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Found 20 results

  1. We just started talking to this couple online. When we are talking about ourselves, she says she is 8 weeks pregnant. That took us a little off guard. She says she will play until she is fat & no one wants her. That really didn't do it for the hubby or me either. When I was pregnant we totally quit swinging. I know some men are turned on by a pregnant woman, but what about women? I'm not saying they aren't sexy or anything. I felt extremely sexy when I was pregnant, except when I was 9 months pregnant in June when it was over 100 degrees with Oklahoma nasty stick heat, lol! Basically what we are wanting to know is people's opinion on swinging with a pregnant woman. While, I am pretty sure we never would, (unless we didn't know) everyone has their own opinion & we would love to hear them ! Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new here, and never experienced swinging. I really want to try it out though, so that my wife could have sex with 3 or 4 men at once. I would like to go into her after other guys deposit their cum inside her. I don't want them to wear condoms! Reading through the posts here, I want to try to be the sloppy second, or even third, or fourth... The question is, if she does not want to take pills to avoid pregnancy, what would you guys do, if you face the situation where she got pregnant? I'm sorry if there are other posts like this one, but I would really like to know
  3. Me and my partner are in a very secure happy relationship and are not new to swinging but we recently found out I'm pregnant, wondered on what people think of a pregnant woman who still meets and of people would want to meet? My partner has always liked to watch me play and likes the idea of me still meeting and so do I but curious if it would others off?
  4. Speaking as a recent snip-"ee", does the fact that a potential playmate has had a vasectomy a plus, a minus, or doesn't even factor into consideration when evaluating a new partner in the lifestyle?
  5. I need to relate a story to you so that you understand why I'm asking this question. Not too long ago we were with a couple who we've swung with in the past. I (the male half) along with the female half of the other couple were going at it. At one point, she asked me to cum in her (we usually go bareback with this couple). I picked up the pace a bit and asked her was she sure that she wanted me to cum in her. She replied “Pump your baby batter in my womb!” I decided to get into it and replied “You know you’re rolling the dice by fucking a black man bareback and asking him to cum in you. I don’t shoot blanks like your husband, and you know what could happen if I fill your womb.” She replied “I don’t care! I’m willing to risk getting knocked up by a black man just to have your black seed in me!” The dialogue made things hot in a hurry and I was about to shoot a huge load (which was going to be huge because I had been saving it for a week). I then told her “I’m going to cum and fill your womb with my baby batter. You’re going to have a black man cum in you, and you better enjoy it!” That’s when I groaned and started to shoot my load in her. Her eyes grew as big as saucers as she felt my cum fill her and she screamed “Yes! Fill me up! Fill me up! Fill me and breed me!” Now I should mention that they are both fixed, so there was no chance that I was going to knock her up. But the fact that she said the things that she did made this a very hot experience. (Whew.... Just typing that makes me want to get a load off) In any case, I later found out that she is into impregnation fantasies with black men as it really gets her off. I was wondering how common this was in the lifestyle? Or are we just playing with a really kinky couple?
  6. Yes, sex is fun, which is why we are all in swinging. But we also all know that sex makes babies. As swingers, we all know the many ways to try to avoid that result. We have been involved with swinging since the 1980's. As a result, we have known many fellow swingers, and continue to be friends with many. Twice in all those years, a couple suddenly disappeared from the scene, and my wife talked to the wife of the couple about the reason. Both times it was an unplanned pregnancy after all precautions were taken. It happens. As I think of our current culture, I think of how much harder it would have been on these two couples if abortion was not available, and they had to raise a child from a father that they barely knew. I am just thinking that suddenly swinging is becoming much more dangerous.
  7. We visited our favorite swinger friends on Saturday evening. We had delicious Chinese takeout for dinner. Lesley and Ken told us that they had decided to try for a baby before they were too old. We wished them lots of luck and they said they would be trying very hard. Amy asked if we could swing just one last time before they started? Lesley answered you can, but I've already stopped taking the pill. Ken said I'm saving my sperm for Lesley. We agreed to compromise. In the bedroom, we started with some foreplay. Amy climbed onto Ken and rode him for a while, while Lesley kept my cock hard with some gentle massaging. Amy had a few little orgasms before we switched. Ken finished inside Lesley and I finished inside Amy. On the way home Amy said that she was not really polyamorous and we should rethink our swinging style. In the three years or so we have been swinging, we have come a long way. Our adventurism has multiplied as we have both learned how to enjoy great sex.
