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Found 22 results

  1. Hey all, Well I need some insight from the ladies. My wife and I have played at a few clubs but just let others watch as I totally respect her boundaries. Each time we went she got so wet when we had sex in front of others but she was still shy looking at people. Well we were talking about if she would feel more comfortable if we chose a guy to watch us in a hotel. Then I asked what about an erotic massage from me and another guy.....she said she thought she could do that. Well last month we took that next step and did the soft swing. We invited another guy to join us in a hotel and gave her an erotic massage. The guy was so respectful and we NEVER got rough. When we flipped her over, she got so wet when both of us gave her oral and fingered her. We made her have the most intense orgasm I've EVER seen her have. She almost fell off the table it was so intense. Then just me and my wife had sex in front of the other guy. Oh, she was blindfolded the entire time and never saw the other guy in order to make her more comfortable and avoid embarrassment. The thing is, after he left and I took off the blindfold she started to cry. I asked her why and she asked why I didn't look at her as a slut now.....WHAT!? I assured her I loved her immensely and I would never see her that way. My question is, she got so wet and into it but cried after.....do you think she felt guilty for enjoying it so much? Or do you think it was too much for her? I try and talk with her but it seems like she's scared to talk. I guess I'm confused.....did any of you feel that way after the first time? I'm hoping that it's normal.....kind of like loosing your virginity......She said she enjoyed it and wants to do it again in a few months but the crying thing has me concerned. Any advice or how you felt the first time would help......thanks.
  2. My wife Stephanie is no slouch in the sex department. We are swingers, so that allows her to have all the sex she wants, but I think she was stunned at what she got this particular night. Stephanie got to experience it, so I'll let her tell the story... All the guys were at my place; my husband Dustin, Cody, and Domingo. Cody and Domingo are the husbands of two swinger couples we are friends with. I hadn't thought much of it when both their wives begged off that night, one saying she had a bad headache and the other saying her period came early. I was disappointed I wouldn't get to see my swinger girlfriends, but I figured me and the guys could still have a fun night just hanging out. Once the guys arrived, and we all had cracked a beer, Cody suggested that we play poker. I was thinking, "cool, strip poker." Unfortunately, he meant real poker, and I wasn't invited to play, just the three of them. This went on for about two hours, them ignoring me. I was fuming! Dustin could tell I was very pissed off. But the boys continued to play. Finally, a little drunk and pouty, I said, "I want fucked! When are we going to fuck!" Shocking me, Dustin said, "You wanna fuck, do you? Come on, boys!" They took me to my bedroom, undressed me, and tied me to my four-poster bed. I was helpless but very, very wet. Dustin said, "Who wants to go first?" Domingo spoke up and pushed his cock against my pussy lips, but he just spanked my clit instead of penetrating me. Then Cody and Dustin took their turns. They did that same thing, spank my clit with the head of their cocks. Domingo pulled up a video on the computer where I could see it. I later found out it was called 'Gang Bang Slut'. Then the three of them left me in there while they proceeded to play poker again. I was forced to watch this movie for about an hour. I was sooo horny. All I wanted was cock and more cock. I was so sexually frustrated. About half an hour later, someone's arm reached inside the door and turned off the movie and the lights. I begged them to fuck me, but they just shut the door and left me there. I imagine it was about 11:30 when the next event happened. By this time, although still raging horny, I had fallen asleep, and they had consumed a generous portion of beer. The next thing I knew, I had a cock pounding away at my pussy. Let me tell you that is the way to wake up! It was dark, I didn't know who it was, but I knew it wasn't Dustin. He is so huge. Whoever it was didn't cum. When he got close, he pulled out, and a different cock filled my hungry hole. I don't know if Dustin was in the room, and I never heard him or felt his cock. I assume that the two, Cody and Domingo, were taking turns. After about 45 minutes of this, my pussy was getting so loose. I came four times in this period. After the fourth time, the door opened and closed. At last, this must be Dustin. Sure enough, it was a huge cock. His cock continued to plow me. My pussy was loose before, but it felt snug with this big thing inside me. I took all 12 inches of Dustin. I could hear the other guys by my head masturbating. I knew I was gonna get one hell of a facial. It seemed to take forever, but none of them came. They were just brought to the edge as if they were waiting for something. That's when the lights came on, and I was surprised! The cock that was inside me was not Dustin! He was next to my head with Cody and Domingo. It was a kid fucking me. He must have been 19 years old. I asked who he was and found out he was the pizza guy. They had ordered pizza and bet with the pizza boy for free pizza. They bet Dustin's cock was bigger than his. They got free pizza if Dustin's was bigger; if it wasn't, he got to fuck me. I didn't mind; I'm sure this was the best tip he ever got. He came hard in me and flooded my pussy with cum. Meanwhile, the boys were getting started. They were ready to cum. They ordered me to not swallow, and I had to blow cum bubbles when they shot their loads in my mouth. Cody came first, and I blew and dribbled some off my cheek. Domingo came next, blowing a tremendous load just about topping me off. My face was creamed all over. There was no way I would be able to take Dustin's cum. I know he cums gallons, and cum was at the top of my mouth by this time. Instead, he stuck his cock in my mouth and coated his cock with everyone else's cum. It was so gooey. Then he shot his load all over my face. Cody kindly started to wipe off my face with a towel while the rest untied me. Dustin said, "Ok, it's the lady's choice. What and who do you want now?" I told them that I wanted airtight right now, a nice cock in all my holes at once. Domingo was on his back, and I went cowgirl on top of him. Cody entered my ass while I sucked Dustin again. It felt so good, and I could feel them bump that inner wall inside me. I was so satiated by this point. I was at the point of going limp when Cody was giving my ass a pounding. Domingo's job was pretty much just to fill me up. I was so sensitive down to my toes. I had never really felt like this. I felt like I was going to erupt. Cody came in my ass, and I was ready to pop. Domingo flipped me on my back, and he finished hard. Not only did he hit the finish line, but he kept on running. I came early and told him to stop because I was so sensitive. He pounded me into another two orgasms and broke me. The session was two full hours, and I was sore, but it was well worth it. The boys were very nice when I went limp and had given me a three-man massage. I was in heaven. It felt very nice to be taken care of after getting fucked so hard and cumming so good.
  3. About 5 years ago I did this to my wife. She loves to be tied down and left in the room - blindfolded. I would come in and tease her and she wouldn’t know when or if I would be back. The anticipation of it all was what got her wet and horny. The time I’m referring to, I left her for about an hour- called up two buddies and had them come by - told them not to ring the door bell which they didn’t. I came back into the room and had her suck my cock- actually I made her gag on it. Then I slapped her face and told her she was a good slut - I didn’t cum, wanted her to want it more. I left the room and my buddy walked past me and put his cock in her mouth. I was watching from the doorway and I believe she could tell it wasn’t mine but she sucked it like a pro. He pulled his cock from her mouth and came all over her face. He walked out the door and I signaled my bbc friend to enter the room. He’s about 10 inches, not as thick as mine though. He immediately went to her pussy and ate her pussy while fingering her asshole! Then took his long cock and slapped her clit with it several times - she gasped in excitement. He placed the tip of his cock at her fat cameltoe pussy and slowly got it about 1/4 ways in - then rammed it home. He bottomed out! She screamed in pain and he covered her mouth with his hand. He then fucked her hard and fast for about 20 minutes before he looked to me and I nodded. He then filled her pussy with a massive load of hot cum! He pulled it out, put it in her mouth, and she cleaned him. He kissed her on the forehead and walked out the room. The guys gathered their things and left and thanked me for my slut wife. I came back into the room about an hour later, placed a pillow under her low back so she had some lift from the bed. Worked my fingers and her plug in and out of her ass for a good ten minutes or so, grabbed the lube, put it on my cock, and of course her lovely asshole. She was still dripping bbc cum from her exhausted pussy. I put my cock against her asshole and pushed until she was moaning like a whore. I fucked her ass savagely for about 15-20 minutes before I unleashed a torrent of hot cum - ropes of it - in her ass. I pulled out and had her clean me off properly. I took off the blindfold and she was smiling, exhausted and cum-filled! I smacked her on her ass hard and told her to get in the shower and get cleaned up! 😉😉
  4. SwingersBoard

    An Unexpected Adventure

    Hello and I'm sorry it has been so long since my last posting, I have been busy. Although not necessarily because I've been working. In any case, I'm making myself sit down and record two of our adventures that occurred while we were on vacations. This first one took place in the spring while Sue and I were vacationing on a small Greek Island. It is a beautiful place with quite a few discos, pubs and bars. The beaches at the resort we stayed at were fabulous although some of the public ones were rocky at best. Any way, we had been on the island a couple of days, mostly staying at the beach by day and bar hopping at night. The third night there we went out to a local British Pub that the hotel manager recommended to us. We had a lot of fun singing Karaoke and flirting with the locals. Sue was especially enjoying all the attention that she was getting while I sat desperately trying to make eye contact with this ravishing blonde. I managed to a couple of times briefly but I quickly realized that I was getting no where. Sue and I finally left the bar around 3am and the owner/operator and his wife drove us back to our resort. Sue and Pauline were chatting away in the back while Ron and I talked up front. They dropped us off and we promised to visit them tomorrow night at the pub. The next morning as we got ready to go to the beach Sue told me that we were going to a private beach that Pauline had told her about. I asked why and she smiled and said, 'because I want to get an all over tan, if you know what I mean?' I quickly agreed and off we went to find a taxi. We got to the beach and it was deserted just as Pauline had promised that it would be. Sue wasted no time in undressing and I wasted none in picking up the bottle of lotion and putting generous amounts of it all over her body. I know that she was being turned on but she stopped my attempts and told me later. A couple of hours went by and being bored I got up and went for a swim in the ocean. As I was getting out I noticed another women standing over Sue and as I approached, she walked away up the beach towards the road. Sue looked as if she was ready to slap someone when I asked who that was. Sue was upset and said, 'I don't know who the hell she thinks she is but I'm not leaving until I'm good and ready.' She then informed me that the woman had told Sue that this was a private beach and that if she didn't leave she would have to pay the consequences. Looking up Sue said, 'she threatened me. I can't believe she threatened me.' I suggested that we go ahead and leave since it was in fact a private beach but Sue would have nothing to do with it. About an hour later, I heard car doors slam up by the road and assumed that we were soon going to have visitors. Sue said that she didn't care and didn't move so I rolled over onto my stomach and closed my eyes. I must have dosed off because the next thing I knew my hands were bent up behind my back and Sue was screaming bloody murder while dangling bare ass naked in the arms of this huge muscular man. The man who had my arms so expertly pinned behind me said, 'You were told to get off of this beach. You will now be taught to listen when someone tells you to leave their property. My hands were quickly handcuffed and so was Sue and then we were forced up the beach and into their car. Sue was screaming about our clothes and bags and I was worried about just how bad a foreign jail really is. One of the men went back, collected our belongings and tossed them in the trunk. As we drove away Sue went quiet and I think realized just how much trouble we were in. I was surprised when they pulled up in front of this huge house rather than what I thought was going to be a police station. They pulled both of us, terrified, out of the back of the car. We went into the side of the garage and down a flight of stairs into a room completely black. There was not a light to be found and I couldn't see my hand or Sue right in front of me. Sue startled me when she said, 'what are you doing?' as I heard chains being moved around. Then I felt someone grab my legs while shackles were placed around each of my ankles. Next, each of my wrists was shackled and then the cuffs were removed. I was standing there wondering just what in the hell was going on when a violent jerk on my chains pulled both my arms way above my head and both my legs completely apart. The gasp coming from Sue told me that she had met the same fate as I had. We were completely helpless and I at least, could barely keep my balance. Suddenly a lighter sparked and our two captors went around lighting several candles. I quickly realized that we were in some sort of dungeon. There were all kinds of things along the walls, a couple of cages were on one end of the room and a long table with tie down belts was along another. There was even a stockade, you know where you put your head and arms through and then once it's shut you can't get out. This one however, had some kind of bench about three feet back from where your head would go. Sue and I were chained to the ceiling directly in the center of the room, just barely out of each other's reach. I was acutely aware that we were at someone's mercy and that no one would miss us for weeks if not months. I was also aware that there was no way this had anything to do with the local police. Both of our captors left and Sue and I quickly discussed our options, in other words we decided to do what ever we needed to do to get out of this. I had no idea what that was going to be, but I knew that we weren't going to like it. We both heard a door open behind us but neither of us could turn far enough around to see anyone. We had to assume that someone was there. Suddenly pain shot through my head, someone had grabbed my hair, yanking my head back as far as it would go. Instantly a blindfold was put over my eyes and my head was released. Again, I was surrounded by darkness. I heard Sue say, 'YOU!' but after that one word, all I heard from Sue was muffled grunts. Then this sweet voice say, 'the next time someone tells you to do something you had better listen. If you don't do what you're told immediately you will be punished severely!' Suddenly a hand grabbed my balls and gently started fondling me. That sweet voice whispered in my ear, 'you're going to both love and hate me by the time I'm through.' 'AAHHGG' I screamed as pain surged through my body from the hand that had violently clamped down on my balls. My knees buckled and my wrist hurt as my body weight hung from their shackles. The hand released and painting I put my feet back under me and relieved the weight on my wrist. I heard Sue mumbling but I knew that she hadn't felt any pain yet. 'That is the type of punishment you shall receive if you do not listen to me slave.' Instantly I forgot my pain as my cock was bathed in the warm confines of someone's mouth. In just moments, my cock was solid and my balls were swelling with the expert blowjob I was receiving. Just as I thought that I was going to blow my load the mouth pulled away and I heard, 'and that is the type of pleasure you will receive if you do a good job. Do you want to do a good job?' Yes, I whispered. AAGGHH!! I screamed as pain radiated from my ass. I had just been whipped by what felt like a stick or branch and once again my weight was dangling from my wrist. 'You will address me as Mistress at all times, do you understand SLAVE!' Yes mistress, I quickly responded. Soft, smooth hands ran over my ass and I realized that I no longer cared about Sue's muffled complaints. 'I'm going to release your hand shackles and unblindfold you but if you even look at me wrong you will pay for it!' Yes Mistress was all I said. My hands tingled as blood rushed back into them. My blindfold was removed and I saw Sue chained as before, her face red with anger. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw or should I say, almost saw my new Mistress. She had a leather mask on so all I could see was her eyes and lips. She had on a pair of knee high leather boots with stiletto heels, skintight black leather panties with matching leather top and long leather gloves on both arms. Her breast had to be C cups and her stomach muscles rippled down into a perfect V where her panties started. In her hand, she held a long riding crop. This was a woman who took incredible care of herself and was used to getting what she wanted. She reached out with the crop, slid it slowly over my balls and cock, up across my chest to my face, and told me to kiss it. I quickly opened my mouth and licked up and down the shaft as she presented it to me. She leaned forward and joined me with her lips on the other side of the crop; our tongues touched and sparks ran through my body. She pulls back and tells me to hold the crop for her as she reaches back to the wall and grabs what has to be some kind of a whip. She comes back over, kneels down, and slides my cock all the way down her throat as she reaches down and unshackles one of my ankles. She stands up, releasing my already hard cock and says, 'You are going to administer the punishment to this slut who can't do as she is told. If you fail to do so to my satisfaction you shall receive twice the pain that she would have felt. Do you understand?' I hear myself say 'yes Mistress' as I watch the fear mount in Sue's eyes. 'Now, spank her once.' 'Yes Mistress as I bring the crop soundly across Sue's ass. Searing pain erupts from my ass and balls as my Mistress savagely whips me not once but twice. 'I said to spank her not play with her. I expect ever smack to raise a welt on her wherever I tell you to strike! Do you understand me slave?' I said yes Mistress as I wondered if that was blood or sweat that was dripping onto my legs. 'Now smack her again.' I swung that crop harder than I would ever have thought to and the smack echoed off the walls as it made contact with Sue's delicious ass. Instantly a narrow red welt rose from her ass. Sue had lost her feet and was biting down hard on her gag as she stood back up. 