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Swinger's Surprise

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Erotic swinger stories involving miscellaneous themes not already listed.
I have posted several stories about Dee’s and my adventures in the swinging lifestyle. Then, I lost the love of my life to a drunk driver. I never knew a hurt as bad as losing the one person that gave meaning to my very soul. The first year I was just getting by, living if you want to call it that, day to day. I would wake up, go to work, come home, and sit outside drinking and feel sorry for myself. I still had friends that Dee and I had made, and they would try to get me out from time to time, but I just felt I was the odd man out, and it was more of a pity fuck than anything else was.
Sue and Don were our best friends in the lifestyle, and they tried their best, but without Dee, I just couldn’t get back into it anymore. One Saturday, I was at home setting out by the pool, drinking, and, as usual, feeling sorry for myself when Sue showed up. She walked into the backyard, took one look at me, and gave it to me with both barrels.
She said that Dee was dead, and as much as we loved her, that was not going to change. She is dead, and she is gone, and the way I was living my life, I might as well be dead also. Dee loved life, and she would not want me to be living like I was. She told me it was time for me to move on and start living again. After about an hour of us talking and crying, she had to get back home. I sat there the rest of the afternoon, thinking about what she had said and how true it was. Dee would not want me moping around, just like if I had been killed in that crash; I would want her to get on with her life. I set the beer down and just thought of all the things Sue had said. I called her that night and told her she was right and it was time that I started living again. She said that they were going to go to a house party the next weekend, and they had a friend that wanted to meet me. She told me her friend had seen some pictures of me, and she would e-mail some pictures of her, and if I wanted, she would fix us up for the party. I agreed, and she sent the pictures of Nancy for me to look at.
The pictures she sent were of Nancy clothed, and I know the pictures of me that Sue had were not clothed pictures but were pictures of some of the parties we had been to. So she had the advantage over me in that regard. Nancy is a good-looking woman about 7 years younger than me, 5’6"/7" tall. She had blond hair and a good-looking body, from what I saw in her swimsuit picture. I called Sue the next day and told her that I would like to meet Nancy. She gave me her phone # and said she was expecting a call from me. She also said to be at their house at 6:30 Friday night, and we would all go to the party together.
I called Nancy, and we talked for about an hour just to get to know something about each other. She knew all about Dee from Sue and said she went through something like that 3 years ago. Her husband of 18 years just up and left her with twin boys to raise. She had been single a little more than a year when her sons went off to college, and she decided to start living her life for herself. She was upfront and outspoken and said that she had always liked sex, but over the years, it had become predictable and ho-hum with her husband until he left. She told me that she got into swinging with a friend from work and her husband. She found that she liked the excitement of having sex with different people, both men and women, and she was not looking for a husband, just a fuck buddy. I agreed with her and told her I was not looking for a life partner but just needed to start living again.
As Friday approached, I began to get nervous about going to the party. I knew several of the couples that were going to be there because Dee and I had been with them for some time or another. Even the thought of fucking Sue, no matter how many times she and I had fucked each other, made me nervous. I stopped by Don and Sue’s house Thursday night after work and told them I did not think I could go thou with it. We were sitting at their bar, and Sue told me I was just nervous about meeting Nancy. She said that I already knew most of the couples that would be there and I just needed to relax.
Sue then took my hand and told me to come with her. She walked me into the den in front of the couch and undid my pants, and pushed them down to my knees. She then told me to sit down and got on her knees in front of me. She reached into my underwear and started to stroke my dick. I could feel my dick responding to her soft touch when she said to just close my eyes and relax and enjoy. With that, she pulled my underwear down to my knees and started to lick my hard shaft and balls. When her tongue left my balls and started up my shaft, her left hand would start holding and roll my balls around oh so softly. As her tongue got to the head of my dick, her right hand would start to stroke my shaft. Her mouth opened, and she took the head of my dick in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I had almost forgotten how hot her mouth felt when she would suck my dick or how good she was at it. She knew just what she was doing and how to please a man with her tongue, mouth and hands.
I opened my eyes to watch her head bob up and down and see my dick disappearing and reappearing from her mouth. I saw Don sitting at the bar, just watching his wife suck another man's dick. This was not the first time Don has seen his wife suck my dick, but in the past, he was with Dee or any of the other ladies in our little group. If not, he was most likely helping me with Sue, either licking her pussy or fucking her while she sucked my dick. But to watch him sitting there fully dressed while she was sucking me was a little strange and comforting at the same time. I realized just how good of friends they both were.
I started to feel my climax grow deep down. I guess it had been a while, and I felt a rush of heat as I started to shoot my cum in Sue’s mouth. She sucked and stroked my shaft to get all she could out. I also forgot just how horny Sue got when she had a fresh load of cum shot in her mouth. She was humping my leg like a dog, and I could feel the heat of her pussy through both her pants and mine. As I tried to catch my breath, she looked up and asked if I was relaxed now. I told her that I was, and she said good, now go home and have a good night's sleep and they would see me at 6:30 Friday.
Don started to protest that I could not come over and get his wife all hot and bothered and just leave him there alone to take care of her. Sue kissed me on the cheek and said yes, he can because he will need all his strength for when she and Nancy get a hold of me the next night.
I stood up and redid my pants and told Don good luck, and as I was leaving, I heard Sue tell him to get his clothes off right now. She needed a good hard fuck.
Friday came, and I arrived at Sue and Don’s house at 6:30 as planned. Nancy was not there yet, but Sue told me that we were not expected at the party until 8. Sue, Don, and I were sitting at their bar talking, and I asked where was this party we were going to and they said it was at a couple's house (Dan and Barbara) who they had met about 8 months ago. I did not know them, and I asked if they knew that I was coming, and without knowing me, were they ok with that. Sue told me that they knew and were fine with it, also that Robert and Cathy, and David and Joann would also be there, and that they all had vouched for me. Sue asked if I was still nervous, and I said yes I was.
Meeting a lady for the first time, as a single, would make any man nervous, much less one you were going to a swinging house party with her as your date. Who would not be nervous? But knowing 3 couples that were going to be there helped somewhat. (Robert and Cathy were the first couple that Dee and I ever played with when we got into swinging, and David and Joann were part of the group that we got together with for about 3 years).
Nancy arrived about 15 minutes later, looking stunning. She wore a low-cut gray blouse and a black skirt that stopped about halfway to her knees. Dark stockings and black high heels. She stood 5’7", about 135 lbs., and had legs to die for. Blonde hair, blue eyes, great smile, and very well-gifted up top. Her blouse was cut just right so that the mounds of her tits were showing down to the top of her nipples. She had an incredible tan line that went from a dark bronze color to almost show white ½" above her nipples. She was in her early 40’s, and I started to feel very nervous again. The four of us sat and talked until it was time to leave for the party, Sue ran and got her party bag, and we all loaded up in their SUV for the drive over. Nancy and I were going to sit in the back seat for the drive over, and as she was getting in, I saw she had on black garters that were holding up her stockings; with her low-cut blouse, I already knew she was bra-less, panty-less, well only time would tell.
We arrived at the party, and I was introduced to Dan and Barbara. They are a nice-looking couple, early 40’s early 50’s, like most of the couples there. I saw that Robert and Cathy were already there, along with David and Joann. With a total of 10 couples there at the time, that made it 3 that I knew and 6 plus Nancy that I did not know. (I kept hearing Dee’s words; Mingle and meet, Mingle and meet over and over in my head).
The party was going along like most house parties did, with people greeting one another, some snacks, some drinks, music, and dancing. Small groups standing around talking, a lot of flirting going on. As time went by, there were more people in different stages of undressed. A couple would be seen walking down the hall towards one of the bedrooms, more couples would be going out to enjoy the hot tub on the patio. Everyone was having a good time excluding myself. I had almost forgotten how at ease one could be and how much fun it was to be around people that thought of recreational sex the same as Dee and I did.
(You see someone and you say, "I would like to fuck that person" They look at you and say, " I would like to fuck that person", and the two of you get together and fuck. Both enjoy it, and that is that. Your spouse knows about it and, most of the time, is there to enjoy it with you if not joining in. No jealousies ,no hard feelings, no fights, and most of all, no means no. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking that I am now a single man in a couple’s lifestyle.)
I was talking to a couple when I looked towards the area that had been set aside for dancing, where I saw Nancy, Joann, and Barbara all dancing together. All three had shed their blouses and were giving one hell of a sexy dance performance. I knew from what I could see from her low-cut blouse that Nancy had a nice set of tits, but to see her dancing topless they were great. They were round and firm with nipples that stood out ¾". At 43 years of age, they were more than likely bought, but real or Memorex, I did not care. I just wanted to suck on them. Her stomach was flat and firm and showed that she took care of herself at the gym. She still had her skirt on, but those long legs and that flat-toned stomach just started me to think how beautiful the meeting place must look.
When the song ended, Nancy walked over to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She looked me in the eyes and said, let's go. I want to have you alone first, and I had no problem with that. We walked down the hall and checked the first two bedrooms and found them occupied. The master bedroom was at the end of the hall, and when we opened the door, we saw Sue and Dan had already gotten there. We started to close the door, and Dan said to come on in. There was more than enough room on the bed; he and Sue only needed half of it.
Nancy put her arms around my neck and kissed me, and whispered that she wanted me naked. At this point, she started to unbutton my shirt. I felt her firm breast pressing against my chest as I ran my hands down her sides. Her skirt had no snaps but was held up by the elastic waistband. It was just a matter of hooking my thumbs under the waistband and stretching it out a little so it would slide down her long legs. Just as I had suspected, she was panty-less. As she undid my pants, I cupped one of her tits in my hand and lowered my mouth to her nipple. My other hand found her wet hot pussy, and I started to finger fuck her with ease. Her hands had pushed my pants down to my knees, and she was stroking my swollen cock with both of her hands. I could hear her breathing getting heavier with each passing moment as I sucked her nipple and fingered her sweet wet hole. She looked me in the eye and pulled my head closer to hers for a long sexual kiss. She started slowly going down to her knees, all the while kissing my chest and stomach. When she reached my now rock-hard shaft, she cupped my balls and the base of my dick in both hands and opened her mouth to take its head into her mouth.
As I stood there getting this magnificent blow-job from this woman, I looked over to the bed. Sue and Dan had moved to the sixty/nine position, and Sue was sucking his cock like she did mine the night before. Dan had his face buried between Sue’s legs, licking her sweet pussy for all its worth. He had his hands spreading it as far as he could to get his tongue in as deep as he could. I remembered just how good Sue’s pussy tasted when she would come, and she always came from a good licking. I wondered just how Nancy’s pussy would taste and did she enjoy it as much as Sue. It would not be much longer before I would find out because of the way she was sucking my dick and watching Sue and Dan, I started to unload in her mouth. My first squirt was deep inside her mouth; the second one she had pulled back but had her mouth open so that it landed in her mouth but mostly on the tongue. As she was swallowing the first two loads, the third hit her closed lips and started to run down her chin. She wiped it off with her finger and then cleaned her finger with her tongue. She stood up and looked me in the eye, and said thank you, we kissed deep and long, and then I told her it was my turn. As she landed down on the bed, I removed my shoes, socks, and pants. She was on her back naked except for her garters and stockings.
I laded down beside her and started to kiss her gently on the neck; slowly, I worked my way down to her nipples, where I sucked and nibbled on each one of them. All the while, I was running my fingers in and out of her hot wet pussy. Her pussy was neatly shaved with just a puff of blond hair left above it. I have always preferred a little hair left instead of an all-shaved pussy, (I wondered if Sue had told her that and she shaved that way just for me). I was working my way down to her honey pot, and she was opening her legs for me. I normally like to work a woman by kissing, nibbling, and sucking on the inside of their legs before I dive into pussy licking. That always seemed to bring their tension up a notch, so when I did go for the gold, they were more than ready for it. With Nancy having her garters and stockings on, that kind of blocked that approach. I soon found out that she did not need that step of foreplay; I also found out that she was anything but a quiet climaxer. I had no sooner started licking, sucking, and nibbling her pussy than she started humping and screaming and cumming. She was begging me to fuck her right then, I needed a little more time to recoup from my climax before I could go on, and she didn’t seem to want to give it to me. I looked from between the legs, and I don’t know if Sue saw the whipped dog look in my eyes or if she was so turned on by Nancy's pleading for a hard fucking or what, but Sue came to my rescue once again.
Sue was on top of Dan, and he was hammering away at her for all he was worth. Sue leaned over and started kissing Nancy and telling her to let it come. I was still down licking her pussy and thinking, "Let this climax run its course, and things will settle down till I recover and can produce again. With Sue's kissing and sucking Nancy's tits and Nancy sucking on Sue’s tits and a double effect. Dan announced that he was coming, and I felt myself coming back into the game. As I slid back up on Nancy to where I could enter her, Sue sat back up on Dan and started riding him hard. She was about to have her own climax and needed to concentrate on that. Just as I put the head of my dick to Nancy’s pussy she said NO, not this way; she pushed me off and got on her hands and knees and said do me from behind; I like it this way the best.
I have no problem with doggie style, so I got behind her and guided the head of my dick into her pussy. I normally like to start slowly, but Nancy told me to do it hard and fast. So I jammed it into the hilt. She instantly started to rock back and forth, and it took a couple of seconds to get into her rhythm, but I got there and was on the in-stroke when she was rocking back and on the outstroke when she was going forward. Like I said before, you know when Nancy comes, everybody knows when Nancy comes, and it did not take long for her to come doggie style.
After she came down from her climax, her body just went limp, and she sank onto the bed face down. Ok, I understand about fast climaxes; been there and done that a time or two myself, but this is the first time I had experienced it happening with the woman I was with. Normally it’s the man that has this happening. I lay down beside her and put my arm around he, and kissed her on her shoulder. I can hear and feel her breathing hard, but that is all the response I get. I look over and Sue is still riding Dan’s dick. I see that glazed-over look in her eyes, one that I have seen many times before, and I know that she won’t last much longer. Just then, I see Dan arch his back and drive into Sue as deep as he can go, his hands are pulling Sue down onto his shaft, and I know that he is releasing his load into her. Sue is wide-eyed and tells him Yes, give it to me, and I know from being there that she has also reached her climax. I lay there and watched her rock back and forth as Dan kept his back arched to give her as much dick as he could. I know the feeling of her pussy muscles on a dick, and I know what he is feeling at this moment. They are constricting and relaxing, constricting and relaxing as she rocks back and forth. Milking every bit of his juice out that they can. I watch as they slow down, and then Sue collapses onto Dan’s chest; she starts that silly giggle that lets you know that you did a good job.
Sue rolled onto her back next to Nancy and looked at me, and asked if I was enjoying myself, and I told him yes. Dan said he needed a drink and asked if any of us wanted one. Sue wanted a margarita, Nancy wanted a glass of ice water, and I said I could use a beer. As Dan was off to get the drinks, the three of us sat up in the bed, the women sat cross-legged, and I just slid up between them and used the headboard as a backrest. I could smell the must of just fucked pussy in the air. There were two women sitting crossed-legged with their pussies open for all to see, and I still had a hard-on. Sue spoke first and said to Nancy, " Did I not tell you he was a good fuck or not" At that point, I could have crawled under the bed, except that Sue was now rubbing my hard dick. Nancy agreed and said that she can’t wait to go again. Sue said that the night was young, but Nancy would just have to wait her turn now because she was next. Thank god Dan showed up with the drinks.
The four of us sat there talking and sipping our drinks. We could hear the party going on in the other part of the house with the music and the occasional orgasm from one of the partygoers or another. Sue asked if we knew where Don was, and Dan said he saw him with Joann, to which Sue said, "Well, he will be occupied for a while". All this time, Sue was stroking my hard cock, then she said that it looked like I was ready to go again, and so was she. Nancy asked her if we could all do it like they did it at the last party. Sue looked at me and then back at Nancy and said that she thought it would be all right. I must have had a questioning look on my face because Sue told me that I would defiantly like this.
Sue had me sit on the side of the bed with my feet on the floor. She then turned around and straddled me backward. I felt her guide my dick into her pussy as she sat down on my lap. " As exciting as the unknown is when having sex with a new partner, it is just as exciting as being in the know and having sex with someone that you have been with before. You know just what they like, and they know what trips your button; Sue knew just what to do to trip my button." She started to rotate her hips to give my dick that just-right grinding. Feeling her slow humping up and down along with the rotation was driving me insane. About that time, I felt a tongue wrapping around my balls and work up my shaft to where I was buried into Sue’s wet box. I looked around Sue to see Nancy on her hands and knees licking not only my balls and dick but also Sue’s wet pussy, and Dan was behind Nancy just fucking away. Sue started to rotate and moan, which caused me to shove up harder; Nancy was licking and sucking faster, which made Sue moan and rotate faster. It was like a snowball rolling downhill. The more it went on, the faster it got. I don’t know what was going on with Dan, and I did not care. I know that I came harder and longer into Sue’s pussy than I can ever remember doing. I remember falling back onto the bed with Sue laying on top of me and still feeling a tongue licking the both of us, and then I heard a far-off scream that said fuck me fuck yes fuck me.
Sue was pulling on my arms and telling me it was time that we rejoined the party. We walked down the hall naked and into the den. We went to the bar, and I sat down on one of the stools. Sue went and got us both a drink and stood between my legs with her arms around my neck. She asked me what I thought of Nancy, and I told her that she was definitely different than any woman that I knew. She said that there was a long story behind that and she would tell me later, but not tonight, I laid my head down between her breast, and she was holding me and rubbing the back of my head when Don came walking up to join us.
Don sat down on a stool, and Sue went over and put her arms around him and asked if he was having fun; I said that he looked like he had been road hard and put up wet. To which he came back with a one-word answer. " Joann". Sue and I just laughed, and I asked if she was still a whirlwind in bed, and he said that she was a man killer if you let her.
Sue kissed us both and said that we men better get used to the whirlwinds because they are going to rule the world someday.
Note from Jay:
I have tried to express some of my feelings, thoughts, and happenings into the stories about how I got back into swinging after Dee’s death. I know that it is not your typical swing stories that you are used to reading here. I know that I have brought up couples out of the blue for those that have not been on this site for very long. There are stories posted by " Jay and Dee" that tells how we got started in the swinging lifestyle, how we found out that Don and Sue were swingers, and stories that were milestones in Dee’s and my journey into this wonderful lifestyle.
A lifestyle that I thought had ended with Dee's death. A lifestyle of freedom, pleasure, understanding, and pure joy that I thought I would never be a part of again if it were not for Sue. Some might read into these stories that I have an infatuation with Sue. That is not true. I love Sue. If you go back and read The Surprise, you will know that I have known Sue since we were in elementary school. Her older brother was my best friend until we graduated high school; now, her husband is my best friend.
If it were not for Sue and Don standing by me and pulling me out of my depression, getting me back into not only the lifestyle but life itself did I meet Pam.
Pam is another story all together
I lost Dee in 2004, and the stories about how I got back into the swing happened in 2006. In future stories, I will try not to go back too far into the past, but sometimes my thoughts go there, to a time, a place, or a person that is so important to me that I must bring it up for the story context.

My wife and I went to a Lifestyle get-together last weekend.  When we got there, we mingled and as it turned out, my wife meet a couple.  She was sitting next to them having drinks, laughing, and having a good time.  I walked over she introduced me.  I sat next to his wife, and we were all enjoying the evening.   
The other wife and I got up to get some drinks and we chatted at the bar.  "It looks like my wife has taking a liking to your husband," I said.  "Yes, they both are," she replied.  I asked, "Do you think you guys would like to come over to our house and we could continue the party there?"  She politely made it very clear she was not interested in having sex tonight.  I said, "OK, thanks for the heads up."
As we sat there at the bar a friend come over to say hello.  She got up excused herself and returned to the table with her husband and my wife.  
As the evening progressed my wife came over to me at the bar and told me she invited them to come home with us.  I was a bit confused but said sure.   We all left together, my wife in his car, and his wife in my car.  Our conversation during the drive was very nice and easy, and I thought she had changed her mind.  In the club, I could see my wife was very excited to be with her new friend.  
We got to our house and sat around and had some drinks. All seemed to be good. However, when we decide to go upstairs, his wife restated she was not interested in playing tonight. My wife and I left them in the room to talk, and when we came back, he apologized and said sharing tonight is not going to happen.  I felt bad for my wife who was starry eyed at this guy.  He was telling her she looked like a women who was beautiful and fun, and he was very much looking forward to being with her tonight but maybe some other time. 
My wife and I went in the kitchen to get some drinks for everyone, and I explained to her that the other wife had told me she was not interested in the bar.  "I thought she changed her mind, but I guess not," I explained. "I see you want this guy.  I don’t want you to be disappointed, I see and feel the attraction you two have.  When we go back into the room why don’t you ask him if he wants to see the view from our bedroom? That is our usual break the ice move to get things started.  I think this was his game plan all along to be with you even though she was not participating.  But I’m OK with it for your pleasure."
I saw how hot she was for him. So I thought to myself don’t screw this up for her, she should get to enjoy the moment. 
He jumped at the request, and they were off.  I sat with his wife and said, "Are you ok with them going upstairs because I don’t think they care about the view?".  She did not say anything but also did not object to what was going to happen. 
As it goes, my wife had a great experience, so they were up there for an hour. I am sure they enjoyed each other.  When they came down my wife gave me a sweet kiss. We sat for a while then all politely said goodbye.
The next weekend we went to a party at our friends' house. It was a vanilla evening but a number of friends were there.  We had played with the host couple once before, but tonight was not that type of party. 
The next morning my wife realized she left her purse at Tim and Jean's house.  She asked me to go and pick it up.  I said I would on the way back from my bike ride.  On the way back I detoured and stopped at the house.  Jean answered the door and asked me in.  She asked if I would like a cup of coffee, I said sure.  I asked where Tim was, and she said he had left early this morning for an overnight ski trip with some of his buddies. 
We were in the kitchen and Jean was filling the coffee cups. I was looking at her in her robe as she delivered the hot coffee.  We sipped the coffee and chatted but my thoughts while looking at this beautiful woman, came out of my mouth, “Are you wearing anything under that robe?”  She smiled and got up and brought her cup to the sink.  She walked back to the table where I was sitting and said, "You will have to find out for yourself."  I was stunned thinking she was kidding.  She said again,  "All it takes to find out is to pull the robe's belt and open the robe."
She stood in front of me as I sat in the chair. I pulled the robe belt and opened slowly opened the robe.  She was naked and moved her chair in front of me and opened the robe and leaned forward and kissed me deep.  She moved my head down into her crotch and I got on my knees and went at it not believing what was happening.  She was enjoying the moment, she moaned she was coming and squeezed her legs around my head. 
When she released my head from the grasp of her legs she took my hand and brought me into her bedroom.  She sat on the bed as I undressed. I rubbed her legs gently and picked them up high and spread them apart, she fell back, and I penetrated that wet beautiful tasting pussy. 
I pounded her over and over and when I stopped I got on the bed.  I laid on my back and she put my hard cock in her mouth and started sucking me and would not stop until I came, and she told me how good I taste.  We laid there for a few minutes not speaking and I was ready again and I turned her on her side and lifted one leg over my shoulder and began pounding her again.  We went on for awhile and she had another orgasm and told me to cum inside her.  She got on top and pounded me and made me explode inside her. 
We laid there together for a while, eyes closed resting, when her phone rang.  It was Tim, he made it to the mountains and just checking in.  I was feeling bad for what just happened, but it was a great experience.  She repeated out loud what Tim asked - "What are you doing?" Jean replied - "Well, Allan stopped over to pick up Susan’s purse she left over here last night.  I invited him in and we had a cup of coffee.  I was in my robe and one thing led to another and I had Allan’s face in my crotch. Then we took it to the bedroom, and we had a giant orgasmic experience.  I will tell you all about it when you get home.  Are you OK with this?  Good, I will tell Allan.  Have fun skiing.”
So, in discussing this with Jane I said I was shocked at what she just told Tim.  She said, “We are always honest with each other.  It will be so hot when he returns home, I will be in for another great time.  So, I am also going to be honest with you.  You wife left the purse here on purpose.  She asked me if I would give you some great sex because you were a sweetheart last weekend.  You worked it out so she could be with the gentleman she picked up at the club and she felt that you missed out, so she came up with this idea.  But please understand, I was looking forward to it and it was a fantastic morning fuck with a good friend.  Tim was not aware of this, but I will work it out with him when I explain the story.  Susan said she the four of us can get together, or she will get with Tim alone if he prefers and you are OK with it.  You have a great caring wife Allan.  Please tell her thanks for including me in this scheme.”

Rock n Tits
Back in the 90's, Tits used to go to her friends' Bachelorette parties. At the time Tits had grown to D-cup bra, then a DD, but she received a lot of attention wanted and unwanted. She had been groped in a movie theater, touched on a elevator in Vegas, and a lot of whistles and cat calling. She got used to it.
 She went to Cheryl’s bachelorette party and was having a good time drinking and flirting with the dancers. It got going pretty good and she had stroked a few cocks and even sucked one after a few drinks. They always played with her huge tits while she was busy lol .
It got going pretty hot, some of the gals were topless and a few had sex with the dancers. The one guy that seem to really like Tits was dancing around by her and putting his cock by her face, so she grabbed it and sucked it.
When she stood up, he spun her around, bent her over, and pulled down her top so her huge tits fell out. The other ladies started cheering and a few started rubbing and sucking her nipples. Right about then the dancer pulled down his tights and buried his duck deep in her already wet pussy. She said she said no, but soon it was no don’t stop!!!!! He fucked her for ten minutes while the ladies egged him on!!!!!
When she got home drunk, she was covered in bruises and hickeys on her tits from her friends and panties full of dancer cum!! We checked with the doctor for a few months to make sure everything was good. It was but now the doctor has a new interest in his patient!!!!

Rock n Tits

We Got Played

By Rock n Tits, in Swinger's Surprise,

When had been swinging about five years we started meeting with people on another site. We always had a meet and greet at a neutral bar or restaurant.
We had been chatting online and decided to meet them at bar in a nearby city. We had seen pics and they were an attractive couple, him over 6 feet and she was an attractive blond. We met at the time and place, only it was just Jim no Stella.
He walked in and we got up. He gave Tits a hug and shook my hand with his bear paw. We sat down and he explained his wife had to work late but would drive over in a bit. We were sitting at a circle booth and I was on one side of Tits, with him on the other. The conversation was fun and naughty. After the second drink came, we were laughing and having a nice time when I noticed Tits took a deep breath and jumped a little, but then smiled and giggled at his jokes. He kept saying how hot she is and took a quick squeeze of her D cup boob. He kept reaching over and shaking my hand telling him how lucky I am.
After the third round his phone rang and he answered it saying: "Hi honey, what? How long? Ok, I will explain to them." He set his phone on his lap. He said Stella was going to be very late and maybe we could get together soon. He sat for a few more minutes, reaching around Tits shoulder gave her a one arm hug, and after a minute he put his phone in pocket and shook my hand again.
 I sat there after he left and said, "What the hell was that all about?" Tits replied, "We got played!" 
"What do you mean?" I asked. She said, "When he first hugged me he felt my tit away from you. Then after the first round of drinks he put his big hand on my leg and started rubbing my thigh. As you know I was not wearing a bra or panties but I was surprised when we did a toast and he put his hand on my pussy. Pretty soon he had a big finger in my pussy but I figured it was a warm up for when his wife got here. After third round he had two fingers in me every time he leaned over to shake your hand and tell you how lucky you are. He would rub his arms on my nipples and drive his fingers deeper.  Then I noticed a guy across the bar from us that had his phone sitting sideways like he is watching tv. I think he was filming Jim finger bang in me. Then when his phone rang when his wife called the other guy was on phone. His wife had a very low voice also. Then I think he took his phone under the table and took pics of my pussy and before he got up to leave he put my hand on his very large cock so I rubbed it then he squeezed my tit again and left right after the other guy left. We got played by these guys and I am sure that was not the first time for them. Too bad, I would have fucked the hell out of that big cock… Live and learn."
The profile was removed soon after.

Rock n Tits
Several years ago on a trip to San Onofre state park on Trail 6, where we went a lot, we had an out of the ordinary experience.
After being there about two hours and talking to and flirting with many couples and men, we were laying out sunbathing in the nude (it is a public nudist beach). Tits suddenly had to pee. Normally she would go down to the water, wade out, and pee while she sunned her tits. So when she jumped up and went to the little canyon by Trail 6 I was surprised. She said keep an eye on our stuff and disappeared around corner while all the voyeurs watched her huge tits bounce up and down.
After about five minutes or so I decided to walk over but never out of sight of our spot. I walked to the little canyon and saw her holding on to wall while the guy she just been flirting with in the water was sliding his huge cock in and out with force. Tits was enjoying it, her big tits swinging back and forth.
I got hard instantly. I did not want to stand there jacking off at the mouth of this canyon because there were other people in there watching them and fucking themselves. I went back to the towels and waited.
After a few more minutes she came out and back to towels. I was laying on my stomach, and when she got there and laid down I asked her: Did you enjoy your “pee”?
About that time, Robbie, I found out later, came out of cyn with his now soft but still long cock swinging. I told her I am glad your friend there could help you out.
She started to deny it, but then stopped and said it just happened. She had to pee and he was watching and had such a big cock (10”) she could not resist.
I asked her did it feel good? She said: Oh hell yessssss!
Now I am about 6.5", sooo what can I say?
One thing it took me awhile to get her to do is not sneak, but she said it added to the excitement. She usually told me afterwards, usually while we were fucking. But some took awhile like when her boss Rick was fucking her for a promotion and then to keep her promotion he made her fuck him after work at warehouse on Friday. She did not tell me about them until his wife caught them and she got fired.
That when I found out she fucked four other bosses and my huge-cocked friend Rod. In that case I was at work. He stopped by with coffee and they ended up fucking on couch. He loved her big tits and shaved pussy. We had partied together, but I did not know she was fucking him on the side. His cock was 11” and as big around as a coke can. I loved watching them fuck while he sucked me.
But back to Robbie. She introduced him to me a few weeks later and he laid out with us at the beach. He laid on her right side and I laid on her left side so she could stroke our cocks. After I came, I told him to mount her from behind, and after he got his big cock in, to pretend he was putting on sunscreen on her back and rubbing her shoulders.
Tits told me later that she could not believe he fucked her on beach and nobody knew!! I had to tell her every single guy there was watching and jacking off, did not fool anyone lol. It might have been her screaming lol!

I was out of town, and I called an old friend Gio who I had been with a few times. I asked her if she was interested in getting together and she asked if I had permission. I told I did, and she was happy to get together. I asked her if she had a female friend who might join us, and she said no but she knows a couple that would be interested. I said great and we arranged to meet in a hotel we both have been to, and I told her I would meet them in the lobby bar a 6 PM.
They entered the bar and I was quite surprised how attractive they all were. My friend introduced them to me. After intros I suggested we go up to the bar on the Concierge Bar. That was where I had a small suite. There was no one at the bar, we got a table and I asked what they wanted to drink. Everyone suggested tequila so I brought the half bottle of DJ on the bar shelf to the table. We had a great chat and laughs. We all got along great and Gio and Sam said they would like to go to the room. Alice said she wanted another drink, and we would be in shortly. I gave they one of my two keys and they were off.
Alice said she wanted to talk to me. Her and Sam decided that he would be with Gio, and she would be with me. Alice told Sam he could not touch her or kiss her unless she initiates it. He said that would be fine. She said to me she was interested in putting on a hot show for Sam. She wanted to show him how hot she could be and how far she can go. He was beginning to show a diminished level of bringing her to new places. She said she wanted me to take her and be aggressive not mean but take charge and make her feel unsure where it was going. She would be accommodating to almost anything and wanted Sam to see that and she would be submissive. She said this was your lucky night. Are you ready she asked?
Giving me this recipe for the evening could get out of control I said. I can handle anything you want and will respond accordingly.
She said Gio told me you could be trusted on the extreme limits as she was blown away when she was in the room with you and your wife and her husband. She said it was one of her best nights. So, if I say NO that does not mean to stop. If I say STOP that means stop.
OK got it, I am ready, but one more tequila.
The room had one bed and Gio and Sam christened it as we were still in the Lounge talking. When we entered the room , they were on the sofa with the hotel robes on and asked for the tequila. I gave them the bottle to pour their drinks. I then walked over and sat on the side of the bed. Alice started to get undressed, and I firmly told her I will undress you. She was facing me, and I began to unbutton her dress. I opened the dress and started kissing her tight soft tummy. She pulled my shirt off and I took off my pants. I stood up and got behind her and took her dress from her shoulders and it fell to the floor. I unhooked her bra and placed her hands on her breast and my hands over hers. She started squeezing her nipples and I moved my hands all over her hands and softly pressed her breast. I took her right hand and I put it in her panties and inserted three of my fingers and three of her fingers into her vagina. She was soaking wet, and she moved her thumb in place and played with her clitoris.
After a couple minutes of finger play, I pulled our hands out of her wet vagina put our fingers on her lips and she began to lick them as did I. We licked our fingers clean. It was a beautiful tasting. I took off her panties and pushed her on the bed. She rested on her elbows, and I penetrated from behind. I pounded as hard as I could, and she fell forward, and I withdrew. She never once looked at her husband. I gently slapped her ass, she jumped a bit and asked for more. I slapped her again a few times and she climbed on the bed, laid her head on the pillow and as I climbed on top of her beautiful body, she repeatedly said fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard. I took her legs and spread them as far as they would go, and I entered her wet pussy and pounded away. I was remembering each thrust.
Gio and Sam got on the bed laid next to us and could feel the thrusting and energy we were generating. Sam was on his back and Gio climbed on him kissed him and then went down on him and started sucking him hard and deep. Sam was looking at us, Alice never looked at him. Alice stopped me as I was pounding her, and she switched positions climbing on top. She went at is as hard and as fast as she could. It was incredible with her husband watching. Gio climbed on Sam and both the women were on top going at it. Alice moaned “play with my ass, play with my ass, don’t stop." I massaged her beautiful ass until she came.
When she slowed down, I moved my finger to insert it in her ass she said STOP. She leaned down and whispered, "isn’t that your shower time preference?" It seems Gio explained that anal sex in the shower is what we did privately when we would leave a room and head into the shower generally to clean up. If it was at all possible, I got even harder.
I rolled Alice off to her side facing Sam and inserted my three fingers back into her soaking wet vagina. I then inserted another finger and gently my hand. This was a signal what was to come. I was giving an opportunity to say STOP. She moaned NO..NO! Knowing it was a go slowly I withdraw my hand and reinserted it with my fingers and thumb all touching the tips in an elongated shape. Gently I inserted my hand in her wet vagina and it appeared to be very smooth and slid in effortlessly. Once inside I slowly made a fist. She was moaning and moving around to feel the experience of my entire fist inside her. She was on her side facing Sam not sure if he was aware of what she was permitting to happen. Once my fist was in, she moaned loudly I slowly moved it in a circular motion, but she took over and directed her movement. At that moment I knew she loved it. Not sure if she ever let that happen before. When she slowed down, I believe she had cum. I slowly pulled my hand out and we both licked it clean, and I think that gave Sam an idea what had just happened.
I then turned her completely over and I moved my knees up as far as I could just under the sides of her breasts. I thrust from behind with all the power I could and then I was ready to explode. As I pounded her, Sam, Gio and I could clearly hear her unadulterated moans. I think that was the message to Sam. I said I want to come on your tits. She said do it and put some on my lips. Sam heard the dialog as he laid there so close. Then Gio moved to sit on his face. I accommodated Alice’s request and shot my load on her and rubbed it all over her breasts and chest. I placed my still hard cock on her lips, and she licked it and sucked it as cum kept coming, directing it into her mouth. Sam was still watching.
He turned Gio over and they went at it hard. His cum was all over Gio as well. They laid there watching. It seemed that both the ladies were enjoying the evening. I hoped Sam enjoyed watching his wife getting pleased.
Alice and I laid there for a while then she softly stroked me and went down on me gently, she began sucking my cock. She is facing Sam now looking at him and then closed her eyes with my cock in her mouth and sucking me harder and harder. I began to get hard again and she suggested we go shower. I said I am ready to go again, she said I know.
Sam and Gio started again with Sam going down on Gio again. He seemed to love her flavor and reactions to his performing oral on her.
Alice and I got up, my erection standing proud, we headed to the shower. We got in the shower she began to soap me down and washing my cock began sucking it a bit and then turned around. She put her hands on the wall and bent over and I began fucking her again and it was incredible. She said take me and fuck my ass. I pulled out and put some liquid soap on my penis and gently enter her. She flinched a bit and moaned feeling a bit of pain but when I was all in, I asked if she was OK, and she said, "go for it I’m fine. Fuck me and come in me…. come in me hard…. go for it this is so fucking hot…you are great."
I didn’t take long to come, and she said she loved it. She stayed resting in that position as I washed my penis. I then went back into her vagina again before I lost my erection.
It was a great recipe she had planned, and I hope Sam will benefit from it. At least I hope he is OK with watching her performance. While in the bathroom she said she didn’t want to leave and if Sam is Ok with it could she stay until the morning. I said sure if Sam drives Gio home I can drive you in the morning. I said maybe it would be fun to ask Sam and Gio to stay so we could enjoy the four of us together? I told her I would think Sam would appreciate that request and I am sure he is ready to give you what you wanted to get from this encounter. For the record, I would love to have you and Gio at some point tonight with Sam joining in if he chooses. I said the invite for Sam and Gio would be better than sending them home and you staying here unless of course they want to go and be alone.
When we entered the room Gio, and Sam were in bed next to each other. It was apparent they enjoyed their time together. I asked if they would like to stay over. Sam said he was ready to go home but thanks for the suggestion. Alice jumped in saying she would like to spend the night if that was OK. We could all stay and change things up and just have an open foursome free for all.
There was a slow response to that suggestion, and it was determined that Sam wanted to leave. To break the ice Gio suggested she could spend the night if Sam wanted Alice to leave with him or Alice could stay as well. If nothing else she said to Sam, you could stay and watch a great show happen. I said to Sam why don’t you and Alice share sometime together and Gio and I will rekindle our friendship in bed next to you? Sam was determined to leave.
I thanked Sam and Alice for indulging in this wonderful evening together and how much I appreciated it. A memory forever. When Sam left the room to go to the restroom Alice said to me any time you want to get together just call and she gave me her number. I said I would if Sam approves. I would love to have you and Gio together. She said that could happen and Gio smiled. Gio got up from the bed put the robe on and said can you drive me home in the morning? And do you have any gas left in you tank tonight? I smiled for you of course.
Sam asked Alice to get dressed and thanked everyone for an incredible time. He went over to kiss Gio and Alice came over and kissed me goodbye. I said to Alice I hope the RECIPE works!! She smiled and said it worked for me!!!!

