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  1. Hey all, First I would like to thank the creators for making this website, there is a lot of interesting information on here that I have read up on. Let me start by introducing ourselves and tell you our story. I hope to receive some feedback from other members, tips and help are much appreciated. We are a couple together for almost 3 years. We are now 29 (Me) and my gf is 21. I met her when we were 18 and she is a fantastic woman both in and out. She matured next to me and we have lived together for over 2 years. We get along great and are very open with each other. Last year we started talking about swinging, she has only been with one man before and I have told her that I have been with many women (over 20). This of course opened her up in her interests in having a threesome. She is a bit jealous about having full on swinging but that is something that I am also not overly interested in. For the last year we fantasized about it. This Friday we went out and she mentioned the local swing club, she was a bit tipsy and so was I. One short time later we saw each other entering through the doors of such a place. I have been to a upscale sauna club before and it reminded me closely of that. We started making out and guys started groping her. In the end she started making out with a woman in her late 30s who was there with her husband and her lover. We took a room and started playing around. She was super open and it was something I was surprised about. She did not hesitate to go down on the guys and since I was with the girl i made out with her. It was all very sexual and really unbelievable. I ended up having briefly sex with the girl while she with the guys. They had problems with erections and finished fairly quickly. I carefully watched them and they where very nice and gentle with her, they never even went close to her without a condom. She took a liking in the woman's lover, a man in his late 20s that was virtually all muscle and a very large member. I nor she was that attracted to the older couple. We ended up taking the guy with us. It was amazing how well we got along. On the way I found out he was a PhD student and a really smart guy. We talked for a while and at home fooled around a bit, he was really attracted by my gf which not only looks great due to her age, but is also a very beautiful woman both in and out. He again was very careful and did not have any intercourse without condoms. It quickly got to be morning and we went to sleep. Him in the living room, us in the bedroom. At this point she told me how jealous she was that I did it with the girl. I explained to her that I was simply bored of just sitting there and that it did not mean anything to me. She reminded me that I promised not to do it (something I later remembered doing). I reassured her and she asked me how I felt. I told her that it was my biggest fetish/sexual dream ever and that it was amazing. Seeing her having that much fun turned me on, and I did not have any problems with it as long as we respect the boundaries of sex being sex. In order to make her feel better I sent her to him, told her to seduce him if she wants and that I will settle watching through the door. She went and they started making out. Hearing them kiss turned the hell out of me. It was great to see her that outgoing, I was pleasantly surprised. This lasted around 15 minutes or so until I heard her moaning and him moving back and forth. When I got to the couch I saw that he was inside her sans condom. I was a bit surprised and of course also worried. He was big and she made no secret of it. We have great sex too but I never saw her like that. They had sex until I passed out because I was tired. The next day he left and I was still hard most of the morning. It turned me on! We talked about condom use and explained to her the dangers. She talked about her jealousy . I explained to her that maybe it is an age thing, but she has nothing to be jealous of. Clearly it was something to do with age and her insecurities I guess. I did say I won't but in the middle of the fact I did not see it a problem. We had great sex since (on average 4 times a day since). The sensory overload we received on that day is probably gonna last us over a week. We are meeting him in 2 weeks and am looking forward to it. She is ecstatic! I am ok with it and I know what I feel for her. She is natural and told me that she couldn't believe that we could do that. This was the third guy she was with, she truly enjoyed it and I hope we can continue without hurting each other. Sorry for the long ass post, felt like sharing everything. Can you guys give me a bit of pointers or advice on what to look after? What did we do wrong? What are the dangers? At this point I feel liberated. Finally I have a partner I can do these dark things with. Sexually I do not see myself ever cheating on her, there is absolutely no point. The same I think goes for her. The freedom this has given to our relationship is incredible!
  2. My boyfriend and I went to Trapeze Atlanta last weekend. I’m mid 40s and he’s 50ish, but I look mid 30s, a typical soccer mom type who’s bi-curious and into some light BDSM (think bondage and sexy choking.) We prepared for the evening by enjoying some plant medicine and margaritas and arrived at the club via Lyft with a nice buzz around 1015Pm. There was a line outside and folks were dressed mostly in club wear. After becoming members, we spent 20 minutes or so assessing the main area inside before deciding we wanted to go to the back. We changed into a towel and lingerie and headed back finding a spot on a couch across from some pool tables. I was wearing a white nightie from VS and my boyfriend began playing with me as the area filled up with other club goers. The seating areas around us filled with other couples fucking and, my boyfriend noticed a guy hanging around watching us and invited him to come over. I sucked his dick for 4-5 minutes then another couple of guys came over to play before we moved into a private room with even more fun. I was very relaxed and remember how hot I felt being on the receiving end of so much male attention (8 total) while my BF was there keeping me safe. Some of the guys wanted to go further, but they respected our limits of oral only with some light touching allowed. We plan to go back again soon and next time I would love to experience fun with another female. We did get separated a few times during our first visit and will not make that mistake again next time as both resulted in uncomfortable experiences.
  3. Hi. Very first post here, and most definitely a total newbie couple to swinging. We've talked about it several times and had some MFM play. However, we are planning to go to Trapeze in Atlanta Halloween weekend. My question is for anyone who has ever been there. Is it a good swinging club, is there generally a decent amount of people there, and are most people pretty open to newbies? Thanks in advance!!
  4. Hi all. I've been married to my husband for 4 years. He recently shared with me he wanted to get back into the lifestyle. He had been in it years ago. I wasn't very open about it when he 1st brought it up mostly because I didn't really understand what was happening or anything about the lifestyle and frankly our sex life sucked so I just assumed he was looking for ways of sleeping with someone because he didn't find me attractive or desirable. A few weeks ago he told me he has been in a lifestyle group for about 6 months and ended up attending a party. At first he said he said he didn't play but then it came out he did sleep with someone at the party. This led me to feel utterly betrayed. I knew I didn't want a divorce and wanted to work through this. We've been seeing a counselor and our relationship is getting stronger by the day. And our sex life is totally different. It went from me basically begging for it and not getting any for months to him finally initiating it daily and letting me truly be free and it's been amazing. He's being 100% honest with me about his feelings on multiple levels. I ended up joining the chat group. I wanted to get to know all these people he really likes and there are aspects of this I've always fantasied about. I've always wanted to be in a threesome with men and women. I also love showing my body off and being told by strangers how sexy I am. So after 2 weeks of dealing with this I said I was in for giving this a try and we committed to going to a upcoming event mostly a meet and greet only. I have mixed emotions about this because the women he slept with will be there. He knows im very scared to meet her and when I said she deserves to know that I had no idea about that night he said he can't share that with her. I learned the group had no idea I wasn't part of this lifestyle that he hadn't been honest with the group or this woman. And to tell her he didn't have permission to play or that I had no idea about this side would basically black list him and he really likes this group of people a lot. The fear of him losing this group of people was as great as losing me. so here I am like a new born baby going into this with people who think I've been doing this forever and seeing a women my husband slept with. I'm so scared and have no one to speak with about it. I'm terrified what will happen when I see the gal he slept with. I'm really struggling with the though of him wanting to sleep with her again plus a lot of other things. I'm so scared because I'm a baby about to attend a party where everyone thinks I've been part of this.. what if I get jealous, what if I can't handle seeing him make out with people. I feel lost and confused. Any advice to help settle my nerves would be awesome. Thanks.
  5. I'll be 50 this year and recently discovered my sexuality. I want to be able to be more spontaneous and not so inhibited about what I want in bed (and out of bed). I'm actually quite sexual but have largely surpassed that for years because of various reasons. There is a local swingers nudist resort that has day passes and I set it my goal to go to their pool this weekend. I'm not sure if I'll have the guts to engage in any acts but if I can manage my anxiety I wouldn't mind playing with a girl. Any recommendations for a first timer? Especially going on my own. I think I will be okay taking my top off at the pool but not sure how long it will take me to go completely nude. I'm super excited but also nervous. I want to have fabulous sex, have a better body image and stopping myself because of fear. Open to any and all suggestions, especially with how to manage anxiety and not chicken out Late Blooming Lesbian/BiSexual wanting to Play
  6. adamgunn

    The Bad Boy

    Bad Boy by Adam Gunn Reggie was a bad boy. I knew it when he sent me that sex on the beach in the bar, I knew it when he groped me for the first time in the hallway by the men’s room, I knew it when I left with him. My girlfriends were astounded, they never thought I’d do anything like that. I was a year out of my marriage, hadn’t dated in all that time, refused any and all lines that were tossed my way. The sex that night was fantastic! We went to his place, and he knew his way around my body as if he’d had it marked on his cell phone’s GPS. I came, and came again, and again! He didn’t do anything fantastic (that first night!) just oral and then a couple of different positions. But there was something about the way he grabbed at my tit, or stuck a finger in, that really, really!, turned me on. After we were done, a couple of hours of it, he drove me back to my car, I remember thinking that it had probably been a one-night stand, that I’d never hear from him again. And even though my lady bits throbbed the next day, I wasn’t that disappointed. It was just the spur of the moment, I figured. Then I got the text. Very casual, ‘How ru doing - had a great time do it again” I had to stifle myself before I texted back, a couple of very long hours later, ‘sure’. He picked me up the next Friday night, took me to a restaurant, wine and seafood, witty conversation. A couple of times he was on the edge, the topics just a bit racy, a touch indelicate. But I had no qualms about inviting him up to my place, no worries about leading him to my bedroom. Again, the sex was simply amazing, he encouraged me to try a couple of new things. Well, at least they were new for me. We kept dating, once or four times a week. One night when I was having drinks with my girlfriends he just showed up. They thought he was sharp, but crude. I didn’t care, he had a beautiful prick! But, of course, they couldn’t see that, except when I’d show up at brunch with a big smile on my face. The months went by, bit by bit he dragged me in. The first time that he touched my rectum while he was down there I flinched, but I didn’t tell him to stop - the way he rubbed it just felt so good. A week later, when he put his finger in it, I moaned. And then, the very next night, when he coaxed me onto my knees and dribbled lube onto my second hole, I couldn’t tell him I’d been waiting for that moment. And when he forced it into my backside, I screamed - half in pain, half in some of the greatest pleasure I’d ever had. I still knew he was a bad boy. Sometimes I’d try to see him on a Friday or Saturday night, he couldn’t make it. Once I found a g-string peeking out from under his bedframe, and simply wondered if she screwed as well as I did. I wasn’t in love with Reggie, I was never in love with him. He didn’t mind, he had other places to go on Thanksgiving. I was open to other dates, if Reggie had his, I wasn’t going to be a wall flower when he was out spreading his pollen. I knew I wasn’t ready to settle down again, not yet, but a girl needs to keep her options. On successive Saturday nights I went out with Tommy, then Mike, then George. Nothing happened with Tommy and Mike, they just weren’t my style, but George was fine. On our third date, I invited him up to my place, after I lit a couple candles he got the idea. After we got naked, in my bed I sucked on him. He seemed no different from Reggie, except where Reggie was very animated in the sack George seemed listless. He kissed my labia, couldn’t seem to find my button, I faked excitement. I let him up on top of me, and without much ado there he was, fully buried. He just wanted to thrust, in and out, I tried to raise myself, change the placement of our legs, but it didn’t do much good. Perhaps five minutes after he started I felt him come. I let him cuddle a little bit, thinking the second time around would be better, but he talked about having to work in the morning, (on a Sunday?) and then he had his clothes on and was out the door. I was prepared to duck his calls for another date, was spared when he never phoned me again. Reggie brought a camera into the bedroom. Actually it started when he took pictures with his phone of me in the shower, I found I liked the way my body looked, although my teats are too small and my hips too broad, somehow it made a pleasing picture. I let him coax me the next night, I stripped for the camera, let him continue clicking as he made love to me - I never realized my face contorted that much as I orgasmed. Of course that was followed by the installation of a webcam in my bedroom. I let Reggie record one of our sessions, he promised me he’d never let anyone see it without my permission. I thrilled to see my body being used on my television screen, it was more erotic than the anonymous porn we’d been watching. And then, during our phone sex sessions, I roused when the amber light on the webcam began blinking, and I knew Reggie was watching me bring myself off. Of course, I was always careful to pull the plug on the damn thing when I didn’t want it to be used. The next frontier for me was broken the night Reggie took me to a jazz club - it would have been smoky back in the old days - and in the back of a hall, where they stored chairs, he placed me on top of a table, ripped my panties off, and took me, there and then. I was facing out, as he screwed me I saw a couple of guys come out of the toilet, look down and try to make out what we were doing, as if they didn’t know. And when I realized I was being watched as I was having sex, I had the most delicious orgasm. Yes, I know, I was turning into a pervert. When Reggie found out I was into being watched, he set up other opportunities to have public sex. A picnic table in a park. The car in the mall parking lot. He got a hotel room downtown, the fourth floor on the street, and he pushed me against the window with the street light beating in on us. I caught a guy looking at us from across the street as I braced my hands on the windowsill and Reggie pounded me from behind. I shook my naked breasts at the guy, liked it when he rubbed his dick through his pants. We tried other things. Reggie took me to an adult shop, bought me three vibrators, then tried one of them out on me in the car. Reggie tied me up one night, cut my bra and panties off, then had me any way he wanted. I found that to be okay, but I trusted him completely and thus couldn’t relish the sense of danger that, I assume, is the point of bondage. He loved to watch me masturbate, I loved doing it for him. He bought me a sexy nurse costume, it turned out that I wasn’t into role play. That was okay, he was simply trying to find out what my limits were, it didn’t make our top ten list. Chocolate drizzled over our bodies, a strawberry tucked inside me, of course! Blindfolds (for both of us,) ice, candle wax, I liked it, so did he. A Christmas present were three books of erotica, he suggested I come up with new ideas from them. We went to a strip club, I got off on watching the men watching the women. Reggie asked me if I wanted to come back on amateur night, be the one that was taking my clothes off. I thought about it, I’d love to see a gorgeous hunk devour me with his eyes, but there were too many fat old guys and perverts there, so I decided no. Does it seem that all Reggie and I did was have sex? That’s not far from the truth. Although we sometimes dined together, both in public and private, hot sex was our number one project. I never suggested going to the theater or an art gallery, not with him, a romantic weekend in a bed & breakfast wasn’t our style. One night we were engaged in rather tame foreplay, at least for us, just after the six month anniversary of our first fuck, and Reggie asked, “What would you think about a threesome?” “I don’t think I’d be wild about it. I’ve never been attracted to women. But if you want me to try it, I will.” He laughed. “Well, thanks, maybe, but I was actually thinking about another guy for you.” Now this was an idea, but caution caused me to reject it. “No, one guy at a time is enough for me, I think.” Anticipating his next idea, I added, “I don’t think I’d want to try an orgy, or anything like that, either.” As always, Reggie went with the flow, just said, “Okay,” and made a pretzel out of me. Reggie let a couple weeks go by, then told me to dress as sexy as possible one night. “Wear something you’d be comfortable in if we were going to have sex, but then put a coat or something over it. The people we bump into shouldn’t realize that we’re going to screw until you take it off.” So we were going someplace where we would have public sex. Was I a little uncomfortable with the thought? Of course, every time Reggie tried something new with me, I’d get those butterflies. But Reggie had never put me in a position where I’d been tremendously disquieted, had always listened the times I said No, never lied to me. Even though I was uneasy about it, I decided to find out what it was all about, I could always walk away if I didn’t like it. I had a black fishnet tanktop with panties, and matched the outfit with a leather miniskirt. Reggie picked me up at 8:15, after a forty minute drive we found our way into an old mall, parked in front of what appeared to be an abandoned department store. The windows were blacked out, there was another couple entering a small, makeshift foyer with us. The receptionist was seated beneath a sign that said ‘Club Illicit,’ we were admitted. It was a sex club! I’d never been in such a place, but suddenly I couldn’t wait to discover it’s mysteries. I gave up my jacket easily, found I wasn’t the skimpiest dressed broad in the place by a long shot. Some people knew Reggie - I assumed a few of the girls were well acquainted with him, it didn’t faze me - we dropped into conversations. The talk wasn’t much different from a cocktail party, yet there was this undercurrent around us, one that reeked of eroticism. Reggie showed me around the place, a large dance floor and restaurant (“We never want to come here for the food,” Reggie complained, “unless you want badly fried fish.”) There was a small swimming pool, the few people that were in it were naked, the water temperature was warm enough to lounge. On each side of long hallways were private rooms, some small with just a queen sized bed, others with two or three beds or a couch, perhaps a trapeze, maybe a window that voyeurs could watch through. Only a couple of the rooms had closed doors, it was early yet, not even ten o’clock, I wondered what time things would really get going. And then we happened upon an amphitheater, in the middle at the lowest level were five or six mattresses, three tiers of chairs and couches rose around the center. I knew the purpose immediately! In my mind I saw a dozen or more naked bodies cavorting, I wanted to be a witness in the stands. Did I want to be among the bodies? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t have to make up my mind just yet. We rejoined the crowd in the dance room, Reggie and I began bumping and grinding. I noticed that some of the women were dancing erotically with each other, some were topless. If there was groping between partners, watching them energized me. Reggie and I switched with another couple, the man put his hand on my waist, it didn’t feel like just another dance; I saw Reggie cup the girls ass, I couldn’t bother to be jealous. We fell into a conversation at a table with a very attractive couple wearing wedding rings, the topic was sex. I found they’d been in the ‘LifeStyle’ for two years, were ‘full-swap’ although they didn’t mind ‘soft-swap,’ the woman had started to explore her ‘bi-side.’ The guy felt my leg above the knee, south of the promised land. And then, the invitation. “Would you guys like to go into a room with us?” I knew what he meant, if we did Reggie would make love to the woman, I’d let the guy take me. He was kind of attractive, I admit I was tempted, just a little. But, as curious as I was, I was still cautious. I just wasn’t sure that I was up for that scene. Maybe, I decided, the next time we were here, just not tonight, not yet. “No, I don’t think so,” I answered, without giving Reggie a chance to put his two cents in. “But thanks, maybe another time,” I added insincerely. The other couple left us in hunt for other game, it was evident that they wanted to swap badly. I didn’t mind their offer, in fact, I enjoyed the idea that I turned him on enough that he wanted to possess me. Yes, another time, quite possibly. But I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to ‘swap’ with Reggie as my partner. Confused? Perhaps. But my mind was reeling, things were happening fast without any time to take it in. Since I hadn’t known what was going to happen when we got here, I hadn’t had time to consider all my options, I knew I needed to sort it out. Reggie and I took a walk, through a window we watched a woman older than I entertain two men. The lighting was dim, the triplet was almost silhouetted, yet the acts they engaged in enticed us, as the almost-eroticism of a James Bond opening will. I watched as the women took both men, one in her vagina, the other in her mouth; the men traded positions, I wished I could hear the sounds of their fucking through the window. Maybe, after this group was finished, Reggie and I could take the room over, I thought I’d like it if strangers could watch me screwing. In another room two women cavorted, satisfying each other, while their men sat to the side, both naked, simply watching them. I wondered what the touch, the kiss of a woman would feel like, put it on my to-do list. A peek in the swimming pool, men sat on the sides, both having their pricks sucked by women standing in the pool. For a second, I wondered if they were married and had swapped, then I didn’t care. They were having fun, that’s what sex is all about. We moseyed to the dance floor, perhaps twenty-five people cavorted, many more women than men. A song was playing that I simply love, the bass high, the rhythm besieged me. Reggie and I danced, I leaned into him, he petted me. Another man joined us, he was pleasing to my eye, we formed a troika, I whirled from one man to the next. As one song merged into another, Reggie winked at me, left the dance floor. I could have left with him, instead stayed with the newcomer. As the music lifted us we twirled, and suddenly I found myself in his arms, my back to his chest. He pulled my hips to his, I could feel his stiffness against my ass, I wriggled against it. He enticed me to lean back, I placed my hand around his neck, felt his fingers on my breast, pinching my nipple. Instead of pulling away, I turned my head around, our lips met. From the sidelines, Reggie spied on me, I wanted to give my man a show. I continued to dance with this new guy, sometimes apart, often together. If he felt my ass, I let him, if we kissed, I didn’t mind. It was only when I felt his finger slip into the front of my skirt and contact my mons that I halted. Walking to my lover, I flowed into his arms and kissed him. “Excited?” I asked. “I am,” he allowed, “you are too.” “Hot as a firecracker! What’s next?” I expected to be led into a room, thought Reggie would fuck me then. I was wrong. Reggie led me down the halls to the coliseum, we sat on the top tier, he dragged me to his lap. A couple of men sitting by themselves or with their dates leered at me, their looks inflamed me. On the mattresses below us three women were screwing. One couple was in missionary, the other two women were involved with several men each in various forms of foreplay or fucking. As we watched the action, Reggie played with me, sucking a breast, sticking a hand underneath my skirt, playing with my clit. As I watched the play, my nipples crinkled, I had my first orgasm of the night, puny, a harbinger of explosions still to come. One of the men seemed done with the naked lady he was with, left her. I watched her catch the eye of a another man, wink at him. He undressed as he approached her, with little preparation she laid back, spread, and he pushed into her. “Shall we join them?” Reggie asked. I was blazing, didn’t have to - didn’t want to - think what I was doing. “Yes!” As a prelude, I let Reggie undress me on our perch, down to my panties that I wanted left on for some unexplained reason, and then Reggie was taking his clothes off completely and leading me to the altar. We found an open bed, he stood beside me as I sat, I took his most excellent cock inside my mouth. As I played with him, I searched the stands, seeing if we were being watched. There were, perhaps, two dozen observers, men outnumbered women three to one - this was what they were doing as their wives danced! And I saw lust in their face, I felt some of it was for me. Then my panties were off, Reggie sucked my clit, the first really great orgasm of the night hit me, all shivers and colors. And again the miracle hit. And again, I couldn’t tell you how many there were. In my lucid moments, I could see the audience gazing at my body, my movements. That was the icing on the cake, the enhancement I relished. I got up a little shakily, pushed Reggie onto his back, rose above him. Around me I heard three women and more men in various groans, moans, harsh breathing and screams. I grabbed Reggie’s prick and slid down on it. I screwed him. Yes, I came again, but a piece of my brain kept track of the movements around me, the sights, the sounds, especially the syrupy smell of sweat and sex. As I moved I knew the circle behind me was able to see Reggie’s penis slide in and out of me. I didn’t care. No, that’s not true, I wanted them to see the lewd show, wished them happiness as they watched me. I wondered just what it was that they were seeing, I would have loved to be able to be outside myself, watch myself as Reggie and I fucked. We shifted, I sat on his lap as he dangled his legs to the floor. I caught the eye of one man, he was dressed except that his fly was open, his penis exposed and his hand surrounding it. I winked at him, he misunderstood. He came to us, kissed me, fondled my left breast. I kissed him back, didn’t mind, took the penis in my hand, jerked. “Can I join you?” he asked. I looked back to Reggie, surely he’d heard, and he answered my silent petition. “Whatever you want.” Had this intruder smelt good, I would have let him, Reggie would have moved over, I’d have a second lover. But I sniffed perspiration, the hair of his beard reminded me of rancid bread, I answered, “I don’t think so, no.” I turned away from him, dismounted, played and kissed my primary lover. The interloper left, I didn’t see him again that evening. I played with Reggie, again his member was in my mouth, and then I laid on my back, waited for insertion. Reggie was slow in his thrusts, I appreciated his lovemaking, but - at least temporarily - I was sated, the best of my brain digested the ten or twelve naked bodies around me, each engaged in the same sport. The woman beside me was a heavy blond, fifteen years older than I, messed hair, rings, bracelets, necklace, nipple piercing, and yet enticing. Her fellow waved to someone I couldn’t see, and suddenly another man appeared. This was a Dionysus . I watched him strip, his chest plate was rock solid, his abs rippled. The muscles of his arms darted. And as I watched him slide his boxers off, I saw the prick! Longer and thicker than any I’d witnessed that night - and perhaps I’d seen fifteen already - it was beautifully angry, a shade of amaranth, circumcised. I desired it. Had the man turned to me, I have no doubt I’d have abandoned Reggie immediately. Yet he stayed with the blond, penetrating her, together they fucked. As he used his amazing legs to propel himself into her, every once in awhile he’d turn to me and we’d lock gazes. A strange feeling it was, he was screwing her, Reggie was fucking me, and yet Dionysus and I were making love to each other. I came again, watching his blue eyes, my strongest of the evening. Suddenly, quite unanticipated, Reggie rose above me, strained, and I knew that I was being deluged with Reggie’s goop. I didn’t mind, since our first time together I’ve always enjoyed the feel of his sperm spreading inside me. And yet, strangely, it wasn’t Reggie’s seed I wanted, needed, but the hunk’s on the next mattress. After Reggie drained himself we kissed, but it didn’t seem that cuddling was proper etiquette in this arena, if you weren’t screwing you should vacate, and so at Reggie’s biding I rose, we headed out, our show over. We passed the pool, Reggie asked, “A swim?” “Sure.” We entered, joined six or seven people, I found there was a bank of showers and I rinsed myself, especially between my legs, before I entered the heated water. I stretched my muscles, took inventory. Everything was grand, my skin had that brightness it gets after I’ve been screwed marvelously, as I held onto Reggie I sensed the closeness that exists between lovers. We began to play again, he was soft and I knew that he wouldn’t be ready yet for some time but still he enjoys attention, so I stroked his cock under the surface of the water. He didn’t ignore me, my breasts were petted, my cunt twiddled. Slowly, he gained my trust and got me into a floating position, one hand on the small of my back for balance, the other poking inside me, hitting my g-spot, I came again. Then an excruciating bright light hit my pupils. “What the hell!?!” I swore. “Two o’clock,” Reggie explained, “the club closes in half an hour.” We searched the premises, found our clothes in the stadium, I slipped into the ladies room to dress myself, attempt to repair the damage to my hair, my makeup. On the way out we found cake and coffee, grabbed a plate and cup for the drive home. Reggie wanted to talk, I didn’t. If he asked me a question, I grunted a reply, feigning sleepiness. I needed to reflect, digest the auras of the erotic cave I’d been introduced to. Was it really that active each weekend night? Were there really dozens of women ready, willing, to screw a greater multitude of men indiscriminately? Why had I felt so comfortable joining, leaping, into the fray? And, if Dionysus had made a pass at me, would I really have let him take me in front of others? The answer to the last one was easy, a resounding ‘allelujah!’ I begged Reggie to spend the night with me, he was okay with that. We undressed at the bedside, then I attacked him. Somehow, strangely, I wanted more sex, and as I presented myself for his pleasure, fantasies of the playground we’d left haunted me until at last, completely sated, we slept. Nine hours later, in bathrobes, our teeth brushed and faces washed, we sipped coffee, dined on buttered toast with cinnamon and chatted. “You had fun last night!” he challenged me. “A ball. Yes, it was quite the time! I’ve heard about those kind of places, but didn’t think they really existed, especially not so close. Have you gone there often?” “A few times.” I wanted to ask him when was the last time, if he went with another woman, how many skanks he’d screwed there, but in keeping with my lack of care, refrained. Instead, I queried, “You knew I was the kind of girl that’d get into that when we first met, didn’t you?” “Not right at first. After maybe a month I thought so.” “Why didn’t you take me there then?” “I didn’t think you’d be so . . . easy, I guess. I thought you needed time to settle in. You really got off in the common room!” “You expected me to, didn’t you? I mean, you know how much I like it when there’s just a chance of people looking at us. In there, I could actually see them watching me.” I know I smiled, a wicked grin. “You want to go again, don’t you?” “Sometime. Not too soon.” “Why not?” “I think it could get to be a habit, like heroin or something.” “Is that bad?” Reggie asked. “I don’t know. I just think I should take my time.” “What about that couple we met?” “She was into you,” I observed. “He was into you. He’d like to take you to bed, that’s for sure.” “Do you know them?” “Not until last night. They gave me their email address.” I paused, sipped my coffee. “Can I ask you a question?” I searched his face, looking for clues. “Do you want me to fuck other guys? Would that get you off?” Perhaps my voice rose a tad. “You’re fantastic, you’ve got a great body, a great attitude about sex. Most girls, they’re hung up on what they should do, what they shouldn’t do. You, well, you like to explore. And, you know, we’ve done just about everything there is to do. So, yeah, the next thing, I guess, is sex with other people. At least think about it. Think of the things you’ve tried so far.” I did. There were so many, many things I did now, regularly, with Reggie, that I’d never even considered thirty weeks ago. And I didn’t love Reggie. I was fond of him, I really liked going to bed with him. But I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that I’d ever want to marry him. What kind of a father would he be? So, it was just fun and games. I liked fun and games, I did. So, would spreading myself around be just fun and games? I wasn’t sure. I kissed him. “Let’s go back to bed,” I offered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The weeks went by. At night, in the privacy of my apartment, I considered my options. I looked up Club Illicit’s website, found for just a very modest fee, much lower than a single male, I could show up by myself, dance with whomever I pleased, I was sure I’d have numerous guys hanging on me, I could take my pick. I looked at swinger sites, discovered many married women wanted to play with other women, with or without their husbands. I would be a ‘unicorn,’ that pleased me. In my bed, after turning off the sidelight, I fantasized; Reggie wasn’t a part of it, the Dionysus was! It wasn’t that I was done with Reggie, not at all. He was perfectly useable still, continued to turn me on. But I began to feel I was ready to turn the page and read the next chapter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was a Friday night. Reggie and I had a date, he called me up at lunch and asked, “Want to try something new?” “Sure! What?” “It’s a surprise. You don’t want me to ruin it, do you?” “No, I guess not.” In fact, I loved the tension I felt when I was sure there was something new about to happen, I savored it. “What time?” “I’ve got a thing, I’ll be there about nine, okay?” “Are we staying in or going out? Should I get dressed up?” “Don’t worry about it.” This was frustrating, how the hell do I know what I’m supposed to look like? “I’ll see you then, okay?” Asshole! But I thought about it all afternoon. I made it home just after six, and in the living room there was a large pink box waiting for me. I opened the box, read the note. ‘It’s going to be a great night. Wear these . . . Reggie.” Inside, wrapped in tissue, was a satin ebony bra, lacy panties, a garter belt with stockings, six inch high heels, dusky pearl earrings. And a USB with a hours of soft jazz on it. That was it, Reggie was going to have a ‘romantic’ night, something we hadn’t done in quite awhile. I had almost three hours until my lover came to meet me, all the time in the world. I ate a salad, had a glass of wine to relax me. I figured Reggie planned on spending the evening here, I changed the sheets to an ivory pattern of smoothest Egyptian cotton. Then it was into the bathroom. I poured the tub, full of bubbles, and for forty minutes let my mind wander. Did it touch upon a return to Illicit, the thought of sex with other men? Yes, perhaps. But Reggie was there too, the wonderful things he did, the things he knew, the experiences and feelings he cultivated in me. I drained the tub, shaved my pits and every inch of my nether region, save only the three square inches of cropped hair I kept for emphasis. Then I paid attention to my hair, drying it, fluffing my short mahogany locks into their place. I plucked and trimmed my brows, applied eye coloring and mascara. Foundation stick and blush were used, and finally I applied shimmering strawberry gloss to my lips. The mantle clock chimed nine times, that was all right, Reggie knew I was never ready on time. I put the clothing Reggie had left for me on, they were of the highest quality, made my skin feel so fantastic. The earrings accented my outfit perfectly, I could stand and walk - barely - in the extreme heels. I knew I was ready to play the part of the thousand dollar a night escort. I lit a few candles in the bedroom, put the music on the bluetooth. I sat in a chair in the living room, trying my best not to muss, thumbing through a magazine. The article I read was titled, ’15 Things Guys Think When You're on Top.’ Did Reggie really worry about whose job it was to put it back in when it popped out, or concern himself with how (or if) he should move? Okay, that wasn’t doing it. How about a story? I picked up a book of women’s erotica. That was better, it was really starting to get me in the mood. That stupid clock dinged ten times, Reggie was really late. Should I worry, text him? No, not yet. He’d been late before. But maybe I could start without him? Sure! I swayed into the bedroom, composed myself, put a hand in to twist a nipple. Yes, that was good. The music from the playlist soothed me, I let my hand descend to my pubis. Through the fabric I irritated my clit, I was getting somewhere, I was about to push the fabric to the side when I heard a key scratch in the lock. My lover was here. Should I go out to meet him, or wait for him to come to me? Then I heard his voice. “Hello?” But it wasn’t his voice, it was two shades too low, filled with a timbre I wasn’t familiar with. “Hello?” I heard again. “Who is it?” I cried. “What are you doing here?” I rose excitedly, grabbed a throw and covered myself, didn’t know just what I should do. I picked up the phone, ready to call 911. “Reggie sent me,” the voice explained. “Reggie sent you? Who are you? He didn’t tell me anything about this.” “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you knew. Should I leave?” Trying to hide myself, I peeped around the corner to see the intruder. And then, only then, did I understand Reggie’s true gift. It was the Dionysus, the man I’d lusted after at Illicit. How had Reggie known, I’d not mentioned him once, never spoken of my fantasy man. He had the smooth dark locks, the beautiful blue eyes. His facial hair was that perfect length of thick black stubble that’s beautiful to see. His jeans were tight, his tee shirt stretched across that magnificent chest. “Are you okay?” he called. I knew now what Reggie’s plan was. This man was a present, I could take it or reject it. A part of me was completely confused, the other part lusted. “What’s your name?” “Quentin.” I needed time, I asked again, “Quentin?” “Yeah.” “And Reggie sent you.” “He said you were expecting me. He gave me a key.” “What are you supposed to do with me?” “He said you’re a hotwife. Or a hot girlfriend. Or something like that. And that you wanted something different.” He paused. So that was Reggie’s game. “Listen, if you want me to go, just say so.” “Hold on a minute. No, sit down. Make yourself a drink if you want.” “Yeah. Thanks.” “There’s wine and beer in the refrigerator.” “Okay.” I heard his steps across the room, heard the fridge door open. “Should I make one for you?” “Wine, please. I’ll be out in a minute.” So now, it was decision time. Why not? I’d thought about it long enough. Reggie had sent him here, he wouldn’t be mad if I accepted what he’d put on my plate, would he? Was Reggie out with another girl, right at this moment? Who cared, Quentin’s in my living room, and, apparently, he was willing. Why shouldn’t I be? I folded the throw, still nervous. As nervous as a virgin? No, not exactly that. As nervous as an old maid faced with temptation? Yes, that was more like it. Should I get dressed before I went out to meet Quentin? I felt my heart pound, I was sure Quentin could hear it in the living room, it was loud enough. My mouth was dry, there was a slight metallic taste. I recognized the feeling, it had happened that very first night with Reggie, the time I first walked into Illicit. I was ready for an experience! I bit the bullet, strode on those ridiculous heels toward my fate. “I’m Melynda,” I introduced, and shook his hand. His eyes scanned my body thoroughly, taking in each inch that was uncovered, paying especial attention to the parts that were. He was sitting in the chair, I plopped into the sofa opposite. “You’re the woman, the one at Illicit,” he remarked. “You remember?” I said. “Of course. I thought you were beautiful. I mean, I think you are beautiful.” “But you were having a pretty good time, weren’t you?” “Well, yeah, I guess. But you know, sometimes, what’s the phrase, ‘the grass is greener?’” “I understand. Waving a hand across my goose flesh I asked, “Is it still green?” “Oh, yeah.” He nervously sipped his beer. “My boyfriend is playing a game on me,” I explained. “I expected him to show up, didn’t know you’d be here. That’s why I was so shaky back then.” “I guess I understand. I sort of feel funny. Maybe I should leave.” “No, not unless you want to.” I licked my lips, took a sip of wine, the taste simply enhanced the metal in my mouth. Quentin made no move to leave. “Do you want to leave?” I asked. “No, not really. You’re very beautiful,” he repeated. I stood, making sure he could look me over. I felt his eyes examine my body, even though he seemed to be trying not to let me see his lustful gaze. “Stand up, will you?” He rose, we were three feet from each other. “Take off your shirt, please.” As the hem climbed, I gawked at those perfect abs, that muscled chest, the pinpoints of his nipples on the firm skin. “What do you do?” “I’m a fireman.” “You work out.” “Some. A couple times a day. We’ve got weights in the firehouse.” I approached him, placed a palm on his torso, the first touch between us. There was a softness covering the hardness, so pleasant I almost crowed. “Your body is perfect.” I pushed against him, felt my breasts crush against his sinew, in those heels we were the same height, I pressed my lips against his. For a few brief seconds our lips remained as tight O’s, then we relaxed. His mouth was sweet, his tongue rough in my mouth. His arms encircled my waist, I trembled to think what was to happen to me. With him! He smelled good, just the right mixture of musk and his natural scent. After a reasonable amount of time, our hands began to roam, I felt my shoulder blades being rubbed, I put my hand on his firm ass. That enflamed him, he put both of his hands on my back, pulled me closer, I bit his lips. “Do you want to come into the bedroom?” I invited. “Yeah. Absolutely.” On my way, holding his hand in mine, I turned off the living room lights, my apartment was now dark, mysterious, romantic. I sat on the bed, he was beside me, we were kissing again. My hands roamed his torso, his arms. Not one speck of him felt soft, all was firm muscle. I’d never felt a man like this before, all of my lovers had a bit of fat on them; in the last couple of years of our marriage, my husband’s waist had expanded four inches. I couldn’t wait, I put my hand on his loin. There it was, inside the jeans, rocklike, overlong. He was pawing at me, I let him, I needed him to. One breast popped out of it’s bowl, he felt it, the first twitch of my nipple sent me high. “Take your pants off,” I demanded. “Okay.” After just a bit of fumbling, I was lying with a naked man, a perfect stranger, I didn’t mind, didn’t care. My hand held the prick. Yes, I could tell it’s girth, longer than any I’d contacted before. In the candlelight it was dark in its rage, my fingers clutched it, traced the distinctive curve. I bent, took it in my mouth. It was sweet and fresh, and the precum strangely tasted of avocados. The balls were just as large, and in his state were tight and drawing into a firm globe. As I bobbed my head - I couldn’t fit more than a third of it in without hitting the back of my throat - I twisted my hand a little, heard his moans. “You’re good,” he groaned, “the best!” He’d not even touched me, down there, and I was ready to go off. I didn’t need more foreplay, I got my panties down and off, and without a second’s delay, climbed on up. Have you ever gone shopping for gloves, tried a cheap pair on and they were too large and your hand sort of flopped around in it? And then you try on an expensive pair, just the right size, and it feels so good, so luxurious? That’s what Quentin’s dick felt like inside me. Just the perfect size when I sat on top of him and we ground our bones together. Not too large, it didn’t stretch or hurt me, but it filled me up, surpassing any that had come before it. I wriggled, feeling the various sensations as my vaginal sides stroked it, the head poked against the different points in my pussy. When I bent down to kiss him and it was almost out of me, I felt the arched tip bump into my g-spot, it was all I needed, the colors I saw were unimaginable. I fucked him, he held on to me. I felt him fumble with the bra strap, I reached behind my back and whisked it away. Now my breasts were on his solid chest, his hair was tickling my nipples, he bent me and sucked at them, I came again! Nice and hard. Again. I was up there, I did my best to stay there. Through my fog I felt his hands roaming around my body, my boobs, my ass, my neck, his fingers swept through my hair. I assume I was doing much the same to him, I can’t really remember. Then, without much effort at all, and I’m not a little girl, he twisted, put his feet on the floor, stood up. He was holding me, my legs encircled his waist, and using those tremendous arms, he pulled me up, then let me sink again. Oh, it was delicious, I may have blacked out for a couple of seconds in my ecstasy. He led me to my dresser, put his back to it, I put my feet on the top - now I could rise and fall at my desire. Another, and another great come. He wasn’t done yet, he carried me back to the bed, threw me down onto the mattress, turned me over, again he had that wonderful cock inside me. We twisted in our elation. When he had me half off the bed, I was supporting myself with my hands on the floor, I sensed that delicious tenseness that comes over men a half minute before they’re ready. “I’m going to come!” he screamed. “Go ahead!” I yelled back, “Give it to me!” And he did, grunting and blubbering and I felt my cunt being glutted with his cum. And that, too, sent me once more over the edge. I bet, if anyone was listening outside my window, they wondered if they should call the cops. He pulled out, I knew the bed would have one very wet spot, I didn’t care. We swiveled around, faced each other, kissed. There was no cuddling, no downtime, I was amazed he was still hard. Once again I went down on him, he tasted completely different now, sweet and salty. Somebody should make sperm flavored candies, I’d buy them. As I was cleaning him off, he put a thumb inside me, started finger fucking me. Again, it was simply incredible, I had a little bit more of a come. He used his super sized muscles to turn me over, on my back, and I spread for him, we were fucking again. I managed to get a couple of pillows under my ass, tried to move my legs around for just the right insertion, found two or three different ways. I wanted to come again, but I think I was overloaded. I’d approach the precipice, then my body would rebel, the elastic of the garter belt was scratching me. I was done. But don’t think I didn’t like the way he was stroking inside me, around me. Again I felt the muscles of his ass, his chest, his arms. After a while, not too long, I felt him tense up again, knew that more of his sperm was being spurted deep inside me. And then we were exhausted. We cuddled a bit, it was nice to feel him stroke my well used body, to rub his, but there was nothing behind it. I realized I didn’t know where he lived, if he had a wife or girlfriend, even how old he was. “You want another beer?” I offered. “No, thanks, I’ve got to be at muster at 7:30 in the morning. I should be getting home.” “Okay.” I watched him get his pants on, didn’t bother covering myself up - what more could he see? I followed him into the living room, he got into his shirt, I knew I’d miss those six-packs. He found my key in his pocket, gave it to me. Before he left he grabbed me, kissed me, felt my tit one last time. “You want to get together again?” I didn’t have to worry that one out, very quickly said, “Sure. Call me Tuesday or Wednesday.” We kissed, one very last time, I admit I was thinking maybe I should drag him back to bed, but then he was out the door. I sighed, went to the bathroom sink, splashed water on my face, took a long drink. