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Swinging Separately

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Erotic swinger stories of hall passes, solo swinging, and the like.
We had met Darrell and Judy at a swingers house party that we used to attend way back when we first started in the lifestyle. We have been involved for about a year and a half, and we met a lot of great people and played with some. Although we were very friendly with this younger couple, we hadn’t played. We had been in the same room together, in the open room, but never really discussed or talked about getting together physically in our conversation.
At the last party, they had learned that I had a service business, something they might be interested in. They asked if I might be able to come by the following Sunday morning when they’re both home and go over some of the things they wanted to have taken care of. Darrell asked that I arrive early on Sunday morning, so I was there about 10 minutes ahead of time, parked in the driveway. Darrell came out on the porch and waved me to come on it. It was about 8 o’clock.
We went into his kitchen, and he poured me a mug of coffee. After we chatted for a few minutes, he started to describe some of the things that he wanted done. He also mentioned that Judy was still asleep but should be down shortly.
After about 15 to 20 minutes of casual conversation, you could hear movement, with someone coming down the stairs. A sleepy voice called out, “Honey, I need my morning dose.” Darrell responded, “Here in the kitchen, babe, we have company.” Judy shuffled in wearing her pink fuzzy slippers and an oversized men’s T-shirt, her breast swinging freely underneath the fabric. She mumbled a sleepy, “Oh, good morning,” as she headed for the pot of coffee on the counter.
Darrell and I continued chatting away as Judy prepared her mug of coffee and joined us at the table. Darrell explained to her that we had already discussed their needs and that I had come up with a couple of suggestions that I would get back to them on. Judy sat quietly, taking it all in, sipping at her coffee, gazing between Darrell and myself through the rising steam of her mug.
The conversation then turned to the usual general talk about what we’ve been up to, what they’ve been up to, work, etc. Darrell got up to pour another cup of coffee. As he passed Judy, she mumbled, “I need my dose, babe.” He just shook his head. I wasn’t really sure what all this meant. I assumed some sort of medication, but who knows?
As Daryl returned with his coffee, he stood over Judy, bent down as she looked up, gently kissed her forehead, and said, “Honey. You wrecked me last night. I have nothing left to give.“
Now I had a good idea what they were talking about and must’ve given myself away with a muffled chuckle. “She can be quite the demanding vixen, “said Darrell. “She kept me up half the night, and I’m all tapped out.”
Judy looked at me with a very mischievous smile on her face. Darrell looked down at Judy and said, “If you need more, you’re gonna have to get it from him,” Daryl stated, tipping his head in my direction. I have to say this took me by surprise. As I said before, we have not played yet other than sharing the same area in a group room.
I did not know what to say just sat quietly with probably a very silly looking grin on my face not sure if I should respond or not. Judy is the one who broke the silence. “Hmm I think I would like that very much if he is willing” again a moment or two of awkward silence when Derek stated “buddy you’d be doing me a favor I need a break.”
Now I will be honest: Judy is a very good-looking woman 15 years my junior, about five foot eight, with an hourglass figure, long brunette hair, and large full breasts. To say I was attracted to her, you’re damn right. I just was not expecting this situation and did not want to overstep my bounds.
“Well?” Darrell asked. “Really?” I asked.
“Please. She has been talking about you since the last party. She is very willing,” Darrell persisted. “She sucks me off just about every morning. I got nothing left.” Judy smiled and giggled.
I quietly thanked myself for showering this morning. “I just need to make a quick phone call to check in at home, but I would have to say I’m greatly interested and would be happy to oblige.” Judy let out a squeal of glee, clapping her hands in front of her, and I could not ignore the shaking of her breasts underneath the thin T-shirt.
I made a quick call to the Queen, stating what was going to happen, and she responded, “Good luck, enjoy yourself, be home by 1 o’clock. We have plans this afternoon.” I put my phone down on the table, looked up at Darrell, and Judy smiled and said, “Well, I guess I’m free.”
Judy took a sip of her coffee, turned her chair to the side and asked me to come stand in front of her. Once there, she did not waste any time unbuckling my belt and jeans, pulling them down to my knees. In one motion, she pulled my boxers down and buried her face fully against my flaccid cock and balls, sniffing deeply. She rocked her head from side to side and softly murmured a gentle “mmmm” of approval. After nuzzling me a bit, she gave me two gentle kisses, and using only her tongue, she swept my soft cock into her mouth. I looked over to Darrell to see he had a big grin indicating to me he liked what he saw Judy doing. I relaxed a bit more.
Looking down at Judy she had her eyes closed. She was rolling me around inside her mouth with her tongue. Then she sucked hard and gently bobbed her head a few times, then took me completely into her mouth again. She was making soft, guttural moans as she continued attacking me. “She really loves doing this,” Darrell stated. I did not respond other than a sigh on my part.
Judy continued working me with her mouth, and I started to respond to her efforts. As I started to swell, she took less and less of me into her mouth. She started stocking me with her hand and mouth. After a short time, she “popped” the head of my cock out of her mouth. “Oh my,” she said as she stroked me with her two hands, “I didn’t expect this.” She gasped, then took the remaining length of my cock beyond her two fists in her mouth. “Dude,” exclaimed Darrell, “do you mind if I take pictures of Judy with that?” I could only nod my head in approval; I didn’t want to break the mood.
Darrell fumbled with his phone and started taking pictures. Judy, with just the tip of me in her mouth, hands-free. And then one of my full length from her chin to her forehead.
“Damn,” Darrell stated, happily clicking away. Judy used one hand to stroke me while sucking on my balls. Darrell had the sound activated on his phone, and there were times it rapidly stuttered as he excitedly took multiple pictures as Judy skillfully continued the assault on my full erection. She tried to take more of me in her mouth but could only manage about half of me before her gag reflex kicked in, and she loudly gasped, popping me out of her mouth and sucking in a large amount of air while stroking with one, then both hands. Every now and again, she would run her tongue from my balls and under the length of my cock, sinking as much of me as possible into her mouth.
At some point, the shutter noise on Darrell’s phone stopped. I wasn’t sure when, but he continued to move the phone camera around Judy’s head and shoulders, I assume taking video. After several minutes of this, although I’m not very sure of the time, Judy stopped. “Let’s go in the living room.”
I kicked off my sneakers and pants and, with her holding my cock in her hand, led me into their living room to a sectional couch and had me sit on an oversized ottoman. She took a pillow from the couch and knelt on it in front of me. She resumed stroking me. One-handed, two-handed, then into her mouth. Shallow, deep, gagging a bit, then back to stroking. Time drifted away as I was enjoying every moment of her efforts. “Tell her when you are ready to cum so I can get a closeup,” instructed Darrell. Again, no answer from me other than nodding my head.
Judy continued vigorously, trying to get me to cum. She rested occasionally, stroking my length with her two hands. After a bit of time, I heard her ask Darrell, “Can I try this? I really want to try him.”
“Hell yeah,” Darrell exclaimed. “Is that ok with you?” he asked me.
“Sure,” I responded. Judy is still working on me. “Only cum in her mouth,” Darrell instructed. I mumbled an “ok” in agreement.
Judy told me to lay back on the ottoman as she stood stripping off the tee shirt. Her breasts swung freely, jiggling with her every movement. I expected that I would be given a condom or she might roll one on me, but instead, she turned away from me and started to lower herself onto me reverse cowgirl. Seeing my concern, Darrell assured me it would be okay if I was okay with it. I agreed.
My crotch was soaked with Judy’s saliva. I watched with eager anticipation as she positioned herself over me. Darrell was giving her some instruction so he could get his video of her lowering herself onto me. I witnessed a few rivulets trickling down her inner thighs. She grasped my cock with her hand and rubbed the end of it along her lips while slightly lowering herself back and forth but not penetrating. After a few moments, I felt her start to take me in. She gasped and stopped for a moment, then repeated, taking me out, rubbing me back in. God, she felt great.
Judy shifted herself slightly, still holding my cock. She guided me back into her opening, taking just the head of me into her. After a brief pause, she lifted her hips up a little and then backed down a little further. A few strokes and then a little more. Each time she did this, shallowly stroking what she had in her, she would slowly take a little more. With each deeper penetration, her body would gently quiver a bit.
“Damn, this is hot”! Darrell blurted out. If he thought what he saw was hot he should see this from my angle. Damn is right.
I do not think either of us were aware of time. There was no rush, no frenzied groping or pumping. Judy was in complete control as it should be, all about her pleasure, her comfort.
It wasn’t long before I was completely embedded inside the warmth of this woman. Using her body to stroke me, she would take me shallow, then deep strokes, occasionally stopping, deeply penetrating, and grinding on me, almost like dancing on me with her hips. I could hear her murmuring something from time to time, but I didn’t make out what she was saying. I was too engrossed with what she was doing to me.
After a while, she stood, releasing my cock. She turned, facing me, and straddled my waist. Grasping my cock she guided me into her, and she settled completely on my cock. “Damn babe, do that again,” Darrell, now directing this video. I didn’t care at all; I was thoroughly enjoying myself.
He directed her to rise up almost off me the slowly back down. I was lost in her breasts hanging down on me, her nipples brushing along my chest with her rocking motion. Judy’s breathing was quickening with the occasional moan. I loved stroking her breasts, using both hands to hold and squeeze while my mouth teased and pulled on her nipples. She started to ride me harder for a while, stopping every so often with full penetration, wiggling her hips. Once she started raising herself completely and then slamming herself back onto me, taking full, deep strokes, I started to feel that I was getting there.
“I need you to take me,” mumbled Judy as she raised herself off of me. I stood, and she knelt on the ottoman. I accepted the offer of taking her from behind, but I took my time. Partial and shallow strokes, then slowly pushing in deep.
Gauging that she was comfortable with this, I spread her cheeks apart with my hands, went as deep as possible, and paused. With each deep penetration and pause, she would gasp slightly and pump and grind against me.
I’m not sure who was breathing more excitedly, Judy, me, or Darrell, who was totally lost in videoing and watching through the lens. He had swapped out his phone for a handheld video camera at some point, but I am not sure when. I hadn’t noticed.
Judy set the pace. She started bucking back onto me hard and solid. I took the hint and picked up the pace, slamming back into her with full deep strokes. Her verbal jerky breathless “aaahhhs” and “oohhhs” excited me and Darrell. He was moving around us videoing from various angles commenting as he goes.
Judy announced we had to stop. I was concerned if she was ok. She was; she just wanted to be on her back.
She grasped my hand and, giggling, pulled me quickly down the hall, with Darrell a step behind me, to a bedroom. She sat on the bed and quickly took me into her mouth, running her tongue along my length. She laid back her butt on the edge of the bed, pulling me to her. “Fuck me hard,” she said, “but I want you to cum in my mouth.” I nodded that I understood.
I position myself between her raised legs. She pulled her legs back and wide open, bent at the knees. I leaned in, pressing myself against her opening, grasping each breast in my hands. Bending to nuzzle and suck on her nipples made me enter her partially, making Judy wriggle a light and let out an audible sigh. I squeezed both breasts together and alternated between each nipple as I started to push deeper inside her. She wiggled her hips, trying to press onto me. Once fully penetrated, she ground herself on me.
After a few minutes, I raised myself above her and started slowly pumping into her. I alternated shallow pumping with a few deep full strokes and, from time to time, pressing deep into her and just grinding against her. It seemed to excite her, judging by her body response and breathy moans. “Fuck me hard,” she said, “take me hard!” Our director shouted the same, “Pound her hard!”
Placing a hand on each thigh to hold her legs open and back, I started a steady thrusting, alternating occasionally slamming against her hard. Judy responded with pleasing moans. She fondled and squeezed her breasts and then gathered them both on her chest, cradled by both her upper arms. Her breasts rocked and waved with each thrust. It was marvelous. I was desperately trying to keep the same pace.
Judy traced her fingers over her lower tummy, bringing both over the top of her pubic mound. Her fingers, finding her sweet spot, started vigorously rubbing above her clitoris. I continued to piston in and out of Judy. Her mouth opened, and her breathing sounded labored.
After a few minutes, she started to make a soft-pitched whimpering noise. I continued to thrust hard into her. Only slightly withdrawing, then slamming back into her, making her whole body jerk, her breasts jolting about with each impact. Her whining noise was getting a bit higher and louder, and then it hit. She suddenly sucked in a big breath of air, her head picked up off the bed, a long guttural moan that ended on a high note. “Aarrggeeeee!” Then, her back arched as she slammed her head back, followed by rapid breathing and intermittent uncontrolled giggling. I felt her contraction, an intense gripping of my cock as she climaxed.
I slowed to a slow, deliberate, full-stroke penetration. I knew I was very close. I declared, “I’m going to cum!” and pulled out of Judy and stepped back. Judy slinked off the bed to her knees on the floor. I was pumping my cock by hand. Judy pushed it aside and started to rapidly jerk my cock by hand. “Cum for me, come on, cum” Judy repeated this a few times as the build-up reached its peak. I moaned low and loud. The first volley went across her open mouth and right cheek. The next, she aimed me directly into her mouth. Third and forth, under her chin and neck, the remaining small spurts and drops landed scattered over her breasts. “Wow, oh my god!” Judy squealed excitedly.
Darrell was beside himself with excitement. Other than the pictures and videos they made themselves, this was the first video allowed with someone other than Darrell. He said, “This is crazy sexy, hot as hell”! The clock in the bedroom indicated we had been at this for about 90 minutes. A first for all of us. But to be fair, a hell of a lot of manual and oral play, stop and start, prolonged it all. Judy agreed, reached over, and pulled Darrell to her. She quickly pulled down his sweatpants and promptly took his cock in her mouth. I picked up their video camera and started videoing the two of them.
Judy had Darrell hard in just a few seconds. She made an extra effort to lavish his cock with her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and then swallowing him whole.
She then pulled him down on top of her. He quickly slipped inside her and started hammering away with Judy, encouraging him along, “Take me baby, fill me up!”
From my view, I had a clear shot of him pumping his cock in and out of her. With her telling him to take her hard, cum for her, and watching the two of us for the past hour and a half, he had no hope of lasting very long. He started groaning, Judy telling him to fill her. He let out a bellow and started cumming inside her. I caught the whole thing on video. His pumping and cumming. His cum leaking around his cock out of her. And when he pulled out, the cum leaked out of her. When things calmed down, he viewed the video and couldn’t believe how hard he came and how much he gave her. Judy chimed in, “And you said you didn’t have anymore, holding out on me.”
We didn’t get dressed. We went into the kitchen and talked about what had just happened and past swinging adventures. About an hour later, Judy walked over to me and asked if I could go again. I looked at Darrell, and he quickly shook his head yes. “If you can, that would be awesome”. I agreed.
We walked back to the bedroom and climbed up on the bed. We kissed and fondled each other a little bit. I then positioned myself on my left side and maneuvered Judy on her back with her legs up and over my hip. I easily slipped my semi-soft cock inside her. She was very warm and wet from Darrell. My hands were free to caress and squeeze her breasts. Darrell switched between videoing and kissing Judy. He occasionally played and sucked on her breasts. I slowly pumped a little into Judy. After a few moments, she exclaimed, “I can feel you growing inside me,” and giggled in amazement.
Once I was fully hard I changed position to a supporting missionary. Using my knees to keep Judy’s legs open and my arms keeping me up to watch and nibble on her breasts. I started slow, long thrusts and built up to harder, faster, full-length thrusts. In about fifteen minutes, I was pulling out and dribbling cum on her tummy. Judy sat up and slid down, taking me into her mouth, making an effort to suck and lick me clean.
It was almost noon, and I had to run to get home on time. We promised each other we would get together soon, all four of us. And that we did. They joined our group and played once or twice a month at our parties. We also traveled and shared very often for 4 - 5 years. Then, they moved to New Mexico for Darrell’s work.

David Lovell
Claire and Amy arrived home together on Wednesday evening. Amy said, “Claire got her first hall pass”. Then Claire said, “Amy told me all about her hall passes, I’m super excited.”
We had a few snacks and a drink or two, then Amy took Claire to the bedroom to let her choose a night dress. She chose a sexy negligée, it maybe was a bit big for her however...
Amy said she would be watching a movie on TV, so if Clare and I wanted to go upstairs that’s perfect timing. We went upstairs and laid side-by-side on the bed talking. I asked Claire how old she was when she first made love? She said 15 years ago when she was  17. I told her that I was about 19 and that it was with Amy before we were married.
We discussed how many different partners we had had. Claire said about six or seven for her. She said that she was quite promiscuous, and had sex with every boyfriend.  
I told her about our one experience many years ago when we were camping with friends and how Amy had guided us rewards swinging. Apparently she knew the story about how Amy and Ken had begun having sex with his wife’s blessing.
Claire told me about the parties they went to before moving here. They were soft swapping parties with college friends. Then they would have sex with their partner. When she and Pete moved here in April and Lesley suggested swinging they quickly liked the idea. Claire said she had fun with me in July and our threesome with Melissa was sort of  OK. She now wanted to catch up where we left off.
She put on her negligée. She said look no patch, I take the pill now.   I stripped down to  my T-shirt and shorts.
We began slow foreplay, her nipples were already quite hard as was my cock. "Let’s see how long we can holdout before you fuck me," she said. We played for almost one hour. We did some 69, lots of nipple kissing and body massaging.
After two hours we finally said let’s go for it. Claire’s pussy  was extra moist. My cock slipped in all the way without any effort. "Hold to it there and don’t move while I count to one hundred," said Claire.
At 99 she started making small movements that felt like a sensation of small electric shocks going across the end of my cock. We then changed to Claire riding on top. Perfectly  gauged strokes that hit her where she got the best sensation.
After a while we moved to laying on our sides with me entering her pussy from behind and squeezing her  breasts. This is how we had our first orgasm, with Claire screaming as I filled her with warm cum.
We laid for about half an hour before we had our second orgasm with Claire’s vagina oozing warm cum. Claire said that Amy would want all  the details in the  morning.  She said that she would tell the same story to  Amy and Pete. 





Rock n Tits
Recently I was at home and I heard my wife’s phone ring. She was gone shopping with her friend so I picked it up and it was a message from a high school friend Dennis. He had been a boyfriend on the block. I touched the message and it said -
"It’s been fun flirting with you on the phone but you still have not sent a naked picture that you promised. I know you said you have DD's but I have not seen you since high school. I would love to see them. It cold out here in South Dakota and your hot body, even a picture, would be fantastic!! I love nasty chatting with you. A spicy one would be fun, after all I sent you one of my cock and you said, 'Mmmm, I love your cock, always did!!' Waiting for your pic honey chat soon."
I heard her car pull in and I put her phone down on dresser where she left it. She came in and asked if I had seen her phone. I told her I had been in garage but I thought I saw it on the dresser this a.m.
She hot-footed to the bedroom and got her phone and, relieved, she said, "Man, I thought I lost it!!" I said, "Glad you did not!!"
She has a smart phone and watch and knew she had gotten a message. 

David Lovell
My wife was working the night shift. Our friend Ken was away  on a training course. That left Lesley available for a hall pass visit which Amy granted on condition that she could have a future hall pass with Ken.
When I arrived at Lesley's house she was ready and waiting. It wasn't long before she was holding my  cock and I  had my hand on her vulva.
Did you know that our swinging together all started because I once asked Ken who he would like to fuck and he said Amy? When I asked why Amy he said  because she's a bigger girl than I was so her pussy would be a better fit for his cock.
Lesley explained how she and Ken fantasized about him having sex with Amy, while she had sex with me.
Then nothing happened till Amy slept over and in the  morning when Ken arrived home from work the three  of them played around. When Lesley went to a shower Amy and Ken had sex for the first time.
The second time, which I didn't know about, was a threesome with Lesley teaching Amy how to take Ken's cock while riding on top of him.
The final time was Ken's birthday gift from Lesley when Amy and Ken had sex alone and Amy let him finish inside her.
I sort of knew most of the story and the lead up to us swinging together. Lesley said that Ken was too big for her shallow pussy  but that I was a perfect fit.
By now I was rubbing  her clit and she had given my cock a few quick sucks.
Lesley took birth control pills but following a break while trying to get pregnant, unsuccessfully, chose an IUD which she said resulted in greater pleasure from sex.
We started to prepare for her to take my cock, slowly I moved it between the lips of her vagina. All this talk had done a great job getting her juices to flow. She was super lubricated as I filled her to the full depth. Her nipples were firm and her body shook as I gave her deep strokes.
We did doggie,  cowgirl, missionary and spooning. She said she wanted ne to finish while she was riding on top.
After the longest time I shot her full of warm cum and we held it there for a long time.
Thank you Amy, this was a great hall pass and I'm sure that you'll soon be having great sex with Ken.

The wife told me she fucked a boss from another city.
She met him for drinks like I instructed her to wearing her shortest skirt and a tight shirt with her beautiful tits pouring out of her top. They had a few drinks together and he was flirty of course, touching her legs or arms frequently. She said she opened her legs a bit and looked down signaling him that she had no panties on. His fingers wandered down to the entry of her pussy and he was running his fingers up and down her sexy slit. Then he slid a finger inside of her and scooted closer to her since they were still at the bar, fingered her for a few minutes, and then put his finger in his mouth and tasted her. I’m guessing he liked what he tasted because he gave her the second key card to his room.

About 15 minutes later she met him in his room. As soon as she entered his door he started kissing her - and had an aggressive tongue. He took off her top and sucked her massive tits! Then pushed on her shoulders until she was in front of his cock. He told her to unzip him.

She unzipped his slacks and according to her his BBC fell out of his zipper almost on her lips! She said he was about 10 inches and his BBC was very black and veiny.
He put his cock in her mouth and sucked him until he came all down her throat. Then he told her to go to the edge of the bed. She was doggie style. He flipped up her skirt and started eating her ass and pussy from behind. She squirted on his face and that turned him on more.
He took the tip of his cock and lined it up to her pussy. Then she said without warning he drove his cock in her tight pussy all the way to his balls in one motion. She said it was painful and she yelped/moaned, but he didn’t let up at all! He pulled her hair from behind and shot a torrent of cum deep in her pussy. He zipped up his slacks told her she was a good slut and said: “Get out whore. I need to sleep!!"

Rock n Tits
I came home today and Tits told me about her day. She told me that a guy from her bowling team called and asked her to give him a ride to his sister's house to pick up his car in the next town.Tits being a nice person said sure and she would be right there.
She had been working in the yard so she went in and took off the dirty t-shirt, put on some perfume, and grabbed one of my t-shirts (no bra) and left to pick him up in my pickup because it was behind her car.
She got to Scott's house and he jumped in and away they went. It is a country road between the towns and in an old pickup truck, well, jiggle happened. She did not think about it except the soft cotton t-shirt felt good on her nipples.
As they are driving along, Scott kinda started to squirm in his seat and he kept looking at Tits. She said suddenly he unzipped his jeans and took out a very large hard-on. saying sorry, it was way too tight. He explained that watching her big DDD tits bouncing around and her nipples getting hard it gave him a boner. Tits said: I can see that!!
Then Scott started stroking it. Tits said she could not stop looking at this 9-inch monster. Finally, she reached over and stroked it for about 5 to 10 minutes while he rubbed her big tits. She let go so she could watch the road and told him to finish up, they would be there quickly. He kept squeezing her big tit then blew his load all over his stomach. He apologized and Tits said no prob, you have a beautiful cock.
I think we are going to have some fun in Vegas with this bowling league!

Saturday night, club night, party night. Something we look forward to twice a month. We more often attend both but as it turned out the last three we had missed out on due to family obligations or just plain life in general.

For us more often than not it’s just a super casual evening spent with close friends, intimate friends, many of whom we have known for a number of years.  Some go as far back as when we hosted our own parties many many years ago.

As luck would have it tonight my better half was not feeling well and didn’t want to attend the party that evening. She did insist that I go. My first thought was I should stay home, care for her and keep her company. She said she was just tired and would be fine that I should go. After getting settled in for the night, tea and snacks I readied my self for the evening ahead.

Our lifestyle had matured over the last few decades to allow a deep trust between us. Growing from just ourselves together in an open room to softswap, same room couples then onto fantasy realization and any and everything in between to eventually include solo play, multiple partners and poly experiences. Share and be shared. The trust and loyalty that we developed over a lifetime together did away with any form of jealousy and was replaced by a deep seeded trust and loyalty to one another. An understanding and acceptance that we might have some feelings and a deeper connection with certain people in our lives, this is a positive. We both know that neither of us would ever jeopardize our relationship let alone stray or leave the other for something that we were already able to enjoy together or individually.

The evening was great as usual. Laughter and stories shared. Catching up with friends after 2020. The party itself was lightly attended. Being early spring and cold that evening, the snow flurries that threaten to accumulate made many who normally would have attend opted to stay home. So the evening progressed as an intimate social event with lots of teasing, laughter, joking, storytelling and most everyone at one time or another disappearing into private or open rooms. Some several times.

I spent most my evening catching up enjoying the conversation. The light banter and teasing with our friends that comes with long term openness and shared experiences. That night most of the pairings involved couples and a few orchestrated threesomes or moresomes and before I knew it most the evening had trickled away. Now most of the guests started to leave, wanting to head home before the snow got much deeper. So much for the “light flurries” forecast.

I had sent my wife a text earlier in the evening to let her know that I intended to stay overnight and help our hosts clean up and straighten the club in the morning. A number of members who live further away are allowed bed space to stay the night and normally chip in and help clean up, but due to the weather many did not show. So bed space was available and help was needed in the morning.

It was after midnight and the club had quieted down. A few members, late stayers and over-nighters talking in small groups in various corners of the club. Feeling a little worn out I decided to select one of the rooms and lay down for the night.

I had drifted off to sleep for sometime when I slowly awoke to movement on the bed. This is not unusual as the king size bed turn sideways allowed for many people to gather on the bed and on a normal party night there could be three to five people all sleeping in one bed.

I started to drift back to sleep when I felt someone cuddle up close to me; large ample breasts pressed to my back and a soft arm wrapped around me. I awakened more, feeling a hand slipping over my chest and slowly slide down cross my abdomen. Long soft hair draped across my face and soft lips nibbled at my neck and I heard a familiar voice asked me “Did you play tonight?”

