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Found 33 results

  1. Hi. We are in our 70's and would like get into swinging...where would we be welcome, or is there even a place for us?
  2. We’ve been out of swinging for some years now and wondered whether there is a place for 70 years old swingers? I do don’t mind if it’s just the wife who has the action although obviously I too would love to play again.
  3. We were late bloomers to the lifestyle having been married nearly 40 years before we had our first encounter with another couple. Other than one erotic massage session, during which my husband begged me let the masseur fuck me, I hadn’t had sex with anybody but my husband during our marriage. As my husband and I became more experienced in the lifestyle, he and I fantasized about me having sex with another woman. I even agreed to let him change my SDC profile from “Straight” to “Bi-Curious.” One fall Sunday afternoon, we met a mixed-race couple for lunch. He was black and she was white. We all clicked so the man suggested we adjourn to a hotel a few blocks away from the restaurant. I had no idea that my emerging fantasy was about to be satisfied. I am a 60 year old woman, 5’ 9” tall who wears a size 18 dress. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and 38D breasts with ultra-sensitive nipples. The other woman was similar to me but about an inch shorted and a year younger. She had nice, firm 36D breasts. Her partner, a well-built former football player, had a rather small cock for a black man, only about 5 inches. His girth, however, was huge. The biggest I have ever seen or felt. He was nearly the circumference of a Red Bull drink can when flaccid. When erect, he was simply huge. We rented a mini-suite with a king-sized bed and a pullout sofa. As my husband and the other woman started playing on the bed, the man disrobed me and started fingering me on the sofa. He really knew how to make my juices flow because I came all over the sofa. That is when we realized the maids failed to stock towels in the bathroom and we had no way to wipe it up. “Hello, Room Service!” We then moved to the bed and shared it with my husband and the other lady. This was the first time I had a close look of my husband in action. He started fingering the lady very vigorously then all of a sudden, his entire hand, up to his wrist, slid into her cunt. I didn’t even know this was possible but here was my husband fisting this lady and she was screaming in ecstasy as she came several times. As I laid watching this, I felt something very large trying to penetrate my ass. I tried to move away as I knew his cock was too big for my asshole but he held me tight. I started squirming but my husband and the other woman held my head and kissed me. Today was going to be day of many firsts for me. My first kiss from lady and a huge cock sliding into my ass. I never thought I would cum from being ass fucked but I did - repeatedly. After Mr. Red Bull finished, I rolled onto my back to rest to watch my husband fuck another woman. I was pretty turned on when I saw his cum flowing out of her pussy. As my husband and I lay on the bed recovering, the man whispered into his partner’s ear and said, “Time for her surprise.” I looked up and the lady had donned a harness with a huge brown, lifelike, dildo. As she was applying lubrication to the dildo, she reached over, kissed me, and lubricate my cunt. The man then lifted my legs up and his partner mounted me with her dildo. As I got accustomed to her fake cock, she started fucking me hard. Pulling her cock almost all the way out then slamming it back in. We both came in each other’s arms and I kissed her deeply. After she removed her harness, she crawled up on the bed and started licking my cunt. It felt absolutely wonderful. She then asked me to return the favor which I eagerly did. After a few licks of her pussy, I realized my husband’s cum was in the vaginal canal. Tasted a little salty but not too bad. As I licked and sucked her clit until she came gain. When I sat up to rest, I had both her and my husband’s cum on my face. Room service finally delivered some towels, which my husband retrieved in the nude from what I assume was a very startled maid. We all relaxed and hydrated ourselves. I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. When I returned, I realized the man was not satisfied fucking my ass with his fat cock but wanted my mouth and cunt as well. He gently grabbed my head and pushed it toward his cock. It took all I could to get just the head of his cock in my mouth. When he became hard again, his partner and my husband held my legs up for him as they played with my nipples. He had great stamina as he fucked my cunt for at least 15-20 minutes before he came. Since we all had to go to work the next day, we decided to call it a night. It was truly the defining point in my swinging career. I took a huge cock in my ass and orgasmed. I was fucked and eaten by another woman. I ate another woman. I tasted my husband’s cum second-hand. We met this couple several more times over the course of a year until they split and left the lifestyle. It was a great year for sure!
  4. J and I have been married for 41 years. Our sex life has been up and down for many years due to jobs, children, grandchildren, and life in general. We were married 39 years when she finally agreed to consider swinging and having sex with other people. After our first encounter with another couple, she realized she really enjoyed the alternative lifestyle and almost overnight became a sex machine. People called her insatiable. One of her new fantasies was to see to be pleased by a big black cock. I finally found a way to make this happen and here is how it played out. J has blond hair, blue eyes, stands around 5'9" tall and wears a size 18 after having two kids. She has a very nice ass, with extraordinarily sensitive nipples. Everybody she meets lusts after her. She is very self-conscious though and doesn't think she looks that good. Her many suitors think otherwise. One Friday afternoon while she was at work, I texted her and told her I had a surprise for her. When she arrived home, I told her to shower and shave and I would pick out her clothes. As she showered, I laid out a very short black skirt, yellow semi-sheer top, and 4-inch heels. No underwear! As we traveled to a town about 15 miles away, I told her I arranged a sensual massage for her from a black man at his apartment. She was nervously excited. When we arrived at his apartment complex, we had to climb two flights of outside stairs to his second-floor apartment. She had some difficulty with her heels so I stayed right behind her to ensure she didn’t fall. It also gave me the opportunity to look up and see her beautiful bald pussy as the skirt was quite short. Her skirt was so short, she was unable to cross her legs when she sat as it would ride up to her waist. She looked back to me with a smirk on her face and said, “Enjoying the view?” We knocked on the door and a tall, black, young man named Christopher answered wearing scrubs. He was her masseur for the evening. We sat on his sofa and chatted for a while we discussed the massage session. He told her that she would be receiving a full body massage and he hoped that she would enjoy it. When J excused herself to the bathroom, I told Christopher the expectations. I explained to him her fantasy and told him she would want a superior therapeutic massage then when she was fully relaxed and aroused, he was free to do what he wanted with her within reason. I further explained I would be taking photos and videos. He agreed and handed me his camera and said, “Please take some for me.” J returned from the bathroom and Christopher showed her to his massage table and told her to get comfortable. She looked at me, I winked, then she disrobed. As she laid face down on the table, Christopher very quietly disrobed. I don’t think she knew he was now naked. His cock was at least 9 inches flaccid and bounced between his thighs as he moved around the table. He started by standing at the head of the table, bending over to stroke her back. As he reached to rub her ass cheeks, his cock touched her head. She now knew he was naked. He proceeded to massage her back, shoulders and neck for the next 30 minutes. The harder Christopher rubbed her the more relaxed she became. When he moved to her legs, he slowly moved his hands up and down, getting closer to her pussy each time. I could tell she was very relaxed now as she cooed softly. He then moved to her side and started rubbing her arm and leg simultaneously. His cock was laying on her arm. She then grabbed his cock with her hand and slowly started rubbing it and kissed the head. He then moved to her legs and spread them ever so slightly to be able to access her legs on both sides. He stroked her legs first on the back of her thighs and calves. He then moved inward to the inner thigh and stroked there for a while. Occasionally, his fingers would lightly brush her pussy lips and sphincter. She would gasp and moan lightly. He finished massaging her legs and feet and arms then bent over and started licking her pussy. She intuitively pulled her knees up under her to give him better access. He used this position to run his tongue over her vagina and asshole while fingering her clit. After he enjoyed her pussy and asshole, he asked her to flip over. After J turned onto her back, he again focused on her upper body. First, he worked on her shoulders and stomach. He started massaging her breasts from the outer skin where they meet her chest and started moving inward. He reached her areole on the first one and slowly started rubbing his big fingers around it. As he did this, her nipple started to harden even though he had not touched it yet. He did not touch that nipple yet and he moved to the other side doing the same thing. He brought both of her nipples to full attention. After they were standing up, he slowly dripped some oil on them and started rubbing them. You could see J's stomach twitching and her hip rise as he did this. He teased her nipples and lightly pinched them while tugging on them, turning her on even more. He then moved down to her legs. He started at her feet and worked his way up. As he moved his hand slowly to the inside of her legs, he would pull and slightly spread her legs apart from each other in the process. Pretty soon she had her legs spread wide enough to enable him to massage her thighs and see her full pussy at the same time. He worked on her thighs and in the process would lightly touch her pussy. After a short amount of time, he began rubbing her abdomen. He started where her vagina began and worked all around her hips. He slowly would move his fingers in between her legs where the leg met the pelvis and slide his fingers down to her asshole and back up lightly running his fingers over both her ass and pussy. She felt his bare cock next to her arm and reached over and to my surprise, took him into her mouth. Obviously, the therapeutic portion of the massage was over. She then grabbed his leg and had him position himself over her. They were now in the sixty-nine position and she had a massive black cock right above her lips. She reached up and grabbed his cock at the base and brought her head up to meet it with her lips. She slowly jacked his cock in and out of her mouth. I thought she would have a heart attack when she reached the tip and realized how big his cock was. Fully hard, he was over 10 and a half inches long and about 5 inches around. She never flinched. He was licking at her pussy and matching her every move when she slowly opened her mouth and proceeded to start licking the tip of his cock. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and motioned for him to position himself between her legs. His shaft was now positioned at the entrance of her wet and willing open cunt. He asked her if she was ready for it and she just smiled. Christopher slowly started to work the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her. He then slowly slid the head in and she grimaced a little due to the muscles being stretched. He took his time and let her adjust to his size. He proceeded to do this through the beginning slowly sliding his cock in little by little. Around 6 inches was in and she was starting to feel a mixture of pain and pleasure deep inside of her. He would move his cock in and out slowly to help her adjust to the size and depth he was going in her. At about 8 inches, he pulled back and pushed the rest of his cock deep into her until his balls slapped up against her ass. This sent pain through her whole abdomen but he stayed there and let her cervix adjust to the size. The pain started to fade and she felt more pleasure that she had never known before. His cock filled her completely up and she loved it. Soon, he whispered into her ear. They both got off the massage table and moved to his bed. She immediately laid on her back and placed her legs high in the air. Christopher donned a condom, climbed on her and thrusted into her in one motion. As he started thrusting in and out, J wrapped her legs around his back and interlocked her ankles. She was now feeling the pleasure of his movements and was working her hips to match him. His cock glistened in the light from the wetness she had. He was moving in and out of her and she was nearing orgasm two, which she has never done in a single session. He kept going and started to work his cock all the way out to the tip and then all the way in again. After about six full strokes like that, she came again. This time she started to squirt, something she never did during intercourse. Christopher’s bed was now soaked. He then stopped and rolled her onto her stomach and resumed fucking her from behind. You could see her cum running down her legs on the mattress. Soon he began to cum. When they were finished, J started to dress. Christopher helped her buckle her stilettos and as he did, he leaned in and kissed her vagina. She then whispered into his ear, “Next time I want you bareback. I regret not feeling your cum in me." He smiled ear to ear. As we made our way back to the car, she said, “I’m sure glad we have leather seats!I’m going to be leaking all the way home. What she didn’t know, was a guy was working on his car in the parking lot near our vehicle. Her skirt had ridden up while climbing down the stairs and then climbing up into our SUV. The guy got a good view of about everything to include her cum on the back of her thighs. J invited Christopher to our home many times after that first encounter. True to her word, she let him cum deep inside of her mouth and cunt each time.