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My complexion was flushed, my hair a mess, my nipples were still hard with the thought of this new lover. I began to take that garter belt off, it was rubbing me raw now, there was going to be a little bruise on my left hip, and then my phone rang. I went to answer it, saw it was Reggie. “Hey!” “Can I come in?” he asked. “Where are you?” “Outside, in my car.” “You’ve been there all night?” “For the last hour or so, yeah.” “And you waited for him to leave.” “Yeah.” I could have been pissed, but I really wasn’t. Once again, Reggie somehow knew what I wanted, needed, and he was right. “Get your ass in here,” I laughed. In the couple of seconds that it took him, I straightened up a little, put those heels back on. When Reggie walked in the door, he saw me standing there, in that garter belt and stockings, and that’s all. “Hi,” he said, looking me over, I could tell he was in lust, even though he knew what I’d been doing. I smiled at him. “I got fucked.” “Well fucked, it looks like.” “Yeah, real well fucked.” “You want to tell me about it.” A command, not a request. “Okay. Pour me a glass of wine, and get your ass in the bedroom.” Before he joined me, I got that stupid garter belt off, but I kept the stockings on. He wanted me to tell him all about it, and I did, from the shock of hearing a strange man’s voice to the positions we used, to the way his dick felt in my hand, in my pussy. “He’s bigger than you are.” Reggie’s voice was muffled, he was eating me. I was a little surprised that he wanted to taste me, seeing as how I was drenched with the stuff Quentin had left in me, but if that’s what he hankered, what the hell! “You want to see him again, don’t you?” “I’m going to,” I announced. “Cool. Can I be there to watch?” “Maybe.” I suddenly understood that I still had things to learn, that Reggie still had techniques and attitudes to teach me. But now I was a graduate student. And then, the bad boy got fucked by the bad girl.
  7. The white sheet was soft and clean, the man was urgently licking at my lady parts, trying to get me to come. I could have told him it wasn’t going to happen, I’ve never come in these situations, only when my husband Ken screws me, but I was enjoying the guy’s efforts. My eyes were closed, concentrating on the quick laps at my clit and listening to the exhibition on the next bed. It seemed Ken was having a pretty good time, I could hear the other woman, Jackie I think her name was, moaning loudly. Then I heard her say, “Honey, I want him to fuck me. Is it okay?” Here was the part where it got a little sticky, where this guy might try to get me to do him while Ken was doing her. It wasn’t going to happen, I’ve never gone all the way with anyone except my husband. Jackie’s boyfriend sidled up to me, whispered in my ear, “You want to do it with me?” “I like you,” I said, “but we told you I don’t do that. If you want, I’ll give you a blow job.” “Okay,” he resentfully agreed, and then more loudly to his girl, “Yeah, go ahead.” I watched as Ken got a condom, unrolled it onto his dick, then approached Jackie. She laid on her back, spread her legs and let Ken crawl above her, bury himself within her. It didn’t bother me that my husband was making it with another woman, not at all. I’d promised my guy so I knelt beside him, my mouth next to his belly. One hand grappled with his balls, big and heavy, the other circled the purple shaft. My mouth descended onto the tip of it, I swallowed as much as I could handle. On the back of my head I felt the guys hand, trying to get me to take it deeper, I ignored it. I bobbed, let spit dribble out of my mouth to soak his dick, stroked it hard with my hand. I felt the tool start to pulsate, forced my head up, let him come all over my tits. I didn’t stop stroking him until he was totally dry, then I kissed him. Guys like it when you kiss them after you give them a blow job. And I hadn’t promised him he could come in my mouth. Ken and Jackie were still going at it, rocking around, I figured Ken was trying to get as deep into her as he could. She was giving off a deep whine with every lunge. The guy got me to lie down, started playing with my tits and pussy, not with any serious intent, just because he had to have something to do while his girlfriend was fucking on the other bed. Ken began his low growl, I knew he was coming, I watched his cramped face, closed eyes, gaping mouth as he pumped into her. I was glad he was having such a good time. After it was all over we chatted for a couple of moments, it was sort of what you did, then Jackie and her friend put some clothes on, she told Ken she had a great time. I didn’t ask the guy how he felt, perhaps he thought he’d been cheated, but maybe he figured they’d gotten what they’d bargained for, I don’t know. Then Ken laid beside me, I felt his dick, the one that had been screwing another woman moments before and asked, “Have a good time, baby?” ```` I was a virgin when I said my vows. Maybe that explains it, maybe it has nothing to do with it. Who knows what a shrink would say, not that I was going to talk to one about it. I’m happy, I’m well-adjusted to the realities of my world, who cares? Ken and I were high-school sweethearts in our medium sized town, all four years. Oh, every once in awhile we’d get mad at each other and date somebody else for a couple of weeks, but we always got back together. In our senior year, I let him go to third base pretty often, but as much as he wanted to I never let him go all the way. When he went off to college, I didn’t worry about it. I knew we were still young, and if he wanted to bang some coed, what did I care. (And, yes, he did get it on with five girls over three years I later found out.) I entered a nursing program at our community college, two years later I got a job in the local hospital, I dated around some. Yes, on the third or fourth date, I’d let them feel me up, if they had their own place I’d go up there and let them take my bra off. I’d go ahead and do the things Ken and I had done, some of them were quite happy with my hand and mouth. But I never let my panties drop. It was lucky I was never date-raped. When Ken came back home, I’d drop what I was doing (or not doing, according to some of the guy’s complaints) and date him. But even for him, I never went all the way. Oh a couple of times we got a hotel and I let him get me completely naked. He was the first guy to come on me after a blow job. And I let him finger me and lick my pussy; in fact, one night I had a tiny orgasm, the first ever with a guy that wasn’t made out of plastic. In his senior year, Ken and I started getting a little more serious. He was prepping for his LSAT, I was tying to help him as much as I could, being quiet if he needed it, or ‘relieving the stress’ if he wanted me to. He wanted to screw me pretty bad, heck I wanted it too, but I couldn’t bring myself to give him the okay. Ken did pretty well on the test, and on Valentine’s Day he proposed, I said yes. He got into a good law school in a big city about forty minutes from where we lived, we got married during his first year. And that night, I gave my virginity to my love. Both of our parents helped, we scraped by. I got a job in a doctor’s office, we had enough money to eat and live. But Saturday nights, we went wild. We found a few great clubs around, Ken got me to put some nice outfits on our credit card, I dressed up, we went dancing. I loved it, guys sometimes asked to dance even with my wedding ring on, Ken didn’t mind. It was fun being twirled around by a man that really wanted to get into my pants - I looked good! - but they had absolutely no chance. And yes, I’d get hit on at the office or maybe at a mall or when I was out to dinner with my girlfriends. That pleased me, but I was never, never tempted. Ken and I had a great sex life back then, we screwed at least four times a week. Ken got really good at eating me, that was one way he could almost always get me to come. And I really liked the feel of his hard, spongy dick in my mouth. But one day, Ken admitted my blow jobs weren’t anything special. So I made him take me to a sex shop and I bought both a book and a video about how to give good ones, and I practiced! He loved that part. Eventually, I got very, very good at it. It wasn’t just the licking and sucking like I thought it was, but other techniques that counted was feeling his balls and stroking his shaft, making sure I stayed with it with my hand as he was coming and even a few minutes after that. Ken told me I could be a professional! Ken got an internship with a law firm not far from our home back in town, then after he graduated they offered him an associateship, since there were only three partners he thought his chances of moving up were pretty good. And then we started trying to have a baby, only a few months later I missed the bloody fairy. The next few years were good, no problems at all to speak of. One night years later, Ken asked me if I missed the days when we went dancing. We got to recollecting about the guys who tried to pick me up, and then Ken asked if I regretted never getting it on with somebody before we were married. I told him I didn’t, but we started fantasizing about other people. Then the thoughts sort of took over my mind. During the day when Ken was at work and our son Joel was in school, I’d take an hour, get my rabbit out and pleasure myself, not thinking of my husband but somebody else; who, I don’t know, just somebody. At the same time, Ken got his parents to babysit one weekend, we got a hotel in the city where we went to law school, and we went clubbing. It was a real bust, of course, most of the places we knew back then were closed, the ones that weren’t didn’t fit us anymore, we were too old. Over the next few months, we tried to find substitutes, hotels that had dance floors and such, but the excitement didn’t happen. Ken found a solution, but he wasn’t at all sure I’d approve. He came to me one night and said he’d heard of a place in the city that had some of the stuff we wanted and was for people our age, but there was one hitch - it was a sex club. Yes, that first time I was a little shocked, even said ‘Never!’ But I didn’t mean it, and within a couple of months we were discussing it. I checked out their web site and that of some similar places and found out about the world of Swinging. That took my daytime romps with my dildo to a whole new level. I was a little shocked the first time Ken came into one of my fantasies, he was involved with another man’s wife while I was with her husband. But I didn’t mind at all, it was just sex, wasn’t it? I discovered Swinging doesn’t necessarily mean wife-swapping, there’s all kinds of different ways. Some people, I found out, just go to a club to dance and watch other people have sex, if you didn’t want to go all the way you could do what they called soft swap where you kiss and hug and so forth but you stop short of full-on sex. Ken and I talked about it, and it wasn’t hard for him to get me to agree to give it a try on the condition that nothing serious would happen. One Saturday noon we dropped our son off at my folk’s place and headed for the city. The first stop was a boutique where they sold ‘clubwear.’ Little flashy outfits that just begged to be taken off. I let Ken convince me I looked good in a tight metallic wrap dress, it emphasized my breasts and ass by sheathing them snugly and stopped at mid-thigh. We checked into the hotel and spent a great hour messing up the bedsheets. Then I did my hair, made up and squeezed myself into the costume. I’m lucky I never let myself gain much weight, I only weigh seven more pounds than I did when I graduated from high school. Ken was a little nervous when we got to the club, I couldn’t have cared less. What was the worst that could happen, we had already decided we’d just drink, dance and see what was going down. When we got into the bar and dance floor area, I was amazed at the effect my outfit had on the guys, plenty of them were checking me out. And since I knew many couples came to have sex with other people, I wondered how many of them would ravage me if I was willing. It was quite the turn-on for a married lady who was going to be forty in less than two years. We had a ball that first night. For three hours we stayed at the dance floor, there was popping electronic music you could really move to. It wasn’t long before other guys wanted to dance with me, Ken gave me up easily, if the men ground against my back I didn’t mind. The first time a guy reached around and grabbed at a tit, I moved away. But I saw Ken had seen and didn’t seem to mind, so the next time I let the guy feel me up a little. Ken danced a few times with other ladies, many of them had outfits that showed more than I dared, even topless, and if Ken grabbed an ass or boob, I didn’t care. Eventually I wound down, it was after eleven, we went on a tour of the place. There was a big whirlpool with a bench all around it so you could sit and just your shoulders were above the waterline. We poked our head in to see what was happening, quite a few people were soaking, no clothes were worn, for the first time I saw a woman with some guy’s dick in her mouth. While it shocked me, it didn’t, if you can understand that. We went down a hall of closed doors, heard the plain sounds of sex. One door was open, there were a few people gathered before it, inside two women and three men were humping. I watched one guy, wearing nothing but a condom, his dick was in and out of a fairly attractive woman. At the end of the hall was an amphitheater, on the mattresses in the middle perhaps a dozen people romped, one woman was satisfying three men simultaneously, and when one climaxed and gave up she beckoned another to join in. I wondered if she knew the new guy’s name, or even cared. I wasn’t shocked. I didn’t want to join the crowd, but a part of me sort of wished Ken would go and be with the strange women. I didn’t think I’d be jealous at all. It was a very curious feeling. On the walk back to the dance floor we passed the jacuzzi again, Ken told me he’d like to go in, I agreed. There were some shelves and hooks on the wall, I took off my dress and thong, grabbed a towel, walked to the pool. It wasn’t the first time men had seen me nude, before we had Joel we took a vacation at Miami Beach and Ken talked me into going to Haulover Beach. Yes, I caught a few of the guys checking me out, my nipples hurt they were so tight. Some of the people were just soaking, there were a few who were involved in foreplay of one kind or another. I wondered if they were married, friends or strangers. After ten minutes or so I felt Ken’s hand on my knee under the water, I climbed up on his lap, we kissed, he fondled my tits and fingered me, I stroked his dick, now steel hard. We were ready, he grabbed my hand, with only my clothes and purse in my hand and a towel wrapped around me we ran to a private room, Ken threw me on a bed and slid his prick into my very wet pussy. I’d like to say I came, but I didn’t. Sometimes when Ken and I are making love I have a nice orgasm, other times I don’t, but I always enjoy myself. If anything’s missing, I can usually bring myself off with a finger, and Ken understands it and doesn’t mind. Ken, on the other hand, pumped a gallon of sperm inside me. I figured he was thinking about the other naked girls he’d seen that night, wishing he was sticking it to them, it didn’t bother me at all. It didn’t take ten minutes until we were both happy and unhorny. In the bathroom we showered to get rid of the chlorine, I repaired my hair and makeup, we headed back to the dance floor. Ken told me to go ahead, he was winded he said, and I danced by myself until I was joined by others, both male and female. I was touched through my clothing, upstairs and on my rear, one guy pulled my skirt up, felt my ass. When he tried to get his hand between my legs, I stopped him. At two o’clock they turned the lights on and kicked us out. If they hadn’t, we might still be there. In our hotel room, Ken made love to me again, he hadn’t come three times in twenty-four hours since Joel came along, that time I saw the stars, thinking about all the strange things we’d seen, the guys who had felt me up on the dance floor. ```` We couldn’t wait to go back! For the next weeks we talked endlessly about what we’d done, what we’d seen, what it was like. Ken was completely turned on by the fact that a man felt my ass up, talked about what would happen if he’d pulled my dress down and sucked on my nipples. I dreamed about that, of course, but also thought that if some girl sucked on Ken’s dick it would be super. A few weeks later my parents asked if they could take Joel and his cousins to a theme park for the weekend, we said ‘Sure!’ So we headed for the city to repeat the adventure. This time I bought a red dress, halter top and the cowl neck drooped all the way to my belly button, a good shake would let anybody see my nipples. Once again we hit the dance floor as soon as we got there, not half an hour later a very cute guy was grinding on my ass, I could feel his hard on against my butt, his hand snuck around my front, slipped into the dress, my nipple was being pinched. I looked to Ken, he was smiling to beat the band and gave me a thumbs up. I twisted my head, kissed my partner while he held my naked breast. We sat for awhile, talked to a man and his wife, found out they had been in the Lifestyle for over five years, had a bunch of friends, I had a vision about the attractive wife writhing under Ken. We explained we were new, only our second time here, and we hadn’t done anything yet. Ken said we might be ‘soft-swap,’ I wondered if he wanted to see if the other couple would go into a room with us. I was a tad upset about that, not because I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, but that we hadn’t talked it out, figured what we were comfortable with yet. Luckily, the couple didn’t bite, I got the impression they were looking for more than just a bit of foreplay, but they did say we wouldn’t have much trouble finding whatever we wanted there. And she told me to watch out for single guys, sometimes they got a little out of hand. We repeated the hot tub experience again, this time I got Ken to sit on the side and took his prick in my mouth. Later, we headed for a private room, there was only one available with two beds. The club was popping that night, there was a naughty schoolgirl event going on. Ken asked me if I wanted to leave the door open, let people watch us as we screwed. I hesitated, but then agreed; the rule was that if the door was open people could watch but no one would come in unless they were invited. We were down to the buff, getting it on, when a couple interrupted us and asked if they could use the other bed, there was nothing else open. We let them, and they started making out. I liked the fact that we could watch them and they could watch us. We gathered a bit of a crowd at the door, as Ken fucked me I watched a single guy lick his lips and play with his cock. I didn’t mind, in fact I scooted around so he could watch Ken’s cock slide in and out of my pussy. 111 The next day, lying in our hotel bed, Ken and I talked about what was happening to us, where we wanted it to go. He plainly admitted he wanted to screw other women, wouldn’t mind if somebody else stuck his penis where only his had been. I was reluctant to go there. It wasn’t religion. Oh, we went to church most Sundays where I’d been baptized and we’d been married. Other times, we went to Ken’s parents church. But I didn’t take the theology seriously, I figured if people were nice to each other it didn’t matter what prayers they said. And the people screwing around at the club didn’t hurt anyone as far as I saw. A little bit of it was the fear of disease. With HIV and HPV and other stuff flying around, I didn’t want to get sick. There was the problem with pregnancy, when we decided Joel was the only kid we wanted Ken got a vasectomy, so there wasn’t a problem doing it with him and I didn’t really want to go back on birth control. But mostly it was that I’d never given myself to somebody else, I had a notion I wanted to save myself forever for Ken. He was a little surprised at that, didn’t quite understand. When I told him that even though I didn’t want anybody else sticking it to me, I wasn’t worried if he fucked another girl it blew his mind. But, after talking it out, he accepted it as the way it was. In the end, we made up some ground rules. - We would be soft-swap. We could do anything we wanted with other people, short of full penetration in my pussy. (I told Ken if he ever got the chance and wanted to, go ahead. He told me if I wasn’t going to he wasn’t going to. I told him he was being foolish and if he got into it and changed his mind he should have fun!) - If Ken did screw somebody, he had to use a condom. - We would only ‘play’ at the club. We knew there were some couples who got together in their houses, but if we played too close to home it could get out and hurt our reputations. As a local lawyer, Ken couldn’t let that happen. And no affairs, this was a team sport. - The last thing was about the single guys at the club. Ken said if I wanted to get it on with a guy it was fine with him. And if I didn’t mind, could he watch? I thought that was okay, in fact if he was there he could make sure the guy didn’t poke me ‘by accident.’ The next time we could talk my folks into taking Joel for the night, we were off to the city, hoping to break our cherry. It was much the same, we got to the club about 8:30, saw it was an average crowd, around a hundred people. The couples who go to the club can be split into three camps. First there’s the people who came having already planned who they were going to play with, cliques or foursomes. Second there were the people who weren’t going to play with anybody, were there only for the sexy atmosphere; that was us the first two times. Lastly there’s the the couples that are looking to hook up with somebody for a good time, we were now hopefully in that camp. (Oh, there’s a smattering of single guys and maybe one or two single girls. We’d talk to them if they were nice, but they didn’t really concern us.) We started circulating, dancing. I was wearing lycra shorts that looked like they’d been painted on and a mesh halter top that really didn’t hide anything, I thought I was hot and the looks I got confirmed my theory. When we weren't on the floor, we were talking with couples, got a few nibbles. When we told them we were soft-swap, the first few couples lost their interest, they wanted to go all the way, I couldn’t blame them. Then we happened on an older couple, Ann and Tom, we found out they were in their early fifties (although they didn’t look it,) and they said they were soft-swap too. We started dancing with them, Tom seemed a little shy, didn’t try to feel me up, I could see Ken’s hands ranging all over Ann’s dress. A little while later when the guys went over to get some drinks Ann told me they thought we were a cute couple, wanted to know if we would go in a room with them. Tom wasn’t my dream boat, a little overweight, but we were horny and wanted to lose our ‘virginity’ so I told her I’d talk it over with Ken. We went over to the side and I told him we had the offer, he thought Ann was sexy even if she was a little old, we went over to them and said yes. It took us ten minutes before everyone gathered their stuff and we found a room that was open, two beds. We were talking, suddenly it seemed a little awkward, like nobody knew how to get it started. Finally, Ann led Ken to one of the beds, they sat on it and she started kissing him. So I got Tom on the other bed, we started making out. He was a pretty good kisser, he started feeling my tits up, I was having fun, I pulled my top off. I helped him pull his shirt over his head, and then he took his pants and boxers off, I was making out with a a naked man with an erection! His dick was about the same size as Ken’s, but I was surprised to see a big curve in it. He was able to get my nipples tight, the way he licked at them was somehow different from the way Ken always sucked me. I caught Ken’s eye, he was naked and Ann was down to her panties. He was feeling her up down there, she had his dick in his hand, rubbing it. By this time, Tom was pulling my shorts down, he saw my thong. Then when he laid beside me and started kissing me, his hand traveled down there. I don’t quite know what I expected, but I was stunned when he pushed the little strap to the side and put his finger inside me. Maybe, I don’t know, maybe I thought I’d be with a guy and they’d never put anything up there. But there he was, finger fucking me. And by this time, Ken was licking Ann. So, since it was happening to me and I couldn’t go back if I wanted to, I relaxed, let Tom go to work. It wasn’t bad. Oh, I wasn’t close to coming, I was way too nervous, but I liked the way his finger was working it. He was concentrating on the side of the tunnel, something Ken doesn’t do much, and I got to liking it. Then he shifted, put his dick near my face, it was obvious he wanted me to suck it. But I didn’t want to, I still didn’t want a strange prick any place inside me. I looked over, Ken was kneeling over Ann’s face, his dick was in her mouth, sliding in and out, and I could see a look of happiness on his face. So I got Tom to lie down and licked his thing a little bit. It didn’t taste bad or anything. I got my hand real wet with my spit and started giving him a hand job. The dick got even harder, and just before it was going to go off - I figured I’d let him spit on his stomach, I guess - Ann came over, told me she’d take it from there, and I went over to the other bed. I saw Ann on top of Tom, they were already going to town, and I got on my back and let Ken stick it to me. He was so excited from what Ann did to him that he didn’t last more than a couple of minutes. Ann and Tom were still going at it, she was having a pretty good orgasm and I heard Tom give one long ummmm, they were done. I wondered what would happen after that, and was surprised when we all just laid around for maybe fifteen minutes or so without our clothes on, talking about stuff. They told us they went to a house party every once in awhile, how it was really hot, if we wanted they could get us an invitation. After awhile Ann came over to our bed and we started feeling Ken up, both of us. He loved it! And Ann held my breast, told me I had real pretty ones. Yeah, it felt a little weird, but not like I didn’t like it. Then we decided to put our clothes on, we all kissed again, and we went back to the party. As I was dancing with Ken, I was a little freaked out. I mean, I’d just let another man touch me all over, Ken had his dick in a girl’s mouth, and we were acting like nothing had happened! Ken realized something was wrong, he took me over to a little quiet area, got me a drink, and got me to calm down. My perspective came back, it was what we wanted, wasn’t it? I started looking at the other sexy couples dancing, and it didn’t seem so strange anymore. But that night we didn’t go down the hall to watch the orgy, and we didn’t go into the hot tub, I didn’t want anybody else to see my naked body. In fact, we left early, a little bit after midnight. The next morning Ken and I were lying in bed and he started feeling me up. And then I took his dick in my mouth and thought how it had been in Ann’s, it seemed okay. A bit later Ken went down to eat me, and I wondered what it would have been like if Tom had done that. And then, when Ken and I got into a very comfortable position and we were making slow love, I thought about how sexy everyone was at the club and how I’d handled a dick that wasn’t my husband’s and I let myself go and had a long, wonderful come, and all was right with the world again. We went back to the club three weeks after that. We were dancing with a guy and his wife, it started getting pretty hot, I don’t know who first suggested we head for a room, we found one with a huge mattress. Rather than him with me and Ken with the girl, it turned into a pile, everyone kissing and fondling anybody else. (Except for the two guys, they didn’t touch each other.) I found out it wasn’t bad kissing another woman, letting her touch me, and a bit later the guy went down on me. I liked that! Ken got the girl to come with his mouth, and we all had a great time. They turned into regular playmates. We went back to the club as often as we could, given that we had a son we couldn’t get away from often. Usually we got there every six weeks or so, but there was a time when Joel went on a long vacation with my folks and we were able to hit the place on a Friday AND a Saturday night two weekends in a row. We were regulars, and we knew maybe sixty percent of all the people who were there most nights. The word got around we were soft-swap and although everyone was nice, there were still a lot of people that wanted more than that, so we didn’t talk to them a whole lot. We did pretty well picking newbie couples up. Most experienced couples didn’t want to deal with the rookies, too much can go wrong, it can get a little dramatic. (Like it did with me after that first time with Tom and Ann.) But we were able to handle it, and had a lot of fun breaking a few couples in. And if nothing seemed to be happening early in the evening, we just waited. Sometimes, after midnight, if a couple hadn’t found anybody to play with all night, they might say yeah, we could do soft-swap. Probably we were able to hook up five out of six nights; the times we couldn’t we made love with each other, it was fine. The next couple of times we were there we went into a room with couples. We got better at getting over our initial awkwardness, it got easier to take our clothes off and get it on. I got to liking it when the guy would eat me out, although I still never came close to coming. And I didn’t mind when a guy would put a finger inside me, in a way I didn’t think that was any worse than the dildos I used. The third time I got my guy to come in my hand, and the girl Ken was with let him come in her mouth. That was okay with both of us, hot even. But I still didn’t want to take another guy’s dick in my mouth. Ken and I talked it out one night when we were driving home. He didn’t understand my scruples about that. I tried to tell him, something about keeping it special just for him and he laughed, telling me we weren’t fucking other people, wasn’t that special enough? I didn’t agree with him, but I thought about it and wondered if I wasn’t just being a little silly. What would it hurt? Luckily, the next time we were at the club, the couple we found had a little mousy woman, but the guy was tall and handsome. So when we got down to it, I put my face in his lap and it smelled really nice. I licked it and liked the taste, so I went ahead and let the tip between my lips. And then, my training took over. I bobbed on him, I sucked and licked, I fondled his balls, I stroked the shaft. And within a couple of moments, I felt him coming, tasted the pre-cum, and I lifted my head. It’s not that I had any problem with Ken coming in my mouth, I even swallowed sometimes with him, but I still didn’t want other guys actually gushing inside any part of me. It didn’t matter, the guy loved it! Later, when we were just lying around afterwards, he told me my blow job was better than some girl’s fucks. Don’t think we weren’t a little picky. There were a lot of couples where she looked okay, but he was either much older or overweight. (Or both!) We left those people alone. And the fact that I was smoking (many guys told me that,) maybe got us some couples that hoped to convert us once they got us in a room. One night, we got it on late with a couple we knew to be very experienced, Corey and Cassandra. She was one of the hottest girls there, he was quite good looking in a bad-boy way. They hunted us down, danced with us as dirty as you could get. I was wearing sort of a miniskirt that night, Corey got his finger between my legs and felt me up. Then he asked me if my blow jobs were as good as guys said they were, I whispered back if he wanted to find out I was game. So we went into a room with them. It was immediate get-it-on time, full on kisses and handling all around. We were naked in no time at all, and Corey went down on me, getting me as wet as I could. I could hear Ken and Cassandra talking to each other on the other bed, and she told Ken she wanted to fuck him. I couldn’t make out what he said then, and they shut up for a few minutes. (Later, Ken told me he said that was okay with him, but he told her he didn’t think I was going to screw Corey.) About five minutes later, she announced to us, listen, I’m going to fuck him, Corey said okay, I told Ken to put a condom on. Corey leaned over to me and said he guessed that meant we were going to fuck too, right? I said no way, but I’ll give you that blow job. Before I went down on him, I watched as Cassandra climbed up on Ken and for the first time since we’d been married, Ken was screwing somebody who wasn’t me. While they were fucking - it was quite acrobatic, they kept shifting positions - I gave Corey my best. He seemed to love it, but he took a long time getting there, I noticed he was watching his girl friend with Ken. Finally, he asked me please, could he fuck me? Again I told him no, I wasn’t into that, so he said can I at least come on your cunt? I didn’t see any problem with that, and he knelt beside me - I kept my knees together so there wouldn’t be an ‘accident.’ Pretty soon I heard him grunt and I felt the warm wetness spurting onto my pussy lips. A little bit after that, I heard Ken start moaning, I knew he was coming inside Cassandra, I was pretty happy about that. They didn’t stick around, before they left they told us we were really good, they wanted to try it with us again, we said sure why not! I cleaned myself up, and then Ken got down between my legs and started tonguing me. I thought about Corey’s sweet dick, I had a great come! The upshot was Corey and Cassandra barely talked to us after that, and I heard he told some other guys my blow job wasn’t anything special. We just laughed about it. We continued to attend the club as often as we could, most nights ended up with us in a room with others. We got fairly close to one couple, Mark and Nicole, and we played maybe five or six times with them. We knew they were full swap sometimes, but we all liked each other so much they didn’t mind we didn’t go all the way. Mark really liked my blow jobs, Nicole liked the way Ken ate her out and kissed her nipples. We talked about it, they accepted I didn’t want anybody’s prick inside me, and they knew I didn’t have any objection to Ken fucking her, but she didn’t go all the way with him while we played. Then one night, we were at the club, Nicole was there by her lonesome. She told us Mark was out of town at a conference, and then later she got me in the restroom and asked for a favor. Would I mind if she borrowed Ken? She left no doubt that if I said okay she was gonna take him all the way. I told her to have a ball, actually helped her find a room, told her to go in and wait. Then I went out to the dance floor, Ken was having a drink with a guy we knew. I kissed Ken, gave him a couple of condoms, and told him Nicole was waiting for him behind door 14, I didn’t want to see him for at least an hour. I danced for awhile, then I decided to take a dip. I was sitting there, steaming, and I got into a conversation with one of the single guys I knew pretty well but had never played with, Chuck. (Up to that time, I’d never let any single guy do more than kiss me or cop a feel out on the dance floor.) I was pretty horny, thinking about what Ken was doing with Nicole, so when Chuck pulled me to him, I cooperated and let him kiss me, and then he started feeling me and I handled his dick. It was long and nice, so after a few moments I got him to sit on the side of the pool and took his prick between my lips. It didn’t take him long, when he was close to coming I put the dick between my tits, kept stroking, he splashed all over me. We got back in the water, kept making out, I didn’t mind that he put a finger in me and screwed around. Then I saw Ken and Nicole coming towards us. She had that rosy glow women get after great sex, Ken had this big silly grin on his face. They got in, said hi to Chuck, after a few minutes I could tell Nicole was feeling him under the water. A little bit after that, Chuck got out, then a couple moments later Nicole followed him. I didn’t see her until much later, and she still had that rosy glow. I wanted to ask her if Ken was better than Chuck, but didn’t. We played with Mark and Nicole a couple of times after that, both times she got Ken to suit up. Mark never seemed to mind I was just playing around with him, he remained satisfied with my sucking. So Ken was occasionally going all the way with Nicole, there was one or two women in addition to Cassandra that let him fuck them, I was happy. Ken and I still discussed my limitation every once in awhile. He knew I was quite satisfied with what we did ten or twelve times a year. But he would whisper in my ear every once in awhile that he’d love it if I went ahead and fucked another guy, sort of caught up with him. Sometimes in bed at our house I’d role play with him about actually fucking somebody else, and I told him if I ever decided I wanted to go all the way, I’d let him know. It began to seem less of a big thing, but still I didn’t let a guy put it in. ```````` One night, Jackie and her boyfriend started chatting us up. This was the situation I told you about at the start of the story. They’d heard we had a pretty good reputation, even though I was soft-swap, after some dancing and fooling around we all decided to head for a room. Like I told you earlier, I gave him one of my blow jobs even though he wanted to fuck me, Jackie and Ken had full on sex. Afterwards, I asked Ken how good she was, (I always did, even if we just fooled around and he didn’t get laid,) and then we got dressed and headed back to the dance floor. I was wearing a little mermaid outfit that night, feeling fine, and I twirled with a whole bunch of guys. Like always, they felt free to hold my ass, grab a tit, that kind of thing always turned me on. It was after midnight, the place was beginning to wind down a bit, and I wanted to hit the jacuzzi. It was half full with people, Ken and I sat, he was satisfied from Jackie I could tell, we didn’t make out except for hands touching each other softly under the water. I heard Chuck say hi, then he was in the water. I stood, gave him a full-on kiss, rubbing my tits into his chest, trapping his dick between my legs. He sat on my left side, Ken was on my right. We started talking about this and that, Chuck told us about some work he was doing, and I felt his hand on my leg. I was very tempted, spread my knees so he had plenty of room. Before long, I felt him diddling my button, it felt very, very good. I turned to kiss him, Ken understood what was going on, reached around and pinched a nipple. Chuck had a finger inside me, pressed my g-spot, usually so hard to find, at the same time he was able to tease my clit. I was as close to coming as I’d ever been at the club, or with a man that wasn’t Ken. A few steamy moments later, I turned to Ken and told him I wanted to take Chuck into a room and give him a blow job. Ken told me it was okay, but he seemed a little down about it. Then I told him he could come and watch, he turned happy. I told Chuck what I was planning, he agreed at once, he led us to a room with a bed and a couch, Ken carrying our clothing. We were already naked, had been doing foreplay, there was no need for any hesitation. I sat on the bed, Chuck stood in front of me, I took his beautiful prick into my mouth. One hand was on his balls, another on the shaft, I heard Chuck’s sweet moans. I could tell he was getting there, it had been very quick, so I suddenly stopped, I wanted it to last. I stood, kissed Chuck passionately again. One of his hands was holding a breast, the other was on my back, pulling me close. His erection was against my stomach, it felt warm and nice. Suddenly, I wanted more. In his ear I asked him to eat me. I laid on the bed, my ass a foot from the edge, raised my feet. Chuck was kneeling on the floor in front of me, his lips were at my clit, sucking it, nipping it with his teeth. It felt oh so good. All of a sudden a finger was inside me, rubbing my wet tunnel, he found my g-spot again somehow. My breath grew short, my nipples puckered. Was I coming? No, that was impossible, it had never happened before. But there it was, not a huge one, but an orgasm none the less. And I wanted more! “Honey,” I said, “do you have a condom Chuck can use?” Ken seemed surprised and yet joyful, he handed Chuck a packet, I made sure it was rolled on properly. I put a couple of pillows under my ass, raising my hole to just the right level, Chuck stood in front of me, I grabbed his dick, rubbed it around on my pussy lips, only the second one ever to go there. Chuck pushed in, just a little bit, slowly, and I was getting fucked! He went deeper and deeper, I felt the strange sensation of plastic inside me, something I’d never felt before. Somehow, it was very different from anything Ken had ever done to me. And when my new lover started moving, it also was strange. I looked over my shoulder, my husband was there, as Chuck screwed me Ken and I shared a gaze of love and I held my husband’s hand. Then I turned my attention back to my lover. Chuck leaned down, we kissed. I shifted, he was somehow straddling one of my legs, holding the other high in the air, and he was pushing in and out steadily, eagerly. I looked into his eyes, watching him screw me, and suddenly I was overwhelmed! Ken told me I kicked and groaned through my orgasm, I don't remember. I only know I saw streaks of bright neon, felt the shaking and hot spell spread all over me, lasting, Ken tells me, for a very long time. Chuck stayed with me, when I got my senses back we shifted again, I was on my knees and he was behind me. That was when Ken got in front of me, put his dick where I could suck it, get him hard. Then I found myself straddling Chuck below me, slowly moving so that the tip of his dick touched every speck of my hole. My husband was standing on the bed, letting me suck his prick and squeeze his balls, and then I heard Chuck’s moans start, I tightened my pussy, pressed down as he spurted his love juice inside me, wanting even a little more. We collapsed, I held and kissed Chuck passionately, peeling his dick out of the latex, fondling the mass, bending down to take it once again inside my mouth and taste the remnants of the sperm. A few minutes later, Ken grabbed me, roughly turned me around, he was on top and didn’t take long before I was being nakedly filled with his semen. We rested, the two boys stroked me, I admit I paid more attention to Chuck than I did to Ken, he didn’t seem to mind. When I told Chuck he was the first guy, other than Ken, to make love with me, I’m not sure he believed it, but he seemed honored. Without his asking I sucked on him again, tried my best to get him hard and when I was successful, he put another condom on and we fucked again. The overhead light flickered, indicating we had just a few minutes left, and Chuck pounded hard into me, managed to release one more time. We didn’t have many moments left that night, we cuddled quickly, Chuck told me yes, I gave the best blow job in the club, but I screwed even better than that. And then our clothes were on, I kissed Chuck one more time before we left, Ken and I drove home. We talked about it on the forty-minute drive, I told him all I’d felt, got him to tell me what he saw, told him I was a little sorry he didn’t get his phone out and take some pictures. He promised he would if there was a next time. I told him I was sure there would be, I really wanted to get together with Mark and Nicole, that Ken wouldn’t be the only one who got screwed any more. I guess we’re going to have to let the people at the club know we’re not soft swap anymore. Feedback is, to an author, a marvelous thing. Perhaps you could write a comment, telling me what you liked or what you think I could do better. I promise you, it will make my day!
