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  1. I got to thinking about how we all did things early on that we look back and now and wonder "what were we thinking", "why did we do that" and it came down simply to we didn't know any better. For me/us it was jumping in too fast and driving 45 minutes to meet the first couple we found within 2 hours of us that was interested in meeting and then (despite the lack of connection) attempting to play with them. (We are good friends now and laugh about it, but that didn't happen till 2 years later). So what was your major faux paux? What do you look back at in your swinging life (even if it was only a month ago) that you cringe at?
  2. Mods, if you can find a better forum for this thread, please do move it. I'm not sure where it fits. I had a brain wave. I've been reading posts by newcomers to the lifestyle and I remember us being there ourselves. It's overwhelming, scary and you feel like a fish out of water. You don't know what's appropriate, what's not, and you have no idea what you should expect. There's such a huge learning curve, and I know it's kind of part of the experience, but still... I have to wonder how many of those monster mistakes could be avoided if couples had some guidance. Do we really need to make the painful mistakes to learn? Or could we still learn without the damage? Why is there not something like a newbie boot camp? A one-week resort take-over dedicated to getting newbies started out right in the lifestyle? Workshops on such things as club or house party etiquette, how to host a house party, STD protection, "speed dating" for swingers (learning to communicate with your partner), how to read and write a great profile, communication workshops, getting-over-jealousy exercises, body image discussion groups, and maybe a discussion group where sensitive questions can be addressed anonymously (such as about penis size, having a medical condition, or a physical disability). And of course, lots of opportunity to socialize with other newbs and veterans alike. We learned a lot from a more experienced couple, but we actually had our first full-swap experience with another "virgin" couple like ourselves. And it worked out great! Looking back, though, it's easy to see how many ways it could've gone wrong. Now that we consider ourselves more along the "veteran" end of the spectrum, we know it's important to "give back", and not avoid new couples. We've all been there, and we sure appreciated the guidance. So what does everyone think? Does that sound like it would be a good idea, or would it be too intimidating?
  3. First of all I would like to apologise for my English , as it’s not my first language. I’m a married guy and I just told my wife that my fantasy is to have sex with her and to be watched. So my question is what is better as a first timer , to go with my wife to a swingers club or to just meet another couple and have same room sex. What do you guys suggest? I’m not into wife swap. I just love to be watched
  4. Hey Newbie here. A bit about us first - We are very happily married couple for 10 years, very naughty in the bedroom, lots of fantasies. When we first got together, we were both attracted to the idea of sharing. Well, more towards me watch her with other guys, girls & couples and it was a huge turn on for us. At one point we were going to visit a swing club and on that night My wife was very ready. Shortish skirt, no panties, all shaved and juicy but at the last minute something came up and we had to bail :( She had few encounters with some female friends but it was just soft, nothing hard. After than we put some posts on CL for a couple that she could join while i watch but nothing materialised. Then the fantasies sort of drifted away with general life until recently. Over the past 12-18 months things have really picked up again with both of us. It never really left me if im honest but my Wife has now gained a big interest which is great. In the bedroom, we bought new toys (realistic) etc and we both love to watch her ride while she tells me whats shes thinking which is mainly her fucking which i watch then me finishing her off. I love the talk and the thought and out of the bedroom she says she really likes the idea of trying it to see if she likes it. Obviously a huge turn on for us both. So what are the next steps? We live out of any major cities and we cant exactly put a local post out in case someone recognises us. We'd like to first start slowly with a single girl / guy then after that a couple. We are not into the group thing and its not exactly cucking. Well it kind of is but without all of the insulting and degradation. I know my Wife is keen as am i so how do we get this going? Thanks