I opened my eyes and rolled over. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jax smiling down at me. She gave me a kiss on my lips. When our lips parted I told her I had not, she did not speak but cooed an approval.

Jax is a lovely woman. A strong willed, very independent woman. She is statuesque at 6‘ to 6’2" (my guess, bare foot, she is a few inches taller than my 5’11” frame). Very well proportioned, hourglass figure. Broadly built with ample hips, very curvy with large pendulous breasts that are tipped with large dark brown orioles and well-developed thick nipples. A full-bodied woman with long dark brown hair that cascades down to her lower back that she usually wears in a pony tail. At that moment it was loose and framing her face. Very lovely.

We have known Jax for over 10 years. We have been in the same room with her and occasionally brushed or a casual touch, but I’ve never played with Jax. She has always been deeper into the kink/fetish side and prefers playing as a dominatrix. She hosts her own parties and gatherings. Very independent, she often travels alone on business and pleasure. We had attended many social and swing settings but had never played one on one. I will say she fills out her corset and boots very well. If I was more into the kink or being dominated she is certainly the type of woman I would choose.

Jax snuggled her face into the nap of my neck and nibbled her way to my ear. Her hand was stroking my chest and abdomen but never straying too far south, just a tease. She rose above me looked into my eyes for a moment. Her long hair creating an intimate cavern for her and I. She lowered and kissed me, mouth open, her tongue probing my mouth. When we parted her tongue traced across my cheek. She whispered in my ear, “I want to have you…I want to explore you…let me….but don’t you cum until I tell you.” She was so close to me I could feel her breath as she spoke, “We have to be quiet…we do not want to wake anyone.” She looked straight at me, her eyes searching for a response. I gave a slight nod in the affirmative all the while thinking in my mind this could be very difficult. Jax cooed a throaty noise of happiness at my response and kissed me long, slow and lovingly.

Jax rose up on her knees and slipped her night shirt over her head. Her breasts rolled from side to side when she shook out her hair. Straddling my body with her legs she rested forward with a hand above each of my shoulders, her hair again creating an intimate cavern. Her breasts weighing heavy on my chest we kissed again….long, slow deep kisses. Her tongue probing my mouth. The kind of kiss lovers give one another.

After several moments she broke away from kissing and very slowly traced her tongue and fingernails across my chest. Her breasts rolled off my chest and dragged beautifully along either side of my torso.

The room was a dimly lit with accent lighting, mostly white Christmas lights, strung about the room. Each room was set up like this as it gave just enough light to see. It also cast enough shadow to allow your imagination to play in your mind's eye based on the sensations your body was experiencing. In my case my lower abdomen and thighs experienced the warmth of her heavy breasts against me with the added soft tickling sensation of her long hair on my abdomen and hips. Her warm breath and soft lips felt electric as she nuzzled her against my cock and balls.

She used her tongue and lips over my balls and shaft, nibbling and soft biting. With her long hair caressing my lower abdomen with each movement, she dipped her head lower and with an audible sucking slurp drew the head of my shaft into her mouth. I gasped at the sudden change in caress as she sucked deeply on the end of my cock. The sudden change of her warm wet mouth and the dancing her tongue around my cock head intensified the sensation.

In very short order she brought me from a semi-erect state to my full length rock-hard erection. “Oh my, look what you’ve been hiding,” she whispered, “a nice big full cock….not too big for me but nice.” I relished the complement. I enjoy being a grower not a shower. It’s nice being a surprise.

Jax had sensational technique, and in a word, sensuously amazing. The fingers of her right hand rolled and caressed my testicles while her left hand cradle my shaft. Using her tongue and lips she would glide up and down the length of me, pausing to suck and lick my testicles and scrotum. Then using the flat of her tongue and lips she again traced the sensitive underside of my length stopping occasionally to suck the underside just below the head. I was in heaven. Intermittently her tongue would swirl around the head of my cock and then take me onto her mouth taking me deeper into her mouth with each pass.

The mixing of this technique without any set pattern kept my attention, my mind feeling each change of pace like a new experience. I was at full staff and rock hard. Several times I heard her murmur, “you have a wonderful cock,” and she would close her lips over my frenum and suck.
The sensation was just mind blowing. Every time I would start to feel a familiar stirring in my loins the fingertips cradling my balls would press gently at the base of my scrotum, ebbing the rise, and she would repeat the unpatterned process. From time to time she would circle the head with her tongue and slide me deep into her mouth, “mmmmuh,” and then release me. Each time she would take me deeper and deeper until finally she had most of my erection deep in her mouth. A guttural moan escaped her. She kept me deep in her mouth, I could feel the pressure of me against the back of her throat then quickly releasing me with audible gasping for breath.

Through her hand and mouth manipulations she would murmur, “don’t you cum,“ and pressed her fingers into the lower bottom of my scrotum, ebbing my rise. And then she would continue repeating the process. I never realize Jax had this kind of skill, knowing her true passion was being a dominatrix with couples and women. I just laid back and enjoyed whatever she wanted to do to me.

Time ceased to exist. I was lost in the tapestry of sensations. She abruptly stopped and I felt her shift on the bed. Jax raised herself up and placed her leg over me, straddling my hips. Kneeling on her right knee and her left leg slightly extended, she rubbed my cock against her. "Don’t you dare cum yet,” she said. I wasn’t sure if this was a request, instruction or directive. But truthfully I didn’t care, my mind was lost in sensation and anticipation.

She started a slow process of rubbing my cock over her pussy. Grinding her full plump  womanhood along the length of my cock. Gyrating her hips mixing the wetness from her saliva with her own lubricating juices was a perfect mix for her to slide effortlessly. As she ground herself against my hardness, she leaned over me and said, “Can I have you in me?” Whispering lower, “I need to possess you.” I nodded my approval as if I was in a trance.

Jax continued to hump my raw cock and as her breathing became shorter, panting, her rubbing was quicker and more of a grinding motion. It wasn’t long before Jax breath started to come in short gasps and her body straightened above me, only her hips humped back and forth on me. Suddenly her arms at her side, her head tilted back, her thighs clenched my hips. I watched her breasts sway with her rocking motion. Her breathing came in gasps as she rapidly bucked her hips pressing her full weight on me I could feel the crush of her pussy on my cock. Then without a sound, an ever so subtle shudder cascaded over her upper body. Her shoulders folded forward and her hands dropped to support her on my chest. A low long soft moan vibrated from her chest. I just experienced Jax’s first orgasm that I was used for. Although she mostly created her own, just using me to achieve it, I felt some responsibility for causing it.

She was beautiful to watch. Breathtaking. And I was also a bit sad that I was not inside her. And my thought, might not ever be. Maybe my thoughts of her were right, she preferred women. To control and direct women. 

Jax had a small orgasm riding my cock in this manner she paused for only a moment and started to slowly grind herself against me once more. For a few moments she rubbed herself on me and then leaned forward onto me, her large breasts spilling onto my shoulders, her hair fell around my face.“I’m ready to have you in me. Let me take you slow so I get used to you,” she whispered in my left ear. Talk about making a man feel great. I quietly nodded my head not wanting to break the mood.

Jax raised herself slightly above me, her hair and breasts riding on my chest as she moved slowly, subtly, back and forth. She hunched her back, and using only her hips slid back, scooping up my cock into the entrance of her body. She paused for a moment, pressed back, and I felt the end of my cock naturally slipp into her.

Jax gasped slightly, holding her breath, then pressed slightly back onto me, then exhaled. She only had about a third of me inside her. She began to gyrate her hips mimicking a slow pumping action. She raised her body higher off me, still wiggling her hips. She paused for a moment and then pressed back onto me a bit, taking more of me deeper inside her. She was breathing short quick breaths and stopped in place. This wonderful woman felt almost virginal. Each effort of her taking me in her was met with almost equal pressure trying to push me out of her. Yes she was very wet and slick but her muscles tried to keep me from entering her.

Jax continue this breathing exercise and alternating gyrations, then pressing back on to me letting more of me in her. The pressure on my cock was a sensation I never had experienced and I had no wish to rush through this experience.

I lay there fighting the urge to just press into her. My body screamed to bury myself into her. The urge and the fight against this was very real. I watched Jax’s facial contortions with her every move. Gyrate, press, gyrate and push back. Ride forward releasing some of me then back reclaiming me then repeat. This was so enjoyable to watch, hear her breathing a whispered moan. My mind let go of my need and replaced it with raptured curiosity on where this was leading. Each time Jax pressed back onto my cock I could feel myself gaining, resisted but deeper penetration. Her inner muscle had a firm grip on me, a very tight but slick resistive grip. I remember thinking she must have a shallow love canal, but with each effort her body opened up more and accepted more of me. I can’t justify it with mere words, they do not exist.

I do not know how long we continued this but with her efforts, and her controlled breathing she eventually had me embedded fully and comfortably inside her. With a exhaled liberating breath, I heard her moan deeply “Oh my God,” knowing she had me fully inside her.

Jax continued to ride my cock in short strokes and alternately slide almost to the tip and then slowly back down again until her clitoris ground against the base of my cock. It was clear to me that this was a process that she was most comfortable with by the sounds of her breathing she seem to be enjoying it. She wanted, needed control and it was pacing herself to best suit her.

Now and again she rocked and ground herself against the base of my cock, dipping forward to kiss me deep on the mouth. Her breasts laying heavy against my chest. Her breathing was becoming more heavy and deep she was spending more time grinding down onto me with occasional pumping up her hips. Her breasts and her nipples rocking and tracing in little movements on my chest.

Jax’s breathing started to become gasps short and quick. I was fascinated watching her. What was next? She pumped my cock several times, long and deep, her thighs clenching my hips. She quickly sucked in air loudly into her lungs, then pressed down hard onto me, grinding her pussy onto my fully embedded cock. Her whole body quaked as she moaned low and long from deep in her throat, “ugghh,” her body shaking with a powerful orgasm. I felt her tense and her pussy contracting on my cock, clench and release then clench again. Her body relaxed and lay upon me when she let out an audible sigh. She tried to catch her breath. 

She lay quietly upon me, her hips slowly gyrating. I was still fully inserted in her. “Oh my,” she sighed. She lifted her head and looked into my eyes for a moment, “I need you to take me.” I must have had a puzzled look. “I need you to take me,” she repeated and rolled off me onto her back. “Please,” she almost pleaded to me.

She grasped my slick cock, pulling me to her. My body had to follow. I positioned myself between her legs. She used her arms to gather and cradle her breasts onto her chest. She opened her legs fully, knees out and back like great wings. “Please take me,” she whispered again. I pressed myself slightly into her and paused. She started to buck her hips wanting more. We were already both wet enough so I pressed steadily into her. Her mouth opened, her lips formed a silent O, and her head shook slowly back and forth as I pressed deeper, slowly. A guttural sound came from her but I do not know how to write it. Very animal like. I pressed until I was fully inside her. At the same time I could feel myself hit bottom inside her. Not roughly but a subtle resistive stop that pushed back on me but seemed quite pleasurable to her.

Jax’s body closed upon me holding my cock as if her hands grasped me. I pulled back, almost out and sunk back in. That ending resistance also developed that lovely sound escaping her lips again. “Yes,” she whispered, “don’t stop.” I repeated this motion several times, slowly pushing back into her each time. Each time I did this she would rock her head back-and-forth and give a low moan. Her hips started to buck against me wanting me to do more, to go faster. She threw her arms over her head, and opened her legs as wide as she could get them, allowing me full and complete access to her body. I started to pick up the speed of my thrusting. Each time our bodies hit her breasts rolled in rhythm with our bodies like fleshy waves.

After several minutes aggressively pounding her body, all deep thrusts, fully withdrawn fully pushed back in, my breathing started to quicken. She raised her head above the bed and said, “Stay in me.” I kept thrusting for her, becoming more aggressive, more possessive. Her pussy was making wet smacking noises each time our bodies met. She repeat it again, “Stay in me,” and my pace quickened. She raised her shoulders and head up off the bed on her elbows, her breasts rolled off of each side of her chest, still marking time with each one of my thrusts into her body. “Come in me,“ I hear, but my facial expression must have been giving her other impressions. She repeated “Cum in me. Push in deep when you cum. I want to feel you cum deep in me.” I understood but I was starting to get lost in my own pleasure, my pace quickened full and deep 

I am steadily pumping, slow and deep. Pulling all the way out then back into her. She relaxed momentarily and grabbed her thighs and held them open and back like butterfly wings, opening herself wide, allowing me to go deeper into her. I stroked steadily, pausing occasionally to grind myself against her opening, fully embedded into her. I could feel my cock head meet resistance, the end of her depth, and a guttural growl from her throat. I found my pace. Several deep pumps followed with a few short strokes ending with a full withdrawal and a slower full plunge pushing my length into her until I pressed at the bottom wall of her depth. Each time she would purr at each stroke and when I pressed all of me into her she would tense and groan. Pulling her shoulders and head in a raised up position made her vaginal canal grip me more firmly than I ever thought. It was a grip almost like her hands grabbing me.

I knew I was coming closer to my point of no return. My breathing was deeper and my pace was steady. I opened my eyes and saw Jax watching me intently. Starring deep into my eyes, ”You cum in me. Cum in me deep.“ I must have moaned an approval.

If a woman wants to make a man cum quicker, just tell him. Tell him with enthusiasm, or passion, sultry or needy. Just tell him and it will happen in short order.

Jax used the grip on her thighs to help her pull her shoulders and head off the bed, in effect a half sit up position, and held it. This tightened her grip on my shaft as I continued to pump her. “Come inside me deep,“ she repeated, “stay deep in me.” She kept repeating herself over and over, it was almost a command. I kept pumping the full length of my cock in and out of her body, my breath quickening and low rumble groans of my pleasure escaping my throat.

After a few minutes I knew the inevitable was going to come. She was still telling me over and over to bury myself inside her. When the time came, with a low growl I pulled back my cock head barely in her and slammed myself home as deep as I could until the meeting of our pubic bones would allow us no further. With a soft groan once I bottomed into her depths, she released her thighs and grabbed me at the waist and pulled me to her as my first spasm hit me. I groaned long as I felt my fluid leave me in a spine-knotting rush. A long gush of fluid followed by several additional spasms not allowing me to breath. Jax held me tight against her body, grinding her pouting full lips against the base of my cock, milking the last that I had.

Jax wrapped her arms around me holding me tight against her body. Her heavy breasts cradled on my forearms, her heels locked behind my knees she gently ground yourself against me. “Stay inside me,” she said. I had no problem with that. I felt very content laying on her with my partially softened cock inside her enjoying the warm wetness of her pussy. Jax kept pressing against the base of my cock, slowly grinding and pressing against me, contracting her muscles from time to time give me my cock a lovely squeeze.

Although I was starting to soften, subtle gyrations seem to keep part of me interested in her warmth and wetness. After some time I could feel myself starting to slip from her grip. As my softening cock slipped out of her body I felt her tremor slightly and she cooed softly. Disappointment or the feeling of me slowly slipping from her?

I rolled off her to the right side of her body laying on my back in a restful sated state. She turned on her side gently stroke my lower abdomen with her left hand. She leaned in and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ea,r “I have your cum deep inside me.” I couldn’t speak. I just gently nodded my head in the affirmative.

Her fingertips danced around my lower abdomen and upper thigh and eventually cupped my balls massaging them. My cock was maintaining it’s semi-erected state. Her fingers dancing along the wet length of my shaft. “I wonder how we taste together?" she whispered in my ear, and with that her lips started to trace down my neck over my chest add lower abdomen, planting kisses along the way.

She repositioned her body with her head finally nestled on my left hip, her thumb and forefinger circled the base of my cock she slipped me into her mouth. I could feel her lips and tongue caressing me and sucking. After a few moments I slipped from her mouth. “We taste delicious together,“ she said in soft whisper. Her hand gently stroking me squeezing me in each stroke, from time to time pulling on me.

I was in the post hypnotic stage of orgasm. But my body seem to start to react to her activity. My semi-hard cock from time to time twitched in her mouth, and in a little husky voice I heard her ask, “Do you have more?” I sleepily murmured some sort of response but I do not think it was words, more a mumble of resignation.

Jax sat up and repositioned herself. Pulling my legs closed, she straddled my thighs. Her left hand pressing down on my pubic bone, her thumb and forefinger grasped the base of my cock. Then her right hand circled my shaft and she started to steadily pump me. There seem to be no set pattern. One hand furiously pumped the length of my hardening shaft, to both hands gripping, pumping, twisting like she was trying to make my cock turn into butter. Then back to one hand circling the base of my cock and pressing down on the root of my cock, while the other hand furiously pumped my shaft. It did not take long with her concentrated efforts to have my full attention and I moaned my pleasure.

“Cum for me baby,” she panted. I felt her mouth close over my cock as she bobbed her head rapidly taking as much of me into her mouth as she could. She came up gasping for breath and repeated manipulation of my cock with her hands. In the dim light I could see the concentration on her face her large breasts and fully erect nipples swaying wildly to the frantic pumping of her arms. “Come for me baby, I want all of it,” she said again. To my surprise I could feel the familiar stirring as my body prepared to expel what fluid I had left. My breathing started becoming rapid and sporadic with an occasional low moan, a clear warning of what was about to happen. As the pleasure started to build, a pressure blow my scrotum started to grip me as a dull ache. My aching cock stiffened. ‘Yes, come for me,” she repeated softly over and over not missing a single beat of her hands. A little deep growling moan starting deep in my chest escaping my lips.

Jax matched my moan of impeding pleasure with her own short stroking the base of my cock while engulfing the top third of me in her mouth, sucking on me. Her lips closed around my shaft, the flat of her tongue pressed firmly against the underside of my cock. Her cheeks sucked closed around me. Her mouth following her hand up and down.

I moaned long and low as my body tensed, alerting Jaz to my pending orgasm. I popped from her mouth and her lips and tongue firmly pressed the underside of my cock leading her hand in a increase of pressure and quickened pace. A quick suck of air into my lungs and a full body strain, every muscle tensed, my first jolt of intense pleasure and pain racked my body. That first spasm was dry I did not feel the travel of fluid leave me but my groin ached.

In one motion Jax drew my cock into her mouth and using her mouth and hand as a milking device continued to coax what I had left out of me. Each spasm a pairing of immense pleasure and aching pain. With each I felt warm fluid leaving me. Aching contractions producing little results but by the cooing sounds from Jax it was enough for her.

My spasms started to subside. Less intensity spaced further apart I was finally able to breath. I gulped in air greedily. I moaned deep, regretful but thankful, the spasms had quieted. My groin ached horribly. The result of a much overworked prostate muscles. That deep painful ache when a man cums so hard but his body has little fluid to give, just a great strain on the surrounding tissue. I ached very much but had a blissful expression.

Jax lay alongside me. One breast pressed tight against me pinning my arm down at my side, the other spilled over my chest, her left arm circled below and cupping my aching balls. She placed her left leg over mine laying claim of me, I’m hers if anyone was watching, if anyone was awake.

“Your cum tastes sweet, Hon,” she said in a husky soft voice. “I have never had a man's cum taste sweet. You are special," she said. I mumbled, but not really a reply. I was spent, blissfully ached and so tired. I hate to say I fell asleep as she was talking to me.

I awoke early the next morning to the soft sounds of people talking. The occasional laughter and bustling about of chores to straighten the club before everyone left. I listened to clusters of conversation about the snow, family and work all mixed together from a chorus of voices. Coffee. The great smell of coffee in the air and I needed it desperately.

Other than the post orgasm ache in my groin the only other evidence of the previous night's festivities were the pulled sheets and scattered pillows. In the small room I found Jax’s red plaid tie off shirt and bra at the end of the bed on the floor. I didn’t bother getting dressed. I walked out of the room down the hall into the large common room to use the open communal shower to rinse off. The water felt good and helped to awaken me further but did nothing to quench the aching throb of my groin. After toweling off, stepping into my trousers and shirt from the previous night, I made my way to the kitchen, meeting members as I went in search of coffee.

After some light conversation and two cups of coffee, I poured a third and went to the open living room area. The common room had several groupings of chairs and couches with an open center area featuring a stripper pole. That’s where I found several members were gathered in small groups chatting and laughing, teasing each other from the previous night's activity. I spotted Jax with her circle of ladies sitting in the corner on a set of C-shaped couches chatting excitedly and laughing. Something was said in her corner when she turned and saw me. Standing up she walked to meet me a big smile and sparkling eyes. Jax was dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt. Nothing to conceal the swing of her breasts as she walked across the room. She came directly to me, stopped, placed her hands on either side of my face gave me a very deep and passionate good morning kiss. Her tongue probed my mouth aggressively. Hooting, hollering and laughter irrupted in the room. I wrap my arms around her and held her tightly to me. This only increased the reaction of the room. Nina, Jax’s partner in crime, yelled out as our lips parted, “The man of the hour, Mr. Sleepyhead.”

Jax took me by the hand, walked across the room and indicated to a spot on the couch to sit, between her and Nina and sat down. Nina leaned into me and said, “So you and Jax.“ One of the other women said, "Yeah, who knew.” A bit confused I wasn’t quite sure what to say when Jax spoke up and said: "Well Shelley had said that you were special, so I was curious and I’m glad I followed my curiosity." Placing her hand on my left thigh and giving it a squeeze. “Yeah”, said Nina “Mr. two fists.” Still looking puzzled, not following the conversation, one of the other ladies squealed out, “You’re big.” Now realizing what they’re talking about I mumble, “Not that big” and the little circle all erupted with laughter and teasing shouts. Jax leaned over to me and said, “Quite big enough for me.” Another giggled, “Yes, more than enough to play with. Jax said you filled her plenty.” I must’ve blushed a little bit with the last comment causing the circle of ladies to start laughing and poking fun again .

The lively conversation went on for some time, punctuated with laughter and friendly jabs at each other. Jax’s circle largely consisted of wives and girlfriends, most all Bi or living a lesbian lifestyle but all part of the Kink crowd. Jax was somewhat a heroine in this crowd, being primarily a woman or a couples Dom. She clearly is the leader of the pack. What I had experienced was a sex-positive woman clearly enjoyed both sides of the fence a knew exactly what she liked and wanted.

After my coffee I rose and announced it was time for me to leave. Jax stood, took my hand, and we walked through the club as I gathered up my things to head home. When I got to the door she placed her hand gently over my zipper and softly rubbed. She asked, “I hope you’re not too sore?” I said, “No it’s a pleasurable soreness from being too empty,” and I smiled. Jax giggled a girlish giggle and said, “I’m glad I got all that you had. I still have you deep inside me and I’ll be keeping a part of you in me.” She turned a little more serious and said, “You’re part of me now and I wish to do this again, maybe I’ll let you have me and you can show me what you want.” I told her I would like that very much and we kissed again. For a goodbye with one last hug, she whispered in my ear, “And sometime I want to share Nina with you,” and pulled back. We both smiled knowingly to each other and I turned and left the building to walk to my car.



