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Found 15 results

  1. Today is the date of Greg and Susan's party. After that fabulous swinging weekend we spent with them, I could not wait for tonight. I recalled Greg, that lean, tall, fit man, and his energy and sense of humor. He could look into my eyes and show his lust and wanting to fuck me there and then. Susan had a thing for Tim, who always loved bubbly red-blondes. They gravitated to each other, and I never felt threatened since I knew it was just sex and passion that was the draw. Susan and I are bi; we enjoyed getting together. There is nothing finer for an aroused woman than to go down on a beautiful pussy belonging to a girlfriend you fancy. Susan has a distinct scent, smell, and taste that I adore. I loved how the wetness spread so quickly, and her clit became a hard lump just above the inner lips. Anticipating tonight was making me wet. My slit was sensitive and needy, so I felt between my legs while working on my PC. Clitty was jumpy; she wanted to have some attention right away. It was lunchtime, and I was alone in an empty office, so I slid my thong to one side and slowly worked a finger around my love button. My bottom slid around the chair while I got hotter and hotter. I closed my eyes to imagine Greg had just slid that wonderful cock deep inside me and was starting to move in and out slowly. Two fingers, then three fingers, then four fingers. I was crashing about on the seat, nearly ready to explode. Just then, I heard a commotion up front. Damnit, I had let time slip away from me! The guys were coming back from lunch now, so there was no finishing what I had started. My pussy cried tears at that. This I knew because when I went for my mid-afternoon wee, my poor panties were so wet I just took them off and stuffed them in my purse. I finished work early and sped home for a shower and a shave. I was hot to trot tonight, and Tim said he would follow later, and we would leave at 5:00 to get there about 7:00 p.m. In the shower, I shaved my pussy bare. Rubbing some moisturizer in afterward, my lovely kitty started to tingle again. I gently fingered myself and twisted my nipple when I heard the bathroom door open. Tim walked in all smiles and shed his clothes as fast as he could. That cock was semi-hard, and he was still sweaty from the day. I knelt, sucked the strong-tasting male penis into my mouth, and worked him hard. He grabbed my hair a little roughly, pulling me up. I jumped and locked my legs around his waist, and that gorgeous cock slid in. My weight drove it deep, pushing hard against my cervix. In my state of mind, the pain reminded me I was a woman and had what all women wanted, a hard cock filling her pussy deep. Tim came quite quickly. The surprise of finding me in the shower playing with myself must have got him horny. To make up for leaving me high and dry, he knelt before me and licked me silly. Another orgasm crashed through me when he used his fingers to spread my lips, opening my hole and dumping his freshly-deposited semen right onto his tongue. We finished the shower and dived into bed for a rest before the fun started. The theme for the party was "An Officer or a Gentleman." Tim had borrowed his friend's old uniform. He looked stunning. I sorted through the shortlist of clothes and chose a long floaty blue silk summer dress I bought in India. It was the color of a fine Ceylon Sapphire, that deep rich blue. I thought to wear absolutely nothing underneath this time as we were planning serious sex tonight. The only drawback is if I get very wet and sit down, you can tell from behind. I had been in a high state of arousal all day, so I put on a micro thong to keep me tidy until we shed all at the party. In the car, we were quiet, savoring the expectation of a wild and sexy night together with our friends. Tim turned into the drive and slowly approached the house. It looked magnificent, all the outside lights on and music booming from inside. This is going to be some party! Greg and Susan welcomed us with a drink and a big kiss. As Greg swept me into his arms, a hand gently probed the crack of my bottom through the dress. Susan laughed and said, "Greg has had a hard-on all day thinking about you, Mistral." I broke free and moved to one side to hug Susan and discretely slid my hand down her waistband to a bare pussy, which was very wet with anticipation. "You have been thinking about Tim inside you! You randy cow!" We laughed and joined the men. Jon, Greg's son, was standing in the foyer with Penny, his girlfriend. They came up to greet us, and it was kisses all around again. I looked into the main reception room. Standing in the center was a man about 6' 5" inches wearing a Hussars uniform complete with his saber. I loved the tight white trousers with a good bulge. What a fit stud. Mmmmm, I will have him tonight. Men in various uniforms were all around the room, making me horny. Jon whisked me into another room, where a young rock band was playing. I cuddled up to Jon, and we danced at about one-tenth the pace the music was running. The party had started with a strange expectant air about it. The elegantly dressed were flirting and dancing, but