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Found 21 results

  1. Recently K and I got into a discussion about fetishes. I came to the realization that I have 2 'fetishes' and wondered if he had anything that might qualify. So we wondered what other people's fetishes were and if they looked for play partners that satisfied that fetish. In case you're wondering....A nice big cock, maybe not huge but big, well shaped, and thick. For whatever reason seeing a woman enjoying the hell out of a cock that fits into my fetish just makes me really horny. The second is being eaten after K has cum in me. This is not something we've ever done but the idea is exciting as all get out. As for K, he has this thing about 'hesitation' upon entry. He loves the feeling of a woman tensing up as he's entering her before she relaxes and eases onto him. He also related that there is something about fucking the shit out of a woman. As he explains it, obviously he doesn't like to cause me (or anyone else) pain but he does like for me to know that it's him fucking me and for me to know it for a day or two afterward.
  2. Has anyone on this site ever done a golden shower or any other type of pee play? And if so, how did you like it??
  3. We have had several people write to us asking if we were into watersports. Now I know what this means, and we find it absolutely disgusting. How many people have tried/enjoy this activity? I mean, my girl loves to be covered in cum, but pee is a totally different story. I guess my questions are: Why do people find this hot? and How widespread is this whole "let's pee on each other" fiasco? Thank you!
  4. Let me ask all of you. Have you ever tried watersports and I'm not talking water polo. Is this taboo? Sure, but let's face it, how many of us tried it, liked it, do it, or have never done it. As for me, I've tried it, don't like it. But, I know there are others out there who do do it and like it, so let us know.
  5. Hi everyone! I was thinking today black guys (or dreaming ). I've heard people saying that black guys would have bigger "gear" than their white (or any other color) fellows. I haven't had a chance to make a proper research myself, if you know what I mean... So, does anybody have a real life experience on that? Is it true? Are they better lovers than others? My friend was on a holiday once in Jamaica and caught a local man there. She really was all smile two or three weeks after that and didn't talk about anything else. I really wouldn't have wanted to hear all the details she told. Okay it did make my imagination to fly... What do you think, was she just lucky to meet a "good" guy or are all the black men that good? I know generalization shouldn't be made but...
  6. Ok...I'll go out on a limb here and admit I have a female foot fetish and I wanna know what the ladies out in the viewing audience think about it. My particular form of this individual madness takes the form of liking to watch a woman's feet move and wiggle as well as massaging and tickling...I'm not so much into toe sucking, although I'll do it if the lady asks me to...I also like to work it into various creative things that would overlap into other fetish areas... I would like to know from the ladies if they think that's cool, gross, boring or whatever.....
  7. have you ever sex with Midget people? How was that experience?
  8. This happens in and out of the swinging community. And it can include any number of ideas about what is considered racial fetishizing. So what are you thoughts here? Does it offend you if you feel someone is fetishizing your race? Does racial fetishizing have to be overtly sexual? Or do you consider statements such as "I'm only (or more) attracted to" such and such race? Do you have a racial preference when it comes to your personal relationships? What about with swinging? Would you rather "try out" different races or do you tend to stick with one or two in particular? Are there any races that are off limits? Also, in your experience, do you think racial preference stays the same or is it more fluid? NOTE- Race can be a touchy subject. Please give honest but respectful answers. And if something is posted that offends you, please keep in mind that written language on the internet is not always meant the way you may perceive it. Let's "discuss", not argue.
  9. One swinger girl I knew wanted to give me a BJ during my lunch break. Well after I came she then gave me a long kiss with the load still in her mouth. Believe it or not, I thought it was hot! Anyone else?
  10. I'm embarrassed to even say this, but some thing I masturbate too quite frequently, which includes me being "pimped out." Just the thought of a lover making me have sex with other men. Thoughts?
