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Found 31 results

  1. We tried something new last night and were wondering if others have tried this. A couple that we have known for a while came over and we decided to have a “spa” night. We took a nice nude soak in the hot tub and then gave an erotic massage to each other’s spouse. We took care of them first and then we switched. Although we did bring each other close to orgasms our deal was not to cum. Afterwards, we relaxed in the tub again and then enjoyed some of the best sex we have had. I think the edging was the key along with allowing ourselves to bring it down a bit in the tub before bringing each other to climax. Anyone tried this?
  2. J and I have been married for 41 years. Our sex life has been up and down for many years due to jobs, children, grandchildren, and life in general. We were married 39 years when she finally agreed to consider swinging and having sex with other people. After our first encounter with another couple, she realized she really enjoyed the alternative lifestyle and almost overnight became a sex machine. People called her insatiable. One of her new fantasies was to see to be pleased by a big black cock. I finally found a way to make this happen and here is how it played out. J has blond hair, blue eyes, stands around 5'9" tall and wears a size 18 after having two kids. She has a very nice ass, with extraordinarily sensitive nipples. Everybody she meets lusts after her. She is very self-conscious though and doesn't think she looks that good. Her many suitors think otherwise. One Friday afternoon while she was at work, I texted her and told her I had a surprise for her. When she arrived home, I told her to shower and shave and I would pick out her clothes. As she showered, I laid out a very short black skirt, yellow semi-sheer top, and 4-inch heels. No underwear! As we traveled to a town about 15 miles away, I told her I arranged a sensual massage for her from a black man at his apartment. She was nervously excited. When we arrived at his apartment complex, we had to climb two flights of outside stairs to his second-floor apartment. She had some difficulty with her heels so I stayed right behind her to ensure she didn’t fall. It also gave me the opportunity to look up and see her beautiful bald pussy as the skirt was quite short. Her skirt was so short, she was unable to cross her legs when she sat as it would ride up to her waist. She looked back to me with a smirk on her face and said, “Enjoying the view?” We knocked on the door and a tall, black, young man named Christopher answered wearing scrubs. He was her masseur for the evening. We sat on his sofa and chatted for a while we discussed the massage session. He told her that she would be receiving a full body massage and he hoped that she would enjoy it. When J excused herself to the bathroom, I told Christopher the expectations. I explained to him her fantasy and told him she would want a superior therapeutic massage then when she was fully relaxed and aroused, he was free to do what he wanted with her within reason. I further explained I would be taking photos and videos. He agreed and handed me his camera and said, “Please take some for me.” J returned from the bathroom and Christopher showed her to his massage table and told her to get comfortable. She looked at me, I winked, then she disrobed. As she laid face down on the table, Christopher very quietly disrobed. I don’t think she knew he was now naked. His cock was at least 9 inches flaccid and bounced between his thighs as he moved around the table. He started by standing at the head of the table, bending over to stroke her back. As he reached to rub her ass cheeks, his cock touched her head. She now knew he was naked. He proceeded to massage her back, shoulders and neck for the next 30 minutes. The harder Christopher rubbed her the more relaxed she became. When he moved to her legs, he slowly moved his hands up and down, getting closer to her pussy each time. I could tell she was very relaxed now as she cooed softly. He then moved to her side and started rubbing her arm and leg simultaneously. His cock was laying on her arm. She then grabbed his cock with her hand and slowly started rubbing it and kissed the head. He then moved to her legs and spread them ever so slightly to be able to access her legs on both sides. He stroked her legs first on the back of her thighs and calves. He then moved inward to the inner thigh and stroked there for a while. Occasionally, his fingers would lightly brush her pussy lips and sphincter. She would gasp and moan lightly. He finished massaging her legs and feet and arms then bent over and started licking her pussy. She intuitively pulled her knees up under her to give him better access. He used this position to run his tongue over her vagina and asshole while fingering her clit. After he enjoyed her pussy and asshole, he asked her to flip over. After J turned onto her back, he again focused on her upper body. First, he worked on her shoulders and stomach. He started massaging her breasts from the outer skin where they meet her chest and started moving inward. He reached her areole on the first one and slowly started rubbing his big fingers around it. As he did this, her nipple started to harden even though he had not touched it yet. He did not touch that nipple yet and he moved to the other side doing the same thing. He brought both of her nipples to full attention. After they were standing up, he slowly dripped some oil on them and started rubbing them. You could see J's stomach twitching and her hip rise as he did this. He teased her nipples and lightly pinched them while tugging on them, turning her on even more. He then moved down to her legs. He started at her feet and worked his way up. As he moved his hand slowly to the inside of her legs, he would pull and slightly spread her legs apart from each other in the process. Pretty soon she had her legs spread wide enough to enable him to massage her thighs and see her full pussy at the same time. He worked on her thighs and in the process would lightly touch her pussy. After a short amount of time, he began rubbing her abdomen. He started where her vagina began and worked all around her hips. He slowly would move his fingers in between her legs where the leg met the pelvis and slide his fingers down to her asshole and back up lightly running his fingers over both her ass and pussy. She felt his bare cock next to her arm and reached over and to my surprise, took him into her mouth. Obviously, the therapeutic portion of the massage was over. She then grabbed his leg and had him position himself over her. They were now in the sixty-nine position and she had a massive black cock right above her lips. She reached up and grabbed his cock at the base and brought her head up to meet it with her lips. She slowly jacked his cock in and out of her mouth. I thought she would have a heart attack when she reached the tip and realized how big his cock was. Fully hard, he was over 10 and a half inches long and about 5 inches around. She never flinched. He was licking at her pussy and matching her every move when she slowly opened her mouth and proceeded to start licking the tip of his cock. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and motioned for him to position himself between her legs. His shaft was now positioned at the entrance of her wet and willing open cunt. He asked her if she was ready for it and she just smiled. Christopher slowly started to work the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her. He then slowly slid the head in and she grimaced a little due to the muscles being stretched. He took his time and let her adjust to his size. He proceeded to do this through the beginning slowly sliding his cock in little by little. Around 6 inches was in and she was starting to feel a mixture of pain and pleasure deep inside of her. He would move his cock in and out slowly to help her adjust to the size and depth he was going in her. At about 8 inches, he pulled back and pushed the rest of his cock deep into her until his balls slapped up against her ass. This sent pain through her whole abdomen but he stayed there and let her cervix adjust to the size. The pain started to fade and she felt more pleasure that she had never known before. His cock filled her completely up and she loved it. Soon, he whispered into her ear. They both got off the massage table and moved to his bed. She immediately laid on her back and placed her legs high in the air. Christopher donned a condom, climbed on her and thrusted into her in one motion. As he started thrusting in and out, J wrapped her legs around his back and interlocked her ankles. She was now feeling the pleasure of his movements and was working her hips to match him. His cock glistened in the light from the wetness she had. He was moving in and out of her and she was nearing orgasm two, which she has never done in a single session. He kept going and started to work his cock all the way out to the tip and then all the way in again. After about six full strokes like that, she came again. This time she started to squirt, something she never did during intercourse. Christopher’s bed was now soaked. He then stopped and rolled her onto her stomach and resumed fucking her from behind. You could see her cum running down her legs on the mattress. Soon he began to cum. When they were finished, J started to dress. Christopher helped her buckle her stilettos and as he did, he leaned in and kissed her vagina. She then whispered into his ear, “Next time I want you bareback. I regret not feeling your cum in me." He smiled ear to ear. As we made our way back to the car, she said, “I’m sure glad we have leather seats!I’m going to be leaking all the way home. What she didn’t know, was a guy was working on his car in the parking lot near our vehicle. Her skirt had ridden up while climbing down the stairs and then climbing up into our SUV. The guy got a good view of about everything to include her cum on the back of her thighs. J invited Christopher to our home many times after that first encounter. True to her word, she let him cum deep inside of her mouth and cunt each time.
  3. Last year, my husband revealed that his biggest fantasy was me being a hot wife and fuck other men. He said it turned him on to see another man’s cock in all my holes. A few months ago, he took me to an upscale hotel in Dallas, I finally gave him what he wanted. He was the wildest Saturday in my life. First, he booked an in-room massage for me. The masseur was a young, well-built black man. As I laid on his massage table, he slipped out of his clothes. I swear his cock hung nearly to his knees. At the end of the massage, he started rubbing my clit and fingering me. He brought me off several times. He then moved closer to my head and started rubbing my tits, pinching my nipples, and fingering my cunt at the same time. His semi-hard cock was within a foot of my mouth so I reached out and put in my mouth. He instantly became hard as I sucked him. He then grabbed my head and pushed his cock down my throat. I soon felt and tasted his cum flowing down my throat. After he left, I texted my husband and told him to come up to the room. I thanked him profusely and stepped into the shower while J laid out my clothes for the evening. When I finished my shower, I saw my outfit J picked out. It was a blue silk dress with chains with three chains across the back. Obviously, no bra tonight. He also didn’t pack any underwear as he wanted me to go “commando.” A new pair of stilettos accompanied the beautiful dress. When I finished my makeup, I slipped on the dress. The dress was very short, only 3 inches below my pussy. The material was very clingy and you could clearly see my nipples and areolas. After I finished dressing, J told me an Uber was waiting for me outside to take me to a fancy cocktail bar about 4 blocks away. He told me to sit at the bar and order a drink. He would be along in an hour or so. I nervously climbed into the Uber. As I slid into the back seat, the hotel door man got a good peak up my dress as it slid up my thighs. Our sex life was beginning a new chapter. I walked into the bar and felt the eyes of every guy turn towards me. I sat at the bar and ordered a Manhattan. It didn't take long for the first guy to sit next to me. Within 5 minutes, a handsome Hispanic man asked if he could sit next to me and buy me a drink. I nervously agreed. As we chatted, he scooted his chair closer to me and placed a hand on my thigh. My bare thing! He repeatedly eyed my body from top to bottom. The dress that was hugging my body, and my swaying breasts. I wore a gold necklace that hung just above my cleavage. He lifted my necklace up to look at it and brushed my breast as he did so. Shortly after another guy approached. He was also handsome & charming, but there was a bit of an edge to him. He bought me a drink, we chatted a bit, and this time I did feel excited. His name was E and he owned his own business. He was very handsome so I really didn’t care about that information. As we started our second drink together, husband arrived. I now knew where this was going. The three of us had a nice dinner and did some dancing. E- then asked if I wanted to get out of there. I knew what that meant, so I eagerly said yes. The three of us to our hotel room. J made us some drinks while E started to caress and kiss me. The drapes to our room were open. As admiring the beautiful Dallas skyline, E slipped my dress off which sank to the floor. He asked me to keep my shoes on. I watched our reflections as E kissed me all over. He lifted me up and pressed me against the window. The glass was cold against my bare breasts but I didn’t care as E’s hot breath kept me warm. Soon he pushed me onto the bed. I pushed myself away from him, turned around, got on my knees and unzipped his pants, revealing a nice, uncut cock. I gave E the experience of his life, sucking him off in front of the window. I started slow and methodical, but after warming up starting sucking him at a feverish pace. He groaned, occasionally telling me how good it felt and how I was a good little cock sucker. His hand grabbed my head, pulling me deeper into him. I took every inch of him in, then felt his cum shooting into the back of my throat as he gave a deep groan. He held me there as I took all of his cum in, swallowing every drop. As his half hard cock left me mouth, I looked up at him, giving both him and J a mischievous grin. He took forced me back onto the bed and started licking my cunt. I felt my first orgasm of the evening come over me as he licked my cunt, tongued my clit, and fingered my asshole. As I came down from my orgasm, I felt his hard cock slip into my soaking wet pussy. He asked if he needed a condom. I said “No, I want your raw cock in me." His cock started sliding in and out, in and out. The whole time he whispered in my ear, telling me how good my pussy made him feel... how tight it was... how wet it was. How naughty of a girl I was for taking in the cock of a man I just met. He moved me over onto my hands and knees. He kept sliding in and out of me, dominating my pussy as he fucked me hard. "Oh yeah, fuck me." I said to him. He started thrusting harder into me. I felt my second orgasm of the night building. "Don't stop, I'm going to cum." My body gave out as my second orgasm overtook me. Holy shit did that feel good. Just as I began to come down from it, I felt him give a big thrust and cum deep inside my unprotected pussy. He collapsed onto my back, his heavy body pressing me into the bed. "God you're so sexy," he growled into my ear. We laid together in silence on the bed as J watched us basking in the afterglow of our fucking. I then felt J on the bed. He was on his back with a nice erection. I took him into my mouth then J said, "Ride me please." I straddled J and started riding his cock. J then grabbed my waist and pinned me. I then felt E working a lubed finger into my ass. I slowed my pace and steadied my breath as I took his entire finger in my ass. I bit my lip and waited for the next step. I then felt E slip his cock into my ass. I now had my husband in my cunt and my new lover in my ass. The two men started fucking me in earnest. "Fuuuuccckkkk..." I groaned as his cock entered me again. J and I did anal sex all the time, but this was a bigger cock than I was used to plus J was in my pussy making every hole tighter. I simply hung on for the ride of my life. After letting my ass adjust to E’s cock, he started thrusting into me, very slow and methodically at first. He then started fucking me like his life depended on it. It didn't take long until my most powerful orgasm yet overtook me. I let out a groan-scream as my ass pulsed around his cock. E and J kept fucking me through my orgasm, gradually picking up the pace. Then the let out a groan and came inside ass and cunt. My holes were now filled with cum. It was the best Saturday of my life. Counting the masseur, I took two loads in my mouth, two in my cunt, and one in my ass. After E left, J and I cuddled and drifted off to sleep. I had the sweetest of dreams.
  4. SwingersBoard

    Sisters Swing

    Leslie and I kissed at the edge of the cliff at our private lookout point on Palos Verdes, silhouetted by the late November sun setting behind Catalina Island. A cool breeze tugged at our fleece pullovers as she said, "C'mon, hon. It's almost time to go to Karey and Sherm's." We hopped in our '69 blue Beetle convertible, and we wound our way around the snakelike roads till we reached our bungalow on the hill rising up from Torrance Beach. Then, it was time to get cleaned up. Leslie and I showered together in our oversized shower with a lot of kissing and touching. "Hon," I told her as she stroked my hardness with a look of desire, "I really don't want to come yet." She smiled and said, "I know…just a little torment." I put on a pair of baggie shorts and a new cotton shirt while she put on a semi-sheer top and comfortable pair of yoga pants. While the shirt wasn't super revealing, it was tastefully sexy with her nipples and areolas just barely revealed. Finishing her make-up, she twirled around and said, "How do I look, handsome?" I whistled, "Sexy as hell, babe." Copping a quick feel as she passed, she said, "Don't forget to set the alarms," and stepped out the door. Punching in the code, I stepped out behind her. The sun had sunk beneath the Pacific and was providing an amazing twilight as we carefully tooled through the wondrously beautiful neighborhoods of the South Bay area. Karey greeted us at the door with a chaste kiss on both of our cheeks and said, "Hi, number one brother-in-law, and Hi, number one Sis." "Hi Karey," I said. Leslie laughed, "You always say that, Karey. But Wayne's your only bro-in-law, and I'm your only sis!" Karey, showing her beautiful smile, laughed, ignoring Leslie's words, and said, "Hey, I like your outfit." Leslie brightened and said, "You ought to. This is the one that you helped pick out when we were shopping last month." Karey, rubbing her arm over Leslie's sleeve, pursed her lips and said, "Hmm… I thought it seemed a little familiar." At that point, Sherm (Kare's husband) poked his head around the corner and said, "Brace yourselves… They're coming!" At that instant, we heard a door upstairs slam open, and four kids came bounding down the steps. "Hey guys," Leslie and I said at the same time, and the kids came over and gave us hugs. Sherm spoke up, "These guys have big plans tonight… Grandmother is coming over and taking them to a drive-in movie! And they get to spend the night with her and Granddad out on their ranch." As we were all still standing in the doorway, we saw Grandma's car pull up. We adults all waved at Grandmother, who smiled at us as the kids climbed in her Land Rover and buckled up. "You all have fun and stay out of mischief!" she yelled with a smile. As soon as she was out of sight, Leslie was in Sherm's arms kissing him, and Karey and I were in a deep embrace, our tongues exploring each other's mouths furiously. I heard Leslie say to Sherm, "Oh, honey. I've missed you so much." And Karey, looking me in the eye, said, "I've missed you too, sweetie." Sherm had pulled up Leslie's shirt and began sucking on her nipples. Leslie was groaning. I knew it wouldn't be long before she came because she is amazing; she can come with just her nipples being ravaged. Karey was cupping my balls and cock, and I had each hand on her breasts, gently rolling her nipples. Her head was lolled back, and her mouth hung open as she breathed more and more deeply. After a few moments, everyone broke their embrace. I laughed as we were all were slightly out of breath and very flushed with desire. I looked at Sherm and said, "Do we have any agenda for tonight?" Leslie had dropped Sherm's shorts (like me, he had no underwear), and his shaft was rigid and dripping copious amounts of pre-cum. I smiled at Leslie and said, "You'd better be careful. Sherm looks like he's about to lose it." Les reached a finger down and, scooping a droplet of Sherm's liquid, dabbed it on her lips and said, "Wanna share?" I leaned over and very carefully licked a little bit off with just the tip of my tongue. "Mmmmm," I said. "Kare? You want some?" Leslie asked her. Karey leaned over and said, "I might want a little more than Wayne did," as she kissed her sister deeply on the lips. "Mmm," both of them groaned as they enjoyed the sensuality of the moment. The scent of sex was almost overpowering in their little entry foyer. Karey looked down at my shaft, pushing against my shorts. As my own pre-ejaculate seeped out into the cotton, a wet spot was growing. "Look, sis," Karey cooed, "your hubby having just as hard a time as my Sherm, no pun intended." "Ohhhh, poor baby!" Leslie mocked mercilessly. "I bet he's sore; think we should rub him, Karey?" With a mischievous gleam, Karey pulled down my shorts, my cock bobbing up like a jack-in-the-box, and she and my wife started very gently massaging my cock and balls. "No!" I cried. "I don't want to come yet! There's still a lot of evening left for us to play!" "Oh!" they cried in mock disappointment. Looking at each other, they winked and said, "Let us at least clean you up." They started going to their knees and going for my cock with their tongues. I looked at Sherm for help. He was smirking at me, but his cock was oozing pre-cum like crazy. I think he enjoyed watching our two brides as much as I enjoyed their ministrations. But he showed mercy by saying, "Okay… I think I have an idea for some fun tonight. Who wants to hear my idea?" Leslie and Karey were lost in the moment of sucking my oh-so-wanting-to-come cock. It took a second or two for Sherm's words to register. As though in a fugue, they both looked at him with blank expressions. As Sherm explained his idea, Leslie had started gathering the droplets of his pre-cum as they continued to roll out of his slit. One fingerful at a time, she cleaned the end of his penis. She licked the finger dry, occasionally sharing with Karey and me. Sherm, fighting hard to ignore my wife's touch on his penis, kept sighing with pleasure, and in between the sighs, said: "I've got a blow-up kiddie pool. We can put the massage table in that and minimize the mess. Let's go upstairs." Holding hands, Sherm and Leslie walked up ahead of Karey and me to the second floor "health room." As Karey was in front of me, I cupped her ass as she walked up the stairs. She said, "Stop that! It tickles!" So, of course, I poked her right in the area of her asshole. She squealed and pushed into Leslie, saying, "Hurry up!" I'm getting tortured back here!" By this time, Sherm and Leslie had reached the second floor. And Karey whirled around at me and said, "Oh, you are so in for it, buster. I'm gonna get you just when you aren't expecting it." "Bring it on," I deadpanned. The room was small but well equipped with some weight machines and, sure enough, a little kiddie pool with a massage table in the middle. Les asked, "How did you ever explain this to the kids?" Karey slipped her arm around my wife's back and said, "We just told them that we wanted to check it out to make sure it still didn't leak. And we just blew it up inside instead of outside." We had finished undressing as we talked. Karey walked over to the small fridge and made us a round of margaritas with a generous tequila portion. Les looked at me and said, "It's always amazing to me that I never can taste the alcohol the way Karey makes the margaritas." Karey, sipping at hers, winked at me over her glass. Her nipples, like my bride's, were sharply at attention. Sherm's and my erections never had gone down. Having opened a bottle of massage oil, Sherm asked, "Who wants to go first?" Leslie smiled at me and said, "I would love to go first." We'd done this group massage before. We all liked it because while Sherm and I were good for two orgasms in the evening, the wives were each good for five or six. Karey and Leslie would have at least one, maybe two of their orgasms right on this table. Using the oil, we began rubbing Leslie all over. Sherm started around her neck and shoulders as Karey started on her lower back and buttocks while I started on her feet and worked my way up her legs. "Mmmm…," Leslie groaned, occasionally punctuating the moans with sharp little barks as tight spots were hit and massaged out accordingly. Sherm and I both rubbed our cocks up and down Leslie's smooth skin – a little bit of our pre-cum mixing in with the oil. I looked at Leslie's face and saw her smile as she felt our cocks on her. Kare had set the timer for five minutes, and Leslie rolled over. Sherm leaned over and began kissing her as he massaged her breasts, rolling her tips in her fingers. Karey started working on her feet and up her legs. At the same time, I gently rubbed Leslie's tummy, occasionally nudging Sherm's fingers out of the way to get to her breasts and stroke her nipples. Leslie was moaning like crazy, and I could tell she was fighting her orgasm. As Sherm continued to work her body, I whispered in her ear, "I love you, hon. I think you're ready to explode!" "Fuck me," she begged. "Both of you fuck me at once." I reached down to start finger fucking her, but Karey had slinked up between her legs and started licking her creaming twat. "Oh, hon," I said. "Karey's licking you. Would you like to come in your sister's mouth, or do you want me to fingerfuck you to orgasm?" “Uuuuunnngggggg AAAAAAA.” Leslie couldn't hold back, and she bucked like a stallion on her sister's mouth. She had always told me that Karey gave terrific oral sex. