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Found 10 results

  1. My boyfriend and I went to Trapeze Atlanta last weekend. I’m mid 40s and he’s 50ish, but I look mid 30s, a typical soccer mom type who’s bi-curious and into some light BDSM (think bondage and sexy choking.) We prepared for the evening by enjoying some plant medicine and margaritas and arrived at the club via Lyft with a nice buzz around 1015Pm. There was a line outside and folks were dressed mostly in club wear. After becoming members, we spent 20 minutes or so assessing the main area inside before deciding we wanted to go to the back. We changed into a towel and lingerie and headed back finding a spot on a couch across from some pool tables. I was wearing a white nightie from VS and my boyfriend began playing with me as the area filled up with other club goers. The seating areas around us filled with other couples fucking and, my boyfriend noticed a guy hanging around watching us and invited him to come over. I sucked his dick for 4-5 minutes then another couple of guys came over to play before we moved into a private room with even more fun. I was very relaxed and remember how hot I felt being on the receiving end of so much male attention (8 total) while my BF was there keeping me safe. Some of the guys wanted to go further, but they respected our limits of oral only with some light touching allowed. We plan to go back again soon and next time I would love to experience fun with another female. We did get separated a few times during our first visit and will not make that mistake again next time as both resulted in uncomfortable experiences.
  2. Hello We are a married couple and visiting Atlanta in the first week of Nov. We are not newbies but not super experienced either and will probably checkout Trapeze but are also open to meeting another couple for drinks and hopefully more. We are in our late 30's, drama free, enjoy good wine, food, fun and laughs.
  3. Hi. Very first post here, and most definitely a total newbie couple to swinging. We've talked about it several times and had some MFM play. However, we are planning to go to Trapeze in Atlanta Halloween weekend. My question is for anyone who has ever been there. Is it a good swinging club, is there generally a decent amount of people there, and are most people pretty open to newbies? Thanks in advance!!
  4. I’ve heard the Trapeze in Atlanta now has one time passes to the VIP area, does anyone know the cost? We’re not sure we want to splurge on a year membership but would like to try it for night. Thanks.
  5. Well, We the Mrs. and I attended our first events this weekend at Trapeze Club. Not only was this our first club, it was also our first foray into the Lifestyle. Friday left us a bit unnerved with the amount of Single Guys, however Saturday night was much different. Numerous couple from all walks of Life. The wife was comfortable enough that we even ventured into the back with everyone else. We watched and were watched together, however not much more. Going back in September with a goal of being more social and interactive. Then see where it leads from there.
  6. Wife and I have our first adventure to a club planned out a couple weeks from now. We have the babysitter lined up, the hotel, etc. HOWEVER -- I just realized that the night we have planned to go allows single males. It's a Friday night. I read a couple reddit posts from a couple years ago about the single men being a big annoyance there. Is this still the case? Is it enough of a problem for me to change plans and have to try to line up a babysitter for a different night, cancel and rebook the hotel, etc? Sheesh. I've been looking forward to this for a couple weeks and I fear I made a bonehead selection on which night to go.
  7. We are not swingers, but thinking of going to trapeze in atlanta. What to expect? Are there people there who are not swingers? Best night to go? Is it safe? Just looking to spice things up a little.