  5. Maturecouple1122

    Her Second DP

    This is a follow-on to “Her First DP.” My now retired teacher wife was getting bored and a little frisky staying at home all day and needed a good distraction. She asked if I could arrange another hotel rendezvous with her BBC friend Bryan who is also a teacher and just finished the school year and was also looking for much needed relaxation. I booked a hotel in a town about 30 miles away and invited Bryan to visit after his last class on Friday. He asked if he could bring his buddy Mike again and I said, “Yes.” We got to the hotel about an hour before Bryan and Mike were scheduled to arrive. My wife changed into a one size fits all cut out dress that hid nothing. Her nipples poked out and the hem was just below her pussy. She donned red stilettos with silver metal heels and her “Queen of Spades” ankle bracelet. An extra coat of bright red lip stick ensured her lips were full and ready. She sat sipping wine until they arrived. Unlike the first encounter, she was calm and excited. She knew what was going to happen to her and she was ready. Given this was her second time with these men, she was calm and relaxed. When we heard the knock on the door, she moved from the sofa to the foot of the bed. She tucked her right leg up under her so when the men walked in, the first thing they would see would see would be her freshly waxed pussy and erect nipples. After a few pleasantries, Bryan and Mike undressed and started kissing and fondling her. Both men were obviously very horny. Bryan pushed her onto her stomach while Mike pulled her dress off. They left her red shoes on. Within minutes Bryan was slamming his cock into her pussy while Mike fucked her mouth. Mike’s cock isn’t very long, about 6 inches, but it is extremely fat with a large head. She had to spread her mouth wide to accommodate his cock. As soon as Bryan came, Mike pulled out of her mouth and took his place in her pussy. She really enjoyed Mike’s fat cock as it rubbed her g-spot and made her squirt as he fucked her. As Mike fucked her, Bryan stuck his cock, which still had his cum and her pussy juice on it into her mouth. She sucked it clean then started sucking and swallowed his balls. After Mike came, they took a short break. My wife then pushed Bryan on his back and climbed up onto his cock and started to ride him cow girl style. I could tell when Bryan’s cock bumped her cervix because she groaned and started bucking back and forth. Mike crawled behind her and started to push his cock into her ass. He used cum and her pussy ejaculate as lube and shoved his fat cock in. My wife said, “Easy Mike." Mike slowed down, pulled out his cock and spit on it, then rammed it back in. She then started to ride both cocks. She came at least four times as she was double penetrated. When both men came in her, she reached back and pulled Mike in close so he couldn’t pull out. Eventually, both men lost their erections and fell out of her. She then put her mouth on Bryan’s cock and started cleaning him off with her mouth. All of a sudden, Bryan rolled her onto her side and started fucking her pussy her again. Mike immediately grabbed her head and push his cock in her mouth. She is not a fan of “ass-to-mouth” but she was not really in a position to resist. Unfortunately, this was the last fuck of the evening as both men were spent having each cum four times. They then kissed her goodnight, dressed and left. After they left, my wife said, “Your turn baby, but not my ass. It’s pretty sore from Mike. He has one wide cock!” She asked me to show her the videos I took then climbed on my cock. Needless to say, it slipped in very easy.
  6. Maturecouple1122

    Her First BBC

    After 39 years of marriage, my wife finally agreed to let me establish a profile on SLS. Setting up the first experience was not easy as we did not know anyone in the lifestyle. I always fantasied about her getting fucked by a black man, and within a very short time on SLS, a well-built, highly-educated black man named Brandon answered our ad. I showed him my wife’s photos and he eagerly agreed to meet us at a local hotel after work one evening. I showed my wife Brandon's response and she nervously agreed to meet him after work on Friday. She never experienced a black man before yet alone somebody with a 13-inch cock. She was intrigued, excited and nervous all at the same time. My wife is no super model but she is 5’10”, blond hair, blue eyes with 36D breasts and a killer ass. Her long legs look great in heels. Her nipples are super sensitive and when her G-Spot is massaged correctly, she ejaculates profusely. (As a side note, I have seen her spray lady cum 2-3 feet across a room, but that's another story). I am truly a lucky man! We arranged to meet Brandon at a local motel that catered to people on a budget and those looking for a short rendezvous. Brandon was hung up in traffic so he texted to say he would be about 30 minutes late. He also said he needed to stop for condoms on the way.My wife shook her head. “No condoms. They irritate me and I want my first BBC experience to be special.” I told him to forget the condoms. While we waited, my wife changed into a sheer black negligee and drank nearly an entire bottle of wine to calm her nerves. Our new friend finally arrived and instantly calmed my wife’s anxieties. His soft voice and gentle nature eased her nervousness and I could sense her growing excitement. He took her wine glass from her and started to kiss her. He gently pushed her onto the bed and removed her thong and untied her negligee.She then helped him remove it completely. Here was my beautiful wife of 39 years, naked on a bed with a black man sporting a 13-inch cock. I took a seat nearby and enjoyed the show. As Brandon began fingering my wife, he placed his cock at her lips. She looked at me, saw me smiling, and opened her mouth wide for him. She couldn’t take all 13 inches in her mouth but she tried. He then removed his now rock-hard cock and put his mouth on her cunt lips. In short order, she had her first orgasm. Before she had time to recover from her orgasm, Brandon spread her legs and slowly inserted his cock in her cunt. She cried at first from his size but soon was able to accommodate all of it. As he started thrusting, she wrapped her legs around his back to make sure he didn’t pull out. When he was ready to cum, he accelerated his thrusts until he filled her with his cum. My wife just experienced her first black semen. When he finished cumming, Brandon went to the bathroom to clean up.My wife was smiling ear to ear as she showed me his creampie.She then went to the bathroom to clean up as well. When she returned, Brandon kissed her again and place her face down on the bed. He immediately started to aggressively finger her pussy which made her orgasm and squirt. Using her lady cum as a lubricant, Brandon coated his cock and inserted into her cunt from behind. Brandon had great stamina as he fucked her this way for at least 10 minutes. Maybe more. My wife was hanging onto the bed mattress for dear life and Brandon fucked her without abandon. I moved closer to see the action and noticed every time he thrusted, a small mount of blood tricked out of my wife’s cunt. Obviously, Brandon’s long cock was hammering her cervix. I whispered in her ear that she was bleeding. She looked back, shrugged her shoulders and told Brandon, “Keep going, fuck the hell out of me, give me more of your cum.” After Brandon came for the third time, we decided to call it a night. As he started dressing, my wife laid on the bed with her legs splayed open. As he was leaving, he gave her a deep kiss and said goodbye. When we were alone, she pulled her legs up to her chest and said, “Take a picture of my cunt, then fuck me please.” I grabbed my phone, took a snap shot of the cum oozing out of her cunt, then mounted. I could feel Brandon’s cum inside which was a first for me. I now make sure to fuck her after every one of her BBC sessions, it makes both her and I feel special. As I kissed my wife, I could taste the taste of salty tears. I looked and noticed she had tears in her eyes and on her cheeks. I asked if she was ok and she said "Yes, thank you so much for this. Are you sure you will still love me after?" I looked at her and told her that I loved her even more now than ever before and nothing would change that. I promised her at that moment that she could have all the freedom she wanted in life and that I would never deny her any pleasure.
  7. My husband led me by the arm to a local adult store and theater in Dallas. I was more than a little nervous. I was wearing black legging pants and a semi-sheer black top without underwear. My husband wanted me to wear a skirt, but I refused. After all, I was just going to an adult toy store and maybe watch a porn movie. After about 20 minutes perusing the various movies and sex toys, my husband said, “Let’s go upstairs.” Again, I nervously walked up the stairs to an area with several individual porn viewing rooms and big theater at the end of the hall. He led me by the hand into a very dark theater and seated us in the middle of the theater, in the middle of the row. As we settled in to watch the movie, my always horny husband started playing with my very sensitive nipples. As he continued playing, a tall black man sat next to me and started playing with my other breast. All of a sudden, another set of hands were behind me rubbing my breasts as the black man to my left was now rubbing my cunt through the leggings. I looked over at my husband who smiled said, “Enjoy sweetheart.” As the man to my left slipped his hands inside my leggings, the men behind me pulled my blouse off. The man to my left then pulled my leggings to the floor which my husband helped him remove completely. I was now naked in a theater, bent over a seat, sucking on a large cock and had at least four men fingering me and rubbing my tits. I soon felt the cock in my mouth start to spasm. I knew he was about to cum. I tried to pull off, but he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. I took his complete load down my throat. This was my first deep throat. It was also the first of many loads I was forced to swallow that evening. He then zipped up and walked away. I thought it was over, but three young (I’m nearly 60) black males and two white males pulled me up and led me out of the theater into a private viewing room. Once we were in the viewing room, I was fucked in my mouth and pussy almost non-stop for an hour. One man didn’t have a condom so he asked my husband if he could cum on me? My husband said, "Cum where you wish." The next thing I felt was his hot jism on my tits. Another man shot his load on my back. Here I was, 60 years old, naked, cum in my mouth, pussy and hair. My tits and back covered in ejaculate. After it was over and the men left, I went to the restroom to clean up a bit. When I returned to the viewing room, my husband said at least 12 men fucked me. I was so aroused, I made my husband fuck me and then I cleaned his cock off with my mouth. Happy wife, happy life!
