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Found 32 results

  1. Hello everybody. Married MW couple for 18 years today. We have been out of the LS for 5 years but prior to that we where in the life style for about 10 years and had a great time. We are in our mid forties and going on the bliss cruise in November. This will be our first swinger cruise. The question is, How is mm bisexual play seen in the LS community on this Cruise? In our past experience it was always accepted FF bi play but MM was pretty frowned upon. My husband and I have had a couple MMF in the past and had a great time. We are hopping to find that again. There is something that I just love watching him get it from another guy and sharing the other guy orally together. Any and all comments greatly appreciated and recommendations encouraged.
  2. Ok, I'm going to sound like a newby, but that's because I am lol. The wife and I are going on our first cruise in a few days. It's not a "swingers cruise", but I've heard that there are usually tons of swingers on any cruise. My question is, how do we spot them? I know about the pineapple thing, but i also assume that pineapples are a pretty common thing on a Carribean cruise. We are 3 years deep in the lifestyle but, so far, we only swing with one other couple, so we have zero experience in approaching potential playmates. We are not going on the cruise to actively seek out new playmates, but would like to be ready if the opportunity arises. My questions are: 1. Is there a way to spot swingers and, if so, how? 2. Once we have determined that a couple are swingers, how do we start the conversation? 3. Is there a way that we can make ourselves visible to other couples that might be in the same boat as us?
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/news/carnival-cruise-brawl-caught-on-camera-broke-out-over-alleged-cheating-passenger-says/ar-AAZ0mA7?li=BBnb7Kz
  4. We will soon join friends on another lifestyle cruise. Have you cruised? What do you like most about LS cruises? See the poll...
  5. Caribbean Cruise – Day 2 You can read part 1 at - Caribbean Cruise - Day 1 After a great day at the beach and then in the cabin with Julie and Dave we slept quite soundly. I awoke first and could see the island of St. Kitts as we were approaching. Kathy was still asleep, so I put on some clothes and went to go get coffee for both of us. When I opened the door to the room, I saw that Kathy had gone out onto the balcony to watch the arrival. With no need to get dressed, she was standing out there completely nude. She had not heard me come in. I dropped my clothes and walked naked out on the balcony with the coffee. I came up behind her so that she felt my body on hers before I said a word. “Good morning. What a beautiful sight and I don’t mean the island,” I said. “Starting the day with my naked husband bringing me coffee. So very nice.” I replied, “Yesterday was wonderful. I can only imagine what today will bring.” As the ship started pulling up to the dock, we could see that there is another ship in port. We like to watch the ship dock, and the fact that we nude on the balcony made it slightly erotic as people on the other ship could see us. At the same time, we saw that there were nude people on about 10 balconies of the other ship. Some of the nude couples were waving so we waved back. After docking, it was time to head to breakfast. It didn’t take too long to get ready and we were heading to the buffet. After getting our breakfast we looked around the dining area for Julie and Dave. When we didn’t see them, but we took a booth for four in case they were coming later. It wasn’t too long after we sat down, they came with their plates from the buffet. Kathy and I were sitting in the middle of the booth and Dave slid in beside Kathy while Julie sat beside me. We turned and kissed them and felt the same great feeling as when we were with them yesterday. “Good morning, nice to see you, this morning,” Kathy said. “And nice to see you as well,” Julie replied. “What are your plans for today?” I asked. “We’re not sure. We have been to a couple of resorts with beaches where we spent the day. Nothing too interesting. How about you two?” Dave asked. “Last time here we came across this funky restaurant and bar. It was down the beach from some high-end resort. We even saw a couple of people laying nude on the beach so there may an opportunity here to get nude on the beach. Even if not, the restaurant and bar were good to go to.” “That sounds good, mind if we tag along?” Julie inquired “Don’t mind at all. We were hoping that we could meet up with you two today,” I replied. “It seems that what happened yesterday was not a first for you two. It was not a first for us either,” Dave responded. “Our first time was with a couple we met at our favorite nude beach. We struck up conversation with them that lasted all afternoon. As the day was nearing an end, we invited them to stop by our apartment for wine & cheese. It was on their way home and they readily accepted.” “After talking for a while at our place," Dave continued, "we suggested going into one of the complex’s hot tubs. While this was in an apartment complex, there was this one hot tub was far removed from the buildings and had quite a bit of privacy. We also found out where to turn out the lights in and around the hot tub. When we got there, the four of us dropped our clothes and sank into the hot water.” “Then without anyone saying anything," Dave remembered, "the four of us came together as couples in the middle for a group hug. When we moved back, we were in different couples. It started with kissing and feeling one another. Once again, as if something had been said, though it wasn’t, we lifted the girls out of the hot tub, and they laid back on the deck. We then went down on them and were eating them. We were quite fortunate that in this time no one came down to the hot tub. Maybe they did and stayed back to watch. I remember being the one to think about the possibility of someone coming down and suggested that we should move this up to our apartment.” Dave continued the story: “Back to our apartment, all four of us dropped our clothes once again and we resumed where we were at. Now in a private place we did not need to hold back on anything we were doing. I went back down and was eating the other woman while the other guy did the same for Kathy. After the woman I was with had cum, I moved up and slid my cock into her cunt. It took a little bit for her to get used the difference in size, but she enjoyed having me in her.” “Wow, that sounds like a fun time.” Julie exclaimed. “Our first time with another couple also was not planned. We were invited for a barbecue at some friends that we had met at the nude resort that we went to. When we rang the doorbell, the lady opened the door completely nude. She gave a hug and told us her husband was out by the pool. We dropped our clothes and went out to the pool. He came up to us with a hug for me which started the erotic feelings with a nude man hugging my nude body." “It was a hot day," Julie explained, "so all four of us got in the pool to stay cool. I had gone over to the edge to put my arms on the deck and allow my body to float. Before I realized what was happening the other man came over and he told me what a nice sight it was looking at me floating on the water. I thanked him and he started moving moved a little closer. I looked over at Dave and saw that he and the lady were getting just as close. He kept moving closer until he was up between my legs. His hands cupped my ass and he leaned forward and gave my pussy a few licks. He looked up at me for approval to keep it up. I looked over at Dave with a look of 'Is this ok?' on my face. He nodded approval so I assented my approval.” “Watching us, Dave had the lady get into a similar position on the other side of the pool," Julie recalled. "Soon, I was cumming from being eaten and the other woman was right behind me. After cumming down from that cum I put my feet down in the pool standing next to him. He pulled me close to him and I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. At that point I was so turned on that I put my legs around him with his cock at the entrance to my pussy. I reached down and guided him into me and slid all the way down his cock.” “I was so caught up in what we were doing but did look over at Dave to see how they were doing. From their closeness and movement, I was quite sure that they were fucking in the pool as well,” Julie smiled. “Sounds like a good time. I can just picture what that looked like,” Kathy commented. “We’re going to go to the cabin and get a few things to take for the day. Shall we meet on the dock in a half hour?” “Sure, we’ll see you then,” Julie replied. We went back to our cabin to grab a few things to take for the day as well. Kathy put on the bottom half of her suit and then just a t-shirt on top. That looks great on her so that her nice hard nipples are visible. When we exited the ship, Julie and Dave were there waiting for us. “There’s a water taxi that goes to the resort next to where we are going. That would be a fun way to get there,” Kathy said. We walked down the main dock and then over to a side dock where the water taxi left from. No one else was there so we wondered if it was running. Another couple came up while we were waiting at the same time we saw the water taxi coming back to the dock. We all said hello to one another. The couple that came up were carrying different color beach towels indicating that they were from the other ship. “We see you must be on the Oasis from your towels. We are from the Gem,” said Julie. “Yes, we are from the Oasis," they explained. "We may have seen the four of you out on your balconies as your ship came in this morning.” “Now that I think about it you two look somewhat familiar as well. If you saw us, then you also saw that we were nude out on the balcony,” Dave replied. “Were you on the 3rd deck from the top in the middle of the ship?” I asked. “That’s us. Then you know that we were nude on the balcony as well. Why not enjoy the warm Caribbean and the gentle breezes on your nude body? By the way, we are Sue and Jeff," said Sue. “We’re Kathy and Steve,” said Kathy. “We’re Julie and Dave. The four of us met yesterday at Orient Beach on St. Martin,” said Julie. “We’re planning on going there when our ship docks tomorrow. As for today we heard of a rustic looking place down the beach from an upscale resort that we’re heading to. The people that had been down that way said they did see a few people nude on the beach so we’re hoping that we will be able to go nude there as well,” Jeff added. “That’s where we are heading as well. We were there a few years ago and also saw a few nude people on the beach. The restaurant had good food and drinks making it worth the trip down the beach,” Kathy replied. The water taxi arrived and the six of us boarded along with two other couples that came running up at the last minute. The trip along the shore was far better than taking a regular taxi. It was only a 30-minute cruise when we pulled into the dock at the upscale resort. The two other couples headed to the beach at the resort while the six of us walked down the beach. As we neared the end of the beach, we could see that there was a solid fence starting at the vegetation above the beach and extending all the way into the sea. When we got up to the fence there was a sign with an arrow pointing to an opening in the bushes showing to go that way to the Shipwreck Beach Bar. Going through there brought us to the front of the restaurant. The door was more like a gate and inside the tables and chairs were set in the sand. Just our kind of place. “Welcome. If you’re here for lunch, please have a seat. If you’re here for the beach, straight ahead is a regular beach and to the right through the gate is the Au Naturel beach. No charge for the beach if you have any food or beverage from the restaurant. If you go to the Au Naturel beach, we ask you to put something on before coming to the restaurant” The bartender said as he greeted us. The ladies headed to the beach while us guys stopped at the bar to get some beers to take to the beach. When we walked through the gate, the ladies had set the towels and bags in place and were just started taking their clothes off. The three of us men just stopped and watched for a minute watching them get nude. The beach was about 100 feet long with many lounge chairs. There were only four other couples on the beach when we got there. Approaching the chairs, we handed the beers to the ladies who were now completely nude. Then us three men dropped our clothes and sat in the lounge chairs. Fortunately, there were umbrellas at the pairs of chairs so that no one got too much sun. We were on our own chairs at first, but as we’re talking to one another it made sense to go over to where the person was we were talking to. Sue was down at the end, while Jeff was turned toward Julie and talking with her. I went down to Sue and said, “Don’t want you to be left out” as I sat at the end of her chaise. Sue had her legs pulled up a little so that as I looked toward her, I could see her shaved pussy as we talked. Whenever I could I gave my cock a little stroke so that it was fuller without being erect on the public beach. I did see her taking more than a glance at my cock in front of her. Kathy was sitting on Dave’s chair and was trying to give him a view of her shaved pussy that he enjoyed last night. She was looking forward to enjoying him again before this day was over. Julie was doing her share of flirting with Jeff as she would go out of her way to touch him as they talked. Even though we were in the shade of the umbrellas it was getting warm. That’s when Kathy got up and said that she was going in the sea to cool off. When she got up, she reached over to Dave and asked him to join her. Following them next it was Sue who got up and asked me to come with her and we were followed by Julie and Jeff. The six of us ended up in the sea cooling off. We stood in water that was deep enough to cool most of us off, but it also happened to be the right height so that all six of the ladies’ breasts were “floating” on the water. We talked about enjoying being able to be nude on the beach and about the other couples we saw on the beach. Without coordinating, none of us were next to our spouse. Our circle of six kept getting a little closer and closer to the point that we were touching the person on both sides. This led to the men putting their arms around the lady on either side of them. This helped bring bodies closer so that we felt the naked bodies of someone other than our spouse next to us. Julie started things as she turned to Jeff and kissed him. Seeing that, I kissed Sue while Kathy kissed Dave. After kissing one person, then Julie turned and kissed me, Sue kissed Dave, and Kathy kissed Jeff. We kept this up for a while alternating the person next to us that we were kissing. It was Kathy that said, “While I’m enjoying this, I think it’s time for lunch. Anyone with me?” Everyone assented their agreement. We broke our circle and the ladies started heading to our chairs. The men each held back as the activity that had been taking place left each of us somewhat erect. Once each of us were able, we went up the beach was well. We didn’t bother getting dressed to go to the restaurant, but instead each of us wrapped towels around themselves so that we could go the restaurant. Over lunch we were all laughing and having a good time. A few other couples in the restaurant commented that we must be the fun group. When we returned to the beach after lunch, we found two couples had taken the chairs next to Kathy and me. When we saw them, all of us said our hellos and welcome. Both of them were good-looking couples. The two couples introduced themselves as Cindy and Blake and April and Bill. From their towels we could tell that Cindy and Blake were from the Gem as we were, and that April and Bill were on the Oasis. They said that they met on the water taxi coming down to the beach. After we had been talking with the two new couples for a while, everyone felt that they were getting hot. Some of that from the weather and some from the anticipation while looking at the naked bodies before us. Sue was now next to Dave as she got up and said that she was going to go cool off and invited Dave to join her. Julie then got up and invited Jeff to come into the sea with her. Out of our original group that left Kathy and me. Kathy turned to the other two couples and asked them to come join our group as well. Now we ended up in the sea with our group growing from three couples to five. Of the two new couples, Cindy and Blake came into our circle without hesitation, while April and Bill were hesitant, though they did join us. While she had been somewhat reserved, April spoke up and said: “We have never done anything like this before. We have been nude in our hot tub and one time some friends joined us. Being nude on the beach in front of so many people is quite different. We said that on this cruise we would try new things and let loose. Guess this is definitely one way to let loose.” “We’re glad you joined, April. Bill too,” Cindy added. With that Cindy turned toward Bill, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. With that Dave, who was next to April, put his arm around her, pulled her close and turned to kiss her. At first April didn’t show too much reaction, but then she put her arms around his neck and started kissing more passionately. Following that, Kathy was in the arms of Jeff, Julie with Blake, Cindy with Bill, and I was kissing Sue. The feeling of Sue’s breasts on my chest with her nipples nice and hard was starting to get me erect. Her reaction to feeling me getting hard was to move her body more against me. Looking at the others we were pretty sure that everyone was doing the same, including April who was starting to let loose. Everyone did make sure that our actions were not too obvious so that anyone on the beach would be offended. Above the water it looked like several couples kissing and embracing, but under the water was quite a bit of activity. Sue reached down and grabbed hold of my cock. “Did I cause this?” she asked with a grin. “You get all the credit,” I replied. “Let’s find somewhere good for this,” Sue said. She kept her hand on my cock, lifted herself up and wrapped her legs around me and put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I wanted to savor this feeling and grabbed her ass so that I could lower her at a slow pace. When I was all the way inside her, she started to move up, but I held her in position for what seemed like a long time. Then I started moving in and out all while trying to keep our heads from showing too much action. Sue was squeezing my cock with her pussy that it was difficult to keep from cumming. We kept this up for a while, but finally as Sue started cumming I let loose and I came hard and pushed my cock as deep in her pussy as it would go. Sue pulled herself off my cock, gave me one more kiss and turned toward the others. Looking at them was a great sight as they all had enjoyed fucking someone new. We looked toward April who commented, “We wanted to let loose on this cruise but didn’t imagine anything this wild. I want to do this again.” Hearing April say that I moved over to her and felt her naked body against mine for the first time. I pulled her close to me and started kissing her. She responded with passionate kisses as well, letting me know of her mutual interest. Our bodies were close, and the feel of her naked body was getting me aroused quickly even though I had cum recently. Everyone else had moved over to new partners as well. Julie was now with Bill, Cindy with Jeff, Sue with Dave, and Kathy was with Blake. This started the action all over again. April had progressed out of her reluctance and took to stroking my cock shortly after we started kissing. “Looks like you’re trying several new things today,” I said. “Wish we had done this before!" April exclaimed. "Feels great to me and I’m turned-on watching Bill pleasure other women. I get the feeling that the rest of you have done this before.” “We have, and we know that Julie and Dave have as well. The four of us swapped last night in their cabin on the ship,” I explained. Her actions got my cock hard in short order. As soon as I was hard, April climbed on me with her legs around me and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I tried to go slower as I did with Sue, but April was not going to have that and dropped down and slid my cock all the way into her. She really knew how to move back and forth and squeezing my cock with her pussy. For the 2nd time today, I was doing everything I could to keep from cumming to make this last. We looked over at the others and could see that everyone was looking around. You could not tell from the movements above the water that five couples were fucking under the water. Fortunately, I held off cumming until April started cumming. She grabbed me tight, and her body tensed as she came. As she did, I then let loose with my cum enjoying the two of us cumming together. April lifted herself off my cock but stayed right in front of me. We shared one more kiss and then she turned around to face the others. Everyone else had already cum and the ladies were in front of the men facing the middle as well. Turned out that April and I were the last to cum. Dave looked toward shore and saw a clock indicating it was just before 3 p.m. While we didn’t want this time to end, we need to be on the water taxi at 3:30 p.m. to get back to the ship in time. “I hate to sound like the spoiler, but we need to get going.” Jeff added, “Think you ladies go ahead and go first as I know at least one of us needs a little time before walking out of the water.” “I second that, Jeff,” added Bill. Watching the five ladies walking nude out of the water next to one another was a wonderful sight to see. Jeff started walking out of the water as well so I presume the other’s erections had subsided as mine had. The ladies dried off but did not get dressed yet. Julie told us, “We want to get pictures before we leave. Is that something any of you would rather not do?” The silence affirmed their agreement. I went to find someone on the beach and asked her to take pictures of us. We used our camera so save time and I let everyone know I will email the pictures to them. “All of you were pretty discreet out there, but do I presume that there was quite a bit of activity going on under the water?” asked the woman taking the pictures. “Yes, that is what was happening,” I replied. “I would have loved to have joined you if I had known. My husband dozen off, but I would awaken him to come join you,” she replied. “Wish you had. There’s always room for more. Hope we see you again on the ship,” I told her. She took numerous pictures of all of us. We got into all different combinations of couples to make it more interesting. “Thanks for taking the pictures for us. I see you are on the same ship as we are from the color of your towel. We’ll look for you on the ship. I’m Steve and my wife is Kathy,” he said, pointing to her. "This is Julie and Dave, also from our ship, and now we have met Cindy and Blake,”while pointing to each of them. “I’ll be looking for you,” she replied. The ten of us got dressed, walked through the restaurant and left for the water taxi. As we walked along, we were in non-spousal couples. It was only about a 15-minute walk along the beach past the resort to where the water taxi docked. As we walked by, I was thinking “if they only knew what the 10 of us just did.” We got to the water taxi dock only 5 minutes before its scheduled departure. We were the first ones there, but just before departure another couple showed up. We all boarded the boat and Sue who had been walking with Dave, went up to the captain and asked if it was ok if we got nude for the trip. At the same time, Dave went to the other couple and asked, “We have all been nude on the beach all day and would like to be nude for the water taxi ride. Would you two mind?” “Not at all. Think we will join you. Wish that we had known of where you could get nude on the beach, and we would have been there,” said the woman of this new couple. Dave looked to Sue and gave a nod that it was ok with the other couple that joined us. With that they dropped their clothes and seeing them do that the rest of us did the same. It was a great sight to see 12 naked people on the boat with only the captain and the deck hand the only ones clothed. The girls, including the newcomer all got together and got pictures taken with the captain. I also asked the captain for his phone and got a picture of the six girls nude with him. Left it with him whether he shared that picture or kept it to himself. Kathy and I went to the new couple and introduced ourselves. They in turn said, “Nice to join you today. We’re Carol and Jim,” the woman said. “We see that you’re also from the Gem as we can tell from your towels” The feel of the wind and the sun on our naked bodies felt wonderful. All of us kept it from becoming sexual which took a lot of self-control. Before not too long the captain said we were approaching the dock and we would need to put our clothes back on. “Since we are on different ships, let’s stop at the bar on the way to the ship and exchange contact information," Dave said. “Sure, we’ll see you sometime on the ship. We’re going to go get dinner reservations secured,” Carol let us know as they went down the dock to the Gem. The rest of us stopped at a little bar that was right on the dock and ordered their rum special drink of the day. As we exchanged phone numbers and email addresses we found out where everyone was from. With the variety of locations, we could travel about anywhere and meet up with one of the other couples. Julie turned to Cindy and said: “We have a large balcony which makes a great place to watch as we depart. Being it is private allows us to be nude out there. Come join us. It’s cabin 1425.” “Sounds great. We’ll be there in a half hour,” Cindy replied. It was time to get going, so the ten of us walked down to board our respective ships. With two couples on one ship and three on the other, we said our goodbyes with one final kiss for those who we would not see again on the cruise. We went to our cabin to drop our bags have a quick shower to rinse off the salt water and change our clothes. Though we knew that whatever we put on would soon be coming off as soon as we were in Julie and Dave’s cabin. We stopped by the bar and picked up enough beers for all of us and headed up to 1425. Knocking on the door to their cabin, we were this time greeted by a fully nude Dave. “Welcome, come on in.” I gave Dave a handshake while Kathy reached out and took his cock in her hand like a handshake. We entered and didn’t get more than a few feet in the cabin when Dave came up behind Kathy and started removing what few clothes she had on. I dropped my own clothes and went to join an equally nude Julie on the balcony. I came up behind Julie, put my arms around her and caressed her breasts. She responded with a contented sound and leaned back into my arms. We had been there only a few minutes when there was a knock on the door. Dave opened the door to find Cindy and Blake there. “We see the party is already started!” Cindy commented as they saw both Kathy and Dave nude in the cabin. “It is now that you two are here,” Kathy replied. Dave started to help Cindy out of her clothes, but she beat him to it and was naked in a matter of a few seconds. The four of them came out on the balcony and joined Julie and me. “This is quite the cabin that you have. So much room, a big balcony and even your own hot tub. Wow” “We received this upgrade as this is our 20th cruise on this line,” Dave responded. The six of us came over to the railing so that we could look over at the Oasis. There were quite a few people on their balconies of the ship looking over our way. About six of the balconies had nude people. Looking over at those out on the Oasis, Julie noted: “I think that is April and Bill with Sue and Jeff on that balcony two decks below the top and in the middle.” “I’m going to get a picture of them and send it,” I said. I zoomed in for the picture and sure enough it was them. After taking the picture I went and got the contact information in my shorts in the cabin. I texted the picture to them and in a matter of minutes had a reply. In the reply was a picture of the six of us nude on the balcony. The Oasis started pulling away from the dock, so we waved to them. We especially enjoyed seeing April and Bill with Sue and Jeff as the ship started to head out. We’re sure the four of them are going to have a fun evening and a great day on St. Martin with going to Orient Beach. Like last night, I brought the music and speaker along so we had soft jazz playing in the background. Cindy started moving to the music, so I reached out, took her in my arms and started dancing with her. The others saw what we were doing and soon Blake reached out for Julie and Dave took Kathy into his arms. At the end of the first song, Julie said, “Switch partners.” We moved away from who we were dancing with and went to another, but not our spouse. Dave came to Cindy, Blake went to Kathy, and I went to Julie. “We have been so busy with others today that this is the first time today being with you,” I said to Julie. “After yesterday and last night I was looking forward to you.” “Me too. Yesterday was great and I look forward to more,” Julie replied. The song ended and one more time to switch. This time brought us to our spouses. I felt good to have Kathy in my arms. “Are you having a good time?” I asked Kathy. “Most definitely,” she replied. “It’s been a great sensual day.” We danced the song with our spouses and then came the end of the song and we moved back to who we started with here on the balcony. In the midst of our activity, we didn’t realize that the ship had left the dock so now no one could see into the balcony from off the ship. By now each of us men were definitely showing some arousal (who wouldn’t with dancing with three naked women?) but no one was fully erect. I started dancing with Cindy again, but she had a different idea as she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started giving me head. The other ladies saw this and followed suit. Kathy was with Dave, and Julie was with Blake. Cindy had fantastic technique. I have only received good head a few times in my life, and this was one of them. I reached down and held her head as she took me in and out so fast that I thought I would come too soon. “Slow it down a little, please. I want to last as long as I can!” I pleaded. With that Cindy slowed a little but it felt so very good. Then it was the end of the song, they moved to another man. Now I had Julie dropping to her knees and taking my cock in her mouth. I remained fully erect after the expert cock-sucking I received from Cindy. Looking over at Dave he was now enjoying Cindy’s cock-sucking and Blake was making sounds like he was about to come from what Kathy was doing for him. That was as much as Blake could hold out as he pulled out of Kathy’s mouth and came on her chest. That triggered Dave and soon me as we both came from the attention that the ladies gave us. The song ended and now time to change again. This time would take us to our spouse. Instead of them giving us head we just got close to them and let all of them know how much we appreciated what they did for us. One more time the song ended so I went to Cindy and led her to one of the lounge chairs and invited her to lay down. She knew in an instant what was in store. Blake did the same with Julie and the other lounge. As there were only the two lounge chairs, Dave took Kathy by the hand and led her inside to the bed. Cindy spread her legs allowing me to move right in and start licking her bare pussy. I got down and started with slow licks on both of her pussy lips. There was still some cum in her pussy from the two fucks she had on the beach earlier. She started moving her pussy a little right away letting me know she was enjoying it. I added to what I was doing by caressing her pussy lips with my finger while I licked. Not sure if I could make her come before the end of the song, but I tried to see how close she would make it. The sounds Cindy was making it did sound like she was very close to orgasm. Then the song ended and time to move to the next lady. Before I moved on, I moved up to give Cindy a kiss. My now-resurrected cock was right at the entrance of her now very wet pussy. I put the head in a little but pulled out saying, “I’ll be back soon.” Now I moved on to Julie and was back at the pussy that I ate just last night. This time she was a lot wetter from the two fucks on the beach and the pussy eating she just received form Blake. Fortunately, he left her right on the verge of cumming so with a little licking of her clit with my tongue and caressing her pussy lips with my finger Julie was cumming even stronger than I remember from last night. She kept cumming right up to the end of the song. We could hear Cindy on the lounge next to us cumming and could hear Kathy with her cum from inside. Wonderful hearing each of them enjoy so much. We went to our spouses who even though they had all just cum they were ready for some more. It was more comfortable in the bed with Kathy as I dove in and started eating that familiar pussy. She re-started her cum and kept up almost to the end of the song. With the next change, this was what we had been leading up to the whole time. All of the guys had erections that were pointing straight up as we moved over to the lady we would be with next. There was no need for any foreplay as that is what we had been doing since we got here. Cindy had her legs wide open as I came up to her, I moved up her body and in one motion slid my cock all the way into her pussy. I just held all the way in her for a few seconds as we both enjoyed the feeling. Then it was no longer time to go slow, I started moving in and out of her pussy, picking up the pace as I went. Cindy was meeting me stroke for stroke and picking up the pace even more. She hollered: “Fuck me hard, keep that cock pounding in my cunt!” I love it when a woman talks like that while we’re fucking. It fuels me and makes me go even faster and harder. I held out as long as I could but when Cindy started cumming I gave one more hard push and had another powerful cum deep in her pussy. Looking over at Julie and Blake and they were right behind us in cumming. Hearing the sounds from inside it sounded like Kathy and Dave had a most enjoyed cum as well. With all of us guys having just come, we needed a little time to “reload.” Dave suggested that we take a break and have something to drink. “Sounds like a good idea,” Blake added. We didn’t say much but did a lot of looking at one another with lots of smiles. I went over to Julie who was leaning against the railing and just got close to her. “I’m looking forward to what’s next," I said. "After last night with you and Dave, we both wanted to be with you both again. Hearing what came from Kathy and Dave it sounds like they enjoyed one another just like last time.” “I’m looking forward to you as well," Julie said. "We too talked about last night and were glad when we found you and Kathy at breakfast this morning.” Just thinking about fucking Julie again was starting to get me erect. I cannot believe how many times I have gotten hard today. Seeing that I was starting to stir, Julie reached down and started stroking my cock nice and slow. That did the trick and soon I was very hard in anticipation of fucking Julie. “Let’s go take a place on the bed. It will be more comfortable.” With that Julie reached for my hand and led me inside. We got on the bed laying next to one another. There was no need to stroke my cock as I remained ready. Not that I had any doubt, but I reached down to her shaved pussy and found her so very wet. I moved over and got in-between her legs and crawled up to where I could kiss her with my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Just like last night, I put just the head of my cock in her and held it there for a moment. After savoring that, I was slowing sliding into her. She started bucking her hips quickly and met her pace pounding her pussy. We were so caught up in our fucking that we didn’t notice that the others had joined us. The others didn’t need to go to any foreplay either. Dave and Cindy were next to us with Kathy and Blake next to them. The guys got between the open invitation they were receiving and slid their cocks in them to the hilt on the first stroke. The ladies were laying close enough that they were touching. Soon they were caressing each other’s breasts while we were fucking them. As good as three guys could do from the sounds of the others, we were all trying to cum at the same time. We were all on the verge when we heard first Kathy followed by Julie and Cindy start cumming. That was all it took, and we were cumming in them as hard as we could. After cumming, all of us guys rolled over next to the woman they were with. While the bed was big it still was a little cozy with six people. We did manage to lay in so that it was boy-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl. Thinking of all the sexual activity that we had for the day brought a great feeling. After we had laid on the bed for a while, recovering from all the sexual pleasure we had just shared, Cindy spoke up: “As much as I could stay like this, I’m ready to get some dinner.” “I second that,” Dave replied. We got up from the tangle of nude bodies on the bed. Cindy and Blake and Kathy and I reluctantly got dressed while Julie and Dave remained nude to say goodbye. “Let’s say we’ll meet at the main dining room at 7 p.m.?” Julie asked. We all agreed and the two of us couples left the room to head back to our cabins. Once in our cabin, our clothes once again came off and I had Kathy in my arms kissing passionately. “That was so hot today watching you with four different men." I said. "I enjoyed what I was doing too but it made it especially great to watch you.” “It was a lot of fun for me too,” Kathy smiled. Kathy went in the shower first while I went out on the balcony and enjoyed the view even though no land was in sight. I got my turn in the shower and when I came out Kathy remained nude and was now out on the balcony herself. “As much as I enjoy the sight of you naked out here, we need to get down to meet our friends for dinner,” I said. Kathy put on a pair of shorts and an aloha print blouse. She skipped the bra which she often does. I put on a pair of shorts and an aloha shirt and then we headed out the door. At the dining room, Cindy and Blake were there waiting. A minute later along came Julie and Dave. “We would like a table for the six of us, please,” Blake asked. “You can be seated at an 8-top right now," the host explained. "If we have two people looking for a table, is it alright to have them join you?” “Sure, that will be fine,” Blake replied. We had been at the table just a few minutes when the host brought a couple to our table. Dave got up and motioned that they were most welcome to join us. As they sat down, the man introduced them: “Hi, I’m Larry, and this is my wife, Tina.” Dave introduced all of us. “We take it that the six of you know one another?” Larry asked. “We met Kathy and Steve yesterday on the way to Orient Beach and then met Cindy and Blake on St. Kitts today,” Dave replied. “Orient Beach, huh? We heard about that. Thought about going there, but we have not been to a place like there and not sure what it would be like,” Tina said. “Just like any other beach, other than most of the people were nude,” Julie replied. “It does sound intriguing," Tina admitted. "Are there any other nude beaches on the other islands we are going to?” “Not that we have heard of. But then again, we didn’t know that we would find a nude beach on St. Kitts,” I added. Throughout dinner the eight of us had a great time talking and laughing. We talked about just about anything and everyone had plenty to share with the rest of us. Tina and Larry asked about nude beaches and what we have experienced. The more we filled them in, the more interested they became. We didn’t talk about the sexual activity at the beach or on the balcony as that would have been too much for them right away. If that comes about that is great, but for now, we want ease into something new. We had finished dinner but remained at the table continuing our conversation. The host came by and let us know, “We need your table for others coming in for the late dinner seating.” “Let’s adjourn to the observation lounge. Cannot see much since it’s dark and we’re away from land. They do have some nice music there,” Dave suggested. The rest of us agreed and soon the now eight of us were heading to the observation lounge. At the lounge we found a crescent-shaped booth with small tables. That gave room so that no matter where you were sitting it would be easy to get up. After getting drinks and continuing our conversation, Blake came over and asked Kathy to dance. Following them, I went to Julie and invited her to join me on the dance floor. That left Dave and Cindy. They didn’t want Tina and Larry to be left there, so the two of them moved down in the seating so that all four were close together. We kept up the conversation and dancing with our spouses and others for more than an hour. Even Larry got up and asked Kathy to dance and Dave invited Tina. We’re curious where this may lead. It was getting late and all of us were ready to turn-in for the night especially since we had plenty of activity earlier. It took a while to leave as each of us gave hugs to the others, including Tina and Larry and also between the girls. When we got back to our cabin the daily activity schedule was on the bed along with the towel animal that they do each night. On another note left on the bed informed us, unfortunately the ship would not be making a port call tomorrow at Antigua. We’re sure we’ll find a way to occupy our day on the ship tomorrow.
