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Soft Swap

Erotic swinger stories of soft swap play - oral sex, toys, petting, masturbation, etc. No intercourse.
Rob and I (Julie) were standing in line at a new popular restaurant located in town about an hour south of us. This place doesn't take reservations, so we got drinks at the bar and stood in line to wait for a table. A cute couple about my age (32) was in line behind us. They were an attractive couple, and I started visiting back and forth with them. Rob was pretty quiet but friendly, making some small talk too (Rob is 52). The other couple, Jim and Deb, live about an hour south, so both couples were not "local." When we got to the head of the line, we would have had to wait longer for a table for two, but a table for 4 was available, so Deb and Jim joined us.
Deb and Jim are charming people, young professionals, and we hit it off well. Deb asked about our tans, and we told them about boating on the big river lake on the Nebraska and South Dakota border. We generally sun in the nude west of the "point." We also had been to Hidden Beach Resort in Mexico recently. It's hot south of Cancun in the summer but good for nudists. We hate going to Mexico in the hurricane season. Deb and Jim had the impression nude resorts are swinger places. We told them they can be and usually/often are not. Just like all other people, nudists can be swingers too, and swingers aren't nudists necessarily. Nudism is different than swinging. We don't consider ourselves hardcore nudists or swingers, but we have done both, which didn't seem to shock Deb or Jim.

We learned that Jim and Deb have been married about 7 years with 2 children, They were interested to hear we were "newly" weds and asked a lot about our age differences. After dinner, Deb and I exchanged email addresses and phone numbers and briefly discussed getting together again soon.
Over the next couple of weeks, Deb and I (Julie) called back and forth and visited by phone. She always was interested in the nude boating and nude resorts that we had discussed when we first met and brought the subjects up on her own. I always mentioned that nudists are not necessarily swingers and swingers aren't necessarily nudists. We always seemed to end up discussing a bit about the range of swinging activities people engage in from very soft to very hard full swap swinging. I told Deb that Rob and I are occasionally fairly soft swingers, leaning more to nudism. But, we have very special and occasional full swaps with very special people (and even then condom use is required).
After the couple weeks of phone calls, I asked Deb if they would join us for dinner again. We would drive an hour south and them an hour north to meet for dinner at a sports bar in a large motel/hotel complex. After dinner, we could get a nice motel room, bring a bottle of pinot to drink, "visit," and do a little more if all agreed and were very comfortable. Deb said she would talk to Jim, but that should be ok.
When we met for dinner in the middle of the week, both of us girls were dressed in sundresses and sandals (mine had high wedge heels). The guys were in shorts and sandals, all very casual. Dinner went really well with Deb and Jim in the motel's attached sports bar with a couple glasses of wine each and lots of conversation and laughter. Going to a room together and the subject of swinging never came up.
When we were nearly finished with dinner, I quietly brought up getting a room and taking the visiting and party there, as Deb and I had discussed in the phone calls. Deb became much jumpier and really nervous at this point, and Jim was nearly jumping up and down with excitement. Rob was playing it cool and detached, not pushing getting a room either way. Deb looked at Jim, looked back at me, and said the boys should get a room.
Jim and Rob walked out to the motel's desk and arranged for a room. When asked for the type of room, Jim decided two beds.
Rob and I had a cooler in the car with a couple of bottles of pinot, a few beers, and bottled ice tea. Deb and I went out to the parking lot while the guys were arranging the room and got the cooler from our car. Deb was really quiet and almost shaking.
We all walked from the motel lobby out to the pool area and across to the east block of rooms towards our ground floor room with the door facing the pool. Deb and Jim lagged far behind Rob and me and were in deep conversation. We just walked on ahead and waited at the door for them. When they caught up with us, the final decision must have been made because when I said shall we go in, Jim said "yes," and Deb just nodded. She was so nervous, her voice was quivering when she tried to talk. Jim was almost jumping up and down like a little kid.
Once in the room, Rob set to work open the wine and pouring the little plastic glasses we brought full. I sat on the edge of one bed, Rob stood at the bed's end, and Jim and Deb sat the club chairs by the room's window.
We all sipped wine and made small talk. Deb was really nervous and jumpy. Rob and I actually could have busted out laughing but carefully controlled ourselves. We all were newbies one time or another, we told them. Don't ever do something you are uncomfortable with.
After a half-hour or so, as I finished my glass of wine, I got up and went to the bathroom. Thinking about what to do, I slipped out of my sundress. Then I came out of the bathroom topless, wearing just my panties and sandals. Jim about bit a chunk out of his plastic glass. Deb would stare then look away. Rob just coolly asked if I wanted a refill of wine.
Rob filled my cup and rubbed a bare boob, and I sat back down on the bed edge, facing Jim and Deb to visit more.
Rob coolly slipped his sandals off and a bit later unbuttoned his Tommy Bahama (lucky) shirt. Sitting down next to me, we continued visiting with Deb and Jim, feeling each other up a bit. Some light kissing led to Rob slipping out of his shirt and me undoing his belt and unbuttoning his shorts. Rob runs 4 or 5 miles about 4 or more times and week and had started been lifting weights, so he is in good condition for his age (LOL). He tells me I keep him young (LOL).
When I got Rob's hard cock exposed, Deb and Jim had both sat back and quietly started watching. Rob disengaged, stood up and dropped his shorts and underwear, pushed me back on the bed, and spread my legs. We made out with him on top for quite a while. Finally, I could feel his cock rubbing and very slowly teasing and pushing into my pussy, so I glanced over at Deb and Jim to see what they were doing. They were still just sitting and watching! WOW!
Rob started to slowly stroke me, very full body contact, and very proper missionary style. I heard movement and opened my eyes. Jim had pulled/helped Deb to her feet and was working at getting her sundress off too. She was pretty hesitant, not helping Jim but not resisting him either.
Jim had his shirt unbuttoned, and his shorts were down around his ankles. With Deb's dress finally off, Jim was giving her a full body nude hug with his hard dick pushing on her stomach.
Rob continued to slowly stroke me as we both now were watching Jim and Deb get arranged to lay on their bed. Rob commented to them, "about time," and Deb's face and neck blushed the reddest red I've seen anyone blush in years. Jim was lying on top of Deb and appeared to easily slip in to start making love.
At this point, I got Rob to roll off, and I got on top to "do him cowboy." I could really watch Jim and Deb screw that way. They were a bit distracted, watching my boobs bounce. When I asked them if they had been hitting the tanning beds, Deb, eyes tightly closed, said yes, ever since they had met us, they had been going to tan every other day.
Everyone quieted down and really screwed away for awhile. I got off Rob, and he got me over on my hands and knees to do me doggie style. Deb and Jim lay still for a bit and watched us pretty closely as Rob bumped my butt. Rob finally pulled my hips back, thrust deep, and came. He held still quite a while and then pulled out and laid back down next to me.
As we lay there, we watched Jim continue to bang Deb. Rob's right arm was under my shoulder and neck, and his hand was holding my right arm and hand in place. He used his left hand to start to fingerbang my cum-filled pussy and flick my clit as we watched Deb and Jim screw in the next bed. I lost interest in Jim and Deb as Rob worked my clit, and I came really loud and hard. Rob was proud of himself as I distracted Deb and Jim with all the noise and thrashing about. Jim said to us that he was having trouble coming and wondered if it was a performance issue due to us watching them.
I moved away from Rob and stepped out of bed. I then laid next to Jim and Deb as he pumped her. When I touched her left breast, she stiffened then relaxed as I caressed and rubbed. Rob moved to the other side and Deb didn't stiffen when he started sucking her right nipple.
Jim continued to stroke Deb. I felt Jim tense up and knew he was coming. Rob moved away from Deb and asked me if I wanted another glass of wine? I took it as a hint from Rob not to push Deb too much, so I moved away, sat up, and said yes.
Jim rolled off Deb and laid next to her. I sat next to them and sipped the wine Rob handed me. He filled glasses for Jim and Deb too.
Rob sat on our bed, and I sat with Jim and Deb on their bed, and we all sipped wine and visited, never commenting on all the sex, nudity, etc. Deb said that this was her first experience with watching another couple have sex. And, it was absolutely was the first time another couple had ever watched them.
After a while, Deb said they should get going as it was the middle of the week, a workday the next day, and their babysitter had an hour's drive home.
Deb went to the bathroom to clean up first. She didn't seem self-conscience about being nude and freshly fucked. When she came out, I went in. When I got out, Deb already had her dress back on (too quickly?). The guys were dressing, so I got dressed last with Deb and Jim each getting an eyeful.
We all checked the room to be sure nothing was being left and pulled the covers up over the sheets. Rob carried our mostly empty cooler, and we walked out past the pool, bypassing the hotel lobby (Deb said she was embarrassed to be walking past the desk clerks).
At our cars, we all said good night and hugged, and cheek air-kissed. Surprise of surprises, Deb told us that we should get together for dinner again sometime and do this again. Rob and I drove the hour north and home with big smiles on our faces. From what I saw, I think I might really enjoy Jim, and I know Deb is the type to get Rob going too.

We're a soft swing couple with lots of adventures over the years. Here's one of our first when we were still newbies.
We had a trip planned to Vegas and I went on-line and read about swing clubs. We decided we would go to one and just see what happens. We were both a bit nervous when we got there. There was every kind of person you could imagine. Many were older and not in great shape, but there were enough folks that were not only interesting to chat with, but nice looking also.
We spent about an hour walking around drinking wine and not much chatting at first. We met a couple upstairs in the couples-only room that had been swinging for a long time. We asked them lots of questions and at first I was surprised how open they were discussing what they were into and telling us details of their swapping adventures. Sitting next to a good looking lady and listening to her explain how she was giving her husband a blow job while a stranger was fucking her from behind is really cool.
Anyway, we went back downstairs for another glass of wine and I got an idea about one of my wife's little fantasies.
I knew she always had a fantasy about being felt up in a crowd by a stranger. It started when she was in college and was at a crowded bar listening to music. The place was packed and she noticed that a guy was behind her and kind of rubbing up against her. She decided to push back and he fondled her ass with his hands. The music ended and the crowd broke up. Since then she’s always had this fantasy about a strange guy fondling her from behind and not knowing who it was.
So while downstairs, I waited until she was in the restroom and I found a guy I knew she would consider cute. I approached him and quickly told him her fantasy and asked if he would like to help make it a reality. He of course said yes. I told him we would be at the end of the hallway watching some action in one of the bedrooms.
My wife came out of the restroom and I said let's go check out one of the bedrooms. There were a few couples on the bed in various states of foreplay. Very erotic. I saw my new friend walk down the hall toward us, but my wife could not see him as she was looking into the room. I began kissing my wife and kept an eye on him. He looked at me as if to ask “are you sure?”, I kind of nodded and he got close enough to her that she felt his presence. She started to turn around, but I held her, kissed her and told her to just enjoy.
He first pushed his crotch into her ass and placed his hands on her hips. My wife’s eyes got wide open and just stared at me. He then began to move his hands under her blouse very slowly toward her pert little breasts. She began to kiss me passionately. Her blouse was loose fitting and I could see his hands fondling her tits and very softly teasing her nipples. We both had hard-ons and had my wife as a sandwich. He moved one hand down and reached inside her skirt and started playing with her pussy. She was on fire and was moving around while his hands explored her body.
He then winked at me, smiled and melted back into the main room. We kissed for a while and we both couldn’t believe what just happened. She of course wanted to know who it was. I told her to walk around the room and smile at each guy and see if she could figure it out. All the guys of course smiled back and I finally had to tell her who it was. She said he had huge hands but they were very gentle.
That got us started on our fun little adventures at swinger clubs. Always strange to go up to a guy and ask him to feel up your wife. We have lots of stories, love to hear yours and we’ll share more.

It was a cold January night in Denver as we ditched our (seemingly) vanilla coworkers downtown. We each pretended to go up to our room, but we ducked out to my car for a little journey out south of town. We got to the ranch a little late, maybe even for a Friday night, eleven or so. We got some wine out of the bottle we brought and started chatting with the couples left and found a couple, had to be thirty years younger than I, my girlfriend isn't quite as old as I... I saw it in their eyes that I could be their parent's age... good luck you two!
Another couple from Wyoming we started chatting with seemed very nice and after less than five minutes the dude asks if we would like to play! I must have missed the signal.
We had mentioned previously that were soft although we never discussed what that meant. We headed into the private rooms/booths and started peeling clothes off. We each started playing with our own girl and I encouraged my girl to suck on Kevin's(?) cock. Those two had a little powwow in which I heard the girl ask the guy, "aren't we soft?" They whispered another thirty seconds and then it was on! We each did our own girl side by side with lots of hand and mouth interaction between couples. I asked the other girl, Elizabeth, if she liked girls.
Turns out she did. They get locked in a 69 and I kind of maneuver my girl around to where I can get my cock in as she's laying on her back and the other guy puts it into his girl from behind. My girl, always the scamp, steals the other guy's cock away and starts sucking it down, and sure enough, the other girl steals her man's cock back and stuffs it in her pussy. I turned the girls over and put it to my girl from behind, alternating between my girl's pussy and the other girl's mouth. The other guy was screwing his girl kind of sideways.
That was all I could take. I erupted into my girl's pussy and collapsed in a heap. The other girl finished her guy with a blowjob, and we all whispered with our own mates.
Five minutes later: dressed and were like, "Hope to see you all here again sometime!"

