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Erotic Couplings

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Erotic stories involving consensual sex between men and women.

The Arrival

By fredsgirl, in Erotic Couplings,

After speaking to each other long distance over the internet, Fred in Iraq and Lorrie in the States, both were eager to get some time getting to know each other more intimately. So, finally, on a spring day in May, they finally got their chance.

The plan was for Lorrie to meet him at the airport on a Friday night to pick him up after a long flight. Hopefully, she thought, he was able to rest on the plane because she had big plans for him. They had been having steamy interactions long distance, and she wanted to have a live session this time. She couldn't contain her excitement. She had been planning what to wear, what to say…. would she be nervous…. would it be awkward? She didn't know but figured it would definitely work out. She was so horny for him. One way or another, she was going to get him.

She decided on wearing a white blouse with a visible pink lacy bra and cleavage visible via the low-cut buttoned blouse, a floral blue short skirt with a loose flair to it, and no panties, definitely no panties. To top that off, she decided heels were in order. So Sweet and Sexy! She was off.

On the ride to the airport, she kept replaying all the fantasies they talked about and kept getting more and more excited at every minute that passed…going to be a long wet ride.

Finally, she arrived, parked the car, and entered the airport to greet him as he got off the plane. Still, in her head, wondering what would happen next. Nervously, she still had about 20 minutes to wait for his plane to arrive, and she figured she might as well go to the bar in the airport for a drink, just to ease the butterflies in her stomach.

She headed back to the gate. "Here he comes," excitedly, she thought, with a grin on her face. Not surprisingly, he arrived with a matching grin. They both know what is ahead. After a hug, happy to feel him finally, there was some small talk; yes, both were a little nervous. How was the flight? Did you wait long? Both, all the while thinking, I can't wait to get down to fucking. Not being said aloud, but both could feel it anyhow. The sexual tension was palpable.

They gathered up his bags and headed to the car. As Lorrie was walking, Fred took his opportunity to fully enjoy the view of Lorrie in its entirety. Although he saw parts while on the internet, she looked incredible in person. This was definitely a safe time to check her out from behind without her catching him. He knew now he wasn't crazy for all the things he had said and thought about up to now. He really did want her.

As they reach the car, both of them think about what they had said about the car parked in the garage, fucking. Oh yeah, with just the thought, Lorrie felt hot already, hoping Fred would make some kind of advance. If he does, she thought to herself, I am totally going to do it. I just can't wait. She looked around, but no one was around. She could hear cars on other levels but figured, I don't care, I don't know any of these people, and will never see them again, fuck it. She opened the trunk, and Fred started loading his bags into the car. Lorrie watched him, hoping for him to do anything. Did he change his mind? Maybe he is nervous too? Lorrie decided to break the tension and had to make a joke or something. "So, I thought you were going to fuck me here? I didn't even wear panties. You're not gonna waste that, are you?" she laughed sarcastically. Fred just shot her a look that clearly meant… you're gonna get it now.

Lorrie headed for the car door, figuring he was going to let her comment slide, not knowing Fred was very close behind her. Just as she opened the door, Fred pushed it back closed. Lorrie knew it, and she had a huge smile now.

He turned her around, kissed her, and ran his hands up and down the outside of her thighs, up to her hips, pressing his body against hers. Her back was up against the car now, and she raised her leg up around his body, allowing him to get closer to her. She felt that he was hard now. She was really hot now, wanting him so badly. With her hands, she pulled him even closer now; he gladly pushed his cock on her pussy, knowing she had nothing on under her skirt. He was very excited too. Should we fuck right here, he wondered? They both really wanted to. It was very obvious to everyone who had driven by and the couple who had returned to their car parked beside them. They weren't distracted in the least, and they only had one thing on their mind.

Fred realized we couldn't do this here; we could be here for hours. He whispered, "Can't here… let's go find somewhere else…..quickly." Lorrie was now frustrated. She didn't think she was going to be able to wait a minute longer, as she had been waiting since December for this. One more minute, and she was going to explode; at this point, she almost felt like if he waited a minute more, she would have let all her juices go.

"Ok," she said, not saying how she really felt.

They both got into the car, and Fred was driving. They finally left the airport and headed in the direction of home. Both were silent, but each kept glancing at each other. Lorrie down on Fred, mouth-watering, Fred on Lorrie's ample cleavage, and wishing her skirt was about an inch or two higher, so he could really view her.

Lorrie just couldn't wait any longer. She leaned over to Fred, reached down and rubbed his package, and whispered in his ear," Is this ok?" Fred, without hesitation, agreed. She aggressively stroked him, and he was at full attention. Lorrie was definitely excited, ass he could feel herself getting wetter by the second.

She was peering down, trying to imagine how he looked and tasted. She decided only one way to find out. Unbuttoning and unzipping him, she thought, thank god he had boxers on, not much resistance to access.

He helped by wiggling his pants down a little so she would have full access, eager to feel her mouth on him. She leaned over, now almost lying across the center console, with one hand caressing him from his balls, up and down his cock as she pulled him into her mouth. Slowly teasing his head with her tongue at first, tasting his pre cum, yup, he's excited him, she thought. She continued to squeeze him with her fingers wrapped around his engorged cock as though she was going to milk the cum out of him. She then eased him further into her mouth, eagerly filling her mouth with all of his manhood that she could. Still, massaging him, sucking, licking.

Fred desperately looked around for a spot to stop the car. He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted inside her, wanted to feel her hot, wet pussy on him. Her mouth felt so good, but he wanted more.

Good, rest stop. He pulled in, and only two other cars there, "who gives a flying fuck? I don't," he thought. Lorrie was still excitedly sucking his cock without hesitation, writhing in her seat. Oh, she's ready. Lorrie raised up back onto her knees, Fred still in her mouth, hands still on him. He reached underneath her down to her throbbing pussy. She moaned as he began circling her clit and massaging it with his fingers. He could feel how wet she was as he probed a little further, pressing his fingers inside her. She moaned in enjoyment. Neither could wait, and both of them knew it.

He put his left hand on the back of her head, assuring she would have to keep sucking him until he was finished making her climax. She asked for this; she tortured me for months. She begged for him to fuck her; how she couldn't wait any longer. He kept rubbing and probing her harder with each stroke. She was really wet now, and he knew it. She kept moaning louder and louder. He loved feeling that too. He was going to make sure he muffled her moans and, finally, her screams, with his cock.

He smirked as she was fucking his hand now, moaning and then screaming. Shaking, her juices were now running down his hand onto his wrist and were now running down her thighs too. It was all too tempting for him not to want a little taste.

After controlling the urge to unload into Lorrie's mouth, he ordered her to turn around, lay back, and present her pussy to him. Now she was helping him stroke her. Her back was pushed up against the door. Although this car was small, Fred was determined to try her. He leaned over and licked her now engorged pussy. She was so wet and willing, squirming under his tongue.

He decided he was going to make her pay again for the torture he had endured. He licked around her clit. Driving her even more wild, he pierced her with his tongue, and now she lowered her hand to massage her own clit. She knew she was going to cum again. Waves of pleasure engulfed her now, her hips meeting his tongue movements. She came again as she was still begging to be fucked now while Fred sat back in his seat with a satisfied smirk on his face. Oh no, he's not, she thought; hehe's mine now.

She got up, moved toward Fred, reached over him, and pulled the lever, which made his seat go into a fully reclined position. He just smiled; he knew what was coming next. She straddled him and unbuttoned her blouse. He took advantage of the access to her breast and pulled her bra down past her nipples, leaned forward, and began sucking. She was grinding up against him. She was teasing him before she positioned him beneath her and slowly guided his cock into her. She pushed him back with force and mounted him forcefully. She raised and lowered herself on him slowly at first. She knew he wanted it harder, but after what he did, she wanted to tease him. She couldn't take it anymore, and she wanted his cum deep inside her. Enjoying his cock harder and harder, he raised his hips to meet her, each time getting deeper. That was their goal, him as deep inside of her as he could.

After riding him for a bit, she reached behind her to grab his balls, trying to massage the cum out of him. Looking at him, telling him how much she wanted his cum. Now slamming his cock deep inside her, she unleashed a huge orgasm; he could feel her tense up and squeeze his cock inside her, still pumping, milking him as he exploded. She now smirked as she was proud of what she had just accomplished. Leaned over and said in a low sexy voice, "Oh, you wait. That was just the warm-up round."

The drive home had been extremely thrilling. Fred and Lorrie exchanged glances, smiling, laughing, and giggling the whole time. They spoke about how long it had been, talking about the sizzling plans they had made online, chatting almost every day for nearly five months. Both of them were still thinking about what happened as they had left the airport.
Finally, after his arrival, at a rest stop shortly after leaving the airport, they were unable to restrain their eagerness to fulfill their desires. Now what?

They decided to head to Lorrie's house before going out to find some of Fred's old friends. The night was still early, and Fred could use a bed to lie on.

At Lorrie's house, which was small but charming, they entered. Again, both were nervous. Was this really happening? It was like a fantasy still, like one they had dreamed up while talking long distance, like one each of them had imagined in their head. Still, although nervous, each of them still wanted each other intensely, especially after satisfying their hunger for each other earlier.

"You must be tired," Lorrie said. "No, not that tired, just wanna lay down for a little bit before we go out. Is that ok?" Fred responded.

"Of course," Lorrie agreed, "You want the couch or my bed?"

"Bed. Just don't let me fall asleep," Fred said, "or I'll never get back up."

Lorrie grinned, "that shouldn't be a problem."

She led Fred upstairs to her bedroom. Fred removed his shoes, laid back, and pretended to get comfy. Lorrie was onto his game; he had no intentions of resting. She knew this but played along.

"Do you mind if I lie next to you?" Fred asked.

"No, not at all," Lorrie replied.

Lorrie followed suit, slipped off her shoes, and lay down next to Fred. Fred on his side facing Lorrie, Lorrie on her back, with a pillow propping up her head. She turned on the television just so he would think she wasn't onto his game.

He lay there, laughing to himself; she really thinks we're just gonna lie here like this? Again with the tempting me. She's gonna get it.

Fred looked at Lorrie, her long legs leading up to that short blue skirt, up to the pink lace peeking out of the white button-down shirt, which was unbuttoned to show her ample cleavage. Although all that was nice, he continued up to her eyes, which were peering forward toward the television. Really, is she really watching television right now? She's not gonna be in a minute.

He leaned toward her, lessening the distance on the bed between them. Slowly he raised his hand to touch her thigh. First, on top, slowly caressing it. He looked toward her face again, no response.

Lorrie was holding in a smile with all her might, her heart racing. He sensed she was playing now; game on.

He continued caressing up and down her thigh, and slowly, he glided his hand to the inside of her thigh. Using long slow strokes now, he rubbed a bit harder toward her, higher and higher.

Lorrie is now grinning, trying not to, of course, but unable to deny it.

That was all he needed to progress completely. He had not forgotten that she was not wearing any panties under her loose skirt. All too tempting. He rose his body up to his knees, pulled her to the center of the bed, and put his knees between her legs, her head still propped on pillows. Still, only giggling on Lorrie's part, she wasn't helping. He grabbed Lorrie's legs and pulled her down with force, so she was now lying flat on the bed, skirt pulled up by his actions, with her legs parted.

Fred was gonna have to punish her for this little display, the stoic looks, the not helping him in any way. Oh, she's gonna pay.

He leaned forward, planted a kiss on the inside of Lorrie's upper thigh, and looked up at her. Lorrie wasn't giving in just yet. He thought to himself, oh really, now I am gonna torture her. He continued kissing, licking, sucking on the inside of Lorrie's thighs higher, but not high enough. Lorrie was squirming. Her mind thought he's killing me, son of bitch.

Lorrie surrendered, reached down, and pushed Fred further up, presenting her pussy to him. He parted her with his tongue just so she knew he meant business, but he wasn't giving in just yet. Still, Lorrie holding his head, he resisted. Instead, he penetrated her with one finger very slowly, then two slowly. Lorrie was writhing now, frustration and anticipation rising. He sensed this and began to quicken his pace inside her. Penetrating quicker and deeper each time. Finally, allowing his tongue to explore her fully. Lorrie moaned, her breath deepening. Again, with his fingers still keeping pace, his tongue explores, slowly, then eagerly, circling her clit until she finally begs, "Come on." He giggles, then concentrates his tongue on her clit. That's what she wanted. Still fucking her intensely with his fingers, sucking and licking, Lorrie begins to moan louder and louder, writhing and squirming to meet his fingers. Cum, baby cum. Fred eagerly anticipated her juices to flow. Her moans now turn into shallow screams of pleasure. Oh, yeah, she's cumming now. Hmmmm. He leans back, laughing an evil laugh. I've got her now. Or so he thought.

Lorrie's turn, she thought, Fred's fingers still inside her. She interrupts him, leans forward, and pulls him up to meet her. Forcefully she pulls his shirt over his head. Fred is now back on his knees; she concentrates on unbuttoning her own shirt, down past her little pink bra, completely. He watches. She unhooks the bra, which has a front clasp, and pulls it completely aside, revealing her breast for him. He leans in. She restrains him, pushes him back onto his knees, and leans forward.

Nearly at eye level with the bulge now presenting itself in his pants, she unbuttons, then unzips his pants. Slowly, she pulls them down, along with his boxers. Now she means business. Now fully exposed, she leans in; he can feel her hot breath on him. She gently runs her fingers up and down his cock, lips almost touching. Fred watched this, almost trembling. She licks his shaft in one long stroke. Now, Fred can't take anymore, "Come on." Boy, isn't that familiar, she grins. Now she licks the head of his cock, swirling her tongue until she slowly greedily devours him. She sucks him lightly, then harder as she strokes him both with hands and mouth. He tastes good. Hmmm.

Fred just can't take anymore; he's on the verge of cumming, when he pulls out of Lorrie's mouth and pushes her back onto the bed. He needs to cool down a bit.

Now, back to those tits. Fred now zealously licks, then sucks, then gently nibbles on Lorrie's erect nipples while fucking her with his fingers again, jabbing inside her deeply. Again, she meets him with her hips to get him deeper. Oh, I can't wait til he fucks me again.

He again leans back. Lorrie can see how hard he is. Now she can't wait till he enters her and fucks her like she's wanted him to. He slowly rubs her clit and pussy with the head of his cock. She's burning for him now. He slowly pushes into her. Her pussy is wet, hot, and tight; he enjoys this bit of resistance. He enters further, deeper; she is moaning, stretching her legs to allow him deeper penetration. He gladly allows her pussy to engulf him. He begins to fuck her, pumping, her hot juices glazing his cock with every thrust. Pulling out and stabbing her pussy. Feeling the head of his cock repeatedly entering her is making Lorrie increasingly excited. She loves her pussy pounded. Almost as if he sensed this, he began driving into her, drilling her, making her scream with pleasure till he could feel her pussy squeeze his cock.

He continues till he almost erupts inside her. How dare she? Oh, not yet. You are not finished yet; neither am I.

He pulls out. "Turn around." Lorrie obeys, smiling. With her ass presenting in front of him, he couldn't resist one good spank. "You deserved that." She laughs. He puts his arm around Lorrie's stomach. She's not going anywhere. She is ready for this; she has thought about this position many times. It is her favorite, after all. Still, with his arm holding her in place, he takes his other hand to guide his cock into her. Once in, he thrusts hard while pulling her onto him. Very deep. Lorrie moans loudly. He continues fucking her intensely. Lorrie meeting his every blow. Fucking harder and harder. Pounding her pussy. He hesitates for a moment, and he realizes Lorrie is still feverishly fucking his cock. He eagerly meets her blows. She is moaning, taking his cock as deep as she can take it. Feeling his swelling cock drilling her repeatedly, she feels her pussy tightening on him, milking. Feeling his stiff cock inside her makes her dripping wet. She's cumming. He knows it. As she screams, he releases his load into her eager pussy, both their juices now dripping from her freshly fucked pussy; they lay exhausted.

After a much-needed nap, Lorrie arose to realize it was getting pretty late in the evening, and if they were going to get out and catch up with some friends, they'd better get going. Fred, asleep in the spooning Lorrie, was easy to wake by wiggling her hips and grinding her ass up against Fred. That woke him up. Although he would've liked to stay in bed with Lorrie, she insisted that they go out. After all, Fred hadn't seen his friends in months, since last summer, in fact. It would be hardly fair if she kept him all to herself. Besides, she would have more time with him. He is going to be in town for two weeks, and other than an occasional email, he hardly ever hears from them, not like the endless chatting they do daily online.

Each showered and dressed, very casual, like all the bars in this town are, but of course, Lorrie had to sex it up a bit for Fred. She wore a baby blue blouse that clung to her curves and showcased her ample cleavage, a tight, short, jean skirt that revealed her long smooth legs down to her high heel summer sandals to show her pink painted toenails. Definitely on the hot side of casual. Fred wore his khaki shorts and a tee, not original, but still sexy to Lorrie. She was just happy to be with him after all this time.

She is so mean. Fred thought to himself, ..she knows that I am going to be distracted all night by her, thinking about getting inside her again.

Lorrie knew what she was doing; that was her plan all along, torture.