By adamgunn, in Swinging Separately,

by Adam Gunn
(This is a little dated, it probably happened in the early 2010’s. Don’t trip on the anachronisms.)
“Is there anything I can help you with, ma’am?” I said. She was good looking, over 45 years old – how much over that would be hard to say, but certainly younger than I was. A pert nose, red lipstick, red curly hair that L’Oreal would term ‘bright auburn,’ slate eyes lit up within so much that they could be called silver. Below the generic tee-shirt were smallish bumps, definitely not more than a B cup, perhaps even smaller. Jeans, medium heels that brought her up to, perhaps, five feet six or seven. I noticed the lack of a wedding ring or other big jewel. Not bad, I thought, not bad at all for a sleepy Wednesday afternoon in January.
She looked me over, toe to hair, as thoroughly as I’d inspected her. She stared straight into my eyes. “Oh, there are things, yes, definitely.” I kept my eyes locked with hers, she gave up first. “I’m looking for a laptop for my friend.”
“I’ve got plenty of them,” gesturing to the two serpentines and one long shelf loaded with the devices. “What does she want to do with her computer?”
“He’s a guy.”
“Oh, sorry about that. So, what does he want to do?” We chatted about that, then she moved me on to other subjects. I certainly didn’t mind, chatting with her was better than dusting shelves. We got into whether or not she needed a new printer. She laughed gaily whenever I gave her a little joke, and then she put her hand on mine, perhaps accidentally, perhaps not, when I showed her where the SD card went into the slot. “Do you print out a lot of pictures?” I asked.
“More than I should, probably.”
“What are they of?”
“My friends, my dog, the travels I take.”
“Where do you like to go?”
“Florida, the Caribbean, any place that’s warm.”
“Don’t like this weather?” For the last few days, somebody had been shaking the snow globe, and there was a good seven inches on the grassy areas, and the mounds in the parking lot were nearly six feet high.
“Absolutely not,” she agreed, “although nights like we’re having can be nice if you want to stay by the fireplace.”
There wasn’t anyone around, particularly managers, and I didn’t think she’d mind, so I quizzed, “What do you do by the fireplace?”
“Oh,” she smiled, “sometimes I read, sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I romp around. Depends on the company I’m with. What do you like to do by a fireplace?”
“Drinking a hot toddy is always nice. Playing games.”
“What kind of games?”
“Board games, Wii, or, even better, the ones you make up as you go along.”
“Yeah, I like those, too,” she agreed.
The sales manager roamed in the next aisle, we went back to the professed objective of the meeting, I gave her the specs of the two or three computers she’d been looking at, filled her in on the details of the setup service and protection plans. “If there’s anything else I can help you with, just let me know. I’m Adam.”
“I’m Kate. I’ll be back. I promise.” With a delicate finger, she poked me in the chest.
As she walked from me, I touched her on the arm. “I’ll be disappointed if you don’t come back.”
“Oh, count on it.”
These things happen at an electronics retailer. It wasn’t the first time in my four years at the store I’d flirted, or been flirted with. The other times nothing happened, for I was loath to pursue the prey too far. I was still a few years from retirement, and I was working full time not for the money – I’d socked it away fairly well when I was working for a living – but for the health care. Paying for it before Medicare kicked in four years from now would drain my 401K pretty severely, and if I got fired for making advances toward customers, it would hurt my finances.
I daydreamt about Kate for a couple of nights, her smile and eyes coming to me in my fantasies. Other than her name, though, I didn’t have the slightest idea of how to reach her. Three days later, somebody else flirted with me, and I forgot about Kate.
Then came a Saturday afternoon shift ten days later. It was mildly busy, time was going fast, and while I was taking care of one customer, another guy caught my eye. “I’ll be with you as soon as I’m done,” I promised. I finished up with them rather quickly, then looked for the short, mildly pudgy, bald-headed fellow. I found him standing by the laptops, looking at (surprise) the lowest cost computer. “Do you think this will do the job?”
“Depends on what the job is.” Just then I felt a prod in my back. Turning around, there was Kate. “Oh, hello!”
“Hi. See you found Rich.”
“I guess I did. You’re Rich?”
He blandly admitted the coincidence. As the three of us chatted about his computer needs, I came to the discernment that Kate and Rich were a couple. An old Joe Jackson song came to mind. ‘Is she really going out with him? / Is she really going to take him home tonight?’
Rich answered my questions and responded to my suggestions in a tedious monotone, Kate was boisterous and all over the place, interrupting my smooth sales pitch continually. “What about the little things over there? They’re cute!”
“Those are netbooks. Excellent machines, if all you want to do is get on the internet and check email. Not much good for anything more.”
“Maybe I should get one. I could put it in my purse.”
“Maybe. Here’s what I use.” I reached into the pockets of my khaki, got my iTouch out, jumped on my browser.
“I’ve got one of those,” she admitted. “Maybe you could explain a few things for me.”
“Sure.” Rich just stood there with a vacuous expression, apparently he was used to his girl friend jumping in on his personal space.
After three or four minutes, we moved over to the iPod docks, and I put her Touch on one. Surprisingly, there was a total of only twelve songs on it. “You’re into repetition, I take?”
“Not really, I like a lot of variety.” The sparkle in her eye alerted me that she might not be talking of music. “But I just got it for Christmas, and don’t know how to get all those songs on.”
“It’s easy.”
“Yeah, but it’s always fun to have someone help you with the ropes, isn’t it?’ A little wink. “Maybe you could help me sometime.” At this, Rich just gave her a look that could be interpreted, ‘oh, that old line again.’
Eventually, we went back to computers, and Rich picked out a computer that fit his needs. For whatever reason, he wanted to think about it some more, so I gave him the information and wished them well. As she left, Kate said, “See you soon,” and poked me in the arm.
“I can only hope.”
Less than a week later, I was sitting in the Panera Bread before work, working on my laptop. “Hey, it’s you!” Kate said.
“So it is. Sit down. How are you?”
“Fine. What are you doing?”
“Writing what?”
It was quiet in my corner, no one could eavesdrop easily. “Erotic stories,” I admitted.
“Nah,” she denied.
“Really. Want to read it?”
“Sure.” I turned the laptop to her.
previously been harmlessly on her arm now went to her midriff and a finger snuck through the border of her blouse onto the bare skin below.
Tracey didn’t complain. In fact, she bent her head back to a position where Paul could kiss her if he bent over slightly, and this he did. Tenderly, their lips met and the tongues touched, exploring then drawing back for another flick. Paul’s hand continued the expedition, and he unloosed one button so he could put his entire palm inside the blouse. As they continued to kiss, a finger made contact with the bottom of her bra and he traced the edge from one rib to the other. Since she failed to protest the intrusion, he became emboldened and the finger traveled up the valley between her breasts and traced the top of the bra. As his curled digits continued the investigation of the bare skin above her underwear, his wrist smoothly brushed the mound of her breast.
Tracey was fully aware, of course, of the intrusion, and while her brain was screaming, ‘You can’t do this!’ another part of her was lazing in the attention, relishing the heat rising from her innards. If she made no effort to halt Paul, she also, other than the continuing kiss, failed
“Well, that’s not bad. Can I read the rest?”
“After I’m finished with it.”
“When will that be?”
“Who knows? It’s more of a hobby with me than a profession. Although I’ve been published.”
“Yeah. Ezines mostly. Twice I’ve had stories in anthologies.”
“Hmmm. I don’t think I’ve ever met a real writer before.”
“You still haven’t. I sell computers, remember?”
“Oh, yeah.” We continued to chat about my other ‘career’, I told her she could find me on asstr and literotica if she wanted to. We switched to talking about her, I found out that she lived nearby in an apartment complex.
“With Rich?” I asked.
“Oh, you’ve got that all wrong. He’s just a friend with limited benefits.”
“limited benefits?”
“Yeah. We’ve known each other for twenty years. His wife threw him out a couple of years ago, and I sort of took him under my wing. I help him do things around the house, invite him over to dinner once in awhile. He chases me, sometimes I let him catch me. It’s all very innocent.”
“I see.”
“So did you mean what you said the other day?”
“Of course I did,” I exclaimed, as if my feelings were hurt. “And, by the way, what did I say?”
“How you promised to help me with my iTouch.”
“Oh, that, sure. What do you need?”
“Come over to my place, show me how to put things in it.”
“I’d be happy to show you how I put it in.”
A wicked smile came to her face. One of her fingers came gently to my nose, gently pushed on it. “I’ll be looking forward to it.”
I made an appointment to come over to her house the next night after she got home from work. I was working the early shift.
When I knocked on her door, I was holding a single rose. With a ribbon around it’s stem, I’d attached a little plastic stick. “What’s that?” she asked, accepting the token.
“One-thousand, four-hundred and thirteen songs,” I replied.
“Really. On this little thing?”
“You’d be surprised at how big little things can get.”
“Oh, show me!” And she led me to her computer.
First, I showed her how to put a CD in, bring up iTunes and import the songs. Then we hooked up her iTouch and I showed her how to sync it. “Wow,” she said, “so that CD is now on the Touch.”
“Yep. Now watch this.” I put the flash drive on, copied the songs unto the hard drive, imported them into the juke box software. It took some time, then when we connected the iPod, it was slowly transferring the songs. “That’s it,” I said, “for that, you owe me a drink.”
“Wine okay?”
“Just fine.” I followed her into the kitchen, she got out glasses and popped the cork. We clinked glasses, then she poked me in the chest. “Thanks.”
I poked her back, right in the middle, in the small gulley between her breasts. “You’re welcome.”
She poked me again, this time three inches to the left of center. “Watch where you’re putting that thing.”
I followed suit, my finger prodding the softness to the inside of her breast. “I will.”
Again she jabbed, this time right on top of my nipple. I cupped the breast – even encased in a bra, it didn’t completely fill my palm. She looked into my eyes, hers were sparkling. “You ready for this?”
I answered, “Absolutely.” I picked her up by her waist, sat her on the counter top. My mouth was dry, my pulse hammering. I leaned in, brought my lips to hers. It wasn’t any surprise, we both knew why I was there, but still, that first kiss, when you’re sure it will go so much further, is filled with suspense. She kissed me back, easily, yieldingly. A hand brushed the side of my hair, mine went to her back, then, further down, to her waist, to her rear end. The kiss became zealous, she bit my lip and I wondered if she’d drawn blood. My hand went once again to her breast, she sat on the counter and put her legs around my back, drew me to her. We humped through the clothes, our groins locked. She pulled off her blouse, reached behind her to unclasp the bra. I looked at the tits, they weren’t the tiniest I’ve ever seen – maybe. But because of their miniature size, the years had done little damage to them. They sagged just a little, the spots in the middle were also small, and although the center was crinkled, they didn’t rise far from the smooth white skin surrounding them. I bent over to suck on them, she was pulling my shirt over my head, then we quickly began pulling our jeans off each other. It was awkward, of course, it always is, because I was standing she managed to get my pants around my knees and I kicked them off. My sailor was standing at attention and she grasped it in her hand, giving it just a little wank, then assisted me in assigning her britches to the floor. She had one long scar on her abdomen, leftover from a surgery long ago, and she had a landing strip, about three inches wide, of red pubic hair liberally mixed with ashen strands. I put a finger inside, found the tunnel to be soggy with readiness. She leaned back, awkwardly, against the cabinets, let me play with her.
I leaned down, now here was a surprise! The clit was the exact antonym of her breasts. An inch long at least, extending unprotected by her outer lips, and the pinkness was nearly as thick as her little finger – it was huge! I put the shaft within my lips, sucked and nibbled, and found that, apparently, it was as sensitive as it was immense. I sucked and licked, and licked and sucked, and sucked and licked, and each time I touched the amazing stud, she whooped with glee. I stuck two fingers into the slipperiness, and there, just where I expected it to be, was the g-spot. I have a hard time believing that some people think the g-spot is a myth, and an even harder time knowing that many men can’t figure out where it is. Letting my digits roam through the cavern, I brought Kate to an amazing orgasm. Her eyes rolled up, her skin flushed even more than it already was, her toes clenched until I was worried she might tear a tendon. But I didn’t stop. Two, three minutes later she opened her eyes, let out a huge breath. I knew it was time for round 2.
I stood, positioned my pole – it’s no more than average size, but if you know what to do, size doesn’t matter – at the lips, but didn’t immediately enter. Instead, using my hand to guide it, I used the head to stroke the labia, up into the hair, around the clit, and down into the crevice between her cheeks. She didn’t bat an eye, presented her back hole for a little massage, but I didn’t press it in; I was simply exploring the territory, I learned that in some subsequent journey the land wouldn’t be off limits.
I returned to the main attraction, dipped just the head in, letting her feel the intrusion, flexed my muscles down there a couple of times. I withdrew, wiped her fluid in my palm, presented it to her mouth where she wolfishly licked her own moisture. Then I put it in again, buried half of it. Again I tightened the muscles, now I was deep enough to sense her response. I withdrew the second time, then went back one more time, slowly pushing inside her, smoothly, in no seeming hurry at all. I withdrew, almost until I was outside her, then suddenly, without warning, slammed it in until I was buried as fully as I was going to go, my head against her cervix. I was watching her face as I performed the maneuver, her eyelids flew open wide, I swear I could see sparks of red fill her pupils. I continued to pull out, almost to the point of disengagement, then ramming back in as hard as possible. Six, seven, eight times I repeated the motion, Kate was moaning in elation, suddenly I found myself welling up in orgasm. I stopped my movements, willed myself not to come. I shuddered, spilled perhaps ten or twelve drops into her tunnel, Kate kept with me, and quickly the crisis was over.
I don’t do that often, usually I’m in a situation where I can control myself better. But when I do stop – have a mini orgasm, I guess you could call it – for the next hour, I’m superman. I can screw as much as I want, remain as hard as a tree trunk. So I kept on going.
In the position we were in, she sitting on the counter top, me between her legs, I had access to her entire body, with the exception of her ass. So I started a long, protracted screw, combining the motions of my dick within her, with various external excitations. I would stroke skin, run a hand through her hair, cup a breast, tweak a nipple, suck on a finger or knead a toe, and, of course, flick the clitoris. She was in almost constant orgasm for a good eight minutes. Finally, as the counter was three inches two high for me and I was standing on tip toe for much of the incursion, my legs finally gave out, and I withdrew.
“Are you done yet?” I asked.
“No, you haven’t worn me out quite yet.”
I pulled her off the counter, escorted her to the couch. I knelt on the floor facing the furniture, positioned her so that she was facing the pillows and away from me, pulled her onto me. This was a posture we could both control. If I sat on my haunches she could move to give herself pleasure, or I could rise up onto my knees to obtain maximum penetration. We stayed in this position for a long time, I rubbed her back, reached around to play with her tits, she was fond of reaching between her legs and playing with my testicles. Once in awhile, I’d put a finger in the nether crevice, feel the round ring. She encouraged this, wiggled her ass against the intruder, I thrust first a finger to the second knuckle, then the entire thumb inside. When she approached orgasm, she’d move her fingers to her clit and assist the oncoming blast.
After quite a long time of this, I noticed the period between her orgasms was growing longer, the explosions contained less dynamite. It was time for me to pleasure myself, and I pulled her down onto the carpet on her back, knelt between her legs, buried myself within her. I thought of nothing but my own gratification, moving to provide friction on the most sensitive areas of my shaft, and there it was, welling up, overcoming every conscious thought I had. I pelted my sperm into her, long streams of fluid. Kate helped me use her, pulling my ass towards her, clasping her thighs around my waist, opening every inch of herself to me. She may have come for a last time with me, I couldn’t really say, I was too immersed in the sensations running through my body, centering, of course, on my balls and the tip of my dick.
At last I was completely empty, I rolled off her onto my back, gasping for air, sensing the aftershocks of the huge jetting. She spoke first. “Oh, you’re good. You’re so good. How did you get so good?”
“The same way I got to Carnegie Hall.” Either she didn’t know the punch line, or perhaps she was simply allowing me to have my fun. “Practice, practice, practice.”
“Well, then, I think we’ll have to practice some more, don’t you?”
Kate and I caught our collective breath, calming ourselves after the great screw we’d just completed. I looked at her, admired the small and winsome breasts, noticed the seep of cum between her legs, the rosiness of her torso. Of course, my penis was a mess, for that was the source of the muck, and I imagine my skin was just as red with the passionate friction.
Outside, the temperature was in the teens, and the drafts in the apartment were cooling us quicker than either one of us desired. I stirred, then stood, then gave her a hand to rise. I started gathering my clothes, she asked, “You don’t have to leave yet, do you?”
“No, I’ve got no place to go.”
“Stay for awhile then. We can warm up in bed.”
“I’ve had worse offers,” I accepted.
She grabbed the laptop, led me into her bedroom. It was decorated in typical girly fashion, lots of pinks, stuffed animals, Thomas Kinkaid on the wall. The queen size bed was covered with a huge goose down comforter, and we cuddled underneath it, allowing the warmth to seep into our bones. “Your feet are cold,” she complained.
“This is warm, though.”
“It should be, it’s been humped pretty well. So, I take it this isn’t the first time you did this?” she joked.
“With you it is!” She looked at me in faux amazement. “Okay, once before, maybe twice.”
“Yeah, right.”
“And you?”
“Oh, I’ve been around the block,” she admitted, “It’s a nice block to go around.”
“Yes, it certainly is,” I concurred.
“You know what I like almost as much as screwing?”
“Let’s see . . . broccoli? . . . the dentist? . . . taxes?”
“Being read to in bed.”
“Really! And what do you like to read?”
“In your case,” she urged, “erotic fiction.”
“Oh, you got around to it?”
“Yeah, I looked you up on ASSTR. You’re good, graphic with out being too graphic, if you know what I mean. I read Backgammon for Blood, and the other two stories that went with it. So, what do you say? Read me a bedtime story . . . please?”
I opened the laptop, brought up my stories on ASSTR, said, “Okay, this one is called Full Caribbean Moon. It’s right for tonight because it’s about a very warm place. ‘The Carpentaria palms danced in the trade winds as the couple strolled barefoot . . .’ while I read the six-thousand five-hundred words, Kate cuddled against my right side, fondling me and my now slack tool. When we got to the good part, she put a hand somewhere deep in the covers, and I stopped while she whimpered through another orgasm. It wasn’t too long after that when I finished, ‘Would you want me to?’ ‘Tonight is the full moon,’ he curiously concluded.
“Oh, that was nice. Was that something you’ve done?”
“No, that was just a fantasy of mine. For a long time, I wondered about what it would be like knowing my wife was with another man.”
“It’s a nice fantasy. I’ll bet everybody who reads it thinks it’s wonderful.”
“Oh, no, not at all.”
“Why not?”
I brought up Literotica, let her read the comments people had left on the site.
“So, they’re upset because the woman is fooling around?”
“I don’t think so. They’re upset because they think the husband is a cuckold, allows his wife to be with someone else. It doesn’t fit into their idea of ‘the proper thing to do.’”
“And so they’re rude.”
“But if they don’t like the stories, they don’t have to read them. They know what you’re going to write by now, don’t they?”
“I suppose so. But I guess they’re losers, don’t have anything better to do but to sit around and bitch about how other people don’t share their ‘values.’ I’ve often wondered how they think married people are going to get laid in these stories if married women don’t screw around. A few of the idiots have left their screen names, and I’ve looked at the stories they do like. It’s pretty much ‘He bumps into a girl, screws him, she screws somebody else, everybody screws.’ Not much of a plot. A lot like the movies you see on Cinemax.”
“Screw them!” Kate pronounced.
“You screw them, I don’t care.” By this time, we’d faced each other, and the feel of her skin on mine, and the idea of what we could do to each other was bringing my guy back to a semblance of life. We started kissing again, and before long she was down my torso and had my rod within her mouth. It was warm in there, and the rubbing of her lips and tongue on the shaft and head excited me, and soon the miracle had occurred – I was stiff enough to provide her pleasure.
She climbed up on top, wriggled until she was at the proper attitude, and sunk down on me. Once again we were linked, and she moved to her own peculiar rhythm. Although I enjoyed stroking her, flicking a nipple or pulling on the waist, I knew I had no reason to expect anything other than the pleasure of a lovely female reveling with me; and that was pleasure enough. She was obviously practiced in the passionate art, and knew her own body well. She started slow, shifting her hips in a lazy movement, watching my face. Then, as her nerves pricked up, she closed her eyes, and began a forward and aft motion, altering every so often with an up and down transition. I watched her the skin above her breasts become rosy, her breath became labored, her eyes closed. I grabbed both nipples between thumb and forefinger, pressed hard, it sent her over the verge. Once more she came, hard it seemed, I wondered what it must be like to be a female in heat; unfortunately, it is something I’ll never know. But it must be wonderful!
She slowed her pace, collapsed on top of me. I pulled the comforter back up, covering her, warming her. She kissed me, quick pecks meant to assure me she had had a great time. Without the movement, my wand quickly lost its firmness, plopped out of its refuge.
It was time for the toilet, washing up, I retreated to the living room and put my clothes back on. She came to me again, this time she was wrapped in a lush robe, slippers on her feet.
“I really enjoyed it,” she confessed, “and thanks for working on . . .” she paused, smiled, “. . . my iPod.”
“Never a problem, is there anything else you’d like me to work on?”
“I can think of a couple of things,” she laughed, escorted me to the door, gave me a final kiss. A finger pointed at my chin, landed gently on the cleft. “Call me.”

David Lovell
Amy and I agreed to hall passes. The other day she said she wanted to use a pass and encouraged me to do the same. We set it up for last night. Her lover would come over to our place and I would go over to Melissa's for a few hours.
It was my fourth time in about one month, having sex with Melissa. Amy and Ken have been enjoying themselves for over 2 years.
I got over to Melissa's and we talked for a while. She said that she wanted me to kiss her pussy for the longest time and make her cum lots of times. She took off her panties and I kissed and sucked her clit, put my tongue inside her pussy lips and lightly blew air inside her vagina. Each time she had an orgasm we stopped for a while. She held my cock giving an occasional stroke. My stimulation was psychological rather than physical.
After about half an hour she said she wanted to fuck me. She said you’re just going to lay back and she would do all the work. She rode me cowgirl style, I couldn’t resist fondling her breasts. She went through a whole series of moves.  Long deep, short fast, slow strokes on her g spot. Best of all, with my cock completely hurried inside her she gripped it tightly with her pussy muscles and  shook her body. This was mind blowing, I encourage everyone to try it.
She told me try not to cum yet, and she took long breaks, with my cock inside her.
It must have been an hour before she said you can cum inside me when you're ready. OMG I had been ready for ages and shot my warm sperm into her.  She responded with an orgasm, her 4th I believe. We laid for a while, both agreeing that it had been terrific.
When I got home Amy and Ken were still making love. I stayed downstairs, listening to Amy’s load moans, ten times louder than normal.
We talked after Ken left. This was the first time we had simultaneous hall passes.
Obviously all highly satisfied participants. I’m sure it will be happening again soon.

Life has a tendency to hit you and turn your life upside down and this year has been difficult for all of us.  Just as my journey began to open up, this pandemic hit. It has affected us in so many ways and for me it has been tough.  Work has been crazy with long hours. Thankfully, my health is good but I have seen so much and how it has been a tough time for so many.   With my mind elsewhere, my lifestyle discovery paused for a few months.  
It had been months since my adventure with Jay and Jessica (Dr. Sexy) but we have kept in touch.  Their lives are hectic as well and with all the precautions, the thought of meeting has not crossed my mind.  I lie, it has but I know it isn’t the best time for it.  All of us being in healthcare and with so many things unknown it was not a chance any of us wanted to take.  However, it gave me an opportunity to get to know Jessica a bit more and she shared a few stories with me. 
Jessica is married and in a very open secure relationship.  Her husband travels a lot for work and they have an understanding about being sexually open and free to do as they want.  This is very hard for me to understand, I mean I get the allure of sex especially with someone new, but how can you be committed to one another yet be free to be intimate with others.  They obviously have a different view on this and I have made a point to be open-minded.  
Jessica and I have been texting a lot and spend a few hours a week on the phone.  I have really grown to like her and would say we are now friends even though she is about 10 years older than me we have a lot in common.  
A few weeks ago, as the pandemic fear have decreased and restrictions have lessened we took advantage of meeting up for lunch.  This was the first time I would see her since the office, and wow how can we forget the office!  I got to the cafe first and was already seated, I was nervous and excited it felt like a date for some reason.  She walked up and looked stunning, first time seeing her in regular clothes outside of the clinic, no coat and her hair down.  She is beautiful, does not wear a lot of makeup and just this confidence about her.  
We greeted each other with a hug and kiss on the cheek.  We made small talk about work, it was easy to chat and in no way awkward. In the middle of the conversation Jay came up, we had not talked about that day or him in the past.  It was fun to reminisce a bit and I couldn't help to begin to get excited.  She shared with me how it all began with them and that surprisingly it had only been a few times.  Jessica also admitted to me that it was her idea to join in that day in the office.  We laughed and I asked her to tell me details.  We were so engaged with one another that without knowing our feet would tangle at times.  At first I pulled back and said sorry, she responded not to worry about it - "we've done more than play footsies!"  It really felt comfortable with her, I asked her to continue.  
Jessica and Jay had met a couple years ago when he was working as a computer trainer.  She said he would come over to the clinic to check in with them and every time he stopped by, they would chat.  At first it was all work related and things she needed help with on the computer.  She always found him attractive and admitted she started to fantasize about him.  As I mentioned Jessica and her husband have a very open relationship and to my shock, Jessica said she told her husband about it.  Seems like he was excited for her and supported her pursuit of him.  He would be over every other week or so and she started making stuff up for him to come and help.  She said then she just started flirting with him and he flirted with her.  One day she asked him if he could stop by at the end of the day after she finished seeing patients, she needed help with something.  
Jay showed up, most of the clinic was done and gone. Jessica said she was nervous because she was going to hit on him and tell him about her fantasies.  He came in and chatted kinda like normal, but didn't take long to see that she really didn't need any help.  She asked him if he could close the door and she wanted to talk to him about something.  Jay reluctantly did so, she stood up and walked towards Jay.  She then said, "I know this is awkward and I know you are married but I find you really attractive.  You know I'm also married but..." she paused "we are really open about things, and we've been in the lifestyle for a while and we've had this fantasy of me hooking up with someone married."
Jessica said Jay's jaw dropped and she thought he was going to just tell her off and walk away.  He stayed quiet for a few seconds and said, "I don't know what to say."  
He didn't pull away or try to leave and Jessica took the opportunity to go a little further, she got closer to him, he did not hesitate this time.  He put his hands around her waist and leaned down to kiss her.  
Jessica said she felt his cock start getting hard immediately as they pressed closer together.  She whispered in his ear if it was ok if he got a little sneak peak of what could happen.  
What happened next was awesome in my mind and got me so wet.  The confidence in which Jessica took control of the situation and it felt as for once the woman was the one taking control and in a way using the man.  
Jessica turned him around, pushed him down to sit on her chair.  She pulled her hair up, kept the glasses on she was wearing.  Went down to her knees and quickly got his pants down.  It was as if she was on a mission. Reminded me a little of how she took control of me and made me do what she wanted.  As I heard her story, I could feel my pussy flood with arousal. 
She pulled his cock out, already hard and big. I will admit Jay has a really nice thick cock, good size, not scary huge but big enough to fill you up anywhere he puts it in.  She took his cock and had herself a good time with it.  Sucked him, taking him deep making him moan and without even any input from him made him cum, she said he filled her mouth with cum and swallowed every bit of it.   I can see she loves to be in control and I feel empowered by it.  
I caught myself with my mouth open, in amazement.  Jessica also caught me, smiled, and asked me if it turns me on hearing about it.  I said "fuck yeah, can't believe you did it like that and in the office... what happened after? you tell your husband?"
Jessica replied - 
With Jay, nothing for a little while.  I kissed him and told him to let me know if he was interested, we'd work something out.  He left and didn't take long for him to reach out to me by the next day.  That night though, when I got home, Dave fucked the shit out of me. 
As soon as I was done sucking Jay's cock and he left, I texted Dave, told him I did it.  I know that turns him on.  As you can imagine how wet I was.  On my way home, he texted me a pic of his hard cock. Jay is nice and big but Dave is just a little bigger.  My mouth was salivating and could not wait to have him.  
I got home, walked in and he was on the couch in just his shorts, hard cock out just waiting for me.  I walked to him and I could not contain myself.  I love to be in control except when I'm with him, I completely lose control.  He grabbed me by my hair pulled me down, I opened wide as his cock was pushed to the back of my throat. He held me and he began to fuck my mouth, making me gag.  Told me he was glad his little slut was home and came home full of cum and next time he wants me to come with a pussy full of cum.  
He pulled me up, told me to get naked, everything off.  I did as I was told... watching him stroke his huge cock.  He stood up, dropped his shorts and turned me around, pushed me over the couch and teased me with his cock around my ass then pussy and back over my ass.  He said he could see my pussy was so wet and ready for him.  It was, I was soaking and wanted him in me.  He then slowly started to spread my pussy and forcefully began to fuck me.  He was pounding me so hard and so good.  I was screaming with such pleasurable pain.  He goes in so deep, my ass up in the air taking all of him.  It wasn't long that I was screaming as I orgasmed for the first time.  It just kept on going... he pulled out and turned me around, sat me down and told me to open my mouth.  I obeyed and he put his cock back in my mouth.  I could taste my pussy all over it and it was so good.  I could tell he was about to cum, but I also knew he wanted more.  He pulled me up again by the hair, which I love, tight close to the back of my head by my neck. It's such good pressure and it’s the good type of pain.  Dave turned me around before I sat back down and took his cock in once again.  He thrusted up, as I sat on him and leaned back and he reached around to rub my clit.  It was literally seconds before I came one more time and so much more intense.  With my pussy pulsating on his cock his thrust slowed down and I knew he was ready to explode.  I pulled away, turned around and back on my knees between his legs. I took his cock one last time in my mouth.  I slowed down and stroked him slowly, working his cock to an inch of exploding until he could no longer hold it.  I opened my mouth wide as I stroked his cock slowly, feeling silky smooth with my pussy juices all over it until he could not contain himself anymore.  He shot his cum up to the back of my throat.  I covered his cock with my mouth and felt him fill my mouth with his cum.  I swallowed once again every bit of it and licked him completely clean.  He laid back completely satisfied, I smiled as I got up.  Picked up my clothes and walked into the room.  I started the shower and walked in.  I knew he'd join me in a few minutes.
He sure did, Dave stepped in and came up behind, put his arms around me and told me to tell him every detail of my first hook up with Jay.  As I did, I could feel his cock harden up once again.  As I continued, his cock easily found my pussy and with slow thrusts I got through every detail.  When I finished it did not take long, this time he filled my pussy with his hot cum.
The conversation was so hot I wanted to know more I asked her so how long before she came home as Dave requested and as hot as it is, wasn't she worried about not wearing condoms?
Jessica was happy to answer - 
It was a few weeks later.  We kept on having fun flirting when he came over to the clinic.  I guess one of the benefits of being a doctor I can order that STD testing!  I asked him if he was interested in more, I had a special request.  He said yes but wanted to share something with me but he wouldn't say.  I told him to meet me again at the end of the day on a Friday, but first I needed to be sure that he was clean in order to fulfill my special request - he said “sure I was meaning to get it done already.”  I told him I'll let him know if we were good to go on Friday when I got the results. 
That comment stayed in my mind, but it all made sense when we met.  Friday morning checked and his results came in and everything looked good so I called him and told him see in the afternoon.  
Friday was definitely the best day of the week, not only the end of the week but everyone leaves earlier.  Remember?  
I laughed because I knew exactly what she was referring to, Friday was my last day and also Jay's last day and on both days we had fun in that building!
Jessica continued...
I made sure that I was wearing a dress that day and about an hour or so before he showed up I took my panties off.  I actually saw the last couple patients pantie-less.  That on its own is arousing especially when there are a couple cute patients! 
Jay was in my office when I was done with the last patient.  We still had a couple people in the clinic, but knew they would be leaving soon.  We made small talk for a few minutes until the last nurse left. 
My pussy was wet, warm, and ready to take him.  I asked him about what he wanted to share with me, he responded saying nothing as he came close to me and kissed me.  He said he'd tell me after.  I wanted to know, I pulled back and told him we're not doing anything until he told me.  
He said as he pulled me closer "not a big deal, just that I can't wait to fuck you and my wife - we're in the lifestyle as well, but you and maybe your husband will have to promise me not to say anything to her about today or any other day?"
That was a surprise to me and just responded with "DEAL"
He then said "so what's this special request?"
I responded "well as you know my husband is open and supportive, he knows exactly what happened last time and he fucked me so good while I told him details, he said next time he wants me to come with a pussy full of cum... do you think you can help with that?"
I took his hand down under my dress and let him feel me bare pussy.  He happily let me guide him, without hesitation rubbed my clit, and slowly pushed his finger in sliding easily in.  

