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The Arrival


After speaking to each other long distance over the internet, Fred in Iraq and Lorrie in the States, both were eager to get some time getting to know each other more intimately. So, finally, on a spring day in May, they finally got their chance.

The plan was for Lorrie to meet him at the airport on a Friday night to pick him up after a long flight. Hopefully, she thought, he was able to rest on the plane because she had big plans for him. They had been having steamy interactions long distance, and she wanted to have a live session this time. She couldn't contain her excitement. She had been planning what to wear, what to say…. would she be nervous…. would it be awkward? She didn't know but figured it would definitely work out. She was so horny for him. One way or another, she was going to get him.

She decided on wearing a white blouse with a visible pink lacy bra and cleavage visible via the low-cut buttoned blouse, a floral blue short skirt with a loose flair to it, and no panties, definitely no panties. To top that off, she decided heels were in order. So Sweet and Sexy! She was off.

On the ride to the airport, she kept replaying all the fantasies they talked about and kept getting more and more excited at every minute that passed…going to be a long wet ride.

Finally, she arrived, parked the car, and entered the airport to greet him as he got off the plane. Still, in her head, wondering what would happen next. Nervously, she still had about 20 minutes to wait for his plane to arrive, and she figured she might as well go to the bar in the airport for a drink, just to ease the butterflies in her stomach.

She headed back to the gate. "Here he comes," excitedly, she thought, with a grin on her face. Not surprisingly, he arrived with a matching grin. They both know what is ahead. After a hug, happy to feel him finally, there was some small talk; yes, both were a little nervous. How was the flight? Did you wait long? Both, all the while thinking, I can't wait to get down to fucking. Not being said aloud, but both could feel it anyhow. The sexual tension was palpable.

They gathered up his bags and headed to the car. As Lorrie was walking, Fred took his opportunity to fully enjoy the view of Lorrie in its entirety. Although he saw parts while on the internet, she looked incredible in person. This was definitely a safe time to check her out from behind without her catching him. He knew now he wasn't crazy for all the things he had said and thought about up to now. He really did want her.

As they reach the car, both of them think about what they had said about the car parked in the garage, fucking. Oh yeah, with just the thought, Lorrie felt hot already, hoping Fred would make some kind of advance. If he does, she thought to herself, I am totally going to do it. I just can't wait. She looked around, but no one was around. She could hear cars on other levels but figured, I don't care, I don't know any of these people, and will never see them again, fuck it. She opened the trunk, and Fred started loading his bags into the car. Lorrie watched him, hoping for him to do anything. Did he change his mind? Maybe he is nervous too? Lorrie decided to break the tension and had to make a joke or something. "So, I thought you were going to fuck me here? I didn't even wear panties. You're not gonna waste that, are you?" she laughed sarcastically. Fred just shot her a look that clearly meant… you're gonna get it now.

Lorrie headed for the car door, figuring he was going to let her comment slide, not knowing Fred was very close behind her. Just as she opened the door, Fred pushed it back closed. Lorrie knew it, and she had a huge smile now.

He turned her around, kissed her, and ran his hands up and down the outside of her thighs, up to her hips, pressing his body against hers. Her back was up against the car now, and she raised her leg up around his body, allowing him to get closer to her. She felt that he was hard now. She was really hot now, wanting him so badly. With her hands, she pulled him even closer now; he gladly pushed his cock on her pussy, knowing she had nothing on under her skirt. He was very excited too. Should we fuck right here, he wondered? They both really wanted to. It was very obvious to everyone who had driven by and the couple who had returned to their car parked beside them. They weren't distracted in the least, and they only had one thing on their mind.

Fred realized we couldn't do this here; we could be here for hours. He whispered, "Can't here… let's go find somewhere else…..quickly." Lorrie was now frustrated. She didn't think she was going to be able to wait a minute longer, as she had been waiting since December for this. One more minute, and she was going to explode; at this point, she almost felt like if he waited a minute more, she would have let all her juices go.

"Ok," she said, not saying how she really felt.

They both got into the car, and Fred was driving. They finally left the airport and headed in the direction of home. Both were silent, but each kept glancing at each other. Lorrie down on Fred, mouth-watering, Fred on Lorrie's ample cleavage, and wishing her skirt was about an inch or two higher, so he could really view her.

Lorrie just couldn't wait any longer. She leaned over to Fred, reached down and rubbed his package, and whispered in his ear," Is this ok?" Fred, without hesitation, agreed. She aggressively stroked him, and he was at full attention. Lorrie was definitely excited, ass he could feel herself getting wetter by the second.

She was peering down, trying to imagine how he looked and tasted. She decided only one way to find out. Unbuttoning and unzipping him, she thought, thank god he had boxers on, not much resistance to access.

He helped by wiggling his pants down a little so she would have full access, eager to feel her mouth on him. She leaned over, now almost lying across the center console, with one hand caressing him from his balls, up and down his cock as she pulled him into her mouth. Slowly teasing his head with her tongue at first, tasting his pre cum, yup, he's excited him, she thought. She continued to squeeze him with her fingers wrapped around his engorged cock as though she was going to milk the cum out of him. She then eased him further into her mouth, eagerly filling her mouth with all of his manhood that she could. Still, massaging him, sucking, licking.

Fred desperately looked around for a spot to stop the car. He couldn't take it anymore. He wanted inside her, wanted to feel her hot, wet pussy on him. Her mouth felt so good, but he wanted more.

