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Found 29 results

  1. Alright, it is time. It's fall and it reminds me of long hikes and many blowjobs in the woods on such events! Sitting by the fire outside and getting a little kinky and the elusive quickie on the side of a mountain while you wonder if some Boy Scout Troop is going to discover you naked and getting it on. So, let's take a poll! Want to or have you had sex outside? Tell us about your favorite times or places in the comments!
  2. Does anyone else have this 'one in each hand' fantasy? I'm probably much too nervous for a threesome or more men... but I can't shake this fantasy of just holding an erection in each hand. Please tell me I am not alone.
  3. What do you like to masturbate to? Are you a guy or a woman? Yeah, I figure it is probably some kind of porn. But, what kind in particular? What is your fetish? Group/lingerie/anal/gay/boobs just a couple of examples. Also, how do you masturbate? One hand, two? Thumb on top or bottom? Toys? Certain positions? How long do you masturbate and would your SO be upset about that? Do you know what your SO masturbates to? Thought these would be some interesting questions.
  4. Found this article that details the most common sexual fantasies among men and women.
  5. I happened across this study today, and it had some very interesting outcomes. The whole study bears reading. To tease you into reading it; "When asked whether they’d ever had various types of multipartner fantasies, just 5% of men and 13% of women had never done so" I.e., 95% of men and 87% of women in the 4k+ member study reported having fantasized about multipartner sexual relations. Wow! I expected it to be above 50%, but not that high. More reading at: https://sexualhealthalliance.com/justin-lehmiller-science-of-fantasy
  6. I need to relate a story to you so that you understand why I'm asking this question. Not too long ago we were with a couple who we've swung with in the past. I (the male half) along with the female half of the other couple were going at it. At one point, she asked me to cum in her (we usually go bareback with this couple). I picked up the pace a bit and asked her was she sure that she wanted me to cum in her. She replied “Pump your baby batter in my womb!” I decided to get into it and replied “You know you’re rolling the dice by fucking a black man bareback and asking him to cum in you. I don’t shoot blanks like your husband, and you know what could happen if I fill your womb.” She replied “I don’t care! I’m willing to risk getting knocked up by a black man just to have your black seed in me!” The dialogue made things hot in a hurry and I was about to shoot a huge load (which was going to be huge because I had been saving it for a week). I then told her “I’m going to cum and fill your womb with my baby batter. You’re going to have a black man cum in you, and you better enjoy it!” That’s when I groaned and started to shoot my load in her. Her eyes grew as big as saucers as she felt my cum fill her and she screamed “Yes! Fill me up! Fill me up! Fill me and breed me!” Now I should mention that they are both fixed, so there was no chance that I was going to knock her up. But the fact that she said the things that she did made this a very hot experience. (Whew.... Just typing that makes me want to get a load off) In any case, I later found out that she is into impregnation fantasies with black men as it really gets her off. I was wondering how common this was in the lifestyle? Or are we just playing with a really kinky couple?
  7. Okay the question is what is your number one sexual thought? The one act or thing that is sexual you find yourself thinking about the most? Yes I know everyone with a healthy sex drive thinks about a whole lot of sexual things through out the day, but is there one thing that seems to dominate those thoughts? Maybe it is giving or receiving oral, anal sex, tit sex, making out, some fetish, a position, Dom/sub thing, threesome, foursome or moresome, good old P in the V or whatever it might be for you! Also if you have a partner what is theirs if you know?
  8. Saw on a movie the other night....this guy having a threesome with a set of twin sisters. How big of a dream would that be for the guys out there, and/or would you have a threesome with your girlfriend/wife and her sister?
  9. I want to see my wife get gangbanged. It is a fantasy of mine. Have any other husbands wanted to also see this? Are there any women out there who also fantasize about it? How many men should there be? Any suggestions? Did you enjoy it if you did engaged in one and what did your partner think afterward?
  10. What are good ways to explore new fantasies and become more at ease with exploring. Porn can be a turn off (mostly due to religious upbringing), but it’s not completely off the table. Even though the LS still just fantasy for now, we have gotten such great advice here on how to grow stronger as a couple, trust and communication. Thanks in advance!