They drove to a local club where both had been many times. A lot of familiar faces in this place. Fred and Lorrie just looked at each other, having discussed what they were going to run into in this town. Not knowing what would happen exactly, they both decided they weren't going to say anything to anyone about this relationship. Really no one else's business, so nothing was good enough for them. Besides, the majority would twist anything to make it sound juicier anyhow. It does add to the mystery and excitement and always gives a giggle when you finally hear what the tale has ended up being told about you. If people only knew.

Being the beginning of May, with the air starting to warm up, Lorrie decided to have a summer cocktail, Strawberry Daiquiri. Fred, well, you guys all know, beer. They sat at the bar and started downing their drinks.

Of course, Fred hadn't been in town for quite a while, so any and all of his buddies whom he hadn't seen in a while were vying for his attention. So, Lorrie expecting this, allowed him to meander and visit with everyone. She also meandered and socialized herself; after all, being from this small town, some of his friends weren't all that unfamiliar to her. After a while, a few drinks, and a few more shots, they had lost all hopes of being inconspicuous. Lorrie was looking mighty hot and, of course, after alcohol, getting harder and harder to resist. Lorrie, too, was having a hard time keeping her attention away from Fred. They had waited so long for this, for each other. They had not even come close to satisfying their craving for each other. They slowly made their way back together, still talking with friends, but being so close to each other, they had to touch, at least. So, just a little bump here, a little rub up against there, a hand low on Lorrie's back, slipping lower….Well, you know what effect alcohol has. Why would you think anyone would notice? Play dumb.

"Yeah, I think I left my purse in the car. I'll be back," Lorrie proclaims, hoping Fred gets the hint.

"I need to get some air. It's gotten hot in here," as he follows closely behind Lorrie out the door.

His friends just roll their eyes and make little gestures to each other. They're not buying it. Like they didn't notice Fred rubbing Lorrie's ass.

Once outside, Lorrie turns around, "Real smooth. I'm sure that they didn't notice a thing."

"I don't care. Let's go," Fred said.

He was right; why bother staying? The touching and rubbing were just going to escalate into something that was better off done behind closed doors or at least away from prying eyes.

"I still want more of my daiquiris. Strawberries are my favorite," Lorrie said.

So, of course, they stopped at the store on the way, picked up daiquiri mix, rum, ice, and of course…beer.

Heading for home now, with Fred's hands gliding further and further up Lorrie's skirt.

"We are almost there. Stop! I am trying to drive. Do you want me to crash when we are right down the street?" Both were laughing.

They pull into the driveway. Lorrie, of course, her torturing temptress self, "I've got to make a drink!"

Fred rolls his eyes. Come on!

Lorrie heads into the kitchen, pulls out the blender, and starts mixing. Fred puts his beer in the fridge. Cracks one open. "You have that hammock you told me about up yet?" he asked.

Lorrie smiles, "Yes, of course, I have it up out there; it's nice out now." Like she doesn't know where this is going.

"I want to see it," Fred said.

"What, you don't believe me?" she asked, giggling. "Alright…. grab your drink, let's go."

It's a clear night, with some moonlight, but still very dark in Lorrie's backyard. The only light is from the cars passing by the house, and they don't reach the part of the backyard where the hammock is. Very quiet, very private, very dark…how convenient.

They make their way back, Lorrie holding onto Fred, walking in her heels on the lawn; she needs a little help. "Why do you want to see this hammock now?" Laughing.

At this point, Fred does not even respond. "Take them off!" he ordered.

"Everything?" she asked.

"Yes, everything!" he exclaimed.

Lorrie hands her drink to Fred, and obeys his orders, first the top, then the skirt, then the bra. "I am keeping my shoes on; we are outside, you know."


Lorrie again follows his command and props herself onto the hammock, still facing Fred. "Can I have my drink back now?"

"No," he approaches Lorrie and stands between her legs.

Fred pushes her onto her back. She just laughs; she knows what is going to happen. They talked about this hammock. She only thinks she knows.

There she lay, naked and giggling, anticipating what he would do next.

"You still want your drink?" Fred asks sarcastically.

"Yes, I do!"

"Alright." As Lorrie reaches for her glass, he pulls the drink away, "Put your hand down."


"Put it down!" Fred ordered.

She obeys, puzzled. What the hell is he doing?

"Close your eyes," Fred said.

"Why?" she asked.

"Just DO it," said Fred.

"Ok! They are closed!"

He leans over her. Now she is just excited and a little nervous. Fred, still holding the drink, begins licking Lorrie, starting at her neck, trailing down to her breasts, and slowly teasing her nipples with his tongue. With the cool night air and his tongue on her, she gets goosebumps and shivers. Fred feels that.


"No. I am not cold."

"Are your eyes still closed?"

"Yes." and they were; the anticipation of not knowing what he was going to do next was thrilling her.

He continued teasing her nipples with his mouth, licking and nibbling, stopping briefly to drizzle a little bit of that daiquiri onto her nipples, one at a time, and eagerly licking it off. He continues from her nipples down to her belly button, where he licks another shot.

"Keep going."

Fred smiles; he knows where she wants him to go.

"Hold this," he hands the drink to Lorrie, who, of course, has to take a sip.

He just shakes his head. She leans down, grabs Lorrie's ankles, and positions her feet on the hammock, her legs completely spread. Now her pussy is totally exposed and presented in front of Fred. Unlike Lorrie, he doesn't care about getting dirty. He kneels before her.

"Give me that drink back."

Lorrie obliges. Why wouldn't she? She knows what is coming next and can't wait.

"Don't use all of that," referring to her drink.

"Didn't I tell you, no talking?"


"Well, NO talking."

Lorrie laughs because she knows what buttons to push. She isn't really pissing him off. She is just frustrating him a bit, making him a little more aggressive.

How can I reward her for this behavior? He thinks as he kneels before her, legs spread. She knows I can't stop now. The temptation is just too great.

He takes the ice-cold drink and rubs it on her. She feels the cold moisture dripping down her and wiggles. He drizzles a little on her, which drips down her, mixing with her own liquor, which has begun to well up in anticipation. Fred leisurely begins to lap up the cocktail which he has created. His warm mouth and fervent tongue are breathtaking for Lorrie, she moans.

"You want your drink back?"

Lorrie can hardly speak, "No."

He laughs and continues licking, sucking, and exploring her with his tongue. This daiquiri is good.

Lorrie is thoroughly appreciating this; his hot mouth on her wet pussy is bringing her waves of ecstasy. Writhing and moaning, he slides his fingers into her. She has to have him now.

Fingers still inside her, she sits up and puts her feet down. Forcing his fingers deeper. Still squirming, writhing on his hand.

"Give me that drink. Stand up." She says with a moan.

He rises.

"Take them off." She says while unbuttoning then unzipping his shorts, tugging them down, along with his boxers. Exposing his swelling cock before her.

She downs the rest of the drink and looks up at him. He meets her mouth, enjoying the sweet juices, kissing deeply while she kneads his balls and rod. She pulls away and looks down at his fully engorged shaft. Her mouth-watering, she draws him to her lips. Lightly she feathers him with her lips and tongue, up and down the entire length of him. He pulls her off of the hammock so she is standing bent over in front of him. His hands pull her hair back, and she begins devouring his cock. Swirling her tongue and jerking him with her hands and mouth. Eagerly she sucks, savoring his flavor. "Mmmmmm," she moans. She is zealously consuming him.

He pulls her up and turns her around. She bends over, face down on the hammock. She feels him probing her tight pussy. Driving into her, stretching her narrow tunnel, which impatiently awaits his entry. She grinds back on him, forcing him into her. He grabs the hammock, grasping the ropes in his fingers, and begins plunging his cock into her, which sends Lorrie rocking onto his rod. She screams in pleasure, "Ooooh! Yeah! mmmm…” She is throbbing with delight, squeezing onto him. She can feel every inch of him pulsing inside of her; she is cumming, juices dripping.

He pulls out and turns her around. She jumps up onto the hammock facing him. She pulls her feet up, legs bent apart, sitting up. He thrusts into her; she wraps her legs around him. He begins filling her pussy deeper and deeper, swinging her onto his cock, faster and faster. "ooh yeah, fuck me harder, Fred!" Watching him drive into her. She is gripping his cock hard now, pumping him with the tight walls of her engorged pussy. He can feel her cumming as he crams deep inside her. He can't contain his load any longer and bursts his shot into her.

"I know we've been drinking, but I am definitely cocked now." she giggles.

The other side of us
Away enough from town not to be distributed but close enough to walk to the pub.

We had been for a few drinks and had started to head back, feeling sexy and ready for the hot tub.

Having already been there for one night we knew the road wasn't busy and very dark. We also knew there was a cut out in a hedge, and had a pretty good idea where is was even in the dark, so why wait to get home.

We found what we were looking for and walking through lit by our phone lights were excited to find a bench in a field, dimly lit by the moon.

We sat down and started to kiss, we knew what we both wanted and didn't waste time. Hubby unzipped the back of my dress pulling it down and I removed my bra and hubby dropped his pants to his knees and we started heavy petting, he felt and sucked my tits while I played with his cock.

I lifted my arse off the seat and hubby pulled down my panties and begin to finger me to my first cum.

It's at this point we became aware that we may have someone watching us. We whispered plans of do we leave or carry on? We decided if there is someone there then they have pretty much seen everything they can so let's carry on.

Hubby knelt between my legs and I inched forward and lifted my dress up so if we were being watched they had a good view. Hubby fingered and licked me to another orgasm and we heard the sound of movement in the dark.

Hubby stood up and I took his cock in my mouth, sucking hungrily and wrapping my tongue around his fat head.

He pulled me up, turned me around, and I knelt on the bench leaning over the back. Hubby lifted my dress exposing my arse and open pussy to our possible watcher.

Hubby took his place behind me and pushed in deep before picking up the pace, fucking me hard.

We cum together, hubby pulling out and spraying my arse as I gush over his balls.

It's at that point the realization of what we were doing hit. I stood, pulled my dress top up as hubby fixed his pants and zipped me up, and we found our way out of the field to head home.

It wasn't until we got home and sat in the hot tub we realized I had left my bra and panties (nice ones as well) on the bench.

We headed back the next morning to pick them up. The bra was there but the panties were gone.

So we can only assume that we were watched and now whoever it was now owns a pair of my worn panties.

The other side of us
I had never been into anal, never wanted it, it scared me. Both the pain and the stigma.
But my sexual confidence grew with Mr so did my trust in him. I still didn't want it, but I used it. I would let him rub my tight virgin anus with his finger or some times the tip of his cock before moving it to be buried in my pussy. I knew he wanted to try it. So I would wait until I was riding him or sucking his cock, and when I was ready for him to cum, I would whisper or sometime scream mid cum: "I want you to fuck my arse!" And that would be it, he would jizz ever time.

Then one day something changed. Passions were high, we had been fooling around for a while. His expert fingers were in my soggy cunt and his tongue on my clit. Amongst the cums I said, "Please finger my arse and pussy at the same time."'He looked up from my sodden snatch, "Are you sure?" I nodded and closed my eyes and waited for the pain.

But it didn't come. Using my cum and lube he slowly, gently, slipped a finger into my arse and two into my pussy. It hurt a little and then the pleasure started. He let me get used to the changes and then slowly started to pump his fingers in and out, building depth and speed each time, fingering my holes to a huge cum.

After that, as much as I enjoyed it, I put it off again, keeping it as a treat. Then, one time, we were spending time away from the day to day, just relaxing and fucking. We were on the bed and had a vibe and a dildo. I said one word: 'arse.' He took the command and pushed the vibe into my hole and fingered me. It felt amazing but wasn't enough. I reached out and handed him the dildo: 'pussy.' He grabbed it and pushed it deep, the feeling was incredible. I took his cock in my hand as he pumped me with the dildo. 'Mouth' I commanded. And with that he made me air tight, pushing me over the edge.

It had been months, maybe over a year since that day. I had been out afternoon drinking with friends and admittedly was a bit drunk, but not beyond control. As we do, we were discussing our sex lives and anal came up. Some like it, others wouldn't think of it. But the talk got to me.

I got home and Mr was in the kitchen cleaning. I walked in and kissed him hard. I stepped back, stripped, and walked to the table and bent over. "Fuck me!" He stripped, walked over, and fingered me before kneeling to take my pussy in his mouth.

He stood and lined his cock against my pussy. "No, fuck my arse." Being the gentleman he is, he checked I was sure? "Yes. You need lube," and he ran to get some. Moments later the warm lube was pouring down my crack, first one finger and then another pushed my hole open and then it happened, his fat cock pushed in and he took my virgin arse. The tightness was too much and he came quickly all over my round cheeks.

There was one other time after that. We had ordered toys and lingerie from a Dutch catalogue. We didn't know it but the order included a free porn DVD. The day it came hubby was out that night so I decided to try the new toy and put the dvd on. It was all anal scenes and hot as fuck. Mr didn't come home until after I was asleep, but the next morning I woke before him, slipped into the new underwear, lubed up, woke him up and kissed him. Taking the new toy out from my drawer I started to masturbate for him. "Hit play," I said. He pressed the remote and the video carried on from where I left it. A woman on all fours getting hard anal."I want that now," positioning myself in front of him on my hands and knees. He pressed his cock against my slippy arse and pushed deep, matching the film thrust for thrust, no holding back. I took my dildo and reaching under my body I pushed it into my pussy. That did it, the extra friction finished Mr off and he shot deep inside of my arse, it felt fantastic.

The other side of us
Not Swinging but still fun hopefully. We want to share a 'sexy diary' as we build our confidence, hope it's ok and some of you enjoy it.
This morning I woke up feeling very sexy after a dirty dream, my nipples were already hard and my pussy was wet.  
Mr and Mrs
Mr was still asleep so I took a quick peek at his cock under the sheets and ran my hand over the top of my silky vest top. I love the way the silk feels on my nipples, so soft and slippery.  
I ran my other hand into my panties and gave my clit a little rub. I'm not usually one for using my fingers on my clit, I have a toy for that, but didn't want to wake Me up yet.  
I decided that I needed more space so went for a shower. Stepping in the the hot water was amazing, letting it run over me felt incredible. I took the liquid soap and squeezed some onto my tits, rubbing it gently over my hard nipples and really starting to feel good. I slowly ran one hand down to my pussy, stroking my trimmed hair and finally pushing my fingers into the soft folds.  
This quickly got me heated. I lifted a leg on to the side of the bath to help spread me open and push two fingers in to my pussy, making me gasp. After some slow fingering I started to feel myself getting closer and pushed a third finger in, stretching me out while the passion took over and I went hard and fingerbanged myself. My orgasm was huge and even in the shower I could feel the cum flood out of me.  
I gained my composure and returned to the bedroom where Mr was awake and wished me a good morning. I smiled, dropped my towel ,and pulled back the bedding taking his cock in my mouth and sucked him hard.  
He pulled my arse around and slipped two fingers into my dripping pussy, hitting my g-spot and giving me my second and quickly my third cum of the morning.  
I finally knew I needed him in me and sat on his thick wet cock getting it right up inside if me.  
I rode him hard while he played and sucked on my titties before he shot his hot spunk deep inside my soppy cunt as I came for the last time, spilling a cum cocktail all over his balls and the bed.  
So that was our morning. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