'Again' Mistress shouted as I wound up and brought the crop down, Sue grunted as another welt appeared. 'Again! Again! and Again!,' I heard and complied with. Sue's ass was red and welted across both cheeks. A small tear streamed down her cheek as she regained her feet after the last blow had fallen. My mistress went over to a bench and came back carrying two small clamps in her hand. She handed them to me and said, 'put these on her nipples.' I took the clamps and placed first one and then the other on Sue's nipples. Sue winced as each spring snapped closed the metal jaws over her tender flesh. Next Mistress handed me the largest butt plug I had ever seen and said, 'insert that up her ass.' Without lubricating it at all I shoved it up Sue's asshole. Amazingly, she was actually lubricated from her pussy juice. Sue almost looked content as it ripped past her sphincter. Mistress handed me a whip with a lot of little leather strips on the end and with a wicked smile said, 'whip her filthy little pussy.' With her legs spread as far as they were, I knew there was no way I could avoid making direct contact with her swollen cunt. Before my Mistress could punish me, I swung the whip remembering that I had to raise welts. Sue jumped upwards as the whip tore into her pussy and then continued on to slap against her ass. 'AGAIN!, AGAIN!, and AGAIN!, my Mistress commanded and I complied. Welts appeared on the inside of Sue's thighs and up the center of the crack of her ass. When mistress finally told me to stop, tears were streaming down Sue's face. I was startled when my Mistress said, ' Look, look at how much of a slut she is. Her pussy is dripping all over the place!' Sure enough, Sue's pussy juice was streaming down her thighs. 'We can take care of that,' she said as she approached Sue carrying two of the candles in the dungeon. I watched as she walked up to Sue and said, 'The next time I tell you to do something, you're going to do it, aren't you?' Sue nodded her head up and down. My mistress smiled and said, 'Good, gooood, but I've still got to punish you myself.' With that, she tilted one of the candles over top of Sue's tits, hot wax spilled all over her tits and nipples. Sue's eyes went wide and she bit down on her gag. Mistress pulled Sue's legs out from under her so that she hung from her wrist. She held one leg up so the Sue was laying on her back in the air, then took the other candle, and slowly tilted it over the top of Sue's swollen pussy. Drip by drip the wax hardened onto Sue's pussy, covering her lips, her clit and even down to her asshole. Mistress lowered Sue's leg back to the floor and let her stand again. Sue stood there, bright red welts shining, wax hardened all over her body, and she had that glazed eye look of one who's having the most intense experience of their lives. Mistress turned to me and said, 'You've been an excellent slave tonight. Hmmm, how should I reward you? I think I know.' She walked over to Sue, pulled her head up by her hair and said, 'Your punishment isn't over yet slut. Tonight you're going to have to watch your friend here have the sex of his life. He's not even going to want to touch you once I've shown him how good I can be to an obedient slave.' With that, my Mistress turned to me and told me to remove Sue's but plug. I immediately obeyed. My cock was so hard that it hurt. Mistress then went over to Sue and placed a dog collar around her neck and attached a leash to it. She told me not to let her get away as she unshackled Sue's wrist and ankles. Sue didn't even try to change positions. My Mistress smiled and told Sue to get on her hands and knees like a good little bitch. Sue dropped instantly. She then walked over to one of the cages along the wall and opened one end of it. The cage couldn't have been more than two feet tall and two feet across. She looks over at me and says, 'Bring her here and make her crawl in but first. Sue had to bend down real far on her knees to fit inside. Her tits were dragging the floor of the cage with her arms out towards the sides. Mistress closed the front of the cage and latched it. Then she walked around to the back of the cage, told me to come here and showed me how Sue's holes were wide open through holes in the back of the cage. Mistress went over to a drawer and removed the biggest black dildo that I had ever seen. It had a cord running out of it and when she plugged it in, it started pumping and twirling almost like a real cock. My Mistress unplugged it, handed it to me and said, 'shove it up her ass.' I know that if Sue could have seen this thing she would have cried just at the thought of it going into her tight little ass but I did as my Mistress commanded and slowly slid inch by inch up Sue's ass hole. Then my mistress pulled out another dildo, not as large and told me, 'put it in that sluts cunt.' I did and then Sue squirmed, she now had more fake meat in her than she had ever experienced. Mistress then took down this metal flap and secured it where the openings in the back of the cages were. She then plugged in the dildo that was in Sue's pussy and walked up to Sue and said, 'That feels wonderful doesn't it?' Sue nodded. Well maybe if I feel like it you'll get to feel it again later slut but for right now you get this instead.' With that she walked up to the bench, unplugged that dildo and turned on the mammoth one in Sue's ass. It started pumping and turning in and out of Sue's asshole. Sue just groaned. Mistress then took my hand and pulled me to the front of the cage, kneeled down so we were almost at eye level with Sue and said, 'Tonight your man is going to fuck me any way he wants and you're going to have to watch each and every second. Remember though, if you're good I might actually reward you.' Sue just nodded and stared at us. My Mistress quickly removed her top and panties. She had the most beautiful shaved pussy that I've ever seen. She stood over me and demanded, 'eat slave, eat and make your Mistress come all over you!' I was in heaven licking that wonderful cunt. Mistress grabbed my head and shoved her pussy hard against my mouth screaming, 'I'm going to cum slave and you better not waist a drop!' Man, I just swallowed and swallowed and it kept coming. Finally it stopped and I licked the inside of Mistresses thighs clean. Mistress then knelt down on her hands and knees directly in front of Sue and said, 'Come on slave, shove that cock in my pussy. I need to show this cunt what a real pussy can do.' In no time, my cock was slamming in and out of her pussy. I couldn't believe how incredible it felt. Without thinking I reached down and slid my finger into Mistresses ass. She grunted, 'Yea, that's it, finger my asshole slave, Get it loose and I'll let you fuck it too!' The thought of my cock in that ass was almost too much. Just as I thought I was going to lose control Mistress reached back and pinched my balls hard, instantly stopping my orgasm. She pulled forward, looked over her shoulder and said to Sue, ' watch him shove that cock up my asshole cunt!' With that I shoved my cock into her asshole and reached around with my hand to finger her clit. She started grunting and slamming back into me and in a short time started cumming all over the place. I knew I was about to explode when she screamed, 'cum in my ass slave, fill it with your load.' That was all I could take. I came so much that some started spilling out of her asshole, running down across her pussy. I pulled out and she backed up to Sue's cage and said, 'clean me up slut!' Sue tried to get her tongue through the cage to lick my cum from her pussy and thighs. When she was done my Mistress rolled over and smiled at Sue, 'I just thought of something slut! The rest of my slaves haven't had any fun lately so maybe I'll reward them tonight as well.' With that she unplugged Sue's pulsating dildo, opened her cage and walked her over to the stockade. Sue looked heartbroken as Mistress put her head and hands in and closed the top. Mistress then moved the bench so that Sue was up on her tipsy toes with her ass and pussy fully exposed. Mistress yelled out, 'Slaves, you may enter!' The two men that had brought us here came in followed by a huge black man. He had to be at least 7 feet tall. Sue couldn't see any of them so she couldn't watch as they undressed and two large cocks appeared with the third one looking identical to the fake dildo sitting idle in her asshole. Mistress walked around to Sue, 'I'm going to remove your gag but you do not have my permission to talk so if I hear a single word come out you'll pay for it.' Sue just nodded as the round gag was removed from her mouth. 'You will allow my slaves to do what ever they want to you, if you're lucky you'll even enjoy it.' With that she walked up to one of them, whispered something, then came back, and joined me. I watched as the one she had spoken to walked up to Sue and slid his cock into her mouth. The other white man pulled the dildo from Sue's pussy and started fucking her from behind. The black man just watched. The slave in Sue's mouth pulled his cock out and stood back holding it in his hand. He wasn't masturbating, just standing there when suddenly he started peeing! He aimed it all over Sue's face and hair and Sue didn't try to avoid any of it. I couldn't believe it but at that moment my mistress turned to me, 'You watch what they do to her while I reward you for tonight. With that she bent down and removed her mask. All I could see was her blonde hair and the back of her head as she swallowed my cock in one fell swoop. I just groaned as I looked back up and the man that had been in Sue's cunt pull out and walk around to her face and force-fed her his cock. Then I watched as the black slave pulled the dildo out of Sue's asshole and slid his mammoth cock in its place. Sue made a little squeal as he shoved it all the way in. It had to be over a foot long and four inches wide. I couldn't believe Sue was taking all of that. In no time the man in her mouth started cumming and Sue swallowed every drop. I couldn't help but admire how well she sucked him dry all the while keeping pace with the huge cock sliding in and out of her asshole. Suddenly the black man started bucking really fast and then pushed all of his cock into her and started grunting. It didn't take long to see a huge amount of cum sliding out around his cock spilling from Sue's asshole. By this time my Mistress had me at the edge and just as I was about to explode she slid a finger into my asshole. That was it, I went over the edge and stream after stream poured fourth and into my Mistresses waiting mouth. She swallowed every drop. When I was completely dry she looked up and I saw her for the first time. I recognized her immediately. It had only been last night that I had watched her at the pub and thought that I had no chance with her... God, I was getting hard again just realizing what had just happened. Mistress sent her other slaves out and released Sue from the stockade. With a smile she said, 'The next time I tell you to do something slut, you WILL do it or what happened here tonight will seem like a walk in the park!' Sue and I both said, 'yes Mistress' at the same time. With that, our Mistress walked out. A few minutes later one of the other slaves entered and took us back to the beach. Before he left he said, 'Mistress says that you can stay here for the rest of the day if you'd like but be warned, if you stay to long she'll send me back!' Man did I want to just curl up, go to sleep and wait, but Sue was ready to go. We did leave that day but two days later Sue decided that she really did want to sunbathe nude…. Rob & Sue Virginia
  5. First, let me tell you a little about myself and how I got started in swinging. I am 5'5" tall, size 14 with long auburn hair and sparkling blue eyes. I have 36D breasts with large pink nipples. My breasts and nipples are extremely responsive to oral, manual or penile stimulation. I am still attractive at 46 though not as lush and mouthwatering as I was when we started swinging at 19. My husband is 6'3" tall, 170 lbs with brown hair and eyes and a strong hard nine inches of woman pleasing fun. We were high school sweethearts and got married at 18 as sexually naive virgins. I had never even masturbated. But we quickly changed that! We discovered I am extremely multi-orgasmic and we were young and eager sexual explorers. As part of a young bride's newly discovered masturbation fun, I used to practice on fingers, bananas, and dildos to learn to control my gag reflex. I'm happy to say I mastered it and became an accomplished Deep Throat Fellatrix. Our eager exploration very quickly led us to discover the incredibly delicious pleasures of anal intercourse. I found buttfucking is the steamiest, raunchiest, meatiest of hard-cumming nasty delights. And friends, this is what changed our whole lives. I mean...I simply cannot imagine any woman enjoying the pleasure of a hard cock deep up her hungry little asshole without being curious about what it would feel like to have a prick deep in her pussy at the same time. This curiosity is what led us into swinging. We began swinging when we were nineteen, and I very quickly found the pleasures of double penetration exceeded my wildest dreams...and that triple penetration is even better and more salacious. In swinging, our sexuality blossomed along with our love, and I became a confirmed bisexual when I was twenty. And that is where this Blind Date story began...over twenty-five years ago in the minds of two enthusiastic young swingers. The original idea was my husband's but, as we discussed it, and laid out the rules for our game we both got involved in refining them and detailing them for our maximum excitement. This game has brought a sexual excitement to our lives that is so pervasive it is hard to explain. I don't think most people could understand...but active swingers should be able to understand what I mean, so I address this story to them. You know how...as a swinger...it charges your whole life with sexuality? I mean far beyond the actual swinging sex fun. I'm talking about that lower belly excitement of anticipation beforehand...about how the morning after you feel a glow and stifle a grin or giggle when someone asks you, 'What's new?' or 'What have you been up to lately?' Isn't it fun thinking what some of their reactions would be if you told them the 'fucking' truth? And, have you noticed how it changes the way you look at people every day? When you are sexually charged and attuned you are much more aware of other's sexuality. I am confident that active swingers know what I mean...how swinging is not only fun while it's happening but it heightens your awareness between encounters. Well, swinging girls...let me tell you that our game will take that lower belly excitement that makes your pussy creamy and maximize it beyond belief. We made the rules for our game we call 'Blind Date Night' soon after we started swinging. We have been doing it regularly now, every month for over 20 years. This is how it works... Each month...(We try to do it on the date of our wedding each month) on Blind Date Night I prepare my hair and makeup, make sure my cuntlips are cleanly shaved, and my bush is neatly trimmed. Then I put on something sexy and rather slutty or sometimes wear nothing but my nipple rings and tattoos depending on my husband's outline for the evening. For those nights I go nude I have a long gray cape/cloak for leaving the house if it is cool (and when our children were home). Then, when we are ready to begin, he blindfolds me securely with a soft leather blindfold that is comfortable but cuts off all light and sight. Girls, it's crucial for it to be comfortable. I recommend practicing wearing it for a couple of hours beforehand and moving around with your husband. It is hard at first to be comfortable trusting someone to lead you blindfolded. NO - this is NOT a bondage game. The blindfold is there to enhance my pleasure and excitement. As you will see...it's really the main point of the game. Some people I have told about our game say, "How can you leave the blindfold on without your hands tied?" I reply, "A lot of people get cheaters and swingers mixed up. But sincere swingers are NOT cheaters. We enjoy restraints and bondage in some of our other games. But not on blind date night...my hands are unrestrained...I wouldn't dream of taking the blindfold off...the whole game would lose its point." Girls, if you do this...and you decide not to wear panties...remember to take precautions depending on your upholstery. The anticipation...by the time you get the blindfold on usually has me oozing down my inner thighs and I need to put a towel down if I get on someone's crushed velour car seats. Once I am blindfolded the evenings progress in a variety of ways: 1. Sometimes we remain at home...we may share a drink. Before long the doorbell rings and I hear Wes's murmured welcome and soon find myself being kissed and fondled, petted and suckled, fingered and frigged, sucked and fucked either orally, vaginally or anally. 2. Sometimes Wes puts me in the car and delivers me somewhere. I have been led into motel rooms and residences; I have been taken to echoing gymnasiums and pleasured there or in a jock smelling locker room. I have found myself hanging onto service racks in car repair garages; taken on pool tables at a closed bar (I presume) I could tell from moving along the bar and skirting stools and tables. And there have been many encounters in stores and offices. 