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Found 23 results

  1. I was asked by "herbob" on a different thread how did I go from being an orally bi guy to topping other men from time to time. I thought it was a good question and would be interested in hearing from others how they got to the point of either topping or bottoming, which I personally don't like but whatever. The first time I ever topped another guy was during a swingers party my ex-wife and I had hosted at our home. My wife and I hosted a 'holiday' party where clothing was optional and sex was almost mandatory. LOL At the time we where playing full time with a bi guy who pretty much lived with us and who never wore any clothing while home. Which was ok by me because he was a shower, unlike me who is a grower, and I and the wife loved to watch it swing and sway as he walked or when he laid down or sat in the chair he would lift it up and lay it across his leg. God I loved looking at his cock and loved sucking it even more so! Despite his beautiful cock he had a really tight small waist and firm ass that if you didn't know it was a man's ass you'd swear he was a girl from behind. After the party I was still ready for sex but the wife had already had more than her share and as many of you ladies know she was sore and wouldn't go for any more but was open to "HIM" going down on her leaving me with full nuts and horny as hell. Despite my pleading she denied me again however while "HE" knelt between her creamy thighs licking her "HE" wagged his ass and said the words I'll never forget, "My ass hasn't been used yet so I'm nice and tight!" to which I looked at her, who was sporting a wide happy grin and his tight little brown hole and before you knew it I was lubing his asshole and then slowly guided the head of my dick into his ass. Just as I sank deep into him my wife looked at me and said, "Are you really fucking his ass?" and when I said "yes" she grunted and groaned the loudest I had ever heard her and she forced "HIS" harder against her pussy and she began to start to cum. It didn't take long before I emptied my own load deep in "HIS" ass. In a nutshell, pardon the pun, that was how I fucked another mans ass for the first time! I, and I'm sure others, would love to hear how any other guys got into topping or even bottoming.
  2. Hi ..newbie here..please be gentle! 😉 Husband (straight) and I (bisexual) are about to embark on our first meet. Originally started with us doing ff and men watching, joining in with own partner. After much discussion, it's now progressed to us doing more! We communicate well in our everyday life and with this too..you have to! Both happy with what we have decided, but, I am feeling stuff about certain things and I can't explain these feelings (emotional and physical!) Both happy with ff and mf. His biggest turn on is watching and mine is him watching me. I'm ok with him receiving oral from f (baby steps!) But the thought of him giving feels different and more 'scary'! Only word I can use that is anywhere near! That being said it also all feels a turn on at the same time! I'm so confused..we're talking a lot between us and other couple, and being very open about everything. We are very happy and in love and have an amazing bond already. We have talked in depth over a few years and ready to take the plunge. Any advice or explanation about this or how to deal with this, and how process and explain would be gratefully received x 😊
  3. I have a question for the experienced couples on the board. For quite a while I have had the desire to be in a more sexually charged environment while having sex with my husband. Now, I have been hanging around this board and learned a lot about the maturity required to swing and I must say I am impressed by a lot of you. The reason I bring this up is because I would like your opinions. I am wanting to find some couples or groups that are open and mature like yourselves to watch while each couple has sex. I am in my 20's and find that a lot of couples around my age lack maturity when it is called for. Of course for a lot of couples at any age it seems can barely keep their own relationships together. On the other hand it seems that a lot of you put respect and your relationships above all else. Other than the fact that I am not technically a swinger (yet ), I feel you people share more in common with my ideals than most groups of people. I would love to try new things but I'm not near ready for a 4some or swapping. However, I feel that being in and getting comfortable as a couple around swingers would open the door to a lot of new experiences for me. So I was curious how the couples on here would feel about having a non swapping couple around having sex in the same room as them? Does it make a difference to you if there are just 2 couples, more than 2, group sex, or swapping going on in the room? What do you think the best way to go about it would be? Is this something that Swingers in general accept?
  4. I hope you find this interesting. A result of a general conversation at a recent party that evolved into a number of party goers chiming in very open and honest. Actually fed to a few realizing their desires and some learning and realizing how their outlook had changed over time. Please feel free to explain or express. I observed that age/experience seemed to make many more open to discussion.