"Do you think we're swingers?" Jamie looked up, her mouth hovering just over Adam's wet and throbbing cock, and looked directly into Adam's blue eyes as she spoke.
"What...?" Adam had been watching as Jamie was sucking his cock and was caught totally off-guard by Jamie's question out of the blue. "Damn, Babe. What in the world made you think of that at a time like this?"
Jamie started to grin when she realized the situation. Just a short time before they'd gone to the bedroom for one of their afternoon fuck sessions. They'd both quickly showered and hopped into bed. After their usual cuddling, caressing, and kissing, Jamie had taken matters into her own hands and mouth. They'd been married for so long that these moments never needed that much vocabulary. Things always just proceeded naturally, with one or the other of them taking the lead... today had been Jamie's lead.
"Well..." Jamie took Adam's hard cock back into her warm mouth and sucked softly while she organized her thoughts, "today at lunch Cassidy, just out of the blue, asked if I knew what swinging was?"
"Really?" Adam's cock twitched involuntarily as he heard Jamie's statement. Adam liked Cassidy. Cassidy worked with Jamie, and for several years, Adam had admired her, not only for her pretty nice looks but also for her open attitude about everything. In just a few short seconds, Adam had placed Cassidy in so many combinations of sexual activities with him and Jamie that the fantasies could have been a long novel. Yes, Adam was a typical man.
"Ok, Bud..." Jamie shook Adam's cock back and forth to bring him back to reality, "it's not what you're thinking, so come back to Earth." Jamie licked on Adam's cock a few times before continuing. "She only asked because she said that she and Steve had talked about it."
"Steve..." Adam hadn't even considered Cassidy's husband Steve in his fantasies. "Who brought it up first? Steve or Cassidy?"
"Believe it or not, Cassidy said that she did."
"I'd believe that," Adam said without hesitation. "Hell, Steve's just lucky to even be with Cassidy..." Adam thought a second, then continued, "She could definitely do better than him, and he knows it."
"Well, Cassidy doesn't think that way," Jamie said. "But she's definitely getting urges to explore a little after so many years of marriage." Jamie stopped briefly, then added, "And now that their son is gone to college..."
"So, was she propositioning us?" Adam asked with mixed emotions. His first thoughts of them being with Cassidy were delightful, but it dulled when Steve was added to the equation.
"I don't really think so, Honey. I think Cassidy just really wanted the opinion of a friend." Jamie spoke seriously. "And, I really don't think Cassidy has any idea about the things we've done."
"Well, are you interested in letting her know and maybe seeing where things go?" Adam asked.
"I don't know." Jamie looked a little serious. "I like Cassidy, and I know you do too. But, she's a friend. All the things we've done have been so spontaneous, and with strangers we've met... it's just different with someone who's been a friend."
"I agree, sweetheart," Adam smiled at Jamie, "and besides, Steve's a real jerk."
"Yeah," Jamie laughed a little, then added, "he can be a little uptight and pompous."
"Hell, I can just see it now," Adam got into the idea of the story as he spoke. "We're all four together. We play strip poker, and when it's time for Steve to take off his underwear, he refuses because he's ashamed of his small penis. Then, when we get to the daring and you and Cassidy want to see me and Steve play with each other's cocks... well, he screams, gathers up his clothes, and runs out the door in only his underwear." Jamie was laughing at Adam's story, which started Adam laughing as well for a few minutes before he continued. "But, then now that he's gone, I've got you and Cassidy to myself... mmmm."
"Ok, Bud," Jamie squeezed Adam's cock and looked at him with a mock scolding look, "I like Cassidy, but I'm not going to make love to a woman... even with her or for you."
"Hey, I never said that was part of my story..." Adam thought a second, then grinned and continued, "although, not a bad mental picture here." Adam winked at Jamie, then added. "Don't you think I'm man enough for you and Cassidy?"
"Ok, Man!" Jamie began to work her way from between Adam's legs to a position on top of him. She reached between them and inserted his hard cock into her very wet pussy. "I'm sure you are, but why should I share this when there's nothing in it for me?"
"Oh wow, that feels so nice, Babe," Adam's face gave away his sheer pleasure at the feel of Jamie's wetness, "but don't you get even a little turned on watching me have sex? I love to watch you so much."
"Sure," Jamie began to hunch up and down on Adam's cock as she spoke with a somewhat strained voice, "but only when you're doing something with another guy. I don't mind it when you're with another woman, but only if we're with another couple and sharing equally."
"I guess I understand...," Adam moaned as Jamie dropped her hips hard and engulfed his entire seven-plus inches into her pussy.  "And right now, I really don't care much about anything except this delicious woman on top of me." Adam reached up and grabbed Jamie's gorgeous full breasts with his hands and began to hunch up into her with earnest.
"Oh, God..." Jamie cried as the flushed redness began to glow on her chest, "I'm cumming, Honey. I'm cumming..." Jamie ground her pussy down onto Adam's cock harder and leaned forward to allow Adam to take one of her nipples into his mouth. At his lips started to pull at her nipple, she repeated her mantra to herself, "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming..."
"Oh cum good Babe..." Adam encouraged into Jamie's ear as he pumped his hard cock harder into her flowing pussy, "Cum long and hard. Imagine a tongue starting to go into you, Babe." Adam had reached around them and inserted his finger alongside his cock into her full pussy, getting it wet. "Imagine someone behind us... licking us," Adam trailed his finger down the crack of Jamie's full ass. "Imagine Cassidy down there, or..." and as Adam paused his wet finger questionably on Jamie's tight rosebud, "imagine Ricardo behind us."
"Mmmm," Jamie muttered, dropping her hips again to get every bit of Adam's cock while simultaneously moving them backward, causing Adam's slippery finger to penetrate deeply into her rectum. Ricardo was an old friend and still a favorite fantasy. "Yes, fuck me, Adam... finger my ass... fuck me hard... let me feel you and Ricardo fucking me..."
Both Adam and Jamie began to hunch in unison. It only took a few more wonderful moments before they both lay motionless together.
"So, you hungry?" Adam grinned as he blurted this out.
"Men!" Jamie climbed off of Adam, pleasingly conscious of how both her pussy and ass were still slightly gaped open from the fucking, then continued to scold him. "Boy, once you've had your way, you just want to either eat or sleep!"
"Hey, eating sounds good, Babe." Adam quickly turned around in the bed to try to gain access to Jamie's pussy.
"Hold on, buster." Jamie pushed Adam away playfully. "Seriously, not now."
"Ok, but don't say I just did the old wham-bam thing. I'm not only willing, but I'm also ready."
Jamie lay quietly for a few seconds, then repeated her earlier question. "So, are we swingers?"
"I don't know," Adam thought for several minutes, and just when Jamie suspected he'd fallen asleep and turned to look, "I guess, first of all, you need to define swinger. I think swingers are people who feel that a couple can maintain an emotionally monogamous relationship while still exploring sexual situations that include other people. In that respect, yeah, I guess we'd fit. But, I think most swingers think of this as a sort of lifestyle, and in that case, no, I don't think we do. For me, at least, it's more of an enjoyable diversion to our excellent long-term relationship."
"Yes, me too." Jamie was quick to agree. "So, we're just an adventurous couple then, not really swingers."
"I think so," Adam then added, "but I'm sure a lot of folks would think we are swingers. But then, who really cares?"
Jamie laughed and agreed. "What do you think I should do about Cassidy?"
"Well, as nice as it sounds to be with her...," Adam thought with his head instead of his cock, "It's just not going to work. We don't like her husband, and not only that, I just don't think what we do of this nature should be part of our local community and acquaintances. Although it would be nice to know a couple that we could get together with and discuss these things openly."
"I agree about Cassidy. Besides, I'd really feel uncomfortable with it as well as I know her." Jamie thought a second. "And Steve... no way, Jose!"
"Hey, I've got it!" Adam smiled. "Let's tell Cassidy to ditch Steve, and we'll see if we can locate Ricardo and introduce them."
"Works for me!" Jamie's eyes lit up at the notion.
"But, to make it even more perfect..." Adam always had to go a step further with any new fantasy or idea, "let's make sure that Ricardo is ok with a little boy to boy playing."
"Hey, I don't think he'd object," Jamie thought back to that night a long time ago, "he seemed to be pretty open to anything that makes someone feel good." Jamie's eyes suddenly went somewhere far away.
"Honey... are you still there?" Adam was now between Jamie's legs where he'd started to go before. "Now, I'm going to have you again after Ricardo," Adam spoke softly as he licked Jamie's swollen clitoris. "I can see his cum in your pussy Babe..." Adam continued to lick up and down Jamie's wet slit as he spoke, "you look so good, Babe."
"Oh... oh yes..." Jamie was squeezing her own large and firm nipples, "yes. Suck Ricardo's cum along with mine, Honey."
Adam licked and sucked, savoring the taste and erotic nature of his activity. He imagined that Ricardo had, indeed, just been with Jamie, and it turned him on tremendously. When Jamie's pussy was squeaky clean, Adam moved down to her anus and began to tongue fuck her there. It wasn't long before Jamie was once again cumming.
"Oh... Adam... yes, yes..." Jamie held Adam's head with her hands now and directed him back to her pussy and clitoris, "Oh, I'm there..." Jamie groaned, then pulled Adam's face away from her sensitive pussy.
"Thanks, sweetheart." Jamie bent down and kissed Adam's lips, getting a little taste of their combined juices. "Mmmm, do I taste Ricardo?"
Adam laughed, then quickly added. "Hey, you also got a bit of Cassidy's flavor there too. So, you ready to go down on her?"
"You're impossible!" Jamie jokingly scolded her husband as she got out of bed.
"Hey," Adam tried to look innocent, "didn't mean to make you mad."
As Jamie put on her robe and left the bedroom, Adam watched and admired his beautiful wife of so many years... then drifted off to sleep.
"Are you asleep?" Jamie whispered into Adam's ear.
"Not now, sweetie," Adam opened his eyes and smiled, "what-cha got in mind?"
"We've got mail!" Jamie mimicked the voice of the computer.
"Really?" Adam looked puzzled at Jamie.
"Read it," Jamie took Adam's hand and pulled him up out of bed.
"Ok... sure..." Adam grabbed his shorts and slipped them. "Who's it from?" Then thinking a second, he added, "Ricardo?"
"No, but maybe better," Jamie teased.
"Wow!" Adam was amazed and really curious now. "What could be better for you than Ricardo?"
Jamie handed Adam her phone, and as he read, he was puzzled. "Ok, this is a couple responding about our stories..." Adam muttered.
"Keep reading," Jamie confidently directed.
"Typical... typical..." Adam said as he read the usual things they enjoy occasionally getting from people who enjoy their writing. "So, Jamie, is this a couple you think you'd like to meet?"
Adam was curious. They'd met Greg and Susan this way and enjoyed them. But, when Greg and Susan wound up separating, Adam and Jamie had decided not to encourage actually meeting anyone they meet online.
"We already have," Jamie spoke matter-of-factly.
Adam finished the letter then saw the signature. "Will and Stacey? What do you think? Is it our Will and Stacey?"
Jamie hugged Adam's neck and pressed her plump breasts against his back as she read over his shoulder, "Yes, it's them. And, they don't have any idea it's really us yet."
Adam and Jamie had known this couple of years ago. Adam and Will had worked together. Jamie liked Will as soon as she'd met him and also became good friends with Stacey. One night, after a party, things just progressed to where the two couples shared intimacies. It was a one-time event, and being young and neither couple married that long, it never happened again, and the friends just sort of went separate ways. Will and Stacey had children, which often resulted in Adam and Jamie losing things in common with friends over the years. But, during the last few years, this couple had come to mind numerous times when Adam and Jamie fantasized. Next to Ricardo, possibly the most often.
"So, do we tell them?" Adam wasn't entirely sure of Jamie's intentions but knew he'd like to see them both.
"I already did." Jamie took her phone and switched the screen to the mail waiting to be sent for Adam to read. "Hey, aren't you going to read it first?" Jamie spoke too late as Adam had already clicked Send.
"Don't need to, Babe." Adam turned the chair around and grabbed Jamie, and hugged her. "If you're interested... I'm interested."
"Well, at least read the letter and see if you want to add anything."
"Ok," Adam was now fondling Jamie's nice full ass through her robe, "but not just now."
"You're impossible, Adam." Jamie pressed her groin more firmly against Adam's muscular chest as she spoke. "But awfully good."
"So Babe," Adam was rubbing his face across Jamie's breasts, "When do we head out west to see them?"
"As soon as possible... as soon as possible," Jamie moaned in delight at the feel of Adam's hands and mouth. And then, with a wink, "Unless they take me up on the invitation to visit us here."

This my journey into the lifestyle - How it all began...   I saw him walk in and immediately drew my attention.   He walked in with this unspoken confidence that I find sexy in a man and I thought he was cute from the beginning.  I found it very easy to talk to him.     I had been weighing this decision of leaving the clinic, I had just gotten an offer for a new job to start in a few weeks.  I had to put in my 2 week notice.  I sent the email to the manager and him, since he was here on an interim basis as the supervisor.     It wasn't but a few minutes later when he came out of his office and very privately said he got the email and told me I would be missed.  I appreciated his discreteness since I had not yet shared it with my other coworkers. He was very sweet about it, I let him know it was just such a good opportunity and had to take it, but I'd definitely miss everyone.     We would talk a lot the next few days, joking but everything just work related.  One day he came into one of the exam rooms to ask about a patient.  I was not thinking much about it just doing my routine, but for some reason while putting something away I revealed something that just kinda changed everything.     See I have this secret, something I don't talk about much and I keep very separate.  I began to embrace how good and liberating sex can be!  I had been in a long relationship where things were great, my ex treated me like a princess and was so protective of me.  It was great, I mean what girl doesn't want that!  But sex was just not great.  I started to fantasize a lot, even started looking at some erotic pics and stories.  I started to read blogs and it all just kept fascinating me more and more.  I found out the profiles on websites and I finally as my curiosity expanded I signed up.  My ex just wasn't doing it for me, as nice as he was, we ended things a few months back.  I found such excitement in looking through posts, looking at real people enjoying sex.  I began posting some pictures and a couple videos.  Always discreet, never showing my face thinking no one would ever recognize me... except.  I have a couple unique tattoos and the thought of someone recognizing them made me nervous but at the same time so exciting.     I caught him looking at the tattoo on my wrist and it was in reaction I pulled back to hide it.  I got so nervous and he could tell. There was a brief silence and I couldn't help it but to look away.  I tried to play it off.  But I was convinced he knew more.   That same night I went back and looked at people who had seen my profile wondering if there was a way I could confirm that maybe it was him.  I began to fantasize, fucking my supervisor on my last day.  But what if it wasn't? What an ass I would make of myself.  A few profiles looked like it could be him, it was mostly single guys but this one of a couple just caught my attention.  I had seen it before and the videos they had of his wife sucking his cock, it was so yummy!  It would make me wet every single time.     I kept on trying to figure out how to make it happen, I could see he was interested in me, we would flirt and I would catch him checking me out.  On the day before my last he came into the supply room. I could see him looking at my wrist and I wanted to tell him, just ask already.  I was about to say something when he finally asked. Pure reaction, looked down and I could not speak.  He was nervous also and kept trying to talk about tattoos.  He then asked me if I had any more and all I could say was  ""I have a couple more but you'd be lucky you ever saw those."  I couldn't believe I really said that!   There was a little sense of relief, maybe he does know and it's ok.  I have no boyfriend or husband and besides the next day is my last.  We kept on talking more and flirting and now I wanted to play with him a little bit.  Conversation became very flirtatious.  At that moment I decided that I was going to try something I'd been fantasizing about for awhile.  After all these thoughts, fantasies I had not yet done anything about it.  It had been a few months since I split with my bf and as much as I wanted to act on these urges I had still not.    At the end of the day, I went into his office.  He was busy, I stood at his door for a second and he looked up.  I smiled nervously, I hoped he picked up on what I'd be asking.  Told him some BS reason to come in early the next day.  Said I wanted to finish up some stuff before patients came in.  I had absolutely nothing I needed to do, it was my last day but I'd hope I'd get him to come in earlier than usual.   He said, "Sure, I understand if you need to get off early and get to your hot date to celebrate your last day!"  I smiled nervously again, wondering if he knew what I was doing.  He said "See you in the morning."   I couldn't sleep much, I was a little anxious.  Am I really gonna go through with this?  Will he show up?  I drove in early, well before anyone else would come.  I walked into the clinic in complete silence.  I was picking up a couple last things from my desk, looking up at the clock.  Will he show up?  Then I heard the back door open, I looked up and saw him coming in.     I said, "You're here earlier than usual!"       He replied, "Yeah I know, hey never know it may be my lucky day!" as he walked towards his office.     I could help but to smile, I heard him in his office and I tried to time it perfectly so he could see me walking away towards the treatment room.  He indeed followed.  We had an awkward conversation and I just thanked him for the last few days.    Then silence, then he said, "Maybe a website?"  I could not contain my smile and said "Maybe..."  He continued, "If it's the right website, maybe I've already been somewhat lucky?"     He did see me and I was so ready to do this, so I interrupted, "Maybe you have, only one way to find out if it is!!"   He nodded and walked towards me and said, "Is that so?" I felt my body tense up. This was going to happen and I was ready.  He smiled as he came closer and I couldn't look at him right away.  For the first time in a long time I was going to be taken by another man.  He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him, I looked up and met his eyes.  He slowly lowered his lips and kissed me.  His lips were soft and full, he kissed me with confidence.  He then helped me up to the exam table, I spread my legs feeling him come closer to me.     I could tell he was excited, I could feel him grow.  He took his big hands under my scrubs, his hands even softer.  I knew we didn't have a lot of time so there wasn't much time to be cute with a lot of foreplay.  I was ready, I was wet, I wanted it.  I helped him take my scrub top off and I wanted to feel him. I reached down and felt him, he was completely hard. I tried to imagine how big he would be.    I told him I thought he was cute from the moment he walked in as I pushed him back a bit.  I went down to my knees, grabbed onto the waistband of his scrubs and pulled down. I had to pull the front back as his full on hard dick got caught on the waist band.  It sprung up, and just as I hoped it was big and thick.  It looked familiar, it was who I thought it was.  He had this birthmark to the left side of his groin and he was not circumcised.  My mouth watered, I haven't had much experience with many dicks, this was my first uncut cock. I reached over and grabbed it with my hand and pulled down, exposing the head, stuck my tongue out and licked it first.  I opened my mouth and took it in.  It was rock hard and the further down I went it became thicker.  I used my hand to stroke him as I went up and down.  I could feel his cock contracting with pleasure.  I wanted to see it so I'd go down to the shaft and lick it all the way up before taking it completely in my mouth.  I took it deep as far as I could go, pushing hard to my throat.  I would fight the gagging reflex, hold it in as I held my breath.  He took his hands on the side of my head guiding it.     My pussy was wet, I could feel it. I wanted more.  He then pulled me up and kissed me.  I found it so arousing, kissing my lips after sucking his cock.  Without noticing it, my bra was undone and fell onto the floor.  He took his big hands and grabbed my tits.  They are small and perky and I love them.  He continued to kiss me, down my neck to my tits.  He nibbled on my nipples and this sensation came over me.  His hands continued down to scrub bottoms pulling them and my panties down.  I took off my shoes as he took off his shirt.  I was naked, at work, in an exam room.  I could not contain myself much longer, I wanted him.    He picked me up and put me back on the table and I laid back.  He started again at my stomach until he made it down to my pussy.  He started with my clit and my body tensed up, it felt good.  He played at exactly the right spot. He took his time, went down to my pussy lips, licked them on the way down and on the way up I could feel his tongue pressing deep inside me.  I kept on trying to keep my moans soft as I could.  He was making me feel so good.  I was ready for his cock.  I took him as he did with me and pulled up.  He kissed me again, and I can taste myself on his lips.  I reached down and grabbed his hard cock and pulled it to me.  With a swift thrust he entered me.  It took my breath away, his dick filled my pussy.  He was gentle at first going slowly in and out, deeper each time.  He held me by my hips and I wrapped my legs around him.  He picked up speed and began to fuck me harder.     He then took control, had me turn around.  I bent over the exam table, spread my legs, pushed my ass up and he went right back in.  He was fucking me hard, deep with such force.  His cock so hard and big it hurt so good as he was hitting me deep inside.   The rush was amazing, so wet and hot, my breathing was faster and as I couldn't remain as quiet as I needed to be.  I held on to the table, gripping hard.  Now holding my breath, his hands on my hips pulling me back.  My body tensed and could no longer contain it, my legs began to shake and a loud scream followed.  I could tell he was ready and I said "Not inside me".     He pulled back and I quickly turned around.  I wanted his cock in my mouth, I wanted to taste myself on him and I wanted his cum.  I stroked him slightly as I took him deep into my mouth.  One had on his cock the other on his ass pulling him closer.  I felt him contract and hold his breath, I pulled him right in front of my mouth, I opened, stuck my tongue out and with one last stroke he shot into me, first hitting my lips and tongue, then down to the back of my throat and then back on my lips.  Cum dripping down my chin onto my tits and thighs, I took him and sucked him as he had a couple more contractions filling my mouth with cum.  It tasted good and I swallowed every bit of it.  I then reached with my fingers and cleaned as much as I could from my chin, tits and thigh and licked the rest from my lips.     I felt so satisfied, I had been wanting this sexual energy.  He made me feel like a slut but in such a good way.  I was satisfied in a way that I had not been before.  I don't know if it's the situation.  I just fucked my supervisor on my last day!   We looked up at the clock and hurried to get dressed and cleaned up a bit.  As we did we heard some voices out in the nurses station.  He went back out and I gathered myself to make sure I didn't have any dry cum on my face!     He had a few meetings so didn't get to see him much for the rest of the day.  Before I left I made sure to stop by his office and say goodbye.  I whispered in his ear as I gave him a hug, "You know where you could find me".     To be continued...   Read the next chapter My Journey Into the Lifestyle - Chapter 2 - Self Discovery

