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Found 50 results

  1. One of the best thing about a swingers club visit is getting to check everyone out to enjoy the scenery and find out who you might want to get to know better. And, one the biggest dilemmas everyone faces is what to wear? So, guys, vote in poll and let us know in the comments what it is you like to see the ladies dressed in.
  2. So fourteen years ago, give or take a kid or two, my wife and I spent our first night together. On this night I asked rather succinctly 'So what do you wear to bed?'. My now wife's reply burned, forever in my memory, was 'Nothing, it make's it easier for' pause ', you know?'. So fast forward many years later and we still sleep naked and cuddle together for a half hour to an hour everyday. I am curious, what do the others on this board wear to bed with their SO? Naked, old sweats, got some pj's? 1. Clothes? What are they? 2. My S.O.'s clothes 3. Sweat Pants, Underwear, Whatever 4. Pajamas, Nighty 5. Sexy Sleep Wear
  3. Men: When you go out into public with your wife or SO, do you like her to wear more or less? Do you like her to be somewhat revealing to others? Does it turn you on or make you feel uncomfortable if someone checks her out? Women: When you go out into public, do you like to show a little more so people look at you, or does it bother you when people look at you in a not-so-innocent manner?
  4. I have a real nudity/exhibitionism fixation (perhaps a fetish), and I encourage my wife to dress as bare/sexy as she dares. I've really gotten her to push the envelope a couple of times. My lovely has gone to dinner on a cruise in a backless minidress that was bare down past the top of her ass. She rode on the back of my motorcycle down Sea Wall in Galveston in a lace crop top and a thong bikini panty. Our most recent bare outing was memorial day weekend. We were working in the yard, and my wife was wearing nothing but a pair of short-legged bib overalls (This in itself is pretty typical. We could be considered "family nudists" at home, and my wife goes topless in the summer a lot. She's fairly flat-chested, and really doesn't need a bra or top for support.) But we ran short on planting mix, and she asked me to go the local garden center. I suggested she go with me, dressed the way she was. She was reluctant, but agreed. I convinced her to unbutton the buttons down the sides of her overalls at her thighs, so a careful glance would make it known that she didn't have panties on, either. On the way over, she insisted she'd stay in the truck. But once I'd gone in and paid, we pulled around back to get the bags of dirt loaded in the truck bed. She got out and stood around casually while two teen lot boys loaded them in. Their eyes just about came out of their heads. It turned me on so much I was hard all the way home. So, ladies, does your man like you to show off in public? Do you do it? Do you do it for him or for yourself?
  5. The pandemic changed the way we dress--or more to the point--stay undressed while at home. The accompanying poll aims to understand the current "dress code" inside your home.
  6. One of the questions, which should be in Club Wear or some place, but is sometimes asked in this forum is How should we dress for swinging? It occurred to my evil old mind that it would be fun for our members to post pictures of themselves when leaving to play, whether to a special couple's house or to a club. Please specify. Just take a quick pic and post it in this forum. You can mess up the faces if you want. I wish I had a picture of Mrs. Alura in her black jump suit which, when released behind her neck, would slither down her body into a molten heap around her feet. Alas, we never thought to take one. Alura
  7. I always encourage my wife to dress on the provocative side when we go out and she is glad to oblige with low cut tops, no bra showing her pierced c/d breasts. I always get turned on seeing the double take from people and knowing people are looking. Last night she wore a DEEP v neck that laces up almost the entire front. NO bra and she loosened it up pretty good for the viewing pleasure of others. She loves the attention. We will recap on the ride home about “did you see that guy looking” As the weather is warming up I picked up an outfit which consisted of a pair of Short torn/battered shorts that lace together at the hip (I will try to include the online ad for them) and a thin very slinky shirt. She tried them on and OMG instant arousal. She didn’t wear them to any stores and had to change to deal with some gardening but the thoughts of her wearing this out hasn’t stopped running in my mind. Last night she had a amazon package come which was a lightweight top that looks like someone cut some holes throughout. Around the left breast area 3-4 holes about a 1-1/2” that once she puts the shirt on areas around her breasts are pressing against the holes Very erotic (think of side boob in a tank top) I’m looking for thoughts or fun scenarios to parade her around. Usually we will go to the home improvement store for reactions ( not just, I do a lot of improvement work) Honestly her attire is nothing over the top/criminal and if you look around you see the same out there. Next I was thinking of going to an auto part store ( we need steering fluid) and me walking in first, having her come in shortly after and act like we aren’t together and see her ask for help and see people’s reactions. Have her buy what she needs and leave and see if there is any shop talk after. We thought about the bar scenario and have done something like she stays with her friends and me with mine. Only 1 or 2 of our friends know we are in the lifestyle. Well thank you for making it to the end. Would love to hear ideas. Be safe.
