early in the morning around 5am, and I unexpectedly woke up. Claire was not beside me or in the room, but she was usually an early riser. I thought I heard some noises out in the living room so I thought I might go out and say morning to her. I walked into the hallway to see Claire giving a blowjob to Tony on the living room couch. I was a bit surprised to say the least. I have seen her blow and fuck him many times, and enjoyed watching it, but their encounters was always with me there. Watching this with me not knowing beforehand gave me mixed emotions. A bit of me felt this was like cheating. They were not aware I was there as I was still mostly looking around the corner. What made me even more unsettled was seeing some of Claire's actions. I could hear her do some dirty talk, saying to him how much she loved his cock, having it in her pussy, etc. In all the times together, I have not heard her do dirty talk to him. I guess she must have felt less inhibited with the spouses not around. Not sure. The final thing that has gotten me thinking was his climax. I could hear him say to Claire he was going to cum. Usually that would be her cue to take it out of her mouth and let him finish on her tits. She has never liked the taste or texture of cum in her mouth. In all the years we have been married ( over 10 years), I have finished in her mouth probably less than 5 times. Those times if I recall was on special occasions and took lots of pleading, lol. Well, after he told her he was going to blow, she just kept sucking. He blew his load in her mouth and she squeezed and swallowed every last drop. I have to to admit to some jealousy seeing this. I went back to the room and waited for her to come back. I wasn't sure how I would react when she came back. She came back about 5 minutes later. She was a little surprised I was awake, but I asked her where she went. She said she was out doing some stretching when Tony came out. They started chatting and then she admitted one thing led to another and then they had oral sex. I guess I missed the part when he ate her out. She asked if I was upset since I wasn't there, but she said she didn't mean for it to happen and that she thought I was asleep at the time. I told her it was ok, as long as she enjoyed it. But that's not entirely true, i am still trying to process everything. The four of us played again that night. The sex with Tanya was great, but the whole incident that morning was still in the back of my mind. So the question is whether I should confront Claire with what I saw and heard or just let it be? On one hand, I want to know she has to say, but I don't what this to blowup over something that might be insignificant and ruin our relationship with our playmates. We have had a great time so far, and it is hard finding a couple so compatible. Tanya is hot as hell, and I will be disappointed if wont be able to play with her again. Tony is a good guy too, and we have hung out together over beers.
  8. I am very new to the swinging thing. My new wife on the other hand was a swinger for several years with her previous husband. For the first time she confided in me that she as a desire to have sex with another man by herself. She says it is a curiosity. I don't know how to handle this. I love my wife and want our marriage to work. Please help me to understand this better. We talked about it last night and this morning I feel worse than I did before we talked. I am ok with bringing in other couples to share and enjoy sexually but it seems selfish and wrong and not good for a loving relationship to just go and have sex with someone without your partner. I genuinely want to understand and be ok with this. HOW???? HELP!!!!
  9. Hello. I am wanting some advice. My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for a few years now and have had some great times. I have to travel and spend anywhere from three to six months at a time in different locations for work and she used to travel with me. During this time we played as a couple about 99% of the time with her playing separately on a few occasions which I found hot. Since then we have had a baby and she has settled in one area while I continue to travel. I need to point out that we normally only see each other about one weekend a month. We both played separately while apart and both enjoyed it. We never play without without the others knowledge. Here recently I have been wanting to only play as a couple, we have not played as a couple since she became pregnant and that is something I miss doing with her. My wife is not happy about it and wants to continue the separate play. Am I wrong to ask her to stop playing separately just because my feelings about it have changed?