  5. Hi out there. I’m married and in an evolving relationship. Last year I did a burlesque photo shoot for him as a gift. He loved the way it turned out but asked if I’d be willing to do something more risqué in the future. I got a reference from the original photographer (female) and told my husband the new photographer would be a male. Being the protective husband he is we both requested a meeting over a cup of coffee. We met which was great and made things all the more comfortable. I loved what I saw from his book and my husband did as well. We had the shoot and the pictures came out great. He got really turned on by knowing another guy was doing the pictures. I was shocked. I asked him if he’d consider doing a couples shoot with me and he said he’d try but was reluctant. Pretty soon after he agreed and we were off again. Prior to the shoot my husband and the photographer talked about his career. My husband, who’s faithful, shocked me a bit with his envy and open talk about what the photographer experienced. I’m extremely open and joined in the conversation. Both of us felt like we were conversing with someone we really liked and knew a lot longer than we actually did. Unfortunately my husband had difficulties getting hard which is completely out of the ordinary. The photographer said it happened a lot and just to relax. Surprisingly at my husband's request he asked for me to do a POV shoot the photographer showed us in his book. Basically it’s the photographer including himself in various ways while taking the pictures. As we started taking the pictures I liked being touched by the photographer even though it wasn’t active foreplay or sex. It really was strictly for the pictures themselves. During the pictures my husband quickly got hard and watched. Eventually the photographer asked him if he was going to get involved. The rest of the shoot went as we planned. Afterwards we all sat around and talked and went through the pictures. Some time passed again and we talked a lot about the fun we had with it. My husband admitted he liked watching the photographer touch me and if not for that he may have been to nervous to get hard. I really want this to develop further but I’m apprehensive because it’s a major change in life obviously. I’m also not sure about how I feel about seeing him with someone else. When I say I’m not sure I mean most likely not. I don’t even really think he wants to. I almost feel like if I bring that up it will be too much too fast. Multiple times when having sex we’ve dirty talked about me doing another shoot and giving myself up. I’d feel more comfortable to actually do it than talk about it. I feel like my husband has opened a door that I want to walk into. Am I reading it wrong? Is it best for me to just set something else up and let it work itself the way it will? Based on our interactions I have no doubt the photographer would be into it also. Would I be going to far given our relationship if I reached out to the him and told him how I feel, how my husband feels, and confirm he’d say yes?
  6. Hi everyone. I've being posting few thread on this website and I've got very good and solid answers so far. It started when my wife and I talked about our fantasies and I discovered she had one since years before she even met me and never fulfilled it, never even talked to anyone about it : it's being a bad girl fucked by 2 to 5 guys at the same time. Her lover watching first 1 or few guys having her, the lover getting jealous and exited at the same time, until he can't stand it and has to participate and fucks her like a whore in some kind of punishing action. Then she is fucked like an object in all combination by me and everyone in the room or new guy(s) entering it. Very submissive fantasy. What real from the fantasy I don't know. But this thing as kept growing in my mind and imagination for years until becoming an obsession of finally seeing someone fucking her in front of me and with me. It became a huge turn on since we talked and she told me she would like to try it in real life, even if she is scared that in real life it does not work for her. she can't tell. But she masturbate a lot about this and when we watch a porn it's always the group sex that makes her come right away. We are not going to start with a gangbang as totally newbies we'll do a MMF and see if the fantasy and the reality are matching the excitement ? could it be that it only works in her mind, not in reality ? That's my BIG question today : I read a lot of things about cuckold and I don't feel at all attracted by any of that stuff. I'm a very attractive guy, always been very successful with women, had many and gave them a lot of pleasure, I never had any trouble in bed, I can last too and I've actually quite a big cock (almost to big for my wife). So why I want so much to see my wife fucked ?! Her fantasy drives me crazy I don't know what to do anymore... My wife is stunning (she is a model) she is for me the most beautiful woman I've ever seen (and probably she is) could it be the wish of living my nightmare 'all these guys trying to get her 20 times a day in the street, at work, anywhere she goes, as soon as I let her 1 minute alone' that becomes a huge turn on ? Help
  7. My wife and I have discussed swinging as well as threesomes. For all we agree and disagree I have several questions which anyone should feel free to chime in on. We are not new to each other (26+ years) and have been adventurous all these years. We both realize the strength the relationship must have in order to survive the introduction of more sexual partners. My questions are... 1. We both agree that as a first experience, a threesome seems much more personal for all three as you are all physically involved with each other vs a true spouse swap to which you are now taken From each other and concentrate on a new partner. Are we even close in that thought? 2.In the event all four are involved at the same time, it’s more of an orgy then an actual swap?