  8. Who would have thought a card game could transform rather stuffy gray-haired suburbanites into a hedonistic group of very intimate friends? Bridge was the game. The four couples of our little bridge group gather monthly at Celeste and Harold's home to enjoy an evening of cards, gossip, and wine sipping. We start with each couple playing as partners, and at the end of each rubber, the winners move to the other table with a partner change. It's an enjoyable game. I'm not terribly good at it, but Robert is a whiz. At midnight, scores are tallied to see who's the best player for the night, the hostess serves coffee and sponge cake, and we have a group hug and go home. At least that's how it used to be. Things began to change as that group hug became more and more familiar. Over time, the group hug evolved to a group smooch and thence to a group grope. Just innocent fun among tipsy graying adults too old to be jealous over such minor things as a stray touch here and there. Then one night, as we were walking home from an evening at Celeste's, Sophie suggested that Robert and I drop in for a nightcap. Having recently observed her response to Robert's cupping her breast through her blouse earlier, I suspected I knew what she had in mind for a nightcap. Still, I readily agreed. For the first time in the forty years since I married Robert, before the night was over, I had willingly and enthusiastically spread my thighs to accept another man. What surprised me most was that I was not in the least perturbed by the sounds of Robert and Sophie in the next bed. I was actually happy for them - and for myself. I was ready for this new stage in my life. Eventually, it became apparent that we weren't the only ones who had succumbed to the hormonal urges aroused by those late-night farewells. Suffice to say, when Celeste confided that she and Harold were engaging in similar activities with Fran and Martin, the nature of our bridge nights underwent an abrupt change. Our sedate monthly games continued as before, but now, when midnight signals the end to cards, no longer is it just a good night hug - no more good night, for that matter. Nobody goes home. And no clothes stay on. We all pour another glass of wine, get naked, and retire to the den. The dark paneling and luxurious carpet make it an excellent playroom, especially in the winter when a fire cheerfully flickers its extra warmth to bare skin and romantic light to see by. It was in front of that very fireplace that I experienced another first for me. For the first time in my life, I laid two men in one night, three actually counting the reconnect sex with Robert at the very end. All of us ladies being well past childbearing age and trusting all in our little group, condoms were never even considered. The memory of my vagina overflowing with the semen of three different men taken one after another made me feel deliciously young and slutty. I stayed aroused for days just with the recollection of it. Such as, and I'm embarrassed to admit this, but during a boring meeting of my civic group. I could not control my thoughts and secretly masturbated myself to a small orgasm at the table in front of all the other ladies. I had never been one to orgasm quickly. But now, something had changed in me. I discovered I could bring myself immense pleasure by rhythmically pressing my thighs together tightly while concentrating on that beautiful feeling of three loads of thick spunk laying heavy inside me that night. Finally, I could take no more and excused myself to the ladies room. I hurriedly locked the door behind me, yanked my skirt up, squatted down, pulled the gusset of my panties aside, and having given my fingers full access to my open pussy, furiously frigged myself to a glorious orgasm. It felt so good I had to bite my lip to keep from crying out. After I had recomposed myself and returned to the group, I couldn't help but wonder what had taken me so long to find this level of sexual desire and satisfaction in my life? Now that I was set free, I knew many more beautiful experiences would come.
  9. We are a senior couple. We have been swinging since the 80s. I think what made it easier for us is that Tits is bi and we started out as threesomes but ended up into full swing. I am 68 and she is 67. We still swing but have slowed down, and I believe it is because of body image perception on Tits part. She is still a beautiful woman and now with DDD tits but she calls them her fat bags. When we were younger she was a lingerie model and stunning beauty. The fact that she loved to fuck and was also bi was always a plus. Needless to say we had a lot of swinging over the years and she had a few players on the side. If you read any of our stories you know what I mean. So a month ago we went to Vegas. She had flashed her tits a few times, but mainly we gambled. We were playing on a Keno machine and met another older couple playing also. I had noticed that every time Tits bent forward they both would turn and look. I mentioned this to Tits. She started to bend down to pick up her purse, or she would put her drink on floor and would bend over to get another drink. They were Harry and Nancy we found out, and they moved to machine right next to ours. Tits started to chat with Nancy and flirt with Harry. After about a half an hour, Nancy leaned over and told Tits that she wished she had big tits like her. Tits told her they are not all fun because they are so heavy. Nancy said I bet, but I would love to feel them. A few minutes later the girls left for ladies room, where Tits told me Nancy fondled and sucked her tits and she did Nancy’s . When they came back we all went to our room and had some drinks. Tits disappeared into our bathroom and came out and said are we all ready? She was she was butt naked (see pic), but remember we are late 60's. We played until 3:00 in the morning. We are meeting them for Thanksgiving at the El Cortez.
  10. Not all swinger stories are 100% true, but I assure you this one is. This happened to us almost 20 years ago, but to the best of my recollection this is exactly what happened.... Many years ago, in our early 30s and recently married, we visited relatives who lived on the West Coast of Florida near the beach. We like Florida's nude beaches but there were none there we knew of, so we went down to the public beach. Down the beach a ways we saw a large penninsula jutting out into the ocean, covered in vegetation and palm trees. Somebody told us it was a bird sanctuary with a 5 mile perimeter trail for day hikes. We were bored so decided to check it out. The hike around the penninsula felt long in the intense Florida sun, and we felt certain we were alone so I playfully convinced my wife (M) to take off her top. She shot it at me like a rubber band and I stuffed it in the pocket of my bathing trunks. We walked around the bend at the tip of the penninsula and were startled to see a man sitting in a small clearing several feet back from the shore. Embarrassed, M immediately covered her bare breasts with her hands and apologized to him. He chuckled and said "No worries. Lots of people come out here to be topless. The beach patrol doesn't come out on the island". We smiled and continued along our way when he said "Wait, it's another 3 miles in that direction. You should bring water!" and he reached into a cooler and produced two ice cold bottles of water. "Please," he said "This sun can really dehydrate you". We were hot and thirsty and, touched by this kind gesture, we stopped and let him approach us. Up close he reminded me of an aging Clark Gable with a full head of white hair and a thin white caterpillar mustache, aged somewhere around 70, and definitely a local retiree. "Do you two live around here?" he asked. We explained we were just visiting and that we had just come from a couple days stay at Paradise Lakes nudist resort in Tampa, so M was unaccustomed to wearing a top. He gestured toward his empty clearing and said "Folks come here to get nude all the time. On the weekends there may be a dozen or so nudists here". Then he paused and asked "Would either of you be offended if I removed my trunks?" That caught us off guard. His question was met with awkward silence and we both felt the sudden urge to leave... yet we stayed. It was only then we noticed he was wearing skimpy, purple, satin bikini briefs with a bow tied on one side. He turned to walk back to his chair, pulled the string and dropped his skimpy briefs in the sand, then approached us completely nude. Like many nudist retirees we've seen in Florida, his body was hairless and a dark shade of brown. But his cock was bigger and thicker than I expected, and seemed partially erect as he stood in front of us. "Tell me about your time at Paradise Lakes" he said with a smile. "They have wonderful parties there. Did you attend any?" Any one who knows Paradise Lakes knows that the private after-hours parties are where the swing scene there comes to life. He read us perfectly. He knew we weren't just a vanilla couple on a beach stroll. This was early in our Lifestyle days but yes, we were swingers, and my topless swinger wife stood in front of him unfazed by his nudity. As we began to chat about Paradise Lakes he approached M, gestured toward her breasts, and simply asked "May I?" She looked at me but not with a look of fear or flight. More a smirk of "I can't believe I'm doing this", then she parted her hands away from her chest and the naked old man started groping my wife's tits right in front of me. Nobody was sure where this was going, but I figured M would NOT want to fuck or blow him. So hoping to spare M anything unpleasant I whispered, loud enough for him to hear, "Let him jerk off on your tits". She gave me another look that said "good idea" and knelt, her eyes locked with mine, then I heard the meaty "slap" of his big horsecock against my wife's moist sweaty tits. He slapped his cock against each one several times then rubbed it all over them as it grew bigger and stiffer. She let out a moan which was a relief because I was worried she might be freaked out by this scene we suddenly found ourselves in. As the old man jerked furiously at my wife's tits, stopping briefly only to slap them with his horsecock, another dark brown Florida retiree in skimpy bikini briefs suddenly appeared! As he approached, M shot me a look and I prepared to keep him at bay. But instead of approaching M he approached our friend, got right behind him, and started pinching his nipples! Suddenly it dawned on me that this was a place for gay cruising - a place where men met for anonymous sex! Our friend clearly loved the nipple pinching, and after another minute or two, with a mighty roar he blasted his load onto M's tits. As soon as the heavy spurts stopped the second man dropped to his knees, grabbed our friend's horsecock and sucked out the last drops! Having already been in the Lifestyle about a year we thought we were experienced, but neither M nor I had ever seen anything quite like this before! With the two retirees now occupied with each other, and us feeling a little weirded out, this seemed a perfect time to leave - except now M's tits were covered in thick spunk. She tried to wipe it off with her hand but the goo just hung down from her hand in ropes. The second man offered me his beach towel which i used to wipe M's tits. I handed it back, shook hands with our two new friends, then we smiled and waved as we continued our way along the beach with our now warm bottles of water. Later that day we returned to our relatives who asked "How was the beach"? "Oh my God," M replied "IT WAS SO AWESOME"!
  11. My wife wants to be the center of a gang bang and I am excited to make this happen. Does any one put there have tips for a couple of old newbies?