  11. I find that there are actually quite a few "lifestyles" presented here and that often some feel that they can't be open about their choice because it isn't the primarily accepted one. At one point I think the poly people here felt that way, hopefully they don't anymore... I'm wondering if this may also be true of those who enjoy cuckolding. If this is something you enjoy, please post your thoughts and share with us what turns you on about this idea, and (if you act on it) how you go about acting on it.
  12. We recently played separately for the first time with a couple that we have known a while and have played together (same room) four other times. The same-room play was great so when they asked about separate play, we obliged. After receiving some amazing oral sex, I asked the guy what I could do for him. He whipped out a strap-on dildo and wanted me to fuck him in the ass. He said he really likes anal/prostate stimulation but his wife refuses to do anything that has to do with anal. He never said anything before during same-room play. This has happened to me quite a few times. Normal same-room play with a couple, but once it gets to separate play, I get strange fetish requests. Some are not totally kinky, like anal sex which I do actually like, but some are out there. Does this happen to anyone else? What is the strangest request you have gotten?
  13. I have always had a swimsuit fetish as far back as I can remember. I love wearing speedos whilst the girl wears a one-piece swimsuit. Does anybody else like this sort of thing? And has anybody ever tried it?
  14. Hello everyone! Yesterday something really weird happened to me while i was reading this site. I love sex stories. And I was reading the interactive stories you have in here. The story was about a woman and her husband being in the hot tub with another couple. Fine. But suddenly the story gets to the point where the woman wanted the "other" man to do oral sex to her husband. And he did. I got so and so turned on that you know what I ended up doing Afterwards, I was like: What the hell made me so turned on? This is so weird! I really was extremely turned on by imagining my spouse being orally stimulated my another men. Penetration wasn't on my mind at all, (that would be a turn OFF), just oral. Is that normal for women to fantasize about that? :confused:
  15. I was reading this thread: Must be Bi-Male Month and ran across this comment: I let it roll around in my head for awhile, trying to imagine what legal activity (I emphasize legal, because I'm not talking about things like Tijuana donkey shows ) would make us find a new club. Over the years, I've seen a lot of things, including guys taking it up the ass (their wives/girlfriends were pegging them, mostly), blood play (yay for plastic sheeting) and fisting (I recommend Black Dragon gloves for those without latex allergies). There are certainly things I don't even like to watch (yes, DP, I'm talking about you) and specific fetishes that I'm squeamish about, but I can't think of anything that would have us packing up and moving on to another club. I don't think that's being overly tolerant or anything, but I do wonder. What could other people do sexually that would make you leave a club and never go back?
  16. I have tried a few of the swinging websites and cannot find much on the fetish of getting turned on by fertile women swinging unprotected with getting pregnant a possibility. Does anyone know of any organized way to find people interested in this?
  17. Any guys out there enjoy watching a BBC inside their woman? I like how a black cock looks inside a white or Hispanic woman. I really enjoy the skin contrast. Anyone out there feel the same?
  18. Every once in a while I read through a thread or hear about certain things that people enjoy sexually and I can't help but think "ICK!". I definitely understand that everyone has different tastes and turn ons, so that's not the thing, it's just that it's something I can never imagine myself doing and to be honest the idea of it kinda grosses me out. So, I figured if there are things that make me go "ICK!" then there are things like that for others. So what kind of things make you "ICK!"... not a judgmental thing or saying that they are wrong for doing it, but it just grosses you out and you know you wouldn't want to try it. For me the one I see most often that does it is ... well make that two..... Bukkake and Snowballing... ICK! So what's your Ick!?
  19. According to an article in the latest issue of Psychology Today about 25% or the population harbor some type of fantasy, kink, fetish or dark secret not considered normal. For instance the guy who surfs the web looking for shemale sites to get off on, or the prim and proper schoolteacher who loves getting spanked, etc., etc.. This does not include pedophiles or other types harmful to society. The good news is that generally these people are usually the adventurous and daring types who shape the world. Generally the 75% considered normal usually lead bland and uneventful lives. Does that make you feel better about yourself? Does me.
