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Found 12 results

  1. My boyfriend and I went to Trapeze Atlanta last weekend. I’m mid 40s and he’s 50ish, but I look mid 30s, a typical soccer mom type who’s bi-curious and into some light BDSM (think bondage and sexy choking.) We prepared for the evening by enjoying some plant medicine and margaritas and arrived at the club via Lyft with a nice buzz around 1015Pm. There was a line outside and folks were dressed mostly in club wear. After becoming members, we spent 20 minutes or so assessing the main area inside before deciding we wanted to go to the back. We changed into a towel and lingerie and headed back finding a spot on a couch across from some pool tables. I was wearing a white nightie from VS and my boyfriend began playing with me as the area filled up with other club goers. The seating areas around us filled with other couples fucking and, my boyfriend noticed a guy hanging around watching us and invited him to come over. I sucked his dick for 4-5 minutes then another couple of guys came over to play before we moved into a private room with even more fun. I was very relaxed and remember how hot I felt being on the receiving end of so much male attention (8 total) while my BF was there keeping me safe. Some of the guys wanted to go further, but they respected our limits of oral only with some light touching allowed. We plan to go back again soon and next time I would love to experience fun with another female. We did get separated a few times during our first visit and will not make that mistake again next time as both resulted in uncomfortable experiences.
  2. Hi. Very first post here, and most definitely a total newbie couple to swinging. We've talked about it several times and had some MFM play. However, we are planning to go to Trapeze in Atlanta Halloween weekend. My question is for anyone who has ever been there. Is it a good swinging club, is there generally a decent amount of people there, and are most people pretty open to newbies? Thanks in advance!!
  3. I’ve heard the Trapeze in Atlanta now has one time passes to the VIP area, does anyone know the cost? We’re not sure we want to splurge on a year membership but would like to try it for night. Thanks.
  4. We have had quite a few experiences in the short time we have been participating in the LS. One couple we have been with a few times, the husband hangs back and watches for the most part, some participation but mostly seems to enjoy watching things play out (which I can understand, I find watching my wife an incredible turn on, but I like to play too) But they are about on the same ground as us. Slow moving and each time takes some warm up and talk before we dive in. The other couple is very experienced, the husband usually has my wife's attention within a few minutes, and has her undivided attention in just a few more, I love seeing this ,however I am more shy (while clothed) and will sit next to his wife and place a hand on her knee, or just sit close to her, I have given her a back rub to start things off. I don't really know where I am at after 14 years with the same woman. It feels like trying to date again, without the objective of a full relationship . I brought this up the third time they came over, apologized to his wife for being shy. LOL, she said, "hun, you're anything but shy". Her husband said "When you have been swinging for a while, you get a feeling for what people are looking for, and when to do what" Does this seem normal to those in the lifestyle for a while? I can turn on the charm no problem and I am good at making people feel at ease, but that is mostly talking. Maybe it is just because I have been with the same number of people since 2004 until early this month, and am still really new to working my way up. Any thoughts, suggestions? Mr. Dazed
  5. Well, We the Mrs. and I attended our first events this weekend at Trapeze Club. Not only was this our first club, it was also our first foray into the Lifestyle. Friday left us a bit unnerved with the amount of Single Guys, however Saturday night was much different. Numerous couple from all walks of Life. The wife was comfortable enough that we even ventured into the back with everyone else. We watched and were watched together, however not much more. Going back in September with a goal of being more social and interactive. Then see where it leads from there.
  6. Wife and I have our first adventure to a club planned out a couple weeks from now. We have the babysitter lined up, the hotel, etc. HOWEVER -- I just realized that the night we have planned to go allows single males. It's a Friday night. I read a couple reddit posts from a couple years ago about the single men being a big annoyance there. Is this still the case? Is it enough of a problem for me to change plans and have to try to line up a babysitter for a different night, cancel and rebook the hotel, etc? Sheesh. I've been looking forward to this for a couple weeks and I fear I made a bonehead selection on which night to go.