3. As our game continued and we matured emotionally and swingingly, Wes sometimes dropped me off somewhere to be sexually service and picked me up later, or I would be taken home by my date. 4. Then, as we found so much excitement in our game, we added a new twist... He began to drive me somewhere then help me out of the car and tell me to wait there. Then he would drive off. a. Sometimes I can hear traffic, not often real close but nearby. I have been standing blindfolded, dressed like a slut once in a while and heard obscenities yelled at me from passing cars. But I haven't known if it was a coincidence or a plant by Wes. b. Sometimes he kisses me goodbye and takes my cloak with him, leaving me standing naked in my blindfolded with the night air caressing my swollen pierced nipples and my wet creamy snatch. When he leaves me standing naked, I can usually tell from the silence and smell that I am somewhere in the country. But there are times when I still hear traffic near. I find myself looking all over town when I go somewhere. I notice alleyways and dark shadowy areas at the end and rear of buildings and wonder if that is where I was standing naked waiting for my date. Usually, it isn't long before I hear a vehicle pull up and someone will help me into another car. Sometimes I am taken to a home, office or motel for a nasty suck/fuck. Sometimes I am sexually serviced in the car and dropped off somewhere again. The first time I was left standing alone, dressed like a slut with crotchless panties I was so excited and horny and scared at the idea that my twat was simply streaming down my inner thighs. I knew anyone coming near me would smell my arousal. My hands twitched at the instinct of removing my blindfold but I calmed myself by reminding myself that Wes was surely somewhere he could keep an eye on me and guard my safety. Standing, Slut dressed or Slut naked, waiting for my date to cum and take me...or take me and cum; sometimes I don't hear a car approach. I hear distant footsteps approaching...they draw closer...pause...continue their approach...slowly...circling me. As they draw near the excitement twists deeper and harder into my lower belly. By the time they are close enough to smell my rut lust, I am wound so tight that my thighs and breasts are often twitching sporadically. My knees are so weak at that point that it is no problem if my date reaches out to take my head between his hands and push me to my knees with no preliminary touching and I find myself being face fucked to a creamy, jizz gulping finish. Sometimes the date ends there...sometimes that is just the beginning of an all-nighter. I have been approached and embraced from behind and pushed onto all fours and fucked and humped like a bitch in heat; both vaginally and anally by my mystery dates and sometimes alternately between asshole and cunt on different strokes. It is very easy to do on blind date nights because my lust is so high by the time I actually meet my date that I'm ready for virtually anything. As time progressed, I have, once in a while, found myself sexually servicing a female on date night...male and female couples...and now and then groups of three to five men. And we managed to continue my date nights through my pregnancies although we held my dates at home only, during the latter stages. Believe me, date nights did a lot to cheer me up when I was feeling swollen, bloated and ugly in pregnancy. One thing never changes with my dates. I have heard them whistle, grunt, moan and groan and I have heard some of my female dates scream... I have sucked and fucked their cocks and cunts, drunk their semen and slurped their cream. I have had their cocks buried down my throat to their balls; rutting my streaming pussy or reaming my hot, hungry asshole. I have sucked and fucked their pussies and tongue and fingerfucked their tight Hershey highways...BUT...swinging girls. I have NEVER once heard one of them speak. Why this restriction? This brings us to the most exciting point of the whole game. The point that has kept me totally mind fucked over the years. The point that keeps a hot glow in my lower belly and starts my cunt drool flowing with my first personal contact of each day. Because...though I have never seen the faces or heard the voices of my Blind Dates on date nights...I know that each and every one of them is someone I have at least met and spoken with before. Our rule is this: It doesn't have to be someone from our social circle...but it MUST be someone I have met and spoken with face to face in person, not just by phone. For instance...the UPS driver who picked up my package could be a future date, but not the dispatcher I called to set up the pickup. Girls...can you imagine now how each day is constant titillation living this game? When the postman comes by and says good morning, and I watch his hands shuffling the mail, I wonder if those hands have manhandled my horny fuck jugs while he thumbed and suckled and licked at my nipples. When I stop for gas, I wonder if I was left standing naked over there at the side of the building one night. Has the man filling my tank with gas also filled my mouth with his cock gravy? When I go to the parent-teacher conference, I'm really wired. I KNOW I have been fucked in a school classroom on a date night before because I felt the chalkboard and desks and heard the empty echoes of a night school as I was led in. Was I fucked on THIS desk? By this teacher? The principal? Or was it one of the coaches or maintenance men I have also met? Was it, perhaps, a student who pilfered a key? When the preacher shakes my hand and smiles at me is he smiling at the memory of how I begged him to, "Lick my fucking cunt and make me Cum!?" Has the mechanic servicing my car serviced me sexually as well? When I feel my hairdresser lightly touch my neck...is it because she is remembering pulling my mouth into her pussy as she shuddered and orgasmed in my mouth? Does the housekeeper do a better job for me than others because she liked the way we Fist fucked each other? Has the bag boy packing meat in my bags also packed his own meat up my little asshole? Has my dentist had more than his hands in my mouth? Has he drilled more than my teeth? You can see how it is swingers...everywhere I go...Have I fucked the neighbor down the road? Is that why they give us so much from their garden? The pizza delivery person? Our lawyer? His secretary? The list is virtually endless. As months and years go by, I, know more and more of my acquaintances find their way to my pussy month by month. Not only does this bring me delicious sexual tension at virtually every personal encounter; it keeps me on my toes. I try to meet more nice people each week. I get gas at different places, shop at different stores. When I meet people, I am extra friendly. I introduce myself and ask for their names and about them. I jot these details down each day. These notes are the raw database that Wes has to begin with. From there he must send out large numbers of anonymous contact feelers outlining signals that people can use to indicate if they are interested. Then he has to make time to check up on signals, set up an interview, and explain the game more fully to prospective dates. It has been our experience that many people who might not be actively swinging or seeking anything like it, are nevertheless intrigued by being part of such a mystery game. I think that idea is a strong enticement for many to have a one time adventure than just the chance for some hot new pussy for the evening. Wes has told me I have fucked and sucked people he would never have dreamed would respond back to the first anonymous feelers. Remember girls...if you play the game... Do your part. Since your date can't speak, it is essential that you maintain a dialogue for you both. Remember to remind them repeatedly about the rules in a sexy way as you go along. I do that by saying things like, "Ohh, I'm so wet and horny...smell how wet I am...no - don't tell me. I'm going to dip my fingers for you...there...smell that...grunt if you like it. Growl if you think it smells like a nasty Slut! I AM nasty! I'm going to suck your cock because I'm a nasty cocksucker. Put my head back so you can run it clear down my fucking throat in long strokes. Even strokes so I can snort air and sling slobbers on the outstrokes. I slobber and grunt and snort like a mare in heat if you face fuck me like a cunt! But don't blow your wad down my gullet...pull back so you can feed me your hot thick cock gravy. Shoot it in my mouth. Then pull out and tip my head back so I can open my mouth...don't you want to see my mouth filled with your creamy load? No! Don't say it! Squeeze my tits if you want to see me swirl your jizz puddle in my mouth with my tongue. Thumb my nipple rings if you want me to swallow your cock sap with my mouth open so you can watch it go down my throat!" I keep working them like that, helping them communicate with me without speaking. Have there ever been problems with date nights? Yes...but very few. In over twenty years there have been a few months when Wes failed to find a new date partner. He tries hard to book my dates in advance and have alternates in case somebody backs out. But sometimes he has had to fall back on former dates to do another night. On those occasions, he can reward somebody who has come up with a new and creative way to set up the date. Or he will contact several former dates and see if they are interested in a small gang bang. So far, out of all my dates...only two have slipped up and let the secret out, revealing themselves as former dates. The rest have held fast and true to their agreement about game rules. I can't take off my blindfold, and I can't ask leading questions, but during my dates every sense is alert for details on style of dress, neckties, blue jeans or slacks, loafers or boots...scents and smells; heavy or light beard, hairstyle, baldness, breast size and hairstyle on girls; Cock circumcised, body hair. All filed away to feed my sexual fever in the coming days as I survey people with every sense alert. Sometimes I almost believe I can smell my own fuck scent and perfume on someone I see the day after a blind date. But asking is not allowed. Sometimes the field gets narrowed considerably. Like, I have been picked up and put in law enforcement cars. Hard to miss the screen divider and missing interior handles. And hard to miss a gunbelt and badge when you're necking and undressing. And it is EXTREMELY hard to miss a nightstick shoved up your asshole while you're being cunt fucked or vice versa. But my husband's dad was a county deputy for years, so we know quite a few deputies, cops and highway patrolmen. Blind Date Night is a game I would recommend to any active swinging couple. It takes a lot of work on the husbands part, arranging them and the wife needs to make up for it by keeping up with and expanding the couple's regular swinging contacts. Of course, it can be modified in all kinds of ways. You don't have to do it monthly. You could do it weekly or quarterly or whatever. Remember, the date is just the beginning of the excitement. No matter where you go afterward or who you see you can't help thinking about it. I don't think it is possible. If your dates are all cumming out of your associates, then you KNOW you are meeting your dates day by day, but you don't know who they are. If you are bisexual and your husband can find a woman for your date, then it can really become all pervasive. As time goes by you, start to think..."Gee, I better start meeting people before I have Fucked everyone I know!" (Smile) Regarding bisexual dates: Surprisingly, or perhaps not so surprisingly, we have found quite a few women who have agreed to become dates who had never before had any bisexual contact but were so intrigued by the game...and it gives them a chance to explore bisexuality virtually anonymously. And I think the girls recognize the mind thrill it would give them when they see me knowing what I do not even more than men do. Some of my dates recommend others to Wes as possible dates. But, if I don't already know the person I will have to be introduced socially first. See where this leads? Everyone meets people...it's a natural part of life. But when you're in this game suddenly every time you say hello to a stranger you are thinking, "Was this a contrived meeting to set up a future date? Are they meeting me now to meet me later?" Do you see girls, what I mean by this game keeping me continually mind fucked?
  6. Last Thursday was my birthday and Jerry promised me a super surprise for the evening. It had been almost three months since I had last heard from Bob, you know, the one with the 10' monster dick. Well, to get to the point, Jerry took me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and as we were driving home our house was dark, and I began to think that the super surprise was the fancy dinner. No, not so! Jerry took me into the house and told me to go take a shower and get naked in bed while he made some arrangements. I did as I was told and could hardly contain my excitement waiting for my surprise. Shortly, I heard the front door opening and some whispering that I couldn't decipher. Then Jerry came into the room and gave me a blindfold to put over my eyes so that I couldn't see a thing. Then, he told me that he had invited three men to tease me and if I could identify just one of them I could have my surprise. I was told to lie on my back, spread my legs and be quiet while he inserted some KY jelly since what was to happen would be without foreplay. The first man came into the room and while holding my pussy lips open he began to rub his dick up and down my pussy lips while holding his weight on his hands to keep me from feeling his upper body for a hint of who it might be. Then he very slowly inserted his good sized dick into my pussy an inch or two at a time until our pubic bones were together. At that point I recognized his after shave lotion and knew that it was Dave our next door neighbor, but I needed some fucking so I kept saying I couldn't make out who it was until I had my first orgasm. Then I said, 'This is probably Dave.' Jerry said, 'that's correct so you will get your surprise in a few minutes.' Meanwhile Dave complained that he hadn't come yet, but Jerry was adamant and said, 'no, we agreed to the rules, you have to stop now, but you'll get another chance later.' Then the second man entered the room and he also slipped his even larger dick in an inch or so, but I had no idea myself who that was and as a result I got another few minutes of fucking and a couple more orgasms. Thankfully I am multi-orgasmic or I would have been finished for the night. I never found out who the second man was and Jerry has still not told me, although he said that it was someone I had fucked some weeks earlier. The third man entered the room and Jerry said, 'this is your surprise, Cheryl, happy birthday.' This man began to lick my pussy which was leaking the cum of the second man and making me mash my pussy against his face in enthusiasm. 'Can I please take off the blindfold now since this is my surprise?' I asked. Jerry said 'in a minute, but first you must identify him.' The stranger raised up, lifted my ass off the bed and began to rub his enormous dick up and down and before I could catch my breath he had rammed the monster all the way home since I was already so wet and ready. I knew instantly that there weren't too many men with a tool that size so I said, 'this must be Bob'. Jerry said, 'Correct, now take off the blindfold.' It was so good to see him again after three months that Jerry just sat and watched while the two of us went at it like newlyweds. I felt so full and stretched that I had at least a couple more orgasms before Bob shot his load and rolled off to rest. Then while Bob was resting Jerry let Dave back into the room to finish what he had started and in a few minutes he was shooting his load of cum deep in my vagina as well. After that, Dave and the other man left and Bob and I spent the night in bed with me in the middle between Jerry and Bob. In the morning Jerry informed me that my surprise was the airplane ticket he had sent Bob to get him to fly in from North Carolina especially for my birthday!! 'How long can he stay?' I asked, and Jerry said 'about a week' During the next few days my pussy got a workout morning and night until I was sore and ready for some rest when Bob finally had to go back north. The problem is this: Now Bob wants to give up his building lot in North Carolina and move to Tampa so that we can be together regularly. I like Bob's big dick, but I love my husband and I don't think I could do this on a regular basis and keep my marriage alive. Therefore, I told Bob that if he wanted to come down two or three times a year for a week at a time that would be fine, but not several times a week. This is my dilemma. I want it, but can't have both men all the time. Has anyone out there experienced such a catch 22?
  7. My husband and I have been swinging for about a year and a half. The couple involved in this story was one of our first couples and ones we play with every few weeks. It is an absolutely true story. Picture this . . . two women, D & L, naked, their clothes strewn along one wall of the dimly-lighted room. They kneel on the bed, blindfolded and each with wrists handcuffed. They are face to face, their soft and bare breasts touching, their lips occasionally meeting for a kiss, tongues flicking in an effort to taste the steamy passion of the other. Arms stretched above their heads and chained to the ceiling on a single eye hook, they await what the men will do to them next. They did not have to wait long before they feel the harsh sting of a paddle and the subtle and erotic swish of leather on a cat-of-9-tails striking them on their bare asses. The sounds of the blows are joined by the sounds of the whimpering and moaning of the women. Every minute or so, the men stop the flogging to test each woman for her “wetness” by sticking a finger between her legs. The flogging stops and D is released from the ceiling chain and told to lie down. One man spreads her thighs, and L is released from the ceiling and her mouth led to the warm and welcoming moist pussy of D. Eagerly, hungrily L’s tongue flicks D’s clit as she moans in delight. L forms her lips into a small circle to surround the swelling clit and sucks in and releases, sucks and releases, then goes back to flicking her tongue. She pauses long enough to spread the labia open wide and feel with her tongue the hot kernel buried between the soft layers of dripping wet flesh. In the meantime, there is a man with a hard cock at each side of D, who is dutifully sucking and licking one then turning to suck the other, and back again. The hips of the men are bucking hard into D’s mouth in turn and even using their hands to pull her skilled lips closer to their firm hot members. The men guide D and L to change places and the sucking and licking and moaning continue until the sheets are wet with cum and squirt and the room seems at least ten degrees hotter than is was before this all began. The blindfolds are removed and four bodies collapse into a sweaty mass on the bed, D and L in the middle, their arms around each other and the men on the outside {you know how “straight” men are!} Anyway, sleep came easy that night. Welcome to my world.
  8. My wife and I love to try new and different, kinky situations. This is very short but hopefully you will find it as hot as we did. We prefer to meet with strangers. We find our men from the internet, bars, hotel lounges near the airport or just by chance while we are out doing everyday stuff. I had been chatting with this guy online for a couple of weeks and thought that this guy seemed pretty cool. I told him what I had planned and he really liked the idea. Here is what happened. I told my wife that I had found a guy that was going to come over and fuck her. She wanted to know what he looked like but I told her that she could not see his pics. I told her that I was going to blind fold her and have him come over to fuck her. As I told her this, I was feeling her pussy and she got wet pretty quick. He called me and told me that he should be here in about 10 minutes. I grabbed a bandanna, undressed my wife, blind folded her and bent her over the end of our bed. The sight was so sexy and the thought of what was going to happen was so hot that I had to bury my face and lick her pussy with her bent over. I heard a knock at the door and this is what he came into see. I walked him to our bed room. I went over to my wife and spread her pussy open and offered her pussy to him. He came over to her and slide a finger in her pussy and saw that she was very very wet. Without uttering a word, he pointed the head of his cock at the opening of my wife's pussy as I held her wide open. He slowly and steadily shoved his cock into her pussy until he was all of the way to his balls. Before he was able to get it all of the way in her, my wife was cumming and cumming really hard. Her moans and sounds of cumming was so hot. This guys had a larger than average size cock and she was loving it. He fucked her hard, holding onto her hips so he could ram his cock deep into my wife's pussy. She came over and over again. She was squirting all over his cock and legs. He fucked her hard for about 15 minutes and then decided that he wanted her to suck him so he pulled his soaked cock out her pussy and laid down on the bed. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to give him the blow job of his life. She sucked his cock like a wild woman. He had made her cum so many times that she wanted to drive him wild with an awesome blow job. It didn't take very long before he started moaning and I could tell that he was about to unload his cum. My wife kept sucking and when he came, she held her mouth around his cock and was swallowing as fast and as much as she could. He came so much that his cum was oozing out of the side of her mouth as you can see in the pic below. After he came, he dressed and left without saying a word. To this day, she has no idea of who it was that day. I have invited him back to play with my wife many times since but it is a secret between him and I!
