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Found 39 results

  1. We have been with a few bi curious woman couples and every one of them would kiss, feel my wife up, let her feel up the bi curious one, even let my wife eat her but not return the favor. Then we have met the Bi curious lady who will do anything. Why do they call themselves bi curious? This really has us baffled
  2. I’m not bi. Or so I thought, until yesterday evening. My husband had dinner with one of his clients, a female CEO. I know they are friends and he never actually hit on her, until yesterday. He told me « tonight I’m gonna try to seduce her Join us at the end of the dinner ! » So, around 21:30, I joined. Obviously they had had a good time already, smiling, laughing, drinking an excellent wine, and their hands were sometimes touching above the table. This beautiful woman was obviously into my husband, but also into me. She was looking at both of us like if we were delicious cakes behind the glass of the pastry shop. That’s when it hit me. I wanted her too!!! For the first time ever, yesterday evening, I felt a strong desire for a woman, a beautiful girl with massive breasts, a body to die for, and a smile that could conquer Rome! I am not sure I would know how to handle her in bed, though, cos I’ve never been with a girl before. But for the first time, I am REALLY attracted !!!!!! Hubby says it will come naturally, and that I should not worry. Still, I would appreciate your advice, ladies. How was your first time with a female body in bed? How was the first time you ate a pussy, you played with boobs that were not yours, etc. ? :))) Sorry, I feel stupid but all this is very new to me.
  3. I have seen many topics about bi-sexuality in this forum, but I wanted to pose a question to the group, especially the women. Just because a women may say that she is str8, In my opinion doesn't necessarily mean that she would not enjoy a women pleasuring her, it means that she may not want to return that pleasure. Do others share this same opinion, or do most believe that you have to be Bi to enjoy another woman??
  4. We were late bloomers to the lifestyle having been married nearly 40 years before we had our first encounter with another couple. Other than one erotic massage session, during which my husband begged me let the masseur fuck me, I hadn’t had sex with anybody but my husband during our marriage. As my husband and I became more experienced in the lifestyle, he and I fantasized about me having sex with another woman. I even agreed to let him change my SDC profile from “Straight” to “Bi-Curious.” One fall Sunday afternoon, we met a mixed-race couple for lunch. He was black and she was white. We all clicked so the man suggested we adjourn to a hotel a few blocks away from the restaurant. I had no idea that my emerging fantasy was about to be satisfied. I am a 60 year old woman, 5’ 9” tall who wears a size 18 dress. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and 38D breasts with ultra-sensitive nipples. The other woman was similar to me but about an inch shorted and a year younger. She had nice, firm 36D breasts. Her partner, a well-built former football player, had a rather small cock for a black man, only about 5 inches. His girth, however, was huge. The biggest I have ever seen or felt. He was nearly the circumference of a Red Bull drink can when flaccid. When erect, he was simply huge. We rented a mini-suite with a king-sized bed and a pullout sofa. As my husband and the other woman started playing on the bed, the man disrobed me and started fingering me on the sofa. He really knew how to make my juices flow because I came all over the sofa. That is when we realized the maids failed to stock towels in the bathroom and we had no way to wipe it up. “Hello, Room Service!” We then moved to the bed and shared it with my husband and the other lady. This was the first time I had a close look of my husband in action. He started fingering the lady very vigorously then all of a sudden, his entire hand, up to his wrist, slid into her cunt. I didn’t even know this was possible but here was my husband fisting this lady and she was screaming in ecstasy as she came several times. As I laid watching this, I felt something very large trying to penetrate my ass. I tried to move away as I knew his cock was too big for my asshole but he held me tight. I started squirming but my husband and the other woman held my head and kissed me. Today was going to be day of many firsts for me. My first kiss from lady and a huge cock sliding into my ass. I never thought I would cum from being ass fucked but I did - repeatedly. After Mr. Red Bull finished, I rolled onto my back to rest to watch my husband fuck another woman. I was pretty turned on when I saw his cum flowing out of her pussy. As my husband and I lay on the bed recovering, the man whispered into his partner’s ear and said, “Time for her surprise.” I looked up and the lady had donned a harness with a huge brown, lifelike, dildo. As she was applying lubrication to the dildo, she reached over, kissed me, and lubricate my cunt. The man then lifted my legs up and his partner mounted me with her dildo. As I got accustomed to her fake cock, she started fucking me hard. Pulling her cock almost all the way out then slamming it back in. We both came in each other’s