I undid his pants, pulled his hard cock out and took him in.  Made sure his cock was nice and wet, not that I needed it but I wanted to taste him.  
I then turned around, put my hands over my desk, pulled my dress up exposing my ass.  I told him "ok let's see what you got, fill me up!"
Jay came behind me and started slow, but I did not want slow. I wanted hard and deep even if it took only a couple minutes. 
I reached back, pulled him in, and told him "don't slow down just fuck me hard I don't care if it's only a couple minutes".
Fuck me he did!! And it wasn't a couple min but he fucked me hard for a little while, his stamina is amazing! Going in so deep, it was hard to not scream.  I was pretty sure the clinic was empty but didn't want to take the chance of someone running into the office. Muffled sounds came out of me as I covered my mouth.  
He pounded me hard and deep and I felt as he cock began to shoot his hot cum.  He grabbed me by the hips, pulled me and pushed to get his cock as far in as he could.  His cock contracted inside me with every shot and filled my pussy up.  My body relaxed as I took a deep breath.
He pulled out, I turned around, gave him my phone and asked him to take a pic.  I sat down on my chair, spread my legs wide open with one leg supported on top of my desk and the other in the air.  He took the first picture and then told him to take another one close up of my pussy, I spread it open and he came in closer smiling.  He took the second shot. 
I grabbed my panties and put them on quickly, I wanted to save as much as I could for Dave.  I pulled Jay closer and took his cock, softened up just a bit, but still tasted so good.  I clean him up really well. Looked up and told him take one more with your cock fully in my mouth.  He obeyed without hesitation.  I pulled back, took my phone from him.  He pulled up his pants and he said, "I won't hold you back, it seems like you have a delivery!"
I sure did, I grabbed my purse and we walked out together.  Said until next time and I got in the car.  
I looked at the pics and immediately sent them to Dave and started driving.  A couple minutes later he responded - GOOD GIRL
I got home, he was waiting for me once again this time in the kitchen.  He kissed me and led me over to the counter where he picked me up and sat me on top.  He spread my legs with both his arms as I reached back to support myself, Dave took off my panties.  I could tell they were soaking wet with pussy juices and cum.  He admired my pussy for a second before he slowly lowered his head, stuck his tongue out and starting at the bottom he licked, putting his tongue far into my pussy and finishing up at my clit.  He rose and with a tongue full of cum and pussy mixture, he kissed me.  I could taste his mouth; the smell of sex transferred on to him was intoxicating.  
He led me down off the counter and walked into the couch, on the way clothing coming off.  He laid me down and got on top without much hesitation his hard cock slid in me.  He slowly fucked me for a while, long, deep forceful strokes.   It was a soft yet purposeful way he took me.  He stared at my eyes as they rolled back with pleasure.  Did not take long to orgasm and he followed soon thereafter.  This time, he pulled out and with a couple strokes of his cock the first stream of cum shot up to my neck, with the remaining streams falling and splashing down on my tits and finally on my stomach.  
I was completely lost in her stories. It was like a movie, a porn but still a movie!   I was completely sure my panties were soaked through to my pants.   
I told Jessica I wanted to be just like her.  She laughed and said she can teach me everything!
Somehow, we went through the rest of lunch and without even noticing it had been over an hour we sat and talked.  

We got up and walked over to the parking lot. I wanted to see Jessica again and maybe even meet Dave at some point, but didn't want to bring it up. Not meeting him anyway, but I did say that I can't wait for the next time we could meet. 
Jessica said she'd love to see me again as well and get more comfortable.  She invited me over to her house for drinks the following weekend.  

I thought it too long to wait, but it would be completely worth it! 
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The Install

By Havoc_Tia, in Swinging Separately,

“Don’t worry about it hun, I’ll take care of it. Just head to work,” my wife stated as I grabbed my protein shake and jacket.
It was a cool December morning and the Direct TV technician was scheduled to be out, after I was cornered at Sam's club earlier that week and had subscribed. I had a list of questions and requirements for the technician and was stressing not being there to keep an eye on how they did the install. But I knew my wife would take care of things and I needed to go get a paycheck. So I kissed her, grabbed the keys and went out and fired up the truck. The wife went back to sleep.
A little while later a knock came at the door and startled the wife. She had overslept and didn’t have time to get dressed or anything. So she rushed to the door in her booty shorts and t with no bra to greet the technician. Now if you don’t know the wife has a booty worthy of worship, so “booty shorts” are more like a glorified thong. Cheeks just hanging out all over.
The technician comes in and stops in the dining room. He begins to ask questions and explain to the wife what the plan is. At this point she interjects and starts laying out the concerns I had with the brick and what not. By this time he had noticed her state of dress and had started to get a little tight in the trousers. I mean what black guy wouldn’t be enamored by a big booty white girl? He attempted to answer her questions but was stammering, noticeably. The wife kind of chuckled and walked away, booty swaying and said “We’ll I’ll leave you to it.”
The technician walked out and started his work. My wife then texted me and let me know the technician was there and he had begun working.
About 30 minutes later the technician came back in and had some questions for my wife. It appeared he needed to see something upstairs, the attic access, to trace some cables. In hindsight he just wanted a reason to follow her up a set of stairs. As she guided him her ass was now at eye level and his pants were very restrictive now. She showed him the access hatch, he climbed up popped his head in and came back out. “Okay, that’s what I needed,” he said as he came back down the attic access. “What about the existing cables that come in in the back corner?” he asked.
“Oh you must mean the bedroom,” said the wife with a hint of deviousness. “Right this way.” She led him down the hallway and into our bedroom. The technician made a noticeable swallow and followed. As they crossed the threshold she pointed to the corner of the room and said I think that’s the cable you are looking for. He nodded and went to inspect it. Feeling a bit uncomfortable at this point he thanked the wife for showing him around and went back out to the van to get himself together.
My wife texted me with an update. So I took a short break to video call her. She also mentioned he had surprised her being early, and that she hadn’t gotten to change. I rolled my eyes and made a sly comment about how she wouldn’t have changed anyway and enjoyed the teasing. Her smile and eye roll said “You’re probably right.” I wished her the best but had to get back to work, after thanking her for taking care of the appointment and protecting the house I hung up and got back to work.
The technician came in, with what looked like an uncomfortable bulge in his pants and a look of dread on his face. “Miss it seems I don’t have the required tools to finish this job so I’m going to have to go to the next job, get those tools and come back later.”
“Oh, well that’s a shame we were hoping this would be done today.” she replied. “That tool in your pants looks like it needs some relief,” she said with a smirk.
This caught him completely off guard, he blushed and looked at her like a lost puppy. “I’m not sure what you mean ma’am. I’ve got everything packed up and am going to head to the next job site,” he stated.
“Not yet your not. I can’t let you leave all worked up like that. It’s my fault, plus I think I really need some of that, “ my wife explained.
“Umm…” he stammered.
“Let me see that dick that’s trying to escape your pants,” she stated bluntly.
He just blinked in awe and stood there with a deer in the headlights look. So my wife walked over with one hand grabbed his dick through his pants and with the other took his head and pushed it into her chest. “I said I want that cock out of those pants so I can play with it. Got it?”
She released him and walked over to the stairs, walked about halfway up making sure to accentuate her ass, then turned around and sat down.The technician seemed to finally get that he was not in charge and complied. He undid his pants and let his thick 8 inch cock fall out. He pulled his pants off his ankles and walked over to the side of the stairs. My wife reached down and stroked his cock. “Isn’t that better now. I'm sorry my ass made you so uncomfortable. Maybe I can make it up to you,” she said. She spit in her hand and went back to stroking his fat black cock.
She paused long enough to take her shirt off so that the technician could play with her tits, while she got his cock fully ready to go. He’d already grown another inch. He was a bit more receptive and confident now. While he was working her nipples with his tongue he took his right hand and grabbed her right thigh. He then worked his way up to the front of her shorts and started applying pressure to her lips through her shorts. Her grip tightened a little on his dick as she took an excited short gasp of air.
The technician pulled away from her grip and grabbed her shorts by the waist on both sides and removed them with one pull. He started to drop down, going to dive into that pussy but he was stopped. “Nope. My husband isn’t here to give you permission for that. No tongue. Just your dick,” she stated firmly as she spit in her hand and added to wetness growing between her legs. She then pushed him back a little bit, came down the stairs a little turned around with one foot on the stairs and the other on the floor and bent over. She looked back and said, “Now that you have a great view why don’t you put that tool to use.”
He stepped up put his thumbs at the base of her pussy lips with his fingers going up her ass cheeks and spread her open. Then worked his dick into her waiting pussy. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and he was only a third of they way in. She still had 6 inches to go. He started his long stroke, slowly inching his way all the way in. Once he sunk his dick balls deep in that pussy he removed his hands from her backside and took one and put it on her left hip and grabbed a handful of hair with the other.
“Oh my god, yes. Give me that dick,” she moaned as she pushed back to get all of that 9 inches. A few minutes of this and my wife pulled away. “These stairs are getting uncomfortable. Lets move over to the table,” she said. He backed off and she got off the stairs. Grabbed a blanket from the couch and put it on the table as cushion. Spread her legs, to open her inviting pussy and waited for the dick to resume pounding her.
This new position really let him rock her world and she came with a little teasing of her clit. Once she got off she looked up and noticed he was getting close. “I want you to let me know when you are ready to cum, so I can have you paint my toes with it. I think that's a good way to repay my husband for making me deal with this while he’s at work,” she said slyly.
About 30 seconds later he pulled out abruptly. As he did this my wife put her legs down and her feet together just off the edge of the table. A few strokes with his hand and his cock erupted in thick spurts of cum. One shot all the way up to her knee but the rest landed on the tops of her feet and oozed between her toes. “My that’s a lot of cum,” she stated.
She reached over and grabbed her phone from the table to take a picture of her cum covered feet. The man had gathered his pants and started getting dressed.
“Oh you don’t think you are done now do you?” she asked.
He looked up dumbstruck.
“You are just going to leave this mess here? That’s very rude. And considering your actual job isn’t done it wouldn’t be hard for me to call up customer service and complain,” she stated matter of factly.
“What would you have me do,” he asked as he looked around for a towel or something.
“Get on your knees of course and clean up your mess.” she said with a duh, tone.
He looked shocked.
“I didn’t stutter, you wanted to use that tongue now you get too.”
She pulled out her phone, and I guess he thought she was going to call customer service so he started servicing her toes and eating his own cum. She flipped on the camera and started video taping it.
He was done shortly and seemed like he was going to get sick. He stood up and just stood in awe. “You can go now she said. Hopefully you remember all your tools next time” she said chuckling.
At that moment he turned and hurried out the door. Clearly he was not ready for that morning to go that way.
As the door shut my wife sent me a message at work.
My computer chimed as it came through. I was greeted with a message, “DirectTV left, jobs not done but the technician finished…”
A few moments later a message with two attachments chimed. A picture and a video. Luckily no one was around when I opened as I was greeted with her sexy, messy cum covered toes. I didn’t dare click on the video until I walked out and took a short break. That was a bad idea as I then had to walk around the rest of the day with a tent in my pants.
I sent a simple text. “Well then. I don't even want to know why he’s not done with his work. But I bet he’ll stall from now on. Or cause our shit to not work so he has to come out more often. White’s a good color for your toes. Love you.”
Needless to say I didn’t stay at work much longer that day.

One Sunday, our group rented a house out in the woods near Portland. Three of us had been there before a couple of times to use the pool and the hot tub, and we liked it so much that we invited everyone to a special party there. The house was isolated in a small valley amongst huge pines and cedars, and the driveway was narrow and winding with a gate to assure privacy.
Barbara and I met several times to plan everything. Judy, my wife, joked that it took more time to plan than we'd allowed. She understood that Barbara can be very distracting, especially when we take off our clothes to do the planning! Chuckle, chuckle.
Bruce was the parking director, allowing in only six cars since there was limited parking at the house. The others parked at the Safeway mall and carpooled the six miles to the party. Everyone was to dress up in clothes one might find in 1900. Of course, the clothes wouldn't last that long, especially on that hot day, but it helped to set the mood. We had period music on the record player, and we cavorted as much as we could in the manner of the repressed 1900s. Some of the members came in period swimming costumes complete with the bloomers and skirts. It was quite an interesting gathering.
After everyone had sampled the punch and renewed acquaintances, we called everyone to the big porch at the front of the house. Stacked on the porch were a collection of boxes and baskets, each containing enough food for two people. It was to be a box social, with each box auctioned off to the highest bidder. The proceeds were to go to cancer research.
Barbara, a great auctioneer, didn't tell the bidders who had made up the box lunch until he had won the bidding. Of course, she extolled the virtues of each of the boxes as part of the auctioning. Each time a box was won, the winner came up and wrote a check then was allowed to open it and find the name of the woman who had made the lunch (it doesn't work the other way. Men don't make interesting enough lunches!). The idea was that she would share the lunch and be with him until the dance that evening.
Barb saved the most ornate lunches until last, and we made quite a bit of money for the charity. While getting ready for the auction, we counted up the extra guys that we always had at parties. It didn't take too much to convince four of the women to agree to two winners for lunch. It was all very prim and proper 1900s style as we all traipsed off with our boxes to find a cozy nook for lunch… and for some nookie too.
I had made bids for several boxes to keep the bidding flowing and ended up with a rather plain box, lunch that is, and was delighted to find that it was made by Carol, a buxom blonde whose breasts jiggled when she laughed. We knew each other rather well from other parties. I didn't see where Judy went, but Karl, Barb's husband, bought her box.
I carried the box while Carol brought a large comforter to sit on. Being very familiar with the place, I led her to a little grassy beach next to a curve in the stream. The wind in the trees, the birds, and the sound of the water rippling over the rocks set a very romantic mood. We sat on the comforter but hadn't even opened the box when Carol complained that her dress was terribly uncomfortable. Being the polite 1900s gentleman that I was, I immediately helped her divest herself of the problem and of her clothing. She responded by helping me out of mine.
She looked so inviting reclining nude on the comforter that I couldn't resist giving her a big kiss which led to a hug which led to a lot of playing around which led to lots of warm flashes and chills as I played with her boobs and she fondled my cock and balls. Lunch be damned. We kissed and snuggled and fondled and played for quite some time. I had paused for a moment and was looking deeply into her eyes trying to think of something to say when from a distance came a veritable scream of pleasure from some other young lady who must have had the same ideas we had.
We both laughed then kissed, and my hand found its way the wettest pussy I'd felt in a long time. She shoved me over onto my back then slowly lifted her leg over me and knelt there with her lovely pussy just above my hard cock. The sight of her above me with her wonderful boobs looking at me sent incredible chills down my back. I couldn't resist reaching up and softly feeling of her breasts. She smiled the most bone-melting smile, and I thought I'd cum right there. Slowly, she lowered herself until my cock was prodding at her pussy lips. She moved her hips to center it then engulfed my cock in the softest, wettest, silkiest, most wonderful pussy ever.
We fucked like that for an incredibly long time enjoying the wonderful feeling of being together, enjoying one another. Carol leaned forward, and we kissed. She leaned back, and I reveled in the sight of her voluptuous body, giving and receiving pleasure so freely. I can't describe her smile. Her face shone with desire and lust.
We both moaned a lot. We both touched and massaged each other as our intermixed genitals were the constant connection through which we shared something at least as good as orgasm, especially since it lasted so much longer.
Her moans got louder, and our hip movements grew in intensity. At one point, she leaned forward into me and with our whole body in contact we kissed, and she began an incredibly strong shudder and guttural moan that went on for what seemed hours. The intense movements she was making finally pushed me over the top. I couldn't hold out any longer, so I let myself go and felt that incredible pleasure-pain that goes with filling her pussy with my jism. We were locked together in pleasure through lots of gyrations until, disappointingly, my shriveled-up cock slipped from its velvet sheath and we collapsed together, holding on to each other desperately, sharing the feelings and kissing lightly.
It was quite a while before we finally returned to earth and ate our lunch, naked in that romantic glen.
Story by Swingers Board member oncewere