  9. mysterysquaw

    My Anniversary

    It was a long hard day at the office and it seemed to be a longer drive home on that cold snowy night. I was exhausted and dreading the nightly ritual of making dinner and straightening the house after the kids and the baby sitter. (Our baby sitter is a tall skinny brunette with perky breasts and a nice round ass.) When I walked in my front door, I noticed the fireplace was lit with a raging fire, there were candles lit all around the house and rose petals strewn across the floor making a path to our bedroom. My husband, kids, and baby sitter were no where to be found. I called out to my husband asking where everybody was and he walked out telling me the kids were at their Grandmother's for the night and the sitter had gone home. He informed me he had special plans for the evening and my only job was to obey his every command. He took my coat and shoes off and led me to our bedroom walking through the rose petals. There he stripped me, slowly his fingers and tongue caressing every bare inch of my now starting to tingle body. He then led me to our bathroom where he had drawn me a nice warm bath with more rose petals floating in the water, candles around the tub and a glass of red wine. As I tried asking him what was going on and had he paid the sitter. He ignored me and told me to not to speak at all and just enjoy what was to come. I gave him an anticipated look and stepped into the tub. As I was soaking and drinking my wine he came up beside me and started to wash my back and neck. Slowly working his way to my now swelling breasts. He started to gently massage them and when I closed my eyes he would playfully pinch my nipples to get my attention and to watch where he was going next. His hands slid down my stomach and rubbed down my freshly shaven pussy. He let his fingers play with my clit for a little while and I started to squirm a little and spread my legs apart for him to explore further. I could feel his breath on my neck as his fingers moved slowly from my clit to my now aching pussy . He bit down on my neck (with just enough pressure to send chills all over my body) and at the same time he let one finger slip in my aching pussy. I let out a yelp of pure pleasure as my body responded to his touches. He then started to suck on my nipples and placed another finger into my pussy. I was starting to grind my hips on his fingers and wanting more of him. It seemed as soon as it got started, he stopped and asked me to stand to get dried off. When I rose I could see his cock was as hard as steel wanting out of his pants. I tried asking him if I could taste my friend and he slapped me on my ass and told me to be quiet. When I was dried off, he told me this is where the fun really begins and the bath was just an appetizer. As we walked to the banister leading the way down into the living room I got a quick glimpse of the interesting layout below with the bag of our toys out on the couch. He then put the blind-fold on me. He slowly led me down the stairs to our living room. I could hear the snow storm outside blowing with fury and at the same time, I could feel the tantalizing heat on my body from the blazing fire. I started to get goose bumps all over my body with anticipation wanting to know what next was to come. I tried to ask him again if he had paid the sitter, but the words never came out as I soon lost that train of thought. He led me to the coffee table where he had laid out a satin sheet, he told me to sit down and lay back. When I did, my hands and feet were tied to the table legs. I let out a little worried whimper not knowing where this was going and again he told me to be quiet as he nipped my nipple with his teeth. I heard him rumbling in the bag as he told me to lay still. I next felt him put my clit clip on my clit saying he didn't want any part of me to miss the fun. I arched my back to his touch and obeyed, he said let the games begin. I was straining my ears to listen to all the sounds going on around me as I heard him walk away from me as he went to grab something off to my right. I heard him walk back and he started to let a hot liquid drip first on my pouting clit and then to my navel, slowly going up to my nipples and back down to my swelling pussy. He was letting it drip slowly over every part of my body and I was yearning for every next drip to come. It was hot, but not burning hot and it was sending sensations all through my body as it cooled like I have never felt before. My pussy was aching and my juices were flowing so much that I could feel it running down to the crack of my ass. Moans of pleasure were escaping out of my mouth, just when I thought he could do no more, I gasped for air as my body was being traced and tickled by feathers dipped in snowy ice water. I was startled at first but soon came to enjoy the surprise. I could feel the traces from every bead of water move over my body. I never thought frozen ice water dripping down my hot wet pussy and clit would feel so good and start more of a hunger in my goose bumped and madly craving body. He stopped for a moment and again I was straining to hear what was going on, I heard him rummaging through the bag somewhere off to my left. He came back and I felt a vibration move slowly from my clit, down the walls of my pussy and back towards my ass where he slowly put my anal "T" probe into my already lubricated ass. My ass took the probe like a long lost old friend. He was fucking my ass with the probe and my body was wriggling under his motions. I was about ready to cum when he stopped fucking my ass, but left the probe deep inside me. My senses couldn't take it any longer, my body was arching to be free. I wanted to release his pent up shaven hard cock from his pants and start licking the top of my friend like a lolly-pop and work my way down licking the sides of his shaft and then suck his balls into my hot wet mouth and then work my way back up until I had his thick shaft fully into my mouth. I so wanted to deep throat him I could almost feel it. My husband must have sensed my wanting because I heard him taking off his clothes and ask me if I was thirsty. When I nodded yes, he said open my mouth. He slowly started pouring Champagne down the shaft of his cock to drip in my mouth with just the tip of his cock touching my lips. I lapped up the Champagne like a thirsty cat lapping up milk. I kept raising my head to take more of him in, but he kept pulling away saying not yet. Next I heard a bottle being shaken and a wet exhilarating gush of cold wetness being shot up deep into my pussy. I arched in pleasure as the Champagne surged way up deep inside me. Then I felt his hot wet tongue licking the running juices from my pussy. When he had his fill, he walked away for a minute and I heard the sliding glass door open and somebody quietly walking in. As he walked back, I was wondering who this new foot steps belonged to. I started to fidget to get loose and was thinking that he was getting ready to release me from my bonds so I could see who was coming to join in on the fun, but just then my pussy started to be licked. I was taken by surprise because this was not my husband's tongue. I was shocked at first, but the warm slow licking felt so damn good, that I soon was back to enjoying the moment. My husband now straddled me on the table and was playfully teasing my mouth with his cock. At first he let me flick my tongue on the tip and down the sides until finally I got his full shaft into my mouth. God how he tasted so good and the feel of his hardness was not like any other time before. I didn't think it was possible that he could get any harder, but he was. I felt my body start to tighten as I was getting ready to cum, just then my husband and the licking had suddenly stopped. I begged for him not to stop and let me cum, but he said that would come shortly. As he was saying this he untied my hands and feet and told me to get into the doggie style position with my head facing down. I am still blind folded so I did as I was told. He slid his body through my arms until his pulsating cock was just beneath my mouth. He told me to search with my mouth for what I have been wanting. In moments I found his cock and was taking him in as far as he could go. I was enjoying the moment of sucking his pulsating cock when I felt a cock plunge into my pussy from behind. I started to stop and remove my blind to see who was behind me, but my husband told me to keep going and not stop. I did as I was told plus the feeling of my ass probe vibrating away along with my husbands cock thrusting back into my mouth and the mysterious cock pounding my ready to explode pussy was giving me more pleasure than I could ignore, so I went back to sucking my husbands cock with a new hunger that I never knew I had. As my body was starting to tighten and I was cumming, I felt my husband start to cum in my mouth and down my throat. I tried to cry out in pleasure, but all that came was muffled sounds. I came a second time at the feel of the pounding mysterious cock still plunging into my pussy. I felt spent of every energy my body possessed. I dropped down onto my husband and took off my blind fold. When I looked around for the mysterious cock, at first I was shocked and then to my pleasure I found out the mysterious cock was our baby sitter with nothing on but my strap on. My husband smiled with a look of satisfaction, because he knew we would be doing this again real soon and he whispered this is all she wanted for payment. Our Baby sitter sat back on her legs and told me Happy Anniversary.
  10. JFunston

    Alone and Taken

    How long had she been alone? The room was still with the exception of the television with its volume set very low for background noise. She could feel her heartbeat and listened to her breathing. She was waiting. She remembered the anticipation she had had when the two of them went off to bed. She’d been aroused all day and had given plenty of overt signs to her husband most of the afternoon. A simple touch here, a vague sexual reference there was all that was that her lover required. She had noticed the stiffening of his cock through his jeans just after dinner and smiled to herself. “I made that”, she thought. They had kissed warmly and removed their clothes in their bedroom rather routinely this evening. Although both knew there would be passion, and desires expressed later, both of them kept a hold of their flesh. They were keeping the arousal simmering. She had slipped into bed next to him and the icy coolness of the sheets stiffened her nipples and gave her goose bumps. She felt the warmth of his body next to hers and welcomed it. He casually rolled over onto his side, kissed her, gently at first and then more stridently. As they embraced, he grabbed her hair firmly and a blindfold was expertly slipped over her head. He then left the bed and flung back the covers exposing her body to the air and any all that would see. He grasped one of her wrists, pulled it away from her body, and then tied it securely to the bedpost. He walked around the bed and repeated the same procedure. She was now tied and blindfolded in the middle of their bed waiting. When he had finished tying her, he gently forced her legs apart to expose her neatly trimmed pussy to the air. He then knelt next to her on the bed, grabbed a handful of hair, pulled her head back and kissed her ardently on the neck, cheeks and face. He then turned on the adult channel on the television so now there was a low-volume background of moaning and groaning. She felt wonderfully vulnerable, as she lay there, naked. She felt a quickening in her groin as she awaited him to come to her. Now she was still tied awaiting her lover. The desire and excitement of not knowing when and where the touch would come was causing her heart to race. Had it been five minutes? Fifteen? She did not know. He had lit candles and they were burning silently. She could not see, but she imagined the light and shadows playing across her body. The perfume from each candle added an earthly scent to the room. The anticipation was wonderful. Now, he came to her. She felt his warm breath just above her pussy, no touching, just his breath blowing over her lips and over her mound. The sensation sent a chill of excitement rippling through her. Goosebumps arose on her exposed and vulnerable body. Her nipples hardened with desire. She licked her lips and waited. His breath was gone now, she tried to listen and hear him move about, but the television, which now featured a woman being taken by two others simultaneously, was masking his footsteps. He pulled on her nipple, which caused her to gasp, and then nothing, a pause. A tongue slid across her inner arm followed by quiet. Then, a finger traced it way over her mound and then departed. Another warm hand roughly grabbed her breast and squeezed. She was moaning now with each touch. The mystery and anticipation was causing her breathing to quicken. Now, another hand tugged on her nipple. Then, a mouth enclosed over it and sucked deeply, almost painfully. Another hand pulled at her puffy inner labia and smeared her wetness over the outside lips. Slowly, ever so slowly he teased her. Her juices were running from her pussy down the crack of her ass. Another nipple pull, and then a rough hand squeezing her breast. He grabbed her hair, pulled her head back, and kissed her roughly. She moaned with excitement. He pushed a finger inside her. She was warm and very, very wet. His mouth was now on her breast, and another pull on her nipple. A dildo pushed its way in to her mouth and she sucked on it with wanton desire. The dildo was removed, and reinserted in her pussy. The dildo was pumped in and out for a moment and then was removed. This teasing continued for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only fifteen minutes. He kneeled on the bed next to her and bent over her body. She was breathing heavy with lust and excitement. His cock was erect and pre-cum oozed from its purple head. The teasing of his wife was working just as well on him. He fought back the desire to ram his member deep inside her and listen to her scream with pleasure. Conversely, he fought the desire to masturbate and shoot his load all over her body. He inserted a finger in to her pussy again. He massaged the G-spot and rubbed her clit with his thumb. He removed his fingers and spread the wetness over her breasts. He repeated the same maneuver again, this time smearing her juice on his cock. Again, he plunged in to her pussy and brought his fingers for her to suck off. While she sucked his fingers, the dildo made reappeared and entered her pussy roughly. He fucked her with the dildo while she greedily sucked his fingers. He removed his fingers and kissed her deeply. He bent over her and lowered his shaved testicles for her to suck. The dildo was removed along with his balls. His desire was building as was hers. He left her on the bed alone again. She quivered with desire. She longed for more touching, to feel the weight on his body on hers and his cock inside her. She listened intently now. The television was filling the room with moaning and sucking noises. It sounded like an orgy. The teasing, the sounds, the anticipation of touch was increasing her lust. She felt his cock placed in her bound hand. She stroked it, squeezed it, and as the lust started to consume her, told him she wanted him to fuck her with it. She continued to stroke him and he bent over and kissed her forcefully, literally taking the kiss from her, and simultaneously inserted a vibrator in her pussy. The sensation nearly sent her over the edge to orgasm, but just as quickly, as it started all items were removed and she was alone again. He was beside her again, this time to untie her hand and roughly forced her to flip over and rise up on all fours. She thought about removing her blindfold to take in the site of his erect cock, but decided against it. She submissively did as she was instructed and then was retied to the bed. Her ass and pussy were now exposed for all to see. The candlelight flickered over her nakedness like fingers exploring her. Wetness flowed unceasingly now from her pussy as lust consumed her. And again, she waited for his touch. She felt warm liquid being slowly poured in the small of her back. As it made a puddle ever so slowly, her passion was raised to even greater heights. He traced a finger from the pool on her back to the top of the crack of her ass. The oil followed the path and flowed slowly between the cheeks of her buttocks, over her anus and finally dripping off her already sensitize and wet labia. The oil was thick and she could feel every drop as is slowly flowed over her increasing her arousal further. He placed his hand in the pool of oil and then massaged her ass cheeks lovingly, and greedily. He squeezed each cheek in turn, spreading them apart thereby allowing more oil to flow over her asshole. He spanked her ass: one slap on each cheek and then stopped. Her breathing was heavy now. Her pussy was pulsating with lust and desire, aching to be touched. He inserted his finger in her ass, slowly at first and then with more urgency, more force. He pumped his finger in and out of her ass and she moaned with delight. He pushed two fingers into her ass and then a finger in to her pussy and pumped them in and out simultaneously. She squealed with delight. She cried, “Fuck my ASS!” He removed all his fingers and then inserted a vibrating dildo in to her pussy, followed closely by 2 fingers in her ass. This sensation was too much and sent her over the edge and into a shattering climax. She moaned and cried out uncontrollably. Her hips bucked and she pushed her ass further onto his fingers. Her breath came in gasps and her toes curled. Fine beads of sweat began to appear on her back, chest and forehead. He removed the vibrator and his fingers and let her slowly return back to earth. He was kneeling in front of her now. Her breath was still heavy and gasping, but she could smell his musk. His cock, now almost painfully throbbing was placed in front over her eager mouth. She greedily sucked him, running a tongue over his purple head and down his shaft. He pulled himself away and she searched desperately for his cock. A hand grabbed her hair and forced it onto his cock. She whimpered and moaned with pleasure as she noisily slurped. The dildo reappeared and she was told to alternate between the two cocks. “Suck us both,” he commanded. Then he stopped. He slipped under her stopping to suck her tits and massage them. He slid between her legs, reached up and forced her pussy down to his waiting mouth. He held her down while he sucked and licked her. Her cunt was already sensitive and the increased direct attention was almost painful until a second orgasm wracked her body. He released her and kneeled behind her now. “Fuck me, please!” she cried. He inserted his cock in to her. She backed up and impaled herself on him. He began pumping in and out. She was moaning almost uncontrollably now enjoying every inch of him. As he listened to her and felt her pussy grip his member, he knew his moment of climax was not far. He spanked her ass and he fucked her harder. He increased his pace and thrust. Another spank. She felt his balls slapping up against her clit. She could tell my this force of his thrusts and the sounds coming from him that he would soon fill her with cum. And then stopped and withdrew his cock from her. He was beside now, untying her and removing the blindfold. She saw his beautiful cock throbbing. He rolled her over again and knelt between her legs. “Ready?” he said. She spread her legs wide and watched as he pumped his cock with his hand. His sperm jetted out with a cry from his lips and spurted all over her clit. She reached downed and massaged it in. She furiously masturbated as he continued to cum on her. Unbelievably, she climaxed again. After it was over, they laid next to each other. The smell of sex was thick in the room .. and they waited.
  11. N2itnokc

    The Stranger

    I wanted to bring a complete stranger in for her. I wasn't sure how she would respond so one night I put restraints on the bed and kept them hid. Got her completely naked and blindfolded her. I started touching and kissing her, before she knew it I had one of the restraints on her wrist. I then restrained her other wrist and both ankles with her legs spread wide. I told her to hang on and I went and opened the front door and pretended I was talking to someone. I walked back in the bedroom and told her someone else was here. It scared her a little but turned her on even more. I led her to believe some stranger was touching her. She was really aroused by this. I played it off so well that she almost didn't believe me when I told her it was only me. A few weeks later I did it again except this time I had someone else there. I got a text saying he was there. I went to the door and let him in. At first she didn't believe me since I had done this before. My reason for the first time was so I would know how she would respond to some total stranger having his way with her. But this time someone was there. She believed me as soon as she felt 4 hands on her naked body. She couldn't see anything and the only voice was mine as our guest never spoke a word. He caressed her. Fondled her. Kissed her body. Used his fingers until she finally said she wanted to feel his "good part". She couldn't see anything but could hear as he unzipped his pants. He walked around to the side of the bed where her hands were tied to the headboard and laid his "good part" in her hand. She wrapped her hands around his rather thick member and began to stroke it, limited by the restraint around her wrist. I asked her then "Do you want him to fuck you?" With a shaky voice she replied "Yes, yes I do. I want it now!" He moved into position between her legs and teased her with his cock. She said "Fuck me, fuck me now! I want you to fuck me!" He slowly penetrated her and she moaned moans of pleasure. She asked if I would untie her and I said no. She asked if I would just untie her legs, so I did. She wrapped her legs around him as he built up speed. She would meet his thrust with her pelvis pushing into his every forward movement. Finally she cried out "I'm cumming, I'm cumming" and she squirted all over the sheets around his thickness filling her. This went on and on his intensity never let up for over an hour. She had orgasm after orgasm. I think I counted at least seven. Finally she said "I can't take anymore". She tells her stranger "You are a fucking machine! Do you ever stop?" He pulled out of her as he and I knuckle bumped and walked out of the room. I fetched a beer for him as he got dressed then escorted him to the door. She never heard his voice, never saw him. Once he was gone I removed her blindfold, removed her restraints, and she QUICKLY took care of my needs. Then I wrapped my arms around her and we both went to sleep.