Not all swinger stories are 100% true, but I assure you this one is. This happened to us almost 20 years ago, but to the best of my recollection this is exactly what happened....
Many years ago, in our early 30s and recently married, we visited relatives who lived on the West Coast of Florida near the beach. We like Florida's nude beaches but there were none there we knew of, so we went down to the public beach. Down the beach a ways we saw a large penninsula jutting out into the ocean, covered in vegetation and palm trees. Somebody told us it was a bird sanctuary with a 5 mile perimeter trail for day hikes. We were bored so decided to check it out.
The hike around the penninsula felt long in the intense Florida sun, and we felt certain we were alone so I playfully convinced my wife (M) to take off her top.  She shot it at me like a rubber band and I stuffed it in the pocket of my bathing trunks. We walked around the bend at the tip of the penninsula and were startled to see a man sitting in a small clearing several feet back from the shore. Embarrassed, M immediately covered her bare breasts with her hands and apologized to him. He chuckled and said "No worries. Lots of people come out here to be topless. The beach patrol doesn't come out on the island". We smiled and continued along our way when he said "Wait, it's another 3 miles in that direction. You should bring water!" and he reached into a cooler and produced two ice cold bottles of water. "Please," he said "This sun can really dehydrate you". We were hot and thirsty and, touched by this kind gesture, we stopped and let him approach us.
Up close he reminded me of an aging Clark Gable with a full head of white hair and a thin white caterpillar mustache, aged somewhere around 70, and definitely a local retiree. "Do you two live around here?" he asked. We explained we were just visiting and that we had just come from a couple days stay at Paradise Lakes nudist resort in Tampa, so M was unaccustomed to wearing a top. He gestured toward his empty clearing and said "Folks come here to get nude all the time. On the weekends there may be a dozen or so nudists here". Then he paused and asked "Would either of you be offended if I removed my trunks?"
That caught us off guard. His question was met with awkward silence and we both felt the sudden urge to leave... yet we stayed. It was only then we noticed he was wearing skimpy, purple, satin bikini briefs with a bow tied on one side. He turned to walk back to his chair, pulled the string and dropped his skimpy briefs in the sand, then approached us completely nude. Like many nudist retirees we've seen in Florida, his body was hairless and a dark shade of brown. But his cock was bigger and thicker than I expected, and seemed partially erect as he stood in front of us. "Tell me about your time at Paradise Lakes" he said with a smile. "They have wonderful parties there. Did you attend any?"
Any one who knows Paradise Lakes knows that the private after-hours parties are where the swing scene there comes to life. He read us perfectly. He knew we weren't just a vanilla couple on a beach stroll. This was early in our Lifestyle days but yes, we were swingers, and my topless swinger wife stood in front of him unfazed by his nudity. As we began to chat about Paradise Lakes he approached M, gestured toward her breasts, and simply asked "May I?" She looked at me but not with a look of fear or flight. More a smirk of "I can't believe I'm doing this", then she parted her hands away from her chest and the naked old man started groping my wife's tits right in front of me.
Nobody was sure where this was going, but I figured M would NOT want to fuck or blow him. So hoping to spare M anything unpleasant I whispered, loud enough for him to hear, "Let him jerk off on your tits". She gave me another look that said "good idea" and knelt, her eyes locked with mine, then I heard the meaty "slap" of his big horsecock against my wife's moist sweaty tits. He slapped his cock against each one several times then rubbed it all over them as it grew bigger and stiffer. She let out a moan which was a relief because I was worried she might be freaked out by this scene we suddenly found ourselves in.
As the old man jerked furiously at my wife's tits, stopping briefly only to slap them with his horsecock, another dark brown Florida retiree in skimpy bikini briefs suddenly appeared! As he approached, M shot me a look and I prepared to keep him at bay.  But instead of approaching M he approached our friend, got right behind him, and started pinching his nipples! Suddenly it dawned on me that this was a place for gay cruising - a place where men met for anonymous sex! Our friend clearly loved the nipple pinching, and after another minute or two, with a mighty roar he blasted his load onto M's tits. As soon as the heavy spurts stopped the second man dropped to his knees, grabbed our friend's horsecock and sucked out the last drops! Having already been in the Lifestyle about a year we thought we were experienced, but neither M nor I had ever seen anything quite like this before!
With the two retirees now occupied with each other, and us feeling a little weirded out, this seemed a perfect time to leave - except now M's tits were covered in thick spunk. She tried to wipe it off with her hand but the goo just hung down from her hand in ropes. The second man offered me his beach towel which i used to wipe M's tits. I handed it back, shook hands with our two new friends, then we smiled and waved as we continued our way along the beach with our now warm bottles of water.
Later that day we returned to our relatives who asked "How was the beach"?
"Oh my God," M replied "IT WAS SO AWESOME"!

I walked out of the clinic and sat in my car, couldn't get what happened in the morning out of my head.  Throughout the day I kept daydreaming.  I was still on a high, when it suddenly hit me... what the fuck did I do?  This sudden rush of embarrassment came over me, I buried my face in my hands and took a couple deep breaths.  This followed by a rush of excitement.  
With my eyes closed, I could still feel him; I could feel his hands on my waist as he kissed me, as he pulled me closer to him.  I was reliving it all, his hard cock, how I held it in my hand, how hard it felt, how it filled my mouth.  I started to breathe deeply, my body tensed up and my pussy began to swell, I could feel it.  Excitement took over and almost unknowingly, I reached down and rubbed my hands over my scrubs, with slight pressure I pushed down on my clit and tightly closed my thighs around my hand.  
I smiled and told myself it's ok, I enjoyed it and it was good.  There is nothing to be ashamed of and I persuaded myself to be ok with this. 
I started the car, blasted the AC because I could feel my body hot all over. As I backed out of the parking spot and began my way home for what I thought would be my last day from this building I glanced over to the corner of the building and through the window could see him talking on the phone. 
The way home was a blur, my head caught up on so many thoughts.  This was brand new to me, I guess I didn't know how to be or how it felt to be sexually free.  This sadly was only the third guy I had been with and I could not remember any other experience making me feel like I did right then.  Not to say that sex hasn't been good in the past, but this combination of how good it felt physically and how for the first time I was feeling like I did something for myself without any thought on anything or anyone else was exhilarating.  I was confused... but it was good!  
I got home and went directly to my room. I quickly got out of my scrubs down to my panties and bra.  I sat at the edge of the bed and again my mind was pulled to earlier in the day.  I dropped back on to the bed, my breath deep and slow and my hands on my stomach staring at the ceiling. I rubbed my hands up my stomach and over my breast and squeezed, crossed my legs over my ankles squeezing my thighs together.  I continued to rub my left hand over my bra as I moved my right hand down, hovering over my stomach to the edge of my panties.  Running my fingers under the elastic band pushing my hand further down feeling the warmth.  My panties were soaking wet, the back of my hand feeling the warm dampness as I continued down.  I slid my middle finger, following the opening a top until I had slight pressure over my clit.  It was erect and sensitive, covered in the silky smooth product of my excitement.  
I rubbed lightly in a circular motion while bringing my index finger together.  My body tensed up, my eyes closed and mind returned to earlier in the day.  Feeling as if I had unnecessary obstacles in my way I sat up, reached behind me and unhooked my bra, pushed my shoulders forward and let the bra slip forward and down to the floor.  I moved back on to my bed, while pushing up with my heels I grabbed onto my panties and pushed them down over my thighs.  With my head now on my pillow, I finished pushing my panties over my knees and with a swift move of my legs pushed them off me with my foot.   
Laying naked, feeling so free I continued.  I began to fantasize once again.  My mind began to race and think of what I could potentially be capable of.  It was a sexually freeing experience to have sex with a married man who was my supervisor in the clinic.  It made me feel naughty and slutty, all new feelings but realized that they had always been hidden deep inside me.  
I continued where I left off. With my knees slightly bent and spread open it gave me the room I needed to reach further down.  Left hand back to my breast, covering my tit squeezing, putting pressure over my nipple.  My right hand back to my wet pussy, I continued down to follow the slit from my clit as my lips spread.  The way was slick and warm without resistance, continuing running my middle and ring finger putting pressure until I reached the opening between my lips. I pressed inward, my pussy taking my fingers in without any hesitation.  My fingers were no comparison to his hard cock, but it reminded of the feeling I had earlier.  I pressed as deep as I could go, spreading my fingers to open as much as I could and bending them upward pressing as deep and as close to my g spot.  I spent a few seconds rubbing, going in and out covering my hand in my wetness. 
I returned to my clit and continued to rub around it putting pressure on it and coming off it just enough to gather more of my pussy juices.  I felt my body warm as my breathing became fast and shallow.  I rubbed harder and faster, tightened my grip over my nipple, pushed my head harder back into my pillow and my toes curled as my hips pushed forward.  It didn't take long for the sexual buildup to overflow into climax.  I held my breath and the contractions of the amazing orgasm took control.  I moaned loudly, took my grip to the sheets and once again held pressure over my clit and closed my legs tightly.  I felt my clit jump at my fingertips with every full body contraction.  
Slowly I relaxed, with deep breaths my body opened, my hands at my sides I laid there with a smile.  After a few minutes catching my breath, I got up and went straight to a warm shower. I had a feeling I just scratched the surface of my adventures. 
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"Follow me..." Mike walked quickly down the narrow street, lined with shops. Jan was matching his pace with a very intent look on her pretty face, "I think I know exactly where it is," Mike explained.
As they continued their fast pace, Mike looked at Jan and added. "If you want, we could ask if one of these shops has a restroom?"
"No, just hurry, I'll be ok." Jan had been needing to 'go' since they'd left Ybor City over an hour ago but just hadn't seen an appropriate accommodation.
"I told you I knew," Mike smiled as they stopped in front of their destination, his great memory having come through once again. "I knew you'd save the day... as usual," Jan smiled as she continued her fast pace into the public restroom located in the square.
"Feel better?" Mike smiled and put his arm around Jan's shoulder as she came out. "Much!" Jan reached around Mike's waist, glanced to see if anyone was watching, then let her hand slide down and steal a quick feel of his ass.
As the two walked, much more slowly now, nobody would have guessed how very long they'd been together as friends and lovers. The sidewalk was crowded with tourists as it was the height of Snowbird season in Florida. Usually, Mike and Jan liked to visit Tarpon Springs in the summer when it was less crowded, but they had been to the R/V show in Tampa today, and Jan just couldn't resist a Greek salad on the way home.
"Same place? Or would you like to try a new place?" Mike asked as they zig-zagged through the tourists making their way down the street. "Whatever you want, but I really like the salads there," Jan answered, then stopped suddenly and pulled Mike to a stop also. "Here, stand over there, under the mural," Jan motioned to the wall that had a mural of a sponge fishing boat.
Mike complied, and Jan moved a little into the street and turned on the new digital camera they'd just gotten. "Ok, smile." How could Mike help but smile? He was with his beautiful wife and knew precisely what she was wearing under her fairly conservative clothes. Very unconservative black bra and panties! After the photo-moment Mike took the liberty of reaching his hand, which was hanging down from Jan's shoulder, into her open shirt just enough to feel the soft skin of her upper breast.
"Love you!" Mike said softly as they walked without looking in Jan's direction. "Love you too," was Jan's instant response.
"Well, what do you think?" Mike stopped in front of their usual restaurant, which was very crowded. "Sure, if we can get a table," Jan said as she looked around, then added, "I'd like a sidewalk table, do you think we can?"
Mike went inside and with his uncanny ability to make people smile, persuaded them to let him have a prime sidewalk table. The service and food were always exceptional at this restaurant, and the view from the sidewalk was great. Just across the street was the canal lined with the old sponge boats. The street and sidewalks were crowded with people from all different states and countries, all different customs and dress... and sometimes lack of dress. People watching was good today, and Mike and Jan both enjoyed people watching!
"Look at the guy with the blue cap." Jan nodded toward a man across the street from them. "Doesn't he look a little like Greg?"Jan replied, "Yeah, he does a little. I wonder if he's got the same type of equipment in those jeans?"
Mike winked at Jan and grinned. "Mike!" Jan scolded her husband for his crude remark, then looked back at the stranger as he walked away. "I don't know...," Jan spoke softly, "but a little nicer ass than Greg... almost as nice as yours."
"You want drink?" a strong voice suddenly interrupted. Mike and Jan were startled a little, and their trance was broken, by the assertive voice of the waitress. "I'm sorry?" Jan answered, not exactly knowing what the waitress had said.
"You want drink while you look at menu?" The waitress was obviously not American, which wasn't unusual for Florida. A lot of young people from all over the world come to visit and work while they're here. She was tall, about 5' 10" or more, slender but definitely not skinny, not pretty but somehow attractive.
"What do you have on draft?" Mike looked at her name tag as he spoke. Irene, the waitress, listed off the choices and Mike chose one. "I'll just have ice water please," Jan added.
Irene, the waitress, replied, "Ok, you look at menu while I get drinks." As Irene walked quickly away, Mike noticed that she had a very nice ass. She was probably an athlete or at least worked out a lot because her legs were well shaped and muscular, and her ass showed to be very firm in the close-fitting skirt.
"Not bad, huh?" Jan reached over and placed her hand on Mike's. "Yeah, uh, she's cute." Mike didn't want to seem like he was more interested in the waitress than Jan.
"Hey, I don't mind... she is cute... in a dominant sort of way." Jan smiled then continued, "We'd better look at the menu and decide before she gets back or she might punish us." Mike laughed and added, "Yeah, she is a little assertive, isn't she? But, with that ass, I'd let her give us instructions."
"I don't know..." Jan pondered a moment then continued, "she looks pretty tough." They both laughed and continued making small talk about Irene and what she might be like.
Even though it was the lunch rush, on a very busy day during the busiest season, the meal was served quickly and was extremely good as usual. While Mike and Jan ate, they watched as Irene worked. She was good at working her tables and good at working the other young waiters, who seemed to obey her every demand. Whatever she asked them to do, she would end her question with 'Baby' which made the guys smile and obey. She had control, and they enjoyed doing her bidding.
"Should we go ahead and leave and let someone else have this table?" Mike had considered another beer but wanted Jan's opinion. "No, I think the rush is about over, and it's so nice here," Jan said as she looked up as the waitress was just passing by. "Irene, could I have a glass of red wine, and another beer for Mike? Unless you need this table for someone waiting."
Irene stopped for the first time since they'd been watching her. "No, you stay. We are near finished with rush. I bring drinks in moment." Irene smiled warmly, and her manner changed suddenly to a very un-dominant, friendly, young woman.
While they waited for their drinks, Mike picked up the new camera and took several shots of Jan. Then Jan took a couple of Mike. As she snapped the third, Irene was back with the beer and two glasses of wine. "Here," Irene reached for the camera and took it from Jan, "you let me." Irene backed away from the table, almost into the street, and took several shots of Mike and Jan together.
Then she came back to the table, handed the camera back to Jan and pulled a chair from another table, and sat down. "Could I join?" She moved the beer to Mike and one of the wines to Jan. The third glass of wine was in front of her. "My treat, you very nice couple." With a smile, Irene raised her glass up and out to the center of the small table. Mike and Jan raised theirs as well. Then Irene continued, "To friendly people." They clicked their glasses and had a sip. "I finish with work for today. Now I relax. Most people in hurry and not friendly with waiters."
"Well, that's the way it is here in the winter." Mike tried to apologize for the tourists. "Everyone is so self-involved that they sometimes ignore other people's feelings. But, about you, where are you from?"
"From Germany, near Bonn. Family live there long time," Irene explained.
"What brought you here to Florida?" Jan asked. Irene replied, "I want to see USA, and Florida, so I get visa to study photo and art. I teach art at school back home."
"Really, I was in education too," Jan smiled, then continued, "How long have you been here?"
"Near six months, I go home soon," Irene said somewhat sadly. Then she looked at Jan closely, then at Mike. "You nice couple, I like you looks. You friendly, you look like lovers, I like take pictures. You do me favor?"
"Sure, of course, with our camera?" Jan wasn't sure what Irene meant, but she knew she was starting to really like this young woman. When Jan glanced at Mike, she could tell that he, also, liked what he saw. A lot! She knew that look in his blue eyes so well.
"No, not that camera, my camera." Irene thought a few seconds for the right words then finished. "My place, not far." Jan looked at Mike, and they both instantly agreed. Mike paid the bill as the two women started walking down the sidewalk, talking. As Mike hurried to catch up, he again watched Irene's nice muscular ass as she walked. He also looked at his Jan and thought how even though Irene was much younger, a lot of men would pick Jan if given the choice of the two. Jan looked pretty damn good today too. Mike caught up, and the three talked as they walked through the back streets the short distance to Irene's apartment.
"Oh, wow!" Mike couldn't help commenting as they walked in and he saw the pictures hanging everywhere in the small apartment. "Are all of these your work?"
"Yes, I take lots more," Irene explained, "these ones I keep. You like?" Mike and Jan were both examining the numerous photos. Most were of individuals, some of other couples. All were provocative poses with the subjects in various stages of undress. "Yeah... yes, I think they're great," Mike said very honestly.
"They are very well done," Jan added then continued. "Who are the people?" Irene looked at Jan and smiled, then smiled at Mike. "Just like you. People I meet and like. It ok with you?"
Irene's smile was intoxicating. Mike and Jan were aroused by what they saw in the photos. They usually wouldn't consider allowing a near stranger to photograph themselves in anything close to the way the other pictures were, but, they looked into each other's eyes, and both agreed. "Sure, of course," Jan was the first to speak. "I'd love to as well," Mike added, then turned to Irene. "Just show us what to do."
Irene walked over to a cabinet and got out a very elaborate camera and began to make adjustments. Then, when she had it the way she wanted, Irene sat it down on the table. Looking straight at Mike and Jan, Irene began to unbutton her shirt and pull the tail out from inside her skirt. "I make you comfortable if I undress some too." Irene continued to take her shirt off, revealing her simple white bra. "You take shirts off too?"
Mike watched as Irene removed her bra, exposing very nice, but not very large, breasts. Her nipples were hard, and her breasts looked very firm. He easily slipped his pull-over sweater off and stood and watched as Jan slowly removed her shirt, exposing her very sexy black bra. "You leave bra on for now," Irene smiling at Jan. "So sexy... I like."
Irene had grabbed up the camera in a very quick move and was already clicking away. After numerous shots of Mike and Jan just standing there, Irene finally spoke. "You hug, you kiss, please."
They needed no further instructions. The photos around them, the excitement of the situation, and the fact that this sexy young woman was so near had them both very sensually aroused. Mike pulled Jan to him, and their mouths met. He kissed Jan as he had kissed her so many times before. Exploring her mouth, feeling her soft lips on his own. His hands found Jan's back and slid slowly down to the ass that he loved.
Jan returned the kiss and let her tongue go into Mike's mouth. She had her arms up and around his neck and felt his hands taking liberties with her ass. After a few minutes of this, she wanted, no needed, more.
Jan reached down between them and undid the belt and button that held her skirt up. Pulling slightly apart from Mike, she allowed the skirt to fall to the floor and kicked it away. Now, standing close to Mike with nothing on but her bra and the skimpy black panties, she could feel his hands much better. As the couple continued the long kiss, and Mike continued his exploration of the nice ass, they felt another set of hands between them.
"You go on. I help with pants," Irene's voice indicated she was much nearer than they were aware she had been, but they knew instantly what she was doing. Mike released Jan just enough to allow Irene to unbutton his jeans and then work them down and off. As soon as they were off, Irene once more moved away and began to take more photos.
"Now take off bra." Irene's voice seemed to be from a distant domain. There, but not there. But, as in a dream state, the instructions were obeyed and Mike reached up and undid the snap that held Jan's bra. As Jan's beautiful breasts were exposed the two lovers heard what sounded like a low moan coming from Irene's direction. Mike lowered his head until he could take one of Jan's firm nipples into his mouth and began to suck it.
Jan started to moan herself with the wonderful sensation of his mouth working on her nipple. When she opened her eyes, she glanced at Irene and smiled. Not only at the camera, but at the sight of Irene. With the camera in one hand, Irene had the other inside of her skirt. Jan reached down and turned Mike's head in the direction to allow him to see this sexy sight as well. Mike, as his head turned enough to see, stood back up, and hugging, the two watched as their photographer masturbated and took more pictures of them.
Then, sensing it was time, Mike reached down and slid Jan's panties off, and then lowered his own underwear, his fully erect cock standing straight out. Again, the two heard a slight moan from Irene's side of the room. Jan reached down and began to stroke the length of Mike's cock with her hand, then slowly kissed her way down his neck, chest, and belly until his cock was pointing straight at her mouth.
As Jan began to take his cock into her mouth, she looked directly at the camera and winked. The camera continued clicking away as Jan gave Mike a wonderful blow-job. Mike felt the sensation reaching uncontrollable levels, and not wanting to end this erotic situation now, pulled Jan's head away from his throbbing cock.
He then led Jan a few feet to a couch, sat her down with her legs apart, and began to give back the oral satisfaction he'd just received. Kneeling in front of Jan he was able to fully access her beautiful wet opening. He glanced up to see that Jan's eyes were closed and she was pinching her nipples with her hands.
At the same instant, he felt a hand on his ass and another under him holding his cock. Mike reached back and felt Irene's body close. With some maneuvering, he was able to reach her chest and hold her firm young breast.
When Jan opened her eyes momentarily, she saw what was happening. Seeing Irene behind her husband, knowing the two were also fondling each other as Mike continued to do such an excellent job on her wet pussy, was too much to take. Jan began what would be a very long climax. As she came down the sensation of Mike's mouth was too much for her sensitive clitoris, so she pushed his head away. When Mike glanced up at his satisfied wife, he saw her smile and motion for him to turn around. Mike smiled back and whispered, "I love you." Jan mouthed the same words back, then added, "enjoy her."
Mike turned around, pulled Irene to him, and met her lips with his. She kissed Mike deeply, and her small tongue explored his. He felt her firm tits against his chest and sliding his hands down her sides, felt her slender waist and then her nice hips and ass.
After a long passionate kiss, Irene again reached down and had Mike's cock in her hand. Mike managed to undo Irene's belt and worked her skirt off and under her knees on the floor. Now he had better access to her nice ass as he slipped his hands inside the back of her silky panties.
They continued kissing and exploring each other's bodies. Jan sat on the couch and watched as her husband, just a few feet away, was savoring this young woman's body. In a way, she felt a twinge of jealousy but remembered the times that Mike had allowed her to enjoy a moment with other men, and how it was just that, a moment of enjoyment. Then, with the jealousy changing to erotic stimulation, she relaxed and enjoyed the view. Irene was sexy. Mike was very sexy... and her's!
Mike was amazed at how talented Irene's hands were. She seemed to know exactly how to stroke his throbbing cock. He began to release Irene's ass and move his hands around to her front. One of his hands came up to one of her nice firm tits, and he squeezed her hard nipple. He felt her groan into his mouth. His other hand began to work its way down her hard belly towards her pussy. But, just as he felt her soft pubic hair, one of her hands stopped his. "No, no, more there," Irene muttered, breaking their kiss momentarily, "on ass. Like hand on ass."
As Irene spoke, she had taken Mike's hand and moved it back around behind her and onto her nice ass again. Mike didn't mind. Irene had a wonderful body, great ass, and really nice tits. But, after a while, Mike's need was too great. He broke their kiss and turned to look at Jan questioningly. Jan smiled and nodded her ok to her husband. She knew Mike and knew that he needed to fuck to truly finish. But almost as soon as Mike and Jan had decided, Irene intervened. "No... please... you two make love." As she spoke, she broke partly away from Mike and tried to turn him back towards Jan. The move was quick, but not quick enough to hide what Irene intended to hide.
Mike looked down at Irene's panties with amazement. Jan, seeing Mike's astonishment, looked as well. Irene's panties were distended out from her feminine body. Irene looked embarrassed and tried to turn away to conceal her predicament, but Mike grabbed her shoulders softly and stopped her. Mike knew at once, as did Jan. They had often seen, and enjoyed seeing, photos of transsexuals. Nothing said would have put Irene at ease. So nothing was said.
Mike helped Irene to her feet in front of him. Mike's cock was in desperate need, and Jan knew too well what it needed. Jan moved her ass closer to the edge of the couch, allowing easy access for Mike's hard cock. Mike walked on his knees the short distance to the couch, pulling Irene with him, and easily slid his cock into Jan's wet pussy.
Mike then reached up and slipped Irene's panties out and over her erect cock and down her muscular legs. Jan leaned forward, and while being slowly fucked by Mike, took Irene's cock into her mouth and began to suck. She looked at Mike, whose face was just inches away, and grinned devilishly. Mike took the dare and began also to lick Irene's cock and small testicles as Jan continued sucking. Irene was pinching her own nipple with one hand, and with the other reached down and explored one of Jan's large breasts.
Mike began to fuck more purposefully as his need became too much. Knowing Mike's movements meant he was near, Jan released Irene's cock and allowed Mike to take it into his mouth. The feel of Mike's cock in her pussy, the feel of Irene's hand on her tit, and the sight of Mike sucking this young woman's cock was too much, and Jan began another strong orgasm. Mike felt Jan's pussy pulsate around his cock, felt the wetness turn to the squeaky-clean sensation that indicated a woman's orgasm, and then tasted the first small squirt of what would be many larger ones from Irene's cock into his mouth.
Mike started to cum, filling Jan's pussy with more cum than he thought he'd ever given in one session. As he continued shooting his cum into Jan, he kept feeling Irene's cum shooting into his mouth and throat. It was a very unique, a very exciting, a very damn good feeling.
"Wow! That's unbelievable!" Mike heard Jan exclaim. Mike knew it was Jan's voice but had never heard her sound quite like this before. Her voice was husky, smoky, and coming from somewhere raw and deep inside her sexual psyche.
Mike kept his cock in Jan and kept Irene's cock in his mouth for a very long time after they all had finished their climaxes. It just felt right. Jan had said it all for all three of them. It was just unbelievable. And they all three knew for certain that it would also be... Unforgettable!

The only 'threesome' I ever had - as a single guy - was something that happened not long before I met my wife. We've since had some fun together after getting married because my wife is very keen on 'the lifestyle'. She is dominant and I've accepted that I am submissive to her.
Now at the time of my first threesome, I wasn't the most experienced of guys. I was a virgin when I started college and I'd never considered anything kinky like BDSM. I was just your typical horny guy, one who hadn't had any sex since the break-up with his girlfriend over a year back! My first experience of group sex was unplanned and entirely random, but it was so disappointing and awkward that I've never told anyone about it. Even though I was drunk at the time, it's burnt into my memory. I'll never forget what happened that night. Here's my confession about my first male-female-female threesome...
After the end of my semester exams, I was out drinking with my friends. I'd had a few beers to build up my courage and I was looking to meet someone. I started talking to this girl whom I thought was cute. She was close to my age and seemed sort of shy at first too. I found her appealing because she wasn't as drunk as some of the other people in the bar. Our conversation was good considering where we were - a loud, crowded bar on the more expensive side of town. The egos matched the price of the drinks - inflated. I lived miles away in cheapass studentsville and didn't have lots of cash to splash around. But the place did have a great, cozy atmosphere and it was warm and inviting compared to the frozen darkness outside. My friends and I agreed that we were bunkered there for the night. I was happy with that because I had plenty of time to get to know the shy gal.
After about 2 hours of flirting and drinking we were all pretty drunk. It was going great with this gal and I hoped to get her number, when the timing was right. It was a very happy surprise to me when she suggested that we heat things up by going back to her place. Score! I quickly agreed, totally forgetting to ask for her phone number.
She told me she lived only a short walk from the bar. We left not long before closing time and walked 20 minutes in the freezing night to her place. The cold air seemed to wake both of us up. We kept a quick pace, but during the long walk, my nerves started to return. I confided to her that I hadn’t been with a girlfriend in over a year. She couldn’t believe it and said I was too cute to be single.
When I asked about her last relationship, she said it was only recent and changed the topic. I was thinking to myself, she must have had a bad breakup - when she suddenly started telling me that she found it exciting thinking about sex with someone she'd only just met. She told me that her pussy felt so hot that she was keen to get my clothes off! It was such a turn-on hearing her say that.
She said it so loud that anyone could hear, but the streets were empty at that time of night. Despite the cold and wet, her horny flirting had buzzed me again with excitement. Still, the 20 minute walk seemed like an eternity. I think we were both keen to get inside, pun intended!
When we finally arrived at her place, we went directly to her room to warm up beside the heater. We stood next to her window, her curtains still open with light shining onto the footpath outside. As we began kissing, I tried not to let my nerves show. My face was frozen and my hands were shaking but soon our bodies began warming each other up as we touched.
She started teasing me to take off the last of my clothes and dared me to do some warm up exercises with her, then to run back outside together into the snow. I was having none of that - I knew what I wanted.
Suddenly, she said something that really surprised me. This shy, cute, drunk gal told me that she was bi-sexual. She said she would ask her roommate to join us, IF I wanted her to - then she looked at me, smiling like she'd just executed her secret plan of action for the night. Of course I said yes! The idea of a threesome really turned me on.
I already knew the roomie was gorgeous because I'd seen a photo of her flatmate as we hung up our jackets on the wall, when we first walked into the house. The hot buzz I felt at the bar had well and truly returned - I was ecstatic and felt like a king.
Then with a cheeky grin, she told me she'd get her friend IF I stripped completely naked in front of her bedroom window. She was teasing me that she wanted me to put on a show for her neighbors across the street. To push past my uncertainty, she started kissing me some more in a really hot way. I didn't need further encouragement! Dare accepted.
It was so late at night that I didn't care if people passing on the street could see me undress. I took off my clothes as quickly and sexily as I could. Without having had sex for a year, I thought that it wouldn't take me very long to get erect. But I still had a lot of alcohol in my system.
The house wasn’t that cold inside and I removed the last of my underwear standing beside the window. I looked at her as she checked out my body, the lights to her room shining brightly across my naked, moon-white skin.
Maybe it was my nerves or the fact that we had spent 20 minutes walking through snow but I was no where near hard. In fact, I was suffering from severe shrinkage. It happens and there's not much a guy can do about it sometimes. I tried to not to let my shyness overcome me and I stood my ground, appearing confident.
Beside her bedroom window, naked, with no erection in sight, she smirked at my frozen appendage then looked into my eyes. I probably did blush a little more than I would have liked. I could tell she was instantly amused.
My first one night stand and my worst nightmare were happening together. I had sex on my mind so I figured that if I could make it through the next few minutes, then I had the prospect of a MFF threesome with 2 attractive gals!
Somehow my body willed my erection and I began to stiffen in front of her. She watched, not saying anything - but giggling and grinning - as I grew. I could tell she was waiting for me to say something about my frozen state. I wasn't going to call any further attention to it, so that extra silent tension was heavy in the air. Luckily, my cock sprang into action.
It wriggled outwards like a snake looking for something to climb. It grew from nothing but an acorn to a more respectable size - her eyes glinting as she stared at my expansion. As my erection grew, she first looked down, then up - her eyes meeting mine - then down again at the movement of my cock. Eventually she couldn't contain herself and she burst out laughing at my display. I didn't care, heat had flooded my body with my arousal. But I could tell she was fascinated by what she'd just seen.
Within moments I was fully erect and ready for sex with a girl I’d only met a few hours ago! By now she was only wearing a thin shirt and I could see her nipples harden in front of me. My confidence returned again as my cock grew beside the window, showing her and the neighbors how horny I was. Dare completed!
I was thinking how wild the night could be. Her silence had really turned me on. I imagined how she would look naked and how I could please two women at once -both of whom were basically strangers. I stood there for what seemed like a long time but it was probably only seconds. She hadn't moved, hadn't really spoken - she'd just watched as I got horny in front of her. It was a very hot moment etched into my mind forever. If sex with a stranger always felt like this, I decided that I was into it!
With a beaming smile, she turned and left the room. True to her word, she went to get her flatmate who was obviously still awake, with music playing through the walls. I could hear their giggles but couldn't make out their conversation. Waiting there, standing naked, I knew enough to pretend that I was a confident lover. I wanted to do my best to hide my inexperience and wouldn't let nerves get the better of me in front of two women. I still couldn't believe my luck to have met a woman like her!
when my shy, drunk gal returned, her roomie looked even more gorgeous in real life than her photo on the wall. My cock involuntarily throbbed as her eyes dropped straight to my erection. The roomie squealed when she saw me standing there naked and hard! She erupted into laughter as my drunken shy gal grinned from ear-to-ear with her reaction. I literally started throbbing in front of them! What else could I do but smile and say 'Nice to meet you, I'm your naked surprise!' We all started laughing at that. I felt I'd broken the ice with the other gal too.
It was hot watching her check me out like her friend done had only moments before. They both walked over to me, smiling and chatting, all the time openly staring at what I had on display. I completely stopped caring that my butt was visible through the window to anyone passing on the street. I really was a king.
The gorgeous roomie whispered something to my cute, shy gal. They shrieked with laughter. I admit that part of me was curios what they'd just said to each other but I didn't really care at that point. I was busy encouraging them to join me and get more comfortable. I probably did start blushing because my lips dried out and my nerves seemed to return. I tried not to show that though.
I told them to take off their clothes but the roomie said I’d have to turn them on first. Seriously, another dare... what now I asked? How could I turn them on?
The roomie kind of looked down at my body and nodded at my cock. She stared, looked up at me, then back down. Not long after, my shy gal started doing the same thing, following her lead. They were waiting for me to do something. But their huge grins giving the game away. As they watched me throb, I could tell they wanted me to jerk for them. I started to briefly jerked myself, then stopped.
They cheered encouragement. In the next few minutes, I did everything they asked. I stroked myself in front of them beside the window. I deliberately interrupted my jerking, trying to make conversation. I'd briefly touch it, then stop again because otherwise I knew I would quickly lose control. I was so turned on.
I knew I had to slow down things down and focus on them. So I kept encouraging each gal to strip for me. But to my frustration, they only teased me some more - grabbing their tits through their shirts, pulling their bra straps. They'd tell me to turn to the side or to show them my backside, teasing me that I should twerk for the whole street to watch. They played with my cock whilst slapping my butt, making comments on my body, touching my arms and chest.
I was drunk and horny - I wanted a threesome. I did everything they asked, thinking it was foreplay that would turn them on. Their extra attention WAS turning me on - a little too much. I was throbbing and getting closer to coming. They knew. I was so painfully hard that they could see how stiff my cock was! Aching for their pussy....
Gradually, I began to realize what they were doing - relentlessly teasing me - yet ignoring my requests for them to take off the last of their clothes. They'd give a bit of a strip tease, then stop. I wanted to get laid and didn't want to come in front of them this way. I wanted to see them naked and have a threesome. After a year without satisfaction, I really, really, really wanted sex. I need to get in bed and fuck like a stallion. There's no way I wanted to come in seconds or give a lousy performance to either woman.
I kept resisting them, trying to slow myself down. They kept pressing, telling me to keep jerking, telling me to cum for them. It became a battle of wills as I jerked. I tried to turn the conversation away from me, back to them. I'd ask that they play with themselves. I'd talk about seeing their breasts. They'd constantly turn the topic back to me.
When nothing worked to divert their attention, I suppose I started to get frustrated. The roomie was sober and had played me like a fiddle. The more I resisted, the stronger her teasing and direction. Our banter changed and her instructions became more forceful and assured. It’s blur but I remember saying out of frustration that I may as well put my shirt on and go home. I didn't know what else to do or say. That's when my shy, drunk gal from the bar finally started speaking up.
I thought she'd put her roomie in place but instead, she turned to me. She spoke to me in the playful way she had earlier, daring me to show my cock to the street. Truthfully it was a turn on but I was also kind of shocked.
She looked me straight in the eyes and said 'there's two girls watching and no way to get home'. She was right, it was so late that my cheap public transport options had stopped their service for the night. I faced an expensive ride home using money that I didn't have. I was stuck and not able to respond. When I didn't say anything, she got bolder. She said there was 'no-one else around who'd help that hard little dick get off. Shut up, enjoy it and cum!' I was speechless, stunned by her directness.
I’d never been spoken to like that before. Naturally the roomie burst out laughing. My silence must have been some kind of permission for her to turn into a boss-mamma. I couldn’t believe what she had said after that! I was so horny but in shock at being bossed like that.
My cock started to deflate with my confusion. Uncertainty grew in my mind. Was this a game? Pretty soon, they started chanting, 'cum, cum, cum' and it was clear what they wanted. They knew I needed to cum, but mentally I hadn't committed to giving them a visual performance to completion... not in this way!
My drunk mind had a decision to make. Either I face the cold snow outside or I do what they ask, then hope for action later. I agreed to cum for them. They cheered their victory! Mission-ary denied.
After that, I accepted that they were in control and I followed their instructions. I'd lost confidence that they would listen to me anyway. I was at that point where I really needed to come. The roomie manipulated everything from then on. I still figured that, after I jerked for them, they would finish undressing and we could have the threesome together.
As I stroked myself willingly for them now, I imagined their naked flesh. I stared at their half-naked bodies as they gradually flashed a little more boob, some leg, some butt. I was their game, their toy to play with. They knew what they were doing.
The more I gave into their requests, the harder my cock grew. They were telling me to jerk hard, then slow, hard, then slow. Eventually they told me to stop jerking it all together. As I stood there right on the edge of cumming, they started asking me questions about my sex life and what turned me on.
I stayed right at the edge as they asked about my experience and I confessed my secrets. My cock started bouncing around, I tried not to come. They cheered and laughed the whole time. I asked them to touch me, suck me or to undress so I could see their pussies. They were amused at my desperation and the horny actions of a sex-starved guy with a really hard cock.
They got me to close to an explosive orgasm so many times. I literally squeezed my cock muscles to stop it from throbbing. I have never been so erect, before or since, because of two merciless gals like them. That night I became a slave to the desires of two women, and ever since, I've been submissive in bed. Nowadays, my wife enjoys taking advantage of that. At the time, I was... fighting for my manhood!
The roomie started making stronger comments about my 'hard little cock' – she wanted to know my size. Well, I’m not big and I was embarrassed to tell her. The drunken shy gal whom I thought I'd had a connection with straight out told me that I was smaller than her smallest boyfriend. Ouch. Roomie giggled and said the same. The conversation had shifted to how small I was. I couldn't have been more embarrassed!
With a cherry red face, they told me not to worry about it. There I stood, at the edge of cumming. Really, it's the last thing any guy wants to talk about! But they did - and - they could see what their conversation was doing to me. Whenever they got me close to cumming, they'd stop, then talk some more about my throbbing cock. The roomie kept asking for my size and I kept avoiding specifics. Finally I told her that it was just below average. She didn’t believe me.
I’d given up and felt driven insane with this conversation and my sexual exposure. She suggested that she would measure me and I agreed to let her have her fun. Then she reached over and held onto my cock just long enough that she could measure it against the length of her iphone. Held close up like that, they both saw that her iphone was about 50% longer than my own length.
I couldn't take it anymore. With her hand still gently touching my skin, I lost control of myself. I reached out, grabbed her breasts through her shirt and moaned that I needed her pussy. I was an animal - and - I came all over her legs! Despite my absolute embarrassment at what had just happened, cumming as she measured me, her touch of my cock had set me off. I reached insanity and beyond. Mission-ary FAIL.
Shy gal was watching and laughing. The roomie was shrieking as I spurted onto her body. I came in buckets as they laughed at their success. Afterwards, I couldn’t believe the things they'd been saying about my size. I have thought about that moment many times since.
My cock wilted after my cork was popped. Embarrassment flooded into me. I felt very stupid. I'd wanted sex but instead I'd just cum onto a gal's legs, unable to last. They both knew why and couldn't stop laughing.
Although they had both stripped a little for me as part of their teasing, they'd kept their underwear on the whole time. With my frustration released, I wondered what would happen next. I didn't have to wait long.
The manipulative roomie suggested that after my little show, I should clean myself up. She told me that I 'smelled of beer and cum' and she made a big deal about the fact there was no way she would be able to 'fuck a beer can. My courage was shrinking like my cock. I played along and did what she said.
The bathroom was directly opposite the bedroom, so I agreed that I'd wash my body for them as they watched. I walked out, leaving both doors open. As soon as I left the room and started the shower, I could hear them talking and whispering.
I had time to think about what had happened. They were laughing at my expense and I knew it to the core. Then I realized that the roomie was speaking to someone on her phone. I prayed that she wasn't telling whoever was on the line about what had just happened!
Then I was stuck with a shocking thought that I didn't want to have. I realized that when the roomie had first come into the room, she'd had her phone in her hand... and kept it there the whole time. I was so focused on my nakedness and distracted by the thought of sex, that I hadn't thought about that fact. She could have been recording me through all of it! I thought it unlikely and dismissed it.
I rushed to finish my shower, trying to keep calm and to fend off rising anxiety. I did not want to admit defeat and nerves weren't going to help. I was still horny. They'd both gotten what they wanted but what did I get? Although I felt humiliated at being used and laughed at, I resolved to man up and fuck with my inner stallion. I WANTED to have sex! I was going to take charge and see this through to the end.
I made myself hard again, wanking as shy gal came into the bathroom to watch me. She teased me that I was a horny pervert, wanking in front of two gals, then wanking again alone in the shower. I suppose for her it was confirmation that everything that had happened was enjoyable for me too.
Once I'd showered, I decided to steal my moment. I walked out naked and erect, my cock swaying as I confidently approached the roomie who was still in the bedroom talking on the phone. Both gals had pulled their bra straps up and fixed their shirts. But I had the determination of a man who knew he was going to have sex.
Whilst gorgeous roomie was gossiping to whoever, I scooted up behind her. I pressed my cock up and between her panties from behind at the same time as I drove my hands into the front of her panties. She squealed as my, fingers found her smooth, wet pussy! She instantly ended her phone conversation.
I could tell she wasn't angry. But she squirmed like a fish, trying to get out of my touch. She was amused but didn't bend to my will. She pushed me from her. By that stage I didn't care. My eyes were locked onto her exposed pussy.
I walked forward to her, presenting my hard cock like a prize for her naked flesh. She looked down and laughed. As she did, I reached up and under her shirt, handling her bra to expose her nipple. I wanted her badly.
I told her that I loved cumming over her legs but now I wanted to kiss and fuck. I demanded that she get into bed with her friend so I could take them both. She pushed me away again as she pulled up her panties and tried to fix herself.
I told her to stop and to take them off. Shy gal had watched all this but then started telling me off for being a horny pig. I ignored her at first. I'm not sure how she knew to do it, but the roomie looked down at my erection, shook her head in a 'no, no, no' sad face way and told me that she wouldn't be fucking my little cock. I couldn't help it, I started to blush.
Embarrassed by her rejection, I turned to the shy gal who was calling me a dirty perv. I walked over and tried to kiss her too. I jumped on her like I did her flat mate. They'd created this horny monster. I shoved my hand up and under her bra whilst my other hand dove for her pussy. She was ready for that and resisted, but I didn't care. I'd had enough of being a play thing.
I suppose their shrieking at my animal behavior woke me up from my sexual haze. I'd been trying my best to be sexually confident with both of them. When I realized they weren't comfortable with me turning the tables, I pulled away. I still had an ounce of respect that this was a mutual thing we were all doing together. I stopped physically driving forward but still wanted to show what I wanted. I tried getting more verbal and commanded them to get into bed with me. Neither budged. We were at an impasse.
Neither gal was willing to let me take their clothes off. I'd gotten borderline out of control in the process. Next thing I know, the roomie is saying that it was her boyfriend on the phone. He wanted to know why she'd ended the call. She told me that he was on his way over.
Shy gal exclaimed, 'oh shit, Z is with him. They were out together tonight.' Roomie followed that up by telling me that both their boyfriends were in the car and not far away.
I felt this was bullshit but worried that if it wasn't, things could get awkward if two guys caught me naked like this. Roomie looked down and said my little guy had run out of puff. Time's up, should have jerked faster!
What?!!! I couldn’t believe their crap! They were backing each other up now, telling me that nothing more could happen tonight. I was being thanked for my 'little' show and moved on. The roomie said something like, 'the party is over bigboy' and started pushing me out of the room.
When I realized they were serious, my cock shrunk to an acorn again. I was sickened by anger but what could I do? The roomie guided me out of the room, naked, ignoring that I was trying to talk to the gal who invited me home. She said it looked like I had really enjoyed myself but that it was now time to go. She kept repeating that their boyfriends would be around any moment.
Defeated, I stepped away, covered myself and said I needed my clothes. I was kind of in shock, disgusted and embarrassed at being used. I didn’t feel comfortable naked in front of them anymore. My shy gal from the bar handed my things to me. She apologized, telling me that said she’d see me again during the week. Then she recalled that we hadn't exchanged phone numbers. She asked for mine and entered it into her phone. As I was dressing, shy bar gal wrote on a PostIt papernote her number and a brief message, then handed that to me.
I noticed her roomie had angled the phone in her hand towards me again. My doubts about being filmed crept up. Instinctively, I shied away. As I was leaving, I read the message that the shy gal had written - thanks for the memories.
I'd lost interest now and didn't find that cute or funny. The way the roomie was still holding her phone in a way that made me suspect this was all a set up. Thinking back, she definitely could have been filming the whole time. I kick myself that I didn't have the courage to confront her.
After I was dressed, bar gal walked me to the door and told me it was time to go. I couldn’t think of anything else to do or say. Half-dressed, I left the house, walked around the corner and put on my jacket. I called an Uber and in the next 15 -20 minutes as I waited outside in the cold, I watched their street. No-one showed up to their house. There'd been no reason to rush me out!
I knew I'd been played but I didn’t want to go back, banging on their front door to start a fight. Instead, I called the number on the PostIt that she’d given me. It was a fake! That confirmed everything - neither were interested in sex with me. I think the threesome was a ruse to get me to do whatever they wanted. Which I stupidly did.
I was cold and pissed off! For the whole journey home and for weeks after, I had surges of shame. I had shown them EVERYTHING and told them all my sexual secrets. But all I got out of it was their laughter and amusement at my “little” performance. Even though I felt sexually used for such a long time, that night became all I could think about.
The roomie had made it obvious after she measured me against her phone what she had really thought about my member. I am certain that they both laughed afterwards and who knows if she actually had a boyfriend. I didn’t tell any of my friends about that night but I can guess that she did.
As my friends had met my shy gal at the bar, they of course asked me how it went with her. They knew that we'd left together before closing time. I was too embarrassed to say hod I'd been used and rejected. Instead, I told them that she'd gotten cold feet on the way home and that we didn’t get it on together. I didn't go out for months after that.
Gradually my shame ended. I've never returned to that bar or gone to that side of town again - out of fear that I'd run into either of those two gals! For a long time, I was afraid that they might say something to my friends because I'd never live it down.
Over the next year, my confidence returned and I started going out again, wanting to meet someone. But inevitably, I'd luck out, get drunk and go home alone. That's when I'd start to think about what happened to me. It became a cycle of arousal. Eventually it became a regular routine for me to jerk myself thinking about them and what they told me to do.
After about six months of dating my wife, I finally discussed some of my darker fantasies. When I told her that I jerk off uncontrollably thinking of two hot women rejecting me... she wasn't that surprised. She'd sensed I was submissive. That gave her permission to try out being more dominant with me and she discovered that she likes to be in control.
Our discussion has started us on a path to a hotwife/ cuckold relationship. We have male-male-female MMF threesomes where my wife fucks a hung bull in front of me. I'm allowed to watch but not to touch myself. Her cuckolding drives me crazy!
Instead, I have to save my need to masturbate for our MFF threesomes. They are different from the norm because I don't actually have sex with the other woman. My wife does! She has two bi-female friends whom I get to see naked and I love jerking off for them. They watch and tell me what to do.
The best part about that is, through their circle of friends, I even got to jerk off in front of a hens group! It was through a friend of friend connection. The bi-friend knew that I liked to perform and volunteered me for the hens night. I was driven naked to the house, wearing nothing but a mask and a robe. It was one of the biggest turn-ons of my life, but not the best.
Nothing can eclipse that first time - cumming by a window on a cold winter night in front of two college gals. I often fantasize about if they are still living in that house together, with my wife knocking on their door. I know for a fact that she would send me into them, without a mask or a robe, and have me repeat my performance one more time. It's a pity that shy gal never gave me her number!



