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Swinger stories involving interracial sex as a major theme.
When my wife and I first started in the lifestyle, we had some hard rules.  One of which was no solo playing.  Six months and three BBC adventures later, she decided that the “no solo” play rule was nonsense and asked, more like begged, to be able to play alone five miles away. She was off for summer break.  Since I was working 30 miles away and she was home alone all day, I relented.
About a week later, I came home from work and she was waiting for me in stilettos and a flowing summer dress sans underwear.  The dress was a halter type with a slit all the way past her thigh.  She also had the tell-tale twinkle in her eye that she usually gets after she climaxes.  Since she usually wears jeans and t-shirts during the day, I knew something was up.  She had a cocktail already made for me and an appetizer tray.  I was impressed.
She led me to the living room sofa and when she sat down, her dress fell open and I could clearly see her bare pussy and one of her nipples.  Now I knew something great was about to happen.  I asked her how her day went and what was the reason for the seduction.  She then said, “I had a great day!”  Then she proceeded to tell me in detail what happened.
Her BBC friend DJ came by on his tri-wheeled motorcycle to take her for a ride.  She was wearing a very short maroon skirt with a yellow sheer top.  She had a g-string but no bra.  She was not expecting a motorcycle ride.  He handed her a helmet and off they went.  Since she was in a short skirt, her pussy rubbed directly on the seat as they cruised.  The g-string enhanced he friction from the motorcycle vibration on the seat.  She nearly came from the ride itself.   After they returned to the house, she invited DJ in for some refreshments.
Refreshments were quickly consumed and she led him to the bedroom where he helped her remove blouse and skirt.   As she dropped her g-string, her pussy stains were quite evident.  
My wife is usually not very submissive. But for some reason, she enjoys when DJ dominates her and she tries things with him she never lets me or anybody else do.
DJ is a former football player with a very muscular physique.  His cock is rather short for a black man, only about 5.5 inches long.  The girth of his cock however is unbelievable.  When he is flaccid, the circumference of his cock is close to the size of a Red Bull drink can.  When he is erect, he is almost as round as a beer can.  Since he is so wide, he easily hits her g-spot on every thrust which makes her cum in great quantities.  After he finished cumming in her pussy, they took a short rest to recover and replenish fluids.  As they were laying in each other’s arms, he made my wife get into a kneeling position and open her mouth.  He then grabbed her head and started to push his cock into her mouth which was no easy feat given his size. Unbelievable to her, she actually took most of his cock in her mouth and sucked him until he came down her throat.  Something she refuse to let me do.
Next, he made her lay on her stomach with a pillow under her waist.  He then proceeded to flog her ass, thighs, and cunt lips with a leather flog.  She always said she didn’t care for BDSM activities but here she was, laying on her stomach with a cum load in her pussy, one in her belly, getting her genitals flogged by a stranger.  The more he flogged her cunt, the more she squirmed and moaned until she actually orgasmed.   
She then felt cool coconut oil being rubbed on and in her sphincter.  She told me him was too big but he didn’t listen.  He then grabbed her by the hips and pushed his beer can cock into her ass.   After an initial painful gasp, she finally became accustomed to his cock in her ass and actually started fucking him.  When she grants me the rare opportunity to fuck her ass, she begs me to go fast so I cum quickly and finish.  Given DJ had already cum twice, there was no rushing him.  He pounded her ass for at 10 or more minutes until he came the third time.
As she lay exhausted, DJ dressed and kissed her goodbye.  I came home about an hour later.
As she related her experiences that day she noticed I was visibly aroused and decided it was my turn to have fun.  We went into the bedroom and I started to licking her all over.  While the shower she took after DJ left cleaned out her pussy, it didn't quite get all of his cum out of her ass.  I tasted another man’s cum for the first time in my life.  For some reason, she now enjoys an occasional flogging and ass fucking from me.                         


OMG He's Huge!

By Maturecouple1122, in Interracial,

This is a true story as best as I can remember.  I usually let my husband select my lovers as he does all of the online dating applications work for us.  I look forward to receiving a text from him while I am at work saying “he has a surprise for me.”  I know what that means.  What I don’t know is who, or what race, or sex my lover will be.  Will my lover be white, black, Hispanic, male or female?
One Thursday afternoon I received such a text.  He also told me to make sure I had extra towels as I was going to need them.  What ever for I wondered?
I returned home anxious for my evening to begin.  I ate a light dinner then went to our master bathroom to prepare.  I showered, shaved, dried my hair, and applied my make-up.  As always, I used a deep ruby red lipstick and put lots on.  I selected a very short purple skirt, a black see-thru blouse, and 4-inch pumps.  As usual, sans underwear.  My husband enjoys it when I wear super short skirts and heels as he can see my ass cheeks as I walk.
I grabbed a glass of wine and hiked myself up onto our breakfast bar stool to wait.  Shortly, the doorbell rang.  My husband answered the door and escorted a distinguished-looking black gentleman, named Vince, into our kitchen.  He was about 6 foot tall and extremely buff.  He asked for a glass of wine which my husband provide as I escorted him to our living room.  As I sat on the sofa, my skirt rode all the up my thighs and you could see my pussy lips from the right angle.
We chatted for about 5 minutes then Vince put his wine glass down and reached over to kiss me.  Simultaneously, he slid his hand under my skirt and started rubbing my cunt. His other hand reached for my breasts. I asked him to take me to the bedroom and told my husband, “I want to be alone with him please.”  Sometimes I like my husband present to snap pictures and take videos.  Other times I don’t want to be distracted.  More importantly, I didn’t want Vince distracted so he could pretty much do as he pleased or I could do as I wished.
In no time at all I was stark naked except for my heels. As I sat on the edge of the bed, Vince got on his knees and started lapping my cunt.  I melted.  He then pushed back onto the bed and disrobed.  Oh my fucking God.  He didn’t have a cock, he had a baseball bat!  He grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth.  I felt his cock start to twitch then my mouth was flooded with his cum.  How I managed to swallow all of it surprised me. 
We took a short break, had some more wine, then he laid me on my back and started to mount me.  I usually required a lot of stimulation to squirt and my husband uses a special curved toy to make me squirt.  Not this time! Vince placed the head of his 10-inch cock at my cunt entrance and pushed it completely in.  Yes, I yelped, because he was thick and he bumped my cervix. 
After he sank his cock balls deep into me, he started thrusting fast then slow then fast again.  Every time he slowed down and pulled back, I sprayed lady cum all over me and him.
This went on for quite a while.  He then told me to roll over.  He reinserted his cock into my cunt then pulled it out and started to slide it into my asshole.  I tried to stop him but I couldn’t.  I yelped in pain when I noticed my husband was now in the room.  Instead of stopping him, he said, “Here, use this," and handed Vince a bottle silicone lube.  I said, “Please,  go easy.”  Vince went slow for a while and then at my husband’s urging, he quickened his pace and sunk his cock balls deep in my ass.  There was very little I could do so I relaxed as much as possible and let him ride my ass until he finally came. 
When he finished cumming, Vince went into the bathroom to clean up.  I was worn out and a complete cum mess.  As he dressed, he kissed me tenderly and said he hoped to see me again.  I said, “Of course!”
After Vince left, my husband asked me how it was.  I said it had to the be hardest most violent fuck I ever had.  When he asked me if I wanted him back, I said, “Of course.  He just needs to slow down on my ass.”  
My husband then kissed me and asked me if I cried because I tasted like salt.   I said, “No my dear, those are tears of joy and a little of his semen.”  I then went to take another shower. 

J and I have been married for 41 years.  Our sex life has been up and down for many years due to jobs, children, grandchildren, and life in general.  We were married 39 years when she finally agreed to consider swinging and having sex with other people.  After our first encounter with another couple, she realized she really enjoyed the alternative lifestyle and almost overnight became a sex machine.  People called her insatiable.  One of her new fantasies was to see to be pleased by a big black cock. I finally found a way to make this happen and here is how it played out.
J has blond hair, blue eyes, stands around 5'9" tall and wears a size 18 after having two kids. She has a very nice ass, with extraordinarily sensitive nipples.  Everybody she meets lusts after her.  She is very self-conscious though and doesn't think she looks that good.  Her many suitors think otherwise.
One Friday afternoon while she was at work, I texted her and told her I had a surprise for her.  When she arrived home, I told her to shower and shave and I would pick out her clothes.  
As she showered, I laid out a very short black skirt, yellow semi-sheer top, and 4-inch heels.  No underwear!
As we traveled to a town about 15 miles away, I told her I arranged a sensual massage for her from a black man at his apartment.  She was nervously excited.
When we arrived at his apartment complex, we had to climb two flights of outside stairs to his second-floor apartment.  She had some difficulty with her heels so I stayed right behind her to ensure she didn’t fall.  It also gave me the opportunity to look up and see her beautiful bald pussy as the skirt was quite short.  Her skirt was so short, she was unable to cross her legs when she sat as it would ride up to her waist.  She looked back to me with a smirk on her face and said, “Enjoying the view?”
We knocked on the door and a tall, black, young man named Christopher answered wearing scrubs.  He was her masseur for the evening.  We sat on his sofa and chatted for a while we discussed the massage session.  He told her that she would be receiving a full body massage and he hoped that she would enjoy it.  When J excused herself to the bathroom, I told Christopher the expectations.  I explained to him her fantasy and told him she would want a superior therapeutic massage then when she was fully relaxed and aroused, he was free to do what he wanted with her within reason.  I further explained I would be taking photos and videos.  He agreed and handed me his camera and said, “Please take some for me.”
J returned from the bathroom and Christopher showed her to his massage table and told her to get comfortable. She looked at me, I winked, then she disrobed.  As she laid face down on the table, Christopher very quietly disrobed.  I don’t think she knew he was now naked. His cock was at least 9 inches flaccid and bounced between his thighs as he moved around the table.
He started by standing at the head of the table, bending over to stroke her back. As he reached to rub her ass cheeks, his cock touched her head.  She now knew he was naked.  He proceeded to massage her back, shoulders and neck for the next 30 minutes. The harder Christopher rubbed her the more relaxed she became.  When he moved to her legs, he slowly moved his hands up and down, getting closer to her pussy each time.  I could tell she was very relaxed now as she cooed softly.  He then moved to her side and started rubbing her arm and leg simultaneously.  His cock was laying on her arm.  She then grabbed his cock with her hand and slowly started rubbing it and kissed the head. 
He then moved to her legs and spread them ever so slightly to be able to access her legs on both sides. He stroked her legs first on the back of her thighs and calves. He then moved inward to the inner thigh and stroked there for a while. Occasionally, his fingers would lightly brush her pussy lips and sphincter. She would gasp and moan lightly. He finished massaging her legs and feet and arms then bent over and started licking her pussy.  She intuitively pulled her knees up under her to give him better access.  He used this position to run his tongue over her vagina and asshole while fingering her clit.  After he enjoyed her pussy and asshole, he asked her to flip over.
After J turned onto her back, he again focused on her upper body.  First, he worked on her shoulders and stomach.  He started massaging her breasts from the outer skin where they meet her chest and started moving inward. He reached her areole on the first one and slowly started rubbing his big fingers around it. As he did this, her nipple started to harden even though he had not touched it yet. He did not touch that nipple yet and he moved to the other side doing the same thing. He brought both of her nipples to full attention. After they were standing up, he slowly dripped some oil on them and started rubbing them. You could see J's stomach twitching and her hip rise as he did this.
He teased her nipples and lightly pinched them while tugging on them, turning her on even more. He then moved down to her legs. He started at her feet and worked his way up. As he moved his hand slowly to the inside of her legs, he would pull and slightly spread her legs apart from each other in the process. Pretty soon she had her legs spread wide enough to enable him to massage her thighs and see her full pussy at the same time.
He worked on her thighs and in the process would lightly touch her pussy. After a short amount of time, he began rubbing her abdomen. He started where her vagina began and worked all around her hips. He slowly would move his fingers in between her legs where the leg met the pelvis and slide his fingers down to her asshole and back up lightly running his fingers over both her ass and pussy.
She felt his bare cock next to her arm and reached over and to my surprise, took him into her mouth.  Obviously, the therapeutic portion of the massage was over.  She then grabbed his leg and had him position himself over her. They were now in the sixty-nine position and she had a massive black cock right above her lips. She reached up and grabbed his cock at the base and brought her head up to meet it with her lips.  She slowly jacked his cock in and out of her mouth.  I thought she would have a heart attack when she reached the tip and realized how big his cock was. Fully hard, he was over 10 and a half inches long and about 5 inches around. She never flinched.  He was licking at her pussy and matching her every move when she slowly opened her mouth and proceeded to start licking the tip of his cock.
She pulled his cock out of her mouth and motioned for him to position himself between her legs. His shaft was now positioned at the entrance of her wet and willing open cunt. He asked her if she was ready for it and she just smiled. Christopher slowly started to work the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her.  He then slowly slid the head in and she grimaced a little due to the muscles being stretched. He took his time and let her adjust to his size. He proceeded to do this through the beginning slowly sliding his cock in little by little. Around 6 inches was in and she was starting to feel a mixture of pain and pleasure deep inside of her. He would move his cock in and out slowly to help her adjust to the size and depth he was going in her. At about 8 inches, he pulled back and pushed the rest of his cock deep into her until his balls slapped up against her ass. This sent pain through her whole abdomen but he stayed there and let her cervix adjust to the size. The pain started to fade and she felt more pleasure that she had never known before. His cock filled her completely up and she loved it.
Soon, he whispered into her ear.  They both got off the massage table and moved to his bed.  She immediately laid on her back and placed her legs high in the air.  Christopher donned a condom, climbed on her and thrusted into her in one motion.  As he started thrusting in and out, J wrapped her legs around his back and interlocked her ankles.  She was now feeling the pleasure of his movements and was working her hips to match him. His cock glistened in the light from the wetness she had. He was moving in and out of her and she was nearing orgasm two, which she has never done in a single session. He kept going and started to work his cock all the way out to the tip and then all the way in again. After about six full strokes like that, she came again. This time she started to squirt, something she never did during intercourse. Christopher’s bed was now soaked.
He then stopped and rolled her onto her stomach and resumed fucking her from behind.  You could see her cum running down her legs on the mattress.  Soon he began to cum. 
When they were finished, J started to dress.  Christopher helped her buckle her stilettos and as he did, he leaned in and kissed her vagina.  She then whispered into his ear, “Next time I want you bareback.  I regret not feeling your cum in me."  He smiled ear to ear.
As we made our way back to the car, she said, “I’m sure glad we have leather seats!I’m going to be leaking all the way home. What she didn’t know, was a guy was working on his car in the parking lot near our vehicle. Her skirt had ridden up while climbing down the stairs and then climbing up into our SUV. The guy got a good view of about everything to include her cum on the back of her thighs.
J invited Christopher to our home many times after that first encounter. True to her word, she let him cum deep inside of her mouth and cunt each time.


Her First BBC

By Maturecouple1122, in Interracial,

After 39 years of marriage, my wife finally agreed to let me establish a profile on SLS. Setting up the first experience was not easy as we did not know anyone in the lifestyle. I always fantasied about her getting fucked by a black man, and within a very short time on SLS, a well-built, highly-educated black man named Brandon answered our ad. I showed him my wife’s photos and he eagerly agreed to meet us at a local hotel after work one evening.
I showed my wife Brandon's response and she nervously agreed to meet him after work on Friday. She never experienced a black man before yet alone somebody with a 13-inch cock. She was intrigued, excited and nervous all at the same time.
My wife is no super model but she is 5’10”, blond hair, blue eyes with 36D breasts and a killer ass. Her long legs look great in heels. Her nipples are super sensitive and when her G-Spot is massaged correctly, she ejaculates profusely. (As a side note, I have seen her spray lady cum 2-3 feet across a room, but that's another story). I am truly a lucky man!
We arranged to meet Brandon at a local motel that catered to people on a budget and those looking for a short rendezvous. Brandon was hung up in traffic so he texted to say he would be about 30 minutes late. He also said he needed to stop for condoms on the way.My wife shook her head. “No condoms. They irritate me and I want my first BBC experience to be special.”  I told him to forget the condoms.  While we waited, my wife changed into a sheer black negligee and drank nearly an entire bottle of wine to calm her nerves.
Our new friend finally arrived and instantly calmed my wife’s anxieties. His soft voice and gentle nature eased her nervousness and I could sense her growing excitement. He took her wine glass from her and started to kiss her. He gently pushed her onto the bed and removed her thong and untied her negligee.She then helped him remove it completely. Here was my beautiful wife of 39 years, naked on a bed with a black man sporting a 13-inch cock. I took a seat nearby and enjoyed the show.
As Brandon began fingering my wife, he placed his cock at her lips. She looked at me, saw me smiling, and opened her mouth wide for him. She couldn’t take all 13 inches in her mouth but she tried. He then removed his now rock-hard cock and put his mouth on her cunt lips. In short order, she had her first orgasm.
Before she had time to recover from her orgasm, Brandon spread her legs and slowly inserted his cock in her cunt. She cried at first from his size but soon was able to accommodate all of it. As he started thrusting, she wrapped her legs around his back to make sure he didn’t pull out. When he was ready to cum, he accelerated his thrusts until he filled her with his cum. My wife just experienced her first black semen.
When he finished cumming, Brandon went to the bathroom to clean up.My wife was smiling ear to ear as she showed me his creampie.She then went to the bathroom to clean up as well.
When she returned, Brandon kissed her again and place her face down on the bed. He immediately started to aggressively finger her pussy which made her orgasm and squirt. Using her lady cum as a lubricant, Brandon coated his cock and inserted into her cunt from behind. Brandon had great stamina as he fucked her this way for at least 10 minutes. Maybe more. My wife was hanging onto the bed mattress for dear life and Brandon fucked her without abandon. I moved closer to see the action and noticed every time he thrusted, a small mount of blood tricked out of my wife’s cunt. Obviously, Brandon’s long cock was hammering her cervix. I whispered in her ear that she was bleeding. She looked back, shrugged her shoulders and told Brandon, “Keep going, fuck the hell out of me, give me more of your cum.”
After Brandon came for the third time, we decided to call it a night. As he started dressing, my wife laid on the bed with her legs splayed open. As he was leaving, he gave her a deep kiss and said goodbye. When we were alone, she pulled her legs up to her chest and said, “Take a picture of my cunt, then fuck me please.” I grabbed my phone, took a snap shot of the cum oozing out of her cunt, then mounted. I could feel Brandon’s cum inside which was a first for me. I now make sure to fuck her after every one of her BBC sessions, it makes both her and I feel special.
As I kissed my wife, I could taste the taste of salty tears. I looked and noticed she had tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. I asked if she was ok and she said "Yes, thank you so much for this. Are you sure you will still love me after?" I looked at her and told her that I loved her even more now than ever before and nothing would change that. I promised her at that moment that she could have all the freedom she wanted in life and that I would never deny her any pleasure.

geoff hart

Interracial Wife

By geoff hart, in Interracial,

My wife is a cancer researcher at a major university.
One day one of the black surgeons who was 6 foot 8 inches tall came on to  her. She called me and asked me what she should do.  I told her to go for it.
So she came home that day, shaved herself down below, and dressed in a very provocative dress that showed off her 38 DDD breasts.
She left our home for his home.  When she arrived they had a few drinks and she went to the bathroom to change. She put on a g-string and enough make-up to look the part with stiletto black heels.
She went into his bedroom and undressed him.  His 14 inch cock was erect and she began to rub it on her clit. She immediately squirted. 
He put her in the doggy position and fucked her from behind.  As she got increasingly wet he could feel how hot she was becoming,  so her took out a rectal vibrator and introduced it as he continued to penetrate her from behind.
She came three times.  He then had her get off the bed and kneel  on the floor.  He instructed my wife to begin to give him a blow job.  He came all over her. 
Future stories to follow.