  6. We arrived in San Juan to take our 3rd Caribbean cruise. After an overnight flight to Newark, we flew another 4 hours to San Juan. Once we arrived, we headed directly to the ship as we were most anxious to board the ship. After taking a short snooze, it was time to look around the ship for a while before the mandatory lifeboat drill. Once the drill was over, we headed to the top deck for the departure from San Juan. It was a nice moderate day, so it was most enjoyable to be in the sun on the top deck for the departure. There was a band playing, adding to the festivities of the departure. We went to the bar and ordered a couple of beers and then went over to find a place along the railing as the ship was starting to pull away from the dock. That first evening we went to the buffet on the upper deck for dinner. After dinner, we got a glass of wine and then walked around the ship checking out the different entertainment bars. We found one with some good soft jazz that we stayed for a while but then headed to bed as the lack of sleep on the flight the night before was catching up to us. The next morning the port-of-call was St. Martin/San Maarten. We had been there on both of our prior Caribbean cruises. Both of those times we had rented a 4-wheel drive vehicle and toured the island before ending up at Orient Beach, the well-known clothing-optional beach. This time we decided that we were just going to go to Orient Beach for the day. We went and got a couple of beach towels from up on the pool deck and then went down to the departure deck to go ashore. Passing the gate that served as customs, we found a line for taxis that, while a little longer, seemed to be moving well. After standing in line for a few minutes, a couple about our age got in line behind us. The lady asked us, "The towels give it away that you are going to the beach. Which beach are you heading to?" "We're heading to Orient Beach. Been there on both of our prior Caribbean cruises. The previous times here we rented a vehicle to tour the island as well as going to the beach. This time we just want to spend as much time at the beach as possible." "That's where we're heading as well. We too have been here before and enjoyed the day at the beach. Would you like to share a taxi with us?" I looked at my wife Kathy to see if she was okay with that, and she silently nodded to let me know that was fine with her. I replied to them, "Sure, that would be great. Just so we're not riding with strangers, I'm Steve, and my wife is Kathy." The other lady replied, "Nice to meet you. I'm Julie, and my husband is Dave. We're from the Seattle area." "We're from the general area as we live in the Portland area. Did you two fly in just in time for the cruise as we did? We took an overnight flight from Portland to Newark and then another four hours to San Juan." "We came in yesterday so that we adjusted to the time zone a little bit before the cruise left." Julie and Dave looked to be about our age and in pretty good shape as well. That made us glad that we had been exercising regularly ourselves. I must admit that I looked a little closer at Julie, and not only did she have smaller breasts but that she had an all-natural look as well. It came up that we were at the front of the line for the next taxi. One pulled up, and as we walked to the doors, Dave said that he would take the front seat. I withheld comment as I sure didn't mind being in the back seat with the two ladies. The drive to the beach didn't take too long. As we got out, I said that I would pay for the taxi in this direction. Dave added that he would pay for the return. The driver asked "if he could arrange to pick us up." We said, That would be great." We walked down to the beach, and it was already unspoken that we were hanging out together and went to look for four chaise lounges together. Turns out that there were four together near one of the restaurants. An attendant came up to us and let us know the cost was $10 each, including umbrellas and the restroom use at the restaurant. If we ate lunch at the restaurant, we would receive a $5 credit for each of us. We agreed and paid the attendant. The beach was quite full, and we recognized many of the same towels that we had, indicating they too had come from the cruise ship. While the beach is designated "Clothing Optional," probably ¾ of the people were fully nude. As we started to set our things down, I looked over at Julie and saw as she reached down and pulled the sundress she was wearing over her head and off. As she did, she was gloriously nude underneath. I looked toward her and, as I started pulling my shorts off, said, "Looks like you sure planned on not taking much time to fit in at the beach." "I didn't plan on needing to wear anything more," she replied. While everyone will say that the nude beach is not anything sexual, there sure is quite a bit of looking going on. I will admit that I was looking at Julie and admiring her 34b breasts and her fully shaved pussy. Very similar to what Dave will be seen as soon as Kathy pulls her clothes off. I did like seeing that Julie was looking lower than my eyes as she was talking to me. When Dave dropped his shorts, Karen was getting a good look at him as well. He looked somewhat well endowed. I was thinking that both ladies and both men were all very similar physically. As we laid there, the conversation was flowing very easily. We found out that they too have been married almost as long as we have been. He owns a contracting business installing and maintaining home alarm systems, and Julie is the manager for a food distribution company. We let them know that Kathy is a teacher and that I am a hotel manager. We asked them how long they have been going to nude beaches and the like? They said that it has been almost as long as they have been married. They heard about a nudist resort near Seattle, and after debating it a long time, they gave it a try. After then, they became members at the resort and went on as many weekends as they could. "We have since been to nude beaches in Florida, Jamaica, and Hawaii. We will go somewhat out of our way to go to a nude beach." Now that their kids have left home, they occasionally have friends that they met at the nudist resort over for nude parties at their home with the pool or hot tub as the focus. They have also been to Hedonism II in Jamaica, where they enjoyed being nude at all times except when in the restaurant. "Our experiences have some similarities," we explained. "Our first time was Little Makena nude beach in Maui. We lived in Maui at the time, and while in a bookstore on the mainland, Steve found a book about nude beaches. In looking through it, we found that we had a nude beach on Maui and gave it a try. After the first time there, we were going almost once a week. After moving to the mainland, we used to go to San Onofre nude beach in Orange County and then to a few different nudist resorts. We have also been to Hedo II and Grand Lido Braco." It was beginning to get warm even under the umbrella, so I told Kathy that I was going to go get in the sea to cool off. She said that she was going to join me. Dave said that they will wait until we come back so that someone is watching our belongings. We told them that we have a locking bag that we can lock to the chaise lounge chair to keep anything safe. Someone would need to take the lounge chair too if they were to take our things. We secured our belongings as well as Dave and Julie's and the two of us couples headed down to the water nude and hand-in-hand. The water felt so good after getting warm on the beach. We went in until the water was covering most of our bodies, but not too far as to cover the ladies' breasts. That is always a nice erotic sight to see breasts "floating" on the water. The four of us had been in the water for quite some time, and I was ready to get out. "Think I'm ready to get out. Feels like I am shriveling up." Julie replied, "Don't want that to happen." Soon the four of us were back on the chairs. I pointed out two couples not too far away from us. From seeing them talking with each other, it also appeared that they knew each other previously. When they got to their chairs, the men took off all their clothes right away while one of the ladies remained in a somewhat modest bikini and the other in a one-piece suit. A few times, the men had towels in their laps, and we couldn't help but think that they had gotten erections. The ladies then got up, and the one took off her top, and the other dropped her top. As soon as they did, the ladies ran into the water. When they came back to their chairs, the tops came back on. Finally, later, the two men got up, and the ladies stood with them. The ladies then not only took off their tops again but this time the bottoms as well. The four of them walked nude into the sea. When they came back to the chairs, they all remained fully nude. We could only imagine these are two couples who knew one another before coming on the cruise, and the ladies were reluctant for the other man to see them nude. More than half of the people on the beach had towels that came from one of the two cruise ships in port. How many of those people had been to nude beaches before, and how many were first-timers? There were a few couples in our vicinity with towels from our ship. Julie said to one of the couples with towels from our ship, "Know where you came from with that towel." The woman of the couple responded, "Kind of gives us away, doesn't it?" Before laying back on the lounge, we took a long walk down the beach as far as we could go nude. It has always been a turn-on for us to walk nude on the beach just like you would walk anywhere else with clothes on. When we got back, Julie and Dave went for a walk themselves. We both liked looking at them walking back, picturing us walking nude on the beach. A little into the afternoon, we were all feeling a little hungry. We went up to the restaurant that we got the chaise lounges we rented to use our $5 per person credit that they gave us. We took the bag with our belongings and towels to sit on. It was great that the four of us were sitting at the table, all nude. Orders were to be placed at the counter, so before ordering food, Dave and I went up and ordered beers for us. We brought the beers back to Julie and Kathy and sat back down as we looked over the limited but good-looking menu. Everyone chooses seafood items that were locally caught to enjoy something we don't necessarily get at home. The conversation continued at lunch with lots of laughter and more getting to know one another. After lunch, we went back to the lounges, and at one point, each of us took a post-lunch siesta. Waking up, it was quite warm, and all four of us went back into the sea to cool off. This time we were standing closer together. While in the Caribbean, the waves are not too big, but a larger one came in and knocked Julie over onto me, knocking both of us down. In the tumbling around underwater, my hand ended up on her breast. "Suppose you did that on purpose," Julie laughed. "I would have I could have," I replied. At that point, both Dave and Kathy figured out what had happened, and soon all four of us were laughing about it. I moved closer to Kathy and put my arm around her to make sure she was okay with what happened. She snuggled into me, so I figured that all was fine. Seeing the two of us closer like that, Dave and Julie did the same, and we watched as they turned and kissed one another. Kathy commented, "This has been quite an enjoyable day at the beach and especially with making new friends!" Dave replied, "We couldn't agree more!" Then while we were connected with our arms around our spouses, the four of us moved closer together. When we did, I put my other arm around Julie and saw that Dave was doing the same with Kathy. We all came together in a group hug (something similar happened many years ago, but that is another story). Then in an unspoken way, Kathy and I kissed while we could see that Dave and Julie were kissing as well. Then we each turned our heads, and Dave kissed Kathy, and I kissed Julie. It seemed quite natural to do. We probably held those kisses for a while longer than we should on a public beach. We looked at the time and realized that we needed to get going to meet our taxi ride back to the ship. I felt that my cock had become a little fuller but not enough that I should not go walking back on the nude beach. I took a glimpse at Dave and saw that he was in the same condition as we walked out of the water. Walking back to the lounge chairs, we gathered up our belongings and started walking down the beach without getting dressed just yet. The first stop was the beach shower to rinse the saltwater off. Each couple took their turns together sharing the shower. I enjoyed watching Julie under the shower with the water running down her naked body. While we would have liked to stay, it was time to get dressed and go catch the taxi. Our taxi was waiting, and I said I would get in front since Dave took that spot on the way down there. He stopped me and said that since he gets a little car sick, it would bet better if he rode up front again. Who am I to disagree with being able to sit in the back between the two ladies? The ride back was just as quick, but I moved as close to Julie as I could in the back seat. We departed the taxi at the dock and browsed the vendors that were set up there. One was selling rum, including one called "Big Black Dick." We have a bottle of that from a previous trip. As we were boarding the ship, we commented on what a nice day we had at the beach making new friends. Julie said, "We were upgraded to a large suite as this is our 20th time sailing on this cruise line. Why don't you come by, and we'll have our departure party as we depart the port?" "That would be great. Much better than with the crowds on the top deck. We'll go pick up some beers and come by your suite," I replied. "Wonderful. It's cabin 1425. See you soon," replied Dave. We went to our cabin to drop our things and change into shorts and aloha shirts. A quick stop by the bar to pick up some beers and then off to Dave and Julie's cabin as the ship would be departing soon. Their door had a doorbell as this was a suite. The door opened, and there stood a completely naked Julie. As we came in, she let us know, "We forgot to say about the No Clothes policy in our room." With a chuckle, Kathy said, "We are more than glad to comply with that." We took off the few clothes we had on and walked out to the balcony, where we found an equally naked Dave standing there. Kathy handed him a beer while I handed one to Julie. We toasted, "To making new friends, or should I say to make nude friends?" Stepping out on the balcony, their suite was on the same side of the ship as ours and was facing another ship that was in port that day. As we stood at the railing, anyone on the other ship looking our way would see the four of us and that we were nude. It didn't bother us as we would not know anyone on that ship. Looking at balconies on that ship, we could see about 10 balconies with nude people on them. On a couple of them were four people, and one must have about eight people. We waived, and others on the ship waving as well. We would like to think they were waving at us. Our ship left first, and as it was starting to move, we saw two more couples on one balcony get nude on their balcony. We would like to think they got the idea from us. Sure, we probably ended up in some people's vacation pictures. Their balcony was huge. It had room for 2 chaise lounges, a table with four chairs, and even a hot tub! Hope we get something like this when we take our 20th cruise. After the ship left port, there was not too much more to see as the island became more distant. We had brought our Bluetooth speaker to connect to our phone and play satellite radio that I was getting through the ship's Wi-Fi. We set the station to a soft jazz station that we like to listen to often. Julie commented, "Thanks for bringing that. That music helps set a very nice mood." We were all standing at railing with our arms around our respective spouses. I turned to Kathy and kissed her, and soon we were moving to the music. Soon Julie and Dave were doing the same. Though the balcony was quite spacious, we kept bumping into one another. That was not completely accidental. It wasn't long before they were dancing next to us with Dave next to Kathy and Julie next to me. They both reached out their arms to reach around each of us and pull us closer to them. As they did, both turned to us and kissed us. I let go of Kathy as Dave let go of Julie. We then turned to our new partners and started dancing. Dave chucked, "It seemed so quite natural." "Agreed," I replied. As I was holding Julie slow dancing while both of us were naked, I noted how many similarities between her and Kathy. Both about the same height, same in-share body, and small breasts, though Julie's were slightly larger. While it started innocent dancing (though it is not too innocent with dancing naked with someone other than spouse), it started becoming trying to touch as many body parts to one another as possible. I started to let my hands wander farther to see how much Julie was comfortable with. First, I reached down and had my hands on her butt, and she started mirroring and doing the same to me. Guess that was my answer to what she would be comfortable with. I used all the self-control I could find, but as usual, my cock had a mind of its own and kept getting a little harder as we danced. After a little bit of grabbing each other's butt, I just had to get my hands on her breasts though I was also enjoying feeling them on my chest. Once again, she kept up the mirroring and ran her hands on my chest as it was both of us making sure the other was comfortable with what we were doing. By this point, we were not doing too much dancing, and it would be considered more groping of each other to the music. I looked over at Kathy and Dave and could see his cock was starting to rise as they were feeling each other up as well. Though it didn't look like he needed any help, Kathy reached down and started to caress his cock. As his cock got bigger, it appeared that he was also 10" long and somewhat thick. Watching that, along with Julie's hands on me, my cock was now at full attention. That made it difficult to dance, but we had other things in mind by then anyway. When Julie reached for my cock, I reached for her pussy and found her to be as wet as any woman I have ever been with. Julie said softly in my ear, "Let's move over to the lounge. It will be more comfortable there." Along with everything else in the suite, even the lounge chairs were large. These were wide enough for two people to lay side-by-side. We laid down, and our hands returned to caressing each other all over. Julie's skin felt oh so nice and soft to touch. We looked over and saw the Dave and Kathy had done the same. Dave lifted his head, looked our way, and asked, "We want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with this." Julie and I answered almost simultaneously with, "Oh yes." Kathy responded with, "Does this answer your question?" With that, she pulled him down to her and started kissing him again. After a little more of our hands roaming all over and kissing almost constantly, I lifted a little and moved down the lounge chair. As I did, I motioned for Julie to roll over on her back. With that, she knew what was coming next and opened her legs for easy access. I got between her legs and licked my way down her body, starting at her breasts. When I was that far up, the head of my cock would brush against her pussy lips. When Julie would feel my cock at the entrance to her pussy, she would move her hips in such a way that could pull my cock into her. While I was pretty sure we would end up there, I had something else in mind at the moment. After licking her breasts, sucking her nice hard nipples, and down her body, I came to her pussy lips with my tongue. It was so nice that she was completely shaved, making eating her much better. I started with licking the edges of her pussy on both sides a little and then dove in on her clit. As I did, I caressed her pussy with my finger stimulating her even more. When I did, she started moaning and moving her pussy to meet each lick. I was concentrating on watching Julie, and her reactions, as I ate her, but I was also looking over at Kathy and Dave. By now, he was also going down on her eating her pussy which is something that she likes. It was wild watching both Julie and Kathy as they were both starting to reach their orgasms. Julie had a very intense cum and was quivering from it as she came back down a little. She reached down and put her hands on both sides of my head, and started to pull me up. I gave her pussy a few more licks and then started to move back up on the lounge chair. Staying between her legs, I kept moving up until I was up to where we were kissing again. Julie was reaching down for my cock, which at this point had been as hard as I could ever remember. As Julie grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy she said, "I want you to fuck me. I have been turned on all day, and now I need your big cock in me." Taking a quick look at Kathy and Dave, Kathy was cumming down from her orgasm. Knowing her, she would soon be wanting Dave to fuck her. With the head of my cock at Julie's pussy lips, I could have easily slid deep into her with one stroke as she was so wet by now. Instead, I teased a little and first put just the head of my cock in her and held it there. Then with as much as I could resist sliding deep into her, I gave her inch by inch of my cock ever so slowly until I was buried deep inside her. As I started moving in and out of her hot pussy, Julie started bucking her hips wildly and met each of my strokes, burying my cock deep into her each time. Looking briefly over at Kathy and Dave let us know that he had his cock buried deep inside Kathy. She kept saying, "Fuck me hard, Dave, just fuck me." I was enjoying fucking Julie so much; it took all that I could to keep from cumming. I could tell that she came again many times as we were fucking. Finally, I asked her, "Are you ready to cum with me?" "Oh yeah, I'm cumming now," she replied. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, oh yeah," I moaned as I came and came deep in Julie's pussy. Looking over at our spouses, they were about at the same place, but Dave kept pounding his cock into Kathy. Finally, we heard their sounds of pleasure as both of them came together. I pulled my cock out of Julie and laid on the lounge next to her. We snuggled each other for a few minutes, and after Dave and Kathy both came back down, we got up and went over to them. The two of them got up off the lounge and came to Julie and me with each of us hugging our spouses. "Wonder if we had anyone listening in?" I asked. "The cabins on both sides are not occupied. We don't know about above or below." Dave replied. At this point, we were all feeling quite hungry from the activity. "Thank you both for a wonderful time together today. This has been wonderful," Kathy said as she first hugged Dave and then Julie. "I agree," I said as I hugged Julie and gave a strong handshake to Dave. "We both enjoyed our day and getting to know both of you as well," Julie replied. "Hopefully, we'll see you later this evening," Dave said as we headed toward the door. "Sure, we'll see you later," Kathy said. "We're going up to the buffet restaurant. Maybe see you there." Kathy and I went back to our cabin and immediately dropped our clothes. We went into each other's arms, kissed, and had our hands all over one another. It didn't take too much on Kathy's part, but soon my cock was as hard as it had been earlier. Kathy fell back on the bed, and I came right up between her legs, aimed my cock at the entrance to her pussy, and slid in her in one stroke. We both were so turned on by both the great sex we just had with Julie and Dave but also in watching each other. I find it a great turn-on to fuck Kathy when her pussy is full of someone else's cum. While this was not our first time with others, it was the best we both have had. After the quick fuck back in our room, we got into the shower to get cleaned up and then to head to dinner. Though I would have liked to have the smell of sex linger to remind me of today's activity, it was probably best to clean up before going out. We looked for Julie and Dave in the buffet restaurant when we went in but did not see them. Since we were hungry, we went ahead and ate on our own. After dinner, as we were heading out, we saw Julie and Dave just coming in. They said it took a while as they had an encore in their room before getting cleaned up and coming to dinner. One of the lounges had some good dance music, so we let Julie and Dave know that we were heading there if they cared to join us. At the lounge, we were fortunate enough to find a table for four in case Julie and Dave joined us. Sure, enough not long after we got there, they came and joined us. It was interesting to see the reactions of a few others as I kissed Julie and Kathy kissed Dave in more than a friendly kiss when they arrived and sat at the table. Throughout the rest of the evening, we took turns in who we danced with. Nothing as erotic as took place earlier, but quite enjoyable all the same. The four of us stayed in the lounge for a few hours but then decided to call it a night and head back to our cabins. We left the lounge together and went to take the elevator to our respective decks. Our deck came first, so we turned and gave them a goodnight kiss saying, "See you tomorrow." We went to bed that night thoroughly satisfied and looking forward to tomorrow. Read what happens next at Caribbean Cruise - Day 2
  7. Life had gotten crazy. We needed a vacation. Katy and I are swingers and love the swinging lifestyle, but booking a room at our favorite swinger resort was out of the question on short notice. We did some checking online and were able to get a luxury suite on a popular Caribbean cruise line. Better yet, the ship set sail the coming weekend. We had booked the suite hoping we could do some wild things, and we did! We had a butler by the name of Aarav, who was Indian. He was about 5'9" and relatively slim but quite nice looking. Aarav was very shy and reserved the first day or two of our cruise. Still, as we made opportunities for Katy to be "accidentally" caught on several occasions, he finally loosened up, to say the least. We found out that he had been on board for nine months, and it would be another three months before he received two months of leave to live a normal life again for a brief time. You can imagine how horny a 30-year-old male who hasn't had sex in almost a year can be when he sees a woman like Katy. Every day when he came in to deliver snacks, refill the wet bar, turn down the bed, etc., he would find Katy lying on the veranda totally nude. And why not? On sea days, who would see her when there were no other ships around, and the veranda was totally private? After seeing Katy nude several times, Aarav asked me if we were nudists? I said yes, but also swingers. He had no idea what a swinger was, but he was extremely anxious to try swinging when I explained it to him. Unfortunately, he is on duty from 5 a.m. until 5 p.m., seven days a week. When he is through with his shift, he usually goes to his cabin on the lowest deck and just collapses from exhaustion. On the third day of the cruise, Aarav came to our cabin at about 5 p.m. to deliver snacks. Katy was sitting in her robe on the couch, which seemed to surprise him as she was nude so often. He asked if there was something wrong? Katy just said no; she had just had a bath in the jacuzzi and was relaxing for a while in her robe until time to dress for the formal dinner that night. Since I had explained about swinging, he began to ask Katy some questions, and she carefully answered all of his questions with a bit of show and tell. Within a few minutes, she was completely nude, and her 36 C tits were more than Aarav could take. He began to fondle and rub the nipples while Katy was unzipping his trousers. He still had on his tuxedo (which is the standard dress code for butlers). Katy was having fun taking his dick out and rubbing it up and down on her breasts which were quite aroused by this time with the nipples standing firm and hard. I knew that Aarav was ready to fuck. But he still didn't understand the husband wanting to watch. So I excused myself and pretended to leave the cabin through the dining room, but instead slipped back into the sitting room and hid behind the wet bar and watched the action. Aarav wasn't that well-endowed, maybe 6" long and relatively thin with an upturned dick that looked beet red on the end. Katy began to suck on his dick until he was about to shoot his load when she decided she had to have that thing in her pussy. Aarav laid down on the couch. Katy rose up over him and slowly slid his dick into her hot and wet pussy until I couldn't see much more, so I went into the bedroom behind them to get a better look. Aarav was moaning and thrusting upward. Katy was giggling and rubbing back and forth on his tool as she slid up and down at the same time. I knew she was using her kegel muscles to milk him as that is what she does best. Suddenly, Aarav cried out and started to cum loads of white stuff. He obviously hadn't had an orgasm with a woman in months as he was just worn out. Katy was just warming up, and Aarav was wiped out, so I walked into the room naked. I thought Aarav would have a heart attack until I told him to settle down and that it was okay. Then he sat up and watched as I ate Katy out with my mouth and tongue until she had a great orgasm, and I had a taste of Aarav's cum, which was a new thing for me. I decided it wouldn't be the last. The experience of tasty salty cum mixed in with my wife's just fucked musky juices was something I could get used to. My cock swelled even larger than usual at the new sensation. Katy and I began to fuck doggie fashion, and Aarav, getting his second wind, stood at the end of the couch and got his dick sucked at the same time. We both came in Katy within a few seconds of each other and then opened a bottle of Champagne. We completely forgot about the Captain's cocktail party and the formal night dinner. Something like this went on almost every night the rest of the cruise. Our last night was one of Katy's favorite swinging experiences ever, so I'll let her continue the story... I think Jack wrote you earlier about our little fun with the butler in our suite, but I thought I would tell you about our last night at sea. Aarav, our Indian butler, had the night off and decided he wanted to spend it with us again. There was no complaint on my part as while his dick wasn't as thick as I have been used to, he knew how to use it, which is always the most important thing. He also had been at sea for nine months and was as horny as a three-puckered goat! After dinner, he came to our room with a chilled bottle of Champagne and without his usual tuxedo. We invited him in and promptly climbed up on the bed, which had already been turned down. My pussy was already wet and ready as Jack had been licking me for about 10 minutes while we waited for Aarav. There were no clothes for me to take off as I was already naked and ready, but Jack and Aarav still had their clothes on, and we're popping the champagne cork. Our first flute of Champagne had just been consumed when I had the idea to pour a little on Aarav's dick and lick it off for him. That seemed to be a good idea, but he was so aroused that he almost came on the spot. "Hold on there for a minute, big fellow. I want some of that meat in my bald pussy," I said. No argument was given nor received. With that, he began to spread my labia with his left hand and fingers while positioning his dick at the hot opening with his right hand. I was so wet and ready that he slid that pole into my waiting pussy, and in a flash, we were fucking like teenagers. It only took about five minutes until Aarav shot his load and Jack took over. Jack licked up the cum running down my legs and began to spread my pussy lips with his own tool. There wasn't much spreading to do as I was already open and ready for business. Since Jack and I are so familiar with each other's bodies, we kept up a steady speed until I had my second orgasm and was ready for a third. Jack pulled out and saved his orgasm for a few minutes as Aarav took over again. This time Aarav had me on my hands and knees while he took me from behind and seemed to penetrate even deeper than before. He had already cum once, so this time he had some staying power, and Jack moved around to the other side of the bed and offered me his dick to suck. I'm never shy about servicing two studs at once! I got my rhythm going good, and in about 10 minutes or so, I had both of them shooting simultaneously and filling my mouth and my pussy simultaneously. Now that the guys had to rest awhile, I got up and took a bath in some lovely odalisque bath bubbles so that I would smell even sweeter. Then here comes Aarav again into the bath and proceeds to climb into the tub with me. Now that was a stretch, to say the least, and we had to give up trying to fuck in such a confined space. When we went back into the bedroom, Jack was slowly masturbating himself to another hard-on, and we had a passionate threesome going for the next hour or so. The following day I was sore but satisfied. Aarav has given me his home address in Mumbai, and we plan to take a vacation there and visit him sometime next year. He also mentioned having two brothers!