  5. There have been a number of threads regarding how the issue of body image and lack of self-acceptance can be a barrier to even beginning to explore the lifestyle. In most cases it has been women, but there have been examples of men as well. This piece currently on The NY Times website suggests several strategies for getting comfortable with being naked, whether at home or in public situations— nude beaches, nudist resorts, etc. — where being nude is condoned. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/17/well/live/feel-better-naked.html ‘Here’s a quote that notes that body image is a factor in an individual’s libido, an observation that won’t surprise many who hang out on the Swingers Board: "Research shows, for instance, that women’s perceptions of how attractive they are can influence their sexual desire, while being relatively comfortable with one’s appearance has been linked to higher self-esteem and overall life satisfaction."
  6. Alright…Here’s the deal…Me and my wife are in our early twenties with a child…For a couple of years I always thought my wife with another man watching them and participating would be sexy…She never gave it any thought…Until January… She always enjoyed chatting on the computer…She’s a flirt but never would go to far…Since the child she’s gained a little weight and she used it to sort of help her self esteem…In January a guy she had been talking to came to our town to visit his family…She asked me if she could meet him, I thinking it was a joke said to go right ahead…Later that week she asked a second time…Still thinking it was a joke I said go ahead…She came home drunk and told me she had given him a blowjob…I was speechless I have always been turned on by that but didn’t know what to think I never thought it would happen…I was angry but I couldn’t be I gave her permission…I was hurt that I wasn’t included, or I guess that she would rather do that alone…And that was as far as it went…Until Last Monday…She has recently been chatting with another man daily for about a month…Calling him on the phone and staying up until the wee hours in the morning…I work graveyard so I don’t have an opportunity to see her that often and when I do she’s talking to that guy…We had previously agreed that in the future if there was to be a future with this kind of play that it would be for the both of us and not for just our singular pleasure…Anyway I had let it slide, until last Monday…She had been asking me for days if she could go meet him, each time I had to work that night I was hesitant I would’ve preferred to be there…On Monday she asked me again and after 4 times of saying no she wouldn’t let up so I said okay whatever…I went to work and tried calling her over and over again to tell her I wasn’t comfortable but she did not answer…Finally around two in the morning she called and gave me the details…She had given him a blowjob and described everything that had occurred…I guess the things that make me kind of uncomfortable would be that she behaves different with these men…I mean she’s more sensuous she usually when being intimate with me doesn’t go out of her way to seduce me or kiss but every time she goes out she does that kind of stuff…So the next couple of days I kind of was upset I saw this lack of attention and lack of sexual interest with me as a major problem…I spoke with her for a couple of days and told her that I felt ignored and well that she wasn’t into me anymore…She assured me that I was just blowing things out of proportion and that she did love me, she didn’t feel any different… So here’s the dilemma…She’s planning to meet again this Saturday night but for actual intercourse…This was never really discussed before I asked her if she wanted to fuck him and she said sure…I don’t know if I am comfortable with this seeing how it doesn’t seem to be for us, it seems this is solely for her…Am I reading to much into this, because it feels like she’s growing attached…She doesn’t spend half her time being with me then she does talking to this man…What am I supposed to do…? Is this bad…Is this good…Do I have to worry…Is it all in my head…AAAAHHHH
  7. Maybe one of these days I'll feel like we have enough experience to give advice. All I have lately are questions after questions. What a journey the last 9 months or so have been for us. We went from just being voyeurs, to a little bit of exhibitionism, to soft swinging in the first few months. All seemed to be going pretty well. Then last winter, after the Mr. had a not-so-good experience seeing me with someone else, we took a step back and stayed there until recently. At the beginning of the summer we met a couple that we've really clicked with. It's awesome being with them and are all enjoying it--just soft swinging, but lots of fun, really hot--like I said, we've all just clicked. We'll be seeing them again this weekend. Lots of flirty emails flying back and forth and it's heating up fast. Really fast! Beyond our initial boundary-setting talk, we haven't discussed full swap, but it seems pretty clear to us that is where they'd like to take it if and when we are ready. That's where I need help. A few weeks ago, I posted a question about emotions after swinging I think everyone assumed it was me that was dealing with the emotional swings, but it isn't. It is Mr. EnjoyingLife. From the whole experience, I personally get that feeling of exhilaration (among other positive effects) that so many describe. He's as turned on by the thought and leading up to each experience as the rest of