Good, rest stop. He pulled in, and only two other cars there, "who gives a flying fuck? I don't," he thought. Lorrie was still excitedly sucking his cock without hesitation, writhing in her seat. Oh, she's ready. Lorrie raised up back onto her knees, Fred still in her mouth, hands still on him. He reached underneath her down to her throbbing pussy. She moaned as he began circling her clit and massaging it with his fingers. He could feel how wet she was as he probed a little further, pressing his fingers inside her. She moaned in enjoyment. Neither could wait, and both of them knew it.

He put his left hand on the back of her head, assuring she would have to keep sucking him until he was finished making her climax. She asked for this; she tortured me for months. She begged for him to fuck her; how she couldn't wait any longer. He kept rubbing and probing her harder with each stroke. She was really wet now, and he knew it. She kept moaning louder and louder. He loved feeling that too. He was going to make sure he muffled her moans and, finally, her screams, with his cock.

He smirked as she was fucking his hand now, moaning and then screaming. Shaking, her juices were now running down his hand onto his wrist and were now running down her thighs too. It was all too tempting for him not to want a little taste.

After controlling the urge to unload into Lorrie's mouth, he ordered her to turn around, lay back, and present her pussy to him. Now she was helping him stroke her. Her back was pushed up against the door. Although this car was small, Fred was determined to try her. He leaned over and licked her now engorged pussy. She was so wet and willing, squirming under his tongue.

He decided he was going to make her pay again for the torture he had endured. He licked around her clit. Driving her even more wild, he pierced her with his tongue, and now she lowered her hand to massage her own clit. She knew she was going to cum again. Waves of pleasure engulfed her now, her hips meeting his tongue movements. She came again as she was still begging to be fucked now while Fred sat back in his seat with a satisfied smirk on his face. Oh no, he's not, she thought; hehe's mine now.

She got up, moved toward Fred, reached over him, and pulled the lever, which made his seat go into a fully reclined position. He just smiled; he knew what was coming next. She straddled him and unbuttoned her blouse. He took advantage of the access to her breast and pulled her bra down past her nipples, leaned forward, and began sucking. She was grinding up against him. She was teasing him before she positioned him beneath her and slowly guided his cock into her. She pushed him back with force and mounted him forcefully. She raised and lowered herself on him slowly at first. She knew he wanted it harder, but after what he did, she wanted to tease him. She couldn't take it anymore, and she wanted his cum deep inside her. Enjoying his cock harder and harder, he raised his hips to meet her, each time getting deeper. That was their goal, him as deep inside of her as he could.

After riding him for a bit, she reached behind her to grab his balls, trying to massage the cum out of him. Looking at him, telling him how much she wanted his cum. Now slamming his cock deep inside her, she unleashed a huge orgasm; he could feel her tense up and squeeze his cock inside her, still pumping, milking him as he exploded. She now smirked as she was proud of what she had just accomplished. Leaned over and said in a low sexy voice, "Oh, you wait. That was just the warm-up round."

The drive home had been extremely thrilling. Fred and Lorrie exchanged glances, smiling, laughing, and giggling the whole time. They spoke about how long it had been, talking about the sizzling plans they had made online, chatting almost every day for nearly five months. Both of them were still thinking about what happened as they had left the airport.
Finally, after his arrival, at a rest stop shortly after leaving the airport, they were unable to restrain their eagerness to fulfill their desires. Now what?

They decided to head to Lorrie's house before going out to find some of Fred's old friends. The night was still early, and Fred could use a bed to lie on.

At Lorrie's house, which was small but charming, they entered. Again, both were nervous. Was this really happening? It was like a fantasy still, like one they had dreamed up while talking long distance, like one each of them had imagined in their head. Still, although nervous, each of them still wanted each other intensely, especially after satisfying their hunger for each other earlier.

"You must be tired," Lorrie said. "No, not that tired, just wanna lay down for a little bit before we go out. Is that ok?" Fred responded.

"Of course," Lorrie agreed, "You want the couch or my bed?"

"Bed. Just don't let me fall asleep," Fred said, "or I'll never get back up."

Lorrie grinned, "that shouldn't be a problem."

She led Fred upstairs to her bedroom. Fred removed his shoes, laid back, and pretended to get comfy. Lorrie was onto his game; he had no intentions of resting. She knew this but played along.

"Do you mind if I lie next to you?" Fred asked.

"No, not at all," Lorrie replied.

Lorrie followed suit, slipped off her shoes, and lay down next to Fred. Fred on his side facing Lorrie, Lorrie on her back, with a pillow propping up her head. She turned on the television just so he would think she wasn't onto his game.

He lay there, laughing to himself; she really thinks we're just gonna lie here like this? Again with the tempting me. She's gonna get it.

Fred looked at Lorrie, her long legs leading up to that short blue skirt, up to the pink lace peeking out of the white button-down shirt, which was unbuttoned to show her ample cleavage. Although all that was nice, he continued up to her eyes, which were peering forward toward the television. Really, is she really watching television right now? She's not gonna be in a minute.

He leaned toward her, lessening the distance on the bed between them. Slowly he raised his hand to touch her thigh. First, on top, slowly caressing it. He looked toward her face again, no response.

Lorrie was holding in a smile with all her might, her heart racing. He sensed she was playing now; game on.

He continued caressing up and down her thigh, and slowly, he glided his hand to the inside of her thigh. Using long slow strokes now, he rubbed a bit harder toward her, higher and higher.

Lorrie is now grinning, trying not to, of course, but unable to deny it.

