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Found 92 results

  1. How was your first swinging experience, was it good or was it bad? If it was bad, what caused it? If it was good, what did you do in advance to help make it that way?
  2. Racism in the Lifestyle?? Ohhhh you betcha. Either that, or some swingers will expose others to embarrassment and humiliation in order to ensure that their preferences are tended to. Back in 2005, at our first---very first---swinging experience, we were invited to a small (maybe 12 people at the maximum) sex party in a hotel room. The hostess was a black woman with whom I'd corresponded for some months and had some rather desultory sex only once. However, once I e-mailed her a photo of my mixed-race lady (I'm a white kid, BTW), she wanted us at her next shindig. She also mentioned a Latina friend of hers who'd seen our photos and was interested in me. Fair enough, so we went. Apparently the only reason we were invited was because of my lady (now my wife); the other women, including the Latina who claimed interest in me, were there solely for a helping of BBC. I was turned down by every woman in the room, and I had endure knowing that my lady was being serviced by a rather mousy white fellow who feigned nervousness in order to elicit multiple-female attention. I was relegated to the sidelines until, after an hour had passed, I told my girl that we were leaving. I was convinced that our hostess and the other women present had absolutely no intention of allowing me to participate. We chalked it up to beginner's bad luck, thinking that it couldn't get worse. It did. In early 2006 we attended a M&G of a party group wherein we were apparently "good enough" to pass muster with them. I hadn't given it much consideration at the time, but I indeed noticed that (1) all of the women save the hostess/moderator were women of color, and (2) all of the men were either men of color, or the bald, bearded, thuggish white men who looked like they had a rap sheet 100 yards long or aspired to do so. Despite my deja-vu regarding the above-mentioned experience, we attended the party anyway. Just as before, I was routinely ignored, rejected, and otherwise rudely treated as I was the ONLY white male with hair on his head and a clean-shaven face. One of the thug types had glommed onto my lady and literally followed us around all night, no matter to whom we spoke or where we sat. So, she and I were going to play together, by ourselves, on one of the beds in the living room; once we started she shut down and seemed uninterested, and all the while, the little thug was parked practically in our collective lap. I whispered to my girl "You want to play with him, don't you?" After she enthusiastically nodded her head with a grin of which the Cheshire Cat would be proud, I walked out of the room and let her be escorted into the "Dark Room" wherein (I later was told) she had a sort of mini-threesome with the gadfly and another fellow who was already in the room. The hostess apparently toojk pity on me and "allowed" me to eat her out, and when we kissed I pulled gently on her lip, and she ran out of the room, later claiming that I deliberately bit her lip to draw blood. While I awaited her return, her guests are all looking at me, with my pants down, just staring silently. Later on, I still received rejection after rejection---and ended up alone in the patio, waiting for my lady to finish up her business. After over 45 minutes of cooling my heels, I admit I got up, collected her shoes, threw them into the "Dark Room" and said "OK, we are outta here." It took her another 30 minutes before we were finally out the door. We came very close to breaking up that night. The next day I wrote the hostess an e-mail to tell her how humiliated I felt at the hands of her and her guests. Her reply was essentially a counter accusation of "starting drama" ( the catch-all excuse used when a host or hostess mistreats you and you call him or her on it) and biting her lip on purpose (just not true). Then came the kicker: we were invited only because everyone wanted my lady to attend; I was excess baggage, to be merely tolerated and deliberately culled. I do not begrudge anyone their preferences and desires, so long as it's all safe and sane. However, I would think that one would populate a party exclusively with those who share such preferences, and not do so at another, undesired person's expense.
  3. We had been talking about having a MFM experience for quite some time in some away from home city, perhaps abroad. Our goal is for my wife to have her ultimate sexual experience as you know things "dry up" after more than a decade of same person sex (routine). We actually came upon an old friend recently divorced and someone we were both very comfortable with. Our staged MFM actually started over several glasses of merlot and a good meal followed by a visit to a handful of local pubs. We headed back to his place joking the entire way about all things sex. Our guards were all down and I asked my wife if she would consider a MFM with our friend. At first she nodded no... but as the conversation grew warmer she did not say no but "yeah that could be fun"... Fast forward as we were massaging her and slowly taking off her skirt to give her a massage our hands began cover her body. We stopped up and asked is this ok for each of us and we all smiled. I wanted to see where things went without me so I stepped out to get some water. As I returned he was kissing her thighs as he massaged her. I sat and watched until she asked me to join in again. I did and finally I started pushing the effort by removing her bra and pulling down on her panties while slowly glancing her pussy. She moaned as we took turns touch her pussy, rubbing and feeling the juices build up. I started kissing her breasts and our friend began licking her pussy finding her clitoris immediately sending her into ecstacy. She kissed me hard, almost as it was me giving her the experience myself. Her legs spread apart and I told her I wanted our friend to start and if that was ok. She said.. "Yes"... he positioned himself between her legs pulled down his pants, she leaned up and pulled down his underpants exposing his cock. He gently rubbed her pussy with his cock teasing her all the way. I slowly backed off sitting on her side... I joked about him taking the "bull" role. He smiled as he is smaller than me. I noticed immediately he took his role seriously, he was in heat as he probably had not had another woman since his break up. She looked to me and I smiled and watched, blew her a kiss and I told him to give her a great experience... he slowly began inserting his cock into her and she rolled her eyes and moaned. We never discussed protection as we knew each other so well. He began grabbing her ass and hips, squeezing and then grabbing her breasts super hard. I told him and her to speak dirty and loudly. Express themselves... both uncomfortable with the request it took a second then he started asking her how she liked it... he then started asking me if I liked seeing this... He asked her all were in agreement. He asked her "do you like my cock..?" "do you like it better than his" he asked? Tell me... he demanded an answer. She said..."yes I like cock"... "no do you like mine better than his?" as he pumped slowly but deeply. She "responded... yes... yes... I like the feel...". "what do you want...?" he asked her, she responded "to fuck me, fuck me, a fuck a baby in me..." My heart dropped as he pushed harder and harder. They then stopped as she clawed at the bed. I started to join back in and she pushed me away...saying her nipples were sore... he turned her over and rammed his cock into her again driving deeper and deeper.. he looks to me.."how do you like seeing me fuck her, I want to cum inside her" as he slapped her ass, She groaned... "more more.." as he fucked away. I stood like a zombie at their side. He summoned me over to look at his cock going into her back and forth... It was very erotic. She could not even see me anymore as he fucked her. He then slowed down and told me..."i am going to fuck in her in the ass..." something she would not agree to with me. I said.."is it ok"... he told me to shut up and he was in control... she looked at him and said.. "put it in..." and he started pushing into her ass. He pumped a few times going deeper each time, slapping her ass. OMG she said... and fell to her stomach where he prounced on her back his cock now in her pussy again. Fucking her like an animal in heat. She pushed me away as he grabbed her arms driving his cock into her. "you like this..." "yes"... she responded... breathing heavily... He asked her again..." is my cock great... what do you want from my cock that he cannot .." she moaned. "I will fuck you like a slut , a professional prostitute... I have never done that but can imagine how hard I would fuck them.." "yes" she said.."fuck me, fuck me harder, I would love to have your sperm in me, your seed..." Yeah you want a little "name withheld" to grow in you.." "yeah".. as he fucked her. She rolled over again and he took her legs and put them over his shoulders driving deeply again... he looks at me..."I am good at this... she really wants my cock.." do you want his? he asked her... She said no..."I only want yours please fill me with your seed, I love the feeling of cum in me..." He slaps her hips and then slows down... unleashing his cock in her. He slowly comes out, his cum pouring out of her, he then tells her.."aw come up here and suck my cock"... she does and licks as she cannot get enough of him in her. I sit there ... he heads to the bathroom, she covers up... keeping me a safe distance. He returns, and says "wow"... She smiles, heads to the bathroom looking a bit ill and worse for the wear. I wanted to talk about it but they were too exhausted. As we slept I was awaken by their conversation... she said.."I have never been treated like that before..." he said he had never done that before... and she said...he was like an animal in heat... his cock was so hard and felt so great and she has never ever felt so much cum in her before...I pretended to sleep when I felt the blanket move. He was moaning as she sucked on his cock again under the sheets. She hates blowjobs normally... as she jerked on his cock he pulls her up along side of him and slowly inserted his cock in her probably cumming again. Needless to say... the next morning was very very odd. We all kept a distance from each other.