us, he enjoys the actual experience as much as anyone else. The problem is always the next few days after each experience. Swinging and just being around the lifestyle has had so many positives for us, but him seeing me with another man isn't one of them for him. In fact, he doesn't really care for it. He claims that at the worst it is just mildly uncomfortable, and as long as he is preoccupied with the other wife it isn't even that. But by the next day it bothers him some. Sometimes he'll say things like "I saw you do X, you've never done that with me." Jealousy maybe? He says no, but I don't know what else it would be. He also says he feels some guilt about how turned on he gets with another woman...he says he made a lifelong commitment to me and if he were being true to that commitment he doesn't think he should get that turned on. It doesn't matter how much I reassure him that I understand and actually ENJOY seeing him having a good time, his feelings are his feelings. So anyways, in the few days after the experience he deals with what he describes as some sadness over the thought of me with someone else and some guilt about being with someone other than me. Then, the next thing you know that is all gone and he's back to anticipating the next experience as much as the rest of us are. So, here we are about to see them again (the couple we click with), and Mr. EnjoyingLife keeps bringing up full swapping to me. He knows that I would, that I could, that I would even like to in the heat of the moment...but that I don't need it and that I'm perfectly happy where we are and would happily remain soft swingers indefinitely. Soft swinging is all about foreplay after all, and women love foreplay! But again, he keeps talking about it and saying how much fun it would be for him. So I remind him that it can't be just one way like that (just him and the other wife), that before he does that he needs to be absolutely certain that he is okay with all four of us full swapping, because if he and the other wife do it will be expected that the other husband and I do too. And when I remind him of that, he comes back to reality and says that no, he doesn't want me with another man like that. Can anyone help me understand what is going on here? It seems pretty clear to me that full swapping is probably not the best move for our relationship right now, so I'm planning to at least try to get him to wait for a while longer. Maybe with a few more good soft swinging experiences his emotional swings about it all will smooth out? I just really need some other perspectives here. Thanks!
  8. Most couples know each other’s sexual limits with each other very well and respect them even while participating in the lifestyle. Sometimes the couples’ limits are established overtime by personal comfort norms. They settle because the spouses are not agreeable or don’t reach the point of stepping beyond and breaking out. The lifestyle offers an opportunity that may excite a spouse to venture beyond the comfort of their relationship with their spouse. Is there a point where you have gone beyond where you go with your spouse? How would you feel about it if you were told by your spouse that they did? I know it should be discussed but did you decide not to bring it up and elected to keep it your secret? Would you go there again?
  9. We have been playing with a couple for about five years on and off. We see them at our club, at some resorts and at local house parties. Wherever we are, she always seeks out my husband. We have all been together many times and I enjoy her husband very much, but for my husband and I, it’s literally just sex. She is very different with my husband lately than with her other partners. I believe she has fallen for him. When I see them together, she is very passionate and attentive to him in ways that I don’t see when she’s with other men. My husband rolls with it and is always a pleaser. We don’t want to make things uncomfortable or lose their friendship, but we are getting uncomfortable with the notion that she may be interested in a deeper relationship than we have experienced with other partners. Should we just go with it? I’m not sure I can handle sharing him that way and I don’t think he’s interested in that type of relationship either. Thoughts about when the sex leads to something more?
  10. I am at the mature end of the swinging demographic as are my play friends. The ladies have their share of curves and character lines and often prefer to wear something when younger, fitter ladies prefer total nudity. This is just to say clothing is totally OK if it makes you comfortable. This is not a photo shoot. This is intimacy and mutual giving. Besides, a little color and texture is nice to see and feel. When I know my partner is shy I can adjust and just observe that as a boundary. Now, go shopping.
  11. I am curious, when you are with another partner for the evening do you tend to have a new approach to adventure? Does the opportunity to be with someone new give you the feeling that you are free to reach out to new levels that you may not share with your spouse? Do you do things like swallow or go down on your new partner and not your spouse? Do you ever just let go and accommodate the requested new situation pushing the agreed upon boundaries/limits of your spouse? Do you have stronger or multiple organism's with you new partner? Do you have sex more times during the evening encounter than with your spouse? Do you look forward to a specific partner that elevates your experience?