  11. I'm starting this thread in response to one in the curious section where the author felt a little bad because his wife wasn't sharing all her fantasies with him. He said he knows they are not ready for swinging, in part, because of this. Well, here I am, swinging with my husband for 3 years, and it's gone very well. But, I still have a private fantasy place I go to (in my mind). I tell my husband things I want to try, we talk all the time about what we like about swinging sex and our sex. But, when he watches me touch myself and then says, "What were you thinking about?" I won't tell him. I don't lie, sometimes I tell him generalities. It's not about a specific person or people, it's not anything that really could or would happen in real life. It's not anything I want to try, I just find it hot to think about. But, I would be embarrassed to tell anyone, and it would make it less hot for me if he knew about it. In a way, I like not telling him, I like having a little corner of my mind that's all mine. On the other hand I feel a little guilty, because it's really not a big deal and he would like me to tell him these fantasies in great detail and would probably find them hot, too. But, believe me, I have told him (and many of you also) all kinds of silly fantasies, because I have a ton! What do you think? Do you tell your spouse everything you think about to get off?
  12. My name is Samantha, and I am 45 years old. My husband, Carson, is 42. We have been married for 20 years. We both had shared our beds with plenty of others before we met, and part of the reason we have always been drawn to each other is our strong sex drives. I love cock, and Carson loves pussy; it's as simple as that. We like to text each other with stories of our fantasies. We don't usually follow through on the fantasies that involve a third person - we just like to talk the fantasy as foreplay before making love. Recently, however, something very different did happen. After losing several pool games to my husband at the bar, I read his written fantasy in the bathroom. My job, as the loser, is to follow through with whatever he asks me to say or do to get him hot before we go home. The fantasy on this night included a threesome with a guy for me to pick up at the bar. I have great tits, so I really opened up my shirt and went out to look for someone to flirt with, so I could give my husband his 'fantasy.' When I walked out of the restroom, I ran right into a man who had been a short-time lover in college. His name was Stewart, and he looked as good as he did in college. He did not recognize me at first, but when he finally realized who I was, he went on and on about how great I looked. I told him I was at the bar with my husband. I had enough to drink that I even told him about our fantasy nights. I asked him if he would show me where he was sitting, and I would pretend not to know him and try to flirt and pick him up. He thought this would be great fun and told me where he and two of his business partners were sitting. I returned to my husband, who had a naughty look on his face since he knew I had just read his fantasy. I told him I would comply. I talked to a couple of different tables of people and then settled in at Stewart's table with his friends. Stewart pretended not to know me, and I am sure his friends thought I was a little bold. I let him buy me a drink and caress the inside of my thigh in my short skirt. As he was touching my leg, I could tell that he was starting to breathe faster, and I knew I was getting wet, or should I say, wetter. I knew my husband could see all of this from across the room, hoping he would not get upset. Stewart's fingers kept inching up my thigh, high enough I had to put my hand on his to stop them from reaching my pussy. I was feeling quite warm and a little hazy with this experience. I was wondering if my husband would actually allow me to go through with the 'fantasy.' Soon my husband wandered over to talk. He introduced himself to Stewart and his colleagues as my husband, but Stewart left his hand and fingers in place. Carson did not challenge him but seemed to appreciate that Stewart was enjoying me. Stewart's friends were very uncomfortable and got up to play pool. My husband shocked me when he came right out and asked Stewart if he would like to fuck his wife? I was even more shocked when Stewart said he would actually pay money if my husband would allow him to do just that. The two went to the bathroom and apparently negotiated a 'price' that my husband has not revealed to me even yet. When they returned, they grabbed their jackets and looked at me, indicating we were all leaving. My husband and I rode together with Stewart following. My husband told me that he was giving me a free night, and I could do whatever I chose. I could tell Stewart had