arms and I kissed her deeply. After she removed her harness, she crawled up on the bed and started licking my cunt. It felt absolutely wonderful. She then asked me to return the favor which I eagerly did. After a few licks of her pussy, I realized my husband’s cum was in the vaginal canal. Tasted a little salty but not too bad. As I licked and sucked her clit until she came gain. When I sat up to rest, I had both her and my husband’s cum on my face. Room service finally delivered some towels, which my husband retrieved in the nude from what I assume was a very startled maid. We all relaxed and hydrated ourselves. I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit. When I returned, I realized the man was not satisfied fucking my ass with his fat cock but wanted my mouth and cunt as well. He gently grabbed my head and pushed it toward his cock. It took all I could to get just the head of his cock in my mouth. When he became hard again, his partner and my husband held my legs up for him as they played with my nipples. He had great stamina as he fucked my cunt for at least 15-20 minutes before he came. Since we all had to go to work the next day, we decided to call it a night. It was truly the defining point in my swinging career. I took a huge cock in my ass and orgasmed. I was fucked and eaten by another woman. I ate another woman. I tasted my husband’s cum second-hand. We met this couple several more times over the course of a year until they split and left the lifestyle. It was a great year for sure!
  5. Understanding nothing is expected or necessary when swinging with a new couple knowing there is no normal just exploration we were wondering what others do. We have very limited experiences with experienced couples. We had full sex with the others that mimicked the sex we have alone. Oral sex is very much part of our everyday sex and our new partners were now part of that. Mutual oral sex or 69 was the first sexual acts for both of us. What wasn’t planned wife-wife oral sex, it happened with both friends we have been with. How common is same sex play? It is a total no for me and I know my wife was unprepared for it. I read about all the women who love it and is part of all their play but how common is it? Do most women do it or is it just on here that it seems every woman does it?
  6. Why do some men try to force their wife to be bisexual? I had a couple instances where men have tried to get me to "turn out" their wife. One of the most recent told me she was Bi, and arranged for us to meet. Turned out not only was she not Bi she had no clue who I was, nor why I was there. When I questioned him he said he thought I'd seduce her. I left, and blocked his number. Another couple met with me and the woman was very affectionate when her husband was there but didn't want to be touched when he wasn't there, as she wasn't Bi at all. She was playing a roll for him. I was embarrassed and left. So why do some men try to force something that's not real? Wouldn't you be concerned it could damage your relationship?
  7. We are a Bi/Bi couple and have been on a couple of websites in the past but it seems the face of the swinger scene has changed. We have a lifetime membership on one site but it is not nearly what it used to be. I was wondering if there are more Bi/Bi friendly sites out there now. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. We are both somewhat new to swinging, we have been married almost 16 years, we don't have a lot of experiences yet and so far we have only soft swapped with a few other couples, but in addition to swapping spouses, I always had the fantasy of seeing my beautiful wife locking lips with another beautiful woman and maybe even making love together, what man doesn't dream of that!!! Whenever I brought up that possibility with her, she would say gross, no way, not me, not in a million years, etc... Not any more!!! In the past several weeks she has had some really great experiences with another woman that we met on the dance floor at our local on-premise club. It all started with some dancing, then a little touching, and some playfull kisses and finally full on making out. She loved it, and she isn't just doing it to please me which is what I originally thought. I asked her what changed her mind? She said she was in a moment and it just felt right. I am so happy for her, and I don't mind either...I even got in on the action with a threeway kiss in the middle of the two of them which was so nice... I have to say as much as I hoped this would happen someday, I never thought she would really do it. I still can't believe it!!! She said never had feelings for women before we started swinging, and now we can talk openly about it to a degree... She is ready to explore some more at this point. Is this the way most of the other bi-curious, bi-sexual swinging women got started? Mr. Wildfire
  9. Hi everyone, Im a 32 year old man. And Im happily married. Recently I started to seriously consider having a threesome with another lady to spice up our sex life. I happen to *KNOW* for a fact that my wife is very bi-curious which makes things even easier for us, but the thing Im really not sure about is whether my wife would eventually become gay or not. I really don’t want to jeopardize the marriage and have that door opened. Your advice is most appreciated.
