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Found 23 results

  1. Last year, my husband revealed that his biggest fantasy was me being a hot wife and fuck other men. He said it turned him on to see another man’s cock in all my holes. A few months ago, he took me to an upscale hotel in Dallas, I finally gave him what he wanted. He was the wildest Saturday in my life. First, he booked an in-room massage for me. The masseur was a young, well-built black man. As I laid on his massage table, he slipped out of his clothes. I swear his cock hung nearly to his knees. At the end of the massage, he started rubbing my clit and fingering me. He brought me off several times. He then moved closer to my head and started rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, and fingering my cunt at the same time. His semi-hard cock was within a foot of my mouth so I reached out and put in my mouth. He instantly became hard as I sucked him. He then grabbed my head and pushed his cock down my throat. I soon felt and tasted his cum flowing down my throat. After he left, I texted my husband and told him to come up to the room. I thanked him profusely and stepped into the shower while J laid out my clothes for the evening. When I finished my shower, I saw my outfit J picked out. It was a blue silk dress with chains with three chains across the back. Obviously, no bra tonight. He also didn’t pack any underwear as he wanted me to go “commando.” A new pair of stilettos accompanied the beautiful dress. When I finished my makeup, I slipped on the dress. The dress was very short, only 3 inches below my pussy. The material was very clingy and you could clearly see my nipples and areolas. After I finished dressing, J told me an Uber was waiting for me outside to take me to a fancy cocktail bar about 4 blocks away. He told me to sit at the bar and order a drink. He would be along in an hour or so. I nervously climbed into the Uber. As I slid into the back seat, the hotel door man got a good peak up my dress as it slid up my thighs. Our sex life was beginning a new chapter. I walked into the bar and felt the eyes of every guy turn towards me. I sat at the bar and ordered a Manhattan. It didn't take long for the first guy to sit next to me. Within 5 minutes, a handsome Hispanic man asked if he could sit next to me and buy me a drink. I nervously agreed. As we chatted, he scooted his chair closer to me and placed a hand on my thigh. My bare thing! He repeatedly eyed my body from top to bottom. The dress that was hugging my body, and my swaying breasts. I wore a gold necklace that hung just above my cleavage. He lifted my necklace up to look at it and brushed my breast as he did so. Shortly after another guy approached. He was also handsome & charming, but there was a bit of an edge to him. He bought me a drink, we chatted a bit, and this time I did feel excited. His name was E and he owned his own business. He was very handsome so I really didn’t care about that information. As we started our second drink together, husband arrived. I now knew where this was going. The three of us had a nice dinner and did some dancing. E- then asked if I wanted to get out of there. I knew what that meant, so I eagerly said yes. The three of us to our hotel room. J made us some drinks while E started to caress and kiss me. The drapes to our room were open. As admiring the beautiful Dallas skyline, E slipped my dress off which sank to the floor. He asked me to keep my shoes on. I watched our reflections as E kissed me all over. He lifted me up and pressed me against the window. The glass was cold against my bare breasts but I didn’t care as E’s hot breath kept me warm. Soon he pushed me onto the bed. I pushed myself away from him, turned around, got on my knees and unzipped his pants, revealing a nice, uncut cock. I gave E the experience of his life, sucking him off in front of the window. I started slow and methodical, but after warming up starting sucking him at a feverish pace. He groaned, occasionally telling me how good it felt and how I was a good little cock sucker. His hand grabbed my head, pulling me deeper into him. I took every inch of him in, then felt his cum shooting into the back of my throat as he gave a deep groan. He held me there as I took all of his cum in, swallowing every drop. As his half hard cock left me mouth, I looked up at him, giving both him and J a mischievous grin. He took forced me back onto the bed and started licking my cunt. I felt my first orgasm of the evening come over me as he licked my cunt, tongued my clit, and fingered my asshole. As I came down from my orgasm, I felt his hard cock slip into my soaking wet pussy. He asked if he needed a condom. I said “No, I want your raw cock in me." His cock started sliding in and out, in and out. The whole time he whispered in my ear, telling me how good my pussy made him feel... how tight it was... how wet it was. How naughty of a girl I was for taking in the cock of a man I just met. He moved me over onto my hands and knees. He kept sliding in and out of me, dominating my pussy as he fucked me hard. "Oh yeah, fuck me." I said to him. He started thrusting harder into me. I felt my second orgasm of the night building. "Don't stop, I'm going to cum." My body gave out as my second orgasm overtook me. Holy shit did that feel good. Just as I began to come down from it, I felt him give a big thrust and cum deep inside my unprotected pussy. He collapsed onto my back, his heavy body pressing me into the bed. "God you're so sexy," he growled into my ear. We laid together in silence on the bed as J watched us basking in the afterglow of our fucking. I then felt J on the bed. He was on his back with a nice erection. I took him into my mouth then J said, "Ride me please." I straddled J and started riding his cock. J then grabbed my waist and pinned me. I then felt E working a lubed finger into my ass. I slowed my pace and steadied my breath as I took his entire finger in my ass. I bit my lip and waited for the next step. I then felt E slip his cock into my ass. I now had my husband in my cunt and my new lover in my ass. The two men started fucking me in earnest. "Fuuuuccckkkk..." I groaned as his cock entered me again. J and I did anal sex all the time, but this was a bigger cock than I was used to plus J was in my pussy making every hole tighter. I simply hung on for the ride of my life. After letting my ass adjust to E’s cock, he started thrusting into me, very slow and methodically at first. He then started fucking me like his life depended on it. It didn't take long until my most powerful orgasm yet overtook me. I let out a groan-scream as my ass pulsed around his cock. E and J kept fucking me through my orgasm, gradually picking up the pace. Then the let out a groan and came inside ass and cunt. My holes were now filled with cum. It was the best Saturday of my life. Counting the masseur, I took two loads in my mouth, two in my cunt, and one in my ass. After E left, J and I cuddled and drifted off to sleep. I had the sweetest of dreams.
  2. New Orleans turned out to be quite The Big Easy for Darla and me. As our marriage has matured, we have become more sexually adventurous. Recently, we had a chance to get out of town and work on some of the fantasies we had developed over the last year. I'm 40, and Darla is 37. We have been married 16 years. Darla is a very petite 5'1" blond with small but round tits and a great ass. I'm over a foot taller at 6'2" and 200 pounds. We booked four days in the French Quarter, and by the time the last night approached, we had enjoyed three days of great sex. The highlight came when Darla fulfilled a fantasy by standing in the middle of Bourbon Street, flashing her tits to about 50 men on a balcony above a bar. That got us both so hot we wound up hurrying back to the hotel, where she noisily sucked me off in the hallway as I fumbled for the room key. (The exhibitionist in me kept hoping for someone to come by, but no one did). As the last night began, we had one more fantasy to fulfill; a third partner, either for her or me. Our travels had taken us to every strip bar in the Quarter. Darla and I had both drooled over the college students on spring break, and we had promised each other that if we could pick up a third party, regardless of sex, we would do it. As it happened, a perfect candidate appeared on that last night. Matt was from some Midwestern college. Believe me when I tell you that Darla didn't care what he was studying in school. All she wanted was that hot young stud. He looked to be in his early 20's and was, in his words, 'a third wheel'; in town with his roommate and his girlfriend. The roommate was banging the girlfriend somewhere, and Matt was drinking in one of the Bourbon Street bars alone when we spotted him. Darla liked him right away…he was blond and about 5'9" with a slender build… 'something a little different just for fun' Darla explained. Since tables were hard to come by, we invited him to sit with us. We drank and talked about nothing important for about 20 minutes. When Matt went to the bar to get another drink, we had our chance. "Do you want him? Do you want to fuck him?" I asked my wife, who had never fucked anyone else since we married. "Seriously, can I? Are you sure about this?" she said. I said yes on one condition…that I could at least watch and preferably join in. "Oh, you'll do both, or he'll be jacking off on his own tonight," she laughed. Maybe it was Darla's self-confidence (she looked great that night in a short black leather skirt and tank top), perhaps it was the drinks, or maybe it was being so close to her fantasy… Anyway, I was amazed when Matt returned with his drink and sat down. My wife leaned over the table and said, "So Matt, I'd like to suck you off while my husband fucks me. Interested?" I'd like to tell you Matt was shocked, but I think he knew something like this might come. He just smiled and looked at me and said, "You sure?" I told him it was a fantasy of ours, and I wanted it almost as much as Darla did. With that, we left the bar. It was two blocks back to the hotel, and it took forever to walk back. I had never have been so hard. My cock was so hard it was difficult to walk. Darla played it up for me (and her) by holding hands with Matt on the way back and looking at me as she ran her hands over his ass in the hotel lobby. We wasted no time getting back to our room. I held back to see what Darla would do…after all, I wanted her to get exactly what she wanted. I let her and Matt take each other's clothes off while I stood to the side, rubbing my dick through my pants. Matt and my wife kissed passionately. And then, just that quickly, my wife was undressed. No hesitation, no shame, just naked and ready to fuck. For the first time, I watched another man suck on the tits that had been mine and mine alone. I took off my clothes too, and Darla caught my eye. She was giving me one last opportunity to stop things. She saw the smile on my face and the pre-cum dripping from my dick and knew there was no need to quit. Taking control, she pushed Matt down on the bed and kissed his stomach, working her way to his dick. He was a solid nine inches…not quite as thick as me but plenty for my wife to work with. She got on her hands and knees, and I knew what she wanted…to be fucked from behind as she sucked Matt's cock. Well, that was on the way, but not yet. She lowered her head and began to lick him. What an unbelievable thing to see your wife licking another man's balls. I knew I should be fucking her, but I just had to watch. Darla gives great head because she knows when a man is about to explode. She always backs off just in time and makes me wait. I could tell by Matt's uneven breathing that she already had him close…and right then, she backed off and started working on his balls again. Enough of the great view; time to get to work. I moved behind Darla, spread her gorgeous little ass cheeks, exposed her pink rosebud, and began to tongue fuck her ass. In and out, I drove my tongue, watching her head bob up and down on Matt whenever possible. Having her ass licked always drives her wild, and this time there was no holding back. When I speared two fingers into her pussy from behind, she raised her head from Matt's dick and moaned as she came. I stuck my face in her ass (I love to feel her ass contract as she comes) and enjoyed every minute. When it was done, she went right back to work on Matt. I got up and slammed my dick into my wife's pussy, which was wetter than I had ever seen it in all those years of fucking her. I pounded her hard as she continued to work on our lucky college student. I had seen too much; I lasted only a few more strokes before shooting my load into her. Now everybody had gotten off except poor Matt, who was indeed ready. I continued to watch, expecting my dick to get soft in Darla. Amazingly, and for the first time since I was a teenager, I stayed hard after coming. I moved slowly in her, knowing I could fuck her again at any time. Meanwhile, she was clearly getting Matt ready to come. As I watched, I wondered how she would finish him. Would she swallow it? I wasn't going to tell her what to do (she was beyond listening anyway). She increased the sucking, making loud noises on him as she did with me in the hallway. Finally, Matt moaned, and I knew it was time for the kid to get his nut. I should mention that one of the few things Darla is uncomfortable with is cum on her face. She's let me shoot off that way maybe four or five times…but she has to be extremely hot or a little drunk for it to happen. So I was amazed that as Matt went over the edge, Darla took his dick out of her mouth. She pointed it directly at her face and let the kid shoot one of the biggest loads of cum I had ever seen all over it. I couldn't see it hit her face since I was still fucking her from behind, but there was no doubt what she did, and Matt really got off on it. As soon as he finished, Darla moved away from him and then moved away from me…so I knew she wanted my cock out of her for whatever reason. She laid on her back, and I saw that the kid had absolutely covered her face income. "All right, big boy," she laughed, "you got what you like to see. Let's fuck some more." I immediately got on top of her…the boring old missionary position was never better. I pounded her again as she stared lovingly into my eyes with another man's come on her nose, chin, cheek, and even eyebrows. We came together, and Darla moaned, "I love you," to me as she went off. It was far and away the most incredible sex we ever had. The good news? We already have our New Orleans reservations for next year, and they coincide with Matt's next spring break. The better news? Darla says she owes me one and promises to recruit a gorgeous work friend named Susan for me to play with.
  3. SwingersBoard

    Meeting Monica

    My husband Heath called me from a local bar around midnight. He told me he was having a great evening. He had made a new friend, a woman he'd like to bring home for us to share. I was horny and had been playing with my pussy that night while home alone, so I was up for some fun. He texted me a pic of Monica. I found her attractive, and she said she liked what she saw in the pic of me I sent Heath to show her. I told them I'd see them in a half-hour. They arrived, and while we were chatting, Monica mentioned she'd never done anything like this before. She kept asking if I was ok with all this? Heath and I explained that we both were. She seemed to relax over a glass of wine, and then she leaned over and kissed me. My hands went to cup her full heavy breasts. Heath moved behind her and began kissing her neck. He unhooked her bra, and then we helped her out of her sweater. She unbuttoned my shirt and started sucking on my nipples. That's when Heath suggested we head upstairs to our bed to be more comfortable. We all got undressed and fell onto the bed. Monica immediately began kissing me, and I leaned over and started sucking on her hard nipples. While her breasts were smaller than mine, her nipples were long and lovely to suck on, like little penises. She said she wanted to suck my pussy, so I laid back, and she began licking and sucking like an expert! I teased her that she must have done this before. She slid her fingers inside my pussy, fucking me. I then felt a finger slide into my ass, and that's when I finally lost control and came all over her face, just like she wanted. Then it was her turn. I positioned myself between her legs and tongued her wet pussy until her moans were so loud I thought she'd wake the neighbors! Heath had been watching all this time, and his cock was very hard now. Monica said she wanted to get fucked. Heath was happy to oblige. He got her on the edge of the bed, put his cock all the way inside her, and began pumping away. I was sucking on her tits and kissing her until she told Heath she wanted him to fuck her ass. Heath couldn't believe his luck! He turned Monica over, and I helped guide his cock into her ass. As a woman, I know that trust is essential when giving up your ass to a hard cock. I could tell Monica appreciated me controlling the situation as she adjusted to being anally penetrated. After a few minutes of helping Heath gently work his entire cock into her rectum, I slid beneath her. Our bodies were pressed together while she was being fucked - it was as if we were fucking each other! Her moans and cries were even louder at this point! Heath couldn't hold back any longer, and I reached around and gently grasped the base of his cock so I could feel the spasms as it filled Monica's ass with hot semen. After a quick clean-up, she was at it again! Attacking my pussy, licking and sucking like a pro. She asked for a dildo and filled my pussy while she continued to flick her tongue over my clit and suck on my pussy lips. My hands were grabbing at her head, pushing her face deeper into my pussy. Monica was so turned on by going down on me that she started yelling for Heath to fuck her. He was ready for round two and quickly moved behind her and began fucking her from behind. Monica then told him she wanted to watch him fuck me, so she moved up to sit on my face, and Heath began pumping his cock into me. But Monica didn't last long in this position. She wanted to lay down on the bed, so I moved between her legs so I could eat her pussy, and Heath fucked me from behind. I loved the feel of him pumping into me, pushing my face deep into her extremely wet pussy. Heath finally came inside me, and I think Monica was finally satisfied, too. We slept for a few hours, then Heath drove her home. We plan to see each other again in a few weeks!
  4. In 1982, after a few years of looking, one night before going out she asked me, "Do you still want to share me with another man?" I replied "Of course". When we got to the night club she said, "Give me 20 minutes before you go in, I'll be more likely to get hit on if I am alone." I entered, and there she was sitting at the bar with a young college boy. His name was Steve. When she introduced me to him, he said "You didn't tell me that you are married." She said "Does that really matter?" I knew then, that tonight, it was finally going to happen. She teased him relentlessly. She had on a red dress with no bra. It had a plunging V between her breasts, and the sides were wide open from her arm pits to her waist. He could see the entire side of her tit and her nipple was plainly visible. They got up and danced to a fast rock song, her dress slipped from off one shoulder, then the other, exposing her entire upper torso above her waist. She danced and her shapely 36c breasts swayed to and fro, for the entire nightclub to see. After a minute or so she slowly raised her dress back onto her shoulders. Then they returned to the bar, she said, "I'm hot, come on boys, take me for a ride." I drove, and Steve directed me to a secluded spot, out in the country. He was in the backseat with her, and was rubbing her breasts. When we arrived, I joined them in the back of the van. Steve and I lowered her dress. I sucked on her right tit as he did the same to her left one. She was rubbing his cock thru his pants, when she blurted out. "Oh, that's a nice one." His hand was all the way up her legs under the dress and he was fingering her pussy thru her panty hose. Then she arose, and removed her dress and hose and said, "Sorry honey, guests go first." She laid down and spread her legs, exposing her hairy cunt for his pleasure, and hers. Steve unbuckled and exposed his manhood. He was about 6"+ inches long, but his cock was really fat. Karen winced as the girth of his cock split her labia apart and drove all the way into her. As he was humping her it occurred to me that we never discussed whether she would let another man cum in her, but knowing her, I was sure she would. She had an IUD so she was protected from pregnancy. I could see Steve tense up and he plunged all the way inside of her as he grunted his orgasm. When he got off of her, I couldn't believe what I saw, his spunk was gushing out of her, and left a big puddle of his semen on the car floor. It was now my turn to mount her. I stuck my 7-1/2-inch very skinny cock into her. I couldn't believe the sensation. Her cunt was red hot from the friction of his cock rubbing against her vaginal wall. I slid right in because his slimy cum had lubricating her normally very dry passage. I didn't last long because of the feeling of her used pussy. I came and added my semen to his. We went back to the club to have one last drink. As she stood there, she told me it was time to go home, because cum was running down her leg, and was visible to others. it was obvious she had sex with the two of us, and where our semen was deposited. Now I have to say, after numerous encounters, a few times after having sex with a guy, and him cumming in her, as I laid there she would pass her used cunt over my face to show me what she had done. I couldn't bring myself to put my tongue on her just used pussy, although I'm sure she would have loved it if i would clean her, and I'm sure she was giving me a hint. But no. I didn't desire another man's cum in my mouth, but sloppy seconds and another man's semen on my cock, didn't bother me. My wife dislikes condoms, and hates facials or the mess of cumming on her breasts or stomach. She gets most of her satisfaction from a man ejaculating inside her. It has been medically proven that when a man cums in a woman, the hormones from his semen are absorbed thru the vaginal walls into her bloodstream. The result of this is a euphoric feeling of relaxation for the woman. Ever notice how a woman, who has just been inseminated, will lay there in a daze or goes to sleep? I have read that a man's DNA can be found in the woman's body afterwards. So if you are sharing your wife for her pleasure, being inseminated by the bull is I know what my wife desires, and very likely yours.
  5. In 1982, after a few years of looking, one night before going out she asked me, "Do you still want to share me with another man?" I replied "Of course". When we got to the night club she said, "Give me 20 minutes before you go in, I'll be more likely to get hit on if I am alone." I entered, and there she was sitting at the bar with a young college boy. His name was Steve. When she introduced me to him, he said "You didn't tell me that you are married." She said "Does that really matter?" I knew then, that tonight, it was finally going to happen. She teased him relentlessly. She had on a red dress with no bra. It had a plunging V between her breasts, and the sides were wide open from her arm pits to her waist. He could see the entire side of her tit and her nipple was plainly visible. They got up and danced to a fast rock song, her dress slipped from off one shoulder, then the other, exposing her entire upper torso above her waist. She danced and her shapely 36c breasts swayed to and fro, for the entire nightclub to see. After a minute or so she slowly raised her dress back onto her shoulders. Then they returned to the bar, she said, "I'm hot, come on boys, take me for a ride." I drove, and Steve directed me to a secluded spot, out in the country. He was in the backseat with her, and was rubbing her breasts. When we arrived, I joined them in the back of the van. Steve and I lowered her dress. I sucked on her right tit as he did the same to her left one. She was rubbing his cock thru his pants, when she blurted out. "Oh, that's a nice one." His hand was all the way up her legs under the dress and he was fingering her pussy thru her panty hose. Then she arose, and removed her dress and hose and said, "Sorry honey, guests go first." She laid down and spread her legs, exposing her hairy cunt for his pleasure, and hers. Steve unbuckled and exposed his manhood. He was about 6"+ inches long, but his cock was really fat. Karen winced as the girth of his cock split her labia apart and drove all the way into her. As he was humping her it occurred to me that we never discussed whether she would let another man cum in her, but knowing her, I was sure she would. She had an IUD so she was protected from pregnancy. I could see Steve tense up and he plunged all the way inside of her as he grunted his orgasm. When he got off of her, I couldn't believe what I saw, his spunk was gushing out of her, and left a big puddle of his semen on the car floor. It was now my turn to mount her. I stuck my 7-1/2-inch very skinny cock into her. I couldn't believe the sensation. Her cunt was red hot from the friction of his cock rubbing against her vaginal wall. I slid right in because his slimy cum had lubricating her normally very dry passage. I didn't last long because of the feeling of her used pussy. I came and added my semen to his. We went back to the club to have one last drink. As she stood there, she told me it was time to go home, because cum was running down her leg, and was visible to others. it was obvious she had sex with the two of us, and where our semen was deposited. Now I have to say, after numerous encounters, a few times after having sex with a guy, and him cumming in her, as I laid there she would pass her used cunt over my face to show me what she had done. I couldn't bring myself to put my tongue on her just used pussy, although I'm sure she would have loved it if i would clean her, and I'm sure she was giving me a hint. But no. I didn't desire another man's cum in my mouth, but sloppy seconds and another man's semen on my cock, didn't bother me. My wife dislikes condoms, and hates facials or the mess of cumming on her breasts or stomach. She gets most of her satisfaction from a man ejaculating inside her. It has been medically proven that when a man cums in a woman, the hormones from his semen are absorbed thru the vaginal walls into her bloodstream. The result of this is a euphoric feeling of relaxation for the woman. Ever notice how a woman, who has just been inseminated, will lay there in a daze or goes to sleep? I have read that a man's DNA can be found in the woman's body afterwards. So if you are sharing your wife for her pleasure, being inseminated by the bull is I know what my wife desires, and very likely yours.