My husband and I had hired two young college guys to clean our driveway. While they didn't do a good job, I sure did enjoy watching them work shirtless in the summer sun with their tight asses wiggling in their shorts. Maybe because they were lazy ass, or perhaps because they felt the appraising cock-hungry eyes of a woman old enough to be their mom on them all the time, they never came back. They had promised to do the pool deck, but Michael and I rented a pressure cleaner from Home Depot and tried to do it ourselves since they didn't.
Wow, what a job that was! When we finished that dirty job, we took the machine back and came home for a swim to cool off and relax. As usual, we swam in the nude, utterly unaware that the people in the house behind us were having their roof repaired. Naturally, if we had looked up, we would have seen the two black men. Knowing they were there, we might have put on suits. I say "might" as we still enjoy shocking people with our nudity. Truth is, we are swingers, and exhibitionist swingers at that. Men looking at my full breasts, womanly hips, and full ass turns me on... a lot!
We finished our swim and were relaxing on our chaise lounges and drying off. Suddenly, the two black guys came to our screen enclosure and asked if we wanted our roof checked for repairs since Hurricane Sally had just passed through not long ago?
Michael told them no, that everything was fine and that he thanked them for the inquiry. He was smiling when he said that, as he knew they didn't want to take no for an answer. And, by the way they were trying to see over his shoulder while talking to him, they enjoyed looking at me in the nude.
After teasing them for a bit with the "no thanks," Michael relented and told them he had changed his mind and let them in. The two black guys seemed a lot more interested in my heavy middle-aged tits and smoothly shaved pussy than any roof, that's for sure. They made the pretense of looking for damage, but seeing the tents in their torn shorts was all I needed to know what was really on their minds. Knowing they were hot for me made my already steamy pussy get damp.
Nothing looked out of order, and they were about to leave when one of them, I think his name was Jalen, asked if they could use our outdoor shower to cool off from the roof work? Michael said, "Sure, you can even use my towel." Then he tossed it to Jalen, and Jalen took off his shorts and stepped under the shower completely nude.
I pretended to innocently read my magazine. Really, behind my sunglasses, I was intently studying every tight muscle of Jalen's body, and especially that big black cock dangling between his legs. When Jalen finished, his friend also stripped and took a shower. If Jalen was big, his friend was huge. The thought of these two studs tag-teaming me made my pussy go from damp to creamy. I felt my nipples tighten into large nubs, and I knew they could see.
Showers complete, neither of them bothered to put their shorts back on but brazenly came over and started talking to us like we were old friends, telling us how hot they got on the roof, etc. Even the cool shower hadn't harmed their erections. They continued to stare at my hard-nippled tits until I finally asked them just what it was they wanted? Their hard cocks made it obvious, but just for fun, I had to ask just to make them say it.
Jalen smiled a brilliant smile and said he was pretty sure we all knew what the other was talking about! Was I interested? I could hardly keep a straight face as I assured them that I never had done anything like that and wouldn't know how to go about it, which was a total lie!
With that, Michael disappeared inside, and I knew he was getting set up to watch the show. Since I knew that Michael was anxious and ready, I told them to follow me into the house where we could be more comfortable.
This time I decided to tease Michael. Instead of taking them to the bedroom where he was waiting to watch, I took them into the family room. I leaned over the back of the couch, wiggled my plump white ass, and told Tyrone to show me he could handle pussy.
It seemed he sure remembered as he licked my clit and tongued around my pussy, even working up to my tight asshole with his tongue a few times. He fingered me to get me ready, and then before I was really prepared, he sank his big black dick all the way into the base of his dick. I never got a good close-up look, but it seemed he was about 8 or 9 inches long and reasonably thick, so it was a good fuck. He pounded away while his friend was stroking his dick just inches from my face. I knew he wanted a blowjob, so I motioned him over and took his monster dick into my mouth and ran my lips all up and down his shaft before deep-throating him.
About that time, Michael came into the room holding his camera. Jalen shot his load in my pussy, and the other guy, whose name I never learned, shriveled up, and he pulled out before getting off. I was disappointed that I wouldn't get to feel my pussy stretched around his big black cock.
Michael told them that it was okay with him if they stayed. They said they had another job lined up and had to be leaving anyway.
Michael had to finish the job on me as I hadn't cum yet, but we went back to the bedroom, where it was more comfortable. Michael was just a little upset that I had screwed him out of his usual voyeur role, but you would never have known it from the hardness of his dick. As always, he fucked me good, but my pussy still felt a little empty after having had Jalen's big dick in it just a few minutes before. We had been here before though, many times. Michael knew just what I needed. Holding his finger below my pussy as his cock pistoned in and out, he collected some of my juices. Michael then slipped his finger straight up my asshole. The sudden feeling of being double penetrated sent me over the edge. My tummy quivered twice before my body released into a crushing orgasm.  
When I finally came down, we lay there laughing about what a pleasant surprise the day had turned into! I did pout some about not getting fucked by the biggest cock of the day. Michael just grinned and reached over the nightstand and picked up a business card, and laid it on my stomach. Jalen's Roofing - For When You Are Wet

Read the prequel to this story at Black and White New Years Eve Sex Swap
I am writing this tonight as Darius just left, and Cheryl is exhausted. First, let me tell you that Darius never called after our get-together at New Years for the open house. Cheryl waited and waited but was too proud to call him, and he had accidentally lost her number. Fortunately, I called our neighbors and, without telling Cheryl, got Darius's office number and asked him to give Cheryl a call. It didn't take any encouragement from me as he was anxious to see her again as well.
For those of you who didn't read the last story or may have forgotten. Darius is a giant of a black man. A former professional athlete with an attractive wife, Kyra, that I got to fuck the last time we were together. However, this time, I just wanted Darius and Cheryl to have a good time together and maybe get to not only watch but to video the screwing session.
This morning I heard Cheryl on the phone with Darius. She was ecstatic about the fact that Darius had finally called. Since she had no idea that I had given him the number, she was really excited. When she hung up the phone, she told me that Darius wanted to come over tonight, and did I mind. "Of course not," I replied. "Maybe I can watch and see a little better this time and even video the fucking for our collection." Cheryl readily agreed and started making arrangements for this evening. She had her hair done, a facial, and all the stuff that women do and was back home before cocktail hour.
Darius arrived around five. I had already fixed drinks and made some sandwiches. When Darius walked in the door, he nearly filled the doorway with his 6' 4" frame. I had forgotten just how big he was.
After kissing Cheryl hello, he sat down, and we all had a couple of drinks and talked about our last session. Cheryl was concerned that I was being left out and asked about Kyra. You see, Cheryl didn't know that I had requested Darius to come alone. Darius assured her that Kyra knew he was there but was busy tonight but was looking forward to meeting us again.
I asked Darius if he minded if I set up the video so we could have a lasting memento. He agreed, provided that I also be in the video and that it be kept private since he is well-known around town.
After we were all cool with what was going to happen, he and Cheryl began soul kissing. They took each other's clothes off until they were totally naked. Darius picked Cheryl up like a toy, laid her on the couch, and began to eat her moist and ready pussy. As he licked up and down, I could see his dick, which was only semi-hard, began to grow until it was at least 11" long and about as big around as a beer bottle. Cheryl was moaning and humping his mouth while he used his long and talented tongue to bring her to her first orgasm of the night. While this was happening, I got undressed. Needless to say, I had an urgent need for some sexual relief but didn't want to intrude on what was happening with them.
Darius spread Cheryl's legs even farther apart. He slowly began to insert his massive dick into her waiting pussy an inch at a time until his balls were slapping against her ass.
Darius then picked Cheryl up in a bear hug. As she wrapped her legs around his waist, he walked her down the hall to the bedroom, keeping his dick firmly in place. He walked quickly, Cheryl bouncing on his dick with each step he took. With each additional step, what had started as a low moan from Cheryl's mouth turned into a loud wail. I knew from the position they were in that Darius's cock had to be reaching places inside of Cheryl that had never been reached before.
When they reached the bedroom, the bed was ready and waiting. As Darius laid Cheryl down, he slipped a couple of pillows under her ass. Now her pussy with his hard dick still inside was at the right level for him to stand at the side of the bed and slam his black meat home with great enthusiasm. Cheryl looked like she was in Heaven, but she also looked uncomfortable as her ass was way above her head. Being a considerate husband, I got some more pillows to support her back and neck so that she was almost level. She began to move, thrust, twist, and enjoy all of Darius's cock until he had to pull out and the pillows were thrown on the floor.
Darius still hadn't come, and he was more than ready. Turning Cheryl over on her hands and knees, he put his cock back in her pussy. Darius fucked Cheryl doggie-style until both of them exploded in a giant orgasm. After Darius and Cheryl got their second wind, I walked over to the head of the bed and placed my penis at Cheryl's red and wet mouth. She eagerly began to suck on me until I was dying to cum. I held her head and fucked her mouth until I shot my own load, which she gladly swallowed for me.
Darius was now ready for more, and so was Cheryl. She is multi-orgasmic and loves a lot of fucking. This time Darius laid on his back. Cheryl slowly lowered herself over him until her vagina was sucking on the tip of his cock. Cheryl was rotating her ass as she lowered her pussy and began to take him all in her hot pussy. I could see all 11" inches disappear, reappear and disappear again and again until he shot another load in her, and she simultaneously orgasmed with him. Now the cum was running out of her pussy and all over his black balls and the sheets. The contrast of the white cum, her pink pussy, and his black balls was striking. So erotic.
They laid there together, she on his chest, and he with his shrinking dick in her pussy. The sight was just too good to be imagined. I had seen enough and wanted to give them some afterglow time alone, so I slipped out of the room. As I write this, Darius has gone, but we have a fantastic couple of videos to watch together later.

James and I were invited to a New Year's Eve party by Lori and Steve, our next-door neighbors, who occasionally swing with us. They wanted us to meet some new friends of theirs, Julie and Chuck.
It was cold here in Florida on New Year's Eve, and there were about a dozen other couples already at Julie and Chuck's house and drinking up a storm when we arrived. The house was large, but it was necessary to open up the patio windows to the pool so that some of the overflow crowd could drink out there.
This made the house cool inside, but our host laughingly told us that after midnight the party would warm up with some X-rated entertainment. Needless to say that after a couple of hours of drinking and visiting with the other couples, okay, call it flirting with some of them, the appointed hour arrived.
By shortly after midnight, most of the couples had gone home, the windows were closed, and the heat turned on. Then Chuck got a porno going on the big screen TV, and it started to get really hot! Most couples started making out on the couches either with their spouse or some other attractive person of the opposite sex. The movie was about interracial sex. There was a lot of hooting about the size of the male equipment. At least until we became aware that one of the couples still in the room was Darius and Kyra, a black couple who nobody wanted to offend.
Darius was about 6'4" and 240 pounds, an executive with a local company and a former professional athlete. His wife Kyra was about 5'2' and maybe 120 pounds. On the surface, that made them look like an unlikely couple until you realize that almost everyone is the same size lying down together.
James had asked me before if I had ever had a fantasy about sex with a black man, and I told him that I hadn't. However, that wasn't the entire truth. I suspect most white women think about what it would be like to have their pussy filled with a black cock, and the beautiful contrast of black skin on white skin.
As the evening wore on, it became apparent that Darius had his eye on me and Kyra seemed to be interested in James. Eventually, I got up the nerve to ask Darius if he and Kyra would like to swap with James and me? He smiled his most handsome smile and jumped at the idea.
We retired to one of the many bedrooms in the house. Kyra and James wasted no time getting naked on the king-sized bed where James began to lick and suck on Kyra's neatly shaved pussy. Kyra was a beautiful woman, and I was fascinated by her pussy. Compared to my own, the dark lips opening up to the pinkest of pink inside. Although I consider myself straight, gazing upon Kyra's exotic beauty caused my clit to tingle.
After a few seconds of being lost in those thoughts, I knew I had my own lover ready to satisfy all of my needs. James and Kyra had already moved into a 69. They were oblivious to Darius and me, leaving us to get things started ourselves.
Darius began to remove my clothes one by one and licking and sucking on my nipples at the same time. He had one hand on my breast and another on my pussy while he was fully dressed. He then picked me up and laid me down on the bed next to James and Kyra and began to take his own clothes off.
When he got down to his briefs, I could see that he had some massive equipment there and was ready to use it. He was about 11" long and more than 2" thick, by my best guess. I have born children and taken James's respectable cock countless times, as well as those of even better-endowed lovers. But still, that 11" black cock, as thick as my wrist, made my pussy twitch nervously at what she was being asked to undertake. But, I also felt the warmth of a gush of wetness at the thought of that monster inside me.
Likely aware of the difficulty in women taking his size, Darius didn't stick it in me right away but began to kiss, lick and suck on my vagina with a lot of emphasis on my clit. By now, I was begging to be fucked by that stud, but he had other ideas. Meanwhile, Kyra looked over at us and commented that her man obviously liked eating that white pussy, maybe more than her black pussy. I wasn't sure how to take that. Then she smiled and giggled, and I knew she was just teasing me. Her beautiful black pussy was no doubt well-loved and well-licked by Darius.
Darius continued his attentions on my pussy. I was trying to get in a position to suck his big dick when he rose up over me, mounting me in such a way that had me pinned to the bed. Darius took his big cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down my slit until the honey was flowing all over my upper thighs.
"Please fuck me now," I said, and he was ready and willing. He took his black cock, put about two or three inches in, and then slowly pulled it out until I could adjust to his size. He was very considerate about that and had me in an orgasmic frenzy waiting to get it all.
After a few minutes of teasing me with it he slid all 11" home and began to rock the bed with his thrusts. Oh, my God! Even with all the warmup, there was some pain. Still, there was also a deep sexual fulfillment that I had never experienced before. It felt like my entire body was being fucked, not just my pussy. That black cock claimed me as its own to my very core.
James and Kyra were now satisfied for the moment. They just laid there and watched as the pounding of cock and pussy sounded very loud in the quiet room.
Read what happens next at Cheryl's Second Date With Big Black Cock
Darius must have given me four or more orgasms before he shot his load of cum in my vagina. Still, he didn't go soft. He turned me on my side and entered me from the rear in spoon fashion. I jumped when I felt a gentle hand caress my shoulder on its way to my breasts and nipples. It was Kyra reaching over Darius to tweak and pull on my large nipples while her husband fucked me from behind. The unfamiliar but exciting touch of a woman's hands on my body, together with Darius inside me, brought me to a final earth-shattering orgasm.
Finally, as my orgasm faded, I realized I was starting to get sore. Darius shot a final load, collapsing beside me while his cock softened but stayed in my pussy. We fell asleep that way, and when morning came, all four of us were still in bed together.
We showed, dressed, and went home without getting Darius and Kyra's telephone number, but I'm sure Julie and Chuck could get it for us. In the meantime, I am just waiting to see if Darius calls me in the next few days. So far, I have heard nothing but don't want to be the one that calls him. On the other hand, James is pushing me to call so that the four of us can get together at our house.
I'm anxious, but I'm going to wait Darius out. A woman has to remain a little mysterious. Stay tuned.

We started dating in college. The young woman who would become my wife was adorable. Timid, almost a wallflower. Beautiful long hair surrounding a beautiful face. And what a smile! She was slender with small but womanly hips.
We were both freshmen at college. Her boyfriend back home had broken up with her. Mainly because the first time he came to visit, there were a lot of guys around her room. She told him that they were just friends - and at that time, they were. Two weeks later, she was sleeping with a jock with a small prick and an enormous ego. Even at her age, she was smart enough to quickly kick him to the curb in favor of someone, yet unknown, who would treat her right. We started dating two months later. She had tiny boobs, and when we first ended up in bed together, she let me get inside her panties with my fingers and cock before she'd let me at her breasts! Go figure!
Through the rest of the freshmen year, we were proverbial rabbits. She grew to like sex in just about every conceivable position and place! During the summer of freshmen year, we both worked at the shore. With a lot of encouragement from me, she did away with her bras (didn't need them!) and started wearing very thin tops. Her boobs may have been small, but she had lovely puffy nipples - which I love to this day! Those puffies would push the thin material of her tops out - and everyone could see them very plainly. She turned quite a few heads - and knew it.
In the beginning, she was a little nervous and shy. A turning point came one night in one of the college bars. She wore a light sweater that had a very deep V-neck. Because she had such small boobs, the top stayed open almost constantly. She discovered she was an expert at air hockey, or so she thought. The truth was all of the guys were so busy staring down her sweater that they never saw the puck coming!
We went back to our dorm and spent the night going at it non-stop on her bed! She didn't understand why she had been so popular. I told her that the guys were staring down her top all night and that her nipples were on display for everyone.
She asked me why I didn't say anything. I told her, truthfully, that the sight of her nipples and guys reacting to it had made me so horny, I couldn't bring myself to say anything. That is when she felt the telephone pole between my legs and just looked at me. I told her I loved her exposing herself to other guys. The following morning, she began dressing even sexier - leaving her panties in the drawer and wearing shorts with very loose legs. She turned into a class A exhibitionist, and I didn't think things could get any better!
During sophomore year, we begin going to see some porn at the theatres. Soft porn about women unashamedly claiming their sexuality was her favorite. While making love those nights, we would talk about the movie we had seen. She was fascinated but scared. She couldn't believe how women allowed themselves that freedom. What was going on in the mind of their husband or boyfriend? I told her that I thought it was intensely sexy and that I understood exactly how those men felt. One night as we were fucking, I said to her that I wouldn't mind a bit if she became just like those women. She rose up against me and came in a sudden crashing orgasm.
For the rest of sophomore year, we expanded on that theme, and she began thinking like and responding to events as a totally uninhibited woman would. Though I had told her often enough that I wouldn't mind if another man found his way inside her, she 1) didn't really believe it and 2) didn't know anyone that she wanted to share herself with. The summer of our sophomore year changed all of that!
The restaurant we worked in our home town for a summer job at had a storage basement. You got there via a straight ladder fastened to the wall of the basement. She had it bad for a young guy who was the assistant manager. Her uniforms were a loose, short dress and a plastic apron. She used to stand at the top of the ladder in the kitchen in her uniform with no panties when he'd go down, letting him stare straight up at her naked pussy all the time he was on the steps. When he came back up, she would back away when he would get near the top. One day they were both a little more playful than usual, and she stayed right at the top of the steps. He came up the steps right under her dress. She screamed, they both laughed, and she backed off.
The rest of the summer progressed much the same - lots of fun times and close calls, but no guy ever scoring, until August that is! There was a black cook who was friendly to both of us all summer long. He was average height - but had incredible biceps and 6-pack. We'd go to the gym, skating, bowling, drinking, and dancing - just about everything as a trio. Because he was black, we never thought of him as a possibility since we weren't sure he would be interested. I had to go back to school, and she stayed, as her classes began two weeks later than mine. One night, on our nightly call, she told me that Marquis had invited her out to a movie. She also said that she didn't think he wanted just a movie.
This was a whole new ball game. We talked long and hard about it. The old fears of 'Once black - never come back' and all - but in the end, she said that she found him incredibly sexy and attractive, and if it was all right with me, she'd like to go. We talked about what the next day could possibly bring.
The next day I cut classes early - and left her town. No one knew I was around - they all thought I was at school. I met my girlfriend at her place, and we plotted the seduction. She had a very thin, almost transparent robe which she put on - and nothing else. Next, she lay on the bed in her bedroom, and I wet a washcloth with cold water. I placed this compress over her forehead and eyes. She turned slightly sideways on the bed, and I draped the robe so that one breast was exposed and just a hint of her furry pussy. I made it look like that is how the robe had settled when she lay down. When it was time for him to arrive, I went into the back room and sat out of sight reading a book. My plan was to read a textbook - LOL!
I heard him come up the steps and go to her door - which I had left open a crack. He knocked, and as he knocked, the door opened. When he didn't see her, he called her name. When he didn't hear a reply, he walked toward the hallway, thinking she may still be in the shower or something. Seeing the bathroom door open and the room empty, he next looked at the partially closed door of her bedroom. He hesitated a second, then said her name while slowly pushing the door fully open. The bed was directly opposite the door. He stood staring at her in the bed for a moment and then spoke her name. She "woke up" and they talked. She told him she had a bad headache and wasn't up to a movie right then. He then closed the door, and I heard no more. Afterward, she gave this account of what happened...
After she had told him she had a headache, he said ok, and like a gentleman, pulled the robe over her exposed breast, reached up, took away the washcloth, and started to massage her forehead. She smiled and said, "That feels good!" He smiled, reached up, and kissed the spot where he had been rubbing. She bent her head up and gave him a light kiss on the lips. With that encouragement, he started to move his massaging hands over the rest of her head and face; then, down her neck. Since the robe was already open, he moved smoothly to her breasts.
By now, they were both getting hot and started to kiss. Marquis moved his mouth from her lips and began to massage her entire body. His lips followed everywhere his hands had been. She said he spent a lot of time massaging and sucking her breasts and nipples. As I said before, her boobs were not big - 34A's at the time, but they were firm and were enough to make you cream just from looking - much less touching or sucking. She was so turned on that she said her nipples hurt from being so hard.
He massaged all the way down to her toes, kissing and sucking everywhere his hands went. Then he started back up. When he got to her pussy, his mouth stopped, but his hands went back to her hard, puffy nipples. His mouth began to give her pussy the full treatment. He had a way of sucking her big inner lips into his mouth where he would tongue them and then 'puff' them back out. This in and out routine drove her up a wall.
He was not in any rush to enter her and spent almost two hours on the most intense foreplay she had ever experienced. Her body was so alive that when she came, her entire body responded. At one point, she told him that it wasn't fair - she wanted to taste him - so they changed places. She said that at that time, he asked her what would happen if I came in, and she said, "He'd probably join us!" He said, "Really?"
 She went to work, running her hands all over his body, then followed with her tongue just as he had done. When she got to his cock, she was surprised to come face-to-face with her first uncut cock. She examined the foreskin in detail before taking it into her mouth, enjoying the feel of his foreskin - so different from mine.
After she spent a good amount of time enjoying the newness of his cock and balls, he rolled her over, then rubbed his cock up and down her slit. She could take no more teasing and raised her hips so that the next pass found Marquis sinking his cock a third of the way into her tight pussy. Once started, there was no stopping. He began with slow, purposeful strokes driving all the way in, then backing all the way out - aimed at impressing her with his size and fullness. He was about an inch bigger than me in both dimensions. (I'm 6.5" and a little on the thick side).
All this while, I was trying to read and listen through the wall. All the emotions that everyone has ever talked about were going through me - and I had the hardest pipe I can ever remember. The door was closed for over three hours. I knew Marquis was getting the job done because you could hear the bedsprings, her voice, and his exertions coming through the wall.
Finally, the sounds subsided. I somewhat noisily got up from my hiding place and walked toward her bedroom door. I stepped into the room with a big smile. While Marquis looked on in shock, my girlfriend smiled back at me and got up and came to me. She proudly announced, "I'm glad you are here. Marquis just came in me." I said, "Oh, is that so?" I reached between her legs and couldn't believe what I was feeling. She's wet almost 24/7 - but never like this! She said, "No - he just came! Like gallons!"
I took her by the hand and led her back beside the bed where Marquis still laid with his eyes wide. I lay on the bed with my head hanging over the side, face up. She smiled at Marquis as she straddled my face while still standing. She held my head firmly in place, then bent her knees just enough to put her pussy right above my mouth. As she did, her sticky pussy lips peeled apart, releasing what indeed did seem like gallons of cum. As the white creamy cum poured out of her pussy, I lapped out it like a kitten would lap milk from a dish, swallowing it all. It seemed the most natural thing to do! When I had licked it all out of her, and there was no more to be had, she got up and laid down next to Marquis. She pulled me up beside her so she was sandwiched between her two lovers.
The three of us laid on the bed as we explained to Marquis that everything was cool. She was just an insatiable woman that needed more than what only one cock could give her.
Then I said, "In fact, I'll bet she's ready for more now."  He nodded his agreement, cupped a breast in his hand, and began to suck on it as she dreamily closed her eyes while I softly kissed her lips. In a moment, his rock-hard black cock was back inside her. Leaving her to her pleasure, I got up and went over to a chair and sat down to watch. My cock throbbing with every beat of my heart made me realize that I still hadn't had my release. But, I wanted to hold off as long as I could. As I watched Marquis demonstrate his talents, I saw positions I never heard of. In fact, one of our favorites we call 'Marquis's position' because he taught it to us, and it remains her favorite.
They fucked late in the night as I watched. Finally, exhausted, Marquis said his goodbyes and left. After seeing Marquis out, I returned to her bed and settled down beside her on the sopping wet sheets. We lightly stroked each other as our bodies hummed with sexual excitement now that we were reunited beside each other. Then she sat on my face to give me just a taste of her cum-filled pussy, before dragging her pussy down my chest, leaving a trail of cum and pussy juice. When her pussy reached my cock, it slid right into her, hardly feeling the walls but feeling more like I had entered a hot, wet cave. I asked her to go easy - as my balls were beyond blue.
As she slowly brought me the release I so desperately needed, she bent over and fed me each nipple, then brought her lips to mine. After an incredibly satisfying kiss, I asked her how the evening went from her standpoint. Her answer is etched into my memory: "Sex with Marquis was fantastic, I'll never forget this night and want to do it over and over again, but I LOVE you!"
That was my girlfriend's, soon to be my wife's, first time with a new cock. We enjoyed adventures with Marquis for three years until we married and moved away. We still remember him very fondly. Although she has had a long string of lovers over the years, Marquis was responsible for many more firsts, including taking her anal virginity. A fantastic sexual feat on her part, considering the size of his cock and her tight virginal rosebud. Marquis was intelligent, considerate, easy-going, personable - a man I could trust my wife with. Next to me, he is her hands-down favorite!