nothing was kicking off. An hour passed, more champagne was drunk, and the noise level rose but still no wild sex party. What was happening? By now, we must have had 25 to 30 couples arrive and were mingling politely. Susan and Greg stood at the top of their beautiful winding staircase and called down to all. "Tonight, we have an "Officer and a Gentleman" as our theme. The ladies will be their treasures and must be won by a wager or being lucky in cards or on the upstairs casino tables! Follow us and be ready to play!" Everyone trooped elegantly up the stairs into the large casino, where roulette, poker, dice, pool, and blackjack tables were waiting. The women accompanied their men, sitting demurely beside them. I looked at one of the roulette tables, then realized that it was at least three times the size of a typical roulette wheel without a center pillar. A blonde with enormous tits falling out of her low front scrambled up onto the table onto her back and spread herself wide open. Her man sporting a naval uniform, called out, "Last bets, please, whoever ends up opposite her cunt wins her!" She spun around a few laps, giggling, allowing her legs to open, exposing a delicious unshaven pussy. The wheel stopped opposite a Colonel. He was dark, almost Greek or Spanish, slim as a rake, and tall. His partner was dark, velvety skin and plump but shapely. He approached the girl on the wheel and gently pulled her to the table's edge. He nuzzled his mouth between her open legs, and his tongue started working instantly, flicking at her clit. She pulled her nipples and moaned gently, then sank back onto the table, abandoning herself to the pleasure. He opened her up and rested her legs on his shoulders, making her arch her back. A finger slid into the crease of her bottom and fingered her rosebud anus. His tongue followed, and she jerked in shock and pleasure when he licked her anus hard. "Rude basted, like it dirty, do you?" she sighed, "make me cum, then fuck me up my arse!" Colonel's partner watched intently, one hand inside her waistband, feeling a wet pussy heat up quickly. She started pulling open her man's uniform, exposing a hard chest. Then, out came 9 inches of circumcised heaven, which was getting harder by the second. Colonel's partner, Mandy, pushed the front of her dress down, exposing two magnificent breasts with the biggest nipples I had ever seen. They must have been a 42 DD but were firm and bouncy, natural, not a silicon job; I was dying to get my hands on them! The naval man was round in a flash and scooped her into his arms. She smiled and threw her head back, laughing as he was diving into her breasts, slurping around those incredible nipples, making them very wet and slippery. A hand scooped up her skirt, exposing a naked rear end that was shapely but buxom. Mandy was a size 16, very firm and voluptuous, with fantastic velvet cream skin. Her pussy was framed in the most beautiful carrot-red hair, matching her head. Naval manhandled her pussy, pulling apart the outer lips and exposing a wet slit that was deep red from her arousal. The clit was like a mini penis standing up tall and proud. A thumb brushed the knob, and she shuddered, thrusting hard against his hand. The busty blonde was now on her yummy bottom over the edge of the roulette table with Colonel fucking hard into her arse. She moaned and thrashed into her second orgasm as he pushed in deep, shuddering as he pumped her full of his fluid, and they collapsed onto the floor together. As he pulled out, she bent over and sucked him clean, licking off her pussy juice and spunk with relish. The naval man (Colin) was now getting Mandy's full attention as she was on her knees, sucking hard on his penis. At the same time, she fingered herself, blatantly masturbating in front of the horny men around the table. Tim looked again and said, "What an arse she has. I will fuck her senseless right now, bet or no bet!" He came up behind her, dropped his pants, and, stroking his rock-hard cock, slid it into a squelching dripping cunt. Mandy giggled and thrust back, unaware of who was inside her. Lust had taken over, and sexual gratification was needed. I watched and walked over to Colin and pushed him back quite hard. He fell back with Mandy still attached to his cock and Tim inside Mandy. I squatted down onto his face, and he licked frantically at my slit. I opened the outer lips and slid my crack up and down his face in time to the licking. His tongue was murdering my clit, driving me over the edge. Strong hands lifted me off Colin and turned me around so I faced his feet. He plopped me back down onto Colin's face and bent forward, exposing my cunt. A huge cock probed my crack a second later, trying to negotiate the opening, and I reached behind and pushed it inside me. He thrust hard and slammed into my cervix. I gasped with the stab of pain, and then it slid deep into my body. I loved the penetration, hard and rough, demanding and desiring me. We rocked together, speeding up. After about 30 seconds, he clutched my breasts, pulled me back into him, and emptied a tremendous amount of semen into my rampant pussy. He pulled out before he had finished pumping me full, and the dribbling