  10. My husband and I have always been very open and honest with each other about everything. We're not swingers but we did play around once with another couple many years ago. Anyway, my husband thought it would be fun to give me a hall pass to use with one guy. He didn't know I already had a guy in mind when I planted the idea in his head! I workout 1-2 hours a day 4-5 days a week at a gym down the street. There's a really cute trainer there... he's muscular, tan, handsome, so hot! We had been flirting for a few months so the sexual tension really built up. We started sleeping together a bit over a week ago and I've been with him 8 out of the last 11 days now. I can't describe how hot the sex is - my whole body is in complete ecstasy - didn't even know sex could be that intense or pleasurable. The fourth night we made love he gave me the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced. And the night after that he fucked me for nearly three hours straight...100% of his attention on making me cum as many times as possible. I can usually climax 3-4 times in a good session with my husband. My record was nine. Well, let's just say that after three hours of the most amazing sex I've ever had in my life, he had succeeded in making me cum 21 times. I'm pretty sure that record will never be beat with me! On top of the incredible sex, he is a really cool guy and he's a blast to hang out with. He's funny, considerate, smart, sweet, etc. So in addition to the awesome sex I'm getting the full "boyfriend" experience...holding hands, snuggling, making out, cuddling all night, etc... which I totally love! So how honest should I be with my husband about the extent of the fun I'm having....without getting my hall pass revoked?! I mean, just the thought of this guy touching me makes my pussy dripping wet and my heart beat faster. Should I tell my husband how many times I came? Am I having way too much fun for a married woman or is this what a hall pass is all about? I'd love to keep fucking this guy as long as possible!!
  11. Alright…Here’s the deal…Me and my wife are in our early twenties with a child…For a couple of years I always thought my wife with another man watching them and participating would be sexy…She never gave it any thought…Until January… She always enjoyed chatting on the computer…She’s a flirt but never would go to far…Since the child she’s gained a little weight and she used it to sort of help her self esteem…In January a guy she had been talking to came to our town to visit his family…She asked me if she could meet him, I thinking it was a joke said to go right ahead…Later that week she asked a second time…Still thinking it was a joke I said go ahead…She came home drunk and told me she had given him a blowjob…I was speechless I have always been turned on by that but didn’t know what to think I never thought it would happen…I was angry but I couldn’t be I gave her permission…I was hurt that I wasn’t included, or I guess that she would rather do that alone…And that was as far as it went…Until Last Monday…She has recently been chatting with another man daily for about a month…Calling him on the phone and staying up until the wee hours in the morning…I work graveyard so I don’t have an opportunity to see her that often and when I do she’s talking to that guy…We had previously agreed that in the future if there was to be a future with this kind of play that it would be for the both of us and not for just our singular pleasure…Anyway I had let it slide, until last Monday…She had been asking me for days if she could go meet him, each time I had to work that night I was hesitant I would’ve preferred to be there…On Monday she asked me again and after 4 times of saying no she wouldn’t let up so I said okay whatever…I went to work and tried calling her over and over again to tell her I wasn’t comfortable but she did not answer…Finally around two in the morning she called and gave me the details…She had given him a blowjob and described everything that had occurred…I guess the things that make me kind of uncomfortable would be that she behaves different with these men…I mean she’s more sensuous she usually when being intimate with me doesn’t go out of her way to seduce me or kiss but every time she goes out she does that kind of stuff…So the next couple of days I kind of was upset I saw this lack of attention and lack of sexual interest with me as a major problem…I spoke with her for a couple of days and told her that I felt ignored and well that she wasn’t into me anymore…She assured me that I was just blowing things out of proportion and that she did love me, she didn’t feel any different… So here’s the dilemma…She’s planning to meet again this Saturday night but for actual intercourse…This was never really discussed before I asked her if she wanted to fuck him and she said sure…I don’t know if I am comfortable with this seeing how it doesn’t seem to be for us, it seems this is solely for her…Am I reading to much into this, because it feels like she’s growing attached…She doesn’t spend half her time being with me then she does talking to this man…What am I supposed to do…? Is this bad…Is this good…Do I have to worry…Is it all in my head…AAAAHHHH
