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Found 16 results

  1. Hello I’m after other peoples thoughts on a topic I have, me and my wife are happily married for 7 years both in our 30s and have great sex together. Now while we have sex we have a bit of fantasy type dirty talk and it’s great now it gets saucy and she says she would fuck someone else and she would even go bareback with them, now some my think I’m crazy but that thought drives my dick wild! Now the other bit of this is when we don’t get in that sexy moment it never gets mentioned, and I honestly think she wouldn’t do it. A little part of me thinks what if she did and how hot it would be seen her do it, now from others experience do you think that it’s just the heat of the moment talk or is it something she does secretly have on her mind?
  2. What do you think of shows like 7 Lives Xposed, Foursome, Swing, and any other shows on Playboy TV. Do you think they are fake or real? I think some shows are real, like Swing, but many others like 7 Lives Xposed are fake/scripted. I remember one case from the first season of 7 Lives Xposed that Patty's mother went to the house and joined her in the fun. 2-3 episodes later she is fucking Patty's bf/fiance. None of them thought it was a bad idea until they got caught by Patty. Patty is mad at everybody but mostly at her mom and her bf/fiance. At the end of the first season she and Ten broke up. At that point of the show, I said to myself this gotta be fake like Jerry Springer or something. I get that both mother and daughter could be both bi and that. But sleeping with your own daughter's bf/fiance, come on, if the show was real and that, rules would be establish between them when she got in the house and also it just something you just do not do EVER. You do not fuck your son/daughter gf/wife - bf/husband no matter how open you all are to the lifestyle. It just plain wrong.
  3. I happened across this study today, and it had some very interesting outcomes. The whole study bears reading. To tease you into reading it; "When asked whether they’d ever had various types of multipartner fantasies, just 5% of men and 13% of women had never done so" I.e., 95% of men and 87% of women in the 4k+ member study reported having fantasized about multipartner sexual relations. Wow! I expected it to be above 50%, but not that high. More reading at: https://sexualhealthalliance.com/justin-lehmiller-science-of-fantasy
  4. I get excited about the thought of watching someone fuck my wife. I’m just afraid that afterwards I won’t like it. Thoughts?
  5. I just had one of my fantasies fullfilled. A gang bang with 6 guys. I'm still a little tired but it was wonderful.
  6. Ok, so we were talking last night. It seems that I'm (the mrs) in the minority when it comes to female female play. While I like a little girl teasing, dancing etc, I just don't find bisexual play all that great as I prefer men. Our profile implies we think its a good icebreaker and it is, but to me it's not the end all be all for us. My hubby says there are more couples who have a female half who feels the way I do so we posted this poll and thread to see how others feel.
  7. We've met scores and scores of women that their profiles (and in person) state that they are bi-sexual. My wife is super beautiful and sexy and girls tell her all the time how much they like her. What's odd is that all these girls sure don't seem bi. I mean, I see how much the guys fawn over my wife and at any hint of an invitation will flirt, paw all over her, and do all they can to be with her. Conversely, when my wife is flirty with "bi" girls they seem friendly and flirty back... but their interest level is FAR FAR from the interest she gets from guys. So, what do you think is going on? I'm wondering if it's possible girls really just aren't into my wife (which would honestly be incredibly shocking) or is it that from my perspective as a guy, I'm biased in how a person shows interest in another person? Specifically, guys are more inclined to really show outward signs of interest by being assertive more so than girls usually are. It's just really odd that these girls talk about how excited they are to be with other girls, but when they have a super hot girl on their lap they act more like it's a fun friend hanging out vs. getting totally turned on and fixated on my wife... which is how all the guys act.
  8. In the topic on "Has swinging evolved" I read this comment... So now I have to ask the rest of you. Is swinging everything you thought it would be? Are you finding it to be the fun and free lifestyle you thought? Were you looking for friends and can now only find people looking for sex? Are you happy with how things have turned out or a bit disappointed in what you have found?