  4. Hey everyone, I know it has to have happened to some or most of you. You are in the middle of your full swap having your way with the other spouse when all of a sudden you or they realize the condom came off! Knock on wood this has not happened to us yet. We would just like to know what everyone's course of action was after this happened? A friendly fishing expedition maybe? Did you put a new one on and go at it? Or decide that it was a moot point by then...
  5. I haven't seen this addressed here, so I was wondering if anyone has been scammed or attempted to be scammed while swinging? Now we have had single guys lie about having a partner or one couple wanted me to loan them a sizable amount of money. So has any swingers tried to blackmail or scam you?
  6. Guys, I know failure to launch is probably THE main concern of guys in the swinging world, followed by the ability to make it last as long as she wants. But DAMN! Swinger's penis nearly 'explodes after he injects it with Viagra' | Metro News I got a little greedy,’ the man known as SoreCock wrote after he decided to order the drug when pills from his doctor wouldn’t help him with his stamina in bed. He felt he needed the extra boost because he and his wife, 27, had apparently just started swinging. So the next step was injections straight into the side of the penis,’ he added. It worked a treat at first but when it was time to stop, his penis didn’t want to. ‘I started pouring cold water over it. Nothing,’ he wrote. ‘I took four Sudafed pills (as suggested online when you get an out-of-control erection). Nothing. ‘I started exercising major muscle groups, doing endless sets of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc. (also recommended online, in order to divert the blood). Nothing.’ After three hours he decided it was time to head to the emergency room, and yes it was one of the most embarrassing things he said he ever done. WARNING: The picture in the story may be a little much for the easily queasy. They also offer a click through to the actual penis in question. I declined that opportunity.
  7. My husband and I had our first full swap...well, I ended up getting to and he didn’t. I made several mistakes that turned what could have been a really fun night into one we’re both having a hard time processing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We were same room with a couple we both liked. I suggested trying full swap (first mistake-we had said that we wouldn’t change rules in middle of play). I had been very unsure about doing full swap in previous discussions, but my husband was open to it because he felt like vaginal sex was the same to him as oral in the situation. So I decided the only way I’d know how I felt is if I tried it. We did not stop and talk in detail about how we felt (second mistake), and moved forward with full swap. My husband was having some issues with getting hard, so I came over and helped a few times, and I thought he was ok. He wasn’t.(3rd mistake). The biggest mistake of all is that I finished my full swap when he didn’t get to have one. I got caught up in the moment, and I wasn’t there for him like I should have been. I know I was in the wrong and accept full responsibility for my actions. Both of us have been struggling with processing the events of what happened. We both want to work through it, but we have no clue how to. We’ve been together for almost 17 years, and we were in such a great place before this happened. Please help!
  8. We once received a swinger's letter from an elderly man (like 85 years old) who was "encouraging" his twenty-something mail order Filipino bride to swing with him. Anyway, we sent their pics back, said no thanks, and pretty much forgot about the deal until our phone began ringing at all hours of the day and night. We answered the phone two or three times, tried being polite but got cussed out for our trouble - "You people are discriminating against me because I'm old - I'm going to contact the magazine and tell them.....blah, blah, blah." Two weeks later, New Year's 1993 just before the clock struck twelve, the dude showed up unannounced on our doorstep with a twelve pack and a totally scared Filipino wife. Long story short, cops carted him off. Anyone else ever been totally freaked out by crazies ?
  9. I guess my question is what would you do in this case? Here is what happened and how we handled it. We had been chatting for some time with another couple online. We had talked about getting together with them but as of yet hadn’t. One night while chatting online they inform us that they are going to have a party at their home and wondered if we would like to attend. They told us that they have some friends in the lifestyle they like to get together every so often an have a party at their house. Well the long and short of it is that we agreed that it might be fun and told them we would love to attend. Figuring that at the very least it would be a great chance to at least meet the couple that we had been chatting with and find out if there was any chemistry between us. I guess you could say we might be a little shy when we first meet another couple. We like to get to know the people we are going to be playing with before we play. We are into more than just the number of people we have been to bed with. Don’t get me wrong we like to play as much as anybody else we just like to know who we are playing with. Also we don’t like to barge into anything that we are not invited into. I may be wrong but feel like if your going to join somebody that is playing there should be some kind of indication that they want you there. When we arrived at the party the host and hostess whom we had been chatting with greeted us and were very warm hosts. There were about four or five other couples at the party and the host introduced us to all of them. Prior to this we had not meet or known any of the people at the party but they seemed like fun people. We were all in the kitchen and living room area chatting for the first hour or so that we were there. We were told that other couples were coming but were running a little late. It was apparent that all except for maybe one other couple everybody knew each other and had partied together in the past. After a period of time couples started moving into another room. We were approached by the host who informed us that most of the couples were moving on to the party room if we would like to join them there. We were comfortable with the people there and moved on to join the rest of the party in the party room. When we entered the other room, a din that was being used as a play room we found that a few of the other couples had already started playing. As we walked in about four of the couples were either naked or in the process of getting that way. Two guys were standing just off the entry way with a lady bent over between them engaged in a 3-some with her. Another guy was standing with two ladies in front of him taking turns giving him head. Another couple was removing each others clothes in the same area. Everybody there seemed to have already grouped up into his or her own party. We weren’t sure who was with whom at that point so we took a seat on the couch and decided to take it slow and see where it lead. Another couple was sitting on another couch as well not involved in any activities yet. The host and hostess came in and arranged some blankets and pillows on the floor and were sitting things up. There were also still a few couples downstares that hadn't came in yet. I was playing with the wife a little bit and had unbuttoned a couple buttons on her blouse. We were planning on playing we were just figuring out when, where and with whom at that point. We hadn’t been in the room for more than about 5 minutes. One of the ladies that had been giving head to the guy standing over on the other side of the room walked over to where the wife and I were seated on the couch. She was topless when she approached us and my first thoughts were she was there to issue an invitation of sorts to join them, but like the song says “wrong”. She walked up to us and introduced herself. She then proceeded to inform us that she works very hard all week and disserves some play time. I was still thinking that this was leading up to an invitation to join them. Then she let go with, it’s not right that you guys come in here as voyeurs and watch us if your not going to play. We had not been in the room for more than 5 minutes at this point and there were at least 3 couples there who had not started any type of playing yet. I thought she was joking but was wrong she was serious. She continued that if we were not going to use that couch to play on we should not be taking up space on it and leave. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say we didn’t know these people, we didn’t know if they were just into their own group or if everybody was expected to join them we just didn’t know. The wife however wasn’t speechless, she looked this lady in the eye and said, you bitch, your right we shouldn’t be here there is no way I would stay in the same room with a classless bitch like you. Then turned and walked out of the room. I went over to the hostess and told her we were leaving and what had taken place. In the living room both the host and hostess apologized for the action of this one lady. Evidently she was a member of there group and turned into a bitch from time to time and this action was tolerated by the group. They both requested that we stay in touch and get together in the future. What would you have done? Were we in the wrong somehow?
  10. I'm angry with myself for what happened in my last swing. My husband and I were at another couples home for a night of sex. We have been with this couple about 4 other times so I thought I knew what to expect. We always use condoms even though I'm on the pill. Well during foreplay I was feeling very good and was loosing myself in it and my parnter was parting my legs to enter me after he did oral sex. I was completly relaxed and almost out of my head after the pleasure I just experienced so I didn't really notice that he wasn't wearing a condom. My husband didn't catch it either and he entered me and after a few thrusts I began to realize that he didn't have a condom on. I put my hand between my legs to verify this and I couldn't feel the rubber so I began to move my body so I could expell him out but to my regret I didn't tell him to verbally stop. I'm starting to sit up (we are in the missionary position) when he has his orgasm and releases sperm into me. I am horrified and immediately get up and start yelling at him and my husband stops what he is doing and is upset by what had happened. We haven't seen this couple again but I am angry with myself for not stopping him sooning or saying anything because I was caught up in my pleasure. A warning to everyone to be careful. Thankfully nothing bad happened as I was on the pill....... What would other people do in this situation? I would like your comments.