  7. Well, the longest week in a long time is almost over. Headed out for our first experience tomorrow night. We are both nervous as hell. Wish us luck...
  8. We are not swingers, but thinking of going to trapeze in atlanta. What to expect? Are there people there who are not swingers? Best night to go? Is it safe? Just looking to spice things up a little.
  9. Hello all, i been reading this blog for quite a few months and then i have decide to write my short store on my first time in a swing club. Me and my wife are in the late 20s, we had a really good sex life and everything is perfect. As always the idea came up for me doing a three some with some girls and she knows that the idea drives me crazy so she make up some stories when we are about to have sex to make it interesting and hotter. One night we decided to go to the Trappeze in ATl, we got there about 10 pm and when to grab food and start drinking, we didnt talk to anybody and then start dancing, while dancing y play putting the little dress up so everybody can see her ass, that turn us a lot so we decided to go into the play room. At the play room we were really exiting because we never been on a club like this before, but after a lot of drinks she start giving me a blow job in front of a few people in the back bar, i really like it and i did the same to her. Then we went to couples room only and start having sex in a big coach where were probably like 5 more couples, after that i notice that she was holding hands with the girl next to us and then they start kissing, it was super hot and she went down on her and to bo honest it was like a dream come true after that they play a little bit more and the couple left. Then we went to the bar and grabbed a few more drinks and start making love again, then we went to the couples room and the same story happened with a different girl, she was like 40 years but it was hot with nice bubbies. they started kissing and she went down on my wife and then for the first time in my life i saw my wife going down on her, that turns me on incredible, while my wife was giving oral the other buy asked if he can touch my wife, i say yeah i think so but i really never talk to my wife about that, when my wife felt the other guys hand she fells uncomfortable a little and the guy stops and just watched with me the tow girls. after like 10 min they stopped and we went to grab another drink, we were super horny i can see her face that she liked it, we fucked 2 more times same night and call it a night. Next day we talked about that and have sex like crazy and talking about all that happen that night, but then she start felling like if she was doing something wrong i told her it was fine, and we moved up. We talked that we want to go again because it was so hot but that have to wait because she got pregnant that night, we had sex a lot of times that night. I want to bad to back but i know that we have to wait a lot of time. When we have sex she whisper in my ear what happened that night with the girl to turn me on and then we have great sex. thank you for reading and sorry for the bad writing but English is not my first language.
  10. Hello! Sophia here :-) My husband and I are planning to visit Trapeze in Atlanta this weekend, which so exciting and nerve-wracking for me! It will be our introduction into the swinger lifestyle. Here's my question: the club has a policy that everyone must disrobe in a locker room and enter the back play area wearing only a towel, is this pretty standard practice? I feel uncomfortable being essentially naked before any real contact, even if only with my husband but in a shared space. Plus, the very act of undressing/being undressed during the heat of the moment adds so much excitement to my experience. Am I just being silly? How have you all gotten accustomed to this different order of things, as it were?