  8. For boating, beach and when appropriate for party wear, I have a selection of sarongs and pareos. Actually, Amazon has a good selection too. Robb and I do enjoy shopping for nice sheer and semi-sheer pareos on the Mexican beaches and at resorts. We think most people do look and feel better with a bit of coverup (LOL). I can be really self conscious about my butt and thighs so the pareos are really nice. Off the internet: "What is the difference between a sarong and pareo? A sarong is a piece of fabric usually between 4-5 foot in length that is worn as a loose fitting skirt or dress. The name sarong comes from the Malay word “sarung” meaning sheath or covering. These fabrics are often dyed in rich colors and were traditionally made with batik fabric. The Pareo on the other hand was developed in Tahiti and adapted to Western fabric when it was introduced by European explorers in the 1700. In Hawaii, the names are often interchangeable. The modern day fabrics are often colorful vibrant and detailed with floral or some other type of tropical print representing the island lifestyle. Fabrics can be sheer or heavier depending on style. Today women often wear their sarongs as a short or long skirt with a bikini or as a complete dress cover up." We just canceled another Mexician resort trip. We simply don't want to be trapped away from home over RONA and flaky testing. Julie
  9. I am always on the look out for new and interesting places to get clubwear, lingerie, and leather I'll share some of my faves if you will!! Torrid - plus size clubby clothes Electrique Boutique - clubwear for all sizes - and sexy costumes too Intimate Wholesalers - much like Electric Boutique Spicy Lingerie - nice selection of fetish wear Share?
  10. We saw an ad for an Anything But Clothes party. The ad had a picture of a girl wearing a little strategically placed crime scene tape. Short of going naked (which is fun but not very creative), what would you wear? Maybe we'll try out the answer we like best (talk about lacking creativity on our part)!
  11. I saw a gal wore something called a C-String (you can search "c strings" under google image to see what it is) at a party recently. It looked really sexy and I talked to her about it. She said it felt comfy and it's great with evening dresses because there are no more panty lines. I am thinking it would be great to wear to a party. So I am wondering has anyone tried it? Is it comfortable? And does it stay on?
  12. For the past week, Mr. Sun was strongly suggesting that I shop at a certain store to pick up some jeans because one of my favorite pairs have decided enough was enough and developed holes in the knees. I told him that some people pay for their jeans to look that way...I just happen to get them to look like that after years of wear for free! Anyway, he made this suggestion a total of three times before I got the hint and figured out he was serious. Well, now I remember one of the reasons why I dislike jean shopping...I have a big bottom. There's always a gap in the waist at the backside. Or if it fits snugly, the jeans sometimes like to slide down when I bend over--revealing more backside. Or just the whole bottom-heavy thing. Not to mention that I have to find them with an "S" by the size because I'm short. I could go on and on but you get the idea.
  13. Are garter belts sexy? Lingerie is fine, it looks nice, but it's not something I am really big into. But of the various types of lingerie, garter belts are probably one of my least favorites. For one, they just look uncomfortable! That's not to say I'm turned off by them by any stretch of the imagination, but they just don't have the same "ooooooh" factor for me as some other items do. Too, I'm not expert on ladies lingerie, but am I wrong in my impression that they have slipped a little bit in popularity compared to in years past? Wonder why that is? Just a fashion trend or has so much time elapsed since they were actually a commonly worn functional piece of daily lingerie that the whole concept is just sort of fading, even for the "fancy" ones that are designed for sex appeal over function?
  14. Husband and I finally made it to a hotel swingers session and I have several questions. The first is why do so many women wear stockings - stay ups or with a garter belt? Is it to look sexy to the men or is it to feel more sexy themselves? And they DO WEAR THEM while having sex.
  15. Believe me. I always dress for sex and try to where something that makes me available. But, here's proof that you don't need to get too sexed up to turn a man on. We had a Super Bowl Party...it was very casual. A lot of team jersey kind of apparel. And looky here. Someone, I don't know who, didn't feel it, did a drive-by cum on my butt! LMAO. Do you think it was my ass or the heels that inspired them?
  16. First post on the forums! So of course it's about clothes. So we're thinking that maybe we might try clubs or parties sometime, and even just in general I'd like to figure out what I could wear on dates and such that others would consider in the category of "impress" that doesn't make me feel like I'm playing dress-up. I mean, I'm 36, but get mistaken for a college student all the time and that's how I like it. Not interested in the typical porn "hotwife" look even though I'm a vixen. I've been to about 3 clubs in my life and those were goth (those were the days...). I don't think there's a day in the last year I've gone without a beanie (even to church)! I do cute anime girl style... layers of textures, quirky colors, skinny jeans, Doc Martens. Oh yeah, and I have hypermobile joints so I'm not allowed to wear high heels or anything where I have to wrestle into it or put my hands over my head. I'm smallish and slightly Mom-bod-chubby. Ideas? Brands? Help! (would do pics but just realised I have the mom problem... I have no full-length photos of myself or really very many without my kids in them too! Might try to fix that soon)
  17. So... we are going to a meet and greet that is held at a hotel bar. It is going to be in late December, so I'm guessing pretty cold. Does the female need to wear a cocktail dress or can I wear jeans with heels and a cute low cut blouse? I don't want to be underdressed as that's something I'm always concerned with.