  12. You may recall our first story on our new lease of life, now that we are no longer chauffeur and chief financiers to our kids who have now flown the nest. The enjoyment we both received from Avril being fucked by our neighbor Jim has led us on a path so far, to heaven, and long may it continue. We are in our late forties and are both experiencing a new sexual being that by far surpasses that of our pre- marital and early 20's years. Since our first mmf encounter, its seems we do nothing else but talk about it every day and it always leads to us having fantastic sex. The vision of watching Avril being fucked by another guy and seeing the pleasure she gets from both receiving and giving fantastic orgasms is permanently with me 24/7. After so many years of enjoyable but routine sex we have now discovered a new, fabulous and mind blowing aspect to our lives - we talk to each other - and get so much enjoyment from it. For me, as I said before, to be able to watch Avril being penetrated by another guy's cock, seeing her orgasm, watching the cum ooze from her pussy is simply mind blowing. I have never taken her for granted and seeing the pleasure she gives the other guy, makes me only more appreciative of her and how lucky I am. We now both seem permanently horny and we decided we would like to meet and swap with another couple. Not only do I get so much enjoyment just watching but Avril also admitted in her fantasies her desire to watch me and also that she would love to have sex with another female. We responded to a couple of ads locally on the web but got no replies - not sure what we did wrong!! We did however receive a reply from an ad in a magazine from a couple who held 'on premise 'swing parties at their home. Our photo portfolio is non existent and we had great fun in producing some suitable to send, and by return, the couple called and invited us to the next party the following week. Well, all that week I had a permanent erection as to the thoughts of what was to come and Avril was so turned on just thinking about it, that we screwed every day and in every position imaginable. I hope I am not alone here - but I so enjoyed watching Avril try on the new and different underwear she had bought, knowing it was to be part of a new sexual adventure for us and that other people would see her wearing them. It became part of a very prolonged foreplay as we fucked with each change of garment. The day of the party arrived and as I watched Avril get ready I felt so proud of my wife, knowing that whatever happens I will be coming home with the 'star' of the show. She dressed so slow and sensual in front of me that I couldn't wait to show her off. She left off her bra allowing her petite breasts to be clearly visible through the tight fitting lemon colored dress she had chosen. Her large brown nipples were erect as usual and she just looked fantastic in her dress, which contained a thigh length split clearly showing her white stockings and very very brief white panties. We arrived at the house on time, Avril was so calm and loving - me I was a nervous wreck. The house was very big and completely surrounded by trees for privacy. The hosts welcomed us and explained that the procedure was that everybody remained in the open plan lounge/diner area to socialize and at 10:00 pm we all undressed to our underwear or less. Those who didn't want to take matters any further would remain in the lounge while every one else went upstairs to private rooms. That was the last we saw of our hosts. There seemed to be about 15 couples and 4/5 single men which surprised us as we thought it was couples only. We drank and socialized with most people and all seemed fine and when 10 o'clock came we removed our clothing. Avril looked stunning and I, slightly embarrassed ,as my erection was so visible through the tight mini briefs I decided to wear. I should have chosen loose fitting boxers. Couples started to disappear upstairs and suddenly we were at the attention of two of the single males. They were both very polite and quite attractive, but we both felt a bit uneasy as we were really looking to have fun with another couple. I explained this to them and there was no problem, so Avril and I decided to go upstairs and see what was going on. There were five bedrooms each with large double beds and all full of writhing bodies. Men seemed to strolling around looking for the next available female /couple and it all seemed so clinical and matter of fact to fuck or suck the first available pussy or cock. We both felt uneasy and our body languages showed this - we were looking for a more intimate and passionate situation. We decided to play with each other and not to feel the odd ones out and I eased Avril into a bedside armchair. Kissing her gorgeous nipples I slowly removed her panties revealing that well trimmed tight pussy of hers which looked so inviting and moist. Avril inserted two fingers into her vagina and invited me to taste them. The taste was out of this world and I lowered my head and began to lick and suck her clitoris that now seemed extra larger than usual. As I inserted my tongue she began to writhe and moan and in what seemed no time she began to shudder to her first orgasm of the night - I inserted a finger gently a small way into her anal passage and this just prolonged her gyrating and orgasm. We kissed and cuddled and agreed that as this situation just didn't feel right -we should make our excuses and leave. Back down stairs we collected our clothes and dressed and was just about to leave when a young Indian looking couple, who we had briefly spoken to before came up to us and asked was there any problem as to why we were leaving. We explained there were no problems and that we were just looking for something a bit more intimate as a couple. Sam and Shakira both said they felt the same and would we be interested in going back to their place for drinks and a chat. I looked at Avril for approval and immediately she said 'that sounds like a great idea, we can follow in our car'. As we followed, Avril began to stroke the bulge in my trousers and asked was I ok with this. 'Of course I am I replied but they seem to be half our age - I hope they won't be disappointed'. Back at their place both Sam and Shakira made us feel very welcomed and we chatted and drank for a couple of hours and found despite the age difference we all got on extremely well. Both were of Sri-Lankan origin - yet were very much in tune with the western world and way of life. It was their first time at the party and they too, felt exactly the same as us - it just seemed to lack intimacy. We were all sitting on the floor around a small coffee table used for the drinks and discussing our sexual experiences. Sam and Shakira had been swinging for about a year and were very much into couples. The atmosphere was becoming very sensual and Avril began to stroke my cock through my trousers while talking to Sam on the other side of the table. I was dying for a pee so excused myself. When I returned I was surprised and pleased to see that Sam was now sitting next to Avril and as they were talking he was stroking her nipple through her dress. With a smile as wide as my face I sat down next to Shakira and kissed her gently on the lips. Sam asked if we would like a Sri-Lankan massage with oils and to feel the effect. 'I think there's no need to ask' I said, 'Its sounds perfect - to which Avril replied 'me too'. Sam then dimmed the lights and lit a couple of aromatic candles and said 'this is our treat to you both, just lay back and enjoy'. With that I watched as he sat back down with Avril and gently started to kiss her. Shakira and I did the same and slowly began to undress each other. Within no time I was completely naked and kissing and caressing Shakira as I removed her bra leaving her with just the tiniest thong. I was amazed, as her breasts were the same as Avril's, small petite and pointing straight out. I squeezed them gently and she moaned in appreciation and I couldn't help notice how sexy her tanned skin was compared to my white hands. She beckoned me to lie on my front so she could massage the oils into my back. I did so and got myself into a position where I was facing Avril and Sam. The view I had was just fantastic - against the backdrop of the candle light both Sam and Avril were completely naked - she was laying on her front the same as me and he was kneeling by the side of her rubbing the oils into his hands. I immediately noticed his cock, which was very long and thin and hugely curved and already was glistening with pre-cum. I watched with eager anticipation as he lent forward and began to gently massage the oils into Avril's back. I could hear Avril moaning with pleasure as he worked his way down to her bum and as he squeezed the upper thighs Avril parted her legs inviting him to massage her aching pussy. As he did so he inserted a finger into her now dripping hole and gently moved it in and out. Avril was in heaven and pressing back to meet his fingers. Sam looked over at me as if for approval to go further and I just smiled. I was in heaven just watching. He removed is fingers and positioned himself just above Avril who by now had opened her legs wider and still laying flat, begged him to fuck her. I watched the silhouette of his cock as he gently lowered himself and guided it direct to her pussy. Avril squirmed as he slowly eased the head into her and instead of pushing in all the way, he just held it there and gently rotated his hips. I have never seen Avril enjoying it so much as she reached behind her and grasped his buttocks to have his cock go deeper inside her. He began to push slowly in and out and after a few strokes Avril began to give those tell tale signs of her approaching orgasm. She was now very vocal and I know this was for my benefit. Sam changed his action and started to fuck her in almost a circular motion as if trying to lift her up with his cock. The effect was instant, Avril started to scream as she exploded into the longest orgasm I have ever seen her in, she pushed back against his every thrust and just cum and cum and cum. As she started to cool down she reached back and took hold of both his hands and pulled him forward so he was lying flat on top her still with his hard cock deep inside her. I knew what he was about to experience as I saw her squeezing her legs together and using her vaginal muscles to grip and fuck and milk his cock. Holding on to his hands she kept this going for a couple of minutes until he tensed and started to cum, as he pushed deeper into her so Avril started to cum again. Later she told me she could feel every squirt of his juices into her. As he lay motionless on top her I turned back to Shakira who, with me, had watched every piece of the action. 'He certainly enjoyed that' she said, 'now its your turn'. She moved me onto my back and took my now rampant cock into her oily hands. 'Im not going to last long I said' in a whisper and she just smiled and started to roll my cock in her hands. Not up and down strokes, just a gentle back and forward rolling action. Well this was a first for me and I have never felt anything like it before. After what seemed like a heaven of eternity she suddenly changed and rubbed my cock up and down with long slow strokes. Within seconds I started to cum and my hips bucked uncontrollably as I squirted large amounts of cum everywhere. When I looked up, Avril had crawled over and she was not only kissing Shakira but licking my cum from her face. I sat up and watched in sheer joy as as both women started to caress and fondle each other - a moment we had both fantasied about many times before. Sam came and sat alongside and said your wife is something special - that was a fantastic fuck and she is so honest to give pleasure. I'll go get a couple of more drinks he said as this should well be worth watching..........our true story to be continued if required? Avril and DecWe
  13. My wife, Glenda, and I were two who met after other failures in marriage and were both looking more for a great lover than a mate. We met at a convention and seemed to immediately catch each others eye. I'm a big believer in pheromones and that some people are highly sexed and that we can feel each other without knowing exactly who we are sensing. During the obligatory drinks and camaraderie with the other conventioneers, we exchanged information and found we were from the same city. I, of course called, and we went to the fireworks show on the Fourth with my three kids and had a great time. One thing led to another and a year later we were married. We had one of the most incredible sex lives any couple ever had. Neither of us were raving beauties or had chiseled bodies but what ever those things do for you just could not be any better than what we got out of our bodies and minds. We made love at least 5 days (or nights) (or 5 days and 5 nights if we looked at each other right) every week for seven or eight years. We were so in love and so in lust with each other it was incredible. Amazing what you can do when your own powerful desires let you enjoy the other one's pleasure and passion the same as your own. We, of course, began to fantasize about threesomes and other couples after we used every other toy to stretch our enjoyment of each other. Her fantasy was my desire, mine hers. So we put our profile in for swinging at 57 years of age. We had a million responses but most just wanted to fuck us because we were virtual virgins. We found early on that we could enjoy our experiences more if we at least enjoyed the other couples company before we headed to the bedroom. So we swapped with two couples before we found a couple who liked the swing instead of just wanting to fuck some one else's wife or husband. We wanted to play games with another couple in which sex was a part but not all of the evening. We would dress for the evening as southern gentlemen and ladies or western night or Frenchmen or mini-golf night. We played strip darts, cards, scrabble, and I Spy. My wife and I always stay together because the reason we are swinging is to enhance "our" sex life. We get immense feelings for the others orgasms whether I caused it or not. I told Glenda that the night we did our first threesome that I felt as if I were positively glowing with lust for her and the situation. The other couples wife's sister showed up unexpectedly and so Bill came alone. I was so hot for this night and what wondrous things I had planned for my Wife. We began the evening about five hours before Bill arrived with an afternoon of teasing, tickling, and fondling. As we walked around the town and the national park we would kiss passionately and fondle each other so the people around us did not know. But, boy, we knew. Seems I had a hard-on for at least eight hours but I know it did take breaks. I must say that my wife really, really loves a good hard dick or two and sometimes even three. And she has a really beautiful set of tits for her age and really, really sexual mind. And, we found out, got into sucking dick while I got mine sucked or ate pussy. She really likes for me to eat her pussy while she is watching another woman get eaten out on tv or in real life. Back to the night of nights. Glenda, Bill and I decided to play mini-golf and if I won then she would do whatever I wanted, if Bill won we would do whatever he wanted. Of course, being gentlemen, we threw the game because we wanted to do what she wanted anyway. After each hole that she didn't win she would rub the winners dick through his pants and if she won a hole then we would stand and block anyone seeing and would fondle her tits. By the time we finished the game she was SO HOT (and so were we). But we then went to a nightclub and sat in a back corner. I watched as another man finger fucked my wife at that table and she had a dick in each hand. Her pussy was so wet I just licked my fingers (I just love the way my wife tastes). So does Bill and he did the same thing. I kept a hard on because when she wasn't dancing with Bill and rubbing all over him on the dance floor then she was doing the same thing to me. My Baby was going to get everything she wanted tonight. When we got to the condo we began by slowly dancing with her between us and slowly undressing my lady as sensually as we could and while he was rubbing her wet pussy gently up and down her slit. I was passionately kissing her and gently playing with her lovely and inspiring tits. Bill slid two fingers into Glenda and began to slide in and out then up to the clitoris to tweak on it then back down. Now Glenda can hardly contain herself and shakes as if in a chill and said "I have to have a dick in my mouth, Baby, while he is doing all that down there to my pussy - Don't you dare stop". I quickly shucked what clothes I had left and so did Bill and there was puny little old me at 7 inches and then Bill at 8 inches of hard big dick just like my Baby likes them. I always give my Baby what she wants. Man Glenda can suck a dick and look up at you with those big brown eyes and you want to give her everything she wants. Then Glenda sat on the end of the bed while we stood in front of her, two very erect cocks and two horny men and my Lucky Lady rubbed those two dicks on her cheeks, chin, neck, and titties and back up, sucking in one big dick and slurping loudly for our benefit. God I love fucking my woman. Glenda did the rubbing and sucking thing for about ten minutes then told me to eat her because she wanted to suck Bill's big dick while coming. 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Seeing her convulse, coming like a banshee screaming, “I’m Coming" without letting go of his dick was awesome as the young ones like to say. I mean she came and came and convulsed for what seemed forever until she finally reached down and pushed me off her clit. She said, “I need a big hard dick in me now” so I looked up and said, "OK Bill give my woman the fucking of her life". Bill said "I plan to fuck Glenda till she can't go anymore." I laughed and knew that when Glenda gets a good hard dick in her she is the one in control because she can make a statue come with that pussy and sexy mind. I watch very closely as he slid that big swollen head into my wife and watched as it slid in to the hilt in my wife's pussy and she hissed out "oh,Yesssssss." Bill started a smooth steady fucking and I crawled up to Glenda and kissed her deeply while another man fucked her and she was ecstatic. I said "Baby I don't think I have ever been this turned on and I know I have not seen you this turned on before either." Man this was so erotic watching another man's dick fucking the woman you love and getting turned by her ecstasy. She looked that look at me and said "I love you so much and I KNOW you love me. Thank you Baby. Now put your dick in my mouth, Big Boy." Glenda sucked my dick and fucked Bill for nearly 20 minutes and then had another massive orgasm or ten. She looked into my eyes after she finally opened them and told me again how much she loved me. I just kept getting harder and one time reached down and fondled her hugely swollen clit while Bill's dick was fucking her. Then I looked at my Baby and said he's getting close, you want to feel his dick swell as he's coming. You want to feel him shoot that hot come in your hot pussy Baby and she whispered ‘Oh, yes, yes, yes,” and then smiled and I knew she was taking over. When my wife starts to work that pussy on your dick for real it just don't take long before she gets that come and this time was no exception. Bill came in buckets it seemed and Glenda loved every squirt, would squeeze down on his dick and he would just keep coming. Finally he was finished and rolled off of her. Immediately some of Bill's come leaked out of her pussy so she started to get up and go to the bathroom and I gently pushed her shoulders back to the bed and said "I have never had sloppy seconds so I think this would be the way to start-with my wife". I didn't think that she could grin any bigger than she already was but she did and I did. She was so wet that we didn't have to guide me at all It just slid right in and was she ever the softest, sloppiest, wettest pussy I ever had and it was wonderful. I looked in her eyes as I hit bottom and paused and said our "Honey, I'm Home" and laughed and fucked with a vengeance and she had that completely sated look of one who had been treated, loved, and fucked as a Lady should. And she is my Lady!