Sometimes we like the stories, but so many are fake,,,,, The following isn’t,,,, Lori and James!!!
Winter Dinner Meeting
We are mature self-employed professionals, active and in good and fit condition with long grown and gone married children. Lori is 5’ 7” and 145 #, shapely with very nice boobs and great shoulder-length blond hair and blue eye. I (James) am 6’0” and 220 # with short graying hair. We live and work in a town of 15,000 people in the Dakotas. Winters can be long and snowy here.
Our town does have a nice full service hotel with a very nice bar/lounge and restaurant, domed pool area, etc. We do not generally hard swing or trade partners
on our travels but do like going out for dinner, conversation and drinks...sexy conversations. We do go on sexy vacations in Vegas, the Dominican Republic, Tucson, Palm Springs and Riviera Maya, etc. a couple times a year depending on schedules and airfares. When we are away from our home area, we aren't offended or uncomfortable to watch and be watched during couples' sex playtimes and have engaged in a bit of soft swing with others if all involved were comfortable.
Several years ago we started going to our town's hotel for mini vacation dates on weekday evenings three or four different times during a winter. We check in to a nice room and go to the hotel's lounge and restaurant for drinks, conversation, dinner, more drinks and conversation, etc. We always bring a nice bottle of wine and a bottle of scotch for refreshments in our room later along with a bit of our own selected music.
On our mini vacations, we do like to play dress up and overdress for our home area with Lori wearing a stylish big city cocktail dress with some cleavage, heels, nice jewelry, and me a sports jacket and sometimes even a tie. On weeknights at the hotel, very rarely do we run into locals that we know. We stay at the hotel overnight in a nice room to avoid the drinking and driving issues with our home area's very unforgiving and overeager law enforcement.
On one of our recent local hotel mini-vacation outings, another local professional couple, Liz and Bob, with whom we are slightly acquainted, was also having drinks and dinner the same evening at the hotel's restaurant. As we were walking into the restaurant dining room area about 7 P.M. with the host to be seated, they called us over to say hello and ask us join them at their booth.
We joined them at their booth. They are a bit younger than we are, a nice looking couple, interesting and friendly. I estimate that Bob is also about my size with short gray hair. Liz is shorter than Lori with a short cute dark hairstyle, perhaps 5’5” and maybe 135 # also shapely with nice boobs. They have kids still in college.
With lots of drinks, wine, and flirting, dinner went well as we got to know each other better. We noticed that Bob and Liz had some tan coloring, and we do too. During the visiting, it came out that we both go on trips occasionally and visit clothes optional adults-only nudist type resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Palm Springs and Tucson. We feel one needs to tan here in the Dakotas to help reduce depression during the long dark winters and to be ready for quick, inexpensive, short notice airfares to warmer sunnier places.
As we finished with dinner a little after 9 P.M., the girls needed a restroom, so my Lori invited Liz back to our hotel room to use ours. Bob and I followed the girls down the hotel hallways to our room with Bob carrying their coats. Once in the room, Bob threw their coats on the bed in our room while the girls took turns using the restroom. I threw my sports coat on the bed too and turned on a nightstand light and the other lights off. The girls left the bathroom light on with the door mostly closed. All in all, nice mood lighting for a hotel room.
I am still pretty old school, so I switched on my old Zune and set it to play some Barry White music. With Barry singing in the background, I got the bottle of chardonnay wine out that Lori and I brought for our evening in the room and opened it for the girls. I opened my scotch bottle and offered a scotch on the rocks to Bob. Plastic glasses of wine and scotch went well as the four of us visited, flirted, and got to know each other even better.
With Liz and Bob's coats and my jacket obviously thrown on the bed, the girls sat on the room's leather sofa and armchair, kicked their shoes off, sipped wine, chatted and relaxed. Bob perched on the Liz's chair arm and was rubbing Liz's back and shoulder.
I moved over to the sofa and sat next to Lori holding the glass of wine in one hand and rubbing her knee a bit with my free hand as we all chatted about our hometown, travel, all-inclusive resorts, airfare costs, etc. We found that we both have boats on the lake in the summer and do nude sunbathing at the more private west end of the local lake.
Lots of comfortable chatting, laughter, and giggling was going on between us all. The girls were discussing the jewelry they were wearing as I gradually bit by bit started working Lori's dress hem up a bit to rub her thigh as we all laughed and visited.
Bob and Liz seemed not to notice or at least were ignoring me working Lori's hemline up and rubbing her leg, but I did notice Bob working Liz's loose neck peasant style knit top a bit off one shoulder and moving her bra strap down a little as he gently rubbed her shoulder and upper arm. I mentioned Liz's nice looking shoulder. Liz and Bob both laughed. Bob in turn complimented Lori's legs as he reached down into Liz's dress and bra and cupped her boob.
I got up from the sofa and emptied the wine bottle into the girls' glasses and freshened Bob and my drinks. Liz then moved over to the sofa to look more closely at Lori's necklace of strings of silver Navajo pearls and Navajo pearl earrings. Liz had on nice costume jewelry on that we learned they found on a trip to Paris.
As the girls were looking closely at each other's jewelry, they both were leaning against one another, touching each other's arms and legs and even a bit of clothed breast to breast touching. Bob looked me in the eye and was smiling and nodding. It looked pretty interesting to me, so I nodded back. When Bob slipped his shoes off, I did too.
Bob moved over to stand by the sofa in front of his Liz, so I moved over to stand in front of my Lori and join the jewelry conversation. Lori reached out and rubbed my leg, and Liz looked at us and then reached out to rub Bob's leg. Bob knelt down in front of Liz, spread her legs and bit and snuggled in, so I did the same with Lori with both girls' skirts riding up even higher yet. I just happened to notice Liz's thong underwear.
When Bob started making out with Liz, I did with Lori too. Both girls' dresses had slid up even more nicely. It was very pleasant for both of us kneel between our wives' spread legs rubbing our wives' thighs and reaching back and holding their backs and butts as we snuggled in. Bob, kissing Liz, worked her knit top up and off over her head with no protest from Liz. Not to be out done, I worked Lori's cocktail dress up and carefully over her head not to catch or dislodge her necklaces and earrings with no protest from her either.
So now both Bob and I are kneeling on the floor in front of our wives kissing and feeling them up, the girls giggling and kissing back etc. My wife was dressed now only in her matching black bra and panties and jewelry. Bob's wife still had her bra, jewelry and skirt on. Bob moved Liz's bra down to expose and kiss her boobs. Being observant, I noticed and mentioned that Liz didn't have tan lines. Liz asked if Lori had tan lines, so I said, “let's see”.
Lori half turned and let me unhook her bra. I put her bra on the floor next to the sofa and sure enough, no tan lines. Since things seemed to be working well, I reached for Lori's panty waistband. She lifted her bottom a bit off the sofa, and I slid her panties off leaving her nude except for jewelry.
Liz commented about Lori’s pussy being cleanly shaved with a little landing strip patch above. I asked if Liz was shaved too? Bob said, “we'll just have to look won't we”.
Not to be outdone, Bob first slid Liz's bra around so he could get to the hooks and removed it. Liz helped Bob unbutton her skirt's waistband. She lifted her bottom a bit and Bob slid her skirt and thong underwear off leaving her nude except for jewelry too. Very nice, no tan lines on either of the girls, and Liz's pussy completely cleanly shaven too with no landing strip.
With Bob kneeling in front of his nude wife, she started unbuttoning his sports shirt and rubbing his chest, kissing him while he kissed rubbed her breasts. She spread her legs and Bob started fingering her, occasionally bending down to lick her pussy. Lori and I watched Bob and Liz a bit before we started kissing each other with me spreading Lori's legs wide and gently finger banging and rubbing her clit and giving her pussy quick licks too as she worked on unbuttoning my shirt.
After a few minutes, Lori was wet, wiggling and moaning along with Liz moaning and wiggling next to her. I stood up to unbuckle and drop my pants, shirt and underwear. Lori leaned ahead on the sofa and kissed my cock before starting to gently lick and suck it.
I looked over, and Bob was standing in front of Liz, and Liz was sucking and deep/long mouth-stroking Bob's dick while rolling and stroking his balls in her hand. Somehow, I had missed Bob removing his clothes in all the excitement. Lori noticed and commented that Bob was cleanly shaved too and that rather than just being closely trimmed like I am, and that I should try shaving clean too.
With the Barry White music in the background, Bob knelt back down and slid his cock into Liz on the sofa next to Lori as she wrapped her arms legs around him. Wow, sexy and hot with Bob slow fucking Liz next to us.
I helped Lori turn around and helped lean her over the sofa cushions with her butt in the air. I slid my cock into her pussy from behind. It didn't take too many slow strokes from behind before I really speeded up, holding her hips back tight to me while I stroked and pounded Lori’s pussy, pushing her face and head into the sofa cushion.
Standing behind her, I shot a bucket's worth into Lori's hot wet pussy. I stood behind her holding her ass tight to my cock as my cock drained and relaxed to limpness. I helped her stand back up and turn around. I kissed Lori and sat down on the sofa pulling Lori down on my lap with my arms around her and my hands cupping her boobs. Cum was running out of Lori's pussy, down over my crotch, limp dick, and legs onto the sofa cushion. Thankfully, the leather cushions cleaned up nicely later.
With Lori sitting on my lap, I reached around spread her pussy lips for Liz and Bob to see and started finger banging her and rubbed her clit with two and three fingers and both hands, as we watched Bob fuck Liz for a few more minutes. Liz finally unwrapped her arms and legs from around Bob. With her legs spread wide and Bob on his knees, he stroked Liz with his cock, slow and deep, before really speeding up and pounding Liz's pussy with lots of wet sucking sounds as he pumped and pushed back.
He started groaning and growling, and after pulling his dick out of Liz, standing and shooting his load on her boobs and face. Lori and I had never seen this done live before and loved it with Lori getting really worked up as I fingered and rubbed her clit. As Bob spurted his load, and Lori sitting on my lap with me fingering her, she came really hard watching Liz lick Bob’s cum off her face and fingers.
We sat and kissed and hugged and rubbed our partners for a while, with Bob and Liz rubbing and massaging his cum into her skin, before the girls headed into the restroom together to freshen and clean up. By now it was almost 1 AM and it's a workday tomorrow. The time really went fast! Bob said they really had to get going.
When the girls came back out, Liz started gathering her clothes and getting dressed along with Bob. Surprisingly, Lori and I stayed comfortably nude. We continued to visit and chat with them checking future schedules and possible trip travel dates without thinking about we were both still nude, well fucked, and that we had just fucked our partners in front of each other. So cool!
When Liz and Bob were dressed, we walked them over to the room door to say goodbye. Since Lori and I were still nude and were going to open the door to the hall, I reached over and switched the bathroom light off so the room was much darker. As we were thanking each other for the interesting and fun evening, for the first time of the entire evening, Bob stepped in close to my still nude Lori and Liz stepped close to me for close tight hugs and deep good night kissing. The good night kisses were interesting and took awhile.
Liz had my bare cock and balls in her hands as we kissed. As her warm hand gripped and stroked on my cock, I started to get hard again, so I felt her up and squeezed a couple of boobs as we kissed. I just happened to notice Bob fingering Lori's bare pussy with one hand and his other hand on a boob as they kissed. The girls decided to work on schedules to get together again sometime soon as they kissed each other goodbye and Bob and I shook hands. We all stepped back and Liz and Bob left.
As we crawled into bed, Liz told me Bob has a nice cock. She said his pants zipper wasn't zipped, and he had not put his underwear back on when he got dressed. Inquiring minds want to know, so I asked Lori where Bob's underwear was. She told me it was in his coat pocket.
Lori said as they were kissing goodbye she felt his open zipper and his cock was interestingly getting hard too. She said that cock was very interesting and she’d like to see and feel more of it. Lori told me that she'd seen Liz gripping my dick too and me feeling her up. So I told her that Liz was a good kisser, and had warm hands and firm boobs.
By this time, I was really hard again and rolled over on top of Lori. Lori spread her legs and I slowly fuck her until I shot another load. We hugged, kissed, and visited as we fell asleep in each other's arms. We decided we'd both probably like to meet Bob and Liz again for fun, and that we'd have to discuss how far we might go if/when swapping partners came up on another meeting, condom use if it came to that, etc.
Looking forward to the next meeting or trip!!

We have been going to our local swingers club for a few weeks now. Very brand new to this lifestyle. Our only experience was almost 15 years ago, when wife and I tried mfm at our home, inviting an ex boy of her’s over for some late night fun. This only happened about 3-4 different times and she really enjoyed being the center of attention and she was also able to keep us both very happy.
Well on one of our visits we ended up meeting a very nice couple from a nearby town from us. They stated they liked coming over to this club better and were not really impressed with the clubs in their town. We chatted the night away having a great time together. They would get up and dance or go to the play room. We had been back the few times we had come before but by ourselves. It was very hot just having sex with my wife will others around you were also play. We had our own little cubicle but instead of doors there were curtains so you could still basically see most of what was going on in the room.
We decided it was time for us to go and have some fun for ourselves. As we walked back there the other couple was enjoying looking at a few couples in the viewing room. They saw us there and greeted us as we did them. My wife and I decided to proceed to an empty private room. We both undressed and she was giving one of her great BJ’s when all of sudden and a little to my surprise there they were standing by the curtain watching us. I gave my wife a kiss and whispered to her if it was ok with her to invite them to join us, it was. From our conversations we figured they were only going to do soft swing and as this was the first couple we have ever been with, it was more than ok with me also.
My wife kept on sucking me and he started to play with his own wife. Eating her out, fucking her missionary. My wife was taking turns riding me and sucking me off. It was pretty awesome. At one point, unknown to me, when I was on my back and was sucking me off in a more or less doggy position, exposing her ass up in the air. He pulled away from his and was kneeling between his wife knees and arcing back. I was unaware of all of his because my eyes were rolling to the back of my head, yes my wife’s BJs are that good. Well anyway he proceeded to give her one hell of a finger fuck. On the way home she told me about it and said she was kinda of mad about it. At first I thought she was kidding about the finger fucking but then I realized she was not. She was almost as upset with me as she was with him (but wait not for what you might think). She stated “I was thinking is he checking me for polyps or what” and that he really kept ramming his finger in there hard to the point it started hurting (we were both laughing about it on the way home so she must not have been that upset, or maybe she thought that I had seen it and did not want me to get mad). Well anyway she had gotten mad at me because I was not giving his wife the same finger fucking she was receiving…lol.. I must admit I did indulge a little too much in the alcohol but only because I was not thinking anything like this would happen and I proceeded to “lightly” rub her pussy and not even as so much as putting one finger. Well any way the nite ended and we hugged, kissed good by and a great time had had by all.
We had been coming back to the club whenever we had time and had not seen them at all and they did say they only came to town a few times. On one Saturday there just happened to be a large crowd and we had to find a spot way in the back. Well guess who was there too on that day? It was them alright. They were all ready sitting with another couple and we decided, since we did not particularly go to the club to meet them that we would stay our distance. On a visit to the bathroom my wife stated she ran into his wife they kissed and greeted. A few minutes later her husband came by our table and greeted us, we talked for a few minutes and then he went back to his own table with the other couple. As the night went on my wife and I decided we were going to go to the playrooms and see if we could find us an empty room to play by ourselves AGAIN.
When we go to the play rooms we like to stop by the voyeur room, sometimes there are several couples going at it in there, we are very new and not at that level yet but we love to watch. Well anyway there they are, minus the other couple playing with themselves in the voyeur room. My wife proceeds to go up to them, he was laying on his back and she was riding him, and my wife smacks her on the butt, His wife just turns to see who it is and when she sees it is my wife she gives her a big smile and waves to me. My wife and I proceed to an empty private room and as we are preparing to take off our clothes… oh my a very nice surprise. They had left the voyeur room and followed us. They were right behind us and asked if it was ok to join us. And of course it was. I played with my wife and him with his again. We had gone into one of the bigger private rooms so this time we had a lot more room to play in.
My wife again proceed to suck me for a short time and then she mounted me cowgirl riding me good. He had his wife on her back fucking her then doggy. After a while of that they scooted over closer, my wife still riding me supporting her self by pushing her hands against the wall. His wife in a sitting position next to us. He proceed to stand next to his wife who was eye level and maybe about a foot face to face away from my wife and had his wife giving him a blow job. This was the first time my wife and I had ever seen his cock…lol and so close. He had a pretty long, dark, and thick cock. He must have been about 8 to 9 inches and again very thick. I can tell you that his size to me was very intimidating but it also turned me on to think my wife was looking and probably wanting it.
At first I could tell my wife was trying to avoid eye contact with his cock, don’t know if it was embarrassment or that she did not want to get turned on. His wife was sucking on his cock giving him a decent BJ. I nudged my wife to give it a try, she shook her head no and gave me a “stop it” stare, which I did but I showed her (by the nudge) that I was ok with it if she wanted to give it a try. I guess after watching his wife suck on it for a while she decided to give it a try after all. While his wife was licking his shaft on one side my wife did the other side. I could not believe what I was seeing she was sharing another mans dick. When his wife pulled away for a second, she took the opportunity to grasp his cock with her own hand and proceed to suck on it. She continued to suck on him while his wife watched them and she was still riding me. Seeing her doing this was a major turn on.
While she was sucking his cock he would bend low to reach my wife's ass started smacking it to show his approval of her cock sucking. What I did not realize at the time was when his wife had gotten on her kneels to get a better sucking angle on her husband, my wife had slipped her fingers in to her pussy and started what my wife called “payback”. She said “hell yeah, I rammed fingers into her pussy as hard as I could”. His wife never complained either and kept taking them. My wife insists that she only sucked his cock for about five minutes, I saw it more as it was for forever. But he must had really enjoyed her BJ because when my wife stopped sucking, he got off the bed, grabbed his wife, pulled her butt to the edge of the bed and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her. He was really going hard at her. He last about four or five minutes and then came like crazy in her. As soon as he came they decided to leave, and we stayed and finished the nite with each other.
That was an awesome time and I hope we “bump” into them again. I have already told her I am ok with her doing more including full penetration as long as his wife is also ok with him doing it to. Me and his wife seem to be more similar, we like to just have fun, play. My wife and him seem more similar also, they like to be the aggressors. I told my wife if they ever get together to fuck, they are gonna lock themselves in a room and when we open it, there not going be anything left of the both of them. Lol Would love to tell you about that one when it happens.