  12. So, Mr. Prufrock and I have been talking to a couple that we really hit it off with (at least over the internet.) We're currently working on meeting up for no-pressure drinks, but babysitters and life are getting in the way. Anyways, upon asking about experience etc... Mrs.PolyCouple said that she's always been poly. I had heard of polyamory, but didn't really know exactly what it meant. Enter further research and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are not polyamorous. I have been easing myself into the idea of Mr. Prufrock with another woman physically. I don't have the same reaction I used to when thinking about it. To be honest, it's starting to really be a turn on, thinking of Mr. Prufrock using the skills we've honed together to (hopefully) please someone else. In fact the idea of another woman giving him head is downright hot. However, when I thought of him loving someone else I got sick to my stomach. I am the type of person to believe I have one soulmate, and Mr. Prufrock is it (and I'm his.) I can see how some people would be ok with loving someone else, but we've talked about it extensively, and we're definitely not. We're ok with us sharing each other physically, we're not ok with us sharing each other spiritually/emotionally. I get that sex does come with some emotions tied to it, but we both agreed that if either of us started to have feelings for a playmate, or even felt that the other one had feelings for a playmate that we'd call the whole thing off, no questions, no reservations, no exceptions. So, I'm not really sure how to proceed with Mr.and Mrs. PolyCouple. I know we have to be upfront about these things, but how do I say tactfully that we are only looking for a physical connection with friendship? They didn't really expand upon what poly means to them, she only said that she always had been, and was when they got married. I don't want to waste their time, or worse, get into a situation where one half feels more then the other half does (which obviously is counting your chickens before they hatch, but it IS a possibility.)
  13. There is a lot of talk about what couples expect out of singles. I'd like to hear what singles expect (or need) out of couples? Male or Female, singles what things do couples do that make you feel less than comfortable? How do you want to be treated vs how you generally are treated?
  14. Hi We're relatively new to the swinger lifestyle but have had a few great experiences with other couples. We are moving into playing separately with others but have established rules for this - including safe sex, prior notice of dates, no play in our home/bed, and no overnights. Recently, an opportunity came up for my boyfriend to play separately with someone who is visiting from out of town. She is staying with a friend so therefore no hotel. My boyfriend wanted to use the guest bedroom or get a hotel and spend the night with her. I'm very uncomfortable with both of those ideas. Although he knows how I feel and has agreed to not do either of those options, he's angry with me because he feels that our rules are too restrictive and that he's missing out on an opportunity that he'd really like to take advantage of. Any advice? Thanks.
  15. There's another thread asking experienced swingers the reasons why they may not want to swing with newbies, the thoughts there led me to this question. As a newbie looking for your first experience, who are you looking for? Would you rather play with another first timer? Someone with a little experience? Or a couple who is very experienced? And why would you prefer one over the other?
  16. I’m curious as to how to handle an issue of not being able to cum. With my wife I am able cum somewhere between five and ten minutes. When I play with others it seems impossible to achieve orgasm. A condom is definitively part of the problem. When we play with couples we don’t know very well we always use condoms. I don’t think the condom is the real issue though. We have a close play couple that have been our friends for over fifteen years. We full swap with this couple without protection. Even without wearing a condom it takes me upwards of a half hour to cum. Even then, to cum in a half hour I have to fuck hard and I’m not sure she’s enjoying twenty plus minutes of pounding. I don’t know why but I start to feel pressure to wrap things up and that seems to make things worse. My wife and the other guy are done and it seems like everyone is waiting for me to pop. How do I tell our play friends I’d rather not always cum? At first I was thinking yeah, I'm Superman. Now it's stressing me out. Nobody wants to feel stressed when they're playing. I'd prefer to fuck long enough to know we’ve all had fun and then just quit. I’ll finish later with my wife. I don’t want to offend anyone. It’s not her, it’s me… And… why does this not happen with my wife. She can climb on top of me and slowly ride me to orgasm in five minutes???
  17. How do you assess std risk? (And for those of you who would say use common sense, how about going into exactly what that means for those of us that don't have any.) I've asked a number of people, and some of the answers I have gotten thus far have been: "You look at how they are dress, and act." "You take into consideration where did you find them at [bar, online, through a friend, etc.]" "You just know." "You ask them how many partners they have been with. If they've been more than what I can count on my hands, and feet, then that's too many." "If she smells down there, there's probably something wrong with it."