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, Karey had told me the same thing about Leslie.) "Yes, honey," I whispered into my burning with desire wife's ear as she continued uninterrupted in one massive orgasm. "We love you so much. I love you. Love the fucking. Love your creamy twat just coming and coming. Yes, baby. You come, come hard, ride that orgasm." After a couple of minutes, Leslie came down from her sexual high. Karey and I kissed and licked most of my bride's twat juice off of her. She kissed her sister gently, and the two smiled at one another. I said, "My cock's been so hard so long, it's a little painful. So are my overloaded balls, for that matter." Sherm said, "Mine too!" We both had our cocks each lying across Leslie's breasts, mine on her right nipple and Sherm's on her left. Karey turned around, took my cock in her hand, and, using it as a lead pole, said, "C'mon, lover boy. Let's take care of some business." A small couch upon which Karey plopped me down was in the corner of the room. Meanwhile, Leslie, always quick to recover, had pulled Sherm on top of her on the massage table. Her pussy, still soppy wet, was wide open, and she said, "Please make love with me, sweetheart." Kissing deeply, I watched my brother-in-law enter my wife, slowly slipping his cock into her wetness. "Your turn, big guy," Karey smiled gently at me, having watched me watch her husband and sister. She slid down over me and squinted as almost immediately, her pussy started throbbing on my shaft as she began to come. As she leaned down over me to kiss me, I felt her nipples mash my chest as she pumped up and down, up and down over my overtaxed rod. I could feel my balls roiling with each stroke and knew I wouldn't last long. It didn't matter. Karey started coming, crying, "I love you, Wayne. I love you so much. Fuck me, honey. Yes! Pump me up. Give me your sperm." I cried, "I'm coming. I love you, babe. Yes! Fuck me, sweetheart. I love you so much, Karey." The stars in the universe spun out of control. Somewhere there was a nuclear explosion the size of the universe. Then the ashes from the stars began falling like gentle snow on the land-between-the-worlds. Finally, after several eons had passed, I opened my eyes. I saw Karey's pretty face over mine – a very dreamy look in her eyes. "Hi," she said. "Welcome back." Slowly other sounds and lights and objects started returning to Karey's and my universe. The sound of the refrigerator turning on. Some kind of cicadas outside. The sound of the distant horn honk. A jet out over the Pacific. I was still hard deep inside of my sister-in-law, and I said, "I love you, Karey." She said, "I love you too, Wayne." I glanced over at Sherm on Leslie. They, like us, were still joined. "You guys all right?" I asked. "Mmmmmmmm…," they replied in unison. "So much for your plan for holding out all evening!" Sherm exclaimed from the massage table, where his cock was still deep into Leslie, my wife. I managed to mumble something. I was nearly comatose with pleasure, having just fucked my sister-in-law, Karey. Her cheek now resting against mine as my rod was still embedded in her pussy. Then, I couldn't help it; it just had been an incredibly long day, and the orgasm was definitely a peu de mort (little death – as the French call it). I closed my eyes and snoozed, Karey on top and everything. I felt a breath on my cheek and opened my eyes. "Hey, stud!" It was Leslie, my wife, kissing my cheek. "Hey sexy lady," I said, kissing her on the lips. Karey, still on top of me (who also apparently had started dozing), awakened and pushed herself up on her elbows. She smiled and leaned down, and kissed me. As she kissed me, the head of my now-soft cock popped out of her, closely followed by a gush of my semen, warm from her body. "Ooohhh!" we both said at once. "No fair!" Leslie said, pushing her sister's hair aside. "I wanna play!" Leslie kissed me again, and Karey climbed off of me, her nipples still proudly erect as she headed toward the kitchen. I yawned and stretched, and Leslie sat down next to me. In the background, Karey squealed as Sherm grabbed her and pulled her on his lap. I saw the adoring look she gave him as she put her slender arms around her husband and kissed him. I looked at Leslie's eyes and saw her eyes glowing with love. We kissed. "How do you feel?" I asked my bride softly. She just rolled her eyes, put her head on my chest, and purred. Reaching down and touching her pussy, I felt sloppy with wetness. "You naughty girl!" I teased. "How did you get so wet?" "Mmmmmm, wonder how? Why? Are you thirsty?" she teased me. "Not right this instant," I replied, "but can you save me some for later?" Leslie smiled, "Of course, I will." "I would like something to eat, though," I said, taking her by the hand and standing up. "Karey… you got any bacon and eggs?" Karey was squatting over Sherm, rubbing her twat, covered with my cream, over Sherm's limp cock, trying to get a reaction. I guess Leslie had worn him out for a while, too. Looking over her shoulder at me, she smiled and said, "Sure do! Why don't I just go and fix it for you? What would you like? A western omelet?" To be honest, I hadn't been thinking anything so fancy as an omelet. Still, now that she mentioned it, I thought it sounded pretty good. And, for a fact, Karey could whip up a fine omelet. "Great!" I exclaimed. Hopping off Sherm, she moved gracefully towards the kitchen, all three of us watching her ass sway as she moved. "I do envy my little sister's ass," Leslie sighed. Sherm and I each cupped one of Leslie's butt cheeks and said, "Not to worry! You're beautiful!" Taking Leslie's hand, Sherm stood up, and we three followed Karey into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Karey had partially covered her nudeness with a cooking apron, with her nipples occasionally peeking out each side, the effect being very sexy. As we watched Karey's breasts swinging with her cooking movement, I noticed Sherm starting to get a mild erection. I could feel the blood just beginning to fatten my penis too. "Hey!" said Leslie, not missing a thing. She took Sherm's cock in her right hand and mine in her left and said, "Karey, honey, look what you're doing to our men." Smiling down at our erections, Leslie said, "Ooooh boys, that's so nice. I think I could take you both right now by myself." She was firmly milking our cocks, base to tip, bringing the small white pearls of post-cum oozing out. At least, I think it was post-cum. It may have actually been a new batch of pre-cum. "Oh, Leslie," I said. "Much as I'd like to take you up, I think at least I need a little break to make it better for me next time. I can't speak for Sherm." Sherm smiled at me, saying, "I think your right, Wayne. If we wait a little while, we'll have a much better orgasm our next go around." "On the other hand," I said, putting my hands on Leslie's naked hips and plopping her on the bar, "I think you might be ready right now." "I am too! Hang on a minute, let's eat first," said Karey, dishing two huge omelets onto plates and putting them next to Leslie on the bar. Having finished inhaling the omelets and regaining our strength, Leslie looked at her sister and said, "Karey, sweetie, your hubby left my pussy very messy, and I need my hubby to clean me up." In mock indignation, Karey said, "Well, your Wayne left me all wet and a little sticky, and I need Sherm to clean me up." "Bar or bed?" I asked. Leslie play-frowned. "I don't want to wait, but the bed's more comfortable." Taking her elbow, I escorted my naked wife to the bed, and Karey sat down beside her. With the girls' legs off the bed, Sherm and I knelt side-by-side and started licking our own wife's pussy - me eating Sherm's sperm out of my Leslie and Sherm eating my ejaculate out of his Karey. Glancing up, I saw that both girls had laid back, stationed on their elbows with elbows touching each other, and both were watching us rather intently. Occasionally, Karey would bite her lower lip as pleasure would ripple her face. Sherm must have been doing a job on her. Leslie, too, would sometimes spasm and fall back as pleasure assaulted her. Sherm and I both licked harder, and I started finger-fucking Leslie while I licked her. Sherm began to do the same to Karey, and both girls started getting really hot. Glancing up, I saw Leslie staring at Karey's bobbing breasts. With a look of desperation, Karey said, "Leslie, please, do it how I like, my nipples...please." Leslie reached over and firmly grasped one of her sister's nipples with a thumb and forefinger. She pulled up, actually distorting Karey's breast shape a little, and then started a rhythmic tugging and rolling motion. Karey cried out in ecstasy as her nipple was roughly manipulated by her sister's practiced fingers. The pleasure was racking both girls now, their hip thrusts becoming more animal than controlled, and Karey cried, "Leslie, I'm cominggggg aauuughhg auugghhhg." The girls held each other in a tight embrace as their bodies thrashed on the bed, with Sherm and me trying to hang on to licking their pussies and finger fucking them all the way through their orgasms. At precisely the same time, each sent a hand down to push us off. We waited as our wives started to come down. Breathing deeply, their breasts squashed against one another as they held one another in a bear hug. Their arms loosened. Leslie smiled at Karey and said, "Love you, sis." Karey lazily returned a grin and said, "Me too." They gave each other a quick French kiss and pulled away, Karey smiling while saying, "You're always a good kisser, Leslie." With a smile in return, Leslie replied, "You too." Leslie looked at Sherm and me with our extended cocks and said, "So what do you want to do now while we all refresh a little?" I said, "Well, I was thinking either we could go walk around Newport Beach." At that moment, we heard a low roll of thunder. "I didn't know it was supposed to rain," Karey said, pushing herself up on her elbow, her nipples perfectly relaxed now. Sherm said, "Well, if we're going out, which given the rain, I don't know if we still want to… but if we are, we'll probably want to clean up a little." Les said, "Yeah! Even though I can't smell it, I'm pretty sure all of us smell like pure sex on a pole right about now." Karey said, "Well, let's hop in the shower... and by the way, I love the beach in the rain. It's deserted, you could do anything you want out there, and nobody would know..." "Sounds like a plan," I said, and still blissfully naked, we all headed for their shower.
  5. It finally happened! My wife and I have been to a few swinger clubs, but she only allowed people to watch never touch, this went on for a few years. We were talking and I was explaining the way we should look at is that adding another guy is like me using her toys on her, use it, have fun then put it away. I asked her how about an erotic massage in a nice hotel by me and another guy? To my surprise and excitement, she said she thinks she could do that! My wife is a 42 yr old Colombian with large man-made C cups, thin waist and a med/lg ass. She only had 4 lovers in her past and all of them just did vanilla sex. Boy did I expand her world when we got married LOL! She is absolutely beautiful with a heart of gold, so I wanted to make sure this was amazing but most of all safe. I came up with limits so she would feel comfortable and safe. First, she would be on the massage table, when he came in and she would be blindfolded as she gets embarrassed easily. Second, the guy would not talk unless asked something by me or her. Third, no rough stuff, just gentle massage. I would allow oral and fingering on her by him but oral on him only if she initiated it. Fourth, I told her at the end after we make her cum, I would ask her Green light, Yellow light or Red light? Green would be to continue with sex from both of us, yellow is sex with me only but he can watch and touch, and Red was thank you but he leaves as I want only my husband now. Lastly, I would meet with the guy before the massage and if I felt the slightest hesitation, I would call it off. She liked the rules. I then started looking when “S” PM’d me. He said he was flying into San Antonio on business and was willing to help. We PM’d back and forth while giving me advice as he said he had helped others get introduced into the LS. He answered every question I had so we made plans to meet when he landed and give the massage to my wife later that evening (only time we both had before he returned home). When I met him a few hours prior to the massage he was so polite that my anxiety level went to zero. We again went over the wife’s limits I came up with and he had no problem with any of them. My wife was blindfolded and on the massage table with a towel over her ass when he arrived. He immediately went to the restroom and undressed and washed his hands. When he came out, massage music was playing, and I had those battery powered candles lighting the room. To make her comfortable with another man’s hands on her we started with her neck and back. After about 10 minutes we moved the towel covering her ass and we began to massage her lower half. We moved slow going from her ass back up to her back then down her legs. I bent her knee moving her lower leg inward at an angle and her pussy became exposed to him for the first time. The light from the candles made her already wet pussy glisten. As we rubbed her inner thighs we would graze her pussy lips…..she was SOOO wet. When we flipped her we began working on her breasts. I was getting so turned on watching another man touch my woman. “S” moved nice and slow over her nipples then down her arm as I did the same. Her nipples were becoming hard as we lightly massaged each breast. We went lower toward her landing strip pubic hair but being careful not to go too far in order to drive her wild. When we moved to her legs, we started with her feet then moved up. We bent both of her legs inward at an angle so the bottom of her feet were touching each other…..this opened her pussy wide. We again worked her inner thighs but this time moving our hands right over her pussy lips……this drove me wild seeing him touch her. I then went down on her and she was drenched in her juices, NOT just wet….drenched, and it tasted so good. At that point I looked up at “s” and offered my wife’s pussy to him. He began to eat her out and I saw her mouth open and could tell she was in pure ecstasy. He wrapped his lips around her clit and sunk his fingers deep inside her…..she let out an amazing moan. I got out the clit vibrator and started to tease her clit while “S” bent two of his fingers to massage her g-spot. I handed the vibrator to “S” while I started to massage her breasts and nipples. “S” kept up the fingering mixed with licking until she had the most intense orgasm, I have ever seen her have! She about rolled off the table it was so intense! She motioned for him to stop but continued to twitch for over a minute. After we let her calm down, I moved her to the edge of the table spreading her legs apart and started to fuck her. She was so soaking wet I slid right in. I looked over and she had “S” cock in her hand slowly playing with it…..I had to think of baseball in order not to cum right there LOL!! “S” then moved to the head of the table to hold her head as it was falling off the table…..what a gentleman! She grabbed his arms and had another orgasm while I came deep in her soaking pussy. “S” smiled at me and quietly left as my wife and I held each other. It was perfect. She told me she LOVED the experience and wants to do it again ?. We went home and fucked two more times. The next day “S” texted me to check on my wife to make sure she was doing good. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate “S” in helping us take the next step……thanks man!!……D&J
  6. On Thursday Feb 24 Bob picked me up from work and we decided to stop at this new restaurant bar we had discovered the day before. It was almost 5:30 PM when we walked into the bar. There were two open bar seats and we took them. We were greeted by Cat the bartender and we ordered two glasses of Chardonnay and Bob and I just talked about our day’s events. To Bob’s left was a man drinking a Bud Light, but he soon finished and closed out his tab and left. Soon after that a woman came and sat down in the same seat. As she sat we all made eye contact and just smiled. Cat came over and said "Hi Chrissie", Chrissie said "Hi Cat" and ordered a glass of red wine. Bob and I wondered if she was a local or a visitor. Chrissie looked to be in her early 40’s, she had a slender athletic build, around 5’ 6” or so, strawberry medium length hair, blue eyes and what I guessed was a ‘B Cup’. She wore a wedding ring so we assumed she was married. She definitely was tanned so we wondered if she had an outside type of job. We thought she was attractive but not flashy. She wore dark blue slacks and light blue cotton top that had buttons that came half way down and she had the top three buttons undone. She wore black flat shoes. Bob and I kept glancing at her and finally Bob broke the ice and asked her if she lived locally, she said that she did not, she lived in Kenwood, Ca that is about 75 miles away. Bob and I proceeded to introduce ourselves and we shook hands, she had a firm strong handshake. I asked her if she was traveling and she said yes she was visiting friends in Orlando, Florida for two weeks and that she had a mid-morning flight the next day. We talked about what we all did for a living and she advised that she was a Physical Therapist, worked as an independent contractor so she could make her own hours and take time off whenever she wanted. Bob asked if her husband was joining her, her right hand went immediately to her wedding ring, she hesitated looking down at her ring, looked back up at us and then said no, he passed away three years ago. Bob immediately said, oh we’re so sorry, I didn’t mean to pry. It was an awkward moment, but she said, that’s OK, you didn’t know. She said he was only 39, he died in a motorcycle accident. Now I said we’re so sorry Chrissie. Again looking down and touching her ring she said it’s taken me a long time to be able to get through a day without breaking down emotionally, but I feel like I’ve finally turned the corner, it’s good that I can talk about it and not break down. I realize he’s gone and he’d want me to move on, but I will always love him. At that point I excused myself and went to the bathroom, tears streaming down my face.Once inside the bathroom it became a full blown sob, not because I was sad, but how wonderful I thought it was that a person could love another so intensely and unconditionally. After having a good cry, I got myself together and retouched my makeup and went back out to the bar. Bob and Chrissie were smiling and laughing and apparently everything was back to normal. Bob had ordered us all another round and ordered some appetizers to share. When I sat down Bob said "Chrissie has agreed to show you how to massage the kink out of my back", and he winked at me, and I said "and did you tell her about my neck and shoulders" and he said "I did". I said to Chrissie "That’s great, I’d like to see what the rooms look like anyway". Just then the appetizers arrived, and we did more small talk, she told us that she had immersed herself in her work and had taken up golf. Bob said, "That’s a good way to meet people", and she said, that she mostly plays with the same group of ladies and they are always trying to hook her up with men, but up to now she was not ready for any kind of relationship with men. She said that when she got back from Florida she would start easing into dating men again. I said "Great, you’re too young and beautiful to be alone". Bob said "That’s what I told her". We told her we were in our second marriage and that it is possible for lightning to strike twice, and that it did for us. She said "Well I’ll have to walk before I can run", and I told her that she was right for taking it slow. Chrissie said she couldn’t wait to get to the warmth of Florida. I asked her if she liked the beach and she said yes, she loved being out in the sun. She said that she and her girlfriend would go to Playa Linda and Bob asked isn’t that a nude beach? And she said as a matter of fact it is. She said "I was hoping to see the launch of the final space voyage, but it had already launched the day before". She said "I thought it would have been cool to see it in the buff", and we laughed. We told her that we enjoyed nude beaches and resorts as well and that maybe we could go to one together and she said, "I’d like that". Bob picked up the tab and she offered to share, but we said no it’s our treat. Bob ordered a bottle of red uncorked wine to go. She said "I took a shuttle here" and Bob said "We’ll just give you a ride". Her suite was just a very short distance, but it was raining. We parked close by and made a run to her suite, she was in suite 825 on the second floor. We went into her suite and it was surprisingly large and nice. Chrissie told us to make ourselves at home, and take a look around and that she needed to use the bathroom. Bob went and poured some wine for us and I looked around the suite. Chrissie came out and was in her bare feet wiping her hands in a towel. She said "I ran my hands under warm water, nothing worse than a cold handed massage". I asked her if I could use the bathroom and she said sure. I also made sure to warm my hands with warm water. When I came out Bob had his shirt off and she had one hand on his chest and one on his back. She was probing and asking him questions. I asked wouldn’t this be better if he was lying down? And she said if I had my massage table. So Bob said we could try the bed and she said OK, let’s try it. She told Bob to lay sideways on the bed, with his arms hanging over the bed. She stood in front of him, Bob’s head right about at her crotch level, and I could tell he was enjoying this. She started cracking his spine and Bob was telling her how good that felt, she was looking at me and explaining what and why she was doing it. Bob just kept telling her how wonderful her hands felt and how good it felt. She asked me to come over and do the same to Bob and I said, "Actually I know I will not be able to do it as good as you, just let me observe some more". Bob raised his arms and started rubbing the back of her legs, he said omg you legs are so firm. Chrissie looked at me and rolled her eyes, I am sure a bit embarrassed that Bob was groping her in front of me. I just said he’s always been a leg and ass man, but mainly he’s an ass, and we both laughed at the expense of Bob. I asked her when is it my time and she said whenever you’re ready, just get on the bed like Bob. I said OK and went into the bathroom in her master. I decided to go for it and totally undressed, wrapped a bath towel around me and came out. When I walked back into the bedroom Bob was now massaging/feeling/kneading her ass and she was massaging the small of Bob’s back bent over him. Bob had his face buried in the crotch of her slacks. I stood and watched for a brief moment, and then said OK my turn. I was at the foot of the bed and dropped the towel, Chrissie had a look of either shock or fear, I wasn’t sure which one, but before she could respond I climbed onto the bed next to Bob and layed on my back placing the towel over my lower stomach. I looked up at Chrissie and she said, I can see why you two like to be naked, and I said thank you. Bob was still massaging her legs and I said honey you’ve had your fun, it’s my turn. He got up and off the bed, I could tell he had a full blown erection. Chrissie started probing my neck and shoulders with her fingers and said "Sometimes I wish I had nice large breasts like yours. There are certain clothes I’d like to buy and wear, but they just don’t look good on me". I said "Well sometimes I wish mine were smaller for the same reason". Bob came over with Chrissie’s glass of wine and she stopped and took the glass from Bob and took a rather large gulp. Bob said to us both, but staring into Chrissie’s eyes, "I love breasts period, it doesn’t matter if they’re big, medium or small"; he took his free hand and first felt and rubbed her left breast and then her right. He paused and apparently gave her nipple a slight squeeze and then released. Chrissie took another gulp of wine and handed the now empty glass to Bob. Bob’s pants were bulging. She asked me to roll onto my tummy and her voice was noticeably quivering. She started pushing down on my spine with the palm of her hand, my spine responding with audible cracking. I was looking at Bob as he took off his socks, pants and boxers, he was at full attention as he approached Chrissie from behind. He started rubbing/massaging her shoulders and her breathing as she spoke became heavier and erratic. Suddenly she stopped massaging me, and I heard her say "Bob I don’t think I am ready for this". I looked up and saw that Bob was kissing her neck and was pulling her top out of her slacks as she was trying to tuck it back in. I knelt on the bed and reached out and held her hands in mine. I looked her in the eyes, and said "You need this, let us help you, everything will be OK". Chrissie said, "I thought I was ready to move on, but I just don’t know". I said "You need to trust us, we want to help with the healing process, if at any point you don’t feel like you can go on we will stop immediately". Chrissie said, "You promise?" and we both said "Yes, but trust us, it will be beautiful for you". Bob finished pulling her top out of her slacks and then lifted it off of her as she raised her arms in the air. Bob undid her bra and I lifted it off of her and tossed it to the side. Her breasts were firm and her areolas were light pink about an inch and a half across, and puffy, her nipples extended out a good inch. She looked at me and said "They’re small aren’t they?" And I just said "They’re beautiful". I reached out and held her left breast nipple between my thumb and forefinger and gave it a firm squeeze, to which she responded with an approving moan. I pulled her towards me and sucked the same nipple as Bob was undoing her slacks. I was impressed with how defined her arms were. She had the body of a much younger person, very athletic looking. Bob pulled down her slacks and white baby doll panties all in one motion and she stepped out of them. She asked Bob if there was any more wine and I reached over to the nightstand and gave her mine since I had only taken a few sips from. Once again she took a rather large gulp, looked at me, and asked, "Are you OK with this?" And I said "Absolutely". She finished the glass of wine and she looked at me and said, "OK then". She turned to Bob and Bob said "You are so beautiful" and he kissed her on the lips and they embraced. He eased her onto the bed, and he told Chrissie "Relax I can feel you trembling". She said "I am trying to". Bob laid next to her and said "This will be wonderful". He started kissing and touching her breasts and nipples. It was apparent that Chrissie’s nipples were very sensitive and a source a great pleasure for her. I decided to go for it, and positioned myself between her legs. She looked down at me, and said "This is a first for me". I touched her clit with my thumb and she flinched. I then inserted one and then two fingers into her vagina, she was very moist and warm, and once again she let out a soft moan. I tasted my fingers and then reinserted them back into Chrissie moving then in and out and rubbed her swollen clit with my left hand. Her clit was bigger than mine, looked like the tip of a baby finger. She was definitely responding in a positive way as she started to slowly buck her hips. Her pubic hair was light brown and closely trimmed, but it was more than a landing strip above the vagina, but totally smooth around her vagina lips and anus. Her legs were long, slim and firm and she had no tan lines. I moved up and began to lick her clit as she looked down at me. I positioned her legs up so I could view and lick her anus. Bob asked her if she was feeling more relaxed and she responded "Oh god yes, Tina feels wonderful". Bob said to me, "Let’s switch", and I said OK. I went up and Bob went down, literally. I asked Chrissie if she wanted to kiss me, and she said Tina I am not bi. So I said that’s OK, maybe that’s something we can work on. So I just sucked and played with her nipples while Bob was performing his magic. She was so turned on by what Bob was doing to her that I could tell she had tuned me out. She just kept looking down at Bob so I decided to let her enjoy what was happening and totally focus on Bob. I got off the bed, sat on the sofa and sipped from Bob’s glass of wine while watching the show and touching myself with my free hand. She kept telling Bob how wonderful he felt, she was holding his head in her hands. It almost appeared as if she was trying to shove his head in her pussy. She was grinding her pussy in his face and then it was "OMG,OMG, OMG I’m CUMMING", and cum she did, her whole body shuddered as she continued to hold Bob’s head against her vagina and her chest heaving gasping for air. I knew exactly what she was feeling, and felt a slight tinge of envy as I sunk my fingers deeper inside of me. I knew Bob had no condoms, and I didn’t have any in my purse, I made a mental note to restock. Bob looked at me, and silently mouthed the word, “condoms”? I just shook my head no and mouthed back the words,” it’s OK”. He winked and smiled, and mouthed the words “I love you”. Chrissie had settled back down and Bob was now working his way back up to her, his cock screaming for attention. He paused at her breasts for sucking, feeling and squeezing. She asked Bob to hold her and they embraced. He asked if everything was OK and she said, "I forgot how good it was to cum like that". Bob pulled her legs up so her legs were bent at the knees and then placed his arms through the opening between the back of the calf and the thigh, pushed her legs slightly up, he again asked if she was OK and she said yes, with that he eased himself up and into her and Chrissie let out a soft moan that sounded like Ohhhhhh as she embraced Bob. Bob just stayed inside her for a moment, making no motion and then slowly raised her legs higher and began to slowly stroke her. He was moving in slow circles on the in stroke and she was moving her hips to his rhythm. I was getting close to climax myself. Bob began to pick up his pace, and his thrusts were getting aggressively faster and harder as he drove his cock into Chrissie as deep as he could possibly go. His balls were now making that slapping sound against her ass. I thought Chrissie was going to hyperventilate her breathing pattern had become so irregular. She just kept saying "OMG you feel so good, OMG you feel so good", but in an out of breath way as if she was gasping for air. I had already climaxed and thought how I should have put a towel down under me because I had gotten the sofa all wet with my cum. Bob was telling her how wonderful she felt. She had both her hands on his ass pulling and encouraging him to drive deep into her. She was bucking her hips up to him and Bob was ramming his cock into her, her legs all the way back to her head, suddenly she yelled, "You’re making me CUM, I ‘m CUMMING, I’m CUMMING!" I was almost shocked that Bob hadn’t cum himself sooner, but now he was pumping her really fast, and then he moaned, "I’m cumming", the final thrusts were deep and aggressive and then he just stayed inside not moving. Both Bob and Chrissie were breathing heavily, Chrissie more than Bob, her chest continued to heave up and down. She moved her hands off his ass and up to his back in an embrace and she said stay inside and hold me. I decided to give them a few minutes of intimacy, and go into the bathroom and get dressed. When I came out Bob was using the towel I had previously wrapped around me and was using it to clean both his and Chrissie’s cum from her vagina. Had they waited I would have licked Bob’s oozing cum away myself. Chrissie looked at me and said "Tina, thank you for sharing your husband with me; you two are wonderful", although I really knew she meant Bob was wonderful; I said "You’re so very welcome". I said to Bob we should leave and let Chrissie get some rest before her long flight tomorrow. It was almost 9 PM and Chrissie said, "Nonsense we still have some wine to finish,and we need to exchange contact information". She got out of bed and put on the robe that was hanging on the bathroom door. Bob was still standing around naked so I bent down and picked up his boxer’s and pants, tossed them at him, and said "Time to get dressed". We sat at the kitchen table and finished the remaining wine. Chrissie said when she gets back on March 11th that she wants to take us out for a nice dinner on her. She said she would book another room there for the night so we wouldn’t be rushed; she’d drive home the next Saturday morning. Bob said "If it looks like we’ll have good weather maybe you can book two nights so we can play golf on Saturday", and she said that would be nice. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses and she said she’d call me on the night before departure to confirm everything. It was now past 9:30 PM and, I said, we really gotta go. We wished her a good flight, and that we’d see her in two weeks. As we left Chrissie and I hugged and kissed on the cheek. She gave Bob a big embrace and Bob gave her one as well and a kiss on the lips. I slapped Bob on the ass and said come on let’s get home. When we got in the car I told Bob that he better be willing to give me a good fucking when we got home or that he was going to be sleeping on the couch. Bob just said, yes dear, smiled a shit grin, and we drove off.