not told him we had been lovers in the past. We arrived at our home, and Carson, Stewart, and I got naked in our hot tub. Stewart was sitting beside me and kept putting his fingers in my pussy and his mouth on my tits. He was so incredibly hard, and I could tell that my husband enjoyed watching this. I kissed Stewart back and put my mouth on his very nice-sized dick. He moaned out loud the entire time I had my mouth on him. He pulled me up to him and asked me to pay some attention to my husband because he was worried my husband would stop this game if he was not being attended to. I put my head under the water to put my mouth on my husband's dick. The warm water and my warm mouth made it hard for him to keep control. Both men touched my pussy and my breasts the entire time the other was touching me. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. I really needed to be fucked. I decided my husband would probably prefer me to fuck Stewart before him. I took Stewart's hand and led him to our bedroom. I had not remembered much about sex with him from college, but he clearly had picked up some skills since that time. He gave me fantastic oral sex with his warm tongue and mouth probing my pussy and sucking on my clit. He gave my tits even more attention; maybe he remembered that I liked that. We went at it a long time, and occasionally my husband would lie beside me and put his warm mouth on my mine or suck on my tits. He was clearly enjoying another man enjoying me. Finally, Stewart could take it no longer, and he started to fuck me with his dick. He had lovely long rhythmic strokes, and I came twice when he was on me. Stewart told me he wanted me to suck my husband while he was coming in my pussy. I got the impression that my husband had made this request of him at an earlier time. I gave my husband the best blow job he had in years with what he thought was a stranger fucking me long and slow from behind. I was shocked that both men got off almost simultaneously. I don't think either knew the other was about to cum. It was so fucking hot I could not believe it. Stewart quickly got up and got dressed, he came over and gave me a short warm french kiss when I still had my husband's cum in my mouth, and then he left. I was still quite excited, and my husband was ready for round two already. We had some of the most incredible couple sex that I can remember on that night. We touched every orifice of each other's bodies with our mouths and tongues, and we fucked for hours. The next day, we were both spent, and not a word was ever mentioned about Stewart since. I don't know if a dollar amount was ever exchanged or how much. My husband has no idea that Stewart and I had been lovers in the past. He would probably not mind. I keep wondering if we will run into Stewart again sometime. I think both my husband and I would both be pleased. I will write if it happens again.
  13. "Do you think we're swingers?" Jamie looked up, her mouth hovering just over Adam's wet and throbbing cock, and looked directly into Adam's blue eyes as she spoke. "What...?" Adam had been watching as Jamie was sucking his cock and was caught totally off-guard by Jamie's question out of the blue. "Damn, Babe. What in the world made you think of that at a time like this?" Jamie started to grin when she realized the situation. Just a short time before they'd gone to the bedroom for one of their afternoon fuck sessions. They'd both quickly showered and hopped into bed. After their usual cuddling, caressing, and kissing, Jamie had taken matters into her own hands and mouth. They'd been married for so long that these moments never needed that much vocabulary. Things always just proceeded naturally, with one or the other of them taking the lead... today had been Jamie's lead. "Well..." Jamie took Adam's hard cock back into her warm mouth and sucked softly while she organized her thoughts, "today at lunch Cassidy, just out of the blue, asked if I knew what swinging was?" "Really?" Adam's cock twitched involuntarily as he heard Jamie's statement. Adam liked Cassidy. Cassidy worked with Jamie, and for several years, Adam had admired her, not only for her pretty nice looks but also for her open attitude about everything. In just a few short seconds, Adam had placed Cassidy in so many combinations of sexual activities with him and Jamie that the fantasies could have been a long novel. Yes, Adam was a typical man. "Ok, Bud..." Jamie shook Adam's cock back and forth to bring him back to reality, "it's not what you're thinking, so come back to Earth." Jamie licked on Adam's cock a few times before continuing. "She only asked because she said that she and Steve had talked about it." "Steve..." Adam hadn't even considered Cassidy's husband Steve in his fantasies. "Who brought it up first? Steve or Cassidy?" "Believe