  8. I found this site quite recently. Glad that I did. It makes me happy to know there's others out there who live this kind of life. But as the title says, I have a little concern if anyone is willing to help out. As I write this, my wife and I have been together for a total of ten years. We have two kids. Years ago I gave my wife the OK that she could have sex with another guy as long as she was open and honest about it with me. She's a romantic. She didn't want flings or one night stands but an actual relationship. Enter my wife's friend Pauline and her husband August. They too have two kids of their own. Turns out Pauline and August had tried their hand at swinging but found out it wasn't for them. There was an attraction between August and Angel that Pauline and me noticed and encouraged. We made it clear to them we did not mind and were OK with it. They became a 'faithful couple'. Aside from me and Pauline, they have no other partners. We also didn't have threesomes. Sometimes Angel would spend the night at Pauline and August's and sometimes August would spend the night at our place. Pauline and me also grew close. We have sex with each other but we are not as romantically attached as compared to our respective spouses. They were 'together' for two years when we made the decision to cohabit in one house. We became a household with four parents and four kids. The four kids get along fine and we the adults come off as really good uncles and aunts. And yes they have been taught that Angel and August's relationship is different from the rest. Angel and August though act as much like husband and wife as we do. Months ago Angel and August told us it was time they have a baby. They wanted a fruit of their love and even said they wanted three. Pauline and me were both happy to know they've come to that decision. The former more so than I ever thought possible. Pauline really loved the idea of my wife getting pregnant with her husband's child and joined them in the first of many threesomes to assist in the impregnation. Pauline didn't fuck August but she would suck him hard. But she surprised everyone when she kissed and licked Angel's pussy to get her wet. (Neither she nor my wife have ever hinted at being bi and beyond that, nothing sexual has happened between them.) Pauline would further help by guiding August's cock inside Angel's wet pussy. She would then talk dirty to them and urge August on to cum and knock up Angel. My wife soon started feeling nauseous and vomiting. Pauline and me brought her three home pregnancy tests but it was a doctor's appointment with August that confirmed she was carrying August's baby. I don't know just how to explain the feeling but there's is just something wonderful seeing my wife's belly grow with another man's child. My wife is now 33 weeks pregnant with hers and August's third child. Our kids know who is the father of the unborn. They know they're only half-siblings but they're excited and simply love running their little hands over Angel's growing belly. Now here lies my current conundrum. A friend of ours actually brought it up as a joke and we feel stupid to have not considered this at all. So pardon me for having to ask this and if this comes off as a stupid question. Whose last name do we give the baby and who signs the birth certificate as the father, me or August? I mean I am most willing to give the baby my name and write my name on the certificate. But so is August. I actually think August should be it.
  9. This is going to be a long story, but I feel like it is important to tell it and get it off my chest. I (female, bi-curios 23yo) and my now fiancé (male, straight 28 yo) have been together for about 6 and a half years, basically since I was 16. We started talking about the the swinging life since I was 18 and a year later we decided to give it a try. A little bit of chronology, for the sake of the story. My first ever encounter was with a much older guy of about 45 years, which at the time I thought that being more mature and experienced would be better, it wasn’t bad bot not great either. Then a younger guy of about 28 years, followed by a couple of around the same age. We took a break for a while and decided to try again when we were in holiday in Amsterdam, I hooked up with 3 different guys and another couple, all in a week worth of time. My fiancé, which I will call AG, is more of a cockhold type of guy, he participates whenever he wants, but mostly likes to watch. Forward to a few months later, in the beginning of summer of 2018, I was approached over Facebook by this sweet and good looking guy, saying he found me on a dating site but wasn’t a paying member so he searched by my first name (not a common name in the country I live in, and not wise of me either - lesson learned). He seemed like a really decent human being, probably the first one that didn’t started the conversation with a dick pic. We talked for a while and thought we had a good chemistry, it turned out he also lived like 3-400m away from me. Me and AG talked about it and he agreed to give me more freedom and meet with this guy alone, if I felt like it. After a few days of talking, I decided to sneak out of the house and give it a try, not knowing if I’ll end up having a good time or get myself murdered. Now, I am the shy type, so sneaking out while AG while sleeping was my way of not feeling guilty of wanting to meet with another man and also not keeping him awake all night thinking of what might or might not happen. Even though he lived close by, I took the car and drove to the address he gave me, which was a quiet and dark-ish neighbourhood. I couldn’t see the house numbers so I asked him to get out. Out of nowhere he knocked on the