We were going to the city for the weekend soon. The internet is a beautiful thing. You can arrange almost anything, including big black cocks for cock-hungry white wives! Through a swingers site, I made contact with several black men that enjoyed white women. I decided on Darnell, a fellow who could entertain and sounded like the type of person Molly would enjoy. Plus, Darnell said he had a few black friends who shared his enjoyment of white women.
Darnell picked us up at our hotel on the arranged evening, and we had a short drive to his apartment. He had wine chilling, candles ready to light, and soft jazz playing. Nice touches! During the ride, he told Molly how she looked even better in person than in the pics we had texted him. Darnell also complimented her sexy outfit, which pleased her. Molly wore a button-down sweater (unbuttoned a fair bit to show plenty of cleavage), skirt a few inches above the knee, spikes with nylons, garters, and a push-up bra. Everything was in black, Molly's favorite color.
We had been at Darnell's place an hour or so when the doorbell rang. Molly knew there would be another guy or two but smiled when she saw three other black guys coming in. They were all attractive and true gentlemen. They were all hungrily looking Molly over from head to toe.
Our host wasted no time suggesting we head to the other room where everyone could be more comfortable. The other room was the bedroom with a TV in the corner with porn playing! Time to party!
Molly sat on the edge of the bed while the guys took turns dropping their pants to show Molly what they had. Of course, she had to use her talented mouth on them all, just to 'make them feel welcome' as she put it. They were all in decent shape, average to above-average size, and one of them had a thick 11 inches. Her eyes widened when she saw him!
They pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs, and took turns eating her out. She started to cum, which isn't hard to do, and her noise level increased. Of course, while someone was between her legs, another was kneeling above her face so she could suck him. She was eaten, finger fucked, and finally, the guys flipped a coin to see who could fuck her first. One after the other, the guys fucked Molly missionary style, all while her mouth was kept full, pleasuring another hard black cock. The guy who didn't have his cock stuffed in her cunt or her mouth helped hold her legs back. Her legs were opened wide and pushed back almost to her shoulders, opening her pussy up for fat black cock to get into her pussy as deeply as possible. She was having her brains fucked out!
After a brief break, she was positioned on the edge of the bed, and the guys started to fuck her doggie style. Doggie is Molly's favorite! Again, they all took turns, one black cock after another filling her up. Most of the time, Molly's mouth was kept full too. One guy would pull out of her pussy, his black cock shiny with her pussy juice, and while another took his place in her cunt, the pussy-smeared cock would go into Molly's willing mouth.
By the end of the evening, she had been fucked by all the guys twice. Her face had taken a few cum shots, and she probably came close to 2O times! It was a super night, one of her better black gangbangs, and the best thing is we plan to be there again next month. Molly has already said she wants another night with the same guys, except she has requested they bring along a friend. What a nymph she is, begging for the chance to fuck six big black cocks! I love it!

Our summers always begin the same. Laura and I throw a party on the first weekend of June every year. All our friends and many of theirs that we don't know come over to swim, play volleyball and cornhole, eat, drink, and have a good time.
This summer was no different. At 4:00 p.m., over 60 people were running around enjoying themselves. Laura and I had been introduced to several friends of friends and couldn't remember most of their names, in all honesty. Bathing suits are the norm, and most of the ladies are in bikinis laying out working on their summer tans while the men are playing.
Like all men, I size up the ladies around the pool and do my fair share of flirting with all of them. Laura is, of course, flirting back with everyone flirting with her.
As I walked around, I noticed a drop-dead gorgeous young black women in this incredibly tiny bikini. I remember being introduced to her earlier when she and her husband had arrived, but I couldn't remember her name for the life of me. Her husband was playing volleyball while I was standing there, staring.
By midnight there were twenty or so people left. By 1:00 a.m., it was just six of us. With fewer people to entertain, Laura and I had slowed down and had time to relax. I had learned from friends of ours that the black couple's names were Deshawn and Jasmine, and they had come with Mike and Julie.
I grabbed the beer cooler and pulled it up next to the edge of the pool. Laura quickly shed her shorts and dove in. I followed right behind. It was nice to be able to relax after a long night of playing host and hostess. We were spread out around the pool, and I was teasing Laura with my hands under the water when Julie called out that she had been waiting all night for everyone to leave so that she could skinny dip. She asked if we minded? Laura laughed and said, nope, it sounded like a good idea to her. In short order, we had all removed our suits and thrown them on the deck.
Everyone was still spread out in the pool. All three couples were obviously doing some heavy petting under the water. Laura was getting horny, and I was enjoying the play. Julie and Mike swam down to the shallow end near Laura and me. The girls started chatting while Mike and I were trying to see their nude bodies, but the lighting wasn't cooperating. After a while, Jasmine and Deshawn came down to the shallows, but they stayed on the other side. I was still playing with Laura's pussy, and she occasionally reached around and played with my erect cock. From the way Julie was squirming, I was pretty sure that Mike was doing the same thing to her pussy.
After a few beers, I needed to use the restroom and went to reach for my trunks. Laura and Julie gave me such grief that I just jumped out of the pool without my trunks, walked over to the corner of the house, and relieved the pressure.
As I returned to the pool, I was completely exposed to everyone in the pool. Julie and Laura were catcalling, while Mike just laughed. I dove back into the pool right over top of Laura and Julie, and when I came to the surface, I was about five feet away from Deshawn and Jasmine. I asked them if they were going to stay over there all night or if they were going to join us on the other side? That got Laura, Julie, and Mike yelling encouragement for them to join us. Deshawn looked down at Jasmine and coaxed her over.
When I swam back to Laura, we started our mutual teasing again. Julie and Mike were right next to us at that point, and I could see Mike's hand down around the front of Julie's waist. It was incredible watching them even though I couldn't see exactly what was going on. Jasmine and Deshawn were still about five feet away from the four of us.
Mike suggested we play chicken. Naturally, all three of us guys were more than willing. Julie and Laura quickly agreed, but Jasmine didn't seem interested. I dropped under the water and put Laura on my shoulders. As I stood up, all of Laura came into view. Julie was only a second behind on Mike's shoulders, her wet tits shimmering in the moonlight. Julie had beautiful tits. They were smaller than Laura's but were very firm. The four of us started horsing around when suddenly Jasmine and Deshawn joined in.
Laura and I lost first because I was too busy staring at Jasmine's tits. When Jasmine and Deshawn won, the girls accused Mike and me of rigging it just so we could see Jasmine's tits. We laughed and said they were definitely worth losing the first game over.
We played another round, which Julie and Mike lost. Then Julie suggested that we play a game. She explained that we were going to use the rules from quarters. If any couple won three in a row, then they could make a new rule. We all laughed and agreed to give it a go. Deshawn and Jasmine won the first one, and then Laura and I won one. Mike and Julie won the next two, and Mike started winking at Deshawn and me, so we let them win a third. Julie quickly announced Rule #1. From now on, the two losing couples had to switch partners. The idea of having Julie or Jasmine on my shoulders gave me a hard-on.
I must digress here and explain that although Laura and I have experimented with our sexuality by opening our marriage, she has never been with a black man. To be honest, she had never mentioned it.
The next game Deshawn and Jasmine won, and before I was out of the water Julie was next to me, waiting for her ride! As I took a deep breath to go underwater to put her on my shoulders, she reached down and grabbed my erect cock. Before I came up between her legs, I ran my hand over her pussy.
I rose out of the water, and the next game started. Julie and I won, and I waited in anticipation as Laura swam over to Deshawn. I almost came just watching her sitting on his broad, black shoulders. Watching Jasmine on Mike's shoulders made me jealous, so as soon as Jasmine went in the water in the next game, I lost my footing, and Julie followed. While we were under, Julie turned quickly and took my cock into her mouth for a couple of quick licks. Man, I was on fire!
When I came up, Jasmine was standing right next to me with her beautiful tits only inches from my face. She was just watching me. I reached out my hand under the water and slid a finger along her pussy. She just smiled. As I walked around her, I told her I was dying to taste her. I stopped behind her, and she reached back and grabbed my cock. I just stood there watching Deshawn and wondering if he had any idea what she was doing to me? I went under and put her on my shoulders.
The game continued for several rounds, with all of us switching partners and teasing each other. I was ready to explode, and Jasmine was definitely warming up to things.
Finally, Julie and Deshawn won three in a row. They went to the side and conversed about what Rule #2 was going to be. When they turned around, Julie was grinning from ear to ear. She said, "You're going to love Rule #2. From now on, the losing couple must give the winning couple head for two minutes". Nobody disagreed or complained about the rule, so we mounted up for another go, knowing the stakes had been raised!
Laura and I won, and Julie and Deshawn lost first. Laura and I swam over to the edge of the pool, pulled ourselves out, and sat on the side. I reached over and started kissing Laura, squeezing her nipples, when my cock was wrapped in the warmth of Julie's mouth. I opened my eyes and looked down. God, Julie looked good sucking my cock but what floored me was seeing Deshawn licking Laura's pussy. He was going crazy, and Laura was nearing orgasm when Mike started yelling, "time!" Nobody stopped right away, but we finally disengaged from each other.
Laura and I got back into the water, and I told her I couldn't wait to see her suck Deshawn's cock. She smiled and said, "I can't wait either because it's huge." I asked her how she knew? She just smiled and said, "What, you think you're the only one playing around under the water?" I smiled and slid my finger into her dripping cunt. She had enjoyed Deshawn's attention considerably!
Julie and Mike won the next round, with Deshawn and Jasmine the losers. Deshawn dove right into Julie's pussy while she pulled and tugged on her nipples. Mike was all smiles as he watched Jasmine slowly run her tongue up and down the shaft of his cock. I moved Laura over to the side of the pool and, after a few moments of feverish fingering, slid my engorged cock into her waiting cunt. We slow fucked as we watched the action. I said to Laura, "I bet you want to feel Deshawn's huge cock inside you." She said, "God, yes!"
We let things go on for a while longer than two minutes, and I noticed that Jasmine had never actually taken Mike's cock into her mouth. We finally called time, and Jasmine came over to me while Laura swam over to Deshawn. I smiled and said, "Did that taste good?" She said, "Not as good as you're going to." I reached down and started playing with her pussy while she squeezed my cock and balls. I wanted her so bad. Mike and Julie won the next round again, with Deshawn and Laura losing first. As Laura swam over to where Mike sat, I stepped behind Jasmine and started sliding my cock between her ass cheeks and along her pussy lips.
I watched as Laura slid her lips over Mike's cock, and as soon as Deshawn started on Julie, Jasmine reached down, grabbed my cock, pushed back her hips, and slid my cock into her sopping pussy. She turned her head around and said, "God, I want you to myself so bad." I was playing with her tits with one hand, rubbing her clit with the other, and kissing her at the same time. I nearly lost it when I felt her pussy start to convulse as she let out a low moan. Just as I neared my climax, Jasmine yelled, "Time," and everyone stopped. I pulled out of her, and she turned, smiled, and said, "We'll finish later."
Laura and I won the next round and quickly swam to the edge. Deshawn and Jasmine had lost! I started kissing Laura as they approached when Laura said, "Stop, I want to watch her suck on your beautiful cock." We both played with each other's nipples as Jasmine slid between my legs and, with one smooth motion, slid her lips over my cock and started going down! She kept right on going until she reached the bottom, and while Jasmine held all of me in her throat, she looked up at me. Laura looked at me and said, "You're not going to last two minutes with her doing that." I thought I was going to cum right there. Laura bent over and started sucking on my nipple, while Jasmine began sliding up and down my shaft. Sure enough, in no time, I was spewing stream after stream of hot jism into Jasmine's waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop! I don't think that anyone realized I came except for Jasmine and Laura. Jasmine kept playing with my cock until Mike yelled, "Time!"
We all hit the water and started the next round. Julie and Deshawn won the next two games, and Laura wasn't joking when she said Deshawn was huge. I watched Jasmine give him head and couldn't believe how much of him she could fit in her mouth. Laura and I fucked in the water, and Laura had a small orgasm. The second time they won, I fucked Jasmine in the water while Laura sucked on Deshawn's cock. Jasmine came pretty hard while we were at it.
If Deshawn and Julie won the next one, there could be a new rule! The next round started, and Julie and Deshawn won while Laura and I lost. I dove into Julie's waiting cunt with all the vigor I could muster while I intently watched as Laura tried to swallow all of Deshawn's massive cock into her mouth. I couldn't believe how much she was taking, easily as much as Jasmine had, and I'm sure Jasmine had spent a lot of time practicing. It was incredible to watch Laura going down on Deshawn. When we hit the water Julie smiled and said, "Ok, let's make this really interesting! From now on, both losing couples must do whatever the winners want for FIVE minutes!" God, I knew what I wanted!
The next round lasted longer than any other did all night long. Everyone wanted to win this one. In the end, Julie and Deshawn won once again. Julie jumped out of the pool, onto a lounge chair, and said, "Come on boys, it's time for me to have some fun."
I set the countdown timer on my watch and started her way. I watched in awe as Deshawn told Laura to ride his cock while he ate Jasmine out! I watched in admiration as my wife stepped over that huge black cock, her first, and slowly slid down on top of it. Inch by inch, she slid down until almost all of him was inside of her. Then she started sliding back up. Julie was watching me and said, "Come here, let me suck that cock of yours while you watch your wife fuck that huge, black cock!" Mike was slamming his meat in and out of Julie's pussy, while she sucked me, and I watched Laura slid up and down Deshawn's cock, faster and faster. It seemed like only seconds had passed when my watch started chirping.
We all went back into the water, and Laura and I won the next round. I jumped out of the water and told Jasmine that she had better get off while she rode me. I had Julie ride my face all the while. I looked over a couple of times and saw Laura on her knees sucking Mike's cock while Deshawn filled her pussy from behind. I was a little too busy eating and fucking to tell what all Laura was doing. Suddenly Jasmine and Laura both started screaming, "I'm cumming, fuck, I'm cumming, God yes." When the two of them quieted down, we could hear my watch chirping as the timer went off.
We all slowly disengaged and headed back into the pool. Laura came over to me and whispered, "I want his load so bad." I just smiled. I guess her first black cock was to her liking!
Jasmine and Deshawn won the next round, and everyone was out of the pool again. Jasmine grabbed Mike and me and said, "You two are going to fulfill a fantasy of mine. Mike lie down." He did, and she took his cock into her waiting cunt in one quick drop.
Then Jasmine looked at me and said, "Fuck me in the ass, God, please fuck me in the ass." I couldn't believe that I was a woman was telling me to do something that I would have died for. Man, I was in heaven as I slid my cock into Jasmine's waiting asshole. I never even saw what Deshawn was making Laura and Julie do; I had all I could handle right in front of me! I fucked Jasmine's ass, spanking it with every stroke, while Mike fucked her pussy and twisted her nipples something fierce. It wasn't long before Jasmine started screaming, "I'm cumming." After she finished her orgasm, she looked back at me and said, "Cum in my ass. I want your cum in my ass." I started slamming in and out of her beautiful asshole for all I was worth.
The watch started chirping, but no one stopped. I kept going until I couldn't take it any longer. With a mighty grunt and a shove that slammed my balls against the base of Jasmine's pussy and Mike's cock, I let go. Spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum flooded Jasmine's rectum. Just as I was finishing, Mike started thrashing and filled her pussy with cum.
The watch had quieted by now, and the three of us turned to see Laura swallowing Deshawn's cum load. She was ravenous!
When Laura finished cleaning Deshawn's monster cock we all opened a beer and relaxed. Laura was sitting in between Mike and Deshawn with Julie on Deshawn's other side while Jasmine and I were between Mike and Julie. After the beer, Deshawn said there was one thing that he had always wanted Jasmine to do and asked her if she was game. Jasmine looked very nervous for someone who had just been fucked by two men at once, so I was wondering what was up. Julie and Laura were both encouraging Jasmine to go for it, even though they didn't know what it was. Laura was taken back a bit when Deshawn turned to her and said, "Actually, I'll need your help in this." Talk about opening your mouth! Laura had no choice but to go along.
Deshawn took Laura and laid her down on her back, legs spread, then took Jasmine and put her head between Laura's legs so he could fuck her from behind as she ate Laura's cunt. Deshawn didn't know it, but he was fulfilling one of my fantasies as well. Laura had never been with a woman, and she knew it was something that I wanted her to try.
Deshawn slid his cock into Jasmine from behind and started a steady rhythm. After a few seconds, Jasmine tentatively leaned forward and began sliding her tongue up and down Laura's pussy. Laura just closed her eyes. As Deshawn's pace quickened, so did Jasmine's tongue on Laura's pussy. I wanted to see Laura involved, so I turned to Julie and said, "You know Laura's never tasted another woman, and I'd love to see it. Would you mind sitting on her face?"
Laura's eyes lit up as Julie straddled her shoulders and started lowering her pussy down. I watched in fascination as Laura stuck her tongue out and Julie began sliding her pussy up and down on it. In no time, Laura was covered in Julie's juices while Mike and I masturbated.
Jasmine looked over and saw me playing myself and stopped eating Laura out. She turned to Deshawn and said, "Why don't you let me under you so you can fuck my pussy while Rob fucks my ass? Laura can lie beside me so I can eat her pussy with Julie by her so Laura can eat Julie and then Julie can blow Mike." Sure enough, in short order, Deshawn was on his side buried in Jasmine's pussy. I laid down behind her and slowly slid my cock into her waiting rectum. It felt completely different this time since Deshawn's cock was so much bigger than Mike's and didn't leave much room inside her.
Once I was completely inside, Deshawn and I started a steady slow rhythm. Laura lay down with her pussy facing Jasmine, who quickly went back to licking her clit. Laura's ass was facing me, so I started licking her asshole. After a while, I started fingering Laura's ass and licking her pussy from behind while Jasmine sucked on her clit. Laura was busy sucking and fingering Julie's pussy while Julie was busy sucking Mike's cock. Laura was the first to start screaming as she reached her climax. Jasmine and I kept right on eating and fingering her until she finally calmed down. Then we lightly licked her. Deshawn was next, and I could feel the warmth of his load splattering against the membrane separating our two cocks. Shortly after Deshawn had his orgasm, Julie and Mike both came too. Julie held Mike's cum in her mouth, and after they were both done turned around and kissed Laura, sharing his load with her.
Jasmine and I were the only ones left, and since Deshawn was spent, he slid out of her pussy. Jasmine rolled over as I laid on my back and started riding my cock hard. Julie came around and started sucking on Jasmine's clit and licking my balls and shaft as I slid in and out of Jasmine's ass. Laura and Mike began to suck Jasmine's nipples and kiss her. Her pace quickened, and I couldn't take it anymore. I started cumming and screaming like a fool. I thought there for a second I was going to pass out.
As I was coming down from my climax, Jasmine finally got hers. Julie sucked her clit into her mouth and started flicking her tongue over it. Laura was giving her a deep French kiss while Mike and Deshawn were sucking her nipples, and I was still semi-erect buried in her ass.
When she finally came down, we all passed out in a heap of bodies on the deck. I don't know what time it was, and I don't think anyone cared.
Everyone got quiet as they dozed off for a while, and when I woke up, my cock was still partially in Jasmine's ass. That knowledge made me start to get hard, and Jasmine squirmed as my cock grew. Jasmine turned her head towards me and smiled as she pressed back into me. I looked around and saw that Laura's head was resting on Deshawn's cock and groin, Julie's head was resting on Laura's pussy, and Mike was sleeping with his head on Julie's pussy. I slow fucked Jasmine's ass for several minutes until I sent my third load of cum into her ass.
Afterward, she pulled off of me, turn to face me, kissed me, and fell back asleep in my arms.
We all woke up later in the morning. The girls made breakfast while we guys cleaned up the mess from last night. Nobody said much, but we each gave very affectionate hugs and kisses when we parted.