  7. This is the true story of our intro into the swinging world. All incidents depicted actually occurred. We are married couple in our late 40's and had been married for 17 years. After hitting the age of 40, my wife got the mistaken idea that she was no longer sexy or attractive, and as you can imagine, this had a devastating effect upon her sex drive. Although she was very good to accommodate my needs, it was actually getting pretty boring. Knowing that her interest had waned so much, I had tried for nearly eight years to find a way to rekindle it, but nothing seemed to work. I figured that she needed to feel sexy again, and it needed to come from someone other than her husband. I thought of any way I could to get her hooked up with some attention from another guy, but came up empty in that department. Then one night laying in bed with sore muscles, she said sitting at her desk all day kept her back and shoulders sore, and what she really needed was a good massage from a pro. Well, there I saw the window of opportunity opening. I contacted an old friend of mine from college that she had never met, and told him of my plot. After I showed him her picture, he was all for it. She is 5'4' and 110, red hair, blue eyes with beautiful 34d's and long legs that really know how to make an ass of them. Since she had a birthday coming up, I worked it into her birthday present. She had no idea what the ultimate plan was, or she would not have gone for it. I must admit that I did not know whether or not it would work, but was very turned on by the thought of seeing her with another guy. {This had always been a fantasy of mine}. On the day it to happen, I started mixing her favorite drinks (margaritas) at 4:00, and about 6:00 I told her that he was due in an hour to give her a massage. I told her that I had paid for eight sessions in advance, and not to be self conscious, and just to enjoy. She was excited, but very nervous and protested that she could not get naked in front of a stranger. I told her that he would cover her with a towel and only uncover where he was massaging. She bought that and when he arrived, he had a drink with us, and they went into the master bedroom, where she laid down with a towel cover her ass and was face down on the bed. She left the door open to the living room, but did not want me in the same room, because it would make her more nervous. Well, I watched a good portion of the massage discretely, and watched as he slowly and methodically massaged her shoulders, arms neck and as he moved down and started her calves, she was totally relaxed. He massaged her once with oil all over, remaining outside the towel during the oil massage. Then after it was complete. He told her to take a shower, and he would give her a massage with her favorite massage cream. He started on her back again, but this time he ran his hands under the towel and rubbed the lotion into her ass and on the inside of her thighs. She even slightly parted her legs during this. Then he told her to turn over. He held the towel up as she rolled over then lowered it to cover her breasts. He then massaged her neck and face and started down her neck, and then, just removed the towel completely and tossed it aside. She never opened her eyes. He then took some oil he had preheated while she was showering and applied it directly to her nipples and massaged it into her breasts, then rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Just as quickly as he started, he moved on lower and massaged her stomach and down her thighs, spending a lot of time on these areas, totally skipping her pussy for the time being. He started massaging her calves and picking them up and placing them on his shoulders while he massaged her thighs but affording a great view of her soaked red bush. He then moved up and started massaging her upper thighs and inner thighs. Just as he was finishing, he rubbed the outside of her lips that were puffy by now, and he had not even touched them. That ended that session, with them, but after he left, she came in and put on some music and danced, and as I felt of her pussy, she was wetter than she had been in years. She was telling me how much it turned her on and how wrong it was and how confusing it was. I told her it was natural that if a lady had rubbed all over me, I would have really been turned on. I told her the next session was scheduled for day after tomorrow, and although she was nervous, there was no protest on her part. The evening of her next session, as he drove up, I reached inside her robe and felt of her and she was already really wet, just in anticipation. She again lay down with the towel. But after about five minutes, he removed it for the rest of the massage. He massaged her back and legs thoroughly, and this time he spent more time on her inner thighs and in rubbing lotion into her ass. He gently picked up her legs and spread them, and there was no resistance, so he slowly ran his hand up between her legs and just barely parted her lips with his finger, and then stopped and told her to roll over, and moved back up to her face and shoulders and started there again, but this time he rubbed the lotion on her tits, but avoided the nipples. It was soon apparent why. Instead of massaging her nipples, he took one into his mouth, and started to trace the edges with his tongue. Her eyes flew open in surprise, and then she relaxed and closed them, just enjoying the sensations. After a few minutes of this, he moved down and began massaging her feet. While he was doing this, he arranged her legs spread, giving great view of her wet lips, and red bush. I was watching every minute, and it was making me so horny I could have come with just a touch. He moved up her thighs with a slow and sure massage, working up slowly to her inner thighs. He started rubbing oil on her outer lips and her hips started to rise to meet his hand, and when he rubbed the oil directly on her clit, she moaned and pressed her head back into the pillow. He then inserted a finger and kept up the circular motion on her clit. Then as suddenly, he leaned forward and took her swollen button into his mouth. And her hips pressed upward into his face. Then, believe it or not, he stopped! Told her this was massage was over and he would schedule then next session with me. After he left, she came out the bedroom, embarrassed and aroused. She told me every little detail, and was amazed that I approved. I told her at this rate, she would probably get fucked next time. She moaned I hope so, just as she pulled my sweatpants down and gave me much needed blow job. She swallowed every drop and them took me to the bed where She got her clit licked a second time, but this time she came in literally seconds. By then I was rock hard and she mounted me and rode us both over the top for the best sex we had had in years. The third session was unlike the first two for sure. She went in and started getting undressed and he walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck and reached around and cupped her tits and she turned around and kissed him hard and started taking off his shirt. While her robe fell to the floor. He picked her up and carried her to the bed and mounted her, and while they kissed deeply, she ran her finger through his hair and he moved up and slid it in easily in one long motion. She moaned audibly and then he started pounding her so hard you could hear the head board hit the wall, and their belly's made loud slapping sounds. After a bit of this he got up, and turned her over, and hammered her doggie style, with her beautiful tits swinging. She started moaning and whimpering, and I recognized the whimper as her orgasm signal, and he pounded her till she went limp and collapsed. He then fell over beside her, still hard, and started fingering her pussy, and in seconds she was kissing him hard again, and he rolled her up on top of him, which gave me a great view of his cock going in and pulling the pink folds as he came out. He was longer than me, but appeared to be thinner, but whatever the size, it was really doing the job. She leaned forward and fed him her nipples, first one and then the other, while his hands reached around and kneaded her ass, spreading her cheeks, while he varied his tempo, bringing her close to another orgasm. Suddenly he started pounding her and groaning that increased to an animal growl and that put her over the top once again. She started whimpering, and fell forward, pulling his face into her tits while she matched his almost brutal thrusts, as they both collapsed. That had to have been the hottest thing I have ever seen. I used this time to escape unseen by her to the kitchen where I fixed drinks for everyone, and they emerged from the bedroom, flushed but smiling. After he left, she thanked me for giving back her sexuality, and fucked like newlyweds for hours. Since that time, he has introduced his girlfriend {now his wife}, into the formula, but that is a future story. I you want to hear about further adventures, send us an email. Every bit of this is totally factual.
  8. SwingersBoard

    Soft Swing Intro

    My wife Dana and I are very social people. We go to a local bar regularly and were there recently partying with several people. A bunch of us get together there and it is a great time. We recently went out with several friends and got quite intoxicated. When we were finishing up the night, another couple, Dan and Tami, that we know offered to give us a ride home as it was obvious we were not excited about driving home. I thanked them and told Dana we could come get her car in the morning. While they drove us home, Dan and I sat in the front, talking, while Tami and Dana did the same. When we got to our house, I asked them both if they would like to come in for a tour. The both said, “Yes” and climbed out of the car. We all ended up sitting in the living room with another round of drinks. As we discussed the events of the evening, Dan and I moved behind the ladies and sat with them between our legs. I began to give Dana a backrub as we talked and Dan took my lead. Our conversation gradually began to drift off as the girls became very relaxed during the massage. Dan and I gradually worked the girls onto the floor and worked on their backs while they lay face down. To sufficiently perform a good back massage, you have to lift the shirt and unhook the bra which is what we did. I got up and went to our bedroom to get the massage oil. When I returned, both girls were still face down, but neither of them had their shirts on. I poured oil on Tami’s back and Dan began working it in. I returned to Dana and sat on her legs and slowly streamed oil on her back and shoulders. Dan continued to talk as we gradually worked the oil into our ladies skin. As I massaged Dana I worked the muscles in her lower back. She raised her hips off of the floor, which is her sign for me to unfasten her shorts. I did so and was given easier access to her lower back and also her nice little ass. I began to rub oil on her ass while gradually working her shorts lower and lower without any protest from her. Dan took my lead and began to do the same thing to Tami. It was not long before our ladies were completely naked in front of us. After working on their legs for a while. I noticed that Dan was spending time working Tami’s inner thy. As he did her hips began rolling and coming off of the ground. Data and I were beginning to really enjoy the show. Dan and Tami seamed to be putting on a show for us now and Dana and I were watching their every move. I slowly slid next to Dana and pulled her up on her side. We were now both lying on our left side and I began massaging oil into here stomach and chest. Dan slowly worked Tami’s legs further apart until he could very neatly work his tongue between her legs and into her pussy from behind. Tami began rolling her hips faster and raising her ass off of the floor even higher. While the show was going on, I began rubbing liberal amounts of oil on Dana’s breasts. I slowly worked around the breasts and gradually spending more time on her nipples. By now, Tami is moaning heavily and Dan is having to chase her clit as she moves more rapidly. I pulled Dana’s right leg into the air and begin massaging her pussy and clit. Dan lay on his back and Tami straddled him right next to us. As I took my cock and slowly began to insert it into Dana, Tami inserted Dan’s cock into her pussy. We all slowly moved with our partners in a show for the other couple to see. As we all gradually picked up speed and began to moan louder and louder, it became obvious that we were all equally turned on by watching each other. The girls began having orgasms and Dan and I were right behind them. We all finally fell into a heap of sweat and heavy breathing. Although we don’t see Dan and Tami often, we have talked on the phone and agree, that was a great time and we will have to get together again. Anthony Ohio
  9. You may recall our first story on our new lease of life, now that we are no longer chauffeur and chief financiers to our kids who have now flown the nest. The enjoyment we both received from Avril being fucked by our neighbor Jim has led us on a path so far, to heaven, and long may it continue. We are in our late forties and are both experiencing a new sexual being that by far surpasses that of our pre- marital and early 20's years. Since our first mmf encounter, its seems we do nothing else but talk about it every day and it always leads to us having fantastic sex. The vision of watching Avril being fucked by another guy and seeing the pleasure she gets from both receiving and giving fantastic orgasms is permanently with me 24/7. After so many years of enjoyable but routine sex we have now discovered a new, fabulous and mind blowing aspect to our lives - we talk to each other - and get so much enjoyment from it. For me, as I said before, to be able to watch Avril being penetrated by another guy's cock, seeing her orgasm, watching the cum ooze from her pussy is simply mind blowing. I have never taken her for granted and seeing the pleasure she gives the other guy, makes me only more appreciative of her and how lucky I am. We now both seem permanently horny and we decided we would like to meet and swap with another couple. Not only do I get so much enjoyment just watching but Avril also admitted in her fantasies her desire to watch me and also that she would love to have sex with another female. We responded to a couple of ads locally on the web but got no replies - not sure what we did wrong!! We did however receive a reply from an ad in a magazine from a couple who held 'on premise 'swing parties at their home. Our photo portfolio is non existent and we had great fun in producing some suitable to send, and by return, the couple called and invited us to the next party the following week. Well, all that week I had a permanent erection as to the thoughts of what was to come and Avril was so turned on just thinking about it, that we screwed every day and in every position imaginable. I hope I am not alone here - but I so enjoyed watching Avril try on the new and different underwear she had bought, knowing it was to be part of a new sexual adventure for us and that other people would see her wearing them. It became part of a very prolonged foreplay as we fucked with each change of garment. The day of the party arrived and as I watched Avril get ready I felt so proud of my wife, knowing that whatever happens I will be coming home with the 'star' of the show. She dressed so slow and sensual in front of me that I couldn't wait to show her off. She left off her bra allowing her petite breasts to be clearly visible through the tight fitting lemon colored dress she had chosen. Her large brown nipples were erect as usual and she just looked fantastic in her dress, which contained a thigh length split clearly showing her white stockings and very very brief white panties. We arrived at the house on time, Avril was so calm and loving - me I was a nervous wreck. The house was very big and completely surrounded by trees for privacy. The hosts welcomed us and explained that the procedure was that everybody remained in the open plan lounge/diner area to socialize and at 10:00 pm we all undressed to our underwear or less. Those who didn't want to take matters any further would remain in the lounge while every one else went upstairs to private rooms. That was the last we saw of our hosts. There seemed to be about 15 couples and 4/5 single men which surprised us as we thought it was couples only. We drank and socialized with most people and all seemed fine and when 10 o'clock came we removed our clothing. Avril looked stunning and I, slightly embarrassed ,as my erection was so visible through the tight mini briefs I decided to wear. I should have chosen loose fitting boxers. Couples started to disappear upstairs and suddenly we were at the attention of two of the single males. They were both very polite and quite attractive, but we both felt a bit uneasy as we were really looking to have fun with another couple. I explained this to them and there was no problem, so Avril and I decided to go upstairs and see what was going on. There were five bedrooms each with large double beds and all full of writhing bodies. Men seemed to strolling around looking for the next available female /couple and it all seemed so clinical and matter of fact to fuck or suck the first available pussy or cock. We both felt uneasy and our body languages showed this - we were looking for a more intimate and passionate situation. We decided to play with each other and not to feel the odd ones out and I eased Avril into a bedside armchair. Kissing her gorgeous nipples I slowly removed her panties revealing that well trimmed tight pussy of hers which looked so inviting and moist. Avril inserted two fingers into her vagina and invited me to taste them. The taste was out of this world and I lowered my head and began to lick and suck her clitoris that now seemed extra larger than usual. As I inserted my tongue she began to writhe and moan and in what seemed no time she began to shudder to her first orgasm of the night - I inserted a finger gently a small way into her anal passage and this just prolonged her gyrating and orgasm. We kissed and cuddled and agreed that as this situation just didn't feel right -we should make our excuses and leave. Back down stairs we collected our clothes and dressed and was just about to leave when a young Indian looking couple, who we had briefly spoken to before came up to us and asked was there any problem as to why we were leaving. We explained there were no problems and that we were just looking for something a bit more intimate as a couple. Sam and Shakira both said they felt the same and would we be interested in going back to their place for drinks and a chat. I looked at Avril for approval and immediately she said 'that sounds like a great idea, we can follow in our car'. As we followed, Avril began to stroke the bulge in my trousers and asked was I ok with this. 'Of course I am I replied but they seem to be half our age - I hope they won't be disappointed'. Back at their place both Sam and Shakira made us feel very welcomed and we chatted and drank for a couple of hours and found despite the age difference we all got on extremely well. Both were of Sri-Lankan origin - yet were very much in tune with the western world and way of life. It was their first time at the party and they too, felt exactly the same as us - it just seemed to lack intimacy. We were all sitting on the floor around a small coffee table used for the drinks and discussing our sexual experiences. Sam and Shakira had been swinging for about a year and were very much into couples. The atmosphere was becoming very sensual and Avril began to stroke my cock through my trousers while talking to Sam on the other side of the table. I was dying for a pee so excused myself. When I returned I was surprised and pleased to see that Sam was now sitting next to Avril and as they were talking he was stroking her nipple through her dress. With a smile as wide as my face I sat down next to Shakira and kissed her gently on the lips. Sam asked if we would like a Sri-Lankan massage with oils and to feel the effect. 'I think there's no need to ask' I said, 'Its sounds perfect - to which Avril replied 'me too'. Sam then dimmed the lights and lit a couple of aromatic candles and said 'this is our treat to you both, just lay back and enjoy'. With that I watched as he sat back down with Avril and gently started to kiss her. Shakira and I did the same and slowly began to undress each other. Within no time I was completely naked and kissing and caressing Shakira as I removed her bra leaving her with just the tiniest thong. I was amazed, as her breasts were the same as Avril's, small petite and pointing straight out. I squeezed them gently and she moaned in appreciation and I couldn't help notice how sexy her tanned skin was compared to my white hands. She beckoned me to lie on my front so she could massage the oils into my back. I did so and got myself into a position where I was facing Avril and Sam. The view I had was just fantastic - against the backdrop of the candle light both Sam and Avril were completely naked - she was laying on her front the same as me and he was kneeling by the side of her rubbing the oils into his hands. I immediately noticed his cock, which was very long and thin and hugely curved and already was glistening with pre-cum. I watched with eager anticipation as he lent forward and began to gently massage the oils into Avril's back. I could hear Avril moaning with pleasure as he worked his way down to her bum and as he squeezed the upper thighs Avril parted her legs inviting him to massage her aching pussy. As he did so he inserted a finger into her now dripping hole and gently moved it in and out. Avril was in heaven and pressing back to meet his fingers. Sam looked over at me as if for approval to go further and I just smiled. I was in heaven just watching. He removed is fingers and positioned himself just above Avril who by now had opened her legs wider and still laying flat, begged him to fuck her. I watched the silhouette of his cock as he gently lowered himself and guided it direct to her pussy. Avril squirmed as he slowly eased the head into her and instead of pushing in all the way, he just held it there and gently rotated his hips. I have never seen Avril enjoying it so much as she reached behind her and grasped his buttocks to have his cock go deeper inside her. He began to push slowly in and out and after a few strokes Avril began to give those tell tale signs of her approaching orgasm. She was now very vocal and I know this was for my benefit. Sam changed his action and started to fuck her in almost a circular motion as if trying to lift her up with his cock. The effect was instant, Avril started to scream as she exploded into the longest orgasm I have ever seen her in, she pushed back against his every thrust and just cum and cum and cum. As she started to cool down she reached back and took hold of both his hands and pulled him forward so he was lying flat on top her still with his hard cock deep inside her. I knew what he was about to experience as I saw her squeezing her legs together and using her vaginal muscles to grip and fuck and milk his cock. Holding on to his hands she kept this going for a couple of minutes until he tensed and started to cum, as he pushed deeper into her so Avril started to cum again. Later she told me she could feel every squirt of his juices into her. As he lay motionless on top her I turned back to Shakira who, with me, had watched every piece of the action. 'He certainly enjoyed that' she said, 'now its your turn'. She moved me onto my back and took my now rampant cock into her oily hands. 'Im not going to last long I said' in a whisper and she just smiled and started to roll my cock in her hands. Not up and down strokes, just a gentle back and forward rolling action. Well this was a first for me and I have never felt anything like it before. After what seemed like a heaven of eternity she suddenly changed and rubbed my cock up and down with long slow strokes. Within seconds I started to cum and my hips bucked uncontrollably as I squirted large amounts of cum everywhere. When I looked up, Avril had crawled over and she was not only kissing Shakira but licking my cum from her face. I sat up and watched in sheer joy as as both women started to caress and fondle each other - a moment we had both fantasied about many times before. Sam came and sat alongside and said your wife is something special - that was a fantastic fuck and she is so honest to give pleasure. I'll go get a couple of more drinks he said as this should well be worth watching..........our true story to be continued if required? Avril and DecWe
  10. CecilBCK

    My Massage Table

    I want to please and pleasure you I tell you. I want to make your body sing. I undress you in front of a wall length mirror. I help you lay down on my new massage table so you can see yourself in the mirror. I tell you that that I am going to rub oil all over your naked body. And tease you. I start on your arse cheeks. I oil them and knead them very slowly, and then I oil your back and arms. Then your thighs and inner thighs, reaching up to your vagina with my oily fingers. Even your feet. Then I return to your arse. I rub some oil off your arse so I can lick it and kiss it. Then I rake my fingernails along your arse, leaving an impression. I massage and knead some more oil into it. You are turning me on, even though I am fully dressed. My cock is getting hard. I help you turn over so you are lying on your back. Your head is supported so you can watch my oily fingers teasing your naked body. I start oiling the lower part of you legs. Then your thighs, with your legs spread wide open. Especially the inside of your thighs, almost up to your vagina. Then I move to your upper torso. I oil all over your upper torso ignoring your nipples. I lick your nipples. They react instantly. Then I run my oily fingers around them, very slowly and as lightly as I can. I tease the very tips of your nipples with my fingernails. Your nipples are like bullets now. My cock is very hard now. I start oiling with my fingers outside your pubic hair line. The sides and around the top of it. You are watching in the mirror. I want to heighten your pleasure so I put a pillow under your arse and open your legs wide. Then I touch your vagina lips for the first time. As softly as I can I run one oily finger down the full length of your vagina. I find your clit and it reacts. I press one thumb into your pubic hair just above your clit. Then I slowly tease your vagina lips with one finger of my other hand. Ever so slowly I increase the pressure and tempo with just one finger inside your lips. “I want to pleasure you sweetheart," I whisper. “I live to pleasure you.” I stand in front of you and put your legs over my shoulders. My finger is alternating between teasing the outside of your vagina lips and inserting it in you. You seem to be enjoying my ministrations. I insert my middle finger as far as will go into you looking for your g-spot. I slide my finger in and out of you. I increase the tempo. Your breathing is becoming heavier. I can feel your body tensing. I want to make your body sing and pleasure you. I cup your arse in my oily hands and kneel down to lift your cunt lips onto my tongue. “Do you like that sweetheart?” I ask rhetorically. “I want to make your body sing and pleasure you. I like being teased you told me years ago. Is this what you had in mind then? I love pleasing you. I am your pleasure machine sweetheart. Anything to give you special pleasure." “You are a brilliant performer,” I remind her as she tenses and shudders to orgasm.
