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Found 13 results

  1. Racism in the Lifestyle?? Ohhhh you betcha. Either that, or some swingers will expose others to embarrassment and humiliation in order to ensure that their preferences are tended to. Back in 2005, at our first---very first---swinging experience, we were invited to a small (maybe 12 people at the maximum) sex party in a hotel room. The hostess was a black woman with whom I'd corresponded for some months and had some rather desultory sex only once. However, once I e-mailed her a photo of my mixed-race lady (I'm a white kid, BTW), she wanted us at her next shindig. She also mentioned a Latina friend of hers who'd seen our photos and was interested in me. Fair enough, so we went. Apparently the only reason we were invited was because of my lady (now my wife); the other women, including the Latina who claimed interest in me, were there solely for a helping of BBC. I was turned down by every woman in the room, and I had endure knowing that my lady was being serviced by a rather mousy white fellow who feigned nervousness in order to elicit multiple-female attention. I was relegated to the sidelines until, after an hour had passed, I told my girl that we were leaving. I was convinced that our hostess and the other women present had absolutely no intention of allowing me to participate. We chalked it up to beginner's bad luck, thinking that it couldn't get worse. It did. In early 2006 we attended a M&G of a party group wherein we were apparently "good enough" to pass muster with them. I hadn't given it much consideration at the time, but I indeed noticed that (1) all of the women save the hostess/moderator were women of color, and (2) all of the men were either men of color, or the bald, bearded, thuggish white men who looked like they had a rap sheet 100 yards long or aspired to do so. Despite my deja-vu regarding the above-mentioned experience, we attended the party anyway. Just as before, I was routinely ignored, rejected, and otherwise rudely treated as I was the ONLY white male with hair on his head and a clean-shaven face. One of the thug types had glommed onto my lady and literally followed us around all night, no matter to whom we spoke or where we sat. So, she and I were going to play together, by ourselves, on one of the beds in the living room; once we started she shut down and seemed uninterested, and all the while, the little thug was parked practically in our collective lap. I whispered to my girl "You want to play with him, don't you?" After she enthusiastically nodded her head with a grin of which the Cheshire Cat would be proud, I walked out of the room and let her be escorted into the "Dark Room" wherein (I later was told) she had a sort of mini-threesome with the gadfly and another fellow who was already in the room. The hostess apparently toojk pity on me and "allowed" me to eat her out, and when we kissed I pulled gently on her lip, and she ran out of the room, later claiming that I deliberately bit her lip to draw blood. While I awaited her return, her guests are all looking at me, with my pants down, just staring silently. Later on, I still received rejection after rejection---and ended up alone in the patio, waiting for my lady to finish up her business. After over 45 minutes of cooling my heels, I admit I got up, collected her shoes, threw them into the "Dark Room" and said "OK, we are outta here." It took her another 30 minutes before we were finally out the door. We came very close to breaking up that night. The next day I wrote the hostess an e-mail to tell her how humiliated I felt at the hands of her and her guests. Her reply was essentially a counter accusation of "starting drama" ( the catch-all excuse used when a host or hostess mistreats you and you call him or her on it) and biting her lip on purpose (just not true). Then came the kicker: we were invited only because everyone wanted my lady to attend; I was excess baggage, to be merely tolerated and deliberately culled. I do not begrudge anyone their preferences and desires, so long as it's all safe and sane. However, I would think that one would populate a party exclusively with those who share such preferences, and not do so at another, undesired person's expense.
  2. We were recently contacted by a couple that had a NO BLACKS (it was in caps) declaration in their profile... One of us is mixed race but that has little to do with the reason that it the statement put me off. Even though he's usually light skinned enough for most racists (he's 4 races so he kinda looks Italian-ish), I was put off by the NO BLACKS statement because it seemed a bit edgy to me. In the past, we've found that we don't seem to get along well with folks that have strong racial preferences. While we both completely understand having preference or not, presenting a strong stance against race seems odd to us. Surely, there must be more socially kind ways of dealing with someone that you'd rather not be with than posting your anti-preference in caps in your profile. So tell me, am I being too sensitive or would this put you off too?
  3. Hi everyone! My wife who is African-American is brand new to swinging, that is, we went to a club last Friday night just to scout it out....she has never been exposed to the lifestyle before then...now she is very curious about the lifestyle....I am a white male who has been to clubs before....she would like to hear of experiences -- good or bad -- as well as any experiences with interracial couples such as us....we found no other black females and one black male last Friday....she would prefer white male (s).....any info would be helpful for her....thanks........
  4. We are an Arabian married couple from Yemen. Beautiful wife F/31, Height 5ft 4in (163 cm) slim body; good looking Man M/35, 5ft 5in (165 cm) average body (cut dick). We are very interested in Swinging. We had few secretly swingers experience with the Arabs and it was lovely and exciting, we had (only once we have threesome MMF with very special friend, only four times full swap with our neighbors and some couples of friends) swapping was our favorite and we liked it too much. *The Problem: it very hard to find any Swingers partners. Because it is illegal in Arab countries and it is unacceptable in our community. And, most of the swinging activity happens at the private personal homes which are often hard to find. *Now we already planned have our first Swinging with non-Arabs from outside our country, each of us thought it exciting for us. We want to know some questions: 1- For non-Arabs How much Swinging with Arabian couples/ladies excites you? Do you think Arabian lady delicious,sexy? 2- If you have chance to have Swinging with Arabian couples, What acts would you prefer to do with them? 3-What we would do for you? what your fantasies? 4- What's your experience with Arab? Or how would you sexual feeling if it happened to you or your partner? 5-Can you advise us something (plz post in the comments)
  5. Hi everyone! I was thinking today black guys (or dreaming ). I've heard people saying that black guys would have bigger "gear" than their white (or any other color) fellows. I haven't had a chance to make a proper research myself, if you know what I mean... So, does anybody have a real life experience on that? Is it true? Are they better lovers than others? My friend was on a holiday once in Jamaica and caught a local man there. She really was all smile two or three weeks after that and didn't talk about anything else. I really wouldn't have wanted to hear all the details she told. Okay it did make my imagination to fly... What do you think, was she just lucky to meet a "good" guy or are all the black men that good? I know generalization shouldn't be made but...