passenger window and I got out. I was scared shitless, partly because it felt weird to meet with him, partly because I had no idea of what I’m getting myself into. We went inside the house and talked for a few good hours. He had this deep but soft voice, talking softly and try to get me to calm down as I was very shy. As much as I liked it, we speak different languages as mother tongues, so him almost whispering in English made it really difficult to understand him at times. We laid down on the sofa after a while and he began to softly touch me, running his hand from top to bottom ever so gently, I could almost say he treated me like I was fragile, at the time. He slowly pulled my dress up and began touching me so soft yet firm. I can’t remember exactly how it happened, but we went into his bedroom, he tied my hands, blindfolded me and fucked my brains out. Even though I was shy, I like the rough sex and being used, so he was well aware of that. I must admit, AG is not that great when it comes to size, but he does his best. This guy had a really nice dick, which I deeply enjoyed feeling deep inside me. We fucked until around 5 AM when he had to leave for work shortly after. While I was getting dressed, I couldn’t find my panties so I left without them - when I told him about it later on, making it seem like I am not sure, he denied having them, which I found a bit weird, but both me and AG laughed about it and moved on. I went home to my sleeping fiancé and told him everything that happened, he was amazed that I actually had the guts to do it. He got horny, we fucked and went to sleep. Now, I kept talking with this guy and we ended up being some kind of friends with benefits. I actually liked him so much, I got attached to him and ignored every red flag about him, and let me tell you they were plenty. I think we fucked like 2 more times and I met with him just to give him a blowjob once or twice, can’t remember exactly, before he went silent for a few good months. I often felt that I was taken for a fool or that he ignored me, he would agree to meet just for him to cancel last minute and give me lame excuses, like he had a zipper accident and his dick is bleeding or that his grandmother died (maybe she did, maybe she didn’t). Now, I am one that usually knows a bullshit when I see one, but I decided to ignore it and think it was all in my head, because I liked him that much and he was really sweet but only when it suited him. I enjoyed talking to him or having his attention, therefore why I acted with my pussy and not with my brain. Fast forward to a few months later, he texted me out of nowhere, saying he went through a rough period (he has lupus, or so he says) and made it seem like it was related to his illness. Of course, he was again nice and sweet and I fell for him, again. I invited him over to our house, even though AG was not so thrilled about it - he is a graphic designer and was working from home for an important project, so he just said hello, met the guy and went back into his office. He wasn’t happy about him coming over, but I acted selfishly and he agreed for my sake. I actually found out later he didn’t really liked the guy when he met him, but I seemed happy with him so he went along and didn’t wanted to be the “I told you so” guy. I ended up giving him a blowjob and he left shortly after. Now, we all had this fantasy in which he would cum deep inside me, and we thought about it for almost a year up to that point, so we decided to make it happen. AG did it twice and the Plan B worked for me with no problems. Said and done, I went to him and ended up fucking for all night until early morning. I left his house with his cum dripping down my panties, still warm when I got home. AG jumped on me and needless to say, he cummed inside me as well, I took a picture of my dripping pussy which I sent to that guy but with no response, and then I went to sleep. He went to the drug store as soon as it opened to purchase the Plan B, he woke me up, I took the pill and went back to sleep. Now, we had to leave to Wien as one of AG’s clients had a launch party for his business and invited us over with all expenses paid for. We planned to go to our homeland for a month after that, so I texted this guy if he’s up for a blowjob before I leave, again with no response. We partied, we drank and enjoyed the green stuff (not sure if mentioning what it is exactly is allowed here), we had a really good time while in Wien but it was exhausting and was looking forward to go to my homeland and relax. Shortly after I became really tired, many times I fell asleep in the middle of the day from feeling exhausted of doing nothing. Pregnancy went through my mind, but I didn’t took it seriously. My period was late and never came, but I always had issues with the timing of my period, a long time ago it skipped a month without any reason so I just though it was one of these times and didn’t gave it any more thought. The whole month I was in my homeland I refused to take a test, partly because I didn’t wanted to ruin the time spent with my family, partly because I couldn’t accept the reality of the situation. As soon as we came back in the country we live in, I immediately took 2 tests which took literally seconds to show a positive result. My world shattered, I couldn’t believe it was true. I threw the tests in the trash just to find myself later looking for them in the garbage because they were mine to keep. We talked about it and decided to make an appointment with my GP which took about 1 week or so. I and AG thought that guy is the baby father (I literally had his cum inside me for 10-15 at least and yes, it was a lot of it) and all I wanted was to talk to him and inform him about all