it or not, Cassidy said that she did." "I'd believe that," Adam said without hesitation. "Hell, Steve's just lucky to even be with Cassidy..." Adam thought a second, then continued, "She could definitely do better than him, and he knows it." "Well, Cassidy doesn't think that way," Jamie said. "But she's definitely getting urges to explore a little after so many years of marriage." Jamie stopped briefly, then added, "And now that their son is gone to college..." "So, was she propositioning us?" Adam asked with mixed emotions. His first thoughts of them being with Cassidy were delightful, but it dulled when Steve was added to the equation. "I don't really think so, Honey. I think Cassidy just really wanted the opinion of a friend." Jamie spoke seriously. "And, I really don't think Cassidy has any idea about the things we've done." "Well, are you interested in letting her know and maybe seeing where things go?" Adam asked. "I don't know." Jamie looked a little serious. "I like Cassidy, and I know you do too. But, she's a friend. All the things we've done have been so spontaneous, and with strangers we've met... it's just different with someone who's been a friend." "I agree, sweetheart," Adam smiled at Jamie, "and besides, Steve's a real jerk." "Yeah," Jamie laughed a little, then added, "he can be a little uptight and pompous." "Hell, I can just see it now," Adam got into the idea of the story as he spoke. "We're all four together. We play strip poker, and when it's time for Steve to take off his underwear, he refuses because he's ashamed of his small penis. Then, when we get to the daring and you and Cassidy want to see me and Steve play with each other's cocks... well, he screams, gathers up his clothes, and runs out the door in only his underwear." Jamie was laughing at Adam's story, which started Adam laughing as well for a few minutes before he continued. "But, then now that he's gone, I've got you and Cassidy to myself... mmmm." "Ok, Bud," Jamie squeezed Adam's cock and looked at him with a mock scolding look, "I like Cassidy, but I'm not going to make love to a woman... even with her or for you." "Hey, I never said that was part of my story..." Adam thought a second, then grinned and continued, "although, not a bad mental picture here." Adam winked at Jamie, then added. "Don't you think I'm man enough for you and Cassidy?" "Ok, Man!" Jamie began to work her way from between Adam's legs to a position on top of him. She reached between them and inserted his hard cock into her very wet pussy. "I'm sure you are, but why should I share this when there's nothing in it for me?" "Oh wow, that feels so nice, Babe," Adam's face gave away his sheer pleasure at the feel of Jamie's wetness, "but don't you get even a little turned on watching me have sex? I love to watch you so much." "Sure," Jamie began to hunch up and down on Adam's cock as she spoke with a somewhat strained voice, "but only when you're doing something with another guy. I don't mind it when you're with another woman, but only if we're with another couple and sharing equally." "I guess I understand...," Adam moaned as Jamie dropped her hips hard and engulfed his entire seven-plus inches into her pussy. "And right now, I really don't care much about anything except this delicious woman on top of me." Adam reached up and grabbed Jamie's gorgeous full breasts with his hands and began to hunch up into her with earnest. "Oh, God..." Jamie cried as the flushed redness began to glow on her chest, "I'm cumming, Honey. I'm cumming..." Jamie ground her pussy down onto Adam's cock harder and leaned forward to allow Adam to take one of her nipples into his mouth. At his lips started to pull at her nipple, she repeated her mantra to herself, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming..." "Oh cum good Babe..." Adam encouraged into Jamie's ear as he pumped his hard cock harder into her flowing pussy, "Cum long and hard. Imagine a tongue starting to go into you, Babe." Adam had reached around them and inserted his finger alongside his cock into her full pussy, getting it wet. "Imagine someone behind us... licking us," Adam trailed his finger down the crack of Jamie's full ass. "Imagine Cassidy down there, or..." and as Adam paused his wet finger questionably on Jamie's tight rosebud, "imagine Ricardo behind us." "Mmmm," Jamie muttered, dropping her hips again to get every bit of Adam's cock while simultaneously moving them backward, causing Adam's slippery finger to penetrate deeply into her rectum. Ricardo was an old friend and still a favorite fantasy. "Yes, fuck me, Adam... finger my ass... fuck me hard... let me feel you and Ricardo fucking me..." Both Adam and Jamie began to hunch in unison. It only took a few more wonderful moments before they both lay motionless together. "So, you hungry?" Adam grinned