  8. We are a happily married couple in our 50's and this is an account of our first swinging experience. Susan is 5'7', blond and blue eyes, 135lbs. I am 5'11', gray and blue eyes and 210lbs. We were always fans of triple X-rated movies and would often rent a few for the weekend. Watching the movies was a great turn on for us and we'd comment on the various activities taking place. One such evening, I asked Susan which activities were most enjoyable for her, having already noticed a particular interest on her part for group action. She said she liked to watch the swing parties where different couples got together. I then asked her if she could have a fantasy experience, what would it be. She said she might enjoy us being with another couple but not in the group scene. It turned out that what she was trying to say was that she'd like to have another man but she didn't want me to watch her and she wasn't ready to see me with another woman. I asked if she'd be willing to go a little further and turn the fantasy into reality, and much to my surprise, she said yes. We did some initial checking and we discussed it further and decided that we'd contact a swinger's club and go and see what it was like. I got a copy of a swing magazine at a local shop and we called. The lady we talked to soon convinced us that we'd made the right choice. She assured Susan that their club, as is the case with any legitimate swing club, insisted on a no pressure and no means no atmosphere for their guests. Thus reassured, Susan agreed and we made arrangements to attend the following weekend. We were given directions to a large four-bedroom home on an isolated cul-de-sac. Upon arriving, we were greeted at the door by a gentleman who introduced himself as the club host. He took us into the bar area so we could leave our beverage of choice, BYOB, and proceeded to give us a quick rundown on the layout of the house, some basic rules of protocol and just friendly and relaxing conversation. We had told him we were first timers and I'm sure he spent a little extra time with us. Feeling more like house guests than swing party participants, John, our host, took us on a tour of the property. We went into bedrooms that were partitioned off for private accommodations and larger rooms that were pretty much open to anything goes. This was in the late 80's and the worst thing you had to contemplate was maybe a little penicillin and some embarrassment. So it was quite a show, mostly subtle since the evening was young and the party wasn't yet in full swing. But still there were a few very explicit acts in progress and we were thoroughly enjoying the sights. As we returned to the living room, a kind of neutral meeting and get acquainted area, we agreed that Susan would take the lead. If she found someone she was comfortable with, she would just go with it and I was free to then follow with my own action. We found a place on some cushions in one corner of the room and after introducing us to some nearby couples, John left us on our own. I began to realize Susan was paying particular attention to one guy in the group. Susan said she needed a refill, she had had a drink on arriving then switched to plain cola. I offered to get it and she said no, she'd rather get it herself, got up and went to the bar in the next room. She was gone longer than it took to get a refill on her drink and I later learned she was delayed by a show taking place in the bar, or I should say, on the bar. A woman was sitting up on the bar and another woman was just beginning a very public attempt to satisfy her orally. It was a new thing for the recipient and it was certainly a totally new experience for Susan. Although she is very straight in her sexual orientation, she was fascinated and stayed to watch this very erotic display. Susan returned to the cushion next to me, and her new found friend moved closer to her and expressed his relief that she had returned. She was obviously pleased at his attention and introduced me as her husband. I shook hands with him and found out his name was Bob. Susan asked if he was there alone and he told her his wife was back in one of the party rooms. I almost held my breath as they talked and the conversation moved closer and closer to where I was so fervently hoping it would go, that they would seek some more private place to continue to develop their mutual attraction. It was a real turn-on for me to see the way they touched hands and arms as they talked, even leaning over to whisper a few times. Susan later told me that what I didn't hear was when he told her he'd love to invite her to join him in another room but that he had had quite a few drinks and wasn't sure he would be able to do anything. She said that by then, she had developed such a good feeling about him that it wasn't the most important thing in her mind. She genuinely liked him and thought he was very attractive and wanted to be alone with him, the first man she had been alone with in that way since we had been married some 15 years earlier. Bob eventually asked me if it would be ok if they went for a walk to which I readily replied with, of course it's ok with me, and that it's Susan's decision. They left and I was so excited at the thought of what they might soon be doing I couldn't stand it. I went to the bar and fixed myself another drink, very light shots and lots of mix, I didn't want to be impaired if anything developed. When I reentered the room I noticed a rather attractive brunette sitting on the floor next to a coffee table in the center of the room. I stopped and said hello and asked if she'd mind if I joined her. She invited me to sit and we began to talk about the generalities of the party, what a nice place, a lot of nice people and so forth. I soon learned that she had been in one of the rooms with a guy who's only interest was voyeurism and she had felt quite neglected. I found out her husband was there with her and that his name was Bob. Bob had apparently become a little bored that evening and had been drinking more than she liked. I told her my wife had gone off with a guy named Bob and when she described him I was pretty much convinced that we were talking about the same person, her husband and, hopefully, my wife's lover. I asked if she'd care to join me in a room and I promised her that my interest would be in her, not the people around us. She said that in that case, she'd love to. We walked around for a few minutes, I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Susan with Bob but I didn't try too hard because I also wanted to respect her wishes in being on her own the first time. Bob's wife's name was Linda and we finally settled in a room with one other couple, a young married couple who it turns out had made a special request of the host. They wanted John to perform oral sex on her while her husband watched. John was very willing to grant their request and soon entered the room and went straight to the task at hand. It occurred to Linda and I that we had both become voyeurs because we were mesmerized by this young couple enjoying their fantasy. He was sitting next to her looking down at her and stroking her breasts as John's tongue worked it's magic down between her legs. The young wife, they were in their twenties, was reaching down touching John's head as he brought her what appeared to be intense pleasure. And she kept looking up at her husband and smiling and mouthing 'I love you' to him. They were both totally absorbed in each other and, of course, John. Linda and I began to undress and caress each other as we continued to watch the young couple. Once Linda and I had toyed with each other and become totally nude, we soon began to concentrate on each other and we found that we both loved oral sex and proceeded to lose ourselves in that pursuit. We were in a sixty-nine to the finish and we were unaware of anyone else around us. Then I heard Susan's voice, she said 'That's him, I'd recognize that hair anywhere.' I turned in amazement and there she sat with Bob, sitting on a padded bench, hand in hand, now dressed, and watching as I returned to his wife's lovely pussy. I don't think she was aware yet who was there, but she was pushing her hips up urging me to finish what I'd started, which I gladly did. Linda came easily after that, and I could feel myself getting closer. I kept thinking how I couldn't believe Susan was sitting there watching me, but I was also very involved in what Linda was doing to me with her mouth. And then I came. It must have been that Linda knew I was coming because she began to buck and squeal as she sucked me in deeper into her throat as waves of ecstasy washed over me and I came in her mouth. I could feel her sucking and pulling the come out of me as I plunged myself as deep into her throat as I could reach. The pleasure was indescribable. We finally parted and sat up and soon we were talking with our spouses as if nothing had happened. I was holding her in my arms and Bob was sitting there with his arm around Susan as if we were transposed, him with Susan and me with Linda. I couldn't wait to hear about Susan's experience. Soon afterward, Susan and I left the party, we had a 90 minute drive to return home. As we drove she related to me what had happened to her. She told me that he had warned her that he had had more to drink than he should have and immediately regretted it when he met her in the living room. She said she had assured him she still wanted to go with him and they went to one of the partitioned rooms and settled in with each other still clothed and began to talk. Soon they were kissing and caressing each other through their clothing. He undid the buttons of her blouse and his hands and fingers played with her breasts, she said he was so gentle and caring in the way he touched her and the things he said that she seemed to lose all her inhibitions and found herself reaching down and feeling for him. She undid his belt and then unbuttoned his pants and unzipped him. For the first time in 15 years, she was feeling a man's penis other than mine. They finished undressing each other and as he caressed her, she stroked him and they kissed. She said he apologized to her because it seemed his fears were being realized, he wasn't going to be able to get a hard on. Susan said she'd try to change that and bent down and took him into her mouth. She sucked and licked and massaged him with her hand but it wasn't to be. But, she told me, she was enjoying his company so much that it hardly mattered, and anyway, there was something about the softness of his penis in her mouth that was really turning her on. And he surely didn't mind her continuing efforts. Bob stroked her hair and reached under her kneeling body and gently played with her breasts. Susan became aware of voices and turned and looked up to see John and another guy standing there rather casually watching her. It was surprising to her, but she said it seemed to add something to the experience. She wasn't embarrassed and she didn't stop. She felt just a little more excited that someone was watching her and she felt herself enjoying it that much more. When she looked up at John he smiled and raised his eyebrows in a sign of approval and she responded with a smile back and repositioned herself so John and the other observer would have a better view. In her new position, Bob could reach between her legs and she couldn't believe the feeling of pleasure she had when he inserted two fingers inside her and began to stroke and finger her. She could also tell that she was very, very wet. It was like her mind was reeling with all the sensations she was having. She said at one point she felt Bob's hand on the back of her head, pulling her into him and she thought she also felt the introduction of a little more liquid a bit of a different taste in her mouth as she sucked his flaccid penis. She thinks he did come after all because soon after his body seemed to relax. And once again, he apologized for not being able to perform for her. She didn't really know why, but the fact that she hadn't come didn't diminish the experience for her, it was the most fun she could remember having. Susan said she assured him that she'd had a delightful time with him and that perhaps next time they would be able to do more. They then went and showered together and dressed. They walked around the rooms watching other couples, any rooms where the door wasn't shut were understood to be open to anyone who wanted to enter and observe. And Susan was loving being an observer. That's when they came into the room where Linda and I were locked in our oral pleasuring of each other. We arrived home at about three in the morning and for the rest of the night we discussed the evening, made love, and discussed some more. Every new detail she'd tell me would get me started again, and we continued that way until the first rays of the morning sun reminded us that it was time to stop and get some sleep because the real world was getting ready to descend on us. Since then we've enjoyed other couples and a few more swing clubs. The most fascinating part of our beginning is that although Susan has enjoyed better experiences from a physical standpoint, she still remembers Bob as a tender and very pleasurable lover. Now, after all this time, we want to relive those times and we are embarking on a search for a way to do that, have our cake, so to speak, and stay safe too.
  9. When my wife and I first got together I shared a story with her about a previous girlfriend I had. A couple of years earlier my girlfriend, Jennifer, and I went to Las Vegas. While we were there we visited a swingers club, a short way off the strip, where they allowed sexual activity on-site. It was mainly a voyeur thing on my part, but we had a great time. Late last year my wife began asking a lot of questions about this club and my previous visit. Amy admitted that it sounded like a lot of fun and would like to go experience it sometime. As we negotiated the trip, she agreed that she would try her first girl-girl experience while we were out there. She has always teased me about her bi interests but has never lived out any of them. We ended up booking flights and a hotel for an early March trip. We flew out on a Thursday and did the typical tourist things that night and during the day on Friday. Friday night we both got dressed up and headed out for the evening. Amy looked great! She had a short red dress outfit on and red panties to match. {Amy is 24, shoulder-length blonde hair, small breasts, killer ass. I had just turned 30 the month before.} After a nice late dinner and a few drinks we headed to the club. You pick up a pass to the club a couple blocks away and then drive to the party. As I got back into the car after picking up the pass, Amy looked pretty nervous. I asked her if she still wanted to go, she said there was no turning back now, and she wanted to see what it was all about. As we entered the club we left our liquor at the bar area and just walked through the main level. The main level has a bar, pool tables, dance floor, pool area, and it has both couples and a few singles the singles are mainly guys of course. There were a couple of TV’s with porn playing on them. We then headed upstairs which is restricted to couples only. On the 2nd level is a social area, restroom, and two large, open bedrooms; they, of course, do not have doors. There is a lot of activity in these two rooms, mainly couples doing the exhibitionist thing, but you would also see small groups. There were several rooms on the main floor that you could use when a few people wanted to be alone. Shortly after arriving we ended up in the smaller bedroom watching two girls with one guy on the bed. There were probably 5-6 couples around the bed watching the exciting action. The light is dim, but you can see all that is going on. I stood behind Amy and began to rub her ass, then to her shoulders and breasts. She reached behind and began rubbing my hard cock through my jeans, she was not removing her eyes from the scene in front of us. I slowly moved down and rubbed her legs, slowly moving her dress farther up her legs. As I reached her underwear, I began to rub her on the outside of her panties; she was so hot and excited! It was then that I noticed a couple on the other side of the bed. His wife was watching the threesome action, but he kept alternating between them and us. The exhibitionist in me started to get excited. I continued to play with her pussy and slowly pulled her panties down several inches; I knew that this strange man across from us could clearly see my wife’s pussy, and that excited me! I continued to massage Amy’s clit in a soft circular motion; it didn’t take long for her to come. As I glanced around the room while she was coming I saw several people watching us, it was so hot. The threesome on the bed soon ended and the room slowly cleared, there was a lot of massaging going on by several of the spectators in the room. Amy and I went downstairs for a drink and soon after headed back up to the couples’ area. We ended up in the larger room this time. There were two men and two women naked on the bed; the activity had been going on for awhile by the time we got there. The couples were fucking their own significant others while reaching over and touching each other. The younger couple was in their early 30’s and the other couple was probably mid-40’s. Both men were lying down with the women on top. Amanda and I sat down and watched for awhile. I noticed that the man from the younger couple kept looking our way. I leaned over to Amy and told her that he was watching her, she just kind of giggled. We were about four feet away from them and from our angle we could see his cock going inside her pussy, what a view! He began to motion Amy over to them while looking at me to see my reaction. I told her that if she wanted to she better go. She stood up and sat right beside them on the bed. He pulled out of his wife and rolled her over on her back. I then walked over and sat beside them as well, I hadn’t realized it until then but there were probably 12-14 people watching from various parts of the room. The man, who I later learned is Matt, asked Amy if she wanted to taste his wife, Cathy. Amy leaned down and began to lick her pussy, until then she had never had any experiences with women. I moved towards Cathy’s face and touched her breasts and hair while my wife licked her. Matt was rubbing Amy’s ass and legs. After a few minutes they switched places, I very much enjoyed watching Cathy lick her pussy. Amy was so nervous by the experience and the audience that she couldn’t come. Everyone got dressed and the show ended. Amy, Cathy, Matt, and I went downstairs for a drink. As we talked they seemed to have quite a bit more experience at this than we did. We ended up getting a private room on the main floor with the stipulation of being able to stop or leave if we got uncomfortable. As we lay down on the bed we kissed our respective spouses and slowly all of us got undressed. The girls faced each other and kissed as Matt and I rubbed up behind them. We stepped back and let the girls have a little fun alone. Cathy went down on Amy again and this time was able to make her come. I suggested to Matt that we trade spots so that I could touch Cathy and he could touch Amy. Matt asked if I brought any condoms, I did, but told him that I wasn’t sure if we were going that far yet. I laid back as I watched my wife lean over and begin kissing Matt, all of us were totally nude and I watched as Amy straddled Matt’s chest. I got scared thinking she was going to fuck him, but she just rubbed her pussy on his chest while they kissed. I then concentrated on Cathy and began to finger her while we French-kissed. She began stroking my cock and playing with my balls. I was so involved in my activities that I hadn’t been paying much attention to Amy when I looked over she had Matt’s cock in her mouth. I felt an urge of jealousy run through me, but the more I watched it became a very unusual excitement. Cathy was watching me watch them, but she had had enough watching and told me to taste her. I went down between her legs and began to lick her pussy. I soon felt a familiar mouth on my dick; Amy was engulfing me while I ate another woman’s pussy. Cathy began to come and I felt the urge building in me as well. I sat up and pulled Amy to me and entered her pussy. As I was thrusting deep into her, Cathy leaned over and began to lick her clit. Matt got behind Cathy and entered her pussy. All of the sex was making the bed bang into the wall. I shot my cum deep into Amy, soon after Matt filled up Cathy with his. Our time in the room was about over so we got dressed and parted ways. Later that night Amy and I decided that we were going to go back on Saturday night. We agreed that if the opportunity came up again we would allow each other to have intercourse with someone else, but if one did we both were going to.