By ViSexual, in Swinger's Surprise,

When I was 22 I read a poem that changed my direction in life. It was 'Cycle' by Ron McKuen. The lines that kept coming back to me for days, weeks, and even months after were, ‘Only lonely men know freedom. Love, as lovely as it is, still ensnares. Is it better then to be on the outside in the dark and free, or caged contentedly, yet still looking out beyond the bars’?
Was I lonely? I really think not. I had great friends who shared great adventures with me. I had access to some very interesting, and very sexy young women.
But was I really happy? I wondered.
I remember thinking about just what made me happy. I enjoyed the respect from my fellow adventurers. I enjoyed the intimacies from the young women I knew. And, as I always had, I enjoyed a good sandwich.
But I noticed that some of my friends had one thing more than me. And they seemed to cherish that one thing more than any of our adventures. They had a partner, a friend with benefits, a soulmate. They had a wife.
One day, in a remote location with no outside influences, I decided to map out a possible change in the direction of my life. I decided to consider a real, lasting, relationship.
But I knew from my own past experiences that a pretty face, nice tits, and a great little ass can make you overlook the big picture so I decided to make a check list. I even put together a grading system to go along with each category. From that moment on, if I had more than one date with the same young lady, I would begin to rate each category that might apply from each new encounter.
There was one young lady from my recent past at the time that did pass my testing system but she was in my past and too far away to rekindle anything.
I believe I mentioned that I like sandwiches. I’m a pretty darn good cook, if I say so myself, but I’m not really into big meals. Give me a loaf of bread, some kind of meat and cheese, a jar of Miracle Whip and I’m good for the day.
And I do know how to keep a place clean, do my own laundry and even iron my own clothes.
I never really cared for my mother and didn’t want another one. And I didn’t want a maid either.
Two years later and more young ladies than I’d expect you to believe, I had a blind date. I didn’t want to go on that date and I found out later that neither did the young lady. But one of my co-workers and her best friend at the time decided we should meet.
Looks, check! Personality, check! Intelligence, check! Religious beliefs, check! Sex, check. And on down the list, check, check, check!
We married three months after that first blind date almost 47 years ago. Besides all of the wonderful sex, I remember our first moment of incompatibility. I don’t know if it was one of the first days after we wed but she had prepared a complete meal with a roast and several sides. I had been at work and when I came home, I just wanted to get that sweet young thing back in bed. But she smiled and suggested we eat ‘food’ first. I noticed the table with the roast and other stuff, got out my loaf of bread and the jar of Miracle Whip from the fridge and made a couple of sandwiches, ate them, and waited for her to eat whatever she had on her plate and pulled her back into the bedroom.
After our sex, I noticed that her feelings were hurt. I knew that she’d gone to some amount of trouble to prepare the meal but I also knew that pretending to be something I wasn’t wouldn’t be a good thing. I think that was the first, of more than one, time that I said, “I don’t want another mother”.
In looking back, maybe we should have written our own wedding vows? I might have included, ‘not my mother’, after ‘I take you to be my lawful wedded wife’.
Now I’m sure that the vows were the standard ones. Hey, we weren’t paying that much attention, we just wanted the legal document because she wouldn’t just live with me.
Now I don’t know if I ever gave thought to the vow, ‘forsake all others’, or not. I know that I’ve never been the jealous or possessive type and don’t think I was back then. I was always more of the ‘save the last dance for me’ kind of guy.
We were married around three years when really good friends, a couple we’d known for a couple of years, explained how being friends can involve more than just good conversation.
And that experience led to similar experiences with three other married couples and one single guy and his girlfriend.
I remember the single guy asking me for a repeat, but with another lady friend of his. I, of course after discussing it with my wife, agreed. I knew that she liked the guy and so did I. I don’t think he even told me what this other girlfriend was like because it didn’t matter. We liked him.
A couple of days before the date, he said that the girlfriend couldn’t make it. We were really disappointed but told him we understood.
Did I mention that I like sandwiches? I look back and realize the err in my ways at the time. I should have simply said that it wasn’t a problem and that he should come by himself. I loved my young wife. I loved her being happy. I loved seeing her enjoying anything that gave her joy. I believe that I would have enjoyed being one of the slices of bread as much as she would have enjoyed being the meat and cheese.

Hello again, some of you have asked about another chapter in the novel I’m working on. The truth is I’ve been busy with another project and have been tinkering with this one sporadically. A few months ago I posted what I planned on being the first chapter in this. After some thought, I decided to expand on one of the characters more and came up with this as the first chapter and moving the other post to a later section.
One of the aspects I’m attempting to portray is both the traumatic as well as the pleasurable side of the lifestyle. In this chapter, I illustrate what most in the lifestyle find as the subject of their nightmares. Instead of seeing it through the eyes of the participants I chose to see it through the eyes of the apparent victim. Being it’s in the form of a novel I wanted to lead the reader to a desire to read further to answer the questions presented.
Again your thoughts are welcomed, drop me a line and let me know what you think. Also, let me know if this chapter would motivate you to want to read on if you picked up a book and read this as the first chapter.
Chapter I
Barbra Jones grew up as the only child of loving parents in a rural setting outside Elkhart, Indiana. Both parents took stringent steps to ensure their daughter is afforded every opportunity for a distinguished life. Educated in the most prestigious parochial schools from preschool through high school, the focus of her life was on her becoming a well educated righteous and God fearing woman. From her earliest memory, her structured existence included church every Sunday and grace before every meal.
Barbra's parents were both professionals, her father, Johnathon a prominent cardiologist and her mother, Marideth, a successful attorney. Other than a strong religious foundation, education became the second most crucial aspect of her being. By Barbra's junior year, the fruits of her parent's labors begin paying dividends when the academic scholarships started showing up in the mail.
In early March Barbra received the scholarship offer the family waited on with nervous anticipation. The full ride academic scholarship from the University of Notre Dame is the crowning achievement in Barbra's young life. From the day this scholarship arrived the following five years is established. She would spend one more year ensuring her GPA remained high, and then she would move to South Bend to attend college.
Time passed in a blur of activity for Barbra. She served as student body president her senior year. In April she learned she would be Valedictorian for her graduating class. With all her activities, her preparation for college, along with the swim team and debate club Barbra had no time for boys or any type of relationships outside her family.
Every stage of Barbra's life passed with seamless ease. She barely noticed when childhood gave way to adolescence. Her next transition she expected to be just as smooth as all the others. At eighteen years old she's too busy to give much thought to what she's missed out on during each period of her life, or anticipate what she might face in the next. Barbra's existence was goal focused, give up the things most teenagers take for granite to reap more significant rewards later in life.
On a warm April afternoon, Barbra arrived home after spending several hours in the library researching aspects of her graduation speech. On entering the kitchen, she found her mother placing the finishing touches on a sandwich tray. "This looks great mom, do you mind if I eat one, I'm starved."
"Keep your hands out of there young lady, we're hosting card club tonight. But I could use a hand serving tonight if you would like to pitch in and help?"
"Spending a night serving a group of old people isn't my idea of a good time Mom, no thanks."
Marideth gave her daughter a knowing glance. "Speaking of tonight, what do you have planned honey?"
"Nothing really, Beckey and I are going out with some girls from school. We will probably just hang out together having fun."
"You aren't going to be with a bunch of boys are you?' Marideth asked.
"Mother, you know full well that you keep me far too busy to spend time with boys."
"There better not be. Barbra you're at the brink of seeing your goals come true, and you don't want to screw that up. Boys your age only want one thing, and that would only lead to problems at this point in your life."
"Please Mother, I'm eighteen, and if I want to go out with a boy, I'm old enough to make my own choices."
Merideth gave Barbra a hug and a peck on the cheek. "You have fun honey, you deserve a little fun and to reward you for all your hard work. Why don't we extend your curfew till one o'clock tonight. But remember, no boys and no drinking."
"Thanks Mother, you're a real life saver, I would probably rape the first boy I met if every other word out of your mouth wasn't an admonishment to stay away from them. The fact that my next drink will be my first drink ever makes the drinking admonishment an eye-opening revelation also."
Barbra knew that her extended curfew probably had more to do with the card club than any reward for her. This group became the only social outlet her parents participated in regularly. They had formed the club before Barbra was born and met once every month to play Pedro. Each month one of the eight couples would host the event in the setting of a potluck dinner, cocktails, and cards.
Barbra had bid her mother goodnight and had opened the front door to leave as the first of the guests arrived. After giving Mr. and Mrs. Thorn a friendly peck in passing, Barbra made her way to her car.
From the start, Barbra's night failed to proceed as she planned. When Barbra showed up to pick Beckey up, Beckey met her at the door with a sheepish expression. "I can't make it tonight Barbra. Bobby called and asked me out, and I couldn't tell him no. Please don't be mad, you're aware of how long I waited for him to work up the nerve to ask me out."
"No problem, you two have fun, and I'll talk to you tomorrow. Be careful though" Barbra told her friend.
Barbra drove to Bill's Drive-In, the local burger stand where all the kids from school hung-out on the weekends. Over the next couple of hours, friends would stop and chat before continuing on with their evening. Some invited her to one party or another, to which she politely declined. Barbra secretly longed for the normalcy of a teenager's life. Having a boyfriend, going on dates, and having things to do that weren't totally goal focused. She realized that in time she would be grateful for her parent's strict insistence on the regimental life she'd grown up experiencing. But this realization did little to improve the way she felt tonight.
She understood the necessity to remain focused on her education instead of what all the other girls were enjoying. Barbra also realized how wrong it was engaging in sexual activities before marriage. But in all honesty if not for parental insistence she would enjoy exploring the same secret pleasures as those friends of hers would be experiencing tonight.
It reached the point to where Barbra felt out of place. Everybody was doing their own thing, and she didn't fit in with those activities. Most of her friends were polite and spoke to her, but it is evident her attitude didn't conform with what they had in mind. By the time Barbra pulled out of Bill's she was depressed and feeling as low as she's experienced in years.
Arriving home, Barbra is forced to park in the street due to the seven cars belonging to the members of the club parked in and around the driveway. After entering the house through the garage, Barbra came to the kitchen. While preparing a cup of tea, Barbra noted with disgust that it wasn't even ten o'clock yet. It occurred to her that In her effort to gain academic success she became one of the most boring girls in town. As Barbra left to inform her parents about her being home, she experienced a pang of embarrassment. The entire card club was about to learn how boring her life was.
The sight she was met with when she turned from the hallway into the den sent Barbra into a state of shock. Her father was laying on his back on the floor naked with Mrs. Thorn straddling him. Barbra looked on in awe as her father's thick penis slid in and out of Mrs. Thorn. The truth was it was the only erect penis she had ever seen in person, but she had seen pictures, and he was by far more substantial than those. Instantly the thought which past through Barbra's mind was if her mother were to see him she is going to kill him.
The longer Barbra stared into the room, the better her eyes became accustomed to the dim light. A low moan drew her attention from her father. It took a moment for everything to register. Her beautiful mother was standing sideways in front of her, bent over at the waist. The erotic beauty of her mother displayed as she was took Barbra's breath away and became the only aspect in the room she's able to focus on.
After a few moments, the actions of the three became clear. All three were naked and sexually engaging with one another. In shocked disbelief, Barbra absorbed the image of the penis of the man other than her father sliding erotically in and out of her virtuous mother. With each of his thrusts, Barbra marveled at the sensual sway of her mother's breast. The fixated expression on her mother as she paid homage to the cock of the man standing before her. The way her mother would twist and stroke his erect manhood before taking it all the way inside her throat. Barbra found herself fixated on the exotic contortions of her mother's face as the man continued to fuck her from behind in slow deep rhythmic strokes.
Barbra had never so much as seen her parents nude, and indeed never engaging in sex. Staring at her mother, the only thing she could think of was her mother was beautiful. Never had the thought of her mother as a sexual being crossed Barbra's mind, but watching her now, the way her breasts swayed every time he thrust his dick into her, her shapely body, creamy skin, her long legs, all formed one of the sexiest visions she had ever witnessed. And especially the way her mother's eyes closed as she slid her lips over his hard cock. Unable to help herself, Barbra was becoming aroused.
Every member of the group of friends was engaged in some form of sex. Barbra never gave any thought to people of this age having sex, much less involved in an orgy. They all had to be almost forty if not older, and Barbra considered this type of activity something customary for young people, not for people her parent's age.
Then, from out of nowhere, a woman squatted over her fathers face. She was undulating her vagina over his mouth as he appeared to be attempting to devour her.
Her mother is now being held by her hips as the man behind her is forcefully slamming himself in and out of her pussy. The penis of the man before her mother is buried to the hilt in her mouth while his balls dangle under her chin. With a handful of hair on each side of her head, he's thrusting himself into her throat. Barbra looks on in amazement as her mother cups his testicles as she fucks his cock with her willing mouth. She hears him vulgarly telling her mother, "oh baby don't stop, keep doing it like that it feels so good, oh fuck I'm cumming baby. Oh, my God woman, swallow all my jizz, suck every drop of my cum from my cock like that. Oh god, Meridith, you're the best cock sucker I ever experienced."
Several moments later her mother backed her head off the cock she brought to an orgasm. Instead of her being upset by the things this man told her, she appears pleased. As she looks up into his eyes, she runs her tongue over the tip of his manhood with a sexy smile. The man fucking her thrusts himself all the way inside her and begins to convulse in his own orgasm.
Barbra slowly backed away, embarrassed and confused by what she had witnessed. She had not only seen her mother treated like a whore but also the amount of enjoyment received from being treated in that way. Her father was having sex with two women at the same time, and her mother didn't seem to mind at all.
For the next hour, she sat curled up on her bed in a state of shock. Barbra rose from the bed as if having an out of body experience. Staring at her reflection in the mirror of her dresser she removes one article of clothing at a time until she's examining her naked image. In shock, Barbra realizes her body is a near mirror image of her mothers'. At five foot eight inches, she's tall. Her years on the swim team has molded her hundred and twenty pounds into a tight athletic body. The only detraction from the muscular form she strived for is her oversized breasts.
The other aspect of the image she saw is the glimmering sheen on the inside of her thighs. What she saw tonight is wrong in every way, for her entire life she has been taught never to engage in this form of depravity. Yet her parents relished the acts they were involved in. The most confusing aspect for Barbra wasn't in the decadence they were engaged in, it was from how much seeing them in that way stimulated her.
Incapable of removing the vision of her parents from her mind Barbra slid between her sheets naked. Unable to control the urge she slowly reached down and touched herself in a way she never had before. As her soft fingertip touched her clitoris, her young body experienced an almost electrical shock. The pleasure generated became more intense than any she's ever experienced. In mere moments, with her finger a blur over her clit, Barbra experienced her first orgasm.
Barbra spent a restless night with the images of her parent's activities flowing through her dreams. She was awakened the following morning by a soft tapping on her door, "Barbra honey, breakfast is ready. Get up and come down to join us." The normalcy of her mother's voice is out of character to the woman she witnessed last night.
"I'll be down in a minute Mom, let me get dressed." Barbra sat on the edge of the bed, shocked to find she was still naked. She waited while holding the sheet around her until she heard her mother walk away. She ran into her bathroom and jumped in the shower as she attempted to wash the filth she felt was caked on her body away.
Barbra immediately flopped down in her chair when she arrived in the kitchen, not trusting her wobbling legs to maintain her weight. Her father was quietly reading the Sunday paper to her left. The visualization in Barbra's mind as she glanced at him was of his enormous erect penis pounding into Mrs. Thorn.
Her mother said something which drew her attention, but Barbra had no idea what she said. Instead, as she glanced toward her mother the perception of her mother standing naked giving pleasure to two different men filled her mind. "Barbra, are you all right?" her mother asked in an authoritative tone.
"I'm fine, why?"
"Because I asked you three times if you want eggs and pancakes and you seemed to have been in a trance. Were you drinking last night Barbra?" her mother demanded.
Her mother's accusation angered Barbra, how dare she conduct herself as a whore then accuse her of something of this nature, knowing she never misbehaved in her life. "Did you just accuse me of something you're fully aware of my never engaging in Mother? I find this the most insulting thing I ever experienced from you." The glare exchanged between mother and daughter conveyed a female level of communication only understood by women.
Merideth's legs were suddenly too weak to maintain a standing position requiring her to grip the countertop to keep from slumping to the floor. With a wide-eyed expression of shock, she stared into Barbra's accusatory eyes and suddenly realized Barbra knew her secret.
Unaware of what to do or say Merideth stared pleadingly into her daughter's knowing stare. As Merideth took a tentative step toward Barbra, her daughter sprang from her chair and rushed from the room.
Once in her room tears of frustration flowed down Barbra's cheeks. She found herself more confused than either hurt or mad. Barbra isn't even disappointed in her parents. She didn't understand why they would portray something which apparently brought them a great deal of pleasure as something so evil. Her entire life Barbra had been taught the evils of sex and how it was morally wrong to engage in out of wedlock. Yet this message was not the values maintained by them.
With the truths of her existence now in question, Barbra was mentally lost. A soft knock on her bedroom door brought her mind back to the present. "Barbra, it's Mom, may I come in please?" When Barbra failed to answer Merideth slowly opened the door. Seeing Barbra's emotional state, Merideth closed the door behind her before sitting on the bed beside Barbra.
Mother and daughter sat together in awkward silence for several moments. "What's the matter honey, did something happen last night to upset you? Is it something you would like to discuss or something I might be able to help with?"
Barbra has so many questions she had no idea where to start. In the confused state she was in she knew she' was in no condition to approach any of this. "Yes Mother something upset me, and no, I don't want to talk about it right now. Maybe later, but I don't know if I'll ever be at a place in my mind which would allow me to speak about this."
Marideth stared at her daughter with pain-filled eyes for a long moment. "Barbra you can talk to me about anything without fear of my reaction. If somebody hurt you, tell me about it, I want to provide you with any help I can."
"Really Mother, your reaction isn't all that important to me any longer. My problem is I'm not sure I'm ready to hear any more of your lies. You lied to me about everything, and what bothers me is I believed everything you told me."
"Barbra how dare you to call me a liar, what's gotten into you?" her mother demanded.
"You can rest assured Mother whatever it is, it damn well wasn't two dicks at the same time!" Barbra shouted.
"Don't be rude, young lady, you're speaking to your mother."
"I'm well aware of who I'm talking to Mother, and I'm also aware that you and dad have been fucking lying to me for my entire life!" Barbra exclaimed.
"Barbra Jean, watch your language. I will not have that vulgarity used in my home."
"I'm sorry Mother, I didn't think a woman who takes care of men two at a time would be so offended by my language" Barbra replied sarcastically.
"Barbra, what are you talking about?"
"Oh give it up Mother. I came into the den last night to say goodnight and found you being fucked by one man while giving a blow job to another. So you can stop being the hypocrite you've always been and start being honest with me. Is there anything you told me factual or have you lied to me about everything in life?"
Merideth placed her head in her hands concealing her face. "Let me get your father, I think he needs to be included in this conversation."
"That's up to you, but I don't need for him to explain how much he enjoyed fucking Mrs. Thorn. I think if you insist on having a conversation with me you might as well cover the things I should be aware of before I explore the attraction of this activity for myself."
"Slow down honey, let's talk about this before you go off and do something you'll regret later. First of all, you're far too young to be engaging in sex. So it isn't necessary for you to be in a rush to start down that road" her mother told her.
"Isn't that a little hypocritical Mother? I'm not sure when you and Dad first started this group of yours, but I know you mentioned it was before I was born. Being you had me before your twentieth birthday, and I assume you didn't get pregnant the first time you and Daddy did it. I presume you started having sex when you were my age if not younger."
"Honey I'm so sorry," her mother said, "I never meant to embarrass you. I promise you we will never do anything like this again. Please tell me what I can do to make amends to you for the pain and confusion we've caused."
"Give it a rest Mother. If you would like to make it up to me, then start being honest with me. Both of you are good hard working people who gave me everything in life except for the truth. I don't believe either of you would engage in anything which is wrong. You're involved in something the two of you have enjoyed for the past twenty years. The only question I can come up with is why you both lied to me about this the entire time. If this behavior is alright for the two of you, then it should be good enough for me, being I'm no longer a child."
Meridith worked herself into a state of near hyperventilation. "Barbra are you saying, I mean do you mean, oh my God, do you want us to allow you to join us in this? You didn't really mean that did you honey?"
"Why not Mother? I've seen how much the two of you enjoy this activity. I couldn't think of a more enjoyable or safer way to be educated in becoming a sexually active adult. Of course, if you're not interested, I guess I can always go out on my own and find somebody to teach me all I need to know."
Merideth's face turned ashen as she stared at her daughter with a confused expression. After several moments of silence, she rose from the bed and opened the door. "John, John, would you please come here."
Johnathon stuck his head into the hallway from the den, "What do you need honey?"
"John I wouldn't have asked you to come up here if I didn't need you up here, now will you leave that damned game so we can get your input on this!" Merideth demanded.
John begrudgingly left his game and came into his daughter's room. "OK Merideth, I'm here. Now, what the hell is so important it couldn't have waited until after the game?"
"John, Barbra knows everything."
"Everything about what Merideth, what are you rambling about? What does she know about?"
Barbra interjected herself into the conversation. "I know you enjoyed fucking Mrs. Thorn, and the other woman seemed thrilled with your oral skills. I also know how much pleasure mother received from taking care of their husbands while you were seeing to their wives' desires. From the joy I observed from both of you, it was obvious the lies you been teaching me of a chaste life don't apply to the two of you."
"Barbra I'm sorry you saw what you did last night, this isn't what you think it was though. It was just that things got carried away and went too far. I can assure you it will never happen again" John explained.
"Daddy this has been going on since before I was born, and it's definitely something the two of you enjoy. I'm not asking the two of you to give up anything which brings you pleasure. What I'm asking is for you to explain the truth about all of this, and allow me the same pleasures the two of you find so much joy in now that I'm an adult."
"Barbra I know this must have shocked you and you haven't had time to think this through yet. Once you do, you'll understand you're too young to engage in something like this," John explained. "I think what we all should do is to pray for guidance while your mother and I make amends for the sins we've committed."
"Daddy you can do whatever you want to. You can ask God for the forgiveness of your sins over the last twenty years, you can claim I'm not old enough for the things you and mom enjoy and have enjoyed since you were my age, or you can help me understand the attraction of this. It doesn't matter what you decide to do I'm going to be exploring this one way or another. You can provide me with guidance, or I'll find somebody else who will explain these things to me. You need to understand that I'm going to be a woman in all sense of the word before I graduate."
Johnathon stared at his daughter in bewilderment. His mind felt as if it was frozen as no course of action came forth. "Barbra, I need a drink. After that, your mother and I should have a conversation before this goes any further. Would you mind giving us a little privacy for a few minutes and I promise you we'll continue this conversation then."
"Go ahead Daddy, have your little chat while I get myself together. I will meet you both in an hour if that would be alright with you."
Johnathon and Merideth glanced at each other as they walked down the stairs. After fixing them both a stiff drink, they continued to stare at one another with neither able to come up with a solution to the problem they knew they needed to find an answer to.
Exactly one hour later Johnathon was on his second scotch when Barbra walked into the den. Johnathon looked at her in a state of confusion as she entered the room. Her hair was styled as if planning on going out, she had applied a slight accent of make-up, and was in a pair of five-inch heels. Other than that she was wearing a white terrycloth robe. "I took a shower and feel much better now, I hope both of you have had a chance to come to grips with this."
"Barbra, I can understand how you must feel about this revelation. Your mother and I are at a loss as to how to express how sorry and remorseful we are to put you through this. We will do whatever it takes to prove to you we both love you and will do anything to make amends to you. Your request for us to explain this activity to you, however, is something you're too young to understand right now."
Barbra looked somberly at her father as she nodded her head in silent thought. Slowly she rose from her chair as she took a couple of steps toward the door. "Daddy, would you and mother mind honestly answering just one question for me?"
"If we can, we'll answer anything on your mind. What is it?"
Barbra paused for a moment before turning to face them both. As she did, she parted the robe and placed her lushes naked body on full display for both of them. "Do you honestly think this is the body of a woman who isn't old enough or mature enough for the secrets of sexual fulfillment? Or would have any trouble finding somebody willing to teach her those secrets?"
Johnathon stared in shocked disbelief at the mirror image of a body he had fallen in love with twenty years prior. With the clinical efficiency of a medical exam, he studied every curve and dimple.
With a satisfied smile, Barbra closed her robe. Staring directly at her father's crotch, "If that's any indication of the response I can expect I don't think I'll have any problem finding the help needed to learn the things I want to know."
As Barbra exited the den Johnathon absently glanced down toward his crotch to discover he was fully erect. As he attempted to conceal his reaction to seeing his daughter's display, he glanced at his wife. "Merideth, we've got a big problem with your daughter, and you need to come up with a way to rectify it."
"Johnathon, she's our daughter, not just mine."
"No, my daughter is an honor student on her way to Notre Dame. Your daughter is about to fuck all that up, now do something about it before it’s too late."

Our sex life is still fantastic. Roleplay during sex is still hot. Wife and I are enjoying the other guy possibility. We talked about it and she is a little interested but still reluctant.
She has a best friend growing up who she hasn't seen in years. They were close. I know her well. She had flirted and touched me in the past. One time she told me, "Why don't you come down here and do me?" I froze on the phone. A few seconds later she said, "I'm playing!" I thought of that for a long time. Me having sex with my wife's best friend! She was a hot Latina like my wife.
To this day still no infidelities between us. My possible swinger MFM fantasy has become an FMF fantasy. I obtained the girl's number. I text her. Back and forth. I'm not telling her who it is. She says no more games. I apologize using her nickname. A few minutes later she texts "who is this?!" Reeled her in. I tell her. We laugh. Reminisce a little. A little flirting back and forth.
I tell her the three of us should hang out. She is in another state. She says, "Hell yeah. We can arrange that. What dates?"
I'm going to look for tickets. I didn't think she would be so willing. She actually had me backpedaling like when we were younger. She says "I have family down south. "
Here's where I get brave. Maybe it's the weed. I tell her, "This is what we do. No kids. 3-4 days. Hotel. Dinner. Bar. Alcohol in the room. Patron and 420. Beach. Order in."
She's like that sounds great. I tell her don't tell my wife, I want her to be surprised. She agreed. In the next two months, I will start to open up to her before she gets here. It can only work if all three of us agree. But she is coming anyway. So we will be partying. Hoping to be swinging. If not then at least I'll get stoned on the beach.
Can't wait for your SWB responses...

This is a continuation of the previous story - "Women worthy of respect and attention"
My wife met me with her colleague and his family at their private party. I noticed that the relationship between his wife and him was very cold and at a distance, but with my wife, he was very close and often engaged in conversation. From my wife, I knew everything about him and his family and I knew that their love relationship had a lot of jealousy and misunderstanding, which had worsened things to where the relationship was a hell. I believe that the children were the only reason why they were still married and staying together.
We know everything about each other and we don't have any secrets from each other. I have long been aware from my wife that he found her very interesting and sexy and attractive, which makes me proud of my wife, and created in me a variety of naughty fantasies about my wife and him. But, she was a serious woman who just loved me, and how he felt did not matter to her and she was not interested.
I was always fascinated by the free and hot-blooded women, I could not resist them. Before my wife I had many times been with naughty women who were cheating on their boyfriends, on their husbands, ladies who have had multiple lovers at the same time, and those who did not want a serious relationship with me, but only good sex.
Since I was used to and in love with this kind of naughty women, I wanted to see my wife or my sweetheart make love with other men, such as my lovers did earlier.
At the beginning of our marriage she believed that this is only in my fantasy, but did not believe me that I really want her to do this, and she did not understand how I could want her to do something like that if I loved her? She was completely happy with having sex only with me, and she did not want to do something naughty either, she was a reputable and decent lady, and she values her self-esteem. For her, it is not necessary to experience something so embarrassing. But I knew that her colleague was very interesting and very attractive to her. He was much younger than my wife, and also he gave her lots of nice attention.
I often told my wife that she could embellish his life as his secret sweet lover. It would be nice for him and maybe better our friendship. He began more and more to flirt with my wife, and so on and on, and one day my wife says that she feels sad for him and for all his family problems with his wife.
My wife's job is such that she often went with colleagues on a business trip, so when she had to go on a business trip with him for a week, she asked me if she really can fuck him and if I really want her to do something like this with him? She wanted to know whether I would have been jealous if I knew she did this with him to give him a little bit of attention and to make him feel happier?
I was very surprised and it was not so much an easy question for me. I did not expect something like that, never from my wife; the woman whom I love very much, my respectable and proud wife.
I told her it's all okay, but I would like you to stay my good wife, the woman whom I'm proud of, the innocent woman that I love, and a woman who deserves attention and respect as any other lady. For this reason, I wanted to keep this just between you and me as our secret, he doesn't need to know that I know. I love you very much, you're my sweet darling, and such a good and naughty and very skillful lover, and I would like you to make me proud of you. Be careful, do not disappoint me with another man, especially not with him; show him why I am so proud of you as my wife and my irresistible lover. Fuck him as good as you do me and everything will be okay. That day we had a long talk, and after the discussion we made love.
Come the day of their journey, they took two separate rooms that were separated by the wall, and the wall had a door. The door was always open so that they are able to freely enjoy every pleasure. When he came in, he first walked over to her with his laptop asking her a suggestion, and then put his hand on her shoulder, and they started kissing passionately. He began slowly to undress my wife, moved her closer up to her bed, lowered his trousers, and insisted on making love. This first night they made love very wildly all night long.
The next evening, late at night, when they were returning from a restaurant to their hotel, everything was closed and they stopped at a cafe terrace. In the background, hidden from them, was a security camera pointed at them that they didn't notice. He picked up my wife and undid her blouse and saw that her breasts were bare without a bra. They were shaking slightly with big swollen nipples. From his back pocket, he pulled a can of whipped cream, put whipped cream on her tits, and started eagerly licking and sucking. He almost swallowing her sweetened nice swollen nipples and her tits. For her it was very exciting, she was very horny, and the uncertainty that someone could easily see them, it made her even hornier. Then he took off her panties, separated her legs, and put whipped cream around her pussy and began ever so greedily eating her extra sweetened natural nice and tasty and juicy pussy.
I can not see all this, but I could see enough and I could imagine how he enjoyed eating my wife's little innocent hairless completely naked puffy pussy. She went wild wiggling, screaming and groaning from pleasure. But that was not all, he finally dropped his pants so then I could clearly see his cock approaching her pussy. He rammed his hard dick into her innocent little pussy so ruthlessly, unmercifully rubbing his dick into her wet pussy so hard, victoriously, but without compassion for my innocent wife. He was penetrating so deeply into her and so rapidly, I was afraid that he would completely destroy her pussy, which my innocent wife did not deserve. But, she was fine until the end, she could handle him.
She was wiggling with his dick in her pussy in the best way she could do. She surprised me again with her lovemaking skills, she had indeed done the best she could. His face was clearly visible to me. He began pulsing and I knew he was pumping her innocent pussy full of sperm. I was so proud of her.
After that evening, each day after finishing work they were going together to the café every evening to enjoy something to drink in the nice atmosphere and to visit with the nice people. The manager of the cafe was particularly kind to them.
At the end of their business trip, the cafe manager gave to my wife a copy of the video footage that he saved from their lovemaking adventure on the terrace of his cafe. He told her he normally does not want to look at such things because his wife is very jealous and conservative. So I have no other copy, but I kept this only for јоу. My wife was very ashamed of and astonished by that surprise, but she took the tape and put in her bag.
After a while, my wife had suggested to her boss a MFM threesome with me. She told him that I'm not interested in men but often fantasize about jointly sharing her with another man. He did not agree to this, nor any other men with whom she wanted to join them to have sex. A few months later, he tried to persuade my wife to leave me and that together they would open a new business.
He was in love with her but he did not want to leave his wife. My wife was not in love with him, and she was disappointed in him and felt like a fool, but she felt very happy that I believed in her and especially she felt nice to feel desire from another man. For this reason, she now felt very sexy and provocative, and very proud of her naughty pussy, and I was very proud of my naughty wife. His wife was jealous, so my wife did not want to create problems for them and to herself, and did not want to continue making love with him without my presence. So from then on, they stayed just business colleagues.
I've also always wanted my wife to make love with a friend we know. He has a huge dick and all of our other friends were talking about him and his dick, but my wife did not want such thing, especially not with him. She was satisfied with my big cock, any more than that did not hold any interest for her.
In the next story, I'll write about how my wife accidentally seduced my best friend.

When I was younger I studied art painting, because most of all I like to paint, and I'm good in that. So I lived in unfamiliar cities with new friends. Two of my friends who were married had an affair with a secret lover who lived in the neighborhood. She was young and beautiful, her boyfriend had studied also, but quite far away from her. I was alone, and at that time I did not have a girlfriend, so this is why I also enjoyed being with them to share her together. She was extremely capable and good lover, and she was a very experienced and smart girl, ready for everything. For this reason, she has stayed in my menu of good memories.
Another unforgettable experience has been from one of my good friends, or girlfriend, or whatever she was. Her boyfriend was also the same as the other one the first person I mentioned, very often on military duty quite far away from her and very often.
I'm a man who loves boobs. I do not care however they are and whatever they were, I love them all equally, small and big. To me they all look extremely tempting and so inviting, especially as a most useful and irresistible erogenous zone. But on this my girlfriend was always unforgivable ruthless with me. She constantly provoked me, and she did not give me even a chance to kiss her nicely in the beginning. Her big nipples on her quite voluminous boobs, which are shaking and so intrusively appealing bunchy under her T-shirt, are always seeking kisses. Not only that, but also when she was walking around me, she very provocatively wiggles her buttocks on her little well-rounded ass. When I was at her flat she never wore panties, only a transparent topcoat or a mini skirt so that I could easily see her completely naked or the outline of her so tempting, irresistible puffy pussy.
It happened very often, especially in the beginning happened, that she would have sex with other guys, sometimes with an open bedroom door. I could hear her groans and screams of pleasure. I even could easily look at her, and I did. I watched her restless body, how it wriggled wonderfully when she was making love with different guys. But I thought, she was also with me and doing the same things, and many times. She wanted to be completely free, so what? Why not? She was a capable and good lover, like a sex machine, or the goddess of love. It's a wonderful experience to make love with such a woman, or watch such a wonderful woman in how she enjoys sex. How she so skillfully makes love with other men. In any case, she was another of my lovers with whom I have been very much in love, but unfortunately she did not want to be mine. Regardless of the fact that we had very similar desires and that I always wanted to enjoy a woman like that for my whole life.
I have had these and similar adventures very often in my life, and I was many times in love. I was with cold women also, which I found less interesting and less attractive. That's why I much more wanted to be with similar women as those I have described - very good hot irresistible lovers, some of the best lovers that exist, at least for me.
Therefore I always had wished and dreamed that my wife would also be something like those very highly experienced skillful lovers, and that with her we could jointly enjoy many different kinds of sexual pleasure, a healthy life, and also enjoy and take pleasure in our freedom.
When I met my wife, she was quite innocent, but deep in her I also saw an extremely hot tempting fuckable woman, or a very bad naughty woman. At the beginning of our marriage she knew that this is in my fantasy - that I like that she would have sex with other men, but she did not believe me that I really wanted to do that, and she did not want to do something like that either. She was a reputable and decent lady and so on, until one day. One of her younger business colleagues, who she found very attractive, he began to flirt with my wife, and to openly speak of his secrets from his private love problems between him and his wife and their secret stories.
My wife asked me if she can fuck him, and if I still want her, now that she's thinking of doing this with him. They are supposed to go on a business trip and they will sleep in the same hotel. She feels so sorry for him because of all his problems with his wife, and she wants to make his life much more beautiful so that he is also a happy man. She wants to give him a nice time and to spend time with him together. But I will write this in another story maybe: "My wife had sex with a friend from her job".