That was all he needed to progress completely. He had not forgotten that she was not wearing any panties under her loose skirt. All too tempting. He rose his body up to his knees, pulled her to the center of the bed, and put his knees between her legs, her head still propped on pillows. Still, only giggling on Lorrie's part, she wasn't helping. He grabbed Lorrie's legs and pulled her down with force, so she was now lying flat on the bed, skirt pulled up by his actions, with her legs parted.

Fred was gonna have to punish her for this little display, the stoic looks, the not helping him in any way. Oh, she's gonna pay.

He leaned forward, planted a kiss on the inside of Lorrie's upper thigh, and looked up at her. Lorrie wasn't giving in just yet. He thought to himself, oh really, now I am gonna torture her. He continued kissing, licking, sucking on the inside of Lorrie's thighs higher, but not high enough. Lorrie was squirming. Her mind thought he's killing me, son of bitch.

Lorrie surrendered, reached down, and pushed Fred further up, presenting her pussy to him. He parted her with his tongue just so she knew he meant business, but he wasn't giving in just yet. Still, Lorrie holding his head, he resisted. Instead, he penetrated her with one finger very slowly, then two slowly. Lorrie was writhing now, frustration and anticipation rising. He sensed this and began to quicken his pace inside her. Penetrating quicker and deeper each time. Finally, allowing his tongue to explore her fully. Lorrie moaned, her breath deepening. Again, with his fingers still keeping pace, his tongue explores, slowly, then eagerly, circling her clit until she finally begs, "Come on." He giggles, then concentrates his tongue on her clit. That's what she wanted. Still fucking her intensely with his fingers, sucking and licking, Lorrie begins to moan louder and louder, writhing and squirming to meet his fingers. Cum, baby cum. Fred eagerly anticipated her juices to flow. Her moans now turn into shallow screams of pleasure. Oh, yeah, she's cumming now. Hmmmm. He leans back, laughing an evil laugh. I've got her now. Or so he thought.

Lorrie's turn, she thought, Fred's fingers still inside her. She interrupts him, leans forward, and pulls him up to meet her. Forcefully she pulls his shirt over his head. Fred is now back on his knees; she concentrates on unbuttoning her own shirt, down past her little pink bra, completely. He watches. She unhooks the bra, which has a front clasp, and pulls it completely aside, revealing her breast for him. He leans in. She restrains him, pushes him back onto his knees, and leans forward.

Nearly at eye level with the bulge now presenting itself in his pants, she unbuttons, then unzips his pants. Slowly, she pulls them down, along with his boxers. Now she means business. Now fully exposed, she leans in; he can feel her hot breath on him. She gently runs her fingers up and down his cock, lips almost touching. Fred watched this, almost trembling. She licks his shaft in one long stroke. Now, Fred can't take anymore, "Come on." Boy, isn't that familiar, she grins. Now she licks the head of his cock, swirling her tongue until she slowly greedily devours him. She sucks him lightly, then harder as she strokes him both with hands and mouth. He tastes good. Hmmm.

Fred just can't take anymore; he's on the verge of cumming, when he pulls out of Lorrie's mouth and pushes her back onto the bed. He needs to cool down a bit.

Now, back to those tits. Fred now zealously licks, then sucks, then gently nibbles on Lorrie's erect nipples while fucking her with his fingers again, jabbing inside her deeply. Again, she meets him with her hips to get him deeper. Oh, I can't wait til he fucks me again.

He again leans back. Lorrie can see how hard he is. Now she can't wait till he enters her and fucks her like she's wanted him to. He slowly rubs her clit and pussy with the head of his cock. She's burning for him now. He slowly pushes into her. Her pussy is wet, hot, and tight; he enjoys this bit of resistance. He enters further, deeper; she is moaning, stretching her legs to allow him deeper penetration. He gladly allows her pussy to engulf him. He begins to fuck her, pumping, her hot juices glazing his cock with every thrust. Pulling out and stabbing her pussy. Feeling the head of his cock repeatedly entering her is making Lorrie increasingly excited. She loves her pussy pounded. Almost as if he sensed this, he began driving into her, drilling her, making her scream with pleasure till he could feel her pussy squeeze his cock.

He continues till he almost erupts inside her. How dare she? Oh, not yet. You are not finished yet; neither am I.

He pulls out. "Turn around." Lorrie obeys, smiling. With her ass presenting in front of him, he couldn't resist one good spank. "You deserved that." She laughs. He puts his arm around Lorrie's stomach. She's not going anywhere. She is ready for this; she has thought about this position many times. It is her favorite, after all. Still, with his arm holding her in place, he takes his other hand to guide his cock into her. Once in, he thrusts hard while pulling her onto him. Very deep. Lorrie moans loudly. He continues fucking her intensely. Lorrie meeting his every blow. Fucking harder and harder. Pounding her pussy. He hesitates for a moment, and he realizes Lorrie is still feverishly fucking his cock. He eagerly meets her blows. She is moaning, taking his cock as deep as she can take it. Feeling his swelling cock drilling her repeatedly, she feels her pussy tightening on him, milking. Feeling his stiff cock inside her makes her dripping wet. She's cumming. He knows it. As she screams, he releases his load into her eager pussy, both their juices now dripping from her freshly fucked pussy; they lay exhausted.

After a much-needed nap, Lorrie arose to realize it was getting pretty late in the evening, and if they were going to get out and catch up with some friends, they'd better get going. Fred, asleep in the spooning Lorrie, was easy to wake by wiggling her hips and grinding her ass up against Fred. That woke him up. Although he would've liked to stay in bed with Lorrie, she insisted that they go out. After all, Fred hadn't seen his friends in months, since last summer, in fact. It would be hardly fair if she kept him all to herself. Besides, she would have more time with him. He is going to be in town for two weeks, and other than an occasional email, he hardly ever hears from them, not like the endless chatting they do daily online.