Ellen was 19, a former high school cheerleader, and was working at a nearby plastics plant. I was finishing my senior year. She watched me skinny dipping in a millpond in our little town, then after a while, stripped and jumped in with me.
That was how we started seeing each other. (We didn't have sex that first time we were nude together!) Of course, I had seen her around before. Due to her being out of school already, and her incredible body, which seemed to put her into "superstar" categories, she wasn't one the girls I usually played with.
She was about 5'8", with long brown hair to her waist and very defined feminine muscularity. Very beautifully developed large breasts, probably a 36C or D, and a genuine six-pack set of abs. Her torso was magnificent. She had the physique of a modern female fitness competitor with larger breasts than most. I, along with every other boy in school, had considered her a "super hot fuck goddess" but I never thought I would ever have that opportunity in real life!
When Ellen and I made love, which we did a lot during this summer, I put on a balloon condom, cutting the blow-end off. My cock was large, so sometimes I had it on too tight, and it cut off circulation! I had to blow it up to make it fit...and then it sometimes wanted to come off too easily!
This one time, we had just finished a scorching sex episode and were relaxing in the sun on a summer day. She was on her back, and I was alongside. I was watching her fantastic body, her breasts rising and falling gently, her torso rippling with each breath. As I often did, I rested my arm on her abs or thigh and caressed her clit gently as we rested...she loved the way I did it...and when it became hard again, we usually went back to sex play.
This time though, Ellen had something else in mind. She sat partially up, took my wrist with one of her hands, gazed into my eyes with a certain savage intensity, and told me to insert my entire hand into her very wet vagina. She had done this before with her bi and lesbian girlfriends, so it wasn't new to her.
It blew me away! I cupped my fingers as she showed me, and in one gradual push-pull on my arm, my hand slipped entirely into her girlhood entranceway. I felt my hand almost being sucked into her love chamber, my knuckles and fingers passing by her pelvic bone and the G-spot. Her kegel, or pussy muscles, clenched my wrist. The intimacy was totally overwhelming! Inside, I could feel her womanhood pressing on my hand from all sides, and at her word, my fingers started to caress her cervix.
As soon as my hand was entirely inside and caressing her cervix, I could feel her pussy muscles around my wrist, Ellen went into a "grand mal" orgasm, more intense than any I had seen. A primal cry of bliss came out of her mouth, almost a gasp, as the pleasure coursed through her. She threw her head back, and her body went rigid, just like a seizure. Her pussy muscles clamped my wrist so tightly, my hand started to become numb. Her vagina developed fantastic strength and seemed to want to expel my hand as if it were a baby!
She could not even breathe for almost 20-30 seconds as the first orgasm subsided. I felt her internal organs threshing about, alternately grabbing and expelling my invading hand in time with her orgasmic contractions.
The inside of her body was like nothing I had experienced or even dreamed of...her vagina was totally alive with powerful movement all its own. She kept raising her ass off the ground and arching her pussy up in the air as the orgasm went forward.
The intimacy of what we were doing hit me like bricks. I was actually inside the gorgeous body of this amazing girl, one body with her, so to speak...my movement inside her was bringing her an intensity of pleasure I don't think any man can ever experience directly. I felt I was trespassing on the turf of a goddess! (I found out later that under certain circumstances men can indeed get to this level of enjoyment. But that's another story…)
Between labored breaths, she told me how to massage inside her body at certain spots, particularly around her cervix, and as soon as I found them, she went into another seizure-orgasm. I watched her voluptuous, athletic body flex. Her abdominal muscles bulging as she sucked her tummy in with pleasure, her back arching up as she convulsed with each peak, her beautiful abs bulging and tensing, her breasts became harder, and her nipples jutted out. I had never seen such exquisite feminine beauty and sexual power displayed together.
I ejaculated all over her from the sight and sensation of being inside her astounding body as she climaxed. She showed me all her internal hot-spots during the course of the next 1/2 hour of fisting, and probably had 5-6 orgasms.
My hand went into her about 3 inches beyond my wrist. Most of the "hot spots" inside her body involved gentle caressing of the cervical node, in some others, a rhythmic "caressing" motion along with gentle pushing against the vaginal wall, and some were accessed closer to the g-spot, as we call it today. After she grew exhausted from the orgasms, her kegel or pussy-entrance muscles relaxed enough so that I was able to remove my hand easily when she was ready to stop.
After my hand was out of her, I quickly wiped up the cum I had sprayed all over her, and we started to kiss. I love the feeling of an endowed woman's breasts pressing up against my chest as I kiss, and hers were very warm, with very hard nipples, making it even more exciting.
We made a pact to never tell anyone else about this. I knew Ellen was bi, and her girlfriends would find out, so I told her it was OK to tell them. I didn't want anything to come up that would put a stop to this flow of erotic energy we had. She gave me the ultimate compliment: "You are better than any girl at fisting me!"
I think it was because my hand was quite large compared to a girl's, but she guided me to the right spots, so it was mostly her doing.
It was one of the most erotic events of my life, and indeed a surprise! I was totally in awe of the female body's almost infinite capacity for pure, raw pleasure. I almost envied her being a woman...but then, I would not have been able to enjoy this unbelievable experience otherwise than as a man, I guess!
We made a pact unto death that neither of us would ever reveal these episodes, it was so far beyond the sexual practices in the hetero community at the time.
Subsequently, we often enjoyed a very leisurely "play." I would get her comfortable on her back, with her knees bent and legs spread wide, and enter her vagina with my hand, very slowly, so she could savor the full insertion experience, especially as I slid past her G-spot.
Once my full hand was inside, and she had had her initial eruption, I would lay my head on her six-pack with my body off to the side of hers. This allowed her total freedom to kick with her legs during orgasm. I would be able to feel her breathing, hear her heartbeat, and as each climax came, feel her muscular reaction, her tensing and writhing in bliss. Often the other hand was on her breasts, gently caressing the nipples and the caressing the sides.
Sometimes I lay next to her with my feet near her head, on my back, so she could hold my cock as I played with her inner self. I always went very slowly from one spot to another inside her vagina, milking each zone.
As she described it, she was in a "heaven" of almost supernatural pleasure. I was thrilled with participating in the unimaginable intimacy as this amazing girl found sexual ecstasy.
We always followed up with intense kissing and usually another penetration, if I had anything left by that point! We were truly madly in love, as only over-hormoned teens could be!
Since then, I have fisted many women with very similar reactions...but that first one was always the one I remember the best. The secret of enjoying this experience on the part of the woman seems to be a bond of trust between the sex partners (this is NOT for the first time sex experience with a new partner!) that allows the woman to relax her pussy muscles and allow the penetration of my hand.
The girl does not have to have had children...certainly, Ellen did not! And fisting does NOT cause her vagina opening to permanently enlarge and prevent enjoyment of "penis sex"! It's very temporary, and everything returns to normal afterward.
I only bring fisting up with a new lover if she shows interest in it. The practice is still very "taboo" in our culture. I never tell people I've done it otherwise. Now, I sometimes use a surgical glove (non-latex) and a LOT of KY jelly! Some women who have never had an orgasm in their lives have had their first one with this technique.


Pegging My Man

By Dom&sub1655, in Erotic Couplings,

My hubby and I have been completely honest and open with each other from day 1 about our needs/wants/fantasies...
One afternoon while I was playing with myself, he showed me a video of him getting railed by another man. I HAVE to say, while I watched he slipped his cock into my soaked pussy, and I came within seconds. He asked me how I felt after seeing that video and I told him I wanted to fuck the shit out of him just like that. So, we jumped into the car and hauled ass to the nearest porn store. We looked at a few strap-on's, and I found one I liked.
The whole way home I had my pants to my ankles and was slipping the piece in and out of my pussy to get it nice and wet for what I was about to do to his ass...
We got home, and I immediately laid him down on the couch and started licking his tight little hole, sliding my fingers in and out, prepping him while I continued to fuck myself with that long, thick cock we just bought. I began playing with the head of it against his ass and pushing it in until he loosened up. Then I got to work.
I got in the harness and turned the vibration and pulse on against my soaked, anticipating clit and slid it deep in his ass. Hearing him moan and feeling him grind his ass against me and my new toy lit a fire inside of me and I started thrusting it deep inside his tight little ass... he was mine to do whatever I wished. I fucked him. HARD. I gathered all the adrenaline inside of me and pounded his hole while he grunted and moaned. I pushed his legs to his ears and while he told me how good I was at fucking him. I bent him over the couch and turned up the pulse on my piece. He was fucking LOVING it!
When I was about to come again, I flipped him back over, held his legs in the air, and watched his cock spray hot cum all over his stomach. I pulled it out and slipped it off while licking his creamy cum off his cock. I bent over 69 and sucked the rest of it out while he licked and sucked and nibbles on my clit and pussy. Then he picked up the still pulsing piece off the floor and shoved it deep in my ass and licked my cunt until I came.
We laid down next to each other when it was all over and decided that next time, we’d have a friend over to play with us.
Still waiting on our playmate but I’ve taken his ass multiple times since and got it ready for when that day comes... literally. ? ?


Ex-Wife’s Surprise

By rdy2go, in Erotic Couplings,

My ex wife, Debra, and I dated for 4 years and were married for 23. Divorced for 18 years now. Our split was a nasty one as she had cheated on me with an old friend of ours. In the years following we have been able to become friendly with each other due to having children together.
My attorney recently sent me some documents we both had to sign and have notarized. I called her and ask if we could meet with a Notary to sign the documents. She suggested I meet her at her office as her secretary was a Notary. We would be able to get it all done at once. I agreed to meet her the following Friday.
I showed up as agreed and took the elevator to her office. Her secretary showed me into her office and had me to sit down. She told me Debra would be in shortly as she was a bit behind with a previous client. Debra finally entered and took her seat behind her desk. We made some general chit chat. I was anxious to get the documents signed so I could get out hell of there.
"So Debra, what do you say we sign these and I can get out of your hair!” I asked her.
“Sure, no problem,” she replied. She pushed a button on her phone. Her secretary came in. Debra and I signed in the marked spots. Her secretary signed in the witness spot, stamped the papers with her Notary seal, and then handed them to me and then left the room. I told Debra that I would return the documents to my attorneys so she would probably get a copy in the mail. I told her it was time for me to shove off.
“Do you have to leave so quickly?" she asked. "Let me change my clothes and I’ll ride down in the elevator with you.”
She stepped into what I guess was her private bathroom. Seemed like an eternity before she returned. The door finally open and she stepped out into the room. She was standing there with both hands on her hips. Wow! She was standing there in a pair of 5 inch black stiletto pumps. Her long slender legs were covered in thigh high black pantyhose. A black garter belt held up the hose. Under the garter was red panties. Her perky tits were hiding inside a black lacy bra. Quite a vision.
“So, Doug. What do you think of this outfit? Do you remember it? I saved it all these years thinking I might wear it again sometime. Do you like it?” she asked.
I was certainly excited by the vision. “Hell yeah I remember that get up. You look fucking hot and sexy in it! Why are you wearing it now?”
“I thought I might try to make up for how I treated you when we split," she said. "I was pretty much a bitch. Maybe I can bring back some of the fun we used to have. Dumb idea, I guess?”
I just sat there not knowing what to say. Seeing her standing in front of me dressed in that outfit was hot. Made my cock start to awaken. Maybe this would turn out to be fun. I guess I’ll just go with the flow thought, so I asked her “So what now?”
“Do you remember what you used to call me when I dressed like this?” Debra smiled.
“Sure I do. I’m old but not forgetful. I called you 'HONDA RONDA'," I said.
“Can you call me that now? C’mon, do it!!” She strutted over in front of her desk and leaned back on the edge and reclined back on her hands. Her legs were spread apart. I could see her panties had a slit in them.
“You look fucking hot, Ronda!” I told her.
“Do you remember what you used to do first?” she asked.
I slid out of the chair and stood in front of her. I picked her up by her hips and set her on the desk. She reclined onto her back and pulled her legs up onto the desk. I spread her legs apart, knelt down between her thighs and stared directly at that pussy I had licked so many times before. I eased my mouth up to those pouty lips and ran my tongue up and down the slit. Ronda began moaning. I kept that up stopping occasionally to nibble on her clit. She was getting sloppy wet. The smell and taste made me even harder.
“Oh my lord. I missed this. I think I’m going to cum. Lick it harder Honey!” Ronda said.
She called me “Honey”. Odd!! I just kept licking and biting. Her breathing and moaning intensified. Her thighs clamped around my head and I could feel her start to quiver. Yep. I was making her orgasm.
“Fuck! I’m cumming,“ she moaned.
She finally ended with a load scream and eased up on my head. I retracted my face from her wet pussy. My face was covered in her sweet juices. She pushed me on my forehead forcing me back into the chair.
“Oh Honey. That was fucking marvelous. Been a long time since I came like that. I miss that. Oh! I have a surprise for you. I remember you describing a fantasy you had quite often. I think I can bring that fantasy to life for you,“ she smiled.
She pressed a button on her phone and the door swung open. In walked her secretary. She was a beautiful tiny ebony girl. Clad only in a bright yellow bra.
“This is for you. A gift! Her name is Shiela. Shiela, go ahead and take some “dick-tation” for Doug,” Debra ordered.
I was still wearing my pants, so I hurriedly dropped them and my shorts to the floor. Stepped out of both and sat back into the chair. Shiela knelt between my legs. She grabbed my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. She lowered her mouth down over the head. Sucked it like a pro. She could suck a golf ball thru a garden hose. Lol. Her hand stroked my cock up and down with a twisting motion, massaging my balls at the same time.
I was close to unloading into her mouth and I wanted to save it for her pink pussy. I pulled her up and grabbed her by her hips. I picked her up and set her down in my lap sliding her pussy down on my waiting cock. She was tight! The view of her chocolate colored skin and my white cock disappearing into her hole was intoxicating. I placed my mouth on one nipple and then the other, sucking on each. Shiela started moaning. She was gyrating her hips around on my dick, her motion getting faster.
She suddenly stopped and I could feel her pussy muscles clenching around the shaft. I picked her up by the hips, lifted her up and then slid her back down. I could feel my load working its way up with every stroke. One more up and down again and I shot a huge load into Shiela's twat. She squeezed her muscles again and milked every drop out. She fell towards me, her chest against mine. I placed my lips on hers and gave her a passionate wet kiss. Our tongues dancing against each other.
We finally unlocked lips and she hopped off my lap and scampered out of the room, her beautiful brown cheeks shaking as she trotted out. I wish I would have had the pleasure of poking my hard cock in between those beautiful cheeks. Might have been my one and only time for me to fuck an ebony pussy. This experience will give me something to remember for years to come. I never got to thank her.
I looked over and noticed Debra, I mean Ronda, she had two fingers feverishly massaging her clit. She saw me looking so she put those two fingers in her mouth licking both clean.
“So, big boy. Are you happy with your gift?" Debra smiled. "I hope you will be able to work up a second load for me! I want to taste my Honey's hot stuff.”
“Oh Ronda. What a gift! It does make up for some of the past," I told her.
I normally can’t bust a nut twice in one session, but between Shiela and Ronda, they had me hard as a 2x4.
"I’ll give it my best shot. How do you want it?” I asked her.
She turned over onto her stomach with her legs hanging down to the floor. Her butt pointing right at me.
“I have an idea. You always wanted to get your cock into my ass when we were married, but I wouldn’t allow it. Here’s your opportunity,“ she said.
I stepped up to her puckered hole. Dribbled a large amount of saliva into it. and some onto my cock. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it around the opening. I slowly eased in about an inch and stopped.
“Are you okay? Should I stop?”
She quickly yelled back, "Do it now. This is your chance. Fuck my ass, don’t be a wuss.”
I obliged her demand and slowly forced myself all the way in. My balls were hanging down against her pussy. I started pumping in and out at a gentle pace. She was moaning. I worked my self up to a jack hammer motion. I could feel my second load about to explode. “I’m going to cum again,” I moaned.
“Fuck no. I want to taste my ass juices on your dick!” Debra ordered.
I pulled back out and sat back into the chair. Ronda moved off the desk and knelt between my thighs. She forcefully grabbed my sack and gave it a squeeze. Placed her other hand around the base and started to slowly twist up and down the shaft. I couldn’t wait to feel my cock in my ex wife’s mouth. I grabbed her head and forced it down. She resisted a bit and then let me continue. She flicked her tongue around the head and occasionally flicking her tongue in the hole.
“Oh my god. You taste great," she breathed. "My ass and Shiela's pussy juices are wonderful.”
Then she dropped her sexy mouth down over the head, sucking and stroking like her life depended on it. I was so ready to squirt my load into her waiting throat. Between Shiela and Ronda I was at my boiling point.
“Suck it harder. I’m going to cum. I want to give you my second load. I’ve never been able to squirt twice in one fuck session,” I told her as I pushed her head down forcing my cock as far in as I could. She made a gagging noise, I let loose and shot my load in. I could hear her swallowing every drop. When the last drop shot out I let loose of her head. She raised her head to keep the head engulfed in her mouth. She gave one last suck and twist of her hand up the shaft and she sucked out what was left.
She sat in my lap, our faces staring into each other’s eyes. I leaned forward and placed my lips on hers. We kissed each other, our tongues fighting together. It was a sloppy kiss. It was a wonderful kiss . We unlocked lips, clean off and got dressed. Once dressed we made it to the elevator and rode down together. The door opened and we stepped out. She hugged me and gave my a gentle kiss.
“Thanks for signing the documents today," I told her. "Thank Shiela for notarizing the paperwork. Also the “dick-tation”. I’ll turn them in and send you a copy.”
“I’ll tell her," Debra promised. "No need to send a copy. I’d like you to deliver them personally. It might be more fun that way. We can make up for all those lost years. Maybe you can give me a surprise gift?”
“Sure. I’m sure I can come up with a surprise you’ll enjoy. I’ll work on that and get back to you when I have your copy,” I promised.
“Thanks Doug. I’m sure you can come up with a special surprise. You always had quite an imagination for the dirty stuff. Just call me when your ready,” she replied. She gave me a wink and I nodded back. We went our separate ways.
Oh. Did I fail to mention that we are married to two different people? Makes this thing extra exciting and dirty. The old Debra never was this dirty. I certainly like the new Debra better than the Debra I was married to. She’s more exciting and unpredictable. Definitely more fun. I’m sure she’ll be surprised with the surprise gift I come up with. She doesn’t really know how dirty my mind is.
Stay tuned for future surprises.