I have the kind of wife most men could only dream about. She is virtually open to anything and has a body that would make any man drool in lust! Her sex drive is through the roof, and the more cock she gets, the more cock she wants! Black cock especially!
We first got into swinging with the idea of fulfilling one another's fantasies of a threesome. Me with another girl and her, as well as her taking on me and another cock. What progressed after that has been, and still is, the most satisfying time of my life.
We are a younger couple. I am 23, and Jordan is 20. Young couples like us are very rare in the swinging lifestyle. Most older couples jump instantly at the thought of being with a younger couple, which has been very much to our advantage! And I've developed a fetish that I hear is fairly common in the swinging lifestyle: I absolutely LOVE watching another man take my wife. Nothing is more satisfying to me than watching her get passed around like the little whore she is. Then, screwing the fuck out of her after another man has dumped his hot load into her used pussy.
We have only been with one couple. But, we have brought in several single men and women to indulge in our shameless sex life. My wife has screwed total strangers right in front of me, sucked their cocks, swallowed their loads, and let them use her for the whore she was born to be. She has even given me the privilege on several occasions of letting me fuck one of her girlfriends after they've licked each other dry. But my favorite story is about a black friend of mine who paid a visit one night. He fulfilled one of the deepest desires Jordan and I have shared for nearly a year: Seeing her get packed balls deep by a thick, monstrous black cock.
Ray and I have known each other since middle school. We've always been the best of friends and have shared everything. On the night he visited, we got on the subject of women. Ray had been going through a dry spell and asked if I knew a local woman that might be interested in him? I mentioned jokingly, "My wife will take care of us." Ray gave me a long look, and then when he saw my smile and knew I was serious, the rest was history...
I talked Jordan into getting into something naughty to get his dick nice and hard, and of course, being the whore she is, she gladly obliged. Ray and I were sitting on the couch talking when she made her entrance back into the room. I asked Ray, "Are you ready to get some pussy?" He replied, "Hell, yes!" Without further delay, Jordan dropped to her knees to suck his cock. She didn't hesitate for a second.
Jordan has always shared with me her avid fascination with "dark meat" and how good she thought it would feel inside her cunt. Hearing her talk of this always turned me on, and I couldn't wait to see what was about to unfold. Most men might call it sick or perverted, but I LOVE seeing my wife being used. The more strange dick and cum she gets packed into her, the more it turns me on. I love looking at her pussy just knowing she's been passed around and had countless cocks shoved balls deep into it.
Jordan unzipped Ray's pants and quickly pulled out his fat black knob, and engulfed it like it was all old hat to her. I watched, sitting right next to Ray, as her red lips slid up and down on Ray's monstrous black shaft. It was fucking HUGE! It had to be approaching the 11" mark, and here she was swallowing that bad boy like nothing! Up and down, up and down - she sucked him for quite a while.
Ray laid his head back on the couch in a comfortable position and pushed her head down on his meat. It was an amazement to my eyes to see that whore take every last inch of his HUGE black cock down her throat! She sucked him right down to the balls with no meat left showing! Even with her panties on, I could smell her pussy scent and knew she was loving this. I'm sure Ray could smell it too.
I had all I could take. I wanted to join in the action. I got up from the couch and went behind Jordan as she knelt, sucking off Ray's big black cock. I pulled her soaked panties down, slipped my dick right in, and started slamming her hard. She had to pull Ray's meat out of her mouth several times just to catch her breath and moan.
I pounded her sweet ass as fast as I could for several minutes. I stopped long enough to pull my dick out, belt her on the ass with it, and rammed it back in. I could tell Ray was getting anxious to fuck her, so I pulled out, belted her on the ass a good one with my cock, and commanded her to get on top of him on the couch.
Jordan was so wet it was running out of her pussy and down her thighs. She was swollen with excitement, and my average cock had already loosened that tight pussy up.  Jordan took that monstrous black prick in her hole without any problems at all and started riding him. I couldn't believe how she didn't even have to ease it in, just bam, pussy swallowing dick.
I climbed up on the couch next to them and stood up on the sofa so my prick could reach her mouth. She sucked it while riding Ray's black stallion like she had the whole thing planned out this way. Up and down she went on his hog! I pulled my dick out of her mouth for a second and sat down on the couch to watch. I wasn't about to miss a thing!
Sitting there watching, I could see that she was burying that hog all the way in her cunt, pulling up on it, and then slamming down all the way to his swollen ball sack. And then, in an instant, Ray cried out, "I'm gonna cum," and Jordan, being the little slut she is, slammed all the way down on his meat to receive his load inside her. After he blew, she ground on his cock for a minute until he went limp. When she got off of him, she bent over and, with a few quick licks of her tongue, had that big black shaft all cleaned off. I hadn't come yet, so off to the bedroom we went while Ray collapsed asleep on the couch.
We hardly made it in the bedroom before I had my cock rammed up her pussy from behind. I was SO excited at what I had just seen! Her pussy was so loose after taking his hog! Most men prefer a tight pussy, but not me. I think there's nothing better than a woman being as sloppy and loose as possible (my fetish, I guess). And loose it was! Lips splayed open, pussy hole gaping. His cum was draining down the side of my dick as I slammed it in her fast and hard! She enhanced the moment by saying, "God, I love black cock! Please tell me I can fuck another one soon!". I hammered that damaged hole for hours before I could finally feel it coming on. I pulled out and blew the biggest load I've ever blown in my life! Right inside her, to meet up with Ray's load.
That was my favorite swinging experience we've had so far. Sometimes, when Jordan walks around the house with only panties on, I imagine how her hole looked after that night. That night she was so stretched that after she put had put her panties back on, you could almost still see her entire hole right through her panties, sucking in her cotton. God, I love it! Nothing turns me on more than knowing my wife's pussy has been filled in the way she has discovered she loves the most - by a HUGE bulging black dick! Ray really took her over the edge! Jordan and I both loved the experience. Ray loved it too, and he told Jordan he had a friend that he would like to bring next time if she was willing?
It didn't take her long to say yes to that! She said the only thing better than one big black cock fucking you is two big black cocks fucking you!


My Wife, My Whore

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I have the best of both worlds. I'm married to a very loving woman that treats me like a king. She enjoys pleasing me with nice dinners, relaxing evenings watching TV, and shows me the greatest love any man can want. When we go out, she dresses sexy. She's tall, blonde, has great tits and long sexy legs, and isn't afraid to show them off. She's a woman any man would be happy to have, and I'm the lucky one that does.
We're both in our 50's and still manage to turn heads. Not in the 'Ken and Barbie' kind of way but in a well mannered, sophisticated manner. We both have careers that keep us busy and living where we do must be very aware of the local sense of morality.
However, there is another side to our relationship. I love to watch her become a whore for other men. I'm a professional photographer, and I guess it has something to do with that. I've always loved watching, I'm a voyeur. It gives me the greatest thrill to see my wife become a hot, slutty whore. When we first discussed my feelings, I was expecting the worst. After all, how many men can tell their wives, 'Honey, I want you to fuck other cocks.' But the reaction I got was totally unexpected. She got so turned on by the thought we had one of our best nights of fucking ever!
Like many of you reading this, we began our search for that 'special' guy who would make it happen for us. I thought it would be easy! Boy, was I wrong! Seems like the Internet is loaded with 'studs' all looking for 'hot action.' They all talk the talk, but after a few months of searching, not one walked the walk. Personally, if some guy said, "Hey, come over and fuck my wife," I'd have been there like a shot. We had so many no-shows it was unbelievable. We had just about given up when we got an email from a guy called Al.
Al was a black guy who lived about an hour and a half from us. He was a little over ten years younger than we are and professed to love older women. Al also had a huge cock, which he was kind enough to show in the pic attached to his email. Now, this was really going to be a first for us: me watching her, and her enjoying her first black cock. We proceeded by email to set up a meeting for the next weekend down in Al's neck of the woods.
We fucked like minks all week long, fantasizing about what it would be like to see Lana with that big cock buried in her cunt. She became totally wild in bed. I would whisper to her how hot she would get as that black cock fucked her. Her orgasms were fantastic. Lana is multi-orgasmic, and I can tell you, she had dozens each night thinking about fucking Al. The more I talked, the more she came. She begged me to fuck her in the ass, cum in her mouth, put clamps on her tits, call her every dirty name I knew, and it still got hotter. Lana was into being a whore!
Then came Saturday night, she was dripping wet all day long. Lana dressed in her best whore clothes. The ones she wears for me when we fuck. Heavy make-up, lots of red lipstick, with long red nails to match, and a low, low cut top that lets most of her large tits hang out. The truckers we passed love that one. She also wore a short black stretch skirt with black thigh highs and red high heels. If you noticed I made no mention of underwear. She didn't wear any!
We checked into the motel room. I went to the liquor store and got some things to drink, ice, and snacks. It was going to be a long night. While I was gone, Lana called Al to let him know where we were and our room number. He said, "I'll be there in 30 minutes." Now that was a long thirty minutes!
Lana was like a cat in heat. She kept adjusting her make-up, fixing her clothes, fidgeting around. I finally told her to relax, have a drink, it would all happen soon enough. When the knock on the door came, she jumped like a bolt of lightning hit her. I opened the door, drink in hand, and welcomed a very nice looking black guy into the room.
Al came in, I introduced him to Lana, and I could see her eyes light up. He was a nice looking guy, in good shape, dressed very casual but nice and extremely friendly and sociable. He sat down on the bed next to Lana, and I made us all another round of drinks. We made some small talk. Al pulled out some papers and proceeded to roll up a joint, which of course I didn't mind. We all shared a joint, finished our drinks, and were feeling really, really good about things. He then put his arms around Lana and pulled her closer. Lana just kind of fell at him and started kissing him very deeply. I could see her tongue snake it's way into Al's mouth and his into hers. He slid his hands inside her blouse and started squeezing her nipples which made Lana start moaning. Then while still kissing her his hand slide up between her legs, under her short skirt, and I could tell he had found her dripping wet cunt. Lana spread her legs wide open so that Al could finger her pussy, which he did very well since Lana had an immediate orgasm.
Then Al stood up in front of Lana, and she undid his zipper, reached in and pulled out a huge black and very hard cock. I was really getting into watching her as she leaned forward and started moving her lips all over his prick. She became a wild woman. Moaning, licking, kneading his balls with one hand while jerking him off with the other, and never removing her lips from his prick. Al placed his hand behind her head and started pumping his cock in and out of Lana's mouth. Lana was deep throating that big cock almost to his balls. She was going absolutely crazy!
After about fifteen minutes of the hottest blow job I've ever seen, Al just pulled his prick out and told her to "Bitch, lay your hot ass down on the bed, you're going to get a hard fucking." He looked over at me and said, "I'm going to fuck your whore, hope you don't mind?" Mind! I was loving every minute of it. There was my wife who just got finished sucking this black cock, laying on the bed with her legs open, pussy juice running down her ass, moaning and begging for more hot black cock.
Al slid his pants down and kicked them off. He took Lana's legs, spread them open, pulled her to the edge of the bed, and started working the head of his huge prick into her cunt. At first, she hesitated, telling him she didn't know if she could take a cock that big. But Al just kept right on doing his thing, pushing his cock into her, not even bothering to answer her. Let me tell you, it sure didn't take long. As soon as he had that big head in, Lana's cunt just sort of drew him in. Al held her legs open and really started to fuck my whore.
I was in sort of a trance between the effects of the liquor, the smoke, and seeing my wife spread open on the bed in front of me with a black cock driving into her. I was in a live porn show. But being the pro photographer I am, instinct took over. I reached for my camera and started shooting the action. It was beautiful! Al hammered Lana for all she was worth, and she was having one orgasm after another in rapid succession. She was begging for cock. Al was more than happy to oblige, telling her what a hot white cunt she was. The more he called her hot dirty names, the more she came. And that man could fuck! I could see her juice dripping out of her cunt and down her ass. Hell, I got the pictures of it.
Al came at least three times, and he never stopped fucking her. I have a picture of the cum oozing out of her cunt and all over his prick. The man never stopped once. Al fucked my wife in every position imaginable. Doggy, top, him on the bottom with her riding his prick like a wild stallion, on her side, standing, laying down; it was a show that lasted well over two hours. What stamina! Lana just kept cumming and cumming. Later she told me that when she hit TWENTY, she just stopped counting. I, of course, got photos of the whole show.
Later on, after Al had gone (he did eventually tell us he was married and had to leave) Lana and I went at it like animals in heat. She told me how much she loved his cock and how much of a whore she was. She would do anything for his big black prick, even become his whore and fuck his friends if he wanted. I was fucking her like crazy, and she just kept talking about Al's cock and how much she wanted it all again. God, the woman drove me crazy! I had six orgasms myself that night.
We never did see Al again. Our respective schedules just never seem to have worked out, and the distance wasn't convenient for more meetings, but we keep hoping. But whenever we want to have a hot night fucking, we relive that night. It never fails to provide us with some great orgasms.
We have gotten into the swinging lifestyle now. We regularly go to a nice club where Lana has all the cock she can handle. We still look for hot black men to seduce and use my whore. She wants to try small groups. We do have some rules we live by. We always first get pics of the guys showing their cocks, no bullshit that way. We got tired of paying out for rooms to let the guys get laid and leave. Now they have to pay or at least entertain us in their homes. And we only play on the weekends; can't have a hot night of fucking when you have to get up at 5 a.m. to get ready for the day's work.
So if you're in our neck of the woods (central Florida), come fuck my whore.


The Nudist Park

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Raising her eyes from her book, Tanya's gaze followed him with more than passing curiosity as he walked past us at the pool on his way to the bar. He was tall, well-muscled, and very dark skinned; his long flaccid cock was swinging between his legs as he moved along the deck between our chairs and the edge of the water. Their eyes met, and a quick smile was exchanged. A friendly smile was not unusual; like most nudist retreats the people here are very open and friendly as well as comfortable being naked in front of strangers.
This relaxed setting, along with the sun and fun, were the main reasons my wife Tanya and I had begun to visit as often as we could. We had been relaxing by the pool for several hours when he and his companion arrived. They had chosen an open spot on the opposite side of the pool and settled in to enjoy the hot summer afternoon. My eyes traveled across the pool to where his companion waited. She was laying on her back, eyes closed against the bright sunshine. I could see that she too was a fan of regular exercise. The muscles in her arms and legs were not overdeveloped but were clearly defined, her stomach flat, the body of a swimmer I decided. As required by "camp rules" everyone at the pool was naked, giving me an unobstructed view of her somewhat small breasts, the thin, neatly trimmed outline of her pubic mound, and skin the color of creamed coffee. My mind began to wonder what it would be like to bed a beautiful black woman such as her. Glancing at my wife as she watched his tight buns walk away, I could tell that she was entertaining similar thoughts!
The heat of the afternoon had arrived fully now, and it was time to take a dip in the pool. As we entered the water, the two of them apparently had the same idea. The pool is not very large, so it didn't take long before we were near each other in the water. Tanya was the first to speak. As she floated by them, she said hello, and asked if this was their first visit to the camp. It turns out that it was, but they were enjoying themselves and were surprised at how friendly everyone was. We learned that their names were Jade and Don. They are married, both in their early 30's, and are both assigned to the major military base not far from the nudist park. Don had found out about the park on the Internet and had suggested that they give it a try, just to see what it was like. We were soon chatting like old friends, telling of our first trips to the park, and some of the fun events that were held each season. Before long we had arranged to meet for dinner that evening.
Back at our cottage, it was obvious that Tanya was very interested in our new friends. My wife and I had been swinging for about 7 months now, and I could tell when she saw a guy that turned her on. Since dinner was an hour away, I saw no reason to waste an opportunity, so I began to massage her beautiful 36D breasts from behind. She responded by pushing her firm ass back against my cock and whispering how nice it felt. I started to ask her what she thought of Don and Jade. Tanya responded with a sly smile that she wondered just how large Don's cock would be when erect, and confessed that it was his size that had first caught her eye at the pool. He did appear to be nicely equipped. Limp, his organ arched out from his body and stretched downward toward his knees at least a full 6 inches. He was uncut, his foreskin concealing what seemed to be a rather large diameter cock head.
Talking about Don seemed to turn Tanya on even more, as evidenced by the very wet condition my fingers found her pussy in. Laying Tanya on the bed, I spread her legs wide and lowered my mouth to her cunt. This soon had her moaning in pleasure and encouraging me to make her cum. I was more than willing to cooperate; I began to focus my tongue on her now erect clit, rapidly flicking my tongue across it as my fingers explored her cunt. Tanya has a very sensitive spot on the front inside wall of her pussy, and my experienced fingers were finding it. In moments she began to buck and thrash on the bed as she came, her pussy juice flowing out to cover my face.
After she settled down, she confessed that she had fantasized about fucking Don while I went down on her. With a wicked smile, she turned the tables and asked me what I thought of Jade. As my wife stroked my cock I told her the truth; that I thought Jade was a beautiful and exotic woman, and I would love the opportunity to fuck her. Dropping to her knees, Tanya proceeded to suck on my cock, taking all 8 inches down her throat. My wife is an expert cocksucker, and it wasn't long before she was swallowing every drop of my cum; my mind racing with thoughts of fucking Jade.
Dinner time arrived, and we met Don and Jade at a small cafe just outside the confines of the park. Being back in clothes again felt a little confining, but the food and the company were worth it. Jade was lovely, wearing a pale yellow sundress that accentuated her dark skin. We joked about how uncomfortable wearing clothing was once you had experience being a nudist. Jade said that she agreed, but had found a way to make it a bit more comfortable. With a look around to see that no one was watching too closely, she pushed her chair away from the table and lifted the front of her sundress showing that she was not wearing panties and revealing her beautifully trimmed bush.
Don began to scold her but was quickly put in his place when she reminded him that we had already seen all she had to show, then looking directly into my eyes she said "Especially you Jerry, I saw you watching me at the pool!"
Dinner was terrific and included several bottles of wine. As we left the cafe, Tanya suggested that we go soak in the large hot tub at our cabin. This was agreeable to everyone, and soon the four of us were again naked and soaking in the tubs warm water.
Being a little buzzed from the wine, the talk soon turned to sex. I wondered if our new friends would be shocked to learn that Tanya and I were involved in the swing scene. I had noticed Don admiring my wife's body as she removed her clothes to enter the tub, and his eyes continued to land on her full breasts as they bobbed just at the surface of the water.
Tanya is a lovely woman, even in her mid 30's she can pass for 10 years younger. Her light brown hair reaches below her shoulders, her firm 36D breasts are tipped by very large, very dark nipples, her tummy flat and smooth, her legs long and shapely joining together at her completely shaved pussy.
Jade had finished telling the tale of a time she and Don had made love outside on the pool deck of a major resort hotel at the beach when Tanya must have decided the time was right to tell them our "secret." She began by saying she did not want to scare them off, but that our most interesting times had been since we started to swing.
Both Don and Jade remained quiet for a moment, and I wondered if our pleasant evening was about to end. After a long silence, Jade was the first to speak, asking how we started swinging. Tanya relayed the story of our first experience, one where she had fucked me and a mutual friend the previous New Years Eve, and then how we had met another couple also new to the swing scene and had begun to "swap" on occasion. Jade asked Tanya how we handled watching our mate having sex with someone else. Tanya explained that our relationship had always been strong and that each of us found it to be a turn-on to see our mate being pleasured by someone else; and also that it made for hot sex when we talked about it afterward.
I noticed that the ladies had slowly begun to rearrange themselves in the tub with Tanya now sitting close beside Don, while Jade had started to move towards me. As they talked, I felt Jade's hand resting lightly on my thigh. The more Tanya talked, the higher Jade's hand went until finally, her fingers were gently grasping my semi-erect cock. Looking at the expression on Don's face, I suspected that Tanya also had things well in hand; a quick wink from her told me she was in fact working Don's cock with her hands.
Thinking now was the time to see how far this would go, I spoke up and told Jade that at this very moment my wife had her husband's cock in her hand, and asked how she would feel about seeing her suck him off. With no hesitation, she responded that it would indeed be something quite interesting.
Taking my cue, Tanya rose from the water, still holding Don by the cock and pulling him up also. He stood there with his cock in my wife's hand looking to his wife for a reaction. Don's cock was becoming erect now; with a smile, Jade told him to relax and enjoy.
With Don sitting on the edge of the tub, Tanya positioned herself in the water between his knees and lowered her mouth to his cock. The contrast between her red lips and white skin and his black cock was an amazingly sexy site. Using one hand to stroke him, she began to lick the tip of his dick, swirling her tongue around his growing cock head. It didn't take much of this for his cock to rise to its full length of just over 9 inches and Tanya was busy licking and sucking every inch. Jade's eyes were locked on the action as Tanya peeled his foreskin back and began to swirl her tongue around his bulbous cock head before applying major suction.
Without looking away from her husband, she spoke quietly to me, telling me Don loved to have his cock sucked that way. The entire time she continued to stroke my now fully hard dick under the warm water of the hot tub.
It wasn't long before Don threw back his head and Tanya was treated to a load of his thick creamy cum in her mouth. I noticed Jade's eyes were riveted on the sight of a small amount of cum that escaped Tanya's lips and dribbled down her chin. Jade said that they had begun to fool around before dinner but that she had not finished him off like she should have, explaining the rather large load he had deposited in my wife's mouth.
As Don relaxed from his climax, I turned Jade's face to mine and told her that it was now her turn. Our lips met, and her tongue was quickly slipping into my mouth. Without breaking our kiss, I grasped her under the arms and lifted her free of the water, sitting her on the deck at the edge of the tub. My lips began a slow and sensual journey down her neck, then onward towards her breasts. As I said earlier, Jade is somewhat small chested, going about a 34B cup, her breasts are tipped by small nipples no bigger than a nickel, but they turned out to be extremely sensitive. As I kissed and sucked alternately between her breasts, she began to a low moan of pleasure. My fingers had found her pussy now, and were busily at work probing her sparse covering of cunt hair.
Pushing her back to lay flat on the deck I began to work my mouth down from her nipples to her pussy. As my tongue approached her cunt I felt her body tense; I feared she may be getting ready to chicken out. I stopped and gave her a questioning look, but it was Don who provided the answer, telling us that he didn't eat pussy (later he explained that for some reason a lot of black guys didn't!) and that no one had ever gone down on Jade before. Well, there is always a first time for everything, and this would be hers!
Parting her lips with my fingers, my tongue began a slow insertion into her cunt. Her pussy had a delightful aroma and a tangy taste that started to really turn me on! Working slowly, my tongue explored her opening, sometimes probing deeply into her, followed by a trip around her inner lips. Moving upwards my lips encircled her clit, my tongue flicking over its protruding bud. Her orgasm hit as if electric currents were running through her body! Her back arched up off the pool deck driving her cunt into my mouth, at the same time her hands grasped the back of my head, holding me firmly against her clit. I was eating her pussy for all I was worth now, my tongue rapidly flicking across her clit as wave after wave of climax washed over her.
When she finally slowed down, I moved back up her body and gave her a deep kiss, knowing she would be tasting her own cunt juice on my lips. She whispered in my ear that the had never had a climax like that before and thanked me for giving it to her!
Watching his wife cum so intensely must have an effect on Don. Looking over, Jade and I saw that his cock was erect again and that my wife was slowly stroking him while they watched our "show." Don's fingers had found Tanya's pussy, and he was working two fingers into her as she stroked him.
Seeing that he was ready for more action, I spoke up and suggested that Tanya may have a place for him to put that big cock of his. Tanya just smiled and said to Don that she knew just the place for it. Standing in the hot tub, Tanya leaned forward, using her hands to support her on the edge of the tub. Spreading her legs wide, she wiggled her ass at Don.
Understanding what she wanted, Don stood behind her, his long hard cock jutting out from his body. He positioned his big cock head at the entrance to her pussy and began to rub it along the length of her slit. Tanya was very wet, and he was coated with her juice. Pushing forward, he began to shove his meat into my wife. His cock head was large enough that he had a bit of trouble getting it past the tight ring of muscle at the entrance to her cunt, but once he had it past that point, he was able to shove all nine inches into her in one steady push.
Tanya was facing Jade and I as Don began to fuck her. Looking directly at Jade she smiled and told her how good her husband's cock felt as it filled her. Don held her by the hips and set up a nice steady fuck rhythm giving her long slow strokes. Tanya began to coo with pleasure. Seeing that he was giving her a good fucking, Don picked up his pace. Soon his balls began to swing forward and slap against Tanya's clit as he rammed her from behind.
Don was fucking her hard now, and his cock must have been hitting its mark; Tanya was building to a climax. Her eyes were closed, and small grunts were escaping her lips each time he pounded his cock into her. Her orgasm hit hard; my wife began to call out over and over for him to "Fuck me with that big black cock!" and to "Fuck my tight white pussy!" as she climaxed. After 15 minutes of hard fucking Don could not hold back any longer. With his wife watching intently, Don plunged deep into my wife's cunt and began to pump her full of his cum. Once his orgasm has subsided Tanya finally collapsed forward on to the deck, pulling her cunt off of Dons still hard cock. As she lay there on the deck, we could all see his cum beginning to drain from her hole and spread across her smooth mound.
While Jade and I had been watching her black husband fuck my white wife I had been idly fingering her pussy, stroking my own rock hard dick, and thinking of my chance to fuck this black beauty. I had resisted pushing her onto her back and entering her only because watching Tanya fuck this black stud as too good to miss any part of.
When Don began to cum, I lowered Jade onto her back. Grasping her legs, I pushed her knees up to her chest, totally exposing her cunt. I began to shove my rock hard cock into her inch by inch. Her pussy was incredibly tight; I wondered how she could regularly take Don into her and not be a bit more stretched out!
Finally, I had all 8 inches inside her. As Don pulled out of my Tanya I turned to him and told him that he was a fortunate man; his wife had a fantastic pussy and that it felt really great to fuck her! He had been so busy fucking Tanya that this was the first time Don had noticed that his own wife was being balled by someone other than him! Even though he had just climaxed, his cock was still hard, I guess from the excitement of getting my wife's white pussy, and maybe also from seeing my white cock sliding in and out of his bride's beautiful ebony cunt.
I waved for him to come over closer, and suggested that Jade might need to have something to suck on. He never hesitated as he moved over beside his wife, who eagerly began to lick and suck his rod. This was another first for Jade; having two hard dicks working her body at one time.
As Tanya cheered us on Don and I began to really give her a good fucking. My pace inside her pussy had picked up now, and the effects were showing. Another orgasm took Jade in its grip, causing her to buck her ass up off the deck and cry out as she came. This was too much for both Don and me, and almost at the same time, I began to spray my own juice into her cunt as Don pumped his load onto her face and across her open and waiting mouth!
All of us needed a rest now, so we took a break. Don and I watched as our two cum covered wives went across the room to mix a couple well-deserved drinks. When they returned we began to talk about what had just happened, and it was clear that both Jade and Don were happy to have had the experience and were open for more fun. Sitting close to Don, it wasn't long before Tanya was busy working his cock with her hands and mouth, raising him to his third erection of the evening. Not to be outdone Jade had dropped between my legs to suck on my cock.
Jade said she wanted to watch me fuck my wife, and of course, Tanya was okay with that, so as she sucked on Don I positioned myself behind her and started to fuck her doggy style. I could feel the remains of Don's cum in her cunt as I fucked her. Since we started to swing, this has always been a favorite for Tanya, getting it from behind while she has another cock to suck on, and sure enough, her orgasms began to build. Having already popped a couple loads already this evening, I had no trouble continuing to fuck her as her pussy started its spastic grip on my pole.
Not wanting to be greedy, I asked Don if he wanted to trade places. I pulled out of my wife's cunt with a plop, and almost without missing a stroke, Don shoved his tool into her. It was now my turn to feel her mouth on my dick as this black stud fucked her.
Don and I began a rotation, with one of us fucking her for a while, then pulling out and being replaced by the other. It seemed like Tanya experienced one long continuous orgasm as we fucked her like that! I am not kidding, we alternately fucked her for a good 45 minutes, with her cumming almost the entire time until finally, she had to tell us to stop, saying her pussy was getting raw!
Don and I now turned our attention to Jade. This time I lay on my back as Jade lowered herself onto my erection. She had not been getting any attention the entire time we had been fucking Tanya, and she was ready for it now! She bucked and fucked me like she was riding a bronco, sucking vigorously on Don's cock as she went. Her tight cunt was really giving my dick a workout, and when she began to cum, and her muscles clamped down on me, it was too much. For the second time that night, I filled her pussy with my cum. Watching me cum in his wife, Don was beating his cock at a furious pace; when his own climax arrived, who else was there to have her tits splashed by his seed but Tanya!
We see Don and Jade several times each summer now, usually meeting at the park. Since that first meeting we have enjoyed similar nights, and once Don and I even convinced Tanya and Jade to go down on each other... but that is another story.

