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Found 14 results

  1. Are you here because you are researching and trying to work up the nerve to bring up the idea of swinging? Or have you alreaday brought it up and you are now both researching together? Which half of the couple (if a couple) are you and which one of you brought up the idea of swinging? If it hasn't been brought up yet, then share what you are hoping to discover.
  2. How long have you been thinking about wanting to swing and/or discussing it with your SO?
  3. We all know how it's usually the husbands that bring up swinging to their wives. But what if you know that your wife will shoot down swinging? Would it be easier to convice her to become a nudist and then go from there?
  4. I usually read that it’s the man that suggested swinging, for us it was my wife, how did you react? I figure most will immediately say they didn’t hesitate and jumped at the suggestion. I think that is a too simple answer. My first feelings were why did she want or find the need to go to someone else for sexual satisfaction, was I not enough. She did explain that our friends were swingers and it sounded fun and thought she would enjoy sex with her girlfriend. We have now been playing with our friends for years and I have no regrets, they are our pandemic lockdown relief and we were talking how they got me to agree in the beginning.
  5. Im 36 married 16 years with 4 kids and I recently have the desire to cheat. I told a friend and he told me about swinging. It's very interesting. Today I tried something and it seemed like guys weren't interested. But I want to get hubby on board first how?
  6. New to swinging, I am curious about something. Do the majority of married couples decide on the lifestyle prior to marriage or is it usually something introduced down the line when newness is desired?
  7. I stumbled across this website and thought I'd share it with all the newbies. https://mojoupgrade.com/ allows each person in a couple to specify the types of fantasies they have and it only shows which ones match up with your partner. You can do it on 1 or 2 computers.
  8. For years I have fantasized about ways to spice up our sex life. One of the fantasies that we have shared is her having a boyfriend, and occasionally we reference doing an MFM. My wife, for whatever reason, denies having fantasies, but the way we carry on sometimes during our role playing leads me to believe otherwise. I'll keep it short and simple, but I would really like some replies and insight. First, a little background on the wife: 41, does not smoke/drink, conservative, but has, and has had, a wild side sexually. Especially in her late teen, very early 20's. The other night we had a hot session and she said a few things that makes me believe this fantasy is red hot, and she maybe willing to act it out. While I was rubbing her down, I told her I needed a second set of hands to help me out. She replied, " that would be really nice." No big deal so far. While we were having sex, she starts talking pretty dirty tells me I'm a great f*ck, but not as good as her husband. I tell her that maybe we need to invite her "husband" in have a little threesome. She asks me if I would like that. Of course, I respond, "Question is, would you?" And she blew my mind by saying "I think I would." So naturally my sex drive is off the charts and most of my fantasies revolve around seeing my cute little conservative wife being pleasured by another man and myself. I know most of you guys and gals will say, "talk to her outside the bedroom." Right now, I just don't know how to bring up the topic. We're working our butts off this work at our jobs, and she's going through that " time of the month." So I've pretty much shelved that topic until things get better, and we have more time. The question is, how do I approach it? It's not like I can ask her if she's interested in a threesome while cooking dinner or outside milling around our garden? Any ideas or insight? Also, just going by the conversation, how would you guys gauge her interest? I really look forward to the responses and insight.
  9. When you first brought up the idea of swinging to your partner, what objections (if any) did you have to overcome before they were willing to give it a try? - Worry about one or both of you falling in love with someone else? - Worry about potential jealousy? - Worry about family/friends finding out? - Worry about you thinking less of them for doing so? - Worry that swinging is morally wrong? Religious/ Moral Issues? - Worry that your desire for swinging means that they are not enough for you? That you don't love them anymore or will love them less? How did you handle these questions? What answers did you give? How did you overcome the objections?
  10. Just a question. I am the husband and am wanted to know how you go about telling your wife that you want to have sex with another man? I have thought about it for years now. I love my wife and know that I am not gay but would like to play with other men sometimes. So how did you tell your wife that you are BI and like to play with men also?