Each showered and dressed, very casual, like all the bars in this town are, but of course, Lorrie had to sex it up a bit for Fred. She wore a baby blue blouse that clung to her curves and showcased her ample cleavage, a tight, short, jean skirt that revealed her long smooth legs down to her high heel summer sandals to show her pink painted toenails. Definitely on the hot side of casual. Fred wore his khaki shorts and a tee, not original, but still sexy to Lorrie. She was just happy to be with him after all this time.

She is so mean. Fred thought to himself, ..she knows that I am going to be distracted all night by her, thinking about getting inside her again.

Lorrie knew what she was doing; that was her plan all along, torture.

They drove to a local club where both had been many times. A lot of familiar faces in this place. Fred and Lorrie just looked at each other, having discussed what they were going to run into in this town. Not knowing what would happen exactly, they both decided they weren't going to say anything to anyone about this relationship. Really no one else's business, so nothing was good enough for them. Besides, the majority would twist anything to make it sound juicier anyhow. It does add to the mystery and excitement and always gives a giggle when you finally hear what the tale has ended up being told about you. If people only knew.

Being the beginning of May, with the air starting to warm up, Lorrie decided to have a summer cocktail, Strawberry Daiquiri. Fred, well, you guys all know, beer. They sat at the bar and started downing their drinks.

Of course, Fred hadn't been in town for quite a while, so any and all of his buddies whom he hadn't seen in a while were vying for his attention. So, Lorrie expecting this, allowed him to meander and visit with everyone. She also meandered and socialized herself; after all, being from this small town, some of his friends weren't all that unfamiliar to her. After a while, a few drinks, and a few more shots, they had lost all hopes of being inconspicuous. Lorrie was looking mighty hot and, of course, after alcohol, getting harder and harder to resist. Lorrie, too, was having a hard time keeping her attention away from Fred. They had waited so long for this, for each other. They had not even come close to satisfying their craving for each other. They slowly made their way back together, still talking with friends, but being so close to each other, they had to touch, at least. So, just a little bump here, a little rub up against there, a hand low on Lorrie's back, slipping lower….Well, you know what effect alcohol has. Why would you think anyone would notice? Play dumb.

"Yeah, I think I left my purse in the car. I'll be back," Lorrie proclaims, hoping Fred gets the hint.

"I need to get some air. It's gotten hot in here," as he follows closely behind Lorrie out the door.

His friends just roll their eyes and make little gestures to each other. They're not buying it. Like they didn't notice Fred rubbing Lorrie's ass.

Once outside, Lorrie turns around, "Real smooth. I'm sure that they didn't notice a thing."

"I don't care. Let's go," Fred said.

He was right; why bother staying? The touching and rubbing were just going to escalate into something that was better off done behind closed doors or at least away from prying eyes.

"I still want more of my daiquiris. Strawberries are my favorite," Lorrie said.

So, of course, they stopped at the store on the way, picked up daiquiri mix, rum, ice, and of course…beer.

Heading for home now, with Fred's hands gliding further and further up Lorrie's skirt.

"We are almost there. Stop! I am trying to drive. Do you want me to crash when we are right down the street?" Both were laughing.

They pull into the driveway. Lorrie, of course, her torturing temptress self, "I've got to make a drink!"

Fred rolls his eyes. Come on!

Lorrie heads into the kitchen, pulls out the blender, and starts mixing. Fred puts his beer in the fridge. Cracks one open. "You have that hammock you told me about up yet?" he asked.

Lorrie smiles, "Yes, of course, I have it up out there; it's nice out now." Like she doesn't know where this is going.

"I want to see it," Fred said.

"What, you don't believe me?" she asked, giggling. "Alright…. grab your drink, let's go."

It's a clear night, with some moonlight, but still very dark in Lorrie's backyard. The only light is from the cars passing by the house, and they don't reach the part of the backyard where the hammock is. Very quiet, very private, very dark…how convenient.

They make their way back, Lorrie holding onto Fred, walking in her heels on the lawn; she needs a little help. "Why do you want to see this hammock now?" Laughing.

At this point, Fred does not even respond. "Take them off!" he ordered.

"Everything?" she asked.

"Yes, everything!" he exclaimed.

Lorrie hands her drink to Fred, and obeys his orders, first the top, then the skirt, then the bra. "I am keeping my shoes on; we are outside, you know."


Lorrie again follows his command and props herself onto the hammock, still facing Fred. "Can I have my drink back now?"

"No," he approaches Lorrie and stands between her legs.

Fred pushes her onto her back. She just laughs; she knows what is going to happen. They talked about this hammock. She only thinks she knows.

There she lay, naked and giggling, anticipating what he would do next.

"You still want your drink?" Fred asks sarcastically.

"Yes, I do!"

"Alright." As Lorrie reaches for her glass, he pulls the drink away, "Put your hand down."


"Put it down!" Fred ordered.

She obeys, puzzled. What the hell is he doing?

"Close your eyes," Fred said.

"Why?" she asked.

"Just DO it," said Fred.

"Ok! They are closed!"

He leans over her. Now she is just excited and a little nervous. Fred, still holding the drink, begins licking Lorrie, starting at her neck, trailing down to her breasts, and slowly teasing her nipples with his tongue. With the cool night air and his tongue on her, she gets goosebumps and shivers. Fred feels that.