  8. Hi All, Serious topic here, and trigger warning for anyone not looking to read about emotionally heavy topics involving depression, anger and emotional abuse. Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer serious advice. My husband and I have been together for 15 years and while mostly the times have been good, there have been some hard times. My husband is a wonderful man who has many positive attributes but struggled for years with depression and insecurity. When we first got together (very young) I was relatively little experienced but sexually open minded, very sexually comfortable, and was eager to explore. He had been with one other person in an emotionally abusive relationship. Throughout our relationship he has had several major depressive cycles, and during the low points of these cycles he would have anger management issues and obsessiveness. He would become hyper focused on sexual issues, such as the (few) number of past partners I had, what I did with them in detail, how they compared to him, etc. He would obsessively imagine my past and become upset and angry with me. He would also become hyper sexual and needy. Over the years I begged him to start therapy, but he was afraid we couldn’t afford it. Overtime, his depressive cycles, pain and anger escalated to him emotionally lashing out (never physically). He would say very hurtful things such as we needed to have a threesome so that he could settle the score, that was the only way his obsessive thoughts would go away, or him needing to have a threesome to make up for the fact that I wasn’t a virgin. Overtime, I essentially “lost” my sex drive from the shame and grief, this of course compounded his insecurities. Eventually (far to late of course) I gave him an ultimatum of therapy or divorce. We have been in marriage therapy for two years, as well as individual therapy separately. He is also on anti-depressants now. We have made much progress rebuilding our relationship and re-establishing communication, trust, respect, etc, as well as working to rebuild our sexual relationship. He has processed that he is genuinely interested in swinging, and that part of his anger involved not being able to accept his own sexually interests before, and looking to justify them by any means necessary before. For my part, I am opened minded generally about the idea of swinging as concept, and most of my go-to fantasies involve multiple people. However, I am still so hurt by the past, that whenever the idea comes up I reflexively cry and feel as though I’m about to have a panic attack. I’m interested in exploring the topic but it is just so hard overcome the trauma and anxiety it brings. This is an active topic in personal therapy and active subject we discuss together. He is very apologetic and understanding now. However, it hasn’t totally helped yet alleviate the hurt inside or taken the edge off the reflexive reaction. I was wondering if anyone had advice on dealing with relationship specific trauma and stigma associated with swinging as opposed to cultural/parental/religious stigma. It is helpful to talk with our therapists but might be more insightful to connect with someone who has lived something similar.
  9. I am attracted to other women and my bf would love a 3some but my anxiety goes haywire and I have all kinds of worries and emotions about it. I am willing but feel handicapped at the same time. So frustrated right now.
  10. So my wife and I have been dirty talking a MMF 3way for a bit now. She desperately wants to be penetrated while she gives oral, but she strongly thinks that as a married couple it should only be us. She can't help but twerk her ass when she's on her knees sucking me and we both get super turned on when talking about another guy sharing her. I've talked her into getting a thrusting dildo and seeing how that goes. Any tips on how to get it to go further? I'd love to share my wife with another man and eventually experiment with other aspects of swinging.
  11. 872016

    We're In

    I made my first post not quite a year ago while going thru divorce. That got final and after dating a few ladies, one captivated me. She was monogamous and that was totally fine with me. She's amazing. One of the times I picked her up for a date at her house, I laughed that she had blue flowerpots, which is a mythical "sign of swingers" in my community. I made a joke about how she must be a swinger. Well, that led to months and months of communication and discussion and reading and discussion and podcasts and more discussion until finally action was taken. We put up a profile on a site and began conversations with others. Once our state allowed restaurants to partially open, we "covid screened" another couple who had been careful in lockdown, met them for dinner, and it was on! Since then, we've had several encounters with other couples who have also been working from home and avoiding crowds. One couple took our temps at the front door as part of their protocol. We seem to be following a familiar pattern. I the male introduce the topic, we enter the LS world together with her nervous about everything, then she enjoys it a lot. And so we're in. Now we're in the process of moving in together permanently, and we will be marrying not too long after. After 10 months of knowing each other, sheltering in place together since March and working thru an entrance into the LS, we have never had a single cross word between us. We could not be happier! We look forward to learning and growing further and have enjoyed the wisdom shown on this board.
  12. Rather exciting news for us as a first. We have found on a lifestyle site a couple that intrigued us. We exchanged initial e-mails and there is some possible interest. Of course, they have yet to open the e-mail with our photos attached so that could be the "deal breaker." (Ha) In any event, I have discussed with my wife that we don't have to do "anything" and that either one of us can pull the plug at any time. I have also done much to assure her that this is not so much about "getting strange" but having fun as a couple and growing together. I really would have no interest if she were not involved. We shall see how this goes. This is a huge step for us as we have never met a couple for possible lifestyle fun. Personally I am a bit nervous and wanting to move slowly myself. If we do meet, I hope they are not pushy nor expecting we physically engage on a first meeting (the latter I just cannot see us being comfortable with). Of course, they could always find us to be "Shrek and Fiona" and that would end it before anything possibly started. Still I remain excited just to see what happens. MrMarvin
  13. A lot of folks mention that they were basically "swinging" before they knew there was a name for it or before they realized that there was an entire community of other people who are interested in the same things. They basically just stumbled upon it. While others stumble upon a site like this or a story or a book and discover it and go from there. So which was it for you? Were you swinging before you discovered what swinging was? Or did you learn what swinging was first, then look to swing?