  11. In a couple situation, was it the female partner's idea to explore swinging, or the male's? And which partner was the more adventurous?
  12. Hello everyone! I've been reading this board for the past couple of weeks and decided to post some questions to the community. Most of my questions have been answered by reading the posts. Maybe you can help me with a few others. ----------------- Question 1: From the subject line, you know that I love to smell women's butts. There is nothing that turns me on more than a woman with a dirty, sweaty butthole. Especially when a woman has a nice round butt. It is so animalistic and turns me in to a wild sex animal! No joke, I love to smell butts. I got hooked on it when I was around 14 or 15 and became sexually active. I'll always remember the butt smell that would rise when I took off a girls panties. It has become linked to sexual arousal to me, much like Pavlov's dogs. When I think of sexual activity I think of the scent of a woman's butt. I don't like poop. But I love a woman with a dirty, sweaty ass. I think there's probably other men out there with that fetish. Most of my former girlfriends have been disgusted when I told them that I like to smell their butts. They usually let me though. Sometimes I'll request that they not bathe for a day or two or longer so their butt is nice and stinky! Then I spread those ass cheeks wide and rub that anus all over my chest. One time a former girlfriend didn't bathe for almost a week--we 69'd for an hour. A few one night stands I've had I've told the women that I wanted to smell their butts. Just telling them that is a turn on in itself because I never know how they'll react, if they'll be cool with it or if they'll freak out (one former girlfriend got turned on by me smelling her asshole). Often, I don't tell them and just do it anyway. Usually if you meet a woman at a bar who is actively looking for sex she's going to be clean and there will be no scent. Are there any women swingers out there that would accommodate a request from a swing partner to be dirty so he could smell her butt? --------------------- Question 2: From reading this board I've learned that there is little emotional attachment to the sex that occurs between swing partners. Most of the women are loyal to their men other than the fact they have sex with other men. Do any swingers swap wives or girlfriends for an entire night or weekend? I would love to borrow a man's wife for an entire weekend of nonstop sex. ---------------------- Questoin 3: How do I suggest swinging to my girlfriend? I'd be interested in 2 girls, and swapping with another couple. But I am a firm believer in the 1-wiener rule. No other penises in the room but mine. My girlfriend is great. We've been together for about 2 yeras. But there is no future. I am not going to marry her. I'm certainwe will be friends after we break up. So since I'm not going to marry her, I thought maybe she could be my passport to pussy. Should I come straight out and ask her if she'd be interested in swinging? (She'll probably say no.) Should I joke about it and see how she responds to jokes? Should I show her this website and let her read it for a few weeks to desensitize her to the thought? Odds are against her being for this. So I want to bring it up in a way that is the least likely to get a flat out "no". But regardless of what she says I'll respect her decision. ---------- Question 4: My ultimate fantasy would be to go to a hotel party with 6 or more other couples and randomly draw names out of a hat to choose partners that we'll have sex with and then go back to our rooms and get it on. Do these kinds of things happen? I heard that it used to be popular to randomly choose partners in the 1970s. --------- Question 5: Another fetish of mine is cumming on a woman's face. Is cumming on a woman swinger's face acceptable? Does this happen? Do any women out there reading this let guys cum on their faces? What would happen if the woman said no and you did it anyway? Sometimes I get a thrill out of doing things that I'm not supposed to do! Do women swingers swallow? That's a huge turn on too. Do you women let guys do this when you swing or is it a "husbands" only thing? ---------------------------- Question 6: Spanking. Do any of you females out there like to be spanked? Does spanking occur? I know there are a few women out there who like to be spanked, because I've had them. I'd love to be in a situation where I spank a man's wife and he spanks my girlfriend and we spank the hell out of them. I spank his wife. He then tries to one-up me by spanking my girl. Then I spank his wife harder. He spanks my girl harder. Oh yeah that would be fun! -------------------- I'm sure I have other questions that I can't think of right now. Thanks for your input, especially you females out there.