Creampie Party

By HardTongue, in Soft Swap,

What with the AIDs scare and growing older I don't get many chances any more to enjoy a creampie. Since we have pretty much dropped out of the lifestyle Mary considers it a part of the past and really doesn't want to talk about it, unless we are in bed and she uses an experience to turn me on. Other than that she isn't much interested. So, I pretty well have it all to myself and use our experiences to bring back memories, which still turn me on. Of course it is even more of a turn on to hear from other husbands that feel as I do.
Throughout or swinging period (about 30 years) I only met two other husbands that would admit that they were turned on by eating their wife after she had fucked another guy. I'm pretty sure that there were others like me, but they were afraid that if they let it be known the other fellows would think they were gay or at least weird. I recall this one couple where the husband was a real nice guy but very shy. At swinging parties he would seldom ask a woman to go to the bedroom with him, but his wife would grab a guy the moment she got in the door and hardly ever left the bedroom the entire evening unless it was to come looking for a new fellow. My wife did screw the husband a couple times and said that he really was a nice guy with a nice size cock and once he got started was quite good, and was especially super at eating pussy.
His wife was a great looking dark haired girl, young with a knockout body, nice tits, not real big but firm, and a real bushy cunt. The first time I was with her, I was her second one that night and as soon as I got undressed she jumped on me and dropped her wet pussy right down on my cock. Didn't take me long, what with the feel of that cum filled pussy on my cock before I added my own cum to her pussy, and she was ready for the next guy. A few months later at another party there were several couples and Annie (that was her name - Annie with the cute fanny) got started early and was going through the guys. I had been with one other girl and Mary was pretty much sticking with this one fellow she liked.
Anyhow I had a bit to drink and was sort a loafing around when I passed a bedroom and Annie called me in. I went in and she said she was ready for some more. I asked her how many guys she had screwed that night and she took my hand and placed in on her cunt so I could feel the cum and said only six so far, but one guy came while I was blowing him or it would have been lucky seven. I leaned over and kissed her and she ran her tongue in my mouth to give me a taste of the other fellows cum. She asked me if I liked the taste and I said that I found the taste erotic, and knowing that she had just sucked off another guy was a super turn on. She grinned at this and kissed me again, being sure that we swapped tongues and that I got an even better taste of the fellows cum. It was a super turn on for me as I was also running a couple fingers around the lips and into her cum filled cunt.
She said “well, if that taste didn't bother you then how do you feel about dinning at the "Y" after it has had a lot of traffic?” She kissed me once again and then pushed my head down towards her cunt. I acted as if I really didn't want to but it wasn't long before I had a mouth full of cum as she was very full, plus her cunt hair was wet with cum and it covered her thighs and even her ass, and of course my face became covered with the excess cum. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face ever harder to her cunt as she had an orgasm which pushed even more cum from her cunt into my waiting mouth. Later she told me that this was what her husband does for her when they return from a swinging party, but this night he wouldn't get as much as usual. She made me promise not to tell the others as her husband would be embarrassed to have the other fellows know that he was eating their cum from his wife's pussy. I told her that I was much like her husband as I loved the taste of my wife's cunt after another man had filled it with cum, but that I was also worried about what other guys would think/say if they were aware of me eating their cum from her pussy. I think it made her feel better, knowing that her husband wasn't the only one who relished eating his wife after she had fucked another man. She smiled and said that be sure to stop in mid-way of the next party and she would have a creampie waiting for me. Well, I never fucked her that night but she did give me a super blowjob as I was eating her pussy and I left some more cum in her mouth for the next guy and I am sure he left some in her cunt for her husband. Well, better cut this for now; gives me a hard-on just thinking about her sensuous lips, which makes it "hard' to type with only one hand. Take care, would love to hear from others who have experienced similar events.


Glory Hole Surprise

By padoc, in Soft Swap,

Hi again, Sam & Leanne here. We had a very vanilla weekend recently and were home quite early on Saturday night. Since it was August in SW Fla, it was quite warm outside even after 10:00 pm and our pool was too tempting. After letting the dogs out, Leanne turned to me with that sexy smile and said, "take a dip honey?” Before I could answer, she reached up and pulled the tie to the halter of her sun dress which promptly slid down her body and landed in a heap at her feet. She stood there naked, lit by the glow of the half moon and the pool lights.
As you may remember, Leanne is about 5'7, 145 lbs with shoulder length blonde hair, blue eyes, 38D boobs with large and currently erect nipples, a great ass, completely shaved except for a brief blonde landing strip and long well shaped legs. She looks at least 10 years younger than her 50 years. I am in my mid-50's, 6', with salt and pepper hair, broad shoulders, blue eyes, and a fairly trim build. A lifetime of indulging in red meat, cheese steak sandwiches (a native of Philadelphia), and the occasional adult beverage has resulted in a continuing battle of the bulge, but so far it's been a draw and at 215 lbs. I weigh only 20 lbs more than I did at 35.
I watched my partner and wife of 10 years walk seductively down the steps into the 90 degree water. Her body fairly shimmered in the clear water and I couldn't get my slacks and shirt off quickly enough. "Someone liked the show" Leanne said with a grin as she looked up at my bobbing erection. I entered the pool and stood on the 2nd step which put my dick at just about eye level for her as she floated nearby. Leanne reached out and gave me a stroke and said, "you know Sam, you standing there like that reminded me of one of our first nights at the club.”
I knew exactly which night she was talking about and as we floated in the pool, we both recalled another first on our lifestyle journey together. We had been together for a bit over a year, we'd both had less than satisfying marriages and decided that this time we would not miss out on a thing. When I saw a brief news piece about Club Kama Sutra in Philadelphia, we discussed the erotic possibilities and began to explore the options in swinging. We eventually visited CKS but before that, we found a place in northern Maryland that seemed to be a bit less hardcore than the club in Philly. We went one Saturday and had a blast. We didn't play with anybody and in fact, never ventured more than about three feet from each other but we had a most erotic evening. The dance floor was hot and walking past the hot tub and through the play areas and looking in the open rooms gave me a woody that lasted all night. We had had a tour and were comfortable with the rules of conduct and eventually found a vacant room which we promptly entered and locked the door. We spent an hour ravishing each other in nearly every way possible while talking about the sights and listening to the sounds from the rooms around us.
At the end of the evening Leanne said, "That was fun honey, let’s do it again.” The following Saturday night we made the hour and 20 minute drive from our home and arrived just after the club opened its doors at 8:00. Since we were no longer newbie’s, we were given blue accented name tags instead of the red one we had the last weekend. We felt so very worldly!
Once again, we had a great time. We did mingle more and danced with several couples during the evening and even copped a feel or two. I know that Leanne had her butt squeezed more than once by several dance partners and she didn't seem to mind at all. As with the previous Saturday, we went for a walk through the play areas about midnight just when things were heating up. We stood outside one room for awhile while a statuesque black woman was riding a Sybian that her husband, a distinguished looking older black man, controlled by the remote. The woman reached several mind blowing orgasms and as she did, Leanne's left hand found its way to the front of my pants while her right hand unconsciously fondled her breast through her partially unbuttoned silk blouse. "Sam" she whispered hotly, "I have to try that machine sometime.” Before I could answer, the man at the controls said pleasantly, "come in, we'll gladly share the room and the toy.”
Leanne looked at me questioningly and I merely shrugged to indicate that it was up to her. I saw some doubt in her eyes as she turned back to the couple and said "no thanks, we're still new here and I think I want to try that thing with Sam first. Maybe next time?" "Sure" he said, "I'm Anthony by the way and the lady is my wife Lisa." Anthony stood up and turned to us as he introduced himself and offered his hand to us. He was naked and sported a huge erection, and Leanne could hardly tear her eyes from it as she shook his proffered hand. Lisa continued to ride the machine but managed to flash us a friendly smile and a breathless "hi." He offered me the sybian controls and said, "wanna give it a shot?” I was very tempted but followed Leanne's lead and declined politely saying, "please look for us again, maybe we'll take you up on it next time."
Leanne pulled me down the hall by the arm and said, "lets find a room NOW!” As we cruised the hall she said quietly, "My God Sam, that machine looked like fun. Did you see how many times she got off? All she had to do was sit on it and it seemed to hit all the right spots. I nodded and she continued "did you see the size of his dick? I think he wanted us to play with them" "Sweetie" I said with a leer, "who wouldn't want to play with you. It might have been interesting to see what you could do with something that size. Plus, Lisa was a very attractive woman." "Well" Leanne said uncertainly, "we did say we'd take this slow and I think that they were waaaay more experienced than we are. I’m just not sure how far I’m ready to go yet Leanne." I said softly, "you make the call, I’m ready for whatever you're comfortable with." I no sooner finished saying that when we passed an open door. "Quick" Leanne said, grabbing my hand and pulling me inside, "this is the only open room."
We entered quickly and Leanne closed the door and locked it. The room was very narrow, only wide enough for a bed which was up against one wall. We were so hot and aroused that we virtually attacked each other and in a frenzy started working our clothing off. I got naked first and had Leanne down to her thong when I eased her back onto the bed. Her feet were still in her heels and rested on the floor as I got on my knees between hers and eased her black lace thong to one side and literally dove into her moist pussy. She was very turned on and reached her first orgasm in no time, thrusting against my face as she came, moaning loudly. I continued to lick her when she suddenly stopped moving and hissed, "Sam, LOOK!”
I looked up from my task and saw my wife staring wide eyed at a six inch erection poking through a previously unnoticed hole in the wall directly above the bed. I looked down the bed and saw two other identical holes spaced about two feet apart at waist level. I immediately knew that we had mistakenly stumbled into the glory hole room that we had seen on our initial tour of the club. As I assessed the situation, the 2nd hole filled up with a slightly larger dick that was bobbing up and down. The 3rd hole was closer to me and I could see a portion of a face that was staring intently at my wife's exposed and dripping pussy.
As my wife looked at the two cocks poking through the holes, I eased up and slipped my nearly painful erection into her. "Ohhhhhhhh" she sighed as I did and then said "what should we do Sam?" as I began to slowly stroke into her. I wasn't sure exactly about the rules, but the door was locked and we had complete control of the situation so I said to her, "reach out honey, touch it, rub it." "Sam, I don't know" she whispered. "What can it hurt hon" I said, "we're in a locked room and they can't see you anyhow. Play with it a little" As I was saying that, her hand slowly snaked towards the dick closest to her. She tentatively touched it and jumped as it twitched upwards. "Did you see that", she giggled, "this IS kind of cool.” With that, she ran her hand over the knob and down the shaft and began to slowly stroke the strange cock.
Apparently, the owner liked it as her hand job elicited a moan from the other side of the wall. After a few more strokes, a string of precum started to drip off the end. "Look Sam" Leanne said with a glint in her eyes, "I think he's turned on." "Hell hon, I know I am," I said as I quit fucking her to watch what she was doing. My wife took her thumb and used it to rub the precum over the guy’s dick head and down his shaft. As she did so, the dick in her hand started to grow bigger and harder. A few more strokes and we heard a moan through the wall followed by an "Oh fuuuuck" and first one than a second and finally a third string of semen erupted from the strange cock. Most of it hit the bed, but one glob landed on Leanne's tit. "Oh my god Sam" Leanne said in surprise, "he just came on me" I couldn't help but chuckle a little and said, "honey, that’s what happens when you jack one of those off." She smiled sweetly as she sat up and nodded towards my dripping erection. "I do know that" and she scooted forward and took me in her hot mouth. I looked down and saw some strange guy’s semen drying on her tit and damn near came right then.
I pulled back and nodded towards the bigger dick so far left untouched. "Next one?" I asked. "Should I" she asked with a sexy smile. When I nodded, she reached for the next one. "My God Sam" she said almost reverently, "this one is huge" It was much bigger than the first one and certainly bigger than mine. Her small hand was dwarfed by it and barely got around it. She stroked it several times and bent forward for a closer look. As her hair brushed against it, it twitched and grew a bit thicker. "Did you see that?" she asked. "Give it a lick hon" I said breathlessly. "I couldn't" she replied as she continued to stroke the cock. "Go ahead babe, we don't know him, it's just a dick" I said. With that, she leaned forward and slowly extended her tongue and made contact near the back of the head, Again, the big cock twitched in her hand and now slid up against her face. Almost involuntarily, her lips opened and the strange cock head slipped into her warm mouth.
I was sitting at the edge of the bed near the last hole watching my wife shyly service the big cock when a decidedly feminine hand snaked through the last hole and ran up my leg towards my dick. She couldn't quite reach it, and I heard a female voice say "come closer." I stood up next to the foot of the bed and turned towards the hole with my erection. The small hand wearing a wedding ring daintily grasped my dick and began to stroke it. I looked at Leanne and watched as she got on her knees to get a better angle and began to blow the guy in earnest. She was sliding her lips up and back on that big cock as she took about half of it into her mouth. I eased over to the hole and slipped my dick through it and it was immediately engulfed in a warm mouth. "look baby" I said tapping her on the shoulder, "this thing works both ways." She smiled at me with her lips around a strange dick and just a second later, her eyes got wide and she pulled off only to have it erupt on her face and hair. She swallowed the initial blast and held the cock, stroking it until it quit cumming.
Meantime, I was getting worked very well through the wall and nearly came as Leanne used the corner of the sheet to wipe off her face. "Sam" she said in a very aroused tone of voice "get your dick out of that hole and come here, I need you right now" She was still facing the wall pretty much between the two holes closest to her so I pulled out of the third hole and came up behind her. I pulled her thong aside again and found her sopping wet. I slid effortlessly into her and she moaned quietly. I started to pick up a pace when she said quietly, "Sam, another one.” Sure enough, another erection passed through the hole nearest her face. This one was a bit smaller than either of the last two but was very hard and bobbing in front of her face. As she was contemplating the newest cock and as I was slowly began pumping her, that same feminine hand came through the next hole this time and began to caress Leanne's swaying tits. My wife moaned and turned her head just enough to gobble the strange dick. I began to lose it and started to pound at her pussy. That caused her to slide up and down on the cock in her mouth. It what seemed like seconds, I lost it and started to cum. My first shot went deep in her. As I started to cum, she went forward a little on the strange cock and that caused me to pull out of her and I finished cumming over her fine ass and back. As I did, she choked a little and pulled off the cock in the wall and jacked it as it came all over her hand and the hand that was at her tits.
That hand eventually disappeared dripping through the hole and reappeared seconds later quite clean. She gave Leanne's right nipple a soft pinch and I heard her say “thank you both, we loved it" A male voice then said "yeah, thanks, that was soooo fucking hot."
Leanne and I sat in stunned silence for a few minutes before we looked at each other with amazed smiles. "I think I need to visit the ladies shower before we go home tonight don't you think Sam" she said quietly. "I think a shower is a great idea" I said with a grin, "I want to soap you up." She leaned over and gave me a sweet kiss and said, "this was a lot of fun and you're not jealous" "Jealous?” I said, "Baby that was the hottest sex I’ve ever had. I think we know now that we can play with another couple without a problem" "I’m looking forward to trying that with you too" she said as she squeezed my slightly growing dick.
We slowly got dressed and as we turned to leave, we noticed a new dick poking through a hole. Leanne walked over to it, stroked it twice and then leaned over and placed a little kiss on the knob and said, "Maybe next time big boy.”