  12. My wife is going on a date later with a new fella; this happens maybe every couple months or so. I usually get some combination of giddy/nervous/horny whenever this happens, so I feel I need to program things to keep my mind occupied or else I'll probably snap and call or text her or otherwise be bouncing off the walls. Any suggestions? I know when she gets back she'll want to play with me, so I'll do some date-prep (shaving, fresh sheets, mood music), but I'm wondering what others do to keep occupied minds. Maybe I'll try the chat room this evening after 7 Pacific. :-)
  13. My husband Dennis had been talking about swinging for some time. I wasn't sure if I would like it or not, as I kept telling him I thought it would be better as a fantasy rather than bringing it to reality, boy was I wrong. I finally gave in to his request and we decided to attend a new swingers club that had just opened in Sydney. When we arrived at the club the hostess suggested we have a look around the club and may like to have a drink in the lounge, we got ourselves a drink and found a comfy lounge to watch the passing parade. After a short time another couple joined us, he {James} was a little older than us and very well dressed and she {Corrine} was about my age {mid 30's}. We sat and talked for a while and found that we had much in common. Dennis suggested another bottle of wine and left to go to the bar, and I said I would give him a hand. While waiting to be served Dennis and I discussed how we thought it was going. I asked Dennis if he would mind me screwing James if he asked, Dennis looked at me smiled and said 'that's what we are here for, if you want to go for it.' When we returned to our lounge we found James & Corrine had changed around the way we were sitting, James suggested that I sit with him and Dennis sit with Corrine, so we obliged, the four of us sat and talked for a little while longer and then James asked me if I would like to go somewhere more private. I looked at Dennis and he said 'up to you Cindy'. James stood up and took my hand and asked me to follow him. Walking away from the lounge area I looked back to see Dennis and Corrine laughing and chatting. James led me into a private room and closed the curtain behind us, he put his hand around my waist and started kissing me on the back of my neck and nibbling my ears, James slid his hand up and grasped my boobs. All I could do was sigh and press against him. I could not believe how hot I was getting. I hadn't been with another man since I married my husband and was very nervous, but very horny. James squeezing my boobs was driving me crazy, so I undid my to top and placed his hands on my bra and he quickly worked his hands under it and started pinching my nipples. Shit, I was so horny! Enough was enough, I wanted it and wanted it now. I pulled away from James and undressed, and James took the opportunity to do the same. He led me to the bed and gently sat me down and started sucking my aching nipples, I couldn't believe how easy I was with the whole situation. Less than a hour ago I didn't know this man and now he's sucking my tits and I knew shortly we would be fucking like wild animals. I decided to take charge and pushed James onto his back and grabbed his cock in my hand and to my delight found he was circumcised and a little bigger that my husband. I knelt over him and rubbed his semi-hard cock over my tits. It felt so good. I lay down beside him and pulled his cock to my mouth, at the same time James pushed two fingers into my pussy. I licked the tip of his cock and then opened my mouth and took him deep inside and started to give him the best I could offer, all the while he was finger fucking me. I couldn't believe how much I was enjoying it, I was so horny and he tasted wonderful in my mouth. I could feel his cock twitching against my tongue and knew he was close to cumming so I stopped and lay back on the bed. James grabbed me on the thighs and pulled me up and onto his hard cock and slid deep inside my wet wet pussy and started pumping me like a whore. All I could do was thrash around and moan loudly and as I did he pumped harder and faster. I could sense he was close so I locked my ankles around his waist so he couldn't stop. His balls were slapping against me as he started to tense and shot his load into me as I came at the same time. We released each other and lay back to recover. I couldn't believe it, just a short time ago this man was a stranger and now he'd given me the best fuck of my life. I wanted to thank him so I started rubbing his soft penis all over my face and took him into my mouth. My pussy started getting wet again as I could taste my juices on that fantastic cock. By now he was starting to get hard again so it knelt over him and got a little