as he blurted this out. "Men!" Jamie climbed off of Adam, pleasingly conscious of how both her pussy and ass were still slightly gaped open from the fucking, then continued to scold him. "Boy, once you've had your way, you just want to either eat or sleep!" "Hey, eating sounds good, Babe." Adam quickly turned around in the bed to try to gain access to Jamie's pussy. "Hold on, buster." Jamie pushed Adam away playfully. "Seriously, not now." "Ok, but don't say I just did the old wham-bam thing. I'm not only willing, but I'm also ready." Jamie lay quietly for a few seconds, then repeated her earlier question. "So, are we swingers?" "I don't know," Adam thought for several minutes, and just when Jamie suspected he'd fallen asleep and turned to look, "I guess, first of all, you need to define swinger. I think swingers are people who feel that a couple can maintain an emotionally monogamous relationship while still exploring sexual situations that include other people. In that respect, yeah, I guess we'd fit. But, I think most swingers think of this as a sort of lifestyle, and in that case, no, I don't think we do. For me, at least, it's more of an enjoyable diversion to our excellent long-term relationship." "Yes, me too." Jamie was quick to agree. "So, we're just an adventurous couple then, not really swingers." "I think so," Adam then added, "but I'm sure a lot of folks would think we are swingers. But then, who really cares?" Jamie laughed and agreed. "What do you think I should do about Cassidy?" "Well, as nice as it sounds to be with her...," Adam thought with his head instead of his cock, "It's just not going to work. We don't like her husband, and not only that, I just don't think what we do of this nature should be part of our local community and acquaintances. Although it would be nice to know a couple that we could get together with and discuss these things openly." "I agree about Cassidy. Besides, I'd really feel uncomfortable with it as well as I know her." Jamie thought a second. "And Steve... no way, Jose!" "Hey, I've got it!" Adam smiled. "Let's tell Cassidy to ditch Steve, and we'll see if we can locate Ricardo and introduce them." "Works for me!" Jamie's eyes lit up at the notion. "But, to make it even more perfect..." Adam always had to go a step further with any new fantasy or idea, "let's make sure that Ricardo is ok with a little boy to boy playing." "Hey, I don't think he'd object," Jamie thought back to that night a long time ago, "he seemed to be pretty open to anything that makes someone feel good." Jamie's eyes suddenly went somewhere far away. "Honey... are you still there?" Adam was now between Jamie's legs where he'd started to go before. "Now, I'm going to have you again after Ricardo," Adam spoke softly as he licked Jamie's swollen clitoris. "I can see his cum in your pussy Babe..." Adam continued to lick up and down Jamie's wet slit as he spoke, "you look so good, Babe." "Oh... oh yes..." Jamie was squeezing her own large and firm nipples, "yes. Suck Ricardo's cum along with mine, Honey." Adam licked and sucked, savoring the taste and erotic nature of his activity. He imagined that Ricardo had, indeed, just been with Jamie, and it turned him on tremendously. When Jamie's pussy was squeaky clean, Adam moved down to her anus and began to tongue fuck her there. It wasn't long before Jamie was once again cumming. "Oh... Adam... yes, yes..." Jamie held Adam's head with her hands now and directed him back to her pussy and clitoris, "Oh, I'm there..." Jamie groaned, then pulled Adam's face away from her sensitive pussy. "Thanks, sweetheart." Jamie bent down and kissed Adam's lips, getting a little taste of their combined juices. "Mmmm, do I taste Ricardo?" Adam laughed, then quickly added. "Hey, you also got a bit of Cassidy's flavor there too. So, you ready to go down on her?" "You're impossible!" Jamie jokingly scolded her husband as she got out of bed. "Hey," Adam tried to look innocent, "didn't mean to make you mad." As Jamie put on her robe and left the bedroom, Adam watched and admired his beautiful wife of so many years... then drifted off to sleep. "Are you asleep?" Jamie whispered into Adam's ear. "Not now, sweetie," Adam opened his eyes and smiled, "what-cha got in mind?" "We've got mail!" Jamie mimicked the voice of the computer. "Really?" Adam looked puzzled at Jamie. "Read it," Jamie took Adam's hand and pulled him up out of bed. "Ok... sure..." Adam grabbed his shorts and slipped them. "Who's it from?" Then thinking a second, he added, "Ricardo?" "No, but maybe better," Jamie teased. "Wow!" Adam was amazed and really curious now. "What could be better for you than Ricardo?" Jamie handed Adam her phone, and as he read, he was puzzled. "Ok, this is a couple responding about our stories..." Adam muttered. "Keep reading," Jamie