You may or may not believe that the story I am about to tell you is true. I am still trying to decide if it’s true myself. Names have been changed to protect both the guilty and innocent.
Ginger and I left the house as soon as the sitter entered the door. The constant tension in our shoulders melted away as we reclined in the leather seats of the Cadillac. Soft smiles creased our faces as we contemplated the next eight hours without responsibilities. Eight solid hours of ‘adults only’ stretched before us.
I wore a cream-colored short-sleeve button down shirt, tucked into designer jeans. The shirt and jeans accentuated my tall, muscular frame. A wide brown leather belt, brown leather lace-ups, and a bit of gold jewelry completed my look. They went well with my dark hair, becoming ‘distinguished with gray’ and parted at the side. My skin still held a hint of the tan from a recent trip to Jamaica.
Ginger wore bright yellow hot pants, and a form-fitting, off-white blouse. The clothes hugged her round chest, hips, and rear. The bright colors contrasted and accentuated the milk chocolate tone of her skin. Copper toned curls cascaded over her shoulders. Her thigh high boots revealed the barest glimmer of a smooth brown thigh which I could not resist caressing as I put the car in gear and pulled away from the curb.
“That guy’s an asshole” Ginger proclaimed and then took a sip of her Riesling. We had a seat on the patio in the sun at our favorite Sushi restaurant. I nibbled on bits of fish and drank diet pop while decompressing from a long week of battles won and lost. Ginger was venting about her opposing counsel in court. I agreed with her that he was indeed an asshole. It didn't matter what she said though. With the sun throwing highlights in her hair, and her long lashes batting at me, all that I could really concentrate on was her beauty. Wow! Her unique energy that transfixes the people around her, a glowing light that makes people want to be near her. All I really needed to decompress was to let her beauty wash over me.
We arrived at the club earlier than usual. Our desire to get out, coupled with light traffic made for quick easy travel. We giggled in nervous anticipation as we discussed what lay ahead. There were Gerri and John, a couple we had met at another club. They told us they would be out tonight, but people’s plans change. There was also Lacey and Robert, regulars that we had seen were signed up to attend the event that evening. There was also just the surprise factor of the unknown, that couple that we haven’t even met yet.
We walked in the door and immediately began chatting with Renee and the friends she was sitting with at the table. She was a tall caramel-skinned beauty with braids tied high in a bun on top of her head. She had given us the tour of the club the first night we came. By now she must be really tired as she has been running through my fantasies ever since. Her ebony eyes glistened as she laughed with Ginger and me. Her husband was quick with one-liners that kept us all amused.
Gerri and John practically walked into us as we were laughing and joking in front of the entrance. Gerri was a petite brunette with long dark straight hair below her shoulders. She wore a black dress and bright red high heeled shoes. Her dress displayed her ample decolletage that I got a full view of it as bent down to give her a kiss ‘hello’. Her husband John was tall and thin with grey and thinning hair in equal measure. He was always very quiet, but greeted us both with a warm smile.
While we were all laughing and joking John had found a table in the corner of the club and wanted to know if we would join them. I began drinking diet pop and laughing and joking with them and other members of the club. The game was on. Although it did give us a good topic of conversation, it was heading into overtime, which meant I was drinking a lot of diet pop.
Ginger and I went outside to get some air and ran into Lacey and Robert. Lacey was stunning! Long wavy blonde hair outlined her deep V-cut blouse, with soft features that underscored her piercing blue eyes. Robert was broad-chested with arms that appeared chiseled out of granite. He wore a tight thin shirt that showed off all the ripples and striations his muscles made when he moved. He had tightly cropped hair revealing his military background. We immediately hit it off like old friends and chatted away under the warm summer sky. Until the game came back on, that is. When they went back inside I thought this would be the perfect moment to confer with Ginger.
With the big game on, we assumed nothing would be happening until it was over. The only person we had played with before was Gerri. Her husband didn't even watch. Ginger wanted an extra guy involved and I couldn't blame her for that, but all the guys were watching the game. We went back inside and two girls who were dancing immediately grabbed Ginger, telling her how beautiful she was. They gestured me over and I could tell by how drunk they were this was nothing serious. Still, they were fun and we danced a bit with them and had a big group hug and kiss!! Wow, where did that come from?
I went to the bathroom (too much diet pop) and came out to see Lacey sitting alone! Smiling broadly I went over to her and let her know we would love to play with them. She responded with a kiss on the lips and said they will let us know after the game. Wow!!
Being out of diet pop I went over to get myself another and ran into Renee, again. We began laughing and joking as she told me about her new business ventures. As I needed to check in with Ginger I suggested we get together to play. Running her hand down my arm, with a sly smile she told me how much she ‘loves to play’ and would check with her husband, but she had to work until midnight. Wow!!
I returned to Ginger, Gerri, and John. The girls were tired of waiting for the game to end and wanted to find a room. I suggested to John that he come and at least watch, he said he would catch up. My beautiful wife and a petite, brunette all to me? Wow!
We found our ‘lucky room’. Ginger went off to the bathroom to freshen up. I closed the door turned around and Gerri was naked! Wow! When Ginger and I play, we do not start without the other. Gerri and I sat and chatted until Ginger returned.
Gerri began by helping me out of my shirt and running her hands over my chest. She kissed me with her tongue darting around the inside of her mouth. My wife’s hands wrapped around me from behind and she insisted I lay down on the bed. Each girl climbed on either side of me and began kissing me and each other alternatively. My wife asked me how much I was enjoying my all-girl sandwich, since she had greatly enjoyed her ‘manwich’ of a few weeks before. Wow! Soon Ginger was running her lips and tongue up and down my erection, while Gerri and I kissed.
We alternated positions to give Gerri the full attention she deserved. We each took a breast in our mouths while I rubbed Gerri’s clitoris. We had done this before and discussed how great it was, Gerri has infinitely soft breasts. She began convulsing her hips and moaning while Ginger and I alternated kissing her and each other. Gerri wanted my cock in her mouth and I was happy to oblige. Getting on my knees she began swallowing me whole as she rubbed Ginger’s clit. Ginger moaned with pleasure while we kissed over Gerri’s convulsing body. Soon Gerri’s convulsion made it impossible to continue with the blowjob. She was moaning loudly and thrusting her hips against my fingers as I rubbed her clit harder and fucked her with my fingers. Finally, a loud scream ripped from her lips and a puddle appeared on the bed as she reached climax. Ginger and I kissed each other in triumph.
‘Oh my god fuck me’ whispered Gerri. I only needed to hear that request once. I got up and grabbed a condom and had her sit on my throbbing hard penis. I laid back and Ginger sat on my face. Both girls were now enjoying the ride. Ginger’s clit was hyper engorged and protruded from between her legs like a beautiful bright pink flower bud. I licked and played with it with my tongue while Ginger moaned on top of my face. There was a pause in the motion and I could hear the girls giggling after they kissed each other.
Pretty soon I needed a break and came up for air. The girls decided to 69 while I got my breath. Ginger’s dark skin interlaced with Gerri’s pale shade made a perfect writhing and moaning symbol of love. It was beautiful. I needed to fuck my wife. Gerri spread her legs open at one end of the bed, while Ginger got on all fours between them. She leaned down showing me her perfectly brown hourglass hips and ass. Her vagina was pointing straight at my hard dick. I inserted it slowly inside her as a muffled moan came through a mouth full of Gerri’s vagina. I began to pump harder. Ginger lost her concentration on Gerri’s spread pussy. My wife lifted her head and began whelping with pleasure to each thrust of my dick. As she began coming on my dick I could not hold it anymore and filled her with love. A few more thrusts and the three of us lay there in a heap caressing each other. Wow!

It had become somewhat of a regular event thought Kent, to watch their neighbors, Ricky and Krissy, have long evenings with the cross-street neighbors, Sarah and Ronnie.
Since Kent and Alice had discovered their own awakenings as swingers with their church friends, Gary and Sandy, they had several of the same sorts of occasions they imagined that their neighbors were having.
“You know, I used to be jealous of how liberated our little neighbor seemed to be when I overheard her talking to Ronnie and Sarah across the street,” offered Alice as she watched Kent drying off from a shower. “I think it's clear that they are swinging with the neighbors, and I,” she paused to adjust her dildo, “think we could approach them somehow. Ummm,” she now moaned a little, “to see if they would like to swing with us, and maybe with all of us, including Gary and Sandy, mmm.” She was getting closer to getting herself off with her dildo.
Kent looked down at his wife, who just a few months back had been living inside a pent-up shell of stoic once-a-month sex life, if they happened to schedule it, to now a wife that was comfortable masturbating in front of him just to get him super aroused. Clearly, the many years of marriage were full of love and yet, both had settled into the typical dullness helped by age and the resultant life conditions brought on by gravity and ordinary habits.
“You know, we have Krissy to blame for all of this,” he said as he took control of the dildo and began to control the future orgasm Alice was building, “when she was a little bit of an exhibitionist with her neighbors in the front garden, don't you think?” as he leaned into her shaven pussy, delicately teasing Alice's clit with the tip of his tongue.
Alice heaved her mound up to Kent's face instinctively seeking greater sensation from his tongue, crying in a tense voice, “Yeah, the little bitch made me horny and it all went downhill from there, I ...,” she was interrupted by Kent accelerating the dildo's speed causing her to start bucking and taking sharp guttural breaths.
“I what?” asked Kent emphatically, “I what?”
Alice screamed, “I want to watch you fuck her and then I want to eat her out!”
Kent pulled the dildo out of her wet pussy and with one easy thrust he inserted his hardened cock fully into Alice. She gasped and pulled him down to her chest, yelling, “Fuck Krissy, fuck her, fuck her, that's it, fuck her deep, ohhhh gawd, she's coming Kent, fuck her, fuck her,” as she began to buck wildly against him.
Kent leaned into Alice's ear, whispering as he grunted faster towards emptying his cock, “Alice wants to eat my cum from your pussy Krissy, Alice wants to eat my cum from your pussy!”
“Yes, yes, ohhhhhh, yes, now, now, arghh, arghh, ohhhhhhh, give it to Krissy, give it to me” cried Alice as she rolled to a hard orgasm. Kent could not hold back as he embraced the role play of fucking his “neighbor's image” using his wife's pussy. He felt his cock enlarged and her pussy tighten, squeezing the semen from his cock into her.
They laid there for a moment after Kent had softened and rolled off of Alice. He stroked his hand down from her breasts to her swollen pussy, then gently inserted first his middle finger, then combined his index finger massaging upward towards her G-Spot ever so softly. He extracted his fingers, pulling semen with them, and then offered them to Alice's lips saying, “Alice, would you like to lick the creampie from Krissy?”
Krissy quickly grabbed his hand and pulled them to her lips, sucking Kent's seed from his fingers, then she reached down between her legs to retrieve more with her own hand.
“This roleplay is fun, but I bet we are missing out on the real thing,” Krissy mused aloud as she licked her fingers repeating her retrieval of more cum.
“Yeah, but it sounded like Krissy wants to be the 'controller' from how you described her encounter with the neighbors and she hasn't even offered to approach you,” he observed. “Maybe it's me," he thought aloud.
Alice was now down from her sexual high and alarmed that Kent would think that he could be the impediment to Krissy's overtures. “You know, I think it is us, not you,” she suggested.
“How so?”
“Well, think about it. Do we provide any external clues that we might be interested in flirtation, exhibitionism or, dare we say, 'swinging' to anyone that might observe us? I mean, the definition of vanilla is the appearances we have as neighbors and in the community, right? And for family, church, and professional reasons, we need to keep that same appearance to everyone except those that we fuck,” she stated.
“Guess you are right. We got ourselves all primed for fun but went in a direction that no one predicted last winter with Gary and Sandy. I don't think you can even write a script for how that happened. Yet, there was one underlying driver - Krissy's actions that you first observed,” Kent posed.
“Krissy's actions with the neighbors drew your interest, and, I'm guessing she knew you were keeping an eye on them. But, dumb ole me. Well, I never saw it coming nor did I provide any follow-on clues that we were watching that little exhibitionist. She probably chalked it up to her own satisfaction that she sensed you might know what is happening, but that it didn't convey to me and to you any action,” said Kent.
“So, do you want to roleplay or play for real with Ricky and Krissy?" asked Alice. “I mean we could just be happy with Gary and Sandy and stay a little naughty with the Ricky-Krissy roleplay if you want,” she muttered looking down pensively then back up into Gary's eyes with a 'please, can we?' expression.
“Fuck that, I say let's fuck the neighbors and let's see if Gary and Sandy want to play as well. After all, we need to keep the circle somewhat contained. I'm betting that Gary and Sandy would love to expand a little bit more than just us," Kent enthusiastically replied.
“You know this is going to be fun, sneaking up on Krissy a little bit. Do you think Ricky will be an issue?” he asked.
They paused and looked seriously at each other for about two seconds before they both burst out into laughter. The planning began.
Gary and Sandy join the planning...
Alice and Kent had yet to invite Gary and Sandy over for an entire evening. It wasn't planned that way, but it seemed that Gary and Sandy always wanted to host at their place. But an upcoming event was going to be different with Alice and Kent hosting Gary and Sandy.
The foursome had just finished a Sunday dinner at Gary and Sandy's followed by a great romp in the master bedroom when Alice said, “Have you two considered adding another couple or two to our fun?”
Sandy replied, “Well, sure but we wouldn't consider it without involving you guys. I think I speak for all of us in that we are still somewhat apprehensive about being accepted by others. After all, we are all church friends and have known each other a long time.”
Kent said, “Of course, but you know we told you about our neighbors, Rick and Krissy, then there is Ronnie and Sarah across the street. It was Alice overhearing and then observing our neighbors talk about swinging that got our sexual interests primed. But, we were fearful of our neighbors rejecting us and frankly, just didn't know how to get it going. It didn't help that we had been so close to getting on with you two and just failed to recognize how all four of us wanted to swing together until last winter when we popped our mutual swinging cherries with you guys in the van. Omigod, I sound like a teenager.”
Everyone laughed. Sandy offered, “Yeah, I thought I would never get to fuck you two," she winked at Alice, “and I do love when you and I sixty-nine.”
“Me too,” cooed Alice as she laid down beside Sandy and they began to mutually fondle each other's clits, “it would be fun to add a few more of these, huh?”
They made plans to lay a trap for Krissy and get her to 'come clean' as the local instigator of swinging in the neighborhood. Gary and Sandy would come over ostensibly several times during the next few weeks in preparation for a camping trip planned which would become changed at the last minute to a 'staycation' instead of a weekend vacation. This preplanning would give an opportunity for Gary and Sandy to cleverly meet the neighbors. As the warmer temperatures were upon the neighborhood, it became a constant thing to see the neighborhood foursome of Ricky, Krissy, Sarah, and Ronnie together most evenings in one of the other's garages or front gardens.
Wednesday came with Gary and Sandy arriving in the early evening. True to form, the local foursome was just next door gabbing about something in the garage when Kent and Gary walked up to them.
“Hey, Ricky,” called out Kent.
“Hey Kent.”
“Meet Gary, and that's his wife Sandy over there,” as he waved to Alice and Sandy, “they are our church friends. We're going on a camping vacation for the weekend the second weekend of next month. I wondered if the four of you guys were going to be home that weekend. You know neighborhood watch and all. I'm thinking bad guys will see a pickup loaded with camping gear and think they might have an empty house to target after it's gone.”
“Sure,” said Ricky as he looked around his fun foursome, "Krissy and I had planned on being home, how about you Ronnie?"
“Yup, us too. We'll keep an eye on your place, uh this is my wife Sarah, but Ricky is too rude to tell you this is Krissy,” joked Ronnie.
“Uh, that's my embarrassment,” said Kent. “Hey Alice, come here!" he shouted across the yard. Alice and Sandy walked up and Kent introduced Sandy to the neighborhood foursome. They chatted for awhile and talked about the upcoming camping trip.
“Yeah, we have been on a waiting list to get to use the campsite. We are only allowed one tent, so it will be a little tight on space said Kent. “And no, we are not taking any baked beans,” he joked.
The neighbors laughed with Krissy and Sarah casting a sideways glance. “Wow,” thought Krissy, “they have a little sense of adult humor, wouldn't have guessed that from the church folks.”
“But we are taking the cake,” said Sandy.
“I love her cake, it is the best you have ever had,” offered Alice as she swung her arm around Sandy's waist pulling Sandy to her side, “her cake is the best ever.”
“Wow, must be tasty,” remarked Krissy watching as Alice provide an enthusiastic physical moment. Look at them, they are almost swaying together, thought Krissy. Sandy extended her arm around Alice's waist pulling the two ladies closer saying, “She makes me feel so good, really good.”
“Oh, you would definitely love the cake,” said Alice beaming a knowing smile as she and Sandy giggled.
Sandy offered, “I'll leave one with Alice for you guys tomorrow.”
Gary and Sandy said they still hadn't been home yet and needed to leave but that they would stop by the next night.
“Well, there goes the church folks, all happy about a cake,” said Krissy as she watched her next door neighbor and church buddies walk back to Alice and Kent's driveway.
“Hey, if it makes them happy, so be it,” chided Ricky.
“I like cake,” said Ron, “even from church folks.”
True to her offering, Gary and Sandy arrived the next evening with a Bundt cake divided into separate boxes for the neighbors with Alice. They left quickly knowing that the first stage of the plan was “in the cake.”
Kent took Friday off, to complete some errands. He and Alice waited for Ronnie and Ricky to leave for work then he and Alice separated paths, with Alice going across the street to Sarah's and Kent going next door to see Krissy.
As a habit and almost like clockwork, Krissy goes to her backyard after Ricky leaves to attend to her vegetable garden in the cool of the morning. Ricky would be paying her a visit with the cake a few minutes after he saw Alice disappear into Sarah's garage. “Hmm, look at that,” as he watched Sarah's garage door go down.
Krissy being Krissy, would have on the minimal clothing especially in her backyard. She often would drop her shirt off wearing only baggy waistband shorts. Typically, she would roll down the waistband below her ass crack to gain more of a tan. She was never more than a few feet away from her shirt if she heard a knock or front doorbell. What she didn't count on was Kent being home that morning.
Even though it was the cooler part of the day it was still hot. Krissy had already worked up a glistening of perspiration from the garden tending she was doing. She was bent over from the waist with her shirt off and her normal roll down of the shorts that were barely hanging onto her body, when she was startled by a “Uh, Krissy?”
She went upright quickly up and spun around to see Kent standing in her backyard with the rear gate open holding a cake box looking carefully only into her eyes, “Uh, Sandy sent you a cake as promised. It is really, really good.”
Krissy's nipples hardened as she felt his eyes and she blurted out, “Jeez, Kent, I'm nearly naked.”
“Yeah, but still, it is a good cake,” as he continued to look only at her eyes.
“What?” she reacted, thinking this guy is unbelievable, he isn't even looking at my tits. Fine, she thought, if he wants to act like its nothing, I'll act the same way.
She took her off her gloves dusting the dirt from them and taking her time to place them in her garden cart as she ignored her shirt draped over the pull handle of the cart. She walked towards him using her hands to brush off unseen dirt from her chest and extended her arms to take receive the cake. As he passed the box to her, she lowered her arms so that he would have full view her exposed breasts with very hard nipples.
“Kent, really, Alice will be upset with you seeing me like this, I mean with my tits exposed,” she said with a voice feigning concern.
“Sorry, to have intruded, but Alice and I have gotten used to seeing you dressed this way. Alice sees you more than me, she's home more. Our fences aren't that private. But Sandy wanted you to have the cake as a thank you for watching the house. Their car will be here all that weekend.”
“Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to, I mean, really, you have seen me like this?” she asked as she moved the box to one side and motioned with the other hand across her tits.
“Yeah, I'm surprised you haven't noticed, at least Alice. She said if that behavior is okay for the neighbors, then she is willing to participate as well. I mean, you look great. Maybe a little muddy from the garden, but great,” he replied pointing to a smudge of garden dirt just below her left areola.
“You really need to try the cake, it is wonderful. I have a lot to get done, don't worry about covering up for us, we are fine with nudity. I mean really. Oh well, what the hell, that's where we are going camping that weekend, at a nude campground, so no don't worry.”
He turned and started out the gate, “Wait, a nude campground. Really? I thought you were church folks?” Krissy asked as she walked towards the gate entrance.
Kent kept walking towards the entrance, stopped and turned back, “Uh, yeah, so?”
“Well, I mean, I thought... Never mind what I thought. I'm confused,” she stammered completely forgetting that she was standing nearly naked in her backyard with a neighbor she thought was a dud. She did have an interest in his wife but had given up on any future. But now, maybe now that she finds out that they and their friends are nudists. Well, it reminded her of how she and Ricky got started.
“Before you go, do you mind if I talk to Alice about the nudity thing you guys got going someday?” asked Krissy.
“Look,” said Kent, “I just wanted to give you the cake from Gary and Sandy. I didn't see your shirt off since you were bent over and when I did, I didn't want to distress you. Alice and I don't want a neighborhood issue, we just thought since you go topless and sometimes totally nude you wouldn't be bothered should you happen to see us. Mentioning the campground was probably going too far with information and maybe you aren't ready for such implications. Just enjoy the cake, the cake is really special. Don't read so much into us 'church' folks.”
Krissy was not going to be put off. Her personality was one of trying to best folks on quips and one-liners. She wasn't going to let him beat her. “Well, I just thought that it was sort of sexy to hear about you and your friends enjoy nudity like us. Sounds sexy,” she dripped with a sultry tone as she cast her gaze from his eyes to his crotch and back up to his eyes.
Kent knew she was trying to start controlling the situation, but he was not going to let her control the direction. Krissy was shining with glistened skin offered by the heat and very erect nipples that prominently showed her body's excitement to this encounter. But he was going to make her pussy twinge with anticipation. He smiled and closed the distance to within nearly a foot of her, casting his calm unemotional gaze into her eyes saying softly, “Guess it could be. Gotta go, lots to do, enjoy the cake. Really, enjoy the cake.”
He turned and walked out of the gate pulling it behind him leaving Krissy quite literally 'holding the cake.'
"Fuck, what just happened?" she thought to herself. “Alice going nude, really, Alice,” she pondered, “and what's up with their church buddies going nude with them. They have to be fucking each other.”
Krissy went inside to put the cake on the kitchen counter. “What's with this damned cake,” she said aloud to herself. She removed the clear sealed container lid and smelled it. Sensing a flavor, she quickly grabbed a knife and sliced herself a sliver of the cake to taste.
“Go to hell,” she exclaimed aloud as she took another bite, “it's full of fucking rum.” Her thoughts raced. “He catches me almost fully nude; says it's no big deal; tells me they are going as a foursome in one tent and now I find the tent is going to be at a nudist camp; then all of them say the cake is special. Yeah, it is special, very special.” Krissy knew how to make rum cakes and she could taste the raw uncooked alcohol that was soaking this cake.
These “church folks” were definitely more relaxed than she thought.
As Kent was delivering his cake gift to Krissy, Alice had gone to Sarah's across the street with her cake. Alice had purposefully discarded her bra and had put on a burn-out fabric shirt that essentially did not hide her areola and nipples which were jutting way out in anticipation of her encounter. She thought, no one in the neighborhood has ever seen me braless let alone wearing this shirt without a camisole.
Sarah had the garage door open and was adding trash to their rolling street can when Alice walked up to her with the cake box close to her upper body hiding her chest. She and Alice walked back into the garage.
“Hey,” greeted Alice as she approached with the cake, “Sandy sent over her special cake.” As she handed the box to Sarah she saw Sarah's eyes widen viewing her essentially see-through t-shirt. Alice caught Sarah's gaze and looked down at her tits saying, “The girls aren't always holstered. Now and then, they just have to be free,” while lifting one then the other, “right?”
“Uh, yeah, of course," said Sara, “I'm sorry. It's, it's..."
“It's just we don't seem to visit much or you would know that I'm just like you,” as she pointed to Sarah's breasts, “I don't like bras either. Damn guy conspiracy thing, right?”
Sarah placed the box on the nearby benchtop and lifted her tits through her light top, say, “yeah, it must be a guy thing,” with a wide smile and chuckle.
Alice offered, “Yeah, I know. I think they are attractive to look at as well, don't you? I mean after all, it's okay to admire everyone for what they are." Alice took a bold move sensing that Sarah was indeed comfortable as she lifted her own breasts through the thin fabric and walked up closer to Sarah, “I mean, look, we both are bra-free, nipple-high happy, and, good neighbors. It's a neat thing to be comfortable with friends, huh?”
Sarah was surprised yet she was calmly comfortable with Alice's overtures as she had seen Alice last winter watching herself and Krissy make out in the garage window. She sensed where this might go and decided, what the hell, let's see how far this neighbor wants to go.
She said, “Well, I think my nipples might get a little more nipple-high happy if I encourage them." She started to reach down to tweak and twist her nipples, when Alice said, “Wait, you encourage mine, I'll encourage yours,” as she reached for Sarah's nipples.
“Wait,” commanded Sarah. Alice's stomach sunk had she gone too far, did she read this wrong?
Sarah stepped back towards the house entry and pressed the garage door button to close the door. “Shall we encourage them?”
They mutually reached towards each other taking both hands across to the others nipples, lightly at first teasing and tweaking nipples to become even harder and protrude more against the flimsy fabric that stood between them and the sensitivity of raw skin.
“Yeah, now that's encouragement” breathed Sarah. She looked at Alice and said, “This is sort of not expected from you; nice, but not expected. Do you like girls?”
“Do you?” replied Alice with a little unsteadiness in her voice.
Sarah slowly leaned cautiously towards Alice within inches of her lips, then pulled back hesitating, saying softly, “I like both, girls and guys.”
“So do we, I mean me, uh...” and then Alice lost her edge and focus, “I mean, I haven't seen Kent take on a guy yet.”
Sarah pulled back slightly, “Haven't seen Kent take on a guy. Does that mean you have seen him with another woman?”
They both had stopped fondling each other's breasts and it seemed to Alice that perhaps she had chosen her replies wrong. But no, it can't be, she thought. She had seen the actions of the neighborhood foursome and knew they were swinging as neighbors. She pressed on with the balance of her plan.
“Let me answer it this way, you will love the answer and you will love the future, I promise,” she said gleefully. She reached over and opened the cake box where a small slice had already been cut. “Please, first taste this wonderful cake from our church friends that we are camping with next month, you know, Gary and Sandy. I'll answer your questions while you try it.”
Sarah said, “Crazy, but okay.” She reached over and gathered up the cake. She took a bite and then her eyes opened wide as she began to take another and another.
“Tastes good, doesn't it,” cooed Alice as she reached up under Sarah's shirt to touch skin to skin her gentle hands against Sarah's nipples.
Sarah swallowed and said "This cake is laced with rum, lots of rum. I thought they were your church friends. Uh, umm,” as she breathed more deeply sensing the massage of her nipples.
“They are our church friends, they are also our lovers, and it is your doing that made that happen,” she said as she lifted the waistband of Sarah's shirt to expose her nipples to her tongue. “I know you saw me watching you and Krissy last winter making out. I know that the four of you are swinging. I just didn't know how to approach you and I didn't want Krissy to be the ringleader.”
Sarah was now relaxing and enjoying the attention she was getting from Alice. “So, you have seen Kent with another woman after all, and I take it that you and Sandy have enjoyed each other as well.”
“Of course, but you will be my first girl , if you would like, to be with – if you want?”
Sarah reached over and pulled Alice's shirt off and began to devour her nipples then pulled her to the house. Each woman had only a pair of shorts on to be discarded as they made their way to the master bedroom. They embraced and kissed deeply with their tongues exploring their mouths then exchanging nursing of their tits to tingling sensations felt in their pussies as they lay in the master bed. Suddenly, Sarah rolled Alice onto her back and spinning herself then placing her pussy on Alice's face as she buried her own face into the swollen shaved pussy of Alice.
Alice noted that Sarah was cleanshaven as well and began to expertly massage Sarah's clit with her tongue. Sarah was a little heavier and Alice had to work a bit more than she did with Sandy to reach around and begin to finger Sarah's pussy. Sarah was very, very wet and the lubrication on Alice's fingers made it easy to begin to probe Sarah's rosebud. She felt her own pussy being expertly licked and fingered with Sarah moaning into her pussy almost on demand in sync with Alice's probe of Sarah's rosebud.
Alice felt Sarah's sphincter relax and she pushed her finger in and out with each finger penetration rewarding Alice with a vigorous pelvic thrust by Sarah against Alice's tongue and fingers all the while as Sarah made high-pitched moans directly onto Alice's clit. It was overload. Alice was causing Sarah to almost become her human dildo and she was achieving a final approach to a climax like she never felt with Gary, Sandy, or Kent.
Sarah was beside herself. In her mind, she was beating Krissy to the punch and for that matter, Ronnie as well. She loved to do sixty-nine with either sex and Alice was treating her to ecstasy. She knew she was treating Alice back with the same care and sensed that Alice was building to a massive orgasm.
Both ladies were screaming, low guttural and faster sounds that were rising in their rhythm as both now were fingerfucking each other's asses as well. Both had already had minor orgasms and were now spreading their legs as wide as they could to offer each other access. Their bodies were sweating and becoming slippery as they were pushing their actions driven by the many desires pent up inside of them.
Alice felt herself going and pulled her finger out of Sarah's ass then reached up to pull Sarah's pussy closer to her as she sensed something new happening to her. She screamed into Sarah's pussy as she jammed her legs up high in the air and as wide as she could towards Sarah's face. She couldn't stop what was happening and she felt a rush of fluid escape her, then she felt Sarah jam several fingers into her pussy pumping her more and more and fluid kept gushing out. What seemed like several minutes, but in reality was far less, she relaxed her arms slightly which signaled Sarah to roll and now Alice found herself in the top position of their sixty-nine.
Alice wouldn't let up on Sarah especially as Alice pushed her face down onto Sarah's pussy. She reinserted her finger into Sarah's ass and was rewarded with yet more groaning into her own pussy. She felt Sarah spread her legs more and Sarah's lower belly become hard as a rock. Sarah's clit was so engorged that Alice felt like it was almost like sucking on Kent's cock tip. It was huge, much bigger than Sandy's. She was in control of Sarah and she knew she was bringing her to yet another great orgasm.
Sarah screamed and bucked nearly throwing Alice off of her. Alice jammed her middle finger into Sarah's ass and then her thumb into Sarah's pussy to hang on while she sucked and licked Sarah's clit. Then it happened. Sarah began to spurt, and spurt hard. It shocked Alice but now she knew what she had been feeling earlier from her own body. True to mimic Sarah's actions on her pussy from moments ago, Alice continued to suck and gobble Sarah's pussy as she felt her face and hair swamped by the repeated spurts from Sarah. Sarah screamed a series of “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” then squealed a high-pitch unintelligible sound as she pushed hard with her legs lifting her ass and Alice completely off the surface of the bed that was now soaking wet.
Sarah fell back to the bed with Alice still fully coupled with her, crying and laughing at the same time. “Gimme a moment, hold on, oh, ohhhhh, that's good, oh shit you can fuck, oh,” as she was feeling lightning bolts of sensitivity from each tongue licking Alice provided.
Alice did not come again, but did manage to spin around and cuddle with Sarah feeling her own clit was still swollen and tender.
“So that's what they call squirting?” she asked.
“Yeah, I think we soaked our bed, but it was great and I have a waterproof protector,” said Sarah.
They laid there for awhile caressing each other's pussy when Sarah asked, “Are you and Kent going to fuck Ronnie and me?”
“If you think Ronnie would have me and you would have Kent,” replied Alice. “Look, we have wanted you and our neighbors ever since I determined you guys were swingers. We just didn't know how to approach you and it seemed that any approach needed other input rather than just our lovely extroverted Krissy,” replied Alice.
“I just enjoyed a moment that I have never experienced and I suspect that there are many more in our future as a couple. While I did enjoy this, I want you to know it was with my husband's full knowledge that this was intended and our preference is to be as couples doing this. Sandy and I keep each other going while the guys recover. It would be nice to have more husbands so we can have fun with them as they recover at different times,” posed Alice.
“Oh, I agree and I haven't had this type of solo fun since college dorm days, but it is a 'couples thing'. What about Ricky and Krissy?” asked Sarah.
“Well, Ricky is delivering a cake to Krissy while I'm here,” smiled Alice.
“Oh crap, is he fucking her now?”
“Of course not, he is teasing her. You know how she dresses, half naked all the time. We can see that through our so-called privacy fence. He is going to catch her with her top off, make like it is no big deal, tell her that we skinny around in our backyard as well since she does, and that we are going to camp with Gary and Sandy at a nudist camp this weekend. He is also going to tell her to enjoy the 'church folks' cake, which is of course laced with a lot of rum. Our sense is that she is going to go get her dildos out and pump herself raw imagining fucking us while we seemingly show no interest. We are just having some fun and we fully intend to fuck them as part of the group if they are interested.”
Sarah understood. “Krissy can sometimes be a little pushy, but she is fun and she sucks and fucks like a champ for the guys, or the girls. I guess that can be a little fun, but how are you going to approach them. Do you want us to break the news?” asked Sarah.
“Actually, we were wondering if you would like to be a part of the fun? Frankly, I never had cum like this before, but I think I'm up to so more fucking if you are, and I know Kent is. Do you think Ronnie would like to fuck some tonight?” asked Alice.
“Are you kidding," Sarah said, "he is a guy and he is on daily Cialis. But Krissy will see us getting together, it's not like us, and she is ever as much as anxious to nail you two as you them.”
Alice picked up her shorts and pulled out a small note. “This is Gary and Sandy's address, do you think you could come over to their place around seven tonight? We are going over there in just a bit, well after I shower and can walk better. We would like to invite you two to join the four of us for some relaxation and fucking tonight. Then next month, we will have an unexpected change of plans and not be able to go our campout. We will leave like we were going, but return later that night. Gary and Sandy's vehicle will have been out in the driveway, but we will ease back into the garage. Since you guys have all volunteered to watch our place, we know that our neighborhood swinger foursome will be home,” she explained.
“We will call you and you just come on over, then Kent will go knock on Ricky and Krissy's door to invite them to a casual cookout since we don't want to waste the weekend's camping trip food. Kent will tell Krissy that since the campsite plans fell through it will be camping attire in our house. That is why when they come over, they will see us in our camping attire. Remember, we were going to a nudist camp and they will walk into a house full of naked folks,” laughed Alice.
“Oh, that will work," Sarah said, "and we would love to meet up tonight."
Alice put her shirt on and said “Sorry about the bed. I never squirted before, it was wonderful.”
“We will be there tonight," Sarah said. "We did notice how nice Gary and Sandy looked the other day. The cake was indeed revealing.”
They embraced and kissed each other deeply once again anticipating tonight.
Krissy did not notice Alice's departure from Sarah's as she was busy in her bedroom riding her Kent dildo. She had tried the cake a second time.
Upcoming...The church folks meet some of the neighbors.