  18. First-time poster here. I've been on the board for a while, but I setup a new account just for this post. I'm posting this message with a two-fold purpose: One, to bring reality to the issues and ramifications associated to the lifestyle and Two, to get some other perspectives and advice. My wife and I started swinging a little over a year ago. We've had full swap experiences with about 7 or 8 couples since then. We always used condoms for penetration. About 4 months ago, my wife had an abnormal pap which led to inconclusive biopsies, then a LEEP procedure. Supposedly, she's OK for now, but we won't know for sure until her 6 month follow-up. About a month ago, I was diagnosed with genital warts. I just had about 20 of them burned off (not fun at all!). The doctors are fairly convinced all of this is HPV related. They are assuming the abnormalities from her pap were more wart-like, and not cancerous as the strands of HPV are not the same for the two. There is no HPV test for men, and all the tests on her were negative. Which isn't really an indicator as the doctors say it is very difficult to truly diagnose. So, we obviously haven't had sex with anyone (or each other for that matter) in the last few months. We've clearly agreed that the benefits of the lifestyle are absolutely not worth the costs and associated risks. (As we've learned the hard way). We very much like the 'sexy' openness of the clubs and have talked about continuing to go, but just not playing with others. Or maybe once things straighten up maybe some mild soft-swap only play. We definitely don't want to spread anything, but we also don't want to catch anything else. I'm really looking to get some feedback from others about: Is it wrong/uncool to go to swing clubs knowing we are not going to ever play with others? We don't want to openly publicize we have/had HPV & warts. If we do go to clubs, we'd meet new people - but don't want offend anyone if we won't play. We're thinking we'd eventually be ostracized for either being 'too-picky or too-good-for snobs' or for being contaminated! Would anyone soft-swap with others who had HPV in the past/or quite possibly still do but with no symptoms? We're both pretty alone and confused right now and would like to get some other perspectives. Please feel free to openly reply to this post, or if you'd prefer PM's would be great too. (Rest assured, anything PM'd will absolutely remain private!). HPV is rampant throughout society, and as to be expected in the lifestyle. I'd offer that it is not a matter of IF you get it, it's simply a matter of WHEN... You also cannot judge a book by it's cover!!! We were very picky and selective as to who we played. Thanks in advance.
  19. My wife is really uptight about her sexuality to the point where it hinders even are regular sex life. Any suggestions on how to open her up? I am interested in a swinger type lifestyle. She isn't totally opposed to it, like she doesn't straight up tell me no way in hell when I mention a threesome, but she is not emotionally ready for one because of her uptightness. The other night was the first time she was even willing to put on a show for me and masturbate after 2 and a half years of marriage. She is uptight enough that she has a hard time getting wet because she is too worried about how she is whether I'm enjoying myself etc. etc. How do I get her to open up and more sexual?
  20. what factor would you say moved you from soft swing such as watching and being watched to crossing the bridge allowing someone other than your regular partner sexual contact for the first time with some degree of comfort?
  21. We are pretty new to this. Investigated 2-3 years and taken a few "baby steps" until we met and played with an awesome couple 4 months ago. We have a Swing Lifestyle account and have been in contact (online) with several couples but for varied reasons (not into same things, timing, family commitments, pushy, or fake) most passed along uneventfully. We chatted with a couple a few months ago and thought they were nice and hot but the wife got a vibe that the female was a bit of a primadonna and would always insist on being the center of attention. So no real thanks but no thanks but no commitment to meet, talked a little more but eventually faded into the background as so many do. We made plans to meet a couple and lined up the sitter. They call and their sitter had cancelled and they couldn't get a replacement so they had to cancel. Things happen. We decided since we had made plans we would go to a club instead. Took a look on Swing Lifestyle to see if there were any parties closer to home (the club was about 90 minutes away) and saw the couple we had talked to a few months ago had the tag line that they were going to be there on this night. We decided that we would say hi if we saw them. Still a little unsure if they were really potential playmates. So we saw them and said hello and they sat down with us to have a drink. We talked a little about ourselves, what we have done, and so on. 30-45 minutes later they ask if we wanted to go to the back. Mrs Shy said ok. Porn is playing and we are making out with our own partners and slowly undressing and touching. I keep checking in with Mrs Shy to see if she is ok or has any objections and she is fine. We are all getting a little hot and bothered and next thing you know,we notice her pulling up her dress and she says "I think we are going to go. You seem too into eachother." We looked at eachother a little confused and she goes on to tell us that they ususlly switch off right away and should have told us first. We looked like we were having too much fun on our own. We talked for about a minute as they dressed and said nice to meet you and left. That really took the wind out of our sails for the night so we got dressed and drove home. We talked about it ad Mrs Shy said I told you so. She wants to be the center of attention. I guess what still leaves me shaking my head is if things aren't progressing as you expect or want, dont you make a move to escalate things? If a boundary is crossed, we have no problem saying no. We don't want to be uncomfortable nor do we want our playmates to feel that way. Its bout fun and exploring,right? So today we went on Swing Lifestyle and took a look at their profile and noticed that they had made a few edits. They no longer will meet newbies because they have had too many bad experiences with them. They go into a mini-rant about newbies not being ready, not knowing what they want, and being too afraid to be with someone else. Dont get me wrong, we are done with them and want no further contact.But we cant help feeling attacked. We know what we want and we know our comfort zone. If there is any fault here, it is Mrs Shy for not going with her gut and both couples probably could have had a little communication. We had a great evening up until the last 15 minutes or so. I think at this point we can only chalk it up as a learning experience. Any other thoughts from you guys?