"Hi Kris," Barb said. I had put the last of the mattresses into place and was just sitting there watching Sylvia reaching high to fasten the end of a garland to the wall. Reaching made her ample naked boobs stand out so fetchingly. Barb and Pam interrupted my depraved reverie as I was thinking about what I'd like to do to her later. Barb continued, "Hey, we're about done setting up for tomorrow's party, and Pam said she was a bit sore from all the stretching. I think she could use one of your massages. Think so?"
Pam is new to the club, her second party, but she and her husband plunged right in, already having had at least four full swaps that I knew of. She's tall, about 5'10", olive complexion with short brunette hair with bangs. A tad on the plump side, but just the right curves, and a smile to melt the hardest heart. Her small perky, pointy breasts called out to me almost as much as her thick, well-trimmed pussy fur.
I stood and gave her and Barb a standard FMC hug, enjoying the feeling of two so different boobs pressing at me from opposite sides. "Sure, Pam. I'd love to," I said. "Any time I can give pleasure to a lovely lady, I'll jump at the chance." Pam's smile gave me a very warm feeling inside. Barb said she had to set up the cams over the video bed, gave me a light kiss, and left me with Pam.
I spread a sheet on the mattress and bid her to lie down on her tummy, which she did. Beginning with a neck and shoulder rub, I started a quiet patois, complimenting her on her lovely smile, her figure, her hair, lots of things. We talked the whole while, but I did most of the talking, and most of that was saying nice things about her. "Try to relax," I told her, "your neck and shoulders are so tense."
As I rubbed and kneaded her shoulders, she began to loosen up. From her neck, my fingers strayed to her lovely hair. The scalp massage seemed to loosen her up even more. The massage then progressed back to her neck, shoulders, then to her back, slowly working down to her bum. She got a thorough leg rub too, and I took the time to massage her feet. When she responded with "Hmmmmmm" and "Yeeeess," I made sure that I did an extra good job on her feet.
Working back up to her shoulders and neck, I found her very relaxed, so it was time to shift gears. I began soft tickles with just the tips of my fingers, just lightly tickling everywhere I could reach. When she began to shudder, I switched to light rubbing then back to tickling again until she shuddered again. I made sure that the tickling included her most sensitive areas, her neck, ears, eyes, sides of her breasts and her bum, especially that place just above the crack of her ass. Judging by her purring sounds, she was enjoying it. While I tickled, I kissed and nibbled on her ears and neck, all the time keeping up the compliments.
I also told her how it felt to me to touch her. I told her of the warm feeling growing inside me, about how it felt so good for her to let me touch her so freely. She shuddered when I nibbled her ear, and I shuddered back. I thanked her for that pleasure she'd given me.
I straddled her thighs to continue the teasing massage. I let my flaccid dick flow across her ass as I moved back and forth with the massage. She seemed to like that. The teasing massage went on for quite some time. She seemed to get into it, especially when I did her scalp, her neck, and sides of her breasts. I leaned down to nibble on her neck and ear and whispered to her: "Are you ready for the same treatment on your front?" She answered with a purring "Hmmmm" and turned over. Now my dangling prick was engulfed in her luxurious pussy fur, a definite turn-on for me since women that hairy are a rarity nowadays.
I continued the same tickling, teasing massage only now it was from her front. I kept tickling her neck and ears, lightly, ever so lightly on her breasts, her tummy and back again. She quivered when I stroked her arms. She shivered more when I stroked her breasts, her neck, her scalp, her eyes, her lips. Climbing off of her, to her side, I could extend the teasing to her legs and feet. I was careful not to dally long over her pussy or nipples, but I did lots of stroking on the rest of her boobs and around her pussy. I kept at the tickling just a teasing touching for quite a while. My talk was becoming more "Hmm yessss" and heavy breathing, but I made sure to describe the exquisite feelings I was getting from touching her.
When I felt the time was right, I began nibbling on her neck and ears as I continued the teasing. Her hand found my cock, it was just the right place to do that. She didn't try to jack it, she just held it and fondled both it and my balls, sending even bigger chills through me. I kissed her neck, nibbled her ears, kissed her eyes, and just brushed my lips over hers. She shuddered deeply. I asked if I could kiss her lovely nipples? She answered with a definite nod and a loud "Yessss!". Kissing, nibbling, and licking her nipples sent chills all through me and I told her so. She shivered mightily too. As I went round robin, kissing her nipples, ears, neck, eyes, lips ever so lightly, my fingers explored all around her lovely pussy. When I told her how much it thrilled me to be able to touch her pussy, she responded by opening her legs to give me better access. My fingers did dally over her pussy lips. But mostly I tickled around them and down her thighs.
By this time she was writhing to my touch and thrusting lightly with her pelvis. As I was tickling her and kissing her round robin, I made it a point to include a soft pinch, outside her pussy but enclosing her clit. Not so much a pinch as a fondle. It became a kind of clit massage from outside as I kissed and tongued her breasts, her neck, eyes, ears, lips. I kissed her lips lightly then backed away to make solid eye contact. I told her how exciting it was to me to be able to touch her this way. She reached forward and kissed me long and luxuriously. I couldn't help giving a little quiver from the intensity of her kiss, and she followed suit.
I began the clit massage again and backed away to regain eye contact. "I would love to kiss you down here, Pam. Would that be OK with you?" I asked. She answered, "Yeah, eat me. Go ahead and eat me, Kris. Taste me, I want you too!" I teased her by continuing the tickling and kissing down her via her eyes, ears, neck, boobs, tummy. She seemed in more of a hurry than I was. I just took my time. Finally nuzzling her pussy fur, I told her what a privilege it was to be able to share this with her. She moaned then told me, no demanded, that I should eat her now.
Her legs were as wide open as she could get them. Teasingly, I raised up and kissed her lips again. As I began to kiss down her using the same path, she told me repeatedly to eat her. "Now!" she almost yelled. Still, I took my time and enjoyed her nipples, and I especially enjoyed the shudder she gave me when I kissed and licked right between her boobs. When I got down there again, I nuzzled her bush and reveled in the heady womanly smell emanating from her most precious place.
I entered between her pussy lips with my tongue and began alternately to nibble her lips and lightly lash her clit with my tongue. She constantly moaned as I licked at her gently. I could feel her pussy pulse and loosen. Feeling her shudders from inside her sent massive chills down my back. Her hand on my cock and balls aroused me too but not as much as feeling her tension rise. I told her so. Sensing the last moments before an oncoming climax for, I sucked her clit between my lips and lashed it with my tongue. She went completely tense for a moment, then her pussy muscles pulsed strongly and repeatedly as she writhed massively and groaned loudly enough to attract everyone's attention. She kept this up for quite a while before she simply went limp in my arms. I kept licking until she pulled away.
Pulling her to her side, I slipped in behind her and, hugging her tightly, I slipped my erect cock into her hot wet pussy. I hugged and tickled her until she started breathing normally. I wasn't steadily thrusting into her, just moving slightly from time to time and just thrusting once in a while to maintain an erection. I whispered to her about all the things I had enjoyed with her. I told her how wonderful she tasted and how much it turned me on to feel her vaginal contractions with my lips and tongue. I told her how wonderful she was and that I'd love to do this again and again. We lay there for quite a while, just fondling and mumbling things to one another. I thanked her profusely.
After a while, she pulled away from me, rolling to her back. She opened her legs and asked me to "Fuck me now, Kris. I want you to cum in me this time. I want to feel your come in my pussy." How could I refuse such a request?
I kissed her pussy again, giving her a little moan to let her know how good it felt. Then I kissed my way up to her boobs, her neck, nibbled her ear, kissed her eyes then lightly kissed her. That light kiss turned into a humongous deep passionate kiss as our tongues explored for hidden pleasures. My cock just naturally found its way into her hot wet pussy, and I couldn't resist immediately thrusting several times. Not having had sex for several days, and after our warmup session together, I knew that I wouldn't last long this time.
I buried my cock into her as deeply as it would go, aided by helping her pull her legs apart and back toward her shoulders as far as they would go. When I knew I was as deep as I could possibly get, I gave several hard short thrusts, maximizing my stimulation and hers. She began to use her vaginal muscles to milk my cock, and I couldn't handle it anymore. Both of us moaning through our deep kiss, we came together. That feeling spread from my groin until my neck tensed and tingled and my teeth itched, it was so intense. We rocked and thrust and held onto one another, sharing a great, lovely time together.
I felt a horrible disappointment as her pussy muscles forced my now limp prick out. It was like saying goodbye to a good friend. We finally relaxed together, and I nuzzled her ear, whispering thank you repeatedly. We rocked back and forth together for quite a while. Seeing the lights go out in the hall, we knew we'd have to separate, and again I felt like I was saying goodbye to a good friend. She giggled and asked me if I did house calls? I answered, "Any time you like."
The next day, Joanne, another one or our friends, called. She'd had to have her car towed to the shop and asked me if I could pick her up and bring her to Pam's party that night. Even though it was at least ten miles out of the way, I readily agreed. Barb had left for a month's worth of avionics training in Akron, and just the thought of missing her in my sex life was making me a little horny already. Not to worry about Barb's sex life. The sex club we were members of started at what's now Wright Patterson AFB in 1939, and Akron still has a very active branch, so she would be partying nearly every night.
Joanne is a lovely lady and a dear friend, so I was happy to bring her to the party. We had a great conversation during the forty-minute drive to the party. She'd spent all day on her feet, between walking the half mile from the garage and running her bookstore one clerk short all day, she was wiped out. She even considered missing the party, but I convinced her to go. I agreed to take her home if she wasn't up to staying.
There were four couples and two single guys at the party when we got to Pam's place. Joanne and I checked out the buffet and watched the others for a while, but she just wasn't in the mood. I talked her into trying the hot tub to soothe her sore muscles, and that did help. I asked her why she spent the whole day on her feet in high heels? She responded that, sure, they hurt her feet and make her very tired, but they are so damned pretty. Can't argue with logic like that.
After a bit of conversation, I reached down, pulled one of her feet to my lap, and proceeded to give her a nice foot rub. I like giving foot rubs to young ladies. For some reason, it gives them a look of pleasure that competes with sex.
We sat there talking about nothing special, both of us enjoying the foot rub until she noted that we were starting to get pruny from being in the water so long. I think both of us enjoyed the mutual toweling as we dried off. We didn't bother getting dressed, you know the dress code at our parties.
By that time the party had really gotten started in the living room. Pam was into a very interesting MMFM on the rug; there were couples, triples, and quads in various stages of undress doing various things, the sight of which kind of perked me up. Joanne, on the other hand, was still too tired to get excited just then. I asked her if she'd liked the foot rub? She told me she loved it. "Then how about one of my back rubs?" I asked. She smiled: "That would be delightful, Rusty. It should either get me started or put me to sleep."
I led her into the other part of the house, where we finally found an empty bed. I gave her a big naked hug and led her to lie down on her tummy. I kneeled beside the bed and slowly began touching her back and legs. "Oh, you feel very tense," I told her. "Let's see if we can make you relax, shall we." She just "HMMMMM'ed," in response.
I began at her neck and shoulders, kneading, prodding, touching, getting her shoulder muscles to be not so tense. I tried to carry on an ongoing conversation. Mostly it was suggestions to relax, compliments on her loveliness to the counterpoint of her soft, pleasure-filled "Hmmm mmmm". Working down her body I massaged her back, her bum, and her legs, trying to get her relaxed. When I felt her shoulders still tense, I climbed up onto the bed with her, straddling her hips so that I could really get into massaging her shoulders. Doing that from the side is kind of hard to get into. I told her that finally, she was beginning to relax a bit. She responded with another HMMMMM. It wasn't sexual…..yet…. but it was very sensuous.
Once she had really relaxed, but before she fell asleep, I switched gears a little. As I ran my fingers through her soft dark curly hair, finger-massaging her scalp, I told her how good it felt to muss up her hair like I was doing. I told her how soft and lovely her hair was and how much I enjoyed being able to touch her. She seemed to like the massage as well as the words. I have to say that I wasn't lying. I do dearly love to touch and massage women. My primary sense is touch, so her letting me do this was a huge turn on. I told her as much in a slow, soft voice; not in real sentences, but in semi-connected phrases as they came to mind.
My fingers strayed to her face and neck, lightly touching and tickling her ears, neck, face, lips, wherever my fingers wanted to roam. I kept the touches soft, light, and slow, enjoying every moment and letting her know that. She began to breathe deeply, slowly, Had she fallen asleep? No, she was periodically interrupting her breaths with some short twitches, especially when I tickled her ears, her closed eyes, and under her chin.
All this time, my penis, my short, only semi-hard penis, was resting comfortably on her bum, absorbing her tired relaxation. Only reluctantly, I moved off of her to her side so that I could reach all of her. I began to rub her back with medium pressure, just touching and transmitting my feelings through my hands. I covered all of her with my massaging fingers from her toes to her scalp, and everywhere in between that I could reach. I continued to tell her how lovely she was and how much pleasure this was giving me.
Slowly I switched to a softer, almost tickling touch all over her. Those little twitches began occurring more often, especially when I would tickle the sides of her breasts, her bum, her neck, her lips. I have to admit to being quite excited but restrained myself, knowing that this pleasure could go on for quite a while if I were to control my ardor. Barb and others had taught me well. Enjoy the experience, enjoy everything. An orgasm lasts, what? A few seconds? The joy of touching and sharing can go on and on and on and on if you are careful. I continued to nibble her ears and neck, licking her neck lightly, and kissing her eyes. She seemed to like that.
And I tried to be careful. My touches became more light, real tickling all over her. When I began to feel her tense up, I would continue to tickle until she asked me to scratch her back, that the tickling was too intense. Then I would switch to a firm rubbing or soft scruffing, scratching, to wipe out the tickling. I was careful, though, to avoid scratching or rubbing down the middle of her back. I've learned that avoiding that one spot triggers a need for satisfaction that grows each time I scratch her back to counter the tickling but miss that one spot. I know that drives me crazy when Barb does that to me.
After a few cycles of that, her requests got more and more insistent. A few more cycles and she became very insistent, so I gratified her with a soft scratching and rubbing up and down the small of her back, the place I'd been avoiding, the place that really needed relief. When I finally did the deed, she moaned her approval. At this point, a gentle nudge got her to turn over onto her back.
I leaned back to look at her, at all of her. I couldn't resist telling her how beautiful she was. I kissed her on the cheek, then brushed her lips with mine. At the same time, I ran my fingers over her body in that same tickling touch I'd used on her back. Her Hmmmmmmms and moans became a bit more intense and more often. My fingers, when they passed over her breasts, triggered tiny spasms. I bypassed her pussy but tickled all around and around everywhere but there. I told her again and again how happy I was that she was letting me touch her. She responded by reaching her head up to give me a little kiss. I responded, and soon our kisses were more animated, more passionate.
By this time, her little twitches, that had turned to tiny spasms, had become honest to goodness shudders as I continued the touching, tickling, feeling. I could feel waves of heat building up and flowing through my body. I could imagine something similar happening to Joanne. She took my hand and moved it to her pussy area, suggesting something I'd been teasing her with but avoiding. I began by muffling her muff. Of course, I told her how much I was enjoying the feeling of her sharing that with me. I tickled all around, between her legs. I played my fingers over her outer lips, tweaking them slightly, which elicited a few hip thrusts from her. I tried something Olivia had shown me. I put my fingers on either side of her pussy, right near the top and squeezed softly, running my fingers back and forth to kind of cause her outer lips to rub at her clit as I kissed her. Suddenly Joanne moaned loudly and thrust her whole body at me in several huge shudders. She voiced a unique little squeak each time she thrusted. I kept up the finger massaging as she was obviously cumming powerfully.
After a few moments of thrashing about, she relaxed almost suddenly. I resumed my tickling and kissing as I could feel her relax. I thanked her for sharing her feelings with me and told her how wonderful it felt to me to be able to touch her and kiss her.
For some moments, she was relaxing, then after a while of my continued ministrations, she began to respond again. She was back to writhing around, encouraging me to touch her, to kiss her, to tickle her. The tension was getting to me. My feelings were on overload from all the togetherness. I asked her if I could kiss her down there? She smiled, nodded her head and said: "Hmmmmmm….. yesssssss".
Slowly I kissed my way down her body, her ears, her neck, all around her breasts, her nipples, back to her eyes then lips, then again to her nipples. Climbing between her open legs, I placed my hand on her pussy, and she opened her legs more to let me in. A finger inside her vagina and roving pressure by the palm of my hand seemed to get her attention as I nibbled her nipples and tongued all about her breasts. Another visit to kiss her neck and nibble her ears, another sensuous kiss, another bout of nibbling her nipples and I headed further south. I began with a sloppy kiss on her very wet pussy lips then began a quick but soft series of licks to the top of her slit. I can't tell you how great it felt to be able to kiss her there. I did take the time, though, to move up, kiss her on the lips and tell her as best as I could how wonderful it made me feel.
I went back to that rapid soft tickling of the top of her pussy, and suddenly she got incredible wet, even wetter than before. She groaned and squealed and humped my face with thrusting hips. I could feel her pussy pulse as I continued to lick and kiss her pussy. After a series of repeated soft groans and a few more squeals, she settled down and gave me the most beautiful smile. I told her how pretty her smile was, and she reached for me. We kissed, and she told me to fill her with my cock, that she wanted me inside her.
Far be it from me to reject a lovely lady. My rock hard penis slipped so nicely into her warm, wet sheath. I had to stop for a moment to fully appreciate the feelings of being inside her. I told her how wonderful I felt, and I felt her relax and pull me to her with her legs around me. We just held together for a while to get used to all those marvelous sensations.
I made a few thrusts to find the best position then leaned down to kiss Joanne the kind of kiss that one can't explain. As I pressed our mounds together, we rotated our hips to maximize the sensations. We kept this up for quite a while, from time to time making a few thrusts to break the increasing tension. She began to moan, her moans came more quickly then all came together. Her vagina was pumping on my penis; I wasn't going to be able to last much longer.
She got more and more active, and with one last loud groan, she shuddered and relaxed. I began to thrust slowly as she began to come down from the heights of her orgasm. We kissed, she smiled, and I asked her if I could cum inside her? She nodded yes, and I began to thrust vigorously. In no time at all, I was feeling those incredible pleasure/pains all through my body. I was heating up, and then with an astonishing whoosh, the pleasure came to a head, and I lost it. I was so enthralled that nothing existed but Joanne and me. I came and came and came as Joanne matched my thrusts all through my orgasm.
I didn't want it to end, but inevitably my shrinking penis slipped out of her, and I had to stop. Having such a short penis makes it impossible for me to continue after ejaculation. Even the incredible disappointment that it was over didn't overshadow the great feelings we'd shared. I moved her to her side and spooned her, touching her, kissing her neck, as we talked more small talk about how beautiful, how lovely, how sexy she was. We talked and talked about what we'd done, how we'd done it, and how we needed to do this again sometime soon. We talked until we'd both come down and back to …. Almost …. Normal.
She was no longer that tired, sore woman of earlier that evening. She was talking about trying out the new fellow, Ron, who'd just joined the club. I'll have to let her tell you about that.

It's a Friday night, I'm driving home from work, dreading the upcoming weekend. I won't see Caleb, my son, this is his mom's weekend. It's been his first week of school, I can't help but wonder what he'll be doing, I know he's got a cross country meet tomorrow, maybe I'll drive the hour up and watch him, even if I do get shit about it from Elissa.
She moved out to live with her parents right after school ended in June. She told me when she left that it's just a separation, not a divorce, not yet, but I'm not sure about that. I caught her having an affair last winter, I was pissed as hell but I didn't throw her ass out. I still love her, and if this becomes permanent that'll mean I'll only see my son every other weekend until he gets too busy in high school to want to spend time with his old man.
The weather's beautiful, as late August can be sometimes. The day is warm, mid-80's. I stop for a sandwich and a beer at a dive I frequent, I'm in no mood to cook. When I get off the freeway I roll the window down, it's absolutely gorgeous. I think I'll take a dip in the pool tonight.
My friend, Chris, keeps telling me I ought to start dating. I've known him since just after I got out of college. We play golf together, we've got a 9:12 tee time Sunday. Maybe I'll invite him to come over to my place after with his wife and daughter to have a cookout in the afternoon.
Randi's a nice person, she and Elissa get along pretty well. She told me once she was as shocked as I was when she found out about Elissa's affair. She's good looking too, I've fantasized about her when I was screwing Elissa; you know, the idea that helps you get hard after a decade or so of marriage. But, of course, nothing ever happened.
When I pull into my driveway about twenty minutes after sunset, I see Randi's car there. Hmmm, maybe they stopped over, they know they can use the pool anytime they want, we have that kind of relationship. I've come home many a night to find Elissa, Randi and Chris in the pool, waiting for me with a pitcher of drinks. And they've been over quite a bit this summer, at least once a week, making sure I'm not going to put my head in the oven because Elissa left me. Good, I'll have some company tonight. I hope they brought some booze with them, my larder's a little low, I need to make a run to the liquor store.
I figure I'll change into my trunks and then join them, but as I pass through the kitchen and peep into the backyard, I get a little shock. Randi's on the side of the pool, much as she always is, reclining against the rim, doing leg-lifts, her husband's nowhere in sight. But instead of her usual black one-piece swimming suit, she's wearing nothing but skin. My mind tells me to look away, but my eyes won't follow the directions. Her breasts are more perky than I would have expected in a woman her age, the nipples are slightly pointed. Below her belly button I see a thin strip of dark strands that contrast with the blond hair pulled back on her head. And below that I can see the narrow slit between her legs.
I stare at her for maybe twenty seconds. Long enough to know that I'm being a creep, not nearly as long as I'd like to watch the movements of her legs as she exercises, the way her boobs bounce with each upheaval of a thigh. I force my eyes to look away, I head into the bedroom and take only moments to put on my trunks. The window in there faces the pool, I turn the light on, this alerts Randi she's got company. I guess I expect she'll wrap herself in a towel or put her suit on, but she simply sinks into the water, letting that cover her nakedness.
I crack the glass door of the kitchen. "Hi!"
"Hello, Ben!" she responds. "Thought I'd come over and take a swim after dinner. Chris is out with friends tonight."
"No problem. You want a drink?"
"Sure. That'd be nice."
"I think I've got some vodka, is that all right?"
"Sure. Any tonic?"
"I'll see," I say.
Yes, surprisingly I've got enough vodka for maybe four short drinks, and two bottles of tonic. I mix the ice, alcohol and mixer in plastic cups, of course there's no lime but we'll survive, and I take them out into the yard. By this time, Randi's swimming laps, it's almost too dark to see, but I can make out the blond hair and the whiteness of her ass as she swims away from me. "Come and get it!" I call, putting the cups on the side of the pool and slipping into the water. Randi swims towards me, slouches in the water so her nudity won't be seen, takes a large sip of the drink.
"I hope you don't mind that I didn't wear a suit," she suggests. "It was just too nice of a night and I was here all by myself."
"No, of course not." Perhaps my voice is a little high, thinking there's a naked woman just a few feet away. "Did anybody see you?"
"I think maybe a teenager got a look through the fence, I heard something. I didn't mind, it's nothing he hasn't seen on the internet." Her voice is calm and lively. "You and Elissa came out here with nothing on sometimes, didn't you?"
"Long after dark, when we were sure Caleb was asleep, sometimes." I remember the times my wife and I made love in the warm water.
"It's dark enough. Why don't you take your trunks off?" Randi urges. She's right, the sky is rapidly dimming, if I stay in the water no one would notice. I slip them off and toss them onto the concrete with a loud plopping sound. "Doesn't that feel better? I always wanted to ask you if maybe we could do that, the four of us."
"Elissa would split a gut, you know how prissy she can be sometimes." We both laugh at the way my wife would sometimes be so uptight. Randi and I relax, our arms hanging out of the pool. I think I can see her boobies floating on top of the water, I wonder if Randi knows I'm half erect thinking of her.
"I talked to her this week," Randi said, "she seems to be moving on. Can I ask, do you and she ever get together?"
"Every once in awhile. I've suggested a counselor, she says she's thinking about it, but I don't think she'll show up. And I think she's still seeing that guy she fucked, the one I caught her with. My guess is it's pretty well over."
"Would you take her back?"
"Sure . . . Probably," I admitted. "We'd have to work out a lot of issues. I've asked her, but now that Caleb's in his new school, I don't think she'd take him out. But if she wanted to come back, I'd try."
"Can I ask, have you dated at all?"
"No. I had a drink with a girl at the office, but when I asked her if she wanted to get dinner, she said she didn't want to be the rebound person. I guess I'll have to figure it out if Elissa stays away."
"It won't be hard for you, you know you're handsome. And charming."
"You think so?" I ask.
"I've always thought so. When we were out with the girls, we rated our guys and you always were near the top. You'll do fine."
We shut up for a few minutes, sip our drinks. Randi swims away, I follow her. We do a few laps up and down the pool, every once in awhile our arms or knees bump accidentally. When we stop, we finish up our drinks. "Another one?"
"You want me to make it?" she asks.
I hear the water swish as she climbs out, I can dimly make out her body as she heads for the kitchen. The light is switched on, but she's out of sight, I hear the ice tinkle. A couple of moments later, I see her briefly through the screen door, full frontal nudity, before the light is switched off. She puts the drinks on the concrete, I sense her swish back into the water.
"Where were we? Oh yes, you won't be lonely long, I promise." She's standing in water up to her neck, somehow she seems a bit closer than before. "Girls will be swarming all over you." I feel the softness of her flesh bump into my arm as she turns to me, I feel a sensation, almost a flash, go through my body. "You know, I've always wondered what you'd be like in bed."
"You have?"
"Of course. You've wondered about me, haven't you? I've felt it, sometimes, in the way you look at me." She flows closer, I feel two soft points brush against my chest, she raises her face, takes my head in her hands, I let it droop, our lips meet. Her tongue enters my mouth, I feel it bump against my teeth. Our bodies are as close as possible now, our chests and belly pressed together, she floats on the water, her arms around my shoulders, as if she's climbing a tree. "Touch me, Ben, let me feel you."
I ignore the clanging in my head that says I'm being unfaithful to my estranged wife, the sense that somehow I'm not being fair to Randi's husband, my friend, Chris. Sudden passion is compelling me to let Randi have what she wants. I hold her ass with both of my hands, stroll a few feet into still deeper water, where I can barely stand. I lift her, she folds her legs around my waist, I raise her until her nipples are at the level of my mouth, I kiss and suck on them, I hear her coo. One of her hands is searching below, my dick is in her palm, she's stroking it. I sense her slip just a bit in my arms, I realize she's pointing my cock directly at her hole, then swiftly I feel the shaft being surrounded by soft skin, warmer than the water by far. For the first time in a dozen years, I'm making love to a woman who's name isn't Elissa.
"How does that feel?" Randi asks. I'm trying to maintain my upright stance, we're not moving at all.
"Wonderful," I respond.
Her arms are around my neck, her legs around the small of my back, I'm buried deep inside her. "How long has it been since you've made love?" she asks.
"Seven weeks. I took Elissa to a hotel."
"Then you've got to be ready. Go ahead and use me, dear, do anything you want." Her arms slip from my shoulders, she floats almost horizontally, my hands slip to her waist, I can pull or push her as I want to. She's light as a kitten in the water, I manipulate her for my selfish pleasure, all he while she's whining, "That's it, enjoy yourself." A few thrusts, I pull her groin as close to mine as possible, I feel the semen rise. "Fill me up," Randi encourages, "come inside me." And I do, it seems as if a liter of my juice spurts into her, I lose my balance, we falter in the water, I continue to squirt. We're severed now, just a few seconds before I'm totally done. After she regains her balance, she swims to me, we embrace, kiss. "That was nice," she declares, "how was it for you?"
"Wonderful, just wonderful."
Holding hands, we wade back to where our drinks are, we each swallow a long draft of the vodka. "I think I'm ready to get out now," she announces, "come with me?" We climb out and Randi grabs a pool towel, begins to rub me. I stand, letting her attend to me. In addition to my chest, legs and back, she takes care to ensure my privates are dry. She handles my penis as if it's an old, valued friend. Likewise, I towel her off, joyously feeling her breasts, her ass and her pussy. We head into the house, I manage to find a bottle of wine, uncork it and pour us two glasses. She leads me to the den, sits on the soft shaggy carpet, I join her.
We lie together, stroking and kissing, she's no longer just a friend now, she's my lover. "You're not sorry we did that?" she asks.
"God no! I don't feel guilty at all, at least not about Elissa. After all, she's screwed around on me. But what about Chris?" Her husband.
"Don't worry about that. It's okay."
"Really?" Is this the way Elissa acted when she cheated on me?
"Yes, really. Chris and I have sort of an arrangement. In fact, we talked about whether I should be here tonight, if it's too soon for you. I told him I didn't think it was."
"So he knows you're here right now? What we're doing?"
"I have his permission. And, when he's with a lady, he has mine. Neither one of us does it that often. We just both feel sometimes it's better to scratch an itch than to pretend you don't have it."
I'm not sure just how I feel about that. But I'm not going to worry too much about it, not right now, not when I have my hands full of a willing woman. "What do you want?" I ask.
"I'm not done yet, not if you don't want to be. Make love to me."
I begin by kissing her forehead, her eyelids. Before I married, I sowed my wild oats; for that matter, Elissa did as well, even more than I. It was only when we got pregnant that we decided it was time to walk down the aisle. But I haven't been with another woman in over a decade, this playmate is as exciting as a trip to somewhere exotic. When I cup and suckle at Randi's breast her nipple hardens more easily, she sucks her breath briskly. The skin of her stomach is somehow creamier than my wife's, the ass much more rounded. As I crawl between her legs, I see her clit is pinker, larger, juts out from the surrounding skin further. When I lick it, the interior seems more moist. Is this from the sperm I deposited earlier? Elissa would never let me go there afterwards, yet Randi is enthusiastic. She seems to be having an orgasm, her wiggling is brisker than my wife, the way she pulls my head into her privates encourages me to tongue the button hard, her gasps are louder and longer.
I try to keep Randi there for as long as I can, and she stays up for an incredible stretch. Finally she pushes me away with a compliment. "Oh, how do you know just how to eat me? You're fantastic." After a few minutes of rest, gasping flat on her back as I stroke her torso, she bends to me. "Your turn now."
Surprisingly, she sucks on my nipple! I don't remember this ever happening to me. She even nips at it with her teeth, lightly. All the while she's holding my prick in her palm, measuring how her bites are being successful. She's not subtle about dipping her head to my groin, I feel the rod encircled by her lips. It's so wonderful, this warmth, this wetness, and for many minutes she bobs and twists on it. As she sucks, I'm fondling a boob, she twists and I can insert a finger deep into her wet tunnel. She starts to squeak again in pleasure, when I hold my prick between my thumb and forefinger, I'm surprised to find I'm rigid again.
"Ready?" she asks, and when I nod my head she brusquely throws one leg over my hips, with a hand she points the intruder at it's target, and she drops onto me. I can heft a globe, help her move by grabbing at her hips. For awhile as she glides, she looks to me, catching an eye, smiling in our shared delight. But then I see her eyelids droop, her nostrils flare, her cheeks and chest pink, I hear her cries of passion. We shift, she's slumping on a couch, I'm kneeling between her legs, it's my turn to supply the onslaught. For a moment I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stiffen, I seem ready to come again, but for some unknown reason my body refuses to take the hurdle. She pushes me away, just for a second, leans over the coffee table, I prostrate myself behind her, push into her once more. This seems to incite her again, I manage to get her howling in pleasure for (by my count) a third time.
Another shift, she's lying on her back on the rug, uncoiling her legs. I spread myself over her, impale her anew, her ankles link behind my back. She's telling me not to stop, to let it go, and somehow I find the energy to spew for the second time of the evening, pumping myself inside her as deeply as possible, every drop of elixir I have filling her. Do I black out, lose consciousness? Perhaps, for I don't remember much for a few seconds, and then I become aware she's laughing, tousling my hair. I fall beside her, she covers me with a long leg, an arm that lingers over my chest, a hand that fiddles with the sparse hairs between my nipples.
We smile together. "I knew you were going to be a good lover."
"You had this planned?" I laugh.
"When a naked woman shows up in your backyard, that's a pretty good indication you're gonna get laid!"
We cuddle together, massaging erotic zones and others without a specific purpose, just to tease. I ask, "How long have you been planning this?"
"Oh, a long time, a short time. I've dreamed about you for years. For that matter, Chris had a thing for Elissa. We talked about a foursome with you many a time, but the right opportunity never happened. If something like that had happened, let's say we all got naked one night in your swimming pool, do you think you would have gone for it?"
"I don't know. Maybe. I always thought you were sexier than hell. But Elissa and I never talked about it. Maybe, if we would have done something like that, Elissa wouldn't have needed to cheat on me."
"When you found out, were you jealous?"
"Intensely. I was pissed she'd fucked somebody. But even more than that, I was livid that she lied to me about it, covered it up for so long. I might have been able to excuse the screwing around. But she never asked me to forgive her, just told me it wasn't that big of a deal, I should just get over it. Are you ever jealous of Chris? Or the other way around?"
"When I first knew he was going to be with a lover - he asked me if he could - I had a pretty bad time of it. But he promised he'd always love me, that he'd stay with me, that he wouldn't do it if I didn't want him to. So I got over it. When I took up with a guy at my office, Chris really wanted to know what was going on, but it seemed sort of good. Sort of cared about, I guess."
"I wish Elissa and I could have had that," I complain.
Randi yawns, starts to indicate that she might be leaving. "I wish you could stay," I yearn.
"Do you want me to? Chris and I talked about it, he was thinking that this might be the first time, and you could be lonely after. Michelle's at a slumber party, she won't be home until tomorrow afternoon. So I could stay, just tonight. I'll have to leave by nine or so. And this can't happen very often. Let me text Chris, let him know."
I admire her in the glow of the cell phone. Randi and her husband ding back and forth a couple of times, then she leans into me, kisses me.
As we crawl between the covers, I wonder about my future with this wife of another man, with my own wife, with, perhaps, other women I'll meet. It seems that suddenly - and rather unexpectedly - I find myself in the deep end.

