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Found 50 results

  1. have just fucked a woman (my wife) on her 70’Th birthday, it was as good a fuck as when I first fucked her (and took her cherry) 51 years ago. She has had lot’s of different cocks fuck her over the last 35 years while we have been swinging and having M F M threesomes and still loves sex. She still gets plenty of offers when she goes on web cam. Anyone here top that?
  2. Poll only for those who have had a swing experience. I couldn't find a similar poll in the poll area, so thought it'd be fun to run one of these. How old were you on your first swing experience? Please only vote if you actually engaged in sexual activity (soft or full swap) with another, and you were part of a couple at the time (married or no).
  3. So how do older swingers maintain their libido? Does the fooling around aspect help?
  4. Hi. We are in our 70's and would like get into swinging...where would we be welcome, or is there even a place for us?
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/12/magazine/sex-old-age.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare I am 73 my wife is 69. She just sent me this article.
  6. We’ve been out of swinging for some years now and wondered whether there is a place for 70 years old swingers? I do don’t mind if it’s just the wife who has the action although obviously I too would love to play again.
  7. This is for older couples primarily, but could apply to any group.The question boils down to, as you get older does sex become a little less fun or does sex with the same loving person, become a little less exciting? Does life become simply routine or is the sex drive simply not demanding as much attention? Or do couples simply get bored with each other? Guess i'm wondering how to raise the heat level in an otherwise great relationship
  8. My latest girlfriend told me when she was 16, she was going out with a 30-yr old guy and having sex with him. I had an ex who was going out with a 21-yr old when she was 15, and they were having sex, too. My first reaction is to be open-minded about what happened, but later and deep down, I think it's just wrong. I don't blame the girls, who say they were in love with the men, but what kind of guys are these? Maybe I'm just being too conservative? Are these kinds relationships normal but I just wasn't aware of them? Is it a French thing? (Both girls are French with Asian heritage.) If the topic comes up again, should I speak my mind, like, "The guy you were going out with should be in prison for raping you."??? What do you think? Is it ok to hit on a teen, then have sex with him/her once you've seduced her/him?
  9. When will you stop swinging? I see lots of swingers well into their sixties but I'm not so sure that I want to swing that long. I wonder when people stop swinging due to age is it because they are having physical difficulties or do they just start to feel too unattractive? Do we have anyone in their sixties or seventies on this board that can provide first-hand impressions?
  10. We have run a couple of these polls over the years, and if memory serves, the largest group ten years ago was the 30-40 age range. Not by a lot, but definitely the lead age range. Let's see if that has held steady as we move through the 2010's. Multiple choice is allowed, so you can answer for both halves of a couple.
  11. I hope you find this interesting. A result of a general conversation at a recent party that evolved into a number of party goers chiming in very open and honest. Actually fed to a few realizing their desires and some learning and realizing how their outlook had changed over time. Please feel free to explain or express. I observed that age/experience seemed to make many more open to discussion.
  12. Ok, I just read the above in another thread and it got me thinking, so I'll ask you guys. Looking back do you see this trend? As a woman, I have seen this trend. Pet and I were originally together when we were 19/20 and back then I could litterally walk in the room and he'd get hard. It doesn't happen anymore... ok well not very often. Do guys as they get older become more like us women and actually require a little more effort? Why do we as women look at men and expect that they should just get hard at the sight of us? I've seen this attitude of women mentioned many times in other threads - the women who think that the guy should be hard just because she's there. Why do we expect more effort out of them than we are willing to give ?
  13. The thread, I'm here with my mom brought up some interesting questions on age differences. More often than not we think little of an older man with a younger woman, but people seem to find an older woman with a younger man to be more of a taboo for some reason. Why is that? Would you swing with a couple who have a major difference (say 10 years or more) in ages? Would it make a difference if it's an older woman/younger man vs. an older man/younger woman?
  14. Hello, long time lurker here, married many decades, long interest in lifestyle. Wife has posed many questions to me about lifestyle that I have not been able to answer. Once you have begun to swing how has it affected your marriage? Do you find that over time that you lose intimacy? I have noticed people seem to start swinging and then they seem to disappear. I realize that this is something to be carefully navigated as a couple but is this a recipe for a divorce? There is so much misinformation on the net as many of the sources have agendas. I truly love my wife and am very sexually attracted to her and do not want to destroy something precious. I would love to hear about successful long married long swinging couples who remain highly in love and continue to enjoy sex with each other and carefully selected friends.
  15. Hi, we are a couple in our mid forties and we have recently started swinging. Most of the other swingers that we have found have all been in our age group. That is absolutely fine, since we are very attracted to people our age and older. However, we were thinking that it would be great to also find some younger people to add a little more energy to the night! The question is, are there younger people - couples and women in their late 20's to early 30's - who are swingers? I assume there are, but how do we find them? So far craigslist, AFF and SexyAds are where we find people, and those people have all been older. Heck, even the porn we surf is all "Milf" sites since they just seem more real. The sites that feature younger people all seem to be pros, or fake. Last weekend we even hired an escort to have an experience with a younger woman. Any advice? Will we find them at sex clubs? We haven't been to one yet, but we're thinking of trying out a club this summer. Thank you!!