  20. Hello everyone! I've been reading this board for the past couple of weeks and decided to post some questions to the community. Most of my questions have been answered by reading the posts. Maybe you can help me with a few others. ----------------- Question 1: From the subject line, you know that I love to smell women's butts. There is nothing that turns me on more than a woman with a dirty, sweaty butthole. Especially when a woman has a nice round butt. It is so animalistic and turns me in to a wild sex animal! No joke, I love to smell butts. I got hooked on it when I was around 14 or 15 and became sexually active. I'll always remember the butt smell that would rise when I took off a girls panties. It has become linked to sexual arousal to me, much like Pavlov's dogs. When I think of sexual activity I think of the scent of a woman's butt. I don't like poop. But I love a woman with a dirty, sweaty ass. I think there's probably other men out there with that fetish. Most of my former girlfriends have been disgusted when I told them that I like to smell their butts. They usually let me though. Sometimes I'll request that they not bathe for a day or two or longer so their butt is nice and stinky! Then I spread those ass cheeks wide and rub that anus all over my chest. One time a former girlfriend didn't bathe for almost a week--we 69'd for an hour. A few one night stands I've had I've told the women that I wanted to smell their butts. Just telling them that is a turn on in itself because I never know how they'll react, if they'll be cool with it or if they'll freak out (one former girlfriend got turned on by me smelling her asshole). Often, I don't tell them and just do it anyway. Usually if you meet a woman at a bar who is actively looking for sex she's going to be clean and there will be no scent. Are there any women swingers out there that would accommodate a request from a swing partner to be dirty so he could smell her butt? --------------------- Question 2: From reading this board I've learned that there is little emotional attachment to the sex that occurs between swing partners. Most of the women are loyal to their men other than the fact they have sex with other men. Do any swingers swap wives or girlfriends for an entire night or weekend? I would love to borrow a man's wife for an entire weekend of nonstop sex. ---------------------- Questoin 3: How do I suggest swinging to my girlfriend? I'd be interested in 2 girls, and swapping with another couple. But I am a firm believer in the 1-wiener rule. No other penises in the room but mine. My girlfriend is great. We've been together for about 2 yeras. But there is no future. I am not going to marry her. I'm certainwe will be friends after we break up. So since I'm not going to marry her, I thought maybe she could be my passport to pussy. Should I come straight out and ask her if she'd be interested in swinging? (She'll probably say no.) Should I joke about it and see how she responds to jokes? Should I show her this website and let her read it for a few weeks to desensitize her to the thought? Odds are against her being for this. So I want to bring it up in a way that is the least likely to get a flat out "no". But regardless of what she says I'll respect her decision. ---------- Question 4: My ultimate fantasy would be to go to a hotel party with 6 or more other couples and randomly draw names out of a hat to choose partners that we'll have sex with and then go back to our rooms and get it on. Do these kinds of things happen? I heard that it used to be popular to randomly choose partners in the 1970s. --------- Question 5: Another fetish of mine is cumming on a woman's face. Is cumming on a woman swinger's face acceptable? Does this happen? Do any women out there reading this let guys cum on their faces? What would happen if the woman said no and you did it anyway? Sometimes I get a thrill out of doing things that I'm not supposed to do! Do women swingers swallow? That's a huge turn on too. Do you women let guys do this when you swing or is it a "husbands" only thing? ---------------------------- Question 6: Spanking. Do any of you females out there like to be spanked? Does spanking occur? I know there are a few women out there who like to be spanked, because I've had them. I'd love to be in a situation where I spank a man's wife and he spanks my girlfriend and we spank the hell out of them. I spank his wife. He then tries to one-up me by spanking my girl. Then I spank his wife harder. He spanks my girl harder. Oh yeah that would be fun! -------------------- I'm sure I have other questions that I can't think of right now. Thanks for your input, especially you females out there.
  21. We are curious about midget (little people) swingers. Anyone care to share their experience with midget swingers? We have been to several clubs over a period of time but have never encountered any.
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