  8. What Resort or Cruise would everyone recommend to expose my husband to live bisexual couples (male & female)? Live meaning the sex is often open to viewing. I know this may be a bit of a stretch but I figured it can't hurt to ask.
  9. My husband Mike and I decided to take a Caribbean cruise for our 15th anniversary. We had been on two other cruises which he liked but I was not a big fan of. However this cruise proved to be a lot better and certainly recharged our sex life. The second day of the cruise we met a couple from Texas, Jeff and Linda. We seemed to have a lot in common, kids, dog etc. The third day we went to the cruise lines private island where we spent the day drinking and playing at the beach. Nothing too eventful except the conversation turned to sex and we exchanged funny stories about our personal sex life. Something we would never have done had we not had so many pinacoladas. Seeing Jeff in his swimsuit got me a little turned on and I could tell that Mike liked what he saw with Linda in a very low cut suit. She had a great body with much bigger boobs than me. That night back in our room we fucked like it was our first time. I know I was thinking about Jeff and I imagine Mike was thinking about Linda. We have always had for the most part a basic sex like except when the booze kicks in. The stop on day 4 was at St.Marteen where we had been on a previous cruise. The beaches there allow nude sunbathing but in our previous trip we never even considered joining in. We joked with Jeff & Linda about going nude but I never dreamed it would happen. When we got there we started giggling like little kids at all the naked people. Linda and I started rating the cocks as guys walked by. Mike & Jeff could not keep their eyes off all the nude women. As the day went along and after way too much booze Jeff suggested that the girls take their tops off. Figuring that I would never see these people again I said 'what the hell, when in Rome!' but the guys had to take their suits off. They said OK. I took my top off but tried to hide my tits with my hands finaly thinking go for it letting my hands drop. Mike & Jeff were out of their suits in no time. Linda had a one piece which she pulled down to her waist for a few minutes and then all the way off. I followed with my bikini bottoms. We all set there trying not stare but did anyway. Linda had a well trimmed pussy that Mike took notice of. Jeff was checking me out while Linda was eyeing Mike's semi-stiff cock. I keep my pussy almost bare during the summer and Jeff told Linda that she should do that. Jeff's cock was an inch bigger than Mike's but not as thick. I kept wondering what it would feel like in my pussy. After an hour or so we noticed that our butts, boobs & the guys cocks were getting very red from the sun and laughed about rubbing lotion on our privates. Of course the guys offered to take care of that. I layed on my stomach with my eyes closed as Mike rubbed oil on my back working his way down to my ass. Jeff was doing the same to Linda. His hand slowly started rubbing near my asshole and I lifted my hips to give his access to my wet pussy. There were not many people around so it did not bother me at all. His finger brushed up against my pussy lips and he slid a finger inside. I was in paradise thinking that it does not get any better that this. He told me to turn over which I did only to find that it had been Jeff's hands, not Mike's. I looked over at Mike, he had his hands on Linda's ass. I was so turned on that all I could do was sigh and tell him to keep going. He rubbed lotion on my boobs as I reached over to stroke his cock which was now at attention. I cupped his big balls as he started to rub my pussy. I heard similar sounds from Mike and Linda. I could not believe we were doing this. About 30 minutes later we decided to get back to the ship. We did not have to say it but we all knew what was going to happen when we got back. Mike & I had a bigger room with a large jacuzzi so we decided to go there. As soon as we walked in the room we undressed. Jeff walked over and kissed me as he held my tits. Linda had Mike's cock in her mouth before he had his suit off. I laid back on the bed as Jeff placed his hard cock against my wet pussy. I could not wait any longer for him to fuck me. His first stroke was everything I hoped for. I came within 30 seconds and he came inside my cunt after a few minutes. Mike and Linda were eating each other locked in a 69 position. I never dreamed I would be so turned on watching Mike with another women. We fucked each others spouse for another hour or so until we all fell asleep. I woke the next morning with dried cum all around my pussy. Linda was fucking Jeff as Mike watched while stroking his sunburned cock. Our lives would never be the same!
  10. gentleman_Jim

    Nude Cruise

    Over the years I have fantasized about my wife Wendy having sex with another man but never really thought it would happen. A little background about my wife. We have been married 24 years. She is an elementary teacher, Sunday school teacher, Boy Scout troop leader and local chairwoman of the cancer society's fund raising events in our town. She is 46 years old, 5' 7" and around 135 pounds. She did weigh around 180 but after last summer’s cruise, she started walking and exercising and is now proud of her body. My parents say she resembles Dana Delany of China Beach. We have an 18 year old and a 12 year old. She was not a virgin when we married and admitted she started having sex in the 11th grade. She had a few encounters in college and even let her cousin and his friend fuck her one night after a party where she was drunk. She is not a prude but is not wild. She will flash herself in public, go without underwear, and she and I went to a bed and breakfast that had a clothing optional pool. I have mentioned to her after we have had a few drinks and we are horny that I would like to see her fucked by another man. She usually plays it off but one time about 10 years ago she made the comment in the heat of passion that if she did, the guy would have to wear a condom. I had a vasectomy 11 years ago. I had mentioned to her about taking a nude cruise. At first she was adamant that she would not go. Last summer we took a family cruise and several days after our return, she told me she had been fantasizing about going on a nude cruise but was not sure if she could go through with it. That thought consumed my thoughts for several weeks and I finally booked a nude cruise. I did not tell her until two months before. After boarding the ship, we made our way to our cabin and then made our way topside for the bon voyage snacks and drinks. After the emergency evacuation drill, we made our way back to our room and did some fucking. We had been at sea a little over an hour when the cruise director announced it was ok to shed clothing if you liked. As we opened the cabin door to head up to the pool, we were met by three nude guys and two nude women. They appeared to be in their mid 20's. After some awkward introductions and watching my wife stare everyone in the eyes, we headed to the pool. Almost everyone was nude. The first night was uneventful. The next morning, we arrived at our first port. We headed out for sightseeing and returned back to the ship to hang out at the pool. We ended up next to the group that is in the cabins across the hall from us. We introduced ourselves again and struck up a conversation with them. One of the guys, Mack, a decent white guy with some muscle and dark hair, told us their group was two couples and a single guy between the ages of 27 and 28 and had graduated from college together. They had gone to nude beaches before and made a pact that five years after graduation they would all go on a cruise together. One couple had to back out due to taking a job out of state and they were moving the same time as the cruise. Mack's girlfriend was unable to come on the trip. She is a nurse in the Army reserves and her unit had been activated. One couple had a cabin to themselves and he was the "third wheel" in the other cabin. In the middle of the conversation, the announcement was made it was ok to disrobe. It is an experience to see hundreds of people strip in a matter of minutes. His friends stripped and hit the pool and I began getting naked. He said he had to get out of his shorts because they were hurting his man area. He and his friends had gone snorkeling and a jellyfish got him in an area you do not want to get stung. He stood and started pulling down his shorts. Wendy had removed her shorts and was removing her top when he slid his shorts down. She was trying to talk, take off her top and not look at his cock. He turned to the side to sit down again and his cock was about three feet from her face. He had a swollen rash under his nut sack and across his right nut. The rash made his nuts look larger than normal. Wendy finally looked at it and said it looked painful. He said he went to the ship's doctor and got some cream. He needed to put the cream on it but did not want everyone thinking he was playing with his stuff. She told him to go ahead, guys had been putting sun block on themselves and no one would think anything about it. We stayed at the pool for about two hours drinking and I enjoyed watching Wendy glance over at his cock and watching her as she took quick glances at it as he returned from getting a drink. That night we fucked before heading to dinner. After dinner we stripped and headed to the pool. Some people were doing some close contact rubbing and playing in the darker areas of the deck. I managed to get several more drinks in Wendy and around midnight we headed back to our room. On the way, we ran into Mack in the hall in front of us. Wendy asked him how his rash was feeling and he stopped in the hall, turned and as he was telling her it was not stinging as bad, he opened his towel and showed her his cock. She looked straight at it and never looked anywhere else as she told him it looked about the same. My cock started getting hard while she told him she would check on him tomorrow. Once back in the room, I wasted no time in getting between her legs and fucking her. As I was grinding and she was humping, I began to talk about Mack and his cock. She made the statement that she wondered how big it really was when not jellyfish swollen. I smiled and made the comment that maybe she could find out. She just grinned and started humping harder. Just as I was about to cum she said she did not think she could do anything with him but if she did he would have to wear a condom and since he was alone, she doubted he had any. My mind went crazy and I unloaded in her cunt. The next morning we got up, ate, stripped and headed to the pool. The ship was not set to arrive at the last stop until 11:30 a.m. Around 9:00 a.m., the captain made the announcement that due to a storm the ship had changed course around midnight and was being diverted to another port. We were set to arrive in one hour and the announcement would be made in approximately 30 minutes for everyone to cover up in the pool and deck area while in port. The port we were diverted to was one we went to last summer so we decided to stay on the ship. Mack spotted us at the pool and got a lounge chair next to Wendy. He pulled down his shorts and Wendy was not shy at looking at his cock while he removed them. She asked how he felt and it was obvious his cock was still swollen but the red rash was almost gone. He said the stinging had stopped but he felt much better. After about 10 minutes, I got up to get Wendy and myself a drink. I planned on getting several drinks in her today. This is was the last day and I wanted Mack to fuck her good. I returned and Mack got up to get his drink. After he passed, Wendy stared at his ass as he walked away and kept looking at him when he returned. The announcement was made to cover up if outside and Wendy stated what a shame, it felt good being naked. I was shocked at that comment. We stood and dressed and Mack had to arrange his cock to get the swollen thing in the shorts. Wendy never took her eyes off his hand on his cock as he put it back in the shorts. The ship docked and several hundred people got off. Wendy asked Mack if he was getting off the ship and he said no. He did not get much sleep last night because of his rash and his friends were trying to have sex so he left the room for several hours. He tried to sleep on deck but did not have much luck. He said he was going to stay on the ship and try to get some sleep or rest. No other ship was in port and the announcement was made that nudity would be allowed in the pool area only. We took off our clothes and had a few more drinks. Later that night we were in our cabin packing and I had felt pretty confident I could get her fucked. I had given her so many drinks that I lost count and she had trouble walking to the supper buffet. I turned to place the last item in our suit case and when I looked back at her she had laid back and her legs were spread wide. It was around 10:45 p.m. and the suitcase had to be set outside the cabin door by midnight. I turned and started eating that bald cunt. She started humping my face and talking dirty. She said she needed cock and plenty of it. If I was serious about her fucking someone I needed to get that cock in there. She was so horny that when I asked her if she wanted me to get Mack, she said she did not care what or whose cock, just get another cock in there. I jumped between her legs and pounded her cunt good. However, I was so horny I did not last but a minute or so. While she was still lying there, I grabbed a tissue and wiped the oozing cum from her cunt and went across the hall to Mack's cabin. I knocked on the door and the other guy in the room came to the door. It was obvious he had been getting busy. He opened the door enough to talk and I could see his cock was hard. He said Mack had been kind enough to leave for a while to give them some privacy. I returned to my cabin with the empty feeling that I had come so close to seeing her with another man and now the opportunity was gone. When I walked in, Wendy was on her stomach with her ass in the air fucking herself with a brush handle. I came up behind her and slid my cock around in her pussy juices and then stuck my cock in her ass. As I was fucking her ass I could feel the brush handle sliding in and out of her pussy between the thin membrane separating her cunt from her ass. Again I came in a minute. I got up and looked at that gorgeous ass slick from cum and pussy juice. She was not finished and continued fucking herself. I wiped off my cock and proceeded to the cabin door with the suit case. I opened the door and set the suit case down and as I was closing the door, I heard Mack say goodnight. I looked and he was walking down the hall coming toward the room. He said he went to the pool to give his cabin mates some privacy and hoped they were through because he was tired. He said he enjoyed meeting and talking with us and asked me to tell Wendy. I hesitated for about four seconds and then blurted out she was up and he could come in and tell her himself. I opened the door and went in first. Wendy was laying flat on her stomach moaning and in the throes of an orgasm. Mack stood there speechless. He apologized and turned to leave. I told him it was OK. He turned around and Wendy was finished. She was laying there lightly humping. I told him part of her excitement was due to him and she would not take it wrong or be offended if he fucked her. The only stipulation was he had to have a condom. He said he did not have any condoms. We stood there for what seemed 10 minutes staring at Wendy but it was only about 30 seconds. I told him it was fine; just don't tell her he did not have a condom on. He dropped his towel and his cock was already hard. He walked up behind her and she was still not aware Mack was in the room. He slid his cock between her ass cheeks and used her pussy juice to lube up his cock. My cock was now rock hard and I was about to see her fucked. She sighed and said, "Oh I see you are back for more. Well stick it in my ass first. My pussy is still wound up." He looked at me and I shrugged and pointed at her. He eased the cock in and when it was about half way in, she began her sex moaning. He increased his speed and after about three minutes she said she needed it in her pussy. He pulled his cock out and I handed him a tissue. He wiped his cock off and lowered it again but this time to Wendy's pussy. He slid it in all the way and held it for a few seconds. He started pumping her cunt and I got behind them and bent down to get a good look. After about a minute, I went around to her head and stuck my cock in her face. She gasped, rose up quickly on her elbows and looked at me. She then turned to see who was fucking her. She saw Mack pumping back and forth with a huge smile on his face. She looked at me and asked if he had on a condom. I assured her he did. She began sucking my cock and it was not long I blew my load. I got up and walked around to see Mack ramming my wife. I waited until Wendy started moaning and talking dirty before I started taking some pictures. After about the fifth picture, she asked me if I was enjoying watching someone fuck her. A few seconds later she began bucking her hip and Mack increased his pounding. He was now making grunting sounds with each forward thrust. The sight and sound of his swinging nuts slapping her cunt with each forward ramming and his body slapping up against her ass was more than I could have imagined. A few more thrust and I saw Mack's hands tighten their grip on Wendy's hips and he lunged forward unloading his nuts into my wife. Wendy. He laid on top of her for about a minute then rose up. It was beautiful seeing his cock slid out of her cunt and a thin string of cum attached from her cut lips to the tip of his cock. He stood there for a few seconds and then as if nothing happened, he picked up his towel, wrapped it around his waist with his cock still shining from pussy juice, shook my hand and told us it was nice meeting us. He then turned and walked out. Wendy rolled over and looking at me with a smile asked if I enjoyed the show. I said very much. I asked if she liked it and with a huge laugh she said that was the best fucking evening of her life. She sat up and then noticed cum running out of her cunt. She jumped up and grabbed a towel, placing it between her oozing cunt. She snapped at me saying I thought he wore a condom. I told her he did but it broke. She was a bit irritated and said well that's just fucking great. I do not need to be pregnant at 46. She then went in and showered. To this day my cock gets hard every time I think of that cruise or look at those pictures.
  11. I’m Margaret. I’ve been married for 38 years, it’s been mostly happy but my husband has become very restless over the past few years and hurt me a lot but I still love him and we’re still together and looking forward to many more years together. He was 60 years old 2 years ago and our daughters and myself arranged a surprise cruise of the Greek Islands for his birthday. I was 58 and of course, I was going to be traveling with him!!! We left home early on the day of our cruise en route to Rome and it was not a good day. Our luggage was lost in Amsterdam and we had to travel to the cruise ship with nothing but what we were wearing. The first two days were very difficult, we were ragged, we were uptight and we had none of our own clothes to wear and although we were coping it was very stressful. On the second night we went for our meal, it was excellent and I was able to wear some clothes I had borrowed from a couple we had met, and I had bought some new underwear, at least I had a change of clothing. After the meal we decided to visit some of the many bars on board but as is usual when we are on holiday we had a fallout about something trivial and separated. My husband went to a bar and I went to see one of the entertainment shows on board. I had a glass of wine from the meal with me and was sitting watching the show when one of the ship’s officers approached me and asked me if I wanted a drink. He looked early 30’s and I’m not sure if he was English or not but he spoke good English and was very good looking and I really liked the look of him in his uniform! I said thank you but no and settled back to watch the show. After the show finished the music started and so did the dancing. I was getting ready to go back to our room but the same officer came up to me and asked me to dance, I said no but he grabbed my hand and pulled me up onto the dance floor. We danced for a few dances then a slow dance came on and he held me close to him, I could feel him hard through his trousers and was quite shocked when he pulled me on to it so I moved away from him. We danced like this for a few dances then he lifted my face up and kissed me lightly on the lips, I didn’t know what to do so I kept my head down but after another few dances he kissed me again but this time I kissed him back and put my arms round him as we danced slowly and I didn’t push him away this time!! We kissed a few times and the kisses lasted longer each time then he asked if I wanted to go outside for some fresh air. I said yes, picked up my bag and we went outside hand in hand. I could say there was no real intention on my part to go any further than kissing, I just wanted to be kissed and held tight, it had been a hard few days with everything that had happened, but I’m not stupid and I suppose that was never likely to happen, I knew what he wanted and maybe I wanted the same. I admit I had thought about it when we were dancing and had wondered how far I could go but I had only ever had sex with one man and that was my husband! I didn’t get much time to think about it when we went outside because we had just got onto the deck when he stopped and kissed me properly this time and I kissed him back, my arms round his neck, his hands squeezing my backside and rubbing his cock into me. I didn’t move away, I actually moved and rubbed against him, it was obvious now what he wanted and I think I wanted it too. We stood kissing like that for at least 5 minutes, both moving against each other and it felt so good! This was the first time I had really kissed another man since I’ve been married and I especially liked it when he touched my lips with his tongue. Then we started walking on the deck and every few minutes we kissed and each time it was better than the time before, I really liked kissing him as he was pulling me onto his now very hard cock and squeezing my backside. Then he started touching and feeling my breasts and I was getting very aroused by what was happening!!! We kept walking hand in hand for about 15 or 20 minutes, still kissing every few minutes with him pulling me onto his cock with one hand on my backside and the other rubbing my breasts. As we kissed I was moving up against him with my hands on his backside pulling him onto me and we never spoke to each other at all, the sexual tension was unbelievable and I could feel a real tingle between my legs, the first time for years. I wondered where this was going and couldn’t believe what I was doing as we kept kissing and touching. As we walked past a lifeboat station he pulled me in behind one of the boats and as we continued to kiss he put his hands up under my top and unclipped my bra. I made no attempt to stop him as he lifted it up off my breasts. He just held them in his hands for a few minutes as we kept kissing then he lifted up my top. My breasts and nipples felt swollen and I put my hands on the back of his head and pulled him onto them, still rubbing against him and breathing heavily, how far was I going to let him go? Soon he started rubbing then kissing and licking my breasts and nipples. I had already gone further than I had expected to but I liked him sucking my breasts into his mouth and I was still pushing up against his very hard cock at the same time. Then he took my hand and put it on his cock and I touched it properly for the first time as I moved my hand along it’s length. It was so big, probably not much longer than my husband’s but so much thicker and I let out a quiet moan as I felt it. This was getting serious now!! I think I wanted to take it out and hold it but I still didn't think I could go all the way with him. I had never felt like this before and I just wondered how far I could go, I wondered if I could just let him make me come, I really needed an orgasm and soon. He continued to kiss me and squeeze my backside and breasts as I squeezed and rubbed his cock, it was so big. Suddenly I felt his hand between my legs, it happened so quickly but I knew it would happen but I wanted it there as well and I did nothing to take it away and for the first time that night I opened my legs wider for him. I wondered if he could feel how wet I was through my knickers, my husband had always said I got very wet easily and I really liked him touching me as I kept holding and rubbing his cock. He kept it there, squeezing my pussy and rubbing his thumb on the front of my nice new white silk knickers before he pulled them to the side and touched my bare pussy for the first time. It was fantastic as I opened my legs even further and kissed him hard and he let out a quiet moan when he touched me and felt how wet I was and I think he knew then that I was ready to have sex with him. I let him touch it for a few minutes before I put my hand on top of his to stop him then he asked me if I was OK, I thought about it then said yes and kissed him again. I took my hand away from his then put my arms back round his neck and rubbed up against him again. He must have known then that that I was going to have sex with him. I had never really been keen on sex but I knew that I wanted this man inside me and I wanted him to make love to me and then fuck me! Who would have thought it? It was so exciting having another man feeling and touching my pussy but I had never even looked at another man in nearly 40 years never mind having a man half my age with his hand up my skirt, rubbing and touching me in between my legs. He continued to squeeze and rub it then tried to put a finger into me but my knickers were stopping him and I was hoping he would pull them down. I put my hand back on his cock and we kissed and rubbed each other for a few minutes before he asked me if he could kiss my pussy. I immediately said no but I wanted him to kiss it so much, something I didn’t let my husband do very often. I had been thinking about it anyway, I knew it would come to this but only my husband had ever kissed me between my legs but I didn’t take his hand away and I had a nice feeling between my legs as he kept one hand on my pussy and continued to gently squeeze my breasts with his other hand as we kissed and I wondered what to do next. This was it, I knew I would need to decide how much further to let him go or just try to stop him. I couldn’t really believe what was happening here. I was behind a lifeboat with a stranger, a man I had met barely an hour ago, I was old enough to be his mother, I was a grandmother but I was also a very aroused woman and here he was with one hand between my legs rubbing and squeezing me, my bra and top were round my neck, he had my left breast in his mouth and I was rubbing his large cock. I also knew that I wanted his head between my legs giving me an orgasm then I wanted him to put his cock into me. It didn’t take long and it wasn’t a difficult decision, I think I had already made my mind up some time ago, I really wanted this man and I knew then I was going to have sex with him. I put my arms back round his neck and kissed him hard and I couldn't believe it when I whispered into his mouth and asked him to make me come then opened my mouth for his tongue. I had never done that before for my husband but it seemed so natural to do it this time. I couldn’t see his face in the dark but I think he smiled when I said that because he knew he was going to get what he wanted but so was I. I was going to have sex with another man for the first time and I was so excited about it. I couldn’t believe what I was going to let him do to me! I was going to let him kiss my pussy first then have sex with me and I couldn’t wait for it to happen. It had taken only a short time to get to this but I knew what I needed and wanted from him, I wanted him inside me and making love to me. I didn’t expect it but he took his hand away from between my legs and pulled my top back down then lifted up my face with both hands and we kissed. As he slowly put his tongue into my mouth our tongues touched for the first time and I thought I would come in my knickers, I couldn’t believe just how good it was. We kissed for a long time with our tongues in and out of each others mouths and I liked it when he touched my teeth with his tongue then sucked my tongue into his mouth and I liked touching his lips with my tongue. I stopped our kiss and said “please make me come” and pushed him down, I really needed an orgasm and my knickers were soaking wet. I thought he might have been in a hurry to get my knickers off but he moved down very, very slowly, squeezing and kissing my breasts through my top then kissing the front of my skirt before he got to his knees. I told him to hurry up as he put his hands behind me and squeezed my backside for a few minutes before he started lifting my skirt up very slowly. He really knew how to turn a woman on and soon he was kissing and licking my legs as he pulled the skirt up until my knickers and pussy were in front of him. I didn’t know how much he could see in the dark but he kissed my pussy through my knickers, they were soaking wet and he must have been able to taste me. He kept lifting my skirt until he could kiss my belly button and I held up my skirt for him as I was forcing my pussy into his face as he kissed and licked along the top of my knickers and he continued to do this as he slowly pulled them down. When he got to my hairs he sucked them into his mouth and kissed them for a few minutes before he continued to pull my knickers further down. Soon they were between my legs and he had to push my legs further apart to pull them away from my very wet pussy, they were stuck between my legs. He continued to pull them down slowly, always kissing and licking my pussy and the inside of my legs, it felt so good and I was really ready for him. He pulled my knickers down to my knees then kissed and licked me for a few minutes and I told him I was ready to come but I couldn’t open my legs enough for him with my knickers at my knees so he pulled them down to my ankles before taking my sandals off and removing my knickers completely as I stepped out of them. He was only the second man I had ever let take my knickers off and I liked it and I felt so good about it as I held up my skirt and opened my legs further for him. I was wide open now and I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to have sex with him. I heard other passengers go past us and I wondered what they would have said if they had seen me with my skirt at my waist, no knickers on, legs wide open and ready to have sex with one of the ship’s officers who had his head between my legs!! It felt wonderful and I was so excited as I wondered what my husband would have said if he could have seen me! It had taken him just over an hour to get my knickers off and I couldn’t believe what I was going to let him do to me. I didn’t know if he would try to put his cock into me or continue kissing it but I didn’t really care, I just wanted something between my legs. I really needed an orgasm so I put my hands behind his head and pulled his face onto my pussy but he just took his time after he took my sandals off as he opened my legs again before he slowly made his way back up still kissing and licking my legs. He then opened me up even further and kissed my pussy for a few minutes then eventually I felt him put his tongue into me, it was absolutely unbelievable and I came almost immediately onto his face. He continued kissing and licking me and I wrapped one of my legs round his shoulder so that he could get his tongue further into me. It felt so good and I was really enjoying it. I felt his tongue go back into me and I wanted more as I was rubbing against his face. He had his hands on my backside pulling me towards him and we continued like this for a few minutes until I felt another orgasm coming and held his face even tighter into my pussy. When I came again, it was fantastic, I was making quite a bit of noise by this time and hoped nobody could hear me but I didn't really care, it was so good. He kept kissing and licking me as I was coming and I hoped it would never stop. I had never wanted to come so much! It had been a few weeks since I had last had an orgasm but this had been so much better and I wanted more and soon. Eventually I calmed down as he continued to kiss and lick me and the inside of my legs. I pulled him up and kissed him hard as I tried to open his trousers and get his huge cock out. I wanted to touch it and feel it in my hand then make him come between my legs but he held onto my hand as I kept telling him how much I wanted him inside me, I really wanted to have sex with him after what had happened and if he hadn’t known before then he certainly he knew now. He kissed me and asked me if I wanted to go back to his room. Of course I did, I wanted my first time with another man to be done properly not behind a lifeboat. I kissed him again then I slipped my sandals back on and straightened my clothes and fastened my bra again before we went back on deck and he put my new knickers into his pocket but I knew my bra would be off again soon as well! I was so excited by what was happening to me, I didn't think I could have let another man give me oral sex so soon after meeting him and I knew what he was going to give me in his room and I couldn't wait for it to happen. This time it was me kissing him as we walked to his room, each time I was rubbing and squeezing his cock and kept wondering what it would be like to have him inside me while he kept putting his hand up my skirt and rubbing between my legs. I was very wet and so excited and really liked him touching me now that I had made my mind up to let him have sex with me, it wouldn’t be long now and to be honest I didn’t want to wait much longer for him to be inside me. I kept wondering what his cock would look like. I already knew it was big but my husband’s cock was the only one I had ever really seen up close. Would I be able to satisfy him and do the things he would want us to do? I knew he would want me to put his cock into my mouth and there was no way I would do that but I would probably kiss it for him, I just wondered what it would taste like. Would he be able to put it all into me? What would he think if I told him I had only ever had sex with one man? Would we make love or would he just fuck me? I really wanted both! What would he think when he saw me with no clothes on? Would he still want to have sex with me? But I also knew that I really wanted to have sex with him and I wanted him deep inside me as soon as possible. All these things were going through my mind when we reached a trapdoor which he opened and he went down the steps before me then turned to help me down. As I went down slowly he was kissing and massaging the back of my legs, my ankles first, behind my knees then onto my backside. I had no knickers on and when he opened me up from the back he couldn’t help but see how ready I was, he had already made me come twice