This is a continuation of our story “The Cruise”...
The day after we partied with Lynn and Steve the wives treated themselves to a spa treatment and massage. The next few days just flew by. We spent a lot of time with Lynn and Steve, as well as a lot of quality time for just the two of us.
Over the next few days, we spent time in the pool and in the hot tub on deck. In short, we just enjoyed everything that a cruise has to offer.
We enjoyed the ports of call together. We spent time on the beaches, the nightlife, and just checking out the sights. The toughest thing for us during the rest of the cruise was picking what things we wanted to do over those things we didn’t have time to do.
The one thing we always seemed to find time for was the sex. Whether it was the four of us, just Linda and me, or one spouse with the other spouse, we enjoyed it all. Being with Lynn and Steve had turned into one of those rare occasions where everybody clicked and honestly enjoyed the company of everybody else.
I do not remember what day it was, but it must have been about halfway through the cruise, while we were at sea. Linda was doing something on her own and I was just walking on deck.
I saw Lynn sitting by herself at one of the tables on deck reading a book. I greeted her and sat down at her table. After getting a drink, we started to chat about nothing in particular.
At one point in our conversation, I remembered her telling me that she had seen our profile on SLS. “So, you two saw our profile on SLS?” I asked her. She just smiled that mischievous smile and said, “No, not really.” I was taken aback. “I thought you said you did?” I said. “Oh, I did say that" she replied, "but I hadn't really seen it.”
After smiling at me for a few seconds Lynn said, “Steve and I have been in the lifestyle for some time now. I really had no idea if you and Linda were or not. I knew that Linda turned Steve on from their interactions. I also knew that I was turned on by the idea of playing with you. What I wasn’t ready for was having our extracurricular activities becoming common knowledge back home. I just used the initials of that website. If you were in the lifestyle or at least interested in it, chances were you would recognize the site. If you had a profile on a swinger’s website, I would feel safe that whatever might happen it wouldn’t be circulated around back home.”
“What would you have done if I hadn’t recognized the website and asked about it?” I asked. “I would have told you it was a site for the Soccer League of Sacramento club,” she said with a laugh.
I told her that I was glad things worked out the way they did. I added that she made some old high school fantasies come true. “Some came true for me also,” she replied.
The next thing that Lynn said led into an hour of conversation that proved to me just what a naive kid I had been in high school. She started with, “Do you know who really had the hots for you back in high school?”
She not only told me who had the hots for me back then, she told me who was doing what with who, who wanted to do what with who, and who was doing what with who these days.
All I could say when she finished was, "You don’t know how badly I wish you would have told me this twenty some years ago!"
After talking to Lynn for a little over an hour, Steve joined us. A few minutes later, Linda also joined us. The four of us enjoyed watching the sun go down together.
At dinner that night, the four of us were at a table with two other couples. We were all in the same age group, that being in our thirties. There just seemed to be some chemistry between all eight of us as dinner progressed.
Everybody seemed to interact together very nicely. The conversations flowed between all eight of us at the table. By the end of dinner, we were more like a table of eight friends rather than a table of eight strangers.
Our group of four fun seeking people grew to a group of eight fun seeking people as the night wore on. The new members of our group were Pam and her husband Bob, along with Barbra and her husband Bill.
After dessert and coffee, both Lynn and Linda announced that they wanted to go dancing tonight. Both the other women at the table chimed in that they would also like to go dancing.
There was no formal invitation for them to join us, it just seemed like the natural thing to do so, all eight of us left together to find someplace to dance and have fun.
As we were leaving the restaurant, Lynn and Linda made a stop at the little girls’ room. I waited for them while the other five members of our group proceeded on to the bar.
As the group walked out of the restaurant, Steve and the other two guys were in the lead. Pam and Barbra were behind them talking together as we walked. When Linda and Lynn rejoined me, we walked to the bar arm in arm.
As we were walking through the ship toward one of the bars that we had frequented during the cruise, Lynn looked over at me and chuckled. I looked at her with a puzzled expression. “What is so funny?” I asked. “You are,” she said, laughing.
What?” I asked. “You do not have a clue about the fact that Barbra wants to jump your bones, big boy.”
“What are you are talking about?” I asked, puzzled by her comment. Linda chimed in by saying to Lynn, “Men think they know so much about women when they don’t really have a clue.”
“I will admit,” I said, “I have no idea what you two are talking about.”
"She was giving you all of the 'I want your body signs' and you did not notice any of them,” Linda said.
“She did not,” I said.
“Did you notice that she touched you in some way every time you two talked?”
“No,” I answered, “I did not notice that.”
“I rest my case,” Lynn said with a laugh, “and you are going to have to figure out for yourself what the rest of the signs were.”
“You women are just too excessively complicated for me,” I told both of them. “I do not know why women cannot just do the one little thing that will let a guy know they are interested in him.”
“Oh, do tell,” Lynn asked with a laugh, “what is the one little thing a woman can do to let a man know she is interested in him?”
“Well, she just needs to give him a blowjob of course!” I told her.
I must say that women do think alike because I was simultaneously hit in both arms at the same time by both Lynn and Linda, as they said in unison one word, “Men!”
By the time we made it to the bar, the rest of the group had already found a table big enough for all of us. The group ordered drinks and I took Linda out on the dance floor.
Bob, one of our new friends and Lynn were the only ones at the table when we returned from the dance floor. All the rest were on the dance floor.
Linda had just enough time to take a sip of her drink before Bob asked her to dance. As they walked off Lynn looked at me and said, “Well?”
“Would you like to dance?” I replied.
“With just a little practice, you are getting much better at reading women,” she said with a laugh.
We all danced, drank a little and laughed a lot during the next two or three hours. Everybody seemed to be having a great time and everybody seemed to be getting along well.
Both Barbra and Pam were very good looking in different ways. Barbra was either Hispanic or American Indian, I think. She had a darker complexion, almond-shaped eyes, a beautiful face to go along with her great figure. Pam was a tall blond about 5’8” or 9”, nice figure and very pretty face.
The bar had thinned out to just our group and a couple of other people. I ask Lynn to dance and we made our way to the dance floor, where a slow song was playing.
As we danced, I asked her if she and Steve would like to come back to our cabin when we left here. “I think that all eight of us would enjoy that,” she replied.
“Do you think our new friends would be open to that?” I asked.
“I am not sure, but from the conversation that I have had with them, I think they would be. Why don’t you just ask them?” she added.
“Okay,” I said, “let me talk to Linda about it to see if she is open to that.”
“I have already talked to her about it,” Lynn said with a sly smile, “and she is open to the idea. You just need to approach them with the idea.”
“Well, did you check to see if the husbands were open to a little playing?” I asked.
“Sure did," she replied, "and they sure are.”
When we got back to the table I walked up behind Linda, wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her neck. I then asked her if she wanted to invite the group back to our cabin to continue the party there. “Sure,” she replied, “if you want to.”
I looked up at the group and said to the new members of our group, “I think we are going to take the party back to our cabin. If you would like to join us, we would like to invite you to come along. I just wanted to let you know though that it will probably get a little risqué in a non-spousal exclusive kind of way. So if you would like to join us, we would enjoy your company and if not we understand that too.”
Barbra and Pam exchanged looks, then they both turned to their husbands for their reactions to the invitation. Pam looked back at me and said, “Are you talking about an orgy?”
“Well, I don’t know about an orgy,” I told her, “but let me just say that there will be nudity and sex taking place. What you do or do not do and whom you do it with is totally up to you. Nobody is going to force you into anything. I just want you to know what to expect if you decide to join us. We are just planning to have fun. We are all adults and you are not going to hurt our feelings one way or the other, so if this is something you are not comfortable with, we understand. We just want to let you know that you’re welcome to join us if you would like to.”
The four of them exchanged looks and Bill said, “It sounds like fun to me, but it is up to you, Barbra.” Bob said that he also thought it sounded like fun, but it was up to Pam. It was the classic husbands wanted to, but didn’t want to look too anxious in case the wife didn’t want to kind of thing.
Barbra said that the whole idea excited her but she felt a little intimidated at the same time. She turned to Pam and asked her what she thought.
Pam smiled and said, “Bob and I have talked about trying something like this, but just have not pursued it yet.” She then said, “We all seem comfortable with each other and I think we should go.”
Barbra said, “I do too. I think we would like to take you up on your offer. I am not sure just how far we will go or how much we will participate, but we would love to join you.”
“We would enjoy your company,” I told them.
As we walked back to our cabin Steve, Lynn, Linda, and I led the way. The other four talked among themselves as they followed us.
When we got back to our cabin, it seemed that there was a contagious case of nerves with everybody. It was one of those cases where everybody knew what we were there for but nobody wanted to make the first move. Everybody stood around talking for a few minutes.
Then Linda, who never ceases to amaze me, got things going. She announced to the group that if nobody minded, she was going to get a little more comfortable because her bra was killing her.
Everybody assured her that nobody minded. She walked up to me and asked me to unzip her. I pulled the zipper down the back of her dress and she let it fall to the floor. I then undid the clasps on her bra and she pulled it off.
Standing there in just her panties, she said, “Now, that feels so much better.” Lynn said, “Well, I think I will join you; I feel a little confined too.” In just a matter of moments, both Linda and Lynn were standing there in just their panties.
Then Linda looked at Pam and Barbra, saying, “You two should join us, your bodies are much too beautiful to keep covered up.” That was all the invitation they needed. The guys weren't far behind in getting out of their clothes and down to briefs and boxers.
With all of us down to just panties, boxers, and shorts, the whole group started to get more into the party mood. Linda walked up to Pam and Barbra and complimented them on their beautiful bodies.
“You two should be so proud to show off those sexy bodies,” she told them. “I know just how much work it takes to keep a great looking body like that and it’s nice to get to show it off once in a while.”
I fixed a round of drinks for everybody as the conversations continued to flow. Linda was talking to Bill as I walked up to Barbra. I noticed that Bill, while busy checking out Linda’s body, was also spending a lot of time checking on Barbra’s reaction to everything going on.
I felt that he wanted to give Linda a lot more attention, but didn’t want to do anything that would upset his wife and was waiting until he was sure that she was good with everything.
Barbra and I were standing by the sliding glass door leading to the balcony. She looked out at the balcony and commented that she really wished that they had a cabin with a balcony.
I asked her if she would like to go out and check it out, adding that we really enjoyed sitting out there at night. She slid the door open and we both walked out onto the balcony.
When we got out onto the balcony, I asked her how she was doing with all this. She thought for a moment then said, “I am fine, I think. Bill and I have talked about this stuff for months now. The idea of this kind of thing turns us both on during those discussions. We have just never really met anybody that we have felt comfortable enough with to take it past the talking stage. That is until tonight,” she added.
Now it was my turn to look at her and smile.
I was getting a multitude of different signals from this beautiful young woman. She had removed her clothes with the thinnest of provocations from Linda, yet seemed self-conscious about her nudity. She seemed to have a desire to explore her sexuality, while at the same time seemed almost naïve about sexuality in general. Also, after being around her for the time, I had concluded that she might also be a little younger than I had first thought.
By that time, I had decided that she was much more likely in her mid to late twenties instead of her thirties like the rest of us. I decided to take my time with her and not rush her into anything until she chose to. If she felt comfortable with just talking, that would be fine with me. However, if she wanted to engage in hot steamy sex, that would also be fine with me.
Just looking for talking points, I asked her where she had grown up. The synopsis of what she told me was that she grew up in a small town in the Midwest. She had gone to a parochial school K-12 and then had gone to a small all-girls Catholic college near where her parents lived, during which time she was living at home with them.
She had met Bill, who was the first person she had ever been serious about, after she graduated from college. She had not dated much in school and was working at her father’s company when she met Bill. When they got married, Bill went to work for his father and they had moved to California to live with his parents while they tried to save their money and find a place of their own.
I had just been looking for some conversation points. What I received was an open and honest history of her life up to this point in time. When she told me that she and Bill were living with his parents, I told her that was something I did not think I would be able to do.
“That must put a real damper on your sex lives,” I told her. She thought for a moment then said, “Well, if we had a sex life, I guess it would put a damper on it. Sex for us is a quiet affair in the dark with him on top, when it happens at all. I will be so happy when we are finally on our own, so we can really enjoy our sex life.”
“I guess that is the most appealing thing about this to me,” she added. “It would be so nice to be able to express myself during sex and not have to worry the whole time about who might hear us. Not only would I like to enjoy some of the things I’ve only read about, but maybe advance Bill’s sexual horizons a little.”
In only about five or ten minutes of conversation, I’d learned more about this young lady than most friends find out about each other after knowing them for years.
Now I was the one with conflicted feeling. I wanted to have sex with this very beautiful sexy woman. At the same time, I didn’t want to feel like I was taking advantage of this naïve young woman.
We stood together by the railing looking out at the water below us. “It is so beautiful out here at night,” she said. “It is beautiful,” I answered, “but it does not compare to you.”
She looked over at me and smiled. “Sir, are you trying to sweet talk your way into my panties?”
“Not really,” I answered. “What I am really trying to do is sweet talk you out of your panties.”
She wrapped an arm around my arm, pressing her bare breast into my bicep as she did. As she rested her head on my shoulder looking out into the night, she added, “Well, your wife talked me out of the rest of my clothes, so I would say your chances are really good you’re going to talk me out of my panties.”
I was enjoying this beautiful woman standing with me in the moonlight clad only in a pair of sheer panties. Pressing her breast into my arm was having its effect on me. My cock was standing fully erect, with the head sticking out of the top of the waistband of my boxers.
“Would you mind if I told you a secret?” I asked. She looked up at me, saying, “No, not at all.”
“Well,” I said, “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sweet talk you out of your panties or not, but your beauty and the touch of your sexy body has already got a part of me out of my boxers.”
She looked down the front of me toward my crotch and the sight of my cock sticking out of the top of my boxers. When she saw my hard cock, a small moan escaped her lips. She reached down with one hand and ran her fingers over the length of my cock a few times. Each time she did she managed to expose a little more of it. When she had the majority of my cock exposed, she wrapped her fingers around it.
As she stroked my cock, in a low voice she said, “You are very well endowed; it is so thick.” She lowered herself to her knees in front of me.
It was more as if she was studying my cock rather than trying to stimulate me. She ran her fingers over the length of the shaft. Then over the head and wrapped her fingers around it. I felt like she wanted to do something, she just did not know what she wanted to do or what was appropriate for her to do.
At one point, she gave the legs of my boxers a little tug, then looked up at me. “Go ahead,” I told her, “if you would like to pull them off, go ahead and pull them off.” She smiled like a kid opening a Christmas present as she pulled my boxers down my legs, where I stepped out of them.
She touched me all over my genital area. She left no area unexamined or untouched. She pulled my cock down to where it pointed at her face. She then let go of it and it sprang back up and bounced onto my abdomen. This caused her to laugh and bounce up and down a little bit.
The longer she played with my cock the bolder she got. She leaned forward at one point and ran her tongue along the length of the underside of my cock. Then she tentatively ran her tongue over the head, which she found covered with my pre-cum. She again pulled it down to where it pointed at her face. This time she maintained her grip on it as she slid her mouth over the head. It was all I could do not to cum as I watched my cock slid into her mouth.
After a few minutes, I knew I was not going to be able to last much longer. I stroked her hair to get her attention. She looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth.
“Would you let me try to give you a little pleasure?” I asked. She backed her head off my cock and nodded her head. I reached down and helped her to her feet. When she was standing, I bent down and kissed her. I led her over to the chair and sat her down.
As she looked at me with questioning eyes, I knelt down in front of her. I reached up and took hold of the waistband of her panties. She did not say a word; she just grabbed the armrest of the chair and raised her ass off the chair. As she did, I slowly slid her panties off her hips and down her legs.
With Barbra sitting naked in front of me, I placed my hands on her knees and gently spread her legs. I leaned forward, lightly kissing the inside of her thighs before kissing and licking my way to her pussy. As my caresses reached her womanhood, I could see the lips of her pussy were open and ready. Her clit was large and protruded from between the lips of her pussy. I could also see that the insides of her thighs were moist from her juices.
I licked and kissed the insides of her thighs near her pussy. I ran my tongue along the area just outside the lips of her pussy, drawing a sharp inhale from her when my tongue first touched that area.
I concentrated my attention in the area around her pussy but did not touch it. Barbra started to twitch and squirm a little with my touch. Then, ever so lightly, I ran my tongue completely over her opening from the base of her pussy to her clit. When my tongue touched her clit, Barbra let out a long low moan of pleasure.
For the next several minutes, I used every technique that I knew to bring her pleasure with my mouth, lips, and tongue. I tongue fucked her, and sucked and licked her clit and slit.
It did not take too long before her hips were rotating to my touch. Then I heard her start to moan loudly as her hips started bucking against my face.
Soon with a very loud moan, she flooded my face with her juices. When I felt the flood of her orgasm I sucked her clit firmly into my mouth and inserted a finger into her pussy.
As she slumped back into the chair after her orgasm I started kissing my way up her body from her pussy. I kissed my way over her stomach and up to her tits. I ran my tongue over her nipples before sucking them into my mouth, first one, and then the other. Finally, as I reached her mouth and as my cock rested against her pussy, our lips met again.
When I pulled back breaking our kiss, I just looked at her for a moment. She looked into my eyes and a broad smile slowly covered her face. “That was wonderful,” she said in a low whisper. I smiled back and replied, “No, that was just the beginning.” Her smile grew into a big grin at my words.
Just then, I heard a loud moan from inside our cabin. I had been enjoying Barbra so much I had forgotten about the rest of our group inside. Barbra looked back over her shoulder toward the area the sound had come from. Through the glass door, I saw that Linda and Bob were fucking on the floor. Steve was fucking Pam on the bed and Bill and Lynn were fucking on the couch.
Barbra turned around in her chair so she could get a better view of what was taking place inside with special attention to her husband fucking Lynn.
Lynn was leaning over the front of the couch and Bill was holding her by the hips, fucking her from behind. I could see from the movements of her head that Barbra was looking from one couple to the next.
She had completely turned around in the chair. She was on her hands and knees in the chair, resting her elbows on the back of the chair while watching the action inside.
Barbra’s ass was perfectly located for me to enter her from behind. As I stood behind her, I slid my cock between her legs rubbing the shaft along the length of her pussy. She did not say a word, nor did she take her eyes off the action inside the cabin. She just reached between her legs and guided my cock to her entrance.
With a slow continual thrust, I slid my cock all the way into her pussy, holding it firmly inside her for a few moments. As I slid my cock into her, Barbra lowered her head onto her arms, inhaled deeply then let out a long pleasurable moan when she exhaled again.
After a few moments, Barbra again raised her head to observe the action going on inside the cabin. As she watched, her hips slowly started to move. First with a little rotation of her hips followed by more rolling of her abdomen, moving her pussy back and forth on my cock.
I started a slow easy rhythm of fucking my cock in and out of her warm wet pussy. I let go of her hips and reached around Barbra to her tits. I cupped and squeezed them before taking a nipple between each of my thumbs and forefingers, pulling them gently while giving them a firm squeeze. Barbra gave out a loud moan as I did, while at the same time I felt the muscles in her pussy clamp down on my cock.
The longer we fucked, the more vocal Barbra became. It started with some very vanilla comments but as time went on, the more descriptive she became. She was not only vocalizing our sex, she also started describing what she was seeing in the cabin. From the way they were located on the floor in front of us, Linda was riding Bob’s cock and we had a clear view of it sliding in and out of her.
“Oh, look at his cock going into her,” Barbra moaned. “Look at how wet his cock is, look how big his cock is. I’ve never seen a man fuck a woman in front of me before like this. This is so hot, please fuck me harder, please do it harder.”
On and on she went. This was all new to her and it sounded to me like she loved it.
As we watched the action inside the cabin, first one couple then the other started to reach their orgasms. You could hear the moans of pleasure, the screams of orgasms, and the gasping for breath. None of it was lost on Barbra. She took it all in all the action taking place in front of her. The more she saw, the higher it seemed to bring her own pleasure.
Barbra now was holding the back of the chair with both hands. She was using the chair for the leverage to slam herself back onto my cock as I fucked her. I held her by the hips, pulling her hard into my thrusts. I knew she was close and I knew what she wanted. I did my best to give her the hard fucking that she craved and needed.
Soon, I saw her raise her head back, looking up at the ceiling. Then the scream came, indicating that she was cumming. It wasn’t one of those 'oh by the way I’m cumming' screams. No, not this time. This was one of those top of her lungs 'I don’t care who knows because I want everybody to know' I’m cumming screams.
I could not hold out any longer and as she went over the edge, I filled her pussy with cum as my orgasm overtook me. We rode the wave of our orgasms until we were left breathless, with her head on her arms and me with my eyes closed fighting for breath.
When I opened my eyes a few moments later everybody in the cabin was looking at us and smiling. Bill, who was standing in front of us where he had been fucking Lynn was looking at us with mouth agape. Lynn had risen up from her kneeling position on the couch with an ear-to-ear smile on her face. Even Steve and Pam on the bed were looking out at us.
Barbra had not raised her head off her arms yet. I patted her on the ass and said, “I think there is something I should tell you.” Without raising her head, she just let out a little moan and said, “What is that?”
“I think there is a possibility somebody might have heard you cum” I smiled
She looked back over her shoulder at me and said, “Who?” I just shrugged my shoulders, giving one of those palms up signs and said, “Right now I think about half the ship.”
Her eyes got a little bigger and she said, “I wasn’t that loud was I?” I just smiled and pointed toward the cabin where everybody was still staring at us.
She turned toward the room and saw everybody staring at us. She then said the first thing that crossed her mind, “Oh shit.” She looked back over her shoulder at me with a little concern in her eyes and asked, “What am I going to do now?”
I said "Turn back around, look at them, and give them with a big smile and a little wave. That should do it." She did and everybody in the room laughed and waved back at her.
”Now, was that so bad?” I said. “Thank you,” she said. “I did not know what to say to them, I was so embarrassed.”
“Nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing to explain when you are caught in a screaming orgasm with the guy’s cock still inside you," I said. "It is what it is.”
“Now for the important question,” I said, “Was it everything you hoped for?” She laughed and said, “Now who’s asking the dumb questions? I just woke up half the ship with my orgasm and you want to know if it was what I had hoped for?”
I eased my cock out of Barbra’s pussy, then reached between her legs and gave it a little rub. “That was fantastic,” I told her, “I really hope we have an opportunity to do that again.” When she stood up, she gave me a little kiss, saying, “Me too.” Together we walked back into the cabin naked to join the rest of the group.
Barbra walked over to Bill as soon as we entered, giving him a hug and a kiss. After getting something cold to drink, I found Linda and gave her a hug and a kiss. “You really fired her rockets,” she said with a little laugh. I gave her a smile and a wink.
There was a lot of joking, laughing, and conversation that went on for a while. Pam was still on the bed curled up a little bit. I sat down on the bed beside her and ask her how she was doing. That led to a little chat back and forth between us.
At one point, I traced the back of my fingers over her nipples, drawing a little moan from her. As I tweaked her nipples, I asked her if she was up for a little more playing.
She just smiled and said, “I am always ready for a little more playing. The question is are you up for a little more playing?”
“Starting to get that way,” I replied, “but could use a little help in that direction. Do you think there is anything you might be able to do to get things going?”
Pam laughed as she rolled over and took my cock into her mouth. As she sucked my cock, I ran my fingers over her pussy, feeling the wetness left by Bob.
When she had my cock at full mast, I rolled her over onto her back and got on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I sank my cock into her pussy.
I kissed her deeply as I started to fuck her. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths as we fucked. There was no pretense, no build-up and no getting things warmed up. This was a continuation of something that had been started by somebody else and we were just going with it.
We were not alone in our pursuit of sexual pleasures. Everybody else in the room had paired up again with a new partner and the room was full of the sounds of sex.
The next hour or more was a blur of sexual activities. It was about a multitude of different positions, different partners, and different feelings. The smell of sex filled the room, along with the sounds of sex. Everybody was enjoying themselves and everybody was engaging in their fantasies.
By the time the party broke up, Linda had the addresses and phone numbers of our new friends, as well as promises to stay in touch. It was in the wee hours of the morning when our guests all got dressed and left for their own cabins for a little sleep.
During that night, Linda had managed to fuck all three of the guys. I had fucked the two new women in our little group of fun seekers. We were both beat and as we got in bed together after everybody had left we just held each other and drifted off to sleep.
We missed breakfast the next morning, opting instead to enjoy a lazy morning in bed together. After that night, for the remainder of the cruise, the eight of us pretty much traveled together in our endeavors. It all went by far too quickly and all too soon our ship was pulling back into the dock in San Diego.
That cruise was a rekindling of a friendship with Lynn and the start of a close friendship with Steve. They only live about an hour from us and we have stayed close over the years. During the years since that cruise, they've acted as a memory spark to that cruise and the fun we all had.
We met up with Barbra and Bill a few times after the cruise, but they lived in the LA area and due to the distance, over the years we have lost track of them, as well as Pam and Bob.
We would not mind a reunion with them. (If they read this story and recognize us, drop us a line as we would love to hear from you again.) I do not think there is much hope of that happening. But then again, up to a week before this cruise, there wasn’t any hope of any of this happening.
For the rest of you, I hope you enjoyed the story and I hope you remember one thing: Whatever you do in life, make it memorable. It is those memories that last for life, making life worthwhile. In the meantime, drop us a line and let us know if you enjoy our stories. We would enjoy hearing what you think.

We were approaching our twentieth anniversary. Our twentieth anniversary marked an odyssey for us that began when Linda was eighteen and I was nineteen. It sounded so right back then with the wisdom of youth. No job, no money, no degree, and a pregnant wife, what could possibly go wrong with a start like that?
Twenty years later, we had our own home, three good kids, and each of us had a good job. We were in the middle-class dilemma of making just a little less than what we needed to cover it all. Every time we took a step up the financial ladder, we would take two steps up the social ladder and remain one-step behind having the money we needed to cover everything.
Linda would roll with the flow most of the time. In fact, about the only extravagance that I can remember her really lobbying for was she really wanted an exotic vacation to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary.
I think the fact that we had eloped to Las Vegas to get married, robbing her of the big Italian wedding she had always wanted was behind her wanting this so badly.
One thing I learned during our nearly twenty years of marriage was that a happy wife makes for a happy life. With this in mind, about a year prior to that milestone anniversary, we decided to start putting some money away every month to pay for our exotic vacation.
We figured out our finances and the cost of our vacation. We then started putting the money away with the intentions of not touching it for any purpose whatsoever. Anybody that has ever tried to save money for something like that knows what happened next.
The plan was going great right up to the point something unexpectedly broke. When that happens Murphy’s Law kicks in and the amount of money you have in your savings is exactly what it is going to take to take care of whatever it was that broke.
Anybody that’s tried to save money for something special knows that the next brainstorm is to double up on your saving to make up for what you just spent. What happens then is that twice as many things break down.
The main culprit that dashed our plans completely was a ten-year-old refrigerator that was about to go out any day. We both knew it would have to be replaced soon and also knew the cost of which would cost us our anniversary plans.
A couple weeks prior to our anniversary, it had become painfully obvious to both of us that our grand plans were not going to happen. Nobody was to blame, it was just life.
Linda put on the happy face and went on with life. The week before our anniversary, we were going to Lake Tahoe for the wedding of a good friend of ours.
Even though Linda’s two-week vacation started the following weekend we had decided to make this weekend in Lake Tahoe our twentieth anniversary get away.
We were not going to be able to go to any of the exotic places that we dreamed about going to. Spending two weeks together would not be too bad, it just was not how we had planned to celebrate our anniversary.
We drove to Lake Tahoe on a Friday, the day before John’s wedding. The next twenty-four hours flew by and Saturday night found the wedding party in the casino after the wedding. We were all having fun, even though gambling in a casino has never held that much allure for me.
We had planned to spend a little time in the casino before going back to the room for a little quality time for just the two of us.
Linda had gone to play some video poker while I played some blackjack. I had gone through ninety-five dollars before I even got my first drink and had reconfirmed why I didn’t care that much for casinos.
When I was down to just one lone five-dollar chip from a hundred-dollar buy-in I thought, what the hell, I will just lose one more hand of blackjack and get out of here. I was down because of not being able to give Linda the vacation she really wanted and wasting money in a casino was not improving my mood.
I put the chip in the circle and stood up waiting for the dealer to deal me one more losing hand before I went on my way.
The dealer dealt the hand and something strange happened. I had a winning hand. I didn’t really care about the win. Really it kind of annoyed me because I was ready to leave.
I put both chips in the circle and won again. I bet the whole twenty on the next hand and won again. Hand after hand, I kept winning and kept parlaying my bets. I thought, “What the hell does a guy have to do to lose a damn chip?”
In about ten hands of blackjack, I had gone from betting five dollars to betting a thousand dollars each on two hands. I won a few of those thousand dollar bets without losing a bet. Now, I might have been mad when I started this run but I wasn’t crazy.
I took my bets down to fifty on two hands and lost both bets. I played one more time at fifty on two hands and lost again. I picked up my chips, tossed the dealer a few chips for a tip and headed to the cashier.
After cashing in the chips, I started looking for Linda with six thousand dollar of hundred dollar bills in my jacket pocket.
Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. I worked hard, tried to save some money the right way and had failed. I go to a casino where every one of the odds are stacked against you and win six grand, go figure.
When I found Linda, she was sitting at a video poker machine with two slot attendants standing on either side of her. One of them was counting out a handful of hundred dollar bills to her. It didn’t take long to find out she had hit a royal flush for a little over twelve hundred dollars.
Linda was bouncing up and down in excitement over her win. When she saw me, she said, “Now we have enough money to buy one of the top of the line refrigerators.” I just nodded and said, “We sure do, hon.”
What struck me was that she didn’t say we could afford a vacation; no, she was again thinking about the family’s needs, this time a damn refrigerator.
We decided to call it a night while we were ahead. Much further ahead than she knew, because I hadn’t told her about my win, that information would come as a surprise a little later.
When we got back to our room, Linda was taking off her clothes before I even had the door closed. We spent the next hour having some of the best sex we have had in a long time. Linda was able to relax, knowing we had some extra money to take care of our household needs.
After making love that night, we lay in bed talking before going to sleep. ‘We might not be able to celebrate our anniversary the way we wanted to,” she said, “but we have more than enough to take care of the household needs.”
“Things always seem to find a way of working themselves out,” I told her.
On the drive home the next day Linda and I were talking, more to just kill time than anything else. Linda suggested that now that we were a little ahead, maybe we could afford to get away for two or three days during our vacation.
Even though it would not be what we had planned, she said it would be nice to spend a few days together, just the two of us. I just smiled as I thought about the six thousand dollars in my jacket pocket. I told her that I was pretty sure that we would be able to put something together for our vacation.
The Monday after we got back from Tahoe, as soon as Linda left for work I started hunting for somewhere special to go on our vacation, which was just seven days away.
I was not having any luck finding anything on such short notice. After about an hour of online searching, I struck gold. I found a Mexican Riviera cruise leaving out of San Diego the following Monday that had cabins available.
I not only booked a cabin on that cruise, I booked a penthouse cabin. The cruise was underbooked and I got the penthouse for about a quarter of the price it normally goes for.
There was only one thing I didn’t do, however. I seemed to have forgotten to check to see just what ports we were going to be sailing to. I figured what the hell, as long as the Captain knows where we’re going.
When Linda got home from work that afternoon she was a little anxious as she asked if I was able to find any place for us to go for a few days. With a smile, I told her that I booked us on a little cruise out of San Diego on Monday.
“Really?” she said, suddenly very excited. Then after thinking about it for a few moments, she asked, "Can we afford a cruise?"
“Yeah, we got it covered,” I told her.
I told her I had my mother coming over to watch the house, referee any fights with the kids, to call the fire department if the kids tried to burn the house down, and to pour cold water on any party plans our kids might have.
Early the following Sunday morning, we started the five-hour drive to San Diego. That Sunday was the actual day of our anniversary. It was a long drive but Linda and I enjoyed the time together.
We had the next five hours to talk among ourselves without the subject being on the latest calamity. This was something we hadn’t had the opportunity to enjoy in some time.
We talked about the good times we had had over the last twenty years and the good times we would have in the future. Part of that conversation included just how rare privacy was with three teenagers in the house, and how great it was going to be to spend a few days with just the two of us, for a change.
During the past year, we had been on a break from the lifestyle. It was not so much that we had any problems with it or that it was a declared break. It was just that family life seemed to demand the majority of our attention during that period.
During that drive, we had a chance to talk about the lifestyle and some of the fun we had over the years. We both stated that we would like to get back into the swing of things, it was just a matter of finding the time.
About mid-afternoon, we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel where we would be spending the night in San Diego. When we got to our room, Linda put her arms around my neck and kissed me.
She smiled that broad smile at me before saying “I am so glad we are able to get away for a few days.”
“How do you plan to spend those days?” I asked her. She licked her lips and dropped down to her knees and started to unbutton my pants.
When she had my cock hard and wet, she stood up and started removing her clothes. It turned into a race to see who was going to get naked first. A race which I won and was standing in front of her stroking my cock as she slid her panties down her legs.
I again took her into my arms. This time as I kissed her, I slid my hard cock between her legs, letting her rub her pussy along my shaft.
I moved Linda to the bed and gently pushed her onto her back on the bed. I stood between her legs beside the bed and pulled her close to the edge of the bed. Then I raised her legs up against my chest and slid my cock into her moist pussy.
After fucking her for several minutes, I pulled her off the bed. When she was standing, I turned her around and bent her over the bed. I started fucking her from behind with deep pounding strokes. After several minutes, her moaning told me that she was getting close.
I pulled my cock out of her and spun her around putting her on her back on the bed. I next lowered my mouth to her pussy. I fucked her pussy with my tongue, licked the entire length of it and sucked on her clit until I brought her over the edge.
As Linda recovered from her orgasm, I licked her clit with a light touch until her breathing somewhat returned back to normal. I then climbed onto the bed, straddled her chest and slid my cock between her tits. She held her tits firmly together as I slid my cock between them. Raising her head she would lick and suck on the head of my dick as it would slide between her tits toward her face.
After a few minutes of this, she rolled me over and took my dick deep into her mouth. I fingered her pussy as she brought me over the edge with her mouth. She struggled to swallow my load, but a small amount of cum seeped out of the corners of her mouth.
When I finally started to lose my erection, Linda released my dick from her mouth as she sat back up on the bed. She looked at me with that mischievous smile as she wiped the corners of her mouth with her finger. Without breaking eye contact with me, she sucked her fingers clean. My cock twitched as I watched her sucking my cum off her finger.
We cuddled together for some time, with neither of us saying anything. Linda raised herself up on her elbows. She smiled and said, “I might be a cheap date, big boy, but you are going to have to buy me dinner tonight. After all, it is my anniversary.” I laughed and said, “Lady, you’re talking to the guy that pays the bills and I can tell you there’s nothing cheap about you."
The staff at the front desk recommended a great little steakhouse to us, where we enjoyed our anniversary dinner. We made it back to the hotel about midnight, where we spent the next couple of hours seeing how many times we could make each other cum before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
The next day, as we were on our way to the dock for our cruise, Linda asked, “What ports are we going to be stopping at?” I looked at her and had to laugh. She looked at me with a questioning expression and asked what was so funny. “I don’t have any idea what ports we are going to be stopping at,” I said, “somewhere in Mexico, I suppose.”
Linda looked at me with a little bit shocked expression on her face. “Are you telling me you booked us on a cruise and don’t even know where we are cruising to?”
“Yep, I guess that’s what I’m doing,” I told her.
‘You can’t do that,” she replied.
“Yeah, I can because I did just that. You go on a cruise to go on a boat ride,” I told her. “It really doesn’t matter where that boat goes, as long as it gets you back to your car when it’s over.’
Linda just looked at me for a few moments. Then said in exasperation, “It is not a boat, it is a ship.”
“Isn’t a ship just a big boat?” I replied. Linda just burst out laughing with that.
We parked in the garage at the dock, got a luggage cart, and proceeded to the check-in area. There was an outside podium manned by a couple of people just outside the doors leading to the check-in area. As this was our first cruise, I had no idea of the protocol, so we just got in line.
One of the women that were checking people in came down the line of people getting their tickets. She looked at the tickets I gave her and announced: “We have a VIP guest here.”
Linda looked at me with a puzzled expression as the woman put a tag on our luggage and said, “Follow me, please.” I just shrugged my shoulders in reply to Linda’s unspoken question.
The woman led us past the outside podium and into the building. Inside the building, there were more lines and more people waiting in those lines. We were ushered into a little office just inside the building.
Inside the office, the first woman introduced us to another woman that welcomed us and checked us in. When she finished and answered a few of my questions, she gave us our boarding passes and led us out of her office where she pointed the way to the ramp to board the ship.
As we walked up the ramp, Linda asked me why we received the VIP treatment. “Well, I think it’s obvious,” I replied.
“What is obvious?” Linda asked.
“Well, they thought I was Robert Redford of course,” I replied.
Before Linda could ask any more questions, a photographer wanting to take a boarding picture of us stopped us. We then proceeded to our room.
Linda took one look at our penthouse suite and said, “Ok, what is going on here?” I then told her about winning the money while we were in Tahoe.
I also told her how I wanted to surprise her. I told her we got a hell of a deal on this ten-day cruise. “Did I manage to surprise you?” I asked, after telling her how we got to this point.
Linda was literally jumping up and down. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. “I love you so much,” she said, “how am I am going to repay you for treating me to this?”
“Well,” I said, “I think the customary way would be to give me a blowjob.” She gave me a little peck of a kiss before saying, "Not only are you going to get a blowjob, I’m going to fuck you until you beg for mercy over the next ten days.”
“I cannot believe all this,” Linda gushed, “I’ve always wanted to take a cruise like this. What should we do first?” she asked. “Well, I think first of all you are a little overdressed,” I replied. “The sundress is fine, but you never wear panties on a cruise.” She said, “Well, I didn’t know that,” as she laughed and pulled her panties down her legs.
Linda walked out onto our balcony and stood looking over the rail at the bay. I walked up behind her put my arms around her and ground my cock into her ass. “Somebody will see us,” she warned.
“I could care less,” I said, as I pulled the back of her skirt up over her bare ass. I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and slid it between her legs. As she held the rail for support she leaned forward and I slid my cock into her wet pussy.
I fucked her with a slow and easy pace as we looked out over the bay. Knowing that somebody might see us only added to the excitement we both felt.
It didn’t take but just a few minutes until she started to cum. As she did, she pushed her ass back against me as I filled her pussy with cum.
After cleaning up, we decided to check out the ship and see about getting a bite to eat. It was like we were newlyweds walking around the shops and different decks arm in arm, just seeing what there was to see.
A couple hours later, we made it back to our cabin. We decided to take a nap before dinner. I woke up when I felt the boat move at about five that afternoon.
I walked out onto the balcony to watch San Diego fade away behind us as we pulled out of port. Linda joined me and together we watched as the ship slipped out of the harbor and into the Pacific.
We made our way to dinner, again arm in arm. When we got to the restaurant, it was already almost full. Our table had two other couples already there. We smiled and nodded a greeting as we sat down.
I was looking around the restaurant checking it out. Within a few minutes of our arrival, a waiter came to take our dinner orders. After Linda and I made our dinner order, I noticed that the woman sitting across from us was looking at me. When our eyes met she smiled and looked away.
For the first time since we got there, I really looked at her. She looked so familiar but I couldn’t place her. Then it hit me that she looked like a girl that had been a year behind me in high school.
The person I was thinking of I had not seen since high school twenty some years before. I wasn’t certain it was who I was thinking of, but there sure was a strong resemblance.
The more I looked at her during dinner the more I thought that this was Lynn. I looked up from my plate at one point and caught her looking at me again.
As our eyes met, I said, “Lynn is that you?”
“I was wondering if you were going recognize me DB,” she replied. I got up and went over to her, giving her a hug. We both laughed about meeting like this after all these years.
After chatting with her for a few minutes I introduced her to Linda and she in return introduced her husband Steve to us. We spent most of the dinner catching up with each other’s lives since high school.
Steve started talking to Linda as Lynn and I reminisced. After the dinner, the other couple at our table left and it was just the four of us at the table. Lynn came over to sit beside me while Steve moved over next to Linda.
Time flew by and we were the only people left in the restaurant when Linda said, “I think they want to close this place. Why don’t we find somewhere to get a drink and listen to some music?” Everybody agreed with her that it sounded like a great idea. Together we left looking for a bar with some music.
We found a little bar with music. We all sat around a little table talking, enjoying a drink and listening to the music. Lynn said she could not believe that we met like this after all these years.
At one point while Linda was swaying to the music, Steve asked her if she would like to dance. “I would love to,” she answered. Then he looked over at me and asked, “Do you mind?”
“Not at all,” I told him.
As Lynn and I continued to chat, we watched the two of them walk out onto the dance floor. They danced to a few numbers, then during a slow song I saw that Linda had her arms around his neck and his hands were on her hips. As I watched, he dropped one hand to her ass and gave it a little squeeze.
I glanced over at Lynn to see if she had noticed the same thing I did. She just looked at me with a smile and said, “I would love to dance if you would.”
“I would love to,” I answered.
Lynn had always been a very pretty girl and over the years since I had last seen her she had matured into a very beautiful woman. Her eyes were the bluest I had ever seen. She was blond with a slightly fuller figure than she had in high school. She still had that flat stomach and round ass that I had loved from afar so many years ago. I followed her onto the dance floor watching her ass swaying as she walked.
We danced, talked and drank into the wee hours of the morning. We were all getting along great together. Lynn and I had never been an item in high school but we had been friends. As we talked that night, it seemed that we had genuinely missed each other and that friendship from high school. As Linda and Steve spent time together, it seemed that they enjoyed each other’s company also.
At one point while Linda and Steve were dancing, Lynn asked, “Do you mind if I ask you a question?”
“No, not at all,” I replied, “what’s on your mind?”
“Seeing you two tonight reminded me of a profile picture I saw on an SLS profile some time ago. That picture reminds me a lot of you two. I was just wondering if that was you two I saw in that profile.”
“It might have been,” I said, “do you and Steve have a profile on there?”
“As a matter of fact, we do,” she said with a smile.
I smiled at her and asked, “What are you thinking?”
“I’m thinking that maybe we should talk to our spouses and see if they would be interested in taking this little party back to our cabin,” she said.
When Linda and Steve came back to the table, Steve did not get a chance to set down before Lynn told him that she would like to dance. When they left the table, I asked Linda if she was having fun. “Oh, I am having a great time,” she said, “how about you, are you enjoying yourself?”
“I’m having a fantastic time,” I told her.
“I found out something while I was talking to Lynn,” I said. “They are in the lifestyle and she wants to know if we would be interested in going back to the cabin with them and continuing the party there.”
“I thought they might have been into that,” she said with a smile. “He has been playing with my ass all night,” Linda added with a giggle. “Sure, if everybody wants to go back to the cabin to play, that sounds good to me.”
When Lynn and Steve walked back to our table, they were both smiling broadly. Steve glanced between Linda and me as he said, “Lynn and I were just talking about taking this party back to our cabin and we would like you two to join us if you would like to.”
I told him that we were just talking about the same thing. Only we were thinking about going back to our cabin where we have a nice bottle of wine waiting for us. “That sounds even better,” Steve said with a broad grin.
As we entered our cabin, Lynn said, “You have one of the bigger cabins.”
“We got a hell of a last minute deal on it,” I said. As Lynn and I stood just inside the doorway talking about our cabin, Steve and Linda sat down on the couch beside each other.
Steve placed his arm around Linda’s shoulder as they chatted. I saw him whisper something to her and she smiled and nodded her head. He then leaned down and kissed her. As their lips met his hand found its way to her breasts.
I walked up behind Lynn wrapping my arms around her. I ground my cock into the ass I had fantasized about so many times while in high school. “It looks like they are getting along nicely,” I whispered into her ear as we both watched Linda and Steve.
Lynn looked back at me over her shoulder with a smile and said, “From the feel of your hard cock on my ass, we seem to be doing pretty well ourselves.”
“I know I am,” I said, as I reached around her and cupped a breast in each hand. Lynn reached between my hands and started unbuttoning her blouse as she leaned back into me.
I backed away from Lynn a little bit and started removing my clothes. As I did, I looked over to Linda and Steve who were now standing removing their clothes. In a few moments all four of us were naked and in the arms of each other’s spouse.
Linda sat back down on the couch and scooted forward. As she did, Steve knelt between her legs and brought his mouth to her pussy. Linda was running her fingers through his hair as she leaned back resting her head on the back of the couch. She closed her eyes as she let him pleasure her with his mouth and tongue.
Lynn was stroking my cock while we momentarily watched our spouses getting started. Lynn looked up at me with those big blue eyes of hers as she firmly stroked my cock. I bent down and kissed her. As our tongues danced in each other mouths and her hand stroked my cock, I inserted a finger into her flowing pussy.
When Lynn opened her eyes, she was breathing much more rapidly. She had the look of passion on her face as she released my cock and ran her fingers over my chest. With both hands on my chest, she pushed me back toward the bed.
When I felt the bed touch the back of my knees, I fell back onto it. Lynn climbed onto the bed and over me. She briefly kissed me again before spinning her body around straddled my chest. She leaned forward taking my cock into her mouth before dropping her pussy onto my mouth.
Lynn held my cock with one hand while cupping my balls with the other. She slid my entire eight-inch cock into her mouth and down her throat. She was grinding her pussy onto my mouth, spreading her juices all over my face.
I tried my best to keep up with this wild woman as I alternated between sucking her clit and fucking my tongue into her pussy. After several minutes, Lynn released my cock from her mouth as she sat up on my face with her hands on my chest. She was moaning loudly as she ground her pussy on my mouth and face before letting out a scream as she flooding my face with her juices as her first orgasm rushed through her.
After a few minutes, Lynn rolled off my face and cuddled up beside me. Her breathing was still coming in gasps as she looked up at me with a smile on her face. “That was great,” she said, as she looked into my eyes. “That was just the beginning,” I replied.
I bent down and gave her a kiss as I lightly traced my fingers over her breasts and nipples. I broke our kiss and looked, admiring the voluptuous body that I had fantasized so many times about as a teenager.
She ran a fingertip over my face and lips. Then with a little chuckle, she said, “I really soaked you, didn’t I?”
“Just honestly showing your appreciation,” I replied, as I bent down to kiss her again.
As we kissed, I slowly moved on top of Lynn. Lying between her wide spread legs, I positioned my cock at her pussy. She reached between our bodies placing the head of my cock at her opening.
I arched my hips forward and embedded about half my cock inside her. As the first few inches of my cock was sliding into her, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting out a low moan of pleasure.
I held still for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her warm wet pussy wrapped around my cock. When I saw her eyes open again, I smiled at her as I thrust my hips forward embedding my cock all the way inside her. She met my thrust by thrusting her hips upward, trying to force even more of my cock into her pussy.
I started slowly fucking my cock in and out of her pussy. She met my rhythm by rolling her hips back when I withdrew my cock, pulling her pussy away from my cock. Then when I would slide my cock back inside her she would arch her hips forward meeting my thrust with her own, driving my cock firmly into her.
After a few minutes, I changed my pace slightly. I would slowly withdraw my cock from the depths of her pussy. Then when I reached the point where her pussy only held the head of my cock I would arch my hips forward and slam my cock into her deep.
She would let out an audible gasp each time I would slam my cock into her. Each time I thrust my cock into her, she would meet my thrust by thrusting her hips upward, driving her pussy onto my cock, increasing the force of my cock driving it into her.
After several minutes, I wrapped my arms under her legs lifting them up and onto my chest. Now with her pussy aimed upward I picked up the pace of pounding my cock into her.
With each thrust, my cock banged to the depth of her pussy. Every time, I pounded my cock into her. As I fucked her, I was stimulated by the sight of her grapefruit-sized tits rolling on her chest. They were swaying in a continual circular motion as I fucked her.
I kept this up until I knew we were both getting very close to going over the edge. I then pulled my cock out of her pussy rolled her over on her stomach. I lifted her up by the hips and got behind her. She was so wet that I just slammed my hips forward and my cock slid into her pussy.
I was fucking her as hard and fast as I could. I would pull my cock almost all the way out of her and as soon as just the head of my cock was in her pussy, I would again slam it all the way into her. She was arching and rolling her hips meeting my thrust. We were synchronized in our movements and the force we were both using.
At one point, we lost that synchronization and my cock pulled completely out of her pussy. When I thrust my hips forward again instead of my cock sliding back into her pussy the head slid into her ass.
I just stopped all movement as I waited for her reaction. After a few moments, Lynn looked back over her shoulder and whispered, “Put it in.”
I slowly slid my cock into her ass. After my cock had been in her ass for a few moments she started arching and rolling her hips again. My cock being so well lubricated by her flowing pussy, it met no resistance as it slid smoothly in and out of the tight confines of her ass.
I was in an easy continual rhythm of fucking my cock in and out of Lynn’s ass when I heard a moaning cry of pleasure from Linda. I looked toward the couch where she and Steve were fucking.
Steve had her bent over in front of the couch. She was holding onto the back of the couch as he stood behind her slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. I could see the muscles of his arms tighten and his ass clench as he would pull her hips toward him as he slammed his hips forward, embedding his cock deep into her pussy.
He was using a jackhammer type of thrust in rapid succession and it was driving her into a massive orgasm. I heard her mumbling sex talk, telling him to fuck her harder followed by, “Fill my pussy with your cum,” all mixed with the moans, groans, and shrieks of pleasure.
I picked up the pace of fucking Lynn’s ass. I knew I was close and from Lynn’s moans, I knew she was right on the brink herself. I closed my eyes held Lynn firmly by the hips, pulling her into me as I drove my cock all the way into her ass. I held her firmly against me and started to cum in her ass.
As I my cock was pumping cum her ass, I heard Lynn scream that she was cumming. In the distance I heard Linda scream out her orgasm as she told Steve, “Oh yes fill my pussy with your cum, give it all to me.” All four of us got to the same destination at the same time.
I was holding Lynn firmly by the hips trying to catch my breath when I felt her move forward and onto her stomach. I followed her down lying on top of her with my now semi-hard cock still in her ass. While lying on Lynn’s back, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I tried to catch my breath.
Through the echo of my own breathing, I heard Linda and Steve laughing together in the distance. Under me, Lynn was breathing deeply trying to catch her breath.
I brushed the hair from her neck and as I kissed her neck, I tasting the salty sweat that now covered her body. She looked back at me with a smile and said, “That was great.” I just nodded my head in agreement, unable to speak just yet.
As my breathing returned to a near normal rate, my mind was floating lazily as I lay on top of Lynn. The only thought going through my mind was how good I felt.
I felt Lynn move under me as she patted my thigh, saying, “Get up, hon. I’ve got to use the restroom.” I slowly rose, pulling my cock from her ass. As I did, her puckered little hole remained gaping open as cum flowed from it.
As I slid off the bed, Lynn got up and headed toward the restroom. As she passed by me, she stopped and gave me a happy little kiss before moving on.
I cleaned up a little, then went to the little refrigerator to get something to drink. I then joined Linda and Steve on the couch.
A little later, we were all on the couch snuggled up with the other’s spouse not saying much, just giggling and snuggling together. Really there wasn’t anything to say, it was just the time to enjoy each other.
Finally, Lynn broke the silence by asking Linda what she had planned for tomorrow. “Nothing really,” Linda replied. Lynn told her that she was planning to try to go to the spa and told Linda that she should join her. It didn’t take Linda long at all to agree to join Lynn for a spa treatment.
We sat around chatting for some time until both Steve and Lynn felt it was time to go back to their cabin and get a little sleep. I gave Lynn a parting kiss as Linda kissed Steve goodnight. Lynn and Linda hugged like old friends as Steve and I shook hands.
When we were alone, Linda said, “I need to ask you something.”
“Ask away,” I said.
“Was Lynn an old high school girlfriend that you were able to fuck again tonight?”
I laughed and told her, “No, I never took her out while I was in high school. She had gone out with Frank for a while and for the rest of the time I knew her she was going with John. Lynn and I traveled in the same circles but no, she and I were never an item while I was in high school. I might have fucked her a few times in some of my wet dreams, but that never translated into real life.”
“I would not do that to you,” I told her, as I took her in my arms and kissed her. “Besides, you already know about all the other girls I have ever gone out with before I met you.”
“How would you like a cup of coffee?” I asked Linda as we ended our embrace. “That sounds great,” she replied. I made us each a cup and as I sipped on mine, I walked over to the sliding door leading to the balcony.
It was a warm night and the sounds of the ship sliding through the water could be heard below.
Linda joined me on the dark balcony as we stared out into the night at the stars and darkness. “Well, nine more nights,” I whispered into her ear as I stood behind her with my arms wrapped around her. “Are you having fun so far?” I added.
“It is like being in a dream, isn’t it?” she said. “We have no day to day routine just have fun and enjoy ourselves while we’re here.”
We stood in silence for some time lost in our own thoughts. I was running through my mind the events of the evening. Thinking not only of the sights and sounds from tonight but of what the rest of the cruise might hold in store for us.
Linda broke the silence when she asked: “Hon, what are you thinking about?”
“Oh, nothing really. Why?”
“I was just wondering,” she chuckled. “To what do I owe the honor of having your hard cock between my ass checks?”
“Well,” I said, “I guess I was just thinking how good it would feel to put that hard cock into your cum-filled pussy.” She bent forward, grabbing the rail for support, then said, “Why don’t you find out just how good it would feel?”
In my mind, there just isn’t anything better than the feel of my cock sliding into Linda’s pussy after she’s fucked somebody and it’s still full of their cum. It is so wet and slick, it just drives me crazy.
I ran the head of my cock over the length of her pussy, then with an arching of my hips sank my cock all the way into her. As I slowly fucked her from behind, I asked Linda if she had fun fucking Steve tonight.
She told me how good it felt when he fucked her with his big cock. How many times he had made her cum before he filled her pussy with his cum.
Just fuck talk for maybe the next half hour or so, as I pounded her pussy from behind. Finally, the sounds of Linda going over the edge with her orgasm brought me to my own as I added my own cum to that already in her pussy.
To be continued in The Cruise – Part II