  10. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading this board and feel the compassion that is shared by fellow members of this site. I am new at this, so I am not sure if this questions has been posted. If I partake in sexually encounter with a woman, soley for the purpose of pleasing my husband, Am I bi-curious or something else? My husband and I have been swinging for several years now and just this year we had our first experience with a FMF 3some. Sometime after this took place I was helping my husband pack, for a business trip out of town for a couple of Months, and in our conversations about our encounter he said to me" It's ok to invite (third person) over to stay with you". I was kinda puzzled with is statment, since our encounter was soley for his pleasure, I enjoyed see him get so aroused, and know I would do it again... and now just wonder if I am considered bi-curious or a bi-faker
  11. Ok, so we were talking last night. It seems that I'm (the mrs) in the minority when it comes to female female play. While I like a little girl teasing, dancing etc, I just don't find bisexual play all that great as I prefer men. Our profile implies we think its a good icebreaker and it is, but to me it's not the end all be all for us. My hubby says there are more couples who have a female half who feels the way I do so we posted this poll and thread to see how others feel.
  12. We've met scores and scores of women that their profiles (and in person) state that they are bi-sexual. My wife is super beautiful and sexy and girls tell her all the time how much they like her. What's odd is that all these girls sure don't seem bi. I mean, I see how much the guys fawn over my wife and at any hint of an invitation will flirt, paw all over her, and do all they can to be with her. Conversely, when my wife is flirty with "bi" girls they seem friendly and flirty back... but their interest level is FAR FAR from the interest she gets from guys. So, what do you think is going on? I'm wondering if it's possible girls really just aren't into my wife (which would honestly be incredibly shocking) or is it that from my perspective as a guy, I'm biased in how a person shows interest in another person? Specifically, guys are more inclined to really show outward signs of interest by being assertive more so than girls usually are. It's just really odd that these girls talk about how excited they are to be with other girls, but when they have a super hot girl on their lap they act more like it's a fun friend hanging out vs. getting totally turned on and fixated on my wife... which is how all the guys act.
  13. Several years ago we met a couple on a cruise and we traded spouses in separate rooms. Our first, they said theirs too. I had a great time and we have kept our friendship up, going on other trips with them. That first trip the husband’s pushed us to have girl on girl fun. I hated it. Not for me. We have visited them a few times, they have become more of a swinger couple than we are. We have played at some parties they have had and had limited girl play. Even with men I prefer being alone and not have sex for others to watch. Over Christmas they came to visit us. We do play together though at night we still switch and go to separate rooms. When we are all together there is some play between me and my friend. Kissing and touching and her doing more than I will. One night the men wanted to go to a game in the city and we didn’t want to. We stayed home. It led to my first time alone with her. I will say not being watched helped.
  14. My question is for BI-females or women who experienced another woman going down on her. Who ,males or females, you feel is the best at oral sex hands down,or should i say heads down facelick, and why?
  15. I was browsing profiles the other day and came across this. If you the guy are wondering how to make your wife bi here's your answer... The same way she gets you to suck a dick. So if you are forcing your wife to be bi think about this a little and put yourself in her shoes. We met a couple at a party where the guy was specifically looking for a woman to "flip" his wife/girlfriend to the bi side and was asking what it took. I wish I had that line at the time.
  16. We are new to swinging. Haven't done anything yet other than talk about it. My wife admits that she is really into other women's breasts. She says she isn't gay, but gets turned on by nude boobs. Seems like there are quite a few women like this. What is the best way to help her indulge: Swingers club, Strip club, Escort?
  17. Reading JustAskJulie's thread about bisexual and bi-curious females in the LS has reminded me of an issue we have encountered while researching couples on another LS site. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what are the opinions out there. We have been members of AFF off and on and have met some really nice couples and made some lasting friendships. As we are a straight couple, there really does not appear to be a lot of other "advertised" straight couples on this and other LS sites. We have found a lot of couples advertise the female as either bi-curious or bisexual in their profile. However, after making contact and chatting with some of these couples, we quickly learn that the female is relieved to learn that Mrs Trophy is definitely not into any female play at all. When we ask as to the reason why the female is profiled as either bi-curious or bisexual, the usual reply is, "well quite frankly, we had previously never received any interest in us as a straight couple until we indicated the female as bi." Don't get us wrong here, we definitely have nothing against anyone bi-sexual or bi-curious. We do not judge anyone, especially when we don't want to be judged ourselves. Our adage has always been to each their own as long as everyone is enjoying themselves and no one is getting hurt or feel offended. However, is it really necessary for a straight couple to update the female profile in such a manner just to attract attention? In our opinion, it would be better to be open and up-front as to your actual intention when trying to attract the attention of another couple. After all, I could see another couple possibly being offended if there was an expectation of female-female play and it became a awkward situation when the couples actually met. In other words, don't put it out there if you do not intend to follow through. Any other thoughts?