behind the lifeboat and I was very wet for him. He started to kiss and touch me from the back and put his fingers into me, my pussy was throbbing and I just wanted him inside me soon. I was close to another orgasm and I don’t know how I managed it but I turned round on the steps and my pussy was straight in front of his face, he just looked at it for a few minutes then he pulled me to him and started kissing and licking it again saying my pussy was so beautiful and that I tasted so good. I couldn’t open my legs enough for him this time but he did this for a few minutes then he lifted me down and we kissed and rubbed each other for a few minutes at the bottom of the steps before he took my hand as we almost ran to his room, we both knew what was next! I was very excited and so wet and I couldn’t begin to describe the feeling between my legs but it felt so good. My heart was beating fast and I was breathing heavily. I really wanted to have sex with him and I couldn't believe how much I wanted him kissing and touching me before he put his enormous cock into me. I had never felt like this before but it was so good. When we got inside I was all over him, I helped him take his jacket off and was soon tearing at his shirt. It didn’t take me long and soon he had only his trousers on so I took my top and bra off and went over to him and held my chest to his. He had nice soft hairs on his chest and it felt really nice just rubbing my breasts against them. My nipples were bigger and harder than they had ever been before and as I moved and rubbed them against him I moaned quietly into his mouth as we kissed, my arms around his neck again, his hands holding my breasts, his cock digging into me and I asked him again to fuck me but he said “not yet ”. I kissed him hard as I put my hand back on his hard cock and rubbed it. After about five minutes of kissing and touching each other he took each of my nipples into his mouth then kissed and sucked them for a few minutes as I pushed them further into his mouth. He stepped back and told me I was a very beautiful woman and that I had wonderful breasts before he started taking his trousers off. I quickly removed my skirt and soon we were both naked. I sat on the edge of the bed and he walked over to me and stood in front of me. He looked absolutely fantastic, he was tanned all over and quite muscular but his cock was unbelievable. I had never seen anything like it, it was so big and so thick, much bigger than I had ever imagined and I thought I could come again just by looking at him. It was 3 or 4 inches longer than my husband’s and at least twice maybe three times as thick! There was no way he would get it all inside me but I was going to let him try anyway! He was very hairy between his legs and there was a nice smell from him, I hadn’t noticed it before as I held his cock in both of my hands and just looked at it for a few minutes. He wasn’t circumcised and although I knew that he wanted me to put it into my mouth I just couldn’t do it but I had no problem kissing and rubbing it. It tasted good as he moved closer and put his hands behind my head as I lifted up his cock then kissed and licked his balls, they were huge as well. I pulled him closer to me by putting both my hands on his backside then I started kissing his belly button, same as he did to me, then his hairs and that was where the nice smell was coming from. I kept rubbing and kissing his cock, it was so big and hard and he let me do this for a few minutes before lifted my head, looked at me and kissed me again then asked me if I was ready. He said he wanted to make love to me, I just wanted him to fuck me, we could make love later! I was so excited, I hadn’t had proper sex with my husband for years and I thought I was going to faint with the excitement, I could barely breathe as I said yes. I moved back on his bed and laid on my back, put my feet on his bed then opened my legs wide for him, I wanted him to have another look at what I was offering him. I had never done that for my husband but I really wanted this man to have a good look at what was between my legs! I couldn’t begin to describe the feeling between my legs as I opened them for him. My pussy was wide open and was really throbbing at the thought of him putting his huge cock into me. I wondered if he could see the effect he had on me but he must have liked what he saw because he moaned as he looked at me before he put his head back in between my legs and kissed my pussy. I moved up against his face and I had never felt anything like it as he kept kissing then sucking the insides of my legs and pussy into his mouth before he put his tongue back into me and then slowly worked his way up to my clitoris which he licked then sucked into his mouth for a few minutes. He was very good with his tongue and I was just about ready to come again when I pulled him up, kissed him hard and told him I wanted him inside me so he moved up between my legs and lifted them onto his shoulders, I was wide open and so ready for him for him as I put my legs round his neck as I pulled him onto me. He looked at me and told me again I was beautiful as I moaned loudly. I can honestly say that I had never wanted sex as much as I did at that moment and I just wanted his cock as far into me as it could possibly go and I told him to hurry up and fuck me. I don’t think I had ever used that word as often as I had that night but that was exactly what I wanted him to do to me. He tried to put it into me for a few minutes and couldn’t but his cock was between my legs rubbing me up and down. I opened my legs even further as he moved against me and soon I felt another orgasm coming on. I kept pushing against him and I came again for the third time. After a few minutes he looked down at me and smiled when I told him to try again. He held my legs open and kissed and licked the back of my legs all the way down to my pussy where he licked me for a few minutes, I held the back of his head and pushed myself onto his face then I felt him put his tongue as far into me as he could before he moved back up to open my legs even further and tried again. I’ll never forget the way he looked at me and after a few minutes I felt the head of his cock finally enter me, he kept still for a few minutes before pushing it slowly further into me. It was really stretching me between my legs but it felt so good. I was pushing hard against him and I felt it sliding in a little bit at a time. He stopped after about 5 minutes then let my legs down slowly and lay down on top of me. We kissed some more and when he said that I was too tight I told him it was probably because he was only the second man to ever be inside me and he let out a moan and pushed his cock in the other few inches until he was into the hilt. I could feel his hairs up against me between my legs and I also moaned loudly and asked him not to move because he was too big but I already felt another orgasm coming so I kept moving and rubbing up against him until I came again. It was so good to have a really hard cock inside me again, I didn’t think a man could be so hard. I put my legs round his and held his backside so he couldn’t move and told him to wait until I got used to the size of his cock. It felt so big and hard between my legs and was really stretching my pussy but it was wonderful, I had never thought it could be so good. We kissed for a few minutes then he pushed himself up on his arms, looked down at me and said I looked so beautiful. I just moaned and pushed up against him and put my arms around his neck and pulled his head down then we kissed again. I put my tongue back into his mouth and let him put his into mine and we kissed like that for about 5 minutes and it felt so good. I really loved kissing him and having his cock inside me at the same time and I kept pushing up against him as we laid together, it was so hard and so deep inside me I couldn’t believe it. It was touching me in places that had never been touched before and I wanted so much more of it. I was beginning to get used to his thick cock so I unwrapped my legs from his, moved up against him and told him again to fuck me. We kissed for a few more minutes with our tongues then he started moving his cock out of me a bit at a time, it was wonderful. Eventually he took it right out then pushed it fully back in to the hilt in one movement. He did this a few times before he started fucking me and it went in easier each time. Every time he took it out I moved up against him so I would be able to feel it moving in and out of me. After a few minutes I felt another orgasm coming, and told him to slow down as I was ready to come again. He did and then fucked me very, very slowly through my orgasm as we kissed. I came so hard on his cock it was unbelievable and I felt I would never stop coming as I was pushing up against him. He was a wonderful lover and I wanted to feel him deep inside me for a long time. He kept moving slowly inside me and after a few minutes I kissed him again and told him to come inside me if he wanted to. Almost immediately he started coming, he must have been holding it back and once he started he must have kept coming inside me for about 5 minutes. I lifted his head up and kissed him and kept kissing him all the way through his orgasm as I could feel him coming deep inside me. He kept pushing his cock further into me and I could feel his juices running out of me, down between my legs. I had forgotten what it felt like for a man to come inside me, my husband hadn’t been able to for a long time and it felt so good. When he eventually stopped he laid back on top of me and when I told him that it was the best sex I had ever had in my life, he said no woman had ever made him come as much and kissed him so much. We just lay there for a few minutes, still kissing with our tongues then he got up and went to the toilet to get me a towel to wipe myself. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, I had just let a complete stranger come inside me and I could still feel it running down between my legs but it had been wonderful and I wanted him to do it again as soon as he could. I’d had the biggest cock I’d ever seen in my life right up inside me and I’d loved it! Since I had met him at the show a short time ago I had let him take my knickers off, he had given me oral sex and made me come twice behind a lifeboat, I had already come three times in his room, I had kissed and licked his huge cock, I had let him have a good look at my pussy and I had asked him to fuck me several times. I also knew I wanted more and he looked absolutely fantastic as I wiped between my legs. Just looking at him made me want to have sex with him and have his huge cock inside me again. I noticed that his cock was still leaking after coming inside me so I slid down the bed to wipe it with the towel. He moved towards me and kneeled on the bed and I started rubbing it again before moving closer to kiss it. It was still so hard and as I kissed it I felt it getting even bigger and harder. I kissed his hairs which were soaking with both our juices and as I knew this was never likely to happen again I closed my eyes and for the first time ever put the head of a cock into my mouth, it tasted OK so I tried to put more of it into my mouth. It was so big but I still managed to use my tongue on it when he was in my mouth. He then moved forward slightly and held the back of my head and started moving his cock very slowly in and out of my mouth, moaning quietly. If I had known it was as good as this I would have let him put it in my mouth earlier. We did this for a few minutes then he said he wanted to taste me again and he moved his head back down between my legs and started kissing and licking my pussy again. I moved so that we were lying side by side, my head was between his legs with his cock in my mouth and his head was between mine. I was really enjoying the oral sex, it was so much better than I had ever expected and it felt good with him kissing and touching my pussy at the same time. He was good with his tongue and fingers and touched me in all the right places as he put his fingers into me and rubbed my pussy. I put as much of him as I could into my mouth and soon I could feel him getting ready to come again. I didn’t want him to come in my mouth or over my face so I took it out of my mouth, kissed then licked the head of it and told him I wanted him to come inside me again. I moved back up and opened my legs for him again. We kissed for a few minutes, he was squeezing my breasts and kissing my hard nipples before he moved back on top of me and pushed his enormous cock back into me. It went in a lot easier this time and soon he was fucking me very slowly again. It didn’t take long before I could feel he was just about ready but as we kissed I could also feel another orgasm coming. I told him I was coming again and he managed to hold back until we both moaned loudly and started to come at the same time. I opened my legs further and put them round his as we just fucked each other very slowly, moving against each other with my arms round his neck, kissing him and our tongues touching in each others mouths all the way through our orgasms as I felt him coming inside me for the second time as I was coming on his cock at the same time and I really liked that! If that was making love then I wanted more of it! There are no words to describe the sensations going through my whole body, we just kept coming and coming together and it was wonderful, I couldn’t get enough of him and I didn’t want it to stop. It seemed forever before we eventually stopped coming and we both lay there out of breath for about 5 minutes, my legs still wrapped round him and our juices running down between my legs again before I told him I had to get back to my room. I could have let him fuck me all night and I would have really liked to have slept with him and then have sex again in the morning but I knew I had to get back. He took his time as he slowly pulled his wonderful cock out of me then slowly moved down me kissing and sucking my breasts and still very hard nipples. He put his head back in between my legs and although he had just come inside me he opened me up and put his tongue back inside me then kissed and licked me and the inside of my legs for a few minutes. He was very good at it and I just lay there quietly moaning, legs wide open and my hands on the back of his head moving up against his face. He was sucking my pussy into his mouth when I told him to make me come again. He moved up slightly and sucked my clitoris into his mouth again before he started licking my pussy and it didn't take long until I put my legs onto his shoulders and round his neck then pulled him further into me as I came again on his face, it was so good and he kept kissing and licking me all the way through my orgasm. It was unbelievable and I didn’t want it to end as he gently kissed my pussy after I had come. Then he got up and gave me the towel again before I got dressed then he gave me my knickers back and I put them back on. He put his trousers and shirt back on then walked me to the door of his room where we kissed again for a few minutes, our tongues touching in each other’s mouths. I could taste our sex on his mouth and tongue when we kissed and he asked if we could meet again before the end of the cruise because he wanted to have sex with me again. I moaned into his mouth as we kissed and I put my hand back between his legs. He was still so hard and I asked him if he wanted to fuck me again before I went back to my room and he said yes as we moved back towards his bed. It was so good, we didn’t just tear our clothes off, we kissed, we touched and we felt each other. He was squeezing my breasts, touching between my legs, touching my backside while I was rubbing and holding his cock and pulling him tight to me, holding his backside as well while rubbing my breasts against him. When we kissed our tongues were just touching and I liked that then he kissed my neck and my eyes and ears before I opened his shirt and put my arms round him. He took my tongue into his mouth and I thought that was really nice. I took his shirt off then kissed and licked his chest and nipples, he looked absolutely great and soon he lifted my top up over my head. He kissed my breasts through my bra for a few minutes before he unclipped it again and I let it fall to the ground. My breasts felt wonderful, they were swollen and my nipples were huge and very hard and I rubbed them against him before he sucked them into his mouth and squeezed my breasts as I was feeding them into his mouth again, I couldn’t believe how much I wanted to have sex with him again and have him inside me. I sat on the bed and unbuckled his trousers then helped him take them off. I never ever thought I would ever say it but when I looked at him again I thought his cock was beautiful and I actually wanted it back inside my mouth! I didn’t think twice this time, I held it with both hands then kissed it before I put it straight back into my mouth, at least I knew where it had been, it had been inside me for the last hour. He moaned then started moving it in and out as I kissed it and sucked him further into my mouth. I managed to get a lot more of it in this time as he put his hands behind my head pulling me onto his cock and my hands were round it rubbing it and trying to push more of it in to my mouth. I was ready to come and wanted him inside me again so much. He took it out of my mouth and I kissed it again before I moved back on the bed and opened my legs again for him. I still had my skirt and knickers on so he unfastened my skirt and kissed my pussy through my knickers, they were soaking wet then for the second time that night he pulled them off me, they had only been back on for about 20 minutes! I opened my legs wide for him, I wanted to let him to look at me again and show him what he was getting from me. He looked at me and said I was so beautiful again before he put his head back in between my legs and kissed and licked my pussy for a few minutes before he moved back on top of me and very slowly pushed it all the way back in to me. We just lay still for a few minutes, we never spoke at all and I’ll never forget how good it felt with him inside me. We started kissing again and then he started fucking me, slowly then slightly faster than before and it was wonderful, he kept taking it right out of me then putting it back in so I kept moving up against him to feel it moving in and out of me. I told him to come when he was ready and we were still kissing when I could feel him starting to come inside me again. He took it out of me as he was coming and rubbed himself as he came all over my belly and in between my legs then he put it back into me and I came again very quickly. We lay for a few minutes before he took it out of me then he moved up and put his wonderful cock between my breasts then rubbed my nipples with it. It was a nice feeling and his wet cock felt really nice on my nipples as he rubbed them. I moved forward slightly and put it back into my mouth although he had just come and I could taste him this time and it was ok. I had made my mind up, I was going to let him come in my mouth, something my husband had always wanted me to do for him. He let me kiss and suck it for a few minutes before he moved up to me and started moving it in and out of my mouth. He must have known what I was going to do because he closed his eyes as I started rubbing and kissing it. Then I started sucking and licking the head of it before opening my mouth as far as I could and put it back into my mouth. He must have liked it because he let out a loud moan and held the back of my head. It felt so nice as I was using my tongue on it and I could feel him moving against me as I was working on it, moving my head up and down and putting as much as I could into my mouth. It was so good and I was really enjoying it when I heard him say he was ready to come again. I kept it in my mouth as long as I could but took it out just as he started coming and he came all over my breasts and face as I continued to rub it. I had never seen so much come out of a man and he was coming all over me. He was still coming when I put it back into my mouth and let him finish his orgasm and it felt so good, the oral sex was unbelievable and to think I had never done it before. When he finally stopped coming I just kept it in my mouth kissing and licking the head of it as he moaned and moved slowly in and out before he eventually took it out and rubbed it along my lips and on my face then he said that it was the best orgasm he had ever had. He said again that no woman had made him come as much and I felt really good about that. I was still gently rubbing and squeezing it and I still didn’t know how he managed to get it all into me but I knew I wanted him back inside me and coming again before I went back to my room. We laid beside each other as we kissed and touched for a few minutes and I liked it when we could taste each other‘s sex on our mouths again before I moved on top him and rubbed his cock up and down my pussy before I slowly pushed it back into me. It seemed to go even further into me this time as I sat up and moved up and down on him. This time it was my turn to fuck him slowly and he was holding and squeezing my breasts until I came again, it didn’t take long and soon I was forcing myself down on him through my orgasm. I was still so aroused I could have come all night! Just looking at him made me want to come. I made a lot of noise as I was coming this time and when I opened my eyes after my orgasm he was smiling at me and told me not to stop, he was just about ready to come again. I kept moving slowly on his cock until he let out a moan and pulled me down onto him and kissed me hard as he pushed it further into me and came again. He kept pushing into me as he was coming and I could actually feel it coming out of him as he came inside me, how could a man come as much and so often? It was running down between my legs and how could a woman have so many orgasms and still want more! I kept kissing him as he was coming inside me and when he eventually stopped I laid back down on him but this time he told me that it had been his best sex ever and that he still wanted to see me again. He said that no woman had come as many times with him and he thanked me for letting him have sex with me and said he had never felt anything like it when I had told him he was only the second man to be inside me, he hadn’t expected me to say that. He asked me how old I was and when I told him he kissed me gently and said I was a very beautiful woman and that he was very lucky to have been only the second man to have made love to me. I kissed him hard when he said this and told him it hadn’t been a difficult decision after we had gone on the deck after the show. He asked me if I had ever given my husband oral sex before and when I said no he said I was very good at it. I just moaned and said he could put it back into my mouth again if he wanted to. I had really liked him in my mouth and wanted him to do it again soon. I put my tongue back into his mouth and kissed him as I could still feel his juices still running down between my legs and I told him I wanted him to make me come again. He moved back on top of me and we just lay there kissing, his cock was still so hard and moving slowly deep inside me. After a few minutes he took it out and rubbed my very wet pussy with it then kissed my breasts and moved it back up to my mouth and rubbed it along my lips and I was so ready for him. I was holding his cock with both hands and he was gently squeezing and rubbing my breasts as I kissed and licked it, I wanted him so much. I was determined to make it good for him and I told him his cock was beautiful then put as much of it as I could back into my mouth. I put it in and out of my mouth slowly several times and he moaned loudly as I rubbed it and moved my head up and down on it and sucked it to try to get more in and I had just about got it all in when he said he was coming again but this time I didn’t take it out of my mouth. I was going to make him come in my mouth and I really wanted him to. When he realized what was happening he held the back of my head and started pushing it further into my mouth as he was coming. I could feel him coming at the back of my throat and I was choking but that’s what I wanted him to do. It was his turn to make a lot of noise and it seemed he would never stop as I rubbed and licked and sucked it until he was finished then I kissed it again as he took it back out of my mouth. He moved back down and kissed me gently on the lips then we kissed with our tongues for a few minutes before he asked me again if I could stay all night with him but I said no, my husband would be waiting for me. I wondered how I could possibly stay the night with him as we laid together for a few minutes, just looking at each other, not saying anything then he pulled me back on top of him and kissed my pussy as I opened my legs again and straddled his face and I felt him put his tongue back into me then he licked me as I moved against him. It didn’t take long until I came again on his face and I was even noisier this time. I slid back down and put him slowly back into me, he was still so hard it was unbelievable and I felt every inch of it going back into me as I moaned loudly. He asked me if I had enjoyed my orgasm and I laughed, I knew I had been very noisy but I didn’t care as I kissed him again. I told him that sex with him had been wonderful and that I loved having him inside me and if I could I would let him fuck me all night. He asked me again if there was any way I could stay the night with him and again he said that I tasted so good and my pussy was beautiful and so tight that just being inside me made him ready to come. He had never been with a woman who had been so aroused and so wet between her legs and I told him that he had something to do with that because I had never wanted sex as much in my life. I really liked kissing him after I had an orgasm on his face and I liked the taste of sex on his lips and mouth as I sucked his tongue back into my mouth. I had never liked doing it before but this was different and I really liked us kissing with our tongues in each other’s mouths. We kissed for a few minutes as he was squeezing my backside, opening me up from the back and putting his fingers back into me before I told him to fuck me again. He told me that I was a very beautiful woman and kissed me before we rolled over and he got back on top of me and I told him I wanted us to try to come at the same time again and kissed him hard. We just laid there for a few minutes, kissing each other and I could feel his cock slowly moving inside me then we fucked again as we just looked at each other not saying a word and continued kissing but I couldn’t hold it back and I came again, it was unbelievable that I could have come, and so quickly! I was noisy again and he smiled at me as we kept kissing then after a few minutes he moaned and closed his eyes and came inside me once more. He was also very loud again as I kept pushing up against him as he was pushing it into me, I wanted this man coming inside me so much it was unbelievable. After a few minutes he moved off me and we laid together side by side just looking at each other and kissing. He was holding my left breast and I had his very wet cock in my hand as we kissed and he said sex with me was so good, I never thought I would ever hear another man say that to me. I moved down slowly to kiss it again and I kissed his nipples and chest and belly button on the way down and when I got to his cock I just held it in my hands and looked at it. I kissed the top of his legs and hairs then slowly put the head of it back into my mouth and just kept it there, I didn’t move on it or anything I just wanted it in my mouth. I heard him moaning as he pulled me back on top of him so that my knees were on either side of his face as he opened me up and kissed me again. He said my pussy was beautiful as I felt his tongue touching me in all the right places and I pushed my pussy on to his face as he kissed it and I had him in my mouth at the same time. It was wonderful as we just kissed and licked each other and I put more of him into my mouth as he pushed up against me. I could hear him moaning and I liked that. I was rubbing it and kissing it at the same time as he was putting his tongue into me but I wanted to watch him coming again. I kept pushing as much of him into my mouth as I could and I could feel it touching the back of my throat as I sucked him into me. I kept squeezing and kissing it and soon he pushed up against me and put his hand on the back of my head and said he was coming again. I kept it in my mouth and when I felt him coming I took it out and rubbed it. I watched as he came over my face and breasts again and although there wasn’t as much as the first time there was still a lot coming out of him before I put it back into my mouth to let him finish his orgasm. I couldn’t believe what I had done but it was so good as I kept it in my mouth for a few minutes. He kept kissing my pussy but I knew I had to get back to my room so I moved back up and kissed him hard for a few minutes and told him I was leaving. He asked me if we could meet before I went back home but I couldn’t say yes although I really wanted to. I wiped myself again with his towel and got dressed again then he walked me to the steps where we kissed and held each other tight and I thanked him for a wonderful time, my best sex ever and I would never forget him. I think we both knew it had been something special, it certainly was for me! Then I made my way back up the steps and to my room thinking about what I had done. I didn’t know his name and he didn’t know mine and that was fine with me. I couldn’t believe what had happened since I had danced with him earlier but I had really needed it and had thoroughly enjoyed it. For the first time I had let another man have sex with me and it had been fantastic! My husband had always said I would enjoy sex with another man and I certainly had, I couldn’t believe how much I had wanted to have sex with this man. I passed several other guests on the way back to my room and I wondered what they would say if they knew what I had been doing. My hair was a mess and I didn’t have my knickers on, they were in my bag. My pussy was tender from all the sex, I couldn’t begin to describe the feeling between my legs and my jaws were aching with putting his huge cock into my mouth. It’s amazing what you can get into your mouth if you want to. I didn’t feel the least bit guilty, I had done what I wanted to do and I kept thinking about the wonderful moment he put it into me for the first time, it was unbelievable as I felt it moving slowly into me and it was so big! Maybe I had been too tight for him at first but certainly not any more, not after the number of times he had been in and out of me since then, my pussy had been well stretched and I liked it. I wondered if my husband would notice any difference when he put his cock into me the next we had sex after what had happened? I wanted to tell them that for the past 3 hours I had been having the best sex of my life with one of the ship’s officers and that I was so pleased with myself, that’s why I was smiling. I hadn’t been drunk and I did it because I wanted to and would do it again if I got the opportunity. I actually thought about going back to his room. It was just past 3 a.m. and my husband was already in bed sleeping and I went into the toilet to clean myself up. I had a quick wash between my legs, my pussy was still tingling with what had happened but it felt so good, the sex had been unbelievable. I really hadn’t known that sex could have been so good. I also needed a shower because I had let him come all over me as well but I didn’t want my husband to be suspicious, I would have a quick shower in the morning when my husband went for the tea then have sex with him so he wouldn’t think anything was wrong. I had never had sex like that, his cock was absolutely amazing and he certainly knew how to use it because I had never been fucked like that before. When we had both come at the same time it had been wonderful, I had hoped it would never end as we just kept coming and coming together. Sex with another man had been fantastic and I wanted more. I never knew that a woman could want sex as much as I did after I had decided behind the lifeboat to let him have sex with me! I put on clean knickers, my other pair were soaking wet and I put them in the washing bag, I looked in the mirror and my breasts were still swollen and my nipples were huge and still very hard then put on my nightgown, washed my face and brushed my teeth and got into bed but I could still taste him in my mouth and it was so good. I kissed my husband’s back then turned round still smiling and thinking about what had happened. Why did he choose me? He could have had any woman on the ship, but I was so glad he chose me, it had been the best night of my life. What if I bumped into him again? He had been a wonderful lover and I really would have loved to have spent the whole night in his room and slept with him, the sex had been fantastic and we could have fucked each other anytime we wanted to. I think I would have done anything he wanted me to and I would have liked to have had sex with him again in the morning. He would get hard again and we would have oral sex and he would make me come before he put it back into me then we would fuck each other and he would make me come again, he would come inside me and then in my mouth and the thought of that got me so excited, I thought I would come again just thinking about it as I felt our juices still running down between my legs. I had done things I had never done before, things I said I would never ever do and had thoroughly enjoyed them. I remembered reading that a woman will do things with another man she wouldn’t do with her husband and now I knew that was true! The oral sex was absolutely wonderful and I loved it when he was in my mouth but I liked it best when I let him come all over my breasts then finish his orgasm in my mouth, it was unbelievable and my husband would have been so proud of me. It had been so good I had let him do it again and I had really enjoyed it and I liked watching him come all over me. He certainly liked to have his head between my legs and so did I, he was very good with his tongue. I had lost count of how many times he had made me come and I think he had come three times inside me, all over me at least twice and then in my mouth three times. I think he could have lasted all night, I know I could have. It seemed the more often I had an orgasm the quicker they came. Just before I fell asleep I had made my mind up, I was going to look for him and if possible have sex with him at least once more before the end of the cruise and I wondered if he would look out for me. Would he speak to me if my husband was there? Would it be obvious we had been together and had sex? I think it would have because I knew I would want to touch and kiss him then be alone with him and have his wonderful cock inside me again and I would probably have an orgasm just looking at him. I don’t think I could have pretended we hadn’t been together. Would it be as good as the first time? What would we do? Would we do anything we hadn’t done before? What would my husband do or say? All I knew was that I wanted to be with him again and have sex with him again before I went back home.