end was into Colin's open mouth. Colin sucked him clean. I was lying almost on Mandy's back, and Tim was still thrusting into her. With a grimace, he pulled out and leaned over her, splashing semen all over her back. I reached forward and scooped it up, rubbing it into my face and tongue. I love the salty taste of a good man! We all laughingly untangled ourselves. Tim and I shed all our clothes and left them in a bundle by the table. By now, the gambling had stopped, and couples were fucking frantically in groups. I looked down at Tim's cock, which was quite red from its exertions. "She was surprisingly tight for such a big bouncy arse and really could use her pelvic floor to wank me off inside her. Delicious!" an enthused Tim exclaimed. We settled down on the floor. Tim turned me around to stroke my back and gently ran his tongue down my tummy. I pushed my head into his lap by turning into a head-to-toe position. His hands were gentle and caring, the love flowed through his fingers, and he started to work his cock into my mouth. I could taste Mandy's female juices mixed with salty semen. He was less than half-hard, but I felt his cock perk up with pleasure. Tim opened my legs and probed gently into the perfumed garden with his tongue. The gentle, loving way was turning me on more than ever. We worked together gently, savoring the feelings and taking time to pleasure each other. Like a couple of teenagers in a parked automobile, we smooched, cuddled, and 69'd. Tim was returning to full hardness and was thrusting into my face with passion while rubbing my clit silly with his tongue and fingering my anus. A finger up my cunt, tongue on my clit, then another finger pushed deep inside my bottom. A thought flashed into my head. Could I take two cocks up my arse and one in my pussy? Maybe tonight is the night to try! I have often had one in each hole, which is yummy! I felt Tim about to unload again and squeezed firmly on his testicles to stop the ejaculation. He winced a bit as I was too rough, making him wilt just a little. To make it up to him, I slid my fingers between the crack of his bottom and penetrated his anus. Feeling deep inside, I found his prostate. Massaging gently, his penis stiffened and pumped my mouth full again. I followed him over the edge a second later. My cunt gushed a mixture of pussy juice and semen into his face as I orgasmed. "Fancy a sauna?" Tim asked kindly. "Yes, and a swim," I replied. "I am refreshing my body so I can really get the night on!" We strolled into a very crowded sauna. I don't know how couples have the energy to fuck hard in these temperatures. They were spread all over on towels as the floor was far too hot, and all the benches were full. We found a small corner away from the groups and chilled out for a while, savoring the frantic hot action around us. Greg and Susan appeared from a corner dripping with sweat. Greg called, "Let's get a swim and cool down. You two coming?" I was over there in a flash. Susan had small bite marks on her breasts and thighs, and she saw me looking and smiled. "I tried some S&M tonight, yummy. The pain made for a wonderful hard fuck and a massive cum. The only problem is I can't swim naked with the family when they come next week without answering a load of questions!" "Was it a couple of men that did that?" I asked. "Two girls," Susan replied. "One had an enormous strap-on with a vibrator inside, so my cunt is as sore as my arse. I need Tim's sweet cock to spunk inside and cool me down." The four of us slipped into the cool pool and glided naked through the water, splashing and laughing as we played like seals - no heavy sex this time, just playing fun between friends. I grabbed Tim's wrist and squinted at his Rolex; 1:55 a.m. It had been a heavy night. I glided over to Greg and cuddled onto his lap in the cool water, straddling him, wrapping my legs around his waist, and facing him. Greg turned to face Tim and Susan, who were mingling, entwining arms, legs, and bodies. Greg said softly into my ear, "Watch them. They are very close and have an affinity together. Do you think we should worry?" "Jealousy, Greg?" I scolded. "That's not like you. I know Tim fancies Susan like mad and lusts after her. Yes, they are in lust, but not in love. I know Susan loves you to bits and Tim likewise to me. I don't ever worry about Tim. Sex is fun. Swinging is fun sex with your friends fulfilling all your fantasies." "So I am worrying for nothing as Susan went hell for leather tonight?" Greg came back. "Yes, you lovely man, I explained. "Her soul and her pussy belong to you and you alone. She loves to fuck Tim but loves you totally. Now, take me upstairs to bed and fuck me to sleep. Bring Susan and Tim with us so we can all sleep together in that marvelous massive bed, wake up in the middle of the night, fuck again, then sleep again. That is what I want now." During the night, I remember waking with a tongue on my pussy, a cock in my mouth, a cock inside my pussy, and female hands all over my body. Paradise does not come any better! Breakfast was postponed until 12:30 the next day. We all ate with lusty appetites while chattering about what next weekend's swinger party would be like!