  12. In Florida, we had a very stressful week during and post-Irma. My wife surprised me on Friday telling me she got a babysitter for the folllowing night, Saturday. My dirty mind immediately kicked into gear and I felt we both needed a fun, sexy night. I texted my buddy and laid out MY surprise plan! You see, my friend is also my wife's lover. They occasionally go out on dates and we also play as a threesome quite often. I told him that she and I were going out to dinner and that I wanted him to come by around 11:00, after the kids were asleep and the sitter was gone. I then told him my plan... he said, "hell yes! I'll be there!". "A", my wife, and I went to dinner at one of our favorite steak houses. We flirted, teased each other and talked about our fantasies. She told me she was getting wet as a result. I told her to go to the bathroom and to remove her panties and come back to the bar. I ran my hand up her leg and rested it on her freshly shaved pussy. I love when her pussy is smooth AND wet, and she was dripping. We then decided to go to Penthouse, our favorite strip club. We enjoyed ourselves and a couple of the ladies at the club. I texted "E", my buddy, and told him that we were leaving the club and I'd text him when I was ready for him to come over. I then gave "A" 2 small rubber bands and told her to go into the bathroom and to put the rubber bands around each nipple, squeezing them tightly and causing them to be extremely erect and sensitive. We then drove home with her rubbing her swelling clit the entire way. We run the sitter off and I then text "E" and tell him to come over, that the French door from the patio into my office was unlocked. I said we would be in shortly and for him to sit on the couch, naked, and wait. In our bedroom, I stripped my beautiful wife and gently licked her stiff, protruding nipples. She jumped and gasped at how sensitive they were. I then laid her face down on the bed, bent over, with her feet on the floor. I ran my tongue all over her ass and pussy from behind. I love her taste and spread her wetness all over my face. I then pulled a silk scarf from her dresser and blindfold her tightly. I reach into my nightstand and grab the fur covered hogtie and bind her wrists behind her back. I push her butt plug into her ass and she moaned in guttural pleasure. I stand her up and whisper that I'm going to walk her through the house and that I will guide her to her surprise. I walk us into my office and I have all of the lights off, except for the small one on my desk, casting a soft glow throughout the room. I had set up one of our dining room chairs in the middle of the room. I gently guide her to the chair, seeing "E" sitting on the couch, stroking his big dick. I unclip "A's" right wrist and bring both of her wrists around the back of the chair, clasping them back together. Then I clasp each ankle to the tie. The beauty of the hogtie in this position is that it pulls the ankles back, bringing the knees down and pulling her pussy to the edge of the chair. I wave to "E" to come over and I turn the video camera on. I am gently rubbing her incredibly swollen clit. Her juices are literally running from her pussy, down into her ass and down her thighs. E wraps his big hands around "A's" throats and bite and licks her ears and neck. She gasps when she realizes there is another person in the room. He moves to her hard, sensitive nipples and flicks them with his tongue. I stand up and leave the room and let them play for a few minutes alone. I walk back in 10 minutes later and E is on his knees eating my wife out while she moans and groans, blindfold still tight around her eyes. I tell E to stand up and that I want to watch her suck his dick without her hands and that he will need to use his hands to move her mouth on his cock. He is rock hard and erect and my wife eagerly opens her mouth wide, awaiting her boyfriend's 10" dick. She sucks his dick, rather, he really fucks her mouth and throats since her hands are bound. Then I unclip one wrist so she can work his dick with her free hand. She sucks him and he's close to cumming so I pause the action and lay her down on the ottoman. One wrist still connected to her ankles. Her pussy is pushed up and exposed and I tell E I want to watch him fuck my wife. He puts the head of his dick at her entrance and pauses, my wife gasps and begs him to push it into her. I tell her, "do you want his dick deep inside you babe? Tell us how badly you want it." She proceeds to beg and to tell us how much she loves his dick and how good it feels deep inside her pussy. I love watching his giant dick pump into my wife and to see the look on her face as she enjoys his length. I watch him fuck her as I sit in my office chair, stroking my hard dick. This goes on for a couple of minutes and I see he's about to cum again. I pause the action again and tell him to sit on the couch and for A to get on her knees and to suck his dick and make him cum. I then get behind her and push my dick into her incredibly dripping pussy from behind. She's moaning around E's cock from me fucking her pussy hard from behind and telling her how hot it was to watch her suck E's dick. I know that turns them both on and I'm trying to work all three of us to orgasm at the same time. I tell them I am about to cum and I want us all to cum at the same time. That was all E and A needed to hear and they immediately exploded in climax, E cumming down A's throats and A manning loudly around his cock. I instantly orgasm and fill A's pussy with a giant load of cum. She loves to swallow and then for me to fill up her pussy. We take a few seconds to catch our breath and I pull out of my wife. I tell her to lay on her back and then instruct E to lick her pussy clean until she cums. Great night had by all!!!! Maybe I'll post some pics or video from the evening. ?
  13. Stumbling upon the thread Giving the best oral sex to a man schooled me on some things I had heard but not tried (Altoids, Pop Rocks), some things I hadn't (Hall's cough drops), and some things that made me go hmmmm, might want to try that (champagne). Thinking back over many years, it's not really something we have done much. I think there was one night where maybe a banana was more jokingly than seriously used on her, and a time or two we tried the blindfolded taste test game where you put different things on your naughty bits to get different flavors and sensations (sweet, salty, hot, cold) and then the blindfolded partner samples them, but that didn't turn our crank too much so after a few tries we dropped that one from the playlist. Care to share? Have you ever involved any type of food or drink item in your sex play, whether alone or with someone else?
  14. My next fantasy involves my number one person, my wife, Pam. One night we are lying in bed together and talking about the time we went to a hotel together in San Rafael that had a hot tub in the room along with an x-rated movie channel, not to mention a very comfortable Queen-size bed. Remembering what a good time we had made us want to relive the experience again. The next day Pam told me she would reserve the room for one night on her birthday, and after dinner, we would go there and enjoy ourselves. The anticipation for me was more than I could stand. I just start playing different scenario of the evening in my mind. I started thinking about how much Pam enjoyed getting a massage from Steve and myself and thought it might be time to give Steve a call again. Pam’s birthday is coming up soon, so I had to move fast if I was going to put my plan into action. The first thing I had to do is get Pam a new outfit since her old one is getting a little worn out. I might add worn out by a lot of use, thanks to us. I sure love making love to her, and all that lovemaking is hard on the underwear. So this time I am going to Victoria’s Secret to get a pretty new set of underwear. What I got was a pretty pink outfit that drove me wild when I imagined Pam wearing it. The bra had a bunch of lacy, frilly material around it obscuring your view of the near see-through bra. The underwear is a thong style with a little frilly skirt attached to the waistband, just obscuring your view enough to make you crazy imagining what might be hiding under it. I also bought a pair of pink nylons that come halfway up her thighs. Very cute! Women have it made! Men turn into drooling animals when our testosterone level is up, and women could lead us around like dogs on a leash if they wanted to. At least that’s the way I am. I like making love to Pam like once a week because when that day comes around, I am very horny again. Pam makes me so crazy with hornyness that I say and do things that embarrass me later on. I must say though that I am so grateful that I have someone that I find so attractive. I can’t wait for the big night. I talked to Steve, and he said he would be glad to help me again and told me how much he enjoyed it last time. He said he couldn’t believe he was getting paid for the pleasure of massaging such a pretty woman and being able to participate in her climax by massaging her soft boobs while squeezing her nipples. His only desire was that maybe he could at some point be able to lift back her bra and suck her beautiful tits while she is coming. I said that would be up to Pam and that maybe I would ask her, but I didn’t think that would be possible. I gave him the address of the motel and told him to be there at 9 PM. The anticipation is mounting now, and I can hardly wait. The night is finally here, and Pam is wearing a beautiful new outfit that she got at Macy's. It is a cute white blouse with my favorite, a semi-short plaid skirt. She has a pair of whitish nylons on and a pair of black high heels that make her legs look great. Her blond hair is tied back in a little bun in the back of her head. She looks great for sure. We go into a Mexican restaurant in San Rafael for dinner. I can’t help but notice that several of the men in the restaurant did double takes when they saw her walking in. I think it’s the blond hair, great legs, and a beautiful butt. During dinner, Pam is playfully taking off her shoes and rubbing me in the balls under the tablecloth while I am trying to eat. This is not fair, I can’t take off my shoes as easily as she can, and she is driving me crazy. I manage to untie my shoe discretely and slowly slide my foot out of my shoe. I slowly slide my foot between her legs until I can feel her vagina with my toes. This is too much. It feels so soft and cuddly down there it is hard to imagine how it could feel so good through a pair of underwear. I accidentally on purpose drop my napkin on the ground so I can bend over and peek between her legs. Just as I thought, she is not wearing any underwear. Her beautiful pussy is staring me in the face. I wish I could get down on my knees and kiss it, but that would be way too obvious. I sit back up in my chair, and she has a big grin on her face when our eyes meet. She knows she is teasing me and she is really enjoying it. After dinner, we go to the motel and check in. It’s almost 9 PM so we better hurry and get ready before Steve gets there. Pam goes into the bathroom and changes into her new pink outfit I bought for her, and I change into a T-shirt and my Venice Beach shorts with no underwear on. They are very comfortable and allow for the greatest movement if you know what I mean. When Pam comes out my mouth drops open. I knew she would look good but not this good. She does a little spin around for me to show herself off and then comes over and gives me a big kiss on the lips and tells me she loves me. Just then there is a knock at the door, so I have Pam lay down with her blindfold on. I turn the lights down and go over and answer the door. It's Steve, I greet him, and he comes in. He must have had the same idea as me because he is wearing a pair of sweatpants also. We talk for a brief moment and then turn our attention to Pam patiently lying there trying to relax. I go to our bag of “goodies” I brought and got our favorite massaging oil out. As before Steve starts out on the back of her neck and shoulders and I slowly roll down her nylons so I can massage her legs. I slowly start on her toes and feet, and that is pretty exciting for me also. It sure seems like it would feel pretty good to have someone massage your feet like that. I work my way up her legs to her thighs where I give them a lot of attention. I think one of the reasons Pam’s legs and butt look so good is that she has a daily workout regime every morning before I get up that seems to give her legs and butt just the right muscle tone. As I slowly massage her thighs, I slowly start to slip my hands under her little skirt and rub her buns. They are so soft it just makes you want to kiss them, so that’s exactly what I do. I bend over and kiss them and at the same time continue to massage her. I slowly sneak my finger under the pink strap concealing her butt hole and gently massage it with a fresh batch of oil. Slowly I slide my baby finger inside her butt with almost no resistance. Pam must be pretty relaxed because she is usually pretty nervous about anything being put it her butt. I slide my finger in and out a few times as Pam lets out those low groans of pleasure and slowly spreads her legs apart allowing me more access. I bend over and put my tongue in her butt and try to slide it back and forth. I wish my tongue were stronger than it is because it is hard to get it in her. She seems to like it because she slightly arches her hips allowing me better access to her. I can feel her relaxing her muscles because my tongue slides in a little easier now. She wiggles her butt in my face almost like she is kissing me. As I kiss her and slide my tongue into her, I reach around under her and slip my hand onto her vagina. Now I can massage her clitoris at the same time. Her pussy is very wet and warm, and I can tell she is really enjoying this. All this time Steve is doing his part on his end, massaging her neck, shoulders, and back. You can tell he has been watching me do my part and has gotten aroused by the whole thing. He is breathing a little harder than usual, and he must have worn those sweatpants for the same reason I did, to give himself more room to expand. I can tell he is excited because of the huge bulge in his pants. I didn’t say anything, but I can really understand why he would get a hard-on. He is massaging her back and sides and every once and a while slipping his hands underneath the elastic band on her panties and getting a little feel of what I have been playing with for a while. Every time he stretches over her to slide his hand under her panties, the head of his dick gently brushes against the side of Pam’s cheek. This doesn’t seem to bother Pam, so I pretend I don’t see anything. I don’t know why this is such a big turn-on for me, but it sure is. About this time Pam herself decides it is time to turn over and get some attention on her front side now. She must really be liking this. When she rolls over, she puts her hands straight back above her head and gives a big stretch to her whole body, and she lets out a big sigh of relaxation. I slide up alongside her and give her a great big kiss on the lips. She immediately puts her tongue into my mouth. I love it and quickly reciprocate by sliding my tongue into her mouth. I feel like a high school kid on my first date, and wonder how she feels. I go back to her feet and start the whole process again, starting at her toes and working my way up her legs to her thighs and finally her hips. I happen to notice that the bulge in my own pants is starting to leave a wet stain on the material from all the pre-cum that has seeped out from my hot and hard penis. These pants are so unrestricted they feel great. I slowly slip my hands under the skirt of her underwear and rub her vagina through the material. I love this outfit because you can slide your hands under there and no one can really see what you are doing. Steve has really gone after her temples, and it seems to have really relaxed her even more. He works his way across her chest with his fingers and massages all around her boobs without touching them, almost like he is teasing her. He rubs her stomach muscles all the way down to her panty line and then works his way back to her upper chest area. Pam has her head turned to one side, and every time Steve stretches out to massage her stomach muscles, the head of his hard penis brushes against her lips. Steve dips his hands into the oil. Again he rubs her chest and works his way down to her panty line, and each time he does, the head of his penis rubs against her lips. This time while teasing her chest he slips his hands under her bra and cups her soft titties in his hands. Pam lets out a moan and slightly arches her back, showing she really likes this. I am doing my own massaging but can’t help but notice Steve gently squeezing her nipples as he rubs back and forth on her boobs. She lets out these little moans of pleasure, but I’m not sure who is causing them, Steve or me. It doesn’t really matter anyway because my greatest joy comes from seeing the pleasure Pam is having. I stop and wonder what it would be like to be the recipient of such an erotic massage. Maybe someday Pam will give me one, and I’ll find out, but for now, I am grateful to be a part of bringing so much pleasure to her. I slowly pull aside the portion of her panties that reveal her beautiful pussy. To my surprise, she has shaved her pubic hair, not all the way, but just short the way I like it. I am thrilled she did this for me, it shows she really cares about our encounters. I have really tried to make them pleasurable for her, and I think it has really paid off. I slowly run my tongue up her vagina until my tongue runs over her clitoris. The second my tongue hits it, you can tell it’s like pushing a button on her and the excitement doubles. I do it over and over again, and each time my tongue hits her clitoris her body winces. I look up, and to my surprise, even though blindfolded, her hand found its way to the oil, and she dips her hand into it and slowly starts to stroke Steve’s dick. Unfortunately for me, Steve’s penis is a little bigger than mine is, and I find myself a little jealous. She moves both her hands behind her head and slowly strokes his dick with one hand then with two. I’m sure he is enjoying this as much as she is. Steve comes around to one side to make it a little easier for her to reach him. At the same time, he is massaging her boobs under her bra with a gentle rhythmic motion. He works his way down to her stomach and as he does his naked penis rubs across her lips. He does this a couple of times and all of a sudden Pam reaches over and lifts up her bra exposing her beautiful soft white tits. Steve immediately bends over and starts sucking one boob and then the other. He runs his tongue around each nipple and then practically swallows her tit whole. While they are doing this, I take the opportunity to reach into our bag of toys and bring out a small blue vibrator. I gently insert it into her pussy with no resistance at all. I turn it on to a low setting and then continue to run my tongue over her pussy and up to her clitoris over and over and over again. I have slipped my hands under her buns on and am squeezing them at the same time I am kissing her clitoris. Pam is starting to get tense now the way she gets right before she comes. I sneak a peek up and watch Steve’s penis rub against her lips every time he stretches to slide his hands under her panties. One time as Steve starts to lean over, she opens her mouth and swallows almost his entire dick. She starts giving him one of her very special blowjobs, something that she is very good at. And by the look on Steve’s face, I think he would agree with that too. She slowly slides her lips up and down his huge shaft, over and over. Pam slides his penis out of her mouth and licks the head of it like it was a sucker. I can imagine how good it must feel. She slides his dick in and out of her mouth and across her lips over and over. About this time our talents must be taking their toll on her as her body is so tense that I can feel it will not be long before she climaxes and it will be all over. I don’t want it to ever end. With the vibrator going and my tongue grinding on her clitoris, and Steve sucking her boobs while Pam sucks all 8 inches of his dick in her mouth, the end is near. Pam starts to shake her hips and is breathing very heavily. She takes Steve’s penis out of her mouth and grabs a handful of oil and starts to rub it wildly. All of a sudden Pam tenses her body up everywhere. She is coming and cannot control it. She asks me to kiss her harder, and I do. All of a sudden Pam’s stroking of his penis is paying off. Sperm is shooting out of his dick and is landing all over her breasts. He leans over and starts to lick it up, and Pam goes wild. He has licked up all his semen and is in the process of giving Pam a good tit sucking. Everyone starts to relax and sits back in a state of exhaustion. I lean over and give her a kiss on her lips that has as much meaning as a thousand words even though none were spoken. Steve leans over and gives her a kiss on her cheek and says thanks and goodnight. He leaves and the two of us just lye there in peace. Neither one has said a word; we are just enjoying the moment. Pam rolls over and removes the blindfold she has had on the whole time and gives me a kiss. She asks me if I came and I said no. She says she can remedy that and leans over and pulls my pants down and immediately puts my penis in her mouth. I can hardly stand it. All this fooling around has brought me to the brink, and it won’t take much to push me over. Pam asks me if I would like to slip into the hot tub and fool around there. I nod in agreement and climb in. I sit on the bench seat with all the bubbles all around me. Pam gets in and sits on my lap facing me. She gives me a big kiss and then slips her tongue into my mouth at the same time she lifts her hips up and with one hand spreads open her vagina and sits back down on my cock. This is what I have been waiting for the last hour. Pam slowly slides her pussy up and down my cock as I suck her tits that are wiggling in my face. I suck one tit while gently squeezing her other nipple. I keep going back and forth, first one tit then the other. Finally, I can’t take it anymore and come inside her with what feels like a gallon of come. At the same time, she shudders and comes a second time. We both collapse in each other’s arms and just sit there for a moment. After resting a moment, we both agree to get up, dry off, and lay in bed together and just relax and watch TV. As we lay there, I again thank her for our little fantasy that brings us closer together and keeps our sex life exciting and fun. She thanks me back and says next week it is her turn to provide the fantasy. I can’t wait to find out what it will be. All of a sudden there is a knock at the door. I wonder who that could be?