  14. Kanga

    Friends to Talk To

    I raced to my computer to check my Emails as soon as I got home. Just the usual annoying so called free gifts and Nigerian scams. Five days ago I advertised for couple, preferably in their sixties, looks not important, to have free and frank discussion on every topic, especially sex. I revealed that I was married but my wife would rarely participate especially when erotic topics were discussed. Today was different, there was reply. I closed and locked my office door. The letter was brief, the women was 62 her husband 66, just the right age. Their kids had left home and they were both retired public servants. They live only two miles away. Les and Barbara had bought up there kids well; their children had all gone to university, gotten professional careers and established themselves. The only problem was they lived in another state. Barbara had attached picture of them, she had pretty blonde hair and Les had distinguished grey hair, they were both pleasant looking despite the fact that were on the fat side. I did not mind at all, in fact it was just the looks I was seeking. You see I am trifle obese myself. Since an early age, people had told me my looks were, not to mince words, plain ugly. So it’s with some trepidation that I sent them my picture, with an outline of my life similar to theirs. To my pleasant surprise they replied. We agreed to meet at coffee shop near their place. The meeting went off well and we talked for hours about everything except sex. It was obvious we were compatible and I agreed to come to their home in a week’s time. My wife was visiting our daughter overseas. The evening started with a wonderful meal of Atlantic salmon and salad. My favorite. We all settled on the couch watching a rerun of Hello Dolly. Not very interesting at all. Barbara reached out and grabbed my hand. I put my other hand behind her. The urge to kiss her was irresistible. I did, on the lips, I was ecstatic. My cock was bursting out of my trousers. Les pretended not to notice. To my astonishment, she kissed me back. I could taste her tongue on my lips; the faint taste of salmon was delicious. My hand moved from her back to caress her breasts, they felt loose and floppy, but a joy to squeeze. Les had nodded off to sleep, leaving us free to embrace. Barbara took my hand drew me to the master bedroom. We tore off each others clothes, pulled back the sheets. Barbara lay on her back, legs apart. I was enthralled by her vagina, in the half light of the room; it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. My tongue was stretched to its limits, the taste was mixture of lemon and cream, most of all the texture was supreme, even better than my favorite chocolate bar. I could not to stop licking. Barbara was enjoying the experience even more than me. Her convulsions became more intense, until she climaxed. I kissed her deeply, thrusting my tongue as far as I could go. Now I was free to put my hard cock in her lovely soft caressing vagina. I lowered myself against her engaging fleshy body. I felt her tummy against mine, flesh against flesh. In and out I went, each thrust felt like heaven, till at last I was done. I pumped all I could, cum shot into her and I loved the feeling. We lay together in each others arms, kissing gently, our passion exhausted replaced by need to remain close to each other. Les came into the bedroom. I was more than a little worried, would he fall into a jealous rage? Barbara had made me so happy and fulfilled, it was all worth it, even if he killed me. No I thought this was crazy, I should get up and apologize. There were no words spoken He took his clothes off and naked slid between the sheets. Barbara did not seem worried at all. My poor cock was now limp and I lay on my back with my hand under Barbara. He leaned over, gently took hold of my cock and started sucking. I had never experienced this before but I had imagined it. The actual feeling was better than just thinking about it. He could do marvelous things with his tongue. I came again, unfortunately for Les it was inside his mouth. He loved it. It tasted great he said. Finally we fell asleep side by side. Next morning we awoke refreshed and happy. Barbara and I had a great shower together. She made a scrumptious breakfast. Next week we promised to meet again, maybe even to discuss sex.
  15. I have known this older couple for awhile now and my wife and I have had sexual encounters with them in the past. Before I met my present wife, I had known a much older couple who were in their 60's (actually she was 62 and he was 75 year old). I was about 32 at the time, but we hit it off as friends. We used to go out and have fun together and liked to talk for hours at a time. Finally the husband took me aside and told me that he has been having a very hard time maintaining an erection. He was able to get one, but couldn't keep it there long enough to satisfy his wife. He explained that his wife still needed sexual attention, and after lots of delicate talk, finally told me that he wanted me to take his wife to bed with his permission. I was a bit taken back at first and told him that I would need to think about it first. I was actually attracted to the wife. Even though she was about 62, she was still very sexy to me. I would come by to their home now and then on my days off, when he was at work, and talk and discuss various things. I remember one time I knocked on her door and she answered it and was dressed in a halter top, short pants and was wearing a pair of flip flop sandals. I had never seen her feet before, and I have to admit that it was very stimulating. We sat and talked and I kept looking down at her feet. They were very nice, not painted and they seemed so perfect. She eventually kicked off her sandals and was sitting there barefoot. She must have known that I was looking at her feet, but she was gracious enough to not say anything. We continued our friendship over the next few months. I went over for dinner with them, and we would go out as friends to various places. She had parties at her home and I was sure to get an invitation. I would have nothing in common with anyone else, but I made sure I stuck by the wife. I would usually stay until the end, and help put things away before leaving, but not before we got to sit down and chat by the pool, the husband, the wife, and myself. I began to dream about her, and felt a strong attraction to her I wasn't really into older women, but there was something about her that I found so appealing. I continued to go to their home to visit, and we really began to build up our friendship. I liked them both, but I have to admit I really enjoyed being alone with the wife. Even though I had no plans to take her to bed, the thought did cross my mind. I started to show up at their home alot more when he was at work, and she would always be dressed in something that showed off her body. One day she came to the door and had no bra on, just the halter top and was barefoot. I almost died just looking at her, but I had to remind myself to keep eye contact and not look at her body. Every now and then I would look her over when she was doing something else, and I realized how large her breasts were. Then one day it happened. Her husband had a private talk with me and took me out to the nearby bayou for a walk. He started talking about his health problems and how his wife had been suffering for the past few years because of him. He finally came out and told me that he wasn't able to please his wife any longer and that he was very upset over this. He then said that he wanted very much for his wife to be happy and would do anything for this. He continued saying that his wife was very attracted to me and he would consider it a favor if I were to take his wife to bed and satisfy her. He immediately told me that they were not looking to divorce, and they didn't want someone in their life to complicate matters. He said that they had talked it over the past few months and came to the conclusion that they would both be happy if a person could be found to please her sexually, with no commitment. But it had to be someone they trusted. I guess I was the person chosen. I asked many questions, including what exactly they expected from me, and the short answer was that I was expected to provide some sexual release for the wife, and yes, that included sexual intercourse with her. I didn't want to sound too eager, so I kept a thoughtful silence, and then told him very gravely that I accepted. He seemed happy and we arranged a meeting that very weekend. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was very excited. That Friday came, and we arranged to go out to dinner. We talked and had fun like we normally did and then we finally went back to their home (which was a very beautiful, fancy home I might add). The wife went to the bathroom, and the husband and I talked and he told me some of the ground rules. He told me point blank that he expected me to screw his wife that night and that he would not be involved tonight, but would be discreetly around. I told him that this would be fine, and we continued talking and chatting until she came out in a very nice, black Teddy. She came and sat down next to her husband and poured herself a glass of wine and asked us what we were talking about. Her husband told her that everything was OK, and we then talked for about 20 minutes, until he excused himself and went upstairs. The master bedroom is downstairs, but she came over to me and asked me if her husband had explained everything to me. I told her that he did, and she smiled and touched my leg. We talked for about ten minutes and then she stood up and took my hand and led me to the bedroom. It was then that I realized that I was going to be mounting a woman 30 years older than me, and loving every minute of it. It was a great night. We held each other for a little while and I ran my hands up and down her back and we then kissed. Soon we were on the bed touching and kissing. We kissed, talked and touched each other and I could notice that every now and then, out of the corner of my eye, the husband would be in the doorway watching. I think he was in the nearby guest room in between watching us. I actually like the idea of being with a woman, and having her husband watching with approval. I then moved to her feet and gave them a massage for a bit. Like I said, she has gorgeous feet! I have a slight foot fetish, and just love to see women's feet in sandals or barefoot. She was barefoot of course and so I kissed and touched them for awhile. That only got me more stimulated and soon I found my head between the legs of the wife. She is very vocal, which encourages me to keep on going. Since I know she isn't faking it, I only get more stimulated. I don't like being with women who are so quiet when you are down south. It makes you wonder if anything you are doing is working. Well what I was doing was working;she then got me on my back, straddled me and slowly lowered herself onto me.I was a bit concerned because I wasn't wearing a condom. I knew that she wasn't going to get pregnant because of her age, butI thought that maybe she might have some concerns about an STD. But she smiled at me, and told me that it wasn't necessary, that she and her husband haven't used condoms in years and she wasn't about to use one now. I then relaxed and just let everything go. I love the feeling of entering a woman for the first time during a lovemaking session. (She did put some jelly lube on me just before she lowered herself). So here I was, in the bed of a married couple, being watched by the husband while having his wife on top of me with my penis buried inside her. I almost came a few times, and had to pace myself and relax and think of other things. It worked and we continued on. She indicated by her moans and by telling me that she had an orgasm and rolled off me. I then