  11. I have a very loyal, beautiful, very beautifully built, and so challenging wife. I tried to fertilize my wife for more than two and a half months in various ways. I did not succeed, so I asked my friend the physiotherapist to teach me to massage my wife nice, because I heard that good massage helps to fertilize women. We went into the bedroom together, my wife was completely naked on a bed covered with a blanket. In the beginning O massaged her back, with his instruction, although he quickly joined me so that we continued to massage my wife together. I massaged her head and back, and he her little rounded ass and legs. So, when she turned ahead, her completely naked, nice and hard boobies were rocking nicely up, with a high-pitched nipples on top, and her so smoothly depilated pussy was just so nicely flashing in his eyes, with gentle lighter skin, nicely curved puffed pussy. I was so proud with him discovering the whole beautiful body of my wife in such a wonderful way, with the most intimate and sweetest parts of her body. So our ordinary massage was converted to erotic massage. In the end when I massaged her breasts and nipples, I watched how nicely he massaged the so wet labia from her pussy. When I started kissing her lips and her tits, he ate her pussy, so full of her so delicious juices. I believed that this was also part of the massage, but when he pulled his pants down, and mercilessly and quickly pushed his huge dick into her pussy before that i could say anything, it was a shock and it was too late to stop them. Then I realized that it was more than an ordinary massage, and that he was fucking my sweet wife. It was not just a big dick. To be honest, I'm quite sure his thickness is comparable to a fat horse dick, less length than a horse, but it's a massive cock of extraordinary length. This huge dick of my friend was so wildly destroying the little pussy of my so harmless and completely innocent wife, who was with confidence in our good friendship with him so generously and accessible exposed, completely helpless, unprotected pussy from pregnancy, without a pill, without condom or anything else, even without one piece of hair on pussy on her pussy in a way that would bother him or prevent him from penetrating deep into her little pussy and making her pregnant. I admit I was jealous, disappointed and pissed off. When I got closer to her pussy, I was surprised, her pussy was more than fine for such a huge cock fucking it, and then, not only was I feeling better, I was amazed, even totally enthusiastic, with watching their so brilliant and so hard collisions. It was no longer important for me that her so available pussy was unprotected from loving juices from this such a huge naked dick. It's nice to watch when such huge and powerful dick penetrated into such a little pussy from my own innocent wife, and how her so beautiful and so wild pussy bends so skillfully his so huge dick; up and down... Having such a wild pussy made me so proud of my wife. I admit that this wonderful sexual performance of my wife was the most beautiful sex performance in my life I've ever seen. She gave me a pillow, she knelt over my head, with her so wet and overflowing pussy filled with a huge dick right above my mouth. It looked like as if she was trying to kiss me with her pussy, like mouth to mouth. I started to clean her juices from her pussy with my tongue, until he slowed down his rhythm. I also constantly slapped very gently the top of her so beautifully swollen clitoris, which made my wife far more excited. She began screaming and groaning, bending his dick so fast and powerful, their bodies crashing in each other so fast and so violently. At that moment, it was quite certain that he would ruin so innocent pussy of my wife very badly. And so ruined pussy it would never be the same anymore. It would be surely become to be an extremely naughty pussy. In this great orgasm, her body was as on the seventh heaven, so collapsed and fell on me immovably, We turned her slowly and carefully on her back. He continued to fuck her until he filled her unprotected, innocent, and totally helpless pussy with his load. When he finished, I continued. We fucked her all night, with my belief that she would finally get pregnant from so abounding love juices. * I still love my own ruined and abused wife. Her sexual naughtiness, however, is by far the best consequence of such a beautiful temptation.
  12. Our next door neighbor came over one night last week and told Cheryl that she had just had the most sensual massage of her life! When we asked her about it, she said that Cheryl just had to experience it for herself. The man is named Larry, and he has his own shop about a mile from our house, so I went over to check it out. He told me that the charge is $80 an hour at his shop but $100 an hour if he comes to our house. Naturally, I wanted to secretly video the massage, so I gave him the okay to come to our house last night. Before he got here, I set up my camera in the bookshelves in the family room to get a recording of the whole thing. Cheryl didn't know precisely what a "sensuous massage" was, so she was ready for anything. When the doorbell rang, this tall and muscular man said he was the masseur, and if my wife was ready, he would bring in the table and get started. Of course, we were more than ready. While he went to his van to get the table, I turned on the camera, and then helped him get the table through the door and inside the house. Larry started to set the table up in the bedroom, but I asked him to put it in the family room as the light was better. He at first shrugged and said it didn't matter to him, but when he saw Cheryl, he said that it would probably be better in a good light. First, he asked Cheryl to take all her clothes off and get up on the table. She was just in a robe, so that wasn't a problem. When she laid down on the table, she asked if he was going to cover her with a towel as that was the way she usually got massages? "No," he replied, "I like to be able to work without any covering unless you are uncomfortable with that." Naturally, we agreed, and he went to work right away. He spread warm oil all over Cheryl's back, buttocks, and legs and then began to massage the oil in from the feet up to her neck. This was interesting to watch for me as I had not seen this before. When he finished rubbing her back, she said she was all tingly, and he agreed that it was a normal reaction. Then Larry asked Cheryl to turn over and he repeated the oil on her front including her breasts and her vaginal area (Cheryl keeps her pussy bare and baby smooth), and then began to knead and massage her neck, shoulders, and arms before moving to her breasts, which he kneaded quite a bit, at least it seemed to me. I noticed the more he worked on her, the more Cheryl relaxed, and her legs began to part just from pure relaxation. Larry next went to work on the pubic area. He spent a lot of time massaging her mons and outer lips. Finally, he spread her pussy lips apart and inserted a special lubricant. Then he worked his fingers in and out until they were shiny from the lubricant, and also Cheryl's natural lubrication, which had really started to flow, and the scent of her arousal was filling the room. All this time I was watching and wondering what was next. Larry told Cheryl to relax for a minute during which time he removed his clothes, and with the table at just the right height, he pulled Cheryl down until the tip of his penis was rubbing her labia. Cheryl was squirming like she couldn't wait for him to put it in. "This is the sensuous part of the massage," he said, and with that, he sank his dick into Cheryl. While it wasn't the biggest she has had, it was fairly long and unusually wide. As she was filled up and their pubic bones began to mash against each other, he started working on her breasts again with his hands. Cheryl loves to have her tits grabbed while screwing. No way he could have known that, but a lot of women do too, so I guess he just knew that from his other clients. After both he and Cheryl had a mind-blowing orgasm, he pulled his cock out, encouraged Cheryl to leave her legs relaxed and open, and then went back to massaging her vagina, this time using the creampie of their mixed juices as a lubricant. He did this for a few minutes until Cheryl's tummy quivered with a gentle second orgasm. He then sensuously cleaned her up with a towel and helped her up off the table. He told us that the charge was $100. We had already agreed, but Cheryl insisted that we give him a $50 tip since he had relaxed her more than she had thought possible. He left, and we watched the video and then invited our next door neighbor over to watch it again with us. Our neighbor told us the same thing happened to her at Larry's shop, and now she was going to schedule another session with him right away. Talking about it got us worked up, so the three of us had a little fun that night, but that is another story.
  13. I had been into swinging for just under two years when I got a wild hair and decided to try seducing a couple of mutual friends into a couple of threesomes. Sam is a young man who had been doing Salli’s hair for three years. Heather was a lovely young massage therapist I had been seeing twice monthly for about as long. It was always apparent to me that Salli’s curiosity about Sam’s sexuality was pretty close to mine about Heather… and mine was considerable! After dinner one evening I dimmed the lights, sat on the couch with Salli and began telling her about my plan. We would spend the next weekend at a rustic B&B not far from town. In addition to our nature walks and special dinners, I had arranged for us to be pampered. Sam would give her a haircut and total makeover. And Heather would come and give each of us a full massage. It would be up to us to see if we could bed them. She wasn’t so sure we could pull it off, but, cat-like, began rubbing herself against me and kissing my neck. I unbuttoned her dress, and it fell sensuously open exposing her breasts, stomach, and long creamy legs. She was wearing white silk panties over which I lightly slipped my hand. Nibbling her ear I told her I had little doubt that Sam would love to make love with her. I pressed on her hardened clitoris and could feel the sexual heat rising from her. She squirmed and, stroking my balls, told me that she was sure Heather’s interest in me was more than just her imagination. She consented to my arrangements …as long as we were discrete. Then she slipped down to give me blow job that seemed more imaginative than usual. After work the following Friday we left town exhausted, as usual, from the week’s work but looking forward to our weekend. The drive took less than an hour. After putting our things in our room, we took time for a brief walk in the summer air, ate dinner in a cozy Italian cafe and found ourselves back in our room by 7:30. We slipped into the large warm bath, sipped Scotch and cajoled suggestively for about an hour before going to bed and making love. Saturday morning was spent lounging, reading, talking and listening to music. About noon we went for a walk along a small river, returning to our room about 3:00. At 3:15 there was a knock on the door. It was Sam. I poured drinks for all while Salli went into the bedroom and returned wearing her white satin robe. Having the young man in the room caused me to take greater notice of the sensual nature of the thin material clinging to and outlining her breasts, stomach, hips, and thighs as she moved across the room, took a seat in an overstuffed chair and crossed her legs. After she’d taken a few sips from her drink, Sam asked her to sit in a straight chair near the window so he could begin working on her hair. Her curiosity about what would next was apparent in flashing eyes that for the first few minutes continued to search mine for clues about how do we get from this to sex? But familiarity with Sam’s routine soon led to relaxed pleasure. She closed her eyes, leaned back in the chair and purred. I enjoyed watching him work with quick precision. Salli’s bliss was obvious in her ever-present smile and bright humor punctuating their conversation. As he worked around her, he brushed her leg with his causing her robe to fall off one leg. She gave her exposed thigh a quick glance, then looked at me, but she did not put it back. I just smiled and sipped my Scotch. Her hardened nipples poked from beneath the white satin. Sam’s state of arousal was becoming obvious too; a fact that he did little to hide. We continued our light conversation about movies, fads, jobs, the economy and gossiped about people in town. And it was fascinating to watch the care and talent he demonstrated so effortlessly as we talked. As we loosened up conversation became increasingly suggestive. I was getting turned on watching the flirtation between Sam and Salli becoming more blatantly sexual. She’d pat his ass, he’d slide his erection along her shoulder, and then they’d offer melodramatic accusations and apologies. Adjusting herself in the chair and uncrossed her legs her robe slipped off her other leg exposing the triangle of mint green panties. Sam immediately stepped between her compliant thighs to, "Get a better angle on her bangs," thus, exposing her feminine charms even more. He finished her hair and facial at 4:30. Her hair was cut much shorter with a more sculpted style and made her up in darker colors that gave her an incredibly "bitchy" look. "You really look fantastic" I commented as Salli surveyed herself in the mirror before excusing herself to the bathroom. "I’ll say," Sam said to no one in particular, taking a deep sip of his drink. "Actually too good. But," pausing to give me a searching look, "I hope you don’t think I got carried away by some of the comments I made." "As a matter of fact, you haven’t." I paused for effect. "And I hope I don’t offend you either." "hat the hell does that mean?" he questioned joining me on the small couch. "Be honest with me," I said with unwavering eye contact. "You’d you like to bed her, wouldn’t you?" I could have knocked him off his chair with a feather. When he resumed breathing he let me know that she was one of his fantasies. In Fact his acceptance of my invitation to come today was done with some vague sense of sexual adventure. "This is a first for us," I said refilling our drinks, "but she’s yours if you want her. When Salli returns, all’s fair. She’s anxious as hell about this, but I can tell she is damned pumped up." "You’re not shitting me, are you?" he stated, guarded and nervous taking a long gulp of his drink and folding his arms across his chest. "I once ended up making it with a couple of girls at the same time, but that was one of those accidents that just happened to work out my senior year in high school. This is different." I winked and shrugged. Salli returned, took a long sip of her drink and sat on the coffee table in front of us. For a couple nervous seconds, we sat quietly. Salli stared out the window with occasional involuntary smiles springing to her lips. Her perfect breasts were silhouetted in the soft sunlight penetrating her satin robe. "Come sit here between us," I said moving over slightly and patting the space between Sam and myself. Salli blushed, and her nipples jutted through the thin fabric. Her eyes flashed back and forth between Sam and me as she stood. The inability to imagine the fantasy vanished as she slipped lightly into the space between us grinning nervously. Sam and I folded around her. Salli lifted a hand to each of our cheeks and pulled our faces towards her’s. She alternately accepted our kisses into her soft, wet mouth. Her back arched as our hands, moved simultaneously from her tummy, across her ribs and cupped her breasts. She shuddered as we gently fondled her breasts. I loosened the belt to Salli’s robe. It dropped open exposing her, naked except for tiny, sheer panties. As I kissed her deeply and watched Sam run his tongue along her neck, shoulder, and areola. I could feel her heart racing as I kissed her neck. Her firm tits heaved as she breathed deeply. As our hands inched across her tummy towards her snatch,.she squirmed and stretched her legs out straight. The thin fabric molded itself to the sexy contours of her swollen love mound. Sam and I continued to touch her lightly along her thighs and over her pussy. Her breathing was reaching near orgasmic levels as she stretched further and splayed her legs. Her wetness began to show through the delicate fabric. With our help, Salli worked the fly of each of our pants open. As our erect dicks sprung free, her small soft hands masturbated us simultaneously. Sam slipped his hand into the top of her panties as I slid mine in through a leg opening. Our fingers met in the humid dampness, then moved slowly over her furry pubic bone. She was wet and hot. Fingers from two different hands slipped into her easily as her passion peaked even higher. Salli moaned and beat us faster. Biting her ear, I said, "I want you to suck my cock." Salli kissed me one more time and eased herself to the floor where she lustily sucked and stroked my rod. Looking at Sam, I could see his excitement and fascination with her ass that was arching and swaying tantalizingly. Slowly I pulled her robe up. As her ass with a thin line of the thong disappearing between her cheeks came into view, Sam looked at me with questioning eyes. I simply nodded encouragement. Rather clumsily he kicked off his shoes and stood to remove his pants. Then he knelt behind Salli and began kissing, rubbing and humping her ass as he slipped off her panties. She worked my dick faster and deeper as she spread her legs and arched her back eager for his shaft to fill her. Sam slipped the head of his dick up and down her slit several times. It glistened with her juices. He then shoved it to the hilt in a single motion groaning with pleasure and began slamming into her ass with the strength and speed of a young stud. Our excitement rose rapidly, and in just a few minutes our mutual climaxes brought all of us to a state of blissful paralysis, and we settled in a sweaty, tangled pile on the floor. Salli was sprawled on her back between us. Sam curled around her left side and cupped her breast. I squeezed in at an angle on her right side with my right leg under her but over her left leg with my cock and balls pressed tightly against her crotch. As we began to recover from our tremendous orgasm, Sam started to fondling the nipple of her breast. Salli began to respond, and we pressed ourselves together. As the tension grew we humped harder. Sam leaned forward and placed a series of kisses from her nipple up to her lip, and then back again. Salli grabbed my cock and guided it into her, then took Sam’s face in both hands and began exchanging a long, lapping kiss with him. As the intensity of our fucking increased, she grabbed his pecks and urged him to slide up. As he did, she kissed him inch by inch along his chest and stomach. A look of great anticipation filled his eyes as she licked his balls and the side of his erect cock. As she took him deep into her mouth Sam’s head and eyes rolled back as he savored the delightful sensations arising through his body. As our sexual momentum intensified Sam lifted himself slightly and rotated around to return Salli’s oral favors while I pumped in and out harder. The feeling of his hot breath on my balls and the occasional slip of his tongue on my cock, while he licked her pussy ever deeper, brought me even more quickly to an exploding orgasm. Their sexual urgency continued to mount as mine began to subside and I was soon shaken out of Salli’s cunt. I rolled back and watched as they took each other to climax. Sam held his tongue tightly against Salli’s pulsating love button while she drank his load in a series of long, sensuous gulps. Again we fell into a sweaty, tangled mass of arms and legs and slipped into a deep and timeless dream state. At some undeterminable time during my dream state, I was aware of Salli and Sam getting up and going into the bedroom. Shortly the sounds of love-making drifted through the door and seemed to go on endlessly as I faded in and out of sleep. I eventually awoke to a dimly lit room. It was like coming out of a trance. Slowly, I became fully focused and checked the clock. It was 6:48. I knew we would have to hurry to make dinner. Turning on a lamp, I found a note left by Sam thanking us for a wonderful afternoon and suggesting we "get together" again some time … soon! More energetically than I thought possible Salli awakened when I kissed her cheek. We showered and went about the routine of getting ourselves ready for dinner occasionally stopping to kiss. It was a wonder to me that in spite of all of the afternoon’s activity we were very easily aroused. It would have been easy to order a meal in, but I had made other plans for the evening. Dinner was a joy. The meal was, as usual, prepared perfectly and presented in relaxed elegance. Our conversation was as comfortable as it had ever been. Laughter seemed always to be just beneath the surface and flowed out with ease. After dinner, we strolled along the street studying and commenting on items in the windows of the shops returning to our room at 9:00. We changed into robes and set about putting some order back into our room. I filled the large Jacuzzi tub that sat in an alcove at the far end of the room. At 9:20 there was a knock at our door. It was Heather. I held the door for her as she entered with her portable massage table in hand. She boldly greeted us, "Hi Bill, Hi Salli" and proceeded to set up her table and to talk in her bubbly tone about how excited she was to have been asked to be part of this special weekend and about getting lost a couple times on her way to the inn. Patting the assembled table, she bubbled, "Ready. Who’s first?" "Salli," I replied handing Heather a glass of wine. With a shrug, Salli dropped her robe and laid face down on the table. Heather draped a large white towel over Salli’s back and began by spreading oil over her legs and feet. Soon she was diligently at work. The rapid onset of deep relaxation that spread over Salli was a clear indication that Heather was an expert. I removed my robe and settled into the tub to watch my beautiful wife being cared for so expertly. Our apparent lack of inhibition must have put Heather at ease as she, warming up through the vigorous nature of her work, took off her shoes and light blue sweat suit, and continued working wearing a revealing white terry cloth jumper. Her own beautiful figure, slightly shorter and fuller than Salli’s, was a pleasure to watch, and the variety of bending and reaching positions she assumed soon had my heart rate racing ahead. In about half an hour Heather finished with Salli then sat at the edge of the Jacuzzi to visit and finish her glass of wine with me. Slowly Salli sat up sleepily and thanked Heather. Salli and I traded places, and I received a wonderful massage. Although very relaxed I was unable to resist the occasional temptation to enjoy the sight of her breasts as she manipulated my pecks and abdominal muscles. Of course, she could always tell when I was looking and would rub her hand down my face to close my eyes. When the massage was completed, I returned to the Jacuzzi with Salli. Heather began to put away her equipment. I asked her to join us and have another glass of wine. She was hesitant at first choosing to sit on the edge of the tub and talk. After a couple of minutes, she said, "What the hell," slipped out of her jumper, and eased herself into the warm, bubbly water. Her manner suggested that she had some doubts about this situation but if we were game, so was she. Gradually the warmth the water and the wine sufficiently reduced our inhibitions. We began getting increasingly suggestive in our talk and jokes. Physical contact below the water changed from an occasional quasi-accidental touch to intentional caresses starting with each other’s feet but progressing to ever more erogenous areas as trust and excitement mounted. Emboldened by the circumstances and reaching a level of heightened sexual urgency, I kissed Salli and whispered in her ear that I would like to fuck Heather. "Then fuck her," she whispered back biting my ear. With that I let my desires dictate my actions. In a moment of truth, I took Heather’s hand and pulled her towards me. She moved across the tub effortlessly, turned easily as I guided her, and sat on my lap. My erect dick between her thighs she reached down and pushed my shaft against her pussy but looked at Salli with questioning eyes. Salli moved close hugging us both as she said, "It’s all right." Heather was suddenly shaking with excitement. She rubbed my cock across her pussy and humped it hard for a short time before rising up just enough to get the head of my penis to the opening of her swollen opening. She then sat down slowly purring with pleasure as I rubbed her clit with one hand and her nipples with the other. We fucked this way for some time, then I turned her around so we could kiss and she could press her firm breasts against me while we enjoyed our bliss. Finally, we climaxed we fell into a threesome hug with Salli who had been caressing us with light strokes and kisses. Obviously, voyeurism was a big turn on for Salli. As Heather slipped from my lap, Salli straddled my legs facing me. She brought her breasts to my lips and got my crank hard again by rubbing it furiously on her clit. As she brought herself to orgasm, she shoved my sore, but still hard dick into her hot depths squeezing herself and throbbing pussy tightly around me. As her passion subsided, I pulled Heather close to us. At first, we silently swayed. Then we hugged even tighter and began laughing. Finally, I said, "I’m getting waterlogged. Let’s dry off and get into bed." There was no hesitation now, and soon we were warm and dry, and I had two beautiful women with whom to kiss and touch and have intercourse for hours until we all fell asleep. I imagined several times that it would be fun to watch the women make love, but neither indicated an interest. When I awoke the next morning Heather and her table were gone. It was a "pinch me, I must be dreaming" kind of awakening. But even if it was just a dream, I did not want to mess with it. Getting up to piss and get a drink of water I found a note from Heather. It read: To the two most beautiful people I know, Thank you. I have always held you in high esteem. Now, in my heart, I hold you higher. I do not know if another time like the one we shared last night will ever be possible. If so, I look forward to it with more excitement than Christmas. If not, thank you for my fondest memory. H.