  11. So I guess I'll start this off with a little background information: I go by the name Ave Satanas, and I've been a semi-active member of the swingers board since April of last year. At the time that I joined, I was only curious about the lifestyle, but I soon realized that it was perfect for my SO and me. Things were tricky for us, since both of us are under 21, which meant no clubbing, and we were reluctant to engage in any activity with anyone we didn't know. More problems plagued us, but we made the effort and think we've done pretty well considering we both live with our parents and it's still under wraps (hey man, it's tough being a college student!). Now if you haven't read any of the threads I posted, let me give a quick update: we had engaged in our first group sex activity, a MMF threesome, with a friend of ours. It went fairly well, but since then we have come to the conclusion that the particular friend involved, while a great guy, isn't particularly well suited to swinging. We went on the hunt for a female, since that's what my lady was interested in. In my last post, which was quite a while ago, we were preparing for a threesome with her. Long story short: the whole event crashed and burned. Drama ensued. Thankfully it's over, and I've learned a lot. So now we get to the meat of this blog... A coworker of my girlfriend had piqued our curiosity, and we were considering throwing out the idea of playing with her. Not a minute after we resolved to, the girl's previously unknown boyfriend comes into town for winter break from his school in Alaska. We were pretty disappointed, but my girlfriend met him and said that I would like the guy anyway. She said she had even made a joke about the four of us having an orgy, which he half-jokingly agreed to. So I sent the guy a text message, and we agreed to meet up. (I should probably mention that my girlfriend works at an arena for our cities hockey team with this girl, and since I'm a rabid hockey fan, I attend every game). After the game was over, we met them outside. Sure enough, me and this guy hit it off. Really, REALLY well. It was like he was me in a different skin. Being so immediately comfortable, I figured 'what the hell' and said "So, foursome?". To which he responded, deadly serious "Well, what are you two doing tomorrow?" So we agreed to hang out the next night. We were unsure if the two were serious or not, but we prepared for a good time regardless. The next day, we met them and we all enjoyed a nice dinner. We went back to the guy's house and proceeded to go out to the hot tub. Well, it wasn't long before the two of us guys were able to convince the ladies to undress and get some kissing action going. And right then, we hear his family pull into the driveway. We were all pretty disappointed, and exited the spa. We decided to go grab a coffee, and near the coffee place, we see a cheap hotel. He jokingly says that we could get a hotel room, and so my lady and I take a gamble and say "well, we'll pay if you're interested". Next thing you know, we're in a hotel room, calling our parents to say we're staying with friends. We push the two beds together, and start having fun. First predicament: in all my plans, I had never thought that I would be NERVOUS. Thankfully, he was two, and it became the running gag of the night between the two of us. Eventually he's having sex with his girl and we're doing the same. However, we had yet to swap, and my girlfriend and I were pretty anxious too. So to give the whole situation a kick-start, i suggested that she go over and try getting a little intimate with the guy while he was giving his girlfriend some oral action. Things were looking good, and at some point or another his girl ended up over with me. We got pretty occupied, and soon enough she's on top and we're having fun. That is, until we look over and notice that his nervous problem has come back. Now, I don't have to recount the ENTIRE story, but in the end, my lady never actually had sex with him. Not that he didn't give her any attention, and there were no hard feelings in the end. So the next weekend, I ended up house-sitting for some people I know and ask this guy if he and his girl want to hang out. We don't mention a foursome specifically because we didn't want to make him feel as though that's all we want. But thankfully, he and his girl suggest it again and we end up at this house. Now, a little more background: This is basically the last night we have a shot with the two of them for a while because the next day he's due to go back to Alaska for school. So we've got big plans for the night. Things start off similar to the last time, and we all end up in the same bed (we started out in separate rooms to quell the usual nerves). However, he and his lady seem pretty busy and we're reluctant to ask him. However, we're not really having too much fun because we're growing more and more disappointed by the second. His girlfriend seems to get the idea, but him... not so much. So his girlfriend decides that she needs to leave the room for a little while and heads out, and I suggest to my girlfriend that she attempt to get some action going while I leave the room. Now, before I continue, some more background: his girlfriend is incredibly sexy. Gorgeous. Now obviously I don't think she holds a candle to my girlfriend, but my lady doesn't share my opinion. So me and his girl start getting something going, and we decide to go to a different room while my lady seduces the other guy. We sneak a peek in their room before we go into ours however, and are greeted with a disappointing site: he's laying there, facing away from my dejected looking girlfriend. His girl goes to talk to him, while my girlfriend comes with me to another room. In the other room, she informs me that when she attempted to try getting him to do anything with her, he casually mentioned that he was just waiting for his girlfriend to come back so that the two of them could cuddle. Basically, he very politely told my girlfriend that he didn't want to do anything with her. Now, cuddling wouldn't be such a problem, except that a moment later, we hear the sound of the other two going at it again. Right around then, my girl starts to tear up. She doesn't take any sort of rejection well, and I don't take to seeing her cry well. I hold her for a minute, my blood boiling. In retrospect, it WAS his last night with his girlfriend. But he HAD been the one to suggest a foursome, and it seemed like that plan was out completely. I was starting to feel like I was just there to give them a place to fuck, and on top of that my girlfriend had tears streaming down her face. So I did what I figured any good boyfriend would do in my situation, regardless of how much they liked the other dude. I pulled on my jeans, left the room ("oh, I've just gotta pee, babe. I'll be right back."), marched into the other room, step right up onto the bed, pull the blanket back, and punched him in the head. Hard. Full-on. In the face. He gave the expected "what the fuck", to which I responded "that's for making my girlfriend cry, you fucking dick." I pulled back for another blow and he says "wait, she's crying?" "well of course she's crying, you stupid idiot, she feels like you rejected her. You just shot her down" Now, I know i had just punched this guy, and I know that it wasn't as honorable as I would have liked it, but if you ask either one of us now, we'd tell you that even at that moment, even RIGHT AFTER I hit him, we were still friends, and good friends at that. So, in lieu of hitting him again, I let him and his lady rush into the other room to console my girlfriend. He apologized profusely, saying that he didn't mean to hurt my girl's feelings, he just was caught up in the moment with his girl. I thought things were getting better, but as we all lay in that bed, he starts talking. Normally not a problem, except basically everything coming out of his mouth was "isn't my girlfriend so pretty, I love her more than anything, she's everything to me", etc. My thoughts: 'hey, if I wanted to hear this, I'd have rented a Hugh Grant movie. I signed up for a foursome, goddammit' But, against my better judgment, I put up with it. For a good hour and a half. To that point that when he left the room for a minute, even his girlfriend remarked at how sickeningly sweet. Now, and I'm quoting this from a friend, I'm cool with love. But not this chick-flick-gay-love. In the end, my lady and I went to our room while they went to theirs. So far, still no foursome. We're kind of pissed still, and my girlfriend says "well, he said he didn't mean for me to feel rejected... but I mean, nonetheless, I was". And we just start complaining to one another about how disappointing our night has become. So she goes into the other room, where they've started back up again. And she asks flat out if the foursome is going to happen or not. They dance around the question for a good five minutes, going on tangents and talking about just being 'so caught up in the moment' etc. My girlfriend tells them after all this that they've yet to answer, and he finally says "so you're asking if we're going to swap partners tonight?" I'll give you a moment to let it sink in. We nod, and he answers "tonight, honestly, probably not" So we go to bed, fuming angry. A few minutes later, they come in, and proceed with basically the same thing they did with my SO the first time. Sure, the apologies are nice, but in the end, things are the same: nothing has happened and he's still in gay-love. After they leave, my girl and I at least had a little fun with each other before going to sleep. The next morning the other two come wake us up super early, because I've got to take him to the airport. No problem, I had agreed to that. I even sat through the half-hour long, chick-flick-style goodbye between he and his girl. Mind you, I'm feeling a little better now that I've had some sleep. I'm less angry at him, and having talked to him a little, I'm convinced that a foursome is still possible the next time he's in town. So he leaves, and there are absolutely no hard feelings. His girl, my girl, and I head back to the house. We grab some breakfast, and all decide to lay down for a nap. Yes, all of us in the same bed. Hey now, we're all fully-clothed the entire time. Don't give me that look. In conclusion, here's what I'm thinking: 1) A foursome isn't out. The two of them were just really trying to enjoy their last night together for a while. 2) He's a good guy, it's just situations like this made me dislike him some. But in the end, he's still a great friend of mine. 3) His girlfriend, having been much more open to swapping that night than he was, is still awesome. In all honestly, my lady and I both harbor the fantasy that one day she'll leave him and come be our live-in girlfriend. She's a great girl, and we'd do a lot for her. Of course, we've known her longer, so... We have cut them out, but we're keeping an eye out for new playmates. I've written this whole lengthy, terribly unstructured blog to basically see what my friends here on swingers board think of the situation. So: comments, advice, feedback, flames, anything? Thanks for reading this far, if you have. I appreciate any feedback. -Ave Satanas P.S. This started out as a blog but became too long, so I apologize if it reads weirdly due to that.