  18. After visiting this site for a few days, I'm beginning to think that maybe swinging, per se , isn't for us, but certain aspects are. My GF who is a former swinger isn't into returning to the LS, and I have to admit that some of the practices are outside of my comfort zone. We talked about it again last night and we agree that what we are BOTH interested in is girl on girl play . GF says that this was the only thing she found attractive during her swinging experiences. She had very little fun fucking other men, but liked having sex with her female playmates. I'm not against her fucking other men, but I'm also more interested in having a FMF threesome. Is this something that the LS could accomodate? Are there single females or married ladies who play alone , who would be interested?
  19. Ladies, I need your advice. I have tried asking for help on a forum for bisexual women but have been rebuffed (as in my account terminated and message deleted because I was not a woman). So I joined this forum in hopes that some of you can offer me some insight into the female mind. Here is the situation. My wife and I are in our mid-40's. We have been together for almost 20 years and have two kids. We have talked at great length about getting into swinging, but have never made a serious effort to do it. Several weeks ago we were invited to a party by a friend of a friend. We went with two other couples (our friends, and their friends whom we don't know that well). We didn't know anyone else there, but we are very social so we didn't mind. While we were at the party, we learned from the friends of our friends that our host and hostess (as well as several of their guests) were swingers. Since my wife and I had already discussed the idea of swinging we were not bothered by this (though I distinctly got the feeling that the other couple was telling us this just to gossip). Despite our not being bothered by this the husband of this couple felt it necessary to reassure us that this was not a “swinger party”. However, he did add the caveat that our host and hostess did throw very wild parties. Our friends had to leave early (a phone call from the babysitter that they had a sick child). Soon after that their friends (who had invited us) also left (they got into an argument). Since we had drove ourselves and had met a lot of new people we didn't mind. So we stayed, had a few more drinks, etc. About 11 pm I went upstairs to look for my wife. I had been playing pool in the basement with several other men and had last seen my wife socializing with a group of women upstairs. When I came upstairs I did not notice her in the living room (it was a split-level house). As I walked by the second flight of stairs leading to the bedrooms I noticed that there were two men hanging around the door to the master bedroom looking in. I walked up and glanced over their shoulder. On the bed was my wife, laying on her back, with a woman between her legs going down on her. Another woman was straddling my wife's face. Although I could not see her face I could tell that she was licking this woman's pussy. The woman was running her fingers through my wife's hair and grinding her crotch into my wife's face. I could also see my wife's hands moving up and around, caressing the woman's hips and ass. The thing is, my wife has repeatedly told me she is NOT bisexual! I was dumbfounded to say the least. I will not lie, I was incredibly turned on by what I was seeing, but I could not believe she was doing it. I stood there with the two other guys (in complete silence) and watched. Within a few minutes the hostess came walking up the stairs with another woman and loudly announced “Sorry boys, this is for ladies only!”. The two of them then proceeded past us into the bedroom. As the hostess began shutting the door I could see the other woman who had accompanied her upstairs begin to disrobe. I spent the rest of the night in the living room at the bottom of the stairs with one eye up the hallway. Needless to say I was feeling a wash of strong emotions. To be honest, I wasn't actually that angry about her infidelity (I call it infidelity since we had never decided as a couple to actually pursue swinging yet). I was more upset by the fact that she had always told me she wasn't bisexual and the fact that she was doing this alone (like most men I fantasize about watching my wife with another woman and I was missing out on the chance to see it!). I pretended to need to use the bathroom a lot and would sneak down the hallway from the upstairs bathroom to listen in at the bedroom door. I heard everything from moaning, giggling, small talk (which I could not make out), and all out laughter – it was obvious my wife was having a great time with these ladies. About 1:30 in the morning, when most the guests had left (or found other bedrooms, I honestly don't know). The door to the master bedroom finally opened up. Looking up the stairs I watched as the five women filed out and came downstairs. After reaching the bottom of the stairs they all told my wife how great it was meeting her and each gave her a full kiss on the lips (a couple with tongue), which my wife reciprocated. I honestly don't think my wife even realized I was there as this was happening. After the last kiss, I asked her if she was ready to go and her face turned ashen. She meekly said she was and we left the party. We drove home in silence. I wasn't sure where to start and to be honest I just wanted to get home. The next morning we had a long talk about what happened. My wife explained to me that she did not plan for any of that to