  15. So we have been soft swap for several months now, and have had several FMF threesomes, but hubby was always scared about the thought of sharing me with another man. I told him I understood and would stay at his pace, but I did want it to eventually get there. He would love to talk about me and another man while having sex, but when it came down to doing it he always pulled back. I was starting to think he would never be ok with it. We discussed his reservations, and strangely, his biggest concern was for the first time, he didn't want it to be a friend or someone we would ever see again. He was scared he would feel jealous afterwards. So I came up with the fantasy of being at our club with door open, and him blindfolding me and me not knowing when he invited someone in to join us... We went out of town for the weekend and visited a club a few hrs away with the idea of finding mr stranger to join. We had a great time meeting new people, and hubby was asking my my thoughts on people all night. I thought we were finally gonna go for it, but the night ended and hubby still didn't commit to anything. I was a bit disapointed since we went thru a lot to get there to not actually do anything, but I tried not to let it show. I guess hubby noticed anyway.... I went out for a smoke before we left and hubby stayed inside. We left and went back to our hotel room. I take my makeup off and go lay down while he says he forgot his phone in the car. I read while I wait for him to get back. I hear the door open and he walks in and pulls a blindfold from his pocket. He demands I strip in that naughty voice of his and I hurry to comply. He places the blindfold over my eyes and says don't move. Its then that I hear movement thats not coming from him. There is someone else in the room with us! He positions me with my legs handing off bed with me on my tummy and tells me to open so I can suck his cock. I start sucking and I feel hands on my butt. Even though I knew someone else was in the room it still made me jump. I start to pull away and he tells me he didn't say I could stop sucking and pulls me back down. I feel a mouth on my ass, then my pussy. I'm being licked while sucking him, holy fuck we are actually doing this! A few minutes later I feel his cock. He starts to press in, has a little trouble sliding around because I am so wet, so hubby reaches back and holds my ass/ pussy apart. Hubby has his hands in my hair guiding me, and other guys hands on our my ass fucking me doggy style. Imagine my surprise when another set of hands finds my breast. This whole time not a single word has been spoken expect for my hubbys commands. I'm placed on my back, and i'm still sucking and being fucked and now my tits are being sucked. I can tell from touch its a women, even though I can't see and she doesn't speak... She end up licking my clit while her hubby fucks me. Then her head is buried in my pussy while he fucks her, I can feel her head pressing harder every time they rock forward. She's moaning and i'm moaning and I can't see I can only feel and it feels fucking great. We ended up fucking side my side on the bed, him fucking her and hubby fucking me. They finish, Her hubby goes to bathroom I guess to get a towel to clean her up, and she spends a few min more licking me while I am being fucked. Then I hear the rustle of clothing. Hubby says he will be right back. I feel a light kiss on my cheek and a whispered ''thank you'' I am still blindfolded but I giver her a hug and says ''No, thank you''. Then the door closes. Hubby rips the blindfold off and proceeds to eat my pussy and fuck my brains my out. Finally a hr later (where is this strange new stamina coming from?) I finally admit i'm sore and beg for his Cum. I worry that he will be upset or regrets, but he is smiling and says it was hot. He told me he really want to do this for me. I asked him which couple it was from the club and he wouldn't tell me, he just smiled and say's he explained that this was for me and we weren't looking for a full swap type thing tonight, that he wanted to blindfold me and do a MFM, and they agreed to follow us to hotel. I had no idea any of this occoured, it must have been while I was smoking. I trust hubby completely and know he wouldn't have invited anyone I didn't express interest in, and even though the night didn't go exactly as planned, it was hot as hell. Hubby finally shared me! The next day we talked a little bit about it on the way home. And while hubby still likes to talk about the sex part, he still wouldn't share anything else about the ''Who''. I don't care enough to press him on it. I am excited we made it this far in our adventures, I never thought hubby would really ever share me, much less like that, and much less enjoy it. So to the mystery women who so selflessly shared her hubby with me last weekend, thank you again. You guys are awesome to have been a part of this, and to never have spoken a word the whole time and somehow make my hubby comfortable enough to go thru with it. I hope all your fantasy's come true too!
  16. We will be attending an on-premise club this weekend and would like to play out our soft-swing fantasy. We are hoping someone with some experience can tell us the best way to realize this fantasy or if it’s even possible to get others to participate in a fantasy that only involves anonymously touching and caressing my wife. Here is the fantasy we are hoping to play out: I take her into a cabana and close the drapes. Then, I blindfold her and tie her hands above her head. Next, I open the Cabana drapes and another couple (man and woman) or other couples come into the cabana and caress he body while I kiss her and whisper in her ear. We bring her to orgasm, and then I penetrate her while the couple continues to caress her body. She does not want to kiss or be penetrated by any males other than me. Anything goes with the woman (or man). I do not wish to touch the other woman. Also, she would like the interaction to be anonymous, She does not want to meet the other couple in advance, so that leaves out meeting another couple and making arrangements. To complicate matters, I am very heavy (5’9”, 240 lbs.), though my wife is beautiful and HWP. I am well-groomed, confident and carry myself well, but I am concerned that my size will discourage other couples from participating, though I have no intention of having physical contact with anyone besides my wife. Any ideas? If we leave the doors open and people come in will they be expecting a full swing or can we set boundaries?
  17. I had taken the day off from work on Friday, Ms. S called in sick for the day . With one kid at the daycare and the other headed off with friends it was time to put my plans into motion. I prepared the restraints and attached them to the bed, then found a blindfold while she showered and waited to see what I had in store for her. This was her first time engaging in bondage play. When she entered the room I placed the straps gently around both wrist and placed her in a blindfold. Now securely attached to to the bed she eagerly awaited what would happen next. I began gently kissing her neck. Her pussy was wet almost immediately. I slowly worked my tongue past her breast and abdomen headed for that sweet spot, but not so fast - a gentle pussy spanking was in order. I began softly biting her inner thigh and around her shaven and oh so wet pussy. Her now erect clit became an easy target for my tongue. Her moans of pleasure become louder as her body quivers from the repeated orgasms. I slide my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy and she begins to cum even harder. Now she is begging me to release her arms as she struggles against the restraints. We enjoy one more mutual orgasm. After returning from a evening ball game she tells me she has invited an old boyfriend over around midnight. I am kinda tired so I retire to the bed before he arrives. He arrives around 12:45 and before long I hear her soft moans of pleasure coming from the living room. I listened intently becoming more and more turned on. With the sounds of pleasure no longer in my ears, her friend leaves and she returns to bed not knowing what my reaction will be, as this is the first time we haven't played as a couple. I immediately flipped her on my back and reached for a condom. She was somewhat surprised by this. We always engage in foreplay before sex but she was already warmed up for me to finish things. I began to insert my penis into her wet pussy when I whispered into her ear "I heard what you were doing in the living room". That began a wild lovemaking session as she latched onto me like a cat , claws into my back and everything. We collapse into a heap of flesh onto the bed. We lay there and talked about our exciting day. I became aroused again and had enough for one more round. This time laying her flat on the bed and pounding her from behind we had our best orgasm of the night. It is now 4:30 and time to go to sleep. OMG what a day full of sex and fun.
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    Fiance for Two

    This is my first posting. After reading so many other stories and always getting so turned on I figured I should share my own first swinging experience. Please feel free to drop me any comments or if you would like me to post our subsequent adventures. My fiancée, at the time, and I had been dating for about 6 years. We had recently been engaged to get married and everything was great between us. She was 22 years old, dark black long hair, petite with very nice C-cup breasts and light skin … a real knockout to say the least … and I’m not being biased. We had talked about swinging from time to time and she would always answer with typical lines like, “I would never” or “I only need you” but somehow she always seemed to get more turned on after our discussions. One night I asked her if she would ever have sex with someone she felt attracted to if she knew for a fact that it would not affect us and would not get me upset. She paused and at that moment I knew she wanted to be with another guy.We talked about which of our mutual friends she would sleep with and the first one on her list was my best friend Rick. Nothing was brought up again for a few weeks but in the meantime I talked to Rick to see if he found Cindy hot. At first he felt awkward answering but after a few moments he admitted that he always found her sexy but would never do anything because he was my best friend. Then I dropped the bomb and told him what Cindy and I had talked about and how I would love to set it up … he freaked out … but I could see he was ready to jump on the offer. Now I had to somehow set everything up without giving it away to Cindy, especially since she hadn’t technically said yes to anything.One night I told Cindy to meet me at a hotel near our home and to bring the outfit I loved. It was a red plaid skirt with matching top. Along with the dress she would bring the garter belt & stockings. It gave a real naughty school girl look and it was a real turn of for me and my friend. She asked why and I just told her to not be late.At the hotel room I had a camera all set up. Rick and I talked for about 30 minutes until there was a knock on the door … Cindy was here and I was excited and nervous but I couldn’t wait to see her with another man. Rick hid behind the wall and I had Cindy go to the bathroom and change into her outfit. She kept asking questions and I could say was to just hurry up. Finally she came out and I swear I was ready to cream in my pants. I quickly blind folded her and brought her into the room near the bed. Rick was laying on the bed rubbing his cock through the shorts and I was gently kissing her and fondling her right in front of him.I turned her around and started to rub her breast from behind so I could see Rick’s excitement. I guess the fact that another man was getting as turned on if not more than me by her without her even knowing was really incredible. I went down her body and began to run my hands up her stockings, slowly lifting the skirt so Rick could get a tease of what he was about to enjoy. Cindy just gasped lightly with every inch my hands got closer to her panties. At this point Rick was taking off his shorts quietly and I couldn’t take much more. I motioned for him to come over and he slowly got off the bed and came towards her. He started to kiss her and she jumped back out of shock. She started to ask me what was going on but he kissed her again and started to caress her breasts firmly. There was my fiancée between myself and another man getting felt up … this was awesome. I think she realized what was going on quickly and didn’t want to ruin her fantasy come true.I could tell he wasn’t going to take this slow because he had already pulled down her top and was sucking on her nipples while his hands were lifting her skirt. He reached up and started to rub her pussy through the panties and she was breathing louder and heavier with every stroke. She turned her head to kiss me while all of this was going on. I started to work my hands down her body to see what he was doing and I realized that he had already taken down her panties and was beginning to finger her as she stood up leaning against me. I had never felt her so wet before. Before too long she ripped off her blind fold and was lying next to him on the bed. Rick took off his shorts and I could see the slightly nervous look on her face because she knew he had a large cock and was surprised by how large it really was. I’m not sure if she was more excited or nervous about having that inside of her but either way it wasn’t long before he pushed her head down she was giving him a blowjob. She was never much of a blowjob woman but Rick wasn’t going to take no for an answer and I think she wanted to really impress him and didn’t want to seem prudish. She kept sucking on his cock while he played with her ass with his right hand. For the rest of the time I pretty much laid back and watched while I played with myself. In no time he had taken her skirt and top off and all she was left wearing were black thigh high stockings and black high heel shoes still sucking him off. He pulled her head and leaned her back in bed so he could go down on her. I took the opportunity to walk over and start kissing her and ask her if she wanted him to fuck her. Cindy and I never really talked dirty in bed but I think this time called for it. As he ate her out I told her he wouldn’t fuck her until she said it out loud. She finally couldn’t take it and told him to “please fuck me … fuck me now”. I moved back and he got up on top of her, lifting her legs over his shoulders and reached down to position his cock right in her pussy. He started push in when I noticed her legs clenched around his head and she let out a small scream. She was trying to hold it in, I could tell, but it was more than she could handle so fast. Rick started the move his cock in circles around her pussy until she got a little more relaxed. He was playing with her breasts with one hand and had the other hand on the bed to support him. I noticed Rick then took the hand on the bed and placed it behind her head as he went down to kiss her. By the looks of it I thought his tongue was going gown her throat. At this point he placed his other hand on her shoulder from underneath and while holding her, took a deep thrust and pushed his entire cock into her. Since he was holding her and pushing her head into the kiss she couldn’t pull back but I could see that every muscle in her body tensed with the force of his large cock inside of her. I could hear her scream from inside of his mouth but he wasn’t going to let go and it didn’t seem she really cared. Her finger nails were digging into his back with every thrust and her eyes scrunched shut as I knew it must be hurting her. He stopped the kiss and pulled next to her head to whisper something but it wasn’t until later that I found out what he said. Apparently he had whispered to her that he was going to fuck her like this every time and that she was going to beg for it. She told me she had an orgasm at that very moment. I wondered if he was really being serious or even if she wanted to … but for now it didn’t matter.There was Rick, my best friend, kneeling in front of Cindy holding her legs up with stocking and high heels and pounding away. Then he turned her over and started on her from behind, her favorite position. After a few minutes I asked to take over and he stood up and let me take control from the back. I could feel that her pussy had been stretched and that got me even more excited … I knew I wouldn’t last long. Rick walked to the other side of the bed and placed his cock right in front of her face. She reached up and as I was fucking her from behind she placed as much of his cock as she could in her mouth. Like I said, I didn’t last very long and Rick soon came over to finish the job he had started. He lay again on her back and got right on top of her. His cock found its home again and this time he put both arms beneath her and grabbed her shoulders to help him thrust harder and faster. She was letting out moans of pleasure and yells pain with every thrust. Suddenly he pulled out and before he could stop it the cum landed all over her stomach. Cindy just laid back and looked at me with a smile from ear to ear. I knew she had a great time and Rick was quite pleased with her. After a few minutes talking and laughing we all got dressed and left the hotel together. After Rick went on his way Cindy and I talked about everything and even though she was nervous she mentioned that this was something she might want to do again … and she did.