  12. Can anyone give me advice on what to do in this situation. We started seeing this couple several months ago, and grew very attached. It has turned from being more Swing to Polyamory in the past month, and now the other man wants to have one on one sex with my wife, most likely in a closed door situation, for he will not play with her at all when I am present. When we first met this couple, we told them, my wife was Bi, and only wanted to play with his woman. Everything progressed well at first, and I also had opprotunities to have sex with his wife. I did not, and I repeat, NOT demand anything, and was only offered this by him. We have enjoyed several FMF, as well as a couple FM with me and his wife, while they watched. Nothing happened closed door. Now, this other couple is demanding that My Wife have a sexual relationship with him. I have been told (by his wife) that the fun will stop, and she will not have sex with us again if my wife does not put out. I am open to the idea of my wife having sex with another man, so long as it is what she wants, in a safe situation, with someone we know well. I am not Jealous of any pleasure she may get, so long as it is open door, and everyone is involved. Their attitude is for me to dominate her, and make her have sex with him, or any sex from this point on will stop. We have grown very attached to this couple, and they are super fun to be with. My wife has no interest in having sex with him. As you can imagine, there are more factors involved, like our age differences, body shapes, sexual experiences, attitudes towards sex, as well as rough vs sensual sex. Things are not as cut and dry as this one point. She is not attracted to him. She constantly is telling me that she does not want to have sex with him. He also does things that make me suspicous of his intentions. He had a closed door encounter at a party this past weekend. I trusted him to follow his own rules, about everyone being involved in any sex. All of us had been drinking alot, and we all were very intoxicated. I did not find out until the next day that he had made my wife have a g sopt orgasm, and made her cum / squirt 4 times, and had eaten her pussy. Damn, I wish I could have been there. I would loved to have watched. I did not know of the g sopt trick. He is definately more experienced, and knows alot more than me. This G Spot trick is just that, a trick, and has beed said to cause women to have emotions for men they are not attracted to. All of this seems underhanded, and selfish. I should have been involved. When I asked her how all of this could have happened, she said that she could not stop him. I never expected him to pull a rabbit out of the hat like this in a closed door situation. The trust I gave him has been somewhat shattered, to the point of having a panic attack, another new trick my body has never had. What to do now?
  13. Angel and I had met a couple for a no pressure drink, to see how we all got along, pre swap. Well after our first meet, everyone seemed to enjoy each other and things were moving along nicely. We all aggreed to meet one more time for dinner to discuss a play date and what each couple expected and our boundries were. As the dinner progressed, it was very clear that the husband was ready to do Angle right then. The wife appeared ready also, so we made a date to meet the next week end at the on premise swing club Angel and I are membes of. They had asked if they could bring another couple that they played with regularly, we said Ok, but would hold off on deciding on playing with them until meeting them in person. We met as planned, sat and talked to the other couple and watched a porno movie. As the evening progressed everyone seemed to be getting along great. the other two girls asked me if I would like to join them in the hot tub, I asked Angel if she was cool with it, as was one of our rules. She said sure have fun, she would sit and enjoy the movie with the guys. As we entered the room where the hot tub was located, the gals removed their clothes and helped me strip, libarally places their hands all over me. We got into the tub and the girls took up postions on either side of me. We had been in the tub for about 10 minutes, with some light petting and stroking going on, when Angel and the other 2 guys came in. Angel said she was going to go to one of the semi- private rooms with them, if I was ok with it. I said sure, since I was with their wives and thought I was going to be playing with them soon. The semi private rooms have large windows with curtains on them, that can be left open, if you want other to wacth or closed if not. Angel said she asked for the curtains to be closed and one of the guys did close them. But sometime during thier play, one of them opened them for others to view. After about 30 minutes, I asked the girls if they would like to go to a room and play. They looked at each other and said sure, so we dried off got our stuff and headed to the rooms. As we were passing the room Angel was in, the girls stopped to look in. I was a little confused because Angel always played with the curtains closed:confused: As I was watching Angel was getting it from all directions from these 2 guys, she was having a good time, whicich is what we were there for, but had her back to the window. One of the girls wandered off down the hall and returned a few minutes later.We watched them for about 10 minutes, when I said let's go find a room, but the girl hesitated and the one that had left said all of the rooms were occupied, so we should watch some of the action in the other rooms, saying it would get them more worked up. At this point I was thinking that I was being strung along, I told them that that was what I thought and one said oh no, we just aren't quite ready yet, but she would give me a blow job right there to hold me over till we could all play. She did suck me off right there outside of the room Angel was in, but would not finish the job, instead had me jack off on her tits. We watched a few couples play and one large orgy, by then Angel had finished her fun and came up and said they were going swimming. All of a sudden the 2 girls said, that sounds great and took off for the pool with the 2 guys and Angel, I followed and caught up to Angel and told her what I was thinking. She said no, the guys told her theirs wives like to just wacth things for a while before getting started, that when they do get going they would play all night. Well to make a long story shorter, they never did play, at least not with me. One of the girls and the 2 guys asked Angel later if she would like to have anoher go round, at which point she looked at me. I said no, she gave me a puzzeled look and got out of the pool and headed to the locker room. The one girl that had asked her to go play followed her. I told the 2 guys that I thought they were playing games and I wasn't happy. They assured me they weren't and the "fun would be movong into high gear soon" We sat at the pool and talked for a short while when one of the guys said he had to go piss and headed to the bathroom, or so I thought. Angel and the girl had left the locker room and went to a room and were enjoying some girl - girl fun, when the guy entered and said I knew he was there. So the 3 of them started a some. When the guy and girls didn't come back, I knew something was up and headed off looking for them. His friend tried to stop me, at which point I lost it. The club has stricked rules about fighting and I almost broke it, but one of the clubs bouncer stepped in and asked what the problem was. As I explained to him what I thought was going on, he got another of the club members and went with me to find Angel. The bouncer had played with us on other occasions and really liked Angel, so he was concerned too. When we found them and I told Angel what was happening she too was upset. Both with the 2 couples and herself, for not realizing what was going on. The 2 couples were asked to leave the club and told not to ever come back. This couple had a profile on SLS, SN and AFF, but as word got around about thier games, they eventually took them off. It seems that we weren't the first couple they had pulled this on.