I want to please and pleasure you I tell you. I want to make your body sing.
I undress you in front of a wall length mirror. I help you lay down on my new massage table so you can see yourself in the mirror. I tell you that that I am going to rub oil all over your naked body. And tease you.
I start on your arse cheeks. I oil them and knead them very slowly, and then I oil your back and arms. Then your thighs and inner thighs, reaching up to your vagina with my oily fingers. Even your feet.
Then I return to your arse. I rub some oil off your arse so I can lick it and kiss it. Then I rake my fingernails along your arse, leaving an impression.
I massage and knead some more oil into it. You are turning me on, even though I am fully dressed. My cock is getting hard.
I help you turn over so you are lying on your back. Your head is supported so you can watch my oily fingers teasing your naked body.
I start oiling the lower part of you legs. Then your thighs, with your legs spread wide open. Especially the inside of your thighs, almost up to your vagina.
Then I move to your upper torso. I oil all over your upper torso ignoring your nipples. I lick your nipples. They react instantly. Then I run my oily fingers around them, very slowly and as lightly as I can. I tease the very tips of your nipples with my fingernails. Your nipples are like bullets now.
My cock is very hard now. I start oiling with my fingers outside your pubic hair line. The sides and around the top of it. You are watching in the mirror.
I want to heighten your pleasure so I put a pillow under your arse and open your legs wide. Then I touch your vagina lips for the first time. As softly as I can I run one oily finger down the full length of your vagina. I find your clit and it reacts. I press one thumb into your pubic hair just above your clit. Then I slowly tease your vagina lips with one finger of my other hand. Ever so slowly I increase the pressure and tempo with just one finger inside your lips.
“I want to pleasure you sweetheart," I whisper. “I live to pleasure you.”
I stand in front of you and put your legs over my shoulders. My finger is alternating between teasing the outside of your vagina lips and inserting it in you. You seem to be enjoying my ministrations.
I insert my middle finger as far as will go into you looking for your g-spot. I slide my finger in and out of you. I increase the tempo. Your breathing is becoming heavier. I can feel your body tensing. I want to make your body sing and pleasure you.
I cup your arse in my oily hands and kneel down to lift your cunt lips onto my tongue. “Do you like that sweetheart?” I ask rhetorically. “I want to make your body sing and pleasure you. I like being teased you told me years ago. Is this what you had in mind then? I love pleasing you. I am your pleasure machine sweetheart.
Anything to give you special pleasure."
“You are a brilliant performer,” I remind her as she tenses and shudders to orgasm.


You Are Special

By CecilBCK, in Erotic Couplings,

You are standing in front of a large mirror. Beautiful, relaxing choral music is playing. You are naked except for high heels, a crotchless g-string, and your favourite perfume.
I am kneeling behind you. I have my hands on your hips. I am kissing and licking your arse cheeks. Your high heels and g-string accentuate your bum cheeks
I alternate from one side to the other. I find that very exciting.
Years ago when I first met you I was attracted by your gorgeous bum. I made a pact to myself that I would kiss it after I had you for the first time. And I did!
I take my hands off your hips. The only contact we have now is my lips and tongue on your arse. “I want to bring you to orgasm while I lick and kiss your arse.
Would you like that sweetheart?” I ask.
I move one arm between your legs. I tease your vagina with the tip of one finger. I keep licking and kissing your arse cheeks. You are very accommodating. And very moist on my finger.
“Like that sweetheart?" I tease, "I can stop if you want me to.”
To tease you I stop. Instead I tease your nipples with the tips of two fingers while still kissing your arse. Your nipples react immediately. “Which do you prefer?” I ask rhetorically as I tease your nipples with one finger and tease your clit from the front with the other hand.
I am still licking and kissing your arse cheeks. I am very turned on. I want to bite your arse cheeks.
“I am your pleasure machine sweetheart,” I tell you. Now I am teasing the full length of your vagina lips with one finger. Teasing, teasing, ever so slowly in sync with the music.
I am tempted to use a vibrator to increase your pleasure. But I don’t know which one you prefer today. The big one, or the very large one. So I keep teasing with my finger.
Kissing and licking your arse cheeks has given me a roaring erection. I fantasize what you might do with it for my pleasure. But first I want to please you. Take you over the edge.
“I like being teased you told me years ago" I remind her. "Is this what you had in mind then? Is this what you meant?” I ask in between kissing and licking your arse cheeks.
Your breathing is getting heavier. I can feel you tensing. I want to bite your arse. Hard enough to leave an impression and heighten your orgasm. Anything to give you special pleasure. And receive it back in turn.
The music is moving to a crescendo. And so are you. You are a brilliant performer.

I am watching you have a shower and sitting on a stool.
I am freshly showered with a towel wrapped around my waist.
I haven’t seen you for a week and I am very horny.
I love looking at your beautiful, feminine naked body.
I can’t get enough of it.
You are very obliging and show me your wet body from all angles.
You step out of the shower and I towel you dry, enjoying the site and feel of your naked body.
I kneel in front of you and turn you around so I can lick and kiss your gorgeous arse cheeks.
I was aroused already, but now my cock is rock hard.
You are still standing up as I turn you around and tease the tips of your vagina and find your clitoris with my tongue.
I have your arse cheeks in my hands and I am digging my fingers into your arse cheeks to heighten our mutual pleasure.
Your hands are behind my head urging by tongue into your cunt lips.
I love pleasing you with my tongue.
I can sense that you are getting close to orgasm so I turn you around so I can lick and kiss your gorgeous arse cheeks and tease you some more.
Your voice now has a real timbre to it. “Fuck my cunt. Fuck my cunt. Fuck my cunt.”
So I turn you around again and fuck your cunt as requested with my tongue.
You are right on the edge now.
“Fucka my cunt, fucka my cunt, fucka my cunt,” you scream as you cum, your hands behind my head urging my lips into your cunt lips.
“Nice foreplay baby," I say.
“Take me to your bed and fuck my brains out," you demand. “You haven’t had me for a week. Show me how much you missed me."
After just a few minutes she can sense me nearing my orgasm and heightens my turn on by repeating over and over, “Fuck me harder baby, fuck me harder, harder baby, harder, harder, harder.”
And I did and it was mind blowing.



By CecilBCK, in Erotic Couplings,

“You are a very exciting woman.”
I was sitting watching in awe as my estranged wife masturbated for me. She was wearing a black shirt of mine, high heels and her favorite perfume. The shirt was sitting on her shoulders and completely open showing her lush body and erect nipples. She had her magnificent legs wide open as she pleasured herself with a vibrator at my request. The look on her face showed that she was obviously enjoying herself as I watched.
The previous day she had phoned me asking if I had some jobs she could do for me to help pay some bills. In the past she had made similar requests and I had paid her for ironing and cleaning. This time I told her I would be happy to help her out with some money. “You can give me a blow job with all the bells and whistles. And as a bonus I will pay you extra if you masturbate for me while I watch.”
I had watched her masturbate before and she was awesome and very exciting to watch. An absolute turn-on as she slowly turned up the vibrator speed and hovered close to orgasm. And then exploded. Very exciting, especially with her persona.
She arrived a little late the next day. Part of her ‘bells and whistles’ and tease. “Have I got bells and whistles for you,” she grinned determined to take control and seize the moment.
“Do you like my full length coat?" she asked. “Guess what I am wearing underneath?”

Before I could guess she opened the coat, legs akimbo, with one deft movement. Breathtakingly naked under her coat with an all over suntan, accentuated by her high heels. And those legs. To die for.
“I love a challenge, especially one I am being paid for," she grinned. “Let me have that black shirt of yours I like.
 I am very horny and what you are paying me to do is making me even hornier. Sit and watch me masturbate. Take all your clothes off so I can see how much I am turning you on. Do you like the way I am wearing your shirt? I am going to tease my pussy lips with my vibrator for a while. Then I am slowly going to insert it in me as far as it will go. I want to build up to a huge orgasm before I give you your blow job."
“Are you looking forward to your blow job?" she asked. “I like the thought of being paid for it. I have often fantasized about being a well paid escort. You even told me, more than once that I would be good at it. Do you like watching me fucking myself? It feels really good. Really, really good. Almost orgasmic. And I love performing for you.”
By now her voice had a distinct timbre to it. “I am getting close baby," she moaned, “Really close. Tell me you are loving this.”
“Just look at how hard my cock is," I told her. "That’s your answer. Make it last baby. Tease both of us. Keep teasing.”
I watched her body tense and then explode as she orgasmed. As hard as I had ever seen her orgasm. Is there any better foreplay than that for a man?
“When I get my breath back I will start on you," she told me. “If I make you cum in less than seven minutes, I expect a bonus. I am going to take your rock hard cock in a position I think you will enjoy. I am going to lie face down on your bed. I am going to prop myself on my elbows. You are going stand in front of me while I suck you. You will be able to look at my arse while I am sucking you."
"Looking at my arse in that position has always turned you on," she reminded me. “One day when I was sunbathing nude in that position in the garden you came home early. You were like a raging bull as you fucked me that day. All you could mutter as you fucked me was, 'That arse. that arse. So big. So good.'. So tell me how much you like my arse today as I suck you orgasm."
“Don’t forget the early finish clause,” she whispered as I watched in awe as she took my cock between her lips. “You really are rock hard. Are you desperate for it?”
Her arse had never looked better. I wondered why she had a bowl with ice blocks close by. Then she put a few of them in her mouth. The effect of her lips and ice blocks on my rock hard cock was electric. Hot and cold for contrast.
“Put some ice in my bum crack,” she ordered, “I love the feel of it in my arse crack and running into my clit. “It turns me on even more.”
“Tell me if you like me sucking your cock," she said. “Am I good? I need to know.”
“Baby you are the absolute best,” I told her.
“Am I going to get my seven minutes bonus?” she asked.
“Suck me even harder and you will," I promised. “I am almost there. Don’t hold back baby. Love looking at that glorious arse while you suck me."
“Baby you are the best,” I screamed, “worth the money, especially the bonus.”

You are standing in front of a large mirror.
Beautiful, relaxing choral music is playing.
You are naked except for high heels, a crotchless g-string and your favorite perfume.
I am kneeling behind you.
I have my hands on your hips.
I am kissing and licking your arse cheeks.
Your high heels and g-string accentuate your bum cheeks.
I alternate from one side to the other.
I find that very exciting.
Years ago when I first met you I was attracted by your gorgeous bum.
I made a pact to myself that I would kiss it after I had you for the first time.
And I did!
I take my hand off your hips.
The only contact we have now is my lips and tongue on your arse.
“I want to bring you to orgasm while I lick and kiss your arse.
“Would you like that sweetheart?”
I move one arm between your legs.
I tease your vagina with the tip of one finger.
I keep licking and kissing your arse cheeks.
You are very accommodating.
And very moist on my finger.
“Like that sweetheart?
“I can stop if you want me to.”
To tease you I stop.
Instead I tease your nipples with the tips of two fingers while still kissing your arse.
Your nipples react immediately.
“Which do you prefer?” I ask rhetorically as I tease your nipples with one finger and tease your clit from the front with the other hand.

I am still licking and kissing your arse cheeks.
I am very turned on.
I want to bite your arse cheeks.
“I am your pleasure machine sweetheart.”
Now I am teasing the full length of your vagina lips with one finger.
Teasing, teasing, ever so slowly in sync with the music.
I am tempted to use a vibrator or to increase your pleasure.
But I don’t know which one you prefer today.
The big one, or the very large one.
So I keep teasing with my finger.
Kissing and licking your arse cheeks has given me a roaring erection.
I fantasize what you might do with it for my pleasure.
But first I want to please you.
Take you over the edge.
'I like being teased' you told me years ago.
“Is this what you had in mind then?”
“Is this what you meant?” I ask in between kissing and licking your arse cheeks.
Your breathing is getting heavier.
I can feel you tensing.
I want to bite your arse.
Hard enough to leave an impression and heighten your orgasm.
Anything to give you special pleasure.
And receive it back in turn.
The music is moving to a crescendo.
And so are you.
You are a brilliant performer.