confidently directed. "Typical... typical..." Adam said as he read the usual things they enjoy occasionally getting from people who enjoy their writing. "So, Jamie, is this a couple you think you'd like to meet?" Adam was curious. They'd met Greg and Susan this way and enjoyed them. But, when Greg and Susan wound up separating, Adam and Jamie had decided not to encourage actually meeting anyone they meet online. "We already have," Jamie spoke matter-of-factly. Adam finished the letter then saw the signature. "Will and Stacey? What do you think? Is it our Will and Stacey?" Jamie hugged Adam's neck and pressed her plump breasts against his back as she read over his shoulder, "Yes, it's them. And, they don't have any idea it's really us yet." Adam and Jamie had known this couple of years ago. Adam and Will had worked together. Jamie liked Will as soon as she'd met him and also became good friends with Stacey. One night, after a party, things just progressed to where the two couples shared intimacies. It was a one-time event, and being young and neither couple married that long, it never happened again, and the friends just sort of went separate ways. Will and Stacey had children, which often resulted in Adam and Jamie losing things in common with friends over the years. But, during the last few years, this couple had come to mind numerous times when Adam and Jamie fantasized. Next to Ricardo, possibly the most often. "So, do we tell them?" Adam wasn't entirely sure of Jamie's intentions but knew he'd like to see them both. "I already did." Jamie took her phone and switched the screen to the mail waiting to be sent for Adam to read. "Hey, aren't you going to read it first?" Jamie spoke too late as Adam had already clicked Send. "Don't need to, Babe." Adam turned the chair around and grabbed Jamie, and hugged her. "If you're interested... I'm interested." "Well, at least read the letter and see if you want to add anything." "Ok," Adam was now fondling Jamie's nice full ass through her robe, "but not just now." "You're impossible, Adam." Jamie pressed her groin more firmly against Adam's muscular chest as she spoke. "But awfully good." "So Babe," Adam was rubbing his face across Jamie's breasts, "When do we head out west to see them?" "As soon as possible... as soon as possible," Jamie moaned in delight at the feel of Adam's hands and mouth. And then, with a wink, "Unless they take me up on the invitation to visit us here."
  14. What's the event or moment that stands out in your memory the most while swinging- or, the most exciting fantasy that you got to see fulfilled? For me (Mr. T), it was getting to watch Mrs. C share a double ended dildo with another lovely woman and listening to the both of them orgasm at the same time- several times, in fact.
  15. This will probably get some hate but I'm only interested in anyone who's into this. I really am turned on by the thought of someone cumming in me and possibly getting me pregnant. I have been trying to conceive for a while with my husband but he is on the very small side, not sure if that hinders? I have a child from first marriage and am wanting another before it's too late for me. I don't expect involvement from the man afterwards; In fact you will never know you fathered, just want to indulge my fetish and maybe get the ultimate gift... Anyone with the same views contact me please.
  16. Hey all. Wife gets off hardest with rough sex. Favorite porn is a blindfolded girl in a rough IR gangbang. Hot video. She's submissive and I'm dominant. We've discussed sharing her with another guy many times. She agreed but before we acted she was pregnant. Now back to kink. She's highly confident and uninhibited. Has lots of desires around being made slutty and punished for it. Having a late date night soon to show her off in a sexy Halloween costume and get her a lot of attention Especially from black men. If we all have fun after a while it would be wonderful to have a MFM with light bdsm. Worth a try and that's the plan. Will see hopefully soon and as long as she is free from guilt she's highly sexual and open. The kink would be rough sex and a hung black guy to have her fuck and suck when told to.
  17. OK, me and the wife were discussing this and I just decided to turn it over to outside sources. Basically, I have a fantasy of seeing her getting done by a man with a big penis (around 9" or so, and thick). Her main hang-up is why I would want to see that. Let me state, I am average size, but I do not feel inadequate in any way, I know I satisfy my wife easily. I also realize size is not a major issue for most women (at least from what I have read). I fully admit the size thing is from my fantasy and nowhere else. Basically my question is if this fantasy is uncommon for males? Also what might be the reasons for it (if it is common)?