  22. Hi. My husband and I are new to the lifestyle. Before we decided to get into the lifestyle our talks were about him wanting to watch me with another woman. I told him that I wanted him to be honest with me because I know that now it is him watching me with another woman and then him wanting to join in and then full swap. He assured me that all he wanted to do was watch. Well we found a married couple that we like. I am not sexually attracted to either of them, but I did kiss her and finger her. My husband just could not sit back and watch, he made out with her and even got a bj. Now it seems that watching me and her is out, he wants full swap. The other couple wants full swap also. I am scared about the whole thing. My husband and the wife talk on the phone every day and then they chat all night all long on the messenger. When we see them, he becomes touchy and he is not a touchy person. They flirt constantly and they have even become jealous of other people. For instance, he was chatting with another girl on the messenger not flirting or anything, just talking and the wife got upset. Now the wife is going to meet some guy she knew in high school and says it is the one guy she always wanted to do, but never did. My husband got upset. When I am around them, I feel like the 3rd wheel. I want him to have fun and want to tell him it is okay to have sex with her, but I am afraid of the feelings they may get after. Plus, I am not sure how I feel about them having sex. I asked him if it would be a one time thing or if he would want to do it again and he said he would want to do it again. I know he really wants to have sex with her and I told him last weekend he could and he saw how upset I was, but he still ran to her. Nothing happened because they were not sure what to do, but I thought if he just did it and got it over with he would leave me alone about her. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. This may be the most important thread for men in recent recorded history. In fact, it may be so important that I could be the first primate winner of the Noble Prize. Chances are, if you don’t find value in this thread you hate pie, cute babies and all the things that make our country great* Here’s my theory about haunted houses. They really aren’t that scary. But, if you buy into them, they can be creepy as hell. Mrs Spoo and I love haunted houses because we know how to buy in, to really let ourselves be scared. And we always get our money’s worth! You see, being scared is what the haunted house guys are trying to do, but I can spoil that simply by not letting myself get into it. Being scared, therefore, is not so much their job as it is mine. They are doing their part – and when I do mine, it is an amazing experience! So – let’s apply that to sex. Men – the good ones anyway – obsess about their equipment and/or ability to please a playmate. I know for me, I read as much stuff as I can, I work out, I try to make myself fun for the person I am lucky enough to be with (which is usually Mrs Spoo – and I consider that the greatest luck of all!) So – I will start with the assumption (which, admittedly, often doesn’t fit, but for most of the men around here, is probably workable) that the men are doing their part. Where the theory comes in is with the women buying into the experience. I am quite sure that it is not me who gives a woman an orgasm as much as it is her who allows herself to have one. Women can certainly block the best efforts. There are two keys to this (as I see it): Chemistry, which is unpredictable and impossible to manipulate. It is either there, sometimes in the form of visible sparks, or it is not. Comfort, which is just a positive rapport that two people have that makes each able to relax and enjoy a situation. Both can increase the other, I think. Where there is chemistry there will be more comfort. Where there is comfort, chemistry can be found. “Buying in” to the experience does not mean pretending you are enjoying lame sex. Not at all! There will always be lame experiences – mostly because I can’t make ever male read this, the most important thread in the history of the written word. But, for those of us who do read it, the questions are these: What can a man do to help increase your comfort level? What helps you relax in a situation and “buy in”? That’s it! The answers to those questions – from women who are familiar with themselves and with what works, what doesn’t – are the Holy Grail that we men seek! It is not the dozens of penis enlargement spam we receive in our email every week. It is right here, in this thread. Your answers will raise this from the best board for swinging information on the net to the single greatest resource for mankind – a monolith of wisdom and evolutionary potential, ala 2001 – A Space Odyssey. Help us evolve, ladies. Help us help you
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