Mistral Wind
Bobby and Molly rolled apart basking in the warm afterglow of a lazy orgasm in which both came together. Molly reached over to the bedside cabinet, picked up the glasses of red wine, and passed one over to Bobby. She eyed him thoughtfully for a few moments. Bobby was aware she was on the point of coming out with something profound and he felt a concern about her seriousness.
“Bobby I am going to tell you something which normally no woman would ever admit to or want to share with her man.”
Bobby frowned “OK what’s coming then sounds really serious!”
“You have seen me enjoy sex a few times now with Gerry and yourself, you know how much I enjoy it and how abandoned I can be.”
Bobby said, “I get that.”
“Well I tone down my sexual appetite depending on the man I am with. With you, I am more refined as you are inexperienced, and with Gerry, I can be a total cum slut with no boundaries at all, just sheer pleasure.”
Bobby said, “What do you mean?”
“OK look at it this way, all women are potential cum sluts, they all would love to be totally slutty dirty and fuck like whores, we all secretly want this. Depending on the man you are with and what he is comfortable then we tone it down to suit him."
“Why?” Bobby asked looking confused.
“Women have far more physical pleasure from sex than a man does. Our clits are three or four times more sensitive than his cock and we feel sex all over our bodies.”
Bobby, “Really!”
“Yes we do, but built into every woman is the fear that by being far too randy, horny, fuck me any way you want attitude, we would scare off our man so we do tone down what we allow him to see and hear.”
“Wow!” was all Bobby could manage.
“Most women will swallow or spit depending how they feel. A few would say I would never do such a thing but this is driven out of not appearing too slutty for him. Between our legs right to the top of our bottom, we have one big erogenous zone, play right with it and we are in paradise. If some women heard me say this they would be mad and demand I am wrong! But I know I am not.”
“I am Gobsmacked!” exclaimed Bobby.
“If you think about it men and women are programmed differently, a male sees a pretty female. She is ready to mate and he wants her so his desire is to fill her with his sperm by capturing her, she agrees, then he fucks her. His genetic program tells him to keep thrusting till he empties himself into her. Once he has done that he is no longer required so he comes over sleepy and his cock goes soft.”
Bobby “Amazing!”
Women are different, they have to choose a mate and will select the most skilled hunters and providers to look after them and her new baby. She is also genetically programmed to be able to repeat mate as often more than one male is present. That is why we can fuck the socks off three men without breaking into a sweat, and it is only porn stories where men get hard again in seconds and are back inside.”
Bobby “Awesome!”
“So you understand, we don’t have hang-ups about sex, we just have different needs. The trick is to release the woman from her male bonds and allow her to fuck slutty without making him feel threatened. For example, if on her wedding night she was the total slutty vamp, the shy young groom might say 'Shit, what have I married? She will never be faithful! She is such a whore!' In truth, she would only be doing what her arousal wanted from her. Do you understand what I mean?”
Bobby “Oh God do I! Where do I learn this stuff?”
“I have not finished yet, the best part is to come,” Molly giggled. “What happens, because of our high sex drive and the mental dampener, we are complex creatures and need special handling. All the very great lovers understood women and knew that to be a true love a man has to fuck her mind as well as her body, which means getting inside her head, understanding what I have just told you, and acting on the information. Your great urge is to get me wet and horny slide it in then thrust away until you come hoping I enjoy it as well. Correct?”
Bobby “Mmmmm yes. But how?”
“We are complex and so is our sexuality, our entire body is responsive. Make her feel you worship every inch, caress her neck into the hollow of her throat, bite the back of her neck, nibble her ears, eat her nipples but make sure you wet them first since caressing dry nipples is not good, and take lots of time before diving your face into her pussy. Tease her, make her wait, make her want your tongue inside her labia sliding around her clit. Most of all, once you are there, go under her pussy towards her bottom. The strip of skin is very sensitive and then run your tongue around her anus you will feel her jump for joy. You'll probably get a comment like 'rude bastard' or maybe encouragement to go into her bottom because she understands you are not fazed by her ability to fuck rude and let her enjoy it. Women are the rudest vampires on earth but will never reveal it to her man, you have to coax her into playing dirty by giving her permission.”
“Teach me some moves please!” Bobby pleaded.
“No, you learn them for yourself, you know what is required now. When you look at a woman, just open your eyes and see her beauty, look at her back, the shape, the curves, her belly the way it slides down into her pubis, her hands, her feet. In fact, every inch is fuckable, so use it when you fuck her. Hold back, slow down when it gets too hot, and get back into it when he has stopped trying to spit spunk into her every second.”
Bobby said with a sly smile “Just thinking about it all has given me a big woody, can I kiss you all over right now!”
Molly sighed “Not now. I need some food and we have Marline and Gerry coming around tomorrow night for our fun night. Do you remember I thought he was straight but he told you he is bi, and would like to play with you as well as me?”
“Oh my God! I had forgotten about them. Do I have to?” Bobby asked.
“You don’t have to but I want you to try it without any preconceptions. I suck cocks and pussies and love both, each is different and none are offensive. It is all inside your mind, so be open-minded and see what you think.”
“When Gerry fucked your bottom it seemed to hurt a bit at first as it took a little effort to get it all in," Bobby recalled, "but then you loved it. Is that right, will it hurt me?”
Molly replied, "Don’t be such a girl, you will love it!”
The next day flashed by and Bobby could not get the thoughts of Marline, her beautiful body, her pert breasts, and the smell and taste of her secret garden nestled between her legs. The odd thought of Gerry ramming him silly also kept creeping in, how was he going to cope? Bobby showered early evening and for the first time used some moisturizing lotions on his body making ready for the evening. He dressed in a T-shirt and boxers with a pair of loose cutoffs and sneakers. He checked himself out in the mirror and felt like the real deal, the man about town with his new knowledge.
Molly was in her wing of the apartment. She showered and made sure she was shaved to perfection with nothing to prevent her from enjoying the ultimate fuck night. She went through her knicker collection and selected a white silk thong with little or no covering, no bra, stockings and suspender belt, a white silk camisole top, and a white wrap over skirt with a tie at the waist. She thought to herself “All in white, I could be a virgin, he will know it when he fucks me!” Molly felt a strange feeling deep inside her lower belly and understood her eggs were on the move as she was ovulating which accounted for the aggressive temperament and the need for attention; she needed to be held down and fucked really hard tonight. Molly pinched her nipples gently then slipped her fingers into her cunt sliding them around in the thick creamy dampness, she felt the wetness start to form and her clit swell up with anticipation. “Stop now, save it for tonight” she commanded herself. She pulled her fingers out and sniffed them instinctively, noting the stronger female scent due to the high levels of female pheromones. Still sweet and sexy but very womanly, a cunt asking to be fucked. She was ready!
7:30 p.m., dinner was ready, and the door chimes sounded and both rushed to the front door to let the guests in. Hugs and kisses all around, lots of 'how are you?' and 'what have you both been doing since you were here?' The idle chit-chat went on for a few minutes and Molly said, “Dinner is ready, let's get some wine opened and we can eat.”
During dinner, Bobby was eying up Marline thinking about his mother's instructions, wondering where her boundaries would be tonight. She was dressed in a simple flowing dress, emerald green to offset her red hair and no sign of much underneath since he could plainly see her nipples poking against the soft material. He moved closely past her and breathed in her womanly scent, no perfume. A clean aroused woman which he had been inside and wanted to return there and discover what his tongue would find this time. As he passed by she reached back and brushed his groin and whispered “Can’t wait, Tiger? Are you hard yet?” Bobby stopped for a second, his hand slipped between her buttocks and gently probed for her pussy, then back away in a second. Marline said “Rude boy! Wait till later.”
Molly was flirting with Gerry, who is never very subtle, and noticed Gerry was watching Bobby and his wife but trying to look casual about it. Molly closed up and started flirting with her hands getting touchy-feely so it was time to move out of the dining room. “Come on you three. We are all adults, we know what we want, so let's get down to my room and start a serious fuck me evening". Gerry struggled out of his chinos and dropped his T-shirt on the floor followed by his boxers, a semi-hard cock was swaying around not quite ready for penetration. Marline dropped her dress to the floor and she was naked. Bobby looked and had forgotten how beautiful her body was with those perky breasts topping it off, he went from semi to fully erect in a second with that familiar buzzing feeling deep inside his groin. Marline smiled and said “Come to Mama. Bobby, you look good enough to eat and I am hungry!”
Molly turned to Gerry “Put your hands behind your back and undress me with your mouth. No buttons or zips, just ties if you want me naked to fuck me. Get going man!”
Gerry went round behind her, found the camisole ties, and started trying to free them nuzzling her back as he did so. She shuddered and pushed her bottom back into him. She felt him get harder. He pulled around to the front to pull the camisole off and nipped her nipples quite hard to grip the silk. Molly felt the wetness start as her pussy responded. With a little effort the camisole was on the floor, nipples were kissed to celebrate, then the skirt! It would not undo, so Gerry gripped it with his teeth tugged like mad and the tie snapped, down came the wrap over skirt. Molly ordered him "leave my stockings on and once you can get your tongue inside me and lick me, I will take the thong off.”
Gerry tried and tried to get inside her, and in frustration barged her backward onto the bed and dived between her legs. He managed to get his teeth onto the edge of the thong and pulled hard, the thin strap snapped and it pinged against his face. Undaunted his mouth was on her pussy in a flash. “Gently, my Lion King, you have won your prize now start slowly and take me into paradise.” His mouth started working miracles inside her cunt, which was flooding her bottom with her thicker, creamier juices driven by her lusts for sexual pleasure and nature's desire to conceive. Molly’s hips started to thrash about and she was moving slowly towards her first orgasm. Molly thought “NO! Too quick. I want a slow start, then a long horny fuck. I want him inside my mouth, my cunt, my bottom before he comes this time." She rolled him off. Gerry startled, wondering what he had done wrong.
Molly smiled and said, “I was not quite ready yet, let's start at the top end and work downwards so we take some time and build this into a crescendo of orgasms.”
“You’re the boss tonight,” replied Gerry.
Gerry and Molly slid together and started necking like two giraffes in the African bush at sunset. He nibbled her neck, her ears kissed her eyes, then around the back of her neck until she was trembling with pleasure and felt her desire building inside her womb. They were making love instead of a pre-fuck warm up, and Molly loved it, she felt like the complete woman, that wonderful moment when a woman goes from wet and horny to cunt all over and Molly just reached it. She pulled him onto his side and gave him room to get to her breasts and her lower belly. Now the female arousal scent was heavy and her bottom was wet inside her cheeks.
Gerry slipped his fingers inside her pussy and scooped out some of her creamy wetness sliding it around the crease of her bottom. Every time he brushed her clit she jumped with the electricity it generated. Her cunt was singing now, wanting to be filled with his hardness and fucked to destruction. Molly rolled onto her back and slipped a pillow under her hips, pulled Gerry towards her and gripped his cock guiding him into her. He got up on his knees and rubbed the tip along her slit, wetting the end. One firm push, she opened up and allowed him inside her. She needed it hard so she gripped his back, dug her nails into him, and raked his back. He grunted and responded with an enormous thrust driving her hips down into the pillow, his pelvic bone bruising her clit. She loved it rough, hard, and dirty tonight, her cunt was getting used by a real man. There was no love now, just an animal fuckfest, two bodies driving into each other. Molly started panting hard, building and building her orgasm, pushing him hard making him drive into her as hard as he could. She felt Gerry start to speed up and knew he was about to come, her body took over and she died in a firework display of orgasms. When they came back to earth, he was above his sweat dripping into her eyes. She pushed him off gently, rolled into him, and snuggled up too exhausted to do any more, enjoying the post-coital glow.
They rolled onto their sides and watched the fun on the other bed. Bobby was missionary position above Marline who was starting to get very vocal and she got closer to her squirt come off. Bobby started to move faster and faster until he got to almost the point of no return. He stopped. Marline said, “What the fuck!!!” Bobby flipped her over and onto her knees. He lined her up again and rubbed his cock into her pussy entrance to get it wet and slimy, pushed a finger inside her bottom, and the replaced it with the tip of his cock. She gasped and put her head down on the bed preparing for the thrust up her arse. It came and she yelped “Ooooff, that hurts! You are bigger than Gerry. Oh fuck me now, I love it!” Bobby thrust away inside her then remembered his earlier pep talk with Molly. He slowed it right down, very slow keeping the pleasure boiling but not going over the edge.
Gerry was watching the action intently; seeing his wife get serviced anally and loving it, he was hard again. Gerry slipped his fingers into Molly, scooped out the slimy wetness and spread it over his rock hard cock. He came up behind Bobby who had no idea he was there until he felt a hand spread the lubrication on his bottom and then grip his shoulder, and the pressure build against his anus. Bobby gasped "My it hurts, but it is so dirty and sexy." He tried to relax to let Gerry in, remembering what Molly had said. Once he allowed himself to open, Gerry slowly found his way inside him and they started to thrust together with Bobby still thrusting into Marline. She gasped and that action brought her over the edge with a massive orgasm shattering her body, that brought Bobby into coming, and Gerry followed soon after. They slumped down on top of Marline who complained bitterly about the weight of the two men.
Bobby thought to himself my God it hurt at first, but then it was so rude, so dirty, so fucking wonderful, I absolutely loved it. Marline was tight just like I must have been.
Molly lay back on her bed and relaxed, she felt her journey was now complete. Bobby had experienced enough to make him a whole man. He can stay out of my bed and join us in our swinging until he gets a full-time girlfriend.

Linda was wearing a pair of lite white summer slacks and a blue blouse. As she sat down across from me in the din as we talked I noticed a wet spot darkening the material of her pants over her crotch. It was obvious that she had left Bob’s room with a pussy full of his cum and it was now flowing out of her pussy causing a stain to form on her pants. I also knew that Linda could feel the wet feeling on her skin by the way she was starting to squirm around as we talked. Seeing her discomfort brought me a little momentary pleasure so I continued to engage her in conversation to prolong her discomfort.
Linda asked me if I had eaten yet, I told her I had even though eating was the last thing I had on my mind all day. Well I think I’m going to take a shower before we go to bed and with that she got up and walked down the hallway toward our bedroom. I got up and followed her down the hallway and into our bedroom. Knowing full well just how anxious she was to get out of her wet clothes and clean Bob’s cum out of her pussy before I found it there.
Linda went into the bathroom as I put my things in the closet. I waited a few moments then went into the bathroom. As I walked into the bathroom Linda had already removed her blouse and bra. She was just removing her pants and heading toward the clothes hamper with them. She was clad in only a pair of very sexy blue panties as I reached out saying here I’ll get those for you taking her pants from her outreached hand. I took her pants in one hand opening the clothes hamper with the other. Then just before I put them in the hamper I stopped and looked at them. I made a bit of a production of looking at the crotch and the wet spot that covered it. Honey what have you got on your pants I said looking at the crotch. I looked at her and her face flushed white as a shocked expression crossed over it. I ahhh don’t know she stammered as she did her best to not look guilty or overly interested in what was on her pants. I must have spilled something on them during dinner.
I continued examining her pants feeling the crotch area. I don’t think it was something from dinner honey they are wet and if it was something from dinner they would have been dry by now. I then held them close to my face and sniffed them. Then I looked over at her and as I did I lowered my gaze to her panties. There was an even bigger wet spot on her panties. I pointed to her panties and said look honey whatever you have on your pants is also all over your panties. I walked over to her and ran my hand over her pussy through her panties then again looked her in the eye with a quizzical expression on my face. I let my hand roam up to the waist band of her panties and as she tried to push my hand away saying wait until I get out of the shower then we can play. I paid no attention to her and let my hand slide down inside her panties to her pussy. Though she was protesting I slid a finger into her pussy and held it there. I looked her in the eye and said you have a pussy full of cum. You have so much cum in you it’s spilled out all over your panties and stained your pants. Would mind telling me how you got a pussy full of cum while having dinner with your girlfriend from work?
Linda’s face was bone white as she started to stammer and stutter her reply. She started to protest and deny that it was another man’s cum flowing from her pussy. Through a smirk like half smile I replied, oh well then just what is it you have in your pussy? I have played a lot of poker in my day and I can make all the reads and from the way the veins in her neck were pulsing, the way the color had drained from her face and the way her hands were shaking I could tell she knew she was caught she just didn’t know how much I knew or how she should proceed. As I closely examined her body I also saw that she had a red area around her breast and on the insides of her thighs. Those red marks looked just like the marks I’ve found on her body before. After we had made love and my five o’clock shadow would scrape the tender areas of skin on her body.
Well if you must know she said while the girls and I were in the bar there were some young guys hitting on us and the thought that I could still turn on young guys like that really turned me on and from how wet my panties and pants are I guess it turned me on more than I thought. I was starting to tire of her lies and decided to put an end to this little charade.
I looked her right in the eye, the smile faded from my face and my voice lost all traces of humor. I will not be lied to I told her. I went on to say that I can take almost anything and deal with a lot but I will not be lied to or cheated on. Now I know you weren’t out having dinner with your girlfriends. She started to insist that she had been doing just that when I cut her off mid-sentence saying you are in enough trouble right now don’t add to it by continuing to lie to me. I know exactly where you were I know exactly what you were doing and who you were doing it with. You must not know me very well at all if you think you can run around on me in this town and me not find out about it.
My words hit Linda like a punch, she looked down at the floor and when she looked back up again she had tears running down both sides of her face. Through a crackling voice she started to defend herself again by saying well if you don’t believe me what do I have to do to make you believe I was out with my girlfriends?
I stood in front of her looking into her eyes for a long moment. You left work a few minutes after five this afternoon. You drove directly from work to Bob’s motel following him there. You parked in the parking lot right beside Bob’s car. You walked to Bob’s room with him and went inside. You didn’t leave his room at any time between the time you got there a little after five until you were leaving there a little after ten. When you were inside that room you fucked and sucked his cock until shortly before ten o’clock when you got dressed left his room. You tried you best to me home so I wouldn’t know what you had been up to. This is not the first time you have fucked Bob, you and Bob have been carrying on for some time now. Now you lie to me again or you cheat on me again I will leave your ass so fast it will make your head spin. Now go ahead one more time and tell me where you were today and what you were doing.
Linda fell to the floor, knelling by the bathtub with her head buried in her arms crying and begging me to forgive her. I wasn’t quite ready to let her off the hook just yet. My reply to her was, what the hell are you crying about it’s you that hurt me. Dry it up we have a lot to talk about if we’re going to get through this. To be real honest I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get past this or not. What I do know is that it’s all going to depend on you.
Now dry it up, get yourself together then come out to the living room so we can talk. By the way don’t bother to get dressed just freshen your makeup and comb your hair. Then come out there dressed just the way you are right now. If you can get all dolled up and stand naked in front of another man trying to turn him on so he will fuck you. Then you can get all dolled up and stand naked in front of me when you try to explain to me why I should forgive you for it. Oh and don’t clean yourself up I want your pussy full of his cum when we talk about this. I want every drop of his cum that drips out of your pussy and runs down the inside of your thighs to remind you just what a lying cheating little bitch you’ve been. I want you to know just how much you’re asking me to forgive you of.
Her voice was meek and shaky when she answered me with a simple ok. I turned and walked out of the bathroom and down the hall to the living room. The thought crossed my mind as I sat down in my chair I wonder if she notice that I had a hard on while I was talking to her.
After waiting for her for a few minutes I became aware of just how dry my mouth was so I got up and poured us both a glass of wine. Linda finally came down the hallway to the living room. She was dressed as I had left her clad in only a sexy pair of panties with the noticeable cum stain still visible. Linda stopped at the end of the hall looking into the living room checking to see if the drapes were drawn. Isn’t it just a little late to be modest I said anybody that will walk into a man’s motel room in broad daylight shouldn’t be afraid of somebody seeing her clad in only a pair of panties in her own living room. Now come over here and sit down so we can talk and I held out the glass of wine I poured for her.
You do know that everybody in your office knows you’ve been fucking Bob don’t you. She shook her head and said Bob would never tell anybody and I know I didn’t tell anybody. I just laughed and said I will guarantee you that Bob told all his friends what a good fuck you were. So you should get ready you are going to have every swinging dick in that company hitting on you as soon as Bob leaves town. I even saw two of the girls from your office joking about you and Bob at our little party the other day. Linda just looked at me with a shocked expression on her face. She had a hurt look on her face and asked me you don’t really think he told anybody do you.
Again I just laughed and shock my head don’t you know that the quickest way to let everybody at work know you’re a slut is to fuck somebody at work. Face it honey they all know you’re a fucking slut and the joke of the office. Within ten minutes of him getting back to the main office back east everybody in the corporate office is going to know what a slut you are. In fact every time somebody from corporate comes to town you can expect a request to join them for dinner and to show them around. That’s going to be corporate code for come back to my motel and fuck me just like you did with my buddy.
Linda hung her head and said what I am going to do now. I didn’t want any of this to happen. I don’t know how it happened it just did. I didn’t mean to hurt you I just don’t know what to say to make it all go away. You can’t undo something that’s already done I said you are just going to have to live with the consequences.
Oh my god Linda sighed if the girls at work know about what I’ve done I can’t imagine what they must think about me. What they must think about you I shot back at her. You’re just the slut that’s fucking anything that walks; I’m the poor dumb bastard that can’t keep his wife satisfied enough to keep it at home. You’re the piece of ass that every guy at work now wants to fuck because they know you put out. Every woman at work hates you because you’ve done what they’ve all wanted to do but were afraid to.
She looked like she was about to start crying again when she looked at me and said I don’t know what you must think of me now. I looked at her and took a sip of wine and after a moment. I think you’re a hot blooded Italian woman that loves to fuck. You love the feel of a nice sized hard cock pounding into your pussy. There’s nothing wrong with that and that is one of the things I love about you. I just don’t want you to ever go behind my back again to find a hard cock to fuck you. I don’t mind if you fuck somebody else I’ve told you that I just want to be part of the action. Or at the very least be told about what you plan to do and given the final say in you going through with it or not.
Now come over here beside me and I’m going to tell you what our sex life is going to be like from now on. Linda slowly got out of her chair and sat down beside me on the couch. I’m so sorry she told me I’ll do anything I can to make this up to you just tell me what you want me to do. I took another sip of wine and thought baby that’s just what I’m going to do.
The first thing I want you to do honey is to stand up and take those panties off. Without hesitation Linda stood in front of me and slid her panties off her hips and down her long sexy legs to the floor before rejoined me on the couch. She snuggled up to me telling me how much she loved me. I know you do I told her and I love you too but sometime we both need a little bit more than just that don’t we. Linda thought about that for a moment then looked up at me and nodded her head yes.
Linda in our sex life we have been making love together since we were married. Don’t get me wrong that’s nice but sometimes we just need to fuck for the sake of fucking just because it makes us feel good. When you fuck somebody it’s all about pleasure nothing more nothing less. You’re not expressing your feeling toward that person you’re using that person to make you feel good, you’re using that person to make you cum and in return you’re going to do what you can to see that they feel good and cum also. Can you understand that concept I ask. I think so she replied. Let me ask you this I said did the thought of leaving me and running off with Bob ever cross you mind. She didn’t hesitate she shook her head no and said with him it was just one of those things where he turned her on and she must have turned him on also and things went a little too far. So you fucked him you didn’t make love to him didn’t you? She thought about that for a moment and said you’re right I fucked him I didn’t make love to him. I didn’t want to spend my life with him I just wanted him to bring me an orgasm.
Tell me how this thing started I asked I want to know the truth and I want to know all of it. Linda took a deep breath and said ok. When Bob first got here I was nice to him, he didn’t know anybody in the company out here much less anybody in town so I just thought it would be a nice gesture on my part if I just did what I could to make him feel welcome. Basically I just talked to him and tried to be a friend. Anyway we got to know a little about one another and it was just a friend at work kind of thing.
Then after he had been here a few days we had a business meeting to kind of introduce all of us here to the company goals of our new owners. Bob was sitting in front of all of us facing us while they told us what we could expect with the new owners. I had worn a skirt that day and I guess it had ridden up a little bit and I must have been showing a little too much leg. I just happened to glance up at Bob and he was staring at my legs in fact he must have had a good view straight up my skirt. As I was looking at him he looked up and saw that I had caught him looking up my skirt and he just smiled and looked away. After that day he seemed to start paying a lot more attention to me. He would ask me to help him with some of the paper work and I don’t know he just seemed to find ways to be around me more.
He put up a folding table in his office and asked if I would help him organize some proposals for him. Well the desk was set up in front of his desk a few feet back from his desk. I organized the proposals and went back to my desk to take care of my workload. It seemed that every day he would have something that he wanted a hand with. Being he was the boss he got me to help him. One day while I was helping him he left the office for another meeting and when I finished what he wanted me to do I put them on his desk. I sat in his chair for a moment while I organized everything. I happened to look up and when I did I noticed that I had a perfect view from there under my desk. If my legs were spread a little he could look straight up my skirt from his desk. Now I knew why he had me in his office helping him so much.
Honestly the thought that he found me attractive enough to go to all that trouble just to get a glimpse up my skirt kind of turned me on. So I decided to tease him a little bit and started wearing shorter skirts. When he would have me come into his office to help him I would squirm around a little and my skirt would work its way up to maybe mid-thigh which I knew was giving him a view all the way to my crotch. I knew I shouldn’t be doing that but I thought it was all in fun and there wouldn’t be any harm in giving him a little flash of my panties.
One day after putting some things together for him and flashing him for about half an hour I told him that I had finished and ask him if he would like to check my work to see if that was what he wanted. He got up from his chair and walked over and stood beside me with his hand on my shoulder as he checked my work. I happened to glance over at him; his crotch was right at face level and just a couple of inches from my face. He was wearing lite summer slacks and the outline of his hard cock was plainly visible to me. It must have been at least eight or nine inches long and as big around as my wrist. I was so taken aback by the sight of him like that and being that close to me I just blurted out “my god you’re huge”. I regretted it as soon as I said it and told him I was sorry he just smiled and said don’t be sorry I’m glad you’re impressed with it. I must have turned seven shades of red from my embarrassment and immediately got up and left his office apologizing as I went. I heard him laughing as I left saying don’t be embarrassed.
The next day I was in the copy room making some copies when the printer ran out of paper. As I was walking over to the storage cabinet Bob came into the room. I saw him come in but didn’t notice that he had moved up that close to me and when I bent down to get some printer paper from the lower shelf he was right behind me and I accidently stuck my ass right into his crotch. I felt his cock come in contact with my ass then I felt his hands grab me by the hips. Well hello there he said with a laugh I see you’re feeling pretty good today. I knew I should have jumped up and away from him but I just couldn’t move. Then I felt him start to grind his cock against my ass and I thought I was going to cum right there. Then he did that thing that you like to do where he rolled his hips just a little bit and rubs his cock further between my legs and against my pussy as I was bent over with my legs spread a little. I was just lost in the moment and it was just so exciting it really turned me on.
Then the next Friday we passed each other in the hall and he thanked me for being such a help to him since his arrival. He said he really thought he owed me something extra for all my hard work and suggested that I call you and he would take us both out to dinner tonight. I told him that would have been great but you were out of town on a flight and wouldn’t be back until Sunday. He said there was no need for both of us to have dinner alone and ask if I would join him for dinner. I thought there wouldn’t be anything wrong in just having dinner with him so I accepted his offer. Then Linda looked up at me and said I know you love me and find me attractive however I don’t think you know just how special it makes a woman feel to know that after a few years of marriage and having kids that a man other than her husband finds her attractive in a sexual way. I didn’t plan on having sex with him. I thought I might tease him some and flirt with him but I wasn’t planning on going to bed with him. However it did turn me on that he found me attractive in that way. Then she looked away from me again and continued her accounting of her activities.
When we got to the restaurant we had a couple drinks before dinner. Then he ordered a bottle of wine for dinner. Then we had a couple more drinks after dinner and I was getting a little tipsy. He told me about a special blend of coffee that he gets and how a nice a real good cup of coffee would be to put a cap on a perfect evening. It sounded good so I joined him back at his place for a cup of coffee. I think I knew all along what he had in mind but I just couldn’t convince myself of it. I guess I had more to drink than I thought I had. I just wasn’t ready to go home yet to an empty house and a cup of coffee sounded so good.
When we got to his place he made us some coffee and we sat down on this little love seat and talked for a while. The next thing I know he took my cup and sat it on the table beside the love seat then he put his arm around my shoulder and without saying a word he pulled me to him and kissed me. Whether it was the drinks or the situation or him I don’t know I just know that in that moment I was so horny I couldn’t help myself and I kissed him back.
I felt his hand on my knee massaging the area just above my knee. I felt him massaging up my thigh I knew I should pull away and leave but I didn’t. Instead I spread my legs a little wider causing my skirt to move up and give him direct access to where he wanted to go. Not only did I not stop him I reached over and encircled his cock through his slacks with my hand. He was so hard and so big and I was so hot I just couldn’t stop myself. When I felt his fingers rubbed my pussy through my panties I just couldn’t wait to feel his cock inside me.
We were like two teenagers in the backseat of a car groping one another. His hands were on my pussy then he was cupping my breast then back to my pussy. His hands were just all over me he seemed to be touching me everywhere all at the same time. I couldn’t take it anymore so I dislodged myself from him and stood up. He started to say something but when he saw me start to unbutton my blouse he just stood up and started taking his own clothes off.
When we were both naked I couldn’t take my eyes off his cock it was by far the largest one I have ever seen. I had doubts that I could fit it inside me for a time. Bob lifted me up onto the bed and moved between my legs kissing his way to my pussy. He’s not as good at giving oral as you are but he was good enough to get me off a couple times before he kissed his way up my stomach stopping to suck on my nipple before moving up to my lips and kissing me. Then I felt his cock rub the length of my pussy. I reached between us grabbing his cock and positioned it at the entrance to my pussy. He eased forward sliding a couple inches into me. He was a slow methodic lover and took his time working that big cock into me. He would slid into me a little bit then slowly withdraw it before moving forward and putting a little more inside me. It must have taken ten or fifteen minutes for him to work his entire cock into my pussy.
When my pussy got used to his girth I started to really get into the feeling of his cock inside me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and started meeting his thrust with my own thrust. He was fucking me with long hard thrust then he would slowly withdraw his cock and hesitate for a moment before slamming it back into me. The sensation was so intense it almost took my breath away.
We fucked for some time then he pulled his cock out of me and flipped me over and lifted me up by the hips. With me on all fours he moved behind me and slid his cock into my pussy from behind fucking me doggie style. He grabbed my hips and would pull me into him as he would thrust his hips forward driving his cock as deep into my pussy as he could go.
After what seemed like hours he grabbed me by the hips and firmly pulled my ass back into him as he drove his cock deep into my pussy and held himself buried deep in my pussy without moving. I felt his cock start to swell and throb then I felt the first jets of his cum inside me. When I felt the jets of cum hitting the inside of my pussy I started to cum also. Wave after wave of electric pleasure passed through my entire body. He then collapsed on top of me propelling me forward with him on top of me and his cock still inside me as we both enjoyed the after glows of our passion. His cock was so large that even when he was just semi-hard it filled me up and felt so very good.
As Linda was telling me this she was cuddled up beside me looking down as if she was afraid to look at me. Maybe she was afraid of what she feared my reaction might have been I don’t know. What I do know is my reaction was that my cock so hard that it was hurting me in the confines of my pants.
Linda slowly raised her head and looked me in the eye. Is that the stuff you wanted me to tell you about she asked. Yes I replied it will do for a start it sounded like you really enjoyed the time you spent fucking Bob. Yes I did she said it was hot exciting sex and we seemed to feed off each other bringing each other a vast amount of pleasure. I could tell she wanted to say something else but I saw the fear in her eye. She held her stare for some time then with a slight quiver in her voice she said where are we going to go from here? I thought about that question for a moment then said I guess you’re asking what my reaction is to what you have just told me and what is this going to do to our relationship. She didn’t say anything she just nodded her head.
Well as for my reaction to what you have just told me I want you to do something for me. What she asked. I want you to unbuckle my belt, unbutton and unzip my pants and pull my cock out. I saw a slight smile cross her lips her eyes continued to stay lock with mine as I felt her hand on my belt. You aren’t off the hook yet I said it’s going to take some time and I don’t think we are ever going to get back to where we were but we are going to move on.
When she had my cock exposed I told her I want you to suck, lick and stroke my cock while I tell you where we go from here. Without any hesitation she scooted over my cock and took it into her mouth sliding her mouth down and my cock into her throat. Her oral skills always took my breath away she was by far the best cock sucker I’ve ever been with in my life. I ran my fingers through her hair and said slow down baby I want this to last.
You now know how exciting sexually it can be with other people even when love isn’t involved. You don’t love Bob you were just turned on sexually by Bob. You fucked him for the pleasure of it and he fucked you for the pleasure of it. I don’t hold that against you I want to join you in it. I want us to act on these feelings together so we can both seek these pleasures together. Can you understand that I asked? She nodded her head in the affirmative as she continued to suck my cock.
I want us to find people we can trust and we both find sexually attractive to have fun with. I want to explore with other couples and maybe with other single females and males. I have told you before that the thought of sharing you with another man has always been a turn on for me. I think you would have to admit that if we had another guy here right now you would enjoy feeling him slid his cock into your pussy while you’re sucking my cock now wouldn’t you. Linda backed her head off my cock and spoke one word, yes. Then she continued sucking my cock again.
I have been looking into places that likeminded couples can go to party with other couples. Where you can be free to flirt and fuck anybody that shares your interest. You can watch other people fucking or join in with the group scene activities. A place where you’re free to be you and not worry what somebody else might think about your desires. Does that sound like something you would like to try? She backed off my cock again and sat beside me again.
Looking me in the eye she said yes I would like to try something like that my only hesitation is that I’m afraid you might find somebody that you like to be with more than me. Linda you and I are a team I’m not looking to replace you I’m looking to have fun with you. Whether it’s walking on the beach with you when it’s just to two of us or the two of us fucking other people together in the same bed it’s the two of us together. As mad as you make me at times I’m stuck with you because I love you.
Now I would think you owe me a little something special to make up for your indiscretions don’t you? What do you want me to do she asked. That’s not up to me I said that’s up to you, you tell me. She thought about that for a few minutes then stood up smiled at me and said I’ll be right back. I watched her ass sway as she walked away from me and down the hallway.
When Linda came back into the living room she had a bottle of lubricant in her hand. She didn’t say a word she just reached out her hand for mine and led the way behind the couch. When we got there she handed me the bottle of lubricant. She then said honey I’ve been a very bad girl I think you should spank my ass for being so bad then I think you should fuck me in the ass. With that she leaned over the back of the couch and pushed her ass out toward me. I moved to her left side and ran my hand over her ass admiring its beauty.
You’ve been a very bad girl I told her and this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you. She looked back and said not if you’re doing it right. I drew my hand back and smacked her ass. She didn’t make a sound. I smacked her ass a little harder the next time drawing a moan from her. After several swats she said or daddy I’m so sorry I’ll be good. What are you going to do to be good I asked her just before I slapped her ass again? I’m not going to fuck anybody else when you not there to fuck me too she said. Her ass was glowing red now and hand prints were starting to show.
Spread your legs wider I told her. She did as I commanded. I moved behind her and rubbed my cock along the length of her pussy. She reached between her legs and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. With one thrust I drove my cock all the way into her. I commented on how wet her pussy was and that it still must have some of Bobs cum in it. The next time another man cums in this pussy I better be there to see it happen I told her. You will be she replied. That wet slick pussy felt so good I almost forgot about the other treat she had offered me. Anal sex up to now had always been the one form of sex that was off limits with Linda. She had offered me her only virginal orifice she had left.
I pulled my cock out of her pussy and reached down to retrieve the bottle of lube I had dropped on the floor. When I was standing behind her again I opened the bottle and told Linda to spread the cheeks of her ass for me. She reached behind her taking an ass cheek in each hand spreading herself open for me. I held the bottle of lube just above her tight little asshole and squeezed. A stream of liquid flowed down between her ass cheeks and over her asshole.
With my thumb I started to massage the liquid around her backdoor opening. The area started getting moist and slick. I moved to her left a little bit and after pouring some of the lube onto my fingers I started working a finger into her ass. After some time her ass became supper slick and she was starting to relax more. As she relaxed more with my other hand I reached around her and started giving her pussy and clit some attention. When she was able to relax her ass to the point I could slide my finger in and out of her without much resistance I again moved behind her.
I poured a liberal amount of lube on my cock. My cock was well lubed as was her ass when I placed the head of my cock at the entrance. I pushed forward and felt the head of my cock slide into her forbidden opening. She let out a moan and asked me to go slow. Relax I told her the only way this is not going to hurt is for you to relax and enjoy it. I felt her start to relax her tight little opening as I did I again pushed forward pushing more of my cock into her. This process continued and after several minutes my cock was fully buried in her ass.
When my cock was all the way inside her I just held it there letting her become accustomed to the size of my cock in her ass. I reached around her and gave her clit some attention. After a few moments I felt her start to move her ass around a little. She would pull herself away drawing my cock out of her then she would move back driving my cock back into her again. As time went by and she became more accustom to having my cock in her ass she started moving a little faster. I started moving my hips back a little as she would move forward sliding my cock out of her.
Then when she would push back into me I would thrust my hips forward sliding my cock back into her again with more force. Linda started getting more vocal telling me to fuck her ass. Telling me how good it was starting to feel and how turned on she was getting. As I started fucking her harder and faster she reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit with a furry. Her ass felt so good I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. I did everything I could to hold off my orgasm but when she started screaming that she was coming it was just too much for me and as she started to cum I started shooting my cum in her tight ass for the first time ever.
As I came down from my orgasmic high I slowly withdrew my cock from Linda’s ass. As I did I was treated to the sight of my cum flowing out of her now gaping little back door opening. I couldn’t resist the temptation to swat that sweet little ass of hers one more time. So I let go with a firm swat the sound of which echoed through the room. Linda jumped up and screamed ouch and started rubbing her ass asking what that was for. I just figured you needed one more for the road I said with a smile.
We both freshened up a little and while I was waiting for Linda to come back into the living room I poured us another glass of wine. I was waiting for Linda on the couch when she came back into the room. She sat down beside me and after a moment she said you know I really love you and I will never again do anything that would endanger our relationship. I know that I said if I had any doubt about it I would have been gone after this incident. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me and again told me how sorry she was.
As we cuddled on the couch holding one another I voiced my thoughts to her. I said you do know honey this deal with Bob is through unless you want to bring him in for a three-some before he leaves. She replied I’ll be honest with you I knew that when I went to his place tonight. I knew what we were doing was wrong and that was one of the things we were talking about. I told him this was the last time I was going to be with him alone. That if he wanted to be with me again that I was going to have to talk you into having a three-some with you and me. I ask her what his reply was to that. She said that he was a little apprehensive about that and said he would have to think about it and get back to me.
We sat and talked for hours that night about how each of us felt about just about everything in our sex lives. When we did finally go to bed we made love where I deposited my seed along with Bob’s remaining seed in her pussy. After which we fell asleep in each other arms.
Before he left town for the east coast we did have that three-some with Bob but that story is going to have to wait for another time. As the years have gone by we have had numerous adventures in the lifestyle with other couples as well as with some great single that have found their way into our lives. As much fun as we have both had during those encounters neither of us has ever again ventured into the need to cheat on the other by having sex with somebody behind the others back. A while back Linda brought up the subject of Bob out of the blue telling me just how sorry she was that she ever did what she did. I told her that I had long ago forgiven her for that, but I can never forget about it and it will always be in the back of my mind.
I hope you enjoyed this true story and will read about some of the other adventures we have had in the lifestyle.