  14. Some background: A little over 1 year ago we met this couple through a swinging personal ad site. We got along with them *apparently* very well and had some fun times with them over the course of last summer. All of the sudden, they more or less disappear and we really don't hear from them until just a couple days ago. The situation: He IM's C a couple days ago and they start chatting, catching up so to speak. He lets her know that his wife is in another state for the next few days on some family business. You guessed it, he tried to worm his way into a 3some with us.* *Not that I/we would mind too much but given the fact its the first time we hear from either one of them in almost a year and the first thing he wants is a 3some....no way We more or less laughed and shrugged it off. Well...yesterday he messages C again and this time he started off with "I WANT TO FUCK YOU LIKE A NASTY WHORE" and then he proceded to tell her his wife thinks I am too much of a bottom and don't know how to fuck on top and he remembers how C got into it when he was banging her and he wants to give her a *real* fucking, etc etc etc C tells him repeatedly to knock it off and he keeps bugging her. The last thing he said to her before she put him on ignore is "YOU NEED TO BE PUMPED BAD" Ok, I know this isn't how most male halves of swinging couples act. However, am I justified in wanting to beat the fuck out of this guy for completely disrespecting C and talking to her like some kind of cheap whore and more or less breaking our trust of him? (we thought he was a decent guy and could be trusted with C's personal Aol instant messenger information)
  15. Let me preface this first by telling you a little about us. We are a married couple with some experience in the lifestyle. We have been with single female before and soft swapped with other couples in the past. We enjoy same room as well. Recently we have decided to try the MFM experiences. We have had only one and it was very good and everyone enjoyed themselves. The other night we were at a party and my wife found a single male she was attracted to. There were several play rooms at the event and we all three adjoined to one of the rooms. There were others engaged in various play scenarios. The wife and her new friend were going at it pretty heavy and I was left to kind of watch which for a while is okay with me, but sooner or later I figured to become an active participant. Here is where things start to get strange.....The room had mulitple people in it and he kept closing the door since he was close to it. Now, I am in the room and don't think all that much of it. The three of us are now involved, but he starts to pull the wife away from me into different positions so that she can't pay attention to me. He is aggressive but not overly rough. I went out of the room to get a bottle of water and the door locked behind me. Now they were the only two in the room. After about 30 minutes and no way to get back in there, I knocked loudly on the door and he opened it. I kicked him out and said party is over get out now! We have decided to never play with single men again because of this. It's couples only or not at all. One bad humiliating experience is enough to never allow it again. How would others have handled it?
  16. basically the other guy controlled the women they are all chinese im aust. they never came near me the whole night they fucked for hours they fucked me for leass than a few mins . i had to beg my now ex to have sex with me, she seemed not to care i had not had sex all night. Hi we just moved into a place as a new couple on friday, and decided to also have a couple come over for some fun for the first time ever. jo has always wanted to be with a girl and was so excited about this. they were chinese , she is chinese i am aussie. the moment they got there i was left out of all the coversation everything. in fact things started before i even was in the room. basically everytime i tried to do anything ie get hard i had to touch myself., i was so scared. soon as we got in the room. i had the other girl ann with me, we kissing and touching but victor annes husband just started having sex with jo straight away. he was alyways saying things in chinese which i find out later he was playing the DADDY role and telling the girls to do things togeyther, leaving me out... my gf saw that i was just standing therte doing nothing ..... she did nothing.... then shs said put on a condom that was the last thing she said.... he told anne to get in front of jo she she could likc her pussy which left me on the end of the bed alone..... not the first tims as i spent most of the night here scare , alone , panic and in shock at watching these peple fuck my gf all night and no matter what i did to touch the girls i could not get them away from each othere. no one had sex with me...... i complain many times i cant get hard can some help but victor would say in chinese dont worry its ok just let him rest then he would tell them to make daddy happy and they would always both reply YES DADDY.... they did not care for me, they did not want o do anything with me, andthey were talking and telling me how much they wanted to dot hings with me there is so much to explain. but they had a break half way trhu and cooked , but i did not want to i wanted sex. but they all went out my gf just was not listening to me i had to ask her and say to her, look you andann have not done anything with me all ight what is going on. can you please ask her to do the things you said you would. when we got back in they both started sucking my cock. it was the first time all night the girls had touched me or given me any attention alone or both of them. then ann tried to get on me and i got soft . i was under so much stress and they were causing it all and i could not get hard, then cos i could nojt get hard victor told them to do things with him. yes daddy......and once again the girls just moved over to him and i was fogotten. many times i had tried touching both girls trying to get their attention. but nothing i did would make them come near me. he was fukin jo hard, and making ann play with jo. no room for me.... when he finished i went near jo but she said i need a rest she was exhausted , but viktor started fukin ann and told jo to play wiht ann.... yes daddy. this is how it went all night, nothing i could do or say would amke the girls have sex with me, cos they just all talked in chinese and he jsut dominated them with the DADDY thing, why cos theys girls biggest turn on is the DADDY thing for both of them and they both loved it. this has destroyed me and my relationship i cant stand to look at jo i dont want her touching me, i want to leave, i hate her. i am in hell. i am crying every day i want to kill myself i cant deal with this at all i am desperate for help i asked her why did she not go near me all night, she cannot tell me why. at the end of the night i had to beg my gf to fuck me telling her no one has done anything to me all ight and she just been fucking them all igth for 7 hours.... yes 7 hours of hell for me and im still in shcok why did these people do this to me PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE BELOW IS THE THINGS SHE WAS TALKING TO ANN WITH ONLINE THEY DID NOTHING WITH ME ALL NIGHT> /04/2011 9:24:51 PM Jo Mr Incubus we will have lots of fun together, i won't let you feel like you're another one 9/04/2011 9:25:30 PM Jo Mr Incubus pls trust me ok, if i do something i won't just do for myself 10/04/2011 8:52:42 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said, before she met you, she did have some concern about you're westerner 10/04/2011 8:53:11 PM You've accepted the invitation to start a video call. End call (alt+q). 10/04/2011 8:53:53 PM Jo Mr Incubus but after she saw you and get to know you a bit, although her english ain't good, she can feel you have a kind heart, and a good personally 10/04/2011 8:54:17 PM Jo Mr Incubus she doesn't like some of the westerner, very cold, but you're warm 10/04/2011 8:55:36 PM Mr Incubus Jo oh ok, that is nice of her to say that. 10/04/2011 8:56:25 PM Jo Mr Incubus she asked about your sex performance, i told her we fuck anytime anywhere if we have chance 10/04/2011 8:57:08 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said she didn't look at you because she's very tranditional chinese girl and very shy 10/04/2011 8:57:51 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said after we settle, they're happy to come over and have fun with us 10/04/2011 9:05:25 PM Mr Incubus Jo but i cant hear you speak clearly 10/04/2011 9:05:50 PM Jo Mr Incubus ok, it doesn't matter, you didn't seem very excited about she want to have sex with you 10/04/2011 9:05:56 PM Jo Mr Incubus why? 10/04/2011 9:05:58 PM Mr Incubus Jo huh 10/04/2011 9:06:05 PM Mr Incubus Jo omg u didnt say that 10/04/2011 9:06:35 PM Mr Incubus Jo i dont know what to say 10/04/2011 9:06:40 PM Mr Incubus Jo im shocked 10/04/2011 9:07:00 PM Mr Incubus Jo cos i dont think much of myself 10/04/2011 9:07:02 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said after we settle, they're happy to come over and have fun with us 10/04/2011 9:07:12 PM Jo Mr Incubus have fun means having sex ah 10/04/2011 9:07:24 PM Mr Incubus Jo so i just really doesnt seem real to m e 10/04/2011 9:08:02 PM Mr Incubus Jo oh ok 10/04/2011 9:08:35 PM Jo Mr Incubus ^o)look, i said you should trust me 10/04/2011 9:08:49 PM Jo Mr Incubus be more confident ok? 10/04/2011 9:08:56 PM Mr Incubus Jo ok i will try 10/04/2011 9:10:36 PM Jo Mr Incubus :Pshe said you're super man, coz they having sex 1 or 2 days once 10/04/2011 9:11:20 PM Mr Incubus Jo but i dont want to dissapoint you cos you want my cock so much lol 10/04/2011 9:11:47 PM Mr Incubus Jo i really cannot beleive this might happen 10/04/2011 9:13:37 PM Jo Mr Incubus calling my parents 10/04/2011 9:16:11 PM Jo Mr Incubus (rotfl)i always want you, and i want you to be happy, i will help you make all your dreams come true 10/04/2011 10:33:16 PM Jo Mr Incubus i was telling her about our role play, she really turned on by that 10/04/2011 10:33:27 PM Jo Mr Incubus en, the hotel ones looks good too 10/04/2011 10:34:00 PM Jo Mr Incubus she prefer tounge 10/04/2011 10:37:25 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said she likes men boobs 10/04/2011 10:37:29 PM Jo Mr Incubus you're so damm lucky 10/04/2011 10:37:45 PM Jo Mr Incubus she's same as me 10/04/2011 10:39:32 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said she prefer you not wax too 10/04/2011 10:42:27 PM Jo Mr Incubus look at here beautiful~~~~ 10/04/2011 10:43:04 PM Mr Incubus Jo ok 10/04/2011 10:46:59 PM Jo Mr Incubus (lol)you're not excited??? 