  11. After much deliberation, we finally decided on Trapeze as our first experience for their 10 anniversary event. We hit some snags in the form of forgotten IDs etc. but we finally arrived at the club at about 9:00 pm. By the time we got in, there was a sizable crowd there and small groups had kind of formed. We decided to get some drinks to lubricate ourselves socially. Just FYI, my wife is petite with huge 28F boobs and had worn a sexy little black backless dress with two strips of cloth running loosely down over the front over the boobs, she looked drop dead gorgeous walking as her boobs swayed and provided glimpses of flesh in a teasing manner as she moved. We spotted a couple we knew from SLS and went over to say hi, but the conversation did not carry on for too long, so we continued walking around. I guess we caught the eye of an attractive interracial couple; the guy (call him H) who was black called out to us and told my wife that she was gorgeous, and with that somewhere the conversation started. Somewhere along the line the conversation went to his wife’s (call her J) then 3 day old boob job. While he mentioned her boob job, he slid her sleeves to the side, to expose her breast which was extremely hot! I responded that my wife had good ones, but she was shy about them and I slid her dress to the side. H reached out and grabbed my wife’s boob and gave it a nice squeeze. Since it was our first time, they started explaining how things were and we were just soaking it all in. After chatting with them we went for a refill of our drink. For future record, my wife will be referred to as A. We got back with our drinks and by this time A and J wanted to dance. So we headed to the dance floor. Initially it was me dancing with A and H with J, with A and J with their backs to each other. Meanwhile I noticed a lady behind us whose dress had ridden high up and her crotch was now exposed showing a clean, hairless pussy. After a while we changed positions and A and J were facing each other. Bear in mind that J was really tall, and A is rather petite, so even when we were standing A only reached till about Js boob. Within minutes A was licking and sucking Js boob and I was playing with the other nipple. H had reached from behind J and was playing with As boobs as well. H suggested we switch partners and I dance with J and him with A and also that he wanted to kiss A. So while A and H kissed, J and me kissed and I continued to play with Js newly enhanced boobs. This continued for a while and then we got off the dance floor for a break. A needed to use the restroom and while she left I plopped myself next to a guy making out with blonde on a small couch. A few moments later rather shapely woman arrived wearing a lingerie top and a thong and introduced herself to the blonde as the man’s wife after which she continued dancing and then sat in my lap with her legs on either side of me. I had my hand on her waist in short time and while the next few moments are blurry to me all I remember is I had two fingers inside her while I was kissing her. It’s hard to lose track of time between kissing a woman, playing with her nipples running your hands all over her and fingering her at the same time. I always focus on the woman’s pleasure and so I centered my attention on playing with her boobs with one hand while I was fingering her. Amidst her loud moaning I heard her husband ask her, “Is He fingering you or is he fucking you?” She didn’t really stop to reply but after a while I did so I could talk to her. I told her I was waiting on my wife, and with great timing this is when A arrived. She introduced herself to my wife and they chatted for a bit. The couple then told us that they were headed to the back areas and we told them that we’d meet them their later after a bit more dancing. When we got back to the dance floor there was a blonde petite woman probably in her late 20s or early 30s with short hair dancing only in her thong with brunette in blue dress. I wanted to get rid of my jacket so I asked A to go dance with them while I stashed my coat in one of the lockers. This is exactly what I saw when I got back – A was the meat for the sandwich between the blonde and the brunette. I watched and after a while I went over and whispered in the blonde’s ear that I would love to see my wife in the same attire she was in which made her chuckle. A was running her hands over the blonde and feeling up her boobs and fingering her from outside her panties, given that this was As first bisexual experience I was getting extremely turned on by it all. After a while I walked up behind A and raised the two front of the dress from behind her over her head; this left her essentially topless standing with bottom part of the dress around her waist. With A protesting in a perfunctory manner, I then raised the dress over her leaving her on the dance floor in only her thong, the blonde and A matched now in their attire. I always wanted to see the exhibitionist in A and I was loving all of this, and she was having a great time feeling up and getting felt up by the blonde. We then danced with another couple and by this time nipple play and over the panties fingering seemed like the norm. Around this time we decided to head to the back rooms. A was ready for the back room so I went ahead to undress. The locker rooms themselves feel surreal – there are naked women and men hanging around each other, and despite the highly erotic nature of it, it did not feel awkward or weird. I had my towel and we entered the back room. A needed a drink