The sixth day of my erotic African adventure. First I’m toyed with. Then . . . who knows how they were conceived? Miss T does. And we learn her family secrets.
(Here you’ll find the earlier parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
So I had come from a tough Canadian winter to sunny South Africa, visiting my photographer friend Hanz. It was one adventure after another. I thought today would be a quiet day, but it was anything but; and it ended with an amazing family story.
Wednesday began like my other days vacationing in Cape Town with an old friend and a new lover. And then it went in all directions.
I slept in, as usual, and was woken by my new lover, Anna, all sweaty and brisk from her top-of-the-morning bike ride. But instead of kissing me awake while wearing her biking outfit, she had stripped off and laid her sweat soaked body on top of mine.
It was weird to feel all that hot sweaty flesh pressed against me, but it was also exciting and we did a quick morning dance then washed up and joined Hanz and his lover T for breakfast – wondering what the consequences of the very strange night before would be.
The mysterious androgynous of last evening Asians, who had been glued to Hanz and T the night before, were gone, with no sign of their even having been there. (I hope I didn’t hallucinate what I wrote about that.)
This morning things were as if nothing odd had happened the night before. This was one of the strange and inexplicable things about my week in Africa. Each morning was a new morning, each day was a fresh day where whatever happened before was put aside leaving no marks on the day that followed. It was hallucinogenic that however weird or exotic the previous day’s events were, the next day it was as if nothing unusual had taken place.
But T was not her usual spunky self and both she and Hanz seemed more than a little hung over. But there was no mention of yesterday or any of the strange events of the night. Anna and I never learned what the story was with the Asians, why they immediately stuck themselves like glue to Hanz and T or why our friends stuck to them. We didn’t even learn what genders were involved, perhaps the strangest thing of all. Totally weird, totally mysterious. And totally not spoken of.
Of course we had hoped for some bizarre tales about the Asian couple that Hanz and T brought home, but that was not to be. At the least we thought we might hear some stories of Hanz and T having played in the past with the young couple who threw the cocktail party we attended, when they announced their incipient parenthood. Maybe even some thoughts about being able to play again with the couple, now that the wife was safely pregnant – how exciting could that be?
And then there was that play club that was happy to take our money and let us in, and yet made us feel unwelcome enough for us to quickly leave. How wrong was that?
But no. There was not a word about yesterday evening, an evening and a night filled with odd things that seemed to demand being talked about. Somehow a taboo, a curtain of silence was drawn over then evening and Anna and I both quickly picked up the signal to mention nothing, ask nothing, hint nothing about the night before.
And so Anna and I did the right thing and acted like nothing had been odd at all.
Over breakfast Hanz told us that he needed to spend some time in his photo studio, but he’d be back before too long.
Anna expressed some relief saying she was worried about the law office she managed (she said “those poor helpless lawyers; you never know what they’ll get up to if I’m away for too long”) and said she’d take the opportunity to pop into her office for a couple of hours.
That would leave T and I by ourselves and she suggested taking me on a walking tour of the neighborhood of Oranjezicht, seeing the sights, circling the water reservoir (called, for some reason, the Kaffir Swimming Pool) and into a shopping area where I got a couple of presents for Anna.
After our walking tour, back at Hanz’s house, she and I chilled by the pool, naked of course, and laying side by side.
Now you know that from the moment I first laid eyes on her I had been lusting for the nubile T. Almost as soon as I arrived she’d hinted that sex with her might be in the cards, but only after we’d gotten to know each other better. Could that be now? Maybe yes, since we were alone; maybe no, since Hanz wasn’t there to give his blessing. And maybe yes or no if T did or didn’t desire me. Those thoughts alone honestly had me excited.
Not that I needed to get laid, with Anna being such a terrific sexual companion.
Still the passing thought of making it with T had given me more than just a little buzz in the tip of my dick.
I enjoyed the view of her. The beautiful face. The curve of her lips. The soft small hemispheres of her breasts. The smooth, clear skin. The tight belly. The waxed-clean love triangle. And the pussy lips that were the gateway to ecstasy. What a sight.
We lay on lounges and T, as usual, was dipping a finger in her honey pot and from time to time licking the juices off her fingers. Just as she had been doing during any idle moment when clothes weren’t in the way. Then she reached over and smeared some of her juice on my lips. Without delay, I was noticeably erect.
At this point T stopped just toying with herself and began to masturbate seriously. Knowing that she needed to get off several times a day I knew to expect it. But still it’s surprising to have a lovely girl start masturbating right in front of you. And something else when it’s someone you’d like to get it on with.
After fingering herself for a while she took a butt plug from a bag under the lounge, lubricated it with her juices and slide it into her ass and asked me if I would like one. I declined.
Then she went from casually fingering herself to slowly but seriously masturbating herself. I lay still and enjoyed watching and listening. When she came it was delightful to behold and the spectacle got me more erect.
Seeing her vigorously masturbating herself got me totally into tent-pole territory. In a way it was a little embarrassing to have such a bold erection pointing to the sky beside this lovely girl who was ignoring me and it, so I had turned over on my side to make my erection less boldly evident and also to have a better view of T while she worked herself to a vigorous and noisy climax.
After she finished, with a moist slick hand she reached over and started casually playing with me. I was still fully erect. She just worked her fingers this way and that way, enjoying the feeling of my dick.
She had long slim fingers which looked so elegant. Just glancing at those fingers felt erotic to me. And now those fingers were slipping up and down on my penis. Just the tips, just the pads of her fingers. It was so much sexier than if she had wrapped her fingers and hand around me. No. The faint, subtle, slight feeling of the pads of her fingers moving from one end of me to the other, that was about as erotic as it could get.
I lay back and enjoyed the feeling, without expecting to go anywhere. I was saving my spunk for Anna’s return. But she gradually got me excited, took me up to the top and over. I was spurting!
Then she licked her fingers and said in a soft but commanding voice “Now you lick me.”
It was fun witnessing her masturbating; it was fun being fingered by her; and it was more than fun coming from her fingering me. And it would be much more than fun putting my head between her legs and licking her, but I knew she was playing me, I knew I was being had.
She wanted me to do her with my tongue but she wasn’t going to let me fuck her, and the jacking she had just given me was a way to avoid my uncontrollably slipping myself into her.
Yes I was being used and abused and I could resent that, but on the other hand I’d had a nice -- no not just nice, ecstatic – orgasm myself, so what was there to complain about?
At least now I would be tasting the juices that I had been smelling on my Anna’s breath, and that would be a thrill.
While I was getting up off my couch to position myself for giving her head, she slipped a butt plug into me, matching the one she’d put in herself. First she’d jacked me, then she’d put this butt plug into me. Frankly it felt good, but I knew it was a second line of defense against my making a move to fuck her. She’d jacked my juices out and with that butt plug pressing against my prostate, she was guaranteeing that even if I slide my dick into her, I wouldn’t be able to come. What a wicked girl.
So I went to licking her with some enthusiasm and I’m proud to say that I didn’t just give T some enjoyment, I was able to give her enough intense orgasms that she finally whispered to me that she was fine, she’d had enough, she was satisfied, saturated, satiated. To accomplish that with a girl who seems inexhaustible filled me with some special pride.
It’s always been a point of honor for me to give good satisfaction to everyone I have sex with and now I’d held up my honor with Miss T. The seemingly inexhaustible Miss T, I had managed to exhaust with the skills of my tongue.
She and I sunned again for a while, butt plugs still in place, and then Hanz and my Anna came back. With separate errands for each of them to do, I hadn’t realized that they’d left together and now returned together. And they had a certain glow about them.
I was about to confess what T and I had been up to when Anna just boldly reported that she and Hanz had a good fuck in his studio. With pictures to show, no less. Well, Hanz is a photographer, isn’t he?
I hugged Anna and said good for you, while T excitedly embraced Hanz and whispered to him to tell her all about it. That’s when Anna discovered the plug in my ass, smelled T’s juices on my breath and she knew my morning with T hadn’t been totally innocent.
Somehow it all felt OK to me and I wasn’t upset that Hanz and my Anna had finally had a nice screw together even though I was still being cock-blocked from having Miss T. Anna had been fucking me like crazy, she’d been fucking T was well, and now she’d completed the round with Hanz. Anna, you go girl. You’re the best.
Knowing that Anna had been fucked filled me with lust for her and she and I repaired to our bedroom for me to put my spunk in her, displacing Hanz’s. She had enjoyed fucking Hanz but she was very glad to have me do her on top of that.
After that was done we four made a lunch and after lunch sat in the living room, hugging and kissing and fingering our partners while watching the video that Hanz had made of Anna and him doing it doggy style in his studio. The expression on her face in the video when she came was really wonderful. Truth is, we all loved watching the lovemaking in the video and watching it made me hot. I’m proud of her that Anna wasn’t in the least bit embarrassed by the video. She watched it with as much enjoyment as the rest of us.
It was time now for them to show me the sights of the city, as they had been long promising. We drove in to the Victoria and Albert Harbor and walked around, sight seeing the boats and the tourists. Then we walked up a market street filled with shopping kiosks. They led me to a store where you could buy tribal artifacts that were more authentic than the usual tourist junk. I bought a few souvenirs to take home and we continued on our way.
The girls ducked into a tailor shop where they said they’d ordered something special to show us later. We went to Woolworths Cavendish where I bought a couple of gifts for Anna and then we hiked up to the legendary Mount Nelson Hotel to have drinks and dinner.
Over drinks we did something we should have done days before, telling each other our life stories.
Mine was about growing up on a remote farm in Manitoba, an only child who did lots of chores and became very independent. Anna had a surprisingly similar story of a rural childhood in South Africa, complete with cattle. That explained a lot about our immediate affinity for each other: we’d essentially had the same childhood.
She and I grabbed each other’s fingers like a cow’s teats and showed off our milking prowess. I’m proud of how good I was at milking and Anna showed me she was just as good.
Hanz grew up urban in a typical Afrikaner household, meaning the values were old-fashioned farmer’s values and his artistic ambitions weren’t encouraged. He went his own way and became the successful photographer he was, getting assignments as far away as, gasp, Canada, which is how he and I had met.
It was now about time to go in to the restaurant for dinner and T said “Over dinner I’ll tell you the story of my parents and my siblings and me. We are a very unusual family and we’re exceptionally proud of what we are, which is like no other. It’s good I’m telling you the story here, because it’s a special place for me. I was conceived in this hotel.”
That was a show stopper.
When we’d ordered our food, and Hanz had selected a good South African wine, T began telling her story.
She began by saying “If I’m going to tell you my family story and if you’re going to really understand it, first you’ve got to know that we Africans aren’t like you Europeans. You Europeans are such prudes.”
Her Xhosa parents – who I’ll call Mr and Mrs T -- had grown up in neighboring villages but only met while they were in college, training to be high school teachers. They fell in love quickly and soon married. Theirs was an open marriage; they had a lot of sex with each other and a lot of fun with other people. As T said, that was quite African; they weren’t prudes and they didn’t act like they owned each other’s bodies. What they owned was their love and their commitment to each other. They liked to swap stories of their outside adventures, it added spice to their own sex life.
They wanted children, but children never came. It turned out that Mr T was sterile.
So they made a decision: they would have children, sired by other men, and Mr T would be delighted to be a proud and happy father. Grateful, as a man who turned out to be infertile, that he would have children to raise and call his own.
“You might think that’s very liberal or generous of my father, but it’s really very African. That’s the way we are and proud of it. I’m very proud of my dad and proud to be African. Sorry if I sound smug about it, but we’re better than you in that way.” Anna gave me a smile that said she very much agreed and was sorry for the likes of Hanz and I to have grown up in a narrow minded way.
The way T said that put a new cast on things. I’d always taken T as the pretty young thing who happened to be Hanz’s live-in girlfriend. Now, from the way she spoke, not only from what she said but also the way she said it, she was probably the brightest and wisest person in the room.
This arrangement – of having Mr & Mrs T’s children sired by other men -- wasn’t hidden from T and her siblings, just the opposite. It was a point of honor and pride among the family. And their relatives applauded them for it.
For their first child, Mr and Mrs T selected a man she’s already been having fun with but now she skipped the birth control. The man was never allowed to know about his role in the T’s first child and the child, T’s oldest sister, was never given a hint who he was. There was a strong family principle: Mr T was the children’s father, he raised them, and that was that.
Mr & Mrs T were ever so delighted to have their first child and they intended to have more.
When it came time to have another child, the game continued. Though they’d deliberately chosen the sire of their first child, mostly they let the children come when they came, and who cares who the sperm donor was? Mrs T played with healthy vital men and when it was time to get pregnant she made sure to only play with men who the family would never know later and who were from a variety of backgrounds. They’d decided that each of their children would be from a different mix.
“It was easy,” T said. “My mother is very attractive and she’s like honey to the bees. She can have any man she wants. She’s very attractive and she likes sex a lot. And of course my father had his fun too,” she said, “since theirs is an open marriage. Only he doesn’t have to worry about getting some other woman pregnant.”
T continued, “Although I don’t know it for sure, I think sometimes she chose a specific man to get pregnant with and sometimes she would let nature take it’s course from whoever she happened to be sleeping with. When my parents decided it was time for another child and she was at her fertile time, she would sleep around with men who were worthy of her, worthy to sire one of my brothers and sisters.” But still, she played fertility roulette, never knowing which orgasm would lead to her next child. She only made sure that each new child was sired by a man from some different background.
With one exception: the siring of T herself. For reasons never explained, they decided to be very particular about who sired the fourth child, who would turn out to be T. He would uniquely be from the same tribal background as they were, Xhosa. (T said “I’m Xhosa through and through and very proud of it. My brothers and sisters and I feel very united as a family, but I’m special in one way: I’m completely Xhosa.”)
The parents-to-be set out to carefully chose the stud for the child that would become T. He had to be very smart, very healthy, and very accomplished. They picked their man, a leading academic who had gone into politics and became powerful and rich. (At this point T said “likely I could figure out who he was, but I never want to do that. It would be wrong and it would betray my parents and my brothers and sisters.”)
Mrs T set out to seduce the man and seduce him she did. For her it was easy. Knowing when she would be fertile, she arranged to have a sexy weekend with him “here; at this hotel. At the great and legendary Mount Nelson Hotel.”
She and the man had a classic dirty weekend. They never left the hotel suite but spent the entire time eating room service, drinking, sleeping, drinking more and having sex, sex, sex. For the important man it was a dream getaway from his mundane responsibilities and boring home sex life. For Mrs T it was capturing just the right kind of sperm for her next child, which turned out to be the delightful, talented, beautiful and sexy miss T.
Although Mrs T never had a romance with her casual lovers, it wasn’t unusual for them to fall in love with her. “My mother is exceptionally attractive, vivacious, and outgoing. What man wouldn’t want to fall in love with her?”
As it happened, the “important man” did and wanted to continue and have her for his mistress. That could have been sticky, but as it happened the “important man” died not long after in a traffic accident, never even learning that Mrs T was pregnant. This quirk of fate put to rest possible complications.
And so that was T’s story. Her younger brothers and sisters were sired in the family’s traditional way – with lovers from different places who Mrs T fancied playing with.
But T, T was conceived purposely in the very hotel where we were dining.
In telling this story T practically glowed with pride about her unique family and her own special heritage.
After dinner we slipped upstairs to the hotel’s rooms, following T until she stopped at a particular door. “Here it is,” she said, “here is where I was conceived, in this room.”
I said “you have remarkable parents.”
She said “you can see for yourself; they’re coming to visit tomorrow.”
I was floored to hear that.
With that, I end the tale of the sixth day of my African adventure.