  2. Last weekend our group tried something new and it was a total hit with everyone involved. We called it our CFNM party. We had the guys get naked and comfortable on the couches and recliners. The ladies all kept their clothes on and watched the guys masturbate for us. A couple of the guys were a little reluctnt at first but got on board with some friendly couch. The ladies were not allowed to touch them or themselves. Watching the guys get hard and stroking for is was nothing short of incredible. The ladies were absolutely panting. When the first guy ejaculated, I thought I was going to pass out. One of the girls had an orgasm watching them. After they came the guys were not allowed to touch themselves anymore. After the last guy popped, we all picked one, stripped and fucked. If your group wants a little spice and to to kick things into gear, you should give this a try!
  3. We saw an ad for an Anything But Clothes party. The ad had a picture of a girl wearing a little strategically placed crime scene tape. Short of going naked (which is fun but not very creative), what would you wear? Maybe we'll try out the answer we like best (talk about lacking creativity on our part)!
  4. One Sunday, our group rented a house out in the woods near Portland. Three of us had been there before a couple of times to use the pool and the hot tub, and we liked it so much that we invited everyone to a special party there. The house was isolated in a small valley amongst huge pines and cedars, and the driveway was narrow and winding with a gate to assure privacy. Barbara and I met several times to plan everything. Judy, my wife, joked that it took more time to plan than we'd allowed. She understood that Barbara can be very distracting, especially when we take off our clothes to do the planning! Chuckle, chuckle. Bruce was the parking director, allowing in only six cars since there was limited parking at the house. The others parked at the Safeway mall and carpooled the six miles to the party. Everyone was to dress up in clothes one might find in 1900. Of course, the clothes wouldn't last that long, especially on that hot day, but it helped to set the mood. We had period music on the record player, and we cavorted as much as we could in the manner of the repressed 1900s. Some of the members came in period swimming costumes complete with the bloomers and skirts. It was quite an interesting gathering. After everyone had sampled the punch and renewed acquaintances, we called everyone to the big porch at the front of the house. Stacked on the porch were a collection of boxes and baskets, each containing enough food for two people. It was to be a box social, with each box auctioned off to the highest bidder. The proceeds were to go to cancer research. Barbara, a great auctioneer, didn't tell the bidders who had made up the box lunch until he had won the bidding. Of course, she extolled the virtues of each of the boxes as part of the auctioning. Each time a box was won, the winner came up and wrote a check then was allowed to open it and find the name of the woman who had made the lunch (it doesn't work the other way. Men don't make interesting enough lunches!). The idea was that she would share the lunch and be with him until the dance that evening. Barb saved the most ornate lunches until last, and we made quite a bit of money for the charity. While getting ready for the auction, we counted up the extra guys that we always had at parties. It didn't take too much to convince four of the women to agree to two winners for lunch. It was all very prim and proper 1900s style as we all traipsed off with our boxes to find a cozy nook for lunch… and for some nookie too. I had made bids for several boxes to keep the bidding flowing and ended up with a rather plain box, lunch that is, and was delighted to find that it was made by Carol, a buxom blonde whose breasts jiggled when she laughed. We knew each other rather well from other parties. I didn't see where Judy went, but Karl, Barb's husband, bought her box. I carried the box while Carol brought a large comforter to sit on. Being very familiar with the place, I led her to a little grassy beach next to a curve in