  12. Michael and I had been secretly collaborating behind the girls' backs. We are trying to outdo what the girls did to us with their leopard skin underwear and black whips. We have decided to lure the girls under the pretext of going to dinner at the wharf in San Francisco. It has taken considerable planning, kids, tickets, etc., but when the day arrives, we are ready. We drive to the city and tell the girls that the restaurant we're going to in on the Princess Liner, and is open to the public while in port. It is a beautiful ship and one of the newest they have. We go aboard and do a little sightseeing on the ship. This thing is huge. After about an hour, right on schedule, you can feel the ship starting to leave the dock. The girls panic, so we decide to let them in on our little trick. We're going to Mexico for three days. Now they are so excited they are laughing and giggling like two high school girls. Pam asks me about the kids, clothes, and things like that. I tell her, trust me; I have taken care of everything. We decide to go on deck and watch the ship leave the Bay and head towards Mexico. This is so exciting. Taking a ship like this with Pam, no kids, and good friends is something I have dreamed about for years. Even with kids, it would have been fun, but something tells me that this might be something special. After watching the ship leave the Bay, we take the girls to our staterooms. They are very nice, King size beds, portholes looking out onto the ocean, and our rooms are next to each other and have adjoining doors. Since they didn't bring any clothes, I open the closet and reveal a whole new wardrobe I purchased for her just for this trip. We decided to freshen up a little, so Michael and Shawna go to their room to get ready also. I've taken out of the closet the dress that I would like for her to wear tonight. She quickly starts to change, and while getting dressed, she starts looking around for the panties that go with his outfit. I tell her there are none. This is part of my plan. She smiles at me, and I tell her how terrific she looks in the dress, and that she is giving me a hard-on just looking at her. The plan is to meet Michael and Shawna at the restaurant at 9 p.m., so we start to head up there now. I can't help but notice some of the double takes Pam is attracting from other guys on the ship, and it makes me feel proud of her. I asked her how it feels to have no panties on, and she tells me it makes her feel very sexy and that the same time, naked. She said it is turning her on even though know no one else knows about it. We are seated, and in a few minutes Michael and Shawna arrive, and another part of our plan is exposed. They both have on matching outfits except for the color. Pam is wearing black, and Shawna is in red. During dinner, the girls tell us how excited they are and that we did good this time. Pam is sitting across from Michael, and I am sitting across from Shawna, and even though their dresses aren't that short, as they sit there, you can see through the glass table that they are starting to creep up their beautiful thighs. Every once and a while when Shawna shifts in her chair, for a brief moment you can see up her legs enough to see she is wearing no panties either. What a great plan we had!!! Pam's dress is doing the same thing, and when she notices that we are trying to get a peak, she spreads her legs for just a second and gives us both a great flash and then gives us a sweet smile. This is turning me on, and I can't wait for the rest of the evening to play out. After dinner, we start to put the rest of our plan into action. We have reservations for the girls to get professional massages in the salon, with everything from mud baths to steam baths. Since only one can go at a time, we ask Shawna to go first. The rest of us go back to rooms to relax and wait for her to be done, approximately one hour, and then it will be Pam's turn. Pam and I lay on the bed and relax a bit by snuggling together and letting the stress of the day disappear and be replaced with the excitement of our new adventure. After a few minutes, Michael knocks and comes in, and I tell Pam it's time for the next step in our evening together. Michael lies down next to Pam so we have her sandwiched in between us. Pam is full of smiles probably anticipating the affection about to be lavished upon her. From behind, Michael is unbuttoning the back of her dress, the first step in releasing her from the bondage of her clothes. While he is doing this, her breathing gets heavier, and I can't help but passionately kiss her and whisper in her ear how much I love her and how grateful I am to have her for a wife. From behind, Michael is pulling the straps over her shoulders and slowly lowering her dress down until on my side, it exposes her breasts. I can't help but notice that her nipples are already hard and sticking straight out. Michael is kissing her on the back and on the sides of her neck, working his way up and kissing her on her ear, which causes her to close her eyes and lean back in ecstasy. After a couple of minutes of this, I grab the sides of her dress and pull them off all the way, leaving her lying there naked in all her beauty. I take the opportunity to remove my own clothes and so does Michael. I position her on her back in the middle of the bed and spread her legs apart exposing her glistening wet pussy. I can't wait so I just dive in and start running my lips up and down her pussy, back and forth, stopping only to suck on her clit, which sends shivers up and down her body every time I touch it. Michael is busy playing with her breasts, keeping her gorgeous lips occupied with his and just generally working her into a state closer and closer to oblivion. I think that if she were any more excited that her heart would stop. I reposition her so that she is on top of Michael with her pussy on his face and her head hovering above his 8 inches of pure pleasure that's very hot and hard just for her. Michael's lips take up where mine left off, giving her one of the best pussy lickings she has ever had. While he is doing this, she is holding his cock in one hand and his balls in the other, licking and kissing them over and over again like they were candy. I can see most of his cock disappear inside her mouth with such gentleness, tenderness, and love that I can almost feel every stroke she is giving him myself. While they are engaged in this mutually incredible oral sex, I grab some oil and start to massage Pam's back all the way from her shoulders to her butt hole. I can just imagine what a pleasant sensation that must be to have someone rub your back like that. I especially run my hands over the area between her waist and butt, as it seems every time I rub that spot she moans in pleasure. I spread some lubricant on her butt and let run down the crack of her ass until it runs over her butt hole. I softly rub it in, up and down her crack, stopping only to make little circular motions around her asshole and then quickly slide my finger in just a little and then out again quickly. I do this several times trying to get her to relax the muscles in her ass so that I can slide in the little blue vibrator I brought along just for such an occasion. I put some lubricant on the end of it and gently start to push it up her beautiful butthole. As it disappears and her moans grow more intense, I turn up the power almost all the way. Slowly I slide it in and out as her head bobs up and down on Michael's cock at a more feverish pace. Michael is running his tongue up in her vagina as far as he can, and I continued to massage her butt and back. Pam is showing signs of coming so we slow down the stimulus just a little so we can prolong her ecstasy. She lies on her side this time facing Michael with me behind her. I quickly reach around and start playing with her nipples as she passionately slides her tongue in Michael's mouth. With one hand she grabs Michael's cock and guides it to her pussy where she rubs the head of it up and down against her clit several times mixing his pre-cum with hers. I slide my cock from behind her through her legs so that the end of both our cocks are bumping into each other as they slide against her waiting pussy. She fondles both of them at the same time in her hand. She then takes his and slides it inside her waiting and wet pussy. After a couple of strokes from him and some deep moans of pleasure from her, she reaches around and guides my cock against her asshole and asks me to slowly work it in. It doesn't take much persuasion because she is very relaxed and incredibly turned on and horny. I can feel Michael's cock rub against mine inside her, and I try to develop a rhythm that accentuates that. I try to make my cock slide inside her as his is sliding out. That way our cocks rub together in passing, causing both of us to heighten the feeling of being inside of her. Pam is practically crying with pleasure, and she whispers that if either of us ever leaves her for any reason, she will kill us both. She starts bucking back and forth in complete abandon as she starts to come. This triggers the cum to well up inside my balls, and I cannot control myself any longer, and I take as many long, swift strokes up her ass as I can before cum just bursts out the end of my cock filling her ass. I can also feel Michael's cock throbbing just like mine inside her pussy as he pours his cum inside her as far as his 8-inch cock can reach. It must be like having two vibrators going full blast inside her at the same time. We all just lay there exhausted without a word being said for several minutes. Finally, Pam gets up to go to the bathroom, and I can't help but see our love juices running down her legs. I hope we satisfied her, I know she sure satisfied us. We all get dressed, and there is a knock at the door and Shawna comes in. She tells Pam that the salon is waiting for her now and that she is really going to enjoy this, it felt terrific. Pam winks and both of us as she leaves and replies that nothing could feel as good as what she just went through. Shawna lays back on the bed to relax, and Michael and I look at each other to see if we have anything left in us to complete the rest of our plan for the night. I don't think either of us anticipated the energy that Pam would demand out of both of us to satisfy her. Day One was quite a success. I can't wait to see what the next day has in store. Day 2 We awaken early, at 7 a.m., to a spectacular day just off the coast of Mexico close to our first port of call. There isn't a cloud in the sky and temperature is a perfect 85 degrees. Pam and I take turns showering and then get dressed for the day. While she was in the shower, I get out the new summer dress I bought for her just for the occasion. It is a beautiful white summer dress with flower patterns and straps holding on her shoulders. She looks adorable in it and should catch more than a few double takes from the guys in it. Michael bought the same dress for Shawna, so they should look like twins. (Double your pleasure, double your fun). We meet Michael and Shawna at the breakfast buffet at 8 a.m., and I was right, they do sort of look like twins. While eating, we go over any possible itineraries any of us might have while on shore. The girls naturally want to go shopping, so we decided to just go to town and then play it by ear. After breakfast, we catch the shuttle into town and play tourists. The girls are much more excited about this part than we are and Michael and I find ourselves wandering off to the local sportfishing shops to check out the fishing trips etc. We find one place that will rent you your own boat and snorkeling equipment and show you some good places to go. Now, this is more up our alley. We go back and find the girls and try to convince them that we have a good plan. We agree that they can shop for an hour more while we get everything rented and ready to go at the dock. An hour later we are off on our adventure. The place we rented the boat at said that if we went down the coast for about an hour, we would find cove after cove of secluded beaches and would probably not see another person all day. The water is crystal clear and very warm, almost too warm for me, but just the way the girls like it. We find an absolutely beautiful beach in our own private cove and drive the boat onto the shore to unload. This little adventure was not in our original plan for today, so there is one thing I didn't think of when we left the ship, swimsuits. Oh well, will just have to tough it out, won't we? The girls don't believe us that we forgot the swimsuits. They think we did it on purpose. If I had thought of it ahead of time, I probably would have done it on purpose. The boat came with all kinds of snorkeling gear, a big beach blanket, towels, etc. Michael and I had them pack sandwiches and drinks also. I can't wait, so after getting the beach set up and the boat anchored properly, I grab some snorkeling gear, strip off my clothes, and head for the water. It is like floating in the air. The water is warm, and so clear you cannot see it at all. It gives you the most exhilarating feeling you can imagine. Being naked also makes you feel totally free. There are beautiful fish everywhere. I can see Michael has decided to come in too and is swimming out to where I am. Neither of us can believe how beautiful it is. We call for girls to come and they start to get undressed and put their snorkeling gear on. Once in, they can't believe it either. The fish, the crystal clear warm water, and the feeling of freedom being naked while swimming in our own little paradise. I decide I'm going to remember this as Fantasy Cove II, remembering Pam and my adventure years ago at Lake Mojave when we found a similar cove and named it Fantasy Cove. The girls look great naked underwater too. With nothing on but swim fins and a mask, their beautiful bodies hang suspended in the water like they are weightless and just floating on air. Watching them swim has given me a hard-on, and I'm slightly embarrassed as I can't hide it from them. While at the surface after spotting it, Pam tells me I'd better be careful a fish doesn't get the wrong idea and think it's a meal. Ha, Ha. We dive together and frolic in the water like kids. We fondle and kiss and playfully grab each other's private places. After 30 minutes or so of this, the girls decide to go ashore and rest while we continue to explore. The whole experience just kind of lures you further and further away to see what you might find just passed the next rock outcropping. So for another hour or so we do just that. Upon returning to the beach, we notice that the girls are lying on their backs, very close, on the blanket. They are facing and seem to be talking to each other. All of a sudden, Shawna reaches over and kisses Pam tenderly on the lips. Pam responds by rolling on her side and putting her arm around Shawna and giving her a great big kiss back. I don't think they see us, so we stay where we are and decide to watch for a moment. Just our masks are sticking out of the water, so I didn't think they would see us unless they looked hard. We move in as close as we can over by a big rock sticking out of the water, which further conceals us. Pam takes one of Shawna's breasts in her hand and is kneading it all around while they kiss each other over and over. Pam then moves her lips down to Shawna's breast and starts to tenderly suck on it. She is running her tongue around and around her nipple and then swallowing it in her mouth. She moves to the other breast as Shawna just lies there in complete relaxation, doing nothing but enjoying Pam's touches. We are in a perfect position to see everything and either they have forgotten about us, or they don't care if we see them at all. Either way, this is a total turn-on watching them love each other. Pam lies back for a moment, and Shawna takes her cue and starts to do the same thing to Pam. With both hands on her boobs, she is squeezing and pinching her nipples and gently sucking on them. Her breasts are swollen and her nipples are sticking straight up the air as she plays with them. Oh, how I would love to have one in my mouth right now! But this is better, at least for now. There is something naughty about watching someone doesn't know you are watching them, and it is thrilling. Shawna continues to move down Pam's body with her lips until she reaches her pussy. She gently nudges Pam's legs apart exposing Pam's almost quivering pussy lips. I can see her slowly spread them apart and run her tongue the whole length of Pam's vagina, stopping only to tease her clit with the very tip her sensuous tongue. This is really making Pam horny. I can hear her making moaning sounds as she lays there and her body is starting to tremble. Shawna takes her finger and slides in Pam's cunt as far as she can and continues to torture her with her tongue. After what seems to be an eternity, Pam has Shawna get in a 69 position with her so that they can both please each other at the same time. With her eyes closed, Pam is spreading Shawna's neatly shaven pussy apart with her lips and thrusting her tongue up her hole as far and she can. At the same time, she is massaging the cheeks of her ass with both hands, stopping only to play with her asshole every few minutes. Pam reaches around and put her finger in Shawna's cunt and gets it good and wet. She then starts to slide it slowly up Shawna's cute little asshole. A little at first, then finally all the way in. Shawna's hips are rolling around and around, enjoying every ounce of pleasure that Pam's giving her. Pam asks Shawna to do the same to her ass, and before long, the two of them are convulsing back and forth, moaning louder and louder until each is having an orgasm that is almost unimaginable. I look over at Michael, and it is clear that this has made the two of us very horny also. The girls lay back on the blanket in total relaxation. I don't think you could get them up for anything. We decided to make our entrance, but we can't quite hide the fact that we have hard-ons. They see us emerge out of the water and Pam says, "My, my, what do we have here?" We smile, say nothing, and just dry off little and lay down next them. We are all lying there on our backs relaxing when Pam's hand slides over my leg until she has my cock in her hand. She softly rubs it, and it quickly springs back to life. I roll to my side and start to kiss her lightly on the lips. This is igniting another flame in both of us. Before long, I am kissing her as hard as I can and squeezing her buns. I roll over on her, spreading her legs apart with mine, and slowly slide my very hot cock up inside her hot pussy. We are fucking slowly at first, but the more we do it, the better it feels, and the faster we go. This has also prompted Michael and Shawna next to us to heat up their romance also. I can see Pam watching Michael's cock disappear and reappear over and over again inside Shawna. I think this really turns her on watching someone else make love. I know it turns me on. Pam's body and mine almost entirely become one as we are hugging each other as close as we can with every inch of skin between us touching and sliding against each other. Before long, we can't contain ourselves anymore and in complete abandon shake and shiver in each other's arms until we have each experienced the most intense orgasm ever. Right before I came, something Pam said to me once while making love on the floor in the living room flashed through my brain. "It feels like love." There is no better way to say it. After another snorkeling trip by the four of us, we pack up and head back to the dock. Then after turning the boat in and returning on the shuttle, we all shower, change our clothes, and meet at the dinner table together. We reminisce about our day together and agree that this trip couldn't be better. After dinner, we head to the dance floor for a while, just to end this night. While Michael and Shawna are dancing, Pam nervously asks me if I would mind if she spent the night in Michael's room tonight. She said she would only do it if Shawna doesn't mind and if Shawna wants to spend the night with me. This would be the first time we ever did something with another person without both of us being together. I think about it for a minute and tell her it would be okay with me with one condition. That she would sit down soon after and write me a letter telling me what they did and what it was like. I told her I would write her letter about what it was like being with Shawna also if she liked. Pam agreed to my terms, and when Shawna and Michael return to the table, Pam shuttle's her off to the powder room to work out the details. What a trip, and we aren't done yet! Day 3 The sun streaks through the portholes and lands its warm rays across my body and wakes me up. I lay there for a moment and try to collect my thoughts. I look over and remember that this is not Pam lying next to me as usual, and remember Pam's plan to spend the night separately. All the memories of being with Shawna last night start to flood my mind and then my imagination goes into overtime trying to imagine how Pam's night was. I can't wait till she writes me her story describing her first evening alone with Michael without me. Just then, there is a soft knock on the door that separates Michael's and our room, and Pam walks in with a big smile on her face. She must have had a great night because she is in a great mood. She walks over and gives me a big kiss and then lays down next to me. Shawna wakes up, and the three of us just lay there relaxing and basking in the warm sunlight coming through the window. After a little while, Pam tells me, that since this is the last day, they have a little present they want to give me. I ask her what the occasion is and she tells me that it is a little thank you present for the three-day cruise that we planned for them. She also tells me that if I want it, I must go and take a shower and get cleaned up. With great anticipation, I go and take a wonderful warm shower and try to imagine what might be ahead for me. I gotta tell you, this is a great way to start a day. With my imagination running wild, I soon have a warm sensation in my cock and feel it steadily getting larger and larger the more I think about them. After showering, I come back into the bedroom, and Pam tells me to lie down while she and Shawna get ready. They disappear into the bathroom and start the shower and both hop in. They have left the door slightly open, and from my position, I can see the reflection in the mirror of the two of them taking a shower together. It is a small shower with not very much room for two, but that seems to be just fine with them. Pam has a bar of soap in her hand and is gently washing Shawna's breasts, whipping the soap into a rich lather, washing first one and then the other. She works her way down to her stomach and then slides the of soap between her legs and runs its back and forth over her pussy. This is really getting me horny just watching, and I position myself on the bed to get the best view. Pam reaches around with her other hand and starts to wash Shawna's ass. With one hand she is rubbing Shawna's pussy back and forth, and every couple of seconds one of her fingers disappears inside of her. With her other hand, she is playing with Shawna's ass. My cock has grown very large now, and I can't help but stroke it little while I watch them. It seems now its Pam's turn to get all lathered up. Shawna is rubbing both of Pam's boobs in her hands and gently leans forward and gives her a passionate girl to girl kiss. As they kiss, I can see their boobs rubbing against each other so sensuously that it is driving me crazy. I can see their nipples rubbing against each other, back and forth, getting harder and larger the longer they rub together. If I watch this much longer, I am going to make myself come. Shawna's hands work their way down to Pam's waiting pussy and lovingly rub her with the bar of soap back and forth against her cunt. Letting the shower rinse the soap off her a little, Shawna kneels down in front of Pam and starts to kiss and lick Pam's beautiful trimmed pussy. I can see Pam trying to spread her legs apart farther and farther to allow Shawna's tongue to get up inside her as far as possible. Shawna sucks on Pam's clit as Pam's head rolls back and her moans get louder and louder as she comes because of the sensations Shawna is sending through her. After a few more minutes, the two of them get out of the shower and start to dry off. Pam decides now it's time to shut the door. All of a sudden it hits me that they left the bathroom door open on purpose knowing that I could see them in the mirror. Pam knows about my fetish of watching her with other people, so I guess she was giving me one of my fantasies. When they return to the room, they are both dressed in the cutest lingerie I have ever seen. I saw the Frederick's of Hollywood's store downstairs on the ship, so I guess they stopped in and stocked up. Pam has on the beautiful yellow peek-a-boo type of baby doll lingerie that really looks great on her. It is kind of modest looking, but it leaves your imagination running wild as to what she is hiding under it. I can't wait to slide my hands under the beautiful soft material and explore every inch of her for myself. Shawna has on a gorgeous pink satin and lace outfit with matching pink nylons that come halfway up her thighs. She also has on these beautiful fingerless pink gloves that top off the whole thing. I have always understood why one woman could be attracted to another because of their natural beauty, but with an outfit like this one on, it's no wonder why Pam is attracted to her. Who wouldn't be? They both give me a short little show as they enter the room and Pam remarks that by the look of the bulge under the sheets, maybe she should have shut the bathroom door sooner. I tell her I'm glad she didn't because that was the best show I have ever seen, and anyway, I saved myself for them. They both lay down next to me, Pam on the left and Shawna on the right and cuddle next to me motionless for a minute. I can't keep my hands to myself, so I slide my left hand under Pam's yellow underwear and gently start rubbing her cute little butt. It feels so good in my hand, her wonderfully baby soft skin, that I could rub it for hours. I slide my right hand under Shawna's cute little pink outfit and find an equally soft butt to massage. I am in seventh heaven. I have always dreamed of making love to Pam with another woman there, and now it is finally happening. I whisper in Pam's ear how much I love for this and how much into means to me and then give her most passionate kiss I have inside of me. She gives me a big smile back and just whispers 'You're welcome, but it's not over yet.' She gently starts stroke my cock, and like they have a plan, Shawna starts to fondle my balls in one of her hands. My already alert cock begins to get even stiffer, and I can feel it getting hotter and hotter in the girl's hands. Much more of this, and I might have a premature explosion of the best kind. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Pam and Shawna slide down to my waist and start to play with my cock with her mouths. Pam runs her tongue up and down the sides of my cock and Shawna kisses and sucks on the head at the same time. I am looking down at them while they are doing this and I feel like I am in a dream. They are both looking back at me with this naughty little smile on the faces. Shawna starts to kiss my balls, and this gives Pam more room to swallow almost all of my cock with her gorgeous lips. My cock disappears and reappears from her mouth several times, and the warmth of her lips and mouth around me feels almost as good as being inside of her beautiful pussy. I ask Pam to remove her panties and come up here and face Shawna as she straddles my face and lowers her beautiful warm pussy over my waiting lips. She complies, and I start to give her the best tongue fucking I have ever given her. Shawna picks up where Pam left off by running her tongue up the side of my cock until she reaches the top and then swallows almost the whole thing. Her lips repeat this over and over, up and down, until I begin to feel the come starting to rise up inside of me until it reaches a point that I couldn't stop it even if I wanted to. It starts to pour out of my cock into Shawna's waiting mouth, while all this time I'm kissing Pam's pussy as a hard as I can and am driving my tongue up inside her as far as I can. I start to relax a little, but I am still so turned on by the two of them that my cock remains stiff and ready for more. Shawna notices this so she faces Pam and straddles my cock and with one hand guides it between her pussy lips and lets it slide up inside her as far as it will go. The two of them are facing each other just inches apart, close enough so that their bouncing boobs are rubbing against each other creating an even higher level of excitement between the three of us. Pam removes the yellow baby doll top she has on and throws it aside and then pulls the straps of Shawna's outfit down over her shoulders and down to her waist until her gorgeous breasts are rubbing together with Pam's in all their naked beauty. As I am kissing Pam's pleasure spot, I can reach up and play with whole four of their boobs at once. They are so close, I can actually play with both of their nipples in one hand at the same time. So with both hands I play with all four of their nipples at once. I can feel the heat coming from them, and I can feel them getting harder and harder. We continue like this for several more minutes until the passion we all feel reaches a level that none of us can contain anymore. Pam and Shawna embrace each other in their arms as they passionately kiss each other. All this time Shawna's pussy is sliding up and down my cock, and Pam's pussy is sliding back and forth over my lips and tongue. The moans grow louder and louder until I start to shoot my come inside her again and the two of them shake and quiver in each other's arms as they drive their cunts down on me as hard as they can. It seems like an eternity of bliss as we all come together, but eventually, they both fall back to the bed in complete exhaustion. I pull both of them close to me as we just lay there holding each other for several long minutes. We all exchange kisses of gratitude. I explain that if I had known they would give me a thank you present like this, I would have gotten cruise tickets a long time ago. Pam tells me they will meet me later on deck because she and Shawna have one more person to thank if you know what she means. What a wonderful three-day trip. I can't wait to do something like this again.
  13. where is a good swingers vacation for first time swingers? The wife and I are looking to go to one for our anniversary.
  14. We usually couple swap. Not clear that anyone else in the group did. We went to one semi-naked party where everyone stared at each other. We had a hot tub encounter with another couple. We attended a party where they were putting whipped cream on women’s boobs and licking it off. We left early, not excited to have entire party lick wife’s boobs. Some guys not her speed. We asked another couple to come to our room to play after massive flirting by their husband. They said yes. Then they did not show up and did not call. We called them and got a stuttering excuse. We presume they flirt, don’t play. Our bad, should’ve vetted better. No one asked us to play. We are reasonably attractive for our age (my wife more so) and we were within the average age of the group. Find it odd. Lots of show, no go. We had a great time anyway.
  15. 20 years married and the lifestyle hasn’t been brought up. Wife wants a cruise and I brought up the adult and she thought about for a couple weeks and said yes but only soft swap I think you would call it? Said she would probably do oral and touching for us both. My question would this go over well in the community?
  16. Hi all! Anyone else cruising this wonderful new ship next year?
  17. My wife and I just booked our first Bliss Cruise for April 2019. We are extremely excited for this cruise as this will be our first time ever doing anything like this. We’re going on 8 years of marriage and really like the idea of trying new things, just very nervous about trying new things. We’re super strong in our marriage and are looking forward to going to meet and greets to ease into the “swing” of things. Lol. At the end of the day, this will be an awesome cruise away from the kids and a great chance to relax.
  18. I've been looking at resorts and cruises, but feel that it's a bit disappointing that many either a) don't allow single people or b) charge an insane supplemental fee. While I understand they have their own reasons to not allow singles, I can't help feeling it's that nagging stereotype that singles will cause drama. Thoughts?
  19. This is not the first time this has happened to us but we are never sure how to handle it. We are having a drink at a restaraunt bar waiting for our table and this couple starts chatting us up. They weren't bad looking but we both got the feeling they were swingers looking to pick us up. We were close to home so we let it go because we were afraid maybe we know them from somewhere else (like kids school). Very frustrating to not be able to know if someone is a swinger without asking them (which we will never do). Any ideas?