  14. I was in my mid-twenties, I was living with my girlfriend in Singapore at the time. We are both Caucasians and had been living in Singapore for a couple years then. We had a great sex life and were very open with our fantasies and kinky side. She loved sex a lot, and she was equally bi, but she would try to hold back from exploring her sexuality because the social circle of friends and family wouldn't understand or approve of it. But since we were far away from home in a foreign country, I encouraged her to go out and meet other girls. I could see she loved me for that because she was shy and all she needed was the support and approval and perhaps the push from me to make her explore that side of her which she loved but was trying to suppress. A few months after she was going out and putting herself out there, she had a couple experiences with a couple of females and then she met a very attractive younger woman who was a university student. I could feel she fell head over heels for her. They started spending a lot of time together, and my girlfriend was almost like a sugar mummy in this relationship taking her girlfriend to dinners and drinks and even buying her gifts. I was very happy for her. She would tell me all about the hot sex they had but only when I pushed her to tell me about it. It felt to me like she wanted to have that experience for herself only and didn't want to include me in it, she had a very possessive personality. I started to feel a bit left out. They would have very hot and steamy sex in bed while I was sleeping next to them, but never did she offer to include me, I felt she was a bit selfish. She would only want to have sex with each one of us separately so she could enjoy the experience for herself only. Anyhow this was a major turn on for me especially that she broke off that taboo and was acting naturally and openly not being judged, she was very happy, and everything felt great. This was when the idea started coming to me that perhaps I should also explore my bisexual side. It was more the kinky and taboo side of it that turned me on rather than the emotional or romantic side. I don't think I am emotionally attracted to men, it's more the feeling that I am doing something wrong or naughty. We were very open about our sexual fantasies, and we had discussed a lot of kinky scenarios, but I could quickly feel that the idea of me getting involved with another guy was repulsive to her. So I didn't discuss any further with her because I didn't find the support. Although in hindsight if I were more open about it or even more persistent, she would have probably come around the idea. However, I didn't want her ever to hold something against me that she could, later on, use against me which would undermine my macho status in the relationship. The more I tried to not think about this, the more the urge became to explore it until one night I decided to go to a massage parlor with male masseurs. I didn't know what to expect but knowing that I would be completely naked in the presence of another male was already a breakthrough for me as it crossed a taboo. I was laying naked on my stomach on the massage table, and the young masseur was topless wearing tight sports shorts. He was very fit. Quickly I could feel the sexual tension building up, the guy's cock kept brushing against my arm as he was moving around the massage table. Perhaps it was intentional from his side or just happened by accident, but I was getting very much turned on by the whole situation. Things kept heating up as he touched my lower back and slowly made his way to my buttocks, gently massaging my legs and into my inner thighs, and again his pinky would accidentally yet very subtly touch my balls or my cock or close to my anus, and it was hot as fuck. He asked me to turn around on my back, as I was turning around he could see that my erection was in full size, it didn't take very long, but his head dove to my cock and he started sucking me hard. I was in delirium, something I never experienced before. Although I wouldn't consider myself bi at all, I always thought it was the mental fuck about exploring with another guy that turned me on, the taboo, the cheating aspect, etc. But I have to say, the physical aspect was soooo good also. While I was laying on my back, I moved my head forward, took off his shorts, and started sucking him. It all happened very naturally without any exchange of words. His cock tasted so good. I always wondered how my girlfriend felt when sucking my cock and sometimes watching her enjoy it so much made me wonder if it was just acting or whether it was really sexually pleasing for the person giving a BJ. After I sucked the guy's cock, I was so surprised to discover a new form of sexual pleasure that I never knew existed, it was one of those eureka moments. At this stage I was in nirvana, the ecstasy I was in was indescribable. I wanted more. I asked the guy to fuck me, I now wanted to feel his cock inside me. I felt so naughty, and I felt like a slut. I wanted to be abused. He went to get a condom, but it felt like an absolute eternity before he came back. I was so horny and hot, and I was touching myself fantasizing about what just happened, by the time he came back and put the condom on, I was almost ready to explode. He tried to slide his cock inside me but I have not done anything like this before, and my asshole wasn't relaxed enough for him to enter me. So it took a while, and before he could shove his cock inside me, the touch of his dick on my anus made me quiver, and I came so hard, I was exploding of pleasure. The sight of me cumming so hard must have turned him on so much cause he came and started licking the cum off my body. He started to masturbate super hard, and in a short period of time, he came over my body. It was one of the most sexually fulfilling experiences I have ever had. After that I went to quickly have a shower, dressed, paid him, and left. I never told my girlfriend about it because I didn't think she would understand and I was scared it would undermine me in our relationship. I was very macho and dominating, partly because I felt my girlfriend wanted me to play that role. Had she been the strong, assertive woman in our relationship, then I would have probably been more open to her about the whole thing. Overall the experience was one of the best I have had. Although later on I have had one more experience with another guy while my wife was traveling, but I didn't really enjoy it. I think what would really turn me on is a MMF threesome experience. The following years we have had a few more sexual encounters in the swinging scene, we had moved back to Europe then, and we started frequenting one of the nearby swingers clubs. But it felt it was me pushing my partner who had become my wife by then. I knew she loved sex a lot and was open-minded but we also had our own trust issues in the relationship, and we were fighting a lot about it. She confessed to me that while we were doing the long-distance relationship that she slept with several guys and she had couple regular fuck buddies. Part of me was very turned on by the cheating aspect of it, of how forthcoming she was with other men, how hungry for sex she was. The other part of me felt betrayed. I tried to reconcile those two by talking about how kinky it would be for her to be with other guys, almost reconciling my two feelings which I guess would make me a cuckold. But my macho part would never allow it to happen. The fact that she went behind my back to cheat was the bit I could never get over with. I loved her so much, but I couldn't forgive her. Had she come clean herself or had she discussed her desires with me, then I would have been ok about the whole thing perhaps even getting sexual pleasure from it myself. I think she wasn't forthcoming about her feelings or her fantasies and wasn't assertive. I wish she could talk to me in a more dom tone. So the few times we went to a swingers club, my wife was probably feeling a mixture of guilt of her cheating on me, so she wanted to please me by going with me. I assured her that I am over it, that she could turn this cheating aspect of her into something kinky and enjoyable for both of us if only she would be more open and communicated what's on her mind. That she shouldn't suppress her feelings, that I would be supportive etc. But she never really opened up. And that kind of bothered me because I felt I was pushing her to do something, although I knew she would actually very much enjoy it if she just let go, just when she was enjoying discovering her bi side. I was also partly to blame, the one time she was letting go of her inhibitions while we were at a swingers club, one guy was eating her pussy while I was with another girl. Although we never discussed clearly what the rules were or the boundaries, we were just happy to explore and to take it slow and always include each other in whatever swinging activity we got involved in. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to be fucked by the guy who was eating her. That kind of took me by surprise, and I was a bit unprepared. I wasn't at a stage where I was willing to have my wife shared by another guy yet. So I kind of blocked the situation from happening, and the guy shortly left afterward. I could see that my wife was very sexually frustrated but also angry because she felt that I was pushing her out of her comfort zone and when she finally was there, I betrayed her trust by making her feel guilty about the whole thing. After that incident, it felt that she didn't want to explore the Lifestyle anymore and that was very devastating for me because it was by far the most exciting thing that we were doing in our routine daily lives. Things started to fall apart from there, we were fighting more regularly, and my wife was constantly depressed. The situation kept getting worse and worse until we got a divorce in the end. It was devastating for both of us. Our sex life was fantastic, we were very fond of each other, but I think in the end what killed the relationship is the lack of communication.
  15. "Hi Kris," Barb said. I had put the last of the mattresses into place and was just sitting there watching Sylvia reaching high to fasten the end of a garland to the wall. Reaching made her ample naked boobs stand out so fetchingly. Barb and Pam interrupted my depraved reverie as I was thinking about what I'd like to do to her later. Barb continued, "Hey, we're about done setting up for tomorrow's party, and Pam said she was a bit sore from all the stretching. I think she could use one of your massages. Think so?" Pam is new to the club, her second party, but she and her husband plunged right in, already having had at least four full swaps that I knew of. She's tall, about 5'10", olive complexion with short brunette hair with bangs. A tad on the plump side, but just the right curves, and a smile to melt the hardest heart. Her small perky, pointy breasts called out to me almost as much as her thick, well-trimmed pussy fur. I stood and gave her and Barb a standard FMC hug, enjoying the feeling of two so different boobs pressing at me from opposite sides. "Sure, Pam. I'd love to," I said. "Any time I can give pleasure to a lovely lady, I'll jump at the chance." Pam's smile gave me a very warm feeling inside. Barb said she had to set up the cams over the video bed, gave me a light kiss, and left me with Pam. I spread a sheet on the mattress and bid her to lie down on her tummy, which she did. Beginning with a neck and shoulder rub, I started a quiet patois, complimenting her on her lovely smile, her figure, her hair, lots of things. We talked the whole while, but I did most of the talking, and most of that was saying nice things about her. "Try to relax," I told her, "your neck and shoulders are so tense." As I rubbed and kneaded her shoulders, she began to loosen up. From her neck, my fingers strayed to her lovely hair. The scalp massage seemed to loosen her up even more. The massage then progressed back to her neck, shoulders, then to her back, slowly working down to her bum. She got a thorough leg rub too, and I took the time to massage her feet. When she responded with "Hmmmmmm" and "Yeeeess," I made sure that I did an extra good job on her feet. Working back up to her shoulders and neck, I found her very relaxed, so it was time to shift gears. I began soft tickles with just the tips of my fingers, just lightly tickling everywhere I could reach. When she began to shudder, I switched to light rubbing then back to tickling again until she shuddered again. I made sure that the tickling included her most sensitive areas, her neck, ears, eyes, sides of her breasts and her bum, especially that place just above the crack of her ass. Judging by her purring sounds, she was enjoying it. While I tickled, I kissed and nibbled on her ears and neck, all the time keeping up the compliments. I also told her how it felt to me to touch her. I told her of the warm feeling growing inside me, about how it felt so good for her to let me touch her so freely. She shuddered when I nibbled her ear, and I shuddered back. I thanked her for that pleasure she'd given me. I straddled her thighs to continue the teasing massage. I let my flaccid dick flow across her ass as I moved back and forth with the massage. She seemed to like that. The teasing massage went on for quite some time. She seemed to get into it, especially when I did her scalp, her neck, and sides of her breasts. I leaned down to nibble on her neck and ear and whispered to her: "Are you ready for the same treatment on your front?" She answered with a purring "Hmmmm" and turned over. Now my dangling prick was engulfed in her luxurious pussy fur, a definite turn-on for me since women that hairy are a rarity nowadays. I continued the same tickling, teasing massage only now it was from her front. I kept tickling her neck and ears, lightly, ever so lightly on her breasts, her tummy and back again. She quivered when I stroked her arms. She shivered more when I stroked her breasts, her neck, her scalp, her eyes, her lips. Climbing off of her, to her side, I could extend the teasing to her legs and feet. I was careful not to dally long over her pussy or nipples, but I did lots of stroking on the rest of her boobs and around her pussy. I kept at the tickling just a teasing touching for quite a while. My talk was becoming more "Hmm yessss" and heavy breathing, but I made sure to describe the exquisite feelings I was getting from touching her. When I felt the time was right, I began nibbling on her neck and ears as I continued the teasing. Her hand found my cock, it was just the right place to do that. She didn't try to jack it, she just held it and fondled both it and my balls, sending even bigger chills through me. I kissed her neck, nibbled her ears, kissed her eyes, and just brushed my lips over hers. She shuddered deeply. I asked if I could kiss her lovely nipples? She answered with a definite nod and a loud "Yessss!". Kissing, nibbling, and licking her nipples sent chills all through me and I told her so. She shivered mightily too. As I went round robin, kissing her nipples, ears, neck, eyes, lips ever so lightly, my fingers explored all around her lovely pussy. When I told her how much it thrilled me to be able to touch her pussy, she responded by opening her legs to give me better access. My fingers did dally over her pussy lips. But mostly I tickled around them and down her thighs. By this time she was writhing to my touch and thrusting lightly with her pelvis. As I was tickling her and kissing her round robin, I made it a point to include a soft pinch, outside her pussy but enclosing her clit. Not so much a pinch as a fondle. It became a kind of clit massage from outside as I kissed and tongued her breasts, her neck, eyes, ears, lips. I kissed her lips lightly then backed away to make solid eye contact. I told her how exciting it was to me to be able to touch her this way. She reached forward and kissed me long and luxuriously. I couldn't help giving a little quiver from the intensity of her kiss, and she followed suit. I began the clit massage again and backed away to regain eye contact. "I would love to kiss you down here, Pam. Would that be OK with you?" I asked. She answered, "Yeah, eat me. Go ahead and eat me, Kris. Taste me, I want you too!" I teased her by continuing the tickling and kissing down her via her eyes, ears, neck, boobs, tummy. She seemed in more of a hurry than I was. I just took my time. Finally nuzzling her pussy fur, I told her what a privilege it was to be able to share this with her. She moaned then told me, no demanded, that I should eat her now. Her legs were as wide open as she could get them. Teasingly, I raised up and kissed her lips again. As I began to kiss down her using the same path, she told me repeatedly to eat her. "Now!" she almost yelled. Still, I took my time and enjoyed her nipples, and I especially enjoyed the shudder she gave me when I kissed and licked right between her boobs. When I got down there again, I nuzzled her bush and reveled in the heady womanly smell emanating from her most precious place. I entered between her pussy lips with my tongue and began alternately to nibble her lips and lightly lash her clit with my tongue. She constantly moaned as I licked at her gently. I could feel her pussy pulse and loosen. Feeling her shudders from inside her sent massive chills down my back. Her hand on my cock and balls aroused me too but not as much as feeling her tension rise. I told her so. Sensing the last moments before an oncoming climax for, I sucked her clit between my lips and lashed it with my tongue. She went completely tense for a moment, then her pussy muscles pulsed strongly and repeatedly as she writhed massively and groaned loudly enough to attract everyone's attention. She kept this up for quite a while before she simply went limp in my arms. I kept licking until she pulled away. Pulling her to her side, I slipped in behind her and, hugging her tightly, I slipped my erect cock into her hot wet pussy. I hugged and tickled her until she started breathing normally. I wasn't steadily thrusting into her, just moving slightly from time to time and just thrusting once in a while to maintain an erection. I whispered to her about all the things I had enjoyed with her. I told her how wonderful she tasted and how much it turned me on to feel her vaginal contractions with my lips and tongue. I told her how wonderful she was and that I'd love to do this again and again. We lay there for quite a while, just fondling and mumbling things to one another. I thanked her profusely. After a while, she pulled away from me, rolling to her back. She opened her legs and asked me to "Fuck me now, Kris. I want you to cum in me this time. I want to feel your come in my pussy." How could I refuse such a request? I kissed her pussy again, giving her a little moan to let her know how good it felt. Then I kissed my way up to her boobs, her neck, nibbled her ear, kissed her eyes then lightly kissed her. That light kiss turned into a humongous deep passionate kiss as our tongues explored for hidden pleasures. My cock just naturally found its way into her hot wet pussy, and I couldn't resist immediately thrusting several times. Not having had sex for several days, and after our warmup session together, I knew that I wouldn't last long this time. I buried my cock into her as deeply as it would go, aided by helping her pull her legs apart and back toward her shoulders as far as they would go. When I knew I was as deep as I could possibly get, I gave several hard short thrusts, maximizing my stimulation and hers. She began to use her vaginal muscles to milk my cock, and I couldn't handle it anymore. Both of us moaning through our deep kiss, we came together. That feeling spread from my groin until my neck tensed and tingled and my teeth itched, it was so intense. We rocked and thrust and held onto one another, sharing a great, lovely time together. I felt a horrible disappointment as her pussy muscles forced my now limp prick out. It was like saying goodbye to a good friend. We finally relaxed together, and I nuzzled her ear, whispering thank you repeatedly. We rocked back and forth together for quite a while. Seeing the lights go out in the hall, we knew we'd have to separate, and again I felt like I was saying goodbye to a good friend. She giggled and asked me if I did house calls? I answered, "Any time you like." The next day, Joanne, another one or our friends, called. She'd had to have her car towed to the shop and asked me if I could pick her up and bring her to Pam's party that night. Even though it was at least ten miles out of the way, I readily agreed. Barb had left for a month's worth of avionics training in Akron, and just the thought of missing her in my sex life was making me a little horny already. Not to worry about Barb's sex life. The sex club we were members of started at what's now Wright Patterson AFB in 1939, and Akron still has a very active branch, so she would be partying nearly every night. Joanne is a lovely lady and a dear friend, so I was happy to bring her to the party. We had a great conversation during the forty-minute drive to the party. She'd spent all day on her feet, between walking the half mile from the garage and running her bookstore one clerk short all day, she was wiped out. She even considered missing the party, but I convinced her to go. I agreed to take her home if she wasn't up to staying. There were four couples and two single guys at the party when we got to Pam's place. Joanne and I checked out the buffet and watched the others for a while, but she just wasn't in the mood. I talked her into trying the hot tub to soothe her sore muscles, and that did help. I asked her why she spent the whole day on her feet in high heels? She responded that, sure, they hurt her feet and make her very tired, but they are so damned pretty. Can't argue with logic like that. After a bit of conversation, I reached down, pulled one of her feet to my lap, and proceeded to give her a nice foot rub. I like giving foot rubs to young ladies. For some reason, it gives them a look of pleasure that competes with sex. We sat there talking about nothing special, both of us enjoying the foot rub until she noted that we were starting to get pruny from being in the water so long. I think both of us enjoyed the mutual toweling as we dried off. We didn't bother getting dressed, you know the dress code at our parties. By that time the party had really gotten started in the living room. Pam was into a very interesting MMFM on the rug; there were couples, triples, and quads in various stages of undress doing various things, the sight of which kind of perked me up. Joanne, on the other hand, was still too tired to get excited just then. I asked her if she'd liked the foot rub? She told me she loved it. "Then how about one of my back rubs?" I asked. She smiled: "That would be delightful, Rusty. It should either get me started or put me to sleep." I led her into the other part of the house, where we finally found an empty bed. I gave her a big naked hug and led her to lie down on her tummy. I kneeled beside the bed and slowly began touching her back and legs. "Oh, you feel very tense," I told her. "Let's see if we can make you relax, shall we." She just "HMMMMM'ed," in response. I began at her neck and shoulders, kneading, prodding, touching, getting her shoulder muscles to be not so tense. I tried to carry on an ongoing conversation. Mostly it was suggestions to relax, compliments on her loveliness to the counterpoint of her soft, pleasure-filled "Hmmm mmmm". Working down her body I massaged her back, her bum, and her legs, trying to get her relaxed. When I felt her shoulders still tense, I climbed up onto the bed with her, straddling her hips so that I could really get into massaging her shoulders. Doing that from the side is kind of hard to get into. I told her that finally, she was beginning to relax a bit. She responded with another HMMMMM. It wasn't sexual…..yet…. but it was very sensuous. Once she had really relaxed, but before she fell asleep, I switched gears a little. As I ran my fingers through her soft dark curly hair, finger-massaging her scalp, I told her how good it felt to muss up her hair like I was doing. I told her how soft and lovely her hair was and how much I enjoyed being able to touch her. She seemed to like the massage as well as the words. I have to say that I wasn't lying. I do dearly love to touch and massage women. My primary sense is touch, so her letting me do this was a huge turn on. I told her as much in a slow, soft voice; not in real sentences, but in semi-connected phrases as they came to mind. My fingers strayed to her face and neck, lightly touching and tickling her ears, neck, face, lips, wherever my fingers wanted to roam. I kept the touches soft, light, and slow, enjoying every moment and letting her know that. She began to breathe deeply, slowly, Had she fallen asleep? No, she was periodically interrupting her breaths with some short twitches, especially when I tickled her ears, her closed eyes, and under her chin. All this time, my penis, my short, only semi-hard penis, was resting comfortably on her bum, absorbing her tired relaxation. Only reluctantly, I moved off of her to her side so that I could reach all of her. I began to rub her back with medium pressure, just touching and transmitting my feelings through my hands. I covered all of her with my massaging fingers from her toes to her scalp, and everywhere in between that I could reach. I continued to tell her how lovely she was and how much pleasure this was giving me. Slowly I switched to a softer, almost tickling touch all over her. Those little twitches began occurring more often, especially when I would tickle the sides of her breasts, her bum, her neck, her lips. I have to admit to being quite excited but restrained myself, knowing that this pleasure could go on for quite a while if I were to control my ardor. Barb and others had taught me well. Enjoy the experience, enjoy everything. An orgasm lasts, what? A few seconds? The joy of touching and sharing can go on and on and on and on if you are careful. I continued to nibble her ears and neck, licking her neck lightly, and kissing her eyes. She seemed to like that. And I tried to be careful. My touches became more light, real tickling all over her. When I began to feel her tense up, I would continue to tickle until she asked me to scratch her back, that the tickling was too intense. Then I would switch to a firm rubbing or soft scruffing, scratching, to wipe out the tickling. I was careful, though, to avoid scratching or rubbing down the middle of her back. I've learned that avoiding that one spot triggers a need for satisfaction that grows each time I scratch her back to counter the tickling but miss that one spot. I know that drives me crazy when Barb does that to me. After a few cycles of that, her requests got more and more insistent. A few more cycles and she became very insistent, so I gratified her with a soft scratching and rubbing up and down the small of her back, the place I'd been avoiding, the place that really needed relief. When I finally did the deed, she moaned her approval. At this point, a gentle nudge got her to turn over onto her back. I leaned back to look at her, at all of her. I couldn't resist telling her how beautiful she was. I kissed her on the cheek, then brushed her lips with mine. At the same time, I ran my fingers over her body in that same tickling touch I'd used on her back. Her Hmmmmmmms and moans became a bit more intense and more often. My fingers, when they passed over her breasts, triggered tiny spasms. I bypassed her pussy but tickled all around and around everywhere but there. I told her again and again how happy I was that she was letting me touch her. She responded by reaching her head up to give me a little kiss. I responded, and soon our kisses were more animated, more passionate. By this time, her little twitches, that had turned to tiny spasms, had become honest to goodness shudders as I continued the touching, tickling, feeling. I could feel waves of heat building up and flowing through my body. I could imagine something similar happening to Joanne. She took my hand and moved it to her pussy area, suggesting something I'd been teasing her with but avoiding. I began by muffling her muff. Of course, I told her how much I was enjoying the feeling of her sharing that with me. I tickled all around, between her legs. I played my fingers over her outer lips, tweaking them slightly, which elicited a few hip thrusts from her. I tried something Olivia had shown me. I put my fingers on either side of her pussy, right near the top and squeezed softly, running my fingers back and forth to kind of cause her outer lips to rub at her clit as I kissed her. Suddenly Joanne moaned loudly and thrust her whole body at me in several huge shudders. She voiced a unique little squeak each time she thrusted. I kept up the finger massaging as she was obviously cumming powerfully. After a few moments of thrashing about, she relaxed almost suddenly. I resumed my tickling and kissing as I could feel her relax. I thanked her for sharing her feelings with me and told her how wonderful it felt to me to be able to touch her and kiss her. For some moments, she was relaxing, then after a while of my continued ministrations, she began to respond again. She was back to writhing around, encouraging me to touch her, to kiss her, to tickle her. The tension was getting to me. My feelings were on overload from all the togetherness. I asked her if I could kiss her down there? She smiled, nodded her head and said: "Hmmmmmm….. yesssssss". Slowly I kissed my way down her body, her ears, her neck, all around her breasts, her nipples, back to her eyes then lips, then again to her nipples. Climbing between her open legs, I placed my hand on her pussy, and she opened her legs more to let me in. A finger inside her vagina and roving pressure by the palm of my hand seemed to get her attention as I nibbled her nipples and tongued all about her breasts. Another visit to kiss her neck and nibble her ears, another sensuous kiss, another bout of nibbling her nipples and I headed further south. I began with a sloppy kiss on her very wet pussy lips then began a quick but soft series of licks to the top of her slit. I can't tell you how great it felt to be able to kiss her there. I did take the time, though, to move up, kiss her on the lips and tell her as best as I could how wonderful it made me feel. I went back to that rapid soft tickling of the top of her pussy, and suddenly she got incredible wet, even wetter than before. She groaned and squealed and humped my face with thrusting hips. I could feel her pussy pulse as I continued to lick and kiss her pussy. After a series of repeated soft groans and a few more squeals, she settled down and gave me the most beautiful smile. I told her how pretty her smile was, and she reached for me. We kissed, and she told me to fill her with my cock, that she wanted me inside her. Far be it from me to reject a lovely lady. My rock hard penis slipped so nicely into her warm, wet sheath. I had to stop for a moment to fully appreciate the feelings of being inside her. I told her how wonderful I felt, and I felt her relax and pull me to her with her legs around me. We just held together for a while to get used to all those marvelous sensations. I made a few thrusts to find the best position then leaned down to kiss Joanne the kind of kiss that one can't explain. As I pressed our mounds together, we rotated our hips to maximize the sensations. We kept this up for quite a while, from time to time making a few thrusts to break the increasing tension. She began to moan, her moans came more quickly then all came together. Her vagina was pumping on my penis; I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. She got more and more active, and with one last loud groan, she shuddered and relaxed. I began to thrust slowly as she began to come down from the heights of her orgasm. We kissed, she smiled, and I asked her if I could cum inside her? She nodded yes, and I began to thrust vigorously. In no time at all, I was feeling those incredible pleasure/pains all through my body. I was heating up, and then with an astonishing whoosh, the pleasure came to a head, and I lost it. I was so enthralled that nothing existed but Joanne and me. I came and came and came as Joanne matched my thrusts all through my orgasm. I didn't want it to end, but inevitably my shrinking penis slipped out of her, and I had to stop. Having such a short penis makes it impossible for me to continue after ejaculation. Even the incredible disappointment that it was over didn't overshadow the great feelings we'd shared. I moved her to her side and spooned her, touching her, kissing her neck, as we talked more small talk about how beautiful, how lovely, how sexy she was. We talked and talked about what we'd done, how we'd done it, and how we needed to do this again sometime soon. We talked until we'd both come down and back to …. Almost …. Normal. She was no longer that tired, sore woman of earlier that evening. She was talking about trying out the new fellow, Ron, who'd just joined the club. I'll have to let her tell you about that.