I have written a number of stories about the adventures we've had swinging over the years. The story that I haven’t told anybody is the story of what finally got Linda to agree to play with other people in the lifestyle.
After Linda and I had been married for a few years I had an urge to party with other people. Linda who is Italian and was raised in a catholic home took some time to warm to that idea. We had a great sex life but with such a conservative upbringing Linda wasn’t real keen on the idea of bringing other people into our play time. She had a fear that by crossing into this activity would endanger our relationship. I knew that if I pressured her too hard she would completely dismiss the idea so I took my time trying to convince her to try swinging. I would have never thought that the catalyst that brought us into the lifestyle would come from her lusty desires to fuck somebody else.
At this point in our life’s I was a corporate pilot and Linda was working for a manufacturing company as a secretary. One of the pitfalls of being a corporate pilot is the fact that I was away from home a lot. I was flying about sixty hours a month on an average and was away from home at least two or three days a week. But I was also home for a week or two every six weeks or so when we put the airplane in the shop for service.
When I was out of town I would call Linda every night from wherever I was just hear her voice and get the latest on what was going on at home. When I would get back home again it would always have a honeymoon air in that both of us would always be horny and ready to satisfy our urges. During these lovemaking sessions I started bringing home adult videos and swinger magazines which contained stories from people about their swinging experiences.
We would be in bed together reading the stories about three-somes, four-somes and more-somes that these folks wrote about. I would tell Linda how hot I thought they were and how it turned me on thinking about us trying something like that. She would tell me that she could never do something like that and she knew that I would never stand for seeing her with another man. I assured her that one of my biggest fantasies was to share her with another man. She would tell me that the idea wasn’t appealing to her at all and that she couldn’t understand how any couple would truly want to do something like that. She would tell me that our sex life was between us and she had no desire to have sex with anybody other than me. But inevitably after reading these stories for a while her hand would always find its way to my cock which she would always find hard and ready. When my hand would find its way to her pussy she would always be wet and excited. I knew what she was telling me but her body was telling me something completely different.
When I would bring home adult videos I would always do my best to find some which depicted multi-partner sex scenes. I especially looked for scenes with women taking on multiple sex partners. We would not be able to watch these for too long before I would have my cock inside her fucking her while we watched. As I would fuck her I would tell her how much I would love to fuck her from behind while she was giving head to another guy or how much I would love for her to be giving me head while another guy was fucking her from behind. These videos and voicing my fantasies would always lead to Linda having a massive orgasm.
Unfortunately as turned-on as Linda got during these sex session afterword she would revert back to her conservative ways and claim she had no interest in really trying these kinds of activities. She would claim that it wasn’t the subject matter that got her so turned on it was me that got her fired up. She would also reiterate that she would never let another man fuck her while she was married to me.
As time went on I tried to do a balancing act in keeping the subject of swinging in our lives without seeming totally obsessed about that subject. This must have gone on for six or eight months without any visible changes in her viewpoint on the subject. Then I started noticing some subtle changes in Linda’s behavior. She still maintained her views about swinging it was her sexual techniques that seemed to be changing in some areas.
One night when I got home from a week away she had dinner ready when I walked in the door and the kids were at her parents. She suggested I take a shower and get comfortable before dinner. I came out of the shower wearing only a robe to find Linda in the living room wearing a red corset, thigh high stockings and sexy high heel CFM shoes. She had changed while I was in the shower and freshened up her make-up. She stood-up when I came into the room slowly tuned around and with a sly smile ask how I liked it. When I told her I loved it she just smiled and said dinner is ready. My thoughts were that dinner could wait but when I reached for her she slipped away saying there will be plenty of time for that after dinner. I found it excruciating trying to eat dinner with her dressed like that and me with a throbbing rock hard cock. The thought running through my head all during dinner was what happened to my conservative wife she had never been so bold during our entire marriage. Up to this point in our marriage sex and sexy attire was strictly for the bedroom. Even when it was just the two of us home the sexiest thing she would venture out of the bedroom wearing would be a bathrobe. After dinner that night we spent the rest of the night in bed fucking like newlyweds.
I also started noticing little changes in her during our lovemaking. Nothing off the wall but just little things she would do to bring me pleasure. The way she would give me head, she started stroking my cock as she sucked it and would twist her hand around the base of it driving me crazy. She bought some flavored oils that she would apply to my cock before she started playing with it and would savor the taste as she would suck and lick my cock. She became much more vocal during sex telling me what she wanted me to do to her and what she was going to do to me. I loved the changes but was a little perplexed with the thought of where they had come from. I asked her at one point where she had learned about all the things she was now doing in the bedroom. Her reply was that she must have read about them somewhere or that some of the girls were talking about how they please their men. Her replies were always very vague and the subject was always soon changed.
Linda also started going out with her girlfriends and the girls from work more. More and more when I would call home when I was away there would be nobody home. This seemed to happen more on the weekends and when I would ask Linda about it she would just say that the girls asked her out to dinner or the girls from work asked her to join them for a drink after work. I knew I was away a lot and she needed to get out now and then so I let her know that going out with her friends didn’t bother me and I was glad she was having a little fun and enjoying herself.
They say that women have a six since about being cheated on but I think anybody in a close relationship has that six since. I started getting the thought that Linda may be doing more than just going out with her girlfriends. It was nothing that I could confront her with or put my finger on. It was just that little voice you get in the back of your head from time to time. One Friday night I tried to call her around seven o’clock and she wasn’t home. I tried about every half hour to reach her and she finely answered the phone about one in the morning. When I ask her where she had been she said that the girls from work wanted to have a drink after work then they decided to go to dinner after which they went back to the bar in the restaurant to have another drink and they just sat around there talking and time got away from them. I didn’t press the issue and just let her know I was getting worried about her and let her know what time I would be home the next day, or should I say later that day. I knew I was probably being foolish having such ideas but I couldn’t get the vision of her and some guy on a bed with him fucking her hot and heavy while I was away from home. Our sex life was still great and we seemed as close as ever when I was home so I just figured it was probably all in my head.
I had an old jeep that I had blown the engine on. I decided to try to fix it myself to save money and give myself a project to fill some free time. When I told Linda about my plans with the jeep she said that Bob was a good mechanic and if I didn’t mind she would ask him if he would mind helping me with it. The company Linda worked for had sold to a new owner just after she went to work there and a few months prior to this the main office had sent Bob out to temporally head up the office to make sure that any changes went smoothly. He was only going to be there for a few months before going back to the main office on the East Coast. Bob was single and staying at a local weekly rental motel in town while he was in town. Linda said that being Bob was by himself and she was sure he would enjoy having something to do in his off time she would ask him if he was interested in helping me. I agreed telling her that I could use the help if he wanted to join in but didn’t want him to feel obligated if he didn’t want to.
Linda set it up with Bob to help me with the jeep and one Sunday he came over to the house to help me. I had gotten a new engine and before the sun went down that Sunday we had it in the jeep and running. I had no doubt after he left that day that it would have taken me a month to get the job done by myself and I was grateful for his help.
About a week after repairing the jeep Linda said that we should have a dinner party to thank Bob for his help. I told her that sounded like a great idea and I was all for it. She sat it up for the next Sunday as somewhat of a surprise party for Bob. Linda invited some of the people she worked with to join us for a barbeque. On the day of the barbeque Linda was running around the house like a school girl getting things ready. She had me doing honey do’s all day for her. She told me that she had invited Bob over for a beer but hadn’t told him that she was having a party for him. She said that he was going to the gym that afternoon to play basketball and had told her that he would stop by on his way home from there.
Linda asked me to go to the store for her to pick-up some last minute things early that afternoon. She was in such a fluttery state getting everything ready for our guest that I don’t think it even dawned on her what she said next. She said being Bob is coming over from the gym after playing basketball all afternoon he will probably be all hot and sweaty. After he finds out that we are having a dinner party for him he will most likely want to take a shower before eating with all of us. She asked if I would mind going by his place on my way to the store and get him some clean clothes so he can just shower here instead of going back to his place to shower before the party. She said I could find a shirt, pants and shoes in his closet and his underwear and socks would be in the third drawer down in his dresser. She added that he kept a key at the office and she had gotten it so I could get his clothes. I told her I wasn’t going into some guy’s place that I barely knew and rummage through it to find him something to wear that just wasn’t going to happen. She said ok it was just an idea and I left for the store.
While driving to the store her words came back to me. Then I got that cold water down the back of your neck feeling as it suddenly hit me. How the hell would she know where he kept his underwear? Being I have never in my life heard anybody talking about where they keep their underwear the only way she would know where they were kept would be she was in his room when he got his underwear from that drawer.
I had to pull the car over and parked. My hands were shaking, I was feeling numb as the vision of Bob standing in front of his dresser naked getting his underwear out of that drawer with my wife watching him. While it is possible it was all very innocent she had never mentioned anything about ever being to his place. Therefore I didn’t really think this was the case of an innocent event in her garnering information as to where he keeps his underwear and socks. Even though I had no prof I knew in my heart that if he was naked getting fresh underwear she was also naked and most likely with a pussy full of his freshly deposited cum. Suddenly I had what was most probably the answer to where my wife had picked up her new sexual techniques. Bob must have been holding some private sex education classes for her.
As I sat in the car that day I had a flood of emotions rush though me. Anger, jealousy, hurt and excitement. I was setting in my car pondering the possibility that my wife had cheated on me and my cock was rock hard with the thought of her fucking another man. Then the thought crossed my mind “how was I going to handle this”. I wasn’t going to be going into a jealous rage and do something I would regret after all for the better part of a year I had been trying to talk her into having sex with other men. This was going to take some thought and I was sure at that moment that I would have very little else on my mind until I came up with a course of action.
What I decided to do was to do nothing, at least not today. I went to the store and came back home doing my best acting job of not indicating that I had any idea of what my wife may have been doing while I was out of town. I was going to have to prove to myself that something was going on between her and Bob before I would take this any further. When and if that happens then I will handle it. We had way too much going for us to let one indiscretion ruin it for us. But running around behind my back wasn’t something that I thought I could live with for any length of time. However her fucking other men in my presence was something that I would enjoy being part of our sex lives.
The party went off great and it seemed everybody enjoyed themselves. I kept an eye on Linda and Bob as they interacted together. I drank only club soda so I could be sure I would be able to comprehend anything I saw or heard. At one point I saw one of the girls from Linda’s office after she noticed Linda and Bob together in the kitchen whisper something into the ear of another girl from the office they both shared a giggle together at some inside joke. The subject of her comment might not have even been in regards to Linda and Bob. It could have been something about a completely different subject. But in my state of mind when the one looked into the kitchen seeing the two of them together then instead of saying something out loud bent down and whispered what she had to say into the ear of her friend only to bring a giggle from both of them could only mean one thing to me. It was starting to look like Linda and Bob were the subject of at least some office gossip if not the subject of some office facts.
The last guest left around midnight and as soon as it was just the two of us in the house Linda came up to me kissed me and in her sexiest voice said I’m a little tipsy, my pussy is very wet and I want to fuck you. This language may be commonplace to some but this was not the kind of thing I was used to hearing from my conservative little wife. However if this new behavior was something that she picked up from Bob I’m going to have to thank him for the changes he’s made in her. For the next week or so I kept things as normal as I could. I said nothing to Linda about my suspicions and just kept to my routine. I waited until I had a flight the next Friday that I knew would be a short out and back putting me back in the area sometime around mid-afternoon. I didn’t tell this to Linda however, I told her that I may not be home until Saturday or at the earliest very late Friday night. I told her I would let her know when I would be home as soon as I knew something. I called her at the office mid-morning to let her know that it didn’t look like I would be home until sometime after eleven at the earliest.
I got back in town about 4:30 and drove to an area overlooking Linda’s office and its parking lot where I could see the area without being seen very easily from there. About five o’clock I saw people start leaving the office getting in their cars and driving off. Then I saw Linda and Bob walk out of their office and into the parking lot. They were walking side by side and it was plain to see they were talking to each other as they walked to their cars. They stopped beside Linda’s car and talked for a little longer standing in the parking lot. Then Linda got in her car and rolled down the window. Bob stood by the driver’s side door with his hand resting in the open window and they continued to talk to each other. I had no idea what they were saying to each other but after a short time I saw Bob pop up and walk very quickly to his car. They both pulled out of the parking lot and it came as no real surprise to see Linda following Bob’s car as he drove away from the plant.
I followed them both from their office straight to Bob’s motel where they pulled into the parking lot and parked beside each other. Linda sat in her car as Bob walked up to the driver’s side of her car and opened her door. Linda remained in the car as Bob stood beside the door talking to her. They talked for a few minutes in the parking lot until Bob reached into the car and Linda took his hand as he helped her out of the car. The thought that ran through my mind at the time was isn’t that special the lying cheating bitch didn’t want to seem too easy. Together they walked up the outside stairway to Bob’s room on the second floor and went inside.
I was parked in the restaurant parking lot located beside the motel. The restaurant separated the two parking lot so I was hidden from their view somewhat. I sat there in the car just feeling kind of numb trying to figure out what to do next. Some time went by as I just sat in my car staring at the door to Bob’s room. About a half an hour after they had entered the room I saw the drapes in his window open a little bit and saw Bob slide the window open a little. As he did I could clearly see that he wasn’t wearing a shirt and was naked from the waist up. Time seemed to stand still as my mind raced with the realization of what must be going on in that room. By five-thirty it was already dark and the outside lights of the motel were laminating the area. I continued to watch the door I had seen my wife walk through feeling at a loss for what to do.
After over an hour or so of just sitting in the car staring at that door I got out of the car and leaned against the door for support. I had so many thoughts rushing through my mind I had no idea what I wanted to do to say I was conflicted would have been an understatement. I knew the window to the room was open and decided to walk by the room to see if I could hear anything from within the room. I walked across the back of the dimly lit parking lot to the back stairways leading to the second floor of the motel at the opposite end of the motel than the one that they had used. As quietly as I could I climbed the steeps and walked toward Bob’s room on the exterior walkway. As I walked I continually scanned the area for anybody in the area. I didn’t want somebody to see me and think I was a thief or something. Your mind sometimes has strange thoughts running through it at times like this.
As I reached his room I stopped beside the open window and listened. I thought it was strange how quiet the night was there didn’t seem to be any noise at all. There was no traffic noise, nobody walking or talking in the area and no noise from any of the other rooms. I didn’t hear anything at first from inside Bob’s room. Then I heard Linda moan loudly from within the room. As I drew in a deep breath the sounds Linda was making were as clear as if I was standing right next to the bed, I knew the bed was probably within three feet or so from where I was standing. I heard Linda in the throes of passion say “oh don’t stop, that feels so good I’m cumming and then let out a moan as an orgasm raced through her body”. After years of marriage I didn’t have to be told when she was cumming after all I had brought her to that stage many times myself.
With no doubt in my mind about what was going on in that room I slowly turned and walked away crept down the back stairs and crossing the parking lot back to my car. I had just confirmed that my wife was cheating on me. A flood of emotions were rushing through my body seemingly all at the same time. I was stunned, hurt and mad it was just a combination of all the feeling anybody in this situation would feel. Of all the emotions I was feeling I cannot deny that one of them was that I was turned on by what I had just heard from within that room. As I sat back down in my car I let my hand slowly trace the outline of my hard cock through my pants as I again just sat and stared at the door to Bob’s room.
At about ten o’clock Bob’s door opened again Linda and Bob both walked out and stood on the second floor walkway talking as they leaned on the railing and stared out over the parking lot. In the motels exterior lights I could see Bob was only dressed in a pair of pants, he was bare chested and bare footed. They stood there talking Bob had his arm around Linda’s waist as they leaned against the railing. At one point Linda turned toward Bob wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed his cheek and gave him a hug. It struck me as a little strange because this was the actions you would expect between friends not a man and woman that had spent the last four and a half hours having fore bided sex in a motel room. After a few minutes Bob walked Linda to her car. With Bob standing in the parking lot watching her Linda backed out of her parking space and drove toward the exit at the front of the motel.
I dove out of the restaurant parking lot I saw which way Linda was going as she left and I took a different route home than the one she had taken. Luckily there weren’t any speed cops lurking that night because I didn’t waste any time getting home. As Linda turned onto our street I made the turn right behind her and followed her into our driveway. My headlights caught the expression on her face as she got out of the car looking toward me. It was the same expression that a six year old has when you catch him with his hand in the cookie jar after telling him not before dinner. It was obvious she was not expecting me to catch her pulling into our driveway at this time of night. There was the nervous smile, the weak wave it was plain to see the concern on her face and the nervousness of her actions.
As I got out of my car Linda said I thought you weren’t going to be getting home until late tonight? I thought to myself that’s rather obvious because if you would have you wouldn’t have been across town fucking some other guy now would you. My people got there earlier than they thought so we got home earlier than I expected I said as I walked to our front door. Linda sheepishly followed me into the house. As I put my suitcase and briefcase down in the hallway I casually ask Linda where she had been to be getting home so late. Oh the girls from the office and I went out to dinner. Oh I replied where did you go? That little Mexican place we always go to. The more she lied to me the more irritated I got with her but I tried my best to keep low keyed and just let things play out. Playing the game I even asked her what she had for dinner knowing full well that the only meat she had in her mouth that night was Bob’s cock.
To be continued in part 2

Mistral Wind
Molly arrived home at around midnight after an evening of high powered sex with her two favorite men. As she walked into the apartment she could feel the semen seeping out of her pussy, soaking her knickers. She had seven orgasms and both men had come three times inside her so her sweet little pussy was slightly trashed and bruised from the action. Her bottom still tingled from the intrusion she had not really allowed but let it happen in the mad moment.
Molly let herself in quietly not to wake up her son Bobby. As she walked into the lounge she looked down at the picture of her husband, sighed, picked it up, gave it a kiss and said softly, “God I miss you so much, nothing can replace the time together, the love and fun we had. Why did you die out in the Gulf?” It had been a few years ago and she pined every day for that ebullient noisy larger than life man that made her laugh every day. Her only compensation was Bobby; he shared Dad’s blonde curly hair, big smile, and long lanky limbs. A quiet version with his mother's fine features, maybe slightly too pretty to be a boy's face. Molly, on the other hand, was dark-haired, fine pale skin, and Irish blue eyes, always deep, thoughtful and mysterious. At 41 her figure was still great; rounded hips, her belly curving down between her thighs inviting a look and wish for any man to be inside her. Breasts were rounded, pert and full, a firm 37D. Long legs, well-defined and tapering down to her ankles.
Molly crept into Bobby’s room, looked down at him sleeping, and bent over and kissed him gently on his forehead. He stirred slightly, rolled over, and went back to sleep. Molly noticed he had both hands down below somewhere on his groin. She smiled and thought “At 20 he needs a girlfriend, why is he still a virgin? What a waste!”
Bobby started to surface going into his dream of a safe place. His oldest baby memory was from three years old, his mother was still breastfeeding him because she absolutely loved the mother-baby bond and could not give it up. Bobby recalled the wonderful soft warm safe loving place in his mother’s arms, a nipple in his mouth sucking down the human nectar he loved. The memory of those large round breasts, the warmth, and the soft gentle hands stroking his face as he snuggled up had never been forgotten. To Bobby, breasts were the most perfect thing on a woman’s body. The dream moved from babyhood to present time and he recalled his mother stepping out of the shower not expecting Bobby in the bathroom, and her breasts swung around as she turned in surprise quickly covering up her feminine features. He remembered the shock and excitement, the jolt in his groin and moving to cover his instant erection. He remembered her dark curly pubis and how it stood out against her pale skin. As he awoke his hands went onto his semi-hard cock and started to move the foreskin up and down, swelling, getting harder, and the surge of pleasure built till he spilled his load onto his legs. He lay in bed thinking about his mother’s body and knowing she had been out again with her friends. Bobby lay there speculating what she did tonight, wondering who had played with those magnificent breasts and her beautiful stomach and thighs.
It was a large apartment with the two en-suite bedrooms on opposite sides and the living area with a lounge, dining room, and kitchen with a family breakfast bar. Molly’s room was massive, a king-sized bed along with a double bed as well. This accommodated her friends when they stayed over. Molly enjoyed two or three couples who added her as the second fem in a threesome and a couple of men who added spice to her threesomes. She did enjoy the swinging scene, always trying to release her from the ghost of her late husband. Bobby’s room was large with a double bed, a TV console, computers, and the usual electronic gizmos young men wanted. Molly had planned the apartment to give her space and privacy during her evenings and keep Bobby away from her quest for relief.
Bobby lay there thinking “Why don’t I get sex with the girls? Why am I so shy with women? What don’t I say right what puts them off?” He knew his mother often had friends round, a couple or three who would chat in the family room, drink some wine till late discussing their projects, and then as it was late end up crashing in Mum’s room to avoid a drinking and driving problem. This happened on a regular basis and Bobby finally started to realize what she was doing. Sex was her game, there was never a man for a solid relationship, but more like fuck fests when she needed it. Bobby compiled a plan to find out what he needed to do to make it with his girlfriends.
After breakfast, Bobby headed out to the shops and found a security store that covered surveillance equipment. He purchased a wifi system with micro cameras, mics, and a sound system. Into the roof void ran the wires, and in the ceiling of his mother's bedroom he situated the cameras to cover the beds and the en-suite. Back into his room via the wifi to his TV and sound system. The remote control worked the cameras and switched as required. By the time his mother came home that evening the system was up and running. That evening he was on edge, his groin was pricking butterflies in his tummy, and he had trouble taking his eyes off her body. However, Molly was blissfully unaware of his attention.
Time to test the system! Molly gave him a kiss on the cheek and said: “Goodnight, early start for me so an early night is required.” Bobby slipped quietly into his room, locked the door, and switched the system on. Molly slipped out of her dress and dropped her knickers on the floor picking them up with her toes and dropping into the laundry box, she unhooked her bra dropped it onto the bed and faced the mirror. Bobby could hardly breathe his chest was so tight. He was shaking with excitement in awe of this beautiful woman with those magnificent breasts. Her hands lifted and then squeezed them, gently pinching her nipples while her hips rolled back and forward. Her face started to flush and she squeezed her thighs together clamping her pussy lips between them. Molly looked directly at the mirror then the door. She stopped for a second and went over to turn the key to lock it. She passed by her bedside cabinet and selected her rabbit vibrator. She came back in front of the mirror and faced it watching herself arousing her nipples again, pinching and stimulating them. A hand went down stroking her belly into that luxurious thatch of curly dark hair. She opened up her lips and gently pushed the rabbit inside her, switched it on, and moved in time to the thrusts. It did not take her long and her legs buckled as she came and ended up sitting on the bed. She then flopped back and opened up her legs giving Bobby visual access to her reddened pussy lips which had puffed up with arousal.
With trembling hands, Bobby guided the camera and panned to her pussy, watching the amazing spectacle of a woman going into her second orgasm. Bobby was overwhelmed with the excitement and his hand found his penis standing rock hard, a pain in his balls due to complete sexual overload. His hand stroked it quickly and on the fourth pull he exploded over the floor and sat down unable to move, watching his mother again. She calmed down and then went back over to the cabinet found a straight vibrator and a pot of KY. As she looked down at her husband’s picture she picked it up kissed him and said: “This is your cock inside me tonight darling, I miss you so much.” Molly lay back on the bed facing the mirror and slipped the rabbit back into her pussy. This time on low power and she dunked her fingers into the KY and lubed up her bottom with her legs spread wide apart. Bobby could hardly believe his eyes as he watched the other vibrator being expertly slid into her anus and he listened to Molly’s moans as she worked up into another orgasm. Molly flicked the rabbit onto full power and he watched her hips thrash about as she lost control till it passed leaving her motionless.
Eventually, Molly recovered, got up, wiped herself, and headed into the en-suite leaving the door open so the camera could track her. She stepped into the shower, rinsed her pussy and bottom carefully, then soaped herself and flushed it off with a stinging jet of water. Molly dried and dropped into bed and turned off the lights for sleep, the show was over.
Bobby sat there his head spinning, heart thumping, and his mind running over what he had seen. He pressed the playback and watched the sequence again. His hand was on his cock pulling hard and he only lasted a few minutes. Once she had finished he hit playback again and this time Bobby nearly lasted the tape time before spurting onto the floor. He sat on the floor with tears down his face as he could not believe how beautiful this woman is and she was his mother. That night he dreamed of the safe place where those wonderful breasts kept him safe and warm offering him womanly sanctuary.
The next morning Bobby was having breakfast Molly came in looked at him and frowned, “You look tired darling, did you not sleep well?”
“No, I had a bad dream about ghosts.” Molly came over to him and cuddled up pressing his face into her bosom giving the top of his head a gentle kiss. Through the silk his mouth was practically on her nipple, Bobby felt the shock go through his body and he gained an instant erection. Fortunately, Molly did not notice and she turned away and started to get ready for work.
“Are you out tonight?” she asked. “No plans but out all day” was his answer. “I’ll get some supper as I have Ben and Penny with a new couple from our committee, Marline and Gerry. We have more work to do for the stage production planning. Is that OK with you? We will be late finishing tonight.”
Molly was looking forward to her night in with friends and felt sure Bobby had no idea what the evening plans were really about. Late in the day she showered, found some very feminine underwear, stockings, suspenders and a silk camisole with no bra. The top layer was smart demure that did not give away her intents. She dressed carefully, enjoying the feeling of the silky knickers and female trappings. She resisted the temptation to play during her shower relying on the evening's events to fulfill her needs. Molly got a small dinner ready for all of them and prepared some late night snacks for her guests.
Bobby returned late afternoon, he barely noticed her and went about his evening without so much as a look in Molly’s direction. She fretted about his mood then dismissed it in preparing for her evening. Bobby was just being a bit of a troubled 15-year-old teenager at 20, she put it down to his hormones and lack of a girlfriend.
Ben and Penny arrived on time as ever and greeted Molly with a hug and kisses. Ben handed over two decent bottles of Merlot from Australia. Molly smiled “Yellow Tail, my favorite, but red does make me horny so be careful both of you!”
Ben laughed “I hear you have the new ones tonight, do you know if they will play or do we wait until they have gone?”
“No, they are swingers and we just need to get them into the mood, I got to know Marline quite well and she has told me about their lifestyle. She told me I should start going to parties and open up rather than just playing at home” Molly said.
Penny asked, “What are they like?” Molly replied “Marline is tall, slim, red-haired, thin waist and legs. She is a runner, 36 years old, very fit and adores split roasts, she sounds like a lot of fun. Gerry, 6’2, medium build, ex-rugby winger, fit, and she said he is hung like a horse, we will have to check that out. Both are straight, but Marline said she is bi-curious, which means she fancies the idea but Gerry has not said yes yet.”
Gerry and Marline arrived twenty minutes late and made their entrance, Molly introduced them to Ben & Penny and said: “Booby is around somewhere, he will show up for dinner then we can get started on the evening's work.” Marline picked up a picture of Andy and Bobby and exclaimed: “My don’t they look like each other, except Bobby has your face, which is far too pretty for a man, don’t you think?”
“You are right," Molly said, "and how much do I still miss Andy. The hole has never been filled but Bobby does remind me so much of his late dad.”
“Bobby must have girls queuing around the block for him, he is a dish!”
Molly said, “Well no, he seems shy of girls and does not seem to have one at the moment, that is why he gets so moody at times. As a mum, I can’t help worrying about him.”
Molly disappeared into the kitchen and finished off their dinner, pan-fried scallops followed by a chicken breast wrapped in Palma ham and grilled with small roasted rosemary chippy potatoes and some crunchy broccoli, a quick simple working supper supported by several bottles of Merlot. Molly called them all into the dining room and sorted out who sat where. Bobby was already in and seated, Marline walked into the room and said loudly “Hi Bobby, good to meet you at last! Let me have a look at you.” He turned still seated and Marline came over to him “Oh gorgeous, just gorgeous, look at those lovely blonde curls!” She wrapped her arms around him pulling his head into her breasts, bent over and kissed the top of his head while inhaling his manly odor. Bobby struck it lucky as her nipple lined up with his mouth, and in a second was nibbling her. He felt it stiffen but it was over in a second. Marline stepped back with a deep mysterious look in her eyes. She looked down at his lap and saw the small tent forming from his erection and looked back up into his eyes and hid her smile. Bobby turned back to the table to cover his embarrassment. He was tingling inside, finding his breath ragged and shallow.
During the meal the chat was light and frothy, however, Ben was studying Marline intently from a distance, checking out her assets and trying to understand what drove her. Gerry and Penny were flirting in a harmless way, but the sparkle was evident between them. Gerry liked what he saw, a blonde, mid 30’s slim and sporty, with well-rounded breasts that were really a little too big for her slim outline. He liked that and thought to himself, I could play with those for hours, but are we just here for the project or something later. Marline mentioned that we should expect some fun together but no one has revealed themselves yet.
Eventually, the meal finished, along with plenty of red wine consumed, Molly spoke to Bobby: “Darling, we are going to have a few hours in the family room going through this production. We will be at it till late, are you out or in tonight?” Bobby mumbled, “I have nothing on, so I am in my room working on some media stuff, then shower and bed, so I’ll say Good Night to you all now.” Marline and Penny managed a quick friendly hug and Molly gave him a tender kiss on his cheek and off he went to his room.
They all worked steadily through the project while sipping the remaining wine, so the three women were feeling very mellow and warm inside. Once all was agreed and sorted Molly said, “It is far too late to have you four drive home and the amount of wine prevents driving, so as I have a large super king-size and double bed, why don’t we all crash out like kids at a party in my room?” Ben and Penny immediately said, “Yes let’s do that, is that OK with you and Marline?” Gerry smiled, looked over at his wife who nodded smiling, and he said, Why not? I would love to be a teenager again for the night.”
Molly got up and said “Bring your drinks and a couple of bottles then. I sleep au natural, so hope that is OK for you all. We are all adults, aren’t we?” They followed her into her wing of the apartment and she closed the door locking it securely behind them.
It is a big room and the beds were spaced apart. Molly put her drink down on a cabinet and slipped off her top revealing the camisole, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor while standing there in stockings and suspenders, and then she lifted her camisole over her head revealing her pert breasts. Her nipples were starting to erect as she felt the warmth and wetness starting to pervade her pussy. “Is anyone joining me then?” she asked.
Penny came over to her, dropping clothes en-route, and gave her a gentle sisterly kiss on the cheek. Her arms slid around her back, gently caressing her, and then let them slide down over her bottom. That was enough for Gerry, he was stripped down to his boxers in a flash with the semi-woody protruding from his shorts. Ben unzipped Marline’s top and helped her out of her clothes. She wriggled out of her tights and bra leaving just a very small thong and a swish pair of swinging breasts. Her hands went to Ben’s shirt, started off with the buttons, and then unzipped his pants and dropped them on the floor. Ben put his hands on both breasts and started to play with her nipples, gently teasing them to full erection. Marline slipped her hands inside his waistband and slid the boxers down to his feet.
As she bent down her face came into contact with a stiffening penis. She started to lick the bulbous end and then took him into her mouth. She started to work him in and out, sliding her tongue around the tip working into the single snake's eye. Her hands went under him, gently stroking his large balls, then around to his anus where she cheekily slid her finger in and started to massage his prostate. Ben stopped her quickly, “Too fast, I will come in a second, let's make it last.” He pulled her onto the double bed.
During this time Gerry eyed Molly lustily and walked over to her she turned and said: “Too many clothes, let's shed them all right now.” Gerry dropped his boxers and was naked in a second, not pretty but quick and efficient. Molly smiled “I hope you take longer to make love than you get your boxers off?”
Gerry scooped her into her arms and nuzzled her neck, making her tingle down her spine she felt the start of his erection pushing against her silky pants. Her hands went to his penis and gently felt the length and enjoyed the feel of a circumcised man with a beautiful smooth bell end. For a while, they gently kissed, and gradually started to build up the intensity kissing around her neck and breasts until she started to breath heavy and pushed her pubis against his erection.
Penny was still beside Molly adding to the amorous entanglement. Gerry grasped her silky pants and pulled them down revealing Molly’s dark curly thatch. Gerry knelt down and pushed his face into her belly, sniffing her cunt, smelling that wonderful womanly aroma. Penny chimed in, “Molly, that needs to come off, you have a jungle there, most swingers shave or have a Brazilian.” Molly did not really care she just wanted to be fucked hard by both men right now.
Penny came back from the bathroom armed with a lady shave and some lotion. Molly lay back on the bed while the two worked on her pussy, enjoying the attention. Penny was shaved and her slit was prominent with her lips starting to swell and protrude as her arousal increased. Penny finished. Molly was totally bare, and she lubricated the shaven area with some moisturizing lotion. Almost by accident her fingers strayed inside the slit and started to get very near her clitoris, making Molly squirm and rock her hips. Gerry was trying to stay connected with Molly and moved up to her breasts working the nipples hard, nipping them, then licking with lots of wetness to lubricate the action. Molly put her hand between her legs and loved the feeling of her new bare pussy. She opened her labia and started to work her clit, frigging fast and gentle, building her arousal. Molly started to buck and roll her hips as the first orgasm arrived, sending shudders all through her body.
As soon as they departed into Molly’s wing, Bobby dived into his room and set up the surveillance system. The camera on, the sound on, record on, and the screen filled with the action. He was shaking with excitement, nothing like it ever before had been seen by Bobby. The thrill of seeing the women strip down naked and started playing with the two men was overwhelming. Once he started to watch his mother with Penny he started shaking, and when Gerry became involved Bobby felt a jealous rage come over him, his thoughts raged inside his head: She is mine, how dare you touch her! Bobby wanted to go crashing into her room and take her away from the attention but he sat and watched in awe, unable to take his eyes off the screen. It was exciting to see what the others were doing, but Bobby only had eyes for his mother. Penny shaving her put him over the edge, and he furiously worked his penis and emptied himself over the floor where he was sitting. It was not long until Gerry pulled Molly up into a sitting position and she took him in her mouth working around his head making him ready and brick hard. He pushed her back, climbed on top of her, and pushed his cock into her slit, rubbing up and down, spreading the wetness, then with one firm slow push, entered her. Molly wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her saturated cunt.
This was too much for Bobby, biting his knuckles and crying out, “No! No! Don’t fuck her, you can’t!” But still, Bobby watched, and he was hard again and his hand was working on his own cock, believing he was the one inside her. After a couple of minutes he again flooded the floor. Molly thrust back at Gerry from underneath and the couple increased their tempo until Gerry called, "in or out, where do you want me?”
“Keep fucking me, don’t come yet, I am going into a multiple, keep going. Harder, harder!” She felt her cervix open up from Gerry’s pounding, and as the orgasm crash in on top of her, Gerry’s penis tip pushed into the cervix entrance as he fired a huge salvo of spunk into her womb. Molly felt the hot gushes going into her, slowly they resided and calm restored. Molly looked up sweating hard and smiled, “You made me feel cunt all over, that was wonderful. You are the first circumcised man I have had, what a wonderful fuck.” Gerry slipped out of her pussy and rolled onto his back. Penny climbed onto him 69 way and started to clean his cock in her mouth while offering him her pussy from above. Gerry dutifully obliged and started working her clit with his tongue. Molly lay back enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm.
Bobby‘s attention switched to Marline who was on the other bed fucking doggy fashion with Ben. She was tossing her head and moaning loudly, she had come once already and Ben was a stayer, he could fuck till the cows came home. As he pulled back the messy wetness and her cream was running down her thighs. Ben scooped some up and rubbed it around her anus. His slippery fingers penetrated her bottom and she gasped as the fingers entered her, making her push back even harder. Ben reached up and grasped her hair tugging her hard back against him, with his free hand he took a swing at her bottom, the loud smack was audible. Marline fucked even harder crying out, “Fuck my bottom right now, come up my arse!” Ben pulled out of her vagina and slid back into her anus which was soaking wet now, one firm gentle push and he was in. Two hard slaps on her bottom got Marline moving again and she got very noisy about her next orgasm. Ben was feeling her tightness and could not last much longer so he thrust harder and faster until he could hold on no more and shuddered and spurted himself to empty inside her. Marline still on hands and knees struggled to breathe and stayed where she was, panting hard, sweating, and loving the anal abuse she had just undergone. Gerry appeared in front of her and presented a semi-hard cock to her face, she duly opened her mouth and started sucking him off, keeping the pace down till she recovered. Ben felt himself shrink down and pulled out of Marline rolled back onto the bed. After a few seconds onto his feet into the bathroom to clean up and wash his cock to be ready for entry into the next vagina.
When Ben emerged from the bathroom Molly captured his attention, and they slipped over to the other bed and started a slow lazy necking session while watching the others. It took Ben a while to recover and get his hardness back up, and Molly worked skilfully on his body teasing and coaxing him ready again. Again Bobby’s eyes were riveted to his mother's actions, seething with jealous anger while his hand wanked himself off again. Even though his penis was getting rubbed and sore, he could not stop, every thrust his mother took so did his penis. Molly worked Ben over then rolled him onto his back got astride and slowly lowered herself onto his standing penis, it slipped in and she felt that wonderful connection of having a lover deep inside her. Started off with a slow rocking movement, getting faster as her arousal increased. Molly then went down hard on Ben and instead of bouncing in and out, she rubbed along pushing both pubic bones together and massaging her clit. Ben could still get the lusty pleasure and Molly was working her clit to another shattering orgasm. She started to thrash above him pinching her nipples hard and eventually slumped on top of Ben unable to hold herself up.
The action went on until 2:30 a.m. and Bobby did not miss a second, once no one could manage another erection, the men having drained their testicles of the last few drops of semen, they all showered and snuggled down to sleep, the rule being not with your wife or husband. Bobby lay in bed not sleeping but fretting about the night's events. The next morning he went out early and was not seen all day. Being Sunday morning, Molly spent a lazy few hours relaxing and tidying up the apartment wondering where Bobby had got to.
After the weekend Molly returned to work and their paths did not cross, Bobby was a bit offhand and she sensed there was something building up between them or Bobby had girlfriend trouble. Her instincts told her to leave well alone. By the end of the week, Molly was into her ovulation period and was getting very horny again having fully recovered from the weekend exploits. She showered and was thinking about what to get for dinner and she picked up Andy’s picture and sat on the bed. His smiling face and the memory of his laughter rang in her head and she felt a tingle deep inside her lower body. Her fingers slipped down to her shaven pussy and opened up the lips, gently working around her clitoris. What the hell, a quickie come before I do dinner, so she reached into the bedside cabinet and grasped the rabbit.
What Molly did not know was Bobby had been home all day in his pajamas watching her since she came home. He realized she had not locked the door and trembled as the rabbit slipped in and out with the ears doing their work on her clit. Bobby’s cock was erect again sticking out through his wrap over pajama fly. He touched it and started to stroke it, but in one mad moment, he walked out of his room across the apartment and opened the door to his mother's room to see her on her back, rabbit inserted and her other fingers drilled deep into her anus and throwing her head side to side as her orgasm took control of her body.
Molly opened her eyes to see Bobby standing there eyes riveted to her open cunt dripping with wetness and the rabbit still vibrating. He had a huge erection sticking out from his pajamas and he was totally unable to speak. Molly rolled over onto her front wanting to die with embarrassment, wishing she could just disappear. Bobby never said a word but walked quietly back to his room not to be seen again. Over the next few days, they carefully avoided each other. Molly had no idea how to deal with this intrusion and Bobby being so upset.
The next evening quite late, Molly was sat on the sofa feeling very down. She had a shower and was dressed in a thin silk dressing gown and was about to get ready for bed. Bobby walked quietly into the room and looked at her he stuttered “Mum, I am so sorry, will you forgive me?” She raised her arms up to him and he dropped into them and snuggled down head onto her breast. As luck would have it what was beneath his mouth? Yes, her nipple, which he gently slipped his mouth around and started to gently nuzzle her. Not wanting to start another outburst, she just stayed there not moving for minutes. As her nipple started to respond to the attention she felt her pussy warming up and the wetness spreading. She pulled her dressing gown off her thighs exposing her lower belly along with her shaven slit. She looked down at Bobby’s head nearly in her lap and realized he had a huge erection sticking out of his pajamas. With one hand she pressed his face firmer into her breasts and the other hand reached down and started to work on his cock. Seeing it erect she realized he is a replica of his dad, even to the shape and size of the beautiful penis.
Slowly at first and as he responded increased the pace until his hips were rocking in time to her pulls, almost too soon she felt him tremble, tense up, then explode with several juddering spurts of his semen splashing onto her bare thighs and pussy.
He became calm under her arms and she said “Darling, I am truly sorry I upset you the other night. I am so sorry.” He said nothing. “You know you are just like your dad in every way, it is as if I have him back in a younger form, now I am so happy.” Bobby said nothing. Molly reached down and scooped up some of the semen on her belly and licked her fingers. “You even taste like your Dad, that is remarkable.” Bobby said nothing, struggling with how to face her.
She scooped some more semen off her lap and said: “Open your mouth, taste this.” He did so and she slipped her spunky fingers between his lips. “What does it taste like?"
Bobby finally replied, “Salty and cream, not what I expected.” Molly slid three fingers into her cunt and scooped out her creamy wetness. “Open your mouth, taste what a woman is like.” He did and marveled at the musky sweet aromatic smell and taste of her. Her fingers started to play with herself while Bobby watched her. She said gently “No one must know about this, they would never understand. Do you know in the Roman times many mothers, sons, fathers, and daughters had sex together and it was a good way for the older women to train the young men so they are good to their young wives?”
“Let me sit up a while.” Bobby allowed her up and she removed her dressing gown and he saw a wet patch on the sofa from her dripping pussy. “Here, come down to my vagina and take a close look, put your fingers inside and play with my clit.”
Bobby was fascinated and thanks to the surveillance system had a good idea what to do. He worked her gently at first increasing the pressure as she became aroused. "Bobby, use your tongue inside my cunt, lick around and see if you can find the little pearl button my clit.” He went down not knowing if it would taste wonderful or dreadful. To his surprise, she was sweet and very musky, a strong arousal for him. He loved it. After a while, she pulled him up, slid her bottom onto the very edge of the sofa cushion, and lifted him towards her. He moved easily to her and she guided his cock right to the entrance of her pussy. “Slide into me, and slowly slip it in, and then almost out. Start slowly and try not to explode too quick so I enjoy.” Bobby was deep inside her, she was being fulfilled and loved; her young man inside her at last, her dead husband was back in a new form. Bobby increased the pace slightly and after a few minutes, he paused. “What is wrong, you OK?” Bobby scooped her up off the sofa still deep inside her, and walked her into her bedroom and gently placed her on her bed. He moved up a little so he could get some purchase and started to thrust a bit harder.
When she felt him starting to get near coming she said: “Wait a moment, don’t rush it, try and hold just off coming you make it last that way.” He did then resume the easy pace. Bobby could feel Molly starting to tighten around his cock, her inner muscles were doing a strangulation job on his member. She sensed his climax coming and paused him again. “Lie on your back now!” Bobby did and she climbed on top and lined up his cock at her slippery entrance, peeled back her labia, inserted him, and slid all the way onto him feeling her filling up and stretching her cunt. The end of his penis bumped against her cervix. She started to move then and kept and a regular speed moaning and pinching her nipples. Bobby reached up and pulled her down to him so he could get onto her nipples with his mouth. Not like before for comfort and warmth, but to possess her and stimulate one of her most feminine treasures. He was ecstatic and filled with lust. She started to come hard, grinding her hips into his pubic bone, tossing her head as she went over the edge, lost control, and her womb douched him with a gusher and he started to spurt his semen into her pussy. Together they passed over into oblivion and slowly came back to earth.
Later after the rush died they snuggled up together and caressed each other with love and tenderness. She rolled him onto his back and started to gently suck his cock, pulling back his foreskin, cleaning him after their sex. He lay there just enjoying the love from her. When she finished she said, “Your turn now, you lick me clean.”
“How?” Bobby asked. “Use your tongue and lick out inside my cunt, it will feel wonderful.” Once he had cleaned out her pussy, he started under between her legs and spotted that beautiful little red rosebud of her anus and very cautiously he licked around her anus. She jumped “You rude sod! Oh don’t start me off again, I will want to fuck all night if you do.” Bobby very shyly asked her “Can I fuck your bottom sometime please?” She stared at him for a few seconds, a deep wistful look in her eyes, he could not read her mind. “I will teach you how to be a great lover and if that is what you would like so will I, just remember there is nothing bad or dirty about a human body. What lovers do together is fine as long as they both want to and it does no harm to either.”
Bobby “I have never had sex with a girlfriend, this was the first time, why don’t girls want me?”
“They just need to give you a chance. Anyway, the couple that came round the other night, Marline practically snogged you at the dining table. She said to me how gorgeous you are, I am sure she would jump at the chance of fucking with you being so young and handsome.” Bobby said, “What about Gerry, he would go mad and kill me?”
“No darling, they are swingers, they like to have sex with other people, friends of course, he would enjoy watching you both.”
“My God! Would that ever happen! It would be awesome.”
“Well as you know I am a widow and need sex from time to time. I don’t have a real man in my life so they come round for an evening, do you want to join us?” His erection was like a broom handle again. Molly said, “We can’t fuck in front of them, but you can fuck her while I have Gerry, would that be OK?”
“I can’t fuck you when they come round?”
“No, absolutely not, never a chance. This is for just us alone, no one must ever know.”
“OK, when can you arrange it? I love the idea.” Bobby had a thought slip into his head, will I get angry when Gerry fucks my mother?
Molly met up with Marline and talked her through her problem namely “Bobby is a virgin, how can I get him with a willing woman?” Marline jumped at the chance “Send him to me, I will fuck his brains out, darling.” Molly replied “No, you both come round tomorrow night. We will have a bite to eat then get down to some rude sex for him. Go into my room, all of us. You can start flirting with Bobby. I will play with Gerry so Bobby knows it is ok, and then see what happens, how does that sound?”
The next night, dinner over, and the four went into her room. Bobby was trembling with excitement and Marline could hardly wait to get Booby into bed. There was an awkward moment between them all, and Marline took charge, sidled up to Bobby, and started gently kissing him on the lips. Bobby was watching Molly and Gerry moving together near her bed. Marline unbuckled Bobby’s belt, opened his zip, dropped his shorts on the floor, tugged his T-shirt over his head, and stood back admiring her handy work. “Not bad young man, now drop the boxers!” Bobby did as he was told.
Marline stripped item by item, teasing Bobby as she went, increasing his ardor. Eventually just a pair of silky knickers, she said: “Bobby, you have to take these off.” Bobby moved forward and gripped the waistband and with one great rip he ripped the two halves apart and she was naked. “Ouch! That caught my cunt in the crotch, you will have to kiss her better!” She laughed and flopped onto the bed. “Come on then, what are you waiting for?” Bobby lept across the space and rolled her onto her back. He opened her legs and started licking like mad. “Not so fast, let’s start again, you are too keen!”
She started gently with him, exploring each other, finding out their pleasure zones, what tickled and what pleasured. As the pace slowly got hotter, Bobby rolled her onto all fours to get access to her bottom and also to be able to watch Gerry and Molly. Molly had Gerry in her mouth sucking hard. Bobby felt the old jealousy flare up and anger started to rise. Fortunately, Marline turned, saw him watching, guessed he was shocked at his mother and took him in hand quickly. Booby soon had his cock in her mouth and started to forget about Molly, and the lust rose and he wanted to fuck Marline as hard as he could. Marline reached between his legs and slipped a wet finger up his bottom. She gently massaged his prostate and felt him build rapidly to a detonation of semen. Bobby lost control and shuddered into a maximum climax with spurt after spurt erupting from his cock. She kept on massaging making him continue until he was coughing dry squirts. Marline took pity and pulled her finger out from his arse leaving him trembling and drained.
As Bobby recovered Marline started to work him over again, getting a flicker of an erection and she made sure he could see Molly and Gerry as she sensed he wanted to watch them as well. Gerry was now on top of Molly giving her long slow thrusts into her pussy, stretching and pleasing her, making sure he caught her G-spot on each in stroke. Marline realized his erection had come back as soon as he watched the couple fuck, so she rolled onto her side facing Molly and Gerry and said: “Fuck me spoon style on our sides, it is nice and slow, takes ages to come this way.” Bobby rolled in behind her found his way into her slippery cunt and started to push in and out while playing with her breasts. He could see the expression on his mother's face as she started to rise to her orgasm, the biting lips, the frown, the mouth tremble, and she screwed her face up in time to her body being screwed hard. Molly cried out “My cunt is exploding, fuck me, fuck me, harder harder. Oh God, I just wet myself!”
Marline paused mid fuck and said “I need to pee. I am bursting, wait for me then we will finish this!” Bobby pulled out and rolled onto his side still watching the others. Marline disappeared into the bathroom and did not return for a while. Gerry had finished and Molly was kneeling over him sucking his cock clean after drenching him. Bobby came up behind her, his cock was rock hard, and he gently pressed against her bottom and slipped inside her very wet slimy semen riddled cunt. It felt wonderful but he felt Molly stiffen and Marline walked back into the room. Marline smiled and said, “Oh my, just like in Roman times, mothers fucking sons, but he does have a lovely big cock though, don’t he?” Two more thrusts from Bobby and he exploded into his mother's pussy, feeling every little gush going in. Molly looked desolate but Marline just laughed: “I just fucked him and his cock is wonderful, so why don’t you enjoy it. Not as if you want a baby with him, do you? Just a good energetic fuck, so what’s the problem?”
Gerry laughed, “Now I know why you two were so keen for this. Molly wants to fuck Bobby, and my wife guessed it, so you got caught out! As far as I am concerned, we can do this anytime again. Marline enjoyed it, so did we all. Maybe Bobby should try a man as I am bi. Why not next time we come around?”
Molly said “It has never happened before, a one-off accident in the moment. I don’t think Bobby realized who he put it into.”
Two days after the evening Bobby slipped into his mother's room and snuggled up to her. She was a little frigid at first, but as he worked over her nipples arousing her, the wetness returned, the desires rose, and she welcomed him back into her body. Afterwards, when they were quiet and peaceful, she told him “Marline and Gerry are coming back Saturday night. They want you with us and Gerry wants to try you as well, how does that appeal?”
“God, what is it like, sucking a man’s cock?”
“Wonderful. I suck pussies and cocks, women are sweet and musky, men are slightly salty. Both are lovely, so try it and enjoy. Don’t have a preconception of it, try for yourself.”