"No. I am not cold."

"Are your eyes still closed?"

"Yes." and they were; the anticipation of not knowing what he was going to do next was thrilling her.

He continued teasing her nipples with his mouth, licking and nibbling, stopping briefly to drizzle a little bit of that daiquiri onto her nipples, one at a time, and eagerly licking it off. He continues from her nipples down to her belly button, where he licks another shot.

"Keep going."

Fred smiles; he knows where she wants him to go.

"Hold this," he hands the drink to Lorrie, who, of course, has to take a sip.

He just shakes his head. She leans down, grabs Lorrie's ankles, and positions her feet on the hammock, her legs completely spread. Now her pussy is totally exposed and presented in front of Fred. Unlike Lorrie, he doesn't care about getting dirty. He kneels before her.

"Give me that drink back."

Lorrie obliges. Why wouldn't she? She knows what is coming next and can't wait.

"Don't use all of that," referring to her drink.

"Didn't I tell you, no talking?"


"Well, NO talking."

Lorrie laughs because she knows what buttons to push. She isn't really pissing him off. She is just frustrating him a bit, making him a little more aggressive.

How can I reward her for this behavior? He thinks as he kneels before her, legs spread. She knows I can't stop now. The temptation is just too great.

He takes the ice-cold drink and rubs it on her. She feels the cold moisture dripping down her and wiggles. He drizzles a little on her, which drips down her, mixing with her own liquor, which has begun to well up in anticipation. Fred leisurely begins to lap up the cocktail which he has created. His warm mouth and fervent tongue are breathtaking for Lorrie, she moans.

"You want your drink back?"

Lorrie can hardly speak, "No."

He laughs and continues licking, sucking, and exploring her with his tongue. This daiquiri is good.

Lorrie is thoroughly appreciating this; his hot mouth on her wet pussy is bringing her waves of ecstasy. Writhing and moaning, he slides his fingers into her. She has to have him now.

Fingers still inside her, she sits up and puts her feet down. Forcing his fingers deeper. Still squirming, writhing on his hand.

"Give me that drink. Stand up." She says with a moan.

He rises.

"Take them off." She says while unbuttoning then unzipping his shorts, tugging them down, along with his boxers. Exposing his swelling cock before her.

She downs the rest of the drink and looks up at him. He meets her mouth, enjoying the sweet juices, kissing deeply while she kneads his balls and rod. She pulls away and looks down at his fully engorged shaft. Her mouth-watering, she draws him to her lips. Lightly she feathers him with her lips and tongue, up and down the entire length of him. He pulls her off of the hammock so she is standing bent over in front of him. His hands pull her hair back, and she begins devouring his cock. Swirling her tongue and jerking him with her hands and mouth. Eagerly she sucks, savoring his flavor. "Mmmmmm," she moans. She is zealously consuming him.

He pulls her up and turns her around. She bends over, face down on the hammock. She feels him probing her tight pussy. Driving into her, stretching her narrow tunnel, which impatiently awaits his entry. She grinds back on him, forcing him into her. He grabs the hammock, grasping the ropes in his fingers, and begins plunging his cock into her, which sends Lorrie rocking onto his rod. She screams in pleasure, "Ooooh! Yeah! mmmm…” She is throbbing with delight, squeezing onto him. She can feel every inch of him pulsing inside of her; she is cumming, juices dripping.

He pulls out and turns her around. She jumps up onto the hammock facing him. She pulls her feet up, legs bent apart, sitting up. He thrusts into her; she wraps her legs around him. He begins filling her pussy deeper and deeper, swinging her onto his cock, faster and faster. "ooh yeah, fuck me harder, Fred!" Watching him drive into her. She is gripping his cock hard now, pumping him with the tight walls of her engorged pussy. He can feel her cumming as he crams deep inside her. He can't contain his load any longer and bursts his shot into her.

"I know we've been drinking, but I am definitely cocked now." she giggles.