The fifth day (Part 4 here) of my erotic African adventure. Three unexpected parties, one where I’m welcome, one where I’m not welcome, and one where I’m, well, you name it.
So I had come from a tough Canadian winter to sunny South Africa, visiting my photographer friend Hanz. It was one adventure after another. Then, finally, settling into a quiet day which ended with a triple bang.
Tuesday began in a quiet and conventional way and the four of us had a lazy morning and afternoon. After the previous two days’ athletic outings, we spend a calm day at home. Nothing special in the erotic department either. Anna kept me happy and the combined efforts of Hanz and Anna kept T happy. Happy, happy, happy.
Actually, I think T was in a new kind of heaven, nobody seemed to be noticing it. Or maybe it was one of those things that everybody knew but nobody would admit to: T was getting it like never before. She was used to getting enough to keep her happy from her man Hanz. At least three big times a day and some treats in between.
But now she also had my Anna. (I say “my” Anna, and Anna was quite loyal to me, but the reality was that Anna was T’s lover as much as she was mine. Maybe nobody was acknowledging that because nobody wanted to upset the apple cart. Hanz had T and T had Hanz. I had Anna and Anna had me. The extra-curricular sex between Anna and T was off the books, under the table, not reported to tax authorities, strictly grey market. All in plain sight.)
T certainly had my Anna. Just to tabulate it up: Anytime during the day that Hanz came inside T, Anna would be there to lap her clean. And any time either of them felt the urge, they would girl-fuck. And then most nights Anna would tip toe from my bed into Hanz and T’s and come back to me with T-scented pussy breath.
Not that anybody objected to this. We all seemed to be in favor of it. But it was so odd: the biggest sexual relationship going on in this household was between Anna and T, while everybody was pretending that it was just an amusing side dish, while the girls’ main dish was us boys. All good for the short term; and the short term was all I would be there for.
And I gotta say, I was coming to enjoy the scent of T’s pussy on Anna’s breath.
What a household! Two eager men and two frisky and bisexual women. A certain kind of heaven.
Tuesday itself, morning and afternoon were nothing special to report but as the evening approached things got more interesting.
Hanz and T mentioned that some lifestyle friends of theirs were having a cocktail party that evening on some special occasion what ever it was, and we figured we’d go and enjoy it.
It was far from clear whether this was a play party or a vanilla cocktail party, so we dressed on the mild side, with changes to the wild side if that turned out to be needed. We certainly didn’t want to go with clubware and turn out to have the hosts’ parents or whatever there being shocked with our bad taste.
The girls wore the middle layer of the white lace ensemble that they showed off to us on Sunday. It was sexy and showed off some skin – actually more skin than you might show for an ordinary cocktail party – but safe enough for who-knows-who-will-be-there cocktails, as long at the vicar wasn’t coming. Hanz and I dressed similarly.
We got to the private home and cocktails were in full swing. There were lots of people there and the crowd was thoroughly mixed, contrary to my expectation. I gather that in Capetown socializing is birds-of-a-feather and I expected our mixed foursome would be a sore thumb, but it wasn’t the case.
My sixth sense told me that there were swingers aboard but my eye also told me that plenty weren’t. I made a joke to our gang that there weren’t any dog collars in evidence, trying to be sly with a pun. No vicars with priestly dog collars and no bondage-wear dog collars either.
Hanz and T said they recognized some people they had seen at play parties but also plenty of people to whom you’d never admit your sex life was on the far side. Frankly I couldn’t make heads or tails of why the crowd was what it was.
Then there was the tink-tink of a wine glass being tapped, that announced a speech was about to be made. A couple, who Hanz pointed out were our hosts, an English couple, stood arm in arm on the stairs and announced themselves. They thanked everyone for coming and said that, having been married for a handful of years, it was time to raise a family and so they announced that the bride was now happily and successfully pregnant.
Everyone applauded and the party resumed. The bride rapidly circulated through the crowd accepting congratulations and whispering to some of the guests, including Hanz and T. T reported to Anna and I what was being whispered. While trying to get pregnant the bride, naturally enough, had been strictly off swinging and totally monogamous. But now that she was safely pregnant, she could start having some special fun again. And that’s what they were whispering to their lifestyle friends. Let the fun fucking resume. She had even whispered to Hanz “I love my husband, but fucking him is a bore” and then discreetly squeezed Hanz’s nuts.
We continued chatting with strangers and enjoying the free drinks and hors d’oeuvres (this was a well-to-do couple and the goods were very good) when something strange happened.
Out of the crowd emerged an androgynous Asian couple. And when I say androgynous I mean I couldn’t tell which was the boy and which was the girl. Or two of a kind. Just to confirm my confusion, Anna too couldn’t tell which was what either.
We watched from half way across the room as they approached Hanz and T and didn’t as much introduce themselves as just press their bodies onto our friends. From that moment on, the four of them seemed physically glued together. It didn’t bother Anna and I – we were a happy couple ourselves – but it really had us puzzled. What was going on and even more, how did it happen so fast? A mystery that never got sorted out.
A signal was passed to Anna and I that it was time to go and once outside the suggestion was for the six of us to go to a play club that they knew. Anna and I were happy with the idea.
Going there, Anna drove, me beside her, while the other four were in the back seat, being strange together.
At the club we paid our dues and went in. Feeling the mood, we soon stripped off, left our clothes in lockers and started dancing naked in the main room. After a while Anna and I went to a booth. I sat down and she sat on my lap. I slipped inside her and we slow-fucked.
We pointed out to each other people that we fancied playing with and also people that we might want to watch playing with our partners. After all, Anna and I had had plenty of sex together but we hadn’t yet seen each other getting it on with someone else, so that idea was, well, quite enticing.
Then we switched to guessing Hanz might want or T might want, and who might want them. All a playful guessing game. Or who, if anybody, could get it on with the androgynous Asians.
We extended this guessing game to pointing out who might like to get it on with our partners and who might not touch us with the proverbial long pole.
It was fun speculating about and that got our juices up. Anna and I had been “faithful” to each other (not counting all the sex Anna was having with T) and it was about time for us to spread our wings and watch each other getting it on with other people.
After a while, even though we’d been admitted to the club and the club took our door fee, it began to dawn on all six of us that we weren’t fully welcome there. For one thing, nobody had approached any of us.
So we decided to leave. Maybe the club hoped the likes of us would broaden the place’s appeal, but their traditional clientele were giving us the cold shoulder and we’d rather go home than be brushed off.
Before leaving, while the others were getting dressed, since Anna and I were enjoying ourselves we picked up the pace and finished off, then got up to leave. It was delightful again coming inside Anna, all the more for being in that sexy yet unwelcoming environment.
We all drove back to Hanz’s house. By the time we got there I was feeling frisky again and so Anna and I had a session, missionary style, on the living room rug. As she and I started out, all four of the others made a bee line for Hanz and T’s bedroom and pointedly closed the door. And locked it. Theirs was going to be a private party, we could tell. That door stayed closed. I felt no regrets about that and neither did Anna.
Heaven only knows just what was going on inside and just what the genders were.
Anna and I went to our room and since we’d had two sexy sessions that evening, we just held hands, kissed and fell asleep. We ignored whatever sounds might be coming from the next room and wondered what we might learn the next morning.
That ended my fifth day in Capetown. The next evening, the sixth day of My African Adventure, I learned how T had been conceived.

The fourth day (Part 3 here) of my erotic African adventure. I learn the personal secrets of my friend’s lovely companion and we continue to a quiet and sensuous day.
So I had come from a frigid Toronto winter to sunny Capetown, visiting my photographer friend Hanz. Then the erotic surprises began and they just didn’t stop. I met his girl, who we called T, I got a frisky companion Anna, and the delights and sex were practically non-stop. Now it was Monday and a revelation was to come.
Monday was a relatively quiet day with less to report. But it began with a revelation and ended with calm sweetness.
Friends who do a lot of world travelling tell me that just ’cause you slept well your first night after a long flight doesn’t mean jet lag won’t bite you; they warned it’s the second or third night’s sleep that will be difficult, and Sunday night was when it hit me; early Monday morning, as I continued to toss and turn, I learned it was true. Here I was eight thousand miles and seven time zones from Ontario and jet lag was biting me on the bottom.
I left in bed sweet sexy Anna, who was nice enough to be my companion over the weekend and now had arranged her work schedule to let me enjoy her charms for the whole time I’m here in South Africa. I got up thinking I’d watch some TV or smoke a little to get sleepy again.
But to my surprise my host Hanz was up and working at his computer, polishing a photo assignment. He said to me “you guys with a job and a paycheck get time off; a free-lancer like me works all the time. When you’re self-employed you have a slave driver for a boss.”
We shared strong cups of coffee and he began to tell me about his live-in girl friend, T.
He said he would let T tell me the remarkable story of her parents and siblings and how she was conceived, an amazing tale in itself, a story she was proud to tell. But her own story, with its dark and light sides, she didn’t like to openly relate to new friends, but Hanz thought I should know it. It wasn’t anything T didn’t want friends to know, it was just something better told to me by Hanz.
He went on to tell me T’s story and how, in a manner of speaking, he had saved her life.
T is constantly filled with desire. Strong sex, which she needed at least three times a day, would make her satisfied and fulfilled, the way most people wanted sex a few times a week. But even then there was still the itch, itching at her, which explained her constantly playing with herself. Why she always had her hand in her pussy. It wasn’t even deliberate, Hanz explained, it was just an unconscious thing she did, like you or I might unconsciously scratch at an insect bite. At least she only did it when she had her clothes off, which was most of the time at home. She was constantly rubbing her clit and massaging her vagina.
As a child, once she hit puberty – which was early for her, naturally enough – the trouble began. Well, it was pleasure for her, but troubling to the adults around her. She just couldn’t keep her hands away from her crotch, which bothered the grown ups, and she was very pleased about it, which bothered the grown ups even more.
Fortunately T’s sexual energy was entirely focused on herself. If she’d been a school girl who would lay for any boy or target girls (in homophobic Africa) that would have been real trouble. But fortunately as a youngster she just wanted to get herself off, not have sex with others; that came later.
When she was in school, he went on to explain, the authorities thought she might be what they called a sex addict and sent her to therapy. But the therapists said no, sex addicts are deeply unhappy with sex. Not T; T was deeply happy with sex. Thrilled with it, loving it, wanting it with every breath. T was just very horny and loved sex. Loved it too much, they thought. They taught her to manage her desires and to avoid embarrassing herself in public. The therapists declared her to be – that condescending phrase – “well adjusted” and – a beautiful phrase – “rich in desire”.
Rich in desire! What a gift from the gods. Lucky girl, I thought.
Back at home in Canada we’d just say she was over sexed. I think you say that in the US too. But that was a good thing as long as she was happy, it didn’t disrupt her life, and she didn’t leave human wreckage in her wake.
Hanz went on to say that T’s mother, he understood, was rather the same. Again, that mother-daughter thing. T had told him that the mother had a wild and roaming sex life. Not a problem in the family. T’s mother was very fertile: she had six brothers and sisters, all healthy and real. It wasn’t uncommon in Africa to value fertility over faithfulness, I’d been told. Single mothers were quite marriageable; they weren’t considered damaged goods as they would have been in the time of our grandparents in the US and Canada; they were considered proven child bearers. A woman known to be fertile was a desirable partner indeed.
So the young T adjusted to her lusty nature. Combining that with her striking good looks and men flocked around her which, as she grew older, became a problem.
I think all of us in the lifestyle are all to aware that women – or men – who are too driven by their sexuality end up in difficult circumstances. Women especially can find themselves in exploitive situations which do them great harm. I’ve seen it in Canada and I suspect most of our readers here have seen it in the US. That could have been the trajectory that T was headed for.
Once T was out of school she could have been in a downward spiral. But meeting Hanz saved her life, so to speak. Here was a solid guy who could provide her with a stable relationship that also accommodated her exceptional sexual needs and gave her a solid and safe relationship. She could live a good and sane life with Hanz as a home base.
That old chestnut about people who grow up poor long for “three squares a day” – square meals, that is – applied to T in her own special way. Her special needs meant that her needed her own kind of three squares every day, plus plenty of snacks, and Hanz was a man who could provide them, in a healthy way. Along with the vitamin supplements of their activities in the lifestyle.
And so it went.
(There was a fly in this ointment, as you may realize. Hanz, as a photographer with an international practice, was often away on assignment. After all, I met him when he was working in Canada. What kept T sane when he was away? A mystery I never learned the answer to.)
Hanz went on to say that T comes from a very unusual family with exceptional parents and six siblings like no others. But he’d leave that story for T to tell me herself (which in due course she did, two days later, over dinner, on Wednesday night at the legendary Mount Nelson Hotel). Hanz said T’s rather beautiful, right? I agreed. And rather lusty, right? Again I agreed. Well, he said, T is her mother’s daughter, and you could say her father’s daughter as well. The mother, Mrs T, an quite beautiful woman. She attracts men like flies. And she’s quite lusty too; not as much as her daughter, but more than nearly any woman you might meet. (That too I learned about later.)
It had been about an hour while Hanz had told me that story, so it was now maybe four in the morning. Though we’d been drinking strong coffee, I finally felt sleepy again and, not wanting to disturb my lovely Anna, I fell asleep on the living room couch.
I slept for a few hours on the couch only to be kicked – kicked! – awake in mock anger by Anna. She’d woken up to find me gone from her bed. She was dressed for her morning power ride and then found me dozing on the couch. Pretending to be angry at me she wrestled me awake and then went off for her ride. I went back to sleep.
Hours later I got up, bleary eyed and the four of us had breakfast. All agreed that what I needed was some vigorous exercise and so we decided on a group bike ride. Anna got me a loaner bike and off we went.
It was a lovely biking tour of the Cape with only one thing worthy of comment: with every opportunity for a rest room, T called a time out for a bathroom break.
When our ride was done and we were chilling back home I privately asked Anna what was up with T having to pee every other minute. Anna burst out laughing and called me a fool. T hadn’t been peeing on those stops, she’d been masturbating! The saddle on her bike had been rubbing her clit just the right way to get her too excited and she’d needed to rub one off to keep from going crazy during our bike.
What a fool I was!
The rest of our day was much like the other’s I’ve described; splashing in the pool, Hanz and T having a vigorous midday fuck, my Anna and T having their own sex together, lunch, napping, dinner, early to bed since I was exhausted.
For Anna and I, in bed, this night was different. Instead of just having sex together, we explored each other’s bodies, touching and touching, relishing the skin, delighting in feeling each other.
Anna was amused that I kept myself hairless. She, on the other hand, kept her love triangle’s hair in a delightful way. She kept herself trimmed short, maybe around three or five millimeters (a quarter inch to you Yanks). Normally that would make the patch wiry and scratchy but she used some hair-care stuff that kept her pubic hair soft and delightful to touch or rub your face into. Like petting a favorite cat. Petting my pet? Let me touch you!
And so we drifted off to sleep. This was the first night that I didn’t awake to Anna kissing me with T’s pussy on her breath. Not that I minded it; I found it both sweet and erotic. Whenever I smelled T on Anna's breath I immediately got an erection. But it was somehow special to have Anna all to myself for a full night. Just caressing each other every time we awoke.
That ended the fourth day of my African adventure. The next day, my fifth of My African Adventure, or rather the next night, would be explosive.

The third day (Part 2 here) of my erotic African adventure. I could never have imagined the experiences I was being prepared for that would shortly unfold. Already I had breathtaking things happen on my first two days.
Friday I flew from a frigid Canadian winter to sunny Capetown and my friend Hanz. I met his girl T and got introduced to their erotic life. Then Saturday they helped me find a girlfriend-of-the-moment, Anna, who turned out to be the most enthusiastic sexual partner I had ever had.
That was just Friday and Saturday. What adventures would Sunday hold?
After a long long sleep I awoke to Anna standing over me, dressed in her biking outfit, sweaty and glowing. She’d been out for an early morning power ride on her racing bike. She kissed me awake and was about to hop into the shower. I asked if I could lick her sexy parts first. No, no, she wasn’t about to let me do that. She showered, I washed up and we went out to join Hanz and T for Sunday breakfast.
We started to plan what to do with the day when the girls called a time out and said first they were going to Anglican communion. Going to church on Sunday morning? I guess they were well brought up.
They disappeared and reappeared wearing very proper white lacy dresses, that must have been from the shopping they had done the afternoon before. Off they went, saying that they would put on a show for us when they got back. Hanz and I had no idea what that would be.
While they were gone, Hanz gave me a local history lesson with proper vocabulary; vocabulary you needed to know to avoid giving offence here in South Africa.
Here is some of how it went. The descendents of the earliest Dutch settlers, like Hanz, were called Afrikaners and spoke a medieval version of the Dutch language call Afrikaans. The descendents of British colonists, and any other white people, were uniformly just called English. Native populations, of which there were many many separate groups, were all referred to as Black (which in the South African way was pronounced “blek”). People from India have spread throughout the British empire and here they were referred to as Asians. We Canadians and you Americans would call them Indian, but here they were called Asian; go figure. Anybody of mixed race, and that was mostly Black & white, were called Coloured. This wasn’t vocabulary we’d use in North America by any means.
At this point I remarked that T, being so light, must be Coloured. But Hanz said no, she was purebred Xhosa through and through, and that was an erotic tale in itself (he said mysteriously). Hanz said T’s story was very complex and interesting, including how he had saved her life, something he would explain to me later. Not a tale for now. (But not long withheld; it was early the next morning, over pre-dawn coffee, that he told me the story he had to relate. The other story, of T’s family and how she came to be conceived, I would learn days later at the legendary Mount Nelson Hotel.)
Then he said if you think T is beautiful and over sexed, you should see her mother. T’s mother, he said, was extremely beautiful, perhaps among the most beautiful woman in all South Africa and quite randy. “She’s the Tallulah Bankhead of South Africa” he said. (You have to know about old American movie stars to know what he was talking about. Tallulah was a movie star beauty of the 1940s and by reputation ravenously sexual). I would later come to understand what he was talking about.
Then the girls came back from communion, claiming to be spiritually renewed. And they put on a show for us.
The twirled around in their going-to-church dresses, all white and lacy and very proper. What we saw turned out to be the outermost of three layers.
Unwrapping the outer layer they revealed what would be good for a fashionable cocktail party. Still white and lacy, but sexy and showing more flesh. Something of a come-hither look that would go well with what are called fuck-me heels. Unwrapping the middle layer, they revealed the inner layer, which would be good to go to a play party. Very sexy and showing lots of interesting flesh. Lace and skin, what a combination! They’d taken club wear to church, hidden under two more discreet layers. Oh boy.
Hanz said he never knew a posh store like Woolworths Cavendish sold outfits like that. The girls winked and said they knew where to get sexy clothes that we men had never heard of.
Before they went any further, the girls insisted we give them a dance. Hanz put on some music and we danced for a while. Since the girls were now wearing the innermost, club wear layer we had the treat of reaching in and fondling while we danced.
Then the girls unwrapped the inner layer, revealing to us all they had. At that point we all went out to the pool and played. Once T was relieved of having any clothes on, she resumed her habit of fingering herself and periodically licking her fingers. If she was standing next to any of the rest of us, she might hold out her finger to be licked or press her finger to a mouth. It was very much like the way a child would share her candy with friends.
After we’d had fun in the pool, the very athletic Anna wanted more exercise and Hanz and T suggested we hike around Table Mountain, which loomed above city, more or less in the backyard of Hanz’s neighborhood. The view they promised would be spectacular and the exercise should be strenuous enough to satisfy Anna.
We packed a lunch, changed to hiking gear and set off. When we came to a patch that could be used for a rock climb, Anna would scramble up; kind of showing off but burning off some of her excess athletic energy. Winding around the side of Table Mountain we got to the top and saw the West Cape Province laid out in front of us. It was a delightful and vigorous hike getting our way to the top. On the paths there would occasionally be a public toilet and almost every time we encountered one, T would duck in to relieve herself.
Looking out at the Cape spread below us, Hanz told me in Afrikaans it’s called Kaapstad, that is Cape City, naturally enough. T said in Xhosa it’s iKapa, which looks to me like it means The Cape. That wasn’t too tough; but I couldn’t say the click that begins some words in Xhosa.
Thanks to some travel exhaustion I was bushed so instead of hiking some more, we took the cable tramway back down and walked home.
I lay down for a nap, while Anna lay nuzzling next to me, reading a book. She made sure my sleepy hand was caressing one of her nipples.
Afterwards Anna and I got up and played at the pool with our hosts. I was concerned that my time with sexy Anna was coming to a close, but right then she asked if we’d like her to stay over with us for the week. It was a slow time at her job, she said, and she’d already gotten an OK from her boss to take a week’s vacation.
That made me ever so happy. I would get to have this marvelous erotic partner for the rest of my week’s time in South Africa.
Then we cooked and ate dinner.
Over dinner we had a funny debate about sex positions and technique.
We all agreed that the equestrian position, cowgirl as I think you call it in the States, was the best. T said they once went to a play party where from the moment they arrived the women had to be naked and wearing cowboy hats and of course cowgirl straddling was the theme position of the party. I just burst out laughing, it seemed so outrageous and so funny.
I said cowgirl was so much better than reverse cowgirl – you could watch each other’s expressions.
I asked if anyone liked anal and the girls both spontaneously gave Bronx cheers.
We talked about favorite positions. I’ve forgotten what Hanz and T said theirs were, but Anna told me hers was with the lady on her back with her legs pulled up and the man on his side at a right angle, slipping neatly into the woman.
I admitted I didn’t think I’d ever done that.
Mine, I reported, was with the man sitting with legs crossed, sort of a yoga position, and the woman sitting on his lap, legs straddling her mate. What is great about that position is that you’re so close, face to face, that kissing and being lost in each other’s eyes comes naturally. The only draw back is that the man needs to be at least a little longer than average, which worked fine for me.
Anna and I agreed that we’d do both positions tonight and we headed off to bed without further delay.
After treating each other to our favorite positions, we fell asleep.
In the middle of the night I woke up to find Anna gone for the moment; to use the toilet I thought. I went back to sleep and then woke up again to the sound of Anna tiptoeing back into our bedroom. As we kissed I caught the distinctive smell of T’s honey pot on Anna’s breath, so I knew what Anna had been up to while she was out of the room. I smiled and said that I hoped she had enjoyed the interlude. Anna mumbled that they both had and we fell back to sleep.
That ended the third day of adventure in South Africa and my second day enjoying the charms of sweet Anna, with now the promise of a full week more to come.
Little did I realize what I would learn early the next morning on Day 4 of My African Adventure.