  6. My name is Samantha, and I am 45 years old. My husband, Carson, is 42. We have been married for 20 years. We both had shared our beds with plenty of others before we met, and part of the reason we have always been drawn to each other is our strong sex drives. I love cock, and Carson loves pussy; it's as simple as that. We like to text each other with stories of our fantasies. We don't usually follow through on the fantasies that involve a third person - we just like to talk the fantasy as foreplay before making love. Recently, however, something very different did happen. After losing several pool games to my husband at the bar, I read his written fantasy in the bathroom. My job, as the loser, is to follow through with whatever he asks me to say or do to get him hot before we go home. The fantasy on this night included a threesome with a guy for me to pick up at the bar. I have great tits, so I really opened up my shirt and went out to look for someone to flirt with, so I could give my husband his 'fantasy.' When I walked out of the restroom, I ran right into a man who had been a short-time lover in college. His name was Stewart, and he looked as good as he did in college. He did not recognize me at first, but when he finally realized who I was, he went on and on about how great I looked. I told him I was at the bar with my husband. I had enough to drink that I even told him about our fantasy nights. I asked him if he would show me where he was sitting, and I would pretend not to know him and try to flirt and pick him up. He thought this would be great fun and told me where he and two of his business partners were sitting. I returned to my husband, who had a naughty look on his face since he knew I had just read his fantasy. I told him I would comply. I talked to a couple of different tables of people and then settled in at Stewart's table with his friends. Stewart pretended not to know me, and I am sure his friends thought I was a little bold. I let him buy me a drink and caress the inside of my thigh in my short skirt. As he was touching my leg, I could tell that he was starting to breathe faster, and I knew I was getting wet, or should I say, wetter. I knew my husband could see all of this from across the room, hoping he would not get upset. Stewart's fingers kept inching up my thigh, high enough I had to put my hand on his to stop them from reaching my pussy. I was feeling quite warm and a little hazy with this experience. I was wondering if my husband would actually allow me to go through with the 'fantasy.' Soon my husband wandered over to talk. He introduced himself to Stewart and his colleagues as my husband, but Stewart left his hand and fingers in place. Carson did not challenge him but seemed to appreciate that Stewart was enjoying me. Stewart's friends were very uncomfortable and got up to play pool. My husband shocked me when he came right out and asked Stewart if he would like to fuck his wife? I was even more shocked when Stewart said he would actually pay money if my husband would allow him to do just that. The two went to the bathroom and apparently negotiated a 'price' that my husband has not revealed to me even yet. When they returned, they grabbed their jackets and looked at me, indicating we were all leaving. My husband and I rode together with Stewart following. My husband told me that he was giving me a free night, and I could do whatever I chose. I could tell Stewart had not told him we had been lovers in the past. We arrived at our home, and Carson, Stewart, and I got naked in our hot tub. Stewart was sitting beside me and kept putting his fingers in my pussy and his mouth on my tits. He was so incredibly hard, and I could tell that my husband enjoyed watching this. I kissed Stewart back and put my mouth on his very nice-sized dick. He moaned out loud the entire time I had my mouth on him. He pulled me up to him and asked me to pay some attention to my husband because he was worried my husband would stop this game if he was not being attended to. I put my head under the water to put my mouth on my husband's dick. The warm water and my warm mouth made it hard for him to keep control. Both men touched my pussy and my breasts the entire time the other was touching me. I was so hot I could hardly stand it. I really needed to be fucked. I decided my husband would probably prefer me to fuck Stewart before him. I took Stewart's hand and led him to our bedroom. I had not remembered much about sex with him from college, but he clearly had picked up some skills since that time. He gave me fantastic oral sex with his warm tongue and mouth probing my pussy and sucking on my clit. He gave my tits even more attention; maybe he remembered that I liked that. We went at it a long time, and occasionally my husband would lie beside me and put his warm mouth on my mine or suck on my tits. He was clearly enjoying another man enjoying me. Finally, Stewart could take it no longer, and he started to fuck me with his dick. He had lovely long rhythmic strokes, and I came twice when he was on me. Stewart told me he wanted me to suck my husband while he was coming in my pussy. I got the impression that my husband had made this request of him at an earlier time. I gave my husband the best blow job he had in years with what he thought was a stranger fucking me long and slow from behind. I was shocked that both men got off almost simultaneously. I don't think either knew the other was about to cum. It was so fucking hot I could not believe it. Stewart quickly got up and got dressed, he came over and gave me a short warm french kiss when I still had my husband's cum in my mouth, and then he left. I was still quite excited, and my husband was ready for round two already. We had some of the most incredible couple sex that I can remember on that night. We touched every orifice of each other's bodies with our mouths and tongues, and we fucked for hours. The next day, we were both spent, and not a word was ever mentioned about Stewart since. I don't know if a dollar amount was ever exchanged or how much. My husband has no idea that Stewart and I had been lovers in the past. He would probably not mind. I keep wondering if we will run into Stewart again sometime. I think both my husband and I would both be pleased. I will write if it happens again.
  7. We weren't new to finding my wife a new fuck toy. We had enjoyed a threesome with a friend twice before. So when we decided it was time for another, we headed into the city to find her a new man. I directed her preparations, getting her dressed in a black, wrap-around dress, sheer black pantyhose, and high heels. She doesn't need a bra even though her breasts are very full. So naturally, we left that out. I had her lay back on our bed and spread her legs. I took a pair of scissors and carefully cut away the crotch of her pantyhose to expose her shaven pussy. Unable to help myself, I buried my face in there for a few minutes, just to get the heat going. We caught a cab into town and went to a fancy restaurant. With her beautiful long black hair, sparkling eyes, and smiling face, there she was, seeming so demure in this respectable place. I thought of her exposed pussy while we ate and discussed where to go looking for her extra man. We decided that a strip club would be a good place since the men would already be in the right frame of mind and less likely to be shocked by our intended proposal. It took us a few different clubs before we found one that seemed suitable, and we settled down to watch. As men moved around the club, I could see my wife checking them over, looking for one she liked. It didn't take long before she pointed out a man to me. He was sitting right in front of the catwalk watching the strippers perform, though I noticed him stealing glances at my wife from time to time. While it's not unheard of for couples to be in such a club, there were no other female customers here tonight, and I guess her presence was kind of obvious. I leaned over to her and whispered, "Why don't you let him see what he wants to see?" She smiled in that deliciously naughty way of hers. I felt myself growing hard as I watched her adjust the fold of her dress, so it parted nearly to her crotch. Then she slowly opened her legs so the guy (and any others looking, and they were looking) could see between her legs. Could see she was exposed. I looked at her eyes and saw she was looking straight at the guy she had picked. Not wanting to frighten him off, I didn't look at him immediately. Instead, I let my gaze wander slowly around the room, noticing a few smiles here and there as men noticed the new view. When I did look at the guy, he was still looking, as discreetly as he could manage, between her legs. I smiled to myself and knew we had our man. I asked my wife if I should be the one to approach him, and she thought that would work best, so I got up and slowly walked around the end of the catwalk and sat in a chair beside him. He knew where I had come from and got very nervous for a moment. He probably thought he was about to have a scene with the jealous husband of a flirtatious wife. However, I quickly put him at ease, said a friendly hello, and asked him if he thought my wife was attractive. He couldn't help stealing another glance at her still open legs. I was so turned on by the fact that she was still sitting this way, knowing that men were looking at her. She usually is very nervous about public places. I think the knowledge of what we were here for, a few drinks, and the rather decadent atmosphere of the place had worked a charm on her. Whatever, she looked glorious sitting there with the tops of her lips just visible above the cushioning of her chair. I told the guy that my wife liked to have extra men sometimes and asked him if he was interested? He eagerly agreed he was, so I invited him to our table. I directed him to a chair beside my wife and introduced him in the manner of, "Your name is...?" Not the most graceful way, but effective nevertheless. He quickly relaxed with her. She can really put a man at ease when she wants, and I swear you could almost feel real heat from the sensuality pouring out of her just then. I leaned close to them both and suggested he get a little more familiar with my wife before we left. She smiled at him, and after a brief hesitation, he leaned forward to kiss her. As he did, he put his hand on her thigh, which she grabbed and slid up between her legs, kissing him back hard and passionately. I must admit, I was a little nervous at this point. I mean, it was turning me on like crazy, but I was worried about getting thrown out, or worse. I glanced around the room to see what was going on. A lot of men were watching, some surreptitiously, but a few quite openly. I could see the bouncer moving through the club, but he seemed unconcerned by the events at our table. I asked my wife and friend if they'd like a drink? My real intention is to leave them alone for a while. Alone? Here? Anyway, I went for drinks and returned to find them sitting close, and with his hand now more 'properly' resting on her leg. She had adjusted her dress, too, though most of her legs were still showing. We finished our drinks and were ready to leave when my wife announced she wanted to visit the ladies room. We both watched her walk across the room and down the stairs to the restrooms. Several minutes went by, and when she still hadn't returned, I grew a little anxious. My biggest concern in such activities is her safety, physically and sexually. I realized many men could well be thinking she was a loose woman to be had by any who wanted her. I was just getting up from my chair when she appeared, with a young, about 20-ish man following her. She seemed relaxed, so I realized she was in control. As she reached the table, she gave me an odd smile I hadn't seen before. The young man was somewhat flustered but managed to get out that he wondered what was going on? He realized something sexual was in the works and wanted to be a part of it. This was only our first time with a man we didn't know, and I didn't think my wife would go for two men. The young man continued to say that he only wanted a blowjob and something about his girlfriend who wouldn't do it. I looked at my wife, expecting to see a clear sign of "no." To my surprise, she smiled at the fellow and said, "It's entirely up to my husband, whatever he wants me to do." I think I nearly came in my pants right then and there. I don't know where this wanton surrender in my wife was coming from, but I liked it a lot! Conscious still that we had been perhaps too demonstrative earlier, I thought it best not to leave as a group of four. I told the young man to wait outside for us, and we'd follow in five minutes. He almost ran out the door. When about the right time had passed, we got up and headed for the door, our picked man with his arm around my wife and me following behind. When we got outside, we saw the younger guy waiting and walked over to him. "Where shall we go?" I asked rhetorically, looking around this inner suburb of shops and office buildings. Across the road, I saw a tall building, set back from the road, with concrete abutments or trusses, whatever they're called, which would provide a dark area for this tryst. I indicated my choice, and we moved off. As we got closer, I saw some bushes which would add to our cover and pointed the area out to my wife. "Be sure to swallow," I said to her. She gave me this hungry grin, took the young man by his hand, and led him into the dark. The other guy and I were only 10 feet away, so we could see clearly as she backed him to the wall, knelt down, and took his erect cock out of his pants. With an endearing glance up at his face and a smile, she thoughtfully pulled her hair to one side so her audience could watch as she took him into her mouth. There she was, my beautiful, classily dressed wife, kneeling on concrete in a not too clean area, moving her head slowly back and forth on this guy's cock while her husband and a complete stranger watched her. She knew it, and she was obviously enjoying herself hugely. We listened to the wet sucking noises as she slid forward on his dick till her nose was against his fly. Then pulling back till the tip of his cock just rested on her lower lip and tongue, then diving forward to swallow him again and again. It was fantastic to watch. The guy beside me said, "This is going to be a terrific evening." No kidding! In just a few minutes, the young guy convulsed, and I saw my wife pull back on his cock, keeping his cock head firmly locked within her lips as his hips spasmodically shook. Several times I saw her throat contract as she swallowed his hot cum load. When he subsided, she noisily sucked on his knob. With her thumb against the underside of his cock, forefinger on top, she stroked up the length of him, coaxing the last white pearls of cum out of his tube. These she held on her tongue and then turned to us with her tongue out so we could see before she swallowed the last of her sexy treat. The young fellow mumbled thanks and literally ran down the street. Back to his girlfriend, I guess - maybe she was waiting for him somewhere. My wife adjusted her dress, and we three proceeded to the other guy's place, which he had told us was just down the street. It turned out he was caretaking at this old theater, and as he let us in, we could smell those odors only such an old pace can have. We passed through the foyer where drinks and popcorn would have been sold, then through the traditional curtains and into the theater itself. This was a stage theater, I discovered, with rows of fold-up seats climbing in tier after tier towards the back where we stood. We walked down the ramp towards the stage. Our host disappeared for a moment and switched on the stage spotlights. We climbed up onto it and spent a few minutes checking out the props and other clutter I didn't recognize. We started horsing around a bit, moving about on stage, but gradually the mood changed, and as my wife would pass by one of us, we would caress her briefly. The caresses were soon replaced by fast gropes, and as we men moved closer towards her, she was forced to stop. We both began stroking her body, still standing. As the other guy moved in front of her to kiss her, I moved behind her. I knelt, reaching up under her dress and grabbing the tops of her stockings, pulled them slowly down her legs, leaving her naked under her dress. When they were pooled around her ankles, I got her to lift one foot then the other, sliding both stocking and shoe off each time. I stood back for a moment and watched them as they embraced, kissing deeply. After a moment, they pulled back slightly, and I took my wife's shoulders from behind and pulled her another step away, keeping her facing him. I teased the tie of her dress undone, then slowly opened its folds one side, then the other, pulling it back to fully reveal her body to the other guy's hungry eyes. I ran my hands up and down her body a few times, cupped and squeezed those gorgeous tits, then slid my hands higher, to her shoulders, and away, causing her dress to fall to the floor behind her. I pulled her to me, my hands again caressing her breasts and belly. I reached down lower and pushed my fingers between her legs, not surprised to find her already wet. With my other hand, I tilted her head back slightly, then brought my glistening wet fingers up to her mouth and painted her lips with her own juices. Her lips parted, and a soft moan escaped as her tongue came out to taste my fingers, which I offered now for her to suck. Kneeling down once more behind her, I pressed outwards on her ankles, and she understood, moving her feet apart. I pushed harder, and she responded, spreading her feet as far apart as she could while standing. I ran my hands up the outsides of her legs and back down, then brought one hand inside to run slowly up her leg till I reached her shaved sex. She shuddered at the contact, and her hips moved slowly as I put two fingers inside her, then three. She started to move faster, but I restrained her. I meant to display her to our guest and didn't want things to progress too far too fast. I removed my fingers and used them to spread her moisture all around her lips, massaging them and her clit, then spreading her slippery lips as best I could for the other guy to see. I made a motion to him to undress, for he was standing there mesmerized. He understood and quickly lost all his clothing. I stood and again pulled my wife's head back against my shoulder, then lifted her arms up and back. I knew this would display her breasts beautifully, and with her legs open, the bright spotlights I was sure would be glinting off her wetness. I waved the guy forward, offering my wife's body to him. He came forward and kissed her neck, moving down to her breasts, her belly, and finally her pussy. She quivered powerfully as his tongue made contact, and soon I had to help her remain standing as her arousal built. Before she came, I interrupted the proceedings, wanting her to be screaming to be fucked. She loved/hated this, but it always gave her more powerful orgasms later. I spread her dress on the wood of the stage and pulled her down on it. We both now had at her in earnest. He was sucking noisily on one breast, then the other, as I took my turn between her legs, licking and sucking her into my mouth and wriggling out of my clothes at the same time. She was soon sopping wet, and the other guy was now kneeling over her face, and she was sucking his dick for all she was worth. Her breasts were flushed and her nipples hard. Her belly was shaking with approaching orgasm, and one hand was clutching her dress on the floor in a death grip. I paused for a moment, stunned by what I was watching, by what I had seen her do tonight, how she was being so incredibly uninhibited. I had to fuck her right then. I quickly got to my knees and spread my own legs wide to lower myself into position without lying on top of her. I didn't want her to stop sucking his dick, and I wanted to watch those tits bounce with my thrusts. As I placed the head of my cock in position, I held there a moment as I reached to grab her raised and very spread thighs for purchase, then thrust violently into her. Her hands flashed up to grab the other guy's legs, seeming to need to pull his dick right down her throat in response to my entry. Indeed, his balls were occasionally bouncing on her nose as she swallowed the length of him. I was crazy with my need and pounded at my wife's pussy as hard as I could, as fast as I could. In barely a minute, I just couldn't hold on anymore, and throwing my head back, I released a primal yell as I shot my semen into her body. This triggered my wife's orgasm, and a choking cry wrenched from her around the generous cock filling her throat. She contracted so hard on me, I could barely thrust into her. With each pulse, I would pull almost completely out of her. Then slam as hard as I could to the hilt, holding this position a moment, then repeating until finally I was spent. Even now, she was still spasmodically clenching her muscles around my dick. She had lost the other guy's dick, and her head was thrown back in a silent scream. I had never seen her come so strongly before. Her back was arched, and ripple after ripple raced through her body. She gasped in a breath, then another, and finally relaxed back down to the floor. She rested there a moment, then opened her eyes, looking for the cock she had so recently been sucking. As she returned it to her mouth, she sucked more languidly, nibbling and licking, reaching up to taste his balls. After a moment, I slid out of her, and she expressed a disappointed mew at my absence. As I sat back from them, exhausted, she pulled the guy down to lie on the floor and repositioned herself to better give attention to his throbbing cock. My wife gives incredible deepthroat head, and she worked slowly, skillfully on him as I watched. After a time, he pulled her down to him, rolled her onto her back, and, lying beside her, buried his fingers into her dripping sex as he sucked hard on her nipples. My wife was so wanton. She opened her legs as wide as she could, offering this stranger total access to her body. I stepped down from the stage and climbed three rows up to sit and watch the remainder of the show. The guy was still playing with my wife's pussy, and his hand glistened wetly in the lights. He had moved around slightly, so she had room to spread her legs wider until her pussy stood out from her body in all its dripping, pink glory. I could see her whispering to him, probably telling him what she wanted. I intently watched as he moved around to kneel between her legs. As he did, my wife raised her arms above her head and crossed her wrists. I knew what this meant. She likes to be tied occasionally, to be submissive for a while, to be without control. What my shameless wife was doing was totally abandoning herself to this man's need. I felt myself hardening again. The guy had begun finger fucking her, and I could hear the wet slurping from my vantage point. I felt like a voyeur, for I was in relative darkness while they remained under the bright spotlights. They could not see me, but I could see everything. He had started out gently and slowly, but my wife seemed to be encouraging more effort. I could not hear her words, but I recognized the signals. I leaned forward in my seat as I saw him put all four fingers inside her. I knew he would never get fully inside her this way, she was way too tight, and I could see in the tension of her body that it must be hurting her slightly, yet still, she encouraged him. He started pumping his hand at her harder and faster, and again I could see her fists clenching as the climax approached. He must have gotten too carried away at one point because she suddenly reached down with one hand to slow him. I saw her say something, then he continued, again building up slowly and watching her for any signal. He must have got it right, for soon she was bucking madly against his hand. I was stunned to see her reach right down, grab his wrist and pull his hand into her, as hard as she could, as she thrashed and gyrated against his knuckles. As she relaxed, she let go of his wrist, and he slowly pulled his fingers out of her. We occasionally had really hard sex, but for only a few minutes at a time, and only once in a while. Now, my dear wife had been fucked hard by me and had now had four fingers spreading her wider open than ever before. He must have been in nearly to his last knuckles. I had a new perspective on my wife's sexual appetites. She had to be sore, yet she must know he would want to fuck her now. Indeed, his cock was ramrod straight, and as he moved tentatively over her, she opened her arms to receive him. He laid upon her, squashing her tits with his chest. Remembering what he saw me do earlier, possibly at her suggestion, he brought his slippery hand up to her mouth and smeared the mixture over her lips. As before, her lips opened to accept this offering, and one by one, she sucked them clean. They kissed, and he rolled a bit to one side to squeeze a breast. After a few minutes, she planted her feet flat on the floor and began moving her hips gently. He knew what she wanted, and I saw his butt rise up as her hand snaked down to grasp him and bring him to her tortured pussy. He eased slowly, carefully into her, and I saw a brief frown of pain cross her face. She held him still against herself for a few moments, then began running her fingernails along his back. They whispered a few words to each other, then he began to move on her. Though she had to be very tender, her arousal was obviously growing. Soon I saw her spread her legs wide once more, wanting him deeper inside her body, giving him maximum penetration. He began to thrust in longer strokes, and his tempo increased. My wife wrapped her legs around him, hooking her heels behind his butt in a way I knew well and pulling him into her harder. Much as when he had fisted her, she seemed unable to get it hard enough, and her heels slid from him as she tried in vain to pull him in harder. So she dropped her feet to the floor and began bucking at him savagely. He slid his hands under her and gripped her shoulders, and I could see the muscles in his arms and back straining as he pulled her down onto his thrusting cock harder and faster. I couldn't believe the ferocity of the passion I was witnessing. My wife is very passionate, yes, but this was amazing. A few minutes more, and her orgasm was punctuated by another scream as she went rigid beneath his pounding body. She fought for breath as he continued pumping, her eyes half-open but unseeing. His ass was almost a blur. The wet smack of their groins meeting became nearly continuous music of animal passion. Finally, he burst inside her, starting another orgasm in my wife. As they slowed, then stopped, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and squeezed him tightly. When she finally lay back, I could see tears in her eyes. For a moment, I feared she had been injured, but the smile on her lips told me that she was in that rare place she goes; when the passion has so moved her, she cries with the joy of it. I relaxed and smiled in turn. I stood and walked down the ramp and climbed the stage. I walked to their sweaty bodies and sat near them. He was still inside her, and I knew she liked that. She looked at him, wriggled her hips playfully, and breathlessly whispered to him, "That was so good, so good. Yum." She stretched then, like a great purring cat, and reaching back, took my hand. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I love you. Thank you for tonight." Then she laughed, and moaned saying, "I am so fucked." We couldn't make love for several days afterward, but the following weeks were some of the best sex we have ever had. We can hardly wait for the next time...
  8. So this morning we started talking about the idea of having Mrs. E pick up a new playmate in a bar over the long weekend. It felt like a great idea when I was fucking her, then I was going to drop it, but she brought it back up again on her own tonight and we're game. When we did something like this on vacation, it was after a half dozen duds when prospective vanilla playmates realized there was another man in the picture and scattered. We'd like it to be a little less drawn out than that, and I know a lot of couples here have had some fun this way. Any advice on how to approach this and introduce the idea?