this. However, AG had a different opinion and thought it’s best if he doesn’t know, saying it’s pointless for him to know if I decide to terminate it and so I decided to keep him out of it. During the examination, my GP said I might be more further into the pregnancy than I thought and scheduled me for an ultrasound with the OB-GYN the next day, informing me that the legal limit to get an abortion is 12 weeks and I am close, if not past that, which then would be legally binding to continue to term. Next day I went to the hospital for my appointment and was asked if I want to see the fetus, I nodded and I think I saw my baby for maybe less than 3 seconds before I lost it and I bursted into tears, when he turned the screen away and I never saw it again. The doctor confirmed I was close to the limit, but asked for a supervisor to come and check on me and give an opinion. They confirmed I was 12w4d and that if I wanted to proceed, it had to happen the next day or it would be too late. They mentioned the baby had a strong beating heart and seems healthy, which broke me into pieces. I was so heartbroken, I think the doctors had pity on me, they showed a lot of compassion afterwards and informed me that if I wish to continue the pregnancy, I just need to give them a call and not show up the next day. I cried the whole day, we weighted all the options, AG was very supportive and said he would be by my side regardless of what I choose, but will never be able to love the baby as his own, after all how could he. I decided to continue with the abortion, sobbing the whole time and and making everyone around me sad, you could see it in their faces they felt sorry for me, regardless if they knew what’s happening or not. They prepped me and showed me to the OR, everyone was so sweet and compassionate, when all I had was fear and regret. I was so devastated, they brought AG to the OR to hold my hand while I was put under to make me feel better and safe - this is absolutely not part of the protocol, neither is general anesthesia! But I am forever grateful for those doctors and the decision they took in order for me to feel better. While I laid there on the table, crying my eyes out all I ever wanted was for my baby to not feel any kind of pain. I was praying they would do another ultrasound and I would get to see it one more time, but they didn’t. I would do anything to see it once more, have the sonogram and hear its beating heart - the hospital which holds this in my record refuses to release it to me, but without any clear reason - maybe that’s just the protocol, maybe they flagged me as a suicide risk for all I know. Everyone around me felt my devastation and regret, but what I do regret after letting go of my baby, is not having the guts to ask for my sonogram right there and then - I guess I though I would look crazy and I was ashamed to ask. After the procedure, all I wished right there and then was that I wouldn’t wake up, not then not ever. The emptiness I felt where my baby used to be was eating me alive, absolutely overwhelming. Ever since I decided to continue on this path I fell into a depression which only got worse as soon as I left the hospital. I cried for days and days until I literally had no more tears left to cry, I had suicidal thought but didn’t had the guts to do it. On top of all of that, my neighbours had a recently born baby, constantly crying. I used to open the window to hear It better and I would just lay and cry my heart out. It’s been almost a year since the procedure and there wasn’t a day I haven’t thought about it. Thing is, I think about that idiot just as much as my baby, he is always on my mind. A few months later, I decided to send him a text on his number, telling him what happened with no response. Months went by, some were better, some were worse. Recently I decided to send him a message on Facebook, because I felt like I didn’t had any more air to breath because of him. I told him everything. All I feel is rage in every bone, all my happiness is gone and I am completely changed, sometime I feel like I have nothing forward to look up to. He completely shut me off since I last saw him that night, no interest whatsoever on how I’m doing, if the pill worked, nothing... radio silence. He deserved to know how his actions impacted me. And I do hate him with all my heart, but all I want from him is to say something, anything. Instead, he blocked me and continued to ignore me, but at least I know he is aware. Somehow, it released a pressure off my chest, but I feel like it is not enough. I was stupid for trusting him, I was stupid to keep seeing him when my gut always told me he is a complete asshole. I just want him off my mind and I don’t know what else I have to do to get some peace. During all this time, AG was very supportive and always gave me time and space, he always encouraged me to talk about it with him if I feel like it and not keep things inside. But how can I tell him that all I think about besides my baby is that complete waste of a human being? This guy complete destroyed my life, but I blame myself for it just as much. I don’t know what else I have to do to get through this. I want to get better, I want to be happy again and enjoy the life I have. This story would be so much longer if I expressed everything I feel and everything that happened. But all these made me stronger in a way, made me wiser. I know my story might be irrelevant to many, but it might help a few who find themselves in a similar situation. Don’t go through this alone, seek help and consider what is best for your own sake first, not the ones around you. If you’ve read my story and came this far, learn from the mistakes I’ve made, consider them and be better.