On the second day (Part 1 here) of my erotic African journey I met Anna who became my enthusiastic partner in sexual adventure. We immediately clicked and she and I joined Hanz and T for fun at the pool and a sweet overnight.
It was hard to believe what I had experienced the day before: departing frozen Toronto, landing in sunny Capetown, playing naked by the swimming pool, experiencing African spices over dinner, and having the gorgeous, sexy T jack me not once, but twice. All that in one day. What would happen next?
After a long sleep I awoke to find Hanz and T waiting to fix breakfast for me. They were dressed in the thin robes that T had worn when she greeted me at the door. See looked even sexier than when she was naked by the pool.
A naked girl is a naked girl. But show me a girl wearing something that invites you to reach in and touch; that's sexy! I wasn't about to do it, but oh boy did I have the temptation to put a hand in there.
While I ate breakfast, neither of T's hands were in sight. It appeared that one hand was fondling Hanz and the other languidly and unconsciously fingering herself, as I'd seen her do habitually, almost from the moment I met her.
What should we do with the day? T said we should find a girl friend for me to spend the week with. Hanz said we should hang out at their favorite sports bar and watch some games. Little did I know they were talking about the same thing.
T said her Mum taught her never to go grocery shopping while you're hungry. With that she reached over and started jacking me. But there was nothing affectionate about the way she was doing it, so I brush her off, politely.
Hanz said T's mother was a formidable woman and wise. T giggled. He said he'd tell me about her another time, which he did a few days later.
We washed up and drove to the sports bar, got a table and some beers. The beer was good, the games on the TV were good, and it was clear this was a popular pick up spot.
Hanz said they met there and T hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
From time to time they pointed out someone they thought I might be interested in, but each seemed too young and immature and maybe looking for someone to sponge off of. Then my eye fell on a woman sitting alone, closer to my age, who didn't seem silly and frivolous. She looked self possessed. She was darker than T, with an athletic build and more chest. I'd never dated anyone who wasn't white or oriental. So I went over and introduced myself. Anna was her name.
Surprisingly we had instant rapport, hitting it off right away. (Later we discovered why that was so.)
I told her about my job in Canada. She managed a law office and spent most of her free time fiercely touring on her bicycle and entering amateur competitions. (She'd been watching a race on one of the screens.) She seemed passionate about everything she did.
I told her I'd been briefly married and then had a series of girlfriends. She said over the years she'd lived with a variety of boyfriends and a couple of girlfriends but wasn't in a relationship now. It was obvious that we both hoped to have some fun together. I found her amazingly attractive and I was halfway to hard.
After we chatted a bit I suggested she join my friends at our table. I could tell she was hesitant - likely she thought my "friends" were some guys wanting to get lucky - but when she saw Hanz and T, with T waving cheerily, she immediately agreed.
After we four talked and drank for a while, T suggested we go to Hanz's and enjoy the pool. Anna immediately agreed. Hanz and T drove back in his car and Anna and I followed in hers, chatting along the way.
When we got there, Hanz and T ducked into the kitchen to get drinks and snacks saying we should meet them outside at the pool.
I hung back wanting to see what Anna's reaction was to the poolside dress code. Didn't want to spook her or start off on the wrong foot.
Not yet seeing how Hanz and T would be undressed, Anna immediately stripped down to her bra and panties. That might seem odd to you, but in some parts of the world people use their underwear as swimwear. In this case, Anna had on an athletic bra and panties, solid black, which could easily pass for an actual bikini.
She got to the outside door, saw Hanz and T - sure to be nude - and she immediately stripped off. No hesitation and no shyness. This was the good signal I wanted, so I stripped off too and joined everybody outside. They were already splashing each other in the pool and I joined in.
I got my first good look at Anna's figure. Shorter and stockier than T, her cycling hobby had made her strong and lean with especially muscular legs. The athletic bra she had been wearing had hidden her breasts; they were a delightful size. While T's love triangle was bare and smooth, Anna's was neatly trimmed short.
Anna was a girl for me.
Anna had the biggest smile you can imagine while she played in the water; she was very happy! And when she swam her muscular arms and legs moved her faster than any of the other of us could keep up with.
During breaks in our water games Hanz and I talked and the girls huddled together, with their arms around each other. They seemed quite entranced with each other and they talked quietly speaking something that wasn't English or Afrikaans. With their hands on each other's rumps, they nuzzled their breasts together while they talked.
We played some more and had some snacks and had fun. Finally at one point Anna and I found ourselves at one end of the pool, Hanz and T at the other. This seemed like an opportunity to start getting more intimate.
Although the situation was ripe for action, I was cautious; you know how one wrong or misunderstood move can make things go south in a flash. I was just about to hesitantly start caressing her breasts when we both heard a pleasant sound: Hanz and T were going at it.
Without a moment's hesitation Anna put her hand on my dick and I followed by licking her nipples. Then I hoisted her up on the edge of the pool, perfectly positioned for me to begin licking and tonguing her. She loved it! And I'm pretty good at it, too. She did something that more lovers should do, giving me some directions; more of this, less of that. Ah, it was wonderful. Some spasms showed me when she had a small orgasm or two and then when she got to a big one, those powerful cyclist's thighs nearly crushed my head.
We got up and went over to a lounge. She lay down and I lay on top of her. With no more foreplay needed, I smoothly slid into her. Oh it felt so good to be inside of a lover, especially a lover who reciprocated the interest.
She was good at having multiple orgasms and wasn't shy about sharing her delight with me. I expected that I would be coming much too soon, but happily I was able to hold back while we screwed and screwed. Finally I started coming which set her off for a big one, during which she got quite vocal. It felt so great to be coming inside woman again.
I collapsed on top of her and we hugged and kissed and whispered for a while. Anna asked me if I had noticed how Hanz and T had situated themselves. They'd been doing doggy style, turned so they could be watching us.
About then the two others finished up and we four gathered with beers in our hands. We all giggled and laughed and then giggled some more.
T kissed Anna and asked "How many?" The numbers they spoke reminded me how girls get more out of sex than boys.
T as usual was dipping her hand in her honeybox and licking Hanz's semen off her fingers. Both girls had some of our come leaking out onto their thighs. Anna grabbed T and said "let me go clean you up" and they went off together. Hanz and I engaged in the usual guy talk that we all know so well and watched the girls lap each other up. It was clear that the girls weren't just cleaning each other up, they were having sex together.
When they rejoined Hanz and I, they looked at us with smug expressions. T hugged and kissed Hanz, while Anna hugged and kissed me; on her breath was what I was learning was the scent of T. Anna whispered to me "Want some more big boy? I'm ready." I wasn't ready, which proved the point. Women get so much more out of sex than men.
Then we all had lunch, napped a little after, and played some water volley ball, rotating often so everybody was teamed with everybody. There was a lot of slap and tickle going on too.
Then we chilled and the three of us asked Anna if she would like to stay over night; she said she was hoping we would ask and gave me the eye. She said should go home to get some things. T asked to go with her and off they went. While they were gone Hanz and I goofed around.
The girls were gone longer than we expected. Anna came back with an overnight bag and her racing bike. They both had really big shopping bags from Woolworths Cavendish. Girls; what can you say?
Anna and T fixed supper together, squabbling some over which spices to use. We ate and then retired to the living room for some TV and necking. When it seemed like T was about to jump Hanz's bones I took Anna to bed and we made long slow love together.
Then I fell into a deep sleep in her arms, only waking briefly to feel Anna nuzzling me.
And that was the end of the second day of my African adventure.  Read about what I experienced on my third day in Part 3 of My African Adventure.

A letter from Capetown brought back memories of the most erotic experience of my life - intensely sexual, my African adventure, from years ago. Before I tell you about the letter, I have to begin at the beginning, years ago, when I met a talented South African photographer.
I work as the photo editor for a major Canadian magazine, which I won't name (and no, it's not Maclean's). Call me Fred, Fred the Photo Ed.
Some years ago I met a talented young South African photographer (I'll call him "Hanz") who was on assignment in Canada. We quickly struck up a friendship and spent time together.
At the time we first met I was single and in the lifestyle and so I introduced him to the best play houses and parties in Ontario and BC and some in-between. (Thanks to the reputation I had built, as well as generosity in bringing gifts for the hosts that bowled them over, I was welcome as a single man to almost any party, the parties that routinely excluded single men. And Hanz quickly earned his own welcome, as word spread across our wide but gossipy country. We Canadians are very hospitable.)
During another of his professional visits to Canada I had a girlfriend at the time and so we had some threesomes at home and also went clubbing all together.
After we had gotten to know each other Hanz repeatedly invited me to come visit him in the Capetown neighborhood of Oranjezicht, tucked just below the famous Table Mountain. When a particularly nasty, hard, bitter cold and long Canadian winter hit I decided to take him up on it, to spend a week in southern Africa.
After too many hours in the air and much exhaustion I landed in Capetown and took an over-priced taxi in to Hanz's house.
I rang the bell and the door was answered by a striking young woman, light brown in colour, wearing only a thin cotton sand-coloured robe; it complemented her nicely. She greeted me and said I could never pronounce her name so I was to just call her T. Her robe hung slightly open at the front and while it concealed her breasts, it revealed a line of lovely skin from her neck, down her chest between her concealed breasts, through a smooth trim belly, and to a triangle that was well shaven or waxed. She was medium height, thin, long limbed, and with a radiant smile. Oh, lucky Hanz! He hadn't told me about her. T welcomed me in.
Jet lag made me clumsy and as I stumbled in over the doorway, I missed seeing her hang up her robe. The next sight I got of her, as she led me through the house, was of her back, round buns, thighs, calves and bare feet. There wasn't a blemish on her and that smooth skin called out to be touched. She led me to the pool in the back, where Hanz greeted me heartily. While Hanz and I hugged and shook hands and celebrated each other, I got a look at T's gorgeous breasts. Nicely sized in the B-to-C cup range and with the benefit of youth, not the slightest bit of sag. Her nipples were darkest brown and small. I felt quite envious of Hanz.
They showed me to my guest bedroom. I had to wash up after my long flight so I showered and threw on a bathing suit to go out and join Hanz and T. I got half way out when I realized how silly it was for me to be wearing a bathing suit when my hosts were naked, so I stripped it off and joined them. Jet-lag was my only excuse for being so slow on the take up.
We talked and had some sodas and beers and played around on the pool. I tried to not be obvious that I could barely take my eyes off T. When standing around she seemed to adopt only two postures. One was with her arms folded, which framed her gorgeous breasts. The other was with her long arms hanging down. When she was standing like that, she had the odd and apparently unconscious habit of fingering herself and then periodically putting a moistened finger tip in her mouth and then returning her hand to her honey pot. She didn't seem to be really masturbating herself, it was just one of those odd habits people have - though this was the oddest and sexiest habit of all.
After we'd talked and drank, goofed around in the pool, jet-lag was getting the better of me and I lay down on a pool-side couch to take a snooze.
I awoke to the quiet and delicious sound of fucking, the soft gentle rhythm of two people enjoying sex. I lay doggo, pretending to be still be asleep, and watched them. Fortunately I was laying on my side, so it was easy for me to watch them and also easy to disguise my erection, which would have been sticking straight up if I had been laying on my back.
It was equestrian. Hanz lay on his back and T rode him, the delicious cowgirl. She was facing me, so I had the best view possible. She went up and down in a steady rhythm, the way you do it when you're in no hurry to get to an orgasm, but want to prolong the simple and beautiful pleasure of it.
I watched quietly.
Eventually T caught on to the fact that I was watching. She discretely gave a little wave of her hand to let me know she was on to me. She continued slow fucking Hanz for a while and then gave me a wink. She continued riding Hanz at the same pace, but instead of smoothly gliding up and down him, she now put a push into it, driving them both toward their orgasms. It was still the rhythm of a slow fuck, but done harder and more passionately. Sweat began to glisten on her breasts and upper lip. She started holding her head back and then began to arch her shoulders back. Her small breasts stood out and her nipples extended. Coming was eminent.
While the speed of her riding up and down on Hanz didn't change, she began having small spasms. I could see the muscles of her belly rippling. Finally it was too much; Hanz's hips began bucking upward and her hips jerked forward as they both came.
T collapsed forward lying chest-on-chest with Hanz while they both caught their breath. Then after a bit we all got up. I opened three beers and we stood around talking and drinking. T followed her habit of putting a finger inside herself and then taking it to her mouth. Only now her finger wasn't just a little moist with her juices, it was thick with Hanz's semen.
I haven't mentioned what you obviously suspect: I had a full and almost painful erection sticking straight out while we stood and talked. There was nothing I could do about it. Pleasure and pain: I had the exciting pleasure of being very aroused, combined with the pain of feeling no touch, no prospect for any relief.
After we'd chatted and joked for a while Hanz looked down at my arrow-straight erection and said to T that she should put me out of my misery. T said maybe after we were better acquainted we might screw but now was too soon. Hanz asked her to have some mercy and so she did.
She put her hands to me in a way that I'd never experienced before. She held out one hand, palm up, fingers extended. That she put under my straight erection, cradling it. With her other hand she softly stroked the top of my dick, from the base to the tip.
It was like she was petting a cat and she did it just like that: all the strokes on one direction, slow and languid, as if she were petting a cat while paying no attention to it - but she was paying attention, full attention, to my reaction.
The feeling was exquisite. If I hadn't been so horny I could have really enjoyed it, having her slowly, gradually arouse me. Just like the slow fucking between her and Hanz that I had just witnessed. But that wasn't the case now: I was extremely aroused and fit to burst.
I almost immediately began coming onto her palm. Slow, long lasting, relishing the pleasure - that would have been my preference. But for the same reason that I had an unequivocally stiff erection I found myself coming without delay. The way she continued stroking the top of me, like petting a cat, intensified my orgasm. It felt gorgeous to be coming in her palm, though I would have loved for the experience to have lasted longer. And I would have loved for it to be inside someone who was enjoying it with me.
When I was done spurting and started to soften she raised her hand to her mouth and licked my semen off her palm.
Then she said that she knew what I ate on the plane. Clever girl. Hanz said he was never allowed to eat asparagus.
When she was nearly finished lapping up my spunk, she swiped a fingertip with some and rubbed it around Hanz's lips. Then with another fingertip inside her, she took some of Hanz's semen and rubbed it around my lips. With her arms around our shoulders she hugged us together and said "you're my boys". Although she hadn't had sex with me, although I hadn't had the opportunity to give her deep pleasure, she was unquestionably welcoming me to the household.
By then the sun was low in the sky and we went into the house, T made dinner and we ate and I was introduced to the African flavors and spices that she used.
After dinner I did the washing up and then joined Hanz and T on the couch in front of the TV. We were all in our robes with Hanz and I sitting on either side of T.
After a while she slipped her hand into my robe and began fondling me. It took but a moment for me to get hard. She stroked me slowly and gently, almost absent-mindedly, much like the way she would touch herself.
I really enjoyed the sensation.
From time to time she would stop stroking me and play with my balls or rub the inside of my thigh. I think she was doing this to keep me from getting too excited too quickly. Unlike this afternoon when, out of horniness, I came quickly, this was being drawn out for maximum pleasure. And the pleasure went on and on.
Finally I was reaching a peak, about to come, and she must have sensed it because she leaned over and put her lips on the tip of my dick. I came in her mouth and she swallowed without making a show of it. I think she had taken my spunk into her mouth just to avoid any messiness.
She had put her lips on the very end tip of me and held steady, so I got no sensation from it. Yes, by holding steady she was giving me a ruined orgasm, that's what she was doing. But ruined or not, it was delightful to come a second time under her ministrations and in the whole experience I was bathed in pleasure.
For a while I was lost in the afterglow and when I recovered I turned and smiled to her. She smiled back and then swung over and mounted Hanz. They began fucking, slowly, slowly, much as they had in the afternoon. There eyes were fixed on each other and their gazes never moved; they were locked looking deeply into each other's eyes while they slow fucked.
You can have sex with someone and have your mind entirely on your own sensations. But when your eyes are locked together, your mind is on the shared sensation. And that is how they were.
They kept on like this for a good long time and after a while I put myself to bed while they continued.
I thought about the day - flying away from frozen Toronto, arriving in sultry South Africa, seeing again my friend Hanz, meeting his lady T, being introduced to African spices, having a gorgeous girl jack me twice. What a day.
I immediately fell asleep and slept for maybe nine or ten hours. I dreamed of crowded airplanes, sunny Africa, and gorgeous girls who loved sex until I awoke mid morning.
And that was the first day of my adventure in Africa.
Next, Part 2, Saturday, I find a terrific companion.


Casino Fun 2017 BBC

By robaval, in Interracial,

Julie and I (Rob) needed a break and decided to head to the Casino about 3 hours from home for weekday overnight trip Julie brought her new, blue, tight ,knit, and form fitting cocktail dress, scarf wrap and heels, and I brought khakis' and a navy blue sports coat. The casino comped our room (two queen sized beds was all that was available). We got to the casino in the late afternoon, checked in, played a couple hours or so of craps and blackjack before headed back to our hotel room to get ready for dinner.
We had 8:00 PM dinner reservations at the very nice restaurant at the top of the hotel tower with a great view across the river at the sister city's downtown. As we left our hotel room, Julie worried if her new blue dress was appropriate. When she pulled the dress hem down, she showed lots of cleavage and boob. If she pulled the dress top up, her panties showed. She took my suggestion and ditched the panties. She pulled the hem down and a bit and used her scarf to help cover her top.
We walked down the hotel hall and rode the elevator up to the restaurant with Julie worrying about her hem riding up to show her butt as she walked, and her dress front pulling down to show the top edges of her very nice breasts’ areolas. The restaurant lights were tastefully dim, and we got to our table without incident. We each ordered a martini as we looked the menu over. We ordered a bottle of wine, two salads and an entrée to share. Our waiter was very attentive and repeated really looked Julie over. Julie had her dress top pulled up and her lap covered with a napkin as her dress was not covering much of her bare bottom. Dinner was very good.
With dinner finished, it was near 10:00 PM on weeknight with few people around the casino restaurant and hotel. The casino's buffet was closed and there were no kids or families around. We walked over to the casino to try the craps and roulette tables again. As she walked, Julie’s dress kept shifting and bunching up to show her bottom or working down so the top edges of her areolas were peeking out. Julie's dress was simply too small, but I like it!
At the craps table and again at the roulette table, I was surprised how nonchalant the dealers were with Julie’s breasts almost popping out. She had to repeatedly pull her dress top up to cover her areolas’ top edges. A couple of younger guys were standing behind us at the roulette table and watching Julie's butt as her dress was really riding up by now. She knew they were watching her bottom, so she put on a bit of a show for them. When we turned to leave, she asked if they were interested in joining us at our room to party. They rushed to turn and leave. I know she scared them.
We left the casino and walked into the casino’s sports bar for a night cap. A few people were still the bar with one black couple sitting at the bar. We walked over to the black couple, and Julie sat on the bar chair next to the women and I sat next to Julie. The couple were about Julie’s age (32) and were very attractive. Julie worked at striking up a conversation with the women who seemed pretty sullen and subdued. Her man was all smiles and leaning across his women to talk with blue eyed blond Julie. The woman worked for a large insurance company in town, and her man was an ex profession football player (4 years with a team in the Cities) and still in great shape. When his football career was over, he finally finished his college degree and now sells for a medical equipment company.
Julie and I finished our drinks. As we stood to go, Julie had to pull her dress up and down to cover a bit with the couple really watching her. Julie took one step, turned and asked the couple if they were interested in coming to our room to party. They looked at each other and the woman (Renata) said they would think about. Julie just said room 906, turned and we walked away.
In the casino lobby and shop area, we slowly window shopped and walked towards the elevator with Julie tugging her dress up and down as needed. As we got to the hotel tower elevator and turned and looked back, Renata and George were walking towards us. George with a big smile and Renata still sullen looking. George was probably 6’-3” and a stud, and Renata was 5’-10” or so and stacked. George said if Julie’s offer was still open, they’d join us for a bit and see how it goes.
On the elevator ride up, no one said a word. Julie was first off the elevator and walked ahead of us. She pulled her dress up over her butt as she walked. As she got to the room door, she pulled her dress off in the hallway, turned to look at us and wait holding her dress and shaking her hair out. I unlocked the door and let everyone in.
In the room, George immediate shed his shoes and shirt. Julie was hot and really forward helping unbuckle his belt and unzip. This evening was going to be action with little talk. Renata and I walked across the room past the beds and Julie and George. Renata sat in the arm chair, and I moved over to the sofa. We both watched George and Julie with George now naked, standing and making out with Julie. George pushed Julie gently back on the bed. Julie held up a finger, got up and went to the bathroom to get lube and a condom.
Julie sat back down on the bed edge and worked on George’s world class sized tool unrolling the condom over it. She left lots of room at the condom’s reservoir end just in case. Laying back, Julie took her little lube bottle and lubed up good. With the least foreplay, I may have ever seen, George climbed on top of Julie. It took a bit of effort and time for Julie to take all of George’s cock. She kept saying slowly, slowly, easy now, stop. After a bit, George was balls deep and started to slowly short stroke giving Julie time to adapt to his size.
This was perhaps the first time I ever had big penis envy. I turned to Renata and said do you think you and I are in a “take one for the team” situation? She smiled and laughed for the first time and said she doesn’t do that. I said good, me either. We sat and watched Julie and George really go at it in a hard humping session the likes of which I usually never am in a position to sit and watch.
Renata, got up from the chair and walked past the bed and to the bathroom. In a few minutes, she came out and had taken her top off. It the dim lighting she looked wonderful. She held up one of Julie's foil wrapped condoms to show me and walk to the bed next to Julie and George where they still were going at it like rabbits.
I stripped down at the sofa and walked over the bed, patting Julie's arm on the way by and telling her it was quite a show. At my age (52), it’s good I run a mile or more 3 or 4 times a week and lift weights 2 or 3 times a week (just to try to keep up with Julie). Renata was nude by now and turning the bed down. I laid down next to her and started rubbing her boobs and finger her pussy, which was already really wet. She was jerking on my cock with her hand, stopped and moved to roll the condom on. I crawled on top, slipped (more like falling) in and started pumping away with Renata bucking under me. George was still on top of Julie pumping away.
It didn’t take me long and I came hard. I rolled off and got my right arm under Renata so I could hold her right arm down and use my fingers to play with her right boob and roll her right nipple. I used 1, 2, 3 and 4 fingers to finger bang her and work her clitoris. Her left teat was really suckable. When I started kissing her neck and nibbling her left ear, she went into a series of loud moans and screams in a series of orgasms. I was quite proud of myself. Looking back, I think Renata was doing this for George’s benefit. I got up and went into the bathroom to loose the condom and clean up a bit bringing a warm wash cloth back to Renata on the bed.
Renata and I lay on the bed and watched George still banging away on top of Julie (he was pretty unimaginative). George finally came without getting Julie off, he hesitated a minute, held on the condom so as not to lose it, jumped up and headed to the bathroom. In a bit he was back out saying it was a work day tomorrow, they had to get going and started pulling his clothes on. Making eye contact with Julie, I could tell she was hot and mad.
Renata patted me on the dick and said she had to get going. She got up and started to dress quickly. At our room door, with Julie and me still nude, George and I shook hands, exchanged business cards. Discussed meeting in the Cities sometime to go to a football game. Renata and I cheek air kissed. Within 5 minutes total after George came, they were gone.
Julie was really angry by now feeling used, hot and sweaty. I told her she had just taken one for the team the way it looked to me and now she was really mad. She said that was about the most she had ever had on her and nearly the most in her with a guy who either didn’t know how to use it or was completely in it for himself. I told her to be careful of what she wished for. So much her fling with a good looking hung jock! I had a good time!!
Julie said she was going to soak in the tub. It was late, I crawled into bed and within a few minutes was out.
Best Regards,
Julie and Rob