  8. Hello all, i been reading this blog for quite a few months and then i have decide to write my short store on my first time in a swing club. Me and my wife are in the late 20s, we had a really good sex life and everything is perfect. As always the idea came up for me doing a three some with some girls and she knows that the idea drives me crazy so she make up some stories when we are about to have sex to make it interesting and hotter. One night we decided to go to the Trappeze in ATl, we got there about 10 pm and when to grab food and start drinking, we didnt talk to anybody and then start dancing, while dancing y play putting the little dress up so everybody can see her ass, that turn us a lot so we decided to go into the play room. At the play room we were really exiting because we never been on a club like this before, but after a lot of drinks she start giving me a blow job in front of a few people in the back bar, i really like it and i did the same to her. Then we went to couples room only and start having sex in a big coach where were probably like 5 more couples, after that i notice that she was holding hands with the girl next to us and then they start kissing, it was super hot and she went down on her and to bo honest it was like a dream come true after that they play a little bit more and the couple left. Then we went to the bar and grabbed a few more drinks and start making love again, then we went to the couples room and the same story happened with a different girl, she was like 40 years but it was hot with nice bubbies. they started kissing and she went down on my wife and then for the first time in my life i saw my wife going down on her, that turns me on incredible, while my wife was giving oral the other buy asked if he can touch my wife, i say yeah i think so but i really never talk to my wife about that, when my wife felt the other guys hand she fells uncomfortable a little and the guy stops and just watched with me the tow girls. after like 10 min they stopped and we went to grab another drink, we were super horny i can see her face that she liked it, we fucked 2 more times same night and call it a night. Next day we talked about that and have sex like crazy and talking about all that happen that night, but then she start felling like if she was doing something wrong i told her it was fine, and we moved up. We talked that we want to go again because it was so hot but that have to wait because she got pregnant that night, we had sex a lot of times that night. I want to bad to back but i know that we have to wait a lot of time. When we have sex she whisper in my ear what happened that night with the girl to turn me on and then we have great sex. thank you for reading and sorry for the bad writing but English is not my first language.
  9. Hello! Sophia here :-) My husband and I are planning to visit Trapeze in Atlanta this weekend, which so exciting and nerve-wracking for me! It will be our introduction into the swinger lifestyle. Here's my question: the club has a policy that everyone must disrobe in a locker room and enter the back play area wearing only a towel, is this pretty standard practice? I feel uncomfortable being essentially naked before any real contact, even if only with my husband but in a shared space. Plus, the very act of undressing/being undressed during the heat of the moment adds so much excitement to my experience. Am I just being silly? How have you all gotten accustomed to this different order of things, as it were?
  10. I promised a report on "The Grove", so here it is. It's long, so if you want pertinent info, skip to the end and if I didn't answer anything you want to know, just ask. First let me say this may not be your typical trip report. For those of you who've read any of our post and/or my blogs, you probably know that Ted and I don't get to spend a lot of time together, and more times than not, when we do get the chance to be together we're very selfish with each other and just enjoy sitting, holding hands and talking. So, even though we spent some time socializing with others, most of our time this past weekend was spent sitting on a glider on the deck and/or a swing by a pretty little pond. I'll summarize our days and at the end I'll give more detailed information about the things that are needed to know about "The Grove". The Grove.... Beautiful place. Very, very swinger friendly and clothing optional...in other words, our kind of place . We arrived around 4 p.m. on Friday, checked in, and had our tour of the grounds. It's not a huge place but it's much bigger than you think. It's basically a campground with a few rental cabins and some permanent campers that can also be rented for the week/weekend, as well as camper spots and tent spots for rent. With it being a Holiday weekend, the place was packed. Once our tour was over and we made our way to our room/cabin (which was basically a cabin that was designed to have three basic hotel rooms) we unloaded our luggage and settled in. Ted was naked before he even started unloading the car...which was unusual as I'm usually the first one naked, but it was cold...you're not really in the mountains but are in the foothills, and after being used to 100 degree weather, 70 degree weather was down right cold to me. In fact, it was the next day before I walked around naked. Once we were settled in and had gotten a bite to eat, we showered and dressed to head down to the Club House/pool/pavilion area where the dance took place. The place was hopping...everyone was so friendly and there was definitely a community feel to the place. We were asked numerous times if it was our first time there and told how happy everyone was to have us there....I made a comment to Ted at one point during the night that it had