  20. Couples Cruise Review, November 11-18, Freedom of the Seas. As I write this I am wobbly still from the boat that is suppose to be moving around me yet inexplicably is not in my home, just shy of bone tired, and recovering from what is the best vacation my wife and I have had, period. Needless to say we had a good time. Several good times. But anyways I digress. I may add more to this review as time goes on and my head is more clear, but I wanted to write it down now as its still fresh in my memory. I was going to write an organized review, but instead I give you a rambling narrative. Its what my mind is able to handle right now. You, gentle reader, may recall my review from the last Couples Cruise we went on in 2011. Most of my issues with that cruise were with Royal Caribbean and not Couples Cruise directly. I'd like to say most of those issues have been resolved. This is good that I'd like to say it, because in fact they were mostly resolved. This ship was much cleaner, food was improved (still not as good as RC used to be), the staff was mostly excellent, and the only issues were the overwhelmed waiters in the main dinning hall who didn't know how to handle the random seating very well with the multitude of wine packages and non-constant tables. I'm quite surprised they just don't have a card reader for your Sea Pass card they can swipe and get your wine package etc from but my guess is normally that sort of thing isn't needed. Over all I have few complaints about RC beyond the usual nickel and dollaring on things like alcohol, but thats the same on all cruises outside of expensive smaller ships. So lets get into the meat of it with some descriptions of the experience as my guess is most of you reading this are thinking, at least partially about going on such a cruise but are skeptical or worried how it would turn out. I'm going to have to go vulgar on this one, so those of you more sensitive readers may wish to cover your eyes for a moment, but it turned out fan-fucking-tastic. Ok, you can open your eyes again, its safe to proceed for now. Just a disclaimer if you were on this same cruise, I will only be reviewing or talking about things which we personally did or I at least got a VERY good report on from someone we trusted. We did not take advantage of every aspect of entertainment on the ship. For example we did not see the ships comedian , which we heard sucked from people we trusted. He apparently opened with a line that the ship should be renamed Herpes of the Sea (or something as such) and spent most of his time insulting swingers (openly gay comedian btw). So I think he missed the mark there on his material. There was a swinger comedian (as in she was a swinger as well) but we missed her show and did not get a good report on it. There were other classes through the Couples Cruises which were swinger/sex related and we did not attend any of those. In part because in some ways, while all the information was readily available, it wasn't as clear as on our past cruise. That was only a small part though. The main part was we were having to much fun with people to want to take the time. So before I get into more specifics I'll give you a typical day (at Sea) that you would experience. First depending on your age/fit status/hangover/ and how late you were up the night before, you would wake up. At least I would hope so. For us that was often horribly early considering the night before, but kids does that to you, and sleeping past 8am is a rarity. So you get up and have breakfast like any other cruise, at least we did. We would get back to our room and shower and apply sunscreen ALL over. In case you were wondering, spray on sunscreen sort of burns on your penis. I'm not sure why its only the skin of the penis that does this, but it feels much like Ben Gay or warming lotion. We would then put on our “bathing suit” which rarely got wet, hit the pool deck and get naked. I'd say maybe 30-40% of the people would be fully nude. The rest would be topless (for women) or on the more prudish side. It could have been a higher % nude, I really wasn't counting. You will also find a few more RC people on deck “observing” then I think is normal, but why not let them look, everyone else is, and they are not allowed to touch. We were VERY luck and early in our trip ran into a group of swingers from a Western US city (which shall remain unnamed just for privacy) who took us into their fold and by the end of the trip doubled their size (from 6 couples and one single to 12 couples and the single). These guys were awesome and really helped make our trip great. We didn't hang out with them every night or every event, but did 4 of the 7 days. Its finding a group like this which turned a “good” trip into a “awesome” one. I am trying to think how I could replicate such a group for our next cruise, but I don't think we will be that lucky again. But anyhow, we would hang out in the hot tubs and pools for several hours, basically all nude, and often quite literally frolicking. While the rule was no overt sex outside of play rooms and cabins, there was still a lot of light touching, hugging, that sort of thing going on. After several hours of this we would wonder down to dinner where the food was very good and the service somewhat confused. Meals in the main dinning room would take upwards of two hours, but based on the company we had (both this group and another ad hoc group we joined for a day) it was not a real issue. The parties didn't start usually till 10 or so and there wasn't much to do at that point. At times we found we were in pain from laughing. It was a good time. Then would come the “theme” party. Some better than others. We didn't bring costumes for all (which was a mistake) but still had a blast with them, from both being part of it, and just watching people. Lets not forget this is a group of 1000's of swingers, and some are more “alt lifestyle” than others. Some were rather prudish, some sexy, some slutty, and some just freaky. All in fun though. Some parties had productions on the promenade deck with dancing and effects, others were just dress up and go dance on the pool deck or in the (covered) ice rink. These tended to include a lot of making out, touching, dancing, and eventually heading to the play room or cabin. Now this was a typical day for us and the group we hung out with. It was our speed and our type of play. Again though this is not just a cruise it was a city of swingers. By the end of the cruise, swinging seemed less a “lifestyle” and more just “life”. Many people were joking that by the end of the cruise that we would have to retrain ourselves that grabbing someones ass while giving them a kiss was not a normal hello for strangers and the like. Being a city of swingers, you had swingers which I think didn't leave the playroom for the entire trip unless it was closed. I spoke with one of the Couples Cruise people when she looked VERY tired one morning and she said she was up past 4am (it was about 830am) and had a hell of a time getting people to leave the main playroom. They turned on the lights, made announcements, and practically pulled the sheets out from under people to get them to move. There was also a BSDM play room (we never saw it), a “Dark room” where you had to feel your way, and a hall pass room (which apparently became used as a second play room (who's to say who's on a hall pass really) since really the first one was WAY to small for demand). We only made it down to the play room once and after basically wandering around a couple of laps looking for an open bed gave up. It was like looking for a parking space at a mall on Christmas Eve. Also a lot of people were complaining about the smell (you can guess what) which was rather strong. While we decided it wasn't our thing, much as we did the last cruise, it was obviously VERY popular, too popular in terms of space. Now as for the “types” of swingers on board. Being there were 1000's, it quite frankly included all types. There were swingers one toe out of the grave, and 20 somethings. There were fat ones, short ones, tall ones, fit ones, body builder ones. There were the LA style pretty people who thought they were too good to talk to anyone but their own 'kind', and some people that looked like they came out of an episode of “Swamp People” (and I'm not using hyperbole). There were also nudists who were very annoyed that Castaways travel didn't seem to feel the need to mention that “clothing optional” cruising would be really a lifestyle event, not a nudist one. This seems to be a common problem for nudists, you would think they would have learned by now. I did see a castaways post card advertising one of the upcoming cruises, and the only hint it would be a swingers cruise was the line that it was through “Couples Cruises” or something like that, so I do think they had a point. Like any swing party, even a week long one, if you are shy and hope to be approached, odds are you will stay by yourselves. Everyone was very respectful of boundaries that we saw, and we even ran into a completely vanilla couple on the ship, who while sticking to themselves were at least completely safe from us swinger types. The shore excursions were the typical RC style ones, though the RC island allowed full nudity, and there were other clothing optional ones. We did have our only real disappointment and moment we felt ripped off on our second excursions. It was a pool party at “Black Beards Estate” and it cost some 40 dollars each (I think it was slightly more). It was grossly over crowded and they should have stopped counting dollars signs and thought about guess experience. We did have a very good time but only because we met some great people to talk to, we could have done that on board. So we sat in our one area with a beach towel (luckily one of the group got off on the first bus and got a space), and chatted until it was over. We had our ONE “free” rum punch drink, and then a cash bar. My wife had a Pepsi, she thought it tasted odd, and found it expired in July. I had a beer, mine expired in September. It wasn't enough to make me angry and demand a refund, we were having too good a time to be pissy about anything, but it does make me rethink taking such arranged parties in the future. To be fair as well I don't know who did the ripping off here. It could have easily been the Black Beards people overstating their capacity. Really a minor disappointment. So where was I overall for the rambling reviews (did I mention my house seems to be floating at sea). Food – 3 stars over all. (out of 5). Parties – 4 stars. Organization – 4.5 stars. Ship Cleanliness – 4 stars. Ship Crew – 4 stars. Couples Cruise People – 5 stars. Entertainment – 3 stars. Ok, let's get back to the entertainment. They had movies (including children's movies) going, I'm sure they are the standard RC ones). A lame magic show where the magician seemed to just want to make sure we liked him on Facebook, an ice show which also seemed out of place on a cruise but was entertaining, a comedian who bombed but kept plowing on, some on deck activities which were pretty funny (the Cruise director is amusing). There were swinger related bits as well which we all missed but we fun on the last cruise so I'd assume they were good here too. Ok, I'm on page 4 of single spaced review, so I'm taking a break here. I will continue my review later. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask.
  21. Since joining a handful of lifestyle sites over the past few weeks we've seen a tremendous amount of ads for "lifestyle cruise takeovers". Some of these HUGE ships are already completely booked up... that's like thousands of swingers all in one place!!! My wife and I have gone on some regular cruises and LOVE them. We can't even imagine taking our love of cruises and combining it with a lifestyle club that is about 2,000 people big and lasts for 4 days straight! So, is it true: Do these really book up that fast and with only swinging couples? Also, on a "regular" cruise you have some people who just stay on the boat and some that do shore excursions when the boat docs at the ports of call. Do you all think that on a lifestyle cruise that more people are staying on the boat when compared to a vanilla cruise? We've never stayed on the boat at a port of call, but I know we'd probably be way more inclined to stay on the boat if it was full of party swingers!
  22. Being this is our fourth Couples Cruise and my third couples cruise review. I'm going to approach this one a bit differently and more to the point. If you are new to the idea of CC cruises, please read my other reviews to get a good idea of what to expect and experience. The second link is outdated, but perhaps informative on a clueless newbs perspective. This review will be more focused on this particular cruise and the lifestyle oriented excursions. First, the ship: Freedom of the Seas. This ship is one of the bigger RC ships, and while you can see shes getting a bit “tired” in places, its still very nice. I read the next Nov cruise will be on a newer ship, but if it was the Freedom I wouldn't complain. Second, the crew/service: Very nice as usual. The main dining room was still slow and something of a mess at times, but we only had “bad” service once (last day of course). Otherwise things were maybe slightly improved from previous cruises. Many of the crew seemed to be enjoying themselves on the cruise. Third, the food: If you read my first review, I complained a lot about the food. The food was far better on the last Nov and April cruises and even slightly improved for this one, so RC got their act together. Ok thats the boring stuff, what about the swinging, lifestyle, sex stuff? Well we had a really really good time but yea anyways on to the less specific.... First let me state that the hardest part about being off the ship is remembering that “pat the ass” is NOT acceptable behavior when you greet a woman you know. Neither is french kiss, boob groping, or doing an underwear check. This makes me sad, but alas... There were the usual play rooms (minus the darkroom) and the usual complaints about not enough beds in the main play room, but otherwise no changes there. The Chocolate room was moved to its own area which seemed a good idea as well. This is all second hand as we never even made it into the playrooms for our usual “walk around, too full, lets find a stateroom”. I didn't hear a lot of complaints though beyond the lack of beds after 11pm or so. The Parties were the usual wonderful insanity you get when you combine a LOT of swingers, alcohol, and freedom to be themselves. In other words they were off the hook and a blast. But let me get to one issue we had with the parties. They started usually at 11pm and often went to 2-3am. The usual in our circle seemed to be dinner, hang out in front of the “bull and bear” pub waiting for people to show up, wait some more, go to the dance floor, figure out that nights play partners, stateroom, 3am buffet. Why so late is the question EVERYONE was asking. We have a ship full of swingers, we don't need babysitters, we have been hanging out ALL day, no one was at work, we are ready to have fun! We heard this from a lot of couples, from 20's to 60's in age. And while we found the late nights a bit annoying (we are getting to old for 3am every day) I do have to wonder if the parties started earlier if the people complaining would show up. It seems having sex in the WEEE hours of the morning is a swinger tradition in the non-playroom crowd. The playroom crowd seems to ignore the parties all together and gets down to business. So while a 9pm start would have been nice, especially on the day the party officially didn't start until 12pm, I won't claim to know it would have been better. I will say this though, I'd guess that Red Bull sales were a large part of RC's profit. Being people have had this complaint every cruise, I'm guessing its one of those things people complain about but is still necessary. Theme nights: A lot of people this cruise really got into the theme nights, and there were some pretty elaborate costumes. I am happy to say though, we were the only smurfs on blue night and my wife makes a perfect smurfette. If you go, bring costumes, they are fun. Classes/shows/etc: I can't really give a good review here because this cruise more than any others we took less advantage of these activities as we were busy taking advantage/being taken advantage of, by fellow guests. We did see one show, that they swinger oriented for this cruise (the Quest show) and it was very good, but the only reason we saw it, is we were waiting for the party to start, at 12, and since the show ran late the party started at 12:30. Personally I call this a good thing, we took a vanilla cruise and you NEEDED the shows to pass the time and avoid being insanely bored. On a CC cruise, being bored is a choice Excursions: We did the lifestyle excursions exclusively this trip. That was a clothing optional beach on Jamaica run by the Hedo people, and a clothing optional water park on Cozumel. Both were quite good. The Water Park was outstanding, clean, fun, and we had a good time there, food was basic. The Jamaican one was a bit more crowded, but the food was excellent (jerk pork and chicken). I was a bit leery because the only time I've felt honestly ripped off on these cruises was a excursion we had to “Black Beards Estate” which was close to 100 per person, OVER crowded, and they served expired food and drink. We were taken advantage of in that one. I don't know the story behind that one, but on this cruise they were outstanding and well worth the money, and my hunch is that the company on the Island is to blame for the bad experience as everything CC has done has been very good. Meet and Greets: This they mixed up a bit from our earlier cruises. Almost daily they had M&G's for various play types and over/under 45. This was nice, being you didn't “miss” the M&G and never had another chance. The hard part was getting people there are the same time. The under 45 was almost always done in Studio B, which is the ice rink/dance floor. The problem was its HUGE, and people would arrive, see no one there, leave. Another group would do the same 5 minutes later etc. Bar venues would probably work better but either way it was still a nice attempt to bring new couples together. Some of them were very well attended, some empty (due to the flow). We got to know 2 of the couples cruise couples well and when they worked it we helped create a sort of “critical mass” of people and had good attendance. Ages: I am editing this in as I forgot to mention it. Age ranges on this cruise seemed more spread out than some of our past ones. We had NO problem finding couples our ages, and there seemed to even be a good sized crowd in their 20's. While on our first cruise we felt like the "kids" on the cruise, this cruise we were definitely not in the youngest group. Commentary: On a personal level we have a hard time rating this cruise compared to our past ones. It was outstanding in some ways, and less so in others. Its 100% based on the people we meet. I asked my wife where she would put this cruise in “ratings” with our last two (our first was our worst but that was due to our newbieness) and she couldn't place it either. All have been different and all have been fun and its all about who you meet and how social you want to be. We are torn right now if we will be doing the cruise next May and November. The reason we are torn is we have friends going on both who we really like, the kind that makes us wish we could move to other cities, and its a chance to be with them again. We are doing November for sure and keeping our fingers crossed on May. May the babysitting god smile upon us. Which brings me to another interesting thing about these cruises. There is definitely a “cruise community” of sorts now. We met more people on their 2nd plus cruise than on their first. I'm not sure what the ratio was, but a good number were not newbies. Many we had met before, or at the very least seen. There were lots of friendly people who were not our play type but still great to talk to we got to chat with and hang out with from past cruises. My wife, has enjoyed them so much that she wants to see if she can do official pole dancing classes (shes a certified instructor). Every cruise she has been giving impromptu lessons on the outdoor poles set up and we had quite a group going our last sea day (despite high winds). Not sure if thats even possible, but it shows how these events have become part of our lives, even if its only 2 weeks a year or so. We also got lucky in that three of the couples working for CC were from our home town. We had never met them before, and hope to see them soon locally. All I can say is these cruises have been something we look forward to for months in advance, and I'd like to thank Bob, Wayne, and the hard working (they really do) CC members for making these a reality.
  23. This is a continuation of our story “The Cruise”... The day after we partied with Lynn and Steve the wives treated themselves to a spa treatment and massage. The next few days just flew by. We spent a lot of time with Lynn and Steve, as well as a lot of quality time for just the two of us. Over the next few days, we spent time in the pool and in the hot tub on deck. In short, we just enjoyed everything that a cruise has to offer. We enjoyed the ports of call together. We spent time on the beaches, the nightlife, and just checking out the sights. The toughest thing for us during the rest of the cruise was picking what things we wanted to do over those things we didn’t have time to do. The one thing we always seemed to find time for was the sex. Whether it was the four of us, just Linda and me, or one spouse with the other spouse, we enjoyed it all. Being with Lynn and Steve had turned into one of those rare occasions where everybody clicked and honestly enjoyed the company of everybody else. I do not remember what day it was, but it must have been about halfway through the cruise, while we were at sea. Linda was doing something on her own and I was just walking on deck. I saw Lynn sitting by herself at one of the tables on deck reading a book. I greeted her and sat down at her table. After getting a drink, we started to chat about nothing in particular. At one point in our conversation, I remembered her telling me that she had seen our profile on SLS. “So, you two saw our profile on SLS?” I asked her. She just smiled that mischievous smile and said, “No, not really.” I was taken aback. “I thought you said you did?” I said. “Oh, I did say that" she replied, "but I hadn't really seen it.” After smiling at me for a few seconds Lynn said, “Steve and I have been in the lifestyle for some time now. I really had no idea if you and Linda were or not. I knew that Linda turned Steve on from their interactions. I also knew that I was turned on by the idea of playing with you. What I wasn’t ready for was having our extracurricular activities becoming common knowledge back home. I just used the initials of that website. If you were in the lifestyle or at least interested in it, chances were you would recognize the site. If you had a profile on a swinger’s website, I would feel safe that whatever might happen it wouldn’t be circulated around back home.” “What would you have done if I hadn’t recognized the website and asked about it?” I asked. “I would have told you it was a site for the Soccer League of Sacramento club,” she said with a laugh. I told her that I was glad things worked out the way they did. I added that she made some old high school fantasies come true. “Some came true for me also,” she replied. The next thing that Lynn said led into an hour of conversation that proved to me just what a naive kid I had been in high school. She started with, “Do you know who really had the hots for you back in high school?” She not only told me who had the hots for me back then, she told me who was doing what with who, who wanted to do what with who, and who was doing what with who these days. All I could say when she finished was, "You don’t know how badly I wish you would have told me this twenty some years ago!" After talking to Lynn for a little over an hour, Steve joined us. A few minutes later, Linda also joined us. The four of us enjoyed watching the sun go down together. At dinner that night, the four of us were at a table with two other couples. We were all in the same age group, that being in our thirties. There just seemed to be some chemistry between all eight of us as dinner progressed. Everybody seemed to interact together very nicely. The conversations flowed between all eight of us at the table. By the end of dinner, we were more like a table of eight friends rather than a table of eight strangers. Our group of four fun seeking people grew to a group of eight fun seeking people as the night wore on. The new members of our group were Pam and her husband Bob, along with Barbra and her husband Bill. After dessert and coffee, both Lynn and Linda announced that they wanted to go dancing tonight. Both the other women at the table chimed in that they would also like to go dancing. There was no formal invitation for them to join us, it just seemed like the natural thing to do so, all eight of us left together to find someplace to dance and have fun. As we were leaving the restaurant, Lynn and Linda made a stop at the little girls’ room. I waited for them while the other five members of our group proceeded on to the bar. As the group walked out of the restaurant, Steve and the other two guys were in the lead. Pam and Barbra were behind them talking together as we walked. When Linda and Lynn rejoined me, we walked to the bar arm in arm. As we were walking through the ship toward one of the bars that we had frequented during the cruise, Lynn looked over at me and chuckled. I looked at her with a puzzled expression. “What is so funny?” I asked. “You are,” she said, laughing. What?” I asked. “You do not have a clue about the fact that Barbra wants to jump your bones, big boy.” “What are you are talking about?” I asked, puzzled by her comment. Linda chimed in by saying to Lynn, “Men think they know so much about women when they don’t really have a clue.” “I will admit,” I said, “I have no idea what you two are talking about.” "She was giving you all of the 'I want your body signs' and you did not notice any of them,” Linda said. “She did not,” I said. “Did you notice that she touched you in some way every time you two talked?” “No,” I answered, “I did not notice that.” “I rest my case,” Lynn said with a laugh, “and you are going to have to figure out for yourself what the rest of the signs were.” “You women are just too excessively complicated for me,” I told both of them. “I do not know why women cannot just do the one little thing that will let a guy know they are interested in him.” “Oh, do tell,” Lynn asked with a laugh, “what is the one little thing a woman can do to let a man know she is interested in him?” “Well, she just needs to give him a blowjob of course!” I told her. I must say that women do think alike because I was simultaneously hit in both arms at the same time by both Lynn and Linda, as they said in unison one word, “Men!” By the time we made it to the bar, the rest of the group had already found a table big enough for all of us. The group ordered drinks and I took Linda out on the dance floor. Bob, one of our new friends and Lynn were the only ones at the table when we returned from the dance floor. All the rest were on the dance floor. Linda had just enough time to take a sip of her drink before Bob asked her to dance. As they walked off Lynn looked at me and said, “Well?” “Would you like to dance?” I replied. “With just a little practice, you are getting much better at reading women,” she said with a laugh. We all danced, drank a little and laughed a lot during the next two or three hours. Everybody seemed to be having a great time and everybody seemed to be getting along well. Both Barbra and Pam were very good looking in different ways. Barbra was either Hispanic or American Indian, I think. She had a darker complexion, almond-shaped eyes, a beautiful face to go along with her great figure. Pam was a tall blond about 5’8” or 9”, nice figure and very pretty face. The bar had thinned out to just our group and a couple of other people. I ask Lynn to dance and we made our way to the dance floor, where a slow song was playing. As we danced, I asked her if she and Steve would like to come back to our cabin when we left here. “I think that all eight of us would enjoy that,” she replied. “Do you think our new friends would be open to that?” I asked. “I am not sure, but from the conversation that I have had with them, I think they would be. Why don’t you just ask them?” she added. “Okay,” I said, “let me talk to Linda about it to see if she is open to that.” “I have already talked to her about it,” Lynn said with a sly smile, “and she is open to the idea. You just need to approach them with the idea.” “Well, did you check to see if the husbands were open to a little playing?” I asked. “Sure did," she replied, "and they sure are.” When we got back to the table I walked up behind Linda, wrapped my arms around her, and kissed her neck. I then asked her if she wanted to invite the group back to our cabin to continue the party there. “Sure,” she replied, “if you want to.” I looked up at the group and said to the new members of our group, “I think we are going to take the party back to our cabin. If you would like to join us, we would like to invite you to come along. I just wanted to let you know though that it will probably get a little risqué in a non-spousal exclusive kind of way. So if you would like to join us, we would enjoy your company and if not we understand that too.” Barbra and Pam exchanged looks, then they both turned to their husbands for their reactions to the invitation. Pam looked back at me and said, “Are you talking about an orgy?” “Well, I don’t know about an orgy,” I told her, “but let me just say that there will be nudity and sex taking place. What you do or do not do and whom you do it with is totally up to you. Nobody is going to force you into anything. I just want you to know what to expect if you decide to join us. We are just planning to have fun. We are all adults and you are not going to hurt our feelings one way or the other, so if this is something you are not comfortable with, we understand. We just want to let you know that you’re welcome to join us if you would like to.” The four of them exchanged looks and Bill said, “It sounds like fun to me, but it is up to you, Barbra.” Bob said that he also thought it sounded like fun, but it was up to Pam. It was the classic husbands wanted to, but didn’t want to look too anxious in case the wife didn’t want to kind of thing. Barbra said that the whole idea excited her but she felt a little intimidated at the same time. She turned to Pam and asked her what she thought. Pam smiled and said, “Bob and I have talked about trying something like this, but just have not pursued it yet.” She then said, “We all seem comfortable with each other and I think we should go.” Barbra said, “I do too. I think we would like to take you up on your offer. I am not sure just how far we will go or how much we will participate, but we would love to join you.” “We would enjoy your company,” I told them. As we walked back to our cabin Steve, Lynn, Linda, and I led the way. The other four talked among themselves as they followed us. When we got back to our cabin, it seemed that there was a contagious case of nerves with everybody. It was one of those cases where everybody knew what we were there for but nobody wanted to make the first move. Everybody stood around talking for a few minutes. Then Linda, who never ceases to amaze me, got things going. She announced to the group that if nobody minded, she was going to get a little more comfortable because her bra was killing her. Everybody assured her that nobody minded. She walked up to me and asked me to unzip her. I pulled the zipper down the back of her dress and she let it fall to the floor. I then undid the clasps on her bra and she pulled it off. Standing there in just her panties, she said, “Now, that feels so much better.” Lynn said, “Well, I think I will join you; I feel a little confined too.” In just a matter of moments, both Linda and Lynn were standing there in just their panties. Then Linda looked at Pam and Barbra, saying, “You two should join us, your bodies are much too beautiful to keep covered up.” That was all the invitation they needed. The guys weren't far behind in getting out of their clothes and down to briefs and boxers. With all of us down to just panties, boxers, and shorts, the whole group started to get more into the party mood. Linda walked up to Pam and Barbra and complimented them on their beautiful bodies. “You two should be so proud to show off those sexy bodies,” she told them. “I know just how much work it takes to keep a great looking body like that and it’s nice to get to show it off once in a while.” I fixed a round of drinks for everybody as the conversations continued to flow. Linda was talking to Bill as I walked up to Barbra. I noticed that Bill, while busy checking out Linda’s body, was also spending a lot of time checking on Barbra’s reaction to everything going on. I felt that he wanted to give Linda a lot more attention, but didn’t want to do anything that would upset his wife and was waiting until he was sure that she was good with everything. Barbra and I were standing by the sliding glass door leading to the balcony. She looked out at the balcony and commented that she really wished that they had a cabin with a balcony. I asked her if she would like to go out and check it out, adding that we really enjoyed sitting out there at night. She slid the door open and we both walked out onto the balcony. When we got out onto the balcony, I asked her how she was doing with all this. She thought for a moment then said, “I am fine, I think. Bill and I have talked about this stuff for months now. The idea of this kind of thing turns us both on during those discussions. We have just never really met anybody that we have felt comfortable enough with to take it past the talking stage. That is until tonight,” she added. Now it was my turn to look at her and smile. I was getting a multitude of different signals from this beautiful young woman. She had removed her clothes with the thinnest of provocations from Linda, yet seemed self-conscious about her nudity. She seemed to have a desire to explore her sexuality, while at the same time seemed almost naïve about sexuality in general. Also, after being around her for the time, I had concluded that she might also be a little younger than I had first thought. By that time, I had decided that she was much more likely in her mid to late twenties instead of her thirties like the rest of us. I decided to take my time with her and not rush her into anything until she chose to. If she felt comfortable with just talking, that would be fine with me. However, if she wanted to engage in hot steamy sex, that would also be fine with me. Just looking for talking points, I asked her where she had grown up. The synopsis of what she told me was that she grew up in a small town in the Midwest. She had gone to a parochial school K-12 and then had gone to a small all-girls Catholic college near where her parents lived, during which time she was living at home with them. She had met Bill, who was the first person she had ever been serious about, after she graduated from college. She had not dated much in school and was working at her father’s company when she met Bill. When they got married, Bill went to work for his father and they had moved to California to live with his parents while they tried to save their money and find a place of their own. I had just been looking for some conversation points. What I received was an open and honest history of her life up to this point in time. When she told me that she and Bill were living with his parents, I told her that was something I did not think I would be able to do. “That must put a real damper on your sex lives,” I told her. She thought for a moment then said, “Well, if we had a sex life, I guess it