  19. Last month my wife Lea and I decided to play a new game with another couple. This was Jim and Chris's idea and Lea was all for it. I thought what the hell, Lea and I had swapped partners a couple of times about ten years ago. We really enjoyed ourselves, but then children came along and time for such things dwindled. Lea had met Chris online and they got along great. We met them for drinks a couple of times and found that we had a lot in common. I should note that Chris is somewhat submissive, and likes to be controlled, Jim on the hand is not the controlling type. To fill this need in Chris they like to play games with others. On the weekend in question we met them in Minneapolis and checked into a hotel suite. We all relaxed and had a couple of drinks. The room was to be the home base for the weekend and nobody had to return to the room until noon on Sunday. The game went like this, we split into couples, Chris and I and then Lea and Jim. We could do anything we wanted, but we each had to write the story of what went on from our own perspective, each couple had a digital camera to document what we did. This is my story on what Chris and I did from Friday afternoon until Sunday noon. Day 1 After Lea and Jim left to start their adventures, I told Chris that she was mine to do with as I pleased, to which she wholeheartedly agreed. First, out of my bag, I gave her a razor and shaving cream and took her into the bathroom. I carefully spread the shaving cream over her pussy, working it into the hair and folds, taking the razor I made the first pass stripping away the hair to reveal the fresh pink skin of her snatch. Working carefully so as not to cut her most tender flesh, I removed the rest of the hair on her now smooth cunny and from around her asshole. I find a naked pussy quite sexy and I was hard as stone before we were done. Chris had never done this before and was quite excited by the way that her naked mound looked. After she was bare I took a few pictures and then had to taste her pink spot, sliding my tongue over the freshly shaved lips and twirling it into her wet depths made her scream with passion. She then went to her knees to suck on my prong, to relieve the mounting pressure in my balls. This was something that she had done before, I could tell, and it was incredible. She worked on just the head until it was turning a pale shade of purple, then she took the whole thing into her mouth and throat {Lea doesn't deep throat}. I came deep in her mouth her lips clenched around my shaft she swallowed it all and licked it clean. We then got dressed. I wore loose slacks, a button down shirt and a tie. I had Chris wear a knee length coat and nothing else. We went out and caught a cab. I had the driver take us to the Mall of America for some shopping. There we went to a classy ladies store. I picked out a white raw silk blouse and a knee length black pleated skirt. We found sheer black, thigh high stockings and black four-inch heels for her to wear as well. When she came out of the changing room I ran my hands over her body, caressing her firm breasts and ass, she looked incredible. Her 34C-26-36 figure filled the clothes to perfection. As I paid for the clothes I kept my hand possessively on her ass, never breaking eye contact with the sales girl and causing the clerk to blush a deep scarlet. We then went to a jewelry store and got a pearl choker and a silver anklet. As she bent over to put the anklet on she gave the salesman a great shot of her naked ass. I have never seen anyone take so long to put jewelry on. Then off we went to an optical store and got glasses for her with silver frames and neck chain. She looked like the hottest librarian that you have ever seen. Every time she turned quickly the skirt would flair up and show off her goods for all to see, this seemed to excite her very much and she kept doing it over and over. She confided in me that she and Jim didn't have a lot of money and this is the first time that she had gotten clothes this nice since she got married. She said that she couldn't wait to show them to Jim. By now we were both getting hungry so we went to a restaurant for dinner. As we were seated, I instructed her to pull up the back of the skirt so she wouldn't wrinkle it. This also put her bare ass right on the leather seat and I could see the excitement in her green eyes. The waiter also saw her do this and looked at me with unadulterated jealousy. All through our meal I kept letting my hand drop to her knee sliding it up her stockinged leg and rubbing the tips of my fingers over her dripping slit and caressing her swollen clit, causing her to quiver and gasp. After eating we got into the limo that I had ordered for the night. Once again I told her to raise the skirt before she sat. I continued the finger games as we went to a tattoo and piercing place. Chris looked scared, but this was part of the game so we went in and looked at the samples on the walls. A girl named Tami came to wait on us and we discussed piercing and body art. Tami showed us her tattoo {on her shapely tan ass} and nipple rings. I asked Chris if she wanted to get her nipples done and she was very hesitant. I looked into her eyes and told her that she would get them done along with a small tattoo. {This was all just a game for me as I had called ahead. This place did body painting and had clip on rings so Chris could get a tattoo and nipple rings with no pain or remorse}. I led her into a booth where the work was to be done and had her remove her blouse and sit down in the chair. Tami came in and told Chris to relax that this wouldn't hurt at all. Playing to Chris's fantasy I put a blindfold over her eyes and told Tami to go ahead. Tami painted a black rose over Chris's left breast, covering the nipple and slipped the fake rings on the nipples. The rings were connected by a light silver chain and looked very real. I removed the blindfold and let Chris look in the mirror. She was astonished at the way she looked. We went out to a club for some dancing and a few drinks. Chris was having a great time. The guys there could not stop looking at her. Some women sneaked peeks too. You could see the nipple rings and the chain through the thin silk of her blouse, with just the edge of the rose showing in the vee between her breasts. Many men asked her to dance. A few guys even groped her and she loved it. She told me that it was great that all these twenty-something guys thought she was so sexy {she is 38}. In the restroom she was kissed and felt up by two girls, one of who asked her to dance when they came out. The girl lifted the back of Chris's dress for all to see as they were dancing, causing them to become the center of attention. The girl caressed Chris’s cheeks and dipped her fingers between them. Chris jumped at this and pulled away but the girl grabbed her and pulled her close again. She kissed Chris deeply and then laughed, then she turned and walked away leaving Chris standing in the middle of the dance floor. Chris lifted her chin and turned to face me and smiled. She walked over and pulled me off the stool I was seated on and shoved her tongue down my throat, she then turned to all the people watching and took a deep bow. We left soon after that. Chris’s juices were running down her stockings and she was ready to fuck when we got back to the hotel. We got in the elevator and she started kissing me. I let my hands wander down her back and under her skirt cupping her ass and spreading her cheeks. I backed her up against the wall and slid into her in one thrust. She was so hot and ready that she started cumming on that one stroke. She was shaking and whimpering as we reached our floor. When we got to the room and found it empty, we quickly removed our clothes, fell to the bed and got down to loving. I started at her face, then kissed and licked my way down to her feet and back up to her steaming box where I dipped my tongue into her. She started groaning and moving her hips in a fucking motion. I licked and teased her outer lips and then sucked her clit into my mouth, sending her over the edge of sanity. After she came I decided I wanted some more of her mouth, so I offered her my dick and she dove right in. She took it into her mouth, to wet the whole thing and then started nibbling at the head and shaft. Then she took it in her mouth for a few strokes and back to nibbling. After a couple of minutes of this, I pulled away and once again entered her pussy. She was very wet and loose and I pounded into her for all I was worth. This one was just for me. All I wanted at this time was my own release. After I came we relaxed on the bed in all our glory, caressing each other, enjoying the peace that can only come after incredible sex and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Day 2 I awoke to the feel of a hot mouth on my dick. I looked down and saw the top of my wife's head {red hair not blonde}. As she felt me moving around she looked up and smiled at me. She whispered, “Did you have a good time yesterday?”I smiled at her, nodded and looked over and saw that Jim had his head buried in Chris’s hot snatch. As Lea and I watched, Chris started to moan and shake as she came. I looked at the clock and saw that it was ten in the morning. Time for this day’s adventure to start. I told Lea to roll over onto Jim and get comfy. She did, sliding his tool into her box. I got up behind her and slid my dick into her extremely tight ass for a round of DP, which she loves when she is in the mood. She let out a loud squeal of pleasure and started humping back and forth trying to get us in as deep as possible. Chris, not wanting to be left out, slid around behind us and started licking everything that she could reach. The feel of her tongue on my dick as I plowed into Lea was wild. Then, she started reaming my asshole, which sent me over the edge. Lea had also exploded in an intense 'O' of her own and Jim soon followed. When I pulled out, my cum started dribbling out of Lea's ass. I pushed Chris forward and she took the hint and sucked up the mess that Jim and I had made. She drove her tongue deep into Lea’s dripping holes, which sent Lea over the edge again. After that we all sat back to enjoy the afterglow for awhile. We then took time to write our stories from the night before, snacking on the fruit basket and the champagne that came with the room. As per the rules of the game, we didn't discuss what had gone on the night before, but from the looks on our faces I think we all had a good time, I know that I had. Chris and I then jumped into the shower and got cleaned up, then got dressed. Once again I knew that loose slacks would be in order. Chris was wearing a red leather miniskirt that barely covered her naked ass and pussy, nude thigh high stockings, red four inch heels, a black lacey half bra which left her nipples with the nipple rings and chain exposed and a very loose sheer black blouse. I had her put the choker back on. And we headed out. We got a cab and went to a park along the river to take some flashing pics for my collection. I had her remove all her clothes and pose in the open for all to see. After taking forty or so shots I handed her a dildo shaped like an enormous cock, it was about fifteen inches long and three in diameter. She started by licking it to get it wet and then tried to work it in to her hot fuck hole with no success, she could only manage about two inches but not for a lack of effort, it was just too big, she really tried. A guy who was jogging darn near strained his neck looking at her as he passed us. I waved him over and asked him if he wanted her to blow him. Chris dropped to her knees in a stand of trees near the jogging path and I handed her a condom as she pulled down his shorts. She grabbed for his dick, slipped the condom over it, and quickly had him completely in her mouth. She then reached around and slid her finger up his ass. The poor guy came in about 30 seconds! With a look of shock on his face, he pulled up his shorts and ran off without ever saying a word. I looked at Chris and saw that she was disappointed that he had cum so quickly so I pulled out my dick and slid it into her mouth. She once again took the whole thing and worked it over. After a few minutes, I pulled out and got behind her. I gave her a few strokes, reaching around to rub her clit. We both came quite quickly. After we put ourselves back together, we left the park. Flagging down another taxi, we went to Fort Snelling to take some more pics. When we got there, it was just too crowded for that kind of fun, so we just looked around for awhile.It was now getting late and time to get on with the day. We were both getting hungry so food was in order. We went to a small dark restaurant where once again, I had Chris pull up the back of her skirt so as to not wrinkle it. She asked me, “Does Lea really like having two dicks in her at the same time?” “Yes,” I said, “ Do you want to try it?” She thought about it for a few seconds and said, “ I have never had anal sex before and I think I want to try.” I looked at her with a shocked expression and said, “Really? You haven't?” “Jim doesn’t want to. He is kind of homophobic.” I told her we would have to remedy that. Then I told her to go to the restroom. I got up and followed her, grabbing the small bottle of olive oil off the table on my way. The rest room was just a small one-person job with a lock on the door. We slipped inside without being noticed, and I had her remove her clothes so they would not get dirty. I bent her over the sink. Sitting on the toilet, I caressed the globes of her ass and gently spread her cheeks. I slowly slid my tongue from her pussy up over her backdoor and then slipped it in her tight virgin ass. She shuddered with pleasure as I probed her back door with my tongue. I slowly fucked her ass with my mouth and she pushed back trying to get more in her. I played with her dripping snatch with my fingers, stroking her clit, getting her hot enough for what was to come. Then sliding my index finger slowly into her virgin ass I slowly stretched her sphincter so she could accommodate my now pulsing dick. I pulled my cock out of my pants and poured the oil over it and her asshole. I told her to relax as I pushed the tip against her tight hole. I reached around and stroked her clit as I pushed the head in slowly, letting her get used to the size. I stopped after the head was in to let her relax and applied more oil to ease the shaft in. I pushed again and gave her the rest and felt myself bottom out. I was all the way in and she wasn't uncomfortable at all. Slowly, I started to move in and out, she began to move with me. Soon, she was cumming all over my cock. Her spasms caused me to unload in her. We cleaned up and went back to our table {getting a knowing look from the waitress, I guess we made some noise}. We ate a light dinner and left heading for a dance club for some fun. Once again Chris was getting looks from all the guys and some of the girls. About eleven o'clock we left for a different kind of club. After we got in the cab, I slipped a blindfold over her head and whispered to the cabby to take us to a strip club I knew of. When we got there, we sat at a table right next to the stage. As the next dancer took the stage, I slipped the blindfold off so Chris could see. With a quick intake of breath, she looked at the stage, at me and then back to the stage. Then she let out a giggle like a schoolgirl and looked back to me with a questioning look. I slipped a five into her hand and pushed her towards the stage. She stepped up and stared as the girl danced over to her. The dancer took the bill from her hand and put it in Chris's mouth. She bent over and slid her breasts over Chris's face, pulling the bill from her mouth. Chris sat back down and looked at me with a big smile and said, “Wow”. I told her, “Watch the girls and pick one that you like.” She asked, “Why?” But I wouldn't tell her. A while later, after watching all the dancers closely, she pointed to one, a dancer with long black hair and small breasts. I sent Chris to the rest room to freshen up. While she was gone I arranged for a lap dance for her with the dancer she had picked. When Chris came back to the table, the dancer came over and told Chris to sit on her hands. The dancer stripped down to her G-string and started to slide all over Chris. I was sure that Chris almost came when the dancer unbuttoned her blouse and fondled her breasts. After the dance was over, the dancer gave Chris a very wet kiss, tweaked her hard nipples and then walked away. Chris was shaking with desire and need. Her hand was under her skirt rubbing at her wet slit. She came very loudly, with everyone in the place watching her. For her addition to the floorshow, Chris got a standing ovation from the crowd. We then left for somewhere more private. We went to a theme motel and got the jungle room that I had reserved. We slipped into the hot tub and had a drink with a little fondling before heading to the bed. Once we got in bed, I pulled out some scented oil and spread it over her body. I slowly stroked her and brought her to the edge of bliss. I kept her there as long as I could. She looked so good, all slick and writhing on the bed. After about an hour, I slid my tongue into her swollen, wet pussy and probed her depths while tweaking her nipples. As I brought her to the edge once again, I swung around into a sixty-nine and let her take me in her mouth. She took the whole thing in one gulp, removing it from her mouth, she took one and then the other ball into her mouth, gently sucking on them and rolling them with her tongue. She went back to deep throating my cock. We kept this up for about fifteen minutes until we both came. I rolled off of her to catch my breath, but she followed, and took my soft dick back into her mouth. She sucked until I was hard again. Then she straddled me and lowered herself on to my rod and started a slow rocking motion. This went on for about half an hour. Then she whispered that she wanted me to fuck her ass again. Who am I to say no? She got onto her hands and knees reached back with one hand and pulled her cheeks apart. I got behind her and slid my cock up her tight dark hole in one swift motion, knowing that she could take me easily. My balls slapped rhythmically against her pussy and clit. Reaching up, I grabbed her hair and started slamming into her with abandon. She started bucking and moaning immediately. It was like riding a wild horse with a burr under the saddle. It had not been long since I came in her mouth so I felt I could go all night long. I kept slamming into her over and over. She came once and then again. She screamed her joy for the whole world to hear, which drove me over the edge yet again. I pulled out and sprayed my load all over her ass and back. I shoved my cock back into her. We sprawled on the bed, covered in sweat, scented oil and were breathing heavily. When we felt we could move again, we got up and slid into the tub to wash the oil off. We got dressed and went back to the home base hotel and fell asleep until morning Day 3 I awoke to find Chris cuddled up against me, I got out of bed and peeked into the other bedroom and saw Lea and Jim asleep in the spoon position. After using the bathroom I crawled back into bed with Chris and started kissing her neck, slowly working my way down to her breasts where I flicked my tongue over her nipples they started to stiffen and swell. Meanwhile my hand had worked its way between her legs. As I stroked her slit, her legs spread wide, inviting me to slide down her body and explore her moist hole with my tongue and lips putting my hands on her knees I spread them wide and up, then dipped my tongue down and circled her not so virgin asshole before pushing it in as deep as I could. With this, she could no longer pretend to be asleep. She moaned loudly and shook with pleasure; I then moved back to her pussy and started to work on her clit, working my tongue from side to side and up and down she pulled away before she could cum and pushed me on to my back. Crawling over me, she planted her cunny on my face and sucked my prong into her mouth, letting go of it with her mouth she snaked her tongue over my balls and licked my asshole driving her tongue as deep as she could. Not wanting to cum yet {ass reaming always sends me over the edge quickly} I pushed her off and got up grabbing her hand I pulled her off the bed and led her into the other bedroom. We slid into bed with Lea and Jim. As they were only on one side, we started fucking on the other which woke them up. Chris leaned over and took Jim's dick into her mouth as Lea looked on. Lea quickly decided not to be left out and mounted Jim's face and started kissing me, I reached over and tweaked her nipples and reached down and stroked her clit, pulling out of Chris I told her to mount Jim, after she was in place I lubed up her ass and my dick and slid up her dark passage. As she got used to the size, she started to rock and roll impaling herself on our rods, Jim soon figured out that his wife was having her first DP and was loving it. Lea was also in heaven Between Jim's tongue in her snatch and now Chris's mouth devouring her breasts she was the first to start cumming bucking on Jim's face. Then Jim started to unload deep in Chris's pussy, and Chris came in a shuddering screaming 'O' that went on and on {later she said she came 3 times in a row a first for her}. The clutching of her ass sent me over the top in what was the most intense orgasm in quite awhile for me it felt like I let loose Hoover dam we all collapsed in a heap. As we pulled apart smiling like a bunch of idiots Chris looks from her husband to me and said 'wow' and then fell silent. I then ordered some breakfast for us and we all jumped into the shower to clean up.