more comfortable, and started a relentless session of cock sucking. I was sliding my mouth down as far as I could before pulling back to the tip, sucking faster and faster I could hear him moan and tried to get him deeper into my mouth. I stopped for a moment and looked up at him and asked if he could fill my mouth with cum. He smiled and told me to keep going and he would see what he could do. I returned to that great cock sliding it deeper into my mouth than any other cock I'd every had, deeper and faster, faster and deeper, then his cock started to flinch against my tongue. James grabbed my head and thrust his hips upwards driving him into my throat and shot what seemed like a gallon of cum into my mouth. I locked my lips around his cock not wanting to lose any of it. I slid him out of my mouth and tilted my head back and let his hot cum slide down my throat. WOW, my husband has cum in my mouth only once and I didn't swallow and here I was with a stranger doing things I'd only every dreamed about. We dressed in a bath robe and returned to the lounge area and started looking for our partners. I found Dennis sitting by the spa and asked him was he enjoying himself. He told me Corrine and he had a 69 while we were gone. We got ourselves a drink and I told Dennis what James and I had done. Dennis sat starring into my eyes eating up every word. What a night we had! I couldn't believe how much I'd enjoyed it or how easy I was once I was horny. I was only certain of one thing, we would be back again. As the saying goes, this could be the start of something big! Maybe I will write you about our next visit.
  14. An old movie we watched the other day reminded me of this experience - one of the most memorable ones we have shared. While we started off with wife swapping over 30 years ago it soon became clear to me what an erotic turn on it was to have other men fuck my wife, even if I wasn't there to watch/share. I have had more than my share of other women but nothing to compare to the number of different cocks that have enjoyed my wife's cunt and mouth. I have posted this adventure on a couple of sites and I think even had it printed in Penthouse Variations, so some of you might have read it. Also, this all took place way before the AIDs scare, so condoms were not really all the rage back then. Several years back we made a trip down to the coast for a few days of sun and surf. It was about a five-hour drive but we got there a little after noon and spent the better part of the afternoon on the beach, enjoying the sights and warm feeling that the surf can give you. After washing off the sand and getting dressed we went out to dinner and then ended up in the hotel lounge for a few drinks. Mary was in a low-necked blouse with a full, but short skirt. It was pretty plain that she didn't have a bra on but it wasn't until we were on the dance floor that I became aware that she also didn't have on any panties. I was sure that when we danced the fast songs and she spun around that her dress flew up high enough for others to notice that she was naked under the skirt, especially since she has such a dark hairy cunt. Just thinking of this turned me on as I also enjoy showing off her beautiful body. Around midnight I started to get pretty tired from the long drive, along with the sun and dancing so I was ready to head for bed. Mary on the other hand was wide-awake and wanted to stay longer. I said that she could stay if she liked and gave her the extra key and told her she could wake me when she came in. She smiled and said that you can never tell, she just might get picked up and have a pussy full of cum for me to enjoy when she got up to the room. I could see that she was horny so I just smiled and told her to have fun but to not forget to wake me when she came in - regardless of what shape her pussy was in. I then went up to our room, mixed a drink, and undressed for bed. I had just dozed off when the telephone rang. It was Mary - seems that she had met this fellow in the lounge who wanted her to come up to his room for a "drink". Turns out that his room was not only on the same floor as ours but was only two doors down from us. She asked if it was all right and when I said sure, she came back with - "You know that I will probably get more than just a drink if I go to his room!". I just laughed and told her to have fun but not to forget me after she had taken care of him as I already had a hard cock just thinking about her fucking a new guy and I was looking forward to a juicy pussy. She also laughed and said, not to worry, I will bring you home a warm "cum-cocktail" that you can suck from my pussy while I'm telling you about the fucking that I just had! With that we hung up and I again dozed off. I awoke a few hours later when Mary came in the door. She pulled her blouse and skirt off and came over to the bed. I reached out for her and asked if she had brought me my "cum-cocktail". She said that yes, you could say that, but first I want you to kiss your