  10. We discovered the lifestyle almost by accident about 3 years ago and our initiation came at a very nice on-premises club about an hours travel from Philly. At the time, I was 49 and Leann was 44. She is 5'6, 150, big blue eyes, killer smile, great legs and 40D's. Im 6' 215, fit with broad shoulders, blue eyes and neatly trimmed beard that matches my more salt than pepper hair. The night we went to the club, Leann was wearing a tank top, short skirt, thong & 'fuck-me' shoes. The night I'm describing was not our first visit to the club but was our first contact with another couple. After having a few adult beverages, we walked back to the play rooms, both of us excited by the activities going on around us. There is a glory hole room in this club where one can either participate or watch the action in the next room. We went in and luckily, there was another couple playing on the bed. We watched for awhile and my wife slid my zipper down while I exposed her tit and started to tweak her nipple. At this point, another couple came in and closed the door. They didn't say anything, just watched the other couple through the holes while occasionally checking us out. They were about our age {40's}, she had blonde curly hair, weighed about 130 lbs and was attractive but not a knock-out. She wore a long slit skirt and a pretty much unbuttoned blouse. I could see a little tit in the darkened room, but not much. The room we were in was very small and, since there were four of us, there was a bit of incidental contact, just enough to make it VERY warm. He soon had her shirt open the whole way and was sucking her puffy nipples. Leann turned slightly to be able to stroke me so the women were standing next to each other, the blonde with her shirt open and Leann with her top pulled down to her waist. What a hot sight for a couple of 'newbies', I thought my dick would explode. I looked and the other woman had her mans erection outside his pants. I was kissing Leann when she moaned softly. The other woman had leaned back against the wall and was stroking her man while running her other hand up my wife's leg. What happened next surprised me completely. Leann broke off our kiss and touched another woman sexually for the first time in her life. As she fondled one of the blondes tits, she said 'oh my gawd Sam, she has the softest skin, you've got to feel this'. Who was I to argue, I started to fondle the other woman. We somehow got turned so the blonde was leaning against my chest and Leann was facing her and leaning back against him. I had removed the blondes top and was running my hands up and down her body, over her smallish but very responsive tits and up the slit in her skirt to her trimmed and very wet pussy. Meanwhile, I could see Leann was now stroking the other guys dick while he pushed aside her thong and had at least 2 fingers sunk into her. This was the first time Id ever seen her play with another cock and the first time Id ever seen her touched by someone else. I was excited, a bit jealous, but damned turned on by the whole scene. The blonde & Leann kissed several times while we guys were working on their tits and pussies. I heard a familiar and particular moan from my wife and watched as her nipples hardened more and she came for another man for the first time in our relationship. It was an awesome sight and was intense enough that he practically had to hold her upright. That scene was what it took for the blonde as well. As Leann was cumming, I redoubled my efforts on my playmates clit and lips and, while she certainly didn't squirt, she flooded my hand as she came. We held each others women for a minute or two and then the blonde uttered the first words spoken between us other than 'oh god' when she turned around and said 'now its your turn'. She stroked me a few times {not that I needed it} and, topless, dropped to her knees and took my dick in her mouth. My wife watched this transpire, looked at me, smiled and took the husbands belt in her hands, opened it, and dropped his pants. I watched in amazement, my dick in a lovely blondes mouth, as my lovely mate used one hand to stroke the lady's husband while she used her other to spread his pre-cum all over the head of his dick. She had said several times that she wasn't sure how far she'd want to go with another guy, but probably wouldn't mind jacking a guy off. That's what I expected her to do so I was completely surprised when she went to her knees and took a strange dick in her mouth. At that point, I had my hands wrapped in the blondes hair as she gave me an excellent blow job. Watching Leann start to bob on the strangers dick finished me. I started to cum in buckets. The blonde pulled back after the first shot and I finished cumming on her face and chest. Knowing I was cumming on his wife sent the other guy over the edge too. Again, my wife surprised me. I expected her to finish him off by hand but instead, when he started to cum, she slid her mouth down his shaft and took as much of him as she could and let him cum in her mouth. She never loses a drop with me but I never expected to see her swallow with another guy, but that's exactly what she did. The blonde looked at her and said, 'Hi, I'm Michelle and the guy you just blew is Ed'. We laughed and introduced ourselves too and started to adjust our clothing. Before we left that little room, the guys shook hands and the ladies exchanged a hug and kiss. Apparently there was a fluid exchange along with the kiss because later, in a lighted hallway, I could see a spot of semen drying on Leann's tank top just above her still erect nipple. That was our first but definitely not our last lifestyle experience.
  11. This story, our first real taste of erotic adventuring, occurred a few months ago. I thought others might be interested in what a swing club is like in the Netherlands. I'm kind of wishing we were wilder as I read others' stories here. When Gary suggested that we plan our trip to Europe to pass through Amsterdam, I assumed it was for the chance to smoke - which we both enjoy. It was only later that he introduced the idea of a wild sexual experience as well. Gary and I are both in our forties - him late; me early - and in pretty good shape I would say. While Gary was quite a bit wilder than me in his youth, I've certainly enjoyed watching {and making} some pretty wild videos and we've fantasized of threesomes and such. When he showed me a web site and the various possibilities - in particular parenclubs - I told him I wasn't interested in having sex with a lot of people; but as he explained to me that his plan was 'to see and be seen,' with me, not multiple partners I had to admit I was intrigued. My final objection was to being 'seen' by anyone I know but when he showed me the Kasteel Waterloo web site, 2 hours by train from Amsterdam and on the border with Germany, I knew the bastard had anticipated all my objections. We settled on going the one Saturday night a month that has couples only and the most conservative theme - hot dance party. This gave me the rare excuse to buy a super slutty dress and sexy red 5' heels and a black g-string with fake leather, zippered pouch for Gary. The flight from London, where we had spent 5 days, was quick and the train connections at Schipol were easy. The 2 hour train ride through the flat Dutch farming country was charming though there seemed a strange disconnect considering we were headed that night to my first swingers club. I had made Gary book us a nice room in Roermond, {he was being most compliant in everything - even the g-string} so we had a chance to freshen up, have an early dinner and let the jitters build prior to the Kasteel's 9pm opening. We arrived at the Kasteel more or less on plan at about 9:40 and were greeted at the door by the manager, wearing a black thong bikini that hid little. She said the other guests had already changed into lingerie and directed us to the locker and changing area in the basement - so much for the Hot Dance Party theme and my slutty dress. By the way, the price was 80E with drinks and buffet included, quite a fair deal I think. After changing we returned to the bar. I was wearing the outfit Gary selected: a fairly scandalous Frederick's of H'wood leopard skin one piece that split just above the crotch into two strips of fabric, which, barely covering my breasts, continued over my shoulders, and reconnected into what became a g-string just above the butt. Just keeping my nipples covered was a challenge. I had not expected to wear this right off and nervously told Gary a stiff drink was essential immediately. While he was gone I settled down enough to start checking the place out. Frankly the name Kasteel seems a bit grandiose for this large old house. The bar, dance floor, small stage {with pole}, and seating area occupy two living room size rooms separated by a wide double doorway. The other rooms on the ground floor included the buffet area and a separate parlor. There seemed to be about 25 couples there when we arrived and this increased to maybe 50 by midnight. Ages seemed to range from 20's to 60's with the majority in the 30-50 bracket and dress varied widely. One woman I noticed was topless already, another wore a bustier with nipples exposed, but the majority were at least minimally clothed, in these rooms anyhow. Since I keep pretty fit, I found myself feeling pretty good about myself as I scanned the other women and noticed a number of men checking me out also. Gary always says the breasts can sag a bit as long as the nipples point up and in that category I am blessed. The men wore everything from leather jockey-type shorts to a few g-strings to boxer shorts. Gary had wimped out on the g-string with the zipper and was wearing boxers so of course I harassed him unmercifully until he went back to the locker and ditched the boxers. There had been several couples dancing when we arrived, but when they sat down, a quite well endowed young blond took the stage. She wore a baby doll with ruffled bikini panties and quite obviously no bra. As she began to dance you could see everyone's attention shift to the stage and, noticing, she began to dance more sensuously, first fondling her breasts through the fabric then reaching underneath to tweak her nipples to quite obvious arousal. Her husband sitting near the stage said something - in Dutch I think - and she began removing her top to applause and encouragement from the crowd. It really was quite stimulating watching her play to the crowd and after a bit of this he said something else - probably 'take it all off baby' - because that's what she did. When she began dancing with the pole it was clear this was not something she'd practiced but what with her willingness to show all that she was totally shaved I don't think a man in the room noticed her lack of skill. When I slid my hand down to Gary's equipment, I teased him that she'd certainly gotten his attention. He agreed and, with a smirk, suggested I take the next dance. Not to be outdone, I said maybe later and suggested we check out the rooms upstairs and he agreed. A wide staircase leads to the second floor, which is clearly where the action happens. Down the center there is a sauna and 'orgy cave:' a low room with mattresses wall to wall and peepholes and hand holes lining the walls. It was empty when we passed. Rooms with various themes surrounded these two. One was a S&M/Fetish room with a swing of some sort, an OB exam chair with stirrups {not my fantasy}, straps for hanging from a wall, and several other devices we couldn't even figure out. Another had a big round bed dominating one wall with spotlights {hmmm}, others varied in lighting and types of beds/platforms, and of course there were a number of showers. Since it was still rather early there were just 3 or 4 couples doing anything; but we did get to chat a bit with several couples who were also doing reconnaissance. It's an interesting interaction, subtly, and occasionally not so subtly {which is fun}, checking out other semi-naked horny people while attempting polite conversation. Ultimately we returned downstairs with the others to discover the stage scene heating up. As we returned downstairs from our reconnaissance of the second floor, two other couples that I should mention accompanied us. The younger couple, Henrik and Lisa, were from Amsterdam and like us seeking some anonymity for their adventure. Lisa unlike her name would suggest was tiny, brown, and Indonesian while Henrik was big, blond, and quite muscular. In chatting earlier they seemed more inclined to ‘see and be seen’ like us, as did Franz and Eileen who were also first timers from Germany. Fortunately all spoke English fluently, better than they spoke each other’s languages they said. Franz and Eileen were roughly my age {early forties} and I swear her breasts must have been tastefully enhanced to be so perfect. Franz on the other hand was a bit overweight and not really to my taste. As we entered the bar and ordered drinks I couldn’t help noticing that a woman was just finishing dancing and, while not especially attractive, received an enthusiastic response. At that moment it struck me, how good-natured the crowd was. Every couple was there to play out their own special fantasy. Not only was everything permitted and nothing required {as they advertise}; but also, at least in this group, judgment seemed suspended in favor of risqué fun. In our little group of first timers, the generally agreed preference for a little exhibitionism and voyeurism over the swapping concept seemed to have a strangely liberating effect. Feeling free to flirt and tease a bit we finished our drinks and followed the beginning of a movement of couples to second floor with Lisa, Eileen, and me leading the way, nearly bare butts swinging, each with a hand cupping another’s cheek. Gary later told me that the men were just licking their lips behind us. First room on the left, I think, was the bondage/fetish room so of course we had to check it out again. There were already several couples in the room but one couple was the center of attention. The woman was naked from the waist down and on the OB table, her legs spread wide in the stirrups. Her 60ish partner was performing what appeared to be a masterful job of DATY and cunningly added to our little crowds pleasure by pulling back every now and then to expose her engorged lips and obviously juicy intimate self. Gary was standing just behind me so I could feel his bulge against my butt. At first his hands were caressing my thighs but then they moved up and began to fondle my breasts. As you may remember, I was wearing this ridiculous leopard skin one piece that was basically a V of fabric which split just above the pubic zone into the two straps {which barely covered my breasts} then went over the shoulders to reconnect at my butt. So it was easy for Gary to slide these aside exposing my nipples to all, but most of all, to his teasing fingers. I noticed the others were playing with variations on our theme as the action at the exam table intensified. After a bit more oral attention the man pulled back and inserted two fingers into her vagina rubbing rhythmically as she began rubbing her clit. As the pace of her masturbation increased I realized that she was watching us watching her. I mean specifically, it was Gary and I in her line of vision, so I smiled {Gary says he licked his lips} and she grinned back and a few seconds later she came in a beautiful shaking moaning orgasm. Boy was it exciting. I had never imagined it could be such a turn on watching another woman’s orgasm; live, from just a few feet away. The scene plus Gary’s fingers had my nipples at trembling attention and to be honest things were damp below. As she settled down it was clear that they were going for O#2 so we decided to explore on. Down the hall was the ‘orgy’ room, a sort of a cave with wall-to-wall mattresses and peepholes and hand holes on all sides. We could see from the entrance there were people inside and as we found 3 adjacent peepholes I told Gary to enjoy the view, as did the other men. I stood close behind him rubbing my nipples against his back and massaging his thighs and ‘pouch’ while he described the action inside. As he described the scene one woman on her back was sucking a guy while receiving her own oral stimulation from a second woman who was in turn being taken doggy- style by her{?} man. Meanwhile, my stroking of that lovely pouch was having great effect so I opened the zipper and released his tool. It felt so hard as it twitched and throbbed in my hand. About this time I noticed a hand massaging my ass and realized that it was Eileen. With one hand around Franz’s member she then moved to caressing my breast with the other. I moved back slightly from Gary to give her hand space but I knew that Gary had to feel her hand against his back as it slid down toward my crotch. About this point, someone, not me, suggested the women take the peepholes so we switched. Gary asked in a whisper if that was Eileen’s hand in my pants and when I said yes, he said, ‘interesting’ and I said ssshh. I watched a bit but found the group sex less exciting than I expected, perhaps because their focus was not on performing for us. I think the other women did also as we soon moved on. The next room we wandered into was the one with the big round bed. As we approached somebody joked that it looked big enough for six and to my surprise little Lisa the youngest and so far quietest of our group climbed right on with Henrik right behind. As he began nibbling around the edges of her tiny g-string we all soon found ourselves on the bed with the guys taking the initiative. Gary grabbed the straps of my sort-of-one-piece and in one tug I was naked; moments later his tongue was down where I love it to be. Now this is an area where Gary is a master and pretty quickly I knew that a very public O was coming soon. As I checked out the other women it was obvious that this was working just fine for them also. I smiled across at Eileen who was moaning audibly and then suddenly Lisa, who had been lying between us, eyes closed and nearly motionless, cried out something in Dutch as she began shaking in pleasure, which moments later took me and Eileen over the edge as well. As we lay there recovering we looked at each other, flushed and all, and I swear we started giggling. I think I said something dumb like ‘that was interesting;’ to which Lisa added ‘and fun, too’. We decided that it was time for the boys to get some attention but it was only when I sat up that I realized that we had drawn a bit of a crowd. Amazingly, it just turned me on more to know I had been watched through this crazy scene and here I was naked and practically dripping, planning to give my husband a very public blowjob. Gary was more than willing for me to have ‘my’ fun, but when he lay back on the bed I was stunned. Now Gary is normally quite well endowed but I had forgotten that he had taken a Viagra to {as he said} guarantee that he would be all that he can be. We’d only tried it a few times as an experiment and I’d forgotten the effect – a bit more length, but substantial added girth, and truly rock hard, and I hadn’t even started, oh my! Since we still had a number of interested observers I decided such a wonderful tool deserved a special show and made sure they had full view of me licking his shaft like a candy cane. Such a tramp I was; and loving every minute. From there to his balls and then to my best attempt at a deep throat {less than usual – but then he took the Viagra!}. When I glanced at the others I realized that we were all doing approximately the same thing at about the same pace. In hindsight I guess you could call it formation fellatio - but the hindsight Gary wanted was obvious as he worked me around so that my legs straddled his head in basically the 69 position. However, instead of the tongue I expected he started massaging me with his fingers, which was nice until I realized that he was also spreading and exposing me to several couples standing near. I know I should have been embarrassed, but by this point I was so turned on and curiously enjoying being outrageous in front of others that I just grinned and wiggled my butt as Gary did nasty things. Lisa was the first to move on to fucking as she rolled onto her back and spread her legs; but when I really looked at Henrik’s tool I was stunned. Gary is big but Henrik was almost scary {Gary says I’m being brutal here}. I keep telling him that beyond a certain minimum bigger isn’t necessarily better; and for me at least, there’s such a thing as too big. Well Henrik would be pushing that limit. But when I said to Lisa something like how do you handle that! She said ‘want to watch?’ Well of course we did, and so the four of us watched as Henrik spread her tiny lips to reveal a very wet and ready vagina. She grunted a little when he first penetrated her but she clearly was practiced in handling him, for soon he was thrusting away most impressively. In moments we were all at it, three couples screwing away on one big bed. Modesty was long gone and as I learned when we chatted later I wasn’t the only one enjoying making sure there was plenty for the others to see. The guys were being extremely well behaved on the extraneous touching; but Eileen clearly had other ideas when at one point, while she was riding Franz and Gary was having me on my back, she bent over and began kissing and fondling my breasts. I was completely new to girl-girl activity {though of course I’ve seen porn films} and I considered myself barely bi-curious; in fact I’d always thought of a second woman as mainly a thrill for Gary; but his thrusting was intensifying so I sensed he had no objection as Eileen moved into doggie position for Franz and angled herself so that she could suck my nipples. I cupped one of Eileen’s dangling breasts in one hand massaging her already aroused nipple and felt her hand sliding toward my crotch. Gary sensed her intention and shifted back on his knees to give her access {and enjoy the view, the horndog} as she began to massage first his cock and then my clit. How could a poor girl stand it, in moments, it seemed, I was launched into the ‘O’ zone for what seemed like forever until Gary and Eileen brought me down with gentle penetration and massage. I was amazed that Gary had maintained control, but as I recovered I realized that my man needed relief and soon. In fantasizing before the trip, we had joked about testing our exhibitionist abilities by doing the porn movie facial in public. Usually, unless I’m specifically giving him a BJ, we both prefer if he finishes inside me - we both just love that feeling. But I do love the taste of him and this was truly the moment for fantasy fulfillment, I thought, so why not go for it. I disentangled a bit from Eileen and rose up to a sitting position and gesturing to my mouth suggested to Gary that he ‘put it here.’ The poor guy was so far gone that within moments of beginning my combo suck/stroke techniques I could feel the contractions of his orgasm beginning. I leaned back and opened my mouth porn star style and, since I was holding on and doing the aiming, G was amazingly accurate with his load as it nearly all found my mouth. I gave a devilish grin and swallowed as he collapsed. Watching us may have had an effect on Eileen and Franz who were obviously beginning an orgasmic moment of their own. I’d sort of lost track of Lisa and Henrik but from the sounds from the other side of the bed they were reaching a similar peak as well. Lisa told me later that they had been watching us as well and that my ‘porn star moment’ definitely contributed to a major mutual moment for them. Guess I should be proud. After a bit of rest we showered, we girls debated what to wear downstairs and decided to go topless. It was less scandalous than we expected, as most of the couples at the bar and buffet {at 12- 1am} were barely dressed. A number of women were totally naked {one was prancing around with the thinnest thong imaginable tucked up between her lips and plastic boobs; the men loved the ‘look’, of course}. Unfortunately the naked men always seemed to be the gross ones. The buffet was excellent and after about an hour of R&R {during which Eileen and Franz departed}, we returned upstairs. Among our adventures this second time, Lisa and I did a bit of experimentation {she said she’d been watching Eileen with me and was intrigued} – for our husbands’ viewing pleasure. Gary says we made a lovely contrast as I am 5’10” fair and stacked {thank you Gary} and she 5’2” brown and in every way tiny. I ended up with Gary and Henrik holding my legs and massaging my breasts while Lisa dined – wow – that one was colossal. It seemed only polite to return the pleasure so Lisa then became the center of our attentions. My first taste of a woman – besides myself on Gary’s cock. Let’s just say that ultimately I was quite successful in satisfying her. I stole a lot from Gary’s technique but added a few ideas of my own. I have to say I enjoyed it – for me there never were any moral or sexual orientation issues – and it was kind of fascinating exploring a woman’s erogenous parts that way. Gary certainly had no problem with it {especially as he finally got to play with someone else’s tits and she was jerking them both off most of the time}. From there we decided to ‘voyeur’ a bit. From what I saw there was less multi-partner or orgy type activity than I expected. {Gary points out that, not knowing who came with whom, we can’t really know how many were swapping partners.} On the other hand, I don’t think I ever saw anyone who seemed to want privacy. I think I read on the website that there was a small darkened room somewhere on the second floor for couples who wanted privacy, but I never saw it. Actually, most of the people we watched seemed stimulated by our presence; I know I sure was when we were watched. Eventually we ended up in the room with the big bed on which we’d performed earlier. Several other couples were now using it, so we watched and giggled as we compared their ‘show’ with ours’. That was plenty enough to get the guys going again so we found an empty platform and finished the evening in the grandest style. It was strange, we had spent so much of the evening with Lisa and Henrik basically screwing side by side in so many imaginative ways, that I felt like a curious comradeship had formed. The rules wordlessly changed as free for all touching just seemed to happen. At one point I remember I was stroking Henrik’s balls and nibbling at his nipples while G did similar things to Lisa who was riding her man. I’ll admit to giving Henrick’s monster a few strokes but we never did swap; I remember thinking ‘what’s to be gained’ and besides we’d have to stop and look for condoms. It was so lovely finishing with Gary pounding me deeply doggy style. Henrik and Lisa did their version of the porn star facial. Very hot! After collapsing in a heap for some moments rest, we returned downstairs in search liquid refreshment and discovered that it was fast approaching 2:30 am. How time goes by when .... As we four headed to the lockers there seemed to be a very strange camaraderie perhaps because it was born of incredible intimacy. We parted with hugs, laughing that we’d never seen each other fully clothed before.
  12. My wife Ellie and I were latecomers to swinging and were in our middle thirties when we got involved in some threesomes and once in a while with another couple. My wife was 5'3" and 105 pounds and had a desirable body. I really enjoyed watching Ellie getting fucked just as much as she enjoyed getting fucked. I especially liked having her suck my cock while someone was fucking her from behind. It appeared that the pleasure she was getting from the cock ramming into her was transmitted through her mouth to my cock. One of my greatest fantasies was to see Ellie get gang banged. We were well into our middle forties when we discussed getting into swinging more heavily and visiting a swingers club. We found an ad for a club that was about four hours away and called them for information. We decided to visit the club and got a motel room close by. We arrived at the club on a Wednesday evening not knowing that Wednesday night was open to singles and well as couples. A very friendly and attractive hostess greeted us and arranged for a tour of the facilities. We were shown around and ended up in a large room with mattresses on the floor and mirrors on the walls and ceiling. There was one girl and seven men in the room. The girl was on the mattress and was getting fucked in missionary fashion by one of the men. She was sucking the cock of another and had hands all over her. She also had a cock in each hand. I looked at Ellie to see her reaction. She was visibly excited. One of the guys pulled his cock out from under a towel he was wearing and put it in my wife's hand. As she stroked it, the guy asked her if she wanted it inside of her. She told him maybe later. We left the room and went down to the dining room to get a bite to eat. We discussed whether she wanted to get involved and although she was apprehensive we decided to give it a try. We were issued some towels, undressed, wrapped ourselves in the towels and wandered around. We ended up in the mirror room. The guy that initially talked to Ellie was there and asked her if she was ready to get fucked. She reached under his towel, took out his cock, knelt down and started to suck his cock. It didn't take long for his cock and mine to get hard. He helped her down on the mattress and removed their towels. She laid back, her legs slightly spread. The guy spread them a little further and put his lips on her pussy and began to lick and suck both her pussy and clitoris. By this time all of Ellie's apprehension disappeared. She was slowly grinding her hips and softly moaning. After a couple of minutes, the guy spread her legs a little wider, and Ellie raised them in the air. He then slid up and over her body. His cock was hard, and Ellie reached for it and guided it to her cunt. I was standing behind them and watched as he slowly slid his cock into her cunt. I watched it go all the way in and then he started to pump in and out. I lay down beside them and began playing with her tits. She reached for my cock and stroked it slowly. Several other guys decided to join in and arranged themselves in such a way that two cocks rested on each side of her mouth. She immediately turned her head to take one in her mouth, sucked it a little then turned and did the same to the other. She alternated back and forth. I got up to make room for two other guys that knelt on each side and put their cocks in her hands. I moved to a good position to see all the action. Ellie was moving her ass, hands, and mouth trying to accommodate all the cocks being thrust at her. Her eyes were glazed with lust. The first to cum was one of the cocks on her face. It started to spurt, and Ellie tried to catch it in her mouth. She managed to catch some of it, but quite a bit landed on her face and hair. This didn't seem to bother her but made my cock jump. The guy fucking her started to tense and come. He shoved his cock deep into to her and let loose. When he withdrew, he was completely soft. I could see a little of his cum, but most of it was deep up inside my wife. As he moved away, another hard cock immediately replaced him. Again Ellie had her hand on it guiding it into her cunt. The second guy was quite large, and when she felt it, she seemed shocked and raised her head to look at it. She then looked at me with wide eyes as to say: "My god can I take this in my little pussy?" I nodded to her, and she put it at the entrance. His cock was not exceptionally long; maybe eight or nine inches but it was very thick, about two and a half inches in diameter. Ellie has never had a cock this big, although some of her dildos were close. He had a little trouble getting it started even as wet as she was. He was finally able to get the head in. Ellie asked him to stop for a minute, which he did. He then very slowly worked it in and out and with each stroke went in a little deeper. When he was about three-quarters of the way in Ellie was highly excited and could wait no longer. She wrapped her leg tightly around him and quickly pulled him in and buried his big cock to the balls. She really let loose about then and started to moan and scream. Both the guy fucking her and I thought he was hurting her, and he started to withdraw, but she clamped her leg tightly around him and shoved her hips up and buried his cock again. He got the message and began to move slowly at first gradually increasing speed as she let him know by her movement moans and screams that she want it faster and harder. This guy was really excited, and when he started to cum, he let loose with a loud howl, which in turn intensified my wife's excitement and she really began to move and gyrate all the time screaming in pure pleasure. Some of the other guys started to lose control and started to cum, some in my wife's mouth. Others anywhere it was convenient. It seemed like the guy fucking her would never stop cumming. When he did, he lay quiet for a few minutes. He then withdrew his semi-hard cock. When he did some of the cum started to ooze out of Ellie's cunt. Three more guys fucked her during this session, one right after another. It was a sight to behold. I have never seen my wife this excited. She had cum all over her body, mixing with her and the others sweat. She was continually humping and screaming, her eyes were glazed and smoldered hot with sex. Once the word had got around that there was a sexy hot number in the mirror room a line formed for a chance to get their cocks in my wife's hot cum filled cunt, but by now she needs a break. She made her apologies and said she would be back. We went to the lounge and got a drink. Ellie said her pussy was sore and hot. I ran my hand over her pussy, and she was right, it was hot, but the most exciting thing was all the cum that was running out of her pussy and down her leg. The club had a heated pool, and we decided to get in. Ellie stood at the shallow end, and I was in front of her. My cock was still hard, so I brought her legs up around me and slipped my cock in her. I could not believe how slippery her cum-filled cunt was. I fucked her for a short time when another guy got in the pool. Ellie invited him over and played with his cock. When he was totally hard, I moved away and let her fuck her. They both went wild. After we got out of the pool, we went back to the lounge. Ellie was asked to dance and went up to the dance floor. She soon discovered the floor was made of mirrors and when she fast danced everyone on the dance floor could see her wet pussy. This got her all excited again, and we went back up to the mirror room. There were a lot of singles at the club, and they had heard about Ellie or saw her in action so when they saw us leave the lounge they followed. There was no hesitation on Ellie's part, and she was on the mattress with a cock in her. She managed to get fucked fourteen times by ten different guys that night before she was too exhausted to continue. We had fulfilled my fantasy of seeing her get gangbanged to the extent that was unbelievable. When we got back to the motel, we undressed, and I really need to cum. I started to play with her pussy. It was loaded with cum and was leaking and running down her legs. Ellie said she couldn't believe she had just been fucked fourteen times by ten guys in less than four hours. She said that it completely blew her mind and that it was fun and she really enjoyed it, but she didn't think she would want to do it again. She got the last fuck of the night from me, and it was fantastic feeling how wet she was and getting all the other guys' cum all over my cock, balls and pubic region. It was a fantastic night.
  13. Guest

    First Time at Club

    I knew about a local swing club and had mentioned it to my wife one day when we were at our local bar playing pool. She mentioned maybe we should look into it, I was rolled back thinking she's just try to fuck with me. A little quick intro about us. We are both Hispanic, married about 15 years. M-49, F-48 BBW nice big boobs. Before we were married we experimented with MFM just a few times, she loved and I loved watching her getting fucked, but other male moved on and we never pursued it(I will add this story later on when I back track). So fast forward to the present. I had asked her if she really wanted to go. I knew we had to prepare as we had never been to anything like this before. We went out got some nice clothes. Nothing slutty, just some new tight jeans and a low cut top to show a little. She is very shy when it comes to showing off her boobs.. Also, some liquor as this club was a byob and sex on premises. We had already agreed that we were just "looking" and that we were not hooking up with anyone (but I went and got rubbers just in case, as I did not know for sure if they would supply some there or not, but it was better to be prepared, oh and yes they did provided free rubbers). We got dressed and went to the Club, it was a good thirty minute drive away. When we were getting closer she started asking me if I really wanted to do this and why I was so interested in this lifestyle (she did not consider the previous MFM "swinging" as it only happened about three times and it was with the same guy which she already knew from a previous relationship). I told her yes but mostly I wanted to see what the club was like (yeah right, I wanted to see her fucking others). As we approached the club early around 9 p.m., there were not too many cars in the parking lot. I had wanted to get there a little early because I did not want to be waiting in a line to put in my application (as a members only club you have to put in an application). That was a short processes and we walked into the club. Except for maybe a few regulars hanging at the bar (about 4 couples) it was just us. We were thinking maybe we came in a little too early. We drank, enjoyed the music, would have loved to dance, but nobody else was. The club itself was rather nice, big dance floor, and off to the side you could see a door way with curtains but we were not brave enough yet to see what was behind them. After some time went by, a few more couples showed up but not much more; there were many empty tables. There was a very cute couple sitting at one of the tables. They got up and went to the back. Soon midnight was coming, and we were feeling good from the drinks, we decide to see what was behind the curtains. As we went past them, we were greeted by a nice, very friendly woman. She asked us if we wanted a room (which were really open cubicles with curtains covering the entrance) we said we were new and just wanted to see what was back here, she said "oh, they did not give you the tour? let me show you what we have". They had an exhibition room where you could be seen or just watch, a swing for some fancy fucking, and the cubicles which she showed us. As we passed by them to the big cubicle you could see a few people already in some of them having their fun. As we got to the larger room which was empty at the time, I saw the couple from earlier in one of the rooms, she was riding him and it looked hot. We proceeded to go back toward the entrance, but before we went back to the dance area I asked my wife if she want to go to one of the cubicles. To my surprise, she said yes. I let her lead the way, and to my amazement or luck she picked the cubicle across from the couple. I could see he was still laying down and she was lying on top grinding on him. She had the nicest round ass I had ever seen. You could hear them fucking, it was a major turn and I got hard right away. I started taking off my shirt and she was just lying on the bed with all her clothes on. She looked at me and said "I am not taking off my clothes". So here I am shirtless, with a hard on, thinking "what the hell". I pulled my pants down to my hips with my dick sticking out, thinking "what the hell, you can at least suck my dick" (which I might add she does very well and loves to do it AND loves the taste of cum.... yes loves it). After what seemed like forever of the best exhibition blow job ( you could hear people walking by, and other cubicles fucking), she started get horny from all that cock sucking. Boom all her clothes came off and the rest of mine. She was so wet, she started to ride me as I just laid down. She would pull forward and her nice big boobs would come right down to my mouth as I sucked on them. After a while of that and she tired out, I bent her over doggy and proceeded to fuck her hard. We did not know that there was an early "closing" time and I did not get to cum in her. BUT, when we got home, I continued to fuck her. On the way home I had asked her what she thought and whether she enjoyed it. I was so hyped up I was like a kid with a new toy. I continued to ask her if she wanted to come back again tomorrow, she stated she would be okay with it. But, did not seem as excited as me. We did end up coming back reluctantly and hooking up for some soft swing with another couple which was great!!!!
  14. Doc433

    What a Night!

    My ex-partner and I had long thought of going to an on-premise. We found one not too far from our home and decided to take the plunge. She had told me she was bi and I had encouraged her to explore this area. Well the night came and we went to the location. We were greeted by the owners, shown the club, and settled in. The night went well and we danced, laughed, and had a good time before she looked at me as if to say "may I?" with a man we had been talking with. I nodded OK and she and he went upstairs to play. I liked to be a voyeur so I waited and then followed them. I watched them for a while and was rock hard during it. Unfortunately it didn't work out for me to play so I looked around a bit. I found a room where a woman was sucking on a man in the bed and many were watching. I was stroking myself while watching too and the woman she was with looked at me and said "wanna fuck her?" I graciously accepted and went behind her. Her ass was upraised and it was very easy to enter her very, very wet pussy. I listened as her friend told me what she liked and was ramming her hard. She was cumming very hard as she was sucking the other guy and he was cumming in her mouth. Then her friend told me to "fuck her in the ass, she loves it!" So do I!!! I took out my cock and felt the satisfying feeling of her letting me in. It then took me only a few moments to give her my cum and she came at the same time I did. I never did get to find out who they were but the woman and her friend kissed and they went into another room where I could see them grinding their pussies together. Needless to say it was a VERY hot evening for my own partner and I.. Wow!