After more time than he could care to remember, he had finally met a real woman whom he found extremely physically attractive.
After the usual round of dating and getting to know each other, his interest in this smooth, olive skinned lady of fascinating, hybrid background was at great and unprecedented heights.
She had really piqued his interest in matters sexual without saying a great deal that was too explicit to put any literal translation to, or to highlight what he might expect from this lady - lady being the operative word, he mused - or exactly what his preferences were.
He had always been a leg man, and one of the few things he did know about her unexplored body, at this stage, was that she really did have exceptionally long and voluptuous thighs - ham thighs a well known art critic would have described them as.
Milky smooth olive skin on them, he could fondly recall as he momentarily closed his eyes at traffic lights on his way to pick her up. He recalled his fingers tracing her thighs up to what was obviously an almost G string on their most recent parting. Fabulous legs, but possibly not much else his pessimistic nature thought rounding the final corner to her southern suburban house.
As he rang the doorbell he wondered what turn of events tonight might bring. His thoughts were interrupted by her appearance and wide enthusiastic smile of greeting.
Little did he realize that she had been thinking similar thoughts to him. She liked well hung men and had tried to imagine what his equipment might be like. She had even gone to the trouble of speculating about it on the telephone to one her intimate girlfriends.
Despite that her pessimistic nature had prepared her for a disappointment as had happened so often in the past.
A few hours later, back at his inner city apartment after a very pleasant summer nights meal of seafood, in a well known open air restaurant, washed down with two bottles of white wine, his thoughts were of little else but having her. The ache in his groin was almost painful.
She smiled at him, sitting alongside him on the couch, sipping a liqueur, seeming to read his thoughts. ‘How bad do you want to fuck me?’
He smiled back with as much aplomb as he could muster. ‘Making love sounds better, I think? Eh?’
‘You haven’t answered me. We can do both if you like though. But first, I want to know how badly you want me. Its important to me. I like to be wanted.’
‘Like you wouldn’t believe. Feel this’, he said, boldly taking her free hand and placing it on his half erection.
‘I hoped you would be bigger than that. You disappoint me.’
Not in the least threatened by her retort he responded by starting to undress her. He quickly discovered, with her full cooperation he mused, that all she had worn under her summer skirt and blouse was a generous dash of exotic perfume and an even smaller black G string than he imagined even existed.
‘Now you,’ she said backing away and turning so that he could could savor for the first time the cheeks of her generous and incredible (and as he later learnt 43 inch) arse. As he stripped down to his suntan and briefs which he had worn especially for this moment, hoping it would happen tonight, he could not take his eyes off her magnificent arse.
Her G string deliberately left her cheeks totally exposed to his gaze, as the string of it disappeared between her cheeks, and the high heels she wore highlighted the effect of her voluptuous thighs and arse even more.
She was very proud of her well developed arse and without flaunting it over obviously, was very aware of the effect it could have on men.
He had never seen an arse as round and perfectly formed, with not a trace of dimples or sagging. ‘How did she do it?’, he wondered.
‘Your cock seems bigger now than before,’ she teased with a smile. ‘Show it to me.’
Always the exhibitionist and proud of his equipment he rolled his briefs over his erection and dropped them to the floor, his eyes not leaving hers as she lustfully watched his erection smack against his stomach.
‘Stand facing the wall with your arms and legs spread, and put your hands on the wall,’ he told her in a firm voice.
Ever curious and eager for new experiences she complied a little more readily than she would have liked to. ‘Who’s in charge here’, she wondered to herself.
Hands braced against the wall she watched over her shoulder as he knelt behind her and placed his hands on her hips and then started kissing and licking the cheeks of her arse, beautifully and geometrically dived by the tiny black G string she still wore.
‘Hold this’, he said, taking her right hand from the wall and placing it on his very hard cock.
At the same time he rolled her tiny G string over her magnificent and well endowed arse, kissing it continually.
‘Feel any different’, he said with a smile she could not see and appreciate, knowing full well that his erection had grown at least two sizes with his favorite turn-on of arse kissing. Especially this one. Magnificent, dimple free twin orbs, which he was covering with his tongue, his cock responding with each lick. This has to be the best formed and sweetest arse on earth he thought, totally immersed in his pleasure, his groin aching for release.
“Glad you like my arse’, she purred. ‘I hoped you would. I have been saving it for you. I want you to fuck me in this position from behind. Fuck me now. Like that,’ she said as he stood behind her and and placed the head of his erection against her clitoris.
‘Fuck me right now. Like that. Give it to me. Right now. I want you pumping in me,’ she ordered sliding his greatest ever erection into herself as he grasped her generous cheeks from behind and started an urgent rhythm.
He was so turned on and surprised by by this fabulous woman he was fucking in one of his favorite positions, (and he learnt later, hers also), that he forgot the oil he had prepared - just in case.
Noticing the oil in its hiding place, out of the corner of his eye, he slid his erection out of her and turned her around, and led her to the bed, neither saying a word as they covered the short distance.
As he lay her on the bed on her side, her back to him so he could kiss, fondle and lick her fabulous arse some more, heightening his desire at the same time, he felt sure his erection was even bigger than before.
As he opened the oil he said to her, slowly, ‘I want to anoint your beautiful, gorgeous arse before I fuck it like it has never been fucked before. Believe me?’
Without looking at him, she was enjoying having his hands smear her arse with oil, she said, “Yes, I believe you. And I want you to.”
As she lifted her arse to facilitate his hands and the oil she used her hand to feel his erection and anticipate slapping into her from behind and pounding into the ripe cheeks of her arse.
Sufficiently oiled he slid the full length of his erection into her as slowly as he could bear.
Then he slowly, slowly built up to the most memorable orgasm ever. His hands holding the full, oily twin orbs of her gorgeous arse as he worked away, trying to heighten the pleasure for both of them. Kneading and manipulating the full ripe cheeks of her arse.
Slamming into her arse with a fantastic, slapping, noise that turned them both on to simultaneous orgasm.


After 25 Years

By CecilBCK, in Erotic Couplings,

Almost 25 years to the day since our first encounter we were about to reconnect.
And two years since our last union.
During those 25 years we had miscommunicated countless times.
And missed many opportunities.
She had a strong hold over me.
A very strong one.
Her sexual preferences excited me.
Once she had piqued my interest with her skills and talents I was hooked.
She was my sexual point of reference and benchmark.
When I chose to please myself and seek sexual release, I would close my eyes and think of what she was capable of doing to me.
And how she could please me like no other.
“I have been saving these high heels for this moment. And my favourite perfume just for you. Enjoy the haunting, relaxing music. Especially the chair and mirror we have been fantasizing about. I expect you to pleasure me for at least one hour today. We have both been waiting a long time. Remind me how good you can be. My expectations are very high though. I hope you haven't forgotten how much I like to be teased and licked. Then I will give you one hour of pleasure. I am to please and be pleased,” she reminded me."
“You might find I have honed my skills since the last time" I said.
I love a challenge and this one especially.
I remember her three very erogonous spots and treasure them.
The thought of this very talented woman pleasuring me after my sexual drought was very exciting.
A few weeks previously I had emailed her a list of MFM scenarios and asked her which ones she would like.
She listed three numbers followed by just one word. “Please.”
I liked that, very much.
And couldn’t get it out of my mind.
Please. It was a constant tease.
And would be for nay man.
After such a long wait I was not going to share her with anyone. Though once I was underway with pleasuring her, I might tease her.
“Another man is watching us. He is tall, around forty. And he is hung like a horse. Much bigger than me. He really is enjoying the pleasure I am giving you. He is teasing himself while he watches us. He is very impressed by the way you are enjoying and reacting to the oral pleasure I am providing you."
“Maybe next time he can lick you," I teased her. “But only if I watch. I love pleasing you. Lips, tongue, fingers. Talk. You are so uninhibited. And I love the way you react and respond. You are insatiable. And very French. I love talking to you while I pleasure you. I learnt long ago how you love me talking to you as I bring you to multi-orgasm. It turns you on. It boosts your ego. It boosts my ego. And it pleases me, to please you."
“That was very good,” you smirk, after well over an hour. “Though next time, I expect even better. Tease me until I scream. My turn to give you an hour of pleasure now."
After years of waiting to receive her sexual pleasure, that was like being informed I had won a major prize in a competition. With her skill and talent it was a major prize.
She had me so excited after such a long wait, especially as I fantasized about her teasing another man as he watched, that I barely lasted ten minutes. Or was it even that long?
Her very talented ministrations were mind blowing.
“Remember, and never forget," she said as she brought me to ecstasy, "I am to please and be pleased.”
“Don’t make me wait so long next time!"

Carol had been looking forward to the weekend seminar in a remote seaside resort town that she had never visited previously. The seminar was aimed at a group of middle aged professional women, most of whom came from ‘suburban marriages’, and who were unused to the privilege of weekends away from household routines.
Extreme disappointment was the best way to describe how Carol felt when she learnt on checking in that she had to share a room with another woman - Anne, whom she had never met before.
Anne seemed friendly enough and very interested in comparing notes over a cup of tea on the differences in their respective lifestyles. Carol, a separated lady in her late 40’s, with a grown up family, and Anne in her mid 30’s, fitted the traditional suburban wife role with two children at home.
Carol, a statuesque and even voluptuous brunette, tallish, with wonderful legs and hips, set off by fine, high cheekbones and a cultured speaking voice, could not help thinking how dowdy Anne’s general appearance and dress sense was. Featureless uninteresting, inexpensive clothes and practical flat shoes, which gave no indication at all whether Anne would be attractive to men.
Two hours passed quickly as they compared notes and talked about their families. Carol found herself warming to Anne and the realization that Anne was perhaps extremely understated in her presentation started to intrigue Carol.
Anne, with obviously dyed blondish hair, was almost as tall as Carol and spoke with an interesting and cultivated accent, which Carol learnt was English, though she had been in Australia for 20 years.
‘Lets go and have a meal Anne. And a drink,’ Carol suggested.
Almost as an afterthought she added, ‘lets get dressed up, I always like to dress up to go out, especially in a new environment.’
A non too subtle hint to Anne that she should try and improve her appearance.
Anne commandeered the bathroom first and firmly shut and then locked the door. Carol wondered if she could a survive a weekend with such an ordinary woman as a constant room mate. As she waited her turn for the bathroom she noticed for the first time that two walls of their motel room had full length mirrors which from the right position in the corner of the room had obvious connotations and romantic benefits for male / female couples.
As Anne emerged from the bathroom Carol was surprised to see Anne looking a lot more attractive than she imagined she could.
Anne had not bothered to dress in the bathroom as Carol imagined she would and came out dressed in a very short black silk dressing gown. As Anne walked past Carol, she could notice that Anne was wearing a skimpy black bra which surprised Carol by the full breasts it barely contained.
The surprise to Carol was such, that when she entered the bathroom she neglected to close the door fully.
The bathroom was fitted with a mirror, which Carol suddenly realized allowed a view of the motel room because of the placement of the other mirrors and anybody in the room could see the other person in the bathroom.
As Carol undressed she felt that she was being watched by Anne from the other room, and a glance in the mirror confirmed it. Anne was sitting on the sofa, drinking another cup of tea, legs crossed and black pants visible at the top of her very good legs.
Instead of feeling uncomfortable at another woman watching her undress Carol suddenly became engrossed in the thought that perhaps another woman might enjoy seeing her naked body. Always one to enjoy center stage and secure in the knowledge that men enjoyed wondering about her body, Carol had never thought until now that another woman might enjoy fantasizing about her body.
Discreetly and slowly undressing so that Anne could see her every move, but carefully avoiding eye contact, Carol deliberately left her high heeled shoes on as she shrugged out of her dress. Standing in bra and colored briefs, she slowly brushed her hair, aware that Anne was watching her every move, and Carol thought, looking flushed.
Why? Was she getting off on looking at me about to undress, Carol mused? Always aware that men liked her big arse Carol decided to try for the effect it might have on Anne.
Playing the moment for all it was worth Carol slid her pants off first, over her high heels and then busied herself arranging a towel so that she had to turn full circle, and have Anne get the full view and effect of her arse and hips, wonderfully contrasted by her long full legs in high heels, and closely shaven fanny.
Eventually the bra came off, but even then Carol still made herself look busy as she stood in all her naked glory in nothing but high heels, knowing that Anne was watching her every move.
Removing the shoes a moment before she entered the shower. Carol could feel a strange and new flush through her whole body which she had never felt with the men in her life.
After showering Carol dried herself slowly, and she thought as seductively as she possibly could with another woman watching. Carol stood naked and brushed her hair, stepped in to her high heels, applied make up, perfume, all slowly and deliberately in front of the mirror, aware of her every move being closely observed by Anne in the next room, out of direct sight, but visible in the mirrors. At that point Carol closed the door to gather her thoughts and think.
She finally emerged from the bathroom dressed in a white silk shirt which was slit at both sides to finish above the end of her long full thighs, and barely covered the cheeks of what her estranged husband referred to as her magnificent arse and the closely shaven area between her legs. The only other clothing she wore was an even higher pair of high heels than she had gone in with.
‘I cant decide which slacks to wear, Anne,’ Carol said. ‘Will you help me decide?’
Carol started pulling on a tight fitting pair of creamy white slacks and was aware of Anne watching her every movement as she slowly pulled the slacks up her long legs. With the slacks almost completely on Carol held Anne’s gaze as the slacks started to creep up over her hips at the same time raising her silk shirt and exposing her naked arse to Anne.
Carol felt sure that she could sense a tension in Anne.
‘Are these all right to wear Anne?’
‘They look fantastic. Nice and tight on your legs and backside.’
Carol smiled back at her, enjoying her by obvious power and attraction over Anne.
Carol looked Anne squarely in the eyes and slid out the slacks she had only just put on and turned to Anne so that she had a full view of her 43 inch hips. The firm, dimple free twin orbs of her naked arse were having an obvious effect on Anne.
‘Perhaps this pair will suit me better’, she said as she walked in her high heels to the far corner of the room feeling Anne’s gaze on her naked legs and arse as she walked.
Carol repeated the performance twice more before she finally chose the skirt to wear which she had intended wearing all along, instead of slacks.
Watching Anne quickly dress in a loose fitting dress was a surprise to Carol. ‘Why I am even watching?’ she thought as Anne quickly undid her short silk dressing gown and slipped a dress over her head, which she did up herself. Carol found the sight of Anne’s surprisingly good body, briefly clad in black bra and pants, and visible only momentarily having an effect on her which she found hard to explain to herself.
Their conversation over dinner and two bottles of wine was a revelation to both of them. Despite entirely different lifestyles they found they shared a great many common interests, including sex and men. Over dessert and a liqueur Anne finally found the courage to ask Carol a question she had mulled over all night at the dinner table.
‘What color pants did you choose to wear with that skirt?’
Carol smiled back. ‘Funny I can’t remember. I’ll let you know when we get back to the room’. By now Carol was certain that the definite undercurrent she had felt all night was building to tension levels in Anne.
The short walk back to room, after finalizing the dinner account, heightened the tension even more. Anne was nervy and fidgety and even Carol who usually showed great aplomb was tense.
Inside their shared room, they both nervously turned on lights and music as a distraction.
Carol was the first to speak. ‘This skirt is uncomfortable and I always have trouble getting it off. It fastens around the back. Can you help me?’
Carol was sure Anne’s fingers trembled as she undid a button and a short zipper.
‘Keep going Anne. It’s still tight. Help me off with it’.
Anne slid the dress to the floor and Carol stepped out of it still in high heels, at the same time answering Anne’s earlier question.
‘Like my the color of my pants?’
Her black G string was the only thing she had on apart from her make up and high heels. From where Anne stood, the G-string was nothing more than a thin line around her waist and another slightly thicker line which disappeared between the flawless twin orbs of her arse. Anne had never seen another female arse to even compare to this flawless marvel of womanhood, she thought.
‘Make me a cup of tea would you Anne?’
Carol was determined again, to play the moment for all she could. The sexual tension was electric in the room. The last thing Carol wanted was a cup of tea but she was determined to tease Anne and force her hand. Carol was enjoying the tension she was creating by teasing another woman with her body, and felt Anne’s hand surreptitiously glance the cheeks of her arse as she walked to the kettle, at the same time ogling the front of her G-string from which traces of her closely shaven pubic hair showed.
Anne’s courage was increasing.
‘Your arse is gorgeous. I never realized how beautiful a woman’s arse could be. That G-string looks fantastic on you. You were made for it. Or perhaps it was made for you?’
Carol’s only reaction was to turn her back on Anne and stand in front of the full length mirror with her high heeled legs apart and reach for a brush and start slowly brushing her hair, hoping her trembling hand was not apparent to Anne.
At the same time Carol could sense, as well as see Anne watching her every move in the mirror.
Although Carol was sure they had both drunk the same amount of alcohol it was obvious that it’s affect on Anne had relaxed her to the point where what seemed any previous inhibitions had completely disappeared.
‘Do you take milk and sugar?’
The sudden question jolted Carol back to reality, as she sat on the couch, her legs at an angle to accentuate her long full thighs.
‘Yes. A little of each, please. Is there any honey in the cupboard?’
As Anne looked and confirmed that there was a new jar of honey, she held Carol’s gaze and slowly started undoing the buttons on her blouse.
‘What would you like the honey for, Carol?’ Anne asked as she handed Carol the cup of tea and at the same time, finished undoing the last button on her blouse, so that Carol could see her cleavage to full effect as she bent over to hand her the cup of tea.
Holding Carol’s gaze all the time Anne stepped back two paces and admired herself in the mirror.
‘Not bad for a dowdy looking bookkeeper, eh?’ Anne smiled.
‘Years ago I started to deliberately dress down. Men are so boorish with their leering remarks.’
Carol by now could feel her curiosity at almost fever pitch. How could she have assumed Anne to be such a dull looking woman?
Anne could sense Carol’s eyes almost burning through her skirt, and as she turned to face Carol she deftly undid a few buttons and the skirt fell to the floor.
As Anne stepped out of her skirt and tossed it onto a chair, Carol was delighted at the body she could now see and appreciate almost totally exposed.
As Carol sipped the cup of tea in which she had no real interest, she smiled back at Anne.
‘If you have to ask what the honey is for, all the tension and build up in this room is wasted, don’t you think?’ her voice by now had a distinctive quaver to it.
‘Be creative, let your fantasies unfold and run riot, Anne. Your husband is hours away and not even thinking about you. I was frightened of being bored witless at this seminar. If you like my arse so much you can kiss it - later. First you have to get me interested. Really interested.’ By now Carol was sure Anne was at the point of no return.
‘My husband used to talk about American soldiers during the war here, who used to pour honey over women’s nipples and lick it off.’
All traces of any inhibition Anne had were now completely abandoned, as she undid the lid of the honey jar and without averting her gaze from Carol, slowly started rubbing honey around each of her nipples, which Carol felt sure were becoming larger and more erect even as she slowly rubbed the honey on.
‘Do you like? Anne smiled, suddenly aware that she was now controlling the situation for the first time.
‘I want you completely naked and then you can lick the honey off.’ By now Carol was commanding rather than asking.
With all the aplomb Anne could muster she held Carol’s gaze and at the same time undid her bra. Carol was pleasantly surprised and felt herself being turned on at the sight of her already hardened nipples.
Carol had never been in a situation such as this before, though she had often fantasized about it. The alcohol she had consumed earlier made it easy for Anne stand in front of Carol and slip out of her bra , then kneel before her where she was seated on the couch, and start slowly licking the honey from each of Carol’s nipples.
The feel of a woman's tongue on alternate nipples, coupled with the honey, was a new and wonderful sensation to Carol, and to her surprise Carol felt not the slightest sense of guilt, but instead a burning sensation between her legs.
As one they both asked, ‘Do you like?’
Carol gently Anne pushed away.
‘I said I wanted you naked, before you could lick me. You cheated. Show me what a naked woman looks like.’
Anne complied readily and Carol feel that they were now past a point of no return.
‘Stand up and turn around so I can kiss your beautiful big arse as I slide your pants off, they are so tiny, I don’t know if I should call them pants,’ Anne said with a quaver in her voice. ‘Do you want some honey on those fantastic cheeks too?’
Carol was surprised and delighted, yet again by the feel of a woman's tongue on the cheeks of her arse, and absolutely turned on as Anne ever do slowly peeled her G string off, her lips licking and kissing her arse all the time, as she slid the G string over her twin orbs and down her long legs. So slowly that Carol could hardly bear the tension, and wanted to help Anne but instead, relished the moment and wanted it to continue.
‘I never realized a woman could have such a big, wonderful and beautiful arse. No sagging or dimples. Fantastic. After I’ve finished licking this part of you, guess what I want to lick next?’
‘Covered in honey?’ Carol asked, or was it instructed?
By now Anne was sitting on the settee and had Carol positioned standing in front of her with her legs apart as she kissed and licked the magnificent twin orbs of her 43 inch arse, at the same time her right hand was between her legs slowly caressing her vagina.
‘Want me to stop, Carol?’
No reply, only heavy breathing.
‘This turns me on like you would not believe. I’m wet with wanting you’. Anne said, her voice with a definite quaver to it.
‘Turn around so I can lick you between your legs.’
Carol made no move or response, eager to be forced into doing something she had fantasized about for years. Anne took her hand and led her to the bedroom, at the same time running her free hand over the cheeks of Carol’s bare arse.
‘Magnificent arse. Magnificent...Relax and let me pleasure you,’ was all she said as she lay Carol naked on her back and watched as Anne poured honey between her legs.
‘I want to fuck you with my tongue. Do you think you would like that?’
Carol never had a chance to answer, she was so immersed in the new found pleasure, all she could do was ask for more.