  6. I have had many firsts this year. My first bi experience. My first 3some. My first sex party. Oh and I got married. Being brought up in suburban NJ, going to school in PA, I am consider myself not that sheltered. I had been with a number of guys in my life. I have most likely doubled that number this past year. Last night I was chatting with one of my friends and we were having girl talk about a party we were at a few weeks ago. We were saying who was fun and who wasn’t and she mentioned one specific guy and I wasn’t sure who she was talking about and she said you know, the uncircumcised guy. I laughed to myself. I knew who she meant. I just never saw an uncircumcised guy before. Another first for me. I didn’t have any direct contact with him. I asked her if it’s different or if she could tell. She said you can tell orally only. Makes sense. Just made me wonder why I never saw one before. I have been with a number of different nationality guys and race.
  7. This happens in and out of the swinging community. And it can include any number of ideas about what is considered racial fetishizing. So what are you thoughts here? Does it offend you if you feel someone is fetishizing your race? Does racial fetishizing have to be overtly sexual? Or do you consider statements such as "I'm only (or more) attracted to" such and such race? Do you have a racial preference when it comes to your personal relationships? What about with swinging? Would you rather "try out" different races or do you tend to stick with one or two in particular? Are there any races that are off limits? Also, in your experience, do you think racial preference stays the same or is it more fluid? NOTE- Race can be a touchy subject. Please give honest but respectful answers. And if something is posted that offends you, please keep in mind that written language on the internet is not always meant the way you may perceive it. Let's "discuss", not argue.
  8. I'm curious as to what people's thoughts are on mixing races within the lifestyle. So I post a poll..... (you can select as many of the above responses as apply to you). Feel free to post your thoughts on racial diversity within swinging as well as any experiences you have had in this regard.
  9. Hello, I am an Indian Single male living in US, who is very interested in Swinging and Nudism. For the past 1 year I have been following swingersboard forums and its been very insightful and helpful. Its great to see there are lot of swingers and their opinions on various issues. Now lets come to my question/concern, I have tried reaching few people through different swingers site but almost everybody says there are not into singles especially Asians/Indians . I would like to know will there be any chance for me to enjoy the feeling of being a swinger? I dont have a girl friend now and my previous gf was not interested in swinging . I find myself in a dead-end and sometimes think, may be swinging is not for me or I am not as lucky as others here. Any suggestions will be helpful. I would like to make it clear, I am not looking at swingers as a way of getting free sex, I have lot of respect for that community and would love to be a part of that society. Can anybody in this forum help me how to find information on how to visit an on-site/off-site swing club just to feel the atmosphere, as I cant go alone? . If I could some personal intro with some of you members I will be very happy.
  10. I'm curious, do you take offense to this statement? I'll be honest, I do. I know I probably shouldn't and it probably shouldn't be a big deal (especially given that it's usually in profiles of people who are the same race as me). Even tho, those couples are the same race as us, we still just keep right on going. I don't know if it's because we don't play only within our own race and I don't want to feel like someone else is taking issue with me because I do, or because I have a feeling that a lot of those couples wouldn't play with us because we don't stick to our own race so it's not worth bothering, or because I come from a mixed race family. I think it's all of the above. Then there are those that add on the line "no offense", which to me sounds just like "I'm not judging you". As in, whenever someone starts something with "I'm not judging you", that's exactly what they are doing. I can't help but think that a better approach would be to just leave that out and then send a nice "no thanks" if you are approached by someone you aren't interested in (regardless of the reason). I realize that for many it's just a personal preference; but, for many it's more - like the couple we met last night that started talking about some club they went to that was just "too dark" for their tastes (and they didn't mean the lights). We hear that kind of phrase too often (we live in the SE) and it just makes me want to run.
  11. Any guys out there enjoy watching a BBC inside their woman? I like how a black cock looks inside a white or Hispanic woman. I really enjoy the skin contrast. Anyone out there feel the same?
  12. Questions: If a white woman does not have sex with black men because they are black is that racism? If a white man wants to have sex with a black woman because she is black is that racism? Don't read anything into the questions...answer them at face value.
  13. We got an email from a couple a few days ago on SLS. They are HOT. Good looking guy, good looking girl, an interest in us, and certified by people we know....sounds like a plan. We write them back and give them some information for contacting us. We are stoked! Other threads here have talked about people that treat you like a conquest because of your race. So, lo and behold, we receive an email this morning: (I've removed names to protect the guilty) i have never been with a black woman before and have been wanting it for a while now...you are very beautiful ***** has but not since weve been together. She loves to make my fantasies cum true. She luvs the touch of a woman and taste too! Unfortunately she does not want intercourse with another man...she says she may do oral though...whatcha think? Let us know! So, in addition to insulting me personally, they pretty much try to leave one of us out and suck at writing like a grownup too. It's practically a "what not to write" guide. If they'd just read the board, who knows, we might be meeting them tomorrow night. Instead, they'll be reading this: Although we appreciate you interest, I don't think we'd be a match with you guys for two reasons: we either both play or neither plays and because, frankly, your reference to "wanting it for a while now" is insulting. I am a person, not something to mark off your "TO DO" list like I was a Disney ride. Good luck with your search. Have you encountered situations where you wish people read the advice here before they acted? Pepper
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