  16. SwingersBoard

    How it All Began

    My fantasy revolves around my beautiful wife Pam, who, now that I have not seen her for a while makes me realize how much I love her and miss her. She has over the years become one of the most responsible people I know and the best mother I know of all the people around us. I receive a lot of pleasure from giving her pleasure. That has been what made my fantasy develop the way it did. My fantasy starts with Pam dressed in my favorite, white nylons that come halfway up her thighs, white thong underwear that has a little ruffled mini-like skirt attached to the waistband, and a frilly white bra that is very soft. Pam also has a thin white blindfold on. My wife to me is very attractive physically, even though she hasn’t always agree with me. I think she has the prettiest butt and legs of anyone I have known, and if I’m honest, it is part of why I married her. I get incredibly turned on when I see them, and when she wears a dress (not nearly enough), it makes me want to grab her and make love to her. I have to sometimes restrain myself because I don’t want her to think I’m just a pervert, even though maybe that’s what I am. All my fantasies revolve around her, and for that I am grateful. Pam is dressed in my favorite outfit and is lying in our living room on our sofa bed in front of the fireplace. I love watching videos of us, so the camera is in place and rolling. Videos of us have allowed me to channel all of my hornyness to her rather than having to watch store videos. This has been great because I feel no guilt from watching us and it feels very natural to do so. Someday I hope to watch one with her, I think she would love it. Again, the fire is going, and she is quietly lying on her stomach in a very relaxed position. She looks extra good in her outfit because of her tan she got this summer. That is another story I would like to tell you about sometime, about our rendezvous on remote beaches at Lake Powell. Anyway, I have hired a 25-30-year-old masseuse to give Pam the very best massage of her life. We’ call him Steve. He is a tall, well built, and very clean in his appearance. Steve is very gently massaging Pam on the back of her neck and temples and her forehead. He is using a wonderful oil with a pretty fragrance that has been heated to just the right temperature. I am using the same oil and started at her feet and am working my way up her legs. Bob is massaging her neck and arms and working his way down her back. I gently massage her legs and slowly work my way up to her thighs. The more we massage her, the more she relaxes and lets out these little groans of pleasure. I massage between her thighs and Pam slightly opens her legs to allow me to have better access to her beautiful thighs. The good thing about Pam's outfit with the little skirt is it gives her a feeling of privacy but allows me to sneak my fingers under it and really massage my favorite part of her, her butt. I dip my hands in the oil and slowly rub it into all the wonderful crevices of her legs and butt. She loves it and is very relaxed at this point. Bob is working on her shoulders, arms and back and gently runs his hands under her bra strap without having to remove it. If she is not going crazy by now, it is sure that I will be. Without removing her underwear, I gently slide back the thong strap on her underwear and expose her beautiful little butt hole which I quickly slip my tongue into. I hope she likes this because I sure do. Pam slowly arches her butt towards me showing me she is really enjoying it. She wiggles her little butt in my face, almost like a kiss that I will fulfill any fantasy she might have. I love kissing her very much and wish we kissed more often. Part of the thrill of all this is her not really knowing whether it is my hands or my tongue exploring her and kissing her. Even though it is, she really ’t know for sure. Steve starts at her forehead, massages her temples, cheeks, neck,, shoulders, and chest. She has her bra on, but Steve is able to slip his fingers under the sides and gently rub her tits. Pam lets out a little groan of pleasure. Steve is rubbing her chest and stomach, and when he sneaks his hand under her bra, he gently squeezes Pam's nipples and then moves on to other areas. I am massaging her legs and thighs and gently slipping my fingers under the front of her underwear and am gently massaging her vagina with oil. I love it, and I know she does too. I would kiss her pussy for hours if I could, and I know she would like me to kiss it for hours also. She is groaning in ecstasy as I run my finger over her beautiful clitoris. Steve is massaging her chest while I massage her thighs and pussy. I am so horny. I gently pull aside the front of her thong underwear exposing her pussy, which I quickly bend over and kiss. I slip my hands under her butt and gently squeeze her buns while I kiss her pussy and insert my tongue inside her. In between licks of her pussy, I slip up to her head and kiss her on the lips and remind her how much I love her and how wonderful she makes me feel and hope I made her feel just as good. She assures me that I did so I go back to kissing her pussy and licking her clitoris with my tongue. After a few minutes of constant licking and massaging of her boobs and squeezing of her nipples, Pam shows signs of climaxing. She thrusts her hips up forcing her vagina further against my lips until she comes all over me and then falls back on the bed into a complete state of relaxation. I gently put a sheet over her and let her relax while I let Steve out the front door after thanking him. I return to Pam and slowly lay down beside her and snuggle up to her and give her a kiss. I am so horny by this time I can hardly speak, and my heart is pounding in my chest. She thanks me for everything and asks what she can do for me now. I help her up on her hands and knees and slip her underpants off, exposing that beautiful butt that I just love to love. I also undo the clasp on her bra and let it fall to the bed. I get behind her and put my now very hard penis into her pussy. I reach around and fondle her breasts that are so warm and soft. I am sure glad I got a vasectomy so I don’t have to come out of her warm and firm pussy. While I’m not looking, Pam reaches over for one of our favorite toys, the vibrator. She eases it into her vagina along with my penis and turns it on. The feeling of her warm pussy and the vibrating sensation is too much for me, and I can't help myself and come inside her like never before. At the same time, she moans that she is coming for a second time and for a brief minute we are in ecstasy together. We lay down next to each other exhausted and take a little nap while cuddled together.
  17. My next fantasy involves my number one person, my wife, Pam. One night we are lying in bed together and talking about the time we went to a hotel together in San Rafael that had a hot tub in the room along with an x-rated movie channel, not to mention a very comfortable Queen-size bed. Remembering what a good time we had made us want to relive the experience again. The next day Pam told me she would reserve the room for one night on her birthday, and after dinner, we would go there and enjoy ourselves. The anticipation for me was more than I could stand. I just start playing different scenario of the evening in my mind. I started thinking about how much Pam enjoyed getting a massage from Steve and myself and thought it might be time to give Steve a call again. Pam’s birthday is coming up soon, so I had to move fast if I was going to put my plan into action. The first thing I had to do is get Pam a new outfit since her old one is getting a little worn out. I might add worn out by a lot of use, thanks to us. I sure love making love to her, and all that lovemaking is hard on the underwear. So this time I am going to Victoria’s Secret to get a pretty new set of underwear. What I got was a pretty pink outfit that drove me wild when I imagined Pam wearing it. The bra had a bunch of lacy, frilly material around it obscuring your view of the near see-through bra. The underwear is a thong style with a little frilly skirt attached to the waistband, just obscuring your view enough to make you crazy imagining what might be hiding under it. I also bought a pair of pink nylons that come halfway up her thighs. Very cute! Women have it made! Men turn into drooling animals when our testosterone level is up, and women could lead us around like dogs on a leash if they wanted to. At least that’s the way I am. I like making love to Pam like once a week because when that day comes around, I am very horny again. Pam makes me so crazy with hornyness that I say and do things that embarrass me later on. I must say though that I am so grateful that I have someone that I find so attractive. I can’t wait for the big night. I talked to Steve, and he said he would be glad to help me again and told me how much he enjoyed it last time. He said he couldn’t believe he was getting paid for the pleasure of massaging such a pretty woman and being able to participate in her climax by massaging her soft boobs while squeezing her nipples. His only desire was that maybe he could at some point be able to lift back her bra and suck her beautiful tits while she is coming. I said that would be up to Pam and that maybe I would ask her, but I didn’t think that would be possible. I gave him the address of the motel and told him to be there at 9 PM. The anticipation is mounting now, and I can hardly wait. The night is finally here, and Pam is wearing a beautiful new outfit that she got at Macy's. It is a cute white blouse with my favorite, a semi-short plaid skirt. She has a pair of whitish nylons on and a pair of black high heels that make her legs look great. Her blond hair is tied back in a little bun in the back of her head. She looks great for sure. We go into a Mexican restaurant in San Rafael for dinner. I can’t help but notice that several of the men in the restaurant did double takes when they saw her walking in. I think it’s the blond hair, great legs, and a beautiful butt. During dinner, Pam is playfully taking off her shoes and rubbing me in the balls under the tablecloth while I am trying to eat. This is not fair, I can’t take off my shoes as easily as she can, and she is driving me crazy. I manage to untie my shoe discretely and slowly slide my foot out of my shoe. I slowly slide my foot between her legs until I can feel her vagina with my toes. This is too much. It feels so soft and cuddly down there it is hard to imagine how it could feel so good through a pair of underwear. I accidentally on purpose drop my napkin on the ground so I can bend over and peek between her legs. Just as I thought, she is not wearing any underwear. Her beautiful pussy is staring me in the face. I wish I could get down on my knees and kiss it, but that would be way too obvious. I sit back up in my chair, and she has a big grin on her face when our eyes meet. She knows she is teasing me and she is really enjoying it. After dinner, we go to the motel and check in. It’s almost 9 PM so we better hurry and get ready before Steve gets there. Pam goes into the bathroom and changes into her new pink outfit I bought for her, and I change into a T-shirt and my Venice Beach shorts with no underwear on. They are very comfortable and allow for the greatest movement if you know what I mean. When Pam comes out my mouth drops open. I knew she would look good but not this good. She does a little spin around for me to show herself off and then comes over and gives me a big kiss on the lips and tells me she loves me. Just then there is a knock at the door, so I have Pam lay down with her blindfold on. I turn the lights down and go over and answer the door. It's Steve, I greet him, and he comes in. He must have had the same idea as me because he is wearing a pair of sweatpants also. We talk for a brief moment and then turn our attention to Pam patiently lying there trying to relax. I go to our bag of “goodies” I brought and got our favorite massaging oil out. As before Steve starts out on the back of her neck and shoulders and I slowly roll down her nylons so I can massage her legs. I slowly start on her toes and feet, and that is pretty exciting for me also. It sure seems like it would feel pretty good to have someone massage your feet like that. I work my way up her legs to her thighs where I give them a lot of attention. I think one of the reasons Pam’s legs and butt look so good is that she has a daily workout regime every morning before I get up that seems to give her legs and butt just the right muscle tone. As I slowly massage her thighs, I slowly start to slip my hands under her little skirt and rub her buns. They are so soft it just makes you want to kiss them, so that’s exactly what I do. I bend over and kiss them and at the same time continue to massage her. I slowly sneak my finger under the pink strap concealing her butt hole and gently massage it with a fresh batch of oil. Slowly I slide my baby finger inside her butt with almost no resistance. Pam must be pretty relaxed because she is usually pretty nervous about anything being put it her butt. I slide my finger in and out a few times as Pam lets out those low groans of pleasure and slowly spreads her legs apart allowing me more access. I bend over and put my tongue in her butt and try to slide it back and forth. I wish my tongue were stronger than it is because it is hard to get it in her. She seems to like it because she slightly arches her hips allowing me better access to her. I can feel her relaxing her muscles because my tongue slides in a little easier now. She wiggles her butt in my face almost like she is kissing me. As I kiss her and slide my tongue into her, I reach around under her and slip my hand onto her vagina. Now I can massage her clitoris at the same time. Her pussy is very wet and warm, and I can tell she is really enjoying this. All this time Steve is doing his part on his end, massaging her neck, shoulders, and back. You can tell he has been watching me do my part and has gotten aroused by the whole thing. He is breathing a little harder than usual, and he must have worn those sweatpants for the same reason I did, to give himself more room to expand. I can tell he is excited because of the huge bulge in his pants. I didn’t say anything, but I can really understand why he would get a hard-on. He is massaging her back and sides and every once and a while slipping his hands underneath the elastic band on her panties and getting a little feel of what I have been playing with for a while. Every time he stretches over her to slide his hand under her panties, the head of his dick gently brushes against the side of Pam’s cheek. This doesn’t seem to bother Pam, so I pretend I don’t see anything. I don’t know why this is such a big turn-on for me, but it sure is. About this time Pam herself decides it is time to turn over and get some attention on her front side now. She must really be liking this. When she rolls over, she puts her hands straight back above her head and gives a big stretch to her whole body, and she lets out a big sigh of relaxation. I slide up alongside her and give her a great big kiss on the lips. She immediately puts her tongue into my mouth. I love it and quickly reciprocate by sliding my tongue into her mouth. I feel like a high school kid on my first date, and wonder how she feels. I go back to her feet and start the whole process again, starting at her toes and working my way up her legs to her thighs and finally her hips. I happen to notice that the bulge in my own pants is starting to leave a wet stain on the material from all the pre-cum that has seeped out from my hot and hard penis. These pants are so unrestricted they feel great. I slowly slip my hands under the skirt of her underwear and rub her vagina through the material. I love this outfit because you can slide your hands under there and no one can really see what you are doing. Steve has really gone after her temples, and it seems to have really relaxed her even more. He works his way across her chest with his fingers and massages all around her boobs without touching them, almost like he is teasing her. He rubs her stomach muscles all the way down to her panty line and then works his way back to her upper chest area. Pam has her head turned to one side, and every time Steve stretches out to massage her stomach muscles, the head of his hard penis brushes against her lips. Steve dips his hands into the oil. Again he rubs her chest and works his way down to her panty line, and each time he does, the head of his penis rubs against her lips. This time while teasing her chest he slips his hands under her bra and cups her soft titties in his hands. Pam lets out a moan and slightly arches her back, showing she really likes this. I am doing my own massaging but can’t help but notice Steve gently squeezing her nipples as he rubs back and forth on her boobs. She lets out these little moans of pleasure, but I’m not sure who is causing them, Steve or me. It doesn’t really matter anyway because my greatest joy comes from seeing the pleasure Pam is having. I stop and wonder what it would be like to be the recipient of such an erotic massage. Maybe someday Pam will give me one, and I’ll find out, but for now, I am grateful to be a part of bringing so much pleasure to her. I slowly pull aside the portion of her panties that reveal her beautiful pussy. To my surprise, she has shaved her pubic hair, not all the way, but just short the way I like it. I am thrilled she did this for me, it shows she really cares about our encounters. I have really tried to make them pleasurable for her, and I think it has really paid off. I slowly run my tongue up her vagina until my tongue runs over her clitoris. The second my tongue hits it, you can tell it’s like pushing a button on her and the excitement doubles. I do it over and over again, and each time my tongue hits her clitoris her body winces. I look up, and to my surprise, even though blindfolded, her hand found its way to the oil, and she dips her hand into it and slowly starts to stroke Steve’s dick. Unfortunately for me, Steve’s penis is a little bigger than mine is, and I find myself a little jealous. She moves both her hands behind her head and slowly strokes his dick with one hand then with two. I’m sure he is enjoying this as much as she is. Steve comes around to one side to make it a little easier for her to reach him. At the same time, he is massaging her boobs under her bra with a gentle rhythmic motion. He works his way down to her stomach and as he does his naked penis rubs across her lips. He does this a couple of times and all of a sudden Pam reaches over and lifts up her bra exposing her beautiful soft white tits. Steve immediately bends over and starts sucking one boob and then the other. He runs his tongue around each nipple and then practically swallows her tit whole. While they are doing this, I take the opportunity to reach into our bag of toys and bring out a small blue vibrator. I gently insert it into her pussy with no resistance at all. I turn it on to a low setting and then continue to run my tongue over her pussy and up to her clitoris over and over and over again. I have slipped my hands under her buns on and am squeezing them at the same time I am kissing her clitoris. Pam is starting to get tense now the way she gets right before she comes. I sneak a peek up and watch Steve’s penis rub against her lips every time he stretches to slide his hands under her panties. One time as Steve starts to lean over, she opens her mouth and swallows almost his entire dick. She starts giving him one of her very special blowjobs, something that she is very good at. And by the look on Steve’s face, I think he would agree with that too. She slowly slides her lips up and down his huge shaft, over and over. Pam slides his penis out of her mouth and licks the head of it like it was a sucker. I can imagine how good it must feel. She slides his dick in and out of her mouth and across her lips over and over. About this time our talents must be taking their toll on her as her body is so tense that I can feel it will not be long before she climaxes and it will be all over. I don’t want it to ever end. With the vibrator going and my tongue grinding on her clitoris, and Steve sucking her boobs while Pam sucks all 8 inches of his dick in her mouth, the end is near. Pam starts to shake her hips and is breathing very heavily. She takes Steve’s penis out of her mouth and grabs a handful of oil and starts to rub it wildly. All of a sudden Pam tenses her body up everywhere. She is coming and cannot control it. She asks me to kiss her harder, and I do. All of a sudden Pam’s stroking of his penis is paying off. Sperm is shooting out of his dick and is landing all over her breasts. He leans over and starts to lick it up, and Pam goes wild. He has licked up all his semen and is in the process of giving Pam a good tit sucking. Everyone starts to relax and sits back in a state of exhaustion. I lean over and give her a kiss on her lips that has as much meaning as a thousand words even though none were spoken. Steve leans over and gives her a kiss on her cheek and says thanks and goodnight. He leaves and the two of us just lye there in peace. Neither one has said a word; we are just enjoying the moment. Pam rolls over and removes the blindfold she has had on the whole time and gives me a kiss. She asks me if I came and I said no. She says she can remedy that and leans over and pulls my pants down and immediately puts my penis in her mouth. I can hardly stand it. All this fooling around has brought me to the brink, and it won’t take much to push me over. Pam asks me if I would like to slip into the hot tub and fool around there. I nod in agreement and climb in. I sit on the bench seat with all the bubbles all around me. Pam gets in and sits on my lap facing me. She gives me a big kiss and then slips her tongue into my mouth at the same time she lifts her hips up and with one hand spreads open her vagina and sits back down on my cock. This is what I have been waiting for the last hour. Pam slowly slides her pussy up and down my cock as I suck her tits that are wiggling in my face. I suck one tit while gently squeezing her other nipple. I keep going back and forth, first one tit then the other. Finally, I can’t take it anymore and come inside her with what feels like a gallon of come. At the same time, she shudders and comes a second time. We both collapse in each other’s arms and just sit there for a moment. After resting a moment, we both agree to get up, dry off, and lay in bed together and just relax and watch TV. As we lay there, I again thank her for our little fantasy that brings us closer together and keeps our sex life exciting and fun. She thanks me back and says next week it is her turn to provide the fantasy. I can’t wait to find out what it will be. All of a sudden there is a knock at the door. I wonder who that could be?