  14. My wife and I are very verbal when we have sex and for the past year or so, it's evolved more into talking about full swapping scenarios. We've been to lifestyle resorts and we love watching and being watched, but have never played with another couple. I think we're both on the cusp of either leaving it a fantasy or going down the path starting with soft swap and inching our way to see how we actually like it. we've had threesomes with a girl before, but one of my biggest fantasies is a threesome with another guy. We're both bi/bi-curious so having a bi guy would be ideal (best of both worlds for me!) At a lifestyle resort, we once had a single male approach us and ask if we wanted some company. At the time we said no, thank you. But we often talk about and fantasize about what if we had said yes and let him join us. I think my wife is extremely sexy (see pic) and I've often fantasized about sitting back and watching her with another man while I get off (while we're dirty talking during sex, she seems to get wetter at the thought). I guess my question is, how do you know when you should just keep things a fantasy vs actually going through with it? I know every couple is different, and i do feel we have a strong relationship I just wanted to hear what made you decide to go for it.
  15. My husband, and I are new to this. We aren’t really sure how to go about doing this. I’m a bigger woman (size 17), and that kinda stops us from going to the swingers club. Any ideas, or suggestions? Does anyone meet up off this site? We live in Las Vegas.
  16. Hello!! Just have a premise to start with: I would like to say sorry in advance if I make some grammar mistakes; English is not my mother tongue. Also, I am from the European side of the globe so it will probably look like I wrote this post in the middle of the night like some poor insomniac girl when here is actually 12 pm XD. Also, it will be a lenghty post. I did browse a little through the forum but I didn't find the exact answers I needed to my questions, hence why I did this. So, on with it! I am a young girl (23) who has recently began to wonder about things and topics that in my environment - or at least within the people I know - are at best not really talked about or at worst heavily frowned upon. Sexuality is one of these. Please forgive me if it doesn't look like I belong in this forum, but I would really like to confront myself with other people, even if I don't think I'm cut out for the LS; I still would love a discussion and some answers if that's okay. First off, I am an introverted person but I've become more and more happy about my social skills and I am definitely better at interacting with people; this is something that happened slowly in the past 3 years and along with it (before this I really had very little interest in sex) I discovered more about myself sexually: what I love, what I hate, what I am curious about. About the latter, the swinger lifestyle is something that intrigues me: what made you decide to dive into it and how do you maintain that love and trust with your spouse/partner? If, say, they told you that they could not do it anymore would you drop everything? Is it bad to be a "vanilla person"? I ask this because I did have a discussion with another girl who told me that apart from what you do alone with your partner doing more adventurous stuff with other people or couples was what made you feel alive (in her own words). She told me that in the end monogamy doesn't work and the majority of people after a while in their marriage just stop wanting to get intimate with their spouse. Of this last thing I've heard about and it saddens me, yes, but everything else she said was very upsetting and shattering for me; I am not the uber jealous or possessive person at all and I do have my kinks and fantasies, and while I could totally see myself doing casual sex or even the mfm while single, if I fall in love with another (single) person I couldn't bear to share the love or affection we have with another couple or a single. But she said to me that this mindset makes you less capable of maintaining a rewarding relationship and that my partner would eventually leave me when confronted with more interesting things that I was not willing to partake in. Is that true...? in your opinion, I mean. Onto another topic, another thing I am confused about is the difference between a Sex Club and a Swinger Club? taking myself as example: I would like casual sex (taking things really slowly though, there are times I may not be comfortable with it) or getting to know a person that would eventually lead to a one night stand, and I've been told that a Swinger Club is preferable to a Sex Club for that. And erm... I am not sure that's quite right for me? could you enlighten me on the subject a little? Like, what happens inside these places, how do you find one and get in? The only source of info I had was the same girl as before who told me she went as a single female at a Swing club (the so called mythological unicorn I guess? ehehe xD) and the couple she ended up with used her as a sex object basically; they talked about her, not TO her, in third person and only to comment about the things she was doing and leaving her out of the affection. She was okay with it but I found it disheartening; or maybe I'm the one who looks at it the wrong way? Is there a right way to behave with a single female/male who joined a couple for a night? All in all, I'm quite sure I'm not a swinger at this point, I am for intercourse with other unattached people, that's why I don't think a Swinger Club would be right for me, but what are the other options? Thank you for reading this through and finding time to answer!!! I'll just finish by saying that while I may not be part of the LS I totally respect the people who are. I have to say, at first, upon discovering this existed I thought of you as some mythical creatures that were kind of awesome and intimidating at the same time. But yeah, you're awesome. And probably you'll find it weird of me to say so, but in the end I'm an average girl who's discovering new things and loves to ask questions, while also wishing society was less prejudiced. I mean, I can't even say "Hey you know, tonight I really feel like getting some" without being looked at like I have two heads. Frustrating!