10/04/2011 10:47:18 PM Jo Mr Incubus she's fantacised about you 10/04/2011 10:47:35 PM Jo Mr Incubus she's asking me the details and really want you to fuck her 12/04/2011 10:44:57 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said she would like me to lick her pussy 12/04/2011 10:45:23 PM Mr Incubus Jo mmm i would like to watch that. 12/04/2011 10:45:46 PM Mr Incubus Jo both of us can lick her pussy at the same time 12/04/2011 10:45:48 PM Mr Incubus Jo 12/04/2011 10:46:01 PM Jo Mr Incubus honey you need to teach me how to suck pussy 12/04/2011 10:46:11 PM Jo Mr Incubus i know nothing about girls 12/04/2011 10:47:38 PM Mr Incubus Jo we will teach you 12/04/2011 10:48:48 PM Jo Mr Incubus great, i am starting to get nervous 12/04/2011 10:48:54 PM Mr Incubus Jo me too 12/04/2011 10:49:45 PM Mr Incubus Jo i want me and her husband standing cock to cock with you 2 kneeling, one on each side, both sucking and kissing all at once 12/04/2011 10:50:28 PM Jo Mr Incubus (rotfl)maybe after we girls start first you can relax a bit 12/04/2011 10:50:39 PM Jo Mr Incubus and we need achohol to do this 12/04/2011 10:52:41 PM Mr Incubus Jo yeah 12/04/2011 10:53:18 PM Jo Mr Incubus droped 12/04/2011 10:53:28 PM Jo wants to start a video call with you. Accept (alt+c) Decline (alt+d) Accept without video 12/04/2011 10:55:06 PM Jo Mr Incubus she wants you to touch our body when she kiss me ok 14/04/2011 11:22:34 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said you should be more confident for yourself 14/04/2011 11:23:00 PM Jo Mr Incubus the only problem is she can't speak english well, or else she will encourage you more 14/04/2011 11:24:43 PM Mr Incubus Jo im sorry 14/04/2011 11:24:57 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said she doesn't mind our house is small, she just want our king size bed 14/04/2011 11:25:22 PM Mr Incubus Jo ive never had confidence, i dont even know what that feels like 14/04/2011 11:26:16 PM Mr Incubus Jo she is really nice to say that about me. shes very nice. i like that. 14/04/2011 11:26:51 PM Jo Mr Incubus :Pbecause she's very similar to me, that's why i like her a lot 14/04/2011 11:27:20 PM Jo Mr Incubus i really apprieate she can help me to build up your confidence 14/04/2011 11:27:54 PM Jo Mr Incubus just see her as me, then you can relax:P 14/04/2011 11:28:49 PM Mr Incubus Jo i dont know what to say 14/04/2011 11:29:25 PM Mr Incubus Jo both of you are so very nice to say this to me 14/04/2011 11:29:31 PM Mr Incubus Jo it means alot to me 14/04/2011 11:29:46 PM Mr Incubus Jo i think shes incredible too 14/04/2011 11:29:59 PM Mr Incubus Jo to want to help me with my confidence 14/04/2011 11:30:08 PM Mr Incubus Jo i feel embarrased you are talking about this to her. 14/04/2011 11:30:17 PM Mr Incubus Jo but i thank you both alot 14/04/2011 11:30:24 PM Mr Incubus Jo i love you babe 14/04/2011 11:30:56 PM Jo Mr Incubus i love you too, i need to sleep now, you sleep too ok 14/04/2011 11:31:02 PM Jo Mr Incubus don't think too much 14/04/2011 11:31:11 PM Mr Incubus Jo ok 14/04/2011 11:31:14 PM Mr Incubus Jo goodnight 14/04/2011 11:31:21 PM Mr Incubus Jo i will go to bed soon 14/04/2011 11:31:36 PM Jo Mr Incubus good night, tomorrow will be a brand new start for us 14/04/2011 11:05:38 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said we start from drink, after we drunk, we can relax and fuck 14/04/2011 11:07:32 PM Jo Mr Incubus she will tie her hair up as the way you like too 14/04/2011 11:07:42 PM Mr Incubus Jo 14/04/2011 11:11:02 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said she like you to be gentle at start and then getting wild eventually 14/04/2011 11:13:00 PM Mr Incubus Jo i will be gentle yes 14/04/2011 11:13:03 PM Mr Incubus Jo 14/04/2011 11:15:28 PM Jo Mr Incubus she said she is so happy to find us
  17. When my wife and I were fairly new to swinging we attended the Halloween costume party at a local off premises swingers club at a suites hotel. We had been to other monthly parties with this group for five months and met a lot of fun couples for dancing, drinking, flirting and getting acquainted. That evening, I had talked with one couple about joining them in their hotel suite after the dance for a full swap. The wife of another younger couple approached my wife as the dance was winding down and told her that her husband would like to spend some time with her in their hotel suite after the dance. My wife asked "What about my husband?" and the other wife said "I'll take care of him." My wife was more attracted to her husband than the husband I had talked to earlier, my wife agreed to join them for some playtime. On the way to their suite we stopped by the hospitality suite. In the adjoining bedroom, a couple was having sex on the sofa bed they had pulled out and another woman bare to the waist was sitting on the foot of the bed as if waiting for someone. She motioned for me to come over and when I did she immediately unzipped my pants and took my cock in her mouth and began sucking me. To say it was an unexpected surprise was a big understatement. Just as it was beginning to feel really good, my wife came in and pulled me away to join the couple she had agreed to party with. We followed them to their suite on a different floor. Upon entering their suite, the other wife took my wife's hand and led her into the adjoining bedroom and her husband followed them into the bedroom. The other wife came back into the living room and closed the French doors behind her. She undressed down to a sexy black teddy and poured herself another vodka and 7 Up and joined me on the couch. We had just met them and she told me they had a young son and they didn't get with other couples very often. She told me she had recently had a boob job which she was very proud of and wanted me to see them. Baring her breasts she invited me to touch and feel. She didn't have any scars from the surgery and explained the surgeon had made the incisions in her arm pits. She said she wanted a cigarette and we went out on the balcony. She sat in my lap and talked and I caressed her and felt her breasts as she smoked. We went back inside and started kissing. About then I could hear my wife through the bedroom door making love noises as her partner was getting her close. I thought she's having a good time and soon she had her first orgasm. My partner decided she needed another drink and insisted on going to get more ice herself. She went out in her black teddy and was gone a long time. I sat on the couch and listened to my wife in the next room moaning, talking nasty and having orgasm after orgasm. I got an erection just listening to her and knowing what a great lay she was. Finally the other wife came back into the room and explained she ran into someone in the corridor and they talked a long time. No kidding. Her husband was fucking my wife's brains out while I sat by myself waiting "to be taken care of." By then I was really pissed off and neither of us were "in the mood." We sat there a few more minutes not talking much and listening to our spouses having sex. Finally, my wife and her husband came out of the bedroom looking very pleased with themselves. I more or less drug my wife out of there and on the way to the car explained what had happened. She was surprised and felt bad for me saying that her understanding had been that we were going to do full swap with the other couple. "But she said she was going to take care of you! my wife exclaimed. If I had known the "taking care" meant babysitting you while her husband had sex with me, I wouldn't have agreed to go back to their suite with them." I didn't know what to do when events were unfolding. What should I have done when it looked like we had been misled and tricked? In hindsight it was obvious that the other wife picked out and set up a very attractive but naive newbie wife for her husband to fuck and managed to lead me on and keep me distracted while he fucked her. I vowed that never again would I ever let myself or my wife get sucked in and taken advantage of like happened that time. The only good thing to come out of the experience was that my wife had a great time and and enjoyed being with the husband. That was possible because she didn't know what was going or -- or more particularly not going on -- in the other room. What would you have done if you found yourself in that situation? What should I have done? What should I do if it looked like a similar situation was developing again?