cock sucking wife. My dick was already hard but it became harder as she placed her warm lips on mine and worked her tongue around in my mouth. It was a long, wet kiss and when we finally broke for air she had a wide grin on her face. She then told me that she had sucked him off right before she left and while she did swallow most of the cum she did manage to hold some of it in her mouth so that I could get a taste when we kissed. She then asked what I thought about my cock sucking wife now? I grabbed her again and ran my tongue around her lips and into her mouth to feel and taste what her luscious lips had drawn from his cock. I was also running my hands over her body and as I got to her thighs I could feel the cum on her legs where it had ran out of her pussy. This was almost too much as it is always an extra thrill when she gets fucked by a guy who was a heavy cummer, and from what was running down her legs it was plain that this guy must have really shot a lot up her pussy. I ran a couple of fingers up her pussy feeling all the warm cum still in there and made a comment about this fellow giving her such a large load as her pussy was really sloppy. She then pushed me back on the bed, moved one leg over me; moved up and lowered her hot pussy to my mouth and told me to drink my cum-cocktail from her sloppy cunt and she would tell me all about how the cum got up there. Her pussy was so hot and slick, just covered with cum, inside and out. I got my lips and tongue working licked all around her hot hole. The cum was slick and covered the side of her cunt and was thickly matted in her pussy hair. I enjoyed the taste of her pussy juice mixed with the hat cum the continued to almost flow from her pussy which was very open from the fucking that the had experienced. I sucked all I could out of her as she moved around into a 69 position. I couldn't get enough of her hot pussy and she must have made it at least twice before she took my cum in her mouth. We then lay beside each other in order to catch our breath. She then asked me how I liked my cum-cocktail? When I said it was great, a real tasty treat with lots of cum mixed with her cunt juice. She then said that it should have been a double treat as her pussy had pulled the cum from two different cocks, so what I had tasted was the combined mixture of their cum. I licked my lips and said that it would be hard to grade the taste except to say that it was great and I really loved the volume! Mary then told me that after she had talked to me she went to this guy’s room and it wasn't long before he was taking her clothes off - with her help of course. As he got her spread out on the bed he went down on her and told her how sweet her pussy tasted. It didn't take him long to make her cum with his tongue and she then sucked on his cock for a few minutes, but he was in a hurry to get his cock in her pussy so he moved on top and slid it in. She said that he had a nice size cock and lasted quite awhile before she shot a big load deep in her pussy while pulling her close in order to get his cock as deep in her as possible. They were relaxing with a drink, still undressed, when his roommate (who was suppose to be staying with another girl) came in the room. Mary was a little embarrassed at first but then thought, what the heck he has seen my body now so why try to hide it. The other fellow was also embarrassed that he had walked in on them but Mary told him not to worry about it, as he really didn't interrupt anything as they had just finished, so he might just as well stay. She had also noticed that the second guy was pretty good looking and thought that she might just stay a little longer and tease him. The three of them had a drink and Mary finally convinced Ron (the second guy) to take off his clothes since she and Bill were already naked. When Ron did drop his shorts she saw that his dick was hard, about the same size as Bill's, but it also had what she called a "cute curve"! While still feeling Bill's cum in her pussy she had decided that she wanted to add some of Ron's also, so she started to plan on how to get Ron alone for a few minutes. She got up to make them fresh drinks and made sure that they were out of ice so that she could ask Bill to get dressed and go get some while Ron "kept her company". Bill had no more than closed the door before she was sitting at Ron's feet- "so she could hear better". As she leaned sideways Ron's cock, which was stone hard by this time, brushed against her cheek, so all she had to do was move her head a little and she had his dick right in line with her mouth. She then stuck her tongue out and licked around the head while he moaned and groaned. By the time Bill got back they were on the bed with Ron's cock buried deep in her sloppy pussy, with her legs up around his back. Bill got undressed fast and sat on the bed watching, grabbing a feel of her ass at times, and saying how sexy she looked fucking another guy. When Mary looked over and saw that Bill's cock was again