David Lovell
I started to kiss my wife's breast and rub her vagina when she asked if we should invite Lesley and Ken over this weekend. Sure, I replied. We had recently had two separate room swap playdates with these longtime friends. My wife, Amy, had been reluctant to discuss details, but this was positive indication that she had enjoyed herself and an opportunity for me to find out more. Our frequent lovemaking was pretty standard procedure. We went condomless about 10 years ago when Amy had a IUD inserted. The biggest change was when I bought a rabbit vibrator which Amy adores. No oral, and no different positions is our lovemaking way. We usually manage to climax simultaneously with a deep creampie.
I asked Amy if she enjoyed playing with Ken and she answered yes. She said the second time was better since things went more spontaneously. I told her how Lesley and I had had fun especially with a great 69. She asked me if I had used her rabbit with Lesley and I told her no. I asked how Ken had got her ready for lovemaking and she told me that he kissed her vagina, and promised not to cum in her mouth. This was a first since Amy does not do oral.
I told her about Lesley enjoying the finish with Lesley riding on top and asked her how many times Ken had cum inside her. She replied "I'm not telling you."
Things were getting interesting as I started to stimulate Amy with the rabbit, lots of lube and the vibrating head just inside her vagina. She told me how Ken had put two pillows underneath her and given her long slow strokes for the longest time. Ken used Viagra and she said she could tell. Also they tried all fours and she rode on top of him. I told her that Lesley had several orgasms, she did not elaborate on her experience.
This was a different lovemaking story to our usual routine. I stopped the rabbit and moved down on Amy to give her small clit some cunni. She moved over and said, don't cum in my mouth and gave me a short BJ. What a difference. We finished with her riding me till I filled her with a deep creampie.
When I asked her if she was ready for a same room swap the next time she answered emphatically NO!

Meet and Greet Party at a Hotel:
It is raining at the resort, so we are having snacks and cocktails on the swim up patio. Julie (my new wife) has been teasing me and telling me to write out the next experience with my office manager. The following story is true and should give a long and fairly detailed account of attending a very nice out of town hotel meet and greet party as a guest of my office manager Sherri (refer to our “Customer and Employee Relations” story published earlier on this site).
My office business manager Sherri did finally invite me to an Omaha hotel meet and greet a few months after she and I met one of our firm’s clients and his wife at their hotel a few miles from our office and town, learned we all had some very similar swinging and nude resort experiences and ended up playing with together (August true experience in Stories “Customer and Employee Relations”). One evening about 10 days before the hotel meet and greet in Omaha, Sherri and I were locking up the offices at about 5:30 PM when she asked if I would be interested in going to the meet and greet with her as a couple in a couple of weeks.
The meet and greet party/dance Sherri invited me too was being held on a Saturday evening at a casino hotel’s party/event room located about 3 hours from our offices and homes. Sherri already had a room reserved at the hotel; party reservations paid for, a new flapper style dress purchased and fitted, costume jewelry, feathers, etc. lined up when she learned that her girl friend from town that she usually goes with could not go for the weekend due to some family commitments. The off-premise group’s first meet and greet after Labor Day had a Roaring 20’s theme and could be fairly dressy “formal” if guests wanted to be. Sherri evidently had found a very adult flapper style dress. She asked me if I still had a tuxedo after my divorce, which I do. I told her I was flattered to be asked to go and just let me know the time and place and I’d be there. Sherri told me there was absolutely no lurid exhibitionism, sexual activity, nudity or even discreet flashing allowed in the hotel’s public areas. In the secure private event room, things could be much more open, but still no obvious sex acts, etc.
A few days before the hotel party date, Sherri mentioned at quitting time that she was going to Omaha early the day of the meet and greet to check into the casino’s hotel and take her time to get ready. She told me to stop at the hotel casino’s lobby desk when I got into town and she would leave an envelope for me with the room number and a key card to the room. I planned on meeting her at the hotel room at about 6:00 PM on the Saturday. The meet and greet social and light buffet would start at 8 PM with a combo playing dance music from 8:30 to 10:30 PM. On Saturday, I left town after noon time and got to Omaha about 4:00 PM. I had a late lunch/early dinner and a couple glasses of wine at a french bistro in the market area. I also bought a couple bottles of a red nice wine there to take to the hotel room.
At 5:45 PM, I parked my jeep in the hotel’s garage and carried in my clothes bag, overnight bag and wine into the hotel, picked up the room key card at the front desk and used it to get on the elevator. I walked down the hallway to room #603 and knocked on the door rather than use the key card. Sherri, standing behind the door, let me into the room. Very nice, as she had a towel wrapped around her waist and she was topless. Sherri had gone to Omaha early to get all waxed and polished, had her toe and finger nails done and had been to a hair dresser. I had never seen her so made up before, definitely a “WOW” seeing her so primped. When I put my things down, I reached for a nipple and the first time of about 3 dozen more times that evening she told me “be nice” and didn’t let me have much of a feel. I was already hard.
I hung my clothes bag up, got a wine bottle opened and poured glasses for us. I sat in one of the room’s club chairs to enjoy the wine and watch Sherri primp and work on her makeup a bit while she sat in the at the room’s desk chair on a folded towel . With my glass of wine about finished, I stripped down to shave and shower. I picked my shaving kit bag up off the bed and as I walked past Sherri to the bathroom, I turned and let my hard cock rub across her bare back and again she said “be nice” and “later” as she gave my cock a pat to bounce it up and down a bit.
A few minutes later while I was shaving, Sherri opened the bathroom door, still in the nude, stepped in and lifted the toilet seat cover, sat down and peed. I laughed a bit and told her that my ex wife and I had been married a couple years or more before she would pee with me in the room. Sherri told me that she and I had spent more time working together than most people spend married so it’s not a big deal. She told me that a fun, no obligation, occasional sexual relationship was just fine with her as long as it was very private, far from home and on her schedule.
After showering, while I was drying off, we had another glass of wine and visited. She understood that about 70 couples had signed up for the meet and greet and about half of the couples were staying in the casino’s hotel. She told me she understood that perhaps 250 couples and more in 4 states were on the emailing list. Sherri was still touching up make up a bit (definitely heavy and after 5 PM in style). Sherry put lotion on and worked it in everywhere she could easily reach and asked me to finish on her back. Once again when I was rubbing the lotion in, she told me “be nice.
About 7 PM we both started getting dressed. Sherri asked me to help her get into her sparkly black “flapper” dress, which was very adult with lots of skin showing. She asked for my opinion whether to wear the very adult g-string that came with the dress or the more conservative sparkly black panties. In my opinion, with the sparkly black panties, the dress could be worn in a very public Vegas casino or adult dance club setting. The g-string or less would be better for a more private swinger meet and greet party. She always could slip out of the g-string later if she felt comfortable and wanted to show more. Sherri really looked nice in her dress/costume as I helped her adjust straps.
My Tuxedo, which Sherri asked me to wear, is one like Frank Sinatra or James Bond would wear with a black cummerbund, black studs and white silk kerchief for the jacket pocket. Standing next to Sherri, looking in the bathroom mirror, even I thought we were a striking couple.
We left the room at exactly 8 PM and got on the elevator down to the casino lobby. The casino is on one side of the hotel area and the buffet is across the hallway from the private event room area. When we got off the elevator, three other couples were in the elevator vestibule chatting and saying hello to each other. Two of the couples were in dressy casual resort wear with the women in very short flashy party dresses. The third couple was dressed more “formally” with the woman in a very short strapless dress and the man white dinner jacket.
We walked in a ragged line of couples into the casino lobby, past the hotel desk and casino entrance to the event room entry. Hotel personnel had a table set up with three casino employees checking the invitations list and passing out name tags for guests to enter the private event room. People in the lobby and buffet line across from the private event room had all stopped and were really looking and getting an eyeful as we stood in line to be checked in.
Sherri made the rounds in the event room greeting people she knew and introducing me. This by far was the nicest hotel meet and greet I had ever attended and by far the dressiest. About 1/4 of the women were in 20’s flapper style dresses and costumes with some even much racier and revealing than Sherrie’s. The ladies in flapper costumes mostly all had men with them dressed in suits, dinner jackets, a few tuxedos, gangster style suits, etc. About 1/2 the crowd was very nicely dressed in club wear and about 1/4 of the people were in dressy resort wear. At the coat room area at the side of the event room, some of the women did remove some clothes to show much more revealing club wear and less. This was a very nice and attractive group of people ranging in ages from 40’s to 70’s with the average age maybe 45 to 50 years old. Sherri told me again that there should be about 70 couples attending from an email invitation lists of nearly 250 in a four state area.
The meet and greet’s light buffet was very nice and good. The bar was open with provided beer on tap and boxed white and boxed red wine. The 4 piece combo was setting up already at 8 PM and promptly started playing at 8:30. The lady vocalist was dressed in a short sparkly cocktail dress and the combo and vocalist were pretty good with Cole Porter music too.
Sherri took a table for 8 and we were joined by two other couples who were friends and didn’t have much to do with us and a couple of women that Sherri knew really well from other parties. One of the women, Shelli was very attractive, nicely shaped, in her mid 30’s to early 40’s and of similar height and build to Sherri and was wearing a very short dark grey/charcoal cocktail dress. She worked for an insurance company. The other woman, Janie, was short, maybe 5’ 2”, and in her 30’s was wearing a short shiny silver cocktail dress, had short dirty blond hair and was stocky without much for noticeable boobs even without a bra. She definitely was all muscle, just stoutly built shaped kind of like a round of .45 ACP ammunition. She was a school PE teacher and coach. For what I could tell, at other parties, Sherri and her usual friend and these two ladies had hooked up and played together in the past.
With the combo playing dance music, several couples took to the dance floor and were pretty good dancers. There were also a couple of women couples dancing. Sherri asked me to dance, teasing me about my ex making me take a couple sets of dance lessons years ago. I am not good at it, but reasonably competent and comfortable with ballroom and swing dancing. At the end of the number, Janie cut in for the next number. When that dance was over, Shelli cut in for the next dance. During the course of the evening, I spend nearly the entire time on the dance floor and danced with 12 or 15 different women. When attending, swinger oriented meet and greets, I do think some basic dance skills are really important if you want to really have fun. Dancing is a great way to meet women especially with them coming up to me to cut in on the dance floor.
During a couple of my dances with Sherri, I got her straps moved to the side and top worked down to show her breasts. The first couple times, she pulled her dress back up and told me “be nice”. Then finally with other ladies also showing, she left her top down. I also was able to work her dress hem up so her bottom was out on view too with her dress around her waist. With the lighting on the dance floor and other ladies doing much the same on the dance floor it was really sexy and fun.
Sherri, Shelli, and Janie all were soon in bare feet as their high heels were not comfortable for long. From what I was noticing, many of the women at this meet and greet were obviously very bi or bi interested, hence the 1/2 dozen couples made up of women attending the party and no single men at all. Shell and Sherri danced together several times and were really good and sexy to watch. Somewhere along the line Sherri handed me her g-string to put in my pocket. Shelli had helped her take it off on the dance floor and I missed it. Janie was by far the best dancer and I had a lot of fun with her. The vocalist did say that she knew this would be a sexy fun party and that she wore her skimpiest sexy dress and was overdressed from the looks of the crowd.
The three girls really go along well, with me being the 4th wheel so to say. I really didn’t meet any other couples that I/we clicked with. At promptly 10:30 PM, the combo and vocalist finished up and were done. The meet and greet broke up fast with couples pairing up to leave the event room. Sherri told me she had invited Janie and Shell back to our room for a glass of wine and winked at me. She told me they both had sitters at home and couldn’t stay too long.
Once more in the casino lobby, the people all came to a stop to watch meet and greeter partiers leave. A straight couple really looked the three women and me over as we all stood waited for the elevator. The looks on the couple’s faces when the three women and I got off the elevator together was priceless. I walked on ahead and had the room door open for the girls who were really chatting and visiting. Once in the room, I poured the last of the first bottle and opened the last bottle of wine. One by one the women went into the rest room, Sherri first. She came out nude with just her black costume flapper jewelry on, stopped and hung her flapper dress in the closet as I about bit a chunk out of my glass. When Shell and then Janie in turn went into and came out of the bathroom, they were nude too but put their dresses on the room’s desk chair arms. They each sipped a sip or two of wine, as they shut the room’s lights down, leaving the bathroom light on and door open and climbed on the bed. Here I stood by the window watching the girls with wine glass in hand, full dressed wearing my tuxedo.
I stood and watched the women kissing and feeling each other up on the bed. I had never seen FFF play before. I actually felt ignored watching them but was definitely being entertained. I went into the bathroom, leaving the door open and undressed hanging all the tuxedo components in the closet. I moved over and sat in one of the room’s leather club chairs so I could really watch the three way girl action on the bed. I sat slouched down, feet flat on the floor; cock straight up in one hand and the wine glass in the other watching the three women back lit from the bathroom lighting. Janie and Sherri got Shelli off pretty fast with Sherri going down on Shell while Janie sucked her breasts, etc. Next Sherri played with Janie’s little boobs while Shelli went down on her. Finally Sherri and Shell moved around to kissing and making out in a full body hug leaving Janie out.
Janie looked over a me and slipped off the bed’s edge, walked on her knees over to my chair, spread my legs, snuggled in an started licking my cock. Sherri and Shell were busy with each other and Janie really started working my cock over and playing my balls like a pair of dice. She did a really good deep throat job on my cock but was really rough on my cock with her teeth. I just laid back, feet flat on the floor and just took it. My balls sucked up tighter and tighter as she really sucked and jerked on my cock. When I started to get really tense and thrust a bit, she pulled her mouth off my cock and really started jacking me off. I shot off three big hard squirts of cum hitting her neck and chest giving her a pretty good pearl necklace. She kept jacking until there was nothing more left to shoot or ooze. Then she takes her fingers and hand, wiping my cum off her neck and chest and rubbing and working it into my shaved cock and balls like a lotion. About this time, I looked and Shelli and Sherri were watching us and smiling.
With my cock unloaded and down, Janie got up and headed into the bathroom to wash up chattering about how she had to get home to let her sitter go. Shelli and Sherri chatted with each other and me until it was Shelli’s turn to wash up as Janie got dressed. Sherri and I sat nude watching Shell get dressed and Janie finish dressing. Within minutes, we were all at the door saying good night and that we’d have to get together again sometime and Shelli and Janie were gone. I was mumbling about being ashamed of being so roughly taken, sucked and jacked off with so little effort on my part, but couldn’t wait to have it done to me again sometime, which Sherri thought was funny.
I stepped into the bathroom to take a leak and to take a quick soapy bath to scrub the worked in and dried cum off with Sherri standing in the doorway watching and chatting about what nice people Janie and Shelli are. I let the water out and crawled out of the tub with Sherri handing me a towel. As the water ran out, she rinsed the tub and started filling it again as I stood drying off watching her. She quickly washed off, got out of the tub and I helped dry her off. We left the bathroom light on with the door mostly closed. In the bedroom area, we worked together to turn the bed sheets on down and crawled into bed. As I hit the pillow, my cock was already up again and Sherri was grabbing it as we lay down side by side. Sherri is still not into kissing, just straight sex. She climbed on top to do me cowgirl style.
We were able to get the bouncing and thrusting rhythm down and were really able to bounce each other. I finally laid still and used my finger to work Sherri’s clit with her still grinding on my cock. With some effort and work, she got off a really nice, noisy series of orgasms. It was wonderful watching her. When she rolled off me, I rolled over on to her and got her legs spread and entered her wet pussy and slowing started stroking her missionary style. Sexwise, this was nothing fancy, just straight old fashioned grinding missionary screwing. Grinding on her, I finally thrust in deep and came nicely too. Laying quietly on her for a bit, she finally told me to roll off as she didn’t want me sleeping on her. We must be pretty comfortable with each other, as neither of us got out of bed to wash up and just moving around to avoid wet spots on the bed, we curled up and feel asleep.
I woke up pretty early and rubbed and scratched Sherri’s back a bit as she slowly woke. She said wait a minute and got up and went to the bathroom. Coming back to bed, she asked what I’d like for a round of sex now. With my cock getting jerked by Sherri, I was immediately hard again. I told/asked her that “doggie” would be nice. She rolled over and started piling the 4 pillows up to lay on with her butt in the air. I got up on my knees behind her and rubbed my cock on her pussy lips. She pushed back against me and I was in her pussy humping away. In a bit, she was telling me to “fuck it like I owned it” so I did my best. I started to run out of breath and had to stop pumping and just hold her hips with my cock deep in her pussy. When I caught my breath, it took just a few more pumps to get off and cum deep in her pussy. It wasn’t much cum but I had gotten the job done.
I rolled over on the bed and pulled Sherri off the pillows and along side of me. I got my right arm around her and held her right arm down. I locked my left leg over her left leg and started finger banging Sherri’s very wet pussy. This was a one, two and three finger bang all the while sucking her left nipple and boob. When I moved a bit to suck and nibble on Sherri’s left earlobe, she got off with a very vocal and bouncy orgasm and she pulled my hand away from her pussy.
We lay there side by side a bit, before Sherri got out of bed for the bathroom again. When she came out, sat in the club chair and asked me what I was going to do the rest of the day. If I got going, I told her I would go west on I-80 to G.I. and see Tom and Julie (we weren’t married yet or even seeing each other much) where we had their restaurant remodeling job started. Sherri told me she had a late check out and was going to relax, soak in the tub and head back to Dakota. I got up, shaved, showered, dressed and was on the road west by 10 AM leaving Sherri at the room. As I was leaving the room, I thanked Sherri for the invitation to the meet and greet, the room and sex play. She reminded me that this was far from home, sex only and nothing more. I chuckled and said I understood that too as I stepped out into hallway and left for G.I. to see Julie and her husband Tom.
It’s time to get ready for dinner and the Moonlight Club later. After Julie proofs this, we will post it. There is one more office manager Sherri story if anyone is interested.

About 20 years ago I was going out with my daughter's nanny who was 11 years younger than me. She was a great catch at the time. Took care of the house always clean. Watched my kid and cooked while I was at work. But best of all the sex all the time was the best. Well she went her way and I went mine and we stopped communicating for about the last 10 years.
One day out of the blue she sent me a friend request on Facebook. Thinking nothing of it I accepted. About a week later she said she wanted to meet up for a drink. At that point I let the wife know who contacted me and her response was are you going to fuck her if you get the chance?? With a smirk told her if it happens it happens. So we went for drinks and she came back to the house and as we were about to get into the bed she got cold feet. At that time I said we will only have sex when you are ready. When the wife got home the first thing she asked me was did you have a good time and did you get laid?? Well I told her, we had a great time but she was not ready.
For about two weeks we saw each other with and without the wife present and that is when the wife said to her anytime you want to have sex with hubby go for it.
So three nights ago she calls and asks if she could come over and watch some movies and chill. I let the wife know and she said go for it.
When she got here I could see that look in her eye of wanting to fuck right there (found out her ex boyfriend called wanting a booty call and it pissed her off) but being the gentleman I am, I did not push it. After one movie the wife went to bed and said enjoy. She asked if we can go to the Jacuzzi. So I got my suit and a shirt for her to wear.
After about 10 minutes she gets a bit frisky and starts rubbing my hard cock in my suit. The next thing I know I have my suit off and she is giving me a hand job. I then start to play with her perky 32DDD . She then sat on my lap at which point I asked her if this is was what she wanted. Before I could get the last word out of my mouth she had already taken my cock in her wet pussy. We were fucking for a good five minutes when she said the one thing that gets me off real fast..."Fill my pussy with all that cum of yours!" About three strokes later I slammed her on my cock deep and filled her up.
After a bit of recovery we got our towels and went back inside. We started watching another movie when she had that look in her eye as she was playing with her pussy and having moaning orgasm after moaning orgasm, so I took my towel off to reveal another raging hard-on and started fucking her right on the couch. We had to keep the noise down as the wife was asleep and we did not want to wake her. After fucking her for what seemed like an hour I shot another load that just dripped out of her hot wet pussy.
We cleaned up and finished watching the movie. It was late and I offered her the spare room if she did not want to drive home but she had to get home for work the next day. After she left I went up to bed where my wife was up and awake with a smile on her face knowing I just fucked the old nanny again. Hoping for a repeat in the near future!

This is our first foray into swinging. Our son's friend, Tim, who we've known since the 4th grade, has always liked my wife and even flirts with her. I knew she liked the attention (she being 41 and he is 21). I once asked her during sex if she thought about fucking him and she would get defensive and bring up the fact that we practically raised him but I could tell she was curious.
Fast forward to about 6 months ago and I was out of town. I called her and she had just gotten back home. Tim had brought her a fountain drink and she got into his truck. They talked about nothing and nothing happened. He did ask her if he could see her tits. She told him she would think about it but it wouldn't happen that night. I was so turned on.
We had talked about a threesome before but it was only talk. She then playfully suggested Tim be our third. I told her that if she wanted to, she could fuck him before I came home. I knew she wanted to but she dismissed it. Then the next day, she seemed more open to it. I told her she could as long as she gave me details. She agreed.
The next day I called her and she said her and Tim were texting. She said it was ok with hubby if she plays. He asked her for a nude selfie. She sent one but hid her face. He then sent her a dick pic and that was when she really decided she was going to fuck him that night.
She was very nervous and even thought about backing out but I encouraged her. That night after four of our other kids were in bed (our oldest was at work) he came over. She had to distract our second oldest son for a few minutes while he was awake playing video games so Tim could sneak in. Once in, she went into the bedroom and he was already naked. She started sucking his dick, which I told her to take a picture to send me. She said she was thirsty and when she moved to get a drink, he grabbed her, threw her down, got on top of her and started fucking my wife. She said it hurt since he went in dry so she started sucking him some more and put some spit from her tongue on the tip. He then fucked her for 20 minutes, making her cum twice before emptying his load inside her pussy. She loved it and she wants to fuck him again. This time with me there. I can't wait.