  18. I am looking for a place that I can buy some see through leggings at. I have bought my wife some black leggings, which her ass looks amazing in. Now I would like to find some of the general black leggings, but just slightly transparent. I'm talking the normal leggings that most people may wear to the store. However I want want them to be see through when the light hits just right or if you look close enough. Not anything too obvious. Has anyone found any like these? The ones she has now are too thick.
  19. I am at the mature end of the swinging demographic as are my play friends. The ladies have their share of curves and character lines and often prefer to wear something when younger, fitter ladies prefer total nudity. This is just to say clothing is totally OK if it makes you comfortable. This is not a photo shoot. This is intimacy and mutual giving. Besides, a little color and texture is nice to see and feel. When I know my partner is shy I can adjust and just observe that as a boundary. Now, go shopping.
  20. We'll be attending our first swinger event in the near future. Now the first time we go, we'll have no expectations, other than the hope someone opens up and talks to us and/or accepts us talking to them just to socialize (maybe more). Now on a daily basis, I wear Joe Boxer thongs. I've been wearing them for 10-15 years. I LOVE them! No wedgies/bunching, holds me firmly in place so my head doesn't get irritated, etc. Anyway, I've read that men wearing thongs at swinger events can be a little odd if a 6-pack and cherry tomato ass cheeks don't accompany the thong. But what is reality when it comes to clothes in the first place. Do people walk around fully clothed or naked...or is there some use in wearing undies? What is generally the most attractive...boxers, boxer briefs, etc.? Thanks!
  21. What color is most popular with women? I'm guessing something simple like black or indigo? Cheers xoxo MichJosh
  22. So we went to our first on-premise club Saturday and while we had a great time, we were amazed at the variety of clothes people were wearing. We got into a discussion about what outfits are the sexiest and so we thought we'd post a poll. For the record, Mr. Ivory likes women who wear sexy dresses with some skin, but not showing everything. Mrs. Ivory likes her men wearing casual (jeans, button down shirt) but well fitting--why doesn't the oversized trend just die already?!
  23. This is something you'll have to reconcile for yourself. Do you want to dress down to make others feel less uncomfortable or do you want to look your sexiest, no matter what? As I've said, the majority of the time, I'd rather overdress because I'm putting in the effort to look my best. I'm sure it's made other ladies feel like slobs but to me they should put some effort into making themselves look good, too. Exactly the same for the men. We've met with couples where the men didn't put any effort at all into looking attractive and it's a total turn-off. This is almost like "couples dating". If you were single and in the dating world, you'd want to put your best foot forward and make the best impression possible, right? And I would think the other couple does as well. So what's different about this situation? And we haven't even addressed the sex aspect the situation. The only time this gets tricky is when you go to the other couple's house and they are usually in house clothes. But as I said, we do things backwards and usually go out to dinner then swing for "dessert". For those occasions, I still wear a dress but it's more of a casual one.
  24. It’s a truism in the LS that the women commonly out-dress the men. There are some excellent basic posts here that have stood the test of time, but, a couple of additional points. If it’s a theme night, and the gentleman takes the time to join his lady dressing in theme, others notice. Couples that are thoughtful and creative enough to dress in theme together have already shown the world that they are in sync with each other and support each other. Yes, if it’s a theme night, we’ll work to complement—and compliment—each other. If we’re just “dressing to impress”, textures, fabrics, and layers matter. It’s not just how they drape. It’s that a potential playmate is going to feel what you are wearing. Whether it’s a hug, a touch on the arm or thigh, or those initial moments of intimacy as the clothes come off, clothes will be seen and felt. Not only do gauze, silk, cashmere, and leather look different—they feel different. Ladies notice these things. Any gentleman who has accompanied his lady while shopping for clothes knows just how much she responds to how fabrics feel. Invite your lady to pick out your outfit to complement hers. Better yet, invite her to shop together. She know what looks good on you as well as—and likely better—than you do. Putting the outfits together with her is an expression of affection. It’s important to her that she have a “sharp-dressed man” on her arm. After all, you’re the one she’s going home with at the end of the evening.
  25. So in looking at the clubs and their code on dress attire, I notice that pretty much all of them stipulate "no work clothes." I am kind of assuming they mostly mean "don't come in the clothes that you go out and do construction in" or just not to wear something that is too conservative and not sexy. But I actually kind of like the idea of the whole naughty secretary look and its something I could easily do with the wardrobe I have. I mean I would spice it up a bit obviously, but I know there is a huge preference out there for the naughty secretary thing. So my question is, if these are technically office clothes but they are done in a really sexy way, could that still pose a problem? Does this kind of thing fall more under a costumed theme night? Does anyone think a club would turn this kind of thing down?
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