  18. We went to a party this weekend, and some moronic guy (someone neither of us knew, werent attracted to nor talked with at all) saw a chance with my wife and took it. She was resting on a half wall ledge, and he came up, pulled down her top and bra, and started licking her breast. Bad bad bad. She then popped up, saw it wasnt someone she knew (she isnt into sneak attacks anyway, so she was ready to scold whomever it was) and said what the hell do you think you are doing, and he started saying "sorry if I offended" as he ran like the wind. I was in the other room at the time and didnt see anything except his backside. Didnt know what he had done when I saw him running by, otherwise I would have done something physical with him. He ran out the door and left. We immediately told the hosts, but none of the bystanders had a very good description of what he looked like and most of the rest of the attendees were too occupied or drunk to be of any value. Really gave us a good view of why bystanders at a scene dont notice details very well. So we scanned the attendance list, cross referenced with profiles, but since he's the guy half, its very likely that his picture isnt shown and we wont find him. We've narrowed it down to 10 profiles, it's all a guess beyond that. Bleh. It didnt really bother my wife a ton, she doesnt feel criminally assaulted, not sure if I can say the same for me though. If she ever spots the guy at a future party, Im going to have serious trouble holding back. If and when we do figure out who he is, he will be blacklisted for sure.
  19. It has been a while since we posted so this is gonna be a little long. 2 weeks ago we were invited to a party where it appeared that there were going to be more single bi women (unicorns). Mrs fun was a little reserved. One day well maybe, then we can't because of this or that. No big problem, I'm not a pusher . Of course, me being a guy I'm thinking (omg ). So the day of Mrs. fun is ready, willing and already has decided what to wear, we were going We get a message that the party has been postponed till the next weekend because not enough people sent rsvps. So now 15 people send rsvps and we are really looking forward to going. My only reservations are it is mothers day weekend. Mrs.fun has no problem with this because she has made plans for our kids to stop by for an evening cookout the next evening. HERE IS WHERE THE PROBLEM BEGINS. We planned on meeting a couple for a drink to maybe become possible playmates, they were in a hurry that day and so were we so we met halfway to the party at a convenient place, made small talk and had a drink, and we went our separate ways thinking we were all compatible. Except we couldn't invite them to the party without the owner's permission. So off we go, we get to the party and one half of the hosts shows Mrs fun to our reserved room to put our overnight bag away while I go to the kitchen to put our drinks away in the frig and make us a drink. We make small talk, play a game of pool or two, and mingle a little. I felt a little buzzed, then it hits: BLACK OUT, very vague memories. Mrs. fun was in the hot tub with a single guy that we (both think the world of) and I can remember while she is having what I think is a good time I leaned over and kissed her and said "I love you" to her. She can remember to that point that she went to our room and crashed out, that's the end of her recollection till morning. I have one memory of a girl tugging on my ponytail in a good way but that's it. We wake the next morning in our room together and I'm really not feeling good at all. Mrs fun says shes gonna shower and I go down for some coffee. We make small talk with the owners and ask if we can take a couple pics before we leave and they said sure, so I snapped a couple of Mrs fun and the dance floor (no members) and off we go feeling like we're a little hung over. On the way home our talk was mainly about we can't remember a thing, EITHER of us, and the drive is very long. We get home and Mrs.fun passes out in a way that off to the hospital I go. (We live close) Doctors tell us that we have rohyfnol (aka rooffies) in our systems and I shouldn't even be able to stand as much as I had in me and want to know if they should call the police.(well NO) We have to have our son come pick us up. What a thing on Mothers Day. It has been a week now and we have talked a lot about this. My problem is I have always tried to be the guard in this lifestyle and I somehow failed. We have been through every emotion this week except anger at each other. Now here's another strange thing, we have spoke to no one about this. We tried to contact the owners of the group\club when we got home and we were BANNED from the group, no mail, no nothing. Wouldn't ya think they would have at least been concerned about our well-being? When I asked to take a pic or 2 wouldn't ya think they would have said no? And then to be banned by the time we got home? This has been a rough week, it is time to pull our heads out of the sand!
  20. Ok, here's what's going on..... My husband and I recently got into the lifestlye. We have talked about swinging for several years and we came up with a few rules before we got started. Our relationship was wonderful and our communication was excellent as well. We have been told by several couples in the last few weeks that they are very impressed with our level of security at our ages. He is 27 and I am 26. We have been together for 7 years. Our relationship is not in jeopardy due to these bad experiences but my self confidence is pretty much shot right now. I hope you guys can help me out. We first met a couple online who lives in our area. We talked quite a bit on the computer and on the phone. We got the chance to meet at a party about a month ago. It was our first time going to a party and we had a blast on the dance floor. We had no problems with jealousy or insecurity within ourselves or our relationship. While at the party we met another couple whom we eventually went up to the hotel room and swapped with. This first experience was ok, however we ended up switching back to our partners due to the fact that the male was pretty small and was having a hard time keeping it up. My husband was having a great time with this other female and I felt bad breaking that up, however I was just too uncomfortable. Our second experience happened that same night with the couple we met online. My husband was slightly attracted to the female and I was very attracted to the male. We attempted a full swap, but, of course, he had had too much to drink and couldn't keep it up either. Once again, I had to break my husband and this other female. He was having a great time, but I just had to give up on the male who couldn't get it up. Our third experience happened last night. We met a couple for drinks and some great conversation. We left the restaurant and went to a more private place for some fun. My husband was super attracted to the female while I was somewhat attracted to the male. My husband slightly hurt my feelings bc he didn't talk to me to see if I really wanted to swap with them. I gave him signals but he didn't pay attention. He says he wasn't able to follow my signals. Anyway, we attempted a full swap, however, once again he couldn't get it up. He said that he had too much to drink. I was very uncomfortable by this point however my husband couldn't seem to take his tounge away from this chic's pussy to make sure I was ok. I had to put a stop to the whole thing, again. I guess you can tell that I am feeling pretty bad right now. All three of the men have said that it was totally their fault. They have all called or spoken to me the next day and have said that I am a very sexy female and they are all hoping to get a second chance. I know that I am by far not any ugly person. I am not barbie but I am very attractive for having three kids. In all the experiences I have attempted to use oral and manual stimulation in trying to get them up. They all have told me that I give an awesome BJ, they just have had too much to drink. I just don't know what to do now. My husband cant understand why I am so upset. He says that it is them and not me. I have tried to explain to him that this is supposed to be for our fun, yet he is the one having all the fun and I am not. I guess I am jealous that he is having fun with sexy partners and haveing great experiences, while I have yet to even have one fun time. I am not sure now if I want to even try again. My first three experiences have been horrible and I don't know if I can stand the blow from a fourth being bad as well. Sorry for writing a book, but what do I do now? I am just wondering what I should do to feel better? Has anybody else had similar experiences? Please help me!
  21. So I met this guy at work, and although I was already married, I knew he wanted me and I kinda wanted him. After talking to him about several different topics and even talking with him and Mr. Bangs, we realized we would end up as great friends, no matter that he wanted me... he knew his limitations. He found a girlfriend, and I guess they had conversations about trying to be in the lifestyle and called us. We decided to go to their house, since that would make them more comfortable. He started playing around with his girl until eventually he was banging her on the couch across from us. So, Mr. Bangs decided to do the same to me. The guy escorted his girl to us, and she started going down on me. I was sitting on the couch, Mr. Bangs got behind her, and the guy got in front of me for me to --- well, "sing into his mic". This is when everything went downhill. The two guys are very disproportionate in "size". When Mr. Bangs entered the other girl, she let out a huge moan. As soon as she did, the guy got softer than overcooked pasta. He was mush. Everything came to a halt. He then decided to try to get Mr. Bangs out of the picture and still keep the action going with just me and them two. He tried to coach us into several scenarios that no one but him was happy with. They went back to the couch they started on, and all we kept hearing from her was "yes, you please me, too", "there's nothing wrong with your size", "I make the same noises when I have sex with you". We decided it wasn't worth it and left. After that experience, we decided to tell other men BEFORE we start that there may be a size difference, and hope they're comfortable with it. Haven't had a problem with that since.