the stream. The wind in the trees, the birds, and the sound of the water rippling over the rocks set a very romantic mood. We sat on the comforter but hadn't even opened the box when Carol complained that her dress was terribly uncomfortable. Being the polite 1900s gentleman that I was, I immediately helped her divest herself of the problem and of her clothing. She responded by helping me out of mine. She looked so inviting reclining nude on the comforter that I couldn't resist giving her a big kiss which led to a hug which led to a lot of playing around which led to lots of warm flashes and chills as I played with her boobs and she fondled my cock and balls. Lunch be damned. We kissed and snuggled and fondled and played for quite some time. I had paused for a moment and was looking deeply into her eyes trying to think of something to say when from a distance came a veritable scream of pleasure from some other young lady who must have had the same ideas we had. We both laughed then kissed, and my hand found its way the wettest pussy I'd felt in a long time. She shoved me over onto my back then slowly lifted her leg over me and knelt there with her lovely pussy just above my hard cock. The sight of her above me with her wonderful boobs looking at me sent incredible chills down my back. I couldn't resist reaching up and softly feeling of her breasts. She smiled the most bone-melting smile, and I thought I'd cum right there. Slowly, she lowered herself until my cock was prodding at her pussy lips. She moved her hips to center it then engulfed my cock in the softest, wettest, silkiest, most wonderful pussy ever. We fucked like that for an incredibly long time enjoying the wonderful feeling of being together, enjoying one another. Carol leaned forward, and we kissed. She leaned back, and I reveled in the sight of her voluptuous body, giving and receiving pleasure so freely. I can't describe her smile. Her face shone with desire and lust. We both moaned a lot. We both touched and massaged each other as our intermixed genitals were the constant connection through which we shared something at least as good as orgasm, especially since it lasted so much longer. Her moans got louder, and our hip movements grew in intensity. At one point, she leaned forward into me and with our whole body in contact we kissed, and she began an incredibly strong shudder and guttural moan that went on for what seemed hours. The intense movements she was making finally pushed me over the top. I couldn't hold out any longer, so I let myself go and felt that incredible pleasure-pain that goes with filling her pussy with my jism. We were locked together in pleasure through lots of gyrations until, disappointingly, my shriveled-up cock slipped from its velvet sheath and we collapsed together, holding on to each other desperately, sharing the feelings and kissing lightly. It was quite a while before we finally returned to earth and ate our lunch, naked in that romantic glen. Story by Swingers Board member oncewere
  5. For our next club event we have 4 choices to pick from. I'm curious if themes matter for us? This will be our second club/ls event. First was a learning experience but overall made many mistakes. But between the 2 clubs here are the 4 themes... 1. Newbie Night 2. Denim and Diamonds Night 3. Milf and Cougar in Net Night 4. Black Dress Night Again, we're looking to meet like-minded couples and have sex that night and/or at least develop a connection and trade info for further socialization. Are theme's largely ignored and insignificant or do they play a big role in what the population and event experience will be? The first club we went to last weekend was a DILF (Dude I'd Like to Fuck) contest. Complete waste of time that consisted of standing around for 2 hours watching a handful of guys dance and act goofy. Allowed little in the way of socialization and connection. Thanks!
  6. My husband and I have been invited to a lifestyle pajama party. It is at a club. I cannot seem to find any guidelines or suggestions of what to wear. I can message them, but hoping to get some feedback here first. If you were invited to a lifestyle pajama party, what would you wear?