My wife was 20 at the time and we had been married over a year. She was very hot and had a fantastic pair of legs on her. One would have sworn she had been an exotic dancer prior due to the tone of her legs. She always got me instantly hard flaunting them which she enjoyed doing when we went out as well.
We had sex often and after awhile it was becoming routine so we decided to spice it up a little by playing fantasy games. In the middle of hot sex, we would take turns envisioning we were with someone else and then would blurt out who it was. It drove me wild hearing her moan another guy's name and knowing she was thinking it was him fucking her. This led to a lot of hot, wild, fun sex.
Finally one evening, I asked her if she would let another guy fuck her if I was okay with it. I told her I would love to watch her in action. She said that while it sounded exciting, she wasn't sure she could do it and would be embarrassed if it got to that point and she backed out. I asked if for her first time she would be more comfortable trying it on her own. She admitted she would.
It was at that same time that we were supposed to have a repairman come to fix a leak in our master bathroom wall. The night before he was to come, we had fantastic sex as I told her she could flirt and flaunt with him and perhaps give it to him. She went wild as I fucked her and said, "imagine his cock getting so hard for you and wanting to put it in you." "Imagine him pounding out his lust for you deep in your hot pussy." She kept moaning, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeee." I said, "so are you going to do this?" She said, "yes."
It was agreed that whatever happened, when I came home from work, she would be wearing whatever she had worn to entice the guy and leave her hair as it was when he left and also the bed as well. She is 5'5", shoulder length dark blond hair, blue eyes, average size tits, and those luscious toned legs of hers.
At work the next day, I had trouble focusing on work as I thought about what might be going on. I had to keep fighting off getting a hard on thinking of my sexy young wife being fucked by another man.
In the late afternoon, I had returned to my office to see there was a message on my desk saying my wife had called. I closed my door and called her. She said, "well I soloed today." Wanting to be fully sure what she meant, I asked her what that meant and she said, "I got fucked." My cock sprang to life. I asked her if the guy had kissed her and she said, "a lot. His tongue was in my mouth often" I asked her if he had cum in her and she said, "oh yes." I then asked her if she had enjoyed it and she again replied, "oh yes."
I couldn't wait to get home. When I walked into the house, she greeted me, her hair majorly messed up and she was wearing a skimpy, tight super sexy body suit and heels. We hotly kissed and she took my hand and led me to the bedroom. The bed was messed up majorly from where he had fucked her. I got her on the bed and couldn't wait to get my cock in her. She told me all the lusty details as I fucked her. She said the guy kept eyeing her legs and she made sure to provide him various hot poses constantly. He often commented on her legs and she would thank him. At one point he asked her if we ever had a secret and she told him that we did not as we told each other everything. She said later she realized that was his way of opening the door to do her. He finished his days work and she offered him a cold beer. He said he would have one if she would join him and she did. They sat at the dining room table with her at a 90 degree angle from him again flaunting her legs to him which he kept staring at. She finally blurted out, "you know, I've been thinking about what you said about having a secret and think I would like to have one." He sat his beer down, stood up, as did she and he grabbed her and pulled he tightly against him as he French kissed her and ground his mid-section into hers. She said she could feel his cock growing against her as his hands roamed and squeezed her bare ass area.
They went into the bedroom and he got her on the bed on her back and started to eat her pussy but she said he only did that for a brief period as he told her later he wanted to get his cock in her before she changed her mind.
She said his cock was rock hard, about the same size as mine but with a huge hard head on it. He guided it to her pussy and she said she climaxed as entered her. As he fucked her, his hands roamed her succulent legs. She said he got so into it that at one point she moaned, "oh baby, fuck me, fuck me." She said he told her what a fantastic fuck she was. She said after a few climaxes of hers, he finally groaned and she felt his cock spurting deep into her. He enjoyed kissing her as his cock began to wither and he told her how fantastic that had been.
That was my hot, sexy wife's first experience with another man. More hot stories to cum as she got into it majorly and it still drives me wild.


Fuckin’ in Tents

By Linde, in Swinging Separately,

My wife, Linda, and I have been swinging for a few years, but until recently she has not wanted to meet with another guy alone. This seems to be changing. Let me explain.
We planned a weekend camping trip to a PA nudist resort with friends we have played with in the past. We arrived on Friday night and after getting the camp site set up, we all played together in our friend's tent. It's always fun to play with this hot and sexy couple, but I still longed to fulfill my fantasy of having Linda fuck a guy on her own. Throughout the next day, we met several other couples with the intent of hooking up with them later in the day. It turned out that the people we spent time with turned out to be true nudists and we're not into playing with another couple. The day went on with no prospects until we went to the resort's dance club on Saturday night. The nudist resort custom dictates that people dress for the dance club. Linda wore a short and snug black dress that was cut very low in front. Linda's cleavage looked magnificent. Of course, she wore nothing underneath.
We danced a few dances and decided to rest and get a drink. On our way to the bar we met up with a guy who looked familiar. It was Charlie. Charlie and his wife Veronica had played with our friends in the past, but we had never hooked up with them. Charlie walked over to say hello and explained that he was at the resort by himself this time, since his wife was unable to get away from work. After some small talk, I excused myself saying that I was going to get something to drink at the bar. I was hoping that this might just be the opportunity I had been waiting for.
Charlie is about 10 years younger than me and very different. Where I am tall and slender, Charlie is a real man's man type. He is a bit shorter than me but with a large chest and muscular arms. I'm an elementary school teacher and he is a Harley-riding building contractor. I was a little surprised that Linda was attracted to this kind of guy. She always said she likes sensitive, gentle men, but Charlie was more of a macho guy.
Once I got my drink, I decided to wait, watch, and see what might happen. Linda knew I was watching, but I don't think Charlie did. They both watched the dance floor, her back to him, as he placed his hands on her hips. Apparently Charlie isn't a dancer. I could see that they were talking, but I had no idea what was being said. I did notice her laugh a flirty laugh from time to time. Then she turned to face him and they kissed. His hands were on her ass as the kissing became more passionate. His hand went to Linda's ass as she ground herself against him. She turned around again to face the dance floor and, with her back to him, his hands embraced her around her waist. Her head tilted back and rested on her chest, with eyes closed. I watched his hand reached down to the hem of her dress and he lifted it, just barely exposing her pussy then used his finger to manipulate her. She seemed to really enjoying his advances as her hand reached behind her. It appeared to me that she was rubbing his cock.
Linda turned and whispered something in Charlie's ear. She took his hand and brought him over to where I was standing. Linda told me she wanted to go back to our tent, and asked if I minded if Charlie came also. I said of course not. I had an extremely hard erection as I hoped my fantasy would finally happen. As we walked outside on our way back to the tent, Charlie said he would meet us at the campsite, since he had brought his Harley. Linda and I had walked to the dance club. I suggested that Linda ride with Charlie and I would walk back and meet them at the campsite.
When I got back, I found that Linda & Charlie had already gone into the tent and from what I could hear, had begun their encounter. I heard her moan the way she does when her pussy is being licked. I tried to imagine what they were doing, but I felt it would have been wrong to go in and expect to be part of the action. I brought a camp chair closer to the tent so I could listen to what happening inside. I knew when they started to fuck when she commented on the thickness of his cock. I heard her say that she wasn't sure it would fit in her pussy, and she asked him to start slowly. From the sounds I heard, it didn't take too long before the pace quickened. I could tell when she was cumming on his cock from the sounds of her moans of pleasure, Charlie's grunting and the sound of what I knew was his balls slapping against her ass. I didn't know whether Charlie came inside her or not. Charlie asked her to suck his cock again. Then a few minutes later I heard Charlie ask her to lick his balls. That's when I heard the sounds of Charlie's orgasm.
After that I could only make out soft whispers and giggling. This continued for much longer than I expected. When they came out of the tent, Linda came to me and said, "Thanks, sweetie, that was awesome." Charlie shook my hand and said that Linda was a truly great fuck. He asked if it was OK with me if they get together again. I replied that it was fine with me if Linda wanted to. Linda and Charlie exchanged phone numbers and kissed. He then started up his Harley and drove away.
When he was gone, Linda shared more details with me. She told me how thick his cock was. She told me that his cock was no longer than mine but so much thicker. Charlie had filled her up entirely. She described the amazing orgasm she had when she rode Charlie cowgirl style. She told me how his balls slapped against her ass when he fucked her doggy style. She enjoyed touching his muscular chest and arms while he banged her in the missionary position. She verified my guess that he came all over her breasts, face, and hair when she licked his balls and ass. She said she never knew a guy could cum so much. She had wiped his cum off her face with the dress she had been wearing, but missed some that remained in her hair. I told her how excited this all made me and I asked her if she wanted to fuck me. She asked if we could put it off for tomorrow because her pussy was so sore from his thick cock.
I went inside the tent and found her black dress. I almost came when I saw all of the cum that was on it. I asked Linda if I could watch next time. I think she enjoyed herself more because I wasn't there, but she told me that she would consider it. She said that she felt extra sexy knowing I could only listen. She thanked me for not coming into the tent. It was very obvious that this would not be the last time she would fuck another guy. I told her she could do it again anytime as long as she told me about it later. She smiled a sly little grin and said, "Maybe." I just hope she continues to tell me all about her adventures. I think I'm going to like this.
By Linde

I'm a good looking guy, I won't play that down. I'm 6' 1", my dad is black, my mom is Puerto Rican. I played football in high school and ran track. So I have been working out with trainers since I was probably 15 and that never changed as I got older. I've been picked up in pretty much any place you can think of and I don't think there is anyone that would ever consider me shy. I've got more experience than anyone would guess looking at me. I've been with married couples, single mothers, married women, and I've heard and done pretty much any fantasy that comes to mind. The best part is that it always comes as a surprise because no one would ever guess based on my personality.
Anyway, I just started working at my current job a few months ago. I work on the third floor; there's a guy in the cubicle next to me and other people scattered around the floor. Right behind me is another co-worker who caught my eye immediately. I like big breasts and a nice ass so when I see it I take notice. She's nicely stacked, really big boobs and I mean really big. A nice round ass too. She's a little older than I am and gorgeous. She has wavy blonde hair, a cute smile and nice lips, very plump. The kind you immediately imagine wrapped around your cock.
Over the next couple days I made friends with the guy next to me because he's close and we're working on a lot of projects together. He fills me in on the whole layout of the office, the gossip, who to stay away from, that kinda stuff. The co-worker behind me, her name's Sharon, also works on a couple of projects with me. So we were introduced. She comes over to talk about a couple of things every now and then. Ever since I was in my teens I have always had this sense of when women like me. I can just tell and I was getting that same vibe from Sharon. I noticed the wedding band the first time we talked. Usually that wouldn't stop me but in a work setting things are a little different. If I make a move and she's not interested that could lead to a very bad situation. So I just let it go.
I've picked up a couple of tricks over the years when it comes to women with big boobs. The first thing I did was lower my chair so that the second time she came over to my desk my face was perfectly in line with her boobs. I could tell she noticed but being a tall guy it wasn't something she could really complain about. I loved it though because she wore low cut blouses and had a lot of cleavage.
We start to talk more because of work and a couple weeks ago things start to get really interesting. Sharon was talking to another woman she works with. She had no idea that the woman knows me personally outside of work. Sharon told the woman that she snuck a picture of me with her phone and masturbates to it all the time. My friend let me know about it of course the same day but we fucked around before so she knew I wouldn't try to get Sharon fired or anything. She also told Sharon that she knew me and she needed to tell me.
Well, next time I talked to my cubicle buddy he asked me why I didn't tell him about it. I had no idea that it was office gossip by this time. He told me that's why all the other women in the office were passing by my desk. They all wanted to see what the big deal was all about. I told my cubicle buddy that because of it I was thinking of sending Sharon one of my modeling pictures. Just for shits'. He giggled. I didn't tell him it was nude but I'm sure he got the idea. He was excited, and asked me to do it right then. He's married and he was either trying to live through me or he just wanted to watch the drama.
I took a day off the next day, working from home. I still didn't send the pictures to Sharon yet. I was kind of second guessing whether I should or not. I didn't know it but my cubicle buddy told Sharon about my plan to send her the picture. The next day, which was Thanksgiving, I got an email from her. I opened it and found pictures of her in really skimpy lingerie. My cock was immediately hard. In the email she told me that she and her husband are swingers, that she has always wanted to be with a black guy. She wrote that when she saw me that first day in the office, she went home that night and fingered herself while picturing me fucking her.
I was smiling the whole time I read it because I knew she liked me. I replied to her email with just one of the pictures of me and it wasn't more than a couple minutes before she replied, asking me for my number,wondering if she could come over. I was like isn't it Thanksgiving, don't you have to stay home with your family? Next thing my phone rings and it's her. She says they don't have kids and she already showed her husband the picture I sent her. I was home watching movies and eating so I was up for some good sex. I said sure, so I gave her my address. I was expecting them to both show up at my door, but it's just her standing there with a coat on.
She pushes through the door as soon as she sees me, slams it shut behind her and starts kissing me. My hands slide into her open coat and I feel her hard nipples and soft skin. I push her up against the wall and open the coat to find out that she has nothing on underneath. My cock is rock hard now and I could see her eyes glued to the bulge in my boxers. I pull them off and while I'm taking off my shirt she doesn't waste a minute. She gets on her knees, grabs my cock, and slides it in her mouth. I could feel her soft, plump lips wrap around my cock. I grab the back of her head and when she slides my cock into her mouth I pull her head forward sliding my cock deeper down her throat. She gagged the first couple of times but she didn't stop me she just kept sucking. I watched her huge boobs bouncing while her head bobbed up and down. I wanted to squeeze them, to pinch her nipples and suck on them. On the outward thrust I pulled my cock out of her mouth and pulled her up onto her feet. She immediately grabbed my cock and started stroking it while I started kissing and sucking her boobs. I could feel how hard her nipples were so I aster and moaning, so I slid one hand down to her pussy. I put two fingers inside her soaking wet.cunt. My fingers slid right inside her and were covered in her juices. I started to rub her clit while she was grinding on my fingers. I could feel her getting even more wet so I slipped another finger inside and she moaned even louder. She was stroking my cock so hard I thought I was going to shoot my load.
I pulled her over to the couch and bent her over the arm. Spreading her legs, I slipped my cock into her from behind. She moaned and whipped her head back while I stuffed my entire cock all the way inside her. I grabbed her hair wrapped it around my one hand and pulled so her head arched back. I started pumping her slowly watching her tits bounce while she moaned louder and louder. I started to go faster, pounding her pussy hard. The skin on her ass and legs were rippling every time I rammed my cock inside her pussy. She was soaking wet and screaming out, begging me to cum inside her. I let go of her hair and cupped her boobs with both hands feeling them bounce while I thrust faster and harder. I could feel my first load coming so I pulled out of her, ripped the condom off, to cum all over her back and ass. After I squeezed out the last drops she climbed over onto the couch, my cum running down her back and between her ass-cheeks.
We were both pretty sweaty so after a little while we hopped in the shower. I sucked on her boobs and fingered her in the shower and again when we got out to dry off. Then she pushed me back against the counter and sucked my semi hard cock until I was ready to go again. We fucked in almost ever room of my apartment for the rest of the night. The last time was in my bedroom and when we were done she asked me if she can stay over. She said her husband was out playing with another couple, one of their friends, so he wouldn't be home until the next day anyway. She ended up staying over and we fucked all night. I fucked her in every position and blew my load pretty much everywhere on her. She loved it, she was the one that asked me to give her a facial. She even told me to get tested so we could fuck without a condom next time.
Friday she called in sick and we saw each other Saturday and Sunday. I still haven't met her husband yet. On Saturday we met at a bar where we pretended to meet each other for the first time. Then we fucked in my car before we headed to my place to spend the rest of the night together. This morning was another big surprise. When I got to work she was already here. Usually I'm the first person in and I have the whole floor to myself. This morning I get in and there she was bent over her desk in a short skirt. My cock was instantly hard looking at her ass peeking out from it. I walked over to her and pushed up against her from behind. I slipped both hands under her skirt pulled the crotch of her thongs to the side and slid a finger into her pussy. I know she could feel my throbbing cock on her ass because she turned around and told me to meet her in the stairwell. She gave me a blowjob in the stairwell and swallowed everything. I love cumming to work!

It was a hot summer afternoon and the Wisconsin Humidity was overpowering to say the least. I was working in the garden when I noticed our pool service truck pull up to the curb. Kelley had forgotten to leave me cash to pay the guy. I called Kelley quickly to ask him what I should do, and Kelley replied, "I'm sure you'll think of a way", chuckling at me. "Ahhhh, You mean the oldest profession in the world," I smiled? Kelley laughed and told me to have a good time paying the man, LOL. I pondered on how I would set this up, as I watched him get out of his truck. Ahh I think I'll lay be the pool naked. What if he's, like really married or something? I'll play it by ear and see what happens.
I think I'll just take my shirt off and be naked when he gets here, that might work.
This guy was very good looking, and a young fella. I watched him get a few tools out of his truck, then he headed toward the pool. I looked at him, and figured I could do this. I need to make him think he surprised me. He came around the corner and there I was buck naked. Startled, I grabbed my shirt and covered a little bit of me.
"I'm very sorry, I didn't know you were there," he smiled looking me over.

"Well, I guess I shouldn't be naked by the pool, but I forgot you were coming today," I said laughing He looked me over again with an approval in his eye.
"It's not often I get to see a lady as pretty as you by a pool naked," he smiled.
"Oh thank you Mr. Pool Man," I said, "but there is something I need to tell you. Kelley forgot to leave the cash with me, so I can't pay you today, and there is no way I can pay you till the next time you visit. That is unless there might be another way I can compensate you?"
"What did you have in mind?" he said. "I'm very willing to work with you and seeing you naked has my mind wandering."
"Well, maybe I can personally compensate you then," tossing my shirt onto the ground. "Do you see anything you might be interested in?" I winked.
"Might you be thinking of a sexual trade my dear? We have sex, and I waive the fee?" he asked.
I smiled at him, "Sorry, that was a bit forward of me to even consider that, but then again it is an option."
He smiled at me, "Baby, you are naked in front of me, and my cock is rock hard, I'm very glad you are considering this."
"May I take a look at that hard cock?" I said ,tugging on his shorts and slipping them off him. I took his cock in my hand then kissed the head of it.
"Do you have a place in mind where you would like to compensate me?" he said.
"I think my bedroom would be perfect baby, you into that?" I took him into the bedroom, where it was nice and cool from the AC. "Would this work for you?" I asked, pointing to our queen size bed surrounded by mirrors.
I kissed him gently and stroked his cock, as I felt his fingers on my pussy and then they slipped into me.
"I hope your husband doesn't come home and surprise us" he said, sheepishly. "No worries my beautiful man, he's the one that suggested this," I replied. "Anyway, if he were to come home now, then I would have to two of you."
I took him into my mouth, and sucked him for almost ten minutes, listening to him moan in pleasure, till all of a sudden his body tensed. I took all of him as his cum exploded into my mouth and slid down my throat. He cried out and shivered as I took all of him. "Mmmmmm," I said, "that was delicious."
"Wow baby, you swallowed every drop I gave you. Wow, what a blowjob that was!" he said.
He started to get up, but I gently pushed him back onto the bed. "Where are you going," I chuckled.
"We'll you have met your end of the bargain, now I must clean your pool" he replied.
"Well, Sir, correct me if I'm wrong, but you usually take an hour to clean the pool, right?" I inquired, stroking his cock making it hard again.
"That is true" he agreed.
"Then, Mr. Pool man, I owe you almost 50 more minutes" I explained. "I believe in keeping my end of the bargain and a blow job just is not enough for the wonderful job you do on our pool. I was thinking for the remaining 50 minutes. that you might like to fuck me, maybe even several times."
I knelt over him, and lowered myself onto his cock, taking him deep inside me. I looked into his eyes as we moved together. I cried out several times as I got off, cumming over and over again, till I felt him gush into me a second time. "Oh, Baby" he cried.
I sucked on his cock and stroked him till he was hard again, then knelt on the bed inviting him to have me doggie style. He thrust into me as I could feel his cock growing inside me. He held my ass and pumped me, getting me off almost continuously, till I felt him cum in me again. Cum was dripping down my legs and we were both breathless.
"Oh my" I said breathlessly, "we still have 10 minutes to go." He smiled and agreed that to complete the deal he would fuck me one more time.
I laid on my back and spread my legs for him. His cum was dripping out of me, as he entered me again. This was even more intense than the other penetrations, as I was cumming almost every 30 seconds. He fucked me hard and fast as I pulled as deeply into me as I could.
In unison, we cried out and came together, in one huge moment of pleasure.
Catching our breaths, we laid on the bed laughing as I kissed him several times.
We heard the front door open, and the pool guy freaked but I held him tight. Kelley walked into the bedroom where we were still laying nude. Kelley smiled at us. "My my, from the looks of the wet bed, you too have made quite a deal!" Kelley smiled.
The pool guy was still nervous and needed a few kind words to calm him down. Kelley asked if we were even, as far as the billing goes, and breathlessly the pool guy squeaked out a yes.
"So this was ok?" the pool guy asked.
"Oh yes it was very ok, except for one thing" I replied.
I smiled, and the pool guy looked puzzled
Kelley slipped his clothes off and joined us on the bed.
"What's your name?" he asked the pool guy.
"Jim," he said.
"Ok, Jim would you be interested in taking care of your next visit?" asked Kelley.
"Oh, you betcha I would," Jim Smiled
We never paid for pool service again, funny how things work

This happened last year when I was at the ripe young age of 49. In this stage of our swinging adventure, my husband and I have settled on what makes up both very happy. I love sex with other men and he loves to watch. However, there are many times when he is not around (out of town on business) and he gives me permission to find someone if he can at least listen on the phone form his hotel room.
Last year, I was at a bookstore chain going through some books my daughter had asked me to get for her college class that she couldn't seem to find. I was in the biography section which was near the science area when I bumped into a nice young man named Josh. We exchanged pleasantries and we got to talking and he soon invited me for coffee at the coffee bar inside the store. I accepted and we had a nice conversation. I liked his mind and his way of thinking. He was also very handsome and was involved in athletics at college.
As we talked, I got a wicked idea in my head about bringing him home, but quickly put it aside. I didn't want to corrupt this nice young man. He saw my wedding ring and asked about my husband and I told him that he was an engineer and that he was out of town for the week. I confessed that I was a bit scared at night without him and he jokingly said that he wouldn't mind staying over to protect me.
I laughed and told him that I would think about it and we continued talking. I could tell that he was attracted to me so I tried to put him off by mentioning my age and that I was probably older than his own mother. He said that he was but that didn't bother him at all. We had an awkward silence for a moment and then I told him I needed to go. He walked me to my car and I could tell he was trying to work up the courage to ask me something. I let him stutter for a few moments before stopping him and told him I would love to cook a dinner for him at my home. He was shocked at what I had said but he quickly accepted and we set the date for that night.
I think of myself as a fairly good judge of character and didn't think I was inviting over a murderer or rapist. I've never had a problem in all these years.
I gave him my address and left. I then texted my husband to tell him that I might get lucky that night and needed to talk to him. He called me back a few minutes later and I told him what I had arranged and he quickly told me to go for it and that he was amazed at how I was still attracting such young men. I told him to go to hell (jokingly) and then told him I would call him later with updates and I went to the store to buy what was needed for dinner that night.
I could go on and on about the preparations I made, but then you would get bored. Let's just say that Josh arrived at my home on time and was very pleased to find me answering the door. I answered the door wearing a long dress in a single piece and flip flops. My cleavage was showing. He seemed even more pleased when he found out that I was truly alone except for my dog, who is in fact a very good judge of what people are on the inside. One bark form my dog and out he would have gone. when no bark came I relaxed and offered him a glass of wine to calm down.
We ate dinner and then did some more talking. We had been flirting all evening and it was obvious that we were going to end up in bed together. I had told him about sexual lifestyle that my husband and I had chosen, which only went to cement his intentions of getting me into bed.
To cut the story short, we flirted and I touched him on his leg. I complained that my feet were sore and asked if he would give me a massage. He then gave me a wonderful rub and I let his hands explore my legs as he inched higher and higher.
I then decided to take the bull by the horns and I reached for him and pulled him on top of me and kissed him. If he had resisted I would have let go immediately, but he didn't and we kissed there on the living room couch for probably 15 minutes. I let his hands explore my body and they got bolder and bolder and soon they reached my breasts. When I didn't complain he started to rub my breasts which felt good and I moan lightly.
I then told him that I wanted him to take a shower and got up and escorted him to the master bedroom bathroom and turned the water on for him. It was about 8 p.m. at the time and while he was busy showering, I called my husband and gave him a report. I then told him I would leave the phone on and on the night stand so he could hear what was going on.
It's also a safety precaution I like to take also as well as a source of great enjoyment for my husband. My other safety precaution is my dog. One scream of terror and my dog would have taken care of him before he could do anything to do. Of course my dog has had to learn how to tell the differences between my scream of passion and terror. To date no one has gotten bitten.
When he got out he was wearing a towel. I told him to dry off and I would take a shower. I got in, had a quick clean before drying off and getting into my sexy black teddy. I came out and his eyes were bug eyed as he looked at me. I decided not to tell him about the open telephone line to my husband. I didn't want to spook him off. I got into bed with him and we continued kissing. When I took a hold of his penis for a moment, I felt that it was rock hard and a bit thicker than normal.
I knew that he wasn't going to last very long and I really wanted to have an enjoyable time, so I made a decision. Since he was so young, he could orgasm and be recovered for another round in less than an hour. What I wanted was for him to give me oral and then go at it and make his release inside of me. We would then relax and when he was ready we could go again, but his time much slower and with more patience on his part.
I told him what I wanted and he readily agreed. I knew my husband had also heard my plan from the open phone.
We continued kissing and then I maneuvered myself onto my back and let him begin kissing my body from my neck to my lower regions. He did a good job and it felt nice and I let a few moans escape my mouth when he got near my vagina hair line.
Yes, I do have hair between the legs. A lot actually. I keep it under control but do not shave it. My husband loves it hairy and so do a lot of men I've been with.
He began to lick me and I instructed him exactly where to lick and how much pressure he needed to apply. Though he wasn't a virgin, he still needed instruction. He found the right spot and with my encouragement he was able to bring me to an orgasm.
I relaxed for a moment and then asked him to open up the night stand and take out a condom. He quickly complied and I asked for him to hand it to me. I then opened it up and rolled it on his very erect penis. I then got onto my back and told him to enter me. He mounted me and I felt his penis fumbling around near my entrance. I reached down, took hold of him and placed the tip at my entrance (I have to do this with quite a few men I've found). As he pushed inside of me I felt my vagina lips being stretched and I felt pleasure. I love the first moments when a man enters me. The head of the penis entering me feels wonderful.
Once he was inside of me he began moving between my legs. He actually lasted longer than I expected and I was actually starting to feel very good when I heard him grunting as he came to an orgasm. I felt his penis pulsating and knew that he was releasing his sperm. He thrusted a few more times before stopping. Sweat was dripping off his chin so I reached up and wiped it off and then held him to me.
I absolutely adore a man being inside of me and Josh was no exception. I then let him get off of me and let him rest. I reminded him that it wasn't over yet and he smiled and told me he was looking forward to round two. I took off his condom to throw it away and saw that he had filled it quite high. I wrapped it in a piece of toilet paper and then threw it into the trash. I had also taken my phone and quietly told my husband what was going on and that I would call him back so he could listen when we started up again.
I returned to bed and we talked as I played with his penis which was slowly getting harder.
I got up and excused myself and took my phone and called my husband again and told him to get ready and then returned to bed. He was interested again and we began kissing and touching and this time he was definitely slower than before and was taking his time.
About an hour later I was moaning as my orgasm swept over me. Josh was on top of me moving between my legs. I could tell that he wasn't going to be able to last much longer and whispered that I wanted him to come inside of me. That's all it took and I felt his pace quickening and his penis pulsating as he had his orgasm. He was absolutely exhausted. I got my phone whispered to my husband that it was over and turned it off. It was about 2 a.m.
I normally don't allow men to spend the night with me but in this case I let him since it was so late that I felt sorry for him. Plus, since my husband wasn't home I really did feel scared without a man beside me in bed. We both went to sleep. In the morning we had a quickie and I then made him breakfast before he left.