  9. The following is a work of fiction, the product of my own pervy imagination. Enjoy. "I'm just saying," Dan said quietly, "conference sex is a thing." "Geez, honey," Jenn rolled her eyes. "It's a work conference, not one of your pervy fantasies." The airport crowds flowed around the young couple, people drifting in and out of shops and food stands or making their way to the security lines that stood between them and their flights. "Why can't it be both?" Dan grinned. "Perv," Jenn growled, but she knew wouldn't have him any other way. "All I'm saying is..." Dan started. "... that if some guy tries to pick me up at the hotel bar, you're ok with me *fucking* him," Jenn whispered hotly. She couldn't deny the flutter in her stomach, or perhaps a bit lower down, the thrill at the very idea. "Well..." Dan flushed. "You're a perv," Jenn replied with an amused grin. "Have fun with the house to yourself. Try not to spend the whole time I'm gone jerking off to porn." "No promises," Dan grinned back. <<<>>> "You can do this," Jenn told herself, nervously, tugging at the hemline of the slinky black dress. "You want to do this. It will be fun." She was fairly certain buying the little dress in the first place had been Dan's idea. He'd said she would look hot in it. Considering her reflection in the hotel room mirror, Jenn had to admit he had a point. The dress's little spaghetti straps left her shoulders bare, showing off her fair skin down to the swell of her breasts - not huge, but not bad, she thought. The dress clung to her curves, emphasizing the tight belly she worked hard to maintain. The hemline was worrying. It was low enough to be decent, but seriously bordered on slutty. Tugging the hem down had helped a little, until she noticed that her tits were now in danger of popping out the top. With a sign, she gave it up. Grabbing her little clutch purse, she walked out of the hotel room before she changed her mind. With a grin, she pulled her phone out of her purse. After all, half the point of doing this was to give Dan a thrill, and she couldn't do that if she didn't keep him in the loop. As she walked down the hotel hall, she hit speed dial. "Hi, honey. How's the conference?" Dan answered. "Boring seminars, pushy vendors, the usual," Jenn said breezily. "Having fun?" Dan sounded amused. "Oh yeah," Jenn replied, dripping sarcasm. "I just love it. What are you up to?" "Oh, you know... wild party, drinking, smoking pot, a bunch of naked coeds in the hot-tub begging to suck me off," Dan lied. Laughing, Jenn rolled her eyes. "You're bored and watching late-night TV, aren't you?" "How did you know?" Dan asked. "We don't have a hot-tub," Jenn pointed out. "Fair point," Dan conceded. "What are you up to?" "Well..." Jenn hesitated, suddenly nervous again. "What are you doing?" The sound of Dan's excitement was like ice and fire in her veins. "I thought I'd go down to the hotel bar," Jenn replied, trying to sound nonchalant. "Looking for a guy?" Dan said, teasing. "Perv," Jenn laughed, feeling that low-down flutter. "I'm meeting some friends for drinks... but..." "But what?" Dan said slowly. "Remember that little black dress you liked?" Jenn replied. "Yes?" With a wicked grin, Jenn noticed a mirror in the hallway. Striking as sultry a pose as she could, she snapped off pic with her phone and sent it. "Wow." His response was breathless. "I thought you'd get a kick out of that," Jenn teased, thrilled that his response was everything she'd wanted. She didn't, however, expect what came next... though in retrospect, she knew she probably should have. "Are you wearing panties?" Dan asked. "Yes... perv," Jenn replied, with a nervous laugh. Admittedly, the little black thong she had on under the dress wasn't much, but it was there. "Take 'em off," Dan said. "No," Jenn gasped, shocked. "Take your panties off," Dan insisted. "No," Jenn replied breathlessly. "You know how short this dress is." "Off. Right now." "Right... Dan, I'm in a hallway. I can't." Jenn laughed shakily. In fact, she'd reached the elevators at the end of the hall. Sure, it was empty now but someone could arrive at any moment. She could see herself reflected in the mirrored surface of the elevators doors, sexy in a slinky dress. Dan said nothing. He was just waiting, she knew, daring her to do it, to step the game up one more notch. The little low-down flutter had become a full, rolling wave... a sultry, hot, wet wave. Before she could lose her nerve, she reached up under the little dress and quickly pulled off her thong. Glancing at her reflection, she saw that, in the process, the perilously short hemline of her dress had been pushed from slutty to indecent. Flush with excitement, she pulled her dress up to allow an unobstructed peek at her pussy, snapped a quick pic of her reflection and sent it to Dan. "Beautiful," Dan panted over the phone. "I'll call you later, perv." Jenn's voice was husky to her own ears as she hung up. A second later the elevator dinged and the doors open. Jenn stood frozen, feeling sudden empathy for the proverbial deer caught in headlights. Despite her desperate desire to squeak and pull her dress down, she didn't move. Two men, plainly attendees at the same conference, stepped from the elevator, glancing at her with polite smiles. Both men froze suddenly. She saw their eyes widen as they took her in, her slinky black dress, her heaving cleavage, her hiked up skirt and the neatly trimmed landing strip of her naked pussy. Red-faced, one of the men looked quickly away and walked on past. The other man hesitated for a moment, drinking in the sight of her. Under his hot gaze, Jenn felt a surge of unmistakable desire. She made no move to cover herself. She didn't want to. "Good evening," the man said with a grin and then walked past her. Breathing heavily, Jenn stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby. It wasn't until she noticed her reflection the door again that she finally moved to fix her dress. <<<>>> Like what U C perv? Jenn's heart was racing as she fired off the text message to Dan, thinking about the picture she'd just sent. After inadvertently flashing the two men at the elevator, Jenn had been unable to concentrate on hanging out with her friends - really coworkers attending the conference with her. The talk, griping about work, supervisors and spouses, was all the same talk they had back home. Jenn's mind had kept wandering back to the elevator, to the looks the two men had given her as she stood there, bottomless. She couldn't shake the idea that Dan would love to hear about it, would probably ask why she hadn't fucked one of them. She thought about the second man, the long, hungry look he had given her, and wondered what she would have said, what she would have done, if he'd propositioned her. Finally, distracted from the banal chatter, she'd gotten up and gone over to the bar. Sitting at a bar stool, she'd felt her slinky black rise wickedly higher, felt the cool air teasing her naked thighs, and wondered how many of the guys were trying to peek up her skirt. That idea had started another wicked thought that grew in her mind until she had finally decided to give into it. As nonchalantly as possible, she'd taken out her phone, held it down by her knees and spread her legs. A quick click, and she'd taken a picture of her exposed pussy in a bar full of men, a picture which was now on its way to Dan along with her teasing text. She knew he'd love it. Glancing around the bar, she wondered if anyone had seen. After a few minutes, Dan hadn't replied to her text. She was disappointed before she realized the time difference might mean he hadn't seen it. She fired off another. JENN: U up? Haha Still no reply. "Excuse me, miss." Jenn jumped as the man's voice broke through her distraction. "Can I buy you a drink?" he asked, with a friendly smile. His name was Tim. He was staying at the hotel, attending the same conference she was. They talked for a while about the day's seminars, their respective workplaces, the hotel in general. Tim was friendly, flirty without being pushy, and Jenn found herself relaxing and enjoying herself. After a while, when Tim turned his attention to the bartender to refresh their drinks, she fired off another text to Dan, teasing that a guy had gotten her a drink. "Good phone," Tim said, looking back at her. "It's OK," Jenn shrugged. "Did the picture come out?" Tim said nonchalantly. "Picture?" Jenn felt suddenly hot and cold all at once. "What picture?" The bartender choose that moment to call Tim over, leaving Jenn shivering briefly in shock. She quickly fired off another text to Dan: OMG I think he saw me take that pic! By the time Tim got back, apologizing and explaining that there had been some error with his credit card, Jenn had managed to regain the appearance of calm, though her heart was pounding. "So," she said, trying to sound cool. "You saw me take a picture." "Maybe just a peek, really," Tim admitted with a barely hidden grin. "Really?" Jenn drawled, teasing. Tim just grinned, trying unsuccessfully to hide a glance down at her thighs. Jenn fidgeted in her seat. "So, who was it for?" Tim asked. "The picture. Was it for someone?" "My guy back home," Jenn admitted, feeling oddly relaxed about it suddenly. "Dan. He has these fantasies. I thought I'd indulge him a little." "Fantasies of you flashing at a bar?" Tim grinned. "Among other things," Jenn confessed, blushing. "Really?" Tim focused on his drink. Jenn leaned closer to him, speaking more softly. "Dan told me to take off my panties, before I came down to the bar." Tim's eyes flashed back down to her thighs again. "Did he? Had you leave them in your room." "No," Jenn said slowly. "They're in my purse. He had me take them off in the hallway." "He wants you to get seen, does he?" Tim's gaze rose to lock with Jenn's eyes. She felt a flush of heat rising in her cheeks and spreading down her neck. "Well, I did take a picture of my pussy in a bar full of people for him," she said. "How far do you want to go?" Tim's voice was low, husky. "What did you have in mind?" Jenn felt the blush spreading down her chest. "Give me your phone," Tim grinned. Slowly, Jenn slide it over. Grinning, Tim picked the phone up and took a couple of steps back. "Give ol' Dan a thrill," Tim said. Heart pounding, Jenn glanced around, looking at the other people around the bar. What the hell, she thought and spread her legs again on the barstool, exposing her bare pussy to Tim's gaze, and the gaze of anyone else who happened to look over. As Tim raised the phone to snap a pic, Jenn threw caution to the wind. With a quick motion, she grabbed the top of her slinky dress and pulled it down, flashing a naked tit too. Tim clicked the picture and stepped quickly back toward her. Hastily, Jenn covered herself again. Her heart was racing, and she was sure that blush covered her entire chest. The heat of it seemed to reach down toward the heat rising from her thighs. She wondered if Tim had noticed how wet her pussy was. Taking her phone back, she looked at the picture and smiled. Quickly, she sent it to Dan. She wondered if he would see it before morning. "There you go," Tim said smirking. "That ought to give ol' Dan what he wants." "Not even," Jenn laughed. "Really?" Tim looked intrigued. Leaning closer to her, he continued quietly, "You just flashed your tit -very nice tit, by the way - to like half the guys in this bar and at least a few of them will have noticed the 'no panties' bit too. What more does your guy want?" "Well," Jenn said, leaning closer too, until their faces were almost touching. "He has this fantasy." "What fantasy," Tim breathed. "He wants me to... fuck... another guy," Jenn's breath was coming in shallow gasps. "Like, here, at the conference. For real. Basically, he's a perv. Crazy, right?" "Crazy," Tim agreed. For a moment they just sat, their faces so close together. Jenn wondered if he was going kiss her. "What do you think?" Tim asked finally. "About what?" Jenn was puzzled. "About his fantasy." "I think..." Jenn paused. "I think I like it. I think... maybe I might do it. If I find the right guy." "Well," Tim leaned back suddenly, settling back in his seat. "If you find him, I'm sure you won't have any trouble convincing him." "Really," Jenn said, looking flatly at him. "Because I think maybe he might not be interested." "Not possible," Tim said. "If a beautiful, intelligent woman like you asked... I bet almost any guy here would jump at the chance." "You, sir, are a charmer and a gentleman," Jenn grinned. "Well, I try," Tim admitted with a smirk. "I am going back to my room now," Jenn said. "Well, good night." "Really? That's all? 'Good night'?" "Well..." "I am all alone here. My guy - the perv who wants me to fuck another guy, you recall - is all the way on the other side of the country. I have... no panties on and I am very... very horny. It seems to me that a gentleman would escort me back to my room. After all, anything could happen... anything." <<<>>> Jenn's hands shook as she fumbled to pull her hotel keycard from her purse. After her sultry almost-invitation in the bar, the ride up in the elevator had been oddly quiet. Tim had been calm, flashing his flirty smile but nothing more. Letting her take the lead, Jenn realized. She couldn't believe how nervous she felt. After all, she was only inviting a strange man she had just met at a conference up to her hotel room for sex because her guy... ok, she admitted, she could believe how nervous she was. What she couldn't believe was how excited she was, or how hard it was to take that stupid plastic card out of her purse. She jumped slightly when Tim's hand closed gently over her arm. "You don't have to do this, you know," he said softly. With that, her nervousness vanished as if it had never been. Slowly Jenn turned, her body brushing against Tim's as she reached up and kissed him. Her lips softly explored his. His arms closed around her, holding her firmly. "I want to," she breathed. His arms tightened around her, pulling her against him, kissing her with growing passion. She could feel his growing hardness pressing against her. "What do you want?" he said teasingly. "I want you to fuck me," Jenn panted. Tim dragged her mouth back to his, his lips and tongue hungrily exploring hers. His hands roamed over her back, reaching downward to cup her ass. Jenn moaned against him. She felt him pulling up the hem of her slinky little dress, felt his hands squeezing her naked ass, there in the hotel hallway. Her entire body quivered with desire. Pushing away enough to speak again, Jenn panted, "Let me... oohhh... let me open the door." Squirming in Tim's embrace, she managed to turn enough to face the door again and clawed at her purse for the keycard. Tim's hands continued to explore her body, squeezing her ass, rubbing along her side and her belly, reaching up to cup her breast. She managed to get the keycard out of her purse around the same time he pulled her dress down to expose her tits. His hard cock ground against her bare ass. She groaned as his fingers flicked over her sensitive nipple. "If you don't let me get this door open," Jenn moaned, "we are going to end up fucking in the hall." "Bet ol' Dan would love that," Tim muttered as he kissed her neck, his roaming fingers reaching around to brush along the wet folds of her naked pussy. Jenn groaned in response, forcing the keycard into the door and practically running inside as it finally opened. "Oh my god. This is so crazy," Jenn laughed as she heard the door swing close behind her. Unconsciously, her hands slid up her sides, moving to smooth her shirt. "Don't you dare," Tim chuckled. "What?" Jenn glanced over her shoulder at him, feeling a nervous flutter as she realized she was alone, in her hotel room, with him. "Don't fix your dress," Tim said. "Looks good just the way it is." "With my ass hanging out, you mean," Jenn smiled, her hands sliding down to cup her butt. "Exactly," Tim grinned. "You have a very nice ass." "You like it?" Jenn asked teasingly. "It's not too big?" "Your ass is firm and round. You have a beautiful ass," Tim replied. "Give me your phone." "My phone?" Jenn puzzled at the non-sequitur. "Well, I could take a picture with mine..." Tim said, reaching into his pocket. "Oh, no," Jenn replied, digging into her purse and tossing her phone to him. "That's how embarrassing pictures end up on the internet." "Precisely," Tim said, snapping a quick pic. "I mean, you wouldn't want to do anything crazy." "Absolutely not," Jenn laughed, cupping her ass and bending over slightly. "I am a very respectable woman, after all. I would never do anything wild or out of control. You know that, right?" She grinned as she looked back him, spreading her legs a little more. "Of course not," Tim nodded seriously. "And, after all, you're in a committed relationship so clearly you wouldn't want anyone to think you did anything inappropriate. Now turn around, so I can see your tits." Still laughing, Jenn turned, arching her back to show off her breasts. She couldn't believe she was doing this, standing in her hotel room, her slinky dress bunched up around her waist, letting a strange man snap pictures of her bare ass and tits... and pussy, she realized. Her smile faded as her breath quickened. Her eyes met Tim's and she saw, behind his joking and grins, a desire that reflected her own. For a long moment, they just stood there, facing each other across the room. Slowly, her eyes fixed on Tim's, Jenn slid the slinky dress's tiny spaghetti straps from her shoulders. She pushed the bunched fabric of the dress down past her hips, letting it slip down her legs to pool around her feet. Finally, she stepped out of her heels and took a step toward him. "You're gorgeous," Tim said huskily, then his teasing grin appeared again as he snapped another pic. "More pictures?" Jenn shook her head. "Well, I bet ol' Dan will get a thrill out of them," Tim replied lightly. "All right," Jenn said, stepping closer, moving quickly to hide her nervousness. "Let's take some pictures that will give him a real thrill." With firm deliberation, before she could chicken out, Jenn grabbed hold of Tim's slacks, undid the button and dropped to her knees in front of him. "Take some pictures that will really drive him wild," she said, forcing down Tim's zipper and pulling his pants down. "Oh my god," she breathed softly as Tim's dick jumped free of his boxers. Even only semi-erect, it was long, thick and veiny, plainly different from Dan's. So what, Jenn thought to herself as she wrapped quivering fingers around the thickening shaft. She'd seen other dicks. She'd held other dicks, but never a stranger's, and never while she was with another guy. Above her, Tim groaned in pleasure and that, it seemed, was enough to finally settle her nerves. Smiling, she looked up at him, at his face glazed with desire as she stroked his length. She looked up at the camera lens of her phone. Dan wanted this, she thought. He'd said so often enough. She'd sucked dick plenty of times before, she thought as her lips closed around Tim's thick tip. This time Tim would get to enjoy her mouth, enjoy her tongue swirling around him, and later Dan would get to enjoy seeing the pictures of his long, thick hard cock as it disappeared between her lips. "Oh, yes, that's so good," Tim moaned. Jenn quivered with desire. She felt nasty, kneeling there naked, eagerly bobbing her head up and down Tim's cock while he continued to take occasional pictures. "So good," Tim moaned again. "Oh yeah, so good. Fuck." "Yes," Jenn purred, keeping her lips against Tim's thick cock. "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, Tim." Groaning, Tim pulled his cock from her warm mouth. His strong hands grabbed her shoulders and lifted Jenn to her feet. She shivered with excitement as he pushed her slowly backward toward the bed. "This what you want?" Tim growled, his eyes intense. "Yes," Jenn panted. "I want this." "You like sucking my cock?" Tim's hands firmly cupped Jenn's heaving tits, squeezing and caressing them. She moaned as he roughly played with her sensitive nipples. "Yes," Jenn gasped. "You have such a nice, big cock. I love sucking your cock. Now I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your nice, big cock, Tim." She cried out as Tim pushed her roughly down onto the bed. Like an animal, he pounced over her. She moaned as his mouth latched onto her tits, roughly sucking and nipping at her sensitive mounds. "Oh, Tim," Jenn gasped as he kissed and bit down her side. "Hey, not so... oh, wow... oh... oh... Oh. My. God!" She cried out as he buried his face in her pussy. She arched her hips to meet him as his tongue parted her wet lips and lashed furiously against her clit. "Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod! Yes, there. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh. Oooohhhh, myyyy, God!" Jenn's whole body arched in pleasure, quivering as her shockingly sudden orgasm ripped through her. She collapsed, panting, onto the bed. Shivering, she looked up to see Tim looming over her, tossing the last of his clothes away. Out of a staid business suit, he looked powerful, muscular and wild. His long, thick cock stood proudly against his hard abs. "Tell me," he growled. "Tell me what you want." "I want..." Jenn gasped. "I want you to fuck me. Please, fuck me." He pushed closer, holding his cock in one hand as he guided it toward her dripping pussy. In the other hand... "My phone?" Jenn giggled. "I want ol' Dan to see this," Tim said firmly. "I want your pervy guy to see the moment, the exact moment, my cock... a stranger's cock... enters his woman. I want the perv to have this to jerk to... his Jenn's beautiful pussy taking another man's.... cock!" Jenn moaned as his tip entered her, parting her lips and stretching her slowly open. She shivered at his words, and at the nasty, wicked feeling of his strange cock inside her. She was doing it, she realized. She was letting a strange man fuck her. Her whole body arched up to meet him as his long shaft slowly filled her. "Yeah," Tim groaned. "He's going to like seeing this." "Put the phone down," Jenn purred. "Put that fucking phone away and fuck me." "Is that what you want?" Tim smiled wickedly, lightly tossing Jenn's phone aside. "Yes." She looked at him, thrilling to the hungry look in his eyes. "Yes, I want you to fuck me." Tim slowly pulled his cock back, until only the tip rested just within her dripping pussy. "You want a guy you just met to fuck you. A stranger, to fill you up with his cock." "Yes." Jenn writhed under him. "Yes, fuck me now." She gasped as Tim grabbed her waist. Her eyes locked on his as her body arched toward him. With a grunt, he thrust into her, filling her up with one swift motion. Their hips rocked together, her wet folds opening to receive him deep inside her. Jenn's whole body tingled as he thrust into her again and again, deep, steady, powerful thrusts that filled her over and over. She reveled in the feeling and the unshakable thought of how wicked this was. Wild, carnal pleasure climbed through her, exploding as she came again. "Oh my god!" she cried out, shaking as her body convulsed around his thrusting member. "Are you... still going?" "I'm not finished," Tim grinned, continuing to slide slowly inside her. "Not by a long shot." "Oh... my... god..." Jenn moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him deeper into her. She let herself go, moaning and crying out with wild, forbidden pleasure. Throughout, she kept her eyes on him, watching his unfamiliar body moving over hers, staring into his stranger's face has he grunted and thrust into her. Lust and pleasure climbed, peaked again with her desperate cries, and madly started to climb once more. Suddenly, Tim paused in his seemly tireless fucking. "What's that?" "What?" Jenn panted. It took a moment for her to realize that a new sound had been intruding on the moaning, grunting and slapping of flesh against flesh. A musical, birdlike chiming sound. It took another moment for Jenn to recognize the sound. "Oh, it's my phone." "Seriously?" Tim pushed himself slowly back inside her. "Someone's calling you now?" "Text alert," Jenn gasped. "Probably.... ooohhhh... Dan." "Dan? Ol' Dan!?" Tim laughed. Jenn groaned as Tim quickly pulled himself from her body. She felt shockingly empty, without him inside her. She was relieved to see that Tim staggered slightly as he stood. She watched, amused at the sight of his thick cock bobbing ahead of him as he fumbled around on the floor, grabbing her phone. "Hey, we missed a few," Tim grinned down at her phone. "Text from Dan: 'Hot pic." "Oh my god," Jenn buried her face in her hands, wondering which of the many naughty pics her guy was talking about. "'You naughty tease'," Tim read out. "Give it to me." Jenn reached out for the phone. "'Fell asleep. You have fun flashing the bar?'," Tim read. "Poor guy, he's missed all the fun. Should I send him some of our new pics?" "No!" Jenn gasped. "Give me my phone." "'You still up?'," Tim chuckled. "I certainly am," he added, flexing his raging hard cock. "Give it to me!" Jenn reached out for her phone. "Damn right I will," Tim grinned, leaping back onto the bed. Jenn squealed as he flipped her over onto her belly and dropped himself onto her back. She felt his slick, hard cock pressing between her thighs. "Not what I meant." Her gasp turned into a groan as he penetrated her again. "Here," Tim said into her ear. "You should really answer him." He started thrusting again, even harder and more passionate than before. The phone dropped in front of Jenn's face. "Go on, answer him." Tim grunted, pounding into her. Fumbling, Jenn grabbed her phone and tried to type out a reply. JENN: CEnt tAlk call pater Tim was driving fiercely into her now. Her whole body shook from the force of him in her. Tim was going wild, she realized, at the thought of her being on the phone with Dan while he fucked her. That idea, and his powerful thrusts, sent her own pleasure spiraling upward. She was dimly aware of the phone chiming again and again. DAN: U drunk lol? DAN: Jenn? DAN: U ok? DAN: JENN?!? She knew she had to respond with something. Desperately, she tried to cling to the phone long enough to type out a reply. JENN: C a 'll later JENN: nifht With that she pushed the phone away and thrust back to meet Tim's thrusting cock. Another orgasm crashed over her and Tim roared over her, driving his strange cock deep inside her. <<<>>> Jenn stared at the empty hotel bar. Other conference attendees moved through the lobby, heading for the morning seminars. She was sure that Tim was among them, but she didn't know where. He'd left during the night... after... One part of her mind shied away from the thought, but at the same she felt a tingle across her skin... her nipples... her pussy. She looked down at her phone. It felt hot in her hand. She hadn't dared to open the picture folder yet. She had to get it over with. She wondered if she would really dare to say anything when the time came. Her fingers shook as she pressed Dan's speed dial. "Hi, honey," Dan answered brightly.