turned her around in the spooning position and felt her body, which was very warm and sweating. The husband had returned back to his room at this point. I then entered the wife in the spooning position from behind and then did most favorite thing in the world: Talk while I was inside a woman. It's very exciting for me to actually be inside a woman and talk. I don't know why this is such a turn-n for me, but it really is. I moved slowly inside her to keep up my erection and then we just talked about her likes, dislikes and whatever came to mind. As we talked I did start to move up the pace and finally I put my hand on her clit and rubbed it slowly. She stopped talking and I kissed her for a long while. She then closed her eyes and I started to move between her legs much faster, and my hands were in the clit area. When she orgasmed, she just relaxed afterwards and we both were in total peace. I finally pulled out of her and turned her around and faced her. We talked for a few minutes and then she said that she wanted me on top of her. Our joke it condoms (much like the joke the woman you were with recently did with condoms being on the table in the bedroom). I asked "condoms" and she just smiled, and told me "you know the answer." I then put her on her back and touched her breasts and belly.Then I parted her legs and moved between them and put my penis at her entrance. There was no need for any jelly to lube the area, I just pushed slowly and slid in (slowly of course). She put her hands on my back and bottom as I moved between her legs. I remember what you said about Kathy liking a man to actually be able to stay inside her for a long time. I decided to try and do that for her. Normally at this point I just go ahead an orgasm as fast as I could. But not this time. I moved between her legs, but not at such a fast speed as to orgasm. I would look at her face and kiss her every now and then. I couldn't see him but I knew the husband was sitting on the sofa in the bedroom watching. I changed my position several times. I stayed in the missionary position because that is how she likes to finish off sex, but I had to use various positions to give rest to my arms and elbows. When I heard her moan softly, she then whispered in my ear "I just came." That was about all I could stand and so I decided that now was the time to do it. I lifted myself up a little higher and started moving very fast. I could feel her legs squeezing me and breathing hard into my ear. I then told her that I was coming (she likes to know so she can prepare herself) and after a few more thrusts, I felt my sperm flooding into her body. We just relaxed for a long while before we spoke. She told me that I was going to stay the night in bed with her and she expected me to hold her. I then held her and just relaxed and eventually we fell asleep. The next morning I found myself in bed with this nice looking 62 year old that I had screwed the night before, and I got very stimulated again. Soon I was on top of her moving between her legs and listening to her moaning softly in my ears. Soon she gripped my bottom tightly and let out a muzzled yell, and then I released my sperm once again deep inside her. We went out to breakfast, the wife, husband and me. I think that this will be the first of many more times to come.
  16. We had been married for 29 years and everything in our marriage was fine apart from sex, I was my wife’s one and only but after all those years things had become a little stale sexually, we still loved each other and got on fine and in all other departments were soul mates. I knew I had to try to improve this situation. I decided to take my wife away on vacation, to a hot place where no one knew us and decided on Cozumel in Mexico. She is quite conservative when it comes to sex and the thought of someone who knew her seeing her behave “improperly“ would quickly cool any chance of excitement for us. We arrived and the apartment was everything we could wish for, we dumped the cases and headed for the beach. After a long day relaxing on the beach we went to our room and showered, had a few glasses of wine while we were getting ready, then we went off to a restaurant for a nice meal. With some more wine and a little attention from the waiter we relaxed and chose our meal. I told her how sexy and beautiful she looked and that many of the men in the restaurant had sneakily looked at her when we arrived and that I thought the waiter was eying her up and flirting with her, she giggled and told me “shut up, he’s a good 10 years younger than us and he’d never fancy me“. I said “I’m sure he’s trying to look down your blouse, maybe you should undo your buttons a little to tease him, I dare you.” She giggled again knowing that this was one of my fantasies. She answered me by saying ” maybe I will” (which I took to be a no). With that the waiter asked if we had decided what we wanted and we gave him our orders and had some more wine, then my wife smiled and undid two buttons on her blouse showing more cleavage. Even though she has small breasts, they looked ravishing, and I could feel my cock rising under the table. The waiter returned with our starters and gave me mine but hovered over my wife, before placing her starter on the table, I just knew that he was having a good leer at her small but perfect breasts. When he left the table I asked my wife if she had noticed him, she replied “I think your right, I could feel him staring down my blouse, are you sure your ok with it?” I replied “of course I am, I’m loving you being so sexy, and I don‘t blame him at all.” We continued eating our starters and sipping our wine really enjoying ourselves (particularly me at my wife being so sexy). The waiter returned to collect our dishes and hovered once again over my wife while making “small talk” and having some laughs with us. He returned with our main meal, telling my wife what a beautiful lady she was and he hopes she enjoys the meal. Before we could refill our wine glasses the waiter came over with “cocktail of the house special” explaining that it was a free bonus drink for us because he was enjoying serving us (he must have been loving looking down my wife’s blouse) The cocktail wasn’t to my taste but my wife informed me that she was loving it and was quite prepared to drink mine as well !!!! We ate our meal and my wife adjourned to the toilette, returning with her make up freshly applied and a smug smile on her face, I asked her “what has amused you?" and she replied.…“nothing, yet". The waiter came to the table for our dishes and I noticed his eyes open wide and I heard a slight gasp coming from him as he retrieved my wife’s dish. As he goes away, I looked at my wife and realizing she is giggling, I asked her “what has amused you?" She replied “take a look” and I realized that she had removed her bra, AND that her nipples were hard and poking against the thin material of her shirt, she was smiling and enjoying the situation. I reluctantly paid for the meal (as I was enjoying this and didn’t want it too end) and asked the waiter’s advice of where to go for a quiet romantic drink. He replied, ”come with me, I will show you." As my wife got up from her chair, she wobbled a little from the effect of the drinks and giggled. I held her arm and gently guided her outside. The waiter immediately joined me and put an arm around her waist, as did I, so we were both supporting my giggling wife. He told me "Let's go this way. I’ll show you.” We laugh and joke as the three of us as we walk through the trees toward the bar he knows. I look at my lovely wife and notice that the waiter had moved his hand up from her waist to under her shirt and was feeling her breast!!!!! I instantly got hard! I caught his eye and winked at him, encouraging him. We stopped in a dimly lit patch of trees where he turned my wife toward him and kissed her. My wife just giggled and said “naughty boy” but didn’t move away. Before she realized it, he quickly undid her shirt, allowing her breasts to fall free. Her nipples were hard in the dim light. I placed myself in front of her and showed him to her back where he put his hands around her breasts while I kissed her from the front. Suddenly I heard my wife gasp and then tremble a little, then I realized he was finger fucking her. I placed my hand near her pussy, where I could feel his fingers fucking her. I started to rub her clit, propelling her toward an orgasm. Before she could realize what was happening I peeled her pants off, giving him full access to her very wet and juicy pussy. She murmured with delight and moaned softly, “I love you”, totally ignoring the fact that there were two of us making her excited. We lowered her gently onto the ground. I continued to kiss and play with her. She opened her legs slightly. Our waiter noticed this and quickly unzipped his trousers and placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy. When he gently starts to push it into her tight little pussy, she started to tremble again and started to fuck back at his cock, the first ever cock apart from mine to enter her pussy! I was in seventh heaven and moved back a little to watch my beautiful wife being fucked by this stranger and being totally caught up in the moment. I was so excited. She was really fucking him and he was fucking her as hard as he could. She seemed so sexy, so hot. I was so turned on. I watched as his buttocks clenched and he shot load after load of his hot cum into her pussy and womb, and much, much too late, I thought "condom" !!!! He finished and she still laid there making fucking movements, so I laid down on top of her and placed my cock into her cum filled pussy. It felt so hot and slippery. She started to come again and I noticed the waiter alternating between biting her nipples gently and nibbling her neck, she was in ecstasy ..........and so was I, as I soon felt the urge to cum. It was too soon but I couldn’t hold it. She received another load of cum into her pussy. I could feel it leaking around my cock and running down my balls, it felt so good. I smiled and winked again at the waiter and he smiled back and picked up her pants and indicated to me he wanted them ....I nodded my assent, he wiped my wife’s soaking pussy with them and carried them away with him, another trophy I suspect. I didn’t care, I was so proud of my wife, how sexy and erotic and beautiful she looked. I helped my wife back to our apartment and undressed her and put her to bed. I couldn’t resist fucking her one more time, I was so turned on. When she awoke the next morning she asked me if I enjoyed myself last night and what did I think of the night?, I told her that last night was the sexiest and most beautiful I’d ever seen her and how much I loved her. I then asked her if she had enjoyed the night. She replied “I really enjoyed myself, but things are a little hazy after the cocktails in the restaurant. But, I remember us having sex outdoors and it was fabulous.” I asked her if she could remember the details, she smiled and said “I think so”. I said “come on then ,what do you remember”? She replied “I think I gave my gorgeous hubby something he’s always wanted.” I sat there open mouthed, not sure what to say. She smiled and asked me if I’d enjoyed the “treat”, I replied “oh yes, it was fantastic”. She replied “I think the waiter enjoyed it also” and laughed as she explained that she was nowhere near as drunk as what I’d thought and that it was an act “because she’d wanted to give me something I’d wanted for so long ,to prove how much she loved me”. I was stunned and in a state of shock. My wife had finally ,after all these years, given me what I’d always wanted. I held her and kissed her and immediately felt my cock stir again, she said “hold it big boy, I have more planned for this evening" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what she has in store for me tonight, but I know I’m going to love it.