happen. When I questioned her about her behavior (and even asked if she had lied to me about her sexuality) she said that she never had bisexual feelings when she was younger but she had been fantasizing about being with other women for several years and over the last couple years had found herself physically attracted to other women. She told me that she felt an immediate connection with the woman I had seen going down on her while they were talking downstairs. And that as the night progressed the woman became very flirtatious with her, until it culminated in a kiss and an invitation upstairs, which my wife accepted. Before going upstairs with her this woman excused herself and spoke with the hostess. My wife said she had no idea it was going to be a group sex thing. She said it started with just her and the woman who had kissed her. Then the woman who I had seen straddling her face came in and asked my wife is she could join in. My wife admitted to being both apprehensive and aroused by this but that she did tell her yes. My wife said that before straddling her this woman asked her if she wanted to lick her pussy, to which my wife again replied yes. It was after this that I saw what was going on. My wife said she had no idea that the two other men and I were watching. I asked my wife if she went down on any of the other women (after the door was shut) and she told me she went down on all of them, more than once, and that they all went down on her multiple times as well. I asked her why she kept saying yes and at first she said she doesn't know but then admitted it was because she wanted to do it. Here is where I need your insight ladies. I have forgiven my wife and we are working past this. However, I am still having a tough-time believing that a woman who was straight 20 years ago could end up in a “lesbian-orgy” in her 40's. My wife is sticking to this story and has told me that it isn't uncommon for a woman's sexuality to change throughout her life (she has a friend who did not come out as a lesbian until she was in her late 30's). Is this accurate? Is it plausible that my wife really was straight 20 years ago but could now be bisexual? If this has happened to any of you, I would very much like to know. If there is any truth to this I will accept my wife's answer and we will move on. If this isn't accurate then it means we have a lot more to work out and I would desperately like to know that as well. Thank you.
  20. Just wondering, here... In my wife's and my experience, we've noticed that most of the women in the lifestyle have at least been curious about having sex with other women, at least as much as, if not more curious about having sex with other men. Of course, the exact opposite holds true for the men in the lifestyle. I've only met one guy who's ever even considered having sex with another man. Without counting, I'd guess that of all the women we've encountered have gotten into swinging, about two thirds have indicated they've done so at least in part to try sex with another woman. So, how about it, Ladies? How many of you have gotten into swinging at least in part because of the urge to have sex with another woman? For my wife, she admits it was mostly curiosity about women. She's mostly into guys, though. Happily, that includes myself.
  21. My boyfriend and I have been swinging for about six months. We're both SUPER kinky, and can't get enough sex. We both love anal, strap-on sex (me on him), all kinds of positions in my vag and ass, BJs (I am a BJ FIEND!), new locations, nipple and breast play, watching porn together, spanking, roleplay, bondage -- you name it. We're also very communicative with each other about our sex life. He's fully bi, and loves sharing me with both men and women. When we're at clubs or parties, and also when we've met people to join us at home, we've always had MFM play, or MFT. He's REALLY interested in sharing me with a woman, and I am, too, in theory -- but I've never been with a woman before. The most I've done is kissed another woman and sucked her breasts, but only a couple of times, and nothing (not even touching) below the belt. I love looking at sexy women, both clothed and naked, and I love watching porn. But I've never fantasized about being with a woman, and I don't know what to do to please another woman. I'm not very good at bringing myself to orgasm with manual clitoral or vaginal stimulation -- I usually use toys on myself, or fuck my boyfriend to get off -- so I'm worried that my skill level would disappoint another woman. I am nervous about two things: a) I might not do a good job of pleasing the other woman, and b) I don't know if I will enjoy having sex with women in the first place. I'm hoping that I will enjoy it, because before I met my boyfriend, I didn't think I'd ever like anal, and now I LOVE it -- so I know that just because I haven't fantasized about being with a woman before doesn't mean I won't like it. My biggest qualm about engaging in an FMF threesome is that I am exploring not only a new sex act, but also my very sexuality itself -- I don't know if I'm bi, bi-curious, heteroflexible, or just straight and REALLY kinky. Can any women gives me tips about what kinds of sexy and pleasurable things I can do with a woman, either alone or with a man? Can any women help me assuage my fear of popping my girl-on-girl cherry? Were you nervous your first time with a woman? Should I look for a woman with whom I can play by myself, while my boyfriend just watches, so I can get comfortable with my sexuality before he and I share a woman together? Thank you for your support!!!