  10. Tiffany and I had spent the last few months dating and spending just about every spare minute together. We didn’t take much “me” time, nor did we take time to hang out with friends. Truthfully we were so busy getting to know each other inside and out that we kind of lost track of time. On one hot Friday evening in July, we headed out for our weekly excursion into the nightlife of the local bars and hangouts. We cruised the street trying to decide what type of night we were looking for. Did we want to get blasted out of our minds and take a cab ride home and give the cabbie a little bit of a show? I remember this one time we were in the theater watching a rather boring romantic comedy, and we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other, well that’s for another time. Finally we got our minds together and decided on having a few beers and shooting some pool. The bar had some classic rock cover band playing a decent version of Seger’s “Turn The Page”. The crowd was not overly large, but a good mix of people listening and dancing to the music. Tiffany and I made our way out on the floor, just as the band changed sets. Next off the ivory keys of the piano was the intro to “Freebird”, the people all started to cheer and hoist their beers in the air, Tiff and I included. We started dancing slow and close, following the music as best as we could. As the song’s tempo sped up so did everyone, the night was starting to get be a lot of fun. After the song was done we made our way to the next open pool table. Tiff racked the balls for us. She leaned over the table with the triangular rack, and exposed her ample breasts to me, and whoever else might have been watching. She had the most perfect breasts I’d ever seen. Not much more than a handful, and they were perky. Supported by a red lace bra that was visible through the open front of her blouse. The blouse was tied at her belly button, and she had on a pair of hip hugger jeans. When she bent over to set the rack, you could see that she had on a pair of matching thong panties. I could see a man across the room sitting on a bar stool, checking her out from behind. Not that I minded, I knew when I took her out that the chances were good that she might get a few looks. Tiffany looked back over her shoulder at the stranger, and gave him a cunning little grin, then looked at me and did the same. Her locks of red hair draped across her shoulders as she gave me that look with those green eyes of hers. Yes those same green eyes that caught me off guard those few months ago when we first met. I knew the look, she had one of those naughty thoughts. It was time to break the balls, my break. The cue needed some chalk, so Tiff gave the end of my stick a little rub then blew off the excess dust with a soft sexy blow. Keeping eye contact with me, she made her way around my back while rubbing my crotch with her free hand. The room was dark, but still plenty of light for the man on the stool to see what was going on. My break sucked! I lost my concentration when my dick started to get a little hard when her hand passed over it. It obviously became her turn to try and make a shot. Hoisting her tight little round ass in the air, she leaned over the table and set her sights on the ball in the far right corner pocket. She had her mind set and focused in on the ball she wanted. Stroking the cue, contact was made with the cue ball and the one ball went into the corner pocket. She looked up at me with those sultry eyes, pausing on my throbbing manhood, and gave me that follow me look. We left the unfinished game on the table and made our way over to the bar for another round of beer. Tiffany put herself on a stool so that she was sandwiched in between both the stranger and myself, with her backed turned slightly towards the man we did not yet know. Our conversation was a little on the low side, expressing that we needed to get going back to our apartment in a little while to take care of some needs that were starting to develop. “I am starting to get a little horny.” she stated as a matter of fact. The gentleman at the next stool got a little grin. It was obvious that he could over hear our little conversation. Who cares if another man hears that my lady likes to get fucked once in a while. Maybe that is what is wrong with this world anyway, nobody gets laid enough! Tiffany reached out for my cock while we sat at the bar. I could feel the head of it rubbing on the seam of my jeans. She really was starting to play to the excitement of public exhibitionism. The more we fooled around in a crowd the wetter she would get. It was time to get out of there. The room was filled with smoke, I wasn’t sure if it was from the cigarettes or the heat coming off of my cock. We left our money on the counter, and made our way to the car. The way home was taking way too much time. Tiff would take her fingers and slide them down inside of her panties and rub her clit and dip them in her juices. She would tease me by putting them up to her lips and slowly suckle them one at a time, making sure that they were clean. My hard on kept bulging and throbbing, I didn’t know how much more I could take. Next she took her fingers out of her pussy and smeared her sauce all over her exposed nipples. Then she brought them up to my mouth only to let me see them by the light of the dashboard. At last we arrived home. The entry way was well lit and I could see that her tits were still hanging out for the world to see. Once through the door of the apartment, all bets were off. I started tearing at her clothes. First I ripped the buttons off of her blouse, and dropped it to the floor. With one swift motion I pushed her onto her back on the sofa and pulled her jeans off of her too. There she lay, on her back in just her under clothes. What a fine specimen she was. As I started to get myself undressed, there was a knock at the door. Before I could say anything Tiffany sprung from the sofa and answered the door, in just her bra and panties! “Well I see you found your way here alright!” she exclaimed. “You can’t get lost with a GPS, with the address you left on the matchbook, it makes it foolproof.” the stranger from the bar said. Much to my surprise the gentleman from the bar was standing at our front door. Tiffany reached out with one hand and led him into our living room. Not another word was said, and she had him sitting on the sofa. She took me by the hand and set me in a captains chair at the edge of the living room. Without hesitation she took out some scarves and tied my arms to the chair, and my feet together. Then she went into our bedroom toy box and retrieved a ball gag and placed it into my mouth. This was blowing my mind, she gave a strange man the address to our house and let him inside and tied me up. She was going to make me watch her fuck this guy. I couldn’t help it, I was at the edge of climax, and she hadn’t touched me yet. Making her way back to the sofa, she swayed her hips ever so slowly, displaying that firm ass of hers for me to see. Placing her hands on the back of the strangers head, she drew his face to her chest. He shook his face between her breasts, and used his teeth to open the last hook on the front of the bra, releasing them fully for both of us to see. Once he had her panties off her, she bent over while he leaned back onto the sofa. Her legs spread just enough so that I could see her freshly shaven pussy, glisten in the light. Tiffany got down on both knees and let the strangers cock out of its cage. It came to attention, and was ready for duty. She took the head of it between her lips, and grabbed the shaft with her hands. Gently she worked her mouth and hands in unison, lubing his mammoth cock with her own formula. After she had him good and wet, she straddled him like she was mounting a pony. She worked her way down his shaft an inch at a time, slowly she made her way to the base of his cock. Now that she was there she started to ride him with a varying tempo. Faster and faster she went. I could see everything from where I was. He parted her ass for a better view, and a little deeper penetration. Her pussy was full, and her labia swollen. All I could do was grown in agony, my cock was about to bust, I needed to get it out. Tiffany was looking at me with those eyes of hers, and she knew what I needed. Dismounting the stranger, she came to my rescue. She untied, and undid my gag. Refusing to touch my member, she brought me to the sofa this time. She laid the stranger on his back and climbed aboard. Again she slid down his cock and bottomed out. She lifted a little and he started pounding her pussy from underneath. Harder and harder, I could see the joy on her face, and hear the moans coming from her too. I stroked my cock and watched her fuck this guy I did not know. She looked back at me with approving eyes, and without saying a word asked me to join them. I got down on my knees and started to lick her little brown star. While running my tongue in the crack of her ass I ran my finger down the inside of her thigh and found her clit. I flicked my swollen little friend to the rhythm of their thrusting. She moaned with more authority, I knew she was getting close. I got her ass all wet with my spit, and I put my spit on the end of my dick. Gently I pressed the head of my dick against her ass, and slowly slid it in. They were kind enough to stop so I could get in comfortably, and once that was done we all started to do our dance. The stranger and I got into a rhythm that Tiff could handle. I could feel our two cocks rubbing together separated by only her vaginal wall. Our nut sacks bounced off of her ass in perfect time. She was moaning and groaning, she was on top of the perfect stranger and drooling all over him. With a thunderous roar she came. Waves of pleasure washed over her. The bucking was so fierce that it sent the stranger and I over the edge, filling her two holes with our cum. I pulled out of her ass, and she slid off his cock. She turned around and kissed me passionately. The stranger got off of the sofa and got dressed. He thanked us for the good time, and out the door he went. We never even knew his name, just as well, we don’t need him to get too attached to us now do we. “Time to get to sleep, you never know what next time will bring.” I said. “Next time will be about you my darling Bo. You get to pick out the perfect stranger.” Tiffany said with a grin.
  11. My wife, Mermaid, and I went to New Orleans for a combination business meeting and some fun several years ago. We arrived two days early and thought we would be somewhat anonymous before the rest of our group arrived. We had been into threesomes and moresomes for a few years with our friends and some couples that we made friends with rather quickly. This lifestyle was compatible for both of us, and we always looked forward to our adventures. Mermaid was good looking; 110 to 115 lbs., 5’ 8", long legs, and perfect C-cup breast. I think she just turned 30 or 31 and we had no children at the time. One of our fantasies that had not been entirely fulfilled was to pick up an interesting stranger in a bar and have a threesome. This had been tried in the past, but we were unsuccessful in doing this together. My wife had no problem picking up men in bars when I was out of town on business, and she would share the stories. She always claimed the sex was better and a lot more fun when I was around. Hmmmm. She said most of the time, she and the guy she met would get so drunk that they had a hard time even finding the right room. I wanted to see this scene unfold in front of me and I always liked a guy’s first reaction to my wife’s uninhibited behavior. So, we are sitting in this small hotel bar in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street. I am talking to this woman my age on my right, and my wife is getting to know this stranger on her left. He was a little older but handsome and in good shape wearing a tailored suit. I was thinking, "I could fuck this woman." Mermaid even joked, "Why don’t you leave with her?" This strange woman was pretty wasted and kept inviting up to her room for a few lines. I was not going to go with her and miss the opportunity to be with my wife and this new gentleman. Then this strange woman invited us all up to her room. "Wow," I thought, "this is perfect," and then her husband showed up and took her away as soon as he heard what we were all planning. Now things seemed simple if this guy was a good sport and horny. Nobody said "let's go fuck," but the conversation was full of innuendo, and my wife even said, "Well, I found a live one, what about you?" My patience was running low and I really wanted this to get started, I wanted to get laid and have some fun. Mermaid seemed unsure, but you could tell the guy was totally ok with it. He was watching for Mermaid's reaction to my suggestion to go upstairs. Then she suggested I go up to our room and wait. She said they would be along shortly. I left and was sure this night was over. While I was pouting away, thinking maybe I should have tried something with the other babe, Mermaid and her new friend show up. The gentlemen and I both thought a massage was a good idea for Mermaid. We insisted on taking off her clothes very slow while teasing her most sensitive parts. Yes, she was ready! While massaging her, she was taking off our belts, pulling out our shirts and finally, we got undressed. His dick was very fat but about the same length as mine. Mermaid looked great, completely shaved pussy, and the tattoo on her pubic area was quite visible. Her breasts were pumped up in that pre-menstrual bloat, and you could feel the sexual tension in the room. At first, he stated he would just watch, but then Mermaid gave him a lip lock on his dick which was about as fat as it was long and very soft. She could not get him hard, and it was bothering her, until he started eating her pussy. This went on until she had her "Oh baby don’t stop" patented orgasm. Then she wanted my dick in her pussy, and I lasted no time at all. I was really looking forward to seeing how long his dick would grow and watch her get fucked. He played with it and made excuses. Mermaid sucked, pulled, licked, got out the lotion, and even rubbed his dick across her clit until she had another big O. Still no hard-on. I hate to admit this, but I was smug just sitting there watching and stroking my hard-on. Mermaid put her new companion in a chair, got out the lotion again, and this time she warmed the little hotel lotion container in the sink and slowly started to stroke his dick. It seemed to be working. She then grabbed his dick just under his circumcised head with one hand and used the other hand to just stroke the head until he came big time. It was hot seeing my wife get him off without being hard. She told me later that she was licking and whispering in his ear how they were going to fuck when he got nice and hard. She was also telling him how tight her pussy was going to feel when he put his very fat dick inside her. That night ended shortly after the hand job. The gentlemen left with the parting comment, "Hw do you clone this woman?" I will never forget how proud I was to have such decadent wife. She said that getting him off with her hand that way was a real thrill. A year later she admitted to me that when I went off with a colleague the next day, that they hooked up again and she fucked him silly, and he got hard this time. The stranger claimed he had a problem with me being there watching, but I don't think I believe that.
  12. My husband Ken has convinced me to write you and share with your readers some of the fantastic events that we have experienced in our 2-year relationship. This a second marriage for both of us and our relationship continues to surprise and amaze me. I say amaze because my first marriage ended after 15 years with a man who now seems so totally different from Ken that I often wonder what the attraction was that brought us together in the first place. My first husband was very possessive and controlling. He ended up leaving me for another woman who surprisingly was more like I always wanted to be, independent, and self-confident. Ken encouraged me to be my own person and not to be controlled by what other people may say or do. This was very refreshing after a long relationship with someone who tried to control your every move. Ken has made me feel desired, loved, appreciated and very sexy. I feel like the caterpillar that changes into a butterfly. I am 42 years old, brunette, and now 132 lbs. I've lost weight and work-out regularly. I've always been very busty or as Ken says "built like a brick *….house", and find that rather than hide under baggy sweatpants and tops, I'm wearing tight jeans and tops to accentuate my body. Ken was encouraging me at every step of the way. I feel more confident and in control than I ever have in my life and it feels terrific. My first adventure began more as a test than anything. My close friend Karen had suggested many times that I join her and a few of her friends for an all-girls weekend. I, of course, had always declined, as my first husband would never have approved. With Ken that all changed, and he encouraged me to go and have fun! This newfound freedom was exhilarating! We met at a Hotel downtown on a Friday night, drank wine, talked our heads off and had a ball. I felt like a schoolgirl again. Saturday night we all went out on the town and ended up at a loud and noisy bar. I felt myself shrinking into the background again, and called Ken to check-in, to confess we were at a bar and having some drinks. I still remember him almost berating me for calling, telling me to have fun and let go, enjoy myself and not to worry about him as he was just fine! I was actually in shock, this was such a new experience for me! After a few more glasses of wine, I was ready to party. I felt renewed! After declining many offers to dance, I found myself ditching my bulky sweater and hitting the dancefloor in the white T-shirt, I'd worn underneath. I felt like a temptress as guy after guy would offer to dance with me, buy me drinks, and leer at my tits. Karen couldn't believe it was the same old Susan she'd know for so many years. It was phenomenal. Arriving home the next day I confessed all to Ken, the drinking and dancing, still not sure he was OK with this. Surprisingly, he was not only elated that I'd had such a good time but admitted he was turned on with the idea of me dancing with other guys and playing the part of the bar-room vixen. We made love like never before. I was in heaven! The next day Ken brought up the subject again, and again he developed a massive hard-on as I told him about this guy or that guy, how they were looking at my tits, and again we ended up on the living room carpet. It was wild! He said he wished he'd been there just to watch as it would have excited him so much. After we caught our breath, I suggested we could go back, just the two of us the next weekend, and we could maybe repeat the performance if he really wanted to. The grin on his face said it all, we set a date for the next weekend. I spent the week shopping. I'd never owned a pair of really high heels before and now found myself practicing walking in 4" spikes. Tight jeans, a stretchy white top, and a new hairdo and make-up, as a gift from Ken, and I felt like a million bucks. Ken couldn't believe the transformation and couldn't keep his hands off me. I've never had so much sex in all my life. We ended up going to a similar bar close to home. As the wine kicked in, and the man of my dreams by my side, I was getting horny. We danced and had a great time. I was getting lots of looks in my new outfit and at Ken's urging flaunted myself for the benefit of the many single guys at the Club. I accepted some offers to dance, and it felt so strange having a strange guy ogling you on the dance floor, then looking over your shoulder and seeing your husband flash you a huge grin and raise his glass to you. It didn't take me long to get into the groove, and I began moving very seductively. This was fantastic! I returned to Ken at the bar, and he took my hand. He placed it on his crotch, and he had a huge hard-on. "You are driving me crazy," he said, "you look incredible up there." We kissed. "Let's go home. I want you right now!" This was incredible, it was like we were nineteen again and I was so turned on. I grabbed my jacket, and we headed for the door. Just before we left, I decided I would surprise him even more and quickly ducked into the ladies room. Inside one of the cubicles, I took off my bra and put the white top back on. In the glare of the lights, you could see my nipples as clear as day, right through the thin fabric. Perfect, I thought, and with my jacket over my one shoulder walked out to join up with Ken. I arched my back and thrust my tits out as I walked up to him as his jaw dropped open. He was grinning from ear to ear as he looked at my tits. Many other guys also liked the look as they too were grinning like crazy as they watched me flaunt. Ken's eyes closed as I kissed him and we headed for the car. Three guys just coming in from the parking lot got quite a view through my see-through top, all of them grinning as they watched us head for the car. It was the fastest drive home I'd ever had. Ken pulled into the garage, and with the lights out, I pulled off my jeans, and we actually did it on the trunk of the car inside the garage with the door up. I had one of the best orgasms I could remember. I remember walking from the garage to the house with nothing on but my heels and my white top. I really had changed from the person I barely remembered. It was invigorating. More to come.
  13. It was a Saturday night we were sitting at home; all the kids had made plans with friends so we were alone. My wife, Nichole, suggested we go out and hit the local bars. We live in a very small town and there are only two bars left. We started at the quieter of the two so we could have a drink and play some darts. Nichole ordered a Long Island Iced Tea and the bartender fixed her up with a very potent concoction. Feeling good she decided to have another which really kicked her into the party mood so we decided to head to the other bar which generally has more people and some music. My wife is a woman in her 40s, blond, pretty and a killer body (34DD-25-34). Having decided at the last minute to go out, Nichole had just thrown on a pair of jeans, heels, and her new Hedonism III tank top she bought last week while we were there. As we arrived at the second bar I suggested to her that the tank top she was wearing really was not intended to be worn with a bra. She agreed, removed it promptly and we headed inside. The music was loud and the crowd kind of young, but we ordered some drinks and played another game of darts. Occasionally Nichole would wander out on the dance floor and dance with no one in particular and all together we were having a great time. Close to last call a guy closer to our age approached her and remarked that he had been to Hedonism III years ago with his ex-wife and that seeing her in that tank top had brought back a lot of great memories. He introduced himself as Jack and she in turn introduced him to me. We sat and talked for a few minutes about our trip and all the fun we had. As the conversation progressed he over and over would remark as to how hot my wife was and what a lucky guy I was to have such a hot wife, taking every opportunity to rub up against her, brushing the back of his hand across her nipple on more than one occasion. Nichole responded by flirting back, smiling and at least once brushing her hand against the bulge in his jeans. As 2 AM rolled around the bartenders started to kick people out as it was closing time. Jack told us he was in town just for tonight had played a gig with his band in a nearby town. He had a room at the hotel across the street and invited us up for a nightcap and we accepted. Once in his room, Jack poured us a couple of glasses of scotch. Nichole sat on the bed and we talked and drank for a while, Jack sat down on the bed next to her telling her again how great she looked. He then leaned over and began to kiss her neck running his hand up under her tank top fondling her breasts as he laid her back on the bed. He lifted her top and sucked her nipples, then licked his way down her stomach undoing her pants. As he reached her waist, he stood up and removed her boots and her pants. He then knelt between her legs and started to lick her pussy to approving moans. I rose from the chair where I had been sitting and reached into the pocket of my coat and removed my camera which I always carry in the car. I trained the camera on them catching the hot scene on video. I moved around to the side of the bed and removed my clothes and positioned myself so she could take me in her mouth. Jack looked up and at me and asked, “can I fuck your wife?” we answered almost simultaneously “yes” but you must wear a condom. He didn’t have any but I had come prepared and produced a pair from my pants pocket. As he rose and took the condom she sat up and grabbed his cock and started to suck it, he reached down and removed her tank top so she was now completely naked and she lay back on the bed to take him but he said, “You fuck her first and I’ll film you two”. I handed him the camera and moved over to in front of her and she sat up again this time taking me in her mouth and sucking me rock hard before laying back and telling me to fuck her. I climbed between her legs and slid my cock inside her as she let out a groan of pleasure. I fucked her hard as she played with his balls and sucked his dick. . I grabbed the camera from him and shot some of her sucking him while I fucked her, this also gave him a free hand to open the condom and slip it on. Seeing that he was ready I moved and we switched places. She gasped as he slid his cock, a good 9 inches and thick deep inside her. I just stepped back and filmed as he fucked her hard, cumming after about 5 or 6 minutes. I then climbed back on the bed and flipped her over picking up where he left off, as he grabbed the camera and filmed us again. As I fucked her doggy style she slowly crawled up the bed and took him in her mouth sucking him hard again. Watching this was more than I could stand and I shot a huge hot load inside her. Jack now being hard again flipped her over once more and entered her again fucking her hard to orgasm after orgasm until he too groaned loudly as he came. I fucked her once more after that while he stood beside the bed and stroked his cock with both hands finally cumming for a third time, this time on her tits. She laid there exhausted for a while until we decided to put or clothes back on and go home. Jack took our number and no doubt will call next time he is town.
  14. Hi, my name is Katie; I am 5' 8" tall and weigh 155 pounds. I have size 36C breasts and tight, firm ass. I have natural blonde hair and blue eyes. This is my story! It was Friday night and I was waiting for my husband Mark to get home from his nightly meeting. We were going to go out dancing at our favorite spot. I was getting dressed in my comfortable blue denim shirt and jeans, when the phone rang. It was Mark. He told me that he didn't know when he would be home, probably not until late. I hung up the phone and started getting undressed; I was just going to stay home. No, I should go out and have fun I thought. As nasty thoughts went through my mind, I started getting dressed, for a night out on the town. First I put on my naughty little silk thong and my black see through lace bra. Then I put on my light blue extremely low cut form fitting top and my short blue mini skirt. MMMMM I felt just like a little whore! I asked myself, "What kind of fun should I have tonight?" My panties were getting moist just thinking of all the possibilities. When I got to the dance club, it was packed so tight. There was standing room only. I went to the bar and got a drink to help me loosen up a bit. After I finished the drink, I was asked to dance by an older gentleman. He was of a medium build and close to my height. We went out to the dance floor and started dancing. It was so crowded out there that we had to dance tightly together. I didn't mind at all though, I could feel his cock growing and bulging in his jeans. He was so hard! I thought he was going to fuck me right then on the dance floor. MMMM my pussy was so wet now! It was hard to restrain myself. After the dance was over he brought me back to the bar and we started chatting. He told me that his 21 year old son will be coming here arriving soon. His son is a trainer pilot for a 747.Just then I turned towards the entrance. Oh my God, my nipples got so erect, that I could feel them growing inside my bra. MMMM, this man was so HOT! He was well built, dark skinned, and handsome. My eyes went immediately to his crotch area. His penis was bulging out. MMMM I wanted it so much! I wanted to see what it would be like to fuck a good looking, younger, man like that. Then I turned back around to talk to the older man and to take a drink. While facing the bar and drinking, he said he would like to introduce me to his son Jim. I turned around and MMMM it was him, the guy I'd seen standing at the door. Jim said, "HELLO" in a deep, sexy voice. I said Hi my name is Katie. Jim asked me if I would like to dance. I told him sure! We went to the dance floor and Jim held me tightly as his cock rubbed up against my pussy. He took his hands and gently massaged my tits while we danced. My nipples started showing easily through my bra and shirt. Then Jim said, "You're horny aren't you?" I replied, "Yes, but embarrassed to admit it." I am a married woman though; I don't go around fucking men I just met. Jim told me, that even though he was extremely horny, and wanted to fuck me, that he understood! Jim told me that he would take me home when I was ready to go, since I had been drinking. Even though I had told Jim that I was a married woman and wanted to stop. That wasn't what I really wanted! Well, with my body inside and out burning for Jim's cock. I told him that we should probably be going. He helped me to the car and opened the car door on the passenger side and sat me down on the seat. He again massaged my breasts slowly, and gently. He told me that they were just perfect. I told him I was happy that he liked them! He took my hand and gently brushed it on the outside of his pants. I could tell that Jim was getting very horny and that he made me extremely hot! I knew that I shouldn't be feeling this way about him, but I wanted him badly! Jim said "We should get you home." He then went around and got into the car and drove me home. Well, when we reached my home, I wanted to thank him for bringing me home safely. I told him to come in for a minute and I would give him cab fare for going home. Jim sat on the couch in the living room and waited for me to return. When I came back into the living room and tried to give him the cab fare, he pulled me close and kissed me. My whole body was getting an enormous electrical shock throughout.While he was kissing me, he reached up under my skirt. Next thing, I knew he was rubbing the outside of my pussy. Jim told me how soft it was. I keep her well shaved except for a small area at the very top. She was so wet and was aching for that cock. Even though it felt so good for Jim to be touching my pussy, I tried to get away. I told him that I should show him out now! My husband would be home soon! Jim said that he only wanted to see and feel my warm pussy wrapped around his cock. Jim then started fingering my clit with his thumb. MMMMM, this is my favorite spot to have touched. A sense of great relaxation spread through out my whole body. I started feeling almost numb. Jim told me that I was a good wife and he wanted me to fuck him. I told him NO, it does feel wonderful, but I am a married woman and shouldn't be doing this at all. When his finger was good and wet from fingering me, he took it out and made me taste my own pussy juice. MMMM, it was so sweet and his finger had a wonderful aroma on it. He then finger fucked me again and stuck his fingers in his own mouth afterwards. MMMM he told me, "I was the sweetest woman he had ever tasted before." I was like eating a juicy ripe peach. He then started using 3 fingers to fuck my moist hole faster and faster. God I was getting so turned on. I could feel my pussy aching and wanting more. I tried to get him to stop fingering me but he was holding me so tightly against him. I couldn't even move! I felt so guilty being this wet and aching for his cock. Then, Jim stopped fingering me for just a moment. Jim then placed me on the couch, held me down with his body that was on top of me. He then starts taking off my top while still holding me tightly down. MMMM Jim says, Your tits are so round and firm. He takes off my bra and sucks each mound in his mouth. MMMM, I couldn't help from moaning, it felt so good! I was hoping too that maybe he would eat my pussy, since his mouth has great sucking power like a vacuum. He then undid his fly to his blue jeans. He took his cock out! It is rock hard and so thick, with huge veins all around it bulging out. He puts his cock in between my breasts and pulls my head up and forces the tip of his cock to go inside my mouth. I have an extremely hard time getting his cock in my mouth. I almost gag, and ask him to please stop! Jim says, "You know you want this piece of meat . He picks me up and undoes my skirt and lets it fall to the floor. I am still wearing my panties, however. He then bends me over the arm of the couch. He then pulls my panties up inside my pussy and ass extremely tight. Then he takes off my panties and uses them to fuck me. He puts my panties around his fingers and pushes them in me slowly and deep. So that when he is done, he draws his fingers out of my pussy and it is just dripping with my juices. He takes my head and makes me lick it all off of his arm. MMMM, I never knew I could have this much juice inside of me and even still be wet inside. Jim then lays me on couch with my ass in the air and with my head on the pillow of the couch. Jim just starts pushing his cock deep in me and giving me a deep, fast strokes in and out of my pussy. Just about this time my husband Mark gets home from work. He comes into the kitchen through the garage entrance. He is very quiet with the door and such because he doesn't want to wake me. Surely, I’m fast asleep by now. He starts hearing some moaning as he is in the hallway next to the living room. He kind of peaks around the corner so that no one will see him. "OH MY GOD", Mark thought to himself! "I can't believe my eyes." He thought that maybe he was dreaming. He wasn't though, his wife was on the couch fucking a stranger and he immediately starts stroking his own cock and it starts growing in size, just watching us. Jim was drilling my hole with that huge 7" cock of his. (must have been 5" in diameter). God, I was trying not to enjoy it too much but I couldn't help it. With each penetration of his huge cock, it felt so damn good. I found myself trying not to moan and scream at the top of my lungs to keep the neighbors from hearing us, but I was beginning not to care. My husband only has a 5" cock and this was to me, a monster. By now, Mark was so HOT and on the verge of Cumming hard. Mark couldn't believe what was happening to me. I was so sexy and my pussy was so HOT! Jim now was fucking me so fast and I could tell he was ready to shoot his load. I told him to please don't cum inside my pussy. Jim told me to be quiet and just take my load! About this time, my husband was also about to cum. He had pre-cum forming on his cock, as he jerked off to what he was seeing and hearing. He finally couldn't stand it any longer. He shot his load a few feet away and left a puddle of his juice on the floor. He then continued to watch this wonderful show. Jim then pressed himself against me and grasped my hair and pulled on it hard. Jim was now able to get to every inch into my pussy. I couldn't stand it; I started playing with my clit. He continued to fuck me harder and deeper. Rubbing his cock against my pussy with each thrust and drilling me like mad but at the same time, trying to restrain from Cumming but I couldn't hold back any longer. I tighten like a vice around his cock. Screaming loudly and moaning as I came hard around his cock. I told Jim not cum in me, to please pull out, as I can tell he is getting close to cumming. Just then he shoots his huge load into my pussy and leans over my back and squeezes my breasts in his hands. "MMMM, I hate to admit it", I told him, "but that felt so damn good!" He said, "I’m glad you liked it." There was now a huge mess on the couch. "I better get this cleaned up before Mark gets home", I told him. Just then, Mark came into the front room, clapping and whistling at the hot show he had just seen. Oh boy, I was so embarrassed of what had just happened, but shocked at Mark's reply seeing us both naked. I was even more shocked by the reply that Mark made next. He asked Jim if he would come back another time so he could have a better show of him fucking me. Jim's reply was, "SURE, I would love to fuck your wife anytime".