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      In 1982, after a few years of looking, one night before going out she asked me, "Do you still want to share me with another man?" I replied "Of course". When we got to the night club she said, "Give me 20 minutes before you go in, I'll be more likely to get hit on if I am alone."
      I entered, and there she was sitting at the bar with a young college boy. His name was Steve. When she introduced me to him, he said "You didn't tell me that you are married." She said "Does that really matter?" I knew then, that tonight, it was finally going to happen.
       She teased him relentlessly. She had on a red dress with no bra. It had a plunging V between her breasts, and the sides were wide open from her arm pits to her waist. He could see the entire side of her tit and her nipple was plainly visible. They got up and danced to a fast rock song, her dress slipped from off one shoulder, then the other, exposing her entire upper torso above her waist. She danced and her shapely 36c breasts swayed to and fro, for the entire nightclub to see. After a minute or so she slowly raised her dress back onto her shoulders. Then they returned to the bar, she said, "I'm hot, come on boys, take me for a ride."
      I drove, and Steve directed me to a secluded spot, out in the country. He was in the backseat with her, and was rubbing her breasts. When we arrived, I joined them in the back of the van. Steve and I lowered her dress. I sucked on her right tit as he did the same to her left one. She was rubbing his cock thru his pants, when she blurted out. "Oh, that's a nice one." His hand was all the way up her legs under the dress and he was fingering her pussy thru her panty hose.
      Then she arose, and removed her dress and hose and said, "Sorry honey, guests go first." She laid down and spread her legs, exposing her hairy cunt for his pleasure, and hers. Steve unbuckled and exposed his manhood. He was about 6"+ inches long, but his cock was really fat. Karen winced as the girth of his cock split her labia apart and drove all the way into her. As he was humping her it occurred to me that we never discussed whether she would let another man cum in her, but knowing her, I was sure she would. She had an IUD so she was protected from pregnancy. I could see Steve tense up and he plunged all the way inside of her as he grunted his orgasm.
      When he got off of her, I couldn't believe what I saw, his spunk was gushing out of her, and left a big puddle of his semen on the car floor. It was now my turn to mount her. I stuck my 7-1/2-inch very skinny cock into her. I couldn't believe the sensation. Her cunt was red hot from the friction of his cock rubbing against her vaginal wall. I slid right in because his slimy cum had lubricating her normally very dry passage. I didn't last long because of the feeling of her used pussy. I came and added my semen to his. We went back to the club to have one last drink. As she stood there, she told me it was time to go home, because cum was running down her leg, and was visible to others. it was obvious she had sex with the two of us, and where our semen was deposited.
      Now I have to say, after numerous encounters, a few times after having sex with a guy, and him cumming in her, as I laid there she would pass her used cunt over my face to show me what she had done. I couldn't bring myself to put my tongue on her just used pussy, although I'm sure she would have loved it if i would clean her, and I'm sure she was giving me a hint. But no. I didn't desire another man's cum in my mouth, but sloppy seconds and another man's semen on my cock, didn't bother me.
      My wife dislikes condoms, and hates facials or the mess of cumming on her breasts or stomach. She gets most of her satisfaction from a man ejaculating inside her. It has been medically proven that when a man cums in a woman, the hormones from his semen are absorbed thru the vaginal walls into her bloodstream. The result of this is a euphoric feeling of relaxation for the woman. Ever notice how a woman, who has just been inseminated, will lay there in a daze or goes to sleep? I have read that a man's DNA can be found in the woman's body afterwards. So if you are sharing your wife for her pleasure, being inseminated by the bull is I know what my wife desires, and very likely yours.
    • By miamimark
      I’ve been posting several of my stories which I decided to share after I found them in my journal. Having written them a while ago, I had to clean them up a bit and try to make sense of them. It is different writing for a personal journal than it is for people to read. The funny thing is that half the time I couldn’t remember these stories and half way through the memories were coming like a tidal wave. Just remember that they aren’t all in the order of which they occurred.
      Cindy, my wife at the time, had already had several swinging experiences with a few other guys. In all of the time we experimented I think I’ve only actively participated a handful of times. My real excitement always came from watching her fulfill her fantasies with other men or hearing about her encounters after the fact.
      For the most part, they usually happened with my best friend Rick. This was my most comfortable point and since I could always plan events with him, it helped make some of my fantasies come true.
      Cindy is about 5’ 8” 108 lbs of an amazing woman. Her creamy white skin is accentuated by her long raven black hair. With a fairly petite body, C cup breasts, and a flirtatious attitude, she had no problem in turning heads. Over the past 3 years {one before we were married}, she really blossomed out of her shell.
      Rick is about 5’ 9”, in pretty good shape, well tanned and well hung. I don’t deny he is quite a bit larger than me in that area … but it’s all good. As long and Cindy doesn’t call his name out when she is with me, I’m good.
      On one of our regular outings to a local pub, we invited Rick to come along and share a few drink with us. Right away Cindy had one thing in mind and when she came out dressed in her favorite little red dress, I knew it. I didn’t even have to ask but I knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Rick came over and the three of us took off. Once there, we walked around the see if anyone else we knew was there. We ran into one of our friend’s sister (Ana) and her friends. They invited us to sit at their table and we plopped on the stools next to them.
      Sitting next to me was Cindy, then Rick, then Ana, along with about 10 people I had never met. Ana, Rick and I were catching up but Cindy wasn’t really conversing much which made me glance down and realize that Rick was stroking her thighs and playing with her under that table. I was pretty sure Ana couldn’t see it, but the fact we were at a high-table on stools, the view was clear from across the room. Thank God for low lighting.
      After a few drinks we bid our goodbyes and left. On the way to our car we had to climb a few flights of stairs and Cindy took the lead. I was right behind her and I kept lifting her dress to expose her bare ass and she kept slapping my hand away. Rick would just make some sexual comments and laugh. When we got to car, Cindy and Rick began to make out and I had to yell at them to get in so we could leave. Cindy in the front and Rick in the back.