been a long time since we had received the "fresh meat" stares we got that night . We hung around the pool/dance area until about midnight talking, dancing and drinking, then headed back to our room where we spent another two hours or so on the glider just holding hands and talking. One of the great things about our room was the heavy curtains...no light came in so we slept until 11 a.m.. Upon waking, we fixed our coffee and walked out on the deck, naked, sat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery with our morning coffee. There's nothing like sitting outside naked with your first cup of coffee. A couple of hours later we decided to fix us a drink and head to the pool area. The music and laughter coming from there was very inviting. Once we reached the pool area we discovered it was PACKED...no place to really sit, especially in a shaded area which I try to stay in, even with sunscreen on. As we were walking to the pool area we spotted a swing by the little pond...close enough to the pool so that you could see what was going on and with the music so loud there was no fear of not having any entertainment. We made our way to the swing and discovered we liked sitting there, watching everyone and being able to talk without screaming at each other. We spent all day Saturday on the swing with each of us making runs back to our room to refill our drinks. Around 5 or so, we decided that a nap was in order. We moseyed on back to our room, decided playtime was more appealing than a nap at that particular moment, had some fun and took a nice long afternoon nap. Upon waking it was time to eat, shower, dress and head back to the Club House for that evenings dance. The crowd had doubled in size from the previous night and the only place we could find to sit was by the hot tub ( a bit away from all the action but still visible to it all)...another couple joined us there and we spent 2-3 hours talking to them and trading swinger related stories and philosophies...we had a lot in common with M & J and the conversation was easy and entertaining. About midnight we all decided to head to the Charter House to see what was going on there. The Charter House is well, a house, set up for the best house party you could ever imagine...group rooms, dungeons, private rooms, voyeur/exhibitionist rooms, massage room...GREAT place. We made the round of the house, watching a few people in the group room and talking to a few others, then decided it was time to head back to our cabin for our own fun. Sunday was spent pretty much exactly like Saturday was with the exception that we did spend some time at the pool that day, again sitting with and talking to M & J. Also, when it came time to head down to the dance for the evening, we decided that since it was our last night together we'd much rather spend it in our room alone. Monday morning came way to quickly. We had a very relaxing weekend and was sad to see it end. We enjoyed "The Grove" so much that we will definitely be back. Things that are needed to know... 1. When you go to "The Grove", you are camping. It doesn't matter if you're in a tent, a camper or a cabin...you're camping. There are no restaurants on the grounds so you either bring your own food or you get dressed and head into town to eat. They do offer a continental breakfast (not that we were ever up in time for it) as well as a member runs a small concession stand behind the club house where they sell hamburgers/hot dogs and such. The web site states that they offer you to order a meal on Saturday night from a local restaurant that they go and pick up for you...I have no personal info for this as we didn't participate as we packed our own food for the weekend. Most guest had small grills for BBQing and I do believe that all rooms have mini-refrigerators and microwaves in them (some of the larger cabins have full kitchens). 2. It's VERY hilly. A week spent in the place walking around, up and down hills would put anyone in great shape. One guest we talked to said they rented a golf cart for the weekend...we were unaware that this was available so again, no personal info for this. It did seem as if all the regulars had golf carts. 3. Coolers are a must and they do sell ice as well as they have a propane bottle exchange (both for a fee). Coolers can be taken anywhere. 4. It's a DRY county. No alcohol is sold. Bring your own. Some members have set up a bar area under the pavilion where they will give you free drinks (they STRESS the drinks are free) anytime they are open. They do have tip/donation jars there and since the members buy the alcohol out of their own pocket, it's nice to leave a tip. 5. Nudity is allowed ANYWHERE...sexual activity is allowed anywhere EXCEPT in the pool or hot tub. If you don't feel like being naked, no one looks at you funny. There were a lot of people that kept their clothes on, so naked or clothed you feel right at place. 6. No maid service during your stay. This did not bother us in the least as I don't change sheets every night at home and I do know how to make my own bed. If you need more towels all you have to do is ask and they are given to you. (If you're there longer than a weekend you might get maid service I really don't know). 7. The age range of the crowd is from late 20s on up....Most there on the upper side of 40s. All loads of fun and very friendly. NOT everyone is a swinger, but they all seem to enjoy the atmosphere. No means No just like anywhere else. 8. This is not a five star resort so don't expect it to be so...it's relaxing, beautiful and fun...it's addictive ...so addictive on our part we even looked at some of the places that were for sale and possibly getting a permanent camper spot. We loved the place! T.
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