  15. She arrived at the hotel after a long flight. She was tired, but didn’t feel like laying down in bed yet. On her pillow were a complimentary chocolate and a coupon for one free drink at the bar downstairs. What the hell she thought, her husband never drank alone, but then her husband had never flown from Chicago to San Diego for four days of a boring conference. She was wearing a black silk shirt and a black blazer, black skirt, black thong, and black stockings. She looked classy though, not gothy. Her bra was killing her, but she knew that if she took it off, it would be obvious she was not wearing one. Her perfect 32 As would push against the silk blouse and her round, brown nipples would like the feeling so much that they would soon be erect. What the hell, she thought, I’ll just keep the blazer on. She wore a bit of danger shrouded in innocence. She took the elevator to the lobby bar. It was busy, but not crowded. Mostly there were young professionals there after work, or staying at the hotel for the conference. She grabbed a stool at the bar, and pushed her coupon towards the bartender. He gave her favorite, amaretto sour with a cherry. She looked in the mirror facing her. She had to admit, she was looking good. She had a solid swimmer’s body, and a face that looked like Anne Hathaway meets Liv Tyler. Her blazer had fallen open, and her nipples were peering out like searchlights. She closed her blazer instinctively but didn’t think to button it. It was not long before a young gentleman sat down next to her and ordered a whiskey sour. The bartender poured the drink, and then without warning or asking, refreshed her drink. “No charge”, he said with a smile. She winked at him and raised the drink to her lips. The guy who sat next to her took no time engaging in small talk. What was her name, where was she from, why was she here. She think she answered appropriately, but there was something about this guy that captivated her. Maybe it was his dusky, yet blue, eyes, thick brown hair, his tan muscular arms, his fat-free body. She didn’t see guys like this in January, in Chicago. It was not long before each had their third and fourth drinks, none of which she paid for. Her blazer had long ago fell open, and she had never bothered to close it again. She did not even mind the sneak peeks this guy was getting. He thought he was being sly, but she noticed every time his eyes wandered. She got hotter with each of his distractions. Two hours had passed before they even noticed it. By now she was feeling the amaretto coursing through her, along with estrogen and adrenaline. So, this is what it feels like to want to be naughty, she thought to herself, shamelessly checking out her companion, and biting her lower lip. She concentrated so much on the feeling, that she thought for a split second that she said it out loud. She had noticed that her admirer’s forearm kept passing over his crotch. She snuck a peek of her own when he was talking to the bartender and notice an erect penis, the size of which she had never imagined before. What would that feel like inside me, she thought. The thought surprised her, but there was something about this guy, and his monster boner that convinced her that she would pretty much do whatever he wanted her to and she wanted him to want her. For his part, this beauty was not someone who seemed easy. She was too intelligent, and according to her ring finger, too married. Yet, he made sure to hold her attention and tried to tame the raging hard-on he had given himself by thinking about getting her naked. That blouse was leaving only the color of her nipples to the imagination.They both decided that it was time to leave the bar, but neither decided out loud that it was time to call it a night. They made their way for the elevator and she pressed the button for her floor. “That’s my floor too.” He said. She wasn’t sure if she believed him, but she wasn’t going to question him. She figured that she would go her way and he would go his once the elevator stopped. She went her way, and he followed. She didn’t try to stop him, but he was waiting for her to politely blow him off. She got to her door, slipped the key card in and gave him a look over her shoulder that said: “enter at your own risk”. He hesitated for a second and then went in behind her. She made no objection, though her mind was telling her that this was crazy. She liked to think that her husband would not approve, but he admitted to her once that he fantasized about her being with another man. She tossed her key card on the dresser, walked to the desk, turned around, put her hands on the desk behind her and faced him directly. He approached, wordless, and slipped off her blazer. He then undid her blouse, slowly, painfully, erotically, slowly. Her breasts appeared three inches at a time as each button was undone. Her nipples were as hard as her stomach, which she kept in great shape. He assumed she was braless, but he wasn’t sure until that place where the bra strap would be across her midsection was bare and glorious skin was in its place. She reached down and tugged at his belt. She unbuttoned his slacks, and slid the zipper down, caressing his massive member as she did so. It seemed never ending. Next she unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his ripped, but not overly done chest. He unzipped her skirt and slid down her stockings, exposing her sleek muscular legs. Her diamond ring caught the light, and he half expected her husband to emerge from the bathroom and either sit down and watch, or beat the hell out of him. But no one interrupted. He pushed her onto the bed, not roughly, but with purpose. She sat back and opened her legs, waiting for him to insert himself. Instead, he got onto his hands and knees and made for her throbbing, glistening loins. She did not particularly enjoy receiving oral sex. It made her extra wet and she never derived that much pleasure. But, before she could stop him, his tongue was flicking away at her engorged clit. “This is going to be different,” she thought to herself. Expertly, he massaged her most sensitive area with a tongue that felt like a finger, and she could always get off with a finger, be it her own or her husband’s. Soon, she started quaking. Her hands explored her breasts and then moved down and shoved his head closer to her clit. She started rhythmically riding his face, and he kept up with her every step of the way. His hands groped her buttocks, and squeezed and kneaded her powerful muscles. She could hold her ground no longer. She exploded in an orgasm, her sphincter muscles slamming shut. Then something happened that had never happened before. She shot her own load all over this man’s face. And he loved it. She was sure she was dreaming, she had had thousands of orgasms before, but this had never happened. She couldn’t believe that she came like a man, and she had never been more turned on. She needed him inside her, and he needed to be inside her. But the bed was too conventional for him. He was a bit of a voyeur, and he liked being watched as much as he liked to watch. He took her over to the open window. It was night, and the lights in the room were low, but were on. He bent her over and put her hands on the sill. She noticed the open shades, but she was too busy being concerned about what was happening behind her to worry about what was going on outside in front of her. All she knew was that he was going to plunge that massive cock insider her throbbing softness. And he did. And she took and felt every inch of his manhood. He was amazed again; most women could not handle him, or at least made ease himself inside them. But not her. He grabbed her waist and started pounding her. Her breasts rocked in session with the rest of her. He was so big, and so hard, and so cut, and he was hammering away at her so deep that a rolling rocking orgasm immediately started to swell deep inside her. It felt like a massive sea smashing at a jetty and was just as powerful. “You like it, don’t you” he hoarsely whispered in her ear. “Uh huh, oh my god” was all she could eek out, and the last part was not even really in response to his question. Finally, her sea wall gave and the orgasm flooded over her. Her head shot back, her eyes squeezed tight, she moaned so loud that she thought for a second that someone else was moaning next to her. This was a release that could only come with forbidden behavior. This guy, she thought, after her muscles stopped quaking, knows what the hell he is doing! She realized that he had not cum, and was still sliding deep inside her and then nearly all the way out. Holy crap, she thought, what a stud! Her husband would have shot his load long ago, not that she had any complaints about her sex life with him, he was just faster on the draw. He always pleased her first though. He picked her up, and brought her back to the bed. He was not done, and was not done with her. He laid her on her back, near the edge of the bed. He stood, towered, would be more like it, before her and entered her again. It was no problem since she was now soaking wet, and wide open. That familiar feeling started burning inside her again, but she was not sure she could handle much more of this. She wanted him to be pumped dry though, so she started rocking her hips in time with him. She positioned herself so that his massive cock would rub against her glorious G-spot. They were in synch with each other, and he knew what she was doing. Her folds were wonderful and he credited the whiskey as the only reason he had not blown his load long ago. Something had come over him tonight. This was the most exciting sex he had ever had. Maybe it was because she was married, though he had had married women before, maybe because her body was perfect inside and out. Mostly, he thought, it was because he knew that she was letting loose on him in a way that she had never had on anyone before. She expertly matched his every move, she knew when to ease up and when to go strong. He knew she wanted him to cum, and he knew she wasn’t going to stop until he did. Then he felt it. A tingle at first, but soon that tingle, like a trickle of water, was a raging rushing, swollen river of an orgasm. He was helpless in its clutches. He started thrusting harder, harder, harder…She knew sensed it, and started telling him to pound her harder, harder, harder. He obliged with as much control as he had over his pelvic muscles. He grasped at her legs which were bent at the knees but perpendicular to the bed from her buttocks to her knees. “you want to cum, don’t you?” She gasped, “you want to cum inside me”. Dirty talk was never her thing, but these words streamed out of her without her thinking about them, or thinking them consciously. His deeds were his response. Just then, they both let loose. He rammed his rod into her one last time and felt his whole body drain at 200 miles per hour. Her cum sprayed out, over and over again with each clamp and release of her sphincter. Both gasped and moaned noisily at the rush of their orgasms, made even greater by their simultaneity. Her spray blasted out from around him and onto his thighs. It felt wonderful and warm. He finally exited her and she relaxed her legs. When she awoke, she was snug under the blankets, the lights were out, and she was alone. She felt quite ready to start the new day.
  16. Myzyri

    Cumming to Visit

    I check in at our hotel and head up to the room. It's much bigger than I expected. It's got an amazing view of the city. There's a king size bed, a whirlpool, a small kitchenette, and a full living room. I walk into the bathroom to put my things away and see the extra large shower with a little seat on one end. Ideas are already swimming through my head about all the things we can do in this confined space. I walk to the refrigerator and put in some groceries I bought. After seeing what you can do in video streams, I figured I'd get some groceries and drinks since there was very little chance we'd want to leave the room. In fact, I was pretty much betting on the two of us leaving dehydrated, a little chaffed, and very well fucked. I sit on the couch and turn on the TV. I don't even know what I'm watching because I'm staring at the clock. I'm watching the hands slowly, almost painfully, move. "She should be here any minute" I think. I already feel my restrictive pants getting tighter. "My god! I've never even met her before! How can she have this effect on me?" Then I realize... "Oh yeah, she's hot... She's unbelievably fucking hot..." My cell phone dings and it's a message from you. There's nothing but an address and two words... "I'm hungry." I text back asking what's up, but the only reply is, "Go now. I'm waiting." So, I go. I get to the address and it's a restaurant. I immediately recognize you and see those beautiful eyes just piercing me. I get a little weak in the knees, but manage to walk over. You're sitting on one side of a booth in the very back corner of the restaurant. It's a little secluded, but very romantic. As I approach, you stand up and come over to hug me. You hold me for much longer than a typical greeting hug. I feel your breath on my chest and squeeze you tight. We don't say much and we sit down. The waiter comes over for drink orders and as he's talking, I feel your foot sliding up my leg. After the waiter leaves, you look at me and say, "You're wearing jeans... I thought this was our weekend to play." I look at you with a puzzled expression and you slide your fork off the table. You ask me to slip under the table to get it. As I lean down, I see you've hiked up your dress with nothing underneath. As I take a moment to stare, your hand comes down and two fingers slip inside of you. The waiter returns and I jump up with your fork. He takes it from me and says he'll get a new one. Once he leaves again, you look at me and say, "So, what do you have?" I chuckle and say, "Well, it's kind of stuck in these jeans... I wasn't planning on..." "I want to see it! I want to play... with you!" So, like silly teenagers, I move to your side of the table and you tell me to slip off my pants. "Here?! Now?!" You tap on the long tablecloth and say, "No one will know..." The waiter comes back to take our order and once he leaves, I unclasp my belt and slide my pants down a little. Your hand slides over and grabs my cock. It grows in your hand instantly. From two inches to seven in about three seconds. You nuzzle into my side and whisper, "I've been wanting this for a long time." I put my arm around you and we chat a little as you stroke my cock. You ask if I'm going to cum anytime soon. I say I need a little encouragement since it's kind of an awkward setting. You take my arm from around you, slide it down, and press two of my fingers into you. Immediately, I feel the pressure building. Your pussy is so warm and wet. I slide my fingers up and begin to rub your clit. You stop me and say, "No! That's encouragement for ME to cum... Right now, I want yours..." I slip my fingers back inside you and slowly curl them a little, feeling the soft, moist, warm walls of what will later be milking my dick of every drop of cum. Just feeling you from the inside has made things happen. I lean over and tell you I'm going to cum. You start rubbing my penis back and forth, but also rub across the head, too. As I cum, I hear you giggle and can only imagine that I just came all over your hand because of how you were rubbing the head. You look around and seeing that no one is looking, you bring your hand up. While I didn't drench your hand with my semen, I see several dribs and drabs of cum here and there. You take your hand up to your mouth and lick my cum off like you're eating the nectar of the gods. With my fingers still inside you, I also feel you clench down on my fingers with surprising force every time your tongue touches my creamy essence. After you finish, you look at me with those gorgeous eyes. They've got a glimmer of sly perversion and you say, "I've wanted to taste you since the first video where I saw you cum." I slip my fingers from inside of you and go to bring them to my mouth. You stop me and whisper, "If that's what you want, you're going to have to get it directly from the tap... So, just hold on, Baby. You can have all you want later." You seem to be taking control of the whole situation. While it's making me a little uncomfortable, it's also a huge turn on. I slide my pants back up just as our food arrives. We share our meals with one another and have relatively normal conversation. It's like the last fifteen minutes didn't even really happen. After dinner, we head to the hotel. As we walk in, you start to speak. I'm not sure what it is that you're about to say, but your tone had that "control" in it. Before you could get out more than a few words, I grab you, press you against the wall, and kiss you. My tongue darts around your mouth and then settles into rolling around yours. Once we find our French kiss groove, we stand there for minutes... maybe hours... Being this connected to you feels so spectacular. This isn't just play. This is comfort. Feeling needed. Feeling wanted. No hands roam. We're just content to be connected. After what seemed to be an eternity of making love with our mouths, we separate. You step into the bathroom and tell me you'll be right back. I head over to the bed and lay down. Suddenly, the bathroom door cracks open and I hear the shower running. You lightly ask, "Would you like to join me?" Then I hear the shower door slide closed. You didn't even wait for a response. To be coy, I wait a few minutes. I figure it's good for you to build up a little extra desire. Of course, the entire time, I'm fighting the urge to just run in and take you. But after a few minutes, I wander into the steamy bathroom and strip. I slide back the frosted door and there you stand, nude. Beautifully nude and awe inspiring. Being a cheeseball, I make a silly remark... "Wow, I'd always heard of the beauty of Canada, but I didn't think they were talking about a person!" You giggle and pull me in. As the water flows over both of us, we explore each others' bodies with our hands as we kiss and hold one another. After awhile, you step back a little and grab some shampoo. You begin your regular showering routine and we talk a little about how amazing it is that we're finally together. As you wash yourself, you turn around and hand me the washcloth asking me to do your back. I do and then you hold out your left hand on the right side of your body as if asking for the washcloth. As I hand it to you, you say, "Hold me." I wrap my arms around you from behind. You feel my cock rest between your butt cheeks and begin lightly gyrating your hips. You lean forward and rest one hand on the shower seat. The other hand comes from between your legs to grab my dick. You slowly maneuver it to your pussy and then push back against me. As my cock slides into you, I feel the heat, the moisture, and the tensing of your muscles. You slowly rock back and forth feeling me plunge deep into you and then withdraw. Our rhythmic motion is making you moan and squeal. My penis tenses over and over as it feels every soft ridge inside of you. After only a few minutes, you move forward to disengage and stand up. You face me and say, "This would be so much more fun if I could see you." We leave the shower and move to the bed where I lay you down, climb on top of you, and lean down until my lips meet yours. As I rest on my elbows, my fingers stroke your hair, trace the outlines of your ears, and stroke your face. I slide down a little and begin kissing your neck, occasionally licking softly and sucking. You move quickly and say, "No hickies!" I roll my eyes as I respond, "What are we, 15?" You move back and tilt your head again to allow me full access. As I work on your neck, your fingers lightly dance around on my back and I can feel the heat of you as my penis dangles above your twat. I occasionally dip my pelvis so that the head of cock intrudes into the crease of your legs while pressing firmly against your clit. With every dip, I feel your nails press into me just a little more. You try to open your legs, but mine are in the way and I whisper, "No no, baby. You took charge in the restaurant. My turn." You try to open your legs again as you thrust upward to chase my retreating cock. I squeeze my legs tighter and lightly bite your neck. Not enough to really hurt you, but enough to give a light pierce of pain and let you know I'm serious. I slide down and begin kissing your breasts. I don't head directly for the nipple although it's my ultimate goal. I kiss outlines and playfully bite at your big, gorgeous tits. I shift my weight and bring my left hand up to cup your breast. As I squeeze a little, your nipple seems to get harder and more prevalent. Maybe it's a physiological response of your body and maybe it's just my mind focusing in on what I want because I want it so bad. I lean down and kiss your nipple after tracing your areola with my tongue. With the moisture from my tongue still glistening, I lightly blow and then I know it's you, not me. Your nipple stiffens further and perks up as if to beg for more. I press my warm mouth down and the contrast of warm against cold makes you flinch. Your legs twist a little and I know you felt it through your entire body. You grab my head to force me to look at you before you whisper, "I want you... now." "You need to wait, love..." is my only response. I continue to molest your left breast and then proceed to work on the right one. As I do, I dip my pelvis again and realize how much you want me. Unlike before, there was no resistance as my penis slipped into the crease. I could tell you were sopping wet and ready, but I had to make sure. I shift my weight again and remove my legs from blocking yours on either side. I slide my fingers down and begin to feel a slickness. My god, sopping wet is an understatement. I slide my fingers into you and I feel you tense a little as you let out one of the most yearning moans I've ever heard. With a slight crack in your voice as if you're about to cry, I hear you whisper, seemingly to yourself, "Please just fuck me... Please, baby..." I slide your legs apart and position myself betwixt them. I see something in your eyes. I'm not sure what it is, but then I realize it. I lean down, kiss your beautiful lips, and say, "You can be on top next time." With that, I slowly start to press myself inside you. You're so hot and wet that I'm sliding in easily, but you're also surprisingly tight. Your own slippery moisture isn't making it much of a challenge to penetrate you and after a moment, I've pressed my full seven inches into you. At the realization that I was fully inside you, your body goes partially limp as if to exhaustedly say, "Thank god! Finally!" You look up at me and smile I as I begin moving back and forth inside you. You wrap your legs around me and occasionally squeeze whenever I hit a more sensitive area. I can also feel you contracting and relaxing your pussy as if to milk my cock in anticipation for every drop of cum I've got within me. As we make love, our eyes never break contact. I can see that you're getting the attention and appreciation you need. In your eyes, I can see what could almost be described as gratitude, but in mine, you see the same thing because it's almost an honor to be inside a woman as amazing, vibrant, and sensual as you... I rock back and forth for what feels like a sensual and very passionate eternity. Soon, your hands move up and grasp my shoulders. Your moans become louder, your squeals become harder, your grip intensifies, your legs tighten... I feel you moving below me, matching my gyrations and as your back arches, your fingers begin to squeeze with intense pressure. You let out a scream of pleasure and I quicken my pace as best I can with your legs wrapped tightly around me. I do my best to push my cock into you as deeply as I can and as hard as I can to intensify your orgasm. I continue pounding into you until your body goes limp. At that point, I slow to a normal pace and your eyes, still locked on mine, twinkle with satisfaction. You look up at me and whisper, "Are you going to cum for me baby? I want it. I want it so bad!" I tell you I'm close. You tell me exactly what I want to hear. "Cum inside me, baby. Cum hard. Fill me. Fill me up, baby." With that, my light moans become louder and I feel the iminent explosion. I push into you harder and harder as my cock pulsates. And finally, I unleash a torrent of cum inside you. With our eyes still locked, I see you smile as if I'd just given you a gift. You slide your hands down and rest them on your pubis overlapping one another. You slyly say, "I love feeling the rush of cum inside me." I lay next to you and wrap your naked body against my side with your head resting on my chest. It's Friday night and the evening has begun well. Despite being much more than one, like a typical woman, you ask, "So, what are you thinking?" I roll my eyes and laugh. My response, "I'm wondering what you'd like to try this weekend?" As usual, you say, "Your choice." "No no no, Love, your choice! I want you to experience the things you're interested in. I came here for you and part of that is to indulge you in your fantasies, so either you tell me what you want or maybe I should just go home." You look at me with an expression of outrage, but realize that my leaving is a completely empty threat. How could I leave? How could I leave you and all the pleasures you offer? You start telling me some of your ideas in cute and playful terms, but I stop you. "No, Baby... We just made love. We didn't fuck. Now is the time to fuck, so now is the time to really tell me what you want like the filthy explorer you yearn to be this weekend." Looking somewhat aroused, but a little disappointed, you quietly ask, "Will we make love again?" I smile and say, "Of course... Making love is always a great way to start and a great ending to a wonderful weekend." You smile ear to ear and say, "Well good. But until then, I want to try everything. I want to suck your cock and eat your cum. I want you to eat my pussy until I gush across your face. I want to feel you in my ass as I play with myself. And... I... *sigh*" "What baby? What do you want?" You look a little embarrassed, but manage to spit it out after a long speech about why. "So, you said you're kind of a cum freak. And you mentioned something in one of your stories. And I love to see shooting cum." "Yes?" "Um, I want you to cum inside me and on my pussy. I want one squirt outside and the rest inside me." "OK, I can try." "Good, because after that, I want you to eat me." "Wow. I haven't done that in a long time, but your wish is my command, Love." The continued look of embarrassment fades from your face and is replaced with a sort of triumphant grin. While we're nowhere near exhausted from our lovemaking, we end up falling asleep while cuddling. A few hours later, around 11 PM, I awake to an interesting sensation. I look at you with your head on my chest and see that you're still asleep. However, your hand is stroking my cock and you're whimpering, "Yes, Baby... I love it... Please don't stop..." I'm not sure if you're dreaming and talking in your sleep or if you're being playful and you're trying to wake me up and a very adorably sexual way. Your leg is wrapped over mine and I can feel that you're very very wet again. I stroke your hair and you flinch. I'm still not sure if you were really awake, but you look up, see me, and smile. You squeeze my cock and say, "You must be ready for more, huh?" I just smile and kiss your forehead. You pull back the covers and slide out of bed saying, "Me too" as you head to the little kitchen for a glass of wine. When you get back, you find me fully clothed and stand there in a little disbelief. The puzzled look on your face matches the words that come out of your mouth, "What the fuck are you doing?" "Get dressed, let's go get a drink. Then we can come back and play a little more. Since we slept for a few hours, it's still really early for us!" You groan about it a little, but you obey and get dressed. We head across the street to what appears to be an adult bar. As we step in, we see people who are pretty well dressed and everyone is about our age. We sit at the end of the bar and order our drinks. I lean over to you and ask, "So, out of everyone here, who are the hottest?" You look at me with a strange look and I just say, "Well? I wanna know what you find attractive." You kiss my cheek as you squeeze my leg and say, "You." "Baby, you're so sweet, but come on, seriously, who are the three hottest people in here?" You point out three guys who look pretty good and then I ask, "OK, so what about the three hottest women?" You scan the crowd. For some reason there are far more women in the bar than men. You point out a tall, thick girl first. Then, a very thin girl who's absolutely gorgeous, but stick thin and appears to be damn near dead drunk while only staying in a sitting position beause her friends are holding her up. Finally, you point to a woman at the other end of the bar. She appears to be in her early 30's, she looks very shy, and she also has a slight hint of uneasiness to her. You may not notice it, but from my days as a man-slut, I recognize that look as "recently dumped and trying to meet someone new." Bingo! I put a $50 on the bar, tell the bartender to keep drinks coming for you, and stand up. I kiss your forehead and say, "No matter what you see, don't get pissed and leave. I'll be back in a bit." As I'm walking over to the shy girl you pointed out, my phone vibrates. I look at my messages and see one from you. It's all in capitals and reads, "WHAT THE FUCK?" I look back at you, shake my head and smile as I mouth the words, "Don't worry." I reach the end of the bar and sit next to the girl. I buy her a drink and you see me chatting with her. You watch as I lightly caress her arm on occasion, lean in a little too much when I laugh, and once or twice, you actually get a little angry as I put my hand under her chin to tilt her head up a little. Part of you finds this kind of hot, but the other part of you is thinking, "He's supposed to be with me right now. This is our weekend together! What the fuck?!" The only thing that keeps you in your seat is my hand on the table that routinely motions for you to stay calm and stay seated. After nearly 45 minutes, I excuse myself and disappear into the restroom. I check my phone, which has been vibrating in my pocket like a rat on acid. 42 message from you. Mostly pretty angry and quizzical. I text back, "When she looks at you, smile. If you don't, I just wasted 45 minutes. Trust me, baby." I return and sit next to the shy girl. For another few minutes, you see me chatting and laughing with her. She's laughing, too. Then her face falls flat and she looks completely confused. She looks directly at you. You politely smile and wave. She nods. I talk to her a few more moments and then she gets up and walks out. I throw my hands up in exasperation and return to you. "What the fuck was that about? You are such a