100% true story. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to watch my wife get fucked by another man. The simple thought of her taking another man's cock in her mouth or pussy is enough to set me up with a raging hard-on and my pulse pounding. However, my wife is decidedly prudish. While she can be wild in bed, she's also very strait-laced, sticking to usual positions and activities. This has long driven me crazy, as I crave more.
As it happened, my wife and I got into a massive fight (nothing to do with my fantasies) and we separated briefly. When we were talking about what we needed to get back together, my main complaint was that she needed to open up more sexually. No specifics. She still had never even been told about my fantasies and desires. She agreed. I didn't know how far at the time, though.
Not long after we patched everything up, my best friend and I got involved in an online video game that we frequently played. As he didn't have a computer, he tended to play at our house. He and I would take turns on the PC, which was in our bedroom, with one of us playing and the other sitting on the bed watching. This was normal routine for a couple of weeks. Then one day my wife decided to sit in the room and watch us, lying on the bed. It was my turn at play and my concentration was focused on the game. After a while, it occurred to me that Ryan hadn't asked for a turn for a bit. I turned around and my eyes bugged out of my head as I saw the two of them embraced in a passionate kiss, their tongues tangling with each other like it was an Olympic contest.
The silence from the game must have sunk in on them and they broke their kiss, with my wife looking at me sheepishly.
"You wanted me to be more adventurous," she said. "Are you OK with this? Is this adventurous enough?"
"Oh hell, yeah," was my reply. She laughed and then returned to inspecting Ryan's tonsils with her tongue. I just leaned back in my seat and watched, enjoying the sight. His hands were roaming all over her sexy body and her breathing was quickening and getting heavy, showing how much she was getting aroused. Thinking I'd give them some time alone to see how things progressed, I left the room to go outside for a cigarette.
I went outside and lit up, then moved around the house to watch the action from the bedroom window. Surprisingly, they were no longer there. Puzzled, I wondered if she had stopped, afraid she'd be in trouble. I went back around the house to the front porch and looked inside while I smoked. And there they were, on the couch now, still kissing heavily while my wife's blouse and bra were tossed on the floor! Ryan's hands were roaming over her 34C sized tits while she pulled his mouth to hers with one hand and rubbed his cock through his pants with the other. Her legs were slightly spread and one of his hands moved down her stomach to rub her steamy pussy through her pants.
This continued for quite a while and I smoked cigarette after cigarette just watching them through the window in the door, giving them some space. Shortly, my wife opened Ryan's pants, removing his cock and slowly started stroking it while they kissed. His hand kept rubbing her pussy through the thin material of her pants, and his head lowered to her tits, taking each one into his mouth in turn as he licked, sucked and nibbled on her nipples. Her head rolled back in ecstasy and I could hear her moans of pleasure. After a few minutes of this treatment, she removed his mouth and hands and leaned forward into his lap, taking his cock all the way into her mouth in one gulp. If there's one thing I can say about my wife, it's that she gives a GREAT blowjob. I watched her head bobbing up and down in his lap, seeing his spit-soaked dick moving in and out of her mouth with each stroke. His hand was on her back and his hips were thrusting upward slightly with each downward movement of her head, as if he were fucking her face. His head was rolling back and his eyes were closed as she sucked his cock as if she were sucking his soul out of the end of his dick. It wasn't long before I heard him starting to grunt loudly and thrust harder into her mouth, finally giving a powerful thrust and holding it while my wife held the end of his dick in her mouth. I could see his dick twitching and knew he was dumping a hot load down her throat. She held her head there and slowly sucked him back in, cleaning him off. Then she removed her mouth and got up, putting back on her bra and blouse and saying something to him in low tones that I couldn't make out. She left and went back to the bedroom.
Ryan pulled his pants up and then pulled out the sofa bed. He then lay down as if he were going to bed. I moved to the bedroom window to see my wife also lying down. Wondering what was up, I finished my cigarette and went inside. I went straight to the bedroom where I found my wife lying down. I lay down in bed with her and asked if anything was wrong.
"No. I just don't know if I should be doing this," she said.
"Why not?" I asked. "Were you enjoying it?"
"Was he enjoying it?"
"I'm pretty sure he was!"
"Then what's the problem?"
"I'm not sure if I can do any more than that," she said.
"Do you want to fuck him?" I asked as I slowly began rubbing her hot, wet cunt through her pants. Her hips immediately responded to my hand and began moving back and forth.
"I do, but won't you be mad?"
"Do I feel mad?" I moved my hips against her and she could feel my hard-on pressing against her. "This is a massive turn-on for me. Now get in there. I'm sure he wants you. Go get him. Fuck his brains out!"
She started to protest, but then stopped. She looked at me and I nodded. Then she got up and removed her blouse and pants, and walked out of the room and down the hall to the living room in just her bra and panties. A couple of minutes later I heard her getting onto the sofa bed with Ryan.
I waited a few more minutes and crept off the bed and into the hall, looking into the living room. There was my beautiful wife, naked with Ryan's cock back in her mouth. He was also naked, and had his tongue pressed into my wife's burning snatch in a hot 69. She was on top and I could see her hollowed cheeks as she deep-throated his dick. With a cock in her mouth and a tongue on her pussy, I knew she couldn't last long and I wasn't surprised when she began moaning around his dick and her hips shuddered hard around his head, thrusting up and down on his tongue. She sighed hard, removing his prick from her face and rolled off of him, turning around on the bed. Ryan immediately latched his mouth onto her while moving on top of her, spreading her legs wide and positioning himself between them. I could see her cunt glistening with her juices as he slid the head of his prick along her slit, and then slowly pushed it into her. I had a great view of his dick sliding all the way into her until his balls were nestled into the crack of her ass. It took all of my effort not to come right then!
He slowly worked his tool back out of her pussy until only the head remained, and then he rammed it back into her, harder now. She grunted in pleasure as he pulled it back out more quickly and again rammed it back into her. Her breathing was heavy and with each thrust she moaned deeply, enjoying the feel of only the third cock to ever enter her, and the first strange one since we took our vows. I could see her head moving side to side as Ryan pounded his meat into her, increasing his power and tempo. The view of watching his rampant dick slide in and out of my own wife's box was driving me as out of my mind with lust as I had imagined it would, and the smell of their sex was intoxicating. He was giving that pussy a hell of a fucking!
After several minutes of vigorous fucking, Ryan pulled out of my wife. He got off her and pulled her to her feet at the foot of the bed. That's when she saw me peeking around the corner. A twinkle in her eye, she smiled and moved instead to the side of the bed where he followed her and then bent her over, giving me a side view of his cock sliding into her from behind while she closed her eyes and gave a low moan, loving the feeling of being deeply fucked by my best friend. I kept pressing against my cock in my pants with my hand, resisting the urge to pull it out and jerk-off right there in the hallway. I'd have lasted all of 5 seconds, I think. The sounds of the two of them fucking filled the room, his hips slapping against her ass as he slammed his dick into her over and over, her moans of pleasure accompanying the rhythmic beat of his fucking.
"Oh God," she cried out after a few more minutes. "God I'm coming, oh God, fuck me, I'm coming!"
I could see her thighs shaking as her orgasm wracked through her, and I could hear Ryan's moans getting louder as he neared his own orgasm. His thrusts became more powerful than ever, which intensified my wife's orgasm, and he suddenly slammed his cock into her and held it there while his body went rigid and he called out his own orgasm. I could see his ass clenching as he dumped his second load of the night, this one into my wife's eager snatch. The two of them collapsed onto the bed and my wife nestled against him, turning her head and kissing him over her shoulder as they panted. Then I heard her say she had to be getting back to her own bed.
I rushed back to our room and stripped, freeing my aching hard-on. Then I lay on the bed and waited for her. A few minutes later she came in and saw me waiting. Giving a little laugh she climbed onto the bed and grabbed my cock, slowly pulling on it.
"Did you like what you saw?" she asked.
I pointed at my rock-hard dick. "What do you think? That was so hot, I have got to have you now!"
"I bet you do," she said as her head moved down and engulfed my member I was in heaven as I could still smell the illicit sex on her and her mouth swirled around my dick. Just thinking 'My best friend's dick was in here earlier!' was almost enough to set me off right there. But I didn't want to come in her mouth. After a few moments, I stopped her and laid her on her back. I gently spread her legs and moved my mouth down her body, from her breasts to her pussy. She tried to stop me, knowing her pussy was still swimming in Ryan's come, but I continued on until I had latched my tongue onto her sopping wet cunt. The taste of their combined juices was incredible and I dove in, my tongue licking every square inch and giving her clit the attention it rightly deserved. She moaned with pleasure as I ate her to orgasm, her clenching pussy squeezing out more of Ryan's come.
When her orgasm subsided, I climbed on top of her and slid my dick in. It went in without the slightest resistance, her pussy soaked already in another man's sperm. The feeling of fucking a pussy that another man has just dumped a load into is like nothing else on earth. The heat of her pussy with the slick feeling of my cock swimming in their juices had me out of my mind with lust and I slammed my cock into her fuckhole hard repeatedly, driving her to another small orgasm as I came myself, depositing a huge load on top of Ryan's. There was so much I could feel our combined sperm squeezing out around my cock and down to the crack of her ass. I collapsed on top of her and showered her with kisses, telling her how much I loved her. We spent the night snuggled up, and fucked again as soon as I woke up. After finding out she had awakened before me and fucked Ryan again before coming back to me!
We spent the weekend like that, with my wife swapping between rooms and me watching them from the shadows. Since then, we have had several partners join us in bed, with her having several dates of her own. Guys, if you haven't seen your wife fucking another man, I highly recommend it. It began what has been one of the best experiences of our lives!


Good Bad Great

By Cleve76Pom, in Swinging Separately,

Things happen for a reason and my story of a past evening out is a perfect example of how quickly things change but never provide a reason. First some background, I am a mid forties mom of three, married for nineteen years to a wonderful carrying man who has plenty of desire for me, career, our kids and of course life in general. Are we in the lifestyle, yes and no, that is for a different time, this is story is about me.
I have been fortunate enough (I think) to stay close to a group of girls (eight) I met in grade school, attended HS with and saw all through college and now we all live in the same Midwestern market. For the past 7-8 years we have gotten together on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for dinner and or drinks at one of ours local hangout. It’s usually a place that’s close to someone’s house, in case we have too much fun and cannot make it back home safely so there is a place to crash. Invites go out 3-4 weeks in advance, necessary since we are all still married, have kids (two to five apiece, can you believe it) and no one wants to not feel the "love" so prep time is necessary.
This past event was set on a Friday evening in a local pizza/bistro joint near our five child mom, about a 20 mile drive from me. She lives out in the "country" kind of, a small stand alone town, swallowed by the urban sprawl I guess, as she puts it. I prepared my usual "I am busy" meal, my hub is traveling, (yes, even weekends and what do we do on weekends?) Can I still play while you travel? (of course, part of the answer to my weekend question I guess) so our GM arrived to watch over things just prior to me leaving (GM is my Mom, or grandmother to my kids, she is young only 65, so I guess I was a surprise, my Dad only comes when I am at home). Since these are casual events, I picked out a pair of my favorite jeans, a heavy sweater and some clogs, yes clogs, they work so there.
Arrived without incident, a room was reserved for us, so I had a few glasses of Chianti, caught up with each other and a small chicken dish that was quite tasty. More Chianti, then a few shots and by 10:30, we were singing and making a mess of the place, and each other. Surprisingly in the room next to us a group of men were making as much noise as we were, but in a more raucous tone, they were finally asked to leave. (Young guys, late twenty something’s, why would they interest us, more later)
As we said our goodbyes, I noticed I was wearing part of someone’s dinner and beverage so I detoured to the ladies room to see what I could do and my group departed, without me. I fixed what I could and headed to my car. The young men who occupied the room next to us inside were just piling into their cars and were trying to start conversation; I waved them off, got into my car, and promptly backed into a bright red coupe behind me, filled with young men. "Great Job" I thought, I pulled forward to clear the way, stopped and began to engage with my new found male friends. It appeared the damage was zero on my car and limited to one panel on the coupe, so we exchanged information, chatted and then I received a surprise, an invite to a party they were planning on attending. "What kind of party" I asked, not that I was afraid or even cautious, my mind was working on things like did I shave my legs, what kind on panties did I have on, did I smell, etc. Since I do "belong" to the lifestyle, but would not normally throw myself at 5-6 men, I kind of saw a picture forming of me servicing them and I got excited there for a moment. "Oh wait" I then mentioned, thinking of my kids of course, "No, No wait" the coupe’s owner said, come with us, follow us, you will have fun; have some food and then a safer drive home. I agreed and got directions and a passenger, a young member of the groups to help me get to the party.
The drive was short, out further in the country into a golf development, condos, my passenger was sweet, polite and the ride went without incident. I parked and we went in, and I was surprised to find a normal, casual house party with what appeared to be neighbors, all quite friendly. The coupe’s owner walked me through a series of introductions, mostly couples, a few single girls/guys, all age groups 60 down to 21 probably, 25 or so. He led me to the kitchen, his wife asked me my preferences for adult beverages and I was sipping some Amaretto, in a warm sifter to boot.
I slipped into the ½ bath off the kitchen and bumped into an older man coming out, tall, maybe 6-2 is (I am 5-6) a full head of graying hair, cut in a Richard Gere style, bushy on top, longer on the sides, kind of a rough face, thick neck (why I noticed that I cannot say) wearing a v neck sweater, cashmere maybe, the sleeves pushed up and slacks. I am thinking "Wow, who is that", I did not meet him before, mmmmmmmm. So I quickly tried to put myself together, my purse was of course in the car, I has zip to work with, but made due with what I could find, chugged my drink and exited, looking for another and my new found interest. I spent a few minutes warming my sifter again, poured a triple and went for a walk to find him, and there he was, kind of leaning on the door jam, just outside the kitchen. He was watching some "frolicking" in the family room, a young wife or GF getting a bit tipsy, not a bit was tipsy, now undressing for all to see, her BF or hub, encouraging her, shoes, top, belt, socks, jeans, oops, no panties, exposing a bare, clean area of FUN! Show ends as she falls on her BF hub and they start making out, with the rest of the group wanting more, she then stands, throws her bra to the wind and disappear into a room off the family room with her BF/hub and two other men.
Things quiet down a bit, my conquest is MIA for the moment, no, I spot him sitting on a loveseat, alone, and I make my way over, slowly, having to chat it up with my invitees who hit me up for kisses, hugs, free groping before letting me go on. I arrive, drink in hand and ask if the seat next to him is taken, "I am saving it for you", he says slowly as I turn and sit facing him. I thank him for such a gesture and introduce myself, "Pete, he says in a deep voice, it’s a pleasure to meet you Joan". "Were those friends of yours", referring to the male gauntlet I walked through, "No, not exactly, and I then rattled on for a few minutes about my evening, hitting their car, exchanging info and then getting invited to this party. He then confirmed that I was alone and he mentioned he lived in the development, a few doors down from the party and knew the hosts well and always enjoyed these get together. He then told me something about him, mid 50’s divorced, older kids living with mom or on their own, having the condo for a few years, etc. He mentioned he was not dating anyone but always open, he then mentioned that these parties are kind of young for him, most of the available girls in their 20’s and not many prospects. "No, you are really good looking, etc, rough, handsome, etc., their loss, etc.
We were both touching each other during this conversation, his hands on my leg, shoulder, I did the same, holding his hands, big but smooth back and forth etc. Following my ranting about how good looking he was, he thanked me and leaned over and kissed me on the lips, a short, 3-4 second peck, aw yes I thought, he smelled great, I followed with my own short kiss, thanking him, and referring back to my comments that he was very good looking, He then asked about me, I went back to the crash, my background, marriage, kids, traveling husband, etc all the while holding something of his, hands, sweater, leg, etc as he did the same, interrupting me occasionally by kissing me, either on the lips or neck, as I chatted away. I would squeeze his shoulders or arms gently during one of these short pecks, hopefully sending my approval. This ritual lasted for 30 minutes or so, to let you try to picture it, it was kind of dark over where we were sitting, the nearest lamp was six eight feet away, light from the kitchen and family room lit the remaining area, and someone actually turned off the lamp during one of our embraces without me noticing at least. We were sitting is a small love seat, kind of turned towards each other, kissing was possible, but not much room for anything else, short of straddling him, I tried to stay in control. The 30 minutes of occasional kissing led to 20-30 second French kissing, slow, soft incredible to be honest. I has holding his arms firmly, moving my head trying to stay attached to his mouth at all times, breathing, moaning when necessary of course. His hand kept mostly to my arms shoulders, moving down to my thighs and legs and back up again. A great make out session to be sure, in fact I kept thinking about my hygiene issues, hair, smell etc, it must not have mattered I guess, he kept kissing me and I him.
There then appeared to be some commotion on the couch next to us, in fact we both just noticed the couple was nude and the GF wife was sucking her Hub or BF’s rather large cock right next to us, "oh my I whispered to Pete, turned and kissed him again, Oh my is right he answered and then asked if I wanted to move to his house for awhile, I of course agreed and we got up and left, not before the man came all over the couch and carpet, his GF refusing to swallow, oh boy, time to go.
My coat was near the door and Pete did not bring one, so we exited and made the short walk to his condo. It was cold, rainy, and we both got pretty wet, after getting inside I made to the kitchen took off my coat, and tried to dry my hair with some paper towels. Pete arrived with a large bath towel, and assisted me, he had removed his sweater and was drying his hairy, muscular chest, and then put on something similar (darn) and asked if I needed a beverage, I chose just water and said I could get it, he asked for water too and moved into the family room and lit the fireplace.
The condo was identical in layout to where we just were, furnishing were different etc. I had not gone into the family room in the last place, Pete’s appeared to be warm and safe and I brought in our waters and sat on the couch facing the fireplace. It was larger, deeper and presented more "options" than the loveseat we had just been seated in so I quietly anticipated something; it had been 8-9 minutes since I kissed him, etc.
"So, nice place", I mentioned as he sat down next to me, I had dropped my clogs at the door and removed my wet socks and pulled my legs onto the couch, not a barrier, just more opportunity for him to get a bit closer to touch me I guess. He went on for a few minutes about the place, why he was living there, offering me a tour, all while I was touching him, stealing kisses, kissing his neck, squeezing his hands etc. the story interrupted by more 20 second kisses and more touching. He began to pull at my sweater, pulling me towards him during our kisses, then pushing against my thighs with his right hand, moving up and down on my legs, kind of trying to turn them over, remember I had pulled them both up on the couch, his efforts to spread me did not go unnoticed of course. I asked "What happened to the sweater you had on, I liked that". "It was soaked" he exclaimed, remember the rain," "Oh" I said, I then mentioned I liked the hairy chest that I saw for 20 seconds in the kitchen, pushing against him as to say strip dude, "You did" he replied and kissed me again, biting my bottom lip ever so gently, a new twist, "Yes", I said, "I see" he replied and then began to remove the replacement sweater, revealing a nice hairy shapely chest for me. "Oh yes", I whispered as I sat up, running my fingers through it and reaching up and kissing him, burying my tongue in is mouth. I was now kneeling on the couch, facing him, my arms wrapped around him, just under his shoulders pulling him towards me, as I stopped kissing him, my mouth moved down his chest gently nibbling on his right nipple, touching it with my tongue while holding his biceps tight. Yes, I was very turned on, and was not about to hold off. He reacted by saying that I was incredibly sexy as he was moving his hands all over my ass, his first opportunity since I was now kneeling on the couch. Those squeezing motions on my buttocks will embracing me tightly was really making me HOT, very hot and I began to think I was going down a path that was not going to end anytime soon.
A position change was now in order, the couch was so deep that right after our embrace I moved my right leg in against the back of the couch, spreading my legs, sitting facing him, a quick kiss and he began to lift my sweater up, he paused and asked if it was ok, I quickly removed it, leaving my bra in place, he quickly began kissing my bare shoulders and had both straps down, sagging on my arms, I looked at him and reached around unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor, arching my back towards him, he moved closer, wrapping his large hands around my boobs squeezing softly and kissing me, I reacted by tugging on his belt, his pants button, hinting that it was time to remove them, having felt an erection earlier, my other arm around his neck, keeping me from falling back on the couch, topless, legs apart, ready. Instead, he moved towards me, I lay back on the couch; he removed the back cushion, allowing for a nice wide area and then began working on removing my jeans. Both my arms were so relaxed, my hands either gripping the couch or rubbing my nipples, as he worked my zipper down, I moved my hips up so he could remove my jeans, and I guess for convenience my panties as well, leaving me nude, ready.
I nervously began to move my legs back and forth, open and shut, lying there, completely nude staring at him, wetting my lips, wondering what he was doing. My left foot was planted flat on the couch, my right leg stretched out, as he stood and began removing his pants, the lighting, a flickering background from the fire, I had not noticed before, he walked towards the couch, undid his pants, zipper down, open and then inserted his fingers to remove both pants and boxers, revealing a nice almost fully erect cock, its tip moist with pre-cum. As he stepped out of them I turned toward him, I reached for his cock with my hands holding, squeezing it gently as he began to move on to the couch, his one knee already up on the cushion, I sat up and Pete being 6-2 is, my open mouth was perfectly lined up to taste him. My lips moved around his moist head as I took him in as far as I could, he gently touched my chin, lifting it up to kiss me and mention that he wanted to fuck me badly, I embraced him with one hand, stroking and squeezing his cock with the other, he was climbing up on the couch trying to spread my legs as I then began to push back to get him on the couch, sitting and straddle him.
He preferred to taste me at least and I retreated, laying down on my back as he stretched out and began to lick my wet pussy. I am not completely shaved, only trimmed and I was soaked to the bone, probably leaking all over his couch, his tongue working my clit, his hands under my buttocks OMG it was incredible, I was gripping the couch, holding on to anything, his head etc. then he stopped, wiped my juices away and pulled me up, kissing me along the way, saying "You prefer this position", allowing me to straddle him, as I climbed over his legs, arching my back towards him I placed my left hand on his shoulder for the time and reached down to guide his cock into me. It slid in, large, thick, my pelvic bone resting on him as I began my motions, on my gggg he was hot, big I was so wet, his hands all over my body, boobs, nipples, ass pulling my up down on his cock, I was kissing him, sucking his tongue, squeezing his shoulders arms, etc, rocking up, down. I was sweating all over, he was biting my nipples, sucking them, the motions up, down, I was about to explode, squeezing my tits as hard as I could I came, big cumming, rocking him away, oh boy, deep breathes, deep stretching, gripping his shoulders, pulling away stretching my pussy, gripping him tightly, cumming all over him, them collapsing on him, kissing, my nipples, hard, sensitive. Deep kisses, follow him holding me, he is still in me, hard, ready. "Wow" I said, "Wow", again, incredible I followed, "yes, you are so hot" he said, as he held me tightly, staying inside me, my legs spread around his body, probably for a 4-5 minutes, slowly rocking back and forth on his still erect cock. I mentioned that he did not cum yet, he agreed and suggested moving to his bed to finish since the couch, as big and deep as it was was not as large as his king bed and I would be more comfortable he thought, "ok" I said, thinking he needed space to fuck me properly I guess. I pulled off him, my bodily fluids everywhere, I reached for one of the towels I dried off with and helped clean him and myself off, he grabbed my hand and we went into a room off the family room his bedroom.
I was really hot, sweaty and he was beginning to get kind of soft so he suggested we take a quick shower, I was all for it so we cooled off and re-set. The shower was big, sprawling and provided a close up look at him. Tall, in shape, hairy, he needed some loving, and a quick soap down did the trick. He kept making excuses for getting soft, "I was not ready before, I am not 25 anymore" I kept telling him he was tremendous, I got my chance to explode so it was his turn, all while I slowly stroked him in the shower. He got really hard once again and following a quick dry off I crawled up on to his king size bed, he was right behind me, grabbing me as I climbed up on to the bed, (it was on some kind of platform, did not pay attention) I could feel his cock rubbing against my butt, like he was probing, etc. his hands around my waist, I made it up and got into position turned around, and laid back against some pillows spread my legs and waited for him. He wasted no time, I was still moist, ready for him, he crawled in between my extended legs, rubbing his hands along them all the way to my thighs, and then moved forward and I reached down to position him inside me. He started slowly but worked into a nice somewhat quick rhythm. I adjusted my hips, got rid of the pillows and laid flat on the bed, taking all of him, holding his arms, kissing him passionately as he leaned towards me. My legs were now straight in the air, occasionally wrapping him up, pulling him forward towards me, he continued thrusting, fast, slow, pulling up on me, then down. His face showed determination, he was pushing in harder, and I was trying to find something to grip on to, his shoulders, the sheets, my arms extending back towards the pillows and headboard, my hips rocking with his every motion. I was not getting really hot, my clit on fire, I quietly mention that I was about to cum, again, I keep telling him to cum inside me he did not waiver thrusting, biting my nipples, his butt was a firm, hard muscle, pushing towards me, ahh boy I cum again, gushing on his thrusting cock as he pushes, pushing, and then, hot cum, a great burst of energy, his face redden by the efforts, slowing down, pausing, remaining tightly inside me he pushes his cum out into me and he collapses on my chest, breathing heavy, a hot mess, his head of hair, messy from the work, WOW I said, WOW, incredible.
We laid there for more than a few minutes, holding each other, and then he pulled out, soft, our bodily fluids all over his bed. We returned to the shower, a quiet rinse off, he helped me retrieve my clothes and a long goodbye followed. I was now ready to safely drive home, with memories of the Good, Bad and the Great.

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