      On the way home Rick was fondling Cindy from the back seat and her heavy breathing kept me hard the entire time. I would reach over and play with her using one hand, trying not to lose control of the car. Halfway home, Rick pulled her into the back seat and took no pause before he was on top of her working his way inside. As we got closer to the home, we had to pass through a toll booth and all I kept thinking was where I had the change because otherwise we would need to go into the ‘Get Change’ lane and it would not be good for the mood.
      Poor Rick and Cindy kept hitting their heads against the door, Saturn cars aren’t exactly the most spacious. Through the toll, off the expressway, and a few blocks later we were almost home and the two of them were still going at it. Cindy’s moans were killing me and all I wanted to do was stop the car and jump on her myself … which is practically what I did.
      Our home was located in a new development and down the street was nothing but empty lots and overgrown shrubs and trees. I passed our driveway and parked behind the shrubs in pitch darkness. On the other side, you could hear the cars on the expressway and once in a while the lights of a car turning down the street, but we were fairly secluded.
      Once I stopped the car, I leaped out and opened the back door. Rick slid off of her and came out and Cindy asked me where we were. I didn’t reply and simply took her hand and pulled her out of the car. Her dress dropped back down as she tried to mat her hair down since it was all messed up. With the dome light of the car I could see her flushed cheeks which was always a sign she was really getting into things. Rick stood by the corner of the car pulling up his pants. I passionately grabbed Cindy and started kissing. I took her dress and lifted it up over her head and threw it in the car. Although she sort of hesitated as I was pulling it off, she didn’t resist. I turned her around and leaned her over the trunk of my car from the side. There was my wife stark naked bending over, her arms stretched across the trunk. Her white legs parted slightly and her ass looking incredibly inviting. All I had to do was unzip my pants and I was ready … hard and dying to fuck.
      Once I started I didn’t stop. Cindy kept letting out little moans as my rhythm picked up and my thrusts got a little more forceful. She was trying not to be too loud in case anyone was close by … nothing worse than a neighbor walking her dog and running into us.
      Unfortunately, all the build up was too much and I didn’t last very long. I couldn’t help it, this was too good. Once I finished, Rick {who I found out later was really nervous about doing it outside near the houses} stepped in and worked her to an orgasm. He turned her around and pinning her back to the car, lifted one of her legs and fucking until he exploded.
      I took her dress which was on the back seat and climbed in the driver’s seat, turning the engine on. Rick zipped up and sat in the car and Cindy kept asking me for the dress. I told her to get in and I would give it to her. Ooooops! I lied. I pulled into our driveway and I quickly jumped out and headed for the door. Rick followed and Cindy stayed in the car with the door partially open softly yelling at me to give her the dress.
      I opened the door, Rick came in and I just looked at her and told her she better run before I locked the door. She bolted like I had never seen and rushed inside, completely naked except for her sandals. Rick and I were laughing which only made Cindy start cracking up. She left to shower and I started to question Rick on how he grew the balls to finger Cindy next to Ana. That is when he told me he was more nervous about being outside the car with Cindy nude. We just laughed about it and he asked me if he could take a shower too … which I knew what he meant. ‘Of course’, I told him.
      Rick sneaked back into the master bedroom and slid into the shower. I just laid on the bed listening to the two of them going at it. When they were done, Rick quickly got dressed and took off to work. He had the late night shift at the prison and was running behind.
      Cindy dried off and slipped into bed where she slid under the covers and began to give me an amazing blow job which I’m sure must have lasted 20 minutes. I loved nights like this and even more so the way she would get so turned on.
    • By vrybifem
      This story is about an experience that my wife and I had several years ago. We enjoy getting away and going on long car rides. My wife Emmy, had always flirted with truckers by waving and blowing kisses, but that was as far as it ever went. Emmy is an attractive woman of 40, 5'3' tall, with long brown hair and size 34B breasts. Her skin color is just a shade darker than milky white, and as soft to the touch as you can imagine.
      It happened on a hot summer's day in the late afternoon while traveling through Ohio. She had been doing her usual flirting, and dressed as she always is for our summer drives, with a short cotton black skirt and sleeveless yellow blouse that buttoned down the front. Besides a pair of sandals, she wore nothing else. Her left leg was resting comfortably up in the dashboard, and her right leg was resting against the glass on the windows ledge. As we passed this one truck, she told me how this guy seemed very friendly. He waved and smiled several times as we slowly went by.
      After passing him and returning to the right lane, I noticed that he pulled into the left lane and was coming up along side us. He passed, switched lanes to be in front of us, then slowed down a little. Emmy asked, 'why did that guy pass you, and then slow down?' I told her that it was the same friendly guy we passed a few minutes ago, and that he probably wants to see you again. She smiled, and said to go ahead and catch up to him again, so I pulled out and started approaching his cab.
      Emmy was giddy, and she saw the trucker watcher her through his side view mirror. As we pulled along side, he waved again and smiled and she blew him a kiss. He then made a gesture with his hands after pointing at her blouse, as if to ask her to open it. She asked me what to do, and I said that she should have fun, and to do what she wanted to do. Nervously, she undid a few buttons, and pulled her blouse apart to better expose her cleavage. The trucker responded with some sort of begging, because she giggled and undid the rest, letting her blouse fall open, but her nipples kept it from falling all the way open. I love her nipples, they are big and stand out as if to be asking to be sucked, the kind you can balance several match sticks on with ease. Anyway, he wanted more, only being able to see her soft cleavage. She toyed with him, starting to pull the blouse all the way open, then stopping. Finally, she let her nipples out, and he responded with a blow of his air horn. She loved that.
      His truck slowed at this point, and we passed him again. Emmy was feeling good about herself, and she told me that it was fun playing with the driver that way. Looking in my rear view mirror, I said 'looks like your new friend agrees, he's going to pass us again.' She turned to see, and asked why he's doing that again, she already had showed him her tits. I said that he probably liked the nibble you gave him, and now wants the whole dessert. She seemed to be a little more nervous again, but as the truck pulled back in front of us and slowed down for a second time, she said 'go ahead, catch up again and we'll see what he wants.'