  18. How did something that started off so good – end so bad? J and I messed around in high school. We never actually dated we just hooked up occasionally. The arrangement was great. We only called each other when we wanted to fuck. We once almost had an orgy. We went to a hotel party together. When we walk in 3 couples were already in the room having sex. We immediately jumped on a bed next to another couple and started screwing. She told me she liked females too so I convinced her to touch the female next to us – just to see a reaction. She liked it so I got even more excited because I wanted to fuck both females and I knew the guy wanted to too. Suddenly one of the couples got up and ran to the hotel phone because she just got a 911 page (yes, I said page) from her sister. Most of the girls here at the hotel were supposed to be having a sleep over at a friend's house. They were busted so they all quickly got dressed and went home. J and I were the only couple left. Damn! Now 10 years later and J and I really haven’t stayed in contact with each other. It’s our 10 year high school reunion. If you ever attended a high school reunion you know you have 4 or 5 people you are looking for at your reunion. J was on my list. I didn’t see her at the first event, but when we all went out that night to a bar, there she was sitting at a table. Inside, I wanted to run to her, throw her on her table, and fuck her like crazy. I didn’t know if she remembered me and I didn’t know if she was in a relationship. I asked my group to sit at a table near her and hopefully she will see me. Well she did not even notice me at first. I walked to the bar several times, walking right pass her table. Finally, I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was she. Yay!!!! We talked all night. I forgot I came with other people. I told her I was in The Lifestyle and swinger clubs and she was very interested. She had never been but she heard about it. That night we went to a strip club and had a great time. We ended up having sex in the strip club parking lot. For the next 6 to 7 months, J and I went to several swinger clubs. She is a beautiful woman and I have a great body because I work out a lot, so we were able to pull many couples. We had a lot of fun. So here is the point of the story - Her 20 something birthday was coming up and she wanted to do something different. I had the entire night planned. I was going to rent a large hotel suite, get her a sensual massage, and have an open door lifestyle party later in the room. J is a very nice girl. She will give you the shirt off her back. She’s never been to jail. She has a great job, but it's very stressful. It’s so stressful every night she needs to smoke weed and masturbate EVERY night to relax. The day of her birthday was such a day. When she arrived to the hotel, she immediately needed to smoke pot. I don’t because I train too hard to screw up my body smoking pot. I didn’t mind her smoking. I found a masseuse on Craigslist. He arrived about 8:00 and looked exactly like he advertised. After introducing ourselves, he laid J on the bed and began the massage. J laid on the bed completely naked and very relaxed. I’m sure the weed helped too. He began with her shoulders and back. While he did that, I massaged her feet and toes. He then came to her legs and ass. She started to moan when he massaged her ass. She spread her legs and she started to rub her pussy with her hands. He started to massage the outside of her pussy. From my angle, I could see her pussy getting really wet. He did something crazy with his fingers on her pussy lips and she almost fell off the bed with pleasure. After doing that for a while, he asked her to flip over. He then asked me if he could take off his clothes. Before I could say anything, J said yes. He said he had a large dick but his post on Craigslist did not do him any justice. I thought I had a large dick – DAMN! As he massaged her tits, his dick swayed over her face. Finally, she opened her eyes and stuck his dick into her mouth. His dick almost made her gag but she sucked it like a porn queen. He started to finger her as he continue to pump his large dick into her mouth. I took the opportunity to stick my pinky into her ass. She intensely started to scream she was cumming. As I saw the white creamy liquid ooze out I quickly stuck my tongue into her pussy to suck it up. When she finished cumming, J told the masseuse to fuck her and he flipped her over and started to pound away. As he did this, I stuck my dick into her mouth and she sucked me until I came in her mouth. The masseuse came around the same time. He squirted a large load all over her stomach and tits. After he left, I told her to get into the shower because the party isn’t over. I joined her in the shower for an innocent shower but of course, we started fucking again. The sight of her with the masseuse was so bad hot. We completely lost track of time and before we knew it, people were knocking on the door. For once, most of the couples arrived almost at the same time. I came to the door with a towel on and J laid on top of the bed completely naked. They thought they missed the fun, but I told them we were just warming up. Immediately, the guest could smell the pot in the air. J told them she was smoking it. A few of the guys asked if she had more. She said yes and hopped off the bed to smoke again. While they smoked NEAR THE HALLWAY DOOR the rest of us, non-smokers, talked and introduced each other. It was a good-looking group. I was very selective with who I picked to come to the party. I explained to them that it was J’s birthday and I wanted to show her a great time. One of the ladies looked at J and said, “well in that case lay right here”. J passed her joint to someone else and did as she was commanded. All the women surrounded J and started to tickle her. Then they all began kissing her everywhere. I could tell she was enjoying it because she went from laughing to doing her famous sexy moan. Someone began eating J’s pussy and another sat on her face. They did this for about ten minutes, switching positions every 2 or 3 minutes. By this time, all of the men, including myself, were naked with our dicks in our hands. I then said it’s the guys turn to spank the birthday girl. She immediately had a dick in her mouth, a tongue in her pussy, and a dick in her hand. We took turns spanking her. I’m guessing the women were too horny because it didn’t take long for them to jump in. At that moment, it was exactly what I envision for J’s birthday. She was being fucked by some person. I was fucking some woman and all the other couples were doing something – then SUDDENLY it all came crashing down. There was a knock at the door. Everyone, including myself, assumed it was a late couple. As I got closer to the door, I could hear radio chatter. I crack the door and saw the police! I immediately told everyone to stop and get dress. The police demanded to come in right now. I opened the door all the way and they told everyone to stop getting dressed and sit down. They said they received a complaint from the hotel that guests reported smelling pot in hallway coming from this room. They went into the bathroom and found the remainder of the pot. They started writing down all of our names. I was about to piss myself. I saw my career going out the window. I pictured myself on the front page of our local crime report. Surprisingly, J stood up and asked the officer in-charge if they could talk in the hallway. At that time, I didn’t know what J said but the officer walked back in and told all of us to get dressed and get out. J and I quickly got dressed and as I took her hand to walk outside she told me she‘d be there in a few minutes. I parked my car in front of the hotel and waited. Unfortunately, the next time I saw J she had handcuffs on and was getting in a patrol car. I bailed her out the next morning and asked her what she say in the hotel. She said she told the officer it was her weed and she brought it to celebrate her birthday. She also told him she was the only person smoking it. In court, she paid a small fine and it was dropped from her record. To this day, we have not partied again or have sex since then. I think she blames me. Go Figure!
  19. I'm a happily married 40 something man with two wonderful children who experienced the best massage of his life. The day started off like any other day with running errands and getting lunch. I had an appointment with my massage therapist that I was looking forward to. I've been going to her off and on for the last few months when my back and shoulders were hurting. She is 6 foot 1 with long toned legs, short hair, and 34 D cup boobs. She always wears yoga pants that show off her ass and a tight shirt that made it hard to relax and enjoy my massage. The last few visits we would flirt back and forth some but nothing too risqué. She instructed me to get undressed and get under the covers face down. I did as instructed and waited for her to get back into the room. I was thinking about how hot she was looking when I heard the door open and she said "What seems to be hurting you today" "My shoulders and my glutes hurt" I responded. "Oh really, your glutes, " she chuckled while putting some music on and warming her hands. The massage was going as normal in the beginning but then I would feel her thighs brush up against my shoulders from time to time. On one occasion she was by my right arm leaning over rubbing my left side and my hand was touching her inner thigh near her pussy. I thought I heard a low moan come from as she slowly rotated her hips. I could feel heat coming from her pussy which made my cock start to stir around. She told me she was going to start working my glutes so she maneuvered the sheet to expose one of my butt cheeks so she could work on those muscles. She was really working my muscles when one of her fingers brushed against my nut sack and butt hole. I let out a little moan and my cock started getting real hard, but she kept massaging so I thought maybe it was an accident. She would rub up and down my inner thigh and her fingers would get real close to my cock and balls. She switched sides and this time her hand ran across my taint and asshole. I squirmed around a little after that last pass and heard her giggle a little. She asked if I liked that and all I could do was nod. She told me to roll over so she can work on my front. My cock was hard as a rock as I was rolling over and she let out a little sigh and said "My my, what do we have here?" I shot back with "This was your fault with your teasing" and started to laugh. I was trying to relax when she walked up towards my head. She started rubbing my chest and would slide her hands down towards my stomach. When doing this it would put her vagina just a inch or so above my face. I could smell her scent and it was driving me crazy. She did this a few times before I decided to grab her butt, pulling her into my face. I can hear her moan while I applied pressure through the thin fabric directly on her pussy. She pulled the sheet away and dove right onto my cock. She was sucking the tip for a little while before she engulfed my whole member down her throat. She was going to town on me and in no time I could feel my balls tighten up. I moved my head from her cunt to tell her to slow down. After hearing me, she stood up and stepped out of her pants and took her top off. Before I could say anything she climbed back onto the table and had my cock in her mouth. My tongue went straight for her clit and was working it pretty good when she started to grind her pussy into my face. All I could do was hold on to her ass and not fall off. My tongue was darting in and out of her cunt and the tip of my nose would apply pressure to your asshole. It didn't take long before I could hear her moans getting louder and louder as my tongue went deep inside of her. I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it really really hard. That pushed her over the edge and I felt a gush of fluid run down my chin as her body shook. After coming off her climax she spun around and lowered herself onto my hard staff in one quick motion. She started raising and lowering herself onto my cock while I reached around and grabbed that perfect ass. I spread her cheeks and slightly played with her hole. She groaned into my ear while nibbles my neck. I started sucking on her pierced nipples but I needed to cum so I grabbed her ass and started slamming my cock in and out of her cunt. We were both moaning when she exclaimed "Oh shit I'm going to cum again, fuck me harder harder harder" with that she let out a scream and her pussy released a liquid flood all over my cock. I kept up that pace until my balls tighten up and unleashed a wave of cum. I coated the inside of her pussy and she collapsed into my arms. We laid there to catch our breath before she got off my penis. She went to the bathroom to clean up and I put my clothes back on. She got out of the bathroom, walked over and gave me a passionate kiss. Our tongues played tag for awhile then she patted me on the ass and said "Good game". I chuckled while walking towards the exit. Before I got to the door I turned and asked her if it was her turn to pick up our kids or mine?
  20. I don't know if this experience even qualifies as swinging, but this is our story about our very first steps in sharing intimacy with others. The before and after can be found here. ? Our very first baby steps in swinging was at a tantra workshop in a nearby town. We were already searching for a way to test the waters for quite a long time and MsDiscover came up with a website about the workshop. She felt maybe this would be a form of learning to share intimacy that both of us would fit. It was described as an evening where a lot of aspects of tantra would be explained. More or less as an introduction and of course there was a possibility to enlist to a longer set of workshops. The website explained further that it would combine theory and hands-on exercises. For 8 to 10 nude couples and that one of the aspects would be that the choice of partner for each exercise would be determined by luck. So no preferences, no insecurity about how we looked. That sounded good to us. And a few exercises would be done blindfolded, to focus on the feelings themselves and not e.g. how the partner looked. Which sounded great to us. Although the workshop was given at an education centre only an hour drive from home, we booked a hotel not far from the centre, as we expected to have a very hot time after the course. Better not have that with kids around ? The week before was loaded with excitement and expectations for the both of us and it felt really good when we closed the door behind us on the day of the workshop and drove to the hotel to check in. The workshop would start at 8 p.m. but we were already in the hotel at 3 p.m. just to calm down and prepare mentally. And physically. The room was nice and cosy and the bathroom spacious. We each took a long warm bath. When I left my bath, dried myself and stepped into the room again, MsDiscover was already waiting for me with some shaving utensils. She pulled me to the bed and gave me a thorough shaving. Of course I returned the favour, layed her on the bed and started to shave her beautiful cunt, carefully following her lips, putting them a bit apart to give myself good access to every nook and cranny. I could not resist the look of her smooth cunt when I finished so I gave her a few licks over all the sensitive spots but we did not go any further at that point, to keep the excitement for the workshop and beyond. We arrived at half past seven, parked around the corner and walked to the education centre. It felt very weird because it was just a regular education centre, for handcraft, first aid courses, mindfulness, work-related workshops and so on. And sometimes a really hands-on tantra workshop. In the restaurant we met some people, some were for different classes, some for the tantra workshop. We started some small talk with some of the tantra-goers and almost everyone was a bit shy and excited about how it would be. All very nice couples, like an intersection of the population. Young, old, experienced swingers a& club-goers and couples that have never be nude in front of other people. Like us.
  21. So, my wife and I have been talking about a MFM threesome for about a year. I brought up a few scenarios as ice breakers for our trip to Vegas last week (you may have seen my earlier posts). She decided to try a sensual massage with me present. I found a really great guy through Craigslist who was everything his ad said he was (I know, right?). He's a CMT, arrived with heavy-duty table, music, oils, etc. and set up in our room at Bellagio. My wife and I talked a lot the night before about expectations and boundaries. She was cool with him massaging everything except for direct contact with her vagina/clitoris. The night before, she said she wouldn't mind me touching those areas during the massage, but the day of, she pulled back a bit. The CMT was a very good looking guy, about 30 (we're in our mid-40s). He offered to be nude or fully clothed, and they settled on him leaving his boxers on. She was nude, with a towel for light coverage. I also stripped to my boxers and lay on the bed. The massage mostly was like any other massage. Her shoulders were tight, as were her legs and glutes from the hiking we had done. He worked her good. At times, he would get a bit more sensual, including getting on the table and using his chin to work along her spine while his chest moved across her ass. She thought that was hot, hot, hot! He also gave her a really long and sensual breast massage. He didn't just grope. At that point, I joined in and we both massaged her breasts, stomach, shoulders and legs. She was face up and only minimally covered at her middle. I reached under the towel and massaged her clitoris and vulva, but she asked me to stop--she wasn't ready to go quite that far. It didn't end everything, however, and she was really enjoying herself. I could see it in her flushed face and breathing. So, we continued to massage her for a while longer. As usual for me, I was hard as a rock the whole time. When the massage was over, he left, and we made love. It was sweet and sensual (not the ramming, just watched a porno kind). It has continued to stimulate our sex for the last few days. I am really hoping it will lead to more! I was so happy to confirm my lack of jealousy and only minor insecurities (certainly not deal breakers). She has since said that it was a very nice first experience. I feel so lucky to have found such a great guy. He was so respectful of us. I only wish we didn't live on opposite sides of the country! Have others started their journey this way? I can't imagine there are many other CMT's around that are as willing, as attractive, and as talented. Thoughts or experiences? What's next?
  22. jcrow

    Massage Anyone?

    His name was Mike and he was an E-7 in the Navy. I found his ad for sensual massages on the local Craig's List. His reviews were all top notch with nothing negative. He and I exchanged emails talking about what type of massage I wanted. I asked him if he would exchange pictures, which he did and I decided to pursue schedule a meeting. We spent several days and a few web cam sessions working out the details. I learned more about him and found out he was married, and had a couple of small children. The only times he was available was during his duty hours and some times on the weekends. He was a good looking guy around 6' 2” with a long lean body obviously toned by his military fitness program. I felt he would be the perfect guy for my adventure. We finalized the details of my request and his fee. We set a date for next Thursday. Thursday arrived and I took a long bubble bath, spending extra time with the shaving of my legs, pubic and anal areas. Relaxed and and feeling refreshed I put on my robe and sat in the living room with a glass of wine waiting his arrival. Mike arrived a few minutes early. I had him sit on the sofa offering him a glass of wine, which he accepted. I sat directly across from him in my favorite arm chair. As we talked I shifted my position, draping one leg over the chair arm. I knew my robe wasn't long enough to fully cover me and that I was openly exposing my smoothly shaved areas. Mike's eyes lit up, shifting from looking directly into my eyes to my lower regions. Smiling he continued to explain that in collage he had earned extra money by giving massages. He had studied per-med so had a good working knowledge of anatomy. The cost of his studies and raising a family was too much so he joined the Navy as a Corpsman. His massages now provided a break from his military duties and gave him some extra spending money. As I listened to Mike I was enjoying seeing his reaction to my display. I smiled as he shifted his eyes upward and changed my position to give him a better view. We talked a bit more, finished our wine. Mike suggested we get started. During one of our previous conversations Mike told me he didn't like to use a massage table if the client wanted a sensual massage. Mike explained he liked to use the bed because he could get the client comfortable and relaxed quicker in familiar surroundings. I told Mike I had a king sized bed with five inch foam padding. “That will work fine”, he said. Mike asked if he could refresh our glasses. I told him he would find the wine in the refrigerator. As I stepped into bedroom I asked Mike to give me a minute to get ready. I had already placed a waterproof pad on the bed to protect the spread from the massage oils. I hurriedly got everything in place and called him in. I lay nude on my stomach with a bath towel across my butt. The towel wasn't hiding much. I guess it gave me a sense of security until I felt more at ease. Mike started by asking me to move closer to the foot of the bed and lay crossways. I tried to reposition myself without loosing the towel. After my attempt to retain my towel, move positions, and cover my breast; I thought “What the hell” and just left the towel off and moved into the requested position. I lay nude on my stomach with my legs held tightly together. My butt and I'm sure a small peek of my lips were exposed. Mike said he had brought something to keep the oil off his cloths and would it be OK to change. I said, “No Problem, get comfortable”. Mike removed his Tee shirt and wrapped a towel around his waist. Next he reached under the towel and removed his shorts saying, “Lets get started, I'll work your back first. I was thinking did he have anything on under the towel? I could feel beads of sweat starting to roll down my back, even with the window air conditioner blowing on me. Why am I so uncomfortable? I knew what I wanted and what a sensual massage was. I had researched the internet looking at Mike's reviews. All the comments highly recommended him. I jumped at Mike's first touch. Then came the warmth of the oil and his hands, those wonderful strong hands. I calmed down as he expertly explored and soothed the tightness in my neck and shoulders. The only conversation between us was "How's that?" and "Can you turn your head please?", to which I replied "That's good, or excellent". I turned my head to watched Mike's body move. From my level my view was the towel that covered his ass and the bulge in front. I thought to myself, “How is Mike's towel staying up?” I was sure it would work loose as he leaned over the bed. My eyes were drawn to his crotch. As he leaned in to work down my back I would see the outline of his manhood and feel the warmth radiating from between his legs. Mike dropped the oil bottle cap and leaned over to pick it up. His short towel rode up higher and higher as he bent over and tried to retrieve it. Well, I had the answer to my question about what was under the towel. From my position I could see the lower half of his firm butt and dangling nut shack. “Got it”, Mike said, as he tuned back toward the bed. I quickly looked away pretending I hadn't been staring up his towel. Mike began a movement with his thumbs over my lower back at the waist line. I said, "that feels great, I often feel sore there and down around my tail bone.” “I suffered a fall landing on my butt on a concrete walk”. “Ever since then it has always been a troublesome pain." Mike responded by moving his fingers down my butt crack to feel the definition of the tailbone. I involuntarily started moving in response to Mike exploring my tail bone. I flushed as Mike said "you really seem to enjoy that." I said "It does feel good”, I hope there is nothing out of line". Mike said, "No nothing I could feel but if it's OK I would like to work a bit more on this area”. I replied it was OK. I was thinking he was almost a doctor, he did take Per-Med. Mike asked me to lift up a bit and slid a small pillow under my hips. I settled back down relaxing and I was enjoying the sensations of my tailbone being massaged. I was thinking, “I wish he would massage it internally as well.” I was biting my lip as Mike's fingers slid up and down my crack, sliding over and around my tail bone. I gasped out oohs and aah-ed and said "that really does feel great." Mike worked his fingers closer and closer to my anal entrance working to the very tip of the spine. The only way he could do more was to put his fingers into my butt hole. Mike stopped just short of pressing his fingers in. As he ran his thumbs down and across my butt hole as I started to move. I felt the first signs of a building organism as my juices started flowing out of my pussy. Mike's thumbs were lubricated by the oil and my juices as he moved them inside my thighs and up and back to my ass hole. Mike pressed a little harder and one thumb tip slowly slid in. My instant reaction was an organism. I didn't protest or resist as Mike slowly pushed his thumb all the way in and pulled it back out and then drove it in again. I shuttered and gasped. Mike pulled his hands away. I cried out “don't stop”, as I still glowed from climaxing. I lay there as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. “Please continue” I said, “it's OK”. “What you did took all my pain away”. I was glad I took time to shave my lower regions before the massage. As I recovered Mike asked if my tail bone felt better. I smiled saying “Much better than OK”. Mike replied, “Then it's was time to turn over” “I want you to sit back on your heels for a moment I need to rearranged the bed pad and pillow”. I was still enjoying the after glow and just nodded pushing myself up. I sat back clumsily swaying on the edge of the bed. Mike reached out to steady me with one arm and help me move my left leg into position as I sat back on my heels. Mike's hand and arm was momentarily trapped, when I sat back. His arm was trapped firmly between my legs against my bare pussy. He slowly extracted his arm and hand dragging them across my pussy. It took him longer than necessary to remove his arm but I made it harder by tightening my legs. Mike finally got me arranged like he wanted. I lay on my back with the pillow under my hips elevating my pelvic area. There was no shame now as every thing was exposed to his view and touch. The sexual tension was heavy and my musk filled the air. Mike spent a few minutes working on my feet and ankles to get his and my composure under control. We talked about how getting a massage was very good for your health by opening up the flow of your various endocrine systems. As our conversation continued Mike moved up to my thighs.. and again I could only respond by letting out “ooh and aah”. I said "that feels great." “I especially like it when you work my inner thighs”; as I opened my legs wider to give him better access. Mike was sitting on the edge of the bed between my legs. I had my right knee pulled back and bent which opened my thighs widely. I knew my pussy was gaping open. Mike took my leg and rested it on his hip. He started working the muscles from the inside of my knee to my inner thigh just touching the outer pussy lips. I would normally have protested but after two strokes I was hooked, "Oooh that's so good" I said. Mike looked up at me and smiled, pausing and rubbed oil onto my belly, then he returned to stroking from my knee to my groin and across my pussy and up my belly. I watched him work as he repeated the stroke a dozen times. He then switched to the other leg which I had already bent up ready for him. "God, I'm so hot and what your doing is so good." I gasped. Mike smiled down at me. It was then I realized my fingers were tracing up and down his inner thigh. Mike never acknowledged my actions. I could see Mike's towel was working loose and as soon as he finished with my leg he moved to stand. My leg had the corner of the towel pinned to the bed and when Mike moved away the towel pulled free. I just stared and I didn't know what to say. Mike stood there with his semi erect weapon waving. Even soft he must be six or seven inches long and 3 or 4 inches thick. Mike just smiled and ignored the fact his towel had fallen off. He leaned over me to continue the massage of my belly and lower chest, then back down and making little circles over my pubic bone with just one finger. He rubbed around and across my erect clit sending me into another spasm of exotic pleasure. I laying watching every move of his swinging weapon saying "ooohh that feels great, I have a couple of tender spots but it's really nice...then “ooooh make it a bit lower." I moved my hand and started rubbing my pussy. Mike smiled at me and then put his his hand on my mine, which was working on my pussy. I reached out with my other hand and took hold of Mike's cock. Ever so slowly Mike's fingers replaced mine massaging my pussy. My pussy juice flowed down my crack. I was glad I had placed a waterproof pad on the bed. Mike's dick was getting harder. I watched as his dick grew to it's full length and width. I started to stroke him and pulling him toward my mouth. Mike moved his hips closer. I half rolled on my side to kiss and lick the head as his per-cum formed at the tip. Mike now had two fingers inside me and his thumb was massaging my clit. My head was moving up & down but I could only get the head and a few inches of his cock in my mouth... I was softly mumbling “I want it inside me”. I wanted it, as much as I had ever wanted. I wanted it inside me. I wanted to be filled. I started to tremble and shake. God, I was so hot and horny. Mike pulled away and looked at me asking, “You set the limits, Right?” I could only nod yes. Mike positioned himself so he could pull my legs up so they rested on his shoulders. He began sliding his cock back & forth between my pussy lips. I kept saying things like, “my clit is on fire”, "take me”, “fuck me" I was pleading, no begging, then without warning Mike slid back almost breaking contact then plunged it in... I reacted to his sudden thrust and screamed out "yeah ….yeowy... OhOhOh which softened to OOooohhh, oooooooh with each stroke as I settled down and became comfortable. Mike increased his rhythm and pushed deeper and deeper with every stroke. My oohs and aaahhs continued sometimes loudly but when I got too loud, he softened his stroke. I moved my legs to wrap then around Mike's waist. My pussy had relaxed and stretched to the point that I could take Mike's full length and width. I was as full and satisfied as I had ever been. I surprised myself by letting out a cry of "AAAAHHHHH” as an orgasm so intense had me twitching like I had hold of an electrical wire. As Mike continued to stroke I had wave after wave of orgasms washing over me. I was so caught up in bliss I don't remember how long it went on. Mike lifted me up still impaled on his hard cock as I held onto his neck. I sought his waiting mouth and hungry tongue. We kissed and breathed as one. Mike lowered me to the bed turning me face down. He entered from behind slowly, increasing his speed and force as he started to slam into me.. “God”, I screamed, It felts so wonderful”. Mike's balls were slapping my ass with every stroke... more orgasms, and then he came with a roar. Mike, still inside me, sat on the floor pulling me down with him. As I sat in his lap still impaled, Mike massaged my breasts, head & face. It felt so amazing! What happened?, I've never been fucked like that. A voice, my voice said, "You are really one great masseuse” to which he replied "Thank you, I hope you will want to continue your sessions” As I stood up it seemed like a gallon of Mike's cum and my pussy juice ran down my legs onto the floor. I grabbed a towel and wiped it off the floor and my legs. On the way to the bathroom I heard my husband coming in the front door. “How was your massage?” he called out? I moved to the hallway by the bedroom door giving him a weak smile. “It was totally relaxing and filling” I replied as he took in my physical condition. Swollen nipples and a few well placed passions marks told him part of the story. I gave him a quick kiss and turned to entered the shower as he ran his fingers between my legs. My husband held onto me as his hand filled with Mike and my fluids. His attention was now on the ajar bedroom door. The vanity mirror reflection of Mike washing his weapon off told him the full story. Releasing me he patted my behind telling me to go get cleaned up. I saw Mike had put on his shirt and shorts and walked out of the bedroom greeting my husband. I stood listening to them discussing the massage and how it went. Mike told him I was in top shape but need to have regular sessions to work out the kinks and soreness of my lower spine. My husband agreed as he walked with Mike to the front door. I heard him thanking him and saying “I'll have my wife call you to reschedule soon”. I smiled as Mike laughed and said “I give discounts for couples”. My husband stood watching him drive away. As he returned to the bathroom I started to shower. “Maybe next time I might join in the fun” he said getting undressed to join me.