By CecilBCK, in Erotic Couplings,

“You won’t let me do anything.” They had met the previous night in the bar of a well known Surfers Paradise hotel. A few drinks later, they had made passionate love twenty five stories up, in his unit, with the curtains open, looking over the Pacific Ocean.
She was a sophisticated looking, thirty something, attractive blond Jewish lady from London with a lovely plummy English accent, holidaying and visiting local relatives by herself.
Why was it he mused, that he was invariably attracted to women with an erotic background? He had lived in Surfers for only a short time and was foot loose and fancy free when they met in the bar. As she departed after their initial encounter, they made arrangements to meet again the next night.
He was still bemused by her, ”You won’t let me do anything,” remark she had made to him, lying in bed afterwards, obviously sexually sated and satisfied, after she had orgasmed very noisily a number of times before he had. He was used to making the running and taking the initiative with women. Perhaps sophisticated Jewish ladies have more to offer than antipodean women he thought on the way to pick her up the next evening.
They dined at an Italian restaurant within walking distance of both the beach and his high rise unit. No mention was made of their passionate love making the previous night until after the main course as they sipped liqueurs and coffee.
“I was intrigued by your remark that I won’t let you do anything,” he smiled.
She returned his smile, holding his hand across the small table. “Last night was the best fuck I have had in years. You told me you were starved for it. And I believe you after your performance last night. In the past I have been used to participating a lot more though and having to turn my lover of the moment on. Hence my remark, You won’t let me do anything. It was nice that I didn’t need to do anything, though.”
Before he could ask her to enlarge on the topic, the waiter arrived with the account and made it obvious he would like them to leave so another couple could fill the table.
They strolled the short distance back to his high rise unit, enjoying the warm summer night and the breeze off the ocean, at the same time tacitly agreeing to head there without a word of discussion.
The ride in the elevator up to the 25th floor was electric as they embraced and tongue kissed each other, their hands all over each other.
After fumbling their way through his door into the living room with its panoramic view over Surfers Paradise and the ocean, he broke the silence. “Drink?”
“Just a glass of water.”
He quickly returned with the water, a glass for each of them.
She quickly swallowed almost half a glass of water and without saying a word, handed the glass back to him. His two hands each holding a glass, he was mesmerized as she started to undo his clothing.
After throwing his shirt off, she undid his fly and as she pulled his trousers down, she removed them and his shoes and socks with what seemed one easy motion.
“Tonight I want to show you what I can do. Last night you wouldn’t let me do anything. Tonight I want to show you! Do you have any oil?”
“In the bathroom,” he smiled wanly.
“Show me where,” she said taking his hand and leading him to the bathroom.
“Where can I hang my dress?” she said quickly undoing it and revealing lacy white English bra and briefs, highlighting her new Surfers Paradise suntan and brown smooth skin.
Taking charge, she led him to the bedroom, hung up her dress and sat on the bed so she could see herself in the long and wide wardrobe mirror and positioned him so that he stood in front of her.
“The rest of my clothes can stay on for a while. I want to show you what anything can mean,” she whispered sliding his briefs over his already excited cock.
She opened the bottle of oil and tipped a generous amount over his hardening cock and poured some more into her hands.
“Just stand there and enjoy,” she said fully in control, watching both herself and his reaction in the mirror. She started by squeezing his balls and digging her fingernails into his balls just enough to heighten his pleasure and then started sliding her oily hands up and down his ever hardening cock.
“When you are as big as I want you to be, I want to suck you, suck not fuck, got it,” she said her mouth almost touching his shaft, and blowing softly on it.
She had said that deliberately knowing it would excite him even further, and as she watched from close up, she was sure it had worked.
“You must be over seven inches and very thick,” she said as she pulled and slid the tip of his cock into her mouth, squeezing his balls expertly as her lips tantalized his hard cock.
“I won’t be able to take all that, but I will do my best,” she whispered teasingly, still sitting on the bed with him standing in front of her as she let him out of her mouth briefly, regaining her breath, before taking at least half his very erect cock into her mouth, and really starting to work noisily on him with her tongue and mouth.
Now her tongue and lips were telling him what she meant by doing anything. The sensual pleasure of her lips and tongue on his cock were was heightened by the sucking noises her mouth made as she took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, and then teasingly slid it out of her mouth again.
Next she rose from the bed and knelt on the floor in front of him, taking his hands in each of hers, so that their only point of contact was by their hands and her mouth swallowing his, what seemed to both of them, still growing cock.
“Your cock seems to like this,” she smiled between thrusts on it with her mouth. “I like it too, I can hardly get it into into my mouth. You really are big,” she said before swallowing as much of him as she could, and using her tongue on his throbbing cock.
“I don’t think I have ever had such an erection as this,” he gasped, barely making himself heard over her sucking noises. “You are fantastic. Don’t stop. Its fantastic. The build up is just something.”
“We are only just beginning. I still have to show you what doing anything can mean,” she said taking her hands away from his and returning to the bed, dragging him with her.
She took his huge cock in one hand and starting sliding her very oily hand down it with as much pressure as she could, at the same time using her other hand to caress and squeeze his balls, dragging her fingernails across them. When she had a rhythm going she took just the top two inches of his cock in her mouth and sucked and tongued it while her two hands worked on his balls and shaft, creating three different sensations, all designed to turn him on like never before.
All the while he could feel himself building up to an orgasm, but she seemed to read him and kept stopping to tease him as he neared the brink.
“In a hurry are you,” she said letting go of him completely. “That won’t do at all. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Let’s heighten the enjoyment and make it last.”
With that she stepped back and stood with her back to him, so that she faced the mirror and and they could maintain eye contact.
She slowly undid her bra, watching his eyes and erection simultaneously, and rubbed her oily hands over her nipples so that they hardened as he watched. Next she slowly peeled and dropped her brief panties to the floor, still with her back to him, leaving her dressed in nothing but high heels.
“You can watch me orgasm. Stay where you are and don’t touch,” she said as she started to run her right hand over her shaved clitoris and down her crack.
“Talk to me,” she instructed, her nipples now fully erect and turning him on visually. “I am so horny in this summer weather after a cold London winter. I love my clitoris being stroked. It almost drives me insane, especially when a man with a huge erection is watching.”
“When you are finished I want to fuck your brains out. Don’t hurry though. I love watching you masturbate.”
“Do you now? I am pleased. God it is so good with you watching with your big cock ready to fuck me.”
“How close are you?”
“Very close.”
“Good, I can feel your orgasm building from here,” he said as she shuddered to a knee jerking orgasm.
“Get me some ice blocks while I recover and lie down and rest for a minute.”
By the time he returned with the ice blocks his erection had wilted.
“Rest beside me for a moment and we will start again. I love masturbating while a man with a raging erection watches. After a short rest I will show you some more of what doing anything means.”
By the time he heard her rattling the ice blocks and saw her put some in her mouth, he assumed to quench her thirst, his erection was almost lost.
He was pleasantly surprised when she started sucking his almost limp cock into her mouth and immediately thought of his recent taunt of, “When you are finished I want to fuck your brains out.”
Then he realized that she had not sucked and swallowed the ice blocks. Instead she was swirling them along his rapidly hardening cock with her tongue creating an alternate hot and cold sensation.
“I stand corrected. Half an hour or so ago I boasted that that was my best ever erection. I was wrong. That ice and your tongue has given me my best ever erection.”
“Is that so? What can I do to make it even better? Perhaps I could ...,” she said leaving the question unfinished and hanging in the air and deftly inserting an ice block into her love canal.
“Try this and see how it feels,” she smiled as she mounted him. “Can you feel the ice on the tip of your cock? Can you? Tell me!”
He was barely able to murmur a reply as she exquisitely slid her smooth suntanned body up and down the full silky length of his fully engorged cock as they both watched in the mirror.
“Are you starting to get an inkling by now just what doing anything means?” she asked as she took another ice block and applied it with her left had to his balls as she expertly slid up and down his cock and squeezed him with muscles he never realized that a woman had. “Are you?”
“You really are a star performer. And you can really fuck! I won’t last much longer.”
“I think you will,” she said as she eased off of his cock and stroked his cock with a fresh ice block, causing him to wilt a little.
One of the things that doing anything means is making it last to the point of absolute ecstasy,” she smiled as she put another ice block in her mouth and starting sucking him to his full girth again.
And then another ice block up her love canal and on top of him again and in full control as she expertly used her love muscles to drive him to his ultimate orgasm.
“Was that good? want some more tomorrow before I go back to London? Are you starting to understand what doing anything means.”

I have often dreamed about my wife's sister. Let me explain: She is the polar opposite of my lovely wife. They are both in their 40s, blonde and fit. However my lady is more conservative and always in control of her feelings. Her sister is spontaneous, and a bit wild and is going through a horrible marriage.
Yeah I know it is quite "taboo" to even think about having a sexual encounter with the sister of a wife but the pent up fantasy frustration has to come out somewhere...
I woke up this morning when the fantasy popped into my mind of her sister who was sleeping in the room down the hall as she is visiting while on a business trip. I envisioned her and I having a nice conversation in the morning, quite alone in the house, sharing ideas and some flirting when I grab the opportunity to hint at something more.
She responds with a laugh as she does and we continue chatting. I could feel the tension building when we both stand up to grab a coffee in the kitchen I turn to her, grab her hand and pull her toward the bedroom. Here in a fit of passion I kiss her, she backs off, then I grab her and kiss her again on her beautiful lips, down the nape of her neck toward her shoulders while my hands slowly drift down her sides. As I reach the bottom of her top I slowly pull it up exposing her hardening nipples as I hear her moans of enjoyment. I stop and look at her in the eyes and kiss her again while grabbing her ass, pulling it toward me.
She offers no resistance as I move down to her chest, sucking on her nipples and then on my knees to her stomach kissing her, my tongue trailing down to her panty line that I slowly pull down to expose her gently cropped pubic hair.
My tongue continues as my hands pull down her panties. I begin kissing and licking her pussy gently as she begins rubbing my head. My tongue penetrates her, she moans as she gets wetter and wetter, her juices flowing out already. I stand up, she grabs my belt and unbuckles it, reaching inside grabbing my cock through my underwear, stroking it. I push her down onto the bed kissing her stomach and eating her out as her legs spread wider and wider apart, now she is pulling me in. I then back off and she sits up, pulls out my cock and begins sucking on it. I am ready to cum in seconds and tell her to back off so I don't lose it.
She does but I cannot contain myself as I pull down my pants and slowly insert my cock as I look at her face. Her pussy is pulling me in as I begin thrusting. As I thrust she tells me "don't cum inside me..." and I thrust. "We cannot do this...". I lift her legs over my shoulders as I pound away, I am seconds away from cumming... I want nothing more than to cum inside her. She repeats..."don't cum in me...". My cock is throbbing, I look at her and tell her I am about to cum and where does she want it..."No..." she says as she pulls me closer and I shoot stream of cum after cum into her pussy. She simply moans in pleasure...
We collapse next to each other wondering what just happened... we know things will never be the same again.
She gets up to clean herself up and I follow her into the bathroom. The shower is running and in front of the big mirror I begin kissing her back, I move to my knees my tongue following the nape of her neck and back down to her ass. I climb between her legs, still dripping with my cum and begin probing her pussy with my tongue. All stuff I would never do with my wife... I then stand up and thrust deep inside her as she moans "oh...oh"... as we watch each other in the mirror I am pumping away and unload yet another load of cum deep inside her.


Nipple Bite

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I asked my wife to share with me some stories from her past sexual adventures. It's quite a turn-on to read these when she sends them to me. Below is one of many she has shared. If response is good I will share more. Names have not been changed so maybe her old boyfriends will look her up for more fun. Maybe they will recognize her tits...
So I'll tell you about the 1st time that Mike bit my nipple (she was over 18 at this time)
We had only been dating for a couple of weeks & we were at his house late in the evening. His parents had already gone to bed, so it was just Mike and I in their family room watching the television. We were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden Mike just starts reaching under my shirt and putting his hand under my bra. We had not had sex yet...that happen shortly after this...but I didn't stop him. This was the first time that he had tried to do anything with me at his parent’s house, so I was a little uncomfortable, but still didn't stop him.
He started rubbing my nipple and it felt nice. He then said that he wanted to kiss and lick my boobs & asked if I would take my shirt and bra off. So I said "If you want them off then you will have to take them off by yourself." So, he pulled my top of...it was a tank top cuz it was summer...and immediately put his hands around my back and undid my bra clasp. This was the first time he had seen me completely topless. He then proceeded to put his hands on each of my boobs and start caressing them. He rubbed each of my nipples till they got extremely hard and then he said something like he really wanted to bite each of my nipples. He then proceeded to take one of my nipples in his mouth and started sucking on it and before I knew it he had taken my nipple and was biting it. He was using his front teeth and was biting and then pulling my nipple with his teeth.
I had never had anyone bite my nipple before...only suck and playing with hands. It was a shock at first and hurt a little, but it felt sooo good!! As he was biting and sucking on one nipple he was rubbing, pulling & pinching my other nipple. He worked on one nipple for about 2-3 min & then gave my other nipple some attention. During this time as he was sucking and biting my boobs, I had my hand down his shorts and was giving him a hand job. I really was turned on by the biting...the pain and then the sucking was very sexy!! I also made him cum by the finesse of my hand job.