so we went to the bar, while we waited I could see an older couple on the seats next to us with the man caressing the woman’s nipples all the while we were there. The scene inside was extremely hot – everywhere we looked there were people moaning, someone going down on a lady or some lady riding someone; I’ve never seen that much sexual energy in one place and it was a huge turn on. After we got the drink we ran into H and J again. H was in a towel and J was down to her panties. We entered one of the orgy rooms and sat down on the sides as there were no chairs. I was kissing J while I could see that H and A were kissing. In short time, A was giving H a blowjob, and around this time J offered to give me one. Playing with her boobs was out of limits due to their very recent post-operative nature – they were still very sore and had some bruising on them. J went down on me and she was good, pornstar good. In fact she was so good that I had to take her face in my hands and kiss her to stop from coming too soon…and this was in under a minute. Granted that this could also be due to the fact that I had been turned on for a long, long time by then. H&J told us that they were soft swap but may be on that particular day we got the vibe that J probably just wanted to be with H. J and I were talking while I saw A go down on H, J then excused herself to go to the restroom and I did the same shortly. Largely to take care of the stifled orgasm and the weird feeling that gives. When we got back H&A were talking, it was clear that J wasn’t interested in playing too much that night, understandably. Me and A excused ourselves and walked around for a while taking the sights in. We were sitting by the pool when a dude I’ll call D approached us and said that his wife wanted to meet us. We walked towards her and on the way, D told us that his wife (T) liked As booty. We met her and I thought she was really cute. She was a bit taller than me, with perky round boobs and a bubble butt. She had a face that I thought had a lot of similarities with Katie Holmes with wavy brown hair. Soon we were in one of the hot tubs, and before we knew it T and I were at one corner with A and D at the other and another couple on the edge watching us. T and I kissed for a while and then she stopped and said to me, “I bet you’d like to eat some pussy” and before I could say anything she had her butt on the edge of the bath tub and her pussy facing me. I dove into it with much gusto while my hands played with her boobs, tweaking and teasing her nipples. After a while I took one hand and inserted 2 fingers inside her and started fingering her while I ate her. She was screaming and basically doing my confidence a lot of good while D went down on A at the other end. I licked her clit and licked her all the way from her clit to her nipple and started sucking on her breast. I nibbled and bit her nipples lightly while I played with her other nipple with my hand. My other hand was fingering her and I found out that she liked it rough. Around this time she asked me if she could have my dick and she put her hand on my dick and tried to put it in when I stopped and told her that I wasn’t doing that without a condom and actually not doing it just then cos we weren’t looking for a full swap. I continued fingering her and started putting more fingers in until I finally stopped at 4 (which I managed to get in with much difficulty, I should point out that I have slender hands and not exactly huge ginormous ones) She was moaning and screaming and asking me to not stop and this made me want to make her beg. She really was tiring me out and I started alternating between hands and this is when there was another pleasant discovery – T was a squirter, this just encouraged me and after 2 separate occasions of her squirting on my hand I had to stop for a bit due to exhaustion in my hands. At this point I asked her to go eat As pussy so A could have her first experience of a girl eating her. What happened next was astounding. T almost jumped at the opportunity and rushed over to T and moved D aside. Picture the sight with me cos it was almost too much for me to take it all in. A sitting on the edge of the hot tub with her legs wide apart, her hands stretched behind her propping her up with her back arched and her amazing boobs sticking out. Between As legs was Ts mouth sucking and licking hungrily with her hands on As thighs and her beautiful bubble butt sticking in the air out of the water, her wet body glistening. At the other end, D was kneading As boobs while sucking on the other while I stood there inches from Ts ass taking this all in thinking to myself, I’ve seen this in porno flicks, never thought I’d be in one of these. I think to myself of all the times I would watch a picture of a beautiful wet bubble butt on the monitor with the pussy peeking out and want to lick the monitor, and this time I had the real thing in front of me. I started licking Ts ass and then her pussy, then I licked her ass while I fingered her pussy and some permutations combinations thereof. I don’t know how long all this lasted but I then asked A to eat T while I snacked on Ts boobs, D was eating A while she ate T now. This went on for a while with eventually me and A eating T out together. We had to stop for a while as D got cramps. We decided we were ok with full swap and decided to move to a room. We got to the orgy room and there was hardly any room on the beds. T just laid down on one of the beds and pulled A on, and spread her legs and went to town. We scared of another couple