Cinema Sex

By ViSexual, in Soft Swap,

"Two adults," I had to smile as I said it but quickly composed myself and finished, "for Fatal Attraction."
The theater was really nice. It was fairly new and The Villages, a retirement community, had done a very nice job of choosing businesses of class for it's community.
"Want anything to eat or drink?" I knew we were early and that we'd be sitting in the theater for a while waiting for our dates.
‘Dates’, I thought it odd to even think this, but it’s pretty accurate.
"I don't think I could eat anything," My wife had that, sheepish grin, as she shook her head no, and then added, "but, I could sure go for something to drink."
"You nervous?" I smiled at her almost expecting her to say she wanted to leave.
"Of course," she didn't hesitate to answer, then she asked, "aren't you?"
"A little," I answered honestly but then added, "but excited too."
"Me too," my wife had spoken but it was so soft that she realized that I hadn't understood, so she repeated a little louder, "nervous and excited too."
"Two medium Sprites," I couldn't help but notice the slim young lady working behind the counter and wondered if someone like her would be sitting next to me soon. Then I looked at my wife and wondered if she'd be pleased with the guy that was soon to be sitting by her, "sure you don't want popcorn?"
"No," my wife shook her head and added, "I know we won't be kissing or anything like that but I don't want to have anything in my teeth distracting me."
"Hey," I looked at her and grinned, "the butter might come in handy though."
"Oh, you," she was laughing now as she slugged my arm, "you want to buy some for your date?"
"Maybe," I shrugged my shoulders and liked her use of the word date, "nice slick hands can really be nice."
"I can't believe we're really doing this," my wife spoke as we sat down in the comfortable seats in the upper left corner of the theater as agreed, "I bet they don't show up."
"They'll show," I sounded more confident than I really was, "he saw your picture," I put my arm around my wife and kissed her cheek and let my hand brush her sweater over her great, bra-less, breast, "he wouldn't want to miss his chance with these."
I took a moment and looked at my wife and realized I was probably right about the guy drooling over her photo. For middle aged folks we were in great shape and pretty good looking.
"That's them," my wife quickly pushed my hand away as she nodded toward the couple who just entered the theater, "that's him."
They appeared about as nervous as we were.
The guy was even taller than I’d thought from his description and photo and I couldn’t help glancing at my wife and enjoying her pleasure as she watched him ascend the steps.
And the wife was hot. Slender, gorgeous long legs, pretty face, hey, what more could I ask for?
"Are you really sure?" I asked one last time before it was too late to back out.
"I'm sure," my wife nervously twitched in her seat as she spoke, "if you are."
"Hi," I extended my hand to the man as the couple reached the top of the steps and started down the aisle to us, "Ted, right?"
"Yes," the man answered as he reached out and shook my hand briefly, then offered his hand to my wife, "and you must be Jean."
I heard my wife say something about the same time that I extended my hand now to the very attractive woman, "Tina, right?"
"Un huh," the woman had a nervous, but cute, smile as she let her hand rest in mine, "good to meet you Jim."
It was a very nervous moment for all of us and the only thing that seemed to be perfectly maneuvered was the way my wife switched to the seat beside Ted and Tina sat down between me and my wife. If anyone had been watching they wouldn't have noticed the switch of partners.
It was almost as if we’d rehearsed it. But then, in a way we had. We’d all four attended the interview with the couple who thought of, and formed this club. We’d all four been made aware of, and agree to, the rules, limits, and conditions of these dates. The awkward, and nervous, silence reminded me of my teenage dates so many years ago. But then, that was one of the attractions for us old married couples to do this, wasn’t’ it? I think we were all thankful for the previews to finally come on and lights to dim slightly.
I finally decided to take advantage of my years of experience and not act like an adolescent. I could smell her perfume. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear that she smelled wonderful. She showed her appreciation, not in words, but by leaning her head over onto my shoulder and reaching over to my lap and placing her hand on mine. So innocent, so simple, but, oh, so intoxicating. I placed my left hand over hers now and slid my right hand out from under her left one and placed my right arm around her shoulders and pulled her even a bit closer. Her hand was now resting on my upper thigh just inches from the bulge that was already forming in my pants. My right hand was over her shoulder with that same proximity to her breast and I could feel her chest begin to rise and fall a bit faster than it had previously. And, the previews of coming attractions hadn’t even finished yet.
As I turned my head to give my date an appreciative kiss on the head, and inhaling the unfamiliar scent of shampoo, I noticed that the other couple, my wife and her husband, had moved a bit closer together too. I didn’t know which had stimulated me more, the smell, feel, and closeness of this attractive woman I was allowed liberties with, or the sight and knowledge that my wife of so many years was being allowed those same liberties with this man she’d only met a few moments ago. Almost the moment the main attraction began, so did the action in the back row of the Rialto theater.
We’d been told that movies aren’t nearly as long when you want them to last and that being timid and slow would only deny you some of your fun. I raised my right hand back up from my date’s chest a bit and felt the soft flesh of her shoulder above the low neckline of her blouse. I explored her skin and allowed my fingers to explore down inside her blouse ever so slightly each time I rubbed in that direction. I felt her hand move, under my left hand, on my thigh and I guided it along as it tested my acceptance of it moving higher. In one motion she adjusted herself in her seat and reached up with her right hand and, grabbing my right wrist, she pulled down softly allowing my right hand to slip down into her blouse and onto her bare right breast. In appreciation I pulled her left hand slowly, but firmly, up and onto my hardening penis.
I don’t know what felt better, her breast in my hand or her hand on me? But, whichever, it was so sexy, so exciting, so very wonderful. I decided to not multi-task and concentrated on her breast. It was the first breast, other than my wife’s, that I’d had the pleasure of experiencing in so many years and I wanted to savor it completely. But I was soon distracted by her small hand exploring my, now completely rigid, penis in a similar way as I had been exploring her breast.
“It’s a bit unfair for you to have complete access and me to have a cloth barrier.” My date had been so close to my ear as she whispered that I could feel her breath.
In answer, I reluctantly removed my arm from around her shoulder and, with both hands, quickly and silently opened my fly allowing her hand complete access to whatever she desired. I quickly replaced my arm around her and slipped my hand back into her blouse and onto her wonderful breast. As I felt her warm hand grab my cock, I twisted my body just enough to allow my left hand to move onto her left leg and begin moving up her thigh. No stockings, no panty hose, and I hoped, as had been suggested in the interview, no panties. And, this lady was good at taking suggestions. Her pubic hair felt so soft, almost like silk on my fingers.
The fingers on my right hand were on fire with the pleasure of her hard nipple, the fingers of my left hand were now enjoying the wetness of a hardening, large, clitoris like I hadn’t experienced in years, and my cock felt the pleasures of a hand, fairly expert in, fondling my cock. I’d seen this movie before. I pretty much knew the scenes and when I took a moment to regain my senses enough to listen and find out how far it had gone I was shocked. It was well over three fourths over already. The couple who owned cinemasex weren’t kidding about time going fast. While I had my senses about me I glanced at the other couple and noticed them in a similar situation as we were in. The man had one hand up under my wife’s sweater and the other up under her skirt. My wife, as his wife was, had both her hands on his hard cock and she was jacking him off with an, obvious, intent of making him ejaculate for her.
I decided it was time to make sure my date, totally, enjoyed herself and began to slide into her vagina more each time I went down from her clitoris. And, each time I slipped my fingers into her smooth, wet, vagina I pinched her nipple a little harder. Her skirt was now up to her waist and I could see her beautiful pubic hair in the dim light of the theater. I watched as my fingers were now finger fucking her with determination and could hear, and see, her wetness as they went in and out. I could also smell the fragrance that only comes from a woman in complete abandonment. But, this new and distinct fragrance was combined with one more familiar as well. As I felt her pelvis begin to buck up with each of my thrusts of my fingers I looked up to make sure that our actions weren’t attracting any unwanted attention.
We were safe. I began to bring my sweet date to her ultimate pleasure through my use of my fingers. She helped me by using her right hand on her clitoris as I continued my insertions of my two fingers in her wet vagina and on her G-spot. And, talk about climaxing together? I felt my date buck up violently and moan as her orgasm overtook her just about the same time I heard my wife’s, so familiar, groans of pleasure in the seats beside us. As my date began to come down from her heaven, I felt her hand begin to stroke my cock again. I removed my hand from her vagina and let my other hand rest comfortably on her breast now. I leaned back a little in my seat and just watched her as she jacked off my cock with her left hand and explored my testicles with her right. I alternated watching my date’s hands, and my wife’s hands on the man sitting three seats over from me. Both ladies were fairly expert in their labor and both actions were equally as stimulating to me. He came first. I watched as he raised his pelvis from his chair and his abundant cum spread over my wife’s perfect hands.
I wasn’t far behind but instead of just flowing, my cum shot out and onto the back of the seat in front of us and some on the pants leg of my jeans. It was over now. We all four knew the rules. No snuggling, no savoring the after glow, no intimacies with the other spouse. We’d all managed to rearrange our clothing just in time for the lights to come on and credits to run. And, I couldn’t help but think that between the previews of coming attractions and the credits, so much fun had taken place. What a way to experience a movie.
As had happened when we’d taken our seats, when we all rose and the ladies maneuvered back to their own spouse in a way nobody could have noticed. Ted and I simply shook hands and thanked each other. My wife smiled, almost blushing, and thanked Ted, then she hugged Tina and whispered something in her ear that made Tina smile and hug back. I took both of Tina’s hands in mine and winked at her as I told her how totally wonderful she was. We all walked in silence down the steps to the entrance aisle, then as my wife and I turned to exit to the left, Ted and Tina turned to exit to the right.

I recently sent a short video taken at a glory hole to my friend Dee, and I asked, “Would you do this”?
And she replied, “Actually, I did do that many years ago with my husband. I was curious about adult bookstores and asked him to take me to one. We had been drinking so he took me to one that he knew about but I don't think he knew much about they worked. He and I went in and looked around at the videos, magazines and novelties. We were feeling the effects of the drinks and were very uninhibited. I remember getting aroused looking at the porno stuff and of course he did too.”
I didn't notice at first but I soon realized that I was the only female in the place. There was a section behind a curtain that said video arcade so I said lets see what’s in there. It was dark and hard to see at first. There were several little rooms with doors and some kind of machine that took tokens in each one of them. He went to get some tokens while I sat in an empty booth waiting for him. Soon after he left, the door opened but it wasn't my husband. The guy looked at me and said, ‘Excuse me’ when I told him this booth was taken and I was waiting for my husband. In the darkness, while waiting, I also noticed small holes in the walls on either side of the booth but had no idea what they were for and didn't give them much thought. My husband finally came back and we watched videos while I sat on his lap.
There was only one chair in the booth. I was getting so turned on while he was playing with my nipples, I got off his lap took off my top and while he lowered my shorts and panties. I then pulled down his shorts and got on my knees so I could suck him while watched the movie while I played with my clit. It was then that I noticed someone watching through one of the holes but I was so excited, I didn't care. After a while, I showed my husband the eye in the hole and he asked me if I was ok with that and I said yes. He said that’s good because there's one on the other side too. Apparently we were being watched and he knew it.
He then asked me if I wanted to suck more cocks. I was feeling so excited and slutty I said yes as long as he was ok with it. He told me to put my open mouth next to one of the holes and see if anything happened. In about two seconds a hard cock comes through the hole and hits me in the face. I looked at it in the dim light and held it while I looked at it. It seemed to be clean and didn't smell bad so I began sucking on it. He came in about 15 seconds and shot his load in my mouth. I was surprised at first that he came in my mouth but I let him continue cumming on my face while I let his cum drip out of my mouth and on my chest. I think that’s when I really became a cum slut. I loved being covered in cum. My husband told me he was about to cum too so I took him in my mouth and let him cum all over me too. I then noticed another cock in the other hole. This one was black and smaller than the others but I liked that one the best. Actually smaller cocks are better to suck than big ones. Big ones fill my mouth, making my mouth tired and difficult to play with orally. I sucked him off too. By that time, another cock appeared in the other hole and my husbands cock was coming back to life.
I think I sucked at least 7 or 8 cocks that night and I was totally covered in cum. I really needed to be fucked but didn't want to do that with anyone but my husband. I was still feeling very slutty so I put on my shirt and shorts, leaving all the cum still on my face, hair and body. We then walked out of the booth and there was a line of at least six more guys waiting. I said sorry guys but I need to go and they all groaned.
We didn't live too far from the adult book store so we went home and I attacked him and had several intense orgasms. After we calmed down and cleaned up, I asked him if he enjoyed seeing me suck other guys. He told me that before he came the first time, it was very exciting and something he fantasized about. After he came, he didn't like it but saw that I was really enjoying myself so he let me continue. I haven't done the glory hole thing since but it’s another one of those adventures I'm glad I did but not too sure I would do it again.


Fun at the Coast

By two42lovers, in Soft Swap,

Perving the local group section of our favorite swinger's site, a new post immediately caught my eye. I read it aloud to Mrs two42lovers: "Hey there California cuties!! We are going to be on vacation in the wine country between SB and SLO. Any pointers, tour guides, or other naughty ideas are all welcome! We have no plans, just going with the flow all week! We love fine wine (especially Pinot!), great food, sex outdoors (ok, indoors too!) and just relaxing and hanging out with fun people!! Hope to hear from you!!"
Mrs two42lovers gets a mischievous, sexy smile when she is turned on. Seems the love of my life liked the tour-guide idea, and had some "naughty ideas" in mind. Guess I had a few running through my head, too, lol! "Sounds like a lot of fun" she cooed. "Especially the sex outdoors part." We clicked over to their profile page, and perved it together. Both of us liked what we saw and read. After a long, sensual kiss I said, "Let's send them an email."
We exchanged several emails and phone calls with Randy & Sheila over the next two weeks. The more we talked, the more we found we had in common, both socially and sexually. Randy & Sheila planned to stay over two nights at the nearby Shorecliff Lodge, a beachfront hotel with a spectacular view of the ocean. Each room has a private balcony overlooking steep cliffs plunging to the waves below. As the day neared, I have to admit Mrs two42lovers and I were getting a little giddy with anticipation. We'd not yet met Randy & Sheila face to face, but all the phone calls and emails made it seem like we were meeting old friends.
The day finally came and Mrs two42lovers went all out primping for our get together. She looked delicious! My hottie wore a shiny black corset with silver hooks running up the front and string laces down the back, a short black skirt, crotchless body stocking, and 6 inch 'come fuck me' heels. Before we stepped out our front door I snapped a pic of Mrs two42lovers and said, "Babe, you're smoking hot!"
Plan was to link up at Randy & Sheila's hotel for some before dinner wine on their balcony. We jumped in our car and headed up Hwy 1 to the Shorecliff Lodge. Ten minutes later we were ushered in to an oceanfront room by a gorgeous 40 year old with medium length blond hair. Sheila has sparkling green eyes, a bright smile, and a hot body with large firm breasts that looked too real to be enhanced, and too perfect to be real. She wore a thin silk top with spaghetti straps (no bra) and tight fitting satin pants. The skimpy top left little to the imagination, but her tits and nipples were standing out so nicely I found myself imagining all sorts of things.
Mrs two42lovers had spent quite a bit of time talking on the phone with Sheila during the last couple weeks, and she greeted her with a sensual kiss on the mouth. Sheila returned the kiss eagerly. "They're here!" she called out, as her husband stepped in from the balcony and greeted us both with a warm hug. Randy is 5'9" 180 lbs. He has a strong build with blue eyes, short brown hair, and a handsome smile. Mrs two42lovers kissed him, as I embraced and kissed Sheila. We all lingered, savoring our first touch and kiss, reveling in the immediate sexual chemistry we shared.
Randy poured more sparkling red wine as we enjoyed the gorgeous coastline from their balcony. Easy conversation flowed, and we all felt an immediate connection. "We're looking forward to showing you our favorite outdoor places" said Mrs two42lovers. "There's a wonderful State park half hour north of here, called Montana de Oro. It has some spectacular scenery." I couldn't help but remember what Sheila & Randy had written in their post about having sex outdoors. "There's some secluded spots with nice views of the coast" I added. "Places we could lay out a blanket, drink some wine, and enjoy the sun." Sheila & Randy thought it was a fantastic idea, and we made plans to go the next day.
The late afternoon sun was sinking into the Pacific, and the temperature had begun to drop with it. Randy was wearing shorts and said, "I'm gonna change. Are you all ready to go to dinner?" Everyone chimed, "yes!" in agreement. Mrs two42lovers announced she was going to help, and followed Randy into the room, but Sheila and I stood together on the balcony, taking in the last minutes of the setting sun. I put my arm around her, and Sheila kissed me. I leaned against the railing and pulled her close, our tongues and arms entwining as we pressed together. Her touch was electric.
We slowly finished our kiss and let go our embrace. "I've looked forward to meeting you guys" I said. Sheila put her hand on my pants, feeling my semi erect cock. "I've looked forward to it, too" she said with a wry smile. Taking hands, we left the balcony and walked into the room. Strangely, we found no sign of Randy and Mrs two42lovers.
A dividing wall stood between the bedroom and a wardrobe area hidden around the corner, out of view. Sheila called out, "Where are you guys?" Around the corner we heard Randy say, "I'm getting some help." We walked over to take a look, and were surprised to find Mrs two42lovers on her knees in front of Randy, filling her mouth with his very erect cock. Randy stood there with his shorts at his ankles and a big grin on his face, literally caught with his pants down.
"You certainly ARE getting some help!" Sheila giggled. She turned to me, "Looks like your lovely wife decided to start dinner with an appetizer!" Sheila winked and put her arm around my waist, as we watched Mrs two42lovers enjoying Randy's impressive tool. Pausing her attentions, Mrs two42lovers said, "I was helping him change, but his cock looked SO good. I just HAD to put it in my mouth."
Sheila laughed and said, "Desert before dinner DOES sound good!" She grabbed a small bottle of lube off the dresser, and dropped to her knees in front of me. Unbuttoning my pants, she let them fall to the floor around my ankles as I threw off my shirt. She enveloped my cock with her eager mouth, sucking my growing erection to full size. Then she stood up and took off her silk top. Her breasts were magnificent! I immediately took them in my hands and began to kiss her sweet nipples. She slipped off her satin pants and stood before me completely nude. "Sit down on the edge of the bed" she directed, and she knelt down in front of me. She put some of the lube on her hand, and began to stroke my shaft. Then Sheila did something no other woman has done to me in the same way. Working one side of my shaft rapidly with her hand, she she moved her tongue and lips up and down the other side, as just rapidly. Both motions were done with very impressive speed.
"Oh my!" I gasped. "That's amazing!" She worked both sides of my rod intensely for several minutes, as my pre-cum gushed at the tip. Finally she ceased her rapid stroking, gripped my cock at its base, and began to lick the head like an ice cream cone. It throbbed and swelled as she playfully stretched gooey strings of pre-cum between her tongue and the tip of my cock. Pre-cum drooled down her chin as she took the head into her mouth and began suck with abandon, stroking my shaft with her slick hand.
Six feet away Mrs two42lovers devoured Randy as intensely Sheila attended to me, and the two of us groaned together in pleasure. The combination of Sheila's hot mouth on the head of my cock and her slick, lubed hand stroking my shaft pushed me to the edge. This blond hottie intended to get what she wanted. "I'm going to cum!" I groaned, and she responded by sucking harder on my cock. I exploded into her mouth, crying out in pleasure as waves struck my body. Sheila wrapped her arms around me tightly, keeping her sexy mouth clamped on. She took my entire load, but didn't swallow.
As my orgasm subsided, Sheila licked my cock with her cum-covered tongue. Then she got up and walked over to Mrs two42lovers, who had paused from working on Randy to watch my climax. Sheila knelt down and gave her a sublimely erotic open-mouthed kiss, sharing my cum with her as their tongues wrapped together. They caressed and kissed deeply for several long moments, as Mrs two42lovers licked my cum off Sheila's lips. Randy was being neglected, but the two women soon remedied the situation by making him the focus of their combined attention. As they worked on his cock together, I grabbed my camera and took some very sexy pics, including this one of Randy shooting his load on their open mouths.
We eventually did go to dinner at Giuseppe's in Pismo Beach, a great Italian restaurant with an impressive wine list. Sheila & Randy love fine wine, and Randy is a true expert, so we let him make all our selections. He picked several wonderful central coast varieties, including one new to me, a Talley Vineyards Pinot Noir. (Its become a favorite.) We sat in a nicely private horseshoe-shaped booth in the rear of the restaurant, and Mrs two42lovers and Sheila spent most of dinner stroking each other (and their husbands) under the table cloth. We shared a slow paced, erotic meal, full of playful banter and sexy innuendo. We shared turn-ons and fantasies, and talked about some of the sexy adventures we'd had in the lifestyle. Sheila & Randy told some wild stories about a swingers convention they'd attended last year in Vegas. As Mrs two42lovers and Sheila chatted and flirted, the scene of them licking cum off each other re-played in my head.
Next couple days with Sheila & Randy promised to be very interesting. Seemed the four of us were about to embark on a sexual adventure.


