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Found 73 results

  1. We just started talking to this couple online. When we are talking about ourselves, she says she is 8 weeks pregnant. That took us a little off guard. She says she will play until she is fat & no one wants her. That really didn't do it for the hubby or me either. When I was pregnant we totally quit swinging. I know some men are turned on by a pregnant woman, but what about women? I'm not saying they aren't sexy or anything. I felt extremely sexy when I was pregnant, except when I was 9 months pregnant in June when it was over 100 degrees with Oklahoma nasty stick heat, lol! Basically what we are wanting to know is people's opinion on swinging with a pregnant woman. While, I am pretty sure we never would, (unless we didn't know) everyone has their own opinion & we would love to hear them ! Thanks!
  2. Guys, What's your favorite thing/things about having same sex fun? Are there things you enjoy more with a man than a woman? For me, oral has always been something I enjoy more with a man. Giving and receiving. Also, from a simplicity stand point, I can sometimes share a few emails with a guy, meet up, chat for minimal time and if things click, we can usually be naked within minutes. And after we're done, the conversation is usually... "Hey that was fun, hit me up again this week when you're horny and have time"
  3. All swingers have their preferences when it comes to playtime. What do you prefer? I have tried to set this poll up so that singles and couples who also swing with singles and other couples may be able to answer it. You may choose more than one option. **EDIT** Please remember to vote by preference more so than what you are willing to settle for with others.
  4. I didn't see a poll for this one, so thought I'd add it. Mr. intuition and I have discovered that we are more of a separate room couple. This is fairly uncommon in our experience. We have put this in our ads, because we do want couples to know we're open to that - and even prefer it - but it may be a bit of a deterrent for couples who are same-room-only. We have to explain our rationale, that it's not that we don't care what our partner is doing, and it's not that we can't bear to watch it happening, it's that we like to focus on one partner at a time! We're not into that sensory overload thing that some people like about group sex. It's a little distracting. We're also not big into having an audience, either, even if it is our own spouse. We were just talking about this on the way home from a playdate last night, where we were all together in the same room. Mr. intuition mentioned the awkwardness of trying to "keep pace" with one another. If they're doing this, I guess we should be doing this, if they're doing that, we should be doing that. I mean, we know we don't HAVE to, but you feel a certain pressure to keep pace with one another's energy. After one half has worn themselves out on a go-round, they want to just take a break and recover, get a drink of water, get a snack to recharge, find out what the score is on TV, curl up and cuddle for a bit (yes, we love to cuddle), talk to each other, etc. Give it about 5-10 minutes and we're back at it again. But when everyone's in the same room, it's hard to relax like that if the other half is still going at it. We love the relaxed pace of each doing our own thing in separate rooms, giving each other a friendly slap on the ass on the way to the bathroom, poking our heads in the door and giving each other a smartass thumbs-up seeing they've fucked their partner into a state of blithering oblivion. ("Way to go, Hon!") And we like the kink of listening to the sounds coming from the other room, and how hit gets us going again, too. What's your preference, and why?
  5. i may be considered a snob but I like to see and lick a pussy that doesn't have too much hanging labia (gets in the way). I like a bigger clit, one you can suck on, mmmmm. I had an experience with another lady once that when she was aroused, her clit swelled to the point it looked like a very small cock, we rubbed pussies together and I could actually feel some penetration, it was very nice to suck. Cocks, I need them circumsized, sorry. size doesn't matter but once in awhile I love to run into a huge one. Don't get me wrong, I have had different shapes and sizes, cut and uncut, I am just saying what my preference is. Cleanliness, there have been a few people who haven't been clean and it was not nice and I left them standing. What about you all?
  6. I was thinking of a time while recently playing with some friends. We were all in the bed messing around a bit and our friends had a porno on the tv. I noticed the other guy was looking at the screen a lot but I found it. well, kinda distracting. So I asked to turn off the t.v. and put on some music instead. No biggy, but it just got me thinking. We could watch porn by ourselves and never did see the end of the movie before humpin' like wild. Do most people like porn while playing with others? Not in the foreplay, but while you're actually down to business. Or would you prefer music?
  7. Here's a question for the guys and gals. Which way do you prefer...a man cumming in his partner's mouth, vagina, or ass OR cumming on a body part? The reason I ask this is I have heard many prefer to see the orgasm rather than hear it.