stiff she managed to get Ron to slow down and turn her over so as to screw her dog fashion. In that way she could get her lips around Bill's cock while Ron was fucking her. It took a couple of minutes for them to get a rhythm but she soon had Bill shoving his cock down her throat and Ron shoving his "curved" cock in and out of her cum soaked pussy. Ron came first, and while he was spurting his cum deep into her pussy he was also shoving her forward, which buried Bill's cock down her throat. She had just managed to back off a bit when Bill's cock started shooting streams of cum into the back of her mouth. As soon as they got untangled and relaxed a minute she "noticed the time" and told them she had to run or her husband would worry. So she ran the "two doors down", unlocked our door and gave me the taste of very fresh - if mixed - cum-cocktail. Needless to say, we did have a long night and I have thought of that night many times over the years. I often wonder how those two fellows felt. There aren't many guys that can get that lucky at a hotel. Mary did point them out to me the next morning at breakfast, though she didn't introduce me. I thought it would be wild for her to introduce me and say that these were the fellows that took such good care of me last night!! Bet they wouldn't know what to have thought, but for me it would have been more of a thrill, standing there with my arm around my cock sucking wife talking to the two fellows she had screwed the night before. Not that time, but we have been there - done that - also. Would love to hear from other husbands that get a thrill from their wife screwing other guys.
  15. We are seeing a guy for a while now and I am constantly away from work. This week I told her she can see him and just him without me if she feels like it. Any advice from the more experienced ones on here?
  16. We have done threesomes with a good black bud of ours and I have let my wife be with him now alone several times. I always find this exciting, but what I find more exciting is the idea that she gives herself totally to him during sex with making out, and love-making. They played last night and she let herself loose with him and she said she loved it and loves to have sex with him a lot. We're secure in our relationship and our Bud is way cool and not looking to steal her from me so no worries there. It just excites me like nothing before to have her be made love to from another man on a regular basis, and even spend the night with him. It totally turns me on while I'm making love to her when she tells me how much she loves what he does to her, describing some things in detail. Am I the only guy that's like this?
  17. On occasion, I get to play a unicorn and I can't help but wonder if people really think I am cheating but don't care because I am a woman. Curious how everyone views couples that play apart with permission...do you automatically suspect they are cheating? Are you more likely to doubt a man/husband or a woman/wife or is your opinion equal, gender not being a factor at all. Do you play with hall pass people? Why or why not?
  18. Amy and I agreed to hall passes. The other day she said she wanted to use a pass and encouraged me to do the same. We set it up for last night. Her lover would come over to our place and I would go over to Melissa's for a few hours. It was my fourth time in about one month, having sex with Melissa. Amy and Ken have been enjoying themselves for over 2 years. I got over to Melissa's and we talked for a while. She said that she wanted me to kiss her pussy for the longest time and make her cum lots of times. She took off her panties and I kissed and sucked her clit, put my tongue inside her pussy lips and lightly blew air inside her vagina. Each time she had an orgasm we stopped for a while. She held my cock giving an occasional stroke. My stimulation was psychological rather than physical. After about half an hour she said she wanted to fuck me. She said you’re just going to lay back and she would do all the work. She rode me cowgirl style, I couldn’t resist fondling her breasts. She went through a whole series of moves. Long deep, short fast, slow strokes on her g spot. Best of all, with my cock completely hurried inside her she gripped it tightly with her pussy muscles and shook her body. This was mind blowing, I encourage everyone to try it. She told me try not to cum yet, and she took long breaks, with my cock inside her. It must have been an hour before she said you can cum inside me when you're ready. OMG I had been ready for ages and shot my warm sperm into her. She responded with an orgasm, her 4th I believe. We laid for a while, both agreeing that it had been terrific. When I got home Amy and Ken were still making love. I stayed downstairs, listening to Amy’s load moans, ten times louder than normal. We talked after Ken left. This was the first time we had simultaneous hall passes. Obviously all highly satisfied participants. I’m sure it will be happening again soon.