  13. Hello all. This is my first post on this board, but also a good way for me to ask for some needed advice. I apologize in advance if this is too long winded!! I’m the male half of a very happy, young (both 28 yrs old, together for 7 years, married for 3), married couple with 2 kids and another due shortly. I truly adore my wife in every way - emotionally, physically, sexually. She is the greatest mother in the world to our children, and an even better wife. She is my soul-mate and I love her more than anything in the world. Not to mention she is the hottest thing I have ever seen…. Well, as I’m sure everyone here knows, work, kids and everything else in the world can take their toll on a married couple’s “alone time.” So last year on her birthday, I arranged an erotic weeklong getaway for us both. She is fairly reserved, not the swinging type on the surface, but I wanted to see if switching up the environment, and letting her know that this week was about us ALONE, I figured I could loosen her up. We had certainly never done anything like this before. Sex between us was restricted to the bedroom, and even though it is amazing, we have traditionally been far from what you would call sexually explorative. Well, my idea worked. We had an incredible week, filled with the best sex we’ve ever had. We also played some sex games for the first time in our lives, and she brought up (during a game of truth or dare) that she fantasizes about having sex with another woman. I also told her my fantasy about having sex with her while she blew another guy. She didn't flinch at either. We didn't really pursue it much further (truth or dare came up on our last night) but naturally I can’t stop thinking about the possibilities. We’re a bit preoccupied now as she’s on bedrest from the pregnancy, but I am already planning her next birthday week (it helps me pass the time since sex is off limits for the time being), and that's where I’d like some advice. I’m going to arrange another erotic week, with some similar games and activities (possibly a different theme), and I wanted to try to kick it up a notch, but didn't know how far I could take it. I know she’s not ready for real swinging yet (I don’t really know if I am either), not even the soft stuff, but I was thinking maybe trying to set up a surprise where one night at the hotel bar we bring in another couple to join one of our corny sex games like truth or dare, or strip poker to see what it does for her. My idea was some fondling, nudity, possibly massaging of body parts, etc. No oral or intercourse, just some "fairly" dirty, safe fun.. I’m not sure yet if I am thinking about complete strangers that we pick up at the bar, or someone that we know. I am a strong believer in the element of surprise when I get romantic, but I know everyone here always talks about communication, etc. Do you think another couple is something I can innocently spring on her as a surprise? I really wanted to see how she would react to a situation where we were performing somewhat sexy acts in front of other people and possibly some light contact with them, instead of the typical truth or dare scenarios that we did last time. I’m not sure if this is the best introduction to opening up our marriage to this type of activity, so if anyone has any better ideas, please let me know. On our last romp, some of the things we did, included riding the glass elevator at the hotel with me inside of her until we both came, sex while we took a shower of the men’s locker room (and in an ironic twist, the cleaning man was doing his thing while we were getting busy – talk about erotic!!), skinny dipping in the hot tub unbeknownst to the other 2 people in the tub, and I had her perform various tasks throughout the hotel in various states of undress – answering the door for the room service guy in a towel, and letting it slip before he left, getting ice from the ice machine in a wet t-shirt and panties, being naked on the indoor balcony, etc. It was all very erotic, and she was extremely receptive to it all – much more than I thought she would be, as we (and mostly she) have traditionally been fairly buttoned up when it comes to sex, etc. It really brought a new dimension to our sex life, one that I would like to continue, and that I think she would too. Am I a wacko? Should I just tell her what I’m planning and see what she says, ruining the surprise? I just figured it would be a nice way to continue the “opening up” that we started on her last birthday. I’m still nervous though about bringing up the subject of swinging as I don’t want to upset her if my assumptions are wrong, but what I’m thinking of is something a bit more innocent, than a swapping situation. Any ideas would be appreciated. Monte PS - This web site rocks. Pity I just found it.
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