We’d been married for about five years when this happened. And, we’d had swapping experiences with two couples before. Both times my wife seemed to enjoy the experiences but had remorse the days after.
This was about the time that Sony came out with a Betamax that was for home use. And, I just happened to have won a manager's competition from the dealership I worked for and it was for $5000! So, I used that to buy a Betamax, a camera, and a big screen TV!
I also found a store in the city that rented XXX movies and my wife and I enjoyed many together. Plus, we had parties where we let our guests see them too. It didn't lead to swinging again but it did get my wife back to being a little more open-minded.
So, for the first time, we actually talked about it. And, she agreed to go with me to join an actual swingers organization in the city just to check it out. We had to go together for the interview and she handled it like a champ. The guy was drooling over her too! LOL!
We only went to one event. It was a big 'meet and greet' and was held at a motel's lounge. One section of the lounge was reserved for our group.
As far as the other people in the lounge were concerned it could have been any company party. We were all drinking, dancing, and having fun but there was no obvious sexual activity going on.
But, just the knowledge that any lady who asked me to, or agreed to, dance were probably also willing to fuck as well, made this one of the sexiest things I've ever experienced.
We stayed and had fun for hours but when the party in the lounge ended and people headed to rooms in the motel we, by mutual agreement, left for home. I surprised myself by not really wanting to go to any of the rooms. I'd had my foreplay and was ready for sex..., with my wife!
She admitted that she'd really enjoyed it too and we fucked like bunnies for days! I think the fact that I wanted to leave too made her much more comfortable with the concept.
This was way before the Internet so people we'd met at that event had to snailmail us from our address in the membership list. And, we had numerous offers too. I remember one who said they looked like an 'un-named' actress and actor who were married. That one made me really want to meet them but my wife didn't like something else they'd written. I was hoping Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner! LOL!
We got one letter from a single guy who said he hadn't attended, or met us, but a couple who he was friends with had and suggested he write.
Doug's letter was the one that appealed most to my wife so we wrote back and sent a 'PG-13' photo.
He returned a letter with an 'R' photo of him and a note that he had a lady friend who would also like to meet us. This friend turned out to be a really attractive art teacher from the city Doug was of middle-eastern ancestry and was an attractive man but his main attraction was his great personality.
We went to the lady's apartment in the city one evening to meet them. She was doing a nude sculpture of Doug and, soon after we arrived and became comfortable, she asked if she could continue her work while we talked. Doug stripped down to his underwear and got into the pose for the next hour or so while we chatted.
We made plans for them to come to our home the following weekend. And, it was clear that the visit was to be sexual although my wife had insisted on a 'no intercourse' rule. They agreed.
Two days later we got a letter with nude photos of them both and so we got out the polaroid and reciprocated.
I came home from work one day and my wife was just hanging up the phone and her clothing was half off. She, while blushing, admitted that she'd just had phone sex with Doug and that she'd had an orgasm. I just simply thought that was so cool for her to admit and I gave her another orgasm when I fucked her.
The next weekend finally arrived and so did our guests. We talked for maybe ten minutes before my wife took Doug to the kitchen to get something to drink. I thought she was dragging him off for sex so I asked the lady if she was ready and she said, "more than!"
We knew the limits and obeyed them but we didn't hesitate to go to the edge. When my wife and Doug came out of the kitchen with their drinks the lady and I were naked and in the sixty-nine position. I will always remember my wife's tone of voice when she said, "you two didn't waste any time."
They watched for a few minutes before joining us. We all four enjoyed oral sex, me with the lady, and my wife with Doug for quite a while. Then, when my wife was in a position on her knees and sucking Doug's cock I couldn't resist fucking her. This left the poor lady out for a while but I loved it. And, I could tell my wife was thoroughly enjoying her first threesome.
After that the lady asked if I could fuck her but I had to say no. This gal then gave me the longest blow job I've ever had right in front of my wife and Doug. I was sitting on a bar stool and the lady was kneeling between my legs. Doug was in a kitchen chair and my wife was sitting on the floor between his legs, stroking his large cock while she watched the lady suck me. That was hot! My wife looked so damn sexy!
Someone suggested drawing straws and the winner gets a massage from the other three. The lady won!
We went to the guest bedroom where we have a four poster queen size bed. We tied the ladies arms to the two posts at the head of the bed and her ankles to the posts at the foot.
Doug and I each took a breast in our mouths and my wife simply kelt at the foot of the bed and massaged the lady's feet the whole time. I was sure hoping my wife would participate more but she continued to insist that she just wasn't interested in women, sexually. She did watch though while Doug and I gave the lady one thorough oral treatment.
What was really sexy for her was that Doug talked softly the whole time, when his mouth wasn't occupied of course, about his past experiences. He sort of caught me offguard when he mentioned that one couple he knew enjoyed watching him fuck the husband. He was a sexy talker and it did keep my wife in the event.
We'd innitially planned to take turns but by the time we'd done everything oral we could to this lady, she was more than ready to be fucked and it was late. So, as Doug and I untied her, she pulled Doug on top of her and his cock found it's way inside with no effort at all. She was so ready!
And, so was my wife so we went to the master bedroom and listened to the fucking next door as we fucked ourselves.
We had breakfast with them the next morning and they left with no more sex at all. I never saw the lady again because Doug had other friends he wanted us to meet.
My wife and I talked about that night after the couple left and she admitted it was fun. She also said that she thought that Doug might be a bit more gay than straight. I don't know what he'd said or done to give her that impression. She also said that he'd asked her, more than once, if they could fuck. He even asked if anal was allowed. I admitted that the lady wanted the same thing. We decided to keep our, 'no intercourse', rule for the time being.
Doug tried to set up more meetings but the friends of his always backed out for some reason or the other and it just never happened. Looking back I should have suggested that he come anyway and let my wife experience some nice threesomes. I was young and stupid!
This was the first, and really only, time that we shared something so special and my wife hadn't had remorse after.
Doug was a truly nice, considerate, and personable guy. And, he was a nice looking man with a gorgeous cock that was as large as mine.
Several times he asked me, in front of my wife, if I'd like to go out for a drink or something with him..., just he and I.
I think I declined because of what my wife mentioned about her thinking he was more gay than straight.
It wasn't that I would have minded that at all, it was because I didn't know that my wife would be OK with that.
I think the reason we never repeated with Doug was because he preferred threesomes with couples. He had brought the lady the first time to test the waters.
I liked Doug. I know that my wife liked Doug too. I really, really blew it by not having him over alone with us at least once.
If we had, I know that my wife would have enjoyed the threesomes with Doug as much as she did the one time. And, with no other lady there it would have been even more special for her. And I'd have sure enjoyed it too!
My wife and I might have opened up something very special. She would have found out much sooner that I have no problems touching or sucking another cock.
I've thought many times what it would have been like to lick and suck her clitoris while Doug's cock was in her vagina. Or, licking her fluids off of his cock and balls while they're fucking.
Looking back, this could have led to a whole new rule for us that may have been the perfect one. My wife didn't like watching me with other women. So, a 'threesome only' rule! I could have been quite happy with that and still would be.
And, who knows, she might have even allowed me to join a couple who was sharing their husband with us?

Mistral Wind
The recession meant that I had to take a job contracting. It was the only time in eighteen years of marriage that I had worked away from home. I stayed in a basic bed and breakfast, but it allowed me to save money on my expenses. Dave was in the room next. He was in his early forties like me, but had been contracting for a number of years.
We worked on the same job and got on really well. Dave loved showing me his latest porn downloads. I had never really been into porn before, but soon got a taste for it. Emma would have chopped my balls of if she knew what I was looking at. One night Dave knocked on my room door and walked in. He sat in the chair and said, “What do you think of this, Pete”, he handed me his mobile phone.
It was a video of a white bloke with a mask on. He had a massive cock and was wanking over a woman who was laid on a bed. In the background a girl in her late thirties was wearing a maid’s outfit and a red bobbed wig. She had hold of a black guy’s cock and led him over to the bed. Then lifted the other the other woman’s legs over his shoulders. He began fucking her with his enormous thick cock. After a few minutes the white bloke power showered her with cum. It was over her face, in her hair and sprayed across her bulbous tits. She squealed with excitement. Soon the black man also came and pulled out of her shaven fanny and a load of creamy cum oozed out. The white bloke then took his mask off and shouted, “Surprise”, it was Dave.
The woman smiled at the camera, “He Pete, I’m Bev, Dave’s wife, and this is Izzy”, the petite girl with the red bob jumped into shot and waved, “Hope you enjoyed the show. Bye.” The video clip ended.
I was stunned. Dave took the phone from me and said, “She is amazing. Would Emma do that for you?”
I glanced at Emma’s photo beside my bed. It was taken last year in a Spanish resort and Emma worn a light dress that showed off her petite body and gorgeous tits, “No, that’s definitely not her thing.”
Dave hit me with a barrage of bizarre questions such as; does she use dildos? What about uniforms? does she......?” The questions kept coming, but the answer was the same, ‘NO’. He looked sad, as if Christmas had come and gone without any presents. Dave got up from the chair and picked up Emma’s photo and studied it, “So sex is pretty boring then?” He was right of course, but I kept silent. Then he continued, “Every woman wants to be adventurous, but just needs the right buttons to be pressed. Bev was like Emma. It took a bit of time, a lot of hard work, but now there is no stopping her.” Dave turned to face me, “Wouldn’t you like her to be a little more adventurous?”
The answer was written all over my face. I loved Emma with all my heart, but sex was not exciting and often done last thing at night when we were both tired. It was not good. Dave said that Bev could talk to Emma if I wished. Help her understand how I felt and fuel her desire to explore a little more.
I was concerned. After a long conversation Dave convinced me that Bev would never say or do anything that Emma found threatening or offend her. I agreed and gave permission for Bev to ring my wife.
The next day the boss told me that I had to work the following two weekends. I was a little angry because I normally traveled home to see Emma and our teenage children, but welcomed the extra money. On the Sunday a crane dropped a load of pipes and they narrowly missed me. I suffered shock and was taken to hospital.
That evening Emma rang. I had not told her about the accident, but her voice was full of concern. “I was so worried about you. Bev told me what had happened. I am so glad that you are alright.” Bev had obviously had a heart to heart with Emma because the conversation soon got around to sex. “I didn’t realize that I had been neglecting you sexually. I am so sorry, but you know that I have never been that experienced at these things.” It was true. She had only two sexual partners before I met her at the age of nineteen. I had been as naive as she was, so it was the blind leading the blind.
Emma went on, “I know it is difficult working away from home, and I appreciate all the sacrifices that you are making. Bev said that her and David went through a similar thing, so she has given me some advice. I promise that I will make it up to you, I promise.” She explained how much she loved me and how sexy I was. The phone call lasted over an hour.
Every night Emma rang me. It was obvious that she had been talking to Bev because she knew things about work that I had only discussed with Dave. There was a difference in the way Emma spoke. It was sexier, more seductive, and much more suggestive. I liked it and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations.
A few nights before I was due to go home, Emma said that my ‘welcome home presents’ had arrived and she was wearing one and using one. I asked her to explain a little more. She only said that one was tight and revealing and the other big and stretching. She hung up and left me with a hardest erection that I had ever had.
The next few days seemed like an eternity. Emma did not ring. She didn’t answer the landline or her mobile either. An A4 envelope arrived the morning that I was about to set off home. Dave was sat to my right at breakfast. By the smile on his face I had a sneaky feeling that he knew what it contained. I opened up the envelope and took out a color photo. It was Emma. She was dressed in a PVC nurses uniform and held a large dildo in her hand. A note was stuck to the photo, it read, ‘Come and get me’. The landlady walked past, looked down and said, “She will get her death of cold.” I turned the color of beetroot and hid the photo inside my newspaper.
Dave laughed, “I guess you aren’t going to sleep tonight.”
It took just over five hours to get home. I spend the afternoon with the kids. Emma had organized for them to say friend's houses, so we dropped them off early evening. Emma and I went back home and she told me to sit on the sofa and watch TV until she got ready to go out for a meal. I heard the shower running and then her walking round upstairs. I couldn’t settle.
Eventually Emma came in dressed as the erotic nurse, “Excuse me, Doctor Bev said that I must give you a good fucking”, she then revealed a large black dildo, “This is Randolph, do you want to watch as he fills me with his big black cock?” She was talking as if it was a real person and she was so horny. My mind flew back to a conversation I had with Dave. It was obvious that Bev had given Emma some serious coaching. I remember him telling me that Bev loved dirty role play and big black dildos. In fact, she named them all and always managed to include them in their little scenarios.
Emma’s blonde shoulder length hair was gelled tightly back. Bright red lipstick glared at me as her tongue sensually licked her full lips. I looked at the way the push up bra forced her ‘B’ tits into two balls of fun and how the uniform molded itself around her petite body. My eyes feasted themselves on a glimpse of her fanny lips that peaked below the hem of the uniform. Black fish nets and high stiletto heels said it all.
Emma lifted up her erotic PVC uniform to reveal a completely shaven haven, then she straddled me on the sofa. She lent forward and forced my head into her cleavage and I kissed her beautiful tits. Emma popped the buttons on my jeans and grasped hold of my throbbing cock, then sank down to her knees. Her tongue played with the bulbous end of my cock before guiding it into her mouth. I lay back and enjoyed the feeling of being sucked off. Emma’s technique seemed to have improved beyond recognition. I could feel the cum begin to well up as she wanked and teased my cock with her lips. Emma gagged as the tip of my cock touched the back of her throat. Despite my best efforts, some cum leaked out and Emma stopped, “Not yet.”
She stood up, grabbed the black dildo and then lay on the rug in front of the fire. Emma opened her legs wide and started to rub the entrance to her fanny with the sex toy. At first the big bulbous black end seemed reluctant to enter her love hole. Then, with a little more persuasion, her tight fanny lips flicked over the head and gripped the thick shaft.
In my mind I wanted to see a black man fucking my wife. It was such a sexy thought that Randolph became real to me. A whimper drifted across the room as he gently moved his thick large cock back and forward inside Emma. It wasn’t long before she relaxed and began to meet his thrusts. I was mesmerized as her moans got deeper and sounded like she about to cum.
She was amazing. It was better than my wildest wet dream. What had Bev done to her? Emma had been turned from a prudish mum, into a wild sex MILF. A thought flashed into my mind. Had I been the one who had been prudish and stopped her expressing herself? It didn’t matter, we were here now at it was better than I had ever imagined.
Emma stopped just before she came, then used Randolph’s suction cup to stick him to the laminate flooring and beckoned me over, “Doctor Bev said I should suck you dry whilst riding Randolph”, she was slowly rubbing her hand up and down the full length of Randolph’s cock, “Let me suck you dry?” As I walked over, Emma got on top of Randolph and sank his massive black cock into her fanny and began to fuck him.
I stood in front of Emma and she took my cock deep inside her mouth once again. As her cute arse gyrated up and down, the sensation of pure pleasure filled my cock. This time it was much more intense. My hands caressed her shoulders then fell down towards her gorgeous tits. I pulled the zip on her uniform down a few inches and slipped my hands inside the bra. Her tits were so fucking firm and the nipples large and erect. Emma sucks became more frantic as she moved ever closer to a massive orgasm. I felt the cum once again welling up my cock. I tried to hold it back as long as I could, but my load shot into Emma’s mouth.
She swallowed my cum and then went back for more. But I was spent. Emma wanked me in a desperate attempt to entice more warm sticky cum into her empty mouth, but with no look. Then she screamed, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” as an orgasm flooded her body and she collapsed panting to one side. After a few minutes she got up, washed her toy, packed it away and went for a shower. About half an hour later she came down in her dressing gown. “Did you enjoy that?” I nodded and she sat next to me on the sofa, “I wasn’t too wild was I.”
She obviously felt self conscious. “Thank you. It was amazing”, I paused and looked into her brown eyes. I had to know so I just came out with it, “Did you think of anyone else when you were using the dildo?”
Emma’s face flushed red and I had my answer. However, I held her hand, “It’s OK...I loved it.”
The smile returned to her face, “So you want to do it again?” I kissed her and gave an emphatic yes. After something to eat, we went to bed and fucked most of the night.
When I got back to work Dave wanted to know everything. I was so excited that I spilt the beams without any prompting. I knew whatever I said would be relayed to Bev and then onto Emma, so made sure he knew how horny it was imagining Emma riding a big black cock. Dave said that he often did the same with Bev. He explained that if I was really into it, then I should buy Emma more uniforms and dildos in order to keep her interested.
He kept on wetting my appetite with images of Bev and Izzy in an array of explicit poses. Izzy’s always wore thick Egyptian style make-up. She had a really beautiful face. Her body and features were similar to Emma’s, very sexy.
On the next visit home I popped into a sex shop in the North East of England near to where I lived. The first time I went in, the female shop assistant stressed that the toys were on two for three. She thought that I felt embarrassed, but in fact I had a massive hard on, especially when I said that my wife had a thing about black dildo. The assistant talked me through an array of toys. Eventually I bought Emma another large black beast and a sexy cop outfit. That set a trend. Every time I went home I bought Emma a new toy and an outfit from the same shop.
Emma embraced them with enthusiasm. Each toy was named. The scenarios got more daring and Emma, under the guidance of Bev, suggested that I always play the role of another man to add a bit more variety. After a few months she also suggested that I watch her perform with her dildos and then afterwards give her a good fucking. It was like a virtual gang bang, but one that led to the most amazing sex I have ever had. If you have never watched your wife / partner do a virtual gang bang, then I suggests you give it a go, it is absolutely mind blowing, especially for the woman doing it.
Then a twist of events occurred. Dave had been showing me lots of erotic videos of Bev fucking other men. She was stunning and absolutely 100% dirty. One night I was laid on my bed in the digs. My room door was open and I could clear hear Dave on his mobile phone and the muffled voice of the another person. It appeared to be cryptic conversation and very suggestive. The voice was female, but not Bev’s. Then I realized that it was Emma’s. What the fuck was going on.
Later on I challenged him. Dave laughed and I nearly put his lights out. He calmed me down and said that him and Emma had been talking but about me. He said that Emma wanted to know if I liked Bev. I said that any red blooded male would like Bev. Then he said, “I think she meant, do you want to fuck her?” My heart sank. What had been said? Was my marriage in danger?
I waited until about 9p.m. and called home. Emma answered immediately, as if she was waiting for my call. I just had enough time to say hello before she angrily ripped into me, “Do you fancy Bev and Izzy?” I said nothing, “Do you want to fuck them?” I spluttered around for some words but nothing came out, “Well do you?” Again nothing came out of my mouth.
Emma laughed. Was this a joke? I asked her what all this was about. She went on about how marriage is all about love, trust and fulfillment. Emma said that she felt totally loved and secure in our relationship, so felt ready for me to explore with other women.
I said, ‘Are you giving me permission to fuck Bev and Izzy?’
Yes was her answer.
“Isn’t that adultery?”
“NO!” Emma responded and continued, ‘I am giving you my permission. Going behind my back would be adultery. It is my way of demonstrating my love for you and trust in you. I know that your head won’t be turned and that you will always come back to me. Bev said it would make our relationship that much stronger by developing absolute trust”. She was right, it did. Our relationship got deeper and richer and we felt a lot closer emotionally as a result.
I waited a few seconds and said, “OK.” Bev and Dave didn’t have any children so the meet went ahead that week. It wasn’t exactly what I had been expecting. Dave sat in the corner of their bedroom and watched everything. He did not get involved, but had organized for me to share Bev and Izzy. It was a night to remember. Izzy wore her red wig and her trade mark make-up and was stunning. They sexed me again and again, and then sexed each other, but that is another story.
Over the coming months Emma encouraged me to continue to service Bev and Izzy. Dave recorded me doing it. Emma and I then watched the videos whilst using her toys. Then one evening Emma said, “I think it is about time I had some fun?”
“WHAT? Are you serious?” I assumed I was going to have my cake and eat it.
“I want to fuck Dave and one of his friends. It’s only fair. After all, I have allowed you to fuck Bev and Izzy”. She paused, “I want the other person to be black.”
Emma sounded annoyed, “Because I like black. Have you got a problem with that?”
Dave was standing in the doorway of my room and waited until I ended the call to Emma, “Are you going to allow me to fuck her?”
I had a great vampire idea that would be really sexy for Emma’s first time. So I insisted that I would decide on the scenario and plan the action, as well as decide who the other person would be. Dave agreed and brought a bottle of wine from his room, cracked it open and we spent the evening looking through his catalog of Bev’s black conquests. It was difficult to decide on who should be the first black man to do my wife. The viewing went on and on. By 2 am I had selected a short list. All were big cummers, but I was not too sure I wanted Emma to take someone who had a huge cock, so I aired on the side of caution. Dave was disappointed, but I insisted. The choice was made.
I was also concerned about Emma safety. Dave explained that the bloke got regularly checked. In terms of physical security, Dave also had a suggestion; why not allow Bev and Izzy to join in? It made sense. We could watch and the girls could help to direct the action, stop it going too far. Everyone concerned was contacted, but it took a few weeks to arrange, but there was a problem. I was asked to work over at the last moment. I pleaded with the boss, but he would not change his mind. Dave reassured me that everything would be OK and that he would look after Emma. I reluctantly agreed. When I spoke to Emma she was fine with the new arrangements and said that she would get Dave to record it for me.
The meet went ahead as planned and Emma returned home like a new woman, brimming with confidence. The level of trust and love in our relationship multiplied and we were so in love and emotionally close, and this continues to be the case today.
I had put off watching the recording. It sat looking at my computer for weeks, but I eventually plucked up the courage to double click the file and the video began playing.
It looked like a professionally edited video with credits and started with a close up of Emma. Her makeup was subtle and beautiful. She talked to the camera and explained that the black lad I had chosen had not been able to make it, so she had picked someone else.
Emma blew me a kiss, said that she loved me, and the camera zoomed out.
Fucking hell! She was dressed in a very skimpy wrap around skirt and a light blouse that left very little to the imagination. Her cute arse was clearly visible and framed by a small thong and suspenders that led down to fish net stockings and high heels.
Izzy and Bev were dressed like something out of a famous 1920’s vampire film. They eerily drifted around the room. The camera took a close up of Emma who pretended to be afraid. The vampires ripped off her clothes, leaving Emma naked except for her stockings and high heels. They each grabbed one of her arms and dragged her to a sex swing that hung from the ceiling.
Emma called out, “Help meeee, help meee”, like a cartoon character as she was fastened in and her legs hoisted apart.
A loud male voice shouted, “Get away wenches, she is mine.” A tall black vampire stood in the doorway. He was dressed in a long cape and had fake blood running down the sides of his mouth. Dave appeared beside him and called out, “Come, let us feast on her.”
The black vampire walked over to Emma and let his cape drop to the floor. His cock hung down like a large salami accompanied by two massive hairy meatballs. The camera cut to a close up of Emma’s juicy cunt. He knelt between her legs and his tongue slowly licked the fully length of her fanny lips, then rabidly flicked and teased her clit.
Emma was no longer in role but uncontrollably moaned with pleasure. The black vampire started to do his own thing. His fingers pulled apart her fanny lips to reveal the moist pink flesh inside. He then began to probe with his long powerful tongue. The camera zoomed in as he playfully licked her flesh, then his lips wrapped around her clit and sucked. Emma let out a gasp of pleasure.
The action moved to Dave. He was supposed to be rubbing her tits with his big cock, but instead moved Emma’s head to one side. Then fed his large cock into her mouth and began to face fuck her. Emma’s cheeks pulled in as she desperately sucked his shaft.
Izzy had joined in the action and kissed her body and tits. The black vampire then said, “I want to fuck her.” Bev ran over and grabbed his cock and started to rub her hand up and down his partially erect member. It began to grow erect and Bev’s fingers could no longer touch because of its sheer girth.
She drenched lube onto his bell end and then rubbed some of it onto her fanny lips. Then Bev guided his cock to the entrance of her hole. The black vampire gripped Emma’s pelvis with his hands and pushed his cock into her. Emma stopped sucking Dave’s cock as discomfort filled her body. The ultra thick cock pushed deeper into her with every thrust of the black vampire loins. It wasn’t long before she had stretched enough to enjoy being filled to the maximum. His bum was going back and forward like a jack hammer, pounding Emma’s fanny with his massive shaft.
The intense feeling made Emma suck even harder on Dave’s cock and he exploded in her mouth. Emma choked as she tried to swallow as much of his cum as possible, but at least a mouthful ran down her chin. Izzi was there in a flash and began to lap up the precious liquid and hold it in her mouth. When Dave eventually pulled out, she kissed Emma and fed it to her. The kiss went on and on and on.
By this time the black vampire was really going for it, and then relaxed with three long deep groans. Thick cum began to coated his enormous cock. He pulled out, Bev desperately lapped up the large stream of creamie cum that flowed from Emma’s fanny. When most of it had been taken care of, then Bev started to lick her out.
However, Dave pulled Bev away from her feast. His cock was still hard and ready for action. He began to fuck her passionately and hard. Soon he had also cum and I watched as even more cum drizzled out of my wife’s fanny.
The final shot showed Emma, her face beamed with a smile as she looked at the camera mouthed, ‘I love you so much.’
I managed to get a job back home and am still very happily married to Emma. This happened two years ago and we are in our mid forties. We do still meet Dave and Bev on occasion, but Emily chose to fuck a black man only this once. She thoroughly enjoyed it, but Emma is much happier sharing with one special couple. Emma would now describe herself as bi-curious but with a preference for cock. The experience has brought us much closer. Our main thing remains erotic role play within marriage.
WE would strongly recommend that you think very carefully before fucking other couples. It is not for everyone and is not a good thing in a marriage experiencing problems. Sexy role play is very good and safe and can help develop your relationship, but again, it is best to play yourselves. Go to a sex shop together and buy a uniform and sex toy. Emma loves going with me. We go when it is raining on a night for privacy. Give it a good, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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