4-sum Fun

By HappyCouple2308, in Soft Swap,

My wife and I are still pretty new to the swinger’s scene. We have had a couple of fun experiences. This last one was one I will never forget. My wife Beth and I had met Bob and Sue before and had a fun experience. This time was even better. We met at a local bar for some drinks. As time passed we agreed we would head back to our place for some time in the hot tub. It was very relaxing in the tub and seeing 2 very sexy women naked in front of me was an added bonus. We sat soaking for a half hour or so and the girls got an idea.
We went into the house and spread out a large blanket on the floor. The girls told Bob and me to lie on our stomachs and they would give us a massage. The room was dimly lit and still. My wife gives a great massage. She started at my feet and worked her way up. I could tell Bob was enjoying his massage as well. I could hear him moaning and starting to sigh. Beth worked every inch of my back and slowly began touching my cock from behind. What an amazing feeling. I would open my eyes every once in awhile to watch Sue rubbing Bob. She seemed to enjoy rubbing her large breast down his back. At one point she saw me watching and gave me a smile.
With our backs fully massaged and our cocks begging for attention, we were told to flip over. Beth began again at my feet, working her way up to my swollen cock. Slowly she massaged my manhood. She knows all of the places that I enjoy being touched. I could see that she was also getting very hot watching Sue stroke Bob’s cock. And they seemed to be enjoying watching us. Finally, Beth moved her mouth on my cock and starting sucking me. Sue followed Beth’s lead. Bob and I sat back and enjoyed the warm mouths that were swallowing our cocks. I told Beth how wonderful it felt. She smiled and continued to suck me.
Sue was the first to change positions. She straddled Bob’s face and then began to suck him again. I could hear his tongue working her wetness. The smell of sex started to fill the room. Beth followed Sue’s lead and assumed the same position. Her pussy was so wet. I love tasting my wife. I could tell that she was enjoying this because she would stop sucking me to relax and let me pleasure her. The lust would build again and she would swallow me over and over. Wanting to cum, Beth sat straight back and allowed me to focus on her very hot pussy. Bob was apparently enjoying his blow job. I could hear him tell Sue that he was going to cum and I could feel the excitement in Beth when he began to erupt in Sue’s hand.
Beth continued to ride my tongue. My cock was aching from the excitement. Just then I felt a warm mouth start to kiss the head of my cock. Sue had slid over and took over where Beth had left off. She was very talented with her tongue. She worked her hand up and down my shaft as she sucked me. I almost exploded as she massaged my balls with her warm tongue. I could see that Bob had stood up and was kissing Beth and rubbing her beautiful breasts. Her breathing got hard as she came from the extra attention she was receiving.
I was so close to the edge I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. With Beth still straddling me I knew she had a great view of Sue working my cock. “Make him cum” she said, “I want to see it”. With that my cock exploded, Sue moved closer and jerked me all over her chest. As the last drops spilled from me, Sue lowered her mouth to clean all of the juices from me. I could tell the Beth really enjoyed watching Sue coax me into orgasm.
We turned our attention to the girls. They both sat on the couch and I found my place between Sue’s legs. With her feet on my shoulders I began working the inside of her moistness, first with my tongue and then slowly with my fingers. Her pussy was very wet. I admit I was nervous about trying to please someone other then Beth, but I was going to give it my best shot. I could hear Beth moaning beside Sue, Bob was giving Beth the same treatment I was giving Sue. I saw that Sue’s hand was caressing Beth’s arm and Beth was slowing rubbing Sue’s nipple between her fingers.
Sue began to rock back and forth on my fingers. My tongue was working her hard clit. After a few moments, Sue buried her fingers in my hair and pulled my face tight to her pussy. I could taste the juices with my tongue as she came. The smell of sex got thicker as Sue added her orgasm to the adventure. I continued to kiss and caress her pussy as her muscles began to relax. I heard Beth’s moans become louder as she approached another orgasm. Bob seemed to enjoying tasting my wife as much as I enjoyed tasting his. Sue was using one hand to rub Beth’s warm skin. I watched as Beth’s hips lifted up and Bob mouth filled with her cum.
After only a few seconds Sue exclaimed that she needed a cock inside her… NOW. Bob was fully erect and took my place between his wife’s legs. I sat on the couch next to Beth and we caressed and kissed each other as Bob fucked Sue inches from us. I could feel my cock begin to swell from the excitement. Sue was next to me and began stroking me back to hardness as Bob ravaged her.
Beth turned over and bent over the couch. I got behind put myself inside her. I love fucking my wife, that’s the one pleasure we only share with each other. The excitement level was at its peak. The sounds, sights, and smells of sex filled the room. Beth was using her hands to massage Bob’s balls as he moved in and out of his wife. I heard her say to him, “Tell me before you cum”. I continue to fuck Beth and enjoyed watching Sue’s breasts move back and forth as her eyes opened and closed, watching Beth and I in the doggie style position. “I’m close to cumming” Bob said. With that Beth stood up behind Bob and began kissing his neck. “Let me help you” she said, as her hand move around him and down toward his cock. Bob began to cry out in pleasure and Beth grabbed his hard cock from Sue’s pussy. While licking his neck, she stroked his cum from his cock, spraying it all over Sue’s tummy and chest. Sue’s wetness made sure that Beth’s hand slid easily up and down Bob’s shaft.
Beth moved back to her position on the couch and I began fucking her again, this time, with even more excitement then before. Sue and Bob were kissing and I could see that they were enjoying watching Beth and I. Sue moved behind me and began kissing my neck and touching my manhood from behind. The feeling was overwhelming and I understood why Bob had came so hard. “Fuck her” I heard Sue whisper in my ear. “It's so hot watching you slid inside her” she said. The feeling of 2 hands on my back as I fucked Beth was overwhelming. I pulled out and grab my cock and sent a trail of juice on to Beth. “That’s so hot” Sue said as I erupted. Her hot breath in my ear made the orgasm even more intense. I looked up to see Bob had offered his cock to Beth one more time. She eagerly swallowed him. As I sat back on the floor exhausted as Sue began to clean the juices from Beth’s tummy as Bob fucked her mouth. The site of the 3 of them in action was overwhelming. I moved behind Sue and began licking her pussy. Beth was sucking Bob’s cock as Sue relaxed on her body to enjoy my tongue again. I could hear Beth asking Bob to cum for her. In a few moments, she got her wish. Bob sent a stream of warm cum across Beth as she jerked him off. Sue let out one more orgasm as she watched her husband cum.
Exhausted we headed back to the hot tub. We all seemed to be sitting a bit closer this time. Enjoying the warm water on our bodies and reliving the adventure we had just explored.


Swingers Beach Code

By funnnish, in Soft Swap,

When we moved to central Florida near the Gulf beaches we found it somewhat difficult to meet new friends whom we felt would enjoy soft swinging with us. When we walked on the beach we noticed many other couples walking together who seemed to be very sexually involved with each other but none paid any attention to us which was quite frustrating.
After about two months, we decided we would simply introduce ourselves to a couple we'd seen several times sitting at the same spot. They explained to us that this beach was a 'couples meeting area,' and that there was an unspoken code that 'everyone knows' that indicates you are swingers and want to meet others like you. Unattached couples would carry a rolled up newspaper in their hand or beach bag if they wanted to meet another couple to play with. We were surprised but willing to give it a try so the next day we rolled up our paper and brought it along on our walk.
We'd walked about a mile when we met the first couple carrying a paper but they were much younger than us so we kept on going. A bit further up the beach we saw a couple about our age but they didn't have a paper. However, they saw our paper and approached us explaining they were aware of the code but were only interested in Soft Swap type fun.
That was exactly what we were seeking so we walked along with them for about 30 minutes getting to know each other. They were very patient and not pushy which made us more comfortable. Finally, I suggested we switch and walk with each other's partner for a while to see how if felt.
I was getting excited and could tell that my husband was also. Our marriage had been getting boring and dull and we both knew we needed some excitement to reinvigorate our sex lives but we didn't want to have sex with anyone else. Soft Swinging suited our needs, we thought, so here we were beginning our first encounter with another couple.
I clearly remember the first time we smiled, the first time we touched, the fun we had flirting with each other, and how exciting it was to do all of it as two couples instead of two people. When my husband began touching his new partner I felt a tinge of jealousy right away; and, I was aware that he was watching my every move with my new partner, tightening up as I touched and flirted with my new guy. But, we both looked at each other and nodded approval because we had agreed to give this a try and we both knew it was working. It was both painful and exhilaratingly erotic at the same time. In fact, it was much more exciting because we could both touch and be touched at the same time, in addition to playing voyeur. I think we both exaggerated our moves on our new partners almost in an effort to act more passionate than was happening. But, what started out to be almost a 'fake orgasm' type of performance would grow further than either of us could have dreamed.
We were obviously smitten by our new found friends and naturally wanted to be together with them some where that we could express our passion more privately. We decided to walk back to the parking lot and go have dinner together. We found a beachside lounge that was very casual with a great combo so we could have a drink and dance. The place was rockin' so we kind of got lost in the crowd which enabled us to briefly separate from our spouses to pay more attention to our new partners. We all realized that our Soft Swapping desires were growing to points beyond that and this surprised us. We discussed our emotions and temptations. We knew we must slow this down or we would go too far.
We were seated together in a booth with each other's spouses beside us. We listened to the band and watched the beautiful sunset. We began to discuss each other's fantasies to see if some might be compatible for the four of us to consider doing together. One we all agreed would be erotic would be to spend an evening together beginning with some lingerie modeling and taking pictures of each other. Next we would grill on our barbeque then cap off the night nude in our hot tub with some wine and under water touching fun. I was getting hot just planning this adventure and I sensed that everyone else was also. I secretly wondered where all this would lead us but it felt too good to stop now. This was the first time I had felt truly sexually alive in three long years and I deserved it. Plus, I knew my husband felt the same way even though it was hard for him to admit. We set up a date for the rendezvous at our house and when that night came we were both so excited that we could hardly wait for our new friends to arrive.
The hot tub was the high point of the evening, as you might imagine. We all restrained ourselves and stuck with our Soft Swap rules which I think now, in retrospect, made it all much more erotic than had we simply given in quickly to a more conjugal conclusion. About midnight, I said, 'What will be our next adventure, guys?' It was so much fun to discuss and plan with all of our erotic and kinky thoughts being revealed to each other. We decided to all go to a Swinger's Club which none of us had ever done before. We all wanted to see what the real thing was like and if we felt we could ever go that far. We found an on premise club where we could actually watch full swap couples dancing and playing together. It was expensive but worth every minute of it because we learned so much about the respect and consideration couples in this club paid to each other regarding what could and could not be done. No meant No and it was obviously obeyed by all the members. It made us feel more secure and less fearful of an encounter with real Swingers. We had a great time and left the club to go have breakfast together to talk about what we'd just observed. We decided afterwards that we would return in two weeks and meet some of the other couples there to see if they would accept us as soft swappers.
What do you think happened? We don't need to carry the newspaper anymore!


The Adult Theater

By njswinger, in Soft Swap,

Marie and I were bored one Sunday afternoon so we decided to go to the adult theater for some fun. She wore a tight white t-shirt . One that was probably very old and very thin from being washed so many times. She also went bra less. Marie has great big 38 DD's. They are big and sit high. They are truly amazing. To look at them you might guess they were fake.
We arrived at the theater at approximately 1:30. The next show was at 2. We purchased our tickets and proceeded inside. There was a young man in the lobby waiting to see the next show. He looked barely old enough to get into the theater. His eyes caught a hold of my wife and her big tits. He was in awe. But then he saw she was with me and tried desperately not to stare.
We sat down across from the young man in the lobby. My wife's nipples were cutting through the shirt like knife through melted butter. We made some innocent contact with the man. You could see he was very nervous. I told Marie that we should go introduce ourselves and try and calm the man. Marie and I walked over. His eyes got real big. Marie put her hand out to shake his hand and say HI, I'm Marie and this is my husband Mike. He said Hi, I'm John. He shook her hand. He then looked at me and I :} and said hello. She asked if he was here alone. He said yes I am. She then asked if he came to this theater often. He said no, its actually my first time. She said well then. Why not make it a memorable one. He :} and said I sure hope so.
Then the movie doors opened. We walked into the theater. This was it. Just us three in the theater. John walked in first, Marie second and I followed. John proceeded to a middle row. Marie and I followed. John sat down and Marie sat next to him. I was on the opposite side. You could tell he was very nervous. Marie started to ask him questions. So do you watch a lot of porn? Yes I do he said. What kind?? He answered all kinds. Groups, girl on girl, and especially big boob girls. Marie smiled. She said do you like mine?? He smiled, hesitated. She said its ok, my husband Mike is great. He is not a jealous asshole. Go ahead tell me. He said yes I love your tits.. She said thanks and touched his knee. John Cock was getting so big inside his jeans.
The movie started. The theater got dark. I could see Marie's hand squeeze John's leg a bit. She then asked him if he had planned on jerking off in here today. He said Yes. She said well go ahead. He said right now. She said yeah. I want to watch you jerk yourself off. He was really nervous. He reached for his zipper. He unzipped. He pulled out a big hard young cock. It was angry. He took his left hand and began to stoke it. Marie told him how hot it was to watch him. She asked if he would like to see her tits. He begged her. She lifted her shirt. Her tits were out. He was so fucking happy. She then told him to touch them. He looked over at me. I told him, go ahead. Enjoy them. There great. He took his right hand and squeezed her tits.
She then asked him to suck them. He did. He grabbed and squeezed and sucked her tits. He was sucking them sloppily. Slobbering all over her big nipples. She then asked if he was enjoying this. He said hell yeah. I think I'm gonna cum soon. The poor boy could not control himself. He thought he was just going to the theater to jerk off.. Marie then leaned over his cock. Stuck it in her mouth, licked it. She made him feel good and told him how big and powerful his cock was. She said I bet this could do some damage. That's when he moaned. He grabbed her hair and thrust his cock into her mouth and came in her mouth. She sucked him dry. She swallowed the load and gave him a kiss. We left John there in the theater.
I am sure he must fantasize about my wife till this day.