I asked my wife to share with me some stories from her past sexual adventures. It's quite a turn-on to read these when she sends them to me. Below is one of many she has shared. If response is good I will share more. Names have not been changed so maybe her old boyfriends will look her up for more fun. Maybe they will recognize her tits...
One night when Mike and I were dating it started to snow. He asked me if I wanted to get laid in the snow. We were at his house and it was probably 9:30 on a Friday night. I said sure and we just walked out of his house and walked to the side of his house. His parents were inside along with some of his neighbors.
When we got to the side yard we took off all of our clothes and immediately my nipples got so hard because it was snowing and extremely cold and I was also very turned on. We just started kissing and then laid down right on top of the snow. He was so hard and I just couldn't help myself and I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth and started sucking him hard. He was getting so turned on and I was getting so wet inside my pussy.
He proceed to go down on me and was sticking his tongue inside my pussy and it felt sooooo good, I didn't want him to stop. He knew he was really getting me turned on so he got on top of me and stuck his dick inside of my pussy. My god it felt so good and I was extremely horny with the thought that anyone could walk right out of his house and look over and see us fucking. That was really a turn-on and I couldn't help myself so I told him I wanted to ride him and I flipped him over with his dick still inside of me and I just started riding and fucking him so hard.
He was pulling on my nipples and with the snow and his pulling and me riding him so hard and fast I exploded. I came so hard and fast and then he came and filled my entire pussy up with his cum and the whole time outside it is still snowing. We were exhausted and freezing and very wet along with our clothes.
We laid there for several minutes and then put our clothes back on and went into his house. His parents asked us where we went and why we were so wet. We just started laughing and said we were out playing in the snow.


Stick Shift

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I asked my wife to share with me some stories from her past sexual adventures. It's quite a turn-on to read these when she sends them to me. Below is one of many she has shared. If response is good I will share more. Names have not been changed so maybe her old boyfriends will look her up for more fun.
"There was this one time, shortly after Mike and I started having sex, when he was dropping me off at my parents' house we started fooling around in the car. It had only been a couple of minutes but we both were getting turned on. We were kissing and touching each other thru our clothes. He had a stick shift and we were in the front seat and he told me it would really turn him on if I tried to straddle the stick shift shaft. I had only been with him and wasn't very experienced and I thought that was kind of odd, but I really wanted to turn him on so I said okay."
"I lifted up my legs to straddle the shaft and rub my pussy up against the knob of the shaft. He stopped me and told me I needed to take my underwear off and to really rub my bare pussy up against it. So that is exactly what I did. I took my underwear off and straddled the stick shift. I could feel the cool hard knob rubbing on my pussy. It was a real turn-on and it didn't take very long at all for the knob to get all wet from me being turned."
"While I am doing all this he is taking his pants off and I could tell that he was extremely hard and very turned on (by the way this all was happening on the side of my parents' house). This grinding of the stick shift knob against my pussy went on for about 5 minutes or so until I couldn't take it any longer and I turned around and straddled him. I was facing the steering wheel and I rode him hard. As I was grinding on his cock he was fingering my clitoris with one hand and with the other he was rubbing my asshole very lightly. I came so hard and fast and as soon as I started cumming he came also."
"This whole affair took place in the span of about 30 minutes. I remember wondering if anyone had seen us but it was pretty exciting to know anyone could have seen it!"

When I was in my early twenties I worked as a house painter. I worked for a company that painted higher end homes. A lot of the customers we worked for were professional men like doctors, lawyers, owners of restaurants, etc.. Usually financially stable enough to be able to have their wives stay at home during the day. Most of these women were very nice and usually attractive. I noticed after being in their home getting comfortable with them, and they with me, that there would be a little flirting. Nothing bad more just little comments in conversation and some joking. I would fantasize about them at times, but would have never tried to make a move that is until I met Susan B.
Susan B. was a stay at home mom. Her husband owned a business and spent most of his days working and running the business. He was a really nice guy just hardly ever home. At least during the times I was there. Susan was a cute blonde. She was in her mid 40's, 5'4, and a about 105 lbs. petite I would say. Her face and body were starting to show some signs of age, but only different for me because I was used to dating girls in their 20's. She stayed in shape and worked out in their home gym.
We got to talk a lot while I was working there. She would sometimes sit in where I was working and hang out for hours talking about when she was my age and the stuff she would get into. She also talked about her personal life and how her husband spent so much time working.
One day I was working there and it was getting close to the time where I'd be leaving. She came down from her bedroom in nothing but a robe and said that she was going to take a shower, to just let her know before I left. I thought it was strange because I'd locked up before I left any other time. But in my mind I thought maybe she wanted me to come up for another reason. So right at quitting time I went up to their master suite. I could hear the shower going. I decided to stand outside the bedroom door and call in. But she didn't answer. So I went in and went to the bathroom door which was open and called again. I said "Susan". She responded "ohh, you scared me". I said "I apologize. You wanted me to let you know before I left." It was quiet for a few seconds then she said. "Come in here". I went in and there she was standing fully naked. Hair and body were completely wet. Her body was thin. In pretty good shape. Her breasts were a small size B with a little sag to them. And she had quite a bit of hair on her pussy, which I wasn't used to since most girls my age pretty much went clean shaved. I can remember her standing there in the water dripping wet.
We stood there for about 30 seconds. Me just staring at her naked body. Taking it all in. Then she said "well, what are you going to do to me?" I was in shock. I didn't know what to do. Something like this had never happened before and I really didn't expect this from a customer or my bosses. She then said "come here and kiss me".
So I moved in. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I leaned down and we started kissing. Her wet naked body was getting my clothes wet, and my cock was getting rock hard. We kissed back and forth for about 5 minutes. I was kissing her neck and breasts. I reached down and squeezed her little ass. She grabbed my shirt and started pulling it off so I finished taking it off as she started undoing my belt and pants. We started making out even more as she pulled down my pants. Then she reached down my boxers and grabbed hold of my throbbing cock. She said "wow, you're pretty big". I didn't think so. I'm on average 7", and had only had that impression from one or two girls, but maybe her husband was working with a small dick. Then she pulled my underwear off and pushed me up against the sink and started sucking my cock. I reached down and grabbed her tits rubbing up and down across her hard nipples. She moaned with every stroke of my hands.
With my cock deep inside of her mouth I grabbed her wet hair and wrapped it around my fist as I thrust my cock a little deeper into her mouth. Then she started working my cock deeper into her mouth until she had her lips down to the base. My sack resting against her chin. She chocked a bit and let off. Then she said "you like to get a little rough huh?" I said "Yes. Do you want me to get rough with you?" She said "yes, do me hard. My husband hasn't ever fucked me hard". That was such a turn-on.
So I grabbed her and picked her up on the counter. I spread her legs and started playing with her wet hairy pussy. I spread her lips and rubbed my hard cock up and down her clit. Her lips spread showing her inner pink surrounded by the light brown hair of her crotch. Then I got on my knees and started licking her clit. I slid my finger inside her pussy and started rubbing her internally while I sucked and licked her clit. She wrapped her legs around my neck, her feet rubbing up and down my back. I worked in and out of her pussy spreading her lips and working my fingers in her wet hole as I tongue lashed her clit. She began to push her crotch deep into my face and squeezed her legs around my neck as she came. She said "That was awesome. I'm all wet now." She was completely soaked and not from the shower she just had.
She pulled me up to her and hugged around me to pull me in closer. Got right up to my ear and started biting my ear and said "Why don't you get inside me now". Then she grabbed my cock rubbed it up then down to slide right into her wet hole. Her pussy was so tight. She gasped and said "Yes, fuck me!" I was so turned on I just started pounding her pussy pulling her close. I got so turned on watching myself fuck this milf in the mirror. I reached up under her ass and lifted her in the air. She wrapped her legs around me and I just started fucking her in the air. After a few minutes I set her back to the floor and she grabbed my hand and led me to their bed.
Once we got to the bed she climbed up on the edge and bent over. I walked up behind her she grabbed my cock and slid it inside her. I started fucking her doggystyle and she reached up under to play with my balls. It felt so good I almost came. Then I pushed her up onto the bed. Climbed up behind her, got on my feet, and started fucking her as hard as I could. She came really hard. I wouldn't let up as she started screaming with her face in the pillow. Her ass cheeks were getting red. Then I reached up and grabbed the back of her hair. I was fucking her so hard and soon I felt the urge to cum. I then flipped her over. I got on top of her and began to fuck her even harder. She wrapped her legs around me and gripped my back. She started cumming again and this time scratched my back bad. I grabbed her legs and threw them up over my shoulders. I could feel how much liquid had came out of her from her cumming. We were both soaked. I could feel my balls slapping up against her little ass. She pulled her legs down and wrapped them around me again. Soon I couldn't hold back. I told her I was going to cum and she gripped me tighter with her legs.
I couldn't hold back any more so I started cumming inside her. Her legs were still wrapped around me and I couldn't pull out. I was so exhausted I laid down on top of her. My cock still inside but beginning to go limp until it sort of slid out naturally. I laid there exhausted from the ecstasy. We couldn't lay there long so I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned up and got dressed. We kissed before I left as she stayed laying naked in her bed as I left. That evening all kinds of emotions went through my head thinking of the trouble it could cause sleeping with a married woman, who was also a customer of my bosses. Also thinking what is the next day going to be like because I still had to go back there for work.
The next day her husband was home when I got there. I was kind of nervous wondering if there was any way he could know. The room when I left yesterday was a mess. The sheets were wet and there was water all over the bathroom. What if he had come home early and smelled the sex in the air. Him and I were talking and then Susan walked in. I made eye contact with her and she smiled from behind him. He and I talked a short time and he said that I was doing a really good job. That he was surprised for my age how much I knew and that more importantly how happy I was making his wife. I almost thought that he knew on that comment and was into letting me fuck his wife. I looked at Susan and she was smiling even bigger holding her hand over her mouth. He said that if they ever needed things taken care of that I was going to be his guy. He finished making his coffee and left for work.

I'm a happily married 40 something man with two wonderful children who experienced the best massage of his life. The day started off like any other day with running errands and getting lunch. I had an appointment with my massage therapist that I was looking forward to. I've been going to her off and on for the last few months when my back and shoulders were hurting.
She is 6 foot 1 with long toned legs, short hair, and 34 D cup boobs. She always wears yoga pants that show off her ass and a tight shirt that made it hard to relax and enjoy my massage. The last few visits we would flirt back and forth some but nothing too risqué.
She instructed me to get undressed and get under the covers face down. I did as instructed and waited for her to get back into the room. I was thinking about how hot she was looking when I heard the door open and she said "What seems to be hurting you today"
"My shoulders and my glutes hurt" I responded.
"Oh really, your glutes, " she chuckled while putting some music on and warming her hands. The massage was going as normal in the beginning but then I would feel her thighs brush up against my shoulders from time to time. On one occasion she was by my right arm leaning over rubbing my left side and my hand was touching her inner thigh near her pussy. I thought I heard a low moan come from as she slowly rotated her hips. I could feel heat coming from her pussy which made my cock start to stir around.
She told me she was going to start working my glutes so she maneuvered the sheet to expose one of my butt cheeks so she could work on those muscles. She was really working my muscles when one of her fingers brushed against my nut sack and butt hole. I let out a little moan and my cock started getting real hard, but she kept massaging so I thought maybe it was an accident. She would rub up and down my inner thigh and her fingers would get real close to my cock and balls. She switched sides and this time her hand ran across my taint and asshole. I squirmed around a little after that last pass and heard her giggle a little.
She asked if I liked that and all I could do was nod. She told me to roll over so she can work on my front. My cock was hard as a rock as I was rolling over and she let out a little sigh and said "My my, what do we have here?"
I shot back with "This was your fault with your teasing" and started to laugh.
I was trying to relax when she walked up towards my head. She started rubbing my chest and would slide her hands down towards my stomach. When doing this it would put her vagina just a inch or so above my face. I could smell her scent and it was driving me crazy. She did this a few times before I decided to grab her butt, pulling her into my face. I can hear her moan while I applied pressure through the thin fabric directly on her pussy. She pulled the sheet away and dove right onto my cock. She was sucking the tip for a little while before she engulfed my whole member down her throat. She was going to town on me and in no time I could feel my balls tighten up. I moved my head from her cunt to tell her to slow down.
After hearing me, she stood up and stepped out of her pants and took her top off. Before I could say anything she climbed back onto the table and had my cock in her mouth. My tongue went straight for her clit and was working it pretty good when she started to grind her pussy into my face. All I could do was hold on to her ass and not fall off. My tongue was darting in and out of her cunt and the tip of my nose would apply pressure to your asshole. It didn't take long before I could hear her moans getting louder and louder as my tongue went deep inside of her. I took her clit between my lips and sucked on it really really hard. That pushed her over the edge and I felt a gush of fluid run down my chin as her body shook.
After coming off her climax she spun around and lowered herself onto my hard staff in one quick motion. She started raising and lowering herself onto my cock while I reached around and grabbed that perfect ass. I spread her cheeks and slightly played with her hole. She groaned into my ear while nibbles my neck. I started sucking on her pierced nipples but I needed to cum so I grabbed her ass and started slamming my cock in and out of her cunt. We were both moaning when she exclaimed
"Oh shit I'm going to cum again, fuck me harder harder harder" with that she let out a scream and her pussy released a liquid flood all over my cock.
I kept up that pace until my balls tighten up and unleashed a wave of cum. I coated the inside of her pussy and she collapsed into my arms. We laid there to catch our breath before she got off my penis. She went to the bathroom to clean up and I put my clothes back on.
She got out of the bathroom, walked over and gave me a passionate kiss. Our tongues played tag for awhile then she patted me on the ass and said "Good game".
I chuckled while walking towards the exit. Before I got to the door I turned and asked her if it was her turn to pick up our kids or mine?



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Suddenly my arms dart out, wrapping you in my embrace. My lips instantly fly to yours. The surprise wears off and you wrap your arms around me so tightly it feels as though you're trying to pull me even closer, even though my chest is already pressed tightly against yours. My hands go under your shirt, cupping your breast. You moan slightly from the contact. Your body begs for more, so I reach around while still under your shirt. I unclasp your bra and let it fall to the floor. I pull your shirt over your head, exposing your bare breasts. We kiss passionately while trying to reach the bedroom. We somehow manage without knocking too much down. We fall on the bed together, and I immediately start kissing my way down your neck, your shoulder, and finally reaching my goal. I cover them with kisses, first one then the other. My tongue flies out, licking your nipple. I start to lick and suck each of your supple breasts. You moan loudly from this and start petting my head like an obedient kitten. My pull my hand from your other one and let it drift down your body to your pants, caressing your body all the way. I insert my hand into your pants, staying outside your panties.... For now.
I start running a finger up and down your covered slit, soaking your panties even more. As my finger runs along your snatch, and my mouth is on your breasts you say the three words that, despite hearing them for years, still send my heart aflutter. "I love you!" "Not as much as I love you." With that I begin unbuttoning your jeans, letting them slide to the floor. Just how soaked your getting your panties is clear just from looking at them. And the bed under you. I slip a thumb inside the top of them and pull down. Getting another finger wet in the process. Now completely naked, I continue running my hand along your womanhood. I slip a finger inside you, making you scream. I move my lips from your breasts and place them firmly on yours. I pump my finger in and out of you, making your muffled screams even louder.
Suddenly you start to arch your back, yelling louder still. I withdraw my hand and back up, pulling away from you. Your begging whimper almost makes me finish you, but I had other plans in mind. I start to take my shirt off, finally starting to undress. Between my undressing and the lump in my pants, you figure out what I have in mind and move forward to unzip me. You slowly pull my pants down, letting my rock hard manhood free. You back away and lay down on the bed, still peeking at me from between your legs. You slowly and seductively spread your legs apart, allowing me to see your glistening pussy and the wet spot underneath it. I slowly move forward. Just before I touch you I lean forward and lock my lips with yours, kissing you even more wildly and passionately than ever before.
I push the head of my cock into your waiting pussy, which stretches slightly to accommodate it. It's so hot it feels like a furnace. Even after all our time together you're still as tight as the first time. Suddenly I push a few more inches into you, making you scream in pleasure with a slight amount of pain. I can feel your walls convulse as a fresh spray of juices washes my cock. I pull out so that just the head is in then thrust forward, inserting an extra half inch. I keep going like this, in and out, in and out, until my cock is completely inside you. Still pumping, you start getting louder and louder. Again you arch your back, beginning to orgasm.
This time I don't pull away, but thrust forward hard, making you cum again. The juices making your pussy even warmer, your convulsing walls feel like they are massaging my cock. Halfway into your orgasm I start to cum too, spraying deep inside you. I pull out of you, your own juice mixed with mine trickle out of your cunt. I collapse on the bed next to you and kiss you on the cheek; and wrap you tightly in my arms, with you too tired to do the same, or even speak begin to nod off. We both fall asleep at the same time.

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