fucking asshole!" I apologize for the next ten minutes and then tell you we should go back to the room where I promise to give you a massage in the whirlpool. You're pissed, but you definitely want to leave, so we head back to the room with you making snide remarks almost every step of the way about how I made you feel the exact opposite of what you wanted to be feeling this weekend. Once we walk in, I close the door and apologize about twelve more times. You sit down on the couch with your arms and legs crossed. I know that look. That's the look of, "you pissed me off and I'm not touching your dick for the rest of the night." I sigh and head into the bathroom to take a very quick shower. I step out of the shower and put on a robe. I haven't worn a robe in 30 years. It feels strange. As I step out of the bathroom, I notice that you haven't moved an inch and you look twice as pissed. Then, there's a knock on the door. You look over your shoulder at me and ask, "Who the fuck could that be?" You get up to answer it, but I beat you to it. Just before I turn the handle, I look at you and say, "By the way, I'm not sorry at all, but think happy thoughts! I did it for you." The door opens, and there stands Shy Girl. You're dumbfounded, but while I can see you're utterly perplexed, you put on one of the most convincing happy-faces I've ever seen. And then your expression changes almost as if a cartoon light bulb just lit up over your head. "Marianne, this is Ashley. She was kind enough to agree to join us for the rest of the night." The two of you shake hands and being the jerk that I am, I ask, "A handshake? Considering the things we're all about to do to one another, I think a nice, long, passionate tongue kiss is in order." It's awkward because you're strangers, but you both shrug at the exact same time and head in for a kiss. My cock stiffens as I watch your tongues flitting in and out of each others' mouths. After you two pull back, Ashley says, "Wow. You're an awesome kisser! This guy said this would be your first time!" You assure her that it is, but that you're just very open to new things, very passionate, and very determined to do your absolute best. Ashley smiles and tells you it's only her third time with another woman and it'll be her first three way ever. She experimented a little in college and found it fun, but never got into it completely. Like me, she doesn't consider herself bisexual at all. She considers herself a true pervert whereby playing with someone of the same sex is arousing in a particular setting, like a threesome. It would never happen outside of a special circumstance, but it's fun in the moment. Ashley goes to sit on the couch and I head off to get her a drink. You excuse yourself to the restroom to take a quick shower and cleanse yourself of our earlier interlude. I wander into the bathroom and ask if you're alright with this and you say you are. You ask why I threw my hands up and acted like a dick when Ashley left the bar. All I could say was, "I was fucking with you... I wanted it to be a surprise." You call me a dick and laugh. I chuckle too and walk out of the bathroom. Ten minutes later, you also walk out of the bathroom in your robe. You scan the room and your eyes immediately focus on the bed. I'm laying across the bed with my legs hanging over the edge. Ashley, completely naked, is on her knees at the side of the bed with my cock in her mouth. She's really going to town. I have a few pillows propped under my head so I can see the action and when I notice you, you actually look a little angry. But then, you shake your head and grin in a way that could only be interpreted as, "Boys will be boys." You walk up beside Ashley and also get down on your knees. You look over at her and say, "Damn girl... Are you going to save a little for me?" You both laugh and she backs off my rod so that she's just sucking the head. You lean in to start sucking and licking the shaft. I spread my legs as wide as I can and you both lean in to get as much of me as possible. You climb onto the bed as Ashley moves lower to suck on my balls. You take my cock into your mouth and I realize how amazing you are immediately. You are so much better. Leaps and bounds better. I reach over and pull your leg toward me a little so that you're almost perpendicular to me. I reach around your ass and slip two fingers inside of you. I feel your pleasure as your suction gets a little stronger and you push your head further down on my dick. You're defintiley excited. Your pussy begins to drip a little and once my thumb is throroughly moistened, I start using it to massage your clit. After a few minutes, you and Ashley are both on the bed and I'm fingering you both as you take turns sucking my cock, stroking my cock, stroking my balls, and kissing each other. Soon, with my dick firmly in your mouth, you hear me say, "I'm gonna cum soon, ladies." You ease back and watch intently as you stroke my penis. I feel the pressure intensifying and I look down to see you and Ashley staring at the tip of my cock. You both look like you're hungry and dinner is about to be served. Finally, cum bursts forth from my rock hard dick. The first spurt lands on Ashley's cheek, the next lands on yours. The rest slowly dribbles out, covering your hands and my balls. After watching my miniature geiser of cum, you both jump in to clean me up with your tongues. Strings of cum roll off your tongues as you lap up my semen. Ashley looks up at me and smiles with an open smile. She's got at least half my load in her mouth. She smiles very slyly and than grabs your head and kisses you with an open mouth. At first you're a little stunned at being snowballed, but then you relax a little and seem to really enjoy yourself. When you part from your kiss, you look at Ashley with a huge smile and say, "OK, wow, that was just filthy... fucking filthy... but I loved it!" You look over at me and say, "Plus, I want every drop of you that I can get" before lowering your head to lick the small droplet of cum that finally released itself onto the tip of my cock. After finishing the last of my load, you look at me and then at Ashley and ask, "So, what's next? This fucking rocks!" I get up and leave you two ladies on the bed as I head over for a glass of water. Ashley smiles at you and I hear nothing but giggling as I stand in the kitchenette. While there, I get some wine and cut up some fruit for all of us. When I turn around in the kitchenette to look out into the living room area, I notice that my luggage has been ransacked. I remember telling you that I was bringing some "toys" so I figured it was you. I finish up and pick up everything to bring out refreshments over to the bed. As I step out and Ashley comes up to me, naked except for bondage tape wrapped across her body like a bikini. She addresses me somewhat formally saying, "Master. I have her. I've brought us a play thing. She sleeps." I look over at the bed and see that the bed straps I brought have been affixed. You're laying on the bed, pretending to sleep with your wrists and ankles shackled to the bed with the black fuzzy cuffs. A sheet, strategically placed, covers all your wonderful naughty bits, but most everything else is exposed. "What shall we do with her, Master?" "Well, my pet, what do you think would bring me the most pleasure?" "Will you take her? I got her just for you. I saw her and knew you'd love everything about her." "Do you like her, Pet?" "I do, Master. I do." "Then take her. I will pleasure myself as you pleasure her and she pleasures you." "What if she refuses to pleasure me, Master?" "You've learned well, Pet. Make her pleasure you if she refuses. Make her." Ashley grins at me with fire in her eyes and slinks over to the bed. I spin the recliner around to face the bed in anticipation of the events to come. Ashley slowly crawls onto the bed and begins kissing your forehead. You feign waking up and begin to protest. "What the fuck?! Who the fuck are you!?" "Shhhh, you may call me 'Mistress.' Our Master is over there." "Master? What the fuck? NOBODY is my master!" Ashley quickly reaches out and slaps your hip with a good deal of force and says, "HE... He is OUR Master. He is our everything." "You people are fucking crazy!" "Be with me. Be with me well and maybe Master will pleasure you as well." "What the fuck is wrong with you?!" "Shhh, Angel. Does this not feel good?" Ashley leans in and kisses your neck. She begins sucking and licking. Her hand slides down and lightly rolls around your nipple. As she continues to lick your neck and nibble your ear lobes, her hand slides down further. Her fingers part your lips and dip into your pussy. Her fingers slide up and begin to roll around your clit. Your head rolls a little to give her better access to your neck and you do your best to spread your shackled legs further. You lightly moan, "Yes, it does feel good." "Yes it does. All I want is to pleasure you and for you to pleasure me." You pause a second and say, "But I've never been with a woman. I don't know if I can do this." "Shh... Yes you can." "What are you going to do to me after this? You're not going to hurt me are you? Please!" At that point, I stand up and say, "Angel, don't be afraid. All we wish to do is please you and have you please us. Then, you'll have a glass of wine and be on your way. No harm will come to you. I promise. Just play along and you'll leave more fulfilled than you've felt in a long time. All you need to know is that I am the Master. She is my pet. You are our Angel. And you will always be safe. Let us be your teachers for pleasures you've never known." You look in my eyes and can see I'm telling the truth. This role playing has gotten more intense than you ever expected, but you lean back and relax a little as you say, "Teach me, Pet. Teach me everything." "Ohh, aren't you sweet? You think I'm just going to pleasure you? Well, Angel, you've got some learning to do..." At that, she squeezes your clit and makes you jump with both pleasure and pain. "I thought you said I'd be safe!?" "You will be, but don't take my kindness for granted. You're MY plaything just as I'm His. If need be, I will correct you. And you don't call me 'Pet,' He does. You may call me 'Mistress.'" "But I don't understand." Another pleasing shot of pain shoots through your body as she presses on your clit. My eyes widen with every word that comes from Ashley's mouth. I can't believe how intense and serious she is about all this. "You don't need to. And you really should address me properly." "I'm sorry, Mistress. I'm sorry! I don't understand, Mistress! Please!" "I am going to pleasure you which will pleasure my Master. Then, you will pleasure me. I will tell you exactly how. Now, my first command... Shut the fuck up!" You look worried, but then look over at me. I break from the role playing persona and you can see I'm just regular me again. I smile sweetly and mouth the words, "It'll be OK. Trust me." I see your expression soften and you take comfort in my words despite the fact that you're really starting to wonder how fucked up this Ashley chick is. In the end, you just know I'll be there to protect you if anything goes wrong. Ashley straddles you and leans down to kiss you. At first, she lightly teases your lips with hers. But then she begins sliding her tongue across your lips and lightly biting. You keep trying to lift your head to just get in there and kiss her, but she's teasing you. Apparently, she's been taught well. She's learned that the entire point of bondage is not immediate gratification but prolonged sensual torture with intense final pay-off. After several minutes of tempting you and tempting herself, she can't take it anymore and she presses her lips firmly against yours. I hear both of you lovely ladies moan a little with pleasure. From my perspective at the foot of the bed, things are spectacular. Ashley on all fours, showing me her ass and her pussy as you lay beneath her with your legs slightly parted so I could see your glorious garden. Ashley's tongue soon penetrates your lips and you feel her soft warm tongue entering your mouth. Feeling her soft skin on yours is making you far more aroused than you ever thought it would. As I sit at the foot of the bed, I begin to see your pussy glisten as you become more and more aroused. I get up from the recliner, walk up behind Ashley and lightly lick her anus as I reach between your legs and insert two fingers inside you. You flinch as my fingers enter you and Ashley flinches, too. I slowly move back and sit in the recliner as I take one long lick of my fingers and then use the rest of your moisture to lubricate my cock. I slowly start masturbating as I continue to watch. Ashley slides down your body and stops at your breasts. She playfully squeezes them and rubs them being careful not to touch your nipples. She continues massaging your breasts and doesn't do much else but kiss your chest on occasion. Otherwise, she's just looking at your tits and your face. Back and forth. You sit there slightly puzzled, but then I see your look of complete understanding. You realize she's waiting for you to have a longing desire. Ashley is waiting for you to want it so she can withhold it from you and then finally allow you the pleasure. I smile seeing your cunning realization. While you're dying for her to molest your nipples, you begin acting as if you're in desperate need of her attention. She toys with you a few moments more than then brings her warm wet mouth down on your cold, hard nipples. The contrast of the cool room's air on your dry nipples with her warm wet mouth is almost like an electric shock that rockets to both your head and your pussy. You feel the tingle down below and can't believe a woman is actually making you feel this way. As She rolls her tongue around your left nipple, she lightly rolls your right nipple with her other fingers. She doesn't pinch, but she lightly twirls her fingers around it. After a few moments, she goes back to rubbing your breasts. "Please Mistress... The other..." "I thought I told you to shut the fuck up?!" She leans into your other nipple and bites it. She doesn't do it to be mean, but she bites hard enough that the pain slightly overpowers the pleasure. "You've been corrected, Angel. Speak when I tell you. Not until then." You nod. "Now, let's see about pleasuring you to help soften the pain of that correction..." Ashley puts her head back down and begins to lightly lick your nipple. As she does, the electric tingles begin to flow. You hardly notice that her other hand is nowhere near your other breast until you feel her fingers beginning to part your labia. As her finger slides over your clit, I see your body shudder a little and my cock stiffens in my grip. I love knowing you're being pleased. Ashley slowly kisses her way down your tummy and then sits up. She slips one finger into you and says, "I'm going to move your shackles. If you move, it won't be pleasant. I have nails and I'm not afraid to use them." She slightly curls her finger and you feel her sharp nail lightly scrape inside you. "Do you understand? You may speak." "Yes, Mistress." With her free hand, she unhooks your shackle and locks it into the strap a little higher up. She does the same with the other so your legs are now bent at the knees and she can fit more comfortably between them. She removes her finger from you and tells you to raise your behind. After you do, she puts pillows under your lower back, raising your pelvis to a more manageable height. Her pillow placement is strategic, so that it allows her access to everything both front and back. I decide to move, so I can better see whats happening and sit next to the bed. You look at me with nervous eyes and I reach over to hold your shackled hand for a moment of reassurance. You smile and mouth the words, "Thank you." As I let go and lean back into my chair, Ashley nestles in between your thighs. She traces your labia with her fingers and spends quite a long time just inspecting what she keeps calling, "your beautiful flower." The sound of that phrase makes us both chuckle, but Ashley stays very serious. Ashley leans in and begins to trace your labia with her tongue. You start thrusting your hips toward her face uncontrollably. She repeatedly denies you the pleasure of her tongue on your clit. As time goes on, I decide to speed up my Pet's lesson and I mention that when Ashley allowed you to speak, she didn't tell you to be quiet again. Ashley lifts her head and smiles wryly at you. She puts her head back down and starts licking your labia again being very careful not to use too much pressure or even come near enough to your clit to give too much arousal. Out of nowhere, after having been teased for what seemed like an eternity, you yell out, "Oh my god, just fucking eat me already!" Ashley sits up and looks at you with extreme anger. She slaps your ass almost as hard as she can. I see her handprint forming on your ass. "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to, Bitch?!" Holding back a torrent of tears from the stinging pain, you say, "I'm sorry, Mistress! Please, Mistress! I want you, Mistress! Please! I can't handle the teasing, Mistress! Please!" She lightly rubs the spot where she slapped you and asks, "You want me? And that's how you ask?" "No, Mistress. I'm very sorry. But please, Mistress, please grant me your pleasures. I can't take it anymore. I need to feel your mouth on me, Mistress." "That's much better, Angel. Know your place or I'll revoke your right to speak and beat your ass till it bleeds!" "Yes, Mistress. I'm so sorry, Mistress!" Ashley gives you a look that says one thing... Be Good. Last warning. She then slips back between your legs and starts teasing you again. As your arousal reaches an impossible level to handle, I see your cum slowly beginning to drip out of you. Ashley squeals with glee seeing the effect she's having on you. And you timidly, finally, ask, "Mistress, will you please eat me?" Ashley approves your request and her soft warm tongue parts your labia and begins to swirl around your clit. She slides two fingers inside you and begins stroking the anterior wall of your vagina, hunting for your G-spot. She occasionally grazes the area and each time, you flinch with pleasure. As she finger fucks you faster and faster, your breathing increases, your moans get louder, and you begin begging her for more. As your cum begins to flow more and more, Ashley does her best to lap it all up while swirling her tongue around your clit. As I sit watching and masturbating, you occasionally look over longingly. You look in my eyes and mouth the words, "I want that! I want it! I want it!" I mouth back, "In time, Love." Suddenly, Ashley takes one of her well-lubricated fingers and slowly begins sliding it around your asshole, tracing the ring. Your pleasure intensifies and you begin cumming hard. Your orgasms burst forth and your moans and squeals become a shouting torrent of praises. Your hips gyrate on Ashley's face. She can't get enough of you and continues eating. Finally, you beg her to stop, "Please, mistress! Stop! Enough! I can't!" She continues until the sensation is almost painful, but then stops. She lifts her head to look at you. Her face looks like a glazed donut. She moves around and moves up to your head where she leans down to kiss you. As first, you shy away and protest a little, but she says, "If you're afraid of a little cum on your face, you're going to hate what happens next." At that, you relent and she leans in for a kiss. Surprisingly, it's rather flavorless and you enjoy the kiss as her tongue probes your mouth. Ashley removes the pillows from behind your back and moves your hand shackles so that your hands are right above your head. She then straddles you again and leans down so that her breasts are dangling less than an inch above your face. You lean your head over to look at me and say, "Baby? Can you come here please?" I get up and come over to the side of the bed. You look up at me, then look at Ashley, and say with a giggle in your voice, "I don't know if we set a safe word, but I'm saying it!" Ashley looks a little distraught and asks why? You respond with, "The bondage was fun, but I want my first time with a woman to be more on my terms. Maybe I need some direction, but I'm looking for something a lot softer and a lot less dominating. Don't get me wrong, what we just did was awesome, but I want to see both sides of this." Ashley smiles at you, leans down, and gives you a very passionate kiss. When she sits back up, still straddling you, she unhooks your wrist and ankle cuffs. Once she's done, she lays on the bed next to you, smiles sweetly, and says, "Do with me what you will, sweetie. Your terms. I'll play along and help if you need it, but it's just sex. Explore my body, tease me, kiss me, and do whatever makes you... and me... feel good." You look at me and I smile. You look at Ashley and she smiles, too. You lean down to kiss her and your hand begins to trace the curves of her body. As you kiss her lips, your hand slowly caresses her neck and slowly slides down to her breast. You begin kissing her cheek, her ear, and then begin kissing and sucking on her neck. Your hand follows the outline of her breast and you eventually cup it to feel the fullness of her firm and perky tits. You feel her hard, engorged nipple poking to the palm of your hand and you feel yourself tingle and moisten down below. While you continue playing, Ashley's arm moves up and caresses your shoulder and your back. Each time you hit a certain spot on her neck, she begins to moan and squirms ever so slightly. You slowly work your way down, giving kisses as you go until you reach her beautiful, perfectly round breasts. While the explorer in you wants to familiarize herself with another woman's breasts, the lusty pervert is ready to just dive in. After kissing your way down, you finally reach Ashley's nipple and you take it into your mouth. It's hard and cold, but has a very soft velvety texture. As you suckle on her nipple, your hand caresses her other breast and lightly rolls around her nipple. With every few rolls around her nipple and just the right amount of suction, you begin feeling her twitch a little. Her moans increase and she begins rubbing your back as if to let you know she's very content with what you're doing. After awhile, you switch to the other breast and repeat your procedure. As expected, it works like a charm and you can feel her squeezing her thighs together as if to try to masturbate with no hands. Occasionally, she even thrusts her pelvis up an inch or two as though she's hoping for some invisible prong to be there that will massage her yearning, aching clit. Finally, you feel her hand, the one massaging your back, pushing you lightly. She seems to be instructing you to move further south. With her nipple still in your mouth, you look up at her and she quietly whispers, "Baby, I don't care what you do, but you really really need to give my pussy some attention." You continue sucking on her nipple and rolling your tongue around it, but you also move your hand down. You've positioned yourself almost perpendicular to her and as she feels your hand sliding down, she opens her legs wide. Sitting in my chair, even I can tell she's dying to be touched. Your fingers trace the horizontal line below her belly and trace down the crease of her thigh. You bring your fingers across and feel the folds and creases of her vagina. It feels a little dry, but you slowly push your finger into the softest crease and immediately feel the heat and moisture. Your finger is resting on the upper edge of her opening, but instead of going inside her, you simply slide your finger around the hole to collect her cum. You begin sliding your finger up her slit and you can feel her lips parting as your finger traverses the trail to her clit. Once there, you find her tiny clitoris and the moment your finger touches it, her back arches and she lets out a massive sigh of relief. As you begin to roll your finger around her clit, she begins letting out random bursts of moans and sensual whimpers. Every now and then, when you feel her becoming slightly less lubricated, you slide your finger back down and dip it into her. Each time you do, you can feel an increased temperature and a greater amount of her femme cum. On one pass, you use your finger to probe inside her a little. While you know what yours feels like, it's somewhat amazing to feel how the ridges and bumps within her are so much different. She begins to whine and whimper a little more while thrusting her pelvis a bit. You take the hint and stop your exploration so that you can return to her clit. Rolling around and around her clit, Ashley's breathing begins to increase in pace. You lean your head on her chest and hear her heart beating faster and faster. She continues rubbing your back and as she gets closer and closer, you feel her soft fluid motions become more irregular and forceful. Finally, she lifts her pelvis off the bed, presses hard on your back, grabs the bedsheet with her other hand, and screams as an outrageous orgasm washes over her. You have a little trouble continuing to rub her clit as she gyrates, but you manage to keep going until she closes her legs and pulls them a little closer to her chest in a way of non-verbally telling you to stop. She looks down at you and smiles an enormous ear-to-ear grin. Ashley breathes a sigh of satisfaction and says, "I would never have guessed you're a first timer. Damn! I can only imagine what the next part will be like." You smile back with pride and reposition yourself between her legs. She props herself up so she can see you, and you prop up her ass with pillows to make it easier for you. Ashley lays cradled between pillows as you stare into your destiny. The first thing you notice is that she smells faintly of strawberries. You turn to look at me and questioningly mouth the word. I laugh and ask he what she had to eat recently. She says she had strawberry shortcake for dessert. I just laugh and say, "Looks like it's your lucky day! Wouldn't have been so pleasant if she'd had something with onions and drank a few beers." You look at me as if you're a bit puzzled, but I just laugh and tell you to stop stalling. You look back to her pussy and begin to explore it with your fingers. Seeing you on all fours with your ass in the air is driving me crazy, but I let you continue your discovery session. After a thorough inspection, you decide to taste it. You slip your tongue into the folds of her vagina and immediately feel what you can best describe as an almost imperceptible electric current on your tongue. You weren't ready for the chemical pH difference between her twat and your mouth. It slowly dissipates as you continue probing with your tongue. As you press your tongue deep inside her, that current returns for a moment but then fades again. The second thing you notice is that there's virtually no flavor at all, just an aroma. Ashley looks at me and kind of giggles because, at this point, you're not pleasuring her, you're just kind of being like a child with a new toy. Trying things out. FInally, you slide up and roll your tongue around her clit. Her awkward smile for me immediately disappears, her head drops back and she moans, "Oh god, yes! Oh my god, Mari-fucking-anne that's fucking awesome..." You continue playing with her clit in your mouth. You roll your tongue, you suck, and you lightly bite (which gets her to lightly smack you on the top of the head as admonishment while saying, "Nuh uh, no!"). As your jaw and tongue begin to get a little tired, you decide to try full sweeps with your tongue just going from bottom to top. Your flattened, wide tongue slides through her slit and just engulfs her clit with every pass. This seems to be her trigger. For some women, it's the rolling tongue. For some it's left to right motion. For some it's a light flicking. But for Ashley, its a full pussy lick. Each time you do it, she thrusts into your face harder. As you continue eating, I step up and take your right hand. I have you make a fist and then pull out your index and middle fingers. I push your hand back. You get the hint and insert your fingers. You probe Ashley's insides until you find a spot that seems to intensify her pleasure. You can tell it's the right spot because of her gasps and moans. I walk to the other side of you and take your index finger. I place two drops of KY on it. You stop a second to look at me, but ashley thrusts into your face as she practically screams, "Don't you dare fucking stop!" You didn't get the hint. So, I step behind you, place two drops of KY on my own finger and slowly begin to massage your anus. I rub around the rim putting a slight amount of pressure so that you can feel the tension on your asshole. I'm not pushing in, but pushing just enough to get the very tip of my finger to part your rosebud. I see your other hand disappear as it slides up to Ashley's anus to mimic what I'm doing. Ashely's moans intensify and her whimpers are on the verge of full-fledged crying, but you can still tell that it's pleasure and not pain or discomfort. I'm having a hard time playing with you and watching you with Ashley. I lean down and whisper in your ear, "Can I take you?" You mumble a response that sounds something like "Uh huh." I step behind you and as you eat Ashley, I slide my cock into your pussy. I hear you begin to moan. I use my thumb to continue tracing the rim of your asshole as I fuck your snatch as deep as I can. My thrusting seems to be helping your skills on Ashley. She's on the verge of cumming and you intensify your licking and sucking. Suddenly, Ashley grabs your head, her body stiffens, she begins to shudder, and you feel a wave of her warm, wet cum spreading across your face as she begins to scream in absolute delight from the orgasm bursting through her. You continue licking, I continue fucking, and Ashley continues screaming as her body convulses, stiffens, and relaxes over and over. Finally, Ashley flops back and goes limp. She moves her legs to make sure you don't head back in right away. As she lays there in a sort of afterglow enjoying the little orgasmic aftershocks, you've laid your head on the bed and reached back between your legs to massage my balls as my dick slides in and out of you. I keep pumping back and forth and finally I feel my orgasm getting ready to explode. I rub my free hand on your back and say, "Baby, I'm gonna cum." You slam yourself back onto my cock hard a few times before turning around, grabbing my dick, and putting it in your mouth as far as you can. It's almost in your throat and I feel your throat muscles massaging my cock. My cum explodes from my dick and your eyes smile knowing how much every man loves a woman who can take a healthy load in the mouth. After finishing, you suck my cock a little to make sure you've eaten every drop I had to offer. No one says anything. We just collapse on the bed next to Ashley. Eventually, we fall asleep and I wake up a few hours later only to discover... If anyone actually reads this and enjoys it, let me know and I'll continue...