  22. Sorry for the massive wall of text.... Background-Wife and I have been together for 10 years. Very healthy, monogamous sex life. She's had boyfriends before me, all positive monogamous relations for the most part. I never had any real sexual relationships before her...just one night stands. Dated a girl for a really long time, but never had the sex part, young virgins. Most of my sexual experiences were short lived and not very good. Current situation-Wife and I really got into the idea of sharing her. Pillow talk, fantasy exploration, watching porn, playing with toys all helped inspire the conversation. We talked about another guy, gangbangs, hotwife, maybe even cuckold type stuff. I figured out though, that I had unconsciously projected myself onto the "bull". I thought I wanted to see her with other guy(s), but I actually wanted to be the bull. We also realized that we both have some very strong bi-sexual curiosities. I've always had them, but they've grown very strong. Her's are more new found. We decided three things/rules. 1. Our first dive into the lifestyle would be a very soft swap with another couple. Any exploration is done together as a couple...no solo play. 2. Any bi play would be just the ladies...she's not ready to see me with guy, fine with me. Guys still in room watching/helping the girls...again... no solo play. 3. The guys stay with their girls...no trading. I'm nowhere near ready to see her with another dude. So....we had another couple over the other night for drinks and dinner. We've hung with them several times in the past and maintained a positive, platonic relationship with them. Friends. We knew the female half had dabbled in bi-sexuality before, but we had zero intentions of hooking up with this couple. Like I said....friends. After dinner, we retire to the basement. We're all really drunk, especially my wife. Pretty sure the boyfriend was imbibing in other substances. Twice I caught the girls fooling around. First time I went upstairs to get some ice after they went back upstairs to clean up a little and they were making out. The wife asked me what she should do...I told her to do whatever feels right, but to remember the rules. Also gave her a really deep kiss and showed her how hard I was. Second time was about an hour later...me and the boyfriend were outside smoking and I noticed the girls were gone, again. Go inside, bedroom door is locked, both girls come to the door...wife is naked from waist down and they're both out of breath. Me and wife go into the bathroom...she's upset, telling me the girlfriend basically forced herself on her...but the wife didn't want to her to stop. I'm not sure what to think or feel at this point. I'm really pissed because the wife broke the first rule (see above), but I'm also really turned on. I tell the wife she has to ask them to leave...it's just way too much for me to process. They must have heard us and they were already halfway out the door by the time we got out of the bathroom. Boyfriend didn't say anything or look at me. Girlfriend sheepishly looked at my wife, had a very guilty sad look on her face Wife and I argued about what happened for awhile and ended up fucking. She came, I didn't...whiskey dick...but it was still good. Next morning we evaluate the events and the more we think/talk about it...the more we think this couple had planned on doing this the whole time. We already knew the girlfriend unsuccessfully tried fool around with another mutual female friend of ours awhile back. The girlfriend kept feeding my wife drinks all night and it seemed like the boyfriend was going out his way to keep me occupied/distracted with conversation and loud music. I asked him if knew what was going on between the girls...he didn't say yes or no, but he did say he it didn't really bother him. That's when I said it bothered me and went inside to find a locked bedroom door. They never once made their intentions clear to us. We both felt like we were manipulated/taken advantage of...me especially. Felt like I got played, on the outside looking in. The whole scene really sucked and I guarantee we will never see them again. Wife seems to have kinda reconciled the event. She says it never would have happened if she wasn't as drunk as she was. I believe her. She's still interested in exploration...I guess. I'm still full of odd, conflicted feelings. I'm mad, then depressed, then really horny....all at the same time. Where did we go wrong? Am I wrong for getting mad? Is there any hope for us or should we just forget the whole idea of joining the lifestyle? Thanks for reading this long boring post. Any ideas, suggestions, and thoughts are appreciated.
  23. Anyway, we've been lurking and posting here for awhile now but now we're in a spot where we could use some advice. Been an active member on a few boards to know that by the end of this discussion there will have been too much advice to follow. But maybe we don't need advice but just to vent? Anyway, we've been flirting with the idea of swinging for years, and a couple of months ago we made the first step: we went to a swinger's club. My wife seemed a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but once in she seemed to like the atmosphere, the eroticism and the omnipresent sexuality and lack of inhibitions. We ended up having great sex with each other in the playroom and had a couple of weeks of awesome sex after. As we were walking out the club she mentioned that she still doesn't know why would people have sex with others. I had to be a smart ass and tell her that they probably started out just like us. Anyway, we went to the club a couple more times and just watched others while being watched playing with each other. Then one night at the club, our table became somehow popular, we had a great time, met some new people, tried to make a new couple comfortable by telling them about our first time there and how nobody talked to us. Anyway, we went to the playroom, decided to play with each other as usual, but since the swing was taken(we wanted to try that) we ended up in the big pool table size bed. Shortly after some other couples came and before we knew it the whole room was now an orgy. While I was having sex with my wife, I felt that she was very turned on, so I motioned to a guy that was available that it was ok to have oral with her. She went for it and that was so arousing that shortly after I felt the need to see her having sex with another man, so I went and got a handful of condoms, placed them on the bed next to the guy and told him to use one and have sex with my wife. I watched as he put on the condom and entered her, then I noticed a lady next to us and she said it's ok for us to play. At one point however, I tried to kiss her but she wouldn't so that turned me off and decided to go back to watching my wife with another man. Then I realized he wasn't wearing a condom, I asked him why isn't he wearing one and told him he needs to stop. I didn't wanna make a scene since it was our first time with other people and I was afraid my wife will freak out thinking I had a jealousy fit. I know I have a bad temper and didn't wanna scare her. So we just left the club. Soon after, we found out that the couple we slept with are known as predators, that they don't play nice and are banned from any other club in town. All our online friends wished they were there to warn us. My wife is still breastfeeding and wasn't on any birth control then. We don't believe in abortion and the two of us have unprotected sex with each other all the time. We do have young children and wanna be able to raise them and we need our health for that. We decided to keep playing and we went to a new club that's a bit more selective of it's members. We don't wanna ever go back to the first club. While it's too late to undo what's done, confronting the guy over the bareback issue doesn't make sense to me. It's my word against his, he'll simply deny it. Some friends told us that the owners of the club wanna talk to us about this issue. Anybody and their dog knows that these two are bad news, and that they prey on newbies, since the experienced won't have anything to do with them. They are banned from all other clubs yet the owners of this club didn't banned them and didn't care to warn us about it. Other members didn't warn us about them either. We've been thru hell the past 3 weeks waiting for a negative pregnancy test, and it is negative. But we have cold sweats with any itch that got or not to do with the crotch area. It sucks tho, it was our first experience and totally not what we were looking for. We changed clubs and our friends are asking us to go back to the first one but we just don't want to. We think it was the owner's duty to keep us safe and they didn't do that when they allowed people with a bad rep, that were banned from other clubs to be members and didn't at least warn us. We feel they sold us out for an entrance fee.
  24. I think this is a topic worth talking about. My last play session on Thursday I was super hard, my wife was a little dry on one side when she started a reverse cowgirl on me. Which tore the skin on the side of my cock. About a half inch gash. It's happened before but this one was bad. I kept going and got sucked off to completion by the other wife before the night ended. Now a few days later my cock looks terrible. Big gash in the side that hurts and is slowly healing. Which means no play this weekend....dang it. I told the other wife about it yesterday, she wasn't bothered by the prospect of my cock having a wound on it, which is cool but I'm gonna have to not get sucked off or fuck anyone. I guess it's fingers and tongue this weekend. Anyone else get an injury that had them out of commission? Anyone get a similar injury to mine?
  25. I'm not going to say that there is a lesson to be learned but here's my story. I acquired an STI; my wife did not. Several weeks ago we heard separately from two different couples with whom we had recently been intimate that they had gonorrhea infections. We thanked them. Although neither of us were experiencing symptoms, my wife made a trip to a clinic; her test result came back a few days later as negative. I made a trip to the clinic about a week later. The doctor recommended a "urine DIP test" and ordered a gonorrhea/syphilis lab analysis. My analysis was positive for gonorrhea. The Doc had given me a Rocephin injection and a prescription for doxycycline hyclate even before I left the clinic. When I read the perscription, I mentioned to him that my wife took this drug every day under orders from her periodontist. I asked if this could be a reason that her test was negative. Very possible, he says.
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