  23. OK, Roger. The tape recorder is on and running. Tell us how you met her. Sure, Barb. The phone rang early one Thursday morning in my office; I wondered who would call on my work phone so early. “Hello. My name is Brian Wilson. Are you the fellow who visited the slope about three weeks ago?” I wouldn’t have admitted to it had he asked about Forest Hill Nudist Park, but he referred to by its nickname as a member would. I was still hesitant as I answered. “Um, yeah. What can I do for you?” “Well.” He seemed hesitant too. “Do you remember my wife Sylvia, and another woman named Cal?” I had to think a moment. Then I got even more hesitant. I remembered them very well, I’d given them backrubs, rather erotic back rubs at the slope. I wondered if he were an irate husband ready to get on my case. “Yes. I do recall meeting them there.” “Oh what a relief. I’ve been trying to get in touch with you since that day. We hoped to see you at the slope but you haven’t been back. Barry gave me your business card last night so I could call you.” I wondered where this was leading. “Sylvia and Cal speak highly of you and would like to invite you over for dinner if you have the time.” He didn’t sound irate, but still I had to be careful. “Gee. I’m not sure. What did you have in mind.” My concern must have shown in the tone of my voice. “We live less than a mile from where you work. Could you let Syl and me buy your lunch. We could talk and let you know where we’re coming from.” “Sure. I guess so. When?” “Today?” This was moving fast. “What time do you take lunch?” What the hell. I thought. “How about 11:30 at Nick’s Delli.” “Done. We’ll be there.” The rest of the morning I wondered just what was going on. I recognized Sylvia immediately, sitting with a short, rather thin balding man with gray hair. He rose to meet me, shaking my hand warmly. Sylvia greeted me with a very fetching smile. Brian handed me the order chit, which I filled in, ordering my regular BLT with Swiss. The waiter picked up the chits and we settled in. Bryan began, “Let me get to the point. I assume you have limited time for lunch.” I nodded. “At the slope, you gave Sylvia and Cal dynamite massages. We’d like to invite you to our place for a repeat performance.” Sylvia smiled again and nodded. “I, uh, sure, I could do that. I didn’t do all that much. I, Um.” “Let me tell you exactly what’s on our mind. Right after you gave Syl that massage, she came directly to the pool and dragged me back to our cabin for the best sex we’ve had in many years.” Sylvia grinned again and nodded aggressively. “I can’t tell you how great it was. You got her so hot…” Sylvia jumped in, smiling. “Your massage touched off feelings I’d forgotten. If you don’t mind, if it isn’t too much trouble, we’d like to do it again.” She reached across the table and took my hand. The waiter interrupted with our orders. We continued talking and agreed to meet at their place the next night. . . . . . . . . Their house, on a corner lot, was surrounded by a hedge right at the sidewalk. It must have been eight or more feet tall. I parked on the street then walked up their driveway to find the gate they told me to use. Entering, I saw Cal trying to put a tablecloth on a picnic table. She was completely nude. I quickly put down the wine I’d brought, then helped her get it straight. Brian came out of the house carrying a big platter of chicken. Sylvia followed almost immediately, with a bowl of salad. As is normal for me, my first sight of the nude women sparked chills down my back. That feeling stayed with me longer than it would have with the chaste nudity of the park. Sylvia gave me a little hug as she passed then said. “Don’t you feel a little overdressed? Her bare breast against my arm added to my arousal. “There’s a closet just inside the door for your clothes and the bathroom is the second door on the left. I was just hanging my underwear in the closet when Cal came through and swatted me on the behind. “Come on out when you’re finished, Roger. We’ll talk.” I visited the bathroom, not just to pee and comb my hair, but to wash up. Not being circumcised, I have to be careful about cleaning my cock before I meet anyone. Dinner was delightful. Cal sat next to me, closer than was necessary. We talked about jobs, family, and all the normal things. Cal’s husband had died about the time my wife and I divorced. She and he, Bryan and Sylvia, were friends at the Slope and remained close after Cal’s husband passed. When Syl got up to clear the table, I automatically pitched in, my ex had trained me well. After the dishwasher was running, we all repaired to their den to finish off the wine. We continued talking, laughing and generally enjoying the company, but after a while, there came a lull, accompanied by the three of them looking back and forth at each other. Finally, Bryan spoke up. “We might as well get to the point of why we’re here.” Syl and Cal looked directly at me. “As a nudist, you have to be used to people talking frankly, uh, about sex and things, so I’ll get to the point. Our sex life had gotten really stale over the years, same ol, same ol. The spontaneity was gone. Whatever you did to Syl at the Slope fired her up and the last three weeks have been like our honeymoon. We’ve been screwing like rabbits.” Syl nodded, smiling, as Bryan continued. We’ve never done anything like sex in public or swinging or anything, but you got us so reved up, we’d like you to give Syl a massage like you did at the Slope, and maybe show me how to do it.” I had to think a moment. “Well, sure. I can do that. I . . .I didn’t do much, just a back and shoulder rub.“ I couldn’t help wondering if they wanted me to screw Syl. Syl spoke up, “A very nice back and shoulder rub. And Cal, you too?” “Of course.” Cal nodded. I had to get things straight. “Uh, how far should I go?” Bryan blushed, “Well, let’s see where it takes us. We’re not ready for you to have intercourse. Syl and I plan to do that, once you get her started, but do whatever heightens the mood.” He and Syl looked at Cal. She responded hesitantly, “I wouldn’t mind, uh, whatever, let’s see where it takes me.” She breathed deeply, shrugged her naked shoulders, making her beautiful boobs jiggle, then continued. “Oh hell, I might as well say it. You left me so damned frustrated it isn’t even funny. I’ve been masturbating two or three times a day since you gave me that massage. Since Dave got sick, that’s all I’ve been able to do for relief. Uhm, I’m ready for anything.” She blushed all over. I had to laugh. “Gee, guys. I’ve been worried I’d get the hell beat out of me by an Irate husband. I’m glad you two enjoyed the massages, but I enjoyed touching you a lot more than you did. I’ve had to take matters into my own hands too. Let’s do it.” Syl took me by the hand and led me to the master bedroom, where she arrayed herself, face down on the king size bed. Bryan and Cal sat on opposite sides of the bed, watching intently. I began by massaging her shoulders. My ex went to great pains to teach me an exact process. I kept at the shoulder and neck rub until I could feel her relax. At the slope, I didn’t develop even the slightest erection, that isn’t allowed there in public. But there on her bed, touching Syl was already getting a rise out of me. You know how I do it, Barb, soft tickles of her neck, face, and ears, scalp massage, alternating between back, butt and leg massage and light tickling all over. I tickled all over her back until I felt her tense up. Then I lightly scratched her back, to relieve the tension, but I didn’t relieve the tension down the middle of her back. Then I did more tickling down to the side of her boobs, and especially that sensitive spot just above the crack of her behind. When her breathing was harder and she was beginning to “Ohhhhh” I told her how beautiful she was and how good she felt to me. By the third time around of tickling and scratching, but not scratching that growing itch down the middle of her back, her moans got louder and she demanded that I give her relief down the middle of her back. When I did, she moaned a satisfied: “Ohhhhhh Yeahhhhhhh.” When I went back to tickling her face, neck, ears, and scalp, she moaned and turned over on her back, showing me everything, including a warm, sexy smile. I have to admit that by then I was so incredibly horny that I couldn’t even think straight. “Bryan.” I said. “This is as far as I went at the Slope, it all took place in the public area.” Syl wasn’t finished. She wanted a front massage too. Holding my hands by her boobs, I asked: “May I?” She kind of moaned: “Of course, you silly goose.” Her hand was lying palm up right under my erect cock. I’ll not admit to whether it was on purpose or accidentally, I leaned forward to tickle her boobs and I could feel her hand first touch, then lightly grasp it. I suppressed the urge to groan, with her husband right there, watching. I ran my fingers lightly up and down her from her toes to her scalp, tickling and massaging her all over. When she let out a long, breathy moan, I motioned for her hubby to join in. He tickled her too. Four hands soon got Syl even more into things. As he moved up, Syl took his cock in hand and began massaging it lightly. For a while she had one in each hand. When I kissed her neck and nibbled her ears, she moaned loudly. I had to shake my head to Bryan when he began to finger Syl’s pussy. “Softly, softly, let’s stretch it out, take your time.” Syl nodded in assent, and moaned again. I couldn’t help notice that Cal was watching intently, licking her lips, and nodding along with Syl. Syl moaned even louder when I leaned over to kiss her eyes, then cheek, then nibble her ears and lick her neck lightly. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to start directing Bryan to take over. “I nibbled Syl’s ear then whispered that it was time for her husband to take over. Once I had him pleasuring her, I kissed her neck, then kissed slowly down her body. Bryan was fondling one breast while I was kissing the other. Then I kissed down her tummy as she writhed about the bed. When I nuzzled her bush, she opened her legs completely for me. I first kissed her hot wet pussy and she shuddered. I couldn’t resist probing the soft moist depths of her pussy for a while, then diddled under her clit for a moment. I was enjoying it so much that I kept at her for at least a dozen of her hip thrusts, but decided it was time to back off. I then reached up and led Bryan’s hand to her pussy and helped him start to lightly finger her. When I got up to make more room for Bryan, I was terribly disappointed to lose the feelings of her hand on my hard-on. I walked around to behind Cal and began to rub her neck and shoulders. Bryan didn’t need any more help. He knew where all of Syl’s buttons were. His lips and tongue were all over Syl. She must have had an orgasm while he was eating her pussy, judging by her body language and a very long, loud moan. Bryan kissed his way up to her breasts and nibbled for a while, bringing on her moans again. My fully erect cock, pressing against Cal’s side was demanding attention. Cal squirmed her shoulder into my groin, eliciting a massive shiver from me. It felt good when she responded with her own shiver. I needed Cal very badly, but we couldn’t take our eyes off of Syl and Bryan kissing so deeply. Syl opened her legs and Bryan, without breaking the kiss crawled over her, supporting himself with one arm while the other hand fondled her boob. Bryan stopped the kiss and rose, kneeling between Syl’s outstretched legs. His cock rested on her pubic mound. Syl took his cock in her hand and guided it all around and to her pussy, running it up and down, diddling her clit with it, and obviously enjoying her play-toy immensely. Cal and I were staring, open mouthed at the incredibly erotic scene. Her eyes caught mine and we gazed longingly at each other for a while, glancing from time to time at the pussy/cock play before us. I hugged her and began to play lightly with her boobs. She, in turn, took my hot needy cock into her hand for a long, soft penis massage as we continued to watch the show. Syl positioned Bryan’s cock at the entrance of her pussy, then rotated her hips to suck it into her. He slammed it in, balls deep, in an instant and they were both flailing their hips at each other. He pulled her feet over his shoulders and pounded her while she gave as good as she got. He played with her boobs and they kissed, oh did they kiss. My heart beat a lot faster than their thrusts. Cal shivered when I nibbled on her ear, but neither of us took our eyes off of Syl and Bryan. They fucked and fucked for I don’t know how long. It was so erotic to see someone fucking right in front of me while I was holding a lovely lady. Syl began a series of low, slow moans in time with Bryan’s thrusts. Slowly, the moans grew louder and more rapid as their trusts did likewise. A particularly loud moan turned into a squeaking stutter as we saw Syl stiffen up, shudder a few times, then issue a long slow moan. Bryan kept up exactly what he was doing until Syl was finished moaning, then he began thrusting massively and within two or three dozen thrusts, he groaned loudly and stiffened. He kept thrusting wildly until his obviously no longer stiff prick slipped out after one of his thrusts. They slowly maneuvered into a spoon position, fondling. After a few moments, Syl opened her eyes, her smile turned from satisfied to sexy and she softly said: “Your turn Cal.” I leaned down and kissed Cal on the forehead. I asked: “You want your massage now?” She squeezed my cock strongly and answered: “No, damn it. I want to fuck you right now. No time for teasing.” I kissed her lips lightly and put my other hand on her boob. “No!” She exclaimed. She hugged me tightly. “I’m hotter than I’ve been in years.” She pulled my cock in her direction. “Those two were so damned hot. I need this in me now.” So who am I to argue? I kissed her, and feeling her tongue invade my lips, I responded, sharing the most erotic kiss I could remember. My cock probed, looking for its opening, but she cut that short by pulling it to her pussy and maneuvering it into her. I shoved it to her and she rewarded that with a huge moan. “Damn, this feels good. My first cock since Dave got sick. Oh my. Sock it to me, lover.” So I did. We fucked like minks for quite a few minutes. Trying not to cum too soon, I even resorted to doing my sevens times table, but it wasn’t working very well. I was too aroused. Fortunately, Cal began screaming at seven times eight, and I had something more important than seven times nine. She was shuddering and so was I. I felt that familiar tension grow. I began to throw in a lot of sideways action and she went over the edge, nearly screaming. Her vaginal contractions got the best of me and I felt that humongous release and burning sensation as I pumped everything I had into her. I kept it up until, like Bryan, my diminishing cock slipped from her lovely sheathe. We slipped into a spoon too, all looking at each other, all so incredibly satisfied. For quite some time. Finally, Syl spoke. “You didn’t get your back rub.” Cal snuggled into me. “I got something better.” She turned and kissed me. “Maybe a little later.” I kissed her back and told her, “Whenever you like, Cal. Whenever you like.” We snuggled and fondled some more, enjoying the closeness tremendously. Talking from time to time. Syl mentioned, “I’ve never seen anyone making love before.” The rest of us all said the same thing. “It was kind of exciting.” Cal answered: “Tell me about it. You two had me so damned hot, I couldn’t stand it.” Bryan smiled: “Well you two were no slouches either.” Cal spoke after a long pause: “Do you think we’ll do this again?” Bryan laughed. “Not until I have time to recover. Give me at least twenty minutes.” We slowly climbed out of the messy bed. “Oh shit.” Exclaimed Cal. “I forgot about this part.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “It’s been over four years since I’ve had cum dribbling down my leg.” She laughed. I asked, smiling, “Would you like me to clean you up?” She winked then headed for the bathroom. “Oh, not right now. Maybe next time." Cal got her back rub later that evening and she did let me clean her up. She got lots more back rubs and a lot of other things over then next two years before we got married. On subsequent sessions, we got more and more frisky and it was, I believe, our fourth session between the four of us when we swapped partners for a full fuck. One night at a party, we had been drinking too much and Syl spilled the beans about what we had been doing to one of her girlfriends who happened to be an FMC member. You know, Judy, Judy and Ben. She brought us into the club, and it’s been fun fun fun ever since. All this talk about how we started swinging has my juices flowing, Barb. Cal and Rusty headed to the bedroom about five minutes ago. How would you like a back rub? And…?
  24. Kanga

    The Love Goddess

    My wife had been gone for a solid two months. The only relief I could give myself was masturbation. But unlike when she was here, I could not finish. My poor cock was sore from the lonely hours of effort. So I decided that Tantric Erotic Massage was worth trying, especially as it did not involve sexual intercourse. I hate to reveal the price, except to say it could easily fund a dirty weekend if you had a partner. The first massage was the cheapie. I lay on the table while this Polish woman with a superb sexy body massaged my back with lovely broad sensual strokes, leaning over so her soft body touched mine, nude except for a g-string, My hand soon found her bottom and she let me feel her soft buttocks. My finger got pretty close to her clit. I turned over and she wasted no time in grabbing my Willie, and her hands smeared with oil she rubbed rapidly. I gushed forth and got my first relief in months. I wanted more but, another client was due. She explained than next package was body to body, not on the table but a futon and I got to feel inside her vagina. Consequently the cost was double. I had no resistance as I booked her for Saturday afternoon. I parked the car without much thought, a move I would later regret. The streets of this affluent suburb were crowded with race goers off to the summer horse racing carnival. The girls were elegant and sexy wearing very short expensive outfits while the young studs that escorted them wore stylish suits. I felt very happy to be alive and excited by what lay before me. She greeted me with a friendly but business like way, showed to me to the room where the pleasurable event was going to take place and asked me to take my clothes off. I half sat on the futon eagerly awaiting her arrival. We commenced with the Tantric ritual of hands on hearts, her leg against mine, and looking into each other eyes, followed by breathing exercises in the cobra position. I lay on my stomach and she massaged my back as she straddled my bottom rubbing my back with a generous application of warm coconut oil. “Would I like to massage her, I could use the table if that was easier”. I did not hesitate. My hands ran over the smoothness her sexy skin. I poured on the oil, again and again I massaged, my body quivered in excitement. Her legs were sensational to feel and massage but best of all I sneaked an occasional chew of her toes. Every now and then I bent down to lick her body. She moaned in delight ”just brilliant“ she said. Next we moved back to the futon and she removed her G-string. She directed me to lie on my side and she joined me so that my cock just entered her bum. We rocked back and forth, allowing me to thrust forward. But I was forbidden to penetrate further. She lay on her back and took my hand allowing it to gently enter her vagina. Inside was smooth as silk; my finger found the tiny lump that had given my wife pleasure, all I had to do was rub it and I knew she would climax. She shook with excitement, “Did I want to watch her cum?” she asked. I preferred to hug her, stealing an occasional kiss on her cheek, and chewing on her ear lobes. She was not pleased that I was doing this. Having climaxed she wanted me too. She poured oil on her stomach and asked me to masturbate. I tried but to no avail, I could not cum, in fact I had gone limp. She grabbed my cock and ran it through her fingers rapidly. It was no use. She rubbed my slack cock between her well formed breasts. Still no use. I just cuddled her and relaxed. Ever optimistic I scheduled another time for Tuesday AM, determined to improve my performance. I hurried into the sunny street buoyed my experience. I came to where I thought I parked my car, in a far-off side street, only to find it was missing. Not having my mobile, I entered a shop to use a phone to call the police. I was distraught to say the least. While ringing the cops, a shop assistant came forward to tell she saw a car being towed, a little red car. I soon came to realize what had happened, in my haste I parked across a driveway. The tow away company informed me I could not collect my car until Monday. Despite what had happened I resolved to keep smiling. Tuesday, a public holiday for the city’s cup day, came soon enough, I arose early, caught the train and arrived an hour before time. We had arranged to meet early but the gate remained shut. I walked nervously around the block several times. Finally it was opened. I hurried inside and was greeted by my “lover”. She motioned me to get undressed. I waited for what seemed an eternity before she made her appearance. We had the usual hand on heart thing and then she said “why not massage me, it was easier getting up again”. Good thinking I readily agreed. This time I gave her the massage of her life, no part was to be left untouched. My hands stoked down her body, getting closer to the center of interest, pouring the oil on, kissing her moist delectable body every minute, moving to lick her well shaped slightly prickly legs. I rubbed her soles, massaged each toe, and the kissed them. She said, “It is up to you to take my G-string off”. I did not hesitate. Now I could massage her hairy pubic mound. It was just great but I realized we had to move on. We lay down on the futon, my cock in her bum, and my hand cradling her soft lovely breast. She began to rock, and I thrust forward. Slowly but surely my cock began to advance. I began to feel something, something was gripping as she pushed and I pushed. I rubbed her cunt too. “I am cuming, fuck me hard, you can cum inside” she repeated. I kept going, very tantric, but try as I might, I could not finish. She said she came five times but poor me I did not come even once. OK, I did not make through the front door but at least the back door was open.
  25. Has anyone ever tried or attended a party like this? We want to try it with maybe four or five couples. We really won't have five massage tables. Will the floor work OK? We plan to show a DVD like this: https://www.amazon.ca/Nina-HartleyS-Guide-Erotic-Massage/dp/B000MT0B0I and let everyone practice as a couple or try a rotation system of some sort to mix it up. Any advice from massage professionals?
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