  18. Wife likes the feeling of getting paid for sex. She told me it just turns her on to feel she is a paid escort. I like the idea too. It turns me on when I see her a paid bitch. What do you think guys? Feel free to comment on our pics. Cheers
  19. The second story I wrote for my wife, like before , with “doubles", this time with two of me. Emboldened by the reception of the first, I gave her this second to read... The other me… I can’t believe it. You actually agreed when I suggested that my other join us. After all, there was the other you before, and it was amazing. I wonder if I will feel jealous, but then that is crazy. He is me in every way. When he appeared he looked just like me, just as I expected. I am sporting a two-day growth, and so was he. I had an idea. By the time we are ready to join you, he had shaved. He now looks like a younger me, a clean-faced me. A slightly different me. We nod to each other, just outside the door to our bedroom. We pull off our clothes and we knock and enter as I have done so many times. You sit at the end of our bed and stare at the two of us. Your eyes flick back and forth, taking in our faces (the same but different), our bodies. You smile shyly. I hold out a hand and you stand in front of us, wearing one of your cute little nighties. I take your hand and put it on me, and my other does the same. You have us now. Your little hands wrap around our cocks, so hard and hot and ready. And then, slowly, you begin to move your hands, causing us to groan and arch our backs. “I have two penises,” you say, hardly believing it, looking down at what is in your hands. “What will I do with two penises?” “I have some ideas,” I say. “I bet you do,” you say back with a little smirk. I reach out and start to run my hand down your back, down to you bottom. My other is touching your front: your breasts in particular. He squeezes one, then the other. He finds your nipples easily through the thin material. He makes them hard with his fingers. As we touch you, you start to pull on us harder. Too hard. We will both come too soon. I take your nightie and pull it up and over your head. My other takes your undies and quickly lowers them to your feet. You are as naked as us now. “Do you know what I want to do?” you ask. “What?” asks my other. “I want to snuggle with you two.” “Sure,” I say and pull you onto the bed. You are between us. You face me, kissing me. My cock is pushing urgently against your belly and you take it and slide it between your legs. You feel my other me behind you, his penis on your bottom, his lips on your shoulder. You shudder with his kisses, at just the right place. And then, unexpectedly, he slides between your legs also and soon the two of us are moving slowly and gently, sliding along your beautiful, wet slit, stimulating everything along the way as we do. After a few minutes we change sides. You turn over and start kissing the other me while I rub my whiskers on your shoulder and neck. My cock slides in behind, just as his takes my place in the front. But this is not enough, and soon my other pulls away and turns you onto your back and pushes your legs apart. He slides in between them and finds your pussy waiting for him at the end of his journey. I sit back and watch as he starts to lick you in long, luxurious strokes, stopping at your clit for a moment, rolling his tongue slowly around it. You shudder and moan at his ministrations. But I don’t want to be left out, so I start on your breasts, kissing them gently, finding your hard nipples ready for my tongue. And so the two of us kiss and lick you to the very edge of ecstasy. And beyond. You grab my other’s head and push him into you pussy as you start to spasm. You other hand is behind my head, pulling me down onto your breasts. You cry out and shake as your orgasm overtakes you. You look down at him, looking up at you with that wicked grin that is the same as mine. “I want you,” you tell him, and he obliges. He climbs up and places his cock at your entrance, and then pushes himself inside you. He slowly grinds himself against you, just the way you like it. “I want both of you,” you say between gasps. Grabbing my cock you pull me closer, taking me in your mouth as my other fucks you with an ever increasing intensity. I slide in and out of your mouth and it is a beautiful thing to behold. You push him off and push me down, bringing yourself down on my erection, grinding and lifting and dropping down on me. Behind you my other rubs himself on your backside, kissing the back of your neck. He reaches around and finds your clit and rubs it furiously, sending waves of pleasure through your body. And you are off me again. It is too intense. You slide down and offer your bottom to him as you take me back into your mouth. You taste yourself on me, but you do not stop. There are two penises inside you now, sliding in and out. The feeling is overwhelming and wicked. You suck me until I can take no more. I warn you and you pull away just in time, as my come erupts onto your neck and some onto your chin. Behind you, the other me is pumping hard into you, urgently trying to reach his own climax. He comes too, shooting deep inside you, wave after wave. He pulls out and I roll you over and dive between your legs, lapping up the evidence of my other, rubbing my whiskers over your delicious folds. The feeling of the two of us inside you had brought you near to the edge and I take you over. My other is kissing your tits and nipples, kissing your lips, biting and nibbling and sucking. You come a second time, harder this time, crying out like you are in pain or abandon, I cannot tell which. And then, when it is all over, you pull us up and against you, our bodies once again envelop you as you start to cool down and you breathing returns to normal. And then, between us, you fall into a light and contented sleep, feeling loved and adored like you never have before. The reception: She didn’t like the language. It was a little too much like porno for her. The content, she said, was perfectly fine! She challenged me to write with a more romantic vibe, which I will now do, with my next story. Interestingly, she mentioned again that she was thinking about giving up men and being with a woman, but she likes men too much. I shrugged and suggested that she "could do both, people do that, you know?"