Mike and Jan

Truly Soft Swing

By Mike and Jan, in Soft Swap,

Libby was 18 when I first met her. Very short, very small framed, very small breasts and very cute face. She lived very near the trailer park that a bunch of us Combat Controllers were staying at that was just far enough from the base that we could be as wild as we wanted to be. I liked Libby the moment I saw her and must admit that I wanted to devour her cute little body bad. But, she was really too innocent for me. And she was really way too dating a fellow Combat Controller and friend. Off limits! I did see her at the NCO Club with Jack quite a few times and enjoyed talking, flirting, and dancing with her even though I knew that could be all there was. And, I could tell by her responses to my flirting that she had the hots for me as well, and that was fulfilling in it's own way. I guess it was because she and I weren't going to be able to ever be together that made her want me to date her friend. I told Libby that I just wasn't into 'dating' at that point in my life but she was very persistent and I finally, after an ordeal that's another long story, had my first blind date with my current wife of 34 years. And, that first blind 'double' date was the first of many 'double' dates with them. OK, that's the background and I'll bet you're wondering where it's leading to, right? I've decided to use this site as a sort of diary of my favorite erotic memories in my marriage and even though this first soft-swinging incident was actually before we were married it's very much part of my marriage memories now.
We'd all four decided to get some drinks and munchies and just go to a drive-in theater. This particular theater had two screens. The one facing the main road had a very scary movie on that night and the girls didn't want to see it. The second screen had a very sexy movie. It didn't take long for the girls to realize that screen two was for adults. Jack and I knew before hand but, hey, it was the girl's idea after all. Now this was a very long time ago and by today's standards that movie would likely only be rated R, but for the innocent little Libby it was a definite XXX! I figured that it would be fun but my date, my wife now, got immediately defensive and moved away from me in the front seat. Now don't get me wrong here, she can be very sexual and great sexually at times but she can also be very hung up about sex at times too. This was one of those 'hung up' moments and I was ready to just leave. Well, we sat there in silence for several moments and there was no fun whatsoever in the front seat. Just as I was ready to give it up and suggest leaving I heard one of the most erotic sounds of my life. To this day the only thing I could possibly hear that would top that sound at that moment would be my wife telling me that she's interested in swinging again. Breathing! That familiar heavy breathing that is uncontrollable but you can tell there are attempts at restraint. I wanted to turn around and look so bad but noticed that my date, who had also heard, was watching me to make sure I didn't. And the look on her face made it apparent that she wasn't enjoying this nearly as much as me. Swishing. Yes! Swishing. There is no other sound like it. That rhythmic swishing sound that only comes from a finger in a wet pussy. Damn! Libby, little sweet, cute Libby was being finger fucked right in my back seat. I glanced up at my rear view mirror and wondered if I could get away with adjusting it. No way! My date had moved ever further away from me and was literally holding the passenger's door handle to pull closer to it. But, she was watching me like a hawk watching a mouse and her glare let me know I'd better do nothing but figure out how to leave. Swishing, breathing, and more delicious swishing. Libby had to have the wettest little pussy ever and I was hard as a rock listening to the sounds only a few feet away. I closed my eyes and listened with my total being. Swishing, swishing, breathing, a low moan, then more and faster swishing. I could smell her. With my eyes closed I could, not only savor her with my ears but I could also, smell her. If only I could see her. Damn! I wanted to see her face as she was being finger fucked. I wanted to see passion on that cute little face!
'Let's go.' My date finally broke the silence from our front seat with her emotionless comment.
'Is everyone ready to leave?' I spoke softly not wanting to end the rear seat activity but knowing I needed to appease my prude date or pay for it later. Swishing, soft moaning, breathing. Swishing, swishing, swishing and more and faster swishing. 'If you want to,' Jack spoke with that nervous tone that comes only from sexual excitement, 'sure, I guess so.' The swishing had stopped. A short rustling sound of clothing being readjusted but no more swishing. No more breathing. No more soft moaning. But the smell was still there. No amount of prudeness could possibly stop the smell and I inhaled deeply, not wanting to lose that aroma. But my date rolled down her window as soon as we left the drive-in and I did lose the smell. It wasn't that late but that evening ended much earlier than any other before. We dropped them off at Libby's house and I drove the short distance to my date's house and dropped her off without much of a good night kiss.
When I got to my trailer I went in and got a bottle of Johnny Walker, a glass with some ice, and went back out to my car and got in the back seat. The smell was back. And, in my mind I could again hear the swishing, the soft moans, and the breathing. But the smell was real. Libby's smell. As I sipped my scotch I pulled my hard cock out of my jeans and jacked off to the smell of the cute little girl that I so wanted to devour every inch of.
We got married a little later and so did they. My wife did loosen up a little on about five different occasions with other couples but still has her tendency to clam up and go defensive when it comes to adventurous sexual fun. I'll tell of those occasions later. Our friends live a long way off but we do keep in touch at times and see each other every five or ten years. Libby, at least in my mind, is still just as cute as she was way back then. I still remember, vividly, that swishing, moaning, and breathing that came from her as she was being administered to. And, whenever I'm near her now, I still try to breath in that wonderful aroma that is her.


The Couple Next Door

By oncewere, in Soft Swap,

Frances: We couldn’t see what was going on next door at June and Phil’s but the music and laughing, told us that the party must be a lot of fun. It was almost ten when I remembered that we’d left the boom box out on the patio where we’d had dinner. We live on a cul-de-sac where the yards are odd shapes. The builders had put fences between the houses but hadn’t gotten around to building on the next street so the fence between our house and theirs stopped just beyond our patio. Beyond that there were just trees, no houses.
I’m really not a nosey person but I did want to see what was going on so I took a couple of steps beyond where the fence stopped and there my heart almost stopped. There must have been about seven or eight people in their yard, all naked as jaybirds. One couple were obviously having sex on the deck couch. My feet were riveted to the ground where I stood but I had to lean against the fence to keep from falling over, I was so surprised. After a few moments, June and Phil came out through the sliding doors, naked too, and spread a big blanket on the grass not twenty feet from where I stood. Fortunately I was in the shadows so they didn’t see me.
June got down on her back on the blanket and Phil motioned for others to gather around. Almost immediately one of the guys got down on his knees and began to eat her pussy and another two kneeled down next to her head where June grabbed their cocks and began to eat them alternately. Phil was laughing and joking with the others about what his wife was doing. At first I was numb, watching the show but soon it occurred to me that Jake might be interested in watching too so I quickly ran into the house and dragged him away from the ten o’clock news. .
Jake: Fran wouldn’t tell me what she wanted me to see but I let her drag me outside to the end of the fence. I quickly realized why she was so excited. We tried to remain quiet so they wouldn’t see us there. I felt like a peeping Tom but was too fascinated by what was going on. We’d talked and fantasized about having another person or couple in our bed but never thought anyone would actually do that. Boy were we wrong. That was better than any porn movie we’d ever seen.
Frances: Right, Rusty. I enjoyed a dildo while eating Jake, pretending it’s another guy. Jake is a real horn dog.
Jake: With a big grin, Jake confirmed that but insisted that Fran enjoyed the sex too, maybe a lot more than he did.
Frances: By the time I returned with Jake, one of the guys had his cock inside June, humping her madly while she returned his thrusts and sucked on another guy’s cock. I got a little shiver inside me, remembering our fake threesomes with the dildo, wondering how it would feel to be in June’s place. Two of the women pulled Phil off to the side and pushed him onto his back. With no foreplay or anything, one of the women threw a leg over Phil’s hips and lowered herself onto his erection. Another sat on his face to let him eat her pussy. The two of them leaned together and settled into a very sexy threesome. The guy who was fucking June let out a loud moan, obviously cumming inside her. When his dick slipped out June called out for someone to replace him, Fast! She was obviously terribly excited by it all. So was I. Another guy quickly jumped down and within just a few stroke’s time was banging her just like the other guy had. Imagine. With several guys you can go on and on and on. Jake’s hands on my boobs were getting me excited too.
Jake: Boy. That was something. I couldn’t resist fondling Fran. The action was so hot. Two other couples were fucking over on the deck too. This was really hot. When June came she almost shouted. We could have heard her from inside. I wondered if the Salizars on the other side of their place could hear her.
Frances: Just after she came, the guy with his cock in her mouth came loudly too and was replaced immediately by another guy. As one limp cock was replaced by another we could see cum leaking from June’s smiling mouth. I couldn’t believe how horny I was getting, watching all this. It didn’t occur to me that we might join in but I began to long for Jake to make love to me. I could tell by the hardness poking at my ass that he was excited too.
Jake: She’s right there. I was on cloud nine. Phil and his two women managed to cum at all the same time. Talk about exciting. I was about to cream in my pants, just watching. … Well…. I wasn’t just watching, I was getting pretty close to Fran.
Frances: Phil and his two ladies had undone their togetherness and were stretched out watching June get yet another load of cum and be joined by yet another guy. Just then, old horn dog here stepped back and tipped over my garden cart. Made a hell of a racket.
Jake: Yeah. I blew it. We got behind the fence as quickly as we could but it looked like Phil saw us before we could hide. I didn’t care, though, at the time. I dragged Fran into the house and we made passionate love for a couple of hours.
Frances: Boy, did we ever. The three of us, Jake, me, and my vibrating dildo did just what June was doing. I don’t think I’d ever been so turned on before. I must have cum five or six times before Jake and I finally collapsed, exhausted.
Jake: The occasional moan or scream from just outside our open windows punctuated our own shenanigans. It was almost like being there.
Frances: The next day, Sunday, it was almost noon before we got up. I was out in the front planting some geraniums that needed to get out of their pots when June came out. We had a long talk. Phil had seen us so she felt obliged to tell us about their involvement in a really interesting club. Jake and I want over to their place later for more talking. You know how those talks go. They didn’t want to lose our friendship and we didn’t want to impose on them.
Jake: You didn’t want to impose, Fran. I was ready to get naked and party but I tried to be discreet about it.
Frances: Sure, discreet. You could have been more tactful if you’d put a sign in our yard.
Jake: Well. OK. I tried to be tactful but that night had been so erotic I don’t think I came down for a week.
Frances: Fran laughed. I can attest to that, Rusty. We made love two or three times a day for that week.
Well, to make a long story short, we let Phil and June talk us into joining them but at first they told us they would only let us do soft swing with them until we got tested for VD. The club is very strict about that. We went to their doctor the next day for the tests.
Jake: At one point in the discussion I asked June how it had felt to be the center of a gang bang. The look of satisfaction on her face and just describing her feelings sent me over the top.
Frances: Oh my God. What she described got my juices flowing so much I found myself groping Jake’s crotch. He kissed me and I melted down. I can’t believe how horny I felt, sitting on their living room couch making out with Jake in front of them. Having them watch us made it even more erotic. Seeing them start to make out gave me chills and hot flashes you wouldn’t believe. l
Jake: Damn. When Phil pulled June’s blouse off and showed her tits I went into overdrive. I got Fran’s clothes off in, like, a few seconds and both of the couples were going at it hot and heavy immediately. June sat in Phil’s lap where we could see his cock undulating slowly into her. Incredible! It sent me up the wall.
Frances: I knew Jake wouldn’t last, as hot as he was, so I pushed him down to eat me. Man. I was over the top. I couldn’t believe it, having sex in front of someone else. I know we’d fantasized about it but the real thing blew my mind away. Being able to watch June and Phil get it on while Jake ate me added a whole new dimension to things. When Jake did that thing he does to me I went into a marvelous, wonderful, long lasting orgasm that just blew me away. I can’t describe how wonderful I felt. It went on and on and on and on and on….. Well, you get the idea, Rusty. As I was coming down from the peak, horn dog here stuck his cock into me and came almost immediately. He might have dumped a gallon or so of cum into me but the previous night and that morning I’d drained him dry. He still did OK, though. Somehow I felt really close to him then. Closer than I’d felt in weeks. What an experience.
Jake: Oh Yeah, Rusty. It was like nirvana, Valhalla. It was so damned erotic that I just couldn’t think of anything else. I love eating pussy but the best thing ever is to eat Fran to an incredible orgasm and share it with her, tasting her, smelling her, feeling all that action down there. It did wonderful things to me. Knowing that the others were watching made it even more intense. That raised me to incredibly strong feelings then I couldn’t help but cum immediately. I was so turned on by all this that I couldn’t hold back anything when I stuck it into her. I don’t think I held off for four thrusts before I was pumping everything I had into her hot wet pussy.
Frances: We collapsed into the couch while we watched Phil and June go at it. They changed positions three or more times until they came together in a lovely missionary position. I felt like I was sharing in their orgasm. When he pulled out of June, she leaned down to suck his cock clean. I noted for the first time that his was just a little longer and thinner than Jakes. I couldn’t help wonder how it would feel inside me.
Jake: I think we were ready to jump headfirst into swinging but they wouldn’t consider sharing with us until we’d gotten tested. That time waiting for the results was the longest year of my life.
Frances: Not a year, Jake. Just a month. She laughed. It was a long time for me too.
Jake: I started to grab my clothes after we’d sat there for a while but June asked us to leave them be. It’s a lot more fun just to be nude. After all, we’d just seen each other naked so it shouldn’t be a big deal.
Frances: Well, it was a big deal to me, my extra weight, my appendix scar and everything,. but they insisted and they were right. We had a nude dinner with them at our place. We felt wicked sneaking around the back fence nude. We had sex one more time after dinner at our place, watching each other. Not quite as erotic as the first time but more comfortable and soft.
June and I had many discussions while we waited for the results. By the time we were cleared and attended our first real party I was very secure in what we were doing.
Jake: We’ll tell you about our first party with them, Rusty, but I see that Fran’s got you up and erect and Barb isn’t far behind. How about a little nookie first.

My wife Dana and I are very social people. We go to a local bar regularly and were there recently partying with several people. A bunch of us get together there and it is a great time.
We recently went out with several friends and got quite intoxicated. When we were finishing up the night, another couple, Dan and Tami, that we know offered to give us a ride home as it was obvious we were not excited about driving home. I thanked them and told Dana we could come get her car in the morning.
While they drove us home, Dan and I sat in the front, talking, while Tami and Dana did the same. When we got to our house, I asked them both if they would like to come in for a tour. The both said, “Yes” and climbed out of the car.
We all ended up sitting in the living room with another round of drinks. As we discussed the events of the evening, Dan and I moved behind the ladies and sat with them between our legs. I began to give Dana a backrub as we talked and Dan took my lead. Our conversation gradually began to drift off as the girls became very relaxed during the massage. Dan and I gradually worked the girls onto the floor and worked on their backs while they lay face down. To sufficiently perform a good back massage, you have to lift the shirt and unhook the bra which is what we did. I got up and went to our bedroom to get the massage oil. When I returned, both girls were still face down, but neither of them had their shirts on. I poured oil on Tami’s back and Dan began working it in. I returned to Dana and sat on her legs and slowly streamed oil on her back and shoulders. Dan continued to talk as we gradually worked the oil into our ladies skin.
As I massaged Dana I worked the muscles in her lower back. She raised her hips off of the floor, which is her sign for me to unfasten her shorts. I did so and was given easier access to her lower back and also her nice little ass. I began to rub oil on her ass while gradually working her shorts lower and lower without any protest from her. Dan took my lead and began to do the same thing to Tami. It was not long before our ladies were completely naked in front of us.
After working on their legs for a while. I noticed that Dan was spending time working Tami’s inner thy. As he did her hips began rolling and coming off of the ground. Data and I were beginning to really enjoy the show. Dan and Tami seamed to be putting on a show for us now and Dana and I were watching their every move.
I slowly slid next to Dana and pulled her up on her side. We were now both lying on our left side and I began massaging oil into here stomach and chest. Dan slowly worked Tami’s legs further apart until he could very neatly work his tongue between her legs and into her pussy from behind. Tami began rolling her hips faster and raising her ass off of the floor even higher.
While the show was going on, I began rubbing liberal amounts of oil on Dana’s breasts. I slowly worked around the breasts and gradually spending more time on her nipples. By now, Tami is moaning heavily and Dan is having to chase her clit as she moves more rapidly.
I pulled Dana’s right leg into the air and begin massaging her pussy and clit. Dan lay on his back and Tami straddled him right next to us. As I took my cock and slowly began to insert it into Dana, Tami inserted Dan’s cock into her pussy. We all slowly moved with our partners in a show for the other couple to see. As we all gradually picked up speed and began to moan louder and louder, it became obvious that we were all equally turned on by watching each other. The girls began having orgasms and Dan and I were right behind them. We all finally fell into a heap of sweat and heavy breathing.
Although we don’t see Dan and Tami often, we have talked on the phone and agree, that was a great time and we will have to get together again.