  17. Julie and I (Rob) learned that the lawyer we work with at our hometown and his girlfriend both bank and invest out of town at the same bank we do. They are a widow and a widower that met after their first spouses had passed away. John is in his early 70’s and Muriel in her mid-60’s and is very nice looking. They make a great couple. They both have grown children who are not excited about their Mother and Father dating and traveling together. Julie and I happened to run into John and Muriel (the first time we had met her) at a restaurant out of town when we first learned they were dating. For quite some time, Julie and I were the only ones who knew they were driving out of town (sneaking) for dates, some travel and shacking up. We started socially meeting them occasionally out of town for dinner, theater, etc. Julie and Muriel get along well with Julie being 34 and me being 54. Last summer, we went weekday boating with them 3 times to the remote west end of the lake and did nude sun bathing with no hanky-panky. When the seasons got closer to Christmas this last year, during a dinner with Muriel and John, the subject of the out of town bank’s Christmas Party for investors came up. We all decided to go to the party (an hour and a half away from our home town). The girls coordinated their party wear. Julie was going to wear short skirt, lacy button front blouse and fur jacket. When she was getting dressed, I noticed her pulling a garter belt on and thigh high stockings and loved it. Very rarely does she wear something like this! She said that Muriel had told her that she was going to wear a garter belt and stockings too rather than nylons, etc. The guys wore khakis and sports coats. Since there was a hint of snow in the air we all went together in my COWBOY CAD Pickup Truck. We headed north out of our hometown, and I commented on the “Hooterville” sign when we passed it. Hooterville is a small place about 20 miles northwest out of town and has a nude exotic dancer club (The L&L) that Julie and I have been to a few times before we were married (We have a story on this site about Julie’s experiences there). Julie said that we had been there a few times and had had lots of “fun” (giggle, giggle). Muriel commented that she had never even been to such a place with John being quiet. The bank party was being held in the downtown bank’s fancy lobby area with a cocktail bar, buffet, etc. The bar was great, but with me driving, I had one Manhattan and switched to iced tea in a rocks glass. A three piece combo with a vocalist would provide entertainment. About 8 PM, the combo played some nice dance music. John and I danced with both Muriel and Julie, switching back and forth between them. Some basic dance skills really is a good thing to have I’ve found. The combo was finished by 9 PM and the party closed down. It was a very nice party. John got the girls’ fur jackets while I went to get the pickup from the parking garage, warmed up and out front. About an hour later with light snow falling, as we got to the Hooterville sign and the girls both commented on the L&L Exotic Dance Club in Hooterville. I took my foot off the gas and turned west to Hooterville. There as lots of laughing and giggling in the pickup as we pulled into the very small town. There was only 6 vehicles parked out front of the L&L and none of them had local plates. I angle parked directly in front and Julie said let’s go as she popped her door open. She pulled her jacket off and put it on her seat. Muriel did the same as John helped her out of the pickup. Julie and I walked in first. The club manager, remembering Julie, greeted us from behind the bar. We walked on back to the show room where there were two dancers, a waitress and two tables each with two men comprising the entire audience. I pushed two tables together close to the stage and moved chairs all to one side so we could all face the stage and dancer pole. Our girls got glasses of wine, and John and I each ordered a soda. The dancers took turns doing their sets. Both of the dancers were in their late 20’s or early 30’s and probably 6 or 7 on a scale of 10 for 30 year olds. At the end of the first song of each set, the dancer’s bikini top came off, at the end of the second song the dancer’s bottom came off, and the dancer danced the third song in the nude. The dancer would then pull her bottoms back on, come down off the stage and then go from table to table doing topless short table dances for tips. After we were at our table for about a half hour or so, two of the men at one of the tables left. The manager came over and introduced the two other middle-aged men as contractors passing through from out of town. Since the crowd was so small, the manager asked if we cared if he shut the outside lights and signs down and made it a private party for a while before shutting down (I saw him wink at Julie). It was not a problem for us Julie told him. Both dancers came back out from the dressing room area and joined us at our table. I asked the contractors to join us too. The manager came and went and the waitress brought drinks and kept tabs straight. The dancers were both local house girls. Being so close to Christmas and the short weeks, girls on the dancer circuit had not traveled out to the rural areas. The dancers were nice girls with children and husbands. They said they could make much more money dancing than waiting tables or working in a big box store. Their husbands get home from the factory jobs and babysit so their wives can work. As everyone visited at the table, the dancers were getting pictures of their kids out on their phones to show Julie and Muriel. Muriel was fascinated and had really gotten interested. It was really funny watching prim and proper Muriel interact with a topless dancer at the table. It came up that Julie had been on the stage with a dancer a couple of times when we were dating. She had had her boobs out with dancers sitting at our table during the evening then and finally was talking into going on stage with a dancer and going nude on stage after last call at closing time. Every little bit I would reach over and unbutton one of Julie’s blouse buttons, reach in her bra and touch her boobs. Her skirt had ridden up and the blond dancer next to her saw the garter straps and was impressed. Muriel hiked her skirt up a bit and showed her garter straps and stocking tops. With lots of laugher at the table, the blond dancer asked Julie to help pick out music over at the digital jukebox player machine. When the girls got the music selected, they moved to the dance floor area between our table and the stage and started dancing slowly together. At the end of the first song, the dancer had her bikini top off, Julie’s blouse unbuttoned and skirt unbuttoned with the zipper started down. At the end of the second song, the dancer was nude in heels and Julie’s blouse and skirt were on the table in front of me. John was feeling Muriel up as they watched Julie and the dancer. The second dancer, the two contractors, the club manager and waitress were all sitting back and watching the show with me. With the third song, Julie won’t let the dancer help her remove bra, etc., so the third song of the set ended with Julie in her bra, panties, garter belt and heels and stockings standing across from us at our table. It was a great look too. I tipped the dancer and Julie each a $10.00 bill. By Muriel’s third drink, she had loosened up a bit and John sitting tight to her was feeling her boobs up and had hiked her skirt pretty high to rub her panty covered pussy as Julie and the dancer stood across the table from us and visited. Julie asked me and the manager if her taking more off would be a problem. The manager replied that it was a private party, her choice. I said that if you are comfortable, go for it. The two contractor guys both said go for it with a bit of applause. Julie and the dancer picked up Julie’s blouse and skirt and headed back to the dressing room. Ten or fifteen minutes later they came back with Julie dressed again. She walked over to our table and handed me her panties. Julie and both dancers went over and selected a lot more music. Both dancers and Julie moved out on to the dance floor area between our table and the stage. At the end of the first song, the dancers had Julie’s blouse and skirt both off leaving Julie in her bra, garter belt and stockings with her shaved pussy showing. At the end of the second song, both of the dancers were nude and Julie was wearing just her garter belt, stockings and heels. During the third song, the dancers and Julie did some three way boob rubbing and feeling each other up a bit. When the next music came up, it was slow dancing style (Time of Your Life, Unchained Melody, etc.), and Julie stepped to our table, held out her hand and I got up to slow dance with her. The dancers asked the contractors to dance. One got up and the other guy wouldn’t. The two nude dancers slow danced with the one contractor with him feeling them both up. John and Muriel finally got up and moved around the table to the dance floor area too. Julie, the dancers and Muriel chatted and laughed back and forth with girls helping Muriel out of her sweater top, skirt and finally her bra. She absolutely refused to remove panties, etc. She and John were very attractive dancing with Muriel topless, wearing panties, garter belt, stockings and calf high boots. Muriel and Julie were both a bit high and/or really comfortable and relaxed. Julie could feel my hard dick pressing as we danced. As we got close to the table, she sat down and with me standing in front of her, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my khakis, spread my shirt tails, reached in my boxers and pulled my cock out to lick. One of the nude dancers stepped to the table and got my glass of soda and handed it to me as Julie started licking and sucking my cock. I was standing there blushing, and I think my face was hot. This was almost a new experience for me, getting a blow job in public (kind of) from Julie with people standing around closely watching (We’ve done this a swinger/nude resorts a couple of times but then others were doing the same thing too). Only the one contractor guy had remained sitting behind the table watching. After a bit with me starting to thrust a bit, Julie pulled back and asked one of the dancers for a towel. The Club manager quickly walked over and got a fresh bar towel. Julie finished jacking me off into the bar towel (no muss and fuss). Julie dried my cock off a bit with the towel, I sat my glass down, and I stuffed my cock back into place and zipped up. Julie stood up and John and Muriel joined us reminding us that it was a work day tomorrow. The two dancers still nude were now visiting with the two contractors (one standing and one sitting) about going into town for breakfast and possibly doing private shows at the contractors’ motel rooms. The dancers, Muriel and Julie all gathered their clothes and costumes and walked back to the dressing rooms to use the bathroom and get dressed. I walked out and started the pickup to warm up. And brushed some snow off the windshield. When I got back in with the girls’ fur jackets, the girls were out and almost ready to go. As our girls were thanking and saying good bye to the dancers, John was giving the dancers each a $20.00 tip for the great show. Club lights were switching out at the manager and waitress shut down for the night. On the twenty minute ride back, it was quiet for most of the way, then Muriel followed by Julie started laughing and talking. Muriel couldn’t believe what she had seen and done. The prim and proper lady was filled with guilt and remorse. Julie said she thought Muriel was having a good time at the club, John and agreed and Muriel broke out laughing and agreed. Julie invited Muriel and John to meet us a nude resort (not swinger! God forbid) in Mexico in March. Muriel said nudity really didn’t bother her as long as it was discreet and private in the right setting. She didn’t want to go to a nude resort filled with young hard bodies. Julie told Muriel that revealing mesh wear, sarongs, etc. are just fine at the resorts or even just a beach towel wrap. As Julie and I wrote this John and Muriel have made resort reservations and are working on arranging plane tickets to meet us there for a week. Best Regards, Julie and Rob
  18. What is the biggest age difference full swap that you ever experienced? We are a young swinger couple, I am 25 and hubby is 27. Last week we met a nice old couple in South Beach, the husband is 64 and the wife is 55. They are very fit so looked much younger than their real age. Anyway, it was my first time having sex with a man this old (he is 10 year older than my dad!) and hubby said the same his first time with a lady over 50! We both thought this is pretty unusual so wondering if this happens more often than we thought.
  19. I am at the mature end of the swinging demographic as are my play friends. The ladies have their share of curves and character lines and often prefer to wear something when younger, fitter ladies prefer total nudity. This is just to say clothing is totally OK if it makes you comfortable. This is not a photo shoot. This is intimacy and mutual giving. Besides, a little color and texture is nice to see and feel. When I know my partner is shy I can adjust and just observe that as a boundary. Now, go shopping.