  8. I need some input from couples that had different SO, that you have swung with and was the method to your swinging experience different. Me and my ex swung more socially and it was more relationship thing. Now that me and K swing, we do it mostly on vacation in Mexico or Jamaica with couples we meet at the resort and it is more just sex. Tell us if your swinging has changed depending on your SO.
  9. I read this quote from Eternally Single in another thread and was like What's that you say? From my own experiences I don't tend to find that as true..... I don't think it can be generalized really as a male or a female thing. Some guys are picky, some aren't, same with the women. I think it's a matter of looking for different traits, too. Some PEOPLE just want to get laid and they, in general, aren't that picky. Others, while they may enjoy the occasional fresh blood of a new F**K, they aren't going to have sex with just anyone and want that initial physical reaction. But that's my opinion, so what's yours? Are guys more picky? Or is it the women? Who's more picky in your relationship?
  10. OK...here's another...WR and I are on a roll over here! Choose your pleasure...remembering...this is for the REST OF YOUR LIFE - regardless of location, status, age, urge...only one choice! - EBF EDIT: by the way...this is BOTH receiving and giving. You can only receive and give oral, for example. Masturbation - self or mutual, but that would be IT! Hmmm....once again, I wasn't too clear, but WR would not let me make lots of choices.
  11. For those who only do same room swap, what is your reason? Is it being uncomfortable with separate room for some reason? Or is it because you enjoy what being in the same room offers? Or something else entirely?
  12. Who else out there gets more aroused by giving oral pleasure then receiving it? Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love a good blowjob , but nothing gets me going more then burying my face between a sexy woman’s legs and tasting her sweet juices. Luckily Missus E loves receiving oral for extended time periods and just keeps cumming over and over again so we are very compatible in that way.
  13. The ladies had their turn in saying whether they liked a Caveman or Gentleman more in Spoomonkey's thread that you can read here . Now it's time for the men to speak up. Which do you prefer? A Lady or a Tramp? I don't mean Tramp in a bad way, I mean it as an aggressive woman. Do you like it when a woman is aggressive in a club setting or do you like the challenge of having to draw her out of her shell? What makes you know that the woman is interested in you? Ladies, what's your MO when it comes to letting a man know your interested? I myself can be a little of both, depending on my mood at the time. There are times where I am very aggressive with men and times that I like to give just the subtle hints to see how he would react to me being more aggressive. Teresa
  14. I'm curious about how men feel when women whip out a vibrator during sex. I know a few women who always have a vibrator on hand when they play and immediately start to use it when the action starts. Do you care? Like it , dislike it?
  15. Question for the ladies. You have any preferences on the size of the guy's balls? Just curious.
  16. Where do like to cum (or be came on) while at a club or with another couple?
  17. Does any of you other newbies feel the same way i do when it comes to being in the same room with your husband, bf, or partner? I mean when we started into this, one of our rules was always to be in the same room, but a situation came up where we were seperated and i found it easier for me. I don't like my fiance watching me enjoy sex with another man. I can't get get into it. I also have a guilty feeling of being with another man in front of him. He says it does not bother him. it does not bother me to be in the same room with him and another girl, but i can't watch him brcause, yes it do get a little jealous. Especially when he is making her moan and groan. I rather for us to go do our thing with the person and share stories afterward. Am i trying to change the rules? and am i wrong for it? I asked for the newbies to answer this question, but i would also love to hear what others may have to say. Thank you all for your responses.
  18. I've noticed many postings of late in which members are questioning their own body image and their possible "fit" into "swinging" and/or "Polyamory. I know we all have our own preferences (mine is shubby/bbw's - red hair a plus! ) so I wanted to take a poly to see what others thought. Thanks!
  19. This question is for men and bi-sexual women. What do you prefer on your female partner? Real breasts, "enhanced" breasts, or "who cares?"