My Wife's First Black Cock

By SH, in Interracial,

My biggest fantasy was to have my wife fucked by a black man. I never thought it would come true though. We would fantasize about it in the bedroom but she said never would it happen. Who says wishes don’t come true?
The other night when we were visiting the San Bernardino area we visited a club called Freedom Acres. The night started out a little slowly as the people there at that point just were not doing it for my wife. She knows what she wants and we have to go with that.
My wife had never done anything like this before and this is a very new experience for us. Being at a swingers club isn't really her thing but fucking in front of people or listening to them fuck is a turn on for her. She really did not want to fuck anyone else but me but did say she would fuck me in front of people and that she would be with a woman before she would fuck a guy.
We talked to some people as the night went on and my wife was trying to figure out what we were going to do for our adventure. There was a hot blond that was a little interested but we had already been with another woman before so I was hoping we could try another man (hopefully a black man).
My wife had put down several drinks and was feeling a little more relaxed and decided to go and put on her little transparent gown which when she came out with it on everyone’s eyes were on her. Some guy came up to me and told me I was one lucky dude and he wished he could be me when he grew up.
Well, I had seen a good looking black guy that I had talked to earlier that night and I got an idea. I told my wife I wanted her to tease some guys and just dance with them. She wouldn’t have to do anything with them in there because no mean no. She said okay but she needed a certain song to get her going. When she went up to the DJ, I quickly went down and found the guy and told her my wife wanted to dance with him. When she got back the guy was already up there with us and I told her he wanted to dance. She smiled and said okay. They danced a little and then it really started getting good. She was backing into him and rubbing up against his cock and she grabbed his hands and had him start feeling her up and down. I was so fucking horny I didn't know if I could take it. She was really turning this guy on and a lot of others that were watching her. I think she was enjoying it more than she was letting on.
Well, after several dances and her making him horny and wet and I know she was wet, she had had enough and said thanks. He left and I thought it was not going to work out but she wanted to go upstairs and for us to have some fun.
When we were on our way up to the room to fuck we had to pass another area and in that area our guy was in there. The room we were going into was a couple’s only room and no single men could go in unless they were asked along. As we passed by him he asked my wife if he could come in with us and watch. At first she looked at me but then said yes. I think I shot my load right there.
Anyway, we got up to our area and my wife and I were kissing with our clothes on. She said for me to get my clothes off so she could suck my cock. Over in another area there was a couple fucking and watching us at the same time. They came and were done right then and just watched us start up. I got naked and my wife started sucking me. I watched our guy just watch us do our thing. He moved a little closer and kind of touched my wife a little. She was horny now and really didn't do anything at all. He then took and put his finger in her pussy and started moving it around. The look on her face made me want to cum right there. I stopped and pulled away from her and just watched him finger her pussy and watched her enjoy every movement his finger made.
She now lay down and wanted me to lick her pussy while our guy got undressed. That was awesome. She grabbed his cock and started jerking him off and then started sucking on it. She moaned as I licked her and as she sucked on his black cock. After he had been sucked off for a while he asked her if he could lick her cunt and she said he could so he went down to her pussy and started licking. I was up by her mouth kissing her as he lick away. She was moaning very loudly now and the couple that had stopped and was watching us now started to fuck again and this time much more intensely.
After he had licked my wife’s pussy for several minutes he stopped and started fingering her again but this time a little differently. I saw him start but as he was doing it I started hearing it begin to become dripping wet as the sound just was very loud coming from her pussy. Her face was red from cumming and she was moaning so much more. I went down to lick on her pussy a little and put my hand on the sheet and found it to be soaking wet from her cum. Her ass cheeks were dripping wet like she had just showered. I guess showered in her cum. I have never seen her so wet. I now licked her pussy again while she sucked him off and was trying to keep her still as she was moving so much. I finished and he went down on her again and fingered her several more times bringing her to so much of a dripping orgasm that the sheets were now totally drenched with her cum and wetness.
I asked her if she was going to let him fuck her and she said yes and she then told him to fuck her. I asked him if he had a rubber and he did. He put the rubber on and started fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She was telling him to fuck her with his big black dick and told him she loved his cock in her pussy. Her pussy was making so much noise now and so was she, that the people down below were watching and enjoying. She now asked him if he liked fucking her tight white pussy and told him to fuck her hard. I was sitting back and watching all this and enjoying like I have never enjoyed before. After several minutes of a hard fuck he raised her legs and pounded away until he came with her cumming at the same time.
He pulled out and took off his rubber and sat over by the wall. She got closer to him and put her back up against him and looked at me and smiled. She said it was now my turn to fuck her. As I fucked her with her back up against him she told him to watch her husband fuck her wet little pussy and he smiled a big smile. After several minutes of pounding her sloppy wet pussy I couldn’t hold it anymore and shot my load all over her tits and our guy watched me cum.
We laid there for several more minutes and gathered our composure and decided we had a long drive and were just too wore out for any more action tonight. He thanked us for the night and said if we were ever in the area again to look him up. Bad thing is we didn’t get his address or his last name. My wife did get something to remember him by though.
When we drove to our hotel that night I asked how many times she came and she said she lost track after 10. I asked what he did to her when he fingered her and she said something she had never felt before. I wish I would have watched and asked him what he did because it was something I am not aware of for sure.
When we make love now, we still reminisce about our night that my wife had her first black cock and fantasize about being fucked by a black man.

Since my wife fulfilled my fantasy of the threesome with her sister, it was time to carry out hers. My gorgeous wife's dream was to do a big black cock.
Doris loves to sunbathe nude by the pool, so on a sunny summer afternoon, I decided pay her back, except instead of one, I was going to give her two big ebony dicks. On the pretext that I needed help moving something, I got my buddy Ken, who boasts to having a big weapon and his brother-in-law, who supposedly is even better endowed, to come over to the house.
Pretending the item was in the shed, I led them to the backyard, walking right into my wife, lying naked in the lounger, her legs parted slightly, enjoying the rays. The guys stopped dead in their tracks, stunned, their mouths open, admiring the blonde beauty.
"Hi guys!" My hot wife greeted us, making to attempt to cover up. After the introductions were made, Doris suggested we all go for swim. Since they had no swim trunks, Doris convinced them to go nude like her.
Once naked, Doris admired appreciatively their growing rods. "Oh my!" she quipped looking first at Ken's large lance. It had to be at least 10" long and thick too, and then at Derrick's massive monster, at least 12" long and thick as a baseball bat.
"Lordy, Lordy! I've never seen anything so big!" she exclaimed impressed. "I probably couldn't even get my hand around it" she questioned. "Why don't you try? I'm sure Derrick won't mind" I told her.
Reaching for it wrapped her hand around the dark shaft, but sure enough it didn't totally enclose it. "Mmmmm" Derrick moaned softly as Doris wrapped both hands around the massive trunk and gently begun to stroke it.
"I wonder if I can put it in my mouth" she wondered. I watched amazed as my wife stretching her mouth wide open, slid the enormous cock in her mouth. "Oh yeah baby! Suck his big black cock!" I encouraged her as her head bobbed up and down.
"Come here baby, I don't want you to feel left out" she said to Kenny, motioning him closer.
Fascinated I watched as my slutty wife alternated sucking both black cocks. Kneeling behind her, I started to rim her tiny asshole with my tongue drawing sighs of approval from her.
"Mmmmm..Oooohhh baby! Lick my asshole honey! Oh Yes!" she cried obviously turned on. After a bit, I guided my cock toward her cunt, easily sinking the full length with a single stroke in her well lubricated pussy.
"Oh yes baby! Fuck my pussy! Oooohhhh that feels so good!" My hot wife cried while sucking back and forth on the black cocks.
Derrick was the first to surrender to my wife's expert cock sucking.
"Ohhhh FUCK!!! Ohhhhh BABY!!!! I'M GOING TO CUM" he cried
"Cum! Baby cum in my mouth! I want to taste your hot juice" Doris encouraged, wrapping her hand around the thick shaft, coaxing it to spurt. "Cum in her mouth! Feed it to her" I encouraged him.
"Ooooohhhhh baby...Ohhhhhh FUCK!" he cried as his huge cock erupted, thick globs of jism flowing into my wife's waiting open mouth. Greedily she tried to swallow it all but couldn't, some of it coating her face. "Mmmmm...that's yummy" she admitted, the cum visibly sliding down her throat. As Derrick slumped down exhausted, my slutty wife directed Kenny to sit down on the deck.
"I want this thick black cock in my ass" She said as to my surprise she squatted over him and guided his rigid tool to her tight anal opening. I was never so turned on as I watched my wife slowly impale herself on Kenny's large black cock.
"Fuck her ass buddy! Do her good!" I said, sliding my cock past Doris's willing lips.
"Oh my Lord Mario, your wife is so fucking hot!" Derrick complimented, stroking his cock back to life. "Yeah! I'm a very lucky guy" I admitted as my gorgeous wife chewed on my cum laden sack.
"Do you need some help getting that monster up big boy?" My wife teased, adding "I would love to see my man sucking on that snake". "What! Are you nuts?" I replied in shock "I've eaten pussy for you babe..I've always wanted to see you sucking cock honey" she confessed. "Would you mind Derrick?" she inquired.
I had to admit that although the thought had never crossed my mind, I was beginning to get turned on by the idea. "If your man doesn't mind, I'm willing to try it" Derrick answered agreeing. "Only to get you ready to fuck her pussy" I stated, wrapping my hand around his hardening cock.
It was a different feeling as opening my mouth I slid my lips past the enormous knob.
"Oh yes baby! Suck that cock, take it down your throat" she enthusiastically said, rhythmically bouncing up and down, Kenny's dark rod deep in her asshole. Slightly confused, I took the big cock deep in my mouth, strangely exited as I felt his meat hardening. "Oooohhhhh baby, oh fuck baby...FUCK MY ASS!" my wife cried, rapidly approaching her orgasm. As soon as she started to furiously rubbing her clit, I knew that she was going to squirt big time.
Guiding Derrick's now fully solid rod to her snatch, he buried the full length in her soaked cunt. "Aaaaahhhhh....Oooohhhhhhh" she howled after only a few strokes, pulling his weapon out of her cum spraying gash.
"Cum, baby, cum! Oh, honey do it" I told her excitedly
"Oh my God! Look at her cum!" Derrick gasped with surprise.
Meanwhile, Kenny increasing the tempo of his strokes in my wife's looked ready to climax. Sensing this, Doris turned around and kneeling between his legs, swallowed the full thing deep in her throat. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Derrick inserted his mammoth hardness in her still dilated anal opening, drawing a gasp of pleasure from my wife's lips."I'm going to blow!" Kenny announced, furiously pumping his cock in the blonde's mouth.
Derrick and I also were ready to shoot our loads and aiming our manhood's at her waiting, open mouth coated her face with hot jism.
This went on all afternoon, but that's a story for another day


Black and White at the Theater

By Guest, in Interracial,

My husband and I had fantasized about having a threesome with a black man. My wife was 13 years younger than me and never had sex with a black guy. We went to a local adult bookstore that stays open all nite (24hrs.)
I put on my knee length black hooker boots, black fishnet stockings. The shortest mini skirt I could get away with. New hot pink lace panties he had just bought me. As soon as we walked in the store, there he was, a black guy casually checking out the magazines. He had to be in his early 50's but very athletic. I looked up to see (Lee) my man's eyes lock with mine. His expression said "I dare you." He walked over to the other side of the store to look at the videos. So I could flirt with the black guy "Mike".
I pretended to be interested in a magazine on the lowest rack. So I got on my knees. And made sure my crotch was visible, with pink lacy panties peeping out. Mike walked over closer to me. Said hi, and he told me, "Girl, I've got to get a better look at those panties." I was more than happy to oblige. I could feel myself getting more and more turned on. I'd never had more than one man at a time or a black cock.......
I told him to wait a few seconds and follow me to the back of the store (where there are private booths to preview pornos). I grabbed Lee's hand and told him Mike wanted to watch, nothing else.
As soon as I got Lee seated on the bench I pulled his cock out. He was throbbing and hard. I sucked him into my mouth in and out. I shamelessly left the door open so Mike could enjoy the show. When Mike entered the booth he was greeted by my ass up in the air bent over, full view of my panties. I didn’t want to disappoint. I heard his belt unfasten, and glanced back to see his 9" cock in his hand as he was slowly stroking it. As soon as I saw it, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I rubbed my ass on his hard cock and told him "to fuck me". (My husband and I already had the oath to each other to bail out at any time if either or was uncomfortable)
The idea of Lee watching his pussy getting broke in by Mike's black pipe made my pussy soaked all at once. I felt nasty and slutty and it turned me on that much more.
Mike was so excited to be getting free white pussy he didn't even bother to pull my panties over and slide his fingers in first. Damn, he didn’t even spit on it. (Even though it was already slippery as fuck.) He missed and shoved his dick on my thigh (later it left a little bruise).
I reached around taking my lips off Lee's cock for a second. I looked between my spread tippy-toed legs and guided Mike's coal black cock slide in my pink wet pussy. I couldn’t believe Lee was letting Mike use his white pussy. It happened so surprisingly, and quick a few more sucks on Lee's cock and he was filling up my mouth with his hot load! I felt him try to hold it and then it all come gushing anyway. It felt good. That let me know he was turned on as I was and loving it.
Meanwhile, Mike shoved his dick all the way into my snatch full and hard, I moaned out in pleasure. I jacked Lee off and sucked him off the whole time, never letting that dick go. Mike shoved in and out of me at a steady pace with his fingertips squeezed at my hip bones hard. I looked up at Lee like a little slut wife and yelled for Mike to fuck me harder, faster. I watched Lee watch as I wiggled my white ass all around Mike’s shaft, feeling every inch. Mike shoved his cock in my pussy so far I could feel his warm balls slapping against my clit. I would back up to fuck Mike's cock faster and glance up to see Lee's horny expression. And it just made me want to cum all over Mike's dick. Mike shouted out: "I’m gonna cum all up in that white pussy." I told him "to fucking give it to me" and "cum all up in my white pussy please!"
I felt him shove his dick in me with one hard thrust and felt his cum shoot out while he was boning my snatch. I looked up at Lee as if to say, "you perv, you like it. You want to be last, don't you? You know you’re gonna fuck this sloppy pussy after Mike shot his load in it."
As soon as he came, I could feel his load gushing back out of me while he stroked me a few more times. I stood up trying to regain some composure. I could feel Mike's juices run down the inside of my leg. I yanked my panties up to catch it hopefully. After vaguely introducing names a little too late, Mike wanted us both to come home with him and said he could fuck all night. Being our first threesome, we shied away. Besides I wanted to give Lee sloppy seconds before he had to leave me to go to work.
As we went out the door I realized my panties had no more purpose. They were soaked with some of my pussy juices, but drenched with Mike's load. He had to have came more than I knew a man could at one time! I loved it!
It didn’t matter to me how Lee felt about Mike cumming in his pussy. It was done. I knew without a doubt, he was going to fuck my stretched out used pussy soon as we walked in the door. I could feel other customers prying eyes on us (I find it hard to be quiet while fucking) as we crossed the street to the Lee's truck. As soon as I sat down, cum soaked thru my panties and onto Lee's truck seat. I smiled at Lee, slutty and in control as I told him, "You’re going to fuck me." And reached for his hand and told him to feel it. He slid his fingers up in his sloppy gaped open pussy. I could tell it wouldn’t take long to get home................He could barely keep his hands off of it on the ride to our place.
When we got to our bed, Lee spread my legs apart eagerly and stared at my gaped open hot, swelled pussy lips. I looked him dead in the eye and asked, "How did you like watching another cock fuck your pussy." Lee replied "I loved it. He fucked you good, didn’t he?". I said "Hell yeah, he was all up in my guts."
This was just the beginning of our adventurous swinging lifestyle. We both are open to sexual encounters and know the fun in it all is the sharing and swapping! The more wrong we can be the more we are turned on.


Everyone Wants Mike

By Guest, in Interracial,

My husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 years. We realize we both are very sexual, intimate, and adventurous. So we indulge ourselves with drawn out fantasies and swinging. I’m 26 years old. He is 39. On to the story...
It was a Sunday night and there wasn’t much to do. I got dresses in my shortest black skirt, fishnet stockings, black boots. (I like to call them my hooker boots, lol) I wanted to tease my husband (J) while we were out in public. So we drove over to Evansville to go to the adult bookstore to pick out some pornos. The night before me and my husband had talked about me screwing a black guy in front of him and while I sucked my husband off. I said sure if we got the chance. Try anything once right? As luck would have it...
We walked into the store and there were a few more customers than usual. The place stays open 24 hours. It has the little booths in the back. If you buy tokens you can go in the back to preview porn.
We passed up the toy section over to the magazines. My husband walked over to the videos. I looked over and saw a good looking older black guy who caught my eye. As soon as I glanced back over at my husband, he was staring me down. His eyes just seemed to say "I dare u." The black guys name was Mike. I found this out later. But I walked on over to him as my husband walked further away. He was looking at the magazines, so I got down on my knees (pretending to be looking at a mag.) making sure my crouch with my lace hot pink and black panties were showing. It started out small talk polite. I’m not sure who spoke first. All I really remember is Mike telling me he had to see some more of those panties. I told him sure. He said he would follow me and my husband back there to the preview booths. That he HAD to watch.
I had never had two guys at once and the idea of more than one set of hands or eyes on me excited the hell out of me. The more the merrier.
Me and my husband went back. I’m sure he was still calling my bluff. J sat down on the small wooden bench seat. I made sure to leave the door open and cracked really wide for when Mike came back with us. In no time i had my ass up in the air with J's dick in my mouth. As I was working him up and down with my mouth, I heard mike open the door more. My pussy was wet. I had my ass up towards Mike as far as my 5ft. frame allowed to make sure he seen my panties. I looked up at J and his eyes were full of intense excitement. I looked behind me and seen Mike pull out his 10inch cock and start stroking himself. I mean a girl like me wasn’t about to pass it up. I’m always eager to satisfy, than let someone jack-off. I pulled my panties over still sucking J's tasty wide dick. I told Mike to fuck my white pussy. It was dark in the room, and I sincerely hoped that the video would drowned out my moans. Mike without looking or feeling just tried to shove it in. His hard cock poked me in my thigh. So I reached around with my hands. One to grab his dick and the other to spread my pussy lips open and guided him to me. As soon as i felt the head of his dick, he gave my pussy a quick hard thrust deep down in me. I was surprised at how far he was up in me, hadn’t at all expected it to feel me up like it did. I moaned out in pleasure, a li’l pain but only for a moment. Before Mike even got in me, I felt J's dick throbbing more and then his cum soaked my mouth. Just a little at first until my mouth was full and I swallowed all of him without missing a drop. I couldn’t believe how quick he came. But I didn’t want it to be over yet.
Mike had his fingers sealed to my hip bones hard, thrusting himself in and out of me at a steady pace. I stayed on J's dick too. Mikes steady pace wasn’t cutting it. Hell I wanted to be treated dirty tonight. I told him to "fuck me harder" over and over. He reached around and grabbed my pierced nipple. Told Jay I had some good ass. Mike was sliding in and out of me so hard he was knocking me off my feet. It was awesome. In the middle of our sex session the video stopped and all u could hear was me, mainly and body parts rubbing together when there wet. No one had tokens to turn it back on. I could faintly hear the janitor in the next booth clinking tokens into the slot for u. I encouraged Mike to pull my hair, smack my ass and fuck me faster. I heard him say "I’m gonna cum all up in that pussy" over and over. I told him to fill my pussy up. I could feel him exploding inside me and his load gushing out of me while he shoved his cock in me harder and deeper.
After pulling my panties over my crouch again and smoothing my hair. Trying my best not to look like i just got fucked, we all stepped out the extra small booth. Mike was rattling off his full name and address and phone number. He told us thanks and invited us over anytime to his place. They walked out ahead of me. The janitor was behind me. I bent over and pulled my stocking outta my boot. I could feel Mike's cum sliding down my leg thru my panties. We went home and I gave J sloppy seconds until he had to leave for work. That was my first black cock, but Mike didn’t know.

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