  15. I'm 6'2, young male, broad shoulders with wheatish skin, an average size cock of 7 inches. I'm from India and moved to Toronto two years back. When I was back home I always thought about sex and masturbated a lot. I continued doing that here as well but decided to try my luck at a sex club. I've always fantasized about having sex with an older woman and my wish came true. This is a true story which I am about to narrate and as it is my first, go easy on me. Let me give you a layout of the sex club, the ground floor is where the bar is and next to that a pole for pole dancing and the DJ booth above which there is always porn playing. There's an outside pool as well an indoor hot tub which I have used from time to time. This was the first time I have seen a woman naked and there were a lot of naked women at the club since it was clothing optional and you were allowed to have sex wherever you want. When I was in the pool I saw a couple making out in front of me, he was fingering her pussy furiously to an orgasm. I was really turned on and started stroking my cock watching them. Then I decided to go upstairs where they have a dungeon room in which you can tie people up, and opposite to that a play area where there was already a couple playing, they were in their mid-40s by the look of it. The wife was blond and had a bit of sagging to her tits, and her husband had a small cock about 3-4 inches. She was sucking his cock, taking it fully into her mouth. I decided to sit next to them and watch. As I sat next to her husband and stroked my hard brown cock, she saw me stroking my cock. Then she got in cowgirl position and inserted her husband's cock into her pussy. I moved closer and sat right next to them. The wife was moving up and down on her husband's cock, her breasts moving with her rhythm. I asked if I could touch her, they said ok and I started to fondle her breasts. This was the first time I touched a breast, it was so soft and meaty and she was stroking my cock as she rode her husband. After a while she came. All the while there were other people looking and having fun which was a turn-on. I asked if I could join them and they said yes. We decided to take the party to the third floor where single men were not allowed without females. There were a bunch of different rooms from which I could hear moans echoing. We entered a room and I laid on the bed, she came in between my legs and took my cock into her mouth. This was my first time feeling a mouth on my cock, it was so wet and warm. She took my whole cock down her throat, all the while her husband was watching us and stroking his cock. It turned me on even more that the husband was aroused by his wife sucking a stranger's cock. Then we decided to do the 69, she turned her ass over my head and laid her stomach on my chest. Her pussy was mere inches away, it was pink and hairless. She had already resumed sucking on my cock, and I pulled her pussy lips apart and then darted my tongue inside her pussy. It was slightly wet and tasted salty. I inserted a finger deep inside her wet cunt and started fingering her to which she responded by thrusting her hips towards me urging me to go deeper into her. I then decided I wanted to fuck her. We went to the missionary position. I put on a condom then inserted my cock into her pussy and at that point I had lost my virginity, all the years of fantasizing had finally led to this moment. I spread her legs wide and started stuffing my cock into her white married pussy. I was in awe as I saw my cock disappearing into the abyss of her pussy, my brown cock was contrasting when compared to her white skin and pink pussy. I knew I would last long because I had cummed earlier before I left. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me closer towards her. I started cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples whilst my cock thrust in and out of her married pussy. I went and took one of her nipples into my mouth she pushed my head towards it filling my mouth with her breast. All the while her husband was standing next to us stroking his cock. Looking at his wife getting fucked by a younger guy had turned him on. We decided to change positions, this time her on top of me. She guided my cock to her entrance and eased herself down on me. She started moving up and down, and with that her tits followed as well. I can hear her moan and the look of pleasure on her face. I grabbed her tits with my big hands and squeezed them hard, pushing her over the edge she came. She slumped forward towards me. We kissed, she was still panting. I explored her mouth with my tongue wrestling with her tongue. As we were doing this her husband had decided that he wanted to join in on the fun too. He came and inserted his cock into her ass. It was a strange feeling as I was still deep inside her pussy hard as a rock. He started fucking her and I started moving my hips, the look on her face was plain pleasure, she was enjoying ever bit of it as was I. As I said this was a sex club so there were other couples fucking, and one couple stood next to us and were enjoying the show. The DP of the white wife was in full swing, we decided to change positions. This time her husband got her pussy and me her ass. I couldn't believe it, I had fucked an older married woman in front of her husband, got my cock sucked, and now I was fucking her ass. I put lube on my cock and then thrust it into her ass, it was tighter than her pussy. I started ramming her ass, spanking it, my balls we slapping against her thighs. I started fingering her clit as her husband was inside her pussy and me in her ass. She finally attained her orgasm. I pulled put and lay beside them. She got off her husband, removed my condom and took my cock into her mouth. She made my cock really wet with her mouth playing with my balls. Her husband got behind her and thrust his cock into her, all the while she was giving me a blowjob. She started giving me head and stroking my cock at the same time, I knew I was going to cum. I told her I was going to cum. She just kept on sucking so I pushed her head down and held it there and thrust my cock into her mouth and spurted my cum deep into her mouth. I shot spurts after spurts of cum down her throat. She sucked every bit, lapping up all my cum. She then showed me the cum in her mouth and swallowed it. It was amazing to see that. Later I found out it was her birthday and I was her present Overall it was an amazing experience which I will remember for years to come. Any feedback is helpful in helping me write better.
  16. Newbies looking for guidance. We have our first club adventure planned for this weekend, first LS overall acctually, and we are curious as to what we should bring. Ladies, do you wear one thing to the party for socializing and then change into something more provocative?
  17. Alright! So about two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I for the first time ever visited a really great swingers club. We haven't had any other experience swinging wise, but we have been interested for a while. So on this night when we went to the club, we found a couple. The female half of the couple and I (also female) really clicked and were dancing and kissing most of the night. At some point we got disconnected with them, and later we found them by accident in one of the erotic rooms. We asked if we could take place next to them. We had told them already before that we are still new to this and weren't really sure how far we were willing to go this first evening, that we weren't really ready yet for any type of swap, but having sex next to each other and the females touching is okay. Which is what happened, but at some point, it felt like they really wanted more (but of course, didn't try to push us into anything, they were very very respectful) and we started to feel bad for not wanting to give more at this first time. Anybody else have any experience with this? I almost felt like we were too boring for them. Tonight, we are going to the same club again, and don't want to have this repeated situation. Would you all suggest to just move on fast to another space and don't spend too much time with the same couple because it will bore them?
  18. So we are new to swinging for the most part. We've had some experiences in private with other males and females. We are very interested in going to a swingers club but also nervous at the same time. My husband is worried about boundaries being respected and possibly pushy men. We are a secure couple so that's not the issue, we just don't want to deal with that type of behavior. Is this a problem we might run into?
  19. Hello all, i been reading this blog for quite a few months and then i have decide to write my short store on my first time in a swing club. Me and my wife are in the late 20s, we had a really good sex life and everything is perfect. As always the idea came up for me doing a three some with some girls and she knows that the idea drives me crazy so she make up some stories when we are about to have sex to make it interesting and hotter. One night we decided to go to the Trappeze in ATl, we got there about 10 pm and when to grab food and start drinking, we didnt talk to anybody and then start dancing, while dancing y play putting the little dress up so everybody can see her ass, that turn us a lot so we decided to go into the play room. At the play room we were really exiting because we never been on a club like this before, but after a lot of drinks she start giving me a blow job in front of a few people in the back bar, i really like it and i did the same to her. Then we went to couples room only and start having sex in a big coach where were probably like 5 more couples, after that i notice that she was holding hands with the girl next to us and then they start kissing, it was super hot and she went down on her and to bo honest it was like a dream come true after that they play a little bit more and the couple left. Then we went to the bar and grabbed a few more drinks and start making love again, then we went to the couples room and the same story happened with a different girl, she was like 40 years but it was hot with nice bubbies. they started kissing and she went down on my wife and then for the first time in my life i saw my wife going down on her, that turns me on incredible, while my wife was giving oral the other buy asked if he can touch my wife, i say yeah i think so but i really never talk to my wife about that, when my wife felt the other guys hand she fells uncomfortable a little and the guy stops and just watched with me the tow girls. after like 10 min they stopped and we went to grab another drink, we were super horny i can see her face that she liked it, we fucked 2 more times same night and call it a night. Next day we talked about that and have sex like crazy and talking about all that happen that night, but then she start felling like if she was doing something wrong i told her it was fine, and we moved up. We talked that we want to go again because it was so hot but that have to wait because she got pregnant that night, we had sex a lot of times that night. I want to bad to back but i know that we have to wait a lot of time. When we have sex she whisper in my ear what happened that night with the girl to turn me on and then we have great sex. thank you for reading and sorry for the bad writing but English is not my first language.
  20. Hello! Sophia here :-) My husband and I are planning to visit Trapeze in Atlanta this weekend, which so exciting and nerve-wracking for me! It will be our introduction into the swinger lifestyle. Here's my question: the club has a policy that everyone must disrobe in a locker room and enter the back play area wearing only a towel, is this pretty standard practice? I feel uncomfortable being essentially naked before any real contact, even if only with my husband but in a shared space. Plus, the very act of undressing/being undressed during the heat of the moment adds so much excitement to my experience. Am I just being silly? How have you all gotten accustomed to this different order of things, as it were?
  21. Oh my god, this morning my hubby and I are exhausted, a little hungover, and can't keep our hands off each other. We are officially no longer swinging virgins! So last night we went to Saints and Sinners in Philly. We went with zero expectations other than a fun night of dancing, and a commitment to get out of our shells by having sex with each other in one of the playrooms with others watching (which would be a total first for us both). We figured anything else would be a bonus. After a few drinks and some dancing, we met up with a couple that we had chatted with on sls a few times. The wife and I hit it off right away, and we spent an hour or two talking mixed with some dirty dancing while the boys watched. At one point she comes right out and asks me if we want to head downstairs to one of the playrooms. I didn't hesitate in saying yes ;-) We found a semi-private playroom (closed off, but open door and one open window) and, feeling a bit giggly, settled in. We both stripped off our skimpy clothes and jumped right in to kissing and touching. I loved the difference in our two beautiful bodies (I'm short and very curvy, big booty and 36DDD tits, she was taller, slender, with small perky tits). As the boys watched, she laid me down and licked my pussy. I LOVE my husband's tongue, and the feel of his rough bearded face, but I had forgotten how amazing the soft mouth of a woman feels (although this was our first swinging experience, I have been with women one-on-one, before my husband and I met) My husband began to kiss me and suck my tits while her face was buried in my wet pussy, and then pulled his thick cock out for me to suck while she licked and sucked my clit. As we switched, we kissed and touched some more, and I could taste myself on her tongue. I eagerly put my tongue on her sweet pussy (oh my god I'm going to be so jealous of my husband every time he eats me out now- I totally forgot how fucking spectacular the feel of a pussy under my tongue is!!!) and as I licked, sucked and nibbled, my ass in the air, my husband started to fuck me doggie style. I was so absorbed in eating her out that I didn't even realize my husband came not once, but twice! He said as soon as he saw me start to eat her pussy he exploded. She began to moan and cry out louder and louder, and I felt her cum all over my tongue. Her husband then moved in and started to finger fuck her to make her squirt, and my husband laid me down to lick my pussy and fuck me some more. All this time I can see people out of the corner of my eye, watching, getting turned on. Apparently one couple even came in and sat down for a little bit to get a closer look, but I didn't even notice. Our play finished with her husband fucking her doggie while she leaned over me as my husband ate me out. We were kissing, both each other's mouths and tits, and I worked her swollen clit with my fingers as she was getting fucked. So. Fucking. Hot. After we said our goodbyes, they left the club and hubby and I went back up to the dance floor. It was an all out fuck fest! Everywhere we looked people were sucking cock, eating pussy and fucking. We started making out again, and ended up with my tits in his mouth (my tits are large enough that he can put both nipples in his mouth at once, drives me WILD). We ended up back downstairs again, this time just the two of us, where we fucked some more with others watching, and I finished him (for those counting, that's #3!) in my mouth. After we got home, he couldn't keep his hands off me, talking about how insanely hot our experience was, and he made me cum with his fingers on my g spot and a vibrator on my clit. As soon as we woke up this morning, more fucking- lol I know I keep saying it, but we really can't keep our hands off each other! Last night has lit a fire under our already red-hot sex life and brought us even closer, and we can't wait to do it again
  22. So hubby and I have said we would like to take a visit to a swingers club and we have put out some feelers on a site and gotten a handful of emails. We are hoping to meet those we are interested in the club that night. First we want to make sure that those people are aware that we may not be ready for play that night. As we get closer I can feels myself getting cold feet, and fears. My hubby reassures me we won't so anything that I am not ready for, and I know he is 100 percent truthful in that. Were you nervous you first night going to the club? Did you end up playing with anyone your first night? Whenever you did have your first time did you jump in two feet or did you dip in slowly and get "used to the waters" before proceeding further?
  23. Hubby and I are headed to our first club. This will be our first experience. I'm so nervous! What to wear, what to talk about, how to start conversations, and everything in between!! Wish us luck!! And any advice is welcome!
  24. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share this with you, though, I have a feeling it will be a long post! Feel free to comment The first time my wife and I had an experience in the lifestyle it was a planned date with another couple we had met online. It was awesome and we were on cloud nine for days afterwards. Hungry for more, we set up a date with another couple, but that time all we felt was "meh". It wasn't bad, but on the other hand it wasn't good either. So, we tried the first couple again, but the magic was gone. Maybe swinging just wasn't for us? Maybe we just got a kick out of doing something new? Or maybe getting to know people through "dates" makes us think of them as friends in some way and the sex-vibe goes away? (This was especially true for my wife.) - While on vacation in Amsterdam this summer, we visited the club "Fun4Two" (of which I wrote a review in the travel section) and we had a blast by just playing with each other. We discovered that being surrounded by other people having sex was a major turn-on. We had been receiving invitations to parties online, organized by a fairly exclusive group, but we had always received the invitations too late and had other plans. This time though, we did have time to attend their Halloween party. We were completely unsure of whether or not we liked the idea of a sex-party, but decided to try it out. It might be what we were missing in our lifestyle endeavors. - Turns out it was exactly what we had been looking for since our first time with another couple. The group organizing the party had gotten a large duplex suite at a hotel, and the space was really needed since there were 19 other couples there, along with 2 single males and 2 single females. All of them were great-looking! Everyone started lounging around, chatting, drinking wine and having a great time - we could tell many of those who were there had met before at previous parties. However, there was a current in the air. Everyone had looks of excitement about them and there were a whole lot of winks and eye-contact going around. It felt great. After having sat down for just 15 minutes, a guy comes up to me and hands me a palm sized electronic device - the wireless remote control to a vibrator that one of the girls there had in her panties. He didn't tell me who had it, but that I should press the button whenever I felt like it. My wife looked at me and said "We should get one of those!". We then took turns pressing the button now and then, trying to figure out who wore it. After a while, we handed it off to someone else. The thought of a woman walking around the party not knowing who was pressing the button got me very excited... After a while we started mingling a bit more and decided to check out the upstairs area. Suddenly, everything got real. What we found was two beautiful naked blondes in the large circular bathtub touching each other and another pair of women taking turns at licking the other, seated on a side table. We watched for a little while, and then everyone was called down to the lounge area where the hostess (gorgeous slender brunette in her mid-twenties) formally welcomed everyone and laid out the rules. She also surprised everyone by announcing that they had had a secret competition for best costumes, and that I and my wife were the winners! "The prize is... getting laid! But of course that will happen to everyone tonight", she said with a devilish grin and a wink. However, we did get free entry to the next party of theirs we attend, which was a pleasant surprise. Since everything at the party was free, like condoms, lube, wine, snacks, and the suite itself was pricey, all couples had chipped in $100 ($50 per person, 400 Swedish Kronor) so not having to pay next time around was a nice touch. After that, things went wild. All clothes came off, and people started having sex all around us. Me and my wife started playing with each other while enjoying the view we had. After a while she told me to sit down in an armchair facing some mattresses on the floor and proceeded to give me a blowjob on her knees while I was watching a huge pile of beautiful people, all having sex. I swear that one of those women must have been a gymnast, considering how flexible she was! We played around a bit more, and when taking breaks and drinking wine chatted with other people doing the same. After a while we checked the upstairs area again and found a mid-30s couple sitting in the tub looking at us invitingly. We sat down and talked a bit, and in a magic way we all started touching each other. (Well, not me and the guy, but you get the point.) This led to making out, and things were getting hot. In fact, the water was really hot in itself, which really made those glasses of wine I had had rush even more to my head. Luckily, I realized this and said "I think it's time to get out of the tub" to which the woman instantly replied, with a smile, "Oh, I agree!". So, that was not really what I had meant, but I really didn't mind the outcome. We all went downstairs to the large mattress and the kissing, touching and licking resumed. After a little while, while my face was between the woman's legs, I feel something landing on one of hands and bouncing off. It was a wrapped condom, and it was my wife that had tossed it to me. I look up and see her getting on all fours with the guy behind her repeatedly slamming into her. - That has never happened before with other couples. We have always been soft-swap, but before that night we had said that if everything feels right, then why not? - I should also mention that my wife was a virgin when we met... She had never had another man inside her, so it was perhaps a bigger event than what it sounds like. And the thing is... I didn't mind. I liked seeing her gasping for air in between moans of pleasure. I put on the condom she had given me and proceeded with the woman I was bent over. It felt great. - Not just physically, because condoms are not my best friends in that department, but it was exciting, erotic, and sexy. We had barely spoken to these people! They were probably the couple there that we had spoken to the least! I can't say that I performed very well. The wine got to me and, in combination with me not being used to using a condom, I eventually went soft. But that was okay, because the mental experience was great! After we left the party, we were exhausted but very happy. It was exactly what we had been looking for. Casual swinging with beautiful people with no strings attached. So, maybe "getting-to-know-each-other"-dates with other couples really aren't our thing. Maybe we're more of a party and club couple. - And we can't wait for the next party! (After all, we need to cash in our prize ) Cheers, /Licentious (M34/F27)
  25. I have been a Nudist for most of my life and prefer to be naked whenever I can. My Ex and I were both into nudism and our kids (three girls and a boy) were too. We weren't swingers though. We divorced in 1987. I got into the LS about 20yrs ago. At the time I was in a relationship with a lady who was as horny as a stag in rutting season. She confided in me that she was a swinger and asked me if I would be interested in the LS too. At first I was a bit reluctant but curiosity got the better of me! I still have fond memories of that first night at a local club June (named changed to protect the guilty!) was dressed in a mini-skirt and a loose top with no underwear on. At the club we made contact with another couple of similar age whom I will call Andy and Sue and things developed from there. We went to their house for desert! We had barely (?) got inside and Andy had June's top off and started playing with her superb tits and she had her hand in his pants rubbing his cock. Sue was sitting beside me and we were kissing. She undid my fly and got my cock out and stroked it. Usual reaction!! I slid my hand under her skirt to find that she wasn't wearing knickers either. I remember how it great it felt to slip my fingers into that hot, wet hole. By this time June was on her knees and Andy was sliding his cock into her doggie style just a few feet away. Sue started sucking me as I took off her skirt and top. I could feel the cum rising in my balls so I laid her down on the couch and got between her legs. To this day I can recall just how it felt to slide my hard cock into that hot, wet pussy. Sue wrapped her legs around me and we fucked hard. A few moments later I finished with a blast of cum across her stomach just as Andy pulled out of June's cunt and shot a long silver load along her back. It was unbelievably erotic watching it and I decided then that I wanted to explore the LS more. Damn, I can just about cum from the memory!
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