  20. Hello all, My wife and I (married 6 years) are here to explore and discover if swinging is right for us. At this point, I would say that I feel more comfortable with the idea of swinging, than she does because of the common fears (jealousy, insecurity, self-worth, etc.) The interest mainly started in me early in our relationship. It started as bedroom talk, and I realized how hot it made me to think about her getting pounded from another guy while sucking me, me pounding her while she sucks another guy, DPing her, that kind of thing. The thought of it makes her very hot, but naturally she has fears to actually do it. She wasn't so into the idea at first, but she's warming up to it. From talking with friends of mine, I think I am of the minority of husbands who desire MFM, much moreso than FMF. Don't get me wrong, I think FMF would be fun too, but it doesn't get my engine revving quite as high! I would like to discuss with couples that feel similar to us, and especially experienced couples that started where we are, and how to overcome these fears she's having, and possibly discover and deal with fears I'm unaware of (perhaps in myself). I would love to hear from all couples, husbands, and wives who have dealt with this. Cheers, H & J
  21. Just Curious to see the average swinger preference. Saw this somewhere else and decided to try my own poll.
  22. I did not want to hijack the other recent thread that is similar to this... so I started a new one here. also... I recently made a reply to a "Getting Started" type thread, that is along this topic as well. (As a reference.) This type of question comes up a lot on this BBS (scattered all over the place), so I am attempting to get some comparisons and feedback in one place. If you feel so inclined... Please feel free to comment, share your experience, etc., on the following: (One or more... Or any combination you want.) What is your preference? "Date" Webs vs Swingers Club vs Meet & Greet vs House Party vs Resort vs Cruise Why? What has your experience (progression) been like? Started with one. "Graduated" or changed to another because...? ... etc. I've tried finding out details online, but I must be missing something. So... Maybe someone here can clarify a few things for me... For Hedonism II ... a.k.a. "Hedo" "All Inclusive" ... "Lifestyle-friendly" It sounds like sex out in the open, day or night, is acceptable here. Maybe not so much in the dining areas and such... but from what I've gleaned, this is way more than just a simple "CO" resort. (With folks hooking-up in private rooms, or designated play areas on the resort grounds.) Any comments or experience here? For Desire "All Inclusive" It sounds like this is more of just a "Clothing Optional" (CO) facility, and sex out in the open (on the beach, in the hot-tub, etc.) is not looked upon favorably. One LS podcaster I heard called Desire “My happy place”... but it is not real clear (from their web) if Desire (one or both) is “Lifestyle Friendly”. The Desire Cruises seem to be LS Friendly. Also.. There are apparently two Club / Resorts for Desire: Desire Riviera Maya Resort Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort What is the difference here, if any? and / or... Here in the "Lower 48"... It seems the only real "Lifestyle Resort" (that rivals places like Hedo & Desire) is: Sea Mountain Lifestyle Resort Sounds like a “Day Visit” facility that is "Lifestyle Friendly", with a few (15) luxury rooms... similar to Hedo & Desire in atmosphere. Any comments or experience here? Any other similar resorts (in the Lower 48)? I am aware of some other "Lifestyle Resorts" that seem more like glorified clubs. Freedom Acres - Devore CA ... just North of San Bernardino, CA / LA Area I am also aware of a few others... but they seem to be just "CO" (Naturist) type facilities. Paradise Lakes Resort … Lutz, FL - North of Tampa http://www.paradiselakes.com/ “Paradise Lakes Resort is a private, clothing optional resort, located in the heart of the nudist capital of the United States - Pasco County, Florida.” (More Naturist than Lifestyle... or so it seems.) Caliente Resorts … Land O Lakes, FL - North of Tampa https://calienteresorts.com/ “Adults Only” https://calienteresorts.com/faq/ (More Naturist than Lifestyle.) “Overt sexual behavior or the appearance of such behavior is unacceptable at Caliente Resorts. Behavior 'never needing an apology' is the norm.” Paradise Valley Resort & Club - Dawsonville, GA http://www.paradisevalleyclub.com/ (More Naturist than Lifestyle.) “Behavior requiring an apology is not tolerated.” (The term "Paradise" seems to come up a lot.) (Maybe it is just a name, in terms of cleanliness, atmosphere, etc.) I know that is a lot... but any light shed on just one of these would be helpful. Many of these sites do not have FAQ pages, for quick & easy answers. I am also aware of the (limited?) crossover between Naturist & Swinger communities. A simple "Copy & Paste" for a link reference would be greatly appreciated (for anything not mentioned here). Most all of this I have heard mentioned on this BBS at some point (in the past few years). Regardless of what the responses here are... I find it pretty amazing that there are so many LS type opportunities available.
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