  10. A few years back, a study came out proposing that an ex lover or previous partners' DNA is retained by a woman and can be passed on to some of her children even though fathered by a different man. It caused a feminist uproar up to this time. I'm not sure if the research is shoddy or has already been discredited. Please don't interpret my question as politically, ideologically or morally motivated, but I'm just curious about the biological possibility. I'm wondering because my daughter got some striking resemblance from my ex-boyfriend where for years we no longer had any sexual contact when I conceived my child. That is the reason I can't ditch out completely that study as garbage. Coincidence? Mind over matter? Or some other explanation I'm not aware of? Any similar experience or none at all? Please answer the poll or discuss your thoughts in this thread. Either the mom or dad can participate in the poll or the discussion.
  11. As newbies, my husband Peter and I have learned so much here. We greatly appreciate the community at Swingers Board. As we are seeking to become more involved in swinging, one of our concerns is pregnancy. We are both fertile. If I were to become pregnant, either by Peter or another man, it would be easy for me to have an abortion. However, if he impregnated another woman, it would be up to her to decide what to do, without us having any say. Peter does not like condoms, and of course they can fail. I am urging him to consider having a vasectomy. We are wondering what more experienced couples have faced in terms of pregnancies, vasectomies, or tubal ligations. Also, what situation in the poll best applies to you?
  12. This will probably get some hate but I'm only interested in anyone who's into this. I really am turned on by the thought of someone cumming in me and possibly getting me pregnant. I have been trying to conceive for a while with my husband but he is on the very small side, not sure if that hinders? I have a child from first marriage and am wanting another before it's too late for me. I don't expect involvement from the man afterwards; In fact you will never know you fathered, just want to indulge my fetish and maybe get the ultimate gift... Anyone with the same views contact me please.
  13. Anyone ever use swinging to get pregnant if the male half is unable to do the job? Would you tell the person or just go ahead and do it?
  14. I have tried a few of the swinging websites and cannot find much on the fetish of getting turned on by fertile women swinging unprotected with getting pregnant a possibility. Does anyone know of any organized way to find people interested in this?
  15. How would you react in the moment it happens? Will you continue to play? Would you go bareback for the rest of that session? What would you do in the days/weeks/months afterwards? Would you act different if you knew that people involved were T or V-safe/generally religious with birth-control?
  16. I have found that several people are wanting to be in sexual situations with my husband and I now that I am pregnant. Any advice?
  17. Reading this thread about getting a swing partner pregnant got me to thinking about a bigger question. If you (or your wife) got pregnant and you had been swinging, would you want to know if it was yours or someone else's? Or would you just assume it was yours? Would you have paternity testing done on the child? If so, and the child turned out to be fathered by someone you had swung with, would you tell them? What, if anything, would you expect from them?
  18. Just curious to know of the people who have continued while pregnant?
  19. Hi again, Just some hours ago, i posted a question on preventing pregnancy when swinging. Got the hint to search the old posts for this topic and I found lots of information. What surprised me most is that there are some swinger actually thinking about or playing with the risk to become pregnant with a swinging partner. I have to admit that it is a naughty and somehow tempting idea to play the real game, but I think I will never consider doing this. Until now I thought of swinging as only fun...
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