  20. I have come to see that I am a babe in the woods when it comes to sexuality. One thing I love on the boards is how open couples can be in sharing shat they want. My wife had me read the Fifty Shades trilogy, which I loved. I thought she just wanted me to enjoy the literature and I did. The other day I playfully slapped her bottom and she wanted me to do it again as she lay over my lap. The morning, out of nowhere, she said I want sex! She wanted to play a game where forced her. She had me hold her wrists and during intercourse she seemed to be pretending I was forcing myself on her. She let me hold her wrists and she would say "I don't want this" but then responded more sexually. It was obvious she was gently acting out a rape scene. I enjoyed it and went along, even telling her to put her chin down when I wanted her from the back. As I was obviously nearing climax she wanted to pretend to fight when I held her wrists down. I then pushed her legs apart, held her arms and applied the vibrator until she came. She then wanted me on top holding her wrists and being aggressive while she would say "I don't want this" she would speak in a playful-enough voice that she wanted to continue. She obviously wants this role play, but I'm inexperienced at giving it to her. I don't want her to feel coerced in any way. This is obviously important to her. Suggestions on how I can help while broadening my own sexual boundaries?
  21. My sexy wife, who is generally a "good girl" LOVES me eating her ... and also having her tits sucked ... nothing unusual there ... What really gets me going is a scenario where two guys are sucking her tits at the same time (I'll be one of them of course) ... I often say to her that I'd love to see her face as both tits are sucked, licked, lightly nibbled and pleasured at once - while four hands explore her body and she feels two cocks nearby ... I guess many of you guys have experienced this ... is this likely to be as good for her as I think it is?? ... I think she likes the idea but not sure if she'll ever be brave enough to try ... Seeing her face as this happens would be the best feeling ever for me! The other one is having her either standing up and blindfolded and nibbled, groped, massaged, and eventually screwed by random strangers (and me!) .. she'd have to guess who was playing with her by the feel of different cocks inside her and different techniques with hands, mouths and cocks ... Having said that, another is for her to be the centrepiece of a dinner party, where sexy peeps eat their food off her naked and horizontal body ... like a naked sushi type event ... Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated! Thanks Al
  22. My of my wife's kinks is that she likes to be submissive. Just curious to hear how others incorporated elements of submission into swinging.
  23. You know that movie about the guys that are dying and make their "kick the bucket list", I have been thinking about the things I want to experience in my sexual life before I kick the bucket. 1. A pitch black party, the room is pitch black and no one knows who is who, it's all just about the bodies and the sex. (I am mentally trying to figure out how to work the mandatory condom issue. I imagine glow in the dark condoms bouncing around ). 2. I also fantasize about a very comfy house party where the expectation is for sex without the need for small talk. Upon arrival, there would be bathing and massages with exotic oils, donning small robes and then entrance into the orgy site. No chit chat, "where do you work", "have you been here before". Nothing but "let's see what our bodies feel like together". 3. I also imagine a blindfolded gang bang with someone watching over me for safety reasons. I think this one will stay in the imaginary realm, it doesn't quite make it to the "bucket list". (But I'll keep it handy if I get to fulfill the other two). So what's on your sexual bucket list?
  24. I have tried a few of the swinging websites and cannot find much on the fetish of getting turned on by fertile women swinging unprotected with getting pregnant a possibility. Does anyone know of any organized way to find people interested in this?
  25. Hi Everyone, My wife and I are fairly new to the swinging lifestyle. We had talked about if for a couple of years before actually trying it a little over a year ago. We thoroughly enjoy it now. We've had fun fulfilling each other's fantasies (one of which was seeing my wife with another woman - every guy's fantasy!). Recently she brought up a new fantasy of hers that I wasn't all that comfortable with. Simply put, she wants to see me have sex with the man. I've never been interested in men and I've explained that to her. She tells me she'd never been interested in women either, but did it to fulfill my fantasy. Now I'm kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. We have a few good looking couples that we hook up with from time to time and out of fairness to my wife I've tried to imagine what it would be like going from his wife to him and I just can't see it happening. What should I do? Have any of you other guys out there gotten that request from your wife? Or even tried it? I really enjoy swinging and don't want this to be what ends it. Do I need to just take the plunge and try it? On one hand I have to consider fairness to my wife. On the other hand this is uncharted territory. In the few conversations we've had about it my answer has been "no way." But now I'm asking myself, "would it really be such a bad thing?" Any advice from experienced swingers would be very welcome.
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