  9. My wife and I are very verbal when we have sex and for the past year or so, it's evolved more into talking about full swapping scenarios. We've been to lifestyle resorts and we love watching and being watched, but have never played with another couple. I think we're both on the cusp of either leaving it a fantasy or going down the path starting with soft swap and inching our way to see how we actually like it. we've had threesomes with a girl before, but one of my biggest fantasies is a threesome with another guy. We're both bi/bi-curious so having a bi guy would be ideal (best of both worlds for me!) At a lifestyle resort, we once had a single male approach us and ask if we wanted some company. At the time we said no, thank you. But we often talk about and fantasize about what if we had said yes and let him join us. I think my wife is extremely sexy (see pic) and I've often fantasized about sitting back and watching her with another man while I get off (while we're dirty talking during sex, she seems to get wetter at the thought). I guess my question is, how do you know when you should just keep things a fantasy vs actually going through with it? I know every couple is different, and i do feel we have a strong relationship I just wanted to hear what made you decide to go for it.
  10. We are very interested in starting in the lifestyle but we are also very nervious about meeting people! Oir question is this, is there something we can do or say to let a swing couple know that we might seam to be vanilla but if you break the first move we might be interested? I hope that made sense! Lol
  11. The two above comments/quote came from another thread about the potential guilt of swinging. It made me curious as to which side of this line most swingers fall on? Would you rather have a little regret for something that you did (and maybe wish you hadn't) or remorse for never having tried it? I know for me there are a lot of things in life I'd love to try and I try to do most of them. However, when it comes to swinging there are two of us involved. I guess my situation is somewhat different since I was able to experience a LOT (if not most) of my swinging related fantasies with my ex. However, even with that there are things that Pet is not comfortable with that I'd be perfectly happy doing again, but I'd rather not REGRET leaving him unhappy. I don't really feel any remorse for lost opportunities because of this, because in the end, I'd have much more remorse if doing something damaged our relationship than I would ever have for not doing something that I wanted to try. For me, it's like all things, you weigh the positives and the negatives and you determine which one you will regret more - doing it or not doing it. When it comes to swinging there are a lot of times where the actual act doesn't really live up to the fantasy. In those cases, there are times where I kinda wish I'd kept it a fantasy. I don't regret doing it, nor do I have remorse for having never done it, but the fantasy was way more fun than the memory. Had the situation turned bad or had it been a situation where Pet wasn't happy and it caused us grief then I would have way more regret for doing it than I'd have remorse for not doing it. Not sure if that all made sense or not.
  12. My wife is reluctant to discuss her sexual fantasies. Now we have been with anther couple and his wife & I both know that my wife loved the experience of fucking another man. But still she is not forth coming in talking about her sexual thought....Anyone got answers...?? Confused.
  13. Hi there, Been lurking for a few weeks and decided today to join. My hubby and I have talked a lot about swinging. But what we get stuck on is knowing for sure if this is just a really hot fantasy we have or if it is something we should pursue? I'm thinking once we get into it, it'll be real hot. But I'm worried about afterwards. I don't know how I'll feel. It's kinda scary. I would love to hear some advice on knowing if this should just stay a fantasy? What are some of your personal experiences with making the 'jump' to reality. TIA!
  14. Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I am the male half of the couple writing and my wife wife is not aware I am writing this. I would like to tell you about our situation and get some honest feedback from all of you experienced (and even not so experienced) people. Basically, I'm looking for as much info as possible before jumping into this so we don't make any mistakes. Neither of us has had sex with more than our partner (meaning no 3-ways or more in our pasts) but we both fantasize about it. I personally am game for anything, MFM or FMF however she is not at all into girls, and I would never want to force her to do something she wasn't comfortable with, hence we have settled our fantasy on the MFM scenario. I first told her about 6 or 7 years ago that the thought of watching her give head to someone turned me on. She thought I was joking at first, but I insisted I was serious, and she proceeded to get so horny we ended up having sex 3 times that night and once more in the a.m. She was noticably turned on by the idea. So that was the start. Over the years the fantasy has arisen from time to time, and has evolved from that opening admission to including watching MFM porn, playing with dildo's and vibrators, etc. She loves it. However, the line between fantasy and reality was always blurred until this last weekend. See, in the past when we play she always is turned on, but I get the feeling she is just playing fantasy, and not interested in making it reality. For instance, she will be on all fours giving me head, and I'll be doing her from behind with a dildo, and she'll take my cock out of her mouth and say things like "I wish there was really someone behind me right now" etc etc. Things like