'Aren't they cute?' Mike whispered into Jan's ear and continued to rub her nice ass as they watched the young couple near them in the pool.
'Ooooh yes...,' Jan whispered back then turned her head from the other couple in the pool to Mike, 'this is really exciting you know. It reminds me of one of our first experiences.'
'Yea,' Mike grinned knowingly at his wife, 'that was fun, wasn't it?'
Mike pulled Jan's naked body closer to him and they both resumed watching the young couple making out in the warm water.
Mike and Jan were on vacation and had stopped for a few days at New Orleans. The campground was billed as the 'closest' to the French Market and they'd chosen it for that reason. On a previous trip parking had been an obvious problem and this way they wouldn't even have to un-hook their tow-vehicle. As it turned out it was pretty nice. Really pretty sites and a swimming pool that only had 'hours' for the kids. And, it was only a ten minute bus ride to Bourbon Street.
As Mike was finishing setting up the camp he was approached by a young man who was camped across from Mike's site. The guy was probably early thirties or late twenties, about Mike's height or maybe an inch or two less, six one or two. He was a lot slimmer, but not really skinny, dark brown short hair that was obviously cut to precision by a real pro, piercing brown eyes and a very appealing smile.
'Hi,' the guy spoke in a friendly voice, 'Mind if I ask you a question?'
'No,' Mike smiled warmly, 'not at all.'
'I couldn't help notice the little fence you set up...,' the man indicated the lattice fence that Mike had invented to keep their little dog from leaving the campsite, 'We've got a toddler and that would sure be a perfect addition to our motorhome. Mind if I see how you made it?'
'Of course not.' Mike extended his hand to the neighbor, 'I'm Mike.'
'Thanks Mike,' the young man grabbed Mike's hand, 'My name is Jerry. My wife Kathy and I are traveling with her mom and our daughter Sarah.' Jerry stepped into the little fenced in area of the camp as he continued to speak.
'We're heading to Texas for a family reunion next week.
'We're just kinda of wondering around ,' Mike explained as best he could, 'We just like to take off on vacation and only have a general plan...,' Mike smiled at Jerry then continued, 'just sort of see what sounds fun.'
'You don't have kids then.' Jerry pointed back at his camp. 'Sort of requires lots of planning.'
They continued to small talk as Mike showed Jerry just how he'd made the folding fence.
'Have you got the water hooked up yet?' Jan peeked out the door as she spoke to Mike, then noticing the cute guy with him, 'Well, hi there.'
'Honey, this is our neighbor Jerry.' Mike nodded towards Jerry then continued. 'Jerry, this is Jan.'
Jan stepped out of the door and down to the ground. 'Well, hi Jerry,'
Jan offered her hand, 'Nice to have you in our neighborhood.' Jan smiled sweetly.
'Hi,' Jerry took Jan's hand and held it, 'Your husband was just showing me your fence.'
'Sweetheart.' Jerry released Jan's hand when he heard the voice calling from his camp across the road. 'Are you ready for the meat yet?'
'Just about Kathy,' Jerry had turned to face his wife who'd come out of their motorhome to find him, 'the charcoal should be ready in a few more minutes. Honey,' he nodded towards Mike and Jan, 'this is Mike and Jan, and I think their fence is exactly what we need for Sarah.'
Kathy walked the few steps across to where the others were standing and looked at the fence with interest. 'Really, it's perfect. How hard is it to set up?'
'It's really nothing,' Mike smiled at Kathy and showed her how simple it really was.
'Hey, do you two want to get together after dinner for cards or something?' Kathy sounded genuine in her invitation.
'Thanks.' Jan responded. 'But, we're actually already planning on the French Quarter tonight and leaving out in the morning.' Jan thought a moment then added. 'Hey, you two want to join us?'
'Can we Kathy?' Jerry answered Jan immediately even though her question had obviously been more to Kathy. 'Your mom can watch Sarah.'
'I don't know...,' Kathy was obviously in deep thought, 'I'd love to but...,'
'Oh, come on sweetheart.' Jerry encouraged his wife. 'We're going to have to leave her for an evening sometime. And this is New Orleans!' So the four made plans to meet at eight to take the bus to the French Quarter.
'They're really cute, aren't they?' Mike asked Jan when they'd gotten into their motorhome.
'Really!' Jan smiled that cute seductive smile of hers as she answered. 'He's a knockout!'
'Ok Jan...,' Mike made several quick points of his index finger at her, 'be nice now, they're just kids.'
Mike and Jan laughed together at their shared thoughts about the young couple then proceeded to get serious about getting ready for the French Quarter. They were actually wishing that they were going alone now. The couple was nice, and both very cute, but obviously just a very straight young couple who thought that going out for an evening was a big adventure. The short bus ride was an obvious ordeal for Kathy. Everyone could tell, by her worried expression, that she was having second thoughts about leaving her baby for the first time. But, after they got to Bourbon Street, and a few drinks, Kathy actually began to be the real life of the group. The four listened to the music of the night, danced with their spouses and the other's spouses, and genuinely had fun.
It was late, very late, when they climbed off the bus near the campground. Kathy was the one who mentioned a nice swim as they'd walked past the vacant swimming pool. Mike and Jan had said nothing. It was Jerry who pointed out their lack of swimming attire..., and Kathy who'd offered a solution. And, it was Jerry and Kathy who'd stripped down and were the first in the pool.
'Are you guys watching us?' Kathy's words were a little slurred as she spoke. 'Turn about's fair play though. So don't think we're not seeing what you two are doing under the water too.'
'Fine with us Kathy.' Jan nudged Mike to move closer to the other couple. 'Watching can sure be fun , can't it?'
'Let's get out so we can watch even better.' Kathy didn't slur as much now and seemed very serious all of a sudden. 'I want to really watch.' She suddenly realized what she'd said and looked at Jerry. 'Ok with you sweetheart?'
'Sure Kathy.' Jerry's expression changed from near shock at what Kathy had said to sheer delight in an instant. 'Sounds great...,' He then looked at Mike and Jan, 'of course, if you're ok with it.'
'We're more than ok with it guys.' Mike spoke for he and Jan. 'We're all for it!'
The two couples climbed out of the pool and seated across from each other on two benches in the dim light at the end of the swimming area. They sat in silence for a moment or two before resuming the petting that had started in the water.
'This is really sexy.' Kathy now had Jerry's hard cock in her hand and was stroking it up and down as she looked at Mike and Jan. 'I've read about this sort of thing but never thought I'd have the nerve to really try it. And never figured Jerry would allow it anyway.'
'Allow it!' Jerry reached his hand down and felt Kathy's wetness.
'Hell, I guess we've been reading the same stuff ...cause I've wanted to try something like this too.
The young couple looked at each other seriously for a moment before engaging in a very sensuous kiss while still fondling each other. 'Damn.' Mike whispered to nobody in particular. Then looking at Jan, 'damn, this is sexy Babe!'
'I know,' Jan whispered back, 'it's so innocent in a way, yet so incredibly erotic. You know what I'd like to do for a while?'
'No Babe,' Mike whispered, 'what?'
'I'd like to just sit back and watch,' Jan smiled at Mike then added, 'and just masturbate, if you don't mind.'
'Sounds good to me Honey.' Mike understood exactly what Jan meant. The couple were definitely a show worth their full, well nearly full, attention. Jan moved to a nearby chaise lounge and, leaning back, began to gently rub her clitoris with one hand, rub her breast and pinch the nipple with her other while intently watching the young couple making love.
Mike, also watching the couple and also Jan, began to slowly stroke his rock-hard cock as he sat on the concrete bench.
Jerry and Kathy, with an occasional glance at their admirers, continued to make love.
This continued for what seemed hours. The young couple going from fondling, to oral, and then fucking in every imaginable position in front of their very attentive, and appreciative, audience. Mike had come close, on several occasions, to cumming but had managed to hold off each time to make the delightful experience last. Jan had cum several times already and was actually wanting to cum more. Kathy had obviously cum as many, or more, times as Jan and was moaning now as Jerry continued to fuck her. Jerry had actually cum at least once, shown by letting his huge cock slip out of Kathy's pussy while they were fucking dog-style and shooting a large load across her ass and back. But, he'd immediately re-inserted his still hard cock and continued his fucking.
'I can't take it anymore.' Mike spoke loud enough for all three of his sex partners to hear. 'I've got to get some relief or I'll explode.' He began to pump his cock a little more earnestly.
'Here, let me help with that.' Jan was moving over to Mike's bench as she spoke. 'Just lean back Honey.' Jan took hold of Mike's cock and immediately lowered her mouth to take it in.
Jerry's facial expression showed that he was cumming once again and Kathy , sitting on top of him now, began to hunch down onto his cock rapidly to help him experience more pleasure. When he'd shot the last of his load up into her waiting pussy, she climbed off and lay beside him. The two now gently fondled each other as they watched Jan give Mike a wonderfully expert blow-job. It didn't take Jan long at all to finish the magic that the evening had started. Jerry and Kathy knew exactly when Mike began to explode by his expression and verbal utterances. But, if they hadn't known for sure by that, they'd know as some of the cum dribbled down Jan's cheek as she was unable to swallow such a large load that quickly.
'Damn,' Jerry leaned over and whispered in Kathy's ear so the others wouldn't be able to hear, 'Can you believe that?'
'Oooh,' Kathy watched what Jerry was talking about and saw Mike kissing Jan's mouth and obviously getting some of his own cum, 'I think that's sexy.' 'I don't know...,' Jerry watched and wasn't sure of his opinion just yet, 'tasting cum...'
'Oh come on Jerry...,' Kathy looked at her husband with a devious grin on her face, 'You've done it you know..., you just didn't really know it.' 'What?' Jerry looked shocked. 'When?'
'A couple of times' Kathy was enjoying this now. 'I've always thought it would be sexy for you to go down on me after sex but knew you probably wouldn't want to. I read in a story a while back about couples doing this but was afraid to ask you, although it was soooo sexy sounding. ' Kathy hesitated then continued. 'So, one night after we'd had sex I went into the bathroom as usual, but was really careful to keep your cum in me. Then, after you'd recovered, and I'd gotten you turned on again, I got into the sixty-nine position with you and had the best cum I've ever had orally knowing you were eating your own cum from my pussy.'
'I do remember that night, and another one or two,' Jerry contemplated a minute then began to smile, 'I thought you were just really turned on and really wet.'
'Well, you were right on both counts.' Kathy leaned over and kissed Jerry. 'I was really, really turned on, and really, really wet! Both my wetness and your wetness.'
'Hey guys,' Mike interrupted Jerry and Kathy's intimate moment, 'it's going to get light pretty soon and we'd better get out of here or they'll probably call the cops.'
'It sure was a fun evening for us.' Jan smiled warmly at the young couple. 'Hope you two had as good a time as we did.'
'Absolutely.' Kathy reached out and hugged Jan. 'Thanks for showing us a really great time.' then she stepped over to Mike and gave him a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek. 'And thanks Mike, for showing Jerry something that I've wanted him to see for a long time.'
'Sure,' Mike answered with absolutely no idea what Kathy was referring to but not caring. And as he continued to hold her wonderful young naked body close for a moment longer he finished, 'my pleasure.'
The two couples quickly put on just enough clothing to make it legally back to their camps and said good-night. Mike and Jan were on the road early the next morning and never got a chance to see Jerry and Kathy but had left a note saying good by and giving their e-mail address. Kathy and Jerry let Kathy's mom do a lot more baby-sitting the rest of their trip to the family reunion.
Mike & Jan

It had been months since I attended the Saturday night festivities at the Tennessee Social Club in downtown Nashville. A member since last December, I had temporarily drifted away into other activities. What I walked into was a revamped club, so I went exploring.
Relatively new to the lifestyle after the end of a 20-year marriage to a decidedly non-adventurous woman, I tend to choose dancing as a means of meeting individual women and couples. As any single man in the lifestyle will confirm, it's difficult to connect when you're alone in a crowded room of paired swingers. This is perhaps truer for men who are older, heavier and shier--I qualify for all three. I danced a few times but sensed little connection, as sometimes {maybe often} happens.
TSC has a separate member's area where it's possible to escape the raucous music and the cigarette smoke. I found a cubbyhole where I could sit in a padded chair and gather my thoughts. Other portions of the member's area include a couples-only room and a brand new Jacuzzi room replete with very brightly painted dolphins on the walls. There are available lockers and muted lighting, making the space intimate by design.
The area where I parked was walled in by lockers and contained three armed chairs side-by-side. I occupied the center one. A couple entered the space holding hands and raised eyebrows, clearly not wanting to intrude if I needed the space to myself. I had briefly talked with them earlier while they shot pool - her in a white, partially-buttoned shirt and cotton underpants; he in shirt and jeans with a well-worn cowboy hat squarely on his head. {The lesson here is always reach out as you never know who will respond to your overture.} I'll call them Kate and Norman. In many respects, Kate and Norman are typical of folks who live outside the metropolitan area of Nashville. He was slender with a rough, short beard. His eyes sparkled inquisitively though his smiles were hard to detect. She was shorter, boxier, with short dark hair and a wonderful grin. They dropped into the chair to my left, she both straddling and facing him.
She proceeded to remove his hat and her glasses. She unzipped his pants and withdrew him, stroking him to hardness. She then stood, removed her flimsy panties and returned to her lover perch, giving him a lap dance that was both enthusiastic and very gentle. I watched as unobtrusively as possible, knowing they didn't mind my presence and welcomed the observation.
Kate had a hair-trigger, clearly a multiple comer. Occasionally, our eyes would meet and be followed by mutual smiles. I was very comfortable. Having been a masseur for ten years, I have witnessed {and been involved with} all manner of play with couples. I felt close to them, almost a participant.
That became more a reality when Kate reached over with her free hand and began stroking my crotch. My little fella thought this was great fun and rose to participate. Norman asked if I would like one of Kate's 'special' lap dances and I said something really intelligent, like 'Sure!' He left to get some water and Kate moved over to my lap. I felt unprepared as she worked to free my erection. I was wearing underwear {for some reason} along with new trousers. I didn't know how user friendly these items would be, but Kate managed. Norman returned and took up station behind her. She moaned frequently from his ministrations but I couldn't say what he was doing. Kate's blouse was now fully open and I was treated to small breasts with chewable nipples. Her round tummy bumped pleasantly with mine and I enjoyed the contact. I was able to reach her tiny, hard clitoris and rubbed it enthusiastically. Kate's 'special' lap dance turned out to be masturbating herself using my erection - sort of co-masturbation. My hands were free to play at will and I did. She came frequently, her juices soaking my groin. At times, she would fall forward and I would embrace her while she shuddered. It was thrilling for me to feel the power of her spasms vibrating through my chest and arms. The heat generated by this woman was nuclear.
Norman's unknown moves were multiplying the effects Kate's rubbing our genitals together while I stroked and tweaked. I enjoyed her gyrations so much I didn't even come - my release didn't seem necessary {don't worry, I went to bed 'satisfied'}. I don't have words to describe the utter child-like delight in her eyes. Others wandered in to watch, then out of the small space again, but no one intruded.
As much as I enjoyed warm breath against my face, I could tell she was tiring. What seemed hours of activity probably lasted less than 30 minutes. I suggested she take a breather. Norman lifted her from my lap but she couldn't stand. Her legs were too weary.
She promised a dance when she recovered, but it didn't happen. Instead, we had a chance to sit and talk. I gave them my number but was told they didn't have contacts outside of the club. That was fine with me. I ended up having a grand time doing the simplest {if sometimes frantic} of activity, something I generally wouldn't have thought to include in my sexual repertoire, and usually do alone.
I had an opportunity to walk with them later, her hanging from his supporting shoulder, as they exited the club. She paused and kissed me fully on the lips, thanking me for a wonderful time. We had shared a gift neither expected but both welcomed. I admitted a similar delight and turned to take Norman's hand. We shook almost formally. It impressed me how we could be so intimate and so proper at the same time - perhaps the way the world could be were we all to try a little harder.
At the Tennessee Social Club it is a rule that 'No' means 'No.' The other side of that, of course, even with the simplest of carnal pleasures, is that 'Yes' can mean a resounding 'Yes' if the timing and the willing are right.
Nashville TN