  19. Once again thank you all for the sage advice that you have given me over the last two years. I appreciate it and I always take time to read through the boards and learn as much as I can. So let me catch you up on where my wife and I are at now. We are in an open marriage having transitioned from swinging due to the fact of that we were having just no luck finding that elusive four-way match with couples. Single guys in the area around us tend to be plentiful, but single females/unicorns of course still tend to be extremely rare. So we decided to transition to an open marriage and for us to play separately. We still share our experiences regularly and still discuss and communicate thoroughly before and afterwards. My wife currently has a boyfriend that she enjoys time with and she also has a irregular play partner she sees once a month. So today’s discussion is about me: I am currently in a, well I don’t know if I should define it as a “relationship“, with a female that started out originally trying to be a unicorn with us (the wife and I), but that didn’t work out as my wife and her personalities are total opposites. So I decided to try and pursue a relationship just with her as a possible girlfriend. We’ve been seeing each other on and off twice a week for the last couple months before the covid hit and now stay in touch via text and have started to see each other again as of last week. Our relationship if you wanna call it that seems to be taking a change and I don’t quite understand why… before the covid hit we were able to spend time together, be intimate physically, and go out on the occasional lunch or and or dinner date. But lately it seems that each time I am engaging her, she brings up a financial need: last week she needed to get a new pair of shoes, this week she has major work needing to be done on her car. I sent her links as far as where there were some good shoe sales, thinking I would be helpful that way. I gave her recommendations for two mechanics that I trust and thought that would also be helpful as well. But, that doesn’t seem to be good enough. Yesterday she asked me if I thought that my being a good boyfriend meant that I shouldn’t occasionally treat her to nice things. She also mentioned this morning that if I was in a situation where I needed help with my automobile she’d be willing to do what she could financially. But, that doesn’t seem to be good enough. Yesterday she asked me if I thought that my being a good boyfriend meant that I shouldn’t occasionally treat her to nice things. She also mentioned this morning that if I was in a situation where I needed help with my automobile she’d be willing to do what she could financially. So it just seems as if that she’s trying to get our relationship to cross a certain line. Now for the record, I have no problem paying for drinks if we go out, and I don’t mind either going dutch on lunch, or dinner, or one takes care of one, one takes care of the other. So am I wrong in thinking that, making financial supportive moves like giving her money for new shoes, or giving her money towards her car repair, might be too big of a step...? I could see maybe a loan....But when I floated that idea her response was “how about I not loan you any p****y?” and to me, as shocking as that seemed, I was like is this what we’ve done, moved to a “pay for play” situation...? I’m scratching my head trying to wrap my head around this. I mean she has a man, who lives and works out of state. So to me, that means she has a significant other, like i do. So he should be handling those major responsibilities like that. Any advice I’d gladly appreciate. But it seems to me like if we are moving in this direction, it’s time for me to move on, because that’s not what I’m looking for.
  20. Hi, so wife and I are comfortable with the swingers lifestyle but we have said that we are both ok with sleeping with people separately. However, we have come across a problem and I'm not sure if I'm the problem or if she is. My wife has been in the lifestyle for far longer than me and has a vast amount of experience. A while ago we went to a club and there she met the club manager and they started talking. After leaving the club they carried on chatting on a daily basis, and when I asked her what they where talking about she would say that they always talk about work or stuff friends would talk about. However last night i found out that they have been flirting with each other. Problem is when we started swinging we said that communication is the most important thing to keep us safe from any complications. I feel that we have to discuss and inform each other when we are talking or flirting with others and she feels that there is no need to inform me if she is flirting with others. Am I been unreasonable by asking her to tell me when she is flirting with guys and is it unreasonable for me to have gotten upset about her telling me they only talk about work stuff only to find out there is more involved?