  20. Ever since our voyeur and swing with Bob last month, my wife Cheryl and I have been playing a little game every morning. Essentially it is this, since Cheryl has swung once with Bob and me she has been a little more willing to discuss a repeat experience. So each morning when my little dog Rikki wakes me up around 7 am to take her outside to pee, I kid Cheryl that there are a couple of men waiting on our front porch to get in since the word is out that she has the best pussy in Florida. She usually responds with, ' well, send them on in since you'll be out for about 10 minutes while Rikki sniffs every blade of grass and I can service them and get them out the door before you get back.' I have been searching for a way to actually bring something like this off, but with no luck. Last Wednesday I tried something new, that is I put a blindfold on Cheryl before I went out and told her to leave it on until I got back inside. She actually seemed to like the fantasy and went along with the idea. Now how to get a friend to go along with the plan was the difficult part since Bob lives in Atlanta and I couldn't think of anyone to approach. Then the idea came to me. We have a couple of friends that we socialize with regularly Steve and Ellen. Now Steve is a big man about 6' 3' and 260 pounds but I knew he and Ellen used to swing a long time ago but lately I thought they were out of the scene. To make a long story short, I called Steve on the phone and asked what he was doing Saturday morning around 7 am and he said he had a golf game at 9 am but nothing before that. I asked him if he would like to surprise Cheryl with a little X rated fun and he jumped at the idea. He always kisses Cheryl every time we get together and says sexy things to her so I wasn't surprised too much when he agreed to meet me on our front porch this morning at 7 am. When Rikki woke me up about 7 am I put a blindfold on Cheryl like the previous several days and told her to lie quietly and do whatever the nice man asked her to do as I was going to let one or two in this morning. When she laughed and said, ' Oh sure, and it will be you again just like always won't it?' I didn't answer but just laughed. As planned ,Steve is waiting on the porch and when I went out I told him to slip into the bedroom,undress and mount Cheryl as she sleeps in the nude and would probably be expecting me. In a flash Steve was in the house and heading to our bedroom while I stood around and waited about 5 or so minutes and then slipped quietly back into the bedroom. By this time Steve was completely naked and smearing a little KY jelly that he had brought with him on a 9 inch dick that must have been about 21/2 inches thick. Cheryl was lying on her back nude and with her legs spread as if waiting for me. Well, then Steve climbed up on the bed and the first thing Cheryl thought was that it might not have been me as the springs sank a little lower, but she didn't say a word, then Steve started to work his massive cock around her clitoris and the joke was over. She knew from the size of the thing that it wasn't me and started to take off her blindfold. I quickly was at her side and told her to leave it on for a minute as I was there and everything was going to be alright. Chery is a good sport so she spread her legs a little wider and now Steve began to sink that 9 inch cock every so slowly into her wet pussy. Even I was surprised that it went in so easily as I guess it was either the KY jelly or the fact that she was excited about the mystery man. In a minute or two Steve had the entire shaft in and was slowly thrusting in and out when Cheryl said, ' I just have to see this and Now!' and she pulled off the blindfold and smiled a broad smile at Steve. She said, ' Oh I am so glad to see you or rather to feel you' and laughed with him. Then the fucking began in earnest and they rolled over and back , doggie fashion, Cheryl on top and about two other positions until Steve couldn't hold it any longer and they both had an explosive orgasm together. All this time I was watching and video taping the scene so we could watch it together later. Steve and Cheryl then took a shower together and Steve left for the golf course and I got a super blow job as my reward for the special morning surprise. Now that I know Steve is hot for Cheryl and she is for him my next job is to try to work Ellen into a foursome, but that will be more difficult. In closing I just want to say that once the swing scene is put in place, it gets easier the next time around. All you men out there that want to see their wives serviced by another man just need to get a little creative.
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    The Surprise

    All of our previous stories were told from Jay's point of view. I felt it was time to tell this one from my point of view. Having to work late one night, I was surprised to find that Jay had drawn a hot bubble bath for me when I got home. As I relaxed in the tub, Jay came in totally nude with a white wine for me. The hot water, the wine, and Jay rubbing me back was taking all my tension away, and was being replaced with the desire to fuck this man. I could tell that Jay was feeling the same, he was setting on the side of the tub with his cock standing up as hard as ever. I leaned over and ran my tongue up from the base of his shaft to his head. Just as I was about to take him into my mouth, he pulled away and said not yet I have a surprise for you. Now any time Jay has something in mind for me, makes the excitement build and my juices start to flow. I trust him complete and have always enjoyed his surprises knowing full well he would never hurt me and that I will have the most enjoyable orgasms. I got out of the tub and Jay started to dry me off. When he was done he got the blindfold that he had places on the vanity. I ask what he was doing and he replied do you trust me or not. I told him that I did and he put the blindfold on me. Next he said hold out your hands. I could feel him tie something soft to each of my wrist. We have played with lite bondage before and I always found it a turn on. Tonight was no exception. I could feel the anticipation rising and was starting to get very horny at the thought of what he had in mind. He led me into the bedroom and had me lie down on my back. He then took one of my wrists and tied it to one side of the headboard and tied my other wrist to the other side. He whispered that he would be right back and I felt him got off the bed. I was wondering what he was up to. I felt the mattress move and started to feel him blow softly on my nipples. His tongue started to flick out and strike first one then the other one of my nipples. He started to make small circles around them and would gently bite each one every now and them. He knows that I have very sensitive tits and can have an orgasm just with him sucking them this way. I was enjoying what he was doing when I felt the mattress move on the other side of me. I was startled and tried to remove my hands from the ties he had put on them but I could not. I asked what was going on and I heard Jay ask if I trusted him or not. Then I knew it was not Jay sucking my tits but someone else. Jay asks me again if I trusted him and did this feel good. I answered yes, and he told me to just lay back and enjoy it. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. I could not see because of the blindfold and had no idea who the other man was. He kept sucking my tits and Jay was on the other side of me rubbing my head, then he leaned over and kissed me and told me that he loved me. I felt better knowing Jay was with me and I know he would not let anything happen that I did not want to happen. I started to enjoy what the other man was doing and he started to slowly work his way down to my wet and dripping pussy. Jay leaned over and started to suck my tits just as I felt a tongue run over the small patch of hair that I do not shave. I spread my legs so he could have access to me and felt his tongue go inside and start to eat and suck up my juice. With Jay sucking my tits and the other man eating my pussy I could feel an orgasm building with in me. Just then Jay stopped and said he would be right back and got off the bed. My unknown lover never stopped licking or sucking my pussy, about a minute later I felt Jay get back on the bed and start nibbling on my nipples once more. Who every this man was that was eating me sure knew what he was doing because with what he was doing and what Jay was doing it did not take long until I was shooting my juices down his throat. He kept sucking and licking my pussy and I kept cumming in his mouth. Jay stopped sucking my tits and I could feel him move up towards my head. I opened my mouth for what I thought would be a deep kiss from my husband but instead of his loving tongue I got a large tit pushed into my mouth to suck. I did not have one unknown lover but two, one man and one woman. Knowing that was all it took for me to start cumming again. I started to suck this large tit that was pressing into my mouth and was bucking my pussy up towards the tongue that was bringing me so much pleasure to my pussy. I was in heaven with my two unknown lovers when I felt someone else get onto the bed with us. Not knowing who, or what, else Jay had going I had no idea who this was. I was somewhat relieved to find out that the third person was in fact Jay. He started to rub my tits and ask if I was enjoying my self. I said yes and ask who was with us. Jay said that is your surprise and I would find out in time. He told me nobody but him and I would talk and if I promised to keep the blindfold on he would untie my hands. I told him I would and he untied my hands. Who ever the woman was leaned over and started to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her deeply, as our tongues inter mingled. I felt the man that had been eating my pussy slid up to enter me. His cock was fat and hard, but as wet as I was; I had no trouble in taking him inside of me. I soon found out that his cock was not only thick, but also very big. Jay told the woman to sit down over my face so I could taste what a sweet pussy she has. I felt the woman get into position over me and then smelled the aroma of a hot wet pussy. I stuck my tongue out and she lowered herself down until she was close enough for me to start licking her pussy. She was so wet and tasted so sweet and I could tell that she had had an orgasm of her own recently. She was sitting so that she was facing the man that was fucking me with his large and hard dick as I was licking her he was also licking her pussy and he and I would kiss. Jay was on the side of the bed and kept asking me if I enjoyed that great tasting pussy and the big hard dick that was fucking me. I kept telling him yes that I loved them both and for my male lover to fuck me harder. I could hear my female lover start to moan and drive her pussy towards mine and my male lovers mouth's She started to cum and we both started to drink up her love juice as if we were competing to see who could get the most. The taste and smell of her brought on another orgasm for me, and started my male lover to have his own. I could feel his dick swell even larger inside of me and with every deep thrust I could feel him shoot large amounts of his cum inside. My male lover collapsed on top of me. My female lover and I were breathing deeply trying to catch our breath. The man rolled off me and as I lay there spent with my legs spread, the woman leaned down and started to lick my pussy and also my ass. I could not believe that I could keep going but feeling her large tits pressed against my stomach and to feel her tongue cleaning my love juice and my male lovers cum from my pussy was driving me into another orgasmic climax. Her pussy was still inches from my mouth and her smell was so inviting that I had to start licking her again. We both worked each other to another orgasm and just went limp afterwards. After a few minutes of lying there she got up off of me and Jay leaned over and kissed me and ask if I enjoyed myself. I whispered yes as I felt people getting off the bed. I tried to take the blindfold off, but Jay would not let me. I heard the bedroom door shut and knew that I was not going to find out who my lovers were. No matter how many times I ask Jay who they were he would not tell me, all he would say is that I will find out in time. The next morning, while making breakfast there was a knock on the back door. It was Sue one of our neighbors from three doors down. She said she was sorry for dropping in so early but she was out of milk for the kid's breakfast, and could I loan her some until she could get out to the store. I went to the icebox and got her the half-gallon of milk we had, and when I turned around she was standing right there. I told her I hoped that this would be enough, and she said it would be fine and she would return it as soon as she went to the store. She took a step towards me and smiled and asks if I enjoyed my surprise last night? My mouth dropped open as she leaned over and kissed me and said she and Don did also. As Jay had promised I did find out who my unknown lovers were. I will let Jay tell how he set this up. Dee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {While looking over some swinging web sites, I came across an ad from a couple in our hometown. I did not feel comfortable with meeting someone from our home town because of our position with the company we work for and being a small town we did not want to take the chance of our private lives becoming the talk of the town. I read their ad several times and they sounded like a couple that we had a lot in common with. Because we all had nicknames on line, and there was no way for them to find out who we were, I answered their ad. We talked several times on line and we both had some concerns about meeting someone from town and wanted to be sure all would keep it very discrete. One thing we found out is both couples would go out of town to swing, but we both wanted to meet someone a little closer so if we did get along we could see each other more than once a month or so. So a meeting was set up between just the men to talk about what our likes and dislikes were, and what the limits would be. We both were to take a picture of our wives and ourselves to exchange if we felt like we might want to have the girls meet each other. As I walked into the sports bar where we had agreed to meet I saw him sitting there drinking a beer. To my surprise it was Don our neighbor. I almost turned and left, but decided to have a little fun with him. {Let me tell you about Don and Sue. They moved into a house 3 doors down from us a little over 6 years ago. I have known Sue almost all our lives. Her brother was my best friend growing up, and Sue was 2 years younger than us. She at one time told me she had a childhood crush on me, but I looked upon her as just Mikes little sister back then. Today she is a very striking woman. Don and I are good friends and we are always helping each other with projects either one of us might have going on. Dee and I have on several occasions wished we could get together with them, but we had no idea that they were into the lifestyle. In talking with them on line they told us that they had been swinging for 3 years and enjoyed meeting new people.} I walked up to the table where Don was setting and said hello, {I knew Don was the man I was to meet because he told me what he would be wearing so I would recognize him}. He looked a little shocked and nervous and I could tell he was afraid who ever he was to meet would come in and I would find out about their swinging lifestyle. I set down and ordered a beer and ask him what he was doing. We talked for a while and he kept watching the door and acting very nervous. Every time a man would come alone, Don would act like a person about to get caught. I decided to let him off the hook and said let me introduce myself. I'm Ntexcowboy. The look on his face was one of total shock. I told him to relax, we would not tell anybody. We set there for almost 2 hours talking about our swinging experiences, and he told me that Sue and he had always wanted to get together with us but they did not know that we were swingers also. We both knew the ladies would be pleased and would be willing for all of us to get together. That is when I decided to get even with Dee for the way she brought Joann into our special circle of friends. Jay & Dee Texas
  22. After many years together, Brian gently mentioned one night that he would love to find out what it is like to make love with another couple. In the throes of passion at the time, I couldn't answer but agreed to think about it. I did, just before reaching my orgasm, and the next and the next and... I decided it made for a terrific fantasy, but what would the reality be? I finally, although reluctantly agreed. Nothing further was said about it. Until one Friday, Brian came home after a particularly long day and impulsively told me to pack an overnight bag. “We're are taking a break from reality,” he said, “you and me baby. Two nights - no phones, no beepers, nothing.” After a couple of hours driving west, we pulled into the parking lot of a lovely motel and checked into a room. A very nice large room, I must say, with a lovely king size bed! Yes, I liked the looks of things, and I definitely liked the idea of running from reality! Brian can be a very imaginative fellow. After unpacking what little we had brought along, we stepped into the oversized shower. How impressive, a motel room with a walk-in shower! The hot water slowly washed away the tension. I massaged B's shoulders and back with the soft foam of our favorite shower gel, savoring how the scent blended with his in the hot steamy air. Standing behind him, I ran my fingers over his chest. Ever so lightly rubbing his nipples until they became hard and erect and goosebumps formed on his arms. He slowly inhaled and moaned. I continued to softly stroke his sides and always ending on his front, while slowly moving down until my hands came upon his fully erect penis. Gently I ran my hands over its full erect length and concentrated on his testicles; carefully yet ever so firmly massaging. His breathing told me all I needed to know. Only moments after I finally paid attention to his throbbing penis he exploded in my hands with a smile that promised me a long, satisfying night! Rinsing off, we stepped into the steamed up bathroom and proceeded to slowly towel each other off. When I tried to rush, Brian just smiled at me, "Patience, my dear, patience!" Brian can be so agonizingly patient! The big bed looked inviting, and we wasted no time kicking off covers and rearranging pillows. Brian told me to lay back. "This one's on me, babe," he said, 'I want to ravage your body and drive you to the wildest depth of imaginable passion. All you have to do is enjoy and do everything I tell you.” He smiled, after all, he knows my fantasies. He pulled a soft, deep purple silk scarf out of his bag. "Cover your eyes," he whispered in my ear, "focus on all the sensations, don't talk and do not peek." I giggled, but his response was a commanding "SSsshhhhh!" Soft, rhythmic Latin guitar music started to play as he turned me over onto my belly. I could feel his hands kneading the muscles in my back, my shoulders, my buttocks. Occasionally, as if by accident, a drop of the warm oil he was using would drip into the crack of my ass and tortuously slow make its way to my front. Sometimes, his kneading hands would slip off and just momentarily caress the inside of my thighs. Only momentarily, ever so briefly... I felt myself relaxing, tingling all over, breathing deeper and getting very very wet. When he slowly turned me over onto my back, I had become putty under his expert hands. As he slowly caressed my breasts, I thought I felt a cool breeze, just briefly, a sound of a door - quickly disregarded. I felt his hands, caressing, kneading, stimulating. And something else, feather or was it a soft fabric, slowly moved across my breasts and down my flanks, softly stroking the underside of my arms, the base of my throat, my breasts. "Aahhh, I exhaled, pushing my head back into the pillows, spreading my legs, reaching for his hands guiding them to my clit, feel me, I thought to him, feel how wet, how ready I am. But he resisted, continuing his soft stroking, down my flanks, down my legs... Then a new sensation, lips slowly nibbling at my belly, moving down to my pubic hair, moving to my clit. Ohh, he knows what I love! He slowly ran his tongue across my clit sending bursts of agonizing pleasure through me! Again, again. Slowly he inserted first one finger then another into my wet pussy. Moving in and out, I can't help but match his rhythm, contracting my muscles around his fingers. Lips are on my breast, no breasts. Oh my God, what sensation, what ... tongues tease my hard nipples, I don't know if I should breathe or cry out I want to reach out, feel, but am afraid to move my arms, afraid the sensations will end. I moan, a guttural, deep moan... My legs are pushed up, and I can feel them resting against my ample breasts, as the fingers inside of me curl up and stroke my inside. I feel myself getting wetter, is that even possible? I am completely helpless, mindless, at the beck and call of the invading fingers so wickedly curled up inside of me, their beckoning motion urging me to go ahead, let go, climax, it's okay. A mouth gently covers my half-opened lips, the tip of a tongue slowly ever so gently caresses the inner edge of my lips. Another mouth is sucking my nipple, which mouth is Brian? Which nipple? Who cares! I don't. Too many hands, lips, tongues. I want to move my arms, just one more time, but I can't, they no longer obey me. The curled up fingers inside of me are beckoning me - I can feel heat building inside of me, a tongue inside my mouth which I hungrily suck upon. A slender finger slowly circles my anus. Aahh - I won't be able to take much more! It feels like lips and tongues on every part of me, licking, sucking, kissing as hands stroke, probe! The curled up fingers continue to stroke as I shudder, crying out, letting go. Slowly the hand is withdrawn leaving a pool of pleasure, other hands continue to gently massage my thighs, my breasts, my arms as I tremble from the aftershocks Wow! Finally, Brian removes the silk scarf as he gently kisses me. As he moves I open my eyes - two strangers smile at me. "Meet our new friends," says Brian. "This is Rachel and her husband, Mike." Rachel smiles at me, holding her index and middle finger in a beckoning motion. "You?" I ask, incredulous. She just nods. "Rachel sure knows what she's doing," Mike smiles at me. He has a mustache, he kissed me while I came. Too shaky to do anything else I nod in agreement. Brian holds me while I take sips of champagne, where did it come from? Finally, I look at Rachel, holding out my index and middle finger. "You have to teach us." The night was too short, and we ran out of champagne. We gave, and we received, and we finally slept exhausted in each other's arms.
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