A couple of years ago we had some neighbors we got to be real close friends with. We were constantly flirting back and forth across partners. The sexual tensions were always thick at our parties, and we all knew we wanted to do each other. Sadly, none of us was bold enough to make the first move. Then one night my wife and I took some hot photos of each other with an Instamatic camera. To my surprise the next night as we were about to go out dancing with our friends she showed our pictures to our friends. We laughed and joked about it and went dancing. That night it seems I danced with my friend's wife more than my own and visa versa. As we left to go home, I 'jokingly' put my wife in the backseat with Chuck and Judy up front with me. I jokingly told everyone that 'we were gonna do some swapping tonight.' We teased each along the way home.
Halfway home Judy said she had to pee and asked I pull into a park so she could use the restroom. I did and being the 'gentleman', I escorted her in the dark from the car to the potty. This left Toni & Chuck alone in the car. When Judy came out of the potty, which was on the opposite side of the building from my car, she reached out, grabbed my crotch, and asked if I had to go. I was pleasantly shocked and Waldo sprung to attention immediately. I said no and we embraced and kissed and we both did a little grabby feelly. Thinking that Toni and Chuck would be wondering where we were, we unlocked our tongues, got in one last grope and hurried back to the car. As we walked back to the car in the dark, I saw Toni & Chuck in a serious liplock {the dog}. She told me later they did a little touchy grabby of their own and Chuck actually managed to get a little stinky-finger.
I hurried home and when we got there I had to go upstairs to my bedroom for something and Judy followed me. Once there she closed the door and opened her blouse to expose the most magnificent breasts I had yearned to see for months. She said she had been thinking about my hot pictures all night. I asked if she wanted me to take her picture? She did and she stripped down to what God gave her {and it was nice}. We took a picture of each other semi-nude {knowing we would have to show our significants something to 'explain' our time upstairs}. While we wanted each other in the worst way I held off taking her right then and there because I did not know what was going through Toni's mind at the moment. We had not talked about possible swaps at any time prior. Now I cannot say I did not imbibe in a little of Judy's wares, but we did not do the deed. I still envision my bending her over the edge of the bed and thrusting my engorged monstrosity into that cute {and as I found out later - that's another story} tight little muffin of hers.
So we go downstairs and what do we see? Chuck and Toni entwined on the couch with clothing amiss. Cool. I showed them the pictures Judy and I had taken and suggested they do the same thing. No arguments anywhere and up they scampered to our bedroom. Judy and I assumed their place on the couch and I whispered in her ear that I wondered what was going on upstairs? This got her hotter than hot and she jerked me off soundly {later to my dismay I learned she did not like oral sex - damnit I love it...and so does Toni}. I paid Chuck back for the sticky-finger he enriched himself from by shoving three of my fingers into Judy and working her to a climax as well. I put those same fingers in Judy's mouth and I believe she tasted herself for the first time.
I heard through my own bliss thumping sounds coming from upstairs which I thought meant Toni didn't have the concerns I did and was boffing the hell out of ole lucky Chucky. I liked the thought of it. Then later came the sound of water running - I knew what that meant - washcloth time. My wife once she lets go of her fears is ONE HOT fuck {excuse my French but no other word better describes it}. Later she told me she hadn't actually done him because she thought she was about to start her period, but other than that she would have.
What did transpire she told me was that they had no sooner closed the bedroom door than she tossed the camera aside and began to undress him, stripping herself down only to her panties. After a couple of grabs and feels she did what she loves to do and dropped to her knees and gave him what I am sure was the best head he had ever had. She told him not to cum in her mouth as she does not like that {remember that}, and after about 30 seconds he exploded all over her face and chest. They then cleaned themselves up played with each other a little more and took a couple of pictures because they figured they 'had' to. Again, they held back from their urges out of concern for what we might be thinking. I was thinking alternatively between...'Go Chuck Go', and 'Damnit Judy put the darn thing in your mouth PLEASE!'
When they came down Chuck was beaming {duh!} and my wife gave me a big kiss. He whispered in my ear I should take Judy upstairs and 'fuck her brains out.' I really really really wanted to, but for whatever reason {inexperience/apprehension/the fact I had already shot my wad?} I did not. The night then whined down with us paired up smooching with the other's and the girls actually going topless in front of each other. Of course, I think I instigated that by taking off Judy's blouse, as I just had to suck some more on those big boys. As I did it I peeked over at Toni and she responded by taking off her own blouse and putting one of her boobs in Chuck's mouth for his enjoying pleasure.
Eventually, they had to leave because of the need to take the damn babysitter home. {Thank goodness, we no longer have that problem.} My wife and I then had some of the best sex of our marriage that night. Moreover, since then and to this day she need only re-enact her and Chuck's encounter to get me really hot. Every so often, we will be in the bedroom and I ask her to live the experience again with me. What she doesn't know is that the reason it always ends with my bending her over the edge of the bed and entering her from behind is because I still wish to hell I had been smart enough to have done that to Judy that special night.
The next day we all talked openly about what happened and how we enjoyed it. We even agreed it should happen again. Unfortunately for whatever reason it did not because Judy had minor back surgery a week later, which set us back, and then they were transferred to Arkansas. Damn we missed some good times because we were all just a little 'hesitant' to go the next step. My advise to anyone reading this who is in a similar situation is -- take that step and see where it leads you.
Otis & Toni

It was their twenty-eighth anniversary, and the first time they’d been out together dancing in so many years that neither remembered the last time. Not that they led a boring life or anything...they just hadn’t danced. The lessons were really weird at first, a bunch of losers trying to impress each other. Mike and Jan almost quit the first night, but their voyeuristic curiosity made them stay to watch the weirdos.
Stan became their favorite. What a real geek! Thirty-something with the maturity of a middle-schooler. He probably hadn’t had a date in his life, but now, Dance Fever here he comes. Jan actually felt sorry for him (the truth is Mike dared her to do it) and danced with Stan on some of the couples dances. Now he’s sure that Jan loves him secretly as much as he loves her!
Jim and Laura were their favorite couple. Although they didn’t need anyone else to admire them! Their closest friend was the large mirror on the north wall of the room. But turns out there were also plenty of really nice couples that were there to enjoy each other, the music, and maybe get a little exercise.
After four months of lessons, Mike and Jan were back to the dancing finesse of their early dating years. And, had selected their anniversary as a time to enjoy the moment. The restaurant had been a little costly with only average cuisine. But the club room was magnificent and the band exceptionally good. The couple had the complimentary champagne, along with more attention to their anniversary than Mike would have liked, then went out on the floor for the first romantic slow dance.
Three dances, of various types, and they returned to their secluded table and exchanged leftover, stale bubbly for real drinks. The room had darkened some while they’d been on the dance floor and the privacy allowed a very passionate kiss between the two lovers.
"I love you so much!" Mike looked deeply into Jan’s eyes as he spoke.
"I love you more!" Jan smiled as she started the 'who loves who more' duel that they had so often played. "But I REALLY love that!" Jan’s playful smile slowly turned into a passionate one as she felt Mike’s hands run up under her skirt towards her crotch. It was fairly dark now and would have been impossible for anyone to see what hands were doing under the table.
"And I REALLY love doing it," Mike whispered as he continued to caress his beautiful wife’s thighs. Before composing himself, he slid one finger under the elastic of Jan’s thong panties to confirm her state of arousal by the wetness of her vagina. "And I REALLY love this," as Mike spoke he licked the wetness from his finger as he moved his glass to his mouth. Nobody could possibly know what was going on but the two lovers, and this made the moment even more special.
They danced so many dances that they lost track of time. Lost in their own world, they were almost startled by the interruption, "May I ask for the next dance?"
Standing by their table was a man about ten years younger than Mike and Jan. He was about Mike’s height and weight but very different in every other way. He had black hair, brown eyes, and a mustache that was very neatly trimmed. And he was dressed very well.
Mike, at first, was a little defensive but looking at this man’s friendly smile made him relax a bit. "I’m sorry if I’m out of line, I just couldn’t help notice how well you two dance, and my wife doesn’t like to...anyway, she suggested I ask you. Sorry if I’ve butted in or anything."
He turned to walk away when Jan spoke quickly. "No, no, you weren’t out of line, it just caught us off guard." Then, turning her face to Mike, "Do you mind honey?" Mike was still a little unsure but smiled and nodded agreement.
The next dance turned out to be a little on the fast side, and Mike noticed that the guy was pretty good. Mike also noticed that the guy’s eyes kept going to a particular table with a very attractive young lady, who was sitting alone, watching the dancing couples every move and smiling. When the dance ended they returned to Mike’s table. "Honey, this is Joe. Joe, this is my husband, Mike." Mike stood and reached across the table to shake hands with Joe. "Glad to meet you Mike, and thanks for sharing your wonderful wife with me!" Joe said. Joe’s manner won Mike, and Mike replied warmly, "You too, and yes, she is wonderful. Doesn’t your date dance?"
"No, she’s not my date,” Joe laughed, “she’s my wife, and no, she doesn’t like to dance either. We’ve been married for twelve years, and that’s the only real incompatibility we’ve got. But she lets me dance with others on occasion."
"Well, I certainly enjoyed helping out," Jan said as she gave Joe a little hug and then moved the chair to sit back down. Joe helped with the chair, excused himself after once again thanking Jan for the dance, and went back to his table.
"Nice looking fellow,” Mike spoke with a mock tone of jealousy.
"Yeah, and a pretty good dancer too." Jan’s tone showed Mike that she was enjoying the situation, but who wouldn’t enjoy the attention of a younger man, who happened to be about the best looking man in the crowded building except for her husband.
Mike and Jan danced several more dances and enjoyed each other's bodies under the table between dances. Joe made no further attempts to interrupt, although each time Jan looked at his table, Joe was watching her and Mike dancing. Jan would smile each time she and Joe made eye contact and was actually starting to feel disappointed that he’d not asked her for another dance. Mike finally noticed this and said, "Hey, why don’t you go ask him?”
"I couldn’t!” Jan replied. “If he wants to dance again, he’d ask."
"Maybe, he doesn’t want to interfere in our evening, and he thinks we want to be alone,” Mike replied.
Mike had a point. Joe had seemed like a very considerate fellow, and maybe he didn’t want to be intrusive.
"Yeah, maybe so?" Jan was looking towards Joe’s table as she spoke. At the same moment, Joe had glanced at her table, and Jan took the opportunity to signal him. Swirling her finger in the air, mimicking dancing circles. Joe smiled broadly, leaned over to his wife apparently getting permission, then quickly walked towards Mike and Jan’s table.
The band started playing a fast song as he walked and Jan got up and met him on the dance floor. This time Mike was much more comfortable watching the two dance. The song lasted a long time, and it gave Mike time to explore his imagination. He looked over at the table with Joe’s wife sitting alone. She was really attractive and pretty young. She was intently watching Joe and Jan dancing and oblivious to the rest of the world. Mike imagined what it might be like to make love to her, while Joe and Jan made love beside them. Then Mike moved his head to again watch his wife and Joe dance.
His fantasy had lasted longer than he realized for now they were slow dancing. He’d been in such a deep quick fantasy he’d not noticed the song change. He watched as the two danced closer and closer together. It was starting to really arouse him to see Jan pressing her body into this near stranger. He glanced at Joe’s wife but couldn’t read her reaction, he assumed she too was getting turned on and thinking about a little extra-marital experimentation with Mike. They would dance some more, then the four would leave together. Joe and his wife would invite Mike and Jan to their house, where their custom is NO CLOTHING at home. The four naked people would then get into Joe’s hot tub. Of course, Jan would sit by Joe and his wife would naturally sit by Mike.
"Are you OK?" Jan’s voice broke Mike’s trance.
"Oh sure, yeah sure, I’m all right. Just thinking of something,” Mike quickly said.
Jan sat down and reached under the table and ran her hand up Mike’s leg to the bulge. "Well, I’ll bet I know which gutter your thoughts were in," she smiled wickedly as she pinched his dick through his pants.
Jan then asked Mike if he’d like to dance just as a slow dance started. They moved to the dance floor, cautiously concealing Mike’s erection and then molded together utilizing the erection for mutual pleasure. After this dance, Mike suggested they have another drink to 'mitigate the tension' before continuing with fast dancing. After another drink, and many more dances, Joe was but forgotten, and Mike and Jan were having a wonderful time.
"This will be the last set," the bandleader told the crowd just as they started playing a favorite dance song of Mike and Jan's. While they were dancing, they noticed that Joe and his wife were also on the floor. "I guess she’s had enough liquid confidence to give it a try," Mike whispered in Jan’s ear.
"Yeah, guess so. And you know? She’s not that bad," Jan commented as she, sort of jealously, watched Joe and his wife.
"Would you like to dance one more with him?" Mike looked seriously at Jan then continued. "It’s fine, and it looks like his wife is very uncomfortable on the floor and might appreciate it."
"Well, yeah, I’d like to, but let’s make sure she isn’t going to," Jan replied.
"Ok, let’s go back to the table to let him know you’re available. But the last dances are mine!" Mike smiled.
"Absolutely sweety! I always save the best for last!" Jan smiled back at him.
Jan and Mike went back towards their table, but before sitting down, Jan whispered that she needed to go to the ladies room. Mike said, he too, could use a quick intermission. As Jan headed towards the hall that led to the restroom, Mike headed quickly out the front door to the car in the parking lot.
"Where exactly is the men’s room?" Jan asked with a curious look on her face when Mike finally returned.
"Outside. Can you believe a classy place like this doesn’t have indoor men’s rooms?" Mike grinned broadly, and with that, Jan knew he was up to something.
The band started to get ready for the last set. The lights in the club were reduced even more than they had previously been. Mike leaned across the table towards Jan, who also leaned in for a long kiss over the table. Jan could feel Mike’s hands under the table, and her skirt, and it felt wonderful. She could feel his hand working its way privately up until it was holding the elastic of her now fairly wet panties and then pulling them aside, exposing her vagina. Then she felt as his other hand moved a finger into her. She moaned through their kiss at the wonderful feeling of slight penetration. Then, without warning, and without time to protest, she felt the egg-shaped device slip quickly into her wetness. "What! What did you do? You didn’t?!" Jan felt the device jump to life within her. "You did!"
Jan at first felt a bit of anger, then that tell-tale smile replaced the frown. The feeling stopped as suddenly as it had started because Mike had only clicked the remote on and off once.
Before any explanation, concern, or argument could start, Joe was standing by the table asking for one last dance before leaving the anniversary couple alone for the rest of the evening. Mike smiled broadly and accepted for Jan who wasn’t quite able to talk yet. The band started a very slow song as Mike watched Joe and Jan go to the floor. They danced a little closer even than before. Joe’s wife was watching closely, she was also obviously aware of their extra closeness.
About halfway through the dance, Jan’s knees seemed to give way, but Joe caught her. "Are you ok?' Joe asked with what appeared to be sincere concern. "Yeah, sure, just tired knees I guess," Jan rather unconvincingly offered.
Jan looked towards Mike and grinned her apparent approval. Mike now waited a minute until the couple was once again relaxed. This time, with the rheostat on the slowest setting, he again switched the remote on. Jan looked at Mike again and nodded approval. Then she leaned even closer to Joe. Mike worked the remote in unison with the couple’s dancing and in tune with Jan’s eye signals. When the dance ended Joe brought Jan back to her table, thanked both Mike and Jan for allowing him to share her, then left.
"You know, he never knew I was having an orgasm," Jan looked at Mike with the cutest wicked smile he’d ever seen from her.
"I’m glad it was good!” Mike said. “I was really apprehensive when I got the idea, but I’m glad it worked well." The couple again kissed across the table, and Jan felt the now-familiar vibration start again. "Hey buster!” she exclaimed. “Enough now! Let’s get out of here and find a place where we can let loose and yell and buck and holler, and...; well, let’s get going!"

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