  7. I am working on putting together a murder mystery party for my group. I'm wondering if anyone else has attended one or attempted to throw a swinger murder mystery party? Any recommendations for good game websites? I have attended many of these parties in my vanilla life and hosted a couple times. I expect we'll have 20 - 30 couples, with maybe a cast of 8 - 10 people. We'll most likely host the party in a hotel conference room and then have a couple adjoining suites for an after party. The hotel has done different parties for us and knows we're swingers and our MO. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
  8. I'm in need of costume ideas for a swingers party where the theme is Anything But Clothes. I always have trouble coming up with what to wear for this theme, and I need ideas for both male and female costumes, the sexier the better. Oh, and I realize that going naked would be awesome, but I'm hoping to hear some other ideas than that Stuff I've thought about and or seen done before: Caution tape outfits Duct or electrical tape outfits Adam/eve made from leaves Any help is appreciated!
  9. I am attending an event tomorrow and each attendee gets a short photo shoot - only time for one outfit. I find myself indecisive about what to wear. I first thought sexy librarian, but as I was getting things together, I saw some other options. 1. Sexy librarian - classy, but with a slutty twist - never worn this anywhere. 2. Dominatrix - black vinyl with matching stripper combat boots - this I've worn before, BUT I am also loaning it to a friend for her shoot. 3. Club dress - a creamy gold halter, very short and very skimpy - never worn this anywhere. I have been keeping the options a secret from hubby as a surprise. I am leaning toward the club dress, but hope to get a little feedback here to help make my decision. I am putting it in this forum because I know the pics will end up on our profile. So, what should I wear?
  10. Our local party host swore when she started that she wasn't going to do Theme Parties... 3 years later and things change. Tomorrow night is my favorite theme (and one I will pretty much always dress for - and often dress for when it isn't the theme) "Back to School". I know it's probably the most popular theme night at every club, but it got me thinking about theme nights. So, I ask you.... Theme Nights: Love em or Hate Em? Do you have a favorite theme night (whether it's because you dress for it or just like how others dress for it)? Or perhaps because it doesn't require any special dress at all. A popular one (or two) around here that requires no real special 'attire" are the "Streetwalkers Ball" and the "Gigilo Night". There's usually a few that play along and "work hard for their money" but I think most enjoy paying out more than earning (so it seems). Heck, I'm more likely to hand over the money I earn to another lady as I am to try keep earning more. We have an older gent in our local club scene (kinda reminds me of Alura) that I enjoy flirting with and he became my "pimp" for the last "streetwalker" party we went to, carrying me around and "encouraging" me to earn my take.
  11. I will be attending my first party on feb 11th and it has a valentines day theme. This is a house party but apparently will have up to 100 people there. I'm a bbw and have NO idea what to wear. I kind of thought white as a colour would be a good choice. Because I'm a newbie... And everyone else will be wearing black and red I'm assuming...? But how daring/conservative do I have to be? Im a farm girl and avid equestrian so my usual attire isn't complete without mud and manure. I'm just not really sure where to start at all? Other then something I feel comfortable in. Help!
  12. We are going to Freedom Acres on Saturday. The theme is booty shorts and fishnets. I've got my outfit picked for the theme. But, I'm hesitating. How often do the ladies participate in the theme. I realize it depends on the theme. I'm sure 'short skirts and no panties' night is easier to do. Thoughts? Suggestions? Advice?
  13. I have seen a couple of threads on themes. One about "Strangest" and one Yay or Nay on them. I could not find one about what people thought were the best themes for parties. Although a few posters covered that within those threads. If you are not into theme parties, what themes might you consider getting into the swing of things for (so to speak) for? If you are into them what are the ones you like best? Personally, I like: Beach/Hawaiian, easy enough to wear my favorite Hawaiian shirt and who can resist the hula. Mardi Gras, - beads, drinks and topless women. Black Tie, it is nice to get dressed up now and again. What are some your favorites?
  14. Ok, I'm curious as to what people in general think about theme nights at their local clubs/socials. Do you usually participate in them? Do you think they are just plain silly? What are your favorite theme nights that you are most likely to participate in? What would make you more likely to participate in a theme night?
  15. This is probably a question that only those who attend off-premise clubs can answer. Off-premise clubs around here meet once a month. Every meet is a theme meet. The clubs encourage people to "dress" for it. This usually means a costume or some theme attire. People don't have to costume up, but most do. Do you like this aspect of club swinging? Do you always put a special outfit together that is theme based, or do you avoid this? For those of you who like dress for the theme, how do you feel about attendees who never dress in costume? LM
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