this happen repeatedly but I've never thought she was really serious. This past weekend we had a babysitter, and we went out to a party and had some drinks. We came home knowing we were going to have hot sex, but I had no idea (maybe she didn't either) know how hot it would be. While she was in the bathroom and I put out a little plaid schoolgirl skirt I like her to wear and some black F-me pumps she wears when we play fantasy. She came out of the bathroom in her skirt, pumps, and a lacy little top that looked so hot. She looked amazing. I had lit some candles and had a porno on showing a blonde girl sucking 2 guys cocks. She pretended to do a little strip for me, then swung over me (I was laying on bed on my back) reverse doggy style and started playing with her pussy. I won't give the blow by blow but suffice to say we talked dirtier that night then ever before, but more importantly, we talked seriously. As the girl on the TV was getting double teamed by the 2 guys I asked her if she'd like to do that and without hesitation she said "MMM yes let's do it." she'd never actually said lets do it before. I asked her "Hey are you serious about this, because I really would like to do it?" and she said "Yeah I'd do it.....". I also told her that I've played a little fantasy in my mind where we're on vacation somewhere and we meet a guy and he fucks her and I watch and join in and she said "yeah like somewhere where we wouldn't see him again right?" Seems she'd been thinking about it too! I asked her if she would be mad at me if I set something up with a guy without her knowing when it would happen, and would she go through with it, and was she just talking dirty...she said "No I wouldn't be mad, that would be great....". She also said "like in Las Vegas, we meet some guy in the bar and go back to our hotel room and you guys fuck me..." .....on and on talk like this. Needless to say our sex that night was mind-blowing and it ended with her riding my cock as I fucked her ass with a vibrator- our little version of DP and she loved it! I was blown away and the next day we didn't really speak of the content of the previous nights conversation, but we did acknowledge that we had a lot of fun and that it was very sexy. Later that week I was looking at my calendar and I had to plan 2 days out of town on business, and I said "hey what are you you doing on so and so date?" You know what she said? "why, are you planning a trip to Las Vegas?" and gave me a little smile! Wow. This was 4 days after our big night and it was obviously still on her mind. I asked her if that was what she was referring to and she smiled and said "I'm just teasing you...." So here lies the dilemma. You know that saying "be careful what you wish for, it may come true."? Well, here I am smack in the middle of, and I really want to do it if she is serious, and at the same time I'm nervous about seeing her with another man, and also nervous that it may have a bad effect on our great relationship afterwards. I have so many things on my mind but at the same time I feel like I have a dream staring me in the face. So, I'm looking for advice. Does she really, really want to do it, or is it best left as fantasy? If we do go forward what is the best approach? How do I handle any jealousy that may arise (I'm not a typical jealous person so the fact that this is even on my mind scares me a little." Bottom line is I want to do this right way if we do it at all. Look forward to hearing any and all advice. Thanks again for reading my long post.
  15. Hello all, been quite a while since i posted here. I just have a simple question for all you club veterans, . In your first club appearence what were you looking for and what actually happened? I'm not actually looking for stories just a look into how your first time in a club worked it's way out. If you were looking for soft swing, basically just wanting to watch and play with your spouse or did you end up getting more than you expected? Just curious. My wife and i are thinking about attending Trapeze in Ft. Lauderdale next month but we have never been to a club before. Just looking for some feedback on everyone's adventures in there first club experience.
  16. Guest

    Black Fetish

    I am an attractive 37 year old married white woman. My husband and I have enjoyed a number of experiences with other married couples over the past 7 years, and every couple we have had sex with was from a common origin - two married couples that simply found enough in common to begin a typical social friendship, until lust took hold. Hence, the "search and find" approach offered on the web never entered the picture. So, everything was going fine until about a year ago when a certain fantasy of mine, which I think is not uncommon to a number of white women, blossomed into now what has become an overwhelming obsession. I feel I can't go on much longer without being ravaged by a good looking, exceptionally well hung black man. This is growing totally out of control. I mean if I'm at the mall or someplace and happen to spot a good looking black guy, right there and then I get a rush and the shivers. Further, I fantasize that my husband is there watching me go out of my mind like he's never imagined. Yes, I admit it, I would feel great sexual pleasure in the black man and me making him feel cockold, if only for the moment. You see, how should I put it - my husband is measurably underendowed. Finally, my question - Do you think I am sick? Is this something for which I should seek professional help? Is there any thread of normalcy in what I've just told you? If I'm not sick, please don't suggest that "communication" with my husband is the route I should take. I know him well, and if this comes to fruition, it will be because I force fed him. Christine
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