  17. Wornsilver

    The Neighbor

    Please don't forget to vote and to post a comment. Melvin didn’t like bars much. Hell, there was a lot of life in general that he either didn’t like or that pissed him off. Drivers. Don’t get me started. People in line. Ditto. He also hated his name, it was so “dated.” Tonight, I think I’m going to channel a porn star, maybe “Darin.” Errr, maybe “Sean.” Or should it be “Shawn?” Nah, let’s go with something believable—tonight I’m Jim. Boss, Jerry, just called to let him know that he would not be able to make it to the meeting that HE SCHEDULED and named the place. We both knew it was going to be about a change in responsibilities, and that never augured well for the guy who was surely going to get dumped on. Oh, well, might as well have a drink since I’m here, he thought and why not take a seat near a lady who looked to be alone and who was stunning. About my age, too? Maybe a bit younger? Older? My dad would have said, “Hell, I didn’t look at her teeth,” harkening back to the way you estimated the age of a horse. “Beer.” The bartender turned and Mel, wait a minute, “Jim” said, “Make that a sloe gin fizz,” blurting out the only mixed drink that immediately came to mind. That he didn’t like. That he thought would cost more than a gin and tonic and that he intended to charge to his expenses since this was a busted biz meeting. And that he wouldn’t actually drink because he didn’t need a DUI to adorn his resume and reduce his bank account. Since his divorce, he didn’t need any more reductions to his bank account. Shit, he thought, he hadn’t thought about sloe gin since he was a kid and thought that it was “slow” due to the way it intoxicated. Sometime along the way, his propensity to collect random, useless information planted the information that it was actually “sloe” and it was a blackthorn plum-flavored liquor. Nothing whatsoever to do with any inebriation delay. That marvelous lady sitting one seat away was intent on being neutral, ignoring his existence, but she actually glanced at him and he was struck by her “woman-ness.” Rather than immediately hopping on the side-long glance and starting a conversation, he wandered away on a reverie in his head about what “woman-ness” might mean. She, however, short-circuited that journey in his brain. “Sloe gin fizz?” She said it in a way that left no doubt that she hadn’t heard that in a long time. “I hadn’t heard that name in a long, long time. Some sort of berry?” “Well, actually, a blackthorn plum. But who’s counting?” He wasn’t much for small talk. “Jim;” and he extended his hand. Well, that’s stupid, he thought. Might as well wear a sign that announces Nerd. “Sara, with no ‘h’,” she said and took his hand. And held it just a bit too long. “That’s a lovely name. Biblical.” Jeez, I can’t quit saying stupid shit. You’re supposed to be suave, sexy, debonair. Well, maybe not debonair, but ya know what I mean. “Thanks, Jim, I like the connection to history, too.” Well, I’m sure as hell not going to tell him that the first thing that popped in my mind was that crazy stupid name that girl I knew named her kid. C’aira. Get it? Sierra spelled by a moron? And I’m equally positive that I’m not going to give him my real name, Leslie. “Are you really going to drink that?” when the cute little guy behind the bar set the cutesy beverage in front of him. It was actually kind of pretty, but not very masculine. Maybe this guy was gay? Or just kind of dim? “NO. It’s kind of a long story, well, not so long. My boss stood me up, I thought I would buy something I didn’t like that was expensive and stick it on an expense voucher. A bit juvenile, but that way if I get stopped on the way home, I won’t peg the breathalyzer. What you drinking?” “I wish it were vodka, but it is just water with an olive. Looks like it is a drink, tastes a bit weird, but the same thought pattern as you for the drive home. If my friend shows up, maybe a glass of wine. Dinner. You know, nothing that won’t be metabolized by the drive home.” Crapola, “metabolized!” You know guys don’t like to be intimidated. Stop it. Be the femme fatale, girl in distress. Eh, that ain’t gonna work. “So, you being stood up, too?” “Might be. Oops, call coming in. Text. Yep, officially stood up.” God, she is sexy. I wonder if she likes bald guys? Bald, a bit pudgy, employed, 58-year-old horny guys? “Since we’re both stuck, why don’t you let my boss buy us dinner? The reason we ended up here is that this is one of Virginia Beach’s best restaurants, and nothing wrong with the view of the sandy beach and the ocean rolling in.” I should get home to my husband, but he knows I might be out all night with Renée, that we just might decide to drink a little too much and get a hotel room. After all, since it is the off season, the rooms are not that expensive, he likes for me to have friends and a life, and what if the ‘life’ isn’t exactly what I struck out to do? “You’re not a serial killer? I’m going to take the grin and the chuckle as a ‘No’ and agree that a bite to eat will be just the ticket.” “In a moment of candor, I’m going to disavow any criminal tendencies and let you know that I’m well-enough known in this town that somebody might recognize me and use my real name, Melvin. Please call me Mel.” That’s a good sign. The dinners were light, steamed shrimp, veggies, a bowl of blue berries and strawberries for dessert. The conversation was wide-ranging and interesting, she used the term “info-junkie” to describe herself. She was wearing a very nice ring, but hadn’t talked about her husband. He wasn’t wearing a ring, didn’t have the tell-tale skin indentation from just taking one off. Her instincts were typically pretty good and they were telling her that this guy was not a player, was not accustomed to or very good at picking up women in bars, and that he was safe. On top of it, he wasn’t the age of her sons and it was obvious that he was as interested in her as she was getting with him. There was a feeling down there, something familiar at her core, and a dampness. Why not push it? “You have been candid, Mel, and I need to be a bit more. I have a husband and I am absolutely devoted to him and to us. But I’m also 62 years old, pretty healthy and willing to ‘enjoy myself’ if you know what I mean.” Babbling from the other side of the table. This was not what he expected. Hoped for? Sure. But he was not a pro at this and really didn’t expect that it would go far at all. She was dynamite. Out of his league? But why not run with it. His eyes clouded, there was nothing but lust showing on his face, and his slacks were starting to show a tent. “Bob and I have an arrangement. He takes care of me in so many ways, especially sexually, but he also wants me to experience everything that I can in that department. Sometimes, that means inviting another man into my bed. I didn’t come here tonight expecting this, Renée should have been here. You didn’t come here to pick up a partner for the evening, but look where we are now.” Mel took care of the bill with his company card and said, “Let’s walk.” “You are gorgeous. That Asian part of you preserves the youthful look, and your mind and body push my buttons.” They walked along the Boardwalk. “I want you so bad. Let’s get a room.” “One thing I won’t do,” she said, “Is anything deceitful. Let me call Bob. Here, ‘hold my beer and watch this’,” and when he looked at her not knowing what she meant, she said, “The boys always say that right before they do something that might not turn out so good.” She laughed that delightful, sincere laugh. She texted her husband, Yo, can you call me? She explained the circumstances, said they were going to get a room. “Do you want to join us?” I usually vet the potential guys, make sure they are ok. But if you are ok with it, why don’t you and Mel do this tonight and then set up a threesome. “Works for me, I’ll keep you posted.” “Mel, the way we typically work it is that Bob interviews potential playmates. Then he introduces them to me and, frankly, about one in five makes the cut and few get a second chance. I’m fussy and not that interested in them. This is different, I feel a chemistry that I don’t usually. But a woman needs to be cautious, so I’m going to ask you for two ID’s and I’m going to photo them and send to Bob.” “Ya know, Sara-without-an-h”, at this point of stimulation and arousal, I would do just about anything short of setting myself on fire. Photo to your heart’s content.” The key card worked, they had an ocean view. “Ever notice how odd you feel when you check into a hotel with no luggage? I told them we just arrived from out of town and our luggage didn’t make it.” She turned to him and put her hand on the back of his neck drawing him into a soft and long kiss. “Let me jump in the shower, and you can shower when I’m done.” Mel was so ready, and before she left for her shower, she made sure to give him a squeeze of his bulge. Which nearly set him off. Both of them snuggled under the covers in damp—she used the word “moist” in a not so good way-- towels, and the kisses were now deep, tongues explored and he found the sensitive parts of her neck. There was an urgency. The towels became history, she stroked him and he touched her breasts and found them to be really sensitive. His ex-wife had big boobs that required high impact kneading and twisting of the nipples like you were tuning in the BBC on the wireless. These beside him in this bed were tender, medium-sized morsels that begged to be kissed and licked with delight, not man-handled. “This is about the time I think I should have lost a few pounds,” she said. He agreed that she could do that, he could too, but allowed as how he found her body to be pretty damned good just the way it was. “You can’t trust a thing a man says when he is about to get laid,” and they both laughed. She moaned and gasped as he moved from that special part of her neck to her breasts, down her tummy and finally nibbled at her upper thigh. When his thumb found her clit, another gasp and her back arched up and her hips moved to greet his fingers that opened her lips and found a wet, wet, wet spot. Her core was near exploding, and when he inserted a pair of fingers in her, the first wave of ecstasy swept her to a far place. The old saying is that the earth moved, but it was more like the earth and heavens shattered, exploded, light and blazes all around. He moved from her upper thigh to kiss her clit and another series of moans greeted his noisy wet kisses and sounds of sheer lust. She pulled him up to give him a passionate kiss, tasted her mild but perfectly feminine aroma on his lips, and guided him to her opening. He slid his hard member along her slick groove, the lips sliding along him from his root to the tip where a dab of pre-cum oozed out. He slid along her lips, back and forth, back and forth until she insisted that he put the head at her opening. He entered her tight pussy a little at a time as the ample cream she had been dripping since they first started dinner (her panties were soaked) eventually coated his entire cock and he started to rhythmically stroke in and out. He lasted a long, long time which he later confessed was a surprise to him as he thought he was going to cum immediately. Every time, it seemed, he entered his full length, she wandered off into that wonderful world of ecstasy, one climax after another. He could feel her walls tighten on his cock, amazing spasms, even though she was remarkably tight from the get go. When the orgasm subsided, the lube was even greater and she accepted his strokes with movement of her hips so that he was getting more and more close to his own arrival at the mountain top. And then it started. His belly got that feeling, tingly and insistent. She could feel his warm cum spurting out and joining her heat. He stayed in and it twitched a bit as it softened and eventually slid out. Along with a lot of semen. They were both exhausted. Sweat! She said she was not designed to sweat, he complimented her glow. After a few satiated minutes, they got up, walked to the floor to ceiling windows to take in the ocean, the waves breaking on the beach and the last glow of the sunset from behind them giving the view a rosy complexion. Marveling at what was before them, their own insignificance in the face of the vast ocean and the miracle of the joy/pleasure/satisfaction they had just given to each other. Strangers who had the best intentions to give their partners the best of themselves and to take what they needed from their partners. The perfect illustration of the concept “give and take.” Her hands wandered over his imperfect body, a belly a bit too big, that wonderful bald head, but warm and containing a great heart and a desire to give to her and to take from her. She turned to him and said, “I think Bob and I may want you to join us for more.” He said that would be fine, but in the meantime, he started to get a little plumper, a “chubby,” she called it, and his fingers found her womanly body parts, her breasts, her dampness, and they started another session that ended with several orgasms (her) and a lot of pleasure (both of them). By the time the rosy fingers of the new dawn bathed the beach and their room, they were spent, sore and ready to call it a night. Text to Bob: Found a keeper! Can’t wait for you to join us. Text from Bob: See you in a bit. Can’t wait. BTW, the address on his driver’s license is one street over! Yee haw. Mel: What an interesting, intriguing, sexy, satisfying, amazing woman. I hope ‘Bob’ isn’t a knucklehead. Can’t be as amazing as she is, but I’m game to see what the next chapter holds. So we wait for the next chapter to be written. When we find out what being neighbors means.
  18. My wife and I aren't just swingers we're also exhibitionist. Here's a story of one of our nights out having some fun with the wife showing some skin. We went out on a Saturday night to a sports bar to watch some college football and for some drinks and for a little fun. My wife wore a skirt with heels and a button down blouse, she didn't wear any panties as she usually doesn't and she wore a silk see thru bra under her blouse. We were seated at a high table because that's what we requested so my wife could flash her goods under that skirt. It didn't take long to get the attention from a group of guys sitting across from us. Where they were sitting compared to where my wife was sitting, their whole table could see up my wife's skirt. My wife wasn't showing anything quite yet but she would tease then by crossing and uncrossing her legs while looking at them. Eventually my wife felt like it was time to show them a little more so she spread eagle, hiked up her skirt a little bit and showed them what they've been yearning to see. My wife kept looking straight at the guys as they were fixated on her vagina as she would smile at them and wink at them. These guys were having a blast getting an eyeful of my wife's vagina and I was getting turned on by watching her have fun with these guys. She would reach down every so often and touch her pussy and then bring her fingers to her mouth and lick her fingers, this brought the guys to full excitement when she would do that. We had to be careful in this bar though, even though it wasn't crowded we still had other people around us that I'm sure wouldn't take to kindly to this kind of behavior. After we ate our food we ordered a couple more beers and told the waitress we're going to sit outside because I'm a smoker and it was a nice night to sit out there. This bar had a nice back patio with trees and bushes and Christmas lights all around and private tables tucked into corners. To be honest that's why I chose this bar to go to because online I saw pictures of the back patio and I thought we could have some fun there. We grabbed one of those tables that were tucked in the corner and we sat facing the center of the patio with both our backs to the back fence. It didn't take long for one of the guys from that table to come out and grab a smoke. He noticed us sitting there and went back in and shortly after one by one they were all outside. I figured he told his buddies we were out there. So anyways, they came outside and huddled around a table that was built around a tree that was directly in front of us. We knew what they wanted to my wife happily gave it to them. She spread eagle again lifted her skirt waaaay up this time exposing everything and started playing with herself while grabbing her tits outside of her shirt with her other hand. Every guy at that table had their eyes fixated on my wife's pussy as she finger banged herself. I told the guys they can come sit at the table with us and they wasted no time sitting down as they watched still. My wife motioned to one of the guys sitting closest to her to come a little closer. He scooted his chair over and put his hand on my wife's thigh and he looked at me as if to say "is this ok?" I just smiled at him and gave him a nod yes. My wife grabbed his hand and placed it on her pussy and he started fingering my wife. By the sounds she was making she was enjoying it. I excused myself from the table because I had drank a little too much and it was time to break the seal. By the time I got back from the restroom one of those guys was sitting in my chair massaging my wife's breasts under her blouse and the same guy was still fingering her. The guy massaging her breasts saw me and started to get up so I could sit back down but I told him he can stay there as I grabbed another seat. This went on for about an hour, off and on and it was getting late and we realized we were the only ones outside at this point. My wife took it upon herself to unbutton her blouse lift her bra and expose her tits. Hands immediately followed and were all over her big tits. Even though it was dark where we were sitting we had to be careful because the waitress would come in and out and smokers also. My wife eventually came to one of the guys fingering her and she sat there exhausted with hands all over her still. One of the guys asked her to go out to the parking lot with him and she said "no, we're just hear for fun and pretty much what we just did". The guy kept on insisting telling her she wouldn't be disappointed and then he took his dick out to show her and it was massive... she looked at it and still had the strength to say no thank you. So he put his dick away and we all asked for our bills so we could check out. The guys ended up paying for our bill and we thanked them and all headed out to our vehicles. My wife said she'll be right back and she walked over to the guy's truck they were in and she was talking to the guy that showed her his massive penis and then she came back to the car and told me she got his number for possible future hookups. We drove home and fucked like animals that night. It was a good night and maybe she'll use that number and get a taste of that massive penis. Who knows...