who was too shy to have anybody that close to them and soon we had the whole bed for ourselves. T wanted A to sit on her face so she did, and I went down on T again. Every once in a while T would pull me up and make me finger A while she licked my finger or she would make me eat A while we sort of kissed. We found out that T really, REALLY loved to eat pussy cos she had been going for almost 20 minutes. Somewhere along the way she says, “You better fuck me with that dick hard for all the pussy I am eating.” I was nervous, only because by this time I had been aroused for a long, long time and I knew I wouldn’t last too long. I risked it anyways and put the condom on and entered her and in the next 3-4 minutes came before she had (although by this time she had come quite a few times). I withdrew and luckily for me, A was tired as well and we all decided to take a breather. I headed to the restroom to get rid of the condom, and clean up the residual lubricant from the condom. When I got back, D was going down on A again and was waiting for me to watch judging by his question as soon as I got back, “Did you see that?”. This is when we realized that we had quite a crowd watching us and of course that was a huge turn on. We decided a round of water was in order and T and I headed to the bar to get some. There was of course a line at the bar and we had to wait a bit. I had my towel on and T had hers and we decided to kill the time by kissing, and this made me hard instantly (I was surprised considering how recently I had come). I lowered my hand to her breasts and undid her towel which promptly fell to the floor. We continued to kiss as I played with her nipples, and then started sucking on her other nipple. One of my hands was on her ass kneading it and other was roaming all over her front. She was a great kisser and I went back to her mouth while my hands went to her pussy. Fingering her and slapping her ass hard (she loved S&M) at the crowded bar after I had stripped her was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done in my life. We finally stopped got the water and headed back to the orgy room. We talked for a while and decided if we were going to just talk, we might as well head to the pool. This is the wrap up, so this will be short. At the pool, T was in my lap and A was in Ds. D was having trouble staying hard due to the alcohol so A and him couldn’t do much but kiss and some boob play/bj. I loved kissing T so we kept at it. T turned to face me with her legs around me and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. We swam around the pool together kissing for a while and then just humped in the pool for a bit. It was about 4 in the morning and all of us decided to call it a night, the club had started emptying anyways. We headed to the locker rooms, got dressed, exchanged numbers and hugged our good byes. To me, my fondest moments would always be the hot tub and the look of sublime happiness on As face as at one point all three of us were playing with her, or the sudden realization that we were fucking like porn stars, or for that matter being around Hugh Hefner (I should’ve mentioned that, Hef was at the Trap that night for the 10th Anniversary celebrations), and me not him being the one with two babes (if only for a short while ) in bed. Loved the experience and definitely going back !!
  12. O.K., I'm not sure if this is the place to put this, but I knew it would be seen, and that Julie could move it if necessary. Back in January, over MLK B'Day weekend, we visited my folks in Miami and decided to go to a club, Trapeze. We had been out of Swinging for quite some time (never really in it that long), but wanted a little excitement and figured we would go "see and be seen". We weren't planning to play with others, but, if the opportunity presented itself properly, sure, maybe, why not? We got to the club and it was pretty well layed out. Nice bar, nice dance floor (kinda sucky music, but we're dance instructors, we're hard to please) and a really nice buffet. The requisite porn was showing on two TVs and the skinny twenty-something girls were on the floor vogue-ing for one another. Most of the crowd was the "not Ken and Barbie" set and were MUCH older than us (we're late 30's to early 40's, most were 50's and up). Now, I am not ranking on the "not Ken and Barbie" folks (we're kinda in that range) or the near-baby boomers. It's simply that we were going to see and be seen and wanted to be surrounded by the young 20-30 something Miami hard bodies that Trapeze is supposedly famous for attracting (all the pics on their site are of said people). Most of the even borderline attractive (to us, I know, please don't hate) women, were partnered with big, bald, bearded, biker looking dudes, which are simply not our taste. Well, we weren't exactly feeling the love, but we thought we'd give the play room a try, if only to see it and play together. As we cautiously walked back there, a very very large (overweight, not foot ball player large), naked man in his mid-fifties, was being ejected from the play room, screaming and yelling, as another man and his partner came out. The second man was bleeding from his face where the first man had punched him and his partner (wife?) was visibly shaken, as were all those around them. This really put a damper on things for us, as well as the others who came out of the room, so my wife and I decided to go enjoy the buffet and then leave. It didn't turn out as planned, but it made for a good story.
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