  17. 27 yo female. New to the site and completely new to swinging. Not sure quite how to express my feelings at the moment but I'll do my best. My husband (26 M) came to me about a month ago asking to open our relationship to others. I know with 100% certainty that he has our marriage's best interest in mind and if this turns out not to be for us, he would drop it without thinking twice. A little back story -- We have been together for 5 years, relationship is solid and we have always been happy. Since our first discussion, we have talked, a lot, and communicated every angle and concern. We even went to a marriage counselor once to make sure there is nothing we are missing before "diving in". She suggested going to a Swingers Club to observe first, which we are going to tomorrow night. Before the session with the counselor, we have done a soft swap with a male friend of ours, with which we were all very drunk and inhibitions we're obviously down. That actually turned out to be a great time. On another occasion, however, simply watching my husband make out with another woman in front of me was like a knife in my side. As I mentioned earlier, I'm not quite sure how to express my feelings but my question is how? How do you get past those uneasy feelings? How do you become comfortable with the idea of your SO being with someone else? What can I do to get past all this uncertainty? Any advice is very appreciated. Thank you!
  18. I just want to get the woman's perspective on why you decided to swing. Who brought it up originally in your relationship, him or you? Did your relationship always involve this type of activity, from the start, or did you guys get adventurous later on and decide to try something new...if so which of you brought the idea up to the other first? If this was your husband/S.O.'s idea, then how did you feel about it initially...and how did you feel about it after doing it for awhile? I am just curious if women were hesitant at first to do this, but then realized at some point that they themselves were really turned on by it? The people that thought at first NO WAY, then after much talking and consideration and time you decided to give it a try and then found out you REALLY love it! I get the sense from reading posts on these sites that guys generally push for it, and women are generally hesitant but go along with it at first, then after awhile they realize they actually really enjoy it. I would love to hear your thoughts!
  19. Ok so I realize I am on a swingers board (ultimately that's where my interest lies) however we are unsure how to begin getting our feet wet to gauge how it makes us feel. I see so many options like online profiles, clubs, parties, swingers cruises,events, and conventions. What is the best environment to start out having more alt experiences without jumping in blindly? Right now I think (If I'm accurately reading his comfort level and unsure of mine) we are thinking we could handle watching people, we could handle flirting/dancing/talking, we *might* be able to handle others watching us. I'm trying not to get too technical about it or get caught up in lingo but I feel like that's not really swinging yet I'd like to be an environment where that is what everyone else is there for. I went to a sex club long ago (in a previous relationship) and felt it was so not my scene... it was very seedy and so many men following us around with their cock in their hand waiting for the slightest hint they were going to get action watching us. I was totally turned off. I need to be in an environment where people aren't all seedy and understand respect and boundaries. Does that make sense? Is the best option an on premise club?