      As we pulled along side, he did his best begging I guess, helped by some short toots on his horn, because Emmy sat up and slowly removed her top. She then turned towards him to allow for a better view. She even slowly touched her breasts as she looked at him. Emmy must have a real thing for airhorns, because he let loose with a long blast and then a big thumbs up sign, and she leaned back giggling and putting her feet up onto the dash. She ran her hands down her side, took hold of her skirt, and started to shimmy them off.
      I couldn't believe it, and swerved a little, as did her new friend. He dropped back a little, but quickly pulled along side again. She was really enjoying the attention, and finished wiggling out of the skirt until she was sitting there naked. She lifted her hips up off the seat, and gave him a nice view of her soft, trimmed mound. Before I could say anything, she turned and laid back in my lap, left her left leg on the dash, and put the other up on the door frame. She lifted her ass up, and showed the trucker her moist, pink lips. I was having a real problem concentrating at this point, and I'm guessing he was also by the erratic speed he was keeping. He dropped back, and we pulled into the right lane. Emmy was caressing her body, playing with her moistened lips, and I put my right hand onto her breasts and played with her nipples. She raised her hips again, and was moaning beautifully, enjoying the excitement of the moment. I was so caught up with her that I didn't see that he had passed us again right away. When I did, I said, 'Hey Emmy, he's in front of us again, and he has his turn signal on.'
      She sat up, and asked what I thought he was doing. Just then, I noticed a sign for a rest area up ahead. I said that I think he wants us to pull off the road with him. Instead of her being nervous this time, she perked right up, with her hands still massaging her thighs, and said to follow him off. 'Are you sure?' I asked. 'Yes, let's see what he wants.' So I followed him into the rest area, and around to the back. He parked as far away from the building as he could, but left enough room for a car to pass him on the right. I pulled up, and along side, and saw that this totally obscured us from the view of the rest of the parking lot. It wasn't long before the trucker was out of his cab, and walking over to Emmy's side of the car. She lowered her window and leaned back in the seat. He came over and leaned on the window frame, and told her how hot what she had done was. They were chatting back and forth, as I watched his eyes scan over her naked body. She giggled a lot, as he complimented her body, and I could see the excitement growing in his eyes as he kept gazing at her body just inches away from him.
      Taking a chance, I asked him if he liked what he was seeing. He said 'absolutely' with a huge smile, so I asked him if he wanted to touch her. Emmy's head snapped around to me as if she was just slapped, but she didn't look upset, instead, it was more of the look you'd expect to see after giving a woman a piece of jewelry that she'd been wanting. His response was just as quick, as if not wanting to lose the opportunity. He answered 'hell yes' as his right hand cupped her breast. She turned back to him, and relaxed in the seat, letting him know that she approved.
      He ran his fingers around her breasts, and over her nipples. His fingers pinched a little, then massaged them, as she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. He then adjusted himself to allow his left hand to massage her breasts and nipples, as his other hand slid down her stomach and across her soft mound. She spread her legs, and his fingers found their way into her wet lips, which caused her hips to rise off the seat. Taking a chance, he reached his head into the car and put his mouth on her nipple and began to suck, as his fingers worked around the inside of her pussy.
      Emmy was really moaning now, and raised her head up to him, he lifted off her nipples, and they kissed, all along with his hand still inside her. She sat up more, and put an arm out the window to wrap around his back, and turned and lifted her hips so that she could get a knee on the seat. He refused to let go of her cunt, working her the whole time. She now leaned out the window forcing him to release her womanhood, but in doing so, her grabbed her ass and lifted her up. Now on both knees, with her head and tits out the window, and his hands firmly on her ass, he lifted her up against the door, and she struggled to get a knee up into the open window. I must admit, this was hot to watch, my wife lusting after a stranger, clawing her way to him from inside the car. He finally just pulled her up and out, and she stood on the ground wrapping her arms around him. He leaned her back onto the car, and began kissing her from the neck down, and once again finding her wet lips with his fingers. He suckled her nipples, and worked the inside of her pussy, making her shiver with delight. I left the car also, to get a better view.
      As I rounded the back of the car, I saw her clenching her knees together tight as she could, and with that, she began to cum. He fought to open her legs again, and she eventually let up to allow his fingers to move around more. Her knees now spread, and slightly squatting, she started cumming even harder, drenching his hand in the process. His other hand was now frantically working at his own belt, and releasing it and his pants to the ground. Emmy's hand found his tool, and stroked it maybe twice before it was hard as steel. He pushed her to the right, and onto the hood of the car, lifting her legs into the air, and inserting himself into her dripping wet pussy. She reached back over her head to grab something, but there wasn't anything, so she just laid her arms over her head as he pounded into her. Her body weight was pushing down on him, and he was thrusting back hard, giving her quite the ride. He had her legs in his hands, and was spreading them wide, watching his manhood slide in and out of her warm, wet hole. Her breasts were bouncing with the rhythm of his motion, and her cunt lips were sucking hard on his stiff dick with every movement.
      His pace increased, and I could tell he was about to lose control. I could tell she was going to cum again also, because she was arching her back, and neck, and so I moved closer to see the pounding she was getting. Her cunt lips were indeed latched to his dick, as he pulled almost all the way out, then thrusted back in. Then she began cumming, and squirting all over him, which in turn made him lose it also, as I saw his cream covered tool emerging from her heavenly womanhood with every stroke.
      Before long he was spent, and slowing his pace. He looked down, intent on watching her pussy suck every drop of his sperm off his dick. He pulled it out until the head was almost exposed, them pushed it back in all the way, slowing with every stroke. It was so hot watching her pink lips suck the cum off his dick. Finally, with one last thrust, he sucked each of her nipples, and withdrew for the last time. She lay there, draped across the hood of the car, sweat on her skin, and cum dripping from her cunt.
      We parted ways with the trucker, and she promised me that this would not be the last time, as she sucked me off with the blow job of all time.
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