would put a damper on it. Sex for us is a quiet affair in the dark with him on top, when it happens at all. I will be so happy when we are finally on our own, so we can really enjoy our sex life.” “I guess that is the most appealing thing about this to me,” she added. “It would be so nice to be able to express myself during sex and not have to worry the whole time about who might hear us. Not only would I like to enjoy some of the things I’ve only read about, but maybe advance Bill’s sexual horizons a little.” In only about five or ten minutes of conversation, I’d learned more about this young lady than most friends find out about each other after knowing them for years. Now I was the one with conflicted feeling. I wanted to have sex with this very beautiful sexy woman. At the same time, I didn’t want to feel like I was taking advantage of this naïve young woman. We stood together by the railing looking out at the water below us. “It is so beautiful out here at night,” she said. “It is beautiful,” I answered, “but it does not compare to you.” She looked over at me and smiled. “Sir, are you trying to sweet talk your way into my panties?” “Not really,” I answered. “What I am really trying to do is sweet talk you out of your panties.” She wrapped an arm around my arm, pressing her bare breast into my bicep as she did. As she rested her head on my shoulder looking out into the night, she added, “Well, your wife talked me out of the rest of my clothes, so I would say your chances are really good you’re going to talk me out of my panties.” I was enjoying this beautiful woman standing with me in the moonlight clad only in a pair of sheer panties. Pressing her breast into my arm was having its effect on me. My cock was standing fully erect, with the head sticking out of the top of the waistband of my boxers. “Would you mind if I told you a secret?” I asked. She looked up at me, saying, “No, not at all.” “Well,” I said, “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sweet talk you out of your panties or not, but your beauty and the touch of your sexy body has already got a part of me out of my boxers.” She looked down the front of me toward my crotch and the sight of my cock sticking out of the top of my boxers. When she saw my hard cock, a small moan escaped her lips. She reached down with one hand and ran her fingers over the length of my cock a few times. Each time she did she managed to expose a little more of it. When she had the majority of my cock exposed, she wrapped her fingers around it. As she stroked my cock, in a low voice she said, “You are very well endowed; it is so thick.” She lowered herself to her knees in front of me. It was more as if she was studying my cock rather than trying to stimulate me. She ran her fingers over the length of the shaft. Then over the head and wrapped her fingers around it. I felt like she wanted to do something, she just did not know what she wanted to do or what was appropriate for her to do. At one point, she gave the legs of my boxers a little tug, then looked up at me. “Go ahead,” I told her, “if you would like to pull them off, go ahead and pull them off.” She smiled like a kid opening a Christmas present as she pulled my boxers down my legs, where I stepped out of them. She touched me all over my genital area. She left no area unexamined or untouched. She pulled my cock down to where it pointed at her face. She then let go of it and it sprang back up and bounced onto my abdomen. This caused her to laugh and bounce up and down a little bit. The longer she played with my cock the bolder she got. She leaned forward at one point and ran her tongue along the length of the underside of my cock. Then she tentatively ran her tongue over the head, which she found covered with my pre-cum. She again pulled it down to where it pointed at her face. This time she maintained her grip on it as she slid her mouth over the head. It was all I could do not to cum as I watched my cock slid into her mouth. After a few minutes, I knew I was not going to be able to last much longer. I stroked her hair to get her attention. She looked up at me with my cock still in her mouth. “Would you let me try to give you a little pleasure?” I asked. She backed her head off my cock and nodded her head. I reached down and helped her to her feet. When she was standing, I bent down and kissed her. I led her over to the chair and sat her down. As she looked at me with questioning eyes, I knelt down in front of her. I reached up and took hold of the waistband of her panties. She did not say a word; she just grabbed the armrest of the chair and raised her ass off the chair. As she did, I slowly slid her panties off her hips and down her legs. With Barbra sitting naked in front of me, I placed my hands on her knees and gently spread her legs. I leaned forward, lightly kissing the inside of her thighs before kissing and licking my way to her pussy. As my caresses reached her womanhood, I could see the lips of her pussy were open and ready. Her clit was large and protruded from between the lips of her pussy. I could also see that the insides of her thighs were moist from her juices. I licked and kissed the insides of her thighs near her pussy. I ran my tongue along the area just outside the lips of her pussy, drawing a sharp inhale from her when my tongue first touched that area. I concentrated my attention in the area around her pussy but did not touch it. Barbra started to twitch and squirm a little with my touch. Then, ever so lightly, I ran my tongue completely over her opening from the base of her pussy to her clit. When my tongue touched her clit, Barbra let out a long low moan of pleasure. For the next several minutes, I used every technique that I knew to bring her pleasure with my mouth, lips, and tongue. I tongue fucked her, and sucked and licked her clit and slit. It did not take too long before her hips were rotating to my touch. Then I heard her start to moan loudly as her hips started bucking against my face. Soon with a very loud moan, she flooded my face with her juices. When I felt the flood of her orgasm I sucked her clit firmly into my mouth and inserted a finger into her pussy. As she slumped back into the chair after her orgasm I started kissing my way up her body from her pussy. I kissed my way over her stomach and up to her tits. I ran my tongue over her nipples before sucking them into my mouth, first one, and then the other. Finally, as I reached her mouth and as my cock rested against her pussy, our lips met again. When I pulled back breaking our kiss, I just looked at her for a moment. She looked into my eyes and a broad smile slowly covered her face. “That was wonderful,” she said in a low whisper. I smiled back and replied, “No, that was just the beginning.” Her smile grew into a big grin at my words. Just then, I heard a loud moan from inside our cabin. I had been enjoying Barbra so much I had forgotten about the rest of our group inside. Barbra looked back over her shoulder toward the area the sound had come from. Through the glass door, I saw that Linda and Bob were fucking on the floor. Steve was fucking Pam on the bed and Bill and Lynn were fucking on the couch. Barbra turned around in her chair so she could get a better view of what was taking place inside with special attention to her husband fucking Lynn. Lynn was leaning over the front of the couch and Bill was holding her by the hips, fucking her from behind. I could see from the movements of her head that Barbra was looking from one couple to the next. She had completely turned around in the chair. She was on her hands and knees in the chair, resting her elbows on the back of the chair while watching the action inside. Barbra’s ass was perfectly located for me to enter her from behind. As I stood behind her, I slid my cock between her legs rubbing the shaft along the length of her pussy. She did not say a word, nor did she take her eyes off the action inside the cabin. She just reached between her legs and guided my cock to her entrance. With a slow continual thrust, I slid my cock all the way into her pussy, holding it firmly inside her for a few moments. As I slid my cock into her, Barbra lowered her head onto her arms, inhaled deeply then let out a long pleasurable moan when she exhaled again. After a few moments, Barbra again raised her head to observe the action going on inside the cabin. As she watched, her hips slowly started to move. First with a little rotation of her hips followed by more rolling of her abdomen, moving her pussy back and forth on my cock. I started a slow easy rhythm of fucking my cock in and out of her warm wet pussy. I let go of her hips and reached around Barbra to her tits. I cupped and squeezed them before taking a nipple between each of my thumbs and forefingers, pulling them gently while giving them a firm squeeze. Barbra gave out a loud moan as I did, while at the same time I felt the muscles in her pussy clamp down on my cock. The longer we fucked, the more vocal Barbra became. It started with some very vanilla comments but as time went on, the more descriptive she became. She was not only vocalizing our sex, she also started describing what she was seeing in the cabin. From the way they were located on the floor in front of us, Linda was riding Bob’s cock and we had a clear view of it sliding in and out of her. “Oh, look at his cock going into her,” Barbra moaned. “Look at how wet his cock is, look how big his cock is. I’ve never seen a man fuck a woman in front of me before like this. This is so hot, please fuck me harder, please do it harder.” On and on she went. This was all new to her and it sounded to me like she loved it. As we watched the action inside the cabin, first one couple then the other started to reach their orgasms. You could hear the moans of pleasure, the screams of orgasms, and the gasping for breath. None of it was lost on Barbra. She took it all in all the action taking place in front of her. The more she saw, the higher it seemed to bring her own pleasure. Barbra now was holding the back of the chair with both hands. She was using the chair for the leverage to slam herself back onto my cock as I fucked her. I held her by the hips, pulling her hard into my thrusts. I knew she was close and I knew what she wanted. I did my best to give her the hard fucking that she craved and needed. Soon, I saw her raise her head back, looking up at the ceiling. Then the scream came, indicating that she was cumming. It wasn’t one of those 'oh by the way I’m cumming' screams. No, not this time. This was one of those top of her lungs 'I don’t care who knows because I want everybody to know' I’m cumming screams. I could not hold out any longer and as she went over the edge, I filled her pussy with cum as my orgasm overtook me. We rode the wave of our orgasms until we were left breathless, with her head on her arms and me with my eyes closed fighting for breath. When I opened my eyes a few moments later everybody in the cabin was looking at us and smiling. Bill, who was standing in front of us where he had been fucking Lynn was looking at us with mouth agape. Lynn had risen up from her kneeling position on the couch with an ear-to-ear smile on her face. Even Steve and Pam on the bed were looking out at us. Barbra had not raised her head off her arms yet. I patted her on the ass and said, “I think there is something I should tell you.” Without raising her head, she just let out a little moan and said, “What is that?” “I think there is a possibility somebody might have heard you cum” I smiled She looked back over her shoulder at me and said, “Who?” I just shrugged my shoulders, giving one of those palms up signs and said, “Right now I think about half the ship.” Her eyes got a little bigger and she said, “I wasn’t that loud was I?” I just smiled and pointed toward the cabin where everybody was still staring at us. She turned toward the room and saw everybody staring at us. She then said the first thing that crossed her mind, “Oh shit.” She looked back over her shoulder at me with a little concern in her eyes and asked, “What am I going to do now?” I said "Turn back around, look at them, and give them with a big smile and a little wave. That should do it." She did and everybody in the room laughed and waved back at her. ”Now, was that so bad?” I said. “Thank you,” she said. “I did not know what to say to them, I was so embarrassed.” “Nothing to be embarrassed about and nothing to explain when you are caught in a screaming orgasm with the guy’s cock still inside you," I said. "It is what it is.” “Now for the important question,” I said, “Was it everything you hoped for?” She laughed and said, “Now who’s asking the dumb questions? I just woke up half the ship with my orgasm and you want to know if it was what I had hoped for?” I eased my cock out of Barbra’s pussy, then reached between her legs and gave it a little rub. “That was fantastic,” I told her, “I really hope we have an opportunity to do that again.” When she stood up, she gave me a little kiss, saying, “Me too.” Together we walked back into the cabin naked to join the rest of the group. Barbra walked over to Bill as soon as we entered, giving him a hug and a kiss. After getting something cold to drink, I found Linda and gave her a hug and a kiss. “You really fired her rockets,” she said with a little laugh. I gave her a smile and a wink. There was a lot of joking, laughing, and conversation that went on for a while. Pam was still on the bed curled up a little bit. I sat down on the bed beside her and ask her how she was doing. That led to a little chat back and forth between us. At one point, I traced the back of my fingers over her nipples, drawing a little moan from her. As I tweaked her nipples, I asked her if she was up for a little more playing. She just smiled and said, “I am always ready for a little more playing. The question is are you up for a little more playing?” “Starting to get that way,” I replied, “but could use a little help in that direction. Do you think there is anything you might be able to do to get things going?” Pam laughed as she rolled over and took my cock into her mouth. As she sucked my cock, I ran my fingers over her pussy, feeling the wetness left by Bob. When she had my cock at full mast, I rolled her over onto her back and got on top of her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I sank my cock into her pussy. I kissed her deeply as I started to fuck her. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths as we fucked. There was no pretense, no build-up and no getting things warmed up. This was a continuation of something that had been started by somebody else and we were just going with it. We were not alone in our pursuit of sexual pleasures. Everybody else in the room had paired up again with a new partner and the room was full of the sounds of sex. The next hour or more was a blur of sexual activities. It was about a multitude of different positions, different partners, and different feelings. The smell of sex filled the room, along with the sounds of sex. Everybody was enjoying themselves and everybody was engaging in their fantasies. By the time the party broke up, Linda had the addresses and phone numbers of our new friends, as well as promises to stay in touch. It was in the wee hours of the morning when our guests all got dressed and left for their own cabins for a little sleep. During that night, Linda had managed to fuck all three of the guys. I had fucked the two new women in our little group of fun seekers. We were both beat and as we got in bed together after everybody had left we just held each other and drifted off to sleep. We missed breakfast the next morning, opting instead to enjoy a lazy morning in bed together. After that night, for the remainder of the cruise, the eight of us pretty much traveled together in our endeavors. It all went by far too quickly and all too soon our ship was pulling back into the dock in San Diego. That cruise was a rekindling of a friendship with Lynn and the start of a close friendship with Steve. They only live about an hour from us and we have stayed close over the years. During the years since that cruise, they've acted as a memory spark to that cruise and the fun we all had. We met up with Barbra and Bill a few times after the cruise, but they lived in the LA area and due to the distance, over the years we have lost track of them, as well as Pam and Bob. We would not mind a reunion with them. (If they read this story and recognize us, drop us a line as we would love to hear from you again.) I do not think there is much hope of that happening. But then again, up to a week before this cruise, there wasn’t any hope of any of this happening. For the rest of you, I hope you enjoyed the story and I hope you remember one thing: Whatever you do in life, make it memorable. It is those memories that last for life, making life worthwhile. In the meantime, drop us a line and let us know if you enjoy our stories. We would enjoy hearing what you think.
  24. We were approaching our twentieth anniversary. Our twentieth anniversary marked an odyssey for us that began when Linda was eighteen and I was nineteen. It sounded so right back then with the wisdom of youth. No job, no money, no degree, and a pregnant wife, what could possibly go wrong with a start like that? Twenty years later, we had our own home, three good kids, and each of us had a good job. We were in the middle-class dilemma of making just a little less than what we needed to cover it all. Every time we took a step up the financial ladder, we would take two steps up the social ladder and remain one-step behind having the money we needed to cover everything. Linda would roll with the flow most of the time. In fact, about the only extravagance that I can remember her really lobbying for was she really wanted an exotic vacation to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary. I think the fact that we had eloped to Las Vegas to get married, robbing her of the big Italian wedding she had always wanted was behind her wanting this so badly. One thing I learned during our nearly twenty years of marriage was that a happy wife makes for a happy life. With this in mind, about a year prior to that milestone anniversary, we decided to start putting some money away every month to pay for our exotic vacation. We figured out our finances and the cost of our vacation. We then started putting the money away with the intentions of not touching it for any purpose whatsoever. Anybody that has ever tried to save money for something like that knows what happened next. The plan was going great right up to the point something unexpectedly broke. When that happens Murphy’s Law kicks in and the amount of money you have in your savings is exactly what it is going to take to take care of whatever it was that broke. Anybody that’s tried to save money for something special knows that the next brainstorm is to double up on your saving to make up for what you just spent. What happens then is that twice as many things break down. The main culprit that dashed our plans completely was a ten-year-old refrigerator that was about to go out any day. We both knew it would have to be replaced soon and also knew the cost of which would cost us our anniversary plans. A couple weeks prior to our anniversary, it had become painfully obvious to both of us that our grand plans were not going to happen. Nobody was to blame, it was just life. Linda put on the happy face and went on with life. The week before our anniversary, we were going to Lake Tahoe for the wedding of a good friend of ours. Even though Linda’s two-week vacation started the following weekend we had decided to make this weekend in Lake Tahoe our twentieth anniversary get away. We were not going to be able to go to any of the exotic places that we dreamed about going to. Spending two weeks together would not be too bad, it just was not how we had planned to celebrate our anniversary. We drove to Lake Tahoe on a Friday, the day before John’s wedding. The next twenty-four hours flew by and Saturday night found the wedding party in the casino after the wedding. We were all having fun, even though gambling in a casino has never held that much allure for me. We had planned to spend a little time in the casino before going back to the room for a little quality time for just the two of us. Linda had gone to play some video poker while I played some blackjack. I had gone through ninety-five dollars before I even got my first drink and had reconfirmed why I didn’t care that much for casinos. When I was down to just one lone five-dollar chip from a hundred-dollar buy-in I thought, what the hell, I will just lose one more hand of blackjack and get out of here. I was down because of not being able to give Linda the vacation she really wanted and wasting money in a casino was not improving my mood. I put the chip in the circle and stood up waiting for the dealer to deal me one more losing hand before I went on my way. The dealer dealt the hand and something strange happened. I had a winning hand. I didn’t really care about the win. Really it kind of annoyed me because I was ready to leave. I put both chips in the circle and won again. I bet the whole twenty on the next hand and won again. Hand after hand, I kept winning and kept parlaying my bets. I thought, “What the hell does a guy have to do to lose a damn chip?” In about ten hands of blackjack, I had gone from betting five dollars to betting a thousand dollars each on two hands. I won a few of those thousand dollar bets without losing a bet. Now, I might have been mad when I started this run but I wasn’t crazy. I took my bets down to fifty on two hands and lost both bets. I played one more time at fifty on two hands and lost again. I picked up my chips, tossed the dealer a few chips for a tip and headed to the cashier. After cashing in the chips, I started looking for Linda with six thousand dollar of hundred dollar bills in my jacket pocket. Sometimes life is stranger than fiction. I worked hard, tried to save some money the right way and had failed. I go to a casino where every one of the odds are stacked against you and win six grand, go figure. When I found Linda, she was sitting at a video poker machine with two slot attendants standing on either side of her. One of them was counting out a handful of hundred dollar bills to her. It didn’t take long to find out she had hit a royal flush for a little over twelve hundred dollars. Linda was bouncing up and down in excitement over her win. When she saw me, she said, “Now we have enough money to buy one of the top of the line refrigerators.” I just nodded and said, “We sure do, hon.” What struck me was that she didn’t say we could afford a vacation; no, she was again thinking about the family’s needs, this time a damn refrigerator. We decided to call it a night while we were ahead. Much further ahead than she knew, because I hadn’t told her about my win, that information would come as a surprise a little later. When we got back to our room, Linda was taking off her clothes before I even had the door closed. We spent the next hour having some of the best sex we have had in a long time. Linda was able to relax, knowing we had some extra money to take care of our household needs. After making love that night, we lay in bed talking before going to sleep. ‘We might not be able to celebrate our anniversary the way we wanted to,” she said, “but we have more than enough to take care of the household needs.” “Things always seem to find a way of working themselves out,” I told her. On the drive home the next day Linda and I were talking, more to just kill time than anything else. Linda suggested that now that we were a little ahead, maybe we could afford to get away for two or three days during our vacation. Even though it would not be what we had planned, she said it would be nice to spend a few days together, just the two of us. I just smiled as I thought about the six thousand dollars in my jacket pocket. I told her that I was pretty sure that we would be able to put something together for our vacation. The Monday after we got back from Tahoe, as soon as Linda left for work I started hunting for somewhere special to go on our vacation, which was just seven days away. I was not having any luck finding anything on such short notice. After about an hour of online searching, I struck gold. I found a Mexican Riviera cruise leaving out of San Diego the following Monday that had cabins available. I not only booked a cabin on that cruise, I booked a penthouse cabin. The cruise was underbooked and I got the penthouse for about a quarter of the price it normally goes for. There was only one thing I didn’t do, however. I seemed to have forgotten to check to see just what ports we were going to be sailing to. I figured what the hell, as long as the Captain knows where we’re going. When Linda got home from work that afternoon she was a little anxious as she asked if I was able to find any place for us to go for a few days. With a smile, I told her that I booked us on a little cruise out of San Diego on Monday. “Really?” she said, suddenly very excited. Then after thinking about it for a few moments, she asked, "Can we afford a cruise?" “Yeah, we got it covered,” I told her. I told her I had my mother coming over to watch the house, referee any fights with the kids, to call the fire department if the kids tried to burn the house down, and to pour cold water on any party plans our kids might have. Early the following Sunday morning, we started the five-hour drive to San Diego. That Sunday was the actual day of our anniversary. It was a long drive but Linda and I enjoyed the time together. We had the next five hours to talk among ourselves without the subject being on the latest calamity. This was something we hadn’t had the opportunity to enjoy in some time. We talked about the good times we had had over the last twenty years and the good times we would have in the future. Part of that conversation included just how rare privacy was with three teenagers in the house, and how great it was going to be to spend a few days with just the two of us, for a change. During the past year, we had been on a break from the lifestyle. It was not so much that we had any problems with it or that it was a declared break. It was just that family life seemed to demand the majority of our attention during that period. During that drive, we had a chance to talk about the lifestyle and some of the fun we had over the years. We both stated that we would like to get back into the swing of things, it was just a matter of finding the time. About mid-afternoon, we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel where we would be spending the night in San Diego. When we got to our room, Linda put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She smiled that broad smile at me before saying “I am so glad we are able to get away for a few days.” “How do you plan to spend those days?” I asked her. She licked her lips and dropped down to her knees and started to unbutton my pants. When she had my cock hard and wet, she stood up and started removing her clothes. It turned into a race to see who was going to get naked first. A race which I won and was standing in front of her stroking my cock as she slid her panties down her legs. I again took her into my arms. This time as I kissed her, I slid my hard cock between her legs, letting her rub her pussy along my shaft. I moved Linda to the bed and gently pushed her onto her back on the bed. I stood between her legs beside the bed and pulled her close to the edge of the bed. Then I raised her legs up against my chest and slid my cock into her moist pussy. After fucking her for several minutes, I pulled her off the bed. When she was standing, I turned her around and bent her over the bed. I started fucking her from behind with deep pounding strokes. After several minutes, her moaning told me that she was getting close. I pulled my cock out of her and spun her around putting her on her back on the bed. I next lowered my mouth to her pussy. I fucked her pussy with my tongue, licked the entire length of it and sucked on her clit until I brought her over the edge. As Linda recovered from her orgasm, I licked her clit with a light touch until her breathing somewhat returned back to normal. I then climbed onto the bed, straddled her chest and slid my cock between her tits. She held her tits firmly together as I slid my cock between them. Raising her head she would lick and suck on the head of my dick as it would slide between her tits toward her face. After a few minutes of this, she rolled me over and took my dick deep into her mouth. I fingered her pussy as she brought me over the edge with her mouth. She struggled to swallow my load, but a small amount of cum seeped out of the corners of her mouth. When I finally started to lose my erection, Linda released my dick from her mouth as she sat back up on the bed. She looked at me with that mischievous smile as she wiped the corners of her mouth with her finger. Without breaking eye contact with me, she sucked her fingers clean. My cock twitched as I watched her sucking my cum off her finger. We cuddled together for some time, with neither of us saying anything. Linda raised herself up on her elbows. She smiled and said, “I might be a cheap date, big boy, but you are going to have to buy me dinner tonight. After all, it is my anniversary.” I laughed and said, “Lady, you’re talking to the guy that pays the bills and I can tell you there’s nothing cheap about you." The staff at the front desk recommended a great little steakhouse to us, where we enjoyed our anniversary dinner. We made it back to the hotel about midnight, where we spent the next couple of hours seeing how many times we could make each other cum before we fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next day, as we were on our way to the dock for our cruise, Linda asked, “What ports are we going to be stopping at?” I looked at her and had to laugh. She looked at me with a questioning expression and asked what was so funny. “I don’t have any idea what ports we are going to be stopping at,” I said, “somewhere in Mexico, I suppose.” Linda looked at me with a little bit shocked expression on her face. “Are you telling me you booked us on a cruise and don’t even know where we are cruising to?” “Yep, I guess that’s what I’m doing,” I told her. ‘You can’t do that,” she replied. “Yeah, I can because I did just that. You go on a cruise to go on a boat ride,” I told her. “It really doesn’t matter where that boat goes, as long as it gets you back to your car when it’s over.’ Linda just looked at me for a few moments. Then said in exasperation, “It is not a boat, it is a ship.” “Isn’t a ship just a big boat?” I replied. Linda just burst out laughing with that. We parked in the garage at the dock, got a luggage cart, and proceeded to the check-in area. There was an outside podium manned by a couple of people just outside the doors leading to the check-in area. As this was our first cruise, I had no idea of the protocol, so we just got in line. One of the women that were checking people in came down the line of people getting their tickets. She looked at the tickets I gave her and announced: “We have a VIP guest here.” Linda looked at me with a puzzled expression as the woman put a tag on our luggage and said, “Follow me, please.” I just shrugged my shoulders in reply to Linda’s unspoken question. The woman led us past the outside podium and into the building. Inside the building, there were more lines and more people waiting in those lines. We were ushered into a little office just inside the building. Inside the office, the first woman introduced us to another woman that welcomed us and checked us in. When she finished and answered a few of my questions, she gave us our boarding passes and led us out of her office where she pointed the way to the ramp to board the ship. As we walked up the ramp, Linda asked me why we received the VIP treatment. “Well, I think it’s obvious,” I replied. “What is obvious?” Linda asked. “Well, they thought I was Robert Redford of course,” I replied. Before Linda could ask any more questions, a photographer wanting to take a boarding picture of us stopped us. We then proceeded to our room. Linda took one look at our penthouse suite and said, “Ok, what is going on here?” I then told her about winning the money while we were in Tahoe. I also told her how I wanted to surprise her. I told her we got a hell of a deal on this ten-day cruise. “Did I manage to surprise you?” I asked, after telling her how we got to this point. Linda was literally jumping up and down. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. “I love you so much,” she said, “how am I am going to repay you for treating me to this?” “Well,” I said, “I think the customary way would be to give me a blowjob.” She gave me a little peck of a kiss before saying, "Not only are you going to get a blowjob, I’m going to fuck you until you beg for mercy over the next ten days.” “I cannot believe all this,” Linda gushed, “I’ve always wanted to take a cruise like this. What should we do first?” she asked. “Well, I think first of all you are a little overdressed,” I replied. “The sundress is fine, but you never wear panties on a cruise.” She said, “Well, I didn’t know that,” as she laughed and pulled her panties down her legs. Linda walked out onto our balcony and stood looking over the rail at the bay. I walked up behind her put my arms around her and ground my cock into her ass. “Somebody will see us,” she warned. “I could care less,” I said, as I pulled the back of her skirt up over her bare ass. I unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and slid it between her legs. As she held the rail for support she leaned forward and I slid my cock into her wet pussy. I fucked her with a slow and easy pace as we looked out over the bay. Knowing that somebody might see us only added to the excitement we both felt. It didn’t take but just a few minutes until she started to cum. As she did, she pushed her ass back against me as I filled her pussy with cum. After cleaning up, we decided to check out the ship and see about getting a bite to eat. It was like we were newlyweds walking around the shops and different decks arm in arm, just seeing what there was to see. A couple hours later, we made it back to our cabin. We decided to take a nap before dinner. I woke up when I felt the boat move at about five that afternoon. I walked out onto the balcony to watch San Diego fade away behind us as we pulled out of port. Linda joined me and together we watched as the ship slipped out of the harbor and into the Pacific. We made our way to dinner, again arm in arm. When we got to the restaurant, it was already almost full. Our table had two other couples already there. We smiled and nodded a greeting as we sat down. I was looking around the restaurant checking it out. Within a few minutes of our arrival, a waiter came to take our dinner orders. After Linda and I made our dinner order, I noticed that the woman sitting across from us was looking at me. When our eyes met she smiled and looked away. For the first time since we got there, I really looked at her. She looked so familiar but I couldn’t place her. Then it hit me that she looked like a girl that had been a year behind me in high school. The person I was thinking of I had not seen since high school twenty some years before. I wasn’t certain it was who I was thinking of, but there sure was a strong resemblance. The more I looked at her during dinner the more I thought that this was Lynn. I looked up from my plate at one point and caught her looking at me again. As our eyes met, I said, “Lynn is that you?” “I was wondering if you were going recognize me DB,” she replied. I got up and went over to her, giving her a hug. We both laughed about meeting like this after all these years. After chatting with her for a few minutes I introduced her to Linda and she in return introduced her husband Steve to us. We spent most of the dinner catching up with each other’s lives since high school. Steve started talking to Linda as Lynn and I reminisced. After the dinner, the other couple at our table left and it was just the four of us at the table. Lynn came over to sit beside me while Steve moved over next to Linda. Time flew by and we were the only people left in the restaurant when Linda said, “I think they want to close this place. Why don’t we find somewhere to get a drink and listen to some music?” Everybody agreed with her that it sounded like a great idea. Together we left looking for a bar with some music. We found a little bar with music. We all sat around a little table talking, enjoying a drink and listening to the music. Lynn said she could not believe that we met like this after all these years. At one point while Linda was swaying to the music, Steve asked her if she would like to dance. “I would love to,” she answered. Then he looked over at me and asked, “Do you mind?” “Not at all,” I told him. As Lynn and I continued to chat, we watched the two of them walk out onto the dance floor. They danced to a few numbers, then during a slow song I saw that Linda had her arms around his neck and his hands were on her hips. As I watched, he dropped one hand to her ass and gave it a little squeeze. I glanced over at Lynn to see if she had noticed the same thing I did. She just looked at me with a smile and said, “I would love to dance if you would.” “I would love to,” I answered. Lynn had always been a very pretty girl and over the years since I had last seen her she had matured into a very beautiful woman. Her eyes were the bluest I had ever seen. She was blond with a slightly fuller figure than she had in high school. She still had that flat stomach and round ass that I had loved from afar so many years ago. I followed her onto the dance floor watching her ass swaying as she walked. We danced, talked and drank into the wee hours of the morning. We were all getting along great together. Lynn and I had never been an item in high school but we had been friends. As we talked that night, it seemed that we had genuinely missed each other and that friendship from high school. As Linda and Steve spent time together, it seemed that they enjoyed each other’s company also. At one point while Linda and Steve were dancing, Lynn asked, “Do you mind if I ask you a question?” “No, not at all,” I replied, “what’s on your mind?” “Seeing you two tonight reminded me of a profile picture I saw on an SLS profile some time ago. That picture reminds me a lot of you two. I was just wondering if that was you two I saw in that profile.” “It might have been,” I said, “do you and Steve have a profile on there?” “As a matter of fact, we do,” she said with a smile. I smiled at her and asked, “What are you thinking?” “I’m thinking that maybe we should talk to our spouses and see if they would be interested in taking this little party back to our cabin,” she said. When Linda and Steve came back to the table, Steve did not get a chance to set down before Lynn told him that she would like to dance. When they left the table, I asked Linda if she was having fun. “Oh, I am having a great time,” she said, “how about you, are you enjoying yourself?” “I’m having a fantastic time,” I told her. “I found out something while I was talking to Lynn,” I said. “They are in the lifestyle and she wants to know if we would be interested in going back to the cabin with them and continuing the party there.” “I thought they might have been into that,” she said with a smile. “He has been playing with my ass all night,” Linda added with a giggle. “Sure, if everybody wants to go back to the cabin to play, that sounds good to me.” When Lynn and Steve walked back to our table, they were both smiling broadly. Steve glanced between Linda and me as he said, “Lynn and I were just talking about taking this party back to our cabin and we would like you two to join us if you would like to.” I told him that we were just talking about the same thing. Only we were thinking about going back to our cabin where we have a nice bottle of wine waiting for us. “That sounds even better,” Steve said with a broad grin. As we entered our cabin, Lynn said, “You have one of the bigger cabins.” “We got a hell of a last minute deal on it,” I said. As Lynn and I stood just inside the doorway talking about our cabin, Steve and Linda sat down on the couch beside each other. Steve placed his arm around Linda’s shoulder as they chatted. I saw him whisper something to her and she smiled and nodded her head. He then leaned down and kissed her. As their lips met his hand found its way to her breasts. I walked up behind Lynn wrapping my arms around her. I ground my cock into the ass I had fantasized about so many times while in high school. “It looks like they are getting along nicely,” I whispered into her ear as we both watched Linda and Steve. Lynn looked back at me over her shoulder with a smile and said, “From the feel of your hard cock on my ass, we seem to be doing pretty well ourselves.” “I know I am,” I said, as I reached around her and cupped a breast in each hand. Lynn reached between my hands and started unbuttoning her blouse as she leaned back into me. I backed away from Lynn a little bit and started removing my clothes. As I did, I looked over to Linda and Steve who were now standing removing their clothes. In a few moments all four of us were naked and in the arms of each other’s spouse. Linda sat back down on the couch and scooted forward. As she did, Steve knelt between her legs and brought his mouth to her pussy. Linda was running her fingers through his hair as she leaned back resting her head on the back of the couch. She closed her eyes as she let him pleasure her with his mouth and tongue. Lynn was stroking my cock while we momentarily watched our spouses getting started. Lynn looked up at me with those big blue eyes of hers as she firmly stroked my cock. I bent down and kissed her. As our tongues danced in each other mouths and her hand stroked my cock, I inserted a finger into her flowing pussy. When Lynn opened her eyes, she was breathing much more rapidly. She had the look of passion on her face as she released my cock and ran her fingers over my chest. With both hands on my chest, she pushed me back toward the bed. When I felt the bed touch the back of my knees, I fell back onto it. Lynn climbed onto the bed and over me. She briefly kissed me again before spinning her body around straddled my chest. She leaned forward taking my cock into her mouth before dropping her pussy onto my mouth. Lynn held my cock with one hand while cupping my balls with the other. She slid my entire eight-inch cock into her mouth and down her throat. She was grinding her pussy onto my mouth, spreading her juices all over my face. I tried my best to keep up with this wild woman as I alternated between sucking her clit and fucking my tongue into her pussy. After several minutes, Lynn released my cock from her mouth as she sat up on my face with her hands on my chest. She was moaning loudly as she ground her pussy on my mouth and face before letting out a scream as she flooding my face with her juices as her first orgasm rushed through her. After a few minutes, Lynn rolled off my face and cuddled up beside me. Her breathing was still coming in gasps as she looked up at me with a smile on her face. “That was great,” she said, as she looked into my eyes. “That was just the beginning,” I replied. I bent down and gave her a kiss as I lightly traced my fingers over her breasts and nipples. I broke our kiss and looked, admiring the voluptuous body that I had fantasized so many times about as a teenager. She ran a fingertip over my face and lips. Then with a little chuckle, she said, “I really soaked you, didn’t I?” “Just honestly showing your appreciation,” I replied, as I bent down to kiss her again. As we kissed, I slowly moved on top of Lynn. Lying between her wide spread legs, I positioned my cock at her pussy. She reached between our bodies placing the head of my cock at her opening. I arched my hips forward and embedded about half my cock inside her. As the first few inches of my cock was sliding into her, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting out a low moan of pleasure. I held still for a moment, enjoying the feeling of her warm wet pussy wrapped around my cock. When I saw her eyes open again, I smiled at her as I thrust my hips forward embedding my cock all the way inside her. She met my thrust by thrusting her hips upward, trying to force even more of my cock into her pussy. I started slowly fucking my cock in and out of her pussy. She met my rhythm by rolling her hips back when I withdrew my cock, pulling her pussy away from my cock. Then when I would slide my cock back inside her she would arch her hips forward meeting my thrust with her own, driving my cock firmly into her. After a few minutes, I changed my pace slightly. I would slowly withdraw my cock from the depths of her pussy. Then when I reached the point where her pussy only held the head of my cock I would arch my hips forward and slam my cock into her deep. She would let out an audible gasp each time I would slam my cock into her. Each time I thrust my cock into her, she would meet my thrust by thrusting her hips upward, driving her pussy onto my cock, increasing the force of my cock driving it into her. After several minutes, I wrapped my arms under her legs lifting them up and onto my chest. Now with her pussy aimed upward I picked up the pace of pounding my cock into her. With each thrust, my cock banged to the depth of her pussy. Every time, I pounded my cock into her. As I fucked her, I was stimulated by the sight of her grapefruit-sized tits rolling on her chest. They were swaying in a continual circular motion as I fucked her. I kept this up until I knew we were both getting very close to going over the edge. I then pulled my cock out of her pussy rolled her over on her stomach. I lifted her up by the hips and got behind her. She was so wet that I just slammed my hips forward and my cock slid into her pussy. I was fucking her as hard and fast as I could. I would pull my cock almost all the way out of her and as soon as just the head of my cock was in her pussy, I would again slam it all the way into her. She was arching and rolling her hips meeting my thrust. We were synchronized in our movements and the force we were both using. At one point, we lost that synchronization and my cock pulled completely out of her pussy. When I thrust my hips forward again instead of my cock sliding back into her pussy the head slid into her ass. I just stopped all movement as I waited for her reaction. After a few moments, Lynn looked back over her shoulder and whispered, “Put it in.” I slowly slid my cock into her ass. After my cock had been in her ass for a few moments she started arching and rolling her hips again. My cock being so well lubricated by her flowing pussy, it met no resistance as it slid smoothly in and out of the tight confines of her ass. I was in an easy continual rhythm of fucking my cock in and out of Lynn’s ass when I heard a moaning cry of pleasure from Linda. I looked toward the couch where she and Steve were fucking. Steve had her bent over in front of the couch. She was holding onto the back of the couch as he stood behind her slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. I could see the muscles of his arms tighten and his ass clench as he would pull her hips toward him as he slammed his hips forward, embedding his cock deep into her pussy. He was using a jackhammer type of thrust in rapid succession and it was driving her into a massive orgasm. I heard her mumbling sex talk, telling him to fuck her harder followed by, “Fill my pussy with your cum,” all mixed with the moans, groans, and shrieks of pleasure. I picked up the pace of fucking Lynn’s ass. I knew I was close and from Lynn’s moans, I knew she was right on the brink herself. I closed my eyes held Lynn firmly by the hips, pulling her into me as I drove my cock all the way into her ass. I held her firmly against me and started to cum in her ass. As I my cock was pumping cum her ass, I heard Lynn scream that she was cumming. In the distance I heard Linda scream out her orgasm as she told Steve, “Oh yes fill my pussy with your cum, give it all to me.” All four of us got to the same destination at the same time. I was holding Lynn firmly by the hips trying to catch my breath when I felt her move forward and onto her stomach. I followed her down lying on top of her with my now semi-hard cock still in her ass. While lying on Lynn’s back, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I tried to catch my breath. Through the echo of my own breathing, I heard Linda and Steve laughing together in the distance. Under me, Lynn was breathing deeply trying to catch her breath. I brushed the hair from her neck and as I kissed her neck, I tasting the salty sweat that now covered her body. She looked back at me with a smile and said, “That was great.” I just nodded my head in agreement, unable to speak just yet. As my breathing returned to a near normal rate, my mind was floating lazily as I lay on top of Lynn. The only thought going through my mind was how good I felt. I felt Lynn move under me as she patted my thigh, saying, “Get up, hon. I’ve got to use the restroom.” I slowly rose, pulling my cock from her ass. As I did, her puckered little hole remained gaping open as cum flowed from it. As I slid off the bed, Lynn got up and headed toward the restroom. As she passed by me, she stopped and gave me a happy little kiss before moving on. I cleaned up a little, then went to the little refrigerator to get something to drink. I then joined Linda and Steve on the couch. A little later, we were all on the couch snuggled up with the other’s spouse not saying much, just giggling and snuggling together. Really there wasn’t anything to say, it was just the time to enjoy each other. Finally, Lynn broke the silence by asking Linda what she had planned for tomorrow. “Nothing really,” Linda replied. Lynn told her that she was planning to try to go to the spa and told Linda that she should join her. It didn’t take Linda long at all to agree to join Lynn for a spa treatment. We sat around chatting for some time until both Steve and Lynn felt it was time to go back to their cabin and get a little sleep. I gave Lynn a parting kiss as Linda kissed Steve goodnight. Lynn and Linda hugged like old friends as Steve and I shook hands. When we were alone, Linda said, “I need to ask you something.” “Ask away,” I said. “Was Lynn an old high school girlfriend that you were able to fuck again tonight?” I laughed and told her, “No, I never took her out while I was in high school. She had gone out with Frank for a while and for the rest of the time I knew her she was going with John. Lynn and I traveled in the same circles but no, she and I were never an item while I was in high school. I might have fucked her a few times in some of my wet dreams, but that never translated into real life.” “I would not do that to you,” I told her, as I took her in my arms and kissed her. “Besides, you already know about all the other girls I have ever gone out with before I met you.” “How would you like a cup of coffee?” I asked Linda as we ended our embrace. “That sounds great,” she replied. I made us each a cup and as I sipped on mine, I walked over to the sliding door leading to the balcony. It was a warm night and the sounds of the ship sliding through the water could be heard below. Linda joined me on the dark balcony as we stared out into the night at the stars and darkness. “Well, nine more nights,” I whispered into her ear as I stood behind her with my arms wrapped around her. “Are you having fun so far?” I added. “It is like being in a dream, isn’t it?” she said. “We have no day to day routine just have fun and enjoy ourselves while we’re here.” We stood in silence for some time lost in our own thoughts. I was running through my mind the events of the evening. Thinking not only of the sights and sounds from tonight but of what the rest of the cruise might hold in store for us. Linda broke the silence when she asked: “Hon, what are you thinking about?” “Oh, nothing really. Why?” “I was just wondering,” she chuckled. “To what do I owe the honor of having your hard cock between my ass checks?” “Well,” I said, “I guess I was just thinking how good it would feel to put that hard cock into your cum-filled pussy.” She bent forward, grabbing the rail for support, then said, “Why don’t you find out just how good it would feel?” In my mind, there just isn’t anything better than the feel of my cock sliding into Linda’s pussy after she’s fucked somebody and it’s still full of their cum. It is so wet and slick, it just drives me crazy. I ran the head of my cock over the length of her pussy, then with an arching of my hips sank my cock all the way into her. As I slowly fucked her from behind, I asked Linda if she had fun fucking Steve tonight. She told me how good it felt when he fucked her with his big cock. How many times he had made her cum before he filled her pussy with his cum. Just fuck talk for maybe the next half hour or so, as I pounded her pussy from behind. Finally, the sounds of Linda going over the edge with her orgasm brought me to my own as I added my own cum to that already in her pussy. To be continued in The Cruise – Part II
  25. Swingers Cruises with Couples Cruise, what are they and what to expect. Please note I wrote this review over the course of several days, so if it seems disjointed in anyways, it is because it is. I'd also like to state up front, neither my wife and I are in anyway affiliated with Couples Cruises, and in fact we only met one of the head people involved at the very end of our last cruise, and that was only briefly. This is a completely unfunded and unbiased article. First what exactly IS a Couples Cruise. I'm sure if you ask different people you will get slightly different answers but it is basically a week long, high end swingers party in close to first class accommodations. They are held on RC ships (which is not the best cruise line anymore but still good) and you will have 1000's of swingers on board. You will also have a number of nudists, people who don't swing but like to go to swingers events, and the usual oddball such an event can bring. It is truly a unique event and the people watching alone is worth the price. Who go on Couples Cruises? Well, pretty much everyone, of all ages, shapes, and fitness levels. If you are expecting a ship of only hard bodies think again. If you are expecting the typical cruise of octogenarians think again as well. I've spoken to Couples Cruise people, and I've used my own eyes, and my guess based on what they say and what I've seen is the average age is about 46. If you are a younger swinger and think that's too old don't despair, I said average age. Out of 1000's of people you will find some in their 20's to some in their 80's or even 90's. I have to admit I get a bit of a kick out of the 80+ year olds and hope some day when I get to that age I'll still be “rocking it”. Now we tend to fit in with the younger demographic and while we are a minority there, we've not had a hard time finding great couples to interact with. If you are 50+ you will have a LOT to choose from. Making things a bit easier, and an improvement from our first cruise with them, they do have age based meet and greets. While not in any way screened it gave couples looking to meet couples in their age range a good place to meet early on. Still when it comes down to it, YOU have to be the one wanting to make contact. If you want to be left alone, you can be, if you want to chat with everyone, you can do that too. And that is the BEST thing about this cruise beyond the swinging part. This will be the friendliest most outgoing cruise you have ever been on. We took one vanilla cruise (again with RC) prior to these cruises and it was boring, stuffy, and unfriendly. No one talked, no one wanted to interact. The only place anyone even tried was the formal dinner table and it was us and 3 couples on their “we are retired and have nothing to do” cruises. We were just young interlopers to them. Here we got to meet a lot of fun and outgoing people who actually wanted to talk and interact with people. Now a cynic would say it is because they wanted to have sex with you/your wife, but honestly it is just a much better vibe. While we have been on three Couples Cruises so far, I have to say we have NOT experienced everything they have to offer, because we didn't want to. We are a “typical” swinger couple, interested in other couples only, not into fetishes or BDSM, gangbangs, etc. I can comment on some activities as they were there but we were not necessarily a participant so my knowledge is either through others or just a basic observation in those cases. Now what sort of activities are we talking about? I'll focus first on the swinger stuff and then get to the cruise part later, after all the cruise itself isn't what brought you here. First there is the playroom. I have a confession to make. Our first cruise we saw them loading a bunch of mattresses on the ship as we got on and wondered why they needed so many new ones. In retrospect , allow me to tell myself “duh”. One of the larger rooms of the ship is converted into a full playroom. This will have come very large orgy style center “beds” and then many small ones that are more for 2-6 people, 8 if you are tricky. Some people got into the playroom the moment it opened and I think they wouldn't leave if they were not forced to. Most wandered in at some time, either to play or to look around. On our three cruises we never played in the play room, usually because by the time we got there it was already full, and by full I mean FULL. The rules for the playroom are no “street clothes” so either nude, or in some sort of bedroom wear. And the couples cruise staff does an EXCELLENT job of keep it clean, with fresh towels and frequent changes. You will find a lot of “hard core” swinger types in the play room and honestly the smell can be a bit overwhelming later in the night. If this isn't your thing, do not worry, you are on a ship with 1000's of rooms, you can be as private as you like. Just know the option is available. On our Freedom of the Seas room they also had a “hallpass room” which, from what I was told by a few, people were using as a playroom due to the number in the main playroom. There was also a “dark room ” (lights out) which you can guess what it was about. There was the “dungeon” for the BDSM type people, they even had classes during the day, not our thing so I'll just say it is there. Finally they have the “chocolate room”. It is always a topic of conversation, but it is an area off the playroom where they have black men to service the white women basically. It has always struck me as wrong as I don't like the idea of swinging for a racial element, which this obviously is about. I'd feel less unease if it were simply a single male room. For those into this though, they seemed to really enjoy it and it is not like they chased you to get you in there. On our last cruise some of the rooms workers did solicit (mildly) more attractive women during the day when they were out which didn't go over very well with some people (single males are single males no matter what race). They have had one on at least 2 of our last cruises (not sure about one cruise) and obviously they have a place otherwise they wouldn't continue with them. So if this is your thing, odds are you are in luck. One thing is that for some reason this is always a topic of conversation, and sometimes a surprise to people. We were that couple on the first cruise when we got a tour of the playroom prior to it being open and no one in our group had any idea why one area was the “chocolate room”. I thought maybe it was going to have some sort of desert tray! Yea not quite that.... Now those are just the play areas, but that is by all means not the only things going on. First there are sometimes “classes” going on. It can be on erotic massage, or “squirting” (I won't get started on that), or BDSM or any number of things. In our whole time we only attended one class and that was the erotic massage class on our first cruise. Generally we would rather be out by the pool or socializing during the day but a lot of people we talked to did attend some of these classes. If you are interested in these kind of things, or just need a break indoors, these are available. There are also theme parties after dinner. Some of them are very “basic” others can get pretty elaborate with costumes, and sometimes on fetish night it gets a bit freaky too. Costumes are not required, but we tend to go all out with them and have a great time with it. I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed in the upcoming November cruises themes as they don't leave much room for creative costumes, but this is coming from a guy who wore a full Gorilla suit his last cruise. The parties themselves are all basically dance parties, which we have found are a lot of fun with the right people and quite boring if you don't have the right people. Much like any swinger party. Over all though we enjoy them and have a good time. It is also a good chance to meet people you may not have had a chance too during the day, when they were naked (more on that later). Sometimes there will be some sort of “show” done by the cruise director and couples cruise people in relation to the theme. This can depend on the ship itself as the Freedom class lends a lot more room for these events than the other ships. One thing they improved on from the first cruise a bit was the schedule. It is now on a big easy to read card, with time slots so you can see what events are going on where and what overlaps with what if you have to choose. You can see a picture of it below, I took it with my cell phone so I had it handy. I'm sure I'm missing things here, but lets move onto the cruise part as it relates to the swinging aspect. The cruise is sort of partially clothing optional. Nudity is allowed on the pool deck, the hallways, and topless in the nightclub for the dances (and I should add, of course the play rooms). Otherwise you need to be covered, though some people have a very liberal definition of covered. The pool deck is where the real party is during the day, it is where you will have the chance to meet the most people, make the most contacts, and check out the goods. I'd guess maybe 3/4ths of the people on the pool deck will be nude (outside of crew). I could be slightly overestimating but it is not an exact science here. It is also not required, and many will be only topless or not at all. Interestingly more men will likely be covered up than women (ah male insecurity). One thing about this cruise is that there will be a good number of nudists on board. How many I can't tell you, it is not like they wear a necklace to ID them. One person who worked for CC told me he thought about 1/3 of the ship were nudists. Now this might be a bit higher than I thought, but regardless they are there. They tend to disappear after dinner though to their cabins. I only bring it up because some get a bit annoyed about being hit on by in the words of one I talked to our first cruise “swingers who keep trying to fuck them”. In their defense some at were not told it was a lifestyle cruise, only a clothing optional one by their travel agents. Basically if someone isn't giving you a swinger feeling when you are chatting with them, despite them being naked, just keep this in mind. Ok so you've been naked, gone to parties, had a trip to the chocolate room, and got lost in the dark room, but what about the cruise itself? Having taken RC cruises in the past that were vanilla, and now three of the CC cruises, I can say there isn't much difference. When we signed up for our first CC cruise, I was worried the cruise itself would be bad due to it being a charter, but those fears were misplaced. Now if you read my first review I was a bit harsh on the condition of the ship, and VERY harsh on the food. I still keep in touch with a few people we met on that first cruise and everyone agrees the food was awful. As one women I know went said “I lost weight on the cruise.” I am very happy to report that has been greatly improved. What I discovered after our first CC cruise, talking to a former RC exec, is that RC was losing money badly, and food is one of the aspects which took the biggest hit in the budget cuts. I think RC realized they were making a mistake though and our last two cruises the food was much improved. The food isn't of the level it was back when I took my first RC cruise some 7 years ago, but it is not a source of complaints either. If you have been on a cruise before, especially an RC one, the rest is just as you would expect. You have a “sea pass” which is your ID/Credit Card for the whole cruise. You can plan normal shore excursions at every port. They have dinners in the dinning room every night including usually two formals if it is a week long cruise which are of course optional. There is a casino, spa, exercise room, pool, ping pong tables, etc. Based on the ship you may have a rock climbing wall or a “surfing” pool as well. If you have never been on a cruise, there are plenty of “what to pack” for a cruise websites out there that will be helpful. Just a few words of help here though. Sunscreen – EVERY cruise we see those couples who made their vacation difficult by not wearing it. You can't play on your back if your back feels like it is on fire. Sea Sickness Medication - They have it for free on the ship, and you can get the patch from your local doctor very easily. I don't get sea sick easily and never took anything but my wife does. If you don't know if you get sea sick, take them and TAKE THEM EARLY, before you feel sick at all. Many lose their first few nights (where the winds pick up and the seas can get slightly rough) due to sea sickness. Women seem to suffer worse than men and the ladies room can be a nasty place in rough seas. Expect to pack a LOT – You have your “day clothes”, your dinner clothes, your dancing clothes, and your “specialty” clothes. You would think a clothing optional cruise wouldn't have these issues, but it is typical. Ok so what is different about a CC cruise from a regular RC cruise? Well a few things but nothing too major (outside of the swinging stuff of course). Dinner – This is a big one in that you don't have an assigned table. This is pretty critical for a swing cruise as you will often go to dinner with new friends, and even when we went to dinner solo it was fun meeting new people. The only issue with this is the dinner staff is always chaotic with this. Expect dinner to take two hours (you have nothing better to do at this point usually) and getting drinks/wine can be difficult due to the confusion. I also think the auto gratuity is a bigger issue here than usual. Another thing is that a lot of people dress from formal to ultra slutty. I have nothing against ultra slutty usually, but they do give you towels to sit on if you are dressed in a very short skirt. This was a funny observation for me. Some women were offended they were offered a towel, others were offended they were not offered one. Bar service – This can be bad, they have always been under staffed in bartenders. Let's think about this. You have NO kids on this cruise, and it is full of swingers. That is a lot of booze. From what I'm told it is the alcohol sales that really makes this cruise worth it money wise for RC and the bars are always busy, sometimes too busy and getting a drink in some spots is difficult. It is easier on the freedom ships due to the actual “bars” they have on the main promenade. The Staff – “Oddly” you will see more males staffing the ship than usual. I have been told that the cruise volunteers for this type of cruise and so surprising more men want to come. That being said our last cruise had a lot more female crew members, and I don't know if this was just coincidence or RC changed their policy. It is not a major issue, just interesting. I'll add we also saw more security our last cruise. For us the staff was always polite. Entertainment – Cruises tend to have various acts and entertainment. Some are awesome, some, less so. This hold true for these cruises as well. Early on some of the entertainers complained a bit due to a lack of attendance, which is understandable as WE are the entertainment really. As the cruise goes on though the crowds get bigger as people need a break from the constant parties and many “groups” have already formed. Much of the entertainment is also focused around the nature of the cruise which is a nice touch, from a more “naughty” version of how well do you know your wife, to naked bellyflop contests. They also have a DJ who regularly comes on the cruises and runs a Karaoke set up all night in one of the bars. I recommend going down to it at least one night, and if you have any guts, getting up there and singing. We enjoyed ourselves with that, as I did a shirtless “I”m Too Sexy”. The DJ (who's name is escaping me) has basically EVERY song out there. Just don't be one of those who picks a long boring song, it is a swingers cruise, let loose! Some more advice. Don't be stupid. EVERY cruise some people get kicked off for doing stupid things. I've heard rumors from smoking into the state rooms to drugs, to fighting etc. I've seen very little bad behavior, the worst was a woman who was falling down drunk on the pool deck one night, but with this many people there are always those who like to live stupidly. Don't be them. Also there is no sex outside of the playrooms/your room. Don't be stupid and get caught on the pool deck. Depending on who catches you it could be a “go to your rooms please” to something major like “get off the ship”. RC doesn't mess around with security, which is a good thing. Now are these cruises for you? I have to be honest, I have no idea, being I don't know you. If you are an experience swinger, and enjoy a vacation that involves the possibility of swinging, then you will most likely have an excellent time. If you are a new swinger, swinger want to be, you will most likely have a good time but if you are extra shy the swinging side might not happen. You still get an excellent cruise out of it. If you are some subtype of sexual desire that doesn't quite fit “swinging” you may or may not find what you are looking for. Not everyone who goes is a swinger, and not every swinger goes to play. For example on every cruise we have been on, there have been a few pregnant women who were not pregnant when they signed up but the cruise was already paid for. Those couples go for the cruise and the atmosphere. You will find traditional swingers, fetish people, bdsm, nudists, voyeurs, cuckolds, hot wife types, and pretty much every other flavor. What you make of it is up to you. Now personally our first cruise was “good” not great. Good enough we immediately signed up for the next one (which was sadly a year and a half wait), but it wasn't outstanding. Our second cruise was simply the best time we had on vacation and perhaps the most fun we had over a 7 day period ever. Our third cruise we expected a let down but if anything we had a better time over all though it was close. We met outstanding people on all three cruises, some we still managed to keep in touch with and even visit despite being 100's a miles away. If it was possible for us, we would take three a year. This despite the fact we are NOT big time party people, we are not heavy drinkers, we are not “screw them all” swingers. We are selective in our partners, and always go in with the zero expectation approach, and despite this we have had fabulous times. If you have any questions, or comments, perhaps you were on one of these cruises and want to add your own story, please do so. If you think something needs to be corrected, please again do so, I am not part of CC and as such my knowledge is limited to a guest. I'd also like to give some thanks and praise to the Couples Cruise staff members we have interacted with over these last few years. They have been friendly, and helpful. From when they are relaxing to when they are dead tired after one was up to 4am trying to get people to leave the playroom (we saw the poor woman on an elevator at 9am that morning). I'm sure dealing with 3,800 swingers for a week isn't an easy task.
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