  20. Hi from Colombia again! After many conversations (for years) with Mrs. Lucasex and a failed attempt of a MFM with a friend (who finally said no), we took the courage to contact a couple through a swingers website. We met a couple about three weeks ago, but there was no chemistry, although we had a nice time drinking cocktails. A second couple followed and this was much better, so much that Mrs. Lucasex wanted us to meet them again a couple of days after, with the clear intention of going further (maybe a hotel room). Unfortunately, we had to leave early, so it only went as far as a couple of beers, but it was clear that we had finally gotten the courage to take the next step. The other couple has some experience (a couple of full swaps and two MFMs), but they have been very patient and don’t consider themselves to be so far ahead of us. As a matter of fact, they said that they had never had such a good time just having drinks with another couple before. The male of the other couple works about a 4-hour drive away from our city, and he gets to come home every month or so, so we are planning to meet in an intermediate town a Saturday night (probably in ten days); the female lives in our same city, and the three of us would drive to meet her husband. We plan to go dancing, have some drinks and then go somewhere else. Our concern is: how do you break the ice? I mean, after we have had some drinks and danced, one of us will have to pop the question of going somewhere else. And this is when nerves take control… once we get to the hotel room, what should we do? How do we start? I have read about it here some forums, but considering this is our first time and they have some more experience (even though they don’t presume of it), we are terrified of things going wrong… should we let them make the first move? Or should we go for it? (we don’t know how is it going to feel). We are confident that we want to jump in the water with them, we trust them and they are not rushing us, but when the time comes… what? Sorry again if I made any mistakes with my English (Spanish is my first language) and for asking so many questions at once. We really want to do this, but naturally fear the decisive moment. We don’t want to disappoint them either, although they have assured us that they will go at our pace (which is good, isn’t it?). Thanks in advance for all your advice! Mr. Lucasex
  21. We are a couple that is new to the lifestyle. We want to setup a MFM and would like some advice on finding a good guy. We aren't sure if Craigslist, the SLS website, or some other site would be the best route. Any tips and suggestions on how to best go about finding a guy and not a couple?
  22. So, for starters, me and my girlfriend are new to this aren't really even looking to make anything happen until years down the road. But she brought up the fantasy of wanting to be gang banged by myself and another male. At first, I shot it down but now the idea of it completely turns me on, plus I feel as though I should help her achieve everything she wants in life. But really, we don't know where to even begin. She would obviously wanna get to know whoever it was that we decide to include, but we plan on moving so we'll be in a new area with nobody we know. So, how exactly should we go about finding a third man (when the time comes) to help us fulfill this fantasy? Any and all suggestions are very much appreciated!
  23. Ladies, What were your mental and emotional processes when you were approached about swinging from your husband or S/O? It seems my wife has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride. At first she was stunned and didn't believe it, then she was hurt that I would be willing to share her, and then angry that I would want it. Then she thought all I wanted was to have sex with other women. She even asked if I had gay thoughts. Later she seemed to settle down and was a little turned on about it in bed at times. Then she went back to square one etc... Now she has accepted the idea and allows for me to talk about it even when we have sex, which I rarely do because I don't want to push her or make our sex just about my swinging desires. When I do send her sexy little text messages or talk about my fantasies in bed she doesn't respond to the fantasy but seems to quietly enjoy the thoughts. I am hoping this is part of her process because I don't want to ask her directly about swinging again until she is ready to bring it up. Lately, she has been telling me all the time how much she loves me and how she feels closer to me than ever! Could this part her process? If not it doesn't matter, it is great to hear that from her! Because I feel the same towards her! That's why I feel the desire to swinging with her as strange as that sounds! Thanks and I can't wait to hear your responses!
  24. My wife and I have an open marriage that I haven't actually taken advantage of yet. She has, and she is not really interested in meeting couples. I might work her up to it, but for now she much prefers to have her own boyfriend(s). I can't really blame her either. At first I was so turned on by knowing she was having adventures I had no need of my own. I think that is "a thing", but it surprised her. After a while I just felt like my life was too busy to take on the chore of developing other relationships. Lately though, I've felt like it would be good to be more social. It did my wife a lot of good and I think it would be good for me too. So how does a busy guy with an open marriage go about meeting women in a similar situation? I live in a smallish conservative area, so there isn't a "scene" to hang out in. I didn't do the whole "hang out at bars and pick up chicks" thing when I was single, so I have no skill and little interest in that. I've signed up on a few online sites. Honestly online meeting scares the shit out of me. People are weird. But I'm getting braver and I've logged onto a few "swinger" sites and set up profiles. What I find immediately though is that the categories are "single male" and "couples", and "single males" are ignored by much of the population on the sites. Are onlines sites even worth the bother anyway for me? I've not found any clubs of any sort that cater to the lifestyle. Otherwise I'd go, and my wife would go with me. We might not "do" anything, but she would come and we could get to know the scene and maybe meet some people. There aren't any even close though, so that is out. What are your thoughts? Are there places to meet such people? Or is a "hall pass" really just something you keep in your back pocket for years until the right situation presents itself?
  25. New to swinging, I am curious about something. Do the majority of married couples decide on the lifestyle prior to marriage or is it usually something introduced down the line when newness is desired?
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