  20. 10 years ago my wife of 29 years decided to go her own way. I was turning 50 and while I wanted to have a spectacular life of love and fun, she just seemed to want to become a grandma and rock her grandchildren. So I decided that I wanted to try a more open sexual relationship if I were to find another. I began dating around and I found someone who was willing to take a few steps into swinging. Sadly, after a wonderful experience I suggested we get married and she misunderstood that offer to be a "payment" for her services. So we fizzled. We broke up and her complaints about only being with me was her excuse. (I posted about this years ago on this forum. I was torched by a lot, but many understood why I made the decisions I did.)We broke up and it hurt. Two years later we come across each other again. She hadn't found anyone, but I'm not settling either. We talked and slowly begin to engage again. Slowly she began to understand that the Swinging did not take me away from her, it actually brought me closer to her, such as that I wanted to marry her. She just couldn't get over that part, but as we continued to rebuild the trust, we became very active swingers and we did get MARRIED on the beach at Hedo. We are generally attractive but getting older with a few pounds. We were nervous at first, but since we reconnected and went full speed ahead, we have had about 25-30 swinging times. If we counted the oral sex or just groping it would be double. We consider ourselves experienced, but you know, we aren't nervous or anxious about it at all. She makes connections on her own, and I love that. She has proactively helped and its been a great time. She made friends with a girl recently and she told me she was going to bring her to bed with us. A year later, she is eating my cum out of her pussy. So I guess my point is, that this Evolution of Swinging has come full circle. We go to Hedo and other places to meet up with people. We host parties at our home. Last time we had five couples and I lined all the women up on the edge of the pool and me and the men lined up and each went down the line with each woman. Later all of the girls were on our bed, just playing with each other as we watched. (I dont' deserve this!) The torture it took to get here was mindboggling, but its been a wonderful life of one fun time after another. Anyway, the Evolution of Swinging has been great for us. I doubt we could have handled it when we had young children around us, but we sure do enjoy it now. Just don't get bent out of shape and take it slowly. We've introduced several into the lifestyle and have been blessed to have many much younger mates. So the Evolution has come about, I don't know what is next, but I know it will be great. Then again, we've met several "bi" men in the lifestyle and as I have told them, I will never "EVOLVE" that much. Just loving this life!
  21. Hi, we are an older couple, 60 and 58 married a few years and both in good shape. While I was active in the lifestyle in my forties my wife has no experience other than going to a club with her former husband also in her forties. We want to move our bedroom fantasies to reality by exploring the lifestyle but are really not sure if we are now "too old" to go to clubs. I know there are several good clubs in Manhattan but we hold back from going because we really don't want to look or feel out of place. Any thought or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  22. My husband and I are looking into this lifestyle but wondering the best sites out there? Also any sites for those over 45? We are in NJ and would love a couple 60+ both of us are bicurious but never explored that (in case that matters lol) thanks
  23. An event happened this past June that surprised and thrilled me. My wife of twelve years, 60 year old Martha, became a sexual tigress without warning or preparation. It was like she had become possessed with the soul of my late first wife. Let me explain. Martha, the executive director of a local non-profit, became my wife twelve years ago after a short courtship. We were both widowed. Her first husband had a heart attack and died in his sleep next to her at age 50. She was 45 and had no children. My first wife died of cancer the same year leaving me with two daughters in their twenties. We had been part of the lifestyle for the better part of 20 years. More about that later. Martha and I have a wonderful, loving and honest relationship. We travel a great deal for either her work or mine. Sex was not what brought us together - there was no fire in the belly to our love making. Sex with Martha was (repeat was) plain vanilla once and done. Foreplay lasted long enough to get her juices flowing, then I mounted her or she climbed on me. We continued until she had an orgasm and then I came. That was it, she was through. It was enough for her. I tried several times early on in our marriage to urge her to try for another orgasm. No interest. Martha knew my first wife and knows we had been part of the life style. We discussed it casually a few times and Martha made it clear it was not something she was interested in pursuing. I was okay with that and put the past behind me. In June the state organization of her non-profit held their annual meeting in our city. Martha had been working tirelessly for more than six weeks putting it together. It came off great. Everyone in attendance praised Martha telling her it was the best meeting in years. She was glowing from the praise. The after banquet party was held in the large home of Martha’s non-profit’s biggest contributor. On the way there, Martha told me she didn’t want to stay long because she was exhausted and besides, this hostess’ parties turned too adult for Martha. When I asked what that meant, she said you know, like the parties you and Karen (first wife) used to attend. When we arrived, there were already more than forty guests, including most of the state officers and their spouses. Martha was given a round of applause as she entered and a big glass of wine. I think the fact her wine glass was never empty for long played a big part in the rest of the evening. The spacious family room opened out to the pool and hot tub. Martha sort of held court by the pool as it seemed everyone wanted to talk with her and congratulate her. The hostess spent much of the evening at Martha’s elbow with the state director close. I kind of faded to the sidelines and watched the proceedings. On two different occasions I saw the host disappear into the house with a female guest and return approximately 20 minutes later. Near 11:30 PM, the hostess disappeared from Martha’s side returning quickly wearing lounging pajamas. She announced that the pool and hot tub were open for use and bathing suits were optional. She suggested that those not comfortable with that should move inside. By this time, there were only about sixteen to twenty guests left plus the three male servers and one female server. The male servers had stripped down to speedos and the female server was now wearing a string bikini. I guess this signaled the ‘adult’ time for the party. The hostess had steered Martha close to the hot tub and was suggesting Martha join her and some others in the tub. I rejoined Martha at that time and she gave me this look like, what should I do? Standing close, I whispered to her that I would follow her lead and we could leave or stay. She got a silly grin on her face and said “Oh what the hell.” Turning to the hostess, she said something to the her and they disappeared into the house returning a few minutes later with Martha wearing a thigh-high robe. She strode to the hot tub, removed the robe and climbed in joining the host, hostess and another couple. Not wanting to be left behind, I shed my clothes and joined them. Martha had her full wine glass in one hand and the other hand was under the water. Sitting down beside her, I noticed the host had his hand on her thigh and Martha seemed to be blocking his advances with her hand. The hostess seemed to be paying a lot of attention to the other couple. The conversation was mostly about what a great conference it had been and what a great job Martha did organizing it. Quickly drinking her wine, Martha set her glass aside, leaned her head back and seemed very relaxed. Both hands were now underwater, one resting in my crotch. I turned to her and began nibbling her ear. Reaching between her legs, I found her legs spread and the host’s hand already there. Quickly I moved to her breast and began fondling. She turned her face toward me and gave me a smile. I smiled back and then kissed her. Her response was very passionate. She practically sucked my tongue out of my mouth and jammed hers in. She was now squirming in the tub and obviously our host’s fingers were working some magic down below. While I was tweaking her nipples, she ground her lips into mine. Her hands were wrapped tightly around the two cocks. “Oh my god, oh my god” was uttered from clinched teeth. She was in the throes of a tremendous orgasm. Her splayed legs were thrashing the water. Taking notice, our hostess turned her attention from the other couple and on her knees worked her way between Martha’s legs. Reaching under and raising her Martha’s hips to the top of the water, she pushed her husband’s hands out of the way and pushed her head between Martha’s legs. The host and I held Martha at the top of the water while the hostess proceeded to tongue Martha’s pussy with a great deal of exuberance. It didn’t take long for Martha to have another orgasm, a very large one that caused her to wrap her legs around the hostess’s head. This was a first for me. I had never seen Martha have two orgasms so closely together. She seemed spent. Our hostess worked her way up Martha’s body, kissing both nipples and then planting a long, tongue-filled kiss on her lips. Martha responded by grabbing our hostess with both arms and legs. The ladies were whispering back and forth for a few minutes, then our hostess suggested we guys sit on the edge of the tub. We did as suggested and as the ladies separated, our hostess reached for my cock and wrapped her lips around it. Martha turned toward our host and did the same to him. Neither blow job lasted long because our hostess quietly said she wanted my cock in her pussy, stood up and helping me out of the hot tub, led me to a chaise lounge a few feet away. She laid me on my back and climbed onto my quite stiff cock. On cue, my wife was doing the same to our host on the chaise lounge next to the one I was on. I saw Martha straddle him, reach down, grab his cock and guide it into her pussy as she lowered herself on it. I was occupied with my own pleasure, but I am sure that Martha had at least two more orgasms riding our host’s cock. Our hostess had three before I could no longer hold back and shot my load into her pussy. Martha had said something about going to the bathroom and headed into the house. The hostess climbed off me, licked my cock clean and told me how much she enjoyed the ride. One of the female servers came up and offered us a drink which we took. Setting her tray aside, she kneeled between the hostess’s knees and began to lick my cum from her pussy. I went into the house looking for Martha. I found her surrounded by our host and two other gentlemen. I was really surprised to see our host and Martha kissing while the other two fondled her breasts. Looking around the room, I saw three or four couples in sexual embraces. I stood back and watched as the two men lead Martha to the couch, laid her down and one of them climbed between her legs. The other straddled her head and offered his cock to her. Martha seemed to be really enjoying what was happening to her. She now had the attention of two cocks. One was in her mouth and the other was in her pussy. Not wanting to interrupt, I stood back and watched the performance. I was amazed. Martha had two or three more orgasms and then the men changed positions. The man straddling her head pulled back grabbed his cock and he proceeded to shoot his load into her open mouth. She eagerly swallowed it all. Giving her attention to the man between her legs, she had another huge orgasm and urged him to give her his load which he did. Another fellow who had been watching offered up his cock to her but she begged off. She told him maybe later but she needed a break for now. Looking around she saw me across the room. I walked to her and she told me it was time for us to go home. The ride home was quiet at first but then she tried to apologize. I stopped her from apologizing, and ask her if she had a good time. She didn't answer at first, but kept saying she didn't know why she did it. I repeated, did you have a good time? Finally, Martha said she had a very good time. But, she was concerned about what I thought of her now. I reassured her that I still love her very much and this changed nothing in our relationship. I reminded her that I had lived the experience for more than 20 years and that I was glad to see her enjoy herself sexually. When we got home and got in bed, I began foreplay. At first she protested saying she was too tired and too sore, but with a little more urging on my part, she climbed on my cock and rode me to two more orgasms before she finally collapsed. We talked for hours the next day about what had taken place. I think she came to the conclusion that it was alright. No one was hurt and I still loved her. I explained that I took pleasure in seeing her enjoying herself sexually and she accepted that. We have not mentioned it since, and I don’t expect that there will be a repeat performance, But, you never know.
  24. My husband and I are in our 50's to early 60's and are very interested in becoming active members of the lifestyle. Yet everywhere we search for information, clubs, parties, etc. the age group that seems to be wanted is in the 20's-30's. Where does an actual "mature" couple go to find other "mature" couples. Just because we are older does not mean that we are not interested in sex, quite the contrary. We are very sexually active and very experienced. Any suggestions?
  25. Where are the older swingers? It would be great to have fun with couples our age.
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