  21. CoupleInMD79.... It is like we are on parallel tracks! We'd still love to meet another FWB couple where we all click and can all play together same and separate room. (We have one right now) we've meet many nice couples but having a hard time getting a four way connection sexually. We are considering letting each other play alone a bit. Still in discussion phases. He met someone awhile ago and she played separately and I recently met someone and we are considering allowing this. What rules does anyone on forum have for this type of scenario. What issues have arisen? What are things to discuss. We are trying to think about it from all angles but would love any input.
  22. Hi all! We’re going on a cruise soon and would like to meet some other fun couples or possibly just a man. Unfortunately it’s not a lifestyle cruise and so there’s no obvious way to meet other fun couples. Do the hotwife or swinging anklets really work to find other couples into the lifestyle? If not, any other tips to find people in open marriages please? Thanks for the help and happy holidays ?.
  23. Very happily married over 20 years. Started in the lifestyle about 2 years ago. We’ve met some great people and have enjoyed all of our experiences. We have a great sex life and a great marriage. We love spending time together and we have a great sex life as well. So what’s the problem? There is a show I have been dying to see out of town. It requires a plane ride and a night or 2 in a hotel. Due to work schedules, my wife can’t go. I asked a few friends but to no avail. We have one couple that we’ve known for about a year. We get together with them about once a month fir dinner or whatever and playtime. Wife suggested that I ask them to go with me. We talked about the possibility of her being able to go and him not being able due to work. So I asked and sure enough he said he couldn’t but she would love to go. My wife was ok with that as was her husband. Now, we have never played alone, only as a foursome. We also never communicate privately, everything is in a group chat for all to see. There are no secrets. I should also say that my wife really likes her and respects her and really enjoys her company. Well the minute I booked the flights, my wife’s demeanor changed. We talked and she basically said she needed time to process it. She was a little distant towards me for a couple of days. I didn’t bring it up again for about a week. We talked some more and I told her, it’s not that important to me and I wanted to cancel the whole thing if it upset her. That actually made her mad and she said she doesn’t want me to cancel and she’s fine. I feel like she now thinks she’s backed into a corner. I feel I am backed into a corner as well. The concert isn’t till June so I have time to decide. I want to go but not if it upsets my wife. On a side note, my wife has played alone a couple of times, I have not. She also has never done an overnight. It’s now been a little over 2 weeks since the flights have been booked. Wife has been in a great mood, very loving towards me and all seems back to normal. She has even chatted with the other girl a little and it’s been very sexy and playful, but no mention of the trip. She now really seems ok with the whole thing. I plan on revisiting the convo next week. The trip itself would be a lot of fun, but the last thing in the world I want is to upset my wife. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  24. We've been into swinging almost a year now. Wife gets more prospects then I do, married and single. She is way much more open to the swinging than I am. We have had, soft play, swap same room and a threesome MMF. We have not found the couple that interests us both. Either the male half is not to her liking or the female half is not interested in me. How do I get over the anxiety of her getting or wanting single play?
  25. As I've made pretty clear here, my wife has simply lost the desire for sex. Everything else in our marriage is great but she just doesn't want sex anymore. We experimented with swinging years ago so it's not like having sex with someone besides each other is going to harm the marriage, we've proven that. ​So I have to wonder about the possibility of finding a couple like us, only it's the husband who no longer wants sex, and find relief that way? Hey, just had another thought. My wife absolutely loves Disney World. She gets an annual pass every year and she and her sister even spend a week every December at a Disney resort. I don't particularly like Disney but will go with her a few times a year just for her. Well now, if we found a couple about our age with a husband who isn't interested in sex but loves Disney and a wife who is still needing some sex but couldn't care less about Disney? And, of course, all agreed. My wife and the husband could go spend the day in the 'G' and 'PG' world of Disney while the other wife and I take care of some 'R' and 'X' needs of our own.
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