  19. robaval

    Tiki Bar 2017

    Tiki Bar 2017 We were gone for a week to Kansas and Oklahoma while Robb inspected various construction sites for work. I (Julie) went along for the ride and set up home bases at motel/hotels in the various small towns Robb was working at. I laid out at the motel’s small pool and patio areas and sunned during the day and researched local color restaurants and clubs (LOL) to take Robb in the evenings after his work. By the end of the week, I had a good start on tan lines again as I had to keep the two piece suits on while sunning. We had a couple great steaks during the week, but no clubbing! The rural areas are definitely a bible belty. When Robb was done with the work, we headed back north for Dakota by way of GI, NE where we had originally met and partied about 3 years ago. The Thursday before the 4th of July, we got back to GI and checked into our favorite full service hotel (restaurant, nightclub/lounge, old school Tiki style (LOL)) where Robb and I used to meet before we married. We went and ate an early dinner at a chain place and got back to the hotel actually napped for a while. About 8 PM, we both woke up, talked it over and decide to go to the hotel’s club/lounge that occasional had been a good place to meet couples and singles three years ago. We both showered and I got my clubbing bag out. Robb wanted me to wear the strapless, open sided white tube dress we got in Tampa last spring when decided we had to up our game while at Caliente. The dress is way too tight and short. When I pull it down to cover by butt, it wants to work down and off my boobs. I can get it adjusted to cover almost everything, but when I walk or move it works down to show boob or up to show butt and pussy. With the open sides, I can’t wear anything under the dress, so Robb really loves it especially with red heels. Robb wore Bermuda style shorts and a button front shirt and sandals. About 9:00 PM we were ready to leave our room 5 or 6 rooms from the hotel lobby and to walk across the lobby to the club/lounge. When wearing very revealing club wear, I always in the past have had a coat on while in public on the way to the event, since it was summer and hot, no coat this time. I actually peeked out our room door to be sure no one was in the hallway as I didn’t want family type people seeing me try to walk in this dress. The coast was clear and where the hallway opened into the hotel lobby, I could see the lobby was empty. Only couple of check in clerks were working behind the counter. I got Robb between me and the check in counter and we walked past to the hallway on the other side of the lobby that goes to the club/lounge. This was a “walk-of-embarrassment” with my butt hanging out, and I am usually not embarrassed, but it was still light out and my butt was basically out on display walking across the lobby. The club lounge has an outside entrance from the parking area and the entrance we used was from an inside hallway off the lobby. From the inside hallway, you enter the club/lounge and pass the side of the bar. Being a Thursday night, there was no live entertainment. The waitress was standing at the drink station visiting with the lady bartender. The waitress was the same as the last time were there three years ago, Connie. Robb and I greeted her and Robb asked if any fun couples were around this evening. Connie said a couple couples had come and gone already and two couples were in the booths near the dark stage. There were a few men at the clubs far end at the pool tables. Robb ordered drinks and we headed into the club. The club, at the stage end away from the pool tables, was dim and only lite by neon and black lights, so I felt better about short open side dress and started to relax. My dress glowed in the black light and skin areas were really dark. Robb’s shirt glowed. We walked back by the side bar area along the booths and past the other two couples to sit near the dark stage area. One of the couples was definitely really young and ignored us walking by. The other couple, who really looked us over and made eye contact were older and probably more near Robb’s age. The man was tall with wide shoulders, an old jock? The women appeared tall and really slender with short dark hair. We all nodded at each other as we walked pass to our booth. When Connie brought our drinks, Robb asked her to get a round of drinks for both couples. I got positioned so my boobs were covered but my dress had ridden up, so I was keep my legs crossed! When Connie delivered the drinks and beers to the other two couples, the young couple toasted us and went back to whatever they were doing. The older couple got out of their booth and came over to ours and to thank us of the drinks and ask to join us. The older couple, James and Debra are an attractive couple, late 40’s or early 50’s perhaps. James definitely is a pretty good condition old jock and Debra, a slim, toned and classy looking lady with short dark hair and small boobs. Both were in shorts and button front shirts his tucked in and hers fitted, shorter and almost showing bare belly. Debra’s white shorts were really tight, short and cuffed and glowing in the black light. After introductions, Debra and James slid into the other side of our banquet style “U” shaped booth. Nice people and were all yakking like old vanilla friends, but with obvious attraction. With my top so low, James was really looking and would slyly unbutton one of Debra’s shirt buttons until after about a half hour only one button was holding her shirt closed. Debra needed the restroom, so Robb and James slid out of the booth sides to let us out to go. Sliding out, I showed everything with the dress hem riding up to about waist level, and Debra checked that she had two shirt buttons buttoned to hold her shirt closed. Walking to the restroom, I tried to hold my tube dress top up and hem down. In the restroom, since it was getting late, Debra and I quickly leveled with each other with me telling her that Robb and I were interested in swinging with them and that we had a room already. She and James, live about an hour west of GI and occasionally go out on “dates” and had to work the next day (power plant operator and legal aid) and had been about ready to leave when Robb and I arrived. They were fairly new at swinging/trading partners but had been into hot wife “accidental” exhibitionism for some time, had been to a nonswinger Mexican clothes optional resort a couple times, done same room sex with other couples watching (no trading) and only recently had gone to full swapping a few times with one couple they are friends with. Debra took her shirt off and took her well-padded bra off. Her breasts were really small, went with her slim build, but her nipples were nice sized and shaped and were really hard and sticking out. She put her shirt back on and buttoned two buttons, and we walked back to the booth and the guys with her bra in her purse. The guys both slid out to let us in. Debra motioned for James to slide in first, then me to slide in, she slid in next to me and Robb slid in next to her. With completely innocent conversation, going on, Debra's hand was rubbing my inner thigh. In a minute, James was rubbing my other thigh so I reached and felt his cock though his shorts and it felt interesting. Rob slyly had his hand on Debra’s shorts at crotch level and then up under her shirt to check out the nipple situation (he is so observant!). Debra kept a hand on my thigh but didn’t feel Robb up. Connie, the waitress came over, with a smile asked if we needed anything. James said no as they were going to have to leave soon and drive, so no more drinks. Robb asked for the tab and settled up. Robb finally manned up and asked if Debra and James would like to stop at our room to play. Debra immediately said they would stop by and see how comfortable people were and go from there. We all slid back out of the booth and with Robb leading, me trying to keep the dress in place and we all trooped past the bar and to the hotel hallway. Once again, the lobby was empty and we all had to walk pass the check in desk ladies on the way to our room. This was a walk of embarrassment (LOL) with the clerks watching. Since it was after 10 PM, and Debra and James had an hour’s drive home, to see in anything would get going and not being shy in the room, I immediately and carefully pulled my open sided tube dress up and off taking care not to get makeup on the dress. I had to comb my messed hair out a bit then walked over and sat nude on the bed with rock hard nipples facing James and Debra on the loveseat sofa and Robb in the armchair. I was nude except for my red heels and some red costume jewelry. Robb had his sandals off and shirt already unbuttoned as we visited in very vanilla style about travel, jobs, etc. I mentioned that we had condoms if they wanted to use them but since both couples were long married, etc., we would let them decide if we should use condoms. James had his sandals off and knew it was game on when Debra started unbuttoning James’ shirt mentioning she didn’t think condoms would be necessary. Robb stood and dropped his shorts and underwear so his cock could stick straight out before moving over and helping me slide up on the bedspread. I would peek at Debra and James, but now they were just watching with their sandals off and shirts unbuttoned. Robb and I made out, felt each other up and while Robb finger banged me I got wetter and wetter. After a bit, Robb rolled on top like a good missionary and worked a bit to slide his cock into my pussy and slowly stroking. Being distracted, I suddenly noticed/felt Debra and James get on the bed next to us. James, between Debra’s knees licked and sucked Debra’s pussy a bit, then moved up and slid his cock in too. Like good missionaries, we were making love with our partners, the only kink being me still wearing red heels. Robb got up on his knees and then James did too to stoke and pump the girls. The guys looked at each other and without a word Robb pulled out of my pussy and got off the bed to walk around to the other side. James pulled out of Debra and moved over to me. James’ cock is not as long as Robb’s but is thicker, so it was interesting and really felt good sliding into my wet pussy. Robb slipped right into Debra and started pumping away too. The sex was really good and everyone seemed to be comfortable and into it. James really was into to my bigger boobs and would lick and suck, roll my nipples with his fingers then fuck my pussy like he owned it (LOL). He didn’t last too long and I could feel it as he shot/squirted and came and he came a lot! James laid on top and hugged, snuggled and felt my boobs up as we watched Robb and Debra really go at it. He would banger her hard and fast, the change pace to slow and deep. Finally, he got Debra’s legs up on his shoulders and he really stroked her with her saying over and over “cum for me baby”, which he finally did! He held it for a bit, then rolled off to Debra’s side. James rolled off me and we all laid there, Debra and me side by side visiting, halfway giddy and not mentioning that we had just fucked each other’s’ spouses. Then James mentioned it takes him a while to go a second round of sex and that they really should get going as they had an hour’s drive home. I was afraid that he was one time and done (LOL)! Rob was fingering Debra’s clit with lots of lubricating cum helping, she started to move her hips and moan a little quietly while James and I watched. Robb worked her clit expertly and she seemed to get off on a nice little orgasm or was a good actress. By this time, Robb had his cock hard again, and he climbed back on Debra and started humping fast and then slow, stroking her pussy that was already filled with his come. James next to me was limp, but watching Debra and Robb with a smile! After a while, Robb pulled out of Debra’s pussy and moved to me. I spread my legs and he slipped in to fuck pussy filled with James’ cum. Later, Robb told me it was really an erotic turn on for him to sloppy seconds fuck me with my pussy already full of James’ cum and with the sound effects that made as we fucked. Robb was running out of breath and not coming, so he got me roll over on my hands and knees. With James on one side and Debra on the other rubbing me and playing with my breasts, Robb did me doggy style with lots of sloppy sound effects and some dripping. I actually got off with a little orgasm too before Robb came pitifully and collapsed. Before Robb and I were off the bed, Debra was in the bathroom cleaning up a bit before dressing. She threw damp washcloths and towels out to the guys and to me to use. Within minutes, James and Debra were dressed and ready to drive the hour home. Robb and I had our phones out and got their phone numbers and they got ours. Debra and I talking it quickly over, decided we all had gotten along well, and would start planning and thinking about when to get together to start earlier to do this right without rushing next time. Robb still nude, opened the door for them to go and shook James’s hand. Debra hugged and kissed me before moving to hug and kiss Robb. James, hugged me, kissed me and felt my boobs up again (LOL) as Debra said that he was fascinated by bigger boobs. Robb peeked out the door and the hallway was empty. Debra and James would have to walk through the lobby and out and around the side of the hotel to their car as by now the club/lounge was closed. Robb flipped the door’s security hook out so the door could not lock shut. Robb and I both nude, stepped out into the empty hallway to say goodbye to James and Debra again before quickly stepping back into our room. A few minutes later, I got a text message from Debra. She said the after swing fuck “walk- of-shame” past the hotel’s front desk clerks was pretty funny and interesting for a women of her age and that she and James were looking forward to getting together again soon. Robb showered before I took a hot bath. When I got out of the bathroom, he had already pulled the bedspread off the bed and was under the sheet sound asleep! Until next time! Julie (and Robb)
  20. On the second day (Part 1 here) of my erotic African journey I met Anna who became my enthusiastic partner in sexual adventure. We immediately clicked and she and I joined Hanz and T for fun at the pool and a sweet overnight. It was hard to believe what I had experienced the day before: departing frozen Toronto, landing in sunny Capetown, playing naked by the swimming pool, experiencing African spices over dinner, and having the gorgeous, sexy T jack me not once, but twice. All that in one day. What would happen next? MY AFRICAN ADVENTURE - PART 2 - SATURDAY - FINDING A TERRIFIC COMPANION After a long sleep I awoke to find Hanz and T waiting to fix breakfast for me. They were dressed in the thin robes that T had worn when she greeted me at the door. See looked even sexier than when she was naked by the pool. A naked girl is a naked girl. But show me a girl wearing something that invites you to reach in and touch; that's sexy! I wasn't about to do it, but oh boy did I have the temptation to put a hand in there. While I ate breakfast, neither of T's hands were in sight. It appeared that one hand was fondling Hanz and the other languidly and unconsciously fingering herself, as I'd seen her do habitually, almost from the moment I met her. What should we do with the day? T said we should find a girl friend for me to spend the week with. Hanz said we should hang out at their favorite sports bar and watch some games. Little did I know they were talking about the same thing. T said her Mum taught her never to go grocery shopping while you're hungry. With that she reached over and started jacking me. But there was nothing affectionate about the way she was doing it, so I brush her off, politely. Hanz said T's mother was a formidable woman and wise. T giggled. He said he'd tell me about her another time, which he did a few days later. We washed up and drove to the sports bar, got a table and some beers. The beer was good, the games on the TV were good, and it was clear this was a popular pick up spot. Hanz said they met there and T hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. From time to time they pointed out someone they thought I might be interested in, but each seemed too young and immature and maybe looking for someone to sponge off of. Then my eye fell on a woman sitting alone, closer to my age, who didn't seem silly and frivolous. She looked self possessed. She was darker than T, with an athletic build and more chest. I'd never dated anyone who wasn't white or oriental. So I went over and introduced myself. Anna was her name. Surprisingly we had instant rapport, hitting it off right away. (Later we discovered why that was so.) I told her about my job in Canada. She managed a law office and spent most of her free time fiercely touring on her bicycle and entering amateur competitions. (She'd been watching a race on one of the screens.) She seemed passionate about everything she did. I told her I'd been briefly married and then had a series of girlfriends. She said over the years she'd lived with a variety of boyfriends and a couple of girlfriends but wasn't in a relationship now. It was obvious that we both hoped to have some fun together. I found her amazingly attractive and I was halfway to hard. After we chatted a bit I suggested she join my friends at our table. I could tell she was hesitant - likely she thought my "friends" were some guys wanting to get lucky - but when she saw Hanz and T, with T waving cheerily, she immediately agreed. After we four talked and drank for a while, T suggested we go to Hanz's and enjoy the pool. Anna immediately agreed. Hanz and T drove back in his car and Anna and I followed in hers, chatting along the way. When we got there, Hanz and T ducked into the kitchen to get drinks and snacks saying we should meet them outside at the pool. I hung back wanting to see what Anna's reaction was to the poolside dress code. Didn't want to spook her or start off on the wrong foot. Not yet seeing how Hanz and T would be undressed, Anna immediately stripped down to her bra and panties. That might seem odd to you, but in some parts of the world people use their underwear as swimwear. In this case, Anna had on an athletic bra and panties, solid black, which could easily pass for an actual bikini. She got to the outside door, saw Hanz and T - sure to be nude - and she immediately stripped off. No hesitation and no shyness. This was the good signal I wanted, so I stripped off too and joined everybody outside. They were already splashing each other in the pool and I joined in. I got my first good look at Anna's figure. Shorter and stockier than T, her cycling hobby had made her strong and lean with especially muscular legs. The athletic bra she had been wearing had hidden her breasts; they were a delightful size. While T's love triangle was bare and smooth, Anna's was neatly trimmed short. Anna was a girl for me. Anna had the biggest smile you can imagine while she played in the water; she was very happy! And when she swam her muscular arms and legs moved her faster than any of the other of us could keep up with. During breaks in our water games Hanz and I talked and the girls huddled together, with their arms around each other. They seemed quite entranced with each other and they talked quietly speaking something that wasn't English or Afrikaans. With their hands on each other's rumps, they nuzzled their breasts together while they talked. We played some more and had some snacks and had fun. Finally at one point Anna and I found ourselves at one end of the pool, Hanz and T at the other. This seemed like an opportunity to start getting more intimate. Although the situation was ripe for action, I was cautious; you know how one wrong or misunderstood move can make things go south in a flash. I was just about to hesitantly start caressing her breasts when we both heard a pleasant sound: Hanz and T were going at it. Without a moment's hesitation Anna put her hand on my dick and I followed by licking her nipples. Then I hoisted her up on the edge of the pool, perfectly positioned for me to begin licking and tonguing her. She loved it! And I'm pretty good at it, too. She did something that more lovers should do, giving me some directions; more of this, less of that. Ah, it was wonderful. Some spasms showed me when she had a small orgasm or two and then when she got to a big one, those powerful cyclist's thighs nearly crushed my head. We got up and went over to a lounge. She lay down and I lay on top of her. With no more foreplay needed, I smoothly slid into her. Oh it felt so good to be inside of a lover, especially a lover who reciprocated the interest. She was good at having multiple orgasms and wasn't shy about sharing her delight with me. I expected that I would be coming much too soon, but happily I was able to hold back while we screwed and screwed. Finally I started coming which set her off for a big one, during which she got quite vocal. It felt so great to be coming inside woman again. I collapsed on top of her and we hugged and kissed and whispered for a while. Anna asked me if I had noticed how Hanz and T had situated themselves. They'd been doing doggy style, turned so they could be watching us. About then the two others finished up and we four gathered with beers in our hands. We all giggled and laughed and then giggled some more. T kissed Anna and asked "How many?" The numbers they spoke reminded me how girls get more out of sex than boys. T as usual was dipping her hand in her honeybox and licking Hanz's semen off her fingers. Both girls had some of our come leaking out onto their thighs. Anna grabbed T and said "let me go clean you up" and they went off together. Hanz and I engaged in the usual guy talk that we all know so well and watched the girls lap each other up. It was clear that the girls weren't just cleaning each other up, they were having sex together. When they rejoined Hanz and I, they looked at us with smug expressions. T hugged and kissed Hanz, while Anna hugged and kissed me; on her breath was what I was learning was the scent of T. Anna whispered to me "Want some more big boy? I'm ready." I wasn't ready, which proved the point. Women get so much more out of sex than men. Then we all had lunch, napped a little after, and played some water volley ball, rotating often so everybody was teamed with everybody. There was a lot of slap and tickle going on too. Then we chilled and the three of us asked Anna if she would like to stay over night; she said she was hoping we would ask and gave me the eye. She said should go home to get some things. T asked to go with her and off they went. While they were gone Hanz and I goofed around. The girls were gone longer than we expected. Anna came back with an overnight bag and her racing bike. They both had really big shopping bags from Woolworths Cavendish. Girls; what can you say? Anna and T fixed supper together, squabbling some over which spices to use. We ate and then retired to the living room for some TV and necking. When it seemed like T was about to jump Hanz's bones I took Anna to bed and we made long slow love together. Then I fell into a deep sleep in her arms, only waking briefly to feel Anna nuzzling me. And that was the end of the second day of my African adventure. Read about what I experienced on my third day in Part 3 of My African Adventure.
  21. Ok this is just a general question, just wanting opinions. Wife and have been going to a swing club for about 2 years now, hooked up with a few cpls, not a lot 2-3, but had a lot of fun. Sometimes just me and her play while watching others too. I would like to think we both enjoyed it. Prior to that we had done MFM with an ex BF of hers, she enjoyed it. I loved watching (and messing with her at same time) that was a long time ago when we were in our mid 30s. We just turned 50s. That MFM was short lived, about 2-3 week span with only about 3-4 meets. He was the one who moved on. So since then, there was a long period of no play. But that's not the only thing that stopped us, we now had a family to deal with. Started up again since kids are now bigger and self sufficient. So that is our back ground. Now for what's currently going on. We love to go to reg dive bars (as well as the swing club) lol, you know the kind where one knows your name lol. Well we have gotten to know a few people there at one of our favorite places and their drama (DAMN more drama than the swing club). Well we really got to know this guy that frequents there a bit. He is a really nice guy, gets flirty with all the girls, loud when drunk. My wife enjoys his company, he is about our age if not a little older. He is a tall good looking black man (we are Hispanic). We've played pool, darts, gotten drunk together at the bar. Basically had a lot of bar fun that was it. The second to the last time we saw him, in a drunken discussion we all agreed to meet at his apartment the next morning for steak BBQ (my wife even told him she'd bring the salad lol), just saying we were all wasted. The next time we saw him he asked "what happened?" We told him the truth, we were all f'ed up, my wife didn't even remember the salad statement she made. Well that night we closed the bar.... again. This time he asked us if we wanted to come over to his apartment, which we discovered is right across the street from the bar and that a lot of the people that we know and frequent the same bar also live at the complex. We went with the intention of just seeing where it was just in case we ever decided to get together again we would know where it was, plus I was kind of curious as to see what his "pad" looked like. My wife looked at me and stated "you know he's probably gonna wanna fuck", I just blew her off. He was very flirty with her at the bar, making comments like "girl, if he wasn't here", and "man, you lucky dog I know your gonna hit that tonite". I was not insulted as I know that was a great ego boost for my wife . He showed us around. It was a small place, but big enough for a single guy. We talked for a while. Then I had to go pee. After a little while, probably about 20-45 minutes, I felt we had stayed enough and said goodbye and left (we had closed the bar so it was way past 2 a.m.). Nothing eventful. So I thought. The next day while wife and I went out, I started asking what she really thought of him. I found him very cocky, too loud when drunk, even probably better in bed just by his stature. On the plus side he was great to be around, life of the party, he enjoyed doing what we were doing. I was surprised, she told me she liked him and found him fun to be with (no neg, not even the over flirty with the women in the bar). I asked her straight out would you fuck him? She stated yes (this does not bother me, we usually talk). I asked her would you have fucked him that night? She again stated yes but that I was the one who wanted to leave (again, I guess it was my misunderstanding, but I did not get a vibe that he wanted to do anything that night that he was just being cordial). She then told me... oh yeah, he wanted to fuck. While I was in the bathroom and he was showing her some family pictures hanging on the wall, he grabbed her, pulled her close and kissed her with tongue and she kissed him back. He stated again to her that if I was not in the picture, he would be doing a lot of stuff to her right now. I was not mad, I guess becauseof all his comments at the bar I figured he was hot for her, I just didn't think he wanted to do anything now. What do you guys think? I have a lot of issues with him being loud. You know the code at the club, is way different, (we are there to play and so are you... so no tell). I like my privacy and don't want to be outed. The part of my wife wanting to fuck him really excites me, but I keep getting the thoughts, he wants her to "cheat on me" which is kinda of stupid because I would so let it happen as long as I was there too (we have never played apart and it's not gonna happen... plus she's always been greedy, the more dicks the better)
  22. Lately we have both been having a fantasy that I'm not sure how to make reality. I'm not even sure we want to. Basically the fantasy is we both go out to the same vanilla club as singles. I do the single girl thing of flirting and dancing with hubby acting as back-up from across the room. At some point during the night I choose one guy and have sex with him in the parking lot. Hubby will be close to offer protection if something goes wrong but otherwise will not be known to my partner. My question is 1) Do you think it is possible to pull this off safely? 2) Since we have always insisted on same room swinging would this damage our relationship? 3) Has anyone else had this same fantasy or actually gone through with it?
  23. Since I got a number of e-mails asking for more exploits I guess I should share 1 more. About 4 years ago my wife and I were taking a trip to Vegas for some gambling and maybe a fun club or two. What we found was a lot more fun. We met a very nice woman named Carol, who as we talked and learned, was a single swinger looking for some fun. Carol was TALL, like 6 foot-3 and was a big woman. Not fat mind you but thick. She was definitely sexy but had an aggressive nature to here. We invited her back to our room for some fun and she met us there 1 hour later with a bag of goodies. As I mentioned Carol was kind of aggressive and my wife was kind of a gentle type, but was adventurous. I started to kiss my wife passionately and Carol went straight to work eating her out and fingering her pussy and ass. To my surprise this straight to the point method got my wife off and sent her over the edge quickly. She came all over Carol and before I had a chance to move Carol had my dick in her mouth and was pushing my face into my wife's pussy. I finally figured out what was happening, we were all going to fuck, but by Carol's rules and direction. I started to eat out my wife and bring her to another orgasm all at the same time that Carol was giving me an excellent blowjob. At almost the same time my wife and I came at the same time, and Carol being the champ sucked all the cum I had straight down her throat. From out of nowhere Carol reached into her bag and pulled out a strap-on double dildo. My wife almost screamed at how big the dildos were. Both were at least 10 inches long and at least 4 inches in diameter. Carol grabbed my wife and rolled her on all fours and shoved her face into my lap and said suck him off again, while I fuck that pussy and ass. My wife started to suck my half stiff cock and screamed as Carol shoved both dildos into her at once. Now my wife loves having both holes filled at once, but generally gets some notice. Before long Carol was pummeling her hard and cussing at us both. My wife couldn't take it anymore and started to cum and orgasm uncontrollably. I was so impressed by the whole scene that when Carol said slide under you wife and shove your dick in her pussy, it didn't occur to me that there might not be room. I slid under and Carol pulled back letting me get my now hard cock in her pussy and then immediately shoved both dildos back to where she had them. My wife was being triple penetrated, with a cock and dildo in her pussy and one in her ass. She was literally a trembling orgasm. As I neared my orgasm, Carol said not to finish. She stopped and had my wife straddle her, shoving both huge dildos into her pussy and told me to fuck her ass like no tomorrow. WHICH I DID. I fucked her until I came blowing my whole load deep into her bowels. Finally my wife, after cumming so many times, rolled off and said she couldn't take anymore. Carol got up and said thanks. She said she gets off fucking other couples and then goes home and really fucks the hell out of her husband. She left just like that. I looked at my wife's pussy and ass. They were both a stretched out mess. It took a full week for the soreness to go away. One thing I learned is my wife sometimes likes it rough, so every so often I get some buddies and we fuck the hell out of her. We never saw Carol again, but every time we go to Vegas, we look for her. If anyone out there really like these stories then show it my sending in some of your own. I would love to read your stories and your fantasies. Benjamin6247@yahoo.com Ben San Diego CA
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