  16. It seems to us that most of the couples we have met first started playing in their 30s. We are wondering if our perception is accurate, or not. So, we thought we'd ask. When did you have your first group sexual experience? It doesn't have to be shared sex to qualify, it can be simply be shared voyeurism, etc. (but something more than just watching another couple kissing, please).
  17. What is the biggest age difference full swap that you ever experienced? We are a young swinger couple, I am 25 and hubby is 27. Last week we met a nice old couple in South Beach, the husband is 64 and the wife is 55. They are very fit so looked much younger than their real age. Anyway, it was my first time having sex with a man this old (he is 10 year older than my dad!) and hubby said the same his first time with a lady over 50! We both thought this is pretty unusual so wondering if this happens more often than we thought.
  18. I am at the mature end of the swinging demographic as are my play friends. The ladies have their share of curves and character lines and often prefer to wear something when younger, fitter ladies prefer total nudity. This is just to say clothing is totally OK if it makes you comfortable. This is not a photo shoot. This is intimacy and mutual giving. Besides, a little color and texture is nice to see and feel. When I know my partner is shy I can adjust and just observe that as a boundary. Now, go shopping.
  19. I've noticed in the last few years we are seeing more and more younger couples joining into the lifestyle (in some cases, young to the point of not being able to legally drink yet). Granted, I was barely old enough to drink when I started. So, I got to thinking... How old were you when you started swinging? Why do you think you started at that age? Do you wish you'd started younger/older? Do you think you would have been ready to start at a younger age? If not, why not?
  20. Last night we were chatting with a lady online that we thought was interesting. We obviously asked for a face pic of her and her husband. It became painfully apparent that although they were a nice looking couple, she was lying about their age by at least ten years, and if I was to hazard a guess 15 years or more. I mean it was really egregious. I am not sure exactly what they are thinking. Since this whole thing gets built on trust I am really pretty appalled. Frankly, if you are ready to lie to us in that regard, what happens next? Kinda feel me on this? We are spot on with our age in our profile, and I can see shaving of five? But ten or fifteen, do you really think people are that oblivious, or you are that good looking? I do not know no maybe I am being too offended by this, but I got admit, I am pretty offended. I was wondering who else has run into this, and how they feel? Maybe I just needed to vent. Maybe I just needed to let this be a warning. If you are misreporting your age, it is painfully obvious. Don't do it.
  21. As I've made pretty clear here, my wife has simply lost the desire for sex. Everything else in our marriage is great but she just doesn't want sex anymore. We experimented with swinging years ago so it's not like having sex with someone besides each other is going to harm the marriage, we've proven that. ​So I have to wonder about the possibility of finding a couple like us, only it's the husband who no longer wants sex, and find relief that way? Hey, just had another thought. My wife absolutely loves Disney World. She gets an annual pass every year and she and her sister even spend a week every December at a Disney resort. I don't particularly like Disney but will go with her a few times a year just for her. Well now, if we found a couple about our age with a husband who isn't interested in sex but loves Disney and a wife who is still needing some sex but couldn't care less about Disney? And, of course, all agreed. My wife and the husband could go spend the day in the 'G' and 'PG' world of Disney while the other wife and I take care of some 'R' and 'X' needs of our own.
  22. Hi, we are an older couple, 60 and 58 married a few years and both in good shape. While I was active in the lifestyle in my forties my wife has no experience other than going to a club with her former husband also in her forties. We want to move our bedroom fantasies to reality by exploring the lifestyle but are really not sure if we are now "too old" to go to clubs. I know there are several good clubs in Manhattan but we hold back from going because we really don't want to look or feel out of place. Any thought or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  23. I am curious as to the age groups of the members on this board by percentages. You may only choose one option in the poll. The first four choices are what you and your other are (if a couple). As some may have vast differences in age, (as we do) there are three catagories for that. For instance we would vote in the catagory of "40 and Up" since we don't fit into the 10 year mold. If you and your significant other are less than 10 years apart but say are 26 and 34, half the difference in age between the two of you and vote in the closest catagory. (In this case it would be the 30-40 age group). If you consider yourself "other", please explain.
  24. Awhile back, angelkin posted a thread about age and bareback sex. It made me wonder if something similar happens to those who consider polyamory. Just as sometimes life experiences have opened the eyes of some couples (in terms of mortality, the limitations of how much time we have, etc.) when it comes to exploring swinging, I wonder if it might awaken the possibility of having more than one love at the same time. Frightening life experiences don't even have to occur, sometimes when one has spent at least half a century on Earth, their minds can contemplate avenues not previously explored. We see this manifest in taking dance/piano/cooking lessons when in retirement. Sometimes others face their fears (like going parachuting) or create a bucket list. For those who are older (or feel older), do you find yourself more open to poly or at least more open to emotional attachments with others besides your significant other?
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