  22. Hi everyone, I have a theory for the ladies. Sooo my husband and I did our first full bi-swap. It was VERY erotic and hot. I realized something interesting though about women and bisexuality. My experience with the other wife was great! Often times I hear women say "women know women better." I have to say being with a woman as a woman did feel different but not in a physical way. I thought a lot about it and here is what I think. Girls are very mean to each other. I know why ladies but seriously I think we really hurt each others self-esteem a lot. I think this is why female bisexuality is so common. We want to be respected and feel support from other women. When I was with the other wife I felt like every cruel thing others girls had done to me was expunged. All I could do was give my body over to this woman for the appreciation it deserved. It was a rush of emotion (not the attached kind). When I was younger I was always criticized by other girls for mild acne, big feet, and my style. Although I've cut a lot of those people out of my life I feel I am still scarred by that. When the other wife and I played with each other it was just amazing to accepted by her in a sexually powerful way. I do of coarse prefer men way more but I feel this woman filled in something that had been missing. Even though this woman was an experienced bi-wife she didn't make me cum any harder than any guy I've been with. My husband of coarse takes the prize though! What do you all think?
  23. We see couples all the time where the guy is straight and the woman is somewhere in the bisexual range and it does seem that some g/g play is often expected as part of a swap. Is that common for everyone, or am I imagining the expectation that because I'm bi I'll happily play with both halves of a couple? Also, do you have to explain if you're straight? Or just not feeling it that night?
  24. There was a thread on another forum where a straight couple was complaining how hard it was to find other couples for full swap opportunities. The thread was written by a straight fem and she was complaining how all the attention and play time was going to the bi-fem couples. Since our female half is primarily straight too we have often felt left out a lot as well and I could feel some of this posters pain. However there was another post that made me go, "hmmm?" and reconsider that assumption. It was suggested that bi-fem couples do get more play time but perhaps not more "full swap" play time. True the couples with bi-fems probably see a lot more naked play time but how much of that is spent with the girls rolling around and how much of it is spent full swapping. Since a straight couple's objective is going to be some kind of swap (soft or full) are they really being left in the shadows of the bi-fem couples or are the full swap rates fairly similar to the bi-fem couples? In this thread it was even suggested that straight couples may actually full swap more than bi couples since a lot of the bi couples probably just girl/girl play and leave it at that. I realize there are no true statistics to back up any of this but I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think bi-fem couples "FULL SWAP" more or less or the same amount as primarily straight couples?
  25. I ask this question for my own personal reasons. I am curious about swinging yes. I do have insecurities about my own body and such. And I know that is some of the reason I am hesitant to jump into swapping. We have done one MFM threesome. It was an interesting experience. But to my real reason for posting this. Do yall think that the thought about full swap or even soft swap swinging is easier for Bi Females? Simpy because they have an equal attraction for the both parts of the other couple? Maybe she don't mind as much seeing her husband with another woman because she likes watching her as well? I know I won't really know how I'll feel until I put myself in the situation. I flop back in forth in my mind whether this is a direction I am interested in. My husband has pretty much taken the back seat on all this and said we'll do whatever I am interested in and won't do what I am not. So there is no pressure on me. But from parusing profiles and looking at couples it seems the majority of Full Swap couples has a Bi Female. Which has made me wonder if the straight females do have a harder time overcoming mental blocks of worry and insecurity. Your thoughts?
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